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Social Media Content Creation – What To Do And What Not To Do Social media content creation is very much about brand building, regardless of the platform you choose. It requires a thorough planning and preparation and not to mention, a lot of patience. You might not see results instantly. Although everyone is using social media for content marketing but businesses are still a bit apprehensive about whether they should make an investment or not; whether they will be able to produce desired results or not. Social media content is basically designed for social interaction. And let me tell you that socializing doesn’t only include interacting on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn; rather it’s a broader term that includes brand building on other platforms such as forums, online discussions, blogs, microsites, slideshare and video sites. Your social media efforts can gain attention only if you are capable of getting in front of your clients at the right time with the content that fits their specific needs. The other thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to aim for engagement and not selling. Let us see what your social media content writing should revolve around: •

Write for your customers

No matter who your customers are, whether businesses or end consumer, most people browse social media when they relax after a long tiring day at work. So, they are not looking for something very long and complex. Keep it short, simple, catchy and entertaining. •

Use an informal tone

Social media content marketing is all about interaction and discussion. The ultimate aim is to establish relationship with your audience. Write as if you’re in front of them, talking to them, discussing with them and having fun during the conversation. •

Don’t sell; aim for engagement

Don’t sound salesy when interacting with your customers on social media. Here your business is to converse with them, be a part of their daily living and offer suggestions and assistance when they need it. The idea is to show how your offerings can help them making their lives simpler.

Humanize, humanize and humanize

That’s the mantra for the success. Social media allows you to put a human face on your company. Have stories ready to share with your audience and allow them to express their opinions. This is the real reason that social media sites are so popular. •

Make sure your content is sharable

What do you want your readers to do with your content – read and forget or read and share? I’m sure that you’ll choose the second option. No matter how small or big your content is, ensure that it’s readable and sharable. It should be such that people want to share it with their friends and acquaintances. Social media content writing requires a lot of effort and understanding. If you know your clients well and offer them the information they need, you’re a winner right away. However, those who are facing problems need not be disappointed. They can hire professional social media content creation services. They will not only provide you with the content but will also help in publishing it at the right platform. Social media content writing aims to establish your business as a brand. It should be relevant, entertaining and should address specific need of your readers. For More Information Visit

Social media content creation what to do and what not to do  
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