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Te reo o te KUKI AIRANI

$2 Saturday, October 19, 2013

Te Mato Vai project underway THe COMPaNy that will man-

age the biggest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the Cook Islands government has been chosen and planning to get the Te Mato Vai project up and running has begun. The project manager – Kupa engineering and water Consult limited, Kew – is a New Zealand-Samoan company with ofices in both countries. Kew specializes in engineering and project management with expertise across a wide range of disciplines ranging from design and supervision of major water supply and sanitation projects to transport, energy, defence and civil infrastructure work.

Kew has carried out work in Samoa, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Cook Islands and Kiribati. Te Mato Vai – the upgrade and improvement of the water supply system to Rarotonga – is a joint venture between the Cook Islands, China and New Zealand. last month New Zealand High Commissioner Joanna Kempkers, Secretary of Finance Richard Neeves and Secretary of Infrastructure Mac Mokoroa signed the arrangement for a $3.8 million grant for the New Zealand government to help pay for the master plan for the water supply system, project management and preparatory

work. The Cook Islands government ran international tenders and selected aeCOM to complete the master plan, and Kew to manage the project from start to inish. The Chinese construction company that will carry out much, but not all of the work, will arrive in the Cook Islands in January next year and will start work immediately. local contractors will be able to bid on project components such as water intake rehabilitations, storage tanks construction and rehabilitations, water treatment plants, and also possibly the construction of trunk main pipelines.

The list of investments will be conirmed after the completion of the ‘Project Master Plan’ conducted by aeCOM. This master plan should be completed by the end of January 2014. when Te Mato Vai is completed in three years’ time it will provide healthier treated water to the people of Rarotonga, locals and visitors alike, and will be an encouragement to development on the island too. water intakes will be refurbished, there will be an increase in water storage capacity, water treatment facilities will be constructed, all trunk and ring mains will be replaced and all piping to the boundaries of properties served by the cur-

Fresh food

rent network will be upgraded. The final stage will be the establishing the operation and maintenance of the new water supply. Supplying safe, reliable and affordable water for all is the overarching goal of the water partnership. Naturally before any of the physical work takes place the people of Rarotonga, all of whom are stakeholders, will be kept informed through a series of awareness and stakeholder communications activities including public meetings. wherever practical the Cook

Fresh ika mata was among the products on ofer by the Ministry of Marine Resources at World Food Day yesterday. Pictured here is MMR information oicer Rebekah Daniel (left) with local college students who have been helping MMR this week before school resumes, including assisting with selling seafood products at Punanga Nui market. Fish and moray eel were up for grabs, with cooked crabs, upaki (mud crabs), remu, ungakoa and mitiore eke or ariri sent over from Aitutaki. A highlight of the event was the fresh produce on ofer at the Ministry of Agriculture’s booth, which disappeared quickly into eager buyer’s shopping bags.

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Governor-General arrives tomorrow New ZealaNd Governor Gen-


Islands government will ensure works are carried out in the most cost effective and least disruptive manner. For example, co-ordinating the renewal of underground services and road works. a Rarotonga based Communications Company – woven Paciic headed by Cook Islander Jaewynn McKay – has been contracted to provide communications support to the Te Mato Vai project. - ES/Release

eral Jerry Mateparae and lady Janine Mateparae are scheduled to arrive tomorrow in what will be his first official visit to the Cook Islands. The visit runs from October 20-23, and will also include a trip to the outer island of Mauke. Mateparae, will be accompanied to Rarotonga by the New Zealand defence Forces Culture Group, which will be performing at a number of local schools. details of the GovernorGeneral and lady Janine Mateparae’s visit will begin with a ceremony on the tarmac Sunday afternoon at Rarotonga International airport. a traditional welcome ceremony will be held at Te atupare Marae by members of the House of ariki, Koutu Nui and Vaka Puaikura on Monday morning, followed by a meet with newly appointed Queen’s Representative Tom Marsters and his wife Tuaine Marsters. The Governor-General is also expected to call on Prime Minister Henry Puna and members of cabinet, attend a presentation in Muri on New Zealand aid Programme contributions relating to water, waste and sanitation, and an official event at the oficial residence of the NZ High Commissioner in Tupapa in the evening. On Tuesday morning, the

Governor-General departs Rarotonga for Mauke. while in Mauke, Mateparae will attend a special unveiling ceremony in honour of the servicemen and women of the island who served courageously in the NZ armed forces. a tour of the island is also planned for the Governor-General to gain an understanding of its environment and the many challenges and opportunities of life in the Pa enua. while the Governor-General is in Mauke, the NZdF culture group will remain on Rarotonga and will perform for local colleges, schools and community groups. Performances are scheduled for Papaaroa College in Titikaveka, avarua School, avarua’s Nukutere College and St Joseph School, are Pa Metua in Nikao, Tereora College, Nikao’s avatea School. Before arriving in Rarotonga, Mateparae is visiting Niue to mark the island’s 39th Constitution day - the anniversary of the establishment of self-government in free association with New Zealand in 1974. a delegation from Niue including the Niue High Commissioner to New Zealand and the Niuean minister for women’s affairs will also be accompanying the Governor General in his visit to Rarotonga. - Emmanuel Samoglou

“SundAy HOTbReAd”




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Creative Centre Tupapa 5.30pm for 6pm Wednesday Ph 55097


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worldNewS nuti no TeIa NeI aO Groom, 103, weds bride, 99 An elderly Paraguayan couple have got married in a religious ceremony after living together for 80 years. From his wheelchair, Jose Manuel riella, 103, promised his eternal love to Martina lopez, his 99-year-old bride, who wore a long white dress. The ceremony was attended by many of their eight children, 50 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren and 20 great-greatgrandchildren. The priest said they were the oldest newlyweds he had ever known. The ceremony was held in front of the couple’s home in Santa rosa.

NSW bush ire crisis Thousands lee their homes as bushires ravage New South Wales SydNey – Australian ire ighters are battling a series of major wildires in New South Wales, with 193 homes already conirmed destroyed. The blazes are continuing to burn in the outskirts of Sydney, despite the easing of temperatures and winds. One man has died while trying to protect his home. Prime Minister Tony abbott visited winmalee in the Blue Mountains, one of the areas worst-hit by the fires, around

world BRIeFS HUGE RECALL A HEADACHE FOR TOYOTA JAPAN – Toyota is recalling 885,000 vehicles to ix a problem that could cause a water leak from the air conditioning unit. It said water could leak into the airbag control module, causing a short circuit and illuminate a warning light. In some cases airbags “could become disabled or could inadvertently deploy” and in limited cases the power steering function could be disabled, it added. The models afected by the recall are Camry, Camry Hybrid, Avalon, Avalon Hybrid, and Venza made in 2012 - 13. Some 847,000 cars will be recalled in North America, while the rest will be in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. A spokeswoman for Toyota told the BBC that it had received reports of two minor injuries due to the issue, but there had been no reports of any vehicles crashes.

2400 RESPONSES TO MADELEINE APPEAL SYRIA – Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have received more than 2400 calls and emails after a renewed appeal for information. The Metropolitan Police team revealed earlier this week that they had eliminated a key sighting thought to be of an abductor carrying Madeleine, and are now trying to identify a second man who was seen with a child in his arms. Detective chief inspector Andy Redwood appeared on BBC Crimewatch to publicise the renewed appeal, as did Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry. The little girl, then aged three, vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007, as her parents dined with friends in a nearby restaurant.

NO SURVIVORS IN MEXICO PLANE CRASH MEXICO – Rescue teams in Mexico have located a small plane that went missing on Monday, oicials said. “The Cessna Caravan with 13 passengers and a pilot was found. Unfortunately, no survivors,” Transport Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Esparza wrote in his Twitter account. The plane crashed in north-western Baja California Sur state amid bad weather caused by Tropical Storm Octave. It was spotted by a helicopter that could not land because of the weather. All the victims are believed to be Mexican. The plane started its journey in the resort of Los Cabos, in the southern tip of the peninsula.

TATTOO LEADS TO MOTHER-CHILD REUNION INDIA – A policeman in the Indian city of Mumbai who became lost in a crowded railway station as a child has been reunited with his family after 24 years, thanks to a distinctive tattoo. Ganesh Raghunath Dhangade was six when he was separated from his parents as he boarded a train. After being raised in orphanages, Mr Dhangade joined the police force and began to search for his family. A vital clue was the name of his mother “Manda”, tattooed on his right arm. His search inally led him to the house of an old lady, who mentioned the tattoo and broke down in tears when he showed it to her. “She couldn’t believe it. She almost started screaming for joy.” The mother told local media: “I am so happy. I lost my son and he has come back as a police constable.”

70km west of Sydney. Correspondents say bushires are common in australia but they have come earlier than normal this year, sparking concerns of further problems to come. deputy New South wales Rural Fire Service Commissioner Rob Rogers said the ire situation was the worst he had seen in more than a decade and the threat was unlikely to ease for some time. “we’ve got thousands of kilometres of ire front that we are faced with trying to deal with,” he told local media. Hundreds of residents spent Thursday night in evacuation centres, with many returning home to ind their houses razed. Fire ighters described blazes as tall as 20 to 30 metres. a 63-year-old man died from a heart attack as he tried to defend his home in lake Munmorah, in the Central Coast region of NSw, on Thursday afternoon. around 2000 fire fighters across the state worked to try and contain the ires but many are still burning out of control. at least three fire fighters have been reported injured. Officials were still trying to determine the number of homes affected by the ire, with reports estimating the loss of as many as 200 homes. The ires have been caused by unseasonably hot temperatures and strong winds. while these have now died down, more hot weather is forecast next week. “It’s been an awful 24 hours for the Blue Mountains,” Mayor Mark Greenhill told Nine Network Television. “we’ve lost possibly scores of homes.” Fire Services Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons told local media that the situation remained “very active, very dynamic, very dangerous”, despite the cooler conditions. - BBC

Residents comfort each other after returning to the remains of their home destroyed by a bushire that tore through Winmalee in the New South Wales Blue Mountains. ABC

Saudis snub the UN

New yOR K – Saudi arabia turned down a coveted seat on the United Nations Security Council in a rare display of anger at the failure of the international community to end the war in Syria and act on other Middle east issues. The kingdom condemned what it called international double standards on the Middle east and demanded reforms in the Security Council, which has

been at odds on ways to end the ighting in Syria. Unlike in the past, when Riyadh’s frustration was mostly directed at Russia and China, it is now also aimed at washington, its oldest international ally, which has pursued policies since the arab Spring that Saudi rulers have bitterly opposed. Citing the council’s failure to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, take steps to end Syria’s

civil war and stop nuclear proliferation in the region, Riyadh said the body had instead perpetuated conflicts and grievances. “Saudi arabia is refraining from membership of the UN Security Council until it has reformed so it can effectively and practically perform its duties in maintaining international security and peace,” said a Foreign Ministry statement. - BBC

Drone deaths questioned New YORK – A UN oficial in-

vestigating drone strikes says the United States should release igures showing how many civilians have been killed in attacks by unmanned aircraft. More and more, drones are being used by the US in targeted attacks against insurgents on foreign soil. In his interim report to the United Nations, special rap-

porteur Ben emmerson says that in places like afghanistan, drones are less likely to kill civilians than attacks from piloted aircraft. But the report also estimates that more than 450 have been killed in afghanistan, Pakistan, and yemen, and predicts the number could be far higher. emmerson says the figures are impossible to confirm be-

cause of the secrecy surrounding the drone programme. US drone strikes are co-ordinated by the CIa, although oversight is being transferred to the department of defence, partly to improve the transparency of the programme. The report says that drones, when used in line with humanitarian law, can reduce civilian casualties. - BBC

'This is not my idea of a holiday'

COMPLETES RUBIK’S CUBE IN WIND TUNNEL ENGLAND – A British skydiver took three minutes, 16 seconds to become the irst person to solve a Rubik’s Cube puzzle in a freefall-simulating wind tunnel. James Wilson, 35, a veteran of more than 1600 skydiving jumps, solved the Rubik’s Cube in the wind tunnel at an indoor skydiving icentre at a leisure park. The feat is being recognized by Guinness World Records. Wilson said he remained suspended in the air while completing the puzzle. “I had been practicing in the last few weeks,” he said. “I managed to get it down to one minute but when you are in the wind tunnel it is a lot more diicult. You have to hold it carefully while you do it or it will ly out of your hands.” Wilson said he is now considering an attempt to complete the challenge during an actual skydiving jump.

Today’s daily Bread The lORd is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.

Matthew 7:21-29 Read: read: Ephesians 5:1-10

text: Matthew 7:26 145:8 Text: Psalm

The Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha is not a good time to be an old camel. Eid al-Adha or the ‘Feast of Sacriice’ marks the end of the annual pilgrimage or Hajj to the Saudi holy city of Mecca and is celebrated in remembrance of Abraham’s readiness to sacriice his son to God. Cows, camels, goats and sheep are traditionally slaughtered on this holy day. AFP


Saturday, OctOber 19, 2013 cook Islands News


'Hey, keep your shorts on!'

mAKing THe deSiRAble AFFORdAble

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neW ARRivAlS juST ARRived neW CA$H PRiCe

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That’s pretty foul. Aston Villa’s Danish forward Nicklas Helenius loses his shorts during a challenge from Tottenham Hotspur’s Belgian defender Jan Vertonghen at a League Cup football match in Birmingham, England. AFP

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DNA research casts new CA$H PRiCe light on Himalayan yeti $2,250

OXFORd – Research by a British scientist has concluded that the legendary Himalayan yeti may in fact be a sub-species of brown bear. dNa tests on hair samples carried out by Oxford University genetics professor Bryan Sykes found that they matched those from an ancient polar bear. He subjected the hairs to the most advanced tests available. He says the most likely explanation for the myth is that the animal is a hybrid of polar bears and brown bears. Prof Sykes told the BBC that there may be a real biological animal behind the yeti myth. “I think this bear, which nobody has seen alive, may still be there and may have quite a lot of polar bear in it,” he said. “It may be some sort of hybrid and if its behaviour is different from normal bears, which is

what eyewitnesses report, then I think that may well be the source of the mystery and the source of the legend.” Prof Sykes conducted the dNa tests on hairs from two unidentiied animals, one from ladakh – in northern India on the west of the Himalayas – and the other from Bhutan, 1285km further east. The results were then compared with the genomes of other animals that are stored on a database of all published dNa sequences. Prof Sykes found that he had a 100 per cent match with a sample from an ancient polar bear jawbone found in Svalbard, Norway, that dates back to between 40,000 and 120,000 years ago – a time when the polar bear and closely related brown bear were separating as different species. The species are closely related

and are known to interbreed where their territories overlap. The sample from ladakh came from the mummified remains of a creature shot by a hunter around 40 years ago, while the second sample was in the form of a single hair, found in a bamboo forest by an expedition of filmmakers around 10 years ago. Prof Sykes said that his results were “completely unexpected” and that more work needed to be done interpreting them. He said that while they did not mean that “ancient polar bears are wandering around the Himalayas”, there could be a sub-species of brown bear in the Himalayas descended from an ancestor of the polar bear. “Or it could mean there has been more recent hybridisation between the brown bear and the descendant of the ancient polar - BBC bear,” he said.

Drug increases survival rate of pancreatic cancer victims lONdON – a breast cancer drug can double two-year survival rates of patients with pancreatic cancer, trial results have shown. Nab-paclitaxel, marketed as abraxane, also increased the proportion of patients still alive after one year by 59 per cent. It is already approved for women with spreading breast cancer who have run out of other options. Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, killing 80 percent of patients within a year. data from the MPaCT (Metastatic Pancreatic adenocarcinoma Clinical Trial) study showed signiicant improvements when patients were treated with abraxane in combination with

standard chemotherapy. average survival increased from 6.7 months to 8.5 months. One year survival rates rose from 22 per cent to 35 per cent and at two years they doubled from four per cent to nine per cent. The results are published in the New england Journal of Medicine. “Today’s news represents a major step-forward in the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer,” said consultant oncologist dr Harpreet wasan, from Hammersmith Hospital in london, who runs a pancreatic cancer research programme. “The prognosis for these patients is exceptionally poor and, unlike many other cancers,

current treatment options are limited. “Based on this data, nab-paclitaxel offers patients a major new advance.” ali Stunt, founder and chief executive of the charity Pancreatic Cancer action, said: “Pancreatic cancer is lagging behind other cancers in terms of treatments that extend survival, but nab-paclitaxel has the potential to offer hope to patients with this deadly disease.” abraxane’s manufacturer Celgene has applied to the european Medicines agency (e Ma) for a licence to use the drug to treat advanced pancreatic cancer. - BBC

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Saturday, OctOber 19, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNewS nuti no Te Pa eNUa

Deputy PM denies obstructing police Claims Samoa’s deputy PM rescued associate during breathalyser test aPIa – There’s a brewing scandal in Samoa over an incident where the country’s deputy prime minister is accused of obstructing a police oficer. local media say deputy Prime Minister Fonotoe Nuafesili lauofo should be charged with obstruction of police in the line of their work over the late night incident two weeks ago. assistant Commissioner of Police Fauono Tala Tapu, who was overseas at the time, told the newspaper he is not sure why

Fonotoe hasn’t been charged. “Under the law, he should be charged,” he said. associate Minister for Communication and Information Technology Muagututagata Peter ah Him, should also be charged for failing to comply with a lawful requirement, namely to take a breathalyser test, Fauono said. The assistant police commissioner, who is the police’s media oficer, was referring to the behaviour of the two politicians as

paciic BRIEFS LABOUR PARTY DUBIOUS ABOUT ELECTIONS FIJI – Fiji’s Labour Party leader says the arrival of international election consultants is a step towards free and fair elections – but history may yet repeat itself. Mahendra Chaudhry says he is still doubtful about whether the election will proceed despite experts from Australia, New Zealand and the European Union arriving this week to help with preparations. The regime has promised to hold elections next September. Chaudhry says the regime took little notice of independent advice when it came to the country’s constitutional review and doubts things will change now. “We will wait and see how this eventuates. You will remember that we had a Ghai Commission doing up our constitution and once they had done that report, that report was trashed by the regime.”

WORK TO START ON CONTROVERSIAL RESORT FIJI – The much-awaited re-development work on the Momi Bay Resort in Fiji has reportedly started after years of delays and failure. The chief investment oicer of the Fiji National Provident Fund, Jaoji Koro’i says construction work will start early next year. Once completed, the resort will include a 250-room ive-star hotel. The site has been the centre of controversy after the provident fund was used to invest in the project. The New Zealand inance company Bridgecorp collapsed in 2007 with one of its largest loan exposures being to Momi. Fiji’s interim government promulgated the Momi Bay Resort Decree in 2010 giving control of the property to the provident fund as secured lender to the new borrower and developer.

THREAT TO CLOSE DOWN OK TEDI MINE PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Landowners in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province have given the government until next Wednesday to respond to demands to return their share in the OK Tedi mine. They say if their 63.4 per cent share is not returned, the mine will be shut down. They want the share to be given to them directly so they can then decide who will be given the responsibility to manage it. They says they’ve been consulting the OK Tedi Mine workers union and will shut down the mine if that’s what’s needed to get the Government’s attention.

WHALES STOP OVER IN PAPEETE LAGOON FRENCH POLYNESIA – Half a dozen large whales and their calves are making themselves at home in the harbor of Papeete. The marine mammals were using the calm and warm waters of the lagoon to rest, give birth and nurse. Two mothers were observed suckling their calves. The Harbour and Port Police are controlling ship navigation to avoid collisions. The Ministry of Tourism and Ecology and Environment Directorate reiterate the importance of not disturbing the whales in case they abandon their babies. “The approach by sea is to be avoided, the observation can be made from the land,” a spokesman said.

SOLOMONS POLICE TO GET WEAPONS BACK SOLOMON ISLANDS – Planning is now underway for the limited re-introduction of irearms to the Solomon Islands police. The government recently approved a limited re-arming of oicers, whose weapons were taken away in 2003 when the Regional Assistance Mission arrived. The Solomon Star newspaper reports the commander of the Participating Police Force, Paul Osborne, as saying that as his body draws down its involvement it will begin a two phase limited re-armament programme for the local police. Osborne says this will include the close protection unit, airport police, the patrol boat crew and the police response team.

REPUBLICANS STOPPED FROM RAISING FLAG FRENCH POLYNESIA – Members of French Polynesia’s self-styled Pakumotu Republic have been prevented from retaking a Tahiti property to raise their lag. Security forces stopped the dozens of supporters of the group’s king, Athanase Terii, from re-occupying the land in Outumaoro from which they had been evicted. The group has been defying the French state for more than two years, refusing to recognise its authority by choosing its own president, ministers, senators and representatives. Last year, a large police contingent acted on a court order and ended the occupation of a disused French Polynesian hospital by the same group claiming to be the rightful owners of the land.

stated in a report written by one of four police oficers who were on duty on the night of Friday, October 4. That night the police patrol saw a pick-up vehicle make a U-turn on Main Beach Road in apia, states to the report, which was written by police officer Ioapo Isitolo. along with Isitolo on patrol that night were officers Ma’anaima Patu, Michael Vala and Tevita Vi’i. Because the U-turn was illegal, the police patrol pulled over a Toyota Hilux pick-up, with the registration number MCIl07, at 10.30pm. The police vehicle stopped behind the pick-up. Behind the wheel of the Toyota was assoccate Minister Muagututagata who oficer Isitolo refered to in his report as “the driver”. “I irst asked the driver for his license and he replied it was in his other vehicle,” Isitolo’s report says. He says he informed the driver that the U-turn was unlawful and that he was to take a breathalyser test on the suspicion of drunkenness. “There was suspicion because his eyes and cheeks were red and he smelt of beer. “When Muagututagata irst blew into the breathalyser no air could be heard being expelled

‘The politicians drove off leaving the police oficers standing there like fools.’ and it was the same the second time. On the third attempt a warning came from the breathalyser that it had not received enough air.” as a fourth attempt to blow into the breathalyser was in progress, Samoa’s deputy prime minister pulled up in another vehicle parallel to Muagututagata’s pick-up. The report states Fonotoe asked oficer Tevita, “What are you two doing?” “Conducting a test for alcohol,” Isitolo told the deputy prime minister. after a discussion with the police officers Fonotoe then urged the associate minister to drive off. “alu lau ka’avale! alu lau ka’avale!” he reportedly said. and Muagututagata did just that, the police report says. The associate minister drove off and Fonotoe then followed him. “I could not decide why I became a policeman in Samoa and the reason the law was made by the government of Samoa,” Of-

icer Isitolo says in his report. The politicians drove off leaving the police oficers standing there like “fools,” assistant Commissioner Tapu said on his reading of the report. Tapu said he “believes” the report by the police on duty that night. But four days later, on Tuesday, October 8, Muagututagata denied being stopped by Police. “It was not me, must be someone else,” he said. Talamua News reports that after the denial, acting Commissioner of Police afamasaga Michael Soonalole was asked for comment. “Muagututagata was breathtested three times and the results were negative each time,” acting Police Commissioner Soonalole said. “The deputy prime minister had stopped at the scene to congratulate the oficers, then followed the associate minister’s vehicle,” he said. Talamua News informed the acting police commissioner that Muagututagata was denying the police claim he was stopped. acting Commissioner Soonalole: “I’m telling you what the police on duty last Friday night reported.” Talamua: do you also deny that deputy Prime Minister Fonotoe interfered with police work?

acting Commissioner Soonalole: “I said I’m telling you what’s in the report.” Talamua: Is it fair to say one of your police oficers is lying? acting Commissioner Soonalole: (Silence – no response). deputy Prime Minister Fonotoe has denied any part in the incident. “I did not interfere or intervene in anything,” he said. assistant Police Commissioner Tapu told Talamua News the he believes the report by the oficers on duty that night, not the deputy prime minister. “Fonotoe had no business interfering with police work,” he said. He said the report submitted by the police on duty on the night of the incident is more than enough to prosecute both the deputy prime minister and the associate minister. asked who makes the call to charge the politicians, the assistant commissioner said: “The police commissioner – but in the current circumstances, whoever is acting police commissioner.” afamasaga Michael Soonalole is currently the acting Police Commissioner. Samoa’s current police commissioner, lilomaiava Fou Taialo, is under suspension while a commission of inquiry investigates conditions at Tafaigata Prison. - Talamua News

Ex-CEO denies bias at airport aPIa – The outgoing chief ex-

ecutive oficer of Polynesian Airlines denies he was ever biased against rival airline Samoa air at Fagali’i airport. Samoa’s Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi was wrong to say that he was biased, Taua Fatu Tielu said. Tuilaepa last week said Taua had been “a bit biased” which resulted in many complaints from Samoa air who also used the airport while it was under the control of Polynesian airlines. The government transferred management of the airport to the government appointed Samoa airport authority to create equal competition between the two airlines, the prime minister said. The suggestion is that Samoa

air was treated unfairly by Polynesian at Fagali’i so that the airline couldn’t compete equally. “I disagree with the PM,” said Taua in denying bias against Samoa air. “we have tried our best to get Chris langton (Samoa air CeO) to come and discuss procedures and charges for using Fagali’i but he never replies to me – but he replies to the PM accusing us of charging his airline when he was promised unrestricted access to Fagali’i,” he said. In past statements langton said the government has granted Samoa air unrestricted access at Fagali’i. “He thinks that unrestricted access means free access,” said Taua. “The problem is the PM al-

ways listens to his complaints but when I write to the PM explaining our side, the PM does not want to listen – but he always takes Mr langton’s side. “Competition will be equal if he (langton) pays his landing fees because we pay for the operation of the airport – but it is unequal if we pay for the operation of the airport and he pays nothing.” Tuilaepa said the government wanted to help Samoa air because the airline served Savai’i island – a route Polynesian airlines had abandoned as unproitable. H e s a i d Ta u a’s v i s i o n “stopped at his pocket” but the government took a wider view. Tuilaepa said the CeO of Samoa air, Chris langton, thinks

Polynesian tried to “send them broke”. Taua responded: “we didn’t need to make Samoa air go broke, it made itself go broke by lying unproitable routes. “like flying to and from Savai’i carrying only one or two or sometimes no passengers – and by charging people by their weight so what he gets are only light people who will pay only the minimum fare but occupy the whole seat,” said Taua. “The Samoa air operation is a joke – it is like a humanitarian non-for-profit operation that lies everywhere just for show,” he said. “It is like the old Polynesian airlines that flew everywhere and yet a huge overdraft awaited them in the bank.” - TNO

Grief at death of school girls PaPeeTe – There has been an outpouring of grief in French Polynesia after two school girls were killed by drunk or speeding drivers in separate incidents in recent weeks. In Taravao, on the island of Tahiti, more than 500 people, all dressed in white, joined a march this week to draw attention to drink driving which they believe is endangering the lives of children on the island. Sabrina Birk, who is a parent and former politician, says alcohol abuse is a serious problem in Tahiti. and she says school teachers are expected to look after too many children. “In a matter of 48 hours we

had two young girls that were killed as they got off the bus. They were both 11 years old. and when they got off the bus, they didn’t even go 10 metres before they were killed. “One, she got off the bus and was hit by a drunk and speeding driver who had already been arrested for this kind of driving – and the other girl got hit by a driver that had no licence.” She says the deaths have had a huge impact in the community. “all parents are touched, plus the grandparents.” She says there’s a serious lack of resources in police and in teachers that are able to help monitor the children. “yes, because right after these

two accidents, in that same school there was a four year old child that, when she went home, said she had been strangled in class by another child that had strangled her with a rope. “and the teacher had seen nothing, because there’s one teacher in a class of 30 children. She says the issue is not just the safety of children with regards to drink drivers, but the safety of children in general. “Because these are things that show that our education system is lacking means. She was asked what could be done to improve the situation. “That they ban the sale of refrigerated beer in stores right now, and there should be more

control on all this alcohol. “Because there are a lot of people who sell alcohol illegally and this should be more controlled. “There’s the fact that the police should be more out there on the road controlling and we need means in matters of education to have not so many young children in classes of over 30 children with one teacher.” Birk says she has seen more police on the roads since the march and she hopes the government will do more to address the issue. However, she says she is appalled that one of the drivers involved in one of the deaths is still free. - RNZI


Saturday, OctOber 19, 2013 cook Islands News

chalk bbQ Special TendeR lAmb CHOPS: 2 Kilos PluS get 500gm FRee!!!! 5 Kilos Plus get 1 kilo FRee!!!

RumP STeAK PRime STeeR Only Cube ROll whole 3kg + PORK bOneS bbQ PACKS

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2 Kilo Rump steak 2 kilo Chops 2 Kilo Top Hat sausages.

FiSH, FiSH THe FAmily diSH! mai mai Steaks Wahoo Steaks Skipjack Tuna Steaks

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$29 SeAFOOd bASKeT 1ltr ezy Cook Oil Crumbed Wahoo 4 pces Crumbed Prawn Cutlets 8 pces Crumbed Calamari Rings 12 pces


Saturday, OctOber 19, 2013 cook Islands News

leTTeRS reta

‘They made our country what it is’ dear editor, There has certainly been a lot of public debate both for and against the Grey Power group’s tax intentions. My discussion is not to judge who is right and who is wrong. However, allow me to portray a few personal observations that touch on a much wider perspective relating to our elderly folks. From the outset, this is one group within our society that has lived the hard life, ploughed and

laboured the land, nurtured and fed generations and basically made our country what it is today. They are generally honest and law abiding folks who would never err on the wrong side of the law. They come from all walks of life, former teachers, trade unionists, builders, nurses, cleaners, housemaids, factory hands, supervisors and the list goes on. I remember a former labour trade unionist turned political leader called Papa arapati. He

had a vision to return from the factories and wharies of prolabour auckland to Rarotonga in search of a better future for his Ipukarea…the rest is history. So what’s the relevance of my point to the tax struggle by our Grey Power group? well, it goes to the heart of this tax debate, whether we accept or don’t accept the cry from our Grey Power group, is really up to government to decide. I’m sure MFeM have done their tax statistics and revenue im-

plications. at the end of the day, given the pros and cons, there is the opportunity cost that lies ahead for government to decide which path to take. I’m sure commonsense and a digniied outcome will prevail from all this. aside from this, Ian and Jackie Sanderson, have in their own right pointed out and have said, “we don’t want NZ union stirrers over here telling us what we should be doing”. In my view this is a very strong and provocative state-

ment to say the least. Have the Sanderson’s read our founding Constitution…read it because in it, it reads, under article 64, fundamental human rights and freedoms…look at (d) freedom of thought, conscience and religion and (e) freedom of speech and expression and (f) freedom of peaceful assembly and association. Our Grey Power group is just expressing their views and under our laws they have every right to do so. Not knowing the Sandersons,

who call themselves Cook Islanders – and good on them for making our home their home – not knowing all the facts, can be troubling and hurtful to some people...they can decide for themselves. let me close by saying this in Maori, “Te kapuaanga ete rito oto tatou basileia, tei roto tei reira ite mana ete pukuatu oto tatou ai metua”. Paul Raui allsworth atupa

Good luck with Sheraton project was not due to management looming that could bring interfailure on my part, in fact it national inance to its knees and was saved through prudent send global economies into remanagement on my part. If I cession, so I chose to slow bowl may explain! the project, as any good develFundamental to oper should when Failure to development underproperly managing takings is risk mandevelopment risk. complete the agement and I comNeedless to say I’m Vaimaanga pleted all 30 plus of glad I did, because Sheraton itself my developments had I chosen to be was not due to in New Zealand on reckless and promanagement time and on budget ceeded regardless, failure on my before I came back to receivers of foreign part, in fact the Cook Islands to banks would probait was saved look at Vaimaanga, bly own Vaimaanga because of prudent through prudent now, just as foreign management risk management. banks operating on my part. Vaimaanga was here now own many actually a project properties as mortgearing up to proceed in 2008 gagee in possession – which when I foresaw a credit crunch was not something I was prepared to have on my conscious given that Vaimaanga is titled land and owned by many familetters to the editor. express yourself. lies! Funding for Vaimaanga Email: was actually agreed in 2007, NZ$15 million from my eq-

dear editor, I refer to comments made by Sam Napa in your lead story of CI News ‘Sheraton project to be resumed’ October 18. He needs correction! The Vaimaanga Sheraton development was not my vision for development; it was the vision of Italian developers who failed to complete it and resulted in our government shouldering the blame for their failure, unfairly I might add. My vision was to complete the failed development that haunted our landscape for a couple of decades and rustle up some money to build the Takitumu Palace, which has been completed. Failure to complete the Vaimaanga Sheraton itself

Here’s what people think

uity inancier and NZ$60 million from the prime lender, and representatives from the equity inancier, prime lender and brand operator along with myself informed government accordingly. From a risk management perspective I agreed to a loan exit option of sufficient presales to take out the prime lender’s loan and we had achieved some NZ$30 million presale when signs of a credit crunch emerged, causing me to slow bowl the project. It is now history that the credit crunch came and sent developed economies into recession with only China’s developing economy left standing, and of course my equity inancier and prime lender were both casualties, so thank God I did not fail to manage development risk! The above comments are to correct wannabe developer Sam Napa and warn him so he doesn’t become reckless and

lose the land of families who own them to foreigners, lest the ancestors come looking for him. The following comments are meant to be helpful, as like every other Cook Islander I would like him to succeed in his mission, as completing the Vaimaanga eyesore remains the imperative for me and most Cook Islanders I expect! 1. The Vaimaanga property is reclaimed swamp, meaning like any swamp it holds water and rising damp will occur, and if grey water is trickle lushed on the property it will hold in the swamp and it will have rising stench in no time at all, meaning it will become a ghost hotel in no time at all! and discharg-

ing grey water in adjoining streams is not something our lagoon can handle right now! 2. I introduced unit titles to convert land to common area so no one can take security over the land and take it away from landowners, and he is duty bound to do likewise and protect the land for the families who own them. The unit title law returns the land and everything on it to landowners after the alienation period of 60 years, whereas other existing laws don’t compel it and a recipe for perpetual alienation of land, meaning the poor people who own the land lose their land forever! Good luck! Tim Tepaki

Teiea te moni? e Tama etita, Kua anoano au kia tata atu i teia au nuti tei tupu i teia au mataiti i topa. Ite mataiti 2006 kua ikiia mai matou ei kumiti angaanga no te Kavamani democratic i raro ake ite minita Sir Terepai Maoate. Te ingoa o teia kumiti ko te tribunal. Teia te au kumiti tei ikiia mai no te rave te au angaanga ko Richard Barton chairman Kura Strickland kumiti, Makiroa Mitchell kumiti e ko Gwen welland te teketere. Ko ta matou angaanga tei orongaia mai kia rave matou, kia akarakara matou ite moni e koi nei te au Mema Parliament ma ta ratou au moni takake (allowance), me te rava nei pera katoa te au moni a te au mema parliament kua akangaroi. Kua rave maroiroi maua ko Makiroa i ta maua angaanga no te kimi ravenga kia meitaki mai te oraanga o to tatou au mema parliament inara no te tu oki o to matou chairman e papaa aia e tu papaa rai tona, kare mei

a tatou rai e maori tatou e au akono anga maori rai ta tatou. Teia oki taua akono Maori a tatou ko te au manako tauturu, aroa, oronga e te vai atura. Kare teia au vaerua i roto i to te papaa oraanga. Kua oti ta matou repoti ite tata e kua apai atu ki te Minita Terepai Maoate kia tutakiia mai matou no ta matou angaanga i oti. Kare a matou moni i tutakiia mai kia matou e te Kavamani democratic e pou uatu te mataiti 2006. Ite mataiti 2013 kua apai atu au i teia manako ki te minita ote moni CIP kia akara mai i teia manako penei e ka rauka i te tauturu mai. Kare i noo ua ki reira kua apai atu ki te Cabinet Ministers i te mataiti 2013 kare rai i akara ia mai e tae mai ki teia ra e tata nei i teia reta, Paraparau ra 17 October 2013. Te karanga nei te reo o araura enua Te akaroa. Tataia e Papa Kura Strickland Mema Parliament no te CIP 1989 – 2004.

Letters to the Editor

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localNewS nuti no roto i te IPUKaRea

Project manager talks Te Mato Vai Te MaTO Vai’s new project man-

ager says the $60 million dollar project will be vital as the Cook Islands begins to feel the effects of climate change. “water is a gift from God,” said project manager latu Sauluitoga Kupa from Kew Consult limited, the company selected by the government to manage the project from start to inish. He said climate change is affecting the environments of Pacific island nations, and improved infrastructure along with better conservation measures will help create a safer and secure water supply. “With the luctuations of climate change, we need to prepare for the worst,” said Kupa. “There has to be a greater culture of conservation.” Currently, Kupa estimates some areas of the ring mains – piping that surrounds the island – has leakage rates of up to 70 per cent. Compounded with leaky pipes and faucets in individual homes, that amounts to a lot of water that could be conserved, he says. Kupa says Te Mato Vai will create a mains system that will be vital during periods of drought

and will compliment the separate water tank subsidy project. The next major stage of the project involves the creation of a master plan, which will be undertaken by aeCOM - a global company dealing in water management and the planning of water supply infrastructure. He said he expects to see a draft of the plan by the end of the month, and a final plan by the end of January 2014. Specific details such as the proposed method of water iltration desired – both physical and chemical iltration are under consideration - are still in the process of being worked out, and Kupa anticipates ample input from the public. “water is everybody’s business,” he said. “The master plan requires input from the public.” The project’s steering committee consists of Kupa, along with infrastructure ministry secretary Mac Mokoroa, inancial secretary Richard Neves, New Zealand aid Programme Manager Jonathan Rowe, waTSaN’s Tekao Herrmann, chief executive Tamarii Tutangata from the Cook Islands Investment Corporation, and Nie Kefeng from Chinese Civil

Project manager Latu Sauluitoga Kupa from KEW Consult Limited has been appointed to oversee Rarotonga’s $60 million Te Mato Vai potable water infrastructure project. 13101724

engineering and Construction Company (CCeCC) – a Te Mato Vai contractor. In addition to improving Rarotonga’s water infrastruc-

Experts to evaluate Cooks’ development OVeR the next two weeks the Cook Islands will be undergoing a peer review with a speciic focus on monitoring and evaluation of national development. The review is being organised by the Paciic Island Forum Secretariat. experts from Vanuatu, Samoa and australia will be on island between October 21 to November 1, to help identify where the public action is doing well and where improvements can be made. The Peer Reviews have been conducted all over the Pacific with the Cook Islands the second to last country to take part. The peer review process is an initiative that was derived from the Forum Compact in august 2009. Forum leaders agreed that the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) should promote

international best practice in key sectors, improve effective budget allocations and implementation to achieve national development priorities, and guide support from development partners. The purpose of country peer reviews is to create a platform for Paciic island countries and territories, to share ideas on how to address development challenges as well as ideas on best practice. The Cook Islands has been recognized as a leader in the region in planning, budgeting and aid effectiveness with the country having been involved in reviews of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and Nauru. Additionally, inancial secretary Richard Neves will be travelling to Samoa in November to participate in Samoa’s Peer Review process. Manager Peter Tierney of the

inance ministry’s development co-ordination division (dCd) stresses the importance of the peer review for the government but also the public. “This is a space to voice views on how government is addressing issues affecting our nation,” said Tierney. “The Peer Review is an important learning tool we have to improve public service effectiveness, let’s all work to ensure it’s a success.” There are a number of opportunities for members of the public to speak with the peer review team over the next two weeks including focus groups and one on one interviews. The organisers urge the public to take note of the schedule and RSVP to Charmaine on 29521. - ES/Release

ture, Kupa said the project is also about developing the technical abilities of Cook Islanders. The project was kick started in September when the New Zealand government put forward $3.8 million towards the development of the master plan, project management services, and additional preparatory work.

Te Mato Vai is a joint partnership between the Cook Islands, the People’s Republic of China, and New Zealand that aims to refurbish 12 of the island’s water intakes, create additional storage capacity, oversee construction of treatment plants, and replace water pipes connecting to all properties served by the current

network – which was mostly laid in the 1960s. New Zealand is committing up to $15 million in grant funding, which adds to a $23 million concessional loan on behalf of the Chinese government and $22 million from the Cook Islands government. - Emmanuel Samoglou

2013/4 SUMMER SCHOOL PROGRAM USP Cook Islands is seeking enrollments for the 2013/14 summer school program. For Management students, we need to hear urgently from you which Management 300 level course you would like to have delivered. Please email or phone 29415. Deadline for enrolments 31 October, 2013. course IS433 Information Management


Tutor Prof. Munir Naveed

UU114 English for Academic Purposes UU100 Communications and Information Literacy EC400 level – for PGDip Economics students



Ms Kelesi Whippy


Ms Kelesi Whippy

MG 318 or MG319 or MG305 depending on student demand and tutor availability


Mii Manuela TBA

Price $730 + $36 17 Nov - 20 December, 2013 student fee 6 January – 8 February, $485 + $36 2014 student fee $485 + $36 6 January – 8 February, 2014 student fee $730 + $36 6 January – 8 February, 2014 Student fee 6 January – 8 February, $485 + $36 2014 student fee $645 - 2010, 6 January – 8 February, $490 - 2011 2014 + $36 s/fee 6 January – 8 February, 2014

$820 + $36 student fee /


- Sahiban Kanwal

Do you think we should grow our own fruits and vegetables? Why?

Teinakore Lucky Vainetutai.

Elizabeth Nelio. Joryna Pokura. Pops Marsters. Diana Piiti. yes. To help support my yes. Because it helps re- yes. It costs less. Imported yes. It is a healthier op-

yes. Because that is what my dad does and we can save on our income and it’s a healthier option.

family and I will not be spending heaps of money to buy vegetables and fruits.

duce spending costs and gives you the satisfaction of growing something on your own.

food especially fruits and vegetables are much more expensive and growing your own is cheaper. I already grow my own root crops. Most locals who have their own land grow their own food.

tion. you know exactly what is going it and it’s got more nutrients. It’s a nutritious option.

Rupea Crow.

Matanga Taia.

It is organic. you know exactly what you are putting into the soil and you know that what you are eating does not have chemicals and has never been sprayed.

yeah, go hard. I get to Hard out. I would know make my own income by exactly what has gone in growing my own fruits and it costs less. and vegetables and it is less expensive.

Dawn Ngaeruaiti.


Saturday, OctOber 19, 2013 cook Islands News

Kai Reka exceeds expectations THe RealMS of tertiary train-

ing and professional fine dining morph into each other at the Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre’s Kai Reka restaurant. Kai Reka is run by students who have completed the school’s diploma programme and been given a chance to showcase their learning by including their own signature dishes to a menu that makes decision-making a near futile affair. every dish calls out to the eyes, and from the beginning to end, the students put together a meal that easily rivals the efforts of any local professional kitchen. Freshly baked bread comes to the table warm with butter at a temperature that spreads easily - a perfect companion to the next task at hand: choosing an entree, main, and dessert – all provided for a lat rate of $30, plus the cost of a beverage. along with my dining companion, we strategically order off the menu hoping to reap the efforts of this wildly creative kitchen. The entrees are irst to arrive, and the plan is to share absolutely everything. First off is a variety of fresh local fish done up in four different ways – crudo (raw Italian style), sugar-cured, vinegar marinated escabeche, and a citrus-cured ceviche. Garnished with citrus oil, chilli, avocado, coriander, spicy cress, micro daikon, and mizuna, the dish was lovely to look at and every style was delectable. also coming in before the mains was a warm duck and chestnut ravioli, paired with island spinach, ragout of tubers, gingered consome gel, and scallion fries. Previously described to me by lead tutor Taa Pera as “a whole variety of beautiful dishes with a lot of island lavours” – her depiction of the menu was evident in the entrees, with worldly items such as the ravioli and escabeche, and local ingredients, some of which were provided by Oasis Hydroponics. After a suficient break which included some pleasant chatter

with the restaurant’s courteous fruit coulis. My partner opted for the and warm service staff – Greta lazaro and Crystal arona – the less complex lemon tart brumain dishes arrived at the table. lee accompanied by a generous Even though I ind it hard to scoop of refreshing, fresh mint refuse Rarotonga’s abundant ice cream. Both desserts were decadent, varieties of ish, I passed on the mahi mahi and opted for the and it’s not as if I’m complainricotta and rukau tarte for my ing, but after two savoury courses, I could barely inish. choice of main. Relecting back on the entire Topped with vine tomatoes poached in local coconut oil meal, it’s deinitely a pleasant and surrounded by citrus in- thought to realise the food was fused mushrooms and salsa cooked by students. “It’s a huge learning curve,” rossa, this vegetarian choice says Swisswas a standout trained tutor for showcasing Topped with vine Phillip Nordt the spectacular tomatoes poached in of his students. quality of the local coconut oil and “when they R o ck ’s f r u i t s surrounded by citrus start, they’re and veggies. infused mushrooms very interested, a char-grilled and salsa rossa, this but then they aged fillet of vegetarian choice was a realise it’s a lot angus was the standout for showcasing of hard work.” second main For the stushared, and satthe spectacular dents that stick isied our inner quality of the Rock’s it out at the hoscarnivore. fruits and veggies. pitality school’s a nice bouCity and Guilds quet of sautéed rocket and grilled mangoes diploma programme in food sopped up a generous helping preparation and culinary arts, of trufled beef jus, and a treas- Nordt says a lucrative job awaits ure of buffalo mozzarella was in many corners of the globe. I feel dining reviews can offound underneath the beef that was cooked rightly to medium ten become horribly clichéd and full of over-bearing adjectives. rare. even if this is the case here, I Of course, desserts were included in the 3 course meal, and believe this article still won’t do I opted for a creamy nougat ice justice to what was phenomenal cream (glace’, as it’s elegantly re- lunch, cooked up and served by ferred to on the menu), topped Rarotonga’s rising stars of the with crunchy nougatine and hospitality biz. - Emmanuel Samoglou surrounded with iced citrus, almond praline, and passion

Swiss-trained tutor Phillip Nordt applies the inal lavour kicks to Kai Reka’s duck leg conit and char-grilled rack of veal. 13101615

Kai Reka’s warm duck and chestnut ravioli, accompanied with island spinach, ragout of tubers, gingered consome’ gel, and scallion fries. 13101617

Server Greta Lazaro preparing to present diners with two of Kai Reka’s dessert oferings. 13101616

A duo of desserts await to be sampled by diner Nicole Adoranti. 13101614


Saturday, OctOber 19, 2013 cook Islands News

New hospitality school on the horizon a New hospitality school and the management of a liquor merchant are two projects on the cards for little Polynesian manager Sam Napa. Since he arrived back in Rarotonga in September 2011 – after

spending several years on vaka voyages across the world – Napa has been building his management empire. Beginning as general manager of little Polynesian Resort and Spa in Titikaveka, he has also taken on the manage-

ment of the Reef Hotel in Rarotonga and Maina Sunset Resort in aitutaki – which is due to be renovated and opened under the Reef Motel brand by the end of the month. Napa is also managing the marketing for

Local chefs Teraitua Cuthers-Boxhoorn (left) and Sam Timoko (right) will help run a hospitality school planned to operate at Little Polynesian Resort – the brain-child of manager Sam Napa (centre). They are pictured following the Paciic Culinary Challenge held in Guam in September, where Timoko and Cuthers-Boxhoorn won two silver medals. 13092634

aitutaki escape. last week saw Napa sign on to manage Cook Islands liquor Merchants ltd, located in arorangi, which will help cut costs in the operations of his resorts. “we’re diversifying. It’s an exciting prospect – we’ll end up supplying our own liquor.” The resort currently buys liquor from both CITC liquor and Bonds liquor Store, but will soon be cutting out the middleman. another project in the mix is the Polynesian Hospitality School, which will offer around

20 young people the chance to attend a two-week course as a “taster” of the industry, before taking up placements in the group of resorts managed by Napa. Once these workers are trained up and certified – which takes six months – Napa’s vision is to act as a recruitment agency, offering skilled labour to other resorts. “we’re trying to create a pool of hospitality workers. People are always complaining about short staff, but no-one’s proactive about it.” The school will be run with the help of intercontinental ho-

Student Teraitua Cuthers–Boxhoorn – bronze medallist at the recent Nestle Toque D’or in NZ – applies the inishing touch to a duck and chestnut ravioli at the Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre’s Kai Reka restaurant earlier this week. 13101619

tel trainer Naomi Uri, consultant and Cook Islands Chef’s association president Sam Timoko and sous chef Teraitua Cuthers-Boxhoorn – who has recently joined the kitchen at little Polynesian. as a recruitment agency, Napa said they will charge a fee of $200 to other resorts who employ people from their pool. The agency will monitor their performance, and if the person does well and stays in the job for three months, the inal charge will be a further $500. at the same time, the recruit will be paid by the employer. “any recruitment agent overseas does it – we just don’t have it here yet,” said Napa of the recruitment fees. another side-project at little Polynesian is an organic garden across the road. The area has recently been cleared in anticipation of planting – with taro to go on low-lying areas and other plants such as kumara, tomatoes and cabbages to be planted on higher land in the section. Though the produce will be used in the kitchen at little Polynesian, Napa said the one-acre section would not be enough to supply the resort’s vegetable demands entirely. Rather, the garden will function as a sightseeing spot for guests, with the resort offering tours of the area. little Polynesian will also be sponsoring the Hula Mania dance competition, due to be held at the National auditorium in december. - BD

True beachside experience at Castaway IT has not been the relaxed island lifestyle that they perhaps imagined, but for owners of Castaway Resort Paul and Michelle ash moving to Rarotonga has been the challenge of a lifetime. The ash’s became the new owners of Castaway Resort in arorangi over a year ago, and since this time have been working hard to add their own look and feel to the resort. “The bones were good,” Paul said of the property, with extensive cosmetic renovation work done both internally and externally on the accommodation and Crusoe’s Restaurant. This included the addition of wilson’s Beach Bar, which now allows for beach side cocktails and dining with fantastic sunset views. “For us it’s about supporting the local environment and local economy,” Michelle said, with the resort employing local staff and using local products. The couple’s hard work has paid off, with Castaway receiving a Trip advisor excellence award for high levels of service, in just six months under their care. It is the personal touch in providing customer service that both Paul and Michelle thrive on. “I get to meet the guests every single morning,” said Paul, who is on morning breakfast duties seven days a week. Owning the resort is a change in lifestyle that

Michelle and Paul Ash have transformed Castaway Resort, including the addition of Wilson’s Beach Bar, during the year it has been under their ownership. 13100917 has taken Paul out of his suit and business meetings as a senior executive and into the shorts and t-shirts of island style living. For Michelle sharing her Cook Islands heritage and culture has been all-important. Michelle’s mother was a Cook Islander, with


Michelle attending school and working in Rarotonga when she was 18 years old. She represented the Cook Islands at the irst Miss South Pacific and also in Miss world, an experience she says was very special for her. “He’s everywhere,” Michelle

says of the god Tangaroa, with his familiar form present in every room and on every table top. a very special collection of art work in Crusoe’s Restaurant, shares the story of Cook Islands legends with guests, as well as being of special significance to

the country. Tereora College students produced the work, ‘a collection of hand prints of legends of the Cook Islands,’ back in 1965, with the British Museum the only other place to also have original copies of the work.

yeS to cloth bags!

Crusoe’s Restaurant is open for dinner seven days a week, with Crusoe’s Bar and wilson’s Beach Bar offering happy hour from 5–6pm daily. Call Michelle and Paul on 21546 for more information or to make your booking. - Rachel Smith


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Tinomana chief in waiting – a servant for her community THeRe IS an open door policy at

Tokerau Munro’s home in Inave and it will remain open long after she is invested with the Vaka Puaikura paramount chief title Tinomana ariki. Munro has been selected by her kopu tangata to be bestowed with the title – an honour the 76year old, who holds the Pakau Mataiapo title, humbly takes in her stride. Family meetings have been a regular event over the past few months in Vaka Puaikura where families have discussed and decided that Munro is the rightful person to hold the title. The title was last held by Ruta ata Hosking, affectionately known as Mama Bear, who passed away at the age of 86 in July this year, after holding the title for 21 years. For Munro, a proud born and raised Puaikura woman, what her family decides is what she will do and on the 21st of November – she will be invested with the Tinomana ariki title at the au Mau Palace grounds in the heart of the Vaka Puikura. Munro vows she will remain the same woman she is now when she receives the traditional chiefs’ title. “I will still be normal,” says Munro when asked what she would do after her investiture. “If people ask me for help I will give it. That’s what I normally do,” adds the humble great grandmother who hails from the Taromi-Tuatata line to the Tinomana ariki title. She means that she will continue to be the communityoriented woman she has always been. Her proile detailing years of voluntary work for the community and the wider Cook Islands community is without a doubt proof of a woman who has been a servant to her family, community and more. Born on July 21, 1937 Munro grew up under Puaikura’s iconic Raemaru peak and attended arorangi Primary School. She also spent time living in Rakahanga with her feeding father Orometua Kairenga. after finishing school, she headed into the workforce as a district nurse for Puaikura. She also trained as an early childhood education teacher and spent some years teaching. after meeting and marrying her late husband alex Munro, the chief in waiting settled down to raise her family. In total the couple had 10 children including one adopted

child. Today she has 25 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Carrying a traditional title is not new to Munro who holds the Pakau Mataiapo title. She says that the same qualities that saw her invested with her Mataiapo title is probably why her Ngati Pakau family selected her to take on the title of Tinomana ariki. Munro is an inluential member of Kauariki Rangi and is a member of the Koutu Nui where she has always spoken her mind and shared her vast experience. In fact, Munro says she has a few proposals to put forward the next time the group of traditional leaders meet including the way in which new members are invested into the group. an issue

“If people ask me for help I will give it. That’s what I normally do.” she will raise at the next Koutu Nui meeting. She is also a leader and role model in the community and for her leadership as a woman – she won the prestigious woman of the year title in 2001. She is also a staunch member of the arorangi CICC church and believes that, “all things are possible when you put God in front of you and follow in his footsteps”. She is an elder of the arorangi congregation, and active member of the arorangi women’s Fellowship (vainetini) and a representative on the Cook Islands women’s Fellowship. Munro has been an active member of the Girl Guides since 1948 and over the years has been president and chief commissioner of the uniformed organisation she still supports today. She is also an advocate for the advancement of women and young girls in the Cook Islands through her role in the Cook Islands National Council of women. In her younger days, Munro was a force to be reckoned with on the netball and tennis courts and remains and staunch supporter of the arorangi Sports association. She was part of the medal ceremony organising committee for the Pacific Mini Games hosted by the Cook Islands in 1985 and 2009. Munro is also one of the coun-

try’s taunga tivaivai – an expert in the art of Cook Islands quilting. Her knowledge of the art of tivaivai has seen her lead a number of tivaivai quilting workshops for Cook Islands women and her home is always open with sewing machines threaded at the ready for any of her friends and family to use – even when she is not at home. “My friends just come in here and help themselves. That’s how it is,” says Munro, who is also a keen gardener. and while she knows she will need to give even more of her time and attention to her community when she receives the Tinomana ariki title – she says that she will always have time for her tivaivai. In fact, she plans to sew a new set of Tivaivai for the Tinomana ariki palace as she will spend time in both her Inave home where she has lived all her married life and the palace for the holder of the Tinomana ariki title. Munro is humble about taking on the paramount chief title and says that she is just accepting the decision made by her kopu tangata as she does not want to see the title fought over in court – another issue she will voice her concerns on the next time the traditional leaders group Koutu Nui sit. “I get on well with my family who decided this for me and I want to work and plan together with the whole kopu tangata,” says Munro, adding that it’s all about the spirit of taokotaianga or togetherness. “I’m used to doing work for the community, the church and whoever needs help and I will keep doing that.” She is also used to people dropping by her home to either inish off their tivaivai or to seek her help where the kettle is always ready to boil and the tea, coffee and biscuits are always on the outside table. as Munro heads inside to gather her tivaivai – her good friend aunty Mata takes the opportunity to talk about her friend, soon to be Tinomana ariki. “She is a woman with a big heart,” says aunty Mata. “She is always working and I love working with her.” and as Munro prepares for the big day on November 21, no doubt she is reciting her other favourite mantra being, “for all difficulties – meet them, greet them and beat them!” - Matariki Wilson

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Taunga tivaivai Tokerau Munro is set to sew a new lot of tivaivai for the Tinomana Ariki palace when she moves in after she receives the paramount chief title of the Vaka Puaikura on November 21. 13101804

Tinomana Ariki chief in waiting Tokerau Munro admires the blooming lowers in her garden – her pride and joy. 13101803


Saturday, OctOber 19, 2013 cook Islands News

Taromi-Tuatata line to the Tinomana Ariki title

76-year old Tokerau Munro, pictured here enjoying her garden at home in Inave, will be invested with the Vaka Puaikura paramount chief title Tinomana Ariki on November 21. Munro currently holds the traditional title of Pakau Mataiapo and here her genealogy through the Taromi-Tuatata line is clearly mapped out. 13101802, 13101802, 13101847, 13101848

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localNewS nuti no roto i te IPUKaRea

Fresh produce quickly claimed at food day PUNaNGa Nui market was well

stocked with fresh produce for world Food day yesterday – but not for long. The Ministry of agriculture’s booth, which had fresh produce, seedlings and agriculture supplies on display, saw the products quickly snapped up by eager buyers. Other growers were also invited to participate, while CITC and Motor Centre had stalls selling agriculture equipment and the Business Trade and Investment Board (BTIB) had cooking demonstrations using local produce. The Mnisitry of Health, Ministry of Marine Resources, arorangi Growers association, Titikaveka Growers association and Titikaveka College also took part in the day. Hospitality students from the Tertiary Training Institute had treats on sale, including banana tarts and seafood fritters. Fresh fruit ice-creams were also whipped up under sunny skies by wayne Mitchell, who can also be found at the night markets in Muri. world Food day is observed annually and globally on October 16, but the event was celebrated in the Cook Islands on Friday October 18 at the market. Organised by the Ministry of agriculture, the event had the theme; ‘Sustainable food systems for food security and nutrition’.

A hungry buyer picks up a seafood fritter from hospitality students from the Tertiary Training Institute. 13101811 The event opened at 10am, with an opening prayer by Pastor Ngatokorua Patia of avarua Cook Islands Christian Church. agriculture secretary Matairangi Purea read a letter from the director-general of the Food and agriculture Organisation (FaO) of the United Nations José Graziano da Silva, before the

occasion was oficially declared open by Minister of agriculture Kiriau Turepu. Graziano de Silva’s message to the world on the day included the need for good food systems to ensure food security. "we cannot improve nutrition without food security and we cannot achieve food security

if we don't have the right food systems.” He said although food systems produce enough food for everyone, more than half of the world's population is affected by either over-consumption or under-consumption. "The economic costs of hunger are striking. They can

amount to as much as 5 per cent of global income through lost productivity and direct health care costs," he said. "The flip side is the huge economic beneits that could result from ending hunger and malnutrition." He said the day is a chance to relect on ways to move forward with the issue of food security.

"world Food day ... is an opportunity to adopt critical tools and solutions that will move us towards a well-nourished, hunger-free world [and] to view hunger and malnutrition as the tragic outcome of unhealthy food systems, food systems in which we all play a part.” - Briar Douglas

gRAduATe CeRTiFiCATe in buSineSS (PROjeCT mAnAgemenT) 2nd Course Ofering AUT UnIVerSITy, School of Business, in conjunction with USP Cook Islands, is seeking Cook Islanders interested in upgrading their project management skills through the Graduate Certiicate in Business focusing on Project Management. This is a professional qualiication so a irst degree is desirable but not essential. If you are involved in project management and/or have practical, professional or educational experience of an appropriate kind you will be actively considered for entry to this program.

Fresh produce was quickly claimed by eager buyers at Punanga Nui market on Friday. 13101812

The certiicate is comprised of four papers, which can also be taken as independent papers. each paper is delivered with six in-class sessions from Wednesday to Wednesday delivered after hours. Students complete assignments to pass the course which will be relevant and related to their professional practice. Students will learn an internationally recognized project management process. The course will be taught by Associate Professor Simon Mowatt of the AUT University School of Business. This is the second of four papers leading to the Graduate Certiicate, however, new students will be accepted. Cost is nZ$990 per course. The second paper will run from 20–27 november, 2013. For an application form and further information, please contact Sheron on 29415 or email ClOSInG dATe FOr APPlICATIOnS IS OCTOBer 31, 2013 Buyers sift through the fresh produce on ofer at the Ministry of Agriculture’s booth at the World Food Day event. 13101817


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Young Cookie to head to Paris a yOUNG Cook Islander will be the Cook Islands at the Paciic travelling to the 8th UNeSCO youth Forum held in Suva, Fiji youth Forum at the end of Oc- – a one-week forum involving youth from all over the Paciic, tober. auckland University of Tech- with an aim to put together nology (aUT) student dan- youth policy for 2010 onwards. He has never been to Paris, iel Fisher, 22, is in Rarotonga spending time with family and but having a photo in front of friends before lying to Paris for the eiffel Tower has been on his the forum that will run from Oc- wish list for some time. Secretary of education tober 29-31. Fisher is studying a Bachelor Sharyn Paio said Fisher’s inof Business majoring in Man- volvement in the forum is an agement and Human Resourc- opportunity to raise the proile es at aUT, and has previously of the Cook Islands as a strong completed a diploma in Project participant in UNeSCO. “we have had a number of Management at auckland University. Prior to university, he at- youth representatives recently tended avatea School, Nukutere attending a range of youth workshops throughCollege and Tereora out the region, and College in Rarotonga. “I know it this is an opportunity Fisher said he was will be a for daniel to represent happy to be selected to challenging us at the highest level represent the Cooks at experience and allow our youth the forum. – and at the voice to be heard in this “I’m very excited for same time forum”. it. I still can’t believe rewarding.” The decisions from that I am going and to the youth conference be a representative for Cook Islands youth… I know it will be fed forward to the genwill be a challenging experience eral conference in November, – and at the same time reward- which will be attended by Minister of education Teina Bishop, ing,” he said. “I have always been an ad- who has been allocated a time vocate for young people in my slot in the same session as the country and didn’t stop just be- USa and Russia to make a genercause I went overseas to study. I al address, and Gail Townsend, helped revive the auckland Uni- the education commissioner for versity Cook Islands Students’ the UNeSCO National Commisassociation to bring it to what sion in the Cooks. The overall theme of the it is today - a proud group of young Cook Islanders studying youth forum is “youth and social inclusion: Civic engagein auckland.” In 2009, Fisher represented ment, dialogue and skills devel-

opment”. Chosen on the basis of a youth online consultation in February with the contribution of 1895 young women and men, the overall theme will focus on the three objectives of the Operational Strategy on youth 2014-2021, namely: Policy

formulation and review with youth participation; capacity development for the transition to adulthood; and Civic engagement, democratic participation and social innovation. For the first time in the forum’s history, its participants will also be invited to select ac-

tion projects among proposals received after a call was issued by UNeSCO from July to august this year, open to young people and youth organisations around the world. announced on October 31 during the closing session of the forum, the 15 action projects

(which will include three per region) will also be presented, along with the strategic recommendations, to representatives of the 195 Member States of UNeSCO during its 37th General Conference. - Briar Douglas

Daniel Fisher during a recent Cook Islands Culture Day in Auckland, where his group Auckland University’s Cook Island Students Association (AUCISA) performed for and hosted graduates. He is pictured with his sister, and vocalist for the group, Pekalani Fisher. 13101717

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kidsPaGe VIRTUES the gifts within

Obedience Tu Kauraro “Children, obey your parents; for it is only right that you should. ‘Honour your father and your mother’ is the first commandment to carry a promise with it: ‘that it may be well with you and that you may live long on the earth.” ephesians, 6:1-2 Obedience is following what is right and playing by the rules. It is listening to what your parents and others in authority have to say and doing it as faithfully as you can. As you grow and mature, obedience means listening to yourself – the place of truth within you that knows what is truly right. The purpose of obedience is to guide you and protect you. When you are obedient, you obey the law even when no one is watching. To be obedient is to be trustworthy. I am practicing obedience when I… • Follow the rules, even when I feel like ignoring them • Keep my agreements without having to be reminded • Do what is right even when no one is watching • Question authority respectfully • If I break a rule or law, accept the consequences – then get a fresh start • Listen to my inner authority. I am obedient. I play by the rules. I have the courage to face a just consequence and make a new start. I do what is right.

Creatures that live in the sea This week on Kid’s Page, Grade Five students from St Joseph’s School share creative writing pieces that they have written about creatures that live in the sea - Te Au Apinga Natura I Roto I Te Ai Roto Ki Te Akau. Onu e onu teia. e noo ana aia ki te moana. e kai ana aia i te remu, ika ririki, ete tupa rikiriki. e maata tona au enemi koia oki ko te manga ete tangata. e matie tona kara. Ngatapuna eliu

ko te mango e te tangata. Victoria Tapu

Tangau e tangau teia e noo ana aia ki roto i te tai roto. e rengarenga e te makara tona kara. e kai ana aia i te ika e te tupa. e maata tona au enemi koia oki ko te iko merikiriki e te mango. Maire Henry

Paua e paua teia.

e noo ana aia ki runga i te akau e te kaoa. e paraoni, kerekere matie tona kora. e karana aia i te remu. e maata tona au enemi koia oki ko te tangata te tupa. akevai Puna

Onu e onu teia. e noo ana aia ki te moana. e matie tona kara. e kai ana aia i te remu. e maata tona au enemi koia oki

ko te manga ete au tangata. Teatuanui George

U’u e u’u teia e noo ana aia i roto i te kaoa. e karakara tona kara. e kai ana aia i te remuremu i runga i te kaoa. e maata tona au enemi koia oki ko te mango ete au tangata. Trina ahau

Onu e onu teia.

e noo ana aia ki te roto i te tai roto. e matie tona kara. e kai ana aia i te ika rikiriki. e maata tona au enemi koia oki ko te manga ete tangata. Maiata Mussell

Onu e onu teia e noo ana aia ki roto i te tai roto. e kai ana aia i te remu. e maata tona au enemi koia oki ko te mango ete au tangata. Kariana Hagai

Paua e paua teia. e noo ana aia ki runga roto i te kaoa. e auika matie tona kara. e kai ana aia i te ika rikiriki ete tupa rikiriki. e maata tona au enemi koia oki ko te tangata ete kaora. avana Hagai

Eke e eke teia. e noo ana aia kit e raro i te raarua. e vareau tona kara. e kai ana aia i te ika. e maata tona au enemi koia oki ko te eke e te mango. Charlene akaruru

U’u e u’u teia. e noo ana aia ki roto i te kaoa. e karakara tona kara. e kai ana aia i te remuremu i runga i te kaoa e pera katoa te kaoa. e maata tona au enemi koia oki

Trina Ahau, Maiata Mussell and Kariana Hagai enjoy their last day of term at St Joseph’s School. 13100901


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Nane launches Tropicool Aitutaki shares with visitors to aitutaki. “Because I have lived in aiproud of her recently released Cd ‘Tropicool aitutaki – Nane’. tutaki for over 42 years now, I The irst place you are likely feel privileged and honoured to to see Nane is at the aitutaki have come up with this Cd of airport with an armful of ei and the history of aitutaki and the her big welcoming smile – she Cook Islands. I thank the late greets visitors and transfers Papa Solomona Tetevano, the them to their accommodation in late Tuakeu Puna, and the late her Tropicool Tours & Transfers Papa Tepaki Mokotupu who have inspired me and imparted van every day. Nane says the idea for the Cd their knowledge and the history of aitutaki.” came about when Now her tour is Sean willis – who “Most of the available on Cd – produced the C d songs on my Cd which she currently through his comare about love sells for $20 from pany ‘Undercover and are heartfelt her van. agents’ – suggested numbers which Nane is workthat she have a reI’ve sung and ing on having the cording made of her presented to the album more widely circle island tour. tourists on my available, so keep an “He sent George Moeka’a to aitutaki circle island tour.” eye out for Tropicool aitutaki! to do the recording, Featured on Nane’s album and in the end they both believed that the Tropicool Tour are legends, stories and songs could make a cool Cd,” she says. including ‘Fly air Raro’, ‘The Nane went back to her home Story of Ru’ and ‘The dog Story’. “I think my cultural talent island of Mauke to officially launch the album on Septem- is from my dear dad, the late Tangi Tearikiou Purea. He was ber 20. “My encouragement for this a taunga and tumu korero from Cd was my friendly interactions the island of Mauke, where he and loving relationships with and my dear mother, the late my family and friends – and my Chloe Itirangi Purea raised me.” Purea has dedicated the Cd work taking tourists around on to her father. my circle island tour.” “He would have been exNane truly loves what she does – her contagious enthusi- tremely proud of my achieveasm for life is intricately woven ment if he was still with us tointo the stories and music she day,” she said. aITUTaKI’S Nane Purea is

Nane Purea launched her CD ‘Tropicool Aitutaki –Nane’ last month in Mauke, but she is proud to be able to promote Aitutaki every day with her bubbly personality, trademark smile, and music from the heart. 13101819 “Most of the songs on my Cd are about love and are heartfelt numbers which I’ve sung and presented to the tourists on my circle island tour – with the aim that when they return to their home countries they will take back with them fond memo-

ries of aitutaki and the Cook Islands.” Track number 13 ‘Te Tangi e Te Mii’ is one of Nane’s favourite songs. “This song was composed by my father during the Kimiangatau Mauke CICC Nuku in 1965 and was sung by the late daniel Snowball. The story was from the Bible in the book of Ruth Chapter 1. It was about Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth. I was 12 years old at the time and learning culture, singing, dancing and how to play the ukulele–my father was a very good teacher.” among the top requested songs by visitors to the island, is Nane’s rendition of ‘Red Sails

in the Sunset’. One of her father’s favourite songs ‘I Raro I Te Tumu Nu’ also features on the album (Track 11). “My father taught me this song and it was also his favourite because two of my sisters – Ritia and Margaret Mina – were born in the ‘coconut grove’ in Mauke. My father always joked to me about them being born there and that they were both beautiful, but not tall like coconut trees!” she says with a hearty laugh. Nane extends her thanks to Sean willis and George Moeka’a for “sharing my love of music and making this Cd possible”. “To my dear children James

and Chloe Herman and family, my brothers and sisters, and families: thank you so much for your love and support. To my tourist friends, thank you for all the special moments we have shared together. Come back soon and visit us in Tropicool aitutaki and the Cook Islands.” Nane has also recently been inspired by The Virtues Project to share the virtues with her passengers – which will go hand in hand with the authentic aitutaki hospitality she offers. For more information on the Cd and Nane’s Tropicool Tours call 31248 or email nane-chloe@ - Helen Greig

The WeekEnd Crossword Aunty Nane shares the history of Aitutaki and the Cook Islands on her album which is a recording of her circle island tour. 13101831


On Saturday evening join us for our FAbulOuS

island night with

Superb Feast

dining 7 - 8.30pm Show starts 8.30pm


a t entert nd nigh


a m a r O isla

featuring delicious local food Tuesday island night features Ta’akoka te llla

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edgewater Resort

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Complimentar y Transfers provided from any where on the island.

1. Rarotongan animal refuge (6,5) 5. Regret (3) 8. Skilful (6) 10. Plugs (8) 11. NZ beer (3) 13. Popular Sunday brunch spot, _ Cafe (9) 14. Discernment (4) 16. Inclement conditions (3,7) 19. Peculiarities (8) 21. Extremely angry (5) 23. Type of ish (4) 25. Mongoose HQ, _ Bar (6) 26. Saturday morning market, _ Nui (7) 27. Foursome (7)


1. Rarotongan animal refuge (6,5) 5. Regret (3) 8. Skilful (6) 10. Plugs (8) 11. NZ beer (3) 13. Popular Sunday brunch spot, _

anSwerS On page 17

Cafe (9) 14. Discernment (4) 16. Inclement conditions (3,7) 19. Peculiarities (8) 21. Extremely angry (5) 23. Type of ish (4)

25. Mongoose HQ, _ Bar (6) 26. Saturday morning market, _ Nui (7) 27. Foursome (7)

* Maori-english: english-Maori


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classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303



Bowls Cook Islands AGM Date: 29 October 2013 Venue: Rarotonga Bowling Club Time: 5pm Agenda: 1. Opening prayer 2. Apologies 3. Presentation of previous AGM minutes 4. Matters arising from previous AGM minutes. 5. President’s Report 6. Treasurer’s Report 7. Election of all Oice Bearers 6. Other Matters 7. Closing prayer *Nomination forms are available Meitaki Maata Secretary General.

SAMOAN COMMUNITY NOTICE FAREWELL TO’ONA’I for Michelle Lemisio, Wendy & Lagisi Tuila’epa and Family. WHEN: Sunday 27 October 2013 WHERE: Tamarii and Va’aipu Tutangata’s Residence Matavera. TIME 12PM Bring To’ona’i, and share with our Members who are leaving us and everyone. For further enquiries please contact: Mousie Skews on Mob: #70602 or Va’aipu Tutangata on Mob: #57179 Fa’afetai Tele Lava. 74323 /34439 /2048

73788 /35091 /1855


RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.



The Virtues Project Workshops for teachers, parents & caregivers, social service volunteers, public & private sector Be inspired, upskill Your opportunity to learn efective character building skills & how to incorporate these tools in your daily life at work, at home & in your community. TUESDAY 5 and WEDNESDAY 6 NOVEMBER SATURDAY 2 and SATURDAY 9 NOVEMBER at Leadership House, Tupapa 9am-3pm To register please contact Virtues Cook Islands Inc at 55288 or email virtuescookislands@ Also we have just received a further supply of Virtues cards & books.

BLT’S $10 Crumbed ish lettuce tomato in turkish $12.50, Best Cofees. DELILICIOUS CAFE MURI OPEN Sunday 8-3pm.

PUBLIC NOTICES Niue Community and Friends The Niue High Commissioner to New Zealand and her party of 14 adults (mainly women) will be arriving on Sunday afternoon 20 October together with the New Zealand Governor General. Also present on Rarotonga on this date is the Niue Minister for Women Afairs with her delegation of 4 women to attend the Regional Conference on Women Afairs. I humbly request for the Niue Community and friends that we will be hosting our Niue visitors as follows. All the “kaikai” will be held at the Rakahanga Hostel (where some of them will be staying) at 6 pm each evening. Sunday 20 October will be by Teauotonga; Monday 21 October by Takitumu and Puaikura, Tuesday 22 October by everyone. Te Atua te aroa, fakaue lahi. John Tangi Chairman.

74466 / /2373

74398 /34472 /1931


74324 /34530 /2275

Avarua PTA meeting Just a remainder to all Avarua school PTA committee our meeting will be held on Tuesday 22 October 2013 at 5pm Avarua school. Meitaki Maata. 74460 /34536 /2548

SERVICES Get your exam, glasses or sunglasses from ANNIE and help support FREE exam and FREE glasses for children. ONLY available at THE EYE PLACE, Cooks Corner opp. CIPS. 74159 /34463 /2656

Self Storage Raro (bold) U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage. Phone 22188 or 26189. Email beach@moanasands. 73692 /35140 /1744

Parent/student/teacher interviews Thursday October 24 1.30-5pm


FOR SALE BY TENDER AT TE APONGA UIRA MAIN OFFICE AT TUTAKIMOA • Yamaha Farm Bike AG100 Year 2010 • New Truck Tyres All interested parties should forward a tender document in by close of of 3.30pm Tuesday 22 October 2013. The highest or any other tender prices is not necessarily accepted. For further information or an inspection appointment contact Marlene Cuthers on 20054, between 8.30am and 3.30pm Monday 14 to Tuesday 22 October 2013. 74377 / /1823

For the sake of your family

GET HELP Call AA - 71744


Anau teachers invite parents/caregivers and students to attend a personal interview to discuss: • NCEA progress and credits (seniors) in all subjects • Academic progress (juniors)in all subjects • Goals and action plans so far this year, and for the rest of the year (all students) Anau teachers will be able to provide you with detailed assessment data about your child Meetings will last 10-15 minutes Anau teachers will make arrangements if interview times are required It is important that parents/caregivers and their child attend this meeting together Meitaki Maata 74465

Open for Tender - Aquarius Hotel 13 spacious rooms: 3,300 sq m waterfront 32 year lease period remaining Restaurant, Bar, Lounge, Pool, oices. Tenders should be communicated in sealed envelope to CIre Tenders PO Box 3157 Avarua by 14 nov 2013 More info Ph /TXT: Peter 55289 - Carey 55678 74359


Matavera:2 bedroom, 20 year old, lockwood style home which has been extensively renovated and used as a rental accommodation 43 yr lease 2000 sq m $245,000.00 Titikaveka:Immaculate two bedroom villa - 50 year lease - All furniture and chattels included. Available for sale to Cook Islanders or qualifying Cook Islands residents .. $345,000 Nikao: three bedrooms 2 bathrooms, oice, study, 2 car garage, large water storage tank and huge section of land. 49 yr lease $328,000 Phone TXT Carey 55678 / Peter 55289 Visit: 74469

PRICE ORDER 12/2013 PURSUANT to the Control of Prices Act 1966 and the powers delegated to me as provided under section 30 of the said Act, I hereby make the following Order: 1. This Order is cited as Price Order 12/2013 and shall come into efect on the 18th day of October 2013 for TOA PETROLEUM LTD. 2. Maximum selling prices for fuel imported into the Cook Islands shall be at a rate speciied in the schedule below except the island of Aitutaki. 3. For the Outer Islands, prices established have been reviewed and updated to include freight, wharfage, boating, reeing, drum/container cost, evaporation and cartage costs. 4. Value Added Tax is included in the prices herein set. Import levy is exempt for Outer Islands excluding Aitutaki as per exemption Order 03/09/2010. 5. All previous references in any Price Order as to the selling prices listed in this Order are hereby revoked upon efective dates above. 6. The prices herein set are the maximum charged although less may be charged if so desired. Given under our hand this 16th day of October 2013. Brian Terrence, Hagan Chairman of the Price Tribunal Tatiana Burn, Member of the Price Tribunal.


PRICE ORDER 13/2013 PURSUANT to the Control of Prices Act 1966 and the powers delegated to me as provided under section 30 of the said Act, I hereby make the following Order: 1. This Order is Cited as Price Order 13/2013 and shall come into efect on the 18th day of October 2013 for TOA PETROLEUM 2. Maximum prices for lPG imported into the Cook Islands shall be at a rate speciied in the schedule below. 3. Value Added Tax is included in the prices herein set. 4. The prices herein set are the maximum that may be charged although less may be charged if so desired. 5. Maximum retail prices as per price order 06/2013 are not part of this application and remain unchanged.. Given under our hand this 16th day of October 2013. Brian Terrence, Hagan Chairman of the Price Tribunal Tatiana Burn, Member of the Price Tribunal.



LPG per kg



LPG 9kg 20LB





WHOLESALE TO Retailers/ Bulk Users












Southern Northern Group Group


October 18, 2013

LPG 13kg 30LB




October 18, 2013

Applications are invited from qualiied, motivated and experienced teachers and curriculum advisors for the following positions to start in January 2014: Tereora College (5 positions) 1. Head of Faculty Mathematics 2. Computing Teacher 3. english Teacher 4. Social Science (with History to level 3) 5. Science (with Biology to level 3) Visit website for information about the school. Ministry of Education (1 position) learning & Teaching Curriculum Advisor (with Science and ICT) Applications close on Friday 25 October, 2013 at 3.00pm. An application pack and detailed information is available from the Ministry or the website at: Send completed application forms with CV and references to: director HrM division Ministry of education PO Box 97 rarotonga Cook Islands Ph (682) 29357, fax (682) 28357 or email vacancy@ 74309


Saturday, OctOber 19, 2013 cook Islands News





1 bedroom cottage furnished, suitable for single person. Very Quiet area, Atupa. Responsible long term tenants required. Phone Glenise 22411.

Monster Garage Sale Everything from clothing to building supplies and a whole lot of past treasures. You have to be there to enjoy the bargains! From 7am Saturday 19 October At Swords Residence, Takuvaine Valley - Phone 55657.

Catholic Education Trust Board. The Catholic Education Trust Board is seeking further applicants to the two previously advertised vacancies to ill at St. Joseph’s Primary School for commencement in January 2014. Those who have applied need not reapply as your applications are still in the selection process. Position 1. Principal St. Joseph’s School, a private Catholic primary school (ECE - G6), invites applications for the position of Principal. Preferred applicants will demonstrate the appropriate skills, qualiications and experience, have good relationships with the community, local knowledge and contacts, will be able to work with Boards and PTA. Should be in good standing with the catholic church and understand the catholic character of St. Joseph’s School with its associated values. Position 2. Computer Teacher Expected to teach IT classes at all levels. Application and CV for both positions are to be sent to: Chairman of Catholic Education Trust P.O. Box 147 Avarua. Applications for both positions closes on Wednesday 30 October at 5pm. (Bishop Paul Donoghue Chairman of Catholic Education Trust Board).

Waiting & Bar position now available at Manuia Beach Resort. We’re looking for someone with customer service experience, a passion for people and someone who can help us ensure our guests get the best Polynesian hospitality. Nights & weekends a must. Great pay, very friendly and fun team. Call Alex on 54104 or email CV to

74470 /34481 /1931

Studio apartment. Fully furnished, washing machine, microwave, TV etc. Screened (insect and security), Nikao Beach area. Broadband connection available. $180 per week. Contact 22483. 74467 / /2053

Shekinah Homes 2 bedrooms - Upper Tupapa Ideal for visiting friends and families $70 per night. 1 bedroom fully furnished Arorangi $200 a week - long or short term. Oices: Afordable oice space close to town Phone : Helen 55717/Ura 50137 or email 74457 / /1935

Studio lat, avana/Muri, spacious, great views, self contained, resonable rent, will consider short term and Prefer single person private and safe. Call Sam 74568. 74419 /34496 /1931

Spacious 1 bedroom fully furnished house in Panama. 2 minutes to town. Grounds maintained call 55250 to view. 74374 /34456 /1931

Long term tenants. Houseproud, bond, 2 weeks advance rent. 3 bedroom, partly furnished, Maraerenga Inland. Phone 50975. 74437 /34511 /2219

1 room, share house, $70 per week + bond, Room suitable for 1 person. Phone 78151. 74477 /34105 /1931

FOR SALE Solar Pannels $374 each Solar inverter $1,135 each for more information contact 20527 or 55796. 74316 /344353 /1931

New Shipment of Quality New & Used Furniture just arrived at The Furniture Centre. 74418 / /1986

Lounge suite,3 pieces, black leather look as new. $1500. Step ladder, folding new $240. Phone 26662. 74434 /34508 /1931

Computer for sale 12 GHz, 2GB Ram, 500GB Hard Drive, Screen etc, $500. York Gym Set-All in one combo set, home gym, only $600. Black Mags 18inch, some tyres need replacing $300. Phone 77050. 74447 /34522 /1931

2x brown sliding door 2000h x 2400w, $1500 each. Phone 54444. 74480 /34542 /1931


Black Mitsubishi Outlander, Automatic, Great condition, all wheel drive, Solid tidy wagon ideal for all needs, $10,900. Phone 55369. 74479 / /1931

AuTisM Cook islands PH 24065/55976 aNSweRS to crossword on page 15

74415 / /2107

Saturday & Tuesday Christening gowns, personal efects & household goods, Atupa. Phone 56365. 74475 /34540 /1931

Everything Must Go! Queen & single beds + linen, gas stove, bar fridge, microwave, tons of kitchenware, blender, 2x juicers, work station & home computer + surround speakers, bedside cabinets. Make us an ofer! Look for balloons @ Cooks Busses Driveway opposite Vanwils, back Rd Nikao. Saturday/Sunday, 9am - 4pm. Phone/text 51580. 74471 /34537 /1931

SITUATIONS VACANT Groundsman required for part time work. Flexible times. For further info phone Noovai on 25676. 74358 / /1645

Island Craft Ltd We require an in house Computer Technician. Please email your CV to 74481 /34543 /1884

74474 / /2210

Trainee sales manager, suit a mature adult with retail experience. Single page CV required. Please forward to lukeb@oyster.

Builders labourer/hammerhand. Experience preferred honest, reliable & sober habits. Phone 70489.

74215 /34483 /2037

74476 /34541 /2061

Sous Chef Wanted Sous Chef or experienced cook (min 2 years preferred) required for our busy little cafe. Must have strong leadership qualities with the ability to work well as a team. Must be organised, punctual and hardworking. Come and join our great team at the Koru Cafe, Aitutaki. Accommodation available. Please forward your CV and covering letter to or apply in person at the Koru Cafe, Aitutaki.

Front of House Staf wanted Experienced Front of House staf required. Must have a great smile, good communication skills and be customer focused. Come and join our great team at the Koru Cafe, Aitutaki. Accommodation available. Please forward your CV and covering letter to or apply in person at the Koru Cafe, Aitutaki. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

74389 / /1931

74388 / /1931


director of paciic division The Ministry of Foreign Afairs and Immigration (MFAI) is seeking a person to lead the Paciic Division. The director will be responsible to the Secretary of (MFAI). The director is responsible for managing the Cook Islands efective participation in the activities of regional organisations including; Paciic Islands Forum Secretariat, Secretariat of the Paciic Community, South Paciic Regional Environmental Programme, Forum Fisheries Agency and the Western and Central Paciic Fisheries Commission. Other important functions include managing Government’s relations with the countries and territories in the Paciic region, including both Australia and New Zealand, as well as coordinating and facilitating both bilateral and multilateral assistance. The director will also be a member of the Management Team and would therefore be expected to contribute positively to the overall performance of the Ministry. The successful applicant should also possess strong management and leadership skills, excellent communication skills both written and spoken, the ability to observe diplomatic procedures, be a team player and have the ability to build capacity of staf. For full job description please contact: Nga Kamana on Ph 29-347 or email: Please send a covering letter and CV to: The Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Afairs & Immigration. P O Box 105, Avarua or the email above. Applications close: 30 October 2013 at 4pm. 74440

74183 / /1798

blue paciic Foods has 2 kitchen hand positions available for immediate start. Must be able to work 6days a week and have sober habits. Please contact Junior phone 27460.


OFFICE ASSISTANT An opportunity at Tereora College has arisen for an Oice Assistant to provide a professional service. Applications close on Friday 1 November, 2013 at 3pm. Application packs are available from the Ministry and the website at: . Send your cover letter with CV and references to: Director Human Resources Management Ministry of education P O Box 97, rarotonga Cook Islands Ph (682) 29357, fax (682) 28357 or email vacancy 74464/74463

74478 / /2202

WANTED TO BUy WANT TO BUY AUTOMATIC CAR CASH $1000. PHONE 74850. 74449 /34524 /1931

WANTED TO LEASE Seeking to lease land in Arorangi. Must be beachfront location. Please contact 20819 74393 / /1931

BEREAVEMENT I regret to announce the passing away of my beloved husband Neville Slater who passed away peacefully in his sleep at his son’s home on the 18th October, Auckland New Zealand, Neville will be cremated. May he rest in Peace. Love from Mata and families.


Junior Lawyer The Crown Law Oice, Rarotonga is seeking to employ a Junior Crown Counsel. The position will suit a graduate or lawyer with up to 18 months PQE and excellent research and drafting skills. The work is varied and across a broad range of legal issues involving the Crown. This is an opportunity to provide legal support to Government that is challenging and with plenty of potential to develop. expressions of interest together with a full CV are to be provided by 8 november 2013 to dorothy Ivaiti, Crown Law Oice in an envelope marked “Junior Lawyer Vacancy”, P O Box 494, Avarua, rarotonga, Cook Islands or by email to 74435


Acknowledgement & Appreciation


e, the children of

Teara Rangatira, mr Henry Keta brown

meitaki maata to joseph vakatini Ariki and your ui Rangatira, member of Parliament for Tupapa george Angene, Orometua Patia of Avarua Cook islands Christian Church and your Congregation, Takuvaine Sports Club and Association, Queens Representative Honorable Tom marsters and mrs marsters, Prime minister Henry Puna and mrs Puna and all our Cabinet ministers and members of Parliament. A special meitaki maata to Pastor john Tangi for your support. Thank you to dr Aung, dr deacon and the wonderful medical team at the Rarotonga Hospital, Charles muriwai, Steven & Tina matapo, T&m Heather, liz and jojo Heather, Avarua bakery, Papa jake & mama Kate numanga, neil and ena dance, mama Tutu Koteka, Sonny Williams and your team, Kathy brown, Tony macquarie, Teariki & Rangi Purua, Aunty Tereau Simmons, Agnes & Tony Armstrong, Taoro & Rose brown, uncle Kevin & Francis Cook, Hinano & Terito macquarie, Oki Apera, june Simiona, justine Cook, noo and Sue baker, Shirley napa, Tehauarii and Heidirose, all our Taripo cousins including bob, Piann, Kurai, and Pam Taea for the lovely bouquets and to the many more we have failed to mention, meitaki maata to you all. A special thank you to our Aunty Kanny and our cousin Sebon for your love and support during dad’s inal week, we love you from the bottom of our hearts. meitaki maata to everyone who came home to comfort and support us in our time of need, and thank you to all of you who donated money, lowers, and food. meitaki maata and god bless you All. From his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and his brother and sisters.

john 3:16 For god so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.


Saturday, OctOber 19, 2013 cook Islands News

Threads that link Paciic artists

THe INTeRNeT provided the

link for a group of Paciic-based women artists, whose work will be displayed at The art Studio next week. linked Threads is an exhibition of textile pieces from Cook Islands and New Zealand artists, all of whom are members of the link 13 group. “I’m excited to have these guest artists from New Zealand,” said Kay George, a member of link 13 and host of their first group exhibition. “It’s always interesting to have a collaboration

with artists from overseas, and it inspires us to produce works away from the tourist market.” The link 13 group came about after an invitation on linkedin to attend an exhibition in the Northern Hemisphere, left some of those invited lamenting that they would be unable to attend. The group of seventeen was formed with the idea to stage their own exhibition on this side of the world and to invite the rest of the world to attend. The resulting exhibition, linked Threads, was organised using the


Wow mum you’re And beautiful as ever. you know there has to be a little party (hehe) We gonna sing you your birthday song yip all nite long There’s no were to hide We’ll all be there your kids and moko’s, yip! The full family fare So to kick things of,A HAPPy HAPPy biRTHdAy in a real grand way endless love to our mum Were just so happy to wish you


Facebook page through which the group communicate. “It will be an exhibition of high standard international textile art, which we hope to repeat in New Zealand,” say the group. Those exhibiting include the familiar faces of George, Krick Barraud, Kanoe aquino and andrea eimke, who is the exhibition’s curator, as well as New Zealand artists Christine Behersing, Patricia downie, Jenny Hill, Mayhla Howells, Viviane Vagt, and Merrilyn George. each artist was required to produce one main piece with two related smaller pieces – all of which needed to it into a suitcase for ease of transportation. a stunning healing cloak ‘te korowai rongoa’ and two medicine bags ‘te kete rongoa’ made by Merrilyn George are just three of the fantastic art works which will be on show. “This is a continuation of my body of work about the diminutive French woman, Suzanne aubert, who became a larger than life force within New Zealand by her care for the poor and Maori, her medicines/rongoa, and the founding of the order daughters of Our lady of Compassion in 1892, and which has spread through the Paciic,” George says of her work. linked Threads can be viewed at Kay and Ian George’s gallery in arorangi, The art Studio, from Monday 21 October until Friday 9 November, during weekdays -RS from 10am to 5pm.

Kay George models a stunning healing cloak made by New Zealand artist Merrilyn George, who is just one of the women included in the Linked Threads exhibition at The Art Studio in Arorangi. 13100912

SPeC iA l S! AvAilAble Till WedneSdAy 23 OCTObeR



CHilled beeF RumP STeAK SliCed




iAl PeC


TRAy eggS


d uCe ReTdO CleAR

POnSOnby PieS 235g


$13.90kg in neW

lAmb CHOPS10Kg


$3.90pkt gR SAn eAT FO R dW iCH eS

COlby CHeeSe SliCeS 200g

SmOKed CHiCKen ROllS




CHARlieS juiCeSCRHinKS FOR OO l WiTH WATeR 200ml



Red gRAPeS







OPening HOuRS

mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on ST jOSePH Rd, AvARuA. Ph 22259.

Fresh vegies muSHROOmS,CeleRy,PARSniPS, in STORe: CAuliFlOWeR, Red&yellOW CAPSiCum


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Flight Times | Voyage details FROM


International Flights

SaTuRDay OCTOBER 19 vA163/162 AKL 11.50PM Nz748/749 AKL 12.25AM Nz60/47 SYD 6.05AM Nz18 AKL 10.35PM vT33 PPT 2.50PM Sunday october 20 vA163/162 AKL 11.50PM Nz46/45 AKL 4.15PM Nz748/749 AKL 12.25AM Monday october 21 vA163/162 AKL 11.50PM Nz19 LAX 6.05AM




12.45AM 1.25AM 7.15AM 11.59PM 3.50PM


12.45AM 5.30PM 1.25AM


12.45AM 7.15AM

RARO TO ARR Saturday october 19 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 1100 ATIU 1145 Sunday october 20

air Rarotonga


1230 1730




1320 1820




0910 1140 1640 1910 1205


1000 1230 1730 2000 1250

1340 1840


1420 1930



text us on

or call us at Cook Islands News



Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Friday’s puzzle

HÄgAR the Horrible

by lee Falk & Sy barry





Rarotonga Saturday, October 19, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Saturday

SaT High 9.53AM 0.89M 10.07PM 0.95M


0.7m e

1.9m S

Low 3.44AM 0.21M 4.02PM 0.26M


Sun High 10.35AM 0.89M 10.46PM 0.95M



4.27AM 0.20M 4.44PM 0.25M


Sun, Moon & arapo

sE 18kts new Moon nOv 3 12.50AM

First Quarter nOv 10 5.58AM

Full Moon Oct 18 11.38PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter Oct 26 11.41PM


arapo - Marangi sat 19

1.9m S

TAUTAI (Fishing)

tanu (Planting) Tanu i te mereni. Plant melons.

Po ika no te oonu. Akarava. Night ish in lagoon. Set net.

Humidity SaT

by dik browne



Situation: A trough of low pressure lies slow moving over Southern Cooks. An active trough of low pressure remains slow moving over northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Moderate southeast winds.Occasional showers north of rarotonga, brief showers elsewhere. For Rarotonga: Occasional showers. Further outlook: Some showers. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional rain, heavy at times and few squally thunderstorms over most places.Moderate northerly winds, fresh at times. Moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: Some showers.



Answer to Friday’s puzzle

Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga



Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Weather Forecast to Midnight






Front Key:




1.8m S


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Saturday, October 19, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.





Sun rise


Sun Set 6.44PM

Moon rise 6.52PM Moon Set 6.34AM Sun rise


Sun Set 6.44PM

Moon rise 7.47PM Moon Set 7.19AM


28° sE 18kts


28° sE 18kts


28° sE 18kts



28° sE 18kts

26° N 05kts


28° sE 18kts


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Corporate 7s at Muri —TODAY, 2PM START



Tupapa triumphs over Pago Youth TU Pa Pa Maraerenga have

claimed their second win against american Samoa’s Pago youth in fashionable style at the Pago Park Soccer Stadium in Pago Pago, american Samoa on Thursday afternoon providing plenty of excitement for the local crowd. Tupapa were clearly shocked to find themselves one goal down especially so early on in the match. It took a goal from Byron Paulus to bring Tupapa in line 17 minutes into the game and despite their best efforts it wasn’t until the last minute of the irst half when they managed to take the lead through a Campbell Best strike. After the break Tupapa inally started to find their feet and a penalty in the 50th minute of the match was converted by Geoffrey Strickland before Sam Margetts got the irst of his four goals of the afternoon ive minutes later.

It was at the hour mark when Ryan Samuelu received two quick yellows that resulted in a second penalty for Tupapa, inished by Margetts, and a red card for Samuelu. a man down against a side gunning for victory the match started to slip further and further from Pago’s reach. Ruben Luvu was then sent from the ield of play following a second caution and Tupapa made full use of their man advantage. Margetts scored two more ine goals while Rhys Ruka, Branden Turepu and Grover Harmon all added their names to the list of scorers, taking the match to 11-1. Victorious coach delaney yaqona says his side got what they came for in the end, but it wasn’t easy. “It was an ugly game but the win’s the win, it’s what we needed, we got the goals that we needed,” he says.

“I think it was a bit of fatigue – I think a lot of people can’t see how much it takes out of the players playing in heat like this. They had a real slow start, yes it was uncharacteristic, but like I said to our captain, it can happen to anyone. It was just a missed pass and someone scores. “I’m proud of the boys for digging in and finally getting the goals in the end.” For defeated Pago youth coach ailao Tualaulelei it was an incredibly disappointing afternoon for him and his side. The deciding and inal match of the Oceania Club Preliminary tournament will take place today at 4pm against the champion club of Samoa, Kiwi FC. These two teams are on six points each and the winner of this match will qualify for the OFC Champions league in 2014. - CIFa Media

Avatiu to host Nikao Sokattak

THe aVaTIU Football Club is set to welcome Nikao Sokattak onto their infamous home turf known to many as the ‘swamp’ as they will be desperate to win in today’s lotto Premiership men’s football match scheduled to kick off at 4pm. although a young team, avatiu will need to play their own game and put away any chances they get and to make sure to stay watchful on the counter attack and in defending those free kicks. For sure Sokattak will be looking to build on last week’s performance against Puaikura and bring some more structure and cohesion with mid ield duo Steve Cuthers and Jonathon Rowe while in defence Stephen willis and Irangi Mauri will be moving things forward. The senior women’s championship will see strong contend-

ers Sokattak play to win when they meet with avatiu prior to the premier men’s match. Sokattak’s striking duo of Tepaeru Toka and Teiti Tupuna will no doubt cause problems for avatiu’s defence. No doubt Sokattak and avatiu will take any goal scoring opportunities. Home ground advantage for avatiu should shake things up for their opponents and they should be in for an interesting game. Victoria Park will see home team Tupapa Maraerenga take on Takuvaine in the other games for today. The under 14 girls will commence today’s football programme at both venues at 1pm followed by the under 14 boys - CIFa Media at 1.45pm.

Draw and referee appointment for today at the Nikao

ield: avatiu vs Nikao Sokattak – 1pm under 14 girls, ref-Robert Savage assisted by Morgan wichman & Bobby aerenga 1.45pm under 14 boys , ref-lai gukisuva assisted by morgan Wichman & bobby Aerenga 2.30pm senior women, ref-mike mouauri assisted by brayden Kavana & Kura Smith 4pm premier men, ref-john Pareanga assistant refs: Robert Savage & noel mani.

Draw and referee appointment for today at Victoria Park: Takuvaine vs Tupapa Maraerenga – 1pm under 14 girls, ref: Mata Iroa assisted by Tamatoa Tangimetua & Vaka Nootai, 1.45pm under 14 boys, ref-eiau Tangapiri assisted by edwina Matenga & Tamatoa Tangimetua, 2.30pm senior women, ref-Mata Iroa assisted by edwina Matenga & eiau Tangapiri.

Full on cricket IF THe rain stays away – it will be a busy day of cricket on Rarotonga. The current season is in round three of the round robin competition. In The Computer Man men’s 3rd round of games – Turangi hosts Tupapa2, davana head to Matavera, Tupapa play Takuvaine at the Happy Valley, Nikao go west to meet arorangi and Titikaveka will host Muri. In The edgewater Resort and Spa women’s round robin games today – Turangi hosts Te ava Rau, avana head to Matavera, Takuvaine will host Tupapa and Nikao will play arorangi at Raemaru Park. - MW

Avatiu’s Repaio Jones tussles for the ball against Sokattak’s Stephen Willis during their irst outing earlier in the season and the two clubs are set to take each other on again this afternoon at the Avatiu ield. 13101821

One of Tupapa’s goal scorers Geofrey Strickland in action at the OFC Champions Club Preliminary tournament in American Samoa. PHOTO OFC.

A league dream come true Cook Islands News general manager Tony Fe’ao is a huge rugby league fan and although of Tongan/Niuean descent – Fe’ao, who has lived in Rarotonga for almost 9 years is as proud of the Cooks league team as much as the next Cook Islander. He believes the Cooks have a real chance of meeting Australia in the quarter inals provided they beat Wales and USA in their pool competition. Of course he will have divided loyalty when the Cooks take on Tonga. Here, Fe’ao shares his perspective on the Cooks journey to the World Cup and this weekend’s warm up match against the Kiwis. TwO yeaRS ago a group of young Cook Islands men set their sights on playing the world champion New Zealand rugby league team in the home of their forefathers. They represented a tiny nation who had recently knocked over the Fijian and Samoan teams laden with stars based in australia and the UK at the 2011 Paciic Cup. One more win and the surprise package Cook Islands Rugby league team would have joined australia, New Zealand and Great Britain in the prestigious 2011 four nations tournament. The Kukis were rewarded for their breakout performance with a spot in the 2013 Rugby league world Cup and a one-off test match against the Kiwi Rugby league team in Rarotonga. For those of us living on Rarotonga, the news that the Kiwis were coming to play our boys seemed surreal. The idea of having the likes of Benji Marshall, Manu Vatuvei, Kevin locke and Isaac luke playing at the BCI Stadium was almost too good to be true. T-shirts were made, flights were booked and advertising campaigns generated excitement and hype that ultimately ended in huge disappointment all round. The Kiwis had pulled out at the last minute after 29 frontline players were unavailable

due to injury or commitment to the 2011 NRL grand inal. On Monday morning, the dream of these young men to test themselves against the mighty Kiwis will come to fruition. The core of that 2011 Kuki squad still remains and will run

out onto the ield on Monday at Keepmoat Stadium in doncaster, england. This will serve as a warm up match for both teams leading up to the 2013 Rugby league world Cup. The setting is not their home island nor will the weather be anything close to our tropical climate. However, their jerseys will bear their country’s name and their hearts will be beating with pride, like the drums of the beautiful and proud people of the Cook Islands, home of their forefathers. The game will be played in england on Monday morning at 3.45am Cook Islands time. - Go Hard Cooks!

Zane Tetevano will get his chance to live his dream of playing the Kiwis this Monday in Doncaster. 13101850

Saturday 19 October  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Saturday, October 19, 2013