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$2 tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vet cautions about elephant idea An EsthEr honey Founda-

tion veterinarian has expressed concern with a proposition that would see rarotonga hosting two elephants for three months before their eventual journey to the Auckland Zoo. Last week, Finance Minister Mark Brown said the government has been approached by officials from Auckland Zoo, who are looking at Pacific island locations to have the animal quarantined for a period of three months. the elephants would be coming from a wildlife orphanage in sri Lanka, which provides the mammals for a number of zoos around the world. Michelle Gray, a senior vet-

erinarian with experience in handling elephants, said she was surprised when she heard about the idea. “It would take a lot in terms of feeding, logistics and housing facilities,” she said. “they can require 100-200 kilogrammes of food a day.” “Primarily, they’re fed hay with fresh fruits and vegetables.” Gray said she was particularly concerned with hay as a food source for the animals. the hay would have to be shipped into the country, and as a biological product it could have the potential to carry parasites and insects, presenting a potential bio security risk.

“Even those little things can affect our economy here,” she said. In addition to food, Gray said there could be a bio security risk in the elephants themselves. Parasites and bacteria have the potential to travel with the elephants, and could affect any mammal species here in rarotonga. Gray added elephants can drink between 100-200 litres of water a day, which could potentially exasperate current issues with the islands water supplies. With regards to logistics upon their arrival, Gray was concerned with the ability to move them from point of arrival to their eventual destination,

and whether rarotonga had the necessary heavy-lifting equipment such as cranes. In terms of a hosting area, Gray said the animals would require fences of at least 2.5 metres in height to keep dogs and other potential pests out, while keeping the elephants in. “When I first read it, I thought it was an April fool’s article,” she said. “It would make

more sense to have them hosted in a country that has established quarantine facilities.” Grey said Australia has previously imported elephants into their country and had them quarantined. the hosting would likely take place in november, and would be subject to a media documentary, which would highlight the entire process - from transporta-

tion and hosting in rarotonga to their eventual move to new Zealand. The inance minister said the documentary would provide substantial international exposure for the Cook Islands. the island nation of niue has also been reported as a potential host for the elephants. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Woman of the Year

Te Ipukarea hits back tE IPukArEA society president

Ian karika has hit back at scathing criticism of his organisation by isheries secretary Ben Ponia. In a media release, karika defends allegations against his organisation’s policies, donors, and re-iterates te Ipukarea society’s (tIs) role in the development of the nation’s marine park. “It is unfortunate that Ben Ponia, the secretary of the Ministry of Marine resources (MMr), chose to play the people involved rather than the ball,” wrote karika. “Make no mistake tIs are not opposed to sustainable ishing.”

the president also took the time to point out the organisation’s involvement in the Cook Islands Marine Park. “... tIs believes the best way to ensure this project is a success is to work together, not against each other,” he wrote. “For the marine park to have any credibility there needs to be a balance between commercial ishing and sustainability and tIs believes the majority of Cook Islanders want a sustainable future for their ocean domain.” On saturday, Ponia criticised the organisation’s catch data which was used in a letter to denounce MMr’s policies and

the practice of purse seining. “... good try. But you got it wrong. It’s a good thing you don’t work for MMr,” wrote Ponia. the remainder of the secretary’s criticism revolved around the issue of national sovereignty. “Let us Cook Islanders decide in our own time and place what is our responsibility of stewardship and not march to the tune of foreign non-government organisations (nGOs), who have their own agendas.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

Te Ipukarea defends role, page 7

Gale-force winds for Raro rArOtOnGA residents should brace themselves for gale-force winds over the next few days. A strong wind warning was issued saturday night, and is expected to stay in place for at least a few more days, with wind speeds increasing today. the wind speed yesterday was 15-20 knots, with gusts of up to 30 knots. Cook Islands Meteorological service director Arona ngari said this is expected to increase to “gale-force” speeds of 30-35 knots today, with gusts of up to 45 knots. the cause of the high winds is the combination of a high-

pressure ridge to the east of the Cooks and a low-pressure system to the west. With the low-pressure system moving east and the high-pressure system standing its ground, the two systems will “squish” together, said ngari, creating strong winds. he said eventually one of the systems must give way, and this is likely to happen in a few days’ time. “usually it’s the high-pressure system that gives in, and the lowpressure system will move from the west.” rain is expected to be intermittent over the next few days,

said ngari. “We don’t expect any downpours until the wind eases.” the weather will be “warmer but wetter” than last week, he said. “With the cloud hanging around, we don’t expect it to be too cold. It acts like a blanket – the more cloud we get the warmer the island can get.” temperatures are expected to range from 19 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius, he said. With the strong winds causing choppy seas, people are asked to be careful when in the water. - Briar Douglas


MAnIhIkI woman rangi Mi-

taera Johnson was named the Cook Islands Business and Professional Women’s Association awards evening on Friday. the CIBPWA’s woman of the year award 2012-2013 in asso-

ciation with Westpac Bank was a colourful event at te Vara nui Cultural Village which Johnson took part in via phone from her home island of Manihiki. her children helene and tairi represented her at the event.

In addition to Johnson, the nominees were Marie Francis, nicolina Jim, teina Mackenzie, tanya savage, Frances taoro, and rosa tauia.

Woman of the Year from Manihiki, page 10


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

worldnEWs nuti no tEIA nEI AO Big one didn't get away A 54-yeAr-old fisherman is safe after his four-metre boat capsized as he was landing a 104-kilogram tuna in the ocean of Hawaii. Anthony Wichman was ishing of the island of Kauai when he hooked the Ahi tuna which caused his boat to capsize. Wichman was able to use his cellphone to call his wife at home to send for help. The Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter who were able to winch the man out of the sea. Friends arrived on another boat and towed Wichman’s boat back to port with the tuna still attached to his ishing line.

Al-Qaeda prison break Hundreds of prisoners at large after attacks on Iraqi prisons BAGhDAD – hundreds of in-

mates have escaped from two Iraqi prisons after gunmen stormed two jails near Baghdad. Fighting raged for several hours after the jails – Abu Ghraib to the west of the capital and taji to the north – came under attack. Mortar ire and suicide bombs were used to gain access to the jails, whose inmates include alQaeda prisoners. At least 20 members of the se-

world BrIEFs LANDSLIDES HAMPER RESCUE EFFORTS cHINA – Landslides and blocked roads have hampered attempts by rescuers to help victims of two powerful earthquakes in northwest china. The tremors in Gansu province on Monday have killed 89 people and injured almost 600. The earthquakes which the US Geological Survey said were of magnitudes 5.9 and 5.6 triggered landslides which buried local houses. Almost all the conirmed dead were in Min county, where a medicine factory employee said he saw an 18-storey tower block, the tallest building in the country, shaking “ferociously” when the quake struck. An oicial at the provincial earthquake bureau said more than 1200 buildings collapsed and 21,000 were severely damaged, adding that 371 aftershocks had been recorded.

ARREST MADE AFTER THREE BODIES FOUND USA – Police in Cleveland, Ohio, are searching a suburban neighbourhood after the discovery of three dead women there. Police chief Ralph Spotts reportedly expects them to ind one or two more bodies. The irst body was discovered in the garage of a house on Friday after police received several calls about a foul smell. A search of the area on Saturday resulted in the discovery of two more bodies, one in a backyard close to the garage and another in the basement of a nearby vacant house. All the women were black. Police said they had been wrapped in several plastic bags. A man, reported to be a registered sex ofender, is in custody. Michael Madison, 35, was arrested on Friday. He has not been charged.

MANDELA ‘GETTING STRONGER EVERY DAY’ SOUTH AFRICA – South Africa’s irst democratically elected President Nelson Mandela, 95, is showing “sustained improvement” in hospital, a government statement says. However, he remains in a critical condition, said the statement from President Jacob Zuma’s oice. Mandela was admitted to a private hospital in the capital, Pretoria, on 8 June with a recurring lung infection. Revered as the father of the nation, he celebrated his 95th birthday in hospital last week. Zuma visited Mr Mandela on Monday and assured him of “the love and support of all South Africans”, the statement said. Mandela’s grandson Mandla, who went to see him on Sunday, said the former president was getting “stronger and stronger every day”.


curity forces were killed as they struggled to regain control. A senior Iraqi MP, hakim Al-Zamili, said that about 500 prisoners had escaped from the notorious Abu Ghraib prison. Most of them were senior members of al-Qaeda who had been sentenced to death. “It’s obviously a terrorist attack carried out by al-Qaeda to free convicted terrorists with alQaeda,” an unnamed security oficial asaid. Abu Ghraib was used to torture opponents of the regime during saddam hussein’s rule, and its infamy increased in 2004 when photographs were published showing detainees being abused by us guards. Gunmen ired mortar rounds at the prisons, and then used car bombs at the entrances. the situation was eventually brought back under control on Monday morning, with the use of military helicopters. Iraqi authorities initially denied any prisoners had escaped in the attacks, but now acknowledge “some” prisoners escaped. Interior Minister Wissam alFiraiji said the attackers, whom he called “terrorists,” had been well-armed. “the attack against taji jail alone was carried out by nine suicide bombers and three car bombs driven by suicide bombers,” he told reporters. “the attackers also lobbed more than 100 mortar shells,” he added. “the inmates are now under control.” Militants have previously targeted Iraqi prisons in similar operations, though sunday night’s breakout appears to be far larger in scale than previous incidents. Prisons themselves have been a focus for sunni grievances, with protesters saying inmates have been unfairly detained and in some cases tortured. - BBC

as many as 500 prisoners including senior members of al-Qaeda awaiting death sentences have escaped in highly organised and deadly attacks on two iraqi high security prisons. AFP

Raped woman free to go DuBAI – A norwegian woman

at the centre of a Dubai rape case dispute has been pardoned and is free to leave Dubai. Interior designer Marte Deborah Dalelv, 24, was on a business trip in Dubai when she says she was raped in March. she reported the attack to the police, but was charged with perjury, having extramarital sex and drinking alcohol, receiving a 16-month prison sentence. the case has angered rights

groups and the norwegian authorities. however, Dalelv has since had her passport returned and was free to leave the country, a Norwegian oficial told the BBC. she was not being deported, and was expected to return to norway in the next few days. the designer, who has been staying at the norwegian seamen’s Centre in Dubai since she was sentenced last week, told the BBC she found out she was

to be freed earlier on Monday during a meeting with public prosecutors. “We came in and we sat down and they told us, ‘you’ve been pardoned’. It’s from the ruler of Dubai. It’s from him personally’. It just feels unbelievable – it’s a very, very good day.” her travel documents have now been returned to her and she was preparing to leave Dubai as soon as possible, Dalelv said. - BBC

Pilgrims greet Pope in Brazil rIO DE JAnEIrO – Pope Francis has been greeted by tens of thousands of Brazilian pilgrims as he begins his irst trip abroad since becoming head of the Catholic Church. The irst Latin American Pope was met by President Dilma rousseff after he touched down at rio de Janeiro airport. the Argentina-born pontiff has travelled to Brazil to attend the roman Catholic World Youth Day festival.

In a speech soon after his arrival, the Pope urged young Catholics to “make disciples of all nations”. “I came to meet young people coming from all over the world, drawn to the open arms of Christ the redeemer,” he said at the rio state governor’s palace. Meanwhile, the Brazilian military said a homemade explosive device had been discovered at a shrine between rio and sao Paulo that the Pope is due to

visit later this week. As Pope Francis disembarked from the Alitalia plane, he was welcomed by President rousseff to cheers and applause from the waiting crowd. A choir sang an anthem linked to Youth Day and he was presented with a bouquet of lowers. the Pope waved before being taken by motorcade to the centre of rio, where thousands of pilgrims have gathered. - BBC

just another day at the beach

PANAMA – Panamanian security forces searching a North Korean ship detained for illegally carrying weapons have found two military jet fuselages. The ship was seized last week after police found undeclared military cargo hidden under bags of sugar in its hold. cuba said it had sent the weapons to North Korea for repairs. Panama has asked the UN to investigate whether there has been a breach of the sanctions against North Korea, which ban the supply of arms to Pyongyang. Prosecutor Javier caraballo said that “in the containers that we’ve opened up to now, we have found two fuselages of MiG-21 jets. We’ve also found some anti-aircraft radars, of the type to launch anti-aircraft weapons”.

HORSES NOT WELCOME AT DRIVE-THROUGH ENGLAND – A woman has been ined for taking her horse into a McDonald’s restaurant in Greater Manchester. Police said the woman, who has not been named, was in the saddle when she was initially turned away from the drive-through kiosk on Bury New Road. The woman then led the animal inside, where it “ended up doing his business on the loor”, a Greater Manchester Police (GMP) spokesman said. McDonald’s said it was unable to serve customers on horseback. A girl riding a pony also went through the McDonald’s ‘drive-thru’ with the woman. A spokeswoman for the company said:“The incident caused distress to customers and disruption for the restaurant.”

today’s Daily Bread From where he sits enthroned he watches all the inhabitants of the earth

read: read: PsalmMatthew 33:13-22 7:21-29

Text: Matthew Text:7:26 Verse 14

a sun worshipper is unfazed as a crowd of young Catholic pilgrims rallies on ipanema beach in rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the eve of Pope Francis’ arrival for the week-long Catholic World youth day. AFP


Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

worldnEWs nuti no tEIA nEI AO

Royal birth: ‘It’s a boy!’ duchess of Cambridge gives birth to future King weighing 8lb 6oz LOnDOn – the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy, kensington Palace has announced. the baby was delivered at 4.24pm at st Mary’s hospital in Paddington, west London, weighing 8lb 6oz. In a statement, kensington Palace said the name will be announced in due course. the title will be Prince (name) of Cambridge. the bookmakers continue to favour George and James. the boy is third in line for the throne. “We could not be happier,” 31-year-old Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, said in a brief statement. the palace said in a statement that the duchess and the baby were “doing well” and that Catherine and Prince William were to remain in the hospital overnight. Outside Buckingham Palace there were euphoric scenes when news reached the gates that a boy had been born. the news was displayed on an

easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace in line with tradition. A bulletin – signed by the Queen’s gynaecologist Marcus setchell, who led the medical team that delivered the baby – was taken by a royal aide from st Mary’s to the palace under police escort. the document said: “her royal highness, the Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4.24pm today.” t h e ke n s i n g t o n Pa l a c e press release said the Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth. “the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news,” it said. And the Prince of Wales, in a separate statement, said he and the Duchess of Cornwall were “overjoyed at the arrival of my irst grandchild.” Prince Charles said he was “enormously proud and happy

to be a grandfather for the irst time”. “It is an incredibly special moment for William and Catherine and we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy,” he added. “Grand-parenthood is a unique moment in anyone’s life, as countless kind people have told me in recent months, so I am enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the irst time and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing the baby in the near future.” BBC royal correspondent Peter hunt said the duke and duchess spent time bonding with their son before they told the family their news. royal doctor Marcus setchell described the new arrival as “wonderful baby, beautiful baby”, the correspondent added. the Queen was, according to protocol, the irst to be informed of the newest addition to her family when William personally telephoned her from his wife’s delivery suite this was followed by calls to proud grandfather Prince Charles and kate’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, who are now linked by blood to

Attack on porn Measures announced to curb internet pornography LOnDOn – the British govern-

ment has announced measures to try to control access to pornography on the internet. Internet service providers will be asked to automatically block access to pornography sites unless customers knowingly request access, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced. Cameron said the move was part of several measures to stop the ease of access to extreme sexual images he said were “corroding childhood.’’ In a speech to a children’s charity, Cameron said that “family-friendly’’ ilters would become the default setting for new customers by the end of the year, and only account-holders would be able to change them. he also announced a proposal to make it a crime to possess violent pornography containing simulated rape scenes, and said Google and other search engines would be asked to block searches based on certain phrases. “Let me be clear to any offender who might think otherwise – there is no such thing as a safe place on the internet to access child abuse material,” he said. Anti-pornography activists welcomed the announcement, but critics said the measures would be hard to implement. Cameron, however, said service providers should be able to come up with solutions. “If there are technical obstacles acting on this, don’t just stand by and say nothing can be done – use your great brains to overcome them,’’ he said. “You’re the people who have

worked out how to map almost every inch of the earth from space, who have algorithms that make sense of vast quantities of information. You’re the people who take pride in doing what they say can’t be done.’’ Other measures announced by the prime minister included: - new laws so videos streamed online in the uk will be subject to the same restrictions as those sold in shops. - search engines having until October to introduce further measures to block illegal content. - Experts from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre being given more powers to examine secretive ile-sharing networks. - A secure database of banned child pornography images gathered by police across the country will be used to trace illegal content and the paedophiles viewing it. Cameron also called for warning pages to pop up with helpline numbers when people try to search for illegal content. he said: “I want to talk about the internet, the impact it is having on the innocence of our children, how online pornography is corroding childhood. “And how, in the darkest corners of the internet, there are things going on that are a direct danger to our children, and that must be stopped. “I’m not making this speech because I want to moralise or scaremonger, but because I feel profoundly as a politician, and as a father, that the time for action has come.

“this is, quite simply, about how we protect our children and their innocence.” But Padraig reidy of freespeech group Index on Censorship said the proposals amounted to “a kind of default censorship. “If a filter is set up as a default then it can really restrict what people can see legitimately,’’ he told BBC radio. “sites about sexual health, about sexuality and so on, will get caught up in the same ilters as pornography. It will really restrict people’s experience on the web, including children’s.’’ Former Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre boss Jim Gamble said it was important to “get to the root cause” of illegal pornography, by catching those responsible for creating it. he added: “You need a real deterrent, not a pop-up that paedophiles will laugh at.” the move has been welcomed by women’s groups and academics who had campaigned to have “rape porn” banned. holly Dustin, director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, said the group was “delighted”. “the coalition government has pledged to prevent abuse of women and girls, so tackling a culture that gloriies abuse is critical for achieving this,” she said. “the next step is working with experts to ensure careful drafting of the law and proper resourcing to ensure the law is enforced fully.” - AP/BBC

Thousands waited outside the gates of Buckingham Palace for the news that came at 4.24pm announcing that duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a son and a future king of england. AFP the British throne. With family – including the entire Middleton clan and new uncle Prince harry – set to arrive at the hospital, it is understood that the couple do not intend to introduce the Queen to her new great grand-son until the Duchess returns home. Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking outside Downing street, hailed the “wonderful news”. “It is an important moment in the life of our nation but I suppose, above all, it’s a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple who’ve got a brand new baby boy,” he added. he said the royal family could “know that a proud nation is celebrating with a very proud and happy couple tonight”. scottish First Minister Alex salmond said: “I am sure that people across scotland will be absolutely thrilled to hear the

news of the birth of a baby boy to the royal couple and will want to join me in wishing the proud parents many congratulations.” And Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones congratulated the couple “on behalf of the people of Wales” as “they enter their journey into parenthood”. the Archbishop of Canterbury, meanwhile, said he was “delighted to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the arrival of their baby boy”. “Along with millions here and around the world, I share in their joy at this special time,” he added. “May God bless this family with love, health and happiness in their shared life ahead.” the Prime Minister said the “whole country will celebrate” the birth of the royal baby as news of the child’s arrival spread across the globe.

“It has been a remarkable few years for our royal family – a royal wedding that captured people’s hearts, that extraordinary and magnificent jubilee and now this royal birth – all from a family that has given this nation so much incredible service,” the prime minister said. ‘“they can know that a proud nation is celebrating with a very proud and happy couple tonight.’ While it may be tenuous, the people of the Paciic – particularly those in solomon Islands but most likely the small nation of tuvalu, can claim some part in the royal birth It is believed that the Duchess fell pregnant last October, within days of returning home from the couple’s hugely successful Diamond Jubilee tour on behalf of the Queen to Asia and the South Paciic. - PNC/sources

What’s his name? LOnDOn – James has emerged

as a clear favourite for the name of the little Prince last night – at least among the betting public. At 2/1, it overtook the earlier leader among boys’ names, George, which is now 5/1 as is henry – Prince harry’s real name. Most punters had clearly expected a girl, with Alexandra the favourite at 7/4. Bookmakers Coral said the royal birth was the biggest non-sporting betting event in the company’s history with cash staked on everything including hair colour and weight. the name the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge choose will set a trend for a generation of babies, with other new parents having a boy anxious to copy them. the top 10 names chosen by the punters are James, George, henry, Arthur, Louis, Albert, Alexander, Benjamin, David and Philip. James has links to both families, but William already has a cousin called James – the Earl and Countess of Wessex’s son Viscount severn. George has been the name

of six kings of England and was the sovereign name of the Queen’s father, George VI, whose actual first name was Albert. It is also one of Prince Charles’ middle names. From Williams’s side of the family both his father’s name, which the Prince of Wales share with Princess Diana’s brother, Earl spencer, and his grandfather’s are likely favourites. At the bookies however, Charles did not even hit the top 10 picks. the Cambridges are also likely to take inspiration from kate’s side of the family, possibly honouring her father Michael, or picking Francis, which is both her father and her grandfather’s middle name. Princess Diana’s middle name was Frances, the feminine form of the name, meaning William could honour his mother’s memory through his son. Less likely are older Middleton family names such as kate’s maternal grandfather, who was called ronald, however thomas appears several times on both sides of kate’s family. the announcement that the

Duchess was in labour sent punters back to the betting shops, and bookmaker Paddy Power said they took $600,000 in bets in the three hours after the birth of the baby boy. Once the Duke and Duchess have given their baby boy his names, the Queen will be informed before they are announced officially – but she is unlikely to exercise her veto. Despite their freer rein, it is unlikely that William and kate would pick a name out of keeping with royal tradition, and they will be mindful of choosing a name that beits a future king or queen. In the past, the approval of the sovereign has held great importance. royal babies’ names are not usually revealed straight away and the public are often left guessing for several days as speculation mounts. royal babies tend to be given a number of middle names. the Prince of Wales has four names – Charles Philip Arthur George. the Duke of Cambridge also has four – William Arthur Philip Louis. - Daily Mail


Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalnEWs nuti no tE PA EnuA

Back to square one on Nauru Asylum seekers in temporary tent facilities after complex destroyed nAuru – More than 400 asylum-seekers awaiting processing on nauru will live in tents and marquees indefinitely as Immigration Minister tony Burke has vowed Labor would rebuild the $140 million facility that was destroyed by fire following a riot on Friday. the Department of Immigra-

tion and Citizenship (DIAC) said the $60 million “provisional” damages estimate was for the buildings at “processing centre one” and did not include labour or other costs such as sewerage or plumbing. Insurance assessors yesterday travelled to the island to take stock of those costs.

paciic BRIEFS PNG QUESTIONING NEW REFUGEE DEAL PAPUA NEW GUINEA – The executive director of PNG’s Institute of National Afairs says many Papua New Guineans are concerned about the new refugee arrangement their government has signed with Australia. PNG and Australia agreed on Friday that all boat people reaching Australia who are subsequently found to be genuine refugees will be resettled in PNG. Paul Barker says the agreement caught many people by surprise and has raised concerns about PNG’s capacity to resettle potentially thousands of foreigners. He says while it provides for increased Australian assistance in infrastructure development, particularly in the health sector, the arrangement seems questionable to many in PNG.

DEAL MAY CREATE EXPLOSIVE SITUATION PAPUA NEW GUINEA – The founder of an NGO which works with squatter settlement communities in Papua New Guinea’s capital has described as potentially dangerous the government’s new refugee agreement with Australia. PNG and Australia agreed on Friday that all boat people reaching Australia who are subsequently found to be genuine refugees will be resettled in PNG. Father John Glynn has questioned how a country which fails to accomodate its most vulnerable can provide new settlers with homes, education, health care and jobs. He warns that people in PNG’s squatter settlements may not react well to the new arrangement. “It really is ridiculous and in fact it could even be dangerous.”

URGENT MEETING OVER SCHOOL FIGHTS TONGA – An emergency meeting has been called this week by the Tonga Secondary School Principals Association, following what it says is the worst attack between rival schools. The police say one student remains in a critical condition following Friday’s attack. About half of the 147 Tupou college students that were arrested in relation to the attack, remain in custody. The chair of the Secondary School Principals Association, Father Aisake Vaisima, says they have called an emergency meeting with principals to try to address the problem. “I believe we need to include the students in trying to come up with a solution to this problem, they probably will ofer us the best solution.”

TOP jOBS ELIMINATED AT LBj HOSPITAL AMERICAN SAMOA – Six top managerial positions at the LBJ Medical centre in American Samoa will be eliminated next week following an assessment of the hospital board of directors. The abolished positions includes at least four people who have been with the hospital for many years. Among those six individuals is a medical doctor whose employment with LBJ spans for more than 10 years. The assessment also found that these six positions were created by the last hospital administration without advertising these jobs. The board is putting the hospital through a inancial restructure.

pOSTIE DIDN’T DELIVER 10,000 LETTERS FRENCH POLYNESIA – Wondering why your relatives in Tahiti never answered to your wedding invititation? A 27-year-old woman in French Polynesia is to appear in court in December for stealing and hoarding mail. The mail theft on Hao atoll was discovered by the woman’s mother-in-law who found several mail bags at her house, containing up to 10,000 letters. She advised police who then detained the postal worker and in a search of her home, found hundreds more unopened letters. The postal service is now distributing the mail items which had been collected over a twoyear period.

PAY RISE AN INSULT TO SUGAR WORkERS FIJI – Sugar mill workers in Fiji are to get a pay rise of 5.3 percent two weeks after they had threatened strike action. The Fiji Sugar corporation says the workers will also get access to health insurance and the special welfare fund, while overtime is being paid for the irst time in several years. But the Fiji Trades Union Council says the small increase just shows how out of touch the corporation is. It says the workers real wages have declined by 40 per cent in the past seven years, while the shorter harvests mean they can remain unemployed for longer, sometimes up to eight months a year. It says the small increase is no consolation. The FTUc says the majority of workers will not be able to meet the health insurance premiums.

the acting president of nauru reportedly sacked the Australian police commissioner on nauru at the height of a riot. About 60 “non-essential” staff were lown out to Australia at the weekend, replaced by medical staff, tradespeople and security experts. Burke said he wanted to get nauru back to normal: “My intention is to be able to get the nauru facility back up and running to its full capacity as soon as is possible. “keeping nauru going is part of the comprehensive regional approach Australia has chosen.” A DIAC spokeswoman said the agency had no intention of transferring any of the nauru detainees to mainland Australia. those who weren’t among the asylum seekers arrested would live in “tents and marquees” until the construction of a proposed new immigration detention complex capable of holding families with children, with access to what the department called “temporary ablution blocks”, or toilets. the rest are being housed in an overcrowded prison. resident Clint Deidenang said the island government had advertised for 30 new prison wardens. the nauru government confirmed it had drafted 20 “reserve” prison oficers from the community to manage the 125 detainees arrested following the riots. the alleged rioters face charges including rioting, wilful damage and arson. those convicted of arson will face life sentences of “hard la-

all accommodation buildings at the nauru processing centre have been destroyed. DIAC bour” under an archaic criminal code inherited from Queensland in 1921. the Director of the Government Information Ofice, Joanna Olsson says 152 men have been arrested and remain in police custody. “I think they’re sort of waiting to have them identiied because obviously the ofice building that all the identity papers were in went up in flames. so they’re trying to identify who’s who.” A spokesman for the salvation Army, which has overseen conditions on the island since september, said the asylumseekers were now “back to square one again”. A nauru-based businessman says people living and working on the island have expressed “real disappointment” about the behaviour of asylum seekers involved in a detention centre riot.

new Zealander Paul Finch supplies labour at the detention centre site and has told radio Australia his staff are now cleaning up the damage. “they’re just annoyed,” he said. “the place was almost totally inished. There’s burnt out vehicles and they’re just going through the process of cleaning up after the ire.” Finch says there has been some resentment from locals about the high standard of accommodation provided to the asylum seekers. “the quality of accommodation that they had was truly better than 90 per cent of what the island people would live in,” he said. however, he says despite this, nauru residents have overwhelmingly welcomed the asylum seekers to the island. “the general attitude of the nauruan people has been a willingness to accommodate them,

to try to understand them, try to get to know who they are and where they’re at, what brought them here,” he said. refugee advocates said the violence could easily resurface elsewhere, such as at the detention centre in Papua new Guinea, which is being expanded to process all asylum-seekers arriving in Australia by boat. there were conflicting accounts of the decision to suddenly dismiss nauru’s police commissioner, richard Britten, a respected Australian Federal Police oficer part-way through a secondment to the island nation. A government spokeswoman said nauru’s acting president, David Adeang, spoke to Britten hours after the violence erupted.“the Acting President asked him if he could control the riots and as he said he was not able to so, he removed him,” she said. - PNC/sources

Kapris killed in shootout POrt MOrEsBY – One of Papua new Guinea’s most notorious and violent criminals, William kapris, has been shot and killed by police during a shootout in Papua new Guinea. national Capital District and Central Divisional Commander Jim Andrews has told reporters that the events follow a tip from the public, ending a nearly three-month manhunt for the infamous PnG criminal. he added as they were moving in to apprehend kapris and an accomplice there was an ex-

change of ire. reports from Port Moresby General hospital suggest kapris and fellow escapee raphael Walimini were both in a shoot-out with police outside the capital, and were taken to the hospital late Monday evening. no police officers were injured in the shoot-out. the grounds of Port Moresby General hospital was teeming with armed police on Monday night. kapris and Walimini escaped from the maximum security

Bomana prison in May, using two pistols allegedly smuggled in by a guard. kapris is well known in PnG for his daring bank robberies and three prison escapes. A reward of $us46,000 was offered for information that leads to his capture, but police said the public response was slow. In June, Commander Andrews said he was aware his own officers are assisting the bank robber to hide in the capital. - PNC

William Kapris shot dead.

Marshalls refutes sex report MAJurO – the Marshall Islands government says a us report naming the country as a sex traficking destination for women from East Asia is “totally baseless”. the us state Department’s Traficking in Persons 2013 report, published last month, has placed the Marshall Islands on a global sex-traficking “watch list” and says the government has done nothing to prevent traficking or help victims. however, the country’s foreign minister Phillip Mulle said the report was published without any input from the government. “there may be one or two iso-

lated incidents but as far I know this is not a rampant activity in the Marshall Islands,” he said. Muller says placing the country on the global sex traficking watch list is totally unnecessary. he says there are other positives in the report that were not covered in local news reports. “We are a strong Christian country, our cultural system is based on our women being our leaders and the backbone of our society,” he said. “so this is really not fair for us, we will respond accordingly so that whatever list we are supposed to be on is taken off.” Muller says despite some need for training for law en-

forcement officials, the government has a very strong and transparent court system and the sex trafficking claims are untrue. the report says the Marshall Islands government has made no effort to identify victims, especially among vulnerable populations, such as foreign and local women in prostitution and foreign men on ishing vessels. Foreign women are forced into prostitution in bars frequented by crew members of Chinese and other foreign ishing vessels, according to the report. however Muller says that in-

formation may have come from expatriates. “there are no prostitutes in the bars,” he said. “What they see is that from time to time the ship captains and fishing masters bring their families in from their countries to visit with them.” “I think that perception is that they’re bringing in Asian women for this kind of activity but actually it’s families coming to visit. “We are going to do some more investigation but I can tell you categorically that this is not happening in the Marshall Islands.” - ABC


Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalnEWs nuti no tE PA EnuA

Has anyone seen the governor? sAI PAn – uncertainty still

surrounds the whereabouts of the former northern Marianas Governor Benigno Fitial following the dramatic collapse of his political career earlier this year. Fitial led the territory earlier this year, leaving behind him a vortex of legal issues which remain unresolved. sensing the inevitable, Benigno Fitial resigned as governor on February 20. he had been impeached by the legislature and was to appear before a trial in the senate, as rnZI correspondent Mark rabago recalls. “he was impeached by the house because of several articles of impeachment basically

focused on management. “Apparently there were some deals that weren’t above board, and there were also some questions about him backing thendelegate Camacho and at the same time his attorney general was organising a party for him which is supposed to be an unpolitical ofice.” the former governor still faces several criminal charges for allegedly shielding his former attorney general, Edward Buckingham from being served a penal summons as he fled the territory last August. Fitial had also been summonsed for releasing a prisoner in the middle of the night to give him a back massage. But the governor bolted from the

commonwealth within 24 hours of resigning and the superior Court issued a penal summons. But a political activist who’s followed the case closely, Glen hunter, says the summons sat at saipan Airport for three months waiting for Fitial to return, which he never did. “Initially what I believe happened is the prosecution asked for an arrest warrant and then one was issued. But then out of respect it was immediately converted over to a penal summons and that’s kind of like a softer version of an arrest warrant. “however, it’s been months since the governor left the island and it’s pretty much public knowledge that there’s been a

penal summons waiting for him here in saipan and he has failed to return.” Glen hunter says that after a campaign by the Ofice of the Public Auditor, which is leading the prosecution, the court reissued the arrest warrant on June 20. But while the hunt for Benigno Fitial took centre stage, Edward Buckingham also remained at large. Mark rabago says Buckingham was initially thought to be in Iowa but was later found to be in the us state of Colorado, but not by northern Marianas authorities. “Because there’s another case against him, that was a lawsuit filed by a former employee of

set for next February in saipan. Fitial was also recently reported to be in the Philippines recovering from gall bladder surgery. rabago says it’s not likely that he’ll be back in saipan any time soon. “he’s believed to still be in Manila recuperating from surgery, there were reports that he is already in a wheelchair and that he may not be coming back to saipan because of his condition.” he says the united states does have an extradition treaty with the Philippines, but the new governor, Eloy Inos, has not made any mention of whether he will request it. - RNZI

the office of the attorney general, they called on assistance from a private detective and he was served summons by that private company that eventually tracked him down to Colorado.” Buckingham was arrested in Denver in May, and then later caught everyone by surprise when, on May 28, he voluntarily returned to the Commonwealth and handed himself in after spending nine months on the run. however, by returning to the CnMI, Buckingham may have breached his bail conditions in Colorado which ordered him not to leave the state. Buckingham is now back in Colorado for medical reasons, but a date for his trial has been

O’Neill defends new refugee plan POrt MOrEsBY – Papua new Guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’neill is unclear on a total quota, cost or how long Australia will foot the bill for the refugee resettlement deal struck with the Federal Government. O’Neill lew back into a political storm in Port Moresby at the weekend after signing the plan in Brisbane on Friday and publicly appealed to his strife-torn nation to accept the agreement. The Paciic leader revealed the irst boatload of asylum seekers to be processed under new rules was due at Manus Island detention centre, 810km north of the capital, within days. But he was unable to put a dollar figure on the total cost of the refugee and resettlement programme, a time frame on how long it would continue, or how much kevin rudd had committed to funding in the enhanced billion-dollar aid budget. “I think Papua new Guinea has done well out of this. It is a good deal for the country.’’

Asked how many refugees PnG could realistically accept, O’neill said he believed the number of boat arrivals, averaging about 100 a day, would drastically fall off under the prospect of resettlement. “We don’t know the numbers yet. I don’t think the numbers are going to be as big as what we think. I think there will be a quick decline. “You can see from the report that smugglers who are now proiting from this exercise have already said they are going to stop boat people travelling. “Genuine refugees will still travel but not the economic migrants. I think it will fall off and there will be much lower numbers.’’ Manus Island facility would be fast-tracked from its present capacity of 250 to house 600 by next year while they would negotiate with other Paciic island nations to get them to accept a certain quota of genuine refugees, he said. his decision to support

rudd’s political deterrent to resettle genuine refugees who illegally arrive by boat in Australia has caused uproar in the poverty-stricken developing nation with a population of seven million, according to Brisbane Courier-Mail reporter Peter Michael. Locals have expressed concern about a “culture clash” and open hostility to the mostly Muslim refugees. “I think those fears are unfounded, there is nothing in the agreement that says refugees will get priority over our citizens,” O’neill said. “We call ourselves a Christian country. I think we need to show some compassion and some sympathy to genuine refugees.’’ O’neill said it was not a new deal but one struck with the howard government in 2006, restarted by the Gillard government, and “extended further” by the rudd Government. PnG is a land of contrasts full of potential in tourism, mining and a $19 billion gas project.

New deal under ire MAnus IsLAnD – People smug-

glers are testing Australia’s new Papua new Guinea asylum seeker solution with up to ten boats on their way amid revelations the cost of the irst year operation of an expanded Manus Island camp could exceed $1 billion. the expected influx comes as asylum seekers who have arrived since the deal was signed have broken down in tears when told they would be taken to Manus Island and resettled in Papua new Guinea. Four boats carrying more than 250 people have arrived since Friday but only single adult men can be sent to PnG immediately with families to remain in Australia until facilities are ready, which could take until next year. A group of 15 Vietnamese asked to be returned home from Manus Island at the weekend with the Australian government offering to give them hoes, wheelbarrows and shovels and

$300 each to encourage them to remain in Vietnam as farmers and not attempt to sail to Australia again. the asylum seekers keep coming amid renewed questions of the two page agreement with Papua new Guinea which provided the country with a blank cheque to resettle refugees. the Austrtalian government is yet to release the cost of the PnG plan but just expanding existing Manus Island facilities to run a processing centre for 3000 asylum seekers is expected to cost up to $1.1 billion in its irst year of operations. And that is before the cost of resettlement, which could cost up to $15,000 per person. the costs, drawn from the Immigration Department’s own contract estimates of operating processing centres, suggest the expansion of Manus Island from 600 detainees to 3000 would incur an initial cost of $600 million. Operational costs of manag-

ing a centre of that size could be as high as $480 million a year, according to recent departmental contracts on the costs of running offshore processing centres. Yesterday Immigration Minister tony Burke said the cost would be less because temporary facilities such as tents would be used. however, PnG Prime Minister Peter O’neill appeared to contradict Burke claiming he would demand a permanent facility. the Government has argued that the eventual cost would be budget neutral because the number of asylum seekers would fall. Meanwhile, uniting Church reverend Elenie Poulos, who is also Chair of Australian Churches refugee taskforce, said the PnG policy was “unchristian”. “turning people away is not a Christian response,” she said. - The Australian

It is also beset by lawlessness, high unemployment, poverty, crumbling infrastructure and a health, housing and education crisis. under the new refugee deal, Australia will half fund the rebuild of PnG higher education system, build a new hospital at Lae, and upgrade the airport, health centres and schools at Manus Island. P n G Opposition leader

Belden nama said it was an “agreement between two men” and “Peter O’neill is making decisions like a chicken with no head,” he said. he said O’neill was kowtowing to old colonial masters. “Do we need to make money off asylum seekers? no. PnG’s problem is not money, but bad inancial management.” At the notorious six Mile market, a haven for violence

and petty crime, betel nut seller Grace Moh, 25, said they were deadly opposed to the move. “We don’t want to get corrupted by other cultures,” said fellow shopkeeper Obert Baree. “they come to spoil us.” Papua new Guinea has passed a motion in parliament to talk about banning other religions from the Christian-dominated nation. - Courier-Mail


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

LEttErs reta

Call for sentencing consistency A sMOkE signaller writes in response to yesterday’s front page

article ‘Punanga tauturu: sentence not right’: “A man pleads guilty to assaulting his partner and the Justice of the Peace discharges him without conviction – I’m lummoxed. An order to discharge an offender without conviction should only be made after serious and careful consideration and not where the offence was deliberately committed. the facts of the offence must be so trivial that a conviction is not warranted. Deliberately hitting your partner warrants some sort of punishment or method of reform. If we want to build conidence in the justice system we need some consistency in the JP’s approach to sentencing.”


own time and place what is our responsibility of stewardship…’ Who is Ben referring to as ‘us’? ‘We’ Cook Islanders are more than keen to make these decisions in our own time and place. ‘We’ Cook Islanders don’t want these decisions made by a ministry being advised by the very Chinese ishing company that is taking our ish. ‘We’ Cook Islanders are not too fussed if some skipjack die of old age while ‘we’ Cook Islanders as you say, take our own good time to come to consensus (the Maori way in case Ben does not know) on stewardship. What’s the rush Ben, a steward takes the long view every time.”

‘PERFECT BUSINESS’ “In MY opinion Minister Bishop has found the perfect business,”

A sMOkE signaller writes: “Marine resources secretary Ben Ponia’s

latest serf-serving letter to the editor [time to clear smoke screens] brings to mind the saying, ‘thou doth protest too much, methinks’. that said, there is one gem hidden there in Ben’s latest verbal diarrhoea, and that is his words, ‘Let us Cook Islanders decide in our

a smoke signaller writes in response to Friday’s lead story ‘Bishop defends boat deal’ that quoted the Marine resources minister. “You sell your boat to a ishing company for $27,000, they give the boat back to you, and you can sell it again and again as many times as you like. Eureka!”

CLOSE LOOk “Is thE proof reader asleep?” asked a smoke signaller yesterday. “I have just noticed two glaring errors in today’s issue: Advert re Prince of Whales Atheletics! (should be Prince of Wales Athletics); and Person to assist with dying pareus (should be dyeing). they must be really sick!” ss: thanks for pointing these out: they have been corrected.

kEEP the smokies rolling in! smoke signals and interesting island photos will be accepted by email (smokesignals@cookislandsnews. com), or text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22999.

‘Full of double standards’ Dear Editor, to the author of the letter ‘rewards for CIP loyalists’ in CI news on Friday July 19 – how naïve of you to suggest that we should trust reuben tylor just because he has been a lawyer for a long time. Isn’t he the same guy who professes to have pioneered the

Cook Islands offshore inance/ trust industry and the passing of secrecy legislation which, as journalist nicky hager alleged harbours tax evasion, money laundering, fraud and other criminal activities? Isn’t he also the same guy who used to own one of the trust companies that he made millions from after sell-

ing it to a foreign investor who, rumour has it, is under investigation by overseas authorities for tax crimes? nothing has muddied this country’s name internationally more than the offshore inance industry people like reuben tylor created. the guy is full of double standards. Inluenc-

ing the formulation of law for private gain is an example of corruption, and that to me is exactly what reuben tylor did. now that he has made his millions from a shady industry that he inluenced the creation of, he thinks he has the right to make false accusation of corruption against others? Oh, and he also

seems to thinks it is okay for him to demand transparency from other people when the industry he pioneered and made his millions from lacks any transparency whatsoever. no member of the public can ever get information about what really goes on in that industry because reuben and other pio-

neers of the offshore trust industry ensured that their nest is protected by making it an offence to disclose information. so to the author of that letter: do you still want us to believe the papa’a man and his double standards? Bush lawyer (name and address supplied)

Super fund case affects all of us Dear Editor, I am writing to update those interested in our superannuation case in front of the high Court. First let me thank everyone who has contributed money to our “fighting fund”. this week we will be spending some of that money on photocopying

and binding as we have a lot of material that needs to go to court. this week’s hearing is to review progress. We have not made as much as we would have liked because the government will not show us the document it has and that we need to make our case. Many readers will share our

concerns that the fund may not be safe from future governmentsit is frightening that the Crown is in court arguing that the $64 million taken into fund represents what it has raised. All of us who lived through the 1990s know how badly wrong government finances can go.

toagate shows us we will have problems of that sort. however, the Crown has said that is irrelevant for the court to look at what took place in the 1990s to understand what the Act was trying to achieve. the Crown is also resisting discovery of wide range of other

materials, without which we believe the court will not have the “best evidence” to do its job. this is a case that affects all of us-if you feel able to contribute to our costs, please feel free to drop those monies in to Brown harvey’s trust account. We promise we will put the money to the best

possible use. Otherwise, if you have spare time on thursday (and particularly if you are one of the 7000 members of the fund) you might want to come down to listen to the case. Andy Olah Arorangi timberland

Shape up or ship out Dear Editor, Your paper of Monday July 16 carried the announcement by the leader of the Opposition, Mr Wilkie rasmussen, that there will be ‘no coalition for Demos’. Editor, we, the many staunch Democratic Party supporters and executives were stunned at the announcement, and some of our caucus members questioned the source of the leader’s authority for making the announcement as our party has no such policies in place. Although our party constitution makes provision for a ‘special conference to approve or disapprove a coalition government’, no special conference has been called for that purpose. the leader went ahead to make the announcement willy-nilly as

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

if he owns the party and dictates its policies. Please leader of the Opposition, shape up and explain the source of our authority to commit our party to a ‘no coalition government’ policy. We do not want to be in the Opposition any longer, and we welcome the opportunity of a coalition arrangement any time. It is alright for you to be in the Opposition always as you are on a cabinet minister’s salary to maintain a quality life style. therefore, please show us your leadership quality by calling an urgent special conference to resolve the predicament that you have put us in or ship out. Concerned Demos (name and address supplied)

Managing Editor John Woods Financial Controller Liz Woods Deputy Editor Helen Greig Chief Reporter/Photojournalist Matariki Wilson Reporters Emmanuel Samoglou Ross McCullough Rachel Reeves Online & Social Networking Editor Briar Douglas Advertising Advertising Assistant Taja Vaetoru Oice Manager Tere Joseph Accounts Manager Tangi Tauira Reception Kura Tauira Oice staf Apii Tua Production Manager Tony Fe’ao Graphic Design & Layout Mahai Daniel Adam Tutuvanu Web Developer Daniel Rolls CIN.PRINT Sales & Marketing Maitland Christiansen Printers Dan Johnston Dennis Campos


Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

Te Ipukarea defends role tE IPukArEA society (tIs)

president Ian Karika is ighting back against accusations of the society being a puppet organisation of wealthy philanthropists who want to take away the nation’s sovereignty. “It is unfortunate that Ben Ponia, the secretary of the Ministry of Marine resources (MMr), chose to play the people involved rather than the ball especially given that the Marine Park was launched by the Prime Minister and it’s government policy and also has the support of the Opposition,” karika writes in response to Ponia’s letter to the editor on saturday (time to clear smoke screens). It was good that the secretary has finally provided some figures on the tuna catch, which tIs and others have been requesting for some time says karika. He says the igures that were used in calculating the tonnage of big eye and yellow fin tuna noted in the recent tIs letter to the editor (18 July, 2013) were based on typical recent catch compositions for a purse seiner catch reported by the government of kiribati, not on the actual data on the Cook Islands catch. MMr have not provided this information to the public. karika says Ponia’s response to that letter, while labelling the calculations incorrect, conveniently forgot to answer the key question, “Why is MMr talking about licensing additional purse seiners when 40 us flagged purse seiners are already permitted to ish in the Cook Islands?” Make no mistake tIs are not opposed to sustainable ishing, says karika. “unfortunately the secretary is also wrong about a number of other matters he raised, which is slightly alarming given that MMr is a member of the Marine Park steering Committee made up of government, traditional leaders and community representatives set up to establish the marine park. For example, Oceans 5 will not determine how much of the park may or may not be closed off to commercial ishing; these

From left: Mareike Sudek, Ben Tautu, Jessica Cramp, Graham McDonald, Jacqui Evans, Teina Rongo, Kelvin Passield and Teariki Rongo Jnr taking part in a recent training session for reef monitoring, part of the Cook islands Marine Park project. PHOTO PACIFIC DIVERS 13072224 are our sovereign resources and something for the Cook Islands people to decide, and that includes MMr. Oceans 5 is an international funders collaborative which, like most Cook Islanders, wants to see our oceans clean and healthy for future generations. Oceans 5 share our vision of an ocean where we can catch fish in our time and so can our mokopuna and their mokopuna. If our ocean treasures and the sustainability of the food supply from it are at risk then that risk is more likely to come from the large commercial ishing vessels that MMr is licensing. Before any real plans and conditions for the marine park can be worked through we need to share information with our

people - including those in the used to consult our people and outer islands - and we need more carry out research so we can have the best marine park possible. research.” In addition the Oceans 5 fundthat is why tIs has accepted the generous offer of the Waitt ing will allow the Cook Islands Institute for the use of their re- to undertake an independent legislative review to help desearch vessel says karika. termine how the “staff of M M r Marine Park will and this includes Oceans 5 share function, and also the secretary were our vision of to develop a manoffered places on an ocean where agement plan. the research trip but we can catch this requires the secretary disapish in our time extensive consultapointingly turned and so can our tion with the Cook the opportunity mokopuna and Islands public, down. their mokopuna. and given the detIs has received mographics of the $200k to date and $600k has been approved by country, this is a very expensive Oceans 5 over a twelve month undertaking. Consultation will be taking period. this funding does include the salary of the small place on all inhabited islands staff but the majority of it will be to explain the marine park pro-

posal and to seek their opinions. Finally it is worth reiterating that tIs was given the task of setting up the marine park by the government, and reports to the marine park steering committee, which is chaired by the Ofice of the Prime Minister.” karika says a little under a year ago, at the formal opening of the 43rd Pacific Leaders Forum, the prime minister formally launched the Cook Islands marine park and in doing so, the commitment of one of the largest areas in history by a single country for integrated ocean conservation and management. “With the full support of my government, traditional leaders and local communities, as well as the past contributions by the present Opposition, the marine

park will provide the necessary framework to promote sustainable development by balancing economic growth interests such as tourism, ishing and deep-sea mining, with conserving core biodiversity and natural assets, in the ocean, reefs and islands,” Prime Minister henry Puna said at the time. “tIs believes the best way to ensure this project is a success is to work together, not against each other. For the marine park to have any credibility there needs to be a balance between commercial fishing and sustainability and tIs believes the majority of Cook Islanders want a sustainable future for their ocean domain,” said karika. - Release


Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

Screen printing on display thE CrEAtIVE talent from recent screen printing workshops is currently on display. Workshop facilitator Anna rasmussen says the exhibition is being held at the Cook Islands national Museum, and will continue until Friday. the exhibition opened last Wednesday to showcase the creations of the group who took part in the workshops earlier this month. Participants created their own designs, which are on display alongside screen printed cloth bags and another piece of art based on their original print. “the participants all really loved it,” rasmussen said of the workshops, which were led by experienced screen printer rennie Peyroux. the screen printing course is one of many taking place this year through the Ministry of Education, with another full intake of the workshops set to take place in October. - Rachel Smith

One of the stunning screen print designs that Facilitator of the screen printing workshops ana rasmussen assists ake Mitchell at the workshops that were held was produced during the workshop. 13071104 recently. 13071101


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

Do ish have an age? knOWInG why the age of a ish

is important was part of the message of Lagoon Day held last week. the answer to the question of ish age lies in the number of rings or otoliths you can count. Every ish has bones inside their heads called Otoliths and these bones form layers of calcium carbonate and the rate at which this happens varies with the age of the ish. This results in the appearance of rings, which can be counted to determine the age of a ish. students and adults alike found out that knowing the age of a ish is important to work out how fast the fish are growing,

how many young ish are being caught in our isheries, to help determine size and structure of the species and most importantly to help with managing our isheries. students from st Josephs school were amongst the group of schools who participated in Lagoon Day and were very keen to know all about rings in ish. tuna fun facts kept the kids and teachers occupied. they also had a go at performing a lagoon health check. Part of the discussion was on biodiversity in marine lora and fauna, and children were also taught about the animals and plants living in the lagoon and

exploring the threats to them and the need for marine protected areas. steve rocliffe, stall host for the Ministry of Marine resources decided to combine his research with his discussion on Lagoon Day. his research is about marine protected areas that are managed by local people, like the raui here in the Cooks. he wants to teach the children about the animals and plants living in the lagoon and exploring the threats to them and the need for marine protected areas. It was all about the lagoon on Lagoon Day, and from the crowd numbers it was well worth it. - Sahiban Kanwal

Otoliths-rings in the head of ish-reveal their age. 13071926

sWitCh On with te aponga uira

unPLug unuseD eLeCtROniCs try to switch of appliances that are not in use, rather than leave them on standby. this includes your tV, computer, DVD player or stereo. Remember as well to unplug your mobile phone charger. it might seem like a drop in the ocean, but you could save a few kilowatt hours and a couple of bucks for the sake of licking a switch. students from st Joseph’s school get up close with some tuna heads at Lagoon day. 13071925


Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

Woman of the year from Manihiki PAssIOnAtE and skilled Manihiki handicrafts creator and cook rangi Mitaera Johnson was named woman of the year at the Cook Islands Business and Professional Women’s Association awards evening on Friday. the CIBPWA’s woman of the

year award 2012-2013 in association with Westpac Bank was a colourful event at te Vara nui Cultural Village which Johnson took part in via phone from her home island of Manihiki. Dressed in her muumuu and with a glass of wine in hand –

Johnson joined the evening’s celebration where she not only listened to the speeches on the night but also address the crowd on the night. Johnson’s children helene and tairi, who attend school in rarotonga, were on hand to

represent their mother at Friday evening’s award. CIBPWA president Jenner Davis says all seven women nominated for the award were worthy of the nomination. “there were seven worthy nominees and the highlight of the evening was the nominee’s support of each other as they listened to the judge’s announcement and then their warmth and congratulations to helene and tairi on rangi’s win. they are a special group of women,” says Davis. In addition to Johnson, the nominees were Marie Francis, nicolina Jim, teina Mackenzie, tanya savage, Frances taoro, and rosa tauia. In the lead-up to announcing the winner, major sponsor Westpac Bank highlighted its support of the event and its ties to larger support of women’s issues in the community.

CIBPWA patron, helen henry, presented the patron’s award to Jolene Bosanquet-heays as a BPW member making significant contributions in the community through various organizations, including a recent appointment to unEsCO. Davis then spoke about each nominee, highlighting their personalities and achievements before asking each to stand and be recognised. she noted the diversity of the nominees and thanked them for accepting their nominations. she encouraged others in the future to do the same if for no other reason than they may inspire someone else who did not know a certain path was possible. After dinner, the judging panel was introduced and Mike Pynenberg, president of the rotary Club of rarotonga, represented the judges in announcing

rangi Johnson as the winner. As winner, Johnson received over $12,000 worth of prizes, including a $2500 cheque from Westpac. Via telephone, Johnson humbly expressed her gratitude and told the crowd she was in her muumuu with a glass of wine listening to the evening’s events. Johnson is passionate about and skilled in local handicraft and the use of local products. her recipes were included in robert Oliver’s award winning cook book Me’a kai and she demonstrated cooking on Oliver’s international television series. Johnson was the Business Advisory Service oficer for the Ministry of Marine resources in Manihiki as part of the 20122013 new Zealand Aid Programme pearl project. she has also participated in regional climate change workshops. - MW/BPW

Woman of the year nominee nicolina Jim. 13072218

Woman of the year Rangi Mitaera Johnson with Robert Oliver during the ilming of his cooking series for Real Pasiika. 13072208

• Do you enjoy working as • Do you have integrity? part of a team? • Do you have excellent • Do want to be appreciated customer service skills? for your hard work? • Do you want to work • Do you thrive on in a fun and enjoyable providing the best possible atmosphere? service?

Westpac Bank manager Brett hooker with rangi Johnson’s nominator Georgia Langdon, Johnson’s children helene and Tairi, Kairangi henry, BPW president Jenner davis with award Judge Mike Pynenberg and the prizes for the woman of the year. 13072213

Come and talk to us at the Careers Expo about a promising career with Westpac. "Banking for generations"

Woman of the year nominee Tanya savage and partner Taki anaru.



Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

Documenting the marine park DAVID hAnnOn didn’t start

out as a conservationist, but years of filming marine life made the impact of humans on the environment hard to ignore. Passionate about the ocean from an early age, the Australian filmmaker has won international acclaim for his images of coral reefs and other marine life. he is currently in the Cooks to help out with a research project for the Cook Islands Marine Park – where a team from Te Ipukarea Society (TIS), Ofice of the Prime Minister, the Paciic Islands Conservation Initiative (PICI) and the national Environment service (nEs) are going on a three-week expedition to investigate the state of some areas of the marine park. hannon will be working as a volunteer to document their efforts. “this is a massive challenge, to ind out what is out there and

which areas need protecting,” he said. hannon has been a diver for many years. he also worked as a fisherman for five years and charter boat captain for another five years. he said his knowledge of the fishing industry “opens doors” and helps him understand his subject material. he began making films in 1988. his work includes the internationally acclaimed ‘Coral sea dreaming – A celebration of reefs’ – which depicts the biodiversity of coral reefs in vivid high-deinition. through his work, hannon said he saw the reality of damage to coral reefs. After ilming at the Great Barrier reef, he returned to the same spot years later and was struck by how little was left alive. he said since he began diving in the 1960s, around 50 per cent of the world’s coral reefs have

been lost, and what remains urgently needs protecting. hannon has recently established the Ocean Ark Alliance – a not-for-proit organisation that aims to create an open-access educational resource and establish conservation initiatives. As part of the Ocean Ark Alliance initiative, hannon wants to make his video library – and those of others – available to schools, tertiary institutions, museums and non-government organisations, including those in the Cooks. “We’re making it available to everyone, but my focus is on secondary schools – they’re the kids who are entering the voting population.” While on rarotonga, hannon helped out at Lagoon Day and ilmed some of the event. Monday saw the start of the marine park research expedition, which will run until August 11. - Briar Douglas

david hannon helping out at Lagoon day at Punanga nui market. 13072201

david hannon and his camera were a star attraction for children at Lagoon day, stealing the limelight at one of the stalls at Punanga nui market. 13072202

Expedition begins A rEsEArCh project to inves-

tigate the Cook Islands Marine Park began yesterday. A team of eight Cook Islands residents are on research vessel ‘Plan B’, which has been donated for the purpose of the three-week expedition. the yacht belongs to the Waitt Institute, which is a member of Oceans 5 – a global collaborative that aims to help protect the world’s oceans.

It arrived in rarotonga on saturday with a permanent staff of ifteen. There were also 10 people boarding the yacht in the Cooks, including members of the te Ipukarea society (tIs), Office of the Prime Minister, the Pacific Islands Conservation Initiative (PICI) and the national Environment service (nEs). the aim is to investigate certain areas of the marine park,

beginning with a site around 320km south-west of rarotonga that has yet to be surveyed. the team will be looking at corals, ish and other invertebrates, and the information they gather will be used as part of the management plan for the marine park. the research expedition will run until August 11, when the ship will sail to Fiji. - Briar Douglas

David Hannon adjusts his camera while ilming the recent Lagoon Day event. 13072203

On tuesday evening join us for our FaBuLOus

island night with superbFeast

Dining 7 - 8.30pm show starts 8.30pm featuring delicious local food

0pm rts 8.3 a t s how t by 0pm s rtainmen 3 . 8 g7 nte Dinin d night e islan lllate Yze ti O B & Ra ithta entw m n i nterta Livee

edgewater Resort - reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentarytransfersprovidedfromanywhereontheisland. saturdayislandnightfeaturesOrama

Plan B was donated as a research vessel for three weeks by the Waitt institute. PHOTO YACHTMATI.COM. 13072227


Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

Design a logo and win $500 FIVE-hunDrED dollars is up for grabs for the winner of a marine park logo competition. the search for a logo to brand the Cook Islands Marine Park began last thursday with the opening of Lagoon Day, and people have until August 16 at 5pm to get their entries in. the winning logo will be used extensively on products, printed material, clothing, me-

dia releases, websites, and other things associated with the Cook Islands Marine Park. the logo design should be easily applied to fabric, paper, and an online format. Prime Minister henry Puna MP has chosen Lagoon Day to launch the search for a uniquely Cook Islands logo with which to brand the Cook Islands Marine Park.

Puna formally launched the Cook Islands Marine Park a little under a year ago at the formal opening of the 43rd Paciic Leaders Forum. It will be one of the largest areas in history by a single country for integrated ocean conservation and management. the Marine Park will encompass approximately 1.1 million square kilometres of the south-

ern Cook Islands’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ). the design of the marine park is still in progress and it is hoped that it will be fully legally designated and zoned by the end of 2015. the logo competition is open to everyone resident in the Cook Islands and to all Cook Islanders living elsewhere. Entries are expected to be

in a high-resolution format and contain a descriptor. they need to include a name, address and phone number and can be emailed to or handdelivered or posted to: Communications Co-ordinator, Cook Islands Marine Park, PO Box 649, Avarua, rarotonga, Cook Islands; tIs Office (half way between tamarind house

and the Fishing Club). those with questions can contact Jaewynn Mckay on 21144 or 55486; or to the above email address. the competition will close at 5pm Friday August 16 and by the end of the following week, the Prime Minister will have chosen the winning logo. the designer of the winning logo will receive nZ$500. - TIS/BD

courtnEWs akava’anga

Vaka jumping decision reserved JustICE sir hugh Williams has reserved judgement for two declaratory judgements that have the potential to significantly alter the Cook Islands political system. Yesterday, the high Court heard arguments from the Crown and Independent Atiu member of parliament norman George, who is requesting judgements on two applications.

“I reserve my decision to consult a law book available only in new Zealand, it will be a while, but not while I am here,” said Justice Williams. the first application has George asking the court to declare the 2007 Electoral Amendment Act unconstitutional. the act relates to the issue of “vaka jumping” or the party hopping law.

Yesterday, George repeated his grievances with the 2007 legislation. “the Electoral Amendment Act is not anti-party hopping legislation,” he said. “It should be labelled as the vote restrictions Act.” the second application relates to the Cook Islands Party (CIP) not accepting George’s resignation from the party on

March 7, 2011. At the time, George said says he was given support by 97 per cent of his voters to leave the CIP ranks and defended his decision by saying he had never paid for a membership card with the party. During yesterday’s sitting, the court heard George had paid $3100 into CIP coffers between 2007 and 2008.

Payments of $200 were made by George fortnightly as part of a plan that saw caucus requesting MPs to contribute a portion of their salary to pay off the party’s debt, which had accumulated to somewhere between $70-$80,000. the court heard only George and current Marine resources Minister teina Bishop heeded the request for funds.

CIP executive Mike savage, who testified in court yesterday, said party members have not been consistently paying annual dues. no definitive decision date was mentioned in court, and Justice Williams said he will be seeking counsel before judging the case. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Public servant let off without conviction

thE hIGh Court was presid-

ed over by Justice of the Peace Bernice Manarangi on July 18 who passed the following judgements:

A man with name suppression – pleaded guilty to a

charge of assault on a female. his lawyer norman George told the court that the man, a pub-

lic servant, was upset that the mother of their two- month-old child was out drinking while he was at home caring for the child. he went to the party where he

then slapped her on the left side of the face. George asked that the man be given the beneit of the doubt as this was the man's irst conviction and that the assault was “a technical assault based on passion”. JP Manarangi said that an assault charge carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison, however given that the baby is so young and that the girl should have been at home she discharged the man without conviction. Rima Iotua – had entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of breach of probationary licence. his case has been adjourned to July 25.

tering a guilty plea to a charge of refusing to undergo a breath test. the police submitted that he should be ined and disqualified for 12 months, in accordance with the penalties for the offence, and also opposed reed’s application for a conditional licence. his counsel kura Wikaitaia submitted that a conditional licence was essential for reed to perform his duties as a manager of a resort, and that the services of another driver could not conveniently be made. JP Manarangi decided that reed could make other arrangements to fuill his duties as resort manager so his application for conditional licence was denied.

Patua Ngatamariki Crummer

Teatuaaveroa Tuakanangaro

– entered a guilty plea for three burglary charges and contempt of court. In January Crummer broke into the ngatangiia Assembly of God church, taking a laptop and microphones. he then did not appear in court three times and a warrant had been issued for his arrest. he had previously entered a not guilty plea to the charges. this time Crummer was released on bail to reside with an aunty. he will be sentenced on August 28. Beniamina Patia – had already pleaded guilty to a burglary at Pandanus, and is now pleading guilty for breaking and entering the archives in takuvaine. Probation oficers said that Patia was to be released on bail because his aunty had agreed to take him under her care. their report said he is doing very well and is working for teava Iro on a plantation. Lawyer Wilkie rasmussen seeks an amendment to curfew conditions set by probation, so that he may go to practices Friday, saturday and possibly sunday nights accompanied by his aunty. Patia’s case was adjourned to August 28. Alex Root Reed – appeared for sentencing after previously en-

–charged with unlawful taking, has withdrawn his guilty plea. his lawyer Charles Petero wants the matter adjourned to get more information from prosecution. the case was adjourned to August 31. Leroy Robinson – robinson entered a guilty plea to common assault and one of not guilty to injuring with intent in an incident that took place in tupapa. Lawyer Wilkie rasmussen said robinson was jointly charged with another defendant, noema kauvarevai, and that it is preferable that they are put forward together on thursday next week. robinson’s case was adjourned to July 24 for sentencing. John Samatua – pleaded guilty to a charge of wilful damage, for smashing a motorcycle belonging to one of a group of youths harassing samatua and his brother in Pue on April 15. the victim claimed that the motorcycle’s damages cost up to $2000. samatua’s lawyer norman George said that samatua had told the youths to leave, but because “authority means nothing” to youth these days they instead attacked samatua’s brother.

he also said samatua was happy to pay a ine but not the amount stated. Because there is no evidence for the proposed cost of damages to the bike, the JP ruled that Samatua is ined a minimal amount.

Damon Harley Anderson Tamariki –had been charged with unlawful taking and theft and is currently on bail. his lawyer norman George wanted to adjourn the case until August 1 so that he can talk with tamariki and work out where to move from here. Eliesa Sivaro – is awaiting a jury trial for rape and indecent assault, was not aware of an extra three rape charges against him. his lawyer norman George requested that matters be adjourned until August 1. Noah Bailey – has not yet pleaded on a charge of excess breath alcohol. his case has been adjourned to August 1. James Estall –was not in court as he was not aware of his case being on call-over. he is charged with dangerous driving causing death, relating to an incident last year where Estall was driving along the main road towards the airport and crashed into the back of a minivan. his case has been adjourned to July 24. Glen Hoff – had his case adjourned to August 1 as his psychiatric report has not yet been made. he has not yet entered a plea for a charge of common assault. Police prosecuter Avele naku said it wasn't done because hoff had left Dr rangi Fariu's office during his appointment. the psychiatric report has to be made to determine whether hoff will be “clear of mind” when entering a plea. Edwin Rangi Tere – was arrested and charged with excess breath alcohol. JP Manarangi fined tere $500 plus $30 for court costs. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia


Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303



PUBLIC NOTICES Apii Rutaki Meeting The Ui Mataiapo of Rutaki and the school PTA committee invite the parents, ex-pupils, ex teachers, committee members and those interested to come to a meeting on Tuesday 23 July, 6.30pm at the Rutaki Meeting House. Agenda - Hosting the Rarotonga Primary Schools Prince of Wales Athletics. chairman. 72655 /33065 /1931

NOTICE OF MEETING NONI GROWERS Meeting 11am Tuesday, 23 July cook Islands. Noni Marketing’s factory, Titikaveka. • Payment of Fruit • Maintenance Plots • Other matters 72670 / /2019

Manuel-Fortes Reunion Meeting At Vakatini Palace Time - 6.30pm Thursday 25 July 2013. Please bring a plate and your rale ticket. 72686 / /2651

TUATUA AKAKITE Oire Teimurimotia Ka veve’a aroa tatou ia Sir Frederick Goodwin e Lady Goodwin a te Ruitoru 24 July 2013 ki te cIcc Sunday School Hall ite ora 5 ite aiai. Kia pou mai tatou e te oire tangata katoatoa ki te paepae o Titikaveka cIcc e taau mereki manga. Teia kapikianga na Peipeiutu te mema parliament, te au pu tapere kia koe e te Oire Teimurimotia. Meitaki Maata.



Cook Islands Party Inc 100 club Results-2nd draw 19 July 2013 1st #10 Tianoa 2nd #03 Rau 3rd #39 Supa 4th #58 c/- Teariki 5th #84 Teina congratulations to all winners and thank you for your continuous support. Just a reminder our 3rd draw will be on Friday 30 August 2013. cIP Executives.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


WORKERS WANTED Full Time, Cook, Cleaner, Gardening, Groundsman, Reliable and Trustworthy. Enquiries to PO Box 124, Rarotonga. 72574 / /2085

FREE EYE EXAMS FREE GLASSES for children. Supporting the community that supports ANNIE at THE EYE PLACE COOKS CORNER Ph. 22121. 72508 / /2656

FOR RENT 1x bedroom unit for rent Avaavaroa, Titikaveka ( next to YWAM). Close to the beach and Wigmores Supermarket. Phone 55422 to view and rate. 72678 / /1726


Front line staf required for immediate start. This is a full time position, must be lexible and able to work weekends. Training will be given to the right person. Phone Kristina on 22534 or 54168 for an interview. 72650 / /1836

Mareko has a full time shop assistant vacancy available. Must be honest, reliable and friendly. Apply at Mareko’s or Phone 54320 for an interview.

VACANCY - MINISTRY OF JUSTICE A vacancy exists within the Ministry of Justice for six (6) months: 6x Data Entry Operators Job descriptions are available on request at the corporate Division of the Ministry of Justice in Avarua. Applications for the above vacancies should be addressed to: The Secretary (vacancy) Ministry of Justice PO Box 111 RAROTONGA Or via email tvaiimene@justice. Applications will close on Friday 2 August 2013 at 4pm. 72688 / /1796

HOUSEKEEPING Short term position available from 5 Aug for approx 2 - 3 months, Flexible hours. Energetic, honest and thorough applicants need apply, full training given. Ongoing employment a possibility. Phone Jan at Aroa Beachside Inn 22166 72681 / /1997

72657 / /1991

72690 /31413 /2557


RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

BAR PERSON WANTED Part time bar person wanted for our Wilson’s Beach Bar. Experience is essential and must be reliable. Excellent hourly rate and good staf beneits ofered. Phone 21546 between 9am 4pm only (Monday - Friday) or email your cv to pash@oyster.

The Ministry of Internal Afairs invite applications for the position of CONSUMER OFFICER. A full Job Description is available upon request. Please contact Eva Mapu, phone 29370 or email: admin@ Applications close on 31 July 2013.

72667 / /1873

72486 /32992 /2039

Very busy Bar/Restaurant is looking for honest, reliable Bartenders & waitresses. Must be able to work day/nights includes Saturdays. Experience preferred, training will be given. Immediate start. Please contact Rosa on 26464/74315 for an interview.

The Chamber of Commerce hereby invites both Members and all interested parties to attend a General Meeting on: Date: Thursday 25 July 2013 Time: 5pm Venue: Café Salsa Agenda: 1. Presentation by the BTIB on their Foreign Investment Application Process 2. Update by the Secretary of Foreign Afairs and Immigration For further information, please contact lynne at the Chamber oice. Phone 20925 or email chamber@ 72597

72689 / /1703

Head Chef We require a Head chef with experience in running a resort catering operation. Must be innovative, energetic, a good communicator, non-smoker and honest. Must be computer literate and available 7 days. Spa Supervisor We require an experienced masseuse & beauty therapist who is experienced in a range of therapies and treatments suitable for a resort spa facility. Must be well groomed, energetic, a good communicator, non-smoker and honest. Must be available 7 days. Restaurant Floor staf We require experienced food & beverage attendants to work part-time in a small resort restaurant. Must be well groomed, energetic, a good communicator, non-smoker and honest. Must be available for evenings. contact 22779.

PUBLIC NOTICE TO:The LandOWners OF rauPa seCTiOn 87e3, POKOinu-i-rarO The Mortgagee of a deed of lease of the above land situated in Arorangi, rarotonga in the area of 1,177m² has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the deed of lease by way of assignment. The sale is subject, among other things, to the landowners waiving their irst right of refusal in respect of the sale and (in the event of them waiving that right), the consent of the majority of landowners residing in rarotonga to the sale by way of assignment. Should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interest you have one month from Friday, 19 July 2013 to notify us in writing. details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchaser are available to landowners whose names appear on the register of Titles, on request to: Heinz Matysik at little & Matysik P.C., Cook Islands lawyers, Avarua, rarotonga, Tel: 21619, Fax 21615 or email:

72558 / /2293



72693 / /1822

Mangaia Rarotonga Culture Rale Results Drawn under Police Supervision Saturday 20 July 2013. 1st Prize 335 Epi Mana Phone 23097/76526 2nd Prize 1500 Tarita Ngametua Phone 21065 3rd Prize 462 chubby Phone 27044 4th Prize 1229 R.T.N.F.J.J Phone 20327 5th Prize 814 Memory Pekepo Phone 71526 Congratulations to all winners, please contact Annie Kauvarevai - Phone 27044/50925 to collect your prize. Meitaki Ngao to everyone that supported with the rale. 72694 /33082 /2406

FOR SALE 1x large female pig approx 30kg or more. Suitable for umukai kave eva or unveiling etc $300, Inquire phone 27272 or 79250. 72687 /33078 /1931

Empty 20L container, $5 each or buy 12 for $48. Phone 25550. 72601 /33034 /2517



PaVeMentaRtCOMPetitiOn Who: open to those schools who entered the competition by 19 July 2013 When: Thursday 25 July 2013 Where: lagoon boardwalk opposite Foodland Time: 9am-11am Theme: Taku Peu Maori Ka Ora (My Maori Culture Will Live) As a lead up to Te Maeva Nui celebrations we are running a free to participate pavement art competition for the schools of rarotonga on the lagoon side of the CBd in Avarua on the Te Maire Nui road. Teams of school pupils will be given a sponsor’s logo to copy onto the pavement in coloured chalk on the day of the competition. The best logo will win a prize and there will be consolation prizes and sponsor give-aways for those participating. As an added safety feature on the day, we have asked the Police to safety cone of the lane nearest the lagoon side whilst we run the competition. For further information please contact Te Tuhi Kelly Trade and Marketing Manager Business Trade & Investment Board email: Ph: 24296

TOURISM PLANS 2013/2014 The Year that was and the Year to come... you are invited The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation Board and Management would like to invite you to its quarterly industry meeting. The key objectives of this industry presentation is to discuss the high level plans and activities for the inancial year 2013/14 and an update on the Australian market by Kerryn Cook. Presentations will be conducted on the following: • Introduction by Chairman, ewan Smith • overview of the 2012/2013 year, Ceo Halatoa Fua • 2013/2014 Budget – director of Finance & Admin, Marcelle rossouw • 2013/2014 Marketing Plans – director of Sales & Marketing, Karla eggelton • 2013/2014 destination development Plans – director of destination development, Metua Vaiimene We introduce our Guest Speaker: Kerryn Cook – Australia General Manager – Australia Marketing Plans When: Tuesday 23 July 2013 Time: 5pm Venue: edgewater resort & Spa For catering and seating purposes, please rSVP no later than 3pm, Monday 22 July, 2013. To register, please contact Carlene Mapu on +682 29435 or email carlene.mapu@ 72588


Tuesday, July 23, 2013 cook Islands News



SALES ASSISTANT We are looking for an experienced front line Sales Person with sound computer knowledge to join our busy team who specialize in the sales of Motorcycles, Motor Vehicles, Whiteware and Power equipment. The main duties will include: Frontline Sales demonstration of Motor and Power equipment record Keeping & Computer data Input Maintaining Client database Merchandising of Showroom and Front yard display You Must: Be outgoing, friendly and positive Be able to work in a team environment Have a Car and Motorcycle license If you think you have what it takes to be part of a great team - and want a golden opportunity to expand your product knowledge - then submit your CV to: Allister Webb – Sales Manager Cook Islands Motor Centre ltd Po Box 74 – rarotonga or email: Applications close Thursday 1 August 2013. /

FREE Spay/Neuter (DESEXING) for ALL Dogs & cats Owned-Homeless-Free-Roaming. call Esther Honey Foundation on phone 22336. Me e puakaoa e te kiorengiao taau kare I tataa/vai’ ia, taria mai, kare e tutaki. Taniuniu atu I te aremaki o te manu - ph 22336.


Classiieds • Phone 22999


72551 /32953 /2172


Head Housekeeping Supervisor Sea Change Villas is seeking a Head Housekeeper Supervisor to join their team. The position involves managing a small housekeeping team as well as hands on work to ensure the presentation of our property is in accordance with our high standards. The successful applicant will demonstrate a can-do, responsible, and lexible approach to work, a keen eye for detail and strong team building skills. Previous experience in housekeeping is essential, and experience with supervision or leading a housekeeping team would be an advantage. The successful applicant must be available to work shift, weekends and public holidays. To apply, please mail your cover letter, CV and references to Sea Change Villas, Po Box 937, rarotonga. Applications close 05 August 2013. /

Teacher Aide (ESOL)

Applications are invited from qualiied and experienced teachers or individuals for the above position to work part time at Tereora College with an immediate start inishing at the end of the school year. Applications close on Wednesday 24 July 2013. A Jd is available online at for viewing; applicants are to send a cover letter, CV with references to: director - HrM division Ministry of education Po Box 97 rarotonga Cook Islands email: 72713


IFRS Accounting Consultant Cook Islands Investment Corporation is in need of an IFrS Accounting Consultant with extensive knowledge of conversion to IFrS accounting. This person needs to be available in July 2013. The Consultant will be working with State owned enterprises in assisting with IFrS conversions which will involve gap assessment, system changes and IFrS Balance Sheets for the years ending 2012 and 2013. Applications close on 26 July 2013 at 4pm. Applications along with a current CV to be sent to CIIC, Po Box 51, Avarua, rarotonga, CooK ISlANdS. For further details contact CIIC oice on (682) 29391 or email 72517

EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES!! NZQA Accredited training –Earn while you learn! We ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with!

HUMAN RESOURCES Human Resources Assistant – Intermediate position! • This busy, varied position involves answering phones, assisting with recruitment enquiries and providing administration assistance. To join the team you will need to be conident, have good organization, communication & computer skills and a great telephone manner.

BUILDING CENTRE Driver/Warehouse Assistant – C class drivers licence! • Involves the assembling and delivery of customer orders and shipping deliveries, recording and receipting of all deliveries and assisting with stock takes. you will need to be organised for this busy position.


extension Oicer The Ministry of Agriculture invites expressions of interest from suitably qualiied, mature, and experienced persons to ill the above position. The successful applicant should have a good understanding of organic agriculture, soil science, agricultural extension, and information gathering and dissemination. The successful applicant is expected to assist with the development of agriculture in the outer islands including organic crop farming and the dissemination of production and market information to assist farmers make better informed decisions. He/she must be luent in both the english and Maori language, willing to up-skill knowledge in agricultural science, and have a pleasant attitude. Written applications including a CV should be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture, Po Box 96, rarotonga or email A Job description is available on request and applications close 1 August 2013. 72594


Senior Inspector – Employment Relations Labour/ Workers Compensation/ Employers Liability The Ministry of Internal Afairs has a vacancy for the position of Senior Inspector – employment relations within the labour & employment relations oice. If you are interested in the position, a full job description and information pack is available upon request. Please contact eva Mapu, phone 29370 or email admin@intaf. Applications must be addressed to the Secretary of the Ministry. Applications close 1 August 2013 at 4pm.



Picker/Drivers Assistant – C Class drivers license an advantage! • Involves assisting with the assembly, dispatch & delivery of all orders around the Island for wholesale customers. you will need to be it and accurate with your orders.

Telemarketer – Great telephone manner! • Taking customer orders over the phone, keeping customers fully informed of new stock, promotions, specials etc. you will need to be organised, have good communication and listening skills, and great customer service skills.

SUPERMARKET Chef/Deli Supervisor – Do you have a flair for food?

• overseeing the production of salads and hot food, ensuring freshness and quality of prepared food and small goods. Suit someone with previous food preparation and supervisory experience with a passion for food.

Checkout Operator – accuracy will win the day!

• Completing all point of sale transactions, balancing and reconciling cash. you will need a big smile and great customer service skills! Talk to us today about starting a career in retail! For further details and a full job description contact eileen or Kai on phone 23191, 54181 or email


Job Opportunities due to a growing demand within our resort, The edgewater resort & Spa, are currently seeking full time and part time staf, if you are a team player and are looking for an enjoyable yet challenging role we would encourage you to come and join our team. All applicants must have: Good communication skills, be honest and reliable, conidence and personality, the ability to work well under pressure, know how to multitask. Full training will be provided for the right applicants, currently we have these positions available: • Housekeeping Supervisor • Housekeepers • demi Chefs • duty Manager • Security/Porters • Front oice • Kitchenhands • Night Auditors • Maintenance Please contact 55469 for any inquiries, application forms can be obtained from the Front oice. /

Biosecurity Oicer Vacancy The Ministry of Agriculture is seeking to recruit a Biosecurity oicer to work within the Biosecurity Service. We are looking for a young person age between 18 – 21 years old that have completed NCeA level 3 qualiications from a tertiary institution. The successful applicant should have good understanding of general quarantine and have some computer skills will be an advantage as it involves updating of biosecurity data base registrar. The successful applicant is expected to be willing to up skill his/her knowledge in agriculture science and be luent in both english and Maori, and must have a pleasant attitude and relating to the sharing and transfer of knowledge to the general public. Written applications including CV should be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture, Po Box 96, rarotonga or e mail A job description is available on request and applications close 4pm, Friday 2 August 2013. 72586


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NZ748/749 NZ46/45 VA163/162


2.25AM 6.30PM 1.45AM


6.30PM 2.25AM


2.25AM 6.30PM 3.50PM


1.25AM 5.15PM 12.50AM

wednesdAy july 24 NZ46/45 NZ748/749


5.15PM 1.25AM

thursdAy july 25 NZ748/749 NZ46/45 GZ035/034


1.25AM 5.15PM 2.50PM

RARO TO tuesdAy july 23 0800 AITUTAKI 1030 AITUTAKI 1530 AITUTAKI

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details


0850 1120 1620

0910 1140 1640


1000 1230 1730

A STRONG WINd WARNING REMAINS IN FORCE FOR ALL sOUTHERN COOks WATERs. Situation: A trough of low pressure lies slow moving to the west of Southern Cooks. Associated cloud and rain afect the group. An easterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Waters: east to northeast winds 20 to 25 knots, gusting to 35 knots. rough to very rough seas. Moderate southerly swells. Poor visibility in areas of heavy rain and thunderstorms. land: Moderate to fresh easterly winds, gusty at times. occasional rain and few thunderstorms. Further outlook: occasional rain and few thunderstorms. For Rarotonga:occasional rain, heavy at times and few thunderstorms. Further outlook: occasional rain and few thunderstorms. For the Northern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate easterly. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Some showers.










Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

answer to Monday’s puzzle

answer to Monday’s puzzle

By Dik Browne

By Lee Falk & sy Barry


Rarotonga Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Tuesday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga




Weather Forecast to Midnight

TUE high 9.47AM 1.00M 10.24PM 0.95M



3.35AM 0.23M


0.3m SW


4.5m NE


WEd high 10.43AM 1.01M 11.17PM 0.98M








Sun, Moon & Arapo

E 15kTs new Moon aug 6 9.51PM

First Quarter aug 14 10.57PM

Full Moon aug 21 6.16PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter Jul 29 5.44PM


ArApo - turu TUE 23 Tanu (Planting) Tanu i te kai katoa. Good time for all planting.




or call us at Cook Islands news

the PhantOM




hÄgaR the horrible



text us on




0.3m SW

TauTai (Fishing) Po ika. Kua torotoro te tupa/koura. Fish night crabs & crayish crawling

Front Key:




4m E


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, July 23, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.



sun rise


sun set


Moon rise 6.45PM Moon set 7.54AM

WEd sun rise 7.14AM sun set 6.18PM


Moon rise 7.49PM Moon set 8.41AM


26° NE 15kTs


25° NE 16kTs


25° NE 16kTs



25° NE 16kTs

29° E 15kTs


25° NE 16kTs


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Takuvaine sports field ready for action




Social 7s comp for women stAY fit this winter and build stronger relationships with your friends and colleagues by entering a team in the women’s social sevens competition starting on August 7 and running for four weeks. the women’s social sevens competition is to get you, your female work colleagues and a couple of the guys on to the ield this winter for some fun rugby sevens action each Wednesday. the competition will comprise of two weeks of ripper rugby to ease everyone into the swing of rugby sevens and to get the fun lowing. the second two weeks of competition will be a rugby sevens format. to make it even more attractive to you and your workmates the games will be played cross field and you can have a maximum of two men on the ield at any time to help make up your team of seven players. there are no registration fees and uniforms are not compulso-

ry although everyone knows that a unformed team is a united one. there are great prizes to be won including $300 cash for the winning team, $200 for second place and $100 for the third placed team. the competition is open to 8 teams and intending teams are encouraged to register your interest now so you don’t miss out. the competition is also a lead up to the ‘Vaka Competition’ set to kick off in september. to register your team – contact Ben koteka on 54469 or Lara sadaraka on 55741. In the meantime, dust off those rugby shorts, running shoes and boots and grab the gals and guys and get into the rugby sevens fun. - Matariki Wilson

Stay it this winter and enter a team in the 4-week social women’s competition starting august 7.


Rippa apopo MOrE than 400 boys and girls from rarotonga primary schools will be twisting and twirling this Wednesday at the annual CI news Primary schools rippa rugby tournament. the one day tournament will include over 30 teams from schools across rarotonga who will put their rippa rugby skills to the test at raemaru Park in Arorangi. this year’s tournament, once again sponsored by Cook Islands news, will be hosted by Papaaroa College who have changed up the format for this year’s competition to give all schools a ighting chance at tak-

ing out top honours. the tournament is always a colourful and fun event for all and parents as well as the community at large is invited to raemaru Park to cheer on the children as they carve up the ield to score tries and fending off defenders attempting to rip off their Velcro tags. rippa rugby is a non-contact rugby based game that sees players wear a Velcro belt with two tags attached. the object of the attacking team is to score a try while the defending team attempt to rip a tag off. - Matariki Wilson

More than 400 boys and girls will rip up raemaru Park on Wednesday for the annual Ci news rippa rugby Primary schools tournament. 12071823

SUP yoga guru returns DOWnWArD dog and sun salutes are no longer reserved for flexible people and yoga classes can be exciting. that’s the buzz that has attracted Charlotte Piho, stand up paddleboard (suP) yoga guru, and a Cook Islander living in sydney, back to her homeland. Cook Islands tourism has partnered with Piho and Coral seas to develop a market for week-long suP yoga retreats. Piho opened her own suP school in the city’s rose Bay in October 2012. her school, Workout on Water has attracted celebrities and nrL football teams for recovery training, which lead to Charlotte abandoning her finance career and five years of study towards a law degree to concentrate on her paddleboard training business. not only is

Charlotte Australia's first and only accredited suP Yoga instructor, she is also an internationally certified yoga teacher (Ytt). According to Charlotte, “yoga on water unites the benefits of both yoga and paddleboarding – providing a truly amazing workout where all elements are connected to one’s true self. I still can’t believe how many people I get coming to do yoga on boards – these classes are ninety percent of my lessons now.” Observing the popularity of stand up paddleboarding in the Cooks and Australia, Charlotte approached Coral seas, one of Australia’s leading travel wholesalers, to package the activity as the focus of a week-long holiday. “If you’re going to salute the sun it makes sense to get outside

and salute it. I’m all for fresh air and sun on my skin and the tranquillity and romance of rarotonga are just inspirational. the clear, warm lagoon adds another dimension to a standard yoga routine, improving your balance and stability…so, it’s great for getting a six-pack too as it really targets your core.” Cook Islands tourism has supported the rarotonga retreats launch with a publicity campaign encompassing media releases, social media posts and the recruiting of four top media outlets to preview the retreats last month. Writers from the news Limited magazine sunday style, Australian Associated Press, Fairfax’s M Mag and Women’s Fitness were universally thrilled to ind themselves covering such a unique holiday activity in such

an inspiring destination. their itinerary also showcased other fun and active things to do like cycling round rarotonga, koka Lagoon Cruises, Pa’s Cross Island Walk, te Vara nui, Coco Putt and nightlife, and the group stayed courtesy of the sanctuary. Andrew Frampton from AAP summed it up: “It was absolutely amazing. In fact, it's dificult to express just how good the whole experience was. the island itself, the activities and the group that travelled were all sensational. Without question the best famil I've ever been on!” this season’s Yoga on Water retreats began on July 20 with more scheduled for August 17 and september 7. to join contact Charlotte through her website - Release/Sahiban Kanwal

Cook islands Tourism has partnered with Charlotte Piho to promote stand up paddleboard yoga retreats. 11081612

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