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Te reo o te KUKI AIRANI

$2 Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pa Enua focus of major donor meeting Challenges faced by people in

the Pa enua will be high on the agenda when a group of major international donors visits the Cook Islands next month. The Cook Islands is heavily reliant on aid from overseas development partners, who ly in every year to see how their money is being spent. This year’s Development Partners meeting, which runs from February 10 to 14, will be held in Rarotonga and atiu. It will be the first time the meeting has been conducted outside of Rarotonga, even if only for one day. The Ministry of Finance is expecting to host government

representatives from China, new Zealand and australia, plus oficials from development agencies such as the United nations, european Union and asian Development Bank. On day one, at the Red Cross headquarters at Tupapa, the partners will be updated on progress being made with the national development plan and will discuss opportunities to increase the role of private action in development. The partners will then fly to atiu to focus on development from a Pa enua perspective, looking at residents’ struggle to earn a living, women’s economic empowerment and local govern-

ment issues. Other topics on the agenda will include small scale tourism, isheries, agriculture and craft. Outer Island governments will be presenting their perspectives on Cook Islands development and reinforcing the ‘island government’ as a new partner in local development. atiu’s Tengatangi-areorangatiarua member of parliament nandi glassie said travelling to the island will give partners a first-hand experience of the needs of the Pa enua. “It will help them see why we are asking for help,” he said. glassie said atiu, like many of the other outer islands, has great

potential to increase its tourism and agriculture industries but needs help to achieve that. Minister of Finance Mark Brown is inviting leaders and representatives from the Cook Islands, who are active in development, to attend the meeting. This year’s meeting theme is pirianga taokotai (inclusive partnerships). Participants will be flying back from atiu on the Thursday morning for talks organised by the Ministry of Foreign affairs. Most costs, such as accommodation and airfares, including donor delegates, are being covered by the organisation being represented.

Minister of Finance Mark Brown is hosting the international donor partners while they are in the Cook islands next month. 13120335 M F e M has a budget of $25,000 for oficial travel, communications, interpretation, venue hire and catering and this allocation will be spent locally.

The government will also cover the costs of southern group island mayors to attend the atiu meeting. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Pigeon pals! Cyclone Ian still acting ‘as expected’ CyClOne Ian is continuing to

move slowly away from Tonga towards Fiji but looks likely to come within 300km of the Cook Islands by this weekend. arona ngari, director of the Cook Islands Meteorological service, said the cyclone is behaving “pretty much as expected”. at 3pm yesterday, Ian was moving in a northwest direction from Tonga at a speed of 5 knots. ngari said the cyclone looks set to swing around and come back in a southeast direction once it intensiies. “If that happens, it will be about 300 to 500 km away from the Cooks by the weekend. That’s still quite far away.” he said wind speeds at the centre of the cyclone are 40

knots. “The winds are not particularly strong but are expected to increase once it starts moving towards the southeast.” a cloud band associated with the cyclone has been dumping much-needed rain across the southern group since the weekend. The rain is expected to cease in Rarotonga by this morning but will continue in the outer islands for a few days, ngari said. While winds from the storm will not affect the group, heavy sea surges should be anticipated. ngari urged people to stay on guard and be well-prepared, given the region is in the middle of the cyclone season. - Ben Chapman-Smith


Metrological observer Manea Maretapu has been keeping a keen eye on the weather and the progress of cyclone ian. 14010613

eight-year-old rising tennis star Taniera Toa took time out from a busy auckland tennis programme last month to make new friends with the pigeon residents at the auckland domain. Taniera was one of three local junior tennis stars that took part in the annual Christmas tournament in Auckland where the trio not only played brilliantly on court but also gained a world of conidence that was pleasing to their coach and family including Taniera’s grandpa Kevin Cook, who snapped this fun picture. Rising tennis stars grow in conidence, page 14

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News

worldneWs nuti no TeIa neI aO Burger beast a best seller It appears that a number of people in the Us are not sticking with their New Year’s resolution to eat healthier food. after a Kansas hamburger chain introduced a new 3000-calorie burger named “the Beast” on Christmas eve, customers have been snapping up the meaty monstrosities like hotcakes. “the Beast” – which features six 150 gram burger patties, 12 slices of cheese, mustard, ketchup, onions and pickles – costs Us$21.99. “sales keep building, we are just astonished,” the burger chain owner said. “We’ll keep serving it as long as customers keep ordering.”

Big freeze continues arctic air brings record cold to Us causing chaos for air travel neW yORK – a brutal blast of arctic air has settled over eastern north america, bringing dangerously low temperatures not seen in decades. about half of the Us population has been placed under a wind chill warning or cold weather advisory. The blast of bone-chilling cold has snarled air travel, closed schools and prompted calls for people to stay inside in the Us and Canada, as temperatures plunge to lows not seen in two decades.

world BRIeFs ICEBOUND SHIPS ON THE MOVE AT LAST ANTARcTIcA – The Russian research ship Akademik Shokalskiy and chinese icebreaker Xue Long have broken free from Antarctic ice where they had been stranded for several days. The Russian ship’s captain said a crack had appeared in the ice after a change in wind direction. The Akademik Shokalskiy got stuck on December 25. It has a Russian crew of 22. “We’re going slowly and zig-zagging, we’ve already moved more than 20 miles,” captain Igor Kiselyov of the Russian ship told Itar-Tass news agency. “It’s tough going so far, a lot of mist, visibility is no more than 500 metres,” he said. He conirmed that the Chinese ship was also moving and that Akademik Shokalskiy was just north of it.

COCAINE HIDDEN IN BOXES OF BANANAS GERMANY – Police in Berlin have found 140kg of cocaine hidden in banana boxes which were sent to a supermarket in an apparent mistake by traickers. Cocaine valued at US$8.2million was found in fruit sent to ive branches of the supermarket chain in and around the German capital, police said. The drugs are believed to have arrived by sea in Hamburg from colombia, from where they were shipped by lorry. Smugglers probably made a “logistical error”, a police spokesman said. It was Berlin’s biggest cocaine haul in years, police added. Workers uncovered the drugs while unpacking the boxes. Four years ago, workers at Spanish branches of another German budget supermarket chain found nearly 80kg of cocaine hidden in boxes of bananas imported from Ecuador.

‘STICKY BALLS’ MAY KILL CANCER CELLS USA – Cancer-killing “sticky balls” can destroy tumour cells in the blood and may prevent cancers spreading, early research suggests. The most dangerous and deadly stage of a tumour is when it spreads around the body. Scientists at cornell University, in the US, have designed nanoparticles that stay in the bloodstream and kill migrating cancer cells on contact. They said the impact was “dramatic” but there was “a lot more work to be done”. One of the biggest factors in life expectancy after being diagnosed with cancer is whether the tumour has spread to become a metastatic cancer. “About 90% of cancer deaths are related to metastases,” said lead researcher Prof Michael King.

SAFETY NOT ASSURED BEHIND BARS MEXIcO – The Mexican army has taken control of a prison in the south-west of the country after a gunight left nine people dead. Prosecutors said six gunmen entered the jail in Iguala, in Guerrero state, posing as public oicials delivering a prisoner. Once inside, they opened ire on a group of inmates, killing four of them. They then took aim at the guards on a security tower, but ive of the gang died when the guards returned ire. One of the gunmen and a guard were injured in the gunight. Local authorities said the dead inmates were serving time for drug traicking and kidnapping. The motive for the killings is not yet known, but rivalries between drug gangs have often been played out in prisons.

superlatives of cold-talk abounded on Tuesday, even in midwestern states used to chesthigh snow and bitter cold, as the national Weather service said the deep freeze was making its way east. It was so cold that even the polar bear at Chicago’s lincoln Park Zoo was kept indoors, Cnn reports. More than 4300 Us flights were cancelled on Monday and more than 6500 were delayed. as many as 16 deaths have been blamed on the frigid weather. a shift in a weather pattern known as the “polar vortex” triggered a drastic drop in temperatures to lows not seen in two decades. It coincided with wind chill warnings in much of the eastern Us. Comertown, Montana recorded the lowest wind chill value so far at minus 53 Celsius. That was significantly colder than the south Pole, which recorded a wind chill reading of minus 34 Celsius. even the typically temperate Deep south was feeling the chill with a hard freeze warning threatening crops and livestock. Chicago was among scores of towns and cities which told parents to keep their children at home rather than risk sending them out into winds so bitter that skin could freeze in a matter of minutes. Indianapolis mayor greg Ballard barred everyone except emergency workers from driving at the height of the storm and urged residents to stay indoors. But with thousands of people without power, home was not always the best option. Those who couldn’t stay with family or friends were urged to seek out community centres which were opened as temporary shelters. - PNC

a resident braves the cold to take a picture along the frozen shore of Lake Michigan as temperatures remain in the negative digits in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. AFP

First chemicals leave Syria laTaKIa – The first consign-

ment of syrian chemical weapons materials has left the country on a Danish ship. The vessel left the northern syrian port of latakia on Tuesday, escorted by Russian and Chinese warships. Removing the most dangerous chemicals is the irst step of a Un-backed deal to eliminate syria’s chemical arsenal.

a previous bid to collect the materials was aborted after syrian oficials failed to deliver the toxic chemicals to the collection point in latakia. The hazardous cargo is due to be taken to Italy, where it will be loaded onto a Us navy ship and shipped to international waters for destruction in a specially created titanium tank on board. The mission is being run

jointly by the U n and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The complete elimination of all chemical weapons material and equipment must be completed by June. The “most critical” chemicals include about 20 tonnes of the blister agent sulphur mustard. - BBC

Princess to appear in court MaDRID – a spanish judge has summoned the youngest daughter of King Juan Carlos to appear in court over accusations of fraud and money-laundering. The Infanta Cristina, 48, has been linked to the business affairs of her husband, Inaki Urdangarin, who is being investigated for alleged embezzlement. The princess is now a formal suspect and should appear in court on March 8. It is believed to be the first time a direct relative of the spanish king will appear in

court accused of wrongdoing. Palma de Mallorca court judge Jose Castro ordered the princess to appear for questioning about her partnership with Urdangarin in a firm called aizoon. last year, properties belonging to her husband were impounded after allegations that Urdangarin, the Duke of Palma, misused millions of euros in public funds given to a charitable foundation he ran. The duke denied wrongdoing and was not charged with any crime.

One of the properties impounded is a large luxury house on the outskirts of Barcelona belonging to the duke and the princess, who currently lives in the swiss city of geneva. The Infanta Cristina is the king’s middle child. she has an elder sister, Infanta elena, and a younger brother, Crown Prince Felipe, the heir apparent. Responding to Tuesday’s announcement, the royal household said it had “maximum respect for judicial decisions”. - BBC

'Behold the Lamb of God'

JAILED FOR SLAPPING CRYING BABY USA – A US man has been sentenced to eight months jail after slapping a crying toddler who was sitting next to him on a plane. Joe Rickey Hundley pleaded guilty to simple assault after hitting the 19-month-old as their plane descended into Atlanta on a light from Minneapolis on February 8, NY Daily News reports. The little boy was sitting on the lap of his mother Jessica Bennett at the time. Hundley leaned over and told Ms Bennett to “shut that nigger baby up,” an FBI agent who investigated the incident said in a sworn statement. When the mother asked Hundley what he had said, he leaned over and repeated the racial slur before slapping the toddler and leaving a scratch. Magistrate Judge Alan Baverman said he imposed the high sentence partly because Hundley has a prior criminal history that included assault.

Today’s Daily Bread each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for god loves a cheerful giver.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: 1 Chronicles 29:1-14

Text: Matthew 7:26 9:7 Text: 2 Corinthians

always ready for a photo-opportunity, Pope Francis has a lamb placed on his shoulders as he visits the parish of the saint alfonso Maria de Liguori during the Catholic Church’s epiphany day in rome this week. AFP


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News

worldneWs nuti no TeIa neI aO Thousands flee erupting volcano KaRO – Indonesia’s Mount

sinabung has authorities on the island nation preparing for the ‘worst case scenario’ after the volcano erupted 77 times over the weekend, including one particularly violent eruption of ash, gas and lava that sent residents leeing down the mountainside on sunday morning. Mount sinabung – a 2500 metre-tall volcano located near the northern end of Indonesia’s island of sumatra – has erupted several times over the past several months, after waking up from a three-year slumber in mid-september. The volcano’s activity has been increasing since then, forcing the government to issue stronger alerts and expand the evacuation area several times. The latest eruptions over the past weekend blasted ash up to around 4500 metres into the sky, producing pyroclastic flows that reached up to five kilometres down the volcano’s southeast slope. The evacuation zone was extended up to seven kilometres down the southeast slope, due to the increased activity in the region. after the latest round of evacuations, more than 20,000 people have been forced from their north sumatran homes and are currently being housed in evacuation centres. - PNC

sinabung volcano erupted 77 times over the past few days forcing further evacuations with more than 20,000 people now displaced. AFP

anKaRa – The Turkish government has ired 350 police oficers in ankara, the latest twist in a vast corruption scandal that has ensnared key allies of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip erdogan. The oficers were sacked by a government decree published at midnight and included chiefs of the inancial crimes, anti-smuggling, cyber crime and organised crime units. The move comes as the government is trying to contain the massive political fallout from the graft probe that has become the biggest threat to erdogan’s 11-year rule ahead of local elections in March. The turmoil has added to pressures on the already volatile economy, with the national currency plunging to all-time lows as investors become spooked. erdogan has branded the investigation a “dirty” plot to try to topple his government, blaming supporters of a powerful exiled Muslim cleric who wields considerable inluence in the judiciary. Dozens of leading businessmen and political igures – including the sons of three ministers – were rounded up in a massive sweep in ankara and Istanbul in December.

Beauty Queen shot dead during highway robbery CaRaCas – Venezuelan beauty queen and actress Monica spear was murdered during an attempted highway robbery on Monday. after the TV star’s car broke down in the Puerto CabelloValencia highway in Caracas, Venezuela, delinquents shot and killed spear, 29, and her ex-husband, henry Thomas Berry, 49. The former couple’s daughter, Maya, 5, was shot in the leg and she survived. The trio got into a small accident that stranded their rented gray Toyota Corolla, police said. armed men approached the vehicle and the family locked themselves inside. The assailants then opened ire. spear, who lived in Miami, had been documenting their trip via Instagram prior to being murdered. Venezuela had more than 24,000 homicides in 2013 – the Us Department of state rates the criminal threat level in the nation’s capital, Caracas, as “critical.” In the most recent crime and safety report, it states that the city “is notorious for the brazenness of high-proile violent crimes – murder, robbery, and kidnappings – committed in neighborhoods across the city, at all hours of the day and night.” The late pageant queen won the title of Miss Venezuela in 2004 and participated in Miss Universe 2005 in Thailand. she went on to appear in a number of Venezuelan soap operas before breaking into the Us market in 2011. - E News

Turkish police oficers sacked

Former Miss Venezuela Monica spear, aged 29, has been murdered while on holiday in Caracas. AFP

The once-unassailable Turkish strongman responded by sacking hundreds of police oficials, including the powerful Istanbul police chief. erdogan’s critics accuse him of desperately trying to protect his cronies, and the appointment of selami altinok, a little-known governor with no background in police work, as Istanbul’s new police chief was further seen as an attempt to shut down the investigation. With the latest round of dismissals, the total number of police oficers removed from their posts has risen to 560 in ankara alone. Prominent prosecutor Muammer akkas was also barred last month from expanding the investigation – which could also reportedly target erdogan’s son Bilal – over allegations he leaked information to the media. The corruption crisis erupted on December 17 when police arrested dozens of people including sons of former ministers and the chief executive of Turkey’s state-run halkbank. They are suspected of numerous offences including bribery for construction projects and illicit money transfers to sanctions-hit Iran. - AFP


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News

regionalneWs nuti no Te Pa enUa

O’Neill rejects arrest orders pNG prime minister calls inquiry into manipulation of police force PORT MOResBy – Papua new

guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’neill says he has taken out a stay order from the Committal Court against a warrant issued for his arrest. O’neill also announced that a

task force will be set up by Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga to investigate the apparent collaboration between the opposition leader Belden namah and some “rogue” policemen to obtain a warrant of arrest and a court or-

paciic BRIEFS CHARITY DEFENDS BUYING NEw VEHICLES SOLOMON ISLANDS – Solomon Islands World Vision is defending its use and purchase of new vehicles after last year’s tsunami in Temotu province. This week Temotu’s provincial premier said there was a lot of suspicion around how the charity spent money following the fatal disaster last February, which left thousands homeless. charles Brown Beu says local people could not understand why the charity needed to bring in new trucks and boats. But World Vision Solomon Islands’ operations co-ordinator, Lawrence Hillary, says before the tsunami the organisation was already doing a lot of work in the province. “They shouldn’t be mixed up with our response engagement.” Hillary says World Vision wants to reassure the people of Temotu province, particularly in the Reef Islands and Santa cruz, that it will continue to work with them.

FRONT IMPATIENT TO KNOw THE RULES FIJI – The Fiji opposition political grouping, the United Front for a Democratic Fiji, is calling for the regime to release its electoral legislation so political parties know where they stand. One of the group’s leaders, Mick Beddoes, says the Electoral Act will reveal what he calls the rules of engagement for the upcoming elections. “Right now, we are just sort of waiting on the Electoral Act and of course the Electoral Act will tell us how the elections are being planned to be run and that’s what we are keen to understand.”Beddoes is also questioning how the constitutional Oices Commission, which will recommend the members of the Electoral commission, can include a leader of the opposition as there is no current parliament.

PROGRESS wITH REFUGEE APPLICATIONS NAURU – The Nauru government says good progress has been made in working through a backlog of refugee applications for more than 800 asylum seekers in detention on the island. According to The Australian, a government document released last week says the Nauru Refugee Status Determination Oice has interviewed about 600 asylum seekers. The news follows scathing reports by Amnesty International and the United Nations agency, the UNHCR, of the slow rate in processing protection claims on Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island, where another 1229 asylum seekers are being held. It is understood refugee authorities on Nauru have only handed down one ruling since the processing centre was reopened in 2012 by then prime minister Julia Gillard.

ISLANDERS DEFY SEA CUCUMBER BAN AMERIcAN SAMOA – American Samoa’s Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources has warned residents against collecting sea cucumbers after reports that people are still ishing the banned sea delicacy. It’s been nearly a month since the governor issued a moratorium on ishing of sea cucumber. The department’s director, Dr Ruth Matagi, says enforcement oicers will be issuing citations on those caught violating the ban. Sea cucumber is popular in Asian restaurants. American Samoa banned the removal of sea cucumbers in December after isheries oicials reported reefs being stripped bare of the species.

PM ASKS HIS FINANCE MINISTER TO RESIGN TONGA – The Tonga Prime Minister has written to Minister of Finance and National Planning Lisiate ‘Akolo asking him to resign. According to the Tonga Broadcasting corporation, the decision is based on Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano’s disappointment in ‘Akolo’s performance and how he has carried out his duties. The matter also relates to cabinet’s approval last month of a ive per cent increase in the cost of Living Allowance, or cOLA, for civil servants. In the prime minister’s letter, he says it was clear during a meeting on December 20 that the inance minister did not warm or seem to agree to the cabinet’s decision.

SECRET MEETING TO ARRANGE SETTLEMENT SOLOMON ISLANDS – The Solomon Islands attorney general, Billy Titiulu is reported to have travelled to Australia to meet his predecessor, Fiji-born Australian lawyer, Julian Moti who was Solomon Islands attorney general between 2006 and 2007. Titiulu’s trip has been described as top secret, but it is understood the two lawyers will discuss a settlement for Moti for his wrongful deportation to Australia by the then Solomon Islands government towards the end of 2007. The trip is understood to go in line with an announcement by the current prime minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo that Solomon Islands will pay Moti this year for the wrongful deportation and the premature termination of his employment contract – a settlement believed to be millions of Solomon Islands dollars.

der outside of the normal lawful processes. arrest warrants have been issued for Prime Minister O’neill, Treasurer Don Polye and Finance Minister James Marape. The warrants were sought last november by an investigator with the national Fraud and anti-Corruption Directorate. They were issued after an investigation into government payments of millions of dollars to a Port Moresby legal irm. Papua new guinea’s multiagency anti-corruption unit, the Investigation Task Force sweep, charged one of the nation’s largest law irms in October with offences including conspiracy to defraud, stealing by false pretence and money laundering. O’neill says the Investigation Task Force sweep is conducting a full investigation into the payments to the law irm. he says the national Fraud and anti-Corruption Directorate is not conducting the investigation. “They are not the investigating officers of these files,” O’neill said at press conference on Tuesday afternoon. “That responsibility lies with the task force.” He alleges rogue police oficers within the police force are being directed by opposition leader Belden namah to conduct a Kangaroo Court in breach of proper processes. O’neill has directed the po-

high drama is being played out in Papua new Guinea with the opposition leader Belden namah (left) issuing arrest warrants for Prime Minister Peter O’neill (right) and cabinet colleagues. AFP lice commissioner to start investigations into how due processes have been sidestepped. “I have also instructed the police commissioner to investigate all parties including Belden namah for his role, the way he goes about inducing and contacting police men and women to try and meet his political agenda,” he said. But a determined namah has warned Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga he will face contempt of court charges unless

he executes the warrants against the prime minister and two of his ministers. “I have given them the ultimatum to do so within 72 hours,” he said. “Failure to do so, I have instructed my lawyers to institute contempt of court proceedings against them because this is the high proile corruption case in Papua new guinea.” O’neill says namah should stop trying to involve police in politics.

“Belden namah needs to be a bit more responsible, he is an alternative prime minister of this country,” he said. “This is another attempt to try and stage a coup to try and overthrow a legitimate government.” O’neill stated that no one is above the law – but any charges or arrests must be done according to rule of law and that all investigations must be conducted independently without political interference. - AFP

Market goes on despite rain aPIa – The need to put food on

the table has drawn farmers and vendors back to unsafe conditions at the market in apia, samoa, which is still in chaos from last weekend’s looding. For many of farmers, money from the Fugalei market is their only source of income, the samoa Observer reports. For this reason, they are happy to put up with the foul odours, unhygienic conditions as well as the continuing wet weather so they can make a tala or two. Despite warnings issued by the Disaster Management Ofice about what to do in the aftermath of loods – including staying away from such areas –farmers were setting up their stalls as soon as the waters receded. Olo sio, a mother of six children from Tuana’i, said she knew it was not safe at the market. “But we need the money,” she said. “It is very unhealthy with the smell around town after the looding, especially at this time of the year. “However, when it was looded here, all I could think about was that I couldn’t wait for it to be over so that I could come and sell my produce again. “This is the only way we get money to look after my family and my six children.” sio admitted that it is difficult but she has no choice. “all my children are still young and they still go to school,” she said.

samoan farmers put up with dire conditions to bring produce to apia’s market in the rain. SA “nobody else except for me and my husband can provide for my our family so the stuff we are selling here is our bread and butter. “even though it’s not safe and it’s very unhealthy, as parents we will do anything and everything to make sure that we have food on the table for our children. “not only food, but we have to make sure that our children are able to go to school. That is why I don’t mind sitting out here all day to sell produce.” a father of five from savai’i said he too knew that it was unsafe at the markets. asi Faumui from sapapali’i said he travels to Upolu to sell his produce to look after his family on savai’i. “I sell my produce to look after my family because it is my job to provide for my family,” he said. “I want to be a good role mod-

el to my five children. I want them to see that I work hard to make sure they don’t lack food.” asi caught the ferry from savai’i to Upoluy. “I will stay here until the weekend then I will go to spend the weekend with my family.” he said he prefers to travel to apia to sell his produce because he makes better money here compared to salelologa on savai’i. “I know it’s not safe and it’s very unhealthy as well especially after the looding,” he said. “But like I said, I have to be a good father to my children and a good provider for my family. “This is what I have to do to be able to put my children through school and put food on the table.” Fololina Pale sagato from Tafagamanu lefaga said selling produce was the only way she could provide for her family. “I have nowhere else to go to

provide for my family,” she said. “I have two children, one has already been married and the other one just graduated last year from college. she said although her eldest was working, her wage did not cover all their family’s inancial obligations. “With family and church commitments,” she said. “life is very expensive nowadays, so I have to come and sell my produce to be able to help my family.” she too knew the conditions after the floods were not ideal for fresh produce. “It’s very unhealthy and it’s not a safe environment but what else can I do?” she said. “I can’t just sit around and see my family struggling financially so I have to do something. “My husband spent the whole day at the plantation and I have to come here and sell our produce.” - Samoa Observer


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News

regionalneWs nuti no Te Pa enUa

Still missing after crash into hole aPIa – The search for a man and

his wife, who have been missing since Thursday last week after the vehicle they were travelling in was driven into a gaping hole in the road, continues in samoa. assistant Police Commissioner and police spokesperson, Fauono Talalelei Tapu, said the focus of the search has turned to a water channel running from Ti’avea-uta to Uafato Fagaloa. This follows several days of an unsuccessful search and rescue attempt involving the police, the Fire and emergency serv-

ices authority as well as villagers from Tiavea and Mutiatele. “at this stage, it is a remote possibility,” Fauono said about the new focus of the search in the Fagaloa vicinity. Fauono said the “waterway was used in the past by the people of Ti’avea to travel through to the ocean faster” and they suspect that the couple might have been swept through there during the lood. The assistant commissioner declined to speculate on whether the couple could be still alive

after several days out in such rough conditions. he said that murky water was still the biggest challenge. Fauono said the police are extremely thankful to the villagers of Ti’avea and Mutiatele who have been with the search and rescue team from the start. It would probably take another week or two before police can declare an end to the search. Meanwhile, Fire and emergency services authority Commander of Operations aleaga Fuaiva said divers have already

The crumpled remains of the minivan which crashed into a swollen river through a collapsed culvert lies on the side of the ravine where the search continues for two missing passengers. SAMOA OBSERVER

Rowing across Paciic

BRIsTOl – a female rower from england is taking part in the first-ever great Pacific Race to help document plastic pollution in the Paciic Ocean. elsa hammond is taking on the tough personal challenge of rowing single-handed from California to hawai’i in just three months. a 28-year-old english literature PhD student from Bristol University in the UK, hammond expects to row 3800 kilometres from Monterey Bay to hawai’i in a specially-equipped boat. her boat will be one of 19 boats taking part but only ive will be solo boats and, of those, only two will be rowed by women. hammond said she has been training hard for the race, which starts in early June, although she is yet to pick up her actual custom-made boat. “I’m doing gym sessions, weight sessions, trying to build up some bulk and some muscle,

swimming, rowing on the rowing machine, some running,” she said. During the race, hammond will be relying on just water and packaged food to fuel her body. “Water will be from a desalinator so it converts sea water into drinking water. It’s not supposed to be very, very delicious but it does help,” she said, adding that she will have freshwater on standby in case the desalinator does not work. “In terms of food, I’ll be eating mainly freeze dried rations where I will rehydrate it with hot water. “Mainly because they are light and you can get quite a lot of calories in one session. “and I will supplement that with chocolates and dried food and nuts and proteins as well.” hammond says the biggest danger while being out at sea is coming in the path of large ships which may not spot a small boat like hers. she also says she has a fear of

sharks and deep sea creatures. To ensure her safety, hammond will have an emergency distress vehicle on standby. During the three-month race, sleep deprivation is something she has to get used to as she will be sleeping in short bursts of three to four hours. “One end of the rowing boat is a small 7-foot (2.1 metres) cabin, it’s a like small one-man tent, I can lie down and sleep in that, I’ve got my sleeping bag there,” hammond said. “I will sleep in shorter bursts and I’ll be checking relatively frequently to check everything is as it should be.” For hammond, this extreme adventure is inspired by the plastic pollution that exists in the world’s oceans. “I’m skirting around the southern edge of the great Paciic garbage patch which is a notorious example of plastic pollution,” adding that she expects to see evidence of such pollution during her race. - ABC

Elsa Hammond, a student from England, is planning to row around the Paciic in just three months.

attempted searches in two waterfalls near the area where the couple were washed away. “The divers were not able to identify anything in the waters because it’s too dirty for them to see anything.” another possibility is that the couple might have been washed into a cave underneath the waterfalls, he said. “Unless we have a whole week of sunshine, this search is likely to go on for some time.” last week, acting Police Com-

missioner Misa Talaimanu Keti identiied the missing couple as Peteru Kolese, 61, and laveatala Peteru, 65. The two people killed immediately when the car crashed were identified as three-yearold lueli Brandon Iakopo Peteru and 37-year-old Kilii Tulia. The survivors of the crash, according to the Police were Iakopo Paiaaua Peteru, 33, his brother Misi Peteru, 22, and a female relative, Fualaau atina, 29. according to the police, the

van which was being driven by Iakopo Peteru was on its way back from the Faleolo airport. Iakopo is the father of lueli. The missing man is the father of Iakopo Peteru. The family had gone to pick up Misi Peteru who had just returned from a church mission overseas. Iakopo Peteru was discharged from hospital last week. his younger brother Misi is still in hospital with atina. - Samoa Observer

Samoa is very wet aPIa – The looding around Samoa’s capital apia and in some of the villages on the outskirts of town is not receding. adding to the problem is the fact that the rain has not let up since last Thursday. heavy rain continued yesterday afternoon. One Malie homeowner, who did not want to be named, said looding is not unusual in their village. “It’s always like this especially in front of those familie’s houses,” he said. “It’s because of the river at the back. “The river overflows when heavy rain occurs and then it lows to the front here because

the ground is a bit lower.” The villager said last year’s looding was worse. “some houses the water got inside because it was constantly raining for almost a week, but this year the water was nice enough to not reach inside some houses. “luckily it is only rain and no wind. “If it came with the wind, that would do more harm. “Thankfully nobody is hurt around our village, there’s just the looding.” The resident, however, is grateful. “It’s better to have water than

no water,” he said. “We are in the wet season so we just make sure that we put all the important things in higher places and just thank god for the rain instead of complaining.” The fact that water supply from the samoa Water authority has remained uninterrupted throughout is an added bonus. “yes, the water is running just ine, I guess it’s because due to heavy rain all the reservoirs have been illed and the water has been running just ine.” The Samoa Met Ofice is predicting more rain over the coming days. - Samoa Observer


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News

Water treatment options to be discussed DeCIDIng how water will be

treated as part of a $64 million water project will be a key part of upcoming public consultations, said a government oficial. Research has shown the majority of Cook Islanders would prefer that drinking water be treated with ultraviolet (UV) light. however, the proposed plan by global engineering irm AECOM for Te Mato Vai – which will see major changes to Rarotonga’s water system, aiming to deliver potable water to all households – recommends a ive-part water treatment strategy that includes disinfection with chlorine at a ‘minimum’ level. Peter Tierney, who manages aid for the Ministry of Finance and economic Management (MFeM), said his understanding is that chlorine treatment is being recommended because of concerns about the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms in the water system. “They’re talking about very low levels of chlorine, to kill the bacteria in the water that’s a public health issue. “something they have talked about is periodically flushing the system with chlorine.” he added that the final decision will depend on the upcoming consultations – which will begin on January 13 when

project oficials, led by Deputy Prime Minister and infrastructure minister Teariki heather, meet with traditional leaders. Further consultations with landowners, politicians, and the general public are to follow. “The decision needs to be made by the general public – we have to decide what level of guarantee we want (against bacteria growing to unsafe levels),” said Tierney. at a rainwater harvesting workshop in november last year, Tierney said that it was likely UV treatment would be used. This was due to research carried out by the asian Development Bank (aDB) in 2009 that suggested most Cook Islanders prefer UV treatment over chlorine. Based on the previous research, where they (aDB) went around and asked people what kind of treatment they wanted and based on their answers, it’s assumed it would be UV,” he said at the time. The aDB’s research found 44 per cent of those surveyed were opposed to chlorine treatment and 17 per cent accepted it but preferred another form of disinfectant. Tierney said at the time that most Cook Islanders probably associate chlorine with bad tasting water. In response to reports

Overhauling rarotonga’s water system will be the subject of upcoming public consultations on Te Mato Vai – including discussions on how the water should be treated. Pictured is Tupapa MP George Maggie at the village’s water illing station in July. 13071209 that chlorine treatment was being recommended by aeCOM, a smoke signaller in CInews on January 7 said such treatment is “dinosaur technology”, adding “If (tourists) are served a glass

of water that tastes like a swimming pool, where’s the uniqueness in that?” however, Tierney also said in november that if UV treatment is used, that water would need

to be consumed within 48 hours of treatment because while the treatment kills bugs, the longer it is stored the more chance there is of bacteria returning. For that reason, people would

be “stupid” to store the treated water in an untreated environment like a water tank, Tierney said at the time. - Briar Douglas

Fraud trail leads to Cook Islands a PRIVaTe investigator from

new Zealand is in the Cook Islands trying to locate millions of dollars allegedly defrauded from a Us company. Mike gillam, who works for Auckland-based irm Thompson and Toresen, said he is here on behalf of an american investigation company, which is

representing the client. The victim had been doing business with a german company when it was defrauded “to the tune of millions of dollars”, gillam said. That stolen money appears to be hidden in a Cook Islands trust company, he said. “enquiries thus far show

that that (german) company is hosted by a trust company in the Cook Islands. Our research suggests it’s going to be incredibly dificult to reveal the beneiciaries of that trust.” gillam said he is here to gain a better understanding of the local trust industry and the laws surrounding it, before

digging deeper. “The aim was to come up and put the feelers out to see what the process is going to be from here. It’s all pretty blocked by bureaucracy and certainly doesn’t favour our client.” The defrauded company believes it will be “almost impossible” to recover the funds,

he said. “ We’re expecting to be laughed at by most people we’re speaking to, such as trust company administrators. The law currently favours these trusts.” The nation’s offshore inancial sector was recently in the international spotlight after being described as “a paradise of untouchable assets”. In an article, new york Times journalist leslie Wayne described the Cooks as “a global pioneer in offshore assetprotection trusts, with laws devised to protect foreigners’ assets from legal claims in their home countries”.

Wayne claimed local courts disregard foreign court orders, making it easier to keep assets from creditors, or anyone else. “The Cook Islands offer a different form of secrecy. The long arm of United states law does not reach there,” she said. In June, Kiwi investigative journalist nicky hager visited the Cook Islands to pursue his own inquiries into tax haven activities. he gave a controversial address on why the Cook Islands should stop being a tax haven, which ruffled feathers in the offshore inance industry. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Private investigator Mike Gillam is acting on behalf of a us company. 14010721

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News



Minister Bishop attends irst 2014 Cabinet meet PRelIMInaRy discussions for

the Cook Islands 50th anniversary of self-governance celebrations were among the topics of discussion at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting – the irst meeting for 2014. The meeting was attended by Minister Teina Bishop, who had announced last month that he was removing himself from Cabinet and relinquishing his responsibilities as minister for education and tourism, pending the results of an investigation into his conduct. he said the ongoing investigation is impeding

progress in his career, and based on the Cook Islands constitution, Puna should have him removed from Cabinet. Bishop met with Prime Minister henry Puna on January 3, to discuss a letter in which Bishop specified he would not be attending future Cabinet meetings. according to a release from the Office of the Prime Minister, Puna asked him to reconsider. In a brief subsequent press release, Puna’s advisor Trevor Pitt said that Bishop remains a key senior member of the Cabi-

net team. During the first Cabinet meeting of 2014, Puna, with the full attendance of all Cabinet ministers, covered a range of topics with a mix of minor papers and informal discussions. as well as preliminary discussions for the country’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2015, Cabinet also discussed preparatory work required for events coming up this year. according to the release Puna says the team is conident that should any issue arise, which may present conflict with the



Tuesday,Thursday & saturday from 7thJan–21stJanuary Join us poolside from 6.30pm ph: 23000 to book All Cocktails $10 during his performance at Muri Beach Club hotel

Minister Teina Bishop. 13123022 on-going investigation, those issues will be managed appro- MW priately.

Mangaia ill-prepared for festive season MangaIa residents missed an opportunity to make money from visitors to their island this festive season, says a local leader. Tangi Matapo, Member of Parliament and member of the island council, said Mangaia’s population grew considerably over the Christmas and new year period but locals were illprepared. “a lot of our own people came back for reunions and unveilings, which means it was a time for families to congregate on the island.” she said locals should have been busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas, making crafts like the famous ei pupu to sell at the market. “I think our people haven’t been prepared with their craft work and having anything to sell during this time. We can’t talk about agriculture because of the drought but when it comes to craft work, there wasn’t much in the market for people to buy.” an example of a product that should be more available at the

markets is coconut oil, the Tamarua MP said. “That’s another popular thing among visitors because they use it for mosquito bites.” Matapo said residents – particularly the women - need to

think harder about the economic opportunities available to them. “I think this is something we need to look into. It comes back to women because it’s mainly women who provide

One popular craft item prepared in Mangaia is the famous pupu shell head ei. Local nanny Kaiou shows one of while wearing another made of cotton. 14010706

Bad weather sends Raro light to Tahiti BaD WeaTheR stopped an air New Zealand light from landing in Rarotonga yesterday. Flight nZ746 was due to touch down in the Cooks at 2.10pm, but was left circling the island before abandoning plans to land. David Bridge, manager of air new Zealand in the Cook Islands, said yesterday afternoon that the light was currently in Tahiti, but was due to make a second attempt to land in Rarotonga last night. “nZ746 was unable to land in Rarotonga due to prevailing weather conditions which had deteriorated at the time. The flight held for a while, but has now diverted to Tahiti to uplift fuel.” he said the airbus a320 was due to return at 7.15pm, five hours later than its original touch-down time. a cloud band associated with

these services.” She hopes locals will ind new ways of making money, not just for next Christmas but throughout the year. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Cyclone Ian, which is slowly moving away from Tonga towards Fiji, is the cause of rain that has been drenching the thirsty southern group this week

after months of low rainfall. The cyclone is not expected to reach the Cook Islands, though heavy sea surges are expected as a result of the storm. - BD

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lIVE TO ENJOY ThE MOMENT Don’t Drink and Drive. Designate a sober driver air new Zealand general manager david Bridge. 13052101


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News

Waste collectors to be trained up on recycling a TenDeR for waste collec-

tion and disposal will see new contractors trained in sorting recyclables from landill waste. The tender – which is under the wing of the Water Waste and sanitation (WaTsan) unit of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning – is for the collection of solid waste, or refuse, and recyclables from residential properties in Rarotonga, and the transportation of these to the Rarotonga Waste Facility in arorangi. WaTsan project co-ordinator Jaime short said part of

the new contract will see those collecting the waste trained to identify what can be recycled and what should go to landill. Though households will still need to do the sorting of the rubbish themselves, short said the training will help ensure people’s sorting efforts don’t go to waste. “Within this contract, the staff themselves are going to be doing a short induction workshop to give them the knowledge about recycling,” said short, who added this will help address complaints WaTsan

has received in the past from people who have correctly sorted their recyclables but ind it gets thrown in with the general rubbish. she said WaTsan is trying to address the problem of waste going to landfill that could be recycled, composted or fed to animals, or otherwise used.

“We’re really hoping to improve the (level of) recyclables going into the landfill,” said short, who took part in a waste audit in 2012 that found more than 60 per cent of all waste going to the landfill could be diverted elsewhere. The refuse and recycling collection contract is currently held

by T&M heather, but is due to expire this month. “It hasn’t been tendered in a number of years,” said short. The new contract will last ive years, with potential for more than one company to take up different parts of the contract. short said a company might have particularly good ideas

about how to deal with recycling, and so just focus on that while another company takes care of waste going to landill. Currently both recycling and landfill waste is dealt with by T&M heather, which has separate trucks for landfill waste and recycling that travel around the island together. - BD


Tuerei o Arera Taramai Tetonga (NEE KOKAUA-hIROVANAA) MBE, qCM (Nz) 4 June 1935 – 6 January 2014 e the children and family regret to advise the sudden passing of our beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunty, sister and Mama Demo to everyone that knew her. she left us peacefully on the morning of 6th January 2014 at home in Matavera. her body will be brought home on Wednesday afternoon. A family service will follow at 7pm. The pure ngutuare will be on Thursday morning 9am, followed by the church service at the Matavera Christian Church at 10am. she will be laid to rest next to her late husband Ngati Kereteke Utuariki Taramai Tetonga at her home. Mama Tu is survived by 7 children, 18 grand and 11 great grant children. she will be greatly missed by all. 2 Timothy, Chapter 4, verse 7 I have fought the good ight, I have inished the race, I have kept the faith.


WATSAN and MOIP staf go through the smelly job of sorting out household rubbish in 2012, to gather data on exactly how much households are recycling. 14010617

Waste audit co-ordinator Jamie Short gloves up in 2012 to sort through rarotonga’s rubbish. 14010618

a waste management facility worker removes a bale of crushed rubbish from the facilities new waste compactor in 2012. 14010722

Rethink yo u r drink!

c u t th e s u g a r

Former MOIP secretary Donye Numa, former New Zealand High Commissioner John Carter and MOiP minister Teariki heather in 2012, pictured in front of the waste compact machine at the waste management facility in arorangi. 14010724


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News

New faces at CI tertiary institute TWO FResh faces are set to lead the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI) into the new year. The institute was launched in June, bringing the Cook Islands Trades Training Centre and the hospitality and Tourism Training Centre under the same body. Two new heads of school have been brought on board ahead of the launch of a new prospectus, due out this week. heading the hospitality branch of the institute is Taa Pera, who has 25 years of experience in the industry. Beginning her career in the Cook Islands, Pera also spent time working in hospitality overseas before returning to work in Rarotonga. “I always wanted to teach hospitality,” she said, adding that she tutored the subject in 2013 as the lead tutor overseeing work at the institute’s graduaterun Kai Reka restaurant.

having had a few months to settle into the role, Pera says she is enjoying the challenge of drawing on her experience in hospitality, human resources and management. “It’s different from hotel work – very different… I love teaching, I love sharing my knowledge and sharing my 25 years of experience – and I love seeing the results.” new head of the institute’s trade school alister anderson is new to the island, having recently moved to Rarotonga from new Zealand. hailing from geraldine, south of Christchurch, it’s the civil engineer’s irst time in the Cook Islands. anderson most recently worked as programme leader at engineering course provider the new Zealand Institute of highway Technology, but has also worked as a civil engineer, a contract engineer and has 10 years of experience teaching at

secondary school level. “I love education and I have the problem solving skills of an engineer,” he said of his new role. “Teaching for me is all about relationships – you have

to build … not so much friendships, but a teaching relationship with your students.” anderson also has an interest in internet communication, which director of the institute

Owen lewis said will be “useful for our outer island delivery.” anderson said possible uses for high-speed internet could be to allow outer islands students to join classes in Rarotonga in a

virtual way, or having them access recorded lessons. “The technology is changing so fast, and I enjoy pushing the boundaries of that.” - Briar Douglas

CiTTi director Owen Lewis (centre) with the institute’s two heads of school – hospitality’s Taa Pera and head of the trade school alister anderson. 14010703

Nursing school soon to open its doors a DIPlOMa in nursing is one of

the new courses on offer at the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute. The three-year course will be taught at the Cook Islands nursing school – due to open in February at Rarotonga hospital – and will be accredited via CITTI. CITTI director Owen lewis said the institute is an obvious partner for the new nursing school. “The government’s got a tertiary training institute to run the programme through, so it makes sense to do it that way.” however, the course differs from the majority of those on offer by the institute in that the fees of successful applicants

will be funded by the Ministry of health. applications for the first intake of the diploma are due to close on Friday. “The nursing curriculum covers theory and practical skills, the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills required to meet the competencies required by the Cook Islands nursing Council (CInC) to practise and register as a nurse in the Cook Islands,” said chief nursing oficer Ngakiri Teaea with the Ministry of health. The re-opening of the school, which has been closed since 2008 due to gaps in the curriculum, was deferred from October to allow more time to recruit a principal and lecturer.

Teaea said nursing is a rewarding and challenging career pathway, with lots of opportunities available to registered nurses to specialise in their area of choice with further study. she said being a good nurse has a lot to do with being good with people – those with good communication skills, a good sense of humour and compassion for others will be best suited for the job, she said. Teaea has been working with auckland University of Technology (aUT) nursing lecturer Mary MacManus to develop the new curriculum for the nursing school. students will leave the threeyear course with a diploma in

nursing and will follow a curriculum quite different from that of the previous nursing school, with Teaea saying the intention is to look at extending the course to a bachelor qualiication. Funding for the school has been received from the World health Organisation, the nZ aid Programme, the Cook Islands government and also donation of equipment from the Counties Manukau District health Board. The 12 students who are accepted into the first intake of the programme will have their studies fully funded and be paid a basic salary. The only fee is a small amount paid to sit the inal exams. The need for a local nursing

school has been building since the school closed in 2008. “We’re short of staff, so that’s why there’s an urgent need for more nurses,” said Teaea, who said they have been hiring contract workers from Fiji to make up numbers. as the course will include practical work, the students will increasingly be able to help out at the hospital as they progress. In the third year, they will also visit the outer islands as part of the practical component of their studies. entry requirements for the programme are nCea level 2 minimum of 42 credits, which include english minimum 14

Nursing staf shortages will be alleviated once the Cook Island’s nursing school opens, says the health ministry’s acting secretary. 10092311




Toluene,Ammonia,Methane, Acetic Acid, Butane hexamine,Methane,Arsenic, stearic Acid, paint, .....

credits, science minimum 14 credits, and mathematics minimum 14 numeracy credits at level 1 or higher. applicants must also be a minimum age of 17, have attributes suitable to enter nursing and suitable physical and mental health to perform as a nurse, along with effective communication skills. The call for applications closes on January 10, 2014. If you meet the entry requirements and have a passion about making a change and serving the people of the Cook Islands, send your application to hR manager, Ministry of health, Rarotonga or email - Briar Douglas


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News

‘The islands are all the more attractive because they do not possess the attributes of a legendary paradise’ the author. “If this were true it would be a most serious conBernard Thorogood. “What this book is not”, demnation against men whose writes the london Mission- work is to help others find a ary society orometua Bernard fuller and richer life.” The characteristics of differThorogood in the introduction of his book on life in the Cook ent island groups – including Islands in the late 1950s,“it is the Cooks – have helped mould not a scholar’s treatise and it these traditions into peculiar is not an official statement of forms, using samoa as an exampolicy on behalf of the london ple where it has been said that Missionary society, or the Cook “Christianity has been samoanised too much”. Islands Christian Church”. Thorogood says the church Thorogood was one of the last english missionaries who has a duty to be a unifying force, served for a long period of time since it offers in the gospel a in the Cooks – a tradition that sure foundation for living. “and because the island is in began in the 1820s when aaron many ways mixed Buzacott, Charles up, the church must Pitman, and John ‘an honest be clear in its beliefs, Williams reached portrait, with these shores. he the greys as well understanding the heart of its message, served on both Raroas the blacks able to speak as tonga and aitutaki, and whites, clearly as the Masand took in some is important ter did.” of the other islands because that One may ask what while he was the is how god could have happened lMs representative looks at us.’ had the country been in the group. run by the whalers, While touching on daily life during his stint in the traders, and the blackbirders the Cooks, Thorogood endeav- in the early 19th century? Thorogood’s description of ours to produce a book which makes life in the South Paciic his experiences on a number of a little more real: “an honest the islands puts the reader in portrait, with the greys as well his shoes as he goes about his as the blacks and whites, is im- service. and with his intimate portant because that is how god knowledge of the culture, he captures the moment with an looks at us.” “The islands are all the accuracy and humour that most more attractive because they Cook Islanders can relate to. When he first arrived in do not possess the attributes of a legendary paradise,” says Manihiki, he wondered what a Thorogood. “They are full of large bed lashed on to two bicylife. They are not stagnant with cles was to be used for. “as I reclined, with what sensuous pleasures; neither are they numbed with saintly imperial graciousness I could muster, the young men wheeled smog.” Thorogood looks at the role me through the little village of played by the lMs and the Tukao to the mission house.” he analyses various aspects of church against a background of Polynesian tradition and tribal Cook Islands life – everything differences in small communi- from the ariki system on Raroties, comparing the Christian tonga to family life, baptism, cultures of the europeans and ghosts, fishing, marriage and pre-marital sex. Cook Islanders. Where is, he asks, the Chris“The missionaries are often pictured as destructive force, tian conscience in parents who destroying not only idols but allow their adolescents to go out the ethos of the race, their joy, and have ‘fun’? “The effects of this youthful their national pride,” writes nOT QUITe Paradise by (Rev)

licence are serious; you do not have to be a prude or a Puritan to see that.” as the lMs prepared to pack up and move out, Thorogood

notes that there were huge advances after their arrival but a lot of marking time in the 20th century. “There is holiness in the is-

lands, there is honour for god, there is a living church; but there are self-satisfaction, materialism and age-old sins still to be conquered.”

(Published in 1960 by the london Missionary society and available at the Cook Islands library & Museum society). - CILAMS

rev Bernard Thorogood (pictured second from right) being hosted to morning tea by the library and museum society and volunteers in 2008. Thorogood served the London Missionary society in the Cook islands between 1953 and 1970. he is pictured above with, from left, Matilda Tairea, the late Ron Crocombe, Sally Voss, Jean Mason and the late Gordon Sawtell. 14010727

Far Left: anautoa rangtira, Tita enoka kneels down next to the cooked pigs and baskets of taro that were used to feed the many who attended the opening of the ruatonga Meeting house in 1957. Tita is the husband of Terangi Wichman. 14010728

among those present at the ruatonga meeting house opening in October 1957 were (from left) Tita anautoa standing with the spear, Orometua Glassie strickland, Fred utanga and author reverend Bernard Thoroughgood. [Photo from Marie Melvin.] 14010729


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News

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ATTENTION EMPLOYERS New paYe tax tables applying from 1 January 2014 are available from the revenue Management Division’s public counter, or by telephone 29365, or you can visit our website to download them at

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For the sake of your family

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TRADE MARK CAUTIONARY NOTICE in COOK ISLANDS Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, a Delaware corporation, of 1132 West Blackhawk street Chicago, IL 60613, United states of america, does hereby provide notice that it claims proprietorship of the trade mark

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Public notice Te Mato Vai - Consultation Meetings

The aim of Te Mato Vai is to provide clean water via an eicient and reliable distribution system with minimal loss, to the people who either live or are visiting rarotonga; and to manage that process and the system in a cost efective way. any enquiries can be directed to either Daryl rairi 55064 or Jaewynn McKay 55486.

WatsaN is the Water, Waste & sanitation Unit of the Ministry of Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) tasked with the development and management of policies, strategies, planning and projects within the water, waste and sanitation sector. It is also responsible for the management of the rarotonga Waste Facility (rWF) that consists of the resource Recovery and Recycling Centre, Septage Treatment Ponds and the Landill. a key deliverable for the unit relates to improving waste management practises to promote sustainable cultural and recreational use of the lagoons, sustainable tourism and to safeguard public health. subsequently, one of the main responsibilities of the unit is the management of the Rarotonga landill and the refuse and recycling collection service with a view to alleviate the impacts on the environment and the well being of the community. ICI wishes to invite tenders for the collection and disposal of refuse and speciied recyclables from residential properties on rarotonga. the scope of works under this Contract will involve: • The collection of refuse (solid wastes) arising from residential properties on rarotonga. • The collection of speciied recyclables from residential properties on Rarotonga. • Transport refuse and recyclables to the RWF in Arorangi in accordance with all relevant policies, requirements and procedures and ‘best practice’ at the rWF. the term of the contract will be 5 years. A copy of the Tender document including speciications can be collected during work hours from the ICI oice in Arorangi, or can be requested by email below. tenders close at 4pm on Thursday 9 January 2014 and must be submitted to the ICI Oice in Arorangi. Tenders must be submitted in hard copy inside a sealed envelope addressed to: Mr Mac Mokoroa secretary Infrastructure Cook Islands pO Box 102 rarotonga Cook Islands and clearly marked with “REFUSE & RECYCLING COLLECTION SERVICE FOR RAROTONGA CONTRACT No. CW001/2014, CW001A/2014, CW001B/2014” and the tenderers name. enquiries to: Jaime short WatsaN programme Coordinator p: +682 22648 e:



When te Mato Vai is completed in three years’ time it will provide healthier treated water to the people of rarotonga locals and visitors alike, and will be an encouragement to development on the island too. Water intakes will be refurbished, there will be an increase in water storage capacity, water treatment facilities will be constructed, all trunk and ring mains will be replaced and all piping to the boundaries of properties served by the current network will be upgraded. the inal stage will be the establishing the operation and maintenance of the new water supply. Supplying safe, reliable and afordable water for all is the overarching goal of the water partnership. Naturally before any of the physical work takes place the people of rarotonga, all of whom are stakeholders, will be kept informed through a series of awareness and stakeholder communications activities including public meetings. The irst tranche of Te Mato Vai stakeholder consultations will begin on Monday 13 January and conclude on Wednesday 22 January. Hon teariki Heather, Deputy prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure will lead these meetings. there are meetings for every group of stakeholders as set out below and all residents of rarotonga with an interest in the te Mato Vai project are encouraged to attend a meeting. audience/stakeholders Ui ariki/Koutu Nui Intake Landowners - te-au-O-tonga (tupapa, takuvaine, avatiu) Members of parliament for rarotonga Consitituencies Intake Landowners puaikura (Ngatoe, rutaki, Muriavai) Intake Landowners Matavera. turangi, avana, totokoitu, taipara, papua Vaka puaikura public Consultation Vaka te-au-O-tonga public Consultation Vaka takitumu public Consultation

Date Monday 13 January Monday 13 January

time 10am 6pm

Venue atupare sinai Hall

tuesday 14 January


tuesday 14 January


Oice of the Deputy Prime Minister, Black rock Kavera Meeting House

Wednesday 15 January Monday 20 January tuesday 21January


Wednesday 22 January


6pm 6pm

titikaveka CICC sunday school Hall aroa Nui sinai Hall titikaveka CICC sunday school Hall


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News



MINIstrY OF HeaLtH the Ministry of Health has the following vacancies: 1. Maintenance Manager, Rarotonga Hospital 2. Quality Manager, Rarotonga Hospital 3. Pharmacy dispenser trainee (2 positions) 4. Ambulance oicer an application form and job description is available upon request. address applications or queries to Human resources Manager, p.O. Box 109, Ministry of Health, rarotonga, Cook Islands, phone (00 682) 29-664 or email: Date for inal receipt of applications: 31 January 2014. 76193


Monster Garage Sale Starting Wednesday 7 to Friday 10 January. 11am - 5pm. Where - Arorangi, Akaoa, No2 Road, follow the balloons. Everything must go. Contact 73338. 777

FoR SALE Wooden Cot, 3 yrs old, NZ new. Great condition comes with Mattress and linen, $350. Ph 24597/73507.

Tiare Taina, $10 a bag. Phone 23803 or 77681. 76131 /34745 /2541

Suzuki Vitara 2011 SUV in mint condition. 32,000kms, metallic grey. Purchased new, one owner, serviced every six months. $27,500 ono. Ph Dan 22999 or 73507. 76171 / /2171


Has your drinking got out of control? Call 71744

Part time chef needed for small friendly resort. One night a week 5pm - 9.30pm and to be on call for other nights if required. Will suit someone with a chef day job, looking for extra work. Must be reliable with past experience and work well as a team. Excellent wages for the right person. Phone: 74393 or email your CV to 76168 / /1873


Kitchen staf Wanted 6 day week Applicants need to be employable, with a good attitude, turn up on time and be smartly presented. Phone 27460.

We will BUY your old or broken gold jewellery. FISHERS BLAcK PEARL JEWELLERY. 75847 / /1889


76101 / /2202

Breakfast Chefs required for our super busy kitchen at crown Beach Resort & Spa. If you always wake up early, and enjoy cooking hot food for your family in the morning - we need to hear from you! Full training provided on the job. Good pay for good people. call / text chef Nazim on 56422 or email 76102 / /1969

Vonnia’s Head Oice have a vacancy for an Oice Clerk. Part of Duties will include processing of Banking, Receivables, Suppliers, reporting to Accountant. Must have general skills in the use of Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as reasonable computer processing literacy. Applicant must be Honest, Prompt and Reliable, Neat and Tidy and able to get along with customers and fellow staf members at all times. Forward cV and References to Job Description can be obtained upon request from same email address.


happy2ndBdaedarling WishesfromMum&Dad Aspecialonefromyour BrotherManarii&allthe families here & abroad

Part time Teller


76055 /34860 /1866

76179 / /2403

SITuATIoNS vACANT We currently have three positions available for “part time tellers” to join our High performing Branch team in rarotonga. all positions a great opportunity for someone who wants to begin their career in retail sales and service. aNZ recognises that our greatest asset is our people. that is why we are creating a unique climate of inspiration, leadership, values and opportunities by delivering continuous challenges, recognition and personal and professional growth opportunities. While training will be provided to successful applicants, the following preferred requirements for this role would be an advantage: • Secondary school qualiication • Cash Handling Skills • Computer skills (ie an understanding of MS Word, MS excel & Ms Outlook) • Excellent Customer Service • Openness to take on challenges • Willingness to learn new skills and participate fully in staf training sessions Candidates with previous banking experience, especially with aNZ, will be given preferential treatment. all positions are for 10 hours per week as a base minimum. the expectation is that successful applicants will be available for additional hours as required, for up to 40 hours per week. If you think you are due for a challenge in your career then this could be it. please submit your written applications including a detailed resume, certiied copies of academic qualiication and references from current and/or previous employer to: Lorraine Von-Hof Head of retail aNZ Bank avarua application must be received by 10 January 2014, in order to be considered. For further information please contact Lorraine Von-Hof on 21750 ext 234.

English Language Teachers - Experienced teachers with cambridge cELTS required for a variety of courses being ofered locally in the new year. Send application with c/Vs to James

• Phone 22999 •


75874 /34612 /2371

Need a little

76202 / /1931

Corporate support Oicer

Commercial Image Specialist to capture images of real estate properties and commercial products. Five years’ post production experience is necessary, applicants must have all camera and computer equipment incl 16mm lens, remotely triggered lighting, light boxes, image manipulation hardware, software. Photo Imaging training is required. cV and equipment list to tiaremoanaltd@


4 Sale Epson home projector. HD ready. As new, hardly used. Must sell. $1200. Phone 50120. Baby portable cot, play gym & baby clothing. Phone 55617.

…and bring your enthusiastic attitude, ability to multi-task and work independently, and join the peoples Bank - a bank that keeps on putting back into the community. as a professional and team player within the Finance and administration team, you will undertake a range of functions from making sure administration and premises activities of BCI run smoothly, to being responsible for the organisation of BCI House, assets and records. this role is the entry into Finance, accounting and Human resources for anyone aspiring in these career paths. to apply, please deliver your CV with a covering letter addressed to elizabeth tatuava - team Leader Corporate support, at BCI House by 3pm Friday 17 January 2014. For a copy of the job description and any questions please call 29341 ext 818 or email


Mike Rennie Builders Ltd requires skilled carpenters, ring 20375 for Interview.

76170 / /2171

76188 /34844 /1931

APPLY NOW – for the role of


76175 / /1893


Marine Conservation Advisor and Journalism Consultancy Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) is a non-proit, membershipbased environment organisation. tIs core functions are waste management, biodiversity conservation, ecologically sustainable development, and environmental education of youth. tIs have been given the directive to manage a Marine park project on behalf of the Cook Islands Marine park steering Committee and are in need of 1. a Marine Conservation advisor and 2. a Journalism Consultant to this project. applicants for the Marine Conservation advisor position must have • A post-graduate degree in isheries or marine biology • Working knowledge of Cook Islands government Marine Park, isheries & seabed mining policies • Ability to explain complex scientiic concepts in simple terms • Fluency in Cook Islands Maori is an advantage applicants for the Journalism Consultancy must have: • A tertiary qualiication in journalism or at least ive years experience as a journalist • experience covering Cook Islands Fisheries and seabed Mining issues is preferred • Candidates with luency in Cook Islands Maori will have an advantage. For full position descriptions and a full list of selection criteria write to Interested applicants should address selection criteria in their covering letter and attach their CV. applications for both positions close 12pm 14 January 2014. 76191

AUDIT MANAGER – SPECIAL REVIEWS AND INVESTIGATION DIVISION The Cook Islands Audit Oice (CIAO) is mandated under the Constitution of the Cook Islands to carry out the inancial statement audits for all Crown funded agencies and special reviews and investigations into matters that arises in respect of the management of public resources which in its opinion justiies further investigation. We currently have a vacancy for the position of audit Manager within our special reviews and Investigation audit team. preference will be given to applicants with the following qualities and qualiications: • tertiary qualiication, speciically in the area of accounting, business or inancial management; • 5 – 8 years of relevant work experience or experience in a similar leadership role; • plan and manage the work program of the special reviews and investigation division; • good knowledge and understanding of Government and business systems; • computer literacy; • investigative skills and demonstrate a high level of professionalism, independence, integrity and accountability; and • excellent written and oral communication skills and the ability to write efective reports. If you have an inquisitive mind, a keen interest in auditing and investigative assignments, are self motivated and work well in a team, please send your CV to: anne McMahon Oice Manager pO Box 659 email: Fax: 25-231 applications close 4pm Monday, 13 2014. 76200


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News

FLIGhT FROM ARRIVES thursdAy JAnuAry 9 NZ748/749 AKL 12.30AM NZ46/745 AKL 4.10PM VT35/36 PPT 2.50PM FridAy JAnuAry 10 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM NZ46/61 AKL 1.55PM




1.30AM 5.25PM 3.50PM


1.05AM 3.05PM

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR thursdAy JAnuAry 9 0800 AITUTAkI 0850













1530 1800 1100


1620 1850 1145

1640 1910 1205




TIARe MOANA 19 - eTD AUCk 08/01/14, eTA RARO 19/01/14, eTA AITUTAkI 21/01/14 LILOA 21 - eTD AUCk 17/01/14, eTA RARO 31/01/14, eTA AITUTAkI 03/02/14

Shipping TIARe MOANA 20 - eTD AUCk 28/01/14, eTA RARO 07/02/14, eTA AITUTAkI 09/02/14

1730 2000 AITUTAkI 1250 RARO RARO

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands news







Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.


yesterday’s answer Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle

Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle

hÄgAR the horrible


Weather Forecast to Midnight A STRONG WINd WARNING IS NOW IN FORCe FOR sOUtHeRN COOks wAteRs. Situation: a moist north to northeast wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Meanwhile, a trough of low pressure lies over pukapuka.a trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers lies just west of southern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Over Waters: Northwest winds 20 to 25 knots. rough seas. Over Land: Moderate to fresh northwest winds. Occasional rain, heavy at times and few thunderstorms. Further outlook: Occasional showers. For Rarotonga: Occasional rain, heavy at times and few thunderstorms. Further outlook: Occasional showers. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional showers and few thunderstorms about pukapuka, Nassua and Suwarrow. Elsewhere, ine apart from brief showers. Moderate north to northeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: some showers.

humidity 8



By lee Falk & sy Barry



Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By Dik Browne










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Rarotonga Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Forecast Map 2pm Wednesday

Wed high 2.47AM 0.92M 3.15PM 0.97M


0.5m Se

Low 9.03AM 0.34M 9.35PM 0.35M

2.1m NW


Thu high 3.43AM 0.87M 4.07PM 0.93M


Low 9.54AM 0.39M 10.34PM 0.39M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

Nw 15kts new Moon Jan 30 11.39AM

First Quarter Feb 6 9.22AM

Full Moon Jan 15 6.53PM

sunshine hours

Third Quarter Jan 23 7.19PM


ArApo - AkAoti korekore wed 8 Tanu (Planting)

TauTai (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota Kua kae te mu. Po ika. e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Catch mu. Fish night. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night (from akaoti amiama).

Wed sun rise 6.05AM sun set 7.26PM


Moon rise


Moon set 12.30AM

Thu sun rise 6.06AM sun set 7.26PM


Moon rise 1.29PM Moon set 1.12AM

0.5m Se Front Key:




0.5m Se


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Aitutaki

28° Nw 12kts


26° Nw 15kts


27° Nw 13kts



27° Nw 13kts

30° Nw 15kts


27° Nw 13kts


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 cook Islands News


sPORT Rising tennis stars grow in conidence IMPROVeD tennis skills and a boost in self-confidence were the gains for three local junior tennis stars that competed at last month’s annual auckland Christmas tennis tournament. Taniera Toa (eight), arikitoa allsworth (eight) and sevenyear-old Maka Maui donned their tennis gear and gave competitors from across new Zealand and australia a run for their money on the tennis courts. national tennis coach Malcolm Kajer was extremely happy with the way his young team performed at the major tournament. While the youngsters were apprehensive at the start of the competition, their growth in conidence was not only noticed by their coaches, but by their families who were courtside to support the small team. Taniera Toa reached the quarter finals in the under eight singles division, much to the delight of his coach as it was the irst time the youngster has played in a major tournament. arikitoa allsworth gained confidence and improved tennis knowledge through his irst major tournament. seasoned tennis player and youngest member of the team Maka Maui reached the semi-inals of the consolation division. The tournament was young Maui’s second tour to the auckland competition after taking part for the first time in 2012

at the age of six playing in the under 10 division. Maui is the younger brother of national tennis player lillian Maui. his semi-finals match was an epic 86 minutes against his australian opponent. Initially Maui has his opponent frustrated with his electric and energetic playing style; however the young australian regained his composure to win what was the singles match of the tournament. In the doubles division, Maui and Toa teamed up to reach the inals of the division. Despite their best efforts the pair went down but was thrilled to pick up their runner up certiicates and trophies. Coach Malcolm Kajer says that while the trio played extremely well, as a coach he knows now what he needs to do to brush up the tennis skills of the rising stars. he says more big match games like the auckland tournament is what’s needed to give the young lads more exposure to tennis as it’s this type of tournament that really sharpens up the skills of the players. “They worked really hard for this tournament,” says Kajer. “I mean, these guys are at the courts every day from three to six – they live at the tennis courts and just breathe tennis!” Kajer says it is this type of commitment that will see the young boys grow into strong

tennis players who will no doubt ly the nation’s lag at regional and international sporting events. “Playing tennis is a full time job – you don’t get to the top from going to training twice a week – these guys will need between 10 to 12 hours of training a week to be able to take on kids their age from overseas.” With that in mind, the tennis school holiday programme will be served up next week with

programmes running daily from 9am to 1 o’clock. For beginner tennis players, a programme for four to six-yearolds will start the day’s activities on the court for an hour, starting at 9 o’clock in the morning. Older tennis players will take to the court for their lessons at 10am for their introduction to tennis plus the elite junior squad will be on hand to help with skills and drills. The tennis in schools pro-

gramme will also return with the start of school. If you would like your kids to get into the tennis buzz or to find out how you can support junior tennis in the Cook Islands, contact Malcolm Kajer on 75614. Kajer would like to thank his three star athletes for their fantastic performances in auckland, to the boy’s family for their support including Kevin Cook, who helped with providing

rising tennis stars of the Cook islands Taniera Toa, Maka Maui and arikitoa allsworth at the ready to take on the auckland Christmas tournament. 14010714

Maka Maui and Taniera Taoa in action during their double’s competition at the auckland Christmas tournament.


Taniera Toa returns a serve complete with an ace face.



eaders are invited to send us your summer holiday photos and capture the moment in full colour! The best photos will be published weekly in Cook Islands News. A weekly winner will be selected and recieve a blown up print of their photo. All winners will then go into the draw for a digital camera sponsored by CINews. pRINT. so share your happy holiday memories

a van to get the team around as well as helping to cover the coaches’ expenses. a big meitaki maata to Mike and Clair Ruffin who sponsor young Maka Maui and have always supported junior tennis development in the Cooks. Meanwhile, teenaged tennis player Roland neururer Jnr and Tamarua Payne are currently competing in Melbourne with details and results of their performances to come. - MW

with us! All you need to do is take your photos and email them to with your name and a caption describing the place, and full name of the people in your picture. pRINT Up TO A1 ON CANVAs, MATTE, VINYl OR hIghgRADE pOsTER pApER. ph 22999

send us your memoriesosfummer!


Wednesday 8 January  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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