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Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

Prime Minister returns from Hawaii PrIme mINIsTer henry Puna

has returned from hawaii after paying a visit to the governor of the state of hawaii. The Pm met with governor Neil abercrombie earlier this week during an official visit as part his initiative to re-estab-

lish ties with the Pacific state. special advisor to the Prime minster Trevor Pitt described the trip as a bid to re-establish “ ... relations that the Cook Islands had enjoyed – but which had become dormant in recent years.”

“solid political connections with native hawaiians and the state government have now ensured there is a re-building of those historic linkages, which will strengthen and benefit both the Cook Islands and hawaii,” said Pitt.

Puna further highlighted his encouragement to develop closer ties with Native hawaiians, particularly through the Polynesian Leaders group, which met late august in New Zealand. at the auckland meeting -

which preceded the 44th Paciic Leaders Forum - was a delegation from hawaii led by chief executive Dr Kamana'opono Crabbe of the Ofice of Hawaiian affairs. attending under ‘observer’ status, Crabbe confirmed to

Puna and Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie exchanging gifts during the PM’s trip to Hawaii last week. 13091109

Puna his interest in formally joining the PLg as a member. “They’ve had some internal discussion upon returning from the PLg,” said Pitt. “They are going to pursue that option of formalising that link.” Of particular interest to abercrombie was learning of the Cook Islands’ evolving maturity as a country, particularly in its foreign relations with external players like China, said Pitt. The Prime minister also put forward a range of issues of national importance to the Cook Islands, including tourism development and rarotonga’s major water project – Te mato Vai. Pitt said the Democratic Party governor has “considerable Washington DC experience with long-standing relations with the Clintons.” “abercrombie came into office at a time when the state was heavily in debt but has since turned hawaii back ‘into the black’ on the positive side of the ledger,” he said, adding a tourism boom has helped the state iscally. “Tough economic decisions paid off for the governor and the state, which now rank highly across national polls and lists of achievements.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

Low rainfall forecast for northern Cooks

sOme areas of the Cooks are expected to be dryer than usual in coming months. referring to ‘The Island Climate Update’ for september, Cook Islands meteorological service director arona Ngari said while there is no specific forecast for the southern Cook Islands in this report, the northern Cooks is expected to

be dryer than usual in coming months. Ngari said June and July were ‘unusually wet’ for rarotonga, with august rainfall within the expected amount. In June, 188mm of rainfall was recorded – much more than the long-term average for this month, which is 104mm. July saw 157mm of rainfall, com-

pared with a long-term average of 103mm. In august, there was 104mm of rainfall, which Ngari said is not much of a deviation from the long-term average for august of 117mm. The dryer weather that is expected in the northern Cook Islands in coming months is related to the south Pacific

Convergence Zone (sPCZ) – a transient cloud band that, when monitored over a period of time, exhibits patterns that give information about what to

expect, such as how much rainfall there will be. The sPCZ is forecast to be slightly south of normal for the coming three months – a movement that is

associated with less rainfall in the northern Cook Islands. rainfall in the southern Cook Islands is predicted to be within the normal range. - BD


BPW meeting for women on tonight a meeTINg for women will

be held tonight at Café salsa through the Cook Islands Business and Professional Women’s association (CIBPWa). There will be a line-up of female speakers to entertain and inform those who go along. CIBPWa patron helen henry will be doing a reading of funny highlights from her book, while CIBWa president and chief executive of the Cook Islands Financial services Development authority Jenner Davis will be discussing ‘The life and times of handling the Financial Times of the Cook Islands and that Nicky hager!’ – referencing hager’s recent talk in the Cooks about the offshore tax industry. researcher erica anderson will talk about insights from her qualitative research project on domestic violence, which covers the whole of the Cook Islands. Catherine evans from the Crown Law Office will also be giving a talk, along with whale expert Nan hauser, television presenter shona Pitt and parliament’s speaker of the house Nikki rattle.

Women are invited to come along and meet like-minded people and enjoy the presentations. The cost of entry is $18 for CIBPWa members and $20 for non-members. This includes a glass of wine or juice and pizza

during the interval. Non-members can join CIBPWa on the night and pay $20 for membership and $18 for the evening. Interested people can come along to the meeting at Café salsa tonight at 6pm. - CIBPWA/BD

a service to Celebrate the Life of

Christine Willis

Location: nikao CiCC hall nikao date:Thursday 12 september, 6pm CIBPWA President Jenner Davis. 13091118

Please contact kirst on 51580 for any further details

Thursday 12 September  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday 12 September  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Thursday, September 12, 2013