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$2 Monday, August 19, 2013

Holiday in Raro proves costly A trip to the Cooks has left an Australian couple more than $1000 out of pocket after Flight Centre booked lights departing from the wrong city. With a close friend getting married in rarotonga, Shane Lindsay and Anna Shaw booked lights to the Cooks by going to a Flight Centre ofice close to their home in Brisbane. From the information on their ticket, which stated their origin was Brisbane and their destination was rarotonga but also listed a light from Sydney, they thought it was a direct light that passed through Sydney – with Shaw saying she has been on many lights in the past that stopped off in Sydney to pick up more passengers before continuing on. However, after catching a taxi to Brisbane’s international airport for their Friday light, they did not see their light number listed. they caught a taxi to the domestic airport, but their light was not listed there either. it was after they caught another taxi back home – totalling more than $100 in taxi fees – and called Flight Centre, that they realised they had been booked for a light leaving from Sydney, despite making the booking from Brisbane. On the phone to Flight Centre, they were given the option of waiting until Monday – when a more senior staff member might be able to arrange another light for free – or paying more than $1000 for the next light to Rarotonga. With their friend’s wedding looming and not wanting to miss out on their holiday, the

couple paid for the light. they had to go back to Flight Centre again after receiving their tickets, because Shaw – who has only used her maiden name for all documentation in their 15 years of marriage – had been booked using her married name. Since her passport was under her maiden name, they had Flight Centre rectify the name on the ticket to avoid trouble at the airport. the couple arrived in the Cooks on Sunday, a day after they had planned. to add to their troubles, Lindsay’s bags went missing and were not returned until tuesday – an issue that was not connected to Flight Centre. Worse, the couple’s light back to Australia on Friday only takes them to Sydney. they have had to book another light back home, and also pay for accommodation in Sydney because there are no lights to Brisbane that evening. Since they will get home later than they planned, the couple will miss their 14-year-old son’s rugby match and at least an hour of their 12-year-old daughter’s dance recital – which she has been training for all year. “i’d like them to reimburse us, but those are things you can’t put a value on,” said Lindsay. their difficulties getting to rarotonga followed another trip to Europe just prior to their flight to the Cooks, which was also booked through Flight Centre. the couple and their two children travelled to the South of France recently for a friend’s 40th birthday party, before returning home to Brisbane. But

on a connecting light from Paris to their destination, they were told their light did not include a baggage allowance. the cost of getting their bags on the light was $66 each, and they had to pay the same again on their returning light. “Who would book an international light and not take baggage?” said Lindsay, pointing out the couple chose to use a travel agent to avoid such problems, rather than booking online. “it’s something i’ll be taking up with (Flight Centre) back in Brisbane.” Lindsay said they are now more than $2000 out of pocket. “Even if we get our money back, that extra money would have been our spending money (in rarotonga),” said Shaw.

Despite the mix-ups, the couple say they have been enjoying their time in the Cooks.

“the hospitality of the people here has been fantastic,” said Lindsay, who hopes Flight Cen-

tre will give them their money back on their return to Brisbane. - Briar Douglas

anna shaw and shane Lindsay have had a string of problems after booking a holiday to the Cooks through Flight Centre. 13081430

Puppy love

Book donations for school’s irst library An outer island school’s Face-

book post requesting book donations for its first library has ignited a huge response. rakahanga School in the northern group has received a global online response following the post, with people from all over the world sending in donations. the school has raised $5000,


which will mostly be used to cover shipping costs for the books. Lecturer at new Zealand’s Waikato University Debbie Futter has been leading the fundraising scheme, and says it's exciting for the children at rakahanga school to see the international response to their plight. - ABC Release/

A S p r i g H t Ly puppy was

pleased to be the centre of attention after being treated for parasites, enjoying a hug from South Paciic Animal Welfare (SPAW) executive director Karen galvan during the Cook islands Society for the protection of Cruelty to Animals (CiSpCA) programme last week. More than 1000 pets

Sahiban Kanwal

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were treated for parasites with $7000 worth of products donated to by SpAW. WHiLE the programme was intended to be a one-off, CiSpCA president Sharon reichardt said CiSpCA and SpAW are looking at a repeat performance next year. “the programme was well

worth it and we’re looking at doing it again,” she said. the programme has offered a range of free treatments for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens, including those for leas, ticks, intestinal worms, mange, mites, lungworm and to prevent heartworm. the treatments were admin-

istered by volunteers from CiSpCA, as well as four members of SpAW – including galvan – who travelled from new Zealand to help out. there are still around 100 treatments for dogs left over, which pet owners can snap up from CiSpCA at punanga nui markets for a small donation from today.

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Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

worldnEWS nuti no tEiA nEi AO Hair thieves given notice Venezuelan President nicolas Maduro has called on the police to act against gangs that are stealing women’s hair. The thieves sell the hair – sometimes stolen at gunpoint – to salons where it is used for extensions and wigs. Several women have reportedly been targeted, being forced to tie their hair into ponytails under threats of violence so that gang members can easily cut of their long hair. attacks appear to be on the rise, especially in the country’s second largest city, Maracaibo. P re s i d e n t M a d u ro h a s threatened a crackdown on what he called “mafias that steal girls’ hair”.

‘There’s room for all’ Call for reconciliation as General warns military will not back down CAirO – the head of Egypt’s

armed forces has said that his message to the supporters of ousted president Mohammed Morsi is that “there is room for everyone”. general Abdul Fattah al-Sisi urged them to help “rebuild the democratic path” and “integrate in the political process”. But he also warned the military would not be silent in the face of violence. Later, 38 Muslim Brotherhood members are reported to have been killed while attempt-

world BriEFS CONCERN AS JAPANESE VOLCANO ERUPTS JAPAN – A volcano in southern Japan has erupted, spewing a mushroom-shaped ash plume up to 5000 metres into the air. Meteorological oicials said the 1117-metre high Mount Sakurajima erupted about 4.30pm local time, according to Jiji Press. A large amount of volcanic ash fell in the northern and central parts of Kagoshima city, causing train delays and temporary poor visibility, forcing car drivers to use their headlights. The eruption, which lasted for about 50 minutes, also caused a small low of lava up to about one kilometre from the crater, Jiji said. It was Sakurajima’s 500th eruption this year.

NORWEGIAN DIES IN CONGO JAIL cONGO – A Norwegian sentenced to death in 2010 for murder and spying in the Democratic Republic of congo has died in prison. “We have been informed today that Tjostolv Moland is dead. He was found in his prison cell in Kinshasa this morning,” Norway’s Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide told reporters on Sunday. When asked about the cause of death, he replied only that Norway had “no comment at this time”. Moland and his friend Joshua French, who has dual British-Norwegian nationality, were sentenced to death for murder and spying in the vast central African country in 2010. Shortly after their conviction Moland, 32, and French, 31, wrote to congolese President Joseph Kabila to ask for a pardon or for their death sentence to be commuted to life imprisonment that could eventually be served in Norway.

SYRIAN REFUGEES POUR INTO IRAQ IRAQ – Thousands of Syrian Kurds have poured into Iraq over the past few days, to escape deadly clashes between Kurdish ighters and jihadists. The UN says more than 15,000 refugees have crossed into Iraq in the latest inlux since Thursday, with more expected to follow. The sudden inlux of Syrians across the border stands in marked contrast to the relatively small numbers of refugees taken in by Iraq in recent months compared to other neighbouring countries and has forced the UN refugee agency to scramble aid to the region. The vast majority of refugees pouring into Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish regions in the north are women, children and the elderly.


ing to escape during their transfer to a prison outside Cairo. the interior ministry announced that so-called “people’s committees”, which have been set up by residents of some areas to provide security, would be banned because some had been used for vigilante activities. Meanwhile, the Mena state news agency reported that 79 people were killed and 549 wounded in violence across the country on Saturday. that raised the nationwide death toll since Wednesday, when security forces forcibly cleared two pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo, to more than 830, including 70 police and soldiers. general al-Sisi deposed Morsi on July 3, saying the military could not ignore the millions of people who had been demanding the resignation of Egypt’s first democratically elected president. Before security forces launched the operation to disperse the Cairo sit-ins, the armed forces chief asked millions of people to take to the streets to give him a “mandate” to fight “violence and terrorism”, an apparent reference to the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Sisi warned that the military would not allow further violence after the latest unrest. But the general also appeared to strike a conciliatory tone towards his opponents. “We have given many chances to end the crisis peacefully and call for the followers of the former regime to participate in the rebuilding. there is room for everyone in Egypt – we are cautious about every drop of Egyptian blood,” he said. the Brotherhood has called for daily demonstrations since security forces cleared its protest camps in Cairo on Wednesday and declared a state of emergency. - BBC

An Egyptian civilian helps an army oicer after he was wounded during clashes with supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. Backers of egypt’s ousted president pledged to stage daily demonstrations as they ended a day of angry protests in which at least 79 people were killed throughout the day. AFP

Searching for survivors CEBU – Search teams have resumed efforts to ind more than 80 people still missing after a ferry and a cargo ship collided in the philippines. At least 34 people died when the MV thomas Aquinas sank off the central port of Cebu on Friday with more than 800 people onboard, oficials said. poor weather has disrupted attempts to send down divers into the wreckage. A navy spokesman said it was possible survivors could

be found inside air pockets, although chances were slim. the number of people officially listed as missing was reduced on Sunday from a previous igure of 170 due to tallying issues. the authorities say more than 750 people have been rescued since the collision, which happened in calm waters around 2km from the shore. Coastguard and military vessels helped with the search operation, but it has been hampered

by rough seas. navy spokesman Lt Cdr gregory Fabic told AFp the weather had prevented divers from reaching the interior of the sunken vessel, where many of those missing were believed trapped. “it is possible that there are air pockets in its compartments and there might be survivors,” he said. “there is still hope that there might just be survivors there.” - BBC

Bolt now the ‘greatest ever’ MOSCOW – Usain Bolt guided Jamaica to victory in the sprint relay in Moscow to become the most successful athlete in the history of the World Championships. The 26-year-old added the 4x100-metre relay gold to his 100m and 200m sprint triumphs and now has a total of

eight golds and two silvers. Bolt’s latest triumph meant he joined Americans Michael Johnson, Felix and Lewis on a record-equalling eight world titles overall. the 100m and 200m world record holder also secured a sprint triple in World Championships for the second time,

matching the trebles he completed at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. “it is just great,” Bolt said of the comparison. “i’ll continue dominating. i’ll continue to work hard. For me, my aim is to continue into the greatness thing.” - BBC

Doing it for the team

ECUADOR – Ecuador has abandoned a conservation plan that would have paid the country not to drill for oil in previously untouched parts of Yasuni National Park in the Amazon rainforest. President Rafael correa said rich nations had failed to back the initiative, leaving Ecuador with no choice but go ahead with drilling. The park is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. Hundreds of people gathered in Quito to protest against Mr Correa’s decision. Oil exploitation has been taking place in parts of the Yasuni National Park, which covers nearly 10,000 square kilometres, since the 1970s.

AUSSIE BASEBALLER IN RANDOM KILLING USA – An Australian baseball star has been killed in a drive-by shooting while jogging in Oklahoma, USA. Christopher Lane, 22, who grew up in Oak Park in Melbourne, was fatally wounded in the daylight shooting in the small town of Duncan on Saturday morning. Lane was studying in the US on a sports scholarship at East Central University and was visiting his girlfriend Sarah Harper. His father, Peter, said the family was devastated by the loss of a “sensational kid” just two weeks before his 23rd birthday. “He was just an athlete going out for a run,” Lane said. “According to police, it was just a completely random drive-by shooting.”

today’s Daily Bread But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything, and remind you of all that i have said to you.

7:21-29 read: read: 1 JohnMatthew 1:1-5

Text: Matthew 7:26 14:26 Text: John

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt crosses the inish line in front of US Justin Gatlin and Great Britain’s Dwain Chambers to win the men’s 4x100 metres relay inal at the 2013 IAAF World Championships at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. AFP


Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

worldnEWS nuti no tEiA nEi AO

Trees near ‘carbon saturation point’ WAgEningEn – European forests are showing signs of reaching a saturation point as “carbon sinks”, a study has suggested. Since 2005, the amount of atmospheric CO2 absorbed by the continent’s trees has been slowing, researchers reported. Writing in nature Climate Change, they said this was a result of a declining volume of trees, deforestation and the impact of natural disturbances. Carbon sinks play a key role in the global carbon cycle and are promoted as a way to offset rising emissions. Many of Europe’s forests are reaching an age where growth, and carbon uptake, slows down Writing in their paper, the scientists said the continent’s forests had been recovering in recent times after centuries of stock decline and deforestation. the growth had also provided a “persistent carbon sink”, which was projected to continue for decades. However, the team’s study observed three warnings that the carbon sink provided by Europe’s tree stands was nearing a saturation point. “First, the stem volume increment rate (of individual trees) is increasing and thus the sink is curbing after decades of increase,” they wrote. “Second, land use is intensifying, thereby leading to deforestation and associated carbon losses. “third, natural disturbances (eg wildfires) are increasing and, as a consequence, so are the emissions of CO2.” Co-author gert-Jan nabuurs from Wageningen University and research Centre, netherlands, said: “All of this together means that the increase in the size of the sink is stopping; it is even declining a little. “We see this as the irst signs of a saturating sink,” he told

BBC news. the carbon cycle is the process by which carbon - essential for life on the planet - is transferred between land (geosphere and terrestrial biosphere), sea (hydrosphere) and the atmosphere. Carbon sinks refers to the capacity of key components in the cycle – such as the soil, oceans, rock and fossil fuels – to store carbon, preventing it from being recycled between the land and the atmosphere. Since the industrial revolution, human activity has modiied the cycle as a result of burning fossil fuels and landuse change. Burning fossil fuels has resulted in vast amounts of carbon previously locked in the geosphere being released into the atmosphere. Land-use change – such as urbanisation and deforestation – has reduced the size of the biosphere, which removes carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. Dr nabuurs explained that saturation referred to the point where the natural carbon sinks were unable to keep pace and absorb the additional atmospheric carbon being released by human activities. He said emissions had risen a lot over the past decade, primarily through the rise of emerging economies in countries such as China, india and Brazil. the researcher’s conclusions appear to contradict the State of Europe’s Forests report in 2011 that showed forest cover in Europe had continued to increase. the report said trees covered almost half of Europe’s land area and absorbed about 10 percent of Europe’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. But Dr nabuurs said that the rate of afforestation was slowing, adding that a sizeable

Many of europe’s forests are reaching an age where their ability to store carbon slows down, preventing them from being recycled between the land and the atmosphere. AFP proportion of forests were mature stands of trees, which were mainly planted in the early part of the 20th Century or in the post-World War ii period. “these forests have now reached 70-80 years old and are starting a phase in the life of a tree where the growth rate starts to come down,” he explained. “So you have large areas of old forest and even if you add these relatively small areas of new forest, this does not compensate for the loss of growth rate in the old forests.” However, mature woodlands have been recognised as a key habitat for supporting and conserving biodiversity. Will this lead to policymakers making a choice between forests’ ecological value and their effectiveness at sequestering CO2? “that is indeed a large challenge,” said Dr nabuurs. “Old forests in Europe are necessary and we certainly need those forests. “i think policymakers at a national level and within the EU

have to be clear that in certain regions, within valuable habitats, that the focus is on old forests and biodiversity. “But in other regions, maybe it is time to concentrate more on continuous wood production again and rejuvenate forests again, so then you have growing forests and a continuous low of wood products. “this seems to be the optimal way to address both the need for wood products and maintaining a carbon sink in growing forests.” the study’s findings could have implications for EU and member state’s climate mitigation efforts to reduce emissions. “Most European nations, as part of their emissions reduction commitments, can also use forest carbon sinks,” Dr nabuurs observed. “Under the Kyoto protocol, countries were voluntarily choosing to take that sink into account. “But in the next commitment period, forest management will be an obligatory part of reaching

the emissions reduction targets. “For some countries, the sink is a very large part of their emissions reduction commitment so the saturation is a real problem, requiring them to take additional measures, for example in the electricity generation or transport sectors.” As a sizeable proportion of Europe’s forest areas are owned by smallholders, the process of changing the age-profile of the continent’s tree cover could prove challenging with some owners resisting the idea of increasing wood production and tree harvesting. One potential solution is a pan-European, legally binding agreement on forest management that would look to balance the ecological value of forests against the trees’ commercial and climate mitigation value. Delegates from more than 40

nations have been working on such a framework since 2011. However, talks stalled in June when negotiators were unable to reach agreement on a number of technicalities. “this is a very important process where all the European states are working towards a legally binding agreement,” Dr nabuurs commented. “it is a very important framework in which the member states can devise their own national policies. “it is obvious that within nations, forest policy is often quite weak. to strengthen this, this agreement is certainly necessary.” talks are set to resume in the autumn, with the aim of having a draft agreement in place by mid-november for EU forestry ministers to consider. - BBC

First for Colombia

Germany calls for restraint BErLin – germany has reportedly asked Britain not to be too celebratory when it marks the centenary of the First World War, fearing it could cool relations between the two countries. Both Britain and germany will mark the 100-year anniversary of the start of the war next year. According to the UK’s Sunday telegraph, germany’s special envoy for the conlict met with his British counterpart earlier this month to discuss prepara-

tions for the event. the paper said there were understood to be german concerns that the way Britain marks the centenary might affect relations between the countries. norman Walter, from germany’s UK embassy, told the paper that a triumphalist tone by Britain would make it dificult for his country to join in the commemorations. Walter said: “For us, it is about remembrance and reconciliation, and trying to learn

lessons. We would love to join as many as possible. We would prefer not to have any celebrations, having lost. What unites us is that we lost millions of people.” He said that celebrations in germany would focus more on the success of the European Union in bringing lasting peace to the continent. Critics in the UK, however, want a more celebratory tone, seeing the war as a just ight for survival against a german nation intent on European domi-

nation. Many of these people, who on Britain’s political right, also want the UK to opt out of the EU. “We can’t tell you how you should celebrate, but our feeling is that issues about who was guilty and all that should be left more or less to historians and shouldn’t feature dominantly in politician’s speeches,” said Walter, who is head of press at the embassy. - News Limited

Gondola claims tourists’ life

VEniCE – A tourist has been crushed to death during a gondola ride on the famous grand Canal in Venice. the german man, 50, was with his wife and three children in a gondola when it was in a collision with a “vaporetto”, or water bus. the water bus, which carries the public around the canals of the city, was either docking at or leaving the rialto stop when the collision occurred.

A three-year-old girl is being treated for head injuries. She was taken to hospital in nearby padua. the girl and the rest of her family were thrown into the water by the force of the collision. Venice ire chief of staff, Giovanni Carlesso, said the vaporetto had apparently not seen the gondola. the father appeared to have been crushed between the two vessels.

“i am really sad after what has happened,” said Venice mayor giorgio Orsoni. An investigation has been launched. The lat-bottomed gondolas are all painted black and were for centuries the main form of transportation around Venice’s lagoons. their main function now is as a tourist attraction. gondoliers are controlled by a guild that oversees training and

issues limited licences. Questions are often raised about safety given the crowded waterways. in 2011, four Spanish tourists were thrown into the water after their gondola was hit by the wake of a motorboat. they were quickly rescued. in 2004, a family of Dutch tourists was also thrown into a canal. - AFP

Colombia’s triple jumper Caterine Ibarguen wins a irst-ever gold-medal for her country at Moscow’s 2013 World athletics Championships. AFP


Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalnEWS nuti no tE pA EnUA

Inshore isheries under pressure SPC is assisting Paciic islands to develop management measures tHE pACiFiC – A new report on

the status of reef and near-shore fisheries of pacific islands has delivered a mixed verdict about their health. it says some fisheries are under strain, some have been ished to the brink of local extinction, and that management action needs to be strengthened to protect this valuable resource.

the report, issued by the Secretariat of the Paciic Community (SpC), looks at four main areas – reef isheries, near-shore isheries, aquaculture, and the roles of men and women in ishing occupations. Lindsay Chapman, S pC’s Coastal Fisheries programme Manager, says pacific island population growth is placing

paciic BRIEFS EUROPEAN FISHING FLEETS NOT WANTED FRENCH POLYNESIA – French Polynesia’s professional ishermen have again expressed their opposition to opening up the territory’s exclusive economic zone to outsiders. In an open letter to the marine resources minister, Tearii Alpha, the group says he will be mortgaging the children’s future, if a deal is struck to let European leets into the area. The minister has met the ishermen to assure them that no decision has been made since last month’s talks in Brussels with the European commission. Alpha has spoken of a need to reform the isheries sector soon and according to local media, he warned them that the United Nations could order the opening up of ishing quotas within French Polynesian waters.

GEOGRAPHY ‘JUST A COINCIDENCE’ FIJI – Fiji’s Foreign Afairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola has ired back at his New Zealand counterpart after comments about the Paciic Islands Forum. McCully told Radio New Zealand International last week, while on his annual Paciic Mission, that Ratu Inoke could not change the geography and that New Zealand and Australia were part of the Paciic. McCully was responding to comments from Ratu Inoke that Fiji would only rejoin the Paciic Islands Forum if it signiicantly changes, and that Australia and New Zealand needed to decide to either be donors or members, but not both. Kubuabola says Australia and New Zealand do not share the development aspirations of the Paciic, and are using the coincidence of geography to inluence Paciic countries.

NEW FORUM SHOULD NOT BE FEARED FIJI – A regional conservation leader says developed nations should have no fears a new regional grouping will increase pressure for compensation over climate change. One of the aims of the Paciic Islands Development Forum inaugurated last week in Fiji, is to provide views from Paciic Island civil society, business and governments for the Small Island Developing States bloc at the UN. Taholo Kami of the International Union for the conservation of Nature says he hopes the new grouping enhances the region’s eforts at the international level but the group’s main strength will be within the region. “I think we should all stand back and say, how we can make this happen.”

police lack vehicles says eX-premier SOLOMON ISLANDS – A former premier of Solomon Islands’ Malaita province says local police are often unable to deal with problems in his community. Much has been made of the increased capability of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, as the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands is downsized to a policing-only operation for the next four years. Reuben Moli, who lives in Fiu, says alcohol, marijuana and kwaso are the cause of a lot of crime in his village. He says the village chief and tribunal do their best to deal with most issues but there is a problem when they cannot. “Sometimes they rely on the police but when they call the police they would say they have no vehicle. Especially in serious cases.”

FIJI PARTY YET TO APPOINT A LEADER FIJI – Fiji’s Social Democratic Party hopes to appoint a new leader by the end of September. SODELPA general secretary Pio Tabaiwalu told FijiLive that in the meantime they have given time to members to inalise their nominations. “When all nominations from the four divisions come in then we would be able to appoint a new party leader and that would be by the end of September,” he said. “We had our regular party meeting last Thursday where we discussed our party operations.” Tabaiwalu said they were still working on a plan to set up their branches around the country in readiness for next year’s promised elections.

THEATRE TO CONFRONT GENDER VIOLENCE SOLOMON ISLANDS – A new theatre group in the Solomon Islands has set its sights on helping to reduce gender-based violence. The national women’s theatre will use drama, dance and movement to convey its message. Women from the country’s nine provinces will take part in the Stages of Change project under the guidance of New Zealand-Fijian director, Nina Nawalowalo. Nawalowalo says their intention is not to blame men, but rather to provoke thought and discussion about gender-based violence through the medium of theatre. “For the women themselves, they have to feel safe with what they’re doing on stage because they have to go and live in their communities. It can be dangerous,” Nawalowalo added.

increasing pressure on the isheries accessible to local ishers. “Our problem is to collect accurate data on these isheries – who is catching what, and how much are they taking,” he says. “Without good data it is dificult to establish reasonable limits and good management plans.” He says the need for reliable catch information and sensible management is more important than ever, given the dual impacts of climate change and increasing ishing pressure. “We need to develop good tools to monitor climate change,” he says. “We need the best possible management of these isheries to maximise sustainable yields and reduce the size of the ‘food gap’ between available seafood and that required to meet the needs of rapidly growing pacific island population.” the small island of niue’s principal isheries oficer James tafatu agrees. “We only have a population of about 1300 or 1500 at the moment, but that may grow. Our leaders have identified food security as a major issue. “We need to get data so we can manage our isheries well. And this is not just about the ish, but also about how the community

Many inshore isheries around the Paciic have been ished to the brink of extinction, a new report states. AFP uses fish and the role women play in isheries.” SPC is helping many Paciic islands and territories to develop management measures, including size limits and short harvest seasons. “We are looking at positive measures, like the installation of new FADs, ish attracting devices, which hold tuna closer to shore and make them accessible to local ishers. We’re trying to find out more about potential new fisheries as well, like the recent giant squid ishing tests in new Caledonia and the Cook islands.” Solomon islands Director of Fisheries, James teri, says most

coastal communities depend on inshore isheries for their food and economic wealth. “We need SpC to help us to collect data about these fisheries, provide us with policy advice and provide our communities with the right sort of information to manage these isheries.” Aquaculture also holds some promise for closing the food gap and generating income for paciic islanders. it has a 50-year history in the region but the challenges of uncertain markets, high-quality management and coping with the environment have proved formidable.

“prawns, pearls and tilapia are the most valuable crops,” Chapman says. “there is some hope for clams and coral for the ornamental trade, and aquaculture may also be able to restore stocks of the valuable sea cucumber.” the report also deals with a gender imbalance in fisheries careers, with women holding less than 20 percent of positions in isheries science and management. Most women are conined to administrative and clerical positions, and the report advocates “breaking down the barriers”to help women gain work at all levels if they so choose. - SM

Nauru case study for Paciic tHE pACiFiC – Consultants looking at the issue of climate change in the Paciic have drawnup an action plan for nauru to try to help it access funding. the study has been circulated to other pacific governments so they too can tap into the billions of dollars promised by the international community to address the impacts of climate change. the nauru case study says that funding to help developing countries tackle climate change is going to increase dramatically in the coming year. But it says this is only going to be matched by an even more dramatic increase in complexity. it says there’s a multiplicity of rules and regulations governing how climate change funding should be spent and this poses an enormous challenge to small Paciic island democracies. An indication of how dificult it is to access this money is that, of the US$32 billion promised by the international community up until March this year, only US$2 billion has so far been dispersed.

in nauru’s case, the study found that there’s been since 2005, 32 separate climate change projects, worth a total of US$19 million. it says that nauru’s previous experience with trust funds, especially its phosphate trust funds, has made donors wary of contributing any money to a climate change trust fund. However, the study suggests that nauru would be best dealing with those donor countries that are prepared to put money into budget support so that it can determine its own priorities in the spending on climate change. Paciic Forum economic ministers have stressed the critical and urgent need for inancing to effectively respond to climate change in the Paciic region. Forum members have called for strengthening access to, and management of, climate change inance describing funding access as critical for vulnerable Forum island Countries. in the Action plan following the 2013 Forum Economic Ministers Meeting (FEMM) in

nuku’alofa, tonga, the ministers emphasised the need for tangible outcomes with climate change inancing over the next year. the Ministers reiterated previous communiqués of forum leaders identifying climate change as the greatest threat to livelihoods, security and wellbeing of the peoples of the paciic. the Secretary general of the Paciic Islands Forum Secretariat, tuiloma neroni Slade, said that climate change inance will remain an important issue for the region. “the ministers agreed that all stakeholders should work together to demystify and simplify the complexities of climate change inancing,” Slade said. “they also stressed that Forum island Countries want to use their own national systems to disburse climate change funds wherever possible.” the meeting discussed the ‘pacific Climate Change Finance Assessment: nauru Case Study’ which was developed following a request from nauru

for assistance to improve their understanding of how to access and manage climate change inancing. “this case study provides a comprehensive assessment of the dimensions of climate change financing and implementation within nauru’s particular development context and the strength of the country’s national systems,” Slade said. Forum members have welcomed the development of a holistic framework strengthening Forum island Countries’ ability to make informed decisions about climate change finance access and management. they requested that development partners support the development of tailored national solutions for targeting the most appropriate sources for accessing and effectively managing climate change inance. these solutions could include direct budget support, extra budgetary funds, special funds, national and regional trust funds and project inance. - ABC/PIF

WASHingtOn DC – twelve

Advancement of Paciic Island Women and broader US efforts to support the critical role of women around the world in combating climate change. it also builds on a 2012 international Visitors Leadership programme of women climate leaders. in Washington, the group will meet with senior officials from the Department of State, the Environmental protection Agency, and the Department of Energy; participate in a round-

table discussion with non-governmental organizations and a panel with World Bank experts on climate change and receive training in social media at george Washington University. in pensacola and Honolulu, the participants will engage in a series of meetings and site visits to learn more about topics related to climate change, ranging from disaster risk management and emergency operations to environmental conservation to innovative renewable energy

technologies. in pensacola, the participants will learn more about life in the United States by engaging with local residents during home hospitality visits. representing the Cook islands, Fiji, Micronesia, nauru, new Zealand, niue, palau, papua new guinea, Samoa, Solomon islands, and Vanuatu, these climate leaders will share practical skills and ideas learned with counterparts upon returning home. - Press Release

Paciic women view US efforts women from across the Paciic region are visiting Washington DC, pensacola, Florida, and Honolulu, Hawaii to meet with policymakers, scientists, and innovators to share their experiences and to learn about US efforts to combat climate change. this exchange, a joint initiative of the Secretary’s Ofice of global Women’s issues and Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, advances the rarotonga partnership for the


Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalnEWS nuti no tE pA EnUA

Subsidies shock tuna industry Huge Chinese subsidies driving Paciic ishermen out of business tH E pAC i F i C – there are claims that multi-million dollar subsidies by the Chinese government are behind a dramatic increase in the number Chinese tuna boats ishing in the Paciic. numbers started to increase about six years ago and now hundreds of new boats are ishing in the southern albacore tuna ishery. The chairman of the Paciic Island tuna industry Association, Charles Huflet, has told Radio Australia’s Paciic Beat that they are driving Paciic island companies out of business. He says recent proit results for the publicly-listed China Overseas Fishing Company show the scale of government subsidies and why Paciic island tuna boats can’t compete. “they received US$5.35 million as a direct subsidy and then a further US$1.7 million as a diesel subsidy,” Huflet said.

“Without that subsidy, they simply could not exist in the Paciic ishery at all.” there are now around 1300 Chinese boats operating in the South Paciic, all working under the same subsidy regime. Huflet says it’s the irst time the association has seen individual company igures and it’s shocked by the scale of them. “We had anecdotal evidence of the size of the subsidies but we have never seen published igures before,” he said. Hufflet says that with so many new boats in the ishery, tuna is getting harder to catch. “the catch per unit effort for everybody including the Chinese, taiwanese, Fijian and so on has fallen dramatically in the southern albacore fishery, to a level where unsubsidised vessels cannot compete,” he said. “you’ve only to go to Suva Harbour and you’ll see the

There are now so many subsidised Chinese boats in the Paciic that the local tuna industry association says it fears for the future. vessels being tied up in what is the peak fishing season and included in those are some of these subsidised vessels.” Huflet has called on Paciic island governments to tell Chi-

na and other countries to stop subsidising their leets so there’s a level playing ield and the Paciic can develop its ishery. He says the Association would rather China stop its

subsidy programme than give development aid to the Paciic. “they complained in the report about low prices. Well, they are the cause of some of the low prices,” he said.

“the buyers know that they are getting heavily subsidised and so this is one of the reasons for low prices in the market place.” - ABC

Paciic voice essential for global plan SUVA – the innovation and

knowledge of the people of the pacific are essential aspects of the sustainable global development agenda. if the voice of the pacific is absent from the new Unitednations global development agenda to be implemented from 2015 on, that plan will be “less effective, less credible and less relevant”, United nations population Fund deputy executive director Kate gilmore told legislators and senior policy makers last tuesday. Urging participants at the pacific Conference of parliamentarians for Advocacy on iCpD beyond 2014, gilmore reminded the group that there was only one purpose of sustainable development – to uphold the inherent dignity of people. the United nations coordinated an international Conference on population and Development (iCDp) in Cairo, Egypt in 1994. its resulting programme of Action is the steering document for the United nations population Fund (UnFpA). gilmore acknowledged that while the Paciic region may be at the frontline of emerging issues in these uncertain times, it is also by default a repository

‘there is only one purpose of sustainable development – to uphold the inherent dignity of people.’ of innovation and knowledge from which the world can and must learn. gilmore warned against a development agenda that fail s to bridge the gap between rich and poor and serves only to broaden the division between the powerful and the powerless – which excludes young people or ignores the specificities of women’s experiences. Speaking of communal resilience to external challenges such as the impacts of climate change, gilmore said effective communal responses can be strengthened if it is built first and foremost on a foundation of resilient individuals. “the resilient person is equipped through education, made safe from violence and exploitation thorough the rule of law, entitled to active par-

ticipation in decision-making through parliamentary democracies, empowered through information and upheld in their physical and mental integrity through fulfillment of their sexual and reproductive health and rights,” she said. “that is the foundational proposition of the Cairo plan of Action for population and Development endorsed by countries all over the pacific – that a person enabled and supported to live in dignity is one whose resources, competencies, creativity and capacity are more fully available to their communities so that – as community members - they are part of solutions to challenges rather than part of the challenge to which some governments feel there is no solution.” gilmore emphasised that a people-centred development agenda must engage people’s mentality, spirituality, physicality and sexuality – the unique dimensions of human beings. “the new development agenda must engage these human dimensions with creativity – our mentality must be nurtured and strengthened through education and exercised well in productive dignifying employment,” she said.

“Our spirituality must be fostered through ethical leadership and through respect for freedoms of belief and expression, in all our diversities. “Our physicality must be protected by securities of peace, food and health. Our sexuality must be turned from a source of shame and blame to a cause for respect, through investment in services to support our sexual and reproductive health. “these aspects of the human condition must be cared for, upheld, invested in through the new development agenda. “it happens too that this would then better equip our peoples, and outit our communities, with exactly what they need to be resilient in the face of the changes they face, whether it be change from climate instability, economic volatility or political uncertainty.” participants were reminded of the centrality of the young person whose future they were discussing. Speaking of the numerous international and regional processes which legislators and policy makers needed to wade through as global conversations intensify towards the formulation of the post-2015 development agenda, gilmore said

young people’s voice was critical, particularly adolescents’. “it is their future that we are deciding when we talk about development and it is their future that is the world’s future. “Let us understand that tomorrow is today aged 10 and it’s a girl – if we change the life of that 10-year-old girl, we will change the world,” gilmore said. gilmore spoke of the importance of “strong and committed community and political leadership” to drive appropriate multi-sectoral responses. She urged strong and genuine partnerships “across our differences, in all our diversity and using our pluralism as our strength”. “For the United nations population Fund, the facilitation of this meeting’s exchange of insights, of hopes and of aspiration is central to our pacific contribution and thus also key to our hopes for the post-2015 development agenda. For, when at the end of 2015, the current Millennium Development goals (MDgs) have run their initial course, there will be much work to be done still,” she said. gilmore said it was critical that the voice of the pacific be

joined to the global conversations about the future of development, discussions that will determine the future direction and priorities for the coming decades’ sustainable and inclusive development. “the United nations population Fund, with its offices and presence in more than 140 countries, is working around the world, in partnership with the community of nations, to ensure that the future development agenda is derived from powerful, inclusive and regionally relevant conversations,” gilmore said. “this is the only way a platform of intelligence can be formed robust enough to support a global development agenda for 2016 and beyond that is relevant, inclusive and effective. “Without the voices of the paciic Islands active in that global articulation, the post-2015 agenda will be less effective, less credible and less relevant and we cannot afford that. “in the decades ahead, the vibrancy and the speciicities of the Paciic island communities will be essential to the integrity of the global development agenda. And now is the time for us to secure that integrity.” - UNFPA

Turtle tracked in straight line across the Paciic pApEEtE – A juvenile Loggerhead turtle is generating excitement among marine scientists in French polynesia as she continues an epic swim across the Paciic in what appears to be a straight line. Veterinary surgeon, Dr Cecile gaspar, says the turle recovered after she was nearly bashed to death in heavy surf at teahupo’o, and was cared for at the sea turtle rehabilitation clinic in Moorea for around two months before she was released

with two satellite transponders attached to her shell. Since then, “Ariti” has been tracked over more than 2000km and, after passing by Cook islands, niue and tonga, she appears to be heading to feeding grounds off the coast of Fiji. “What is interesting is that she seems to be programmed to go to one place, she’s not going left and right and left, she’s really going straight. “the collaboration with all the South pacific countries is

very important in this case, because these turtles are the link between all of our conservation programmes,” Dr gaspar said. He said it was the nOAA who provided the technology to track Ariti to ind out how long she would stay in local waters, and whether or not she would head immediately towards the Fijian feeding grounds. now the scientists are waiting to see how long the turtle’s solo journey will continue, as they seek to ind out where she came

from in the irst place. “they basically live alone, but a genetic sample was taken before her release, and that will be compared to Loggerhead stocks in new Caledonia, Fiji and elsewhere.” “Our aim is take more individual samples so we can learn more about how the turtles are spreading out and moving around the Paciic Ocean, so that we can develop better ways of protecting them.” “in French polynesia the two

main species that we encounter are the Hawksbill and the green turtle, but even if there is only a small population of Loggerheads, it’s very important to gather information for our research colleagues in other parts of the Paciic who are studying them too” “Conversation strategies will be planned based on where the Loggerheads are, and if the population is genetically separated, then it would be crucial to protect them in a different

manner,” said Dr gaspar. “All the programs are linked and there is also a very developed education programme for schools and the local population aimed at raising awareness, so when they see a turtle they can call us.” “French polynesia is made up of more than 120 different islands with a very large ocean surface and we need a lot of population awareness, so that everybody gives us information.” - ABC


Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

LEttErS reta

Who is ripping off who? Dear Editor, i read the letter by rob Allen on August 15 headed “ripped off in the Cooks”, which cannot go unanswered. Let me start by congratulating him for having the courage to say what he had to say and put his name to it, instead of hiding behind pseudonyms. it is the mark of an honest man so i will accord him that respect, but his view that Kiwis are ripped off in the Cook Islands is lawed. If i may be brutal; 1.We Cook islanders carry new Zealand passports and are new Zealand citizens, just like Kiwis, but our wages are half that of Kiwis and our interest rates and cost of living are much higher theirs, so how is it that

we Cook islanders are ripping off our fellow Kiwis when we are the victims of rip off? 2. We receive some $16 million from new Zealand each year, of which $10 million goes to subsidise Air new Zealand’s Los Angeles light and $3 million to subsidise its Sydney light, resulting in net aid to us of some $3 million. given that we import some $240 million from new Zealand each year the question that arises is who exactly is aiding who? 3. new Zealand Aid infrastructure projects come with a tag that materials are supplied from new Zealand and new Zealand consultants and contractors are employed – the outcome being few jobs for us locals if any,

it seems to me that rob Allen and mounting national debt. in other words new Zealand Aid is just a good old Kiwi bloke who projects are as much about stim- visited us over the past 10 years ulating new Zealand’s economy and became misinformed about the reality of Cook as they are about Expansion of islands struggle, stimulating our because mischief economy, so again, tourism to the outer makers with no who exactly is aidislands integrated names and mostly ing who? with expansion of of foreign extrac4. Like every air and shipping tion frolicked in other country on services and farming the media and the planet new food sources to speculated corrupZealand sources ensure sustainability tion in the Cook soft funding from is as good an islands while we China at say 2 per economic model as Cook islanders cent interest and any to get on with. indulged in indiglike other donor enous silence and partners new Zealand Aid charges us say 7 per cent said nothing. it has to be said that our ancesinterest for its aid projects, raising the question of who exactly tors must be rolling over in their graves seeing their offspring sufis ripping off who?

fer in silence and run off to distant shores instead of speaking up and defending the country left to them by their ancestors. And it has to be said that if rob Allen, an ordinary Kiwi, is feeling ripped off and does not want to visit us again, we need to listen, as other Kiwis will surely be feeling likewise and not want us as fellow new Zealanders. And when he said new Zealand has its own problems we need to hear what he is saying, that we should not bludge off our fellow new Zealanders when they themselves are feeling the pinch of recession. perhaps it is time that we ask China to “assist the people of the Cook islands achieve their objectives, in full, in the areas

of social, economic and cultural development” as provided under the One China policy Communique of 1997, and grow our economy out of recession, and break the shackle of aid dependency once and for all. And how do we do that? the latest stats show that following the crash of developed economies in late 2008 our tourism defied global tourism downturn and increased in visitor numbers by a whopping 28.46 per cent. Expansion of tourism to the outer islands integrated with expansion of air and shipping services and farming food sources to ensure sustainability is as good an economic model as any to get on with. tim tepaki

Making protecting the ocean a priority Dear Editor, Being a nation of small islands with insufficient land to sustain at least the protein needs of our people, our ocean and lagoons are strategic assets to be cherished, nurtured and protected. its protection should be high on the government’s order of priorities. the Marine resources Act is quite specific in spelling out the need to sustain our ishery. Many countries now recognise the United nations rio 20+ deinition of sustainability using the Venn principle of linking economic, social and environmental factors. this

model applies well to island parency and the failure of the office of the Ombudsman to nation isheries. Few would question the respond to legitimate requests need addressing. need to obtain an the M M r is uneconomic benefit We as a nation der funded, unfrom our fishery. need to look der staffed, under However it is clear at ourselves resourced and by from the articles and address many accounts, so and letters to your issues like good dysfunctional that paper there are segovernance, and it cannot be relied rious doubts about accountability, upon to effectively the ability of the c u r r e n t g o v e r n - and recognise that fulill its responsiwith rights come bilities to the act. ment through the responsibilities. i have been inMinistry of Marine volved with the resources (M M r) to comply with the Marine re- FAD programme, a proven means of attracting and holdsources Act. the obvious lack of trans- ing pelagic ish like tuna and

maimai leading to improved catch rates and decreased costs for the local ishermen. There have been on-going frustrations but progress to date has in no small measure been due to the keen interest and active involvement of the Minister of Fisheries, teina Bishop. Continuation of direct ministerial involvement is vital at least for the foreseeable future. What is urgently required is: 1. A moratorium on the issuing of ishing licences. This would mean the suspension of talks with the European Union and other parties. 2. Formation of a Fisheries

Board with the knowledge and skills to advise government on the cost, beneit and sustainable use of our ishery. In accordance with the Venn principle, at least te ipukarea Society, the Cook islands Fishing Association e te pa enua should have representation. We as a nation need to look at ourselves and address issues like good governance, and accountability, and rec-

ognise that with rights come responsibilities. government needs to show more effective leadership, learn from the mistakes of others and in relation to our declining seafood resource, adopt the concept of Stewardship or Kaitiakianga, which here in new Zealand, is incorporated into the resource Management Act. george ngaei, invercargill

America’s Cup CI connection “WHAt pOSSiBLE connection could there be between the Amer-

ica’s Cup – the holy grail of yachting – and the Cook islands?” a smoke signaller asks. “Well, Claire Higham, the artist and former long-time resident of rarotonga who is related to the Estalls of Arorangi, is the mother-in-law of team Emirates new Zealand boss grant Dalton. Also, if you see the rather large three masted schooner ‘Athena’ in any shots, look out for the captain Max Cumming who grew up on Manihiki and whose wife is ra tangaroa, both of whom are rarotonga Sailing Club members. rSC members young and old watched the start of the racing on Saturday morning in the best of 13 series which determines the challenger for the old cup. if you also want to watch the racing, go to AmericasCup. com and choose videos for the live feed.”

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Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

No Cook Islands rep at the WTO workshop LACK OF time meant no Cook islands representation at the recent World trade Organization (WtO) regional workshop in Vanuatu, according to the inancial secretary. the workshop, which focussed on trade and services as the main engine for economic growth, was the first regional activity held under the partnership arrangement concluded between the WTO and the Ofice of the Chief trade Adviser (OCtA) in March 2013, to collaborate on the delivery of technical assistance to Paciic Island Forum members. OCtA is a regional organisation, based in port Vila, Vanuatu, that provides technical advice on regional and multilateral trade issues to the pacific island countries (piC). in spite of being a member of the Paciic Island Forum, the absence of the Cook islands at the workshop has been put down to

lack of time. “the Cook islands was asked for nominations on July 22. the lead-in time was too short as the people who would be best placed to attend were busy on other priorities within the Ministry,” said inancial secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, richard neeves. the members of the pacific islands Forum (piF) are the Cook islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, nauru, niue, palau, papua new guinea, republic of Marshall islands, Samoa, Solomon islands, tonga, tuvalu and Vanuatu, as well as Australia and new Zealand. Since August 2009, they have been involved in the Paciic Agreement on Closer Economic relations (pACEr) plus free trade negotiations, as a means to enhance regional trade and economic integration.

More than 20 senior trade oficials from 11 PICs attended the workshop and there was no one from the Cook islands. there will be further sessions later this year and they will have representatives from the Cook islands. “i have nominated our senior economist James Webb to attend relevant intersessional meetings,” says neeves. Chief trade advisor Edwini Kessie recalled the mandate given by piC trade ministers to senior oficials to start negotiations on trade in services and investment under the pACEr plus. He highlighted the timely scheduling of the workshop "in light of the need for knowledge and skills to secure a cuttingedge agreement on trade in services, which would contribute to the robust growth and sustainable development of the Paciic region". - SK

Finance Minister Mark Brown, Financial secretary richard neeves and Tourism Minister Teina Bishop listen as MFEM employees update development partners on the country’s inancial and economic progress. 13021216

Diesel-powered research trip questioned MArinE pArK researchers have been questioned about their carbon footprint following an expedition to survey areas of Cook islands waters. the three-week long trip employed the services of research vessel ‘plan B’, which was donated by the Waitt institute for the purpose of the expedition. plan B is powered by diesel, prompting a member of the public to raise the question of how the researchers offset their carbon footprint. te ipukarea Society technical director Kelvin Passield agreed the boat would have used a lot of diesel for the trip, but said the chance to make use of the research vessel was too good to pass up. “there’s not much you can do to offset that amount of diesel… (But) it was an opportunity that came up and we had to take it.” He added he takes steps to offset his carbon footprint in daily life, such as riding a push bike to work. Passield said the size and facilities of the boat were important to the expedition. it meant the whole research team could go diving at the same time, and

the facilities meant they could do several dives each day – with the ability to quickly refill the 20 oxygen tanks the group took underwater. “if you tried to do something like that without a boat like that… you wouldn’t be able to have 10 people in the water,” said Passield. the permanent staff on plan B – experienced divers themselves – were able to look out for the research team’s safety while they were diving, without the need for any of the researchers to remain on the boat. tiS marine park project manager Jacqui Evans said the team used smaller boats to get from the plan B vessel to the shore of some of the islands they visited. “that saved a lot of diesel,” she said. the Waitt institute is part of Oceans 5, which is a global collaborative that aims to help protect the world’s oceans. the institute’s Facebook page states: “We serve as an exploration catalyst, putting immediate research opportunities into action. We enable and facilitate the world's leading scientific pioneers, accelerating their capacity to carry

The research team gathered information about areas of the marine park by diving below the surface to investigate the health of the reefs. 13081637

out groundbreaking research.” the research team, who returned to rarotonga on August 10, included people from the

Ofice of the Prime Minister, Te ipukarea Society (tiS), the pacific islands Conservation initiative (piCi) and the national

Environment Service (nES). the researchers collected data to inform the development of the Cook islands Marine park,

such as checking the health of the coral reef and counting the number of ish of different species. - Briar Douglas

Plan B was donated for the purposes of the trip to investigate areas of the marine park. Photo Kelvin Passield.13081330

Videographer david hannon captures the beauty of the marine park during the recent research trip. Photo Kelvin Passield. 13081324


Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

courtnEWS akava’anga

Reports on child assault clash pOLiCE and probation oficials received a stern warning about the risk of misleading the court from Justice of the peace John Kenning last week. Miscommunication led to the presentation of police and probation reports that had vastly different accounts of an assault on a child. the case was brought before the High Court on thursday when the accused, John pepe, 30, from ngatangiia, appeared for assault on a child and breach of community service charges. He is currently serving a sentence for a previous child assault charge. A police report on the case stated that pepe had slapped his two-year old son on the legs and back and smashed items in their house with a bush knife. He then threw the knife at a car his partner and children were trying to escape in. A supplementary report from

probation stated that the accused only slapped the boy on the hand. pepe’s lawyer Wilkie rasmussen agreed with the supplementary report saying it included a statement by pepe’s partner telling probation officers that he only slapped their child on the hand. rasmussen said she had a “propensity to call the police after every argument they have.” “the police are compelled to charge when only a good talk would sufice,” he said. He said she was in the courtroom and he asked the court for permission for the woman to stand in the witness box and relay her account. in order to clarify which report was true and not victimize the mother of the children, Jp Kenning adjourned the matter to chambers. After the adjournment Kenning said the police report of the

incident was the true account, and he warned both police and probation to make sure they share information on cases. “this brings to the bench an issue of miscommunication between police and probation. the police need to provide a caption sheet to probation and probation need to make sure they have all the information from police—the difference between wielding a bush knife and a slap is huge,” he said. pepe was convicted and sentenced to 12 months’ probation and 6 months’ community service to be served concurrently with a current sentence of 18 months’ probation. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia

Wilkie rasmussen.


Common assault charge ‘boyish buffoonery’ tHE HigH COUrt was presided over by Justice of the peace John Kenning who passed the following judgments: Leroy Robinson – appeared in court for sentencing over a common assault charge. robinson had pleaded guilty to the charge and, according to his lawyer Wilkie rasmussen, “understood it was stupid of him”. police prosecutor Avele naku told the court that after a night drinking in town robinson hit the victim, an associate, without provocation. When questioned by police robinson said that there was no real reason except that he was drunk. naku recommended 12 months’ probation with the irst three months including community service. Defence counsel Wilkie rasmussen said that the assault was merely “boyish buffoonery”. “twelve months’ probation is a little harsh, it was only a leeting assault, not a sustained assault,” he said. He recommended conviction and a six month suspended sentence. Jp Kenning told robinson that although the person was someone he knew, he is reminded that he still committed an offence. He sentenced robinson to six months’ community service and fined him $30 for court costs. Iete Pukerua – had his charge of threatening to kill withdrawn. A psychiatric report had been made and found no need for mental assistance. He had been remanded in custody

for a month already and his lawyer Wilkie rasmussen told the court that being in prison had dramatically improved pukerua’s behaviour. Crown prosecutor tuaine Manavaroa asked for leave to withdraw the charge. A few reasons were given, including the fact that the defendant is living with his aunt and that he has no history of violence. rasmussen agreed with dismissal, saying that punanga tauturu will keep in contact with pukerua and his family will be assisting in counseling and supervision to ensure he won’t be a threat to himself or the community. Jp Kenning dismissed the case. John Pepe – had a breach of community service charge dismissed after probation told the court it was possible the charge was laid on the wrong person. Court then moved on to a charge of assault on a child, his second child assault charge in three months. police prosecutor Avele naku relayed the facts of the case, telling the court that on May 19 a complaint was made to police by pepe’s partner. pepe had hit his two-year-old son on the legs and back. He then smashed items in their home with a bush knife and threw the knife at their car as his partner and children were escaping. Defence counsel Wilkie rasmussen told the court the facts in a supplementary report by probation were different, saying that the incident merely involved a smack on the hand.

in pepe’s defence he said pepe’s partner calls police every time they argue, and the police are compelled to charge when “a good talking to would sufice”. “the defendant is a good father and a good provider for his family. Although he works fulltime most of their money goes to legal fees, although he has not paid mine. i am pretty much working pro bono,” he said. He also mentioned pepe’s counseling with pastor Jonathan Cargill and punanga tauturu. Jp Kenning had to resume the case in chambers in order to clarify which account was correct. it was discovered that the police report involving the bush knife was the correct account and Kenning then gave a warning to probation and police, telling them they need to work together in sharing information to avoid misleading court. pepe was convicted to 12 months’ probation and six months’ community service to be served at the same time as his current sentence of 18 months’ probation. While on probation he is to abstain from buying or consuming alcohol and illegal drugs, he cannot enter a licenced premises and must attend probation workshops. Papaturoa Maretapu – was ordered to attend an interview with the probation oficer that day in order to complete a probation report. His case was adjourned to August 22, with his lawyer Wilkie rasmussen add-

ing that it would be difficult to place mitigation without a report. John Young – has yet to enter a plea on a burglary charge. His lawyer Wilkie rasmussen asked that they adjourn matters to September 12 to determine further charges including a joint charge with another person involved in the burglary. He also made an application for variation on young’s bail so that he can purchase or consume alcohol and enter a licenced premises. “He is entitled to a social life,” rasmussen said. Crown prosecutor Cheryl King had no objection to the change as young had no issues relating to alcohol. Beniamina Patia – pleaded guilty to two community service breaches. He will appear for a burglary charge in front of three Jp’s and had his two breach of community service charges adjourned to the same date. Paul Manavaikai – appeared in court for a common assault charge. Manavaikai, 26, from rutaki pleaded guilty to the charge and told the court he will represent himself as he is prepared to deal with the matter immediately. police prosecutor Avele naku read out details of the assault saying that Manavaikai pursued and proceeded to punch a man in the face after a dispute at Hidie’s Bar. He said the victim had to undergo surgery and that Manavaikai should be held accountable for his actions.

in his defence Manavaikai said he only punched the victim once and that this was his irst time in court. He had a character reference from his boss, which Jp Kenning said was positive. Kenning placed Manavaikai on six months’ suspended sentence telling him that if he were to appear for any new charges, this charge will also be brought to court adding weight to sentencing. He also charged him $30 court costs. Kevin Wichman – made an application for a conditional licence. His employer, pacific Spring, asked that Wichman be allowed to drive between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm Saturday, for employment purposes. He also asked that the times be made half an hour earlier and later to get to work. Jp Kenning agreed to the conditional licence however denied the extra time, telling him that it was for employment purposes only and to catch the bus to work. Kimireva Tuaputa – had appeared in court two weeks ago for an excess breath alcohol charge. He was told then that his case would be adjourned so that he could seek counsel. none of the lawyers tuaputa consulted would represent him, so he chose to plead guilty without representation. police prosecutor Avele naku relayed the details of the charge and said tuaputa had a breathalcohol level of 1140mg alcohol per litre of breath, nearly three

times over the limit. He was convicted and ined $500 plus $30 court costs and disqualiied from driving for a period of 12 months. Ariki Akamoeau – the 57 year-old appeared for an excess breath alcohol charge for a breath-alcohol level of 660mg of alcohol per litre of breath. He was caught by police along the main road in Avarua. the matter was adjourned to August 29 in order for Akamoeau to seek counsel. Tukai Temanu Engu – appeared in court for assault on a female. the victim, his partner, asked to address court with a letter asking for the charge to be withdrawn. the letter contained details about the incident and that the victim blamed herself for her partner hitting her. When Jp Kenning asked her if she was in fear when she had called police to report the incident, she said she was. Kenning told the court that due to a conlict of interest, Engu being a fellow golf club member, he could not grant the withdrawal himself, adding that punanga tauturu and the police like to see incidents of domestic violence minimised and if the woman was in fear for her safety it something the court cannot ignore. He adjourned the matter to August 29. Ben tuakana and McKenzie tangarua – had both their matters adjourned to an as yet undetermined date. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia

Assault on female case postponed tHE ViCtiM of an assault has asked that charges against her partner be withdrawn, despite admitting that she was in fear when she initially called police. Miimetua tanga asked in a letter to the court that the assault on a female charge made against her partner of 10 years be withdrawn, saying she

blamed herself for provoking him. tukai Engu, from Atupa, appeared in the High Court on thursday and pleaded guilty to the charge. As it had been laid the night before he did not have any representation, however tanga was called before court and asked for the

withdrawal, providing a letter she wrote that morning. in the letter she said that she had arrived home drunk the night before and in anger pushed over a table with Engu’s work laptop on it. “tukai got angry, he pushed me and slapped me on my back several times…i understand

and realised that tukai was angry.” “i will in future avoid any situation that would bring us back here,” she wrote. Justice of the peace John Kenning asked tanga if she was scared when she called police. She said she was. “if you feared for your safe-

ty that is something the court must consider before allowing a withdrawal, and it makes my position harder. punanga tauturu and the police like to see incidents of domestic violence minimised,” he said. Kenning adjourned the matter because of a conlict of

interest between himself and the defendant, a fellow golf club member. “Someone who doesn’t have the same conlict should deal with it,” he said. the matter was adjourned to August 29 to come before another Jp. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia


Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

More O3b satellites arrive

tHE SECOnD set of O3b satel-

lites have arrived at the launching site in French guiana, bringing the Cooks one step closer to high-speed internet. Four O3b satellites are already orbiting the earth, having been launched in July. the next four, which arrived in French Guiana on August 6, are due to be launched on September 30 – with high-speed service due to be up and running in the Cooks in november. O3b, which telecom signed up to in June 2010, aims to provide internet to places that can’t connect to ibre optic cable. the Cook islands will be the irst place in the world to be linked to O3b’s satellites,

which will eventually help provide high-speed internet everywhere in the Cooks. technicians from telecom and new Zealand-based company Kordia installed transmitters at telecom’s Aroa site in March, which will improve internet speed by linking to the low-orbiting satellites that are only 8000km above the earth – a quarter of the distance of telecom’s previous satellites. the shorter distance means the satellite signal can reach the earth more quickly. the satellites are now being tested to prepare them for the launch next month. - Briar Douglas

O3b’s second set of satellites being unloaded in Cayenne, French Guiana. 13081433

Outpatient department now a building site WOrK is well underway at rarotonga Hospital, with contractors on site completing upgrade work to the outpatients department. Secretary of Health Elizabeth iro says the work to date at the hospital is “on target”. “i haven’t had any complaints,” said iro, of hospital services during the upgrade, adding that this is because they moved services out of the building early, allowing them time to address any issues. the majority of the outpatients department was vacated in May, with only X-ray services

to remain in the building, due to speciic room requirements for the equipment. Outpatients, paediatric clinics, pharmacy and medical clinics have moved into the maternity block, with maternity to be temporarily housed in the paediatric ward. Medical clinics have moved into the area behind the antenatal services and physiotherapy into an available space in the laundry block. “At the end of the day it’s about patient safety,” said health services manager Dr Henry tikaka in May. He advises patients with clinic appoint-

ments or requiring outpatient services, to ensure they stay clear of the renovation works, and to

follow sign posted directions to the new locations of the appropriate services.

rVK Contractors was awarded the $567,000 contract for the upgrade earlier this year, with

Graduates wanted at Westpac bank WEStpAC is looking for university graduates to join a year-long programme, with the promise of a full-time job at the end. Westpac’s graduate programme introduces graduates from local universities to a 12 month rotation programme within Westpac. At the end of the year-long period, comprised of four rotations of three months each in various departments, each graduate will transition to a full-time role within the bank that suits their career aspirations and the bank’s needs, said general manager Brett Hooker. “Westpac pacific is unique in committing to finding permanent roles for every graduate, every year. graduates are rewarded with a real job from day one, along with a competitive salary and the support they need to kick-start their career,” he said. “they’re provided with a mentor to provide structure and support as they receive exposure to different areas of the business, and professional skills training to complement the learning they gain when they complete their degree. “We have had some great graduate experiences over the two years that we have been running the initiative, and in 2014, we hope to continue to attract another crop of outstanding individuals into our programme. “We hope to have a number of Westpac pacific graduates spread across all of our Paciic

locations and aim to introduce our new graduates as early as January, depending on the successful candidates’ availability.” Westpac pacific general manager greg pawson said the graduate programme reflects Westpac’s passion for developing local talent in the Paciic. “i'm very pleased that the vast majority of our team members in our seven countries of operation in the pacific - Fiji, papua new guinea, Solomon islands, Vanuatu, tonga, Samoa and the Cook islands - are recruited from local communities and supported as they progress with our organisation. Our graduate programme plays a key part in this,” he said. pawson said hiring local talent is a critical factor in Westpac Paciic's success. “Having a business built upon local talent means we benefit from employees who truly understand what will make banking easier for communities," he said. “in turn, our customers appreciate the difference of speaking to someone who intuitively knows what they want and need.” interested candidates can complete an online application on Westpac’s website Applicants need to be local residents or citizens and comply with other terms and conditions. Applications for the 2014 Westpac pacific graduate programme close on Sunday August 30. - Westpac/BD

Builders from rVK contractors will be working on the upgrade of the outpatients department at rarotonga hospital over the coming months.



the contract completion date set for December 20. - Rachel Smith


with yoga teacher Diya Welland

Yoga; energy and the admiration of what’s possible many of us like to think that this body of ours is a machine, one that will continue to perform exactly how we want and like it to no matter what we feed and clothe it with or how we use and treat it. For many years science not only conirmed this‘truth’, it encouraged it as by living from this belief system we ‘machines’ do the jobs and keep the cogs turning, which living in an industrial age with materialistic, idealistic, performance-orientated ways requires. Thankfully over the last few years science has been rapidly catching up to what yoga, religious and spiritual teachers have been saying for thousands of years; we are more than just a physical body with an ego, emotions and a mind. We are in fact an energy being living in a physical body with an ego, a mind and emotions connected to all other living creatures on this wonderful earth we call home. or as deepak chopra says, “’i’deines you as an isolated mind encased in a packet of skin and bones. Your existence begins at birth and ends at death. Being separate, ‘i’ is at odds with other egos, each competing for a limited share of food, shelter, power, money, and status. in a lifetime, ‘i’ stakes its claim on a person’s likes and dislikes, along with a fund of memories, all aimed at trying to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. despite this endeavour, which continues day after day, the ego is haunted by anxiety. viewed from this very negative perspective, ‘i’ becomes an adversary to happiness, even though almost everyone tries to become happy by giving the ego everything it wants and trying to ignore its underlying fears and doubts. That would be a reasonable, if pessimistic, strategy if there were no alternative. The world’s wisdom traditions exist to ofer an alternative, however, and when someone discovers it, life enters an entirely new phase, known spiritually in india as the second birth. The true self isn’t centered on the demands of ego but on higher values: love, truth, creativity, compassion. Because it is connected to the source of awareness, at a deeper level of the mind, the true self is at peace. it is bufeted by the ups and downs of life. separation is at an end; therefore, no need exists for unspoken anxiety and insecurity.There is no hole to ill with the endless pursuit of pleasure and distraction. life is devoted to expanding one’s consciousness and growing from the inside.” in ashtanga we consciously use particular muscles to activate what is known as bandhas (energy seals) to direct energy (prana) low within the body, so our whole being can live in harmonious energetic relationship, with ourselves and all others. during yoga sessions when we focus our gaze (drishti), breathe through the poses and activate muscles to contain our energy (bandhas), we direct the low to areas starved of nourishment. in turn blockagesofrepressedenergyarereleasedandnegativehabits,whichdeepak

spoke of, become diminished. although commonly known as locks, bandhas act as such only in so far that they prevent the outward low (dissipation) of the energy. eventually, through continuous activation and awareness, the use of bandhas becomes efortless and natural. Yoga teacher shareen woodford writes: “keeping the bandhas gently engaged during your yoga practice can help focus the mind, channel energy through the body in speciic ways and balance the nervous system. With this internal focus (pratyahara) the mind can move towards stillness, allowing for pure consciousness to be revealed.” When you contemplate your yoga practice or other exercise and itness regime today, release your self-expectations, release your self-judgements. Use your time efectively to release the ego’s hold upon you.dive into yourself; continuallydrawingyourmindandyoursensesbacktoyourenergyandwhere your awareness wanders or gathers; connect deeply with your breath, your gaze, your muscles, inner strength and your way of moving. Connect with your energy. Connect with your true self. Higher awareness is gained through the practice of mindfulness. Yoga is mindfulness in action. Yoga; its more than just a good stretch, it’s life enhancing too. for more on Yoga (classes, therapy, private sessions), Bodywork, reiki, craniosacral therapy, massage and coaching, please email diyawelland@ or phone diya on 23666 or 50839

Yoga & meditation with diya welland (ph:50839) self Practice (ashtanga)

ashtanga Yoga stretch revive Yoga (Beginners)


the art studio Tamarind House 4:30-5:30 8am-9am


Bahai center 6-8:00am


Bahai center 8:30-9:30am

Bahai center 10-11am

Tamarind House 8am-9am


Bahai center 6-8:00am


Bahai center 7-9.00am

Bahai center 8:30-9:30am

mindsight Yoga (meditation)

the art studio 5:30-6:30pm

Tamarind House 8am-9am

tUe Wed


Bahai center 10-11am


Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

Tereora launches learning charter tErEOrA COLLEgE proudly launched the school’s new learning charter on Friday morning. the learning charter, te Ara tiroa, has been formed over the past year through extensive consultation with students, teachers and parents. it brings together in partnership the teachers, students and community, and puts down in writing the expectations of the three groups in terms of learning. the school chose the vaka to symbolise the partnership of the learning charter, with each group representing a different part of the vaka. A vaka, covered in rauti, was part of the official launch, with representatives from each group unveiling a section of the vaka. “i feel great this morning. i feel good because we are inally launching our learning charter,” said Assistant principal Vae papatua, adding it has been a team effort. tua pittman, representing the parents and school community, uncovered the ama, with four students uncovering the kiatou, and four teachers placing the tuoe in the vaka.. “Each group has a very impor-

tant part to play, and if we work together we will reach that glorious light in Christ,” said reverend Aratangi, who opened the ceremony and also blessed the vaka with nu. “this is exciting stuff,” said principal Bali Haque of the launching of the charter. “We are in this vaka together, and we all need to paddle together.” Haque says the learning charter is not a soft piece of documentation, and that it contains some hard things in terms of expectations. this includes, for example, that teachers must be respectful to students, give feedback and respond to questions. Similarly students must bring their school gear to school, attend school and ask questions. Haque is hopeful it will be the reference for all that takes place at the school and a way in which they may all hold each other accountable. “that partnership is really vital,” said secretary of education Sharyn paio during her attendance at the launching ceremony. More information on the learning charter will be available on the school’s website from next week. - RS

Tereora student prefects stand up for the ceremony as the other students look on. PHOTO CHARLOTTE COUSINS 13081645

Tua Pittman represented parents and the school community, when he unveiled the ama of the vaka, during the launch of the learning charter. 13081612

students helping to set up the vaka, chosen by the college to symbolise the partnership of the learning charter. PHOTO CHARLOTTE COUSINS13081644

a vaka has been chosen by Tereora College to symbolise the partnership of the learning charter. 13081610

Tereora College students warm up their drumming skills prior to the launching of the new learning charter on Friday. 13081608


Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303





Arepakii (Section 36) Incorporated Annual General Meeting The AGM of the above incorporated body is being summoned for Tuesday 20 August 2013 at 5pm at the Avatiu Meeting House. AGENDA 1. Quorum Count 2. Prayers 3. Apologies 4. Welcome address by chariman 5. Minutes of previous Agm matters arising and adoption 6. Presentation of annual accounts by Accountant-consideration and adoption. 7. Presentation of report on the afairs of the Incorporation for past 12 months (by Chairman). 8. Renewal of certain memberships of committee of Management. 9. Other matters. NB. 1. The quorum for the meeting is ‘two physically present land owner members from each of the following lines of URITAUA i Tai i.e. Pukuatu, Papati and Kaienua lines. 2. Any representation by Power Attorney (PA) must produce PA document to the chairman prior to commencement of meeting. chairman committee Management.

Accepting all cargo for Mangaia, Atiu, Mitiaro & Mauke islands sailing next week end. For further enquiries please call 24905 or 24912 Taio Shipping Ltd

73172 / /1969

Business Professional Womens Association AGM Monday 19 August 2013 5pm Paradise Inn Guest Speaker Iris Barrow “Winning Against Daily Stress” Members and Intending Members Encouraged to Attend For questions, please call 54748.

A tender is hereby invited for the Motor Vehicle 1 x Honda Wave 2012 Registration: AAP905 Inspection can be arranged by contacting Allister Webb on 22055 or by visit. Tenders close on Wednesday 21st at 4 30pm. The highest tender will not necessarily be accepted.




head of Policy, Planning and Projects

The Development Coordination Division (DCD) of the Ministry of Finance and economic Management are seeking interest in 2 year ixed term positions 1) Snr Policy & Research Oicer; and 2) Programme Development Manager View the job descriptions on and send in a CV and covering letter to: maru.mariri@cookislands. applications close Monday 26 august 2013. /

73126 / /1916

The Ministry of Agriculture, seeks to ill the position of head of Policy, Planning and Projects Applications are invited for suitable, qualiied and experience persons in agricultural economics, Policy and Planning, Market research, project formulation and management. The successful applicant must have broad experience in this senior position and have some knowledge in basic data analysis and interpretation of ield data. He/She must be luent in both English and Maori languages, and must also have a pleasant and friendly attitude, knowledge sharing towards all Farmers including backyard growers. Written applications including CV should be addressed to the Secretary of the Ministry of agriculture, PO Box 96, arorangi, Rarotonga. Or email application for this Position closes 30 august 2013. a Job Description is available on request. 73117

MOE Vacancies, 2014 Vacancies

BCI Vehicle Tender - as is, where is! BcI invites interested parties to tender for the following vehicle 1. Honda Jazz rego 6006 For viewing/inspection, please contact Tai Exham on 29341 ext 817 or Liz Tatuava on Ext 821 Tenders close Friday 23 August 2013. All tenders must be in writing and addressed to: Managing Director - “BcI Vehicle Tender”, BCI House, Avarua. BcI reserves the right to not accept all or any tenders. 73144 /33612 /1655

PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 2 MURIENUA BY-ELECTION 2013 APPOINTMENT OF ELECTORAL OFFICIALS PuRSuanT to Section 5(1) and 5(5) of the electoral act 2004 (the Act) I, TAGGY TANGIMETUA, Chief Electoral Oicer, HeReBY aPPOInT the following persons in their respective positions for the purposes of conducting the Murienua Constituency By-election on Thursday 19 September 2013: Margaret Teiti

Registrar of Electors and Returning Oicer

Enua Pakitoa

Electoral Oicer - Administration, Ordinary Booth

Rangi Dean Teariki Presiding Officer - Ordinary Booth, Special Care Anne Tangimetua Electoral Oicer Vote In Advance, Postal Vote, Ordinary Booth Electoral Oicer - Vote In Advance, Postal Vote, Special Care

DaTeD at Rarotonga this 16 august 2013. Taggy Tangimetua CHIeF eleCTORal OFFICeR



senior Policy and Research oicer & Programme Development Manager


Classiieds • Phone 22999

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


73184 / /2002

Mareta Katu

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

73175 / /1857

73063 /33513 /1931

AKIRATA DANCE TROUPE RAFFLE #2 draw-date is postponed to Friday 30 August 2013 to sell remaining tickets. Good luck and thank you for your generous support. Akirata Executive committee.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

Applications are invited from qualiied and experienced teachers, principals, counselors and curriculum advisors to start in January 2014. 1. Principals (13 positions) 2. Tereora College (9 secondary teaching positions) 3. Teaching positions (12 positions): avarua School, arorangi School, Titikaveka College, araura College, Mangaia School, niua School, Omoka School, Tukao School, Tauhunu School, and Tetautua School. 4. araura College (Guidance Counselor) 5. Ministry of education (Curriculum advisor with Science & ICT) applications close on Friday 6 September, 2013 at 3.00pm. For more information ring 29357 or visit the Ministry website at 73182

PUBLIC NOTICES ENVIRONMENT SERVICE PUBLIC NOTICE Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports Government Departments, agencies and the General Public are hereby advised that the national environment Service has received the following application for a Project Permit as required under Section 36 of the environment act 2003. application: 1. FORESHORE DEVELOPMENT OF RESIDENTIAL HOME AND ROCK REVETMENT Name: Robert Junior and Susanna Wigmore Project: Residential Development and Rock Revetment. Land: Kaireva Pt Sec 6J3a2a avana Tapere, ngatangiia District - RaROTOnGa. In accordance with subsection 5 a) and c) of Section 36 of the environment act 2003, any person, Government agencies or Organisation who wish to make a written submission for or against the granting of a Project Permit by the environment Service for this applications, may do so within 30 days commencing on the 6th day of august 2013. Written submissions may be in Cook Islands Maori or english be submitted to the national environment Service no later than the 5th day of September 2013. eIa Reports for the above applications may be viewed at the following venues: • Environment Service Oice • Takamoa Library and • Rarotonga National Library The report for the above application will also be viewed on the neS WeBSITe, ( Director national environment Service

COOK ISlanDS GOVeRnMenT applications are invited for the position of

Clerk of Parliament The Clerk of Parliament is responsible to the Speaker. This position provides constitutional support for the operation of Parliament and committees and provides expert advice on parliamentary procedures, makes administrative arrangements for meetings of the House and committees, and arrange for parliamentary activities to be printed and published. The Clerk is responsible for the following matters: • Noting all procedures of the house and its committees • Carrying out duties and exercising powers conferred on the Clerk by law or by Standing Orders and practice of the House • Acting as the Principal Oicer of the Oice of the Clerk and managing that oice eiciently, efectively, and economically • Ensuring that staf of the Oice carry out their duties and maintain proper standards • Under the direction of the Speaker, making an oicial report of the proceedings of the House and its committees Statutory Relationships - The Clerk of Parliament is appointed by the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Speaker. The Clerk of Parliament has the same inancial management responsibilities to the Speaker as any other departmental chief executive has to his/her Minister. Applicants will be expected to have a; 1. Bachelors degree in management, public administration or relevant ield 2. Five (5) years Senior Management with proven track record The job description and application form can be collected from the Oice of the Public Service Commissioner, or downloaded from the OPSC website Closing time and date of application is 3pm, Friday 30 august 2013. late applications will not be considered. Please address applications to: Mr Russell Thomas Public Service Commissioner Oice of the Public Service Commissioner PO Box 24 Rarotonga Cook Islands For more information please contact Russell Thomas on phone 29421 or email ck /


Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

need a little





Tidy 2 bedroom lat in Muri becoming available shortly for long term lease, partly furnished, $ 54455 to arrange appointment to view.

head chef required Minimum 10 years experience in a hands on managerial capacity and be fully qualiied in all aspects including special events and wedding catering. Good numeracy, literacy and communication skills are essential. Must be able to work weekends and split shifts. Barrista experience an advantage. Email blackrok@oyster.

Mobile Cafe Operator Sole Charge Mobile cofee business looking for a reliable operator. Monday to Saturday, 7am to 2pm. Must have a driver license. Please ring 57650 or email

73125 /26189 /1931


• Phone 22999 •



Join one of the Cook Islands most recognisable and successful resort brands, Paciic Resort. From the desks of our award-winning resorts to preparing culinary delights for our discerning clientele, there may be a resort job for you. We’re always on the lookout for talented leaders, resort operations staf, students and graduates interested in a career in the hospitality industry. Currently we have the following opportunities across our group: • Central Reservations Agent • Guest Service Associate - International resort exp. • Beach Activities Team Leader – strong leadership skills • Senior Landscaper/Gardener – min. 5 years exp. • Senior Engineer – strong project management + PC skills • Manicurist/Pedicurist - experienced • Massage & Beauty Therapist - experienced We also welcome applications from experienced Chefs, Food Service and Bar Staf to assist with our ongoing business needs. To apply email: or visit one of our resorts in Rarotonga or aitutaki and complete an employment application form. Ph: 20 427 for further info.

Blue Daelim Motorbike 110cc 3 yrs old, $1200 ONO Call Kura 21619/25131. 73183 /33637 /1931

Qualiied demi Chef required, Contact LSG SKY CHEFS on 54548 0r 26305,Mon to Fri from 9.30am to 3.30pm. 73163 / /2411

SITUATIONS VACANT Concrete Systems Ltd requires experienced Builders & concrete Placers. Immediate start. Ring 21375 for interview.

73149 /33606 /1931

Kai Moana Seafoods Ltd We have a vacancy for a Fish cutter & Grader. Interested please call 27184 or 27185 w/ hours or email tony@oyster. or 73014 /33532 /2533

73006 /33575 /2295


73161 / /2096

WANTED TO RENT Long term modern house wanted to rent in Titikaveka or Tikioki. Phone 22936. 73038 /33500 /1931

FOR FREE FREE Spay/Neuter (DESEXING) for ALL Dogs & Cats. Owned-Homeless-Free-Roaming. Call Esther Honey Foundation on phone 22336. Me e puakaoa e te kiorengiao taau kare I tataa/vai’ ia, taria mai, kare e tutaki. Taniuniu atu ite aremaki o te manu - ph 22336. 73068 /32953 /2172



what’son @ Aro’A BeAchside inn

Bee co ld stail


phone 22166


st c ock

shipwreck Hut



Vacancy - head of Relationship Banking

sUnset Bar-B-Q seafood menu



@ aroaBeachsideinnarorangi

ph 22 166

ph 23004

nUmanga SAtUrdAYS 6pm with -Jake on da kamaka Ukulele reservations required avarUa town open mondaY to sUndaY

Tues Seafood Night – Entertainment Tani and Rose Thu Pub Night – Entertainment Tara Kauvai Sun BBQ – Entertainment Local String Band


leBonvivant A


Our food our passion 6pm till late



ph 26 860

open dailY for Breakfast 8-10am and lUnch 12-2pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619 live entertainment!

ph 20 002


sunset BBQ w/ GArTh YOUnG - PIAnO 6PM sunset Cocktails w/ W/rUDY AqUInO 5.30PM – 7.30PM sat seafood BBQ w/ JAkE nUMAnGA - UkULELE 6PM



Tani and rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm


a la carte dining from 6pm






avarUa town ph 22 279


11am to 2.30pm

5.30pm to 10pm 7 days

Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway

Mon-Tue: $12.95 specials Thursday: Indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) All you can eat Sunday: Tandoori night Other nights: A-la-carte

$10.00 Dine in special


mon-wed 6.30pm & 8.30pm Xtreme silver screen in dcp!

Bigscreen,dolBYsoUnd,UnBeataBleBlockBUstermovies PH 189 for Updates on the movie hot line


every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999 or

As one of the global leaders in banking and inancial services, ANZ recognize that our greatest asset is our people. That is why we are creating a unique climate of inspiration, leadership, values and opportunities. By delivering continuous challenges, recognition, and personal and professional growth opportunities, it’s all part of a commitment to helping our people be where they want to be. ANZ Cook Islands is inviting highly motivated, qualiied and interested applicants to join its lending Team as the “head of Relationship Banking”. This is a high proile senior position within the Bank. Reporting to the Country CEO, this role is responsible for managing and maximizing business proitability and credit quality across the entire Lending Team. We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic self starters who have the following experience and qualities: • Tertiary qualiication in inancial/business/accounting discipline considered essential • Demonstrated successful business development/marketing experience in Banking, or other inancial institution • Demonstrated credit knowledge and experience in managing loan portfolios • experience in managing problem loans and recovery strategies • Credit risk assessment management skills • Sound knowledge of lending practices/system, credit policy, risk management, procedures, Group accounting/control procedures • Demonstrated balance sheet knowledge and the ability to interpret all forms of inancial data including cash lows, forecasts etc • Strong analytical, planning, problem solving, negotiation and organising skills • excellent communication skills (i.e. both written and oral) • Sound knowledge of front/back oice procedures • Efective people management experience with strong people development skills • Computer literacy If you have what it takes to deliver outstanding performance as Head of Relationship Banking, Please submit your written applications including a detailed resume by august 19th 2013 to: “Vacancy – Head of Relationship Banking” Chief Executive Oicer anz Cook Islands avarua, Rarotonga Or for further information please contact David Dennis on phone 21-750 ext 222 or email

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Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

Flight Times | Voyage details ARRIVES



12.50AM 6.05AM


1.45AM 7.15AM

1.25AM 5.15PM 12.50AM


2.25AM 6.30PM 1.45AM







0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 0900 AITUTAKI 0950 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1100 ATIU 1145 1330 MAUKE 1420 1600 MITIARO 1650

0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1205 1440 1710


1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1040 1250 1530 1800






RARO 1200

Su-Do-Ku Instructions

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Humidity Mon




answer to saturday’s puzzle

By dik Browne

By lee falk & sy Barry


Forecast Map 2pm Monday


Situation: an east to southeast wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. an east to northeast wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Cloudy periods with brief showers. Moderate east to southeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Some showers. For Rarotonga: Cloudy periods with brief showers. Further outlook: Some showers. For the Northern Cooks: Cloudy periods with some showers. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Some showers.

Rarotonga Monday, August 19, 2013

Mon high 7.37AM 0.91M 8.15PM 0.86M




0.8m Se

0.32M 2.05PM 0.27M

0.4m ne


Tue high 8.41AM 0.94M 9.13PM 0.92M




0.27M 3.05PM 0.23M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

E 10 ktS new Moon seP 5 11.37AM

First Quarter seP 12 5.09PM

Full Moon aug 21 1.45AM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter aug 28 9.35AM


araPo - otu mon 19 Tanu (Planting)


Mon sun rise 6.59AM sun set 6.27PM




Moon rise 4.25PM Moon set 5.40AM







sun rise

6.58AM sun set 6.27PM

Moon rise 5.29PM Moon set 6.29AM

0.9m SW

0.8m Se

TauTaI (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota Kake te moi. Kupenga i te e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. aiai. Fish for moi. net ish Time to plant pineapple in evening. and maniota right through to the 13th night (from akaoti amiama).


Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.




the phantom

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answer to saturday’s puzzle

hÄgar the horrible


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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga




Weather Forecast to Midnight


Monday august 19

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

FLIGhT FROM Monday august 19 VA163/162 AKL NZ19 LAx tuesday august 20 NZ748/749 AKL NZ46/45 AKL VA163/162 AKL

Front Key:






Swell direction and size

outer Islands Weather outlook Monday, August 19, 2013 Aitutaki

25° ESE 12ktS


21° E 09 ktS


23° E 10tS



23° E 10ktS

28° ESE 11ktS


23° E 10ktS


Monday, august 19, 2013 cook Islands News

Under 12 Rugby update —APOPO

CI News primary schools rippa rugby




stand in


Eels beat dominant Reds raro clUB 15’s A successful penalty kick in the 78th minute of the weekend’s main rugby match sealed the deal 13-12 for the Avatiu Eels over the dominant takuvaine reds. The kick by Eels ace irst 5/8 right in front of the sticks sent the large Eels supporters crowd into a frenzy of celebrations, while the reds crowd took it well, considering it was the irst loss their dominant side has had this season. in the closely fought match the reds will be ruing the fact that they failed to convert certain opportunities into points. the reds were awarded at least four kickable penalty shots at goal mid-2nd half, however the reds dominant forward pack instead opted to tap and attempt to score a try to no avail due to a tight Eels defence line.

the dominant reds forward pack owned the scrum, pushing the Eels pack at will, securing at least ive tight-heads against the feed and at stages of the match the reds were able to disrupt the Eels lineout – however the reds’ inability to use possession wisely was their undoing. Although this match was a slug-fest in the 72nd minute of play, it featured a brilliant 90m solo try to the reds’ speedy centre Fou Samania, as he beat four would-be tacklers with pace and power on his way to the try line. in typical Eels fashion they did not panic and stayed composed as they attempted to increase the tempo and speed up the pace of the match late in the second half to expose the visibly tiring reds pack and after a series of raids on the reds’ line they were successful in being awarded the match-winning penalty kick at goal – which piri gladly converted into their match-winning points. the reds led at the halftime break by 5-3. Best for the reds were captain and number 8 travel tou Jnr

and big props Victor Mataora and Vaike potoru. Best for the Eels were the ‘brains trust’ of prop Mark Charlie and first 5/8 piri and also action-man light weight loose forward papa Buckley.

in other Senior A-grade matches played at the weekend – the rampant titikaveka Bulls continued their good form by thrashing the ngatangiia-Matavera Dragons 44-20. At the Arorangi ield, a closely

fought battle was seen with the hosts the Arorangi Cowboys edging out the tupapa panthers 13-10. this week the panthers will go up against the confident Eels while the Bulls will want

another repeat of their good form when they meet with the Arorangi Cowboys. The Dragons will need to ind their A-game as they will meet the dominant reds this week. - Ruck and Maul

Pita Tare keeps his eyes on the ball for the avatiu eels before regathering it and scoring a try to help his team win 13-12 against the dominant Takuvaine reds. 13081803

7s crew to train tHErE’S renewed enthusiasm in Cook islands rugby sevens with newly appointed coach Chad tuoro assembling a training squad of 24 players this week to prepare for a number of upcoming events. After receiving more than 60 player nominations from across Australia, new Zealand and the Cook islands, tuoro says the team management are very excited about the group of players selected. From this training squad of 24, the final 12-man team will be selected to represent the Cook islands and compete for the chance to qualify for the 2014 Hong Kong Sevens tournament and an opportunity to be a core team on the irB World Sevens Series Circuit. the team is under new management with new coach tuoro and manager Cam Kilgour looking forward to the challenge ahead. “Due to our player base spread across three different countries we are at a disadvantage compared to our main opponents,” says tuoro. “We have set up a strong training programme and monitoring system for players to adhere to, which we believe will help us achieve our goal of qualifying for Hong Kong in 2014.” the team’s initial national duty will be to take part in the

2013 Oceania Sevens tournament to be held in Fiji on October 4 and 5. Of the 24 players in the training squad, two players namely teina Savage and Jedrek Engu are from rarotonga. Hugh Henry is the sole player in the training squad from Aitutaki, with the remaining players based in new Zealand and Australia. the 24 national sevens training squad includes – Ashley Drake (Horowhenua/Kapiti), Brook Cowan (Queensland), Harry Berryman (Sydney), Harvard ioane (Auckland), graeme Manuatua Long (Brisbane), James Ben Unu (Melbourne), James iopu-Johnston (Sydney), James raea (Auckland), Junior Kiria (Auckland), Junior napara (Auckland), Justin Masters (Melbourne), Kyle Cowan (Queensland), Louis Makuare (Brisbane), nathan robinson (South Canterbury), paulo Leota (Auckland), teina Savage (rarotonga), ioane ioane (Hawkes Bay) , Mark ioane (Hawkes Bay), Chay raui (Auckland), greg Mullany (Queensland), royce teinakore (Hamilton), iro teariki (Auckland), Jedrek Engu (rarotonga) and Hugh Henry (Aitutaki). players Unavailable – Koiatu Koiatu, Francis Smith, issac tremel and Francis takiari. - Matariki Wilson

Takuvaine reds captain Travel Tou worked hard for his team who were edged out 13-12 by the avatiu eels in saturday’s main rugby match of the week. 13081801

Hash in Rutaki hugh henry of aitutaki is one of 24 players in the sevens training squad selected by new sevens coach Chad Tuoro, with a inal 12 man team to be selected for national duties. 13080853

HASH House Harriers will have an exciting new venue for this evening’s run. Hare will be Hot pants who will set the trail near rutaki stream. turn inland just after the derelict Sheraton resort (Arorangi side) – the hash sign and lags will be on the main road for direction. Follow the track some distance to the location. the run commences at 5:30pm and all runners and walkers are welcome.

Monday 19 August  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Monday, August 19, 2013

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