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Foam Techniques Ltd - Medical Foam Transforms Hospital Standards In recent years medical foam has been introduced into hospital environments in an ever increasing number of applications. The unique properties offered by medical foam have supplanted the less than ideal materials which preceded it. As medical foam is simple to sterilise, low in density and offers a suitable level of absorption the variety of uses for it in a medical capacity seem to be endless. Moreover, different grades of medical foam are available with differing properties that suit specific medical applications. One application of medical foam is in immobilising broken limbs during the recovery period. Previously slings had been used in this application, often constructed from cotton. However, a number of their properties were less than ideal, namely the hygiene of slings with prolonged usage, the comfort of slings after a long period of time of wearing and the support given to the broken limb. Medical foam on the other hand offers all of these properties as it is easily cleaned and sterilised and offers a significant amount of padding, comfort and support to the broken limb which immobilises it during day to day activities but also ensures comfort over a prolonged period.

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Medical foam also offers similar advantages when it comes to prolonged stays in hospital. Conventional materials have often created problems when a person remains in the same position over a period of time. For example, bed sores can present a serious problem to those in hospital. Medical foam can be used to significantly increase the comfort of patients who are confined to a bed or a chair or even a wheelchair. Medical foam can be used to create cushions, wrist rests and even head restraints which do not cause discomfort over an extended period of time. Thus, patient comfort can be dramatically improved during their stay in hospital. However, the advantages of medical foam are not restricted to simply matters of comfort. Medical foam is also used in the production of filters, swabs, wipes and dressings due to its clinical properties. As a result of the nature of the product medical foam is very simple to sterilise, thereby improving the sanitary conditions within the hospital environment. Moreover, closed cell medical foam can be employed in applications where absorbency is

not desirable as it is water repellent. Conversely, open cell medical foam can be used when both fluid and noise absorption is desirable. Foam Techniques Ltd is a leading supplier in the production of medical foam for a wide variety of clinical applications. By working closely with a major medical company Foam Techniques Ltd have been able to develop systems and procedures which make full use of the exceptional properties of medical foam. With over 10 years of experience in the field of medical foam and with many products tested and approved to world recognised standards Foam Techniques Ltd are ideally placed as suppliers to hospitals and other medical institutions. The new levels of capability, adaptability and hygiene offered by medical foam are truly revolutionary.

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Foam Techniques Ltd - Medical Foam Transforms Hospital Standards  

Medical Wipe In Use Medical foam also offers simi lar advantages when it comes to pro...