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$2 Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Opposition: Where’s the deputy PM? THE oPPoSITIon Democratic Party hit at the Puna government yesterday in parliament for delaying the appointment of a deputy prime minister. The issue was raised by nikao member of parliament Aunty Mau Munokoa, who said in parliament she was surprised to see infrastructure minister Teariki Heather sitting in the seat previously occupied by former depu-

ty prime minister and current Queen’s representative Tom Marsters. She said the government has had six months to announce a replacement deputy, and a similar sentiment was also expressed during question period by oneroa member of parliament Winton Pickering. responding on behalf of the ruling party, agriculture minis-

ter Kiriau Turepu said the Cook Islands Party operates “on a very democratic principle”, and that “debate will resolve the issue”. “We have a solid team,” he said. “We express our views, and eventually the matter will be left with the prime minister, who makes a inal decision.” “I believe when the prime minister returns from Fiji, the decision on the deputy prime

minister will become public.” Also speaking for the CIP, finance minister Mark Brown said the appointment issue was an internal party matter. “I don’t know why the opposition is asking … this is a CIP government matter,” he said, before drawing loud heckling from the opposition’s ranks. In a supplementary question, Munokoa persisted, saying: “My

view is that this is a people’s matter, because it is the people who elect them.” The DPM position was left vacant when Qr Marsters resigned from his parliamentary seat in late july to assume his role as head of state. Brown, infrastructure minister Teariki Heather, and education and tourism minister Teina Bishop have been named infor-

mally as potential replacements for the deputy prime minister position. The nikao M P also asked Heather if he would be interested in assuming the role of deputy prime minister. In response, Heather said the issue is “very personal” and if appointed “he would gladly accept”. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Wichman trial inally underway this week A jUry has inally been chosen for the trial of local business owners Puai and Teokotai Wichman and the trial has begun. Empanelling the jury began on Monday morning to another bumpy start. The same problem of potential jurors being related to the defendants or knowing the defendants on a personal level slowed the selection process, to the dismay of some tired and disgruntled jurors. Among some of those called

to the empanelling were two clerks who deal with the payroll for the government, who asked if they could be excused otherwise there may be problems with public servants being paid, and under 15 national netball team coach nga Puna, who was excused to attend the netball in Paradise event and thanked by the judge for appearing to court and doing his civil duty. A satisfactory 12 person jury was chosen, to an applause by relieved remaining jurors, and

Open letter stirs up fuel debate A long-running feud between two local fuel companies has been stirred up again by an open letter of warning written to the public. Triad Paciic Petroleum and Toa Petroleum are both competing for a contract to store fuel for Crown-owned power authority Te Aponga Uira (TAU), which supplies 90 per cent of the country’s electricity needs. The hosting contract is a source of tension because of its links to the ‘Toagate’ saga, in which the government is courtbound to pay Toa Petroleum to the extent that it does not make $1.2 million annually from 2010 to 2018. In a iery letter published in CInews today, Triad director Chris Vaile asks “whether we should all just let Toa take the TAU contract to avoid having to pay the $1.2 million that is going to Toa every year”. Toa has said “very often and

very loudly” that if it wins the TAU contract, it will solve everyone’s problems, Vaile says. “There is no way that Toa can make $1,200,000 proit from its business even with the Te Aponga contract – not without some signiicant increases in price that every one of you would have to pay for; by increased electricity costs, or otherwise.” However, Toa director Brett Porter has said previously that he expects to make in excess of $1.2 million a year if Toa wins the hosting tender. Vaile goes on to attack the quality of Toa’s fuel, claiming its diesel has a high content of sulphur. “More sulphur is bad; it’s bad for your lungs, it’s bad for your engine, and bad for the environment.” The full letter is published on page five of today’s edition of CInews. - Ben Chapman-Smith

the trial began Monday afternoon with an address to the jury by Crown law prosecutor Martha Henry. Eight witnesses will be called to testify, including the complainant and her husband who both have been granted name suppression, two of the complainant’s friends, a woman who saw both the accused and complainant at rehab bar on the night of the incident, Doctor May Aung who medically assessed the complainant after the incident occurred, sergeant Pr-

iscilla Pareina who interviewed the complainant and detective inspector Areumu Ingaua who arrested the accused and led the investigation into the incident. representing both the accused is Samoan-born new Zealand barrister Simativa Perese who is assisted by otago law student Talissa Koteka. In his opening address to the jury, Perese said that although not of Cook Islands descent he chose to represent the Wichman’s because he would like to be admitted to the Cook Islands court.

Both prosecution and defence reiterated to the jury that the main issue being dealt with in the trial is consent. Puai Wichman is charged with rape and two counts of indecent assault and Teokotai Wichman is charged with party to rape and indecent assault; they have both admitted to having sex with the complainant, but said that it was with her consent. It is up to the Crown to prove that she did not. Evidence for the trial will be presented over the next three days and the trial is expected

to come to a conclusion on Thursday. In addition an order was made by presiding judge justice Christine grice to close the court to the public when the complainant testifies. The charges against the Wichmans date back to an incident on December 8, 2012, where the complainant was driven to her home by the accused after a night of partying, and was allegedly raped and assaulted. Both the accused pleaded not guilty to the charges soon after their ar- MWK rest.

the DC8 on December 2 in 1973. While the three women have moved on after long careers with the airline, Amene rangi is still working for the company in the cargo division.

The four original employees were given the privilege of cutting the airline’s 40th anniversary cake at an intimate commemoration ceremony at the Koru lounge that included

tourism industry members past and present to toast Air new Zealand and the Cook Islands branch staff.

Take the cake

40 yEArS ago, Mere Macquarie,

Tina Manuel, Akaiti Puna and Amene rangi were among the small group of Air new Zealand employees that welcomed the irst Air NZ jet to Rarotonga –

Air New Zealand celebrates 40 years with cake, page 9


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Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

worldnEWS nuti no TEIA nEI Ao Dinosaur poo pit discovered A gigAntic “communal latrine” created at the dawn of the dinosaurs has been unearthed in Argentina. thousands of fossilised poos left by rhino-like megaherbivores were found clustered together, scientists say. the 240-million-year-old site is the “world’s oldest public toilet” and the irst evidence that ancient reptiles shared collective dumping grounds. the dung contains clues to prehistoric diet, disease and vegetation says a study in Scientiic Reports. the perpetrator was Dinodontosaurus, an eight-footlong megaherbivore similar to modern rhinos.

Boat crew worked as slaves Indonesian ishermen trapped in squalor after boat impounded

CAPE ToWn – Dozens of Indonesian ishermen who spent months stranded in Cape Town’s harbour, sleeping in cramped and suffocating quarters, have been taken ashore to a repatriation centre after being stuck at sea for years without pay. The group of 75 fishermen tell of slavery-like working conditions aboard seven Taiwaneseowned vessels – an ordeal that only grew worse when South African authorities impounded their trawlers for illegal ishing. The crew spent three months stranded in Cape Town’s Table

world BrIEFS INDIAN SPACECRAFT HEADING FOR MARS ENGLAND – SPAcE – India’s mission to Mars has embarked on its 300-day journey to the Red Planet. Early on Sunday the spacecraft ired its main engine for more than 20 minutes, giving it the correct velocity to leave Earth’s orbit. It will now cruise for 680 million kilometres, setting up an encounter with its target on September 24, 2014. The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also known as Mangalyaan, is designed to demonstrate the technological capability to reach Mars orbit. But the $72 million probe will also carry out experiments, including a search for methane gas in the planet’s atmosphere. MOM tweeted: “Earth orbiting phase of the Mangalyaan ended and now is on a course to encounter Mars after a journey of about 10 months around the Sun.”

TWO DEAD AFTER TORRENTIAL RAINFALL CUBA – Heavy rain has been battering Cuba since Friday, looding streets and leaving at least two people dead. A number of buildings have collapsed in the capital, Havana, authorities say. A 54-yearold man and a 60-year-old woman are reported to have died as a house crumbled in central Havana. Up to 200mm of rain fell overnight and the Cuban meteorological service has forecast more heavy rain, particularly in the western and central regions. Many streets in the capital remain submerged, as the authorities assess the damage to other derelict buildings in the city. The torrential rain is expected to bring looding to coastal areas in western Cuba and the central region.

MILEy CyRuS AHEAD OF POPE AND ObAMA USA – Miley Cyrus is out-polling Pope Francis and Barack Obama in Time magazine’s quest to determine its Person of the Year. Time’s online poll shows the pop star with a penchance for nudity is leading the online poll with 29 per cent of the vote. In second place is India’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi (12 per cent) with NSA leaker Edward Snowden (nine per cent) in third. Those igures are sure to change before the inal result is determined. However Time magazine’s editors decide who will be Person of the Year based on their inluence on the news over the past year. It is unlikely that they will decide on a nude girl swinging on a wrecking ball – but you never know. Obama got the nod the Year for 2012 which has left experts predicting that either Pope Francis or Edward Snowden will take the front page spot this year.

Bay, sleeping crowded together in dirty, airless quarters that reeked of diesel, until they were moved to a repatriation centre in johannesburg at the weekend. The captain has been arrested, but the men lacked the legal papers to go ashore, and had been living like prisoners on the trawlers, dependent on the compassion of locals for food. Some of the men say they were recruited by agents in jakarta with promises of earning up to $200 a day ishing tuna. But once on board they were forced to work round-the-clock with little food and no pay. “you can start at two o’clock in the morning and work all the way to 10 at night. And then two o’clock in the morning you start again,” one worker said. Many of the fishermen did not want to give their names for fear of repercussions from the recruitment agents back home who lived near their families. After local media began covering the men’s story, immigration oficials took them ashore. South Africa’s fisheries department did not respond to requests for information on the men. The men said despite their horror story, they are determined to wait for payment, saying they cannot afford to go back home penniless. “I have a wife and three children at home,” said one man. “After all this time how can I return without even one cent to my name?” The men also claim that at times they were ordered to repaint the name of their vessel at least ive times a day, in an attempt to evade authorities. Tuna was not the only fish caught during their lengthy stay at sea. other catch included swordish, dolphins and sharks, in contravention of local marine laws. - AFP

Two of the 75 Indonesian ishermen who had been living on rusted Taiwanese-registered seven ishing boats sit at Cape Town Harbour. AFP

New York train derails nEW yorK– Four people have

been killed and more than 60 injured in a passenger train crash in the Bronx area of new york. Eleven of the injured are believed to be in a critical condition in hospital. The Metro-north train’s locomotive and carriages derailed as the train went into a bend in the railway line near Spuyten Duyvil station. At least one eyewitness said the train was travelling much faster than normal at the time.

President Barack obama said his thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of the victims. The White House issued a statement saying the president was briefed on the accident and would stay in touch with new York oficials. Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokeswoman Marjorie Anders said the big curve where the derailment occurred is in a slow speed area. The black box should be able

to tell how fast the train was travelling, Anders said. Four or five cars on the seven-car train derailed about 90 metres north of the station, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said. But none of the cars entered the icy waters of the Hudson or Harlem rivers. Metro-north is a rail service that serves commuters from new york City’s northern suburbs. It is not part of the new york City subway system. - BBC

Air strike hits market AlEPPo – The death toll from

a Syrian helicopter strike on a rebel-held town near the northern city of Aleppo has risen to 26, activists said. President Bashar Assad’s forces have been hitting rebelheld areas in the north hard in recent days, according to activists. They say such strikes often precede government offensives. The Britain-based Syrian observatory for Human rights

said the aircraft targeted a compound of the rebel group known as the Tawhid Brigade in the town of al-Bab. The bombs missed their target and hit the nafasin market instead, killing 26 people, most of them civilians and including four children. Three of those who died in the attack were rebel fighters, said rami Abdurrahman, who heads the observatory.

A government offensive in the north would be the latest push by Assad’s forces to recapture territory ahead of peace talks planned for january in geneva. The opposition currently holds large swathes of territory in the north, including along the border with Turkey, as well as whole districts of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and its commercial centre. - AFP

Not a good day for the kiwis

HuMANS MAy bE PART CHIMP, PART PIG USA – A leading scientist says humans may actually be partchimp, part-pig with a leading geneticist putting forward a strong case for his conclusion.Dr Eugene McCarthy, a world authority on hybridisation at the University of Georgia, says there are many characteristics that humans share with pigs but not with chimps, including hairless skin, a thick layer of subcutaneous fat, lightcoloured eyes, protruding noses and heavy eyelashes. He points out similarities in internal organs which mean that pig heart valves can be used in human transplant operations. His article however has raised eyebrows from the science community which doubts whether a pig and chimpanzee could ever interbreed.

bECkHAM CHOOSES bRAD FOR STAR ROLE SRI LANKA – David Beckham says that Brad Pitt should play him if a movie is ever made of his life. The retired soccer star and heartthrob was initially stumped when asked which movie star he would pick to play him. When the interviewer suggested Brad Pitt, Beckham jokingly said Angelina Jolie’s partner would be a good it. “Brad would be the obvious choice,” he joked. “I’d like Brad to be playing me. Him or Leonardo – one of the two – they’re not bad-looking guys.” His wife Victoria has put her husband forward however to take over Daniel Craig’s role as James Bond.

Today’s Daily Bread For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: Luke 12:22-34

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 34

new Zealand’s Manu Vatuvei is tackled by half of australia during the 2013 rugby League World Cup Final between australia and New Zealand at Old Traford in Manchester in which the Aussies overwhelmed the Kiwis by 34 points to two. AFP


Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

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Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalnEWS nuti no TE PA EnUA

‘Too many boats, too few tuna’

cairns meeting to decide future of Paciic’s dwindling tuna stocks CAIrnS – The future of the

world’s largest tuna ishery will be decided at a meeting in Australia this week, with Paciic island nations demanding tighter controls on a catch now worth $US7.0 billion a year. A record 2.65 million tonnes of tuna was hauled from the Paciic last year, accounting for 60

per cent of the global catch, with most of the ishing conducted by so-called “distant water” fleets from as far afield as Europe, the United States, China, South Korea and Taiwan. Island nations, many of which rely on tuna for a signiicant portion of their income, fear stocks are becoming un-

paciic BRIEFS REFuTING CLAIMS OF ‘POLITICAL SuICIDE’ SAMOA – The Samoa opposition has struck back at a government attack on their call for an early election as “political suicide”, saying their reaction shows they are worried. They focused their attention on Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi. “It is a sign of someone who is not stable in terms of leading the country,” said opposition leader, Palusalue Faapo II. “Now he is jumping in and has made these personal accusations that our party wants to come and join him. He’s worried.” In a rare press release issued by the Prime Minister’s Oice, Tuilaepa said an election now would be “political suicide” for the Tautua. However, Palusalue denies this claim saying no member of the Tautua Party would want to join the HRPP because they are professional people.

PARENTS WARNED TO WATCH CHILDREN FIJI – The Fiji Police Force is warning parents and guardians that they will feel the full brunt of the law if found to be negligent in the death of their children. The warning comes after police recorded two cases of drowning involving a twelve- and one-year-old last week. Deputy Director Operations, Vilisi Misiamete says people can’t be complacent with the life of a child. “They will be taken to task if found to be neglecting their child leading to their deaths. Every parent and guardian must always take time to enquire about the whereabouts of their children every ive minutes and not one or two hours later.” The current drowning toll stands at 40 compared to 69 for the same period last year.

FIjIAN WOMAN MuRDERED IN WELLINGTON NEW ZEALAND – The body of a 38-year-old former Fiji citizen, Swaran Lata will be brought to Fiji tomorrow. Lata who had been living in New Zealand for more than seventeen years, was allegedly killed by her husband in Newlands, Wellington, last Tuesday. According to New Zealand Herald report, Lata’s body was found by police at a property in the suburb of Woodridge after a call was made from the home. Her sister in Fiji, Suman Lata says Lata will be cremated on Monday next week. Meanwhile Lata’s 46-year-old husband has been charged with the murder of his wife. The couple separated a few months ago and Lata was living alone when it is alleged that her husband murdered her.

CASINO DELAy COSTING DEvELOPER FIJI – Fiji’s irst casino licensee has so far paid US $200,000 in ines to the Fiji government, but still seems keen to go ahead with the project despite claims they are still looking for funding. American company One Hundred Sands Limited had announced plans for a $290 million casino at Denarau in Nadi, and had to open its doors by October 1, 2013 as per its licence conditions or pay penalties of US$100,000 per month. The National Business Review reported that the company was facing some challenges including land issues, and that it does not yet own the land it is developing.

CONTESTANTS ARRIvE FOR PACIFIC PAGEANT SOLOMON ISLANDS –Miss Cook Islands Teuira Napa – who brings with her, her culture and her love of dance – is among the many contestants who have arrived in Solomon Islands for the Miss South Paciic Pageant to be held in Honiara this week. Youngest of all the contestants, the 20-year-old arrived on the same day along with the reigning Miss South Paciic, Miss Samoa Janine Tuivaiti and Miss American Samoa Eleitino Tuiasosopo. The girls were greeted by Gwaumauri panpipe group from Malaita Province and met with the local organising committee of the pageant. This will be Napa’s irst time in the Solomon Islands. She said she is so excited to join the pageant and to meet the other contestants.

ARRESTED FOR ATTACk ON uS MARINES GuAM – Eight young men – all members of a street gang named “H-Up Ruckus” – were arrested in connection with the reported assault against three US Marines in Tumon, Guam, last Saturday. The Guam Police Department Criminal Justice Strike Force made the arrest after an investigation revealed the two male adults and six male minors were the suspects behind the assault against three military personnel on November 23 at around 9pm The three injured servicemen were transported to Naval Hospital for treatment. The strike force conducted interviews and obtained corroborating statements conirming that the suspects are the individuals who attacked the Marines. The suspects are ailiated with a street gang named “H-Up Ruckus,” whose members are young boys from central Guam.

sustainable and want action at the December 2-6 meeting of the Western and Central Paciic Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) in Cairns. “If distant water nations support sustainability of the resource, then they need to commit to a 30 per cent reduction in catches,” Marshall Islands isheries director glen joseph said. “It’s not a question of should they do it or not – they have to do it or face the consequences.” A study by environment group the Pew Foundation found stocks of bluefin tuna, prized by sushi lovers, had fallen 96 per cent from their original levels, with juveniles forming the majority of specimens now being caught, pushing the species closer to extinction. As a result, another sushi favourite, bigeye tuna, is now coming under severe pressure, while catches of skipjack and yellowfin tuna, which are canned, have also been steadily rising. The Pacific Islands Forum

‘If distant water nations support sustainability of the resource, then they need to commit to a 30 per cent reduction in catches.’ Fisheries Agency said the Cairns meeting was looming as a major showdown over the need for reform. It is expected to be “intense and contentious, with many distant water ishing nations resisting attempts by island states to improve the management of the tuna resource,” agency director james Movick said. A major problem for the proreform camp is the sprawling nature of the WCPFC, which was set up 10 years ago to manage fishing in a vast area of ocean covering 20 per cent of

the Earth’s surface. It has a mix of 25 members, ranging from tiny niue (population 1200) to the European Union, and makes decisions by consensus, which critics say makes it dificult to get anything done. “Time is running short for the WCPFC as a whole to demonstrate that it is capable of breaking new ground,” Forum Fisheries Agency deputy director Wez norris said. In a hopeful sign for reformers, japan and the Philippines have made a joint proposal with eight island nations to adopt conservation measures, including reducing bigeye tuna quotas. However, organisations such as the American Tunaboat Association fear becoming bound by “draconian” regulations if reforms are approved, questioning the need for drastic conservation measures. “There is no evidence that tropical tuna fisheries are in jeopardy,” the association’s executive director Brian Hallman

said. greenpeace said there were more than 3300 ishing vessels “plundering” Paciic tuna stocks and at least 45 more were under construction in Asian shipyards as demand for fish grows and stocks elsewhere dwindle. “There are just too many ishing vessels chasing too few ish. We believe that the tuna ishery cannot sustain any longer this immense amount of pressure being placed on the Paciic tuna fishery by distant water nations,” greenpeace oceans campaigner Duncan Williams said. The Cairns meeting comes a week after the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) rejected pressure from japan to increase quotas for bluein tuna in the East Atlantic and Mediterranean. After marathon talks, ICCAT concluded that the annual quotas would remain at 13,400 tonnes in the eastern Atlantic and 1750 tonnes in the western Atlantic. - AFP

TV pirates face legal action APIA – overseas television programme producers and distributors are formulating a Court action against TV one and TV3 in Samoa over what they call “blatant and long-term programme piracy”. In a news release, Transworld Distribution Inc based in Delaware, United States, said for the past month or so overseas distributors have been advised by Vaai, Hoglund and Tamati law, Partner, Fotu Hoglund, in relation to a class action against the offending stations and evidence is being collated so the cases may be brought to court. Television new Zealand recently sent a cease and desist order to Samoa’s TV3 due to the unauthorised broadcasting of a programme ‘Dynamo, Magician Impossible’ which was pirated

‘This piracy has been going on in Samoa for far too long, and is the only place in the world where such blatant theft of programme rights is seen.’ from TVnZ and broadcast on TV3 bearing a TVnZ “one” logo, Talamua online reports. In another instance, despite letters and telephone calls from BBC Worldwide, TV3 continued to broadcast ‘Call the Midwife’, for which they do not hold a broadcast license.

TV1 was recently taken to task for broadcasting ‘The Sound of Music’, which was described by the company’s CEo as “due to an operator error”. The statement said that the TV rights in Samoa for all of these programmes and films are owned by another station. TV3 was forced to cancel an advertised broadcast of the movie ‘Von ryan’s Express’ when legal action was threatened. This movie is also licensed to another Samoa TV station. It has been noted that “The owner of TV3, Hans joachim Keil, a former minister of trade and commerce, signed the international copyright law on behalf of Samoa. This law prohibits the unauthorised broadcasting of television programme content

under the Samoa Copyright Act Section 27 which states any infringements, if committed wilfully or by gross negligence and for profit-making purposes, shall be punished by a maximum ine of not exceeding $25,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ive years, or both. A spokesman for the programme owners group said “we are collecting a mountain of evidence and will be seeking infringement orders for each and every breach”. “This piracy has been going on in Samoa for far too long, and is the only place in the world where such blatant theft of programme rights is seen, particularly on such a large scale by one or two particular operators,” the statement ended. - Talamua

175th year of women voting ADAMSToWn – When you’re small, as is the tiny, isolated Pacific isle called Pitcairn, its sweet to be “first.” That’s the distinction the women Pitcairn will celebrated last week – the distinction of being the first “country” in the world to grant suffrage to women. In their own way, the men of this little South Paciic isle will be celebrating it too. It was in 1838, while calling at Pitcairn Island, that Captain russell Elliott of the British warship HMS Fly answered pleas of the islanders for British protection from the depredations of American whaling crews who were visiting the island in rapidly increasing numbers. In the constitution and code of laws that Elliott wrote, Pitcairn women were given the right to vote, and the education of all Pitcairn children was made compulsory. new Zealand has often

claimed to be the world’s first “country” to grant women’s suffrage in 1893, but Pitcairners point to most dictionaries, which, in addition to deining “country” as a “nation,” also deines “country” as being any “territory of a nation”. Pitcairn Island is very clearly the territory of the United Kingdom, often called a “British overseas Territory”. Pitcairn celebrated the 175th anniversary of suffrage for Pitcairn women last Friday with a day of festivity highlighted by the men of the island preparing a sumptuous feast for the women. letters of congratulations about Pitcairn’s distinction of being irst to grant women suffrage were received from national and international women’s organisations around the world. of the anniversary, one Pitcairn woman said: “I am proud that my ancestors valued women enough to give them edu-

cational opportunities as well as voting rights along with the men for such a long time before any other country did. “And it was all done without demonstrations, hunger strikes and other pressure tactics we see today in so many countries of the world.” Today on Pitcairn Island, in addition to women having the right vote, if any Pitcairner of 18 years or older – man or woman on the island – fails to vote in annual elections, a ine is levied against them, so voter turnout is always 100 per cent. In an article, ‘The Development of the System of government and laws of Pitcairn Island From 1790 to 1971’, in the book, ‘laws of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and oeno Islands: revised editon 1971’, Donald Mcloughlin writes: “With the promulgation of that Constitution and of those laws, the Pitcairn Island community not only established two

irsts in British legislative history, namely the introduction of female suffrage for the irst time in any British Constitution and the introduction of compulsory education of children for the irst time in any British territory, but also opened a new era for the Island.” There are about 36 Pitcairners of voting age on Pitcairn today, 19 women and 17 men. The total population is about 60. Most of those on Pitcairn today are descendants of mutinous sailors of the British ship HMS. Bounty who mutinied against Captain William Bligh. After the mutiny, in April 1789, the mutineers searched for a safe hiding place from British authorities and found it on Pitcairn island. It was nearly two decades after they landed at Pitcairn in early 1790 that the world learned the mutineers had been hiding there. - PacNews


Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

An open letter to the People of the Cook Islands. Kia Orana! Many of you will have read Friday’s article on page 7 of the Cook Islands News and wondered whether we should all just let Toa take the TAU contract to avoid having to pay the $1.2 million that is going to Toa every year – close to $8 million now! There is an old saying that if you repeat something often enough and loudly enough, people will believe what you say. And Toa has said very often and very loudly that if it gets the TAU contract, that will solve everyone’s problems. Hear it now – from me – as someone who knows the fuel industry here very well. Even if Triad supplied 110% of the diesel and petrol in this country, we would not be making $1,200,000.00 proit every year. That’s right; we run an eficient business at Triad. In 35 years of business here in the Cook Islands I know how to keep costs low. I know what it takes to run a fuel farm and I know what its costs are. At various times over the past 10 years Triad hosted fuel for Te Aponga. We know what the proit margins are, so hear it from me, Chris Vaile: there is no way that Toa can make $1,200,000.00 proit from its’ business even with the Te Aponga contract – not without some signiicant increases in price that every one of you would have to pay for; by increased electricity costs, or otherwise. And the news just gets worse for the taxpayer. Did you see the big Singaporean tanker here recently bringing in Toa’s new cheap diesel? Well, watch out! Triad’s diesel is 10 parts per million of sulphur. That’s the nasty, smelly stuff that comes out of the exhaust pipe. Toa has bought fuel with 57 parts per million of sulphur – that’s SIX times more than Triad’s. More sulphur is bad; it’s bad for your lungs, it’s bad for your engine, and bad for the environment. But oh dear, 850,000 litres are pumped ashore – yes, 850,000 litres! And now we ind that Toa has made a purchase of pretty much the heaviest industrial diesel we’ve seen in this country for many years. Toa like ourselves has been buying in the past diesel with a sulfur content of 10 ppm supplied from the New Zealand reinery at Marsden point. This latest importation by Toa however, which is not from New Zealand, has so much sulphur in it that Toa would not be allowed to sell it to New Zealand motorists! So, do you drive a diesel vehicle? Are you going to put this Toa ‘stuff’ in your fuel tank? Here’s the thing – the sulphur just isn’t good for your engine. The lashpoint of the fuel is higher so you are not getting the same performance. And, if you have a catalytic converter? Well, you might just ind yourself having to buy a new one. They are simply not designed to handle this grade of Toa’s fuel. And do you really want to pollute our Cook Islands’ environment with this Toa ‘stuff’? To Terry and the team at the Price Tribunal – are you going to talk to the National Environment Service and the New Zealand authorities about this? Are you really going to let this Toa ‘stuff’ with its high level of sulphur content be sold here? If you are, on what basis do you see yourself as protecting the consumer interests rather than Toa’s? So who is going to pay for this? The Taxpayer. That’s right. Whatever is going on down at Toa, good or bad, smart or stupid – we are all paying something like $23,000.00 per week to help fund this madness. So what has the Democratic Party done to address this gurgling sound at MFEM as Richard Neves bravely tries to put a plug in this hole? After all, it was the Demo’s who shot us all in the foot. And what have the Cook Islands Party, the Government in power, done to address this? They could end this in this sitting of Parliament if they really wanted to. Mark Brown promised us he would address this. Well, I have waited and waited. And so have you Mr and Mrs voter and taxpayer. Yes, every one of you, CIP or Democrat are contributing to this hole in our country’s inances. How many of you would like to see this $23,000.00 each week put into education, maybe rebuilding and re-equipping Avatea School for instance? No….. our brave and sensible politicians think it is better to pour this money into Toa’s bank account. What other country would put up with this nonsense? Well, I hope I have made my personal views very clear. I have never pulled any punches – if someone deserves praise, I give it. But if someone deserves a kick in the to’e, then if no one else is prepared to step up, I will.

Chris Vaile


Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

Pig hunters may have started ire A MASSIVE bushire in Aitutaki at the weekend was probably started by hunters trying to lush wild pigs out of the scrub, says the island’s mayor. Although the main blaze has now died out, locals are still on guard in case any one of several remaining spot ires are fanned up by strong winds. Mayor john Baxter said the cause of the fire has not been confirmed but there is a high likelihood it was started by hunters. “It was probably people hunting pigs. That’s what was brought up in our council meeting this morning and that’s what I’ve been told when I have made enquiries with police.” Baxter said no one has been

hurt, or homes damaged by the blaze, but locals are feeling “pissed off” that someone may have deliberately lit a ire during drought conditions. “When the island’s so dry, once you light a little ire it just spreads,” he said. The ire started on Saturday night in the hills of Amuri and came close to homes in that area. Baxter said front-end loaders have been deployed to clear scrub around houses so that if a ire does come their way, it will be stopped in its tracks. Miimetua Blenkarn, head of the Airport Authority, said the fires have consumed an estimated 20 to 30 hectares of scrub and “a couple of hills are pretty

much moonscapes”. “At the moment, we’ve still got spot areas that are smouldering. We’ve got one that’s of concern because it seems to be in an area where the wind could blow it down to the villages.” He said there is very little water available to put the ires out – even if fire trucks could reach them. “The spots where we still have smoke are in a part of the island that’s pretty hard to get to. Up in the hills, the roads are not good.” Blenkarn agreed the ire may have been started by pig hunters but the blame could lie with someone clearing up their section. “Last year, we had a major ire

where someone just lit a little ire and it burnt down half the hill.” Aitutaki has not had rain for

eight months, although there were showers for 10 minutes yesterday morning. Blenkarn said people will be

praying for a decent downpour to dampen the remaining ires. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Hills in the Amuri district of Aitutaki have been left looking like “moonscapes” after the weekend’s huge scrub ire. 13120235

Christmas just around the corner THE MonTH of Christmas has

begun, oficially ushering in the festive season. local merchants have been gearing up to spread Christmas cheer, to the tune of this year’s ‘tropical Christmas’ theme. The month-long celebration will kick off with a celebratory makeover of the town area from Monday, with decorations be-

ing put up along with banners at each end of town. The lights strung up along the main road will be switched on thanks to Te Aponga Uira, which will also be lighting up the tree at the roundabout. A ‘light up your community’ competition sponsored by CITC and Wattyl Paint has been running since november 25,

with the best lit-up tree to win $2000. judging will take place on Thursday December 5. Businesses in town have also been invited to take part in a ‘light up your window’ contest, to be judged on December 12. Saturdays throughout the month will be eagerly awaited by children wanting to discuss their Christmas wishes,

with Santa due to make an appearance in town – travelling around various businesses in the area to spread Christmas cheer. As part of the celebrations, Santa will arrive via a Santa Parade on December 19, which will run from Punanga nui market at 5pm and end at Trader jacks. A night market

will follow, along with a fireworks display. Kids are invited to take part in a ‘chalk pavement art competition’ on December 20, with exciting prizes up for grabs. 88FM will be playing more Christmas carols than ever before, with CITC key brands manager george george promoting participating mer-

chants by announcing specials or offers during his talk back show on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will also be a Facebook page for ‘Tropical Christmas in raro’, which will include pictures of the participating business, announcements about all of the events and the winners of the competitions. - BD

Christianity not so peacefull A SMoKE SIgnAllEr writes: “As a follow-up to Saturday’s Smoke

Signal regarding the invasion of Christianity into the north American Indian communities, Dan george (1899-1981), a Canadian native chief said: “When the white man came we had the land and they had the bibles; now they have the land and we have the bibles.” It was also mentioned that along with Christianity came the slaughter of native people. There is a parallel here in rarotonga, that is, how much scarce and valuable land is taken up by the various Christian sects here? As to slaughter of the local population, the missionaries

who arrived here from 1823 onwards may not have used muskets to decimate the population, but brought with them diseases to which the local folk were highly vulnerable and between 1823 and 1900 the population dropped from 7000 to 2000 due to deaths from these Papaa diseases. And the missionaries had the temerity and insolence to say that the people were dying because they were unwilling to accept the new religion! I wonder how often – if ever – does the clergy mention these unpalatable facts to their parishioners instead of preaching ad nauseam that ‘god is love’.”

TAX FREE ISLANDS? A SMoKE SIgnAllEr writes in response to Saturday’s page 7 article ‘Tax changes in favour of outer islands – economist’: “I seem to recall that in the run up to the last elections, the Cook Islands Party promised to make all the Pa Enua tax free – apart from value added tax. When is this to occur?”

bANkING ON FuEL “ToA PETrolEUM at it again,” a smoke signaller writes. “I note that an ex-banker is managing the interest of Brett Porter and probably earning more than all the workers there put together. Does he have in-depth knowledge of what a fuel farm is all about? In my opinion ex-bankers are only good in the bank and not near a fuel farm – when will Porter realise that?

WAITING FOR ‘THANk yOu’ “For THE PAST four years I have given wholeheartedly and will-

ingly to the Westpac giving Tree,” a smoke signaller texts to 188. “I have selected these names with love, taken them home and have contemplated what to get. I have spent countless hours on the web looking for 'the present' and have interviewed aunts, family members, my mum, other mums, even peers of the same group – and it's not an easy task, guaranteed! yet out of all the searching and thoughts of kindness rather than expenses, you think of your own family and can't help but wonder – my family appreciate the little I give, what about the bank or Internal Affairs? you ask for my details, yet offer no thank you! Sadly, I won't be partaking this year.”

DIWALI IN PR “THE DIWAlI issue should be a criteria in the permanent residency

application process,” a smoke signaller texts to 188. “The best way to close the subject is to take it back to where it belongs. Forget about the debate here, it’s the wrong place – we can live without it.”

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Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

Opposition hammers PM’s absence

Finance Minister Mark Brown – seen here addressing members of Grey Power at yesterday protest at parliament – defended the PM’s decision to skip out on the year’s inal session of parliament. 13120238

THE oPPoSITIon Democratic Party came out swinging during Parliament yesterday, lashing out at the ruling Cook Islands Party over the absence of Prime Minister Henry Puna from the inal session of the year. “Where is the prime minister?” said rasmussen. “Why has he abandoned parliament?” late last week, special advisor Trevor Pitt announced Puna will be travelling to Fiji on Sunday to attend the 9th Paciic Islands Conference on nature Conservation and Protected Areas. Pitt said the PM is scheduled to deliver a “keynote address” at the conference. “This is about the 20th keynote address he has given,” said rasmussen. “We’d like him here to clarify positions of government.” responding for the government, Finance Minister Mark

Brown said Puna was previously offered a personal invitation to the Fiji conference earlier while performing duties as chair of the Pacific Islands Forum. His role as chair formally ended in September. “It was a commitment that he had made to the organisers … and one that he felt he was unable to break out of,” he said. “However, such is the conidence of the team in the prime minister, he was quite happy to see the bills progressed through parliament.” “We have a camp that is solid and uniied,” Brown added. Speaking outside of the house, rasmussen said the PM’s absence from the sitting was “an act of reckless disregard for his responsibilities.” The opposition leader said the demo caucus had gathered before the current session to dis-

cuss the matter and was uniied in condemning Puna’s actions. “There have been many warnings in the media about when parliament was going to sit,” said rasmussen, mentioning a previous announcement by clerk john Tangi about a proposed December 9 sitting. “All of a sudden, he changes it to December 2, then he leaves the country,” he said, after pointing out the role of the PM in calling parliament into session. “This is supposed to be the last sitting of parliament … there are a number of issues that he, as prime minister, should answer and explain to the country,” said rasmussen. “We feel that he is dodging his responsibilities.” “He is afraid of facing grey Power, and he is afraid of facing the questions the opposition is going to ask.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

Demos vow to abolish ‘back tax’ PEnSIon Er activist group

grey Power followed through on their vow to march on parliament yesterday, and were rewarded with a promise by the opposition to abolish the ‘back tax’ on the nZ-paid pension. Carefully timed during a break in the irst day of parliament’s current sitting, grey Power members assembled at the front doors of parliament, where they presented their placards and sang chants.

Members of pensioner activist group Grey Power at yesterday’s protest at the Cook Islands parliament. 13120239

“our message is clear, and our position is firm,” said a member with grey Power, which is ighting government’s efforts to enforce the 2009 tax agreement that permits revenue collectors to tax nZ government-paid pensions as if they were collected in new Zealand. Addressing grey Power members, opposition leader Wilkie rasmussen – speaking in Maori – said if the Democratic Party comes into power, the ‘back tax’

on the pensioners’ past income will be abolished. Currently, some members of grey Power have been asked by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) to pay tax on pension income from as early as 2011. Titikaveka member of parliament Selina napa said the entire demo caucus supports the leader on the stance to relieve the pensioners of paying the pension ‘back tax’. - ES

Grey Power was promised by the opposition that the ‘back tax’ will be scrapped if the demos are elected. 13120241

Pukapuka community calls for food

Members of the Pukapuka community came together to build the new accommodation unit, which will be unveiled on Friday. Left to right: Zekaria William, Makirere Poila, Romani Katoa and Willie Katoa. 13060513

THE PUKAPUKA community is calling for food donations as it prepares for the oficial opening of its new accommodation unit. The two-storey building, which began construction in May, will be unveiled on Friday, amid more fundraising efforts to assist with the project. President of the Pukapuka community on rarotonga Makirere Poila says people are encouraged to donate pigs on Wednesday, adding they are hoping for one pig from each household of people who are of Pukapuka. on Thursday, chicken and other offerings such as taro and kumara are welcome at the hostel, ahead of the umu on Thursday night. Poila said all donations will be welcome. “I heard there are a lot of people wanting to help and bring food,” he said.

Poila added he and the committee organising the event are issuing an open invitation to everyone on the island to attend

the event, which will take place at the Pukapuka Hostel in Maraerenga, Avarua on Friday from 4pm. - BD

ChRistMas 2013

POstage sPeCiaL Our Christmas special is on now and right up until the end of December! Pay postage for 9 Christmas Cards and send the 10th card absolutely


To ensure on-time delivery, don’t delay

POst nOW (special conditions apply, enquire at any telecom Outlet)

the team at Postal wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous new Year.


Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

Proud moments at youth graduation A groUP of young men graduated from a military-style leadership course on Friday. The 31 young men took part in the course at Mitiaro Hostel from november 11-29, which included drills, early-morning wake-up calls and work experience. The course was run by new Zealand defence force’s youth development unit and the Blue light committee, which is a global organisation running police-led youth programmes in communities and an arm of the Cook Islands police. It was designed to provide the boys, aged 13-20, with leader-

ship and organisational skills along with discipline. “For the past three weeks we have been training with the nZ defence force and the Blue light committee,” said Allen Sheedon, winner of two section excellence awards and the overall excellence award. “ We h av e w o k e n u p a t 5.30am, had one minute showers in our first week. We have been through timed obstacle courses in our second week and our third week involved work experience and they are my highlights. It was great,” said Sheedon. Through it all the young men

learnt discipline, teamwork, leadership and integrity and time management. The trainers, the young men and the families were proud of all that had been achieved over the three week period. “It feels great to have completed the course successfully. We learnt heaps,” said Morgan Wichman, whose mother jane is very proud of her son completing the course. “This is a wonderful celebration of youth in the Cook Islands. Hard work and determination can achieve great results and these boys showcase that,” said nZ police acting inspector

Inspecting the troops- New Zealand High Commissioner Joanna Kempkers, staf sergeant Mike Wallace (NZ Army) and Andy Hall (NZ Navy). 13112938

Kevin Kneebone. The course has given the young men the tools they require to reach their goals and a couple of the boys have already been placed into employment. “Four of our young men have been placed into employment and they start on Monday. A number of them will go back to school,” said Kneebone.

To the graduating class, be proud of what you have achieved and be good role models, said Sheedon. “There is good in each of us, but we just need the right tools and opportunity to bring it out. Congratulations to all those who took part, who contributed and made the course a success. All of you have made

a huge impression on not just your families, but the entire community,” said Prime Minister Henry Puna. “lead by example, walk tall, lift your heads and let what you do, do the talking. Sincere congratulations to everyone involved.” concluded Bisphop Tutai Pere. - Sahiban Kanwal

Proud families, trainers and the proudest of them all – the boys themselves. 13112964

Cook Islander serves as a role model for youth HElPIng Cook Islands youth

find direction and purpose in their lives is what drove Cook Islander corporal Tapaitau Williams to be part of a youth leadership course. Williams is a descendant of the Tapaitau family line from Penrhyn and he has been a serving member of the new Zealand army for 10 years and he has served in a variety of countries including Afghanistan and Malaysia. The youth leadership course commenced on november 11 and lasted for three weeks at the Mitiaro Hostel, where the young men trained to learn important life skills. It was run by the new Zealand defence force’s youth development unit and the Blue

light committee, which is a global organisation running a police-led youth programme in communities and an arm of the Cook Islands police. For William, being part of the course was extra special. “I am really happy I got a chance to help the youth and as a speaker of the language it helped me engage with the boys better and it’s nice to be seen as a role model,” said Williams. The 31 youth were all aged 13 to 20, and graduated on november 29. “Being part of their graduation is really special. Seeing them all at the beginning of the course and then seeing the transition in the way they carry themselves and the leadership qualities coming out is really

great,” said Williams. Quite a few members of the graduating class are keen to join the defence forces because of the impact of the youth leadership course. “My life is going to change. From here on out, it will be different. I know I can do better, I know I can lead and with the help of everyone who was involved in the course, my life will be better,” said a member of the graduating class Phillip William. The contributors of the course left rarotonga on December 1 and would be happy to see the boys taking charge of the their lives with the need to go down the straight and narrow. - Sahiban Kanwal

sWitCh On with te aponga uira

a proud student of the youth leadership course with trainer and teacher corporal Tapaitau Williams. 13112973


…afteR the CYCLOne theRe is nO POWeR Did you notice the recent hurricane in the Philippines took out power in many areas for a long time? Well, it could happen here too. therefore in your cyclone preparations make sure you include gas for cooking, batteryoperated radios for news, and candles and torches for lighting in case there is a ‘post cyclone’ period without power. and include lots of dry food because frozen food won’t last when there is no electricity!

Left to right: Inspector John Strickland, Andy Hall (NZ Navy) and emcee of the day corporal Tapaitau Williams. 13112941


Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

Air NZ celebrates 40 years with cake AIr nEW ZEAlAnD paid homage to original staff members and tourism industry players who have played a part in the airline’s 40-year history of lying jets into the Cook Islands. An intimate celebration ceremony was held at the rarotonga International Airport Koru lounge where Air new Zealand Cook Islands branch manager David Bridge thanked those gathered for being part of the ‘auspicious’ occasion. He acknowledged the presence of Queen’s representative Tom Marsters and his wife Tuaine and members of the tourism industry past and present for their part in growing the Cook Islands as a tourism industry – all interwoven with the growth of Air new Zealand in the local community. “We are certainly very proud of our association with the Cook Islands community,” says Bridge. “you people are us – and we are you.” Among the small group of people at the intimate gathering were those involved in the construction of the rarotonga airport as well as ‘local personalities’ who played instrumental roles in the development of the Cook Islands tourism industry. “We are all interwoven and long may that last.” Ewan Smith congratulated Air new Zealand on their 40th anniversary of flying jets into the

Cook Islands reminding those gathered of the days of the TEAl flying boats in the late 1940s through to the 50s. Smith, who was with Cook Islands Airways 40 years ago, congratulated Air new Zealand for sticking with the Cook Islands as a destination through thick and thin. “We have received a lot of attention from Air new Zealand who have stuck with our destination through thick and thin,” commented Smith. A handshake between Smith and Bridge also served to strengthen the codeshare relationship between Air new Zealand and local airline Air rarotonga. To mark the 40th anniversary for Air new Zealand, a cake with the trademark Air new Zealand koru was cut by original Air new Zealand staff members dubbed the ‘fab four’. Akaiti Puna, Mere Macquarie, Tina Manuel and Amene rangi had the honour of cutting the 40th anniversary cake to mark the airline’s milestone. Akaiti Puna says that 40 years ago as the irst lot of employees for Air new Zealand, they were taught to do everything. Puna spent 27 years with the Air new Zealand branch on rarotonga and says she loved working for the airline because of the people she met.

Akaiti Puna, Mere Macquarie, Amene Rangi and Tina Manuel were Air New Zealand employees working when the irst Air New Zealand DC8 lew into Rarotonga 40 years ago on December 2, 1973. 13120207 Puna highlights meeting musician Kenny rogers, Princess Anne, Prince Phillips and the opening of the rarotonga International Airport as some of many memorable moments she has from her days with the airline company. Tina Manuel says that while she finished working for the airline in 1989 after 16 years of service – she still feels part of the Air new Zealand family. - Matariki Wilson

Akaiti Puna, Ewan Smith, Mere Macquarie, David Bridge, Amene Rangi and Tina Manuel share stories of their time and association with Air New Zealand. 13120209

Breast cancer foundation president leaves her post AFTEr SIx years in the role, the

president of the Cook Islands Breast Cancer Foundation (CIBCF) Dawn Baudinet has stepped down. “We have done and achieved a lot,” says Baudinet. “It is time for me to move on and is time for a change. This year has been a very busy year and we’ve done an enormous amount. It is time for me to step down. I want to have a break as well and concentrate on other things,” says Baudinet. At an annual general meeting recently, the attending members of the foundation also bid farewell to three other board members before electing a new board. Baudinet was joined by treasurer Maara Toleafoa, secretary

Karlene Pynenburg and board member Karen Tairea. none of them sought re-election. The meeting mentioned the hugely successful fundraising activities of the foundation, including the annual Zumba Fatburner Party in Pink and the Pink gala and Auction night that were undertaken in the current inancial year, culminating in more than $35,000 being raised. The other highlights for the last inancial year included the arrival of the new mammography machine in April. The machine, a gift from BreastScreen new South Wales was installed and up and running by the time the annual mammography screening pro-

gramme began in late july. The foundation was pleased to be able to fund the travel of seven women from the Pa Enua to rarotonga in August 2012 which enabled them to have their mammograms. The incoming board of the CIBCF, all volunteers, comprises of jaewynn McKay (president), liz Koteka (vice-president), Kelly Bullivant (secretary), Alouise Kado (treasurer) together with board members noeline Bridge, Patricia Tuara Demmke and Erika Kaczmarek. Helen Henry was re-elected unopposed as the patron. Henry spoke briefly, commending the outgoing board members and president for their time, loyalty and dedication to

Former president of the Cook Islands Breast Cancer Foundation Dawn Baudinet, CIBCF patron Helen Henry and Air NZ manager David Bridge enjoying the recent pink gala night. 13110164 such an important organisation. She paid tribute to the generosity of the people of the Cook Islands, saying: “We have the ability to give and to keep on giving to worthy causes. In recent days we have been giving to the victims of the ires, the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines and to breast cancer.” Upon being elected president, McKay said she felt “very

privileged to be given such an opportunity”. “I have terribly big shoes to ill and am really excited to be part of a highly committed team, dedicated among other things to educating Cook Islands women and men on the importance of early detection of breast cancer by increasing awareness of the disease.” The Cook Islands Breast Can-

cer Foundation is a non-proit organisation that exists to raise awareness of breast cancer and to encourage and assist women (especially those from the Pa Enua) in having regular mammograms. In doing this the foundation has a very close working relationship with the Ministry of Health. - Release/Sahiban Kanwal


Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

Spotlight on ‘branchless banking’ in Paciic A groWIng trend towards mobile banking in the Pacific has prompted inancial services experts to meet and discuss the future of ‘branchless banking’. Senior executives from the Central Banks of six Pacific Island countries gathered in Sydney, Australia last week to look at the shift in banking practises throughout the region. Many Pacific peoples now have the ability to manage their bank accounts in the palm of the hand or from a banking agent in

the village. That raises the question of whether or to what extent banks still need to have physical walk-in branches. “With the vast majority of Paciic people still ‘unbanked,’ the uptake of mobile and branchless banking is proving the most effective means of extending access to formal inancial services to all,” said Andrea Ifland from the Asian Development Bank, which organised the seminar. last week’s meeting – which highlighted successful ap-

proaches and best practices – was also attended by experts in inancial services, mobile networks and new technologies. Focus was placed on identifying the best policies, innovations and practices needed to strengthen the environment for branchless banking in the region. Vaine nooana-Arioka, managing director of Bank of the Cook Islands (BCI), said the future of branchless banking in the local market will largely be driven by customer demand.

“The question therefore is not only one of what BCI envisages is a solution, it is also one of whether branchless banking is a solution that is valued/demanded by our customers here in the Cook Islands.” nooana-Arioka said if customers want to interact with BCI, they have the option to choose which method they find “efficient, valuable and meaningful”. She said BCI has seen an uptake in its text banking service throughout the Cook Islands,

which has been enabled by Telecom rolling out its cell phone coverage. However, she said the “value by Cook Islanders of full mobile banking is still an unknown as no bank here yet has full mobile banking products”. The Cook Islands government is currently working on phase two of a review of the nation’s banking system. Branchless banking is one of the areas being considered as part of that review. - BCS

Vaine Nooana-Arioka. 13112630

Budget consultation document 2014/15 released THE BUDgET Consultation

document 2014-15 has been released. The document, which contains some basic facts to inform people on how to prepare for the 2014-15 budget, is available electronically on the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) website and in hard copy from the MFEM ofice. The upcoming budget intends to outline in detail every estimate of revenue and expenditure for the next three years out to 2016-17, enabling ministries to improve their planning and

improve coherence with the national Sustainable Development Plan. The Minister of Finance Mark Brown along with the inancial secretary richard neves would like to encourage the public to have their say in the budget process for 2014-15, saying it is the government’s desire to get more input into the budget process from across the community and welcome ideas from people across the country. It is in this sense of community consultation that the government would like to take the

opportunity to invite individuals, the business community, the church, non-government organisations (nFo’s) and other representatives of civil society across the Cook Islands to present a submission to the government on the formulation of the 201415 budget. There is no set format to a submission, but there will be two stages in the submission process. Submissions can be brief or as long as the author desires, but we have provided some prompting questions below to assist in forming submissions.

Stage 1: General sector input by December 6, 2013 What sectors do you feel need the most attention? • Infrastructure (such as water, roads and harbours) • Social (such as education, health and social services) • Economic (such as tourism, fisheries, agriculture and economic development) • Law and order (police, customs and justice systems) • Governance (public sector reform and political reform) Within these sectors, what strategies do you feel need atten-

tion or are absent? Why? Are there other areas you feel could contribute across the different sectors or other strategies the government should be pursuing?

Stage 2: Speciic initiatives by January 6, 2014 This will depend on your submission. For example: • What strategies should the Ministry of Health invest more in to combat nCDs? • What initiatives can government do to improve transportation between the Pa Enua? • How can government im-

prove its investment in the tourism industry? • What programmes should the government invest in to improve public safety? Please send your submissions via email to, subject heading: Budget Consultation Document 2014/15, or hand deliver to the MFEM Treasury office in Avarua, rarotonga. For further information please email to the above address or call our Budget and Economic Policy Division on (+682) 29511. - MFEM Release

courtnEWS akava’anga

Sex with minor lands man in prison An AITUTAKI man has been sentenced to five months' imprisonment for a charge of having sex with a minor between 12 to 16 years of age, despite being in a romantic relationship with the victim. Peterson Teinakore, 32, stood calmly in the court room while High Court judge justice Christine grice handed out her decision, describing the case as a difficult one because of the relationship – with the girl in

question expecting to give birth to their baby in a few weeks. “The victim seeks lenience from the court and is concerned [the defendant] won’t be around to be a father to the child,” she said. Teinakore’s lawyer Moana Ioane told the court that the victim had requested the matter be withdrawn. He said that there was an aspect of consent and that the defendant and victim were intoxicated when the

incident occurred. He described the defendant as a good person who had returned to Aitutaki from overseas to help his parents inancially. He insisted on a probation, or supervision, sentence to be carried out in Aitutaki. Teinakore had admitted to having sex with the girl over a period of three months, and continued the relationship even after he knew the victim to be underage. Crown prosecutor

Martha Henry relayed the facts of the case to the court, saying that regardless of the girl being open about her relationship to the defendant, the offence is still a serious one, evident by the fact that an act of this nature has been determined as an offence by the law. She said that a girl of that age is subject to the laws of protection. “The fact that you think she might have come on to you is

not an excuse. It is simply inexcusable for one to take advantage of young girls that the law deems are not of the capacity to consent to sex,” she said. She recommended a custodial sentence of two years, based on the result of a similar case where the accused was sentenced to two-and-a-half years’ imprisonment for 10 charges of having sex with a 12-year-old girl. justice grice emphasised the seriousness of the offence,

saying that there must be a deterrent for this kind of crime; particularly for others in the community. She set a starting point of 12 months’ imprisonment for sentencing, reducing that to ive months for an early guilty plea, family circumstances and the fact this is Teinakore’s irst offence. The maximum penalty for sex with a minor between 12 and 16 is seven years imprisonment. - MWK

Pokoinu land case sent back to judge nEW EVIDEnCE that may al-

ter the outcome of the Pokoinu Tapere sections 227 and 228 land case was accepted by court of appeal judges on Friday last week, and the case has been sent back to land court judge justice Patrick Savage for re-hearing. Court of appeal judges justice Sir Ian Barker, justice David Williams and justice Barry Paterson allowed the new evidence to be admitted for use in a re-hearing and ordered that the previous judgment by justice Savage rul-

ing the Pokoinu land sections as “investigated” to be set aside. The new evidence was submitted by lawyer Tony Manarangi, representing ngati Arera, who iled an application to be able to cite the evidence, which consists of documents that show that an area of Pokoinu land was not investigated until after May 1913. This could mean that the two disputed sections, 227 and 228, could be vested in descendants of the various families claiming customary right to them.

The sections, consisting of a combined 60.57 hectares, are part of the Pokoinu Hills behind the golf course. The land is separate to the infamous section 107, the area of land taken under warrant by the government in 1912 that gained attention when rarotongan resort and Spa owner Tata Crocombe put a hotel proposal forward to the ngati Arera family. nonetheless, 227 and 228 is debated as having been investigated, along with 107.

Manarangi's evidence consisted of three main parts: a register of titles, orders on investigation of title and survey plans for various sections within boundaries of a water catchment reserve; a titles survey plan for rarotonga; and Survey Plan 197, a survey plan of land already investigated in 1905 by Chief judge gudgeon. of particular importance was Survey Plan 197, which was searched for before a hearing for the Pokoinu case brought before

justice Savage in May this year, but not located until after the hearing was done. The document was located in the Survey Department at the Ministry of justice and found with the help of an employee referred to by the judges as “known to be very experienced in locating and researching land matters”. The application was opposed by lawyer Tina Browne, representing the descendants of Tupa Tuerei, Kokaua, Tamarangatira, Tutini, rima, Mata,

Toreka and Vakatini. Browne opposed the application on three grounds: that the evidence was not “fresh”, and could have been produced at an earlier hearing; that the circumstances are not exceptional as to allow the evidence to be cited and that it is unlikely the additional evidence would have made any difference to the result of the case. However, opposition was rejected by the court of appeal judges. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia

Unintentional overstayer allowed to go home IMPorTED Samoan rugby player Fa’afou Amate has had his 12 month probation sentence for assaulting a woman substituted, amid worry his over-stayer status was causing undue hardship on him and the local rarotonga community. Amate, 34, will now be paying a $730 ine instead of spending a year in rarotonga on probation after his lawyer Wilkie rasmussen argued for a change

in his sentence, saying that the sentence imposed by justice of the Peace Carmen Temata had “unwittingly captured a whole lot of other people into the net, including the immigration department”. Amate’s overstayer status has meant he will remain unemployed; his Takuvaine host family not being able to provide for him as his contract with the Takuvaine reds club has expired.

Presiding High Court judge justice Christine grice dealt with the matter immediately, saying that the 12 months would be better spent in Samoa. “The repercussions on the defendant are far more serious than they would be on a Cook Islands resident. The Cook Island community has to look after him when it shouldn’t be, however this does not mean he should escape liability. The message needs

to be clear that the defendant is held accountable for the offence. The best option is a fine,” she said. Police prosecutor Tuaine Manavaroa did not contest a substitute sentence, and Crown law had indicated it had no problem with a substitute. Grice imposed a ine of $700 plus $30 court costs, and ruled that Amate’s passport is returned to him once he has paid the ine. Organising payment of the ine

was discussed in chambers between Amate, the judge and a representative from the Takuvaine club. Amate was arrested and charged with assault on a female on September 15, when a complaint was lodged with police not long after he and his team were at a party celebrating a semi-inal win for the 2013 club rugby competition. He initially pleaded not guilty to the charge claim-

ing he had acted in self-defence, however he changed his plea to guilty on october 24 after further evidence disclosed by the police indicated he had assaulted the victim. He was subsequently sentenced to 12 months’ probation with the irst two months’ community service on november 7. He was due to leave the Cook Islands on november 8, returning to Samoa to resume playing national level rugby. - MWK


Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

localnEWS nuti no roto i te IPUKArEA

Local help for Filipino community WHEn AITUTAKI was hit by a

cyclone in 2010, the Filipino community of the Cook Islands helped in whatever way they could. now, it’s payback time. The Philippines was recently devastated by super typhoon Haiyan, locally called yolanda, which killed thousands when it barrelled through the islands on november 8. According to Aituaki MP and house leader Mona Ioane, the Filipino community was in need of a base in the Cook Islands. “When julian (Perla, president of the Filipino committee) emailed me after the super typhoon yolanda hit the region of Visayan, Philippines, I knew the best way to help out was to offer the premises of the Aitutaki Hostel,” said Ioane. The Filipino community has been raising funds for their friends and family through different fundraisers and to date they have raised more than $10,000.

one of the fund raisers had been the sale of Filipino food at Te Atekura on november 22. “We offered our kitchen and our facilities to the Filipino community so they could have more space to cook in,” said Ioane. “It is amazing being able to use these facilities and all the help we are getting. We have so much more space and it really helps,” said Perla. This is just a small way for the Aitutaki community to give back to the Filipino community, said Ioane. Fundraising for the disasterhit region will continue with a concert of local Cook Islands artists spearheaded by Sisi Short and Filipino performers, but the dates have yet to be decided. Philippine aid donation boxes will be placed at some business establishments to help raise funds for the cause. Participation and donations

for the fundraisers are welcome and for more information on how to participate please con-

tact Sisi Short on 22254 or 52881. Further contacts for the Filipino community fund rais-

ing, for the victims of typhoon yolanda are: julian 57745, Marijoe 51644, gemma 77281,

Carmela 71822, noni 75830 and Amelyn 55619. - Sahiban Kanwal

Members of the Filipino community pause in between a whir of cooking. 13112206

Books donated to Avatea School

AroUnD 1000 books were donated to Apii Avatea to assist in the speedy recovery of the school’s learning programme. on Wednesday, Tungane Broadbent donated her own rainbow reading Programme resources to the school, which recently lost buildings and resources – including its library – due to an act of arson. The resources were funded by the European Union Aid Fund in 2003 to help Broadbent teach students who were struggling with their reading. The resources contain three complete sets of 20 titles with six books in each title, and includes activities manuals and assessment manuals. The rainbow reading programme also comes with a ‘listening Post’ kit that includes tapes for each title, a record player and earphones.

“It is one of the best donations we have received because it is what we are after. It is irst of its kind,” said principal of the school nga Charlie. “Her donation is the irst set of books we have got that is graded so it will be very easy to use,” said Charlie. graded books come in levels from the beginning to advanced readers. “once the students master one level the next level will have new words and harder content,” said Charlie. Broadbent also donated other readers that she had used to supplement her reading programme. She had been using these resources at Avatea School back in 2002. Hearing about the arson Broadbent was spurred on to donate all the resources to help the speedy recovery of the school’s

learning programme. Broadbent has a grand-daughter, Maryanne, who also goes to the school and she felt that it was the right thing to do. Charlie would like to acknowledge Tungane Broadbent’s thoughtfulness and generosity. ‘The rainbow reading resources is an excellent replacement for what the school has lost in the fire on october 20, that burnt six classrooms, the library and the English literacy resource room last month.” The resource room contained all the Price Milburn (PM) reading resources for the whole school from early readers in year 1 classes to the advanced readers in year 8. Charlie extends the school’s sincere thanks to Broadbent and her family for the donation. - Sahiban Kanwal

Funds raised by restaurant to be donated to two schools A THrEE-CoUrSE set dinner

to raise funds for nukutere College and Avatea School has sold out. organised by Kikau Hut restaurant for today, 60 tickets were sold at $40 a pop, with 100 per cent of the funds raised on the night to go to the schools. The dining hours for the fundraiser are 6pm up until 10.30pm and the restaurant owners are pleased with the result so far. “We sold out all our tickets and that’s an encouraging sign. We hope to raise between $2500 to $3000 and we intend to give the schools half each from whatever we raise,” said owner Cathy Simkin. The dining on the night will consist of a mixed entree platter, a main meal and a dessert. “We will have a raw ish, garlic bread and chicken nibbles mixed entree platter, a roast beef/roast pork or local ish of the day main

meal and chocolate mud cake with fresh fruit and boysenberry coulee for dessert,” said Simkin. “Iced water will be provided but all other drinks will need to be bought,” said Simkin. Entertainment on the night will be provided by Island groove’s Tani Mussell. Marlin Queen, CITC liquor, CITC, Bond Store and Island groove are the main supporters

of the event. This is the irst time the Arorangi restaurant is holding a fundraiser of this sort, and knowing the parents of children who go to both the schools was the motivation for the organisers of the fundraiser. “We hope we reach our target and are able to contribute to both the schools,” concluded Simkin. - Sahiban Kanwal

Maryanne Broadbent (far left) with her grandmother Tungane Broadbent (far right) and year 7 students with the donated reading resources. 13112801

greatness in smallness: the economic and Political success of Microstates Lessons for the Cook islands Zbigniew Dumienski, PhD scholar, university of auckland tuesday 3 December, 2013 at 7pm seminar room - usP Cook islands – takamoa Light refreshments afterwards

Kevin and Cathy Simkin, owners of Kikau Hut Restaurant, Arorangi have given the place a new look. 10092411


Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

Western Union electronic draw onE VAKA Eiva paddling crew

were winners before they even hit the water, before they walked off the plane in fact! The Paddle Chicks stepped off the plane from new Zealand and were pleasantly surprised when told they had won the Fexco Western Union electronic draw. In previous years winners of the electronic draw have walked away with $500, however this year the prize money was increased to $1000. According to general manager at Fexco Western Union julie Bateman, some 40 teams entered the competition with

the winner chosen at random electronically by the Western Union ofice in New Zealand. Teams who had transferred their Vaka Eiva payments through Western Union were automatically put in to the draw, including all international teams using the service. The crew picked up the cheque from the Western Union ofice on Wednesday before heading out to support their team mates at the sprint races. Captain joy Charlton from the Hoe Aroha Whanau o Mauao club says the money will be distributed evenly among the crew, with the possibility of some be-

ing put away for the national Sprints races in january next year and for some local races back home. The team would like to thank the team at Western Union as they enjoy the last few days of Vaka Eiva with a few extra dollars in their back pockets. - Peka Fisher

Paddle Chicks were more than happy to pose with their winnings and some of the lovely ladies from Western Union. 13112802

Art exhibition at Io Marama

FroM building a vaka for Vaka

Eiva to teaching students to make one themselves, it has been a busy time for master carver Mike Tavioni.

Tavioni completed the vaka commissioned by Vaka Eiva, with assistance from a group of students from new Zealand, and will be teaching the group to


Advertising assistant cook islands news is now looking for a full-time Advertising Assistant to work with the daily newspaper and our dynamic media team. this is an exciting role for someone with enthusiasm, a desire to show their creative passion for design, and for someone who has an ainity for dealing directly with customers. Primary tasks are to coordinate the newspaper’s regular clients daily advertising requirements, assist the Sales & Marketing Manager with the development and initiatives for promotions and features, maintaining our client database, along with the necessary administration duties that go with selling, booking and creating advertisements. if you are a great team player, outgoing, well spoken, well presented, conident and computer literate with strong organisational and time management skills, as well as having a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, then we want to hear from you! Remuneration will be based on your experience and capabilities. Applications with resume and references should be sent to:

make one themselves this week. “I’m really happy,” Tavioni says of the exhibition, and the challenge that he has issued to the group in building a vaka. “I want to demonstrate with people who have never made a vaka before that they can make it in two days.” The two-day vaka building challenge is part of a week of carving fun for the students, who will be exhibiting their work at Tavioni’s gallery later in the week. The group of seven students from Te Wananga o Aotearoa in Palmerston north, including local artist Stormy Kara, are studying level seven whakairo, Maori traditional carving - the only carving degree in the world. Kara organised the visit with her uncle Tavioni, with the group bringing the inal pieces of work that they carved for their diploma over to showcase to the Cook Islands people. For Kara the idea for the trip was to bring all the students over to rarotonga to experience what carving is about in the Cook Islands. The group will be working from Io Marama, Tavioni’s partially completed workshop,

gallery and teaching space, over the coming week. Tavioni says he chose the name Io Marama, with marama meaning knowledge and io, a singular god and the source of everything, including the growing point or life source of a plant. “We’re all here just to help out and give a hand,” said student Peter ryan, crediting Kara for making it all happen. For ryan it is a new experience in carving, and he is enjoying his work on the vaka and the first time carving using an adze for carving. “Coming here is a breath of fresh air,” said ryan. “learning from Mike is amazing.” For some of the group it is their irst time out of New Zealand, with carver Midi Tareha and wife georgia enjoying all parts of the experience – the carving, the island, Vaka Eiva and the upcoming challenge and exhibition. ryan says that the students have recently inished their year’s study, and are hoping this trip will be the beginning of an annual event. The group have started up a non-proit organisation, Toi Whatu Manawa, in order raise

funds for this to happen. Connecting artists with artists is how georgia Tareha describes the organisation, which she sees as being available to support anyone who shows a talent in carving. Tavioni is seeking donations from those who attend the exhibition and vaka carving chal-

lenge, with the proceeds to be shared equally between Avatea School, nukutere College and raising funds to complete work on his site. “It’s invigorating – we came here to help out and have fun together,” said ryan of the experience. “This is what we love to do.” - Rachel Smith

Te Wananga o Aotearoa student Peter Ryan has been assisting master carver Mike Tavioni in the completion of the vaka for Vaka Eiva, as part of a visit from a group of whakairo students. `13112807

Visiting paddlers donate knives A MoTHEr and daughter in raro for Vaka Eiva have donated two professional knife kits to the Cook Islands. Taking time off from the water, double gold winner Katie Emmert along with mother and

On Tuesday evening join us for our faBuLOus

island night with

pro chef jo Emmert met with the officials from the hospitality training centre yesterday to donate the knife kits. During the midday presentation, jo – who’s been cooking since the age of 15 – said she is amazed with the standard of hospitality she’s seen in raro, and wanted to provide some additional equipment for the future workers of the industry. The donation was made

possible with fundraising efforts done in conjunction with rotary West rockhampton. This is not the first time the mother and daughter combo has donated equipment to the school. last year, the rockhampton, West Queensland natives donated three cooking kits during the 2012 Vaka Eiva event. “Katie is studying hospitality in Australia as well,” said her

mother, adding she wanted to give something back to the host country. Paddling with Sunshine Coast, Katie, has brought in two gold in the 2013 festival, taking out the 500m sprints and the under 14 V6 race. “We are really grateful,” said director owen lewis of the Tertiary Training Institute. “We ind it amazing that people are willing to give.” - ES


Dining 7 - 8.30pm show starts 8.30pm featuring delicious local food

0pm rts 8.3 a t s ow by pm sh tainment 0 3 . 8 g7nter Dinin d night e islan lllate YZe ti O B & a htaR ntwit e m n i nterta Livee

edgewater Resort - reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentarytransfersprovidedfromanywhereontheisland. saturdayislandnightfeaturesOrama

Katie Emmert, Jo Emmert, and chef tutor Phillip Nordt with the donated knives. 13112853


Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303


5% Discount on Overdue Power Accounts Good news for customers with overdue power accounts. You can start the New Year with a clean slate by taking advantage of a special deal. In addition to the 5% discount on your current month’s bill, you can for a limited time get a one-of 5% discount on the overdue balance by paying of the overdue portion of your account before christmas. This is a one time ofer that will expire at 1pm on December 24th 2013. If you need more information, you can call our customer services staf and they will answer your queries. 75210 / /1823

Cook Islands National Shooting & Archery Association Venue: RSA Date: Tuesday 3 December 2013 Time: 6pm Te Tuhi Kelly MOB:70914, Henry Wichman MOB: 55790 75506 / /1931

Meeting Kaena Family on Thursday 5 December at 6pm in the Kavera Meeting House. Request to amend occupation rights of Tirata Farman. Thank you. 75413 /35627 /1931

CIs Canoeing Association & cIs Water Safety and Surf Life Saving are hosting a free to the public one hour course on cPR and how to use the AED. Wednesday, 5pm at the Canoeing shed in Avarua. Further details phone Brent 55154. All welcomed. 75490 / /2286

TUATUA AKAKITE Te kapiki e te pati iatu nei te au enua o Turoa Section 29, Takitumu kia tae mai ki tetai uipaanga na te Turoa Bakery. Ka raveia teia uipaanga a teia Ruitoru ra 4 o Titema 2013 i roto ite Are Uipaanga o Vaimaanga ite apa no te ora rima ite aiai (5.30pm). Tumu manako: Uriuri manako no runga i tetai tuanga enua ite pae mai ite Turoa Bakery. Teia kaikianga na Taria Atuatika (Atu Enua/Director).

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.




Tupapa Maraerenga Football Club Rale Results 1st Prize Tkt 215 Mii Piri 2nd Prize Tkt 209 Tou C/ - Motor centre 3rd Prize Tkt 32 Kimi & Ed Brogan 4th Prize Tkt 60 Heather Story Congratulations to all our prize winners. A big meitaki maata to everyone who supported us in buying our rales. Thank you maata also to all our sponsors who donated towards our rale.

Driver/ Handyman/ Groundsman Must be available on call 24/7, start as soon as possible. call Cell 54466.

Accountant First Windows is looking to employ a full time Accountant, commencing January 13, 2014. Qualiications and requirements: - A degree in accounting with a proven work history - Experience in preparation of annual inancial accounts Applications along with a current CV to Mike Allen at First Windows in Nikao or contact Mike on 20645 for any further enquiries.

75502 /35769 /1868

FOR RENT 2 double bedroom house, partly furnished, long term, $165 per week,Akaoa, Arorangi. Phone 20141. 75505 /35771 /1931

One fully furnished studio unit in quiet, peaceful surroundings in good area in Matavera $200 pw. Short term rates available. Call Maara on 21-619 75503 / /1780

Club Raro Resort has Fully furnished studio rooms for rent weekly $150. + Power. Long term. Also Brand new Studio Apartments at $200 + power per week. Long term. All are furnished, Air Conditioned, TV, full cooking facilities. Access to Resort facilities and have surveillance and 24hour security with of street parking. Phone 53077 or call at Club Raro. 75363 / /1758

3 bedroom house for rent, unfurnished, back road Nikao. Available Now. Call 55092.

75172 /35678 /1931

Wanted fulltime nanny to care for 3 young active children including housekeeping duties. Phone 56305. 75276 /35548 /1931

Groundsman/maintenance, full time required. Call 55160. 75348 /35574 /1931


The Bond Store has an opening for a warehouse/delivery person immediate start. Working Hours are Monday - Friday and afternoon shift on Saturday. Must be a good communicator, have good maths skills, be a team player and be of sober and punctual habits and have a Cook Islands Driver’s License and a clean driving record. Great wages and staf beneits for the right person. Applications in person to Trish or Fale at the Bond or call 21007. Local references essential.

74972 /35467 /1960

WANTED TO BUy Trampoline, any condition considered. Please phone Jenny 20037. 75492 /35763 /1931

WANTED TO RENT 2-3 bedroom, furnished/unfurnished, Muri - Titikaveka area preferred, long term. Phone Allen 50815.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words. casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


John William


5 april 1943- 25 October 2013

heartfelt thanks in our deepest moments of grief and heartache we felt all your love and comfort. and with all our heart and appreciation we would like to express our sincerest thanks to you all too many to mention for the time you made to share and comfort us as we honour the memory of my dear husband, our dad, granddad, great-granddad, brother, uncle and friend.

JOhn WiLLiaM CutheRs

We cannot forget your kindness and thoughtfulness and wepraythislittlethankyouisenoughtoletyouknowthat we appreciate you all during this time. god bless you all and may he continue to enrich our lives Our love and thoughts from his loving wife Mrs Rangi Cuthers,thechildren,grandchildren,greatgreatgrandchildren and all the families. ‘’The Joy of the lord is my Strength’’

75504 /35772 /1931


WANTED Seeking professional caregiver with nursing experience and handyman live in position for elderly couple. Reliable, honest, hardworking and clean sober habits. Apply to PO Box 2150, Rarotonga. 777

75415 / /1774

summerield systems Ltd Are looking to hire a Senior Systems Engineer with minimum 7 years experience. Microsoft, Tertiary and ITIL Certiication required. Please email CV to jobs@summerfieldsystems. com Applications close 13 December 2013.

OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER The Oice of the Prime Minister is calling for ‘Expressions of Interest’ for technical Assistance in the area of “Policy Development and Advice” Applicants are asked to provide : • Curriculum Vitae • A covering letter highlighting the applicant’s policy development experience. • The applicant’s proposed rates and availability between January and July 2014. All applications to be addressed to Elizabeth WrightKoteka, Chief of Staf and with applications due by December 16th, 2013. Email : 75518

75444 / /2041

75508 / /1931


FOR SALE Small shop, main road, Avatiu. can be towed away for home use. Phone 76623. 75517 /35795 /1931

Tiare Taina blooms, $10 a bag. Phone Joyce 20201. 75522 / /1917

Computer - Note book. Acer Notebook less than a year old, black, 10.1’’ screen, $400 ono. Phone 50999.

EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES!! NZQA Accredited training –Earn while you learn!

Club Raro Limited wishes to appoint an experienced manager to the position of: General Manager of Club Raro Resort. the successful candidate is expected to be a team leader with the ability to oversee all aspects of the hotel, which includes Rooms, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Sales & Marketing and Administration. Outside assistance is given with IT, Accounting and Finance. A generous remuneration package is provided which includes on-site accommodation. Please apply in writing to Lynn Mataio. Executive Secretary, Edgewater Resort & Spa, Arorangi or by email to

Rarotonga’s newest luxury resort is currently under development in Muri and is due to open in 2014. As the irst stage of this development, the resorts exclusive beachfront restaurant & bar will be opening in January, and we are now inviting applications for the following positions. Front of House • Food & Beverage Manager • Duty Managers • Restaurant Supervisors • Restaurant Cashiers • Restaurant service staf • Bar Service Staf • Wedding & Functions Co-ordinator Kitchen • Head Chef • Chefs – Sous, Jnr Sous, Chef de partie, Commis • Stewards & Kitchen hands Other Areas • Food & Beverage Controller • Purchasing Oicer • Accountant • Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator • Property Maintenance - Landscaping & Gardening • IT Technician • Security if you would like the opportunity to join a team of hospitality professionals and have a rewarding career with great working conditions, at Rarotonga’s new premier resort, please email Erika on gm@ or call Ph 22779. Further information regarding above positions available upon request.

We ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with. SALES & MARKETING Sales Manager - Trade– Great communication skills a must! • This role is a challenging, exciting opportunity to assist in the preparation and implementation of sales & marketing plans, develop strong working relationships with our wholesale customers and suppliers and drive a small dedicated team to provide the best customer service. You will need strong organisational skills, the ability to prioritise and work to deadlines, supervisory experience and strong communication and interpersonal skills. PHARMACY Senior Sales Assistant/Cashier – Variety packed! • Exciting opportunity to join a small motivated team. the position involves assisting and advising customers on pharmacy and beauty products, displaying and ordering of stock. Suit someone who is responsible, keen, motivated and willing to learn. BUILDING CENTRE Cashier/Clerical Assistant– Good computer skills! • Busy varied position that involves completing point of sale transactions, data entry, prepares and writes up banking and clerical duties. Suit someone with strong excel skills who is good with igures. Talk to us today about starting a career in Retail! For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23-191, Email:




75498 /35768 /1931

75496 /35765 /1931

VEhICLES FOR SALE White Nissan Station Wagon, new tyres and WOF, $4000 ono as is. Phone 71094, after hours 21671. 75495 /35765 /1931


General Manager


Tuesday, december 3, 2013 cook Islands News

Queens Baton set for island voyage THE PUlSATIng beat of the

Cook Islands pate and pau will welcome the Queens Baton to rarotonga on Thursday December 5 as it journey across 70 Commonwealth nations as part of the build up to the 2014 Commonwealth games in glasgow, Scotland. The baton carries a message from Queens Elizabeth II and began its global relay on october 9 from Buckingham Palace and on july 23 next year – the message will be ready out aloud at the opening ceremony of the games. Delivered by a Commonwealth games Federation representative – the baton will be received first by Minister of Sport Mark Brown at the rarotonga International Airport at 12.30am Thursday and its early arrival means a short welcome ceremony at the airport. on Friday – the baton relay will begin on rarotonga after it is delivered to the Queens representative’s residence in Titikaveka for a short ceremony. The relay itself will begin at 9.45am from the Takitumu and

Puaikura boundary and will be carried through many hands towards Arorangi. In Vaka Puaikura the baton will make a top at the Au Maru palace grounds of Tinomana Tokerau Ariki before it is handed over by the people of Puaikura to representatives of Vaka Te Au o Tonga. The baton will detour to the back road in nikao where it will be carried to the Cook Islands Sports and national olympic Committee headquarters, through to the Telecom Sports Arena and Tereora College before continuing along the back road and head to the main road via the Avatiu intersection. The baton relay will continue along the main road in Avarua and detour around Papehia’s memorial rock in Takuvaine before heading to the Takamoa Theological Centre, pass the cultural centre in Tupapa and will end its irst leg of the relay at the Te Au o Tonga and Takitumu boundary. Friday will see the second leg of the relay begin at the Takitumu boundary where the baton

will be carried through the vaka with each village set to have their own baton programme. The Vaka Takitumu relay programme is set to start at 7.30am on Friday and run up

till 10.30am where it will be returned to nikao, outer island representatives will carry it along the main road in nikao and at 2.30pm – the baton relay will end at the Punanga nui

Market where it will then begin another journey to major sponsors. Day three of the relay will see the baton taken to the Punanga nui Markets on Saturday before

taking a lagoon cruise in Muri. The baton is due to depart rarotonga early Sunday morning. - Matariki Wilson

Maara denny holds the Queens Baton up high as her crew paddled the vaka across the Muri lagoon during the batons 2010 visit to the Cook Islands. 10052375

Vaka Eiva success a credit to CICA, volunteers IT WAS an action-packed week for paddlers, supporters and spectators as they celebrated the 10th anniversary of the popular Vaka Eiva Festival. The event saw the largest gathering in its history, with some 1200 paddlers and supporters registered for the weeklong event. The irst day of the event saw the oC1 and V1 rudderless paddlers flexing their skills and showcasing their individual strength. In the V6 events spectators were in for a treat as teams battled it out, vying for podium inishes. Paddlers in the round raro relay races faced challenging conditions – making for exciting and fun races with open teams the Crown Beach Belles and Tahiti nui taking out the win and with it the Pacific Paddle and Paciic Cup trophies. The charity Trader jacks boiler swim proved itself successful again after raising $600 for the chosen charity, the Creative Centre – with all funds going towards the school’s hydroponics programme. For event co-ordinator Victoria Dearlove, the 10th anniversary was her last as co-ordinator

as she hands over the reins for next year’s event to local paddler and former Miss Cook Islands Tina Mitchel. Dearlove looks back on the week’s events, saying it was a safe and successful festival taking into account the many people accommodated for, both on and off the water. “It’s a major achievement and that’s all down to the members of Cook Islands Canoeing Association and the volunteers. Without everyone’s support it would just not have been as successful,” she says. She is confident in Mitchel’s ability to take over the event and though she will miss it, she is moving on to help build up the junior Vaka Iti regatta. President of the Cook Islands Canoeing Association, Fletcher Melvin says that Dearlove’s knowledge and expertise will deinitely be missed, but they are conident Mitchell will grow in to her role with the full support of CICA. “She helped build the event to what it is today,” he says of Dearlove. During the prize giving on Friday, Dearlove’s contribution to Vaka Eiva were recognised in the form of gifts such as a beautiful tivaivai, a paddle and fish

hook art works. “I was so overwhelmed and knowing how special it is to receive a Tivaivai, I was moved by all of it,” she says. Another note-worthy local was acknowledged, as Sani Sosene received the President’s Award for his contributions to CICA and

outstanding sportsmanship as he paddled the round raro race despite an injury. Sosene was a part of the winning Boiler Boys International team for the Senior Master Men round raro relay race. Closing the festivities, the Vaka Village was jam packed after

Receiving the 2013 president’s award was Sani Sosene from CICA president Fletcher Melvin for outstanding sportsmanship and epitomising how a paddler should behave. 13120110

the inal days of races on Friday where paddlers, supporters and members of the community celebrated with the musical stylings of new Zealand band KorA.

Dearlove would like to extend a heartfelt meitaki maata to the sponsors and all who helped out in making the 10th anniversary - PF a successful one.

Ten years later, much loved event co-ordinator Victoria Dearlove was presented with gifts including a tivaivai and paddle to celebrate her eforts in making the event what it is today. She will no longer be taking on the event and has handed over the reins to Tina Mitchel. 13120118

NZ paddlers support anti-violence campaign A VAKA Eiva paddling team has

backed a 16-day event against gender violence. The orange shade of the new Zealand-based open mixed team, orakei Water Sports, coincidentally matches the theme for the anti-violence campaign that began on november 25, which is ‘orange the world’. Vaka Eiva co-ordinator Victoria Dearlove has contributed to the campaign by taking time out from her busy schedule and putting up orange balloons and getting teams to pitch in. “We have a couple of orange

crews and one of the main ones is the orakei Water Sports team. Their uniform is orange as it is, so they decided to get involved in raising awareness about gender violence being not okay”, said Dearlove. The orange balloons attract a lot of questions from the public said Dearlove, and she is glad to be able to help by raising awareness of the issue. Counsellor at Punanga Tauturu, rebeka Buchanan said other good samaritans have also jumped on board. “national Disability Council

co-ordinator Pat Farr and grete Marsters have offered to ‘paint rarotonga orange,’ with the support of CITC Management who kindly donated orange balloons and orange ribbons towards our fundraising at the Punanga nui Market on november 23,” she said. “We raised $117 at the markets through donations. now we will be placing orange boxes at AnZ, Westpac and BCI and they will be there till December 10. We are very grateful to the banks for letting us place the boxes on the premises,”

said Buchanan. Buchanan says that although the international calendar highlights only the 16 days, in reality, the Elimination of Violence against Women has to be high on the priority list in the Cook Islands and the work to eliminate this huge problem has to be ongoing and needs community support. “The challenge is out there and we need to lend a supporting hand to someone who is having dificulties dealing with their everyday problems, be it alcohol, or just needing someone

to talk to.” “We all know someone who needs that kind of help. your support, guidance and positive reinforcement to that person will make a difference to our families,” said Buchanan. The 16 days of activism against gender violence is an international campaign that signifies that violence against women is a violation of human rights. It originated in 1991 and links International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on november 25 and

International Human rights Day on December 10. In a United nations global conference, former secretary general Kofi Annan said that violence against women is perhaps the most shameful human rights violation. “It is perhaps the most pervasive. It knows no boundaries of geography, culture or wealth. As long as it continues, we cannot claim to be making real progress towards equality, development and peace.” - Sahiban Kanwal


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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Monday’s puzzle

Answer to Monday’s puzzle

hÄgaR the horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: A southeast wind low prevails over Southern cooks. A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and rain remains slow moving over northern cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional rain, heavy at times and squally thunderstorms. Rain easing. Moderate northwest to southeast winds. Moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: Some showers.

By Dik Browne


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Rarotonga Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Tides TUE high 9.40AM 0.92M 9.51PM 1.03M




0.20M 3.42PM

1.1M S


0.9M NW


WED high 10.31AM 0.95M 10.42PM 1.05M





4.34PM 0.23M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

E 08kTs new Moon Jan 1 1.14AM

First Quarter dec 9 3.12PM

Full Moon dec 17 9.29AM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter dec 25 1.48PM


ArApo - iro TUE 3 Tanu (Planting) Tanu i te meika Plant bananas.

TauTai (Fishing) Po ika. Kua marama roa. Fishing nights. Moon is long, far away.

Humidity TUE



1.1M S Front Key:




1.3M SE


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, December 3, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.



sun rise 5.49AM sun set


Moon rise 6.40AM Moon set 8.15PM

WED sun rise 5.49AM sun set 7.10PM


Moon rise 7.43AM Moon set 9.14PM


30° E 07kTs


28° E 07kTs


29° E 06kTs


29° E 06kTs


31° E 05kTs


29° E 06kTs


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Queens baton relay vaka eiva success —PAGE 14

Festive feel at Netball in Paradise

oVEr 500 netball players, supporters and oficials swung into action yesterday for the first day of the Telecom netball in Paradise competition running this week at the Telecom Sports Arena in nikao. The weeklong competition kicked off with a festival feel, with a quick opening ceremony to welcome the 32 netball teams from new Zealand, Australia, rarotonga and Aitutaki. “We are all here for a good time – not a hard time,” commented netball Cook Islands (nCI) chief executive officer louis Enoka during the opening ceremony. In her welcome address, nCI president Patsy Hockin welcomed home returning Cook Islanders dotted among the visiting teams, as well as irst time visitors to the shores of rarotonga. “Thank you for all the hard fundraising you have done to get here and the sacriices you have made and the hard training you have done to prepare for this,” commented Hockin. netball Cook Islands also acknowledges the assistance and support of all their valued sponsors who have contributed generously to the running of the second Telecom netball in Paradise event.

With welcome messages said, attention turned to the netball courts with the irst lot of games getting underway shortly after the welcome. The tournament includes teams playing in the social division, open mixed, open women, under 17 women, under 15 wom-

en and under 13 girls divisions. While there is a festival feel about the tournament, a number of teams – especially the national netball teams – have trained hard and will be competitive on court this week. Aitutaki is the only outer island represented at the tour-

nament and were the standout team at the opening ceremony decked out in pink mu’umu’u and topped with ei katu. Admittance to the Telecom Sports Arena is free and all are welcome to join the netball family at the home of netball and enjoy the games of offer from the

dynamic mixed division where men and women work together to achieve netball in Paradise supremacy and the raw talent on offer in the under 13 division. games get underway at 9.30am and will run right up until 8pm. Wednesday will be a free day

for all teams to recover from games and to explore the island and enjoy the Cook Islands hospitality and culture. games resume again on Thursday and Friday before the closing ceremony on Saturday. - Matariki Wilson

Aitutaki netball players in the under 17 and under 15 division, along with their supporters, were certainly best dressed at the opening of the Telecom Netball in Paradise event yesterday and are set to also be competitive on the courts this week. 13120212

Local netter Geof Halston of team Te Reanga Maori 3 puts the pressure on his Tama Te Kapua opponent in the mixed division. 13120219

There was plenty of action in the mixed division game between the Sweet-Ezy team and opponents the Night Spanners. 13120216

Tennis stars hit the court

APII Te Uki ou students are having a ball as part of the schools sports-a-thon programme thanks to the AnZ Tennis Development Programme. Apii Te Uki out is the fifth school to take part in AnZ sponsored programme this year and national tennis coach Malcom Kajer is impressed with the level of skill the students have displayed saying it’s been “great fun.” With the help of volunteer assistant coach Melany reeves, the pair has taken the senior students of the school through their paces with fun games as well as tour-

naments at the Tennis Centre in nikao. The kids have four more weeks of tennis fun in store as they will spend a couple of hours outside of the classroom two days a week taking part in a range of activities such as mini golf and badminton, oe vaka and swimming to name a few sporting activities on the school’s sports-a-thon fun list. Starting in early january the AnZ Play and Stay programme will kick into action for players under 12 year olds. Parents wanting to sign up their kids can do so by contact- Peka Fisher ing Kajer.

Some of the senior apii Te Uki Ou students took a quick break from play yesterday for a quick photo. 13120124

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