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$2 Friday, January 17, 2014

Dogs damage tourism reputation RAROtOnGA’s reputation as

a world-class holiday destination is being tainted by reports of tourists being attacked by stray dogs, says tourism’s chief executive oficer. More than 60 travel wholesalers from 15 different countries were in the country last month to meet with local tourism operators at the Kia Orana Cook Islands event. A major problem raised by the wholesalers was that tourists are leaving Rarotonga complaining about the number of stray dogs, said Halatoa Fua, chief executive of the Cook Islands tourism Corporation. “When they (tourists) go for walks in the morning they’re

getting attacked. It’s now affecting the reputation of Rarotonga and it’s something we really need to address.” Fua said there have been stories in mainstream media in new Zealand and Australia about the dog problem here. the police used to have a dog controller until a few years ago and the problem seems to have increased since then, he said. “A lot of repeat customers are saying they haven’t seen this before so it’s becoming more prominent. It’s reiterating to government that it’s a key issue that needs to be solved.” Another issue raised by wholesalers was that tourists are frustrated with how long it

Police presence at water consultation tion held on Monday with traevening’s te Mato Vai consulta- ditional leaders, many in the tion voiced their concerns on the audience focused on the issue unprecedented infrastructure of inancing for Te Mato Vai, and undertaking, which drew the questioned the country’s abilpresence of police after a bois- ity to pay for the estimated $64 terous protest by one individual. million water infrastructure The consultation intensiied project. “I am scared of another $60, just before 8pm, when tauraa Heather – an Australian -based $70, maybe $80 million that’s Cook Islander – arrived and going to be paid by my chiljoined the queue of attendees dren,” said local lawyer Iaveta waiting to address the meeting short. “Government has shown it’s not able to handle these with their concerns. “$64 million of our money is projects.” “We get into trougoing to be spent,” ‘I’m not opposed ble. We can’t manage Heather said loudthese things,” he addly. “How are we goto this. I’m ed. “I’m not opposed ing to pay for this?” opposed to the to this. I’m opposed several people grand scale.’ to the grand scale.” in the audience the consultation – which was asked him to keep quiet, saying he wasn’t a landowner in attended by roughly 110 memMatavera, turangi, or Avana – bers of the public – ended peacethe intended audience for the fully after further questions on issues such as project inancing evening’s consultation. Claiming to be a landowner and environmental impacts. A series of nine consultations from Puaikura, Heather was eventually confronted by Cook led by deputy Prime Minister Islands Police, who asked him and Minister of Infrastructure and Planning teariki Heather to leave. “I will not be intimidated,” have been conducted this week with various stakeholders. said Heather in response. next week, further consultaOfficials representing te Mato Vai and government said tions will be held for the general Heather had attended the previ- public in each of the three Vakas ous three consultations, where across Rarotonga. - Emmanuel Samoglou he made similar vocal objections to the project. ‘Finance concerns heard at As with an earlier consulta- TMV consult’, page 7.

takes to get a Cook Islands driving licence, Fua said. “It’s a nice souvenir but people are saying it takes too long to get one. the queues are too long. Visitors could be spending that time experiencing the Cook Islands rather than being stuck at the police station.” One way of addressing the problem would be to exempt people who want to rent a car but already have a driving licence from their home country, he said. “If you don’t have a motorbike licence and want to rent one then you should still have to go to the police station and get one though,” Fua said. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Word is spreading overseas about the number of stray dogs in Rarotonga. 14011551

Crowd pleaser

Atten dees at Wednesday

Australian-based musician Peter Morgan is back in the Cook Islands, entertaining guests at Muri Beach Club Hotel. Inluenced by such greats as Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder Wilson Pickett and Al Jarreau, the New Zealand Maori-born singer has been a favourite at the resort in previous years – with this being his ifteenth visit to Rarotonga. You can hear his smooth sound for yourself on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at Muri Beach Club Hotel until January 21. Read more about Peter in tomorrow’s CINews. 14011602

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Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

Monkeys get banana ban A zoo in England has taken the unusual step of forbidding monkeys from eating bananas. But the seemingly drastic ban has a sensible explanation – bananas are so high in sugar that giving them to the monkeys is as bad as feeding them cake and chocolate. The monkeys’ bananas have been swapped for a diet of leafy green vegetables, cooked brown rice and nutritious pellet feed. However, the monkeys will still be allowed bananas when they’re sick – so that zookeepers will have a way to trick the animals into swallowing their medicine.

Hellbent on killing France ‘underestimated’ Central African Republic sectarian hatred PARIs – France underestimat-

ed the level of hatred between Christian and Muslim communities in the conflict-riven Central African Republic, its ambassador to the Un has said. Gerard Araud told a Un meeting on Wednesday that African Union and French forces were confronting a “nearly impossible” situation. they were between “two communities who want to kill each other”, he said. Araud said that calls to end the ighting were being ignored.

world BRIeFs NUCLEAR LAUNCH STAFF CHEATED IN TESTS USA – Thirty-four US Air Force oicers in charge of launching nuclear missiles have been suspended over accusations they cheated in proiciency tests. The Air Force said a small number of staf had been texting answers to the routine tests to others, while others had known but failed to report it. The cheating allegations emerged during investigations into alleged drug use by personnel at other bases. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James told a news conference the cheating involved oicers based at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, and related to a monthly test all nuclear missile staf must take. The 34 oicers have had their security clearance revoked and the entire team in charge of overseeing missile launches will be re-tested.

No NEwS oN wHy pAIR DIED IN bALI AUSTrALiA –The Bischof family believe they’re still weeks from discovering why Noelene and her teenage daughter Yvana died in Bali. Their bodies were released on Wednesday following the completion of autopsies in Queensland. The pair became violently ill and died less than a day after checking in at the Padang Bai resort. Their indonesian death certiicates state both had heart attacks but there has been speculation toxic ish caused them to fall fatally ill. Noelene’s brother Malcolm Bischof doesn’t want to guess what’s responsible, but says the pair had no known allergies and food poisoning theories don’t quite add up. “To me it’s just a bit bizarre,” he said. “i wouldn’t like to speculate.”

oNLINE pAEDopHILE RING bUSTED PHiLiPPiNES – A paedophile ring which streamed live child abuse from the Philippines over the internet has been broken up after an operation by UK police and their counterparts in Australia and the US. The National Crime Agency says 17 Britons have been arrested in Operation Endeavour, which spanned 14 countries. Three other probes into men who pay to see live abuse via webcams are ongoing, with 139 Britons among 733 suspects. The NCA say it is an “emerging threat”, particularly in developing countries. it said: “Extreme poverty, the increasing availability of high-speed internet and the existence of a vast and comparatively wealthy overseas customer base has led to organised crime groups exploiting children for inancial gain.”.


France, the former colonial power, has deployed 1600 troops to try to restore peace, along with an African Union force of some 4000. “We have to think in terms of tactics – what to do, in very practical terms, to be effective to prevent people from killing each other when they desperately want to kill each other,” Araud told an event organised to mark the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. “We knew that there was some inter-sectarian violence, but we didn’t forecast such deep ingrained hatred. “We maybe need to work with psychologists or ethnologists on how did it appear, and now, how to cool down the situation.” More than 1000 people have died in sectarian violence, which erupted when seleka rebels seized power in March last year and Michel djotodia became the country’s irst Muslim leader. Although he disbanded his seleka, they continued to attack Christian civilians, prompting the formation of vigilante groups, which have targeted Muslims. djotodia stepped down last Friday under intense pressure from CAR’s neighbours. A special session of parliament has convened to elect a new interim leader for the landlocked country of 4.6 million people. Waves of killings by Muslim and Christian militias have killed large numbers in the Central African Republic the violence has prompted concern that what happened in Rwanda – where 800,000 people were hacked, shot or clubbed to death in 100 days in 1994 – might be repeated. the Un warned earlier this week that the Central African Republic was in a “mega-crisis” and that many were living in fear because of religious and ethnic attacks. - BBC

The French ambassador to Central African Republic says French forces are facing an impossible situation trying to restore peace between two warring factions that want to eliminate each other. AFP

Too hot for tennis

MeLBOURne – soaring temperatures have halted matches at the Australian Open tennis tournament, as a report warns that the country will see hotter heatwaves. Melbourne, where the tournament is held, is seeing a third consecutive day of heat above 40C, with temperatures of 41.7C on Wednesday. Australia’s Climate Council says in a report that the number of hot days in the country has “more than doubled”.

2013 was recently declared Australia’s hottest year on record. the Climate Council report attributed the development to climate change, caused by greenhouse gases. Fire bans are in place across the states of Victoria and south Australia, as ireighters battle bushires. In Victoria, several ire emergency warnings have been issued, as fires in the northern Grampians area merged into one “out of control” bushfire

and residents were urged to evacuate. Australian Open organisers said their extreme heat policy was in force, with matches on outside courts being suspended at the end of their sets. tournament officials say temperature, wind direction and humidity are taken into account when implementing the extreme heat policy. On tuesday, a tennis player and a ball boy fainted in the heat during the tournament. - BBC

Tough questions for Vatican tHe VAtICAn – Vatican offi-

cials are expected to face tough questions from the Un on the sexual abuse of thousands of children by Roman Catholic clergy. the Vatican refused an earlier request for information, saying the cases were the responsibility of the judiciary of countries where abuse took place. the Pope has said dealing with abuse is vital for the Church’s credibility. the Church has been criti-

cised over its inadequate response to allegations of child sex abuse by priests. Last month, Pope Francis announced that a Vatican committee would be set up to ight abuse of children in the Church and offer help to victims. He has also strengthened Vatican laws on child abuse, broadening the definition of crimes against minors to include sexual abuse of children. the Holy see is a signatory to the Un Convention on the

Rights of the Child, a legallybinding instrument which commits it to protecting and nurturing the most vulnerable in society. the Committee on the Rights of the Child is expected to ask wide-ranging questions, forcing the Holy see to defend itself in public for the irst time. It faces allegations that it enabled the sexual abuse of thousands of children by protecting paedophile priests at the expense of victims. - BBC

Tennis fans

USA – Fireighters responding to a San Francisco plane crash last July last year knew a Chinese teenager was on the ground nearby before they ran over her. Footage from a helmet camera shows another ireighter pointing at Ye Mengyuan minutes before she was hit by a ire engine. Fire oicials say they believed Ye, 16, was dead. A lawyer said no attempt was made to check her vital signs. A medical examiner found she was killed by the vehicle, not the crash impact. She was one of three people killed after Asiana light 214 hit the seawall at the end of the airport runway in San Francisco and crashed. The video was irst made public by US broadcaster CBS. Ye’s family has sued the city over her death.

No ARRESTS bUT MURDER TRIAL STARTS iNDiA – The trial of four men accused of murdering former Lebanese PM raik Hariri is set to begin at an unprecedented tribunal at The Hague. The four – alleged members of the Syria-backed militant Shia movement Hezbollah – have not been arrested and are being tried in absentia. Hariri was killed by a massive car bomb in Beirut in 2005. The killing polarised Lebanon and led to the withdrawal of Syrian troops. Hezbollah denies any involvement. it instead says the assassination was part of an israeli and US conspiracy. Shortly before the trial was to start, a bomb blast was reported near a government building in the town of Hermel – a Hezbollah stronghold – with a number of casualties feared.

today’s daily Bread Moses listened to his father-in-law and did everything he said.

Matthew Read: Read: exodus 18:13-247:21-29

Text: Matthew Text:7:26 Verse 24

Tennis fans cool of with fans and mist put out for spectators as a heat wave continues to sizzle at the 2014 Australian open tennis tournament in Melbourne. AFP


Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

Children play as factions fight JUBA – Uganda’s military says its

troops have joined forces with the south sudanese military in the war against a rebellion in the world’s newest country. Military spokesman Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said thursday that Ugandan forces were helping loyalist forces flush rebels out of Bor, the strategic town near the capital of Juba that has seen some of the iercest clashes since violence broke out in south sudan in mid-december. Museveni said some Ugandans had been killed. Ugandan officials had previously denied that its troops have joined the fight, saying Ugandan forces were deployed in south sudan mainly to facilitate civilian evacuations. since south sudan became independent in 2011, thousands of Ugandans have crossed the border to work or do business. some 40,000 Ugandan nationals have been evacuated since the conlict broke out. the involvement of a foreign army in South Sudan’s conlict could escalate a crisis set off by a power struggle between President salva Kiir and Riek Machar, the fugitive former deputy president who commands rebel forces. the dispute has seen killings along ethnic lines – Kiir is a member of the dinka community, the country’s largest, while Machar is from the nuer ethnic group. - PNC

Girls skip a rope at a camp for internally displaced persons at the base of the united Nations Mission in South Sudan in Juba. South Sudan’s military battled rebels are in the streets of the key northern oil town of Malakal, the army said, as violence in the world’s newest nation entered its second month. AFP

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Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

Regime boss to leave military Bainimarama to step down from Fiji military to contest elections sUVA – Fiji’s interim Prime

Minister Frank Bainimarama has announced he will resign as head of the military in March in order to contest this year’s election. Commodore Bainimarama is stepping down to focus on cam-

paigning with a new political party for this year’s national election . A government spokeswoman has conirmed he made the announcement while speaking to villagers in the country’s northern division.

paciic BRIEFS wATER AND SEwERAGE MAJoR pRIoRITy TONGA – The Tongan Ministry of Health says it is working to ix cyclone damaged water and sanitation systems as a waterborne disease outbreak becomes a possibility. The health inspector in charge of water and sanitation, Folau Hola, says the low-lying areas of Ha’apai are in a critical situation because of rising sea levels contaminating wells. He says the majority of rooftop collection systems were also destroyed during the cyclone. Hola says it is working hard to test well water and upgrade water collection systems. He says while there have been no reports of illness yet, the ministry is urging people to use only bottled or boiled water. “i would like to emphasise everyone to use water wisely.”

CoNSTITUTIoNAL pRoCESS ‘STILL FLAwED’ FiJi – The chief executive of Fiji’s NGO, the Citizens Constitutional Forum, says the country’s constitutional process is still lawed, despite the appointment of a new seven-member election commission. The reverend Akuila Yabaki says his Forum has worked with many of the election commission’s new members and they now hold an important position in protecting the integrity of the upcoming elections. But he says the Forum still does not have the conidence that the elections promised for September will be free and fair. However, the reverend Yabaki says he is encouraged by the commissioners’ appointments, calling it a good chance for the electoral process to gain some integrity.

GIRLS GIVEN IN CoMpENSATIoN pAyMENT PAPUA NEW GUiNEA – A human rights lawyer in Papua New Guinea has condemned the decision by villagers in Jiwaka to give away two girls as part of a compensation payment. The newspaper, The National, reports that the girls, aged 13 and 15, were handed over to people in the neighbouring village of Kui as part of a compensation package for the death of a teacher. A Mt Hagen based lawyer, Danny Gonol, says the two girls were handed over for marriage and has called on the police to investigate the matter. The assistant police commisoner in the highlands region, Teddy Tei, says he has instructed police in Jiwaka to investigate the matter immediately.

MEDIA VISA HIKES ‘VIoLATE CoNSTITUTIoN’ NAURU– The media organisation reporters Without Borders says Nauru is violating its own constitution with its 4000 percent hike of the journalist visa application fee. reporters Without Borders says the new price is out of proportion and is nothing less than a ban on foreign media visits. it says it is clear that behind this decision is the fact Nauru hosts one of Australia’s asylum seeker camps abroad. it says in the process of externalising the asylum-seeker issue, Canberra is even managing to delegate responsibility for censorship and discriminatory measures against the media. reporters Without Borders has called on Nauru to rescind this measure outright because it is also against the international Covenant on Civil and Political rights, which Nauru has signed.

bANNED bETELNUT SoLD IN bARRACKS PAPUA NEW GUiNEA – Port Moresby’s NCD metropolitan commander Andy Bawa has issued a directive to all his police station commanders and other oicers that an operation will be conducted to curb the selling of betelnut in police barracks. This follows numerous complaints by the public that policemen are either traicking or coniscating betelnut from the public and giving them to their immediate relatives to sell in the face of a betelnut ban in the city. He has directed his senior oicers to ensure that the trading of betelnut in barracks ceases immediately with ofenders, be they wives or children of the police oicer, be arrested and the father be reported to his oice for disciplinary action.

Two yEARS JAIL FoR TAKING LoTTo MoNEy SAMOA – A former Supervisor of Samoa Sportslotto has been jailed for two years for theft as a servant. Convicted of 29 charges of theft, Nora Ne’emia, 28, worked at Sportslotto Salelologa. Ne’emia was found guilty of stealing $26,592.85 from the Samoa Sportslotto in Savai’i between April and October 2009. The court heard that she was acting as the supervisor for the Savai’i operations and her responsibilities included holding on to the case boxes that held loats used for the diferent terminals that serviced customers daily. She was also responsible for signing of on the daily reconciliation reports, recording the amounts of sales made during the day. The judge pointed out that Samoa Sportslotto also lost a considerable amount of money in its eforts to investigate and compile the documents necessary for the Court hearing.

“We now have a new constitution that gives you more rights than ever before,” he said. “We are addressing years of neglect when it comes to providing our people with basic services and in eight months’ time, we will have the irst genuinely democratic election in our history.” Commodore Bainimarama has served in the Fijian navy for almost three decades, and was appointed commander of Fiji’s military forces in 1999. Commodore Bainimarama led the military coup against the government of Laesenia Qarase in december 2006, and was appointed as interim prime minister in 2007. the first elections since the 2006 coup are expected by september 2014. Under Fiji’s laws governing political parties, members of the Republic of Fiji Military

Forces are not permitted to be members of political parties, and must not engage in political activity. An oficial announcement is expected in the coming days. He is expected to form a political party to contest the election – the irst since May 2006. Commodore Bainimarama has said he expects to win. Commodore Bainimarama will recommend a replacement interim military leader to the president ahead of the election. Under the constitution enacted last year, the Constitutional Ofices Commission will recommend a permanent replacement to the president after the poll.

RIGHT: Fiji’s regime leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama is to resign from the military to be eligIble to contest elections.

Police oficers must be apolitical sUVA – Law enforcers who want to associate themselves with political parties have been told to not have any place in the Fiji Police Force. About 900 police officers from the Central, southern and eastern divisions, and police headquarters were told to remain apolitical by Acting

Commissioner of Police Ravi narayan. “Government’s path towards elections has been set and our role is clear,” he said. “Once again I must reiterate and make myself clear, as police oficers we are to remain apolitical. “If you want to associate yourself with any political party,

then the Fiji Police is not for you. “Our roles and responsibilities for the elections are clearly outlined and we are to remain neutral at all times.” Police spokeswoman Ana naisoro said police officers could vote in the elections. But, she said police officers should not favour any political

party in the execution of their duties. “that’s the most important thing he was trying to stress in his address to the oficers. “If there are any reports against any political party, then police officers have to investigate and not favour anyone.” - Fiji Times

Another cyclone likely HOnIARA – there a cyclone

watch underway in solomon Islands with meteorologists tracking a tropical disturbance that is showing signs of developing further in the next couple of days. the chief forecaster at the solomon Islands Meteorological service, Freddy Ferah, said if the current weather conditions remain, the Pacific region can expect its second cyclone of the summer by this weekend. “It is looking likely that it is going to have a moderate chance of developing to a tropical cyclone saturday,” he said. the storm is currently moving east at around ive kilometres an hour and if it does devel-

op into a cyclone it is expected to threaten Vanuatu and new Caledonia. the solomon Islands Meteorological service is keeping a close eye on the low pressure system near Rennel Island, 230 kilometres south of Honiara. even if the tropical disturbance does not form into a cyclone it could cause flooding rains, huge seas and develop strong winds. Residents of solomon Islands, Vanuatu and new Caledonia are advised to stay abreast of developments on local radio. to the east, emergency workers continue relief and recovery work in tonga in the wake of severe tropical Cyclone Ian.

The category ive system tore through tonga’s northern and central islands over the weekend, destroying most of the structures across the Ha’apai group leaving thousands homeless. to the south, vast regions of Australia are suffering through extremely hot conditions as a heatwave grips the south-east of the nation. A climate report released on thursday says Australian heatwaves are becoming more frequent, hotter and are lasting longer. the interim findings of the report, titled ‘Australian Heatwaves: Hotter, Longer, earlier and More Often’, comes as the

temperature in Adelaide was forecast to hit 46 degrees Celsius and Melbourne 44. the Pacific cyclone season has started quietly, according to neville Koop, a climate adviser to the secretariat of the Pacific Regional environment Programme, saying the weather has been relatively dry, hot and humid. “I have thought we would see more cyclone activity by now, given that sea temperatures around Vanuatu to Fiji to tonga to samoa tend to be about at least one to one and a half degrees warmer than normal,” he said. - ABC

Media visa fees opposed YARen – nauru’s opposition

MPs have accused the government of trying to stop foreign journalists from covering events in the island nation by moving to sharply increase visa fees for media workers. It’s understood the government of President Baron Waqa intends to increase the fee from $200 to $8000 Australian dollars. since it became public the move has led to criticism from around the world. there are also unconfirmed reports the fee hike has backing from Canberra, as a way of restricting coverage of the asylum seeker detention centre it

reopened on nauru. But the Australian Government has rejected the claim, with a spokeswoman telling the ABC: “this is a matter for the government of nauru.” nauru Opposition MP Mathew Batsiua wouldn’t comment on Australia’s position on the fee. But he did say the centre was probably the main reason foreign reporters travelled to the island, adding that it was a legitimate story to cover. “ It’s not a surprise for us, this government has shown that they are not interested in governance, they bully the media. “they certainly bully our lo-

cal media in terms of what they can show, who they can interview, and this is another illustration of that kind of behaviour in terms of bullying the media and avoiding accountability. He agrees that the huge hike in visa fees for visiting media is a type media censorship – that if you can’t control the foreign media, you can at least keep them out of the country. “It is an alarming trend, the government since they’ve come in have slowly shown its true colours, and that is they are not interested in true accountability, they’re not interested in true transparency. “And this latest policy in

increasing the visa fees from journalists wanting to come in to report in nauru is another illustration of that kind of behaviour and conduct from the government. “I think there’s a lot of questions that they need to provide answers for. I’m not sure what they’re trying to cover up, that’s a question for them. But all I know is that we do oppose any policy that seems to curtail any real transparency of what action they are taking, and this hiking of fees for journalists coming into nauru is a a step in that direction and I think it’s a wrong move and we certainly oppose it.” - ABC


Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

Fiji rugby union to battle on sUVA – the Fiji Rugby Union

says it hopes to maintain its international competition schedule despite having its funding slashed by the International Rugby Board. the IRB has cut funding to Fiji of A$2 million dollars, after expressing frustration at the pace of reforms in the administration of the code in Fiji. Organisers of next month’s rugby sevens tournament in Wellington say Fiji will compete, and the FRU says it plans to keep up its competition in both sevens and 15s the FRU’s acting chief executive, Berlin Kafoa, says the IRB had not given his board enough time to complete a reform programme. “We are concerned that the IRB have not given us enough time to implement recommendations that were given to us to implement,” he said. “the letter suspending funds only came up in december 2013, so in all fairness, we have set a deadline for May 2014 to implement the reforms that we, the board, see it and is in line with the review done by IRB.” A review carried out by the IRB recommended changes to Fiji Rugby Union’s administra-

tion and inancial management. Will Glenwright, the IRB’s Oceania general manager, says it’s been an issue since May 2013, when the Fiji Rugby Union asked for emergency inancial help to make sure Fiji could compete in the Paciic Nations Cup. He said the FRU was given the money on the proviso that there was a detailed examination of its inances. “In terms of the governance, it the broad failure of the Board to apply what we would consider to be fundamental governance principles relating to the decision-making process of the Board, the structure and composition of the Board and the legal structure of the organisation as well,” he said. “the heart of this problem is the financial sustainability of the union – the union has a large and a growing debt and there is no foreseeable way that the union has any plans or means by which to address this debt. “What we’ve got to remember now is that the Fiji Rugby Union is a multi-million dollar organisation and it competes at the highest level of the game.” Kafoa says the previous management of the FRU had stood

in the way of the review, but the current board is making progress on the changes. “We are doing the reforms not out of satisfaction to the IRB, but out of satisfaction to what we think they should be for organisations with accepted standards of practice in inance and governance and human resources etcetera,” he said. “We were doing that so that by the time we were re-engaging with the IRB, we would have all that in place. “I think one of the things that we are concerned about is the IRB dictating to us what we should do in our own country for our own rugby.” the IRB had also reportedly expressed concerns around what local media described as “startling revelations” that the new coach of the sevens squad, Ben Ryan had not been paid since he took up his post three months ago. Fiji Rugby Union say Ryan agreed to work without payment until this year, when extra funding became available to the FRU. “Ben has made some sacriices given Fiji Rugby Union’s inancial woes, and he volunteered for the irst couple of months while

Fiji players celebrate after winning the Sevens World Series in dubai in November last year. The Fiji squad plans to compete in Wellington next month despite the IRB withdrawing funding to the Fiji Rugby union. AFP we were sorting things out with the inancial situation,” Berlin Kafoa said. “that definitely said a lot

be from the prime minister, authorising some of the payments. the task Force now says the letter did not appear to have legitimately come from Peter O’neill’s office, saying it was delivered outside of normal channels, and had the wrong font size and salutations. It says there is no current case against him and no further investigations will take place unless fresh evidence emerges. However, the anti-corruption

unit on Wednesday arrested former inance secretary Steven Gibson and charged him with conspiracy to defraud, abuse of ofice and misappropriation. task Force sweep says it will continue to investigate the roles played by PnG’s finance and treasury ministers. the taskforce is a multiagency investigation into government corruption. It’s currently investigating fraudulent payments by the

Marshall Islands has pleaded with world leaders to take serious action on climate change this year.

PnG Government to the country’s largest law irm. task Force sweep alleges the law firm Paraka Lawyers submitted fraudulent bills for legal work performed for the state, then received payments from PNG’s inance department. Its chairman, sam Koim, says the investigation has uncovered a racket involving lawyers, government ministers, judicial oficials and inancial institutions. - ABC

Patient dies during hospital riot dARU – A hospital patient died

of a heart attack after nursing staff abandoned him during a riot at daru General Hospital in Papua new Guinea this week. Another man was seriously injured. Chaos reigned when the former chief executive officer of the hospital and his supporters stormed the premises and demanded its closure. the riot took staff by surprise and they fled in fear leaving their patients unattended in the wards. Walumi Kapela, the hospital’s information officer, told the Post-Courier that dr Amos Lano

and his supporters stormed the hospital at around 8am inthe morning and demanded that all hospital staff leave. “the surrounding communities were alerted by the noise and came to the scene to see what was happening,” he said. “they intervened and forced dr Lano and his supporters to leave the premises with the assistance from the police.” He said that the people did not want him to return because there are certain charges of alleged mismanagement against him that are still under investigation. “the people of daru have

decided that they don’t want dr Lano to return, they really oppose that decision,’’ he said. “He is using a court order obtained from the national Court in Port Moresby mid - year and this is his third attempt to forcefully take up the chief executive oficer position.’’ He said the situation on site was still tense but police were monitoring it. In June 2013, the national Court revoked a decision by Health and HIV AIds Minister Michael Malabag to suspend dr Lano. this was made on the grounds that Malabag exceeded

his jurisdiction in that he had no powers to suspend him – only the board of the hospital had the powers to do that. the board, however, had no members at that time and the court re-instated dr Lano to resume duty. A new board was appointed by the national executive Council in August 2013 which immediately convened a meeting and terminated dr Lano while confirming sister Mary Joseph as the new acting chief executive oficer until a permanent appointment was made. - Post-Courier

Development littered with WW2 bombs HOnIARA – thirty-two unexploded bombs have been found at Mamara, west Guadalcanal in solomon Islands in the past two months. A retired bomb disposal officer who was employed to do the job said so far they found 32 unexploded bombs. “those were remains from the World War two and must

be cleared because they posed great danger to the lives of people,” Ben Pige said. “to date we found 32 and already reported it to the RsIPF bomb disposal team who have already taken them away,” Pige added. He said they were employed by Mega Company to clear the Mamara area, ear-marked for a

proposed mini-township. Pige said so far they have completed nearly one quarter of the 100 hectare of land that was proposed for the development. He said most of the bombs found were around 75mm in size. He added his men have been hard at work since november last year and will continue until

correctly say he was very keen, and we are very appreciative.” - ABC

Loeak calls for action

MAJURO – the President of the

O’Neill has no case to answer PORt MOResBY – Papua new Guinea’s anti-corruption unit says it has no case against Prime Minister Peter O’neill, in relation to more than A$30 million in dubious legal fees. PnG’s task Force sweep alleges millions of dollars in fraudulent legal bills were paid out to law firms, in what’s become the country’s biggest ongoing corruption investigation. One of the key pieces of evidence was a letter appearing to

about Ben as a person, because the package that we offered is nowhere near what he would have earned in england, so I can

they complete the 100 hectare area. Pige and his team were employed by an Asian developer to undertake the clearance work. Pige said they are expecting to find more bombs and live ammunition and has called on those living around the area to keep out of the site for their safety. - Solomon Star

President Christopher Loeak says countries shouldn’t be waiting until the Un conference on climate change in Paris in late 2015 to agree on more concrete measures. “It is time for us all to live up to our own lofty rhetoric, and actually do what is necessary to slow and eventually reverse the pollution of our atmosphere, in turn curbing global warming and the rising seas that threaten to engulf my homeland,” Loeak said in an opinion piece on the Hufington Post website. Loeak says leaders must recognise that time is running out. “the fight against climate change is unfortunately suffering from a misplaced hope that we still have plenty of time to act, or that the proverbial silver bullet is just around the corner,” he said. Loeak also took aim at countries like Australia for winding back climate change policy.

“Japan’s decision to renege on its 25 per cent emission reduction target and the recent carbon price policy reversals in Australia are unhelpful blips on the otherwise steady course towards the low-carbon world economy,” he said. “everyone needs to play their part, especially those with the biggest carbon footprint, and those who count among their closest friends the vulnerable countries that will bear the brunt of their polluting ways.” Loeak says the Un secretaryGeneral’s invitation to world leaders to attend a climate change summit in new York this september couldn’t have come soon enough. He says politicians should follow the lead of his region where countries have agreed on a set list of agreements to phase down greenhouse gas emissions. - ABC

Three dead, officer shot himself in foot BUKA – Police in the Papua new Guinea town of Buka have reported three deaths that occurred after the new Year. The irst incident happened last thursday where a young man from east new Britain was killed when he fell from a speeding boat and was cut up by the propellor. In another case, a young man from nissan Island was killed by a large crocodile at Rawa River last saturday. the deceased had gone to the river in the early morning that day when he met his fate. In the third case, a young boy was found dead on the road next to the Buka Airport late on sunday night. Police said the victim was with a group of youths loading copra onto a ship to be exported overseas. Police said the deceased was last seen hopping on the back

of a dump truck that had left the wharf area. Unconfirmed reports state that he must have fallen off the moving vehicle resulting in his death. However, police have not ruled out the possibility of him being murdered and are continuing with their investigations. Meanwhile, a policeman based at tinputz district in north Bougainville was admitted to Buka hospital this week after he mistakenly shot his own left foot with a gun. According to police in Buka, this senior policeman had gone to the Rawa River to try and shoot the crocodile that had killed a young man there on saturday when the accident took place. While trying to put a bullet into the offending crocodile the policeman somehow shot himself through the foot. - PC


Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

Where did MFEM get the power? dear editor, I too was wondering where the Ministry of Finance and economic Management (M F e M) got its powers to raid bank accounts and was fascinated by MFeM's interpretation of its authority so congratulate Mr Allsworth for raising this quite legitimate concern and saving me the effort. However, I have some additional comment. section 192 of the Income tax Act upon which the collector relies, and the inancial secretary defends, is not a garnishee authority. It relates to moneys the taxpayer would otherwise be entitled to but before he or she gets it, the taxman can by invoking the procedures in this section 192. If the collector wants to go after people's bank accounts (which is not a payment wait-

ing to happen but already constitutes their property) he must observe the more stringent requirements set down in the preceding section 191 and ile suit in the High Court. On all my reading of the utterances from MFeM it does not seem this procedure was followed and therefore, like Mr Allsworth, I have to conclude that the collector's actions are unlawful and the banks are exposed to suit for recovery (or ile suit themselves against the Crown) because it would appear they had no business allowing themselves to be persuaded by MFeM's apparently misguided demands, leaving one to wonder whether they themselves ever thought to seek a legal opinion. Minister Bishop, as quoted in your paper yesterday, got some things right and some

things wrong. Firstly he is as 63) are applicable. they would not be if the right, it is naive to attempt to disassociate MFeM from the collector had acted correctly government and that sort of pursuant s.191 of the Income red herring stuff just doesn't tax Act, because Article 40 spewash, just as it is nonsense for ciically excludes taxes, penalties, enforcement, the Prime Minisforfeitures from the ter to be saying he ‘It is nonsense property protection has nothing to do for the Prime inherent in that Arwith tax matters Minister to ticle {see subclause thus conveniently be saying he 2 and also Article 64 distancing himself has nothing (1)(c)}. In the present from any responsito do with tax circumstances they bility. As I said in matters thus are irrelevant, anya previous letter conveniently way, because the the government, distancing legality of the colthrough its legislative initiative, can himself from any lector's actions unresponsibility.’ der s.192 are under decide whether or attack. not the nZ UniverMore interesting, however, sal is taxed and it has chosen to tax it as well as the local in this continuing saga is the position of Minister Bishop pension. Minister Bishop is wrong himself. Keeping up with when he concludes that Arti- whether he is in Cabinet or cles 40 and 64 (he was quoted not can be quite mind bend-

ing but your same issue tells us he has returned to the fold and that would seem to be the current position until he chooses to stray again. However, by his unequivocal declaration on the front page he is clearly at odds with his Cabinet colleagues on the pension tax issue because while the PM and Minister of Finance in their joint tV interview last week took pains to describe M F e M's pre Christmas bank account raids as inconsistent with the Christmas spirit, at no point did they suggest that MFeM had acted improperly, ergo, they had acted quite lawfully but just a little unfeelingly. so on the one hand we have the rest of Cabinet (because we must assume that the PM and his

Praise for staff at Raro hospital dear editor, I had the recent misfortune to be admitted to the hospital after an urgent very early morning home visit by doctor Faireka. during my short two-day stay I was genuinely impressed with the performance and attitude of every staff member I encountered, even the cleaners. even the meals were very edible and health focused. everyone was so helpful and a special thanks to dr Janet Matenga and dr Veisinia Matoto. It is refresh-

Grey Power gathered to protest tax on their NZ-paid pensions in November. 13110133

minister are speaking for the collective Cabinet) saying the tax raids are quite legal while on the other we have maverick Minister Bishop saying they are illegal. Anywhere else in the Commonwealth where the collective responsibility principles of Cabinet government operate this renegade position would be unacceptable and a minister who cannot present a united front with his Cabinet colleagues would have no alternative but to resign. As the Minister fancies himself as a bit of a constitutionalist, he will no doubt understand these proprieties and should now do the honourable thing and fall on his sword and put us all out of our misery. John M scott

ing when medical staff take the time to explain everything to you. I don't want to rush to give my friend the Health Minister nandi Glassie the credit as it may be all Liz Iro's good work. I also came to admire my roommate Papa Kura strickland's daughter, who spent 24 hours a day doing the dificult task of caring for her father. I hope my children will do the same for me. thank you very much everyone at the hospital. George Pitt

Tax information contracts praised dear editor, Congratulations once again! Last year I wrote to tell you how much I admired the civility in your parliament. now, I read the Cook Islands has signed yet another agreement on the issues of tax low information between countries. this latest one was with Germany but I note that there are 17 so far. While Canada – my home

country – was not mentioned, I hope that it is indeed one of the signatories and I will determine that fact upon my return home next week. It would be a great success if other countries followed your example. deborah Wright Victoria, capital of British Columbia, Canada

Overstayers prompt immigration queries dear editor, Regarding overstayers, I have some questions for the immigration department. A. What’s happening with these overstayers? B. Is there any law about these overstayers? C. Are they allowed to stay on our shores? d. Are they allowed to work? e. Are they allowed to roam around freely?

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua rarotonga PO Box 15 rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

there are a lot of questions to be answered. Immigration staff, are you doing your work? Or maybe you don’t know how to do your work. there are a lot of overstayers working. I can name some to you or maybe you already know. this is our country. this is 2014. this is just for now. name and address supplied

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Travelling the world, yet again A sMOKe signaller writes: “Regarding the Grey Power television advert about our travelling Prime Minister, please keep on running that advert every night. I heard through the grapevine that the Prime Minister's current nine day overseas trip is to Abu dhabi in the United Arab emirates to attend a two day meeting and with nothing else to do but ‘just to observe’. Other than a cruel government, why not a cruel Prime Minister who I feel has no remorse for the taxpayers and pensioners of this country. Okay, they can all say it's a funded junket trip, but don't they also claim for their travelling allowance through the Civil List? God save the people of this country!”

DoUbLE-DIppING sOMe GOVeRnMent trips are fully-funded with the overseas

governments or agencies paying for both airfares and daily subsistence allowances (dsAs), but apparently – and not referring to any person in particular – there are instances whereby the funded dsA has been concealed and a request made for our taxpayers via the Civil List to cover the dsA, thus doubledipping. sometimes no-one questions those people at the top who don’t follow the rules.

THE by-by-ELECTIoN “the Cook Islands Party has now got two candidates standing for the February 19 Murienua by-election,” a smoke signaller writes in response to tuesday’s article ‘Candidates set for Mu-

rienua re-run’. “the question is, how can Kaota tuariki stand as a candidate as he has a police criminal complaint for alleged bribery, corruption and treating voters from the earlier failed by-election? the only difference this time is that Kaota will not be able to resign or pull out as he did before the electoral petition. Whichever way one looks at it, it’s two strikes and you’re out.” ss: A complaint to the police is exactly that, a complaint, and a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. Regarding the CIP’s second candidate in the Murienua by-election rerun, see yesterday’s front page article for details about the withdrawal of tare Mareiti’s candidacy, plus background to the complaint made to police by the democratic Party stemming from the september by-election.


keeps working, cleaning his oire and helping the old people who need help. don’t wait for the next election, move George Maggie to become the Prime Minister. We need Maggie for PM because he never travels and spends money – he gives money to people in need. so Prime Minister, you need to step down.”

IT’S A SHowER A sMOKe signaller texts to 188: “to the smoke signaller who

“tUtAKA – what a joke,” texts a smoke signaller. “Who and when will someone be held accountable for the mess at the turangi ‘dump’? Come on Ministry of Health, taku tita taau tita ta tatou tita.”

texted in the ‘BY tHe BeACH’ smokie in Wednesday’s paper, the thing that looked to you – or you just assumed to be a long drop toilet – is actually a shower where we bathe, and not take a dump. We’re not that incompetent. But you’re welcome to take a shower if you like.”



“I sALUte you George Maggie,” a smoke signaller texts to 188,

“tHe seALInG of the Atiu airport will cost more than Aitutaki’s

“you have done awesome work for your people in tupapa Maraerenga. If wasn’t for you, tupapa won’t be the same. My days when I was here I voted for others who did nothing and just ate the people’s money. How disrespectful is that? At least Maggie

due to the cost of today’s resources,” a smoke signaller texts in response to Wednesday’s smokie ‘Mil more for less’ which asked why the sealing of the Atiu airport will cost a million dollars more than Aitutaki’s longer and wider runway.

Finance concerns heard at TMV consult tHe ABILItY of the Cook Islands

to pay the estimated $64 million price tag for the te Mato Vai water infrastructure project was at the forefront during Wednesday’s consultation meeting. Led by deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Planning teariki Heather, the consultation – held at Avana Meeting House – was attended by approximately 110 members of the public, including Members of Parliament Kiriau turepu and Ata Herman. the estimated $64 million cost for te Mato Vai – recently increased from an initial quote of $60 million – is slated to be paid for with a $23.5 million Chinese concessional loan at 2 per cent over 20 years, $15 million in grant funding from new Zealand, and roughly $25.5 million sourced from the Cook Islands government budget. “Where will the Cooks come up with its portion of costs?” asked one woman, saying the country will be on the hook for $49 million – the combined value of budget funds and the Chinese loan. the woman pegged the cost for te Mato Vai at $18,000 per household in Rarotonga, after

taking into account the project’s overall cost and dividing that number by an estimated 3500 households on the island. “Why don’t we look at a combination of things, so we can bring the cost down?” she asked. A man at the consultation told the audience he was convinced the project would eventually become a user-pay system, where citizens would be required to pay permit, connection, and water usage fees. “I can’t see any other way,” he said. “We’re worried what the government has behind our backs.” Midway through the consultation, tauraa Heather – an Australian of Cook Islands descent who has been a ixture at at least four consultations held thus far - addressed the crowd loudly. “How are we going to pay for this?” he asked. “I’m very scared, and you should be scared.” tauraa said authorities have failed to answer his queries on te Mato Vai, including future project costs and what the government intends to charge should a user-pay system be introduced. In one of the more intense exchanges, he accused the deputy

Tauraa Heather – an Australian of Cook Islands descent – voiced his concerns about Te Mato Vai at Wednesday’s consultation at Avana Meeting House. 14011613 PM – who is believed to be tauraa’s uncle – of being positioned to benefit from the project privately through construction irm t&M Heather. the dPM has previously distanced himself from the company’s operations. After being asked to keep quiet by several members of the public, tauraa Heather remained defiant when approached by Cook Islands police, who asked him to leave the meeting. Yesterday, chief executive

Ben Mose with the deputy PM’s office said nobody on the minister’s team was responsible for phoning the police, adding it was likely a resident from Matavera or Avana. “When we had our briefing meeting (on thursday), we discussed the police presence,” he said. “We were surprised by it.” Certain members of the public accused tauraa of not being an intake landowner in Matavera, turangi, or Avana – the intended

audience of the consultation. He later claimed to be a landowner in Puaikura. Mose said he had no problem with various members of the public attending any of the consultations, regardless of the intended audiences. “We can’t stop people from expressing their views,” he said. Also yesterday, reports began circulating of tauraa intending to stand for office against the deputy PM in the next election.

those reports could not be conirmed. Consultations for the general public get underway next Monday with residents in Vaka Puaikura scheduled to meet at 6pm at Aroa nui Hall. Vaka te Au O tonga meets the following day at 6pm at sinai Hall, with Vaka takitumu scheduled to meet at titikaveka CICC sunday school Hall on Wednesday January 22 at 6pm. - Emmanuel Samoglou

No immediate plans to charge for water tHe GOVeRnMent has no immediate plans to charge households for water once a multimillion dollar water infrastructure project is completed. te Mato Vai (tMV) – recently revised to cost up to $64 million – aims to supply potable water to people in Rarotonga by 2016. A series of long-awaited public consultations on the project began this week. Jaewynn McKay, t M V’s communications advisor, said homes will not be asked to pay for their water for at least five years. “the government has no immediate plans to implement a user-pays system – this is what the dPM (deputy prime minister teariki Heather) is saying at the consultations,” she said. If a user-pays system is even-

tually put in place, it will likely be by way of a fee for the delivery of water, not for the actual amount of water used. “Any fee will not be implemented until the new system has proven to deliver what is promised,” McKay said. About 60 water meters are currently being installed around the island – one for each of the 12 intakes and another 50 customer meters for domestic and commercial users. no one has been charged for these metres, which are being used to get a better idea of how much water people are using and what sorts of problems exist, such as leakage. McKay said there are no immediate plans to measure each individual household’s usage. Issues being discussed dur-

ing the current consultations include land access, disruptions from construction, environmental impacts, water treatment options, along with local business and employment opportunities. this week’s consultations – led by Heather – have been with landowners and members of parliament. Public consultations get underway on Monday, with residents in Vaka Puaikura scheduled to meet at 6pm at Aroa nui, Vaka te Au O tonga the following day on January 21, meeting at 6pm at sinai Hall. Lastly, Vaka takitumu will meet at 6pm on Wednesday at titikaveka CICC sunday school Hall. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Members of the public and various stakeholders voiced concerns about the government’s ability to pay the projected $64 million cost for Te Mato Vai. 14011616


Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

What is missing from our economy?

A column by Atiu Member of Parliament for Teenui Mapumai

Norman George.

“HOW MAnY roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man ... the answer my friend is blowing in the wind” – Bob dyland, musician. the economy is our fiercest challenge right now; our agriculture output alone has declined by 50 per cent in the last 10 years. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves. Our depleting population has reduced our work force. We have taken the easy way out by bringing in cheap Fijian and Asian workers. Isn’t this a typical Cook Islands answer – the ‘quick ix for now’ solution, let the future take care of itself ... I will return to this subject later. What is missing from our economy? Why is it that apart from the likes of John scott, no one wants to get dirty anymore. Where are our top growers? Our top pig breeders? Chicken farmers? taro growers? Pineapple growers? sadly the most successful and best organised grower, Robert Wigmore, is no longer with us. But his son Arama Wigmore is the grower

to watch for in the future. Most of our top producers have passed on. no one took any heavy commitments to productivity. since sir thomas davis, there has been no politician that is patently committed to push economic productivity overall. sir tom believed in every Cook Islander having the ability to produce and sell something. You can’t just sit there and stare at the sky! A fisherman, who is good at catching ish, must stick to catching and selling fish. But he must be taken care of by the government! How? Fuel subsidy. Help local coastal commercial ishermen by subsidising their fuel costs by up to 50 per cent. this does not extend to leisure isherman or tourist charter fishing; they can take care of themselves. distinguish export and commercial growers from hobby or subsistence growers. Commercial egg producers must be distinguished from hobby or subsistence egg producers. Commercial pig farmers ought to be distinguished from recreational subsistence pig farmers. Why the need for distinction? Government should subsidise 50 per cent of the costs of fertilizer, chemicals, pig food, chicken food and all necessities related to the commercial production of these. Government should not prop up hobbies or subsistence activities to feed your families. that is our personal responsibilities. It is our tradition and we must not change that. In the past, the open subsidy system was abused. Many years ago, greedy farmers who were mainly recreational or subsistence producers bought huge quantities of fertiliser which were left to rot unused in plantations.

Government subsidy must ment is me! no one else around target help to those producing has the depth, energy and comthings commercially, not rec- mitment to make it work. the reational or hobby producers. only way to get people back into Papa tom believed in a free production is to make signiimarket economy. Our problem cant changes. Ban the import is size and consumer base. We of pork meat, eggs, and vegneed people to buy local, but etables. Introduce a system to there are not enough buyers monitor supply and demand. around. I am the sole survi- What is wrong with a system vor of Papa tom’s doctrines of which allows supplies to come productivity being preferred in when there is a shortage but to the import dependence of at a cost? I am against levy-free a consumer economy. Import imports of products that comdependency means we will be pete with local produce. What is the biggest initiative totally at the mercy of new Zealand, Australia, Japan and U.s. to launch a massive revival of our economy? And economies. If they what is the biggest suffer recessions we the person that I obstacle? will hurt more than would like to see energy, man, enthem. Our inlation run and manage will go sky high as the economy in the ergy. the greatest we will be affected next government cost factor in our by the nZ dollar is me! no one else businesses and life value luctuations. around has the style today is enerWhen you have depth, energy and gy. electricity is so no basic export accommitment to expensive. energy tivity, you will be at make it work. takes up 60 per cent the mercy of overof costs in busiseas exporters and producers, with nothing to fall nesses. this cannot go on; it is back on. We need a completely crippling and morale-sapping. devoted Prime Minister and We import about $20 million of economic driving Minister of diesel fuel for all our electricity Finance to drive the economy. needs in the Cook Islands. We Mark Brown is the total oppo- should aim to reduce that to $5 site of what I am looking for. million and divert the $15 milHenry Puna is not interested. lion saved to drive the producMark Brown is completely tivity side of the economy. How can we reverse the fossil dominated by Richard neeves. Richard neeves is like a pi- fuel dependency? solar energy lot flying a 747 Airliner with is the answer. now let us focus Mark Brown as co-pilot. the on solar energy versus diesel difference is that pilot Richard fuel. A report recently released neeves is the only one with a parachute. If anything goes by the duetsche Bank predicts wrong, Richard will parachute a second solar gold rush. the out and catch the first flight bank says that renewable energy costs are now in parity with back to Australia. Meanwhile, we will be left to fossil fuel costs. In other words suffer a ruined economy with from excessive set up costs in solar energy, those costs have catastrophic consequences. the person that I would been reduced to equal the set up like to see run and manage the costs of diesel driven electricity. We have known this in the economy in the next govern-

Cook Islands for several years. Prime Minister Henry Puna claims that we have a renewable energy road map. Bull... you need energy to create an energy substitution plan; you don’t have it Prime Minister! the PM should have recognised the savings the people of the Cook Islands can gain from solar energy. Instead Puna is using renewable energy as a political tool for his election. Let me give you a good example of how good solar energy is. the Kavera Meeting house switched from electric power to solar energy last year. From a monthly bill of $240 a month, it was reduced to $2.70 a month! It is true that when a tere party occupied the meeting house, using fridges, stoves and lights, the cost shot up to $300 a month, $1000 if it was electricity. James Beer is team leader in a well established international renewable energy group of experts. they can turn Rarotonga and the Cook Islands into a mecca of solar energy. I need to serve notice on a monolith state owned business called te Aponga Uira. Right now your energy policy is unacceptable. You are fair game for massive reforms in the future. Other issues that I would draw attention to is the government’s tax policies. there is severe criticism and concern about the 2.5 per cent VAt (value added tax) increase. the brain centre of the tax policy, Richard neves and Andrew Haig, say it will be tourists who will bear the burden of this increase. not many people believe that. Cost of living adjustments are needed to help public servants. My position on economic progress in this country follows Papa tom’s path, pay COLA (cost of living adjustment)

every 6 months. If I have my way, that shall be the way to go! Picture this in our future economic success – Atiu, Mangaia and Rarotonga with factories processing frozen taro, tarua, maniota and cooked ripe bananas for export to new Zealand, Australia and UsA. these products will enjoy long shelf life because they are frozen. Add these to pork, goat meat and from time to time ish processed and frozen in the outer islands for the Rarotonga-Aitutaki tourist markets! A fast turnaround small ship or ships should do weekly trips between islands. Fresh taro and vegetables can be added on for the Punanga nui market on a weekly basis. think of the employment opportunities for our school leavers to work in factories and plantations. think how many young Cook Islanders we can bring home. there may be a need to continue recruiting hard working labourers from outside but we must strictly monitor these. We may need to recruit outside workers to begin with. We have to think outside of the circle. to build up our local customer base, we open our borders to Grey Power, manuiri visitors from nZ and Australia to start off with, on ive-year visas. That is tantamount to relaxed boarder control. stringent tests must be complied with, age must be 55 years and over with proven independent means of income, good health, with health insurance, and with a clean police record. surely we can absorb 10,000 manuiri guest visitors. We can accommodate several hundred in Atiu. they will have no political rights but enjoy unlimited human rights. Yes we can do it, if we put our minds to it.

Cook Islands a big highlight in the Big Bang MOtOne can announce that

the new Zealand festival event t H e B I G BA n G will now showcase the Cook Islands tamariki on their own stage with compositions that are sure to be a highlight of the event. Maurice newport of Motone Productions, the Cook Islands creative company that has produced this tour, says: “We are now in full rehearsals every day to get the kids up to speed with the complex compositions that they will be performing. “the expectations of the group are high and to perform to 5000 people in Wellington with 200 other children on drums, a 200 piece choir, strike Percussion group and band Kora is pretty mind-blowing for adults let along kids aged between 6 and 18!” Music director Murray Hickman, who was also Motone’s irst creative resident last year has outlined a clear treatment of the performance that will last approximately 90 minutes and will be simultaneously broadcast on a big screen on the Wellington waterfront. the event is the opening of the festival and is to be attended by VIPs from around new Zealand. “the fact that tV3 is the ma-

jor sponsor to the event means that the coverage for this is national. the exposure for the Cook Islands and our talented children is huge and I hope to see us tour more contemporary work from the Cook Islands to other international events as well as showcase in an arts festival for 2015 as part of our independence celebrations,” says Glenda tuaine of Motone Productions Katu teiti and Mark short will also be performing on stage and are currently composing a variety of work to be included in the event. the programme for the children after the event is to take them to a variety of arts experiences to provide the opportunity for them to see productions they might never see such as the BBC dr Who and new Zealand symphony Orchestra and a contemporary dance group from Israel called deCCAdAnCe. “I have designed an itinerary for this group once the show is completed that will be a real eye opener to them on what arts is and how careers can be forged in,” says tuaine. “We will also perform at st Patricks College and at Victoria University as well as visit

te Papa.” the group is still fundraising and appreciate any support you can give, so look out for them this saturday morning as they will be drumming around the island to raise funds, with the short family organising a concert with gold coin donation on saturday afternoon at eric shorts residence in Vaimaanga. they have a quiz night scheduled for Monday, February 3 at the Golf Club – for more information and to book a team, contact Janette Olliver on 76111. “the project is the first of Motone Productions getting Cook Islands performers included in and creating work for international festivals,” says tuaine. “the new Zealand festival has really grabbed a hold of what we can do and will look after us once we get to new Zealand with domestic lights, accommodation, transport and meals, but we need to fundraise for our international airfares and to look after the kids after the festival event which will cost $10,000 for the team. “We are looking for funders and sponsors so why not start the new year by showing your supportive side and get behind

The Cook Islands tamariki sharing their drumming skills during the New Year’s day fundraiser at Crown Beach. The team preparing to take part in the New Zealand festival event THe BIG BANG have a number of fundraising eforts coming up including a run-a-thon this Saturday and a quiz night on February 3. The team also has a crowd funding site that you can make donations to as well. Get behind our talented tamariki. 14011608 the development of Cook Islands Contemporary Performing Arts.” Motone and the Acting Up Creative Collective has also established a crowd-funding site for people overseas to do-

nate, too. this can be accessed at projects/cook-islands-@-thebig-bang – follow the instructions to donate. “We really need people to support us on this site as if we

do not reach our total we do not receive any of the funds – so please pass on to all your overseas friends and family to donate as soon as you can … even $5 helps!” adds tuaine. - MW/Motone


Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

Finding your spiritual GPS sPIRItUAL GPs (Global Positioning system) makes it possible to always know where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re headed — sort of the past, present, and future of your life from a visual and geographic perspective. You never have to be lost again!

Where in the spiritual world are you? While the Global Positioning system may have been around for only 30 years or so, there is another GPs system that has been around for thousands of years: the Globally Positioned spirituality system. What’s a Globally Positioned spirituality system? think of all the spiritual “systems” — religions and worldviews — in this world. Where do you stand in relation to them all? Feeling confused when it comes to discerning spiritual truth from spiritual error? What about the looming moral and ethical crises of our day? Can you chart a path through the wilderness of amoral, secular values in our culture? What do you believe, and why, about abortion, euthanasia, same-sex relationships, the role of government in society, capital crimes and punishment, war, human rights, tolerance toward other religions, the right to worship and speak freely, and other current hot topics? And what about your personal spiritual “location” in

this world? Where are you headed? What have you learned from the path you’ve been on? What course corrections do you need to make? What are your goals and dreams, and how do they mesh with God’s plans and purposes? God does not want us to be lost! Fortunately, He has provided us with a Globally Positioned spirituality system that allows us to answer all those questions, and more. He always wants us to know what we believe, where we stand, and who we can trust. When it comes to having a plan, a course and a path to follow, God wants us to be as conident as Jesus Christ was.

Where in the spiritual world are you? 14011627

Jesus and GPS even during the hours of His life when Jesus suffered most, He was never “lost”. He knew what was happening and why, and He knew exactly what to do in the midst of the confusion surrounding Him. Jesus was betrayed by a close friend, falsely arrested, accused, and condemned, beaten until almost dead, cruciied on a Roman cross, and died alone and deserted by most of His followers. Yet He was never lost! What gave Jesus the confidence to stay “globally positioned”, spiritually-speaking? Why didn’t He panic, compromise, give in, or run away in the face of such awful circumstances? It’s because He knew who He was and was confident in

God’s purpose for His life. And where did He gain the knowledge that gave Him such confidence? Jesus had immersed himself in a knowledge of the Word of God. Jesus knew He would be betrayed (see Acts 1:20; Psalm 69:25; 109:8), rejected, beaten, and aflicted (Psalm 22; Isaiah 53:3-5), and why (Isaiah 53:6, 10). And He also knew that

God would not leave Him in the grave (Psalm 16:8-11; Isaiah 53:11)—that He would one day return to earth as King over all the earth (Zechariah 12:10). It was the knowledge of God and His Word that kept Jesus Christ, in His humanity, from becoming confused and lost in the midst of an experience the likes of which we will never know. so if Jesus was able to stay spiritually positioned in life, can we as well?

You and GPS Absolutely! God said to His people, Israel, during a time when they were desperately, spiritually lost: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). this is an exact parallel to what Jesus told the religious leaders of His day: “Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge” (Luke 11:52). Knowledge of God and His Word is so important because it acts as a benchmark against which to measure all the competing claims that the world makes on your mind and emotions. the Word of God and an intimate, prayerful communion with your heavenly Father are your Globally Positioned spirituality system. Immerse yourself in them and you, too, will know who you are, what you believe, and where you’re headed. Rev Iana Aitau


on the rock apOWerFul,exCiTingChurCh Join us this weekend for our Sunday morning service 10am. aere mai, aere mai te katoatoa, te atua te aroa! aCrOSS The rOad The airpOrT, nikaO

apostolic Church Weekly programme Sunday to Friday rarotonga apostolic Church Bishop Tutai pere - 23778/55177 dial-a-prayer 26777 Church Services on Sundays at 10am and 7pm r adio and Television ministr y at 11am and 4.30pm. mid-week services on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm. aitutaki apostolic Church - pastor noo mataiti - 31269. atiu apostolic Church - pastor nikau Tangaroa - 33778. mangaia apostolic Church pastor ngametua papatua - 34065.

even during the hours of His life when Jesus sufered most, He was never “lost”. 14011628

We preaCh gOd in JeSuS and JeSuS in gOd

FOCuS 2013 * geT Saved in JeSuS! *STaY Saved in JeSuS! *never leave earTh WiThOuT JeSuS! OBeY aCTS 2:38 “repent,andbebaptizedeveryoneofyouinthename of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the holy ghost.” all services cater for both maori and english speaking brethren. Contact: Bishop pere on email:

JeSuS iS True gOd


Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAiL


Fax 25303

PUBLIC NOTICES CYCLONE iAN FUNDRAiSER As Cyclone ian left TONGA, the Ha’apai Group sufered the worst. in Ha’apai, Lifuka is the capital - Holopeka is a village in Lifuka with 37 households and 2 churches. Every house was either lattened or damaged. Plates of food will be sold at Kafo’s - Puoromea Store, $5 only, Friday 17th, starting 7am. in aid of Mama Kafo’s people in Holopeka, Ha’apai. All proceeds will be shared out evenly in cash to the 37 households and the 2 churches. Please support Mama Kafo in her efort to help her village people. Malo aupito - God loves a cheerful giver. 76381 / /2031

YWAM Fundraiser, Vaimaanga This Saturday, 8am - 2pm. Garage sale, face painting, cupcakes, BBQ, new drinks and ice cream stand. Childrens playground. All Welcome. Phone 20193. 76359 /35048 /1931

FLATMATES WANTED Looking for 2 lat mates, female prefer. $100 p/wk. Nikao back road. Ph 73654/79105



Salon de hermies at Banana Court. Hair and beauty services for men and woman including massage and waxing. Hermie’s back. Phone 22278.

Available in March. 3 bedroom fully furnished Executive Home, including bathroom en-suite. Suitable for executive family. Longterm. Located upper Tupapa, backroad. Only interested parties please contact/text Edith: 76424/74238.

Ariki Road Backroad inland from wharf Clothes Babies/children Adults all sizes. DVDs/books Tools 7.30am start. Phone 22411.

76347 / /2164

76374 /76374 /2058

TENDERS RARO CARS Tenders are invited for the following vehicles: 2012 Zongshen ZS125-15 (red) reg AAQ543 2012 Zongshen ZS125-15 (Black) reg AAQ685 2012 Zongshen ZS125-15 (Black) reg AAQ408 2013 Zongshen ZS125-15 (Blue) reg Ar395 inspection can be arranged by contacting Wayne Barclay on 22060, and tender forms are available from our oice. Tender closes Monday 20 January 2014 at 2pm. 76390 / /1902

METEMiBRA DAY CARE Newborns to 3 1/2 years For inquiries Phone 29145 or Mobile 70127. 76363 /35043 /1931

FOR RENT Executive house located in Turangi, suitable for families. Spacious open-plan living, modern kitchen, 3 double bedrooms, fully furnished. Large out-door area, great entertaining deck, garage and swimming pool. Walking distance from Te Uki Ou School, $450 per week. Available from February 2014. Phone 53118. 76309 /35024 /1931

2 bedroom furnished house in Ngatangiia. Will be available middle February. Grounds maintained by landlord. Very reasonable rent. Genuine enquiries only. Phone 71298 or 29587. 76400 /35856 /1931

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 71744

76399 /35864 /1931


Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.



Found in Vaimaanga before Xmas, male dog, 1 year old, Shepherd - Corgi cross, beautiful dog, someone’s pet, please phone 22919.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLiNES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



76353 /35045 /1931

VEhICLES FOR SALE harley Davidson Sportster 2006 Excellent condition, low kms. Genuine enquiries only please, $13,000. Phone 20680.


76361 /35050 /1931

Yamaha Vega Force Black Motorbike 2 Years old, in Great condition. $2700 ono. For inquiries please contact raina 77792 or 78157.

76299 /35016 /1931

SITUATIONS VACANT ChEF REQUiRED Full time position available. Must have at least 5 years experience in a head or 2nd chefs capacity. Applicant must be reliable, honest and able to work unsupervised. A knowledge of food costing and the ability to create and implement menu changes is required. Please email current CV to or call 54668 for an interview. 76406 / /2592


76378 / /2294

Driver/Groundsman 6 days a week Applicants need to be employable, with a good attitude, turn up on time and be smartly presented. Phone 27460. 76355 / /2202


TRADE MARK CAUTiONARY NOTiCE Notice is hereby given that our client, Intel Corporation of 2200 Mission College Boulevard, Santa Clara, California 95052-8119 U.S.A., is the owner and sole proprietor of the following trademark:

Tereora College - Beginning of Year Arrangements 2014 To be used in connection with electronic security apparatus and surveillance apparatus; computerized telecommunications and networking equipment; computer hardware and software; computer irmware; computers; computer installations; personal digital assistants; integrated circuits; computer chip sets; semiconductor processors; microprocessors; computer memories; operating systems; data processors; central processing units; computer peripherals; storage devices, including lash drives; security systems for computer hardware and software, including irewalls, network access server hardware for creating and maintaining irewalls, virtual private network (vpn) computer hardware and computer server operating software for creating and maintaining irewalls; printed circuits; telecommunications equipment and computer networks; electronic control devices for the interface and control of computers and global computer and telecommunications networks with television and cable broadcasts and equipment; cellular telephones and smart phones; apparatus for testing and programming integrated circuits; downloadable electronic publications; structural parts and ittings for all the aforesaid goods; instructional manuals sold as a unit with the aforementioned goods. our abovementioned client has instructed us and wishes us to bring to the notice of the trade and public that they attach singular importance to their abovementioned Trade Mark and that legal action will be taken against any person or persons who act in infringement of the rights of our client. Any inquiry relative thereto may be referred to ourselves being their agents: hilborne, hawkin & Co. 2875 Michelle Drive, Suite 170 Irvine, California 92606 United States of America Telephone: (714) 283-1155 Facsimile: (714) 283-1555 Email: 76394

Tuesday 21 January year 12 & 13 students MuST conirm subject choices 11am – 2pm (please bring your results with you) Wednesday 22 January New students wishing to enrol 9am – 11am Thursday 23 January TEAChER ONLY DAY 8am – 3pm Friday 24 January TEAChER ONLY DAY 8am – 3pm Monday 27 January Years 10, 11 & 12 at school in uniform 8.15am – 11am Tuesday 28 January Years 9 & 13 at school in uniform 8.15am – 11am Wednesday 29 January All students - Normal School Day 8.15am – 3pm. 76302

Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) FiSHEriES OFFiCEr (Part-time, Mauke, Mitiaro) The MMr has two vacancies for a part time oicer based on Mauke and Mitiaro. Applicants should be familiar with local isheries and able to work closely with traditional leaders, island Council and the ishing community. Qualiications and skills are required. For further information contact Uirangi Bishop on telephone 28730. Please provide a letter of application and CV addressed to the Secretary, P.O Box 85, Avarua or by email ( ck). Application closes 4pm on Monday 3 February 2014. 76365 / /1971

76361 /35050 /1931

Friday 7am to 5pm. Lots of kitchenware , crockery & household goods. Fantastic items. The Pearl Lounge, Arorangi. Sophie 53888.


COOK iSLANDS TOURiSM CORPORATiON “Survey Enumerator / Data Entry Person Temporary Positions” Urgently looking for 2 people to assist in a survey starting this month. Full training provided by the South Paciic Tourism Organization. if interested contact Jake at cook Islands Tourism corporation on 29435 ext 836 or 55304 76377 / /1709

A position exists for 2 cashiers to work rotating shifts at Manea Foods. The positions would require a rostered shift at any of Manea Foods 3 outlets. The person would need to have a can do attitude, and be self motivated. Following programme systems and be task orientated would be a requirement. Training provided. Above award pay to start for the right person. Please contact Mum on 29806 for an interview. Application forms available from Manea Foods, Nikao. 76349 / /1617

An Experienced, reliable live in Nanny is needed to start urgently please. Contact 56980. 76397 /35723 /1931



Teacher and Support Staf Applications are invited from experienced and motivated individuals for the following part-time positions to commence in the school year: 1. Avatea School (Two Positions) • Teacher Aide (Inclusive Education) • Grounds/Maintenance Person 2. Mitiaro School (One Position): Teacher Aide/Carer Person must be prepared to care for a child in the home and to work closely with parents, the Principal and Ministry of Health personnel. 3.Corrective Services Education Programme, Arorangi: Teacher (part time) Working 3 days a week, teaching in the areas of mainly literacy and numeracy, applicants must have high expectations of students and student achievement, strong in behaviour management, able to access and create resources including online; lexible, with sense of humour and identiies well with the programme and its objectives. Applications close on Thursday 23 January 2014. Job Descriptions are available from the Ministry or at: www. Please submit a cover letter with Curriculum Vitae and references to: Director HRM Division Ministry of Education Po Box 97 Rarotonga Cook Islands Ph (682) 29357, Fax (682) 28357 or email vacancy@ 76268


Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

Exciting time to know and serve God FIRstLY let’s give honour and glory to God for His love, grace and mercy over us. I would like to give thanks to God for the wonderful themes set for by the CICC in the Cook Islands for the week of prayer, looking through the theme “Ko Iesu te Kaveinga o te ora mutukore” (Jesus the true light in life). Many at the church services from January 5 to 12 answered some of the questions very well and there were many also who questioned the truth about the Word. One to mention – be born again, be illed, be sure of your salvation. In 1906 a group of Born Again students gathered at AZUZA st in America to check or to make sure the Baptism of the Holy spirit is real and from this gathering God illed all the students with His Holy spirit. In 1850 Rev. Mareta received this Holy spirit baptism in Mangaia and he taught the people. In 1852 he (Mareta) was posted to Manihiki and Rakahanga and he received again this Holy spirit and he taught the people of Manihiki and Rakahanga. today the church is still questioning and doubting this beautiful doctrine. Let’s look to some explanation. In a time when news headlines are normally dismal, there is good news for those that love God. the Lord is working mightily throughout


Paciic resort hotel Group

the earth today! And he is accomplishing His purposes “not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit”, saith the Lord of Host (Zech 4:6). this is an exciting time to know and serve God. As God’s people it is vitally important that we be acquainted with His will and His ways. these are revealed through His word, the Bible. One of the dynamic life changing doctrines of the scriptures is the blessed Baptism in the Holy spirit. It holds the key for world-wide revival in these last days. Unfortunately like the Lords supper, water Baptism and other vital doctrines like the Baptism in the Holy spirit has been under attack. Ignorance, confusion and controversy have swirled around this teaching. And no wonder our adversary satan knows very well that if the church could apprehend the glorious fullness of God’s spirit, his reign on earth is doomed. that is why he has worked overtime to thwart and discredit this doctrine. throughout every continent there are many who are hungry for a deeper spiritual walk that embraces the power and holiness of the risen Christ. to those reading this message PLeAse lay aside all preconceived ideas and religious bias. Come prayerfully and

with an open heart to receive the truth as we examine God’s Word on this subject. Be prepared to “open your mouth wide” and drink deeply of the “rivers of living water” until you are endued with “power from on high”. Questions and answers: 1. What exactly is the “Baptism in the Holy spirit?” It is when the Holy spirit comes down, upon, in and through a believer to fill, anoint and empower for Christian service. Another way to describe it is when the Holy spirit takes full control of the believer. 2. How does the Bible describe this experience? there are several phrases in the scriptures that refer to the Holy spirit baptism. “the Promise of the Father – Luke 24.49, Acts 1:4 endued with power from on high”. – Luke 24.49 Baptised with the Holy Ghost – Acts 1:3 Filled with the Holy Ghost – Acts 2:38 the Holy Ghost fell on all them – Acts 10:44 Poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost – Acts 10:45 Received the Holy Ghost – Acts 19:2 synonyms included the inilling, fullness, spirit Baptism and/or Baptism. these terms may be used interchangeably for the sake of brevity. to be continued… Pastor temu n George


Pastor Temu N George says that in a time when news headlines are normally dismal, there is good news for those that love God. 11072968


happy Birthday

A Great Place to Work… We are currently seeking the following: • Restaurant & Bar Staf • Chefs, Cooks and kitchen hands • Team Leaders & Supervisors • Housekeeping Staf • Carpenter/ Handyman • Groundsmen To apply email: work@paciicresort. com or contact Ani Thompson on 53731

www.paciicresort. com 76326

WANTED TO BUy Wanted 20’’ or 40’’ shipping container to buy. Please call Deon 57894. 76376 /35110 /1931

Looking for second hand car, good condition, ideally convertible. Budget $7K Please call Bernard on mobile 51951. 76350 /35044 /1931

FOR SALE Tarua & Male pig for sale. Phone 24012 or 21194. 76334 /35034 /1931

“Fluoro Fusion’’ Last day at Punanga Nui Market this Saturday. Come along and check out the awesome range of girls luoro clothing, skinny Jeans, boardies, jandals & more. All stock must go! 76401 /35858 /1931

The lawns are waiting....

We, the family of the late

Tuerei O arera Taramai-Tetonga (nee hirovanaa)

From Simone & the kids

wish to thank all the family and friends here in the Cook islands, new Zealand, australia and those afar, for their generous contribution and support during the loss of our mother, grand-mother, great grandmother, sister and friend.


SALES PERSON FANTASTiC OPPORTUNiTY iN SALES! The Motor Centre specializes in the sales of Motorcycles, Motor Vehicles, Whiteware & Power Equipment. We require an experienced Sales Person who is motivated, has some computer experience, enjoys learning the iner detail speciications of the products you will be selling, has some ability to efectively display products in a large showroom, and most importantly is able to converse easily with customers. A car and motorcycle license is essential. Remuneration will be based on previous experience. The successful candidate will enjoy working in a happy team environment with bonus incentive. Please submit your CV to: Attention: General Manager Cook Islands Motor Centre Ltd Po Box 74, Rarotonga oR Email: Applications close Wednesday 22 January 2014 76173

Classiieds • Phone 22999 •

Your kindness and generosity has been overwhelming and words cannot express how we (the children) feel. We appreciate the unwavering support during this diicult time. a very special “meitaki atupaka” to aunty Casey and papa Tangata vainerere for your invaluable advice, and endless efort to help us despite the last minute change which we greatly appreciated. meitaki maata to rev. Oirua rassmussen of the matavera CiCC, matavera ekalesia, papa iota atera (Secretary), the democratic party, Wilkie rasmusen (leader of the democratic party), eddie drollett (CeO), aunty mau and Q.r. papa Tom masters and mrs marsters. SpeCial menTiOn gOeS TO The: “apostolic Church grey power / are pa metua, mataera Catholic Church democratic party, holy revival Church, matavera Seventh day adventist, matavera” for the readings and kind words. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all here in the beautiful Cook islands, from the bottom of our hearts romans 8:38-39 (n.i.v) “i am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other creative things, shall be able to separate us from the love of god which is in Christ Jesus, our lord”

meitaki atupaka Tiava, Tungane, phillip, Benaia, mataa, nooroa, rosemary and their family.


Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

Tongan fundraiser brings healing

Mama Kafo has tears in her eyes as she speaks about the sufering of her people in Tonga after Cyclone Ian. 14011611


As of Monday 20th January our oice opens from 7:30am to 2:30pm daily for enrolments, stationery lists and general inquiries. ring liz or Simon on 23509 or email We look forward to welcoming students back to school on monday 27 January.

“Akara Ki Mua – Learning for Tomorrow” - together at Apii Te Uki Ou.

A tOnGAn woman living in the Cook Islands is single-handedly preparing and selling 500 plates of food today to raise money for Cyclone Ian victims in her home village. Kafo tuteru is originally from Holopeka, a village of 37 households and two churches in tonga’s northern Ha’apai Group, which was ripped apart by Ian last weekend. Mama Kafo has tears in her eyes as she speaks about the suffering her friends and family are going through right now. “It’s very, very bad. I’m in a lot of pain for them.” she said her family home is one of only two in Holopeka that still has a roof. “the winds lifted the sliding door and threw it on the veranda even though it was locked. At least it’s still standing with a roof because most houses, if they’re not lattened then there’s no roof.” Mama Kafo is holding a fundraising event today at her Puoromea store – known as Kafoteria – where she is selling plates of food for $5. she will start cooking at 6am and aims to serve up 500 plates of rukau, lamb chops, curried chicken, raw ish, maniota, kumara and cooked bananas. Her target for the fundraiser is $5000 and all proceeds will be shared out evenly in cash to the 37 households and two churches in Holopeka. Mama Kafo, who moved to

This weeks

the Cooks about 40 years ago, said she wants to extend a big ‘thank you’ in advance to everyone who comes in to buy a meal today. “I know this is the hardest time of year because people have just finished Christmas and have no money. I don’t want this to be a burden on anyone.” she said many kind people have been in contact offering

to help with her fundraising efforts but she has turned them away. “I am grateful for their offers but I wanted to do this myself because I feel good, it heals my pain. When I send the money, I’ll know I’ve worked hard to help them in their time of trouble.” Cyclone Ian was the most powerful storm to hit tonga in decades, killing one person and

leaving thousands homeless. More than half of the 1139 buildings affected by Ian have been destroyed and about a third of the rest have suffered major damage, according to the United nations. the Kafoterai is located next to nukutere College in tutakimoa, and plates of food will be on sale from 7am. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Mama Kafo is selling plates of delicious food for only $5 today at her store in Tutakimoa, to help raise money for Cyclone Ian victims in Tonga. 14011609

SpeCialS availaBle Till WedneSdaY 22 JanuarY

gOaT meaT 10kg

pOrk ChOpS

$85.00ctn or $9.00kg


SamOa COCOnuT Cream 400ml

mrS BallS ChuTneYS 470g




nZ COurgeTTeS

nZ red,YellOW & Orange CapSiCum



nZ pearS

SpeCia l!


neWin STOre !

CrumBed pOrk SChniTZel

CrumBedChiCken BreaST SChniTZel



SOuTh aFriCan SpiCe/herB mix

neWin STOre SmOOThYOghurT !

6x100g paCk


neW SeaSOn pOTaTOeS 20kg


Opening hOurS

mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-3pm Check us out on ST JOSeph rd, avarua. ph 22259.

availaBle inSTOre: nZ appleS, nZ mandarinS, nZ red grapeS & lOCal FruiTS


Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

FLiGhT FROM ARRiVES FridAy jAnuAry 17 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM NZ46/61 AKL 1.55PM SATUrdAy jANUAry 18




1.05AM 3.05PM

NZ60/47 NZ18 VT33


6.40AM 11.59PM 3.50PM


5.30AM 10.30PM 2.50PM

RARO TO ARR FridAy jAnuAry 17 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 0900 AITUTAKI 0950 0900 MANGAiA 0940 1330 MAUKE 1420

air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details DEP



0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1440 1710





1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1115 RARo 1200 1040 1530 1600 MiT 1650 1800

TiArE MOANA 19 - ETD AUCK 08/01, ETA rArO 19/01, ETA AiTUTAKi 21/01 LiLOA 21 - ETD AUCK 17/01, ETA rArO 31/01, ETA AiTUTAKi 03/02

Shipping TiArE MOANA 20 - ETD AUCK 28/01, ETA rArO 07/02, ETA AiTUTAKi 09/02

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands news








Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

tuesday’s answer Yesterday’s answer answer toThursday’s puzzle

answer toThursday’s puzzle

hÄgar the horrible

The phanTOm

Situation: A northeast wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and rain remains slow moving over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine. Moderate northeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: occasional rain, heavy at times and few thunderstorms. Rain easing tonight. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers.

Humidity SaT










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.



Rarotonga Friday, January 17, 2014

Forecast Map 2pm Friday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By lee Falk & Sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight


By dik Browne


High 10.50AM 0.88M 10.59PM 0.94M

0.8m SW

Low 4.41AM 0.33M 4.58PM 0.37M

1.3m Ne


SaT High 11.25AM 0.90M 11.34PM 0.94M



5.15AM 0.32M 5.32PM 0.36M


Sun, Moon & arapo

E 06kts New Moon Jan 30 11.39AM

First Quarter Feb 6 9.22AM

Full Moon Feb 14 1.53PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter Jan 23 7.19PM


ArApo - otu fri 17 TANu (Planting)





Sun Rise

Kake te moi. Kupenga i te aiai. Fish for moi. Net ish in evening.

6.12AM 6.12AM

Front Key:





1.3m e


Swell direction and size

Outer Islands Weather Outlook Friday, January 17, 2014 Sun Set


Moon Rise 7.52PM Moon Set 7.32AM Sun Rise

0.8m SW

TAuTAI (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night (from Akaoti Amiama).

Sun Set


Moon Rise 8.31PM Moon Set 8.22AM


27° E 06kts


27° E 06kts


27° E 06kts



27° E 06kts

28° NE 07kts


27° E 06kts


Friday, January 17, 2014 cook Islands News

Junior league academy




Junior elite sailors take on Auckland regatta tHe nAtIOn’s next crop of

national sailors head to Auckland this week to test their skills against their peers at the Auckland Regatta. A team of eight junior sailors along with coach and national sailing medallist Junior Charlie are in Auckland to compete in the regatta after months of hard training in Muri lagoon and on the open ocean. the sailors are set to compete in the optimists and open bic division at the regatta. Rising sailors Martin Obeda, tekuao Framhein, Helene John-

son, toutika Ioane, ngarangi Mapu, Otis Burrell, Makua nikoia and tyler davis have been sailing for over three years and their build up to the Auckland regatta was intense with daily training sessions taking them out into the open ocean. For some this will be their irst experience of big leet racing which is important and critical to be exposed to at this stage of their sailing careers to prepare them for more international competitions. their tour to Auckland comes right after the return of youth

sailors Vanic teina, Joshua Ioane and their coach taua elisa. the team, who were also joined by new Zealand based sailor teau McKenzie, competed at two regattas in Australia. the trio competed at the McCare and Blairgowrie regattas where the two young men grew their sailing abilities and conidence. the Australian regattas are

all part of the development and training teina and Ioane need as they eye up the Youth Olympic Games in nanjing, China later this year. their coach and accomplished national sailing medallist taua says the Australian tour for the two young sailors was very beneicial. “We now know our strengths and weaknesses so from now on

we know what to work on before the qualifying regatta in April at Brisbane,” says elisa. the team was also supported by teau McKenzie’s partner sam Capper who was on hand to help where he was needed during the two regattas. Capper bought the professional photos taken of the sailors during the regatta and has donated these to the family of

the three sailors, saying it was a privilege to be part of the Cook Islands youth sailing team. the youth sailing team and the elite junior sailing team would like to thank all their family and friends as well as the wider sailing community and general public for its continuous support of their sailing development. -Matariki Wilson

League masters to play at the Swamp tHe MAsteRs of rugby league

kicked off their season at the Takuvaine Happy Valley ield last Friday with one game played. the takuvaine Koura Vai and the Avatiu eels was the only game of the day, because the tupapa Panthers and the ngatangiia eagles appear to have extended their holiday break. For the Koura Vai, Minister of sport Mark Brown was in devastating form, carving up the eels’ defences and scoring two tries in the process. not to be outdone, the eels’ light-footed William taripo also found and exploited the weak

Koura Vai defences and was rewarded with a hat-trick of tries. Apart from cautioning a gold short player for over-vigorous play, referee Johnny Hosking controlled the game well. Jamieson, a retired AFL player from Australia, was named man of the match. Masters president Lucky Matapuku is reminding members of the annual general meeting on January 29, 2014. this Friday, host Avatiu eels will play tupapa Panthers at 4.45pm followed by Koura Vai and eagles. - Slow and Steady

Rising Rarotonga Sailing Club star Vanic Teina in serious competition mode during the youth sailing teams’ Australian tour last month. 14011621

experienced sailor Teau McKenzie is racing in her inal year as a youth sailor and is pictured here at last month’s two Australian regattas the team attended. 14011623

Aitutaki Sailing Club’s Joshua Ioane holds his own in the Australian waters during a two regatta tour down under last month. 14011620

Friday 17 January  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday 17 January  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Friday, January 17, 2014