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$2 Friday, October 11, 2013

George blasts govt over Colagate inquiry TeenuI-MAPuMAI member of parliament norman George has lashed out against the government for its progress in undertaking an inquiry into the ‘Colagate’ affair. “Where is evidence of action? Where is the pride in their system?” said George. “The people of this country are fed up with this kind of nonsense.” “It could well be that the government has realised the futility of such a committee into looking into it.” the Public Accounts Committee - a parliamentary group - was tasked in June with the job

of looking into “the practice of certain importers splitting invoices for goods on which duty is calculated and payable”. The practice has often been referred to as “Colagate”. According to a source, planning meetings have been held but no irm date has been set to begin the inquiry. to date, it is believed only the Cook Islands Trading Company (CITC) benefitted financially from Colagate by separating their invoices – paying a 10 per cent levy on packaging and a 40 per cent levy on contents. George has described the prac-

tices associated with Colagate as “criminal”, and during the previous session of parliament said more than $18 million could be involved in lost revenue for the government. the PAC consists of chairman and MP John Henry, ngatangiia MP Atatoa Herman, Aitutaki MP and house leader Mona Ioane, Opposition Leader Wilkie Rasmussen, and former Prime Minister Jim Marurai. In addition to his criticism on PAC’s progress in looking into the matter, George has been critical of a provision in Henry’s motion for the committee to sit

“in-camera”. “you can’t have parliamentary sittings in secrecy–parliament is where the people are represented,” he said. “This most public, the most open of institutions, it’s the fountain of freedom. Right now that is not being represented by the PAC.” George has been waiting for parliament to deal with a separate motion he introduced as a private member which asks the government to establish a Commission of inquiry pursuant to the Commission of Inquiry Act of 1966. He has described his motion

as a “deep penetrating investigation of how Colagate was formulated and who beneitted”, and referred previously to the PAC motion as “timid” adding “It needs a lot more teeth.” During debate heard in parliament last June, MP’s discussed the motions put forth by George and Henry. “As we all know and are aware, as a result of public outcry and media [coverage], the minister responsible for the portfolio requested the committee to review the matter,” said Henry, referring to Finance Minister Mark Brown.

USP students graduate today

Wear it pink!

Liz Koteka and noeline Bridge from the Cook islands Breast Cancer Foundation, and rachelle Hooker, showed their support for breast cancer awareness month yesterday. 13101006 PInk WAS the colour to be seen in Avarua yesterday on breast cancer awareness day. The Cook Islands Breast Cancer Foundation (CIBCF)

manned a stall outside Westpac bank, with plenty of pink items up for sale to support the foundation, including pink ribbons for a donation and CIBCF

t-shirts and singlets also available. October is breast cancer awareness month. Staff from Westpac bank were kept busy feeding the queues

on Saturday, and the foundation would like to thank all the sponsors who support this very worthwhile cause. - Rachel Smith




BooK 52881 oR 22254


of people at the sausage sizzle, with all the proceeds donated to the foundation. The CIBCF pink stall will be set up at again the market

Seventy students will graduate from the University of the South Paciic in Takamoa today. At a ceremony to be held at the national Auditorium, 51 students who have completed degrees, certificates or diplomas at the university will be acknowledged for their achievements. They will be joined by 19 students who have graduated at other ceremonies in the Paciic region, but have not yet been awarded their qualiications in front of their family and friends in the Cook Islands. Of the 70 students, 43 are receiving postgraduate-level qualiications and ive are receiving diplomas or certiicates. A group of 17 people are receiving a Master of education, including 10 from the outer islands. Another group of 17 is receiving a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Service Management. Past students are also encouraged to come along and dress in the graduation robes to join the procession to the auditorium. the graduation ceremony will be held from 10am to 12pm. the event will be attended by the pro-chancellor Ikbal Jannif and vice-chancellor and president Professor Rajesh Chandra. - Briar Douglas




“For that reason, hence the tabling of the order, we seek for parliament endorsement and approval for the public affairs committee to proceed and continue.” “They (PAC) have more than enough competence to provide a very informed decision,” said Brown. the Atiu member also had choice words for the ruling CIP government, which he said “is unable to govern”. “this is a crippled and paralysed government,” he said. “Government by taxation is all they seem to be concerned with.” - Emmanuel Samoglou











Creative Centre Tupapa 5.30pm for 6pm Friday Ph 55097


Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Oetzi was their 'relly' AustriAn scientists have found that 19 tyrolean men alive today are related to “Oetzi the iceman”, whose 5300-year-old frozen body was found in the italian Alps in 1991. their relationship was established through DnA analysis by scientists at the institute of Legal Medicine at innsbruck Medical university. the DnA tests were taken from blood donors in tyrol. A particular genetic mutation was matched. Women were not included in the study, as a different procedure would be required to match their genes.

It’s going to get hotter study says tropical locations will see record highs in seven years MAnOA – Annual average temperatures will consistently exceed historic high temperatures in as little as seven years in tropical hotspots – and could leave the current global temperature range in the dust within four decades if nothing is done to stop climate change, according to a new study. By the end of the century, monthly average temperatures will be higher than at any time since at least 1860, according university of Hawai’i geogra-

world BRIeFS BREAKTHROUGH DRUG FOR ALZHEIMER’S LONDON – According to a study published in Science Translational Medicine this week, British researchers say they have achieved a breakthrough that could lead to a revolution in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers say that a drug they developed stopped degenerative brain diseases in lab mice. The drug prevents neurons from being destroyed by targeting how the brain reacts to abnormally shaped proteins responsible for neural degeneration. “We were extremely excited when we saw the treatment stop the disease in its tracks and protect brain cells, restoring some normal behaviors and preventing memory loss in the mice,” scientist Giovanna Mallucci told Sky News.

NORWEGIAN SUSPECT IN MALL ATTACK NORWAY – Norway’s intelligence agency (PST) says it is investigating whether a Norwegian citizen was involved in the attack on Nairobi’s Westgate shopping centre. The PST said it had sent investigators to Kenya to try to verify the claim. It said it was opening an inquiry “based on information that a Norwegian citizen may have been involved”. A Norwegian of Somali origin may have been involved in planning and carrying out the 21 September attack in which at least 67 people died, the PST said. It added that it would also try to establish if the unnamed suspect had ties to Somalia’s al-Shabab, the al-Qaeda-linked militant group which said it had carried out the attack. The PST said it was working to assess any potential threats to Norway and Norwegian interests.

TALIBAN WANTS TO HOLD ‘PEACE TALKS’ PAKISTAN – The leader of the Pakistani Taliban, Hakimullah Mehsud, says he is prepared to hold peace talks with the Pakistan government. But he says his group will continue to target Americans and their allies. Hakimullah Mehsud has wreaked havoc across Pakistan and he may have been responsible for killing thousands. Now he says if the government wants to talk it has to send a team to him. In a rare interview he gave some indications of what his demands might be, including the imposition of Sharia law. He says any ceaseire would have to include an end to American drone attacks.

82-YEAR-OLD WINS NOBEL LITERATURE PRIZE cANADA – canadian author Alice Munro has won the Nobel Prize for Literature for her tales of the struggles, loves and tragedies of women in small-town canada. The 82-year-old started writing stories in her teens and her works include The View from castle Rock and Too Much Happiness. The award committee called her the master of the contemporary short story. “Some critics consider her a canadian chekhov,” the Swedish Academy said, comparing her to the 19th-century Russian short story writer. Munro told cBc Television she hoped the award “would make people see the short story as an important art; not just something you played around with until you get a novel written.”

pher Camilo Mora. The effects will be felt irst in tropical climates, with the annual temperature range rising beyond the historical range in Manokwari, Indonesia, in 2020. Mexico City’s date is 2031. It’s 2046 in Orlando, Florida, and a year later in Washington and new York. Anchorage, Alaska, doesn’t climb on board the heatwave until 2071. “The results shocked us. Regardless of the scenario, changes will be coming soon,” Mora said in a statement posted by the university. “Within my generation, whatever climate we were used to will be a thing of the past.” According to the research, which assesses the impact of warming using an average of well-accepted computer climate models, the average annual global temperature will move “to a state continuously outside the bounds of historical variability” in 2047 if no efforts are made to slow global warming. Such changes can be put off some 20 years if greenhouse gas emissions are stabilised. the study found that the overarching global effect of climate change on biodiversity will occur not only as a result of the largest absolute changes at the poles, but also, and perhaps more urgently, from small but rapid changes in the tropics. tropical species are unaccustomed to climate variability and are therefore more vulnerable to relatively small temperature changes. the tropics hold the world’s greatest diversity of marine and terrestrial species and will experience unprecedented climates some 10 years earlier than anywhere else on earth. Previous studies have already shown that corals and other tropical species are currently living in areas near their physiological limits. - CNN

a new study from the university of Hawai’i predicts tropical areas will experience record temperatures in as little as seven years with coral reefs under threat of ecological extinction. AFP

Nightmares for Dreamliner TOkYO – Japan Airlines says it has turned around two of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft during lights due to technical problems. On one plane one of the two anti-ice systems, which prevent ice building up around the engine, failed. Meanwhile, an electrical glitch made six toilets unusable on another light. these are the latest technical issues to hit the Dreamliner, which saw the entire leet being grounded earlier this year fol-

lowing battery problems. the anti-icing system failed on a Tokyo-bound flight that took off from San Diego. A spokesperson for JAL said that a similar issue had forced a Tokyo-to-Singapore light to be turned back in June this year. Meanwhile, an electrical system failure connected to the lavatories affected a light from Moscow to Tokyo. the failure resulted in six of the seven toilets on the plane not being able to lush. the airline said that it was

looking into the problems. The issues have hurt Boeing. earlier this week, JAL announced a $9.5 billion plane deal with rival Airbus. It is the irst time that it has agreed to buy Airbus planes, having preferred Boeing for many decades. Analysts have hinted that issues with the Dreamliner may have played a role in JAL’s decision. Boeing has received orders for more than 950 jets since its launch. - BBC

Pay outs for monkey attacks HIuGA – Residents in a city in

western Japan are to be offered compensation after being attacked by a wild monkey. The city of Hyuga in Miyazaki Prefecture will give 20,000 yen ($205) to each of the 18 victims, the kyodo news agency reports. The monkey was eventually captured after terrorising the town for one and a half weeks. Among the victims, a man required 20 stitches in his arms and right leg. He was attacked from behind

while riding a bicycle. The monkey was cornered in an empty house in a hunt involving 2500 ire-ighters, police and licensed hunters. It was put down shortly after being captured. the owner of the house was given 300,000 yen in compensation after its walls and ceilings were damaged in the hunt. “Considering the seriousness of the situation in which the residents were consecutively menaced and many of whom

suffered injuries, we have decided to provide compensation money for this incident,” a municipal oficial said. A monkey attack alert on the prefecture’s website has now been removed. But patrols are continuing in the city in case of further danger, a local oficial said. “But we have not found any other monkeys threatening our people and the city has now returned to calm and normal.” - BBC

Hindu festival

RADIATION RISES IN FUKUSHIMA HARBOUR FUKUSHIMA – Radiation levels in harbour seawater beside one of the damaged Fukushima reactors spiked this week to the highest level in two years. The operator of the crippled Japanese nuclear plant, TEPcO, says cesium-134 and cesium-137 readings on Wednesday jumped 13 times the previous day’s reading. The readings were taken in the harbour right next to the Fukushima plant, hundreds of meters from the port entrance that connects to the Paciic Ocean. Radiation from water leaking from the facility is mostly conined to the harbour around the plant, oicials have said. On Wednesday, six workers were heavily exposed when a worker mistakenly detached a pipe connected to a treatment system, releasing seven tonnes of highly radioactive water.

today’s Daily Bread For who knows a person’s thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.

Matthew2:6-16 7:21-29 read: read: 1 Corinthians

text: Matthew 7:26 text: Verse 11

nepalese Hindu devotees participate in festivities at the Shikali temple during celebrations for the Shikali Jatra festival in the village of Khokana, on the outskirts of Kathmandu. AFP


Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Flying start

Ganbold Jansandorj of Mongolia starts the Men’s 4x400m relay inal in heavy pollution during the East Asian Games held at the Tianjin Olympic Stadium in Tianjin, northern China this week. The East Asian Games which are held every four years see nine countries including China, Japan, South and North Korea participating in 262 events in 22 diferent sports. AFP

Amphibious astronaut takes giant leap for frog kind SPACe – Frogs in space! Or

frog, at least. And maybe not in space, but for certain it took a wild ride. nASA has conirmed a photo, taken by a remote camera at the launch of the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust environment explorer (LADee), was not a trick. Observers saw the little frog

streaking skyward alongside a 90-foot-tall rocket carrying a moon mission from nASA’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport in Virginia. “the photo team confirms the frog is real and was captured in a single frame by one of the remote cameras used to photograph the launch,” nASA said.

the photo was first posted online on Wednesday and it’s been hopping around the internet since. And prompting some super puns from internet wits. “From lily pad to launch pad.” “An unlucky frog took a giant leap for mankind.”

“Did it croak?” And the frog’s last words were: “Orrrbit, orrrbit.” the condition of the frog, however, is uncertain, but these kind of things tend not to end well for amphibians. So how did it get there in the irst place? the launchpad at the spa-

ceport has a pool – or “highvolume water deluge system_ – that activates during launches to protect the pad from damage and for noise suppression. It was likely it was a damp, cool place that was a nice spot for a frog to hang out,” Universe Today reported. While the frog’s short trip to

the final frontier may be over, LADee’s continues. It was expected to reach lunar orbit on October 6 and then commence gathering “detailed information about the lunar atmosphere, conditions near the surface and environmental inluences on lunar dust, nASA said. - CNN


























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Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no te PA enUA

Islands top global disaster risk list Paciic countries rank top for disasters risk exposure globally THe PACIFIC – A report by the united nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction has found that ive Paciic countries are among the top 15 disaster risk countries in the world. The countries are Fiji, Vanuatu, tonga, Papua new Guinea and Solomon Islands. vanuatu and tonga were ranked as the top two nations

with the most risk, while Fiji was in ifteenth place. the sub-regional coordinator for the UnSDR in the Pacific, tim Wilcox, told Radio Australia’s Paciic Beat these rankings highlight the vulnerability of the Paciic island countries and their exposure to disasters in the region. the report found that natural

paciic BRIeFS CHURCH DEMANDS BAN ON GAY MARRIAGES VANUATU – The Presbyterian church of Vanuatu is calling for all churches to come together to discuss same-sex marriage and push the government to legislate against it. Last week, it was reported that gay marriage ceremonies, which are prohibited under the constitution, are being performed between couples from Australia on the small island of Iririki of Port Vila. Pastor Alain Nafuki says his church is opposed to gay marriage, and while it may be legal elsewhere it should not be in Vanuatu. He says the church has contacted the government, asking for an outright ban. “We are requesting for the Internal Afairs to come up with some kind of policy. They need to put a legislation, that would ban all these practices, in Vanuatu.”

SENT BACK HOME ‘WITHOUT ASSESSMENT’ NAURU – An advocate for refugees says it is a scandal that Australia is deporting ive Sri Lankans seeking asylum without assessing their claims. The ive had spent about a year incarcerated in a camp on Nauru until being moved to a remote in northern West Australia two months ago. The spokesperson for the Refugee Action coalition, Ian Rintoul, says it appears the Australian government is simply weeding out the nationals of some countries and refusing to allow any assessment of the validity of their asylum claims. “It is very clear that it is not Nauru that is making the decisions and these people have been the Australian government’s responsibility all along,”he said.

TSUNAMI-HIT RESORT WINS AWARDS SAMOA– The Seabreeze resort in Samoa has won the award for Samoa’s leading hotel at the World Travel Awards in Dubai. The resort, on the south coast of the country’s main island of Upolu, was badly damaged in the 2009 Paciic tsunami, with its restaurant completely washed out to sea, and owners chris and Wendy Booth lucky to survive. The hotel was the last in Samoa to reopen after a long battle with insurers and extensive rebuilding. In August, it won “Best innovative design and technique” in the New Zealand Restaurant challenge, and was voted on Trip Advisor this year in the Top 10 Hotels for Romance in the South Paciic.

NEW SCAM WARNINGS IN PORT MORESBY PAPUA NEW GUINEA – The police commander in the National capital District in Papua New Guinea has warned that scammers are operating in the country. commander Andy Bawa says those being targeted are low income earners, security guards and self employed people. He says they are told to deposit sums of between US$20 and $40 dollars with promises that they will reap returns of 500 per cent from their investments. He says often the scammers pretend to be either oicials or politicians. Commander Bawa says he believes the scammers are working with people in government departments who are providing them with information about local oicials and MPs.

PAPUA TO ALLOW FOREIGN MEDIA vISITS WEST PAPUA – The governor of Indonesia’s Papua province, Lukas Enembe, has promised to open the region up to foreign journalists and non government organisations, saying their safety would be guaranteed. The Jakarta Globe quotes Enembe saying that there is nothing that needs to be covered up. He says that that would only raise questions. The paper reports Enembe saying people will be able to see the development that has been made and inform others that Papua is a safe place. The statement is a marked departure from previous policies with journalists and NGOs rarely allowed into the Papua region.

POLICE OffER TO PROvIDE MONEY ESCORTS PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Police have advised business houses in Port Moresby to seek their help in escorting large sums of money around the city. It follows the arrest of a fourth employee of a security company tasked with transferring 6.3 million kina to the Bank of Papua New Guinea in downtown Port Moresby. National capital District Metropolitan commander Supt Andy Bawa said police were following up leads on other suspects and were conident of rounding them up soon. “I am appealing to business houses in the city that if they want to transport huge sums of money, they must request my oice so that we can provide security for them,” he said. Police have arrested the three security guards and a radio operator but there has been no sign of the cash.

disasters are costing Fiji uS$79 million annually, or about 2.6 percent of its GDP. Wilcox says these igures are worrying. “It just emphasises the importance of investing in prevention strategies now, so that communities and buildings and the private sector are more resilient,” he said. “Our research shows that as little as an extra 10 per cent into the budget of a house or a building can actually make a building cyclone proof.” According to Wilcox, such preventive measures are costeffective but are not practiced as often as they should be. “We’re still seeing people constructing new buildings that are not necessarily cycloneproof,” he said. Wilcox says the UnSDR is

‘Our research shows that as little as an extra 10 per cent into the budget of a house or a building can actually make a building cyclone proof.’ trying to create awareness about the beneits of building hazard proof infrastructure. “Incorporating disaster risk reduction strategies at the beginning of construction – and helping communities identify the hazards that they’re exposed to, and try to take steps to reduce those risks – is not only cost-ef-

fective but it beneits everyone in the long run, it reduces the number of deaths,” he said. It might take a few years before there are any signiicant reductions in risks faced by these countries. But Wilcox says countries like Fiji are taking that irst step towards the right direction. “I think we are seeing some improvements, particularly in Fiji where we’re seeing a lot more investment,” he said. “the awareness of the importance of putting in prevention strategies when people are constructing buildings or bridges and the importance of working with the community, are actually taking hold, which is good. “It means the messages are getting through.” the media is one avenue

through which the UnSDR is reaching out to people. It recently conducted a twoday training session in Fiji’s capital Suva where journalists were taught about disaster risk reduction. “The media plays a key role, not just in passing on the message and increasing awareness of the vulnerabilities of countries and the hazards that people face,” Wilcox said. Wilcox says the media can help people understand how infrastructure can be built better to withstand natural disasters. “I think that’s really important because it’s clear to us that if the media doesn’t understand what the concept of disaster risk reduction is, then it’s a good sign that a lot of people probably don’t understand,” he said. - Paciic Beat

No backing down on work ban APIA – Samoan Prime Minis-

ter tuilaepa Sailele Malalegoi has irmly restated that he has banned seven Samoan villages from taking part in new Zealand’s seasonal workers scheme. the ban was put in place after men from the villages got into trouble while in new Zealand. Most involved in the scheme stay out of trouble, but there have been instances of drunkenness, and some were been deported, the ABC reports. In response, Tuilaepa has banned seven villages from providing workers for the scheme, saying it will force the village

people and their chiefs to take collective responsibility. “It’s a collective responsibility for the elders of the village, the chiefs, to ensure that those who have the beneit of joining the scheme will be the ones that will bring honour, not dishonour to the villages,” he said. “So it is a good scheme in the sense that also the elders of the villages be part of the monitoring process to ensure that only the best will be those who are sent overseas to work.” Under the scheme, thousands of people from the Paciic – including from Samoa, tonga,

Vanuatu, Tuvalu, kiribati and Papua new Guinea – travel to new Zealand each year to help ease seasonal labour shortages. A similar system exists in Australia for seasonal workers from east Timor, kiribati, nauru, Papua new Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. Tuilaepa spoke to the latest contingent of workers headed to Australia, and said they have a responsibility to protect the reputation of their country and its participation in the scheme. “We have a zero tolerance policy whereby the people that go

to work have been forewarned that they must never commit any actions that would jeopardise the scheme, in the sense that they have to abide by the laws of new Zealand and Australia,” he said. tuilaepa says there has been positive response to the bans, and with 200 villages in the island nation there’s no shortage of replacement workers keen to take part. He says Samoa has seen benefits from participating in the scheme and he would like to see that continue. - ABC/PNC

Bodies found during renovations HOnIARA – the remains of three uS Marines killed during the Paciic campaign of World War two have been uncovered in the Solomon Islands. the discovery of the remains, which have yet to be formally identiied, was made by a homeowner doing renovations.

Solomon Islands-based historian John Innes says field records from the Guadalcanal campaign give them a good idea who they were. “there were three people – Drake, Morrissey and Bernes, buried alongside of each other when they were killed on Octo-

ber 9, 1942,” he said. Many of the Guadalcanal battleields are now part of the heavily populated capital of the Solomon Islands, Honiara, and building work is the main cause of modern discoveries of soldiers’ remains. “they are accidently found

by people doing gardens or digging. Remains are being found all the time,” Innes said. During the Guadalcanal campaign, US forces lost around 1600 men, with Japanese losses estimated at nearly 25,000. - ABC

Anti-gay marriage pastor to tour MeLBOURne – A nigerian pas-

tor who claims gay marriage will lead to the end of the human race is touring the Paciic region next month, visiting Australia, new Zealand, Papua new Guinea, Fiji and the Solomon Islands General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, pastor enoch Adeboye, is touring Pacific nations in november, hoping to sew seeds for branches of his church across the region.

71-year-old Adeboye’s “Let the Wind Blow” tour will take him to Canberra, Melbourne, Auckland, Suva, Port Moresby, Perth, Sydney and the Solomon Islands capital Honiara. Adeboye made headlines in nigeria earlier this year when he claimed same-sex marriages would lead to the end of the human race. “Same-sex marriage is an anathema to the will of God for human beings to be fruitful, re-

plenish and multiply on earth –anything contrary to that is evil,” Adeboye told a gathering at Obafemi Awolowo University in January. the will of God for human beings is to be fruitful, replenish and multiply on earth, Adeboye preached. “How can a man who marries a fellow man produce a child and how can a woman who marries a fellow woman produce a child?

“If this evil is allowed to stay, there will not be newborns again in the world. As the older generation dies, will there be a new generations to succeed it? even plants and animals have new generations to succeed them.” Adeboye earlier sent pastor Abraham Adewole Haastrup to Australia to set up a church in Melbourne and he is hosting Adeboye’s Australian and Paciic tour. - PNC sources

No authorisation to remove bombs PORt VILA – A diving opera-

tor in vanuatu’s capital Port vila says the new Zealand navy visited last year and offered to remove unexploded bombs but were not given authorisation by the Vanuatu government. Mike Crawford, a part-owner of scuba diving company Big Blue, says Fabrice Bilandong, one of his experienced divers,

found the bombs. Crawford says the bombs have been there for 70 years and are covered in coral. He says they are not in the shipping lane, but he had to inform the new Zealand navy that they were anchoring immediately above the bombs, prompting them to move their ships.

He says on one occasion he found a 44-gallon drum full of live rounds of ammunition. “After a big cyclone we had it had burst open. It was just full of 50-calibre bullets as if they were brand new. And they were just spilled all over the bottom of the ocean, but they’ve since been all covered over. “And then the bombs, they

found one about three years ago and then they found another five. You know they’ve been there a long time.” there is debate in vanuatu between dive operators who want the World War two ordnance and other debris left alone and others who see it as a safety concern. - RNZI/PNC

Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no te PA enUA



Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

LetteRS reta

‘All taxpayers are treated equally’ Dear editor, Thank you for the opportunity to respond to a recent letter writer (‘Pillars of strength and hard work’, October 10) who outlined the ongoing struggle their parents faced with inances and the admirable way which they managed their money. I am sympathetic with the letter writer’s sentiments and I respect the ethical and moral approach they took to the management of their inances and their debts, and the obvious lessons they were passing on to their children. there are however statements which are incorrect. Additionally, the assertion that the government has somehow been involved in this whole process is simply wildly off the mark. I am sure that any member of government will tell you they wish the Revenue Management Division (RMD) had gone nowhere near nZ Super. The recent advertising which paints the government as “cruel” is unbalanced and does not accurately relect the current situation. I would now like to reiterate and further explain MFeM’s position in respect of the taxing of those people in receipt of new Zealand Superannuation (nZ Super) and how we are handling the current

situation. the government has not backdated the law and made nZ Super taxable, as there has been no change in the income tax law. nZ Super has been taxable in the Cook Islands since 1997 and is also taxable in new Zealand. All overseas pensions (with the exception of war and disability pensions) have been taxable in the Cook Islands since the enactment of the Income Tax Act in 1997. Since 1997 there have been a number of taxpayers in receipt of the nZ Super who have honoured their tax obligations. the RMD rely on the individual to correctly declare their income, and then an assessment of the tax which is required to be paid is made. In some cases people make an honest mistake and do not declare nZ Super in the belief that it is not taxable. Others, unfortunately, do not declare it to simply evade paying tax. not being aware that nZ Super is subject to taxation is not a suficient excuse to not pay it, as honest an omission it may have been on the part of the taxpayer. RMD became aware 2-3 years ago that a number of recipients of nZ Super were not declaring this on their income tax returns,

or not even submitting returns. ther, administratively only goRMD were faced with a scenario ing back for the year that was where some recipients of nZ Su- currently being assessed and one per were paying tax and others year prior, as a large number of were not. At this stage, RMD 2011 returns had not yet been had to ensure equity across the iled. We were surprised at the tax system, it simply could not continue on with the same situ- number of people receiving nZ Super which numbered ation. close to 250 people the nZ Ministry of It is no secret per annum. Once Social Development R M D have details provides all nZ Super to anyone that such as these they recipients with a letter many vocal are required to act that states that a gross individuals on it (Section 18 of payment of the benwith inluence the Income Tax Act efit will be made to in the 1997), they cannot the Cook Islands, and community just simply choose to that they may have to and the ability ignore information. pay tax on nZ Super to lex political RMD need to ensure payments in the Cook inluence that people earning Islands, and that they are caught income (of which nZ should contact the tax up in this. Super is defined as) authorities here. pay the amount of In February 2013 RMD requested and obtained a tax the law requires them to pay. It is no secret to anyone that list of recipients and their payment levels for the 2011 and many vocal individuals with 2012 years from Westpac (who influence in the community are obliged to provide that infor- and the ability to lex political mation). At that stage, income inluence are caught up in this. tax payments for the 2012 year In new Zealand, the nZ Super is were only due in november paid into the recipients account 2013, and a signiicant number less an amount deducted for tax. of returns for 2011 had not been Unfortunately, those adminisreceived despite the due date trative arrangements were not having passed. The important present here in the Cook Islands point to note here is that RMD and people are now in the unfadid not seek to go back any fur- miliar position of having to pay

tax. I have been approached, and I am aware the Finance Minister and his colleagues have also been approached, about the unfairness of the approach being taken by RMD. The argument being put forward by Grey Power was that they should not be paying tax, then later it was that a line in the sand needed to be drawn, and now that they are aware of their obligations, they will pay their fair share of tax. Grey Power (and others) will also say it is unfair and immoral to recover taxes from 2011 and 2012. In fact a line in the sand was drawn and moving forward, the RMD have taken the conscious decision not to seek information prior to 2011, except in the case where it believes there is signiicant evidence indicating that a taxpayer has deliberately taken measures to evade their tax. So in summary, RMD have obtained information they are legally required to act on, and have taken the decision not to go back beyond 2011. They have requested that taxpayers file their 2011 and 2012 tax returns onwards. At the time of RMD writing to most of the recipients, their 2011 tax would have been due, with their 2012 becoming due on november 1 this year. At that stage it was reasonably

believed to be a manageable approach. I reiterate no new legislation has been passed or any new agreement entered into that suddenly makes nZ Super taxable. Respectfully speaking, recipients of the nZ Super should have been aware that the beneit was taxed in new Zealand prior to them coming to the Cook Islands and it is taxable here too. It is the job of the RMD to assess all taxable income that it becomes aware of, and this is what it is doing. Any taxpayer that does not return income that is subject to tax will be assessed or reassessed for those years that the income has been received. All taxpayers are treated equally, whether it is nZ Super they receive, or salary and wage or business income. To conclude, I would like to reassure those superannuants who may face financial hardship by having to pay this tax, that their living and financial circumstances will be fully considered when they contact the RMD, and relief from the tax assessed may be given where justiied. But you need to come and see us to get to that stage. Richard neves Financial Secretary MFeM

You cannot have it both ways!’ Dear editor, I refer to the Cook Islands TV advertisement by Mr Dennis tunui regarding the new Zealand Pensioner’s pay and his claim that the current government is cruel. In my view it is Mr Tunui

who appears to impose ‘mental cruelty’. Dennis and his co-supporters could not understand the fact that ‘pension beneits’ anywhere in the world are a form of income and therefore are subjected to tax–and that includes back

tax, a form of unpaid tax that needs to be paid under the law. Dennis’s advertisement on the television is nothing more than a politically-motivated drive through media sensationalism. He fools no one except himself and his ‘followers’. Dennis

and his ‘troops’ still refuse to pay tax here. It is just a simple matter for the authorities here advising the nZ Inland Revenue Department and a much higher tax will be imposed on their pension. Take your pick Dennis, you

cannot have it both ways! Just think about us pensioners here who have lived, worked and toiled and paid our tax here to help bring the country to where it is today while you and your lot took off and on your return expect not to be taxed. What have you to offer? Come on paa

kotou… We are on the Cook Islands pension and we feel the Cook Islands Party government is introducing a fairer taxation system for everyone. Local Pensioner (being paid one third of your pension) (name and address supplied)

‘Thanks for the support’ Dear editor, I write to thank all the people from the Cook Islands who have sent messages of best wishes for my mayoral campaign. I am pleased to say that the campaign seems to have gone well and the feedback is encouraging but of course like any election we won’t know until the votes are counted. I have travelled over ten thousand ks and shaken over ive thousand hands in the last two months, patting babies and

kissing mothers just as fast as I can go. there have been candidates meetings, morning tea meetings, evening functions, road side meetings and meetings to organise meetings. I have enjoyed it and I really enjoy campaigning. Just two more sleeps to go. John Carter Mayoral candidate Far north District Council new Zealand

Letters to the Editor Readers are welcome to write in with their views and opinions, but letters may be edited for reasons of space or clarity. Real names will be kept conidential if requested but anonymous letters will not be accepted for publication. Write to: The Editor, Cook Islands News, PO Box 15, Rarotonga. or fax to (682 ) 25303. Email:

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localneWS nuti no roto i te IPUKAReA

Debunking the ‘noodle’ myth I HAVe viewed with increasing concern the amount of material being submitted for publication, concerning seabed minerals and the untold wealth they are said to bring to our country. We all know they are there–in our northern waters, at daunting depths down to three, four or more than ive thousand metres. I’ve seen documentaries of rare attempts, one by Avatar movie director James Cameron to descend into the abyss and there is bizarre life down there. He was only down at 3000 metres for just a few minutes. Some of us know that the larger sized noodles (sorry nodules) are near my home island of Penrhyn and in the near proximity of the Manihiki Plateau. that’s what a nodule prospector told me some years ago. He had mountains and mountains of data but luck intervened and diverted him to aquaponic ish farming, a much easier pre-occupation. You just dig a hole in the earth, ill it with water and throw small ish in it, feed them

till they grow bigger, then eat them. What we don’t know is-how are they (the nodules I mean) to be brought to the surface in commercial quantities; where are they to be processed–(not on the islands of the north surely?)–and by what method– at sea somehow? Penrhyn has been tagged many times for ish processing plants, lagoon tuna farming, an isolated injunction for international travelers, a shipyard and now most likely– I’m not sure yet–for nodules processing. We have been confronted with senior MFeM oficials and consultants solemnly debating the establishment of a national Wealth Fund to provide a vehicle for the banking of the supposed staggering amount of money that will be created by the harvesting of these inert nodules of untold value. In the days of Demo government (the tight ive era) a representative of a Sheik based in Indonesia proposed us $23 mil-

lion a day turnover from such cently however the momentum riches, but only if we signed has been picked up, culminating over our most valuable asset, in an Act of Parliament of a beour Ocean. He was booted out wildering 330 clauses. now we have a ‘Commisunceremoniously. Pyramid-like schemes were proposed where sioner’, a lawyer, other staff, overseas experts, shares could be listed In the days including one based on the stock market. of Demo here permanently it I e x p e c t m u ch more unfolding of government (the seems. The Cook Islands is said to lead ideas on how much tight ive era) a the region in undermoney we will get representative sea mining– even and how to use them of a Sheik based giving seminars best. The former in Indonesia in other countries, High Commissioner proposed us $23 to enlighten those for new Zealand million a day less knowledgeable John Carter was one turnover from than us. The Cook Isprophet of flowsuch riches, but lands Commissioner ing riches for Cook Islanders. He was a only if we signed for Sea Bed Mining over our most (SBMA) even gave a true brand of a polivaluable asset, ‘keynote speech’ (a tician and diplomat favourite word of when he espoused our Ocean. the Prime Minister to me, the current Queen’s Representative and the Henry Puna and his spin docformer QR of what wealth could tor) at a prestigious conference be submerged. I did not believe (so we are told) somewhere in another part of the developed him for one minute. world. But let us pause. the young female lawyer This business was irst mentioned, I think, in the 1970s. Re- even had to do a fast course on

the subject matter at a prestigious university recently. School children are now engaged in debate facilitated by the SBMA Office and lo-and-behold, te Ipukarea Society had a recent windfall of thousands of dollars from well meaning “green and pure ocean” marine park enthusiasts. Touch wood Ipukarea does not buy into the myth. But let us come back to the point. How are the nodules to be retrieved? How are they to be processed to extract the valuable minerals? Where? By what method? By all means grant an exploratory license without commitment. That can do no harm–and may off-set the hundreds of thousands of dollars we are presently spending on the whole jaw-dropping apparatus we have created and are creating. In the meantime, the public are being sorely misled by talk of a “national Wealth Fund” and the like. A recent public consultation on the Sovereign Fund



A weekly opinion piece by Opposition Leader

Wilkie Rasmussen stung the Minister of Finance when a ‘Demo mama’ asked him: have we got any money to put in the fund? At least the Minister was honest and said “no”. I remember when the king of tonga claimed to see oil spouting from the lagoon in front of his palace at nuku’alofa!

Authorities warn of phishing scam THe FInAnCIAL Intelligence

Unit said it has recently come across increasing incidents of where local residents have become victims of an internet scam known as “phishing”. Phishing scams can be sent by email messages, websites, and phone calls that are designed to steal money. It’s just another attempt to get valuable information. For example scammers send a mass email to every address they can ind. typically the message will appear to come from a bank or inancial institution.

the email states that you should update your information for one reason or another, and they usually provide a link that you can click to do so. this all sounds reasonable and it may look legitimate, but phishing scams are anything but legitimate. The link provided does not take you to the inancial institution’s website. Instead, you’ll be submitting your information to a website run by the scammers or cybercriminals. We may ask ourselves as to why would somebody do this? Well, scammers can gather a

lot of vital information with a phishing scam. First, they can get somebody’s account number and password. Then they will try to hijack their victim’s assets by accessing that person’s account using their password. Some phishing scams will ask for all of your personal information so that they can steal your identity and open credit accounts in your name. Some victims of phishing scams have given up their credit card numbers only to find that the card was used fraudulently.

Anybody can be tricked by a sophisticated phishing scam. Simple phishing scams are easy to spot, but the best scammers are actually pretty smart. They use a variety of tricks to make the phishing scam look like a legitimate process. For example, they might include a graphic from the bank right on the email message or website. Or, the link provided in the email may look like it goes to the bank’s website while the victim is actually sent to a very different site. It is easy to uncover a phish-

ing scam. If you get an email from a bank you’ve never opened an account at, then don’t follow the link and enter your personal information. If you’re in doubt, the best thing to do is to contact your bank and question them about the email. But do not use any of the contact details supplied in the suspect message. Also look at the message carefully to see if it is a phishing scam. Are words misspelled? Sometimes scammers operate in a second language and they give themselves away by using poor grammar.

Again if you’re in doubt, or if the email came from an unknown source, it is recommended that you speak to someone that you trust who can help or give you best advice, or contact the Police. I n 2 0 1 1 , We s t p a c b a n k warned its customers after an increase in the number ‘phishing’ scam reports. The FI u is also available to advice anyone about these emails by contacting Bob Williams, the Head of FIu, at or telephone number 29182 or mobile 55354. - ES/ Release

Rainwater collection an ‘effective system’ A VISITI nG professor from

Australia says connecting water tanks to the roofs of homes as well as the mains will help meet water supply during periods of extreme draught. Professor Sara Beavis from the Australian national University, is visiting the Cook Islands for this week’s Secretariat of the Paciic Community’s (SPC) meeting on environmental and development issues affecting the Paciic. On tuesday, Beavis presented the indings of a paper coauthored with university colleagues nicholas Quigley and Ian White, which examined the potential for collecting rainwater to meet household demand. The study was based in Honiara, Solomon Islands and examined different scenarios. Factors such as the number of people in the household, roof size, and rooing material were acknowledged, and the study also utilised historical weather data, including rainfall. According the study’s indings, all households could in-

sure 95 per cent reliability with a 1000L water tank for potable drinking water over a 30 year period. In the Cook Islands, over 1000 applications have been received to participate in a government-run water tank programme. Administered by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning, the government provides a $1500 subsidy for households to install a 6000 litre plastic water tank. Residents pay the remainder of the cost, which oficials say is around $485 but varies depending on the supplier and the package chosen. the supplies needed to direct water from a roof to a tank are not covered under the existing scheme, however MOIP secretary Mac Mokoroa has said the ministry is encouraging households to put up the costs for spouting and the down pipes. B eavis, who claims her study’s methodology could be applied in the Cook Islands, said the water tank scheme would be less effective with-

out roof catchment and relying solely on the main system. “I can’t see the purpose of using a rainwater tank merely as a reservoir being fed by the mains,” she said. “If there are problems with the mains, tanks will do nothing to augment (increase) the water supply.” While acknowledging that there are health issues with water tanks, such as contamination from animal and plant matter, Beavis said a properly covered water tank “can be a very effective system”. “If we’re talking about getting access to a basic human right, being potable water, then we need to get it right,” she said. “Secure water supply is essential for human health and wellbeing, and is a challenge for Small Island Developing States (S I DS), where water resources may be limited and increased risks are emerging due to climate change,” reads Beavis’ academic paper. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Professor Sara Beavis from the australian national university says collecting and directing rainwater from roof to water tanks will optimise the use the tanks. 13100839


Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Te Kainga celebrates 9 years Te kAInGA o Pa taunga opened

their doors to the public today for a double celebration – World Mental Health Day and their 9th birthday. the centre celebrated with a birthday cake and kaikai, as well as their regular tuesday and thursday activities for members. Hands were kept busy during the morning, weaving fans,

making bookmarks and pareus, which the centre sells every Saturday at the market, with a yoga session to follow. Te kainga Mental Health and Wellbeing Centre in Panama, provides group therapy and an opportunity to socialise and create for those in the community with mental illnesses. - Rachel Smith

te Kainga o Pa taunga members Marie Paruru and Madeleine Metcalfe prepare to blow out the birthday candle, as the centre celebrates its 9th birthday and World Mental Health day. 13101011

nga Casey and Mama tipora enjoy a morning of craft activities, making bookmarks at te Kainga o Pa taunga. 13101009

‘Until there is a cure, there is hope’ SHIPPInG agents excil Agency have gone pink for breast cancer awareness month. the Avatiu-based business will be making the entire month of October a pink month to raise awareness of the prevalence of breast cancer in Cook Islands. Manager Maru Apera says, “We are going all out in pink to show our support for breast cancer in 2013.” “After collectively listing some names of those of our families and friends who lost their battle to breast cancer and those who are ighting their battle, it was something that we could

not bypass this year.” this idea brought about some challenges for the small team but they went ahead with the pink theme and have been overwhelmed with the response they got. “We are a small team with a big heart and we have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement of our customers, work colleagues, families and friends who pitched in their ideas and inspired us to go all out in pink for the month of October,” says Apera. “It is our hope that through showing our support and rais-

Jetsave staff go pink

ing awareness, we can reach out to as many women and men out there in our community.” the agency also held a sausage sizzle to raise funds for the Cook Islands Breast Cancer Foundation. “Last week we sold sausages from outside the CITC Building Centre, with all proceeds going to the Cook Islands Breast Cancer Foundation. We hope to hand over our proceeds soon,” says Apera. Until there is a cure, there is hope says Apera and that is the inspiration that drives the cause. - SK


PInk OuTFITS replaced black

Westpac Bank is among the local companies raising funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation this month. 13101007

and yellow uniforms at Jetsave travel on tuesday in aid of breast cancer awareness month. the month of October is dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer. Jetsave Travel general manager Julie Bateman says her staff decided to make it a pink day to support the cause. “We like to get involved in these things so we decided to ditch our black and yellow col-

ours and wear pink for a day instead. This is the irst time we have done this.” Almost half of the staff at the downtown Avarua ofice know breast cancer survivors. “It is important for women to get screened every year especially the women from the outer islands. We have the facilities now and they need be proactive in their approach to breast cancer,” says Bateman. the company will be donat-

ing funds to the foundation as part of their drive to help in whatever way possible. “We are donating $250 to the foundation and we already sell tickets for them. This is just our way of helping out a foundation we support wholeheartedly,” says Bateman. It’s Pinktober so buy a rafle ticket or two, wear pink and help in raising awareness about a cancer that affects one in every eight - SK women worldwide.


Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Virtues Project marks 25 years THe VIRTueS Project is cel-

ebrating its 25th year in Aitutaki this week at its Global Mentorship Conference due to wrap up today at tamanu Beach Resort. Around 40 Virtues Project members from Australia, new Zealand, Fiji, Japan, korea, Central America, Singapore, Canada and the US, have come together to share and relect on their programmes and practices. these master facilitators are the leaders of the project in their countries and are acknowledged as the project’s cocreators–a project endorsed by the likes of the Dalai Lama and TV royalty Oprah Winfrey. The Virtues Project was founded in Canada in 1991 by Linda kavelin Popov, Dr Dan Popov and John kavelin. It was honoured by the United nations during the International year of the Family as a “model global programme for families of all cultures”. kavelin Popov and her husband Dan have recently moved to Aitutaki from Canada. The kavelin-Popovs selfpublished the original ‘Virtues Guide’ in their garage, and in less than two months, by word

of mouth alone, it was in more than twenty countries. The Virtues Project was irst introduced to the Cook Islands by eleitino Paddy Walker in 1996 when Linda and Dan irst visited and held a workshop. the mission of the virtues Project is to inspire people of all cultures to remember who we really are and to live by our highest values. Virtues Cook Islands co-ordinator Jolene Bosanquet described the conference in Aitutaki as “absolutely phenomenal” yesterday. “Today the Virtues Project is seen as both a character education programme in schools, community groups, counselling and restorative justice as well as a professional development tool for teachers here in the Cook Islands and worldwide. The Cook Islands is indeed fortunate to have this toolbox available throughout Rarotonga and the Pa enua, thanks to the endorsement of the Ministry of education, the ongoing support of Cook Islands news, the enthusiasm of facilitators and the commitment of virtues Cook Islands.” - Helen Greig

the Virtues Project co-founder Linda Kavelin Popov during a previous visit in 2011. the organisation is celebrating 25 years and holding its Global Mentorship Conference in aitutaki this week. 11101829

Teachers brush up on education practices THe FIRST national conference organised by the Ministry of education came to a close yesterday. the three-day event included workshops at the university of the South Paciic in Rarotonga and focussed on inspiring and upskilling teachers in three main areas: early childhood education, literacy (Maori and english) and numeracy. Four keynote speakers also

gave presentations at the Sinai Hall. These speakers included Janet Gaffney, who spoke on Tuesday about ‘bridging worlds for student’s literacy learning’. Her talk was followed later in the day by that of chairperson for kia Ata Mai educational Trust in new Zealand, Cathy Rau, who spoke about the merits of learning contexts that give priority to Maori language, culture and identity development. On

Wednesday, university of Auckland lecturer Manutai Leaupepe spoke about early Childhood education, while Massey University lecturer Bobbie Hunter gave her keynote speech about numeracy yesterday. Around 70 education professionals attended the conference, which aimed to help teachers to keep their methods current and relevant for today’s students. - BD

Participants at the conference applaud minister teina Bishop’s opening address. 13100812

Teachers spent this week at the irst national conference hosted by the Ministry of Education. 13100855


Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

churchtALK te AKOnOAnGA

Building strong and healthy marriages A StROnG home or family begins with a strong and healthy marriage! And to build a strong and healthy marriage we need strong and healthy foundations. Any builder will tell you that a building is as strong as its foundation. When the foundation is weak, the building will not stand the test of time. Any storm that comes in its path, will easily rattle it or worse still cause severe damages. Similarly, the marriage without solid foundations may suffer perilous consequences. Let us look at some building blocks in scripture that would secure a irm foundation in our marriages. In ephesians 5:22-24 the scriptures read, “Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church– He Himself being the Saviour of the body. But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything.” For most wives, that seems to be a discriminating statement, placing them in an inferior or subordinate role. nothing can be further from the truth! the scriptures teach that woman first came from man, we all know the creation story in Genesis 1-2, [eve was drawn out of Adam], and then


man and woman in creation! expression of respect, because Submission therefore, in the respect is truly your husband’s biblical sense, amplifies the greatest need in the marriage, wife’s role/function in itting not more money or more sex. completely God’s purpose of that’s a serious misconception creation and marriage. Wives, today, a noble wife respects her you play a crucial role in the husband at all times. This pasvery foundation of building a sage of scripture helps wives strong and healthy marriage and husbands understand the as God designed it to be! the bigger picture and that is, in scriptures say that wives ought submission the wife completes to be subject to their hus- and supports her husband in bands “in everything”. the family structure We are to This submission ‘in all and particularly in their love our things or in everything’ marriage. This can be wives as is done only unto their best illustrated by the own husbands not to Christ analogy of a three-legall men! that is to say, ged stool, where each loved the the call to submission leg completely supportChurch! is within the context ing each other, so that and periphery of the marriage. the stool is able to stand. Withthis is diametrically opposed out the proper dimensions, the to many cultures and social stool will prove weak, imbaltrends of our day, where wom- anced and discomited. To put en are expected to submit to ‘all it succinctly, wives you commen’ because they are inferior plete your husbands! and insigniicant. The bible is the scripture continues by not advocating that at all. saying in verse 25, “Husbands, To ‘submit or to be subject’ love your wives, just as Christ in our reading simply means ‘to also loved the church and gave give herself to’. This is a deep Himself up for her… 28, so husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies.” In many cultures of the ancient Apostolic Church weekly Programme world husbands were not exSunday to Friday pected to love their wives, ancient writer’s ridiculed love in Rarotonga Apostolic Church Bishop Tutai Pere - 23778/55177 marriage. FoCUS 2013 Dial-A-Prayer 26777 the wives were supposed to * GET SAvED IN JESUS! be devoted to their husbands, Church Services on Sundays at 10am and 7pm *STAy SAvED IN JESUS! however were not expected Radio and Television Ministr y at 11am and *NEvER LEAvE EARTH to do so. Therefore, verse 25 4.30pm. Mid-week services on Tuesdays and wITHoUT JESUS! “Husbands love your wives as Thursdays at 7pm. oBEy ACTS 2:38 Christ loved the church and “Repent,andbebaptizedeveryoneofyouintheName Aitutaki Apostolic Church - Pastor Noo Mataiti of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall gave Himself for her” top- 31269. Atiu Apostolic Church - Pastor Nikau receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” pled the husband’s worldview Tangaroa - 33778. Mangaia Apostolic Church and attitude towards his wife. Pastor Ngametua Papatua - 34065. All services cater for both Maori and English speaking brethnotice also the scripture says, ren. Contact: Bishop Pere on email: wE PREACH GoD IN JESUS AND JESUS IN GoD JESUS IS TRUE GoD “Husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies!” Husbands, your wife’s greatest need is love and affection! this is how God has wired women, and in this case our “ Where the spouses. They are a rare gem conversation begins.” that we are to guard with our very lives! later men would come from women [we all have mums right?]. Therefore this passage is really echoing the ‘relational and functional’ value of


We are to love our wives as Christ loved the Church! Husbands are to exemplify the sacrificial love that Jesus Christ had displayed for His bride, the Church. Thus ‘headship’ in the home and marriage is not about ‘control or dominance’ but benevolent and sacriicial love. Husbands were also to care for them [wives] as a man would ‘care for his own body’. Husbands need to understand that ancient men like some today, were Adonis, in love with themselves. They were obsessed with their physique, their appearances, their careers, their desires and pleasures and sought to gratify them by any means. But scripture instruct husbands to care for their wives like they cared for their own bodies, with every desire and passion that they lived with. you see, within this passage is our deinition and model of love demonstrated by Jesus Christ. In ancient cultures, and basically today as well, the most common word for love was ‘eros’ from which we get the english word erotic, sensual or sexual love. But this love derives from the Greek word ‘agape’, the God kind of love, as used in John 3:16, “For God so agape the world…,” It is a conscientious, intellectual, volitional choice or love. the idea is God choosing to love a world that has turned its back on Him and the only place the word agape is found is in the new testament [300 times]. Agape never made the list of the words for love in the ancient world as it is today. this is the definition and model of love for our wives, it is a sacrificial, volitional, self-less and relentless love. It cares, protects and provides with the deepest desire for the beloved! Without agape-love all our love is dependent on the

mood swings of eros; which has little or no time at all for bills, emergency rooms, wrinkles or labs, only belly buttons and buttocks! Friends, God desires that we have strong homes and families and it begins with developing strong and healthy marriages! But the question is how do we develop this type of relationship and experience this dimension of love in our marriages? verse 18 in this same chapter reads, “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is dissipation, but be illed with the Spirit.” Literally “be being kept illed” by the Spirit. this means to be controlled, to be under the complete influence of the Holy Spirit and that happens when we make Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. He ills us with His Spirit who then shapes and recreates our relationship and deepens our love [agape] for each other! He helps both husband and wife not only to see the bigger picture of God’s purpose of ‘marriage and family’ in scripture, but empowers them to fulfill their roles and functions with signiicance and genuine fulillment. A husband or wife may be at the end of their wits today or you’re just about to give up or walk away–I want to encourage you both to consider these building blocks, there is hope for your marriage! there is hope for renewal of passion and love. God can and will bring greater and lasting fulillment in your marriage and family. He can fill the loneliness and hopelessness in your hearts as you turn to Him and allow His Holy Spirit to continue to lead and empower you! Marriage is for loving and God desires that for you! Pastor Flint Hicks, Assemblies of God Church


Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Worldwide conference for LDS members

THe CHuRCH of Jesus Christ of

Latter-day Saints held its 183rd Semi-annual conference in Salt Lake City, utah last weekend on October 5-6. Local members of the church and friends had the opportunity to watch and listen to the two day conference live via satellite at the Arorangi LDS conference centre located in Betela. Due to the time difference members had to rise early on Saturday and Sunday in order to watch the morning general sessions at 6am (10am in Salt Lake City) and the afternoon general session at 10am (2pm in SLC). The Priesthood session was viewed on Saturday at 2pm (6pm in SLC). The conference proceedings are broadcast live to congregations and gatherings throughout the world and also online. Approximately 300 plus members and associates viewed the three sessions on Saturday and the two sessions on Sunday. The two hour sessions were illed with inspiring scriptures, faith promoting experiences and devoted testimonies from the various leaders of the church. The presentations were accompanied by wonderful musical numbers performed by selected choirs including the world famous Mormon tabernacle Choir. Cook Islands district president Piltz napa was very happy with member attendance and the wonderful blessing of being able to attend the conference and receive the spiritual advice and loving counsel from

LdS church youth stand against the back drop of the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints following the church’s 183rd semi-annual conference held in Salt Lake City, utah, uS which was shown live via satellite here in the Cook islands. 13101001 our general leadership live via satellite. It was also interesting to ind that people throughout the church, even the general leadership, experience the same challenges of life that we do here in our little Paciic heaven. President napa said “... these messages are not just for our LDS members but for all followers of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and for the work of salvation among all men.”

It was announced that the latest figures indicate that there are 15 million members worldwide and that this igure continues to grow signiicantly. there has also been a sharp increase in the number of full time missionaries in the church with more and more young men and women wanting to serve since the age of eligibility was lowered (18years for young men and 19 years for young

women) and announced at the October conference of 2012 one year ago. the number of full time missionaries has increased from 50,000 missionaries a year ago to approximately 80,000 missionaries currently. ten of these missionaries are from the Cook Islands district with many other Cook Islanders serving from various wards

AWAP returns to Cooks COOk ISLAnDS youth will have

the chance to take part in a holiday programme that focuses on performing arts during the second week of the term break. Alive With A Purpose (AWAP), a suicide prevention programme for young people from Polynesia, visited during the Careers expo earlier this year to promote their free week-long programme, which looks to engage young people in music, dance, sport and performing arts. “All workshops will be full of

fun and excitement but will focus on four vital things: identity, resilience, dreams and setting goals and achieving them,” said AWAP member Jane kavana. “AWAP focus on these things to remind our youth of their purpose especially when things are not going well around them.” The week of activities looks to have something for all, beginning with singing, vocal tutorials, song writing and poetry on Monday, hip-hop dance lessons all day on tuesday, Wednesday

looking at musicianship with bass, guitar, drum and keyboard tuition, and a sport day on thursday with touch and netball. For the grand inale on Friday, kavana says that there will be a concert from the AWAP team and students, to showcase their talent and skills. the AWAP programme is free and open to all students, and will run from Monday 14 to Friday 18 October from 9am to 3pm at Tereora College. - Rachel Smith

and stakes around the world. President napa is thrilled to know that included in this vast army of ‘Christian Soldiers’ are 10 young Cook Island missionaries doing their best to teach the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are willing to hear. “these young men are ‘contenders of the faith’ as expressed in Jude 1:3 and with

strong faith and the guidance of the Holy Ghost they will have every success in the great work of salvation for all of God’s children,” he said. the next general conference for the church is scheduled for April 2014. John Mateara Director Public Affairs The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

NEW IN STOCK! HondaPressurewasher


Powerful 3000 psi 4 Stroke Honda engine Easy to use (Unbelievable price)

50” Flatscreen Built in Media Player


Tv Prices 22”LED$650,32”LED$890,42”LED$1480 47” LED $1850, 60” LED $3778 All with Built in Media Players


4 Burner Flat



Hills Hoist Rotary Clothelines

4 Burner hooded




Igloo Sale

68L Super Tough


Galvanized and folding clothelines









156 L Maxcold Premium

58L Maxcold on wheels

Made in the USA







Grasscutters 200m waterproof Back light Alarm

Members of the alive With a Purpose (aWaP) team, left to right: Hemi Korewha, ron Muavae, andrew Stock, nina Sione, Janine Kavana and ngakiri Kavana, during their visit to the Cook island for the Careers expo in July. 13072414

PHONE 26026

Hop in and ask Nick about these SUPER DEALS

Honda UMK 425 Bike Handle $1195 Stihl FS130 $1395 Loop Handle $1150

South Seas International


Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.






LANDOWNERS MEETING TERAKAI 91J Friday 11 October, 6pm at Rutaki Meeting House Requesting Occupation Right on section; TERAKAI 91 J By Jubilee Jnr Reu.

MISSING PUPPY Missing from area of the Sea change Villas, Turoa during thunderstorm Wed 9 Oct. 3 month old puppy, black with tan markings. Answers to the name of Jessie If found contact Denis on 20213/51967 Reward

Tiare Moana V16 Now Accepting cargo for the Northern Group Islands Dry Goods & General cargo Cargo Cutof is 18 October 2013 Frozen Goods, Fuel & Gas cylinders - Accepting cargo from 21 October 2013 with Cutof 23 October. Please ensure your cargo is in by the cutof dates. Phone 27185 for further information.

Get your exam, glasses or sunglasses from ANNIE and help support FREE exam and FREE glasses for children. ONLY available at THE EYE PLAcE, cooks corner opp. cIPS.

Piglets for sale Weaner, $30 each. Phone 23355 or 70018 .

74303 /34402 /1931

Ngatangiia Matavera Rugby Club We are calling all players, parent and Supporters to attend our prize giving this Saturday 12 October Starting at 2.00pm Nukupure Park, Muri sports ield. Taokotai mai te katoatoa, beach games for the juniors and BBQ to wrap up. Meitaki Maata Dragons Executives NMRU 74319 /34434 /1931

Autism Cook islands PH 24065/55976

74312 / /1931

FOUND Found on Main Road in Arorangi, Samsung cell phone with SIM card, missing battery pack and back cover. contact 57736. 74306 /74306 /1931

SHIPPING NOTICES ‘’Lady Moana’’ Now receiving cargo for Mangaia only. Sailing on 10 October 2013. On return loads for Atiu, Mitiaro, Mauke. Sailing on Monday 14 October 2013. 74143 /34274 /1857

SERVICES South Paciic Jewellery Specialist All repairs, valuation done for insurance purposes. Handmade jewellery Be unique - design your own. We are located next to Snowbird Laundry in Muri. No job too big or too small See Martin - 35 years experience.

3 Bedroom House for rent- Unfurnished Back Road Nikao Available from 30 October call 55092.

TAMARUMARU TENT hIRE Phone 23787, 78103 or 51188


Timberland Ltd October clearance Specials! 10x2 Dr 6m 8x2 RS 6m 6x2 Dr 6m Huge 25% of! We need to make room for new stock! Hurry and get yours today as these specials won’t last! Grooved cladding, Hardboard & Decking also on special! come & See! Phone 26408 74232 / /1639

2 parcels 1/4 Acre leasehold 47years. Tikioki hillside. Phone 21847 or 78884.

74279 /34420 /1931 74242 /35132 /1931

FOR SALE All brand new boxed items Panasonic cordless phone $80 Boxed small tiles. Phone 76132. 74230 /34207 /2562


74162 /33955 /2463

FOR RENT 3 bedroom fully furnished house in Tepuka, must be honest and reliable tenants. Phone 76132. 74231 /34207 /2562

73704 /34395 /1723

74311 /34424 /1931


74159 / /2656

Koperu, bait for sale $2 each. Ring 25073 or 56513,55122 ask for Peka or Ben.

1x Iron single & double bunk bed - $900 1x Sofa bed - $250 1x girls baby walkie (few months old) - $100 2x 10gal igloos @ $160 each 1x kids barbeque table - $50 Many more or make an ofer. Phone 52380.


CONSULTATION ON ThE PROPOSED TAX REVIEW MFEM along with the Minister of Finance would like to invite all members of the public to attend a consultation on the proposed recommendations of the tax review. Please come along to voice your ideas and discuss the tax review with Government. WhEN: Wednesday 16th October 2013, Avarua sinai Hall, 6pm. 74208

nAtiOnAL EnVirOnMEnt sErViCE EnVirOnMEnt sErViCE PuBLiC nOtiCE

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports Government Departments, Agencies and the General Public are hereby advised that the national Environment service has received the following application for a Project Permit as required under section 36 of the Environment Act 2003. Application: 1. MArK sHOrt – FOrEsHOrE/strEAM rEstOrAtiOn DEVELOPMEnt Project: restoration of stream section & Constructing a Box Culvert. Land: tutukiara Pt section 49B, titikaveka, takitumu District in accordance with subsection 5 a) and c) of section 36 of the Environment Act 2003, any person, Government Agencies or Organisation who wish to make a written submission for or against the granting of a Project Permit by the Environment service for this applications, may do so within 30 days commencing on the 13th day of september 2013. Written submissions may be in Cook islands Maori or English be submitted to the national Environment service no later than the 13th October 2013. EiA reports for the above applications may be viewed at the following venues: Environment Service Oice takamoa Library and Museum national Library the report for the above application will also be viewed on the nEs WEBsitE, ( Director national Environment service 73710 & 73711

Lotus car, collectors item, Genuine enquiries, only needs tender loving care. Price negotiable. Torano Nissan 4x wheel drive $2300 ono Fridge Freezer $250 Tent PVC $400 nearest ofer. Phone 50975. 74281 /34390 /1931

SITUATIONS VACANT Waterline Restaurant Position available for professional barman/bar manager. Phone 22161 for interview. 74296 /34408 /2247

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports Government Departments, Agencies and the General Public are hereby advised that the national Environment service has received the following application for a Project Permit as required under section 36 of the Environment Act 2003. Application: 1. AVANA FIShING ASSOCIATION – UPGRADE TO AVANA FIShING FACILITIES WITh IN ThE FOREShORE. Project: up Grade of the Avana Jetty and ramp Land: te tungara Part section 6F Avana tapere, ngatangiia District in accordance with subsection 5 a) and c) of section 36 of the Environment Act 2003, any person, Government Agencies or Organisation who wish to make a written submission for or against the granting of a Project Permit by the Environment service for this applications, may do so within 30 days commencing on the 21st day of september 2013. Written submissions may be in Cook islands Maori or English be submitted to the national Environment service no later than the 20th October 2013. EiA reports for the above applications may be viewed at the following venues: Environment Service Oice takamoa Library and Museum national Library The report for the above application will also be viewed on the NES WEBSITE, ( Director national Environment service. 73825

74305 / /2286

74224 / /1744



Part and full time workers required for ibreglassing. Training given if required. contact Garth 54539

74294 /34404 /1931


Incorporated Society owners are reminded that the iling of your incorporated society’s Financial statement at the Ministry of Justice oice is due. Failure to comply with the statutory requirements of the incorporated societies Act may result in your society being struck of the register or the Incorporated Societies oicers/ owners being prosecuted. under “section 25” of the incorporated societies Act every oicer of the society shall be liable to a ine of $10 for every day during which the default continues. For enquiries contact the Companies Oice on phone 29410 or call at the oice of the Ministry of Justice Avarua rarotonga.

74301 / /1938

Used set of left hand golf clubs with trundler, $300. Phone 21900.

74269 /34367 /1931

MinistrY OF JustiCE inCOrPOrAtED sOCiEtiEs MinistrY OF FinAnCE AnD ECOnOMiC ManagEMEnt (MFEM)

LBV Muri Village Looking for good, happy workers to join our busy team. Part & full time available. Experience preferred, training provided. Breakfast chef Kitchen Hand Bakers Assistant Driver Ph Tim 54124 or Lori 27105 or apply in person at LBV.

Transfer Driver Required Part time work available Must be reliable & responsible Happy personality Good remuneration provided call or Text 54478 for an interview

74297 / /2631




EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST the term of appointment of the representative for employers who are not members of Chamber of Commerce to the Board of CinsF is required to be illed. to conform with the provisions of the CinsF Act 2000, expressions of interest from Members of the Fund to represent the non-Chamber Employers to the Board of CinsF are invited. Please forward your expressions of interest and CV before 4pm Friday, 4 October 2013 to: the Acting Chairman, Cook islands national superannuation Board, PO Box 3076 Avarua. rArOtOnGA or by email to: ceo@

Medium sized resort is looking for a qualiied and experienced Head chef to manage the kitchen department. creative control over menus. Must have ability to train team. Must introduce dishes to guests. Work within budget. competitive salary. Email CV & qualiications to: Start January 2014. 74033 /34257 /1798

FRONTLINE SALES PERSON We are looking for a well presented person with an outgoing personality to join our frontline team at Avis cook Islands. If you enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, then this customer service position could be for you. You need to have some basic computer knowledge. You must have excellent communication skills. You must be available to work in the weekends. This position requires a clean current driver’s license for motorbike & car. For more details please call Michelle on Ph: 29882 74310 / /1648

housekeeper wanted, Turangi area, immediate start. Phone 20417 anytime. 74267 /34365 /1931

Trainee sales manager, suit a mature adult with retail experience. Single page cV required. Please forward to 74215 / /2037

WANTED Car needed Visiting Suicide awareness team require car to transport equipment during mission. A Previous arrangement fell through last minute. If you can help please email ph number to 777

For the sake of your family

GET hELP Call AA - 71744


Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Rubbish transformed into art Ru B B ISH was transformed

into art by some creative members of the community for a competition last Wednesday evening. Following its recent rubbish round-up events, the Paciic Islands Conservation Initiative (PICI) held a trash art sculpture competition on October 2 at the national Museum. Winners were selected for both under-18 and over-18 categories. Prizes were provided by Bounty Bookshop, Boogies Burgers, CocoPutt, kiteSuP, Muri Beach Club Hotel, Paciic Divers, Tamarind House and

The Whale Centre. the after-party of the rubbish round-up events acknowledged the collection of more than 1000 kilograms of rubbish in PICI’s rubbish roundup events conducted in September. the national Museum hosted the event and will be retaining the sculptures on display. - Briar Douglas

the winner of the under-18 category with her trash art sculpture. 13100345


Headstone Unveiling

for the late

Alistair Lindsay Newbigging

Please join us in celebrating the headstone unveiling for “BIG AL” On Sat 12th Oct 10am @ Alistair & Annafaye Newbigging residence, Tupapa Heights All family and friends are welcome Contact: Rowena 77494 or Annafaye 26999 74287


A position for a PART TIME CLEANER & GENERAL HAND is available. Please send cv and references to tony@



RECEPTIONIST An opportunity with the Ministry of Education has arisen for a Receptionist to provide a professional service. Applications close on Friday 18 October, 2013 at 3pm. Application packs are available from the Ministry and the website at: send your cover letter with CV and references to: Director human Resources Management Ministry of Education P O Box 97 rarotonga Cook islands Ph (682) 29357, fax (682) 28357 or email /




Legal Counsel Tax & Customs the revenue Management Division of MFEM, rarotonga is seeking to employ a solicitor. this is a senior position. the successful applicant will be responsible for reviewing and drafting legislation, providing advice on tax and Customs issues, and preparing and lodging cases at Court. the appointee will report directly to the treasurer and must: • be qualiied to practise law in the Cook Islands or any other Commonwealth country • have practical experience in legislative drafting would be advantageous • have ability to plan and prioritise efectively and demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills Expressions of interest, together with a full CV, are to be sent by 11 October 2013 to tessa Vaetoru at tessa. or posted to her at PO Box 120 rarotonga COOK isLAnDs A full job description is available from tessa on phone 22878 or under “vacancies” at 73822

applications are invited from qualiied, motivated and experienced teachers and curriculum advisors for the following positions to start in January 2014: Tereora College (5 positions) 1. Head of Faculty Mathematics 2. Computing teacher 3. English teacher 4. social science (with History to Level 3) 5. science (with Biology to Level 3) Visit website for information about the school. Ministry of Education (1 position) Learning & teaching Curriculum Advisor (with science and iCt) Applications close on Friday 25 October, 2013 at 3pm. An application pack and detailed information is available from the Ministry or the website at: send completed application forms with CV and references to: Director HrM Division Ministry of Education P O Box 97 rarotonga Cook islands Ph (682) 29357, fax (682) 28357 or email vacancy@ 74309


Legal Receptionist/Secretary Crown Law is an exciting and challenging organisation to work for. We perform a vital role in providing legal advice and representation services for government. We have a position available for a Legal receptionist/ secretary. the successful applicant will possess the following attributes: • Excellent telephone manner • good presentation • Fast and eicient keyboard skills • ability to work under pressure and maintain a friendly approach at all times • Knowledge of Microsoft word, excel and outlook would assist • Digital Dictaphone experience an added bonus Please apply in writing to Kim saunders, solicitorgeneral, Crown Law Oice, PO Box 494, avarua or email Applications close 18 October 2013 at 4 p.m. if you have any queries about the role please call Dorothy ivaiti on 29337. 74225


Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News


All day Friday to Sunday Clothes, movies, plants, marble tiles n more Back road Nikao opp Airport, look for sign

Beautiful Urns for

sale $500


Professional steam iron from Haly $850,


paid $2,500


Reward ofered If any persons have any information or have the scooter no questions will be asked, just please return, Missing from Arorangi. Please contact John on 53153 or 55469


Chill out for champion sportswoman THe CHAnCe to rest and relax has brought kiwi canoeing Olympic gold medallist Lisa Carrington to the tropical shores of the Cook Islands recently. It was a well-deserved break for the 24-year-old new Zealand lat water canoeist, who won a gold medal in the k1 200m and a bronze in the k1 500m races at the International Canoe Federation (ICF) canoe sprint world champs in Germany earlier this month. Her gold medal follows on from her success in the same event at the London Olympics, with the k1 500m a new event for her. Carrington spent four days in Rarotonga, time which she spent mostly relaxing, as well as a swim out to the boiler last thursday evening with friend Shannon Saunders and a crowd of local swimmers. “It was cool – it was really nice to get out there,” said Carrington of her time in the ocean. Carrington was chosen new Zealand’s Maori Sportsperson of the year in november 2012, and was made a Member of the new Zealand Order of Merit in the 2013 new Year’s Honours, for her services to kayaking. On her return home, she will be back into training which she describes as a full time job. “the next two years are quite serious and full on,” Carrington said, with her training leading up to qualifying events in 2015, for the next Olympics. With such intense training Carrington says she needs time to chill out, adding that Rarotonga has been great for that. “It’s a place I’d come back to,” she said. - RS

Kiwi olympic gold medallist Lisa Carrington (right) and boyfriend Michael Buck have a laugh with local friend Shannon Saunders at the top of the iconic boiler at avarua harbour. 13100819

Lisa Carrington (third from left) having fun with local swimmers and enjoying the view from the iconic boiler. 13100820





$12.50kg RED To UC CLE ED AR
























Mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on ST JoSEPH RD, AvARUA. Ph 22259.




Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Flight Times | Voyage details TO



12.45AM 1.55AM 3.30PM


12.45AM 1.25AM 7.15AM 11.59PM 3.50PM

RARO TO ARR FridAy OCtOBer 11 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 0900 AITUTAKI 0950 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1330 MAUKE 1420

air Rarotonga

International Flights

FLIGhT FROM ARRIVES FridAy OCtOBer 11 VA163/162 AKL 11.50PM Nz748/749 AKL 12.55AM Nz46/61 AKL 2.20PM SAturdAy OCtOBer 12 VA163/162 AKL 11.50PM Nz748/749 AKL 12.25AM Nz60/47 SYD 6.05AM Nz18 AKL 10.35PM VT33 PPT 2.50PM




0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1440 1710





1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1115 RARO 1200 1040 1530 1600 MIT 1650 1800

OLOMANA 20 - ETD AuCk 11/10, ETA RARO 25/10, ETA AITuTAkI 28/10


TIARE MOANA 16 - ETD AuCk 20/10, ETA RARO 30/10, ETA AITuTAkI 01/11

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands news








Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer toThursday’s puzzle

Answer toThursday’s puzzle

yesterday’s answer

HÄGAR the Horrible

By Dik Browne



By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga




Rarotonga Friday, October 11, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Friday

Tides 1.38aM 0.94M 2.17PM 0.85M

Situation: A trough of low pressure is apLow 8.07aM 0.24M 8.18PM 0.28M proaching southern Cooks from the west. Associated cloud and rain are expected to afSaT High 2.33aM 0.90M 3.15PM 0.83M fect southern Cooks tonight. A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers Low 9.04aM 0.28M 9.18PM 0.31M remains slow moving over northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: rain and thunderstorms developing tonight. Moderate to fresh west to northwest winds. Moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: rain and thunderstorms easing. new Moon First Quarter Full Moon third Quarter For Rarotonga: rain and thunderstorms nOv 3 Oct 11 Oct 18 Oct 26 developing tonight. 12.50AM 11.03pM 11.38pM 11.41pM Further outlook: rain and thunderstorms easing. ArAPO - AkAOti kOrekOre fri 11 For the Northern Cooks: Occasional tanu (Planting) tautai (Fishing) showers and few thunderstorms over most places. Moderate east to northeast winds. Kua kae te mu. Po ika. tanu i te painapa, Moderate to rough seas. maniota e tae ua atu Catch mu. Fish night. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief ki te 13 o te po. time showers.

0.7m SW

0.6m NE




Sun, Moon & arapo

to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.

Humidity FRI












Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.



Sun Set 6.41PM

Moon rise


Moon Set 12.35aM


Sun rise


Sun Set 6.41PM



0.7m SW Front Key:





1.5m SW


Swell direction and size

Outer Islands Weather Outlook Friday, October 11, 2013

Sun rise



sunshine hours

Moon rise 12.06PM Moon Set 1.27aM


26° NE 08KTS


25° NE 08KTS


26° NE 7KTS



26 NE 07KTS



26° NE 07KTS



Friday, OctOber 11, 2013 cook Islands News



Olympic canoeist relaxes in Raro


—PAGE 14


MAGS down spirited Town side DeSPITe being downed 28-0 by the Mt Albert Grammar School first Xv side – the local town selection put on a spirited and competitive challenge for the visitors on Wednesday afternoon at the Swamp. MAGS looked to be feeling the effects of playing their 2nd match in three days after their Monday night 63-0 thumping of the local Country selection team. the town team’s tactic of using their forwards as a battering ram seemed to work; however, slow static ball and indecision among the sides backline hampered their efforts to score points. MAGS best mode of attack was to move the ball out wide with the majority of their tries being scored on the fringes. The catch and pass skills and overall foot speed of the MAGS team exposed the town defence on numerous occasions. Best for the town team were flanker Rangi Piri, solid front rowers Zeru Pera and Vaike Potoru, number 8 Stanley tobia and the newbigging brothers eric and Aitu.

Best for MAGS were their strong-running number 8 Jacob Matiu and inside centre Jack Goodhew. Thank you to ‘Brad Pitt’ and his hardworking eels committee for the beautifully presented Avatiu Rugby ield and also the wonderful post-match kaikai which was enjoyed by all. the visiting team’s third and final match will be played on Saturday at the BCI stadium in nikao at 4.30pm against a Cook Islands resident XV side. For the local team this will our last chance to restore some local pride; however, players must bear in mind this is a classy MAGS team that contains new Zealands provincial and national age-grade players and already some of these players are signed-up to Super Rugby franchises and nRL clubs for next year. While there are some lessons to be learned this is also a great opportunity for the players and the public to measure our playing standards against this world-class rugby school team that has strong links to the Cook Islands–and game time on the

it was a spirited local town selection that took on MaGS in their second match on tour. the visitors downed the local selection side 28-0. 13101026 ield is all good for local development. The Cook Islands resident XV team includes – Vaike Potoru (Takuvaine/prop), Levi Mckinley (Arorangi/hooker), Zeru Pera (Avatiu/prop), Thomas Harrison (Arorangi/locks), Andre Iro (Arorangi/locks), Rangi Piri (Tupapa/flanker),

Lance Simiona (Titikaveka/ lanker), Stanley Tobia (Avatiu/ no 8), Marcello Rairoa (Avatiu/ half back), Aitu newbigging (Tupapa/1st 5/8), Thomas Potoru (Takuvaine/winger), Basil Matapo (Arorangi/2nd 5/8, utility), eric newbigging (Tupapa/ Centre, 2nd 5/8), Puna (Avatiu/ winger), Twin Tiro (Taku-

vaine/full back), Iaveta karika (Titikaveka/lock), John Vano (Arorangi/Prop,hooker), Toru katuke (Avatiu/Prop,lock), Marouna Ioane (Avatiu/ Prop,lock), BJ Heather (Arorangi/half back), Daniel Aererua (Titikaveka/1st 5/8, fullback), Christian Toa (Avatiu/utility) and Akiona Tairi (Arorangi/

winger). the team is co-coached by Walter tangata and Robert Heather, managed by Benji Rairoa and assistant manager Mairi Heather, with Pare Tangata as physio plus Tanire Mokoroa and Morgan Wichman as water boys. - ruck and Maul

Golden girls on netball adventure in San Diego A GROUP of 48 seasoned netballers jetted to San Diego at the weekend to play at the 13th golden oldies netball festival. The Cook Islands team is made up of 6 teams including – Aitutaki kirlz Ma, Avatiu Golden Girls, Roadhouse Golden Girls, virgin Blue Golden Girls and the Aitutaki Golden Girls. The local ladies will join over 60 teams from 10 countries at the tournament that runs from October 6 to 13. Aunty kathy koteka is leading the local ladies who were brimming with excitement on

Saturday night at they boarded their plane to take them on their netball adventure in the uS. koteka says that the team have done some light training before the competition including regular walks. She adds that as well as playing some fun netball games – the ladies were looking forward to mixing and mingling with new and old friends at the tournament in California’s second largest city. After the tournament some of the mamas have organised side trips around America with some heading to Las vegas and

others are planning quick trips to Mexico. “Aere kimi tane (looking for husbands/boyfriends),” cheekily stated one mama of their trip to America. The Cook Islands golden oldies netball group would like to thank all their friends and family for supporting their fundraisers to get them to the fun netball festival. The group would also like to thank the men in their lives for looking after the fort while they head off the island for fun times. - Matariki Wilson

aitutaki golden oldies netball players are all smiles ahead of their adventure to San diego for the golden oldies netball festival. 13100706

a MaGS player crashes his way through a tough town defence line.


Courts set for exciting squash OveR 30 squash players from new Zealand are set to compete in the annual Cook Islands Squash Open competition starting on Monday 21 and running for four days. The Cook Islands Squash Association are thrilled with the growth in numbers of players coming from new Zealand for the annual tournament and are keen to keep the trend in years to come.

Most matches will be played in the afternoon at the squash courts behind the Avarua St Joseph’s Cathedral and combined with a free entry – the week will be an exciting spectacle for sports lovers. Anyone is also welcome to join as entry fee includes tournament play, an awesome kaikai and live entertainment on the inal day for only $50 per person. For the kaikai and live enter-

tainment tickets are only $30. the squash association are currently open to sponsorships for the event, big or small, which will be greatly appreciated by the local members and visiting tourist. For entries or sponsorships please visit squash club in Avarua or email ck with your enquires. - Squash

Golden oldies netball tour leader Kathy Koteka (second from left) with some of the mamas checking in at the airport for their trip to San diego for the 13th golden oldies netball festival. 13100705

Friday 11 October  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Friday, October 11, 2013