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$2 Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Police conference opens The 42nd Pacific Islands Police Commissioners Conference kicked off yesterday morning with a culturally-rich opening ceremony at the Arorangi jetty. Amidst strong wind and heavy rain, a range of police commissioners representing the Pacific region travelled to the jetty aboard the Vaka Marumaru Atua, departing from Avatiu harbour in a re-enactment of

the irst landing of missionaries at vaka Puaikura. After being carried by paata and flanked by spectators and local schoolchildren dancing to traditional turou, the police chiefs along with other dignitaries assembled at Aroa nui hall to witness the oficial handover of the chairmanship from the Solomon Islands to the Cook Islands. Inside, Police Commissioner

Maara Tetava and acting Solomon Islands Commissioner Juanita Matanga – the only woman police chief in the Paciic - participated in the handover. “I wish him well, and we will continue to support you as you take over this leadership role,” said Matanga. The handover was followed by the singing of the Cook Islands national anthem before

the official opening of the conference by Prime Minister henry Puna. during his address, Puna emphasised the role of family and the community in keeping society safe. “Responsibility is learned, responsibility is nurtured, and responsibility is shared,” he said. “Shared by us all and made accountable under the law, just

as much as it should be under our own roof at home with our family.” Puna also commended law enforcement oficials from across the region, in ighting the trade of narcotics, contraband, weapons trade, and the traficking of humans. The opening ceremony at Aroa nui hall was followed by a courtesy call to Queen’s Repre-

Puaikura welcomes chiefs

sentative Tom Marsters at government house by the police commissioners. The conclusion of the event at government house was followed by the commencement of conference formalities. This year’s conference theme – ‘preventing crime through information management’ – builds upon last year’s theme – ‘enforcing Paciic policing through information management’. The conference will be hosted at edgewater Resort and Spa, and concludes this Thursday. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Special public service today A goVeRnMenT-led memorial


(FRoM left) Vanuatu police commissioner Arthur edmanley, guam representative Major Rick Leon guerrero and Papua new guinea police commissioner Tom Kulunga are carried on paata along the shores of Te

Toro I Vai Toko at Arorangi Primary School, and the site of the alternative jetty, to their seating out of the rain. The Paciic chiefs of police are gathering in Rarotonga for their annual conference which began

with a uniquely Cook Islands welcome ceremony yesterday. The chiefs of police arrived at Rarotonga by sea on board traditional sailing canoe Vaka Marumaru Atua and were welcome to shore by Arorangi Primary

School students and Puaikura traditional leaders. The squally rain did little to dampen the united spirit of the event which concluded with a traditional feast before the heads of police returned to the

edgewater Resort and Spa for the first of their four day conference.

PM encourages regional crime ighting, page 7 Rain blesses police chiefs, page 9; more photos page 10

service will be held today for Tonumaivao navy epati. Yesterday, Prime Minister henry Puna made the announcement for the well-known Samoan native who spent the majority of his adult life in the Cook Islands. The memorial service will be conducted at the national Auditorium at 1pm, and all public servants are invited to pay their respects, including friends of the former head of the public service. epati passed away suddenly at the weekend at the age of 49. The death, resulting from a severe heart attack after epati collapsed during a Saturday afternoon round of golf at the Rarotonga golf course, came as a great shock to family members. The prime minister is guiding the special service in conjunction with family members and in co-operation with Public Service Commissioner Russell Thomas and heads of ministries (hoMs). - Emmanuel Samoglou


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Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

Top money for Beatle's tie A blAck knitted tie that belonged to John lennon has sold for more than £3,000 at an auction in liverpool. lennon gave the tie to Joyce McWilliams in 1962 when she was 15 and used to attend the lunchtime sessions at the famous cavern club. He also gave her a handkerchief, which he had used to mop his forehead in the hot club. “It was very hot in the club and John asked me to lend him a handkerchief to mop his brow with,” she said. “He handed it back to me, and loosened his tie when I said, ‘I thought you were going to give me your tie,’ and he just handed it to me.”

Wildire poses challenges california’s Rim Fire threatens San Francisco area water supply SAn FRANSISCO – Fireighters in California are struggling to gain control of a huge wildire which has reached the edge of Yosemite national Park. The Rim Fire covers nearly 606 sq km and threatens a major reservoir serving San Francisco. The fire is only 15 percent contained after burning for more than a week, oficials say. Strong winds have fanned the flames closer to nearby towns raising the risk of lying debris sparking more ires. “This fire has continued to pose every challenge that there can be on a fire,” said daniel

world BRIeFS CROCODILE ATTACK VICTIM’S BODY FOUND AUSTRALIA – The body of a 26-year-old man attacked by a crocodile in the Northern Territory has been found in the Mary River. Police recovered the body about 5.30am in the area he was last seen. The Darwin man had been celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday on Saturday at the Mary River Wilderness Retreat, about halfway between Darwin and Kakadu National Park, when he was snatched by the ive-metre long saltwater crocodile. He was one of two male partygoers who decided to swim across the muddy river. Police thanked members of the public and staf from the Mary River Wilderness Retreat for their help during the search. A report will now be prepared for the coroner.

FALLEN POLITICIAN’S CRIMES ‘VERY SERIOUS’ CHINA – The crimes of fallen Chinese politician Bo Xilai are “extremely serious”, prosecutors say as his bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power trial comes to an end. The description is a key factor in chinese sentencing, where there are no mitigating factors if they are to impose the death penalty. Analysts widely believe that despite the drama of the trial, which has seen Bo mount a feisty defence, a guilty verdict is a foregone conclusion and a long prison sentence has already been agreed. But under Chinese law the death penalty is available for cases of bribery involving more than 100,000 yuan (A$17,805) and the prosecution told the court: “The defendant’s crimes are extremely serious.

SPOOF HITLER ADVERT CAUSES FROWNS GERMANY – A spoof advertisement that shows a Mercedes running down a young Adolf Hitler has become an online hit – but the German car maker is reportedly not amused by it. The 80-second video clip, which was created by a student depicts a modern Mercedes knocking down the German Nazi dictator as a child in late 19th century Austria. When a furtive dark-haired boy crosses the road blindly, he’s lattened by the 21st century vehicle – the face of Adolf Hitler lashes on the screen and his distraught mother screams, “Oh no, Adolf!” The boy’s body is seen lying lifelessly on the road, his limbs arranged in the shape of a swatstika as a subtitle appears: “Mercedes Benz – automatic braking system – detects dangers before they arise.”

Berlant of the California department of Forestry and Fire Protection. “It’s a very dificult ireight.” More than 5000 homes are endangered by the blaze, which began on August 17 from still unknown causes in the Stanislaus national Forest. Some 2800 firefighters are tackling the lames in dificult terrain. evacuations, some voluntary and some mandatory, are taking place. despite the threat to thousands of homes, only a few have been destroyed. California governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency for San Francisco 220km away as the blaze is also threatening power lines that bring electricity to the city. The city’s water supplies could be affected if the flames reach hetch hetchy reservoir, which supplies San Francisco with 85 percent of its water. Ash is reportedly falling on the reservoir like snow and visibility is limited to 30 metres, but oficials say the water quality is still good. The ire is burning some six kilometres away from the reservoir which serves some 2.6 million customers. Two of three hydroelectric power stations serving the city have been shut down. The blaze remains some 30 kilometres miles away from Yosemite’s main tourist area. The park authorities say they have no plans to close the attraction as most of Yosemite, which hosts up to 15000 visitors a day in the summer, and as yet is unaffected by the ire. The Rim Fire is one of 50 major wildires burning in the western United Sttes. Lack of rain and snow have made it a bad year, with 5,700 ires being tackled so far. - BBC

The California rim Fire continues to burn out of control and threatens 5000 homes near the border of yosemite national Park. AFP

UN inspectors under ire dAMASCUS – The Un is to

complain to the Syrian government and rebels after a convoy of chemical weapons inspectors came under sniper ire. Un Secretary general Ban Ki Moon said he would ask the inspection team in damascus to register “a strong complaint” so it never happened again. The team is looking at five sites near damascus where hundreds are reported to have been killed last week. The convoy of six vehicles

came under fire in the buffer zone between rebel and government areas near damascus as it travelled to the sites of the suspected attack last Wednesday. “The irst vehicle of the investigation team was deliberately shot at multiple times by unidentiied snipers,” UN spokesman Martin nesirky said. no one was injured and a replacement vehicle was obtained, he added. he later said that the convoy had managed to reach Moad-

amiya, and had visited two ield hospitals to take samples and interview victims. “They are technical and medical specialists. Their aim is to collect blood and soil samples. They can also collect witness testimony. They will then analyse the samples, along with evidence, to determine what happened.” he said their mandate was only to determine whether chemical agents were used – not who used them. - BBC

Armed intervention looming London – diplomatic pressure

on Syria has failed and the UK is considering its response to a suspected chemical attack, Foreign Secretary William hague says. he said it would be possible for the UK and its allies to respond without the United nations’s unanimous backing. hague said while he could not go into options or a timeta-

ble for action, he was not “going to rule anything in or out”. “We, the United States, many other countries including France, are clear that we can’t allow the idea in the 21st century that chemical weapons can be used with impunity,” he said. downing Street spokesman said Prime Minister david Cameron had called Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on Monday

afternoon to discuss Syria and that they had reiterated the position that the use of chemical weapons should merit a “serious response” from the international community. The prime minister also had phone calls with other leaders, including US President Barack obama, this weekend, where they agreed on the need to take “strong action”. - BBC

Caribbean capers

MAN ARRESTED FOR STEALING ROAD RUSSIA – A man has been arrested after he stole 82 reinforced concrete slabs that made up a road in northwestern Russia. The man, in his 40s, has admitted to using an industrial manipulator to dismantle the slabs from the road that links the village of Parcheg in the republic of Komi with the Vychegda River, The Moscow Times reports. The slabs, worth 200,000 rubles ($6,100), were then loaded onto three trucks, which police later stopped, the regional interior department said in a statement. The man faces up to two years in prison for the theft.

SHARK ON THE SUBWAY MYSTERY SOLVED USA – The mystery of a shark on New York’s subway system has been solved. It was a bunch of kids. Brooklyn mum Alicia Vicino solved the mystery when she contacted The New York Post. Vicino said she irst encountered the shark when it washed up on the shore at coney Island. Vicino said that a group of kids thought it was cool and decided to take it home. The shark was later spotted on a Queens-bound train and a passenger took a photo of it. Vicino and her neighbours were shocked when they saw their shark on the train photo the next day in the news. “It’s crazy,” she said. “We were like, oh my God, that’s our shark! Mystery solved.” Marine experts conirmed the shark was a female dog shark.

Today’s daily Bread he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death; even death on a cross.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: Philippians 2:1-11

Text: Matthew Text:7:26 Verse 8

a young girl in costume takes part in the Caribbean parade at the notting hill Carnival in west London. running over two days, the Caribbean carnival puts on a Kid’s day on the sunday when costume prizes are awarded and a main parade day on the Monday. AFP


Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

Oil and gas exploration on Russia’s Arctic edge

Passion is the fashion

KhATAngA – Russia is plan-

The Colombian couple of Karla rotavinsky Cadavid and Juan david Bedoya Marin dance during the semiinal round of the Stage Tango competition at the Tango Dance World Championship in Buenos aires earlier this week. AFP

Any two can tango BUenoS AIRES – The sexy, sen-

sual world of tango is experiencing a shake-up, as same-sex couples compete for the irst time in the world championships in Argentina, where the dance was born. The crowds in this traditionally conservative bastion of machismo culture, surprisingly, seem to embrace the change. enthusiastic cheers and massive applause rang out in a Buenos Aires exhibition hall for Juan Pablo Ramirez and daniel Arroyo, as they danced to a 1940s classic. “It takes two to tango,” Ramirez told AFP, elated after his successful performance, “but they don’t necessarily have to be different sexes.” Ramirez, a 34-year-old Argentine professional dancer, and Arroyo, 18, are among four same-sex couples – including three male pairs and one female – competing in the 11th annual world championship. “There is a macho culture,” Arroyo conceded. “But there are older people who appreciate us. “We aren’t doing anything transgressive,” he said, adding “society isn’t ready. It’s a slow change, with pauses.”

The dance partners said they are trying to excel in the wider world of tango, not just a gay subculture. “our goal is for people to say, ‘what good dancing!’” Ramirez said. Although same-sex couples are now seen as out of the ordinary in the milongas (dance halls) where tango is celebrated amid a cult of masculinity, the origins of the dance tell a different story. Born in the brothels of the 19th century, the dance was at that time performed by pairs of men – women were initially prohibited from participating in a dance considered prostitutelike, historians say. gustavo Mozzi, a musician and composer and director of the tango championship, said that same-sex couples were never oficially barred from the competition, though they never entered in the past. This year’s entries show “there is a relaxation in the tango and milongas circuit. An opening,” Mozzi said. The development is perhaps another sign of Argentina’s increasingly open attitude on questions of gender, in a country that has been a pioneer in

Latin America in legalising gay marriage and whose capital is well-known as gay-friendly. Not all the same-sex entrants are necessarily gay. Marlene heyman and Lucia Christe both have or had boyfriends but started dancing together for lack of partners at the milongas. “nobody asked us to dance. So to avoid being left sitting, drinking wine, we said, ‘let’s play. Let’s have fun.’” heyman explained. “And we loved it.” once they figured out who was going to lead (traditionally the man) and follow (traditionally the woman), they took on the challenge of competing with the male-female pairs. other dancers “told us, ‘what genius!’ ‘what courage!’” heyman said, adding “It’s not important to us if others stare. The most important thing is we have a good time.” nearby, Marcelo Siufe, 41, a nurse, stands with his partner Manuel Mioni, 26, a professional dancer, waiting to take the stage. “Dance has no sex,” Siufe said. “Before, men danced with each other. I could dance with my sister or my mother. Tango is passion and fantasy.” - AFP

ning huge oil and gas developments in the Arctic ocean off its northern coast – drilling that could threaten pristine wildlife habitats. Large-scale production could begin in the next two decades, if the price of oil rises high enough. Preliminary exploration has already begun, including in the Laptev Sea. But scientists say the region is home to important, thriving populations of walrus and polar bears, which could be put at risk. Biologists on the 2013 Laptev Expedition this summer have been trying to establish if the walruses and polar bears there are a unique group, in need of special protection. A BBC journalist went with them to investigate the issue. “We flew to Khatanga, one of the most northerly towns in Siberia, and there we boarded a small boat, the Taimyr,” Moscow correspondent daniel Sandford said. From Khatanga it was a twoday, 500km journey almost due north. The destination was Maria Pronchishcheva Bay, half-way up the Taimyr Peninsula. It is the most northerly bit of land in the world still attached to a continent. “ The oil companies are coming here with exploration projects already, and there are ongoing seismic explorations,” said Igor Chestin, chief executive of the environmental group WWF Russia. “So before the real oil and gas projects develop in the area we need to know that there is suficient knowledge of the conservation needs here, which would allow us to put in the necessary protection if this development ever happens.” From satellite photographs taken a week earlier, the scientists on the expedition knew there had also been a large walrus “haul-out” there previously. By the time the team sailed into the bay the number had dropped to around 60. But it was still enough for the crucial scientific work of the expedition – collecting dnA from the Laptev walrus. Walrus expert Anatoly Kochnev of Chukot TInRo, a marine biology group, was despatched

to the pebbly spit where the animals were resting. He ired crossbow darts into the sides of the walrus, which he then retrieved with a thin piece of line attached to each dart. At the head of each dart was a biopsy punch, which pulled out a piece of walrus skin and fat as it was retrieved. The samples will be sent to labs in Moscow and denmark for dnA analysis. The plan is to end a long scientific dispute over whether the Laptev walrus is a unique sub-species in need of special protection, genetically different from the Paciic walrus and the Atlantic walrus. Polar bear expert Geoff York of WWF’s global Arctic Programme also collected samples – bear faeces and hair – which will also be sent for dnA analysis. Again there is a concern that the polar bears of the Laptev Sea may be unique and in need of special protection. “If that is true then in most countries you would need to identify the habitat being used by bears,” geoff York said. “Are they making dens onshore? how are they using the land in summer? Then you would protect those habitats at least in the relevant seasons. If you do indeed have two unique sub-populations of marine mammals here you might consider that this should be a Marine Protected Area, and you might exclude any industrial development.” The concern about the large marine mammals of the Laptev Sea has increased in the last decade for two reasons. Firstly, climate change has led to a dramatic shrinking of the Arctic ice cap in recent summers. This has meant that in order to stay close to their feeding grounds the walruses have had to come ashore in much larger numbers, instead of staying on the ice where they feel more comfortable. Polar bears are also being forced ashore, where they ind it much harder to feed. Their preferred meal, the ringed seal, is not available onshore and they often are reduced to going after the much more dangerous walrus. Secondly, there are plans to develop the Laptev Sea for oil

and gas production. The water here is shallow, which makes it easier to drill, and there are believed to be large deposits of hydrocarbons. This exploration work may frighten the nervous bear and walruses, and could disrupt their food supply. Conservationists think the arrival of much greater numbers of humans could also increase hunting, further disrupting the delicate balance of nature here. They say that nobody has yet worked out how to control an oil spill in seas that are close to freezing. The Russian government says the country’s future wealth depends on exploiting the deposits here and in other parts of the Arctic. The deposits will not be easy to extract, but they are almost certainly there. “Most of the estimates give more than 20 per cent of global undiscovered oil deposits to Russian Arctic seas,” said Alexev Piskarev, author of energy Potential of the Russian Arctic Seas. The melting sea ice has also opened up new shipping routes. Russia is now advertising the northern Sea Route, which cuts the journey time from China to europe by up to two weeks. “You save time and you save fuel. It is much more economical,” said Alexander Olshevsky, head of the northern Sea Route Administration. “Though you will need to pay for a nuclear-powered icebreaker, and of course you will need a boat that can deal with these conditions.” But again, opening up the northern Sea Route could disrupt the fragile ecosystem. More than 400 ships will make the journey this year – in 2010 it was only four. “on our brief, two-week trip we have seen extraordinary fire-red Arctic skies, gleaming snowy owls and grumpy musk ox, and an almost untouched landscape of thin yellow tundra covering the permafrost. The temperature has barely risen above 10C and has often been closer to freezing, the BBC’s Sandford reported. “It is one of the last wildernesses of the world, a place few people even know exists, but modern industry is already starting to encroach on it.” - BBC

The plan is to end a long scientiic dispute over whether the Laptev walrus is a unique sub-species in need of special protection, genetically diferent from the Paciic walrus and the Atlantic walrus.


Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

Blueprint for future revealed city developments planned to accommodate PNG’s urban drift PoRT MoReSBY – The Papua new guinea government has revealed its grand plan for the future of the fast developing Paciic nation. Port Moresby, Lae, Mt hagen and Kokopo are to be developed into Png’s biggest and strategic cities that will capture and hold half of Png’s population and spearhead development as-

pirations of the country, Prime Minister Peter o’neill said this week. goroka, Madang and Wewak will be second tier cities which will be next in line to receive the attention of the government. The country’s future is being locked into the development of these cities and improvement of transport infrastructure

paciic BRIEFS ADVERTISING FOR ELECTIONS SUPERVISOR FIJI – The position of supervisor of elections in Fiji will be advertised soon, with the successful candidate possibly coming from outside the country. Fiji Broadcasting Corporation reports the Attorney General and Minister for Elections Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says he wants to advertise the position globally to attract a person who has international experience. He says he hopes to have next year’s election conducted in one day and it will be possible with more resources, and the country needs to build a strong independent elections oice. Sayed-Khaiyum says he hopes to have a meeting this week with development partners who want to help Fiji with the election. The election is scheduled to be held no later than September 30 next year.

RABUKA SAYS TO JUST GET ON WITH IT FIJI – A former Fiji Prime Minister says there’s little point in debating the iner points of the new constitution. Sitiveni Rabuka says the new constitution, which was released by the government last week after months of delays, is a workable document that can take Fiji back to parliamentary democracy. He says the public of Fiji is in no position to say whether the document is good or bad but that the new constitution has generally addressed the core issues satisfactorily, including on the role of Fiji’s military. “And all those things can be changed once we’re in parliament. At the moment there is no point in talking about whether it’s right or wrong.”

TEACHERS OF LANGUAGES TO BE PROVIDED FIJI – Fiji’s Education Ministry says it will ensure every primary school in the country have an iTaukei and a Hindu language teacher. They are very pleased with the new constitution’s provision to make the teaching of the iTaukei and the Hindi compulsory with the English lanuguage at primary school level. Ministry’s permanent secretary Dr Brij Lal says the two languages have being introduced for past three years but on a very small scale. He says it will now help them to stengthen it in every schools. “We have the teachers we just have to now reshule them and move them to vaious schools so they are fully stafed and we have people of diferent cultures there to teach the other languages.”

MSG LEADER STRESSES INDEPENDENCE VANUATU – The new chairman of the Melanesian Spearhead Group has called on member countries to closely monitor the political development in New caledonia and West Papua and to support the return to democratic parliament in Fiji. Victor Tutugoro, who is chair of the MSG on behalf of New caledonia’s Front de Liberation National Kanak et Socialiste, or FLNKS, made the call in Vanuatu where he has travelled to meet with key leaders. He says that New caledonia’s Kanaks need help from other Melanesian peoples to be integrated as full member of Paciic region and not part of Europe. Tutugoro says that the MSG has to re-enforce its structure to meet the needs of Melanesians.

MINISTERS BANNED FROM SMOKING FIJI – The new President of Fiji’s Methodist church Reverend Tui-kilakila Waqai-ratu has directed all church ministers to stop smoking. Reverend Waqai-ratu announced the decision at the church’s Annual General Meeting in Suva. The Fiji Broadcasting corporation reports that he’s also directed a ban on the consumption of kava at homes of church ministers and elsewhere. The church President also told conference delegates he will be visiting churches around the country to see if ministers have complied with his directives. He says any church minister that does not comply will be sacked.

HARMONY PRIORITY FOR METHODISTS FIJI – The Methodist church in Fiji says one of its main priorities is to promote harmony towards the diferent races of Fiji. The church’s secretary for communication, Reverend James Baghwan, says Fiji is known as the melting pot of the South West Paciic, and there is a lot of empahsis on living in a pluralistic society. “We have many races, many diferent religious groups, and often in the past, although the methodist church historically has always stood for inclusivity, and respect and tolerance for those that are diferent, the other, the practice of loving your neighbour, unfortunately in the past in Fiji this has not been the case.”

throughout Png, o’neill said. Port Moresby and Lae will retain their current status as the commercial and administration centre and the industrial hub respectively. Mt hagen will become the agricultural centre and Kokopo the tourism capital for the country under the grand plan. The PM said the plan was neeeded because despite all the will in the world, rural to urban drift would continue and will place increasing pressure on the limited services of existing cities and towns. By 2020 he projects the population of Port Moresby to be more than a million people with 750,000 each anticipated for Lae and Mt hagen and a similar number for Kokopo. o’neill said by then half of the population of Png would be residing in the four cities. “As much as we want our people to live and remain in the rural areas, the opportunities are not there, so our people will continue to move.” “every person has the right to enjoy the services that governments provide. To manage the moving population we need to build infrastructure and services to meet this demand. “We need to plan our cities and towns where the population is starting to shift. We see Port Moresby, Lae and hagen as cities that need to be developed.” o’neill said the government’s challenge was to build infrastructure such as roads, ports

and improved water, power and telecommunication services as well as schools and tertiary institutions. “We must now invest over the next ive to ten years so that we capture the level of infrastructure that our population will need.” o’neill said he was not just talking about it – he was mobilising men and resources towards achieving the goal. Amounts in hundreds of millions of kina were to be spent on roading improvement, hospital infrastructure, upgrading of the University of Png and University of Technology, the Lae port and the Tokua Airport in east new Britain. Tax concessions including

fuel exemptions will be introduced to reduce airfares on international lights into Kokopo – and the Rabaul Airport, near Kokopo, will be expanded to attract tourism development in the Kokopo region. o’neill said all this would not be done at the expense of other provinces and towns which would enjoy the same level of allocations as they enjoyed presently and they would improve with increased budgets. host to the asylum seekers’ processing centre, Manus, will not be neglected in terms of development needs, the prime minister said. The Manus provincial government has been allocated 17 million kina and a good array of

immediate to long term development projects, he said. “Too many people criticised the deal with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, but few see the beneits for the local people which were not there before the deal,” o’neill said. he said before the end of the year permanent buildings would be constructed at the processing centre, which would provide employment and business opportunities. While there has been much criticism of the deal, there were very real benefits for Manus, o’neill said. “It can turn out to be a big industry for the province and its people,” he said. - The National

PM called to resign over deal PoRT MoReSBY – An opposition MP has called on Papua new guinea’s Prime Minister Peter o’neill to resign because of the “illegality” of the Manus asylum seekers’ deal with Australia. Kundiawa gembogl M P Tobias Kulang said it was becoming more evident that the whole arrangement was illegal all along. “The very fact that Prime Minister o’neill and his learned Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato are willing to go to lengths to amend the national Constitu-

tion to protect this deal is evidence of their intention to legitimise their short-sightedness,” Kulang said. “To date, there are no clear issues of national interest spelt out in this whole arrangement. So why are we exposing ourselves to all kinds of risks either immediate or long-term? “If the arrangement was for the beneit of the nation, why did it lack major stakeholder consultation since it is an overseas-imposed policy? “This is a vote of no-confidence against the country by its

very own chief executive, therefore it warrants his immediate resignation.” he also fears that the asylum seekers’ deal will expose PNG to the same problems indigenous Fijians were facing with Indian settlers. “We give them an inch of our land now and they will take over our beautiful country in the years to come and completely displace our future generations,” he said. “We in this generation have a moral responsibility to preserve our inheritance for the

future generations and we will be cursed upon our graves if we do not. “Papua new guineans’ relaxed and laid-back culture stands no chance against those who are driven by economic hardship onto our land. “They will consume and displace us socio-economically over a short period of time. “We must not lose sight of the current situation in Fiji where the indigenous Fijians became completely dispossessed of their country.” - The National

Boat buyout scheme slammed dARWIn – Australia’s opposi-

tion leader Tony Abbott’s plan to buy boats from Indonesian ishermen to prevent the vessels being used by people smugglers has been criticised in Jakarta with the scheme described as an insult to Indonesia. The boat buyback is part of a new $420 million regional deterrence policy announced last week by Abbott as the asylumseeker issue continues to be a key battleground in the election campaign. It sets aside millions of dollars to buy boats from poor Indonesian ishermen who can be easy prey for people-smuggling syndicates that can offer much more money for the rickety ves-

sels than can be made by ishing. But hikmahanto Juwana, an international affairs expert from the University of Indonesia, has described the plan as “humiliating”, and says it shows the coalition has a poor understanding of Indonesia. Juwana warned the plan would risk a deterioration in relations between Australia and its northern neighbour, adding that it suggested Abbott viewed Indonesian ishermen as “mercenaries who did dirty jobs”. “I think the Indonesian government should voice protests to the coalition’s very insensitive plan which clearly shows their poor knowledge about

the situation in Indonesia,” Juwana told The Jakarta Post newspaper. “The coalition wants to make Indonesia look inferior because they just want to provide money and ask Indonesians to get the job done for the sake of their interests.” he said buying the boats would just cause the ishermen, many of who are already very poor, to lose their livelihoods and warned it would lead to resentment and even risk conlict between the local population and foreigners. “The program could trigger vigilantism and attacks on foreigners,” Juwana said. Abbott did not say how much

would be paid for each boat. “It’s much better and much more sensible to spend a few thousand dollars in Indonesia, than to spend $12 million processing the people who ultimately arrive here,” he told reporters. The broader plan announced by Abbott in darwin on Friday includes funding of $67 million to increase the presence of Australian Federal Police in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Close to another $100 million would be spent to boost the aerial surveillance and search and rescue capacity of Indonesian authorities and $198 million to boost interception and transfer operations. - Agencies


Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

Flotilla not welcome PoRT MoReSBY – Papua new

guinea’s Affairs and Immigration minister Rimbink Pato is concerned about the arrival in daru of three yachts carrying people from Cairns in Australia. Pato said in a statement that they were bound for Indonesia’s West Papua with activists supporting its move for independence from Indonesia. Pato said travelling to the Papuan province of Irian Jaya via Papua new guinea would cause wider implications on Png’s relations with its closest neighbour. he said the boats would not be permitted to berth at daru

port and passengers would be denied entry. Authorities have been alerted to be on standby to deal with the arrivals. he said Australia and Png were being faced with enormous challenges relating to boatloads of asylum-seekers and having Australia’s own citizens engaging in such dealings was unfortunate, uncalled for and totally unacceptable. “If the people arrive at daru notwithstanding this warning, they will be interviewed by the authorities. Should they fail to meet entry requirements, they may be arrested, charged and

prosecuted under the laws of Png,” he said. Pato said he was informed by his Australian counterpart Bob Carr during their three-day meeting in Jakarta last week. Pato said West Papua was an integral part of Indonesia and all foreigners entering Png should not enter with intentions which would interfere with security and undermine the national integrity of neighbourly states. “Foreign nationals entering Png must do so for lawful purposes in that they must satisfy legal processes and procedures.” - The National

Peace voyage underway CAIRnS – A three-vessel Freedom Flotilla carrying some 50 West Papuan and indigenous Australian protesters bound for the restive Indonesian territory of West Papua began its voyage from Cairns, Australia, on August 17 to the dismay of both Australian and Indonesian authorities. The protestors, who hope “to reconnect two ancient cultures and to reveal the barriers that keep human rights abuses in West Papua from the attention of the international community,” expect to make landfall in early September. “The initiative of Indigenous elders of Australia and West Papua will build global solidarity and highlight the abuses of human rights and land rights carried out under the occupations of their lands on an international stage,” the statement on the Flotilla’s website reads. official reaction to the Flotilla has ranged from dismissive to threatening. “This is just a publicity

stunt by some elements trying to get attention,” Michael Tene, spokesman for Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry, told the Jakarta globe. “It will not affect Indonesia or any other country, and it will not affect our work in the Papua provinces.” More ominously, Indonesia’s deputy minister for security affairs, Agus Barnas, said that “the use of weaponry may not be necessary. We won’t threaten them with guns, but we want to send them away from Indonesian territory.” Jakarta has also warned Canberra over the Flotilla. Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s spokesman Teuku Faizasyah said that any help Australia provided to the flotilla “won’t be good for our bilateral relationships.” Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr quickly disavowed the protest. The Flotilla’s “action is not supported by Australia, it’s extremely ill advised, he told Radio national. “I think this

activity by a fringe group of Australians offers a cruel hope to the people of the two Indonesian Papuan provinces; that is, a hope that, somehow, independence for the Papuan provinces is on the international agenda, when it’s not. The world recognizes Indonesian sovereignty as we do.” After Indonesian independence in 1949, West Papua remained a dutch overseas territory until 1962, when Indonesia and the netherlands signed the new York Agreement at the Un headquarters, formally ending the last dutch colonial presence in the archipelago. In 1969, the Papua provinces agreed to join Indonesia in a referendum of elders–the legitimacy of which has been questioned ever since by an independence movement. human rights abuses have been growing in recent years, and the Jakarta government effectively bars journalists from covering the independence struggle. - PNC

Media attention important CAIRnS – Aboriginal elder

Kevin Buzzacott, who is on board the West Papua Freedom Flotilla, says media attention is “very important” in order to “expose what’s happening” in West Papua. “Media is pretty good at the moment. We have to expose the situation in West Papua, and now point a gun with the cameras,” the 66-year-old said in an interview with Paciic Media Watch. The West Papua Freedom Flotilla consists of three boats and 18 people. The flotilla has gathered a range of pro-independence campaigners on the journey going from Lake eyre in northern Southern Australia, via new South Wales and the Queensland coast, across the Torres Strait to daru in Papua new Guinea and inally Merauke in West Papua, where the flotilla is scheduled to arrive early next month. The objective was “to free our brothers and sisters up there with all the bad stuff that’s happening”, Buzzacott said. The Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, said Australian authorities had informed the Freedom Flotilla that local laws

aotearoa neWS GOVERNMENT AND IWI WORK TO KEEP TE REO ALIVE THE Government and iwi have collaborated for the irst time on a uniied plan to keep Te Reo alive, Maori Afairs Minister Pita Sharples says. The new strategy will be overseen by the Maori Language Commission – Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Maori. Its latest Statement of Intent, for 2013-2016, lags changes for the commission as a result of more government funding, including $8 million for research. Dr Sharples says he wants to breathe new life into the campaign to save Te Reo by aligning learning programmes nationwide. It is believed to be the irst collaborative plan by any government, and Dr Sharples is keen to set it up for the future. He says eforts to keep Te Reo alive started with a burst of energy and the setting up of Kohanga Reo and Kura Kaupapa but initiatives seem to have dropped of more recently. The new strategy is expected to be rolled out before the end of the year. - RNZ

MAORI COUNCIL URGES SUPPORT AT SERIES OF HUI NEW Zealand Maori council co-chair Maanu Paul is urging hapu to speak up for the council at a series of hui on its future. The Government is reviewing the 1962 Maori community Development Act, which gives the Maori council the statutory right to speak and take action on behalf of all Maori. Maanu Paul says all the major gains for Maori over the past 30 years, involving Treaty rights, have been initiated by the council – from the lands case in 1987 right through to the recent freshwater claim. He says he is conident the council’s authority as a pan-Maori organisation will survive the review, unless iwi authorities mount a campaign to get rid of it. Paul says the water case clearly showed all the small hapu that the iwi authority system does not work for them and they needed the statutory protection of the council to be heard and get justice. Te Puni Kokiri is hosting consultation hui around the motu on the Maori community Development Act, starting in the Kaitaia rohe next week. - RNZ

GOLDEN HARVEST FOR AWARDS CEREMONY A KAPA haka leader, a culture club and a rock band will be honoured for their contributions at next month’s National Waiata Maori Music Awards. The Nominated Awards section is designed to recognise those who have made a signiicant contribution to Maori music. The Keeper of Traditions Award will go to Ngamoni Huata of Te Arawa and Mataatua, who has been a kapa haka tutor, composer and judge, as well as writing the irst book about poi. The ropu being honoured for its lifetime contribution is Hastings institution Waipatu Maori culture club, which, since its formation in 1949, has nurtured the likes of Howard Morrison, Abe Phillips, Mike Eru and The Clive Trio. The third award goes to the band Golden Harvest, who topped New Zealand charts in the late 1970s through a combination of sharp song writing, dynamic playing and constant touring, There has been a revival of interest in the band because of the ilm ‘Mt Zion’, based in part on the band’s 1979 support slot for Bob Marley and the Wailers at Western Springs, with Golden Harvest guitarist Kevin Kaukau having a cameo role in the ilm and its music featuring on the soundtrack. The Awards ceremony is at the Hawkes Bay Opera House in Hastings on September 13. - Waatea News

ALASKAN COMPANY TO ADDRESS IWI ON OIL, GAS AND MINING THE senior vice-president of an Alaskan native-owned corporation will speak at a Maori conference next week about its successful involvement in the oil, gas and mining industries. The Whakatupu Trust’s annual conference will be one of the irst Maori forums to put mining on the agenda as a possible investment opportunity. Trust chair Richard Jeferies says a guest speaker will be the senior vicepresident of the Nana Development Corporation, a company owned by indigenous Alaskans. Jeferies says Maori need to discuss the oil, gas and mining industries rather than letting the Government and private sector drive the agenda. The two-day conference, Nga Whetu Hei Whai, Charting Pathways for Maori Industry Futures 2013, is being held at Waitangi. - RNZI

MP SAYS FOCUS ON WATER CONTROL NOT OWNERSHIP LABOuR MP Nanaia Mahuta says iwi are more focused these days on controlling the use of freshwater than on owning it. Water rights were high on the agenda for iwi leaders at the Maori King’s Koroneihana hui last week. But Mahuta says the mood has shifted from last year, when the question of ownership and the government’s sale of shares in power companies were the hot topics. She says a more pragmatic approach is emerging. She says both Ngai Tahu and Tainui have co-governance agreements in place for water and they have shown they can work constructively with the government. But Mahuta says there are matters iwi want to revisit, such as who controls the allocation of freshwater and the length of time for which water rights are granted. She says the Government’s proposed Resource Management Act reforms present Maori with the opportunity to pursue those concerns. - RNZI

POUNAMU TO BE SHOWCASED ON NEW YORK CATWALK TWELVE pieces of pounamu carved in Hokitika will be showcased during Couture Fashion Week in New York. Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu commissioned the pendants to go with a collection of luxury leather and merino hats by New Zealand designers. Te Wai Pounamu Heritage Centre manager Francois Tumahai said he jumped at the chance to have taonga treasures and the Ngai Tahu brand on the catwalk in Manhattan. The high fashion hats had a Maori lair that inspired his carver, Tumahai said. Show organiser New Zealand Hat and Hair Art, of Timaru, said securing a catwalk show in New York’s Couture Fashion Week was a signiicant coup. - RNZI


The West Papua Freedom Flotilla leaves Cairns. FACEBOOK and penalties would apply in Papua new guinea and Indonesia. “We’ve given them this warning. Therefore, should they end up in prison as a result of breaching the law of Indonesia or Papua new guinea, we’ve got no obligation to give them consular support,” Carr said, according to The comment from the Australian Foreign Minister was not appreciated by Buzzacott, who was one of the chief organisers of the lotilla and captains one of the boats. “It’s a shocking, shocking statement by the Foreign Minister Bob Carr, and also one of the opposition, Julie Bishop. Pretty sad. “I think these people should

resign. I think they should be forced to resign. They can’t be in that high position and make statements like that,” Buzzacott said. The Aboriginal campaigner outlined the consequences of not being helped by Australian authorities. “We’ll be jailed and drawn out of the water by the Indonesians if we go too far, too close or something, and rot in the jails over there. “There’s over 50,000 troops waiting for us. You know, three little yacht boats, and they’re gonna blow us out of the water. It’s like a war thing. We’re not about war. We’re about peace,” Buzzacott said. - PMW

THE reasons behind poor Maori outcomes in the health and justice systems have been hashed out by experts at a national diversity convention. The Human Rights Commission and Diversity Action Programme hosted the ninth Diversity Forum at venues along Wellington’s waterfront on Monday. More than 20 sessions were held, covering issues from race relations and cultural diversity to human rights. Panels looked at the reasons behind the poor outcomes for Maori in the justice and health sectors, and said they stemmed from structural discrimination and institutional racism. The Treaty of Waitangi and constitutional review were also in the spotlight. The commission says the national convention is a chance for people to share ideas and good practice, with an emphasis on practical action. - RNZI

DOVER SAMUELS PICKS BEST COMBINATION FOR LABOUR VETERAN Labour politician Dover Samuels says Te Tai Tokerau’s Shane Jones would be a good choice for deputy in Labour’s new leadership line-up. Samuels, who was Maori Afairs Minister in Helen Clark’s time, said the party lines are running hot over who wants the top job. He said the names he’s hearing are David Cunlife and Grant Robertson; with Andrew Little and Shane Jones potential deputies. Samuels said his pick for these political times would be David Cunlife and Shane Jones. He said both MPs would represent key communities – Jones is in touch with the Maori world and rural communities, while Cunlife represents urban communities. - RNZI

URGENT ACTION FOR PROTECTION OF LONGFIN EELS THE Maori Party is backing a call by the Parliamentary commissioner for the Environment for urgent action to protect the long-inned eel from extinction. Jan Wright last week told a select committee that a moratorium was needed. Tamaki Makaurau MP Pita Sharples says eels are a delicacy that hapu and whanau use to provide manaakitanga to guests. They are also revered for their status as kaitiaki, atua and taniwha which protect waterways and indicate the health of ecosystems. Dr Sharples says putting a rahui on commercial ishing of eels is a good irst step, along with addressing the barriers to migration such as dams and turbines and restoring the health of rivers and lakes. Dr Wright wants assurances that experts appointed to review the status of longin eels will be right for the job. She said it’s important that the panel members are independent of the Ministry for Primary Industries which issues quota for the longin. Dr Wright said the longin is especially important to Maori, for whom it’s a taonga.


Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

Another perspective on island dogs dear editor, As practice manager at the esther honey Foundation clinic, I have a very different perspective on our island dogs than those views expressed in the two recent letters of complaint. I talk with lots of tourists who stop by our stall at the market every week and nearly all comment on how well-behaved, friendly, gentle and well-cared for Raro dogs are. It is also common for visitors who have been to other countries to talk about how they will not go back to Samoa, Fiji or Tonga because of the huge number of roaming packs of unhealthy, aggressive dogs. A person who had recently visited all three of these islands described the dog situation on these islands as “horriic” adding, “The more I see of the esther honey Foundation the more I value it.” Some people regard dogs’ natural behaviour such as barking and socialising with other dogs as offensive or even threatening but there are many others who see and appreciate the benefits of dogs. Researchers recognise the many mental and physical health beneits of interacting with animals. People

living with animals are less likely to have strokes, suffer heart attacks or experience depression, for example. More than a few tourists have described their experience with island canines as one of the highlights of their Rarotonga experience. People from all over the world stay in contact with us via email about the dogs they fell in love with while on holiday and want to know how those dogs are. Because dogs are territorial, they can be excellent protectors for individuals and businesses. Some accommodation providers use dogs to guard their premises and protect their guests from intruders and thieves. Territorialism can create problems as described by one of the letter writers who correctly added that the incident was not the fault of the dogs, and we agree. A house can be guarded without putting other people at risk by conining dogs to the yard. People who want to enjoy the companionship and beneits of having dogs need to assume the responsibility to see that their dogs do not infringe on the rights of others. There has to be some lexibility and accommodation how-

ever, if we are going to share the neutered dogs are less likely to island with other living beings. wander, show aggression and The fact is that the number of roam in packs. More than $50,000 in new dogs on the island has declined significantly over the years. Zealand aid and a $15,000 The esther honey Foundation personal donation from a local businessman follows the World have been invested health organisation I know that in pound/shelter recommended, scienmost Cook schemes in the Cook tiically-proven, CNR Islanders love Islands and yet dog dog management their dogs and management authorprogramme. This method has been con- their cats, I see ities agree that killit every day. ing or catching and irmed by subsequent putting animals into studies and is generally accepted by experts as the shelters has only a temporary most effective solution for dog effect. It is useless as a measure to reduce the population on the overpopulation. Esther Honey has desexed long term. The esther honey thousands—more than 13,800 Foundation dog management island animals—at no charge. programme, provided free of In addition to being sterile, charge is the only management

programme that has resulted in any veriiable, documented long-term results. ehF Census Reports (2010 and 2011) confirm that, together, esther honey and the Rarotonga community have signiicantly and humanely decreased the number of dogs on the island from 6,000 to fewer than 2,000. The only way to maintain these improvements and continue the decline is to desex as many untreated animals as possible. There is more work to be done and we are here to do it. But we can’t accomplish the goal that we all share without everyone doing their part. I know that most Cook Islanders

love their dogs and their cats, I see it every day. But loving pets is not enough. Responsible individuals need to: - Bring as many untreated dogs as possible to the clinic for surgery. - Accept the responsibility for nuisance behaviour of a dog in your care and solve the problem in a humane, non-lethal manner. Ask us. We are here to help. If everyone will do just these two things we can maintain the dog population at a level that most reasonable and knowledgeable people can agree is acceptable. Carl hartnett Practice manager esther honey Foundation

esther honey practice manager Carl hartnett, pictured here with some goats that are currently being housed at the clinic. 13082677

Grey Power lacking real grey matter dear editor, In Friday’s August 23 CI news it was reported that ‘grey Power reiterates vow’. While grey Power believe they are powerful, it is certainly not in the grey matter (brains). They fail to address two simple concepts. The first is if the Cook Islands does not tax their pension then NZ will tax it—and at a higher tax rate. Secondly, they should be grateful NZ taxpayers are paying their pensions. The most logical statements made recently were by the nZ high Commission setting out clearly the qualiications of the

nZ pension. To have lawyer Iaveta Short address the grey Power meeting and say “they (nZ) should be begging to pay” highlights the begging mentality of grey Power. For someone who for so long lived off the CI taxpayer (as a politician and CI high Commissioner in Wellington), we would have expected more. If as he states “the payments of VAT are sufficient taxes in themselves” then we should abolish income tax for everyone. Pensioners have no more right to be exempt from taxes than anyone else. greying but grateful (name and address supplied)

Letters to the Editor Readers are welcome to write in with their views and opinions, but letters may be edited for reasons of space or clarity. Real names will be kept conidential if requested but anonymous letters will not be accepted for publication. Write to: The Editor, Cook Islands News, PO Box 15, Rarotonga. or fax to (682 ) 25303. Email:

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Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

PM encourages regional crime ighting In hIS opening address at the 42nd Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police annual conference, Prime Minister henry Puna urged the community to work collaboratively in helping police perform their work as guardians of society. Addressing visiting police chiefs along with local dignitaries, PM Puna called out to law enforcement oficials and members of the public to stand up as role models for youth and lead by example to “contribute to the welfare of our society”. “our young people are sometimes the focus of attention in not so positive ways, especially in terms of idle and errant behaviour, which can translate into petty criminal activity,” he said. “however, the responsibility to be a good citizen ... does not fall entirely on the shoulders

of our young.” Puna made specific mention to the challenges of today and how social media and communication tools create additional safety risks to youth. “The inluences on our youth are far and wide, and reach deeply into their lives – at home and at school,” said Puna, who later elaborated to include hate crimes, bullying, and cyber-stalking as challenges of the future. “our awareness and the ability to share responsibility for community welfare will continue to face pressures,” he said. In another allusion to working collaboratively, Puna also praised Paciic nations for coming together to ight crime issues affecting the broader region. “I am pleased to say that at the regional level, our Paciic police

chiefs have consistently demonstrated strengths in working collaboratively,” he said. The PM concluded with a mention of the recent 10th anniversary celebrations of RAMSI (Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands) in honiara – the regional assistance mission to the Solomon Islands to help the country as it was dealing with deeply-rooted political problems and civil unrest. “It is evident that Pacific Regionalism and co-operation where it is needed most has reached new heights,” said Puna. “I trust you will allow this spirit of teamwork to continue and radiate as a message to others, a clear demonstration of Pacific togetherness: co-operation at its best, by the best, and for the best.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

Prime Minister Henry Puna and wife Akaiti at yesterday’s opening ceremony for the 42nd Paciic islands Police Commissioners Conference. 13086262

Prime Minister Henry Puna addressing the audience at yesterday’s ceremony, marking the oicial beginning of the conference. 13082679

Police commissioner takes on new role

FoR The next year, Cook Islands Police Commissioner Maara Tetava will be the chair for a policing group representing police chiefs from across the Paciic region. during yesterday’s opening ceremony for the 42nd Paciic Islands Chiefs of Police annual conference in Arorangi, Cook Islands Police Commissioner

Maara Tetava formally accepted the chairmanship from acting Solomon Islands Commissioner Juanita Matanga. The event included the passing of a ceremonial wooden baton, which has been held by the Solomon Islands for the past year. Matanga – the only woman police chief in the Pacific – is

being accompanied by a group of senior members of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force. her police force recently celebrated the 10th anniversary celebrations of RAMSI (Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands) – a multinational assistance mission to the Solomon Islands. The theme for this year’s

conference is – ‘preventing crime through information management’ – and aims to build upon last year’s theme – ‘enforcing Pacific policing through information management’. - ES

right: acting solomon islands Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga hands over the ceremonial wooden baton to Cook islands Police Chief Maara Tetava, who will chair the organisation for the next year. 13082660

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Cook islands Police Chief Maara Tetava presents a gift to acting solomon islands Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga at yesterday’s opening ceremony. 13082661

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Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

Rain blesses police chiefs ToRRenTIAL rain at the open-

ing of the 42nd Paciic Islands Chiefs of Police Conference was seen as a blessing upon the event. Police chiefs from around the Paciic received a uniquely Cook Islands experience for the ceremonial opening of the annual conference, starting with a sail on traditional voyaging canoe Vaka Marumaru Atua from Avatiu harbour to Te Toro I Vai Toko at the Arorangi jetty. despite the seafarers battling strong winds and rain squalls – they were warmly welcomed in the rain by enthusiastic Arorangi School students as well as the local police family and the traditional leaders of Vaka Puaikura. Cook Islands police commissioner Maara Tetava along with Solomon Islands acting commissioner and outgoing chairperson Juanita Matanga, Australian Federal Police deputy commissioner Peter drennan and new Zealand commissioner of police Peter Marshall were the irst to land at the jetty and receive a thunderous welcome. The arrival of the heads of police from Vaka Marumaru Atua was also symbolic of the importance of the site to the people of Vaka Puaikura – the irst district on Rarotonga to accept Christianity when Tahitian missionary Papehia landed at the very same spot in 1821.

each police chief was carried on a paata from the jetty to their seating place under a marque. normally only traditional chiefs (Ariki) are carried on the paata—or persons of high distinction that have been permitted by traditional leaders to be carried on the paata. In yesterday’s case, the caretaker of the Vaka Puaikura paramount chief Tinomana Ariki title Archer Hosking extended the honour to heads of police. In his short opening delivery, commissioner Maara Tetava told those gathered that the ceremony was a genuine show of Cook Islands hospitality towards the distinguished guests. “This wasn’t really planned – it’s all part of what we do here in the Cook Islands,” said Tetava. While the rain didn’t disrupt the traditional welcome at the Arorangi jetty – the formal ceremony was moved to the nearby Aroa nui hall where Prime Minister henry Puna delivered his speech. Puna began his speech with a joke that the rain was due to the man upstairs not being happy with police and their unpaid bills. Jokes aside, Puna reiterated the traditional lore that rain on an event was a sign of its importance and added that there was much to do to assist the police in

solomon islands acting commissioner and outgoing chairperson Juanita Matanga is carried to her seat on a traditional paata. 13082638

their work, their role as guardians and in the presence they need to sustain in the community. “Coming together and contributing is important. Stepping forward constructively with concerted effort is crucial. And

Tinomana Ariki representative Iro Rangi leads the irst boat load of police commissioners including Cook islands police commissioner Maara Tetava along with solomon islands acting police chief and outgoing chairperson Juanita Matanga, australian Federal Police deputy commissioner Peter drennan and new Zealand commissioner of police Peter Marshall along the arorangi jetty to the welcoming ceremony. 13082630

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sharing the responsibilities for the safety of our community is paramount,” said Puna. he added that he trusted that the spirit of team work during the four day conference would radiate as a message to others.

“I trust you will allow this spirit of teamwork to continue and radiate as a message to others – a clear demonstration of Paciic togetherness, co-operation at its best – by the best – and for the best.”

In true Cook Islands fashion, the ceremony ended with a huge kaikai for all, where police chiefs met with traditional and local leaders to share what they would discuss over the four days - MW of the conference.

arorangi Primary school students and traditional taunga Tangianau Tuaputa wait to welcome to the Paciic heads of police at Te Toro I Vai Toko – the site of the Arorangi jetty. 13082628


Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te IPUKAReA

Unique welcome for Paciic police chiefs

Joining Commissioner Maara Tetava (far right) were police commissioners from across the Paciic region for yesterday’s opening ceremony of the 42nd Paciic Islands Chiefs of Police annual conference. 13082619

solomon islands acting commissioner and outgoing chairperson Juanita Matanga (left) and Cook islands police commissioner Maara Tetava (right) got through a traditional cleansing ceremony at Te Toro i Vai Toko. 13082634

The police chiefs were upbeat at the opening ceremony, despite the rain. 13082621

solomon islands acting police chief and outgoing chairperson Juanita Matanga is presented with a maire ei by an arorangi Primary school student. 13082642

Paciic police chiefs on board Vaka Marumaru Atua for their voyage to Arorangi for the ceremonial opening of the 42nd Paciic Islands Chiefs of Police Conference. 13082624

niue chief of police Tony edwards is all smiles as he is carried on a paata through the rain.

arorangi Primary school students perform a traditional turou (welcome) for Paciic police chiefs.




Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

Taking policing forward by going ‘back to the vaka’ CooK ISLAndS Police commis-

sioner Maara Tetava believes that understanding the past is the way to improve policing in the future. Speaking at yesterday’s opening ceremony for the 42nd Paciic Islands Chiefs of Police annual conference (P I C P), Tetava equated the duties of a police chief with those of the early voyagers. “everything we do as police commissioners takes us back to the vaka,” he said. Tetava, who emphasised the importance of yesterday’s opening ceremony - which saw visiting commissioners from across the Pacific travel aboard the Vaka Marumaru Atua from Avatiu harbour to vaka Puaikura – described the event as “humbling”. “Preparing and planning their organisations well to better tackle the challenges ahead, navigating their organisations

better through engaging and developing constructive partnerships with others, and working with their people and always being prepared to deal with the unexpected when it happens,” he said earlier, drawing connections from the past to the present. “As a Paciic Islander, it gave me an appreciation for what my ancestors did,” he said of the re-enactment. For the next 12 months as chairman of the Paciic Islands Chiefs of Police Secretariat, Tetava will be inheriting the theme of ‘Preventing crime through information management.” he said big objective over the year will be strategic planning, working in the region collectively to “work better for the Paciic.” “It’s about how we can work better and smarter, going forward.” - ES

Cook islands Police Commissioner Maara Tetava (far right), pictured here with several Police commissioners representing the Paciic region. 13082620

Managing info key to crime prevention MAnAgIng information is the key to ensuring the Paciic region is prepared to meet the challenges of policing in the modern world, say organisers of the 42nd Paciic Islands Chiefs of Police Annual Conference. This year’s conference theme is ‘Preventing crime through information management’. “The challenge is to understand and have information on the crime that is occurring and to understand the problems to solve it,” said Superintendent Don Allan of the Paciic Islands Chiefs of Police Secretariat. Allan said this year’s conference intends to build upon last year’s theme - ‘Enforcing Paciic policing through information management.” “Information management is about getting the information you need to ight crime,” he said. The superintendent was in attendance for yesterday’s

opening ceremony of the conference at Aroa nui hall, which included the oficial handover of the chairmanship from the Solomon Islands to the Cook Islands. Being held at edgewater Resort and Spa, the meeting is being attended by police chiefs from across the Pacific, and runs until Thursday. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Cook islands Police Commissioner Maara Tetava (left) and superintendent Don Allan of the Paciic islands Chiefs of Police secretariat (right) at yesterday’s opening ceremony for the 42nd Paciic islands Chiefs of Police annual Conference. 13082616

how do you

save $21,111?


you take out your next home loan with BCi, that’s how. • Make the most of our 8.99%pa home loan variable rate by coming to BCi – your local bank, where proits stay local. • Contact Ron and his team on 29341to ind out how you can get this rate. BCi yOuR Bank keePing PROfits LOCaL BCi akano’o nei i tana moni tere ki roto i te kuki airani *BaseD On savings On a $200,000 LOan OveR 25 yeaRs at a Rate 0.5%Pa LOWeR than OuR neaRest COMPetitOR, anD BefORe set uP COsts.

BCI House, Maire Nui Drive, PO Box 113, Rarotonga, Cook Islands Tel: (682) 29341 Fax: (682) 29343 Email: Website:


Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te IPUKAReA

Nukutere College raises $46K MoRe than $46,000 was raised

for school maintenance and resources at the nukutere College gala on Friday. The grand total has yet to be determined, with donations still coming in. Parent Teacher Association’s (PTA) staff representative Tatari Mitchell said the school had set a high bar with its fundraising target of $50,000, and they were pleased to get somewhere in that ballpark. “We think it’s a good effort from everyone. everyone did their part.” The theme of the event was Kai Maeva nui (food festival), with each year level organising a food stall. Year 10 and 11 sold plates of umu food, year 9 students were charge of BBQ food, year 8 had a stall for curried chicken and steak and mushroom hot pots, while year 7 took take care of drinks and dessert. Around $15,000 was raised through food sales. In addition, almost all the rafle tickets were sold, with 10 lucky winners receiving large food baskets with goods donated by Catholic parishes, worth $1000 each. Mitchell estimated around 1000 people came along at some point during the day. “From what I saw, most people came in their lunch hour. Lots of people pre-ordered

plates of food.” She said besides the food, the activity that proved the most popular with students was the sponge throw – especially when their teachers were on the receiving end of the throw. other activities included

face painting, a ring-toss and a bouncy castle. Various prizes were given away throughout the day using a ‘spinning wheel’ – where people purchased battons with numbers on them and won the prize if the wheel landed on

their number when spun. The cost of the battons depended on the value of the prize – with the list of prizes including Telecom top-up cards, a wireless mouse and a barbeque table. Students kept the crowd entertained with dance perform-

mine, AnZ Bank, Westpac Bank, Prime Foods, Polynesian Rentals, Kafo’s Shop, T&M heather, Triad Pacific Petroleum, Telecom, Vonnia’s Catholic Women’s League and Timberland. - Briar Douglas

youngsters have fun with the ‘sponge throw’ – one of several activities at the gala. 13082314

Pre-trial change of charges for accused PAnAMA man gene hunter

LunCh Buffet Menu from 12noon to 2.30pm

Dessert - extensive variety of Cakes & Mousses and featuring our own Bombe alaska




has had charges against him changed after his trial came close to adjournment on Monday. hunter, 40, will now be facing a cannabis possession charge, a change from charges of possession of cannabis for supply and cultivation of cannabis. hunter appeared in court yesterday awaiting trial by judge and jury, defence and prosecution met with the judge in chambers before the trial started. defence counsel norman george said that prosecution had disclosed too late documents that prejudice him and his client.

Adjournment of the trial to September was planned, however after the change of charges were made the trial continued yesterday afternoon and is expected to reach a verdict today. Two police oficers that were party to the drug bust were called to testify yesterday afternoon, where both were cross-examined by defence and prosecution lawyers. defence focused on entry points they claim came from neighbouring houses into a section behind hunter’s house where cannabis plants were found. one of the officers said

that he found a path that led from hunter’s house to the section. When he couldn’t conirm if photos of the section, taken a week after by the accused, was the section police found the plants, george said he was “deliberately being dificult.” hunter was arrested and charged in September last year after police received a tip-off and searched his home in Panama, discovering dried cannabis leaves in the house and 46 cannabis plants in a section behind it. he had immediately pleaded not guilty to the charges. -MWK

Alcohol use a worry: police

honey Roasted spare Ribs Wok fried seafood & vegetables grilled tuna steak Marinated in asian sauce Beef & Chicken stir fry fried Rice soy tossed vegetables Poppodom & Prawn crackers & a great variety of salads


Club edge Members 10% Discount applies. not a member? Join now!

ances, and also manned a carwash and vacuum service. As well as the Catholic parishes, sponsors of the event included Bank of the Cook Islands (BCI), Cook Islands Trading Corporation (CITC), Computer Man, Fisher’s Pearls, gold-

Child Child 3 y$e2a5rs & under fre e

BOOkings essentiaL – PhOne: 25435 ext 7022

The PoLICe are worried about the number of drivers who are drinking and driving without concern for the other drivers on the road. Three drivers were stopped for speeding while under the inluence of alcohol over the weekend. According to inspector John hosking a 29 year old male driver was chased by police after failing to stop. It was alleged the driver had been drinking alcohol. Subsequently, the driver was arrested after a breath test was conducted. The driver will be appearing before the high Court on Thursday. Two other drivers, a 29 year old male and 37 year old male respectively were stopped at a road blitz and a breathalyser test was con-

ducted as it was alleged they had been drinking alcohol. As a result of the tests, both drivers have been arrested and will appear in the high Court on Thursday. Police are also concerned with a motor vehicle crash that involved one driver failing to stop at a stop sign and subsequently crashing into another on the main road in Avatiu. Alcohol is alleged to be a contributing factor. The drivers sustained minor injuries and the case is under investigation. Two more motor vehicle crashes with alcohol as a contributing factor are causing police major concern. According to hosking, “Police are still concerned over

the number of drivers who have been drinking and continue to drive after drinking alcohol. And the number of motor vehicles crashes that have occurred on a daily basis. With a large police presence on the roads, drivers are not adhering to media awareness campaigns, drink drive advertising in the paper, on the television and over the radio. Police presence will continue over the coming week. Police will deal with drivers who continue to disregard trafic laws with a heavy hand.” Police would like to reiterate their message about driving safely and paying heed to the road rules and not driving while drunk. - SK


Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303



COOK ISLANDS GAME FISHING CLUB GARY PARLOUR cOMPETITION The annual Gary Parlour competition between the cook Islands Game Fishing club and the Aitutaki Game Fishing club will be run on Friday 30 and Saturday 31 August. This is the club’s premier competition for this year and great prizes are up for grabs including $1000 prize for the irst wahoo over 35kg. All anglers must be a inancial member of either club. Boat registration is free but all boats must be registered at the bar before 1600 hrs Thursday 29 August. Registered boats will be eligible to receive a fuel subsidy. Boat allocation for Aitutaki and overseas anglers and brieing will be held at 1900 hrs on Thursday. Skippers must be present. Sponsors and public are welcome to attend.

Truck 4 Sale 1995 Isuzu truck for sale as it is. Runs well, $5000. Ring 50352.

73162 / /1956

73304 /33699 /1931

SITUATIONS VACANT Fulltime position available for a Deckhand and/or Skipper for our busy charter boats. Experience preferred but training can be given to the right applicant. Good wages for the right person. Phone 20683 or text 55202. 73303 /33697 /1931

Caregiver A non-smoker caregiver is required to assist with elderly and special needs. This is a live-in weekend role with the lexibility for increased hours for the right applicant. Previous experience in patient care is essential and you should have references. A current drivers license is preferred. Please phone/txt 55657 to register your interest. 73310 / /1853

73300 / /1843

SERVICES Tip top builders Business & home maintenance. Specialised for small jobs. Free quotes, reasonable rates. call Steve on 57657. 73290 /33694 /1931

Your local tile, call Nooroa your tile mate for free Quote. Phone 50352. 73305 /33681 /1931



casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


Wait staf and kitchen hand required. call 27189 or 54668 Experience preferred but happy to train the right person Vonnia’s West have a vacancy for a Shop Assistant. We are looking for a Mature Person between the age of 20 -30. Applicant must be Honest, Reliable, Neat and Tidy, have excellent customer service and able to get along with fellow staf members. Please call 20-927 to make an appointment for interview.

73281 / /2592

Couple needed for housekeeping & gardening. Full time. Please email 73292 / /1931

Qualiied cook/chef required. Phone 72849.

NIGHT SECURITY Vara’s Beach House accommodation in Muri Beach has a vacancy for a part time night security. Must be of sober habits, honest and reliable. Phone Apai for an interview on 79191 or 24006

73271 /33691 /1931

73037 / /1800

73309 / /1893

The Governing board of the cook Islands Red cross

“DOOR KNOCK APPEAL” On Wednesday 28 August, 2013 from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Funds raised is earmarked for the enabling of our satellite phones to remain connected 24 hours during the cyclone periods.

Please donate generously for this worthy cause. Your $1 coin and more is most appreciated. Ring 22598 for more info.


BEREAVEMENT it is with great sadness that the family wish to announce that


passed away peacefully with family and the sisters of st Joseph’s hospital on the morning of saturday 24 august (local time) 2013, in herne bay, auckland. the new zealand service will be heldatthenorthshoreMemorial Park (schnapper Rock, albany) aucklandonWednesdaythe28th of august at 4.30pm (local time). Condolencesmaybeforwardedto natalie Willis on +64 21 2444 544, neil and kirstWillis on +64 279 686 700 or via email: tgknewzealand@

PUBLIC NOTICE TO: THE LANDOWNERS OF AREARA SECTION 12A, MATAVERA A meeting of the landowners in respect of the above land will be held at the Titama meeting house in Matavera on Wednesday, 28 August 2013 at 5.30pm. Pursuant to a deed of lease dated 3 December 1991, three diferent landowners have given written notice exercising their right of irst refusal in respect of a proposed assignment of the lease. Would all landowners please attend the meeting for the purpose of determining which of these three landowners shall be entitled to exercise their right of irst refusal and proceed with the purchase of the lease on the above land. Details may be obtained from Heinz Matysik at little & Matysik P.c., cook Islands lawyers, Avarua, Rarotonga, Tel 21619, Fax 21615 or email 73255

SITUATIONS VACANT Rarotonga’s premium entertainment facility has part-time positions available for immediate start every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings: Bar and Wait staf - no experience required as on the job training will be given to successful candidates. Restaurant Supervisor - applicant must have restaurant experience and relect great leadership qualities with excellent communication skills. Great pay for the right person! Work in this fast paced environment with a great team! Phone 24006 or come and ill an application form at main oice Muri Beach, or email culture@ 73230 / /2512

• Phone 22999 •

Ministry of Finance and Economic Management Public consultation on Sovereign Wealth Fund. MFEM along with the Minister of Finance would like to invite all members of the public to attend a public consultation on the development of a Sovereign Wealth fund. This is where all funds raised by Seabed Mining Activities are planned to be deposited. Please come along to voice your ideas and discuss this initiative with Government. Date: Monday 2 September 2013 Venue: Sinai Hall, Avarua Time: 6pm

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

Christine will be brought home to Raro to rest and a local service held – details to be a conirmed.


73287 /33702 /2234

73149 /33606 /1931

need a little

Annual General Meeting (AGM) ScI AGM for 2013 is being held at Sailing headquarters Maritime cook Islands on Thursday 26 September 2013 at 4pm. All club & class Association delegates, and sailing supporters are most welcome to attend. Agenda includes Minutes, Presidents Report, club & class Reports, Treasurers Report, Elections of Oice Bearers and General Business. Special Resolutions & Notices are to be received by the Secretary General PO BOX 569 Rarotonga by 12 September 2013. John Secretary ScI M 55 159 E john@jta.

Head chef required Minimum 10 years experience in a hands on managerial capacity and be fully qualiied in all aspects including special events and wedding catering. Good numeracy, literacy and communication skills are essential. Must be able to work weekends and split shifts. Barrista experience an advantage. Email

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



2013/2014 TERTIARY STUDY SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS 1 YEAR STUDY – 1 AWARD Administration Manager Account/Admin Role We are looking for a skilled Administration Manager to join our team. As our Administration Manager you need to be a proactive individual with a strong background in managing accounts to provide admin support and accounts information to our Directors. Our small administration team provides a variety of work and requires some lexibility within the job. In this role, you will be responsible for general administrative tasks, as well as the following • VAT Returns & Reconciliations • Some invoicing and monitoring of debtors • Preparation of monthly management accounts • Preparation & monitoring of cashlow budget • Payroll & PAYE Returns • Bank Reconciliations • Manage timely preparation of accounts payable You will need to demonstrate strong organisation skills and the ability to work well within a small team. Excellent interpersonal communication is essential, as you will be interacting with people at all levels, from our Directors, to colleagues, to suppliers and to our clients. The key criteria to excel in this position include: • Advanced Computer Skills, with proiciency in Word & Excel • An eye for detail & accuracy in preparing MFEM returns and management reports • Experience and proiciency in business accounting software (Quick books is preferred) If you are looking for a varied role within a company with strong values, then please apply in writing to the General Manager, Pickering Motors ltd, P O box 18, Rarotonga. /

Classiieds • Phone 22999


The Government of the cook Islands is seeking “Expressions of interest” for Scholarship award from suitably qualiied Cook Islanders holding New Zealand passport to study at a New Zealand academic institution commencing in 2014. This is a single (1) year study award and study options are at undergraduate, graduate or at postgraduate level that are designed to take no longer than one year to complete. A one year programme can be a great opportunity to develop new skills or gain new qualiications with limited disruption to an awardee’s professional career. This also enables the awardee to enter a higher level qualiication. One year of full-time study means one academic year, or two semesters. Scholarship is open to persons from all sectors of the community, public and private living here in the cook Islands. Applicant selection will be based upon meeting the scholarship eligibility criteria, primarily that of academic merit and that proposed course of study meet Government’s HRD priorities for 2013/2014: Agriculture, Marine, Waste Management, Renewable Energy, Education (Secondary Teaching), Health, IcT and Finance, although other areas may be considered. Application forms and further information are available from the Ministry of Education, Nikao or contact Anna Roi, ph: 29357 ext 245, email scholarships@education. Application forms must be received no later than 12pm Thursday, 5 September 2013. /

Overseas advertising We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classiied advertisements and pre-billing. Contact our advertising department phone 22999 email:


Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

Picton Castle farewells the Cooks AFTeR many months in the

Cook Islands, The Barque Picton Castle sails from Avatiu harbour today, bound for Tall Ship festivals in Australia and New Zealand while lying the Cook Islands lag. From Rarotonga the vessel will sail west to Tonga and on to Sydney harbour where she will join a fleet of tall ships from around the world that are sailing to Australia for a Tall Ships Festival. The International Fleet Review 2013 is celebrating the centenary of the irst entry of the Royal Australian navy Fleet into Sydney harbour. hundreds of vessels are expected along with music, formation aircraft displays, dragon boat races and ireworks. From Sydney the Picton Castle will race in the Sail Training International Tall Ship Regatta to Auckland, crossing the Tasman Sea and the hauraki gulf into Auckland, due to arrive

october 25. From Auckland it’s on to explore New Zealand’s Bay of Islands before heading south to catch the trade winds and setting sail for Pitcairn Island. The voyage will then continue in an anticlockwise loop through the Tuamotus, Marquesas and Society Islands of French Polynesia before returning to the Cook Islands in May 2014. The three-masted barque has been a familiar sight in the Cook Islands over the past three months. Based at her home port of Avatiu, Rarotonga, she has been voyaging through the Cook Islands, primarily to deliver cargo and passengers to the northern group. This is nothing new for the ship, which has carried cargo and inter-island passengers to one or more of the Cook Islands on her way west from Rarotonga on each of her ive global circumnavigations – but

it was the irst time the ship has completed a voyage dedicated to such operations helping in the islands. The ship’s visit also included public day sails out of Avatiu harbour and hosting local actors and a ilm crew aboard to shoot a movie for the Film Raro ilm festival. The Picton Castle is a sail training ship, set up by captain daniel Moreland in order to pass on traditional skills of ships and the sea to the next generation of mariners. The fact that the ship visits such beautiful and remote places on her long adventure voyages is a bonus for her trainee crew, who are selected from applicants from all over the world Under the command of long-time chief mate, captain Michael Moreland and in association with Rarotonga shipping company Paciic Schooners, the ship made two cargo and passenger voyages within

the Cooks from June to August. The irst called at Palmerston, nassau and Pukapuka before returning to Rarotonga. The second voyage called at Atiu, Penrhyn, Manihiki and Aitutaki, and this time the ship came to the assistance of sailing yacht gobo, whose master had issued a mayday distress call – with the ship’s officers and crew boarding the yacht to provide practical assistance to the yacht’s damaged engine and rigging as well as installing an auxiliary bilge pump to enable the yacht to continue under her own power. - Picton Castle/BD

The Picton Castle is setting sail for sydney, australia to ly the Cook Islands lag at the Tall ships Festival. 130513101



Head of Policy, Planning and Projects The Ministry of Agriculture, seeks to ill the position of Head of Policy, Planning and Projects. Applications are invited for suitable, qualiied and experience person in Agricultural Economics, Policy and Planning, Market research, project formulation and management. The successful applicant must have broad experience in this senior position and have some knowledge in basic data analysis and interpretation of ield data. He/She must be luent in both English and Maori languages, and must also have a pleasant and friendly attitude, knowledge sharing towards all Farmers including backyard growers. Written applications including CV should be addressed to the Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, PO box 96, Arorangi, Rarotonga. Or Email Application for this Position closes 30 August 2013. A Job Description is available on request. 73117

There are 205 pieces of rope on the Picton Castle, all of which need to be memorised by the crew. Pictured are two hard-working crew members during one of the ship’s day sails. 13051907



teariki Moeroa ki nuku taaratea Manuel


Director of Labour & Employment Relations The Ministry of Internal Afairs is seeking a highly motivated and qualiied person to lead the labour and Employment Relations Division. This is an extremely challenging and rewarding role in a dynamic environment that has a diverse range of responsibilities including: • The management of staf • The successful administration and implementation of the new Employment Relations Act 2012 • Managing the regulation of Dangerous Goods • The administration of the Workers Compensation Scheme • The administration of the Employers liability Insurance To be successful the applicant must have a tertiary degree in either: Employment Relations, Economics, Public Policy or law and 5 years professional experience. If you are interested in leading a team of capable professionals in this exciting and fast changing area, a full job description and information pack is available upon request. Please contact Eva Mapu, phone 29370 or email Applications must be addressed to the Secretary of the Ministry. The deadline for applications is 6 September 2013 at 4pm. /


National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) Sector Consultancies The Statistics Oice of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management is seeking expression of interest in 4 short term consultancies to assess the availability of statistical data/information of the sectors: 1) Sustainable Economic Development Sector 2) Sustainable Human and Social Development Sector 3) Sustainable Natural Resources and Environmental Management Sector 4) Governance Sector The Terms of Reference (TOR) can be viewed on: www. or send your CV and covering letter to: Application closes 4pm, Friday 30 August 2013. 73267

e tokorua noku, kua takoto ki te po e metuavaine akamoeau ite ngutuare kua pou te rua ngauru mataiti i toou ngaroanga kare ra koe i ngaropoina ia no te inangaro i pera ei tei te pukuatu toku inangaro maata iakoe inangaro aroa mutukore noou iaku e noo ki roto ite maanaana o te Mesia Roimata kua maringi ite maara anga ite au rangi tei topa te akaroa Miimii ia e to inangaro nono Manuel, te tama ko Joseph Manuel, Metua e te ai utaro ‘’e manganui te vaine akono meitaki, ko koe ra te maata ia ratou katoa’.’


Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

Flight Times | Voyage details FROM ARRIVES

International Flights

tuesdAy August 27 NZ748/749 AKL 1.25AM NZ46/45 AKL 5.15PM VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM thursdAy August 28 NZ46/45 AKL 5.15PM









0850 1120 1620

0910 1140 1640


1000 1230 1730




TIARE MOANA 14 - ETD AuCK 03/09, ETA RARO 13/09, ETA AITuTAKI 15/09

tuesdAy August 27 AKL AKL AKL

2.25AM 6.30PM 1.45AM



0800 1030 1530

Air Rarotonga



OLOMANA 19 - ETD AuCK 13/09, ETA RARO 27/09, ETA AITuTAKI 30/09


TIARE MOANA 15 - ETD AuCK 28/09, ETA RARO 06/10, ETA AITuTAKI 08/10

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands news






Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

answer to Monday’s puzzle

answer to Monday’s puzzle

hÄgaR the horrible

Situation: A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers lies slow moving over Southern cooks. A weak trough of low pressure lies slow moving over Northern cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Occasional showers over most places. Moderate west to northwest winds, turning southeasterly later today. Moderate seas. Further outlook: brief showers. For Rarotonga: Occasional showers. Further outlook: brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: cloudy periods with some showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Some showers.

TUE high 1.48AM 0.91M 2.10PM 0.82M



8.06AM 0.27M










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.


1M S



WEd high 2.30AM 0.87M 2.54PM 0.76M




0.31M 9.00PM 0.35M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

NW 10kTs new Moon sep 5 11.37AM

First Quarter sep 12 5.09PM

Full Moon sep 19 11.13AM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter aug 28 9.35AM


ArApo - tAngAroA TUE 27 Tanu (Planting)



sun rise

Po no te o’onu. akarava to tautai Koura te ika. night for the lagoon. Netting and ishing for crayish and ish.


sun set


Moon rise 12.10AM Moon set 11.33AM

WEd sun rise 6.51AM sun set 6.29PM


1M S

TauTai (Fishing)

Tanu i te meika. Plant bananas.

Humidity Morning

Rarotonga Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Tuesday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By Lee falk & sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight


By Dik Browne


the PhantOM



Moon rise 1.01AM Moon set 12.20PM

Front Key:




1M S


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, August 27, 2013 Aitutaki

27° NW 09kTs


24° NW 12kTs


25° NW 10kTs



25° NW 10kTs

29° NE 11kTs


25° NW 10kTs


Tuesday, augusT 27, 2013 cook Islands News

National rugby 15s coach Barry George arrives today



T-20 cricket excitement

WITh the International new

Zealand Croatia cricket series concluding last week, excitement in the coming Rarotonga season—locally and internationally—is at an unprecedented high. Club sides are relishing the opportunity to showcase their skills to the world this weekend. Two new teams, an increase in new junior players and a new format to the competition season will see what Cook Islands Cricket chief executive officer Alister Stevic believes will be a bigger, better faster Rarotonga Twenty-20 senior season.

Changes to the season’s competitions have included a shift from the historic straight round robin into two separate eastern and Western conferences. At the completion of the eastern and Western Conferences all club sides come together to participate in a round robin, followed by an east versus West inal with the winner progressing through to the champion of champions playoff against the victors of the round robin. Stevic says that in addition to the pending excitement of the local cricketing fraternity, the action which starts this Satur-

day will also be closely watched by Cook Islands Crickets 1000 Facebook and twitter followers. “The new Zealand Croatia tour has placed a global spotlight on the Cook Islands,” says Stevic. “I am certain our local cricketers will relish the opportunity to impress both our local and global audiences with their ability and unique playing style. Hopefully, that excitement will translate into more international club and social sides touring the Cook Islands for our Festival of Cricket in January”. - CIC/MW

George attends 1st FIFA meet LoCAL lawyer and Atiu member

of parliament norman george made his first visit to FI FA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland as a member of the FIFA disciplinary Committee. The meeting for the disciplinary committee was held on August 14. Three new members were inducted onto the FIFA disciplinary committee including Raymond hack of South Africa, Jo Setright of Australia and norman george of the Cook Islands. They were welcomed by the chairman of the disciplinary committee Claudio Sulser. The newly inducted members were introduced to FIFA president Joseph Blatter and were handed their credentials and gold FIFA pins. Then it was down to business where the members had a total of 22 complaints to deliberate over and consider. The complaints varied from transfer violations, protest violations during football games and unsporting violations.

Some penalties included monetary ines, the suspension of players, warnings and reprimands. There were also complaints that were not upheld. “All committee members on the FIFA disciplinary committee are experienced lawyers and were all well received and

well treated by FIFA staff,” says george. “We will have a plenary conference in Zurich at the end of november and I am pleased with the way I was able to travel to Zurich and back in seven days, without a hitch or suffering from jet lag,” adds george. - CIFA Media

Croatia new Zealand cricketers warm up ahead of one of their games on tour to rarotonga two weeks ago. PHOTOS MARGOT BUTCHER 13082686

The Cook islands national women’s cricket team warm up before their game against the touring Croatia new Zealand team two weeks ago. PHOTOS MARGOT BUTCHER 13082685

U17 netball training Chairman of the FiFa disciplinary committee Claudio sulser with norman George and FiFa president Joseph Blatter in Zurich recently. 13082673

UndeR 17 national netballers selected during the recent age grade tournament will have their irst training run this evening at the Avatiu netball courts. Training will start on the dot at 5pm with national under 17 coach edith nicholas.

Players are reminded to be dressed appropriately for training and to also have plenty of water and warm clothes for after training. The under 17 national netball squad includes Metua Tiaore, Linade Unuka, Teiti Tu-

puna, Amelia Moetaua, Tuakana noovao, Karalaini Matenga, Tepaeru Toka, Louanna Trego, hannahmarie Koteka, Samantha Takai, Teatakura Pakitoa, Jessica Puiri, Monica Wichman, Tiahuia Pittman, Stephanie nooroa, Ter- MW ryanne Strickland.

Tuesday 27 August  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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