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$2 thursday, september 26, 2013

George ‘censured’ for legal misconduct nOrmAn George has had his

legal practice limited by a judge as a result of a series of complaints concerning his conduct as a lawyer. In issuing a decision on ive complaints made under the Law Practitioners Act 1993-94, Chief Justice thomas Weston laid out his reasoning in deciding to censure George.

“Censure is a work capable of a range of meanings. By using it in the present case, i want to indicate my considerable concern at mr George’s conduct and emphasise that the degree of censure is very high,” wrote Weston. “mr George, a senior practitioner, has failed across many fronts.”

As a result of the decision, George has been barred from taking on cases in the land division of the Cook islands Court for three years and appeals in the Court of Appeal for 18 months, beginning yesterday. George, who also represents the constituency of teenuimapumai in Atiu as a member of parliament, has one week

from the date of the decision to cease representing clients in both categories. the complaints levelled against George include making allegations of fraud not supported by evidence, allegations he has personally levelled against other law practitioners, and also issues with his personal and business tax matters.

Bush fire caution

On fraud, Weston wrote, “there is a clear legal obligation upon counsel making allegations of fraud to do so on a responsible basis supported by appropriate evidence.” in dealing with the allegations George has made against fellow legal oficials, the judge said “the evidence before me clearly establishes that mr George is quick to make allegations about other practitioners, particularly when he is under attack himself.” One allegation made by George against lawyer Charles Little was described as “... irresponsible and unprofessional” by the judge. regarding tax, Weston decided George’s tax issues – which were dealt with in August 2012 by the courts and resulted in substantial fines - amount to “conduct unbecoming”, and relevant for disciplinary purposes. Despite this, the judge declined to take the tax complaints further and said he “needs to take all reasonable steps to get his business affairs in order.” “As can be seen from the above, i am satisfied that the

Norman George has been barred from taking on land cases following a disciplinary hearing on his conduct as a lawyer held at the High Court last week. 13060440 various complaints are, in different ways, justified and that mr George has been guilty of misconduct in breach of section 15(2)(a) of the (Law Practitioners) act,” wrote Weston. “mr George should also be on notice that his future conduct will be carefully scrutinised both by the Court and fellow practitioners.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

PM congratulates Tuariki on victory Prime minister Henry Puna

The huge bush ire in Rutaki lit up the night sky on Tuesday concerning residents on the western side of the island. This photo by Taja Vaetoru was taken not far from the derelict Sheraton Hotel. 13092511 tHe COmmunity is being warned to be careful lighting rubbish ires in current windy conditions after a bush ire tore through the rutaki hillside on tuesday evening. rescue Fire service chief nga Jessie says the ire, believed to have started at 4pm, was reported to the authorities at around 6.11pm. As the rescue Fire service’s irst priority is aviation safety, and with a plane on the tarmac at the time the ire was reported

– the Puaikura Volunteer Fire Brigade was called on to attend the ire. Jessie says that the volunteer service deployed its two units; however, they did not ight the ire as it was too far inland in the rutaki hills. Instead the ire ighters monitored the flames that lit the night sky on the west side of the island and door-knocked, warning potential at risk home owners to be at the ready to evacuate. Jessie says that their main

concern was a change in wind direction, which fortunately fanned the ire towards the hills rather than towards homes at the base of the blazing hillside. He says that his oficers, who joined the volunteer ire ighters, remained in the rutaki area until well after midnight when they were satisied that the ire had burned out. Jessie says witnesses reported seeing the ire begin around 4pm before getting out of control just after 6 o’clock. Authori-

ties will be talking to more rutaki residents to determine the cause of the ire. meanwhile, Jessie is warning the community at large to think twice about lighting rubbish piles in the current windy weather conditions. if you must burn your rubbish, have the hose or a bucket of water handy in case it gets out of control and always monitor rubbish fires until they have completely died. - Matariki Wilson

has issued a warm welcome for murienua by-election winner Kaota tuariki. “the Pm looks forward to welcoming Kaota to the party caucus, and to his contributions to parliament as a representative of all the people of murienua,” said Puna’s special advisor trevor Pitt in a statement. “the Pm is confident the Cook islands Party will be strengthened by the murienua by-election outcome, and that the mandate to govern will continue to relect positive results for the country.” tuariki won the seat by earning 219 votes, with Democratic Party candidate James Beer taking in 194 votes, according to results issued by chief electoral oficer Taggy Tangimetua. the by-election result has not arrived without controversy, as Demo candidate James Beer has

alleged corruption and fraud by the CiP camp. those allegations were swiftly swept aside in the Pm’s statement, and have also been addressed in a letter to the editor by CiP president rau nga. “the Prime minister adds that any suggestion of untoward behaviour by the CiP in this race is best left where it belongs: in the imaginary dream world of the Opposition,” reads the statement. “evidence is decided by the court – not by the invention skills of the opposition.” the prime minister is currently in hospital under medical observation for what is believed to be a heart-related health concern, and has been advised to seek rest. - ES

Corruption changed by-election result: Beer, page 7 Letter: Sad attempt to ‘smear the QR’s good name’, page 6

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Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWs nuti no teiA nei AO Navy blew up whales THE BriTisH navy killed three whales after mistaking them for enemy submarines during the Falklands War, it has been revealed. Two were killed by torpedoes ired from the anti-submarine frigate HMs Brilliant, and the third was attacked by one of the ship’s helicopters. The previously undisclosed incidents are taken from the diaries of the ship’s crew, which have been published online on a website commemorating the vessel’s role in the 1982 war. One crew member wrote of a “small sonar contact” that prompted the launch of two torpedoes, each of which hit a whale.

7.7 earthquake disaster Many still trapped under rubble in remote districts of Pakistan QuettA – rescuers in Pakistan

are striving to reach victims of a massive earthquake that struck the country’s southwest, killing at least 328 people, injuring more than 500 others and flattening thousands of mudbuilt homes. the 7.7-magnitude quake struck on tuesday afternoon at a depth of 20km north-east of Awaran. After the quake, an island appeared off the coast near the port of Gwadar. People gathered on the beach

world BrieFs RECORD SEIZURE OF DRUG EPHEDRINE AUSTRALIA – Australian oicials have made what they say is one of the largest seizures of the drug ephedrine, hidden in a shipment sent from India to Melbourne. A joint agency task force seized 274kg of ephedrine, which is used to make crystal methamphetamine. The drug was hidden in bags labelled as “basmati rice”, oicials added. At least three men, including two foreign nationals, have been charged in connection with the case. The federal police said in a statement that a task force with agriculture and customs and border protection authorities has resulted in “one of the largest single seizures of ephedrine in Australian history”. They added that the amount seized “could be used to manufacture up to 200kg of crystal methamphetamine”.

MINIStER StaNDS By Call tO ExPEl GyPSIES FRANcE – French Interior Minister Manuel Valls says he stands by remarks calling for the country’s gypsies to be expelled. He said few gypsies, or Roma as they are called in France, could ever integrate into French society and “the majority” should be sent “back to the borders”. He has been criticised by human rights campaigners, the European Commission and one of his cabinet colleagues. Amnesty International is calling for a ban on forced evictions of Roma people in France in a report out on Wednesday. It says more than 10,000 were evicted from temporary camps in the irst of half of the year. Roma people face widespread discrimination in Europe.

CUStOMS WaItING FOR GOlD RUSH SRI LANKA – Seven people have been arrested at Sri Lanka’s main international airport after security checks showed they had swallowed pieces of gold. It is believed they were attempting to smuggle the precious metal into India and avoid import duties. The men – one Sri Lankan and six Indians – were taken to a hospital to allow nature to take its course. A total of 25 pieces of gold were detected. So far four pieces of gold had been retrieved from two of the men, he said. India is the biggest gold market in the world. Demand for gold has risen after the recent drop in prices. Last week India increased the duty on imports of gold jewellery to 15 per cent from 10 per cent, in its latest attempt to curb the demand for the precious metal.


to see the new island, which is reported to be about 200m long, 100m wide and 20m high, and scientists have been sent to survey it. Local people were later seen going out in boats to explore the island. Oficials say such land masses have appeared before in the area, and usually disappear again over time. tuesday’s quake was so powerful it was felt as far away as india’s capital, Delhi, and Dubai. Workers in Karachi had to evacuate their ofices because of the strong tremors. Balochistan is Pakistan’s largest but least populated province. the military has a heavy presence in the area because it is ighting a long-running separatist Baloch insurgency, and so its troops were among the irst to respond to the crisis. more than 300,000 people have been affected over a total of six districts, Balochistan government spokesman Jan muhammad Buledi said. He told BBC urdu that the death toll currently stood at 328 – 160 in Awaran town, 125 in other areas of Awaran district and 43 in Kech. it is feared the death toll could rise once other areas are reached. the number of wounded is reportedly more than 440. Awaran local government oficial Abdul Rasheed Baluch said about 90 per cent of houses in the district had been destroyed. the army says it has sent more than 200 soldiers, medical teams and tents from the regional capital Quetta. But the mountainous terrain and loss of communications is hampering the rescue operation. Helicopters have been airlifting the most seriously injured to Karachi, while others are being cared for in neighbouring districts. - BBC

Pakistani survivors search their destroyed houses in the earthquake-devastated district of Awaran. The 7.7 earthquake has reportedly killed 328 people and injured around 500. AFP

Inquiry into mall attack nAirOBi – Kenya’s investigation into a bloody siege by islamist militants in nairobi has been joined by experts from the us, uK, Germany, Canada and interpol. Forensic experts are combing the Westgate shopping complex for DnA and ballistic clues. interior minister Joseph Ole Lenku confirmed that five militants were dead and said the bodies of more were expected to be found. He did not expect the

death toll to rise signiicantly. Funerals are continuing to be held for the 67 civilian and military victims. several bodies are thought to be trapped under rubble after three loors of the building collapsed. Lenku said he only expected bodies of militants to be found. Work is continuing to establish their identities, including whether one was a woman. Lenku said he was unable to

conirm whether there were any Britons or Americans involved, but said that 10 people were being held in connection with the attack. Flags lew at half-mast across Kenya on Wednesday, as three days of national mourning began. somali islamist group alshabab said it had carried out the attack in retaliation for Kenyan army operations in somalia. - BBC

Turn left, proceed to take-off FAirBAnKs – An Alaskan airport has closed an aircraft access route because of a law with Apple’s maps app. Fairbanks international Airport told a local newspaper that in the past three weeks two motorists had driven along the taxiway and across one of its runways. Apple’s app directs users along the taxiway but does not

speciically tell them to drive on to the runway. A spokesman for Apple was unable to provide comment. the airport said it had complained to the phone-maker through the local attorney general’s ofice. “We asked them to disable the map for Fairbanks until they could correct it, thinking it would be better to have nothing

show up than to take the chance that one more person would do this,” melissa Osborn, chief of operations at the airport, told the Alaska Dispatch newspaper. she added that barricades had since been erected to block access to the inal stretch of the taxiway and that they would not be removed until Apple had updated its directions. - BBC

World's newest island

CHINA – A court in China has sentenced a man to death for killing a two-year-old girl in Beijing over a parking space row, state media report. Han Lei, 39, pulled the toddler out of her pram and threw her to the ground after her mother refused to make way for his car in July. He led the scene but was captured. The girl later died from her injuries. He said the killing was unintentional, as he was drunk and had thought the pram was a shopping trolley. “I did not know there was an infant inside,” he previously said. The case has provoked an outcry in China, with many people expressing their anger online, state media reported. Another man, Li Ming, who drove Han away from the scene, has been jailed for ive years.

SECOND HEaD SURGICally REMOVED AFGHANISTAN – Doctors in Afghanistan have conducted a rare operation to remove a second skull growing on the head of a two-month-old baby girl. Baby Asree Gul was discharged on Wednesday, after a successful operation in a Nangarhar hospital last week. Doctors say the surgery was complicated as vital nerves and blood vessels were linked to the second skull. Asree Gul was born to a family of farmers in Chaparhar district. She has a healthy twin sister, and doctors believe her unusual condition was caused when a third baby failed to develop in the womb.

today’s Daily Bread these commandments that i give you today are to be on your hearts. impress them on your children. talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

Matthew6:1-9 7:21-29 Read: Read: Deuteronomy

Text: Matthew Text:7:26 Verse 6-7

Pakistani oicials, along with curious locals, were quick to explore a small island made up of mud and rock that appeared of the coast of Pakistan following a large earthquake that killed hundreds and destroyed many homes in remote Balochistan province. AFP


Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

It was not to be

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The nightmare happened. Emirates Team New Zealand failed to convert match point in the America’s Cup series losing the inal race and their America’s Cup challenge on San Francisco Bay. AFP sAn FrAnCisCO – At the end

of the day, it’s the faster boat that wins the race. Oracle team usA have landed the inal knock-out blow on team new Zealand, taking out the winner-takes-all race for the America’s Cup to complete their stunning comeback in a thrilling inish to a dramatic regatta. Oracle team usA completed what has to be considered one of the greatest comebacks in all of sports history, winning its eighth straight race after facing elimination in each and every one. The inal margin – more than 43 seconds. the new Zealand Herald headline: “America’s Cup stays America’s Cup.” Despite its high profile, the America’s Cup has rarely been a close yachting race. most of the matches between challenger and defender have been lopsided affairs short on close inishes and telegenic appeal. But this Cup match is now the closest in 30 years. in september 1983, Australia ii and Lib-

erty faced off in another winnertake-all race off newport, rhode island, and the Australians came from behind to end the 132-year American winning streak. the Australians rallied from 3-1 down to win that series, 4-3, but no America’s Cup team – and few teams in any major sporting event – have charged back from a deicit as big as the one that Oracle was facing. Oracle’s Cup defence looked all but over just a week ago, with team nZ leading the first-tonine series 8-1. But a remarkable turnaround saw the Oracle team string together seven straight wins to tie up the series 8-all and send the match in a deciding 19th race yesterday morning. Having found an extra gear upwind in the last week and a half, the Oracle boat was too good for team nZ in yesterday’s finale – leaving the Kiwi team heartbreakingly anchored on match point. the Kiwi team did everything right in the inal race – they won the start and held a narrow lead

at the bottom mark, but they simply could not match the pace of the Americans upwind. At the first cross team nZ, on starboard tack, just managed to scrape in front of Oracle, but by the time the two teams converged again, the defenders had claimed the lead which they extended into a series victory. Was it a choke or a brilliant comeback? new Zealand Herald yachting writer Paul Lewis said there is no such thing as a choke in sailing: “there are too many variables, boat speed being the main one, team errors the other. it wasn’t errors that cost team nZ the America’s Cup, it was boat speed. “the big question is – what did they do to make it so fast after being so far behind?” Was there anything more that etnZ could have done in the excruciating last week? “nope,” said Lewis. “they’d run out of money and they simply couldn’t do whatever it was that team usA did to make - PNC their boat faster.”



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Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWs nuti no te PA enuA

Paciic new mecca for sex tourists Child rights group warns that sex traicking is a potential problem tHe PACiFiC – An interna-

tional organisation protecting children from sexual exploitation fears the Paciic could easily become a major hub for sex trafficking and sex tourism if governments fail to take early preventative action. the new Zealand arm of the child rights network eCPAt

international warns the Pacific’s booming tourism industry could potentially lead to the rise in sex tourism – which includes underage prostitution and child pornography. ePCAt’s national director Alan Bell has told radio Australia’s Paciic Beat more attention needs to be paid to the poten-

paciic BRIEFS ClIMatE CHaNGE REFUGEE BID REJECtED KIRIBATI – A Kiribati man has again failed to convince New Zealand authorities that he deserves refugee status because of changes to his environment due to climate change. The Kiribati man had earlier been declined refugee status, and was appealing against that decision. In his appeal, the man argued that there is no land anywhere in Kiribati for him and his family to relocate and avoid the onset of sea-level rise. The Immigration Protection Tribunal says while the man’s claims are credible and accepted, his claim under the Refugee Convention must fail. It says this is because the sad reality is the efects of environmental degradation on his standard of living are, by his own admission, faced by the population generally.

POlICE BOSS SHOUlD BE a POlICE OFFICER FIJI – The Fiji Labour Party has called for the appointment of a professional career police oicer as the next police commissioner. This follows a report that the contract of Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua as head of the police has expired. The FLP says the practice of appointing military personnel lacking in experience, training and qualiications to senior positions in the police force must stop. It says it has done immense damage to the morale and professional competence of the force, not to mention its command structure. The Fiji police has been led by military oicers since June 2007 when the deputy military commander, Captain Esala Teleni, was given preference for the job over two applications from within the police.

ANTI-CORRUPTION COMMISSION VITAL PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Transparency International Papua New Guinea says it is vital for the government to go ahead with plans for an Independent Commission Against Corruption, but says it should be more than just window dressing. PNG has been wracked by corruption with a former prime minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, saying it is systemic, though the Peter O’Neill government has had success in rooting out ofenders with its Taskforce Sweep. TI’s president, Lawrence Stephens, says the government appears committed to establishing an ICAC but he says it will only work if the other elements of good governance are in place and properly funded.

PaCIFIC aID IMPERatIVE, NOt aN OPtION THE PACIFIC – The director general of the Secretariat of the Paciic Community, Dr Jimmie Rodgers, says the provision of regional aid is an imperative, not an option. This comes as Australia’s new government considers how to pare back billions of dollars in aid spending. Dr Rodgers says Australia has played an integral part in the work that the SPC does, helping Paciic nations tackle issues such as food security, climate variability, non-communicable diseases, and soaring populations. He says it is crucial aid levels are maintained.

tEEN CaNNaBIS USE ON tHE INCREaSE FRENCH POLYNESIA – There is concern in French Polynesia at the growing incidence of young people smoking cannabis. TahitiInfos reports that surveys show about a third of children entering high school have tried “pakolo” as the local variety of the drug is known. The website reports that in 2011 about 600 students quit school because of drugs problems, adding that the problem is not as bad as in some urban areas in France. It says among 15-yearolds in French Polynesia, cannabis consumption appears to be more signiicant and riskier than in France. Specialised counselling services in Tahiti say they have met patients who began smoking at the age of six.

OFFICIal CONVICtED OVER Fatal aCCIDENt TONGA – A jury in Tonga has convicted a suspended deputy secretary of the Ministry of Justice of causing the death of a woman while driving under the inluence of alcohol. Vatulele Tuputupu of Niutoua had pleaded not guilty to two counts of causing death while driving under the inluence of alcohol, and manslaughter by negligence, over the death of ’Ana Toki after a road accident at Lapaha in 2011. The Nuku’alofa Supreme Court was told that he was driving under the inluence of alcohol in a government car and the victim was a passenger. Matangi Tonga online reports the jury found Tuputupu guilty on the irst count of causing death while driving under the inluence of alcohol, which could incur 15 years imprisonment.

tial risks involved and corrective measures need to be taken. “it’s much better to address these issues with prevention rather than deal with the end results,” he said. “in any country, not just in the Paciic, where there is tourism, there is often sex tourism associated with it. there is no reason to believe the Pacific would be exempt from that. “With tourism increasing across the Pacific, i think the time is right for the Paciic to be looking seriously at this issue. “We have very strong anecdotal evidence of sex traficking issues arising in countries like Fiji, samoa, tonga and Papua new Guinea.” He said there is a view that as laws make it harder for sex tourists to avoid oficial scrutiny in Asian countries where sex tourism has been well-known in the past, there will be a displacement down through the Paciic of the type of people who travel the world looking for sexual op-

‘With tourism increasing across the Paciic, I think the time is right for the Paciic to be looking seriously at this issue.’ portunity, particularly in less sophisticated societies. He said because the borders of Pacific island nations are “softer”, the border controls aren’t as strong and law enforcement in general isn’t “up to speed” on child sex exploitation issues as much as they are in Asia. “We need to pay attention to make sure that there are adequate protection measures in place, that law enforcement is robust.” He agreed that a certain amount of nimByism (not in

my Backyard) prevailed in the Pacific with people believing “that sort of thing” happened only in places like thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. “my comments are really to bring attention to the potential risk and that is it really much, much better to address these issues with prevention, rather than deal with the results.” Bell says his organisation is currently working on several preventive measures aimed at the younger generation. “We’re trying to assist with some technology to counter the illegal aspect of the internet,” he said. “more and more now, youngsters are getting tech savvy and with portable devices, they can easily be outside of parental control and monitoring.” Bell says there are also plans within the tourism industry to introduce a responsible tourism “code of conduct” under the corporate social responsibility banner as a preventive measure.

“Once they sign off on the code, they undertake responsibility to make sure that their particular environment – whether it’s a hotel or transport or catering in the hospitality industry – their premises and surroundings will provide a child safe environment.” Bell said his call is that the Pacific needs to pay attention to the potential of increased illegal activity involving sex tourism – and make sure there are adequate protection measures and robust law enforcement policies in place. “And even just to be aware of it, because with these unpleasant and nasty subjects, the natural thing is to hide them – sweep them under the carpet. “Whereas our belief is that they should be out in the daylight and people should be aware and taking proactive measures to stop this sort of thing gaining a foothold in the irst place.” - Paciic Beat

Operator says aircraft ‘safe’ n u K u’A LO FA – in tonga

there’s been a strong reaction to a dispute over the safety of the country’s new mA-60 passenger aircraft. Local airline real tonga’s mA-60 was a gift from the Chinese government for domestic lights but its chequered safety record has caused alarm in new Zealand where the government has suspended millions of dollars in tourism aid to tonga and updated its travel advisory saying people using the mA60 do so at their own risk. But one tourism operator in tonga takes a very different point of view. Shane Walker has signiicant tourism business interests in tonga, especially in the outer island of Vava’u. He is on the board of the newly-formed tonga tourism Authority and also the board of tonga Airports Limited. “At the end of the day, passenger safety is absolute priority,” Walker told Paciic Beat. “if there was something wrong with that aircraft, then i’d be the first to pull the pin on it. But there’s been a lot of speculation about it. i started to conduct research. “We did research through tonga Airports Limited. Obviously it’s a priority for the airport operator to know whether there’s a safety issue on the aircraft and there seems to be no foundation to the claims whatsoever.” Walker found that 77 mA60 aircraft have been built and

A Tonga tourism operator claims there’s no foundation to safety concerns surrounding the Chinesebuilt MA60 aircraft. EXPOSURE are operating in 21 countries around the world. “there’s been eight accidents, – one in the air, or one that fell out of the air – and seven that were ground-related. “the problem is these eight accidents were caused by four airlines that have a very, very chequered history and between the four have written off dozens of aircraft in their time and two of the airlines have been banned from european airspace. “Another has actually been grounded completely, not just the mA-60s, but its complete operations. “As i research this more and more, i found that there is no documented evidence to find fault with the aircraft whatsoever. “this aircraft is built by a company called Xian. it’s actually a subsidiary of the Chinese government aviation industry and Xian build aircraft componentry for both Boeing and Airbus.” Walker said the issue is having a detrimental effect on do-

mestic air travel and tourism in tonga. “Vava’u has been struggling for several years and indeed, domestic aircraft, passenger numbers into Vava’u have declined from nearly 21,000 in 2006 to 14,300 a year in 2012 – and that’s a third. “But what i can tell you is that the new Zealand travel Advisory has caused us all a massive loss of business. i mean it’s to the tune of millions of dollars. “People were quite happy to ignore it – it was interesting that a huge number of Kiwis didn’t appear to have any faith in what the new Zealand government was saying in this matter – but what they found was that their travel insurance was invalid and in some cases, even life insurance policies were invalid if they were involved in an accident while lying on an MA-60. “i don’t know what can be done. tongans are not confrontational. english is a second language and so they’re at a disadvantage and they’re trying to express themselves in a for-

eign language and that doesn’t always come through the way it’s intended. “It’s dificult to talk, for Tongans to confront this issue and confront the new Zealand government on it. “i simply ask that new Zealand government step back, take a very close look at the facts, not the iction on this. “ unfortunately, we’ve had a number of expat operators that have decided to throw in the towel, so yeah, it is at breaking point. “i will be hanging in there and the other island destinations in tonga are just second to none in the Paciic in my mind. “i’d ask the people to simply do their research, read between the lines, work out what’s iction and what’s fact and make their own informed decisions. “i’m a family man, i have three little boys and a lovely wife and we’ve been on that aircraft three times already and i would not do that if i thought there was any risk whatsoever. - Paciic Beat/PNC

PNG looks at federal style government POrt mOresBy – Papua new

Guinea’s Prime minister Peter O’neill wants to investigate c h a n g i n g t h e c o u n t r y ’s Westminster parliamentary system. O’neill is interested in a proposal by the former prime minister, sir Julius Chan, for a federal style of government

with the prime minster elected directly by the people. Currently, the political party or coalition that controls the most seats in parliament appoints the prime minister. O’neill has written to the Constitutional reform Commission urging it to start nationwide consultation on the

proposal. “i fully share sir Julius’ views because if we are to progress as a nation, we must continue to ind ways to improve and consolidate what we have,” he said in a statement. “We must never be afraid of change that will bring stability and prosperity.”

O’neill has shown he is not afraid of making major changes. Last week his government amended the constitution to reduce the number of parliamentary sitting days and increase the government’s protection against votes of no conidence. - ABC


Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

Millennium goals move out of reach tHe PACi FiC – the Pacific

region is not going to meet it’s millennium Development Goals. While progress had been made in some areas, overall the targets will not be reached by the deadline. the eight international development goals were oficially established at a united nations Conference in 2000, and all 189

united nations member states agreed to achieve the goals by the year 2015. they include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, providing every child with at least a primary education, empowering women, reducing child mortality rates and others. Pacific Beat spoke to the secretary general of the Paciic

islands Forum secretariat, tuiloma neroni slade, at the un General Assembly in new york and asked him if the Paciic would achieve any of its development targets. sLADe: “it’s a yes and no. the reality is the region is facing quite signiicant challenges in respect of all of the millennium Goals.

NCDs are a huge cost suVA – thirty per cent of Fiji’s

population or 102,000 people above the age of 25 suffer from diabetes. As Fiji’s biggest killer, noncommunicable diseases (nCDs) chews away large amounts of the government’s budgeted health inances annually. “Our budget is sitting at about $us63.9 milllion and 80 per cent is towards nCDs, complications and everything to do with nCDs,” the ministry’s nCDs adviser Dr isimeli tukana revealed. Dr tukana said their latest

survey conducted in 2011 by WHO revealed that the contributing factor towards nCDs was the change in lifestyle. “That’s where the dificulty is,” he said. “if we don’t change our lifestyle, particularly our children, and the way they eat and the way they live, we won’t be able to solve the problem. We have to protect our children.” Dr tukana also revealed that diabetes led to about 400 amputations per year. “it’s a crisis. And it looks like we are relaxing with these kinds of crises,” he said.

Dr tukana encouraged members of the public to visit their nearest health centre or nursing station to get tested. “if you don’t know your diabetes status, visit your nearest health centre or nursing station because you can be living normal but you don’t know you have sugar,” he said. “i am encouraging people to go to the nursing station or health centre and don’t wait until you get sick. i want you to go now if you are 30 years and over and get checked.” - Fiji Times

Camp called a ‘hell-hole’ yAren – An advocate for the

hundreds of asylum seekers incarcerated in three Australian run camps on nauru says their situation is becoming increasingly dire and there is an urgent need for independent human rights oversight. the Australian government is no longer divulging numbers in the camps but the spokesperson for the refugee Action Coalition, ian rintoul, estimates that about 700 people are spread over the three camps with about 200 in the family camp. He says they are all living under canvas, have inadequate

medical and sanitation facilities, there is no running water and no recreation area for the children. rintoul says human rights groups must be allowed in. “We have now got an Australian government that is systematically trying to deny information to the media and to the public. “It was always dificult out of nauru – it is that much more dificult now. “there is no internet connection, the phone connections are extremely restricted for the people who are in detention.”

“there is very little information coming off the island, while the information that does come off it remains alarming.” A riot involving at least 150 inmates in July resulted in a fire that caused an estimated us$55 million of damage to camp buildings. rintoul says tension among the nauruan community since the fire is spilling over into brutal treatment by the guards, with increasing reports of abuse and beatings. He says the camp is a hell-hole that should be closed. - RNZI

New Zealand Army captain Anika Tiplady (centre) with the four women cadets who will become Papua New Guinea’s irst female army oicers. ABC Guinea will soon have its first female army oficers. the four women cadets have just completed a gruelling leadership training course, which placed them under great physical and mental pressure. the course was run by a new Zealand Army Captain, Anika

tiplady who says three of the participants are expected to graduate in nine months. She has told Paciic Beat being a female army oficer in Papua new Guinea could pose some challenges for the women. “The dificulty is that they are in a male-dominated country,” she said. “But the girls that are

on track to improve maternal health – others rather more mixed, with some countries a little off track. “some of the larger countries, Papua new Guinea, Federated states of micronesia, combating major diseases, such as HiVAiDs, malaria, tB. the prevalence of some of these diseases, like HiV-AiDs is low, but there is a high incident of the stis, low condom use and a correct knowledge and education and so on. “most of the countries seem to be on track to combat, or have the ability to deal with, tuberculosis, but other countries still have problems with halting and reversing malaria. “malaria is endemic to only three countries, solomon islands, Vanuatu and Papua new Guinea.” PACiFiC BeAt: Can i ask you about the first goal, the irst Millennium Development Goal, which is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Have we got there? sLADe: “extreme poverty – dificult. There are instances of that, but there are other forces at play, increasing populations, concentrations around urban areas, lack of jobs, young people and so on. So it’s dificult for some countries. “Not so dificult, or the incidents is not as high, in some other countries, like Cook islands, niue, generally considered to

be able to meet all of the goals.” PACiFiC BeAt: But not necessarily in some places, like Papua new Guinea? sLADe: “Papua new Guinea is dificult. The population density in tarawa? Kiribati is high and it’s a different situation there.” PACiFiC BeAt: in retrospect, were these millennium Development Goals actually realistically achievable? should we have perhaps set the bar a little lower, a bit more realistically? SLADE: “It’sa dificult one. I think it is dificult to assess these matters looking backwards, but i don’t believe that is the real point. the real point is we look forward and learn from the experience. “i think what has been teaching us a good lesson is the political determination to accelerate efforts – and this came through at the meeting of Forum leaders in the marshall islands, just the week before last. “they had the latest assessment reports. they want to give it a good go for all countries and for our region and they will continue to do so with a little time yet before to the end of the political period set for the achievement of these goals. PACiFiC BeAt: But we’re not actually going to achieve those goals, are we? sLADe: “no. no, we’re not.” - Paciic Beat

Raromart Flooring heaVY DuTY

uB T n I W T Y l F o C g k 3 1 e n I h C WashIng ma

Papua New Guinea's GI janes

POrt mOresBy – Papua new

“i think it’s important to make a point that these are millennium global targets. i think it’s important that we keep company with the international community. “But at the end of the day, i think the performance of a country has to be measured by its own ability and conditions, the performance of a region, in like manner – and i think this has been one of the indings that has come out very clearly. “in a word, i think tracking and assessing the performance of the region has been dificult– 14 Forum island countries plus territories over a difficult isolated oceanic area – one of extreme diversity. “the circumstances and prospects for, say, tuvalu achieving a target in education, would be vastly, rather significantly different from the prospects of a much larger country like Papua new Guinea.” PACiFiC BeAt: is the region making some progress towards these goals though? While they may not reach all these targets, are we getting near them? sLADe: “yes, on universal primary education, i think the majority of the Paciic countries are on track to achieve this goal, but i think it has to be said that the quality of that education varies. “maternal health, probably about half of our countries are

there, i believe are going to do a fantastic job.” tiplady says the women shone during their training and showed great potential. “they are leading the way and it is going to be great,” she said. “Local people seeing women in uniform and leading – it sort of inspires others.” - ABC



ComPrehensIVe 1YearguaranTee laY-BYanDhIrePurChase

mosT WelCome You’re shoPPIng smarT When You BuY aT raromarT Phone: 21060 hours: monDaY-FrIDaY 8am-4.30Pm saTurDaY 8am-12.30Pm


Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te iPuKAreA

NZ journalist fed up with licence lines A neW ZeALAnD Herald journalist and visitor to the Cooks has written an article on his annoyance at the process of getting a Cook islands driver’s licence. Peter Calder contacted Cinews in July to say he was fed up with waiting in line for a licence, bothered that his time on holiday was being spent at the police station. On his most recent visit to the Cooks this month, he sacriiced more of his holiday time to visit minister of Police teariki Heather and question him about the issue.

On a visit to the Cooks in August 2012, Calder applied for a licence, discovering the licences had run out. He was issued a temporary one and told the proper one would be posted to his home – “as if that is any use,” he said – but it never arrived. “i know of no other country – and i have driven in the united Kingdom, ireland, the united states, France and italy – which requires anything other than the production of a valid licence in a tourist's country of origin,” he said in July. indeed, new Zealand

allows visitors to drive using foreign licenses for up to a year, and Australia for three months, before foreigners need to make more permanent arrangements. Calder vented his frustration in an article that was published on the new Zealand Herald website on september 25. His complaints were supported by a number of commenters on the article. One posted: “Great to see this very annoying issue raised publicly. i'm one of those many very annoyed visitors to the Cooks and

share your frustration about this utter waste of time.” Another suggested that boycotting the Cook islands by not visiting would be a way to change the practice that is “obviously just for revenue”. Another congratulated Calder on visiting the minister, saying: “thank you Peter for taking your time to visit the authorities in the Cooks and try and get some sense happening.” Other commenters disagreed with Calder’s opinion. “Well done Peter Calder,” said

one, “you've managed to stir up a hornet’s nest absolutely full of mean-spirited new Zealanders. i bet your blog took longer to write than the time taken to wait for a licence in rarotonga. it's only $20 for heaven’s sake! … you're supposed to be on holiday – don't stress.” the same commenter and others pointed out the driving conditions in the Cook islands are very different to in new Zealand, with some tourists being injured in motor vehicle crashes. Another commenter suggest-

ed another option for Calder, in order to avoid the queues. “i'm a regular visitor to the Cooks, and i don't mind paying for a licence. yes it's an inconvenience if you are there often on business, but maybe you should buy a 10-year licence and be done with it?” Others shared very different experiences of the drivers licencing process. “i was in rarotonga just last week,” said one commenter. “We waited all of two minutes to get our licence.” - BD

Calder: Licence to annoy the poor tourists Peter Calder is a New Zealand journalist whose frustrations with the process of getting a Cook Islands driver’s licence were published in CINews on July 27. Following his most recent visit to Rarotonga this month, Calder wrote this article that was published on the New Zealand Herald website on September 25. i HAVe a Licence to Drive a mo-

tor Vehicle, issued by the Government of the Cook islands. this may not seem like something to skite about but it is, in its small way, a testament to human perseverance. Visiting rarotonga a year ago i, like thousands of other tourists, rented a little moped to get around on and, as the law demanded, dutifully queued at the police station for a local driver's licence. it was a long wait in the heat, the thick end of an hour. i can think of many better ways to spend the first day of a short

holiday. they took my photo, recorded my details, charged me $20 and explained apologetically that the machine that made the plastic licences was out of order and they'd send it later (to my home address, where it would be an expensive but useless memento). i endured the inconvenience and mild indignity - i've been riding motorcycles and scooters since 1969, after all - as part of the cultural experience of visiting our Paciic neighbours. But the non-delivery was a step too far. Planning another trip this month, i emailed the local constabulary to inquire after my lost licence. the news got grimmer: the meltdown of an entire database meant they had lost the details of several months' applications. they were kind enough - after recovering my email, which also seemed to go missing for several months to take my word for it that i'd paid for one and issue it at last. But it got me thinking. Like the rest of the island na-

tions in the Pacific, the Cook sociation". Cook islanders are new Zeaislands is not a party to the 1968 Vienna Convention on land citizens: they carry new road traffic which provides, Zealand passports - and they among many other things, that can drive in new Zealand for 12 a driving licence lawfully is- months on their Cook islands sued in one of the 67 signatory licences. so, even though i was on holcountries will be recognised in iday, i made an appointment another. it works in Britain, the us to see Police minister teariki and europe, along with mon- Heather and have a talk about the matter. He told golia and all the stans. me that the Cabinet But in the Cooks, they i can think had "taken on board" like you to queue up of many tourism industry and pay. And since better ways representations and i applied, they have to spend other complaints and made it even harder the irst day decided two months because you now have of a short ago that valid licences to bring your passport holiday. from other countries as well as your licence: "would be acceptable last week, i watched a dozen exasperated punters here". the sticking point is the staswear volubly when they realised this as they reached the tus of the instant moped riders head of the queue, which can - tourists without motorcycle licences saddling up for the stretch out the door. it seems a slightly offhand irst time. At the moment, they have to way to treat a member of the extended family: the Cooks, demonstrate their competence like niue, are in a special re- to the bike hirers by riding up lationship with new Zealand the road a bit without falling technically known as "free as- off.

the minister suggests that the first-timers will be "directed to the police station for some sort of practical test", which seems ill thought-out to say the least: it would replace a licence queue with a test queue that would be shorter but, at least potentially, much slower moving. the vagueness of the whole proposal - there is still no date for its introduction, though the minister told me Cabinet regulations were typically implemented within three months - had a strong ad hoc whiff about it all. the Finance minister would "have to take a look" at how to compensate for the loss of income, Heather said. He instructed his executive assistant, Ben mose, to provide me with details of tourist numbers and projected revenue loss, but the rest has been silence and my follow-up emails to him seem to have gone missing too. the fee, of course, is not the point. A $20 impost on tourist drivers, who use the island's

New Zealand journalist Peter Calder. PHOTO NZ HERALD/DEAN PURCELL. 13072457 road, is perfectly fair: add it on to the rental charge and collect it from the hire firm. But a country that depends on tourism should avoid annoying tourists - and a queue is a sure-ire annoyance. sometime soon(ish) then, your licence will work in the Cooks. my advice: don't hold your breath.

Sad attempt to ‘smear the QR’s good name’ Dear editor, I am completely satisied that the integrity of our Queen’s representative remains intact and unblemished despite the sad attempt by James Beer to smear the Qr’s good name following the by-election in murienua. the Queen’s representative is a man of high esteem, who demonstrates equally high regard for his people and the community. At no time has he deviated from his newly-bestowed responsibility as head of state to indulge in political affairs or local election matters. Of this, i am certain-as is the ruling Cook islands Party and the community of murienua. this much was made clear at a public gathering upon receiving the royal appointment. i am however, less certain

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

Letters and less satisied with the attitude of James Beer, who chose to confuse heartfelt sentiments for personal and community wellbeing with political activism. Beer ought to be as embarrassed as we are by his bringing the tone of this by-election to such a low point. this has been a civil contest–or was until Beer opened his mouth to insult the head of state. An apology to the Queen’s representative is warranted. Or is this the type of moaning attitude that will continue to characterise the Opposition? rau nga, President, Cook islands Party

Managing Editor John Woods Financial Controller Liz Woods Deputy Editor Helen Greig Chief Reporter/Photojournalist Matariki Wilson Reporters Emmanuel Samoglou Sahiban Kanwal Rachel Reeves Rachel Smith Online & Social Networking Editor Briar Douglas Advertising Advertising Assistant Taja Vaetoru Oice manager Tere Joseph Accounts Manager Tangi Tauira Reception Kura Tauira Oice staf Apii Tua Production Manager Tony Fe’ao Graphic Design & Layout Mahai Daniel Adam Tutuvanu Web Developer Daniel Rolls CIN.PRINT Sales & Marketing Maitland Christiansen Printers Dan Johnston Dennis Campos


Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

Corruption changed by-election result: Beer DeFeAteD Democratic Party

candidate James Beer in last week’s murienua by-election said corruption skewed the inal results in his opponent’s favour. “Corruption very evidently changed the result,” said Beer. “this was a keystone event in which the rules were broken so blatantly and so obviously.” tuesday’s final results announced by chief electoral officer taggy tangimetua affirmed Kaota tuariki of the Cook islands Party as the byelection winner by a vote count of 219 to 194. in the aftermath of the vote, Beer said allegations of electoral fraud were brought to his attention – including claims of campaigning past the legal

deadline, bribing and treating, and alleged campaigning by Queen’s representative tom marsters on behalf of tuariki. to date, none of the allegations have been proven, however Beer said evidence has now surfaced to support the Demo Party’s claims. Beer alluded to an interview on Cook islands television (C itV) involving C i P campaign manager Patrick Arioka, who spoke on air about the party’s election day approach. Allegedly, the interview points to “corruption” said Beer. “this temporary set back is probably the best thing that could have happened,” he said. “the processes by which we elect our parliamentary representatives needs to be spot-

lighted and exposed.” “to allow this corruption at the front door to democracy go unpunished would be setting a dangerous precedence, i believe we need a shock to the system and that there most certainly should be repercussions.” regarding his political future, Beer said he is considering whether to run again, but will deinitely continue to play a role in policy development with the Demo Party. “i am still considering whether i should stand again. my committee is insistent that we continue, as i am sure the 194 voters in murienua that voted for us would too,” he said. “A large part of that decision

will hinge on whether the people of murienua and the Cook islands demand clean and fair elections in line with the rules that govern these processes,” he said, “ ... and whether any interim judicial process for this by-election deals lightly or severely with the corruption that has been evident to date.” “if an election is going to be devoid of any rules then why should we bother having elections and why should people bother to participate at the one time and the one place where they should be permitted to exercise their own free will without undue influence or interference,” said Beer. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Demo candidate James Beer is no longer smiling–he’s levelled allegations of electoral fraud against the Cook Islands Party. 13091618

Seabed minerals youth debaters chosen yOunG people will be hearing

presentations about seabed minerals on Friday, in preparation for a national debate on the topic. the debate, which will see 12 young people discuss the arguments around seabed minerals, has been organised by the Cook islands seabed minerals Author-

ity (sBmA) and te ipukarea society (tis). Friday’s event will be held after school at the seabed minerals Ofice, said TIS executive member teina mackenzie. “they will have presentations from members of that ofice and from a representative of mFem.

the students will then be transported to the te ipukarea society ofice in Tupapa where there will be presentations by tis and the national environment service (nes).” the young debaters are aged between 13 and 17 years, with five males and seven females

making the cut. tereora students Hareta Passield, 15, Heleina Strickland, 17, maine upokokeu, 17, myria rongo, 15, and nick Henry, 15, were among those selected to participate. Papa’aroa students marise noovao, 14, matthew Atuatika,

World Contraception Day tODAy is World Contraception Day, and the Cook islands Family Welfare Association is celebrating. executive director rongo File, who has been with CiFWA since 2010, said the association is having an ‘open clinic day’ where people are encouraged to come along to the clinic in tupapa. there will be a hamper of

prizes up for grabs, and of course free contraception available. File said World Contraception Day is about raising awareness about contraception and its role in preventing stis and unwanted pregnancies. everyone who is interested is encouraged to drop by the clinic, opposite the ministry of Health, throughout the day. the association is a free serv-

ice, asking only a donation in return for contraceptives and visits to the nurse, such as to be tested for sexually transmitted infections (stis). CiFWA works in partnership with the ministry of Health to conduct its work. CiFWA will also be holding a fundraiser in October, selling tickets to two sessions of the childrens’ movie ‘Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs 2’ on Octo-

ber 5, which will screen at 6pm and 8pm. tickets can be purchased by contacting CiFWA on 23420. World Contraception Day takes place annually on september 26. the worldwide campaign aims to help young people to make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health. - Briar Douglas

14, moana Fukofuka, 13, teau Puna Vano, 14 and teeu metuakore, 14, are the younger students in the group. Dylan Giva, 15, will be representing nukutere College, and teiva teaurere, also 15, will be joining the group from rakei toa. Financial support for the project is being provided by the Secretariat of the Paciic Community’s Applied Geoscience and technology division (sOPAC). mackenzie and sBmA senior legal oficer Alex Herman are coordinating the debate, aiming to increase public awareness on deep sea mining issues and how these issues might relate to the Cook islands, and also to encourage youth to engage and develop a better understanding of deep seabed minerals. As part of the sponsorship that the sOPAC Deep seabed

minerals (Dsm) project is providing, the overall winner of the debate will accompany the representatives from te ipukarea and seabed minerals Authority in attending the next sOPAC Dsm workshop taking place in Fiji in early December. return lights, meals, accommodation and travel insurance will be provided. As such, those who wish to enter the debate must have parental consent to travel and will need a valid passport. “this prize is ideal in that it celebrates a young person who is able to understand the various issues and who can articulate their views well, regardless of which position they advocate,” said mackenzie. the winner will meet regional decision makers and contribute their thoughts at the workshop in Fiji. - Briar Douglas

Understanding energy eficiency technologies tHe tHree day Promoting

Energy Eficiency in the Paciic Phase 2 programme will see those taking part review the indings of their walk through energy audit exercises today. the day will include detailed discussions on energy efficiency and conservation management techniques and

technologies related to electrical systems (lighting and air conditioning), thermal systems (heating), fuel switching and load management. Fuel switching is a term that is used to explain the switching of a fuel for a low cost, more eficient fuel to reduce the carbon footprint of an economy.

Load management, also known as demand side management, is the process of balancing the supply of electricity on the network with the electrical load by adjusting or controlling the load, rather than the power station output. According to national energy expert terekino Vaireka,

“the Cook islands rely very heavily on imported fuels for transport and electricity generation which is entirely based on diesel-powered generators. this workshop is aimed to aid in reducing that usage.” Discussions will also include energy efficiency opportunities, capital costs, energy sav-

ings and case studies. the last day of the workshop today also covers different types of energy measuring equipment and demonstrating its proper use at a selected site to collect additional data for analysis. the training programme is designed for participants who

have a basic understanding of energy systems and have been involved in design, development, implementation and maintenance of electrical/energy related systems. the workshop is being held at the edgewater resort and spa. - Sahiban Kanwal

Water loan ‘Trojan’ for our resources resPOnDinG tO yesterday’s smokie ‘Come clean on the water project’ a smoke signaller writes: “twenty years ago the italian government invented an export scheme. they would ship supplies and labour to the far side of the world and build a hotel at Vaimaanga in partnership with the Cook islands government. the Cook islands government of course sang the praises of ‘jobs’ and of course in the end the only jobs for locals were at $5 an hour while the planeloads of italian workers were on rates that we can only imagine. Well, China must be a lot smarter than the italians; they have their own export schemes shipping supplies and labour to build us two deteriorating eyesores but no big rates for the unfortunate Chinese slaves that came with the package. Here we go again with the slaves going to lay water pipes. it would all be hilarious except for the fact that our children will be burdened with making payments on a questionable water system while ighting off ever-increasing demands by the Chinese for the pay-back access to our resources that even school children will understand is the real price for letting this trojan Horse through the gates.”

a DPM NEEDED “iF tHe prime minister has been ordered to rest and refrain from working, who is leading the country?” a smoke signaller texts to 188 in response to yesterday’s p7 article ‘Pm Puna in hospital’. “shouldn’t

the deputy prime minister take over? While he’s in hospital, obviously he shouldn’t be making any decisions or running the country as the doc ordered.”

latE at tHE PEaRly GatE A smOKe signaller emailed in this ‘Grey Power Prayer’:

Lord, hear us in our paradise isles, an injustice, that overseas biz money has tax exemption, And overseas Old's money has no exception. We don't own biz jets or platinum cards, With no tax easing , it is hard. Cabinet threats twenty ive percent, should strike same rate for overseas biz. Would amass millions on millions, and Heaven sent. to not tax their billions and hit the Old's, Who only have peanuts, Deies logic and a lack of guts. Pensioners extorted 6k in back tax,

With no other dollar income, will mean court summons for many, As we don't have some, not any. to have told us no tax, year after year. then sock us, did shock us, and now it's, oh dear. so Lord, hear our plea, we will be late, At the Pearly Gate, Because we've gone back working, And Heaven must wait! Amen. ss: On one wall in the public section of the revenue management ofice in Avarua the ministry’s resolute promise is printed on a colour photo of a beautiful crystal clear lagoon, sandy beach and tapuaetai (One Foot island): “We will act without fear or favour to collect revenue which pays for our Cook islands way of life.”


Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te iPuKAreA

Prison break highlights staff shortage LACK of night staff and severe

staff constraints led to the irst inmate escape at Arorangi prison this year. A 34-year-old male repeat offender escaped prison around midnight on saturday, after complaints of severe headaches led to him being removed from his cell and taken to the guard room. superintendent metuatini Tangaoroa says the stafing issues have not been overlooked and the prison oficers are well aware of the security measures that need to be taken to avoid this happening again. “this happened because we need more staff. We have staff

constraints and we have been requesting for an increase in staff for two years now. We need staff who can work the night shift. the prison staff did everything by the book, but this was bound to happen,” he says. remanded into custody on the same day at 10am, the prisoner started complaining about headaches that evening. According to tangaroa, “the oficers took appropriate action and the inmate was given a Panadol. the inmate complained a second time and was given two Panadols. When he complained for a third time, we put him in the guard room.” the third complaint came

around midnight and the inmate took his chance to escape shortly after. “the officer at the guard room summoned the first officer to take the inmate up to the hospital. He was outside the fence and one of the oficers came out to open the gate. that is when the inmate decided to take his chance and run with it. He scaled the walls and took off,” says tangaroa. the inmate’s escape was short-lived as he was apprehended and taken back into custody at 7.10am on sunday. He is currently in remand and he will appear in court today. - Sahiban Kanwal

According to the most recent ministry report, only two wardens look after an inmate population that averages 35 each night. 13092514

More wardens needed to ease prison tension unDerstAFFinG in prisons was one of several problems identified recently by the 2012-13 annual report re leased by the ministry of Justice (mOJ). the report highlights the lack of prison wardens, alleging tension between inmates and wardens could potentially lead to a breakout in the future. Only two prison wardens are looking after an inmate population that averages around 35 every night shift. On top of this the prison is being used to accommodate mentally ill patients/inmates, putting a toll on wardens who are not trained to deal with mental health issues. in other areas of the minis-

try, extra data entry staff and two extra stenographers are needed in the land division to ease the demand by the public for land court transcripts and to digitise information. errors in the early digitising process saw some land records not entered onto the land register of titles, contributing to missing entries. One result of the errors is payments being made to the wrong land owners. the ministry had to be taken to court and ordered to pay $8368 reimbursement to the correct landowners. Funding for the 2013-14 year has been allocated to the ministry to address the digitising problem. Another part of the report writes about the lack of adequate air conditioning in

the courts. staff performance and equipment needed to scan documents for the court registry are dependent on effective air conditioning. According to the report the problem has not been fixed, despite repeated requests to have air conditioning repaired. Other concerns raised in the report include the amount of cases being filed to the children’s court, with 85 cases filed in the last financial year mostly relating to burglary and unlawful taking of motor vehicles. in addition 36 complaints were made to the Juvenile Crime Prevention Committee. to find solutions to youth crime problems, a delegation including the secretary of justice and the registrar of

the high court were sent to the manukau District court to observe the operation of the manukau Pasifika youth court. in the coming financial year the ministry promises to focus on youth justice in collaboration with the ministries of police, internal affairs, health and education, and other interested parties.

the ministry has adopted an education policy to up-skill employees, enrolling staff in law and management courses at usP. the ministry has gained assistance under the new Zealand Aid short-term training Award programme to send staff to new Zealand for training with new Zealand counterparts in their field.

Assistance under the Pacific Judicial Development Program (PJDP) was also granted, allowing employees in the court and tribunal divisions to attend workshops and training overseas and send seven justices of the peace to attend a JP mentoring programme at the manukau District Court. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia

Statistics for the year to June 2013 Criminal court • of 1338 criminal cases dealt with by the court, 360 people were convicted, 38 withdrawn, 5 discharged and 3 dismissed. • key ofences include: • 115 drunk driving cases • 48 burglary • 46 assault on a female • 23 theft • 23 common assault

Prison and Probation Services • an average of 38 people per month were imprisoned during the 2012-13 year, including two women and two people under the age of 17. • an average of 74 people per month were placed on probation with 12 between the ages of 1618. Thirty-ive were from the district of Te-au-o-Tonga, 23 from Takitumu and 19 from Puaikura. • an average of 45 probationers per month were employed and 29 unemployed. • an average of 9 outer islanders per month were placed on probation. • an average of 22 people per month were placed on community service.

Land Court • 1034 applications were iled to the land court mostly concerning land on the islands of atiu, aitutaki and rarotonga. • 481 applied for land succession, 147 for land occupation, 92 for conirmation of resolution, 35 for applications to enforce security on a property and 10 relating to section 390a of the Cook Islands act. • 296 applications for property leases were iled, 247 were residential and 49 commercial. Twohundred-and-eighty-eight were approved.

Registry Division • 273 births, 112 deaths and 795 marriages were registered during the 2012-13 year. • 752 visitors got married in the Cook Islands, compared to 39 residents.

Superintendent Metuatini Tangaroa shows visitors around the refurbished prison in 2010. 10042345

An idyllic island view from Arorangi prison serves little consolation for the diiculties the prison services face. 13092513


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Asbestos roof removal complete it tOOK less than a day for

workers to remove the roof of the former ministry of Justice building in Avarua. Cook islands investment Corporation (CiiC) property manager Anne taoro said up to seven days were allowed for the project, depending on the weather – very wet weather can make it dangerous for the workers removing the roof. But contractor Landholdings Ltd had the roof – which was made partly from asbestos – down in less than a day, with some clean-up work still to go. Foreman James Atera, who has been with the company 18 years, said the 17 workers began removing the roof at around 5.30am, and had it down by the middle of the day. they spent the afternoon packing the material into containers and clearing up some of the debris. Cook islands investment Corporation construction manager Danny numa said the workers will be back on the site today to finish cleaning it up. Workers used what is called ‘wet removal’ – where the material is sprayed with water before being removed, so that asbestos particles are unlikely to become airborne. Atera said although a lot of rain would have halted the project, the brief shower late morning yesterday was helpful in keeping dust at bay.

taoro said the building is being cleaned out for health and safety reasons. “it’s old, there’s wear and tear, mosquitos are breeding in

there. it’s got to come down.” the concrete walls and beams of the building will remain, with the property likely to be used for storage.

taoro said have also expressed an interest in using some of the storage space in the building that is currently being cleaned out.

A nearby area has been set aside for an accommodation unit to be used by workers coming from China for te mato Vai in the future – who

the asbestos will be packed into a container, with taoro saying it may be disposed of by shipping it to new Zealand. - Briar Douglas

Workers wore special masks and protective overalls to guard against asbestos particles, which are dangerous when airborne. 13092517

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The roof of the old Ministry of Justice building – which had become a breeding ground for mosquitos – was pulled down in less than a day, with the concrete beams to remain. 13092518

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Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te iPuKAreA

Stigma of suicide ‘has to be removed’ legal rights training oficer and ing, stop judging and we need counsellor rebeka Buchanan and to accept people for what they tereora College guidance coun- are going through,” said taikoko. she says Cook islands society sellor nga teinangaro. Both programmes received has become more westernised great feedback with one tourist and people are building fences congratulating them on the great where there were none. “Back in the ifties and sixties work they were doing especially after the airing of the documen- it was not like this. We were more tary and the radio talkback show. open and we had no barriers. We talked about every“i had a uK born man come up to me Everyone has thing. We discussed our and tell me that he was problems and problems. now we have down in the dumps and they need not become more westernbe ashamed ised, more europehad suicidal thoughts to speak out anised. We are losing but the church pulled about them. touch with our culture him out from his deand we are paying the pression. He was quite impressed with the work that price for it. We need to remind the te Kainga clinic is doing to people that it is okay to look for raise awareness about suicide help,” said taikoko. there have been no suicides and mental health problems,” in the Cook islands this year, but said taikoko. the week was all about trying 20 attempted suicides have been to make a change in the attitudes reported. the attempted suicide rate is of people towards mental illness still too high and children are not and suicide. “the stigma attached to sui- going through the proper chancide has to be removed. We need nels to communicate their anxito make it easier for people to ety and pressure says taikoko. she believes that it is up to come and ask for help. We need to remind people to stop blam- parents to look out for their kids.

reDuCinG the stigma attached

to suicide is part of a campaign by te Kainga mental Health trust and the ministry of Health this month. the trust and the ministry claimed the entire week of september 14-21 to raise suicide awareness. the theme of the week was to discuss openly the stigma attached to suicide and to raise awareness about mental health. the week included the sale of yellow ribbons and t-shirts, a radio talkback show and a television documentary. “it [the documentary] consists of people talking about substance abuse, alcohol and drugs, and how to overcome it. the main causes of suicide are depression and anxiety and there is a causal relationship between substance abuse and suicidal tendencies,” says psychiatric nurse and trust chair mereana taikoko. the radio talkback show was made up of a panel of people talking about the stigma attached to the discussions on suicide. the panel included Punanga tauturu

“Parents need to stop seeking perfection in themselves and their kids. everyone has problems and they need not be ashamed to speak out about them. spend quality time with your kids. talk to them properly,” urges taikoko. “We have more young people coming to us for help now than we did last year. young people are thankfully becoming more aware of suicide prevention and we are glad that it has made a difference. We did not do very much. But it was good. Just getting the messages out there is good,” said taikoko. the fundraising efforts have provided $700 in funds for the clinic, and according to taikoko “every little bit helps”. - Sahiban Kanwal

Traditional master navigator Tua Pittman bravely shows a father’s pain for a lost child on stage at the Te Maeva Nui this year. 13080209

Be pretty in pink for a good cause world famous Andre Agassi and a two hour session in the new space age state of the art Boeing 787 flight deck simulator are just some of the items on auction to raise money for the foundation.

A CHAnCe to be a pilot for a day, dinners and signed balls are all part of this years auction at the pink gala cocktail evening organised by the Cook islands Breast Cancer Foundation. three tennis balls signed by

Both the items are hard to come by–the flight simulator with instructions from Air nZ chief pilot and head of operations David morgan is usually off limits to the public. the Cook islands Breast


@ aroaBeaChsIDeInnarorangI

Ph 22 166

oPen DaIlY For BreakFasT 8-10am anD lunCh 12-2Pm

leBonVivant C





a la CarTe DInIng From 6Pm




lIVe enTerTaInmenT!

Ph 20 002


Ph 26 860



Tani and Rose or Tara kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm


Sunset BBQ w/ GARTH YOuNG - PIANO 6PM Sunset Cocktails w/ W/RuDY AQuINO 5.30PM – 7.30PM Sat Seafood BBQ w/ JAkE NuMANGA - ukulElE 6PM


Our food our passion 6pm till late

awareness campaigns, community outreach, and mammography screening are the main areas of focus for the foundation. Prior to holding the pink gala event, the foundation will be holding a pink ribbon day and a party in pink fat-burning Zumba class and while participation in the events is optional it is a great cause to get behind. “We would like to see many tickets sold and the public to support the foundation in raising awareness about the prevalence of breast cancer and the importance of early detection,” says Baudinet. “the last pink gala was held in 2007 and so far no major promotional events have been held by the foundation. We have not invited anyone in particular and it is up to you to come along and support the foundation. tickets are pre-sale so you cannot actually get them at the door,” says Baudinet.

Different businesses in the community have contributed to the auction says Baudinet. “the business community in rarotonga have been quite supportive and very generous. For example, we have a return trip to new Zealand, return trip to Aitutaki, two nights at Paciic Resorts, dinners for two around different restaurants in rarotonga, some local artists are putting up a piece of their artwork for auction, two nights at edgewater including dinner, a show and breakfast–the whole shebang.” the pink gala evening will cost $65 and ticket sales are yet to commence. the Breast Cancer Foundation relies on community support to implement their activities and once again it is asking the business community to sponsor spot prizes, auction prizes, and rafle prizes. - Sahiban Kanwal

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619


11am to 2.30pm Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway

aVarua ToWn

$10.00 Dine in special

Ph 22 279


Cancer Foundation (CiBF) is holding the pink gala cocktail evening on October 26 at the new Zealand High Commissioner’s residence in ngatipa. “We would like the public of rarotonga to get behind the foundation by purchasing a ticket. it will be a fun-filled event and canapés and beverages will be served all inclusive of the price,” says foundation president Dawn Baudinet. incorporated in 2004, CiBCF is a non-proit non-government organisation that was set up to ensure breast cancer awareness donations in the Cook islands stayed within the community, in order to help the local people of the Cook islands. the foundation’s focus is mainly on creating awareness, as well as arming Cook island women and their families with the information they need surrounding breast cancer. early detection, education,



5.30pm to 10pm 7 days Mon-Tue: $12.95 specials Thursday: Indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) All you can eat Sunday: Tandoori night Other nights: A-la-carte








6.00Pm 6.00Pm



6.00Pm 8.30Pm



Ph 189 For uPDaTes on The moVIe hoT lIne

BIgsCreen,DolBYsounD,unBeaTaBleBloCkBusTermoVIes every Monday & Thursday - Call Advertising on 22999



left to right: Noelene Bridge, Nan Hauser and liz Woods looking pretty in pink at the gala evening in 2007. 13092512


Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

Speed was game decider in Cup battle FOrty-FOur seconds was all

it took to win the most coveted trophy in the sailing world the America’s Cup. those seconds in race 19 in a day rife with tension, emotion and the hopes and dreams of millions on display ended the race. According to the America’s Cup website, “One million fans visited the official America’s Cup venues at Piers 27/29 and marina Green since they opened on July 4, and hundreds of thousands more lined the shores of san Francisco Bay to catch a glimpse of the flying, foiling AC72.” Closer to home and at the local Chilli’s Bar in tupapa, the races were watched by an average of 60 people per race day. supporter of emirates team new Zealand and owner of the bar Dave reuthers says, “We had quite a few Kiwi supporters watching the race and although we averaged 60 people on a race day, we had a maximum of 180 for one of the rac-

es. it was an exciting time. An exciting start and an equally exciting but disappointing finish.” the 34th America’s Cup could not have concluded with a more spectacular flourish as the first team in the sailing world was crowned and it was not the cup favourite–emirates team new Zealand. the Cup will stay with defender Oracle team usA for now as race 19 finished what started three weeks ago - a challenge to win top honours. the cup captured the fastest, longest, sailing race–a defence for the record books between the two top teams in sailing. Led by 35-year-old skipper Jimmy spithill, the team won by the score of 9-8 in what can only be described as a heartbreaker for emirates team new Zealand but the fans supported the team all the way. says reuthers, “it is a shame that emirates team new Zealand lost but it happens. now we are looking forward to

the 35th America’s Cup. For a small nation, Kiwis can really punch above their weight.” As another fan commented, “Well done lads, hold your

heads high!! you guys did it for your country, not for the money–and that in my books makes you the better team regardless of who won the sil-

verware.” As emirates team new Zealand wrote on Facebook, “it has been a long arduous campaign with absolute heart

and soul put into it by not only the entire team but the whole country. thank you for your support. Congratulations Oracle.” - Sahiban Kanwal

Oracle Team uSA rejoices in winning the 34th America’s Cup. 13092561

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303


DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is


1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.





Under 13 Town rugby Players who wish to be considered for the Town XV to play the visiting Northcote under 13 side on 5 October are asked to attend training at Avatiu ield on Friday 27 September at 4.30pm. Enquiries to coach Peter Taripo.

Avatiu Rugby 2013 wrap up Where: Avatiu Sports Club. When: Saturday 28 September. Time: 7pm sharp. Players, parents, partners and supporters from Teotue to Pokoinu are asked to please come along to help wrap up our 15s season. Ka kite.

Executive 2 bedroom self contained & screened. Beach home - Avaavaroa. Short & long term. Need professional tenant. $600 week, negotiable. Contact mobile 79009.

Bag’s of Tiare Taina (Gardenia) $10 a bag Matapuku $12 a bag. Phone 51661.

The Teimurimotia Stallions Fundraising Sweepstakes Draw has been delayed until 3 October 2013 due to unsold tickets. Tickets may be paid to our Stallion mama at the Bus Stop opposite the Police Station from Wednesday 25, until the draw on the 3. Contact Charlie Hosking 74148 for queries.

SERVICES Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage. Phone 22188 or 26189. Email beach@moanasands. 73691 /35140 /1744

73939 /34078 /1931

Manuel-Fortes Reunion Meeting Thursday 26 September 2013, 6.30pm. @ Aunty Rima Keys behind Self Storage, Tutakimoa. Phone 20550 Please bring a plate.

FOUND Suzuki Keys on blue tag found outside Michigan Motors, If yours please call CI NEWS on 22999- Monday to Friday. 73918 / /2171

FOR SALE Mama’s Island Flavours Palusami Ika mata Curry Mushroom steak Sticky date cake Wednesday Muri Beach Market. Phone 55789/76466. 73935 /34073 /1931



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Container house for sale $45,000 Executive Design Secure your section now, ready for rental with a brand new studio unit 16ms fully furnished. Flat screen TV & built in dvd, queen bed, built in cupboards, kitchen, microwave, fridge, glass shower, basin, toilet, gas hot water, wooden loors. $45,000 includes delivery to your site Non furnished also available $25,000 To view call Deon 57894 or visit Rima Toa Nikao backroad, across from Dr Nicholas.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


PuBliC NOTiCE ASBESTOS REMOVAL AT THE FORMER MINISTRY OF JUSTICE BUILDING The public is urged to remain clear of the restriction zone surrounding the former Ministry of Justice building in Avarua, located behind the MFEM building. The roof containing hazardous materials known as asbestosibre will be removed for disposal from Wednesday 25 September. The restriction zone will be clearly marked and monitored, and will only be accessible to approved personnel. The removal work should be completed by Friday 4 October, weather permitting. if you have any queries or would like to view the Asbestos Removal Management Plan, please contact the oice of the Cook islands investment Corporation on phone 29391 or call in to see us in the MFEM Building. Meitaki maata. 73910

73922 / /1931


• Phone 22999


73975 /34085 /2651

Autism Cook islands Ph 24065/55976


CONSULTATION ON THE NATIONAL BUDGET PROCESS MFEM along with the Minister of Finance would like to invite all members of the public to attend a range of public consultations within the Cook islands on the National Budget Process. Please come along to voice your ideas and discuss the budget process with Government. Dates: Monday 16 September 2013, Avarua Sinai Hall, 6pm Tuesday 24 September 2013, Takitumu Muri Meeting House, 6pm Thursday 26 September 2013, Puaikura Sunday School Hall, 6.30pm Monday 30 September 2013, Aitutaki, 4pm

SCHOOL STATIONERy AND CONSUMABLES TENDER NOTICE Tenders are invited for the bulk supply of school stationery and Consumables for the 2014 school year. Stationery and Consumables quality and speciications can be uplifted from the Ministry of Education oice or download from MOE website: or contact Terangi Charlie of Finance Management Division on phone 29357, fax 28357 or email Tender submission will close @ 4pm Friday 4 October 2013 Tenders shall be in a sealed envelope MOE Stationery and Consumables Tender14 secretary of Education, Ministry of Education, PO Box 97 rarotonga, Cook islands 73869 / /1795

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Cook islands Chamber of Commerce will be held on: Date: Thursday 26 September 2013 Time: 4.30 pm Venue: Trader Jack’s Restaurant, Avarua, rarotonga Agenda: 1. Welcome by the President 2. Conirmation of Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting 3. Matters arising from these Minutes 4. President’s Report 5. Treasurer’s report 6. Auditor’s Report 7. sub Committee reports 8. Nomination and approval of Auditor for 2013 – 14 9. Election of Oicers 10. General Business All members and intending members are urged to attend. Enquiries to the Chamber oice: phone 20925 or e-mail 73497 /34043 /1894


Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

Portraits that link the people tHere WAs people-watching

of a different variety at the oficial opening of the Cook islands People Project, held at BCA on tuesday evening. Cook islanders gathered inside the gallery to spot their own face and that of people they knew amidst the 222 portraits which lined the walls of the BCA gallery in taputapuatea. People mingled, watched and laughed as they recognised familiar faces, with one model saying, “it’s brilliant”. the portraits had been arranged in nearly alphabetical order – broken only to ensure that portraits which belonged together, such as husband and wife, and other family members remained together. With the irst portraits dated December 2012, the scale of the size of the project and the amount of time and work that artist Judith Kunzle had committed to its completion, became obvious. “each single drawing was a completely different experience,” Kunzle said, thanking all of those who took part and gave their time to the project, and in doing so formed a connection with the artist. “i was trying to link us through drawing you,” Kunzle said, adding that this was an art project that changed relationships. “it’s a social dynamic we created.” it was also a night charged with emotion, as the exhibition is Kunzle’s professional farewell. Jackie newnham spoke of her strong friendship with Kunzle,

Close friends Jackie Newnham and artist Judith kunzle share a moment at the BCA gallery where the walls are lined with 222 portraits of Cook Islanders sketched by kunzle. 13092505 and how she sat for a portrait with her when they first met 20-years ago. since that first meeting, newnham has worked closely with Kunzle, dancing for her as a model for Kunzle’s wellknown dancing drawings. “Judith is passionate about and dedicated to everything she does, including the Cook

islands People Project,” newnham said. many donations were given for the portraits on the night. Donations could be given by the model to their own portrait, or by any other person, with the portraits themselves belonging to the models. Ben Bergman of BCA said the gallery had forgone its commis-

sion so that 50 per cent of the proceeds could be gifted to the Creative Centre, adding that the gallery was proud to give its full support. Creative Centre principal rodger Harkness and staff mata ngamata gave their thanks to Kunzle, presenting her with crafts made by the students at the centre.

“the portrait drawings are full of imperfections, due to the artist’s ability to process her impressions and navigating shifting light. there was also more or less movement of the sitter, plus distractions like many interesting conversation,” Kunzle said. “imperfections in this context is not the same as failure. these works do not

seek photographic likeness or precision, they do not ‘capture’ but represent.” the exhibition will continue until Friday 27 september, with donations accepted until this time. Portraits can also be picked up from the gallery on Friday. - Rachel Smith

Friends Georgina Williams and David Bridge reconnect over the Cook Islands People Project portraits by artist Judith kunzle that also helped her form friendships with her models. 13092503

The exhibition of the Cook Islands People Project portraits by artist Judith kunzle marked her inal show and made for a special evening for the artist, pictured here being embraced by friend and portrait model Mousie Skews. 13092507

A young child admires the faces of Cook Islanders lining the walls at the BCA gallery as part of artist Judith kunzle’s Cook Islands People project. 13092501


Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News




Small shop main road Avatiu, commercial use or tow away. Genuine inquiries only. Phone 74306.

Groundsperson, Maintenance & Pool. Phone 50755, 23466.

Wanted Couple looking for a one bedroom home /unit. From $150250 per week. Phone 58690.

73955 /34080 /1931

Chicken Chow mein with prawn selling at Muri nite market tonight.

Male caregiver required full time, 7 days, only reliable, honest. Need apply, Reference required. Phone Linda 21535, Mobile: 55033.

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2003 Toyota Hilux double cab 4x4, 2.8 ltr diesel, Front Bull Bar, Rear tow bar, Very good condition, Great Truck. $16,500 ONO. Phone Kev 56778 or 20659.

home preferably on or near the beach in Titikaveka for preference but happy to look at other options. Responsible, professional single tenant. Happy to pay good rent for the right long term home OR as an alternative, for a six month lease over the quiet months OR to lease land! Please call 55884.

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• Phone 22999 •

VACANCY - MINISTRY OF JUSTICE Vacancies exists within the Ministry of Justice for: Prison Oicer Rarotonga Probation Oicer Rarotonga Applications for the above vacancies should be addressed to: Secretary (vacancy) Ministry of Justice PO Box 111 RAROTONGA Or via email to Applicatiions closes Friday 27 September at 4pm.

need a little

EX RENTALS SELLING AS IS White 7 Seater Toyota Estima, automatic $3995 Grey Nissan Primera, automatic $3995 Wholesale Vehicles, Main Road, Arorangi.






Applications are invited for the above position to work part time at Papaaroa Adventist School (private school) with an immediate start. Applications close on Monday 7 October, 2013. A job description and application form is available for download; applicants are to send a cover letter, application form and CV with references to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 rarotonga Cook islands Email:

This is an exciting opportunity to begin a career in the insurance industry with TOWEr insurance. TOWEr has provided domestic and commercial insurance in the Cook Islands for over 30 years. This role is a job share position and hours are 12pm – 4pm, Monday to Friday. You will need to have good organisational skills and a genuine interest in helping customers. The successful applicants will be fully trained in all aspects of the insurance industry, including insurance policy administration, claims, sales and customer service. Written applications including a Curriculum Vitae and references must be received no later than Thursday 3rd October 2013. if you are interested in a career with TOWEr insurance and would like further information please contact: Jay Areora Manager Telephone: (682) 22713 Email:


73964 /73965

Teacher Aide (Papaaroa Adventist School)


FOUND Notices are FREE

TuaTua akameITakI

to encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

73966 / /1796


WATSAN Programme Finance Assistant The Ministry of infrastructure and Planning invites applications for the posts of WATSAN Programme Finance Assistant in its Water, Waste and Sanitation (WATSAN) unit. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a new team, tasked with making improvements in infrastructure, policy and practice that will contribute to protecting and enhancing the lagoon and ocean environments around our islands. We are seeking a suitably qualiied, experienced, highly motivated and enthusiastic person to assist the WATsAN Programme Administrator in coordinating implementation and delivery of the inance work stream and outcomes across a number of critical work programmes. Speciically the scope of tasks for this position will not necessarily be limited to the following but shall include: • Prepare and make payments to suppliers on behalf of the project, control receipt of project funding. • Ensure all project transactions are processed meeting deadlines and comply with accounting policies and procedures. • Complete all necessary reconciliations and work papers, both monthly and annually, ensuring all outstanding issues are resolved within one (1) month. • Assist in ensuring Financial Statements for the project are completed for audit within the prescribed timeframes. • Undertake such additional tasks as may be instructed from time to time by the WATSAN Programme Administrator in connection with the work of the WATsAN unit. For this position, a tertiary level qualiication in inance with much experience in project inancial administration in the Cook Islands would be an advantage. if you would like to apply for this position, please submit a letter of application with a current CV to: secretary Ministry of infrastructure and Planning PO Box 120 rarotonga The closing date for applications is Friday, 4th October 2013. For more information or a copy of the TOR please contact Tangi Taoro by phone on 20-321 or by email at 73826/73827

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reo akameitaki teia na matou, te akaperepere a Tearuru riggot, te anau e te kopu tangata o Joseph riggot ki to matou au taeake e te kopu tangata katoatoa tei tauturu mai ia matou i te tuatau o to matou tumatetenga. kia akameitaki ia te atua no to kotou vaerua akapumaana tei na roto mai i te kave pure, te kai, te moni, te tiare e pera te aere mai ki te ngutuare i te pukapuka mai kia matou. akameitakianga katoa kia kotou tei oake mai i to kotou taime, to kotou au apinga akaoro, e ta kotou au apinga no te ngutuare ei tauturu i te angaanga katoatoa o Papa – meitaki maata. k i te orometua o te akonoanga (cicc) o matavera, te au mangamanga tuketuke i roto i te akonoanga e pera te ekalesia katoatoa, meitaki maata no ta kotou au pure akapumaana e no te au angaanga katoatoa i te tuatau o te akaoki anga mai i te kopapa ki te ngutuare e pera i te tuatau o te tanumanga. ki te au akonoanga e te putuputuanga tei kave mai i te pure akapumaana ki te kopu tangata, te atua te aroa no kotou. kia vai mai te aroa o te atua ki runga i a kotou katoatoa. meitaki maata, na Tearuru riggot, te anau e te kopu tangata katoatoa. 2 Timoteo 4:7,8 I kukumi ana au i te kukumianga meitaki, kua oti toku oroanga, i mou maria ana au i te akarongo. e teianei, te vaio ia nei te korona o te tuatua tika noku, ta te atu, ta te akava tuatua tika ra, e oronga mai noku kia tae ki taua ra ra, e kare ra oki ko toku anake ra, ko to te aronga katoa ra i inangaro i taua mamaanga mai nona ra.

aCknoWleDgemenT anD aPPreCIaTIon We, Tearuru riggot, children and families of Joseph riggot wish to extend our sincere appreciation to all our friends and families who provided support and assistance during our bereavement. Praise the lord for the comfort you extended through family prayer services, gifts of food, money, lowers and for visiting us. appreciation also to everyone for the generosity ofered through your time, your vehicles for transportation and necessities from your home to assist with Papa’s funeral – We are grateful. To the Pastor of the Cook Islands Christian Church (cicc), to the various groups within the church and to each and every member of the church, a big thank you for the prayer services and for all your contribution during the preparation and return of Papa’s body to our home and also for conducting the whole funeral service. To the various denominations and organizations who visited us to conduct prayer services, thank you and god bless you all. may the love and blessing of the lord be upon you all. a big thank once again from Tearuru riggot, Children and Families. 2 Timothy 4:7-8 I have fought a good ight, i have inished my course, i have kept the faith: henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.


Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

Future stars tear up the BCI track

Two Avarua School racers tear up the BCI synthetic track in the senior girl’s 1000m race. 13092548

On your marks! Junior racers get set to sprint their hearts out for their schools.

One of the delightful features of the junior dash races were the pre-race poses by the mini racers with the hand-gun pose popular among the little ones.


13092541 / 1309092542 / 13092531 / 13092535

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Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

International Flights

FLIGHT FROM ARRIVES Thursday sePTemBer 26 NZ46/45 AKL 5.15PM GZ035/034 PPT 2.50PM NZ748/749 AKL 1.25AM Friday sePTemBer 27 NZ748/749 AKL 1.55AM NZ46/61 AKL 3.20PM VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM




6.30PM 3.50PM 2.25AM

Air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details

2.55AM 4.30PM 1.45AM


RARO TO ARR DEP Thursday sePTemBer 26 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 0910











1530 1800 1100


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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.



hÄgar the horrible

ThE STRONG WIND WARNING PREVIOuSLY IN FORCE FOR ALL SOuThERN COOkS WAtERS IS NOW CANCELLED. Situation: A southeast wind low prevailed over southern Cooks.A weak trough of low pressure remains slow moving over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from few brief showers. Moderate southeast winds, turning southerly from tomorrow. Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Mainly ine. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from a shower or two. Further outlook: Mainly ine. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: some showers.

Thu High 1.51AM 0.85M 2.16PM 0.76M




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0.5m SW

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Sun, Moon & Arapo

SE 07ktS New Moon OcT 5 12.35AM

First Quarter OcT 11 11.03PM

Full Moon OcT 18 11.38PM

sunshine hours

Third Quarter sep 27 3.56AM


araPo - TaNgaroa thu 26 Tanu (Planting) Tanu i te meika. Plant bananas.

humidity Morning

Rarotonga Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Weather Forecast to Midnight


By Dik Browne


The PhanTom


Po no te o’onu. Akarava to tautai koura te ika. Night for the lagoon. Netting and ishing for crayish and ish.

Thu Sun Rise 6.24AM Sun Set 6.36PM

26 FRI


Moon Rise 12.31AM Moon Set 11.49AM Sun Rise

0.5m SW

TauTai (Fishing)


Sun Set 6.37PM

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0.5m SW


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, September 26, 2013 Aitutaki

27° SE 05ktS


25° SE 07ktS


26° SE 05ktSS


26° SE 05ktS


30° N 07ktS


26° SE 05ktS


Thursday, sepTember 26, 2013 cook Islands News

Prince of Wales athletics photo essay



—PaGE 14

Touring rugby teams to visit

sCHOOLBOy rugby players are gearing up for touring new Zealand school teams next week. the two new Zealand age grade teams touring rarotonga next week will be the under 13 northcote-Birkenhead school team and the champion mt Albert Grammar XV squad. the two teams will go head to head with their local counterparts in a series of matches from October 5 to 12. the mt Albert XV squad will feature Cook islands’ lad and product of the Arorangi Cowboys club O’neal rongo. On saturday, October 5 – the

northcote-Birkenhead team will play against an under 13 Town team at the Avatiu ield at 4.30pm. the visiting under 13’s second match up will be against a local under 13 Country selection to be played on October 7 at the Arorangi ield at 3pm. this match will be followed by the irst game for the touring mt Albert Grammar team at 4.15pm against a local under 19 Country team. the mt Albert team will then play their second game on October 9 at Avatiu ield at 4.30pm against an under 19 town selection.

too much tunui!

the visitors’ last game will be on saturday, October 12 against a Cook islands resident XV team at the BCi stadium kicking off at 4.30pm. the saturday matches will also coincide with the start of the local senior men’s CitCrarotonga Club 7s Competition, commencing on saturday, October 5 and set to continue for four saturdays. the saturday Club 7s will be included as part of the saturday 5th & 12th October playing programme at Avatiu Field and BCi stadium too. - Ruck and Maul


Two New Zealand schoolboy rugby teams are on their way to the islands to take on their Rarotonga counterparts in a series of games that are being seen as great for local rugby development. 13092523

Soccer at Swamp mOre FOOtBALL action will

take place today with some intriguing match-ups for fans to enjoy at the Avatiu swamp between Avatiu and matavera with the first game to kick off at 4.15pm in the under 14 boy’s division. in the senior women’s championship matavera was just edged out by takuvaine in their contest and no doubt today they will aim to topple Avatiu. After resting in round five Avatiu will be keen to shake things up for their side and a win tops their agenda as they ready for today’s clash. much of the attention on Friday will center on Avatiu’s ield in the Lotto Premiership men’s division, where a compellinglooking matavera attack will try to breach Avatiu’s defense. Coming off of a win against a determined takuvaine side earlier in the week, no doubt matavera will look to bag this game. the Avatiu side are not short of skill themselves and today’s game could showcase that with tahiri elikana and nathan

tisam and his defenders holding their defences to prevent their opposition from scoring. Prior to the Lotto Premiership match the under 14 girl’s will kick off their scheduled match at 4.15pm. - CIFA Media

Draw today at the Avatiu ield – 4.15pm-under 14 Boys, ref-eiau tangapiri assisted by Brayden Kavana & Lloyd

murare, 5pm-senior Women, ref-eiau tangapiri assisted by Brayden Kavana & Lloyd murare.

Draw for Friday at the Avatiu ield – 4.15pm-under 14 Girls, ref-tupou Patia assisted by Paavo mustonen & terry Piri, 5pm-Premier men, ref-tupou Patia assisted by Paavo mustonen & terry Piri.

Avatiu in action against Titikaveka earlier in the season. 13092509

AVAruA school student tunui tangaroa had his game face on yesterday when he joined fellow runners from rarotonga primary schools to compete for the Prince of Wales athletics trophy. tunui helped his school defend and keep a hold of the Prince of Wales trophy for the second year in a row. He is pictured here sprinting his heart out in the junior boys 25 metre dash which started with a slight technical error

when the eager runners bolted off the start line before oficials were ready to get going – a clear sign of their eagerness in winning their races to earn points for their schools. Hundreds of parents, grandparents and caregivers took the day off work or used their lunch breaks to spend time at the BCi stadium in nikao to cheer on their children. the island’s smallest school Apii rutaki hosted the day-long

athletics event that ran from 8am right up until after 5pm. While most of the attention was on the racers on the synthetic and grass tracks – students also competed in long jump and high jump. Avatea school took out second place with st Joseph’s school thrilled to win third place. Ci news will bring you more photos and results in tomorrow’s sports pages. - Matariki Wilson

Women’s impressive cricket ielding receives high praises tHe eDGeWAter resort and

spa national women’s cricket enjoyed plenty of success on Monday night in their irst of two exhibition matches against the touring northern maori cricket team. the maori cricket team are on rarotonga as part of the inaugural AerO World indigenous series against the AerO Cook islands men’s team. Batting first the northern maori put on a mammoth total of 244 runs, standout bowling performances from the Cooks side came from Amelia moetaua (mauke) who bowled three overs and conceded just 16 runs. Aitutakian tekura Kaukura was impressive col-

lecting two wickets from her four overs and Lacynthia rani (rarotonga) spinned her way onto the score sheet collecting the big wicket of James simpson. the edgewater resort and spa women’s side managed 66 runs in reply through the great batting efforts of tekura Kaukura (11 runs) and Amelia moetaua (17 runs) however the women’s innings of the day went to tina mato (rarotonga) who scored an impressive 34 not outs which included seven boundary fours. the Cooks side take plenty of positives out of the match as their quest to become the best ielding side in the region got

a great boost with a standout effort in the ield, an effort that didn’t go unnoticed by maori skipper Leyton Parsons. “The women’s ielding was impressive, they committed themselves, threw their bodies around and saved a lot of runs. It was a brilliant ielding performance which was capped off by a fantastic catch by (15 year old maukean) ruta teaka.” the edgewater resort and spa Women’s next exhibition match is scheduled for this thursday, 6pm at the international stadium. Free entry or follow the action live with free online ‘ball by ball’ coverage is also available at - CIC

Thursday 26 September  

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