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$2 Wednesday, september 11, 2013

Call for anti-corruption body a gOveRnmenT official said the establishment of an independent anti-corruption body is the key to improving governance.

“government should seriously consider introducing an independent commission against corruption as a means of improving governance systems

Road Safety Council has been reformed The ROad safety Council has

been reformed, and will hold its irst annual general meeting next month. secretary Lynne samuel said the council has been “in recess” since 2011, and the decision to revive it was made in July. The group, which also includes chairman Tere Patia, is in the process of drafting a constitution and will be discussing this at the annual general meeting. The group will be considering ways to make the roads safer, including promoting awareness through billboards around the island. samuel said they will also

look at the process of getting a driver’s licence, and the role of seatbelts and helmets in preventing injury and death in road crashes. “We’ll be coming up with strategies to improve road safety,” said former police inspector Patia. samuel said the council is confined by the Transport act, which may need to be reviewed. The Road safety Council’s annual general meeting will be held on October 3 at 1.30pm in the business Trade and Investment board training room, which all are welcome to attend. - Briar Douglas

in the Cook Islands,” said secretary Paul allsworth of the Public accounts Committee (PaC) of parliament. his comments follow the recent efforts of businessman Tata Crocombe, who launched an online petition last month urging government to establish an anti-corruption commission by next Christmas. “Tata Crocombe’s current petition to government is fine but its timeframes are too premature and rushed,” he said. “In my view, it’s important to get the right legislation for the long term, and this takes time.” allsworth, a former auditor general, said there is “merit” in establishing the body, and urges a carefully thought-out process which seeks public input and dialogue. “Our current resources within our police department, audit office, and PeRCa are stretched and technically are outside the mandate of their respective legislations,” said allsworth. “The

key is to keep the commission small but effective with sufficient powers to carry out its mandate.” When asked how long it should take the government to prepare anti-corruption legislation, allsworth said, “as long as it takes within government’s priorities”. “six months I believe should be suficient time to get a draft bill in place,” he said, adding the efforts will contribute to ongoing initiatives currently undertaken by the government. “We in the Cooks are getting close to signing and ratifying under article 6 of the united nations Convention against Corruption, to become a fully ledged member. Watchdog institutions such as Transparency International will welcome such a proposal,” he said. assistance in creating the body could come through the Pacific Regional anti Corruption (PRaC) Project funded by AusAid, the UN Ofice of Drugs

and Crime (unOdC), and the u n development Program (undP), he said. The Paciic Regional Anti Corruption Project is a joint unOdC-undP programme which “aims to support island states to strengthen their capacity to address corruption in order to provide better service delivery and development outcomes”. Presently, the Pacific Regional anti Corruption Project targets its support in the region to nations including the Cook Islands, Fiji, Federated states of micronesia (Fsm) , Kiribati, marshalls, nauru, Palau, Papua new guinea , samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, solomon Islands, and vanuatu. “The focus should be on moving forward, not backward-looking,” said allsworth, on the corruption body’s mandate. The Cook Islands police are currently looking into alleged corruption and bribery in a case involving education and Tourism minister Teina bishop, who

Secretary of the Public Accounts Committee Paul Allsworth. 08122203 has resigned as marine resources minister and relinquished his responsibilities with the pearl authority as a result of the investigation. Last week, police commissioner maara Tetava said his investigation team “… continues to meticulously work through their investigation plan”, with outcomes to be released “... at the appropriate time”. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Ombudsman to Welcome home investigate crash The Ombudsman has confirmed he is looking into the police actions surrounding the fatal crash which claimed the life of 16-year-old Pukana Piniata. under section 92 of the Police act 2012, it is the duty of the Commissioner of Police to notify the Ombudsman of certain incidents involving death or serious bodily harm. On september 3, the Ombudsman was notiied by commissioner maara Tetava to investigate the fatal crash that occurred in the early hours of sunday september 1 following a high speed police chase. according to section 92, where a member of the police acting in the execution of duty causes or appears to have caused, death or serious bodily harm to any person, the Commissioner must as soon as practicable and in any case within ive working days of the incident, provide the Ombudsman a written notice

setting out particulars in which the death or serious bodily harm was caused. “The Ombudsman’s duty in the matter of investigation is to make sure that the decisions reached are within the law. It is not up to the Ombudsman to tell the Commissioner what to do,” says Ombudsman Tearoa Tini. The Ombudsman has yet to decide on the course of action he will take, but he will notify the Commissioner within the week. according to the Tetava the crash is still under investigation, “The investigation team continues to meticulously work through their investigation plan.” a post mortem examination was conducted over the weekend and the police have the coroner’s report. The police oficer driving the police vehicle at the time of the crash was suspended last week as part of the investigation process. - Sahiban Kanwal

A triumphant team Cook Islands began trickling back home yesterday evening from the Paciic Mini Games in Wallis and Futuna. Arriving yesterday was Associate Minister of Sport John Henry, CISNOC president Hugh Graham, team manager Ina Marsters, and weightlifting manager Unakea Kauvai. The team members were all smiles and had nothing but positive things to say about the team’s efort and the host country. The team has picked up a collection of medals with their sporting eforts – the remaining members are scheduled to return Friday morning. McKenzie walks away with gold, page 16


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Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWs nuti no TeIa neI aO 'Dead' man sues hospital A very much alive New york man said his Medicaid beneits were cut of, and credit cards and bank accounts were cancelled after a hospital declared him dead. The Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in March 2009 put Juan Antonio Arias’ full name, social security number and date of birth on a death certiicate, but the 57-year-old father of two said he is most certainly not dead. He said he was unaware of the hospital’s mistake until 2010 when his Medicaid beneits were cut of and his credit cards and bank accounts were shut down. Arias has sued three times to have himself declared legally living again.

Military strike on hold Surrender of chemical weapons could avert US military strike WashIngTOn dC – us President barack Obama has said he will put plans for a us military strike against syria on hold if the country agrees to place its chemical weapons stockpile under international control. but he said he was sceptical the syrian government would follow through. The us alleges that syrian government forces carried out a chemical weapons attack in damascus on 21 august, killing 1429 people. asked by abC news if he would put plans for an attack on pause should assad yield

world bRIeFs Capriles appeals to rights Commission VENEZUELA – The defeated Venezuelan presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles, has iled a request at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to declare the April election void. Capriles alleges there was widespread fraud in the vote narrowly won by acting president Nicolas Maduro. Last month, the Venezuelan Supreme Court rejected a inal plea by Capriles to have the vote annulled. Capriles vowed to take his ight beyond Venezuela. Maduro has repeatedly rejected the opposition allegations of fraud. He also dismissed the Washington-based human rights organisation as lacking credibility.

KenYan leaDers to stanD trial KENYA – Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto has arrived at The Hague to stand trial at the International Criminal Court on Tuesday, his lawyer has said. High-ranking government oicials saw of Ruto at the airport in Nairobi. Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta have been charged with crimes against humanity, which they deny. The Icc said their trials would not clash, after Kenyatta warned that the constitution prevented the two men from being abroad at the same time. Kenyatta is due to go on trial in November. Kenyatta and Ruto were on opposite sides during the 2007 election and are accused of orchestrating attacks on members of each other’s ethnic groups but formed an alliance for elections in March this year.

CUBa to Usa marathon sWim QUerieD USA – Marathon swimmer Diana Nyad is planning to confront sceptics who have questioned her 53-hour swim from Cuba to the US. In online forums and social media, other marathon swimmers have suggested Nyad, 64, may have been pulled along or transported by a support boat. The swimmer’s progress during the 177-km journey was tracked online via GPS by her team, and some say the data is inconsistent. Nyad says a stretch when her speed doubled was down to favourable currents. “At some points we were doing almost four miles an hour,” navigator John Bartlett said. “That’s just the way it works. If the current is in your favour at all, that explains it.” The rules of the swim meant she was not allowed to hold on to the support boat at any time.

control of his chemical weapons, Obama answered: “absolutely, if in fact that happened. “That’s in our national security interest. If we can do that without a military strike, that is overwhelmingly my preference.” The Russian plan for syria’s chemical weapons to be put under international control has sparked immediate disputes over resolutions at the united nations. The uK, us and France want a timetable and consequences of failure spelt out, and Washington has warned it will “not fall for stalling tactics”. Russia said any draft putting the blame on syria was unacceptable and urged a declaration backing its initiative. syria has said it accepts the Russian proposal on its chemical stockpile. Foreign minister Walid almuallem said on Tuesday that damascus was willing to become a party to the Chemical Weapons Convention, Russian Interfax news agency reported. “We are ready to honour our commitments under this convention, including providing information about these weapons,” he said. Obama said he would continue to press the us Congress to back a resolution authorising him to take military action against syria, but he implied the timeline for action had shifted. but he added: “I don’t think that we would have gotten to this point unless we had maintained a credible possibility of a military strike, and I don’t think now is the time for us to let up on that,” he said. us secretary of state John Kerry said the us was waiting for details of the Russian proposal on chemical weapons, “but we’re not waiting for long”. - BBC

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem has reportedly welcomed a call from russia to place Syrian chemical arsenals under international control to avert a US strike. AFP

Delhi bus rapists guilty deLhI – Four men have been found guilty of the fatal gang rape of a student in the Indian capital delhi last december. The 23-year-old woman was brutally assaulted on a bus and died two weeks later. her death led to days of huge protests across India in a wave of unprecedented anger. The case forced the introduction of tough new laws to punish sexual offences. The four men are expected to be

sentenced on Wednesday but lawyers for three of the men said they would appeal against the convictions. They face the death penalty over the attack on the physiotherapy student after being found guilty of rape, murder and destruction of evidence. dozens of reporters as well as protesters calling for harsh sentencing gathered outside the court to await the verdict. “hang Them! hang Them!

hang Them!” the demonstrators chanted soon after the verdict was passed down. “I convict all of the accused. They have been found guilty of gang rape, unnatural offences, destruction of evidence and for committing the murder of the helpless victim,” Judge Yogesh Khanna pronounced. The rapists were on an outof-service bus when they tricked the woman and a male friend into boarding it. - BBC

House switch demolition mIChIgan – a us man saved

his home from demolition after allegedly switching street numbers, resulting in his neighbour’s house being destroyed instead. and in an interesting twist, he wasn’t the only person happy with the result. Local residents of the michigan neighbourhood said they were glad the “eyesore” had

been destroyed. “When I heard they tore down the house by accident I wanted to give them a twelve pack of beer,” neighbour Fred sargent reportedly told a local broadcaster. “I was that happy.” Locals said the house that was demolished had been allowed to fall into disrepair by its owner and had been occupied by squatters.

but the owner, mike, said he had been planning on renting the house out and was now considering demanding a new house from authorities. In the end, things didn’t end well for the man behind the apparent ruse either, with his reprieve only lasting a few hours. demolition crews returned to complete their original job. - AFP

no carbon emittted

norWaY Votes in Women leaDers NORWAY – Norwegian centre-right leader Erna Solberg is set to form a new government after Labour Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg admitted election defeat. Solberg described her win as “a historic election victory for the right-wing parties”. Her Conservative Party is widely expected to form a government with the anti-immigration Progress Party. It was the irst election in Norway since Anders Breivik killed 77 people in a bombing and shooting in 2011. Ms Solberg, 52, will become Norway’s second female prime minister and its irst Conservative prime minister since 1990. Correspondents say at least the top two cabinet posts – and possibly the top three – are likely to be illed by women.

sCareD oFF Bear With Cellphone cANADA – A canadian reportedly had a lucky escape as a polar bear mauling him was apparently scared of by the light from the man’s mobile phone. The man pulled out the handset as the bear pounced on him in the coastal town of Churchill, Manitoba province. The device’s light startled the animal allowing the man to lee, reports CTV News. Churchill is dubbed the “polar bear capital of the world” because of the large numbers of the animals that pass through during autumn migration. Conservation oicials conirmed a polar bear attack on Saturday and said the animal was captured the same day. The bear was taken to the agency’s polar bear holding facility.The last person to be killed by a polar bear in Churchill was in the 1980s.

Today’s daily bread be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

Matthew read: read: Hebrews 13:1-6 7:21-29

Text: Matthew Text: 7:26 Luke 6:36

A man riding on a penny farthing bicycle cycling through the streets of Westminster in London surprises a fellow traveller using a more modern transportation invention. AFP


Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWs nuti no TeIa neI aO

Two new iPhones

spoiled pooch

PaLO aLTO – apple has unveiled two new handsets – the top-end iPhone 5s and a cheaper iPhone 5C at an event in California. The 5s introduces a fingerprint sensor built into the phone’s main button to identify the user. The 5C comes with a plastic back in a choice of colours. It marks a change of strategy for apple which had not launched two distinct types of handset at the same time before. The iPhone is the irm’s most important product in terms of earnings power. The new ingerprint system can be used to unlock the phone and provide authentication for purchases from apple’s online marketplace. One analyst suggested the feature would help the handset

stand out against its android rivals. “Touch Id is actually quite an elegant solution to an ever more significant problem – namely, the theft of mobile devices and, perhaps even more critically, the information stored on those devices,” said Windsor holden from the tech consultancy Juniper Research. “many people haven’t yet bothered to implement any kind of security solution on their handsets and for those who have, securing handsets with Pin authorisations can be quite a time-consuming process.” however, apple is not the first phone company to offer such a ingerprint reader. motorola added the facility to its atrix handset in 2011, but many owners had problems using it, and the feature is not included in the google-owned

business’ latest models. The 5s’ sim-free price ranges from us$862 for a 16 gigabyte version to us$113 for a 64gb model. The basic 5C model, with 16 gigabytes of storage, has been priced sim-free at us$736. That is more than uK retailers had been charging for the 4s with the same amount of memory. “The 5C is far from being ‘cheap’ as the iPhone 4s (which now costs us$548) continues in that role,” remarked ben Wood from tech advisors CCs Insight. There had been speculation that the 4s was going to be phased out. The new iPhones go on sale in the us, uK, China, australia and Canada among other countries on 20 september. It marks the first time China has been included in the initial wave of sales. - BBC

Model bomb plot foiled

When his little legs get tired he’s ready to ride. A miniature dog is happily tucked inside a shopping trolley in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. AFP

New solution to itching question IndIanaPOLIs – a naturally

occurring substance found in human skin could yield a viable alternative to existing mosquito repellent, scientists say. They say the chemical could help render people “invisible” to the insects. at a recent american Chemical society meeting, they revealed a group of compounds that could block mosquitoes’ ability to smell potential targets. When a hand with these chemicals was placed in a mosquito filled enclosure, it was completely ignored. The team says their work could help prevent the spread of deadly diseases. mosquitoes are among the most deadly disease-carrying creatures. They spread malaria, which in 2010 killed an estimated 660,000, according to the World health Organization (WhO). ulrich bernier of the united states department of agriculture (usda) who presented the work, said his team was exploring other options to deet – a repellent which some do not favour. In fact, earlier this year a team of scientists said that the widely used repellent was losing effectiveness. “Repellents have been the

‘If a mosquito can’t sense that dinner is ready, there will be no buzzing, no landing and no biting.’ mainstay for preventing mosquito bites but we are exploring a different approach, with substances that impair the mosquito’s sense of smell. “If a mosquito can’t sense that dinner is ready, there will be no buzzing, no landing and no biting,” said dr bernier. It has long been known that some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others, but now the team has pinpointed a group of chemical components secreted naturally, that can mask human smell from the blood-sucking insects. dr bernier explained that hundreds of compounds on the skin makes up a person’s smell. In order to see what smells attracted mosquitoes, his team sprayed various substances onto one side of a cage. It was the compounds that didn’t attract any mosquitoes that they looked at further and when sprayed on a human hand,

the insects did not react or attempt to bite. These chemical compounds, including 1-methylpiperzine, were found to completely block their sense of smell. The compounds could be added into many cosmetics and lotions, dr bernier added. “If you put your hand in a cage of mosquitoes where we have released some of these inhibitors, almost all just sit on the back wall and don’t even recognize that the hand is in there. “We call that anosmia or hyposmia, the inability to sense smells or a reduced ability to sense smells.” Commenting on the work, James Logan of the London school of hygiene and Tropical medicine, said it was exciting to find out exactly which chemicals repelled mosquitoes. “although we already have good repellents on the market, there is still room for new active ingredients. The challenge that scientists face is improving upon the protection provided by existing repellents. “If a new repellent can be developed which is more effective, longer lasting and affordable, it would be of great benefit to travellers and people living in disease endemic countries,” dr Logan said. - BBC

beRLIn – german police say they have seized a “functional” bomb and several model airplanes that neo-nazis planned to use against political enemies. a man with links to far-right extremists was arrested on suspicion of commissioning the bomb, police in the southwestern city of Freiburg say. It would have caused serious injury within a radius of 30 metres, they add. According to oficial igures, neo-nazis committed more than 800 violent crimes in germany last year. The lying bomb was discovered last week after police raided the homes of four suspects

and a neo-nazi meeting place in the city following a tip-off, oficials say. They said the plan – which appeared to be at a very early stage – was to ly the device into a crowd of the political enemies of neo-nazis. “They want to use it against left-wing or anti-nazi activists,” spokesman for the Freiburg prosecutor’s office Wolfgang maier told the associated Press news agency. The main suspect – an unidentiied 23-year-old man – had previously hurled ireworks at anti-nazi counter-demonstrators during a far-right protest last month, police said.

They said they were also investigating two other suspects. a third man alleged to have built the bomb had been detained but was later released on bail. The plot mirrors one the police said they discovered in June when they raided the homes of Islamists in germany and discovered a similar conspiracy to make a lying bomb, the BBC’s stephen evans says. Flying bombs, he adds, would be a new means of inlicting political violence. a woman is currently standing trial accused of participating in a string of neo-nazi murders. - BBC

here we go again

27 year old girafe, Jangsoon and her 18th baby girafe at the everland amusement and animal park in yongin, south of Seoul. The girafe has given birth to its 18th calf at a South Korean safari park, setting a new world record, the park said. AFP


Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Fed up with political games Fiji regime wants to hear no more opposition to new constitution suva – Fiji’s attorney general, aiyaz sayed-Khaiyum, has told Fiji media that opposition to the constitution has to stop. The regime imposed a new constitution last week. It replaces the 1997 constitution, which the regime dumped four years ago when the appeal court declared Commodore

Frank bainimarama’s interim government was illegal. no political party has endorsed the regime process of drawing up the new constitution and international human rights organisations have criticised its contents. sayed-Khaiyum has told FbC news that those who con-

paciic BRIEFS multi-million dollar us climate fund MARSHALL ISLANDS – The United States has announced a new multi-million dollar climate change fund for the Paciic. The US Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, says the 20 to 24 million dollar Paciic American Climate Fund will provide and monitor grants for climate change adaptation. She told the post Paciic Islands Forum Dialogue the fund aims to reduce long-term vulnerabilities, focus on sustainable development which is climate resilient and provide USAID with a platform to fund adaptation measures in the region. Jewell says combating climate change is a top priority for the US, but it knows it needs to do more.

paCiFiC Climate Change oUtlooK BleaK THE PACIFIC – A climate change academic says the prognosis for small island states in the long-term is not good, and is getting bleaker by the decade. Paciic leaders made a commitment at the Paciic Islands Forum to urgently cut green house gas emissions and become leaders in the ight to combat climate change. The director of Victoria University’s post-graduate programme in environmental studies, Dr Ralph Chapman, says the next ive years is crucial for the world, but the long-term outlook is pretty bleak. “Obviously sea level rise is a major one, more intense storms, looding. So there are intense problems that are only going to get worse, and we do have to look at relocation for a number of Paciic Island populations. That is a long term concern for many Paciic island communities.”

Us Call For seCUritY partnerships THE PACIFIC – The Chief of Staf for the United States Army, General Raymond Odierno, has called for co-operation in building security structures in the Paciic. General Odierno is at the Paciic Armies Chiefs’ Conference in New Zealand to discuss greater co-operation in international peacekeeping. He says the issue is not only about the presence of the US and China as eight of the world’s ten largest land armies belong to countries in the Paciic. “We want to build partnerships of understanding and partnerships of co-operation that takes away the unknown which then creates potentially in the future issues.”

mormons Won’t use ma-60 aircraft TONGA – The Mormon Church in Tonga has told its employees not to ly on Real Tonga’s new MA-60 aircraft until questions raised about its safety by the New Zealand government are resolved. The aircraft gifted from China, which is lying domestically between Nuku’alofa and Vava’u, has one of the worst safety records in the world. The church’s Public Afairs advisor, Richard Hunter, says the church takes the safety of its employees and visiting leaders very seriously. He says while there are questions about the aircraft’s safety by the New Zealand government, church oicials will not be lying on it. Hunter says once there is a consensus view among regional governments and relevant aviation authorities that it is cleared for use, the church will revisit its use of the aircraft.

ambassador denies gate-crashing MARSHALL ISLANDS – Taiwan’s Ambassador to the Marshall Islands denies gate-crashing an event between donors and Paciic Islands Forum countries last week in Majuro. Taipei is contemplating its response after George Li was told to leave the conference centre, which was built by Taiwan, as the Post Forum dialogue began on Friday. Taiwan was not oicially invited to the session. Earlier in the week, on China’s request, Li says Forum organisers had covered plaques proclaiming the conference centre as a gift from Taiwan. Li had gone to the building’s lobby to ensure the plaques remained uncovered when he was told to leave by a Marshalls Foreign Afairs oicial.

Us$6 million to BUilD neW hospital PAPUA NEW GUINEA – The Nauru health minister Valdon Dowiyogo says the estimated cost of a rebuilding programme following a major ire at the island’s only hospital last month is just under $US6 million. The ire, which Dowiyogo says he has been told was due to an electrical fault, wrecked administrative and radiology facilities. Some patients had to be relocated to the old hospital but they were returned to the wards after a short time. Dowiyogo says they are yet to start looking for funding for the rebuild but have got sponsorship backing to replace machinery that was destroyed including an X-Ray unit and an ultrasound scanner.

tinue to object to the new constitution are trying to hinder efforts of preparing for the 2014 general elections. he says the government will not engage with old politicians who still live in the past. sayed-Khaiyum says politics does not mean to engage in name calling. at the same time Fiji Islands Council of Trade union general secretary attar singh has denied comments by the attorney general that he’s accepted the 2013 constitution. s i n g h s a y s h e ’s n e v e r changed his position that he doesn’t support the constitution. “We made no such acceptance of the constitution to the minister. In fact acceptance or rejection of the constitution

was not a matter for discussion. “We were discussing various aspects of the constitution and we pointed out which parts of the constitution that matter to our constituents that needed amendments. “For the minister to then claim that we accepted the constitution, I think that this is very farfetched.” sayed-Khaiyum said “these old politicians are now playing their game of politics”. “For them it’s all a game. It’s what they call politics for them. so what they say to you in private will be entirely different to what they say to you in public. I think it’s because of the fact that I exposed this on a talkback show has probably taken them aback.” The government has re -

mained adamant that the next elections will be held under the 2013 Constitution despite political opposition. The Prime minister, Commodore voreqe bainimarama, was busy this week personally distributing copies of the new constitution. accompanied by the attorney general he had thousands of copies of the new 2013 Constitution in the three main languages english, iTaukei and hindi to distribute to areas in the northern division. bainimarama said it was the supreme law of the land and all other laws lowed from it. “and in a host of ways, it is fundamentally different to the three constitutions Fiji has had since independence.” he said that for the first

time, everyone was equal, everyone was called a Fijian and everyone’s vote would have the same value when we go to the elections before the end of september next year. He said: “For the irst time, the 2013 Constitution guarantees and protects the rights of every Fijian.” he said these rights could not be tampered with or weakened in any way. he urged everyone to read the 2013 Constitution for themselves. “That is why I have brought thousands of copies with me on this northern tour.” he added that it was “the way forward for every Fijian as we establish the irst genuine democracy in our history”. - PNC

Aid cuts will squeeze Paciic WeLLIngTOn – new Zealand

Prime minister John Key expects the change in government in australia with accompanying cuts to its foreign aid budget will put a squeeze on small Paciic nations. Opposition leader Tony abbott, who won saturday’s election in australia, has pledged to axe a$4.5 billion over four years from foreign aid and development assistance, and instead divert the funds to major road projects at home. The likely new australian treasurer Joe hockey says the

money will be diverted to overdue upgrades to sydney’s roads. non-governmental organisations say the cuts will be devastating to recipient countries and groups in the Paciic. The Labor government had planned to ramp up its aid budget by several billion dollars over the next ive years, and the cuts will essentially freeze the budget at its current level, Key believes. speaking in the marshall Islands, where he attended the Paciic Islands Forum last week, Key said australia’s past aid to

the Pacific has been significant, including a commitment of more than a$1.1 billion in 2013-14. “These are countries that need a lot of support and help so if there is less money coming their way, they’ll obviously feel that over time,” Key said u n IC eF australia has warned the cuts will come at the expense of children’s lives, while World vision australia’s chief executive Tim Costello called the cuts short-sighted. “It’s really cheap to say, ‘we are just going to look after our-

selves – charity begins at home’. We can do both. This is not a good global look,” he said. new Zealand charity The Tear Fund has criticised australia’s new government’s policy, fearing the cuts will impact on the Paciic. Its CeO, Ian mcInnes, says the cuts tell poor Paciic neighbours their development needs are not important. The australian governmentelect has not made it clear which countries in the Paciic the cuts will affect. - NZN

National costume fails to impress nusa dua – miss Fiji Caireen erbsleben’s national costume failed to impress the judges at the 63rd miss World finals in bali, Indonesia. The costume titled “earth’ comprised of magimagi, masi, shells and black pearls. It was designed by Fijian fashion designer aisea Konrote and voted for by the public. miss Fiji’s costume failed to make it to the next round. This also eliminates Fiji’s traditional dance being performed during the live telecast on september 28 in front of an estimated audience of one billion. The lack of appreciation by the international judges this year is in stark contrast to the

attention miss Fiji’s costume attracted last year. Last year’s national costume took centre stage after being chosen as best national Costume and was the opening performance in dances of the World. Images of last year’s costume became the home page of Tourism Peru, trended on Yahoo in north america, was requested by a museum in London and this year became the inspiration behind many competing countries costumes. The owl costume created a lot of controversy back in Fiji and miss World Fiji organisers this year decided to allow the public to vote for and decide on the

national costume for the world stage event to avoid controversy. The owl costume worn by Fiji’s Koini vakalomalomar sparked outrage in Fiji, with many unconvinced it accurately depicted Fijian culture. Fiji Fashion Week organiser ellen Whippy-Knight said she was horrified when she saw vakalomaloma’s costume, worn during the opening of the contest held in mongolia. “I was in complete disbelief that Fiji could be represented with such a ridiculous party costume like that,” she said. “It certainly does not depict what a traditional Fijian fashionable item is. It has no ties whatsoever with fashion in Fiji

or Fiji itself.” It is a view rejected by miss World Fiji director andhy blake, who helped oversee Fiji’s entry into the competition. he said people in Fiji had responded negatively because they did not understand how the contest worked. so this year’s costume chosen by a consensus has bombed and miss World Fiji won’t feature in dances of the World this year. The best national costume will officially open the 2013 dances of the World and miss samoa whose costume has advanced to the next round is expected to be in the inal line up on september 28. - FijiLive/PNC

Betel nut ban impossible to enforce PORT mOResbY – a former Papua new guinea betel nut vendor says a ban of the nut in Port moresby is unrealistic because so many people rely on selling it as their only source of income. The governor of the national Capital district, Powes Parkop, has announced there will be a complete ban on the sale and consumption of betel nut in the city’s streets from October. martyn namorong says because betelnut is addictive, the market will remain. he says other policies enforced against betel nut in the city over the years have not de-

terred anyone from selling or chewing. “The governor doesn’t have the capacity to enforce his plan. because of its economic importance and the livelihood of many families there is no way they are going to give up their livelihood. “It is unrealistic to think that betel nut will disappear from Port moresby from October onwards.” namorong says such a ban highlights how out of touch elite Papua new guineans are from the reality of the lives of many people.

meanwhile, a Papua new guinea oncologist says funding is needed to inform the public about the risks of mouth cancer from chewing betel nut. dr John niblett, director of the angau hospital in Lae, said the combination of lime and betel nut appears linked to the development of mouth cancers. “It’s almost certainly due to the lime that’s being used. “Certainly the cancers occur in the part of the mouth where the betel nut is commonly chewed.” dr niblett says there are about 200-300 mouth cancers

reported each year in Png, and he believes that might be linked to the rise in betel nut chewing. “It used to be common only in the coastal and islands areas of the country and not in the highlands, but nowadays betel nut is available throughout the new guinea highlands,,” he said. “It’s chewed on a binge kind of basis, so when the truck goes up full of betel nut, everybody wants to have a big chew and have a smoke and also drink beer, so it becomes a big party issue.” - RNZI/ABC


Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Japan buys in to Majuro Declaration maJuRO – Japan has vowed to

continue helping Paciic island nations address climate change and other challenges such as disasters as it expressed appreciation for a declaration issued by countries comprising the Paciic Islands Forum. “We are islanders. as an island country in the Paciic Ocean, Japan is willing to contribute to a robust development of this region as a whole under common objectives and vision,” shunichi suzuki, senior vice foreign min-

ister, said at the 25th Paciic Islands Forum Post-Forum dialogue held ithe marshall Islands. Japan is one of the forum’s 13 dialogue partners that also include the united states, China, and the european union, among others. This year’s forum, chaired by the Republic of marshall Islands, a country of 29 atolls and ive islands in the heart of the Paciic Ocean, including the capital majuro, carried the theme, “marshalling the Paciic Response to

the Climate Challenge.” “Japan highly appreciates the majuro declaration on climate change,” suzuki said of the declaration issued last week by forum leaders to highlight their “strong political commitment to be the region of Climate Leaders” and “spark a new wave of climate leadership that accelerates the reduction and phasing down of greenhouse gas pollution worldwide.” suzuki, who was sent by Prime minister shinzo abe as

Rainfall in Paciic was more variable before 20th century ausTIn – a new reconstruction of climate in the south Pacific during the past 446 years shows rainfall varied much more dramatically before the start of the 20th century than after. The inding, based on an analysis of a cave formation called a stalagmite from the island nation of vanuatu, could force climate modellers to adjust their models. The models are adjusted to match the current levels of climate variability that are smaller now than they were in the recent past for this region. “In this case, the present is not the key to the past, nor the future,” says Jud Partin, a research scientist associate at The university of Texas at austin’s Institute for geophysics who led the study. “Instead, the past is the key to what may happen in the future.” The researchers also discovered a roughly 50-year cycle of rainfall in vanuatu, toggling between wet and dry periods. vanuatu lies within the largest rain band in the southern hemisphere, the south Pacific Convergence Zone and its rainy season is from november to april. In the 20th century, rainfall during wet periods was about 213mm per rainy season and during dry periods about 137mm per rainy season. however, before the 20th century, the dry periods tended to be much drier, with rainfall as low as 30mm per rainy season and wet periods that were still getting about 213mm per rainy season. This means there were differences as large as 1.8 metres between dry and wet periods. “Without this record, you would not guess that this area could experience such large changes in rainfall,” says Partin. While 20th century rainfall in vanuatu experienced a smaller range from wet to dry periods than in the previous centuries, the biggest difference was during the dry periods. dry periods in the 20th century were much wetter than dry periods in previous centuries. The researchers note that this overall wettening of vanuatu is consistent with the hypothesis that anthropogenic climate change, caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, makes wet areas wetter and dry areas drier. stalagmites are rocky features that form on the loors of caves

as water dripping from above deposits minerals over time. by analyzing the abundance of oxygen isotopes deposited in the minerals of one particular stalagmite, the scientists were able to reconstruct a history of rainfall going back 446 years. This is significant because rainfall measurements in this region are sparse and only span the past century. decadal averages of oxygen isotopes increase and decrease in lockstep with rainfall. To convert oxygen isotope levels to actual rainfall values, the researchers calibrated the stalagmite data with actual rainfall measurements in vanuatu from 1904 to 2003. The stalagmite had a deposition rate about 100 times as high as typical stalagmites in the region, meaning much more material was deposited in a given year than elsewhere and therefore yielded a much higher resolution rainfall record than is typically possible. In the local dialect, known as bislama, one would say of the stalagmite “hem gudfala ston,” which means “This is a good stone.” The 50-year cycle of rainfall

in vanuatu does not appear to be linked to any external forces, such as changes in solar intensity. no correlation was found with the sun’s regular 11-year cycle of intensity or the Little Ice age, a multi-decade change in climate possibly caused by solar dimming. Instead, the researchers propose that the 50-year cycle, or Pacific decadal variability (PDV), arises from natural luctuations in earth’s climate. The Pdv causes the south Paciic Convergence Zone to shift northeast and southwest over time. at times, the zone is over vanuatu (corresponding to wet times) and at others, it is farther to the northeast (corresponding to dry times). “This new result is part of a larger research programme aimed at understanding climate changes in this important but understudied area of the tropical Paciic,” says co-author Terry Quinn, director and research professor at the Institute for geophysics and professor in the department of geological sciences. - University of Texas

Climate researcher Jud Partin inspects a stalagmite in Taurius Cave on the island of espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.

his special envoy to the Post-dialogue Forum, said Japan and Paciic island countries “share not only geographical characteristics as island states embraced by the Paciic Ocean, but also challenges such as coping with climate change and natural disasters, and the peaceful and sustainable use of the rich ocean.” he acknowledged that climate change “constitutes the very threat to the security and the economic development of all states, including Japan and Paciic island countries.” To cope with it, he said it is necessary to establish a new international framework, which must be fair, effective and par-

ticipated in by all states. “Japan, as an island state, intends to materialize concrete assistance through realizing projects one by one, based on the needs of each country, such as introduction of renewable energy, by utilizing Japan’s cutting-edge technologies,” suzuki said. he cited Japan’s assistance of $240 million for a three-year period until 2012 to the group of small Island developing states that also include most of the Paciic Islands Forum members for the adaptation to climate change and mitigating its effects, as well its support for renewable energy and energy-saving measures. Through the annual Pacific

Islands Leaders meeting process, which, he said, is Japan’s way of partnering with the Paciic countries, foreign ministers of Paciic member states who will attend a meeting in Tokyo and sendai, northeastern Japan, next month will be able to see how Japan is rebuilding itself from the march 11, 2011 disasters. “We intend to deepen our discussion towards resolving our common challenges, such as climate change and disaster management. Japan intends to further enhance our role in this region as a ‘co-working peer’ through tackling these challenges and resolving them together,” suzuki said. - PACNEWS

Boat strikes out for Papua ThuRsdaY IsLand – a boat

with australian activists campaigning against Indonesian human rights abuses has left Thursday Island for Papua. The boat, the Pog, which is reportedly carrying six people, is expected to be intercepted by Indonesian forces as Jakarta hasn’t cleared the voyage. her crew, a group of six from australia, new Zealand, Kenya and West Papua are determined to complete their mission to build global solidarity and highlight the abuses of human rights

and land rights carried out under the Indonesian occupation of West Papua. australia’s outgoing foreign minister has said it feels it has no obligation towards the group who could be jailed. however, the foreign ministry says the group can expect normal consular services if there are arrests. In Papua, there have been meetings in support of the voyage, with police detaining several people in response. Last week, amnesty Inter-

national called on Indonesia to drop the charges against four Papuan activists arrested for their activism. “If one unarmed yacht carrying six people justiies a military response from Indonesia, what would they have done if their country was invaded by tens of thousands of paratroopers, marines and army personnel as happened to our land West Papua in Operation Trikora in 1962?” questioned Freedom Flotilla crew member Jacob Rumbiak. - PNC


Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Animals need a more spacious home dear editor, as an animal lover, I would like to see the esther honey Foundation animal clinic moved to a better place with room for the animals, and away from residential areas. I was very disappointed to see how small the compound that they are in is. I am pleading with landowners who could help here, please give our animals a piece of land so that they can be man-

aged and cared for in a more spacious environment. The amount of dogs on Rarotonga alone tells me that the majority of the population love animals. Please, landowners, think of our animals and donate a bit of land for their purpose...I don’t have any otherwise I would freely give it. animal lover esther honey’s president and chief executive officer Cathy sue Ragan-anunsen responds:

“We truly appreciate the writer wanting the best situation possible for the island animals that the esther honey Foundation cares for. We would of course be very grateful for donated land if it were offered. There are pluses and minuses to our current location. When we moved there seven years ago after a prolonged search for an appropriate site it was our understanding that this would be our third

and last move; that this space would be the permanent home for the clinic. although it is not as spacious as we would like, with the help of the community we have made signiicant improvements to accommodate our needs. also on the plus side, the central location along the main road across from the beach is ideal for the animals and our volunteers.

‘Venomous attacks’ entertaining dear editor, I don’t and won’t buckle from the bullying and venomous attacks of norman george. I have before and will stand up to him at any time when I choose to do

so. For the record, my election as leader for the Opposition and democratic Party was done properly and according to the rules and what I say as leader is

always sanctioned by my team before I say it. editor, I am being very brief here because the demos have an election to win in murienua but norman, the political pariah,

is free to throw his public tantrums for all to see and judge. It’s free entertainment. Wilkie Rasmussen Leader of the democratic Party

Problem of inlation in the local economy esther Honey’s practice manager Carl Hartnett. 13082676

Membership & leadership “The POLITICaL vagrant norman george is at it again,” a smoke

signaller writes. “When he was not considered eligible by the demo rules to contest the demo leadership, he turns around and accuses Wilkie Rasmussen of being a de-facto leader. Who is de-facto here? a Cook Islands Party sitting mP wanting to be the leader of the demo party, of which he is not a member, or a demo elected mP who was properly nominated, seconded and then endorsed by the demo conference? Bafles the mind, doesn’t it?”

In response to saturday’s smoke signal ‘Invest seabed wealth locally’ (CInews, september 7, which questioned how investing money from seabed activities locally would distort the local economy); the Cook Islands has a stable and relatively low inlation rate predominantly because we use the new Zealand dollar. The Cook Islands inflation rate is around 3 per cent, and is loosely determined by the inflation rate in new Zealand with the additional cost of transportation. In general, inlation can be problematic: high levels of inflation mean that people are less able to afford goods or services if they have not been able to change their income accordingly. ensuring inflation remains at moderate levels is a key economic policy for many

jurisdictions, and the Cook Islands is no different. as we do not have a central bank, our only effective tool against inlation is ensuring that overall demand in the economy does not get to a stage where supply cannot cater for it. basic economics teaches us that when there is a lot of demand for a limited good or service, and people have the money to pay, then the price will usually rise as it takes some time for supply to adjust (that is, it takes time for people

to get into the market and sell that good). If we were to suddenly add the potentially large inancial lows from seabed activities, we would be adding even more inflation pressure into our local economy. As the inlow of cash has absolutely no connection to local production and supply, it would all go into imports where there is a restricted supply. even if imports eventually expand to meet the new demand, locally produced goods and services

would still be more expensive because there are constraints to domestic supply. We would have a scenario where too much money is spent chasing too few goods. There is a lot of evidence that backs this theory up; when a sudden low of money comes into an economy without any connection to local production, then inlation is sure to follow. James Webb economic advisor, ministry of Finance and economic management

Letters to the Editor

Readers are welcome to write in with their views and opinions, but letters may be edited for reasons of space or clarity. Real names will be kept conidential if requested but anonymous letters will not be accepted for publication. Write to: The Editor, Cook Islands News, PO Box 15, Rarotonga. or fax to (682 ) 25303. Email:

Who’s the heat on? “IT seems the heat is on the newly formed minority group of Football Cook Islands and not the executive of the Cook Islands Football association,” a smoke signaller writes in response to monday’s letter to the editor ‘CIFa silences Jamieson?’ “The CIFa executive has a clear mandate to govern until the end of their term. Tony Jamieson was a goal keeper and had no coaching experience at all! I’ve been told most CIFa initiatives were recommended by experts from overseas. Why bring someone from overseas to restructure what they’ve put in place?” The smoke signaller said FCI shouldn’t make false media statements regarding other people’s integrity and character, without hard evidence, and they believe this is the basis of the new FCI president’s suspension.

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Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News

BTIB to assess by-catch arrangement a bTIb decision to temporarily

allow a foreign ishing company to sell by-catch to retailers as part of a three month trial will be reviewed in October. On July 17, chief executive Terry Rangi of the business Trade and Investment board (bTIb) announced the approval of a licence variation for huanan Fisheries Ltd – a subsidiary of Luen Thai Fishing venture - to sell by-catch to two local retailers as part of a three-month trial. The move

drew ire from the Cook Islands Fishing association (CIF), who said the decision allowing huanan to sell the by-catch was pushing them out of the Raro market. “We appreciate the concerns raised by the Cook Islands Fishing association and will take this on board,” said Rangi. “It is only fair that we allow the three month trial for huanan Fisheries to conclude and then assess the impact at the end of the three month trial period.”

In a position paper prepared by the CIF, the association claims local fishermen have lost business as prices have plummeted, with ish being sold for as little as a $1.50 a kilogram. “some of the concerns raised by the ishing association are very valid,” said Rangi. “The next step will be to get some feedback from retailers and the wider community to help us with our assessment ... all information will be passed on to the board.”

upon conclusion of the trial, Rangi said the bTIb board will meet to discuss the issue, taking into account feedback obtained from stakeholders. “Whatever decision is made I’m certain the board will think through this seriously and be mindful of the interests of our ishermen and the interests of the general public,” he said. “We will be liaising with the ministry of marine Resources and consult with a wide cross

section of stakeholders.” In justifying the decision to grant huanan the licence variation, Rangi said the arrangement could potentially be a win-win situation with new commercial opportunities along with cheaper ish. “The board anticipates that while retailers will add their own margins, it expects that lower prices for ish will make it easier and more attractive for consumers to buy,” he said in July at the

time of the licence approval. huanan has been vocal in the past about the company’s interest in obtaining access to the local retail market. a company document describing “management dificulties” in the Cook Islands ishery mentions the issue, saying “bTIb only allowed our company to sell ishes to import processors; the local people couldn’t purchase this cheap and delicious ish offered by our vessels”. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Toa given dangerous goods licence TOa PeTROLeum has been is-

sued its full dangerous goods licence. The licence, issued september 3 by secretary of Internal affairs bredina drollet, allows Toa to store petrol and diesel at its site in nikao for the remaining 201314 licensing year, ending march 31, 2014. since Toa’s relocation to the nikao site late last year, it has been operating on three-month provisional licenses. a provisional licence is issued under section 6 of the dangerous goods act where it appears that a license does not comply or cannot be made to immediately comply with relevant safety standards. “now that Toa has completed its planned construction of its new facility, consideration for a full licence was more appropriate than a provisional license,” said drollet. “a full license has been issued under section 5 of the act but has been modiied to include condi-

tions regarding independent veriication of the reports, and to also remind Toa not to carry out any further developments on its site without prior approval from the ministry, such as its new plans to construct an LPg dispensing function on its site. That will be subject to a separate licensing process.” Toa’s fuel tanks passed tests of compliance in June, according to a new Zealand-based private consultant from envirocare engineering Consult Limited – who previously assisted Toa in its move to Panama and designed the plans for the company’s new swipe-card facility. however, a full licence was not issued until september, with drollet saying at the time that the test results needed to be reviewed. “Toa engaged an inspection officer of its own choosing to conduct tank integrity testing,” said drollet. “based on those reports, there is compliance with relevant

standards of safety. In issuing the licence, I have advised Toa that the application for the licence has been modiied to enable the government to require independent verification of the reports over the period – but I am satisfied

that there are no major public safety concerns.” Triad Petroleum is currently operating on a provisional licence as it has been undertaking comprehensive integrity testing on all of its tanks since november

2012. “Triad is operating with a provisional license and I am pleased with the progress of the tank integrity testing undertaken by independent inspectors, sgs Ltd,” said Drollet. “I am satisied

that the tests have conirmed that public safety risks are not compromised and Triad has been proactive in undertaking remedial work to meet compliance where necessary.” - Internal Afairs/BD

Christchurch-based engineer Fereti Filipe oversaw tests of tank integrity at Toa Petroleum in June. 13062511

Slow down and drive safely, say police The POLICe had a busy weekend

issuing notices to speed demons on the road those without a warrant of itness. at the weekend, police recorded ive cases of forbidden drivers, six cases of excessive noise, four cases of excessive breath alcohol, two cases of unlawful taking and one case of unlawfully found. The police made a conscious effort to stop people who were driving erratically, focussing on the Titikaveka neighbourhood. according to inspector arama Tera, “a joint effort by police on night shift and the Titikaveka neighbourhood forbade a few drivers to take to the roads during the weekend”. Three male drivers and one female driver were breath tested after being stopped. “It is alleged that they had been consuming alcohol prior to been stopped and all have been arrested and will be appearing in the high Court on Thursday september 12,” says Tera. drivers were also issued with various ‘minor offence’ notices

for speeding or exceeding the speed limit, exceeding the speed limit on a two-wheeled vehicle without a helmet, no warrant of itness, no driver’s license, no annual license, no silencer or noisy mufler and driving without rear vision mirrors. Barring trafic offences police

were kept busy with instances of excessive noise, burglary and unlawful takings. “One burglary was reported from a matavera unit,” says Tera. “an iPad and hard drive were taken… (and) one blue honda daelim, reg no. aaQ 284 and one black Yamaha vega Force,

reg no. aaQ 351 were taken over the weekend.” both motor cycles have not been recovered. Four motor cycles that were previously reported missing were recovered from nikao during the weekend.” The police would like to emphasise the importance of stay-

ing within the speed limit. slow down and do not drink and drive are the main messages from the police. The Cook Islands Police would

also like to remind the public to secure their properties and tell their neighbour if and when they leave home. - Sahiban Kanwal

Police conducting an annual licence check in 2009. 09052702

Keep LUNGS YOUR active!

Asthma Pneumonia Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Tobacco Smoking


Lung Cancer

Because if they’re not breathing, they’re not doing anything else


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Mamas and papas wanted at Are Pa Metua aRe Pa metua is looking for

more members. The non-government organisation provides respite services for the elderly, and recently received $31,680 for the year from the social Impact Fund (sIF). Chairperson of the are Pa metua board nga Teao-Papatua said there are two main objectives that must be achieved in relation to the funding. First, are Pa metua needs to increase the number of activities they offer, and second, they need to increase their membership. There are currently 13 members who attend the service regularly. The group is mostly made up of mamas, though papa James Wright has been attending since June with his wife Taka Wright – who is the are Pa metua team leader. Teao-Papatua said she would like to see more papas come along to the service. “many people think the service is only for mamas – but it’s not.” The service includes regular

meetings with varied activities. Yesterday, members were weaving offcut material to create decorations to hang up, or wrap around pot plants or baskets. Taka Wright sometimes holds low-impact exercise sessions for are Pa metua members. “We do one thing at a time, slowly. each time I do a new exercise, I add one new one at a time,” she said. she said she would like to see more members, but it will take time to build up the numbers. “I know there are a lot of mamas and papas here (in Rarotonga) that could come in. It’s a good place to be.” are Pa metua meetings are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 1pm. Transport can be provided. donations of left-over fabric from members of the community would be greatly appreciated, to assist with the organisation’s activities. Those wanting to contribute or ind out more about the service can contact the are Pa metua Charitable Trust on - BD 22653.

Two mamas with decorations they weaved at Are Pa Metua. 13091006

Mamas weave decorations using a rainbow of fabric scraps. 13091004 Team leader Taka Wright with some of the woven decorations. 13091005

Mamas sing as they weave decorations using scraps of material. 13091007

Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News



Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Granting conditional licence ‘defeats purpose of penalty’ The hIgh Court on september

5 was presided over by Justices of the Peace John Kenning and John Whitta, who made the following judgements: Ariki Akamoeau – 57, from atupa, charged with excess breath alcohol pleaded guilty to the charge and sought to apply for a conditional licence. he had been found driving with a breath-alcohol reading of 660mg of alcohol per litre of breath. akamoeau's lawyer Charles Little told the court that akamoeau is suffering from a severe back injury and asked that a conditional licence be granted in order for him to drive at work, to and from work, to the hospital once a month and the supermarket once a week. Little stressed that akamoeau, who works for nikao beach sheet metal, needs to drive at work and would be ired if he could not. He also told the court he was not a persistent offender and did not have any family at all in Rarotonga to help drive him everywhere. JP Kenning told Little that he is prepared to let the defendant drive during work, however allowing him to drive outside of work hours would defeat the purpose of the disqualiication penalty, and also that there was no way it could be policed. Kenning granted akamoeau a

conditional licence for between the hours of 7am and 3pm monday to Friday, telling him that medication and groceries must be obtained within those same hours. He also ined Akamoeau $500 plus $30 court costs. Mii Matara – 57, from arorangi appeared for sentencing for an assault on a female charge. his partner submitted a letter to the court asking for withdrawal of the charge. Police prosecutor avele naku told the court that it was too serious an offence to withdraw and recommended that matara serve a custodial sentence with a term of probation. he also stated that the victim had refused to be interviewed for a victim impact assessment. defence lawyer Wilkie Rasmussen told the court matara was in a “tumultuous relationship” and that matara was confused on how to deal with a woman with a “temper problem.” JP Kenning told matara that he is not looking at giving him a custodial sentence; however he warned that if he appeared again on a similar charge he may go to jail. he sentenced matara to 12 months’ probation with the irst six months being community service and the conditions that matara not purchase or consume alcohol, not enter a liquor

licenced area except if it is part of his employment and must attend counselling or workshops provided by probation services. he was also ined $30 court costs. Richard Hoepper – 40, from Takuvaine appeared for sentencing for an assault on a female charge. The defendant pleaded guilty to the charge in a call-over on august 22, no probation report had been made since then due to miscommunication between probation services and hoepper. The defendant wished to continue with sentencing regardless. It was confirmed by prosecution that this is hoepper's second appearance for the same charge and that alcohol was a contributing factor. hoepper was sentenced to 12 months’ probation and ined $30 court costs. Allan Shedden – 18, from Takuvaine, did not appear in court. his lawyer Charles Petero told the court shedden was attending a family funeral and asked for adjournment of the matter. shedden was charged with four counts of burglary, and one of party to an offence. Police prosecutor avele naku stood to oppose the adjournment with an arrest warrant, asking for a signed letter from shedden explaining his absence. JP Kenning reminded naku that Petero, as a member of the bar,


has sworn to act truthfully and the excuse can be accepted. Kenning dismissed the warrant and asked for full disclosure of facts by prosecution. The matter was adjourned to september 19. David Haurua – 19, from nikao, appeared for a call-over regarding the setting of a date for a defended hearing. haurua had pleaded not guilty to being party to an offence, namely helping in the theft of expensive headphones by Temotu arioka. The matter was adjourned to november 6 for trial before three justices of the peace. Toru Katuke – 18, avatiu, pleaded not guilty to a charge of common assault, claiming that the assault was made in selfdefence while he was trying to stop the fight. The matter was adjourned to november 1 for trial before one justice of the peace. Defence conirmed they will be calling two witnesses, while prosecution will call three. Ngatupuna Bates – 46, from nikao, entered a plea of guilty to a charge of injuring with intent. JP Kenning refused jurisdiction over the matter due to having a close association with the accused. The matter was adjourned to October 3. Patrick Ngarua – 21, from Takuvaine, appeared for a charge of common assault. Police prosecutor avele naku asked the court to adjourn the matter as ngarua’s lawyer norman george was occupied with the makea nui ariki title case. The matter was adjourned to september 26. Noah Bailey – 51, from Tutakimoa, appeared for charges of excess breath alcohol and drunken driving causing injury. his matter was adjourned to september 26 due to his lawyer norman george being occupied with the makea case. Matamaru Maui – 18, from matavera, appeared in court for a careless driving charge and entered a plea of guilty. he appeared without representation however wanted to deal with the matter that day. maui had driven his motorcycle into a car indicating to turn right along the main road in nikao. maui told the court he had noticed the car however was looking towards the beach side when he collided into it. Police prosecutor avele naku recommended a fine be

imposed with defence lawyer Wilkie Rasmussen agreeing. JP Kenning fined maui $50 plus $30 court costs. Francis Williams – 18, from Tupapa, changed her plea to one of guilty to a charge of trespassing on CI news property. Williams was convicted and ined $50 including court costs. another charge of attempted conversion of a motor vehicle was adjourned to October 3 as the matter was not within JP Kenning’s jurisdiction. a curfew imposed on Williams was lifted. Dean Tama – 38, from arorangi, appeared for sentencing for a trespass charge. he did not wish to seek counsel and wanted the matter to be dealt with that day. When JP Kenning asked Tama why he was on the property, Tama said he had somehow got lost and was trying to find his way home. Kenning discharged Tama, stating he was not convinced he had any criminal intention. he did however fine him $30 court costs. Pokura Marsters – 42, from Titikaveka, appeared before the court for refusing to give his name and address to police before taking a breath test. marsters pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $20 plus $30 court costs. Karawete Highland – 36, living in arorangi, appeared before the court and pleaded guilty to an excess breath alcohol charge. a breath test conducted by police on september 2 revealed 520mg of alcohol per lite of breath. Police prosecutor avele naku told the court this is the third time Karawete has appeared in court, past charges included eba charges and drunk driving causing injury. naku asked for a custodial sentence. JP Whitta adjourned the matter to september 19 in order for a probation report to be made and for the defendant to find legal counsel. Te Kapo Nukuparaurangi – 25, from arorangi, appeared in court charged with excess breath alcohol and pleaded guilty to the charge. he appeared without representation and wanted the matter dealt with that day. In reading the summary of facts police prosecutor avele naku revealed nukuparaurangi had been driving with a breath-al-

cohol level of 710mg of alcohol per litre of breath. he had admitted to drinking 12 bottles of beer before driving. JP Whitta ined Nukuparaurangi $350 plus $30 court costs and disqualiied him from driving for a period of 12 months. Timoci Matainadroga – 28, living in Tupapa, appeared for a charge of excess breath alcohol, having been caught by police with a breath-alcohol reading of 440mg of alcohol per litre of breath. JP Whitta charged matainadroga $200 plus $30 court costs and disqualiied him from driving for a period of 12 months. JP Whitta told matainadroga that although he is on the lower level of being over the limit of 400mg of alcohol, he must be aware of how little it takes to be pushed over that limit. Marcelo Tiputoa – 19, from avatiu, appeared for a charge of driving while disqualiied and a charge of cannabis possession. Tiputoa pleaded guilty to driving while disqualiied and was ined $100 plus $30 court costs. he did not enter a plea to the more serious charge of cannabis possession, choosing to seek legal counsel first. The matter was adjourned to september 26. Douglas Taripo – 19, from arorangi, appered for a charge of failing to stop for police. he pleaded guilty to the charge andwas fined $60 including court costs and disqualiied from driving for 12 months. Moti Saanu – from nikao, appeared for a charge of refusing to take a breathalyser test and entered a guilty plea to the charge. saanu's lawyer Lloyd miles told the court saanu has no previous convictions and that he understands the consequences of his actions. he said saanu is a good worker and has a family and asked that the court impose a ine. Saanu had been stopped by police on september 1 and asked to take a breathalyser test, he refused was and placed under arrest. Police prosecutor avele naku told the court the penalty is disqualiication from driving and a maximum $1000 ine. Justice of the Peace John Kenning ined saanu $300 plus $30 court costs and disqualiied him from driving, telling him if he had taken the breath test the ine would have been lower. - MWK

Assault accused unit to enter plea

A Service to Celebrate the Life of

Christine Willis

Location: Nikao CICC Hall Nikao Date:Thursday 12 September, 6pm

Please contact Kirst on 51580 for any further details

a man familiar to the court has been told not to enter a plea to a charge of common assault and released on bail. glen hoff, 35, appeared in court last Thursday for a callover with a medical report by dr Rangi Fariu expressing concern for hoff and his mental condition. Justice of the Peace John Kenning told hoff not to enter a plea and that he will release hoff on bail but needed constant monitoring. In court hoff expressed his

reluctance at the thought of going back to jail. despite no guarantee by police, Justice of the Peace John Kenning told them to monitor hoff daily saying that there are not a lot of alternatives. “glen is not in a position to visit the police, I don’t want him to go to jail and I do not want him to reappear in court. I am trying to make life easy for everybody,” he said. In march the nikao man was arrested for assaulting his

father and had been ordered a number of times over the past six months to undergo a psychiatric assessment to conirm whether he would be “clear of mind” when entering a plea. after repeatedly missing callover appearances police eventually had to remand hoff into custody. Kenning adjourned the matter until september 19 and released hoff on bail under the condition that he is monitored by police. - MWK


Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News


S L A I C SPE E M I T E H T S I W NO REf 12 3/4 acre ocean views Tupapa Ref 13 1/4 acre Arorangi inland Ref 7 2br home Matavera 1/2 acre Ref 32 Aitutaki 1 acre valley Ref 30 Aitutaki 1/3 acre Amuri Ref 35 Plumbing business Ref 38 3 studio units inland 1 acre /pool Ref 17 1/4 acre sea views Tupapa Ref 19 4br beach house 1.4 acre Tikioki $455k Ref 18 1/3 acre sea views Tupapa Ref 9 Cottage +cabin 3/4 acre seaside $365k Ref 33 Aitutaki beach 3 rental units + house Ref 36 7 new tourist units beach access $1.2m Ref 39 town food outlet Ref 40 Muri takeaways Ref 44 80 seat restaurant inc. land Muri $650k Ref 45 Huge warehouse / cool store town Ref 20 1/2 acre Arorangi inland Re14 1/4 acre golf course views Ref 15 4 acres exotic fruit trees/exec house Ref 34 Aitutaki beach 2 cottages 3/4 acre Ref 37 8/9 units beach access Arorangi $1.6m Ref 21 3br house Ngatangiia 1/3 acre $190k

$79k $35k $25k $15k $50k $450k $275k $85k



$120k $134k

$400k $60k $30k $2.1m $450k

Interest rates are lower Investme opportun nt ities are greater..

Ref 22 1/2 acre near coast Turangi Ref 10 3br house +cottage Muri beach short lease

$70k $400k

Ref 6 $590k 2 storey/3br Avaavaroa Ref 4 $365k 5br house Ngatangiia back rd Ref 24 $90k Aitutaki main road 1/4 acre Ref 29 Aitutaki beachside Ootu 1/2 acre $180k Ref 11 4br/4bath exec home 1/2 acre $2.3m Ref 16 $275k 1/4 acre town commercial Ref 27 Aitutaki 3 acres hillside -views $500k Ref 28 Aitutaki 1/2 acre hillside -views $30k Ref 41 $950k 16 tourist units waterfront Ref 46 $1.2m Muri Beach Luxury Lodge Ref 31 $85k Aitutaki 1/3 acre hillside - sea views Ref 8 $1.95m 5br/5 bath luxury Muri Beach Lodge Ref 26 $490k Aitutaki 1.5 acres waterfront Ref 43 $635k 4 studio units/pool inland Ref 25 Aitutaki 1.5 acres inland valley $95k Ref 42 installation business /light trade $145k Ref 2 $250k 2br home 1 acre Rutaki Ref 23 $90k Aitutaki 1/8 acre near school Ref 1 $350k big new house 1/2 acre Nikao Ref 5 2br modern furnished house Avaavaroa $345k Ref 3 $190k 1 BR cottage 1/2 acre Nikao

for details email us with the Reference number to Carey Ph 55678 Peter Ph 55289


Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303

73635 /33954 /1931

I have booked a 5cubic mtr space on next ship back to NZ. Does anyone want to share 4cubic mtrs? Phone Keith 74919.


AGM of CI Library & Museum Society Inc on Tues Sept 17 at 5pm, opposite USP (to be preceded by council monthly meeting at 4.30pm). Society members please bring a plate. 73646 / /1966


73526 /33911 /1931

Ph 22336



Thursday 12 Sept 10am Sinai Hall Re: Letters from the Tax Department, Our Tshirts, Placards, etc...for our March.

Cook Islands Chefs Association AGM, Wednesday 11 September, 4.30pm, at Little Polynesian. current & interested members please attend. 73507 /33943 /1931

73605 / /1924

SuMMONS TO JuRORS CANCELLED To all jurors who have been served a summons to attend the High Court on Thursday 12 September 2013 for Jury Service. Please note your Summons has been cancelled. You are not required to attend Jury Service on Thursday 12 September 2013. For further information, please contact the High Court ph: 29410 Claudine Henry-Anguna Registrar of the High Court Cook Islands National Police Advisory Council Board Meeting At our Police Headquarter, today Wednesday 11 September at 12pm. All members humbly requested to attend. Chairman Bishop Tutai Pere. 73655 / /2514

Dennis Tunui

SHORT-TERM CONSuLTANCY SERVICES Applications are invited from suitably qualiied/experienced individuals or irms to become a preapproved consultant for short-term consultancy services. Services will be called upon as and when required by various government agencies including Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning, Cook Islands Investment Corporation, Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, Oice of the Prime Minister, and Pa Enua Island Governments. Common services include feasibility and design studies; project and procurement management; engineering (civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, water and sanitation) designs, advice and reviews; quantity surveying; architecture and drafting; project reporting; and secretarial services. Application forms can be obtained from the Cook Islands Investment Corporation oice, MFEM Building, Avarua, by email to, or downloaded from . Applications will be open for an initial period of one (1) month from 12 September to 11 October 2013. Applications will be assessed during and after this period to allow for contracting of urgent work before the date of closure. For further details please contact Anne Taoro, Cook Islands Investment Corporation, Tel: (+682) 29391 or by email (as above).

REGISTRATION OF TRADES AND SERVICES – Rarotonga and Pa Enua Registrations of Interest for small-works contracts are invited from building-related trade and service providers (individuals and businesses) on Rarotonga and Pa Enua. Trades and services include, but not limited to, carpentry (repairs and construction), electrical, plumbing and drainlaying, painting, block-laying and concrete work, tiling and carpeting, joinery, landscaping and cleaning. Other trades/services not mentioned are welcomed. The database containing trade and service providers will be updated and will be accessible to Government Ministries and Agencies. Services or requests for quotes will be sourced as required by the individual ministries/ agencies for work valued less than $30K. There is no deadline for registering interests. Registration forms can be obtained from the Cook Islands Investment Corporation oice, MFEM Building, Avarua, by email to, or downloaded from /


Rarotonga Sailing Club Notice of AGM Saturday 21 September 2013 Members are hereby notiied that the Annual General Meeting of the Rarotonga Sailing Club will be held from 3pm on Saturday 21 September 2013 at the Rarotonga Sailing Club/ Sails Restaurant in Muri. The draft agenda for the meeting is as follows: 1.Commodores report 2.Financial Statements 3.Discussion of the RSC Constitution 4.Election of Patron and Vice Patrons 5.Election of Life Members (if any) 6.Election of RSC Executive committee. 7.Election of RSC Sailing Committee and Social Committee 8.Nominate Auditor for coming Year 9.Set Fees and Subscriptions 10.Set start of new sailing Season 11.General Business. All club members are encouraged to attend.

73660 / /1796

Aere mai te katoatoa ine!

Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


Animal Clinic

PUBLIC NOTICES Meeting for all Pawpaw Growers at Minister Kiriau Turepu’s Oice- Behind the Banana Court on Thursday 12 Sept at 9.30am. E kapikianga kite au aronga tanu nita. E uipaanga ta tatou a te Paraparau ra 12 o Tepetema ki ko i te opati o te Minita Kiriau Turepu, I te apa note ora iva i te popongi. Aere mai. Tekeretere Ngametua Kino

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is





Puaikura Neighborhood Watch Annual General Meeting. At our Aroa Nui Hall upstairs, today Wednesday 11 September at 4.30pm. All interested within Vaka Puaikura are humbly requested to attend. Chairman Bishop Tutai Pere.

Classical concert pianist, internationally trained and experienced piano teacher visiting Rarotonga from October 6. Available to tutor piano lessons during week October 14 19. Please contact c_mckay@ with enquiries (or phone +64 4 479 3989 / +64 27 2482338)

73654 / /2514

SHIPPING NOTICES Lady Moana Voy 06 Sailing for Manihiki, Penryhn and Rakahanga on Friday 20 September, accepting cargo now for further enquries please contact ph 24905 or 24912 Taio Shipping Limited. 73625 / /1857

SERVICES FREE EYE EXAMS AND FREE GLASSES for children. Supporting the Community that supports ANNIE at THE EYE PLACE, COOKS CORNER. Phone 22121. 73595 / /2656

Action Man Mowing Services All jobs big or small, free quote. Give Clint a call on 52074. Pool Doctor * Water testing * chlorine * P.H down * Bufer Discounted rates FREE DELIVERY Phone Tony 56599.

73592 / /2567

FOR RENT Fully furnished, one bedroom studio unit available for long term rental. $150 per week. Quiet location Akaoa, Arorangi. Phone 55187 or 20777. 73626 /33953 /1931

3 Bedroom house in Matavera partly furnished $200 weekly, for more info contact ph 50905. 73650 /33977 /1931


Nikao lge sunny 2 bdr, popular rental unit, furnished, avail 14 Sept tel 55527 $220pw 73612 / /1931

FOR SALE Pigs for sale Tano no te umu. Ring 73167. 73634 /33960 /1931

For the sake of your family

GET HELP Call AA - 71744


Do you have a drinking problem? Call 71744.

73607 / /2561

73594 /33944 /1708


73641 / /1931

Shop for sale Small shop next to the Punanganui Market in Avatiu. Use for commercial or tow away for home use. Perfect prime location for shop purposes right on the main road. To view phone 74306. 73623 /33952 /1931

Coconuts. Phone 24922. 73632 /33913 /1903


REQuEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) Please refer to ck for full RFP documentation for the below exciting opportunities to assist MFEM in delivering over the 2013/14 Financial year. We have the following areas requiring support: 1. Procurement Advisory Support & Website update 2. Activity Management Cycle Implementation 3. Communications Strategy Operationalisation 4. Development Coordination Advisory Services Please note that you can submit individual RFP’s or provide a single submission on a combination of proposals. Please send your RFP by no later than 3pm Monday 23 September 2013. For queries please contact /

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce will be held on: Date: Thursday 26 September 2013 Time: 4.30pm Venue: Trader Jack’s Restaurant, Avarua, Rarotonga Agenda: 1. Welcome by the President 2. Conirmation of Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting 3. Matters arising from these Minutes 4. President’s Report 5. Treasurer’s Report 6. Auditor’s Report 7. Sub Committee Reports 8. Nomination and approval of Auditor for 2013 – 14 9. Election of Oicers 10. General Business All members and intending members are urged to attend. Enquiries to the Chamber oice: phone 20925 or e-mail /

PuBLIC NOTICE TO: THE LANDOWNERS OF RAuPA SECTION 87E3, POKOINu-I-RARO, ARORANGI, RAROTONGA A meeting of the landowners in respect of the above lands will be held at the Ruaau Meeting House in Arorangi on Thursday, 12 September 2013 at 5.30pm. Pursuant to the Deed of Lease dated 30 August 1989, a landowner has given written consent exercising their right of irst refusal in respect of the proposed assignment of the lease. Would all landowners please attend the meeting for the purpose of determining whether the landowner be entitled to exercise their right of irst refusal and proceed with the purchase of the lease on the above land. Details may be obtained from Heinz Matysik of Little & Matysik P.C., Cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, Rarotonga, Tel: 21619, Fax: 21615 or email:


TO: THe LANdOWNerS OF PAuA SeCTION 8d1, LOT 4 & LOT 5, NGATANGIIA The Mortgagee of two Deeds of Lease of the above land situated in Ngatangiia, Rarotonga in the areas of 1,026m² and 2,001m2 has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the Deeds of Lease by way of assignment. The sale is subject, among other things, to the landowners residing in Rarotonga and waiving their irst right of refusal in respect of the sale and (in the event of them waiving that right), the consent of the majority of landowners residing in Rarotonga to the sale by way of assignment. Should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interests you have one month from Friday, 6 September 2013 to notify us in writing. Details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchaser are available to landowners whose names appear on the Register of Titles, on request to: Charles Little at Little & Matysik P.C., Tel: 21619, Fax 21615 or email:


Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News



6 parcels 1/4 Acre leasehold 50years. Tikioki hillside. Ph 21847 or 78884. ono.

ACCOMODATION MANANAGER- Can manage and handle the oice works, bookings and cleaning duties. The applicant must be honest, reliable, hardworking and can work with minimum supervision and if you are interested for the position, please contact 54187. Application closes 14 September 2013.

73653 / /1931

Dining suite, 6 seat, $300. Phone 51143. 73662 / /2643

GARAGE SALE Breakfast and Garage Sale. The members of The Titikaveka Lighthouse Community Church invites you to join us this coming Saturday Morning (14/09/13) For a scrumptious, enjoyable and hearty breakfast at the Kent Hall at 7.30am and a Garage Sale, selling items you need for your home. See you this coming Saturday morning. 73661 / /1931

The Great Kiwi GARAGE SALE, this Saturday 14 September 7am, Aotearoa Society hostel, Tupapa tel 55527.

73410 /33875 /1916

Au pair Live in nanny required for 4 children. Tiler Qualiied tiler required. Must have own tools. Experience with mosaics. Send CV to jane@

SITUATIONS VACANT Front Oice supervisor This job is for the person who loves meeting new people, is friendly, well groomed, honest, reliable and has had experience in the hospitality industry. Experience in hotel reservations, a knowledge of local tourist attractions & activities and have an ability to lead a small team of staf, are some of the qualities required for this position. Please send your letter in interest & CV to Jane - jane@ by Friday 13 Sep.

Classiieds • Phone 22999


73628 / /1931



Kikau Hut Restaurant - Chef We have a vacancy for a Chef at our restaurant. Initially this position would be part time and depending on the person may grow into being full time for next season. The job is evening work any day of the week as we are open 7 days. The restaurant is located in Arorangi. We are seeking a person who is reliable, has cooking /chef skills, enjoys being part of a small team, wants to learn new skills, work hard and be paid well for doing a great job. Please contact Kevin on 55869.


73642 / /1820

Electrical Technician To work on TAU’s Electrical Distribution System. Applicants can uplift a copy of the job description and application form from the oice of Te Aponga Uira, or by contacting Bettina Akania on 20054 or email bakania@electricity. Applications close 3pm, Wednesday 18 September 2013. 73498 / /1823

3 Cashier opportunities are available for immediate illing. You will need to be a person of sober habits have some experience in customer service and be willing to work rostered weekends. Please apply in the irst instance to Mum on 29804 between the hours of 9am - 1pm. Applicants with a c.V with contactable references are encouraged to apply. A POS Administrator is required for the handling of point of sale loading and data entry, knowledge of trouble shooting Quick Books or MYOB POS is essential. Must also be competent with operating systems relating to the store intranet and security. A c.V is essential for this position. Please email queries and C.V to 73470 / /1617

Tailoress Full time required for Inspiration of Raro. Must be able to carry out made to measure garments accurately and have vast experience in all aspects of alterations, adjustment sewing and working with diferent fabrics. Call 70059 for Interview. 73589 /33947 /1939

Great little business in a great location, would suit working couple. Genuine enquiries only.


Chef de Partie Kitchen Hand (Part Time) Cleaner - morning only We require the above staf to join our team at the Vaima Polynesian Restaurant and Tiki Bar in Vaimaanga. Tel 26123 for interview. 73484 /33945 /1939

Gardener, 4 hours, 1 morning per week. Phone 51143. 73663 / /2643

Live in Nanny wanted, with sober habits to look after 2 kids ages 1 & 2 year olds, Mon to Fri. Phone 53337. 73439 /33804 /1931

WANTED TO RENT Raro Shack’s owners are looking for a new place to live. Married couple with young daughter seek 3+4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. Must be CLEAN, MODERN & pet friendly. Shop 20500, mob 55009. Email

73617 / /2293

73618 / /2293


73582 /33931 /1931

“MuRIENuA DEMOCRATIC PARTY” PUBLIC RALLY - MEET JAMES Beer WHeN:Thursday 12 Sept 2013 STArTING TIME: 6.00pm LOCATION: BEHIND THE TENNIS COURT, RAROTONGA HOTEL MAIN SPeAKerS: WILKIE RASMUSSEN (LEADER), WILLIAM HEATHER (DEPUTER LEADER), JAMES BEER (CANDIDATE) All Puna, supporters, friends and families of the Democratic Party are cordially invited to our public rally and meet the candidate JAMES BEER and hear him talk about National and Murienua policies including some exciting projects in the pipeline.

AERE MAI, TAPIRI MAI, ORO MAI Secretary General 73652


Autism Cook Islands PH 24065/55976

The Ministry of Education is inviting applications for the position of:

Please call 26123 for further information


FOUND Notices are FREE To encourage honesty and good citizenship.

TENDER Tenders are invited for a 56 year lease of a residential Cottage property of 164m2 situated in Arerenga, Arorangi “ArereNGA PT SeCTION 9, LOT 2, ArereNGA, ArOrANGI” The property includes: • Concrete Block Cottage (approx 72 m2 loor area) • Gabled roof (rooing iron) • North facing 1.2m wide porch • The property is ofered on an “as is where is” basis and some maintenance, plumbing and electrical work is required • The building on the property slightly encroaches on a neighbouring property Tenders will close 4pm Friday 4 October 2013 The highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted The tender price ofered is to be exclusive of vAT For enquiries please contact Little & Matysik PC on Ph: 21619 Written tenders may be mailed or delivered to:Little & Matysik PC PO Box 167 Avarua Rarotonga Cook Islands Attention: Heinz Matysik. 73569


Director Planning and Development Division Applications are invited from qualiied, experienced and highly motivated individuals to ill this senior position, responsible for supporting the development of mid-term and annual business planning, policy development, school reviews, compliance and annual reporting. The successful applicant should be able to think strategically and across the whole sector, liaise with a very broad range of stakeholders, and have the ability to prioritise and manage their time well. A working knowledge of the Cook Islands Education sector is desired. Applications close on Monday 16 September 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry in Nikao or at For further queries Ph: 29357 or e-mail 73481

A Cook Islands News public service.

ECE Teacher Aide (Special Needs) at Papaaroa Adventist School Applications close on Friday 13 September 2013. For more information visit our website: ck Applications and CV should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga Cook Islands Email: 73483


WATSAN Technical Coordinator The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning invites applications for the posts of WATSAN Technical Coordinator in its Water, Waste and Sanitation (WATSAN) Unit. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a new team, tasked with making improvements in infrastructure, policy and practice that will contribute to protecting and enhancing the lagoon and ocean environments around our islands. We are seeking a suitably qualiied, experienced, highly motivated and enthusiastic person to assist the WATSAN Unit Manager and WMI Programme Manager in coordinating implementation and delivery of tasks and outcomes across a number of critical work programmes. The role will involve day to day administration and project management, as well as requiring liaison with relevant government agencies, local communities and the private sector. Speciically the scope of tasks for this position will not necessarily be limited to the following but shall include: • Provide technical input to the implementation of a programme of upgrading onsite sanitation systems on Rarotonga and Aitutaki, including participation in sanitation systems’ site inspections and assessments, review of wastewater plans and designs, coordination with Public Health Inspectors, coordination and oversight of works carried out by third party contractors engaged by the Ministry, and attendance at related meetings, discussions and workshops • Prepare such technical, project management and progress reports and associated documentation as are required by the Programme Manager for implementation of the programme • Undertake such additional tasks as may be instructed from time to time by the WATSAN Manager and/or Programme Manager in connection with the work of the WATSAN Unit In addition to relevant qualiications, the successful applicant will have a demonstrable track record of work experience in a relevant trade or professional ield, with emphasis in the sanitation/wastewater sector being an advantage, strong communications skills and an enquiring, analytical mind. For this position, an interest in or understanding of water, wastewater and environmental protection will be a distinct advantage. Above all, the successful candidate must be passionate about making a diference to the long term well-being of the Cook Islands. If you would like to apply for this position, please submit a letter of application with a current CV to: Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning PO Box 120 Rarotonga The closing date for applications is Friday, 20 September 2013. For more information please contact Tangi Taoro by phone on 20-321 or by email at tangi. /


Wednesday, september 11, 2013 cook Islands News

New women’s side packed with young talent neW avana women’s side ‘Te

Ava Rau’ had their irst introduction to women’s cricket last weekend. The team took on matavera in The edgewater Resort and spa eastern Conference. Te ava Rau is an exciting prospect – a side jam-packed with talented youngsters with a couple of ‘senior’ players lending some experience and guidance. eight players in all are under 19 including memory Kauvai, 14, moeara Joseph, 15, Jazmanda Tuaputa, 12, memory varu, 14 and skipper margaret Tuaputa, 19. Cricket chief executive officer alister stevic is excited about the mostly junior side. “most club sides have expe-

rienced an increase in junior players this year, which is exciting for the future of cricket and is relective of the success of the anZ junior cricket programme.” In their match against matavera, Te ava Rau managed just 67 runs with the bat, which matavera knocked off without losing a wicket. but despite the loss the young side from ngatangiia is as keen as ever. a few more matches to build conidence and more training under their experienced coaches arthur emile and Tereinga maoate, and Te ava Rau could be causing opposition sides plenty of headaches very soon. - Cook Islands Cricket/BD


OFFICE OF THE OMBuDSMAN Oice seeks applications for Senior Investigating Oicer – to assist in the investigation of complaints and deliver awareness programs. Applicants to have previous investigative experience, conidence, initiative, with excellent written and oral communication skills. Fluency in Maori an advantage. Job Descriptions available from Jeannine Daniel at the Oice upstairs from Café Jireh, opposite Rarotonga Airport or via email upon request. Applications and CV’s addressed to the Ombudsman in a sealed envelope, deliver to Oice or email to j.daniel@ Applications close 4pm Monday 16 September 2013.


Some Te Ava rau players in an under 19 match for Ngatangiia earlier this year. 13091002


Administration assistant Te Ipukarea Society requires an enthusiastic Administration Assistant to help manage the administrative duties associated with the Marine Park Project. This is a part time position, 15 to 20 hrs per week. This may suit a school leaver looking for a start in the environment and conservation sector, or someone requiring a lexible schedule. Requests for terms of reference, and applications with a cover letter and accompanying CV, should be sent . Tel 21144 for more information. Applications close Friday, 13 September 2013. /


Part-time Communication and support Oicer Applications are invited for the position of Communication and Support Oicer based in Manihiki. Funded under the EU-SPC Global Climate Change Alliance project implemented by MMR, the project aims to improve the resilience of pearl farming and inshore isheries to climate change, focusing on vulnerable atolls of the Cook Islands. Responsibilities include: • Communication to stakeholders (Island Council, Manihiki Pearl Farmers Association and individual farmers, Fishing Associations and individual ishermen in the northern group, and the general population) • Assist with the communication plan for the project • Communicating information produced by the project • Contribute to the updating of information on the Project’s communication tools • Other tasks as directed by the Manager for the Project. The successful applicant shall also provide support to the following: • MMR Station Manager on Manihiki and the Project’s Biologist based in Manihiki • Manihiki Pearl Farmers Association. This position will be for a 2 year term. Please contact Uirangi Bishop for further information and a job description, email:, Ph 28730. Provide a CV with the completed application, addressed to the Secretary, P.O Box 85, Rarotonga, email: Applications close on Friday 13 September 2013.

IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of our beautiful mum

y Happy 4th b’da

Mrs Isabella Nicholas,

Duane Sovau

it has been 2 years today since you’ve left us. We think of you mum everyday. But today we think of you so much more,

Love from all the people that loves u here and abroad. God bless you my son. Love Dad.

We miss you heaps- Lots of love from all who love you dearly and all who are thinking of you.




AuDITOR - FINANCIAL AuDITS We are seeking a dedicated and ambitious person to join our Financial and Crown audit team. Relevant accounting, inancial management or audit experience would be preferable, however training will be provided. Preference will be given to individuals with, or working towards, a relevant tertiary qualiication, speciically in the area of accounting or inance. A good knowledge and understanding of Government and business systems is preferred. Applicants must be computer literate and possess very good written and oral communication skills. If you have an inquisitive mind, a keen interest in accountancy and investigative assignments, work well individually and as part of a team, please send your CV to: Anne McMahon Email: Fax: 25231 Applications close 4pm, Wednesday 11 September 2013. /

Dearest Whanau.... The ole lady’s gone and our hearts weep, our partially mended hearts again fall heavy as we are bought back to where we were 3 years ago from the loss of the ole man and again we must go through the hidieous enevitable emotion called grief. We try to avoid grief as we asscociate it with pain, as if a knife to the heart, a pain so searing we feel hopelessness, regret and anger we feel we cant move forward, that we cant see the light of the next day the next hour, minute or second. Think hard on this.... And I said to the man at the gate of life.. Give me a torch that I may see into the darkness.... The man at the gate replied.... Take hold the hand of God, it is brighter than a torch and safer than a known way. As members of this family and the love & understanding we have for each other our light is bright and we embrace that emotion called grief, we look to one another for comfort. Be at ease because Mum is whole again for our Higher power has embraced her with open arms. She is standing beside the ole man, parents, brothers and sisters in the brightness of love and happiness and she knows We’ll follow her one day, that journey of a brighter togetherness... Aunty....with a heavy heart.... Arohanui always Joseph...


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FLIGHT FROM ARRIVES thursDAy septemBer 12



NZ46/45 GZ035/034 NZ748/749


5.30PM 3.50PM 1.25AM


4.15PM 2.50PM 12.25AM

FRIDAy SEPTEMBER 13 NZ748/749 AKl 1.55AM NZ46/61 AKl 3.20PM VA163/162 AKl 12.50AM

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details

2.55AM 4.30PM 1.45AM












1530 AITUTAKI 1620 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1100 ATIU 1145

1640 1000 1205


1730 1040 1250
















1310 ATIU


1520 RARO 1610


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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle

Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight Situation: A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers remains slow moving over the Southern Cooks. Meanwhile, another trough lies slow moving over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Occasional showers with heavy falls. Moderate southeast winds, fresh at times. Moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: Some showers. For Rarotonga: Occasional showers with heavy falls. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Over Waters: Southeast winds 20 to 25 knots. Rough Seas.Over Land: Moderate to fresh easterly winds. Cloudy periods with some showers and thunderstorms over most places. Further outlook: Some showers.

humidity 11



By Lee falk & Sy Barry



Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By Dik Browne











Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.


Rarotonga Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Wednesday

Wed High 1.08AM 0.96M 1.40PM 0.86M



7.32AM 0.23M


0.6m Ne

1m SW



Thu High 1.53AM 0.94M 2.30PM 0.83M


Low 8.21AM 0.26M 8.29PM 0.29M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

Se 16KTS New Moon Oct 5 12.35AM

First Quarter sep 12 5.09PM

Full Moon sep 19 11.13AM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter sep 27 3.56AM


ArApo - tAmAteA wed 11 TANu (Planting)

TAUTAi (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.

Tautai te opunga marama. Fish when the moon is setting.

Moon rise 11.13AM Moon Set


Thu Sun rise 6.38AM Sun Set 6.33PM


Moon rise

Front Key:




0.7m SW


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wed Sun rise 6.39AM Sun Set 6.33PM


1m SW


Moon Set 12.46AM


24° Se 14KTS


28° Se 18KTS


25° Se 15KTS



25° Se 15KTS

29° e 10KTS


25° Se 15KTS


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Young talent



—page 14

McKenzie walks away with gold saILIng star Teau mcKenzie has made her mark at the Paciic mini games by winning gold in the Women's Laser Individual event. mcKenzie raced on Tuesday in Wallis and is now all done with her races. Taua elisa and Junior Charlie were the winners of the silver medal in the men's team laser event behind new Caledonia on monday. Yesterday’s report in CInews ‘sailors win gold in team race’, which said sailors Junior Charlie and Taua elisa won gold in the men’s laser team event, was based on an early report that was incorrect. “This has come about due to a count back - both teams inished (on monday) with 25 points each,

so count back showed new Caledonia with a couple more 1st place wins ahead of team Cook Islands. so they got the gold and silver went to Cook Islands,” said chef de mission Robert graham. elisa, who was to race yesterday afternoon, had a shot at gold for the Individual men's Laser race – but results were not yet announced at the time this paper went to print. The medal ceremony for sailing will take place today, along with the closing ceremony for the games. Team Cook Islands departs Wallis today and will ly home via nadi and auckland – returning to Rarotonga early Friday morning. - Release/ Sahiban Kanwal

Cook Islands sailor Teau McKenzie (in boat number 12) gets right into an earlier race at the Wallis and Futuna Paciic Mini Games. PHOTO ANNe TIerNey. 13090555

Fourth round of football today The under 11 mix and under 17 men’s teams will head into the fourth round of games today in the 2013 season to be played at the CIFa complex and Takitumu school grounds, kicking off at 4.15pm. The ever popular under 11 mix competition continues to draw more interested junior footballers to play for their club and against their peers. On field one at the CI Fa complex, matavera – who just edged out against Puaikura last Wednesday – will face nikao sokattak. also clinching a two-goal-toone win over avatiu, Titikaveka will go head to head against Takuvaine on ield two. at the Takitumu school grounds, avatiu will battle it out against Puaikura. Following the under 11 mix matches, the under 17 competition will continue with nikao sokattak scheduled to play matavera at the CIFa complex on ield one. after being defeated by

Puaikura in their first match, Titikaveka came back fighting against avatiu last Wednesday to register their irst win and today they will take on Takuvaine on ield two. at the Takitumu school grounds, competition leaders Puaikura will contest against avatiu. For certain loyal supporters and parents will gather at the two venues to support their teams. - CIFA Media

tikaveka vs. Takuvaine, Ref mike mouauri, assisted by eiau Tangapiri & noel mani.

Today at the Matavera School Grounds: 4.15pm - under 11 mix avatiu vs. Puaikura, Ref

- Kura smith assisted by Kura smith and Terry Piri. 4.50pm - under 17 men ava-

Today’s draw and referee appointments at the CIFA complex: Field 1: 4.15pm - under 11 mix matavera vs. nikao sokattak, Ref - mata Iroa, assisted by mata Iroa and Jericka matapuku. 4.50pm - under 17 men matavera vs. nikao sokattak Ref maara Kaukura, assisted by mata Iroa and Jericka matapuku. Field 2: 4.15pm - under 11 mix Titikaveka vs. Takuvaine, Ref - eiau Tangapiri assisted by eiau Tangapiri & noel mani. 4.50pm - under 17 men Ti-

Titikaveka will face Takuvaine in the under 17 Men’s competition today. 13091009

tiu vs. Puaikura , Ref - John Pareanga assisted by Kura smith and Terry Piri.

Wednesday 11 September  
Wednesday 11 September  

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