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$2 saturday, september 21, 2013

Allegations of electoral fraud raised Democratic Party candidate

James Beer is saying allegations of electoral fraud have been brought to his attention in regards to thursday’s murienua by-election. “i’m not making the allegations–the allegations have been brought to my attention,” said Beer. Preliminary results show cook islands Party (ciP) candidate Kaota tuariki in the lead with 193 votes, followed by 174 votes for Beer. Final results are expected early next week. the main allegations, which Beer said he had witnessed irst hand on the day of the vote, deal with the rule of campaigning past the set deadline, and bribery and treating. “We witnessed the other

camp and a large amount of food being given out to a fairly large group of people,” he said. Beer said approximately 65 people may have been involved, and were treated to a breakfast of eggs, bacon and ham. “that’s treating, bribing, and influencing people,” he said. “it has an unfair influence on the voter, especially if the voter hasn’t had a chance to collect their thoughts.” as part of the election rules, all campaigning was to cease at 6pm on Wednesday, the day before the vote. the Demo candidate said members of his family had their doors knocked on at 6am on the voting day, and were asked to go to a breakfast at the ciP site in murienua. one

of his family members took the offer. “We wanted to ensure that at 6pm (on Wednesday) all campaigning stops and the job then is to leave the voters to decide themselves,” he said. Beer also said allegations have been brought to his attention involving Queen’s representative tom marsters, and possible campaigning on his part for the ciP. “if this is true, then it’s a very sad relection on the way our leaders in our community behave, especially when impartiality is expressly required,” he said. Five afidavits are currently being prepared on the allegations of bribery and treating and the allegation of cam-

paigning by the Qr, said Beer. “i don’t like to make accusations of this nature, but this is more about talking about the nature of politics in the cook islands,” he said. “We need to make sure election processes are very clean.” “Whether we will do anything is a decision we will make in a few days,” he said, indicating his party will have to take into account time constraints between now and the next election if they choose to ile a petition in court, which he said could also be a costly process. “We aren’t giving up,” he said of the preliminary results, but acknowledged it may be difficult to surpass tuariki once all votes are counted. Chief electoral oficer Taggy

Growing futures


titikaveka preschool students (from left) teivarau denny, atarah taukave and Kelinn George marvel at the lettuces growing in the green water living garden at the aquaponics farm in titikaveka. the future leaders of the community visited the aquaponics facility for a school ield trip where they learned how the green water living garden works and even fed the tilapia ish at the facility. the trip complemented the school’s current focus on the topic of biodiversity, where they are learning about how to grow plants – including planning their own school garden – and what they are used for, such as food and medicine.

Preschoolers learning to grow, page 14 Nursery to nurture young minds, page 20

Tangimetua said inal results are expected to roll in next week as early as monday. in the by-election, a total of 39 votes were made by declaration - as opposed to registering - which tangimetua said is a higher than usual number. the votes need to undergo a process of authentication, which has already begun.

the Demo candidate said he’ll be able to make up some ground once those votes are tallied and the three postal votes and eleven advance votes are accounted for. “We ran a very clean campaign,” added Beer. - Emmanuel Samoglou

CIP celebrates after irst count, page 7

TV presenter sent to prison cooK i s lan Ds television sports presenter roger tai Blake has been sentenced to two years and seven months in prison for importing cannabis. Blake had been found in possession of 507 grams of cannabis, worth an estimated $811,000, in march and had pleaded guilty in July to charges of importation and possession for sale or supply. Blake appeared in court on thursday for sentencing before chief Justice thomas Weston, where it was disputed if he had possessed the huge amount of cannabis for commercial sale. crown prosecutor cheryl King submitted that because both charges have the same maximum sentence of 10 years, the lead charge should be importation as there was deinite evidence to support it. a sentence of four years imprisonment was recommended. reference was made to the sentencing of Giovanni marsters who had received 6 years imprisonment for charges including cannabis importation, and was also considered as a start point. Defence counsel charles Petero told the court that there was no commercial aspect, only that the cannabis was for Blake’s personal use to ease pain from a sport injury sustained three years ago. He also submitted references from Blake’s employer, work colleagues and friends, writing that Blake is a hardworking and reliable employee who is committed to cook islands sports and a good father and partner. He recommended two years and eight months im-

prisonment as an appropriate sentence. in the dock, Blake tearfully read a statement to the court asking for leniency and expressing his regret. “my actions were stupid and selish, I gave little thought to the consequences this would have on my family, for this i am truly sorry.” “i caused humiliation and grief for my family... i will never forgive myself,” he said. Weston placed a starting point of four years imprisonment for sentencing and reduced that time for Blake’s early plea and the ‘personal circumstances’ evidenced by the character references. He said that although there was no solid evidence of the intention to sell the cannabis, bringing in any amount over 28 grams implies an intention to sell. He sentenced Blake to two years imprisonment for the possession charge to be served concurrent with the importation sentence. Weston mentioned that the intention of harsh sentencing for drug related offences in cook islands legislation is to promote responsibility, and to act as a deterrent to others. Blake was arrested in march after being caught by customs with the class c drug at rarotonga airport travelling in from new Zealand. the cannabis was found in his carry-on luggage inside a package wrapped like a gift. the cannabis was tightly packed in plastic wrap and placed within a packet of washing powder and coffee. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia Ph 24979

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Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWs nuti no teia nei ao Coffee and guns don't mix The cofee chain Starbucks has asked its customers in the US to stop bringing guns into its outlets. The irm has recently become a focus for the pro- and antigun lobby, with supporters of the right to carry arms holding a Starbucks Appreciation Day. Starbucks has a policy of defaulting to local laws over whether people can take guns into its 7000 US outlets. Starbucks has not imposed a ban, but says guns “should not be part of the Starbucks experience”. Starbucks’ chief executive Howard Schultz said the irm had been “thrust unwillingly” into the middle of the national debate over irearms.

Syria crisis a stalemate

Syria’s deputy PM says neither side is strong enough to win DamascUs – syria’s deputy

prime minister says the civil war has reached stalemate with neither side strong enough to win. Qadri Jamil told the UK’s Guardian newspaper that at proposed peace talks in Geneva, Damascus would call for a ceaseire with the armed opposition. Jamil seems to be reflecting a drive by russia to prepare for peace talks. meanwhile, the Us has called on the Un security council to act over syria’s chemical weapons. secretary of state John Kerry called on the council to pass

world BrieFs DEATH TOLL RISES IN COLORADO FLOODS USA – The death toll from historic looding that hit Colorado last week has risen to seven people, as the state faces 10 oil spills caused by the deluge. Colorado’s oil agency said it was tracking two “notable” and eight minor spills across the lood area. Three other people are missing and presumed dead after a week of heavy rains were capped by lash-looding. Residents in one town completely cut of by water were allowed back on Thursday for a short period of time. Under tight security, evacuees in Lyons were given just two hours to check on their homes and leave. The town had been cut of after the St Vrain river overtopped its banks destroying dozens of homes, a trailer park, two town bridges and sections of the only road in and out of the community of 1600 people.

MASSACRE REPORTED IN NIGERIA TOWN NIGERIA – At least 87 people have been killed in an attack by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria’s north-eastern Borno state, according to local oicials. Disguised in military uniforms, the militants set up checkpoints outside the town of Benisheik and shot dead those trying to lee, witnesses said. They also razed dozens of buildings in Tuesday’s attack. Boko Haram, which wants to create an Islamic state across Nigeria, has waged a deadly insurgency since 2009. Communications with Borno state have been severely disrupted since May, when a state of emergency was declared in Borno and two neighbouring states. Local vigilante groups have been formed to help counter the militants but scores of these volunteers have been killed in recent weeks.

COUNTRIES BRACE FOR SUPER TYPHOON TAIWAN – The Philippines and Taiwan are braced for super typhoon Usagi, which meteorologists say could become the most powerful typhoon of 2013. The typhoon was 560km east-southeast of Taiwan and 360km from the northern Philippines on Friday morning, weather oicials said. The tropical cyclone intensiied into a super typhoon on Thursday. Both Taiwan and the Philippines have issued alerts and warned boats to exercise caution. The tropical hurricane is expected to hit China over the weekend. Philippine oicials have issued storm warnings for lash looding, landslides and storm surges for several northern provinces. Emergency and health personnel in some provinces have also been placed on standby, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said.

a “binding resolution” when it meets next week. Jamil told the Guardian that the syrian economy had suffered catastrophic losses in the civil war that began in early 2011. more than 100,000 people have died in the conlict, according to the Un, and millions have led the country or been made homeless. “neither the armed opposition nor the regime is capable of defeating the other side,” he said. “this zero balance of forces will not change for a while.” Jamil insisted that he was speaking for the government. He said that if the long-delayed Geneva peace talks are revived the government would propose a ceasefire monitored by troops from neutral or friendly countries. this, he said, would pave the way for a peaceful political process free from outside interference. nobody should fear, he added, that the regime in its current form would continue. “For all practical purposes the regime in its previous form has ended. in order to realise our progressive reforms we need the West and all those who are involved in syria to get off our shoulders,” he said. observers say his comments are bound to be dismissed by the opposition which is deeply sceptical about talk of reform and democracy from government sources. Jamil is a former communist whose party took part in demonstrations against the government at the beginning of the uprising. russia’s Deputy Foreign minister sergei ryabkov, is currently in Damascus where he has been meeting top officials and also leaders of the tolerated opposition. - BBC

Rebel ighters hold a position in the Damascus suburb of Yalda in a civil war even Syria’s deputy prime minister has admitted is ‘unwinnable’. AFP

Honest man richly rewarded Boston – Donations of more than Us$110,000 have poured in from across the Us for a Boston homeless man who returned a lost bag with $42,000 in it. Glen James alerted police after he found the backpack containing cash and traveller’s cheques last weekend, and the bag’s owner was then tracked down. a complete stranger later started an online fund for James after reading media reports about his honesty.

the man, ethan Whittington, now plans to meet James to give him the money. Whittington said he was so overwhelmed by James’ honesty that he decided to start the fund. “the fact that he’s in the situation he is, being homeless, it blew my mind that he would do this,’’ Whittington told the associated Press. He said his idea of starting donations on a crowd-funding website for James “caught on like wildire ever since”.

“it’s brought me a lot of hope. this isn’t only about rewarding a great guy. i think it’s a statement to everyone in america. “if we come together and work toward one thing and work together, then we can make it happen.” meanwhile, James, a former Boston courthouse employee, said that he would not have kept “even a penny” of the money he had found the backpack – even if he were desperate. - AP

‘Life on Mars’ not looking good mars – the curiosity rover’s failure to detect methane on mars is a blow to theories that the planet may still host some types of life, say mission scientists. telescopes and satellites have reported seeing small but signiicant volumes of the gas, but the six-wheeled robot can pick up no such trace. on earth, 95 per cent of at-

mospheric methane is produced by microbial organisms. researchers have hung on to the hope that the molecule’s signature at mars might also indicate a life presence. the inability of curiosity’s sophisticated instrumentation to make this detection is likely now to dent this optimism. curiosity has been sucking in martian air and scanning its

components since shortly after landing in august 2012. methane at mars could have a number of possible sources, of course – not just microbial activity. it could be delivered by comets or asteroids, or produced internally by geological processes. But it is the link to life that has most intrigued planetary scientists. - BBC

Closed for renovations

OIL DISPUTE OVER CARIBBEAN ISLANDS NICARAGUA – Nicaragua has launched legal action against Colombia in the International Court of Justice, claiming potentially oil-rich areas in the Caribbean. Last year the court in The Hague ruled that a group of small islands belonged to Colombia, but expanded disputed maritime limits in favour of Nicaragua. In the new case, Nicaragua asked the court to rule on the exact boundary. Colombia rejected the earlier ruling, and denounced the “unfounded pretensions of Nicaragua”. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos says the ruling “cannot be implemented” as new international borders can only be ixed by bilateral accords.

INDIAN COUPLE kILLED BY FAMILY INDIA – Police in the Indian state of Haryana have arrested four people over the killing of a couple who were planning to marry despite family opposition. A 23-year man was beaten and beheaded and his 20-year-old girlfriend was also killed in Rohtak district on Wednesday, according to police. The woman’s father, mother, brother and one other person have been held over the murders – but police made no oicial comment. Police told the BBC they were treating the case as an “honour crime”. So-called honour crimes are common in India, where many still prefer arranged marriages within their own caste and love matches are often frowned upon.

today’s Daily Bread Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: revelation 21:1-7

text: Matthew 7:26 5:4 text: Matthew

a resident of Barra de Coyuca checks the destruction in a restaurant by the beach in a tourist resort close to acapulco, Guerrero state, Mexico, as as a fresh hurricane hit the northwest. AFP


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News


Beauty comes from within

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juST ARRived the winner of Muslimah World 2013 – obabiyi aishah ajibola of nigeria – gestures to the judges during the Muslimah World competition in Jakarta. the nigerian woman tearfully prayed and recited Koranic verses as she went on to win the beauty pageant exclusively for Muslim women in the Indonesian capital which was seen as a criticism of the regualr Miss World beauty contest in Bali that has drawn ierce opposition from Islamic radicals. AFP

Weapons data submitted Syria starts declaration in line with Russian plan tHe HaGUe – syria has begun

sending details of its chemical weapons as part of a Us-russia brokered deal to make them safe, a chemical arms watchdog has said. the Hague-based oPcW added that it expected more details from syria in the coming days. syria was given a saturday deadline to give a full list of its chemical arms. separately, two syrian rebel groups have agreed a ceaseire in the northern town of azaz after two days of ighting that raised fears of a war within a war. michael luhan, a spokesman for the organization for the Prohibition of chemical Weapons (oPcW), which is responsible for policing the treaty outlawing chemical arms, said syria’s submission was an “initial declaration”. luhan said it was now being examined by the organisation’s technical secretariat but he declined to say what was in it. A UN diplomat conirmed to reuters that details had been submitted, adding: “it’s quite long and being translated.” the Us-russia brokered deal aims to have inspectors on the ground in syria in november, when they will make an initial

assessment and oversee the destruction of certain equipment. the destruction of all of syria’s chemical weapons would then be completed by mid-2014. the core members of the oPcW were expected to vote on the timetable next week. However, the oPcW said in a statement on Friday that a meeting of its executive council scheduled for sunday had been postponed, without giving a reason. “We will announce the new date and time as soon as possible,” it said. once the oPcW agrees to the plan, the Un security council will seek to endorse it. However, the ive permanent members are still discussing the wording of a resolution, with russia opposing threats of force against syria. on monday, the Un conirmed in a report that the nerve agent sarin had been used in a rocket attack in Ghouta, although it did not apportion blame. secretary General Ban Kimoon said the mission was unable to verify the number of casualties, but referred to the “terrible loss of life on 21 august”.

France, the UK and Us insist the report clearly backed their stance that only the government forces were capable of carrying out the attack. syria’s ally, russia, rejected the argument, saying it had “serious grounds” to believe the attack had been a provocation by rebel forces. separately on Friday, the two rebel groups – the islamic state in iraq and syria (isis), linked to al-Qaeda, and the larger Western-backed Free syrian army – agreed a truce in azaz, near the turkish border. isis had seized the northern town from the Fsa on Wednesday. the fighting began when a wounded rebel – either from isis or from an allied group, al-muhajireen – was taken to a ield clinic and, while there, he was ilmed as part of a fundraising exercise. the wounded fighter demanded the film, and called on friends to come to his aid, prompting a full-scale attack. Under the ceaseire deal the two rebel sides have agreed to exchange prisoners and hand back property. - BBC



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Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWs nuti no te Pa enUa

Call to limit tuna ishing Paciic nations are in position to control stocks and enforce limits Honiara – the world’s biggest

tuna company has called for government action to manage tuna stocks and promote sustainable ishing in the Paciic. industry groups met at the Paciic Islands Forum Fisheries agency (FFa) tuna conference

in the solomon islands to look at how to broaden the tuna investment base in the region. the FFa is a regional organisation developed to help Paciic countries control and develop their tuna isheries. tri marine international

paciic BRIEFS LATE SPORTS EVENTS PROMOTE VIOLENCE AMERICAN SAMOA – Police in American Samoa want school sports held earlier in the day to improve security. This comes after three high school students were injured when their bus was attacked following a late night volleyball game two nights ago. The students from Tafuna High School had just inished playing at Fagaitaua High School when people started throwing rocks at their bus. Police have yet to make any arrests, saying it was too dark at the time of the incident. Education oicials want parents to take more responsibility for their children’s behaviour and to mete punishment for this incident. The acting commissioner of police is adamant allowing sports games too late in the evening makes security diicult.

SAMOA’S PRISON PROBLEMS INVESTIGATED SAMOA – The Commission of Inquiry in Samoa investigating allegations of abuse of power and mismanagement in Tafaigata prison has heard the prison has no reserved facility for mentally ill people. The acting assistant commissioner at the prison, Tuna’imati’a Fa’a’esea Lautala, says when mentally ill patients are transferred from the hospital prison oicers look for a suitable room to keep them. He says proper facilities are needed. Meanwhile the acting commissioner says staf at the prison are outnumbered by inmates. He says while there are 351 prisoners currently serving sentences including 35 women, there are just 35 prison oicers. He says other factors impacting on the prison include the lack of a fence surrounding the facility and the close proximity of the women’s cell blocks to those of the male inmates.

RULES DETER LOW INCOME GAMBLERS PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Papua New Guinea’s National Gaming Control Board is hoping intervention measure will stop low income earners from blowing their money on gambling machines. Since the beginning of September the minimum fee to play on the pokie machines has been increased from 50 to 100 kina (NZ$48). Gaming Control Board chairman Qwentan Chollai told Radio New Zealand International that most problem gamblers are low to average income earners. He said that the increase came into efect on September 1 and there has already been a drop in revenue indicating less people are gambling. The board is also looking at creating a public counselling oice to help problem gamblers.


managing director Phil roberts told radio australia’s Paciic Beat there was a consensus among industry groups for a limit on fishing effort in the Paciic to protect ish stocks. tri marine international is the world’s biggest tuna company, and trades around $1 billion worth of tuna a year through its Singapore ofice. roberts criticised the FFa’s Vessel Day monitoring scheme in promoting sustainability, saying the amount of registered fishing vessels had increased from 200 to 290 in the last ive years. the Vessel Day scheme (VDs) is a system where vessel owners can purchase and trade ishing days at sea in places subject to the Parties to the nauru (Pna) agreement. “As a means of limiting ishing effort the vessel day scheme has not been eficient,” Roberts said.

Pna controls the world’s largest sustainable tuna purse seine ishery, with its members including the Federated states of micronesia, Kiribati, marshall islands, nauru, Palau, Papua new Guinea, solomon islands and tuvalu. roberts called on the the Pna to take action. “Pna have authority and sovereign rights over their zones. they are in an extraordinarily powerful position to control this ishery,” he said. “We’re all hoping they will eventually force a limit.” roberts said tri marine is expanding its more environmentally friendly pole and line ishing and ishing that avoids the use of Fish aggregating Devices (FaDs). FaD’s are buoys, floats or other man-made objects used to attract fish, and have been criticised by environmentalists for contributing to overishing.

The world’s biggest tuna company has called for Paciic ishing limits. WWF “customers are asking for FaD free fish and our role as supplier is to supply what the customer wants,” roberts said. “We’d rather be ahead of the wave than trying to catch up.” roberts said the market for sustainable tuna was growing. “consumers everywhere are more and more attuned to the issues around sustainability and the practices used in catching.”

FFA’s 17 Paciic Island members are australia, cook islands, Federated states of micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, marshall islands, nauru, new Zealand, niue, Palau, Papua new Guinea, samoa, solomon islands, tokelau, tonga, tuvalu and Vanuatu. the FFa tuna forum was held between 18 to 20 september. - Paciic beat

‘What do we have to do!?’ san Francisco – team new Zealand suffered huge heartbreak yesterday morning in san Francisco Bay as their quest to nail the america’s cup was spoiled by light winds and a dogged oracle team. the Friday the 13th race proved to be incredibly unlucky for the Kiwis.

they had the race and the cup as good as won as they enjoyed a 1200m lead in the first race but couldn’t complete it in the 40-minute time limit – with oficials abandoning racing as the Kiwis approached the last mark. instead of celebrating the america’s cup win in what looked like being the inal race

of the event – the Kiwis had to give it another go in a restart – and this time the defenders blitzed the challengers. When the race was resailed, oracle had pegged back another point following on from a mistake by team nZ skipper Dean Barker that drew a penalty on the irst downwind leg

that keeps new Zealand still looking for the one elusive win to “nail this thing” while oracle now need six more victories in a row to hold on to the auld mug. new Zealand still lead 8-3 and still hold match point with another two races scheduled today. - PNC

despite being ahead by 1.2 kilometres team new Zeland could not convert match point in the america’s Cup as light winds meant the race was postponed for being too slow just minutes from the inish. AFP

SOLOMON ISLANDS – The permanent secretary for the Solomon Islands inance ministry says three staf have been suspended over government fraud totalling almost US$2 million. Shadrach Fanega says the fraud relates to a health sector programme for the building of hospitals and clinics and involves both AusAid and government money. Five health ministry staf have been also been suspended over the matter. “The amount involved so far is 10 million Solomon Islands dollars and that is related only to the AusAid-funded projects but two or so million dollars is the government’s own funds.” Fanega said that hopefully tighter auditing will dissuade people from committing further fraud.

SIR MICHAEL PROTESTS MINE TAkEOVER PAPUA NEW GUINEA– Papua New Guinea’s former prime minister Sir Michael Somare has sounded a note of caution about the government’s takeover of the Ok Tedi copper and gold mine in Western Province. Parliament passed amendments to the OK Tedi Mining Agreement on Wednesday which will see the state own 100 per cent of the mine, cancelling the PNG Sustainable Development Programme’s 63 per cent share. Sir Michael, who is part of the Peter O’Neill government, staged a protest walkout before the vote was taken. He has warned the move sends the wrong signals to the international community and there should have been more dialogue before any decision.

APOLOGIES FOR SHOOTING VOLUNTEERS WEST PAPUA – A newspaper in Papua has published a letter from the Papuan Freedom Movement apologising to the Indonesian Red Crescent for shooting three of the organisation’s volunteers in July this year. The letter in Bintang Papua is signed by two commanders of the movement’s military wing, the OPM. They say shots were ired at an ambulance at a time when the Indonesian army was carrying out operations in Puncak Jaya. One man died in the shooting and two others were hurt. The commanders say the person who did the shooting thought the vehicle belonged to the Indonesian military.

Fighting to worship in their language BrisBane – samoan mormons

in australia have lodged action in the Federal appeals court claiming the church is preventing them from worshipping in their samoan language. the lawyer representing the samoans says Brisbane’s church of Jesus christ of latter Days saints, also known as the mormon church, is forcing its parishioners to use english during worship – banning their native tongue from being spoken in any church activities. the mormon church in sa-

moa says there is no policy to ban any languages, and only its head ofice in Salt Lake City has the authority to make policy decisions. new Zealand based samoan lawyer olinda Woodroffe has said the ban is unfair and unreasonable. “suffice to say that the concern of the people in banning them from singing, praying or giving testimony in samoan language in the mormon church or latter Day saints in Brisbane is continuing,” she said.

“i am somewhat surprised to hear news that they are allowing it. the people i’m representing are still being banned in using their language in the church.” Woodroffe led a group of samoan mormons from Brisbane who travelled to apia to raise their concerns with Prime minister tuilaepa sailele. “Whoever you are, whatever church, the samoan language is a very important part of our identity,” she said. “What we said to the prime minister is ‘samoa may be a

small country, but the samoan language is so important to our identity’. “If we don’t all together ight against any move to ban the samoan language from use – that is they duty of all samoans, including the prime minister.” Woodroffe says tuilaepa promised to write to the Paciic community and the mormon church in Utah over the issue. she say the matter has been listed to be heard in the australian Federal appeals court next may. - ABC

Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News



Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

letters reta

Frustrated with CIRU judiciary process Dear editor, this letter has resulted from frustration experienced with the cook islands rugby Union judiciary following an issue raised after last saturday’s rugby semi inals. at the beginning of the week, we submitted a complaint relating to the Under 16 match played between avatiu and tupapa last saturday 14 september. When our representatives turned up to the judicial committee hearing which was convened on tuesday 17 september, they were told by the Jc chairman – before listening to any arguments – that he had dismissed our complaint! this is despite our complaint about the irregularity – an illegal substitution

-- being supported in an email to the cirU by one of the assistant referees, and an admission by the match referee that he was applying a variation to the laws of the game (by implementing rolling substitutions) which the cirU had no knowledge of! We submitted references to two incidents (one in 2012) which have gone against our club, but in our view, could have assisted in our complaint which we submitted this week. in 2012, the cirU judiciary panel (of one) deemed that avatiu had made an illegal substitution in a seven match and awarded the match to the other side (tupapa, in this case). sadly though, this submission fell on deaf ears.

in last saturday’s case, the in our dealings with the cirU cirU say that it has been unable over the past two years. earlier this season one of our to do anything about the matter despite the cirU admitting that players was suspended for an exrolling substitutions can only tra three weeks and our senior a grade lost its bonus be implemented in points win against the senior B/reserve We exposed titikaveka this year grade. a number for the simple reao n t h u r s d a y, of laws and son that he had not our representatives inconsistencies carried out touch fronted up to appeal in the judicial judging duties as the original decision process in part of his original but to no avail – de2012 and we suspension. We arspite basing its argucontinued to do gued that losing the ments on irB laws so this season. points along with and earlier admisthe player copping sions by cirU officials that the referee had made the extra suspension was harsh, but the cirU judiciary did not an error. We believe that our club has think so. Whether the loss had any imbeen on the wrong side of the ledger in a number of matters pact on the Senior A inal points

table will probably never be known – because for the second year in a row, the cirU has been unable to put together a points table at the end of the round cup competition. it is our understanding that there is one player playing in this weekend’s inal who has not carried out touch judging as part of his punishment. it probably doesn’t matter because he’s not from avatiu. there were two instances last year where cases against an avatiu player and supporter were pursued, but two similar cases (including a send-off and verbal abuse against a referee) involving players from two different clubs were brought to the cirU’s notice at the regular

weekly meetings in 2012 and drew no response at all. We exposed a number of laws and inconsistencies in the judicial process in 2012 and we continued to do so this season. as a result of this indecision and hypocrisy, we believe that the cirU has put itself between a rock and a hard place. We await with interest as to which way the cirU will go when faced with a similar situation. We also look forward to next week’s meeting to review the current season. i can only guess that it will just be a repeat of the same things that keep cropping up every year. William taripo President avatiu rugby club

NZ Super change still a half measure Dear editor, congratulations to Kevin Barr (changes to nZ super ‘exciting’, september 19) and others who will be among the lucky ones to receive nZ super after July 2015, by virtue of having met all the nZ residential qualiications, including having lived in NZ for ive years after the age of 50.

after 20 years lobbying, it is gratifying that at least half of our agenda is at last about to come to fruition. However, spare a thought for the other half, the remainder of us who more than qualify in every other respect, but returned to or settled in the cooks before we reached 55. those in this category will

still need to be uplifted from their homes, and separated from family and friends in their waning years to spend up to ive years in nZ to qualify. if they choose not to return to nZ, for whatever reason, they will never receive the NZ beneit - Unless the ‘five years after 50’ rule is waived at the same time as the proposed change is

made allowing the nZ super to be accessed from here in the cooks. to illustrate the anomaly of the situation here with an example: a born and bred Kiwi who lived in nZ for 50 years before settling permanently in rarotonga would not be able to locally access the NZ beneit, but a foreigner may have entered

nZ at 35 and after only 20 years residency to age 55 would be eligible for the nZ super ten years later. During that ten years he/ she may settle in the cooks and successfully apply for the nZ benefit locally on reaching 65 years of age. the Kiwi and many otherwise eligible cook islanders would still remain members of the

‘lost tribe’. this is why i said in a recent letter to cook islands news, the proposed change is welcomed but is still only a half measure – to create a level playing ield the ‘ive years after 50’ rule must also be waived. les Priest matavera

Fisheries sector far too important Dear editor, the former director of the offshore Fisheries Division, Joshua mitchell, should come clean and truthfully explain the reasons why he resigned from ministry of marine resources. regrettably, mitchell is one of a number of highly experi-

enced fisheries officials who have walked away from mmr since Ben Ponia exerted control as the Hom. as a result of these unfortunate resignations and contrary to Ponia's public dribble earlier in the week, mmr is now in a precarious situation whereby

the country's isheries sector is at serious risk of losing national ownership as foreign fishing companies move in and exert greater influence and control on the future exploitation of the country's isheries resource. this scenario is simply not acceptable and the public of

this country should demand that the new minister for marine resources, Pm Henry Puna, should show leadership by stopping the rot at mmr. Questions need to be asked as to why this country's most experienced, dedicated and talented isheries oficials are walking out of

mmr. as the country's most valuable natural resource, the isheries sector is far too important to allow one person at mmr to muck it up for future gen-

erations to enjoy. Firm action needs to take place immediately to rectify the problem at mmr before it is too late. Hard talk (name and address supplied)

Quit complaining “i am texting in response to the person who said something about sponsoring the rugby game on tV instead of the america’s cup,” a smoke signaller writes to tXt188. “i would like to say if you don’t want to watch tV, then don’t watch it. at least someone has the brains to actually sponsor something. You should try sponsoring; if you can’t, then just deal with what you’re watching and quit complaining.”

BACk TAX, FAT CATS a smoKe signaller sends in their ‘Verse for a well travelled guitar’:

Whack with back tax the old folk and make them hurt. Welcome the Fat cats, tax free. that's how it is, with us c.i.P. Smoke Signals Heard a funny real-life story or something out of the ordinary? Smoke Signals will be accepted by e-mail (smokesignals@cookislandsnews. com), text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22999You don’t have to pay any money and we don’t have to print your name. Please note that material that goes beyond the bounds of decent taste or is defamatory is not likely to be used. Don’t forget to give us your name and contact number in case we need to check details. All correspondence is conidential. Go on, smoke it!

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

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Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te iPUKarea

CIP celebrates after irst count

aJUBilant celebration followed

the announcement of Kaota tuariki as the leader in the murienua by-election on thursday. Preliminary results announced by the chief electoral oficer have tuariki of the cook islands Party (ciP) in front of Democratic Party candidate James Beer by a count of 193-174 votes. Final results are expected on monday after all votes are veriied. “thank you very much for your help today in keeping the murienua seat with the ciP,” said tuariki to raucous applause, with campaign manager Patrick arioka at his side. Prime minister Henry Puna, along with members of the government from the party and other CIP oficials attended the celebration. “Welcome to the cook islands team at Parliament,” said Puna. the prime minister said the by-election frontrunner will be sworn in during the next session of parliament, which is expected to sit in october. speaking afterwards, tuariki said he will begin preparing immediately for the next sitting, and reached out towards Beer - his by-election opponent. “We would like to continue a relationship to work together for the community in some of the areas he thinks are good for the people,” he said. “thanks to all the people of murienua who voted for me to be their representative and to look after our village,” he said. “i will try my best.” - ES

CIP candidate Kaota tuariki (centre), campaign manager Patrick arioka (right), and a supporter. 13092031

Crocombe tax appeal in November tHe ministrY of Justice has confirmed the court of appeal will be hearing the ongoing tax case of businessman tata crocombe during a november sitting. crocombe, currently director and shareholder of the rarotongan Beach resort and spa, has appealed assessments of his taxes on two grounds–incorrect assessments and improper conduct on behalf of the collector. in 2006, rarotonga resident Geoff stoddart – at the time the collector for ministry of Finance and economic management (mFem)’s revenue management Division – “declined to accept the figures of crocombe’s personal tax returns”, and reassessed his taxable income. in disagreement, crocombe’s tax advisor at the time – ernst &

Young – asked the appeal court to hear the case. on august 3, 2012, the cook islands High court issued a judgement on the appeal, saying stoddart was correct in his assessment of crocombe’s taxes – which were in excess of $268,000 according to a march 31, 2006 assessment by mFem. last week, court registrar claudine Henry-anguna confirmed the second ground to crocombe’s case, which deals with alleged improper conduct by stoddart as tax collector, will be heard by the court of appeal– with court documents indicating a november 18 start date. allegations of improper conduct came to light in the lead-up to the earlier hearing, when “... mr crocombe found that the collector’s file relating to this case disclosed it had been referred by

the collector at some stage to a mr combe’s tax affairs. Documents clarke, a cook islands tax lawyer, which led to crocombe’s concern for advice, ” according to court include a note of stoddart’s from documents obtained by ci news late December 2006, recording a meeting with crocombe and his on the upcoming hearing. lawyers, concernUnder the secing “crocombe’s tion titled “im…the second t a x p o s i t i o n ”, proper conduct by ground to which allegedly collector?” there is crocombe’s case, bears the note “??? multiple mention which deals with trevor clarke – anof trevor clarke, alleged improper swer please?” current director conduct by stoddart a d d i t i o n a l l y, of c itc, who is as tax collector, court documents also described as a will be heard by the indicate a letter was “business rival” to court of appeal… sent to clarke from crocombe in several mFem dated april of the documents. the august 2012 judgement 4, 2008, “enclosing, amongst by Justice Hugh Williams in- other things, Mr Crocombe’s ile cludes references to a number of and asking mr clarke to discuss internal documents which ap- matters with an auckland counpear to indicate correspondence sel to secure representation for between stoddart and clarke, the collector.” relating to the improper conregarding the handling of cro-

duct appeal, on march 27, the court of appeal dismissed an application by crocombe’s nZbased lawyers–Paul David and isaac Hikaka–which sought to have clarke and stoddart give oral evidence to the appeal court. stoddart currently sits as a member of the Public expenditure review committee (Perc) – a body which aims to promote the accountability of public servants and spending. the high-profile tax case previously captured the attention of the new Zealand-based magazine, investigate, which cited crocombe’s case in its Febraury/march 2013 story on the colagate scandal–the exclusive 20-year customs agreement between government oficials and the cook islands trading corporation (CITC). Making speciic

references to colagate, crocombe launched an online petition last month urging government to establish an anti-corruption commission by christmas. crocombe’s petition caught the attention of Finance minister mark Brown who raised the issue in a press release issued earlier this week. in the release, Brown “questioned the rationale behind the push for the creation and funding of a new watchdog body orchestrated by tata crocombe using social media.” “there is the appearance of a personal motive behind this push with the cases cited for review by crocombe involving a major business competitor,” reads the mFem release. to date, allegations of improper conduct have not been proven in a court of law. - ES


- Sahiban Kanwal

Who is going to win the inals Reds or Bulls? Why?

Joe Victor

Jade Aperau

reds Because they are a reds. reds all the way! great team in great form.

Jo Taripo

Amos Roiatu

Teariki Tearekia

Bulls. i don’t know, i guess they would be better.

Bulls will win because they are better.

reds because they are my reds. i guess because reds. they are my team. team. they are better of the two.

Stuart Pita

Hadlee Ioane

Richard Tait Bulls. i don’t know really know, but Bulls from what i could tell from the paper.


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te iPUKarea

Chinese ambassador visits Cooks

tHe cHinese ambassador to

the cook islands is currently visiting the country on a farewell visit. ambassador Xu Jianguo, who arrived in rarotonga on thursday, has been the ambassador of china, resident in new Zealand since 2010. “ambassador Xu has been instrumental in facilitating various projects in the cook islands including a cash grant to the cook islands Government for assistance during the 43rd Session of the Paciic Islands Forum held in rarotonga,” reads a ministry of Foreign affairs and immigration press release. on Friday, the ambassador met with Prime minister Henry Puna to discuss matters of mutual interest and further co-operation between the two nations. “the prime minister is a close friend,” said ambassador Jianguo, who departed for aitutaki yesterday afternoon. Yesterday, the ambassador discussed the issue of development aid, including the $60 million te mato Vai water project. “it’s about three sides with a common idea,” said the ambassador. “We understand water supply is very important for the local citizens.” as china develops, he said the country will be devoting additional funds for aid all around the world, including the Paciic

region. the chinese government has committed to provide a $23 million concessional loan towards the project. r e c e n t l y, b o t h g o v e r n ments formalised a three-year “strategy For Utilisation of Grant Funding 2013/14 – 2015/16”,which outlines the utilisation of grant funding for projects prioritised by the cook islands. other recent projects involving the chinese government include the acquisition of office equipment for the ministry of education. “the government of the cook islands appreciates the provision of grant funding from the government of the People’s republic of china and hopes to continue strengthening relations with china through the chinese embassy in Wellington, with the incoming ambassador Wang who is expected to visit the cook islands in the coming months,” reads the ministry’s release. ambassador Xu, who leaves rarotonga on sunday, is currently based in Wellington and is accompanied on this visit by his wife mrs li ni, political counsellor Zhang Wei and economic and commercial counsellor Zhang Fan. as part of his farewell, ambassador Xu said he wished cook islanders prosperity and good

luck for the future.

- ES

Chinese ambassador to the Cook Islands Xu Jianguo and Mrs Li ni, pictured here with Prime Minister Henry Puna. 13092072

Government prepares for cyclone season WitH cYclone season ap-

proaching, government has approved an expenditure to fund insurance cover against disaster. on tuesday, cabinet approved a UsD$100,000 ($119,474) insurance premium payment to secure the country in the event of a disaster during the upcoming cyclone season. the cook islands will be insured from november 1 to october 31, 2014, under a scheme called the Pacific catastrophic risk insurance Pilot. the insurance cover is part of a broader, multi-country project under the World Bank’s Paciic Disaster risk Financing and insurance Program and would help government in the aftermath of a disaster, providing for faster relief against emergency losses. the scheme also complements the existing funding measures in place for immediate emergency response, said special

advisor to the Prime minister trevor Pitt. “Paciic Island countries are some of the most vulnerable in the world to natural hazards,” reads a World Bank press release on the programme. “eight Pacific nations sit among the world’s top twenty countries with the highest annual losses, on average, from disasters as a proportion of GDP.” the programme builds on the Pacific catastrophe risk assessment and Financing initiative (PcraFi). PcraFi is a joint initiative between the secretariat of the Pacific community (sPc), the World Bank, and the asian Development Bank. Financial support is provided by the government of Japan and the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster reduction and recovery (GFDrr). - Emmanuel Samoglou

Cyclone Pat struck Aitutaki in 2010 with devastating efects for the island. 10021129

Fatal crash still under investigation almost two weeks after a fatal

motorcycle crash that took the life of 16 year Pukana Piniata the case is still being investigated. the crash occurred during the early hours of sunday september 1 when Piniata was reportedly spotted by police driving carelessly and at high speed in avarua. the pursuit ended in a fatal crash at the o’oa Bridge in tupapa. the officer in charge of the

police vehicle when the crash occurred has been suspended from duty. cook islands news has repeatedly asked police for further information in regards to the crash and the reply to date has been an emphatic “no comment” to most questions. When asked about what type of bike the driver was riding, the speed he was travelling at and the type of the police vehicle involved in the chase, the police

responded with “no comment”. “this will all be revealed when the investigations are complete,” says commissioner maara tetava. ombudsman tearoa tini was notiied of the incident on September 3 under section 92 of the Police act 2012, which states “it is the duty of the commissioner to notify the ombudsman of certain incidents involving death or serious bodily harm”. the provision reads “Where a member of police acting in the

execution of duty causes or appears to have caused, death or serious bodily harm to any person, the commissioner must as soon as practicable, and in any case within ive working days of the incident, provide the ombudsman a written notice setting out particulars in which the death or serious bodily harm was caused.” the ombudsman has decided to “defer action until the receipt of a report from the commissioner on a police investigation

of the…notiied incident, including any criminal or disciplinary outcomes” in accordance with section 94(1) of the act. His decision has been conveyed to the commissioner and he is expecting his report in due course. ci news has also requested information on the findings and results of the coroner report. once again the response from the commissioner has been “no comment”.

the public has also been speculating on the cause of the crash and the events that followed. in response cook islands news went to the commissioner for comment to substantiate some of the rumours to date. the commissioner once again responded, “sorry, we will not release any further information on this case until the investigations are complete.” - Sahiban Kanwal


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

Asbestos removal in Avarua asBestos will be removed

from an old government-owned building in avarua next week. the building, situated behind the ministry of Finance and economic Development building and the Post office, was cleaned out by contractors landholdings ltd this week – where workers cleaned and swept the premises in preparation for next week’s work, and pulled out 18 truckloads of material from the building. the asbestos – which can be dangerous but only when its ibres are disturbed and become airborne – will be removed from Wednesday (september 25), and cook islands investment corporation (ciic) property manager anne taoro said the project may take up to seven days, depending on the weather. taoro said the asbestos is compacted in cement, so there is little chance of the fibres breaking loose during the process and becoming hazardous. However, precautions are still being taken. From monday, the windows of surrounding buildings will be covered with polythene, and they will be asked not to use air conditioning while the asbestos is being cleared out. a new Zealand-certified air quality specialist will be visiting rarotonga to conduct air quality tests daily in the area. “it’s so if there is an issue, they’re there to pick it up,” said taoro.

Workers will be doing what is called ‘wet removal’ – where the material is sprayed with water before being removed, so that asbestos particles are unlikely to become airborne.

taoro said the building is being cleaned out for health and safety reasons. “it’s old, there’s wear and tear, mosquitos are breeding in there. it’s got to come down.”

unit to be used by workers coming from china for te mato Vai in the future – who taoro said have also expressed an interest in using some of the storage space in the building that is cur-

the concrete walls and beams of the building will remain, with the property likely to be used for storage. a nearby area has been set aside for an accommodation

rently being cleaned out. the asbestos will be packed into a container, with taoro saying it may be disposed of by shipping it to new Zealand. - Briar Douglas

Material removed from the building was swept before being packed into containers. 130920340

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Most material from the building has been cleared out and the dust and debris swept away – with the roof to be removed from Wednesday. 13092037






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PHONE 26026 Landholdings has been contracted to clear out an old government-owned building. 13092036

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Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

Three awarded honorary residence tHree DistinGUisHeD in-

dividuals were awarded honorary residence to the cook islands yesterday. at an intimate ceremony at Government House – the official residence of the Queen’s representative – chief Justice thomas Weston of the cook

islands High court and partner margaret egan, along with physician Dr tim cundy, were bestowed with the honour. Dignitaries present at the ceremony included Queen’s representative tom marsters and wife tuaine marsters, Prime minister Henry Puna,

representatives from the House of ariki, government officials, and family members. speaking at the event, the Prime minister said the award was “our way of demonstrating our honour to you.” “this is our way of saying, now you’re one of us,” he said.

Justice Weston was acknowledged for his legacy of contributing to matters of justice in the country, and cundy for his devotion to health issues. “We recognize and value your contributions,” said Puna. the Prime minister also

marked the occasion by pointing out the ceremony was the first officiated by Qr marsters, who was inaugurated last month. speaking first, cundy delivered an address in maori which drew applause, while Justice Weston showed appreciation

by saying “this is a great honour, a tremendous honour. meitaki maata.” Honorary residency is awarded by the executive council, which includes cabinet and the Queen’s representative. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Chief Justice thomas Weston, Margaret egan, Queen’s representative tom Marsters, tuaine Marsters,dr tim Cundy, and PM Henry Puna at yesterday’s ceremony. 13092030

Chief Justice Weston being congratulated by Queen’s representative tom Marsters at yesterday’s honorary residence ceremony. 13092026

Margaret egan being congratulated by Queen’s representative tom Marsters at yesterday’s honorary residence ceremony. 13092027

Queen’s representative tom Marsters congratulating dr tim Cundy with tuaine Marsters praising Margaret egan in the background at yesterday’s ceremony. 13092028


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

TV production begins rehearsals reHearsals begin this weekend for a television series that aims to capture the voice of cook islands women. the project is an initiative of the cook islands national council of Women (cincW) supported by the Paciic Media assistance scheme (Pacmas), with a team of women working towards its production over the past year.

With a production team secured and the casting inalised, rehearsals will begin over the weekend for the two part tV series, which is to be a follow the theme from Film raro’s ‘little Girls War cry’. the script, entitled ‘a Young Woman’s War cry’ has been written by Vaine Wichman, President of the cincW, taputukura mariri, cincW mem-

ber, and apii napa, with Glenda tuaine and maria tanner contributing to the storylines. the original theme idea from Wichman, will see the series following the life of the young girl in ‘little Girls War cry’, from a teenager to a professional woman, with Wichman saying it will show how she deals with issues of home violence, growing up, cook islands values of home,

work, life and much more. “an eye opening experience,” is how Wichman describes the process of creating the script. “the three ladies that were involved in preparing various story lines were able to share their skills and add to the inal product, which is a merge of some of their storylines plus important national council of women themes relating to de-

veloping our women and telling their stories in ilm form.” the team received support from the Hawaiian crew that took part in Film raro, with some of the women able to use the ilming process as a practical learning ground to experience the development of a story, scripting, revising, producing and editing – all of which was used to create their inal script.

Support from Film raro, including robert Stone, erin Lau and Stan Wolfgramm, pictured here with deputy Chief of Mission at the embassy of the united States in new Zealand Marie damour (wearing neck ei) at the Cook Islands national Council of Women (CInCW) headquarters in rarotonga in May, has enabled a group of Cook Islands women to gain valuable experience in ilm making, which they will put to good use in the production of a two part television series, an initiative of the CInCW. 13052412

Special birthday party at Arorangi Preschool aroranGi Preschool student

lahaina Henry celebrated her fourth birthday on thursday with a special party at school. When her mother brought in a variety of treats to share with the students – including chocolate, ice-cream and chips – teacher Urama toroma decided they

Lahaina Henry (centre, wearing headband) celebrated her fourth birthday yesterday with her friends at arorangi Preschool – with many special treats including twisties. 13091910

would have a party. the students wore party hats and sang happy birthday before sharing the food. after the party, the birthday girl and her friends took the remaining treats out to the playground to enjoy the sunshine. the school, which has 17 stu-

dents on its roll, celebrates most birthdays in a more low-key manner, so the surprise treats were greatly enjoyed by the children. toroma said the birthday girl enjoys creative pursuits such as drawing at school, as well as making dough and looking after teddy bears. - BD

cincW sought interest from companies who wished to be involved in producing the television series earlier this year, with invitations sent out to several graduates from the Film raro course. Wichman says that the production team is all local, and they will be seeking professional support from others in the industry within the cook islands, and also erin lau and her team in Hawaii, and stan Wolfgramm and his network in new Zealand. the cast will be in front of the camera very shortly, with filming to be completed by early october. “Pacmas agreed to support our national community organisation proposal to help us develop skills among our women and people to begin to tell their stories,” Wichman said. “During a meeting with the Pacmas board that was here in rarotonga last month, we provided them with an outline of the progress of things so far, and we do hope to be able to screen the first sequel to 'a little Girls War cry' at the upcoming triennial women's meeting being hosted here in rarotonga.” Pacmas is a regional mediacommunications development program funded by ausaiD and managed by the australian Broadcasting corporation international Development (aBc iD). - Rachel Smith

nigHT viSiOn & dRiving HelPing KeeP yOu And OTHeR ROAd uSeRS inCluding PedeSTRiAnS, SAFe.

Annie at the eye Place Ph 22121

mAny people find driving at night far more challenging than in daylight, having trouble seeing where they are going, and also that the dazzle from oncoming headlights is annoying or even debilitating. They comment that there should be brighter lighting on the roads without considering their own eye condition or glasses or contact lenses may be part of the problem. daytime (photopic) vision relies primarily on the cone photoreceptors of the retina -these are most concentrated in the very centre of the retina and responsible for the sharpest vision. vision in darkness depends mostly on the rod photoreceptors(scotopic vision) which prevail away from the central retinal region – rods are not colour sensitive in the main. night driving in the Cook islands mostly involves scotopic vision with some photopic vision from oncoming cars and limited street lights. vARiAbiliTy of lighting conditions encountered at night presents the most challenges. This is especially so, but not necessarily only, as we get older. As the eye gets older changes to the lenses of the eyes and possibly even cataract to one degree or another, and also possibly compromised retinal function may have a big effect. ObviOuSly, the more a driver can see, the better will be their decision making, judging speeds and distances and thus their safety. The distribution of road lighting and reflectorised road markings in all countries is often patchy outside cities, and in many circumstances, virtually non existent. THeReFORe THe nigHT dRiveR iS OFTen “On THeiR OWn” All drivers should have a comprehensive eye exam, not just a screening. eyeS, especially of people with cataract, can have significant prescrpition changes over relatively short periods. drivers with any degree of lens changes or cataract should be aware of these effects and understand the need to be extra vigilant when driving at night. These drivers may need to avoid night driving altogether for everyone’s safety and travel with family, friends, taxi or bus. many drivers unknowingly think that just because they meet the required world standard 6/12 vision standard either with, or without, glasses, that they are fine. usually however, the demands of driving in poor light or darkness require a better standard of vision than this. Any glasses used for night driving should be free of any tinting and they should be kept clean. Some lens coatings can be scratched or crazed. The early stages of lens surface damage may not be evident to the wearer and yet vision may be compromised, especially in glarey, oncoming headlights conditions. Any crazing, haze, or filming on lenses that does not clean away, may indicate lens replacment. debiliTATing glare from oncoming headlights is a serious danger. This is especially so when the oncoming driver fails to dip their lights. Some drivers are also troubled by the blue/white brightness of contemporary Hid xenon headlamps. Advice to drivers is to slow, to keep their eyes directed to the left of the road but at the same time maintaining an awareness of the relative position of the oncoming vehicle. Windscreens should be kept clean on the outside; washers should be filled with the appropriate detergent and wiper blades renewed regularly. The film that builds up on the inside of the windscreen should also be cleaned off. Headlamps should also be washed often, and the appropriate products used to remove the yellowing sometimes seen on polycarbonate headlight covers. Also think of the performance of your own headlights. While safety ratings and fuel economy feature strongly in vehicle purchasing decisions, the fact is that headlight performance is also a variable and should be considered. Often, it is possible to retro-install bulbs with improved light output for the same power consumpion; any reputable auto electrician can offer the appropriate advice. And of course headlights should be aimed as high as is legal to ensure maximum illumination of the road ahead, especially when on dipped beam. Finally, drivers should use high beam at every appropriate opportunity when traveling in darkness.

unFORTunATe ACCidenTSWHeRe A mOTORiST HiTS A dARKly dReSSed PedeSTRiAn, A mOTOR biKe RideR, An AnimAl inTHeiR PATH, OR even A deeP POTHOle, migHTWell be AvOidedWiTH AmOReAPPROPRiATeHeAdligHTSeTTingORTHebeSTglASSeSORCOnTACTlenSeSFORTHem. more detailed advice is available from Annie, your community-caring Optometrist.


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News


Recovering the past: Cook Islands tapa in the US recently two Cook Islands’ women were privileged to be invited by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington dC, united States, to take part in a rare event. Jean Mason, managercurator of Cook Islands Library and Museum, writes about their month-long internship where they learned aspects of museum conservation and saw many ine examples of antique tapa from the Paciic Islands. on 18 august, 1838, five ves-

sels and a store ship left from norfolk in the state of Virginia in the United states. their destination was the south seas. their mission was scientiic research. The leader of the expedition was commodore charles Wilkes of the United states navy. the expedition spent four years gathering scientiic information and visited the tuamotu, samoa, Hawaii, Fiji, tuvalu and other Pacific islands. the voyage was comparable to captain cook’s famous voyages. a vast amount of information was recorded and the expedition returned with 4000 zoological specimens, 2000 of them new to science, 50,000 plant specimens, and 3000 anthropological artefacts.

in 1857 this collection was handed over to the smithsonian institution in Washington Dc. the smithsonian owes its origins to a wealthy benefactor. it is now the largest museum in the world made up of 19 museums, a zoo and nine research centres. it is to this institution, courtesy of the kind sponsorship of the smithsonian museum of natural History, and indirectly, the United states government, that nancy moeauri (from mangaia) and i became part of the community scholars programme for participation in the Wilkes tapa Project – named after the leader of the great expedition. one of the objectives of the project is the repatriation of knowledge–it being acknowledged that the

Cook Islands tapa acquired from aitutaki in 1899 by townsend and Moore. 13092052

ancient Hawaiian tapa from the Wilkes Collection undergoing repair. 13092051


skills we once had in relation Bernice akamine, and by conto tapa have been lost over time. tracted museum conservators. commodore Wilkes never During our month’s stay we were housed with fellow com- went to any of the cook ismunity scholars from samoa lands and none of the tapa in and Fiji. From american sa- that collection is from any of moa–reggie meredith–an art- our islands. the cook islands ist from the community college collection had been acquired in mapusaga on the island of by c.H. townsend and H.e. tutuila. From Fiji–sagale Bua- moore, employees of the Us dromo, director of Fiji muse- Fish commission. this collection of six tapa um, and mereia luvunakoro, a curator at the same museum. from aitutaki (and other aron our first day michelle tefacts) arose from the travels austin-Dennehy, a contracted of the Uss albatross in 1899, museum conservator, showed a steamer which undertook marine reus how to search for catch the We felt good to be making a small the Unitmetro, contribution to the preservation ed states took us to of this rare piece of cook islands Fish comt h e Fo l k craft–a long way from where mission, life Fesit was irst created by women traversing t i va l ( a n of aitutaki in the 1890s. the Paciic annual visiting event), and generally made us feel wel- the marquesas, tuamotu, come and at home in Washing- tonga, Fiji, Kiribati and tuvalu. While the expedition’s priton Dc. the museum support center mary focus was marine life, its in Maryland is made up of ive members also collected many buildings, each three stories, cultural artefacts. of the six tapa collected, covering the size of a football ield, which collectively house which are now 114 years old, we had the opportunity to 54 million items. By the time of our arrival treat three of them (as well as much of the Wilkes tapa collec- a Fijian one). considering tapa tion had already been worked rarely survives in the cook on by two community scholars islands beyond 20 years, the from Hawaii, moana eisele and preservation of these tapa is an

Hawaiian tapa (after conservation treatment and in storage) over 150 years old in the Museum Support Centre’s oceania ‘pod’. “the Hawaiians gave a demonstration of tapa making with materials they were able to bring with them–their islands having the advantage of being part of the uS, thus they were able to transport raw materials easily across borders.” 13092047

amazing achievement. Greta Hansen, the chief conservator, arranged all the tapa for us and was our educator and guidance counsellor. Because tapa’s organic ibres are prone to attack from mould, and vulnerable to attacks by vermin, it is not unusual for museums to have treated their collections with DDt and arsenic in the past in order to prevent pest damage. However, it can be a health issue so we often had to wear face masks and rubber gloves when handling the artifacts. Re-humidiication begins by gently opening out the folded tapa on a clean, lat surface. The front and back of the tapa is carefully vacuumed through a net screen and then it is cleaned using dry, cosmetic sponges, by carefully dabbing (in case the dyes on the tapa run). after this process is complete, remay (polyester fabric) is laid over the tapa, and upon this is placed blotting paper moistened with distilled water followed by a strip of perspex. then weights are placed on top of all of these. the tapa is then gently pushed and cajoled to remove folds and creases and the weights are moved around constantly to the worst sites on the tapa. this can take days.

Hawaiian tapa inking spatulas made from bamboo (with pattern names on handles). 13092049

Prior to treatment commencing there is a forensic notation of all the flaws and unusual things on the tapa cloth. measurements are noted. all losses– tears or holes made by bugs or mechanically– are noted. repairs are made using methyl cellulose and Japanese tissue. the notes are meticulous and detailed. For example, it was recorded that a sample of the tapa had been cut and taken by Kenneth emory, (a renowned american anthropologist, 1897-1992), on June 24, 1941. the process of treating tapa is slow and requires the greatest patience. Undertaking the work is like painting the sistine chapel with a toothbrush and the treatment sheet is more detailed than a hospital’s operation record. We were not too thrilled at irst to be handling the brown, coarse thing with a strong musty odour, which was the first tapa given to us to work on–but as time went on we felt good to be making a small contribution to the preservation of this rare piece of cook islands craft–a long way from where it was irst created by women of aitutaki in the 1890s. Because there are so few cook islands tapa (when compared to Fiji, Hawaii, tonga and samoa) we

Plain aitutaki tapa collected by townsend and Moore’s expedition on uSS albatross for the uS Fish Commission in 1899. 13092054


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

feel very honoured and grateful that the smithsonian is taking good care of our cultural heritage for future generations of cook islanders to study and observe. after days of treatment the tapa became more flexible and improved in appearance. it is possible this tapa was for utilitarian purposes because its makers had soaked it in mud to waterproof, strengthen, and aid its preservation. such tapa are known to have been used for funeral shrouds. When the tapa treatment is completed a tootsie (a long, pongee-fabric pillow with dacron stufing) is made to allow the tapa to go back to its ‘bed’. instead of folding the tapa it is curved under and over the tootsie. The tapa is then stored lat in a steel cabinet on a springy net bed in the ‘pod’ (the warehouse-like storage facility). another tapa from aitutaki we worked on was brightly coloured yellow, probably by using renga (turmeric). it was outlined black, and had shades of orange or pale red, probably created by painting with mati berries (Dye Fig or Ficus tinctoria), or through the use of river rock or clay. renga coloured tapa was traditionally associated with pregnant women perhaps because renga is known to have antiseptic qualities. it has been reported that a woman was covered in such a tapa after giving birth. a variety of products were available to give colour to tapa: soot of burnt tuitui (candlenut) is used for black, nono (morinda citrifolia) root to give a light yellow colour, renga (turmeric) for a deep yellow, red from the mati berry (Dye fig), clay or river stone produces salmonpink, swamp mud from the taro patches for black, and the colour purple is obtained from the ve’i (mountain banana, musa troglodytarum). Kernels of the candlenut, or coconut oil, were used to preserve the tapa or to give it a scent. on Fijian tapa there is often a sheen, even after 100 years. this comes from the ‘Blood Tree’ (Bischoia javanica–a tree that is present here, called Koka, but is not used), and also the smoke from the ire of burning sugar cane. the trees most commonly used in the cook islands for tapa-making were aute (Paper mulberry, Broussonetia papyrifera), ava (Pacific Banyan, Ficus prolixa), mati (Ficus tinctoria) and kuru (breadfruit). to-

day, only women of atiu continue to use breadfruit and were the irst to experiment with the bark of the rubber tree (Ficus elastica), both of which they use to produce tapa lowers for craft decorations. the cook islands tapa at the smithsonian, which we worked on, appear to be two sheets pasted together rather than felted together, which is the preferred technique by the Hawaiians, samoans and Fijians. the paste used by aitutakians is most likely from the gum of the breadfruit tree. the Hawaiians also do fine imprinting on their tapa. the aitutakians are known to have done something similar. Hawaiian designs are created using a bamboo spatula with patterns or designs etched into them. the Fijians, samoans and tongans also do intricate designs but using another technique–rubbing on a board which has been carved with patterns (kupeti, upeti, or kupesi). the Fijians, in addition, used stencils and freehand. evidence suggests by the turn of century in the cook islands the designs were done freehand directly on to the tapa and the favoured bark was breadfruit with the ike or rue (beater) marks quite visible in the inished cloth. in more recent times most tapa is made from the ava (Paciic banyan) and mati (Dye Fig tree, Ficus tinctoria). according to the literature, traditionally rarotonga tapa was also made from the au (beach hibiscus, Hibiscus tiliaceus) tree, which produced a ine, highly valued gossamer type tapa. i have to confess that it was the Hawaiian tapa which, for me, was the most striking. they have the softest tapa with beautiful, delicate patterns. tapa making is an art lost to many cook islanders, and it is now largely imported and used for ceremonial purposes–when once it had multiple functions and uses. it is therefore fortunate we had the opportunity to share new and old tapa traditions with each other as well as with smithsonian staff. about 50 interns were also at the museum support center. my colleague, nancy, a tapa maker from mangaia, was able to demonstrate to some of the interns how to make tapa on-site from aute trees grown in museum support center’s botanical garden, while the rest of us gave a talk to other

interns about a sampling of artefacts (their composition and function), from our respective countries, which are held by the smithsonian. over the weeks we also learned about the many aspects of museum conservation, and particular mention needs to be made of mary Ballard, an insect and pesticides specialist, while we also had an interesting address by Kathy Hawkes and evan cooney about pest management, especially the less detrimental methods and alternatives available for our under-resourced Paciic museums. We were given the opportunity to see some of the smithsonian’s other cook islands treasures. the institution has about dozen ceremonial adzes from mangaia and a number of hair necklaces from tongareva – all in remarkably good condition. We were also shown an impressive collection of cook islands spears. nancy and i also viewed some of the Cook Islands ilm holdings of the Human studies Film archive section of the museum of natural History. We were privileged to view footage of: the 1992 Pacific arts Festival; a film made by a German ilm-crew; the 1978 Duke of edinburgh secondary schools cultural Festival held in Aitutaki; a ilm entitled ‘Behaviour of Pukapuka children’ (1970s); and footage of the 10th anniversary of the cook islands constitution celebrations. We even saw unedited footage of tereora college students waiting their turn to put on a dance with a 13 year old selina matenga looking for something in fellow dancer canny rongo’s hair. When we departed we ensured we left something of the cook islands to enlarge the smithsonian’s collection of artifacts. most spectacular of our gifts was a ive-piece Cook islands dance costume set made by Vaine clarke. our grateful thanks goes to clarke, Henry and sharon tavioni, Puna Dyer, Here allan and maria Henderson, all of whom gave me valuable assistance. thanks also goes to the key person in this entire project– adrienne Kaeppler, renowned anthropologist and curator of oceanic ethnology, smithsonian museum of natural History, without whose enthusiasm the Wilkes project and our experience would not have occurred.

the front entrance of the Smithsonian Museum of natural History always full at opening time. “We stayed at arlington in the state of Virginia which is famous for the national cemetery where JFK is buried and the Iwo Jima Memorial is located. Between Capitol Hill and the Lincoln Memorial is the natural History Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. there we assembled each day to catch the shuttle to the Museum Support Centre which is in Suitland in the neighbouring state of Maryland. Consequently, every day we twice crossed three states,” says Jean. 13092045

CI Library & Museum manager-curator Jean Mason and Mangaia tapa maker nancy Moeauri with one of the century-old tapa. 13092044

the ‘pod’ storage system for tapa in the Smithsonian’s warehouse of artefacts. 13092053

“at the Museum Support Center lab a conservator shows us how to ‘treat’ tapa. This is the irst tapa we worked on–a coarse unadorned tapa made from breadfruit acquired from aitutaki in 1899. tapa over a century old can be brittle or fall to pieces when opened. our job was to re-humidify the tapa and get the creases and folds out as well as to relax the ibres to make it easier to unfold the tapa and make it available for viewing or study. In its untreated state tapa that old should never be just opened out. It was in 1975 that the last inventory of some of these tapa had been made.” 13092055

2013 iSuZu dmAX 2Wd Single CAb 2500cc Turbo diesel, Air Conditioning, Central locking Factory Fitted Rear bed liner, Separate front cloth seats, Audio System, electric Windows


PHOne: 29882 emAil:

dRive AWAy PRiCe



Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

Preschool students learning to grow stUDents from titikaveka Preschool visited the aquaponics centre in titikaveka on Friday to learn about different ways to grow plants. te raurau o te Kaingavai, or the Green living Water Garden as it is called in english, is a community-focused aquaponics project in titikaveka situated in the context of a sustainable garden and nursery – a place for people to learn about sustainable green technologies and the way the ecosystem works. the preschool was invited to visit the facility by co-founder of the aquaponics centre lynnsay rongokea Francis – whose granddaughter goes to the school. Francis had heard about the students planting its own garden, growing lettuce and spinach in soil, and decided to invite them to come and learn about another

way to grow plants. the invitation came at a good time for titikaveka Preschool – last week they began focusing on the topic of biodiversity, learning about how plants are grown and what they can be used for, such as food or medicine. around 16 students came along to the centre from 9am yesterday, bringing along their family members. they had fun exploring the garden, feeding the ish and singing songs, while learning about how the aquaponics system works. the aquaponics system doesn’t use soil. Instead, ish swimming in a tank produce waste that injects nitrates into the water, which is pumped with a mesh ilter. That water is then used to irrigate and fertilise the plants. By-products are filtered out by the plants as vital nutrients

– roots, microbes and worms remove nitrates, which they ingest as food. the cleansed, filtered and aerated water is re-circulated back into the ish tank. the result is a system that uses a small fraction of the water consumed by traditional agriculture – there is no need to discard or drain water circulating throughout the system, and there is no need for chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Francis said part of the vision for the business is that the system will be replicated by others elsewhere. “this is a concept for community gardening,” said Francis. “the idea is, people can do this in the rarotonga community, they can do it in the outer islands, they can do it anywhere.” the aquaponics centre will

be hosting the ‘secretariat of the Pacific community (sPc) aquaculture expert consultation on aquaponics’ workshop from monday, which is also being supported by the ministry of marine resources. the opening ceremony will begin at 9am at the cook islands christian church sunday school in titikaveka. - Briar Douglas

titikaveka preschool boys Maui denny and Joshua Roriki check out the ish pond that is part of the green water living garden at the aquaponic farm in titikaveka. 13092021

Titikaveka preschool students check out the mini ish pond in the green water living garden at the aquaponic farm in Titikaveka.


Cook Islands celebrates International Peace Day The WeekEnd Crossword MINI GAMES ACROSS 1. anonymous contribution to CI news (11) 5. newspaper (slamg) (3) 8. requesting (6) 10. Front page banner (8) 11. established (abbrev) (3) 13. John Woods’ opinion piece (9) 14. otherwise (4) 16. newspaper printed on large paper (10) 19. Coerce (8) 21. Put forth for acceptance (5) 23. Charged atoms (4) 25. overthrow (6) 26. Sensationalist newspaper (7) 27. Criticises (7)

DOWN 2. Poor advice (11) 3. Practice shot (7) 4. Fish (5) 6. Stomach complaint (15) 7. Cope (6) 9. Sluggish (5) 12. evident (5) 15. Protective shelter (3)

anSwerS On page 19

17. Breakng news item (5) 18. Goddess of fertility (4) 19. Write in letters (5) 20. excuse for absence (5)

22. Famous London press street (5) 24. Point of pen (3)

* Maori-English: English-Maori

toDaY marks the internation-

al Day of Peace also known as Peace Day and it provides an opportunity for individuals, organisations and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared date. in the cook islands international peace day is particularly important for the cook islands branch of Pan Paciic and South east asia Women’s association (PPseaWa). PPseaWa is an international organization with a primary mandate to promote peace. according to president of the organisation in cook islands, alexis Wolfgramm, “in the cook islands, it has focused on peace initiatives in schools and have peace ambassadors that promote peaceful resolutions to conflict amongst the student body.” the theme for the peace day is education for peace and according to Un secretary General, Ban Ki moon, “the international Day of Peace, marked on september 21 each year, offers

an opportunity for the world to pause, relect and consider how best to break the vicious cycle of violence that conlict creates. the United nations will examine the role education can play in fostering global citizenship. it is not enough to teach children how to read, write and count. education has to cultivate mutual respect for others and the world in which we live, and help people forge more just, inclusive and peaceful societies.” Peace day in the cook islands is seen as a time to relect on the island way of dealing with conlict and ensuring that the future generation can overcome challenges by resolving them peacefully. Wolfgramm says, “in the cook islands we can celebrate that our home is free from the kind of conlict we are seeing in syria now or the warzones in recent years. We can be grateful that our islands are not battlegrounds and that the majority of our people are dis-

posed towards talking rather than fighting. Finding a way to translate that outlook into our every day lives and into homes and the community is a challenge that we also need overcome. Violence in the family is hurtful and harmful to everyone, shouting verbal abuse at land meetings only leads to families dividing and it is hurtful and harmful for everyone, letting your temper go in sport or at social events doesn’t win sympathy, but alienates and distresses people. so Peace Day is a good time to pause and relect on our own ways of dealing with conflict and that maybe in the future we can do better. ensuring that our children can overcome the challenges of conlict is essential to maintain the way of life that we have come to value and be proud of in the Paciic.” Happy peace day to everyone. - Release/Sahiban Kanwal


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

Festival of fun in Ngatangiia aPi i te UKi oU was trans-

formed into a festival ground on Friday to help raise money for the school. Principal simon Drewery said the aim was to raise $50,000 or more from the annual event, which included food stalls and fun activities from face painting

to a bouncy castle. Drewery said the money will be used for school resources, with a focus on supporting students with learning difficulties. He said the target for the fundraiser isn’t too ambitious because cook islanders have a culture that promotes generos-

ity from the community. “it’s part of the culture of the cook islands to give,” he said. each of the seven classes, including the preschool, came up with their own idea for an activity. these included a beauty parlour offering hair braiding and nail painting, a horizontal

bungy offering prizes to those who battled their way across a tarpaulin kept slippery by regular hose-downs from a ire truck from Puaikura Volunteer Fire Brigade, and a rile range where students had a go at shooting cans with pellets using an air rile.

apii te uki ou was alive with fun, food and festivities on Friday afternoon, with plenty of locals coming along to enjoy the sunshine. 13092058

determined youngsters battled their way across a tarpaulin that was kept slippery with regular hose-downs from a ire truck. 13092065

each class organised a food stall, including sweets, kebabs and sushi. 13092062

each class also organised to have a certain type of food to sell, such as kebabs, a sausage sizzle, sushi and sweet treats. the island Booth photo booth was on site, with those that took pictures going in the draw to win one of two picture frames from Picture Paradise

limited. other competitions included a quick-fire raffle with prizes sponsored by citc, as well as the big rafle drawn at the end of the afternoon with a top prize of $7500. - Briar Douglas

ruby newport (left) and Mia Bullivant enjoy sweet treats at the fundraising gala on Friday. 13092060


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

kidsPaGe VIRTUES the gifts within

Colourful loats and beautiful dancers on Kid’s Page this week we feature work from the year Four class at avatea School. the students have written poems on the Constitution Celebration and other topics.

Peacefulness Akamoe’au

“Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9 Peacefulness is an inner sense of calm that can come in moments of silent gratitude or prayer. It is a way of getting very quiet and looking at things so you can understand them. It is facing your fears and then letting them go. It is trusting that things will be all right. Peacefulness is giving up the love of power for the power of love. Peace in the world begins with peace in your heart.. I am practicing peacefulness when I … • Create inner peace, with regular time to pray or meditate • Give my worries to God and ask God’s help in solving them • Use peaceful language, even when I am angry – speak softly and gently • Avoid harming anyone • Appreciate diferences • Give up the love of power for the power of love. I am peaceful. I use peaceful language and find peaceful solutions to any problem that arises. I ind my inner peace and let it carry me gently through the day.

Constitution Celebration Coming On the boat over to rarotonga Northern Group teams Southern Group teams Their traditional costumes Items performed by the Talented dancers in their Unique costumes They also have Incredible shows that ill the people’s heart with happiness On the stage at the auditorium Nevertheless, everybody feels excited to watch Constitution starts in the morning Evening everybody is going to the auditorium Leaving their houses Everyone is looking forward to this event But nervous and curious everybody is getting Ready to watch. there Are people singing and dancing at The auditorium Items were shown On stage Night shows were romantic on Saturday nights tivaknoa solomone

Constitution Celebration During the holidays there was a show. We celebrated our constitution in rarotonga. there was dancing, singing,

chants,drum beats and laughter. Joseph tipokoroa

Patience Patience is A commitment To the future It’s like a plant but not Expecting things that Never really happen Calm when Every dificult thing happens sarah napa

My friend My friend is kind You have always assisted me Friends have kind hearts Really, we respect each other I am so happy you’re here Even if you are leaving Now i know that Delightfully, you will come back

sienna marona

Constitution Celebration Constitution celebrations, i love to watch On the tV. i am sitting Near the tV. Staring at The beautiful lights shining on the dancers. I love watching The dancing. they Used beautiful costumes. They stand beautifully. I enjoyed watching it On the newspaper. they wear New costumes every year. Constitution celebration is Exciting. i Love watching it on DVD at my aunty’s house over and over again Everyday after work, i go to my aunty’s house to watch it But i never get tired of watching it.

year three students tipoki tei Puna, alizei Brogan and noeleen Moana, taking their turn performing at an avatea School assembly earlier this year. 13032709 Really, i love watching it because it is A thrill To see all the groups and their items On tV No group is left out Sometimes, i wish i could watch it all day skyla Kaiaruna

Constitution Celebration Constitution celebration is celebrated On the 4th august, and it is held at the National auditorium, near the cook islands museum. every group goes on the Stage doing different performances The main Idea towards The constitution is to celebrate self-government. This is done

Using local performances There are also other International groups that performed On stage such as samoa & samoa. this is also a competition but at the end of the Night, everyone’s a winner sienna mcKinley

Constitution Celebrations Colourful loats and beautiful dancers Old loats and new loats Now all I see is magniicent dancers Sitting down, that is what i am doing The thrill that everyone wants to see I just like watching them more Then when do i see them right now Ukeleles are playing The dancers are in beautiful


It is really beautiful On the day of te maeva nui 2013

Nobody gets tired of watching

Coming on the stage Everyone is really excited Let all the drums begin playing Everyone is laughing Balloons on the sides of the wall Relying on all the things besides me All the islands came to rarotonga Then i see a bright light above I really like going to te maeva nui Old items and new items too Nobody wants to go home Standing up now i go home sienna marona


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te iPUKarea

Atiu visual art students lead the way The next generation in tapa a First-time exhibition of en-

uamanu school senior art students’ tapa works will be held at the atiu tourism information centre on october 2. in early august this year, under the guidance of the mamas of atiu, they worked towards their ncea assessment standard requirements. twenty-five years ago, in a shareholder agreement, four mamas had their inherited tapa making skills ilmed. all but one of these mamas has since passed away. andrea eimke’s documentary was the project’s inspirational catalyst for english/art teacher tungane Kaye-ivitu. the students have enthusiastically embraced a traditional knowledge that is in danger of being lost. Deep in the atiu makatea (tropical rain forest), seven boys and one girl harvested ava (Ban-

yan) and mati (Dye Fig). once processed, they created impressive works of art, both traditional and contemporary. Having visited atiu, ministry of education arts advisor ian George said “it is an excellent art project, because it is sustaining traditional knowledge. the work the students have done has enabled them to gain a number of achievement standards. the project showed a lot of innovation.” the students filmed the project. it has been made into a documentary called “tapa ote Uki ou”. supported by ada rongomatane ariki and narrated by taoro strickland (mayor of atiu), the film pays tribute to today’s mamas and all those who have made tapa before them. - Enuamanu School

enuamanu senior art students shaving ava (left to right): alima utakea, Vainetutai Windy, Joshua Jim, Viritua Kura, Manava tauraa. 13092066

Mama Patikura (right) and Mama rongo (back) guiding the senior art students of enuamanu School. 13092067

enuamanu senior art students (left to right) Front: Viritua Kura, Vainetutai Windy, rowyn taia, alima utakea, Joshua Jim; Back: Manava tauraa, takere thompson, and Moeroa Windy. 13092069

Portrait exhibition to open at BCA Faces that make up the cook islands will fill the walls at Beachcomber contemporary art gallery next week, for the exhibition of the cook islands People Project. the project has been the work of artist Judith Kunzle over the past year, and includes over 200 portraits of familiar faces. “it is an art project, an experiment to find out what it feels like and looks like to draw more than 200 people live and in public,” Kunzle said. “everyone who travels has seen artists offering to draw portraits of visitors in the street and on, so this is not at all new, but i hadn't done it, and most of her models hadn't sat for a portrait before, that was enough reason to try it out raro-

style and see what developed.” the exhibition will be formally opened on tuesday september 24, with Kunzle inviting all involved to come along. “the whole work is not yet done. it needs the participation of the people once more, to witness and verify, to recognise or puzzle, and to compare their encounters with the artist's encounters,” Kunzle said. all the portraits will be for sale to the models, with Kunzle using the event as a fundraiser for the creative centre. With no set price set on the value of individual portraits, a generous donation is encouraged. People will also be able to make donations on any of the portraits, with half of the proceeds to be

donated. Kunzle says that through the project she has learned that how we see our fellow islanders is quite unpredictable, especially if you look closely, or closer still while drawing. “every drawing was a new experience, even if i knew the person well, because i feel that drawing a person live is always an adventure, with lots to discover,” Kunzle said. “How well do we look at each other? Do we know how we ourselves look? and do we look the same to others? obviously, we look different every day, but how could this be relected in a live portrait? is such a portrait a snapshot, capturing the impression of a moment, or is it a study,

Kunzle asks that those attending BYo food and drink. the exhibition will run from monday september 23 to Friday september 27, with Kunzle

a summary of 1000 emotions expressed in half an hour?” The oficial opening will take place at 6pm, as the exhibition is not a commercial gallery event

present at the gallery daily from 10am to 3pm. Portraits, which will be signed, can be picked up at the gallery on Friday. - Rachel Smith

On Saturday evening join us for our FAbulOuS

island night with

Superb Feast

dining 7 - 8.30pm Show starts 8.30pm

featuring delicious local food

ent by

ainm t entert nd nigh

a m a Or isla

Tuesday island night features Ta’akoka lllate

OyZe ti ARA & b T h it w t n rtainme liveente

edgewater Resort

- reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentar y Transfers provided from any where on the island.

Islands People Project at BCa next week. 13091711


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce will be held on: Date: Thursday 26th September 2013 Time: 4.30 p.m. Venue: Trader Jack’s Restaurant, Avarua, Rarotonga Agenda: 1. Welcome by the President 2. Conirmation of Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting 3. Matters arising from these Minutes 4. President’s Report 5. Treasurer’s Report 6. Auditor’s Report 7. Sub Committee Reports 8. nomination and approval of Auditor for 2013 – 14 9. Election of oicers 10. General Business All members and intending members are urged to attend. Enquiries to the Chamber oice: phone 20 925 or e-mail

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.



Land Meeting Landowners on the land Maiokarere section 89K1, Inave, Arorangi are asked to attend meeting on Tuesday 24 September 2013 at the home of Ngatae Ringiao Mamanu, Inave, Rarotonga at 6pm. Agenda- Request to transfer occupation right to his daughter.

PUBLIC NOTICE TO THE OWNERS OF THE LAND TUROA 27A TAKITUMU An application by Teava Iro to partition the above named land will be heard by the Land Division of the High Court in the upcoming sitting with a Judge. All owners of the said land or persons holding power of attorney for owners of the land should attend a meeting of landowners on Tuesday 13 September 2013 at 6pm at the Ngakoa Hall in Titikaveka.

73843 /35107 /1931

NEW TO TOP SHAPE GYM !!! “URAFITNESS” Island dance and music combined into a FUN and FITNESS class!! Ladies, Come and try it, Mon-12pm,Tue-5pm,Wed-12pm and Fri-8am What to bring: $ 2.00, Pareu and water Ph.21254/50432. Also can be arranged: one-on-one or one-ongroup(up to 4)dance lessons, for prices and details ph 50432.

73874 /35143 /1931

New Zealand Couples Counsellors talk on


Monday 23 September - 7pm. Bahai Centre - Muri. 73884 /33961 /1931

73877 / /2516



Ph 22336


73497 /34043 /1894

SHORT-TERM CONSULTANCY SERVICES Applications are invited from suitably qualiied/experienced individuals or irms to become a preapproved consultant for short-term consultancy services. Services will be called upon as and when required by various government agencies including Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning, Cook Islands Investment Corporation, Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, oice of the Prime Minister, and Pa Enua Island Governments. Common services include feasibility and design studies; project and procurement management; engineering (civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, water and sanitation) designs, advice and reviews; quantity surveying; architecture and drafting; project reporting; and secretarial services. Application forms can be obtained from the Cook Islands Investment Corporation oice, MFEM Building, Avarua, by email to, or downloaded from . Applications will be open for an initial period of one (1) month from 12 September to 11 october 2013. Applications will be assessed during and after this period to allow for contracting of urgent work before the date of closure. For further details please contact Anne Taoro, Cook Islands Investment Corporation, Tel: (+682) 29391 or by email (as above).

REGISTRATION OF TRADES AND SERVICES – Rarotonga and Pa Enua Registrations of Interest for small-works contracts are invited from building-related trade and service providers (individuals and businesses) on Rarotonga and Pa Enua. Trades and services include, but not limited to, carpentry (repairs and construction), electrical, plumbing and drainlaying, painting, block-laying and concrete work, tiling and carpeting, joinery, landscaping and cleaning. other trades/services not mentioned are welcomed. The database containing trade and service providers will be updated and will be accessible to Government Ministries and Agencies. Services or requests for quotes will be sourced as required by the individual ministries/ agencies for work valued less than $30K. There is no deadline for registering interests. Registration forms can be obtained from the Cook Islands Investment Corporation oice, MFEM Building, Avarua, by email to, or downloaded from 73651 /35135 /1948

ovERsEas advERTisiNg We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classiied advertisementsandpre-billing.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


animal Clinic


PUBLIC NOTICE TO: THE LANDOWNERS OF AREARA SECTION 12A, MATAVERA, RAROTONGA The Mortgagee of a Deed of Lease of the above land situated in Matavera, Rarotonga in the area of 1,118m² has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the Deed of Lease by way of assignment. The sale is subject, among other things, to the landowners waiving their right of irst refusal in respect of the sale and (in the event of them waiving that right), the consent of the majority of the landowners residing in Rarotonga to the sale by way of assignment. Should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interest you have one month from Saturday, 21 September 2013 to notify us in writing. Details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchasers are available to landowners whose names appear on the Register of Titles, on request to: Charles Little at Little & Matysik P.C., Cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, Rarotonga, Tel: 21619, Fax 21615 or email: 73880


TENDER tenders are invited for a 56 year lease of a residential Cottage property of 164m2 situated in arerenga, arorangi “arerenGa Pt SeCtIon 9, Lot 2, arerenGa, aroranGI” The property includes: • Concrete Block Cottage (approx 72 m2 loor area) • Gabled roof (rooing iron) • north facing 1.2m wide porch • The property is ofered on an “as is where is” basis and some maintenance, plumbing and electrical work is required • The building on the property slightly encroaches on a neighbouring property Tenders will close 4pm Friday 4 october 2013 The highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted The tender price ofered is to be exclusive of VAT For enquiries please contact Little & Matysik PC on Ph: 21-619 Written tenders may be mailed or delivered to:Little & Matysik PC Po Box 167 Avarua Rarotonga Cook Islands Attention: Heinz Matysik. 73569

PUBLIC NOTICES Papa Dick Ruddell Memorial Service

Annual General Meeting (AGM) SCI AGM for 2013 is being held at Sailing headquarters Maritime cook Islands on Thursday 26 September 2013 at 4pm. All club & class Association delegates, and sailing supporters are most welcome to attend. Agenda includes Minutes, Presidents Report, Club & Class Reports, Treasurers Report, Elections of Oice Bearers and General Business. All Club & class Associations should notify the Secretary General in writing (Email ok) prior to the AGM the authorised Delegate to represent your club or class at this AGM. Election nominations are called for the 6 Executive Board positions of President, Vice President, Technical Director, Information Director, Treasurer and Secretary General. EB nominations should be submitted in writing (email ok) to the Secretary General PO Box 569 Rarotonga. Nominations close at 4pm on the 24 September 2013. Outer Island Delegates please contact the Secretary General to arrange travel itineraries. John Tierney Secretary General SCI M 55 159 E

It’s been two years since Dick Ruddell passed away. On the 25 September Papa Dick’s ashes are coming home to be scattered at the beach he loved. Join family and friends for a Foster’s on the beach to share stories and celebrate his life at 4pm and onwards. contact for more info. 73759 /35077 /2684

Enrolments are now open for three training courses that will be run in Rarotonga between 11 and 18 November 2013. Courses ofered are Forklift to NZ Department of Labour Requirements International Maritime Dangerous Goods Crane and Safe Slinging Registrations close on the 20 October 2013 on 22208 or by emailing 73849 / /2144

FOUND Notices are FREE to encourage honesty and good citizenship.

73830 / /2234

A Cook Islands News public service.


CONSULTATION ON THE NATIONAL BUDGET PROCESS MFEM along with the Minister of Finance would like to invite all members of the public to attend a range of public consultations within the Cook Islands on the national Budget Process. Please come along to voice your ideas and discuss the budget process with Government. Dates: Monday 16 September 2013, Avarua Sinai Hall, 6pm Tuesday 24 September 2013, Takitumu Muri Meeting House, 6pm Thursday 26 September 2013, Puaikura Sunday School Hall, 6.30pm Monday 30 September 2013, Aitutaki, 4pm.


SCHOOL STATIONERy AND CONSUMABLES TENDER NOTICE Tenders are invited for the bulk supply of School Stationery and Consumables for the 2014 school year. Stationery and Consumables quality and speciications can be uplifted from the Ministry of Education oice or download from MoE website: or contact Terangi Charlie of Finance Management Division on phone 29357, fax 28357 or email Tender submission will close @ 4pm Friday 4 october 2013 Tenders shall be in a sealed envelope MoE Stationery and Consumables Tender14 Secretary of Education, Ministry of Education, Po Box 97 Rarotonga, Cook Islands. 73869 / /1795


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News





Mussy, the Cat, went missing from Esther Honey clinic since Friday evening, 13 September. Face is half white, and half ginger, grey and black. Her body is tortoise shell colour, or multi colours. She answers to the name Mussy. She is very particular in her afections but likes to Talk. She has an abcess on back, left leg. She may still have a bandage on. Please give her food and ring Noovai on 25676, or 54445. Thank you.

Pool Doctor * Water testing * chlorine * P.H down * Bufer Discounted rates FREE DELIVERY Phone Tony 56599.

Modern superior 2 bedrm, 2 bathrm home, fully furn, great views, private, close central Avarua, rental from mid October. Telephone 20550 or txt. 72764.

Container house for sale $45,000 Executive Design Secure your section now, ready for rental with a brand new studio unit 16ms fully furnished. Flat screen TV & built in dvd, queen bed, built in cupboards, kitchen, microwave, fridge, glass shower, basin, toilet, gas hot water, wooden loors. $45,000 includes delivery to your site Non furnished also available $25,000 To view visit Rima Toa Nikao backroad, across from Dr Nicholas.

73783 / /1645


73594 /33944 /1708

THE SALON Open Tuesday - Saturdays from 9am. For colour, cuts, highlights, straightening, hair styling & makeup services. PH: 22811 73876 / /2489

BNZ etfpos card found on the seaside footpath opposite BCI bank in town and has been handed in at the police station. 73858 /73858 /1931


Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage. Phone 22188 or 26189. Email beach@moanasands. 73691 /35140 /1744

Sunday September 22, 2013 ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’ - Proverbs 23:7. 7.30am - Rebekah Daniel’s Children’s program on Radio Matariki 10am - Sunday School for all ages - ‘An Everlasting Covenant’ - Genesis 9:11 11am - Worship Service - Bishop Tutai Pere, BA, LTh. - fellowship luncheon - Alive for Jesus nationwide radio ministry with Minister Nane Vainepoto Papa 1pm - Brother Tangaroa Uea updating news on Radio Matariki 2.30pm - Fellowship with inmates 4:05pm - Nothing but the Truth TV Ministry - Preacher Bishop Horace Smith. 6pm - Evening Service and DVD presentation Aere mai te katoatoa rava! Everyone most welcome! Contact: Bishop Pere 23778/55177, Dial-A-Prayer 26777 Email:

FREE EYE EXAMS AND FREE GLASSES for children. Supporting the Community that supports ANNIE at THE EYE PLACE, COOKS CORNER. Phone 22121. 73595 /35123 /2656

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 71-744

Tiare Moana V16 Now Accepting Cargo for the Northern Group Islands Dry Goods & General Cargo Cargo Cutof is 18 October 2013 Frozen Goods, Fuel & Gas Cylinders - Accepting Cargo from 21 Oct 2013 with Cutof 23 October. Please ensure your cargo is in by the cutof dates. PH: 27185 for further information

Modern 2 bedroom town house Ruatonga, available from 1 November, $350 per week, Phone 55743 73801 / /2227

1x single bedroom unit close to shops & beach Vaimaanga, Titikaveka Ph 55422 Email: admin@polynesianhire. 73804 /35096 /1726

FOR SALE Pigs for sale from $150 to $350 each. Phone 78151. 73844 /35105 /1931

73893 / /1931

nilisk water blaster 1885 PSI 6.3- 7.3 L/min, 1700W, 6m hose, reduced from $750, selling for $600, Industrial wet & Dry Vac 20L with appliance plug $450 Trader Don 22919. 73872 / /2058

Ride on mower - Yardsman 42’’ Cut, 17.5 HP, $1800. Phone 79035. 73846 /35106 /1931

Aloe Vera plants sml, $2.50ea Fishers driveway Nikao until 2pm today only tel 55527. 73850 / /1931

Large Wooden Massage Table $450 ono. Call Ady Ph: 55144. 73892 / /1757

Beds, queen, $600 and $450. Single, $300. Bathroom vanity top, $50. Bedside cabinets kane, $50. Phone 53965. 73808 /35094 /1931

Shimano TLD 2 Speed LRSA model c/w 15-24kg rod $650.00, mono 200lb,250lb,300lb, 350lb x 1000m $100 each Trader Don 22919. 73817 / /2058

REAL ESTATE Modern home on 1/2 acre land. 60 year lease. Genuine enquires only. Email; openhousesolutions@ 73891 / /1757

Land for Development Searching for guidepost along the road, saw one telling ‘advertise’. Agreed with ego therefore declaring – an acre leased property located midway on the lagoon edge adjoining Aitutaki airport. Ideal for potential developer whatever be the ultimate outcome. Be my partner all the way. Genuine inquiries Ph 27100. 777

Household items including Furniture, Kitchenware, Clothing, Garden tools, Building materials: nails, screws, Power Tools, more. Rutaki, opposite Meeting House Friday and Saturday 8am - 2pm. Phone 51357. 73855 / /1931


Peugeot 307cc hard top convertible 2005 2 Litre - 47000k. Fully rust proofed $20,000. Contact Richard 72029. 73888 /33963 /1931

2004 Hyundai Getz $8000 or near ofer. View/test, Rutaki, opposite Meeting House, Friday and Saturday 8am - 2pm Phone 51357. 73856 / /1931

Typhoon 125 black scooter 2008, $900. Contact Richard 72029. Muri. 73889 /33963 /1931

Polynesian Restaurant & Tiki Bar


We require the above staf (part time) to join our happy team at the Vaima. Well above average hourly rates for the right person willing to work hard in our very busy restaurant. Tel 26123. 73756

For the sake of your family

GET HELP Call AA - 55606

AuTisM Cook islands PH 24065/55976


Rare opportunity to purchase a fun and lexible lifestyle business




Fully furnished open plan unit in Tupapa, $150 a week. Phone 71805.


Cook islands Sun Tourism Publications


73593 / /2567

73866 / /1632


73795 /35092 /1931


EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES!! At CITC we give everyone the opportunity to earn while you learn, we run NZQA accredited training courses up to Level 4!


73841 /35117 /1931


ARORANGI furnished studio unit. Single person only. Including power, $145. Phone 29144 or 55503.

Human Resources Assistant – Intermediate position!

73768 /35085 /1931

ansWers to crossword on page 14


73705 / /1723


TENDERS 25 foot wooden Outrigger canoe hull and ama in bits. Phone Brent to view. 55154. 73816 / /1889


Tender for Schools Repainting Programme – C34/13 The Cook Islands Investment Corporation invites tenders for the Rarotonga Schools Repainting Programme. Tenders are for the supply of all professional services, materials, labour and equipment. Tender Documents are available from the Cook Islands Investment Corporation, MFEM Building, Avarua, or For enquiries contact: Elena Mataora, Property oicer Phone (682) 29391 Email Tenders close 3pm Wednesday 2 october 2013. 73837

A vacancy exists for a Debt & Return Collection Oicer in the revenue management Oice (Inland Revenue) at the Ministry of Finance & Economic Management in Rarotonga. Applications from persons with appropriate experience are invited for the position. A high level of computer literacy, analytical skills, correspondence preparation and understanding of commercial law is desirable, along with the ability to work with minimum supervision. The position is intended for applicants with a minimum of 2 years experience in an appropriate environment. Remuneration Level Salary is dependent on past performance credentials and experience. A job description can be obtained from the oice of Revenue Management at Ministry of Finance, Po Box 120, Rarotonga, or from our website or email: Expressions of interest or applications should be forwarded by Friday 4 october 2013 to: Tessa Vaetoru Revenue Management Division Ministry of Finance P O Box 120 Rarotonga, Cook Islands. 73878/73879

• This busy, varied position involves answering phones, assisting with recruitment enquiries and providing administration assistance. To join the team you will need to be conident, have good organization, communication & computer skills and a great telephone manner.

SUPERMARKET Fresh Produce/Bakery Supervisor – New Position! • overseeing the fresh produce and bakery areas, ensuring freshness and quality of all products and building relationships with local growers. This is a hands-on position suitable for someone with previous supervisory experience and an eye for detail.

merchandiser – day ill! • This is an important, responsible position which involves restocking, rotating and displaying of stock. Suit reliable person with an eye for detail interested in learning more about product ranging

FOODLAND Checkout Operator – accuracy will win the day! • Completing all point of sale transactions, balancing and reconciling cash. you will need a big smile and great customer service skills! Talk to us today about starting a career in Retail! For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23191, 54181 or Email: 73771


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

Nursery to nurture young minds amiDst the general rabble of

four, ive and six graders at the takitumu school a well looked after nursery was ceremoniously opened yesterday. the event was overseen by chairperson of the matavera committee nga Jessie and was attended by the minister of agriculture Kiriau turepu, ministry representative noo tokari, former tereora college teacher Brian tairea, and matavera cicc reverend oirua rasmussen. according to Jessie, “rasmussen was responsible for blessing the site, while Turepu oficially opened the event. tokari was responsible for sourcing the funding through food and agriculture organisation and tairea will be supporting and helping out with the nursery. He will aid the children in learning about how to work with plants and the essentials of the nursery– while the committee is responsible for these components in the matavera community.” Young children were involved in performances as part of the opening ceremony. While the proceedings were conducted in maori, the importance of the nursery at the school came across quite obviously to the observers. the nursery is an attempt to help the children to learn how

to nurture within their environment. “ t h e s ch o o l n u r s e r y i s something for the students to look after. at the same time the outcome would help the wider community. For example the seedlings from here can

be bought by members of the community to cultivate their own garden with the proceeds collected from the sale going towards funding more seedlings. it is all about teaching our students growing and planting,” said Jessie.

For their part, the students seemed every bit as excited as their older counterparts and for some of them, planting their own ‘eggplants and tomatoes’ was an exciting endeavour to look forward to. Principal engia Pate was

quite happy with the official opening of the nursery and what it represented for the school. “it is a really great opportunity for the students to learn about plants,” says Pate. the students and teachers are

all involved in this project. “the school should be proud of the nursery. the students will learn how to nurture and at the same time they will be helping the wider community of matavera,” said Jessie. - Sahiban Kanwal

Left to right: Teachers Poti Maeva, Ruta Ngamata, principal Engia Pate, student Lilly Williams and nursery oicer Pare Albert all holding well nurtured seedlings of eggplants and tomatoes from the nursery. 13092011


Students at the takitumu school are quite pleased with a nursery they can call their own. 13092015

Minister of agriculture Kiriau turepu (second from left) takes time out to examine the nursery at takitumu School. 13092017


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News


VACANCY - MINISTRY OF JUSTICE A vacancy exists within the Ministry of Justice for; Groundsman/Watchman Rarotonga Prison Oicer Rarotonga Probation Oicer Rarotonga Job descriptions are available on request at the Corporate Division of the Ministry of Justice in Avarua, Rarotonga. Applications for the above vacancies should be addressed to: Secretary (vacancy) Ministry of Justice PO Box 111, RAROTONGA Or via email to Groundsman/Watchman vacancy closes on Monday 23 September 2013 at 4pm. Prison and Probation Oicers vacancy closes on Monday 27 September 2013 at 4pm.


Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health Cook Islands is seeking expressions of interest from capable individuals willing to undertake and complete a MBBS qualiication (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) at the Fiji National University (FNU), Fiji, commencing February 2014. criteria for selection: 1.Cook Islander; 2.Assessment of academic qualiications; 3.Completed English for Academics (LL114) course at USP; 4.Conirmed placement at Fiji National University for 2014. Submit your expression of interest to HR Manager Ms Temarama Anguna on email:, or phone 29664, on or before 04 October 2013. 73794 / /1720



Tailoress Full time required for Inspiration of Raro. Must be able to carry out made to measure garments accurately and have vast experience in all aspects of alterations, adjustment sewing and working with diferent fabrics. Call 70059 for Interview.

Wanted Second hand scooter to purchase. Good condition and registered. Phone 25260.

73737 /35066 /1931

Catholic Education Trust Board. There are two vacancies to ill at St. Joseph’s Primary School for a start in January 2014. Position 1. Principal . St. Joseph’s School, a private catholic primary school (ECE - G6), invites applications for the position of Principal. Preferred applicants will demonstrate the appropriate skills, qualiications and experience; should be in good standing with the catholic church and understand the catholic character of St. Joseph’s School with its associated values. Position 2.Computer Teacher Expected to teach IT classes at all levels. Application and CV for both positions are to be sent to: chairman of catholic Education Trust, P.O. Box 147, Avarua. Applications for both positions closes on Wednesday 16 October at 5pm. (Bishop Paul Donoghue Chairman of catholic Education Trust Board.) 73829 / /2210


73895 /33966 /1931


Cook islands PH 24065/55976


Papa Tony utanga (29 march 1936 - 19 September 2007)


n loving memory of a dear husband, father, fatherin-law, uncle, papa and friend. it was 6 years ago you left us suddenly, forever cherished in our hearts. mama Toka, children, in-laws, grandchildren, great grandchildren and families here and overseas.



73845 /313686 /1931


73773 / /1796

PRINCIPAL PALMERSTON ISLAND LUCKY SCHOOL Applications are invited from qualiied, experienced and motivated principals with the relevant qualiications, vision and proven leadership for the position of principal of Palmerston Island Lucky School to start in January 2014. Applications close on Friday 4 October 2013 at 3pm. Application packs are available from the Palmerston Island Administration and completed forms with CV and references should be sent to; Executive Oicer Palmerston Island Administration Palmerston Island cook Islands Ph (682) 37620 or email:

Passed away on 1 September 2013 in Portugal after 7 weeks in a coma. Tragically taken too soon. Aged 46 years. dearly loved youngest son of Tetevano and Poko Heather of Rarotonga. loved husband of louise. loving dad to Zoe and Taj. dearly loved brother and brother-in-law of matakeu, Tommy and lesley, Kimi and Wayne, Tearuru and Steve, isaia (dec.) and josie. loving uncle and wonderful friend to so many. His service was held on 12 September at Purewa Cemetery, meadowbank, Auckland followed by a private cremation. His ashes will be shared in nZ, Rarotonga and ireland.

“you will be forever in our Hearts. Restbro peacefully darling Son. love mum, dad, & Sisters, our Heather family and Tapurau Will miss you Always. love family near and Forever.”


Consultancy Applications are invited from suitably qualiied individuals/consultants to develop a Policy to relect “Civil Society engagement towards meeting social development needs” A ToR is available by contacting Eva Mapu, phone 29370 or email: Please submit Expressions of interest, CV and proposed work-plan to the: Secretary, Ministry of Internal Afairs. Applications close Friday 27 Sept 2013 at 4pm. 73821


Cook Islands Technical Assistance Fund (CITAF) Manager - NZ Aid Program An exciting employment opportunity exists at the oice of the Public Service Commissioner for the position of CITAF Manager. This position is responsible for the coordination and monitoring of all CITAF activities and providing support to the Fund Coordinating Committee. The application form including the Job Description can be sourced from and sent with a covering letter & CV addressed to: CEo oPSC, CITAF Manager Vacancy, P.o.Box 24, Rarotonga, or email by Tuesday 1 october 2013. 73777

“Aere ra e taku tamaiti, te Atua te aroa”

73828 / /2518

Au pair Live in nanny required for 4 children. Tiler Qualiied tiler required. Must have own tools. Experience with mosaics. Send CV to jane@


omorrow 22Sept marks the 7th year that we have to go through missing you every moment, soon we will meet again with the hope of the resurrection & with tears of joy, instead of pain & sorrow. Always loved & cherished auny mii, uncle enoka & Kien Teaukura

73589 /33947 /1939

Male caregiver required full time, 7 days, only reliable, honest. Need apply, Reference required. Phone Linda 21535, Mobile: 55033.

Ora Fiduciary (Cook Islands) Limited is a registered trustee company in the Cook Islands. We seek a suitably qualiied person with experience in trustee and corporate administration services. The position requires an ability to deal with clients directly and can be full or part time depending on level of experience and ability to deliver timely service. Please submit your CV by email to or by mail to: The Managing Director, Ora Fiduciary (Cook Islands) Limited, PO Box 92, Avarua, Rarotonga COOK ISLANDS. Applications close at 4pm on 28 September 2013.

IN MEMORIAM Classiieds

• Phone 22999 •


WATSAN Programme Finance Assistant

73618 /35115 /2293



Administrative Assistant An opportunity exists for a proactive administrator with excellent communication skills in both Maori and English to be involved in a research project with Cook Islands schools through the Ministry of Education and the Liggins Institute (University of Auckland). The work involves day to day administration duties including organizing meetings and workshops as well as contributing to regular newsletters and other parts of this Paciic regional initiative. This project is due to start soon and will run through until 2016. The position may suit a health science graduate interested in combining this with post graduate work. Applications close on Friday 4 october, 2013 at 3pm. An application pack and job description is available from the Ministry or the website at: . Send completed application forms with CV and references to: Director HRM Division Ministry of Education P o Box 97 Rarotonga Cook Islands Ph (682) 29357, Fax (682) 28357 or email 73883/73885

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning invites applications for the posts of WATSAn Programme Finance Assistant in its Water, Waste and Sanitation (WATSAn) Unit. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a new team, tasked with making improvements in infrastructure, policy and practice that will contribute to protecting and enhancing the lagoon and ocean environments around our islands. We are seeking a suitably qualiied, experienced, highly motivated and enthusiastic person to assist the WATSAn Programme Administrator in coordinating implementation and delivery of the inance work stream and outcomes across a number of critical work programmes. Speciically the scope of tasks for this position will not necessarily be limited to the following but shall include: • Prepare and make payments to suppliers on behalf of the project, control receipt of project funding. • Ensure all project transactions are processed meeting deadlines and comply with accounting policies and procedures. • Complete all necessary reconciliations and work papers, both monthly and annually, ensuring all outstanding issues are resolved within one (1) month. • Assist in ensuring Financial Statements for the project are completed for audit within the prescribed timeframes. • Undertake such additional tasks as may be instructed from time to time by the WATSAn Programme Administrator in connection with the work of the WATSAn Unit. For this position, a tertiary level qualiication in inance with much experience in project inancial administration in the Cook Islands would be an advantage. If you would like to apply for this position, please submit a letter of application with a current CV to: Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning Po Box 120 Rarotonga The closing date for applications is Friday, 4 october 2013. For more information or a copy of the ToR please contact Tangi Taoro by phone on 20321 or by email at 73826/73827


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

Red Hot Chicks styled up for season start last season’s undefeated

women’s cricket team from arorangi – the red Hot chicks are set to sizzle on the pitch this season when they step out in their brand new gear. the women’s team have decided to go out on their own this year to fund and run their own women’s team and with the generous sponsorship from maritime cook islands and the cook islands Yacht squadron – the side is set to look like the champions they are. through financial support from their two new sponsors, the red Hot chicks have been able to source to sets of uniforms for each of their 14 players including polo playing shirts, super light playing t-shirts, caps, playing pants and playing shorts – all proudly carrying the arorangi name. the team were also able to buy new playing gear including gloves and pads for the team. the team as a unit believe that looking good on the pitch will mean they will play better. team captain margret Dean says that before the east versus West women’s cricket conference began – they didn’t even have a basic t-shirt uniform to start. she adds that there was a sense of panic in the team as the season inched closer which then turned to relief and gratitude when maritime cook islands and the cook islands Yacht squadron agreed to come on board as the team’s main

sponsor. “thank you Glenn (armstrong) – we are very grateful for the sponsorship for our gear and we will play better,” says Dean. Fellow team mate moeroa matheson shared that sentiment when the gear arrived – her fellow team mates were bowling over each other to tear the boxes open to see their new playing uniforms. “We are just overwhelmed with your generosity,” Dean told main sponsor representative Glen armstrong. in reply, armstrong told the group that it was indeed a pleasure to sponsor the top women’s cricket team. He says that maritime cook islands and the cook islands Yacht squadron are somewhat invisible in the community as they mainly conduct their business overseas. He adds that the arorangi women’s cricket team is the irst non-water sport group they’ve sponsored. “it’s good to be part of the community – make us proud!” said armstrong. the brand new gear was blessed at a special ceremony on Wednesday night where armstrong was called a ‘good samaritan’ by the tauturu orometua who blessed the uniforms. With their undefeated tag, you can bet the red Hot chicks will be looking sizzling hot when they begin their main cricket season to defend their champion’s title. - Matariki Wilson

the sizzling arorangi women’s cricket team the red Hot Chicks model their new uniforms and play gear thanks to new sponsor Glenn armstrong and the team at Maritime Cook Islands and the Cook Islands yacht Squadron. 13092018

Fourth round cricket excitement today tHe Heart pumping fourth

round of the edgewater resort and spa women’s cricket is on today. in the eastern conference its top of the table muri taking on second place matavera. matavera skipper and national player Bene matapo will be up for today’s challenge as a win will see them joint top of the table with muri. matavera have some extra fire power with outer islandbased national squad members tekura Kaukura, Jane tapoki and ruth taeke joining the line up.

in other eastern conference match, national captain June George’s turangi host neighbours te ava-rau. arorangi are at home against the new nikao team and will be keen to put out a solid performance knowing that today’s winner will meet either tupapa or takuvaine in next weekend’s inal deciding Western Conference round. meanwhile second placed takuvaine host tupapa up in the Valley. in the men’s competition – it’s the matchup between tank’s tupapa and Browne’s

redbacks that will have spectators gripped to the edge of their seat in today’s the computer man Western conference cup. the 4th round match presents tupapa with an opportunity to win the computer man Western conference cup a full round ahead of next weekend’s concluding ifth round. If arorangi get the wood over tupapa today then the redbacks keep their conference chances alive. takuvaine have tupapa 2 today and a win for takuvaine (should tupapa 1 lose against the redbacks) will mean taku-

vaine are also one match away from a potential Western conference cup title. the titans hold on the top of the eastern conference table is under threat today from second placed matavera. the titans have the bye today while national wicket keeper ray roumanu’s matavera side host muri. a win for the undefeated matavera side will see them move up the ladder to joint leaders. in the other eastern conference cup final ioane tangimetua’s turangi host neighbours Davana. - CIC

SPeC iA l S! AvAilAble Till WedneSdAy 25 SePTembeR

beeF SHOuldeR ROAST (CHilled)




CHiCKen THigH FilleT





iRvineS PieS


CHiCKen dRum/ THigH


(Assorted flavours)

2.1kg pkt

340g $1.60pkt ORCTnOF32PKTS$50ctn




$9.00pkt n


nZ ORAngeS




nZ PumPKin



OPening HOuRS


Fresh vegies

mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on ST jOSePH Rd, AvARuA. Ph 22259.


b AC K STOC in K

in STORe:

nZ CeleRy, nZ CAuliFlOWeR, nZ CAPSiCum, nZ beeTROOT


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

Flight Times | Voyage details FLIGHT






1.45AM 2.25AM 8.15AM 11.59PM 3.50PM


1.45AM 6.30PM 2.25AM


1.45AM 7.15AM

RARO TO ARR SAtuRdAy SePtembeR 21 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 1100 ATIU 1145

International Flights

VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM nz748/749 AKL 1.25AM nz60/47 SYD 7.05AM nz18 AKL 10.35PM VT33 PPT 2.50PM SundAy SePtembeR 22 VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM nz46/45 AKL 5.15PM nz748/749 AKL 1.25AM mondAy SePtembeR 23 VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM nz19 LAx 6.05AM

air Rarotonga

SAtuRdAy SePtembeR 21




0910 1140 1640 1910 1205


1000 1230 1730 2000 1250

1340 1840


1420 1930

1230 1730





1320 1820


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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Friday’s puzzle

Answer to Friday’s puzzle

by dik browne



by lee Falk & Sy barry


Rarotonga Saturday, September 21, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Saturday





HÄgAR the Horrible

Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


SundAy SePtembeR 22


Weather Forecast to Midnight


SaT High 10.57AM 0.94M 11.15PM 0.98M


1.1m SW

Low 4.49AM 0.18M 5.09PM 0.22M

0.8m nE n

Sun High 11.39AM 0.92M 11.55PM 0.96M


Low 5.32AM 0.18M 5.48PM 0.23M Situation: A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers remains slow moving over northern Cooks and extends southeastwards just to the northeast of Southern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: over Waters: Southeasterly winds 20 to 25 knots. Rough seas. over Land: Moderate to new Moon First Quarter Full Moon third Quarter fresh southeasterly winds. Oct 5 Oct 11 Oct 18 Sep 27 Some showers over Aitutaki. Fine apart from 12.35AM 11.03PM 11.38PM 3.56AM brief showers elsewhere. Further outlook: Brief showers. ARAPo - RAKAu tAi sat 21 For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. tanu (Planting) tautaI (Fishing) For the Northern Cooks: Brief showers over Penrhyn. occasional showers and few tanu i te kai katoa. Po ika kore. Maata roa thunderstorms elsewhere. Moderate easterly Good time for all te turama. not good winds. Moderate seas. planting. ishing nights. Too much Further outlook: Some showers.


Sun, Moon & arapo





1.1m SW

Front Key:




0.9m SW


Swell direction and size



Humidity SaT

sE 12Kts

Sunshine hours

Outer Islands Weather Outlook Saturday, September 21, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.





Sun rise


Sun Set 6.35PM

Moon rise 8.09PM Moon Set 7.58AM Sun rise


Sun Set 6.35PM

Moon rise 9.04PM Moon Set 8.42AM


27° sE 08Kts


25° sE 15Kts


26° sE 10Kts


26° sE 10Kts


28° E 12Kts


26° sE 10Kts


Saturday, September 21, 2013 cook Islands News

Arorangi cricketing chicks looking red hot



—PAGE 22

History-making grand inal grand inal in 1993–but lost to the cowboys. according to reds stalwarts– the clubs last piece of silverware was won in the mid to late1970s. the Bulls last played in a club grand inal in 1988 but lost to the cowboys and their last recorded cup win was in the early 1980s. in 2013 these two teams have played each other three times this season with the Bulls defeating the reds twice – 8-6 in round ive and 11-9 in the semiinals. the reds beat the Bulls convincingly 23-10 in round 10. With their stronger forward pack the reds will probably take the favourites tag in today’s inals however the reds biggest enemy at these big matches has been their ill-discipline. if they can control their discipline and minimise their penalty count and just play their simple brand of ‘possessionposition-points’ rugby they will be victorious. the Bulls’ strength is their persistence and ‘never give-up’ team spirit which has seen them twice win games at the death – the Bulls twice scored match winning tries in the inal minutes of play against the reds. From broken play or turnover ball the Bulls are lethal

SeniOR A gRAnd FinAl clUB rUGBY history will be made at the Bci stadium today when the titikaveka Bulls and takuvaine reds come together for the 2013 citc senior a grade grand inals. it has been over 20-years since these two clubs have taken to the ield for senior A grand inal rugby and today’s clash is certainly a refreshing end to the season for the greater rugby family. For the past decade, both clubs have struggled to keep players due to outward migration and their leftover player stocks being attracted to the bigger. Both clubs have also struggled on the field and have consistently always inished the rugby season towards the bottom end of the table. However in 2013 with improved management, energy and with a couple of ‘import players’ filling key positions this has revived and awakened these sleeping giants this year with both teams now playing in their irst club grand inal in over 20-year. the reds last played in a club

on the counter attack – this has seen them score some glorious team tries. tactically the reds will want to play regimented rugby while the Bulls will prefer to speed things up. Both teams are blessed with talent galore however the following players will definitely contribute towards the final result. in the reds camp – their forward pack led by captain and prop Victor mataora, number 8 travel tou Jnr and action-man lanker Teina Savage are the key players to look for. also look to these forwards to lay the platform for the reds backline led by legendary irst

5/8 Vase samania and powerhouse centre Fa’au amate to operate. in the Bulls team – their strong-running number 8 tautua Oisa has been in outstanding form all season supported by his loose forward partner timo tangirere, speed demons Vatu sika and mana ngaau, skilful halves Bill tangapiri and James Toilau and elusive running fullback eli Bendini. if the Bulls forward pack can remain competitive throughout this match they will bring home the bacon! Unfortunately the Bulls will be missing their inspirational captain and prop Joshua macDonald who is out with injury.

travel tou Jnr will play a key role in leading the reds forward pack against the Bulls in today’s grand inal match. 13092041

Friday 20 & Saturday 21 September 2013 GRADE/TIME

Palace Takeaways

UNDER12 11am 11.30am



Field A U12: Eels vs Cowboys

Field B Puru Samania U12: Reds vs Dragons

Winner of A & B

Combined vs Panthers Turori Matutu (¾ Field)

Tutai Taurarii Palace Takeaways

UNDER14 12noon

avatiu/nikao eels vs arorangi Cowboys

Asst. Simon Drewery / Simiona Teiotu Bench: Robert Graham/ Fraser Nooroa

Johnny Hosking Captain Tama’s

UNDER 16 1pm

arorangi Cowboys vs tupapa Panthers

Asst. Poto Ngaroi / Dan Munro Bench: Robert Graham/ Tutai Taurarii

Tua Ngaputa Ocean Fresh

UNDER 19 2.15pm

avatiu/nikao eels vs arorangi Cowboys

Golden Oldies 3.30pm

Mongoose vs the rests


titikaveka Bulls vs takuvaine reds

(A tribute to Navy Epati)

Asst. Tua Williams / Metu Une Bench: Robert Graham/Arthur Emile

Simiona Teiotu / Johnny Hosking

Fraser Nooroa Arthur Emile /Junior Takairangi SimionaTeiotu/Johnny Hosking,RobertGraham


Road race today oVer 170 runners will take over the rarotonga main road this morning for the 36th round raro road race starting at 5.30am. the race will start and end from the vacant section opposite the Banana court and all motorists are asked to take caution on the roads as participants will be walking and running and take between two and four hours to

complete the race. the 10km run will start outside the Bahai Faith centre in ngatangiia and will get underway at 7.30am. if you can, avoid the main road all together and take the back road and if you must drive through town – please be mindful of the runners and walkers and give them a cheer along too. - MW

so who will make history and have the fairy-tale ride off into the sunset ending this weekend? Be at the Bci stadium this afternoon to ind out. - Ruck and Maul

carthy, Patrick ngarua, Daniel ahau, mose Korodreudreu, Peter Kermode, ailoa samania & tereipa Williams.

Senior A grade Takuvaine Reds: Victor mataora (cap-

richard tane, steve lyons, Ben tautu, sean Gilmore, timo tangirere, tautua ofisa, Bill tangapiri, teariki Piri, Vatu sika, James tofilau, mana ngaau, Juda loki, longo leuta, ilai Bendini, turi Boaza, Fernandez Boaza, King Jubilee, Daniel aererua.

tain), murare John, Papa tuteru, Vaike Potoru, Pekamu maoate, Poko tepuretu, mana Havi, teina savage, travel tou Jnr, Brian toa, Vase samania, leon Paniani, tautua solomona, Fa’au amate, eddie marama, afato ioane, adam mc-

Senior A Grade Titikaveka Bulls: Vian rea,tua tuteru,

From broken play or turn-over ball the Bulls are lethal on the counter attack and are set for a strong grand inal game against the reds today. 13092042

Titikaveka and Sokattak women’s teams to clash tHe niKao ield will play host

to the visiting titikaveka Football club today with the scheduled matches to kick off at 1pm in the under 14 girls division. Following the irst match the under 14 boys will go head to head while the next match will kick off at 2.30pm in the senior women’s category. nikao sokattak senior women’s outit are currently sitting in second place with goal difference separating them from competition leaders Puaikura. a win today against titikaveka could see nikao take over the leaders’ podium. nikao features a number of sturdy players playing in pivotal areas with the likes of Jennifer akavi in the defence and Poko manuela in the mid field while speedster strikers tepaeru toka and teiti tupuna aim to put those loose balls to the back of the net. For sure titikaveka will look to cause problems for nikao who, like their opponents, hold a number of essential players in the different positions of play with the combination of midfielders edwina matenga

and ani Piri directing play for their side. note that due to a funeral no games will be played at the takitumu school grounds today. - CIFA

Draw and referee appointment for today at the Nikao field : (nikao sokattak vs titikaveka) –1pm-Under 14 Girls, ref-eiau tangapiri assisted by edwina matenga & lloyd murare, 1.45pm-Under

14 Boys, ref-tupou Patia assisted by Kirsten tangapiri & maara Kaukura, 2.30pm-senior Women, ref-maara Kaukura assisted by lloyd murare & Junior matangi.

Titikaveka and Sokattak will go head to head this afternoon at the Nikao soccer ield.


Saturday 21 September  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Saturday, September 21, 2013

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