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Te reo o te KUKI AIRANI

$2 tuesday, September 10, 2013

Legal issues cloud MP’s future Different interpretations of recent legal judgements have put a stalemate on the political future of Atiu MP norman George. George, who is seeking membership to the Democratic Party, has been told by leader Wilkie rasmussen that the party will “abide” by two recent decisions by Justice Sir Hugh Williams of the Cook islands High Court. Should George – who represents the constituency of teenui-Mapumai - choose to formally obtain membership of the party, rasmussen said he must irst resign from his seat

and win the nomination from his electorate. “He doesn’t understand the law,” said George yesterday. “He has a weird way of interpreting that judgement ... it does not direct me to do that.” On August 7, Justice Williams dismissed George’s application for a declaratory judgement that would force the CiP party to accept his March 2011 resignation. More recently on August 28, Justice Williams dismissed an additional High Court request from George, who sought a judgement to declare the electoral Amendment Act of 2007

– also known as the “vaka jumping” or the party hopping law –as unconstitutional. the decision by Justice Williams on the latter appears to point in both directions. “the Court holds that, in the abstract, there appears to be room for declarations of incompatibility or inconsistency between the terms of the electoral Amendment Act 2007 and the freedom of speech and expression in Article 64(1)(e) of the Constitution” reads the decision of Justice Williams. “ ... there is a basis for declaration that the electoral Amendment Act 2007 is inoperative

but, other than that, the application for declaratory judgments is dismissed for lack of a factual matrix to which those declarations might apply.” While rasmussen says the judgment means George must formally resign his seat, the Atiu MP said he sees things differently, referring to the 2007 electoral Amendment Act “ ... like an alligator without teeth”. the result leaves George as a rogue member of the Cook islands Party who faces unknown ramiications if he chooses to resign from his seat and the party. in a letter to the editor in today’s issue of Ci news, George

challenges the legitimacy of rasmussen’s leadership, which was formally declared during a vote at the party’s conference in August 2012. Also during the conference, it was reported that party members from Atiu and Mauke voiced their support for George, but a consensus was reached that proper procedure must be followed to allow him to seek membership. “if, when the election is called, he is nominated, we will accept it. We don’t close the door on him – we say if he wants to stand he must be nominated (properly),” said rasmussen at

Taking the cake

the time. George said he has followed that process, gaining the support of his constituency, only to be further denied by the Demo Party. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Makea decision reserved After a week of debate in court,

the decision of who has the right to the Makea nui Ariki title has been reserved. Justice Wilson isaac, who presided over the case, told the court on friday he will reserve his decision for a future date. it was presumed the decision will take a few months as he will be deliberating submissions made by a total of nine applicants. ellena tavioni, Stanley Hunt, Mere MacQuarie and Apai Mataiapo made initial applications for the right to the title. An additional five applicants joined just before court started on Monday. Most of the debate in court focused on objection to ellena tavioni claiming a right to the title and objection of the title being rotated between four Makea clans. All applicants have been invested with the Makea nui title since Makea nui teremoana Ariki passed away in 1994; however, no decision was ever made by the court or the Makea nui lines on who has sole right to the - MWK title.




It’s party week at Westpac, with staf happy to celebrate 25 years in the Cook Islands – complete with cake. The bank has been open in Rarotonga since 1988, and is celebrating its milestone with a host of festivities this week, beginning with a cake-cutting ceremony yesterday morning before the store opened for business. At the ceremony, special mention was made of several long-serving staf members who have been with the bank as long as 20 years. Westpac celebrates 25 years, page 9

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Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no teiA nei AO Police shoot 107-year-old A 107-yeAr-old man was killed in a shootout with police, after he held two people at gunpoint in the US state of Arkansas, authorities said. officers were called to a home in the city of Pine Bluff following reports that the man, named as Monroe Isadore, was threatening the pair with a gun. oicials said they had tried to negotiate with Isadore but were forced to call reinforcements after he shot at them through the closed bedroom door. Police oicers then released tear gas and returned ire, killing the gunman. The coroner later conirmed Isadore’s age was 107.

Call to surrender chemicals russia’s lavrov urges Syria to surrender chemical weapons DAMASCUS – russia has asked Syria to put its chemical weapons stockpile under “international control” in an attempt to avoid US military strikes, and then have them destroyed. foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the offer was made during talks with his Syrian counterpart, Walid Muallem. Muallem said he welcomed the initiative. the US is threatening strikes accusing the Syrian regime of war crimes and the use of chemical weapons, though Damascus denies the claims. US Secretary of State John

world BriefS SCHOOL EXPLOSION LEAVES TWO DEAD CHINA – An explosion outside a school in southern china has killed at least two people and injured several others, state media say. At least 10 of the 17 people reported injured at the primary school in Guilin, Guangxi province, were school children. Witnesses told Xinhua news agency they saw a three-wheeled vehicle pull up to the school before the explosion. The cause of the explosion remains unclear. The school has now been closed and the police are investigating the incident. In recent years, china has seen a number of knife attacks at primary schools. As a result, many schools and kindergartens have signiicantly tightened security measures, correspondents say.

THAI AIRWAYS AIRBUS SKIDS OFF RUNWAY THAILAND – A Thai Airways plane has skidded of the runway while landing at Bangkok’s main international airport, injuring 14 people. The Airbus A330-300 was arriving from Guangzhou in china into Suvarnabhumi Airport when the incident occurred. Thai Airways said the landing gear malfunctioned, causing the aircraft to skid. Passengers were evacuated using emergency slides. “Sparks were noticed from the vicinity of the right landing gear near the engine; the matter is under investigation,” the airline said in a statement. A total of 288 passengers and 14 crew were on the plane, the airline said. The 14 injured passengers were taken to hospital.

PROTESTS AGAINST ECONOMIC REFORMS MEXIcO – Tens of thousands of people have rallied against President Enrique Pena Nieto’s economic reforms in Mexico’s capital, with leftist leader calling for peaceful resistance. Mexico city police said more than 40,000 people gathered in a park on Sunday’s demonstration to reject plans to overhaul the tax system and open the country’s state-controlled oil industry to foreign investors. “We can prevent the privatisation of the energy sector and the tax increases through peaceful citizen mobilization,” said opposition leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who never recognised his defeat to Pena Nieto in the 2012 presidential election after claiming fraud. He called the oil reform a “vile and shameful robbery”.


Kerry, in europe to garner support for the military action, has once again warned that taking no action is riskier than launching strikes. When asked at a news conference whether there was anything Assad could do to avoid military action, Kerry replied that he could hand over his entire stockpile of chemical weapons within the next week. US officials subsequently clariied that Kerry was making a “rhetorical argument” rather than a serious offer. However, Lavrov later called on Syria to “place the chemical weapons under international control and then have them destroyed”. He said the offer had been made to Muallem during talks in Moscow. Muallem told reporters through an interpreter that Syria welcomed the russian initiative. He praised russia for “attempting to prevent American aggression against our people”. the russians have been the main international ally of Assad’s regime throughout Syria’s two-and-a-half-year civil war. Un Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday that if the experts concluded chemicals had been used, he would consider asking the Security Council to set up a zone in Syria where the weapons could be destroyed. Meanwhile, the Syrian leader gave an interview to US network PBS in which he warned the US against intervention, saying the Middle east was “on the brink of explosion”. “You’re going to pay the price if you’re not wise with dealing with terrorists. there are going to be repercussions,” he said. He calls the rebels “terrorists” and has often insisted that they are linked to al-Qaeda. He also denied using chemical weapons saying there was “no evidence”. - BBC

Russia’s foreign minister sergei Lavrov has reportedly proposed a move to avert us military strikes against syria by asking the government to surrender its stockpile of chemical weapons. AFP

Rebels in deadly attack ZAMBOAnGA – Clashes between Philippine troops and hundreds of suspected Muslim rebels have left at least six people dead. Suspected members of the Moro national Liberation front (MnLf) moved in on Zamboanga, a city in Mindanao, by boat early on Monday, oficials said. Clashes spread from the coast to the city’s busy rio Hondo area. the MnLf signed a peace

agreement with the government in 1996. However, some of its ighters remain active. Many residents have led Rio Hondo to escape the ighting. “the main target by the MnLf in encroaching Zamboanga city is to raise their banner of independence at city hall,” city mayor, isabelle Climaco-Salazar, told Agence-france Presse (AfP) news agency. She told media that the clashes have killed at least two secu-

rity personnel and four civilians. there were also reports of a number of people who were wounded. At least 20 residents were being held hostage, reports quoted the military and police as saying. Armed forces spokesman, Lt Col ramon Zagala, said that around 800 troops had been deployed to secure the city. “We are trying to contain them, so that this will not spread,” he said. - AFP

Survived four month ordeal SAn JUAn – A Uruguayan man

who went missing in May while trying to cross the Andes mountains from Chile to Argentina has been found alive. raul fernando Gomez Circunegui, 58, got lost in snowstorms after his motorbike broke down. He was found in a mountain shelter at an altitude of more than 2800 metres by Argentine oficials. Gomez survived by eating

leftover supplies in the shelter and whatever else he could catch, including rats. He has been taken to hospital in an emaciated and dehydrated state, but is expected to make a full recovery. Argentine oficials from the north-western province of San Juan stumbled across Gomez after arriving in the area near the shelter by helicopter to record snow levels. An enfeebled Gomez was able

to open the shelter’s door and alert the crew to his presence. “the truth is that this is a miracle. We still can’t believe it,” San Juan Governor Jose Luis Gioja said “We let him talk to his wife, his mother and his daughter. i asked him, ‘are you a believer?’ He told me, ‘no, but now i am.’” He is reported to have lost 20kg during the ordeal and is dehydrated, according to media reports. - BBC

Pumpkinosaurus Rex

RUSSIA - Russia has named two musicians from US rock band Bloodhound Gang as suspects in a criminal case over inciting hatred after a band member stufed a Russian lag down his trousers and threw it into the crowd at a concert in late July in Ukraine. The powerful Investigative committee, the equivalent of the US FBI, said in a statement on its website that it had opened a criminal probe examining the possible guilt of Hasselhof as well as the band’s vocalist, James Franks. The committee says that it suspects the men of plotting to carry out acts aimed at “humiliating the human dignity of citizens of Russia”.

UNKNOWN VAN GOGH WORK IDENTIFIED NETHERLANDS – A previously unknown landscape painting by Vincent van Gogh has been identiied by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The painting had spent years in a Norwegian private collector’s attic after he had earlier been told the work was not by the Dutch master. But the museum said the painting had been now seen. It is the irst full-size canvas by Van Gogh discovered since 1928. Museum director Axel Rueger called the discovery a “once-in-a-lifetime experience’’ at an unveiling ceremony. He said the institution had previously rejected the painting’s authenticity in the 1990s partly because it was not signed. However thanks to new research techniques and a two-year investigation, it concluded the artwork was by the artist.

today’s Daily Bread All by itself the soil produces grain—irst the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head.

Matthew 7:21-29 Read: Read: Mark 4:26-32

Text: Matthew Text:7:26 Verse 28

A 15-metre long dinosaur made from 2000 pumpkins makes a dramatic display at a farmer’s market in Roevershagen, northern Germany. The igure is part of the traditional pumpkin market that oicially opened at the weekend. AFP


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no teiA nei AO

Paris or Bangkok?

Serena does it again

LOnDOn – for many people

in the northern Hemisphere the holiday season has arrived. Where do those travelling abroad go? U n figures suggest that france had more foreign visitors than any other country in 2012, while the most visited capital city is now, according to one study, Bangkok. A recent study by the United nations World tourism Organization revealed that 83 million people visited france last year, even more than its population of 66 million. the lure of alpine ski resorts and Mediterranean beaches ensure that it has kept its top spot for every year that statistics have been produced. france attracts at least 16 million more visitors than the United States in second place, with China, Spain and italy completing the top five most visited countries. Yet despite its overwhelming popularity as a holiday destination it seems that the french have a problem convincing visitors to part with their cash. tourism contributes seven per cent towards the country’s gross domestic product, more than the car industry. But the average amount of money every visitor spends – US$646 – lags way behind every other country in the top 10 most visited list, bar russia. Visitors spend on average $1884 in the US, $1253 in Germany and $1249 in the UK. Visitors to Macau, the south-east Asian destination known for its casinos, spend a staggering $3213 each. Some 83 per cent of france’s visitors come from other euro-

serena Williams of the us holds the us Open tennis trophy as she celebrates her win over Victoria Azarenka of Belarus during their 2013 us Open women’s singles inal match at the usTA Billie Jean King national Tennis Centre in new york. AFP

Two journalists ‘embed’ on asylum seeker boat CHriStMAS iSLAnD – two

journalists have arrived on Christmas island after travelling by sea on an asylum seeker boat. it is understood American reporter Luke Mogelson and Dutch photojournalist Joel van Houdt were at sea for three days, and are badly sunburnt. the immigration Department has confirmed they arrived with valid travel documents and visas. the journalist and photographer have spoken with federal police and once they had been processed they were free to go. Someone on the asylum seeker boat called for help on Sunday morning, asking for food and water. HMAS Armidale found the boat roughly two-and-a-half hours later, gave those on board food and water and escorted them to Christmas island. Customs officials say there were 57 passengers and two crew on board.

Van Houdt’s girlfriend, Amie ferris-rotman, says the two journalists are based in Kabul, Afghanistan, and were on assignment for the new York times magazine. She says they wanted to hear the stories of people motivated enough to travel from Afghanistan to Australia for a better life. She said it had been a “long 72 hours” waiting for the pair to arrive in Australia, adding that van Houdt took a refugee boat to Spain in similar circumstances in 2008. “He’s a war photographer so he’s done embeds with the US army, done embeds with the Afghan army, which is even more worrying, but this trip gave me anxiety,” she told the ABC. ferris-rotman, a journalism fellow at Stanford University in the United States, said the men were ine and in good spirits. Christmas island administrator Jon Stanhope says their arrival has caused much amusement.

“the presence of people who were obviously european obviously excited some interest amongst those who were watching,” he said. “i’m advised that they were journalists. they’ve been interviewed, processed. i understand they’ve now been released into the community. “they’ve obtained accommodation and are probably having a sleep right at this minute, i would imagine, after the voyage across. “i was advised that they did look weary, a bit bedraggled.” Stanhope says he is hoping to have a chat with the two men, as soon as he can ind them. “i know nothing about their plans, but we only have four lights a week. We don’t have a light today,” he said on Monday. “The earliest light out is tomorrow and i’m not sure they could get seats on that now, but certainly they’re here today and into tomorrow but i have no idea of their plans.” - ABC

‘When it comes to the most-visited capital in the world Bangkok comes out on top’ pean countries, which may explain the relatively low amount spent per head. A lot of them come from neighbouring countries and often choose to camp and buy food from supermarkets, rather than illing the coffers of hotel and restaurant owners. By contrast, only 55 per cent of overseas visitors to the US come via their two immediate neighbours – Canada and Mexico – and according to the US travel Association, the other 45 per cent – the long-haul travellers – contribute 78 per cent of all tourist expenditure, probably partly because they stay an average of 18 days. the french capital may be known as the “City of Love”, but only 16.8 per cent of visitors to france visited Paris, according to the Un study. And with the french economy in recession and the unemployment rate in double igures, there is a need to encourage tourists to stay longer and spend more money. “the average stay in Paris is 2.7 nights. We know that europeans spend two nights and that people from Asia and north America spend over a week,” says francois navarro from the ile-de-france tourist authority, which includes the Paris region. “Our objective is to make visi-

tors stay longer because if they do they’ll spend more money on accommodation, in restaurants and on shopping. So we need to organise huge events. the Olympic Games is an objective for us,” he says. efforts are also being made to try to make Paris a more welcoming city. the Paris Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with the city’s regional tourism Committee to create a guide for people who work in hospitality called “Do You Speak touriste?” it includes key phrases in a number of languages as well as tips on addressing visitors from around the world. the British like to be called by their first names, it says, while Germans like to shake hands and the Chinese are happy with a simple smile and a hello in their language. When it comes to the mostvisited capital in the world Bangkok comes out on top, according to estimates from Mastercard. the thai capital is currently attracting 15.98 million visitors a year, narrowly ahead of London. in 2012 it was the other way round, but Bangkok’s visitor numbers have been rising rapidly – largely thanks to Chinese tourists, it seems. the tourism Authority of thailand attributes the rise in popularity to the film ‘Lost in thailand’, which overtook ‘Avatar’ last year to become China’s highest grossing ilm. A followup to 2010’s ‘Lost on Journey’, the film follows the trials and tribulations of two competing businessmen as they travel across the country. - BBC

Crack down on lack of toilets ADO eKeti – As many as 70

landlords have reportedly been arrested in the western nigerian state of ekiti for violating the government’s “one house, one toilet” policy. they are accused of violating legislation which says that each rented house must come with a toilet.

Speaking after the arrests, oficials insisted that landlords found guilty of failing to provide adequate sanitation would be dealt with severely. “they think we are not serious about this, and so they must pay dearly for this until they learn to comply,” said the head of the local government

sanitation agency. According to the World Bank’s Water and Sanitation Programme, nigeria loses an equivalent of $3 billion annually as some 32 million of its citizens have no access to a latrine, while a further 70 million nigerians use unsanitary or shared latrines. - BBC

Man remembers 1985 invasion ADDiS ABABA – An ethiopian

reporter claims to have discovered the world’s oldest living man. retired farmer Dhaqabo ebba claims to have clear memories of italy’s 1895 invasion of the country. in an interview with regional Oromiya tV, he provided so much detail on the changes

of power in his local area that reporter Mohammed Ademo has become convinced that Dhaqabo must be at least 160 - 46 years older than the oldest ever recorded man. ‘When italy invaded ethiopia i had two wives, and my son was old enough to herd cattle,’ he said at home near Dodola. He went on to recount his child-

hood eight-day horseback ride to Addis Ababa – a journey of a few hours today. there is no way of verifying Mr Dhaqabo’s age, but Mohammed Ademo notes that in an oral society like the Oromo, “every time an elder dies, a library is lost. ebba is one such library from whom so much can still be preserved”. - BBC

Pereira women reject stereotyping PereirA – Hundreds of Colombian women have taken to the streets to protest against being portrayed as “easy”, it’s reported. the ladies of Pereira are considered among the most beautiful in the land, according to el tiempo. But, says US-based broadcaster ABC, the town’s gangsters have a habit of parading women as though they’re high-end es-

corts. This has led to the unlattering stereotype – and stock dirty jokes about women from the western town – that the 300 or so who marched through the streets are keen to change. the women marched behind a banner reading: “Because i’m a professional, i’m a mother, i’m a worker, i’m a woman”. el tiempo quotes one as saying: “i don’t like our image

among people from other cities and abroad. I’m a ighter, enterprising and industrious.” it published a picture gallery of the women – said to be of all ages and social classes – wearing pink headbands reading “Soy Pereirana”, meaning “i am from Pereira”, while taking part in the march. Apparently, the event was such a success that the organisers want an annual Pereira Women’s Day. - BBC


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no te PA enUA

New Asia-Paciic leader assessed Bainimarama looks forward to new engagement with Australia CAnBerrA – Leaders in the Asia-Paciic have congratulated Australia’s Prime Minister-elect tony Abbott on his weekend victory, and welcomed his commitment to regional relationships. Abbott’s Liberal national coalition defeated Kevin rudd’s Labor party in the Saturday poll. Analysts say Abbott is likely

to be less focused on foreign affairs than rudd, a former foreign minister. Abbott is expected to turn his attention to domestic issues such roads, childcare and broadband – but asylum-seekers, trade and foreign aid are expected to continue shape relations with neighbours.

paciic BRIEFS MARIANAS KEEN TO HOST 2021 GAMES WALLIS AND FUTUNA – The Northern Marianas have put their hands up to host the 2021 Paciic Mini Games. The Commonwealth previously bid for the 2017 Mini Games, which were awarded to Vanuatu. The expression of interest was made at Sunday’s General Assembly of the Paciic Games Council. The president of the Northern Mariana Islands Amateur Sports Association, Michael White, says they have learnt from the previous bid and are ready and excited about the prospect of hosting the Games. “We’ve added a couple of sports that some of the nations have indicated that they wanted. We ofer the best facilities. We think we have a great organisation – Saipan’s a great place to visit.” An opportunity to place a formal bid will take place next year.

FLOSSE WANTS APPEAL OUT OF TAHITI FRENcH POLYNESIA – Reports from French Polynesia say the prosecutor at France’s highest court appears to be in favour of moving the court of appeal case of the president Gaston Flosse away from Tahiti. Gaston Flosse has described his conviction for corruption as a political move at the behest of the former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy. In January, Gaston Flosse was given a ive-year prison sentence for corruption as was a French advertising executive, Hubert Haddad. He had paid about US$2 million in kickbacks over 12 years to Flosse and his party to get public sector contracts. Flosse now wants the appeal case to be taken to a court outside Papeete, and Paris should make a decision in a month.

CALL FOR TAX ON ENERGY DRINKS FIJI – The consumer council of Fiji would like to see the government raise the tax on energy drinks in the 2014 Budget. This is one of the various issues included in the submission made by the council for the 2014 National Budget. council chief executive Premila Kumar says they’ve found that most young people are getting hooked on energy drinks, which is a concern for them. Kumar says globally, consumer watchdogs are struggling to prevent young people from consuming such drinks. Energy drinks contain high level of cafeine and sugar which is a health risk. Kumar believes an increase in tax could reduce the number of people buying the drinks.

DIPLOMATIC WRANGLE OVER FLAG REMOVAL MARSHALL ISLANDS – Taiwan has voiced disappointment with the Marshall Islands after its ambassador in Majuro was escorted from a venue at last week’s Paciic Islands Forum summit. George TK Li had gone to the lobby of the conference centre to uncover a plaque which attributes the building as a gift from Taiwan to the Marshall Islands. On china’s request, the Forum summit’s organisers had taken down the Taiwanese lag and covered the plaque. As the Post Forum dialogue session began, the ambassador went to take the cover of when – on the directive of the Marshalls Foreign Minister – he was escorted away.

ASYLUM SEEKERS CHOOSE TO GO HOME PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Australian immigration oicials say another 28 Iranians, who had been sent to the asylum seeker detention camp at Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, have chosen to return home. The Department of Immigration and citizenship says the group was lown to Teheran on Monday after voluntarily electing to go home rather than remain in PNG. It says this comes after four Iranians chose to go back to Iran last month. An oicial says asylum seekers who have arrived by boat since July the 19th are realising that they will not be settled in Australia and more are expected to return home. About 700 would be refugees, mostly Iranian, remain in the Manus camp.

OVERSEAS TRIPS SEEN AS ‘KICKBACKS’ SOLOMON ISLANDS – A Solomon Islands academic says his country’s economy cannot aford expensive overseas engagements. The comment comes in the lead-up to the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York later this month, to which the deputy prime minister Manasseh Maelanga is to take 12 Solomon Islands government oicials. The Centre for Paciic Studies at the University of Hawai’i’s Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka says he turned down an invitation to last year’s assembly meeting because he was unsure of what he was meant to contribute. Dr Kabutaulaka says such trips are often kickbacks to cronies and political supporters who make no contribution.

the Coalition has already said it will cut the growth rate of foreign aid spending, saving $4.5 billion over four years. in a recent interview Abbott said that, if elected, his irst travel priorities would be to visit indonesia, China, Japan and South Korea, ahead of visits to London and Washington. Abbott has described Australia’s relationship with indonesia as its most important, and incoming foreign Minister, Julie Bishop says visiting Jakarta is a high priority. “it is one of our nearest neighbours and one of our most important partners and he is keen to establish a strong mutually respectful relationship with indonesia as soon as possible,” she said. the deputy chief editor of news outlet tempo, Yuli ismartono, said that’s being welcomed in Jakarta. “We are the closest country and there are so many, many clariications to be discussed. “there’s a lot of misunderstandings still between the two

new Australian PM Tony Abbott. AFP countries, even on the part of the governments, most especially on the asylum-seekers issue.” Ms ismartono says indonesia has a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to distinguishing the details of Abbott’s asylumpolicy. She says there are also some concerns over the Coalition’s moves to reduce foreign aid to fund domestic infrastructure.

“We do rely a lot on Australian aid and it has done a lot of good in terms of improving relations between the two,” she said. Papua new Guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’neill has assured Abbott his government is committed to working closely to further enhance relations between the two countries, and suggested a possible meeting on the sidelines of the APeC Leaders Meeting in Bali next month. Meanwhile, fiji’s interim prime minister, frank Bainimarama, says he hopes for a new and positive relationship with Australia following the election of a Coalition government. Commodore Bainimarama says he has warmly congratulated tony Abbott after his weekend electoral victory. He says he appreciates the understanding of fiji shown by incoming foreign minister Julie Bishop, and looks forward to an era of constructive engagement with the new government. the Coalition has said it intends to normalise relations with fiji, which has been subject

to sanctions by Australia, new Zealand and other countries since the military coup in 2006. He says there are ample opportunities for renewed collaboration with Australia as fiji moves towards its first democratic elections next year. the new Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, says he looks forward to working with tony Abbott to build on the close and unique relationship between the trans-tasman neighbours. Key says the bilateral relationship with Australia is the most important one for new Zealand and the two leaders will have several opportunities to meet over the next few months. An expert in Australia-China relations says Abbott is not as well known in China as his predecessor, but his victory is being watched with great interest in China. China’s trade relationship with Australia is seen as a key issue, while Chinese investment in Australia is also expected to igure in the relationship. - ABC

Call to follow Paciic’s lead

tUVALU – tuvalu’s Prime Minister enele Sopoaga is urgently calling for global leaders to commit to addressing climate change. there’s concern that the issue is slipping in prominence on the international agenda. tuvalu’s Sopoaga, wants it back at the top of the list. the issue was a major focus of last week’s Pacific island forum leaders meeting in Ma-

juro, where many delegates expressed concern that the issue is slipping in prominence on the international agenda. Sopoaga has called on major greenhouse gas emitters to follow the lead of smaller Paciic nations in battling climate change. He’s said the most vulnerable Paciic island countries need to urgently implement concrete adaptation strategies.

“there have been quite a number of initiatives to address climate change but we have a worry that these are maybe focussing too much on inances, on things like commercial trade bar interests and so on,” he said. “they are turning away from the real issue which is to address climate change.” Sopoaga says climate change has created a dire situation for many small Paciic nations.

He says larger developed nations must shoulder more responsibility in tackling the problem. “We need to elevate this issue on the global level to the highest possible level and make strong political leadership commitment on addressing climate change,” he said. “We have witnessed so many catastrophes happening in our planet.” - Paciic Beat

Betel nut to be banned in city POrt MOreSBY – the gov-

ernor of Papua new Guinea’s capital, Port Moresby, is calling for betel nut to be banned in the city. Betel nut chewing involves chewing the palm tree nut mixed with lime powder and mustard, before the red-tinged remains are spat out. it’s already banned in the cities of Lae and Mt Hagen, while other areas allow chewing but not spitting of the nut. Governor Powes Parkop said he wants special zones for chewing to be set up outside the capital in the surrounding Central Province. “it’s just a menace to our city healthwise, hygiene-wise and to the image of our city. So we’ve come to the point where we have to put our foot down and get it out of the city. “My objective is to degrade it to a level where it’s no longer a health hazard or a risk to the image of our city,” he said. “it’s all coming from outside, so that’s the way in which we’re going to control or ban the carriage of betel nut into the city “the reality in our city is that we don’t grow betel nut here, it’s brought in from outside.” Parkop has previously tried to ban betel nut chewing – along with public smoking– but it was widely ignored. He says opposition to his pre-

vious efforts to ban the nut was based on commercial, rather than traditional, concerns. “nowadays, it’s purely commercial. it is no longer a customary sort of activity or done in the customary way. “this is the big problem that we face in Port Moresby, in particular, people are vending betel nut everywhere and it’s hard for us to control them. “they don’t want to be regulated like any other business – betel nut vendors they want to trade anywhere, everywhere 24/7,” he said. “their customers they chew and they spit everywhere, so this is why it’s become a problem now in our capital city.” Under the proposed ban, people will still be able to chew betel nut in their own homes. Parkop says betel nut chewing and spittle in public is “unhygienic” and cleaning up the red spittle is costing the city signiicant money. He also says it contributes to the spread of airborne communicable diseases like tuberculosis. “it’s become a health hazard – we have now in our capital city 5000 cases of tB, and that’s about one-third of our reported cases and rising,” he said. “that’s an embarrassment to a capital city which is supposed to be setting standards and be-

Port Moresby’s governor is proposing a total ban of betel nut in the Papua new Guinea capital. Jan Hasselberg coming an example for our people and our nation.” Parkop says if this new ban is not effective, he is considering an offer to import a species of noxious beetle which devours the crops. “that’s the last card up my sleeve, if i am forced to go to the next step, i’ll do it,” he said. “Because i have to effect changes in the mindset of our people. We just need to tell our people that it’s not a value that

we should promote. “We have not formally made the decision yet. the board of our municipal government will be sitting soon to make the decision as i, as chair of that Board, i have made my intention known and i’m preparing our people for that eventuality. “for the nation to change we must effect this change here in Port Moresby – we just have to do it.” - Paciic Beat


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no te PA enUA

Early signs of cup fever in Auckland SAn frAnCiSCO – Any defence of the America’s Cup in new Zealand looks likely to get more taxpayer backing from the government, this time to the tune of more than $40 million. team new Zealand lead the series against Oracle team USA in San francisco and need six more wins to bring the Auld Mug back home. Prime Minister John Key says the taxpayer contribution to the current challenge was around $37 million, and given it is now a few years on, the price tag is unlikely to be cheaper. “On the basis that they win the Cup then it’s far more likely that we would be looking to make a contribution to another effort, in this case defending the Cup,” Key told his postCabinet press conference. Key said defending the America’s Cup is an event of a size that new Zealand can handle and would be good for the country’s proile. “i think it would be a tremendous boost for Auckland and new Zealand,” he said. “i mean i think the Cup would bring the Viaduct bursting back into life once more as it did a decade or so ago. “And from new Zealand’s point of view, hosting these international events, it’s not just the tourists that come but it’s the proile that we get - just as like many of us, we’re watching the tV screens and looking at San francisco and the beauty of their harbour.” Key said if the Cup comes back to new Zealand then the government will have to consider what support it is prepared to provide. “We haven’t considered that matter although there’s some preliminary advice just look-

ing at what the implications are in terms of infrastructure and funding if that was an option available to us.” the Prime Minister’s comments come after Oracle team USA fought back in the regatta, winning a race from emirates team new Zealand in San francisco Bay. But the new Zealanders still lead the series, after a comefrom-behind victory in the day’s irst race. The oficial score is still 3-nil to the Kiwis as Oracle has been docked two racing points. Yesterday was a lay day. it means team new Zealand needs six more wins to bring the Cup back home. Meanwhile several Auckland waterfront locations have already been earmarked for development in the event that team new Zealand wins the Cup. Waterfront Auckland admitted recently that it has been talking to team new Zealand for some time on how it could make the city ready for racing. “We’ve got a number of options but nothing is concrete yet,” said Waterfront Auckland’s rod Marler. Options for a new race village include Queens Wharf, Westhaven marina, Wynyard Quarter, Wynyard Wharf and part of Halsey Street. the Viaduct Harbour, where team nZ was based for racing in 2000 and 2003, no longer has the space required. Marler said much would depend on the types of boats and number of syndicates participating, but the biggest factor to be considered was how much funding the project would require. When team n Z won the America’s Cup 18 years ago, it

With a three-nil lead and six more wins needed new Zealand is already speculating on what will happen if Team new Zealand wins the America’s Cup and brings the multi-million dollar yacht race back to Auckland. new Zealand hosted the race 18 years ago. AFP forced a major facelift of the tired waterfront area. former team nZ Chief executive Alan Sefton said recently that any new development would “no doubt” require government funding. the government contributed $10 million to build the old base in 2000. Since then, it has regularly contributed to cup campaigns, with about $37 million in the latest bid. - TVNZ

Death not foul play SUVA – fiji police have ruled out foul play in the death of an Indonesian isherman on board a Japanese ishing boat late last month. Spokeswoman Ana naisoro confirmed a post-mortem examination conducted revealed that the 33-year-old man died a natural death. Police earlier said the crew member of the fV Chokyu Maru no. 78 was locked in the ship’s isolated shower room when he was found dead after entering fiji waters from tahiti.

the shower room was guarded by two crew members, police said. “We have taken the statements of the crew members and the vessel has been cleared to leave,” naisoro said. naisoro said the deceased allegedly acted violently and threatened other fishermen during their ishing expedition. indonesian ambassador to fiji, Aidil Chandra Salim, said he was aware of the death. He said he was not aware as to what transpired on board

the ship and how the isherman died but they were putting information together. Salim said they had been informed by other ishermen who learned about the incident that the fV Chokyu Maru no. 78 had been at sea for a long time. “There was no conlict but a restless attitude from the isherman who died,” he said. Xhong fei Shipping Agencies, which is responsible for the fishing vessel, refused to comment on the matter. - Fiji Times

Games inclusion rejected MAtA UTU – The Paciic Games

Council has rejected a move to invite new Zealand and Australia to participate in the next Paciic Games in Port Moresby. the resolution, proposed at the council’s General Assembly in Wallis and futuna last week, would have allowed the Paciic Games Council to invite athletes from new Zealand and Australia to compete in up to eight sports at the 2015 Games in Papua new Guinea. Paciic Games Council presi-

dent Vidhya Lakhan said oficials of many countries were confused as to what extend Australia and new Zealand would be involved. Some countries expressed concerns over the impact including new Zealand and Australia would have on the competitiveness of Paciic countries and the unique culture of the current Games. Some members also wanted time to consult with their national sporting bodies.

Lakhan says any first step would only invite Australia and new Zealand to compete in selected sports, where the Paciic is competitive, and would be done on their terms. the vote was defeated but a late motion, raised by Papua new Guinea, was passed, asking the executive board to re-look at the issue and come back with more information at next year’s General Assembly. - RNZI


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

LetterS reta

Selling our minerals ‘for a song’? A SMOKe signaller texts to 188: “Minister Mark Brown did well in his first public consultation on the proposed setting up of a sovereign wealth fund in the event that deep sea mining begins at some point in the future. now he needs to find a mining company or conglomerate willing to invest hundreds of millions dollars to develop the deep sea technology to extract the nodules from 3-4 miles down on the abyssal plain of our ocean floor without ruining our marine environment. thus he must proceed with great caution and decision makers, policy makers and the iti tangata need to be aware that it is not possible to carry out mining activities without significant negative impacts on our tourism and fishing industries. in the rush to try realise the dream of riches beyond imagination, we are more likely to find that we will be in a nightmare where licences to explore and harvest the nodules are sold for a song similar to the fishing licence debacle.”

LAWS ALIGNED TO BANKS “tHe One Knowles banking recommendation that the atu enua

of our basileia need to be very aware of is the proposed review of our land laws by creating a ‘property category better aligned’ to the needs of banks,” a smoke signaller writes. “Why so, when there are already so many mortgagee sales? for his info and that of the Ministry of finance and economic management? the land laws of rarotonga were formulated to prevent the loss of land. As time went by the laws were relaxed to facilitate leases that banks require as security for a mortgage. if the borrower defaults on the loan or skips the country, the bank has the right to call in the mortgage and sell the lease to another buyer. first right of refusal on the lease is to one of the other atu enua with the means to do so. if not, another buyer has the opportunity. Bad debts occur when banks

lend to persons who are a bad risk with little means or intention to repay the loan. Land law is not the issue.”

COUNTING SEATS “tHe AUStrALiAn election shows just how easily the numbers in

the House can change,” a smoke signaller writes. “With norman adamant he is not a Cook islands Party member the numbers are 14-9-1. One more seat would change that to 13-10-1 which may or may not happen if Murienua changes sides at the by-election. in the 2014 general elections at least three seats could go either way. One is Matavera where Demo Peri Vaevaepare lost his seat in a court decision. CiP candidate Kiriau turepu won the by-election but lost out when then PM Jim Marurai called a snap election in 2006 and Demo Cassey eggelton won the seat but lost to Kiriau in 2010. the second is ngatangiia won by CiP Ata Herman in a three-way race that could go Demo in a two way race. tupapa had CiP tupou faireka, Demo John tangi and now CiP George Maggie. not to mention the northern Group islands which frequently change sides. Losing just two seats would split the House 12-12, a recipe for instability.”

TOUGH BUT ANONYMOUS A SMOKe signaller called the CI News ofice yesterday to say that yesterday’s letter writer ‘it’s time to clean up CifA’ (CifA silences Jamieson?) “acts like a real tough man and then chooses not to back himself by putting his name to the letter”.

‘CHOPPING AND CHANGING’ “WHiCH PArt of no does norman George not understand relating

to whether or not the Demo party top ranks will accept him into the fold?” a smoke signaller asks in a text to 188. “Many see norm

as a lovable rogue in the house but who has chopped and changed political allegiances so often that in my opinion he is not a person whose word in politics can be taken as his bond. even before he has validly resigned as a Cook islands Party member and with only a slight chance of becoming a Demo, norm is already blowing his horn about trying for the Demo leadership! He did the same at the last polls when he dumped the Demos to be a CiP and could have been a minister but was relegated to the backbench after PM Puna got wind of his real intentions. Maybe it’s time to think of the people and not of blind ambition.”

CORAL ROUTE LINK A SMOKe signaller writes: “There was at one time a circle Paciic

light that took in both Fiji and Rarotonga from Auckland, and in days gone by lights that took in Nadi, Apia, Papeete, Aitutaki and raro, which was called the 'Coral route'. You don't necessarily need a long haul carrier to rarotonga but a carrier that will uplift tourists and domestic passengers from Sydney, nadi and Auckland for them to enjoy and do business around the Paciic islands in comfort.”

KeeP the smokies rolling in! Smoke Signals and interesting island photos will be accepted by email (smokesignals@, or text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22-999.

‘First de facto Demo leader’

Dear editor, Wilkie rassmussen’s swift response to a press interview i gave a Ci news reporter a month ago, is expected and predictable. Wilkie might be the Leader of the Opposition–but he is the “unelected” defacto Leader of the Democratic Party. for three years now, Wilkie has been dodging and evading the prospect of facing an election for the party leadership at past Demo conferences. With the help of eddie Drollet, these two are weaving and ducking their way to an

uncontested leadership. Political parties being the heart of democracy, have to live with the regular, contestability of the leadership and the ofice holders. if a party leader lacks the conidence to test if his party fully support him, how can he measure the level of support amongst the electors of the country as a whole? Wilkie is the first defacto leader of the Demo Party who is too frightened to contest the leadership. i have been waiting patiently

for three years to be admitted in of the party, i was no longer welcome. the others were allowed to the Demo Party. Dr Maoate, tupou faireka, in, but not me. Wilkie and edmyself and many othYou don’t die Drollet appear to ers who had contested have to wear see me as the biggest the 2010 General eleca military threat to their cosy tion against the Demuniform to little arrangement. ocratic Party were all never mind that the welcomed back at the successfully Demos still blame 2011 Demo conferchange a ence of reconciliation government— Wilkie for toagate and the political coup deand forgiveness. ask Wilkie. tat by the gang of six then at the 2012 Party conference, when word got against their own Demo governout that there were people want- ment. This being the irst time ing me to stand for the leadership a member of caucus overthrows

his own government then receives a pat on the back to be de facto leader. Wilkie continues to hold the Demo Party leadership as a result of a political coup – hello rambuka, how are you Banimarama?! You don’t have to wear a military uniform to successfully change a government— ask Wilkie. See what happened with the Labour Party in Australia – the election hiding the ALP got in the weekend? Look what is happening to the nZ Labour Party – they are currently campaigning for new leadership! the Democratic Party need a wake-up call. the majority of the supporters want me back and i have been patient. Wilkie was admitted back into the Demos without resigning from the CiP.

notice how the swift response to the newspaper was made by Wilkie alone without consultation with the Party? i conclude by saying that the Demo Party belong to the supporters and the people of the Cook islands. it is not the exclusive property of Wilkie and eddie Drollet, and while you are pondering Wilkie, study the judgment of Justice Hugh Williams – in O.A. 1/13, he ruled that the 2007 electoral Amendment Act is now “inoperative” and leaves it to the legislature to rectify it. So right now the 2007 electoral Amendment Act is like an alligator without teeth! Let’s enjoy and believe in our democracy!! norman George Demo MP for teenui/ Mapumai

‘Face them in a by-election’ Dear editor, i am sick and tired of norma George’s antics about his right to choose which party to belong to as a member of parliament. the crazy period of pre-party hopping legislation saw many MPs changed party for their own personal gain and nothing to do with the good of their electorate. the party hopping legislation brought that period of instability to a close. Does norman think that any

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

right-thinking person or voter will believe that what he is doing is for the good of the country? the simplest and most honest thing you could do norman, to prove to the country that your Atiu electorate agree with what you are doing, is to face them in a by-election. Otherwise you are just proving to the people and Kata that you are nothing more than a bull in a China shop. China store shop keeper (name and address supplied)

Managing Editor John Woods Financial Controller Liz Woods Deputy Editor Helen Greig Chief Reporter/Photojournalist Matariki Wilson Reporters Emmanuel Samoglou Sahiban Kanwal Rachel Reeves Rachel Smith Online & Social Networking Editor Briar Douglas Advertising Advertising Assistant Taja Vaetoru Oice manager Tere Joseph Accounts Manager Tangi Tauira Reception Kura Tauira Oice staf Apii Tua Production Manager Tony Fe’ao Graphic Design & Layout Mahai Daniel Adam Tutuvanu Web Developer Daniel Rolls CIN.PRINT Sales & Marketing Maitland Christiansen Printers Dan Johnston Dennis Campos


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te iPUKAreA

Keeping language alive tHe iMPOrtAnCe of speaking

indigenous language to help its survival will be the focus of a talk tonight at the University of the South Paciic (USP). Dr Wharehuia Milroy will be presenting the talk titled ‘e kore re reo e ora ki te kore e korerotia - for a language to survive it must be spoken’, joined by fellow director of new Zealand’s te Panekiretanga o te reo Maori, or the institute of excellence in the Maori Language as it is known in english, Dr timoti Karetu. the school is run under the umbrella of te Wananga o Aotearoa, and aims to help students sharpen their new Zealand Maori language skills. the students do not apply for the 12-month programme but are selected, and need to already be proicient in both New Zealand Maori and english. “they have to be fluent (in Maori) before they come to us,” said Milroy. “it’s an extra place to hone their skills. We need someone who is also luent in English, because that is the context they are operating in.” the school is helping to cultivate a group of polished speakers who have a strong knowledge of both the language and the culture that they can pass on to others. “One of the focuses for us is we have lost a lot of our elders who service the Marae… there are very few left of the older generation and those roles are being taken up by people who have never had the exposure to the classical oratory,” said Milroy, a former professor of Maori at the University of Waikato. “Our concern is to grow a new cohort, and they become the teachers of the next people.”

directors of new Zealand’s Te Panekiretanga o te Reo Maori, or the Institute of excellence in the Maori Language as it is known in english–dr Timoti Karetu (left) and dr Wharehuia Milroy. 13090908 they take in an average of 25 to 30 students a year, who are typically aged between 25 and 40. they are currently looking at bringing in their 10th intake. “if we get too many (students) we can’t adequately spend time with each,” said Milroy. “if we limit numbers, we’re able to do our jobs much more effectively.” the 12-month course involves

adding words to the student’s vocabulary that are no longer in typical everyday usage, said Milroy. “We are insisting on the use of words that have long been dormant. it’s quite a radical approach because some people are complaining they don’t know what our graduates are saying – but that’s their problem.”

Karetu, a former new Zealand Maori language commissioner, said it is important people speak the language in order for it to survive. “it really is something we need to look at – the importance of maintaining indigenous language and the effect it has on the culture, the need for language to keep moving forward,” he said.

“it’s the language that carries the culture.” the course is taught in two parts, te reo (language) tutored by Karetu, and tikanga (culture) led by Milroy and the third director of the school professor Pou te Mara. All are acknowledged as experts in their ield and have strong academic and cultural backgrounds.

Karetu and Milroy are in rarotonga until thursday to attend the second USP/AUt University online dictionary workshop for southern Cook islands languages - mapping the languages of Mangaia, Atiu, Aitutaki, Mitiaro and Mauke. the lecture will be delivered tonight at USP from 7pm. - Briar Douglas

Rolls inalised for by-election WitH voting lists finalised,

campaigns are in full swing to win the hearts and minds of voters in the upcoming Murienua by-election. election day is scheduled for thursday September 19, when voters in the constituency will go to the polls to vote for a new member of parliament. the Cook islands Party (CiP) is represented by Kaota tuariki as their candidate, with James Beer fronting for the Demo-

cratic Party. Both leaders are in full campaign mode, with the Demo Party holding a rally later this week. Yesterday, Chief electoral officer taggy tangimetua said the 440 voters are listed on the main roll, with a further 77 on the supplementary roll. eligible voters can register until 6pm on September 19 – with formal campaigning ending at the same time.

A total of 37 voters have been declared as ineligible and been notiied, however they can appeal, said tangimetua. Advance voting, which began August 20, continues as voters can cast their ballot at the Ofice of the chief electoral oficer - located at the Ministry of finance and economic Management’s statistics ofice in Avarua – every working day between 9am and 1pm. So far, a total of six votes have

been tallied along with 15 postal votes. Anyone as young as the age as of 18 can put in an application to be eligible to vote. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Candidates for the Murienua by-election, CIP’s Kaota Tuariki (left) and demo Party candidate James Beer.



World suicide prevention day ALL ArOUnD the world today, people in different communities will be contributing to suicide prevention day. it is a day that is set out to remind people about the need to continually discuss and aid in suicide prevention. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), “not all suicides can be prevented but a majority can”, and that is the mantra of the day. Stigma is the theme of the

day. in Cook islands the rate of suicide is still relatively high in comparison to other Paciic nations and the age of the people committing suicide is getting younger and yet people do not talk about it. According to WHO statistics, “Since 2005 there have been a minimum of two confirmed suicides in rarotonga each year. from 2005- 2011, there were three confirmed suicides. Additionally there were a number

of suspected suicides and a number of attempted suicides.” Male suicide ratio is higher in rarotonga in comparison to Australia and new Zealand, “the rarotonga male suicide rate is more than two times the suicide rate in new Zealand and more than three times the suicide rate in Australia,” according to the WHO statistics. the suicide prevention day serves as a reminder to people about the prevalence of suicide

in their communities and what they can do to prevent it. te Kainga Mental Health trust chairperson Mereana taikoko says “it’s good to have a world suicide prevention day because it reiterates the fact that we continue to look at preventing suicide. it should be ongoing and not a one off thing. We need to raise awareness. We have a big problem here in Cook islands. the suicide age is getting younger and suicide attempts

are going unreported because of the stigma that is still attached to suicide. We encourage them to seek help and seek out a mentor.” Alcohol and substance abuse is often associated with suicidal tendencies. taikoko says people with such tendencies should seek help. “We provide counselling and free psychiatric assessments where we screen for anxiety and depression. the age group varies between 15-

26 but the youngest we have ever had is 12. Prevention has a lot to do with social support. these young people just need a father igure, somebody to look up to, somebody who cares and who can support them through tough times,” says taikoko. Sources for suicide prevention measures in Cook islands revolve around providing proper support to the ‘at-risk,’ community. - Sahiban Kanwal


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

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Westpac celebrates 25 years WeStPAC is celebrating its 25th birthday this week. the bank first opened its doors in rarotonga in 1988 after acquiring the business of European Paciic - the only commercial bank operating in the islands at that time, said general manager of Westpac Cook islands Brett Hooker. “Since then, i’m proud to say that Westpac has grown to be seen not just as a local bank, but as a team that’s truly committed to making a difference to the lo-

cal Cook islands community.” Hooker, who arrived in the Cooks in february, said Westpac offers free inancial literacy workshops to help local men and women in the Cook islands to achieve their inancial goals, and helps with education costs through its popular Westpac Women’s education Grants. “We’re also proud of our graduate programme, which helps Westpac to recruit local talent into our workforce,” Hooker added. “We now have a terriic

team of over 60 dedicated employees in the Cook islands – most of whom i'm proud to say are locals.” Westpac is celebrating its 25-year milestone with a host of festivities in the Cooks this week, including a cake-cutting celebration ceremony yesterday, as well as a number of employee and customer presentations and visits throughout the week. Westpac Paciic general manager Greg Pawson, who has joined the celebrations, said

Westpac has built a strong reputation for consistently going the extra mile to deliver great local service to its customers in the Cooks. Pawson added he is excited to congratulate long-term staff members Marjorie toru and ngametua (tuffy) tuakana for their hard work at Westpac since it irst opened for service. “it is their commitment to service excellence that has helped us build a strong local reputation. it’s our aim to con-

tinue to deliver this level of service for many years to come.” Hooker said the bank will continue to work hard to introduce the best products and services to the local population as it moves into the next quartercentury. “Banking is continually changing in the Cook islands and customers are seeking more and more advanced products and services,” said Hooker. “We’re very excited about launching our new mobile

banking platform, using best-inkind USSD technology, which will revolutionise the way local customers do their banking and deliver smarter, more convenient services to their ingertips. “We’re thrilled to be a valued part of the Cook islands and we would like to thank our loyal customers for supporting us for these 25 years. We hope we can continue to serve in this wonderful nation for many years to come,” said Hooker. - Westpac/BD

A long-time staf member adds to her 20 years of service to Westpac Cook Islands by cutting the cake. 13090906


FOBusin Rsaess Le COOk isLanDs

OnLY seMe i suBMeRsiBL

tOuR OPeRatiOn

A cake-cutting ceremony kicked of the week-long celebration. 13090904

Avatiu Wharf • Rarotonga Ph 55901

sWitCh On with te aponga uira

FiRst COMe, FiRst seRVeD

Westpac staf celebrated the businesses’ 25th birthday before they opened for business on Monday. 13090903

the cost of opening a new electricity connection has just got lower. to help customers with the upfront costs, tau will pay onespan = the distance for a full span (the distance between two power poles between two poles). this savings is worth up to $2,000. this ofer is available “irst come, irst served” until the funds run out.


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

Once was a beauty queen FOXSHOTS

Derek Fox reports from Aotearoa this is a periodical opinion column by Maori journalist and broadcaster Derek fox.

BeAUtY contests have fallen out of favour in recent years, but back in the middle and latter part of last century, they were a popular part of Aotearoa’s social and entertainment calendar. And it was way back then in 1962 that a young te Arawa woman – Maureen Kingi – blitzed the other beauties from around the country to be crowned Miss new Zealand. it is a popular misconception that she was the irst Maori Miss new Zealand, that honour remains with Moana Manley – another te Arawa woman, who only became involved because of a nation-wide Queen Carnival to raise money to send a brass band from new Zealand to england in 1953. the Auckland Maori Community Centre was supporting a particular band and chose

Moana to be their Princess. the following year the Auckland Swimming Centre in another fundraiser, chose Moana as their ‘Miss Swimming’ and entered her in the Miss Auckland contest; she was a champion swimmer, good enough to represent the country. She won the Miss Auckland title, and beat six other regional inalists to become Miss new Zealand for 1954. ironically, her Miss new Zealand commitments got in the way of her swimming, to the extent that although she was nominated for the new Zealand team to compete in the empire Games in Vancouver in 1954, her involvement in the Miss Universe contest in California just prior to the Games, meant she couldn’t do the intensive training required


A popular part of Aotearoa’s social calendar in the latter part of last century- the beauty contest.

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leading up to them. Meanwhile young Maureen Kingi was growing up in rotorua. She was born at Ohinemutu in 1943; Moana nui A Kiwa Hinemoa Manley was born at ngapuna across Lake rotorua eight years earlier. Maureen may well have known and seen Moana when she came on a fundraising trip through rotorua prior to going off to the United States, Maureen would have been 11 or 12 at the time. then it 1962 it was her turn to wear the crown; Maureen te rangi rere i Waho Kingi with tuwharetoa and te Arawa whakapapa, was 19 years old. if you look back at news coverage of that time you will see that there was almost a quaintness about the way they reported the new Miss new Zealand, and the fact she was Maori. reference was made to her knowledge of Maori dancing and singing, particularly the long poi, she was often pictured wearing pare and piupiu. Back in the 1960s there Maureen Kingi. 13072329 weren’t too many positive ref- rie preparing wholesome home erences to Maori in the media. cooked meals each night. After her hectic year as Miss When someone was in trouble and the police were looking for new Zealand Maureen went them they would often be de- back to rotorua and in 1963 scribed as ‘part-Maori’ – never married young man about town mind what their other parts John Waaka. One of their daughwere – the suggestion seemed ters reckons Maureen told her to be that it was the Maori bit that she really fell in love with John’s motorbike Bernadette; that caused the trouble. On the other hand – and i but there might have been a remember this well as a young bit more to it than that because they settled down and journalist – Kiri te if you look went on to have five Kanawa as she dechildren followed veloped her reputaback at news tion as a singer – was coverage of that by 14 grandchildren and so far nine great referred to as ‘parttime you will grandchildren. european’. see that there the work that Back when Mauwas almost Maureen is best reen won her title, a quaintness known for today beMiss new Zealand about the way gan in the late 1980s was a franchise they reported when she started getowned by a chap the new Miss ting involved in local called Joe Brown new Zealand, government. Getting from Otago. He was and the fact she Maori elected onto a most unlikely lookthe local council has ing and behaving was Maori. been a pretty hard job entrepreneur to be running a beauty pageant; but over the years, even in places he was a crafty and canny home- like rotorua, where there are a grown businessman who had a high number of Maori voters. real knack for reading people’s National igures show that only about four per cent of elected entertainment desires. He began running dances councilors are Maori. in 1989 while he was still at school to Maureen made it onto the roraise funds, and once out of torua District Council, but for school and with the arrival of only one three year term. Undeterred she and other radio in Dunedin, he began running a Saturday night dance prominent te Arawa leaders which radio 4ZB broadcast live. worked to ind another solution the dances ran for 30 years and to their lack of substantial repreit’s said that hundreds of Otago sentation, and came up with the couples met and ended up get- te Arawa Standing Committee. ting together at Joe Brown’s it’s a committee of the council dances; it worked for Joe too, with members elected by Maori, that’s where he met his wife with others like the mayor and deputy mayor and sometimes Marjorie. His method of running Miss councilors too, nominated by new Zealand too was unique. the council. When the Standing CommitNot for him pricey lashy hotels, tee was formed in 1993 Maureen oh no. He would cart the contest- was elected to it. in 1998 she was re-elected to ants round the provinces by bus staying in motels, with Marjo- the full council and remained


there until her sudden death; her husband John says there had been no inkling that she was unwell and she had intended running for council again in this year’s October elections. it seems that once she got into the swing of her local government work it blossomed into a whole range of civic duties; she also served on the district health board, she chaired local trusts, her experience on local government meant she was an ideal person to have as a hearings commissioner on local government issues, and she chaired a range of rotorua council committees. then suddenly on June 16 while on business in Auckland she suffered a mild stroke. She was hospitalised and appeared to be on the mend when she had another stroke and her condition deteriorated. She was brought home and died with her family by her side on July 1. Just a few weeks earlier, she and John celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Her tangi was held at te Arawa’s principal marae te Papaiouru, a short walk from where she was born 70 years ago. Hundreds came to mourn and to pay their respects, and to pay tribute to the woman described as a true champion for rotorua, someone who strove her whole life to make it a better place. She was buried at Kauae urupa alongside her mother rhona and sister Pare. She once was a beauty queen, but the many, many te Arawa, and other women who have paid tribute to her since her death, don’t talk about that aspect of her life, but rather about the role model she represented for young women growing up. i’m picking she would have been happy with that.

“ Where the conversation begins.”


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te iPUKAreA

Makeover for CITC Supermarket CitC Supermarket is putting the

inal touches on its recent makeover. the store has been undergoing renovations for around six months now, from staff-only areas at the back of the building right up to the checkouts. the ‘igloo’ where chilled food is stored has been extended, allowing stock to be spread out for easier browsing by shoppers. Most of the old fridges have been replaced with new models, and bread has been brought under the igloo roof. “Before, it was all packed together and you couldn’t really see what you were looking at,” said CitC food Group manager Jason Burgess. “it’ll make it a lot easier for shoppers.” the ‘Kia Orana corner’ with homeware and other goods has new, orderly-looking shelves and also has a more spacious feel. the checkouts are also undergoing a makeover – once complete, the new checkouts will have bigger registers and will be wired up with a ‘food treadmill’ to roll shopping forward towards the checkout operator, and there will be two extra checkouts in operation. Burgess said CitC will soon be advertising “awesome specials” during September to celebrate the renovations, so keep an eye out in both CitC Supermarket and foodland. - BD

Most of the store’s old fridges have been replaced with new models. 13090914


A Telecom staf member wires up the new checkouts. 13090915

CITC Food Group manager Jason Burgess in the store’s newly refurbished ‘Kia Orana corner’. 13090913


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te iPUKAreA

Cooks chef to compete in Guam PreSiDent of the Cook islands Chefs Association, Sam timoko, will be competing in Guam for the Pacific Culinary Challenge from September 18 to 20. This is the irst time Cook Islands will be competing in the two day competition against Australia, nZ, fiji, Vanuatu, tahiti and Guam through the Cook islands Chefs Association and hosted by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). timoko and a local student from Guam will work together to prepare and produce prize winning dishes. timoko is funding his entry because of lack of sponsors and inance but he is glad to be going to Guam and representing Cook islands and its cuisine. “i get to represent Cook islands on an international stage and against other Pacific countries. i am looking to demonstrate northern Cook island cooking by using local products like uto, chilli, coconut oil and dishes wrapped in banana leaves.” the most important challenge will be the canapés class. timoko will be assisted by a local Guam student who will act as his commis chef and help him prepare the canapés and showcase local ingredients. “the canapé class is very important and i'm currently

consulting industry peers and researching local traditional foods and techniques to really showcase what the Cook islands has to offer, it is our opportunity to represent on the international stage against other countries in the pacific to share our knowledge, our food and our culture. this Commis Chef will assist me as i prepare canapés for 120 people and assist me in the mystery box class for three courses for 12 people,” said tomoko. food styles in the Cook islands will focus more on traditional techniques and preparations as the demand for more local food grows says timoko. According to timoko, “When in rome, i eat pasta, horse meat and black truffles. in the Cook islands, i want to eat food that makes me understand a culture, its people and take full advantage of the natural offerings from land and sea.” the purpose of this event is to create opportunity and develop chefs in the Paciic region. The event is designed to be hosted by island nations, currently Vanuatu, Guam, Cook islands, taihiti and fiji. WACS is looking to host the next competition in 2014 in rarotonga bringing over the seven Pacific nations currently registered. - Sahiban Kanwal

Cook Islands Chefs Association president sam Timoko serving Gwen Carter a inished recipe made from uto at this year’s salon Culinaire. 13040570

Luncheon for Toque d’or trio fOLLOWinG the success of the Cook island trio in the nestle toque D’or competition last month in Auckland, the Cook islands tertiary training institute will be holding a kaikai to show their appreciation for a job well done. Dayna tuiravakai, teraitua Cuthers–foxhorn and Angela taoro formed the trio and came home with two bronzes in the cooking part of the competition and one silver in the food and beverage service part of the competition. the function will be held on friday at 2pm at the Hospitality training Centre in turangi. for further information, please contact Michelle Williams on phone 22628. - SK

Three well-earned medals for dayna Tuiravakai (bronze), Angela Taoro (silver) and Teraitua Cuthers–Foxhorn (bronze). 13090433

Mauke Day celebrations on Friday t e AtU KU r A grounds in

Parekura will be playing host to the Mauke Day celebrations on friday and the community is being asked to support the event. Mauke Day is a gala day where the Mauke community will bring raw or cooked food to help fundraise for the hosting of next year’s Manea Games.

the games will be held in Mauke next October and all the funds that will come out of the Mauke Day will be going to help out with the sporting event. the funds will be used for catering, transport and accommodation and other necessary equipment for the Manea Games. the celebrations will begin

at 8am and include the involvement of 200-300 young children participating in an array of sporting challenges including athletics, netball, rugby 7s, tennis, dance and even the traditional sports like coconut tree climbing, husking, grating and weaving. there will also be a radiothon conducted on Saturday to help

out with the Manea Games in 2014. the opening ceremony will be conducted by Papa Orometua ngateitei Moutaiki ngametua. Mauke mayor George Samuela and MP tai tura will be present at the radiothon to contribute to the event. the radiothon will start at 12 noon and will continue until the evening. Saturday

morning will also see the draw of the Manea Games rafle take place. there will be a pledge on the radio to help out with funds and anyone who is able to is requested to pitch in. “i am requesting all the people from Mauke to help out and put in as much as they can. i would also like to request that all the

unsold tickets be brought back to Harriet raui,” said Samuela. the traditional leaders and heads of the churches in Mauke would like to extend their appreciation and gratitude to the contribution made by everyone who has pitched in to make the Mauke Day event a reality. - Sahiban Kanwal


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303


RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is


casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.







Meeting for all Pawpaw Growers at the Ministry of Agriculture, Head Oice in Arorangi on Thursday 12 Sept at 10am. E kapikianga kite au aronga tanu nita. E uipaanga ta tatou a te Paraparau ra 12 o Tepetema ki ko i te pae angaanga tanutanu, I te ora ngauru tikai. Aere mai. Teketere Ngametua Kino

FREE EYE EXAMS AND FREE GLASSES for children. Supporting the community that supports ANNIE at THE EYE PLAcE, cOOKS cORNER. Phone 22121.

Shop for sale Small shop next to the Punanganui Market in Avatiu. Use for commercial or town away for home use. Prefer prime location for shop purposes right on the main road. To view phone 74306.

Chef de Partie Kitchen Hand (Part Time) Cleaner - morning only We require the above staf to join our team at the Vaima Polynesian Restaurant and Tiki Bar in Vaimaanga. Tel 26123 for interview.

Wanted Full time worker in food market garden. Phone 24858 or 76017.

Raro Shack’s owners are looking for a new place to live. Married couple with young daughter seek 3+4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. Must be cLEAN, MODERN & pet friendly. Shop 20500, mob 55009. Email

73623 /33952 /1931

73484 /33945 /1939

FOR RENT Nikao lge sunny 2 bdr, popular rental unit, furnished, avail 14 Sept tel 55527 $220pw 73612 / /1931

One bedroom furnished lat in Tupapa. Phone 50551. 73633 /33959 /1931

Fully furnished, one bedroom studio unit available for long term rental. $150 per week. Quiet location Akaoa, Arorangi. Phone 55187 or 20777. 73626 /33953 /1931

Annual General Meeting (AGM) ScI AGM for 2013 is being held at Sailing headquarters Maritime cook Islands on Thursday 26 September 2013 at 4pm. All club & class Association delegates, and sailing supporters are most welcome to attend. Agenda includes Minutes, Presidents Report, club & class Reports, Treasurers Report, Elections of Oice Bearers and General Business. Special Resolutions & Notices are to be received by the Secretary General PO BOX 569 Rarotonga by 12 September 2013. John Secretary ScI M 55 159 E john@jta. 73288 /33703 /2234

SHIPPING NOTICES Lady Moana Voy 06 Sailing for Manihiki, Penryhn and Rakahanga on Friday 20 September, accepting cargo now. For further enquries please contact ph 24905 or 24912 Taio Shipping Limited


FOR SALE MAMA’S ISLAND FLAVOuRS Yummy food for sale!!! Ika Mata Palusami Sia’s famous chicken curry (No bones) Asian chicken with pawpaw salsa Date cake with warm caramel sauce Head ei’s & much more... Saturdays: Punanga Nui Market 7am-1pm Wednesdays: Muri Beach Day Market 9am - 3pm Thursdays: Muri Beach Night Market with live string band 5pm-9pm. contact Gina, O-Hiva or Mama Sia on 55789. 73514 /33828 /1931

Bunk beds, king single plus mattresses from NZ. Excellent condition, $500 ono. Phone 24938. 73581 /33932 /1931

Pigs for sale Tano no te umu. Ring 73167. 73634 /33960 /1931

73625 / /1857

IN MEMORIAM inlovingmemoryofourbelovedPapa

Poatasamuel 23 april 1936 - 9 september 2012

timeslipsbyandlifegoeson Butfromourheartsyou’re never gone godbrokeourheartsto prove to us he only takes the best! Oneyearhaspassed sincethatheartbreaking day. gone is our PaPawhoweloveandmiss everyday From your grandaughters

teniva-O-te-Ra,kiangaRobyn&Orana FUNERAL PROGRAMME the kopu tangata of ngati te akareva &ngati Maoate announce the passing away of tearii Vahine te taua O te Rai halligan, the wife of the late Charles halligan of tahiti, the beloved mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, great grandmother, aunts & friend on thursday 5 september 2013. the family service will be held on Monday, 9 sept at 6pm at her residence in avaavaroa and the funeral will be held on tuesday, 10 sept and will commence with a service at her residence at 3pm. she will be taken to the CiCC Church in titikaveka, followed by her burial at her evidence in avaavaroa

Live in Nanny wanted, with sober habits to look after 2 kids ages 1 & 2 year olds, Mon to Fri. Phone 53337. 73439 /33804 /1931

Front Oice supervisor This job is for the person who loves meeting new people, is friendly, well groomed, honest, reliable and has had experience in the hospitality industry. Experience in hotel reservations, a knowledge of local tourist attractions & activities and have an ability to lead a small team of staf, are some of the qualities required for this position. Please send your letter in interest & cV to Jane - jane@ by Friday 13 Sep. 73617 / /2293

Au pair Live in nanny required for 4 children. Tiler Qualiied tiler required. Must have own tools. Experience with mosaics. Send cV to jane@ 73618 / /2293

Tailoress Full time required for Inspiration of Raro. Must be able to carry out made to measure garments accurately and have vast experience in all aspects of alterations, adjustment sewing and working with diferent fabrics. call 70059 for Interview 73589 /33947 /1939

For the sake of your family

GET HELP Call AA - 71744

73582 /33931 /1931



3 Cashier opportunities are available for immediate illing. You will need to be a person of sober habits have some experience in customer service and be willing to work rostered weekends. Please apply in the irst instance to Mum on 29804 between the hours of 9am - 1pm. Applicants with a c.V with contactable references are encouraged to apply. A POS Administrator is required for the handling of point of sale loading and data entry, knowledge of trouble shooting Quick Books or MYOB POS is essential. Must also be competent with operating systems relating to the store intranet and security. A c.V is essential for this position. Please email queries and c.V to systemadmin@maneafoods. com 73470 / /1617


Ph 22336

Animal Clinic

73635 /33954 /1931

73595 / /2656

73355 /33756 /1931

A meeting of the landowners in respect of the above lands will be held at the ruaau Meeting House in Arorangi on Thursday, 12 September 2013 at 5:30pm. Pursuant to the deed of lease dated 30 August 1989, a landowner has given written consent exercising their right of irst refusal in respect of the proposed assignment of the lease. Would all landowners please attend the meeting for the purpose of determining whether the landowner be entitled to exercise their right of irst refusal and proceed with the purchase of the lease on the above land. details may be obtained from Heinz Matysik of little & Matysik P.C., Cook Islands lawyers, Avarua, rarotonga, Tel: 21619, Fax: 21615 or email:

You are warmly invited to a PUBLIC LECTURE

E kore te reo e ora ki te kore e kōrerotia For a language to survive it must be spoken By Professor Wharehuia Milroy QSO, CNZM and Professor Tīimoti Kāretu QSO

USP Centre 7.00 Tuesday 10 September, 2013


Professor Kāretu was irst Commissioner of the Māori Language Commission and is currently one of three Directors of Te Panekiretanga o Te Reo Māori. In 1992 Dr Kāretu was awarded the Queen’s Service Order for services to the Māori language.

NU BAR & BISTRO Great little business in a great location, would suit working couple. Genuine enquiries only.

Professor Milroy was Professor of Māori at University of Waikato, is a member of the Waitangi Tribunal and one of three Directors of Te Panekiretanga o Te Reo Māori. He was made a companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2012 for services to the Māori language.

Please call 26123 for further information

Light refreshments afterwards


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We are seeking a dedicated and ambitious person to join our Financial and Crown audit team. relevant accounting, inancial management or audit experience would be preferable, however training will be provided. Preference will be given to individuals with, or working towards, a relevant tertiary qualiication, speciically in the area of accounting or inance. A good knowledge and understanding of Government and business systems is preferred. Applicants must be computer literate and possess very good written and oral communication skills. If you have an inquisitive mind, a keen interest in accountancy and investigative assignments, work well individually and as part of a team, please send your CV to: Anne McMahon email: Fax: 25231 Applications close 4pm, Wednesday 11 September 2013. /

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Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News


Local couple head to America’s Cup MUri BeACHCOMBer own-

ers John and Debbie Moore will be attending the 34th America’s Cup in San francisco Bay this year. This is the irst time the couple will be attending the competition and they are geared up to rally the troops for their favourite cup team, emirates team new Zealand. they departed Saturday along with two other couples, to attend the third and fourth leg of the race. the competition runs from September 7-21 where teams

– Oracle team USA (defender of the cup) will face emirates team new Zealand for the cup. Prior to deciding to attend the grand finale, the Moore’s went to the Luis Vuitton challenger series won by emirates team new Zealand. the series is the decider for the team that goes up against the defender of the America’s Cup. “We went up there for John’s birthday and to watch a couple of races in July. it is so close, it’s amazing. You get really close to watch the race and the boats

are so big. We are very lucky to be going back,” said Debbie Moore. they have all the cheer gear they need to root for their favourite team. “We have t-shirts, lags, everything we need to support team nZ,” said Moore. the duo’s intention is to go to Canada for a road show organised by Cook islands tourism, but in the meantime they will be keeping their voices loud and fingers crossed to cheer for their team. - Sahiban Kanwal

John and debbie Moore have been preparing for their America’s Cup trip by making sure they have all the gear they need to cheer on their team. 13061832

America’s Cup: a brief history i n 1851 a radical looking

Team new Zealand rounding the bend for the inish line. 13090515


WATSAN Technical Co-ordinator The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning invites applications for the posts of WATSAN Technical Co-ordinator in its Water, Waste and Sanitation (WATSAN) Unit. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a new team, tasked with making improvements in infrastructure, policy and practice that will contribute to protecting and enhancing the lagoon and ocean environments around our islands. We are seeking a suitably qualiied, experienced, highly motivated and enthusiastic person to assist the WATSAN Unit Manager and WMI Programme Manager in co-ordinating implementation and delivery of tasks and outcomes across a number of critical work programmes. The role will involve day to day administration and project management, as well as requiring liaison with relevant government agencies, local communities and the private sector. Speciically the scope of tasks for this position will not necessarily be limited to the following but shall include: • Provide technical input to the implementation of a programme of upgrading onsite sanitation systems on rarotonga and Aitutaki, including participation in sanitation systems’ site inspections and assessments, review of wastewater plans and designs, co-ordination with Public Health Inspectors, co-ordination and oversight of works carried out by third party contractors engaged by the Ministry, and attendance at related meetings, discussions and workshops • Prepare such technical, project management and progress reports and associated documentation as are required by the Programme Manager for implementation of the programme • Undertake such additional tasks as may be instructed from time to time by the WATSAN Manager and/or Programme Manager in connection with the work of the WATSAN Unit In addition to relevant qualiications, the successful applicant will have a demonstrable track record of work experience in a relevant trade or professional ield, with emphasis in the sanitation/wastewater sector being an advantage, strong communications skills and an enquiring, analytical mind. For this position, an interest in or understanding of water, wastewater and environmental protection will be a distinct advantage. Above all, the successful candidate must be passionate about making a diference to the long term well-being of the Cook Islands. If you would like to apply for this position, please submit a letter of application with a current CV to: Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning Po Box 120 rarotonga The closing date for applications is Friday, 20 September 2013. For more information please contact Tangi Taoro by phone on 20-321 or by email: /

schooner ghosted out of the afternoon mist and swiftly sailed past the royal Yacht stationed in the Solent, between the isle of Wight and the south coast of england, on an afternoon when Queen Victoria was watching a sailing race. As the schooner, named America, passed the royal yacht in irst position, and saluted by dipping its ensign three times, Queen Victoria asked one of her attendants to tell her who was in second place. “Your Majesty, there is no second,” came the reply. that phrase, just four words, is still the best description of the America’s Cup, and how it represents the singular pursuit of excellence. After America won the 100 Guinea Cup in 1851, new York Yacht Club Commodore John Cox Stevens and the rest of his ownership syndicate sold the celebrated schooner and returned home to new York as heroes. they donated the trophy to the new York Yacht Club under a ‘deed of gift’, which stated that the trophy was to be “a perpetual challenge cup for friendly competition between nations.”

thus was born the America’s Cup, named after the winning schooner America, as opposed to the country. the America’s Cup trophy is known to be one of the hardest trophies to win and since it began, only four nations have won what is called, “the oldest trophy in international sport.” Currently, to determine the cream of the crop and the best of the best there are three stages that a team must go through before getting to the grand inale. The irst is the America’s cup (AC) World Series which has two sessions and at the end of each of the AC World series circuit a series champion is crowned based on their cumulative scores from each event. this is followed by the America’s Cup Challenger series, the Luis Vuitton Cup. this is the regatta that determines which challenger races the defender in the America’s Cup finals. this year, scheduled July 7-August 30, three teams entered in the 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup- Artemis racing of Sweden, emirates team new Zealand, and Luna rossa Challenge of italy and it was won by emirates team new Zealand. this is followed by the grand

The cup that is being vied for by four teams this year. 13090302

inale taking place in San Francisco Bay from September 7 to 21. San francisco plays host to the 34th America’s Cup where teams – Oracle team USA versus emirates team new Zealand– have their bows aimed at the ultimate prize: the America’s Cup, the trophy first awarded in 1851. the 34th edition of the America’s Cup marks a transformation for the oldest trophy in international sport as new boats, cutting-edge technology, and a close-to-shore venue mean that this summer’s America’s Cup will be unlike anything that’s preceded it. the 2013 America’s Cup is features notable firsts: the irst time racing is inshore not offshore; the first time all teams are racing wing sail catamarans; the first time the AC72 “50 mph lying boats” foil above the water; the irst time there is a new pathway series for youth sailors–the red Bull Youth America’s Cup; and the irst time the America’s Cup has been held in the United States since 1995. All in all, the 2013 America’s Cup offers exhilarating racing and shore side activities to excite visitors of all ages. - Sahiban Kanwal


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

FLIGHT FROM ARRIVES tuesDay sePtemBer 10


Nz748/749 AKL 1.25AM Nz46/45 AKL 5.15PM VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM ThuRSDAy SEPTEMBER 11 Nz46/45 AKL 4.15PM Gz035/034 PPT 2.50PM Nz748/749 AKL 12.25AM


2.25AM 6.30PM 1.45AM


5.30PM 3.50PM 1.25AM








0910 1140 1640


1000 1230 1730




TIARE MOANA 14 - ETD AuCk 03/09, ETA RARO 13/09, ETA AITuTAkI 15/09

tuesDay sePtemBer 10

0800 1030 1530

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details


0850 1120 1620

OlOMANA 19 - ETD AuCk 13/09, ETA RARO 27/09, ETA AITuTAkI 30/09


TIARE MOANA 15 - ETD AuCk 28/09, ETA RARO 06/10, ETA AITuTAkI 08/10

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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

answer to Monday’s puzzle

answer to Monday’s puzzle

hÄgaR the horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight Situation: A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers remains slow moving over the Southern Cooks. Meanwhile, an easterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Some showers over most places. Moderate southeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Some showers. For Rarotonga: Cloudy periods with some showers. Further outlook: Some showers. For the Northern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate to fresh easterly winds. Moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: Some showers.

Humidity 10



By Lee Falk & sy Barry










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

TUE high 12.27AM




Rarotonga Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Tuesday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By Dik Browne


the PhantOM




12.56PM 0.89M



1.3m SW


0.8m E


WEd high 1.08AM 0.96M 1.40PM 0.86M








Sun, Moon & Arapo

SE 18KTS new Moon OcT 5 12.35AM

First Quarter sep 12 5.09PM

Full Moon sep 19 11.13AM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter sep 27 3.56AM


araPo - aKaoti KoreKore TUE 10 TAnu (Planting) Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.



TAuTAI (Fishing) Kua kae te mu. Po ika. Catch mu. Fish night.

sun Rise 6.40AM sun set


Moon Rise 10.20AM Moon set 11.47PM Moon Rise 11.13AM Moon set

Front Key:




1.5m SW


swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WEd sun Rise 6.39AM sun set 6.33PM


1.3m SW



24° SE 14KTS


28° SE 13KTS


25° SE 15 KTS



25° SE 15KTS

29° SE 16KTS


25° SE 15KTS


Tuesday, sepTember 10, 2013 cook Islands News

Local couple head to America’s Cup



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Sailors win gold in team race teAM Cook islands won gold again in the men’s sailing laser team event at the Wallis and Futuna Paciic Mini Games yesterday. Sailors Junior Charlie and taua elisa’s win helps boost the Cook islands medal haul. taua elisa also won his two races on Monday to be placed number one in the Paciic. teau McKenzie is currently placed number one in the Paciic in her races. She has won her last four races and has one more day of sailing. Junior Charlie’s races to be held Sunday (Monday Wallis time) were postponed due to heavy rain causing poor visibility–he was expected to race again yesterday. Meanwhile, a welcoming party at the airport will greet members of team Cook islands who arrive back in rarotonga this afternoon.

Minister of Sport Mark Brown will be at the airport today at around 5pm when the flight is due in to officially welcome some members of the team back from the Wallis and futuna Paciic Mini Games. Weightlifter Luisa Peters, who won three silver medals for the Cook islands, and silver medallist sprinter Patricia taea will not be on board the light– they are instead heading back to training. Peters has been at the weightlifting institute in new Caledonia for a month prior to the games, while taea returns to the regional Development Centre on Australia’s Gold Coast where she has been training for the past eight months. Discus gold medallist tereapii tapoki was scheduled to be on the light, but it is unknown if she will be part of the group returning today.

Associate Minister of Sport John Henry, athletics manager ina Marsters, CiSnOC president Hugh Graham and weightlift-

ing manager Unakea Kauvai will return today. remaining in Wallis and futuna this week are CiSnOC chief

executive and chef de mission robert Graham, administration manager Siniva Marsters, sailing manager Anne tierney, and the

three member sailing team. they are due to return to rarotonga early friday morning. - helen Greig

national sailor Junior Charlie, pictured here during one of his races last week, has won gold with his team mate Taua elisa. 13090678

Northern Districts’ Maori gear up for series nOrtHern Districts’ northern Maori invitational squad will break new ground for Maori cricket when it embarks on its maiden overseas campaign this month. An initiative developed and fostered by the nDCA (northern Districts Cricket Association) to boost Maori participation in the game, the northern Maori side will begin a week-long tour to rarotonga on September 21. Captained by Waikato Valley skipper Leighton Parsons and managed by northern Districts selector and operations manager Pat Malcon, the team will play Cook islands representative sides in a series of twenty20s under lights and promote the development of Cook islands Cricket - an ICC afiliate nation assisted by northern Districts Cricket. "it's going to be a highly meaningful visit for us, not only

because of the close relationship between northern Districts and Cook islands Cricket, but because of the signiicant historical links and cultural familiarity between Cooks islands Maori and new Zealand Maori," said northern Maori wicketkeeper and coach Graeme Stewart. "We will be playing just kilometres from the spot said to be the departure point for the leet of waka that set off for Aotearoa, including our tainui canoe. that first team haka on rarotongan soil will be very special to us as Maori." Launched in 2011, northern Maori will also play its traditional ixture against Waikato University this summer, with further matches and dates to be announced during the season. northern Districts chief executive officer Peter roach said, "northern Districts is very proud of taking the national

Former Blackcap and Knights player James Marshall loses his wicket to the Cook Islands mens team. 13090911 lead in growing Maori participation in cricket. it's an area that has historically been left to languish, but one we value in our region. "We have significant Maori

communities in Poverty Bay, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and northland and i have no doubt that there are talents waiting to be uncovered in those communities. northern Maori was

conceived as an inspiring pathway for young Maori sportsmen and we are already seeing results in increased interest from the Maori sporting community." Continuing its policy of giv-

ing opportunities to young Maori players, the team includes two irst XI players from Hamilton Boys’ High, Danyn Stewart and renay Meadows. - release/ sahiban Kanwal

Tuesday 10 September  

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