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$2 Thursday, september 5, 2013

Fisherman upset over by-catch trial The Cook islanDs Fishing association is alleging a BTiB decision to allow a foreign ishing company to sell by-catch to retailers is pushing them out of the Rarotonga market. in mid-July, Business Trade investment Board (BTiB) chief executive Terry Rangi announced the licence variation approving huanan Fisheries ltd to sell their by–catch to two local retailers as part of a three-month trial. In the nearly two months that has elapsed since the decision, local isherman have already felt

said he has lost business as buyers have failed to continue making weekly purchases of his ish. another case hears of a fisherman with 60kilogrammes of fresh ish to sell daily to restaurateurs being looded out of the market after the inlux of Huanan’s by-catch. “None of my ish now moves. This cuts my revenue stream severely immediately,” said the isherman. The CIF was also concerned with certain competitive advantages of Huanan – including the

adverse effects, according to Cook islands Fishing association (CiF) president Don Beer, who wrote to BTiB in an effort to dissuade them from granting huanan the permanent right to offload by-catch. in a position paper prepared by the CIF, which has been sent to BTiB, Beer included some cases of local ishermen adversely affected by the huanan licence arrangement. in one instance, a fisherman “significantly” supplying the sashimi market in Rarotonga

company’s leet volume, and fastfreezing equipment - that they say allowed them to sell ish for as little as $1.50 a kilo. at the time of issuing the licence variation to Huanan, Rangi said the BTiB board expected the move to help retailers with additional proit while lowering ish prices for consumers. at the same time, he said they would analyse the effects on the local ishing industry. “The board will be monitoring the situation carefully over the next three months and in par-

ticular whether the sale of frozen ish from Huanan will have adverse effects on local fresh ish sales predominantly serviced by local fishermen,” Rangi said in July. Beer added local authorities attempted to make a case that cheaper fish - which he says hasn’t sold as expected - would help combat the spread of noncommunicable diseases (nCDs). However, the NCD argument was based on a “qualitative” observation and more information was needed.

Franklin to appeal

Life-saving machines The Cook islands Water safety Council’s Brent Fisher and shannon saunders with some of the deibrillators – the green heart sign signals a deibrillator is nearby. 13090405

Businesses are being encouraged by the Cook islands Water safety Council inc (CiWsCi) to purchase equipment that can save lives. Chairperson Brent Fisher of Fisher’s Pearls said the council is urging local businesses to buy deibrillators – which deliver a dose of electricity to the heart if it stops. The council will be

writing letters to businesses to explain the beneit of having deibrillators around Rarotonga. “We want to get some of these strategically placed around the island, for when a person’s heart stops. Where possible we’d like businesses to get their own – or they could make a donation… it’s a community project for a business,” said Fisher.

“Lately we have heard from some of the retailers that the bycatch products are not moving as expected and the quality of the ish continues to erode as it sits in their freezers and display cabinets,” wrote Beer. “ ... our suggestion for the three month trial of by-catch is that it ends and no further bycatch should be offloaded as it does not appear to have satisied the market for fresh ish, nor alleviated NCDs as was put forward to us a month ago.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

The machines, which can increase a person’s chance of survival by 40 per cent if their heart stops, are easy to use and provide instructions via a recorded voice. Deputy chair of C iWsC i shannon saunders said the defibrillators are easily found in New Zealand in public places such as shopping malls.

“We are looking into bringing some in – not for proit – in a ‘bulk order’. We will need preorders and a deposit.” There are currently two deibrillators at the Cook Islands Canoeing Association, two at the airport and one at the golf club, as well as at the hospital. The council is looking at holding a rafle to raise money

for another defibrillator. The cost including shipping, is around $3500. Those wanting to contribute to the cause can contact Brent Fisher on 55154 or bafisher@ or shannon saunders at C iTC Pharmacy on 29292. - Briar Douglas

FoR m eR New Zealand and Cook Islands police oficer mark Franklin will be appealing his 12 month prison sentence for selling cannabis. Yesterday, NZ-based lawyer Paul Dale, who is representing Franklin along with local lawyer Tony manarangi, disclosed his client’s intentions. Franklin, 55, appeared in court last week for sentencing on three charges— two of selling cannabis and one count of offering to sell cannabis. Justice Colin Doherty of the Cook islands high Court handed down the one year sentence, taking into account defence submissions of health-related factors, a record of cooperating with police, and a positive account of his personal character. In court, Franklin was described by Dale as a veteran of law enforcement who had dealt with “some of the most gruesome offending in New Zealand.” “one cannot help, after 27 years of seeing what he saw ... some compassion must be held,” said Dale. The court also heard that Franklin had been diagnosed with throat cancer in october 2011. “I was thinking I was going to die,” he said in court, before adding he had used the drug to deal with symptoms of nausea caused by chemotherapy. each charge against Franklin carried a maximum of 2 years imprisonment. - Emmanuel Samoglou

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Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

Dogs wedding brought to heel Sri Lanka’S culture ministry has strongly condemned a mass “wedding” of police dogs which they say ofensively used traditional Buddhist symbols. Police “married” nine pairs of dogs on a platform decorated with white cloth and lowers in a ceremony resembling a traditional marriage. Police have defended the “wedding” saying that it was done to promote the domestic breeding of snifer dogs. But in a statement they also apologised for their actions. Sri Lanka’s culture minister said that police officers had “contemptibly devalued” traditional weddings in a devoutly Buddhist country.

Predator takes his own life Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro found hanging in his prison cell CleVelanD – Ariel Castro, the predator who kept women captive at his home in Cleveland, ohio, has died after being found hanging in his cell. Prison oficials said he died in hospital late on Tuesday, after prison medical staff failed to revive him. Castro, 53, held three women against their will for about a decade until may this year. He chained the women, beat and raped them. The prosecutor who tried him called him a “coward” unable to withstand “a small portion” of what he had inlicted.

world BRIeFS POWER FAULT BLACKS OUT VENEZUELA VENEZUELA – A power cut has left almost half of Venezuela without electricity, including parts of the capital caracas. The blackout disabled traic lights in the city, causing traic chaos. It also partially disrupted the underground transport system. Thousands of workers were sent home. Blackouts are common in Venezuela, but they rarely afect Caracas. The deputy energy minister, Franco Silva, said failures in transmission lines were to blame. Energy Minister Jesse chacon apologised to Venezuelans and asked them to be calm. Authorities say they are working on re-establishing services, and they will give priority to transport in caracas.

JAILED RAPIST AWAITS HIV REPORT ENGLAND – A man who has been jailed for raping a woman is waiting to ind out whether he has contracted HIV from her. Richard Thomas was sentenced to ive years and four months after admitting raping the woman at her home in Leigh, Greater Manchester. He knew she was ill but did not know she had HIV and collapsed when police told him, Liverpool crown court heard. Thomas had let himself into the house uninvited in the middle of the night and the woman, who had taken a sleeping tablet, awoke to ind him raping her. Thomas is due to ind out whether he has contracted HIV later in the week. His barrister, Virginia Hayton, said: “It is his own fault, if he had not committed this ofence he would not have placed himself in this position.”

NEW KODAK EMERGES OUT OF BANKRUPTCY USA – Kodak has emerged from bankruptcy having shed many of the businesses that made it famous. The company will now concentrate on selling printing equipment and services to businesses. The personal ilm business, which includes 105,000 photo kiosks around the world, souvenir photos at amusement parks and photographic paper, is now owned by its UK pension fund. Kodak iled for bankruptcy protection in January 2012. The company was founded in 1892 and made photography available to the masses, but it failed to adapt its business model to the development of digital photography.

Castro was sentenced on august 1 to life imprisonment without parole plus 1,000 years. The house he held the women captive was recently demolished. The former school bus driver abducted michelle Knight, 32, amanda Berry, 27, and Gina DeJesus, 23, from the Cleveland streets between 2002-04. ariel Castro at his sentencing: “i’m not a monster, i’m a normal person, i am just sick, i have an addiction” A spokeswoman for the ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Joellen smith, said: “He was housed in protective custody which means he was in a cell by himself. “Upon inding inmate Castro, prison medical staff began performing life saving measures. Shortly after he was transported to the prison medical facility where he was pronounced dead at 10.52pm local time.” a preliminary medical examination found his cause of death was hanging, said Dr Jan Gorniak, the Franklin County coroner. he used a bed sheet. apparently Castro was not kept under a suicide watch. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy mcGinty spared no words for Castro in a statement following his apparent suicide. “These degenerate molesters are cowards,” mcGinty said. “This man couldn’t take, for even a month, a small portion of what he had dished out for more than a decade. “let this be a message to other child kidnappers – there will be a heavy price to pay when you are caught. You won’t enjoy the captive side of the bars.” Castro was placed in protective custody because of his notoriety, but was not on suicide watch, which requires constant observation. - BBC

ariel Castro, the Cleveland man sentenced to life in prison last month for imprisoning and raping three young women for a decade, has hanged himself with a bedsheet in his prison cell. AFP

Credibility on the line S To C K H o L m – P r e s i d e n t

Barack obama has said the credibility of the us, its Congress and the international community is on the line over their response to syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons. He said the world should stick to its own “red line” against the use of chemical weapons. obama is trying to build support for punitive military action against the syrian government. Congress will vote next week on whether to support his plans. France, whose government has strongly advocated intervention, is holding an extraordinary debate in the national Assembly, though mPs will not vote on the matter as the president can mobilise the military without their backing. Prime minister Jean-marc Ayrault said it was France’s duty to act and that “faced with barbarism, doing nothing is not an option”. Inaction would “put peace and security in the entire region

in danger”, he said, and “close the door on a political solution” to the conlict. The uk parliament voted last month against military intervention. Jordan’s Prime minister Abdullah ensour told the BBC that it would back intervention in neighbouring syria if proof emerged that chemical weapons had been used. But he said any strikes would have to be precise, and that Jordan itself would not be involved. The us senate Foreign affairs Committee is hearing arguments from the obama administration for military intervention in syria. secretary of state John kerry told the committee a failure to act would encourage extremism. kerry said any military strike would “degrade” Syria’s ability to use chemical weapons, but would not involve boots on the ground. President Vladimir Putin of

Russia says the United States Congress has no right to approve the use of force against Syria without a decision from the united nations security Council. at a meeting of the presidential council for human rights in the kremlin, Putin said any action outside of a security Council mandate, except self-defence, was an act of aggression. He said that was inadmissable in principle. The BBC reports Russia remains irmly opposed. But Putin said Russia did not rule out supporting a un security Council resolution authorising force, if it was proved “beyond doubt” that the syrian government had used chemical weapons. He said it was “too early” to talk about what Russia would do if America took action without a un resolution. meanwhile, Syrian state TV denied reports that a former defence minister, General ali habib, has defected. - BBC

Whale of a way to beat the heat

LEADER DEFENDS EDUCATION REFORMS MEXIcO – The President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, has used his irst state-of-the-union address to defend his government’s education reform. Tens of thousands of teachers oppose a plan to introduce mandatory evaluations, which they believe would lead to massive lay-ofs. But the president said Mexico’s future depended on the reform, and argued it would improve the quality of education. He pledged federal funding for teachers who needed retraining. “The education reform will move forward because it carries with it the future of Mexico,” Pena Nieto said to applause before an audience of oicials, military oicers and lawmakers.

AMERICAN IDOL CONFIRMS JUDGING PANEL RUSSIA – Jennifer Lopez has been conirmed as a judge on the new series of American Idol after a year away from the show. Harry connick Jr, who has previously been involved as a mentor, will also make his debut as a judge. Country musician Keith Urban conirmed his return in August. The pair, who had already been rumoured for the panel, will join Urban as the irst judging line-up consisting entirely of singers, like rival talent show The Voice. Randy Jackson, who stepped down as a judge after the last season, has conirmed he will be returning as a mentor. There were complaints last year after arguments between judges Mariah carey and Nicki Minaj.

Today’s Daily Bread Then God said, “let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the ish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

Matthew read: read: Genesis 1: 26-317:21-29

Text: Matthew Text:7:26 Verse 26

A beluga whale cools down visitors at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium in Yokohama, suburban Tokyo. Tokyo’s metropolitan temperature climbed over 30 degree Celsius following a heat wave in the region. AFP


Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

Humanitarian crisis

neW arrIvalS kIdS BIkeS kIdS PuSHBIke MarrY Brand 12 InCHeS


$135 kIdS PuSHBIke tauruS Brand 14 InCHeS The civil war in Syria is causing a ‘catastrophic’ outlow of refugees into neighbouring countries which is building into a looming crisis for the entire Middle East. BeIRUT – The lucky ones move

in with relatives – the poorest sleep under bridges. others ind themselves crammed into the old Palestinian refugee camps of south Beirut. In a region where one upheaval succeeds another, the casualties of an earlier “catastrophe” in the eyes of Arabs – the birth of Israel 65 years ago – are now living alongside the fugitives of today’s calamity in syria. since 2012 alone, some 1.8 million syrians have been driven into neighbouring Turkey, Jordan, iraq, lebanon and egypt due to a swiftly deteriorating humanitarian situation, aggravated by heavy ighting between Syrian President Bashar al-assad’s military and opposition groups. in total six million or nearly one-third of the country’s prewar population of 20 million has been forced to abandon their original homes since ighting began in march 2011,

the UNHCR said. of those, over 4.25 million people have remained displaced inside syria. This remorseless low of refugees into neighbouring countries means talk of a “syrian” civil war no longer makes sense. The conflict has spread beyond President Bashar al-assad’s blood-soaked domain to become a crisis for the entire middle east. The numbers are staggering. at least 8000 refugees enter Lebanon every day, swelling the country’s four million population by a quarter in just two years, 720,000 are registered, but there are probably another 300,000. Jordan and Turkey have 500,000 registered refugees each – ven Iraq is in the unusual position of being a safe place, hosting 170,000 syrians. The figures are so huge it’s easy to forget they concern fellow human beings, with emo-

tions, ideals and ambitions much like the rest of us. one such is anas Ghaibeh, an articulate english-speaking 28-year-old, who fled Syria last year for the relative safety of lebanon. “if i had stayed, i would have been ‘disappeared’ like my friends,” he said. Ghaibeh fled as he was suspected of supporting the rebels – or “terrorists”, as the regime calls its enemies. he says he simply delivered food to Baba amr in the city of Homs, laid waste by Assad’s forces. But now he says: “The Lebanese hate syrians. They say the syrians take our jobs.” As Ghaibeh knows, Lebanon’s sectarian balance was upset by the arrival of Palestinian refugees after 1948, which helped spark the civil war that began in 1975. “i think the same scenario will happen again,” he says. - Daily Telegraph/PNC

Boy offered electronic eyes honG KoNG – A six-year-old

Chinese boy who had his eyes gouged out by a woman believed to be his aunt may one day see again after a hong kong hospital offered him “electronic eyes”. hong kong-based eye expert Dennis Lam said his team would provide the treatment for free to Guo Bin – known as Bin-Bin – who was found covered in blood near his home in the northern Chinese province of shanxi last month. Professor lam said that future technology could restore up to 40 percent of the boy’s lost vision. “When I heard about it, I was really angry, very upset,” Professor Lam said. “I was asking myself if i can help. “Being an eye doctor, our greatest sort of encouragement is when the patients see again.” Professor lam said he is still waiting for consent from the child’s parents to bring him to his eye hospital in shenzhen in southern China, where he can be given a pair of false eyes as soon

as next week. Cameras in the prosthetic eyes would relay a signal, based on the shape of objects, to an electric pulse generator connected to the boy’s tongue, helping him to recognise shapes, Professor lam said. he said the technology is already being used in Japan and europe. The final goal is to give the boy bionic eyes linked directly to the brain which will help him partially regain his sight, Professor lam said. That treatment is still being developed. “in the end his sight could be 20 to 40 percent when we talk about 10 years down the road,” he said. “The ultimate goal is the help him to see again.” The boy’s parents are reportedly considering the offer. The little boy went missing after playing outside and his eyes were found nearby. Authorities have now made his aunt, who committed suicide on Friday, their prime sus-

pect, state news agency Xinhua said, quoting local police. The aunt, who Xinhua named as Zhang Huiying, killed herself by jumping into a village well. Xinhua said police found the boy’s blood on his aunt’s clothes following DNA tests. Professor lam’s medical team visited Guo, who is currently being treated in shanxi, on saturday. “he seemed cheerful given that he has gone through so much,” team member Dr Fairooz manjandavida told the South China morning Post. “He is a very brave boy.” although initial reports suggested that his corneas were missing – prompting speculation that he had been attacked for organ sales – Chinese authorities have ruled that out, saying the corneas were still attached. The attack has shocked the nation and has stirred fury on the internet with users demanding retribution. - AFP


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Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

Threat to Paciic recognised Climate urgency acknowledged by US and European leaders mAJURo – The european Com-

missioner for Climate actionsays there is a clear sense of urgency about the need to combat climate change in the Paciic. Connie hedegaard is in the marshall Islands for the Paciic islands Forum leaders meeting where the focus is on climate change.

The 44th Pacific islands Forum Leaders meeting began this week with leaders welcomed in an abbreviated ceremony, after unseasonably rough weather forced organisers to abandon plans for their arrival on a leet of traditional micronesian outrigger canoes. The weather dificulties were

paciic BRIeFS GENERATION GAP SEES CULTURE DECLINE NEW ZEALAND – A Tongan community leader in New Zealand says there is a big gap between young Tongan people and their elders in that country. Kolovula Murphy, the president of the Wellington Tongan community organisation Makatu’unga He ’Ofa made the comment during this week’s Tongan Language Week, the second year the event has been held. She says although older people still speak Tongan many younger people only understand it. “And I can see the gap between the people that irst came here and the new people just moving to Wellington and where our young generation is lost in some ways in culture and language and things like that.”

LNG PROJECT NEARING COMPLETION PAPUA NEW GUINEA – ExxonMobil says that its US$19 billion LNG project in Papua New Guinea is ninety percent complete and on schedule to deliver its irst cargo of liqueied natural gas in the second half of next year. PNG LNG project executive, Decie Autin, says they have started the commissioning phase at the LNG plant in preparation for the irst production in 2014. She says this includes sending gas from Oil Search’s Kutubu Central Processing Facility to the LNG plant to provide power and enable testing and commissioning of key facilities and equipment. The gas will be transported by pipeline to a gas liquefaction plant 25 kilometres north-west of Port Moresby. The company has binding LNG sales agreements with four Asian buyers.

TRADITIONAL PACIFIC CUISINE ON TV THE PACIFIC – Paciic food will be the star of a new television show to air on Television New Zealand this weekend. chef and author, Robert Oliver, who was raised in Fiji and Samoa, says his programme Real Pasiik will take viewers to Samoa, Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, New Zealand and Tonga to learn about local food traditions. Oliver says he hopes people who watch the programme will visit these Paciic countries and be keen to try the local food. Oliver says traditional Paciic food was based on what was available to the locals at the time, so most Paciic food was really healthy. He says the idea is to raise Paciic islands cuisine into a very high status while delving into the deep meaning of local cuisine and what is traditional Paciic island food. The show is expected to air in 80 other countries.

CLAIM FIJI ACTIVISTS SPIED ON IN NZ FRENCH POLYNESIA – A New Zealand opposition MP Winston Peters has claimed a New Zealand security agency has spied on New Zealand based Fiji democracy activists and the Fiji regime knew about it. Peters has raised questions in parliament about a raid last year on the Auckland home of Rajesh Singh who is a former Fiji cabinet minister. Peters says the Security Intelligence Service breached the law during the raid. He says the commander of the Fijian Land Forces, colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, texted Singh as he was about to be raided by the SIS. “They leave no doubt that the Fiji dictatorship knew what was happening and the Fiji military had contacts in high places in New Zealand and I want to know how far was the SIS involved,” Peters said.

FIJI WANTS READMISSION TO GAMES FIJI – The President of the Fiji Olympic Committee Reg Sanday says it’s time for Fiji to be readmitted into the Commonwealth Games. Fiji has been suspended from the commonwealth since 2009, with the Commonwealth Games Federation subsequently banning Fiji from the 2010 Delhi Games. The next Commonwealth games will be in Glasgow in just over ten months, and Reg Sanday says he’s written to the Secretary General of the Paciic Islands Forum Secretariat, Tuiloma Neroni Slade, “just outlining the position of sport and politics and the international principles that require separation of the sport from politics. We’ve been able to participate in the Olympic Games and other games.”

HOSPITAL WORKERS IN PAPEETE ON STRIKE FRENCH POLYNESIA – The French Polynesian government says given the right time, it will comment on a strike at the territory’s main hospital, which was launched this week. The stoppage is being supported by about 300 employees who want their status clariied. The nature of their contracts is one of the 15 points raised by the union. The hospital has been struggling inancially. The government says the problems caused by the strikers’s demands are complex and cannot be resolved overnight.

seen to it in well with the theme for this year’s Forum, “marshalling the Paciic Response to the Climate Challenge”. island nations are demanding concrete action to deal with climate change and hedegaard said she can understand why threatened island countries are becoming impatient. “europe is also impatient so i think that is one of the key impressions that I will convey in further climate talks. “Time is running out. The world must get its act together and those who are the most vulnerable and most exposed are getting very, very impatient for very good reasons.” The american secretary of State, John Kerry, who was invited to the Paciic Islands Forum summit, sent a video message in which he said it was vital that vulnerable nations prepare for the impacts of climate change. kerry’s place is being taken by the interior secretary sally Jewell. in his video kerry pledged to ensure a secure future for Paciic states facing the threat of climate change. The prime minister of Tuvalu, enele Sopoaga, was delighted with the Kerry message. “He used two particular words that are critically impor-

tant to small island states on climate change,” sopoaga said. “‘irrefutable’, that is, referring to the science, and ‘catastrophic’, referring to the impacts of climate change. and i think those two words capture it and I am certain we want to appreciate that.” The French Polynesian government has proposed that the Pacific islands Forum set up a permanent committee to look at the possible displacement of people because of sea level rise. its president, Gaston Flosse, has told Forum leaders that his territory will play its role in accommodating potential climate change refugees. Flosse says this approach could lead to the creation of a fund during the un Conference on Climate Change to be held in Paris in 2015. The incoming chairman of the Pacific islands Forum, Christopher loeak, has told Paciic leaders he would drown in the rising sea levels rather than being forced to move from his marshall Islands home. Loeak said while his country was among those already experiencing climate change, the people of the Pacific did not want to lee their lands no matter how threatened they became.

“my land is my home, my heritage and my identity in ways that the english language cannot capture,” he said. “This is my country and I will always stay here. If water comes, it comes.” The outgoing chairman of the Forum, the Cook islands Prime minister, Henry Puna, congratulated the marshall islands on pushing the forum for action. “our theme speaks partly to the frustrations we have all felt in the past of being overlooked, of being ignored and of being undervalued,” he said. “Years of inaction on the part of those who are most capable of undertaking effective mitigation measures has understandably left us absolutely disappointed and dissatisied.” He also said the Paciic could serve as a role model in embracing alternative energy. “These are strengths of the Pacific, in a sea of doubt, over whether the Pacific ever gets the recognition it deserves and needs today,” he said. “We are dealing with climate change and extremity and vulnerability not of our doing, but of our burden to pay – and pay dearly we will.” loeak is pushing for the forum to agree on a “majuro

Declaration” calling for greater leadership from major emitting countries. As well as climate change, the Leaders’ Retreat, to be held on a small islet fringing the majuro lagoon, is also expected to discuss development issues, sustainable tuna fishing and whether to readmit Fiji to the body. Pacific leaders are also discussing the future of the Paciic Plan. The Plan, the region’s document detailing how it can achieve greater integration, has been under review since last year’s Forum summit. The review team, headed by a former Papua New Guinea prime minister, Sir mekere morauta, has conducted consultations across the region. Sir mekere said since the Plan was drawn up nearly 10 years ago, the challenges for the Paciic have got greater and politically, the region is stumbling along. he says he did not advocate a refreshment of the Plan but the re-establishment of a robust political process around regionalism. Sir mekere says the Forum, as the peak political body in the Paciic, has a huge role to play, but it must also adapt. - RNZI/PNC

NZ ‘appeasing’ Fiji regime suVa – Fiji’s opposition politi-

cal parties have lashed out at New Zealand’s prime minister, accusing him of appeasing the coup-installed military government. Prime minister John Key said the clause in the new constitution, which grants legal immunity to the 2006 coup plotters, is not a deal breaker for New Zealand. The united Front for a Democratic Fiji says New Zealand has capitulated to Fiji’s military regime over its constitution and that sends out dangerous signals to Paciic island countries. Key said New Zealand views the constitution as a positive step towards elections even if it’s not perfect. a spokesperson for the grouping of political parties, mick Beddoes, said united Front members are astonished at key’s comments and what they see as a shift in policy towards appeasement. “The kitchen’s too hot for him so he’s wanting to get out of the

kitchen really isn’t he? and no doubt the regime is celebrating as we will no doubt know. They’ve actually managed to outwit the New Zealand prime minister.” Beddoes says New Zealand and australia are ignoring the plight of the people of Fiji. key said his government wants to work with Fiji to help it towards elections next year. Key is in the marshall Islands for the annual Pacific islands Forum, from which Fiji is suspended. He says Fiji will be discussed by the leaders as it inches towards elections next year. Key says New Zealand views the new constitution as a positive step even if it’s not perfect; in particular, the provision giving a pardon for anyone involved in past coups. “There is one or two things like the immunity that’s been offered to the current regime, that is part of that constitution. “From New Zealand’s point of view we could sit back and criti-

cise every point of it. But in the end it’s actually about tomorrow and not really about yesterday. “I think I would rather accept immunity and get as close as i can to a free and fair election and not worry too much about the past.” Beddoes says that key’s comments sends a signal that New Zealand condones violent uprisings. “The signal it’s sending out is that New Zealand thinks it’s okay to indulge in armed insurrection if you’re not happy with the outcome of a democratic election”. A New Zealand opposition mP and former Foreign minister Winston Peters says New Zealand will in future rue the stance taken by the current government over Fiji. The New Zealand government says the constitution is a positive step towards elections but Peters says experienced diplomats seem not to have had any contribution to that stance. he says it represents a change

to a uniied position on Fiji and he has not been told enough about why the government is acting the way it is. “Constitutional experts have been less than fulsome in their praise of it and the remaining political entities in Fiji have disowned it. I would have thought that was cause for great caution by the New Zealand government.” Peters has raised questions in the New Zealand parliament about New Zealand government links with the Fiji regime. meanwhile, Pacific leaders meeting at the Pacific islands Forum Leaders meeting say they will be discussing a resolution on Fiji at the meeting. “Whether we can change the current status of where Fiji is, at the moment, I don’t know,” the President of kiribati, anote Tong said. “That’s something that we will again argue. We always argue over this at the retreat. You won’t hear us arguing but we do,” he said. - ABC/RNZI

Getting islanders back in the water aPia – A Samoan man is creating a splash trying to drum up a love for swimming in a country where almost 95 percent of people can’t swim. The rate seems surprising for an island nation, but samoa Swim series director Seti Afoa said it is not uncommon among local island people in the Paciic. “it’s a similar situation around other island nations one visits in the Paciic, whereby the lagoons are left untouched by

the population at large,” he said. Whilst it may seem baffling to not take advantage of pristine lagoons, Afoa who recently took up swimming said the anomaly has its roots in a cultural reticence around water. “When I was growing up I was certainly told to not go into the water because I would drown. Secondly there are ish in the sea so don’t go there and thirdly in some spots there’s a taboo or sacred place where you

can’t swim,” he said. Afoa hosted the Samoa Swim series last month including samoa’s irst triathlon which has drawn swimmers from New Zealand and Australia as well as local swimmers. The series is part of a larger campaign including sea-racing and lagoon swimming events to encourage local swimming in the country. “one of the joys for me personally is seeing local young

men in particular taking to the water who hadn’t swum before,” he said. afoa said samoans did have a deep historical afinity with the water with stories of sea warriors and people swimming from one island to another, but that had been lost. “so the history of the island has changed with the modern life and we’re trying to get back to that now and trying to encourage locals to swim.” - ABC


Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

Paciic island states call for real action

mAJURo – For many years Paciic Island countries have been pushing for action over climate change and at this year’s Forum meeting they want New Zealand and australia to step up and take a lead on the issue on the world stage. The focus of this year’s summit in majuro in the marshall islands is climate change and the hosts have already drawn up a declaration they want the leaders to sign. But will Australia and New Zealand step up? Hopes will not be high, as Radio New Zealand’s correspondent Don Wiseman reports. A marshall Islands cabinet minister, Tony de Brum, says the next ive years will be the key to protecting Paciic islands from rising sea levels. he says if nothing substantial happens in the next five years the battle is halfway lost. De Brum says energy has to be focused on climate change because it is a survival issue for the whole world, and the Paciic needs to lead the response. “We think that the Pacific leadership should take over. The time for kicking the can down the road waiting for – you go

first, you go first – is over. We need to focus attention on the issue, not only because it is a survival issue for us but it is in fact the survival issue for the world.” sixteen years ago the then Tuvalu prime minister, Bikenibeu Paeniu, was in Wellington pleading for New Zealand to seek an urgent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Paeniu wanted New Zealand to argue at the upcoming kyoto meeting for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. He told the New Zealand government in 1997 that for Tuvalu it was about survival – that the nine atolls were already suffering from the effects. That call went nowhere. at the 1997 Forum summit the island nations, pushing for a binding agreement on uniform cuts to greenhouse gas emissions, were stymied by Australia’s then leader, John Howard, who announced it was a very good outcome for australia. Paeniu was reported as saying ’There was no compromise. It was just ‘no, no, no, no”’. opening this year’s summit on Tuesday in majuro, the secretary general of the Forum, Tuiloma neroni slade, says cli-

mate change is a real and serious threat to the peoples of the Paciic. “With the recent experience of the marshall Islands only a few short months ago of severe drought and tidal inundation, the theme for this year’s Forum meeting is most aptly on the mark.” The outgoing Forum chair, the Cook islands prime minister henry Puna, says they chose the theme of climate change leadership partly because of frustration that Pacific countries have felt in the past of being overlooked, ignored and undervalued. he says years of inaction on the part of those able to help in mitigation measures have left Pacific peoples disappointed and dissatisfied. he says he has worked over the past year as Forum chair to promote the principles of the Paciic as large ocean island states. “island states that must take the lead to redeine themselves and their place in the world and then project that renewed identity to the rest of the world. “marshalling the Pacific response builds on that concept appropriately and thrusts the

challenge forward, front and centre – as a pressing concern to us all.” De Brum, earlier called New Zealand’s recently announced commitment to cut emissions to ive percent below 1990 levels by the year 2020 ’a joke’. But New Zealand’s prime minister, John Key, speaking in majuro, says he thinks his country has a good record on climate change. “This is a very low lying atoll and they feel the real threat that climate change could present to them and their lifestyles and their country. From New Zealand’s point of view we do think we’ve got a good record on climate change. Certainly the target we set in 2020 of minus-5% is better than a lot of our other trading partners.” But key seems to be missing the message that the leaders of small island states are sending. “Their point is that if the projections for sea rise take place over say 50 or 100 years, in principle it could threaten very low lying states like the marshall Islands, Tuvalu or Kiribati – that’s correct. “on the other side of the coin there are many other things that we can do – mitigation on the

ground.” Key says New Zealand’s emissions’ target is appropriate. “We believe actions that we are taking are practical and correct in terms of the investments we are making in science and other areas but we are happy to support a communique that says climate change is important, that states like this feel vulnerable, that collectively the world should take on board the challenges that a nation like the marshall Islands faces.” But the prime minister of Tuvalu, enele sopoaga, says people in the low-lying nations, such as Tuvalu, the marshall Islands and kiribati, are already suffering the effects. He says while mitigation and adaptation funding is supposedly available, it is hard to get. “You probably need in Tuvalu to spend one whole year to write papers, to write reports, to run workshops, to get consultancies, in order to come up with a bankable proposal. “This is unacceptable while the land keeps on being eroded. so we have to do better than that.” Sopoaga also wants an end to talk of relocating people to avoid the impact of sea level rise.

He says all the world is aware of the plight of the low-lying nations such as Tuvalu, but nothing is being done. he says this talk includes discussion on relocation but that is utopian and inappropriate. “ it should never be an option because it is self-defeating in itself. For Tuvalu I think we really need to mobilise public opinion in the Paciic as well as in the rest of world to really talk to their lawmakers to please have some sort of moral obligation and things like that to do the right thing.” However the Paciic Conference of Churches general secretary, Reverend Francois Pihaatae, wants the leaders to ensure there are proper legal pathways created for those that may be forced to relocate. “ There is a need to address this immigration aspect and how to deal with these people, to move to either australia or Fiji or New Zealand and their status too, and their dignity, culture and all of those things need to be addressed. “if they go to australia, do they become australian citizens or do they remain Tuvaluan or i-kiribati?” - RNZI

m I LWAU K e e – A Tongan-

preliminary heavyweight bout of the highly-anticipated uFC 164, a series of mixed-martial arts title ights. The notorious but popular sport of uFC mixed-martial arts has gained a cult following in the united states, entertaining spectators to bouts of cage fighting, which involves

opponents punching, kicking and wrestling each other in an octagon ring. Palelei who has a fighting record of 19 wins and 3 losses, was matched up against a Ukranian ighter Nikita Krylov. The referee stopped the ight in the third round of the bout, after Palelei landed a series of

strikes, and was declared the winner by technical knockout. Although the ight has been described as “sloppy” by the media, the result is Palelei’s ninth consecutive win and it is being considered the beginning of a comeback by Palelei, whose last UFC bout was in 2007. - PNC

Tongan fighter makes a comeback australian mixed-martial arts ighter Soa “The Hulk” Palelei, knocked out an opponent in a major ultimate Fighter Championship (uFC) event in Wisconsin, America last weekend. The thirty-six year old Palelei, who hails from Newcastle in Australia, was featured in a

Taiwan denies chequebook aid TaiPei – Taiwan has rejected

accusations it is engaging in chequebook diplomacy in the Paciic and buying loyalty from poorer countries in exchange for aid. Taipei has relationships with six Pacific nations – solomon islands, kiribati, marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau and Tuvalu – and works hard to prevent those nations switching allegiances to mainland China. China still claims the selfruled island of Taiwan as part of its territory awaiting reuniication, by force if necessary. Taiwan’s representative to

australia katharine Chang denies the country is engaged in chequebook diplomacy in the region as part of a strategy to boost recognition of Taipei. “no more chequebook diplomacy. All the assistance we offer to the developing countries we ensure that our aim, the goal, should be legitimate and the process in accordance with the law,” she said. Taiwan says its assistance to the Pacific is about sharing economic prosperity and providing practical help to countries in renewable energy, vocational training, medical assistance and protecting the

region’s tuna stocks. Chang denied the relationship is a form of chequebook diplomacy, and says it is mutually beneicial. “We don’t give them fish. However we teach them ishing. In that way throughout your life you always have ish to eat. “That is Taiwan’s way in our joint co-operation in offering assistance to Taiwan’s diplomatic allies in the Paciic. “all these countries value their relationship with us very much.” Chang said the Taipei-Beijing relationship was good with strong tourism and co-opera-

tion between both sides despite the sovereignty dispute. “mainland claims of sovereignty over Taiwan that is totally ungrounded,” she said. “last year alone, 2.5 million Chinese visited Taiwan through people-to-people exchanges. The cross-strait relationship is in its best shape in comparison with the last sixty years. Chang maintained Taipei retained a strong relationship with the Solomon Islands despite reports the country’s Prime minister Gordon Darcy lilo is actively courting Beijing. - ABC

British call to open door for Kiwis

Tongan-australian mixed-martial arts ighter Soa “The Hulk” Palelei.

lonDon – A public appeal for Britain to open its doors to an unlimited number of New Zealanders has been backed by those already in the country. London’s mayor has called for the united kingdom to open its doors to an unlimited number of New Zealanders, saying current restrictions on them are “disgraceful”. The public appeal by Boris Johnson, tipped by some as a future prime minister, comes as the New Zealand government surveys New Zealanders about their experiences with UK work visas.

Britons who have made a new home in New Zealand say the rules there can be just as restrictive, frustrating and timeconsuming. TNT magazine is the latest voice to back Johnson’s call for an overhaul of Britain’s immigration rules. The london magazine, considered to be a bible for antipodean travellers living and working in Britain, has said it strongly agrees with Johnson. “it must be made easier for hard-working Australians and Kiwis to visit and live in the uk,” said Carol Driver, TnT’s

group editor. “It is ludicrous that while europeans can easily enter and stay in the uk, our aussie and Commonwealth counterparts are being penalised. “Let’s hope Boris’ words resonate with the Pm and Home Secretary – and that these overdue changes are made to beneit the uk.” Reports say recent changes have restricted work opportunities for Kiwis, and the survey results will be used in talks with the British government on the issue. Statistics NZ figures show

4578 New Zealanders moved to the united kingdom permanently or for the long-term last year – down from 12,416 in 2000. Writing in the national Telegraph newspaper, Johnson said Britain had betrayed its relationships with Commonwealth countries such as New Zealand and australia. he said the government should open its doors to an unlimited number of immigrants from such countries through “bilateral free labour mobility zones”. - PNC


Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

A strategy for long haul lights Dear editor, I would like to provide your readers with an update on the recent process in seeking expressions of interest for the provision of long haul non-stop aviation services to the Cook islands from november 2014 to november 2018. it is crucial that the approach taken for any continued financial support by the Crown needs to firstly be underpinned by analysis based on a strong basis of evidence, and secondly a testing of the market to ensure the Crown is achieving a value for money proposition. ultimately, the decision to continue with an underwrite of some description will be made by the government, after all they are the elected representatives. The role of mFem and Cook islands Tourism is to provide the best analysis they can to help inform this decision. mFem and Cook Islands Tourism are working together to analyse the economic beneits, assess the need for long haul access to the Cook Islands, and inally test the market to ensure that any deal entered into is value for money for

the Cook islands taxpayer. m Fem recently commissioned an economic analysis of both routes. The report which is available in full on www.mfem. compares two scenarios. The irst being when both routes operating are with the current underwrite arrangement. The second assumes the two routes did not operate and no underwrite was paid by the Crown but that those funds which would have been spent on the underwrite were spent on alternate options by government. it does not assume that money is saved. The underwrite of a weekly return service from sydney and from Los Angeles to Rarotonga cost the Crown $11.8 million in 2011/12 and $9.5m in 2012/13. The Cook islands Parliament approved an appropriation of $12.5 m in 2013/14. If the inal invoice for the underwrite exceeds that amount in 2013/14 then the government can either seek parliamentary authority to increase the appropriation; or it can utilise a little used Constitutional provision which allows for the government to spend in excess of total appropriations by

reduce international visitor ar1 and ½ per cent. Two basic assumptions are rivals by around 9500 per year. critical to the analysis: the av- These 9500 visitors generated erage visitor stay; and spend. around $15.5m per year, makinformation on visitor stay is ing a net contribution to overall sourced from the automated of GDP at just under $6 m per border processing system. on year (1.8 per cent of GDP). -SYD-RAR-SYD service is preaverage, visitors stay around eight days (seven nights) in the dominantly used by australian Cook islands. it is estimated visitors, around 40 per cent of that the average daily visitor visitors from australia use it in at least one direction. spend is around Ceasing the service $200. This is based The argument would reduce arrivals on a recent 12 month for sydney by around 2200 per survey conducted in is not as year. These 2200 visiconjunction with the compelling as tors generated around auckland institute of los angeles, $4m per year, leading Technology. Changbut ultimately to a small net reducing these assumpit isn’t costing tion in Cook islands tions would obvithe economy GDP of $0.7 m. ously change the inal that much. some may ask the analysis, but i believe question that why do it is the best information available to us and are we spend $9.5m when the net therefore defendable. The Covec return to the economy is only economics report summarised $6 m is the return. But as I outlined previously this analysis the following: -LAX-RAR-LAX service is used assumes that the amount paid by around 80 per cent of visitors by the Crown would be utilised from the us and Canada in at for alternative spending by the least one direction, and used by government. Therefore, the rearound 30 per cent of visitors in port is ultimately comparing the the ‘other’ category (mostly eu- economic value of no underwrite rope). Ceasing the service would and no service to los angeles and

sydney and alternative spending by government against keeping the existing services through the underwrite and capturing the economic value of 11,700 additional visitors arriving on those two lights and staying in the Cook islands and spending their money. on this basis there is a strong policy argument to be made for maintaining the los angeles underwrite (or a similar portal where non-stop service to Rarotonga from mainland north america). The Covec report essentially says that you are better off spending money to get the 9500 visitors here into the Cook Islands where they will spend their money, than if you ceased the service and spent the money on other things. The argument for sydney is not as compelling as los angeles, but ultimately it isn’t costing the economy that much. However, the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation has articulated a strategy for sydney. There is also the benefit of the on flow traffic to the outer islands from these two flights, the cessation of the los angeles flight would have a significant

economic impact on aitutaki and atiu. The Cook islands has a natural comparative economic advantage when it comes to tourism. as a destination it is a beautiful, politically stable, environmentally clean and safe environment. obviously the economic efforts of the nation need to be focussed on leveraging off that advantage. another aspect to take into account is the diversification of source tourism markets. Relying on one industry is an economically challenging scenario, depending on one market within that industry makes it even more so, relying solely on short haul lights from Auckland leaves the Cook islands further exposed to just one market in one industry. mFem and the Tourism Corporation have now sought expressions of interest for credible international operators for the provision of non-stop services to Rarotonga for a period of four years from november 2014 to november 2018. Richard Neves Financial secretary

Focus on the qualities of teamwork Dear editor, Sports has always been a part of learning for every child in the Cook islands and for many parents it is always exciting to have your child represent their school in sports competitions. it is understandable that every team chooses the best players for their team and competes to win, but I believe a team’s sportsmanship should relect full participation of all its members.

my child was selected to be part of the avatea netball BTeam to compete in the Primary school netball championships at Raemaru Park that was just held. like any normal child, she was excited and so was I. I had arranged a day off work to watch my daughter, and got her ready with an early breakfast as the school and coaches had instructed. What was meant to be a fun day turned out to be disappoint-

ing because my daughter did not play a single game that day despite asking the coach for just one game. Her own time and effort in preparing herself for the big day was wasted and as a parent it was frustrating to watch. i do not speak only for myself but for every other parent whose children experience the same thing. I do not understand why children are selected and come game-day they do not play at

least one game. Being part of a team is a sharing experience – you do not share a team’s experience with only your individual selves. Nowadays, we have reserve players who are meant to take the place of injured players, but how often does that happen in a one day tournament for our young children? Why is it not possible for a reserve player to play half a game, after all it is a team sport and you win and lose

as a team? For our young children, ‘winning’ should not be the main priority, it is a bonus. at this stage, our children should be focusing on the qualities of teamwork and participation of all members of the team because this is what makes a successful team. above all, if our children are not it enough to be part of the team then do not give them false hope. as teachers and the main

inluencers on our children, you should respect their vulnerability and be aware of what message you are trying to send them. Yes, it is better to ‘try and fail’ than to ‘fail to try’ but how can primary school teachers/coaches enable success of our children when you fail to give them a chance? a tiny chance makes a difference! Concerned avatea school parent (name and address supplied)

Give him a break IN ReSPoNSe to Tuesday’s smokie ‘aB role models’ a smoke signaller texts to 188: “Former all Black Jerry Collins is no disgrace or embarrassment to New Zealand. He was just enjoying himself and acting a fool in his own time at his own rental place – not in public view! Give the guy a break!”

‘KEEP OFF’ FIELD “CAN SomeoNe please tell mr Tony Jamieson to stay off the football

pitch when mentoring his players,” a smoke signaller texts. “It’s a bit of a pain in the backside when the ref has to stop the game twice in the Nikao vs Arorangi women’s match just to tell him to stay off the ield. Can someone give this guy a red card pleeeeease.”

SAMOA, TONGA FLIGHTS A SmoKe signaller texts: “It would be nice if Air New Zealand could allow direct lights [to Rarotonga] from Samoa and Tonga. That would be the icing on the cake seeing only two percent of the world’s population knows the Cook Islands exist, plus a lot of Northern hemisphere tourists travel to those countries. It’s just an idea; we don’t need Air New Zealand to run these lights as Samoa’s on the horizon in Penrhyn; on a crystal clear day you can see samoa on the horizon 35 miles out from Penrhyn.”

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Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

Govt hopes to revamp banking sector The Cook islanDs government has begun laying the groundwork in its efforts to overhaul the nation’s banking system. Last week during a press conference, minister mark Brown of the ministry of Finance and economic management (mFem) tabled the government’s response to the 2012 banking review, authored by former Kiwi Bank chief executive Sam Knowles. In his report, Knowles made seven recommendations to lower the cost of commercial banking, improve accessibility, provide services to support economic growth, and minimise the need for government inancial support to achieve these goals. The government is now moving into the second phase of the review, which involves the coordination of various government bodies by a “working committee” - including Financial supervisory Commissioner Paul heckles, secretary of Justice Tingika elikana, solicitor General kim saunders, and Finance secretary Richard Neves. The committee has been tasked to begin the process acting on Knowles’ recommendations, which are outlined here:

Tackling the issue of bad loans The government agrees with Knowles’ recommendation to establish a task force to fully deine the problem of non-performing loans. Currently non-performing loans amount to 16 percent of total loans ($45 million), and as of 2011 were estimated to have reached 10.3 per cent of total lending. a task force currently in the process of being formed will be

required to present indings and recommendations to the inance minister three months after its establishment.

Reduce complexity in selling property leases The Knowles report recommended the amendment of property laws to standardise the process of obtaining the consent of landowners when selling property leases and registering mortgages against those leases. The government agrees in principle and has asked the Justice ministry to work with other stakeholders to review current arrangements and provide an action plan by the end of the year.

key indings of knowles banking review: • System operating on a developing country model, where business customers have developed country needs and expectations • low scale of the banking systems makes it a high cost model • Proitability of the sector is relatively low, and possibly at unsustainable levels • System has a signiicant non-performing loan problem that is a major drag on the economy • Current suite of property legislation is the major underlying cause of high bank lending rates and legislative requirements.

Don’t re-establish a development inance entity

Establish a process for declaring bankruptcy

The government says the private sector can assess investWith currently no processes ment decisions more effectively for individuals to declare them- than government, thus agreeselves inancially bankrupt, the ing with Knowles. government agrees “Public investThere is a high with Knowles that ment in private seccultural and lending contracts tor entities can often social importance create a reallocation need to be enforced on domestic with new policy. of public resources The ministry of from productive to land ownership, Justice along with unproductive areas but this does Crown Law have of the economy,” come with an been tasked with reads the governeconomic cost drafting policy and ment’s rationale. legislation, and a new insolvency A new class of license allowact is to be presented in Parlia- ing for a branch of a bank with ment in 2014. an NZ license Establishment of a credit refundertaking this initiative erence bureau would provide a “first world The government agrees in banking capability” according principle to the recommenda- to the Knowles report. tion to establish a body that The government says it provides information on a resi- would not be a necessary condident’s credit history, including: tion that local branches of ANZ outstanding debts, bill payment and Westpac integrate with habits, and loan history. their NZ-based operations, but Along with the Financial it is assumed they would move supervisory Commission (FsC) to their operating model over and the banks, the government time. will look into the viability of a Taking a lead, the FSC will credit bureau, with an emphasis research and coordinate a govon protecting individual rights ernment position and present

Government is moving on to the second phase of the banking review after responding to former Kiwibank chief executive Sam Knowles’ (centre) 2012 report on the banking sector. Pictured here with Knowles is Minister of Finance Mark Brown and inancial secretary Richard Neves. 12060130. its indings by 2013.

A review of land laws While Knowles recommends undertaking a review of Cook Island land laws and considering the establishment of a property category that is better aligned to the needs of the banking sector, the government

is lukewarm to any suggestion of change. “There is a high cultural and social importance on domestic land ownership, but this does come with an economic cost,” reads the government response. “Greater thought is required to ascertain if there is a need to

have a separate property category, or extending the period of which a lease can be held beyond 60 years.” Together with the ministry of Justice, mFem is planning a preliminary review of the issues and is planning to present their indings by June 2014. - ES

Paciic police chiefs go green at meet The PaCiFiC islands Chiefs of

Police (PiCP) conference held last week took the ‘information management’ theme of the event to a different level by going green. instead of using paper copies of all the necessary documents,

the Chiefs decided to use iPads to prevent waste and promote a greener standard of living. The iPads provided by the PICP Secretariat were preloaded with all the necessary documents and included day to day schedules.

Cook islands Police Commissioner maara Tetava said during the conference, “Things have been running very well. There have been no issues with the iPads and we are very happy with the results.” having the iPads at this

year’s conference allowed the chiefs to review the material ahead of time and focus on the work at hand, thus removing the need for extensive paperwork. The iPads will be available for all up and coming PiCP conferences.

according to Tetava, “this is how all conferences should be run. Technology has a huge role to play in making sure the Paciic achieves green status.” Cook islands has up until the year 2020 to achieve 100 per cent emissions free status

and by using the iPads for the conference, it helped in contributing to the green message and encouraging the rest of the Paciic to reduce their environmental footprint. - Release/ SK

Clean water initiative for Paciic countries

NeW ZeALAND Prime minister John key announced a $5 million initiative to help the Cook Islands and four other low-lying Paciic countries vulnerable to water shortages. The funds will be geared towards helping the nations bet-

ter manage their fresh water resources. “For a number of Pacific countries, access to safe, clean drinking water is not guaranteed. ensuring communities and businesses can access clean drinking water will go a long

way to improving people’s health and livelihoods,” said key, speaking from the 44th Paciic Island Forum in the marshall islands. “as part of a practical solution, we have entered into a new ive-year partnership with the

Foul play ruled out PoliCe would like to reassure

the public that the recent death of Laydown marsters was not due to foul play. The death was reported to police on august 25 and according to police reports marsters was part of a group who had been consuming alcohol the night before. He was discovered the follow-

ing morning close to the area where the drinking took place. Police investigated the cause of death and foul play has been ruled out. according to the police, the rumour that has been spread about the possibility the death was the result of a homicide was merely speculation. Police did not uncover any evidence to suggest that marsters

had been the victim of a homicide. The result of police investigation has been reported to the coroner who is satisfied with the cause of death. he ordered for the body to be released and marsters was laid to rest monday. The police would like to offer their condolences to the family. - Sahiban Kanwal

Secretariat of the Paciic Community (SPC) to improve water security in Tuvalu, Tokelau, kiribati, the Cook islands and the Republic of the marshall islands.” “This project will focus on practical steps such as ensuring gutters are properly connected to storage tanks, maintaining storage facilities and training national water security officers to monitor water levels and help communities be better prepared for water shortages,” he said. Low-lying island nations are particularly susceptible to salt water inundation. The lack of natural catchments, ground water, rivers, streams, and a vulnerability to extreme weather events all compromise these countries’ water resources.

“on top of the human and health dificulties, water issues hold these economies back, through everything from crop failures, to the dificulty of establishing tourist industries when they can’t rely on a good supply of safe water,” said Key. Funding will go to the SPC and be allocated to activities in each country. New Zealand’s ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade will help develop implementation plans for each country. The programme is expected to start within six months, with funding spread across the full ive years. “We have committed to, and invested more than $40 million over the last three years in a range of practical water related initiatives,” he said.

“At last year’s Forum, we announced that New Zealand would work with the Cook Islands and Chinese governments to improve the water infrastructure on Rarotonga. This major project will deliver safe drinking water to all homes and businesses on Rarotonga, the tourist and economic hub of the Cook islands, by 2015. “We will always be on hand to support our Paciic neighbours when they face challenges such as water shortages. However, the aim of New Zealand’s investments in the region and today’s announcement is to help communities better manage their water resources and become more resilient to the droughts and extreme weather associated with climate change,” he said. - Release


Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

A true Cook Islands woman On behalf of his family, former Cook islands teacher and principal David Lewis submitted the following tribute to his late wife Terupe Poata Patiare Temarii Kelly-Lewis, who passed away in hospital in Brunei darussalam on August 30.

oBITUARIeS and tributes are usually reserved for celebrities and public igures. Terupe Kelly-Lewis was neither of these but her life and that of thousands of Cook islands women deserves to be celebrated and publicised. Terupe Kelly-Lewis was irst and foremost a Cook islands woman. She was a daughter of Atiu, as was her mother and all before her. Her spirit was born in Bora Bora and inspired by mama miri. life as a Cook islander, like mother and father, sisters and brothers and so many others from Polynesia, meant giving up her home and all that it meant in terms of identity, security and personal meaning. it meant going wherever duty, responsibility and material survival for her

family dictated. Her father followed that path and left Rarotonga at a time when the warring great powers of the world provided employment in the form of phosphate mining to meet their people’s needs. He left for makatea, to be joined, after albert henry and the auckland labour union had demanded proper contract conditions, by his wife and their eldest children. There they remained with their growing family of children, including Terupe. When the war ended and the victors celebrated, their contract with the phosphate company eventually ended, as did the island of makatea. like many others, their future was again decided by economic imperatives. some of their fellow workers left for New Zealand and began the next great exodus of Cook islanders to that country. Terupe’s family were split between those who remained at home and those who stayed in Tahiti. Both sides lifted themselves to great heights. in Rarotonga, one became the irst woman mP and another min-

ister of the Crown. In Tahiti, a nal wish. Her life ended last Satbrother became Vice President, urday after four terrible years of another national cultural leader. ever-increasing pain from ovarothers, however, and mostly ian cancer. She was mourned by a whole the women, had to make their own way and try to ensure that National ministry where her their children could somehow husband worked. She was honsucceed. one such woman was oured and praised. at her passing moment, dozens arrived to Terupe kelly. an under-achieving life back respect her as an admired rephome was not for her. She in- resentative of Polynesia and the sisted that her husband and Cook islands. She was no celebrity. Her life children succeed in the same manner as the highest achiev- was never public. She was far more significant. she ers in her family. She was a was an Atiuan woman For nearly 25 years, daughter of in exile, one of so many she built a home and Atiu, as was who bring honour to family structure far her family and people. away in Asia which proher mother With the help of vided precisely educaand all HRH the minister of tion for her children, before her. Foreign affairs and housing back home and a new international career Trade of Brunei Darussalam, her for her husband at the highest husband and son will return her level. everything she aimed for with honour to her home in the was achieved under her direc- Cook islands. ka oi te po…! tion. she became one of the most ka oi te ao…! respected expatriate women ka oi te ra…! ever in her new country. ka oi te mara…ma! ka oi te her story is not unusual. it is the story of many an exiled Cook au etu! e enua ko avaiki: Islands wife. Her dream was to With humble respect to return home one day and rejoice Rongomatane Ariki and the in her home and family. She was unable to fulil that i- leaders of enua manu.

The late Terupe Poata Patiare Temarii Kelly-Lewis. 13090426

Student teachers on the rock TWenTY-seVen student teach-

ers from australia are currently working in the Cooks. The teachers are studying at monash University in melbourne, with most of them in their final year of study. Their work in the Cook Islands is part of their training programme, and they have been accompanied by Dr Judy Williams and Dr laura alfrey. There are eight student teachers at avatea school, five at Papaaroa College, four at Blackrock Pre-school, four at Tereora College, three at nukutere College and three at st Joseph school. The teachers-in-training started their work on monday and are in the Cook islands for three weeks. Four of the 27 students will be spending part of their time in aitutaki. The ministry of education and monash University conducted a workshop yesterday (Tuesday) at avatea school for the ‘teacher mentors’ – those teachers with student teachers in their classroom.

ministry of education learning and teaching advisor matthew easterbrook, who helped to run the hour-long workshop, said it is a chance for teachers to clarify what it means to have a student teacher in their classroom. on their first day on the job, the four teachers-in-training at Blackrock Pre-school – Natasha Buruma, Renae Casini, Leyshani Naidu and Ruby Harris – spent time getting to know the children at the school and reading them stories. “it’s really nice getting to know the kids,” said Buruma. she said she chose eCe because it is a satisfying ield to work in. “it’s amazing seeing the kids change and grow – it’s a very rewarding job.” naidu said they have been enjoying their time in Rarotonga. “it’s such a beautiful place, we’re really lucky.” Following their placements in the Cook islands, the students will return to melbourne to inish their studies. - BD

Four student teachers are having a great time at Blackrock Pre-school. Teachers left to right: Leyshani Naidu, Natasha Buruma, Renae Casini and Ruby Harris. 13090216

student teachers natasha Buruma (left) and Renae Casini are helping out at Blackrock Pre-school for three weeks. 13090211

Ruby Harris is one of 27 student teachers who are spending three weeks in the Cooks. 13090215


Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

Mr Lava Lava contestants line up NeW ZeALAND comedy duo

Pani and Pani and Fresh TV are in Rarotonga to ind mr Lava Lava. eight entrants are competing for the title of the ultimate island man. The competition will be held on Friday and saturday night at the Staircase Restaurant and Bar. mr Lava Lava will need to possess a certain je ne sais quoi and he will need to have different talents, “anything from drinking tequila shots to rapping will be okay,” says one half of the comedy duo letti Wickman. on a more serious note, all competitors needed to be over the age of 18 - and the contestants are all between the age of 18 and 26 years old. They should be keen and outgoing and fun enough to be good TV talent says Wickman. according to Wickman, “This is a fun competition and we need guys who aren’t afraid to show their Paciic Island awesomeness whether its their skill in dancing, or saying the right things to make Pacific Island women swoon.” outdoor challenges were be-

ing held with the contestants yesterday and today. So far the contestants are – Brian Rongo, Noel mani, Ruautu Taripo, Rex Atinai, Ben Pekepo, Bradley heather, Patrick arona and Papa Jack. Their talents are wide and varied-Rongo would be great at cooking up a storm as he is a chef at Palm Grove. mani would be great at turning up the charm as he is a front teller at BCi and he likes to stay fit by playing different sports like rugby and football. Taripo would be fit as a iddle and useful to haul heavy furniture around as he likes playing rugby league and dancing. atinai can shake a tail feather or two and he likes singing, dancing and playing ping pong, Pekepo can carry a tune and he works at CITC and likes singing and dancing, heather is a right ‘ole Romeo’ and he likes to stay it by working on his charm with the ladies. Arona can sweep a lady off her feet and likes to weight train at the local gym and he works at Timberland. and Papa Jack is a coconut king and he can groove his way into a girl’s heart.

Brian rongo, a contestant and a cook to boot. 13090418

rex atinai a lover of dancing and a contestant at Mr Lava Lava. 13090419

Papa Jack loves his coconuts.

Noel Mani ighting it. 13090422

ruautu Taripo is in with a chance. 13090423

Ben Pekepo, the singer of the bunch. 13090424

Patrick Arona, dancer of the group. 13090425

All of them will be out and about to showcase their talents for a good cause at the event. all proceeds from the show will go to the Te Kainga mental Health

Clinic. Pani and Pani would like to extend a warm thank you to their two main sponsors Staircase Restaurant and Bar and Polynesian Rental Cars and Bikes.

Tickets for the event cost $65 and if you are unable to make it to the dinner, the show will cost you $30. The prize packs are great and

there are lots of them to win – everyone in the final will take something away, so if you are not a participant, go for the laughs. - Sahiban Kanwal


Bradley heather, the charmer of the group. 13090421

National baby show this month iT is baby show time in the Cook

Islands, with littlies nationwide set to take part in the two yearly event. The Cook Islands Baby Show is organised and coordinated by the Cook islands Child Welfare association, in collaboration with the ministry of Health, with the vision of safe and better health care for babies, mothers, fathers and caregivers in the Cook islands. “it has been a very successful programme ever since it started in the late 1930s,” said Community health services public health nurse mamatoranga John. “This baby show event will be the pinnacle of the year for parents, Cook islands Child Welfare organisation, NGos, ministry of health and the general public in the community.” Village shows will be held from Thursday september 12 to Friday september 20 across Rarotonga. Children from the 26 months to 3 and a half years old category will also be selected to compete in the national Baby Show, on Friday September 27at sinai hall.

The baby show has a number of objectives, including blending all aspects of parenthood from birth to toddlers, encouraging knowledge sharing amongst parents in the care of their babies, developing public awareness for child care and motherhood and creating a network for all mothers in the Cook islands. it also is part of a continuing collaboration with the ministry of health, government agencies and other organisations on matters concerning the welfare of mothers and their babies. There are five age group categories for the show: 0-5 months, 6-12 months, 13-18 months, 1925 months and 26 months to 3.5 years. Children are seen and judged by doctors, public health and dental staff and public health nurses from the ministry of Health, with assessment of weight and height, muscle tone, and appearance from head to toe including the condition of their skin. Special prizes will be awarded for regular attendance to mater-

nal Child health Clinics and the longest breastfeeding children, and also for ‘Beautiful Little miss Cook Islands’ and ‘Handsome mr Cook Islands,” with all prizes sponsored by the Cook islands Child Welfare. Parents and caregivers are invited to bring their babies and toddlers along to their village baby shows, which will be take place as follows: matavera: matavera CICC Sunday School on Thursday 12 september; ngatangiia/Titikaveka: Titikaveka CiCC sunday school hall on Friday 13 september; Puaikura: Te Aroa Nui Hall on monday September 16; Nikao: Nikao CICC hall on Tuesday september 17; Avatiu/Ruatonga/Tutakimoa: St Joseph hall on Wednesdayseptember 18; Tupapa: Rakahanga hostel on Friday september 20. All programmes will be held from 9am-12noon, except matavera which will begin at 10am. For any enquiries contact Public health Department on 29110, or the Cook islands Welfare association on 23678. - Release/Rachel Smith

New Zealand tertiary scholarships now open one year New Zealand Pacific Scholarship’s (NZPS) are now open for studies towards a new qualiication at an approved NZ tertiary institute. This scheme is funded via NZ Studylink (loans and allowances) and the NZ Aid Programme and administered by the ministry of education (moe). scholarships are available to resident Cook islanders. The recipients must travel on valid NZ passports if they are awarded the scholarship. Student loans will be paid back by the NZ Aid Programme based on an awardees’ employment in

the Cook islands after completion of studies. scholarships are for full time studies: academic, technical or vocational course programmes at an approved tertiary institute. Upon completion of the award the recipient will be required to return home to contribute to the economic and social development of the Cook islands. They will also be required to stand down for a period of two years before applying for a ministry of education administered scholarship including NZAID short term training awards. Scholarship awards will be

prioritised to the following primary National Human Resources Development priority areas for 2013/2014: agriculture, renewable energy, ICT, marine/isheries, education (secondary teaching), trades, waste management, health and inance. other areas may be considered. The official announcement of successful applicants will be made in January 2014 at the moe tertiary graduation ceremony. Deadline for completed preapplication forms is Thursday, september 5 at 12pm. - Sahiban Kanwal

Rarotonga Hospital clinical midwife Tahoa ‘Mrs C’ Cummings takes a young babe outside to watch contractors working on the hospital upgrade last week, while he waited for mum. 13082805


Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

Largest catch in years for Gary Parlour The TWo-DaY Gary Parlour

ishing competition hosted by the Cook islands Game Fishing Club was deemed a success. The Cook islands Game Fishing Club hosted the aitutaki Fishing Club to the 17th annual inter-club wahoo competition on Friday and saturday. Apart from 16 Aitutaki anglers the competition attracted some 15 overseas entrants, including Fishing New Zealand’s Brett Patterson. a record of 28 local boats registered for the competition and the ishing conditions were ideal. With a fresh north easterly wind blowing on Saturday churning up a rough sea, several smaller boats did not venture out; however the boats that did brave the conditions were well rewarded. over the two days a total of 84 ish were weighed-in with a combined weight of 814.8 kilogrammes, the largest catch the club has witnessed for several years. although the main focus of the competition was for the heaviest wahoo and 12 good wahoo were landed, mahimahi were in abundance with 44 being weighed-in, Sea-

fari Charters alone landing 18 mahimahi. other species landed included yellow in tuna, big eye tuna, a few ono (including a large 31.2 kg ono) and a rui. The competition was run in ive different sections – wahoo, tuna, maimai and “other species” and aggregate weight. In the wahoo section the competition was won by the Cook islands Game Fishing Club with Brett Patterson’s 32 kg wahoo fishing from Reel Time (Rex Collier). This fish was only three kgs short of the minimum weight needed for the $1000 bonus prize. The second prize was awarded to Yellow Fin (Jubilee) for a 26.8 kg wahoo and the third prize was awarded to Dawn Breaker (Brendon) for a 25.4 kg wahoo. In the tuna section, the irst prize was awarded to Hot Chilli mae (moko) for a 14.6kg yellow fin, the second prize went to marlin Queen (Pauro) for a 13.6 kg dog tooth tuna and the third prize went to Raumati (Ina K) for a 12.2 kg yellow in. For the mahimahi section, the irst prize went to melady (Roly) for a 15.6 kg maimai, the second prize went to vaine-o-

te-moana (Teariki B) for a 15.4 kg maimai and the third prize to Dawn Breaker (Brendon) for a 14.8kg maimai. The other species section saw Blue Water (Kyle) winning the first prize for a 31.2 kg ono, with the second prize being awarded to Yellow Fin (Jubilee) for a 6 kg ono and the third prize going to Hot Chilli mae (moko) for a 5.2 kg rui. The aggregate weight section saw the Seafari (Kevin) winning the irst prize with a total weight of 139.8 kgs, the second prize went to Akura (George) with a total weight of 118.4 kg and Yellow Fin (Jubilee) won the third prize with a total weight of 47.6 kg. The prize giving which was oficiated by weigh master Rob Coote concluded the competition. Prize giving concluded with a magniicent kaikai prepared by Goldie Goldie and his helpers. Ru’s band provided live entertainment for the evening. The competition was very well supported by numerous sponsors and the club wishes to acknowledge and sincerely thank the following for their support of this major event-

R ePCo (NZ)/michigan motors, Tyres Direct (NZ)/michigan motors, Trader Don, CI motor Centre, UmA Shipping, Lawson’s estates, Greater Paciic Shipping, Air Rarotonga,

Central motel, C.I. Tourism, The Computer man, Whatever Bar, marlin Queen, Seafari Charters, Wayne Barclay, Patron Joe Vakatini, Reel Time, Apii William, Delano, malcolm

Sword, Teariki Buckley and CiGF. Next year CIGF will be visiting aitutaki to defend the trophy. - Release/Sahiban Kanwal

A 31.4 kg ono caught by Quinton Schoield at the Gary Parlour competition last Saturday. 13090221

Parry takes out half marathon The annual half marathon race saw the island’s runners complete a 21 kilometre circuit on saturday. Triathlete Bryn Parry took out irst placing at the cool early morning race. The half marathon is held as a lead in to the Round Raro Road Race on September 21. Congratulations to everyone that participated in the run on saturday morning and good luck for the annual week of running coming up. - ACI Results: 1st Bryn Parry 1:24:18, 2nd Roland Neururer 1:30:43, 3rd Jari Zapp 1:38:17, 4th Vanessa Woodger 1:39:31(First Female), 5th Rhys Woodger 1:42:27, 6th Geoff Stoddart 1:46:52, 10k Lucy mcDonald 51:51

half marathon winner Bryn Parry. 13090410

The half marathon group on Saturday. 13090412

Tereora College principal Bali Haque got out his running shoes to join the half marathon on Saturday. 13090417


Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai PHONE

Fax 25303



I have booked a 5cubic mtr space on next ship back to NZ. Does anyone want to share 4cubic mtrs? Phone Keith 74919.

2005, Black Isuzu DMax, awesome car, for more information phone Tina Iro 79368.

73526 /33911 /1931

The paciic Islands conservation Initiative is looking for two Aitutakians to participate in a 4 week lagoon monitoring project in Aitutaki (Oct 7th - Nov. 3rd). Ideal candidates will have to be interested in learning marine survey techniques and preferably be interested in participating in this project in the future. Please contact 53550 or for further information. 73508 / /1931

Kia Orana, ex-pupils & new comers are welcome to Mama Mata’s Te Reo maori class. Starting again every Thursday @ 6pm at Arorangi Homestead opp Magic Reef. Phone 27156. E noo ra. 73017 /33490 /1931

FOUND Bunch of keys found in Takuvaine through the Empire Road, If yours please stop by the cITc Liquor and ask for charlie. 73537 /73537 /1931

RESULTS Cook Islands Party Inc 100 Club Results - 3rd draw 2 September 2013 1st #42 Mama T 2nd #07 Noora 3rd #08 Rylls 4th #47 Seraina 5th #77 Germini congratulations to all winners and thank you for your continuous support. Our next draw will be on Friday 27 Sept 2013. cIP Executives. 73525 /33910 /1822

TENDERS For supply 20 - 26ft boat wanted for the Aitutaki Lagoon. Any condition considered, with or without motor. Contact for details. Ph 54544.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


73490 / /2046


Vehicle Groomers Are you self-motivated and hard working with a keen eye for detail? To succeed in this role, you’ll need to have: • A friendly and outgoing personality • A can-do attitude • Excellent communication Skills • A ‘team player’ work ethic It is also important to have a clean current driver’s license with experience in driving a range of manual & automatic vehicles and motorbikes. You must also be available to work in the weekends. Apply now by contacting Phillip at Avis Cook Islands. Phone: 22833. 73491 / /1943

3 Cashier opportunities are available for immediate illing. You will need to be a person of sober habits have some experience in customer service and be willing to work rostered weekends. Please apply in the irst instance to Mum on 29804 between the hours of 9am - 1pm. Applicants with a c.V with contactable references are encouraged to apply. A POS Administrator is required for the handling of point of sale loading and data entry, knowledge of trouble shooting Quick Books or MYOB POS is essential. Must also be competent with operating systems relating to the store intranet and security. A c.V is essential for this position. Please email queries and c.V to systemadmin@maneafoods. com 73470 / /1617

Qualiied cook/chef required. Phone 72849.

Wanted Full time worker in food market garden. Phone 24858 or 76017.

73272 /33691 /1931

73355 /33756 /1931


Cook Islands Sun tourism Publications rare opportunity to purchase a fun and lexible lifestyle business PUBLIC NOTICES

73506 / /1931

FOR RENT 2 bedroom house, furnished in Akaoa, Arorangi. Long term preferred. Phone 24900 or 55302. 73547 / /2415

FOR SALE Nylon to clear, 100lbs and 120lbs, 1000m $50 a coil Trader Don 22919 73530 / /2058

KAI MOANA SEAFOODS Located @ Punanga Nui market 9am to 5pm Whole Frozen Maimai gill and gutted $8.00 a kilo While stocks last. 73549 / /2533

Taro for sale, Ring 51153. 73532 /33920 /1931

Dining suite, 6 seat, hardwood construction, exceptional condition, New price $2500 now $1500. Phone 76104. 73548 /33925 /1931


Say it with lowers Head eis, neck eis Bag of lowers rooted cuttings to plant tiare Maori, tiare taina Please ring tata Ph 24800 or 55302 Sunday to friday You won’t be disappointed

2013/2014 TERTIARY STUDY SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS 1 YEAR STUDY – 1 AWARD the Government of the Cook islands is seeking “Expressions of interest” for Scholarship award from suitably qualiied Cook islanders holding New Zealand passport to study at a New Zealand academic institution commencing in 2014. This is a single (1) year study award and study options are at undergraduate, graduate or at postgraduate level that are designed to take no longer than one year to complete. a one year programme can be a great opportunity to develop new skills or gain new qualiications with limited disruption to an awardee’s professional career. This also enables the awardee to enter a higher level qualiication. one year of full-time study means one academic year, or two semesters. Scholarship is open to persons from all sectors of the community, public and private living here in the Cook islands. applicant selection will be based upon meeting the scholarship eligibility criteria, primarily that of academic merit and that proposed course of study meet Government’s hrD priorities for 2013/2014: agriculture, Marine, Waste Management, renewable Energy, Education (Secondary Teaching), Health, iCT and Finance, although other areas may be considered. Application forms and further information are available from the Ministry of Education, nikao or contact anna roi, ph: 29357 ext 245, email scholarships@education. Application forms must be received no later than 12pm Thursday, 5 September 2013. /

SITUATIONS VACANT ACCOMODATION MANANAGER- can manage and handle the oice works, bookings and cleaning duties. The applicant must be honest, reliable, hardworking and can work with minimum supervision and if you are interested for the position, please contact 54187. Application closes 14 September 2013. 73410 /33875 /1916

Live in Nanny wanted, with sober habits to look after 2 kids ages 1 & 2 year olds, Mon to Fri. Phone 53337. 73439 /33804 /1931

Chef de Partie Kitchen Hand (Part Time) Cleaner - morning only We require the above staf to join our team at the Vaima Polynesian Restaurant and Tiki Bar in Vaimaanga. Tel 26123 for interview 73484 / /1939


fISHInG CluB (MIGfa)


Saturday 7th September 6am-6pm

open to all members of all clubs on rarotonga. Sponsored by WHatever Bar and tHe MoorInG fISH CafÉ fees to be paid by friday 6th September 8pm to the avana fishing Club. recreational boats - $25 Charter Boats - $50

Contact Moko 54432/25553

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words. casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.



We are looking for a Full Time & Part Time Sales Assistant to join the Team at The T-Shirt Factory for an immediate start. If interested, phone Ty on 20513. 73489 / /1702

Couple needed for housekeeping & gardening. Full time. Please email info@whale

ALL AROUND BEAUTICIAN - at least 5 yrs work experience in a salon, reliable, hardworking, honest, customer-friendly and able to work with minimum supervision. Please email your cV at Application closes 14 September 2013. 73284 /33767 /1933


73286 /33759 /1931

Ph 22336

animal Clinic


PUBLIC NOTICES Cook iSLandS SEaBEd MinEraLS Authority (SBMA)

PUBLIC NOTICE The Cook islands Seabed Minerals authority (SBMa) wishes to give notice of a fully funded training opportunity available to Cook islands 2nd or 3rd year Biology or Marine Science University Students. A marine science short course developed by Nautilus Minerals (deep sea exploration company) in partnership with uPNG and the Duke university in uSA. the course will be held at UPnG campus in PnG from oct 13-20, 2013. They are accepting 2 positions for students from the wider South Paciic Community, while 15 will be from uPNG and 3 from universities in PNG. We regret the late notice to the SBMa but the closing date for applications is 5pm, Friday September 6. To apply, please forward your application to one of the following: cares@nautilusminerals. com Po Box 1161 Port Moresby 121 NCD PNG. or view the details in “Latest news” on the nautilus Website- Paul Lynch, Cook islands SBMa Commissioner.


WATSAN Technical Coordinator the Ministry of infrastructure and Planning invites applications for the posts of WaTSan Technical Coordinator in its Water, Waste and Sanitation (WaTSan) Unit. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a new team, tasked with making improvements in infrastructure, policy and practice that will contribute to protecting and enhancing the lagoon and ocean environments around our islands. We are seeking a suitably qualiied, experienced, highly motivated and enthusiastic person to assist the WaTSan Unit Manager and WMi Programme Manager in coordinating implementation and delivery of tasks and outcomes across a number of critical work programmes. the role will involve day to day administration and project management, as well as requiring liaison with relevant government agencies, local communities and the private sector. Speciically the scope of tasks for this position will not necessarily be limited to the following but shall include: • Provide technical input to the implementation of a programme of upgrading onsite sanitation systems on rarotonga and aitutaki, including participation in sanitation systems’ site inspections and assessments, review of wastewater plans and designs, coordination with Public health inspectors, coordination and oversight of works carried out by third party contractors engaged by the Ministry, and attendance at related meetings, discussions and workshops • Prepare such technical, project management and progress reports and associated documentation as are required by the Programme Manager for implementation of the programme • undertake such additional tasks as may be instructed from time to time by the WAtSAN Manager and/or Programme Manager in connection with the work of the WaTSan Unit in addition to relevant qualiications, the successful applicant will have a demonstrable track record of work experience in a relevant trade or professional ield, with emphasis in the sanitation/wastewater sector being an advantage, strong communications skills and an enquiring, analytical mind. For this position, an interest in or understanding of water, wastewater and environmental protection will be a distinct advantage. Above all, the successful candidate must be passionate about making a diference to the long term well-being of the Cook islands. if you would like to apply for this position, please submit a letter of application with a current CV to: Secretary Ministry of infrastructure and Planning Po Box 120 rarotonga the closing date for applications is Friday, 20 September 2013. For more information please contact tangi taoro by phone on 20-321 or by email at tangi. /


Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News





ENVIRONMENT SERVICE PUBLIC NOTICE Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports

Mareko has a full time shop assistant vacancy available. Must be honest, reliable and friendly, Retail experience preferable. Oversea’s applicants welcome. Phone Cherrelle 54320 or email cv to

Photocopier & Electronics repair technician and manager required to join our happy team. Essential to have 5 years+ experience in repair and servicing photocopiers, printers and other electronics items. Apply with CV in the irst instance by email to

A good pre-loved single or two person kayak with paddle. Phone/Text 55550.

Government Departments, Agencies and the General Public are hereby advised that the National environment Service has received the following application for a Project Permit as required under Section 36 of the environment Act 2003. application: 1. FORESHORE DEVELOPMENT OF RESIDENTIAL HOME AND ROCK REVETMENT Name: robert Junior and Susanna Wigmore Project: residential Development and rock revetment. Land: Kaireva Pt Sec 6J3A2A Avana tapere, Ngatangiia district - raroTonGa. in accordance with subsection 5 a) and c) of Section 36 of the environment Act 2003, any person, Government agencies or organisation who wish to make a written submission for or against the granting of a Project Permit by the environment Service for this applications, may do so within 30 days commencing on the 6th day of August 2013. Written submissions may be in Cook islands Maori or english be submitted to the National environment Service no later than the 5th day of September 2013. eiA reports for the above applications may be viewed at the following venues: • environment Service oice • takamoa library and • rarotonga National library the report for the above application will also be viewed on the NeS WeBSite, ( director National environment Service


NZQA Accredited training –Earn while you learn! At CitC we give everyone the opportunity to earn while you learn – we run NZQA accredited training courses up to level 4. We ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with.

73517 / /1991


73360 / /1804


NU BAR & BISTRO Great little business in a great location, would suit working couple. Genuine enquiries only.

• this busy, varied position involves answering phones, assisting with recruitment enquiries and providing administration assistance. to join the team you will need to be conident, have good organization, communication & computer skills and a great telephone manner.

CITC SUPERMARKET Merchandiser – Day shift – 8am-4pm! • important busy position involves restocking, rotating and displaying stock. Suit it person with an eye for detail interested in learning more about product ranging.

Produce/Bakery Assistant – New position! • responsible for restocking the fresh produce and bakery products in the igloo, rotating stock and assisting customers. Suit it person interested in learning about product ranging.

FOODLAND Checkout Operator – accuracy will win the day! • Completing all point of sale transactions, balancing and reconciling cash. you will need a big smile and great customer service skills! talk to us today about starting a career in retail! For further details and a full job description contact eileen or Kai on phone 23191, 54181 or email

FOUND Notices are FREE To encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

73546 / /2107


In loving memory of our dear great grand-father rudolf albert von Hof not forgotten through the years papa. always in our hearts.

Please call 26123 for further information

from your grand & great grand children. lisa, rachel & karl Jnr overseas nz &australia, karl &lorraine t von Hof.



the Ministry of education is inviting applications for the position of:

EAR, NOSE, THROAT/AUDIOLOGY PROGRAMME te Marae ora Ministry of health would like to advise the general public that the ear, Nose, throat/Audiology programme will be conducted at the rarotonga Hospital commencing Wednesday 18th September to Friday 27th of September. if you are experiencing the following symptoms; • ear pain • loss of hearing and smell • ringing in the ear • ear Discharge • Problems with breathing through the nose • Continuous nasal discharge • history of recurrent throat infection • Abnormal lumps in the throat • Diiculty swallowing Dr teariki Faireka will pre-screen patients at tupapa Clinic between the hours of 12noon to 3pm on Monday, 9th September, Tuesday, 10th September, Thursday, 12th September and Friday 13 September. /

HUMAN RESOURCES Human Resources Assistant – Intermediate position!


• Phone 22999 •


due to continuing growth and high occupancies, The rarotongan Beach resort & Spa, Sanctuary rarotonga on the beach and Aitutaki lagoon resort & Spa have a wide range of employment opportunities seeking enthusiastic, motivated staf serious about a long term career, in all areas of all three resort’s operations, in rarotonga and aitutaki, on a full or part time basis, including school leavers such as; - Purchasing oicers - Accounts oicers/Qualiied Senior Accountants - Activities & Kids Club oicers - restaurant & Bar Servers - Chefs & kitchen Hands - Porters - Security oicers - room attendants - Laundry runners - Gardeners - Front oice/Spa/tour Desk receptionist - duty Managers - Qualiied tradesmen including Plumbers, Mechanics, Electricians, Carpenters, refrigeration Engineers, Painters, Tilers etc. you will have excellent communication skills, be able to relate well to guests and staf alike and be able to work shift work. Previous experience is preferred however full international standard training will be provided to the right candidates. For more information on the position and the resort visit our website or apply to human resources on; Email Skype address Phone (682) 25-822 ext 8014 or 25-800 Fax (682) 25-797. /

ECE Teacher Aide (Special Needs) at Papaaroa Adventist School applications close on Friday 13 September 2013. For more information visit our website: ck applications and CV should be sent to: Director - hrM Division Ministry of Education Po Box 97 rarotonga Cook islands email: 73483

Director Planning and Development Division Applications are invited from qualiied, experienced and highly motivated individuals to ill this senior position, responsible for supporting the development of mid-term and annual business planning, policy development, school reviews, compliance and annual reporting. The successful applicant should be able to think strategically and across the whole sector, liaise with a very broad range of stakeholders, and have the ability to prioritise and manage their time well. a working knowledge of the Cook islands Education sector is desired. applications close on Monday 16 September 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry in Nikao or at For further queries Ph: 29357 or e-mail 73481

CitC is a large progressive company; (due to overseas travel) we have a career opportunity for someone who is ready for a challenge.

Store Manager - Foodland the Store Manager, is responsible for every aspect of the day to day management of the Store including Warehouse functions, managing a team to achieve sales, controlling costs and expenses, stock control including orders and administration functions. The successful applicant will need leadership, time management and problem solving skills, along with the ability to train and develop a team, providing motivation and guidance, and hands-on monitoring of performance across the board. An attractive remuneration package is envisaged. For further details and a full job description contact eileen turepu on phone 23-191, mobile 54-181 or email: eturepu@ /


Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

Masters to honour Epati THIS FRIDAY will see the mas-

ters take to the Tupapa grounds for a memorial game in honour of Tonumaivao Navy epati who was a founding member of the Rugby League masters movement and vice president of the Cook Islands Rugby League. all masters are being asked to come along to the Tupapa Park on Friday where a gold coin collection which will be presented, along with a memorial plaque to the family of navy epati. epati has been a very active in the development of rugby league in the Cook islands as a player and eventually with the management and administration role. he played for the Tupapa Panthers and remained a staunch supporter of the Panthers. epati also had a strong link to the infamous nikao-avatiu mongoose club from years of living in nikao. The Cook islands League masters is preparing for the International masters tournament in Christchurch this coming october and would like to have a good hit out before

they go on tour. The event kicks off at 5pm with the touring national team taking on ‘everyone else’. everyone is also welcomed to the League masters HQ in Takuvaine after the game for the usual debrieing session. epati will sadly be missed by all who knew him as player and a very good mate who was witty and full of life Last Friday’s Rugby League masters game in Ngatangiia presented an opportunity for the national touring team to work on their communications, in particular their set pieces and defensive line. DmD (during my day) days tend to focus on speed and itness, whereby the team of today focused on working smarter and not harder. The coaching staff devised a ‘slow and steady’ approach and to concentrate on playing the basics and doing the simple things right, only then can they go forth into another gear. no individual player stood

The Cook islands League Masters during their inaugural tour to the international Rugby League Masters 2009 tournament in Auckland. 13090406 out for the touring side, as together, they formed a formidable unit, and are credited with an outstanding display of entertaining football and respect

inside lanes with Papa moe from ngatangiia and Papa iona from Tupapa ‘gapping it’ at every opportunity. The masters thank ngatangi-

from opposition and supporters. all credit must go to the opponents, as they never stopped testing the touring side’s defence as they continuously pressured the

ia Club, in particular Willie and mii Kauvai, for a splendid hosting and an enjoyable evening out. - Slow and Steady

Round 2 for Computer Man cricket problems for Davana this weekend. in the Western Conference arorangi, after having the bye in the irst round, get their irst hit out of the season hosting avatiu-

Nikao. Arorangi welcome back a number of players fresh out of retirement including heimona Browne and brothers Alistair and Daniel Webb, who are all

and put a dent in Tupapa’s top four batters as Tupapa always look to force the run rate early. The Computer man men’s matches start at 3.15pm. - CIC

champion Tupapa side head up the valley to take on Terry William’s Takuvaine. Young Terry Punia’s solid line and length is anticipated to cause problems

expected to add depth to apii mamanu’s Red Backs. in the other of the Western Conference match national men’s captain Toala Teinaki’s 2012

thu SeP 5

WHat’Son oPen daIlY for BreakfaSt 8-10aM and lunCH 12-2PM

Matavera Cricket Club member and national player Kiniki Akai will provide plenty of bowling and hitting power for Matavera this weekend. PHOTO MARGOT BUTCHER 13090407


@ aroaBeaCHSIdeInnaroranGI

leBonvivant C




a la Carte dInInG froM 6PM




lIve entertaInMent!

PH 20 002


PH 26 860

ine weather this weekend after rain caused a ‘wash out’ in last weekend’s first round of The Computer man men’s matches. each scheduled team, excluding Avatiu-Nikao, collected two rainout points. This weekend’s eastern Conference matches see last season’s runner up Titikaveka Titans take on muri CC. The match affords young seventeen old Pastor Zekaria the opportunity to display his talent against a reasonable muri bowling attack who have lost speedster alan syme. Davana had the bye last weekend and will be keen for their irst opportunity to collect points against Ray Roumanu’s matavera CC. matavera boast a number of national cricketers including kiniika Akai, Roumanu, Takatua Puiki and ngametua Tariau whose change of pace, light and spin is expected to cause some

PH 22 166

CRICKeTeRS will be hoping for


Tani and rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm


Sunset BBQ w/ GarTh younG - PiANO 6PM sunset Cocktails w/ w/RuDY AQuiNO 5.30PM – 7.30PM Sat Seafood BBQ w/ JAKE NuMANGA - uKuLELE 6PM


Our food our passion 6pm till late


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avarua toWn PH 22 279

MOE Vacancies, 2014 Vacancies Applications are invited from qualiied and experienced teachers, principals, counsellors and curriculum advisors to start in January 2014. 1. Principals (13 positions) 2. Tereora College (9 secondary teaching positions) 3. teaching positions (12 positions): Avarua School, Arorangi School, titikaveka College, Araura College, Mangaia School, niua School, omoka School, Tukao School, Tauhunu School, and Tetautua School. 4. araura College (Guidance Counsellor) 5. Ministry of education (Curriculum Advisor with Science & iCT) Applications close on Friday 6 September 2013 at 3pm. For more information ring 29357 or visit the Ministry website at 73182

tHu 5

frI 6

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Sun 8 6.00PM

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2 GunS


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Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

McKenzie keen to sail to victory ConsisTenCY will be the key to winning a medal at the Wallis and Futuna Paciic mini Games for sole female sailor Teau mckenzie. The New Zealand-based schoolgirl sailed conidently and strongly in her irst two races of 10 on Tuesday. mcKenzie says that she just

wanted to get in the boat and sail after watching her two male team mates Taua elisa and Junior Charlie in their first day of competition the day before. She says her irst day of racing was like a practice run to get the feel of the water and wind as well as to igure out who her main opponents would be.

Cook islands sole female sailor at the wallis and Futuna Paciic Mini Games cruises to the start of her irst race. PHOTO ANNE TIERNEY 13090553

she figured her main competition would come from the australian sailors competing in the event which doubles as an oceania regatta. she says they proved her right as they led the way in the irst two races of the women’s competition. However mcKenzie finished 4th overall in the irst race – second in the Pacific Games competition after her samoan opponent who placed first after the australian sailors took out the

top two places. “The wind was lighter in the irst race than the second, but it was more shifty,” said mcKenzie as she relected on her racing. “on the beat up to the top mark I was in second place and then i played the shifts right. The downwind was all good and on the second loop upwind I took the left and dropped to 4th.” In the second race – the wind picked up for the sailors and mcKenzie explains she tacked a lot more and was right behind

the australian sailors but missed out on second place by just a few metres to place third in the race. mcKenzie, who won the individual silver at the Paciic Games in New Caledonia in 2011 and team gold with Helema Williams, who is now acting as her coach in Wallis is gunning for the gold medal. her team manager anne Tierney described mcKenzie’s first two races as brilliant. She says mcKenzie sailed with deep conidence in her own abil-

ity. “She raced really well and with maturity that was just fabulous to watch,” says Tierney. All three sailors were set for a big day yesterday where they were to race two races each to bring them up to a total of six races. mcKenzie will race a total of 10 races and will drop her worst two places and her team mates Taua elisa and Junior Charlie will do the same after their 12 - MW races.

Cook islands sailor Teau McKenzie (in boat number 12) gets right into her race at the wallis and Futuna Paciic Mini Games.



SPeCIalS! laMB CHoPS 10kG

Craz Y SPe CIal

avaIlaBle tIll WedneSdaY 11 SePteMBer SPeCI al

BaCon trIM

laMB dICed


$95.00ctn Craz Y SPe CIal

CHuCk WaGon CHICken frankS 340G $1.60pkt orCtnof32PktS$50ctn

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rollInG MeadoW Butter 500G

feta CHeeSe 450G



$8.90kg neW InSto re

Seafood Salad MIx 1kG

SkIP JaCk frozen SlICeS 10kG



SPeCI al

SPeCI al

$50.00ctn neW InSto re

ParMeSan PoWder CHeeSe 100G

Broad BeanS 500G



neW InSto re

oPenInG HourS

Mondays to thursdays 8am - 5.30pm fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on St JoSePH rd, avarua. Ph 22259.

In Store:

GraPeS, kIWIfruIt,nz oranGeS, aPPleS & loCal fruItS.


Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

FLIGHT FROM ARRIVES Thursday sepTember 5


NZ46/45 GZ035/034 NZ748/749



5.15PM 2.50PM 1.25AM

FRIDAy SEPTEMBER 6 NZ748/749 AKL 1.55AM NZ46/61 AKL 3.20PM VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM



6.30PM 3.50PM 2.25AM

2.55AM 4.30PM 1.45AM











Thursday sepTember 5

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details 0800












1530 1800 1100


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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.



HÄGar the Horrible

By dik Browne


tHe PHantoM

By lee falk & Sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight Situation: A northeast wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. A weak trough of low pressure lies slow moving over northern parts of northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Cloudy periods with some showers. Moderate northeast winds.Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Cloudy periods with some showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Cloudy periods with some showers. Moderate northeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Some showers.

Thu high 9.42AM 0.86M 9.58PM 0.86M


Low 3.36AM 0.32M 3.53PM 0.30M


high 10.19AM 0.88M 10.34PM 0.90M






0.9M Ne

1.5M S


4.15AM 0.29M 4.29PM 0.28M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

NE 14KtS new Moon sep 5 11.37AM

First Quarter sep 12 5.09PM

Full Moon sep 19 11.13AM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter sep 27 3.56AM


arapo - akaoTi amiama thu 5 Tanu (Planting) Tanu i te meika Plant bananas.

TauTai (Fishing) Po ika. Kua marama roa. Fishing nights. Moon is long, far away.

humidity Thu

Rarotonga Thursday, September 5, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


0.9M SW Front Key:




1.4M Ne


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, September 5, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Thu sun rise 6.44AM sun set 6.31PM




Moon rise 6.44AM Moon set 7.03PM sun rise


sun set


Moon rise 7.23AM Moon set 7.57PM


26° NE 12KtS


25° NE 15KtS


24° NE 13KtS



24° NE 13KtS

29° NE 13KtSKtS


24° NE 13KtS


Thursday, sepTember 5, 2013 cook Islands News

Weightlifter Luisa Peters wins 3 silver medals at mini games




Taea breaks her national record TH e DISAPPoI NTm eNT of

missing out on a medal in the Wallis and Futuna Paciic mini Games women’s 100m sprint inals for national sprinter Patricia Taea was soothed by her

setting a new national record. The 20-year old sprinter came second in the women’s 100m heats to qualify for the inals of the event alongside some of the Pacific’s fastest women

including Queen of the track – Toea Wisil of PnG. Taea placed 5th overall in a time of 12.29 to smash her old national sprint record of 12.36. Taea clocked the identical

time as the 4th place getter however placing was decided on a 1000th of a second. Wisil of PNG won the gold medal in a blistering time 11.36.

Taea says that lining up for her heat race, she felt prepared. “I wanted to cruise in my heat because I knew who I was racing against and I didn’t want to go all out and use up my energy

with the last of her energy, national sprinter Patricia Taea (centre) crosses the line in 5th place in the women’s 100m sprint inals to set a new national women’s sprint record of 12.29. 13090550

before the inals,” says Taea. “I had a good feeling I would qualify.” lining up alongside the Paciic’s fastest women – commentators informed spectators of the women to note in the line up. Taea was named as one of the women to watch in the race. “i did feel proud,” says Taea of receiving the mention. Taking off from the blocks Taea says she gave it her all. “i didn’t think of anything or anyone – I really wanted a medal.” she adds that despite being disappointed with missing out on a medal – she is stoked to have set a new national women’s 100m sprint time. She would like to thank all her supporters at home and abroad for their support for her fellow Team Cook Islands members for being at Kaika Stadium to cheer her on. Looking ahead –Taea will return to the Regional Development Centre on the Gold Coast of Australia where she has been training for the past 8 months. Taea has already qualified for the 2014 Commonwealth Games which she will continue training for and preparing for qualifying events for the 2016 Rio olympics. - Matariki Wilson

ANZ renews support for junior tennis T e n n i s Cook islands has

Thank you ANZ! Junior tennis players welcome the continued support of the bank. 13090428

Club rugby heads into semi inals raro CluB 15S The CITC game of the week will

be between the Avatiu eels and the Arorangi Cowboys at the Avatiu ield on Saturday.

To cater for seventh Day adventist players the irst semi (1st vs 2nd) will kick-off on Friday at the Titikaveka Field at 4.30pm between the Senior B Grade when the Arorangi Cowboys take on the hosts Titikaveka Bulls. Both teams have a win each against each other this season so this match is sure to be a cracker! Be sure to support your teams this weekend as we commence

the irst week of our three week Finals Series as we search for our 2013 Rugby 15s champions. Best of luck to all teams this - CIRU weekend.

Friday 6 at the Titikaveka ield (1st vs 2nd):(Cowboys vs Bulls) — 4.30pm senior B Grade

Saturday 7 at the Titikaveka ield (1st vs 2nd): (Cowboys vs Dragons) —11.30am-under 12, (eels vs Cowboys) -12.30pm-Un-

der 14, (Cowboys vs Panthers)— 1.30pm-Under 16, (Cowboys vs eels)—2.40pm-under 19, (Bulls vs Reds)—4pm-Senior A.

Saturday 7 at Avatiu field (3rd vs 4th): (eels vs Panthers/ Reds)—11.30am-Under 12, (eels vs Dragons)—12.30pm-under 16, (Reds vs Bulls)—1.40pmUnder 19, (eels vs Reds)—3pmSenior B, (eels vs Cowboys)— 4pm-senior a.

confirmed ANZ Bank as the key sponsor for the Tennis in schools Junior Programme. ANZ has pledged to support and promote tennis mainly in schools within the Cook Islands over a year and makes tennis accessible and available to over 500 primary school children aged between 5 and 10 on Rarotonga. it is a comprehensive programme run by the malcolm kajer school of Tennis and is supported by Tennis Cook islands (TCi) and oceania Tennis Federation (oTF). While ANZ has been a regional sponsor of junior tennis throughout the Pacific, this blanket sponsorship of over 20 years ceased at the end of 2012. TCI’s president, madeilene Sword, said, “Since the National Tennis Centre was erected in 2009, ANZ Banking Group ltd, as a regional sponsor, have been instrumental in reinvigorating tennis on Rarotonga, especially with our youngsters. For the past four years, we have identified some wonderful talent and nurtured them through the competitive and national representative pathway. Without ANZ’s help and belief in what we are trying to achieve for our youngsters, many Cook

Islanders would never know what it means to be able to hold a tennis racquet or be able to play a friendly game of tennis. additionally, they are being exposed to many life long learning abilities and will become great ambassadors for the Cook islands one day. This may not necessarily be in Tennis and it doesn’t matter. in this sense, we are able to support ANZ’s community goals as well in producing great citizens and role models.” ANZ Bank manager David Dennis says that their bank has had a long relationship with tennis, “this programme started long ago and fantastic results came out of the juniors programme. Under malcom and maddy’s tutelage the programme will grow. I am very proud of the ethics behind the programme.” Another A N Z employee, marketing officer and customer advocate, Julianne Westrupp, is an integral part of the programme as she ensures that the kids are rewarded with prizes at events. “Tennis Cook islands is very grateful to Dennis and Westrupp and ANZ Bank for supporting its vision and formally coming on board for 2013/14,” said Sword. - Release/ Sahiban Kanwal

Thursday 5 September  
Thursday 5 September  

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