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$2 Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grey Power want no tax on pension MeMbers of pensioner activist

group Grey Power do not want to pay any tax on their pensions. At a meeting held yesterday morning at the returned and services Association (rsA) club in Nikao, the group held a vote to deal with an internal division within its membership: to ight the “back tax” on their New Zealand-paid pensions, or to ight any government attempt to tax the pensions – past, present, and future. The vote was unanimous, and Grey Power is saying no to any taxation. “Now we can say get rid of the back tax and any other tax on the pension,” said Dennis Tunui. The vote clariies the group’s position, and appears to have come after comments by Prime Minister Henry Puna during last week’s protest, where he said Grey Power hasn’t been “clear about what (they) want”. Members of the group struck deiant tones during yesterday’s

meeting, and criticised the government’s role in the ongoing dispute with the revenue management division of the Ministry of Finance and economic Management (MFeM). “We’re not going to give up,” said Grey Power member Teariki simiona. “Whatever the consequences, we will stick together,” added another member. The ongoing battle being waged by Grey Power involves a ight against efforts by MFEM to tax the pensions. Yesterday, Tunui also provided details on the group’s next rally, scheduled for tomorrow in front of the Cook Islands police headquarters in Avarua. At the upcoming rally, the group will be distributing informative lyers as part of a public relations campaign. “There’s still confusion from the public about our cause,” said Tunui. “We invite all those people who have been writing

No place like home

the letters and not signing their names to come to talk to us.” separately and in a potential development, the Grey Power VP is alleging – through a letter to the editor in yesterday’s edition of the paper – that Puna said he has asked inance secretary richard Neves to reduce the tax rate applied to the NZ-paid pensions. “Te Kite nei au i teia aka apainga i runga ia kotou te pati nei au kiaia (Neves) kia akatopa mai ki raro,” Tunui recorded the PM as saying during last Friday’s rally at Puna’s ofices. The comment translates to, “I can see this is a heavy burden on you all and I’m asking him (Neves) to reduce (the tax) down”. CINews is currently awaiting a response on a request sent to the Ofice of the Prime Minister for further details and acknowledgement that the comment was made. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Proposal for fuel tanker raises alarm from Triad CoNCerNs have been raised about a proposal to

have a large fuel tanker moor off the reef to pump fuel to shore – which could mean a monopoly in the fuel industry. In a letter to the editor on page 6, Triad Paciic Petroleum director Chris Vaile said the proposal by Paciic Island Energy – which currently holds the fuel supply tender for Te Aponga Uira – has already been endorsed in principal by cabinet. However, Vaile says the move carries both environmental risk – with the potential for an oil spill – and commercial risk, because the move would involve a monopoly in the fuel industry with all of the country’s fuel coming from one tanker that is controlled by one operator. “This is not about ‘cheaper fuel’ for the country,” said Vaile. “It is about one set of commercial parties seeing a way to persuade government to support a position that will result in a monopoly in their favour. And from then on, the public will be the ones to pay for the damage.” Referring to the ‘Toagate’ saga, in which the government guarantees proits for rival fuel company Toa Petroleum of $1.2 million a year, Vaile added, “… that’s the same public paying for the last time


Chris Vaile. 09011509 the Cook Islands government got into fuel”. - Briar Douglas

Politicians ‘seduced by thought of cheaper fuel’, page 6.

sArAH Healy is one of 10 volunteers currently at the esther Honey clinic, helping to care for a recent inlux of animals who are in need of a home. With ‘kitten season’ in full swing, there are 17 kittens looking for a place to call home, as well as seven older cats and four adult dogs. Vet Michelle Gray, who is currently leading the esther Honey team, said they recently managed to ind homes for two adult dogs on Monday – but there are still

plenty more animals who need to be adopted. While 17 kittens isn’t a record-breaking number for this time of year – with Michelle saying she once had around 40 under the care of herself and the esther Honey team – the clinic is certainly on the full side and people are encouraged to come forward if they have space for a new member of the family. While kittens tend to be more popular than adult cats, Gray said there are many

things to love about adopting an older animal – they will have already been desexed, and tend to be calm and affectionate. For those kittens who are rehomed before they are old enough to be desexed, an appointment is made for them to come back for the procedure. esther Honey performs desexing operations for free, asking only a donation in return. Interested people can call the esther Honey team on 22336.

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Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWs nuti no TeIA NeI Ao Swim hero lost his focus Chinese Olympic swimming champion sun Yang has been sentenced to seven days in police detention for driving without a licence. he was caught when a Porsche jeep he was driving in his hometown of hangzhou collided with a bus. sun won Olympic gold in the 400m and 1500m freestyle events at London 2012. in a statement, the swimmer apologised and said he had poor knowledge of the law because he had been “focusing on training and competition”. Writing on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, the 21-year-old athlete said he had failed as a role model, and he would relect on his behaviour.

Child avatar in sex sting Computer-generated ‘sweetie’ catches online sexual predators AMsTerDAM – More than 1000 men have been caught trying to pay a computer-generated child to perform sex acts online, after a Dutch children’s charity set up a fake proile. Terre des Hommes, a swiss NGo committed to child protection, carried out a 10-week sting near Amsterdam, posing on video chat rooms as “sweetie”, a 10-year-old Filipina girl. some 20,000 men contacted her, with 1000 found to have offered her money. The names of these men were passed to police.

world brIeFs PAKISTAN TO PURSUE TALKS WITH TALIBAN PAKISTAN – Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told cabinet ministers that his government will pursue talks with the Taliban despite the killing of its chief Hakimullah Mehsud in a recent US drone strike. The cabinet meeting was called to review the situation following Mehsud’s killing as the government accuses the US of sabotaging the proposed talks with the Taliban. A team of three top religious leaders were assigned the task to visit the Waziristan tribal region to discuss exploratory talks with the Taliban on the agenda and venue for the talks. But the visit was cancelled due to the US attack in Waziristan. Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said the group will not talk to the government and will take revenge of the slain leader.

BUS HIJACKER KILLS THREE WITH KNIFE NORWAY – A knife-wielding man on Monday hijacked a bus in western Norway and killed three people on board, including the bus driver, police said. The suspect, described as a man in his 50s, was arrested after the attack in Sogn and Fjordane county, local police said. Authorities irst got reports of injuries in connection with a bus accident and rescuers from the ire department were the irst to arrive on the scene, police spokesman Odd Arne Solvag said. He said the rescuers apprehended the suspect who was later arrested by police. Solvag said the suspect was not an ethnic Norwegian and his motive was not immediately clear.

OCCULT SCAMMMERS MOVE ONLINE USA – Experts are warning people to be wary of modern occult scammers who have moved online to hawk virtual voodoo dolls, revenge spells and otherwise “haunted” items. While the idea of spending money for a magic spell – to help with an endeavor or to inlict pain on an enemy – has been around for centuries, experts say the anonymity of online transactions can encourage people who would otherwise never think of visiting a storefront psychic to fall for a con. “It’s a new twist on an old idea,” said Nicholas Little, legal director of the center for Inquiry, a Washington-based nonproit that promotes secular and rational thinking. “It’s easy to hide your identity on the internet, so people are willing to try scams online that they would never be willing to try in person.”


of the 1000 men from 71 countries who were willing to pay “sweetie” to take off her clothes in front of a webcam, 254 were from the Us, followed by 110 from the UK and 103 from India. researchers used evidence including profiles on skype and social media to identify the suspects. Project director Hans Guyt told a news conference in the Hague that the crime of sexual predation “requires a new way of policing as the predator won’t come forward – and the victim won’t come forward”. “We identified ourselves as 10-year-old Filipino girls. We did not solicit anything unless it was offered to us.” Te r r e d e s H o m m e s h a s launched a global campaign to stop “webcam sex tourism”. Managing director, Albert Jaap van santbrink, said: “our worst-case scenario is that the same will happen with this phenomenon as with child pornography, which is now a multibillion industry in the hands of criminal gangs.” The charity has now handed over its findings to police and has said it will provide authorities with the technology it has developed. but european policing agency europol has expressed reservations about the indings. “We believe that criminal investigations using intrusive surveillance measures should be the exclusive responsibility of law enforcement agencies,” spokesman soren Pedersen told the reuters news agency. Andy Baker, of the UK’s National Crime Agency, also said that “tackling child sex abusers is best left to specialist law enforcement agencies”. but he praised the campaign, saying it had “widened awareness of a global child sex abuse threat”. - BBC

using a computer-generated child, or avatar, a swiss-based child’s charity organisation has identiied over 1000 men worldwide who were willing to pay to view sex acts in an online sting. BBC

DR Congo claims victory KINsHAsA – The government

of the Democratic republic of Congo has claimed victory over M23 rebels in the east of the country. A government spokesman said the last remaining rebels had either fled across the border or surrendered and their weapons had been destroyed overnight. The M23 have not publicly commented on the claim. Kinshasa earlier rejected rebel calls for a truce.

At least 800,000 people have led their homes since the conlict began in 2012. Last week, the United Nations special envoy to Dr Congo, Martin Kobler, said the group was all but inished as a military threat in Dr Congo. The UN has regularly accused rwanda and Uganda of supporting the M23 although both governments deny the allegation. If the M23’s defeat is conirmed, it would send an intim-

idating message to at least 10 other rebel groups operating in the area raising hopes of an end to two decades of conlict. Government spokesman Lambert Mende told the bbC that Congolese special forces had defeated the rebels, after a week of heavy ighting. The army has recently had a string of victories, driving the rebels from all towns they once controlled during a 20-month rebellion. - BBC

Princes tax under scrutiny LoNDoN – Britain’s Prince

Charles should face greater tax scrutiny of his multi-million pound income from his centuries-old Duchy of Cornwall estate, an inluential committee of lawmakers said on Tuesday. Parliament’s public accounts committee called on the inance ministry in a report to review the Prince’s hereditary estate’s historic tax exemptions. The vast Duchy, created in 1337 by King edward III to pro-

vide an income for him and his heirs, pays no corporation tax or capital gains tax. “This tax exemption might mean that competing businesses do not have a level playing ield on which to operate,” said committee chairwoman Margaret Hodge. “The treasury should examine the impact on the marketplace of the duchy engaging in commercial transactions while exempt from tax.”

The estate, one of Britain’s biggest landowners, is worth some 763 million pounds. It owns farms, cottages and pubs, as well as islands, a green power plant and the oval cricket ground in London, and makes most of its money from managing these commercially. Committee member and labour MP Austin Mitchell described the estate as a “medieval anomaly” during an evidence session in July. - Reuters

High tides arrive early

EARTH – The latest update to the IUcN Red List of Threatened Species reviews more than 60,000 species, concluding that 25 per cent of mammals on the list are at risk of extinction. Many plants are also under threat, say the IUcN. Populations of Chinese ir, a conifer which was once widespread throughout china and Vietnam, is being threatened by the expansion of intensive agriculture according to the IUcN. A type of yew tree (taxus contorta) found in Asia which is used to produce Taxol (a chemotherapy drug) has been reclassiied from “vulnerable” to “endangered” on the IUcN Red List. Recent studies of 79 tropical plants in the Indian Ocean archipelago revealed that more than three quarters of them were at risk of extinction.

BLACK RHINO NOW OFFICIALLY EXTINCT AFRICA – Africa’s western black rhino is now oicially extinct according the latest review of animals and plants by the world’s largest conservation network. The subspecies of the black rhino – which is classiied as “critically endangered” by the International Union for conservation of Nature’s (IUcN) Red List of Threatened Species – was last seen in western Africa in 2006. The IUcN warns that other rhinos could follow saying Africa’s northern white rhino is “teetering on the brink of extinction” while Asia’s Javan rhino is “making its last stand” due to continued poaching and lack of conservation.

Today’s Daily Bread His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: revelation 1:9-17

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 15

a Canadian couple on an italian honeymoon holiday splash about in front of the doge’s Palace in Venice. Venice’s high tide, or ‘acqua alta’, normally occurs in the winter months but this autumn tourists have been caught out by an early seasonal tide. AFP


Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News


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Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWs nuti no Te PA eNUA

Seven missing under the mud Access to landslide blocked as villagers seek government action LAe – Papua New Guinea police

say clean-up efforts at the site of a landslide in the eastern Highlands region have been hampered by disgruntled landowners. Police say two bodies have been recovered and seven people are believed still buried under the massive landslide that hit

the Kenagi section of the Highlands Highway. The chief of police in the eastern Highlands province, John Kale, says getting access to the disaster area has been made dificult by some landowners who are unhappy with local and central government. “Vehicles could not pass

paciic BRIEFS SAMOA RUINS PAPUA NEW GUINEA’S HOPES ENGLAND – Papua New Guinea’s Rugby League World cup exit was all but conirmed as they lost what was efectively a qualifying shoot-out with Samoa 38-4 in Hull. With defending champions New Zealand to come on Friday and a defeat to France already against their name, Adrian Lam’s Kumuls knew this was a must-win if they were to have a realistic chance of taking the third spot in Group B. A defeat of the Kiwis must now follow if PNG are to have any hope of progressing. Samoa face France in their inal pool game and will be growing increasingly in conidence after a seven-try display which included an Antonio Winterstein hat-trick. If they can beat the French next up then second place and an easier quarter-inal – likely to be against Fiji – awaits.

CLAIMS VILLAGE DUPED BY PRIME MINISTER FIJI – The United Front for a Democratic Fiji says the Bainimarama regime is attempting to defraud villages into supporting a strategy not to hold elections next year. The UFDF’s Mick Beddoes says the people of Nasau village were recently duped into signing a document giving commodore Frank Bainimarama a mandate not to hold elections next year as promised. Beddoes says this happened when they signed a document they thought was consent for a seaweed project but it was in fact a letter supposedly from the chief to the prime minister saying an election wasn’t necessary.

NUCLEAR COMPENSATION REPORT CALLED FRENcH POLYNESIA – The French government has been asked to report about how it applies the decree compensating victims of nuclear weapons tests. The issue was raised by a French Polynesian member of the National Assembly in an amendment. Edouard Fritch says the compensation law adopted in 2010 fails to help those it is supposed to assist. France carried out 41 atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in Moruroa between 1966 and 1974, and continued with underground blasts until 1996. Fritch says only 12 people have had their claims recognised out of more than 700 iled, while an estimated 80,000 people are afected. criticism of the law has been widespread and Fritch is now asking for a report about its application with a view to changing it.

JOURNALISTS DEMOTED TO ARCHIVES PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Three senior journalists in Papua New Guinea fear their removal from the newsroom is permanent. Following reports on the government’s takeover of the Ok Tedi mine, and reports alleging government corruption, they were demoted to the archives division. Mulai Robby and Michael Asagoni are broadcasters with NBc Television and Radio with over 20 years’ experience each. Dick Sorariba is an executive producer. They were all given demotion letters which said their reports were not balanced. The long-criticised PNG Media council has again remained silent. One of the demoted editors, Michael Asagoni, is currently the council’s president. The three fear the move is permanent and are looking at other employment options.

NOVEL SCHEME TO HOUSE VISITORS NIUE – The Niue government is renovating three abandoned houses as part of plans to create more accommodation for an expected growth in visitor numbers. The government has been exploring ways to create more beds for tourists as it prepares for Air New Zealand to announce an additional weekly light to the island on top of the existing weekly plane between Auckland and Niue. It plans to demolish or refurbish all derelict properties and has been actively tracking down the owners to seek their approval. The Premier of Niue Toke Talagi says the renovations will not only cater for visitors but also citizens moving back from overseas.

NEW INFORMATION ON MISSING SCIENTISTS PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Papua New Guinea police hope further interrogation of a recaptured prisoner will shed more light on the fate of ive scientists who disappeared of West New Britain more than two years ago. The prisoner, Don Aka, has told police that two women scientists that were in the group are still alive and are being held captive in remote mountainous areas of the province. The deputy police commissioner, Simon Kauba, says Aka knows the locality of where the two female scientists are being held captive. “He is not talking very much – but we are hoping he gives some valuable information out of that questioning.”

and the villagers are stopping anyone getting to the landslip site because the bodies are still under the ground and they are asking the government for some demands.” supt Kale says provincial and central government oficials are heading to the site to speak to the villagers. Victims of the landslide are saying they want Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Works Minister Francis Awesa to personally attend to the disaster. They say they have stopped the movement of cargo and people in the area out of respect for their loved ones still buried under the debris. barano Landslip Disaster Working Committee chairman Jack Kuraipa said O’Neill and Awesa must go there to experience what they are going through. Works Minister Francis Awesa, who was in Australia, said he had been briefed on the disaster. “We require urgent government assistance to retrieve the bodies and to help repatriate displaced families and to comfort victims who lost thousands of kina worth of property in the landslide,” Kuraipa said. He said no work to clear the debris would take place while their loved ones were still buried there. The situation remains the same as it was after the landslide struck on saturday night. The Highlands Highway remains cut off and is likely to remain shut for the next few days,

a Kenagi villager pauses while searching for his wife and two children buried in the landslide.

‘We require urgent government assistance to retrieve the bodies and to help repatriate displaced families and to comfort victims who lost thousands of kina worth of property in the landslide.’ while the people await government intervention. All trucking companies have grounded their vehicles, while PMV operators, especially be-

tel nut vendors and commuters, have been stranded on both sides of the landslide. The missing include two grade four school children – a boy and a girl attending the ona-Keto Primary school – two men and four women. A 15-seater bus and a vehicle plus thousands of kina worth of property are also believed buried under the debris. Chimbu Governor Noah Kool said lives and tens of thousands of kina worth of properties had been lost and the Highlands Highway, the life-line of the economy, had been cut off. speaking on behalf of the affected families, Herry Karapa and Kare Gandi said the first landslide happened around 10pm on saturday night which buried people and properties. A second subsidence occurred

around 4am on sunday. Police and government oficials from Chimbu and eastern Highlands have pooled together resources to deal with the disaster and assist the affected families. The closure of the Highlands Highway is a national problem that needs the government’s urgent intervention, local media report. Trucks, PMV buses, motorists and commuters cannot use the highway. Trucks bound for the hinterlands of the Highlands region from Chimbu remain stranded. supt Kale appealed to businesses and Highlands Highway users to delay their travel plans and wait for the highway to be cleared. - PNC/sources

173 manslaughter charges laid KoKoPo – Papua New Guinea police say ferry owner Captain Peter sharp and six others implicated in the MV rabaul Queen disaster will face 173 manslaughter charges instead of the original 162. The ferry, which sank in February 2012, was the country’s worst maritime incident. The head of the police investigation team into the disaster, Chief Inspector ben Turi, says

they revised the casualty igures upwards based on witness statements collected in the past three months. The National newspaper says police had filed the 11 extra counts with the Kokopo court. Captain sharp is facing 173 counts of manslaughter and for sending an unseaworthy vessel out to sea. Captain Anthony Tsiau, from Nissan Island in Autonomous

region of bougainville and Michael Zirau from Manam Island in Madang face 173 manslaughter charges and for taking an unseaworthy vessel out to sea. Kimbe branch port manager Grace Amen, NMSA’s Kimbe manager Michael benjamin Livinai from Misima in Milne bay, chief mate Joseph Kabiu from Rabaul, and NMSA’s Madang manager, Carl Kamau from Turubu in east sepik are all facing

the 173 manslaughter charges. The seven are on a Us$1900 bail each. A commission of inquiry found the rabaul Queen was unsafe, unseaworthy and overloaded when she sank in bad weather off Papua New Guinea’s north coast. estimates were that the number of people on board could have been up to 500. It was licensed to carry 295. - PNC

Tokelau to voice Paciic concerns ToKeLAU – Tokelau has un-

dertaken to voice the Pacific’s concerns about the ocean before a new body. The Global ocean Commission will play a signiicant role in bringing Paciic island concerns to the attention of world leaders, said Commissioner Foua Toloa, Tokelau’s Minister of energy. The Commission is an independent, globally representative panel of 17 leaders in politics, business and law, formed earlier this year in order to restore the global ocean to health and sustainable productivity. Toloa is meeting important Pacific leaders, ministers and institutions in october and November in the weeks leading up to the Commission’s third meeting in oxford, UK. “I’m looking forward to discussing the concerns that island

leaders have about their priorities for the ocean, and discussing with them what the commission can do,” said Toloa. “Paciic nations depend more than most on a healthy ocean, for fish, for recreation and tourism, and to shelter us from the worst impacts of climate change,” he said. “The commission was set up to address these concerns, so it’s crucial that commissioners hear the Paciic voice. I will make sure that they do.” The Global ocean Commission is jointly chaired by former Costa rican President José María Figueres – now wellknown for his work on climate change – south African Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel, and former UK Foreign secretary David Miliband, who recently became Ceo of the International rescue Committee,

a humanitarian relief charity headquartered in New York. Having launched in February, the Commission held its irst meeting in March in Cape Town, south Africa, and its second in July, in New York. Work at the oxford meeting will focus on developing policy recommendations to address issues compromising the health of the global ocean, including climate change and ocean acidiication, overishing, illegal ishing and pollution. The commission focuses on the high seas, the area of the ocean beyond nations’ Exclusive economic Zones. The high seas make up nearly half of the Earth’s surface and are set to become increasingly important for the global economy in the future with the development of new industries such as deep-sea mining.

An important strand of the commission’s work is to examine options for evolving governance of the high seas, which has not kept pace with developments in extractive technologies or with scientiic understanding of ocean ecosystems. The commission will release a set of ambitious yet pragmatic recommendations for reform by mid-2014, shortly before the start of high-level UN talks on protecting high seas biodiversity. It is also committed to building a coalition of progressive governments, businesses and civil society organisations to ensure its recommendations are implemented. The commission is currently requesting input to its policy development process from all sectors of society via an online survey. - Samoa Observer


Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWs nuti no Te PA eNUA

Tonga needs visionary leadership Tonga needs leadership to develop its economy – leadership with a vision to free itself from relying on aid donors to propup its struggling economy, says Pesi Fonua, publisher and editor of the long-running Matangi Tonga magazine. NUKU’ALOFA – Tonga’s efforts to merge its economy with the outside world entered a new phase in 2010 when it embarked on a political reform to make its system more democratic and introduced a new system of government. The rush to change the political system and to introduce a new system of government in 2010 was an effort to weather the waves of globalisation – bringing capitalism, privatisation, digital technology and the free low of information, western democratisation, free trade, and the harmonisation of custom tariffs to Tonga – the rapid changes affecting our lives and challenging our way of looking at the world. Unfortunately for Tonga, its politicians appear to have lost the plot, and instead of seizing the opportunity to move with the waves of globalisation that have washed over our shores, during the past three years our government and our parliament under our new system of government has been distracted by the settling of personal grudges by our political leaders. We have had members of parliament crossing the floor, and annually we have had new ministers changing within new

ministries. We have spent millions to investigate how the government’s multi-million loan from China was spent, an exercise that in the end has been left hanging in parliament with no solution in sight. To top up the confusion, a motion for a vote of no confidence on the prime minister and his cabinet was presented to the House, and with a few crossovers by cabinet ministers, and by people’s representatives for a motion that ended up being just more waste of time and money. As Tonga tries to get its new political system to function properly, the need for visionary leadership to get the economy onto a firm footing becomes more urgent. It should be a cause for concern that the Asian Development bank and the IMF forecasted recently that the Tongan economy has been undermined by “structural impediments”, and that our external and fiscal imbalances will grow, while Tonga’s economic growth will decline from 0.5 per cent in 2013, to 0.3 per cent in 2014. The question now is what can Tongan do to turn around its declining growth? What steps need to be taken to attract investors to establish businesses and create jobs to activate a low of cash earnings to Tongan homes? Three years after our major political overhaul in 2010, the economic statistics show that we have become over-reliant on aid donors and development partners to keep our nation aloat.

‘As Tonga tries to get its new political system to function properly, the need for visionary leadership to get the economy onto a irm footing becomes more urgent.’ The term “budget support funding” became part of the National budget jargon in the 2011-12 iscal year, and now it looks like it is going to be a part of that mix for a few years to come, supporting the salaries of civil servants. The dangerous situation that Tonga has put itself in is that we are heavily reliant on aid donors and development partners for keeping the government running. so far, the major foreign capital that Tonga has been able to attract is also coming from aid donors and development partners to construct infrastructure projects. It is clear that Tonga remains unattractive to foreign investors – while local businesses fail to grow. In such an environment for government to maintain a 15 per cent consumption tax requirement on investment capital input is shocking. Tonga’s journey of westernisation began, about 161 years

Sorcery killing arrests GoroKA – Twenty-nine Papua

New Guineans from the remote eastern Highlands are facing murder charges following a mob sorcery-related killing near Goroka town last Friday. Provincial police commander supt John Kale confirmed the killing of Jack Umilimo, 50, from Kamex village, near Goroka town, and the injury of several others. He said a group of 27 men and two women came in two truckloads to the popular suave Market in Goroka looking for a person they suspected of using sorcery to kill one of their tribesmen early last week. Kale said they ran amok in the market place and chased vendors before one of the women identified Umilimo as the al-

leged sorcerer. The men, armed with bush knives and iron rods, allegedly attacked and killed the man. supt Kale said the group of people were arrested and charged with murder. They were expected to appear for mention in court this week, he said. The police commander condemned the actions of the people from Liorofa village in the upper bena area. “Unggai-bena MP benny Allan has successfully converted the once volatile bena people into very good law-abiding citizens over the past 15 years,” Kale said. “The churches and community leaders likewise are supporting him to make sure there

is peace and harmony in bena.” “The actions of these few Liorofa villagers are uncalled for. “I have young energetic policemen in the task force unit patrolling the town and any such groups trying to cause law and order problems in town will be dealt with.” The task force unit rounded up the group before locking them up. A young woman from elimbari in Chuave, Chimbu, sustained a deep cut to her leg and a young man from Asaro, eastern Highlands, also received injuries. several betel nut vendors at suave market complained that they had lost cash and betel nut worth hundreds of kina. - The National

No time for ‘holidays’ PorT MorsbY – Papua New

Guinea’s treasurer Don Polye agrees with his prime minister Peter O’Neill that there is no need for extravagant globetrotting by large delegations such as those at the World Cup in england. Polye was asked by reporters to comment on the continuous overseas travel by department heads, members of boards and the management of state-owned enterprises.

He said when he went to Washington DC recently to oficially take up the position of chairman the World bank and International Monetary Fund, he took with him only essential staff. “Have you seen me travelling,” he asked reporters. “Were you there when I came back from Washington? Who else was there? “secretary Dairi Vele was there, the other was a irst assist-

ant secretary, and my irst secretary was there to provide me with logistics. I needed them to give me the technical support.” Polye said the same could not be said of other politiicans. “I don’t entertain these kinds of things. I don’t like them,” he said. “We don’t have the money to afford luxury holidays. There’s no time for holidays in this country.” - The National

Forty years on from independence from Britain, Tonga’s attempts at political reform appear to have ‘lost the plot’, according to a local journalist and political observer. ago when decided that the way forward for Tonga was to accept Christianity, introduce a constitution, with an economy that was based on Tongans owning a piece of land where a man could grow coconuts to make copra for export, and grow food crops for his family – with the aim of selfsuficiency.

but later, when the country was in debt, the british took Tonga as a british Protectorate taking charge of its economic and foreign relation affairs. Tonga’s British Protectorate status ended in 1973, when Tonga took full control of its international relations and economic affairs.

since 1973 we have been fully responsible for the situation that we ind the country in today. right now we need a leader with a wide vision to think about the future and find different directions – other than just looking for an aid donor or a development partner. - MT

USP EXAM SCHEDULE FOR NOVEMBER 2013 UsP students are advised that the end of semester 2 exams have been scheduled as indicated below. Please arrive at your exam venue at least 10 minutes before the start time for the exam. This will allow you to be seated and allow us time to check and follow up absences. The dates given below are the Cook Islands dates and times set to synchronize with exam times around the region. For further information please contact UsP Campus on 29415.


Start Time












TS107 TOURisM in The sOUTh PACiFiC LLF11 COMMUniCATiOn & sTUDY sKiLLs i AF101 inTRO TO ACCnTG & Fin MGMT i LLP13 PRe-TeRTiARY enGLish


ED359 eDUCATiOnAL ReseARCh LS205 MGnT LiB/inFO CenTRes


ED217 LiTeRACY PROCess MG106 inTRO TO hUMAn ResOURCe MGMnT CS111 inTRO TO COMPUTinG sCienCe ED466 MATheMATiCs eDUCATiOn ED103 UnDsTG & MnG YnG ChiLDRen’s Bh MAP11 PReLiM MATheMATiCs sOC.sCienCe








ED316 sCienCe & sOCiAL sTUDies iii ED192 eDUCATiOnAL PLAnninG TS309 TOURisM BUsiness OPeRATiOns


MS204 TROPiCAL seAFOOD IS121 inFORMATiOn sYsTeMs i ED204 sOC.COMP.&eMO.hLTh in YnG ChLR











100% coursework – no exam


100% coursework – no exam

UU200 eThiCs AnD GOVeRnAnCe

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Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News

LeTTers reta

Politicians ‘seduced by thought of cheaper fuel’ Dear editor With government on a countdown to the next general elections, once again politicians are being seduced by the thought of “cheaper fuel”. And no, this is not a Democratic Party initiative. This time its the Cook Islands Party that thinks it can control the multinationals who supply our country with fuel. Late last month, without prior consultation either with industry or environmental groups, cabinet endorsed, in principle, a request for Paciic energy/Petrocean (bill ravel interests) to install an unloading buoy and moorings off the Paciic Energy depots in Panama. The plan is to have a 46,000 ton tanker called ‘Maohi’ moor off the reef at Panama, to pump fuel directly ashore. early indications are that cabinet thinks the environmental risk may be worth it, if ‘cheaper fuel’ is delivered to the country. At this stage, cabinet has not explained its view on the conlict between the country’s internationally stated commitment to reducing dependence on fossil fuels,and the likely upsurge in consumption of ‘cheaper fuel’. The Maohi is a modern double hulled tanker, so the public

can be assured that if it grounds on the reef, it will not, until both skins are ruptured, leak either its cargo or the heavy fuel - which in overseas grounding such as the rena has been the pollutant that has caused most significant damage to the environment. so if it grounds, we have a risk of sticky black oil covering our beaches along the northern coast, but that risk is lower than would be the case with a single hulled tanker. And perhaps tourism is not as important to our economy as it is to the bay of Plenty. Yes, although it is designed for very different purposes, the Maohi is about the same size as the rena that went aground off Tauranga in 2011. In some situations, governments are happy that wrecks stay in place. The New Zealand government decided the wreck of the rena must be removed. The costs of that are now well in excess of $300 million. It is unclear at this stage whether the CIP government will allow this initiative to proceed on the basis that if the tanker is wrecked on the reef, it will not have to be removed from the reef. I understand Terry Hagan (president of the Prices Tribunal) was involved in some way

in giving preliminary advice to cabinet. official Information Act requests have been made to discover the basis on which Mr Hagan felt able to advise government that this proposal deserved further consideration. In the meantime, government seems unaware of the larger commercial picture that underpins this proposal. Like the Democratic Party government in 2008, it does not appear to have considered the effect of a monopoly fuel supplier into the country, and the possible distorting effects in the market place of having all fuel come into the country on a single tanker that is controlled by one operator. In recent years, Te Aponga has used competitive storage option and competitive supply options to drive down the cost, to the power company, of the significant amounts of diesel used to generate electricity. Our government just doesn’t get it. once again, this is not about ‘cheaper fuel’ for the country. It is about one set of commercial parties seeing a way to persuade government to support a position that will result in a monopoly in their favour. And from then on, the public will be the ones to pay for the damage.....oh hang on,

that’s the same public paying for the last time the Cook Islands government got into fuel. I cannot believe it. Triad fought long and hard against a monopoly in 2008. I’m four years older and four years more tired. I ask myself - does Triad need to go in and ight this ight all over again, or should I just sell out my depot to whoever it is that wants the monopoly? In recent weeks I have been personally approached by all local players in the fuel industry. Yes, all players. The writing is on the wall here for those of us that are not ‘in bed’ with whoever has control of this tanker. There is a game being played – a commercial game – and government just does not see what is going on before its eyes. From where I’m sitting, I think government doesn’t want to see what’s going on. The last time around, with Toagate, the public was simply facing a commercial disaster. This time round it could be the double whammy of a commercial disaster and an environmental disaster. This is like whale watching. All the public sees is what is going on the surface - all the really interesting, and frightening, stuff is going on where the public can’t see it. People need to be very scared of this latest

Te maata uatu nei te kino Ki te etita, I teia mataiti 2013 ite marama Me, tei roto au ite Aremaki i Auckland, kua moe au i tetai moemoea. Teia tei akaari ia mai kiaku i roto i teia moe. Kua aere mai te arataki i kapua ia mai ei te Kavamani Cook

Islands Party koia oki a sir Albert Henry e rua ana kiri puka i roto i tona nga rima. Kua tuku mai aia i teia nga kiri puka ki mua iaku e kua rave mai aia i tetai mati kua tutungi i teia nga kiri puka e kua ka katoatoa ite ai. e rua nga tangata tei akaari ia mai koia oki

ko Matai simiona raua ko Ngaa Upu, e nga mema Paramani teia i mua ana i roto ite Kavamani CIP. eaa te urianga i teia moemoea. Teia te urianga i teia moe ko nga kiri puka e rua, tei roto I reira te Policies e te au Akateretere anga tau kia aru te Ka-

vamani CIP i teia au aratakianga kia tupu te meitaki kite maata. Kua tungia teia au meitaki pouroa e teia Kavamani CIP i teia ra. Te maata ua atura te kino ote basileia i teia ra. Tataia e Papa Kura stickland Mema Paramani 1978-2004 CIP obe.

initiative and need to be asking government hard questions. I understand Uma shipping is working closely on the overreef proposal. Malcolm sword has also been involved in presenting the proposal. With Malcolm sword a board member of CIIC and his sister Madeline a member of the Price Tribunal, I want to know more about Uma’s role in the matter and what steps have been taken to deal with conflicts of interest arising.

For now - does anyone out there even care? Well, think this. That’s 46,000 tonnes of oil tanker sitting off Panama just off the reef. That is six times the size of the biggest vessel that comes here now - the olomana. Hard to imagine isn’t it - your worst nightmare coming soon to an island near you. The madness must stop! Chris Vaile Director, Triad Paciic Petroleum

Reward needed to ind arsonist Dear editor, It is about time government took some responsibility for these ires. I agree with Wilkie rasmussen when he said he is "bitterly disappointed that the prime minister has again left the country when there are grief-stricken families”. The police are requesting the support of the public to come forward with any information. rarotonga is not a big place; someone knows something. What will it take before someone gets killed? Why doesn’t the police/government offer a reward of $50k or the likes for information leading to the arrest of this arsonist? I bet the culprit would be in police custody before the week was out. before everyone says 'that's a lot of money', yes it is, but what does it cost to send these fire engines out, to rebuild schools, not to mention the loss of tax paid to the government by these businesses that have now lost everything. A lot of innocent people out there have lost jobs, can't pay mortgages and so on. Look at the long-term picture and take some action now. This has real potential to affect tourism and investment

in the Cook Islands. The saltwater Café is big on a tourist’s list and favours high on Tripadvisor for things one must do while in rarotonga. This cannot keep going. Who will be targeted next? I hear the resorts were panicking and buying up all the bread after the bakery fire in fear of running short for the tourists. Is the impact already taking effect? Things are getting desperate and something needs to be done, now not later. before more people start packing their bags and getting out of here. We are supposed to be encouraging people here, not frightening them away. What is happening about this new police programme Crime stoppers where you can phone in conidentially and get a reward for information? surely this would be an incentive for someone to come forward. About ready to pack my bags Name and address supplied Editor ’s note : While the school fires have been confirmed as arson, the cause of the ire at Turoa Bakery is still under investigation.

Answers needed on Te Mato Vai Dear editor, Good on you George Pitt. You are not the only one in the community who has so many questions to put to whoever is responsible for this massive water works undertaking. but you are the only one prepared to confront the Cook Islands Party boxing kangaroo head on. Neves seems to be the minister of everything, from designing a new tax system, drafting

numerous new acts for this country, and now, a new water system for rarotonga that will saddle this country for years to come with huge debts and an annual operating cost we won’t be able to afford. What does he care when he will soon go on to another job elsewhere with a CV endorsed by this CIP government. Keep it up Pitt bull! The Koura Vai Name and address supplied

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Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

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Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News

Prime Minister speaks out on ires PrIMe Minister Henry Puna has offered his sympathies to those affected by the weekend ire in Titikaveka, and accused the opposition of using the disaster for political purposes. “The Prime Minister says he shares the concerns of everyone on rarotonga in sympathising with the families, who lost their property, belongings, and livelihoods in the recent Titikaveka ire,” said special advisor Trevor Pitt of the office of the Prime Minister. “but the Prime Minister says he won’t jump on this or any

other tragedy and tarnish it with a political bat like the opposition.” Titikaveka’s Turoa Bakery – one of island’s oldest bakeries – and the adjoining saltwater Café, were both ravaged by ire early saturday morning. Insurance inspectors from New Zealand were expected to arrive yesterday to assist local ire inspectors with the Rescue Fire service in an investigation of the blaze. on sunday, opposition leader Wilkie rasmussen had strong words for Puna, saying he was

“bitterly disappointed” the PM continued with pre-scheduled travel plans to China to attend an economic development conference. rasmussen, who believes the bakery and café ire was the work of an arsonist, said it is “unthinkable that ... the leader of the country has decided that it is much more important to be overseas” – adding the PM should be visible in the community to put Raro’s citizens at ease. In his response to the opposition, Puna expressed compassion for the victims and de-

scribed Rasmussen’s comments as political opportunism. “This was tragic, no doubt about it,” said the PM. “I am sorry for the suffering that the ire has caused – we all feel for the families involved and stand by them in their loss.” “ The community is not helped by wild comments and emotional pandering ... the opposition is simply being crude and opportunistic in grasping at every straw,” said Puna. “This is not the time for that and the leader of the opposition should know better.”

Pitt said the PM made his remarks en route to China to a summit that has taken several months of planning. “It is a historic event for the Cook Islands and the Paciic Islands countries in meeting the new government of the People’s republic and engaging in high level discussion over a wide range of shared concerns,” said the special advisor. Puna is currently in Guangzhou, China attending the 2nd China Pacific Island Countries economic Development and Co-operation Forum.

The Titikaveka blaze hits an already tense community that has been coping with the effects of separate fires that recently struck two of the island’s schools – Nukutere College and Avatea School – that were conirmed as arson and are currently under investigation by Cook Islands Police. Pitt added the PM is conident in the appropriate authorities doing their job in investigating the causes and taking the required course of action. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Southern group consulted on tax review PeoPLe on the islands of Mauke

and Mitiaro will over the next week be hearing irst-hand about the inance ministry’s proposed tax review. The Ministry of Finance and economic Management (MFeM) has recently been carrying out consultations in the southern group to explain the planned changes. M FeM economic advisor James Webb has already visited Aitutaki, Mangaia and Atiu, where he held public meetings and consulted with business owners. He has also been consulting stakeholders in local governments about budget and economic development issues. Webb is now leaving rarotonga to meet residents of Mauke

and Mitiaro, where he will spend three days and four days respectively. “This is about looking at some of the changes that are unique to the islands,” Webb said. “It’s also just to talk to people and almost reassure the community, to give them the conidence that we know the challenges they face.” Webb said some people had concerns about the review and it was important they be heard and considered. “overall though, once the community understands the full changes, they are broadly supportive. In the long run, increasing incomes by more than the price rises is the only way we can effectively combat cost of living for our communities.”

Webb said each of the islands faces unique challenges, but there are common issues affecting them all. “Cost of living, transport links, completion of capital projects, labour shortages and depopulation – these are all present in rarotonga but can be exaggerated in smaller communities,” he said. Many of the issues have no “easy fix”, but policy changes could be made at country level to address them across all islands, he said. The changes being proposed by MFeM include increasing the value added tax (VAT) to 15 per cent from the current 12.5 per cent, beginning on January 1, 2014. To offset the increase in costs

for basic goods and services as a result of the VAT increase, government proposes a decrease in personal income tax rates applied to workplace earnings. Changes to the way the government calculates import levies, company taxes, taxes on local trusts, and withholding taxes, are also included in the tax review’s proposals. Webb said the tax review aims to boost local incomes and comes on the heels of the new outer Island Funding Formula – which was implemented this year to give island governments more control over their operational inances. “The more responsive island governments can be to their local needs, and the more we can boost local incomes, the better

Dance fundraiser for Avatea School WHeN a ire blazed through six

classrooms and the library at Avatea school, it strengthened the school’s ighting spirit. Now Apii Avatea is getting back on its feet after the october 20 tragedy and the community is doing everything in its power to help. A dance itness fundraiser is

being held at the Tupapa Centre tomorrow from 5.30 to 6.30pm to raise funds for the Avatea school and will be conducted by the Upa Upa Gals. “one of our parents came up with the idea for the Upa Upa Gals to conduct the classes,” says principal of the school Nga Charlie.

The tickets will be on sale today says Charlie and each ticket will cost $7. “This will include light refreshments afterwards,” he said. The funds raised will go towards rebuilding the school. “everything we get for the fundraiser will go towards getting our school back on its feet

and with the support of the community we can make this a success,” says Charlie. “Please pass on the information to your colleagues, family and friends,” he said. every little bit counts and will be greatly appreciated. - Sahiban Kanwal

BTIB chair iles complaint against Financial Secretary THe CHAIrMAN of the business Trade Investment board has filed an official complaint against the Ministry of Finance secretary with the Ofice of the ombudsman. Yesterday, ombudsman Tearoa Tini confirmed he received a letter of complaint from George Pitt on Monday afternoon, saying he is currently considering the “line of action to take” and will be looking further into the matter. Pitt’s complaint stems from a letter sent recently by inance secretary richard Neves to Fi-

nance Minister Mark brown and bTIb board members last month asking the chairman to distance himself from the registration process of a foreign irm currently performing planning work for Rarotonga’s $60 million Te Mato Vai water infrastructure project. In order to operate commercially in the Cook Islands, foreign firms are required to apply for the necessary paperwork from bTIb – whose board gets together once a month to consider such applications. Neves said he wrote the letter

after being notiied about a telephone conversation between Pitt and project manager Latu sauluitoga Kupa from KeW Consult Limited – the irm managing the project – in which Pitt said he could delay the registration of the company by a month if they didn’t get the “details right”. The financial secretary said “It was not a professional approach” taken by Pitt during the phone call with Kupa. “I felt that he has compromised himself,” Neves said last week. “He has shown that he

can’t make an objective decision.” Pitt said he hasn’t received any complaints from KeW on its process, and reiterated previous comments that Neves is interfering with BTIB’s internal processes. “bTIb is supposed to be independent of any interference,” said Pitt. “He doesn’t consider the application, we do.” on the complaint filed on Monday, Pitt said he would like the ombudsman to “tell him (Neves) to stop interfering”. - Emmanuel Samoglou

off all of our islands will be.” Webb will not be travelling with an interpreter but said there were leaders on each island who could translate into Maori if needed. MFeM will not be carrying out similar consultations with the northern group, which Webb said was because of budg-

et constraints. The results of the tax review – which was irst announced in early 2013 – were announced by the government in september. Most of the changes will kick in on January 1 next year but some might not be implemented until July. - Ben Chapman-Smith



Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News

Sausage sizzle raises $370 for breast cancer More THAN $300 has been

raised by Westpac for the Cook Islands breast Cancer Foundation (CIbCF) The bank held a sausage sizzle yesterday, managing to pull together $370. This is the irst time that the bank has provided financial support to the foundation in the Cooks. “Internationally, Westpac supports the foundation. so it is really good for us as the local Westpac bank to support the foundation here,” says general manager of the bank brett Hooker. For the breast Cancer Foundation, the entire month of october has been dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer and funds for the foundation. “We have exceeded our target this month,” says president of the CIbCF Dawn baudinet. “The momentum in regards to raising funds and awareness just carried

right on through the month, and we are very glad for that and for Westpac donating time and funds.” Twenty per cent of all cancer diagnosed in the Cook Islands is breast cancer and the Cook Islands breast Cancer Foundation aims to reduce that number by raising awareness and through early detection. The foundation acquired a new mammogram machine for the Ministry of Health and they inancially facilitate and support the ministry in their two-yearly screening programme. The programme is aimed at women from the outer islands so they can be examined for any abnormalities or changes. “The mammogram machine has been very successful in early detection of breast cancer and it has been very successful for the ive years we have been running it with the New south Wales

breast cancer team. The mammogram machine has been a godsend,” says baudinet. The breast Cancer Foundation has made it easier for women to get themselves examined. since starting the screening programme, the number of women taking part has increased and the fatality rate has decreased. “because of the screening programme, any problems are being detected earlier than before and the mortality rate because of breast cancer has gone down,” says baudinet. The Cook Islands is the only country in the South Paciic that runs screening programmes and they need all the funds they can get, she says. The funds raised go a long way towards supporting the foundation, says baudinet, and she is grateful for the support. - Sahiban Kanwal

happy to help for a good cause – general manager of Westpac Brett hooker (Centre) with president of the Cook islands Breast Cancer Foundation dawn Baudinet (left). 13110501

Westpac boosts annual earnings to $8.2 billion WesTPAC has raked in cash

earnings of $8.2 billion in the past year, with the bank’s Paciic business boosting its proit by more than a third. Australia’s second-largest lender today released its inancial results for the year to september, showing cash earnings rose by 8 per cent. Chief executive Gail Kelly said the result was driven by a strong performance across all the bank’s operating divisions, with each contributing higher revenue and earnings. “I am very pleased with our 2013 result. It demonstrates strength, consistency, careful balancing of growth and return, and disciplined execution of our strategy,” Kelly said. “I am particularly pleased that all of our operating divisions and brands contributed positively to the result.”

Westpac Paciic – which provides banking services in Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Vanuatu, Tonga, solomon Islands and samoa – hiked its cash earnings by 34 per cent, to $164 million. Kelly said the big increase was driven by strong contributions from the larger markets of PNG and Fiji. This year’s jump comes after a 41 per cent increase in cash earnings last year, showing the bank is reaping strong results from the Paciic. brett Hooker, general manager of Westpac Cook Islands, was not available to comment on how much the bank had earned locally. A spokesman said the bank would be releasing a statement in the next few days. Westpac has been in the Cook Islands since 1988 and recently

celebrated its 25th birthday. In its full-year results, the bank said Westpac Pacific was focusing on growth economies in the region. The roll-out of in-store and mobile banking has helped the bank nearly double its number of Pacific customers over the past three years. branches, ATMs, telephone banking and internet banking channels are used to deliver business activities in the seven Paciic nations. Westpac Pacific’s financial products include personal savings, business transactional accounts, personal and business lending products, business services and a range of international products. In New Zealand, Westpac lifted earnings by 9 per cent, from $707 million to $770 million. - Ben Chapman-Smith


Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News

Complaint gets no response from prisoner Pr IsoNer roger Tai blake

said he has no comment on complaints from a Cook Islander named in his bail conditions, who says he had nothing to do with the case. Aumareva Aumareva, who has lived in New Zealand since 2008, said he was shocked to find he had been named in the court case of Cook Islands Television sports presenter roger Tai blake, who was sentenced in september to two years and seven months in prison for importing cannabis. Aumareva says although he knows of blake from when they both lived in rarotonga, he has never had any association with him. Po l i c e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s manager for Counties Manukau District in New Zealand

said the investigation of Aumareva was dropped because there was no indication that he was involved in the case. blake was invited to comment on the issue after Aumareva’s partner Hannah Carter contacted CI News in the hope of getting an explanation from blake – saying the couple and their family members had found the issue highly distressing and wanted to clear Aumareva’s name. C I News contacted blake through staff at Arorangi Prison. superintendent Metuatini Tangaroa said he had spoken to blake about the request, who asked that CINews first contact his lawyer Charles Petero and ‘mentor’ George Pitt of Blake’s former employer Pitt Media Group.

Petero visited blake to dis- and why he was not allowed to cuss Aumareva’s complaints associate with him. That stateat the request of CINews, but ment made Aumareva look blake said he had no comment. guilty and made him look in“He has indicated that he volved with Tai's crime.” Not long after this had hapmay issue a statement with the Pitt Media Group,” said Petero. pened, Carter was greeted at Carter said she and Aumare- the couple’s door in New Zealand by a detective va knew nothing of “We don’t and a police officer. the drugs case until want to cause They were looking Blake’s name sup[Blake’s] family for Aumareva in repression was lifted in gards to the case. May, and Aumareva’s more pain, but “From what we name appeared in we do want this now understand of CINews. to be settled.” the events that took “We were immediately contacted by a lot of wor- place, Tai was caught at the ried friends and family, not just rarotonga Airport on 20 March in rarotonga, but here in New 2013 trying to bring cannabis Zealand who had seen the arti- from New Zealand into rarocle online,” said Carter. “They tonga. When he was caught, he were all wanting to know why lied and told police he had no Aumareva's name was in the idea the contents of his bag and paper alongside this criminal that Aumareva had supplied

him packages containing the drugs,” said Carter. The New Zealand police met with Aumareva and questioned him, but they dropped their investigation soon after as there was no indication that he was involved with the case. “The dates Tai gave police could not even be possible at all,” said Carter. “It was the weekend of my birthday and Aumareva was with me all weekend.” The couple are upset that Aumareva’s name was mentioned in the case and that they were not contacted by the court. “It cast a whole lot of suspicion on Auma,” said Carter. “And it reflects badly on his family.” “I don’t know why he said that,” said Aumareva. “I don’t

even know him. I’m angry.” Carter said they would like an explanation from blake and for Aumareva’s name to be cleared. “We don’t want to cause [Blake’s] family more pain, but we do want this to be settled.” blake was arrested in March after being caught by customs with 507 grams of the class C drug at rarotonga airport travelling from New Zealand. The cannabis was found in his carry-on luggage inside a package wrapped like a gift. The cannabis was tightly packed in plastic wrap and placed within a packet of washing powder and coffee. blake pleaded guilty in July to both charges of importation and possession for sale or supply. - BD

Door closes on tenders for hospital warehouse TeNDer submissions closed yesterday for contractors wishing to design and build a new pharmacy warehouse at rarotonga Hospital. The Cook Islands Investment Corporation has been inviting tenders for the build - which involves the supply of all professional services, materials, labour, machinery and equipment. shona Tekorona, property oficer for the corporation, said tenders had to be in by 3pm yesterday. she did not know if or how

many bids had been made because tenders are received in a closed lock box. “What we can positively tell you at this time is that we received four registrations of interest – but how many will formally tender an offer will not been known until (a later date),” she said. The tender process comes at a time of major upgrades to rarotonga Hospital, which are due to be completed by Christmas. To make way for the upgrade, hospital services have been relocated to other buildings on

the site. outpatients, paediatric clinics, pharmacy and medical clinics have moved into the maternity block, with maternity to be temporarily housed in the paediatric ward. Medical clinics have moved into the area behind the antenatal services and physiotherapy into an available space in the laundry block. The upgrade will see some areas of the hospital become much more spacious, including the waiting room. - Ben Chapman-Smith

Police commend public for good behaviour at 7s WITH ‘Sevens in Heaven,’ in full swing, the police were praising the public for maintaining decorum over the weekend at the bCI stadium. They were, however, kept busy with two motor vehicle crashes, one burglary, one theft and four complaints of excessive noise due to alcohol consumption. A house fire in Turoa was also reported in the early hours of saturday morning. “The police and the rescue fire service had launched an investigation to ascertain the cause of the ire as the premises were almost totally gutted by ire,” says inspector Solomona Tuaati. Public assistance is sought by the police in regards to the ires. “Public who may have any information that may lead to the apprehension of those responsible for the fires or the matters reported should come forward or contact the police,” says Tuaati. A theft of a handbag was also

reported and the contents were stolen. “The handbag was taken from the beach in Tikioki and while the handbag was recovered, cash and a samsung s III mobile phone were stolen from the hand bag.” The police are still investigating the matter, says Tuaati. Police are also investigating a burglary from a resident in Turangi where a 32 inch Panasonic television was stolen. excessive consumption of alcohol was once again causing a headache for the police as they investigated complaints of excessive noise. “Police attended to four excessive noise complaints in the early hours of sunday. These were all in Puaikura and all evolved from the consumption of alcohol,” says Tuaati. Police are also investigating two motor vehicle crashes that resulted in injuries. “Two motor vehicle crashes occurred during the weekend. one involved a car that fell in the ditch at Nikao. Driver be-


haviour was the cause of the misfortune and this has been looked into by the police,” he says. “The other one occurred at the sea wall. one motorcycle was involved and the motorcyclist sustained injuries and was admitted into rarotonga Hospital. Police investigation into the cause of the crash had been commenced,” says Tuaati. The police would like to congratulate the general public that attended the games in Nikao. The police would also like to commend the oficials and organisers of the tournament for a job well done in maintaining co-ordination and control for the duration of the tournament. “As we approach the festive season, we ask our people to maintain the orderliness that we have come through the weekend,” says Tuaati. The public should contact the police on 22499 should they have any information regarding any of the incidents. - Sahiban Kanwal

“ Where the conversation begins.”

sign posts at the hospital in July this year, which indicate where hospital services are located while building work is in progress. 13110414


Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News

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Fax 25303




NOTICE FOR LANDOWNERS VAEROTA SECTION 60 NGATANGIIA (2,040m2) Carz Limited wishes to assign all of its estate and interest in a Deed of Lease dated 28 March 2003 made between the Landowners and Teurihei Kainuku in respect to the above land. Carz Limited has entered into an Agreement for sale and Purchase to sell its leasehold interest in the Deed of Lease dated 28 March 2003. The sale is, among other things, subject to the landowners waiving their right of irst refusal (i.e. having the irst right of purchase in respect of the sale) and in the event of the landowners waiving their right, the consent of the majority of landowners residing in Rarotonga to the sale by transfer. Should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as landowner to purchase the leasehold interest pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Agreement for sale and Purchase, you have one month from the irst date of the advertisement of this notice to notify us in writing. Details of the proposed sale including the price and the purchaser are available to landowners whose names appear on the Register of Titles on request to Bret John Gibson at Gibson’s Law PC, Lawyer, Rarotonga, telephone 24828, facsimile 21567 or email law@gibson. 74760

Overseas advertising We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classiied advertisementsandpre-billing.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.





Mirage Group Hotel Vaimaanga Hotel Project Registery of Interest for Site cleaning Phase Phase 1 to 5 Takitumu Groups will be given priority. Please call 52 998 for an appointment.

All landowners on Akapuao Section 42A, Takitumu is asked to be at Akapuao Meeting House on Wednesday 6 November 2013 at 6pm. Thank you maata. Tutai Parker.

Kapiki anga teia na Anania Uriarau Mataiapo kite kopu tangata o Uriarau a te ra 6.11.2013 ki ko ite Are Uipaanga-Tupapa. 1. Tamakaao V 2. Tutemaeva M 3. Puakaina V 4. Tamapua V 5. Parutu Enua V 6. Teururenga M Aere mai kia akarongo kotou ta tatou karave no to tatou marae Kua oti ite akamana ia e te akavaanga As @ Native Reserve Ora 5 ite aiai Aere mai A Uriarau.

2 bedroom fully furnished house, short term, Takuvaine Valley. Phone 27142 or 72142.

74828 /35275 /1931

74832 / /1987

available on the light from Atiu on the 24 December at 5pm are: 5 seats at $180.00 per seat, and 650kg for cargo at $1.80 per kilo. If you are interested, contact 58680 from 4.30pm onwards. 74801 /35241 /1931

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Mr Jack cooper on behalf of Vaka Eiva has iled an application with the Liquor Licensing Authority for a Special Liquor Licence to provide for the sale and consumption of Liquor at the cIs. canoeing Association Vaka Shed, Avarua on Friday 29 November 2013, from 8pm to 1am for the Vaka Eiva closing Dinner. Any person who objects to the said application should do so in writing addressed to the Secretary, Liquor Licensing Authority, P O Box 61, Rarotonga by 19 November 2013. 74760 / /2453

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 71744


Cook Islands Breast Cancer Foundation Annual General Meeting (AGM) Will be held When: Wednesday 20 November 2013 Where: cafe Salsa Time : 5pm All members and int nding members are most welcome. President, cIBcF

74366 /34453 /1931

SERVICES Action Man Mowing Services All jobs big or small, free quote. Give clint a call on 52074. 74265 / /2561

74850 / /2349

Dream Homes commercial/private homes, hotels, motels, accomodation units etc. For your builders/structural. Drawing plans. Phone 24961 or 55214.

FOUND Notices are FREE

74830 /35277 /1931


To encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

2 Bedroom furnished house Inave-Arorangi, grounds maintained @ $275 weekly. call 54469 to view.

Sara Lee International TM Holdings, LLC (a Delaware Limited Liability Company) 3500 Lacey Road Downers Grove IL 60515 United States of America is the sole owner and proprietor in the COOK IslANDs of the trade marks shown below:



Web site development and maintenance Te Ipukarea Society is a non government organization active in the environment sector in the cook Islands. We are seeking expressions of interest from experienced IT professionals to assist us to establish one or more websites and maintain these on a regular basis, as well as initiate email addresses associated with these website domains. More information can be obtained by phoning 21144, or email te.ipukarea.society. where expressions of interest may also be sent, by Tuesday 12 November. 74829 / /2119


74855 / /1839

Autism Cook islands Ph 24065/55976

PUBLIC NOTICES Kai moana rawish back at the market Tuna, Marlin, Mahimahi, & Wahoo Loins & Slices Monday to Sunday check it out today


74694 /35190 /1931



When: Thursday 28 and Friday 29 november 2013 Venue: Opposite Banana Court, Maire nui Drive

Limited space available for Food & Beverage and Arts & Crafts Vendors. Reserve a stall now! Criteria and Registration Forms available. Registrations close Wed 13th November, 3pm. Contact: Trade and Marketing Staf, Taimata Allsworth or Te Tuhi Kelly. Phone: 24-296 or Email: taimata.allsworth@ for further information. 74843

2x Penn Senator 10/ on a 37kg Fishtech Trolling Rod with a 80lb line, $800. Phone 74399/72780. 74798 / /2415

Back in Stock New Beds in all sizes, unbeatable value at The Furniture centre. 74764 / /1986

Tiare Taina blooms, $10 a bag. Phone Joyce 20201. 74820 / /1917

Toilet Suite- Porcelain + cistern pot, cost $550 now sellings as new at $300 ono. Phone 22238. 74852 /35286 /1931


which are used upon or in connection with the following goods: Bakery desserts; sweet bakery goods; bakery products, namely, bread, buns, rolls, bagels, English muins, and tortillas; cofee; cofee beans; ground cofee beans; mayonnaise; prepared cofee and cofee-based beverages; roasted cofee beans; sauces and lavoured mayonnaise. Notice is also hereby given that ThE ABOVE OWNER ClAIMs All RIghTs IN REsPECT Of ThE ABOVE TRADE MARKs AND WIll TAKE All lEgAl PROCEEDINgs AgAINsT ANy PERsON, fIRM OR CORPORATION COUNTERfEITINg, IMITATINg, VIOlATINg OR OThERWIsE INfRINgINg ThE sAID RIghTs Of ThE OWNER IN ThE COOK IslANDs. 74793


Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News



Maori Dictionary xmas special price of $39. For this month only. At Library & Museum, opposite USP. Phone 26468.

Shaking it at the 7s

74786 / /1966

VEHICLES FOR SALE A new 7 months black 125 2 seater Zongshen. Includes WOF, A/L & cO Ownership. $2,000 ONO. Phone 74315. 74854 / /1703

Brand New Zongshen Motorbike...owner leaving $1800 ONO. Old White Toyota corolla - good engine, still runs but shock absorbers gone, Motor center can ix for $1500, otherwise good for parts $500 ONO. 74849 /314068 /1931

1xKia Mentor car (Manual) very good conditions, sale on as is basis. $3500 ono. 1x New Nissan Maxima alternator $250 1xTie rod for ford Taurus $150. For more information contact Mama 57443. 74835 /35279 /1931

Suzuki motorbike, GN 125, $1500 ono. Available from coconut Haven, Avaavaroa. 74679 /35182 /1931

SITUATIONS VACANT Raro Safari Tour as a vacancy for a Cook, grounds man, oice assistant. Ring 23629 for an interview. 74833 /35320 /2672

Massage therapist/cook/ cleaner required. Preferably qualiied in Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Lymphatic Drainage and Relexology. Phone 57844. 74546 /34579 /1931

House keeping staf required. Apply Sunhaven Beach Bungalows, Arorangi. 74524 /35148 /1982

EARLY MORNING RISER Small resort in Titikaveka looking for morning, part time cLEANER. Short hours, Great pay, fun team! call Tom or Nicole on 27030 mornings. 74805 / /2040

Grounds man, cleaner. Housemaid/general duties looking for reliable, honest and hard working persons. Flexible hours. Full time workers. 2 persons required. PO Box 477. Tel 21139 74650 / /2018

Male Baker, preferably with at least 3-5 years work experienced in the same ield that specializes in baking, pastry and cake, hardworking, honest, team player and goal oriented person. Please email your cV to and the application closes 12 November 2013.


Ph 22336


Full-time work cleaner/housemaid/general duties, reliable, lexible, honest and hard working. Apply to, PO Box 83, Rarotonga.

Planning & Policy oicer

74592 / /2624

WANTED TO BUY Secondhand ladies bicycle plus reliable motor scooter with WOF in good running order. Phone 53982.

WANTED TO RENT House wanted, 3 bedroom, basic furnishings, long term, close to Avatiu Harbour tel 23415. 74714 / /1747

WORK WANTED -Property Management -Oice administration -Marketing, Sales -cooking -Housesitting Mature, Honest, reliable. Phone Barb 76069/ 20565.

CrOwn LAw – COOk ISLAndS

Junior Lawyer The Crown Law Oice, rarotonga is seeking to employ a Junior Crown Counsel. The position will suit a graduate or lawyer with up to 18 months PQe and excellent research and drafting skills. The work is varied and across a broad range of legal issues involving the Crown. This is an opportunity to provide legal support to Government that is challenging and with plenty of potential to develop. expressions of interest together with a full CV are to be provided by 8 november 2013 to Dorothy Ivaiti, Crown Law Oice in an envelope marked “Junior Lawyer Vacancy”, P O Box 494, Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook islands or by email to ck

The Ministry of Education seeks qualiied, experienced and motivated applicants with relevant qualiications for the following position: Planning and Policy Oicer - responsible to the Director of Planning and Development Division for all policy related matters, research, development of information papers including consultation with stakeholders and to assist with drafting and editing of reports as required. Applications close on Friday 8 November 2013 at 3pm. Application pack including full position description is available from the Ministry Oice and on the website at: send completed application forms with CV and references to: Director hRM Ministry of education PO Box 97, Rarotonga Cook islands Phone (682) 29357, fax (682) 28357 or email vacancy@ 74657





Classiieds • Phone 22999


animal Clinic

74690 / /1952


74612 /35264 /1933

74695 /35193 /1931

Classroom Teacher -Apii Te Uki Ou, 2014 We are seeking a motivated, student-centred classroom teacher to join our team in 2014. A sound knowledge of the New Zealand or cook Islands curriculum and a relevant qualiication in teaching is required. An ability to deliver high quality numeracy and literacy programmes is important together with a willingness to participate in school-wide activities. Skills in IcT would be an advantage. cook Islands Immigration requirements will apply. Position commences 22 January 2014 for Teachers Only Day and 27 January 2014 to begin teaching. Applications close 22 November 2013. Please send cV and references to: Apii Te Uki Ou, P O Box 490, Rarotonga, cook Islands or email

These young aspiring dancers rocked the BCi stadium on saturday when they performed with the sevens in heaven ‘play hard’ dance crew that included 14 adults and 27 kids. The kids have been shaking their bodies and perfecting their dance moves with dance teacher nana hirata and their performance was one of the highlights of the day’s event. 13110303


Applications are invited from qualiied and motivated teachers for the following positions: • Head of Faculty – Mathematics: Tereora College • Teacher (Te Kura Uira Online Programme): Ministry of Education (The programme aims to provide access to quality learning on our sister islands) Application packs are available from the Ministry or on our website: Completed forms with CV and references should be sent to: Director - hRM Division Ministry of education PO Box 97 Rarotonga, Cook islands email Applications close on Friday 15 November 2013. 74762

TECHNICAL ASSISTANT TO DEVELOP PROJECT DOCUMENTATION FOR A COCONUT COLD PRESS – OIL EXTRACTING PLANT FOR MAUKE, MANIHIKI AND ATIU strengthening the Resilience of our islands and our Communities to Climate Change” (SrIC-CC) Programme Management Unit (PMU) is committed to delivering efective projects. The PMU seeks the interest of a technical person/s to complete the following task; • development of a technical project proposal for the design, construction and operation of a Coconut Cold Press – Oil extracting plant for Mauke, Atiu and Manihiki Pa enua, Person/s interested in undertaking this task will contact the SrIC CC Programme Management Unit at the Oice of the Prime Minister on phone 25494 ext 829 to register their interests and arrange a time to uplift a copy of the Terms of Reference for this task. hard copy applications for this task must be sealed in an envelope and marked; The sRiC CC Programme, Attention: Mr William M Tuivaga sRiC CC Programme Manager And delivered to the Oice of the Prime Minister before 3pm on Friday 8 november 2013, and please note that soft copy applications will not be accepted. 74582

The Cook Islands Audit Oice (CIAO) is mandated under the Constitution of the Cook islands to carry out the inancial statement audits for all Crown funded agencies and special reviews and investigations into matters that arises in respect of the management of public resources which in its opinion justiies further investigation. The senior Audit Manager is responsible for the: • quality assurance of all Crown and Financial/SOE audit reports; • overall management of the Crown and Financial/ sOe audit team; • strategic planning of the divisions work plans and training programmes; and • on-going enhancement of audit methodology and work programmes. Preference will be given to applicants with the following qualities and qualiications: • tertiary qualiication, speciically in the area of accounting, business or inancial management; • ACA or CA qualiication is highly recommended; • 5 – 8 years of relevant work experience or experience in a similar leadership role; • good knowledge and understanding of Government and business systems; • computer literacy; • excellent written and oral communication skills and the ability to write efective reports. Applications will be kept strictly conidential. Send covering letter and CV to: Anne McMahon: Applications close 4pm saturday, 9 november 2013. 74628


Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News

More fun in the sun at 7s Next year’s sevens in heaven is set to be the biggest yet as the event celebrates 25 years of rugby sevens in paradise. The number of participating teams is also set to increase with plans to also revive the popular women’s sevens division. This year’s event was another success with plenty of action on and of the ield with the visiting Bombay hawks team crowned the 2013 champions. Today we share some of the fun times and action at the sevens in heaven tournament.

These youngsters rocked the BCi stadium with their wicked dance The ‘play hard’ dance crew led by Nana Hirata was one of the highlights of the Sevens in Heaven of the ield fun and entertainment. 13110305 moves. 13110302

Minions, Marylyn Monroe and Mr angry Bird all came out to play at the 7s. 13110311

A Mareko’s winger fends of a defender.


George Teina of the Bombay hawks was named man of the tournament. 13110340


BEREAVEMENT & MEMORIAl NOTICE We the children & family of

atiu warriors shut down a player from araura enua.


regret to announce the passing away of our dearly beloved father, grandfather, great grandfather & father-in-law who passed away peacefully, after a long illness at the Auckland hospital, New Zealand on Tuesday 5th November 2013, surrounded by all his loved ones. The body of our Father will arrive in Rarotonga this Friday 8 November 2013 at 2pm. A short service will be conducted at the airport before his body is Taken to his residence in Matavera, where a family service will be held the same evening at 6pm. On Saturday 9 November 2013 at 9am in the morning a short service will be conducted at his residence in Matavera before his body is taken to the Ngatangiia CICC Church for his funeral service. Afterwards his body will be laid to rest next to his beloved wife at the Nicholas family burial site in Avana. For all inquiries contact his daughter, Lorna Nicholas on 22754 or 55214.

Our Fathers favourite daily prayer: To matou Metua i te ao ra, Kia tapu Toou ra Ingoa, Kia tae ki Toou ra basileia, Kia akono ia Toou ra anoano i te enua nei, Mei tei te ao katoa ana, Omai te kai tei tau ia matou nei, E akakore mai i ta matou nei ara, Mei a matou i akakore i ta tei ara ia matou nei, Auraka e akaruke ia matou kia timata ia mai, Akaora ra ia matoi i te kino, Noou oki te basileia, e te mana, e te kaka, E tuatau uatu, Amene. Te Atua To Tatou Akapumaana.

Tense times in the Cowboys and Tabusoro match.



Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News

FLIGHT FROM ARRIVES tuesday November 5



nz46/45 vA163/162


3.10PM 1.05AM


5.25PM 3.50PM 1.30AM


2.10PM 11.55PM

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details

ThuRSDay NOvEMBER 7 NZ46/45 Vt035/034 NZ748/749


4.10PM 2.50PM 12.30AM











1530 AITUTAKI 1620 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1100 ATIU 1145

1640 1000 1205


1730 1040 1250













OLOMANA 21 - EtD AuCk 08/11, EtA RARO 22/11, EtA AItutAkI 25/11 tIARE MOANA 17 - EtD AuCk 16/11, EtA RARO 26/11, EtA AItutAkI 28/11

Shipping LILOA 19 - EtD AuCk 23/11, EtA RARO 06/12

1310 ATIU


1520 RARO 1610

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands News







Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle

Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle

hÄgAR the horrible


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: An east to southeast wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and rain remains slow moving over northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate south to southeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional rain, heavy at times and few thunderstorms. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook:some showers.



Rarotonga Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Wednesday

Wed high 11.38AM 0.94M 11.45PM 1.01M



Thu high




5.39PM 0.20M



12.26PM 0.94M

1.2m SW

0.4m NW


Low 6.14AM 0.16M 6.27PM 0.21M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

Se 08KTS new Moon OCT 15 2.03AM

First Quarter OCT 21 5.32pM

Full Moon oCT 29 9.50AM

sunshine hours

Third Quarter NOV 6 2.36pM


arapo - amiama wed 6 Tanu (Planting) Tanu i te meika Plant bananas.

humidity 6

By lee falk & sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight


By Dik Browne




1.2m SW

TauTai (Fishing) Marie te marama. Kua teitei. Po ika. Moon is slow, up high. Fish nights.

Front Key:




2.1m Se


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Wednesday, November 6, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Wed sun rise 5.53AM sun set 6.53PM


Moon rise 8.57AM Moon set 10.29PM

Thu sun rise 5.53AM sun set 6.53PM


Moon rise 9.59AM Moon set 11.24PM


25° Se 08KTS


23° Se 08KTS


24° Se 08KTS



24° Se 08KTS

28° Ne 06KTS


24° Se 08KTS


Wednesday, november 6, 2013 cook Islands News

7s action and fun


—PAGE 12 sPorT Tonga smashes Cooks’ world cup dream ToNGA put paid to any hopes

the Cook Islands had of reaching the knockout stages of the rugby League World Cup with a 22-16 victory at Leigh yesterday. A try from Jorge Taufua in the 62nd minute proved enough for the Tongans to take a fiercelyfought contest and keep them irmly in contention in Group C. The Cook Islands, in contrast, is now unable to qualify from Group D, with the result also meaning the UsA is certain to inish top of the pool. Their likely reward is a quarter-inal clash with Australia in Wrexham on November 16. The result was cruel on Cooks winger Chris Taripo, who crossed for a hat-trick of tries and also kicked two goals to provide all of the beaten side's points.

Tonga went ahead with a try from second rower sika Manu after six minutes but the excellent Taripo went over for a brace himself in the space of seven minutes, adding one conversion attempt to put the Cook Islands 10-6 up. The underdogs were good value for their lead but Tonga edged themselves back in front on the half-hour mark when Jason Taumololo powered his way over. samsoni Langi added the extras and also popped over a penalty before the Tongans hit their opponents with a third try right before the break. Tonga centre Konrad Hurrell forced his way through to touch down and although the conversion was missed, Tonga was 18-10 to the good at the

midway point. However, the game was back in the balance within three minutes of the re-start when Taripo produced a brilliant lying inish at the corner to take Low's pass and complete his treble. The winger added the touchline conversion for good measure to cut the gap to just two points, setting up a rousing inish to a match played out in front of a crowd of 10,544. Yet it was Tonga who crucially struck next – left winger Taufua squeezing over at the corner. Langi couldn't convert, leaving the gap at six points. The Cook Islands threw everything at their opponents in a bid to get back on level terms – Cooks right winger Jordan rapana dropped the ball over the line and substitute Hikule'o

Malu had a try disallowed. but, in the end, the Cook Islands fell short in their brave bid to stay alive in the tournament, meaning they become the second nation to be eliminated. After the disappointing loss, Cook Islands coach David Fairleigh said: “We're obviously disappointed but it was a great game of rugby league and I can't question our player’s efforts. "We were there at the end to give ourselves a chance to win the game and I couldn't be more proud of them." The Cook Islands will have four days to rest and recover from the match before they play their last match of the world cup against Wales where they hope to register their first win and avoid the wooden spoon in Pool - MW D.

Neururer wins cycle series THe WesTPAC cycle series con-

cluded last Wednesday with a final around the island handicapped cycle race which proved an enjoyable blast for all participants in perfect conditions. Congratulations to roland Neururer for being first across the line and also having the fastest time of 46:55. This is the fastest individual non-drafting time around raro since the year 2002 when Luke bell, an Australian world class

ironman competitor, clocked a time of 42:16 in the annual Tour de raro. Last year Neururer won the final race in the Westpac series in 47 minutes and 40 seconds. Getting into the 46 minute mark this year is a real achievement. Congratulations to Louise Wittwer for being second across the line. Almost all competitors finished within two minutes of

their calculated time with most inishing under the hour. Second best net time was bryn Parry in a time of 47:40. Next across the line was Geoff stoddart followed by rhys Woodger, Vanessa Woodger, Andy olah and Gary bell all very close together. A huge thank you to our business supporter Westpac bank for your support for this series, which adds to the competitiveness and interest in these events.

This week the Triathlon Association will start its summer duathlon series – Thursday night at 5:15pm opposite the Golf Course at Nikao – which will include a short run of 2 kilometres then an 8km cycle and a shorter run of 1km to inish. Anyone wanting to do the cycle only is most welcome and can also compete on mountain bikes. The saturday triathlon series will commence from Tikioki this - Citai saturday.

Local cyclists toast to another great cycle series won by roland neururer and supported by Westpac Bank. 13110516

Chris Taripo was named man of the match in the Cooks’ losing league world cup match against Tonga yesterday, with Taripo scoring all of the Cooks’ points in the crucial game. 13110522

Age grade soccer matches on today THe PoPULAr under 11 mixed

soccer division will commence today’s football proceedings at 4.15pm followed by the under 17 men’s division at 4.50pm at two venues – the CIFA complex and Takitumu school grounds in Matavera. Puaikura will clash with Tupapa Maraerenga while Takuvaine takes on Matavera and Nikao sokattak battles it out with Titikaveka. - CiFa media Draw and referee appointment for today at the CIFA complex – 4.15pm Field 1 Under 11 Mixed Puaikura vs Tupapa Maraerenga, ref-Kura smith,

4.50pm Under 17 Men Puaikura vs Tupapa Maraerenga, ref-Terry Piri, assistant refs-Kura smith & bobby Aerenga, 4.15pm Field 2 Under 11 Mixed Takuvaine vs Matavera, ref-Ngati Manuela, 4.50pm Under 17 Men Takuvaine vs Matavera, ref-Mata Iroa, Assistant refs-Morgan Wichman & Ngati Manuela. At the Takitumu school Grounds – 4.15pm Under 11 Mixed Nikao sokattak vs Titikaveka, ref-eiau Tangapiri, 4.50pm Under 17 Men Nikao sokattak vs Titikaveka, refJohn Pareanga, assistant refseiau Tangapiri & Noel Mani.

CITCwatertanksubsidy BEINTOWIN

All water tanks will be installed in 7 days ( conditions apply) Installed by certiied plumbers

0CAsh 0 0 2 $ Purchasea6000ltrWater Tanktoqualifyforthedraw


1st draw on 4 January 2014

Wednesday 6 November  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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