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Planning key to boost agriculture product over a large area. “Spread your production as wide as you can,” he says. import substitution–a long standing policy goal to replace imports with locally sourced goods – begins with identifying crops that can be grown to meet domestic demand, said turepu. “if we’re bringing in capsicum and capsicum can be grown here, growers must ensure they can grow in sufficient quantities to supply the market,” he

Agriculture minister Kiriau turepu says the key to boosting agriculture output in the cook islands is individual planning by growers. “Once a grower builds a plan and develops a passion, the chances of making money are high and attractive,” said turepu. the minister– a grower himself–said a current obstacle to overcome is the tendency towards monoculture – where a grower concentrates on one

said, adding wholesalers he has spoken to put heavy reliance in being able to receive a stable and consistent supply of product. “the only way you can do that is by planning your work,” said turepu. According to recent statistics, the cook islands currently spends roughly $10 million on food imports a year. “What i’m doing is helping the ministry develop plans,” said turepu, who has spent time

since being sworn in as a cabinet minister in July meeting with various growers and stakeholders. i’ve asked the ministry to change their mindset,” he said. “if there’s nothing there, we’ve wasted a lot of money and a lot of time ... i won’t accept that.” turepu said if he can see at least 10 growers with each getting a variety of products to market on time, then “that’s success”. in terms of boosting exports, turepu said the focus should be

on boosting domestic production and meeting local demand irst, before looking overseas. “We should be looking at local markets before export,” he said, adding for certain products such as vanilla and maire, export markets are already set up with considerable demand. “it should be rightfully put: growing is planning,” he said. - Emmanuel Samoglou

World Food Day on Friday, page 7

Rising stars

Agriculture minister Kiriau Turepu said he wants to see more growers producing a greater variety of crops. 13101430

Cyclone risk below average the cOOKS is expected to fare

YOuNg people are getting ready

to raise the roof of tereora college’s Princess Anne hall with a concert on Friday. the concert

will be the end result of a weeklong holiday programme run by New Zealand-based group Alive With a Purpose (AWAP).

the free programme began yesterday and includes singing, music, dance, sport and performing arts, aiming to help young peo-

ple develop and showcase their talents and skills. Students will be focussing on hip-hop dancing today followed by musician-

ship on Wednesday and sport on thursday.

Youngsters get moving for the holidays, page 9

well this cyclone season, though tropical cyclones will become more likely towards the end of the season. A report from the Meteorological Service in Nadi, Fiji, says tropical cyclone activity is expected to be below average in the cooks. history suggests cyclones can affect the southern cook islands in particular, especially late in the season. tropical cyclones usually develop between November and April in the Southwest Pacific, but they can occur in October and May, and very rarely in June, July and August. Peak cyclone season is usually from January to March. there is an increased risk of severe tropical cyclones in the region this season compared to last, but the risk to the cooks is low to moderate. there is a very high risk for tonga, Fiji, Wallis and Futuna and New caledonia, and high risk for tokelau, Samoa, Niue, Solomon islands and Vanuatu. ci Met Service director Arona Ngari said people are encouraged to prepare for cyclone season–which begins November 1–by obtaining ropes to tie their roofs down and storing extra water bottles for possible prolonged periods without drinkable mains water. Other useful items include a torch and a battery-operated radio, and people are encouraged to take note of evacuation centres. - Briar Douglas


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Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no teiA Nei AO Spelling error upsets Vatican The Vatican has withdrawn from sale 6000 copies of a new papal medal on which the name of Jesus was misspelt. In an inscription around the edge of the coin, Jesus was mistakenly spelt with an L. Keen-eyed experts snapped up a handful of the coins, which were struck in gold, silver and bronze by the Italian mint, before the mistake was noticed. Vatican coins and medals bearing the face of Pope Francis are bought by collectors all over the world. A few collectors may make a fortune because of the scarcity value of the lawed medals inscribed with name ‘Lesus’.

US debt default looms Obama to meet with Congressional leaders as debt crisis draws near WAShiNgtON – A White house meeting for congressional leaders from both parties has been postponed as lawmakers continue talks on raising the nation’s debt limit. the talks were to take place between President Barack Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden and leaders of the Senate and house of representatives. A shutdown of the uS government, also a result of the political deadlock, has now entered its third week. Officials warn of economic

world BrieFS HINDU PILGRIMAGE DEATH TOLL RISES INDIA – The death toll from a stampede at a Hindu festival in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has risen to 115, local oicials have said. Many were crushed after panic broke out on a bridge near the Ratangarh temple. Others drowned when they jumped from the bridge into river waters below. Oicials said the stampede may have been sparked by a rumour that the bridge had been about to collapse. The bridge, where the stampede took place, was crowded with devotees. Many said they felt sad but they had to complete their pilgrimage regardless of the tragedy. Relatives gathered outside hospitals to take away the bodies of the dead after post mortems had been carried out.

52 DEAD AFTER TRUCK’S RAVINE PLUNGE PERU – At least 52 people were killed when a truck plunged 200 metres of a road into a gorge in south-eastern Peru. Most of those on board were travelling home from a religious festival in the Andean district of Santa Teresa. Investigators say there were no survivors from the accident. People often travel by lorry in the Peruvian Andes because of a shortage of public transport. The mayor of the province of La Convencion, Ruben Pinto, said the search operation was continuing saying many children were among the victims. “Regrettably, those who have lost their lives are peasant farmers like us,” M Pinto said. “The town of Santa Teresa is not prepared for an accident of this scale.”

HOPE FADES FOR SURVIVORS IN COLLAPSE COLOMBIA – Rescue workers in Colombia continue to search for nine people missing after a luxury apartment complex collapsed on Saturday night. Two bodies have been found in the rubble of the 24-storey tower. The building in the city of Medellin had been evacuated after cracks were found in the masonry, but a team of construction workers and one resident were in the block when it came down. Emergency workers said they had little hope of inding anyone alive. “So many hours have gone by and there has been no movement,” said Gloria Echeverri, the partner of one of the construction workers who was working on securing the building after residents discovered structural damage.

LUXURY BISHOP MUST EXPLAIN SPENDING GERMANY – A German bishop has lown – reportedly with a budget airline – to the Vatican in Rome to discuss his lavish spending. Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst – dubbed the “Democrats were demanding Luxury Bishop” – is facing calls for his resignation after spending 31 million euros ($US42 million) on his private residence. He is also accused of lying about the over-spend on the property in Limburg. In Rome, he will meet the head of the Catholic Church in Germany, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch. It is not clear if Pope Francis will intervene. Since taking oice in March, Pope Francis has urged the Church to promote a lifestyle of frugality and simplicity. Asked by the German daily Bild about the high cost of his new residence, the bishop said: “Those who know me know that I don’t have a pompous lifestyle.”

calamity should the uS default on its debt. Obama sounded his own warning as he toured a soup kitchen for the poor in Washington Dc, ahead of the meeting. “this week if we don’t start making some real progress, both the house and the Senate – and if republicans aren’t willing to set aside their partisan concerns in order to do what’s right for the country – we stand a good chance of defaulting,” he said. “And defaulting could have a potentially devastating affect on our economy.” But Obama said he saw “some progress” in the talks, with just days to go until the thursday deadline for the uS to raise its borrowing limit or risk default on its debt. Weekend negotiations between uS congressional leaders failed to reach a breakthrough to raise the nation’s debt limit ahead of thursday’s deadline. Negotiations between republican and Democrat Senate leaders continued on Sunday, with both sides reportedly awaiting the Monday opening of US inancial markets to reassess their negotiating positions. Senate Democratic Majority leader harry reid described a phone call with Senate republican leader Mitch Mcconnell as “productive”, but the two did not reach a solution to raise the nation’s $16.7 trillion borrowing limit as thursday’s deadline nears. republicans refused to approve a new budget unless President Obama agreed to delay or eliminate the funding of the Affordable care Act, his signature healthcare reform law of 2010. Obama has refused to budge on the matter, accusing republicans of “extortion” in using the shutdown and the nation’s debt limit as leverage in negotiations. - BBC

US President Barack Obama seems lost for words during a press conference as the crisis over a US government shutdown and debt ceiling standof deepens on. AFP

‘Allah’ ruled exclusive

KuAlA luMPur – A Malaysian court has ruled that nonMuslims cannot use the word “Allah” to refer to god in their own faiths, overturning a 2009 lower court ruling. the appeals court said the term Allah must be exclusive to islam or it could cause public disorder. People of all faiths use the word Allah in Malay to refer to their gods. christians argue they have used the word, which entered Malay from Arabic, to refer to their god for centuries and that

the ruling violates their rights. One Malaysian christian woman said the ruling would affect the community greatly. if we are prohibited from using the word Allah then we have to re-translate the whole Bible, if it comes to that,” ester Moiji from Sabah state told the BBc. the 2009 ruling sparked tensions, with churches and mosques attacked. it came after the government said that a catholic newspaper, the herald, could not use the word in its Malay-language edition to describe the christian

god. the newspaper sued, and a court ruled in their favour in December 2009. the government then launched an appeal. upholding the appeal on Monday, chief judge Mohamed Apandi Ali said: “the usage of the word Allah is not an integral part of the faith in christianity. the usage of the word will cause confusion in the community.” the herald editor reverend lawrence Andrew said he was “disappointed and dismayed”, and would appeal against the decision. - BBC

No winner of African award lONDON – the world’s most valuable individual prize – the Mo ibrahim prize for good governance in Africa – has gone unclaimed yet again. the $uS5 million prize is supposed to be awarded each year to an elected leader who governed well, raised living standards and then left ofice. This is the fourth time in ive years there has been no winner. A committee member said the group looked for excellence in

governance and leadership. Kenya’s Mwai Kibaki met at least one of the criteria, after he stepped down as president earlier this year. however, his 2007 re-election was tarnished by disputes which turned violent, leading to the deaths of some 1200 people. his opponent, raila Odinga, said the poll had been rigged in favour of Kibaki, who denied any wrongdoing. Only three people have won

in the seven years since the prize was launched – cape Verde’s Pedro Verona Pires, Festus Mogae from Botswana and Mozambique’s Joaquim chissano. Sudan-born telecoms entrepreneur brahim launched the prize in an attempt to encourage African leaders to leave power peacefully. the $5 million is spread over 10 years and is followed by $200,000 a year for life. - BBC

Recovery is in the pipeline


FRANCE – Two Chinese tourists have been briely held in France on suspicion of forgery after trying to settle their hotel bill with one-euro coins. Police were called in after a hotel owner in Paris became suspicious about the two men, and 3700 one-euro coins were then found in their room. But the coins were inspected and found not to be counterfeit. The men said they had got the money from scrapyard dealers in China, who often ind forgotten euros in cars sent from Europe. Thousands of European cars are shipped to China for scrap every year. They are meticulously searched before demolition – and it appears that the most common valuables left inside and down the back of seats are one-euro coins.

today’s Daily Bread they risked their lives for me. Not only i but all the churches of the gentiles are grateful to them.

Matthew Read: Read: Romans 16:1-167:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 4

Indian labourers take shelter from rain in New Delhi. India’s industrial output growth slumped to below one percent in recent months, oicial data showed, surprising markets and underscoring the weakness of Asia’s third-largest economy. Economic observers say the October data for industrial production will show some recovery. AFP


Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no teiA Nei AO

Renewed appeal to ind Madeleine lONDON – the man featured in two e-fits released by uK police investigating Madeleine Mccann’s disappearance was seen carrying a child towards the beach. Police say a family saw the man with a blond-haired child of three or four, possibly wearing pyjamas, heading away from the Mccanns’ holiday apartment. Madeleine was three when she went missing on May 3, 2007, in the resort town of Praia da luz, Portugal. the witnesses said the man was white, 20 to 40 years old and of medium build. he had short brown hair, was clean-shaven and of medium height, they added. Detective chief inspector Andy redwood, the senior Metropolitan Police investigating oficer, said he could be the man who took Madeleine. the Met Police opened up a new investigation earlier this year and have been reassessing all the gathered material. As a result, according to the police, the timeline and “accept-

ed version of events” surrounding Madeleine’s disappearance have signiicantly changed. Dci redwood said he was now attaching more weight to the sighting of the man and the child at 10pm, which was later than the time it was previously believed Madeleine was taken. Madeleine and her brother and sister were left in the apartment at 8.30pm while her parents dined with friends at a nearby restaurant. her father, gerry Mccann, checked on them at 9.05pm and her mother, Kate, raised the alarm at 10pm. redwood said the child in the man’s arms had not been crying, nor looked in distress. he added: “Whilst this man may or may not be the key to unlocking this investigation, tracing and speaking to him is of vital importance to us. “this is far from our only line of inquiry and there will be eits released of other sightings as well, who we are equally keen to trace. “these people were seen on the day of Madeleine’s disap-

Mistake to take pressure off Iran tel AViV – it would be a “historic mistake” to ease pressure on iran over its nuclear programme right now, according to israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Opening parliament’s winter session, Netanyahu said israel must “keep up the pressure” on iran, “particularly at this moment”. his speech came on the eve of nuclear talks in geneva between iran and international negotiators. iran’s foreign minister said he hoped a “roadmap” could be reached. “tomorrow is the start of a difficult and relatively timeconsuming way forward,” Mohammad Javad Zarif posted on his Facebook page. “i am hopeful that by Wednesday we can reach agreement on a roadmap to find a path towards resolution.” Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi will represent iran at the talks, holding discussions with representatives of the P5+1 group, made up of Britain, china, France, russia and the uS plus germany. These are the irst such talks since iranian President hassan Rouhani took ofice in August. rouhani is seen as more moderate than his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which has raised hopes that a deal can be reached. Netanyahu told israel’s parliamentarians – among them some of Iran’s iercest critics – that any move to let up on the iranian government would only strengthen its “uncompromising elements”, and supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei “will be perceived as the winner”. in reference to the current international sanctions against iran, he said it would be “a his-

torical mistake to lift the sanctions, just before they are really effective”. Netanyahu’s comments were backed up by intelligence minister Yuval Steinitz, who called on the main powers in the geneva talks to maintain pressure on iran. Steinitz said it was the effect of sanctions, and the subsequent fact the “iranian economy is in very bad shape”, that was driving the iranians to come to the talks. “the dilemma will be crystal clear to them – that if they want to save their economy, they need to give up their nuclear project,” he said. But in the uS – which has also shown a tough stance against lifting sanctions on iran – nine leading senators said they were open to the idea of suspending new sanctions if tehran took signiicant steps to slow its nuclear programme. in a letter to President Barack Obama, the senators – both Democrats and republicans said the uS should consider a plan of “suspension for suspension”, in which iran would suspend its nuclear enrichment programme and Washington would suspend new sanctions. But the senators emphasised that, in the meantime, the threat of military force should remain, and pressure should be kept up against iran. Western nations believe iran’s uranium enrichment programme is covertly meant to achieve a nuclear arms capability. tehran denies this, saying it wants only to master nuclear technology to generate electricity and carry out medical research. - BBC

pearance and the days leading up to it.” Prime Minister David cameron said he was “very pleased” Scotland Yard were doing this work, which the government was helping to fund. “ this was a crime that touched the heart of everyone in the country and everyone would like to see it resolved, so i hope Scotland Yard continue with their work and i wish them success,” he said. A detailed reconstruction lasting close to 25 minutes and covering events leading up to and surrounding Madeleine’s disappearance has featured on BBc’s crimewatch. in 2008, a Portuguese investigation into the case was dropped, but Scotland Yard began a review of the case in May 2011 and opened a formal investigation in July this year. Speaking about the reviewturned-investigation, redwood said detectives had been able to “make massive steps forward” by drawing together all the material gathered to date and reviewing it as a whole. he said his team had sought

Police are looking for information about a man resembling these two images who was seen carrying a blonde child away from Madeleine McCann’s holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007. AFP to “try and draw everything back to zero. take everything back to the beginning and then reanalyse and reassess everything, accepting nothing”. he added: “Praia da luz is a popular holiday destination for many nationalities so our requests for help need to be repeated in many different countries.”

he said he would travel to the Netherlands, germany and ireland to seek public support there, and would repeat the appeals in Portugal – “a key country for us to trace any outstanding witnesses”. Former child exploitation and Online Protection centre head Jim gamble – who carried out a review into the case in

2010 – said the appeal offered “an opportunity for everyone to help”. “it doesn’t matter that you were not in Praia da luz – you may watch something, you may see an e-fit, you may see some other information, they may talk about telephone numbers and something will click with you,” he said. - BBC news

In the cyclone's wake

Indian ishermen sit amongst boats destroyed by cyclone Phailin at the Gopalpur port. Hundreds of thousands of people who led India’s strongest cyclone in 14 years returned home to scenes of devastation, as survivors stranded at sea during the storms were inally rescued. AFP Delhi – towns and villages have been flooded and thousands of homes destroyed after a super-cyclone crashed ashore in eastern india. But initial indications suggested few people had died after more than 500,000 had left the region before the storm hit. the vast weather system known as cyclone Phailin generated winds of up to 220kmh and forced huge waves to surge far inland before it struck the shores of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states. But the storm weakened as it made landfall. Oficials said

they knew of only seven fatalities – most of whom were killed by falling branches or collapsing buildings ahead of the cyclone. The inal death toll is expected to climb, and parts of the cyclone-battered coast remain isolated by broken communication links and blocked roads. But initial indications were that the government’s evacuation operation saved many lives. “Damage to property is extensive,” said Amitabh thakur, the senior police officer in the Orissa district worst-hit by the cyclone. “But few lives have been lost,” he said, crediting the

mass evacuations. Reporters described terriied children clinging to their mothers as they sought shelter. Most towns along the coast were deserted but there were still some residents trying to lee. Authorities combed coastal areas for fishing communities unwilling to abandon their boats or others still in the danger zone. Police forcibly evacuated thousands, officials said. Some people took refuge in temples, while others crammed into auto-rickshaws and headed inland. large numbers of troops were

deployed and huge amounts of emergency food stockpiled, indian media reported. “this is one of the largest evacuations undertaken in india,” said Shashidhar reddy, vice-chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority, who estimated that more than 440,000 people had fled from their homes. Other estimates were as high as 550,000. the storm was expected to cross half of india before losing strength over the central highlands of the vast country by the middle of next week. - The Guardian


Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no te PA eNuA

Church opposed to gay weddings Vanuatu Presbyterian church wants law banning same-sex marriages POrt VilA – the Presbyterian

church of Vanuatu is calling for all churches to come together to discuss same-sex marriage and push the government to legislate against it. last week, it was reported that gay marriage ceremonies, which are prohibited under the constitution, is being performed between gay couples

from Australia at a resort on the small island of iririki off Port Vila. Presbyterian pastor Alan Nafuki says his church is absolutely opposed to gay marriage and has contacted the government asking for an outright ban. “in Vanuatu, being a christian country, we think it is best that government will review

paciic BRIEFS MORE TENSION AT NAURU REFUGEE CAMP NAURU – The Salvation Army is investigating claims an asylum seeker on Nauru was attacked by a local worker from the organisation. The Refugee Action Coalition which monitors Australia’s asylum seeker camp on the island says a Lebanese detainee required stitches to a head injury inlicted by a worker at the centre following a ight on Friday. The watchdog says tension has been increasing in recent weeks, due to overcrowding, and there have been clashes between asylum seekers and Nauruan guards. It claims there are around 10 toilets for 600 people with queues up to an hour long for meals, an epidemic of skin problems and more reports of self-harm and hunger strikes. A spokesperson for the Salvation Army says claims by the Refugee Action Coalition need to be “taken with a grain of salt.”

FREE MEDIA ACCESS IDEA SQUASHED WEST PAPUA – The Indonesian government appears to have quashed expectations that heavy restrictions on media access to the Papua are about to be lifted. Last week the governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, said he wanted to welcome reporters and nongovernmental organisations to the area. But the Age newspaper reports this was quickly dismissed by the central government in Jakarta, which still requires journalists to apply for special permits to go to the region, and to take secret police oicers with them if they are approved.

OPPOSITION CHALLENGE AIRPORT PLANS VANUATU– A hearing is underway in the Vanuatu Supreme Court over an opposition application questioning the legality of a deal to develop the country’s airports. The deal, with a Singaporean company called Vanuatu Trade Development Ltd, would involve major developments at provincial airports and the possible construction of a major new airport on Efate capable of taking large jets. The opposition leader, Ham Lini, has asked the court to rule on the legality of contracts signed by the prime minister, Moana Carcasses and his deputy, Edward Natapei. The development is reportedly worth up to $US350 millon but the opposition says there was no tender as required by Vanuatu law. Lini has previously called the deal with the Singaporean company a scam.

FOCUS ON THE LANGUAGE OF NIUE NIUE – Promoters of this week’s Niue language week in New Zealand are hoping it will encourage speakers of Vagahau Niue to continue using it within their households, families and communities. The week-long event is the sixth Paciic language week to be held in New Zealand this year. New Zealand’s Paciic Island Afairs Minister, Hekia Parata ,says Niueans are the fourthlargest Paciic group in New Zealand. In 2006, 25 per cent of the Niuean population in New Zealand was able to hold an everyday conversation in Vagahau Niue. Parata says Paciic communities are committed to ensuring the revitalisation and retention of their heritage languages and Niue Language Week is a crucial tool to assist with that goal.

FIJI SEES PETROLEUM FUEL PRICES INCREASE FIJI – The price of petroleum products and LPG in Fiji are going up in the wake of the latest quarterly price review by the Commerce Commission. Kerosene will cost eight per cent more, with diesel up more than seven percent and a six per cent rise in some gas products. The chairman of the Commerce Commission, Dr Mahendra Reddy, says the increases are unavoidable but need to be seen in the context of big price falls for all products in the last quarter. Dr Reddy says generally speaking prices are about where they were at the start of the year.

MINISTERS RESIGN OVER ALLOWANCE ROW KIRIBATI – Two Kiribati cabinet ministers have resigned amid an ongoing dispute over allegedly excessive allowance payments. They are communications, transport and tourism minister, Taberannang Timeon, and public works and energy minister, Kirabuke Teiaua. A month ago nine government MPs calling on the president Anote Tong to sack the two ministers for misconduct. In August it was revealed in parliament that Timeon got a sitting allowance of $US92, many times what he should have got. At the time Teiaua defended the size of the allowance, saying it was no problem.

what happens in Vanuatu. “And also the government of the day must give the side of the story that the churches are voicing out our concern at the moment. “But we need our government, also, to come out clear on the position of these marriage practises in Vanuatu. “i would also say that we are so glad that a country like Australia has not legalised the gay and lesbian marriage. But we know that New Zealand has recently passed a legislation in parliament to have that done. “But for Vanuatu, and of course i only speak on behalf of this country, we contend with a very high note that this should not be seen to be practised on our land.

‘We need some immediate guidelines while waiting for the government to put in legislation that would ban all these practises in Vanuatu.’ Nafuki says the church has sent a statement outlining its concerns to the minister for internal affairs. “And we are requesting internal affairs to come up with some kind of policy. We need some immediate guidelines to guide

our people here while waiting for the government to put in legislation that would ban all these practises in Vanuatu.” Open gay behaviour is frowned on by the churches in Vanuatu and goes against the traditional customs of the people, Nafuki says. “Our own people in town, in the street of Port Vila, we see people – not very many – walking around,” “like you have a young man walking around with a young man or a young girl walking around with a young girl in town, but we like to discourage that very much. We discourage that by approaching their parents. “And also this is related to our customs. this brings shame to

our church, to our customs, to our environment, as well. “So i think we have people going around together, but to come to that extent of marrying the same sex, this issue is coming, it’s really coming. “We should provide avenues for profound discussion, profound outlook, for looking ahead at what we should do. “Maybe provide a venue that people could discuss more fairly and reasonably so that people do know about the relationship that’s been established by the young people in Vanuatu. “We have not recently really sat down together as churches and as people from the village, the chiefs, to discuss this matter. We have not.” - RNZI

Minimum wage ‘falls short’ SuVA – the former Wages council chairman in Fiji, Father Kevin Barr, says although the proposed minimum wage is better than nothing, it still falls well short of a living wage. the Fiji regime’s national minimum wage consultant, Dr Mahendra reddy, has recommended the minimum rate be set at $F2.32 an hour. Father Kevin Barr says some of the information reddy based his recommendation on is out of date having been collected ive years ago – and since then the levels of poverty and disadvantage in Fiji have increased

considerably. he says he would like to see the minimum wage around the four dollar mark, but he says the minimum wage proposed is still a big increase for a number of workers. “too many people have fallen way behind. For example even those in the garment industry, security workers, domestic workers, gardeners – all those groups of people will all receive a much better wage if this minimum wage is brought in. “You know around the four dollars, four dollars twenty would be ideal, but maybe we’ve

got to also get there gradually, i accept that.” Kevin Barr says if people are going to be kept out of poverty their wages need to relect this. the Fiji trades union congress says it would like to see the national minimum wage set to a rate similar to the cook islands, at ive dollars an hour. the president of the Fiji trades union congress, Daniel urai, says the proposed rate it is very low – much lower than minimum wages that already exist in 10 different wage sectors. urai says the labour minis-

try has also failed to enforce the minimum wages in these sectors, and this needs to change if a national minimum wage is to succeed. “We will have to review the minimum wage, at a more reasonable rate, and we have to strengthen the capacity of the ministry of labour to police this thing.” urai says if the proposed $2.32 rate is approved, some employers, who normally pay higher, will take advantage of it, and start paying new workers into the industry, the lower rate. - RNZI/PNC

Activists sent to remote camp KiuNgA – Six West Papuans who had sought asylum in Australia but were moved from Queensland to Papua New guinea by Australian authorities, have now been taken to a remote part of Western Province, near the indonesian border. the six, who are human

rights activists, say they had fled indonesia when security officials began searching for them after their involvement with the Freedom Flotilla from Australia. they are being moved tomorrow to the east Awin camp about 50 kilometres from Kiunga, a port town on the Fly river

in the Western Province of Papua New guinea A spokesperson for the Freedom Flotilla, ruben Blake, says the camp at east Awin is long established and the people already there are in a desperate state. “there is a terrible rate of malaria in that camp. there is no uNhcr support there any

longer and the people that live there are basically not free to leave and travel around other parts of PNg – it is an incredibily remote area of PNg.” ruben Blake says one of the West Papuan group has been allowed to stay in Port Moresby because she was born in PNg. - RNZI

EU should hear non-regime views SuVA – Political parties and unions in Fiji say they want a visiting top level european union delegation to hear their views on the country’s progress towards elections. top eu officials are in Fiji for what’s described as “highlevel political dialogue” and a meeting of sugar producing countries. the eu says it is the first such visit for seven years and follow its decision last month to extend its suspension of aid to Fiji for another 18 months as it assesses progress towards elections.

Daniel urai of the Fiji trades union congress says it is important the eu hears the views of groups other than the government in assessing whether the process towards elections is fair and transparent. the Ftuc and the labour Party are requesting meetings with the delegation. Marcus cornaro, of the european commission’s Directorate-general for Development co-operation, says he is pleased to visit Fiji to witness the momentum driving it towards a return to democracy. Meanwhile, the Fiji leader,

commodore Frank Bainimarama, has attacked the european union for its treatment of the sugar producing nations of the African, Caribbean and Paciic group of nations. commodore Bainimarama, opening the 13th AcP Ministerial conference on Sugar in Sigatoka, says the global environment for sugar is characterised by higher production costs and lower prices. he says it means there is a need for understanding and a fair deal from the eu countries. But the prime minster says sugar producers have been

denied adequate support for the negotiations on the sugar protocol of the eu’s economic Partnership Agreements. he says the negotiations have been long and drawn out with many non-trade issues tacked on. he says there is further uncertainty with the premature end to market access in 2017 which he says could prove disastrous for the livelihoods of many people in AcP countries. he says the sugar producers wanted this pushed back to 2020 to allow for restructuring but this has been ignored by the eu. - RNZI

Fears land lease ‘rort’ will be ignored POrt MOreSBY – transparency international in Papua New guinea fears the outcome of inquiries into the controversial Special Agricultural Business leases will be ignored. there has been wide criticism of the abuses of the SABl system

and last month in parliament Prime Minister Peter O’Neill tabled a report from a commission of inquiry which detailed widespread corruption and mismanagement. the report found the vast majority of the leases failed to

secure consent of landowners. there are calls for the government to end all the leases but ti PNg’s executive director, lawrence Stephens, says because a number of MPs have beneitted from what amount to rorts, he fears no action will be taken.

“And our fear is the discussion that is taking place in parliament at the moment will again led to a commission of inquiry which itself leads nowhere. in the meantime timber interests are helping themselves to the forests.” - RNZI


Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no te PA eNuA

Tonga police to rebuild public’s trust NuKu’AlOFA – tonga’s police

commissioner says a string of incidents involving oficers over the past year have damaged the image of the police. Five police oficers will go on trial next March on manslaughter charges in relation to the death of a New Zealand police man in August last year. late last year three officers were charged with the same offence after the death of a 21-year-old man on tongatapu – and just recently a senior officer was charged with assault while on suspension for his alleged involvement in corruption. the police commissioner grant O’Fee told radio New Zealand such incidents have been a blow to their reputation. “We’d be naive to think the public of tonga haven’t seen

‘We’re not going to change the attitudes of the tongan police in the two or three years that i am here, but we will i think lay a pretty good platform.’ these things and drawn their own conclusions, which would be largely negative. “So we have suffered considerable damage from these things – really heavy blows to the reputation of the tongan police. “So the question is what are

we doing about it? to change the attitude in an organisation of 450 people, you don’t do it overnight. “So we’ve just got to a new strategic plan that’s about one thing, and that is earning the trust and conidence of the people of tonga. everything we do is directed towards that. “And i’ve personally spoken in a classroom situation with six courses, a total of about 250 staff – that’s ongoing. “We have a recruit course coming in in December. i will be speaking to a recruit course every week that they’re here, emphasising the ethics and integrity. “And we’ve done a lot of other things. But probably the most, i think, in the long term, effective, will be a painful-now thing that we have done is we

have suspended or arrested or dismissed about 30 of our staff. “that has all been for dishonesty or brutality. And it’s about seven per cent of my total strength in the space of about 15 months. “So we’re trying to make it very plain to our staff and the public that offending by police oficers isn’t tolerated, it will result in your dismissal and criminal charges if justiied. “And i think that message is very slowly– i am cautiously optimistic – that we’re starting off an attitude change in our staff. “there’s a couple of interesting statistics come out of that. Of the 30 oficers that I’ve just mentioned 29 of them are male and there’s one female on my executive. Of my three deputy commissioners two are female and one is a male.

“Don’t misunderstand me, i have some very, very good male staff, but there’s something about the women here that sets them apart, in my opinion. there’s some very, very high quality police officers among the policewomen of tonga. “As i say, we’re not going to change the attitudes of the tongan police in the two or three years that i am here, but we will i think lay a pretty good platform. rNZi: What about in terms of recruiting trainee police oficers? Do you feel that the vetting procedures and the standards are high enough for those people to be accepted into the police in the irst place? “Yes, i do. We go through a pretty rigorous examination of their backgrounds. “the difficulty in tonga is

no different to the dificulty in New Zealand or America or any other police department, in my experience, around the world. When the recruit leaves the police college they are usually bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and very idealistic. “it’s what happens in that formative irst six months to a year of operational service that they come under the inluence of people who may not have the same ethical standards that we want them to have. “That’s when that inluence starts to take effect, in my opinion. So I’m conident about the young men and women we bring in. “it’s the leadership we have in the field at the moment, is where we lift our game,” police commissioner O’Fee said. - RNZI

Men must take responsibilty as fathers Samoan’s horriied over incident of dead baby found by village dog APiA – there been emotional

and angry reaction to the story from Samoa last week of a village dog inding a dead newborn baby in the neighbourhood. Some Samoans are even calling for a law to force men who impregnate women to take responsibility for the child, regardless of whether they wish to stay in a relationship or not. this was the general reaction from people the Samoan Observer newspaper spoke with following the police conirmation that a young woman has been charged with infanticide over the horriic discovery of the dead newborn at the village of Vaitele-fou. the body of the baby was

dragged into a family’s property by a dog which reportedly found the body on nearby vacant land. Asked for his thoughts in a newspaper street poll, Fa’afou Pulalasi of Sale’imoa, likened the issue of newborn babies being dumped to a “festering disease”. “i am not too ignorant not to notice that there are many cases like this and often the woman is blamed while the man walks free,” he said. Pulalasi pointed out that it takes two people to create a baby. “this is why both the man and woman should be made responsible,” he said. “they both consented to do

what comes before the creation of a child and this is why it is important that a law should be in place to ensure that men take responsibility.” he expressed disappointment that the life of an innocent child has been wasted because of people who don’t take responsibility for their action. “Only a man who has no real love in his heart could create so much trouble that caused this woman to abandon that innocent child,” he said. “i am a father of four children and i truly believe that this is my duty to care and somehow support my children. i think that all men should think and behave this way.” Another father, who did not want to give his name for personal reasons, said if the woman is blamed for abandoning the

child, the father should also be held accountable. he said this is why it’s a must for parents and community leaders to go back to the basics of making sure couples get married first before they have babies. “this would not happen if they were married, unless of course the husband was not the father of the child.” the man said he felt for the woman and what she went through. the father, he said, must be feeling equally guilty. “Yet they had no fear when they did what they did to create that child,” he said. “if they took a second to think about their actions, that child would not have been killed.” ekenasio ioane, of Alamagoto, said it takes a “real man” to embrace fatherhood.

the father of eight said many boys don’t think seriously about what it takes. “raising eight children is not as easy,” ioane said. “But i understand that it is my duty as a man and father and this is why when i don’t get any work ixing lawn mowers, I go ishing to make money to feed them.” “Fatherhood is not something you take lightly.” Asked for his thoughts about the Vaitelefou incident, he said: “i don’t know what had caused that woman to do what she did. it could be many things but i know that babies are a gift from god and it’s our duty to bring them up regardless of the challenges we face.” he said many men often avoid their responsibilities. But he believes there should be a law that forces men to take responsibility

for their children regardless of what relationship they had with the mother. luatuanu’u congregational christian church of Samoa pastor, reverend Aila Patea agrees. “it takes two to make a baby and, yes definitely, the father should be responsible,” he said. he pointed out that there is not just one factor in cases such as the one at Vaitele-fou. “From the woman’s perspective, it could be anything from being young and as a result she was fearful about telling her parents about her pregnancy or that she could have had too many children and was unable to fend for them all.” “these could have been the factors in what she did.” “But this is where fathers are needed to lend a helping hand,” he said. - Weekend Observer

Group plans to cut malaria deaths by 75% the PAciFic – A new politi-

cal group says it aims to reduce malaria cases and deaths in the Paciic by 75 per cent in just over two years. The Asia Paciic Leaders Malaria Alliance (APAlMA)was formed at the east Asian Summit, just concluded, in Brunei. With the backing of the Asian Development Bank, APlMA says it will expand the fight against malaria beyond the health sector into the arenas of regional trade, transportation and migration. Patricia Moser, acting executive director, Asia Paciic Lead-

ers Malaria Alliance Secretariat, said it is a big challenge. “it is a big task but in actuality the targets are set to the end of 2015 – so we have 27 months in order to help the Paciic countries continue the great progress they’ve made, and to really nail home those achievements. “there’s actually been tremendous progress made already, particularly, for example, the Solomon islands and Vanuata. “Some of the other countries, a little less so, but all of them moving in the right direction. “Australia itself has been

a tremendous partner to the Pacific on malaria issues. But the review recently said, ‘well there’s a real need for more attention, more leadership. let’s get a whole of society approach to malaria reduction’. “We all know that moving towards reduction in malaria is really dependent on having good quality pharmaceuticals. they’re issues about pharmaceutical distribution, about quality of pharmaceuticals, these kinds of issues that are happening in the region, so working together as a region to address those issues will be re-

ally helpful. “One of the big issues with a disease like malaria is as you make progress, as programmes are successful, that sometimes it’s easy for countries to start looking at other priorities or to move the attention away from malaria,” Moser said. “We think it’s really important that attention be maintained on malaria, to really meet objectives, and we’re not talking about just 2015. We think even beyond 2015 to sustain these gains is very important. “We’ve had stories in the 1970s, early 80s, about the re-

surgence of malaria, so it’s really important that every country keep their eye on the ball and keep moving towards control and eventually elimination. “For example, if you look at where you’re still having issues with malaria, a lot of its around border regions, about migrant population, and there’s a lot of work going on in terms of formal and informal workers, in plantations, in forestry products, in these kinds of areas. “these are areas where health services, particularly through the public health system, might not be as robust as they are in

other areas, more settled areas. And these are the areas where you have malaria, so you really need a larger approach, even beyond health. “the African leaders Malaria Alliance was established six years ago, and there’s been excellent experience that keeping this level of sustained attention to this issue, to an issue of communicable diseases actually helps the programmes maintain their energy and their focus. “And so we really believe that APLMA and Asia and the Paciic can also bring that to malaria.” - Paciic Beat

Australians eye up Paciic Games opportunities cAirNS – Businesses in north-

ern Australia are looking to get in on the action as preparations are underway for the 15th Pacific games in Papua New guinea in 2015. the games will be held in Port Moresby and coincide with the 40th anniversary of PNg’s independence. the regional body for economic development Advance

cairns and the Queensland’s chamber of commerce have been working with games organisers to identify goods and services that can be supplied from Australia. A number of tenders have been announced for services such as cleaning and management, catering and demolition works associated with the new 15,000-seat Sir John guise sta-

dium in PNg. the ceO of Advance cairns Mark Matthews says there are more tenders to come. “there’s already been some contracts in building, construction and waste facilities right down to providing tickets for each of the activities,” he said. the games is expecting well over 6000 athletes and oficials, in an event bigger than the

commonwealth games. Matthews said the games are solely a PNg production, but there are opportunities for Australian businesses. “i think it’s an opportunity for businesses in this region to further strengthen the relationships that they’ve had or find new partnerships with PNg businesses for supplies and services,” he said.

the games will also raise the profile of PNg, according to Matthews who expects interest in investment in the region to rise as well. he says that PNg is not just looking to Australia to ink investment deals. “From a PNg perspective, they are looking at best level of supply and cheapest cost.” it is hoped that contracts

sealed in the run up to the games, could open doors to other deals with PNg in the future. “the resources sector as you know has been very strong over many years now. “And it’s just really a further opportunity for the region’s businesses to promote the excellence that they have and develop those relationships for the long term.” - Paciic Beat


Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

letterS reta

Tax policy to lower cost of living Dear editor, i welcome Mr Scott’s letter last week (explain proposed tax reforms, October 11), raising a number of interesting issues on the proposed tax changes. Mr Scott has tried to succinctly cover off a number of issues, and in this he has mixed up the issues around assistance to the agricultural industry and tax policy. i will address them in separate letters. First and foremost, a good tax policy should be primarily about raising suficient revenue so that a government can provide services to the community, invest in infrastructure and redistribute income within the community. tax policy can also be successfully used to achieve other policy purposes. the obvious current example is the imposition of import levies applied on products which are detrimental to overall public health–soft drinks, tobacco and alcohol. the aim being to raise the price to a level that people reduce their consumption of these products, and in the case of tobacco, cease smoking altogether. reducing the consumption of these items will reduce the onset of health issues which could have been preventable, lead to a gen-

erally better quality of life, and far off what i saw in the shop over free up resources in the health the weekend, i have assumed system to be used to overcome the import cost at around half to complete the example. other health issues. ensuring the price then there are Our proposal of ham and bacon are examples where tax maintained at curpolicy is used as a is to remove rent levels takes the mechanism to assist the protection ‘pressure’ off local local industries with of a small little thought, and ul- number of local producers to keep their prices low, or to timately these do not producers to look for more eficient improve outcomes beneit a much ways to do business, and impose extra costs larger group of or to actually put their on the consumer that they need not incur. i local consumers resources into someby lowering thing they are able to believe that the curprice and cost of do more productively. rent imposition of readers should the levy on all pork living pressures. note that both local products was a poor response to the issue of improv- and imported goods are bought ing local production. it’s easy, just by local consumers, and they pay to ‘set and forget’, with no ongo- the higher prices on both the iming scrutiny and monitoring as ported and the local products. to whether the overall cost being Why would a local producer price borne by the community is lead- their item at a significant discount to the imported product? ing to improved outcomes. Our proposal is to remove the Proponents of the import levies on pork have not outlined protection of a small number of how the 50 per cent import levy local producers to beneit a much applying on all pork products by larger group of local consumers all consumers (foreign and local) by lowering price and cost of livto protect local producers has led ing pressures. i believe that the proposal for to consistently improving volumes and quality of the product. pork products to be supplied at the table at left tries to indica- lower prices, which benefits all tively illustrate what the impact consumers and businesses, is suwould be. the shelf price is not perior to the status quo of people

paying more than they need to for goods, with little being achieved in the sector except for increased revenue for government. ultimately, i understand the main issues confronting the industry are around being able to supply a quality product consistently. if producers are seeking assistance to assist them with achieving these aims then it may be better to achieve this through the expenditure side of the budget where resources are allocated, this would reduce the overall impact on the consumer and providing for greater scrutiny of local producers and what they do. richard Neves Financial Secretary

Bringing home the bacon: Financial secretary Richard Neves believe that the current 50 per cent levy on all pork products “was a poor response to the issue of improving local production”. He also questions whether consumers are paying a fair price for products like bacon. 13101428

Comparison table on a kilogram of ham and bacon. import levy and 12.5 % VAt

No import levy and 15 % VAt





Final Shelf Price paid by the consumer





Vat at 12.5 per cent





Price before Vat





costs incurred by retailer and margin





Final Price




15.00 -

import levy




import Price





total to government





‘At irst they will laugh at you’ Dear editor, grey Powers’ demo run to our upcoming march to parliament was blessed with a bright sunny day last tuesday at my place in turangi. it’s a break from many days of continuous changeable weather and as i write on Wednesday morning, its pouring. Forty-three people

(i counted) arrived in their grey Power t-shirts and we opened our gathering with ‘ina oki te Meitaki e te mataora e, kia noo katoa te au taeake ma te tau tikai’. A prayer by tamaiva Mataiapo put us into the guiding hands of god. it took us 30 minutes to practise and learn our chants.

We lined the side of the road with flags flying and placards in hand, chanting. the successful presentation lasted about five minutes, then we retired back to our seats in the shade where sandwiches, mufins and chicken in rice were enjoyed by all. thanks to Mrs tunui, teoru and Maeu o te rangi for the

delicious food. i spent 30 years working in New Zealand as a unionist belonging to the Pulp and Paper workers union at the Kinleith Mills in tokoroa. i am familiar with strikes, protest marches and rallies. i love it; i get high being part of the low of people all chanting in unison. there are three elements to a

successful march; a large group of participants, eye-catching and well-worded placards and chanting – which should use simple, hard-hitting words that are repeated over and over again. At irst they will laugh at you,

then, they become irritated, then they become angry. An angry person does unpredictable things. Dennis tunui President grey Power turangi

Declare all your assets Dear editor, it’s okay for Dennis tunui, tupe Short and the very few grey Powers to show their emotional ‘claptrap’ on television, but really i wonder how honest they are with themselves. People like you, Dennis, used to work in New Zealand for many years. No doubt you have purchased houses and left them behind, either renting them out or letting family members pay them off. At the end of the day, you have accumulated assets in New Zealand while creaming the New Zealand beneits here in the cook islands. the more noises you are making the more you and the other New Zealand beneiciaries here in the Cook islands are exposing yourselves

to further investigation on accumulated assets, investments and savings in New Zealand while sitting pretty here. the question to ask you lot is: are you honestly prepared to declare your assets in New Zealand so a better assessment of your tax can be carried out? i guess not as most of you New Zealand retirees in the cook islands came back well-off knowing that you have something to fall back in Aotearoa. continue making silly tV adverts and anti-government publicity stunts – sooner or later someone (reliably) will eventually reveal your worth in the media. Watchful eye (Name and address supplied)

Letters to the Editor

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World Food Day on Friday FreSh produce will be up for grabs at this year’s World Food Day commemoration in rarotonga. World Food Day is observed annually on October 16, but the event will be celebrated in the cook islands on Friday October 18 at Punanga Nui market. the event has been organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and has the theme; ‘Sustainable food systems for food security and nutrition’. the event in the cooks will oficially open at 10am, with an opening prayer by Pastor Ngatokorua Patia of Avarua cook islands christian church. Agriculture secretary Matairangi Purea will read a letter from the director-general of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the united Nations José graziano da Silva, before the occasion is oficially declared open by Minister of Agriculture Kiriau turepu. the Ministry of Agriculture will have a booth selling fresh produce, seedlings and agriculture supplies. it will be available irst for viewing, with items be-

ing sold from about 11.30am. Other growers have also been invited to participate, and are able to sell produce as soon as their booths are set up. citc and Motor centre will have stalls selling agriculture equipment, while the Business trade and investment Board (BtiB) will be demonstrating cooking methods using local produce. the Mnisitry of health, Ministry of Marine resources, Arorangi growers Association, titikaveka growers Association and titikaveka college will also be participating on the day. the event is part of a global movement that aims to end hunger around the world. the focus is on sustainable food systems that produce nutritious diets for all people today, while protecting the capacity of future generations to feed themselves. Next year will see the ‘international conference on nutrition 2’ being held in rome on November 19-21, which will review progress since the previous nutrition conference in 1992. - Briar Douglas

Ministry of Agriculture co-ordinator for World Food Day Tiria Rere. 13101412

NZ Governor-General to visit Cooks NeW ZeAlAND governor-gen-

eral Sir Jerry Mateparae will be visiting the cook islands later this week. the governor-general, along with lady Janine Mateparae, is scheduled to arrive in rarotonga this Sunday after a visit to Niue. the head of State’s visit is being described by Mateparae’s ofice as a trip “... to reafirm New Zealand’s close ties with the two South Paciic nations.” “New Zealand, Niue and the cook islands are partners in the realm of New Zealand,” said Mateparae. “We are bound together in an enduring relationship that is founded on our close constitutional ties, a shared Polynesian heritage, a shared history and a common citizenship.”

“What gives the relationships with Niue and the cook islands their fundamental strengths, however, are the many cultural, economic, family and people-topeople links. “New Zealanders are increasingly travelling to both nations for holidays while many cook islanders and Niueans have chosen to live in New Zealand and make a signiicant contribution to our economy and society.” upon arriving, the NZ governor-general is expected to receive a full ceremonial welcome at Atupare Marae, where he will be honoured with the tapu of the Kiriti-Maro-tai ceremony. “This is a signiicant honour and underscores the close cultural links between the cook islands Maori and New Zealand

Maori,” reads a NZ government house release. While in rarotonga, Sir Jerry and lady Janine Mateparae are expected to call on Queen representative tom Marsters and other political and traditional leaders. Sir Jerry and lady Mateparae will also visit a number of projects in rarotonga currently supported by New Zealand and visit the outer island of Mauke. While in Mauke, the governor-general will unveil a new war memorial, attend a wreathlaying ceremony, and discuss local initiatives supported by the New Zealand Aid Programme. he departs for New Zealand on October 23, and flights between New Zealand, cook islands, and Niue will be provided

by the royal New Zealand Air Force. While in Niue, Sir Jerry and lady Janine Mateparae will partake in celebrations on October 19 marking Niue’s 39th constitution Day–the anniversary of the establishment of self-government in free association with New Zealand in 1974. Along with the cook islands, Niue is a self self-governing nation in free association with New Zealand. together with the territory of tokelau and the ross Dependency, they form the wider realm of New Zealand. in 2014 Niue will be marking 40 years of self-government in free association while the cook islands will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2015. - Emmanuel Samoglou

New Zealand Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae, along with Lady Janine Mateparae, will be visiting the Cook Islands between October 20 and 23. 13101429

Colagate ‘hatched under Norman’s nose’ “truSt Norman george for senselessly blaming John henry’s Public Account committee,” writes a smoke signaller in response to Friday’s ci News lead article ‘george blasts govt over colagate inquiry’. “You Norman were there in the last 20 years, ‘held the balance of power three times as deputy prime minister’ or ‘king maker’ as you boasted, when colagate was introduced. What did you do then? Absolutely nothing? Why wait until now to blame this government when you and the Demo government were in power for a very long time and colagate was hatched under your very nose. in my opinion Norman’s public image is tarnished and he should stay out of the media. For what judgement you judge, you will be judged.”


“MiNitA Mark Brown [inance] must hate being a politician,” a smoke signaller writes. “Skinning the lock instead of shearing it with excessive and ‘cruel’ taxes is political suicide.”

WATCH THE SCREEN A SMOKe signaller writes: “One supermarket, offering 250g blocks of cheese for $4.90 instead of the 'regular' price of $6.00, mysteriously in support of breast cancer prevention, should spend a bit more time on programming the ol' computer that thinks the price is $5.40 which is in fact the 'regular' price. So, unless a shopper watches the screen he gets no discount at all. Not the irst time at this store, rather frequent. isn't Parliament working on a consumer's rights Bill?”

FORMER CLERK’S DIPLOMA “i WONDer if either the newly appointed clerk or Speaker of

Parliament has a post-graduate diploma in public service management” a smoke signaller writes in response to Saturday’s p10 photo of tupuna rakanui, the former clerk of Parliament, receiving his post-graduate diploma at the University of the South Paciic graduation ceremony last Friday.

GOVT A ‘FAILING FRANCHISOR’ A SMOKe signaller writes: “it seems of late the tax man is obviously trying to ind more funds and it seems that a number of businesses are now getting large tax bills dating back years, with the expectation of immediate payment. A lot of the comments i have heard is that businesses don't know where they stand at any stage with the Ministry of Finance and economic Management.” Our smoke signaller continues: “Perhaps in a simplistic view the government is in fact nothing more than a brand name master franchise supported by businesses that create a monetary stream where by the expectation is that they have people/businesses (franchisees) working for them with the expectations that part of their turnover is returned to them in order to build a bigger and bigger business where everyone beneits. Cook Islands people in this instance. In a franchise arrangement there is monitoring of the franchisees to assist and offer support to their business that ensures reporting and returns are received when due and if not, a reminder is sent to them as a form of a statement advising a return, report or payment has not

been submitted or received. the franchisee (business) then knows their obligations on a month-to-month basis. the master franchise (government) can see any issues happening each month and should issues start to become apparent, a direct approach can be made to the business to resolve these before they compound. that’s a good business model. As business franchisees to government our expectations have not been met with excessive spending by the master franchise (government) as there are no obvious internal proitable business systems in place. With a classic failing business strategy the government bumps prices up (value added tax) to cover the shortfall. excessive internal costs and expense reductions don’t matter to government as a way to increase revenue. No one in this country currently knows what their current obligations on a monthto-month basis are to the tax department, for example owing, a missed return, an assessment made, etc., as is standard business practise to provide information to their customers. MFeM should send every VAt-registered company and individual person a statement of their current tax account now! too much paper is not an excuse! Before raising taxes and back taxing pensioners, get the house in order irst.”


Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

e l b a T g n i theDin

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Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Youngsters get moving for the holidays PerFOrMiNg arts and sports is the focus of a holiday programme aiming to help young people ind a feeling of purpose. Alive With A Purpose (AWAP), a suicide prevention programme for young people from Polynesia, visited rarotonga during the careers expo earlier this year to promote their free week-long programme, which looks to engage young people in music, dance, sport and performing arts. the event began yesterday with some ‘warm-up’ events to help introduce participants to

the different aspects of the programme. this included spending time dancing and learning the “foundations of singing”, said AWAP member Nina Sione. Messages for a healthy life will be woven throughout the programme, with Sione suggesting to Monday’s participants that they should get moving every day to help them stay happy and healthy. the week of activities will have something for all, beginning with singing, vocal tutorials, song writing and poetry on Monday, hip-hop dance lessons

all day on tuesday, Wednesday looking at musicianship with bass, guitar, drum and keyboard tuition, and a sport day on thursday with touch and netball. For the grand inale on Friday, Kavana says that there will be a concert from the AWAP team and students, to showcase their talent and skills. the workshops will focus on four things: identity, resilience, dreams and setting goals and achieving them, said AWAP member Jane Kavana. “AWAP focus on these things

to remind our youth of their purpose, especially when things are not going well around them.” today will see hemi Korewha teaching the youth some moves on the dance floor, with enjoyment being a priority. “We’ll keep it fun – i don’t want to get all serious on them,” Korewha said with a smile. the AWAP programme is free and open to all students, and will run from Monday 14 to Friday 18 October from 9am to 3pm at Princess Anne hall, tereora college. - BD

AWAP member Nina Sione gets young people up and dancing at Princess Anne Hall. 13101417

The free event will see young people work towards presenting a concert on Friday. 13101418

The week of activities includes dancing, music, sport and performing arts. 13101416

sWiTCh On with Te aponga uira

save COsTs WiTh sOLaR Reduce your power bills through solar. Connecting a solar panel to the grid has never been easier for homeowners. Monday saw young people brush up on some dancing basics before a day-long hip-hip session today. 13101415

Ring 20 054 and ask our renewable energy oicers how the 2kW net metering incentive can work for you.


Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Fiji community displays national pride MeMBerS of the cook islands Fijian community were beaming with national pride on Saturday for local Fiji independence Day celebrations. Fiji independence Day falls on October 10. in 1970, the Pacific nation gained independence from British colonial rule when former President ratu Sir Kamisese Mara received the document of independence from the Prince of Wales. “I want us to relect on what we’re here for today,” said Fiji community leader theresa Noovao. After prayers recited by a visiting pastor from Fiji, a traditional kava ceremony marked the oficial beginning of the festivities, which also included Fijian meke – traditional dances. A colossal offering of food was provided for the masses,

who spent the remainder of the day singing songs and playing sports. A medical table was also set up for community members to receive free health checks. Noovao said there are over 500 Fijians in the cook islands, working all types of professions from hospitality work to high level government officials to doctors. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Members of the local Fijian community were showing their national colours during local Fiji independence day celebrations.


Second-hand ambulances arrive in Raro tWO AMBulANceS have arrived at rarotonga hospital from New Zealand. the ambulances are secondhand vehicles from the St John Ambulance Service. After a pitstop at Motor centre, they are now stationed at rarotonga

hospital awaiting the arrival of a mechanic from New Zealand. With the V8 engines and the set-up of the new ambulances being different to that of the hospital’s current ambulance, the mechanic will both ensure the vehicles are in good work-

ing order as well as train locals to be able to keep them that way. Director of hospital services Dr henry tikaka said once the new arrivals are on the road the current ambulance will be kept as a spare, and one of the second-hand vehicles that have

recently arrived will be replaced by a brand new ambulance at the end of the year. the new ambulance was part of the government’s budget, and will cost $150,000. the arrival of the new vehicle will see one of the second-hand

Ambulance oicer Willie Aroita is looking forward to having the two second-hand ambulances on the road. 13101413/14

ambulances taken to the outer islands – but it has not yet been decided exactly where. Minister of health Nandi glassie said having more than one ambulance on rarotonga will mean there is one available if there are two call-outs at the

same time. he extended thanks to St John’s as well as New Zealand Minister of health tony ryall, who he said has been very supportive of the project. - Briar Douglas


Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Youth debate winner to head to Fiji A titiKAVeKA college student

has won a trip to Fiji after coming out on top in a debate about seabed minerals. Fifteen-year-old student teherenui Koteka will be heading to Fiji in December for the next regional Deep Sea Minerals workshop after taking the top spot in the youth debate. the event on October 6 was organised by the cook islands Seabed Minerals Authority (SBMA) and te ipukarea Society (tiS), and saw 12 young people discuss the arguments around seabed minerals. there were two local judges, language and culture manager and science advisor with the Ministry of education Jane taurarii and secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and immigration Myra Patai. they were joined by a judge from overseas, Fiji-based manager of the Secretariat of the Paciic community (SPc)-european union Deep Sea Minerals Project Akuila tawake. the debate involved three rounds, beginning with two teams of six. the top six students were chosen for the second round, and asked to debate for the opposite side. the top two inalists were Koteka and tereora college student Myria rongo, also 15. the two competed head to head in the inal round of the debate. In the inal round, the question asked was whether the cook islands could effectively manage its seabed mineral resources. Koteka debated for

the afirmative, and Rongo debated for the negative. it was a close debate, with Koteka inching out ahead and taking the top spot. the runner-up prize was a voucher from Bounty Bookshop, and all debaters received participation prizes. Financial support for the project was provided by the

Secretariat of the Paciic Community’s Applied geoscience a n d te ch n o l o g y d i v i s i o n (SOPAc). tiS executive member teina Mackenzie and SBMA senior legal oficer Alex Herman coordinated the debate, aiming to increase public awareness on deep sea mining issues and how these issues might relate

to the cook islands, and also to encourage youth to engage and develop a better understanding of deep seabed minerals. “teina and i both agree the debate was a great success,” said herman, “and we were thrilled with the students who were articulate and conident, and actually taught our audience about the seabed mineral

about the issues and their say on it. And they deinitely gave the audience their views on the topic!” said herman. “the fact that they have had to look at it from all angles both positive and negative allows our youth and have a better understanding and appreciation of the issues.” - Briar Douglas

The debate winner Teherenui Koteka (right) and runner-up Myria Rongo. 13100948

The debaters stand proud at the prize giving after the event. 13100944

Student Teau Puna Vano in the second round of the debate. 13100945

Meetings to promote Paciic gender equality ViSiBilitY and accountability for women in the cook islands and the Paciic are the key areas of focus for the 12th triennial conference of Pacific Women from October 20-24 and 5th Pacific Women’s Ministerial Meeting on October 24-25. the meetings will take place in rarotonga and the theme is ‘celebrating our progress, shaping our world’. it represents a genuine need for the Paciic women to be accounted for and be visible in the Paciic in the future of the revised Pacific Platform for Action says SPc human devel-

issues. This debate was the irst of its kind, and we hope it will lead to more debates and discussion.” herman and Mackenzie said the theme of the night, aside from raising awareness about deep sea minerals, was youth empowerment. “it was about giving our youth an opportunity to think

opment programme manager linda Petersen, as she highlighted that 25 young women from 13 Paciic Island countries will be attending the conference as well as a three-day Pacific Young Women’s leadership Alliance (PYWlA) pretriennial dialogue. there is also a very positive sign of the level of commitment by Paciic governments, as many of the young women participating at the alliance dialogue have also been welcomed onto their national delegations, she added. this is also building on

the rich history of the Pacific women which will also be celebrated. the opportunity for more Pacific island young women to access higher level education and training is also contributing to the development of a new team of leaders for our region. the pre-dialogue aims to build on the advocacy and development work of the young women leaders and to develop an implementation plan for the PYWlA Strategy. - Release/Sahiban Kanwal

On Tuesday evening join us for our FaBuLOus

island night with superbFeast

Dining 7 - 8.30pm show starts 8.30pm featuring delicious local food

0pm rts 8.3 a t s how t by 0pm s rtainmen 3 . 8 g7 nte Dinin d night e islan lllate Yze ti O B & Ra ithTa entw m n i nterta Livee

edgewater Resort - reservations essential phone now 25435

ComplimentaryTransfersprovidedfromanywhereontheisland. saturdayislandnightfeaturesOrama


Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te iPuKAreA

New graduates stand tall SeVeNtY students graduated from the university of the South Paciic (USP) in Takamoa on Friday, after marching proudly in a procession from the university campus to the National Auditorium in their academic dress. the students were awarded their qualiications in front of an audience of hundreds of wellwishers by pro-chancellor ikbal Jannif, supported by uSP staff, tutors and academic guests, as well as Prime Minister henry Puna and Queen’s representative tom Marsters. there were 51 students that received degrees, certiicates or diplomas from the university. they were joined by 19 ‘presentees’ who had previously graduated at other ceremonies in the Paciic region, but had not yet been awarded their qualifications in front of their family and friends in the cook islands. Of the 70 students, 43 received postgraduate -level qualiications and ive received diplomas or certiicates. there are more than 350 cook islands uSP graduates, with almost half graduating at post-graduate level. two-hundred-and-eighty-eight students have completed their studies entirely within the cook islands, with 155 of those completing postgraduate studies. - BD

Alumni who attended the ceremony included Marjorie Tuainekore Crocombe (front), secretary of education Sharyn Paio (left) and Ministry of Education director of learning and teaching Ina Herrmann (right). 13101123 Pokotiao Heather is all smiles after being awarded her Post Graduate Diploma in Public Service Management. 13101138

Ngametua College (right) received his Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting/ Management from prochancellor Ikbal Jannif.

A new graduate is congratulated with a succession of ei after receiving her qualiication.



Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News


The new graduates were adorned with ei’s by their excited loved ones after they left the stage. 13101131

Prime Minister Henry Puna (left) and Queen’s Representative Tom Marsters (second from left) attended the graduation at the auditorium on Friday. 13101124

Charles Carlson smiles proudly as he leaves the stage with a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Service Management. 13101135

Taimata Allaworth received a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Service Management. 13101134

Well-known faces among the USP alumni included Mike Tavioni (in black), who came along to support the new graduates. 13101120


Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303



Ex pupils and newcomers are welcome at Mama Mata’s te Reo Maori class. Starting again at 6pm at Arorangi Ruaau Meeting house, next door to the Magic Reef. Phone 27156. E noo ra.

Tinomanas Kopu Ariki are cordially invited to a meeting on Wednesday 16 October 2013 at 6pm. Venue Au Maru Palace. Agenda Tinomanas Investiture. Te Kopu Ariki o Tinomana te pati ia nei tatou kia tae mai ki tetai uipaanga ate Ruitoru 16 Okotopa ora 6 ite aiai kiko ia Au Maru. Kauariki Rangi

74368 /34454 /1931

Bowls Cook Islands AGM Date: 29 October 2013 Venue: Rarotonga Bowling Club Time: 5pm Agenda: 1. Opening prayer 2. Apologies 3. Presentation of previous AGM minutes 4. Matters arising from previous AGM minutes. 5. President’s Report 6. Treasurer’s Report 7. Election of all Oice Bearers 8. Other Matters 9. Closing prayer *Nomination forms are available Meitaki Maata Secretary General.

74357 / /1931

SHIPPING NOTICES Tiare Moana V16 Now Accepting Cargo for the Northern Group Islands Dry Goods & General Cargo Cargo Cutof is 18 October 2013 Frozen Goods, Fuel & Gas Cylinders - Accepting Cargo from 21 October 2013 with Cutof 23 October. Please ensure your cargo is in by the cutof dates. Phone 27185 for further information.

Manuel-Fortes Reunion Meeting Thursday 17 October 2013, 6.30pm. @ Vakatini Palace Pls bring a plate and your rale. 74367 / /2651

Get your exam, glasses or sunglasses from ANNIE and help support FREE exam and FREE glasses for children. ONLY available at THE EYE PLACE, Cooks Corner opp. CIPS. 74159 / /2656

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 71744


FOR SALE BY TENDER AT TE APONGA UIRA MAIN OFFICE AT TUTAKIMOA • Yamaha Farm Bike AG100 Year 2010 • New Truck Tyres All interested parties should forward a tender document in by close of of 3.30pm Tuesday 22 October 2013. The highest or any other tender prices is not necessarily accepted. For further information or an inspection appointment contact Marlene Cuthers on 20054, between 8.30am and 3.30pm Monday 14 to Tuesday 22 October 2013. 74377 / /1823




Ginger and white (ginger on top, white underneath) male cat in Matavera sea side. Very thin but still afectionate so possibly someone’s lost pet. Now recovering at Esther Honey if anyone wants to claim him. 74371 / /1931


Spacious 1 bedroom fully furnished house in Panama. 2 minute to town. grounds maintained call 55250 to view. 74374 /34456 /1931

3 Bedroom House for rentUnfurnished Back Road Nikao Available from 30 October Call 55092 74369 / /1931

2 Bedroom fully furnished house, Aroa, Arorangi for long term Tenant. call 54541 74347 / /1857

FOR SALE Bags of Tiare Taina ( gardenia) $10 a bag. Matapuka $12 a bag. Phone 51661. 74362 /33802 /1931

15 Gabion baskets 2m x 1m x .5m, $50 each. Phone 52160.

74215 / /2037

150hp Mercury Outboard for sale. Near new 4 stroke, purchased 2011 (100hrs) $16,995.00 Enquiries phone Grant 23677. Wire shelving, high-quality coated metal (no bugs!), rustfree, very strong, easy to install. 2m high, its into normal height room, with 6 shelves 45cm or 60cm wide. Loads up to 365kg. Ph 20959/57887 Elegant and contemporary dining set, table with glass top and 8 very comfy chairs. Table is 92cm high like standard kitchen benches, (normal tables 75cm). One year old, in new condition. $3000. Ph 20959/57887 Sofa suite with two matching chairs and cofee table with glass top. One year old, in new condition. $2000. Ph 20959/57887 Kelvinator refrigerator white, 520 litre, 1.7m high, 79cm wide, 61cm deep, one year old, very good condition. $1500. Ph 20959/57887. 74376

74329 /34440 /1931


CONSULTATION ON THE PROPOSED TAX REVIEW MFeM along with the Minister of Finance would like to invite all members of the public to attend a consultation on the proposed recommendations of the Tax Review. Please come along to voice your ideas and discuss the Tax Review with Government. WHEN: Wednesday 16 October 2013, Avarua sinai Hall, 6pm.

Tiare Taina blooms, $10 a bag. Phone Joyce 20201. 74289 /34390 /1917

For the sake of your family

GET HELP Call AA - 71744

VEHICLES FOR SALE 2006 Honda Jazz, gear-shift, 48,000km, yellow, in excellent condition. Never had a single problem. $14,900. Ph 20959/57887.

Notice is hereby given by Kob NV Intellectual Property services, Kennedypark 31c, B-8500, Kortrijk, Belguim, the owner and proprietor of the Trade Mark:

New Position Vonnia’s General Store has a position available for a Manager to oversee the everyday running of the Store. Part of job description would be monitoring Sales, Staf Performance, Store Displays. If you are interested in this challenge please forward CV and References to vonnias@ or submit to Head Oice at Vonnia’s Warehouse. 74339 / /1893

FRONTLINE SALES PERSON We are looking for a well presented person with an outgoing personality to join our frontline team at Avis Cook Islands. If you enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, then this customer service position could be for you. You need to have some basic computer knowledge. You must have excellent communication skills. You must be available to work in the weekends. This position requires a clean current driver’s license for motorbike & car. For more details please call Michelle on Ph: 29882 74310 / /1648

Autism Cook islands Ph 24065/55976


Vacancy Vonnia’s General Store has a vacancy for a Shop Assistant. We are looking for a Mature Person between the age of 20 -40. Applicant must be Honest, Reliable, Neat and Tidy, have excellent customer service and able to get along with fellow staf members. Please call 20927 to make an appointment for interview. 74338 / /1893

The following fulltime job are available on a small tourist property in Aitutaki. Applicants must have experience, honest, and dedicated to work 6 days or over without supervision. All applicants must be versatile to work in other areas related to the property when work is slow. 1) 1 x Massage & Manicure job - must have experience and worked in the industry also be versatile to do other jobs like house keeping, cooking and cleaning. 2) 2 x Farmers - must have experience in vegetable, fruit farming, poultry and pig farming with dedication to work on the ield 6 days a week. Must also be versatile to do other jobs related with the property. 3) 1 x boat driver with boat master or dive master ticket has worked in the tourist industry and be versatile to work with other project related to the property. 4) 1 x Bar & Restaurant Manager - must have experience in the hospitality industry and be versatile in other work area Contact. Paradise Cove, PO Box 64, Aitutaki. Phone, 682 31218, Email: paradisecove@aitutaki. 74370 / /2141

BEREAVEMENT We, the family of

Papamama Pokino



sadlyannoucehispassingawayinaucklandonsaturday 12 October 2013. hewillbereturnedtoRarotongaforhisburial.hisfuneral arrangements will be announced at a later date. ForinquiriespleasecontacthisdaughterLizTiroon55557or sharon Maoate on 52092.



Trainee sales manager, suit a mature adult with retail experience. Single page CV required. Please forward to

74167 / /2536



Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


73704 /34395 /1723

73788 /35091 /1855

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



We are seeking a part time grounds person (15 hours per week) to work with our caretaker: Maintain and beautify our college grounds Maintain and clean buildings small handyman jobs If you’re interested call Mona our executive oicer to ind out more on Phone 23819 or email

Tuatua tumatetenga

TetumatetenganeitekoputangataoPapamamaPokinoi teakakiteatuekuatakakeatuaianatearatiroaotemate, i akarana ra 12 no Okotopa 2013. ka akaoki ia mai tona kopapaekaakakiteiaaturaiteporokaramuotonatanumanga. Taniuniu atu i tana tamaine ko LizTiro 55557 me kare ko sharon Maoate 52092. Te atua te aroa.




happy 14th Birthday to our Princess in the Cook Islands in respect of

“Smokers’ articles.” Any infringements, imitation or unauthorized use of the above trade mark in the Cook Islands will be dealt with according to law. Kob NV by its Attorneys, HeNRy HUGHes LTd Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys, PO Box 356, Wellington, New Zealand

Open for Tender - Aquarius Hotel 13 spacious rooms: 3,300 sq m waterfront 51 year lease period remaining Restaurant, Bar, Lounge, Pool, oices. Tenders should be communicated in sealed envelope to CIRe Tenders PO Box 3157 Avarua by 14th Nov 2013 More info Ph /TXT: Peter 55289 - Carey 55678

74348 74359

Tevaikura v sophieTatuava

Thank you god for a special daughter. May you have many more birthdays to come. Your brothers, gustave n elizabeth, Joshua n Parehui and Tatuava. nicesandnephews,antiesanduncles,hereandfar.

Love from nena, Tekura Tatuava. special kisses from Mum and Dad, Tevaerangi and sonny Tatuava.


Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Flight Times | Voyage details TO



1.25AM 5.30PM 12.45AM


5.30PM 3.50PM 1.25AM

RARO TO ARR tuesday octoBer 15 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

FLIGHT FROM ARRIVES tuesday octoBer 15 NZ748/749 AKL 12.25AM NZ46/45 AKL 4.15PM VA163/162 AKL 11.50PM thursday octoBer 17 NZ46/45 AKL 4.20PM GZ035/034 PPT 2.50PM NZ748/749 AKL 12.25AM




0910 1140 1640


1000 1230 1730







GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at cook islands News






Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

answer to Monday’s puzzle

answer to Monday’s puzzle

hÄgaR the horrible

A STRONG WINd WARNING REMAINS IN FORCE FOR ALL SOUTHERN COOKS WATERS. Situation: A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers lies slow moving over southern Cooks. A weak trough lies slow moving over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Over Waters: southeast winds 20 to 25 knots. Rough seas. Over Land: Moderate to fresh southeast winds.Cloudy periods with some showers. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For Rarotonga: Cloudy periods with some showers. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional showers with isolated thunderstorms. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: some showers.

Humidity WEd










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Rarotonga Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Tuesday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By Lee Falk & sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight


By Dik Browne


The PhanTOM



TUE High 6.09aM 0.82M 6.42pM 0.84M




1.4m SW

12.29pM 0.34M


0.8m NW


WEd High 7.18aM 0.84M 7.44pM 0.87M


Low 12.59aM 0.31M




Sun, Moon & Arapo

SE 15KTS New Moon nOv 3 12.50AM

First Quarter nOv 10 5.58AM

Full Moon OcT 18 11.38PM

sunshine hours

Third Quarter OcT 26 11.41PM


araPo - una TUE 15 TANU (Planting) Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.



Sun Rise

Ika tauira. Po meitaki i te tautai i te maiata. Schools of small ish. Good to ish at dawn.


Front Key:




0.9m SW


swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, October 15, 2013 Sun Set


Moon Rise 3.05pM Moon Set 3.46aM

WEd Sun Rise 6.07aM Sun Set 6.43pM


0.6m SW

TAUTAI (Fishing)

Moon Rise 4.03pM Moon Set 4.28aM


26° E 16KTS


25° E 16KTS


26° E 16KTS


26° E 16KTS


30° E 12KTS


26° E 16KTS


Tuesday, OcTOber 15, 2013 cook Islands News



Boxing and sailing update

16 DaYs



Baggage handler off to World Cup A BAggAge handler at Sydney Airport will be checking in today for the trip of a lifetime–representing the cook islands at the rugby league World cup. rea Pittman, a 20-year-old centre from cronulla, needed to apply for leave at late notice when Auckland-born Penrith Panthers back geoff Daniela was forced to withdraw from the 23man squad after suffering a knee injury. Daniela suffered the agonis-

ing blow while playing for the Windsor Wolves in the NSW cup grand inal against Cronulla last Sunday, and was ruled out following scans. cook islands coach David Fairleigh - a member of ivan cleary's coaching staff at the Panthers sympathised with Daniela. unlike the Kiwis' selection process, Fairleigh's was straightforward. "it's not like we've got hundreds of players to pick from." And none like Sonny Bill Wil-

liams - although Fairleigh will be delighted to see the controversial star run on to Doncaster's Keepmoat Stadium next Monday (NZt). the cooks have a pre-tournament match against the Kiwis, a game that potentially takes on extra signiicance, following Williams' decision to make himself available. "it would be tremendous for Sonny Bill to play not only for us, but for the crowd up there too.

We'll just have to wait and see," said Fairleigh. two Sydney roosters who did not make the cut for last weekend's decider against Manly tinirau Arona and Dylan Napa - should log game time against the Kiwis in a warm-up that will feature an extended interchange bench. Fairleigh was looking forward to harnessing Arona - who has not played in the Nrl since the roosters clinched the minor premiership - and Napa, who

was unlucky to be omitted last weekend, after luke O'Donnell recovered from a hamstring injury. the bulk of his squad were involved in the inals' series' either in the holden cup, NSW cup, Nrl or Super league, so the likes of former and current NZ Warriors, isaac John (Penrith) and Dominique Peyroux, should also feature against the defending champions. - stuf

Rea Pittman.


Tisam’s coaching receives tick tuKA tisam's transition from cook islands international football player to technical expert is a challenging journey says the former midield man from rarotonga. The irst-ever OFC B Licence training was held in December 2012 with participants from a number of member associations taking part as they look to improve the technical prowess of their local coaches. tisam was among the 19 candidates who spent over two weeks at OFc Academy in Penrose, Auckland working their way towards the highest coaching level currently offered

by OFc and was recently assessed on his progress by OFc technical director Patrick Jacquemet. tisam, newly appointed to the ciFA technical director’s role after acting in the position for close to a year, says a lot of work has gone in behind the scenes between the course proper and his assessment. “We have been doing regular reporting with the OFc technical department since the course,” tisam says. “So for me that was updates on the regular training that i was doing with the under 17 national team before the pre-

liminary tournament and in the lead-up to and during the OFc under 17 championship after we qualiied. “i also did twice-weekly training sessions with the senior men’s team to keep me going until the season started.” the former cook islands national team member says the workload associated with the B Licence qualiication was manageable and easily slotted in around his other activities and responsibilities. the assessment itself was another story. “it was tough. really tough,” he says. “But i got some really

good feedback from Patrick on my coaching.” t h e ‘f i n a l a s s e s s m e n t ’ requires the candidate to create a session around a speciic topic, given to them by the assessor, and demonstrate their ability to apply it with senior players. tisam says his topic, crossing and inishing, was dificult but he believes he did reasonably well with the players understanding his intentions with the session. While there is further work to do before tisam will earn his B licence accreditation, he says the beneits to his home country

are extensive. “it will help me in that i will become the highest qualified person on the island and through my role as technical director i will be able to share all that knowledge with fellow coaches. But it will also increase my responsibility for the community, as rarotonga and the cook islands in general has a very low knowledge of football. With the B licence and in my role as technical director i will have a greater responsibility for increasing that level of knowledge around the country.” - OFC

Absolutely Avana!

the AVANA women’s cricket club team (pictured) sizzled with style in their brand new gear on Saturday when they took to the turangi pitch to face their opponents from takuvaine. the Avana ladies stepped out

in their hot pink, white and orange gear for the irst time on Saturday and were certainly brimming with pride and conidence before stepping out on the pitch. Not only did the newly kitted out ladies look fabulous but

they also put on a great cricketing display to beat takuvaine. the team were able to be kitted out thanks to the generous support from sponsors including the Mooring café and captain Moko, captain tama’s lagoon cruizes, Sails restau-

rant and Bar, Muri Beach club hotel, Kia Orana Store and Matariki FM. the women’s team have been a feature of women’s cricket for the past four years and their win on Saturday against takuvaine means the women are making

great progress this season with four wins and 2 losses so far. the team would like to thank their sponsors’ for their generous support and are keen to be one of the top women’s cricket teams on the island. - MW

CIFA technical director and B Licence candidate Tuka Tisam at a training session. 13101426

Meeting tonight cOOK islands crickets’ third and inal round of recruitment is open for players wanting to join the high Performance Programme (hPP), beginning with a compulsory meeting this evening at the CICA ofice at 5pm. cook islands cricket chief executive Alister Stevic said that the demands currently within the HPP are signiicantly higher than in previous times. “Our strategy is simple – target, recruit, train and reward players who are 100 per cent dedicated to training, communicating with management and winning international games for the country. Skills can be taught,” said Stevic. Stevic went on to say that it was pleasing to see the new strategy working and that performances and commitment had improved exponentially under the new programme, most notably against recent visiting sides New Zealand croatia and New Zealand Maori teams. Stevic said that tonight’s meeting will be the last opportunity for players to register their interest for next year’s May 2014 tournaments in Japan and upcoming series against visiting sides. if players are interested but cannot make this evenings meeting they need to make contact with Alister before tonight’s meeting on 55740. - CIC/MW

Tuesday 15 October  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Tuesday, October 15, 2013