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Te reo o te KUKI AIRANI

$2 Thursday, september 12, 2013

Rakanui heading to House of Ariki? NegOTIaTIONs are underway

to have Tupuna rakanui instated as clerk of the house of ariki and aronga mana. The Kaumaiti Nui Travel Tou ariki had formally requested this latest move in the wake of his termination from Parliament, rakanui said, adding he was reluctant to disclose the details surrounding his termination. On august 1, speaker of the house Niki rattle made the decision and terminated rakanui after a performance review conducted in late July, six months

after the commencement of his most recent appointment by former Queen’s representative Frederic goodwin as parliamentary clerk. In the aftermath of the iring, Kaumaiti Nui asked minister Teariki heather – who is responsible for the house of ariki - to approach government for a reevaluation on the basis that the parliamentary clerk was heavily involved with various house of ariki and Koutu Nui functions, including the budgets of these two houses. rakanui said many members

of both, the house of ariki and aronga mana, expressed their disappointments about their lack of involvement in the termination process, and supported the move to have rakanui take on the clerkship of the two houses. When asked about his muted approach to his termination, rakanui said if he was to expose “everything ... it would be extremely damaging to the very institute of Parliament, which he has so passionately helped to develop and progress.” In the process of being termi-

nated, rakanui said many of the principles upon which Parliament functions were compromised. “I have no doubt the procedures and materials applied by the speaker in the termination were wrong and illegal without any approval, let alone an endorsement from the Queen’s representative,” he said. “In my view, the speaker grossly overestimated her authority and failed to fully appreciate the negating legal implications of her novel initiatives,” said rakanui. “maybe she has

always been bent on iring me.” rakanui said the matter involving his appointment to the house of ariki and aronga mana “is still evolving with ongoing negotiations”. “I know the media feels the community ought to know more from this saga. But I think too much has been said already,” he added. rakanui said he wanted to extend thanks to all those who prayed for him and his family, visited them at home, wrote to the editor, phoned, texted, prompted the issue on several

Freezer up for grabs

Tupuna Rakanui. 13032002 Cook Islands radio stations in New Zealand, and those who directly offered him their support. “The Lord is not blind,” he said. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Rakanui – te neke nei ki ko i te Are Ariki? page 7

PM opens door to the public

CITC Food Group manager Jason Burgess (left) and fresh food supervisor Io Vakapora are pleased to be ofering this freezer to a lucky CITC customer this month. 13091122 CITC has a freezer to give away to one lucky shopper. The Fisher &Paykel freezer, which has a capacity of 275 litres, is currently on display at CITC supermarket.

The prize could be yours if you purchase two or more frozen products from Wattie’s. shoppers can then go in the draw by writing their name, address and phone number on







the receipt and placing it in the entry box in store. The winner will be drawn on saturday september 28 at 2pm at CITC supermarket. The competition is associ-



ated with an upgrade of CITC supermarket, which will be oficially launched on September 18. shoppers can also look forward to specials and other giveaways as CITC celebrates



the upgrade. - Briar Douglas

CITC launches ‘Go Green’ bags, page 6



PrIme minister henry Puna will be lending his ear to members of the public who’d like to learn more about the government and its efforts to tackle the big issues facing the nation. The Pm is launching an ‘Open Door’ policy next week and will be available to meet for one-onone talks at his ofice after normal business hours. any topic is up for discussion, said special advisor to Pm, Trevor Pitt. “It’s an open door policy,” he said. “If they want to find out what government is doing, they can go and ask him.” starting next monday, Puna will be making himself available for meetings from between 4pm and 8pm – twice a week, every monday and Wednesday. Pitt said this is a new initiative, and the irst time the prime minister is opening the door to his ofice to the public for candid, one-on-one meetings. available visits will be subject to the demands of his ministerial responsibilities and circumstances may arise from time to time, he said. appointments need to be organised during working hours with chief executive ed Pittman of the Ofice of the Prime Minister on 29301. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Creative Centre Tupapa 5.30pm for 6pm Wednesday Ph 55097


Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWs nuti no TeIa NeI aO Queen's limo a great buy A cAr that was once owned and driven by the Queen has been sold for £40,500. The Daimler Super V8 LWB limousine was in royal ownership from 2001 to 2004. It was sold by auction complete with its original documentation and photographs of the Queen driving it. The car features a centre armrest which holds a sliding holder speciically designed for the Queen’s handbag. The buyer said he was “blown away by the fantastic condition it is in”. The car, was sold with its original tyres, full-service history and original registration number.

World leaders divided Syria crisis: UN powers discuss russia’s chemical surrender plan NeW YORK – Envoys of the ive permanent UN security Council members have met in New York to discuss a russian plan for making safe syria’s chemical weapons. The UK, Us and France are eager to frame a binding resolution but russia prefers a nonbinding declaration. russia and the Us will hold key bilateral talks in geneva on Thursday. syria has backed russia’s plan to place the chemical arms under international control. The Us says it will hold off military

world BrIeFs islamic women’s rugby Questioned IRAN – Women’s professional rugby has launched in Iran sparking an online scrum over whether match photos contravene Islamic law. Several sites and a dedicated Facebook page published photos from the national sevens tournament, leading posters to debate the appropriateness of the sport. conservative website Bultan News questions whether the competition is appropriate. Others argue there’s nothing wrong with it. “You can take these images to the Ayatollahs but be sure they will have no issue, according to Islamic law,” says one, while others applaud the nine teams for showing that Iranian women can compete professionally unhindered by the strict Muslim dress code which insists they play in head scarfs.

Hungry wolF PicKs on tHe wrong man KAZAKSTAN – Wolves rarely attack people, but one tried its luck on a passer-by near the village of Zhetybai in the remote Kazakh steppes. Unluckily for the wolf, burly retired policeman Daulet Tuyeshiyev was more than a match for it. “ At irst I thought it was a dog, then I realised I was wrestling with a wolf,” he told Lada newspaper. The powerful animal bit him repeatedly on the back, arms and legs, but Tuyeshiyev managed to strangle it with his bare hands. Elders are surprised at the attack on a human, but recall that local huntsman Aldaberdy Akshabayev has stopped his regular wolf culls since the council cut of funding. Mangistau region police warn that the wolves are now becoming bolder as they compete for food.

weaPons For comPetition winners YEMEN – Machine guns and automatic riles were handed out to winners of a religious competition organised by al-Qaeda in Yemen, it’s been reported. According to the News Yemen website, the contest was held during the fasting month of Ramadan in the south-eastern governorates of Ibb, Ad-Dali and al-Bayda. The prizes, awarded last week, included Russian-made Kalashnikov riles, Chinese machine guns, Austrian Glock pistols, as well as motorcycles and other gifts. The religious competition is considered to be the irst public activity organised in Yemen by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula since government troops forced its ighters to withdraw from the neighbouring regions of Abyan and Shabwah in the summer of last year.

strikes to pursue diplomacy. russia said earlier that it had now sent the Us details of its plans. more than 100,000 people have died in syria since the uprising against President Bashar al-assad began in 2011. In other developments on Wednesday: On the ground, the syrian army is trying to retake the Christian town of maaloula maaloula was overrun by rebel forces, including members of the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, at the weekend. The latest report by UN rights experts, released on Wednesday, says torture and rape are widespread and war crimes are being committed by both sides. UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon said the UN and its members must share a “heavy burden” for their “collective failure to prevent atrocity crimes in syria.” The UK-based pro-opposition syrian Observatory for human Rights said an air strike on a ield hospital in aleppo province had killed at least 11 people. Us, UK and French diplomats held separate talks before the meeting of the so-called P5 envoys. The meeting lasted less than an hour and envoys declined to comment as they left. The French have already been working on a draft resolution that would be enforced by Chapter VII of the UN charter, which would in effect sanction the use of force if syria failed in its obligations. however, russia has already indicated that this would be unacceptable, as would any resolution blaming the syrian government for chemical attacks. The Us holds the syrian government responsible for such an attack in Damascus on 21 august, saying it killed 1429 people. - BBC

As the debate over chemical weapons and Western intervention drags on, the Syrian civil war is currently centred on the rebel-held Christian town of Maalula, north of Damascus. AFP

12th anniversary of 9/11 The Us has remembered the victims of the 9/11 attacks in a series of memorials marking the 12th anniversary. The 11 september 2001 attacks killed almost 3,000 people in New York, the Washington DC area and Pennsylvania. In New York, families of the victims read the names of each person who died at the World Trade Centre. a separate memorial was held outside shanksville, Pennsylvania, honouring the passengers and crew of United Flight 93. They struggled with the hijackers of the plane, preventing it from hitting its intended target, believed to be the White house or the Us Capitol building. all 33 passengers and seven crew members on the light were killed after the plane crashed into a ield about 120km southeast of Pittsburgh. The White house marked the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with a memorial service. President Barack Obama attended a memorial outside the Pentagon.

more than 1,000 people gathered on Wednesday at the National september 11 memorial plaza in New York City to read the names of all those killed in the 2001 and 1993 attacks on the building. Bagpipes and a youth choir began the proceedings, held around two relecting pools that stand in the footprint of the destroyed towers. “To my nephew michael Joseph mullin, we miss you and think of you every single day,” said one of the 250 people chosen to read names, many of them family members of the victims. “You’re gone but not forgotten,” another woman said of her lost cousin. The reading was paused for several moments of silence, including 8.46am local time when the first plane hit the North Tower; when the second plane hit the south Tower; when each building fell; and when the third and fourth planes hit the Pentagon and the ield outside shanksville. a number of other cities held

memorial services on Wednesday. Builders are meanwhile putting the finishing touches to the new World Trade Center tower and a museum dedicated to the attacks. One World Trade Center is now the tallest building in the Western hemisphere, its spire reaching to 541m, a symbolic number alluding to the year of the Us Declaration of Independence. On Tuesday, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for what will be a visitor centre on the site of the Flight 93 national memorial park. The building, expected to open in late 2015, will be broken in two where the plane lew overhead. Visitors have already left 35,000 tributes at the site. Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks, in which 19 hijackers also died when they seized control of four planes, crashing three of them into their intended targets. - BBC

MERMAID VICTIM OF MAN-HANDLING KAZAKhSTAN – A newly-unveiled statue of a mermaid in Kazakhstan has apparently become a victim of her own popularity. Even though it’s made of ibre-reinforced concrete, the statue in the northern Kazakh city of Pavlodar has been taken down for repairs after only two weeks on display. The mermaid sufered a broken inger and a damaged tail, after falling victim to “too much pressure” from adoring fans who like touching her. She was particularly popular with newly-weds who insisted on having themselves photographed in front of the statue. This appears to be a light-hearted continuation of a decades-old Soviet tradition, where statues of Lenin were the focal point of many wedding ceremonies.

FougHt oFF cougar witH a sPear CANADA – A British columbia man armed with a spear has fought of a cougar which critically mauled his partner. The attack occurred on Sunday near the couple’s cabin on a remote island of the west coast of Vancouver Island. A large cougar believed to be the attacker was found dead on Monday morning. The woman, 60, was in hospital and expected to recover. An oicial said the attack could be the irst in which a cougar was fended of and killed by a spear. The cougar attacked the woman from behind as she was gardening near her home, according to local media reports.

Today’s Daily Bread We are conident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.

Matthew5:1-10 7:21-29 read: read: 2 Corinthians

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 8

US President Barack Obama during a memorial service at the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial in Washington, DC. America paused yesterday to mark the 12th anniversary of terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre. AFP


Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

a tiger to go

neW arriVaLs kids Bikes kids PushBike marrY Brand 12 inChes


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A Colombian supporter cheers for his team during the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 qualifying match against Ecuador at the Metropolitano stadium in Barranquilla. Columbia won 1-0. AFP

Microbic gut busters sT LOUIs – Bacteria living in our guts seem to be affecting our waistlines and harnessing them could lead to new ways of shedding the pounds, Us research suggests. The human body is teeming with thousands of species of microbes that affect health. a study showed that transplanting gut bacteria from obese people into mice led to the animals gaining weight, while bacteria from lean people kept them slim. researchers at the Washington University school of medicine, missouri, took gut bacteria from pairs of twins – one obese, one thin. The bacteria were then put into mice which had grown up in completely sterile environments and had no gut bacteria of their own. mice with the obese twin’s bacteria became heavier and put on more fat than mice given bacteria from a lean twin – and it was not down to the amount of food being eaten. There were differences in the number and types of bacteria species from the lean and obese twin. Overall it seemed those from a lean twin were better at break-

ing down ibre into short-chain fatty acids. It meant the body was taking up more energy from the gut, but the chemicals were preventing fatty tissue from building up and increased the amount of energy being burned. One of the researchers, Prof Jeffrey gordon, told the BBC’s science in action programme: “We don’t dine alone, we dine with trillions of friends – we have to consider the microbes which live in our gut.” however, the diet was also important for creating the right conditions for the lean twin’s bacteria to lourish. A bacterial obesity therapy seems unlikely to work alongside a diet of greasy burgers. Keeping both sets of mice in the same cage kept them both lean if they were fed a low-fat, high-ibre diet. a human obesity treatment is unlikely to use transplants of thousands of species of bacteria from lean people’s guts as it carries the risk of also transferring infectious diseases. Instead a search for the exact mix of bacteria which benefit weight – and the right foods to promote their growth – is more likely.

Professor gordon said the next steps in the ield would be “trying to igure out how general these effects are, what diet ingredients may promote their beneicial activities and to look forward to a time when food and the value of food is considered in light of the microbes that live in our gut – that foods will have to be designed from the inside out as well as from the outside in.” Commenting on the research, Prof Julian Parkhill, from the Wellcome Trust sanger Institute, said he expected a future when manipulating bacteria was a part of obesity treatment. “There’s a lot of work to do, but this is proof of the concept that bacteria in the gut can modulate obesity in adults, but it is diet-dependent,” he said. he added that changing bacteria was a promising field of research into cures and controls for other diseases. he told the BBC: “It’s an exciting new area, but I think we need to be careful in promoting it as a cure-all. “It’s clear in specific areas – inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, Crohn’s – the microbiome is going to be important.” - BBS Science

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Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

Tourists attacked on PNG trek Porters killed as bandits attack and injure hikers on Morobe trail POrT mOresBY – Trekkers from australia and New Zealand have been caught up in a deadly attack in Papua New guinea which killed two local guides. The australians and one New Zealander were hiking in PNg’s Black Cat Track when they were attacked by robbers.

several members of the group, including a number of the group’s local porters, were injured in Tuesday’s attack. “The attack resulted in the deaths of two PNg nationals who were porters for the group,” australia’s department of foreign affairs said. “Our sympathies are with the family

paciic BRIEFS Png Pm considers tourist Police PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister has signalled that legislation to create tourist police could be introduced following a deadly attack on a tourist group. Peter O’Neill was speaking in parliament about an attack on a group of trekkers in Morobe Province which left two local porters dead and several trekkers sustaining knife wounds. The injured trekkers included several Australians and a New Zealander. O’Neill says PNG could adopt the kind of arrangement seen in Bali where special police guard tourist areas and assist tourists in need of emergency help. he suggests trekking groups could be accompanied by police personnel.

raPists start beFore age Fourteen PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A United Nations study has recommended more work with young men and boys to address high rates of rape in Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. The study by the Partners for Prevention programme found a quarter of Bougainvillean men who have admitted to rape were fourteen years or younger when they irst committed the crime. Ten thousand men were interviewed in nine locations in Asia and the Paciic, and Bougainville was found to have some of the highest rates of physical and sexual violence. James Lang says the study shows violence against women is preventable and more work needs to be done to deal with trauma and change attitudes.

guam considers ‘medical use’ Pleas GUAM – A public hearing held by Guam’s Legislature has heard a number of calls for the legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use. The Paciic Daily News reports that those who submitted testimony advocated for medical uses of the drug to relieve symptoms of ailments such as glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder and the side efects of chemotherapy. Lawmakers are considering a resolution calling for the decriminalisation of marijuana. After the hearing, Attorney General Leonardo Rapadas said that possession and use of an ounce or less of the drug has essentially been decriminalised for 20 years on Guam. He said the evidence should be presented without emotion when new policy is being considered.

HelP wanted to restore Historic Port FIJI – The historic Fijian town of Levuka is searching for specialists to help preserve the old buildings which have helped earn it World Heritage status. The town’s timber buildings are a signiicant part of the port which the UN agency UNEScO found to be an outstanding example of late 19th century Paciic port settlements. The chief Executive of the Levuka Town council, Suliana Sandys, says since receiving World heritage status in June, the town has enjoyed more visitors and economic activity but it is also under pressure to ensure the buildings are kept up. “Some that have been closed and not taken care of regularly have begun to rot.” Sandys says investors are being encouraged to restore and reopen buildings, including four large ones on the main street.

Floods cause Famine in guadacanal SOLOMON ISLANDS – A disaster oicial in Solomon Islands’ Guadalcanal province is assuring people in the region hit by loods over the past few days that food is on its way. heavy rain in the mountains caused looding that has destroyed food gardens, commercial crops, homes and public infrastructure in the Tetere area of eastern Guadalcanal. Bridge washouts several days ago severed the access to health services and markets of about 12,000 people. People are short of food but Iit is hoping supplies of rice will start arriving from the capital honiara tomorrow.

migration oF PaciFic women studied NEW ZEALAND – A New Zealand-born Paciic Islander has been awarded a Victoria University in Wellington doctoral scholarship to investigate the modern migration of young Paciic women to Asia. Rachel Yates says her research is inspired by her time teaching English in South Korea, where she was surprised to meet so many New Zealand Paciic Islanders studying, working and succeeding abroad. She says in the past, Paciic migration studies have focused on Paciic Islanders travelling to New Zealand, not about those who leave New Zealand for other opportunities. She says her research will focus on women, and will use the experiences of those she met in South Korea as case studies.

and friends of those who were killed.” “Other members of the group, including eight australians, one New Zealander, and a number of PNg nationals, sustained injuries during the attack, however none of the injuries are life-threatening.” reports suggest that the two guides were hacked to death, and the attackers may have used machetes, spears and guns, australian broadcaster aBC reported. PNg police spokesman Dominic Kakas said six men armed with guns, a spear and bush knives struck between 1pm and 2pm. One gun was homemade while the other was a .303 factory-made rile. The Black Cat Track in northern PNg joins the towns of Wau and salamaua. It was one of the sites of ighting between australian and

Japanese troops in WWII and is known as one of the toughest hiking trails in the country. The walk usually takes three days through leech and mosquito-infested territory with one trekking agency describing the area as ‘suitable only for masochists and Israeli Paratroopers.’ australia has updated its travel advice, recommending that visitors avoid the Black Cat Track until the incident has been investigated. Concerns have been raised over high levels of crime and violence in the country, including a number of high-proile attacks in recent months. The group of australians attacked with machetes on a trekking expedition in Papua New guinea were expected to return home yesterday. They had set up camp for the night and were in their tents sheltering from rain when the attack happened.

australian Nick Bennet told the aBC he was struck in the head with a machete and his friend steve Ward was punched several times. Bennett says he initially feared he had been shot in the head. “I thought I’d been shot and what I realised after was that I had been clubbed with a rifle barrel and it had opened my head up. so I was bleeding immediately, just confused,” he said. “all I could really do was hold my head in my hands and ordered the others down. “I could just see one of the guys attacking the porters with a bush knife. There was one guy with a rile, one guy had a pipe gun and a bush knife. “There was one person who appeared to be controlling it.” The injured men hiked four hours back to safety, carrying the porters’ bodies. The group were lown to Port

moresby and were expected to return home this morning. PNg’s prime minister Peter O’Neill says those responsible for the brutal attack will face the death penalty. O’Neill says the ordeal is an “obvious setback” to efforts to promote PNg as a tourist destination. PNg’s high commissioner to australia has described the attack as “inexcusable”. The motive for the attack is not clear, although some reports have suggested it could be related to a disagreement between porters from PNg’s lowlands and locals living in the highlands. PNg’s Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga condemned the attack. Local villagers were tracking the attackers now, he said, and about 20 police oficers and the airborne Unit had been sent to the area. - PNC/sources

Denies links with SIS

sUVa – One of Fiji’s coup colonels has latly denied his military regime co-ordinated with a New Zealand security Intelligence service operation in which Fiji democracy activists were raided in auckland last year. Colonel mosese Tikoitoga was land force commander at the time of the raids. he did not send text messages to one of the main targets of the sIs raid, he told auckland’s radio Tarana. Prime minister John Key has also dismissed claims made by NZ First leader Winston Peters of co-ordination between the sIs and Fiji. The July raids on mt roskill addresses came as the sIs investigated allegations of a plot

developed in New Zealand to assassinate military strongman Frank Bainimarama in Fiji. Peters told Parliament last week that evidence of co-ordination came in the form of telephone text messages between Tikoitoga and richardson road dairy owner rajesh singh, a former Fiji cabinet minister. The assassination plot was said to have been developed at the dairy earlier in 2012 during the visit of a runaway Fiji army colonel Tevita Uluilakeba mara. mara had fled Fiji ahead of arrest for allegedly plotting to overthrow Bainimarama. While mara was in New Zealand a group of Fiji citizens and a New Zealand citizen were said to have plotted his assassination.

Singh said the oficials seized his daughter’s laptop computer and his cellphone. singh denied there was ever a plot. Peters told New Zealand’s parliament that as the sIs was raiding mt roskill addresses, Tikoitoga sent a text message to singh showing he knew of the raid. Tikoitoga, one of two colonels who helped Bainimarama stage his 2006 coup, said Fiji military had no discussion with the sIs. “There was no information that we requested,” he told Tarana. “The New Zealand authorities were not talking to Fiji authorities, Fiji military in particular. They never worked with us; in fact they don’t recognise us.” Peters tabled transcripts of 16

texts said to be from Tikoitoga to singh. Tikoitoga said he did not send them. “That is a lie, a blatant lie, that is a lie,” he said. singh, who said he had been a family friend with Tikoitoga since 1987, rejected the denial and said the colonel had continued to text him as recently as two months ago. Key told reporters last week said he knew the case well. “mr Peters is completely and utterly wrong as per normal,” he said. “he’s adding one and one together and getting 173.” Calling it a “Winston Peters special” he said Peters could have taken the claims to the police or inspector-general of the sIs. - Fairfax NZ News

Worries over drinking water maJUrO – People in the north-

ern atolls of the marshall Islands are worried about running out of drinking water again in the wake of this year’s devastating drought. In april the marshall Islands declared a state of emergency because of the severe drought conditions that were affecting a number of atolls. That state of emergency was extended to about 15 atolls in the northern areas of the marshall Islands. The red Cross says people on Namu atoll have told them drought will return and again

threaten their livelihoods and drinking water. red Cross operations coordinator in marshall Islands, Victoria Bannon, says there’s an urgent need for risk reduction programmes to help hazardprone communities adapt to the impacts of climate change. Bannon told radio australia’s Paciic Beat that from the very irst declaration the Red Cross was supporting efforts to provide safe drinking water to affected communities. “In particular, through the use of reverse osmosis units, because we were finding that

communities had literally or were running out of water supplies,” she said. “Their crops were dying, they were really struggling to have sufficient food and to have enough water for not only drinking but also for hygiene purposes.” Bannon says reverse osmosis units are not the only solution to getting fresh drinking water to drought affected island communities. “One of the issues the red Cross and other partners have been looking into is the situation of rainwater catchment

because in the Paciic and in the marshall Islands we really need to be making the most of household and community catchment facilities,” she said. “That’s tanks, that’s guttering to make sure that when the rains are here we are able to store suficient quantities to see through dry periods, including periods of more intensive drought like the ones we’ve just seen.” Last week marshall Islands hosted the 44th Paciic Islands Forum, where climate change adaptation was high on the agenda. - Paciic Beat

Dogs impacting on tourism aPIa – a recent study by researchers at New Zealand’s massey University has highlighted the potential impact that the bursting dog population could have on tourism in samoa. massey University veterinary students have visited samoa regularly and in conjunction with the animal Protection so-

ciety of samoa have neutered over 900 dogs. The University’s Dr Kate hill has been involved in a number of research projects and says most recently they surveyed tourists in samoa, and found 64 per cent had had a negative interaction with a dog while there. “and over 80 per cent of the

tourists thought that there needed to be better management of the dog population. “It’s just because tourism is such an important part of the samoan economy we probably need to balance the perception of the tourists with actually what the samoan population do with their dogs.”

hill says better management of the canine population includes introducing spaying and neutering programmes, and providing better veterinary services and vaccinations. she says more research is needed into the potential for disease that could be transferred from dogs to people. - RNZI

Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News



Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

CITC launches ‘Go Green’ bags WITh Clean up the World Day

happening on Friday, CITC has decided this is the time to launch its new ‘go green’ reusable shopping bags. CITC’s ‘go green’ campaign has been a year-long theme, and it is hoped that the introduction of the reusable shopping bags will assist in promoting a ‘greener’, more sustainable lifestyle. There will be product promotions on Clean up the World Day where customers can receive one of the new bags at no cost, and the bags will also be available for purchase. Bring your reusable bags with you to the supermarket, because once again CITC will be imposing (for Friday only) a 20 cent charge on all plastic bags. The proceeds of the charge will be donated to the Pacific Islands Conservation Initia-

tives Organisation (PICI) to assist with its annual monthly programme of cleaning up rarotonga during the month of september, called ‘rubbish roundup’. Previously in July, C ITC raised more than $200 for Lagoon Day by having customers pay for plastic bags on a single day. going forward CITC hopes to see more people using these go green bags for their shopping and in time to eliminate plastic shopping bags entirely from the Cooks. - CITC/BD

‘Go Green’ reusable shopping bags are being launched by CITC. 13091121

Two years’ probation for drunk driver a YOUNg man has been sen-

tenced to two years probation and nine months community service for hitting a pedestrian while drunk driving. Benjamin Pekepo, 22, appeared in court on Wednesday for sentencing for the charge of drink driving causing injury. he had already been convicted of an excess blood alcohol charge

for the same incident in august. a police summary stated that a custodial sentence be imposed, referring to recent drunk driving sentences. The maximum penalties for the charge were mentioned; a $10,000 fine or 10 years imprisonment, stated as a reflection of the considerable concern in the Cook Islands towards drunk driving.

Crown prosecutor Tuaine manavaroa recommended a probation sentence of 24 months and 9 months community service and that a reimbursement of $7200 be made to the victim for lost income. In mitigation, defence lawyer Charles Petero submitted a reference by Pekepo’s employer, speaking highly of him. Pekepo

works two jobs and had taken on responsibility of younger siblings, leaving a lack of dispensable income and probable hardship if he were sent to prison. Justice Tom Weston acknowledged the employer reference saying he was “impressed by those holding down a job”. he sentenced Pekepo and ined him $850 reparation for the police

medical report and blood-alcohol analysis. he ordered Pekepo to pay $1000 to the victim, commenting that in an ideal world the full amount of $7200 would have been ordered as the victim and his family had suffered immensely. he also disqualified Pekepo from driving for a period of 12 months, to be held concurrently with his current

disqualiication of three years. On april 27, Pekepo drove into a pedestrian after drinking at hidie's Bar. a blood-alcohol analysis taken that night revealed Pekepo had been driving while twice over the legal limit. The victim had sustained serious injuries, including a broken leg and was out of work for three months. - MWK

‘He jumps ship when it suits’ Dear editor, I have been reading with interest the never ending saga that seems to follow Norman george wherever he goes and it is about time that our major

political parties made a stand against Norman george. This is a man who has proven time and time again that he has no loyalty, no commitment and no regard for people other than

himself. he jumps ship when it suits him and at one point formed his own political party which amounted to nothing. It is unlikely that a politician from

any other Western democracy would survive if he was to prostitute himself from party to party. I remember thinking years ago in the 1980s when Norman

irst entered politics that this was a man that would lead our country into prosperity. his legacy however of wanting to become Prime minister by changing parties because he wasn’t getting his way shows he lacks the ability to work in with those around him to prove his loyalty and commitment that would have given him the top job. I believe Norman george is bad news and only fools would

Letters support someone with a legacy like his. It seems that Norman george has a yo-yo that says “CIP or Demo…CIP or Demo”. What the Demo Party needs right now is a yo-yo that says “No No Norman…No No Norman”. enough is enough (Name and address supplied)

Thank you MMR Dear editor, Te Ipukarea society would like to thank the ministry of marine resources for the excellent Pelagic Fisheries report published in your newspaper, on saturday, september 7. This sort of information is a great improvement on what

has been released to the public in the past, and keeps us much better informed. We very much look forward to these quarterly reports, and other information related to our isheries in future. Ian Karika President Te Ipukarea society

Letters to the Editor Readers are welcome to write in with their views and opinions, but letters may be edited for reasons of space or clarity. Real names will be kept conidential if requested but anonymous letters will not be accepted for publication. Write to: The Editor, Cook Islands News, PO Box 15, Rarotonga. or fax to (682 ) 25303. Email:

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

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Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

China’s new approach begins in Cooks a VIsITINg researcher says rarotonga’s $60 million Te mato Vai water infrastructure project represents a fundamental shift in the way China delivers foreign aid. “It’s certainly a new step,” said research associate Philippa Brant with australia’s Lowy Institute for International Policy. Premiered during last year’s Paciic Leaders Forum in Rarotonga - Te mato Vai - is a joint partnership between the Cook Islands, the People’s republic of China and New Zealand. The infrastructure project aims to refurbish water intakes, create additional storage capacity, oversee construction of treatment plants, and replace connections to all properties currently served by the 50 yearold network. government is contributing $22 million to the project along with $15 million in grant funding from New Zealand. however, a $23 million concessional loan towards the project on behalf of the Chinese government is what’s generating considerable interest from observers around the globe. Te mato Vai’s structure as a tri-partite agreement involving China is believed to be a irst for the emerging asian country, which has traditionally been known to deliver aid unilaterally. Despite this, China also has its critics who argue its aid strategy is “solely about pursuing raw materials or inding work for Chinese irms,” as one media report puts it.

“China has recognised it has ed Kingdom have attempted to some image problems,” said engage with the Chinese, sucBrant, who’s in rarotonga to ceeding most at a “symbolic” conduct research on Chinese aid level, she said. “There’s concern as to what to the Paciic region. “It’s a lowrisk way to demonstrate that it kind of global power is China recognises the importance of going to be,” she said, referring to the attention attracted by Te engaging with others.” Prime minister henry Puna, mato Vai’s tri-partite arrangealong with international com- ment. Brant also dismisses the idea mentators, have described the arrangement with the Chinese of “geo-strategic competition” as unprecedented, and the Pm between China and the United said the project was discussed States for inluence in the Paciic region. heavily during a reIt’s a lowIn an analytical cent visit to Washrisk way to paper titled “Big ington DC. demonstrate enough for all of Brant says the that it us”, Lowy Institute Cook Islands is an programme director ideal location for recognises the Jenny hayward-Jones China to test out the importance argues australia will new aid strategy, as of engaging continue to domithe Paciic region curwith others. nate the “aid, trade, rently faces no serious military conlict. It can also and strategic domains” of the state that the project is being region. according to research comdriven by the Cook Islands and New Zealand, avoiding some of piled by Brant, between 2006 the accusations of self-interest. and 2011 China handed out “as a growing power, it’s will- roughly Us$850 million in ing to help out others to dem- bilateral aid to Pacific nations onstrate that it’s a responsible such as the Cooks, which diplomatically recognise the Peoples power,” she said. In return for providing the republic of China, as opposed to concessional loan–structured recognition of Taiwan. By contrast, australia–dewith favourable terms–Brant said China will also hope to in- scribed as “the lead donor in the crease economic engagement region”–has disbursed Us$4.8 while broadening trade and in- billion over the past ive years. With a pledge by australian vestment opportunities. Broader economic objectives Pm-elect Tony abbot to cut forinclude gaining further access eign aid and development asto natural resources such as sistance by $4.5 billion over the fisheries and potential seabed next four years, one could ask how the region’s aid structure minerals. major global powers such as may evolve over the long term. - Emmanuel Samoglou the United states and the Unit-

Dr Philippa Brant, research associate with Australia’s Lowy Institute for International Policy. 13091120

Rakanui – te neke nei ki ko i te Are Ariki? Te uri ia nei rai e ka aere a rakanui ki ea When Tupuna Rakanui spoke to Ci news regarding his possible appointment as clerk of the house of ariki and Aronga Mana, it was requested that a Maori version of his account be published simultaneously with the CI News story which appears on page 1. Here is his account: Te raVe ia nei tetai au uri anga manako kia akariro ia a Tupuna rakanui ei Karaka no te are ariki e te aronga mana. Kua oronga mai te Karaka o te Paramani o mua ana i tetai tuanga iti ua no te au mea tei

tupu kiaia. No te takore ia anga aia i te Karaka. Kare tika ra aia i inangaro ana kia tuku tuatua mai. Kua marama ra te nuti pepa e kua riro teia tamanako anga kia neke iaia ki ko i te ngutuare o te Ui ariki e na te Kaumaiti i akakeu no tei tupu teia takore anga iaia ei Karaka no te Paramani. I te ra 1 o aukute, kua tuku te Va’a Tuatua o te Ngutuare Paramani koia a Niki rattle i tana tika kia takore ia te tikaanga o rakanui mei runga i te nooanga Karaka. Kua tupu teia i roto i te uri ia anga te turanga angaanga a rakanui i roto ia Tiurai - e 6 marama i muri ake i te mou anga aia i teia taonga Karaka. Na

Tona Ngateitei te Kauono o te ariki Vaine sir Fredrick goodwin i tuku i te tika. I te tupu anga teia manamanata kua tuku atu te Kaumaiti Nui i te manako ki te minita Ngateitei o te are ariki e te Koutu Nui Teariki heather kia pati ki te Kavamani kia uriuri akaou ia teia manamanata. No te mea ko te Karaka o te Paramani kua riro katoa aia i te rave i te akateretereanga o te au angaanga a te are ariki e te Koutu Nui. Kua riro katoa te pute moni mataiti a teia nga ngutuare na te Karaka o te Paramani i akatere. Kua akakite tetai maata anga o te au mema o te aronga mana e te Ui ariki i to ratou taitaia e

te mareka kore i te mea e kare ratou i tauru ia mai ana ki roto i te paunu anga no te takore anga i te turanga o rakanui. No reira i oronga ei ratou i ta ratou turu kia riro mai a rakanui ei Karaka no te ngutuare o te Ui ariki e te Koutu Nui. Kua uiui meitaki ia atu kia rakanui te tumu i muteki ua ei aia - i te mea e e au leta tetai pera te au tataanga tei tuku ia na roto i te nuti pepa. Kua akakite a rakanui e mei te mea e kia komakoma aia, ka riro tana ka akakite ei takinokino i te turanga o te ngutuare Paramani o te patireia. Ko te ngutuare teia tei pou tona inangaro e tei tuku katoa aia i tona pukuatu ki roto i te tauturu kia akameitaki e kia akamatutu ia. Kua irinaki aia

e i roto i te rave ia anga o teia angaanga ki runga iaia kua taakaaka ia te turanga tiama o te Paramani. Kua atiati katoa ia e te Va’a Tuatua te au akateretereanga no te kiriti anga i te taonga Karaka mei runga iaia. Kare aia i ekoko e kare o te Va’a Tuatua mana i te takore i te Karaka o te Paramani ma te kore e tikaanga mei ko mai i te Kauono o te ariki Vaine. “ Ko toku irinaki anga kua tukaui te Va’a Tuatua i te paunu anga i tona uaorai mana. Kare aia i atokotoko na mua i te manamanata ta te ture ka akatupu no te au mea tana i inangaro i te akatupu. Penei rai pa e ko tona inangaro rai kia kiriti ke ia teia turanga mei runga iaku.” Ku a a k a p a p u m a i r a a

rakanui e kare teia manamanata i tamutu. Kua irinaki teia tata Nuti pepa e te vai nei tetai maata anga o teia manamanata kare i tukuna ia mai ake ki vao. Te karanga nei ra a rakanui e kua maata rava tana i oronga mai. “Na te au ra e apii mai.” I roto i tana akameitaki anga i te au taeake tei pure nona e te ngutuare tangata, tei tomo ki roto i tona ngutuare, tei tata ki te nuti pepa, tei taniuniu e tei tuku karere na runga i te tereponi, e tei tuku na runga i te ratio Kuki airani o Nu Tireni e tei tupae mai iaia, tona au metua, te au Orometua, te au metua ariki, aronga mana, te au minita Ngateitei e nga roia, – te karanga nei a rakanui, “Kare te atua i te matapo.”

Te Kainga supports suicide prevention awareness The TeKaINga mental health Trust along with the ministry of health is supporting suicide prevention by dedicating the entire week of september 14-21 to the cause. Co-sponsored by the two, the programme is relatively low key and will include a one hour talk back show and information booth at the Punanga Nui markets. The mental health unit and Te Kainga has noted a slight increase in the numbers of young people aged 13 to 27 years be-

ing referred or referring themselves for diagnosis and treatment of depression and anxiety illnesses. “so far this year no suicides have been attempted and there has been an increase in referrals, which is very pleasing to see,” says psychiatric nurse, founder and chairperson of Te Kainga mental health Trust mereana Taikoko. The message behind the programme is that mental illness is very common and talking about it and discussing it

should not be a matter of embarrassment. according to Taikoko, “there is no shame in having a mental illness, in having suicidal feelings and behavior and in asking for help when we are feeling down and think that there is no hope. Te Kainga believes that the focus for suicide prevention in the Cooks are on three areas, the early identiication of potential suicides, those most likely to take their own lives, the immediate support to all attempted

suicides to prevent reoccurrence, the establishment of a strong infrastructure and network for the survivors.” Knowing the warning signs and referring those who are having suicidal feelings and behavior to professionals for early diagnosis and treatment of their mental illness is a must for the early identification of potential suicides. “attempts to take one’s life is a cry for help, and also an emergency situation, as the person feels that there is no longer any

hope. Following up on attempted suicides is critical as this is a real opportunity for suicide prevention and saving those precious lives,” says Taikoko. survivors–people who are close to the victim of suicide– are sometimes affected with feelings of guilt, anger, depres-

sion and shame. Following up on them is necessary to prevent unnecessary actions says Taikoko. For anyone out there feeling depressed, anxious or suicidal, seek help. There is someone out there who will give it to you. - Sahiban Kanwal

What will RADIO be talking about today? Our stories.

First with the news.



Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

CaLL ‘The eXPerTs’

Your guide To

eXPerTise on raroTonga

Pipe laying all in a days’ work arearIKI (riki) Cowan of aC Drainage Ltd is a man on a mission to install drains and pipes and provide his services for households around the island. With over 26 years’ experience under his belt, Cowan is an old hand at the job and he believes in doing the job properly and up to asNZ standards. he is a certified drain layer

and former rugby league player and has worked for big name contractors like Fletchers in New Zealand. after being in New Zealand for 35 years where he worked on a number of large projects there including the $340 million dollar Victoria Park Tunnel construction in auckland. This week he is installing


specialised in

drainage LTd

freequoTe - septic Tanks Contact riki - sewage Treatment system 58723 - domestic & Commercial drainage or 23582 - Landscaping Properties - retaining Walls - Concrete work – footpaths, driveways need fresh fish?

drains and pipes for private residential properties in muri along with his son and son in law. “It’s a family business and my two sons, 16 and 18 years old, want to follow in my footsteps. my son in law is also working with me on this project.” Cowan is one of only three drain laying designers on the island and if you are ever developing or building here, he is the man to see. With his own equipment at hand – Cowan and his team from aC Drainage are ready to help you with your drainage, septic and concrete work needs or to give you the best advice from his many years in the trade on how best to lay your drainage system before you plan construction. Call the experts at aC Drainage on 58723 or 23582 and they’ll be round to offer you advice or consultation. - SK

Cowan on the job, digging a section to lay down pipes. 13091115

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generaL engineering

SaleS, Service & inStallation • Pressure Pumps • Submersible Pumps • Sewage Pumps • Water Filter Systems

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Mitiaro consulted on marine park mITIarO residents are in support of the marine park, but also endorsed a cautious approach to dealing with marine resources. The mitiaro community recently hosted the marine park consultation team of eight, led by the Kaumaiti Nui Tou ariki, supported by the paramount ariki of Takitumu Kainuku ariki. Koutu Nui was represented by Terea matai’apo in place of president Turi matai’apo. Other members of the team included representatives from the seabed Minerals Authority, Ofice of the Prime minister, Te Ipukarea society (TIs) and aronga mana ilm maker Eruera Nia. The team arrived in mitiaro on Wednesday september 4. The visit included two community consultations, a school visit, door-to-door visits and training for senior school students and the wider community on seasketch - software that was donated to the Cook Islands government by american software company environmental systems research Institute (esri), which allows people to make their own decisions about the marine park and communicate this to the government. In a press release following the consultation team’s visit to the southern group island, it was reported that mitiaro residents gave “100 per cent support” for the marine park. however, they also endorsed the house of ariki’s position in several areas that relected a desire for a cautious approach when dealing with marine resources. First, the community expressed that they want the existing boundary of 12 nautical miles around the island – in which only locals can fish – to be extended to 50 miles, and another 50 miles outside of that to act as a ‘buffer zone’, where no-one will ish.

“Initially they thought the 12 nautical miles was adequate, as they looked at it from the perspective of how far (out) they can fish,” said TIs president Ian Karika, who attended the consultations. he said they then discussed the impact of foreign fishing vessels fishing close to the area designated for locals, and decided to endorse extending the boundary. The people of mitiaro supported seabed mining on the condition that more research is carried out to ensure there is no harm on the marine life and the environment. They also expressed that they want to be engaged in the process and notified of any activities that occur within or that will affect their jurisdiction, and that the aronga mana continues to be part of the process to represent the views of the people irrespective of changes in the administration. “They want the cautious approach of the seabed minerals authority to be continued, not to rush with it just because the market is there,” said Karika. The mitiaro community also endorsed that no purse seining be carried out in Cook Islands waters, and for the government not to renew any purse seining contracts. They asked if the government could investigate the arrangements with the Us purse seining boats in the northern Cook Islands waters, and terminate them if possible. TIs technical director Kelvin Passfield said the current Us Fisheries Treaty, which allows 40 vessels to operate within 17 Paciic country’s waters including the Cooks, is dificult to get out of because it involves the whole region. however, he said TIs doesn’t see any need to allow more vessels beyond this. “They (the ministry of marine resources) should just

maximise what we have – and they’ll get good returns.” Further in the marine park consultations, the people of mi-

tiaro expressed a desire to ban foreign ishing in Cook Islands waters and for the government not to renew or issue any more

fishing licences to foreign interests. They stated that Cook Islands waters should only be ished by Cook Islands ishing

Members of the Mitiaro community at one of the meetings about the marine park. 13091108

The marine park consultation team visited Mitiaro recently. 13091106

Part of the consultations included visiting Mitiaro School to discuss the marine park with the students. 13091107

boats, saying they want to preserve their resources for future generations. - Release/BD


Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

earLY ChiLdhood Caries (BaBY BoTTLe TooTh deCaY)


ven though they are temporary, your child’s baby teeth are important, and are still susceptible to cavities. Tooth decay in infants and toddlers is often referred to as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, or Early Childhood Caries. Children need strong, healthy teeth to chew their food, speak and have a good-looking smile. Their first teeth also help make sure their adult teeth come in correctly. When a baby tooth is lost too early, the permanent teeth can drift into the empty space and make it difficult for other adult teeth to find room when they come in. This can make teeth crooked or crowded. It’s important to start infants off with good oral care to help protect their teeth for decades to come. Tooth decay is the destruction of your tooth enamel, the hard, outer layer of your teeth. It can be a problem for children, teens and adults. Plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, constantly forms on your teeth. When you eat or drink foods containing sugars, the bacteria in plaque produce acids that attack tooth enamel. The stickiness of the plaque keeps these acids in contact with your teeth and over time the enamel can break down. This is when cavities can form. A cavity is a little hole in your tooth.

Causes Tooth decay in infants and very young children is often referred to as baby bottle tooth decay or Early Childhood Carries. Baby bottle tooth decay happens when sweetened liquids or those with natural sugars (like milk, formula, and fruit juice) cling to an infant’s teeth for a long time. Bacteria in the mouth thrive on this sugar and make acids that attack the teeth. Tooth decay is a disease that can also begin with cavity-causing bacteria being passed from the mother (or primary caregiver) to the infant. These bacteria are passed through the saliva. When the mother puts the baby’s feeding spoon in her mouth, or cleans a pacifier in her mouth, the bacteria can be passed to the baby. At risk are children whose pacifiers are frequently dipped in sugar or syrup. Giving an infant a sugary drink at nap time or nighttime is particularity harmful, as the flow of saliva decreases during sleep. Although baby bottle tooth decay typically happens in the upper front teeth, other teeth may also be affected. If baby bottle tooth decay is left untreated, pain and infection can result. Severely decayed teeth may need to be removed. If teeth are infected or lost too early due to baby bottle tooth decay, your child may develop poor eating habits, speech problems, crooked teeth, and damaged adult teeth. In addition, the chances that adult teeth will end up being crooked are greatly increased.


Prevention The good news is that a few simple steps can help stave off baby bottle tooth decay. They include implementing good oral hygiene at an early age and good eating habits.

oral hygiene • • • • •

It is not necessary to use a toothbrush at 6-12months. Wipe the baby’s gums with a clean cloth, face cloth, clean handkerchief after each feeding. Begin cleaning your child’s teeth, without toothpaste, when his or her first tooth comes in. Clean and massage gums in areas without teeth. Start tooth brushing at the age of one. Use a soft toothbrush and a pea-size smear of fluoride toothpaste e.g colgate, Close-up or Aim or suitable childs toothpast with flouride Fluoridated toothpaste will help to make the tooth resistance to acid attack from bacteria. With good practice of oral hygiene and brushing once daily (0-2yrs) and twice daily (23yrs old) with fluoridated toothpaste will help to improve oral health of your child. Lift the lip” and inspect your child’s teeth regularly and begin dental visits at the age of one, this can go a long way in ensuring the status of your child’s teeth and mouth remain healthy.

feeding habits • •


here are still a number of Blue Bottle Jellyish (also known as the Portuguese man o’ War) loating in our waters. a sting from a Blue Bottle will cause immediate pain and burning. The severity of the sting depends on how much contact your body had with the tentacle and for how long. You can usually see where the sting has occurred as there will be red blotchy lines that are swollen and itchy. it is important to carefully remove the tentacles by washing the area thoroughly. This can be done with sea water. although it was initially thought that vinegar would neutralise the sting, it actually increases the release of toxins and therefore makes the symptoms worse. new evidence suggests that dousing the afected

Never allow your child to fall asleep with a bottle. Encourage infants to finish their bottle before going to sleep From 12 months onwards give all fluids in a cup

• • •

• • •

Don’t fill bottles with sugar water, soft drinks, flavoured milk, milo, cordials. Bottles are for milk, water and formula. Fruit juices should be diluted – mix half juice with half water or better still give water. Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their babies Never give your child a pacifier dipped in anything sweet e.g honey Reduce the sugar in your child’s diet e.g sweets, chocolates, biscuits, ice cream. Give Healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables It’s never too late to break bad habits. If your child drinks sweetened liquids from the bottle and/or sleeps with a bottle, break the habit now and cut the risk of baby bottle tooth decay by: Gradually diluting the bottle contents with water over 2 to 3 weeks. Once that period is over, fill the bottle only with water. The World Health Organization also recommends mothers to reduce their sugar intake during pregnancy, in fact to avoid sugar from the 4th month of pregnancy as this is when the baby’s taste sensory organs are developing. If the mother consumes too much sugar at this stage chances are her child will have a taste for sweet foods Baby teeth matter - Remember that healthy baby teeth will lead to healthy permanent teeth.

by shannon saunders

area with hot water is more efective - either a hot bath or shower. make sure that the water is not too hot, it needs to be comfortably tolerated for at least 20 minutes. if hot water in not available then use cold water or ice packs. it can take up to one hour for the sting to settle down. Topical numbing agents such as stingose spray or or soov can help to ease the pain. hydrocortisone cream can assist with the itching. it is important to monitor the person who has been stung and if severe symptoms such as a panic attack, chest pain, severe blistering or vomiting occur then get them to a doctor, pharmacist or other trusted health professional as soon as possible.


PharmaCY “Westockthebrandsyouknowandgiveyouadviceyoucantrust”

diet •

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Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

Prime Minister returns from Hawaii PrIme mINIsTer henry Puna

has returned from hawaii after paying a visit to the governor of the state of hawaii. The Pm met with governor Neil abercrombie earlier this week during an official visit as part his initiative to re-estab-

lish ties with the Pacific state. special advisor to the Prime minster Trevor Pitt described the trip as a bid to re-establish “ ... relations that the Cook Islands had enjoyed – but which had become dormant in recent years.”

“solid political connections with native hawaiians and the state government have now ensured there is a re-building of those historic linkages, which will strengthen and benefit both the Cook Islands and hawaii,” said Pitt.

Puna further highlighted his encouragement to develop closer ties with Native hawaiians, particularly through the Polynesian Leaders group, which met late august in New Zealand. at the auckland meeting -

which preceded the 44th Paciic Leaders Forum - was a delegation from hawaii led by chief executive Dr Kamana'opono Crabbe of the Ofice of Hawaiian affairs. attending under ‘observer’ status, Crabbe confirmed to

Puna and Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie exchanging gifts during the PM’s trip to Hawaii last week. 13091109

Puna his interest in formally joining the PLg as a member. “They’ve had some internal discussion upon returning from the PLg,” said Pitt. “They are going to pursue that option of formalising that link.” Of particular interest to abercrombie was learning of the Cook Islands’ evolving maturity as a country, particularly in its foreign relations with external players like China, said Pitt. The Prime minister also put forward a range of issues of national importance to the Cook Islands, including tourism development and rarotonga’s major water project – Te mato Vai. Pitt said the Democratic Party governor has “considerable Washington DC experience with long-standing relations with the Clintons.” “abercrombie came into office at a time when the state was heavily in debt but has since turned hawaii back ‘into the black’ on the positive side of the ledger,” he said, adding a tourism boom has helped the state iscally. “Tough economic decisions paid off for the governor and the state, which now rank highly across national polls and lists of achievements.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

Low rainfall forecast for northern Cooks

sOme areas of the Cooks are expected to be dryer than usual in coming months. referring to ‘The Island Climate Update’ for september, Cook Islands meteorological service director arona Ngari said while there is no specific forecast for the southern Cook Islands in this report, the northern Cooks is expected to

be dryer than usual in coming months. Ngari said June and July were ‘unusually wet’ for rarotonga, with august rainfall within the expected amount. In June, 188mm of rainfall was recorded – much more than the long-term average for this month, which is 104mm. July saw 157mm of rainfall, com-

pared with a long-term average of 103mm. In august, there was 104mm of rainfall, which Ngari said is not much of a deviation from the long-term average for august of 117mm. The dryer weather that is expected in the northern Cook Islands in coming months is related to the south Pacific

Convergence Zone (sPCZ) – a transient cloud band that, when monitored over a period of time, exhibits patterns that give information about what to

expect, such as how much rainfall there will be. The sPCZ is forecast to be slightly south of normal for the coming three months – a movement that is

associated with less rainfall in the northern Cook Islands. rainfall in the southern Cook Islands is predicted to be within the normal range. - BD


BPW meeting for women on tonight a meeTINg for women will

be held tonight at Café salsa through the Cook Islands Business and Professional Women’s association (CIBPWa). There will be a line-up of female speakers to entertain and inform those who go along. CIBPWa patron helen henry will be doing a reading of funny highlights from her book, while CIBWa president and chief executive of the Cook Islands Financial services Development authority Jenner Davis will be discussing ‘The life and times of handling the Financial Times of the Cook Islands and that Nicky hager!’ – referencing hager’s recent talk in the Cooks about the offshore tax industry. researcher erica anderson will talk about insights from her qualitative research project on domestic violence, which covers the whole of the Cook Islands. Catherine evans from the Crown Law Office will also be giving a talk, along with whale expert Nan hauser, television presenter shona Pitt and parliament’s speaker of the house Nikki rattle.

Women are invited to come along and meet like-minded people and enjoy the presentations. The cost of entry is $18 for CIBPWa members and $20 for non-members. This includes a glass of wine or juice and pizza

during the interval. Non-members can join CIBPWa on the night and pay $20 for membership and $18 for the evening. Interested people can come along to the meeting at Café salsa tonight at 6pm. - CIBPWA/BD

a service to Celebrate the Life of

Christine Willis

Location: nikao CiCC hall nikao date:Thursday 12 september, 6pm CIBPWA President Jenner Davis. 13091118

Please contact kirst on 51580 for any further details


Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303



FOUND Notices are FREE To encourage honesty and good citizenship.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.






Kia Orana, ex-pupils & new comers are welcome to Mama Mata’s Te Reo maori class. Starting again every Thursday @ 6pm at Arorangi homestead opp Magic Reef. Phone 27156. E noo ra.

Takuvaine Tutakimoa Democratic Party Ka rave ia ta tatou uipaanga a te Paraparau ra 12 o Tepetema 2013 ite apa no te ora ono ite aiai, i ko ite ngutuare o Mama Ngai Tupa i Tauae. Ko te akakoroanga maata koia oki note ikianga i tetai kumiti ou no to tatou Puna. Te pati ia atu nei te au turuturu katoatoa i roto ite Puna kia tae mai. A meeting will be held on Thursday 12 September 2013 at 6.30pm at Mama Ngai Tupa’s residence at Tauae. The main agenda is the election of new oice bearers for our constituency committee. All supporters are cordially invited. Puna committee.

Lose a camera? Digital camera - black case handed in to The Mooring cafe, Avana Ph Jill 25553 or pop in.

Fully furnished, one bedroom studio unit available for long term rental. $150 per week. Quiet location Akaoa, Arorangi. Phone 55187 or 20777.

Gardener, 4 hours, 1 morning per week. Phone 51143.

73683 / /1931

73626 /33953 /1931

73017 /33490 /1931

A Cook Islands News public service.

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 71744



73323 /33713 /1931

TO: ThE LANDOWNERS OF RAUPA SECTION 87E3, POKOINU-I-RARO, ARORANGI, RAROTONGA A meeting of the landowners in respect of the above lands will be held at the ruaau Meeting House in Arorangi on Thursday, 12 September 2013 at 5.30pm. Pursuant to the Deed of Lease dated 30 August 1989, a landowner has given written consent exercising their right of irst refusal in respect of the proposed assignment of the lease. Would all landowners please attend the meeting for the purpose of determining whether the landowner be entitled to exercise their right of irst refusal and proceed with the purchase of the lease on the above land. Details may be obtained from Heinz Matysik of Little & Matysik P.c., cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, rarotonga, Tel: 21619, Fax: 21615 or email:

“MURIENUA DEMOCRATIC PARTY” PUBLIc rALLY - MEET JAMES BEEr WHEN:Thursday 12 Sept 2013 sTarTinG TIME: 6pm LOCATION: BEHIND THE TENNIS cOUrT, rArOTONGA HOTEL Main sPEaKErs: WILKIE rASMUSSEN (LEADEr), WILLIAM HEATHEr (DEPUTEr LEADEr), JAMES BEEr (cANDIDATE) All Puna, supporters, friends and families of the Democratic Party are cordially invited to our public rally and meet the candidate JAMES BEER and hear him talk about National and Murienua policies including some exciting projects in the pipeline.

AERE MAI, TAPIRI MAI, ORO MAI Secretary General. 73652

EAR, NOSE, ThROAT/AUDIOLOGY PROGRAMME Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health would like to advise the general public that the Ear, Nose, Throat/Audiology programme will be conducted at the rarotonga Hospital commencing Wednesday 18 September to Friday 27 September. If you are experiencing the following symptoms; • Ear pain • Loss of hearing and smell • Ringing in the ear • Ear Discharge • Problems with breathing through the nose • Continuous nasal discharge • History of recurrent throat infection • Abnormal lumps in the throat • Diiculty swallowing Dr Teariki Faireka will pre-screen patients at Tupapa clinic between the hours of 12pm to 3pm on Monday, 9 September, Tuesday, 10 September, Thursday, 12 September and Friday 13 September. /

SHIPPING NOTICES Lady Moana Voy 06 Sailing for Manihiki, Penryhn and Rakahanga on Friday 20th September, accepting cargo now for further enquries please contact ph 24905 or 24912 Taio Shipping Limited. 73625 / /1857

SERVICES Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage. Phone 22188 or 26189. Email beach@moanasands. 73691 / /1744

3 Bedroom house in Matavera partly furnished $200 weekly, for more info contact ph 50905. 73650 /33977 /1931

FOR SALE Electric coconut graters (Kana), $550. Phone 70081.

73580 / /2164

73660 / /1796

73633 /33959 /1931

Classical concert pianist, internationally trained and experienced piano teacher visiting Rarotonga from October 6. Available to tutor piano lessons during week October 14 19. Please contact c_mckay@ with enquiries (or phone +64 4 479 3989 / +64 27 2482338) 73641 /33985 /1931

FOR RENT One bedroom furnished lat in Tupapa. Phone 50551.


CONSULTATION ON ThE NATIONAL BUDGET PROCESS MFEM along with the Minister of Finance would like to invite all members of the public to attend a range of public consultations within the cook Islands on the National Budget Process. Please come along to voice your ideas and discuss the budget process with Government. Dates: Monday 16 September 2013, Avarua Sinai Hall, 6pm Tuesday 24 September 2013, Takitumu Muri Meeting House, 6pm Thursday 26 September 2013, Puaikura Sunday School Hall, 6.30pm Monday 30 September 2013, Aitutaki, 4pm

LARRY hOLDINGS (OVERSEAS) LIMITED An International Business Company (In Voluntary Liquidation) Notice is hereby given by Liquidation Services Limited that larry Holdings (oVerseas) limited a company incorporated under the International companies Act: - is in dissolution; - commenced dissolution on the 14 August 2013; - Liquidation Services Limited is the sole liquidator whose address is at: BcI House, PO Box 208 Avarua, rarotonga cOOK ISLANDS Dated the 12th day of September 2013.

Chef de Partie Kitchen hand (Part Time) Cleaner - morning only We require the above staf to join our team at the Vaima Polynesian Restaurant and Tiki Bar in Vaimaanga. Tel 26123 for interview. 73484 /33945 /1939


Pigs for sale Tano no te umu. Ring 73167. 73634 /33960 /1931

Shop for sale Small shop next to the Punanganui Market in Avatiu. Use for commercial or tow away for home use. Perfect prime location for shop purposes right on the main road. To view phone 74306. 73623 /33952 /1931


Salon de hermies in Banana court hair and beauty services for men and woman including massage hermie’s back along with Michellene- call 22278. SUMMONS TO JURORS CANCELLED To all jurors who have been served a summons to attend the high court on Thursday 12 September 2013 for Jury Service. Please note your Summons has been cancelled. You are not required to attend Jury Service on Thursday 12 September 2013. For further information, please contact the high court ph: 29410 claudine henry-Anguna Registrar of the high court.

73663 / /2643

3 Cashier opportunities are available for immediate illing. You will need to be a person of sober habits have some experience in customer service and be willing to work rostered weekends. Please apply in the irst instance to Mum on 29804 between the hours of 9am - 1pm. Applicants with a c.V with contactable references are encouraged to apply. A POS Administrator is required for the handling of point of sale loading and data entry, knowledge of trouble shooting Quick Books or MYOB POS is essential. Must also be competent with operating systems relating to the store intranet and security. A c.V is essential for this position. Please email queries and c.V to systemadmin@maneafoods. com

COOK ISLANDS POLICE SERVICE VACANCIES Driver’s License Persons with knowledge of cook Islands Legislation, good customer service skills, computer literate, inancial software knowledge preferably (MYOB). housekeeping We are looking for a person with good personality, energetic, reliable and honest to maintain the operation of housekeeping responsibilities within the cook Islands Police Service. Applications for the above positions are to be submitted by 4pm on 18 September, 2013, to Diana Kimi at Police National headquarters, Avarua or by email to diana.kimi@police. 73686 / /1828

Live in Nanny wanted, with sober habits to look after 2 kids ages 1 & 2 year olds, Mon to Fri. Phone 53337. 73439 /33804 /1931

Part time waitress Able to do am and pm shift. Experience preferred. call 21003.

Front Oice supervisor This job is for the person who loves meeting new people, is friendly, well groomed, honest, reliable and has had experience in the hospitality industry. Experience in hotel reservations, a knowledge of local tourist attractions & activities and have an ability to lead a small team of staf, are some of the qualities required for this position. Please send your letter in interest & cV to Jane - jane@ by Friday 13 Sep.

73666 / /2196

73617 / /2293

73470 / /1617


Consultancy Vairakau Maori Management Plan The Integrated Island Biodiversity Project under the National Environment Service has a consultancy open to develop a programme to protect and conserve rare Vairakau Maori plants. Terms of reference for this short-term consultancy is available from the National Environment Service Oice For more information - contact Mii on e-mail: mii. Please submit written expressions of interest, cV and proposed workplan by Friday 20 September, 2013 marked conidential to: Mii Matamaki IIB coordinator, National Environment Service. /


Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News




Administration assistant Te Ipukarea Society requires an enthusiastic Administration Assistant to help manage the administrative duties associated with the Marine Park Project. This is a part time position, 15 to 20 hrs per week. This may suit a school leaver looking for a start in the environment and conservation sector, or someone requiring a lexible schedule. requests for terms of reference, and applications with a cover letter and accompanying cV, should be sent . Tel 21144 for more information. Applications close Friday, 13 September 2013.


DIGITAL RESOURCES CO-ORDINATOR (Fixed Term 6 Months) The University requires the services of a Digital resources coordinator. This position entails extensive travel in the Outer Islands. It is a ixed term appointment for a period of 6 months. The chosen candidate will be required to start immediately.

Job Responsibilities Assist students to develop skills to access online databases and resources Delivery of Moodle, Skype and Facetime training Delivery of Success@USP on each island

COOK ISLANDS AUDIT OFFICE AUDITOR - FINANCIAL AUDITS We are seeking a dedicated and ambitious person to join our Financial and crown audit team. Relevant accounting, inancial management or audit experience would be preferable, however training will be provided. Preference will be given to individuals with, or working towards, a relevant tertiary qualiication, speciically in the area of accounting or inance. A good knowledge and understanding of Government and business systems is preferred. Applicants must be computer literate and possess very good written and oral communication skills. If you have an inquisitive mind, a keen interest in accountancy and investigative assignments, work well individually and as part of a team, please send your cV to: Anne McMahon Email: Fax: 25231 Applications now closing 4pm, Saturday 14 September 2013.

New TV programme to celebrate Paciic sports a NeW television programme celebrating the best of Pacific athletes and the sports they play will launch across the region on the australia Network today. hosted by New Zealand-born actor and singer Jay Laga’aia, Paciic Sports 360 showcases the stars of all sporting codes from around the Pacific, including the Cook Islands, Papua New guinea, Fiji, Tonga and samoa. The show will screen Thursdays on the australia Network, at 8pm and 12.30am in the Cook Islands. Once a week, Laga’aia will be joined by Paciic sporting legends, netballer and rugby union player, mo'onia gerrard and former rugby league player, Nigel Vagana to talk sport, tradition and culture. Over the next eight weeks the Pacific sports 360 panel will speak with some of the biggest names in profes-

sional sport including aFL’s David rodan, rugby league superstars Joe gulavao, Lote Tuqiri, James segeyaro and Jarryd hayne and netball legend selina gilesnan. Will genia and Israel Folau will also drop by for a chat. From player proiles and interviews to training tips and family life, Laga’aia and his team of panelists look at the issues and challenges facing Paciic sportspeople in the region and australia. as well as being sports mad, Jay Laga’aia is an in-demand actor in the australian film and television industry. his film credits include star Wars episodes II and III, Nim’s Island, Daybreakers, Navigator and Never say Die as well as successful australian TV shows macLeod’s Daughters and Water rats. Jay has also been the

host of the aBC TV’s longestrunning children’s programme, Play school. Laga’aia has also written and recorded children’s albums and performed live with the Western australian symphony Orchestra in Perth. he is currently rehearsing for the role of mufasa in The Lion King. Pacific sports 360 is a coproduction between australia Network and Beyond International’s sports and entertainment Division, Beyond action. Viewers will also be able to watch each episode on the australia Network’s Catch up service at www.australianetwork. com/watchnow/ . australia Network is australia’s international television and online service, broadcasting 24/7 across 46 countries in Asia, the Paciic and the Indian sub-continent. - Australia Network/BD


Remunerations Salary range $28,000 p.a Per Diems while on duty travel

Requirements Diploma or Degree in Information Systems or Library Studies. Knowledge of online databases and learning platforms, willingness to travel in the Outer Islands. Interested applicants please email a copy of your cV to or drop a copy at the USP centre. closing Date for applications: Friday 6 September 2013.

Classiieds • Phone 22999



WATSAN Technical Coordinator The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning invites applications for the posts of WATSAN Technical coordinator in its Water, Waste and Sanitation (WATSAN) Unit. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a new team, tasked with making improvements in infrastructure, policy and practice that will contribute to protecting and enhancing the lagoon and ocean environments around our islands. We are seeking a suitably qualiied, experienced, highly motivated and enthusiastic person to assist the WATSAN Unit Manager and WMI Programme Manager in coordinating implementation and delivery of tasks and outcomes across a number of critical work programmes. The role will involve day to day administration and project management, as well as requiring liaison with relevant government agencies, local communities and the private sector. Speciically the scope of tasks for this position will not necessarily be limited to the following but shall include: • Provide technical input to the implementation of a programme of upgrading onsite sanitation systems on rarotonga and Aitutaki, including participation in sanitation systems’ site inspections and assessments, review of wastewater plans and designs, coordination with Public Health Inspectors, coordination and oversight of works carried out by third party contractors engaged by the Ministry, and attendance at related meetings, discussions and workshops • Prepare such technical, project management and progress reports and associated documentation as are required by the Programme Manager for implementation of the programme • Undertake such additional tasks as may be instructed from time to time by the WATSAN Manager and/or Programme Manager in connection with the work of the WATSAN Unit In addition to relevant qualiications, the successful applicant will have a demonstrable track record of work experience in a relevant trade or professional ield, with emphasis in the sanitation/wastewater sector being an advantage, strong communications skills and an enquiring, analytical mind. For this position, an interest in or understanding of water, wastewater and environmental protection will be a distinct advantage. Above all, the successful candidate must be passionate about making a diference to the long term well-being of the Cook Islands. If you would like to apply for this position, please submit a letter of application with a current cV to: Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning PO Box 120 rarotonga The closing date for applications is Friday, 20 September 2013. For more information please contact Tangi Taoro by phone on 20-321 or by email at tangi. /

Paciic Sports 360 host Jay Laga’aia. PHOTO EVA RINALDI/FLICKR 13091105



Tailoress Full time required for Inspiration of Raro. Must be able to carry out made to measure garments accurately and have vast experience in all aspects of alterations, adjustment sewing and working with diferent fabrics. call 70059 for Interview.


73589 /33947 /1939

ACCOMODATION MANANAGER can manage and handle the ofice works, bookings and cleaning duties. The applicant must be honest, reliable, hardworking and can work with minimum supervision and if you are interested for the position, please contact 54187. Application closes 14 September 2013.


ia Orana, On behalf of the Management & Players of the Avarua School Netball Team travelling to NZ to participate in the NZcT AIMS GAMES, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and give a special thank you to our Sponsors for their kind and generous support towards the team. YVONNE HEATHER - VONNIAS NANA MCKINLEY - TURTLES MOANA CHITTY TAUIRA - BOUNTY BOOK SHOP FLETCHER MELVIN - ISLAND CRAFT KAREN TAIREA God Bless, Meitaki Maata Minna Willie, Team Manager

73410 /33875 /1916

Au pair Live in nanny required for 4 children. Tiler Qualiied tiler required. Must have own tools. Experience with mosaics. Send cV to jane@ 73618 / /2293

overSeaS aDvertiSing We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classiied advertisements and pre-billing. Contact our advertising department phone 22999 email:


Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News


@ aroaBeaChsideinnarorangi

Ph 22 166

oPen daiLY for BreakfasT 8-10am and LunCh 12-2Pm

LeBonVivant C




a La CarTe dining from 6Pm




LiVe enTerTainmenT!

Ph 20 002


Ph 26 860



Tani and Rose or Tara kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBq dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm


sunset BBQ w/ GarTh younG - PIANO 6PM Sunset Cocktails w/ W/RUDy AqUINO 5.30PM – 7.30PM sat seafood BBQ w/ JaKE nuManGa - UkULELE 6PM


City of Bones

sokattak whose performance has been exceptional so far. While keen to shake things up, matavera will at least take comfort from the fact that their performance from last season has given them the edge during their matches. The Lotto Premiership will start tomorrow with both matavera and Nikao sokattak looking for an upset and three points added to their tally but prior to their kick off the under 14 girl’s division are scheduled to play irst at 4.15pm. - CIFA Media

Today at the Takitumu School grounds: (matavera vs Nikao sokattak) –4.15pm Under 14 Boys, ref-maara Kaukura assisted by Tamatoa Tangimetua & Noel mani, 5pm senior Women, ref-maara Kaukura assisted by eiau Tangapiri & Noel mani.

Draw for Friday 13 September: 4.15pm Under 14 girls, ref-Tupou Patia assisted by Paavo mustonen & Terry Piri, 5pm Premier men, ref-Tupou Patia assisted by Paavo mustonen & Terry Piri.


11am to 2.30pm

5.30pm to 10pm 7 days

Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway

Mon-Tue: $12.95 specials Thursday: Indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) All you can eat Sunday: Tandoori night Other nights: A-la-carte

$10.00 Dine in special

Ph 22 279


in the 2013 rarotonga football round cup competition will have plenty of intriguing drama as matavera host Nikao sokattak at the Takitumu school grounds. Today’s football action will see the under 14 boys play irst at 4.15pm followed by the senior women’s championship at 5pm. after a disappointing match for matavera’s senior women’s outit against Puaikura last Saturday, they will need to pull the cat out of the bag if they are to make things dificult for Nikao

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619

aVarua ToWn


The TWO teams in action today

Our food our passion 6pm till late



Thu 12

Matavera to face Sokattak

fri 13

saT 14

sun 15

morTaL insTrumenT City of Bones



2 guns 6.00Pm



morTaL insTrumenT morTaL insTrumenT morTaL insTrumenT City of Bones

City of Bones

City of Bones




6.00 & 8.30Pm

Ph 189 for uPdaTes on The moVie hoT Line

BigsCreen,doLBYsound,unBeaTaBLeBLoCkBusTermoVies every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999



sPeCiaLs! sPeC

PrimeVeaL/sage sausages

aVaiLaBLe TiLL WednesdaY 18 sePTemBer

i a L!

ChiCken BreasT



i a L!


ChiCken drum/ Thigh

ChuCk Wagon ChiCken franks

2.1kg pkt

340g $1.60pkt orCTnof32PkTs$50ctn


Matavera U14 Boys will face Nikao today. 13091110

TasTY Cheese

seafood saLad miX 1kg

250g block



Beef JerkY marinaTed (sweet Chilli or Thai flavour)

Pork Loin


i a L!


$9.50kg Wahoo frozen sLiCes

LamB ChoPs


i a L!




irVines Pies


i a L!

(assorted flavours)

edamame seasoned BoiLed soY Beans 400g



oPening hours

mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm fridays 8am-6pm saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on sT JosePh rd, aVarua. Ph 22259.

We Can send BuLk orders To ouTer isLands Via s sea or air!! make Your order TodaY To aVoid anY deLaYs!


Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News



NZ46/45 GZ035/034 NZ748/749



4.15PM 2.50PM 12.25AM

FRIDAy SEPTEMBER 13 NZ748/749 AKL 1.55AM NZ46/61 AKL 3.20PM vA163/162 AKL 12.50AM



5.30PM 3.50PM 1.25AM

2.55AM 4.30PM 1.45AM










TIARE MOANA 14 - ETD AUCk 03/09, ETA RARO 13/09, ETA AITUTAkI 15/09

ThursDAy sePTemBer 12

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details 0800












1530 1800 1100


1620 1850 1145

1640 1910 1205


1730 2000 1250

OLOMANA 19 - ETD AUCk 13/09, ETA RARO 27/09, ETA AITUTAkI 30/09


TIARE MOANA 15 - ETD AUCk 28/09, ETA RARO 06/10, ETA AITUTAkI 08/10

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands News







Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.



hÄgar the horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga

Situation: A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers remains slow moving over the Southern cooks. A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers remains slow moving over northern parts of Northern cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Over Waters: Southeast winds 20 to 25 knots, gusts upto 35 knots. rough Seas. Over Land: Moderate to fresh southeast winds, gusty at times.Some showers. Further outlook: Some showers. For Rarotonga: Some showers. Further outlook: Over Waters: Southeast winds 20 to 25 knots, gusts upto 35knots. rough Seas. Over Land: Moderate to fresh easterly winds, gusty at times. Further outlook: Some showers.

Humidity 12



By Lee falk & sy Barry










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Rarotonga Thursday, September 12, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday




By dik Browne


The PhanTom


THu high 1.53Am 0.94m 2.30Pm 0.83m


Low 8.21Am 0.26m 8.29Pm 0.29m


high 2.45Am 0.91m 3.26Pm 0.80m




1.5M SW


9.17Am 0.29m 9.26Pm 0.32m


Sun, Moon & Arapo

SE 16KtS new Moon OcT 5 12.35AM

First Quarter sep 12 5.09PM

Full Moon sep 19 11.13AM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter sep 27 3.56AM


ArAPo - AKAoTi TAmATeA thu 12 Tanu (Planting)

TauTai (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.

Tautai te opunga marama. Fish when the moon is setting.

Front Key:




2.5M SW


swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, September 12, 2013

THu sun rise 6.38Am sun set 6.33Pm


Moon rise



sun rise



2.7M SW

Moon set 12.46Am sun set


Moon rise 12.10Pm Moon set 1.44Am


24° SE 17KtS


28° SE 18KtS


25° SE 18KtS



25° SE 18KtS

29° E 10KtS


25° SE 15KtS


Thursday, sepTember 12, 2013 cook Islands News

new Pacific sports tV show —Page 13 matavera to face nikao sokattak —Page 14 more Pacific mini games coverage —aPoPo



11th Davis Cup for Baudinet LOCaL TeNNIs star Brett Baudinet and his team Paciic Oceania competed in the Davis Cup on Wednesday. Group III Paciic Oceania will be going up against United arab emirates in the asia/Oceania group B round robin. The Davis Cup being held in Dubai at the aviation Club is going to be a challenge for the Paciic Oceania team, but they are preparing themselves to play in the intense heat. “We have been training in the extreme heat here in Dubai,” said 18-time winner Baudinet. “matches in the Davis Cup usually start around midday, but due to the heat matches are to commence at 4:30pm which is closer to 33 degrees.” The obvious heat is not the only thing that will keep the team on their toes. The team was moved down to group III after several years in group II and the challenge is to regain their previous place. “The top two teams out of eight in each group are promoted up and the bottom two are demoted down. so as the top ranked team/country, along with hong Kong, our obvious

goal is to regain our place back up in group II,” says Baudinet. “To do this we must irst be ranked in the top two out of our four-team pool, for which round robin matches are played over the first three days commencing today. We would then move into the round robin playoffs against the other top two countries from the other pool. “If you are in the bottom two of your pool you then go into the relegation playoff pool.” Paciic Oceania represents 16 of the Paciic islands in a single team. This is due to the fact that Pacific nation countries are small in comparison to the rest of the world teams and are therefore allowed to combine their talents to make a single team. The countries represented in the Paciic Oceania team for this Davis Cup tie are from guam, Tahiti, Fiji, and the Cook Islands. according to Baudinet, “Our goal is for two of our boys to focus on the two singles matches and myself and Danny from guam to focus on the doubles, which is our specialty. each draw consists of two singles and

a doubles match, so it is the best of three matches.” Baudinet has a long history representing Cook Islands in

tennis. “This year will be my eleventh year representing the Cook Islands in our Pacific Oceania

Davis Cup team. I am the longest representing member to date. I’m very proud to be representing our country and hope

some day soon our youngsters will step up and take part in doing the same.” - Sahiban Kanwal

Brett Baudinet at the Paciic Games. 09092860

Finals elimination for club rugby The CLUB rugby inals elimi-

nations-the major semi Finalsare coming up this saturday. The semi final games will be staged at the BCI stadium in Nikao. In the event that the games go into extra time, to decide on a winner all clubs must take note of the rules which apply

to all grades except the Under 12s. The rules are two 5 minutes halves (total 10 minutes); two 5 minutes halves (total 10 minutes) but with ‘golden Point’ rule to apply; irst team to score wins the game; team with the ‘most tries’ in this match; team with the ‘most conversions’ in

this match; or a coin toss. The games kick off at 11am on ield A and ield B with the Under 12s matches - CIRU

Saturday 14 at the BCI Stadium: 11am–on field a, Under 12 Ngatangiia-matavera Dragons vs arorangi Cowboys, Refs-Club Oficials, on ield B,

Under 12 avatiu-Nikao eels/ Takuvaine reds vs Tupapa Panthers, Refs-Club Oficials. 11.50am–Under 14 avatiu/ Nikao eels vs Ngatangiiamatavera Dragons, ref-simon Drewery assisted by Club Oficial. 12.45 pm– Under 16avatiu/ Nikao eels vs Tupapa Panthers,

ref- Johnny hosking assisted by Fenua Puna/Poto Ngaroi. 1.45 pm– Under 19avatiu/ Nikao eels vs Takuvaine reds, ref-Tua Ngaputa assisted by Tutai Taurarii/Tau William. 2.55 pm– senior B avatiu/ Nikao eels vs arorangi Cowboys, ref-Junior mata Takairangi assisted by Tutai Tau-

rarii/ metu Une. 4pm–senior a avatiu/Nikao eels vs Takuvaine reds, refarthur emile assisted by Junior mata Takairangi/Tua Ngaputa. (sub reserve: robert graham/Fraser Nooroa, Time keeping & assessor: Tom Willis/rob Cotte, Co-ordinator: Ben Koteka).

Glimpses of Epati at tribute game The memOrIaL game for Navy

epati that was played last Friday, showed glimpses of the man himself, streaking down the touchline. Not to be out done, a player (no names mentioned with the exact build as Navy) continuously hit the touring side’s defensive wall at a hundred miles an hour, forcing our Kopper to cite this

player with a speeding notice, as this was the case with Navy also. The touring side shot out of the blocks with their shoelaces tied together and where unsettled throughout the first half, however they managed to weather the storm till the hooter sounded for a well earned half time orange and powerade drink.

There must have been something in the half-time drinks for both sides, as the tempo of the game jumped dramatically thereafter. minister Brown and his lieutenant richard marshalled the fringes to set the resident’s backline alight, again showing flashes of Navy gapping to the try-line.

Big Tee, ‘Nga and the general produced their power play with hard yards and no nonsense defences for the resident’s forwards and prompted the tour team to remember what to expect on tour. The touring side played an ace card and brought their ‘gold short’ 60 year old player closer to the ruck whereby stopping the

The Turtles versus ‘The Resident 18’ memorial game was a great tribute to the late Navy Epati. PHOTO BY MACK 13091111

big runners in their tracks. Cohesion, inally kicked in for the touring side as the forwards found their way to the try-line and they were able to unleash their devastating back-line to great effects. The usual niggles here and there as is expected in contact sport and was a spectacle that brought cheers from the crowd.

Overall, the writer commends all participants for their skills and great spirits in a true tribute to a great mate. Navy epati would not have wanted it any other way, DmD at its best. This Friday will see the masters rally at the Takuvaine Valley grounds with kick-off at 5pm. - slow and steady

Thursday 12 September  

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