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Saturday, december 7, 2013

Queen’s baton passes through parliament In AddITIon to the passing

of bills, the Cook Islands parliament saw the passing of the Queen’s baton during Friday’s sitting of the house. At roughly midday, a Commonwealth games delegation including Cook Islands Sports and national olympic Committee president Hugh Graham visited parliament to present the baton to the house. The visit saw the passing of the baton between members of parliament, who accepted it on

behalf of their various constituencies. It is believed the Cook Islands parliament was the only legislature in the Commonwealth to have the opportunity to see the baton during the current tour. regarding government business, the house debated the departure tax amendment bill, which was described in parliament as a piece of legislation which co-ordinates local laws with the regulations set out by the International Air and Trans-

port Association (IATA). Additionally, it was also said in the house that after June 30, 2014, the tax will increase at a rate of 2 per cent per year. Mitiaro member of parliament Tangata Vavia said there were some ‘anomalies’ in the bill and questioned what affect the bill would have on Cook Islanders travelling abroad and whether the tax was in line with other Paciic nations. The Mitiaro MP also said the tax was “money that comes out

of traveler’s pockets” and said he hoped government would not “abuse” the ability to derive revenue from this source. “I hope that the revenue earned will be put in the right places … and I will ask the minister of finance to say where the money will be going,” said Vavia. Health minister nandi Glassie said the departure tax in Fiji was recently increased to over $100, and the monetary gain to the Fijian government is nearly $18 million – money going “to the public purse”. Parliament was then suspended briely by house leader and Aitutaki MP Mona Ione to allow for the reception of the Queen’s baton, and the legisla-

Tuariki resigns Murienua seat Royal visit THe WInner of the recent Mu-

rienua by-election has resigned from his post, pre-empting a court hearing of a petition by his opponent. Cook Islands Party candidate Kaota Tuariki won September’s by-election in the Murienua constituency, defeating democratic Party candidate James Beer in the bid to ill the seat that was vacated by Queen’s representative Tom Marsters in late July. Tuariki’s resignation comes ahead of court proceeding scheduled for Monday to hear a

petition by Beer and the democratic Party – who protested the election result on grounds set out in Section 92 of the electoral Act 2004, concerning bribery and “corruptly inluencing the elector” by “directly or indirectly” giving food or other provisions to voters. As of Friday afternoon, officials with the Ministry of Justice conirmed that Monday’s hearing – originally scheduled to be heard by Justice Hugh Williams of the Cook Islands High Court – has been cancelled.

ture was then joined for the irst time during the week’s sitting by Teenui-Mapumai member of parliament norman George. Speaking on the bill, Ione said because the tax is embedded in ticket prices, he doesn’t “…worry about the $65 because it doesn’t remind me whether I’m paying a tax or not”. After receiving a warm welcome from parliamentary colleagues, George rose to address the house for the irst time in the current sitting, and described the departure tax amendment as a “golden goose” that inance minister Mark Brown likes to harvest with “ferocity”. George added that the bill also has a psychological element embedded, in that the

tax is hidden in airfares with house leader Ione as a victim after his comment that he doesn’t “worry” about it. The Atiu MP then said Grey Power should be exempted from the tax, as they are already being pursued by the finance ministry’s “taxation monsters” for “back taxes”. As of the end of business on Friday, it was expected that 11 of 13 bills were to be passed by the house. The remaining bills – which include the trustee companies bill and the Cook Islands loan repayment fund bill – are scheduled to be dealt with in parliament next week. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Also on Friday, oficials with the Cook Islands electoral office said they were unaware of Tuariki’s resignation, and that the issue is in the hands of the Ministry of Justice. Whatever the outcome it will depend on the petition and there is a procedure after that, added an oficial at the ofice. Tuariki took the Murienua seat, defeating Beer by a vote count of 219 to 194, but had yet to be oficially sworn in as a member of parliament. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Elderly man slashed in bush knife attack elderly men in Mitiaro escalated into a machete attack on Wednesday, leaving one of them in hospital with severe cuts to his body. detective inspector Areumu Ingaua said the incident took place late Wednesday afternoon and police were notified at about 6pm. The victim received two cuts to his head, one to his shoulder and one to his forearm. His injuries were “very serious” but the man is in stable condition, Ingaua said. “The victim was taken to

the hospital in Mitiaro where he was stitched up and is now resting at home with family.” Both the victim and alleged perpetrator are aged in their 70s and the bush knife attack appears to have stemmed from a land dispute, Ingaua said. He did not know if the men were direct neighbours but said they lived close to each other. “The houses in Mitiaro are not far from each other.” Cook Islands Police has posted detective senior sergeant Peraua to the island to carry out an investigation. “He has spoken to the sus-



A lAnd dispute between two





pect and charges are highly likely. The suspect hasn’t been arrested yet because we have to verify some other areas of the investigation,” Ingaua said. “He’s trying to piece together the sequence of events that led to this incident.” Peraua is trying to find out whether the two men had been involved in any previous altercations or arguments. If the alleged attacker is arrested, he will have to front in court within 48 hours and Ingaua said the police are working closely with Crown law on the - BCS matter.




Queen’S representative Tom

Marsters and wife Tuaine hosted the Queen’s Baton and the team accompanying it to mark the start of its Cook Islands visit. The baton arrived on Thursday and after its official visit to the Queen’s representative’s residence in Titikaveka, it began the



irst of two relay legs on the island. Papaaroa students were at the Qr’s residence to turou the baton and the accompanying team as well as to touch and learn about the baton. The students learned that the baton relay across 70 Commonwealth nations is all part of the



build up to the Commonwealth Games to be held next year in Glasgow, Scotland. The baton contains a message from the Queen which will be read out at the opening of the games next year.

Baton brings cheer and smiles, page 15

Creative Centre Tupapa 5.30pm for 6pm Wednesday Ph 55097


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no TeIA neI Ao Room mates not suitable Venomous lizards and snakes were among 80 reptiles police found crammed into a one-room apartment in Japan. A frantic neighbour saw a huge snake slithering along a wall outside the apartment in the city of osaka. When police raided the apartment they found dozens of snakes, including a threemetre boa constrictor, as well as a number of lizards. “The man told us he kept them as pets and fed them on things like frozen mice. We are investigating where he obtained these reptiles,” a police oicial said.

Tributes for world hero nelson mandela is dead: south Africa, world mourn his passing JoHAnneSBurG – South Afri-

cans have gathered in Johannesburg and Soweto to mourn their former leader, nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday aged 95. Crowds have been paying tribute, dancing and singing in front of Mandela’s former home in Soweto. He is to be accorded a state funeral next Sunday, President Jacob Zuma announced. Mandela spent 27 years in jail before becoming South Africa’s irst black president in 1994. His administration replaced

world BrIeFS FRENCH TROOPS KILL REBEL FIGHTERS cENTRAL AFRIcAN REPUBLIc – French troops have killed several armed ighters in the Central African Republic as Paris rolled out a UN-backed operation to restore security after a bloodbath that left dozens of bodies strewn across the capital. The French army said its soldiers killed the armed men on Thursday in a dawn clash near the airport of the capital Bangui. On Friday, warplanes overlew Bangui, a day after at least 140 civilians were killed in the capital – many clubbed or hacked to death in violence that erupted amid international warnings that the country risked sectarian massacres. Medical charity Doctors Without Borders reported 92 people dead and 155 wounded over two days at one hospital alone.

PASSENGER PLANES ABORT LANDINGS ENGLAND – Two passenger planes aborted their heart-stopping attempts to land as ferocious winds pushed them of course mere metres from the runway during a wild storm that has lashed Britain overnight. Videos at Birmingham Airport of a Brussels Airlines Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 and an Emirates Boeing 777 show the jets being pushed almost on their sides as they make attempts to land, before pulling up just before reaching the tarmac. Dozens of lights between the Netherlands, Germany and Scotland have been cancelled or delayed and trains have been shut down in several countries. A low pressure system passing over Europe on Thursday brought winds up to 228km that battered Scotland and threatened a storm surge in the North Sea that was expected to cause “signiicant” looding.

TRUCK THIEVES HAVE ‘NOT LONG TO LIVE’ MEXICO – Thieves who stole a truck full of radioactive waste in Mexico could be dead within days after being exposed to the toxic material. The truck, containing cobalt used in obsolete medical equipment, was stolen on Tuesday while en route to a waste disposal plant north of Mexico City. (Full story on page 3.) A physicist for Mexico’s nuclear commission, delivered a grim prognosis for those responsible for the heist. “The person or people who took this out are in very great risk of dying.” Those exposed to the material would generally have between one and three days to live, he said. The thieves were apparently after the truck and there was nothing to suggest the theft was terrorism related.

the racist white-minority regime that had enforced segregation of black and white people in a policy known as apartheid. Mandela went on to become one of the world’s most respected statesmen. At a news conference on Friday afternoon, Zuma outlined a week of events to mourn the former president. Sunday will be an oficial day of prayer and reflection with special religious services on Tuesday, a service of national mourning will be held at a 95,000-seater stadium on the outskirts of Johannesburg Mandela’s body will lie in state from Wednesday to Friday in the capital, Pretoria The funeral will be held in the village of Qunu in the eastern Cape, where Mandela grew up. “We sincerely thank all South Africans for the digniied manner in which they have respected and responded to the monumental loss of this international icon,” Zuma said. Speaking in Cape Town, Mandela’s long-time ally, Archbishop emeritus desmond Tutu, described him as an “incredible gift” to South Africa. “He taught us extraordinarily practical lessons about forgiveness, compassion and reconciliation.” Mandela had been receiving treatment at home for a recurring lung illness since September, when he was discharged from hospital. Across the world, leaders, celebrities and members of the public have been paying tribute. Pope Francis said Mandela had forged “a new South Africa built on the firm foundations of non-violence, reconciliation and truth”. Queen elizabeth said she was “deeply saddened” to learn of Mandela’s death and said she remembered her meetings with him “with great warmth”. - BBC

nelson Mandela’s death has stirred sense of loss around the world as South african’s prepare to mourn his death and celebrate the life of a global symbol of peace and reconcilliation. AFP

Peacemaker will be missed PreTorIA – South Africans woke to a future without nelson Mandela, and some said they feared the anti-apartheid hero’s death could leave their country vulnerable again to racial and social tensions that he did so much to pacify. Many are in shock at the passing of a man who was a global symbol of reconciliation and peaceful co-existence. despite reassurances from leaders and public igures that Mandela’s passing, while sorrowful, would not halt South Africa’s advance away from its bitter apartheid past, some still expressed a sense of unease about the physical absence of a man famed as a peacemaker. “It’s not going to be good, hey! I think it’s going to become a more racist country. People will turn on each other and chase foreigners away,” said Sharon Qubeka, 28, a secretary from Tembisa township as she headed to work in Johannesburg. “Mandela was the only one who kept things together,” she said.

An avalanche of tributes continued to pour in on Friday for Mandela. uS President Barack obama and British Prime Minister david Cameron were among world leaders and dignitaries who paid fulsome tribute to Mandela as a moral giant and exemplary beacon for the world. American talk show host oprah Winfrey added her voice to the tributes, saying Mandela “will always be my hero”. “His life was a gift to us all,” she said in a statement. But for South Africa, the loss of its most beloved leader comes at a time when the nation, which basked in global goodwill after apartheid ended, has been experiencing bloody labour unrest, growing protests against poor services, poverty, crime and unemployment and corruption scandals tainting Zuma’s rule. Many saw today’s South Africa – the African continent’s biggest economy but also one of the world’s most unequal – still distant from being the “rainbow nation” ideal of social peace and shared prosperity

that Mandela had proclaimed on his triumphant release from prison in 1990. “I feel like I lost my father, someone who would look out for me. Already as a black person with no connections you are disadvantaged,” said Joseph nkosi, 36, from Alexandra township in Johannesburg. referring to Mandela by his clan name, he added: “now without Madiba I feel like I don’t have a chance. The rich will get richer and simply forget about us. The poor don’t matter to them. look at our politicians, they are nothing like Madiba.” Just hours after the news of Mandela’s death, one of his veteran anti-apartheid comrades, former Archbishop of Cape Town desmond Tutu, sought to assuage fears that the revered statesman’s absence could revive some of the violent ghosts of apartheid. “To suggest that South Africa might go up in lames – as some have predicted – is to discredit South Africans and Madiba’s legacy,” Tutu said in a reassuring statement. - Reuters

Nation in mourning

SHARKS MAY HAVE CANCER ANSWERS ENGLAND – British scientists have been awarded more than £200,000 to examine whether antibodies found only in sharks can be used to help treat breast cancer. The three-year study will investigate whether shark IgNAR antibodies can prevent certain molecules from helping cancer cells grow. Dr Helen Dooley, from the University of Aberdeen’s school of biological sciences, who is leading the study, said: “Our work centres on a type of antibody, called IgNAR, which is uniquely found in the blood of sharks. This is only the irst step in a very long process but if our hypothesis holds true we hope to develop new anti-cancer drugs based upon these unique shark antibodies.”

TEENAGE IDOL DETAINED BY CUSTOMS AUSTRALIA – Justin Bieber was detained by customs in Brisbane last month after he allegedly lost his temper with oicials who were searching his entourage for drugs. The singer took aim at a female customs oicer who warned him about using ofensive language, with the 19-year-old also refusing to remove the trademark hat and sunglasses. One of Bieber’s entourage was also detained in the November 24 incident after marijuana was found during the search. Bieber’s world tour has been dogged by controversy with claims he spent time with prostitutes in Brazil, defaced a Gold Coast hotel with graiti and visited strip clubs in Sydney.

Today’s daily Bread And when he had given thanks, he broke it and said, “This is my body that is for you. do this in remembrance of me.”

Matthew11:23-34 7:21-29 read: read: 1 Corinthians

text: Matthew text:7:26 Verse 24

Flowers are left by mourners in front of a statue of nelson Mandela in Johannesburg as the nation comes to terms with the death of the symbol of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa and one of the most inluential igures of the 20th century. AFP


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News


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loW DePosiT! uS surfer Garrett Mcnamara rides a monster wave during a surf session at Praia do norte in nazaré, Portugal. McNamara, known as ‘G-Mac’, is an American professional big wave surfer and extreme waterman known for breaking the world record for largest wave ever surfed at Nazaré, surviving monstrous waves at Jaws in Hawai’i and riding tidal waves from calving glaciers in Alaska. AFP

Truck thieves exposed to radioactive material MeXICo CITY – Mexican sol-

diers have set up a safety perimeter around a cancer-treating device containing dangerous radioactive material that was stolen along with a truck from a gas station. The people who stole the truck and removed the device from a steel-reinforced wooden box and left it in a rural area north of Mexico City are probably already dead or dying, the national nuclear safety board said. But the danger of contamination is minimal because the area where the device was found is uninhabited, it added. no evacuations were necessary. There was no immediate word on who might have stolen the truck. It was on its way to dispose of the disused medical device at a nuclear storage facility. experts are trying to figure out the best way to recover the device safely, the national Commission for nuclear Safety and Safeguards (CnSnS) said in a statement on

Wednesday evening. The thieves apparently just wanted the truck, which was stolen on Monday, without knowing about the cargo it carried, oficials said. The device containing cobalt-60 was taken out of its container and left hundreds of metres from the truck in Hueypoxtla, said Mardonio Jimenez, operations director at the CnSnS. “It’s almost absolutely certain that whoever removed this material by hand is either already dead or about to die,” CnSnS director Juan eibenschutz said. eibenschutz said the transport company failed to live up to its commitment, saying the truck lacked a tracking device or proper security despite the firm’s experience. He said the matter should be investigated. The white Volkswagen Worker truck was transporting the device from a hospital in the northwestern city of Tijuana when it was stolen at a service station in central Hidalgo state. The vehicle was supposed to

deliver the material to a radioactive waste disposal facility at the radioactive Waste Storage Centre in Maquixco, Mexico state. The International Atomic energy Agency warned that the material was “extremely dangerous” if removed from its shielding. experts also said the 60 grams of cobalt-60 inside it was enough to make a “dirty bomb”, designed to spread radioactivity. Authorities had earlier searched for the truck in six states and the capital, delivering radio messages for people to call an emergency number in case they saw the truck. The driver told investigators that two gunmen approached him at a Pemex service station, tied him up and drove away with the truck. The manager of the Pemex service station, an hour’s drive north of Mexico City, said the driver appeared to have parked across the street to rest overnight while waiting for the waste storage facility to open at - AFP 8am on Tuesday.

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Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te PA enuA

Cairns meeting labelled a ‘failure’

Large ishing nations fail to agree to deep cuts in Paciic tuna quotas CAIrnS – A major regional

fisheries meeting was called a failure as it ended on Friday for its inability to agree to tuna ishing cutbacks demanded by 17 Paciic island countries. Major fishing nations have failed to agree to meaningful cuts in the amount of tuna caught in the Pacific ocean,

angering conservationists who claim unsustainable fishing is threatening the species. The week-long meeting of the Western and Central Paciic Fisheries Commission, held in Cairns, has seen large ishing nations, such as the uS and China, refuse to drastically reduce the amount of tuna they take from

paciic BRIEFS FIJI WOULD WELCOME CLIMATE REFUGEES FIJI – Fiji’s prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, says his government is pondering how to respond to the possible inundation of countries like Kiribati as a result of climate change. Pacnews reports him asking at the Paciic Islands Conference on Conservation and Protected Areas in Suva whether the Kiribati can become dual nationals of Kiribati and Fiji. He says Fiji is prepared to shoulder some of the fallout of the looming catastrophe for some Paciic Small Island Developing States. Bainimarama says if the sea level continues to rise because the world won’t tackle global warming, some or all of the people of Kiribati may have to move to Fiji. He says Fiji would not turn its back on its neighbours in their hour of need.

FIJI SEVENS SIDE TAKING ON THE WORLD FIjI – Fiji sevens coach says his team is still far from the inished product despite a stunning victory in Dubai. Fiji moved up to second in the World Series standings after thrashing New Zealand 44-0 in the cup semi inals and then proving too strong for South Africa in the inal. Ben Ryan was encouraged by how aggressive the Fiji players were in Dubai and how they dominated possession. He says it’s given them a great boost ahead of this weekend’s Port Elizabeth leg. “This is really only the start and although obviously we’re very pleased with how we played last weekend there’s a lot more growth in this programme. Certainly the players training ages are young and we haven’t really got stuck in properly to their strength and conditioning and some of their technical areas – so we’re going to get a lot better.”

TARO IMPORT BAN CONSIDERED AMERICAN SAMOA – Moves are afoot in American Samoa to impose a taro import ban to help local producers. The Department of Agriculture is working with the Attorney General’s Oice in drafting legislation for submission to the Fono to ban such imports. Last week’s Farm Fair indicated that local farmers can supply taro and ta’amu, or Chinese taro, to shops and businesses, which in the past have been importing the produce from mainly Samoa. A farmer says the matter had been raised for several years with the previous administration, but the government’s response at the time was that local farmers were not producing enough for the community.

ISLANDS RUNNING LOW ON WATER TONGA – A four month-long drought in the Ha’apai island group in Tonga is putting stress on supplies of drinking water. The director of the Tonga Meteorological Service, Ofa Fa’anunu, says it is typical for Tonga to experience a dry period during October and November. But he says rainfall in the islands of Ha’apai and Tonga’s main island Tongatapu has been 200 millimeters less than expected since September. “The rainfall forecast for the next three months is for normal to above average rainfall for the whole of the Tonga group. So from a meteorological point of view, we, the Tonga Meteorological Service expect that rainfall will start to pick up as we go into the next three months.” Ofa Fa’anunu say he can not foresee any considerable rain in the afected areas over the next two weeks.

FIJI PM SEES CONTINUED MEDIA BIAS FIjI – Fiji’s prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, says there are still instances of bias and some journalists and media outlets still see themselves as a support of political players. Speaking at the Attorney General’s Conference, Bainimarama said the media played a critical role in a constitutional democracy. Fijivillage reports him as saying that lawyers should look to journalists to assist in the process of introducing a genuine democracy. Commodore Bainimarama says given Fiji’s political history, both before and after independence, he believes that the media should be free to report on all matters in a balanced and professional manner. Fiji is governed by a Media Industry Development Decree which provides for long jail sentences for those breaching it.

NURSES WANT HEALTH MINISTER SACKED VANUATU – More than 100 nurses in Vanuatu are calling for the removal of the health minister, Serge Vohor. The nurses, who are members of the Vanuatu Nurses Association, have sent a petition to the prime minister, Moana Carcasses. They are unhappy at Vohor’s revamping of the health sector which has led to the suspension of three senior doctors. The changes have also caused division within the Nurses Association, with some backing Vohor. Government oicials say they are aware of the petition and the issue is now with the Public Service Commission.

the Paciic. The 33 member states of the commission, which is tasked with ensuring sustainable ishing, negotiated a proposal to reduce the amount of yellowin and bigeye tuna, which is regularly used in sashimi and sushi, by 2018. However, this proposal, along with a move to cut the amount of long line fishing, which is blamed for unnecessarily scouring tracts of ocean of ish, have failed to ind a consensus agreement required to pass. The uS, China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan are responsible for 80 per cent of bigeye tuna caught each year. In 2012, a record 2.6 million tonnes of tuna was hauled from the Paciic – 60 per cent of the global total. The Cairns meeting has been viewed as a battle between large ishing nations such as the US and small Paciic nations, which have warned of the consequences of overishing. despite the lack of progress on cutting tuna quotas, the commission has agreed to a ban on ishing the silky shark, a nearthreatened species that often ends up as bycatch. Large ishing vessels will also now have to carry unique identification numbers, similar to passenger and cargo ships. The move is aimed at reducing illegal and unreported ishing. But island officials say the deal also provides loopholes, such as exempting the european union vessels from a proposed ban on using FAds. The hope for a four-year deal proposed jointly by PnA, Japan and the Philippines for deeper reductions in bigeye tuna catches did not gain consensus support. Solomon Islands oficial, Edward Honiwala, said while the

‘The commission has been around for 10 years now and needs to front up to its responsibilities.’ meeting did approve a plan to reduce bigeye catches and freeze the number of ishing vessels, it did not go far enough. Honiwala was speaking for the eight-member bloc of islands known as the Parties to the nauru Agreement (PnA) that control waters where more than half of the region’s tuna is caught in a ishery valued at uS$7 billion. He said they have failed in their responsibilities to adequately address the problems of overishing. “The big nations are the disappointing ones, given that they’ve refused to take cuts in their quota,” said Amanda nickson, director of the Pew Charitable Trusts’ tuna conservation project. “All the scientific advice shows that tuna is being overfished. Bluefin tuna numbers, for example, are less than four per cent what they were prior to being ished. “The week has been enormously frustrating. Although there has been progress on some measures, it’s disappointing to see the commission fail on its core objective, which is to ensure sustainable ishing. “The commission has been around for 10 years now and needs to front up to its responsibilities.” nickson said the outcome of this annual meeting shows that some of the world’s most powerful ishing countries are falling well short of their responsibil-

Despite evidence that tuna is being overished, the major ishing nations have failed to agree to meaningful cuts in the amount of the species caught in the Paciic Ocean. AFP ity to sustainably manage tuna populations in the Paciic Ocean, and prevent exhausting some of the last remaining healthy tuna populations on earth. Samoa has been named as the host of next year’s 11th Western and Central Paciic Fisheries Commission meeting.

The bid to become host was won by Samoa in Cairns this week following an agreement by Indonesia to stand down and host the event in 2015. It will be the second time Samoa has hosted the week-long discussions, after also holding the event there in 2006. - PNC

Two big meetings for Samoa APIA – Samoa will be hosting

not just one but two major international meetings in 2014. The host country for the global un Conference on Small Islands developing States (SIdS) in September next year will now also host the 11th Western and Central Paciic Fisheries Commission session from december 1 to 5. The announcement and advance words of welcome to global WCPFC members came from Samoa’s Chief executive/ national Co-ordinator for the un Conference on SIdS, Faalavaau Maiava Perina Sila of the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Sila thanked another bidding country, Indonesia, for its agreement to stand down its host bid and conirm 2015 as its hosting year. “I want to welcome each and every one of you to Samoa, and extend greetings from our Prime Minister who looks forward to hosting you all.” Sila told delegates at the Cairns conference centre. She noted the welcome mat would include comprehensive transport and conference venue provisions, planned to involve a refurbishment of Faleata Sports

complex national gymnasium in time for the 2000 delegates expected to attend the un SIdS meeting. WCPFC sessions can involve an estimated 600 delegates travelling from Paciic nations and those countries with fisheries interests in the region. FFA director General James Movick has welcomed the news of Samoa hosting the 2014 meeting, noting the membership and numbers attending the annual WCPFC sessions have grown since the irst time Samoa hosted, in 2006. “location logistics and tech-

nical support are always a major commitment for our developing member nations to take on, and are no minor task. We commend the leading role of Samoa in further demonstrating its active and involved membership within the Forum Fisheries Committee and WCPFC. “Importantly, the hosting by one of our member nations helps bring developed and distant water fishing nations to come and see for themselves the realities confronting developing nations of the Paciic ocean they are ishing from, ” Movick said. - Scoop Media

Mandela an icon in the Paciic

Honolulu – Former South African President nelson Mandela has been described as a contemporary icon who inspired Paciic people. dr Tara Kabutaulaka from the university of Hawai’i’s Centre for Paciic Islands Studies says Pacific islanders, both young and old, will remember him as one of the greatest leaders, not only of Africa but of the entire world.

“He was a leader who rose at a very dificult time in Africa’s history and became an icon of decolonialisation in a lot of Pacific island places as well,” he said in an interview with the ABC. dr Kabutaulaka says that although the Pacific did not have policies like apartheid, there were colonial policies put in place by governing powers that meant privileges for certain groups of people.

“In a lot of cases that meant the white colonial powers in the region. “There were places up until the 1960s and 70s that were only for white colonial administrators and people connected to them,” he said. dr Kabutaulaka says for many people who went to school in the Pacific, particularly the southern Pacific, the story of nelson Mandela’s struggle was

an important part of the curriculum at high school. “So we grew up reading about the story of nelson Mandela, the history of South Africa,” he said. “It was part of our curriculum and therefore something very close to many of us – people from my generation, and even younger people today, it still is an important part of the school curriculum.” - ABC


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

Mother refuses to give up hope ing at satellite pictures provided by new York’s digitalGlobe Inc. An image from the QuickBird satellite on September 16 was said to be that of nina, but nothing came of it. Air searches were continuing this week and have clocked up 297 hours so far. Wootton and other family members have tried to turn to the cruise ship industry and briely considered posting a reward for sightings. But captains have not been willing to get holiday makers involved. “Everywhere we turn we ind a wall and no one wants to help,” she said. She was angry at the way the united States government refused to help. Six of the seven on nina were uS citizens. “It feels like a cover-up to me,” she said, noting that the

Sorcery a spiritual issue GoroKA – The vice-chancellor of Papua new Guinea’s university of Goroka, Gairo onagi, says sorcery-related violence must be tackled on a spiritual level. The comment was made in the context of this week’s conference on the campus in the eastern Highlands provincial capital to ind ways to deal with the rising level of torture and murder on account of sorcery accusations in Papua new Guinea.

dr onagi says belief in sorcery is embedded within PnG culture and cannot be taken away. “Personally I think it is a spiritual matter and the churches must rally behind this because I have witnessed myself that the churches have that spiritual sense to do something about it. “only then the law can support the spiritual method in which it can be dealt with, we

can see some good, tangible results.” Gairo onagi says a line must be drawn between sorcery that is used to harm people and the good magic used for ishing and other aspects of traditional life. Civil society leader Susan Setae says aside from the devastating consequences of the violence associated with the practice, belief in sorcery is hindering PnG’s development. - RNZI

PNG cricket on the rise PorT MoreSBY – Papua new

Guinea’s bid for a place at the Twenty20 world cup cricket inals may have ended in bitter disappointment, but the team hopes it has inspired young Papua new Guineans to take up the sport. The game development manager for PnG cricket Gayan Loku told Paciic Beat he hopes the national team’s good performance will generate much interest in the sport. “What we want is for these kids to strive to play for the national team and represent the country like the Barramundis have done,” he said. “I’m sure more kids would want to play – kids I’m sure will

pick up a bat and ball and get out and play the game.” Currently, most cricket players come from the coastal village Hanuabada but efforts are being made to recruit people from around the country. “We are hoping to get a fast bowler or a batsman coming from these Western Highlands,” loku said, adding that it will take about four to five years before more players will come from the outer regions. In the game against Hong Kong last week, PnG lost by 29 runs, ending the team’s chances of making it to the World Cup next year in Bangladesh. despite their narrow loss, loku says the standard of cricket

in PnG has been rising, surpassing a lot of nations in europe and Asia. “Having two Papua new Guinea players represent the Brisbane Heat and Sydney Sixers is going to boost cricket in the country and the region as well and hope they get a game or two,” he said. “even if they don’t, at least they get the experience of working with these world class players in a highly professional manner and bring those skills back home to teach the youngsters.” loku says the team has a busy schedule with competitions in Adelaide and new Zealand over the next six months. - Paciic beat

PNG to play in Queensland Cup Po rT M o r eS B Y – rugby

league administrators in Papua new Guinea are confident the sport’s standard will be lifted as a result of the inclusion of a PnG team in the 2014 Queensland Cup. The PnG side will take part in a 13-strong 2014 tournament with home games to be played in Kokopo, north-east of Port Moresby. After a disappointing performance at the recent rugby league World Cup, officials believe the inclusion of a PnG team is an important part of the sport’s rebuilding process. More than 50 players are taking part in a selection camp – vying for a spot in the team – which will be formally announced later this month.

Chief executive of PnG rugby Football league, Brad Tassel, says the training squad is youth focused. “The whole aim is to give players an opportunity to progress in their league careers and open up a pathway into the nrl competition in Australia,” he said. “So the focus will be on youth and trying to build that youth – not only to give them an opportunity, but also to build it for the next World Cup in 2017.” PnG’s national rugby side, the Kumuls, struggled during this year’s rugby league World Cup, with losses to France, Samoa and new Zealand. Kumuls’ coach Adrian lam and high performance manager Mal Meninga have faced

criticism they are not “serious” about re-developing the game in PnG. Brad Tassel says joining the Queensland Cup will also help boost development domestically. “rugby league in Papua new Guinea has been on its knees, realistically, for the last 10 years,” he said. “There’s been no development that’s taken place over that time and PnG’s fallen further and further behind the rest of the world on a national stage.” Former PnG World Cup player and coach of the domestic rabaul team Michael Marum is the coach of the PnG side. The 13 team Queensland Cup competition kicks off in March. - ABC

Six months after the yacht nina disappeared in the tasman Sea, the families of the lost crew continue to hold hopes the 85-year-old schooner is still aloat. uS State department responded by saying new Zealand had suspended the search and would reopen it if any evidence was found. “They repeat it over and over until we are sick of hearing it,” she said. She knew she would have to decide soon whether her son was alive. “A lot of the families have given up hope of inding them alive,” Wootton said. “The time will come soon when we have to do that. At the moment there is a slight hope or miracle that they will be found.” Some were convinced nina was caught in currents in the


crew are in a limbo that could last for years. unless a body is found there will be no legal investigation despite it being the biggest disappearance in the Tasman since the coaster Kaitawa sank off Cape reinga in 1966 with the loss of 29 lives. The nina left opua in the Bay of Islands on May 29 bound for newcastle, Australia. It was last heard from on June 4, when conditions in the Tasman were similar to those that took the Kaitawa. on June 25 the rescue Coordination Centre began searching and with nothing found, called it off on July 4. A private group, Texas equuSearch, and families have raised money for air searches and used crowd sourcing to get 13,000 people around the world look-


london – Six months after the yacht nina disappeared, Sue Wootton is still switching on her computer every day to scan grainy satellite pictures of an empty Tasman Sea. “We are at it all day long, every day,” she said from london. She is looking for her 35-yearold son Matthew, one of the seven people aboard the missing 85-year-old American flagged schooner nina. An ardent environmentalist, Matt refused to ly, so hitched a ride on the yacht to Australia. “If we knew then what we know now, we would have said ‘for God sake get on a plane’,” she said. “What an awful sea it is to cross. We thought it was like crossing from France to england.” The families of the missing

mid-Tasman and that thanks to rain and ish, they were still alive. “There is nothing to say they are not alive,” she said. “I would love to see the faces of the people who have not helped us over the last six months.” nina’s fate is disputed in sailing circles. Critics claim it would have failed the standard “Cat-1” inspection Maritime new Zealand imposes on all locally flagged vessels leaving the country. Foreign-flagged boats are not required to face inspection. nina had a large amount of sail – although its last message said they were under bare

poles in a storm – but critics say it may have become “hogged” with age, meaning the centre or keel bent upward. Its sheer lines indicated the yacht’s back may have been broken. As well as Wootton, also lost with the nina were skipper david dyche III, 58, his wife, rosemary, 60, son david dyche IV, 17, evi nemeth, 73, Kyle Jackson, 27 and danielle Wright, 18. With substantial estates involved with dyche and nemeth, the ultimate word on their fate is likely to come in civil action in American courts. As far as new Zealand is concerned they’re lost. - Fairfax NZ News

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Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

leTTerS reta

A running track but no athletes in Cook Islands dear editor Congratulations to Malcolm Kajer for attending the world workshop of tennis coaching. This is one man who has consistently performed in his art as a tennis coach in the Cook Islands for going on to nearly 30 or more years. We have given him little or no support or accolade for what he has done. every week I see him on the courts with all level of players, espe-

cially the little ones learning the art of the game of tennis. I suppose he raised the money with the help of friends to fund his way to the workshop. In comparison with other sports, especially athletics, we have a million dollar allwealthier athletics running track but no runners. We have an athletics division in CISnoC but no athletes, no meetings, no training and no nothing – but

many international meetings to attend and many important coaching meetings and overseas meetings to attend and reports to read and many lights to catch and of course we must attend the South Paciic Games and the Commonwealth Games and the olympic games and the Arafura games – but no athletics in rarotonga. And by the way, the Manea games should be called a carnival not games

– we should stop fooling ourselves. When there is a major overseas event or meeting we rustle up some runners and some athletes to go with the usual entourage of oficials, coaches, masseurs and the odd MP or minister and a good time was had by all. We the public do not get to know how they got on or even whether our athletes made it to the starting line or are still

caught up in the queue for free breakfast buffet in the hotel. But we always celebrate the fact that the Cook Islands team were the “best dressed and the happiest” group marching onto the stadium during the opening and the closing ceremonies. of course they should be the happiest with the full stomachs and they don’t have to win because we do not expect them to. We just turn up because we

are a “nation” and must be invited to the “olympigs”. What a lucky nation we are. Very soon another lot will depart for the Commonwealth Games in the uK. A very long way to go. And it is all for the “experience” while in the meantime poor old Malcolm is still beating tennis balls with our little ones at nikao. Good on you Macolm. Kutu n ria

‘Conlict of interest’: an open letter to BTIB minister dear editor, This is an open letter to the Minister of BTIB – I would very much appreciate your thoughts on the following. In november 2013, Mr Terry rangi, chief executive officer of the Business Trade Investment Board (BTIB) registered ‘ngapuhi Filmworks ltd’ with the Ministry of Justice, here in rarotonga. Mr rangi holds a 70 per cent interest and his nonCook Islands ‘co-director’ (who has no Cook Island blood and is not a permanent resident) holds a 30 per cent interest. Mr rangi will be aware of the purpose of the development Investment (Investment Code) order 2003, which states: “Its purpose is to inform potential investors as well as the development Investment Board and others responsible for planning, promoting, or encouraging investment in the Cook Islands, of the following: (a) The investments and activities which merit encouragement; (b) The priorities attached to particular investments and activities; (c)

The kinds of activities reserved for Cook Islands enterprises; (d) The criteria by which foreign enterprises may be evaluated for approval to carry on a business in the Cook Islands.” Mr rangi’s company, as the name suggests, specialises in ‘ilmaking’ – the following link ( om/117189605313151077060/ about) cites Mr rangi’s co-director, as saying “filmaking is my passion”. While Mr rangi’s codirector purports to have a background in the ilm industry, Mr rangi is not mentioned at all and does not appear to have a ‘ilmaking’ background. It should be noted that ‘audio or video production’ is a ‘reserved Investment Area’ under Part d of the development Investment Code. This means that ‘ilmaking’ is an area reserved for Cook Islanders. “Part d. reserved investment areas Paragraph 3 (a) of Part C refers to the following reserved investment areas: …….. • Audio or video production, hire, or sale”

Mr rangi’s company is not ‘foreign’ partners/employees registered as a foreign enterprise. without having to meet the criThis means Mr rangi is not sub- teria in an area reserved for Cook ject to BTIB approval and does Islanders? You have to hand it to not fall under the same criteria as Mr rangi, if this is an attempt to a ‘foreign enterprise’. He escapes highlight: a) A method that allows ‘foreigners’ to remain here the scrutiny of the BTIB. Mr rangi’s co-director seems while operating in an area that to have been involved, and is in- is reserved for Cook Islanders; volved, in several film produc- b) The seeming ease with which tions, in the Cook Islands. Yes, one can gain (or attempt to gain) a work permit, in an we do have our very own ilmmakers liv- Is this a mechanism area that is reserved ing both here and allowing non-Cook for Cook Islanders; overseas, so, it is a Islanders to engage c) That being chief executive officer mystery as to how a ‘foreign’ partners/ of the body that is non-Cook Islander employees without supposed to police has managed to having to meet ‘The kinds of acgain employment the criteria in an tivities reserved for here. Has Mr rangi area reserved for Cook Islands enteror any other governCook Islanders? prises’, means that ment employee ever you can: i) engage attempted to engage Cook Islanders or advertise foreigners, ii) escape adherence for the services that Mr rangi’s to legislation iii) clip the ticket co-director seems to be fulfill- at the same time; then Mr rangi ing? Would Mr rangi or his co- has succeeded admirably. It also director care to advise the nature allows Mr rangi’s company to of the work and the entities who bid on government funded ilm have engaged Mr rangi’s now projects, ahead of ‘foreigners’ and co-director, since he irst arrived possibly other local ilmmakers even though he, himself, is not here in the Cook Islands? Perhaps there is a specialist a ‘ilmaker’. Sounds a bit like ‘inskill set that is not readily avail- sider trading’, doesn’t it? Presumably, the BTIB is aware able on the island – if that is the case, could Mr rangi advise how of Mr Rangi’s conlict of interest. that criteria was/is determined? Mr rangi is in a position which does Mr rangi’s co-director gives him access to commercially have, or ever had, a work permit/ sensitive information. Foreign residency status? If he does, how ilm crews routinely travel to the long has the work permit/resi- Cook Islands and need BTIB approval to operate here. But now dency status been valid? Is this a mechanism allowing that we have Mr rangi’s Filmaknon-Cook Islanders to engage ing Company, he will be able to

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

receive those applications before they are determined by the BTIB and maybe offer his own ‘local’ company as an alternate? That will keep all those pesky foreigners out of the picture(s) – ensuring that a ‘local’ company is given irst ‘dibs’ – even if the actual ‘ilmaker’ in said company is not a local. Perhaps this is what the BTIB means by the ‘Go local’ campaign? Comments please. Teremoana

Terry Rangi responds: I am a Cook Islander. like every Cook Islander I am able to start a business and form a company because that freedom in our country allows it. recently I formed a local company ngapuhi Filmworks ltd with Mr lennie Hill, a good friend of mine who I have known for 20 years from my time living in Auckland, new Zealand. It is a private company but I am happy to share and disclose this. This information is readily available in the BTIB monthly Business Gazette publication, obtained from our public records. As a local company I am the major shareholder and beneiciary with a 70 per cent shareholding and my partner has a 30 per cent stake. My involvement in this matter was fully disclosed to the BTIB board. The suggestion made by your letter writer that I have a conlict of interest is silly. There is no conlict of interest. I have never been in a position nor am I likely to be in a position where I have made

or will make a decision which would benefit my company directly. The BTIB operates under the decision making authority of a board and in any case the BTIB does not tender for ilm contract work. As a company startup we are slowly finding our feet and obviously looking for opportunities. The issue of whether or not I have a ilm making background is not relevant, that is a matter that I as a shareholder will have to address. Clearly lennie Hill provides those skills in ilm making and digital media platforms. In the last nine months lennie has worked with numerous Cook Islanders to build their capacity and advance their learning as well as voluntary work for organisations such as the Cook Islands national Council of Women and the Ministry of Culture. This he has done at no cost. What is not obvious to your letter writer is that we are a local enterprise and have broken no laws. I am fully aware that your letter writer is not a Cook Islander but has written this letter under the pen name of ‘Teremoana”. He is in fact a disgruntled and overpriced expat ilm maker or wannabe ilm maker who sees it to have a go at a Cook Islander and at the same time be critical of a “foreigner” when he himself went through the same situation many years ago. Paolo, come and see me and let’s work together for the beneit of the industry as a whole. Terry rangi

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Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

Grey Power ‘taxation solution’ dear editor, The Grey Power protest is developing into an uprising similar to those occurring around the globe as populations in distress take their governments to

task over recessionary pressures. It has to be said if this protest by Grey Power is not resolved soon it will cost us dearly, if I may explain! Since developed economies

crashed in late 2008 and sent the globe into recession visitors to our shores defied global tourism downturn and increased, by an amazing 28.46 per cent, because the Cook Islands is seen

as a safe haven free of terrorism and uprisings of the nature now pursued by Grey Power. needless to say tourism will suffer if we don’t resolve this. As to the solution, we have to look back

World Cup challenge a game to remember dear editor, now that the dust has settled somewhat, and the teams are all firmly entrenched back in their boxes, can I just add my comment on what has been a fantastic, well organised, well supported 2013 World Cup over here in the united Kingdom. The levels of rugby have been second to none; the individual teams have come on in leaps and bounds since the 2008 disaster and the sportsmanship superb! of course none of this is pos-

sible without organisation, not just here in the u K, but from teams from far and wide who love their rugby league – that includes your own Cook Islands team. I was one of the many supporters who went to my home town team ground of leigh Centurions to watch Cook Islands take on Tonga in what was an excellent game of rugby, watched by a near enough sell-out crowd who enjoyed a great competitive game. even though Cook Islands lost 22-16,

your team did a full walk about around the ground afterwards to meet and greet as many as possible of the spectators who wanted to say hello and shake their hand or have a photograph taken (I was one of those lucky to have my pic taken with the team captain). They were a credit to their islands and their sport, as many supporters spoke of later, and I must admit it was so fulilling just to be there. Watching a game played with such fervour and speed was breath taking,

and one just could not take one eye off the game. I know it takes two to make a game to remember, and Tonga and the Cook Islands did just that. Thanks to anyone who was there that night from the Cook Islands and Tonga, it’s a game I shall remember for many years to come. Good luck in the future, and look forward to seeing you in ive years’ time. Brian naylor and leigh lancashire

Netball selection ‘unprofessional’ dear editor, I would like to ask the Cook Islands netball Association to clarify a few things that have been bugging my niece and I. We live on Aitutaki, and my niece was earmarked by the Cook Islands netball Association in your newspaper in September 2013, saying that she was selected by the association for the squad to represent the Cook Islands net-

ball team. She attended one training session in rarotonga in the beginning of october and was told that another training session would be held end of october. As she lives on Aitutaki she was asked to do her own training and itness programme. She trained since then, however stopped when she realised the newly selected squad did not

include her to play Singapore. Since her last trip to raro in September, she never heard back from the Cook Islands netball Association, nor has she been contacted whatsoever. I had tried to contact the organisation and spoke to one of the employees. I had informed her of the situation and was told that the netball coach will get back to me.

I am still awaiting a response! So my question to the Cook Island netball Association is; 1} Is this a normal procedure in your selection? 2} Is there politics involved? 3} Is it personal? 4} Or is it inance? I ind this to be very unprofessional! Please explain! rima Mata, Concerned aunty

to see what happened in order ing in public that our pensionto resolve this matter and move ers won’t pay tax is not good forward. To follow is a snapshot with 67 per cent of our visitors of relevant events that I believe coming from new Zealand; it’s like being in their face and sayoccurred: 1. our previous government ing we will defraud them and a asked new Zealand’s govern- recipe for backlash against Grey ment to let it tax returning Cook Power and possibly our tourism. And beating up on inancial Islanders with portable new Zealand pensions so it can have secretary richard neeves for some money, and new Zealand’s taxing our pensioners as congovernment agreed. In doing tracted by government is unfair, because he is duty so I believe both governments defrauded “…our previous bound to implement new Zealand taxpay- government led policy. And spare a thought for the ers of their tax entiour returning Minister of Finance tlement, but being pensioners to Mark Brown, as he is lawmakers it is legalbelieve they compelled to look at ised fraud. didn’t have to austerity measures 2. But then our pay tax, by not such as taxation to previous government taxing them.” keep our economy decided not to tax reafloat in these days turning pensioners and breached its agreement of recession. on where to from here, painwith new Zealand’s government, resulting in returning ful as it maybe the proper thing pensioners avoiding tax they to do is for this government would’ve paid in new Zealand. to terminate the agreement to This is not our returning pen- tax our pensioners and let new Zealand’s government tax them, sioners’ fault. 3. And then our current gov- as it should be, with back tax ernment tries to collect back forgiven. Perhaps Mark Brown tax accrued from our returning and Mr neeves might consider pensioners to correct a breach sourcing concessional finance of contract by our previous gov- and allowing our private sector ernment, which is unfair if not to grow our tourism-led econoimproper, because our previous my on the back of 28.46 per cent government led our returning increase in visitors, so they can pensioners to believe they didn’t abort taxation that inlicts pain have to pay tax, by not taxing for little gain and pay for our them. I think we all know where infrastructure developments, the fault lies for this spectacle and so our government can stop and it’s not with Grey Power. begging! And opposition members toutTim Tepaki


193 disadvantaged children: why?

Xmas bonus

radefcefmlbeer 2013

A SMoKe SIGnAller writes: “The 193 tags hanging on the

Westpac Christmas tree representing 193 disadvantaged young Cook Islanders is a wonderful gesture, but does it not raise the question of how such a small community of people can have 193 disadvantaged children? At say ive persons average family size, that must represent almost 2000 people living in inancial disadvantage. Is that acceptable in a nation where we are constantly reminded that our country is founded on Christian principles? Do our churches, family welfare oficials, politicians and business people find that acceptable? do all of our grandiose plans for tourism, energy independence, mining of the sea, horribly costly water upgrade and the like really take precedence over assuring there is not one single underprivileged child in this tiny country?”

NEW WATER PIPES “Are THe PIPeS for the new water system on rarotonga really ‘made in China’?” a smoke signaller asks. “Would this be the same China where the baby formula ‘made in China’ was deliberately poisoned? Who will be testing these pipes to see if the manufacturer used materials that are non-toxic? Glass of water anyone?”

FRIday 13

angi ava marae, murienua, aror drawn at 8pm at the te man

‘GET CLOSE TO JESUS’ In rePlY To Thursday’s smokie about whether Bishop Tutai Pere

and the Apostolic Church celebrate Christmas, a smoke signaller writes: “My reply to you is this; we don't damn anyone at all celebrating Christmas. We are merely preaching and reminding you what the Bible says since obviously you have gone off track and do not know what it is. otherwise, you wouldn’t have asked such a silly question would you? Pastor Pere was merely reminding you, dear. Come and get close to Jesus; better still, if you have trouble inding Him, get on top of your problem, which is where Jesus our Saviour is. Put your ive cents in the plate on Sunday to pay pastor so he can give you more good spiritual advice. Smile, Jesus loves a happy giver.”

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- Rachel Smith

Do you think the minimum wage should increase and if so by how much?

Vaeau Temu

Ioane Tumii

Mata Vavia

Taria Atuatika

Rebeca Tangaroa

Yes it should go up to $10 Yes it should increase, up I think it should come I think it should go up by Yes I think it should an hour. to $7–$10 an hour. up to $7 to provide more at least $3, to $8 an hour. increase to $8. money for young mothers to feed their children.

Eliza Charlie Yes they should increase it to $8. It’s time to increase.

Karina Teinangaro Yes, it should go up to $10 an hour.

Davini Tupou Yes I do – it should be $10 an hour.


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

Tourism venture pays dividend to Atiuans neArlY every person in Atiu

has been paid a $20 dividend by a local couple who believe the community should be beneiting inancially from their tourism venture. Kura and roger Malcolm, who own Atiu Villas, have started charging their guests an extra $5 per night and then distributing that money between locals once a year. on Monday, all but about 20 of Atiu’s 467 residents received $20 each, out of a total dividend of $9010 earned in the 2012 year. That dividend was made available through a local store, where about half of those eligible turned up to collect their payout. roger said he and his wife started the initiative because tourists do not come to Atiu just to sleep at Atiu Villas – they also come to see the island’s beauty

and meet the warm, welcoming local residents. “The people of Atiu are an extremely important part in giving our guests an unforgettable experience. In this way, every Atiuan has become a partner in our tourist business.” While some locals are already benefiting directly from the tourism industry, most are not, he said. “Some of you may feel we take advantage of your friendliness and so we would like to introduce a direct way to compensate you,” the couple said in a public statement last month. The $20 dividend paid on Monday went to every adult, child and baby not making money from tourism and who is “normally a resident” on the island. roger said he wanted to offer the dividend months ago but there has been no television sta-

tion running on the island. “We wanted to announce it on TV. You’re giving some money to everyone and you want them to know why they’re getting it,” he said. “We’ll be doing this each year. It’s a way of giving something back.” Another reason for offering the dividend is to prevent residents becoming resentful towards the tourism industry, roger said. “What we’re trying to avoid is what’s happening in rarotonga and possibly Aitutaki where people started resenting money being made out of the beaches and their attractions. They get nothing and feel cheated.” roger said about half of those eligible still need to go to the Centre Store and collect their dividend. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Atiu residents Titiama John, partner Neti Kae and baby Twin holding groceries bought using $60 paid to them by Atiu Villas on Monday. 13120501

Government plans outer island agriculture AGrICulTure minister Kiriau Turepu laid out the government’s plans for developing the sector in the outer islands yesterday in parliament. Turepu was responding to a question by Mangaia member of parliament Winton Pickering, who asked the minister what plans are in place to boost agricultural output in the pa enua. “Minister, it’s always been a concern of mine as far as outer islands are concerned,” said the Mangaia MP. Pickering said the late Sir robert Wigmore implemented some

programmes to “kick start” the agriculture industry in Mangaia. “As you would appreciate, there is little else that is going to happen to create jobs,” he said. “Have you put in place, are you anticipating to put in place, a inance package… to kick start agriculture in the outer islands? “We are not in the position to set up nursery after nursery. It’s time that we get out there and do some planting,” he said, after saying it’s time to “seriously look at this situation”. responding to Pickering, the agriculture minister said “I as-

sure you, there is a plan in place”, before pointing to a package for $1.5 million to assist the outer islands in developing commodities such as noni, taro, vanilla, maire and market vegetables. “The focus is to ind ways that we will in the end beneit from what we plant,” he said. “The idea, and I supported that … is that we should look at crops that should not be dificult to look after, and when it is ready, we can market it.” Turepu – who received kind words from Titikaveka MP Sel napa as well as Pickering for his

handling of the portfolio – encouraged the various island administrations to visit rarotonga to consult with the agriculture ministry. “We can explain things and they can go back and tell the people,” he said. Turepu said while most of the

for the outer islands,” he said. In closing, Turepu offered growers some tips with regards to maire and vanilla. “I prefer that it be planted in shade, because it’s simpler to pick when it is ready and it will not need much staff,” he said. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Parliament discusses pine trees on Mangaia during question period on Thursday, Tamarua Member of Parliament Tetangi Matapo resurrected the issue of pine trees on Mangaia – a problem that has festered on the island for over 20 years. “What is government going to do to remove the pine trees on the island?” asked Matapo. “What I have heard is that government has returned the problem to the Mangaians to deal with this problem themselves.” Matapo said the initial idea for planting the pine trees – later identiied speciically as the tropical Caribbean pine – was to stop soil erosion. “nowadays, the pines have matured and spread on the hills.

Vanilla plants on the island of Mangaia. Yesterday in parliament, Mangaia MP Winton Pickering asked the government to provide details on plans to boost agriculture in the outer islands. 13120656

agriculture budget remains in rarotonga, the ministry is currently trying to include a budget allocated to the outer islands. “I am asking outer island MP’s or members to ind out what is needed on those islands to inform us here in rarotonga, and to ight for this budget required

It has been said that this could be the source of water shortages on the island,” she said. “If the problem is being put back to us, how are we going to do that, because we don’t have the necessary machinery?” responding for government, health minister nandi Glassie said the trees were planted to stabilise the soil after the growing of pineapple was abandoned. A secondary use was to provide cheap wood for building purposes, with a mill available on the island. Glassie said removal of the trees is solely the responsibility of the island council. Question period concluded before Matapo was given a chance

to address the ruling government’s answer to her question. It has been said that substantial portions of land on the island were abandoned after the collapse of a once-thriving pineapple industry, exposing the soil to the elements and making the land vulnerable to erosion. To alleviate the erosion, a solution developed and favoured included the planting and growing of the pine trees. After two decades, some of the trees have grown to heights of 30 to 35 metres, and according to the local island authorities and farmers, they are the cause of the island’s water shortages. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Five arrested after spike in robberies A SPATe of robberies over the past few weeks has resulted in police arresting ive men, all with previous criminal histories. detective inspector Areumu Ingaua said seven robberies were reported to police last Thursday and another ive the next day. “I was surprised to see this amount in one day,” Ingaua said. “The good news is that we’ve apprehended ive offenders from most of the burglaries that occurred between last week and today (Friday).” Ingaua said the spike in thefts appears to be tied to the extra number of visitors in rarotonga last week for Vaka eiva.

He said some but not all of the burglary victims were here for the event. The light-ingered men arrested were aged between 15 and 31 years old, and all had previous criminal histories. Ingaua said the men had committed last week’s offences independently of each other. Police have managed to recover some of the stolen items, including a television, mobile phones, iPads and cash. “Most of it has not been recovered though,” Ingaua said. “We’re going to ask for costs to be paid.” Ingaua refused to say how po-

lice discovered who the offenders were. “That is conidential information,” he said. Some of the men have already appeared in court this week, and of those that have, all were released on bail. “That’s disappointing to me,” Ingaua said. “They all have a history of this, but it’s beyond our control.” Ingaua said another three men were arrested last week for being “unlawfully found on a resort accommodation” on the evening of Friday november 29. He would not name the resort involved. - Ben Chapman-Smith


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

Careless botch-up causes havoc in parliament TroPiCal


A weekly opinion piece by Opposition Leader

Wilkie Rasmussen AS I GeT older I notice that I

am bent on proper procedures, a stickler for rules and a fairly orderly person, a “creature of habit”, some would say. To some, such people are nuisances; they irritate those around them. In the world of youth such people are “nerds” and in the hustle bustle of manual labourers, they are a “pain in the ass”. don’t get the wrong impression, here; I’m not putting myself down or those with similar attitude to life. Instead, what I’m saying is that applying a sense of order into the way things are done gives clarity and of course

consistency. The law is devel- tion brought to the attention of oped in this way; consistency of the house an irregularity. Sumdecisions and principles. By that mons signed by the new Qr people it can claim legitimacy of Tom Marsters called Members the ways things are done and de- of Parliament to come to parliament on november 2, 2013 but cisions made. Parliament has had its fair he signed the summons on noshare of controversies and in- vember 20, 2013. The mistake deed challenges to its procedures is obvious isn’t it? However, it and rules. In 2006 for instance, so appears a correct summons the Queen’s representative of was then produced summoning the day Sir Frederick Goodwin MP’s top parliament on decemdissolved parliament and called ber 2. But unfortunately that secnew elections. There was furor ond summons was never distriband a chorus of questions was uted to the opposition MP’s with leveled at government lawyers, the exception of one MP. All of this kafufle posed politicians and so many questions indeed the Prime The opposition was that I called for the Minister and Qr. in fact ready to walk speaker to put parAt the heart of out of parliament liament into recess these questions was bearing concerns and seek the views whether this dissothat the business of Crown law. A lution was proper and bills passed number of govin procedure and ernment ministers in the irst two therefore was it lewere of course ingitimate. of course days of parliament censed by this and the debate raged may have been put up excuses but the fact of the procedurally and explanations matter is the deciinvalidated and the that may auger sion had been made sitting of parliament well in debate of and a new election therefore was principles but not date was set. I beunconstitutional. towards achieving lieve the debate still an acceptable solucontinues today as there are some that swear that tion. The opposition was in fact the Qr’s action was unconstitu- ready to walk out of parliament bearing concerns that the busitional. In parliament on Wednesday, ness and bills passed in the irst the sitting was brought to a halt two days of parliament may have when I as leader of the opposi- been procedurally invalidated

and the sitting of parliament therefore was unconstitutional. The whole saga was in fact ignited by a letter to the editor in this newspaper from former parliamentary clerk and local businessman John Scott. He raised this oversight by the QR’s ofice and indeed by government. I note that he wrote a second letter to the editor yesterday, pointing out the lack of care taken when preparing and distributing the summons. His points are certain-

rates will give workers more purchasing power but any spare money in their pockets will be taken out by an increase in VAT, says the Cook Islands Workers Association (CIWA). Anthony Turua, president of CIWA, said his association is “generally happy” with the government’s tax review, which will start coming into effect from the start of next year. The income tax threshold has been increased to $11,000 which equates to anyone that is earning around $6 an hour per annum. Turua said lowering the tax rate for higher income earners and abolishing tax on secondary

employment is also great news for workers who are finding it tough to buy basic commodities. However, workers are “not too happy” with the increase in Value Added Tax (VAT), which is going up from 12.5 per cent to 15 per cent on April 1, he said. “Although workers get more money in their pocket in terms of purchasing power but it’s all taken out in VAT … all basic commodities, rental, power, and communications will all go up by 2.5 per cent, therefore there is very little gain for workers.” Turua said CIWA also welcomes the “long overdue” abolishment of the 15 per cent withholding tax.

“The increase in social welfare is also being welcomed by CIWA and we must admit that we have a growing aging population and government recognised the initiative to provide extra funding to cater to our elderly.” on the other hand, pension taxation is not being welcomed by the workers. “They feel that our elderly have already paid their tax during their working years and they are now being penalised to continue paying tax for their wellearned pension savings,” Turua said. “A simple legislation change should be able to remedy this situation to exempt taxation on

solved and before the end of business of the day, parliament re-convened. Clearly, then, notice 1 was invalid but notice 2 was valid and although Standing order 53 was breached when notice 2 was not given to opposition MP’s, the fact that MP’s including opposition ones turned up on december 2 meant that parliament can sit legitimately. In any event such carelessness cannot be tolerated in this business of law making.

Formal Colagate inquiry to begin in the new year A ForMAl inquiry into the practises behind the Colagate scandal will begin in the new year. Avatiu member of parliament John Henry - who chairs the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) - said the inquiry will focus on importers who split their invoices for favourable customs treatment and inancial advantage. The PAC - a parliamentary group - was tasked last June with the job of looking into “the practise of certain importers splitting invoices for goods on which duty is calculated and payable”. The public accounts committee consists of Henry, ngatangiia MP Atatoa Herman, Aitutaki MP

Workers welcome tax cuts but not VAT rise CuTS To personal income tax

ly taken on board but in terms of political point scoring the democratic Party won that day hands down. It caused havoc to the government and for all the public to see that sloppiness will not go unnoticed by the opposition. Summons and standing orders were re-examined to verify the legitimacy of the sitting of parliament among other relevant issues for all to consider so this sort of thing does not happen again. Indeed the matter was re-

our pensioners’ well earn retired income.” He said there will be some budget losers in the changes and CIWA will be monitoring where the revenue recovery will come from and that both private and public sector workers are not being compromised or disadvantaged. “I’m not sure if this tax review will address the issue of ongoing migration and depopulation of our young workers, however it’s a start,” Turua said. Another issue that needs to be looked at is the annual living wage, which needs to combat the ever-increasing inlation rate. - CIWA/BCS

Mona Ioane, opposition leader Wilkie rasmussen, and former Prime Minister Jim Marurai. To date, the committee has been holding informal hearings in the lead up to the formal inquiry. Yesterday, Henry said a number of individuals have appeared before the committee, including customs officer ngapoko ngatamaine, robin Bullen and david long from the Cook Islands Trading Corporation (CITC), and richard Barton from the Bond Store. An initial audit report looking into Colagate, dated July 29, 2011, focused primarily on CITC for avoiding “... paying the full levy on their soft-drink imports by separating contents from

packaging on their invoices”. The report found that CITC had undertaken “the practise of splitting the value of the whole product between liquid contents and packaging, well before 1998” with an estimated loss in government revenue of at least $1.2 million. A subsequent audit ofice review tabled in parliament this week has broadened that focus after looking at several other local importers that “had also undertaken the same practise from approximately 2006”. Additional losses in government revenue cited in the new report are valued at over $72,000. - Emmanuel Samoglou

public notice


PavemenT arT comPeTiTion

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE When: Friday 20th December 2013 Venue: Lagoon side of the Avarua CBD, opposite Foodland Limited to the school pupils/students of the Cook Islands 5 to a team plus 1 parent! Criteria and Registration Forms available. Registrations close Friday 13th December, 3pm. Contact: Trade and Marketing Staf, Taimata Allsworth or Te Tuhi Kelly. Phone: 24-296 or email: taimata. for further information. 777

Wigmore’s suPersTore sPenD $30 or more

To go in The DraW To Win one of The folloWing PriZes.

firsT PriZe: 1 X 40” samsung leD Tv

seConD PriZe: 1 X gaZebo 3mX6m 1 X 4 burner bbQ 1 X leg ham 1 X CTn ChiCken

ThirD PriZe: 1 X 4 burner bbQ 1 X bloCk Cube roll beef 1 X CTn 10kg ChiCken l/Q’s 1 X CTn 16 lTr iCe Cream

fourTh PriZe: 1 X 4 burner bbQ 2 X CTn 10kg ChiCken l/Qs 1 X CTn 16lTr iCe Cream

fifTh PriZe: 1 X Whole Pig 1 X CTn 10kg ChiCken 1 X CTn 16 lTr iCe Cream

DraWn ThursDay 19Th DeCember aT 6.00Pm sharP. Please noTe you have To be PresenT To Claim your PriZe.


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

! s e i r o m e m e Thanksforth

‘The golden girls’

‘The ramp kings’


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

Public invited to taste award-winning dishes AWArd-WInnInG food will

feature in a series of dinners at little Polynesian resort from tomorrow. After bringing home two silver medals from the Paciic Culinary Challenge held in Guam in September, president of the Cook Islands Chefs Association Sam Timoko and little Polynesian chef Teraitua CuthersBoxhoorn will be giving diners a taste of success with an eightcourse degustation menu. Timoko will be preparing the dishes that won the silver medals, featuring local products cooked and prepared with modern style techniques. Cuthers-Boxhoorn will be preparing dishes to take diners on a journey of new ideas and skills that he is practising as a chef in the Cooks. Timoko said Cuthers-Boxhoo-

rn – who represented the Cooks in April in the Toque d’or competition where he brought home a bronze medal with teammate dayna Tuiravakai – is a “very focussed young man full of ideas and very passionate in his craft”. The evenings will include eight delicious courses with wines to match, as well as entertainment. The menu, which is the same each night, will begin with home-baked bread and dips. The second course will be pana uto with smoked game ish and green mango salad, prepared by Timoko. The third course – tuna carpaccio with lime coconut conit, prepared by Cuthers-Boxhoorn – will be followed by sorbet. The main courses will be Timoko’s twice-cooked pork belly on crisp kuru and shallot with candied coconut and snake

bean salad, followed by CuthersBoxhoorn’s cured duck breast with saffron pasta, ratatouille and lightened haricot bean puree. dessert will include ‘popo nimomoto’ with vanilla, lime and coconut dumplings and poached local fruits, prepared by Timoko. This will be followed by CuthersBoxhoorn’s vanilla cheesecake with caramelised biscuits and kiwifruit mint midori coulis, and ‘pineapple ravioli’ – pineapple ‘pasta’ with mango crème fraiche and chilli illing. The dinners to celebrate the pair’s recent success in Guam will be held tomorrow, Tuesday and Friday from 6.30pm at little Polynesian in Titikaveka. Tickets are $90 and can be booked by phoning little Polynesian on 24290. - Briar Douglas

Local chef Teraitua Cuthers-Boxhoorn (left) and Cook Islands Chefs Association president Sam Timoko (right) were sponsored by Little Polynesian manager Sam Napa to travel to Guam to represent the Cook Islands in September, where they won two silver medals. 13092633

Power discount could save $20,000 A CHrISTMAS discount being

offered by Te Aponga uira could potentially save its customers a combined $20,000. The crown-owned power authority is currently offering a 5 per cent discount to all customers with overdue accounts. Chief executive Apii Timoti said the gesture from Te Aponga’s board is in keeping with “the spirit of the festive season”. “It offers customers lagging behind in payments a nice incentive for them to clear the overdue sections of their ac-

counts but it is only temporary leading up to the holidays and will expire on Christmas eve.” As at the end of october, Te Aponga was owed a combined $434,000 by customers with overdue accounts. “So if everybody cleared their overdue accounts, those customers would keep $20,000 with the 5 per cent discount,” Timoti said. He said Te Aponga uses discounts “sparingly” but decided to start offering the 5 per cent discount in december last year,

in appreciation of customers who pay their monthly accounts on time. “We treasure that kind of loyalty and naturally we are happy to reward it by giving back a discount.” To take up the offer, customers simply need to pay the outstanding amount and the discount will given on the spot. Te Aponga provides 90 per cent of the Cook Islands’ electricity demand and its monthly billings average $1.6 million. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Matariki FM to air programme from sister station in Germany loCAl station Matariki FM will be airing a specially made programme by its German sister radio station this Sunday. Matariki F M and radio Tonkuhle in the city of Hildesheim Germany have a special relationship, where the two stations share snippets of each nations’ culture through an exchange of radio programmes which are aired in each respective country. In december last year, radio Tonkuhle produced an hourlong radio programme for Matariki FM describing the City of Hildesheim, with messages from the Mayor of Hildesheim Kurt Machens and accompanied with “big brass band sounds”, said Matariki FM owner William Framhein. “radio Tonkuhle have pro-

duced their second programme for us, which will go to air on Sunday at midday,” he said. “I have had a listen to it and it is very good.” Matariki FM in return produced its own hour-long radio programme, “giving a snapshot of the Cook Islands with messages to the people of Hildesheim by Prime Minister Henry Puna and 100 per cent Cook Islands music”. That programme went to air in Germany in May and June this year. Sunday’s show has been produced by teacher Henrike Stein’s english class, which consists of 11 girls and 11 boys, aged 14-15. “They are in year nine and have been studying english for four years,” said Stein. “They love music and sports, as you can

see from the topics of the show.” “our school is called Gymnasium Himmelsthür, located in the northwest part of Hildesheim. Many of our students come from the villages around Hildesheim,” he said. Stein said it took the class two weeks to produce the radio show and involved additional instructors who provided information about the Cook Islands and Matariki FM. “After that, the students chose topics they wanted to include, wrote texts, practised them and decided on their music. Finally we visited radio Tonkuhle to record our show.” Be sure to tune in on Sunday to indulge in some authentic German culture, specially prepared for the Cook Islands. - Emmanuel Samoglou

TAU chief executive oicer Apii Timoti lanked by former Chamber of Commerce president Steve anderson (left) and new Zealand foreign minister Murray McCully at the avatiu valley power station in May 2011. 13120247

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Hop in and ask Nick about these German students have produced an hour-long radio programme for Matariki FM, complete with descriptions of their city and “big brass sounds”. The programme airs this Sunday at midday. 13120607

south seas international



Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

Xmas celebrations at Aquarius CHrISTMAS celebrations will

be starting early at Aquarius Paciic this year. The Coral Club Bar and Grill is offering a great way to start the season of celebrations, with a range of special Christmas menus. “There are a series of different menus to suit everyone,” said new manager Tony Bullivant. This includes a range of what he describes as sit down menus, as well as a BBQ buffet and a Christmas-style buffet with the traditional glazed ham, with the option to personalise the menu for individual groups if needed. “It’s a great venue,” said Bullivant, with the restaurant able to cater for large groups of up to 120, as well as provide the perfect spot for a quiet coffee. It is the location which Bullivant sees as one of the best parts of eating out at Coral Club though, with unrestricted sea

views and tables perched right on the beach edge. It is also proving to be a favourite spot for families - the adults having a glass of wine while the kids take a swim in the pool, and all enjoying a tasty pizza for dinner. Sunday is a popular time for the child friendly restaurant, says Bullivant, with breakfast fare on offer, as well as burgers, ish, steak, wraps and pizza for lunch and dinner. The fun continues during the evening, with the Coral Club’s new beach side BBQ and live entertainment from a local string band. The Coral Club Bar and Grill at Aquarius Pacific, located in Panama opposite the airport, is open from 8am seven days a week, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Call 21003 for reservations and takeaways. - Rachel Smith

Dawn Crummer provides some poolside service for Peter Hansen and Louise Franklind, with daughter Elisa Franklind, at the Coral Club Bar and Grill at Aquarius Paciic. 13112810

Titikaveka holds prize giving ceremony SenIor students were celebrat-

ed and farewelled by their peers and teachers at Titikaveka College prize giving ceremony on Thursday. Academic as well as sporting achievements were recognised and awarded on the day as par-

ents and family members gathered at the Titikaveka Ara Apii Sabati hall. The day began with a turou by year 8 student Warren ngamata who had his own haul of certiicates including top junior Maori and Culture student.

The hall erupted in cheers and applause as students stood up to accept their awards and made their way back to their seats with gorgeous ei’s. Between the presentation of certificates and trophies, students treated their parents and

friends to performances including piano playing, singing and a gorgeous choir performance. Wiremu Temata was awarded the dux trophy for 2013 but he didn’t stop there, taking home two other special awards – Sports Person of the Year and the Senior Scientist award. The principal’s service award and the umeia te Marokura award for best all round student went to Johnjones Slliu. Also receiving special awards were Tirina oti for top senior student in Cook Islands Maori and Culture and Hannah Ioteva for Proxime Accessit. The day of celebration was ended with the singing of the

school song and benediction before students hurried out of the hall to congratulate friends. - Peka Fisher

Titikaveka prize giving list Year 12 – Tirina oti – most improved in Tourism, 1st in Maori, Tikalasi Paul – most improved in Science, Pastor Zekaria – most improved in Maths and Maori, Atinata Atera – most consistent in english, most improved in Graphics, 3rd in Home econimics, Graphics, most improved sernior, nina rima – most improved in english, 3rd in Tourism and Graphics, best senior attendance, Travella Pukeiti – most improved in Pe/Health, Graphics, 2nd in Home eco-

nomics, riana Cuthers-Boxhoorn – 2nd in ICT, Apii Atuatika – most consistent in Tourism, 1st in ICT, Tiamai Williams, 2nd in Tourism, 1st in Home economics, Graphics, Johnjones eliu – most consistent in Science, 2nd in english, Maths, Science, Pe, Jedrek engu – 3rd in Maths, Science, Pe/Health, 1st in english, Hannah Ioteva – most consistent in Maths, ICT, most improved in ICT, 3rd in english, ICT, 2nd in Graphics, 1st in Tourism, Wiremu Temata – 1st in Science, Pe/Health, Maths.

Arorangi celebrates success, Celebrations at Avarua School, page 17

Family and parents were welcomed at the door by this bunch of lovely ladies (from left) tiana Ngarua, Yvannah Parker, Alma Tangirere and Teenah Numanga. 13120603


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

Te Uki Ou celebrates 2013 APII Te uki ou celebrated another successful school year on Friday morning, with the school community joining in on the fun. “It’s a time for us to reflect on the good time at Te uki ou and the good memories,” said teacher Teia Poturu, adding that the day was a time to celebrate together. It was also a time for the school to recognise students who had worked hard over the year, with each class presenting awards for academic success, as well as most

improved, top sports people and citizenship awards. The citizenship awards recognise students who have been great citizens of the school over the year, with Sharimoana Poila taking away this award for 2013. Jaedon Bates was awarded the top academic prize for the year of dux, enjoying his success with a huge smile. “I am happy as I am moving onto a new stage in my life,” said Bates. “I am also sad as I have a very strong connection to this school.”

Students from each classroom had put in hours of practise for their items for the day, with the school community cheering on their efforts. early childhood education duties began the morning’s celebrations, leading the school in the national anthem, with other entertainment including an awesome rendition of the Grease megamix, island dancing and rap. Year one and two students twisted up a storm, bringing parents and teachers up to dance

with them, while year seven and eight students combined their study of poetry, rap and drama for their performance. “It is all about accepting people for who they are,” said student Sigourney drewery, as the class danced and sang their way through the Black eyed Peas song ‘Where is the love’. The school also farewelled three of its teachers – nikki Shanley, eve reea and Michelle Pillay, with new teachers for 2014 in the process of being ap- RS pointed.

“2 minuTes Drive from The airPorT”

Weekendspecials available7-8DeCember

simmons Chicken leg Quarters 10kg



eggs Trays



It was a time to celebrate the end of a fun year at school for year one and two students and teachers James Keen and Eve Reea, at Apii Te Uki Ou. 13120647

bars bacon 454g



Apii Te Uki Ou dux for 2013 was awarded to an ecstatic Jaedon Bates. 13120649

kiwi soft Toilet Tissue 12pk

Sharimoana Poila, all dressed up for her Grease megamix performance, received the overall citizenship of the year award. 13120646

Ruby Newport, Olive Easterbrook and Gabrielle Tolosa are all ready to take the stage for the early childhood education item at Apii Te Uki Ou’s prizegiving on Friday. 13120648




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Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

The wonders of coconut oil to aid with fighting off bacterial and viral infections, with a huge growth in the market for its use over recent years. Coconut oil is high in saturated fats, making it slow to oxidise and become rancid, with this high level in saturated fats one of the reasons that many health organisations advise against the consumption of high amounts of coconut oil. “What you read online has to be taken with a grain of salt,” said lisa Kobs, a dietician from uW-la Crosse in the united States. “I think eating or taking something and expecting that one thing to have a huge difference is not wise. looking at what someone is eating in his or her entire diet is what determines whether it is healthy or not. Saying something is healthy or unhealthy needs to incorporate the whole diet.” Websites such as www.coconutoil. com, however, say that the oil has been traditionally used for thousands of years and that the research on the health beneits of coconut oil has existed for a very long time. They cite lauric acid as one substance which coconut oil is very rich in, with research dating back 50 years that indicate lauric acid’s use in combating pathogens. on other sites coconut oil is also promoted as being cholesterol free, although it still contributes to cholesterol, and as an oil that can raise the ‘good’, high density lipoprotein (Hdl), cholesterol. For Cook Islanders the use of coconut oil is already part of an everyday routine for many, with Pa Marie Ariki encouraging all to take advantage of the resources that are all around us. - Rachel Smith

Pa Marie Ariki wants Cook Islanders to recognise the nutritional value of coconut oil, alongside that of drinking nu. 12021401

hearT Diseases

Health check for MOIP

CoConuT water is not the only coconut-based product that has been receiving attention overseas recently, with coconut oil being lauded as the next health wonder product. “The proiles of coconut water and oil have been raised by the multitude of purported health beneits linked to their consumption,” said laura Jones, Global Food Science Analyst at Mintel. “Coconut oil has been implicated in strengthening the immune system, as well as helping to prevent obesity.” It is this link to obesity, and particularly in ighting obesity and both Type 1 and 2 diabetes, that has Pa Tepaeru Teariki upokotini Marie Ariki interested. Pa Marie Ariki has long been an advocate for making the most of the natural foods available in the Cook Islands, especially when it comes to drinking nu. She encourages the use of coconut oil, saying that she takes one tablespoon herself daily and feels better for it, and has also heard of its use for those with Alzheimers and who have had a stroke. Coconut oil is extracted from the coconut flesh of matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm, and is produced using cold pressing methods and through heat extraction in the Cook Islands. Its use in the Cook Islands is many and varied, from a moisturiser for skin and hair, as a base for beauty products, and for consumption, with rito Cook Islands the only producer of cold pressed oil in rarotonga. on the internet it is promoted as a remedy for a wide range of health issues from increasing brain power, as a mouth wash, for mosquito bites, eczema and as a general health supplement

heart disease consists of a variety of diseases afecting the heart. it is the leading cause of early death for Cook islanders

hearT failure heart failure, also called congestive heart failure is a condition that can result from any structural and functional cardiac disorder that impairs the ability of the heart to ill with or pump a suicient amount of blood throughout the body.

Coronary hearT Disease

disease usually sufer from forms that afect the heart muscle itself compared to women. known or associated causes of cardiovascular diseases include Diabetesmellitus,hypertensionand hypercholesterolemia.

STAFF from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning (MoIP) took the opportunity to check up on their health this week, when the team from Public Health visited the Cook Islands Trades Training Institute. Public Health visits MoIP every three months, with staff invited to take part in a general health check which looks at blood sugar levels, weight,

blood pressure and cholesterol. “I wanted to get a health check-up before Christmas,” said lloyd Matapo, one of the many staff members who took advantage of the free check-up. Workplace health checks are encouraged by the Ministry of Health, with rangi Aitu, men’s health co-ordinator at Public Health, saying that any ministry or community group is welcome to give them a call to

organise a health check. “This way you are able to be in a better position to know how to look after yourselves,” said Aitu. Part of the check includes giving a percentage risk assessment for a cardiovascular event, based on cholesterol levels, blood pressure and age, with advice given to seek further medical attention if required. - Rachel Smith

hyPerTensive hearT Disease is caused by high blood pressure, especially localized high blood pressure.

Coronary heart disease refers to the failure of the coronary circulation to supply adequate circulation to cardiac muscle and surrounding inflammaToryhearTDisease involves inlammation of the tissue. angina pectoris (chest pain) heart muscle and/or the tissue and myocardial infarction (heart surrounding it. attack) are symptoms of, and conditionscausedbycoronaryheart valvular hearT Disease disease is a disease process that afects one or more valves of the heart. They CarDiovasCular Disease include tricuspid and aortic valves is any of a number of speciic diseases in the right side of the heart and the that afect the heart itself and or the mitral and aortic valves in the left blood vessel system, especially the side. veins and the arteries leading to and from the heart. research suggests that men with cardiovascular

be smart love you hearT

Phone 29110

Lloyd Matapo gets his blood sugar levels checked by a nurse from public health, as part of the health checks on ofer to staf from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning this week. 13120404


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

Queen’s baton brings cheer and smiles rAroTonGA residents gave the

Queen’s baton and accompanying oficials a rousing welcome along the roads on the island, as the baton travelled across the rock as part of the global relay leading up to next year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. The baton arrived on Thursday and was met by Cook Islands Sports and national olympic Committee oficials with Minister of Sport Mark Brown having the honour of bringing the baton to the people of the Cook Islands. The baton’s Cook Islands relay leg started on Friday morning with an oficial visit to the Queen’s representative’s residence in Titikaveka. Here the baton was presented to Queen’s representative Tom

Marsters and wife Tuaine. on accepting the baton, Marsters said it was wonderful to have the baton and the accompanying team in the Cook Islands. He wished the team and baton a safe journey on its current mission of visiting 70 countries over 288 days and covering over 1900km. The baton began its world relay on october 9 at Buckingham Palace and will end its journey on July 23 for the opening of the Commonwealth Games when the Queen will read her message contained inside the baton. The relay was introduced in 1958 and this is the third time the baton has visited the Cook Islands. From the Queen’s representative’s residence, the baton

oficially began its Cook Islands relay leg with the iti tangata from Vaka Puaikura having the honour of hosting the baton. Sports codes, community groups and school children lined the roads to receive the baton as it slowly moved from hand to hand, village to village and vaka to vaka. locals and visitors have another opportunity to touch and be photographed with the baton today on day two of its visit to the Cook Islands. The baton relay will resume at 8.30 this morning starting from the Avarua CICC church compound and heading towards Tupapa. The baton will depart rarotonga on Sunday headed for the Kingdom of Tonga. - Matariki Wilson

Taunga korero and kauono of Puati Mataiapo George Ngapare welcomed the baton and accompanying team to the Queen’s Representative’s residence in Titikaveka before having his photo taken with the baton. 13120637

CISNOC president Hugh Graham shares the Queen’s baton with the future national athletes on its arrival on Thursday afternoon. 13120618

Queen’s representative staf share a moment with the Queen’s baton. 13120635

a curious Papaaroa College student peers into the Queen’s baton to see her message contained within it. 13120629

Minister of Sport Mark Brown with the baton and lanked by women in sport representatives on the baton’s arrival on Thursday afternoon. 13120619

TwinkleDotDaycare babysitting Day Care services is now open for business, for Toddlers or after school care. located in Panama, for more information please call 52681/55593.


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

kidsPAGe virtues

the gifts within

‘Now we don’t have any more books’ Students from avatea School share more of their work with us this week. Year Five students have written diary entries about their experiences when they discovered that some of their school had been destroyed by an act of arson.

conidence Tu Irinaki Papu “Do not, therefore, throw away your conidence, for it carries a great reward.” Hebrews 10:35 Confidence is having faith in something or someone. It is a kind of trust. When you have self-conidence, you trust that you have what it takes to handle whatever happens. When you are confident in others, you count on them. Conidence in God is a sense of trust that your Creator loves you and watches over you as you go through life. Conidence brings the strength to try new things. I am practicing confidence when I … • Remember that I am worthy, whether I succeed or fail • Am willing to try new things • Learn my own strengths and weaknesses • Use the gifts God gave me • Practice until I master something • Think positively. I am conident. I discover my talents and then give them by best effort. I am free from worry. I welcome new possibilities and trust God to support me.

dear diary, on Sunday october 20 after dinner my family and I went around the island. When we got to nikao my Mum looked up in the sky and she saw some smoke coming from Avatea. So we came to see what was happening. When we got to school my Mum saw the fire and hugged me and said, “I’m sorry”. I started to cry. When I got home my dad spoke to me but I didn’t say anything. I just went to have a bath crying, then I went to play with my phone. Then I was wondering, who did this and why? I went to turn the TV on just to calm myself down but I still cried. My dad asked me if I was okay but I didn’t say anything. Then it was time for me to go to sleep. I turned the TV off and went to bed. Puretu Wichman on Sunday evening we had dinner then watched TV. After that a text message came to us and it said, ‘Avatea School is burning’. We did not feel for it because nukutere College had just burnt down as well. So we rang Tara cause she was the one who texted us. We rang her and asked if it was true and

Students from Avatea School enjoyed having the opportunity to perform for the many vaka teams who supported the school last week. 13112624 she said yes. My dad started panicking so he went on the bike and my Mum followed. When he got there his classroom was burning. our class rooms, room 1, room 2, room 3, room 4, room 18, our art room and our library were burning too. now we don’t have any more books. I couldn’t stop thinking about the ire at our school. When my dad came back I asked him a lot of questions about the burnt classrooms. The first question I asked him was do we have school tomorrow? He replied no. I was so shocked because I was looking forward to going back to school on Monday. I felt very bad so that I couldn’t go to bed. I even couldn’t stop think-

ing about the burnt classrooms and the many gifts that Miss Campbell gave us. Kiikii Teariki on Sunday our school burnt down. When I heard I was sad. My dad texted my Mum saying that our school was burning and that it was a big one too. So my Mum and my brothers and I drove to school. A lot of people were there. The Puaikura ire engine came and started to put out the ire. Then I saw some of my friends and we went to look at rooms 1 and 2. It was a very big ire. When they put out the fire my Dad and I had just inished work. We stayed until the fire

was put out, then we went home and went to drop my papa home. When we got home I had a bath, then we said a prayer for our school, then we went to bed. Jordayn Matutu When I first found out that our school was burnt I was so desperate to see it. At irst I was thinking that it was just our class that had burnt down but when I looked at our school I just got so angry and I started to ask questions like. 1. How are we going to pay for the damage? 2. Where are we going to have school? 3. How will the teachers feel, will they be oK? 4. And will there be a Term 4?

on Monday when I came to school I looked at my class and said, why would somebody do this to Avatea School? Why? I irst found out after I have just inished having my birthday breakfast. I was shocked, really shocked because I was really looking forward to going to school because I wanted to see Vaine, Kiikii and Yvette and I wanted to see my school again. I wanted to see our beautiful school after being away for two long and fun weeks. When I came to school I was so sad and really, really worried but when I came to school I still have friends and a beautiful teacher. Jiandunel Bertram


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

Arorangi celebrates success APII ArorAnGI students got into the

festive season at their prize giving ceremony on Friday with Santa hats spotted among the sea of beautiful ei katu’s. The Aroanui Hall was packed with students, parents and teachers as they celebrated the hard work and efforts of their students during the year. Principal of the primary school Teina Tearii says it was a great year academically for the school, with stand-out performances by students in national and international scholastic events. “We placed fourth overall in the Cook Islands Math Competition – that’s an amazing level for the school to achieve,” he says. The school also had students entered in the Australian Maths Competition with Year 8 students Taviana Henry and ManaAriki Pierre awarded a certificate of distinction, which Tearii says is another great achievement for the school.

Among the crowd were special invited guests the Queen’s representative Tom Marsters and Tinomana Ariki who spoke to the animated students. during the ceremony the crowd was treated to performances by the different grade levels starting with the preschoolers stealing the show with their ring-a-ring-o-rosie and e ono mokora numbers. A mixture of grade one and two students took to the loor, wowing the crowd with their papaa dancing as they waltzed around the dance loor with the crowd cheering them on. The students couldn’t keep still as they anxiously awaited their names to be called. The highest award on the day was the dux Trophy which went to Mana Ariki Pierre. Tearii would like to wish all the students and their families a safe and meri kiritimiti. - Peka Fisher

The ‘jack-in-a-box’ performers from grade three couldn’t contain themselves as they waited to entertain their family and friends with their bubbles and awesome face paint. 13120611

Celebrations at Avarua School

STudenTS, teachers and the local community filled Avarua School ield on Thursday morning for the school’s end of year prizegiving. excited ei-wearing students waited patiently for their turn to perform, with Minister of education Teina Bishop and secretary of education Sharyn Paio present to support the school. Celebrating success of the students was the main focus of the day, with each year level having the opportunity to perform to the guests before prizes were awarded to the top students. There was energy, smiles and organised chaos as the early Childhood education (eCe) and new entrants students took to the stage, with the crowd laughing and cheering them on

in support. outstanding eCe student of the year was awarded to little Christopher John, who was very pleased with his achievement. Teacher of the year was awarded to Annie Kauvarevai, for her success in a teaching challenge issued by principal Mona Herman. “There is nothing better than getting recognition for your hard work,” said Paio when she addressed the school, noting that at a stable role of 500 students Avarua School is the largest primary school in the country. “I’m very pleased when I see all the things that are happening at the school,” said Paio. Prize giving results –Apii Avarua 2013 dux – Moeroa

Harmon, 1st runner up dux – lynn Mataroa, 2nd runner up dux – Marlina nicholas, out-

standing Student – Moeroa Harmon, Most Improved – TeAkuao Framhein, Principal’s Award

– Marlina nicholas, Service Award – Antonio ngapare, Senior Sports Boy – Faatauira Pepe,

Senior Sports Girl – Moeroa Harmon, Peu Maori – Teapaiariki Tearaitoa. - RS

Christopher John, outstanding early Childhood education student of the year, celebrates his success with his brother anthony John and nanny Vasiti Lomavere. 13120521

Travel students pay a visit to Arorangi School ArorAnGI School welcomed students from the travel industry into the school last month. Students from Sir George Seymour national College of airline, travel and tourism were hosted by students from Year 8 and 9 and Arorangi School, with the visit providing the opportunity for discussions about potential career paths for all involved. Arorangi students had an op-

portunity to hear from the college students about why they chose the travel industry and the range of careers available to them in the travel industry, as well as having the chance to discuss their own career paths. The visit was held by the school as an acknowledgement for what they describe as their year 8 and 9 students’ “fantastic efforts in the national maths competition”.

nZ Travel Brokers, a new Zealand travel company and the college’s liaison Tina Millar, organised the visit to Arorangi School, with the college donating resources to the school. The visiting students even squeezed in time for a game of rugby with the Arorangi students – a great ending to a visit that was enjoyed by all. - Arorangi School/

Lafala Va’ai and Castalla Moekaa are rearing to go at Avarua School’s prizegiving on Thursday.13120515

on saturday evening join us for our fabulous

island night

Rachel Smith


superb feast

Dining 7 - 8.30pm show starts 8.30pm

featuring delicious local food

ent by

ainm t entert nd nigh

a m a or isla

Tuesday island night features Ta’akoka te llla

oyZe ti ara & b T h it w t n rtainme liveente

edgewater resort year 8 and 9 students from arorangi School had a great day hosting a group of students from the Sir George Seymour National College of airline, travel and tourism, from New Zealand. 13120408

- reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentar y Transfers provided from any where on the island.


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

Te Waka Pounamu adopts Araura College on Aitutaki The WeekEnd Crossword FESTIVE SEASON ACROSS

1. Fundamental entitlements (11) 5. Disdainfully ironic (3) 8. Wing of a bird (6) 10. Welcoming (8) 11. Department of Primary Industry (3) 13. French snails (9) 14. Leer longingly (4) 16. Aboriginal wind instrument (10) 19. Went around (8) 21. Ayers Rock (5) 23. English county (4) 25. Warded of (6) 26. Recompenses (7) 27. Expensive yellow condiment (7)

ArAurA ColleGe in Aitutaki was recently adopted by Christchurch paddling club Te Waka Pounamu as part of the ‘adopt a school’ programme. For the 10th anniversary of the Vaka eiva festival, this year saw schools and vaka teams reuniting as part of the programme, which involves each visiting paddling team aligning themselves with a local school that they can support through the donation of school resources and involvement – an

initiative that has been running successfully for the past two years. To contribute to the ‘adopt a school’ programme, Christchurch vaka team Te Waka Pounamu held a fundraiser to purchase resources for the different departments of the school. The teachers from Araura College gifted pareu in exchange for their aroa and gifts. The students mentioned that they were grateful to receive the new gifts and they were hum-

bled as other schools were in more need than them due to the recent ires. With this in mind the college organised mufti days on Fridays for Avatea and nukutere College and these funds will be sent to the respective schools. Araura College would like to thank Te Waka Pounamu and their organisers Alex Beaton and Jackie Fanning for their generosity .- Release/Sahiban Kanwal


2. Without exception (11) 3. Telephoning (7) 4. One of ten equal parts (5) 6. See 24 Down (5,10) 7. Type of mackerel (6) 9. Subcontinental country (5)

12. Employment (5) 15. Deity (3) 17. Circular (5) 18. Rapid (4) 19. Bread maker (5)

anSwerS On page 21

20. Outlay money (5) 22. Mammary gland on cow (5) 24. Of broken 1 January promise (3,5,10)

* maori-english: english-maori

situations vacant The generous vaka team from Christchurch Te Waka Pounamu with their donations to Araura College. 13120421

Head of Relationship Banking As one of the global leaders in banking and inancial services, ANZ recognize that our greatest asset is our people. That is why we are creating a unique climate of inspiration, leadership, values and opportunities. By delivering continuous challenges, recognition, and personal and professional growth opportunities, it’s all part of a commitment to helping our people be where they want to be. ANZ Cook Islands is looking for a highly motivated, qualiied and experienced individual to lead its Lending Team. The role of Head of Relationship Banking, reporting to the Chief Executive Oicer, will have a wide range of responsibilities encompassing the management of a highly motivated and skilled Lending Team that will be responsible for meeting the needs of our business and corporate customers. To be successful, applicants will need to possess a diverse set of skills and experience to develop and drive the strategic direction of ANZ Cook Islands’ Lending Team to deliver proitability and sustainable growth as part of the International & Institutional Banking region. We are looking for a highly motivated, enthusiastic self starter with strong business acumen who has the following experience and qualities:

• • • • • • • • • • •

Strong credit assessment and inancial analysis skills Excellent networking and relationship management skills Proven superior customer service skills Sales skills and understanding the sales culture in the Financial Services Sector Ability to think laterally and work lexible hours Excellent presentation, communication and interpersonal skills Related Tertiary qualiication would be desired but not essential A working knowledge of a broad range of HR principles Demonstrated strong customer service skills, building relationships and networks Good planning and time management skills A motivated self starter who demonstrates initiative and has a strong desire to improve processes • The ability to drive change diplomatically

Electronics for Xmas stockings ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and CITC supermarket are spreading the Christmas cheer early among customers. The Christmas promotion has $20,000 worth of Samsung products up for grabs with any three purchases of Anchor, Chesdale or Tip Top products. The first round of winners were announced on Saturday and were presented with their early Christmas presents the following Monday by key brands manager George George and retail manager Monika Taripo. Young nyjah Atuatika was one of two lucky winners from Saturday’s draw winning mum, Kopu Akuatika, a brand new

Samsung S4 Smartphone for Christmas. “He can have the games but I’ll be using the phone for him.” Kopu says. lynne Webb was the second winner and was shocked after winning the Samsung notebook that she is putting away till after Christmas when the kids are gone, she jokes. A total of eight Galaxy S4 Smartphones, eight Galaxy notebooks and two Smart Samsung TV’s will be given away to the lucky winners of the draw. “Hopefully our customers out there will have an awesome Christmas with their new Samsung products,” says George.

not wanting to leave out their customers on the outer islands, CITC will hold a separate draw where three outer islanders will receive a Samsung product each. Shoppers still have four more chances to win, with a draw held each Saturday at the CITC Supermarket leading up until the inal draw on Saturday December 28. The competition is open to all Cook Islands retail customers at CITC Supermarket, Foodland, oasis energy, Wigmore’s, Friendly Mart, Muri outlet, rite Price, Super Brown, Convenience Store, runway store and the Corner Store. - Peka Fisher

This position has an attractive remuneration package. In addition, ANZ ofers an extensive range of staf beneits that are second to none in the Cook Islands Financial sector.

If you believe you have what it takes to deliver outstanding performance as the Head of Relationship Banking for ANZ in the Cook Islands, then send your completed resume by Tuesday 17 December 2013 to:

“Vacancy – Head of Relationship Banking” Human Resources Department ANZ Cook Islands Avarua Rarotonga Or for further information please contact David Dennis on 27150 extension 222 or email /

We deliver.

Get your daily news delivered to your home or business

every morning, (almost) anywhere on the island, rain or shine Phone our oice on 22999 for delivery rates and conditions

Winners of the CITC Christmas Promotion (from left) baby Nyjah with mum Kopu Atuatika, George George, Lynne Webb and Monika Taripo walked away happy with their new Samsung products. 13120123


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303


public notices NOTICE OF MEETING NONO GROWERS Meeting 10am Wednesday, 11 December at Cook Islands Noni Marketing’s factory, Titikaveka. Payment ready for fruit collected.

public notices




HUPA CLASSES The “HIP-EST” Way to Fitness Mon & Wed @5.30pm @ Kenthall, Titikaveka Thur @12pm @Tupapa Centre

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Mrs Maryanne Kekena Strickland on behalf of TEM Store has iled an application with the Liquor Licensing Authority for a Retail Liquor Licence to provide for the Sale of Liquor on the premises at: MURI, NGATANGIIA (Village) RAROTONGA (Island) Days and Hours of Trading: Mondays to Saturdays between the hours of 9am and 9pm. Any person who objects to the said application should do so in writing, addressed to the Secretary, Liquor Licensing Authority, PO Box 61, Rarotonga by: 17 December 2013.

PLEASURE & TREASURE A pair of genuine hand made Persian rugs (size 130cm x 87cm each), $3000 for pair. Phone 27860.

Back road Atupa opposite Hori Signs. 2-6pm Bargains to be had Ph:75467

Closet cleanout today at the Punanganui market next to Tokerau Jims hut. Newborn to 3yrs assorted baby supplies. Clothes assorted sizes. Small electric oven. Breadmaker. Keyboard. Linen. Mountain buggy. Stroller. Suitcases. Playpen. Electric guitar and many more. Items starting from $1 onwards. Sale Starts 7am.

75618 / /2019

74414 /33974 /1931

Rarotonga Junior Sailing 2014 Auckland Reggata 1st Prize - 1x whole pig, 2ctn chops, 2ctn chicken, ish & fresh and dry foods 2nd Prize - 1x whole pig, 1ctn chops, 2ctn chicken, ish & fresh & dry foods 3rd Prize - 1x whole pig, 1ctn chops, 2ctn chicken, ish & fresh & dry foods 4th Prize - 1x whole pig, 1ctn chops, 1ctn chicken Tickets selling at $10. Support our Sailors Contact Brett 58138/21604, Junior 70858, Tara 20524. Drawn on Saturday 14 December 2013 at the Rarotonga Sailing Club in Muri, 1pm. Drawn under Police supervision. Results in the CI News 18 December. Lets Sail. 75074 /35658 /1924

5% Discount on Overdue Power Accounts Good news for customers with overdue power accounts. You can start the New Year with a clean slate by taking advantage of a special deal. In addition to the 5% discount on your current month’s bill, you can for a limited time get a one-of 5% discount on the overdue balance by paying of the overdue portion of your account before Christmas. This is a one time ofer that will expire at 1pm on 24 December 2013. If you need more information, you can call our customer services staf and they will answer your queries.


Ph 22336

animal Clinic

75210 /35563 /1823

Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

public notices

75627 / /1931

Uipaanga Kopu Tangata Patianga akaaka teia kite au atu enua i runga ite enua ko: 1. Tuakirikiri Section 63, Avarua, Rarotonga 2. Ikumate Section 190I, Avarua, Rarotonga 3. Ngatairi Section 28A, Avarua, Rarotonga 4. Tikioki Section 46A, Takitumu, Rarotonga Kia tika ia kotou, kia aere mai ki tetai uipaanga kopu tangata, a te Maanakai ra 21 December 2013, ite ora 4pm, kite ngutuare o Taamaru Taamaru i Tupapa. Tumu manako - Patianga turanga are Please, do come, e taku kopu tangata Please note, any landowner intending to have a power of attorney or proxy attend on their behalf must provide a copy of the power of attorney or other documentation to the chairman of the meeting for it to be recognised and taken into account with any ballot at the meeting. Meitaki maata Taamaru Taamaru Mobile phone 77139.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is


Carols by Candlelight.. come and join Hospital Comforts and the Girls Brigade and of course SANTA.. at the Rarotongan Hospital 6pm Tuesday 10th Dec.

75622 / /1931


75624 /35919 /1931

The public is hereby advised that the inquiry by the High Court into the Murienua Byelection Misc 18/2013 James Vini Beer v Kaota Tuariki scheduled to be held in the Courthouse at Avarua, Rarotonga from Monday 9 December 2013 at 9am in the fore noon has now been cancelled. Tuatua Akakite ki te Katoatoa Te akakiteia atu nei ki te katoatoa e kua takoreia te kimikimi a te Akavaanga Teitei ki roto i te Ikianga Iti o Murienua Misc 18,2013 James Vivi Beer v Kaota Tuariki tei akanooia kia raveia ki roto i te Are Akavaanga i Avarua, Rarotonga mei te Monite ra 9 o Titema 2013 i te ora 9 i te popongi. Dated at Rarotonga this 6th day of December 2013. N. Tearea Deputy Registrar of the High Court 75633 / /1796

We found a little dog on the beach in Aroa on Sunday. If anyone has lost a dog then call John Whitta on 55131. 75579 / /1931


17ft Fibreglass boat, complete with steering, fuel tank, battery, 90HP Johnson outboard plus trailer. $12,500 ono. Phone 55835

Saturday 7 December Moving overseas Everything must go! Back road between Tikioki Rd and Upwind 8am - 1pm. Phone 71310.

75615 /35919 /1931

75565 /35849 /1931

cofee table, still new, extra large $200. Phone 51143.

Clearing Out for the Summer Garage Sale Saturday December 7, George Koteka residence Back Road Upper Tupapa, 8am12pm. Take road opposite Tradewind Shop to back road On back road turn right, we are second Driveway on the left

75509 /35793 /1931

75628 / /2643

2x bronze sliding door, new, 2392 x 1992, $1700 ono. Phone 54444. 75632 /35922 /1931

vehicles For sale Kawasaki KDX200, 2006, excellent condition with spare tyre, new expansion chamber and exhaust pipe. $4,500 ono. Tel: 71-744 or 21-633 75594 / /1780

Toyota Trueno car, as is $4000 ono. Ph 51883. 75591 / /1931

Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage. Phone 22188 or 26189. Email beach@moanasands.

Nissan March 1998 4 door automatic 1000cc. New tyres and mechanicals receipts available. New WOF from Motor Centre, $3975. Text 79719. Previous sale fell through.

73694 /35140 /1744

75580 /35865 /1931

FOR RENT Fully furnished 3 bedroom home, peaceful location, inland Turangi, Ideal for families. $250pw. Ph 54536. 75566 /35854 /1931

3 bed large brick house in Titikaveka, $250 a week, partly furnished. Contact 77901. 75563 / /1931

For hire

Blue Honda Daelim. Excellent condition, serviced on a regular basis, owner upgrading, $1800. Mobile 77164. 75547 /35834 /1931

Suzuki Vitara 2011 SUV in mint condition. 31,400kms, metallic grey. Purchased new, one owner, serviced every six months. $30,000 ono. Ph Dan 22999 or 73507. 75475 / /2171

YAMAHA VEGA FORCE 115cc, 2011 model, one owner, $2400 ono. Phone 70834/51068. 75512 /35794 /1931

Kia Mentor automatic car, selling at $3000. Contact 73933. 75621 /35923 /1931

The Project Management Unit for Te Mato Vai is conducting a workshop for all potential local contractors involved in civil construction works. The purpose of the workshop is for local Contractors to familiarise themselves with the Tender Process in accordance with the cook Islands Financial Policies and Procedures Manual (CIGFPPM) and to discuss any issues relating to the Tender Process. Venue - Cook Islands Trade Training Centre conference room in Arorangi at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning compound Date - 11 December 2013 Time - 10am All enquiries to Daryl Rairi, Deputy Project Manager, Telephone 55064, or email 75577 / /2009

ISLAND BOOTH CHRISTMAS SPECIAL All December, get 3 awesome big photos for just $10. For locations, see

Hospital Comforts have Santa suits for hire for a $30 donation. Ph Annie 23358 or 55874. 75623 /35919 /1931

FOR SALE Expressions of interest to purchase six (6) only 2,000 litre aluminium fuel tanks. Call 24441 or email movers@cigt. to register your interest. 75357 / /1853

75536 /35824 /1931

Black Daelim, in good condition for $1900. Phone 56913. 75573 /35868 /1931

Suzuki RM 125, 2012, less than 15 hours use since new, mint with custom graphics, stand and spare piston kit. $8500 ono. Tel: 71-744 or 21-633 75595 / /1780

Hyundai Getz, 2005, manual, black, $7500. Phone 54444.

75576 /35887 /1931

75635 / /2401

situations vacant Summerield Systems Ltd Are looking to hire a Senior Systems Engineer with minimum 7 years experience. Microsoft, Tertiary and ITIL Certiication required. Please email CV to jobs@summerfieldsystems. com Applications close 13 December 2013. 75444 / /2041

Clearing Out for the Summer Garage Sale, Back Road Upper Tupapa, Saturday 7 December, 8am12pm. Bed, TV, DVD player, microwave, clothing and plenty more Take road opposite Tradewind Shop to back road on back road turn right, we are second driveway on the left. Phone 26750 a/h. 75599 /35882 /1931


Cook islands Ph 24065/55976

Wanted fulltime nanny to care for 3 young active children including housekeeping duties. Phone 56305. 75276 /35548 /1931

certiied Scuba diver with experience collecting aquarium ish. Must have seamanship skills. Resumes to CI Aquarium Fish, Box 180, Avarua or email cboyle@oyster. 75507 /35776 /1931

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 71744

vehicles For sale 2004 Nissan Maxima 3.5L Auto, Power steering, Air con, CD/Radio-AM/FM, Central locking, Electric windows, Alloy wheels, Driver/ passenger airbag Luxury motoring with plenty of boot space, well maintained stylish vehicle. Very reliable $13,500 ONO 1999 Toyota Granvia 3.4L Petrol Automatic Roomy 8 Seater van, Perfect vehicle for the family Many great features - Power Steering, ABS brakes, Alloy wheels, Tinted windows, Central locking, Driver/Passenger airbag, Power steering, Sunroof, CD/Radio & Air conditioning to complete the package. Runs well $13,500 ONO contact Kim at raro tours ph 25 325 mon - Fri

75631 /35922 /1931


public notices

public notices

PUBLIC NOTICE TO: THE LANDOWNERS OF POKOINU SECTION 107D, AVARUA, RAROTONGA, COOK ISLANDS The mortgagee of a Deed of Lease of the above land situated in Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands in the area of 2,024m² has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the Deed of Lease. The sale is subject, among other things, to the landowners consent in writing. should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interest you have one month from Friday, 29 november 2013 to notify us in writing. Details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchaser are available to landowners whose names appear on the Register of Titles, on request to: Heinz Matysik at Little & Matysik P.C., Cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands Tel: (682) 21619 or email:

75596 / /2582


TROPICAL XMAS IN RARO NITE MARKET in Association with the Takuvaine Tutakimoa Committee and the Avarua Business CBD

STALL SPACES AVAILABLE When: Thursday 19th December 2013 Venue: opposite Banana Court, maire nui Drive Limited space available for Food & Beverage and Arts & Crafts Vendors. Reserve a stall now! Criteria and Registration Forms available. Registrations close Friday 13th December, 3pm. Contact: Trade and Marketing Staf, Taimata Allsworth or Te Tuhi Kelly. Phone: 24-296 or email: taimata.allsworth@ for further information 65102


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

New friends made at Motu2Motu Aitutaki A Fun day of paddling on the stunning turquoise Aitutaki lagoon was the perfect way to make new friends and end the weeklong Vaka eiva paddling. over 100 international paddlers headed to the outer island of Aitutaki for the fast growing Motu2Motu race, earning a reputation for being the most stunning paddling location in the world. International paddlers were all tossed together in mixed crews for the 36km race that consisted of seven legs and six changeovers. organiser of the event Stephen doherty says that when the idea of Motu2Motu created in 2001 with a goal of showcasing the beautiful Aitutaki lagoon from a different perspective. That year, 17 international paddlers joined local oe vaka fanatics for the first race and this year, over 100 international paddlers took to the lagoon for a great and fun illed day of racing

and making new friends. Prior to Tuesday’s race, two brand new six man canoes were blessed for the event and raced for the irst time during Motu2Motu. The teams consisted of randomly selected international paddlers, and each crew was given a colour – the yellow team, made up of seven women and three men, won the race in 3 hours and 16 minutes. doherty says it was a fantastic day of racing enjoyed by all, with close to 200 people gathering at the Aitutaki Game Fishing Club for the wrap-up function and party. doherty would like to thank the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation, Waiwera Waters, Amuri Group, Aitutaki Game Fishing Club, CITC liquor, the Aitutaki oe vaka clubs and people of Aitutaki for their generous sponsorship and support. Motu2Motu is an event created on Aitutaki for Aitutaki. -Matariki Wilson

Making new friends, enjoying the stunning Aitutaki lagoon and having loads of fun is the aim of the Motu2Motu race in Aitutaki. 13120545

The winning Motu2Motu mixed crew consisted of seven women and four men, pictured here with their winners trophies.


The Queen’s baton is coming to The edgewater!!! on saturday evening join us for our fabulous island night with superb feast, featuring delicious local food and a chance to have a photo with the Queen’s baton

Paddlers go through one of the six changeovers in the Motu2Motu race in Aitutaki.


at the

The edgewater resort & spa island night entertainment by orama and live entertainment with Tara & boyZe till late Dining 7 – 8.30pm show starts 8.30pm Photos with the Queens baton from 7pm bookings essential: Phone edgewater resort & spa on 25435 Complimentary transfers provided from anywhere on the island.

Aitutaki paddling crews set the pace in the Motu2Motu race across the stunning Aitutaki lagoon on Tuesday. 13120541


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News

situations vacant

situations vacant

Fulltime sales rep able to work 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, 8.30am-12noon, Saturday. Must be honest realiable e te kite ite tuatua maori. Phone 54882.

A full time position is available in our accounting dept. Qualiications and experience with inventory accounts, costings & purchases from foreign suppliers, & well-versed in MS Excel is preferred. Please submit your CV to Prime Foods Store if interested. Attn: Accounts Dept Or email

75575 / /1994

Another position is available for a reliable hard working person, good references and sober habits are preferred. Phone Lilly 52218. 75601 / /2482

Tiare Village requires a reliable part-time cleaner and groundsperson. Phone 50755.

75571 / /2502

Groundsman/maintenance, full time required. Call 55160.


IN MEMORIAM our Darling Princess

in loving memory of

louisa (Tita) nicholas browne Passed over many years ago 7 December 1986.

a loving sister, aunty and grand aunty. always maria, Tere and all the families.

75348 /35574 /1931

75531 /35642 /1931

• Phone 22999 •


need a little

Chef with pastry knowledge minimum 5 years experience full time able to work without supervision. Two positions available. Call 23004 or email anchoragerestaurant@gmail. com 75570 / /2505

wanted to buy SINGLE GLASS DOOR DISPLAY DRINKS FRIDGE. Phone 55155. 75567 / /2094

Wanting to buy second hand F/freezer phone or txt 73948. 75600 /35878 /1931

We will BUY your old or broken gold jewellery. FISHERS BLACK PEARL JEWELLERY.

irThDay haPPy bbea uTiful To my

mama raeTuPa s love you alWay e n o r fromurnumbe mananDyourkaTu g kanga The 2 kin henrys

AnSWerS to crossword on page 18

General Manager


Teachers Applications are invited from qualiied and experienced teachers for the following three positions to start in 2014: 1. Teacher in Charge, Tetautua school, Penrhyn 2. Teacher (Primary), Omoka School, Penrhyn (Outer island travel and other incentives will apply) 3. Part time Teacher, Corrective services education Programme, Arorangi. Working 3 days a week, teaching in the areas of mainly literacy and numeracy, applicants must have high expectations of students and student achievement, strong in behavior management, able to access and create resources including online reources; lexible, with a sense of humour and identiies well with the programme and its objectives. Applications close on 13 December 2013 at 3pm. An application pack and detailed information is available from the ministry website at: send completed application forms with CV and references to: director hrm division ministry of education PO Box 97, Rarotonga Cook Islands Ph (682) 29357, fax (682) 28357 or email vacancy@ 75470

it has been a year our sweetheart that we have to go through missing you every moment, soon we will meet again with the hope of the resurrection and with tears of joy instead of pain and sorrow. you will be forever in our hearts rest peacefully our darling princess Will miss you always love you forever Partner remell Tearoa nicholas mummy mareva and Daddy alfred mummy roimata hundred mamas and Papas aunties and uncles Cousins nieces and nephews all the families near and far.

situations vacant

School Support Staf

situations vacant

75423 / /1889

situations vacant

elma mani

24 December 1982-7 December 2012

Club Raro Limited wishes to appoint an experienced manager to the position of: General Manager of Club Raro Resort. The successful candidate is expected to be a team leader with the ability to oversee all aspects of the hotel, which includes Rooms, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Sales & Marketing and Administration. Outside assistance is given with IT, Accounting and Finance. A generous remuneration package is provided which includes on-site accommodation. Please apply in writing to Lynn Mataio. Executive Secretary, Edgewater Resort & Spa, Arorangi or by email to

Applications are invited from experienced and motivated individuals for the following part-time positions to commence in 2014: 1. Teacher Aides (Inclusive Education): 4 positions, one each for Rutaki, Arorangi, and Papaaroa SDA schools (Rarotonga), Araura Primary School (Aitutaki). 2. Grounds & Maintenance person: Avatea School 3. Oice Secretary: Takitumu School Applications close on Friday 13 December at 3pm. Job Descriptions are available from the ministry or at: www. Please submit an application letter with CV and references to: director hrm division ministry of education P. O. Box 97 Rarotonga, Cook Islands Ph (682) 29357, Fax (682) 28357 or email: vacancy@ 75472


Advertising assistant Cook Islands news is now looking for a full-time Advertising Assistant to work with the daily newspaper and our dynamic media team. This is an exciting role for someone with enthusiasm, a desire to show their creative passion for design, and for someone who has an ainity for dealing directly with customers. Primary tasks are to co-ordinate the newspaper’s regular clients daily advertising requirements, assist the Sales & Marketing Manager with the development and initiatives for promotions and features, maintaining our client database, along with the necessary administration duties that go with selling, booking and creating advertisements. If you are a great team player, outgoing, well spoken, well presented, conident and computer literate with strong organisational and time management skills, as well as having a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, then we want to hear from you! Remuneration will be based on your experience and capabilities. Applications with resume and references should be sent to:

Rarotonga’s newest luxury resort is currently under development in muri and is due to open in 2014. As the irst stage of this development, the resorts exclusive beachfront restaurant & bar will be opening in January, and we are now inviting applications for the following positions. Front of House • Food & Beverage Manager • Duty Managers • Restaurant Supervisors • Restaurant Cashiers • Restaurant Service Staf • Bar Service Staf • Wedding & Functions Coordinator Kitchen • Head Chef • Chefs – Sous, Jnr Sous, Chef de partie, Commis • Stewards & Kitchen hands Other Areas • Food & Beverage Controller • Purchasing Oicer • Accountant • Sales & Marketing Coordinator • Property Maintenance - Landscaping & Gardening • IT Technician • Security If you would like the opportunity to join a team of hospitality professionals and have a rewarding career with great working conditions at Rarotonga’s new premiers resort, please email erika on gm@ or call Ph 22779. Further information regarding above positions available upon request. 75379


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aitutaki outing

140 paddlers, 10 crews, 36km, 7 legs, 6 changes, 1 day

Motu2Motu Aitutaki!

sPeC ia l s! available Till WeDnesDay 11 DeCember sPe Cial!

sPeCi al!

aussie ribeye

Pork bones




iCe Cream Cake for girls 3lTr (accessoriesincluded)

shrimPs CookeD/PeeleD 300g

seasoneD WeDges

Tofu ProDuCTs






samoa CoConuT Cream 400ml

Chef’s ChoiCe CorneD beef



454g $4.70ea 340g $3.50ea

marinaTeD beef sTirfry (sweetChilli/Thaiflavour)

Pork ChoPs


longTou vermiCilli

sPeCi al!

oPening hours

mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm fridays 8am-6pm saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on sT JosePh rD, avarua. Ph 22259.

sPeCi al!

avail ablen oW

• Fresh BlueBerries • raspBerries • BlackBerries • strawBerries

ChrisTmas sPeCial – buy 2 or more CarTons of ChiCken leg QTrs 10kg anD go inTo The DraW To Win 1 of 10 CarTons, free!

DraWn every ThursDay morning unTil ChrisTmas eve


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International Flights

SAtuRdAy DECEMBER 7 vA163/162 AKL 11.55PM

NZ748/749 NZ60/47 NZ18 vT33 vT33


12.30AM 5.30AM 10.30PM 2.50PM 11.30AM


vA163/162 NZ46/45



mondAy decembeR 9 AKL 11.55PM

vA163/162 NZ19






1.05AM 1.30AM 6.40AM 11.59PM 3.50PM 12.30AM


1.05AM 5.25PM


1.05AM 8.15AM

air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR SAtuRdAy DECEMBER 7 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 1100 ATIU 1145 SundAy DECEMBER 8 1230 1730




1320 1820




0910 1140 1640 1910 1205


1000 1230 1730 2000 1250

1340 1840


1420 1930



TIARE MOANA 18 - ETD AUCK 13/12, ETA RARO 23/12, ETA AITUTAKI 26/12 LILOA 20 - ETD AUCK 20/12, ETA RARO 04/01/14

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands news



Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

answer to friday’s puzzle

answer to friday’s puzzle

hÄgar the horrible




Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga




by Dik browne


The PhanTom


by lee falk & sy barry


Rarotonga Saturday, December 7, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Saturday

Tides SaT High 12.25AM 1.02M 1.05PM 0.98M




6.51AM 0.19M 7.08PM 0.23M

Situation: A southeast wind low Sun High 1.18AM 0.98M 1.56PM 0.97M prevails over southern Cooks. A trough of low pressure with associated cloud Low 7.43AM 0.23M 8.02PM 0.26M and showers remains slow moving over northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate to fresh southeast winds. Rough seas. moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief new Moon First Quarter Full Moon third Quarter showers. Jan 1 dec 9 dec 17 dec 25 For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief 1.14AM 3.12PM 9.29AM 1.48PM showers. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. ARAPo - AKAoti AmiAmA sat 7 For the Northern Cooks: Fine apart from tanu (Planting) TAUTAI (Fishing) brief showers about suwarrow. occasional showers and few thunderstorms elsewhere. tanu i te painapa, Marie te marama. Kua moderate east to northeast winds. maniota e tae ua atu ki teitei Po ika. Moon moderate to rough seas. te 13 o te po. is slow, up high. Fish Further outlook: some showers.

0.5M n




Sun, Moon & arapo





1.9M SE Front Key:




1.8M SE


Swell direction and size



Humidity SaT

E 15kts

sunshine hours

Outer Islands Weather Outlook Saturday, December 7, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.





Sun rise


Sun Set


Moon rise 10.53AM Moon Set 11.44PM Sun rise


Sun Set

Moon rise 11.53AM Moon Set

7.13PM -


28° E 15kts


26° E 15kts


27° sE 15kts



27° sE 15kts

30° E 05kts


27° sE 15kts


Saturday, december 7, 2013 cook Islands News



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SPorT Paddling in paradise

International paddlers thrown together in a mixed crew work together to race their vaka across the stunning Aitutaki lagoon during Tuesday’s Motu to Motu race on the outer island. Over 100 paddlers headed to Aitutaki for the one-day event at the end of the week long 10th Vaka Eiva Festival on Rarotonga. 13120539

NRL All Stars jersey to help rebuild schools A SIGned nrl All Stars jersey

will be used to raise money to help rebuild Avatea School and nukutere College, which both lost classrooms to ires lit by an arsonist in october. The jersey was brought to rarotonga by newcastle and Central Coast regional manager of the Country rugby league of nSW Keith onslow – who is responsible for around 16,000 players – on his 12th trip to rarotonga to catch up with island friends. onslow, who keeps up with local news from his home in Australia, read about the two schools that lost classrooms in fires lit by an arsonist and decided to do something to help rebuild the schools. He was able to get his hands on one of the highly prized nrl All Stars jersey through the nrl one Community group – signed by Justin o’neill, Aku uate, Shaun Kenny dowall, Josh Morris, Brett Morris, Benji Marshall (C), Adam reynolds, James Tamou, Cameron Smith, Ben Hannant, Ashley Harrison,

Anthony Watmough, Chris Heighington, robbie Farah, Tim Grant, david Shillington, Feleti Mateo, Jarryd Hayne, Willie Mason, Cooper Cronk and Wayne Bennett. onslow’s association with the Cook Islands goes right back to 1997 when he irst visited with the Hunter Mariners team and over the years he has run a number of coaching clinics and workshops at local schools and clubs including Avatea School and nukutere College. After reading about the ires onslow decided to organise a signed nrl All Stars jersey to be used to raise funds on rarotonga. Two weeks ago he also organised the shipment of 20 rugby league match balls that will be distributed across the six local league clubs on the island. exactly how the jersey, which onslow says is a jersey to be framed, will be used to assist the cause is yet to be decided by the co-ordinator of the school rebuild project Anthony Turua. - Matariki Wilson

Country Rugby League of NSW’s Newcastle and Central Coast regional manager Keith Onslow (right) with the NRL All Stars jersey he has brought to Rarotonga to help with the rebuild of the two schools partially destroyed by ire and rebuild co-ordinator Anthony Turua. 13120568

Fiery semi-inals matches today TodAY WIll see the premier

men’s football knockout cup semi-final match at the CIFA Complex where 2013 Premiership Champions Puaikura will take on nikao Sokattak. This match is expected to be exciting and fiery with both teams vying for a spot in the CIFA Cup finals and the winner of today’s game will meet the winner of yesterday’s match between Matavera and Tupapa Maraerenga. With the absence of danger man coach/player Tuka Tisam, Puaikura senior players Paavo Mustonen and Paul-luiz Van eijk will have to rally their

young team together to take on nikao Sokattak who easily disposed of the Titikaveka premier men’s team by four goals to nil last weekend. In the women’s division the same clubs will meet each other in the semi-inal. In both of their encounters in the round cup competition they came out with a draw. These two teams will take to the ield tomorrow, ighting to secure a spot in the knockout cup inals against Tupapa Maraerenga – who narrowly defeated Titikaveka on Thursday with a sole goal from the penalty spot.

Today’s semi-inal games will commence with the under 14 girls division with Titikaveka taking on the undefeated Tupapa Maraerenga team at 1pm. This match will be followed by nikao Sokattak taking on round cup winners Puaikura in the under 14 boys division. – CIFA Media Today’s draw and referees appointments at the CIFA Complex are as follows – 1pm under 14 Girls Titikaveka vs Tupapa, referee-Mata Iroa, Assistant referees-edwina Matenga and Kura Smith, 1:45pm under 14 Boys nikao Sokattak vs Puaikura, referee-lai Gukisuva, Assist-

ant referees-Brayden Kavana and ngati Manuela, 2:30pm Senior Women nikao Sokattak vs Puaikura, referee-Tupou Patia, Assistant referees-Terry Piri and Jerrica Matapuku, 4pm Premier Men nikao Sokattak vs Puaikura, referee-John Pareanga, Assistant referees-Terry Piri and noel Mani.

Jonathan Rowe of Nikao contests the ball with Puaikura’s Kimiora Samuel. 13120615

Saturday 7 December  
Saturday 7 December  

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