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$2 Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bacteria levels in streams a concern The annual water quality

report is indicating mixed results for Rarotonga’s lagoon and streams, highlighting the need for more work to improve ecosystem health. The report, released by the Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR), analysed nutrient levels, water clarity, bacteria, and oxygen using data collected in the previous year. Based on the indings, bacte-

ria levels for the island’s streams are of particular concern. Out of 15 analysis points from around Rarotonga, 12 exhibited ‘extremely poor’ readings, with strong indications of animal and human faecal contamination. The report says high concentrations of bacteria can “pose a serious risk to human health”. nutrient levels in streams were also found to be ‘poor’ and ‘very poor’, with only two of 15

Car driver denied bail

The yOung man behind the wheel of a fatal crash that killed three teenage boys was in court Thursday requesting bail while he awaits his trial. This was ngati Tane Vano’s first appearance in court after being charged with three counts of manslaughter and an alternative three counts of dangerous driving causing death. The man, who is in his midtwenties, has yet to enter a plea to any of the charges. Vano’s defence counsel Brian Mason said due to it being his

test points indicating stable nutrient levels. excessive amounts of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous, which are commonly found in detergents and fertilisers, can be conducive to the widespread growth of algae, which is harmful to corals and can pose a public health concern. The lagoon’s water quality also exhibited mixed results.

Bacteria level was excellent at over 93 per cent of the testing points, however nutrient levels were found to be poor at best. “Rarotonga’s lagoon is of central importance to all of our lives – be it through providing food, attracting tourism, or protection from severe ocean conditions,” reads the report. “For that reason it is of critical importance that we monitor and protect our precious resource.

“Many of our actions on land can have unintended consequences with regards to water quality and lagoon health.” The MMR report was produced in collaboration with the national environment Services, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning, the Ministry of health, and the Meteorological Service. Funding has been provided by the new Zealand aid Pro-

gram, auSaid, the european union and Telecom Cook Islands. The report has been created “to provide reliable and accurate scientiic data on the water quality not only in the marine environment around Rarotonga, but also all waters which feed into the lagoon”. The full water quality report is on page 12. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Love bubbles

first appearance, he requested that he not be held in prison, but released on bail. Justice of the Peace Bernice Manarangi denied Vano bail, noting the seriousness of his crime, and he is to remain in remand until his hearing before high Court judge Sir hugh Williams on July 26. If found guilty, he could face life in prison for manslaughter or be fined up to $10,000 for each count of dangerous driving causing death. - Merita Wi-Kaitaia

Rape accused let out on bail an aITuTakI businessman

charged with rape was released on bail yesterday for an unrelated charge of discharging a irearm. Bail had initially been granted in november last year, then refused by Justice of the Peace Tangi Taoro when that decision was challenged by the crown. The accused, under name suppression, is currently in Rarotonga awaiting trial. he told the court he wants to get back to his business in aitutaki as soon as he can. his lawyer norman george told Justice Sir hugh Williams that the accused does not pose a threat. Crown counsel Martha

henry stated that although the charges are unrelated events the accused may interfere with witnesses in aitutaki and that he is proven to have a violent nature. Justice Williams said that because the trial will be a few months away the accused will be granted bail, but only under the condition that he stays in Rarotonga. he also requested that the man’s mobile phone account be monitored by police and that he may visit aitutaki to see his family but must be accompanied by his lawyer. The man is charged with rape and two accounts of discharging a irearm. He will appear for a - MK call-over on July 24.


deana nichols said ‘I do’ to hubby dave Scovell in an underwater wedding that she described as stress-free and the most meaningful moment of the couples lives. Big Fish dive Centre made the couple’s dream of ‘taking the plunge’ a reality with a dive trip that also include a guest list of around 50 family and friends. “Getting married underwater was so liberating, I didn’t have to worry about hair or makeup or looking like a princess. It was a really genuine moment and a true celebration of our relationship without any of the supericial or commercial fuss,” says Nichols.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no TeIa neI aO Masterpieces up in smoke Romanian investigators have found the remains of paint, canvas and nails in the oven of a woman whose son is charged with stealing masterpieces from a Dutch gallery in october last year. The mother admitted to torching the artwork to “destroy evidence” after her son’s arrest. The art was valued at between $US130m-260 million. The missing works include monet’s ‘Waterloo Bridge’, Picasso’s ‘Harlequin Head’, matisse’s ‘Reading Girl in White and Yellow’ and Lucien Freud’s ‘Woman with Eyes Closed’.

Detroit city bankrupt once thriving metropolis becomes largest US city to ile for bankruptcy DeTROIT – The uS city of Detroit has become the largest uS city ever to ile for bankruptcy, with debts of at least $uS15 billion. The city, once a symbol of uS industrial power, is seeking protection from creditors who include public-sector workers and their pension funds. Detroit has faced decades of problems linked to the decline of its industry.

world BRIeFS SCHOOL FOOD POISONING VICTIMS BURIED INDIA – 19 of 23 children who died from eating school supplied food tainted with insecticide in the Indian state of Bihar, were buried in and around the school grounds on Thursday. Their parents want the graves to serve as a reminder their children died because of negligence. In all, 47 primary school children fell ill after consuming a meal of rice and soybeans on Tuesday. 22 were conirmed dead on Wednesday and another was conirmed dead the next day. The headmistress of the government school has led. Free food for students reaches 120 million children in 1.2 million schools across India, according to the government. Oicials said the children showed symptoms of poisoning by organophosphorus, a compound also used as a pesticide for crops.

RETURNING WAR SOUVENIRS TO OWNERS VIETNAM – Two Australian Vietnam veterans are taking war relics of public display and handing them back to Vietnamese families. Bob Hall and Derrill de Heer are military researchers at the University of New South Wales who have spent more than three years matching artefacts recovered from the Vietnam War battleields with the relatives of dead Viet Cong soldiers. Hundreds of letters, drawings and items such as jewellery had found their way back to Australia with returning troops. The Vietnamese embassy in Australia says it may seem a simple gesture, but it will mean much to the Vietnamese people. “It’s my belief that if the situation was reversed we would want the Vietnamese to do this for us,” Hall said.

OPEN SEASON ON UNMANNED DRONES USA – A town in colorado, USA, is considering paying bounties to anyone who shoots down an unmanned drone. Next month, trustees of Deer Trail (population 600) will debate an ordinance that would allow residents to purchase a $US25 hunting license to shoot down “unmanned aerial vehicles.” The town would pay $100 to anyone who can produce the fuselage and tail of a downed drone. The expansion of drones for commercial and government use is alarming, said resident Phillip Steel. Under the proposal, hunters could legally shoot down a drone lying under 1000 feet with a 12-gauge or smaller shotgun.

ORIGIN STREAKER FACES LIFETIME BAN AUSTRALIA – The streaker who disrupted the inal stages of Wednesday night’s State of Origin decider faces a lifetime ban from the venue. The man removed his clothing and ran almost the length of the ield at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, tripping just short of the tryline in an adventure which cost Queensland a try two minutes from fulltime. It was only after he fell that security managed to catch hold of the invader. NSW back-rower Ryan Hofman was impeded as he tripped over the man, Matt Scott scoring only to have what would have been his irst Origin try and the match-winner taken of him. The man faces a ine of up to $A5500 and possible lifetime ban from the venue.

Detroit’s public services are in a state of near collapse and around 70,000 properties lie abandoned. however, Mayor Dave Bing has vowed that public services will keep running and wages for public workers will be paid. On Thursday, Michigan stateappointed emergency manager kevyn Orr asked a federal judge to place the city into bankruptcy protection. If it is approved, he would be allowed to liquidate city assets to satisfy creditors and pensions. Detroit – known as Motor City for its once-thriving automobile industry – stopped unsecured-debt payments last month to keep the city running as Orr negotiated with creditors. he proposed a deal last month in which creditors would accept 10 cents for every dollar they were owed. But two pension funds representing retired city workers resisted the plan. Thursday’s bankruptcy filing comes days ahead of a hearing that would have tried to stop the city from making such a move. Orr suggested at the time there was a 50-50 chance of the city needing to ile for bankruptcy. he also said the city’s longterm debt could be between $17 billion and $20 billion. At a press brieing on Thursday, Orr said filing for bankruptcy was the “irst step toward restoring the city”. Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder said he had approved the request from Orr to ile for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, adding that residents needed a clear exit from the “cycle of ever decreasing services”. “The only way to do those things is to radically restructure the city and allow it to reinvent itself without the burden of impossible obligations.” - BBC

An abandoned automobile factory in the US city of Detroit which has this Week iled for bankruptcy in the face of billions of dollars in debts. AFP

Bomber photos revealed BOSTOn – a uS police photographer has released new images of the night Boston bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was caught in response to Rolling Stone putting the teen on its next cover. Massachusetts Sergeant Sean Murphy released the photographs to Boston Magazine, saying he was horriied by the music magazine’s “glamourising” of the april attack on the

Boston Marathon. Murphy said his photos showed the “real Boston bomber, not someone fluffed and buffed for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine”. “I believe that the image that was portrayed by Rolling Stone magazine was an insult to any person who has ever worn a uniform of any colour or any police organisation or military branch, and the family members who

have ever lost a loved one serving in the line of duty,” he said. “What Rolling Stone did was wrong. This guy is evil.” The photos show Tsarnaev emerging from a boat in the backyard of a suburban Boston house, covered in blood. In another a sniper’s laser pointer is visible on his head. Tsarnaev’s brother, Tamerlan, was killed during a shoot out with police. - Fairfax

Chilli pie was last supper TOWnSVIlle – an australian man who died after a pieeating competition said, “jeez, this chilli pie is hot’’, in his inal moments, according to onlookers at a north Queensland pub. Bruce holland, 64, collapsed during the competition, which was part of State of Origin rugby league festivities at Bushland Beach, near Townsville, on Wednesday night. Two nurses on the scene performed CPR before he was taken to hospital, but later died.

Media reports have claimed the man choked, however police said the cause of death was yet to be determined. arthur McMahon, from lillywhite hotel group which owns of the Bushland Beach Tavern, said holland “loved his football”. “he was there to have an enjoyable night and it is such a tragic and unfortunate thing to have happened. he was well known to the whole of Bushie Beach,” he said.

“He was always up for rafles or anything and used to like winning things. “at half time, they had this chilli pie competition and people were asked to volunteer and Bruce put up his hand.’’ holland took a few bites and started to gasp before he passed out. ‘’There were seven other people in the competition and the meat was not overly hot,’’ McMahon said. - Brisbane Times

Sprucing up for the Pope

‘HOLD CALLER, I’LL jUST PEE IN My PHONE’ ENGLAND – UK scientists are claiming a world irst in developing a way to charge mobile phones using human urine. In tests they have been able to charge a Samsung phone by putting urine through a cascade of microbial fuel cells. They generated enough electricity to send text messages, browse the internet and make a brief phone call . They plan to develop the technology to be able to fully charge a cellphone. Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos, from the University of the West of England, said: “The beauty of this fuel source is that we are not relying on the erratic nature of the wind or the sun, we are actually re-using waste to create energy. Using the ultimate waste product as a source of power to produce electricity is about as eco as it gets.” Microbial fuel cells turn organic matter directly into electricity, via the metabolism of live micro-organisms.

Today’s Daily Bread Who forsake the paths of uprightness to walk in the ways of darkness.

Matthew read: read: romans 12:9-217:21-29

text: Matthew 7:26 2:13 text: Proverbs

Workers sweep the steps of the stage constructed for a papal mass and youth vigil to be held at a 300-hectare vacant lot west of central rio de Janeiro, during the visit of Pope Francis to Brazil next week. More than 1.5 million pilgrims from around the world are expected to lock to Rio de Janeiro for the July 22-28 visit during World Youth Day, a major Roman Catholic youth festival. AFP


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Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te Pa enua

PNG to take all asylum seekers australia and Papua new Guinea announce new refugee programme CanBeRRa – australia Prime

Minister kevin Rudd says asylum seekers who arrive by boat will have no chance of being settled in australia as refugees. Rudd has confirmed a deal that will see asylum seekers sent to Papua new guinea for assessment, and if they are found to

be refugees, they will be resettled there. Png’s prime minister Peter O’neill joined Rudd in formally unveiling the plan in Brisbane. Rudd says those found not to be refugees will be sent back to their own nations or a third country.

paciic BRIEFS TEACHERS’ STRIKE FOR THREE MORE WEEKS SOLOMON ISLANDS – Teachers in Solomon Islands have agreed to continue striking for another three weeks or until the government completes all releveling payments owed to them. The National Teachers Association says the education ministry has given SINTA a written assurance that the irst 21 educational authorities will be paid by July 25 and the remaining eight will be paid by August 8. SINTA’s new Industrial Relations Oicer, Samson Faisi, says teachers in the union have agreed to strike until the latter date. “From now until the August 8, all those educational authorities, 29 of them, all the teachers, they are due to be relevelled and also given their increment. They must all be paid by that date.”

DEMAND FOR SECURITy AT PNG UNIVERSITy PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Students and staf from the University of Papua New Guinea’s medical faculty are refusing to return to class until the government can guarantee their safety, following a rampage by soldiers last Sunday. Thousands marched from the University’s Waigani campus to parliament in Port Moresby on Thursday and presented the government with a petition demanding action in response to the attack which left dozens of staf and students injured. The Vice President of the University’s Student Representative council, Nou Vada, says a list of demands by the students includes reimbursements for laptops and books destroyed in the attack, compensation for the victims, and greater security.

FIJI TO FOCUS ON ECO-TOURISM FIJI – Fiji is trying to boost eco-tourism as a way of opening up the lesser-travelled parts of the country. The minister for tourism Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum says Fiji has had a limited approach to eco-tourism in the past, but there is more to Fiji than white sandy beaches. He says improvement is needed in segmenting the industry so that there is variety for tourists, and proper management must be in place to ensure operations succeed. Aiyaz Sayed Khaiuym says Fiji has also established a new system to certify original handicrafts which are distinguished from cheap imported ones and sold to tourists.

UN DEPLOyMENT CRITICISED By POLITICIANS FIJI – The political group, the United Front for a Democratic Fiji, has criticised the regime’s decision to send more soldiers to the Golan Heights to serve as UN peacekeepers. More than 500 troops are to be deployed which the Front describes as another example of the many irresponsible decisions taken by the government during the last six and a half years. It says the increasing trend in military expenditure is alarming and getting out of control, suggesting that Fiji cannot aford this. The group, which is made up of politicians ousted in the 2006 military coup, says for the sake of accountability, the government should publish some essential statistics for the information of the public.

ALCOHOL RESTRICTIONS STILL APPLy VANUATU – Retail sales of alcohol in Vanuatu are to return to normal hours, ending a ban put in place by the government a week ago. The government introduced the ban as a bid to counter what it described as rising criminal activities, but also in anticipation of increased consumption of alcohol around Bastille Day. A government release says the ban will end at midday tomorrow, but that 3am closure times for bars and nightclubs will be strictly enforced this weekend. Police will have road checkpoints and any drunk drivers will have to leave their vehicles. The government has warned public drunkenness will not be tolerated. Earlier this week, police arrested an unnamed government minister for driving under the inluence of alcohol.

STATE OF ORIGIN FEVER TURNS FATAL PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A ight over Australia’s State of Origin rugby league inal has claimed the life of one person in Lae as fans fought after the game on Wednesday night. A man was shot dead and several properties were burnt to the ground following a ight at the Bumbu settlement, Morobe. The ight started when two groups of youths attacked each other over the result of the Queensland-New South Wales match played at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney. The killing angered the victim’s friends who went and burnt down two houses belonging to the suspect. The ighting continued into the morning where catapults, stones, sticks and bush knives were used to chase all Western Highlanders living in the area.

he says the deal with Png is aimed at stopping “the scourge of people smuggling”. “I understand this is a very hard-line decision. I understand the different groups in australia and around the world will see this decision in different ways. “But our responsibility as a government is to ensure we have a robust system of border security and orderly migration on the one hand, as well as fulilling our legal and compassionate obligations under the Refugees’ Convention on the other.” O’neill says he believes strongly that genuine refugees can be resettled in his nation. “Specific communities like Papua new guinea and the other island states continue to have challenges of maintaining their borders and as a result of that we continue to have illegal immigrants into those countries,” he said. “Today’s regional resettlement programme is one that we believe that it’s going to resolve many of those issues that we have brought forward to the australian government. “I believe that the processing centre and the resettlement arrangements that we are forging

‘I understand this is a very hardline decision. I understand the different groups in australia and around the world will see this decision in different ways.’ will enable us to have an orderly processing of citizens, of people who are seeking genuine citizenship in other countries in the region. “That is why we agreed to a resettlement programme where we believe strongly that genuine refugees can be able to be resettled in our country and within the region in the years to come.” The regional settlement arrangement will be effective for 12 months and there will be no cap on the number of people who can be transferred there. Rudd says the new arrangement delivers a message loud and clear to people smugglers

that “their business model is now basically undermined”. The package includes a signiicant expansion of the Manus Island detention centre to house 3000 people up from the original capacity of 600. Currently, about 145 people are housed on the island. Rudd says the implementation of the plan “won’t be inexpensive” and is a “huge burden to budget”. But he says the plan is necessary because the number of asylum seekers coming by boat will continue to increase and because each vessel is at continued risk of drowning. Rudd says this is a clear change in strategic direction and will receive criticism from all quarters. O’neill told the media the new settlement arrangement will help deal with the ongoing challenge of maintaining the borders of countries in the region. Rudd has been under growing pressure to deal with the dramatic increase in asylum seekers attempting to enter australia by boat. Opposition leader Tony abbott says the new policy will

never work with Rudd in charge. “I welcome it, but it won’t work under Mr Rudd. I do welcome the generous response of Png to australia’s difficulties here,” he said. Figures from the Department of Immigration show 15,610 people on 220 boats have arrived in australian waters so far this year. Iranians make up a third of the total making the journey, many others are afghan or Sri lankan. Indonesia has also agreed to a request from Rudd to make it harder for people from Iran to enter the country in order to travel to australia by boat. Indonesian justice minister amir Syamsuddin has signed a letter – in effect a ministerial decree – that will stop Iranians being able to obtain a visa on arrival when they ly to Indonesia. The move could slow the low of people on their way to seeking asylum in australia. Currently Iran does not accept involuntary returns. The government has said that many asylum seekers arriving in australia from Iran are economic migrants, not genuine refugees. - ABC

Schoolboys on rampage 147 students in police custody for attack on pupils from rival school nuku’alOFa – Tongan police

have taken 147 high school boys into custody after an attack on a rival school. Two boys were in hospital with head injuries following the incident, according to the Matangi Tonga website. The teens, from Tonga College, were injured when rival Tupou College students attacked a private home. a police spokesman said the house, which was home to a teacher and several students, had rocks thrown at it at about midnight. “The two injured boys are reported to be in a stable condition but we have in police custody at the nuku’alofa Central Police station 147 students from Tupou College whom we are interrogating,” he said.

Police Commissioner grant O’Fee said that one individual was critically injured, while another student sustained serious injuries and both are in hospital. “I do not regard this as a school ight. We are investigating a very serious criminal offending and this is not a game. The people of Tonga should not look to the police to solve this issue, as this is Tonga’s and everyone’s issue. “I mean there’s not a piece of glass that has not been smashed. I’m advised that this is a rivalry that goes back maybe a hundred years. I’ve tried as much as I can to igure out just exactly what causes it and everyone seems to have a different opinion to be perfectly honest all I know is that they ight at the drop of a hat.”

Police have also ordered the postponement of the finals of the Tongatapu Secondary School Rugby Tournament, due to be played on Friday. Tonga College is an all-boys government school, while Tupou College is an all-boys boarding school run by the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga. The Deputy Police Commissioner ‘unga Fa’aoa said the way the attack was carried out was horriic. a group entered the Tofoa house and smashed it before they tried setting it on ire while residents were inside. he said it was believed that a mother and her children were inside the house at the time, but an investigation would continue to determine the exact number of people present. “I received a report from the principal of Tupou College that many of their senior students were missing. Police officers

were posted to the usual areas we suspected they would target, including guarding the Tonga College compound and an area at Veitongo. however, the group of students targeted the home at Tofoa,” he said. The deputy police commissioner believed some of the students set out on foot from Tupou College to Tofoa while others got a ride. But the group is believed to have assembled at one area before they executed their move to the home, he said. Following the incident police contacted the Secondary School Rugby Committee and asked them to consider postponing the rugby inals on Friday. The Deputy Police Commissioner believed that finding a solution to the ighting between school students needs a holistic approach. - PNC/sources

Riot at Nauru detention camp nauRu – Police and security guards have restored order at the detention centre on nauru after a full-scale riot broke out. a security guard said refugees began rioting late Friday afternoon and within two hours had taken over the centre. he says they gained access to a kitchen and armed themselves with knives and steel bars. Several new buildings were set on ire and the medical centre has been destroyed. at least 15 guards have been injured, including a local police oficer who was stabbed. around 300 of the 500 detainees escaped and guards were worried about a local fuel store

on the island which they feared may be targeted. The security guard says nauru’s president has called on the island’s local men to help detention centre guards restore peace and hundreds of men responded. The Immigration Department conirmed the reports of injuries but it cannot say how serious they are or how many people are hurt. The department says the disruption was not related to Prime Minister kevin Rudd’s announcement of a new asylum seeker policy. The Refugee action Coalition’s Ian Rintoul says the pro-

test is over the slow processing of claims and had been in the planning for the past few days. “The tension has built significantly, I don’t think there should be any surprise about this,” he said. “The recent arrivals, pushed into circumstances where it’s become even more crowded, all the added uncertainty about their delays, every now and then it reaches breaking point. “There was a plan to actually leave the detention centre and march to the airport, and stage a protest at the airport for an hour and then come back to the detention centre. “But it seems there’s been sig-

niicant resistance by the guards and people haven’t managed to get out of the detention centre and we’ve got now a major protest inside the detention centre itself.” he said he has been in regular contact with asylum seekers over the past week and that they are extremely frustrated and angry. “The physical conditions inside the detention centre are deteriorating,” he said. “There are not suficient facilities for the increased numbers that have come and people are increasingly angry about the processing. - ABC


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

RaRocaRs Song about a girl mAKing THe deSiRAble AFFORdAble

Avatiu Wharf • Tel 22060 • Mob 54560 •

auCklanD – auckland reggae

band Three houses Down has released its first Samoan track – paying tribute to one of the island nation’s most iconic festivals. ‘Teuila girl’ is one of six tracks on the band’s freshly launched eP album, ‘Moon and Back’. The song is about a boy’s love for a girl named ‘Teuila’, but also pays tribute to Samoa’s iconic teuila flower and internationally acclaimed Teuila Festival. The 10-piece-band, made up of mostly Tongan and Samoan members, hails from auckland. They have become widely popular around new Zealand and are regular performers in popular reggae haunts around

the world – namely hawaii, las Vegas, utah, los angeles and San Francisco. They have also played to crowds in australia and Tonga. Three houses Down’s new Samoan track is a mix of urban Samoana lingo and english, with the catchy chorus, “Teine Teuila girl! ua na’o oe in my world.” Band leader Rob Pome’e said ‘Teuila girl’ was a nod to auckland’s second most spoken language, as well as to Three houses Down’s many Samoan fans who had supported them over the years. “We’ve done Tongan songs, but this is our first Samoan track. “It’s been a long time coming, but we’re happy to put this out

for them and for all our fans. It’s clever in that it’s about a girl, but also about some of Samoa’s iconic treasures. We hope people like it,” Pome’e said. Three houses Down is currently working on a new album, following the success of their eP Moon and Back. The ‘Moon and Back’ single has been number one on the Top 20 Pasiique chart for several weeks and is currently in the top 10 on the new Zealand Music Chart. The eP album itself is currently listed on the nZ 40 album’s Chart. ‘Teuila girl’ and the ‘Moon and Back’ eP are available on iTunes. - Paciic Scoop



$17,950 deP: $3,000 WKly

SilveR,AuTOmATiC,POWeRSTeeRing,AiRCOn,AiR bAgS,eleCTRiCWindOWS,CdAm/FmSTeReO,mdFROnT $136.60CAmeRA,AbS,4dOOR,HATCHbACK7SeATeR,73450KmS

Win was academic

JuST ARRived

Entered pageant as part of social science degree

nuku’alOFa – Rosemarie Fili

wanted to study how Tongan perspectives of beauty differed from western views – so she entered a beauty pageant in the Paciic Kingdom, and won the title. Fili, 22, entered the Miss heilala pageant – effectively the Miss Tonga competition – as part of her post-graduate studies at the university of Waikato and said it was a plan to learn more about Tongan women’s perspectives of beauty. “I told my professor, lynda Johnston, I wanted to look at definitions of beauty from a Tongan context. “I wanted to look at how the Miss Heilala contest identiied beauty in young women and how local girls looked at that and whether they followed that idea or have their own perspectives of beauty,” she says. “People have studied these things from the outside but I wanted to see what goes on behind those closed doors.” She now has the chance to broaden her studies even further, with her new title guaranteeing her entry into the Miss South Paciic competition, being held in the Solomon Islands

rosemarie Fili, won Miss tonga pageant while undertaking post-graduateresearch. PACIFIC SCOOP in December. Fili was born in Christchurch but returned to live in Tonga when she was just three months old She completed her schooling in Palmerston north and now hopes to complete her Postgraduate Degree in Social Sciences with honours later this year before fulilling one of the conditions of her beauty pageant win which requires her to return to Tonga to work as an ambassador for the government

for six months. “That’s part of the deal and I’m actually really looking forward to it.” Following that, she hopes to return to Waikato university to complete her masters degree. at the competition, Fili won several individual categories ahead of the overall title and while it was based on traditional pageants, there was no swimsuit section but additional sections for traditional wear, traditional dance and talent. For winning the title, Fili also won cash and lights to Los angeles. She said she is still surprised she won. “There were so many beautiful ladies, I honestly didn’t believe it. I went into it for research and a bit of fun but it turned out better than I ever hoped it would.” and while she’s not planning on abandoning her studies for life on the catwalk, she said it would be nice if there was one positive spin-off from the pageant. “I’m hoping for an a+ because I won,” she said. - Paciic Scoop


$17,995 deP: $3,000 WKly $137.00

ers in Fiji are educating the younger generation on solar panel installation to generate electricity in their villages. The elderly women underwent training at the Barefoot College in India, an ngO that provides rural communities with training and education. Fiji’s Womens Minister, Dr Jiko luveni, said the training programme was speciically for grandmothers. “The idea behind it is that these women are already established in the villages,” Dr luveni said. “They have their homes and

they are not likely to leave the village as soon as they come back with their skill. Dr luveni says the elderly women are now celebrated as solar experts and are supervising their young trainees as they install the solar equipment. “after the training, it was these young people who actually installed the equipment in each house,” she said. “The grandmothers were merely supervising what they did.” She says the initiative is bringing about various other social beneits to the villages. “In this particular village

2005 vOlKSWAgen PASSAT

SilveR,AuTOmATiC,POWeRSTeeRing,AiRCOn,AiRbAgS, eleCTRiCWindOWS,mOniTORdiSPlAy,AbS,4dOOR, HATCHbACK 5 SeATeR, AllOy RimS, 62680KmS

bRAnd neW CASH PRiCe

$29,950 deP: $5,000 WKly $225

2013 gReATWAll Wingle

AvAilAbleinblACK,Red&WHiTe2500CC,dieSel, 4Wd,5SPeed,POWeRSTeeRing,Cd-Am/FmSTeReO, TuFFdeCK,AllOyRimS,PAinTedbumPeR,eleCTRiC WindOWS


Grannies install solar panels $14,950

SuVa – a group of grandmoth-

2004 miTSubiSHi gRAndiS

that I went into, I could see that the morale of the villagers were boosted as they have a product that is an evidence of development in their villages,” Dr luveni said. “That village has gone into some income generating activity. They are more development oriented in their thinking. “That particular village now has established a canteen and the young people are being recruited to help in the assemblage and installation of the solar equipment in those villages. Thereby, gaining an income,” she said. - ABC

News from the Paciic region “A comprehensive daily report”

deP: $3,000 WKly $136.00

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beige,AuTOmATiC,POWeRSTeeRing,CdAm/Fm STeReO,AiRCOn,eleCTRiCWindOWS,4dOOR,5 SeATeR, 44109KmS, Only 2 uniTS leFT


$15,750 deP: $3,000 WKly $117.30


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Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

leTTeRS reta

Time to clear smoke screens Dear editor, I refer to Te Ipukarea Society’s (TIS) letter to the editor on July 18 entitled ‘Simple math on tuna catch’. It’s sad to see TIS taking the path it has. I have been stopped on the streets and asked by many silent supporters to speak out more strongly on various isheries-related issues,

which have gained much publicity in the media. It is time to clear the smoke screens and lay out just what, in my opinion, is happening behind the scenes. you see, the declaration by the Cook Islands of a one million square kilometres eeZ marine park has drawn in the big-money ultra-conservatives like moths to a light bulb, and

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TIS is falling over itself to show their worth and harvest this new money. let’s take one of TIS’s main donors, Oceans 5, for example – a shadowy group of ocean philanthropists. In reality, they are a couple of software zillionaires who think that money can buy everything, including other countries’ sovereignty. I’ve sat down with them and they’ve made it very clear that their goal is to close off onethird of our ocean. even the proverbial high-moral ground takers, the new Zealand government, disagreed with Ocean 5’s vision of an antarctica marine reserve in the Ross Sea. My response to them was, “we’re a fishing nation but we’re also committed to sustainability”. Oceans 5 will deny outright one-third of our country’s underwater treasures and the entitlement and future rights of our children to the fish and seabed minerals around them. I am sure Oceans 5 has its reasons, but my point is: let us Cook Islanders decide in our own time and place what is our responsibility of stewardship and not march to the tune of foreign non-government organisations (ngOs), who have their own agendas. Think back to the Pacific leaders Forum in September last year. Perhaps we should ask how is it that the front section of CI News on the irst day of plenary was dominated by that horrible image of a mangled shark instead of beautiful photos of our children performing in front of our Paciic Island leaders, and american

aquanaut Sylvia earl turning the scenes by the MMR staff in up and wagging her inger at implementing and monitoring seabed mineral enthusiasts. new sustainable offshore ishStrings were at play to make eries management initiatives. this happen and stepping and we can see an indication of stones for our destiny are being other beneits to our initiatives laid out by these foreign ngOs. to come – for example, cheap T I S received more than healthy $4 per kg albacore to $600,000 of funding from help family budgets and 12.5 Oceans 5. Was this payment to per cent tax being paid on tuna TIS a bribe of sorts to do their exports and local sales of byundertakings? Perhaps cor- catch. MMR is doing its ruption has many While the bit and if only we faces. Just because negative publicity had got that extra you are an environ$600k we could dementalist doesn’t promoted by a liver a lot more for mean you won’t few is confusing the average Cook play underhand the public, and Islander on the cards as well. government street – or maybe enjoy your fat is supposed we could buy-off salaries and new to twiddle its 10 ishing licenses. ofice TIS while the thumbs – the To the simple Ministry of Marine skipjack in our mathematician Resources’ (MMR) fisheries officers waters, which only at TI S who tried live for three-and- to work out the and police maria-half years, die amount of juvenile time officers do by-catch from the real and dangerous from old age. purse seine catch work managing and protecting our ishery re- of 2012, good try. But you got sources on pittance salary and it wrong. It’s a good thing you don’t work for the MMR. resources. 92 per cent of the 11,700 and thank you Mr Waitt for sending your flash yacht tonnes caught was skipjack halfway around the world to tuna. Juvenile bigeye was 110 bedazzle us with your wealth tonnes (one per cent) and yeland power. no doubt your me- lowin by-catch was 760 tonnes dia team at TIS will post lots of and not a total of 3600 tonnes. cheesy smiles from us thankful From its incorrect calculations, TIS then arrived at the natives. TIS’s letter ‘Simple math on ridiculous conclusion that tuna catch’ belittles the $4.7 we shouldn’t purse seine this million of cash which MMR skipjack tuna because we could gave to government to spend magically turn by-catch into on things like salary raises for $100 million worth of sashimi. excuse me, but don’t TIS our teachers, increasing the old age pension, and other good also want to stop MMR from developing longline (sashimi) things like that. This money was generated ishing as well? Think back to after a lot of hard work behind their negative publicity over

our big-eye tuna exploratory programme, which was a longline fishing programme for sashimi. So what they are really proposing to government are both zero options. That doesn’t make sense to me. Instead of going forward and working with M M R on sustainable initiatives to generate all those good things I referred to earlier like revenue to fund our teachers and affordable prices for ish to feed families, I’m worried that with the kind of agendas being pushed by foreign ngOs through TIS that we will be going backwards. While the negative publicity promoted by a few is confusing the public, and government is supposed to twiddle its thumbs – the skipjack in our waters, which only live for three-and-a-half years, die from old age. and while TI S blows its trumpet in our ear about purse seining and juvenile by-catch, for the record it is MMR doing the real hard yards out there, working behind the regional scenes and trying to get purse seine dependent nations like Tuvalu, who depend heavily on purse seine revenue, to accept an eight-month ishing aggregate devices (FaD) ban. The MMR doesn’t have the sort of media resources that Oceans 5 and TIS have and so regrettably I have to turn to your goodwill editor to publish letters so the silent majority of the public can take all views of the coin, with a pinch of salt. Ben Ponia Secretary, Ministry of Marine Resources

For further information and to Register: Please Contact Business Trade investment Board Business Development Division Phone: (682) 24296 Email: allan Cann and Shirley Cann will be available by appointment “onLY” during working hours to visit individual businesses for one on one mentoring. This business training program is jointly funded by BTiB, the Rotary Clubs of Rarotonga, Wendouree, Victoria, aUSTRaLia and Cann Business Enterprises.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

High Commissioner appointed JOanna keMPkeRS has been

appointed as the new Zealand high Commissioner to the Cook Islands. The announcement was made by new Zealand foreign minister Murray McCully yesterday. “I am absolutely delighted to be appointed the new Zealand high Commissioner to the Cook Islands,” kempkers said.

She previously served as deputy high commissioner, and will be replacing John Carter as he returns to new Zealand to run for mayor of the Far north. kempkers has also worked as a trade advisor with the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Trade’s paciic division, and as part of a new Zealand delegation to the Organisation of eco-

nomic Development in France. “I’m looking forward to thinking strategically about the relation between the Cook Islands and new Zealand, and talking to a wide range of people here on how that relationship can grow and develop over the next ive years.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

Joanna Kempkers is taking over the job of New Zealand High Commissioner as John Carter returns to New Zealand. 13071930

Joanna Kempkers, the incoming New Zealand High Commission, says she is “delighted” to be appointed to the position. 13071901

PM heading to Solomon Islands Th e PM will be in honiara

next week, along with other Pacific Island Forum leaders to mark the 10th anniversary of Regional assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RaMSI). R a M S I was initiated in 2003 in response to a request for international aid by the governor general of the Solomon Islands. at the time, the country was dealing with deeply-rooted political problems and civil unrest. Puna, whose visit is funded by the Solomon Islands government, is scheduled to deliver a statement during the formal celebration ceremony. upon conclusion, the PM will be flown from honiara to auckland on board a RnZaF 757 flight with new Zealand Prime Minister John key be-

fore returning home. The P M spent the previous week in new Caledonia, where he was heading a Pacific Forum Mission as chair, to assess progress by the French Overseas Territory in meeting the provisions of the noumea accord. “The noumea accord is the agreed framework that allows for the people of new Caledonia to work towards greater autonomy from France,” said special advisor Trevor Pitt. “The goal of independence is subject to a 20-year process of change, leading to the staging of a referendum on independence after 2014.” Marine resources minister Teina Bishop returns from apia, Samoa today, where he attended the 2013 Forum

Trade Ministers and Officials meeting, and is scheduled to resume his ministerial routine. health Minister nandie glassie will be travelling to Fiji to attend the Food and agriculture Organisation of the united nations (FaO) conference on responsible governance of land, fisheries and forests in the context of food security, returning next Friday. It will be business as usual for finance minister Mark Brown, Deputy Prime Minister Tom Marsters, and Minister of Infrastructure and Planning (MOIP) Teariki heather, who will be present in Rarotonga for the entire week. - Emmanuel Samoglou

WEEKLY TRAVEL DIARY FOR CABINET MINISTERS MINISTER PORTFOLIOS TRAVEL Prime Minister, Attorney General, Energy, Justice, Head of State, NES, Parliamentary Services, EMcI, Public Service commission, Ombudsman

Saturday, July 20 to Saturday, July 27: NEW ZEALAND, SOLOMON ISLANDS, cOOK ISLANDS

Tom Marsters

Transport, Foreign Afairs and Immigration, Minerals and Natural Resources

Saturday, July 20 to Saturday, July 27: cOOK ISLANDS

Teina Bishop

Education, Marine Resources, Tourism, Pearl Authority

Saturday, July 20 to Saturday, July 27: cOOK ISLANDS

Mark Brown

Finance and Economic Management, BTIB, Internal Afairs, Commerce, FIU, Telecommunications, Financial Supervisory commission, Superannuation, PERcA, Financial Services Development Authority

Saturday, July 20 to Saturday, July 27: cOOK ISLANDS

Infrastructure and Planning, cultural Development, House of Ariki, Police

Saturday, July 20 to Saturday, July 27: cOOK ISLANDS

Health, Agriculture

Saturday, July 20 to Saturday, July 27: NEW ZEALAND AND FIJI

Henry Puna

Teariki Heather Nandi Glassie


- Sahiban Kanwal

Teina Bishop issued a ishing licence to the Chinese. Is this corruption and should it be outlawed?

June George

Sister Patty

Tarani Napa

yes it is corruption and it Hufman yes it is corruption and should be outlawed. I don’t believe it is cordeinitely should be ruption but it should outlawed. be outlawed. If selling licences is a legal act then it not corruption, it is how they are sold that is corruption.

Kura Tonitara

Tupui Henry

Nancy Johnston

Ina Tearai

Rita Boaza

I agree it is corruption and it should be outlawed.

I don’t agree that it is corruption but I don’t think it is right. I believe it should be outlawed.

I agree it is corruption and it should be outlawed

I disagree that it is corruption.

I agree it is corruption and it should be outlawed.


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

We’ve got twelve months FOXSHOTS

Derek Fox reports from Aotearoa

The Ikaroa-Rawhiti bi-election shows that politically Maori are at a roundabout. I hate clichés so I won’t use the term crossroads, and besides the multiple entry and exit points on some roundabouts seem more appropriate to describe our political behaviour. It wasn’t a surprise that labour’s Meka Whaitiri won the bi-election – it would have been if she hadn’t. It wasn’t surprising that there wasn’t a very high turnout – that happens at every bi-election. It shouldn’t have been surprising that Te hamua nikora got more votes than na Raihania – the stupid shenanigans at the top of the Maori Party ensured that. But what is the learning we can take out of this?

Well one is that as long as we keep voting like this we will continue to be the most unemployed people in our own land, a quarter of a million of our children will continue to grow up in poverty, which will hamper their ability to learn and pass examinations at school, which will ensure that they won’t get a decent job when they grow up. living in poverty will ensure that they have dietary and health problems which will affect their quality of life and possibly lead to an early death, not having a decent job means they and their children will live in substandard housing and will be more likely to run foul of the law; and if they do, then unlike a Pakeha facing the same charge, they are more likely to go to jail.

now I’m not making these dismal statistics up. They’re all available in the public record. But what you may be asking is, has this got anything to do with how or even whether we vote? Because as long as we keep splitting our votes and supporting national and labour and new Zealand First, we will continue enduring those conditions. Those political parties have all been in power in the past while we have been suffering under those negative indices. now just in case someone out there wants to blame Maori for these problems and say that it’s really our own fault, let’s take a look at our whanaunga who have given up living under these repressive regimes and have

crossed the ditch to australia – as I am writing this the news of the day is how very well Maori are faring there. I can understand that some, maybe most of us, are really hoha with the Maori Party and that includes hone harawira, and the way in which they just couldn’t put aside their differences and egos and use the votes we entrusted them with to build a strong Maori political block that nobody could govern without, and therefore we could change all those negative stats I listed earlier. But while individuals may have let us down, the idea is still a good one – the only one, in fact, that will change things for the better. you see governments don’t change things out of the

goodness of their hearts or because it’s the right thing to do; they only change because not to do so will see them thrown out. So why do we keep voting for the parties that have failed to change those statistics for decades, and why do we support candidates who stand for those parties that continue to leave too many of us languishing in poverty, unemployment, ill-health and incarceration? Simply forming another party and further splitting the votes isn’t going to cut it either. We’ve got about a year to contemplate those issues and to make changes – if we want to, that is. If we don’t, then I guess we’ll just keep wallowing at the bottom of the heap – or head off to australia.

Careful growth and human dignity development economist Vaine Wichman has worked extensively throughout the Paciic and Cook Islands as a development economist. She began writing these columns at the request of women and men asking her to explain the working of their economy. OuR OFFICIal country projections for growth over the next two years are careful. One measure of a country’s growth is to look at the total domestic production (gross Domestic Product - gDP). nominal gDP figures are used to determine the total val-

ue of the products and services produced in a country during a particular year. When we want to compare gDP in one year with past years to study trends in the country’s growth, then real gDP is a better measure. Real growth is a bit lower than nominal gDP.

As we start this inancial year, many of our family and business units will have prepared themselves to deal with this careful growth. The last two years have been rocky for businesses that have had to restructure operations and accounts and for families that have had to make the decision to sell out and ship off. In the meantime, national policies to stimulate growth have been careful and repetitive. Talk has focused on re-

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COnSulT Annie FOR FiTTing And beFORe SmAll PROblemS beCOme big OneS.

source reserves, exploration our young and our elderly, and and renewable options, and advocate that a social welfare funds committed to fix soft, review by external partners is safe options while the hard- addressing them anyway. What can change this cry? basket tasks stay unattended. e c o n o m i c The wedding feast Business is growth requires a will be humble this important, some social responsibilyear. ity focus that locks yet the cry of the government in a commitment people remains services are to close gaps in livconstant – the cost essential, but ing standards on of living is killing. human dignity the basis of human We watch as our is the ultimate dignity rather than northern islands goal that we must globalisation modpopulations de respect and work eling and dictate. cline rapidly and for, whether Business is imporwonder without the economy is tant, some governfeeling, why? We sit on the side and depressed, careful, ment services are or booming. essential, but huwatch landownman dignity is the ers lose another property and wrongly say ultimate goal that we must reit’s because they didn’t know spect and work for, whether the what they were doing anyway. economy is depressed, careful, We sit in silence when we see or booming. Instituting this island model inequality in social services to

of economic and social prosperity doesn’t require a hosting of international and national economic summits, and inviting speakers to tell us what we already know and how to do it. Sitting in the community and listening provides some of the answer. Our people want their leaders to sit in the places they’ve been paid to sit in, and listen and work with them to do something about it. In his departure presentation, the new Zealand high Commissioner John Carter paid tribute to where it was due, saying it is a skill (and for him a pleasure) to take the skills of others and make it work. If many of our public servants and business and community members can’t understand this, then perhaps a lesson in human dignity, and respecting it might be the place to begin.

Vaine Wichman is a development economist who has worked extensively throughout the Paciic. 13052410


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

Elephants coming to Raro? a COuPle of elephants could

soon be romping around a field in Rarotonga. The Cook Islands has been touted as a potential candidate by the auckland Zoo in new Zealand to host two elephants, as part of a programme to integrate the animals to their facilities. “at the moment it is an informal query as to whether the Cook Islands would be interested in hosting two elephants for a three-month quarantine period before they move into auckland Zoo,” said finance minister Mark Brown, who learned about the idea directly from a visiting representative of the auckland Zoo. The elephants would be coming from an animal orphanage in the island nation of Sri lanka, which provides the massive mammals for a number of zoos around the globe. The hosting would likely take place this november. “Being part of a project that will see new elephants being introduced to auckland Zoo will be a unique event for the Cook Islands,” he said. “I have no problem with the country helping out auckland Zoo to get some new elephants.” authorities with the Zoo have also touched base with the Ministry of agriculture, which is looking into bio security issues.

Brown said new Zealand has strict entry protocols for any animal entering the country to protect their extensive livestock export business. “as the Cook Islands doesn’t have a substantial livestockbased industry, the risks aren’t there,” he said. Details of the hosting plan will include a suitable piece of land (approximately 3000 square metres), fences, and viewing platforms for curious onlookers to observe the animals. The entire undertaking will be quite significant, said Brown, and may include opportunities for local businesses to be involved. “This may also be something that the private sector may wish to be part of as I am sure transportation and hosting of elephants is not an easy or cheap thing to do,” he said. Providing a boost in international exposure for the Cooks, the hosting would also be subject to a media documentary, including the transportation and hosting of the elephants. The documentary would be commissioned by the Zoo, recording the event from the elephant’s departure from Sri lanka, their stay in the Cook Islands, and their eventual move to their new home in nZ. “The Cook Islands will fea-

Two elephants may soon be heading to the Cook Islands for a brief vacation before making a permanent home in the Auckland Zoo. Pictured here is a Burmese elephant at the Zoo. 13071918. ture heavily in the film but also will feature in international media, for the unusual aspect of having elephants on a Pacific island paradise,” he said.


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Brown said the Cook Islands are being considered because the country is a member of the Convention on International Trade in endangered Species (CITeS) convention, which is

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which has served as a quarantine location in the past for animals imported into new Zealand, has also been touted as a potential host for the elephants. - ES


Accounting aFF02

required by the Zoo. “Because they are an endangered species, they need to go to a country that is part of that convention,” said Brown. The island nation of niue,

made in the uSA


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Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

Community spirit for Lagoon Day The Punanga nui market was

brimming with curious children and smiling faces for this year’s lagoon Day. More than 800 students attended the event, as well as plenty of adults, to learn about how to care for the marine environment. The theme of the annual event, which was held on Thursday and Friday, was the Cook Islands Marine Park. Organiser June hosking was “chuffed” at the turn-out, and said she was touched by all the support lagoon Day received from the community. This was especially the case when people pulled together to help hosking reach a goal of having 6000 ish shapes on display at the event – one for every young person in the Cook Islands. The goal was exceeded, with plenty of help from local schools and other contributors. “Seeing the community spirit and seeing the schools willing to do this even though there were no prizes and no individual rec-

ognition was just incredible.” The call was for creations of marine creatures, and while many made fish, hosking said she loved seeing the turtles, crabs and other sea creatures too. “With the free range, what the kids have come up with is just amazing.” She said lagoon Day is about informing people about how to care for the lagoon and having them take on the message as their own to become lagoon ambassadors themselves. “What we’re seeing is an ownership from the community. We’ve got kids saying, no, this goes in that bin.” The ish shapes were collected and made into a spectacular display around the market rotunda. The display will still be up today for market shoppers to admire, and anyone who wishes to come and collect their ish is welcome to do so, said hosking. Fish that are not collected will be donated to the Seventh Day adventist Church’s programme

for schools. hosking said the Punanga nui market was a great venue for the event. “It’s a great site because we get all the foot trafic. And when it rained, it didn’t matter (because the stalls were all in tents).” next year, hosking said a potential theme is climate change – and she’s considering getting school students to take a ride on a glass-bottomed boat, which has been done in previous years. “It was three years ago we last did that. It’d be good for the kids to see how (the lagoon) has changed, for those who went the last time.” Those who attended moved between 15 stalls, including stalls with information about how to check the health of the lagoon, why sharks are important for a balanced marine environment, marine lora and fauna, how to identify yellowfin, big eye and albacore ish, and a demonstration of SeaSketch – an online tool for community marine park con-

ety (TIS) gave presentations on how zones could be created for the marine park, and how deepsea circulation impacts the ocean. The Water Waste and Sanitation (WaTSan) division of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning told students how ani-

sultation. a highlight of the event was a demonstration of CITC’s ‘bulb eater’ – an energy-eficient machine that disposes of light bulbs so the waste can eventually be shipped to new Zealand. Members of Te Ipukarea Soci-

mal waste impacts the health of the lagoon. One stall invited people to have their say on the marine park, but hosking said people had been a little shy so far and perhaps needed more time to absorb the information. - BD

Students watch lightbulbs being disposed of by CItC’s ‘bulb eater’ machine.


Students learning about how animal waste impacts the lagoon and damages coral.


CItC’s George tamariki prepares to dispose of a lightbulb using CItC’s ‘bulb eater’ machine. 13071809


1. Queen’s Representative (3,8) 5. Legislation (3) 8. Robust (6) 10. Oral interpretations (8) 11. Also (3) 13. CI Prime Minister (5,4) 14 Endlessly. (4) 16. Acts for (10) 19. expressed regret or disapproval (8) 21. Farewell (5) 23. Middle Eastern country (4) 25. See 20 Down (6) 26. Nasal cavity (7) 27. Level of authority (7)

a student from avatea School investigates the contents of a ish tank at a stall focussing on how to detect the health of the lagoon.


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ent by

ainm t entert nd nigh

2. MPs - representatives _ _ _ (2,3,6) 3. Gather again (7) 4. Cube inventor (5) 6. CI Leader of the Opposition (6,9) 7. Parliamentary whip, George _ (6) 9. Aquatic mammal (5) 12. Thrust (5)

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15. Commercial vehicle (3) 17. Sparse (5) 18. Municipality (4) 19. CI Finance Minister, Mark _ (5)

20d & 25a. Speaker of the House (5,6) 22. Perfect (5) 24. Donkey (3)

* maori-English: English-maori

Tuesday island night features Ta’akoka lllate

OyZe ti ARA & b T h it w t n rtainme liveente

edgewater Resort

- reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentar y Transfers provided from any where on the island.


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

“2 minuTeS dRive FROm THe AiRPORT”

WeekendSpecials AvAilAble 20 - 21 July

Tegel Chicken drumsticks 2kg

Simmons leg quarters 10 kg

$12.90 eACH

Lagoon Day organiser June Hosking is an advocate for re-usable nappies – as worn by this Minnie Mouse toy – to prevent disposable nappies collecting in landill or ending up on Cook Islands shores. Re-usable nappies are available at CITC, which is also a sponsor of Lagoon day. 13071804

Tip Top ice Cream vanilla/French vanilla only 2l

$31.90 eACH

Wattie’s mixed veges 500g

Composting made easy a STaCk of old tyres is all you need to make a compost bin, as demonstrated by a volunteer at lagoon Day yesterday. This is the sixth year that John Byatt has volunteered at lagoon Day, and yesterday he manned a booth for the Titikaveka growers association where he showed students how composting works. “The biggest question we got last year (at lagoon Day) was, how can we make compost,” said Byatt. he came up with the idea of stacking old tyres on top of each other to ill with food scraps. It’s a quick and easy way to make a compost bin, he said. “nobody’s got any heavy lifting to do – anyone can do it.” With a stack of four tyres, the material at the bottom of the pile will be “all rotted and gungy” after about 20 weeks, said Byatt – and ready to add to the garden. The top tyres can then be shifted along, to allow access to the compost at the bottom. When mixed with clay, the compost creates good-quality soil to help plants grow, he said. The stall was one of fifteen stalls at lagoon Day, which aimed to teach people about aspects of lagoon health and how to protect and preserve the marine environment. - Briar Douglas




griins Chocolate Fingers 200g


eta Spuds Potato Chips Range 150g




Wattie’s Pear quarters 420g


livi Toilet Roll 1000’s

$2.90 eACH


OPen 24/7

Volunteer John Byatt and students from avatea School with an idea for a cheap and easy compost bin – tyres stacked on top of each other. 13071824

FOR yOuR COnvenienCe



Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News



Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News


Hold your head high and reach for the sky Proud to be an Omoka High school Student kia Orana and welcome to Omoka high School e Te hiti tangata, ko te Deputy head Boy teia o Omoka high School Taamoana Viniki. hello everyone my name is Taamoana Viniki Deputy head Boy of Omoka high School. I was student of Mangere Intermediate School in auckland and I am currently attending Omoka high school Penrhyn. School is very good on a paradise under the sun in Tongareva. I’ve learned everything I need to know for the future and I’m ready to make life and my family proud. When I grow up I want to be a police oficer on Penrhyn Island. I have good teachers over here with awesome students. I got to give thanks to the principal and to all my teachers for giving me the knowledge to know what I need to know for the future also I want to thank the Ministry of education in Rarotonga for providing mini laptops for my school and all the other stuff they provided us. We have all the facilities- fully air-condition ITC room with latest digital equipment like new Zealand and australian schools. We have heaps of subjects in our school – english, Maths, ITC, accounting, Social Science, Science and a lot more. I am also a keen rugby union player. We were donated a brand new school, fully funded by nZ aid, and now we have four classes Preschool aged 3-4, grade 1-3 aged 5-7, grade 4-6 aged 8-10, and our senior class aged 11-15. I was one of the

top students in the northern group of the Cook Islands and I’m looking forward to getting a good scholarship to a better school in Rarotonga, new Zealand or australia. I also thank the current Secretary of education Mrs Sharyn Paio and Minister of education hon. Teina Bishop - their recent visit to Penrhyn was memorable and I will never forget. Te atua Te aroa no tatou katoatoa Taamoana Viniki, Deputy head Boy (Form 4)

the gifts within

Assertiveness Tu Emi-kore

“Are not ive sparrows sold for two small coins? Yet not one of them has escaped the notice of God. Even the hairs of your head have all been counted. Do not be afraid. You are worth more than many sparrows.” Luke 12:6-7

Omoka High School In Omoka high School we have students who participate and co-operate at doing academic learning. We, as the students, are pleased at how teachers try to pass on their knowledge to us. We have different sorts of subjects in our school, e.g. there’s literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, accounting, ITC and different sorts of it. During Physical education, there are so many students who participate. hearing the voices of the student’s speaking out loud just want me to say how proud I am as a student who attend Omoka high School. When you enter into our classes you will see how talented, generous and thoughtful students we are. We have rules about our school, meaning, no chewing, no fighting, bullyfree, stay inside of the school compound. If you are at the age of 3-5 years old, you would be considered as a pre- school . 5-8 are students who are grade 1 to grade 3, 9-11 are grade 4 to grade 6, then finally reach


Bank of Cook Islands representative Helen Kirikava presented Taamoana Viniki from Omoka School with his illustrated dictionary, purchased through support from BCI, Westpac, ANZ and rarotonga rotary Club. 13071505 our senior students which are the Form 1-5. In the senior’s class, we have our head boy and our head girl who has been leading us from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. I really admire those two because they showed us how to be kind and they are a good role model towards the younger students at our school. hold your head high and reach for the sky and remember in your heart how proud you are for attending Omoka high School. Manoa William, Deputy head girl (Form 4)

Being assertive means being p o s i t i ve a n d c o n f i d e n t . assertiveness begins by being aware that you are a worthy person. You have your very own special gifts. When you are assertive, you think for yourself, and express your own ideas, opinions and talents. When you do this, you make a diference in the world in your own special way. You have the self-conidence to tell the truth about what is just. i am practicing assertiveness when i … • Think for myself • Share my own ideas and feelings with others • Tactfully tell people what I really think • Choose not to allow others to lead me in to trouble • Expect respect at all times • Tactfully ask for what I want • Keep myself from being too bossy.

Omoka High School students with shell art works. 13071242


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL For: TAU Fuel Facility Upgrade Project Te Aponga Uira (TAU) is inviting suitably qualiied companies or joint venture companies to submit a bid to complete supply, refurbish, and construct its Fuel Facility Upgrade project at avatiu Valley Power Station, on Rarotonga. To initiate progress towards the completion of this assignment, TaU has developed a Request for Proposals Documents and Terms of Reference (ToR) for the associated tasks and now invites interested companies to submit their proposal for this assignment. There will be a project brieing at TAU conference room, Tutakimoa Admin oice, at 10am, 22 July 2013. Companies wishing to tender are asked to attend. Tender Documents can be requested and or uplifted from the following contact details: TaU Project manager Te aponga Uira, Rarotonga, Cook islands Fax: (682) 21944 Tel: (682) 20054 Extn 835 Email: The proposed timeframes for the bidding process are: Deadline for submission of questions: 12 nOOn MOn 29 July 2013 Deadline for submission of Proposals: 12 nOOn Fri 2 aug 2013 Notiication to preferred Contractor: FrOM tHe week 5 aug 2013 Contract and budget negotiations: FrOM tHe week 5 aug 2013 72619

BREAST SCREENING PROGRAMME The ministry of Health in association with Cook islands Breast Cancer Foundation would like to advise the next mammography Screening Program will be held from monday 29th July to Friday 9th of august 2013 at Rarotonga Hospital. Criteria: 1. if you are 40 yrs and over and have not had a Breast Screen before, please contact Hospital Receptionist for an appointment Ph: 22664 2. if you are under 40 yrs and experiencing breast pain and complications, please contact Dr may for an appointment. Ph: 22664 ext 813 3. if you were seen in 2011 and advised for a 2 yearly screening and had not been contacted by any Rarotonga Hospital staf, please contact Hospital Receptionist for an appointment. Ph: 22 664 meitaki maata



Ngatangiia/Matavera Netball Club We would like to acknowledge our Parents/caregivers, Sponsors, and community for supporting our Junior & Senior Netball team. With your endless support words cannot express your kindness. And we believe that the girls had a great time. Hopefully we will continue this relationship for the future. We will be putting on a Gala day for our netballers, families & friends followed by our Prizegiving and kaikai. We are sure this will be fun for all. When: Saturday 20 July 2013 Where: Our home ground Netball court Time: 2pm We are asking all Parents and community to provide what you can for our Kaikai to feed our Netball girls. Meitaki Maata club Executive. 72627 / /2428


Ph 22336

animal Clinic


RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



COOK ISLANDS CONSULATE GENERAL OFFICE AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND RELOCATION The Ministry of Foreign Afairs & Immigration wishes to advise the public that the cook Islands Consulate General Oice in Auckland has now relocated from 127 Symonds Street to Unit 5, Level 1, 6 Osterley Way, Manukau. The oice phone number is now (64) 9 261-0015. Fax number: (64) 9 263-8033. 72418 /32963 /2066

NOTICE OF MEETING NONI GROWERS Meeting 11am Tuesday, 23 July cook Islands Noni Marketing’s factory, Titikaveka. • Payment of Fruit • Maintenance Plots • Other matters 72670 / /2019


PUBLIC NOTICE TO:THE LANDOWNERS OF RAUPA SECTION 87E3, PoKoInu-I-raro The mortgagee of a Deed of Lease of the above land situated in arorangi, Rarotonga in the area of 1,177m² has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the Deed of Lease by way of assignment. The sale is subject, among other things, to the landowners waiving their irst right of refusal in respect of the sale and (in the event of them waiving that right), the consent of the majority of landowners residing in Rarotonga to the sale by way of assignment. Should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interest you have one month from Friday, 19 July 2013 to notify us in writing. Details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchaser are available to landowners whose names appear on the Register of Titles, on request to: Heinz matysik at Little & matysik P.C., Cook islands Lawyers, avarua, Rarotonga, Tel: 21619, Fax 21615 or email:

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


IMMIGRATION CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICE The Ministry of Foreign Afairs & Immigration wishes to advise the public that they will open a new Immigration customer Service Oice. The Oice will receive Immigration applications and payments of Immigration fees. The Oice is located beside the Oice of the Public Service commissioner on the ground loor of the New Zealand High Commission building. The Oice will be open to the public from Monday 15 July 2013, 9am-3pm. For further enquires please call the oice on phone 29317. 72417 /32962 /2066

Te akakite iatu nei ki te katoatoa rava ka akamata akaou ta tatou ‘Tutaka’ Tama a te Monite ra 22 - Varaire 26 July 2013. Ka akamata atu ki iakoe e te Vaka Puaikura, aru atu ko Takitumu taopenga kiakoe e Te Au o Tonga. Te pati ia atu nei te katoatoa rava kia akamaroiroi mai i te tama i to tatou au ngutuare. Kia Manuia. The community Health Services (MOH) wishes to advise the general public that the island TUTAKA (General Inspection) will be held from Monday 22 - Friday 26 July 2013. The ‘Tutaka’ will begin with Vaka Puaikura (Blackrock) going through Takitumu and inishing in Te Au o Tonga. So all home/business owners, government and civil society agencies and the community at large are encouraged to clean and clear your homes and yard of overgrown vegetation, mosquito breeding places, faulty septic tanks...etc, as these could be harmful to the health of the general public. Your utmost cooperation is very much appreciated. For further inquiries phone 29110. 72608 /32823 /1720

PUBLIC NOTICES Apii Rutaki Meeting The Ui Mataiapo of Rutaki and the school PTA committee invite the parents, ex-pupils, ex teachers, committee members and those interested to come to a meeting on Tuesday 23 July, 6.30pm at the Rutaki Meeting House. Agenda - Hosting the Rarotonga Primary Schools Prince of Whales Atheletics. chairman. 72655 /33065 /1931

Notice to Ngati Tanire We have an important meeting on Monday 22/7/13 6.00pm At Residence of Tauraa Exam Heather Akaoa There will be very Important Issues to be Discussed So Please Attend Aeremai Tatou Mato’i Rangatira 72636 / /1993

Notice of AGM cook Islands Tourism Industry council AGM to be held Tuesday 6th August 2013 Muri Beach club Hotel 5.30pm The agenda will include a motion (to be decided by vote) for an amendment to the constitution by inserting 3 clauses as advised by MFEM in order to comply for income tax exemption. A full agenda will be sent to all members or can be obtained via secretary Sue Fletcher-Vea contact ck for further information. 72584 / /1798


“As is where is basis” 1x 110cc Honda Daelim citi Ace motorcycle. Tender closes 3pm, Monday 22 July 2013. For viewing/inspection contact Metua Jacob on 29341 ext 816 or Awhitia Pepe ext 815 for appointment. 72533 / /1655





Green Light Project

Ka rave te Marae Ora ete Putuputuanga Breast Cancer i tetai porokaramu no te akara anga i te u o te au mama, a teia epetoma ki mua, akamata ite monite ra 29 o Tiurai, e tae uatu kite Varaire ra 9 o aukute mataiti 2013 kite aremaki, Rarotonga. akanooanga: 1. me kua tae toou mataiti ki te a ngauru tere atu (40 years plus) ta niuniu atu i te are maki numero 22664 no tetai taime (appointment) noou. 2. Kotou i raro ake I te a ngauru mataiti me te ki te nei koe i te tukeke i toou u mama, e ta niuniu atu ia Dr may 22664 ext 813 no tetai au akamarama anga 3. Ka anoano ia kotou tei akara ia ite mataiti 2011 kia akara ia akaou i` teia mataiti nei, no reira me kare koe i ta niuniu iake e te are maki patianga kia ta niuniu mai koe no tetai taime (appointment) noou. meitaki maata

our contractors have circled the island and note there are households with no one home and therefore have not received their Bulbs. This advert is to advise we have begun circling the island again to speciically target these households. Having started in the Town to nikao area we are now extending the boundary to matavera/ ngatangiia and Puaikura areas. if you are one of the Households who qualify for a replacement CFL Bulb(s) and have not received yours yet please call ms Caroline Wichman on 25494 ext 833 at the Oice of the Energy Commissioner to leave the following information: 1. meter Box number 2. name and Phone number 3. area, and exact location of house 4. How many incandescent Bulbs require replacing 5. Times (between 8am & 4pm) when someone will be home over the coming week beginning Thursday 13 June 2013 Please note this notice now includes those households in the matavera/ngatangiia and Puaikura area.



american international Group, inc., a Delaware corporation, of 180 maiden Lane, new York, new York 10038, United States of america, does hereby provide notice that it claims proprietorship of the trade mark in relation to: Financial services; monetary services; insurance services; real estate services american international Group, inc. cautions that any use of this trade mark or any confusingly similar trade mark in relation to any of these services or similar services, would be seen as infringement of their rights and that they will take such action deemed necessary to protect those rights. american international Group, inc. can be contacted care of their address for service: aJ Park, Level 22, State insurance Tower, 1 Willis Street, Wellington 6011, new Zealand


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News






Nikao, smart 3 bedroom home, partly furnished, gazebo, handy to school + beach, $280/week. Phone 51162.

Empty 20L container, $5 each or buy 12 for $48. Phone 25550.


Vaima Polynesian Restaurant & Tiki Bar • Waiting staf • Kitchen Hand • Cleaner/Housemaid • Chef de Partie Tel 26123 for Interview

we are looking for a it and happy person to join our team at Inspirations of Raro in Vaimaanga • Must be able to carry out made to measure garments accurately to ensure proper it of garment. • Work to pattern and have a high level of cutting experience. • Vast knowledge of alteration and adjustment sewing. • Experience in working with diferent fabrics Telephone 70059 for Interview

Head Chef We require a Head Chef with experience in running a resort catering operation. Must be innovative, energetic, a good communicator, nonsmoker and honest. Must be computer literate and available 7 days. Spa Supervisor We require an experienced masseuse & beauty therapist who is experienced in a range of therapies and treatments suitable for a resort spa facility. Must be well groomed, energetic, a good communicator, non-smoker and honest. Must be available 7 days. restaurant Floor Staf We require experienced food & beverage attendants to work part-time in a small resort restaurant. Must be well groomed, energetic, a good communicator, non-smoker and honest. Must be available for evenings. contact 22779

BAR PERSON WANTED Part time bar person wanted for our Wilson’s Beach Bar. Experience is essential and must be reliable. Excellent hourly rate and good staf beneits ofered. Phone 21-546 between 9am 4pm only (Mon - Fri) Or e-mail your cv to


72558 / /2293

72667 / /1873


72652 /33058 /1931

Sunday 21 July 2013 Jesus alone shall stand when all else fail - Trust Him! 7.30am – children’s programme with Minister Rebekah Daniel on radio Matariki 10am – No one too young or too old for Sunday School 11am – Worship – Elder Tai Joseph - fellowship luncheon - hospital visit - Alive for Jesus radio ministry with Sis Nane Vainepoto 1pm – church updating news with Brother Tangaroa Uea. 2.30pm – Fellowship and Bible session with inmates – Minister Rebekah. 4.30pm - Nothing but the Truth TV Ministry 7pm – Evening service Aere mai te katoatoa rava! Everyone most welcome! contact Ministers Tangata Allen and Nga Kamana – 20645/71007 or 29347/20947/58315. Emails Dial-A-Prayer 26777. 72609 / /1632

SHIPPING NOTICES Kwai V26 Accepting cargo for Palmerston, Nassau, Puka Puka, Manihiki, Rakahanga & Penrhyn. From Wednesday 17 July. Cargo close of 4pm, Wednesday 31 July. Vessel departs 3 August 2013. Enquiries phone 27185. 72503 / /1723

SERVICES Pool Doctor * Water testing * chlorine * P.H down * Bufer Discounted rates FREE DELIVERY Phone Tony 56599. 72338 / /1708

Has your drinking got out of control? call 55606. 72341 / /2567

nZ qualiied builder seeking work and/or small jobs. call Zane 58493. 72610 /33038 /1931

BUSINESSES FOR SALE Mama’s Cafe is for sale. Buy, walk in and operate. Full kitchen cafe equipment, secure lease, top location in town. $25k + VAT. Or move in with your own equipment & sign up new rental agreement. Inspections welcome. call Rohan on 55686 for more info & site inspection. 72438 / /1969

AuTisM Cook islands PH 24065/55976

Beach bach. 1 bedroom, self contained, furnished unit. Suit single tenant. Enquiries to 79040. 72646 /33054 /1931

New executive house in Nikao. 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms. Fully furnished. Must see, spacious and comfortable setting. Enquiries to 57447. 72645 /33054 /1931

Tikioki, Mod 3bdrm, fully furnished, huge deck, carport, safe neighbourhood, 5 mins to great beach. Lawns included $285 long term, Only need apply. Phone 26713. 72632 /33044 /1931

3 bedroom house, long term in Arorangi. For inquiries contact 74603. 72596 /33028 /1931

2 bedroom f/house in Nikao with large deck for $200 per week. contact 73380/ 27970.

72601 /33034 /2517

Large dining table with 6 chairs, large matching cofee table. Phone Pauline 51143. 72623 / /2643

REAL ESTATE PROPERTY FOR SALE: Executive home, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double internal entry garage, almost 5 years old. Land size 796 sq metres. Lease from 1 December 2006 (53 years remaining). 150 metres approx inland from Aroa Lagoon. Genuine enquiries only, please phone 74072. 72502 /33098 /1894

VEHICLES FOR SALE Subaru Forester, 4WD, good condition, $7500 ono. Phone 20758. 72642 /33053 /1931

Yamaha Spark X, 110cc, black, must sell for $2000, good condition. contact 54255 for more information.

72387 /32084 /1931

WORKERS WANTED Full Time, cook, cleaner, Gardening, Groundsman, Reliable and Trustworthy. Enquiries to PO Box 124, Rarotonga. 72574 / /2085


Wanted cleaner. 2 hours twice weekly. Phone Poko 24084. 72570 /32969 /1931

72617 /33045 /1931

72661 /33059 /1931


FOR SALE Yamaha keyboard, PSR E203, excellent condition, $350. contact 53222, 58957 or 29996. 72621 /33047 /1931


Saturday, 8am onwards Ladies clothing, Avana, turn up hill at Te Moana Sign. Text 70516. 72628 /33050 /1931

Hitachi Chainsaw 32.3cc 14inch Bar $500, Hitachi petrol operated Blower $500 Trader Don 22919 72614 / /2058

Icey Tek Chilly Bins. Sizes 25, 56, 70, 90,115, 160 Ltr. Robust and Light weight. Double insulated lid for added heat retention, ideal for hot foods. Superior ice / cold retention qualities , sought after & used by commercial isherman here and in NZ. Assorted colours, commercial grade quality, limited stock available. call 24441 or 55674 to view or for more information. 72589 / /1853

Blooming orchids $25, Tiare taina $10, plants for landscaping, beautiication or long lasting gift. Phone 23548, also open Sunday. 72669 /33066 /2397

F&P. H- 360XL chest freezer, make an ofer. Phone Poko 24084. 72572 /32969 /1931

Electric Coconut grater (Kana) $500 each Toyota Vista car $1000 ono. Phone 75862 or 55639. 72668 /33067 /1931

One trawling boat 18ft trailer and motor, $16,000. One lying ish, boat and trailer, newly built, $18,000. One lying ish boat no trailer newly built, $14,000. Ring phone number 20560. 72618 /33046 /1931

Open Plan Building, with Kitchen, Tupapa, 96 sq metres. Available for sale or long term rent. Phone 79396. 72504 /33097 /1931


The Chamber of Commerce hereby invites both members and all interested parties to attend a General meeting on: Date: Thursday 25 July 2013 Time: 5pm Venue: Café Salsa agenda: 1. Presentation by the BTiB on their Foreign investment application Process 2. Update by the Secretary of Foreign Afairs and immigration For further information, please contact Lynne at the Chamber oice. Phone 20925 or email chamber@ 72597

Big Kerv’s garage sale for Little Kerv’s new wardrobe. Avarua Bakery homestead, Saturday 20th, 7am. Big men sizes 6,5,4,3xl, also women & kids clothing. Breakfast also available.


Invitation to Bid

72604 /33034 /2517



4 bedroom/ 2 bathroom dwelling 51 year lease, 1026m2 Section 46C2, Tikioki Takitumu Rarotonga. ................................ Vacant property near the Calavary Hall, Arorangi Section 2412m2 – 53 year lease areanu Sec 69G arorangi, Rarotonga ………………………….. 3 bedroom house Ngatangiia 140m inland from Te Varanui 47 year lease – 1400 sq m section arapoura Pt Sec 2F ngatangiia , Rarotonga. ................................ Vacant section with old building 100m from Te Uki ou School heading toward town 38 year lease – 1821 sq m atekaro Pt Sec 14G2 Turangi , Takitumu, Rarotonga. ................................ Vacant Section Takapora main Road overlooking the school Te atu motu Section 150 anaunga AITUTAKI 615 sq m – 52 year lease ................................ Ph/TXT Carey 55678 .................................. anSWeRS to crossword on page10

Date: 26 June 2013 Loan: 2472-Coo and 2473-Coo: avatiu Port Development Project Contract No. and Title: CIPA-9: CANTEEN AND FORKLIFT SHELTER Deadline for Submission of Bids 1. The GOVERNMENT OF THE COOK ISLANDS has received a Loan from the Asian Development Bank towards the cost of the aVaTiU PoRT DEVELoPmEnT PRoJECT. Part of this loan will be used for payments under the contract named above. 2. The COOK ISLANDS PORTS AUTHORITY (“the Employer”) invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the construction and completion of: CIPA-9: CANTEEN AND FORKLIFT SHELTER (“the Works”). 3. national Competitive Bidding is being conducted in accordance with aDB’s Single-Stage, one envelope Bidding Procedure and is open to all eligible Bidders. 4. Only eligible bidders with the following key qualiications should participate in this bidding: • Access to, or availability of, inancial resources to meet the cash low requirement of the project. as a minimum the Tenderer must show that his resources, in terms of at least his latest year’s working capital and lines of credit, will be adequate to cover his Tender Price and current work commitments. • Evidence of past experience covering the scale and types of works required under this Project. • The Tenderer must demonstrate that it has ownership of or secured access to the following key equipment listed below:


Equipment Type and Characteristics

Min. Number Required








Cherry picker or manhoist


Further Eligibility and Qualiication Criteria are outlined in the Tender Documents. 5. interested Bidders may obtain further information from the Cook islands Ports authority from 26 June 2013 from 8:30am to 4:30pm, monday to Friday at the address indicated below. 6. To purchase a hard copy of the Engineering Drawing documents (in English), Bidders should apply to the address below and pay a non-refundable fee of nZ$20 made payable to the Cook islands Ports authority. alternatively, Bidders may obtain a copy of the bidding documents free of charge by providing a lash drive to Cook Islands Ports Authority for the bidding documents to be downloaded to. 7. There will be no Pre-Bid meeting. Bidders may arrange with the Employer to visit the site. 8. Bids must be delivered to the address below at or before 2pm on 24 July 2013. all Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Securing Declaration. (Refer iTB 19.) Late bids shall be rejected. Bids will be opened in the presence of the Bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at the address below at 2.30pm on 24 July 2013. 9. The Cook islands Ports authority will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by Bidders in connection with the preparation or delivery of bids. ADDRESS DETAILS mr Bim Tou General manager Cook islands Ports authority ara Tapu, avatiu Rarotonga Tel no. +682 21921 Fax no. +682 21191 E-mail


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News




MINISTRY OF MARINE RESOURCES (MMR) applications are invited for the following salaried positions based at the mmR headquarters. • IT manager (senior oicer), Corporate Services Division • Fisheries management (senior oicer), Inshore Fisheries and aquaculture Division • Fisheries observer (oicer), Ofshore Fisheries Division • 2 x catch data analyst (assistant oicer), Ofshore Fisheries Division • Vessel monitoring system analyst (assistant oicer), Ofshore Fisheries Division Contact Uirangi Bishop for further information and a job description, email Ph 28730. Please provide a cover letter and CV addressed to the Secretary, Po Box 85, Rarotonga, email applications close on monday 29 July 2013.

This Ministry currently has a vacant position to be illed:

Senior Maritime Trainer a Job Description for this position is available from the Ministry of Transport oice, located at Avatiu Harbour. all applications for this position must be accompanied by a CV and letter outlining reasons for the application. Direct any enquiries to Tepora Solomona on 28810 or email All applications should be marked “Conidential” and addressed to: Secretary, ministry of Transport, P.o. Box 61, RaRoTonGa applications close on Friday 26th July 2013 at 4:00 pm. /




Biosecurity Oicer Vacancy The ministry of agriculture is seeking to recruit a Biosecurity Oicer to work within the Biosecurity Service. We are looking for a young person age between 18 – 21 years old that have completed nCEa level 3 qualiications from a tertiary institution. The successful applicant should have good understanding of general quarantine and have some computer skills will be an advantage as it involves updating of biosecurity data base registrar. The successful applicant is expected to be willing to up skill his/her knowledge in agriculture science and be luent in both English and Maori, and must have a pleasant attitude and relating to the sharing and transfer of knowledge to the general public. Written applications including CV should be addressed to the Secretary of agriculture, Po Box 96, Rarotonga or e mail a job description is available on request and applications close 4pm, Friday 2 august 2013. 72586

Job Opportunities Due to a growing demand within our resort, The Edgewater Resort & Spa, are currently seeking full time and part time staf, if you are a team player and are looking for an enjoyable yet challenging role we would encourage you to come and join our team. all applicants must have: Good communication skills, be honest and reliable, conidence and personality, the ability to work well under pressure, know how to multitask. Full training will be provided for the right applicants, currently we have these positions available: • Housekeeping Supervisor • Housekeepers • Demi Chefs • Duty Manager • Security/Porters • Front Oice • Kitchenhands • Night Auditors • Maintenance Please contact 55469 for any inquiries, application forms can be obtained from the Front Oice. /

Looking for energetic , hardworking individuals with the right attitude to join our talented teams at LBV Avarua & Muri. Full time positions available: Cafe Supervisors & Senior Wait Staf Day & Night time shifts. Hospo & Barista experience preferred but not necessary. Will train the right individuals. Drop in to either of our outlets and ill out a job application or call 54124 for more info. 72534 /33048 /2358


Rarotongas premium entertainment facility has part-time positions available every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for immediate start: Kitchen Hand – approximately 30 hours per week Bar Persons – 6pm till 11pm approx - Make great cocktails? wait Staf - 6pm till 11pm approx - Got great personality and love meeting people? Work in this fast paced environment with a great team! Phone 24006 or come and ill an application form at main oice Muri Beach, or email culture@ 72422 / /2512

Mareko has a full time shop assistant vacancy available. Must be honest, reliable and friendly. Apply at Mareko’s or Phone 54320 for an interview.

YES CO-ORDINATOR The chamber of commerce is the facilitator of the Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES) here on Rarotonga. The position of co-ordinator is now vacant. This is a part time position and requires a self-motivated, proactive mature person who enjoys working with students. If you are enthusiastic and would like to assist the Tereora college entrepreneur and business programme, please contact Lynne at the Chamber oice. Phone 20925 Email chamber@commerce.

Love meeting people? Are you a talkative friendly person? Then this is for you! A full time position is available at te Vara nui tours oice in town at the cITc shopping centre as a Sales Rep/Tour Operator. Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm with Saturdays half day. Phone Moana on 55579 or 24006 for an interview.

72531 / /1894

72505 / /2512

72657 / /1991


IFRS Accounting Consultant Cook islands investment Corporation is in need of an iFRS accounting Consultant with extensive knowledge of conversion to iFRS accounting. This person needs to be available in July 2013. The Consultant will be working with State owned Enterprises in assisting with iFRS conversions which will involve gap assessment, system changes and iFRS Balance Sheets for the years ending 2012 and 2013. applications close on 26 July 2013 at 4pm. applications along with a current CV to be sent to CIIC, PO Box 51, Avarua, Rarotonga, COOK ISLANDS. For further details contact CIIC oice on (682) 29391 or email 72517



Expression of Interest (EOI) Serviceman – Water Works The Water Works Division of the ministry of infrastructure and Planning is seeking Eoi’s for one position as a Serviceman (Water network) all interested person should sent Eoi with a copy of their CV to the operations manager, Water Works, moiP, arorangi. or contact adrian Teotahi Ph: 20231. This position is a temporary position for a term of one year. To be successful in this role, applicants should have: . Proven experience in water works and systems • Knowledge on tools and equipment • Knowledge in bulk water ittings • Basic knowledge on water pipeline works . Written and Verbal communication skills in English and maori • Clean and current Drivers License (Class C preferred) • Good work ethics, and a willingness to learn Terms of Reference/Job Description can be uplifted from the Water Division of moiP Ph:20321. applications/Eoi’s close Friday 26 July 2013. /

We are looking for an experienced front line Sales Person with sound computer knowledge to join our busy team who specialize in the sales of motorcycles, motor Vehicles, Whiteware and Power Equipment. The main duties will include: Frontline Sales Demonstration of motor and Power Equipment Record Keeping & Computer Data Input maintaining Client Database merchandising of Showroom and Front Yard Display You Must: Be outgoing, friendly and positive Be able to work in a team environment Have a Car and motorcycle license if you think you have what it takes to be part of a great team - and want a golden opportunity to expand your product knowledge - then submit your CV to: allister Webb – Sales manager Cook islands motor Centre Ltd Po Box 74 – Rarotonga oR Email: applications close Thursday 1 august 2013. /


extension Oicer The ministry of agriculture invites expressions of interest from suitably qualiied, mature, and experienced persons to ill the above position. The successful applicant should have a good understanding of organic agriculture, soil science, agricultural extension, and information gathering and dissemination. The successful applicant is expected to assist with the development of agriculture in the outer islands including organic crop farming and the dissemination of production and market information to assist farmers make better informed decisions. He/she must be luent in both the English and maori language, willing to up-skill knowledge in agricultural science, and have a pleasant attitude. Written applications including a CV should be addressed to the Secretary of agriculture, Po Box 96, Rarotonga or email a Job Description is available on request and applications close 1 august 2013. 72594


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

SITUATIONS VACANT Person to assist the dyeing of pareus. 10am-2pm, 2-3 days a week $8 per hour. Sewing machinest, part time. Phone 21641/79238 for interview. 72653 /33060 /1931

Expressions of Interest VAKA EIVA CO-ORDINATOR 2014 onwards Cook Islands Canoeing Association The position of Vaka Eiva coordinator is a dynamic role suitable for an outgoing, wellorganised individual with good communication skills and a history in event management. If you are this person and would like more information, please email Applications close 4pm, Monday 29 July 2013.



Head Housekeeping Supervisor Sea Change Villas is seeking a Head Housekeeper Supervisor to join their team. The position involves managing a small housekeeping team as well as hands on work to ensure the presentation of our property is in accordance with our high standards. The successful applicant will demonstrate a can-do, responsible, and lexible approach to work, a keen eye for detail and strong team building skills. Previous experience in housekeeping is essential, and experience with supervision or leading a housekeeping team would be an advantage. The successful applicant must be available to work shift, weekends and public holidays. To apply, please mail your cover letter, CV and references to Sea Change Villas, Po Box 937, Rarotonga. applications close 05 august 2013. /

TELECOM COOK ISLANDS LTD Telecom Cook islands aims to be the best Telecommunications Company amongst its Paciic neighbours. We know that achieving this means we need to have the best people working for us. if you would like to join us and have the experience and skills required for any of these roles then we would like to hear from you.

Vacancies Available Manager - HuMan reSOurceS We need a senior Human Resources professional to continue the implementation and ongoing development of our human resources framework. as a member of our Executive Team, this position requires someone with broad human resource management experience with particular skills in building employee engagement, performance and remuneration management and developing staf. You will also need to demonstrate excellent customer service skills, the ability to develop and maintain human resource information systems and a willingness to take a “hands on” approach. a positions description is available from marisa Summers at:

72516 / /2404

Please apply in writing (including a cover letter and CV) to:

Front line Staf required for immediate start. This is a full time position, must be lexible and able to work weekends. Training will be given to the right person. Phone Kristina on 22534 or 54168 for an interview 72650 / /1836

CULTURAL DANCERS WANTED! Want to earn extra cash doing something you love? We have some dancers positions available for people who are passionate about our culture! Work in a great environment at Rarotonga’s top entertainment venue. Students welcome. All dancers paid weekly! Phone 24006 or 55579. 72447 / /2512


Commercial/Civil Lawyer The Crown Law Oice, Rarotonga is seeking to employ a Crown Counsel with 3-6 years PQE in Commercial/Civil Law. The work is varied, across a diverse range of issues including general contract/commercial insurance and employment. You must have the ability to negotiate and draft commercial contracts and advise on a broad range of legal issues of commercial/civil signiicance. This is an opportunity to provide legal support to Government that is complex and challenging with plenty of potential through strengthening internal and external relationships. Expressions of interest together with a full CV are to be provided by Friday 9 August 2013 to Dorothy ivaiti, Crown Law Oice in an envelope marked “Counsel Vacancy”, P o Box 494, avarua, Rarotonga, Cook islands or by email to /

Classiieds • Phone 22999



Financial Specialist A Financial Specialist is required to assist the Ministry of Internal Afairs (MINTAFF) with inancial management of the Asian Development Bank - Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction Project (aDB-JFPR). Qualiications and requirements: • The inancial specialist requires a sound background in inancial and auditing skills; • A degree in accounting and inancial management is required; • Experience in the preparation of inancial accounts within a Government context and working knowledge of the Cook islands Government Financial Policies and Procedures manual; • Strong working knowledge of inancial software programmes such as MYOB including the ability to transfer data from Excel into a mYoB programme and adapt to other inancial systems, such as Solomon software, if required; • Experience in the auditing processes and procedures required by the Cook islands Audit Oice; • The ability to translate skills and knowledge on inancial management techniques into a training package appropriate for nGos; • Facilitation skills to deliver training to local (Rarotonga) and 4 outer island nGos; • Daily contract rates apply. This position will require up to 135 days over a 12 month period. Closing date to apply for the position is 28 July 2013. For a copy of the Terms of Reference and for any further enquires contact: Debbie ave aDB-JFPR national Project manager Ministry Internal Afairs Po Box 98 Tupapa, Rarotonga Cook islands Phone: (682) 25837 mobile: (682) 55838 Email:

The CEO Telecom Cook islands Ltd Po Box 106 Parekura Rarotonga or email to by 26 July 2013.

Manager - netwOrk SerViceS Telecom is looking for an energetic and experienced person to take up the role of manager network Services. Key Responsibilities include: • Managing all aspects of daily operations within the Network Services Department; • Ensuring the ongoing implementation of the Network Management and Maintenance Plans for both Rarotonga and the outer islands, resulting in improved service delivery and customer satisfaction; • Capacity planning and expansion of underground access networks both copper and ibre; • Recruitment, training and performance measuring of staf and ability to bring about changes towards accomplishment of KPI’s; • Preparing timely, accurate reports supporting robust decision making. The successful applicant must have excellent oral and written communication skills, plus proven leadership and management capabilities. Please apply in writing (including a cover letter and CV) to: Chief Operations Oicer, Telecom Cook Islands Ltd, P.O Box 106, Rarotonga, Cook Islands or email by 26 July 2013.

Finance Roles FINANCIAL ACCOUNTANT Reporting to an experienced Finance manager, your key objective will be to provide accurate, timely and detailed inancial and management reports. You will be responsible for: • Timely and accurate month-end processing; • Assisting in the preparation of monthly, half-yearly and annual inancial accounts; • Monthly business performance reporting; • Analysis to aid management decision making; • Balance sheet reconciliations; • Fixed assets. Working in an open plan environment where you are encouraged to contribute your ideas, you will enjoy working with a variety of stakeholders and need to work efectively to a deadline. You will have previous accounting experience and/or have a related tertiary qualiication and your professionalism is without question. The keys to your success are your strong excel skills, great communication skills and your well organised and methodical approach to task management. You will be motivated and proactive with strong attention to detail.

INVENTORY CONTROLLER Telecom is seeking an inventory Controller with a strong work ethic, exceptional attention to detail, and a passion for providing the highest level of customer service. Your responsibilities will include: • Ordering, receiving and issuing stock in line with Telecom’s inventory management procedures; • Working with Customs to clear goods and pay the appropriate customs duties; • Tracking orders through Telecom’s on-line procurement system and liaising with our external procurement team; • Processing stock movements in the system; • Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the stock management system; • Working closely with internal stakeholders through the entire purchase-to-pay process. To be considered for this position, you must have: • Competent PC skills particularly in Word, Excel and Outlook, and be a quick learner of new packages; • Meticulous attention to detail; • The ability to multi-task, manage your time efectively and work unsupervised; • A passion for providing outstanding service to internal customers; • Outstanding communication skills (verbal and written); • Previous experience in inventory management preferred but not essential. if you feel you have the skills and background to be successful in either of these Finance Roles, we can’t wait to hear from you. Please apply in writing (including a cover letter and CV) to: apii Heather, by 26 July 2013.

For more information about any of these positions, visit > about Us > Careers.


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

More gigs but no Divas RIDIng the high of success-

ful performances over the past week, Motone Productions is set to bring more entertainment to the Cook Islands later this year. next in the pipeline is Tom Rodwell, a blues guitarist and singer whose performance is described by glenda Tuaine from Motone as “grunty rich storytelling blues”.

however, it is looking very unlikely that they will be having a return of the Diva in Paradise performances that have proved to be popular over the past two years. Tuaine says that due to a lack of funding, which was previously provided through Creative new Zealand, they are unable to cover costs this year. She

sees this as a great shame, with Divas having brought a lot of exposure for the Cook Islands to the new Zealand market. last year Divas in Paradise included performances by local singer Cre, kirsten Te Rito, Iva lankum and ladi6, with extensive television coverage provided through the good - RS Morning show.

Ladi6 (left), Kirsten Te Rito (centre left), Cre (centre right) and Iva Lankum were all part of last year’s divas in Paradise. 12101818



ua topiriia atu te epetoma o te Reo e te Peu Maori a te anau apii tuarua i te Paraparau ra 18 o Tiurai i ko i te Are Karioi Nui. Kua maruarua te angaanga a te au anau i te apaianga i te rongo e te iriirianga mai i te purotu o to ratou au enua e to ratou kapuaanga tei takakaraia ki to ratou uaorai reo enua. Manea e te akaieie tikai ta ratou i rave mai, tei riro ei apiianga e, ei oronga atu i tetai au marama ki te katoatoa no runga i tetai au mekameka natura tei kore tetai pae i rongo ana. Kua na roto te reira i te ‘atu akaariarianga, ‘atu imene e te ‘atu korero. Kia

Akaariarianga: Re Tai – Apii Mitiaro Re Rua – Apii Mauke Re Toru – Apii Tereora Tarere Atu Korero: Teia te au tamariki tei autu atu. Mataiti 9 – Sinano Vaeau (Apii Tereora) Mataiti 10 – Miimetua Moetaua (Apii Mauke) Mataiti 11 – Temaui Tura (Apii Mauke) Mataiti 12 – Tu Aratangi (Apii Mangaia) Mataiti 13 – Deborah Ioane (Apii Araura)

Tarere ‘Atu Imene Akatangi: Re Tai – Apii Mauke Re Rua – Apii Tereora Re Toru – Apii Araura

akameitakiia te Atua no teia au tareni e te karape tana i oronga mai ki te anau apii tuarua o te Kuki Airani. I teia atianga, te oronga atu nei te Maraurau o te Pae Apii i ta ratou akameitakianga ki te Kaumaiti o te ui Ariki, te ui Ariki, maine tutara o te Koutu Nui e te au metua ko kotou tei riro ei akararangi i te angaanga a te anau apii. Kua akaatinga kotou i to kotou tuatau kia tae mai i te matakitaki e te turuturuanga i te au angaanga tei raveia i teia nga ra e toru. “Me te kite ra au e te aere ra taku au tamariki na te maatara o te tuatua tika, kare oku e marekaanga”. Ki te Minita o te Peu e te Akonoanga – Te Minita ngateitei Teariki Heather, te tutara o te Tauranga Vananga e taau au aronga angaanga katoatoa, kua kiteaia te vaerua taokotai ki roto i ta kotou tuanga i rave, kua akamanea kotou i ta tatou angaanga i roto i te vaerua taokotai. Kia vai rai teia tu ngakau taokotai i te akaepaepaanga i to tatou reo e te peu kia matutu. Ki te au turuturu o teia porokaramu nei, Te Pangika: Westpac, ANZ, BCI, Anty Mau Munokoa e pera te Cook Islands Prining Services, naringa kare ta kotou turu kare teia angaanga e arangatu. Kia riringi mai te mana

katoatoa i te au akameitakianga no ta kotou au piinii. Te au tiare kakara e te au tupaupau tuatau o teia patireia te anau apii e te au puapii o te Kuki Arani nei kua tae te rongo o to purotu ki nga pore e a o te enua tutuki atu ki to te ao nei. Ariki mai i teia reo aroa no konei atu i te Maraurau o te Pae Apii. Teia te pauanga a te au apii ki te tumu tapura: “Noku rai toku purotu, no roto i te nivaniva o te ra” (Akatokamanava) “Noku rai toku purotu, no roto i te verovero o te ra” (Nukuroa) “Noku rai toku purotu, no roto i te one kura” (Tereora) “Noku ei toku purotu, no roto i te kuikui o te rangi (Araura)


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News



A big meiTAKi mAATA to the ministry of education for allowing me to pass on my knowledge to our very talented people, we are truly blessed. A big thank you also to Pa Ariki for the use of her premises for the workshop. To Ana Rasmussen for her capacity as our facilitator, my trusty assistant bianca Whittaker for being there and most importantly to all the wonderful participants. it has been a privilege and i feel very proud to have been associated with you all.

Kia manuia and god bless. Rennie nooroa Peyroux.

We will BUY your old or broken gold jewellery. FISHERS BLACK PEARL JEWELLERY. 71119 /32966 /1889

WANTED TO RENT Oice space required. Ideally need at least 6 separate oices and open plan area. contact Maara on 21619 or 72148 /32838 /1780


APPRECIATION The Creative Centre would like to acknowledge with great appreciation for the inancial support from the Cook islands Disabled Society throughout many years. in particular to the generous donation of $10,000.00 received recently. To the President munokoa Purea and the Committee members, a huge meitaki maata. To those who regularly attend the housie nights, your continued participation enables the Centre and other services to receive much needed funds for services to our communities, we thank you all. The Board, Staf and Members of the Creative Centre.

FREE Spay/Neuter (DESEXING) for ALL Dogs & Cats Owned-Homeless-Free-Roaming. call Esther Honey Foundation on phone 22336. Me e puakaoa e te kiorengiao taau kare I tataa/vai’ ia, taria mai, kare e tutaki. Taniuniu atu I te aremaki o te manu - ph 22336. 72551 /32953 /2172

Sky coverage ongoing for the Cook Islands The OngOIng saga of Sky coverage in the Cook Islands has just started a new chapter. earlier this year the future of Sky TV was on shaky grounds and the transmission was under threat after broadcasters Fiji Television announced a new agreement signing with Intelsat global Sales and Marketing ltd (Intelsat). The agreement was for the lease of 36Mhz satellite transponder space, C-band frequency on its satellite, IS-19. now, the Cook Islands is all set to have ongoing coverage for

Sky TV. The migration to the new satellite by Fiji TV is part of the company’s vision of being ‘the’ communications business for Paciic communities. The Cook Islands migration to IS-19 has yet to start but when it does happen, it will be announced publicly before commencement. The migration to the new IS-19 satellite will also result in a new footprint that includes Papua new guinea, plus the re-inclusion of Solomon Islands, nauru and parts of kiribati that were excluded from transmission when

Fiji TV migrated its pay TV signal from IS-701 to IS-18. according to Damon enoka, a partner at Sky Paciic Cinema Ltd, a few people may require newversion ‘Set Top Boxes’ and Sky will provide these at a discounted rate during the migration. The IS-19 down feed will require new "smart cards" which will be provided to existing customers for free. The dates of when the conversion is to take place are yet to be inalised due to technical requirements. - Sahiban Kanwal

For the sake of your family




E REO AKAMEITAKI “Rangiatea! Rangiatea nei e! Rangiatea nei ko te upoko ia o te Ika Nui a Tangiia e! E reo akameitaki kia tatou e te iti tangata o Rangiatea. Kua tu te upoko no taau i rave, to ngakau aroa e te taokotai tei maoraora ua mai i te ra o te akararangi anga i te Ra o te Ui Ariki o te Kuki Airani. Kua rauka ia tatou te akaruru mai ei Oire Okotai i te utuutuanga i te Ui Ariki o te Kuki Airani. To tatou akaruruanga ki te Are Apii Sabati o Matavera CICC, to tatou metua tane Papa Iotia Atera e ta tatou anau Mapu te au metua pakari, tanetini, te au mama e tae uatu kite anau rikiriki. Te pupu tamataora Te Korero Maori, te Toa tuorooro e tae uatu kite Toa vaa koperepere. Kia akameitaki mai te Atua i ta kotou I rave ma te maroiroi, tei akakoromaki i te roiroi e te varea moe. Kua rave koe e Rangiatea i ta tatou angaanga ma te manea tikai. Rangiatea e! Koia ki te pito enua! Ueue ia! Kua ka ate tini! “Kare aia etuku ua i to vaevae kia paeke ua ana, kare tei tiaki iakoe e varea e te moe.” Ei au e to Rangiatea. NA TE UI MATAIAPO O RANGIATEA

We the family of the late

Teremoana Hof

cordially invites Families & Friends to join us in witnessing the unveiling of her headstone on Saturday 20th July at 11am at the late Ana Hofs/ Charlie and mere O’Connors residence in muri, ngatangiia.

Sky tv subscribers will still be able to catch their favourite sporting stars in action. 13071927


Psalms 27:1 The lord is my light and my salvation who shall i fear The lord is the stronghold of my life of whom shall i be afraid?

in loving memory of

Teremoana John (nee Trego)

Akameitakianga takake ki te ekalesia Raitu e te Orometua Hosea Hosea, te ekalesia CiCC o Ruatonga te Pu Tapere e nga diakono pera katoa te Orometua William Cuthers. Ki te Orometua ngatokorua Patia meitaki maata e tama. Kia vakatini Ariki e te ekalesia CiCC o maraerenga e nga diakono e te taokotaianga tarekareka o Tupapa e maraerenga meitaki maata. Ki te Orometua Tereora e te ekalesia CiCC e te uipaanga diakono o ngatangiia e te taokotaianga tarekareka e te iti-mapu o ngatangiia meitaki maata kia kotou katoatoa. Ki te uanga Rennie o ngatangiia e pera katoa a Papa Kau e mama eva mapu meitaki maata kia kotou katoatoa. Ki te tamaine ia Tauariki Cowan-george meitaki maata e maine no taau tauturu. Ki nga tamariki ia Andy e Flora Rauru e te metua tane Anautoa Rangatira (Teariki Rauru) e te ekalesia Katurika o Avarua meitaki maata no ta kotou tauturu. Te nako nei te ebera 6:10 “Kare te Atua i te Atua tuatua tika-kore, ka akangaro atu ei aia i ta kotou angaanga i rave, e to kotou anoano i tona ingoa i akakite puia e kotou na, ko kotou i matuapuru i te aronga tapu, e te matuapuru ua ra oki kotou.” Hebrews 6v.10 (niv) “god is not unjust, he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” Te Atua te aroa no tatou katoatoa. Teia tuatua akameitakianga na Papa manoa Pirake (morea mataiapo), te akaperepere, te anau, e te kopu tangata.

• Phone 22999 •

Te rauka nei iaaku, toku akaperepere, ta maua anau, e te kopu-tangata i te akameitaki i te katoatoa rava no ta kotou au tauturu, te moni, te kai, te au ruru tiare, e te au tuatua akapumaana e te akamaroiroi, ia matou i to matou tumatetenga i te takakeanga ta matou tamaine ko Te vaine moeroa ki o Taputapuatea, ta kotou i matau i te kapiki e ko Aunty moe. meitaki maata no to kotou tu aroa e te tauturu.


Te vaine moe-roa ki o Taputapuatea (tei matau-ia e ko Aunty moe Pirake)

need a little

Tuatua akameitakianga no te tumatetenga o

its been four years since you have left us. We miss you mum, your laughter, your smile, your strength and your beautiful nature, you have left a big impact on all our lives dearly loved by your Husband, Children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and Families near and far

FOReveR lOved And CHeRiSHed.



Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

Taking the ‘underwater’ plunge aFTeR catering for three sepa-

rate underwater marriage proposals, Big Fish Dive Centre co-owner Sabine Janneck knew they would one day host an underwater wedding ceremony. In May the dive company did just that with Ilona hanne of the Stratford Press from new Zealand sharing the Deana nichols and Dale Scovell’s underwater nuptials. It probably shouldn’t have been a surprise to the friends and family of Deana nichols and Dale Scovell when they announced their plans to marry underwater. after all, Dale had proposed in a similar manner. “We were diving on Cozumel Island,” recalls Deana. “We were 20 metres underwater when he tapped me on the

when Dale and Deana called to book she originally thought “they were just planning to have a short dive on the day they get married”. She adds that she and Sascha therefore just booked the dives for their group. “I organised a little function for them on Sunday because I knew that they won’t have time on the actual wedding day,” says Sabine. Sabine says it was only once the couple arrived on the island that they told them they had bigger plans. “I said to Deana, you have to tell us so we can be prepared, and that’s when she told us the whole story with the wedding dress and everything.” Deana says her only regret for the day was that they didn’t have

shoulder. I turned around and he started using made up sign language to tell me that he loved me. I took my regulator out to kiss him.” She realised he was holding an engagement ring. “I started swallowing water and choking, it was just such a shock.” While she signed yes, she adds: “When we surfaced 20 minutes later, I made him say it again to make sure it was real.” Dale and Deana then mutually came up with the idea of actually “taking the plunge” underwater and booked themselves, and 50 guests, to fly to Rarotonga to marry and dive with the team at the Big Fish. Sabine Janneck, who co-owns the Big Fish Dive Centre with her partner Sascha Schmitt, says

deana nichols and dale Scovell tied the knot in a stress-free underwater ceremony in rarotonga in May. 13071904

a way to make the underwater ceremony legal, so had a second ceremony later that day. “getting married underwater was so liberating, I didn’t have to worry about hair or makeup or looking like a princess. It was a really genuine moment and a true celebration of our relation-

ship without any of the supericial or commercial fuss. “Our wedding dive was the most wonderful, stress-free and meaningful morning of our lives. “It was actually about Dale and I and no one else, which was what we’d wanted.”

The couple are now back on dry land at home in Brisbane, but with amazing memories of a very special day, complete with a few extra guests. “We had a special guest at the wedding, a giant blue triggerish,” said Deana. - Stratford Press

deana nichols and dale Scovell of Brisbane took the plunge and got married underwater in rarotonga. 13071903

SPeCiAlSinSTORe AvAilAble Till WedneSdAy 24 July SimmOnS CHiCKen leg qTRS 10Kg

lAmb CHOPS 10Kg




(APPROx 10x100g CRAbS in 1Kg PKT)

SCAllOPS 300g

iRvine PieS

$11.40pkt HASH bROWnS 1Kg

170g $2.30PKT OR $84 CTn OF 40PKTS

nZ SOFT SHell mud CRAb

FRieS 1Kg

WAgHu (JAPAneSe beeF) RumP STeAK $19.50Kg PARmeSAn Wedge 250g




SeedleSS gRAPeS




Re STO n i beeF neW

JuST ARR ived



OPening HOuRS

mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on ST JOSePH Rd, AvARuA. Ph 22259.

in STORe: KiWiFRuiT, APPleS, SeedleSS gRAPeS, nZ ORAngeS & mORe...


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News



VA163/162 NZ748/749 NZ60/47 NZ18

1.45AM 2.25AM 8.15AM 11.59PM

AKL 12.50AM AKL AKL 1.25AM AKL SYD 7.05AM AKL AKL 10.35PM Lax

sunday july 21

VA163/162 NZ46/45 NZ748/749 NZ18

AKL 12.50AM AKL AKL 5.15PM AKL AKL 1.25AM AKL AKL 3.25AM Lax

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Monday july 22

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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Friday’s puzzle

Answer to Friday’s puzzle

by dik browne






HÄgAR the Horrible

by lee Falk & Sy barry


Rarotonga Saturday, July 20, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Saturday


A strong wind warning is now in force of all Southern Cooks waters.




Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga

1320 1820


SaT High 6.40AM 0.91M 7.24PM 0.82M


Low 12.12AM 0.33M


2.5M S


Situation: An easterly wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. a trough of low Sun High 7.47AM 0.94M 8.28PM 0.86M pressure with associated cloud and rain Low 1.22AM 0.30M 2.18PM 0.24M lies over northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Waters: Southeast winds 20 to 25 knots. Rough seas. moderate southerly swells. Land: moderate to fresh southeast winds.Fine apart from a shower or two. Further outlook: Brief showers. new Moon First Quarter Full Moon third Quarter For Rarotonga: Fine apart from one or two aug 6 aug 14 Jul 22 Jul 29 9.51PM 10.57PM 6.16PM 5.44PM showers. Further outlook: Brief showers For the Northern Cooks: occasional ArAPo - mAitu sat 20 showers and thunderstorms over most tanu (Planting) tautaI (Fishing) places. moderate east to northeast winds. moderate seas. moderate southerly swells. tanu i te painapa, Kake te moi. Kupenga i Further outlook: Some showers and maniota e tae ua atu te aiai. Fish for moi. net thunderstorms.




Sun, Moon & arapo

ki te 13 o te po. time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.

Humidity SaT












Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.





Sun rise

ish in evening.

7.15AM 7.15AM


2.5M S Front Key:




2.5M S


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Saturday, July 20, 2013 Sun Set 6.16PM

Moon rise 3.30PM Moon Set 5.07AM Sun rise

sE 13Kts

Sunshine hours

Sun Set


Moon rise 4.33PM Moon Set 6.07AM


23° sE 14Kts


22° sE 13Kts


22° sE 13Kts



22° sE 13Kts

31° sE 10Kts


22° sE 10Kts


Saturday, July 20, 2013 cook Islands News

ANZ stars tennis comp




Undefeated Bulls and Reds to clash The ReSulT of today’s CITC

main match of the week between undefeated teams the Titikaveka Bulls and Takuvaine Reds will determine the outright top of the table team. In previous years both teams have normally featured at the bottom end of the table, however this season has seen a sudden transformation with both teams surprising all opposition to date – so how itting that today at the Titikaveka rugby ield spectators will see both teams meet in the final game of the 1st round. Outstanding for the Reds to date has been their star irst 5/8 Brian Toa with his cultured kicking boot and decision-making from the pivotal position together with the x-factor provided by Cook Islands sevens player Teina Savage.

The great form shown by the Reds monster forward pack led by no 8 and Captain Travel ‘king’ Tou Jnr and 130kg prop Victor Mataora have been key to the Reds’ revival in 2013. The strength for this Bulls team is their leet-footed backline including midielders Vatu Seki and Juda loki as well as counter-attacking genius eli Bendini. These players have been regular try-scorers each week complemented by their destructive loose forwards Tautua Oisa and Travel Tutai. although the Bulls were relatively quiet last weekend in their 16-all drawn match against the arorangi Cowboys, that result could be the medicine the doctor ordered to see the Bulls unleash their speedy backline today.

- Ruck and Maul

Saturday 20 at Titikaveka field (Bulls vs Reds) – 1pmunder 12, Ref-Club Officials, 2pm-g/Oldies, Ref-Club Oficials, 2.30pm-Under 19, RefTutai Taurarii assisted by Poto ngaroi/Junior Takairangi, 4pm-Senior a, Ref-Simiona Teiotu assisted by Taurarii Tauraii/ Junior Takairangi

Saturday 20 at Arorangi ield (Cowboys vs Eels) – 11amunder 12, Ref-Club Official, 11.50am-under 14, Ref- Dan Munro assisted by Club Oficial, 12.40pm-under 16, Ref- Bishop Bishop assisted by lui nicholas/ Robert graham, 1.40pm-under 19, Ref- Phillip Strickland assisted by Robert graham/Dan Munro, 2.50pm-Senior B, Refarthur emile assisted by Metu une/Papa apianga, 4pm-Senior a, Ref- Fraser nooroa assisted

Vatu Seki and Juda Loki (back) will be the men to watch when the Titikaveka Bulls go up against the takuvaine reds today. Both sides are undefeated so far this season. 13071919 by Phillip Strickland/arthur emile, (referee assessors-Robert graham).

Saturday 20 at Ngatangiia (Dragons vs Panthers) – 1pm-

under 10, Ref-Club Official, 1.40pm-under 12, Ref-Club Official, 2.30pm-under 16, Ref-Simon Drewery assisted by Tangi Toa/Fenua Puna,

3.30pm-g/Oldies, Ref-Club Oficials, 4pm-Senior A, Ref-Tua ngaputa assisted by Simon Drewery/Tangi Toa, (referee assessor-Tom Cote).

It’s all about commitment: netball aT ITS recent meeting the board

of Netball Cook Islands relected on the year to date, and the activities planned for the next 12 months and beyond. They agreed it hasn’t been a golden 12 months, but what’s done is done and too much relective dwelling is not going to change anything in the past. They resolved that there is no team like a well prepared and committed team. Board members confirmed their commitment to seeing netball Cook Islands reach its full potential and in doing so committed their time and the individual roles they will play as part of this journey. “netball is a long-standing and favourite sport of the Cook Islands,” says board chairwoman Patsy hockin. “It embraces our competitive

nature and plays a significant role in promoting health and well-being and enhancing our culture. We as board members will be doing the sport a huge disservice if we do not adjust planning now for the two major events we have coming up.” netball Cook Islands has a long-term vision to create a new era of netball in the Cook Islands and to represent our nation’s unique culture through sport both nationally and internationally to the highest possible standard in a thoroughly professional manner both on and off the courts. To that end the board is already looking ahead to this December’s netball in Paradise tournament and the Paciic Netball Series to be hosted by the Cook Islands in June 2014. They have started planning to ensure

the events are culturally rich, embrace Cook Islands heritage and demonstrate a commitment to netball. This planning is a twopronged approach – the events and the team. With a board committed to ensuring the events are a success, the search is on now as opposed to the end of the year for a coach and manager who are committed to preparing a team that is not only match fit for the two upcoming tournaments but for the next three to four years too. The board hopes to attract applicants with a long-term vision and goals and share the board’s commitment to enhancing the game of netball in the Cook Islands. “Our next test will be during the netball in Paradise tournament in December. We want our


4-STROKE, 115CC Colours: Black, Blue, Red, White, Green


PHOne: 29882 emAil:

coach to build a strong pool of high-performing Cook Islanders for the national team who are prepared to commit to the game for not only the two upcoming tournaments, but for the long term, that is our goal,” says hockin. netball Cook Islands now looks forward to interested parties applying for a coach and manager for our national team and the under 21 national team. The board of netball Cook Islands includes president and chairwoman Patsy hockin and members autiare luke, Margharet Matenga, lynn hagai, Cecile Marten, Jaewynn Mckay, Sharyn Paio and akaiti Puna plus Oceania president and InF board member Tina Browne and netball Cook Islands chief executive oficer Louis Enoka. - NCi

the search is on now for committed and passionate netball coaches and managers to lead the national netball team and under 21 squad. 13071917

Saturday 20 July  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Saturday, July 20, 2013

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