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$2 thursday, July 18, 2013

Call for ‘corruption’ inquiry Independent Atiu member of parliament norman George is calling on prime Minister Henry puna to order an investigation into the conduct of Marine Resources Minister teina Bishop. George is also urging Bishop to step down from his ministerial post for the duration of an inquiry. “the prime minister must order an investigation if the public is expected to have conidence in him and his government,” said George. “A judge or Queen’s Counsel should be appointed to carry out investigations in private.” “puna must know about these activities when they are public knowledge. this is a direct im-

peachment of cabinet convention and integrity.” prime Minister Henry puna, who is currently in new Caledonia for a political meeting as the Paciic Forum chair, has declined to comment on the matter. George’s comments stem from allegations of corruption against Bishop over the purchase and sale of ishing vessel ‘Bounty’. Bishop sold the vessel’s ishing license to Huanan Fishery Company, a subsidiary of Luen thai Fishing Venture in late 2012. Based on the minister’s description of the deal, the company was to be issued with a foreign ishing licence after purchasing the vessel and surrendering the local fishing licence to Marine

Resources (MMR). According to an invoice provided by Bishop, the Bounty sold for a price of $26,774, including $2000 listed as the ‘MMR licence’. “Mr Bishop’s close association with Luen thai as a Minister of Marine Resources reeks of publicly perceived impropriety and cynicism,” said George. the Atiu Mp said Bishop’s conduct as minister violates parliamentary rules regarding members of parliament and business dealings, and as a result should step down while an oficial inquiry is made into the matter. “Well established convention requires all Mps accepting min-

isterial posts to deactivate and resign from further involvement in the running of their business,” he said. “My advice to minister Bishop is to help clear the air by offering to stand aside temporarily from his ministerial post and allow the pM to order an immediate investigation into his ministerial conduct in relation to isheries issues.” the teenui-Mapamai Mp’s tirade against Bishop didn’t stop with Marine Resources, saying

similar conduct has become widespread throughout the Cook Islands party (CIp). “Right from the start of the Cook Islands party tenure of office, we, together with the people of the Cook Islands have observed the blatant corrupt acts and abuse of ofice by ministers of cabinet with business interests,” said George. “this did not prevent some CIp ministers from shamelessly getting involved in negotiations of untendered contracts, or using

minister friendly public servants to do their biddings.” In early June, opposition leader Wilkie Rasmussen made allegations towards infrastructure minister teariki Heather, saying his company, t& M Heather, may have been favoured in government jobs. those allegations were denied outright by Heather, who says he no longer has direct control of the company. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Paying tribute to Sir Frederick

Pearls of wisdom ignored CoNCeRNS have been raised

about the survival of the pearl industry, following reports that recent advice from nZ dairy giant Fonterra has been ignored. temu okotai, who has been a pearl farmer for about 20 years, says the pearl Authority (CIpA) has “done a terrible job so far” at marketing Cook Islands pearls. “the pearl Authority’s primary role is to market pearls. My job as a farmer is to produce quality pearls. If you go to the market, there are farmers trying to sell their pearls. they should be farming, but they need to sell their pearls to survive. At one time, we had more than 300 pearl farmers. Now there are 24.” Fonterra director Greg Gent visited Rarotonga recently to

discuss strategies used by the dairy company to benefit the pearl industry. the nZ-based dairy company holds a twicemonthly global auction of dairy products online, and Gent suggested the possibilities of doing something similar with Cook Islands pearls to increase access to international markets. okotai attended the meeting with Gent, and said it is an interesting concept that he hopes CIpA will look into. “Fonterra is very open and want to help us. I want the pearl Authority to be open-minded about it and do their job.” CIpA chief executive officer George ellis said he did not have any knowledge of the meeting with Fonterra and did not want to comment on the issue.

ellis met Gent in late 2011, where Gent came to the Cooks to discuss the similarities between the two industries, saying all farmers have a lot in common. At the time, ellis said the industry faced some challenging tasks and he was excited to have the nZ government and people like Gent offering help. okotai said the future of the pearl industry depends on improving the marketing of local pearls. “I would like the pearl authority to take a serious look at this. our whole future depends on it. (pearl farmers) are in the process of increasing production, but there is no point if there’s nowhere for the pearls to go.” - Briar Douglas

Charges laid in fatal crash tHe CRoWn has formally laid

charges against the driver of the recent fatal crash that claimed the lives of three young adults. Ngati Vano, believed to be in his mid-twenties, has been charged with three counts of manslaughter and three alternative charges of dangerous driving causing death. the accused, currently in police custody, is scheduled to appear in court this morning. It in alleged that during

the early morning of July 7, Vano was driving a red Suburu Forester station wagon that crashed into a tree, killing three occupants who were travelling in the back seat. A fourth occupant in the front passenger seat allegedly walked away from the nikao scene. the victims have been identified as Moeau Rau, William paerau and danny Boy tepai, all 19 years of age from Arorangi.

police have said alcohol was a factor in the crash which occurred on the main road in nikao near oasis petrol station. Vano was released from hospital last week after recovering from serious injuries. the maximum punishment for manslaughter is life in prison, with a maximum of ten years imprisonment for dangerous driving causing death. - Emmanuel Samoglou


Outgoing Queen’s Representative Frederick Goodwin was bid a grand farewell by the nation’s law enforcement oicials yesterday in an early morning ceremony. Held at police headquarters, Sir Frederick along with Lady Goodwin were thanked for their service to the nation and wished well by police minister Teariki Heather and police commissioner Maara Tetava. Sir Frederick himself had an established career in law enforcement – his police service spanned over 20 years. The QR is to be replaced by current Deputy Prime Minister Tom Marsters, who is scheduled to be inaugurated next month.

Police bid farewell to QR, page 8 & 9

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Thursday, July 18, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no teIA neI Ao Missed out on huge win A British mother-to-be is to sue her former workmates because she missed out on a Euromillions jackpot win when she was off work for the day with morning sickness. 10 staf at a recruitment irm in Kirkby in Merseyside took the £28.8 million top prize in tuesday’s draw. But Louisa Whitby, 31, was ill on the day the tickets were bought and did not pay into the syndicate. her solicitor said she hoped to make a claim for a cut of the money at the high Court. It has been conirmed that the winners had left their jobs since claiming their windfall and the office was now deserted.

Worst crisis in 20 years syria’s refugee catastrophe worst since 1994 genocide in rwanda GeNeVA – The conlict in Syria has caused the world’s worst refugee crisis for 20 years, with an average of 6000 people leeing every day in 2013, the UN says. UN refugee chief Antonio Guterres said refugee numbers had not risen “at such a frightening rate” since the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. He was speaking to the UN Security Council, which also heard that 5000 people are being killed each month. UN aid chief Valerie Amos

world BRIeFS STAR DIED FROM ALCOHOL AND HEROINE cANADA – cory Monteith, star of the hit TV musical comedy ‘Glee’, died from a heroin and alcohol overdose, a coroner in British columbia has announced. The 31-year-old canadian actor, who played Finn Hudson in the Fox TV hit, was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room on Saturday. Monteith, who had been in the musical comedy since its 2009 start, was treated for drug addiction in April. Fox TV oicials had described Monteith as “an exceptional talent”. In a statement, the coroner’s oice said: “There is no evidence to suggest Mr Monteith’s death was anything other than a most tragic accident.” It said a post-mortem examination had determined “a mixed-drug toxicity involving heroin and alcohol” was the cause of death.

MANDELA FEUD HURTING FAMILY MEMBERS SOUTH AFRIcA – A granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, who remains seriously ill in a Pretoria hospital, has said she is hurt by a continuing family feud. Family members have been in dispute over the reburial of the bodies of three of Mandela’s children. Ndileka Mandela was speaking to the BBc on the eve of Mr Mandela’s 95th birthday. She also described how diicult it had been for the family to cope with his critical illness. The dispute has pitted 16 members of the Mandela family, including his wife Graca Machel, and local chiefs against Mandela’s eldest grandson and traditional tribal chief, Mandla. The dispute has become increasingly bitter, with Mandla accusing some individuals of “jumping on the Mandela bandwagon”.

REFUGEES DIE IN ANOTHER CAPSIZED BOAT AUSTRALIA – A boat carrying about 150 suspected asylum seekers has capsized of Australia’s Christmas Island, with four people conirmed dead. Border authorities said two naval vessels had rescued 144 people from the water after the capsize on Tuesday. The vessels were escorting the boat to a detention centre on christmas Island but the ship overturned in rough seas. “Overnight, our oicers have rescued 144 people from the sea and recovered the bodies of four other people,” Home Afairs Minister Jason clare said. The boat overturned 70 nautical miles from christmas Island.


said at least 6.8 million Syrians needed urgent help. Forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad are locked in a ierce battle with opposition ighters for control of the country. there has been deadlock at the UN Security Council over the crisis, with Russia and China refusing to back action against Assad proposed by the other veto powers, the US, Britain and France. Guterres said two-thirds of the nearly 1.8 million refugees registered with the UN had led Syria since the beginning of the year – an average of 6000 a day. Guterres said the impact of refugees on neighbouring countries was “crushing”, but said the acceptance of Syrians by countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq was “saving hundreds of thousands of lives”. And he said the “danger that the Syrian conlict could ignite the whole region” was “not an empty warning”. The UN last month said nearly 93,000 people had been killed since the uprising began. The UN’s assistant secretary general for human rights, Ivan Simonovic, told the meeting that some 5000 lives were being claimed each month, demonstrating “a drastic deterioration of the conlict”. “In Syria today, serious human rights abuses, war crimes and crimes against humanity are the rule,” he said. Amos said $3.1 billion was still needed to provide aid in and around Syria for the rest of the year, and she accused both sides in Syria of “systematically and in many cases deliberately” failing in their obligation to protect civilians. “We are not only watching the destruction of a country but also of its people,” she said. - BBC

5000 people a month are dying in the Syrian civil war with 6000 people leeing the country every day in what is now worst refugee crisis since the 1994 Rwandan genocide. AFP

UN to inspect weapons cargo pAnAMA – panama says it has

asked UN experts to inspect Cuban weapons found on board a seized north Korean ship in the panama canal. the crew of the vessel is to be charged with crimes against panama’s internal security, oficials there said. the ship was seized by panama last week after “undeclared military cargo” was found hidden in a shipment of sugar. United Nations sanctions

prohibit the supply of arms to north Korea in the dispute over its nuclear programme. Cuba earlier admitted being behind the stash of weapons found on board the ship. It said they were obsolete Soviet-era arms from Cuba headed for repair in north Korea. Cuba admitted being behind the military cargo, hidden inside a shipment of 10,000 tonnes of sugar. on Wednesday, panama’s

Security Minister Jose Raul Mulino said officials had discovered “two more containers” with suspected arms, in addition to the two already coniscated. He said panama had asked the UN for advice on how to proceed in the case of the vessel being caught smuggling arms from Cuba through the canal. Mulino added that he expected panama to hand over the ship and its contents to the UN. - BBC

School meals killing students pAtAnA – At least 19 children

have died and dozens more have fallen sick after eating a tainted school meal in India’s eastern state of Bihar. the poisoning occurred at a government school in the village of Marakh in Saran district. A probe has been launched and 200,000 rupees ($3,370) in compensation offered to the families of each of the dead. India’s Mid-Day Meal Scheme

provides free food to try to boost school attendance, but often suffers from poor hygiene. twenty eight sick children were taken to hospitals in the nearby town of Chhapra and the state capital, patna, after the incident. A total of 47 students of a primary school in dharmasati Gandaman village fell sick on tuesday after eating the free lunch.

there are fears the death toll could rise as some of the children, all below the age of 12, are critically ill. the father of one sick child, Raja Yadav, said his son was vomiting after returning from school and had to be rushed to hospital. doctors treating the patients say that “food poisoning” was the cause of the deaths. - BBC

Baby needs a name

MYANMAR – Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has applied for temporary asylum in Russia, oicials say. The Federal Migration Service conirmed he had completed the relevant paperwork at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, where he has been for the past three weeks. Snowden is wanted by the US for leaking details of government surveillance programmes. He has no travel documents, so has been unable to take up asylum ofers from a number of Latin American states. Meanwhile the White House reiterated its position that the fugitive should be expelled and face trial in the US. Snowden arrived in Russia on June 23 from Hong Kong, where he had issued his leaks to the media.

HEATWAVE BUCKLING RAILWAY LINES ENGLAND – Britain’s rail network has been hit by a heatwave that has forced some services to be reduced. There are delays and cancellations at London’s Waterloo train station on Monday because a rail line has buckled. A section of the motorway orbiting London, the M25, was closed after the road melted, while in Scotland, a wildire has been blazing south of Inverness since Sunday. The highest temperature this year, 31.4 degrees celsius, was recorded at London’s Heathrow Airport at the weekend. Retailers have reported booming sales, with shoppers splashing out on barbecues, sunscreen and garden furniture. Forecasters says the heatwave is set to continue for at least another week.

today’s daily Bread Abraham said, “I did it because I thought, there is no fear of God at all in this place, and they will kill me because of my wife.”

Matthew Read: Read: Genesis 20:1-137:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 11

Mother girafe Jacky pampers her new baby girafe born at Buenos aires zoo last week. The calf who weighs 85kg and measures 1.90m will receive a name after a poll among children visiting the zoo during next month. AFP


Thursday, July 18, 2013 cook Islands News

Taliban leader doesn't quite say 'sorry'

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Pakistani student Malala yousafzai holds the united nations Charter presented to her by un Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at un headquarters in new york. AFP neW YoRK – A pakistani taliban leader has sent a letter to schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, expressing shock that she was shot by taliban gunmen last year. the taliban was universally condemned after gunmen shot Malala in the head. In his letter to Malala, Adnan Rasheed stops short of apologising but says he wished the attack “had never happened”. He also claims the shooting was not in response to Malala’s campaign for girls’ education, but because she ran an anti-taliban “smear campaign”. Malala – who is considered a contender for the nobel peace prize – is credited with bringing the education issue to global attention. Speaking at UN headquarters in New York last Friday, she said that books and pens scared extremists. She also urged education for all, including “for the sons and daughters of the taliban and all the terrorists”. Correspondents say Rasheed’s letter was an apparent attempt to attract media attention with

a view to counter the impact of Malala’s speech at the UN. Writing in his “personal capacity”, Rasheed said he felt “brotherly” emotions towards Malala because they belong to the “same Yousufzai tribe”. However, he refuses to condemn the attack, saying the judgement on whether it was correct or not should be left to God. Rasheed says he first heard of Malala’s work when he was in prison, when the BBC Urdu service broadcast a diary that she wrote. He says he wished he had been able to “advise” her before the attack, which he describes as an “accident”. the taliban leader also says that his group is not “against education of any men or women or girls”. Instead he claims Malala was targeted because she campaigned to “malign the taliban’s efforts to establish the Islamic system”. “You have said in your speech that the pen is mightier than the

sword, so they attacked you for your sword, not for your books or school,” he writes. Rasheed finishes by telling Malala to “come back home, adopt the Islamic and pashtun culture and join any female Islamic madrassa (school), use your pen and reveal the conspiracy of the tiny elite who want to enslave the whole of humanity”. Malala’s family said in a statement that they were aware of the letter but had not received it directly and had no wish to comment on it. After the shooting, Malala was lown from Pakistan to the UK for treatment, and now lives in Birmingham, england. Her speech on her 16th birthday at UN headquarters in New York was her irst public address since last october’s attack. Malala said she was ighting for the rights of women because “they are the ones who suffer the most”. A quarter of young women around the world have not completed primary school. - BBC

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Uproar over cover story BoSToN – Rolling Stone magazine has defended its new cover story featuring Boston bomb suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, which has prompted uproar. the magazine said a profile of tsarnaev suited its “commitment to serious and thoughtful coverage”. But a Boston city leader accused the publication of “mindless gloriication of a terrorist”. A number of US retail chains have announced they will not stock the edition. Tsarnaev, 19, pleaded not guilty last week to all charges in

connection with the bombings. Janet Reitman, Rolling Stone’s contributing editor, spent two months interviewing tsarnaev’s friends and family for the forthcoming issue’s article. In a statement appended to the top of the story, the magazine’s editors said on Wednesday their “hearts go out to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing”. “the cover story we are publishing this week falls within the traditions of journalism and Rolling Stone’s long-standing

commitment to serious and thoughtful coverage of the most important political and cultural issues of our day,” it said. It added that many of its readers are in the same age group as the bombing suspect, and it was important for the publication to explore the issue. But two Massachusetts-based convenience store chains, Rockland and Tedeschi Food Shops, said on Wednesday they would not stock the edition. two national pharmacy chains, CVS and Walgreens, quickly followed suit. - BBC

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Thursday, July 18, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no te pA enUA

Press freedom under threat threat to reporter reveals extent of attacks on media freedom in samoa ApIA – A Samoan journalist who was the victim of theft and a personal threat, says she will continue “reporting without compromise”. the chief reporter for the Samoa observer, Sophie Budvietas, had her laptop compter stolen from her car and a threat-

ening note was left behind. She found the note that read “observer bitch”, neatly handwritten across the back of a report taken from her notes and papers. the incident comes amid a number of concerns for freedom of media in Samoa.

paciic BRIeFS MINISTER SACKED FOR DISLOYALTY VANUATU – The Vanuatu prime minister, Moana carcasses, has sacked the minister for trade and tourism, Marcellino Pipite, for allegedly siding with the opposition. The Daily Post newspaper reports Pipite was sacked last Thursday while he was out of the country. The paper says he signed the opposition’s no conidence motion, which has however been rejected by the speaker, Philip Boedoro. The speaker claimed that the opposition had forged the signatures of three government MPs. A replacement for Pipite is yet to be named. Political analysts say diferences between the prime minister and his former tourism and trade minister began with Pipite’s handling of copra subsidy issues in May.

MINISTER CAUGHT ASLEEP IN VEHICLE VANUATU – One minister of state and his oicial vehicle were among the people police in Port Vila took in for questioning or had their vehicles arrested during Police Operation “Zero Tolerance” launched last Friday. During the police operation, part of the government’s short term measures aimed at tackling criminal activities in the two towns and their surrounding villages a government minister was found sleeping in his ministerial vehicle in public place while under the inluence of alcohol. They said the minister was taken in by the police oicers and was questioned, warned and released, but his vehicle was coniscated. Police commissioner Arthur caulton said the vehicle will be held by the police until the minister concerned appeared before the court.

SPEAKER’S VETO CHALLENGED IN COURT VANUATU – The Vanuatu Leader of the Opposition, Ham Lini, has conirmed he is legally challenging the decision of the Speaker to reject a motion of no conidence against Prime Minister Moana carcasses. Lini said the opposition believes there is a case for the Speaker to answer to and for the court to make a ruling on. “There are a number of MPs who signed and withdrew and are not being faithful to either the government nor the opposition and this will also be considered in court,” he said. Lini said their names will be heard in court and label their political game as ‘irresponsible’. Lini insisted that the opposition had the numbers to see through a motion of no conidence.

CHARGES LAID OVER MISSING JOURNALIST FRENcH POLYNESIA – The jailed former head of the disbanded GIP militia in French Polynesia, Leonard Puputauki, has been charged with kidnapping in connection with the 1997 disappearance of a local journalist, Jean-Pascal couraud. This comes three weeks after two of his former militia subordinates, Tutu Manate and Tino Mara, were charged with the journalist’s murder, nine years after his family lodged a complaint with police. The journalist’s body has never been found but it is alleged the GIP attached breeze blocks on his limbs and drowned him of Tahiti. Puputauki, who is also known as Rere Puputauki, is currently serving a jail sentence for involuntary homicide over the sinking in 2003 of the Tahiti Nui IV which claimed seven lives.

DEFENCE FORCE PREPARED FOR DISASTERS NEW ZEALAND – The New Zealand Defence Force says regular missions to the Paciic are helping it prepare for humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and gain cultural awareness. The Paciic Partnership undertakes regular missions in the Paciic and Asia area to build up national capacities to deal with natural disaster. The US, Australian and New Zealand partnership is currently in Kiribati, working on strengthening infrastructure and awareness of natural disasters. Major Alistair Mitchell from the New Zealand Army says any improvement they can make to government services will help improve the quality of life for local people. He says the beneits of such missions go both ways in terms of building cultural awareness.

ALCOHOL AND DRUGS FOSTERING CRIME SOLOMON ISLANDS – The commander of police for Guadalcanal province in Solomon Islands says alcohol-related crime is creating huge problems throughout the country. The comment airms the indings of a recent survey by the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands on causes of conlict in the community and other issues. An overwhelming majority of those surveyed said conlict in the community is caused by homebrew alcohol and drugs. David Diosi says crimes committed either to obtain alcohol or under its inluence are especially prevalent among people between the ages of 15 and 29.

despite the very direct threat, Budvietas has resolved to continue reporting without compromise. “Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental rights in any democracy so that’s why I’m doing it and people do need to know what’s going on and the media unfortunately is the last bastion for what people can ind out what’s actually going on.” As chief reporter for the Samoa observer, she says one of her more controversial pieces of reporting was on what some described as a ‘crisis’ in the Samoan tourism industry – a crisis that has been denied by politicians, particularly the prime minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi. Lisa Williams-Lahari from the Paciic Freedom Forum – a regional voice for media rights – said the threat pointed at Sophie Budvietas is concerning. “It’s even more worrying when it’s done to a woman journalist and there are issues involved around what kind of signals that sends to anyone else in journalism. “It is something that needs to be followed up and followed up immediately. “I’d really urge the police investigating the matter to ensure that action is taken – that this doesn’t become one of those complaints or investigations that just gets swept under the carpet.” Williams-Lahari said she congratulates Budvietas for report-

‘It’s not an easy time to be a reporter here and I think just because it’s not visual what’s happening it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening and press freedom is very much threatened here.’ ing the incident because there are a lot more threats against journalists and women journalists that tend to go unreported because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves – “and that’s another form of self-censorship that we don’t want to see encouraged”. Budvietas said it was not the irst time in recent weeks journalists in Samoa have been targeted in this manner. “A month ago there was an incident where some journalists stopped to take a photograph of a trafic incident and one of the guys involved in it tried to pull the camera out of the journalists hands. “And police on the scene basically ignored what was going on and then they reported it and nothing has happened as a result of that with the police.”

the recent incidents come amid a raft of concerns for press freedom in Samoa. Journalists were recently warned by the Speaker of parliament that they could be jailed for up to six months for “misreporting” political debates in parliament. the government – through the Samoa tourism industry – effectively has the power to gag the media for any prejudicial content or publication of false information relating to the tourism industry in the country. “It’s actually been written into legislation under the Samoa tourism development Act, that anyone who speaks out against Samoa tourism could be deemed detrimental to Samoa and they could face up to three months in prison and a $5000 ine,” Budvietus said. And now, a long-proposed media council concept could arrive prematurely, very much against the will of most journalists in Samoa. the attorney general wrote a letter on behalf of the government expressing support for the creation of a media council to be set up as soon as possible – nearly a year ahead of the original two-year target that was set to establish such a group. on Friday last week, the Journalists Assocation of Western Samoa, or JAWS, issued a joint press release siding with the government and Samoa Law Reform Commission to work

together on drafting a bill for a media council, only two days after the association members had made it clear that Samoan media needed the full two years of deliberation to set one up. JAWS is headed up by a parliamentary press secretary. Williams-Lahari said she needs to see more justiication for the change in position. “It is very much a drastic turnaround on their position of just a couple of days before. It would also be interesting to see what would happen had those government members of JAWS declared their position and maybe stepped back from the discussion on the table at the time, given their conlict of interest on the issue.” Budvietas says press freedom is very much under threat. “But not in a way like it is in say Fiji. The way they’re doing it here is that, for instance, by just having the media banned from certain things. “Like we’ve been banned from public meetings, we’ve been banned from a function held for the national football team, all ministries now require an emailed set of questions, and there’s no open-door policy with interviews or anything. “It’s not an easy time to be a reporter here and I think just because it’s not visual what’s happening it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening – press freedom is very much threatened here.” - Paciic Beat

Focus on tobacco taxation NoUMeA – More Paciic island

countries are making moves to increase taxes on tobacco in a bid to reduce the high incidence of smoking – and related deaths – in the region. The Paciic Tobacco Taxation project has been in the works for the past three years, trying to change attitudes in the Paciic region, where one-third of the world’s smokers are from. Smoking is one of the biggest killers in the Paciic. Up to 75 per cent of the deaths from non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer and respiratory diseases are related to smoking. the project – a World Health organisation initiative – has seen four pacific countries increasing taxes on cigarettes, with more indicating they will do the same. Samoa is the latest nation to announce it will raise its tobacco taxes in its 2014-15 Budget.

‘It’s impossible to say why smoking is so popular in the Paciic, but tobacco is fairly affordable.’ It follows moves by the Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and tonga to bump tobacco taxes by up to 15 per cent. The Secretariat of the Paciic Community (SPC), based in New Caledonia, has also been heavily involved in helping Pasiika countries to kick the habit. the group’s tobacco and alcohol adviser, Jeanie McKenzie, said changing attitudes had been difficult given the “normality of smoking” in the region. “It’s impossible to say why smoking is so popular in the paciic, but tobacco is fairly afford-

able. In some countries, there are more women that smoke than men.” The SPC is working with 22 countries or states in the Paciic. McKenzie said one of the key factors for so many people in the pacific smoking was that tobacco was so cheap. Cigarettes can be bought cheaply – a packet of 20 costs about nine tala ($4.83) in Samoa. Increasing taxes would not stop everyone from lighting up, but it was a step towards change, she said. “From a health point of view, if we want people to stop smoking, we’ve got to put the tobacco tax up – we want to hit it big.” Smoking among Pacific islanders in new Zealand is just as high, with one in four Pasiika people taking up the habit. tala pasifika – the national pacific tobacco control service – was established by the Heart Foundation in 2009 to enhance

pacific leadership on tobacco issues. Programme manager Stephanie erick said they had worked with community and church groups to change attitudes towards smoking. “one issue that we’ve talked about is the practise of people buying cartons of cigarettes duty free and taking them back to the islands. “It’s a cultural thing. they know lots of people smoke and so cigarettes are such an easy gift – they just open up the carton and pass them around.” Smoking in the Paciic: Kiribati: 59 per cent of population smoke. Nauru: 50 per cent. Samoa: 40 per cent. Tonga: 27 per cent. Cook Islands: 33 per cent. Papua New Guinea: 44 per cent. Wallis and Futuna: 43 per cent. - SPC

Strike could kill cane industry nAdI – An expert on Fiji’s sugar industry says a strike by sugar workers later this year could cripple the industry, right in the middle of the cane crushing season. the general secretary of the Sugar and General Workers Union, Felix Anthony, says his members will vote on taking industrial action, as they have not had a pay rise in seven years.

However economist and Fiji sugar industry expert, Dr padma Lal, has said the proposed strike could have serious economic and political consequences. “As it is, the number of farmers have been decreasing, the people have actually lost interest in planting cane,” she said. “If the mill workers were to go on strike, it will have an

effect on the cane cutters, the transport workers as well as the farmers. dr Lal says sugar mills are not easy to run and skilled sugar workers are needed to ensure smooth operation of the mills. “one would need to have a fairly good understanding of the whole production line,” she said. “there will also need to be

fairly experienced engineers and others who could maintain the mill. “the government could take that approach and say, ‘this is an important industry and we can’t actually be hostage to unions also not be dictated to by people outside who may not be seen to have the interest of the country at heart’.” - ABC


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regionalneWS nuti no te pA enUA

Family unhappy with ‘suicide’ ruling ApIA – The family of a 21-year-

old mentally ill man found dead at Samoa’s Tafa’igata Prison in 2011 is “gutted”, according to the Samoa observer. they are deeply unhappy about the outcome of an inquest into his death, which has concluded that perry tuilaepa committed suicide, rather than as a result of his treatment by prison staff. outside the district Court, tuilaepa’s sister dianne tui-

laepa tautasi was in tears. “We felt that something like this was going to happen,” she said. “the report from the pathologist stated the inal cause of death for perry was that he hung himself. We don’t believe that.” In the district Court, Judge Vaepule Vaemoa Vaai said the coroner was convinced tuilaepa died from “asphyxiation”. “the mystery death of perry Gam Tuilaepa, 21-year-old male

of Saoluafata, who was taken to Motootua Hospital, was caused by asphyxiation,” the judge said. “that was caused by suicide when he hung himself inside a cell at tafa’igata prison. the inquest into the cause of death of perry tuilaepa is closed.” But tautasi told the Weekend observer tuialepa’s family is far from impressed. tautasi said they are particularly unhappy with the police.

She said maybe the inquest was “just another case” for the court. “But for us, perry was someone we cared about. He was someone’s son.” “Someone is at fault here,” she said. “We know he perry was a dificult kid and it’s why he was put away – but we know he did not commit suicide.” earlier this week, Judge Vaepule accepted an application from lawyer of the Attor-

ney General’s ofice, Brigitta Lo Tam-Fa’aiti, to suppress reporting on evidence surrounding the case. the lawyer cited the Coroners ordinance Act and to only report on “date, name, address and cause of death”. perry suffered from a mental illness. In november that year, he was taken to the Mental Health Unit at Moto’otua. He was then referred to the police station in Apia since it

became dificult to detain him at the mental unit. From the police station, tuilaepa was transferred to tafa’igata prison. A week later, he was found dead in his cell. His father, Leitu tuilaepa strongly believes his son did not hang himself. “My son was never suicidal. no, he did not commit suicide,” he said during a recent interview. - Samoa Observer

No grog so women will do their chores nAdI – Gender equality is making slow progress in some of the more remote areas of the Paciic. Some villages in the Fiji district of Vaturova, Cakaudrove, continue to uphold a law banning women from drinking grog in the village. At Baleyaganiga village,

women are not allowed to drink yaqona, or kava. Village headman Jekope Matanamatua said the decision was made to help women wholly dedicate themselves towards the welfare of their families. “the men will continue to play their part in looking after

their families by providing the food and inancially supporting their wives and children,” Matanamatua said. “the village law of not allowing women drinking grog is not to discriminate them but to ensure that our children are looked after by their mothers.

United Front unfazed SUVA – The United Front for a

Democratic Fiji says the group is not affected by the suspension of the Fiji Labour Party for failing to pay the Fiji Sun for publishing its asset declarations. the Labour party was told to pay $F6375.60 by last Monday amid a dispute over tendering the asset publication which is still before the Commerce Commission. While being suspended, the Labour party can, by decree, not operate or hold itself out to be a political party. A spokesperson for the UFDF, which comprises four political parties and the Council of

Trade Unions, Mick Beddoes says he can’t imagine the suspension will have any effect on the group. “I suspect that when Mr Chaudhry returns from overseas, where he’s currently at, obviously he’ll work towards resolving the matter. So at this time it’s not going to have any effect on the movement.” Mick Beddoes says the regime’s threat to deregister the Fiji Labour Party is part of its ongoing scaremongering and tactics to gain political power and discredit its opponents. A FLP insider agreed that it chose not to fork over the money

as demanded by the Registrar of the political parties, Mohammed Saneem, as a matter of principle. the ploy seems to have gotten a response. In the statement released on Monday, Saneem sounded frustrated: “Unfortunately, this seems to have been a deliberate decision by FLP leadership to not abide by the decree. It is now up to them to remedy their breach.” Saneem has threatened FLP with permanent registration if the money isn’t paid within 60 days and has meanwhile ruled it can’t conduct any political activity. - RNZI/PNC

Police may be vulnerable CAnBeRRA – Australian Federal Police oficers deployed to papua new Guinea could be vulnerable to prosecution in pnG’s courts. Australian prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, announced the plan to send 50 AFP oficers to pnG by the end of the year to help tackle law and order problems. A similar deployment was withdrawn by the Howard government in 2005 after a constitutional challenge against immunity from prosecution for the oficers. Former governor of Morobe province on pnG’s northern coast, Luther Wenge, headed the Supreme Court challenge,

which led to the withdrawal of more than 160 Australian Federal police from the country. Wenge says at the time he didn’t believe the AFP should not be deployed in pnG, but making them immune to pnG law was unconstitutional. “What I said simply was that parts of the agreement which was signed by papua new Guinea and Australia did not comply with the papua new Guinea constitution,” he said. “that is, they were going to give them immunity from prosecution, and I said that was completely unconstitutional.” Wenge says any proposal for AFP oficers to have immunity in the country remains uncon-

stitutional. the ex-governor has retired from politics but says he would support any moves to reinforce the Supreme Court order. “I wouldn’t have the standing because the constitution gives certain institutions standing,” he said. “But I would encourage the institutions with the standing to ile reference in the Supreme Court again to get the Supreme Court to reinforce its order.” The Australian Federal Police says an AFP scoping team will develop arrangements for the deployment of its officers in the coming weeks with the pnG Government and pnG’s police Commissioner. - ABC

Doing their bit for horses otAtARA – A new Zealand woman is collecting horse bits for use in Fiji. otatara horse lover Julia Latham is the southern contact for the nationwide donate a Bit campaign. the bits will be sent to the campaign’s principal, Lesley Martin, of palmerston north, who sends them to the Auckland-based Kiwi Care team. Volunteer veterinarians, farriers and equine therapists make

up Kiwi Care team. They travel to Fiji, egypt, India and the philippines administering irst aid to working animals and providing education on their health and welfare to owners. donated gear, like the bits, is taken on the trips. Latham said horse trekking businesses in some countries were in decline and operators did not have enough money to replace broken gear and main-

tain the health of their horses. “Some are using barbed wire in the mouths of horses instead of a bit,” Latham said. A group of Kiwi Care team members treated 234 horses in Fiji in September, with all but one horse needing their hooves trimmed. 38 horses received dental work and 178 needed medical attention. - Fairfax NZ News

“ It is the same too for the men who are tired every afternoon after returning from the farms. “When the men come home, all we want is for our food to be ready and the house clean because most of the times we are tired and hungry when we return from farms.” Matanamatua said if women drank grog a lot at night, it could affect their home chores, including breakfast for their

children. In nearby Seavaci Village, women can only drink grog in their own homes but not in the village hall. “We don’t allow women to drink grog during village functions or at the hall but they can do so at their own homes,” said village leader Motekai Soidroka. “Women can only drink grog when given the permission and when allowed, they can only

drink grog in their homes. “the decision was discussed in a village meeting many years ago and has been accepted by our women.” Soidroka said even if women were at the village functions, yaqona would only be given to men to consume. “that has become a tradition in this village and is respected by all.” - Fiji Times

DNA tests for two mystery deaths NUKU’ALoFA – tonga police are seeking dnA tests to help identify two individuals who died in separate incidents. dnA samples will be sent overseas to conirm the identity of the skeletal human remains and also of an unidentified man who died in a house ire. the Acting police Com-

missioner ‘Unga Fa’aoa said inquests based on available evidence will be held this week while dnA samples are sent to either new Zealand or Australia . the skeletal remains were found in a remote cliffside area on the southern coast of tongatapu on June 25.

A briefcase containing several documents, including a tongan passport, and a rope hanging from a nearby tree was also found. the other remains to be identiied are those of a young man of about 19-years-old who died in a house ire on July 7 at Halaleva on tongatapu. - MT

Rogue soldiers arrested poRt MoReSBY – two pnG Defence Force soldiers have been locked up and more are expected to be arrested soon, following the attack on University of papua new Guinea medical students on Sunday. Defence Minister Fabian Pok, in a joint press conference with Defence Secretary John Sini Porti and PNGDF Commander Francis Agwi said that all soldiers involved in the incident will be thoroughly investigated, arrested and charged. If found guilty, the minister said that they will all be terminated from the force. pok said “enough is enough”, saying, “this is not the irst time the military has attacked the

citizens whom they have sworn to protect and defend”. He has directed the commander to promptly appoint a committee to conduct an internal investigation. “I was saddened by what happened, I have now directed the commander to fully investigate the matter,” he said. the minster said that those involved in assaulting innocent people, the students and destroying government properties will be dealt with accordingly. prime Minister peter o’neill has also been angered by the actions of the rogue soldiers, warning that members of the disciplined forces who conducted armed, mob-style attacks

against citizens and destroyed public properties would be instantly dismissed without service beneits. Meanwhile, Solomon Star reports that Solomon Islands students at UPNG’s medical school are safe, but shocked by the incident. Student association president Jack To’oilu says all Solomon Islands students have been evacuated from the school and moved to a hotel in port Moresby. defence Minister pok said that this incident must be the irst and the last. “I do not want this to happen again as long as I am the minister for defence,” he said. - Post-Courier

Celebrated 100th birthday AUCKLAND – Last Saturday

marked a milestone for Antonia Maria Margarithe Fepulea’i of Auckland. At the ellerslie Convention Centre in Auckland, Antonia gathered with friends and ive generations of her family to celebrate her 100th birthday. Among the guests was Samoa’s prime Minister tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi and senior leaders of the Samoan community in new Zealand. Born on July 13, 1913 to parents James edward Grey, a French-American, and Metita Toalei Grey, nee Vele, of Samoa, Antonia is the second eldest of

three children. According to one of her daughters, she migrated to new Zealand in the late 1960’s with her husband, James edward Fepuleai. They settled in Grey Lynn, Auckland. When her husband died in August 1974, Antonia had to work twice as hard to raise her family of 10 children. She worked at the old Auckland Hospital Health Board as a seamstress. “My mum is a very simple lady,” says one of her daughters. Antonia returned to Samoa in 2011 but her health condition only allowed her to stay for

a few days at Aggie Grey’s Hotel before returning to Auckland. At 100 years of age, she is still remarkably sharp in memory. Antonia doesn’t need the aid of reading glasses – which puts some of her children to shame – and can do puzzles among other things. She resides at Avondale with one of her daughters. And at her tender age, she will not have to move into a rest home. Such is the love her family has for her, coupled with her amazing health that allows her the luxury of spending time with her large family of ten children spread all over Auckland. - SA


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Simple math on tuna catch dear editor, do the math. In one of your recent issues of CInews you ran a story which stated that last year 11,000 tonnes of skipjack tuna was caught in the waters surrounding Rakahanga and Manihiki by US purse seiners based in pago pago. these vessels are permitted to fish in our waters under the US Paciic Islands Mul-

tilateral Tuna Fisheries Treaty. presumably it was this extra catch that brought in the additional $1.8 million in revenue which the Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) has recently claimed to have delivered ($4.7m actual up from $2.9m expected). What that story did not say was how many juvenile yellow fin and big eye tuna were also

caught in those purse seine nets. If 11,000 tonnes of skipjack were caught, a typical purse seine catch composition would mean there were also 2300 tonnes of yellow fin and 1300 tonnes of big eye caught. At an average size of 2.5 kilogrammes per juvenile fish, this translates to approximately 1 million yellow fin tuna and a half million big eye tuna.

If these juvenile ish were not caught in a purse seine net, and instead allowed to mature, in less than three years they would increase to an average size of around 40kg, or about 16 times their weight. they would also have had a few babies of their own to keep the population going! Admittedly there would be

some natural mortality in these juvenile tuna. However, even if only 25 per cent of them survived to be 40kg adults before being caught, instead of 2300 tonnes of yellow in, (worth less than $1 per kg for canning, or $2.3 million), we would have 10,000 tonnes of much more valuable sashimi grade tuna valued at a conservative $10 per kg, or $100 million.

In addition to the US treaty which allows up to 40 US purse seiners to ish in Cook Islands waters, MMR have indicated they are also negotiating to license other purse seiners in our eeZ (exclusive economic zone). Given the above basic math, one would have to ask why? Te Ipukarea Society tupapa

Always time for the right choice dear editor, Firstly, I would like to express my sincere condolences to all families who have lost their young loved ones for various

reasons recently and in the past. I would also like to send my humble apologies to all parents who are experiencing dificulty with any of their children at this

Minimise corruption dear editor, I read with interest the letter by Mr tylor (transparency and corruption) and the article entitled "Questions raised over Bounty sale" and it would appear that transparency is sadly lacking. I have to add that this isn't the first time that the words "transparency" and "corruption" have appeared when talking about government issues. Questions raised without proper answers seem to be the norm. this type of political environment will ensure the two words continue to be raised together. Government and their departments need to be more transparent. Whilst transparency will not eliminate corruption it will minimise it. According to tuesdays edition of CI news the Bounty was sold to Huanan in December 2012. The Secretary of Marine Resources states "A new licence was issued for the fishing vessel "Bounty" when it was sold in 2012" he goes on

to say that "Luen thai is not the holder of this license". So; Who is the owner of the new license? Is the licence currently being ished by "Bounty"? Has the full fee been paid by the new licence holder? Both articles talk about contracts for the sale of the Bounty. While contracts for sales are a normal process there is also a maritime department in the Cook Islands that registers ishing vessels so why the secrecy? Surely if the maritime department are doing their job they also should know whether the vessel is being used as a ishing vessel or is transporting cargo. they are two distinctly different tasks which in general are licensed in two different ways. If governments and their departments have transparency then neither tylor nor the opposition leader would have to question through the media. Let’s have more transparency in government. Rod Grout Arorangi

point and in the past. this letter is not an insult to anyone but merely a letter of concern about the Cook Island youth of today. As a former resident of Rarotonga, now currently living in nZ, it saddens me to hear news of the loss of a loved one back at home. not only because I've known them on a personal level but because of the poor decisions that we, the youth, make in our lives today. For most of us, we look for someone or something to blame-parents, family, church, the police, alcohol, drugs, the system, rules, LIFe and the list goes on. Honestly, it is immature and

pathetic of us youth or people to think like that. there is no one or nothing to blame. these are the consequences that we face in life because of our actionseveryone knows that, we all go through it. Simply put: If we drink and drive, the consequence are that it is an accident waiting to happen. If we don't listen to our parents, the consequences are that we go astray. If you’re late to work, the boss is on your case. So why blame mum and dad? Why blame the police? Why blame the schools or the system? they do not make the decisions for us. Common sense tells us that these are in-

stitutions put in place to help guide, protect and educate us about how the world works. Whether we choose to accept this or not, depends solely on us. Youth of today, I know we are all not perfect. I am not either but I have had my own fair share of wrong decisions but the greatest thing about them is that we can always learn from them and there is always time to make the right choice. do not waste your life for stupid reasons-think about who gave you life in the irst place. Do not point ingers at others because of your wrongs-think about

what you can do to right your wrongs. do not do things to impress others-think first about how you should impress your parents and family. do not ignore those who love you-think about how you should repay them with your love. And do not be ashamed to go to church every Sunday because you think you are too old for it - God is the reason you are here, so go back and pay your respects to him. Proverbs 10:1 “A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son brings grief to his mother”. Angela Makikiriti new Zealand

Where is the love and respect? dear editor, Toku ingoa ko Metua e 82 oko mataiti. e taka ua au. Kua takake atu toku tokorua akaperepere. My name is Metua, I am 82 years old and a widow. My beloved husband passed away recently. Ko au anake rai i toku ngutuare. Ka tataki au no te rave i te au angaanga katoatoa kia meitaki toku oraanga e toku ngutuare

Katoa. I live alone at home and pay everything for my wellbeing as well as my house and yard. Kua akamarama mai tetai papa mei roto ma i te Grey power no teia teroanga e te moni taku ka tutaki kite kavamani. A gentle man from the Grey power explained to me about this taxing business and how much i have to pay to the government. Aue tau e. oh, dear.

Ka akapeea au i te tutakianga i teia $4370 tero? How am I going to pay this $4370 tax? Kua pou rai ta mauaa moni i te akatuanga i to maua are i to maua akangaroianga mai mei nu tireni. We have spent all our money to build our house here when we retired from new Zealand. Kua tuke te oraanga i teia nei, te apikepike uatu ra te kopapa

e te vaitata mai ra te openga. Life is changing, I’m getting older and weaker with the end of sight. teiea te aroa e te akangateitei i toto it e tangata i teia tuatau? Where is the love and respect in today’s people? Aue tau e teia tu takinokino tangata. oh the agony of being treated this way. Mama Metua (name and address supplied)

Cook isLand Trade daYs sTaLLs aVaiLaBLe Vendor spaces available for Authentic Cook islands Arts, Crafts, Products & Food/Beverage When: 31st July, 1st & 2nd August 2013 Where: National Auditorium Time: from 9am to register contact Moari halston at BtiB Ph: 24296 or email:

Limited Spaces! Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

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Yacht donated for marine park A YACHt has been donated as a research vessel for the Cook Islands Marine park. the vessel belongs to the Waitt Institute, which is a member of oceans 5 - a global collaborative that aims to help protect the world’s oceans. It is due to arrive at Avatiu Harbour on Saturday, before a three-week research expedition in the Cooks. eight Cook Islands residents who will be on the expedition, including members of te Ipukarea Society (TIS), the Pacific Islands Conservation Initiative

(pICI) and the national environment Service (NeS), got together for a ‘practice’ dive yesterday (Wednesday). Head researcher teina Rongo said the team will be looking at the biodiversity and the state of the coral reef in parts of the marine park. this will begin with a site around 320km south-west of Rarotonga that is so far unchartered territory. “We don’t know what’s there; we don’t know how deep it is. If it’s diveable, we’ll survey it,” said

Rongo. the team will then sail to Aitutaki to an area of the ocean that has been inspected in the past by the national environment Service, to “see if anything has changed”, said Rongo. Areas near Mitiaro, Aitu and takutea are also unchartered, and survey data for these places will be collected. Rongo said the expedition will assist the planning of the marine park. “We’ll be looking at corals, ish and other invertebrates. A lot of

TiS marine park project manager Jacqui Evans organises the survey forms on which the group can collect information about the marine park. 13071727

Gearing up for Lagoon Day ‘BIoDeGRADABLe’ is the word

of the day for Lagoon Day 2013. today and tomorrow the Lagoon day event will see food vendors using biodegradable ware. this will mean some vendors will need to improvise by selling food that can be served on paper napkins. they may also use traditional raurau plates and some might even decide to get their own cutlery so they can take it home and wash it off.

the types of biodegradable ware available on the island vary from bamboo to sugarcane corn starch. CItC came on board with Lagoon day last year and are working hard to bring in environmentally friendly products. they are giving food vendors selling at Lagoon day discount cards for purchases through them. CItC is also displaying posters with facts about the

Cook Islands Marine park – which is the focus for Lagoon day – in its stores. punanga nui market manager elmah McBirney is registering vendors for the ‘green market charter’ which they agree to abide by. Lagoon Day is today and Friday at punanga nui Markets between 8.30am and 3pm. All are encouraged to attend. - Sahiban Kanwal

CiTC key brands manager George George with one of the posters CiTC has on display in its stores in support of Lagoon Day. 13071602

this information will be part of the management plan for the marine park.” there is a permanent staff of 15 on the ship, and there will also be 10 Cook Islands residents join-

ing the expedition. the vessel is usually used for national geographic expeditions. Jess Cramp, who is co-ordinating the research project, said the aim of the project is to build local

research capacity while gathering information about the marine park. the research expedition will run from July 22 to August 11, before the ship sails to Fiji. - BD

Research co-ordinator Jess Cramp inspects her diving gear before the group’s ‘practice’ dive before the expedition. 13071728

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Police bid farewell to QR TH e CooK ISLANDS police force offered a grand farewell to outgoing Queen’s Representative Frederick Goodwin and Lady Goodwin yesterday. during an early morning ceremony, the nation’s law enforcement oficials gathered in front of police headquarters to honour the outgoing QR, soon to be replaced by Murienua Mp tom Marsters. the ceremony began with a grand entrance by the police force, who entered by marching

Cooks islands police make their grand entrance to the farewell ceremony for Queen’s Representative Frederick Goodwin and Lady Goodwin. 13071701

in unison and arranged themselves in formation in front of the police building, followed by prayers by pastor tutai pere. Additional speeches were made by police commissioner Maara tetava and police minister teariki Heather. the Queen’s Representative delivered the inal address, offering words of wisdom for the police force. “don’t abuse the trust given to you,” he said. “You are a servant of the law.”

the current QR himself had a productive career enforcing the law, beginning in 1956 when he joined the Cook Islands police as a police cadet. For over 20 years, he served in various roles, including constable, inspector, and eventually chief inspector. Sir Frederick served fourthree year terms during his tenure as Queen’s Representative, and will be replaced by Marsters who is scheduled to be inaugurated next month. - ES

Outgoing Queen’s Representative Frederick Goodwin and Lady Goodwin at the conclusion of yesterday’s farewell ceremony at police headquarters. 13071708

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Thursday, July 18, 2013 cook Islands News

Queen’s Representative Frederick Goodwin addressing the audience. 13071704

Lady Goodwin and women of the Cook islands Police Service. 13071707

CheCk ouT our BooThs @


Thursday, July 18, 2013 cook Islands News

heaLThY WeighT


iT’s noT a dieT,iT’s a LifesTYLe

It’s natural for anyone trying to lose weight to want to lose it very quickly. But evidence shows that people who lose weight gradually and steadily (about ½ to 1kg per week) are more successful at keeping weight off. Healthy weight loss isn’t just about a “diet” or “programme”. It’s about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits. Changes that lead to an energy balance, that will help you keep the weight off. Energy is another word for “calories (cal)” or “kilojoules (kj)”. What you eat and drink is ENERGY IN. What you burn through physical activity is ENERGY OUT. Think of it as balancing your “lifestyle budget.” To maintain a healthy body weight, Energy in must equal Energy out. To lose weight Energy in must be less than Energy out. ‘ENERGY IN’ comes from the food you consume and is provided by the protein, carbohydrate and fat in the foods that we eat and drink. These nutrients deliver energy in varying amounts. Fat is the most concentrated source of energy, followed by protein and carbohydrate. Alcohol also provides energy but is not really considered a food as it does not provide the body with any extra nutrients – instead, consuming alcohol increases the amount of vitamins and minerals that the body requires. The amount of energy delivered by the nutrients in food is as follows: Carbohydrates – 16 kj per gram Protein – 17 kj per gram Fat – 37 kj per gram Alcohol – 29 kj per gram ‘ENERGY OUT’ is the kilojoules we burn by being physically active, i.e by moving – walking, playing sport, gardening, etc What happens if you take in more energy than you need? The answer is simple - excess kilojoules will be stored as body fat. The body prefers to use carbohydrate for energy to fuel muscles and the brain. If there is insufficient carbohydrate provided in the food that you eat, your body will use fat for energy, and then, as a last resort, protein. Fat and alcohol have almost twice the energy content of carbohydrate and protein – so it makes sense to consume fat and alcohol in small amounts. Ways to cut Kilojoules/calories (ENERGY IN): o Drink water instead of a sweet drinks e.g soft drink or cordial o Go for smaller serves/portions o Have your salad without the dressing, use lemon juice instead o Use tuna canned in water, instead of oil o Add more vegetables to your meal and use less meat o Have a whole fruit instead of a smoothie Here are some ways to burn Kilojoules/calories (ENERGY OUT): o Walk instead of driving o Play sport or do an exercise class (zumba, pump) o Do gardening, raking leaves, plant taro, mow the lawn etc. o Go for a bicycle ride o Dance with your family or friends Once you’ve achieved a healthy weight, by relying on healthful eating and physical activity most days of the week (about 60—90 minutes, moderate intensity), you are more likely to be successful at keeping the weight off over the long term. The good news is that no matter what your weight loss goal is, even a modest weight loss, such as 5 to 10 per cent of your total body weight, is likely to produce health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars.

CoLd Pressed

Traditionally the Coconut is known as the “tree of life”, not just in the Cook islands. research is being undertaken to study the health beneits that have been known and used here and on other islands for hundreds of years. Coconuts are becoming very in vogue. around the world people are jumping on the craze of drinking bottled “coconut water” (nu) and the other product everyone is talking about is cold pressed coconut oil. Cold pressed coconut oil means that the oil was extracted from the coconuts with only minimal processing. using mechanical pressure and low temperatures, expeller pressed coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts and/or good quality dried whole coconut (copra). There are no chemicals or additives used in this type of production. Because of this it is considered high quality coconut oil as it still contains most of the phytonutrients that are naturally found in the raw, unprocessed oil such as antioxidants and phytoserols which counteract spoilage and excessive free-radical formation. The cold pressed coconut oil can be used in a range of products as well as consumed. from salad dressing

CoConuT oiL by shannon saunders

and smoothies to day-cream and shampoos! it is ideal for skin care as it helps to protect your skin from the aging efects caused from free radicals. it is believed that its antibacterial properties are also known to help heal and repair dry skin and hair. When used as a conditioner the cold pressed coconut oil helps to moisturise dry hair adding shine, lustre and softness to the hair. it can also to be massaged into the scalp to moisturise the scalp. This will not only help to remove dead, dry skin cells that might be clogging the follicles (possibly reducing growth) but it is thought that the antibacterial and antifungal properties can help reduce dandruf as well. for a decent treatment apply the naturally nourishing conditioner by gently massaging it into the scalp and through the length of the hair. Wrap a steamed towel around the head for the scalp to soften and absorb the oil and nourish as well as strengthen the hair shaft.


PharmaCY “Westockthebrandsyouknowandgiveyouadviceyoucantrust” NEW IN STORE riTo Cook isLandssLimfasTdieTrange eaT me ProduCTs Caesin • deTox diVa • goLd skinCare egg WhiTe ProTein slow digesting protein to fuel your body for longer

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PharmaCY— resuLTs. no exCuses. The onLY retail pharmacy on rarotonga with a fully qualiied and nZ registered pharmacist.


Thursday, July 18, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.






Cook Islands Game Fishing Club Rarotonga Annual Open Competition The Rarotonga Annual Open Fishing competition will be held on Saturday 20 July from 5am to 5pm. The competition is open to all ishermen on Rarotonga. All eligible ish must be landed according to cIGFc and IGFA rules. All boats to pay registration fee of $20 by 2330 on Friday 19 July. Prizes will be awarded in two categories - heaviest ish and aggregate weight. Minimum eligible weight of any ish is 3kg. Prize-giving will be held at 7pm, winners must be present.

In the matter of the Cook Islands Motor Vehicle Dealers Act 1986. Take note that under section 57 of the above Act, I, Mr Eric Short on behalf of Eric Short Automotive Ltd have applied to the Motor Vehicle Licensing Authority for a Licence to carry on business as a motor vehicle dealer, at Ngatangiia, Rarotonga. The application will be heard after 28 days of the irst appearance of this notice. Any person who desires to object to the application may serve notice of his/her objection to the Motor Vehicle Licensing Authority at the Ministry of Transport, P O Box 61, Rarotonga. The person giving the notice of objection shall also cause a copy of the notice to be served on the applicant within 7 days after giving it to the Licensing Authority.

1 badminton racquet in a black cover at SDA Hall Papaaroa Monay night, Name inside. contact Gail 25221 or 79880.

Modem Router (brand new), $400. (Getek brand) notepad laptop, $650. (mobile IPRo) screen touch, $250. Home phone 70828.

head Chef We require a Head chef with experience in running a resort catering operation. Must be innovative, energetic, a good communicator, non-smoker and honest. Must be computer literate and available 7 days. Spa Supervisor We require an experienced masseuse & beauty therapist who is experienced in a range of therapies and treatments suitable for a resort spa facility. Must be well groomed, energetic, a good communicator, non-smoker and honest. Must be available 7 days. restaurant Floor staf We require experienced food & beverage attendants to work part-time in a small resort restaurant. Must be well groomed, energetic, a good communicator, non-smoker and honest. Must be available for evenings. contact 22779

72482 / /2176

Grey Power One voice, One choice A reminder to all members to come to our General Meeting on Thursday 18 July at 10am at the Sinai Hall. Big events ahead for us. Dennis Tunui. 72605 /32991 /1931

AVATIU/NIKAO KARAPU KETEPORO - TUATUA AKAKITE Te tuorooro iatu nei ma te pati akaaka atu ki to tatou au metua mei Teotue ki Pokoinu e ka angai tatou i ta tatou anau keteporo a te Maanakai ra 20 no Tiurai i te ora toru (3pm) i te avatea ki roto i to tatou are uipaanga i Avatiu. Apai mai i te ka maranga iakoe no ta tatou arikianga ei akameitaki i te angaanga maroiroi ta tatou anau keteporo i rave i teia mataiti. Meitaki maata. Na te au akatere o ta tatou Karapu Keteporo. 72571 /32975 /1931

Te akakite iatu nei ki te katoatoa rava ka akamata akaou ta tatou ‘Tutaka’ Tama a te Monite ra 22 - Varaire 26 July 2013. Ka akamata atu ki iakoe e te Vaka Puaikura, aru atu ko Takitumu taopenga kiakoe e Te Au o Tonga. Te patiia atu nei te katoatoa rava kia akamaroiroi mai i te tama i to tatou au ngutuare. Kia Manuia. The community Health Services (MOH) wishes to advise the general public that the island TUTAKA (General Inspection) will be held from Monday 22 Friday 26 July 2013. The ‘Tutaka’ will begin with Vaka Puaikura (Blackrock) going through Takitumu and inishing in Te Au o Tonga. So all home/business owners, government and civil society agencies and the community at large are encouraged to clean and clear your homes and yard of overgrown vegetation, mosquito breeding places, faulty septic tanks...etc, as these could be harmful to the health of the general public. Your utmost co-operation is very much appreciated. For further inquiries phone 29110. 72608 / /1720

FOUND Notices are FREE to encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

72564 /32965 /1931


TUATUA AKAKITE Te pati iatu nei ki te uanga Tuiarongo e ta John Pirangi, te noo ki runga I te enua Tuoro Section 87A5/Blackrock. Kia tae mai kotou ki tetai uipaanga, Ruaau Meeting house 6.30 I te aiai i te Paraparau ra 18 o Tiurai. Tumu manako-Tipuanga I toku potonga. Meitaki Maata. Tuakana Toeta. 72561 /33005 /2415

BUSINESSES FOR SALE Mama’s Cafe is for sale. Buy, walk in and operate. Full kitchen cafe equipment, secure lease, top location in town. $25k + VAT. Or move in with your own equipment & sign up new rental agreement. Inspections welcome. call Rohan on 55686 for more info & site inspection. 72438 / /1969

Chest Freezer @ $300. Phone 76689. 72538 /32952 /1931

Opposite Ruaau Meeting House, Arorangi, Rarotonga cook Islands. Jocelyn is back to work and she works only in the afternoon from 1pm to 6pm for 1 month. For any appointment, please contact Kia Orana Salon on Phone 20235. 72530 / /1933

FOR RENT 2 bedroom house, furnished, Aroa. Preferred long term. Phone 24900 or 55302. 72413 / /2415

72587 /33023 /2455

72602 /33029 /1931

3 bedroom house, long term in Arorangi. For inquiries contact 74603.

Open Plan Building, with Kitchen, Tupapa, 96 sq metres. Available for sale or long term rent. Phone 79396. 72504 /33097 /1931

VEHICLES FOR SALE Nissan skyline Sedan 2.50GT, Excellent condition, $15,500 ono. Ofers Phone 77225. 72595 /33027 /1931

GARAGE SALE Big Kerv’s garage sale for Little Kerv’s new wardrobe. Avarua Bakery homestead, Saturday 20th, 7am. Big men sizes 6,5,4,3xl, also women & kids clothing. Breakfast also available.

72558 / /2293

72604 /33034 /2517

72596 /33028 /1931



F&P. h-360XL chest freezer, make an ofer. Phone Poko 24084. 72572 /32969 /1931

Icey Tek Chilly Bins. Sizes 25, 56, 70, 90,115, 160 Ltr. Robust and Light weight. Double insulated lid for added heat retention, ideal for hot foods. Superior ice / cold retention qualities , sought after & used by commercial isherman here and in NZ. Assorted colours, commercial grade quality, limited stock available. call 24441 or 55674 to view or for more information 72589 / /1853

Empty 20L container, $5 each or buy 12 for $48. Phone 25550.

the Chamber of Commerce hereby invites both Members and all interested parties to attend a General Meeting on: Date: thursday 25 July 2013 time: 5pm Venue: Café salsa Agenda: 1. Presentation by the BtiB on their Foreign investment Application Process 2. Update by the Secretary of Foreign Afairs and immigration For further information, please contact Lynne at the Chamber oice. Phone 20925 or e-mail chamber@

Experienced Sous chef required in our busy Resort, shift work and weekends involved. You must be a good team worker. Excellent beneits. Phone 53077. 72345 /32972 /1758


ExPRESSIONS OF INTEREST 4 bedroom/ 2 bathroom dwelling 51 year lease, 1026m2 section 46C2, tikioki ................................ Section 2412m2 – 53 year lease Areanu sec 69G Arorangi ………………………….. 3 bedroom house 47 year lease – 1400m2 section Arapoura Pt sec 2F Ngatangiia ................................ Section with vacant building 38 year lease-1821m2 Atekaro Pt sec 14G2 turangi ................................ Section AITUTAKI 615m2– 52 year lease te Atu Motu section 150 Anaunga ................................ Ph/TxT Carey 55678



72601 /33034 /2517





TRADE MARK CAUTIONARY NOTICE IN COOK ISLANDS Playboy Enterprises international, inc., a Delaware corporation, of 680 North Lake shore Drive, Chicago, illinois 60611, United states of America, does hereby provide notice that it claims proprietorship of the trade mark PLAYBOY and in relation to: Condoms, contraceptives, means of contraception, marital aids; sexual aids and appliances, parts and fittings therefore; surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth, orthopedic articles; suture materials Playboy Enterprises international, inc. cautions that any use of these trade marks or any confusingly similar trade marks in relation to any of these goods or similar goods, would be seen as infringement of their rights and that they will take such action deemed necessary to protect those rights. Playboy Enterprises international, inc. can be contacted care of their address for service: AJ Park, Level 22, state insurance tower, 1 Willis street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


TOURISM PLANS 2013/2014 The Year that was and the Year to come... You are invited the Cook islands tourism Corporation Board and Management would like to invite you to its quarterly industry meeting. the key objectives of this industry presentation is to discuss the high level plans and activities for the inancial year 2013/14 and an update on the Australian market by Kerryn Cook. Presentations will be conducted on the following: • Introduction by Chairman, Ewan Smith • Overview of the 2012/2013 Year, CEO Halatoa Fua • 2013/2014 Budget – Director of Finance & Admin, Marcelle Rossouw • 2013/2014 Marketing Plans – Director of Sales & Marketing, Karla Eggelton • 2013/2014 Destination Development Plans – Director of Destination Development, Metua Vaiimene We introduce our Guest Speaker: Kerryn Cook – Australia General Manager – Australia Marketing Plans When: tuesday 23 July 2013 time: 5pm Venue: Edgewater resort & spa For catering and seating purposes, please rsVP no later than 3pm Monday 22 July, 2013. to register, please contact Carlene Mapu on +682 29435 or email carlene.mapu@ /


Thursday, July 18, 2013 cook Islands News




Financial Specialist A Financial Specialist is required to assist the Ministry of Internal Afairs (MINTAFF) with inancial management of the Asian Development Bank - Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction Project (ADB-JFPR). Qualiications and requirements: • The inancial specialist requires a sound background in inancial and auditing skills; • A degree in accounting and inancial management is required; • Experience in the preparation of inancial accounts within a Government context and working knowledge of the Cook islands Government Financial Policies and Procedures Manual; • Strong working knowledge of inancial software programmes such as MYOB including the ability to transfer data from Excel into a MYOB program and adapt to other inancial systems, such as Solomon software, if required; • Experience in the auditing processes and procedures required by the Cook islands Audit Oice; • The ability to translate skills and knowledge on inancial management techniques into a training package appropriate for NGOs; • Facilitation skills to deliver training to local (Rarotonga) and 4 Outer Island NGOs; • Daily contract rates apply. this position will require up to 135 days over a 12 month period. Closing date to apply for the position is 28 July 2013. For a copy of the terms of reference and for any further enquires contact: Debbie Ave ADB-JFPr National Project Manager Ministry Internal Afairs PO Box 98 tupapa, rarotonga Cook islands Phone: (682) 25837 Mobile: (682) 55838 Email:


@ aroaBeaChsideinnarorangi

Ph 22 166

oPen daiLY for BreakfasT 8-10am and LunCh 12-2Pm

LeBonVivant C





a La CarTe dining from 6Pm




LiVe enTerTainmenT!

Ph 20 002


Ph 26 860



Tani and Rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm


Sunset BBQ w/ GaRTH younG - Piano 6PM Sunset Cocktails w/ w/RuDi aQuino 5.30PM – 7.30PM Sat Seafood BBQ w/ JaKE nuManGa - uKuLELE 6PM


72422 / /2512


Biosecurity Oicer Vacancy the Ministry of Agriculture is seeking to recruit a Biosecurity Oicer to work within the Biosecurity service. We are looking for a young person age between 18 – 21 years old that have completed NCEA level 3 qualiications from a tertiary institution. the successful applicant should have good understanding of general quarantine and have some computer skills will be an advantage as it involves updating of biosecurity data base registrar. the successful applicant is expected to be willing to up skill his/her knowledge in agriculture science and be luent in both English and Maori, and must have a pleasant attitude and relating to the sharing and transfer of knowledge to the general public. Written applications including CV should be addressed to the secretary of Agriculture, P.O.Box 96, rarotonga or e mail: A job description is available on request and applications close 4pm Friday 2 August 2013.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619


11am to 2.30pm

5.30pm to 10pm 7 days

Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway

Mon-tue: $12.95 specials thursday: Indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) All you can eat sunday: Tandoori night Other nights: A-la-carte

$10.00 Dine in special

Ph 22 279



Rarotongas premium entertainment facility has part-time positions available every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for immediate start: Kitchen hand -approximately 30 hours per week Bar Persons -6pm till 11pm approx - Make great cocktails? Wait staf -6pm till 11pm approx - Got great personality and love meeting people? Work in this fast paced environment with a great team! Phone 24006 or come and ill an application form at main oice Muri Beach, or email culture@

Part Time Caretaker/ handyman Willing, lexible & experienced person to do maintenance/ repairs around grounds and buildings. Must have own tools. Police check essential. Ring 23509 or email 72499 / /1952

Love meeting people? Are you a talkative friendly person? Then this is for you! A full time position is available at Te Vara Nui Tours oice in town at the cITc shopping centre as a Sales Rep/Tour Operator. Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm with Saturdays half day. Phone Moana on 55579 or 24006 for an interview. 72505 / /2512

Our food our passion 6pm till late


aVarua ToWn

MINISTRY OF MARINE RESOURCES (MMR) Applications are invited for the following salaried positions based at the MMr headquarters. • IT manager (senior oicer), Corporate Services Division • Fisheries management (senior oicer), Inshore Fisheries and Aquaculture Division • Fisheries observer (oicer), Ofshore Fisheries Division • 2 x catch data analyst (assistant oicer), Ofshore Fisheries Division • Vessel monitoring system analyst (assistant oicer), Ofshore Fisheries Division Contact Uirangi Bishop for further information and a job description, email:, Ph 28730. Please provide a cover letter and CV addressed to the secretary, P.O Box 85, rarotonga, email: ck Applications close on Monday 29 July 2013.


monsTers uniVersiTY 8.30Pm



War Z

shoWingaLLWeekend fri - sun 6Pm & 8.30Pm

Ph 189 for uPdaTes on The moVie hoT Line

BigsCreen,doLBYsound,unBeaTaBLeBLoCkBusTermoVies every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999



Job Opportunities Due to a growing demand within our resort, the Edgewater resort & spa, are currently seeking full time and part time staf, if you are a team player and are looking for an enjoyable yet challenging role we would encourage you to come and join our team. All applicants must have: Good communication skills, be honest and reliable, conidence and personality, the ability to work well under pressure, know how to multitask. Full training will be provided for the right applicants, currently we have these positions available: • Housekeeping Supervisor • Housekeepers • Demi Chefs • Duty Manager • Security/Porters • Front Oice • Kitchenhands • Night Auditors • Maintenance Please contact 55469 for any inquiries, application forms can be obtained from the Front Oice. /

We deliver.

Get your daily news delivered to your home or business

every morning, (almost) anywhere on the island, rain or shine Phone our oice on 22999 for delivery rates and conditions

OveRseas adveRtising We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classiied advertisements and pre-billing. Contact our advertising department phone 22999 email:

Expressions of Interest VAKA EIVA CO-ORDINATOR 2014 onwards cook Islands canoeing Association The position of Vaka Eiva coordinator is a dynamic role suitable for an outgoing, wellorganised individual with good communication skills and a history in event management. If you are this person and would like more information, please email Applications close 4pm, Monday 29 July 2013. 72516 / /2404

CULTURAL DANCERS WANTED! Want to earn extra cash doing something you love? We have some dancers positions available for people who are passionate about our culture! Work in a great environment at Rarotonga’s top entertainment venue. Students welcome. All dancers paid weekly! Phone 24006 or 55579. 72447 / /2512


Thursday, July 18, 2013 cook Islands News



WANTED TO BUY Oregon pine, old joists rafters etc. Phone chris 27950. 72581 /32986 /1931

WANTED TO RENT YES CO-ORDINATOR The chamber of commerce is the facilitator of the Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES) here on Rarotonga. The position of coordinator is now vacant. This is a part time position and requires a self-motivated, proactive mature person who enjoys working with students. If you are enthusiastic and would like to assist the Tereora college entrepreneur and business programme, please contact Lynne at the chamber ofice. Phone: 20925 E-mail: chamber@commerce.

Oice space required. Ideally need at least 6 separate oices and open plan area. contact Maara on 21619 or 72148 /32838 /1780

FOR FREE Spay/Neuter (DESEXING) for ALL Dogs & Cats Owned-Homeless-Free-Roaming. call Esther Honey Foundation on phone 22336. Me e puakaoa e te kiorengiao taau kare I tataa/vai’ ia, taria mai, kare e tutaki. Taniuniu atu I te aremaki o te manu - ph 22336.



On behalf of the CIs Water Safety & Surf Life Saving Council We WOuLd LIke tO thank the hOn JOhn Carter for all his help with the setting up of our Water Safety body. Best wishes to both you and Leoni. together for a Safer Cook Islands.

Parau ellis a.k.a The Boss

speciawi l shesfromyournephew Tuoroariki,mum,yourbigsissy booQueenmary,thecrewin auzzy,thefamilyhereinraro &mamakokoandPapaTeinaki Toka in manix

“For I know the way and the light, he is my Savior and salvation”. e, the parents of “WILLIAM PAERAU”, Ngavaine Tonorio and Teokotai Paerau with our children Hewitt, Katherine and Tuakeu would like to extend our gratitude


and appreciation to all the families and friends that helped us for the lost of our loving beloved son. Your passion kind hearts have showed us the care and love for our son. Here are the following people we would like to thank. A very special big thank you to: T & M Heather Ltd Teariki Heather and family Arorangi Ekalesia Apostolic church Ministry of Works Arorangi Boys Brigade Donald Beer Jnr and family Heres also a big special thank you to all the aunties and uncles of William: Aunty Moeroa and uncle Oi Uncle Tonorio and aunty Maria A special big thank you to his uncle Joseph and aunty Sandra from Auckland, NZ who accompanied us thru this time of mourning. To all his aunties and uncles who shared their love for the lost of their nephew: Paerau families from Aitutaki, Australia and New Zealand To Mou and Willio, theres no other expressions we can show. You are like second parents to our son - thank you for your support. John and Margaret Teiti and Nooke Russell for the parking area. Lastly to our unbelievable MC Teariki Heather, your words of wisdom has honored us thru our time of grieving . Job 7:8 The eyes of him who sees me will see me no more, while your eyes are upon me I shall no longer be.


72551 /32953 /2172

72531 / /1894

UNVEILING Vonnia’s General Store has a vacancy for a Shop Assistant to work along with a great team. Applicant must be Honest, Reliable and Tidy. Must also have excellent customer Service and be able to work well with other staf members. Please call Yvonne phone 20927 to arrange an Interview. 72573 / /1893

WORKERS WANTED Full Time, cook, cleaner, Gardening, Groundsman, Reliable and Trustworthy. Enquiries to P.O.Box 124, Rarotonga. 72574 / /2085

Barman wanted. Must be honest, reliable, able to work nights and some days. Good pay, great staf to work with start immediately. Phone Willz 53821. 72585 /33024 /1931

Wanted cleaner. 2 hours twice weekly. Phone Poko 24084.

We the family of the late

Teremoana hof cordially invites families & friends to join us in witnessing the unveiling of her headstone on saturday 20th July at 11am at the late ana hofs/ Charlie and mere o’Connors residence in muri, ngatangiia. Psalms 27:1 The Lord is my light and my salvation who shall i fear The Lord is the stronghold of my life of whom shall i be afraid?

u are 1 years old qorgeous boy te & may you hav its ur dae today so b hapi, celebra es&ahugehug manymoresurprises,presents,kiss & ur cousins, liam Wil dy dad Lov fm ur mami Jane & nZ o, , aussie. unties.manuel families hea in rar

Classiieds • Phone 22999




IFRS Accounting Consultant

72570 /32969 /1931


Papa Tua natini samuel 12.2.1926 - 18/7/2009

(4 years has gone) miss you dad Love always and remembered by matangaro, Peter & kids

Cook islands investment Corporation is in need of an iFrs Accounting Consultant with extensive knowledge of conversion to iFrs accounting. this person needs to be available in July 2013. the Consultant will be working with state Owned Enterprises in assisting with iFrs conversions which will involve gap assessment, system changes and iFrs Balance sheets for the years ending 2012 and 2013. Applications close on 26 July 2013 at 4pm. Applications along with a current CV to be sent to CiiC, PO Box 51, Avarua, rarotonga, COOK isLANDs. For further details contact CIIC oice on (682) 29391 or email 72517

EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES!! NZQA Accredited training –Earn while you learn! We ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with!

hUMAN RESOURCES human Resources Assistant – Intermediate position! • This busy, varied position involves answering phones, assisting with recruitment enquiries and providing administration assistance. To join the team you will need to be conident, have good organization, communication & computer skills and a great telephone manner.


Picker/Drivers Assistant – C Class drivers license an advantage! CitC is a large progressive Company; we now have the following exciting, challenging opportunities:



Extension Oicer the Ministry of Agriculture invites expressions of interest from suitably qualiied, mature, and experienced persons to ill the above position. The successful applicant should have a good understanding of organic agriculture, soil science, agricultural extension, and information gathering and dissemination. the successful applicant is expected to assist with the development of agriculture in the outer islands including organic crop farming and the dissemination of production and market information to assist farmers make better informed decisions. He/she must be luent in both the English and Maori language, willing to up-skill knowledge in agricultural science, and have a pleasant attitude. Written applications including a CV should be addressed to the secretary of Agriculture, PO Box 96, rarotonga or e-mail: A Job Description is available on request and applications close 01 August 2013. /

this is a senior position that is responsible for every aspect of the day to day it function including installing, maintaining and repair of it systems including hardware and software along with the protection of the integrity of the systems and making recommendations for upgrades, additions and other changes required to achieve optimum usage and eiciency. The successful applicant will need an IT Qualiication with a minimum of 3 years previous experience in a similar position. You will need the ability to lead a small team but also able to communicate at all levels with the diferent Divisions throughout CITC.

IT Technician – Intermediate Role the position involves assisting with the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of it systems including hardware and software along with the protection of the integrity of the systems. this is an exciting opportunity for someone with good NCEA results, preferably with some experience working with computers and an interest in learning more. For further details and a full job description of the above position, contact Eileen on phone 23191, 54181 or Email: 17141

• Involves assisting with the assembly, dispatch & delivery of all orders around the island for wholesale customers. You will need to be it and accurate with your orders.

Telemarketer – Great telephone manner! • Taking customer orders over the phone, keeping customers fully informed of new stock, promotions, specials etc. You will need to be organised, have good communication and listening skills, and great customer service skills.

SUPERMARKET Chef/deli supervisor – do you have a lair for food? • Overseeing the production of salads and hot food, ensuring freshness and quality of prepared food and small goods. suit someone with previous food preparation and supervisory experience with a passion for food.

Checkout Operator – accuracy will win the day! • Completing all point of sale transactions, balancing and reconciling cash. You will need a big smile and great customer service skills! talk to us today about starting a career in retail! For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23-191, 54-181 or Email: KLouis@citc.


Thursday, July 18, 2013 cook Islands News

Cooks on world slalom canoeing stage SLALoM canoeist ella nicholas had a solid race on tuesday night at the Under 23 World Championships in Slovakia but missed out on reaching the semi-inals in the non-olympic C1 discipline. She lew the Cook Islands lag in the event in a boat borrowed from a friend – olympic silver medallist Jess Fox of Australia. Her irst run was a solid performance and with just one touch she was sitting in 15th place with a run to go. Second runs always give those who messed up in the irst run a chance to redeem themselves and a few of the specialist C1 women paddlers did just that forcing ella into 22nd and missing the semi-inals by just 0.22 seconds. The C1 is a growing class among women with a record of

62 young women from 24 countries paddling this discipline at the junior and under 23 World Champs currently being held in Slovakia. the young women are pushing for inclusion in the 2016 Rio olympics and believe they have a right to balance up the genders. There is currently a 3:1 ratio of canoe slalom events for the guys to girls. nicholas says she looks forward to the day when they have equal opportunity to race. “I enjoy the challenge of C1 but a few years ago I was at an ICF C1 women’s training camp in Slovenia and I was knocked out during practise. this put me off for a while but now I have some confidence again I will train a bit more in this class and I’ll be ready for the day it be-

comes an olympic discipline,” says nicholas. In the meantime nicholas was focussed on her main race last night in the K1 women’s event, which involves the paddler sitting in the kayak with a double bladed paddle as compared to C1 class which is kneeling with a single bladed paddle. With a ield of 63 in the K1 class, many who race most weekends in europe, it was expected to be tough to make the cut off top 30 placing for semis. nicholas says slalom racing is such a challenge. “I guess that’s why I like it, but all racing is good experience ahead of Rio 2016.” After racing finishes for nicholas it will be back to Christchurch to continue her medical studies. - Matariki Wilson

Ella nicholas at the opening of the under 23 world Championships in Slovakia this week.


Cook islands slalom canoeist Ella nicholas at a training session before the under 23 world Championships this week in Slovakia. 13062630

sPeCiaLsinsTore aVaiLaBLe TiLL WednesdaY 24 JuLY simmons ChiCken Leg QTrs 10kg

LamB ChoPs 10kg


Beef rumP sTeak ChiLLed



(aPProx 10x100g CraBs in 1kg PkT)


sCaLLoPs 300g

irVine Pies

$11.40pkt hash BroWns 1kg

170g $2.30PkT or $84.00 CTn of 40PkTs

nZ sofT sheLL mud CraB

fries 1kg



PoTaToes 20kg

seedLess graPes




Parmesan Wedge 250g JusT arr iVed

Pears BosCh

JusT arr iVed


oPening hours

mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm fridays 8am-6pm saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on sT JosePh rd, aVarua. Ph 22259.

in sTore: kiWifruiT, aPPLes, seedLess graPes, nZ oranges & more...


Thursday, July 18, 2013 cook Islands News

International Flights

FLIGhT FROM ThurSday july 18 Nz748/749 AKL Nz46/45 AKL Gz035/034 PPT Friday july 19 Nz748/749 AKL Nz46/61 AKL




1.25AM 5.15PM 2.50PM


2.25AM 6.30PM 3.50PM

1.55AM 3.20PM

Air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details

2.55AM 4.30PM


RARO TO ARR ThurSday july 18 0800 AITUTAKI 0850













1530 1800 1100


1620 1850 1145

1640 1910 1205


1730 2000 1250




OLOMANA 17 - ETD AUCk 19/07, ETA RARO 02/08, ETA AITUTAkI 05/08 TIARE MOANA 12 - ETD AUCk 25/07, ETA RARO 05/08, ETA AITUTAkI 07/08


TIARE MOANA 13 - ETD AUCk 14/08, ETA RARO 23/08, ETA AITUTAkI 25/08

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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.


Yesterday’s answer answertoWednesday’spuzzle


hÄgar the horrible

The PhanTom

A strong wind warning is now in force of all southern cooks waters. Situation: A frontal system lying over southern Cooks is gradually moving northwards. A moist east to northeast wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Waters: southeast winds 20 to 25 knots. rough seas. Moderate southerly swells. Land: Moderate southeast winds, fresh at times. Few showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Few showers. Further outlook: Brief showers For the Northern Cooks: Brief showers.Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers

humidity FRI










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Rarotonga Thursday, July 18, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By Lee falk & sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight


By dik Browne


Thu High 4.25AM 0.89M 5.12PM 0.79M


Low 11.03AM 0.32M 11.06PM 0.33M


High 5.30AM 0.89M 6.17PM 0.80M





3.5M SW


12.10PM 0.30M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

SE 15ktS new Moon aug 6 9.51PM

First Quarter aug 14 10.57PM

Full Moon Jul 22 6.16PM

sunshine hours

Third Quarter Jul 29 5.44PM


araPo - una thu 18 Tanu (Planting)

TauTai (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.

ika tauira. Po meitaki i te tautai i te maiata. Schools of small ish. Good to ish at dawn.



Moon Rise 1.36PM Moon Set 3.02AM Sun Rise


Front Key:






Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thu Sun Rise 7.16AM Sun Set 6.15PM


3.5M SW

Sun Set


Moon Rise 2.30PM Moon Set 4.05AM


23° SE 16ktS


22° SE 15ktS


22° SE 15ktS



22° SE 15ktS

28° SE 12ktS


22° SE 15ktS


Thursday, July 18, 2013 cook Islands News

Cooks on world slalom canoeing stage



—PAGE 14

Kids rule the tennis courts

JUNIoR tennis is all the rage at the national tennis Centre in nikao where rising tennis stars are being put through their paces by national coach Malcolm Kajer. Last Saturday, budding tennis players under 12 took to the court for the irst weekend of the ANZ Stars competition. In the under 8 division – Christopher neururer was crowned the champion of the

courts which was taken over by over 40 tennis players despite rain on the day. Ariki Allsworth took out second in the under 8 division while teava nicholas was thrilled to take third place. In the under 9 division – Jordayn Matutu was the stand out player to take out the division with Heimata nooroa picking up second place and Shanee Warren taking out third place.

More competitive games will be played at the nikao courts next Saturday. Meanwhile during the week – Rarotonga school children are making the most of the AnZ in schools tennis programme. nikao Maori students are in the third of their four week programme with Kajer and next week all their new tennis skills will be put to the test. - Matariki Wilson

nikao Maori School tennis players celebrate a great day on the court.


national tennis coach Malcolm Kajer with under 8 tennis champ Christopher neururer.

No mouth guard means no game tHe WeARInG of protective

mouth guards will be compulsory for all local rugby players is starting on Friday July 26. the new policy, which all clubs agreed upon at the Cook Islands Rugby Union annual general meeting at the start of the year, is being introduced to improve player safety and wellbeing in all grades from the budding stars in the junior division to the stalwarts in the premier grade. It is strongly recommended that all players should wear a mouth guard during practice

sessions as well as during weekly club games. A good mouth guard protects the teeth and surrounding soft tissue and can prevent a broken jaw. Since mouth guards have become compulsory in new Zealand there has been a 47 per cent reduction in rugby-related dental claims. Local match referees will be monitoring the wearing of mouth guarads in all grade matches. players found on the field without a mouth guard will be


0Cash 0 0 2 $ Purchasea6000LtrWater Tanktoqualifyforthedraw

(PurchasethroughtheWaterTanksubsidy program,Tradeaccountorcashpurchase)

1st draw on 4 January 2014

ordered off the ield. Mouth guards are available at a number of outlets on Rarotonga and at CItC pharmacy they are $6.90 each and group specials are also available. Special custom-fit mouth guards are also available from the tupapa dental Clinic from $5 for players Under 14 and $10 for Under 19 players. Senior player custom-fit mouth guards will costs $30. don’t be a hero – wear a mouth guard. - Matariki Wilson

Don’t be a hero – wear a mouth guard when you play rugby.


WaterTanksubsidyPackage Your package includes:

- a 6000 litre certiied aquatank (Cookislandsonlycertifiedwatertank) -areta0.5h/ppumpwithanelectronicautocontroller,2yearwarranty - all plumbing ittings mains pressure, certiied to as/nZs standards - installation by a registered plumber - Landscape level base

You Pay only $500


Come and talk to the friendly staff at CiTC Building Centre aboutthe$1500governmentsubsidypackageavailablenoW!


Thursday 18 July  

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