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Reasons To Conduct Content Auditing Content marketing strategy is not a rigidly standardized process. It may also need adjustments depending upon the results your content is producing on various platforms or channels. But how to find out how your content is performing or if it is positioning you well in the market? The answer is - through content auditing. Although content audit can be performed at any time but generally, it is carried before devising a content marketing strategy, in order to analyze the current status of your content. You wouldn’t like to move ahead with your campaign until you know your current status. Who knows that you’ll have to change your existing content entirely or there is already a content inventory just ready to be published. Content audit sets a foundation for your content strategy and ensures that your content is neither fluffy nor irrelevant. It’s important to conduct a thorough analysis of your content at any given time to check whether 

Your story is up-to-date

There is a gap between expected and delivered

Your content serves specific needs of your audience

The format of the content is obsolete

Your content is generating leads

Your content is building a readership

The content is establishing you as a reputed company

The content is correct or needs to be updated

Content audit is done to assess the quality and quantity of your content. What does content audit include? Content auditing involves two steps – qualitative assessment and quantitative assessment. Qualitative assessment is done when you want to make sure that the existing content such as your website content, articles, e-books, blog posts and downloads are still relevant or they need necessary updates. This is also done to ensure that your company information is up to date and all your products with their upgraded features are there on your online space and other media channels. Quantitative assessment is about checking how much more content you need to get in front of your audience. It deals with – does your website lack content; is your blog short of posts; how frequently you should post on social media, etc. Advantages of Content Audit

Content audit offers a number of advantages. 

It helps in ensuring that you’re on the right track. Timely content audit doesn’t let you lose the track and makes sure that you are effective and efficient in your efforts.

It helps in assessing your current position as compared to your competitors. Content audit helps you evaluate competitive landscape. You get a chance of knowing how you’re moving and what steps your competitors are taking to make a mark. Also you can know what’s making them or you popular among your competitors.

It also helps in setting standards, so that you can check your performance from time to time against them and know how much more effort you need to put in to achieve your content marketing goals.

However, there is one problem with content audit. You may be biased in evaluating your content. It’s ideal to avail content audit services to truly assess the performance, aptness and relevance of your content. Content auditing involves qualitative and quantitative assessment of your content. The former involves assessing that the existing content is still relevant and is of good quality whereas the latter finds out how much more content is required to efficiently get in front of the audience. Availing professional content audit services is an ideal way to ensure an unbiased assessment of the relevance and performance of your content.

Reasons to conduct content auditing