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$2 Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bribery investigation underway Police commissioner Maara Tetava confirmed yesterday a government oficial is the subject of a police investigation into alleged bribery and corruption. The investigation was begun after the receipt of an official complaint by an unidentified source. “Right now it’s an allegation,” said Tetava. “Once we have evidence that reaches the evidential threshold for crimi-

nal charges to be laid, we will do so. If not, the investigation will be discontinued.” “It’s going to be a complex investigation,” he added. Tetava would not name the individual(s) who are the subject of the investigation or the complaint, saying at this point he “can’t conirm or deny speciics”, however, a source with exclusive information on the matter has identified Marine Resources Minister Teina Bish-

op as the point of focus. At the heart of the investigation is section 113 of the 1969 Crimes Act, which relates to “corruption and bribery of minister of the Crown”. Section 113 reads, “every minister of the Crown or member of the Executive Council is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years who corruptly accepts or obtains, or agrees or offers to accept or attempts to obtain, any

bribe for himself or any other person in respect of any act done or omitted, or to be done or omitted, by him in his capacity as a minister or member of the Executive Council.” Bishop has recently been the subject of corruption allegations in relation to the purchase, sale, and trading of two ishing boats, the Orongo and the Bounty, and the eventual issuance of a ishing license to foreign ishing company Hua-

nan Fishery (Cook Islands) Company, a subsidiary of Luen Thai Fishing Venture. To date, no link has been made between these events and yesterday’s announcement by commissioner Tetava. Also under section 113, a maximum prison term of seven years is applicable to every one who “corruptly gives or offers or agrees to give any bribe to any person with intent to inluence any minister of the Crown

or member of the Executive Council in respect of any Act or omission by him in his capacity as a minister or member of the Executive Council”. Tetava said the investigation is currently being conducted by members of the Cook Islands police force, but if outside expertise is required they will consult authorities overseas. No timeline was given for the investigation. - Emmanuel Samoglou

By-election next month

Aotearoa ambassadors


An electrifying kapa haka performance was led by Te Amokura’s Awatea Pokai (front) at the National Auditorium as part of the BCI trade days yesterday. Te Amokorua kapa haka troupe travelled from Christchurch to be part of Te Maeva Nui celebrations this week. While they were disappointed to ind out that the international night was cut from the Te Maeva Nui programme this year, the kapa haka team were determined to showcase NZ Maori culture and join with their Cook Islands brothers and sisters in the festivities. In a letter to the editor (see page 6), one local described the group as “proud ambassadors of Aotearoa” who performed with positive attitudes and grace. A taste of NZ Maori culture, page 8

A dATe has been announced for the upcoming Murienua by-election. Voters in the constituency will be going to the polls on Thursday September 19 to elect a new member of parliament, who will be replacing Queen’s Representative designate Tom Marsters. Marsters, who will be officially inaugurated on August 9, resigned the Murienua seat last Thursday when he visited Sir Frederick Goodwin at Government House. democratic Party candidate James Beer will be contesting the seat for a second time, and the Cook Islands Party (CIP) has nominated Kaota Tuariki as their candidate. Chief electoral oficer Taggy Tangimetua, who was oficially notified of the resignation by speaker of parliament Niki Rattle on Monday, has seven days to make the by-election date announcement. In the 2010 general election, Marsters received the majority of votes to retain the seat he as held since 1992, edging out Beer. Potential candidates must be confirmed by noon on August 16, and should be lodged with Tangimetua. There are currently 576 electors on the main roll for Murienua, and 2010s voter turnout was reported at about 73 per cent. The main roll closes seven days after the announcement of the by-election date and the supplementary roll will close 14 days after that. - Emmanuel Samoglou Ph 24979

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Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no TeiA Nei Ao Trash trend risking lives Most women spend months searching for the perfect wedding dress. Now some brides are taking part in a new trend aimed at destroying them. It’s all for an extreme version of wedding photography called “trashing the dress.” Brides are going to extreme measures to destroy their dresses for Youtube fame – but some videoed stunts are going horribly wrong. one Israeli woman set her dress on ire – with her self still in it – before jumping into the ocean. Recently the trend turned tragic when a 30-year-old bride from Montreal drowned by attempting to trash her dress by diving into a looded river.

Oil ruins resort beach tourists head elsewhere as black sludge invades popular thai island BANGKOK – An oil spill has blackened beaches at a Thai holiday island and is having an extreme impact on tourism and could spread to the coast of the mainland and affect the ishing industry, oficials and an environmental group said on Tuesday. Tourists were pouring off the island of Koh Samet, 230km southeast of Bangkok, while soldiers and volunteers in white bio-hazard suits struggled to clear black oily sludge off the white sand. “We’re working to move visi-

world BRIEFS GAS FILLING PLANT GOES UP IN FLAMES USA – At least eight people have been injured in a series of explosions at a gas tank reilling plant in the US state of Florida. They were working at the Blue Rhino propane plant, in the town of Tavares, when the blasts began at about 11pm on Monday blowing the roof of. The explosions continued for about an hour and caused a large ire. The cause of the initial blast is not yet known. Fifteen workers were found safe after initially being unaccounted for. Oicials are investigating the blasts. There were an estimated 53,000 gas bottles at the plant at the time and witnesses said the lames could be seen from up to 15 kilometres away.

dEFEATEd OPPOSITION cLAIMING vIcTOry CAMBOdiA – Cambodia’s opposition party has escalated its challenge to the country’s election results, claiming it won a majority of National Assembly seats. The ruling party earlier made its own claim of victory in the Sunday polls. Yim Sovann, spokesman for the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party, said Wednesday that based on reports from party workers and election observers, his party had won at least 63 of the assembly’s 123 seats. Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party earlier claimed it had won 68 seats to the opposition’s 55. Provisional oicial results support the ruling party’s projection. The opposition is calling for an investigation of voting irregularities that may have disenfranchised more than a million people.

dENGUE SPArKS STATE OF EMErGENcy HONdURAS – Honduras’ government has declared a state of emergency due to a dengue fever outbreak that has killed 16 people and sickened 12,000. Health Minister Salvador Pineda says Tuesday’s decree means the government is making it a priority to prevent and control the disease and ight the mosquitoes that spread it. Pineda says more than half of Honduras’ municipalities have registered dengue fever cases. Authorities say two Hondurans died last year from the disease and there were no deaths registered in 2011. But the country’s worst dengue fever outbreak in recent years was in 2010, when 83 people died and more than 66,000 had the illness.


tors to other locations if they want to move,” tourism minister Somsak Phurisisak told reporters. “I’m very concerned, I didn’t think this spill would impact tourism in such an extreme way.” About 50,000 litres of crude oil poured into the Gulf of Thailand from a pipeline on Saturday, about 20km off the coast, the fourth major oil spill in Thai history. The pipeline operator, PTT Global Chemical, apologized and said the leak had been plugged. The clean-up operation would take another two to three days, it said. Worst hit was the beach at Ao Prao, or Coconut Bay, but tourists elsewhere on the island were moving out. The black oil film was coating the surface of the water and the sandy beach. The damage to the environment hasn’t yet been assessed. It is believed to be the area’s irst oil spill. Resort operators had to inform house guests and those newly arriving about the spill because the normally spectacular beaches and water were unapproachable. Even though Thailand’s tourism is currently in the low season, the beaches at the spill enjoy a constant arrival of travellers, both domestic and foreign. It may take a least a week before the situation on Prao Bay returns to normal. PTT Global Chemical CEO Anon Srisaengtaksin said the company plans to clean up the oil spill within three days and will pay for all damages. Critics have accused the company of failing to be prepared for such an emergency despite previous incidents. Around 600 PTT staff, Thai navy and marine personnel and volunteers are pitching in to clean up the oil. - PNC

Tourists are leaving the resort island of Koh samet in the Gulf of Thailand as workers in protective suits used hoses, buckets and shovels to clean up blackened sand and oil which washed ashore on a once-idyllic tourist beach. AFP

Heat wave sizzles China SHANGHAI – Temperatures in

parts of China have hit record highs, prompting an emergency level-two nationwide heat alert for the irst time. In Shanghai, at least 10 people have died from heatstroke, as the city experiences its hottest July in 140 years, reports say. Local journalists have demonstrated the heat by frying meat on the pavement. According to figures from the Shanghai Meteorological bureau, Shanghai has seen 24 days with temperatures at or above 35°C in July with 40.6°C, it’s highest ever temperature,

recorded earlier in the month. More than 10 people in Shanghai have died after suffering from heatstroke, state-run news agency Xinhua said. In a TV report, journalists from Shanghai TV said they successfully fried a pork chop on a marble slab outdoors in just 10 minutes. The practice appears to have become popular, with photos of slices of bacon and ish being barbecued outdoors by the heat appearing online. It added that weather forecasts suggested that some areas south of the Yangtze river could

experience temperatures of over 35°C for another week. It urged members of the public to avoid outdoor activities and to take protective measures against the heat. “It’s impossible for people to live without an air-conditioner,” a resident was quoted by Reuters news agency as saying. “Just going outside in this kind of temperate can roast people.” About 653,000 hectares of farmland had been affected by the drought in Hunan province. One million people were short of drinking water. - BBC/PNC

Hindu festivities

USA – New York City’s crackdown on large serve, sugary drinks is staying on ice – for now. An appeals court has ruled that the city’s Board of Health exceeded its legal authority and acted unconstitutionally when it tried to put a size limit on soft drinks served in city restaurants. in a unanimous opinion, the fourjudge panel of the state Supreme Court Appellate division said that while the board had the power to ban “inherently harmful” foodstufs from being served to the public, sweetened beverages didn’t fall into that category. They also said the board appeared to have crafted much of the new rules based on political or economic considerations, rather than health concerns.

cOMPENSATEd FOr dAyS SPENT IN cELL USA – A university student in the US city of San diego has received $4.1 million in compensation from the US government after he was abandoned for more than four days in a prison cell. daniel Chong was held in a drug raid in 2012 and while told he would not be charged he was left in a cell for four days. Chong, now 25 said he screamed to get attention before he was discovered near death having been without food or water for four-and-a-half days. He spent ive days in hospital recovering from dehydration, kidney failure, cramps and a perforated oesophagus. Chong, now an economics student, says he plans to buy his parents a house.

Today’s Daily Bread How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power; how he went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: Luke 6:27-36

Text: Matthew 7:26 10:38 Text: Acts

A devotee dressed as the hindu Goddess Kali performs in the street during the Bonalu festival at the sri ujjaini Mahakali temple in Secunderabad, India. The Goddess Kali is honoured mostly by women during Bonalu festival by oferings of food and dancing. AFP


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

Pirates online

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While somali-based pirates acknowledge limited use of social media platforms, Facebook claims it has never responded to demands to supply private account data to internet monitors. AFP THE iNTeRNeT – United Na-

tions investigators hoped they would get some help from Facebook when they asked to see information on suspected pirates operating in Somalia. But Facebook refused. A report by the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea this month pointed out that while many private companies helped in the group’s investigative work on matters such as piracy, al-Qaida-linked militants and government corruption, Facebook provided no such assistance. “Despite repeated oficial correspondence addressed to Facebook Inc, it has never responded to Monitoring Group requests to discuss information on Facebook accounts belonging to individuals involved in hijackings and hostage-taking,” the report said. Facebook said in a statement that the UN group had no legal authority to demand data from the company. “We therefore declined their request and referred them to law enforcement authorities,” the company said. Facebook’s refusal to share information with UN investigators comes as reverberations continue from the disclosure by Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the National Security Agency, that the NSA has co-operated with companies as Yahoo, Google and Facebook to access emails, video chats and pictures. US oficials have said the programme is narrowly focused on foreign targets, and technology companies say they turn over information only if required by court order. “Facebook has faced such pressures relating to privacy and the use of account information in various jurisdictions, even just for marketing purposes, that I would expect them to be very cautious about sharing personal information even with a UN Monitoring Group,” said Matt Bryden, a former co-ordi-

‘Social media platforms have little legal liability for the illegal activity that is occurring on their websites.’ nator of the Somalia monitoring group. The nearly 500-page UN report said that investigations have conirmed that numerous piracy facilitators “are interlinked through various communication channels and employ social network services, such as Facebook.” In any case, two Somali pirates who spoke to The Associated Press said pirates don’t use social networks for piracy work. “There are more personal accounts than general ones for the pirates,” said Bile Hussein, a Somali pirate commander in Gracad, a pirate base in central Somalia by phone. “We use emails for deals.” “Many of us keep our distance away from the internet to avoid getting tracked or captured,” said another pirate, Hassan Abdi. The UN Monitoring Group would have been interested in access to non-public phone numbers and email addresses that might be listed on Facebook accounts, or to see what “friends” a pirate might have, said Bryden, now the director of Sahan Research, a think tank focusing on peace and security in the Horn of Africa A page in Facebook’s “Safety Centre” titled “Information for Law Enforcement Authorities” says that a valid subpoena in connection with a criminal investigation is required to compel the disclosure of basic subscriber records. If a matter could result in the imminent harm of a child or risk of death or serious injury, a law enforcement oficial is asked to

contact Facebook. The UN Monitoring Group does not have subpoena power. Bryden said international companies often resist, at least at first, assisting the UN group because the companies aren’t familiar with its work or authority. “All it has is the force of the Security Council mandate that requests all member states and private entities to assist the Monitoring Group’s efforts, so co-operation varies considerably,” Bryden said. Bradley Shear, a Washington DC-based lawyer who runs a blog focusing on social media law, noted that Facebook frequently co-operates with US law enforcement officials investigating issues surrounding child safety, but he speculated that Facebook may be reluctant to help a UN body because the UN is trying to become involved with internet regulation. Shear said Facebook is not likely to be legally culpable just because Somali pirates or members of al-Shabab use their social media platforms. “In general, absent knowledge that illegal activity is occurring on your platform, social media platforms have little legal liability for the illegal activity that is occurring on their websites,” Shear wrote in an email. “However, there is a growing trend to hold social media operators accountable for the illegal content or activity on their websites if they turn a blind eye towards it.” Social media use by al-Shabab militants in Somalia is common. Twitter shut down the account of an al-Shabab spokesman earlier this year after the microblogging site was used to post a hostage video and death threat, posts that violated Twitter’s terms of service. A new Twitter handle that the UN Monitoring group believes is run by a British member of al-Shabab opened a short time later and remains in use. - AP


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Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te PA eNUA

Crime and corruption rampant survey highlights negative impact of corruption in Papua New Guinea PoRT MORESBY – crime and

corruption are the two biggest impediments to business in Papua New Guinea, according to a new survey. The Institute of National Affairs surveyed companies in all sectors across the country, and found crime is having the biggest negative impact on busi-

nesses in the developing Paciic nation. Corruption came a close second as a major impediment to business with 28 per cent of irms saying they were ‘highly’ or ‘very highly’ affected. Survey director Paul Barker says corruption has become more widespread over the past

paciic BRIEFS vETErAN’S dISGUSTEd By STANcE ON TESTS FRENCH POLYNESiA – French Polynesia’s nuclear test veterans organisation has taken exception to comments by local top politicians that they had been guaranteed by France that its nuclear weapons tests were clean. France carried out 193 tests in the Paciic, the last one in 1996. Veteran’s group Moruroa e tatou says it was French money that ensured Gaston Flosse and Edouard Fritch kept quiet when people’s health and environment were being attacked. it says it’s hypocrisy to claim now that they’re standing up for the French Polynesia’s victims while voting in Paris for attempts to delay compensation. Furthermore, it says, these politicians have denigrated the work of experts, which amounts to defamation.

ATTEMPT TO IMPrOvE POLITIcAL STABILITy VANUATU – A Vanuatu MP Ralph Regenvanu says a paper has been prepared ahead of the next parliamentary session outlining a number of options to improve political integrity and stability. The Minister of Lands says the Prime Minister Moana Carcasses will be calling for the attendance of all presidents of political parties represented in the current legislature to discuss proposals for reforming the political system. Regenvanu says agreement will need to be reached by all parties on what measures should be taken, which could include requiring political parties to register in accordance to speciic criteria. He says if changes are agreed to by all parties, they would eventually have to take them to a referendum as it would require changes to the constitution.

NOT HAPPy WITH SINGAPOrE AIrPOrT dEAL VANUATU – A former Vanuatu inance minister says the government’s plans for Singaporean company, GMR, to build and run airports around the country are absurd. The government has reportedly committed to a $US350 million deal with the company to build or extend airports in various locations, operate them for 50 years and then hand them back to Vanuatu. The prime minister says it will mean the current tourism levels of just over 200,000 people a year will grow to ive million. But Willie Jimmy, who says he was sacked by the government two months ago for opposing the deal, says the Singapore company is proposing too big an investment for the country.

FIrST rEFUGEES ArrIvE UNdEr ‘NEW dEAL’ PAPUA NEW GUiNEA – The irst group of 40 asylum seekers lew out of Christmas island yesterday for Manus island, Papua New Guinea, under Australia’s tough border protection policy. The group were scheduled to leave Australia on Tuesday evening but bad weather delayed the transfer. The Australian government says the transfer formally brings into efect the Regional Settlement Arrangement agreed to on July 19. in a statement, it says the refugee claims from the single adult men will be assessed under PNG law and, if found to be refugees, the men will be settled in PNG. it also says transfers to the Manus island regional processing centre will continue regularly.

FrEE AIr TrIP TO NAUrU dEFENdEd NAURU – Australia’s opposition immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, has defended visiting Nauru this week on a trip funded by a logistics company. His light was paid for by Toll Group, which has multi-million dollar contracts to upgrade Australia’s processing centre on Nauru. The deputy prime minister, Anthony Albanese, said it was extraordinary that Toll had paid for Morrison’s trip. But Morrison says his party is in opposition, not in government, and Toll Holdings were going to Nauru for the ordinary course of business anyway. He says it is not the irst time they have had privately funded trips to Nauru.

vOLLEyBALL STArS AWArdEd MEdALS VANUATU – Vanuatu’s beach volleyball stars, Henriette iatika and Elwin Miller, were awarded the country’s Medal of distinction by President iolu Abbil during Tuesday’s 33rd independence celebrations. The president told the women, who are ranked 9th in the world, that they had achieved wonders for the country. President Abbil also said during his address that the country’s leaders must do all they can to ensure stability and peace to encourage visitors and investors willing to see what Vanuatu has to ofer. He also called on the government to build a National Prayer House for worship saying the country cannot hope for development and progress without honouring God with a church house where everyone can go to pray.

20 years with the majority of Papua New Guineans saying the y are paying bribes to get services “In the past, it was just in a narrow area. Now it is in a broad spectrum of interrelationship with government agencies – so that can be with the police, customs, labour migration, supply and tenders board, environment and a range of things,” he said. Barker says corruption is resulting in the people of PNG missing out on crucial services and in the public sector paying two or three times what they should to contractors. He says the impact of crime may be even more significant, with investment and jobs being lost as a result. “It is the cost of crime itself, which is substantial. It is the cost of mitigation and the high cost spent on security and it is the opportunity cost of crime; the fact that all sorts of businesses just never proceed because of the risk of crime,” Barker said. A separate survey by Transparency International shows 76 per cent of Papua New Guineans think corruption in the public sector is a serious concern. In the past year Prime Min

‘Eighty-ive per cent of the respondents viewed that the police were the most affected by corruption.’ ister Peter O’Neill has boosted spending on law and order and increased recruitment into the police force. And Transparency international PNG (TIPNG) chairman Lawrence Stephens said that bribery needed to be stamped out in PNG. Transparency International has welcomed O’Neill’s anti-corruption strategy and his plans to set up an Independent Commission Against Corruption. But Stephens said more needs to be done to ensure the police, judiciary and other investigative arms of government have the resources to do their jobs. “Institutions that people rely on to ight corruption and other crime are not trusted,” he said. “In addition to that, we need to ensure that every report that

is presented to parliament has attention paid to it and that the reports that aren’t being presented to parliament start to be presented,” he said. Stephens said people in Papua New Guinea want to ight back against corruption, and that improvements in mobile phone technology is making that easier. “People can record things that are taking place and more and more people are becoming aware that they are able to do this and then sharing that sort of information with others. “We are hoping that it will spread from that. More people will say ‘no’, more people will object and more demands will be made on the oficial system to crackdown on those found to be guilty of corrupt actions.” Stephens said that 76 per cent of the survey respondents noted that corruption was a serious problem in the public sector. He said most of the respondents said they were asked to pay a bribe when interacting with key public institutions such as police, registry, permit services and land services. “Eighty-five per cent of the

respondents viewed that the police were the most affected by corruption,” Stephens said. He said 70 per cent of the respondents said public servants and political parties were also corrupt while 63 per cent felt the parliament was also affected by corruption. “Public institutions, law enforcement agencies and politicians have a lot to do to regain the trust of the citizens of PNG,” Stephens said. He said the government needed to make sure that there were strong, independent and well resourced institutions to prevent and redress corruption. “Too many people are harmed when public services are undermined by corruption.” He said 1044 people in PNG participated in the survey and nearly half of the respondents agreed that ordinary citizens had the will to combat the abuse of power, secret dealings and other forms of corruption. He said citizens also had a social responsibility to minimising corruption by saying “no” to bribes and reporting an incident of corruption to appropriate authorities. - ABC/PNC

Sugar industry has a plan SUVA – Fiji’s sugar ministry has

drawn up an emergency plan to counter a possible strike by the Fiji Sugar and General Workers Union. The Permanent Secretary for Sugar, Lieutenant-Colonel Manasa Vaniqi, said he has been assured by the mill manager in Ba that crushing would not be

affected by the strike. No details of the emergency response have been released. The union leadership says the workers earn below the poverty line, with wages declining by 40 per cent in real terms in the past seven years. Lieutenant-Colonel Vaniqi has described the planned strike

as a face-saving exercise by the unionists who had been working with their overseas counterparts to ight the government’s sugar reforms. Jiji’s Attorney General and Minister for Industry and Trade Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has urged sugar workers who have voted to go on strike to rethink their

decision to save the industry from collapsing. He added that given this enormous investment and the importance of the industry to the national economy, the Bainimarama government cannot allow the industry to collapse because of the actions of a minority. - RNZI

No conidence vote blocked

FUNAFUTi – Tuvalu’s speaker of parliament has blocked the country’s opposition from tabling a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Willy Telavi. The motion of no-conidence was scheduled to be debated on Wednesday. However, Health Minister Taom Tanukale resigned from parliament on Tuesday and speaker Kamuta Latasi has suspended the house until a by-

election is held to replace him. Opposition member of parliament Taukelina Finikaso says the speaker’s actions are in breach of the constitution. “There’s only four members of the government, ive including the speaker,” he said. “Whereas on the opposition there are eight members, which command the majority of the house. “The speaker has blatantly refused to abide by the consti-

tution of Tuvalu.” In Tuvalu a by-election can only be held when requested by the Prime Minister. The opposition says Telavi has not provided any indication he will give a by-election the go ahead. Speaker Latasi says he adjourned parliament because of the vacancy left by Tanukale’s resignation. Latasi says the constitution does not allow for a no confi-

dence vote if a constituency lacks a representative. “If he is removed from Parliament he is removed by a two-thirds majority of the total membership. I have already acted on the advice of the Governor-General. “The Governor-General has ordered that parliament sit on the 30th of this month, which we sat yesterday. That order has been carried out by the speaker of parliament.” - ABC/RNZI

Blindness prevention campaign THE PAciFic – An Australian aid agency has announced it will help fund a programme designed to prevent blindness across the Paciic. AusAID will give $US2.3 million dollars over the next three years to the Pacific Regional Blindness Prevention Programne, adding to an ongoing partnership between the New Zealand Aid Programme and the Fred Hollows Foundation in New Zealand. Andrew Bell, executive director of the Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand, said the programme will make signiicant social gains. “The beneit of people receiving their sight back is undisput-

ed,” he said. “In the Paciic and in other developing countries around the world the impact of blindness on just one member of the family is dramatic.” Bell says often a member of a family in the Paciic is designated the task of caring for a person who is blind. He says this type of situation is detrimental to Paciic economies. “If you think of a small subsistence village economy, you’ve got more and more people who should be working in that economy that are taken out to care for the person who is blind.” Bell says the responsibility of care is often handed to women and, in many cases, young girls. “Eradicating avoidable blind-

ness has been identiied as one of the best investments in poverty alleviation,” he said. Now in it’s third phase, the programme will allow more than 30,000 patient consultations and 8000 sight-restoring operations to take place in the Paciic region. Training for the program runs out of the Pacific Eye Institute in Suva, Fiji. Bell says doctors can train to be ophthalmologists, or specialist eye doctors, while nurses will study in eyecare. It is expected that 56 nurses and 16 community health workers will be trained at the institute. Solomon Islanders make up

the largest number of students and graduates from the Paciic Eye Institute – a fact Bell credits to the quality of their doctors. “The Solomon Islands is a star performer,” he said. “We have what we call the ‘dream team’ which are Solomon Island doctors who are exceptional in every way.” Bell says graduates have returned to Solomon Islands to build a system there, alongside a team of trained nurses. “It’s really very exciting to see what is a country that in many ways is struggling with all sorts of dificulties,” he said. “In eyecare they’re actually streaking ahead.” - ABC


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te PA eNUA

Politicians embrace social media

SUVA – For the irst time in Fijian elections, the use of social media will be in overdrive as the promised democratic elections draw nearer. Fiji’s political parties have no choice but to channel time and efforts to embrace and make good use of the new online networking platforms. This is mainly because the sought after “youth vote” is made up mostly by those who visit and spend hours browsing the internet. While the majority of Fiji’s population do not use social media, and the actual numbers may be small, getting votes through social media will deinitely be a factor for the parties, according to the Fiji Sun. The US presidential elections last year was won by Barack Obama because he won the social media battle. At least that is what commentators said. So are Fiji’s parties doing to embrace the new media? People’s Democratic Party (PDP) spokesman Nirmal Singh said to engage the younger generation, PDP will use social media as a platform. The party already has a Facebook forum with 419 members. The Social Democratic Liberal

Party (SODELPA) youth wing also hosts a Facebook forum. Similar to the PDP forum, those who wish to be part of the forum will need approval from one of the three administrators of the group. At the time of writing, there was a total of 608 members of the SODELPA youth wing Facebook page. The Fiji Labour Party’s Facebook page has attracted 120 members. The non-party aligned Fiji Democratic Forum has 1127 members. Administrator and moderator, Pita Tuiloma, said he created the forum to address pressing issues that affect regional and national issues. “The main idea is to allow people in Fiji to understand their fundamental human rights which we are party to and to create awareness of pressing issues domestically particularly our political situation.” “More importantly to get a wider perspective from Fijians around the globe on what they think would be best for Fiji,” Tuiloma said. The Masters of Diplomacy student at the University of the South Paciic said the idea was to generate discussions on social

issues. He explained that 70 to 80 per cent of Fiji Democratic Forum members reside abroad. “These are the ones who are proactive in commenting and posting on the current situation in Fiji.” “The majority of these are pro-regime in my analysis and are well educated in their ield of discussions,” Tuiloma told the Fiji Sun. Tuiloma works hard to make sure that only issues and facts are posted on the forum. He therefore censors and removes people who are deemed to be racists, sexist and contradictory of moral ethics. Moderation does not apply to those running anonymous blog sites. Most are hosted overseas. The popular ones include Coup4.5, Fiji Today and Fiji Democracy Now. But their credibility is compromised by their lack of transparency, accuracy and often openly racist views. What impact will social media have on the 2014 vote? The polls are still very unclear on that one. But political parties will, for sure, for the irst time be factoring social media into their campaigns. - PMW

Time for an apology PoRT VILA – The prime min-

ister of Vanuatu has called on the Australian government to apologise for the treatment of people taken from his islands during the notorious era of ‘blackbirding’. In an address to a group of descendants of South Sea Islanders, Vanuatu’s leader Moana Carcassus Kalosil said he wants an apology from Australia to recognise a “shameful” part of history. Around 100 Australian South Sea Islanders are in Vanuatu this week to take part in commemorations for the 150th anniversary of the departure of the first blackbirding ship bound for Queensland. Minister of Lands Ralph Reganvanu says in a forum to mark the commemorations, there was a feeling the Australian government should say sorry. “It’s important for the Australian South Sea Islander community in Australia, in terms of recognition of their distinct history,” he said. “The fact that when the deportation laws were passed in 1906, it is the only time in Australia’s history that parliament has passed laws specifically to get rid of a whole ethnic group out of the country.” Reganvanu says an apology would also extend to the countries from which the blackbirders came from. During the infamous blackbird trade from 1863 to 1904, Pacific Islanders were forcibly taken to work on Australia’s sugar plantations, a practice known as ‘blackbirding’. It’s estimated that more than 30,000 of those forced workers’ descendants are living in Australia.

Counting the likes. social media sites are expected to play a big part in campaigning as Fiji’s political parties gear up in readiness for the promised elections in september next year. PNC

Refugee deal worries churches SUVA – The Paciic Conference of Churches says Papua New Guinea and Australia should consult the people through the country’s churches over the controversial new policy for dealing with would be refugees. Australia is starting to move all new boat arrivals seeking refugee status to Manus Island

in PNG and says none of those eventually declared refugees will be allowed into Australia. The PCC says while it recognises the rights of Australia and PNG to make decisions concerning their sovereignty, the issue of re-settlement has far-reaching consequences. Spokesperson, Netani Rika,

says there does not appear to have been any consultation with the people on the new policy. “This deal was made at leadership level and Papua New Guinea is a very complex nation with hundreds of languages and different people who need to be consulted on an issue as important as this.” - RNZI

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Kidnapped south sea Islanders in an 1892 newspaper sketch. Hundreds of people turned out for a parade to recognise the Australian South Sea Islanders. Reganvanu says the story of the blackbirded people is an important part of his country’s history. “Thousands of Ni-Vanuatu went to Australia as part of that time. A number returned,” he said. He says a number of historical legacies, established by returned blackbirded people, continue to be maintained today. Reganvanu also says the prime minister discussed the opportunities the commemoration is providing for Vanuatu now “in terms of re-linking and inding a way forward on the issue”. The increasing number of Australian South Sea Islanders going to Vanuatu to rediscover their connections is creating a new dynamic in the relationship between Port Vila and Canberra. Reganvanu says he hopes it

will lead to a stronger relationship, including the growth of Australia’s modern-day seasonal worker scheme, which offers very different conditions. Meanwhile it has been proposed that a Solomon Islands rugby league squad will play Vanuatu in the Queensland city of Mackay to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the first South Sea Islander people arriving in Australia on October 5 this year. Australian rugby league player Dane Campbell said plans for the proposed match are in the pipeline and it is anticipated to attract a lot of spectators. Vanuatu and Solomon Islands are two of the three countries where Campbell has introduced the rugby league code and he said it would be fitting to feature the two teams during the anniversary as the two countries have links to people taken during the blackbirding era. - ABC/PNC

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Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

leTTeRS reta

A class act of talented young Maori dear editor, In the months since Te Amokura Kapa Haka received an invitation to travel to and perform at the 2013 Te Maeva Nui festival they fundraised $45,000 to assist with transport on the island, airfares and accommodation. Not an insignificant amount, particularly given all the hardship that has struck Christchurch since February 2011. The group comprised of around 16 rangatahi aged between 13 and 19 years of age, they come from many different Christchurch schools. They arrived last Wednesday so as to prepare for the international night that they were previously advised they were performing at last Saturday. Unfortunately, there was no international night this year, but no one thought to tell them before their arrival. The disappointment of not performing at the event they had been invited to perform at did not show on their faces, when they performed at the Punanga Nui last Saturday nor at an event created for them

and a group of graduates from the Manaakitanga Performing Arts Academy visiting from Rotorua, at the residence of the NZ

High Commissioner on Monday night. They were a class act of talented young Maori who had

clearly spent hundreds of hours practising. They were shy but proud ambassadors of Aotearoa, their costumes were

stunning, their attitudes positive and they performed with such grace. I’m only sorry more locals did not get the opportu-

nity to see them, I’m glad I did, it was a real privilege! Kia kaha Amokura (Name and address supplied)

Te Amokura showcased their talent at the BCI trade days event yesterday. 13073132

Kiriau Turepu ‘walks the talk’ A SMOKE signaller responds to the writer of yesterday’s letter to the

editor ‘Based on loyalty rather than merit’ who argued that Avatiu MP John Henry would have been a better choice for promotion to Cabinet: “Get off your high horse and grow up. Matavera MP Kiriau Turepu, like any other member of parliament, can take the turn of becoming a Cabinet minister. Why not? Why does merit have to be awarded to John Henry? He’s another case of the same tone you are using against Turepu. Mate, you know nothing about vision in the Avatiu/Ruatonga constituency. You talk about the quality of life in the community: what quality? There is a whole bunch of unemployed young men hanging out at the Pearl Store opposite the harbour, every day. We read in the paper of cases of Avatiu residents getting caught up in illegal drugs, so how do we reward Mr

Henry – a good man – but I don’t know about him being selected as a minister over Turepu. Good on Turepu for becoming a minister – he deserves the chance that he has been given. He’s a family man and a people’s man. I am not a relative of Turepu’s and I don’t live within his constituency, but I know my children speak highly of this man and who doesn’t – he walks the talk. Go hard Turepu, you are doing a good job.”

WALK IN THE PArK A SMOKE signaller writes: “With all the in ighting the Cook Islands

Party is having – Tom Masters moving to be Queen’s Representative, Lady Rosie to the consular ofice in Auckland, Minister Teariki Heather contesting the Tinomana Title, and he has to resign from

politics to qualify. Wow, that is the end of the party. There you go Demos, what a walk in the park [something that is very easy to do]. Wilkie, get Papa Norm on your side. Listen to the people. Time for a change.”

JOB HUNTING? A SMOKE Signaller texts to 188: “With all his continuous, dribble-

illed letters it seems to me that Tim Tepaki really wants a job big time working for the Bishop.”

GIvE BOOTH ‘A cHANcE’ “i SUPPoRT Island Booth!” a smoke signaller texts to 188 in re-

sponse to Tuesday’s p11 article about the Ministry of Culture not allowing the photo booth to participate in this year’s Te Maeva Nui night markets. “Isn’t it about getting together, sharing our culture, our local food, being with our families? Food ills our tummies but photo memories last forever. Give them a chance!”

7s cOAcH A SMOKE signaller writes: “It’s sad to see Cook Islands Rugby

Union doesn’t have faith in our own local sevens coaches to coach our national team. It’s another smack in the head by the CIRU.”

NOT A MAMA A SMOKE signaller writes: “One of your captions says Mauke mama

to describe a very young woman in the photo. In reo Maori, she is mapu, a young person, or tamaine, a girl, or vaine, a woman. Mama is for a grandmother or as a mark of respect to an elderly woman in her late 70s or 80s.” Smoke Signals Heard a funny real-life story or something out of the ordinary? Smoke Signals will be accepted by e-mail (smokesignals@cookislandsnews. com), text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22999You don’t have to pay any money and we don’t have to print your name. Please note that material that goes beyond the bounds of decent taste or is defamatory is not likely to be used. don’t forget to give us your name and contact number in case we need to check details. All correspondence is conidential. Go on, smoke it!

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Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te iPUKAReA

Mauke plans bold project

Agriculture project aims to bring the people home A BOLD project is in the works

for the island of Mauke to revive the agriculture industry and bring the people back to the island. The project is called Te Manava co-operative incorporated, and will be structured as a shareholder business, says chief executive Taukea Raui of the Mauke Island government. “We are developing the plan, and giving the New Zealand High Commission and ministers our ideas,” says Raui. The business, which Raui says will require roughly $10 million in start-up funds, is to be owned by all Maukeans, who will have shares in the entity. At first, only locals are to be employed and will be compensated with wages for their work. Any profits will be distributed as dividends back to shareholders. Clearly, there is plenty of work to do before the island begins to see the fruits of their labour. “We have 700 acres, but it’s overgrown with big trees,” says Raui, who has previously served as Mauke’s head of agriculture. That could soon change if the plan becomes a reality. When a government delegation attended the grand opening of the island’s $2.5 million harbour last June, members of the local government took the opportunity to unveil their grand idea. “They unfolded their vision of basically turning the

eggs as sources of protein, along with capsicums, courgettes, and broccoli are some of the products on the table. Maize – which will be grown whole of Mauke into a market to feed the cattle – and vanilla, garden,” said Prime Minister which has recently been proHenry Puna, who was present moted by incoming Agriculduring the presentation. “They tural minister Kiriau Turepu, had taken some preliminary round out the list. Raui says Mauke growers are steps and we were thoroughly currently testing the Rarotonimpressed.” “We were given a vision of gan market with some of their what the island wanted to do, products as part of the plan’s not only to retain the people market research initiatives. “If you go to Prime Foods, resources they have on the island but also to attract those you’re probably buying capsicum from Mauke,” who have left.” The project has The way we think he said. Last year, a coualso garnered the we can generate ple of Mauke’s agriattention of Naemployment culture officers atpier ’s Ngati Kais to work the tended a workshop hungunu Iwi in land, and put the in China, which covNew Zealand, who land back into ered areas such as offered their help production. harvesting, processwhen members of ing and packing of government visited fruits including mango, pinethe Maori group in June. The Cook Islands currently apple, coconut, cashew, lychees spends roughly $10 million in and some vegetables – skills food imports, and it has been that will come in handy if the a long standing policy goal to ball gets rolling on Te Manava. Reiterating points made by replace some of those imports Puna, Raui hammered home with locally sourced goods. Food security, import substi- the point of addressing depoptution, job creation, and pro- ulation, and how the Mauke moting sustainable agriculture garden plan can play a role in have all been cited as particular keeping Maukeans home. “People are leaving the island areas of focus by the agriculture ministry, and championed by because they want to make a livformer agriculture minister ing ... they want employment,” he said. “The whole point is to Nandie Glassie. Te Manava Co-operative has incorporate young people from the potential to tackle all of Mauke so they don’t leave the island.” them. “The way we think we can Hearing Raui run down the list of business’s potential of- generate employment is to ferings, nearly every staple work the land, and put the land you’d want to ind on your din- back into production.” Former NZ High Commisner plate is mentioned. Cattle, pork, chicken and sioner John Carter, who was

Mauke’s Archie Taripo (left) and Tereapii Vaine Keu check out a jackfruit (kuru papaa) grove in China during a workshop last year. The two were joined by Maukean farmer hugh Graham, where they learnt skills that can be applied for the Te Manava project. 13073101 part of the delegation that visited the island during the opening of the harbour, became an unequivocal supporter of the plan after seeing what they had in store.

Driver’s licence law under consideration

oFFiciAlS are considering

changing the law to make it easier for tourists to drive in the Cooks. Members of the Ministry of Finance, Cook Islands Tourism Marketing Corporation and the Cook Islands Police met in April to discuss the issue of long queues at the police station. They are currently considering allowing tourists to use valid licences from their home countries for a period of time when driving the same type of

vehicle in the Cooks. Tourism chief executive oficer Halatoa Fua said the meeting was to look at ways to streamline the licencing process. “The objective of the meeting was to seek input from the rental companies and government agencies to streamline the driver’s licence process at the police station, given the increasing number of visitors,” he said. The Cook Islands is unusual in that most countries, including Australia and New Zealand,

allow visitors to use licences from their home countries for a period of time before making more permanent arrangements. Police commissioner Maara Tetava said they are looking at the possibility of a similar system, where visitors can drive in the Cook Islands using their overseas licences. This would involve amending the Cook Islands Transport Act 1966 to allow for the change. Fua said the decision will not be inal until the Ministry of Fi-

nance has investigated the costs of such a model. Senior sergeant Solomona Tuaati said tourists cannot currently use licences from other countries under Cook Islands law. “Very simply, our laws don’t allow it. Our law requires anyone to carry a Cook Islands driver’s licence.” Tetava said he appreciates the public’s patience with lines at the police station. - Briar Douglas

Seabed mining prospects good SEABED mining prospects in the Paciic was the subject of a recent presentation by former Minister for Minerals and Natural Resources Tom Marsters. The presentation was to the European Union (EU) and the African, Caribbean and Paciic (ACP) Committee on Social Affairs and the Environment on

June 15. Marsters said the presentation was a success and will secure funding the EU. “The success of our presentation will undoubtedly lead onto a continuation of EU funding for the EU/SPC Regional Deep Sea Minerals Project.” He said the amount of fund-

ing may increase. “This could be extended to a much higher level than the current four million (Euros)… I understand that SOPAC will now be seeking upwards of 25 million (Euros) for the next level of this regional deep sea minerals project.” Marsters said the Cook Is-

lands and other Paciic Islands have already obtained significant beneit from the irst stage of the deep sea minerals project, such an increase in funding from the EU. He said the Cooks will “lead the field” in the development of the national seabed minerals sector. - Release

“I’m absolutely certain, if they get their concept plan together along with the funding

they need ... it will be done,” he said. “Good strength to them.” - Emmanuel Samoglou




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$10 per 30min lesson per child-ages 4-12years Ph Vanessa 58041 for more details limited numbers available.

Constitution Day Holiday Notice Cook Islands News will not be published on Monday August 5 . Our oices will be closed for the day. Advertising deadline is 1pm Friday August 2 for the edition of Tuesday August 6. Late and special notices can be emailed to or faxed on 25303 up to 1pm on Monday August 5. Cook Islands News management and staf hope all readers will enjoy the Constitution Day holiday.


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te iPUKAReA

A taste of NZ Maori culture

TE AMOKURA kapa haka group put on a stunning performance at the BCI trade days yesterday. The 20-strong dance troupe from Christchurch represent two iwi who have come together to bring a taste of NZ Maori culture to this week’s Te Maeva Nui celebrations. “They are a pretty amazing group,” said BCI trade days stall holder Kimberley Vakapora, who watched the performance. Their performances have been deemed “electrifying” by NZ High Commissioner Joanna Kempkers, and they did not fail to impress. The driving force behind the troupe is a family of three: Meikura Arahanga, Huata Martindale and Roberta Arahanga. Te Amokura arrived last Wednesday and it is their irst time performing at the BCI trade days. They have had a busy schedule since they touched down in Rarotonga and have had a chance to perform at the Saturday markets and the New Zealand High Commission’s residence in Ngatipa and on Sunday they performed for the Tupapa dance group. Hoani Arahanga has been performing for close to a year and he is the oldest member of the group. He has been brought up on dance and credits his parents for his interest in performing. But he has been performing, “mostly out of schools” and he believes that it is “fun to perform especially since you get to see the reactions of people and you get people to participate with you”. Because of the cultural similarities, he says that it feels like,

“you are performing to your own people. Sort of like giving back to them”. He would love to come back to the Cook Islands and live here. Of the kids he performs with, he believes that they are “a good bunch of kids, good pairs and overall an awesome bunch”. One of those kids is his sister Aporonia Arahanga. A dab hand

at performing, at just seventeen years of age, she has been performing all her life. “Our group is a very select group of youth who we think are smart enough, responsible enough and can get along well with each other,” she says. The entire troupe is like a big family according to her, and as a member of the group, you need

to be able to look out and after each other. “Performing here in Rarotonga is amazing and it’s good to show to the public that our culture has sustained and to show our senior relatives what we are doing,” said Aporonia Arahanga. Currently a year 13 student at Christchurch Girl’s College, she

wants to grow up to be a pathologist while at the same time, she wants to study performing arts. She would like to ind a balance between her need to perform and her need to be a medical specialist. She says that she could be a roaming performing pathologist, but only time will tell. She would love to come back

The female members of the group lead the stunning performance. 13073133

Members of the Te Amokura kapa haka group showcase their culture through dance. 13073131

Awatea Pokai keeps the public enthralled with his performance. 13073130

Te Amokura showcased NZ Maori culture at its best. 13073135

to Rarotonga as for her, “it’s been an amazing trip and getting to spend the time with the family has been really good”. Te Amokura kapa haka group will be leaving Rarotonga today to head back home to Christchurch. And if their comments are anything to go by, they will be back. - Sahiban Kanwal


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

Festive vibe at trade days EVEN THE rainy conditions

couldn’t keep the locals and tourists from visiting the opening of the BCI Trade Days at the National Auditorium yesterday. The grounds of the Are Kareoi have been turned into a big display of local food, arts and crafts which will continue today and Friday. The 24 stalls include stalls

from Mitiaro and Mauke where people can lay their hands on some “medicinal oils with remedial properties and massaging oils for relaxation” according to BTIB (Business Trade and Investment Board) business development manager Tangata Tou. He says members of the public are spoilt for choice. The arrival of a group of 14

Te maeva nui 2013 monday 29 July – monday 5 august 2013

from Victoria, Australia added to the festive vibe and throughout the day different groups were seen enjoying the food and absorbing the culture. Tourists have the chance to taste local delicacies such as raw ish, taro and dried banana and indulge in local craftsmanship including coconut ukuleles, local beads and necklaces. - Sahiban Kanwal

ThursDaY 1 august


orDer oF aPPearanCe 1.enua mangaia uTe 2.vaKa TaKiTumu KaPa rima 3.henua Tongareva ura Pa’u 4.vaKa PuaiKura Pe’e 5.oire niKao KaPa rima

1. FiLCom CooK is guesT arTisT 2. henua manihiK uTe 3. enua aTiu ura Pa’u 4. enua miTiaro uTe 5.TuPaPa maraerenga KaPa rima inTermission – (PhiLCom CommuniTY) 6. enua mauKe ura Pa’u

onLY 2 DaYs To go

The Avatea school student Jordayn Malulu helps her family at the Natura Juice stand which featured a tower of cupcakes. 13073124

TraDe DaYs 3 DaYs oF LoCaL TraDe! 9am – 2Pm WeD-FriDaY

meiTaKi maaTaTo our ProuD sPonsors

bronze — Putokotoko

The Wale Shack keeps the public cafeinated at the BCI trade day in spite of some rain.13073145

heriTage hoLDings

• • • •

Locals and visitors enjoyed the food at the irst of the BCI trade days. 13073123

• •

Palm grove David akanoa & Family Tauariki Wear Tamarind

• • • • •

Tex mart Paciic resort empire Theatre Kiikii motel Taio shipping

island Craft Ltd Tina and stephen numanga

• •

aro’ a Beachside inn

Tamariki manuia Dance Troupe The sunset resort

Paciic Divers steve Lyons


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

CaLL ‘The eXPerTs’

Your guiDe To

eXPerTise on raroTonga

New solar options at Raro Aircon iT is a case of simple economics

Chris Tibbits, from raro Aircon 2012 Ltd, says their new solar air conditioning units can save around 60 per cent on costs of running a standard unit. 13072622/23

Tibbits and Panoho are relatively new owners to the business, having moved from New Zealand to run Raro Aircon just over a year ago. The couple had been visitors to Rarotonga several times, with Tibbits saying that they had decided it would be a nice place to spend the rest of their lives, when the business came up for sale internationally. Tibbits is an aircraft engineer by trade, and prior to his move to the Cook Islands ran his own engineering company in New Zealand, providing engineering service to the wine industry. For the couple it is very important to support the local economy, supplying jobs to local people and bringing on board licensed electricians. Seal La Fridge is another of the businesses cost saving services. They have a mobile fridge sealing machine that makes

eXPerT massage

eXPerT DrainLaTer

specialised in

and caring for the environment that is leading airconditioning and refrigeration experts Raro Aircon. The first of many solar airconditioning units, Sol Air, have arrived on the island, with owners Chris Tibbits and Christine Panoho, trialling these units at present. Tibbits says the units are very cost effective, saving about 60 per cent on standard running costs and paying back the extra cost price in under a year. “You don’t need full sun on them, as long as you have UV light on them,” Tibbits said of the solar tubes which run the unit. With the supply line ready to bring more units to the island, Raro Aircon is expecting their irst shipment to arrive over the next month.

Drainage LTD

FreeQuoTe - septic Tanks Contact riki - sewage Treatment system 58723 - Domestic & Commercial drainage or 23582 - Landscaping Properties - retaining Walls - Concrete work – footpaths, driveways WeLDing & sTeeL WorK

WeLDing sPeCiaLisTs anD

generaL engineering

TODAY’S EXPERT air-Con & reFrigeraTion sPeCiaLisTs

Danny’s massage over 20 years experience

Feeling stress and aches? •Sport massage •Relexology (foot massage) •Full body massage •deep tissue deep tissue - $40 full body - $50 mon– sat 10am – 6pm sun emergenCY onLY Located in matavera Ph 28690

PumPs/FiLTer & irrigaTion

eLeCTriCaL eXPerT


eLeCTriCaL SaleS, SeRvice & inStallation • Pressure Pumps • Submersible Pumps • Sewage Pumps • Water Filter Systems

• Swimming Pools, Pumps and Filters •Irrigation Systems

locateD in tUPaPa Phone US on 22042 neeD Fresh Fish?

you don’t have to throw your fridge away and save you power and money.” The business also stocks Gree brand standard air conditioners, which Tibbits says are very reliable and competitive in price, and offer whiteware repairs. Raro Aircon is located in Panama, next to Ocean Fresh, or contact them on 24240, 57060

sign WriTing eXPerTs

raroTonga WeLDing & sTeeL ConsTruCTion LTD

home visits to provide on the spot new fridge seals from $80, dependent on the size of the unit. “Trying to cool down the whole of Rarotonga,” is how Tibbits describes a poorly sealed fridge, adding that all fridge and freezer seals get old and hard over time. “If you can change your fridge seals then


- house wiring, solar installation Comercial and industrial For all your electrical requirements

Phone John 72516 or 20088 nZ registered electrician


Fishslicesonsale Tuna / marlin / Wahoo,

only $9.00 per kg


Callnowon27188toplaceanorderorvisitour shop at the market for a full range. soLar energY eXPerT

S OsoLar L energY AR BOB ConsuLTanTs Bring me sunshine ev-

solar Bob Riley relective paint now Phone 27899 arrived Mobile 55063 Email:

secUR U LT R A

iTy me


• heavy duty stainless steel mesh • Provides total security & unspoiled views without the need for bars & grilles • retro itted to your windows Call Cook islands steel for a quote

Phone 23677


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

BanK oF The CooK isLanDs

a CuT BeLoW The resT

8 . 8



variaBLe home Loan raTe.



variaBLe Business LenDing Base raTe

eFFeCTive ToDaY! our giFT To our naTion For iT’s uPComing BirThDaY

Your BanK KeePing ProFiTs LoCaL akano’o nei i tana moni tere ki roto i te Kuki airani * usual lending margins apply to base rate.


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te iPUKAReA

The people’s bank invests in culture to invest in culture throughout the Cook Islands,” said BCI’s managing director Vaine Nooana-Arioka during the signing of the sponsorship agreement between BCI and event

THE BANK of the Cook Islands

(BCI) has once again signed up as a gold sponsor for this year’s 2013 Te Maeva Nui celebrations. “It’s very important for us

organiser Business Investment Trade Board (BTIB), who was represented by chief executive Terry Rangi. At the signing, BCI executive Nooana-Arioka made specific

mention of the bank’s direct contribution to the outer island’s festivities, which are being held in conjunction with a week long bash in Raro. in addition to organising

sponsorship activities, BTIB’s Rangi also highlighted the “BCI Te Maeva Nui Trade Days”, which he described as the promotion of “Authentic Cook Islands products”.

BTIB chief executive Terry rangi (left) and BCI’s managing director Vaine Nooana-Arioka during the signing of the sponsorship agreement. 13072917


@ aroaBeaChsiDeinnarorangi

Ph 22 166

oPen DaiLY For BreaKFasT 8-10am anD LunCh 12-2Pm

LeBonvivant C





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Live enTerTainmenT!

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sunset BBQ w/ GArTh youNG - PIaNo 6PM sunset Cocktails w/ W/Rudy aquINo 5.30PM – 7.30PM sat seafood BBQ w/ JAKe NuMANGA - uKuLeLe 6PM

Our food our passion 6pm till late Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619


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BCI customer service manager Rod Fox added, “BCI is a community bank, and a prosperous community will make prosperous islands.” As well as the sponsorship announcement, Nooana-Arioka urged people to watch out for a special announcement to be made by the bank today. In addition to BCI’s contribution, a number of Cook Islands businesses have dug into their pockets to make this year’s Te Maeva Nui celebrations a reality. Island Car and Bike Hire and Telecom Cook Islands are the event’s silver and bronze sponsors respectively. Specific mention has been made to the following businesses supporting Te Maeva Nui: T&M Heather, Air New Zealand, Vonnia’s, Turoa Bakery, Aro’a Beachside Inn, The Heritage Holdings, Pitt Media Group, and Cook Islands News. Additional thanks from the organisers goes out to Palm Grove, David Akanoa and Family, Tauariki Wear, Tamarind, Tex Mart, Pacific Resort, Empire Theatre, Kiikii Motel, Taio Shipping, Tamariki Manuia Dance Troupe, The Sunset Resort, Bishops Cruises, and Huanan Fisheries. Lastly, organisers send their gratitude to Island Craft Ltd, Tina and Stephen Numanga, and Steve Lyon of Paciic Divers for supporting the 2013 Te Maeva Nui celebrations. - ES

Bowlers assist Creative Centre

SIXTY-THREE Australians arrived on Rarotonga last week as part of the Cook Islands Bowls Carnival. Their itinerary has been full to the brim, but so far they have played bowls, had the opportunity to get to know the other participants as well as mix and mingle with the locals. The group have visited churches and joined in the singing, Cook Islands style. On Monday the bowlers paid a visit to the Creative Cen-

tre after indulging in a game of bowls, right after they got dropped off for the Te Maeva Nui parade where they marched behind the Brass Band. The Creative Centre, situated in Tupapa, is a school for adults with disabilities and helps them develop skills that will enable them to make positive contributions to society. The centre relies heavily on donations and the bowls was part of a fundraising event for the centre according to acting

principal Gail Kimi. The Creative Centre allows its members to express their creativity by participating in crafts sessions and they generate income by selling the crafts at the centre and the Punanga Nui market. Tricia coop from Springwood in the Blue Mountains, Australia, said she was loving her visit here “it has been quite enjoyable spending a day out bowling”. - Sahiban Kanwal

greaT 8.30Pm The gaTsBY

6Pm & 8.30Pm

ePiC Ph 189 For uPDaTes on The movie hoT Line

BigsCreen,DoLBYsounD,unBeaTaBLeBLoCKBusTermovies every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999



Bowls Carnival group members Tricia Coop, Margaret spencer, and rae Barton with Creative Centre acting principal Gail Kimi on Monday. 13072922


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

Te Maeva Nui spirit alive in Manihiki HENUA Manihiki is alive with the spirit of Te Maeva Nui. The island is in full celebration mode with the villages of Tauhunu and Tukao competing in numerous events from colourful cultural dances and singing to ishing competitions and traditional sports. Prime minister Henry Puna and wife Akaiti are back on their home island to join in the celebrations where he reports the atmosphere on the northern group islands is “absolutely awesome”. “The celebrations here are overwhelming and enjoyable – it makes me wonder why we haven’t done this before,” said Puna from Manihiki via phone. He says he is getting a lot of enjoyment from the spirit of the Manihiki people in celebrating the nation’s 48th year of selfgovernance. Puna says that the celebrations are even more special as the whole island from the young babes to the mama and papa are all involved in the items and competitions on the island. The island’s loat parade was of the aqua kind where ishing boats were dressed up and paraded across the island’s lagoon. A fishing competition, also part of the islands Te Maeva Nui celebrations reeled in almost a tonne of ish which was cooked for everyone on the island and will also be on the menu for the island’s celebration closing ceremony.

Yesterday the attention was on the sports ield where people from the two villagers competed in a number of sports including traditional sports such as ishing, diving and paua cleaning. Puna has been involved in the organising and preparations for the celebrations, helping out clean pigs for the umu, and he adds that he was also looking forward to going out to one of the motu to collect coconut crabs which were also on the menu during last Friday’s opening ceremony. Puna commented that the coconut crabs were huge and succulent. He says that this is testament to the islands conservation programmes. Puna says that the overwhelming feedback from the enjoyment people are getting from running their own Te Maeva Nui celebrations on the island has made him think more about the future of the Te Maeva Nui celebrations. “We need to listen to their voice,” says Puna. He points out that only those outer island people that are part of the tere party to Rarotonga actually get to enjoy the national celebration and with this year’s celebrations being held on each of the outer islands – everyone can be part of the festivities. The island of Aitutaki is also set to have huge celebrations on their island with eight teams to take part in a variety of compe-

titions from string band competitions to traditional dancing and singing as well as a ishing competition.

The island has received $26,000 in sponsorship from Air Rarotonga and Matson to run their programme and provide

Tauhunu village during their stunning action song performances.

The Tukao Child Welfare loat was full of healthy children from the village.

Tukao villagers sing their hearts out during their choir performance.



prizes for their various competitions. Meanwhile on Rarotonga – the irst night of the reduced Te

Maeva Nui nightly competition ran last night and will continue tonight and tomorrow night. - Matariki Wilson


Members of the Tauhunu Holy Parish on their kikau decorated loat.


Prime Minister henry Puna enjoying the festivities back on his home island of Manihiki with mayor Ngamata Napara. 13073106


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

BreasTFeeDing suPPorT


CLoseTo moThers

Even when mothers are able to get off to a good start, all too often in the weeks or months after delivery there is a sharp decline in breastfeeding rates, and practices, particularly exclusive breastfeeding. The period when mothers are at home is the time when support for mothers is essential. Continued support to continue breastfeeding can be provided in a variety of ways. Traditionally, support is provided by the family. As societies change, however, in particular with urbanization, support for mothers from a wider circle is needed, whether it is provided by health workers, community leaders, or from friends who are also mothers, and/or from fathers/partners. Support for breastfeeding can influence a mothers decision to breastfeed and to have a positive breastfeeding experience. Five circles for support have been identified for breastfeeding mothers. WOMEN IN THE CENTER CIRCLE: Women are in the center because the presence or absence of support impacts them directly. Women also have an important role in securing support and in providing support to others. FAMILY AND SOCIAL NETWORK: Husbands/partners/fathers, family and friends are the mother’s immediate and continuous support network. Social support includes community support - at the market place, within a religious context, at a community event, etc. Support during pregnancy reduces stress. Support during labour and birth empowers the mother. Community support increases the mother’s confidence in her ability to breastfeed beyond the early weeks and months. HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS: This includes a multitude of opportunities to support breast feeding. These opportunities range from support during pregnancy and antenatal classes, support during labor and delivery and after delivery and postnatal care that facilitates bonding and optimal infant feeding. Nurses in the maternity ward offer information and support to mothers during antenatal classes and provide assistance to mothers after delivery and are also available for advice and help when mothers are discharged. Public Health Nurses also offer assistance during postnatal visits and when mothers visit the clinics in the community.

mouth guards are worn in the mouth to protect teeth from injury on impact during contact sports. The Cook islands rugby union has made a rule that all players in all grades of the rugby union competition must wear a mouth guard. But really and honestly did you need a ruling to tell you that you should be protecting your teeth? mouth guards should be used by everYone. all children and adults who play any contact sports such as rugby, league, boxing, soccer, hockey and any other contact sport that might pose a risk of injury to the mouth. Let’s face it… accidents can happen during any physical activity. The advantage of using a mouth guard is that it can help limit the risk of mouth-related injuries to your lips, tongue, and soft tissues of your mouth. mouth guards also help you avoid chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage to a tooth or even tooth loss. The CiTC Pharmacy stocks the boil and bite type mouth guards. These protectors are made from thermoplastic material, that when placed in hot water will soften. The softened mouth guard can then be placed in the mouth and shaped around the teeth using inger and tongue pressure and a mild bite (not too hard!). The mouth guard should be resilient, comfortable, it properly and not restrict your speech or breathing.


To care for your mouth guard: • Rinse your mouth guard with cold water before and after each use • Occasionally clean the mouth guard with toothpaste and a toothbrush. • Store the mouth guard in the container you buy it in to protect its shape and integrity. • Protect your mouth guard from high temperatures — such as hot water or direct sunlight to minimize distorting its shape. • do not share mouth guards as this can spread bacteria and viruses. • Mouth guards should be replaced after each season because they can wear down over time, making them less efective. You should be checking for wear and tear every now and then as a precaution. Teens that are still growing may need to replace more often. Look after that beautiful Cook island smile of yours and buy and wear a mouthguard!


PharmaCY “Westockthebrandsyouknowandgiveyouadviceyoucantrust”

WORKPLACE AND EMPLOYMENT: Employed women face challenges and need support to succeed at working and breastfeeding. Workplaces can support mothers by providing storage for expressed breastmilk, appropriate breaks for breastfeeding and a comfortable area to breastfeed, as well as providing appropriate maternity leave.. GOVERNMENT/LEGISLATION: Women who plan to breastfeed or who are already breastfeeding benefit from the support of international documents and government. Legislation that combats aggressive marketing of breastmilk substitutes and enacts paid maternity leave also benefits breastfeeding women.

urBanBeauTY PLaY BY The BeaT The Brrrrrr! uniTeD ruLes - no Hotwater bottles A girls got to stay on top guarDnogame! Be in quick last lot of her game to live life in

RESPONSE TO CRISIS OR EMERGENCY: Support is needed IF a woman finds herself in an unexpected and / or serious situation, with little control. Situations that require special planning and support are: natural disasters, divorce proceedings or critical illness of mother or baby. Breastfeeding is special for so many reasons, including: • The joyful bonding with your baby • The perfect nutrition only you can provide • The cost savings • The health benefits for both mother and baby In fact, breast milk has disease-fighting antibodies that can help protect infants from several types of illnesses. And mothers who breastfeed have a lower risk of some health problems, including breast cancer and type 2 diabetes. Fathers, partners, and other people in the mother’s support system can benefit from breastfeeding, too. Not only are there no bottles to prepare, but many people feel warmth, love, and relaxation just from sitting next to a mother and baby during breastfeeding. Keep in mind that breastfeeding is a learned skill. It requires patience and practice. For some women, the learning stages can be frustrating and uncomfortable. And some situations make breastfeeding even harder, such as babies born early or health problems in the mother. The good news is that it will get easier, with the support of our family, community, fathers, partners, workplaces. Women are special because only they can make the food that is uniquely perfect for our babies. Invest the time in supporting mothers to breastfeed — for our health and for the bond that will last a lifetime.

by shannon

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Mouth Guards Discount for bulk orders


immunoForTe 60 TaBLeTs High potency vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support the body’s immune system

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Many mothers give up breastfeeding exclusively, or stop breastfeeding completely, in the first few days to six weeks after delivery, due to lack of support.This year’s World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) theme, ‘BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT: CLOSE TO MOTHERS’, highlights the need to support mothers to breastfeed.

mouTh g ua r D s

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PharmaCY— resuLTs. no eXCuses. The onLY retail pharmacy on rarotonga with a fully qualiied and nZ registered pharmacist.


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303



RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES deadline for next day’s classiieds is


Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.



Takuvaine Tutakimoa Football Club AGM 2013 Monday 5 August 2013 Takuvaine Meeting House at 6pm. Meitaki Maata. 72872 /33294 /2178

NOTICE TO ALL LANDOWNERS TOTOKOITU SECTION 26B1 TAKITUMU. The High Court has directed that the owners of the above land are to attend a meeting of owners to be held at the courthouse on Rarotonga at 10am on Friday 2 August 2013 in Court Room No.1 to continue the irst meeting that was adjourned in respect of an application to partition the said land. 72800 /33252 /1931


The Oice of the Prime Minister wishes to advise the public that as Cook Islands Constitution Day – 4 August falls on a Sunday, Constitution Day will be observed as a public holiday on Monday 5 August 2013, as stipulated under the Public Holidays Act 1999. For enquiries please call 25494. 72665

The Cook Islands Red Cross Society will be holding its annual general meeting on Friday 2 August at 5pm at the cook Islands Red Cross Society Headquarter. Agenda: -Welcome and opening prayer by President -Apologies -Acceptance of new branch -Adoption of agenda -2011 AGM Minutes -Matter arising from minutes -Presidents report -Secretary General’s report -Finance report -Branch reports -Election of oice bearer’s -Other matters -Closing prayer 72764 /33191 /2005

Titikaveka Soccer Club AGM Notice 7 August 2013, 5.30pm, Kent Hall current and interested players encouraged to attend. Moeroa Tamangaro President.


Public Notice The Ministry of Agriculture will start with the eradication of the Oriental fruit ly in Aitutaki from Monday 29 July 2013. As from Monday next week, the Ministry will put a stop to the movement of all fruits and vegetables to and from Aitutaki. This same restriction applies to all other islands. The Ministry of Agriculture is urging the general public to adhere to this very important notice regarding the movement of fruits and vegetables to prevent this pest from reaching the other islands. For further information call 28711.


THE COMPANIES ACT 1970 SECTION 336 Notice is hereby given, that Pursuant to Section 336 of the Companies Act 1955 (NZ) as applied in the Cook Islands by virtue of the Companies Act 1970-71 and after the expiration of three (3) months from the date of this notice concerning the names of the companies listed below, unless course is shown to the contrary, steps will be taken to have them struck of the register of companies for failing to pay their annual return fees and ile their annual return forms. Penalty fees are imposed where the annual return forms are submitted more than one month after the time speciied (30 June of each year) of $30.00 4 142

yEAr 1971 1974



185 272 274

1976 1978 1978







566 629 713

1985 1985 1986



893 974 1141 1158 1177 1187 1188 1196 1267 1501 1523 1678 1692 1792 1893 1921 1984

1989 1990 1992 1992 1992 1992 1992 1992 1993 1996 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2000 2001



1998 2018 2038 2049 2051

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2073 2083 2090 2108 2142

2002 2003 2002 2002 2002

72874 / /2488

MISSING 1 orange Frenzy Ocean Kayak and 1 yellow/black Feel Free paddle. Lost in lagoon in Aroa Beach area. Please call 22020 during business hours or 55025. 72896 / /2020

FOUND Black wallet found outside the back entrance to CiTC mainstore. Wallet has been handed in to the police station. 72833 /72833 /1931

Found headphones and t-shirt in the carpark at Muri, next to rugby ield. if they are yours please ring Brian at Cafe Jireh and let us know what colour the headphones are. 24776. 72889 / /2673

SHIPPING NOTICES Lady Mona Voy 04 On return from the North, she will load for Palmerston, Nassau, Pukapuka. Sailing 9 August 2013. For further enquiries please call 24905 or 24912. Taio Shipping Ltd. 72721 /33187 /1857

Classiieds • Phone 22999


PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 1 MURIENUA BY-ELECTION 2013 IMPORTANT DATES FOR THE BY-ELECTION PURSUANT to Sections 105(2), 30(2), 31(1) and 111(b) of the Electoral Act 2004 (the Act), I, TAGGY TANGIMETUA, Chief Electoral Officer, HEREBY APPOINT the following dates and times for the Murienua By-election: 1. the date appointed for the By-election is 19 September 2013. 2. Nominations of candidates shall close on 16 August 2013 at 12 noon and each and every such nomination together with the sum of Five hundred dollars ($500) shall be lodged with the Chief Electoral Oicer on Rarotonga. 3. the Main Roll shall close on 6 August 2013 at 4pm. 4. objections to names on the Main Roll shall close on 13 August 2013 at 4pm. 5. the supplementary Roll shall close on 20 August 2013 at 4pm. 6. Objections to names on the Supplementary Roll shall close on 27 August 2013 at 4pm. DATED at Rarotonga this 31st day of July 2013. taggy tangimetua CHIEF ELECTORAL OFFICER



2167 2172 2207 2212 2259 2286 2303 2307 2320 2326 2342 2382 2406 2431 2439 2467 2468 2471 2475 2476 2491 2569

2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2006



2601 2610 2611 2614 2616

2006 2006 2006 2006 2006

cOMPANy NAME Maruia Holdings Limited Moana Roa Beach Resorts Limited Mainline Brown Construction (Paciic) Limited Puaikura Reef Lodges Limited Abbotts Laboratories Limited Radio Ikurangi Limited Paciic Management & Investments Limited Cook Islands Dairy Foods Limited Embroidery Colour Mecanixs Rarotonga Limited trends Limited Centrepoint Limited Muri Holdings Limited Cook Islands Commercial Cleaning Limited Maire Nui Nurseries Limited tuki's Pareu Limited Blue Note Company Limited Michigan Motors Limited Backpackers International The Ariki Shop Limited Friendly Mart Limited terone Pearls Limited OTC (1993) Limited Island tours Limited A7 Holdings Limited Jayar Holdings Limited strickland Motors Limited osheen Gem Limited Warner Cook Islands Limited Mana Rentals Limited Aluminium Services Limited Rarotonga Plaster Board Lining service Ltd Akatere Limited saltwater Café Limited Gemini Limited Brightwater Paciic Limited Deluxe Flooring Limited the Cook Islands Fishing Company Limited te Putiare Limited Pawpaw Patch Limited Pandanus Lodges PtY Limted Paciicbride Inc Limited Cook Islands Plumbers Limited Cook Islands Health & Fitness Centre Limited Altia Warehouse Limited La Muria Cook Islands Limited Fish Cook Islands 11 Limited The Nu Bar & Bistro Limited Aretai Beach Villas Limited Inanui Limited Yellowbird Lagoon Villas Limited MELennium Enterprises Limited Aitutaki Joinery Limited Ra Mura Property Rentals Whatever Bar & Grill Limited Eitiare Framhein Limited tsEP security services Limited typically Cook Islands Limited B + C Properties Limited Mumbai Magic Limited South East Asia Trading Limited Maurua Beach Bungalows Limited Enuamanu Enterprises Limited Island Choppers Limited Arrowsmith Ventures Ltd Fallon Enterprises Limited Paciic Energy Solutions (C.I.) Limited tepaki 7 Holdings Limited the Cooks' Limited M.A.E.Holdings Limited Mervin Communications Limited CItL Holding Company Limited

2620 2628

yEAr 2006 2007







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2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011



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2011 2011 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012

cOMPANy NAME Almost Trade Limited Matariki FM Limited Are Meitaki Natural Therapy Clinic Limited Ambala Garden Lodge Limited Dockside Gourmet takeaways Limited Orongo Aitutaki Limited Beachsand Ventures Limited Metuariki Bro's & Sons Limited Air Vaka Limited Marine services Rarotonga Limited Club-Bana Bistro Limited Restaurant Holdings Limited Akirata Limited Napa Beachfront Hideaway Limited Rekareka Brewery Limited Northern Cook Islands Fishing Company Ltd DNt Enterprises Limited scope Limited Kia orana Hair salon Limited Evita Villa Renting Limited Linita Paciic Limited te Manava Management Limited Cocoputt Limited Kukicel Limited Kukinet Limited Kuk I Net Limited Kukitel Limited Capt Moko's Fishing Charters Limited Reef Fish Marketing Limited Altitude Scafolding Limired Rarotonga Motor Vehicle Importers Limited Harvetec Limited Citrio Group Limited Mase Enterprises Limited Paciic Schooners Limited te Vaka Limited Bounty's Catch Limited total Maintenance services Limited Vaka t.V Limited Coast Cook Islands Limited Cooks Addiction Limited Quality I.t. Limited Magic Gardens Limited Latitude Limited Magic Flame Limited Atiu Vanilla Limited Enuamanu Vanilla Limited Loud N Proud Limited Vivofx Cook Islands Limited tropicbird Limited team Ravakai Limited te Moko Limited ocean Escape Limited tuanua Fishing Limited LE tropique Limited Cook Islands Aquafarm Limited Aitutaki Energy Limited Paciic Maritime Services Limited Lagoon Exports Limited Business 2 Business Hire Limited Chilled Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Limited Paciic Island Technologies Limited Rarotonga Property Limited Cowan Construction Limited Cook Islands seabed Mining Corporation Limited The Box internet & Gaming Limited Eco Executive Car Care Limited topshape Limited Annie's Internet Café Limited Carz Limited shazlex Limited shipping Cook Islands Limited

Dated at rarotonga the 1 day of August 2013 Marie Haupini Deputy Registrar of Companies 72902

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Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News



All brand new boxed items Sony dvd/cd player $160 Panasonic cordless phone $80 Telecom touch phone $180 Telecom lip phone $160 Phone 72183.

Red Cross Youth Garage Sale Time: 7am - 12pm this Saturday at the Red Cross Oice in Tupapa Opposite Club Raro


Senior Inspector – Employment Relations Labour/ Workers Compensation/ Employers Liability

Nilisk aero 25 Industrial Wet & dry Vac Cleaner with automatic on/of switch for power tools $500 Trader don 22919 72890 / /2058

Live Pigs For Sale Prices from $120, $150 to $200. Phone 75807 and 23876. 72903 /33330 /1931

72851 / /1902

The Ministry of Internal Afairs has a vacancy for the position of senior Inspector – Employment Relations within the Labour & Employment Relations Oice. If you are interested in the position, a full job description and information pack is available upon request. Please contact Eva Mapu, phone 29370 or email admin@intaf. Applications must be addressed to the Secretary of the Ministry. Applications close 1 August 2013 at 4pm.


SERVICES Personal Training Fat Burn Strength & power Stamina & endurance Body build or toning Kick-Boxing initial programme (6 weeks) Call Clem 75647. 72899 /33336 /1931

Classiieds • Phone 22999


Ph 22336



Animal Clinic


Camping tent, sun lounge chairs, curtains, children’s clothes & warm jackets, toys, vacuum cleaner, push chair, adults clothes 16 plus, books, linen, dunlop set 4 tyres & hub caps 175 x 70 x 13, 4x 110 stud, roof rack, s steel, taps, dewalt tool kit, shower tray & kitchen sink bench. Come Check Us Out. Where: inland Rd of back Rd, opp T&M Heather, Arorangi, 21458. 72904 /33315 /1931

SITUATIONS VACANT Wanted live in housekeeper nanny.Phone 52595. 72835 /33265 /1931

Nissan Station Wagon car @$2,700. Phone 76689.

WORKERS WANTED: Looking for a Full Time Building & Ground Maintanance Workers. Must be a Reliable,Trustworthy and Self Motivated Personnel. Able to work on the weekends & evenings. Sober habits and a non smoker is a must. Call doreen on 25483 or 55583.

72895 /33324 /1931

72747 /33317 /2186

2006 Holden Rodeo V6, Too many mods & extra’s to list, Excellent condition comes with 4x spare 20 inch tyres. Great Truck, $25k ono. Phone 50240. 72892 /33297 /1931



WATER, WASTE & SANITATION UNIT the Government of the Cook Islands (CI Gov) is embarking on a multimillion dollar upgrade of the water supply system on Rarotonga, with the goal of “delivering potable water, reliably, to the boundaries of properties connected to the existing water supply network, by 2015”. In order to achieve its target, the CI Gov has formed ‘Te Mato Vai’ – the Cook Islands Water Partnership – with the governments of the People’s Republic of China and New Zealand. Funding for the water supply upgrade will be provided through a combination of Cook Islands budget funding, a Chinese government loan and grant assistance from New Zealand. The upgrade to be carried out on Rarotonga, will involve rehabilitation of 12 water intakes, creation of additional storage capacity, construction of treatment plants and replacement of all trunk mains, ring mains and local distribution to the boundaries of all properties served by the current network. the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning (MoIP) in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) invites applications for the posts of ‘Te Mato Vai’ Communications Team Leader in its Water, Waste and Sanitation (WATSAN) Unit. WATSAN seeks applications from appropriately qualiied and experienced individuals or irms, to provide leadership of the Communications Work stream for ‘Te Mato Vai’. the Communications Team Leader will be appointed on a contract basis, for an initial period of one year, with the possibility of extension to the full duration of ‘Te Mato Vai’. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a new team, tasked with making improvements in water infrastructure, policy and practice that will contribute to the supply of reliable potable water to the boundaries of all properties on Rarotonga. TE MATO VAI COMMUNICATIONS TEAM LEADER Communication with our stakeholders is a critical component in the successful delivery of the te Mato Vai project. this includes working with schools awareness programmes; writing press releases and news columns; managing social media; working with event’s organisers; overseeing the design and production of collateral; co-ordinating community information events and preparing brieing documents for senior politicians. To lead these activities, we are seeking an experienced Communications Team Leader who has the energy, expertise and skills to implement a comprehensive communications strategy across a wide-ranging programme of work, throughout Rarotonga. the successful candidate will be able to demonstrate a track record of successful delivery of communications in multi-faceted programmes of work. For this position an interest in or understanding of the water sector and environment would be a distinct advantage. Above all, the successful candidate must be passionate about making a diference to the long-term well-being of the Cook Islands. If you would like to apply for this position, please submit a letter of application with a current CV to: Tekao Herrmann Acting WATSAN Manager Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning PO Box 102, Rarotonga A copy of the TOR can be emailed to you upon request. The ‘Te Mato Vai’ Communications Strategy to be implemented by the Communications Team Leader is in place, and available for interested applicants. The closing date for applications is Friday 2 August 2013. For more information please contact Tangi Taoro by phone on 20321 or by email at 72729


Biosecurity Oicer Vacancy The Ministry of Agriculture is seeking to recruit a Biosecurity Oicer to work within the Biosecurity service. We are looking for a young person aged between 18 – 21 years old that have completed NCEA level 3 qualiications from a tertiary institution. the successful applicant should have good understanding of general quarantine and some computer skills will be an advantage as it involves updating of biosecurity data base registrar. the successful applicant is expected to be willing to up skill his/her knowledge in agriculture science and be luent in both English and Maori, and must have a pleasant attitude and relating to the sharing and transfer of knowledge to the general public. Written applications including CV should be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture, PO Box 96, Rarotonga or e mail A job description is available on request and applications close 4pm, Friday 2 August 2013.

administration Oicer Rarocars Ltd has a vacancy for a varied role to include: •day to day administration of our Hire Purchase system (including credit control) • Reception duties • Vehicle rental transactions • General accounting work - accounts payable, reconciliations, data entry • Other duties as required You will have great customer service skills, be honest and reliable, be able to work unsupervised, have experience with Word & Excel, and come to work with a positive “can do” attitude. Training will be given on our Hire Purchase system (Finpower) - it would be great if you already had skills with Quickbooks. Please email your CV to or ring Vanessa on 22060. 72702 /33178 /1902

Director of United Nations and Treaties Division The Ministry of Foreign Afairs and immigration (MFAi) is seeking a person to lead the United Nations and Treaties division. The director will be responsible to the Secretary of (MFAi). The director is responsible for tracking and facilitating relevant international developments, promoting national interests in the international arena, facilitating engagement and communication with the United Nations, specialized agencies and treaty bodies. The director will also be a member of the Management Team and would therefore be expected to contribute positively to the overall performance of the Ministry. The successful applicant should also possess strong management and leadership skills, excellent communication skills both written and spoken, the ability to observe diplomatic procedures, be a team player and have the ability to build capacity of staf. Full job description please contact: Nga Kamana on ph 29347 or email: secfa@cookislands. Please send a covering letter and CV to: The Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Afairs & immigration or the email above. Applications close Wednesday 7 August 2013 at 4pm. 72750 /33231 /2066



Extension Oicer The Ministry of Agriculture invites expressions of interest from suitably qualiied, mature, and experienced persons to ill the above position. The successful applicant should have a good understanding of organic agriculture, soil science, agricultural extension, and information gathering and dissemination. the successful applicant is expected to assist with the development of agriculture in the outer islands including organic crop farming and the dissemination of production and market information to assist farmers make better informed decisions. He/she must be luent in both the English and Maori language, willing to up-skill knowledge in agricultural science, and have a pleasant attitude. Written applications including a CV should be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture, PO Box 96, Rarotonga or email A Job Description is available on request and applications close 1 August 2013. 72594

• Phone 22999 •


72815 /28129 /2562

72894 / /2204


A tender is hereby invited for the motor vehicle listed below: 1 x Zongzhen ZS125-15 Motorbike Registration No: AAQ482 inspection can be arranged by contacting Andrew Reremoana on 22060, during the hours of 9am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. The highest tender will not necessarily be accepted. Tender will be close on Friday 9 August 2013 at 2pm.


need a little



Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News



Wanted domestic cleaner, Reliable & Friendly, 2 hours daily, 5 days a week. Phone Poko 24084.

Home help wanted. Sunday and Monday For elderly lady Phone Robert 50098.

Locally made crafts

72762 /33136 /1931

CIVIL STRUCTURAL ENGINEER Minimum 10 years experience. 12 month contract. Salary negotiable. Email CV to:


ruaTiTa, mata uri Puati

72821 / /1747

A full time position is Vacant for an Accounting Assistant. Qualiications and Experience with inventory accounts, costings & Purchasing from Foreign suppliers mainly are preferred. Please submit your CV to Prime Foods Store if interested. Attn to: Accounts dept Or email 72824 / /2502

Mareko has a full time shop assistant vacancy available. Must be honest, reliable and friendly. Apply at Mareko’s or phone 54320 for an interview. 72839 /33272 /1991

Chef wanted to cook Chinese food. Phone 26699 to apply 72869 /33293 /1931

HOSTESS Small tourist resort looking for early morning breakfast HOSTESS. Shourt hours, excellent pay, fun local team. Call Tom or Nicole on phone 27030 (mornings). 72897 / /2040

mama siren. Born 19 may 1921, passed away 30 July 2013. Wife of the late ranginui ruatita. Loved mother of makitua, makiroa, ruau, Tina, marina, ranginui, Tuaine, Tutai,ngatupuna,nooroaand ngaoa. Loved feeding mother of Timi, moeroa and Teremoana.Lovinggrandmother of 54 plus grandchildren, 82 great grandchildren and 11 great great granchildren. ‘’a mother holds her child’s hand for just a short time, but holds their hearts forever’’. a service for mata will be held at The Lychway Chapel, corner of Tremaine avenue and roy street, Palmerston north on saturday 3 august 2013 at 9am followed by interment at Kelvin grove Lawn Cemetery. messages can be sent to ruatita Family, c/- Po Box 1014, Palmerston north or may be left at

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 71744


Job Opportunities Due to a growing demand within our resort, The Edgewater Resort & Spa, are currently seeking full time and part time staf, if you are a team player and are looking for an enjoyable yet challenging role we would encourage you to come and join our team. All applicants must have: Good communication skills, be honest and reliable, conidence and personality, the ability to work well under pressure, know how to multitask. Full training will be provided for the right applicants, currently we have these positions available: • Demi Chefs • Kitchenhands • Waiters/Waitress Please contact 55469 for any inquiries, application forms can be obtained from the Front Oice. /

Head Housekeeping Supervisor sea Change Villas is seeking a Head Housekeeper supervisor to join their team. the position involves managing a small housekeeping team as well as hands on work to ensure the presentation of our property is in accordance with our high standards. The successful applicant will demonstrate a can-do, responsible, and lexible approach to work, a keen eye for detail and strong team building skills. Previous experience in housekeeping is essential, and experience with supervision or leading a housekeeping team would be an advantage. The successful applicant must be available to work shift, weekends and public holidays. To apply, please mail your cover letter, CV and references to Sea Change Villas, PO Box 937, Rarotonga. Applications close 5 August 2013. 72643

IT TAKES about two hours to make a ukulele according to M&M Ukelele’s Mahuta Adamu. Mahuta, along with his mother Rosea William Adamu and his father, has been running the ukulele stall for four years. Mahuta Adamu the man behind the art has been making ukuleles, pate drums and

coconut bowls for years and is entirely self-taught in his craft. It took him two years to learn the art of ukulele craftsmanship and he has been perfecting it ever since. While the larger ukulele takes more than an hour to make, Adamu can make a coconut ukulele in forty-ive minutes to an hour.

According to Rosea, who helps run their shop at the Punanga Nui markets, they are selling ukuleles, necklaces, pate drums, tangaroa and kikau brooms, all locally made and crafted as part of the BCI Trade Days. It is a great time for locals and tourists alike to see locally made

arts, crafts, and food, according to Rosea. If you missed going to the markets yesterday, the trade days continue today and Friday at the National Auditorium. Go along and listen to the stirring music played by Mahuta on his ukulele and enjoy the food on offer. - SK

rosea Adamu and her son Mahuta Adamu stand proudly behind their carefully crafted work. 13073148

TUATUA AKAMEITAKIANGA Te akameitaki atu nei maua ko toku tokorua e ta maua nga Tamariki ki te pu tapere, tiakono o Takuvaine e pera Katoa ki te au taeake tei tae mai kite ee’uanga toka (unveiling) o Tom Cuthers (son) aketaau Kimiangatau Cuthers (mother) Kua rave iatu te reira i te maanakai 27 Tiurai 2013, ei muri ake kua rave ia tetai manga kapu tea ki mel street, ruatonga. Te oronga atu nei matou, te kopu tangata i tetai aka meitakianga kite mema Paramani hon mark Brown no tana aka tauturu, te taime o te tumatetenga. Thank you maata. aere, Katoa atu ta matou akameitakianga ki toku taokete vaine, e te taokete tane e ta korua anau e pera Katoa te au taeake tei tauturu mai. Thank you all From mr & mrs Teokotai Cuthers. me e manga takaviri tetai i te unveiling, te tatara apa atu nei au. Thank you. T.C Turou e to Takitumu. Turou e taku vaka tangata. mei rangiatea ki Teimurimotia. Turou, turou, turou e reo tuorooro teia na Pa marie Teariki upokotini ariki ia kotou katoatoa. e reo akameitakianga teia ia kotou katoatoa no ta kotou i rave ite akamaaraanga ite ra o te ui ariki ite ra 5 o Tiurai i teia mataiti taumano e taingauru ma toru. Kua papanunui te angaanga e kua riro ei pararaurenga anga naku e taku vaka tangata no ta kotou i rave. no to kotou ngakau maoraora e te ngakau taokotai kua riro te angaanga manea ta kotou i rave ei kave ite rongo o Takitumu. Kainuku ariki ma toou mataiapo e to raro ia koe. Turou. Ki te Puara a Takitumu. meitaki maata. Te ui rangatira katoatoa o Takitumu ma to kotou katoa, kia orana. Taku Tama ua i roto iakoe e Takitumu, kia akameitaki ia kotou no te karere mou ta kotou i ruru mai. Kia vaio mai te meitaki o te atu ki runga ia kotou katoatoa e kia akararangi mai aia ia tatou ki tona vaerua maanaana e tuatau uatu. otira ua Pa marie Teariki upokotini ariki Takitumu.

oveRSeaS aDveRtiSing We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classiied advertisements and pre-billing. Contact our advertising department phone 22999 email:

TUATUA AKAMEITAKIANGA Te rauka nei iaku, toku tokorua, te anau e te kopu Tangata katoatoa e rua no ta kotou au tauturu, te moni, te kai e te au tuatua akapumaana e te akamaroiroi ia matou i to matou tumatetenga i te takakeanga to matou tuaine ko


Kimiora Pirangi

(vaine Teariki Tinirau) i sydney australia, ta tona au taeake i matou it e kapiki ‘’Ko Karu’’ meitaki maata no ta kotou tu aroa e te tauturu. akameitakianga takake: • arorangi ekalesia CiCC • orometua John andrew, ana & Family • Te Pu Tapere e te Tiakono akaoa, ruaau, Betela e rutaki • hon Tom marsters & Family • hon Teariki heather & Family • mema smiley heather & Family • apostolic Church, new Life Church, sDa Church & The mormon Church • marie & Kimi Taokia and family • Tuaputa Family • iro & nono rangi & Family • mr & mrs nga ritua & Family • Tapu andrew & Family • highland Paradise • Jojo heather & Family • David & metua samuel & Family

• rangi Dean & Teariki Purua & Family • rangi & noo Tiria george & Family • Linda & nga mataora Kore & Family • rangi, Pokoroa Pauka & Family • Tamarua Family, heimata • mere & Tapi Taio Family • P.K Family • Pokipoki Family • Poko Pirangi & Family • rangi & Danny Kelly & Family • Tara, Joan & ngaau Family • nooroa robert Tuoro & Family • vaimotu Family • mataa Dean & Family • Pakau Tokerau Family • Tina Tamaka & Family • Cathy & nuku rangi & Family

salamo 51: e aroa mai koe iaku e te atua e, i toou ra takinga meitaki, no te maata o toou ra aroa, e taparapara koe i taku nei au ara. special ThanK You maatamaata to mrs to mrs Tua Fariu & Family (mama sue!!) Who stood beside us in our time of grief. having you all with us made us feel like vaine is still here. To the many families & Friends whom we may not have mentioned, Words cannot express how much we thank you all and appreciate all your support. god Bless you all

Tinirau Family & Tuake & Pirangi Family, Tuakanga & solomon Pirangi.


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

Youthful lair at college 7s EXCITING rugby sevens games were played at the

Tupapa ield where college students gathered for the annual under 15 college sevens tournament sponsored by CIPS. Light rain added to the excitement of the afternoon with a small crowd of college supporters and visitors to the island enjoying the day’s games. Tereora College, Nukutere College, Papaaroa College, Mauke College Titikaveka College and Rakei Toa competed in the boys division while girls from Tereora College, Nukutere College and a combined team from Papaaroa and Titikaveka College took to the ield to show their lare. Today, the new under 17 division teams will showcase their sevens talent. The tournament, again sponsored by CIPS, kicks off at 12pm today with six boys teams and two girls teams. Tomorrow will see the start of the CITC constitution sevens tournament to be contested by club teams. The tournament will kick off at 1pm and con- MW tinue on Saturday.

A talented Nukutere College player spots a gap in the Tereora defence line and makes a break for it during the two teams match at the college sevens tournament yesterday. 13073141


u17CoLLege7sTournamenT game g1 g2 g3 g4 g5 g6 g7

PooL Pool a Pool B girLs Pool a Pool B Pool a Pool B

Time Thu1augusT-TupapaField 12noon Tereora v nukutere 12.17pm mauke v Titikaveka 12.34pm Tereora v Titi/Papa/nuku 12.51pm Tereora v atiu 1.06pm mauke v Barbarians 1.23pm nukutere v atiu 1.40pm Titikaveka v Barbarians 10 minuTe BreaK

g8 g9 g10 g11

semi's semi's girLs FinaL

2.10pm 2.27pm 2.31pm 2.48pm

Pool a 1st Pool a2nd Tereora W g8

v v v v

Pool B2nd Pool B1st

owenne Matapo of the Tereora College sevens team ires the ball out to a team mate from the scrum. 13073139


W g9

A leggy Nukutere College student leaps over his Tereora College defenders. 13073140

sPeCiaLsinsTore avaiLaBLe TiLL WeDnesDaY 7 augusT simmons ChiCKen Leg QTrs 10Kg

LamB ChoPs 10Kg

ChiCKen Drum &Thigh PieCes




FroZen sLiCeD mahi mahi Fish

irvine Pies

heLLers CLassiC saveLoYs 1Kg


170g $2.30pkt or $84.00 CTn oF 40PKTs

Corn CoBBeTTes 800g

eDamame seasoneD soY Bean 400g



ore T s n i BeeF neW

WagYu (JaPanese BeeF) rumP sTeaK

$19.50kg LamB Leg Bone in


$9.90pkt gourmeT angeL BaY BeeF PaTTies 720g


WaTTie’s hash BroWns 1Kg


oPening hours

mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on sT JosePh rD, avarua. Ph 22259.

in sTore: KiWiFruiT, aPPLes, seeDLess graPes, nZ oranges & more...


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News




NZ748/749 NZ46/45 GZ035/034


2.25AM 6.30PM 3.50PM


1.25AM 5.15PM 2.50PM

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details

frIday auguST 2 NZ748/749 NZ46/61


1.55AM 3.20PM


2.55AM 4.30PM

RARO TO ARR ThurSday auguST 1 0800 AiTUTAKi 0850













1530 1800 1100


1620 1850 1145

1640 1910 1205


1730 2000 1250




OLOMANA 17 - ETd AUCK 19/07, ETA RARO 02/08, ETA AiTUTAKi 05/08 TiARE MOANA 12 - ETd AUCK 25/07, ETA RARO 05/08, ETA AiTUTAKi 07/08


TiARE MOANA 13 - ETd AUCK 14/08, ETA RARO 23/08, ETA AiTUTAKi 25/08

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands News







Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.



hÄgar the horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga

By Dik Browne


The PhanTom

By Lee Falk & sy Barry


Thu high 4.53AM 0.80M 5.30PM 0.70M


Low 11.27AM 0.38M 11.30PM 0.41M


high 5.57AM 0.78M 6.34PM 0.69M








1.1m SW N

12.29PM 0.38M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

SE 06KtS New Moon aug 6 9.51PM

First Quarter aug 14 10.57aM

Full Moon aug 21 1.45aM

sunshine hours

Third Quarter aug 28 9.35aM


araPO - rONgOMaurI thu 1 TANu (Planting)

1.1m SW

TAuTAI (Fishing)

Tanu i te kumara, taro & u’i. Plant kumara, taro & yams.

Kua akamoe ua te ika. Fish sleeping. Front Key:

humidity Thu

Rarotonga Thursday, August 1, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday


Situation: A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and rain remains slow moving over the Northern Cooks. An easterly wind low prevails over southern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Cloudy periods with brief showers. Moderate east to southeast winds. Moderate seas.Moderate southeasterly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Cloudy periods with brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: occasional rain, heavy at times and few thunderstorms over most places, easing to showers tomorrow. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southeasterly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers.





1.3m Se


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, August 1, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Thu sun rise 7.10AM sun set 6.21PM




Moon rise 3.08AM Moon set 2.24PM sun rise


sun set


Moon rise 3.56AM Moon set 3.12PM


25° SE 06KtS


23° SE 05KtS


23° SE 05KtS



23° SE 05KtS

29° SE 08KtS


23° SE 05KtS


Thursday, augusT 1, 2013 cook Islands News

cIPS college sevens tournament




Pa enua teams in netball tourney FUTURe national netballers

will take to the Telecom Sports Arena court on Monday, August 5 for the inaugural Cook Islands age grade netball tournament. The tournament was designed to take advantage of outer island youth on Rarotonga from the outer islands for the annual Te Maeva Nui constitution celebrations. However due to the outer islands remaining on their pa enua to celebrate Te Maeva Nui on their individual islands – outer island teams taking part in the netball tournament will be made up by youth players from Rarotonga with blood ties to their respective pa enua. The tournament will include under 13, under 15 and under 17 age grade teams from Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke, Manihiki and a Country team from Rarotonga. All games will be played at the Telecom Sports Arena starting at 12pm on Monday and continuing on Tuesday starting at 11am. Organised by Netball Cook Islands – the tournament will not only showcase the wealth

of netball talent in the islands, it will also be the inal opportunity for national age grade team coaches to scout for players. At the end of the round robin tournament on Tuesday – a prize giving ceremony will be held as well as the announcement of players that will represent the country in the under 13, under 15 and under 17 national netball teams to play at the second Netball in Paradise tournament to be held on Rarotonga in December. As Monday, August 5 is a public holiday and the tournament being free for all – it’s by far the best event for the community to attend and make it a fun family day out. A food stall will also be at the Telecom Sports Arena so all you need is your cheering voices and pom-poms to cheer the teams on. - MW Monday, August 5 draw – 12.00pm-15U Atiu vs mangaia, 12.50pm-17u atiu vs mauke, 1.40pm-15u manihiki vs Country, 2.30pm-17u mangaia vs Country, 3.20pm-13u mangaia vs Country, 3.55pm-15u atiu vs manihiki,

4.45pm-17u mangaia vs mauke, 5.35pm-15u mangaia vs Country, 6.25pm-17u atiu vs Country.

Tuesday, August 6 draw – 11.00am-15U Atiu vs Country, 11.50am-17U Atiu vs Man-

gaia, 12.40pm-13U Mangaia vs Country, 1.20pm-15U Manihiki vs Mangaia, 2.10pm-17U

Mauke vs Country.

The outer islands will be represented on the netball courts next Monday during the inaugural Cook Islands age grade netball tournament. 13042806

Big hits and fun at ANZ junior cricket JUN ioR cricketers are still

talking about their awesome cricket tournament early this week sponsored by ANZ Bank. The junior under 10 and under 13 boys and girls cricket tournaments drew four teams each to the Takitumu School and Turangi field pitches for two days of fun and action packed cricket. In the under 13 tournament – it was the talented Turangi team that took out the competition with the mixed schools team the Wanderers placing

second. Takitumu School were happy to come third and the little ones from Rutaki took out 4th place but had huge amounts of fun on the ield. Oliver Puru of the Turangi team was named top bowler of the tournament with 10 wickets while team mate Toutika Toutika was named top batter with a whopping 283 runs over the two day tournament. In the under 10 division played at Turangi ield – team Champ 1 from Avana came

irst and team Champs 2 from Turangi came second. Third place went to the Titans babes from Titikaveka and the mixed Zeus team came 4th. The whole aim of the tournament was to give kids the opportunity to enjoy fun and competitive cricket. Meanwhile, yesterday’s under 19 girls and under 17 boys cricket tournament was postponed due to wet weather and is set to take place next week. - Matariki Wilson

under 10 cricketers ham it up for the camera during a break from their fun and competitive games at the Turangi ield this week. 13073122

Thursday 1 August  
Thursday 1 August  

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