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$2 Monday, september 9, 2013

Demo Party says no to George OppOsitiOn and Democratic

party leader Wilkie Rasmussen says there is no way that Mapumai-teenui Mp norman George can join the party at any time in the future. “i assure the public that the Opposition and Democratic party will abide by the decision of the High Court delivered by Justice Hugh Williams that norman George has not legitimately resigned from the Cook islands

Rasmussen. Rasmussen says the final pronouncement on this matter has been made by the Court and as far as the Opposition is concerned the matter has been concluded. “Let me also make it very clear that the Court has also said unambiguously that the anti-party hopping provisions of the Electoral Act that Mr George has challenged were not contrary to

party and is therefore still a Cip Mp. i have in fact stated this position several weeks ago after the decision was delivered and the Court’s decision has been consistent with the view and position maintained by the Democratic party throughout the whole time that Mr George has been engaged in his outrageous maneuvers to leave the party that he was elected under,” says

the Cook islands Constitution. therefore he cannot cross the floor and join the Democratic party while he is still a Cip Mp.” Rasmussen says what George has been told by the Democratic party from the start is that he must resign from his seat and win the nomination in the teenui-Mapumai electorate to stand for the Democratic party. “that is the process from the Democratic party Constitution

available to all Democratic party aspiring candidates.” Rasmussen is adamant that George should have realised a long time ago that the rules of floor-crossing and party hopping have changed. “i and the Opposition caucus are going to uphold those laws to preserve our integrity as the government that introduced them. such legislative provisions were passed to create stability and

stop rogue Mps from collapsing governments in ofice. Political stability is something that we the politicians must provide for the people of the country.” “As much as i would like to defeat this government, giving in to norman George’s constant self-gratifying antics will defeat the purposes of the former Democratic government’s objectives in reforming our political system.” - Release

Super fund case before Chief Justice CHiEF Justice tom Weston will

hear the latest development in the superannuation fund case today. He is in Rarotonga to preside over civil and criminal court for the next two weeks. the super fund case will centre on a declaratory judgement requested by the minister of the Cook islands superannuation Fund, saying that payments are constitutional. the respondents to the request will claim it is not, as there is no guarantee of adequate compensation by superannuation fund legislation. new Zealand lawyer Mike Rufin will be representing the Crown, with local lawyer tim Arnold representing respondents Arorangi timberland Ltd, Andy Olah, Manea Foods, Beco Ltd, super Brown Ltd and Raina trading Ltd. A criminal call-over relating to the superannuation fund will also be held this afternoon, for businesses charged with failing to deduct and pay contribution. Four criminal sentencings are scheduled over the two weeks, including sentencing of tV sports presenter Roger tai Blake next tuesday september 17. two appeal applications are scheduled for Wednesday, including one by the police against a Justice of the peace decision to dismiss an assault on a female charge committed by a public servant. A criminal jury trial for Maarametua tearaitoa, charged with 12 counts of using a docu-

ment to obtain pecuniary advantage, is scheduled for thursday. twelve people, including ex-

police oficer charged with theft as a servant Davinia Webb and ngati-tane Vano charged with

three counts of manslaughter and dangerous driving causing death are to appear for a crimi-

nal call-over next thursday september 19. Chief Justice Weston will be

in Rarotonga until sunday september 22. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia

in Wallis and Futuna on sunday (saturday Ci time). During the first week of the pacific Mini Games the Cook islands won

one gold and ive silver medals. the sailing team will remain in Wallis this week as they complete their competition, while

the other half of the team begins the journey home.

Kaikai in Kuliokopo

Henry get into the Wallisian groove dressed in traditional attire during the team’s kaikai host by the village of Kuliokopo

tEAM Cook islands Athlet-

ics manager and CisnOC vice president ina Marsters and Associate Minister of sport John

Last Minute Deals!

Sunday feast Wallis style, page 8 & 9

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Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News

worldnEWs nuti no tEiA nEi AO Kids burned by lime juice The moThers of ive California girls said their daughters were injured by a chemical reaction resulting from lime juice and the sun’s rays. The girls decided to operate a lime and lemonade stand to cool of on a recent hot day and it was more than a day before the severe burns started showing up on their skin. “My youngest one woke up screaming and crying, she just couldn’t handle the pain,” one mother said. “And there were big blisters all over her body.” Doctors determined the condition was phytophotodermatitis, which results from a chemical reaction in the lime juice caused by the sun’s rays.

Strike support gaining Agreement that use of chemical weapons crosses ‘global red line’ pARis – Us secretary of state

John Kerry has continued a diplomatic offensive to win support for military action against syria in response to an alleged chemical attack. After talks with Arab League ministers in paris on sunday, Kerry said they had agreed that Bashar al-Assad’s regime had crossed a “global red line” with the August 21 attack in Damascus suburbs. “All of us agree, not one dissenter, that Assad’s deplorable use of chemical weapons crosses an international global red

world BRiEFs PRINCE NABBED ON PALACE WALK ENGLAND – The Duke of York has said he is “grateful” for an apology from police after oicers challenged him in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. In a statement, Prince Andrew said the police had a diicult job and sometimes they “get it wrong”. Scotland Yard conirmed it had stopped the prince and said the force had “apologised for any inconvenience”. The incident happened two days after a man was arrested on suspicion of burglary inside the palace. The duke said: “The police have a diicult job to do balancing security for the Royal Family and deterring intruders, and sometimes they get it wrong. “I am grateful for their apology and look forward to a safe walk in the garden in the future.”

BOmBERs AttACK gOvERNmENt OffICEs AFGHANISTAN – At least four Afghan intelligence staf have been killed after suicide bombers attacked oices of the provincial intelligence department in Wardak. Five suicide bombers were shot dead in the series of co-ordinated attacks, an hour away from the capital Kabul. More than 100 civilians were injured, police said. Police say that the suicide bombers in Wardak were targeting key government oices within the provincial intelligence department in Maidan Shar, the capital city of Wardak. Nearby buildings and shops were destroyed, a statement from the governor’s oice said. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.

PROBE tO ExPLORE mOON’s AtmOsPhERE USA – NASA has launched its latest mission to the Moon. An unmanned probe lifted of on Friday in a US$280 million mission to investigate the tenuous atmosphere that surrounds the moon. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer will also try to get some insights on the strange behaviour of moondust, which appears on occasions to levitate high above the surface. US astronauts irst walked on the Moon in 1969, and the last explorers of the Apollo era visited in 1972. The journey to the Moon will take about a month and the probe will initially orbit at a height of about 250km for 40 days before moving lower for the science portion of its mission.

700 REFUGEES mAKE ItALIAN COAst ITALY – More than 700 people have been rescued from boats carrying migrants and refugees of the coast of Italy since Friday. Coastguards said four vessels loaded with people from Syria, Egypt, Eritrea, Nigeria and Ghana got into diiculty of Sicily. Another boat was carrying 212 migrants including eight children and was being towed toward the tiny island of Lampedusa. Two other boats carrying a total of 293 Syrians and Egyptians were also taken on Friday to Sicily. Events in Syria and Egypt has resulted in an increase in the number of refugees attempting to reach Italy in recent months. Thousands of people have made the hazardous crossing from North Africa to Italy or Malta in open boats.

line,” Kerry said. Kerry said a number of Arab countries were willing to sign a statement agreed by 12 countries of the G20 summit earlier this week that called for a reaction to the alleged attack, and that they would make announcements in the next 24 hours. “today we discussed the possible and necessary measures that can be taken,” he said. He said saudi Arabia – which participated in the talks along with officials from the Arab League and eight other Arab countries – was among those who had signed on. “they have supported the strike and they have supported taking action,” Kerry said. However, in a joint news conference with Qatari foreign minister, Kerry acknowledged that there is only a political solution to syria’s war, not a military one. Kerry also said that the Us is considering a French suggestion of possibly bringing the syria issue back to the Un security Council after Un inspectors who investigated claims of chemical weapons use have inished their report. the Us and France are trying to build an international coalition to launch military strikes against the syrian regime. Kerry has insisted that international backing to take strong action is growing, not receding. Meanwhile, iran’s new foreign minister said the Us will ignite a fire across the Middle East if it attacks syria, warning Western powers against warmongering. “We are concerned about warmongering in this region,” Mohammad Javad Zarif said on a visit to iraq. “those who are short-sighted and are beating the drums of war are starting a ire that will burn everyone.” - Agencies

demonstrators take part in a rally in Times square in new york City against us military action in syria as its leaders rally for support for a strike from arab League ministers. AFP

2020 Olympics in Tokyo BUEnOs AiREs – tokyo has

been chosen to host the 2020 Olympic and paralympic Games ahead of istanbul and Madrid. the Japanese capital won a inal round of voting by International Olympic Committee (iOC) members in Buenos Aires to beat istanbul by 60 votes to 36. Madrid had earlier been eliminated in a irst-round ballot. the announcement was met with jubilant scenes in Japan, as

tokyo prepares to host the event for the irst time since 1964. When iOC president Jacques Rogge – who will retire after 12 years in the role on tuesday – announced the winning city, the tokyo delegation jumped to their feet in celebration and waved the Japanese lag. A number of them were overcome with emotion and wept, following two years of intense lobbying. “i would like to thank every-

one in the Olympic movement and we will host a wonderful Olympic Games,” a delighted prime Minster shinzo Abe said. Bid leader tsunekazu takeda added: “it is a great honour that Tokyo has been chosen. The irst thing i will do when i return is to thank all of Japan.” London mayor Boris Johnson sent “ congratulations to tokyo for winning the honour of hosting the greatest sporting spectacular on the planet”. - BBC

30 babies die in four days CALCUttA – A government-run

hospital in Calcutta has been accused of negligence after the deaths of 30 babies admitted to its care in the last four days. the parents of the dead babies say hospital staff did not give their children the correct medicine and were guilty of mismanagement. the BC Roy post-Graduate institute of paediatric sciences says it did all it could do to prevent the deaths. it says there

was a spike in admissions of ill babies who could not be saved. Dr tridib Banerjee, chairman of the Health Department’s special task force, said that as BC Roy was a referral hospital, many patients were in a critical state. “Doctors always try their best but sometimes patients cannot be saved as their condition is very bad,” Dr Banerjee said. “there is not a single case of negligence.”

the facility, which provides free health care to poor families, is the largest paediatric centre in eastern india. in 2011 it was cleared of negligence after the death of 18 babies in two days. As a result of that inquiry, a new neo-natal unit was installed to provide better treatment. But critics say the state government needs to invest more money to ensure all sick children receive the best care. - BBC

tokyo gets the games

CAMBODIAN ELECTION RESULT UPHELD CAMBODIA – Cambodia’s election committee has handed victory in hotly disputed polls to the ruling party of Prime Minister Hun Sen, despite allegations of widespread voter fraud. The Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) of the strongman leader won 68 seats to 55 for the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), according to a notice on the website of the country’s government-appointed election committee. The opposition has contested the outcome of the July 28 election, but its legal challenges were rejected. The results end the legal avenues open to the opposition to contest the poll, despite its allegations that major voter fraud distorted the result and a mass rally of about 10,000 supporters on Saturday calling for an independent probe into the election.

today’s Daily Bread All by itself the soil produces grain—irst the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: Mark 4:26-32

Text: Matthew Text:7:26 Verse 28

Japanese revellers celebrate as Tokyo is selected as host city of the 2020 olympics at a live-viewing of the announcement in Tokyo. Japan won the right to host the Olympic Games in a inal ballot against Istanbul. AFP

Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News



Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalnEWs nuti no tE pA EnUA

Funding infrastructure the key UK says Paciic climate change funding must be spent properly MAJURO – the British Minister of State says that Paciic island countries need to develop the infrastructure to manage financing for climate change adaptation. Hugo swire attended the post Forum Dialogue following last week’s pacific islands Forum summit in Majuro.

the pacific islands Forum leaders issued their strongest call yet for action on climate change . swire welcomed the Majuro Declaration adopted by Paciic leaders which spelled out commitments for action on climate change which is identified as one of the greatest threats to

paciic BRIEFS GOOD TIME FOR A WOMEN’S MP QUOTA FIJI – A Tongan scholar says now is a good time for her country to introduce a quota system for women parliamentarians. Sulia Makasini is writing a paper on how an interim quota system might work while in Australia under the Paciic Women’s Parliamentary Partnerships Programme. Tonga’s legislative assembly has only one woman MP, Ana Taufe’ulungaki, and she was not elected but appointed by the Prime Minister. Makasini, who works as a committee clerk for the assembly, says ideally Tonga’s parliament will be 50 per cent women but a quota system is still very controversial and would have to be introduced gradually. Makasini says people in Tonga need education on how increasing the number of women parliamentarians will beneit the country.

PREPARING ANTI-CORRUPTION DRAFT SOLOMON ISLANDS – The Solomon Islands government is reportedly preparing legislation to establish an Independent Commission Against Corruption. Transparency Solomon Islands says it has been told that the bill will most likely be ready early next year. The draft bill will establish an independent body responsible for investigating and prosecuting cases of corruption and enhancing integrity in government institutions. Such a body is required under Article 6 of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption that Solomon Islands signed last year. The anticorruption group says the current government has made a habit of inviting stakeholders to consultations on important new bills and then mostly ignoring their input.

KIWIS AND AUSSIES NOT INvITED – yET WALLIS AND FUTUNA – The Paciic Games Council has rejected a resolution to invite New Zealand and Australia to participate in the next Paciic Games in Port Moresby. But members have asked the Executive Board to revisit the issue next year. The President of the Paciic Games Council, Vidhya Lakhan, says a Continental Games would align the region with what is happening in other parts of the world. However, some countries expressed concerns over the impact including New Zealand and Australia would have on the competitiveness of Paciic countries and the unique culture of the current Games.

DISPUTE OvER DRIvER’S TEST TRANSLATIONS HAWAI’I – An NGO in Hawai’i intends iling a lawsuit over the Department of Transportation’s failure to have its written driver’s test translated into Chuukese, Marshallese and Ilocano – a dialect from the Philippines. Faith Action for Community Equity, or FACE, says its lawsuit will seek to require the Department to provide translations or interpretation for the test in these languages. FACE leader and Chuukese court interpreter, Kikko Sana Eram, has met with the department’s civil rights specialists and told them the English-only policy is hurting families. Hawai’i remains the only state not to ofer the test in other languages.

fORmER PROvINCIAL gOvERNOR ChARgED PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A former East Sepik Governor, Peter Waranaka Wararu, has been charged with misappropriation in relation to the use of District Service Improvement Programme funds. The amount alleged to have been misappropriated is 1,799,550 kina (around NZ$94,000). He was later released on 10,000 kina bail and will appear before the Waigani committal court on Monday. According to his lawyer the allegations of misappropriation were made in 2012 and investigations have been carried out since. “It was alleged that these funds were not used properly,” Kumbari said. Wararu was charged with 20 counts of misappropriation relating to development funds for the YangoruSausia electorate in East Sepik.

CALL TO CURTAIL ACTIvITIES OF CULT GROUP PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A rapid rise in cult activities in North Fly area of Papua New Guinea has prompted a former governor to appeal to police to apprehend leaders of the movement. Norbert Makmop said the group claimed it had powers of world screen, knowledge and money. Makmop said the activity was a total nuisance, criminal in nature and against the constitution of the country. He said the cult movement had been going on for six years and was penetrating most parts of Western province where incidents of sexual assault, torture and harassment were prevalent.

the region. He says Britain has taken the point. “We think the most pressing need for this part of the world is actually climate change – that’s why we are providing access to inance and access to know-how. “But we also believe actually that we can’t do it all from the West. Countries in the region need to have the infrastructure and have the ability to deliver themselves.” swire said Britain is providing around Us$6 billion through its international Climate Fund between 2011 and 2016 to help developing countries adapt to the impacts of climate change. He says the ability of some pacific island countries to access and apply for inancing for climate change adaptation needs to be better developed. “there are huge amounts of money out there, and that money has to be spent properly and accounted for properly. “so it can’t just be given out here and there. it seems to me the disconnect is the infrastructure within some of the recipient countries being able

to access, handle and process funding.” The leaders of the Paciic say that climate change is the greatest threat to the livelihoods, security and well being of the peoples of the region and one of the greatest challenges for the world. By issuing the Majuro Declaration for Climate Leadership all the Paciic nations are making clear commitments to urgently cut green house gas emissions and to become leaders themselves in the fight to combat climate change. the Declaration includes an itemised list of what each country is doing and planning to do with many of the island nations promise to be using at least 50 percent renewable energy by 2020, some ready to join tokelau and aim for 100 percent. Australia and new Zealand will cut their emissions by ive per cent by 2020 but they will commit to more if other industrialised countries also make stronger commitments. the leaders want their post Forum Dialogue partners, who

include the United states and China, to also make urgent reductions. they want an acceleration of efforts to adapt to the impacts of climate change and more effective delivery from aid donors of the support promised to the small island states.” new Zealand prime Minister John Key said the Declaration is a realistic move and the focus of the leaders was to demonstrate that they are doing things for themselves. “And by showing the world that they are taking steps, even though they are small island states, they hope that other countries will take the initiative as well.” Us secretary of state John Kerry pushed the case for immediate action on climate change saying pacific island nations were most at risk from rising sea levels. “the science is clear. it is irrefutable, and it is alarming,” Kerry told Forum in a video address from Washington. He added that there was still time to prevent some of

the worst impacts of climate change, but that “the people of the Paciic islands know as well as anyone that we also need to prepare communities for the impacts that are already being felt.” tuvalu prime Minister Enele sopoaga has described the situation as “dire” and warned that the pacific needs immediate action, not vague promises to do something a few years down the track. “We need concrete action on the ground to save tuvalu, Marshall islands and Kiribati,” he said. Earlier, EU Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard expressed concern that some countries may delay a 2015 deadline for implementing reductions in emissions and increasing reliance on alternative energy sources, “2015 must be taken seriously.” the forum plans to present the Declaration to Un secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the General Assembly meeting in new York at the end of september. - PNC/sources

‘Survivor’ location dispute MELEKEOK – producers of the hit Us television show ‘survivor’ might have to reconsider where they ilm the 2014 series after a disagreement with local government oficials in the Paciic nation of Palau. palau’s president wants the series to be ilmed there, but the governor of Koror state says that closing the uninhabited Rock islands beaches for up to four months for filming will affect tourism. Local journalist Bernadette Carreon said negotiations between the producers and Koror State oficials are not going well. “the producer wanted to close several areas of the Rock islands for exclusive filming and the governor of Koror state apparently is not supportive of the filming because he says that it will not necessarily give palau the worldwide exposure it needs,” she said. Carreon says there are many beaches designated as tourist activity areas and the governor is concerned that closing them for ilming for up to four months as requested by the producers will affect tourism. She says the inal decision on whether to allow producers to ilm rests with local authorities,

not the president. “the president of palau is the one who’s supportive of the project and has asked the Koror state governor if they need anything on the national level they would help them,” she said. “But it is the Koror state who take care of the Rock islands, so they’re the one that’s going to make a decision whether they’re going to close it exclusively for the ilming or not.” the Rock islands of palau, also called Chelbacheb, are a small collection of limestone or coral uprises, ancient relics of coral reefs that surfaced to form islands in palau’s southern Lagoon, between Koror and peleliu, and are now an incorporated part of Koror state. there are between 250 to 300 islands , with an aggregate area of 47 square kilometres and a height up to 207 metres . they are a World Heritage site since 2012. the islands are for the most part uninhabited and are famous for their beaches, blue lagoons and the peculiar umbrella-like shapes of many of the islands themselves. the Rock islands and the surrounding reefs make up palau’s popular tourist sites

There is a dispute over whether or not to allow the ilming of the ‘survivor’ 2014 series on the World heritage islands of Koror. such as Blue Corner, Blue hole, German Channel, ngermeaus island and the famed Jellyfish Lake, one of the many Marine lakes in the Rock islands that provides home and safety for several kinds of stingless jelly-

ish found only in Palau. it is the most popular dive destination in palau, and offers some of the best and most diverse dive sites on the planet, according to online sources. - PNC

Beauty queens safe in Bali nUsA DUA – Paciic island beau-

ty queens are said to be safe and sound in Bali where trouble has brewed ahead of the inals of the Miss World pageant. increasing protest from hardline indonesian islamic groups over the event, which was scheduled to be held in Bali and Jakarta in West Java, has forced the indonesian government to drop Jakarta as one of the event’s main locations. Coordinating people’s Wel-

fare Minister Agung Laksono announced on saturday that now all of the pageant events, from the opening ceremony to the coronation night, would be held in Bali. in the initial schedule, after the irst week of events came to an end in Bali, all 129 contestants from around the globe would then travel to Jakarta, where they would compete in different events culminating with the inal on September 28

in sentul at the sentul international Convention Centre. speaking to FijiLive, Miss World Fiji national director Andhy Blake said Miss Fiji Caireen Marie Erbsleben, 21, and all other contestants are totally safe and they are looking forward to the event which is now underway. “Miss Fiji is very safe – her safety along with the other 130 contestants, is paramount and the resort in which all the con-

testants are staying at in Bali is under strict and heavy guard and security,” said Blake. “the indonesian government fully supports the Miss World pageant and is doing everything in their power to make the event a success and make the finals on september 28 an event to remember.” samoa is also represented at the pageant by 21-year-old penina Maree paeu. - PNC


Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalnEWs nuti no tE pA EnUA

Change of government in Australia CAnBERRA – Australia’s pMelect tony Abbott has said his top priorities are to abolish a tax on carbon emissions and to stop asylum-seekers arriving by boat. Abbott’s Liberal-national Coalition ended the Labour party’s six-year rule in a landslide victory on saturday. His government would “swiftly implement Operation sovereign Borders” aimed at “intercepting vessels and turning them around”, Abbott told news media. “scrapping the carbon tax and stopping the boats are the two most urgent priorities,” Abbott said. “Obviously, we will swiftly implement Operation sovereign Borders and one component is a much more active programme

of intercepting vessels and where possible turning them around – rather than escorting them to Christmas island.” Paciic news sites have carried little coverage of the Australian election result, but most organisations have limited operations over the weekend. papua new Guinea’s prime Minister peter O’neill has written to tony Abbott to congratulate him on the Coalition’s election victory. in a letter addressed to “prime Minister-elect Abbott”, O’neill passed on sincere congratulations on behalf of his government and the people of pnG. He assured Abbott his government is committed to working closely to further enhance relations between the two coun-

tries. O’neill ended his letter by suggesting a possible meeting on the sidelines of the ApEC Leaders Meeting in Bali next month. the two men have met twice over the last two years during O’neill’s official visits to Australia. the pnG government will no doubt be eager to hear what, if any changes the Coalition will make to the former Rudd government’s so-called Paciic Solution to send asylum seekers to Manus island. Under a deal signed by O’neill and Kevin Rudd, Australia is sending asylum seekers who arrive by boat to papua new Guinea for processing and resettlement. Only days before the election,

Abbott announced his Coalition would signiicantly cut foreign aid. the new Zealand prime Minister, John Key, says he looks forward to working with Abbott to build on the close and unique relationship between the transtasman neighbours. Key says the bilateral relationship with Australia is the most important one for new Zealand and the two leaders will have several opportunities to meet over the next few months. He also thanked outgoing prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his predecessor Julia Gillard. Abbott’s victory has barely rated a mention on Fiji’s main news websites, however carries an article which suggests Fiji can expect foreign

policy changes with tony Abbott as prime Minister. A former head of Australia’s immigration department has warned the new Abbott government must engage with its regional neighbours over the issue of asylum seekers or it could lose control of its borders. Bill Farmer, who also served as an ambassador to indonesia, says Australia must assert control of its borders by engaging with all countries in the region, especially indonesia. “it’s an important issue to get right because if we don’t then Australia faces the prospect of losing control of its borders in the way, frankly, that many European countries have lost control of their borders,” Farmer said.

He also says Australia must engage “strenuously” with papua new Guinea, “to iron out any issues that are around in that mix relating to Manus, to engage with nauru about the future of the facility there.” the Coalition’s immigration spokesman scott Morrison had promised they would try to “salvage” what they could from the former Labour government’s so-called pnG solution, where asylum seekers would be sent to Manus island for processing and those deemed to be genuine refugees would be resettled in pnG. the incoming prime minister has said he would like indonesia to be his irst destination for an overseas trip. - PNC/ABC

Aid landscape in the Paciic shifting tHE pACiFiC – Aid spending has boomed in the pacific over the past decade but almost all the island nations remain unlikely to graduate from being recipient countries. While on the global scale aid volumes are beginning to decline, due partly to international inancial troubles, the Paciic region is expected to remain a prime focus for aid programmes. the future prospects of aid in the pacific were discussed at a forum held this week in Wellington called ‘Looking Forward: Aid Beyond 2015’. At the same time, as pacific leaders gathered in the Marshall Islands for the Paciic Islands Forum summit, there were signs of a shifting balance in the regional aid fabric. the biggest immediate change looming in the Paciic aid landscape is the indication by Australia’s Coalition that it would slash Us$4 billion from future foreign aid spending if they win the election. this comes as the coalition noted “allegations of corruption” surrounding Australia’s Us$365 million a year programme in papua new Guinea. However there is little evidence that pnG’s corruption problem is hampering the aid programme. the director of Australia’s Development policy Centre, professor stephen Howes, says corruption is not a problem in the delivery of aid in pnG or other parts of the Paciic. He says what is more of a problem is ineffective aid. “One example of this would be that Australia helped pnG introduce a new curriculum for its schools – about $40 million the irst half of last decade. That curriculum is now deeply unpopular. “it’s seen to have reduced the quality of education in pnG and the pnG government has decided that it’s going to scrap the curriculum and develop a new one. You’ve got to say that aid project has failed, not because of corruption, but because they were bringing in an inappropriate model.” the Australian model of aid, focusing on delivery of services like health and education, differs

from China’s. An increasingly important aid donor for Paciic countries, China targets so-called ‘capital’ or ‘highimpact’ infrastructure projects. professor Howes says China typically leaves the recurrent costs and maintenance for such projects to other donor countries, but that these projects are directly requested by pacific island governments increasingly assertive about how they want aid to be used. “What Australia and new Zealand can learn from China is that China does, i think, listen to what the recipient wants. it doesn’t think that it’s aid is going to transform the countries. “Often we fall into that mistake that we think we can fix their problems through aid. i think China is more realistic. “But by the same token i think China can certainly learn from Australia and new Zealand and probably needs to shift its emphasis away from capital projects towards maintenance and service delivery.” new Zealand’s government now focuses its overseas aid programme, on fostering economic development, often through projects which target critical infrastructure improvements. Last week, new Zealand’s prime minister John Key announced a Us$3.9 million initiative, to help low-lying Paciic countries tuvalu, tokelau, Kiribati, the Cook islands and the Marshall islands better manage their fresh water resources. Key says that water shortages hold these economies back. “this $5 million spread over ive years and over ive countries will ensure that we can do some really practical things which Kiwis are good at doing like enabling them to have fresh water. “so it really is just basic stuff like ixing up gutterings, making sure they’re not affected by the very low-lying conditions they face and they can trap that fresh water that falls on the particular islands.” professor Regina scheyvens of the school of people, Environment and planning at new Zealand’s Massey University says the government’s policy of seeking tangible outcomes from

its aid efforts in the region is understandable. But she says it’s a shame that new Zealand aid has stopped supporting development in other areas where results are less tangible, like advocacy work by civil society. “We have students doing Masters and phDs and looking at some of the broader issues of development in the region. And they’re often talking to people working for nGOs, trying to deliver development programmes in the region. “they’re finding they’re facing a number of frustrations. there are nGOs in the Cook islands who said to one of my students that they’re really disappointed. they feel like they’re just in a role of service delivery now, that they’re contracted to do that by donors, rather than actually having a voice like they used to have in the past.” Meanwhile Oxfam new Zealand’s Barry Coates says the regional aid landscape is changing along with the balance of power in the pacific. He says this is evident in the emergence of the Melanesian spearhead Group, and the Fiji-initiated Paciic Islands Development Forum. “it’s a different model. And the days of Australia and new Zealand having a dominant influence in the Paciic Islands Forum have been voluntarily exposed, and how all of this will play out is yet to be determined. “But i think we’re going to end up with a very much more nuanced view of regional integration, regional co-operation and the role of Australia and new Zealand.” However, there is a rise in aiddependency in much of the paciic region. Professor Howes says maintaining aid for countries like solomon islands remains critical. “i would think solomon islands and Vanuatu are going to remain aid-dependant for the foreseeable future. Aid is not going to make these countries rich, but it does provide them useful support and i think it helps give them time for them to help work through their own problems and issues and chart their own development course.” In the Paciic Professor Howes

sees only pnG as potentially being able to graduate from aid recipient status in a couple of decades. Although it is still a very poor country, pnG is becoming less aid-dependent. its prime minister this week announced a raft of aid packages to to tuvalu, tonga and Marshall islands. Fiji has been pledged Us$20 million – half of which

is to assist in planned elections next year. “We are committed to being an active member of the region. We know that the challenges that the members within the region face are similar to ours. And this goes without saying, we have our own challenges at home also. But in a true Melanesian and Paciic way we are there to help where

we can.” O’neill says pnG is able to assist in these ways because of its enormous economic growth over recent years which is forecast to continue in the medium term. He says from next year’s budget onwards there will be speciic allocation for pnG’s regional development assistance programme. - RNZI/Johnny Blades


Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News

Female athletes’ efforts a national celebration

Dear Editor, With respect, may i on behalf of our patron Rongomatane Ariki, executive and members, commend the efforts of our women athletes in Wallis and Futuna attending the pacific Mini Games. thank you to your reporter for the daily news on the events. We acknowledge the long road all our athletes have taken to enjoy the rewards of their efforts. in accepting their medals on a faraway Wallis podium, and being illed with pride and respect for our Cook islands national Anthem being played in honour of their sacrifices and achievements, is a national celebration. May their families also join us in congratulating them for representing their sport, their families and the people of the Cook islands. ‘E vaine ra au, ma te akakoromakianga roa e te ngaueuekore, te tu tango nei au i roto i te akatupuanga o teia Baseleia, e tona au arataki, ko taku teia i akatupu’. Vaine Wichman president Cook islands national Council of Women

Team Cook islands press attaché and Ci news photojournalist and sports reporter Matariki Wilson joins gold medallist Tereapii Tapoki in celebrating weightlifter Luisa Peter’s (centre) three silver medals won at the Wallis and Futuna Paciic Mini Games last week. 13090674

CIFA silences Jamieson? Dear Editor, On the subject of the Cook islands Football Association (CiFA), there’s always plenty

of controversy that the public should know about. the latest on the grapevine is that local player, coach and

Football Cook islands spokesperson tony Jamieson has been banned from football by CiFA. i know for a fact that there

aren’t an overabundance of players and coaches of Jamieson’s experience level on Rarotonga, so the cause of this ac-

tion has to be that the recently formed watchdog group Football Cook islands is putting the heat on CiFA already. i hope that the ban isn’t a frivolous reaction. By singling out Jamieson, Ci FA needs to be reminded that the Cook islands Constitution affords protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms; including freedom of thought, conscience, speech, expression, peaceful assembly and association. Recent publicity suggests that CiFA has inherent problems and is in a poor state of health. in my view, the first dose of medicine should be to send the current executive packing and bring in independent expertise to restructure its governance and opera-

tions. Wouldn’t a complete rejuvenation be exciting for the clubs, players and supporters? Well they are the very ones who can demand that happen. You can rest assured that nothing will happen at CiFA’s instigation. For those that care about the future of football in this country, now is the time to start putting things right – and everyone can contribute. Just for the record, this writers name is not tony Jamieson. What i am is passionate about all things Cook island and football, a champion of honesty and integrity, a disciple of transparency international and you won’t shut me up. it’s time to clean up CiFA (name and address supplied)

Letters to the Editor

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Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News

Traditional Hawaiian welcome for PM

pRiME MinistER Henry puna

arrived in Honolulu from Majuro early Friday morning after attending the Paciic Islands Forum in the Marshall islands. After a brief rest, the pM and Mrs puna were treated to a stirring, emotionally-charged welcome at the headquarters of the Ofice of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA). For this oficial visit to OHA, the delegation received a traditional Hawaiian welcome with warriors bearing spears and chanting challenges. OHA chief executive oficer Dr Kamana'opono Crabbe conducted the welcome in the Hawaiian language, paying respects and honouring the prime Minister the irst sovereign leader to pay such a visit to the native Hawaiians of this Us Federal agency. the step is a significant one and comes shortly after the polynesian Leaders Group Meeting in Auckland, where OHA was specially invited by the Cook islands to attend as an observer. Crabbe said he was deeply moved by the gesture and encouraged by the invitation to join the Leaders at pLG3. the OHA has now begun preparations on strengthening ties between native Hawaiians and the pLG. Among the OHA executives to welcome the pM

Prime Minister Henry Puna with his wife Akaiti Puna and Oice of Hawaiian Afairs chief executive oicer Dr Kamana’opono Crabbe. 13090801 and Mrs puna, was long-serving trustee on the board of OHA, Rowena Akana. Akana is a long-time friend of the Cook islands and last visited Rarotonga with a Hawaiian team about seven years ago. there are

nine elected trustees who serve on the board, overseeing the policies and programmes of the agency - the fifth largest landowner in Hawaii. in the evening on Friday, the Cook islands delegation was

hosted to dinner by an executive team from Kamehameha school - with which the Cook islands has a long history of close ties and student exchanges. A student from tereora College will soon be considered for the next

exchange programme, to spend time at Kamehameha for about six months while a Hawaiian student attends the school in Rarotonga. the prime Minister also has a series of meetings this week,

including a courtesy call on the Governor of Hawaii, neil Abercrombie. the pM’s scheduled meeting with Congressional members were interrupted due the urgent vote in Washington DC on action in syria. - Release

Lawyer assists marine park consults A LOCAL lawyer has been helping with marine park consultations in the outer islands. Cook islands seabed Minerals (sB M) senior legal officer Alex Herman has just returned from taking part in last week’s public consultations in the southern group island of Mitiaro, with members of the Marine park steering Committee. the daughter of local doctor Aumea Herman, she spent a lot of time in Mitiaro as a child with her maternal grandparents, Joe and Mikaera Herman.

she completed secondary school at tereora College and then graduated from Auckland University with an Honours degree in law. since January 2013, she has been employed in Rarotonga with the Cook islands seabed Authority. Her work so far has had her leading presentations on seabed minerals in tonga, and she completed a diploma in ‘Ocean Law and policy’ at Greece’s Rhodes Academy in August. s B M Commissioner paul Lynch said Herman’s help with

the marine park consultations in the outer islands is part of developing her career as well as building awareness about seabed minerals. “We are very proud to encourage Alex to work not only at the highest levels internationally but to also in our own communities back here at home. “Our seabed minerals sector awareness-building consultations are continuing both here, in the (pacific) region and overseas, and we view it as important to also join in the marine

park discussions in the outer islands. Lynch said a ‘seabed minerals update’ meeting will be held on October 3 at the sinai Hall from 6pm. - SBM Authority/BD

Senior legal oicer for the seabed Minerals authority alex herman. 13080955

Brown to discuss Te Mato Vai project pRiME MinistER Henry puna begins his week in Hawaii, fresh from the Marshall islands after the conclusion of the 44th Paciic Islands Forum. puna was in Majuro for the Forum, where a broad range of issues were covered including isheries, regional infrastructure, health, education, and trade. the meeting’s theme ‘Marshalling the pacific Response to the Climate Challenge’, was front and centre when the pM added his signature to the Majuro declaration - a document that hopes to demonstrate the region’s commitment to climate change. During the Forum – described as the most prominent political gathering of pacific leaders - puna handed over the chairmanship of the group to incoming chair and Marshall islands president Christopher Loeak. this week, the pM’s visit to Hawaii coincides with the Asia

pacific Clean Energy summit and Expo, being held from september 9 to 11 in Honolulu. the government will be represented at the summit by energy commissioner Roger de Bray and director of renewable energy development tangi tereapii. pitt says the pM has an interest in how the Cook islands can partner with the pacific state on renewable energy, and will also be looking to continue efforts on strengthening ties with native Hawaiians. puna returns to Rarotonga later this week. Finance minister Mark Brown will be in the country for the entire week with a busy schedule. today, Brown will be meeting with Dr phillipa Brandt of the Lowy institute Research to discuss the te Mato Vai water supply infrastructure project. the $60 million project – a joint venture between the Cook

islands, new Zealand, and the people’s Republic of China – has attracted international media attention recently due to its structure as a tri partite agreement. Brandt recently appeared on the Australian news network (Ann) discussing te Mato Vai and the contributions of China to jointly deliver aid with nZ to the Cook islands. "the challenge is that China and new Zealand have different ways of undertaking aid and development cooperation, and so being able to match the two systems could be quite a challenge,” said Brandt. Health minister nandi Glassie, who visited Atiu from thursday until saturday last week to check up on the community water tank project there, has no plans as yet for travel this week. Minister of agriculture Kiriau turepu will be hosting a meeting next week with pawpaw growers and oficials from

the Ministry of Agriculture and BtiB to discuss the industry. tourism and education

minister teina Bishop will be in Australia on personal business and it will be business as

usual for infrastructure Minister teariki Heather. - Emmanuel Samoglou

WEEKLY TRAVEL DIARY FOR CABINET MINISTERS MINISTER PORTFOLIOS TRAVEL Prime Minister, Attorney General, Energy, Justice, Head of State, NES, Parliamentary Services, EMCI, Public Service Commission, Ombudsman, Marine Resources, Pearl Authority, Transport, Foreign Afairs and Immigration, Minerals and Natural Resources

Monday, September 9 to Monday, September 16: HAWAII

Kiriau turepu


Monday, September 9 to Monday, September 16: COOK ISLANDS

teina Bishop

Education, Tourism

Monday, September 9 to Monday, September 16: AUSTRALIA

mark Brown

Finance and Economic Management, BTIB, Internal Afairs, Commerce, FIU, Monday, September 9 to Monday, Telecommunications, Financial Supervisory September 16: COOK ISLANDS Commission, Superannuation, PERCA, Financial Services Development Authority

henry Puna

teariki heather Nandi glassie

Infrastructure and Planning, cultural Development, House of Ariki, Police

Monday, September 9 to Monday, September 16: COOK ISLANDS


Monday, September 9 to Monday, September 16: COOK ISLANDS


Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News

Members of Team Cook islands and american samoa settle down for a two hour feast. 13090851

Sunday feast Wallis style sUnDAY is church and rest day

in Wallis – much like the Cooks. Paciic islands teams in Wallis for the mini games were hosted by local villagers on sunday – a suggestion by the island’s Aliki or high chiefs. After breakfast in the games village the three member American samoan team joined team Cook islands for a day of cultural exchange in the coastal village of Kuliokopo – one of six villages in the district of Mua. At the village meeting house Fale Fono the athletes and oficials are welcomed by the male Aliki while women go about preparing food in the kitchen.

seated on mats on the floor, greetings are exchanged before the guests are ushered to a long table piled with food including Wallisian homemade apple tarts and cakes, breads and pate, whole chickens, cups of tea and coffee and more. Meanwhile a master kava brewer prepares the brown liquid in the centre of the Fale Fono. After the meal, which we are told is morning tea, the team pile into the back of pick-up trucks for a sunday cruise around the island of Wallis – one of many similarities between the Cook islands and Wallis culture and island landscape.

As on the team’s arrival on Wallis, the villagers of Kuliokopo adorned their guests with thick ahoa (ei) of siare (tiare Maori). On the road trip around parts of the island, which is 77km and has 21 villages, team Cook islands members marvel at how around a new bend it seemed like they were in parts of Rarotonga and the pa Enua – red earth roads lined with pine trees like Atiu, coconut groves like Rakahanga and looking over the water to motus in the distance like Aitutaki. the island’s central waterilled crater called Lalolalo Lake is similar to Lake tiriara on

Wallisian women from the coastal village of Kuliokopo grill chicken for the team’s lunch on their return from their trip around the island. 13090855

Mangaia. After the tour around parts of the island including visiting a number of the numerous huge Catholic churches built of volcanic rock, it was back to Fale Fano for another round of feasting. this time the kava is shared around and those members of the team that dare, or are wary not to offend the hosts by refusing the offer of a coconut shell of kava, drink the brown liquid before sitting at the long table again for a feast of traditional Wallisian kai – much like home with some differences. plastic containers are filled

with raw ish mixed with boiled eggs, whole fish, pork, taro (dalo), yams, breadfruit, octopus, charcoal chicken, chop soy, fried rice, rukau and more. the teams’ instruction from the host village was to eat slowly as the bus to take them back to the games village was due in two hours. the feast was followed by gift giving from the hosts who gave each team member a pareu and shell eis while associate minister of sport John Henry and athletics manager ina Marsters, were dressed in new traditional Wallisian outits including a sisi (kiriau titi).

in mama ina’s case, a villager applied bright red lipstick to her lips and drew circles on her cheek in the traditional Wallisian way. Both heads of the local team were then taken to the centre of the dance loor were they waltzed and danced with the locals. the dance was followed by speeches where Marsters and Henry shared the team’s gratitude for the food and trip around the island. Double cheek kisses with all members of the host villagers signaled the team’s departure along with kits of the leftover food from the village of Kuliokopo. - Matariki Wilson

Track athlete and 200m silver medallist Patricia Taea enjoys the view from one of the balconies of one of the number of churches the team visited on Wallis. 13090854

Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News


one of the many large Catholic churches on Wallis built out of volcanic rock and visited by Team Cook islands. inseT: inside one of the many Catholic churches on the island of Wallis where Team Cook Islands spent time on Sunday relecting on their time on the island. 13090853 / 13090857

Track athlete Alex Beddoes accepts a coconut shell of Wallisian kava. INSET: Team Cook Islands members were ofered kava prepared by a master brewer in the centre of the Fale Fono.

13090852/ 13090856


Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News

Red Cross hosts Geo-Portal meeting tHE UnitED nations Econom-

ic and social Commission for Asia and the Paciic (UNESCAP) and Emergency Management Cook islands (EMCi) jointly organized a sub-regional training workshop on the Geo-DRM System for Paciic countries in Rarotonga. the recent workshop was held in collaboration with the Red Cross society. the Cook islands, Fiji, Kiribati, samoa, solomon islands, tonga and Vanuatu, as well as the secretariat of the Paciic Community Applied Geoscience and technology Division took part in the

training workshop. Key government ministries like infrastructure and planning, Marine, nEs, MEt, Airport Authority, tAU, Health, intAFF and Red Cross were also involved in the workshop and contributed to the Geo portal. the goal of the Geo-DRM is to make sure that a larger market has an access to geo-spatial resources through a well understood mechanism. A major motivation for this effort is the need to manage the "ownership obstacle to data sharing" in spatial data infra-

structure scenarios. Director of information and Communications technology and Disaster Risk Reduction at U n EsCA p, Dr shamika sirimanne was present at the workshop formally opened by the speaker of the House niki Rattle. “this is fantastic having UnEsCAp support us here in the pacific so we are in touch with what is happening globally", said EMCi director Charles Carlson. "What's most encouraging is actually having our own ministries coming together to be part

of this project.” the key objectives of the training workshops are to strengthen the capacity of the Paciic countries on disaster risk reduction through the establishment of Geo-portal on Disaster Risk Management (DRM). in practice, the Geo-portal DRM for Cook islands was installed in the server of the Ministry of infrastructure and planning (MOip) of Cook islands as a test trial. this workshop has contributed to improving the awareness and knowledge on Geo-portal on DRM and strengthening the

technical capacity of participants of the pacific islands on the establishment of geo-portal and the basic use of data for disaster risk assessment and management in the Paciic region. Geo-portal on DRM is the integrated platform for DRM in Cook islands by generating, managing and sharing the geospatial data, information and knowledge related to disaster management. the geo-portal on DRM is expected to contribute to addressing the disaster management in Cook islands including the prediction and assessment of disasters.

"this Geo-portal is crucial to our operation by having a database for both preparedness and response", says Carlson. “this will not only beneit EMCI but all ministries, agencies and the wider community". this workshop is the first practical cooperation in the area of Geo-portal on DRM between UnEsCAp and Cook islands, as well as the Paciic countries to enhance the capacity of the pacific countries on disaster risk reduction through establishment of networked geo-portal on DRM in the region. - Release/Sahiban Kanwal

The Geo-Portal team at the training workshop. 13090507



with yoga teacher Diya Welland

Yoga; deliberate practice and the admiration of what’s possible one of the biggest draws of yoga (besides a happy heart) is the availabilityforstrengthtraininginconjunctionwithenhancinglexibility.Common perception is that one has to be lexible to‘do’yoga, when in reality yoga practicebringslexibilityfortheinlexibleandstrengthenstheover-lexible. When on the mat one becomes mindful as to the strengths and weakness showing up at any given time. Through deliberate practice, we also learn to pay ine detailed attention to the placement, ease and alignment of our body, becoming aware to what our mind needs to relinquish control over, surrender and open our heart to. stephen Cope, in his book“The great Work of Your Life”says:“Deliberate practice is not just a laborious repetition of the tasks of artistry. It is rather,akindofsustainedengagementintheworkthatisaimedspeciically at understanding and improving the work.” “The work”need not just be in relationship to yoga practice, it can be anything we are wanting to accomplish in our lives. It can be mastery in sports, art, career, relationships, love, family, health and more. The work can simply be peace of mind. What we learn in yoga practice is that everythingwhichhappensbetweenourmindandbodycanbetransferred out into our ‘life of the mat’ too. It is for this reason that many corporations are creating space in their conference rooms for daily yoga classes, hospitals have yoga classes, professional sports people are doing yoga, you name it, yoga is there if not in the planning. ‘Yoga’ means to ‘yoke or unite’. In yoga our main outcome (besides getting strong, healthy, vital, it and lexible) is to unite our body and mind. In NLP we say the mind and body are connected in a cybernetic loop. In yoga, this loop is connected by and through the breath. Being conscious of how we are breathing as we enter into, practice and exit our yoga posture brings us into harmony with our body. Deepening our awareness and intimacy with how our body is feeling, its’true needs and how to ensure its safety and comfort are but natural bonuses along the yogic path. the great poet rumi says;“Your task is not to seek for love but merely to ind all barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Placing emphasis on backbends and other poses such as reverse plank, upward facing dog, camel pose, wheel, cobra and bridge opens our heart centre. Many people are aware how much strength it takes to do these poses and the pain one can experience in mastering them.This process is

helped by shifting our focus to observing the diferences and similarities between one side of the body and the other, and making every movement and breath both purposeful and deliberate. In time we learn to not rush the breath, but rather deepen it, encourage it, fall in line with it and let it lead the way to the great strength and courage needed to have an open heart. At the heart of all life is the heart. henry David Thoreau said it well: “Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life lows.”When in a particularly painful or diicult pose (or situation), surrender to the low of the body, for in loving where we’re at with no judgment, so much of who we are not drops away. energy that was stuck in resentment, anger, frustration or hurt begins to move again and those areas of constriction or weakness are vitalized with nutrients along with being cleansed of toxins and waste products. harmony springs forth and suddenly we see the world from a very diferent perspective with a strong heart, wise mind and lexible body. Yoga, it’s more than just a good stretch… it’s a healing path too. For more on Yoga (Classes, Therapy, Private sessions), Bodywork, reiki, craniosacral therapy, massage and coaching, please phone diya on 50-839.

YogA & MeDITATIoN with Diya Welland (ph:50839) self Practice (Ashtanga)


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European destinations. As a result, several cruise lines have responded by introducing more voyages to the south pacific and French polynesia. One of these is the Hanseatic cruise liner and it is one of four Hapag-Lloyd line ships that visit the Cook islands regularly. she is a true expedition ship and as such visits places that most large cruise ships cannot. On her last visit she called into Rarotonga, Aitutaki and palmerston. the remainder of this year will see the Hanseatic pay a visit to Aitutaki on november 16 followed by a visit to Rarotonga on november 17 thus wrapping up the year for Cruise Cook islands . - Sahiban Kanwal

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tHE CRUisE liner paul Gauguin will be revisiting Cook islands shores in november. After visiting last month, the paul Gauguin will make a brief stop-over at Aitutaki on november 5 before commencing its journey to Rarotonga. pa u l G a u g u i n C r u i s e s, which has dominated French polynesia in past years, is offering a new line of destinations through the Cook islands, as well as tahiti and the society islands, the tuamotus and the Marquesas for the 2014 season. the line even offers trips as far as Guadalcanal in the solomon islands, papua new Guinea, and indonesia. Cruise liners have been seeing more of the Cook islands and will continue to do so in the coming years, after cuts to

OverseAs AdvertisinG

Tamarind house 8am-9am

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Yoga stretch revive Yoga

Cruising together in Rarotonga, Aitutaki

Bahai Center 10-11am


Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News

Reproductive health in focus tHE COOK isLAnDs Family Welfare Association (CiFWA) held a reproductive health workshop last week with the help of trainers from new south Wales Family planning. the workshop was conducted at the Edgewater Resort and spa where two trainers took 14 participants, including the welfare association staff members, board members and volunteers. CiFWA executive director Rongo File said that the workshop was conducted to upskill the participants through activity based learning. “We discussed the issues that we as an agency come up against. And it was essentially a workshop to train our young volunteers so they know where to get the correct information in regards to sexual and reproductive health and can deliver it effectively to others.” those taking part in the workshop were also apprised of the reasons sexually transmitted infections (stis) happen and what can be done to prevent them. “A lot of sexually transmitted infections happen because of the behaviour of the young

Participants at the Cook islands Family Welfare association workshop last week. 13090603 adults towards sex and practicing safe sex. some of them can be quite casual about sex in their relationships and that is why we see an increase in cases of stis,” said File.

there is a high prevalence of stis and unplanned pregnancies and the people contributing to the workshop talked about the availability of different contraceptives on the market and

how they can be used said File. “A lot of the time, the volunteers get different messages on the contraceptives available so the training provided them with the information they need-

ed so they could get and deliver the message more clearly.” the family welfare association works together with the Ministry of Health along with Red Cross to make people aware

of the different resources available on the island in regards to reproductive and sexual health. “We are about choice and our clients choose what methods they use.” - SK

New volunteers at Esther Honey FOUR Australian volunteers

have arrived on Rarotonga to help out at the Esther Honey Foundation (EHF). the new members of the Esther Honey team – vets shelley Wiltshire and Adrian Anderson, vet nurse Lydia Champ and vol-

unteer Bec Rosel – arrived last saturday. Wiltshire, Champ and Rosel will be on the island for two weeks, while Anderson will be volunteering for three months. the vets will be performing surgery and creating medication plans as well as

helping out in a variety of other areas. Champ will be assisting with the animal’s care with help from Rosel – a personal trainer who decided to donate her time to the cause. tasks she might undertake include feeding, walking or cleaning the animals and ad-

Vet shelley Wiltshire, pictured here with a dog who was hit by a car, is helping out at esther honey for two weeks. 13090217

ministering parasite treatments, to leave the vets with more time for diagnosis and surgeries. Esther Honey’s practice manager Carl Hartnett was pleased to have the volunteers on board to assist with the running of the foundation. the Esther Honey

Foundation and its thousands of supporters and volunteers have contributed more than $6 million in veterinary goods and services to the Cook islands. EHF teams have treated more than 36,700 animals, including desexing more than 13,800, offer-

ing their services free of charge and asking only a donation in return. those interested in having their pets desexed or who have other concerns for their animals can contact the Esther Honey Foundation on 22336. - BD

Vet nurse Lydia Champ, pictured with dog Candy, is one of four new volunteers at the esther honey Clinic. 13090218

tUbercUlosis - astHma - pneUmonia - lUng cancer - cHronic obtrUsive pUlmonarY disease - tobacco smoking

how clear are your lungs? if YoU Have a coUgH tHat JUst wont go awaY, get it cHecked


Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303






I have booked a 5cubic mtr space on next ship back to NZ. Does anyone want to share 4cubic mtrs? Phone Keith 74919.

Salon de hermies in Banana Court Hair and beauty services for men and woman including massage Hermie’s back along with Michellene- call 22278

2 bedroom furnished house NIKAO BACK ROAD. Modern and spacious with ensuite, ceiling fans, insect screens. Short walk to schools, sport centre, beach. 2 minutes drive to town, airport, hospital. Available 8th October. Enquiries 57447 email

Muri Cricket Club $3 Development Rale Authorised by permit under Section 16 (2) of the Gaming Amendment Act 2007 Refund All Tickets Purchased Contact Fram Koteka. Phone 50769 Email to arrange for refund of your monies.

73580 / /2164

Action Man Mowing Services All jobs big or small, free quote. Give Clint a call on 52074.


FOR RENT Nikao lge sunny 2 bdr, popular rental unit, furnished, avail 14 Sept tel 55527 $220pw

Bunk beds, king single plus mattresses from NZ. Excellent condition, $500 ono. Phone 24938. 73581 /33932 /1931

73612 / /1931

73512 / /1896

KAI MOANA SEAFOODS Located @ Punanga Nui market 9am to 5pm. Whole Frozen Maimai gilled and gutted $8 a kilo While stocks last.



You are warmly invited to a PUBLIC LECTURE

Please call 26123 for further information

73549 / /2533

VEHICLES FOR SALE Truck 4 Sale 1995 Isuzu truck for sale as it is. Runs well, $3500. Ring 50352. 73474 /33699 /1931

Vega force, excellent condition, owner going overseas, $1900. Phone 52461. 73584 /33929 /1931


By Professor Wharehuia Milroy QSO, CNZM and Professor Tīimoti Kāretu QSO

Ph 22336

USP Centre 7.00 Tuesday 10 September, 2013

Professor Milroy was Professor of Māori at University of Waikato, is a member of the Waitangi Tribunal and one of three Directors of Te Panekiretanga o Te Reo Māori. He was made a companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2012 for services to the Māori language.

Light refreshments afterwards

Applications are invited from qualiied, experienced and highly motivated individuals to ill this senior position, responsible for supporting the development of mid-term and annual business planning, policy development, school reviews, compliance and annual reporting. The successful applicant should be able to think strategically and across the whole sector, liaise with a very broad range of stakeholders, and have the ability to prioritise and manage their time well. A working knowledge of the Cook Islands Education sector is desired. Applications close on Monday 16 September 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry in Nikao or at For further queries Ph: 29357 or e-mail



Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health would like to advise the general public that the Ear, Nose, Throat/Audiology programme will be conducted at the Rarotonga Hospital commencing Wednesday 18th September to Friday 27th of September. If you are experiencing the following symptoms; • Ear pain • Loss of hearing and smell • Ringing in the ear • Ear Discharge • Problems with breathing through the nose • Continuous nasal discharge • History of recurrent throat infection • Abnormal lumps in the throat • Diiculty swallowing Dr Teariki Faireka will pre-screen patients at Tupapa Clinic between the hours of 12noon to 3pm on Monday, 9th September, Tuesday, 10th September, Thursday, 12th September and Friday 13 September. /


AUDITOR - FINANCIAL AUDITS We are seeking a dedicated and ambitious person to join our Financial and Crown audit team. Relevant accounting, inancial management or audit experience would be preferable, however training will be provided. Preference will be given to individuals with, or working towards, a relevant tertiary qualiication, speciically in the area of accounting or inance. A good knowledge and understanding of Government and business systems is preferred. Applicants must be computer literate and possess very good written and oral communication skills. If you have an inquisitive mind, a keen interest in accountancy and investigative assignments, work well individually and as part of a team, please send your CV to: Anne McMahon Email: Fax: 25231 Applications close 4pm, Wednesday 11 September 2013. /

to encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

Classiieds • Phone 22999


3 Cashier opportunities are available for immediate illing. You will need to be a person of sober habits have some experience in customer service and be willing to work rostered weekends. Please apply in the irst instance to Mum on 29804 between the hours of 9am - 1pm. Applicants with a C.V with contactable references are encouraged to apply. A POS Administrator is required for the handling of point of sale loading and data entry, knowledge of trouble shooting Quick Books or MYOB POS is essential. Must also be competent with operating systems relating to the store intranet and security. A C.V is essential for this position. Please email queries and C.V to 73470 / /1617

Tailoress Full time required for Inspiration of Raro. Must be able to carry out made to measure garments accurately and have vast experience in all aspects of alterations, adjustment sewing and working with diferent fabrics. Call 70059 for Interview 73589 /33947 /1939


Director Planning and Development Division

Professor Kāretu was irst Commissioner of the Māori Language Commission and is currently one of three Directors of Te Panekiretanga o Te Reo Māori. In 1992 Dr Kāretu was awarded the Queen’s Service Order for services to the Māori language.

animal Clinic


For a language to survive it must be spoken

FOUND Notices are FREE


73606 /33949 /1931

73607 / /2561

Great little business in a great location, would suit working couple. Genuine enquiries only.

E kore te reo e ora ki te kore e kōrerotia

Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

73526 /33911 /1931

A meeting of the landowners in respect of the above lands will be held at the Ruaau Meeting House in Arorangi on Thursday, 12 September 2013 at 5:30pm. Pursuant to the Deed of Lease dated 30 August 1989, a landowner has given written consent exercising their right of irst refusal in respect of the proposed assignment of the lease. Would all landowners please attend the meeting for the purpose of determining whether the landowner be entitled to exercise their right of irst refusal and proceed with the purchase of the lease on the above land. Details may be obtained from Heinz Matysik of Little & Matysik P.C., Cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, Rarotonga, Tel: 21619, Fax: 21615 or email:

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



CITC is a large, progressive company. Due to overseas travel, we have a career opportunity for someone who is ready for a challenge.

Store Manager - Foodland The Store Manager, is responsible for every aspect of the day to day management of the Store including Warehouse functions, managing a team to achieve sales, controlling costs and expenses, stock control including orders and administration functions. The successful applicant will need leadership, time management and problem solving skills, along with the ability to train and develop a team, providing motivation and guidance, and hands-on monitoring of performance across the board. An attractive remuneration package is envisaged. For further details and a full job description contact Eileen Turepu on phone 23-191, mobile 54-181 or Email: ETurepu@ /

Consultancy Vairakau Maori Management Plan The Integrated Island Biodiversity Project under the National Environment Service has a consultancy open to develop a programme to protect and conserve rare Vairakau Maori plants. Terms of Reference for this short-term consultancy is available from the National Environment Service Oice For more information - contact Mii on e-mail: mii. Please submit written expressions of interest, CV and proposed workplan by Friday 20th September, 2013 marked conidential to: Mii Matamaki IIB Coordinator, National Environment Service. /


Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News



Photocopier & Electronics repair technician and manager required to join our happy team. Essential to have 5 years+ experience in repair and servicing photocopiers, printers and other electronics items. Apply with CV in the irst instance by email to

Raro Shack’s owners are looking for a new place to live. Married couple with young daughter seek 3+4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. Must be CLEAN, MODERN & pet friendly. Shop 20500, mob 55009. Email

73360 / /1804

ACCOMODATION MANANAGER - can manage and handle the oice works, bookings and cleaning duties. The applicant must be honest, reliable, hardworking and can work with minimum supervision. If you are interested for the position, please contact 54187. Application closes 14 September 2013. 73410 /33875 /1916

Avatea presents ilm producers and stars tHE FRiDAY assembly at Avatea

73582 /33931 /1931

school was full of laughter and applause on August 30 as the year 7 and 8 students showcased their movies and presentations to an engaged school audience. the classes have been learning about climate change and had the opportunity to produce a presentation on this topic. they worked in small groups and had an ipad at their disposal. this came about as a result of the professional development sessions on using ipads organised by teachers Mairi Heather and Ua Aberahama that took place earlier this term. Under the guidance of teacher teina napa, students were instructed to complete an audio-visual presentation on an


er Mama’sspecialflow

norvana PUNA w are9yearsoldno

Live in Nanny wanted, with sober habits to look after 2 kids ages 1 & 2 year olds, Mon to Fri. Phone 53337. 73439 /33804 /1931

Chef de Partie Kitchen hand Cleaner - morning only We require the above staf to join our team at the Vaima Polynesian Restaurant and Tiki Bar in Vaimaanga. Tel 26123 for interview.

You uavery 8/9/04,Wewishyo Ydear. HappYbirtHdachbaby. WeloveyousomuurMama specialkissesfromyo family. Vaine,Papaand

aspect of climate change of their choice. “it was great, i put them into groups and set them the task and off they went. i didn’t even have to teach them how to use the technology,” said napa. A week later the students produced a wonderful range of presentations that really captured everybody’s attention. topics ranged from issues ranging from pollution, why going green is important, a news item with a roving reporter gathering views on climate change, images of climate change effects from around the world and the story of a paradise lost in rubbish. not only the crowd was educated, they were entertained with many oohs, ahhs, laughter and ap-

plause from the students. Learning and teaching advisor at the Ministry of Education, Matthew Easterbrook was impressed by the student’spresentations. “not only did the Year 7 and 8 students learn about climate change, they had the opportunity to be creative and inform a wider audience of their views on this current issue,” said Easterbrook. He was amazed at what the students produced within a week and is sure they have learnt a lot, not only about climate change impacts but also about creating presentations that have an impact on an audience. Learning with the aid of ipads will continue at Avatea school, watch this space! - Release


73484 /33945 /1939

Electrical Technician To work on TAU’s Electrical Distribution System. Applicants can uplift a copy of the job description and application form from the oice of Te Aponga Uira, or by contacting Bettina Akania on 20054 or email Applications close 3pm, Wednesday 18 September 2013. 73498 / /1823

Mareko has a full time shop assistant vacancy available. Must be honest, reliable and friendly. Retail experience preferable. Oversea’s applicants welcome. Phone Cherrelle 54320 or email cv to 73517 / /1991

Front oice Supervisor This job is for the person who loves meeting new people, is friendly, well groomed, honest, reliable and has had experience in the hospitality industry. Experience in hotel reservations, a knowledge of local tourist attractions & activities and have an ability to lead a small team of staf, are some of the qualities required for this position. Please send your letter in interest & CV to Jane - jane@ by Friday 13 Sep. 73617 / /2293

Couple needed for housekeeping & gardening. Full time. Please email

the board, Staf and the Matavera and ngatangiia branches of Cook Islands Red Cross, Wish to express sincere thank you and appreciation to the following people and organisations for your generous support in helping us with the door knock Appeal held on 28 August for the purpose of keeping the Emergency Satellite phones open for the Northern group islands during the disaster period. The Seventh Day Adventist Church Young people, Titikaveka youth and boys Brigade, Cook Island Christian Church member’s and uniform organisation of Nikao, Ngatangiia and Titikaveka, Te Tiare Association, Youth peer Educators and individual Volunteers many thanks for your kind support. The Cook Island News, Cook islands TV and Radio Cook Islands sincere appreciation for the free publicity of the event. A very sincere thank you, to each and every one of you who donated generously to Keep us connected to our people in the Pa enua during the cyclone season, God bless you all.


OFFICE OF ThE OMBUDSMAN Oice seeks applications for Senior Investigating Oicer – to assist in the investigation of complaints and deliver awareness programmes. Applicants to have previous investigative experience, conidence, initiative, with excellent written and oral communication skills. Fluency in Maori an advantage. Job Descriptions available from Jeannine Daniel at the Oice upstairs from Café Jireh, opposite Rarotonga Airport or via email upon request. Applications and CV’s addressed to the Ombudsman in a sealed envelope, deliver to Oice or email to j.daniel@ Applications close 4pm Monday 16 September 2013

73286 /33759 /1931

Au pair Live in nanny required for 4 children. Tiler Qualiied tiler required. Must have own tools. Experience with mosaics. Send CV to 73618 / /2293

Wanted Full time worker in food market garden. Phone 24858 or 76017. 73355 /33756 /1931

We deliver. Get your news delivered to your home or business daily. Phone our oice on 22999 for delivery rates and conditions

The Ministry of Education is inviting applications for the position of:

ECE Teacher Aide (Special Needs) at Papaaroa Adventist School Applications close on Friday 13 September 2013. For more information visit our website: ck Applications and CV should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga Cook Islands Email: 73483

an avatea school senior student introduces the year 7 and 8 audio-visual presentations. 130830103


WATSAN Technical Coordinator The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning invites applications for the posts of WATSAN Technical Coordinator in its Water, Waste and Sanitation (WATSAN) Unit. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a new team, tasked with making improvements in infrastructure, policy and practice that will contribute to protecting and enhancing the lagoon and ocean environments around our islands. We are seeking a suitably qualiied, experienced, highly motivated and enthusiastic person to assist the WATSAN Unit Manager and WMI Programme Manager in coordinating implementation and delivery of tasks and outcomes across a number of critical work programmes. The role will involve day to day administration and project management, as well as requiring liaison with relevant government agencies, local communities and the private sector. Speciically the scope of tasks for this position will not necessarily be limited to the following but shall include: • Provide technical input to the implementation of a programme of upgrading onsite sanitation systems on Rarotonga and Aitutaki, including participation in sanitation systems’ site inspections and assessments, review of wastewater plans and designs, coordination with Public Health Inspectors, coordination and oversight of works carried out by third party contractors engaged by the Ministry, and attendance at related meetings, discussions and workshops • Prepare such technical, project management and progress reports and associated documentation as are required by the Programme Manager for implementation of the programme • Undertake such additional tasks as may be instructed from time to time by the WATSAN Manager and/or Programme Manager in connection with the work of the WATSAN Unit In addition to relevant qualiications, the successful applicant will have a demonstrable track record of work experience in a relevant trade or professional ield, with emphasis in the sanitation/wastewater sector being an advantage, strong communications skills and an enquiring, analytical mind. For this position, an interest in or understanding of water, wastewater and environmental protection will be a distinct advantage. Above all, the successful candidate must be passionate about making a diference to the long term well-being of the Cook Islands. If you would like to apply for this position, please submit a letter of application with a current CV to: Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning PO Box 120 Rarotonga The closing date for applications is Friday, 20 September 2013. For more information please contact Tangi Taoro by phone on 20-321 or by email at tangi. /


Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News

Cook Islands host indigenous series ate about attracting strong sides to the Cook islands “for Cook islands cricket the objective is about providing opportunities for our national cricketers to play against strong opposition that enhances our competitiveness on the international stage. the establishment of our Festival of Cricket, open to junior and senior club sides around the world, the recent new Zealand Croatia visit and the World indigenous series are all efforts that add value to this objective”. the twenty20 series will be played under lights at the international stadium between september 23 and 27 and will include two exhibition matches against the Edgewater Resort and spa Cook islands national women’s team. - CIC

tHE nEW Zealand Croatia side

managed by northern Knights first class cricketer Joseph Yovich have only just left Rarotongan shores and Cook islands cricket is already preparing for the arrival of the northern (new Zealand) Maori. the Maori side will be participating in the World indigenous series, a concept Cook islands cricket has instituted and intends to grow annually to include more indigenous sides from around the world. the northern Maori include top level cricketers including former northern Districts’ cricketer Graeme stewart, Bay of plenty’s steven Rae and captain Leighton parsons from the Waikato Valley. Cook islands cricket chief executive oficer Alister Stevic said that Cooks cricket were passion-

Former Blackcap and Knights player James Marshall loses his wicket to the Cook islands men’s team in 2011. 13090506


WhAT’soN Co ld stail


@ Aro’A BeAchside inn

st C ock

shipwreck hut




PhoNe 22166

sUnset bar-b-Q seafood Menu



@ aroabeacHsideinnarorangi

Ph 22 166

Ph 23004

nUmanga sAtUrdAYs 6pm with -Jake on da kamaka Ukulele reservations required


Our food our passion 6pm till late


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619

Ph 26 860

oPeN DAILY for breakfast 8-10am AND LUNCh 12-2PM


live entertainment! FRI SUN TUE

Tani and rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm



a la carte dining from 6pm





11am to 2.30pm

8.30PM 6.00PM

Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway $10.00 Dine in special

TUesDAY 10


avarUa town Ph 22 279


rounds of the Edgewater Resort and spa women’s cricket after Matavera posted a 9 wicket victory over te Ava Rau (0 points) and Muri a 20 run victory over Avana. the Arorangi Red Hot Chicks (4 points) face some tough competition at the top of Western Conference from next week’s opponents takuvaine after the tKV women’s team scored 97 runs to beat opponents tupapa - CIC (0 points) by 27 runs.

sunset BBQ w/ GarTh younG - PIANO 6PM sunset Cocktails w/ W/RuDy AquINO 5.30PM – 7.30PM sat seafood BBQ w/ JaKe nuManGa - uKuLELE 6PM



wolverine 8.30PM



5.30pm to 10pm 7 days Mon-Tue: $12.95 specials Thursday: Indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) All you can eat Sunday: Tandoori night Other nights: A-la-carte

WeDNesDAY 11


Avaitu-nikao collect 4 points, just 2 points behind tupapa’s top of the table spot. in the Computer Man men’s Eastern Conference Davana’s total of 147 wasn’t enough to beat out Matavera (6 points) who go joint Eastern table leaders with titikaveka after the titans 167 run total proved 52 runs too many for Muri (2 points). Women’s sides Matavera and Muri (8 points each) remain unbeaten at the end of two

avarUa town oPeN MoNDAY To sUNDAY

Ph 20 002


sAtURDAY’s the Computer Man men’s round two results sees national captain toala ‘the tank’ teinaki’s (52 not out) tupapa club side head two points clear at the top of the Western Conference. tupapa’s total of 227 runs was 160 too many for takuvaine (2 points) who managed just 67 in reply. Avatiu-nikao secured a comprehensive victory over Arorangi in the weekend chasing down the Red Backs total of 114 runs.

Tues Seafood Night – Entertainment Tani and Rose Thu Pub Night – Entertainment Tara Kauvai Sun BBQ – Entertainment Local String Band

LeBonVivant C

Captain’s half century helps Tupapa take lead


2gUNs 8.30PM


bigscreen,dolbYsoUnd,UnbeatableblockbUstermovies Ph 189 for Updates on tHe movie Hot line


every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999 or

national and Tupapa captain Toala ‘The Tank’ Teinaki receiving player of the match from nZ Croatia captain John Vujnovich recently. 13090802


Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News

Flight Times | Voyage details FROM




Monday sePteMber 9 VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM NZ19 LAx 6.05AM tuesday sePteMber 10


1.45AM 7.15AM

NZ748/749 NZ46/45 VA163/162


2.25AM 6.30PM 1.45AM


1.25AM 5.15PM 12.50AM







0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1205 1440 1710


1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1040 1250 1530 1800





Monday sePteMber 9

Air Rarotonga

International Flights


0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 0900 AITUTAKI 0950 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1100 ATIU 1145 1330 MAUKE 1420 1600 MITIARO 1650




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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Saturday’s answer Answer to saturday’s puzzle

Answer to saturday’s puzzle

HÄgar the Horrible


Situation: A trough lies slow moving over just to the north of Southern Cooks. Meanwhile, an easterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Cloudy with few showers. Moderate south to southeast winds, predominantly becoming southeasterly. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Cloudy periods with brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Fine. Moderate to fresh easterly winds. Moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: Some showers.

Humidity Tue


Forecast Map 2pm Monday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By Lee Falk & sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight


By Dik Browne



Mon high




12.15PM 0.90M

0.8m Se

6.08AM 0.21M 6.18PM 0.24M

0.6m W


Tue high 12.27AM 0.96M 12.56PM 0.89M



6.48AM 0.21M 6.58PM 0.24M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

S 11KTS new Moon oct 5 12.35AM

First Quarter Sep 12 5.09PM

Full Moon Sep 19 11.13AM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter Sep 27 3.56AM


araPo - korekore tai mon 9 Tanu (Planting) Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.

TauTai (Fishing) Marie te marama. Kua teitei Po ika. Moon is slow, up high. Fish nights.


Mon sun rise 6.41AM sun set 6.32PM




Moon rise 9.31AM Moon set 10.47PM







sun rise 6.40AM sun set

1.2m SW Front Key:




0.6m Se



Swell direction and size

outer Islands Weather outlook Monday, September 9, 2013


Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Rarotonga Monday, September 9, 2013


Moon rise 10.20AM Moon set 11.47PM


26° SE 08KTS


25° SE 11KTS


25° SE 09KTS



25° SE 09KTS

30° nE 10KTS


25° SE 09KTS


Monday, SepteMber 9, 2013 cook Islands News



Cooks to host NZ maori team —PAgE 14



Bulls win closely fought match raro clUb 15s in tRUE semi-inals tradition it

was a closely fought match between the titikaveka Bulls and the takuvaine Reds that could have gone either way on saturday. the senior A Grade game (1st vs 2nd) was held at the titikaveka ield. in the 76th minute of play, just when you thought the Bulls had run out of steam, they were

able to conjure a nicely worked try off a deftly placed grubber kick into the in-goal by replacement first 5/8 Devon Mitchell, against the Bulls lying fullback Eli Bendini who was able to win the race to the ball and score the match-winning try – right infront of his rowdy band of Bulls supporters. in this closely-fought match the predicted Reds forward set piece dominance did not eventuate as the resilient Bulls forwards remained competitive throughout against their highly fancied opponents. to stress the importance of having a realisable goal kicker– a total of 7 missed penalty goal-

kicking opportunities were missed by both sides. Best for the Reds were openside lanker Teina Savage, strongrunning centre Fou samania and busy lock/lanker Mana Havi. Best for the Bulls were their inspirational captain and prop Josh MacDonald who stepped up to the plate in the latter stages of the match, ball-carrying exponent Lloyd ‘Bacon’ Matapo and elusive utility back James Toilau – who proved a handful in the midield. At half time the Bulls led by 6-3. the Bulls’ 11 points were racked up by Bendini’s try and penalties from Bill tangapiri and timo tangirere. the Red’s

Brian toa scored three penalties. Also at the titikaveka field the senior B Bulls won their match against the Arorangi Cowboys 10-9. it was better news for the Cowboys’ junior teams - the Under 19 Cowboys took down the Eels 15-10. Under 16 Cowboys thrashed the tupapa panthers 12 nil and the Under 14 Cowboys won 2215 against their Eels counterparts. All the winners of these games will now progress straight to the grand inals on September 21, while the losing teams play this weekend against the winners of 3rd vs 4th. At Avatiu ield the Eels won

a closely fought match against their spirited arch-rivals the Cowboys 17-7. Good scrambling defence from either side prevented more tries from being scored. Best for the Cowboys were first 5/8 teariki tou, busy number 8 Logan Wichman and 160kg mobile prop tu potoru. For the Eels it was a good team performance with try scoring winger Duane Gukisuva and fullback peter tare outstanding. the Eels led 12-0 at half time. two tries were scored by Eels’ Duane Gukisuva and one by peter tare. the Cowboys’ try by shadow tunui Varu was converted by teariki tou.

the senior B Eels were ahead of their game this weekend, taking down the Reds 43-0, while the Under 19 Reds team devoured the panthers in a 25-3 win, and the Under 16 Eels took on the Dragons for a 20-5 win. this weekend’s rugby action will be at the BCi stadium in nikao on saturday where the semi-inals will continue. - CIRU Semis draw: Under 12 : All Clubs (palace takeaways), Under 14 Eels vs Dragons (palace takeaways), Under 16 panthers vs Eels (Capt tama’s Lagoon Cruizes), Under 19 Eels vs Reds (Ocean Fresh), Senior B Cowboys vs Eels (CitC), Senior A Reds vs Eels (CitC).

Tupapa Maraerenga defeat Sokattak in tHE main Lotto premier Men’s match 2012 champions tupapa Maraerenga defeated nikao sokattak by one goal to nil. tupapa Maraerenga dominated the match in terms of ball possession and scoring opportunities and scored their sole goal through youngster terii Framhein in the 65th minute sending the tupapa supporters into a frenzy of cheering. A vocal nikao goalkeeper, Romeo Keu directed his defence players to keep his goal area clear of any attempts by the tupapa strikers and they managed to do this until the half time whistle. tupapa Captain Mii Joseph pointed out that his team had expected a challenging match against a strong nikao side and was happy with the win. “We know nikao is a strong team and have been for many years, so our preparation has been vital,” says Joseph. “We were lucky to get that odd opportunity and those chances we will happily take.” the nikao field saw a great turnout by a number of football followers and club supporters who travelled to cheer on their teams, nikao sokattak and tupapa Maraerenga.

in the other Lotto premiership played at the takitumu s ch o o l g r o u n d s b e t w e e n puaikura thumped Matavera by thirteen goals to one win. At the Avatiu swamp on Friday Avatiu overcame a determined titikaveka side by five goals to one during their Lotto premiership match. - CIFA Media

Results from Saturday: Nikao Sokattak vs Tupapa Maraerenga: premier Men 0-1, senior Women 3-1, Under 17 Men 3-2, Under 14 Boys 2-0, Under 14 Girls 1-3, Under 11 Mixed 3-0. Matavera vs Puaikura: premier Men 1-13, senior Women 0-5, Under 17 Men 0-36, Under 14 Boys 0-3, Under 14 Girls 0-2, Under 11 Mixed 2-1. Avatiu vs Titikaveka: premier Men 5-1, senior Women 0-2, Under 17 Men 0-10, Under 14 Boys 3-0, Under 14 Girls 2-0, Under 11 Mixed 1-2.

Tupapa’s sole goal scorer Terii Framhein vies for the ball against nikao’s veteran player steve Cuthers.


Basketball’s Eke Galz all ired up At tHE completion of round three of the AnZ and Hidetide sponsored Basketball mens’ and womens’ competitions, players are beginning to get back into their rhythm and providing spectators with some spectacular plays, big dunks and competitive spirit. Eke Galz, spearheaded by

the games top scorer Luciana Matenga, had too much fire power for a struggling but gallant Avalicious Galzs out running them 51–11. Game 2 of the woman’s competition was a much closer battle that saw the lead seesaw with a inal lurry of baskets seeing the Fastbreakerz hang on to their slim lead of two

points closing out with a 26 -24 win over the E-Galz. in the sole mens’ match up for the evening, pacific Divers had to work hard to overcome a spirited Hotdogz team which resulted in a score of 53-34. Directed by Harry neale (14 points), Hotdogz spread the ball looking for opportunities

to crack the Paciic Divers’ big defence and occasionally managed to get good positioning on the offensive boards with big man John Engu picking up some good scraps. Brendon Heath (28 points) was also in good form coming up with a couple of dunks as well as a well-timed alley-hoop

off a pinpoint Anthony (pecan) ikimotu pass. At this stage of the season the organisers would like to remind players that games need to start on time and that all uniforms worn must be regulation. Members of the public are also invited to come along and support the games with a small

admission charge of $2. Round 4 tomorrow will see the following games being hotly contested: Avalicious Galz vs Fastbreakerz at 5.30pm, Eke Galz vs E-Galz at 6.20pm and Hot Dogz vs Avalicious at 8.00pm. Paciic Divers are on a bye - CIBF Media

Monday 9 September  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Monday, September 9, 2013