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Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

CITC launches ‘Go Green’ bags WITh Clean up the World Day

happening on Friday, CITC has decided this is the time to launch its new ‘go green’ reusable shopping bags. CITC’s ‘go green’ campaign has been a year-long theme, and it is hoped that the introduction of the reusable shopping bags will assist in promoting a ‘greener’, more sustainable lifestyle. There will be product promotions on Clean up the World Day where customers can receive one of the new bags at no cost, and the bags will also be available for purchase. Bring your reusable bags with you to the supermarket, because once again CITC will be imposing (for Friday only) a 20 cent charge on all plastic bags. The proceeds of the charge will be donated to the Pacific Islands Conservation Initia-

tives Organisation (PICI) to assist with its annual monthly programme of cleaning up rarotonga during the month of september, called ‘rubbish roundup’. Previously in July, C ITC raised more than $200 for Lagoon Day by having customers pay for plastic bags on a single day. going forward CITC hopes to see more people using these go green bags for their shopping and in time to eliminate plastic shopping bags entirely from the Cooks. - CITC/BD

‘Go Green’ reusable shopping bags are being launched by CITC. 13091121

Two years’ probation for drunk driver a YOUNg man has been sen-

tenced to two years probation and nine months community service for hitting a pedestrian while drunk driving. Benjamin Pekepo, 22, appeared in court on Wednesday for sentencing for the charge of drink driving causing injury. he had already been convicted of an excess blood alcohol charge

for the same incident in august. a police summary stated that a custodial sentence be imposed, referring to recent drunk driving sentences. The maximum penalties for the charge were mentioned; a $10,000 fine or 10 years imprisonment, stated as a reflection of the considerable concern in the Cook Islands towards drunk driving.

Crown prosecutor Tuaine manavaroa recommended a probation sentence of 24 months and 9 months community service and that a reimbursement of $7200 be made to the victim for lost income. In mitigation, defence lawyer Charles Petero submitted a reference by Pekepo’s employer, speaking highly of him. Pekepo

works two jobs and had taken on responsibility of younger siblings, leaving a lack of dispensable income and probable hardship if he were sent to prison. Justice Tom Weston acknowledged the employer reference saying he was “impressed by those holding down a job”. he sentenced Pekepo and ined him $850 reparation for the police

medical report and blood-alcohol analysis. he ordered Pekepo to pay $1000 to the victim, commenting that in an ideal world the full amount of $7200 would have been ordered as the victim and his family had suffered immensely. he also disqualified Pekepo from driving for a period of 12 months, to be held concurrently with his current

disqualiication of three years. On april 27, Pekepo drove into a pedestrian after drinking at hidie's Bar. a blood-alcohol analysis taken that night revealed Pekepo had been driving while twice over the legal limit. The victim had sustained serious injuries, including a broken leg and was out of work for three months. - MWK

‘He jumps ship when it suits’ Dear editor, I have been reading with interest the never ending saga that seems to follow Norman george wherever he goes and it is about time that our major

political parties made a stand against Norman george. This is a man who has proven time and time again that he has no loyalty, no commitment and no regard for people other than

himself. he jumps ship when it suits him and at one point formed his own political party which amounted to nothing. It is unlikely that a politician from

any other Western democracy would survive if he was to prostitute himself from party to party. I remember thinking years ago in the 1980s when Norman

irst entered politics that this was a man that would lead our country into prosperity. his legacy however of wanting to become Prime minister by changing parties because he wasn’t getting his way shows he lacks the ability to work in with those around him to prove his loyalty and commitment that would have given him the top job. I believe Norman george is bad news and only fools would

Letters support someone with a legacy like his. It seems that Norman george has a yo-yo that says “CIP or Demo…CIP or Demo”. What the Demo Party needs right now is a yo-yo that says “No No Norman…No No Norman”. enough is enough (Name and address supplied)

Thank you MMR Dear editor, Te Ipukarea society would like to thank the ministry of marine resources for the excellent Pelagic Fisheries report published in your newspaper, on saturday, september 7. This sort of information is a great improvement on what

has been released to the public in the past, and keeps us much better informed. We very much look forward to these quarterly reports, and other information related to our isheries in future. Ian Karika President Te Ipukarea society

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Thursday 12 September  
Thursday 12 September  

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