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$2 Friday, July 12, 2013

Funding secured for energy Prime minister Henry Puna has returned from a multi nation trip with funds aimed to help the nation achieve its goal of deriving 50 per cent of its energy from renewable resources by 2015. Puna arrived back in rarotonga last Thursday after visits to the United States, France, Belgium and New Zealand. On the renewable energy plan, the trip has produced tangible results, said the prime minister. “Because we have shown leadership in renewable energy, i’m pleased to say the european Union has given us 4 million euros to assist with our programme,” said Puna on Wednesday. “The rest of the world is just talking about it, we’re getting on and doing something about it.” The funds were earmarked during his trip to europe, and translate to about $6.5 million.

“The european Union (eU) are very supportive of our efforts here in the Paciic,” he said. “They are good advocates of climate change (efforts) and the need to protect the environment - in other words, they speak the same language as us.” As well as the funds to be contributed by the eU, the government of New Caledonia, led by President Harold martin, have made a $700,000 contribution to the nation’s renewable energy programme with a qualiication that the money is spent in Aitutaki. Puna said he suspects the caveat stems from an incident two years ago when he visited New Caledonia and examined a solar energy farm there. At the time, he said a similar project would it the needs of Aitutaki “just nicely”. martin responded that he was supportive of the Cook islands

renewable energy efforts and decided to advance the funds. “New Caledonia is looking to have a visible presence of assistance here in the Cook islands,” said Puna. The prime minister reiterated that the country is poised to meet its stated target for 2015 of having 50 per cent of its energy needs met by renewable sources. “it’s on the way,” he said. “With the assistance from our development partners, we’ve got enough money to achieve that.” The country’s long-term target seeks 100 per cent of energy needs derived from renewables. During his stop in the United States, Puna discussed renewable energy with congressional representatives from Hawaii, who expressed interest in initiatives being undertaken in the Cooks. With prior experiencing in developing renewable energy

resources, American officials extended an invitation to help the nation meet its targets. The invitation was accepted by Puna, who hopes to include a stopover in Hawaii when he travels to the marshall islands for the Pacific islands Forum Leaders meeting later this year. While in Paris, Puna delivered a message touting Paciic leadership in the areas of renewable energy during his meetings with French government oficials. Along with New Caledonian government member Anthony Lecren, they visited various French government officials, including the French minister of ecology and sustainable development Delphine Batho. The trip was inanced by the New Caledonia government, said Puna. The prime minister and Lecren, were travelling under

a recent global trip by Prime Minister Henry Puna - seen here at this week’s annual health conference - has bolstered the government’s renewable energy initiatives with a signiicant cash injection. 13071004 the banner of “Oceania 21” – a concept driven by the New Caledonian government that “embraces the voice of Pacific

countries in taking their environmental concerns to the international community”. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Flyers promote Lagoon Day FLyerS for Lagoon Day are being distributed around rarotonga. On Wednesday Lagoon Day organiser June Hosking began handing out the lyers, which contain information about the Cook islands marine Park – the focus of this year’s event. The lyers are being distributed to schools across the Cook islands, said Hosking. “A dozen or so flyers will be distributed to every school in the Cook islands as this information is not just for rarotonga.” Other lyers will available to tourists through a stand at Air rarotonga, and lyers for the general public will be available at Lagoon Day. Though the flyers all contain the same information, their printing was funded via three sources. Cook islands Tourism Corporation paid for the tourism flyers, the ministry of Education paid for the lyers going into schools, and CITC funded liers for the general public. Hosking said the response to the lyers has been positive. Lagoon Day will take place on July 18 and 19 at Punanga Nui markets between 8.30am and 3pm. - BD

Students at St Joseph’s School hold up some of the lyers, along with ish shapes they made for Lagoon Day. 13071133

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Friday, July 12, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no TeiA Nei AO Don't ruin the fairy tale Plans to expand wind energy into the most scenic parts of Germany are fuelling increasing opposition across the country. anti-wind campaigners are angry that areas made famous by the tales of the brothers Grimm are among the targets for new turbines. For the irst time they have formed a national opposition group to thwart the expansion. They say the growth of wind will damage forests and tourism across the country. Germany has embarked on a massive expansion of renewable energy in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

Floods trigger landslide Death toll rises in China where city is hit by massive landslide BeiJiNG – Flooding in western China, the worst in 50 years for some areas, has triggered a fatal landslide, destroyed buildings, trapped hundreds in a highway tunnel and destroyed a highproile memorial to a devastating 2008 earthquake. The death toll from the landslide caused by heavy rain in China’s Sichuan province has risen to 12, state media report, with 11 people still missing. Wednesday’s landslide in Dujiangyan city covered an area of

world BrieFS SUICIDE BOMBER KILLS SECURITY CHIEF PAKISTAN – The chief security oicer of President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan has been killed by a suicide bomber in Karachi. Bilal Sheikh and two other aides died in the blast, which took place near an oice of Zardari’s Pakistan People’s Party. Several other people are reported to have been wounded in the explosion. A police escort was accompanying Sheikh’s armoured car when the attack took place. The bomber detonated the explosives beside the vehicle when the security chief stopped to get out of his car. The BBC reports Sheikh survived an assassination attempt near his home in Karachi about a year ago. No group has said it was behind the bombing.

REBELS DESPERATE IN BATTLE FOR HOMS SYRIA – A ferocious battle is taking place in the Syrian city of Homs as government forces close in on the last rebel positions there. Air strikes and artillery shelling have reduced much of the city to rubble. So far appeals for a truce have been ignored. The BBC reports most of Homs has been recaptured by government troops backed by Hezbollah ighters from Lebanon. The government says it is focusing its campaign on the northern district of Khalidiya. Rebel ighters there are becoming increasingly desperate. The BBC reports they have uploaded amateur videos of themselves wearing suicide belts, saying these are their only weapons now.

HIDDEN JEWISH GRAVES UNCOVERED AUSTRIA – Jewish gravestones unearthed at a small cemetery in Vienna have been hailed as historically important cultural treasures. Restoration work at the 16th century Seegasse cemetery has discovered 20 gravestones that are centuries old and were buried by Viennese Jews in 1943 to hide them from the Nazis. Many Jewish cemeteries were destroyed during World War II by the Nazis who stole headstones and desecrated graves. IKG, a Jewish community organisation, said the gravestones were buried in two to three layers separated by earth and could be just the irst of many others to be found there. Their location was previously unknown as many of the people who hid the gravestones did not survive the war. The project will make Seegasse the only Jewish cemetery in the world to have been restored to its pre-war state.

PEOPLE SMUGGLER MAY BE ExTRADITED INDONESIA – A court in Indonesia is to decide if a suspected Afghan people smuggler will be extradited to Australia. Sayed Abbas Azad, 30, is accused of being one of the most notorious people smugglers to operate out of Indonesia in recent years. Prosecutors told the judge in South Jakarta district court he should be extradited to face 27 charges of people smuggling from three diferent boat voyages between 2009 and 2011. The ABC reports there have also been reports he was involved in a failed voyage in December 2011 that saw more than 200 people drown of the coast of East Java. Abbas said that he is not a criminal or a smuggler and that he does not want to go to jail in Australia. He said he has not made a dollar from people smuggling.

two sq km, reports say. it followed days of bad weather that has led to looding which has damaged hundreds of homes in southwest China. The weather has forced the evacuation of more than 36,000 people in Sichuan and yunnan provinces. rescuers had found a total of 12 bodies at the site of the landslide in Zhongxing town, Dujiangyan, state-run news agency Xinhua reported. Oficials say search and rescue operations are ongoing, with life detection instruments being used to locate survivors. There are about 1.5 million cubic metres of mud, rock and debris covering the area affected by the landslide, an expert quoted by Xinhua said. earlier on Thursday, state media reported that more than 60 people were missing across Sichuan province as a result of the weather. rescuers had safely relocated over 350 tourists affected by the landslide, the Dujiangyan local government announced on its website. more than 1,000 blankets had been distributed to Dujiangyan, while neighbouring Wenchuan county, which had also been hit by loods, received 500 disaster relief tents and 500 quilts, state media said. Dujiangyan oficial Liu Junlin told reporters on Wednesday that the rainfall in the city was the highest since national weather records were established in 1954. On Wednesday, more than 2,000 people were trapped in a tunnel expressway connecting Dujiangyan with Wenchuan, as a result of the heavy rain. They waited several hours before being rescued and relocated, Wenchuan’s emergency management ofice said. - BBC

Rainstorms sweeping across parts of China have afected millions, causing a fatal landslide and destroying buildings after the heaviest torrential rainfall in over ifty years. AFP

Missing most likely dead LAC-meGANTiC – Canadian police have said 30 people still missing since Saturday’s train disaster in a Quebec town are “most probably dead”. Twenty bodies have already been found after a runaway train carrying oil derailed and exploded in Lac-megantic. The train operator’s boss blamed a local engineer for the accident, saying he had probably failed to set a series of hand brakes.

At least 30 buildings were razed by the fireball from the explosion. This forced some 2,000 town residents to lee their homes. Quebec police inspector michel Forget has told the families of the missing that their loved ones were “most probably dead in this tragedy”. “it is with great sadness that i give you this news,” he said. Police say one of the 20 recovered bodies has been identiied.

No oficial list of missing people has yet been released, but unofficial accounts have been circulating on social media. Authorities have asked the relatives of those still missing to provide DNA samples by bringing in toothbrushes, razors and other items. But the authorities have also warned some of the bodies may have been burnt to ashes in the explosion. - BBC

Military aid to go ahead CAirO – The US is going ahead with plans to deliver four F-16 ighter jets to Egypt despite the political unrest in the country, senior American oficials say. This comes as Washington is continuing to evaluate last week’s overthrow of President mohammed morsi by the army. US massive military aid to Cairo would have to be cut by law if the removal of the islamist leader is determined by

Washington to have been a coup. The muslim Brotherhood, which backs morsi, is demanding his reinstatement. its supporters have been staging mass protests near Cairo’s barracks, where he is believed to be being held. On monday, more than 50 Brotherhood loyalists were killed in clashes with the army. The US oficials say Washington will deliver four F-16 ighter

jets in the next few weeks. They are part of an already agreed bigger order of 20 planes – eight of which were sent to Egypt in January. The inal eight are expected to be shipped later this year. US military aid to egypt is estimated to be $1.3billion each year. President Obama has been careful not to use the word “coup” in relation to the recent events in egypt. - BBC

Hero's return

SAFETY PLANS FOR GARMENT FACTORIES BANGLADESH – A group of 17 US American retail chains has announced a programme to introduce stricter safety standards at garment factories in Bangladesh. 1129 workers were killed in a building collapse near Dhaka in April and another 112 in a ire in November. On Monday, a group of mainly European irms announced a similar move which will includes loans to help factories improve safety and inspections of all factories. In a statement, the US companies said: “The safety record of Bangladesh factories is unacceptable and requires our collective efort. We can prevent future tragedies by consolidating and amplifying our individual eforts to bring about real and sustained progress.”

Today’s Daily Bread i want you to know, beloved, that what has happened to me has actually helped to spread the gospel.

Matthew read: read: 1 timothy 2:8-107:21-29

text: Matthew 7:26 8-9 text: Verse

The body of elite ire ighter Christopher MacKenzie is carried from a C-130 transport plane as two of the nineteen ireighters killed ighting the Yarnell Fire in Arizona arrive to the Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos Air Field in California. AFP


Friday, July 12, 2013 cook Islands News


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Friday, July 12, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te PA eNUA

Weapons leaking toxic acid Unexploded WW2 bombs leaking chemicals into the environment THe PACiFiC – The head of an NGO trying to rid the Pacific of unexploded ordnance from World War ii says the 70 year old weapons now pose an environmental danger, as well as an explosive one. The National Coordinator for Safe Ground Australia, Lorel

Thomas, says the weapons are corroding and releasing acids and other chemicals into the sea and soil which is affecting ishing and agriculture. She says this was the focus of a recent conference in Brisbane where the NGO and governments from around the region

paciic BRIEFS FOCUS ON ADOLESCENT SExUAL HEALTH THE PACIFIC – A group promoting adolescent sexual health and reproductive rights says Paciic governments need to prioritise the issue. The issue of adolescent pregnancy, which aligns with the eforts of the New Zealand Parliamentarians’ Group on Population and Development, is the theme of today’s World Population Day. A report by the group concludes about 16 million girls aged 15-19 give birth each year and complications from pregnancy and child birth are the leading cause of death among girls in this age group. The vice chair of the New Zealand group, Maryan Street, says adolescent pregnancy in the Paciic is a signiicant issue and says the region’s leaders must address it. Street says one of the solutions is to increase access to comprehensive sexual education and adolescent-friendly health services.

worked to create national action plans. Thomas was asked just how much unexploded ordnance is out there in the Pacific countries? “i cannot give you numbers of particular types of explosives. i can simply say that some of the islands in particular still seem to be massively contaminated. “There has been a reasonable amount of work done in both the Solomons and Palau. There are sea mines, grenades, mortars, hand grenades, artillery, small arms, ammunition. “And unfortunately all of this ordnance, whether it be in Palau, the Solomon islands, the marshalls, Kiribati, wherever, it is all from World War ii, it is all old and it is all corroding.

‘it’s highly dangerous. it’s leaking into lagoons, it’s leaking into the soil.’ “So in addition to the actual explosive danger, the ordnance is leaking something called ‘picric acid’. “it’s highly dangerous. it’s leaking into lagoons, it’s leaking into the soil. “There’s a signiicant problem in Kiribati now – it’s affecting their ishing industry because of the dangerous chemicals which are leaking into the ocean. “So it’s not just an explosive

issue. it’s also a land and sea contamination issue from the corrosion of the weapons. “We do have a number of points drafted towards establishing national action plans. We have a high degree of support for regional co-ordination. “We have a suggestion for a regional trust fund to allow co-ordination of clearance and we’ve had signiicant input from the government of the United States and the government of New Zealand, as well as the government of Australia.” She said the national action plans would be crossministry plans with specific tasks designed for particular ministries. “it would have steps in place for the co-ordination for any

future clearance activities. “it would have formulation of national policies on clearance and it would have policies in place for ratification of various conventions, such as the Landmine Convention, the Cluster munition treaty, the Certain Conventional Weapons treaty, things like that.” Thomas said the Pacific islands Forum Secretariat will take a major role in any future steps to deal with the Pacific’s legacy of unexploded bombs. “They are preparing a draft regional plan as a result of the workshop and they will co-ordinate with each of the affected Paciic Island nations and with mine clearance agencies and with donor governments.” - ABC

RAMSI 10TH ANNIVERSARY TO BE MARKED SOLOMON ISLANDS – The Solomon Islands government says arrangements for the 10th anniversary of the arrival in the country of the Regional Assistance Mission, or RAMSI, are well underway. The celebrations are to involve three days of activities, from the 23d to the 25th of July. All Paciic Islands Forum leaders, except the prime minister of Fiji, have been invited to the events. “This is a historical milestone for Solomon Islands as it marks 10 years of the intervention that returned law and order and security to its people after several years of internal strife. We want therefore to give our young people an opportunity to remember the success of the partnership with our region under RAMSI,” said the secretary to the Prime Minister, Barnabas Anga.

POLYNESIAN AIRLINES MAY BE PRIVATISED SAMOA – Samoa’s inance minister says Polynesian Airlines, which serves Samoa and American Samoa, may be privatised in the near future. Faumuina Tiatia Liuga revealed this while announcing a US$300,000 dividend payout by the government’s Unit Trust of Samoa agency to its more than 800 members. He says Polynesian Airlines is showing good results and it would beneit locals if some of its shares could be sold and reinvested in the Unit Trust of Samoa. Faumuina says the Agriculture Store corporation will also be privatised soon, with legislation to that efect now before parliament.

BROADCASTER ACCUSED OF BEING PARTIAL NEW CALEDONIA – One of New Caledonia’s members of the French Senate has contacted the French Broadcasting Authority to complain about the local public television station. In a letter, Pierre Frogier accuses the editors of being outrageously partisan in their reporting, saying they don’t stop to systematically favour the Caledonia Together Party of Philippe Gomes. Frogier says this is being done to the detriment of other anti-independence parties, such as his Rassemblement-UMP. He says one item concerned last month’s coverage of the Caledonia Together Congress by a reporter who for years had been in charge of that party’s communications.

FLOATING CLINIC TOURING THE PACIFIC TONGA – Free medical services are being provided this week to some of Tonga’s isolated islands through a “loating health care clinic”. A non-proit health organisation “Sea Mercy” has a large sailing vessel in the group, providing free medical services from July 8-18. Sea Mercy is working closely with the Tonga Ministry of Health and the vessel has a team of four American and seven Tongan medical staf. Tonga is the irst of eleven countries in Sea Mercy’s expedition to provide medical aid to remote Paciic Islands communities.

TONGAN STUDENTS GRADUATE IN CHINA TONGA – Two Tongan scholarship students have recently completed their university studies in the People’s Republic of China. Soia Louleni Moala of Tokomololo and Sione Fahamokioa of Haveluloto both graduated last week. Fahamokioa graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the Southeast University, School of Architecture, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Moala graduated with a Bachelor of Management of Science and an MA in Business Administration from the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei City after studying in China for ive years. The Tonga Embassy encouraged “mature potential adults” to apply to study in China to beneit the social and economic development of Tonga.

Royal Australian Air Force experts with unexploded ordnance found on the island of Tarawa in Kiribati. An NGO specialising in the issue says the deteriorating bombs pose environmental as well as explosive risks in the Paciic. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE

Info management a key issue SUVA – information and knowl-

edge management for disaster and climate change management in the Paciic region is vital to combating climate change and disaster risk issues. Despite the challenges Pacific island states and territories face in accessing and acquiring important information, data and knowledge management – signs of progress have been made over the years. With the creation of the Pacific climate change and disaster risk management portals, Paciic island countries can now easily access and share information through these frameworks to counter climate change impacts and disasters in the region. This week, experts from around the region gathered to share the progresses and challenges they face with information, data and knowledge management on the two very important issues affecting Paciic Island Countries and Territories (PiCTs). The issues are climate change and disasters – and how infor-

mation, data and knowledge on these key issues can be properly managed, integrated and readily available and accessible by Paciic countries. They looked at the Paciic climate change and disaster portal to identify the gaps and identify where to improve and progress from there on. “Where do we go from here in terms of integration. There is a lot of information being produced and we need to avoid duplication, fragmentation and make that information and knowledge accessible,” Tagaloa Cooper Halo of SPreP said. She said lack of information is a problem and one of the obvious responses is to set up a website as well as thinking about the underlying challenges of why information is not easily accessible. During the portal side event, participants raised challenges they faced which included data and information interpretation, access to best early warning systems, information sharing and access and use of appropriate technologies.

Jutta may of SPC said it is vital Paciic countries and territories recognises the gaps and challenges and identify how to improve on information. One of the key messages of the climate change and disaster risk management portal is the integration of information and use of multi-functional technologies and systems to accessing and sharing of information. Needs and priorities identified during the portal meet included: - meeting user needs with timely information and knowledge. - resources for information Knowledge management ( iKm). - Capacity to analyse data and generate information and knowledge. - Avoiding duplication and fragmentation to strengthen collaboration. - effective communication including communities and use of local languages. - iT and technology-bandwidth, better systems.

Currently the pacific countries and territories can access information and knowledge management through the Pacific Climate Change Portal(PCCP) and the Disaster risk management Portal. regional and national institutions in the Paciic Island region hold a substantial amount of climate change-related information and tools. The Paciic Climate Change Portal aims to ensure this information is readily accessible in a co-ordinated and user-friendly manner. The portal will provide a platform for institutions and governments in the Paciic region to share information that can be readily accessed by linking to information repositories such as the Pacific islands Global Ocean Observing System. The Paciic Climate Change Portal – – will improve and strengthen understanding of climate change issues by a greater number of people in the Paciic region. - Scoop Media


Friday, July 12, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te PA eNUA

Debacle over plane safety issue NUKU’ALOFA – Tonga’s deputy

prime minister says Tonga will not buckle under pressure from New Zealand to stop using a controversial new plane. The New Zealand foreign minister murray mcCully has suspended tourism aid to Tonga over the Chinese-made Xian mA60, which was gifted by the China government. He said the aircraft model has been involved in several recent incidents. The 52-seat twin-engined turboprop is to be leased by the Tongan Government to local carrier real Tonga, owned by Palu Aviation Services, for planned use on Tongan interisland services. Deputy Pm Samiu Vaipulu said human error caused last year’s crash in indonesia that killed 25 people and prompted it to be banned from three indonesian airports because of dificult landing strips. He said last week the King of

Tonga caught the plane with the High Commissioner of New Zealand, and it has been lown by US pilots. He said mcCully should provide a plane if he is so concerned. “The most simple thing is for mr mcCully to contact the government of China and ask them if it is a faulty airplane. Why would they give it as a gift to Tonga? We have built our billboards, we have started our TV programmes in New Zealand – we’re not stopping.” Vaipulu says tourists will not be turned off, and lights for the next three months are illing up. Tonga’s ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Labour in a statement called the criticism “misleading and damaging to Tonga’s tourism industry”. regarding the aircraft’s track record the ministry said: “Operations in those countries have nothing to do with Civil Aviation policy and regula-

tions in Tonga, which are based on international Civil Aviation Organisation (iCAO) regulations applied in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu and other countries in the region.” The ministry stated that the aircraft that had been gifted to Tonga by the Chinese government was not yet flying in Tonga, “and will not be allowed to ly in Tonga until it fully complies with international aviation standards, including safety requirements established by the iCAO.” it added that Tonga’s domestic airline, real Tonga, had not yet signed a deed of lease for the m60 aircraft, which would be required under Tonga’s aviation regulations “to go through the necessary civil aviation checks before the aircraft is allowed to ly in Tonga”. A New Zealand aviation commentator, Peter Clark, said the brand of aircraft gifted to

An isolated incident P O rT m O r e S B y – rugby League officials in Papua New Guinea say the sport is not a magnet for violence despite a fatal riot in the Highlands over the weekend. The brawl happened near the end of a local rugby league game between the Lae Snax Tigers from morobe Province and the enga mioks from the enga Province. P N G rugby League has banned all remaining games at that ground for the rest of the year. its president Graham Osborne said the brawl was an isolated incident which was started by a drunk man. “it appears it happened outside the ground, but the thing is security was not very good at the ground and that’s why the

suspension was done,” he said. “None of the players were involved at all. “These people were allowed inside the grounds with very primitive weapons and other bits and pieces, the ight actually started outside the ground and then entered inside the ground.” Osborne says he does not believe this incident is a set back for PNG’s bid to enter Australia’s NrL competition. He says the people of Wabag have been leading the outcry over the incident, because they want to see more league at their ground. “We’re not going to tolerate these sort of things,” he said. “rugby league is trying to expand into areas of the High-

lands and expand the game, and Wabag is a place where rugby league is very, very big. So the gates were put up there to expand the game. “So rugby league has cancelled all matches at that particular ground till further notice, and have taken into their own hands to discipline the people involved in this. you have to understand that in Wabag in the Highlands area sometimes it’s very volatile with warring factions. “But we’re trying to expand the game in the area and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. “But you know, we live in Papua New Guinea and these sort of things happen from time to time.” - ABC

Crackdown on nightclubs POrT mOreSBy – All night

clubs in Papua New Guinea will be forced to shut by 2am and offenders are liable to be imprisoned, Prime minister Peter O’Neill has ordered. O’Neill said many night clubs had been abusing the alcohol trading hours and were open for business till early hours of the morning, which had contributed to many social problems. He said he had directed the Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga to instruct police to forcefully shut the night clubs operating after 2am and have the offenders – club owners, managers and employees – behind bars.

The prime minister said in other countries the club owners, managers and staff were held responsible for the actions of drunkards if they continued to serve them after hours and when they were already drunk. “We should also have similar laws here. We need laws that control the clubs and have those offenders put in prison while we need a law that will hold those managers, club owners and staff responsible,” he said. O’Neill said the National government could not take long-term preventive measures at present because the powers and functions such as issuance of trading licences and control

mechanisms had been given to the provinces. He added that the government would consider enacting legislation to control alcohol abuse as it was causing many social problems within the community. O’Neill was responding to questions from Komo-margarima mP Francis Potape on night club trading hours and reports of under-aged children being forced into prostitution and other illegal practices. “We must not play down the damage to our young people, we need to take appropriate action,” he added. - The National

Warring tribes make peace POrT mOreSBy – Two warring tribes in PNG’s Western Highlands have signed a peace agreement to stop ighting in a once notorious valley. Villagers of Kulga Six council signed a peace agreement with the Hapwara Five people last Wednesday, ending a tribal war that had claimed 100 lives.

The Kulga people paid a compensation of 77,000 kina in cash, 135 pigs, five cows, a horse, a snake, a goat and a cassowary egg to the Hapwara people when signing the peace deal. They said it was time to end tribal wars and live peacefully. Ulga chief Peter Pilamb supported the peace process by giv-

ing a pig and cash. Law and Justice Sector director Joe Kanekane urged the people to turn to maintain peace and bring development to their area. Pastor Amos melpa also took the opportunity to urge the warring tribes to turn to God. - The National

a tV one News image grab shows the Chinese made Xian Ma60 aircraft in its real tonga airline livery. TV ONE NEWS Tonga this week is not certified by regulatory authorities in the United States, Britain or New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority. Tonga’s airline real Tonga took delivery at the weekend of the mA60, which was a gift from China, but New Zealand’s Foreign minister has reportedly suspended millions of dollars in aid until the plane is internationally certiied. Clark said he raised the alarm about the China-made turboprop after the make was grounded in myanmar and incidents in indonesia. “Normally the NZCAA here would certify it and that could

low on to Paciic Island nations that adhere to our rules and Tonga is one of those. it won’t be certiied in New Zealand because it is considered to be an aircraft that has a risk involved in travelling on it.” Clark said he raised the alarm about the plane because he did not want to see Pacific people flying on an aircraft with elevated risk. Deputy Pm Vaopulu said that the New Zealand aid for Tonga tourism had been suspended, under a three year programme that had promised at least $3 million a year, and that he was disappointed with the New Zealand position.

“The plane is safe,” he said. “Tonga is a sovereign nation and we hope that New Zealand will keep its promise.” meanwhile, local Tongan tourism operators and members of the public continue to express concern over the poor reputation of the Chinese made mA60 aircraft and its recent safety scares, matangi Tonga reports. “Any incident will destroy Tonga’s fragile tourist industry as confidence will be lost and no one will be there to step in,” said Sione Taufa. “There are so many issues left unclear and undeclared, so much at stake for an economy just picking up.” - PNC/sources

Bus deaths highlight issues APiA – The Samoan govern-

ment needs to stop “wasting money” on big buildings and spend more to improve vital infrastructure before more lives are lost. That’s the opinion of opposition leader, Palusalue Fa’apo ii who says if the government had properly set its priorities, the loss of two young lives during the weekend could have been avoided. Palusalue was referring to the incident at Lano where the “Paradise in Heaven” bus was washed away in a looded ford, killing two girls and sending 25 people to the hospital. During an interview with the Samoa Observer, Palusalue highlighted three key areas involving public safety – bridges, driver licenses and wooden buses. Palusalue focused first on long running concerns about a lack of bridges. “i am aware that the mPs from the constituencies of Savai’i have requested the government to do something about the maliolio river and Lano bridge,” he said. “There is an accident in those areas every year and that should’ve indicated to the government the need to address the problem.” “if they had set their priorities correctly and fixed the bridges, it would’ve saved those children rather than focusing on building bigger buildings that we don’t necessarily need.” The mP for Safata highlighted several government projects that “wasted money”, funds that could have been used to

build the bridges. “The lives of those people lost from incidents in the maliolio and Lano river cannot be bought back with money but we can avoid further tragedies by building a proper bridge.” A second area of concern includes questions surrounding the actions of the bus driver. Palusalue says the bus driver must take his share of the blame for being careless in his decision to cross the river, despite other vehicles stopping. He questioned the process of issuing heavy duty drivers licenses, handed by LTA, the Land and Transport Authority. “it’s always the negligence of one person that causes so much pain for other people,” said Palusalue. “my question is – is LTA doing a thorough assessment of bus drivers or are they dishing out licenses just like that?” “This is not the irst time that we’ve had innocent people dying because of bus drivers and it is something they need to be strict with drivers and conditions in issuing licenses.” The third area Palusalue highlighted is the safety of wooden buses in accidents. Several accidents that occurred in previous years with wooden buses had cost lives and critically injured many passengers. A bus crash at Falelatai in December last year killed the driver, a 17-year-old girl and another passenger. in June 2008 the Laumoso’oi bus from Falealili crashed at Tiavi killing three people. in September, the same year

the Lulu-mai-Vini bus from Aleipata crashed at Le mafa and killed one person. The biggest fatality was the Ana’alofa bus from Solosolo that crashed at Luatuanu’u in November 2009 and killed eight people. All the buses were wooden. “Wooden buses are old and they (LTA) need to consider if the buses are roadworthy.” The wife of the New Zealand Breakers’ coach has described the “horrible” scenes after the bus carrying children and elderly people was swept away. Christy Vickerman, husband Dean and other relatives were in another bus travelling back from a family reunion in the village of Tufutafoe on the island of Savai’i on Saturday when the disaster, which claimed the lives of two girls, unfolded in front of them. “everyone was freaking out,” Vickerman said. “my sister got off the bus and went and helped a woman who had a toddler with a broken arm. The toddler was in quite a bit of shock. “it was quite chaotic. The bus that went in was full and you couldn’t tell how many people you were trying to save.” People from a nearby village were on the road warning motorists of the danger. The bus the Vickermans were on had pulled over to wait for the water to recede – however, the bus behind them pulled out and drove straight into the water. Samoan media have reported the bus was trying to connect with a ferry sailing and was overloaded. - Samoa Observer


Friday, July 12, 2013 cook Islands News

LeTTerS reta

Tax haven or Christian nation? Dear editor, i want to thank Nicky Hager for choosing the Cook islands and the risk he took to come here to share with our people his knowledge on the research he and members of the iCiJ has done and continues to work through, on tax havens or the offshore inancial industry. At the USP talk on June 26 i was blown away with the depth of secrecy and the extent those in the tax haven/offshore inancial services industry will go to, to keep their activities so secret not even the government knows what happens.

it was an eye opener not only for me but also 80 per cent of those who came to listen to Nicky. i am disappointed not many of my maori people came to the talk but i believe if they had come they would have been shocked to hear the kind of activities that have been channeled through our country and i believe continues to happen. Learning what i did from Nicky on that evening i do not want the Cook islands to be a tax haven or to provide offshore financial services anymore. evil and corrupt activities

have been channeled through been used by some foreigners our beautiful country on and as a safe haven to hide money off for over 30 years. i am dis- and reuse at a later time or to avoid or evade payheartened to know ing taxes in their …are we being that my Heaven on country which deearth is no more. robbed ourselves prives their people God gave this of better quality of services beautiful land to food security, our ancestors and education, health, is not the type of activity our country their descendants justice, security, should be or want like me to live (in), development and to be part of. love, nurture, culopportunities How can the tivate and respect. for a better life? Cook islands proit ’s bad enough vide such secret that some of my people are selling our lease- services to foreigners and then hold lands to foreigners, but run cap in hand to those counto learn that our country has tries and ask for inancial help? How embarrassing, shameful and downright evil. We claim to be a Christian nation, we believe in Jesus Christ the son of God, the same God our ancestors embraced and worshipped, after to be made. The surviving pas- they destroyed their idol Gods. senger is a witness, and so is the driver himself. The fact that the backseat passengers are no longer with us also speaks for itself. Lay the charges and let the driver engage a defence lawyer and take it to court and let justice take its course. And we must also keep in mind that in the eyes of the law, an accused (in this case charges are not yet laid) is innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent Dear editor, jurisdiction. Through your newspaper Concerned citizen can i ask the Police Commis-

Keep it simple Dear editor, The article ‘Two survivors blood tested’ (July 11), gave me a sinking feeling regarding our police investigations. But before i go on, first and foremost, my deepest condolences to the families of the young men who died in the road incident and to the surviving passenger and even the driver who will have to live with his actions the rest of his life. Now to comment on the investigations, with the news report that Cook islands Police

are liaising with New Zealand Police for witnesses who have returned to New Zealand. i can foresee another very expensive investigation costing hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in chasing witnesses all over the globe, and bringing them here to testify during the trial. Let’s try the ‘keep it simple’ principle with this particular investigation. The provisions under sections 25-30 of the Transport Act 1966 cover the likely charges

our winter hibernation i also get annoyed at having to wait in the long queue with international tourists. i fully support all New Zea-

may ask why and what drives it? Greed and selfishness, it’s as simple as that. But hold on editor, i believe there are some people in the Cook islands who also use tax havens in other jurisdictions. So, are we being robbed ourselves of better food security, education, health, justice, security, development and opportunities for a better life? i guess so if our government continues to beg. i’m asking each Cook islander to search deep in your heart and ask yourself, do we really need this industry? For a start i say no, make a stand now my people and put a stop to it. Our ancestors were warriors, don’t be afraid to stand tall, wake up, speak out if you really care about our beautiful country. Kia Toa (Name and address supplied)

‘Police have to play their role’

Special treatment Dear editor, i am pleased to hear that an express lane is opening up at the airport immigration. On returning every year for

Who brought the Gospel to my ancestors? Foreigners. Before the Gospel arrived, my ancestors had their own structure; they had mana bestowed upon them, unknown to them that the Almighty’s eyes were already upon them. The Gospel is the foundation of our country ever since 1821. Today, foreigners have brought a different kind of religion, a religion of greed and corruption which is breaking away the very foundation this country was built on. How can this be allowed to happen? What gives us Cook islanders the right to deprive and defraud another people of housing, food, water, education, health, justice, security, development and opportunities to a better life? The international Companies Act 1981-1982 of the Cook islands. And you

land passport holders being treated in a special way just like in NZ. rod Grout

sioner when was the last time police operated a check point in Avarua on the weekend after midnight? it seems to me that these specific activities have fizzled out in recent months. i hate to say this and not trying to point the finger of blame to anyone in relation to last weekend's tragic accident,

but conducting regular traffic check points during the weekend shortly after bars and clubs have closed is an effective way to deter intoxicated motorists from jumping behind the driver’s wheel thinking that they are in some ‘Fast and the furious’ film. One only has to observe both Australia and NZ to realize that the ongoing efforts by police to curb drink driving by having road blocks around the time night clubs close down is the best way to prevent accidents. Sure, everyone has a role to play in preventing tragedies like what happen on the week-

end from occurring again but my view is that the police have to play their role as well. So again, can i ask when was the last time police carried out a traffic blitz or check point on the weekend around midnight? Concerned parent (Name and address supplied) Editor: C i News has asked Police Commissioner maara Tetava to respond to the letter and he has indicated that the police consider the articles in CiNews in relation to recent police operations to have sufficiently addressed the writer’s question.

Congrats to Avatiu!

Dear editor, We hear the opening of the Avatiu meeting House “ebenezera” will take place today. it has been a long time coming. The planning was done long time ago, and now we hear that the celebration of its opening is on the way. my wife and all our family here in Atiu who are always happy to be associated with this District and the people on the island that were former residents of the District or have used this

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

building some time in their life expresses our joy and happiness to inally see this process takes place. Our congratulations go to the Uritaua Uta and Uritaua Tai clans, our current pu tapere John Henry and his good wife and the people of the Avatiu community all over, for their dedication and commitments to complete anything they decide upon. Tutai and Teinakore Toru Atiu

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localNeWS nuti no roto i te iPUKAreA

Cooks keen on quota system miNiSTer for marine resources

(mmr) Teina Bishop says the Cook islands is willing to adopt a regional quota system to limit harvesting of albacore tuna and prevent overishing. The minister has recently returned from the 9th Forum Fisheries ministerial meeting in Honiara, Solomon islands. The initial limits proposed include all members being entitled to the baseline limit of

2500 tonnes. members who have exceeded 2500 tonnes at some stage in the period from 2011to 2012 can use their highest annual historical catch, and any member may propose a limit lower than their entitlement. in ministerial communiqué, regional ministers strongly endorsed the proposed harvest strategy in order to “more formally recognise property rights

in the Paciic tuna isheries…and articulating these rights will be instrumental to gaining higher degrees of control over the ishery and encouraging partnerships that will deliver maximum sustainable economic beneits”. According to the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), its zonebased quotas will allow cumulative albacore tuna ishing to be less than the maximum sustainable yield, which, given the ex-

istence of high seas catch, should allow the stock to be maintained within sustainable levels. Under this formula, due to strong catch history and peak catches in 2012, the Cook islands would be allocated the second largest quota in the Paciic after the Solomon islands, says the ministry. mmr secretary Ben Ponia believes that together, both nations would hold about one

third of the total allocation. “Our rights are becoming more tangible and the Cook islands are rapidly becoming a major player in the albacore ishery,” says Ponia. Before returning, minister Bishop visited a tuna cannery in Noro, Western Province which is a joint venture between tuna supply company Tri-marine and the Solomon islands government.

recent policy changes requiring vessels to offload and support onshore processing has created hundreds of new jobs in the Solomon islands. “This is a fantastic outcome of their government policies and there are some lessons we can learn,” says Bishop. “We still have a long way to go here in the Cook islands, but i think we are on the right track.” - Release

Shut down haven, says reverend A PrOmiNeNT Cook islands religious leader says the trust industry should be shut down, because he believes it attracts tax evaders and criminal elements. “i think they should cancel the industry, there are other ways to raise revenue,” says Takamoa Theological College principal reverend iana. “i don’t want the Cook islands to be known as a haven for criminals, terrorists, and other activities.” iana was in attendance at a June 27 talk by investigative journalist Nicky Hager, held at the Business, Trade, and investment Board (BTIB) ofices. The BTiB chat, attended by

various religious and traditional leaders, followed an earlier talk at the University of the South Paciic featuring Hager entitled, ‘Why the Cook islands should stop being a tax haven’. The Takamoa College principal said he agreed with Hager that taxes are an essential component of a functioning society. “As Hager said, taxes are for the building of society and the country,” said iana. “it’s a good thing that he revealed to us what’s going on in the industry.” iana refutes a statement made by a local businessman and bakery owner that it was “un-Christian to name and shame people” during Hager’s

USP talk. “i don’t agree with that,” he said. “He’s [Hager] named a couple of businesspeople in the Cook islands and that is good.” “if people are hiding their money overseas, that’s not right...i don’t believe in hiding, and they should be named.” iana also said there is a religious imperative to paying taxes, referring to a passage in the scriptures about paying imperial taxes to Caesar. “From a Christian perspective, every person must pay tax,” said iana. “if we hide our taxes, that’s not the Christian way of living.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

Revered Iana of Takamoa Theological College said he suspects the Cook Islands ofshore inancial services industry may be used by tax evaders and criminal elements, and should be shut down. 13071022

Tourism to target Asian markets SOme of the extra $6.5 million

in funding for the Cook islands Tourism Corporation will go towards marketing in Asia. The corporation is looking to increase market presence and awareness in new emerging markets throughout Asia, as well as

South America – all while still maintaining a presence in New Zealand and Australia. Tourism Corporation director sales and marketing, Karla eggelton says for Asia, the markets will include Japan, mainland China and Hong Kong.

She says the most important factor the corporation looks at in examining a potential market is access through available transit lights from Los Angeles, Auckland and Sydney. eggelton says the second factor to consider is the transit visa

allowance with the Cook islands immigration policy currently only allowing visitors a 30 day visa upon entry. She says as the immigration policy stands currently, there are constraints on Chinese visitors being able to obtain this transit

You can’t ban everything “NOT LONG ago there was a call for a ban on large 4x4 vehicles be-

cause they were too big for our roads,” a smoke signaller notes. “Now there is a call to ban high powered cars because of the potential to cause high speed accidents. The reality is there should be a ban on alcohol, cigarettes, music that is not of the church kind, deep fried foods, sweet izzy drinks, long hair, short skirts, a 7pm curfew on all persons under 25, and violent DVD’s. Then we will all be safe. i think my ban list is as ridiculous as the call for banning high powered cars.”

‘HIKE’ FIN FINES reSPONDiNG TO yesterday’s lead article about the irm Luen Thai Fishing Venture Ltd being fined US$120,000 and stripped of its licence to ish in Marshall Islands waters for violating that country’s 21 month old ban on shark inning, a smoke signaller writes: “In regards the three tonnes of ‘shark’ allegedly found on a Luen Thai licensed boat stationed in Cook islands waters in June 2012, that must have been three alleged tons of shark ins, not three alleged tonnes of shark. Could someone please advise the public what one tonne of shark ins is worth? If the maximum ine in the Cook Islands for being caught with shark ins is just $250,000, and if three tonnes of shark ins is worth many times that, where is the deterrence? If Parliament is serious, those ines will be increased to say $10,000 per single in, plus forfeiture of the offending boat.”

LIFE’S DECISIONS THe FOLLOWiNG is a post made on Facebook, the online social networking service. “reading the paper and Facebook over the last few days has prompted me to weigh into the debate on the very sad loss of three beautiful sons of Arorangi in a terrible car crash last weekend. i really can’t believe that people are blaming the Government, Police, checkpoints, seat belts, souped-up vehicles and the availability of alcohol for the loss of these lives. Since when did we become NOT responsible for our actions? Someone chose to get into

the car and drive (under the inluence of alcohol or not, we don’t know yet), someone else chose to get into the car with that person, someone chose to drive fast, someone chose not to wear a seat belt – just like people choose not to wear crash helmets on their motorbikes. How can anyone blame the Police or any other entity for the decisions an individual makes? yes, it’s terribly sad and i don’t think there is a parent out there who hasn’t driven past the site of the accident with their beloved children and implored their kids to make wise decisions in their lives. educating our kids to make wise decisions starts in the home. Sending lots of love and hugs to the families who have lost their beautiful and precious sons and hoping that every young person on rarotonga understands the power of making wise decisions.”

SEATBELTS – ‘NO CHANCE’ “We SHOULD be wearing seatbelts at all times!” a smoke signaller

writes in response to Wednesday’s smoke signal ‘Checkpoints and seatbelts needed’. “Heck, the government at the time was not even prepared to make helmets compulsory because they would have been voted out of power. What chance has legislation for compulsory seatbelts got? Just saying…”

GREY POWER OFFSHORE A SmOKe signaller responds to Wednesday’s article ‘Grey Power

movement will ight on’: “A suggestion is to register Cook Islands Grey Power as an offshore, revenue tax exempt entity, the same as big biz, with members names also not for publication. This will create havoc, will it not, with any court action to deny it? interesting.”

visa. The corporation is attempting to address the visa issue. “We’re very excited and this has been in the making a while now,” said eggleton. Tourism Corporation board chairman, ewan Smith, says the New Zealand grant funding, which covers a two year period from July this year, will be used to support the Tourism Corporation’s destination development marketing programme and its vision for tourism in the country. Smith says the funding will

enable the corporation to make capital investments across the sector by being able to extend beyond the normal reach of its present marketing strategies. The funding will also be used to increase capabilities of business and enterprise owners, to increase the number, variety and quality of tourism activities and experiences on offer, and to spread a greater percentage of the Cook islands’ 120,000 annual visitor arrivals across the summer season. - RM


Friday, July 12, 2013 cook Islands News

Team effort to improve health G e N e r A L practitioner Dr Trevor Hurlow believes a groupbased health programme is the answer to preventing non-communicable diseases. Hurlow, who is originally from South Africa but now works in Australia, spoke at the Cook islands Health Conference yesterday (Thursday), and sang the praises of a successful programme he has helped to research and implement. The health programme has the ironic name of ‘CHiP’, which stands for Complete Health improvement Programme. CHiP was kicked off in 1988 by director of California’s Lifestyle medical institute of Loma Linda Dr Hans Diehl. more recently, Sanitarium has bought and taken over the programme. The CHiP programme, which initially lasted 30 days but has been extended to up to 90 days to reduce the chance of people relapsing back to their old ways, begins with going along to an information session. People who commit to the

programme support each other to follow simple rules for being healthy, including eating more non-processed food and less junk food, and exercising regularly. The volunteer facilitators provide support, but not medical advice – which remains the domain of the person’s doctor. “i’ve found that the group therapy makes a big difference,” said Hurlow. NCD co-ordinator at the ministry of Health Karen Tairea has been involved with implementing CHiP in the Cooks, and said the success of the programme is largely due to the social support provided by the group. “it’s almost like a mentoring thing. you get continued, on-going support, and you’re led through the programme – i think it’s that long-term mentoring (that makes the programme successful).” Hurlow said working with the CHiP programme, which boasts improvements on many measures including partici-

pants’ cholesterol, blood pressure and mental wellbeing, is a long-term solution for NCDs. “As a GP, for years i felt like an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff,” said Hurlow, who is soon to publish research showing the long-term success of CHiP. While there is some degree of ‘relapse’ in risk factors in the years after the programme, people who join CHiP maintain a signiicantly lower body mass index and improved blood pressure and cholesterol. i believe this is exciting stuff,” said Hurlow. “it ticks the boxes. it’s community based, it’s freeliving, it’s professionally presented, and it’s run by volunteers. it’s a grassroots approach to changing health behaviours.” Hurlow said the ultimate aim is to improve people’s quality of life in the long term. “We want people not just to live a good life, we want them to live the best life, and be there for their children and grandchildren as well.” - Briar Douglas

Trevor Hurlow and his wife Lenora are both enthusiastic ambassadors for a group-based health programme called CHiP. 13071118

Diabetic foot sepsis a burden JUST over $70,000 will be spent by the ministry of Health over the next ive years to treat diabetic foot sepsis. Four people in a thousand each year are suffering from diabetes. That is 22 per cent of the entire population. Foot sepsis in untreated cases can be caused by diabetes.

A diabetic foot ulcer can be classified as either non-limb threatening or as limb threatening (foot sepsis). rarotonga Hospital surgeon Dr Deacon Teapa conducted a ive year study from the period of 2008-2012, the aim of which was to ind out if Diabetic Foot Sepsis (DFS) is a financial and

surgical burden to the economy. This was done by collecting demographic data on the number of patients receiving DFS surgical treatment and by conduction a cost-benefit analysis. The results of the study concluded that there were 3707 operations performed during the

ive year period and 2.4 per cent of operations were for DFS according to Teapa. The amputation rate was 30 per cent and 8.9 per cent of those were for below knee and above knee amputations. According to Teapa, the gender ratio was fairly equal. most of the age group that fell in the

amputation percentage fell between the ages of 50 to 64 years. Of those, 74 per cent were from rarotonga. The inpatient stay for those going through a surgery was anywhere between seven to 16 days. The study concluded that DFS is a preventable complica-

tion of diabetes and there has been a downward trend in surgery numbers for the past three years which can be mostly attributed to people paying a visit to the hospital at earlier stages. However it is a financial and surgical burden and cases should be treated as soon as possible said Teapa. - SK

High-tech learning in Raro TeACHerS and students have

explored how iPads can be used in the classroom this week. Andrew Churches, an expert in the use of technology in learning from New Zealand, visited rarotonga this week to facilitate workshops in schools.

The workshops began on Tuesday at rutaki School, and continued at Avarua School and Avatea School on Wednesday and Thursday. The three schools were a venue for teachers from around rarotonga to come and see how

iPads can assist learning. “it really is amazing how quickly the students and teachers adapt to it,” said Churches. iT director for the ministry of education robert matheson said iPads are a useful learning tool.

A teacher shows of a photo collage she created with her iPad. 13071036

Classrooms in the Cooks can book sessions with the ministry’s 45 iPads, which were donated by the NZ Aid Programme last year. “We’re focussing here on the teaching and learning aspects (of technology). The teachers focus on the learning, the kids will run with the technology. Churches works at Kristin School in Auckland, which is privileged enough to be able to implement an iPad programme largely run on a ‘bring-yourown’ basis. The school was the second

in the southern hemisphere to bring in a laptop programme – the first was methodist Ladies’ College in Australia’s melbourne. Churches said iPads are easy to use for young children, compared to a traditional computer. “Everyone can use (their ingers), but you try teaching kids how to use a mouse.” Churches, who is part of a group of Apple ambassadors called ‘Apple distinguished educators’, calls the workshops ‘discovery-based learning’. “We want to move to where

we transform education, where we’re doing things you couldn’t possibly do without technology.” each day, after allowing teachers to explore the iPad functions, Churches gave a presentation on what students at Kristin School have done with their iPads. This includes movies and presentations, as well as assisting with their mandarin classes. Churches also visited the Cook islands last year to present information on how technology can inluence education. - Briar Douglas

andrew Churches is an expert in the use of technology in learning from New Zealand. 13071034


Friday, July 12, 2013 cook Islands News

Patients need chasing up PATieNTS who miss appointments need to be chased up by medical staff, says the chief medical officer at rarotonga hospital. Dr Voi Solomone presented at the annual Cook islands Health Conference yesterday on the topic of missed medical appointments for those with non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Current strategies for dealing with NCDs include early detection, and early referral to specialist clinics. Solomone said one strategy that needs further attention is following up patients who are ‘non-compliant’ – that is, those who do not turn up to their clinic appointments. Solomone said if patients do not turn up for appointments, their condition can deteriorate more quickly until they require emergency services. This could be because their supply of med-

ication is not replenished and runs out, or because conditions such as high blood pressure are not addressed. “if these things are not managed, they show up as emergency cases later on.” He said common reasons patients give for missing appointments are: lack of transport, forgetting the appointment, travelling overseas, having a phone that is not working, or experiencing bad side-effects of drugs. Others report they missed appointments because they felt better, or they have opted for herbal medicine instead. To address some of these factors, Solomone said the hospital sometimes provides transport for patients, or has a nurse call the patient in case their phone is not working. “We have been trying to follow up on those cases (where

they miss appointments) so they don’t become emergency cases later on,” he said. NCDs have been declared a global epidemic, said Solomone. more than 75 per cent of adults in the Cook islands have risk factors for NCDs, including 65 per cent with obesity, 45 per cent with hypertension, 60 per cent with high cholesterol and 72 per cent who exercise for less than 30 minutes a day. risk factors for NCDs are also a concern among young people, with approximately 23 per cent of school children in rarotonga being overweight. The five-day health conference continues today with discussions on mental health and health science at the National Auditorium in rarotonga. On monday and Tuesday, the conference will move to Aitutaki. - Briar Douglas

Chief medical oicer at Rarotonga hospital Voi Solomone takes the podium at the Cook Islands health conference. 13071117

Three NCD deaths in a year OBeSiTy, smoking, alcohol, lack

of exercise, denial and stress are just some of the contributing factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs), especially diabetes. Lee marie, a charge nurse in the surgical and paediatric ward of the rarotonga Hospital says

that the total number of admissions for NCDs the past year 2012-13 is 94 – 51 males and 23 females – with the outer islands at 12 males and 19 females. Deaths caused due to NCDs were one male and two females. Non-communicable diseases


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are not chronic diseases and they cannot be passed from person to person. Cardiovascular diseases, cancers, respiratory diseases and diabetes are the most common forms of NCDs. Complications of diabetes’s are ulcers, amputation, renal fail-

ure and blindness and in serious cases, death. The management of these complications can be done through drug therapy, surgical intervention, physio and rehabilitation. Support services are also offered for people in the

community. The risk factors often associated with NCDs are mostly entirely preventable according to marie. She said obesity can be prevented through regular physical activity and proper dietary patterns, regular follow ups with doctors,

cutting down on alcohol and smoking and facing up to the truth that obesity is a very real risk. As marie said “it is all about attitude” -- attitude of the individual and attitude of the community. - SK




ThIS SATuRdAy 13Th juLy




Friday, July 12, 2013 cook Islands News


‘Live life to the fullest’ iT iS interesting to take note of

what has been said by people of old. i bring to our attention what the Prophet micah who said in micah 6:8, “No, O people, the Lord has already told you what is good, and this is what he requires: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” in this verse, we see the way of God and how to relate to people in ways that encourages sincere passion encourages freedom. We see justice upheld, mercy or grace, the way to fulil it, do-

ing it in a spirit of humble attitude. This to me is a formula of meeting people where they are, maintaining the status quo and at the same time having a humble attitude in seeking always the best in and for others. With this type of approach to life, it is nice to know there is a way to touch someone’s life bringing about a complete turn-around. Jesus is my prime example. i recall in the book of John chapter 8, we read there the story of a woman caught in the act of adultery and dragged by

some ungrateful men in front of as to how Jesus addressed the Jesus with the purpose of trap- situation. The Bible says, He ping Jesus with His stance on bent down and started writing the Law of God verses the Law on the sand what the law condemns as sin, after, of moses. These men We see justice he then asked these thought they’d got upheld, mercy same men that if any Jesus this time. They or grace, the way of them have not challenged Jesus by to fulil it, doing committed any of saying… “According these sins then you to the law of moses, it in a spirit of a woman caught in humble attitude. throw the stones on this woman. One by adultery should be stoned to death, and the law of one the stones fell to the ground God says, it is a sin to commit and these men left, leaving only Jesus with this accused woman. adultery.” it is interesting to take note Jesus asked the woman, “Where

are the men who accused you?” She looked up to ind they were all gone. She knew Jesus had the right to throw stones on her. To her amazement she heard these words from Jesus… “Neither do i condemn you, go and sin no more.” What a moment to relish, Jesus the Son of God, was true to His principles, offered it with grace and was humble in offering forgiveness and hope to the guilty. That compromise is still on offer today. The same Jesus who redeemed the woman in our

story is still coming after us, offering His forgiveness and hope. i conclude with these words from Jesus, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. my purpose is to give life in all its fullness.” (John 10:10 NLT) What a contrast to Jesus’ ways versus that of a thief. Jesus purpose is for us to experience life to the full. may that be the case for all of us this coming week end. God Bless. Pastor eliu eliu Seventh-Day Adventist Church

‘We all have a part to play’ AS THe Cook islands is reeling over with the death of three beloved youths in the tragic crash that occurred early Sunday morning, Bishop Tutai Pere and Papa Daniel Apii’s encouragement is that we as a nation must be accountable for the lives of

our young people. We all have a part to play, we can’t turn a blind eye; we have to say no to alcohol; as parents, we have to know where our children are; as friends we have to say “hey, what are you doing, don’t go there” even


on the Rock APOwERFuL,ExCITINgChuRCh join us this weekend for our Sunday morning service 10am. Aere mai, aere mai te katoatoa, te Atua te aroa! kid’s Church from 3-12 years old

high School &young Adults RAROTONgA

Friday nights from 7.30pm

Assembliesof godChurches AvaruaAssemblyofgodChurch.(TakuvaineValleyRoad)

Sunday Service Programme for this week

Pastoral team - Poko Matapo, Mann Tuarae. Phone24668forenquiries.Mainserviceat10.30ameverySunday.

TitikavekaLighthouseCommunityChurch. OnbackroadbehindCICCChurch.MainServiceat10.30amevery Sunday. Pastor Tevai Matapo.

Ngatangiia Assembly of god Church. Main service at 10.30am every Sunday. Pastoral team: Tina kauvai. Pastor Metuatini Tangaroa. Contact 27668

Arorangi Assembly of god Church. Service at 9.00am every Sunday. Pastor Beres Rasmussen. Phone 58223.

pulling them up by the scruff committed their lives to God, through repentance, baptism of the neck if need be. To encourage other young in the name of Jesus and havpeople who are experiencing ing received the gift of the Holy the temptations of life, we have Ghost. Together with their two the testimony of a young man children and Selina’s parents, a who came through these expe- Christian fellowship has been formed in their home consistriences and found a way out. ing of members of Andy O’Brien exAndy was a some of the rotuperienced hardship young man with man community as a child when his a mission to rip here in rarotonga. father deserted the Andy said, “my family. Through roar through wife played a mathe struggles of life as much jor part in my life life, Andy found as he could ch a n g i n g t o t h e the Lord at the tender age of 17 while living Lord. Now i am building up a in Wellington. it was a life he relationship with my own parwas blessed to enjoy with the ents, the anger and hurt that visitations of the evangelist was there is now changing. i team taking them around New have gained so much more with Zealand and being part of the God’s help.” Selina compares her life to praise and worship team. A year later, Andy was sent back her friends and can honestly to mauke by the family and say that her life is truly blessed, slowly he turned back to the “my family has laid a founproblems of the youth today, dation and that foundation alcohol, fast thrills, mischief is Jesus, we are committing ourselves to each other and to seeking. Andy’s life took a turn for God”. it may look like a fairy tale, the better when he met his wife, Selina Fiu O’Brien. Selina but it’s not the case, Andy was as a young girl in rotuma, Fiji a young man with a mission to islands had a prayer request rip roar through life as much to God “Lord bless me with a as he could, until he met King God fearing husband”. Today Jesus through his wife Selina. This is an encouragement that prayer has been answered as both Andy and Selina have to all the young people in the

BiSHOP Pere is a man with no idol, only the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only God he worships and serves. Bishop Pere is a man of very strong beliefs who became the unanimous choice to follow in the steps of his predecessor The-

Sunday to Friday

Church Services on Sundays at 10am and 7pm Radio and Television Ministr y at 11am and 4.30pm. Mid-week services on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm. Aitutaki Apostolic Church - Pastor Noo Mataiti - 31269. Atiu Apostolic Church - Pastor Nikau Tangaroa - 33778. Mangaia Apostolic Church Pastor Ngametua Papatua - 34065. wE PREACh gOd IN jESuS ANd jESuS IN gOd

Cook islands, life may get messed up along the way, but don’t stay messed up, get out of it, only you can make the change for the better. it’s not easy, but if you ind your joy in Jesus, then God will make your joy complete in Him. Psalm 34:4 i sought the Lord,

and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears. The Apostolic Church has youth gatherings most Friday nights from 7pm, for more information, please contact the youth leader, Apii Tumutoa on 51883. Apostolic Church

A man unto himself and his God

Apostolic Church weekly Programme Rarotonga Apostolic Church Bishop Tutai Pere - 23778/55177 dial-A-Prayer 26777

Selina and Andy O’Brien are keen to share their testimony. 13071123

FOCuS 2013 * gET SAVEd IN jESuS! *STAy SAVEd IN jESuS! *NEVER LEAVE EARTh wIThOuT jESuS! OBEy ACTS 2:38 “Repent,andbebaptizedeveryoneofyouintheName of jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the holy ghost.” All services cater for both Maori and English speaking brethren. Contact: Bishop Pere on email:


ophilus Augustus Price, because he stayed obedient and faithful all along. For Bishop Pere, “He is Creator of the heavens and the earth and all things there is within. He is the irst cause, the prime mover of all things; it is in Him alone that we live, and move and have our being. Without Him there is no world of existence. Foremost of course is that He left his heavenly and godly abode, became man in the person of Jesus Christ; chose to die on Calvary for the sins of humanity in order to save all mankind from sin and death. Since he died without sin but took on Him the sins of humanity, death had no power to tie him down in the grave, he rose from the dead and became the irst fruit from the dead; therefore becomes the resurrection and the Life and through whom alone man has

hope to also be resurrected from the grave and death believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and obeying all that he has taught us to keep.” He questions whether there is any other ‘god’ who has done things like Jesus has? Any other God who chose to become man, knowing the consequences and penalty would be death? Bishop Pere believes that there is no one, no God that he knows of. Some of the hardest things that he has ever gone through are, resisting temptation and sin. He believes that we are all fallible as we are all human but the word of the Bible is always there to act as a guide to us. He bears a huge responsibility as an overseer and Diocesan over the entire South Paciic, but he believes that with God’s help nothing is ever impossible. That is why he has total faith

and belief in Him alone and no other. That is what motivated him to write his booklet titled, ‘Acts 2:38, Newspaper Articles.’ He wanted to spread the word. He wanted to bless all his fellow Apostolic Preachers with it and for them to spread it further aield that others who love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ may read of it and be much blessed with it. each and every topic and subject dealt that the book has dealt with speaks to all age groups and class of people in any society all over the world. There is always a lesson or two to capture and learn from that is applicable to any person’s soul needs. The booklet is being sold for $10 and is available at Super Brown or through Bishop Pere on 55177. - SK


Friday, July 12, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te iPUKAreA

Shark pillagers in our waters? SOme months ago i put some hard questions in Parliament to the minister of marine resources Teina Bishop. i outlined to him reports of tonnes of shark ins being discovered by the HmS Otago on one of the Luen Thai ishing vessels in our waters. The HmS Otago was in our waters on surveillance. Luen Thai is Chinese owned company that the government has given a number of exclusive ishing licenses to ish in under the guise of “exploratory licenses”. Some people were incensed with the “exploratory license” concept and interpreted it as a load of nonsense that would allow shark ishing and inning. Some of you may recall, minister Bishop gave an undertaking. He said if proven that Luen Thai has been shark inning, they will be kicked out

of our waters in an instance. Did he mean it? The Opposition certainly does not have the resources to go out there and apprehend these reckless pirates and shark killers but it has been somewhat vindicated by the news yesterday that Luen Thai had been fined US$120,000 for shark inning in the waters of the marshall islands. The marshalls had banned shark inning since 2011. The Cook islands has also created our waters as a shark sanctuary by way of an executive Order earlier this year. my preference was for legislation to be passed; that to me would be more effective. Let’s see whether checks will be done if indeed Luen Thai is shark inning in our waters. The proper question here is: how big is shark finning

in our ocean? i know it is taking place in the Cook islands and our authority namely the ministry of marine resources know of it. But the ministry does not want to jeopardize the deal that it’s minister and Luen Thai has signed. These deals include, money for computers for schools, possible provision of joint/ownership of ishing ships between people in the outer islands and Luen Thai, and grants for supply of materials to hurriedly formed fishing associations around the country. This deal also included the minister having in his ofice from time to time a representative of Luen Thai as his special advisor. mind you for those in the know, they say the minister has travelled to China, Taiwan and Asia courtesy of that company. Are these

beneits or are they lollies? You decide. One man deserves special praise here and that is reuben Tylor, a keen isherman from Ngatangiia who has been challenging marine resources plans and slackness in thwarting the demands of the Chinese company to base itself in the Cook islands. There are talks of lots of money lowing in, of Penrhyn island for instance having a ish processing plant there and/or even a cannery. if that is to happen the island would serve as a busy port and airport of shipments of ish to destined markets. my reaction, ho-hum, we’ve heard all of that before. There is indeed a growing ground swell of opposition to the government’s plans to have Luen Thai in its waters. Local fisherman, those in Aitutaki

all claim that there is no more fish in our waters. They have been ished out by Luen Thai, who is not only longlining but will also be purse-seining; two devastating methods of fishing. if i have it my way i would no longer think about selling licenses to foreigners, instead i would focus on developing ways we, locally, can maximize the value of ish that we catch as local fishermen. The Opposition policy committee is working on what will also be the best choices for the country and i hope it takes heed of my views. if it doesn’t i will make sure it does. i also hope that minister Bishop acts on his threat because i am sure if it has happened in the marshalls, the same company will do the same here. Shark fins are big money, there’s no doubt about



A weekly opinion piece by Opposition Leader

Wilkie Rasmussen that, but does our government have the guts to prosecute. i don’t think so.

Regional business grants up for grabs A reGiONAL organisation is

taking applications from local businesses for its latest round of business development grants. The Pacific islands Private Sector Organisation (PiPSO) is calling out to small and medium sized businesses in Paciic islands countries to apply for business development fund (BDF) grants. PiPSO says the fund is established to assist, small and medium enterprises of the Paciic island countries (PiC) which are characterized by limited inancial resources, a lack of access to capital, and often an undue reliance on debt.

“In addressing the conines in which Paciic businesses operate today, it is vital that the BDF is relevant to the country-speciic business environments giving businesses an opportunity to develop and grow their businesses for a thriving economy as a whole,” says PiPSO. Cook islands Chamber of Commerce executive director Lynne Samuel, whose ofice handles local applications, said the chamber has received eight applications in the past two years. rewards offered by the BDF fall under two categories. For business activities in any of the 14 Forum island countries

in the Pacific region, FJD8000 in awards are available, and FJD10,000 for international activities. The grants are offered on a cost-sharing basis for a speciic project under development by the business, with assistance not to exceed 70 per cent of the total costs of the project. Grant applicants must coinance projects with their own resources or from other funding sources. in 2012, 24 companies from 13 countries in the Paciic region applied for $127,000 in funding. To be eligible for BDF grants, applicants must be registered

and be conducting business in one of the 14 Pacific region nations, been in operation for over 12 months from application date, and not have been recipients of BDP assistance in the previous 2 years. market research grants, which aim to assist applicants with the gathering of marketing information such as consumer de-

exhibitions, travel expos, and promotional materials are some of the projects that have received funding in the past, said Samuel. “you don’t have to be a member of the chamber to apply, but it is encouraged,” she said, adding the chamber approves and signs off on the grant applications. - Emmanuel Samoglou

mographics and product data, are some of the many types of assistance available. Additional categories of grants include business exploration visits, exhibition and conference participation, product development, product quality assurance, and business development assistance. Signs, website development,

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Hop in and ask Nick about these SUPER DEALS

58L Maxcold 68L Super 156L Maxcold on wheels


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classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303






PRICE ORDER 06/2013 PURSUANT to the Control of Prices act 1966 and the powers delegated to me as provided under section 30 of the said act, I hereby make the following Order: 1. This Order is cited as Price Order 06/2013 and shall come into efect on July 12 2013 2. Maximum wholesale & retail selling prices for lPG sold on Rarotonga shall be at the rate speciied in the schedule below 3. Value Added Tax is included in the prices herein set 4. Price Order 03/2013 is hereby revoked 5. The prices herein set are the maximum that may be charged although less may be charged if so desired

The general public is hereby advised that there will be a full road closure on the following roads on the following days: Friday the 12 July 2013. - The road in front of the Avatiu meeting house. closure will commence from 1pm - 8pm for the opening of the Avatiu Meeting house. (Road users travelling towards Avatiu and Nikao are urged to drive through the Ruatonga back road or main road) Saturday 13 July 2013 -The main road in Turangi immediately adjacent to The late Sir Terepai Maoate’s grave. The closure will be for the unveiling of the late Sir Maoate’s Headstone. Closure time - 10am1pm. Road users travelling towards Matavera direction from Titikaveka are urged to detour at the Avana bridge towards the back road and exit at the old Mainline Brown crossing or continue on the back road towards Matavera. Road users travelling towards Ngatangiia from Avarua are urged to detour at the Mainline Brown crossing towards the back road and exit through the Ngati Maoate Road. The general public are asked not to use these roads during closure times. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. cook Islands Police.

IMMIGRATION CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICE The Ministry of Foreign Afairs & Immigration wishes to advise the public that they will open a new Immigration customer Service Oice. The Oice will receive Immigration applications and payments of Immigration fees. The Oice is located beside the Oice of the Public Service Commissioner on the ground loor of the New Zealand High commission building. The Oice will be open to the public from Monday 15 July 2013, 9am-3pm. For further enquires please call the oice on phone 29317. 72417 / /2066





LPG per kg



Ever started drinking and not been able to stop? Call 55606.

LPG 9kg - 20lb



72340 / /2567

72418 / /2066

LPG 13kg - 30lb




72414 / /1828


EFFECTIVE DATE - July 12, 2013

3 in 1 Tourism Industry Meetings PRICE ORDER 08/2013 PURSUANT to the Control of Prices act 1966 and the powers delegated to me as provided under section 30 of the said act, I hereby make the following Order: 1. This Order is cited as Price Order 08/2013 and shall come into efect on July 12 2013 for TNM Ltd 2. Maximum wholesale & retail selling prices for lPG sold on Aitutaki shall be at the rate speciied in the schedule below 3. Value Added Tax is included in the prices herein set 4. All previous references in any Price Order as to the selling prices listed in this Order are hereby revoked upon efective dates above 5. The prices herein set are the maximum that may be charged although less may be charged if so desired Given under our hand July 11 2013. Brian Terrence, Hagan Chairman of the Price Tribunal Tatiana Burn, Member of the Price Tribunal.


LPG per kg


LPG 9kg - 20lb


LPG 13kg - 30lb


LPG 45kg - 100lb 226.80 EFFECTIVE DATE - July 12, 2013

Tupapa Maraerenga Netball Club Prize Giving-Wrap Up. When: Saturday 13 July 2013, at Netball court. Start 10am with activities by the Netball girls. Kaikai at 1pm follow with the prize giving. Parents, supporters and community are all invited. Meitaki maata. Executives. 72449 /33018 /1868

HIP HOP DANCE CLASSES by Nana Hirata Ages 4-12 yrs STARTS TODAY at Top Shape Gym $30 per term (5 lessons plus performance) 2.30pm 4-7 yr olds 3.25pm 8- 12yr olds To register ph Simone 50343 Or email dance.rarotonga@

TENDERS A tender is hereby invited for the motor bike listed below: 1 x 2011 Lifan LF125-26H Registration No: RAE056 Inspection can be arranged by contacting Andrew Reremoana on 22060, during the hours of 9am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. The highest tender will not necessarily be accepted. Tender will be close on Monday 22nd July 2013 at 2pm. 72455 / /1902


72479 / /1931

Takuvaine Netball Club Prize Giving-Wrap Up. When: Saturday 13 July 2013, at Takuvaine Club House Starts at 6.30pm Theme: Dress up in Red and wear a Melbourne cup hat Parents, supporters and community are all invited. Meitaki maata. Executives. 72473 / /2118

COOK ISLANDS CONSULATE GENERAL OFFICE AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND RELOCATION The Ministry of Foreign Afairs & Immigration wishes to advise the public that the cook Islands Consulate General Oice in Auckland has now relocated from 127 Symonds Street to Unit 5, Level 1, 6 Osterley Way, Manukau. The oice phone number is now (64) 9 261-0015. Fax number: (64) 9 263-8033.

Given under our hand July 11 2013. Brian Terrence, Hagan Chairman of the Price Tribunal Tatiana Burn, Member of the Price Tribunal.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


The Business Trade and Investment Board advises that the selling of food through outlets or directly to the public is an activity reserved only for Cook Islanders. non Cook Islanders are prohibited from carrying on business by selling food unless if approved by the Board. For enquiries call BTIB Compliance Oicer on 24296 or email Ria Arthur

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is




The Cook Islands Red cross Society is ofering a Certiied Comprehensive First Aid Training course. A 2 year irst aid certiicate will be awarded at the completion of the course. Date: Tuesday July 16 - Wednesday July 17 2013. Venue: cook Islands Red cross Headquarters Time 8.30am For any enquiries contact: 22598 Email: Meitaki maata. 72362 / /2204

FOUND BCI Vehicle Tender - as is, where is! BCI invites interested parties to tender for the following vehicle 1. Nissan Double cab truck rego 5818. For viewing/inspection, please contact Tai Exham on 29341 ext 817 or Liz Tatuava on Ext 821 Tenders close 3pm, Friday 12 July 2013. All tenders must be in writing and addressed to: Managing Director - ‘’BCI Vehicle Tender’’, BCI House, Avarua. BCI reserves the right to not accept all or any tenders. 72220 /32780 /1655

Female ginger kitten found by Public works in Arorangi, kitten may have recently come out of operation. Phone D 21471. 72477 /72447 /1931

RESULTS Cook Islands Bowling Association 49’RS Club 1st Prize: Ipa tkt 94. 2nd Prize: Nadine Tkt#198. 3rd Prize: Francis Cook tkt#286. Next draw 15/7/2013 72475 / /1855

SERVICES Reliable Services Washing machine, fridge & chest freezer repairs (ALL BRANDS). Ring Tom NOW 70747/22808. 72380 /32921 /1931

Reserve Group, Turama Paciic and Cook Islands Tourism would like to invite you to a series of back to back meetings on Tuesday 16 July, 2013 at 9:30am, the meetings and speakers are as follows:


1. 9.30aM reServe GrOup, Henrik arlund Discuss Opportunities with Reserve Group for a new and exciting combination that can link your total inventory through on source to Siteminder/Reserve Group and from there will link to many channels such as Bedbank (which links to most new Zealand & australia wholesalers), Expedia, Agoda,, Wotif etc and allows Reserve Cooks and our own systems at Tipani/Island Hopper to access this same inventory. 2. 10.15aM TuraMa paciFic , rOberT SkewS Robert skews will present an update on the northern Hemisphere Markets from his extensive trip to Europe earlier this year. 3. 11aM cOOk iSlandS TOuriSM, Julia denny Julia Denny, Cook Islands Tourism UK rep oicer will focus her presentation on emerging markets, UaE & GCC and what we plan to do in this market. The meetings will take place on Tuesday 16 July, 2013 from 9.30am at the Edgewater Resort & Spa. To register your interest, please RSVP with Robert Skews (e: | ph: 22026) or Teumere Koteka-Heather (teumere.koteka-heather@cookislands. | ph: 29435) by Friday 12 July, 2013. /

Job Opportunities Due to a growing demand within our resort, The Edgewater Resort & spa, are currently seeking full time and part time staf, if you are a team player and are looking for an enjoyable yet challenging role we would encourage you to come and join our team. all applicants must have: Good communication skills, be honest and reliable, conidence and personality, the ability to work well under pressure, know how to multitask. Full training will be provided for the right applicants, currently we have these positions available: • Housekeeping Supervisor • Housekeepers • Demi Chefs • Duty Manager • Security/Porters • Front Oice • Kitchenhands • Night Auditors • Maintenance Please contact 55469 for any inquiries, application forms can be obtained from the Front Oice. /


Friday, July 12, 2013 cook Islands News




Mama’s Cafe is for sale. Buy, walk in and operate. Full kitchen cafe equipment, secure lease, top location in town. $25k + VAT. Or move in with your own equipment & sign up new rental agreement. Inspections welcome. call Rohan on 55686 for more info & site inspection.

Senior chef required for work on Aitutaki on a roster basis. Must be well experienced in Asian cooking and presentation. Particularly with Japanese & Korean including Sushi Nigiri, Maki Mono, Sashimi, Robatayaki, Teppanyaki and ShabuShabu. Email giving brief CV and to get further details of the position.

Workers wanted Full Time and Part time - Cashier/ Merchandiser, Cook/Kitchen Hand and Full Time Nanny. Reliable, Trustworthy and Experience in above ields a must. For further details contact Rose 55141.

72438 / /1969


72221 /32781 /1621

2 bedroom house, furnished, Aroa. Preferred long term. Phone 24900 or 55302.

72242 / /2183

Fishing Company Ocean Fresh cook Islands requires the following staf: Skippers, engineers, deckhands. Tel 23415 email: landholdings@


72421 /32923 /1931

Tupapa, Quality studio rooms for rent, furnished, cable TV, A/C, of street parking, cleaning available if needed. Long term preferred. Phone 53077 for further information. 72264 / /1758

FOR SALE Large dining table, 6 chairs, with matching cofee table. Lounge suite with foot-stool. Phone Pauline 51143. 72464 / /2643

Brand new single mattresses, 8’ at $199 each. Phone 77557. 72424 /33009 /2233

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Executive 2BRD Home On 1/2acre & 60yr lease. Genuine enquiries only. Email: openhousesolutions@

72437 /33012 /1931

Head Chef Wanted Full time position for new cafe in Muri Experienced chef with cV, references essential Tel: 26487 Julie or Sue 72328 / /1697

72244 / /1747

VEHICLES FOR SALE 72425 /33009 /2233


kitchen Staf required For part-time evening work Including weekends for new cafe in Muri References essential. Excellent rates of pay. Training will be given but experienced staf preferred. Phone 26487 Julie or Sue between 9am - 2pm. 72404 / /1697

Autism Cook Islands Ph 24065/55976

Front of House Staf required Wait staf required for part-time evening work including weekends. For new cafe in Muri - excellent rates of pay. References essential. Training will be given but experienced staf preferred. Phone 26487 Julie or Sue between 9am - 2pm. 72405 / /1697

We will BUY your old or broken gold jewellery. FISHERS BLACK PEARL JEWELLERY. 71119 / /1889

WANTED TO RENT 5 bedroom house in town call 54585. 72375 / /1780

Wanted house to rent in Vaimaanga or surrounding area by New Zealand couple. Please contact Sheryl or Dave on phone 25965 or 53965. 72428 /32961 /1931

Rarotongas premium entertainment facility has part-time positions available every Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays for immediate start: Kitchen Hand - approximately 30 hours per week. Bar Persons - 6pm till 11pm approx - Make great cocktails? wait Staf - 6pm till 11pm approx - Got great personality and love meeting people? Les Palmiers Cafe - Day shifts available for wait/bar staf from 11am till 3pm Mondays to Saturdays. Work in this fast paced environment with a great team! Phone 24006 or come and ill an application form at main oice Muri Beach, or email culture@

Qualiied electrician & Refrigeration Engineer Needed. 6 Years plus Experience Required. For More info call #55991 or email 72261 /32857 /2634

Wanted experience female supervisor and waitress for the restaurant, Fresher’s can apply for waitressing. Phone 22279. 72485 / /2199

Oice space required. Ideally need at least 6 separate oices and open plan area. contact Maara on 21619 or

Experienced Sous chef required in our busy Resort, shift work and weekends involved. You must be a good team worker. Excellent beneits. Phone 53077.

72148 /32838 /1780


72345 / /1758

part time staf wanted for busy cafe 10am-3pm Monday to Thursday Phone Clare 21283. 72350 /32843 /1955


Mareko has a full time shop assistant vacancy available. Must be honest, reliable and friendly. Apply at Mareko’s or Phone 20538 for an interview.

72387 /32084 /1931

72489 / /1991

72442 /33013 /1931

KiteSup Cook Islands requires someone to ill the following position Sales & Tour Desk Agent. Contact 51407 or 76794.

CULTURAL DANCERS WANTED! Want to earn extra cash doing something you love? We have some dancers positions available for people who are passionate about our culture! Work in a great environment at Rarotonga’s top entertainment venue. Students welcome. All dancers paid weekly! Ph 24006 or 55579. 72447 / /2512



72422 / /2512

The Children of


Tonaau hall would like to convey our gratitude to all those who took care of our mother who passed away on Sunday the 7 july 2013


72456 / /1757

Honda CRV $1000.Phone 77557.

WANTED TO BUy Stationary exercise cycle. call 21878 or text 53929 if you have one to sell.

72413 / /2415

New executive houses in Nikao. 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms. Fully furnished. Must see, if you like space and indulgence. Enquiries to 57447.


Te Marae Ora is seeking the services of a full time Ambulance Oicer. The successful candidate will need to be it and active and possess excellent people skills. Ideally the applicant should have experience in a health related environment complimented with irst aid and CPR skills. The applicant will be required to work shifts on a rotational basis. For a copy of the job description and application form please contact Human Resources Manager on 29664 or email ck Applications close 15 July 2013. 72271 / /1720

Urgently looking for a Hindi speaking nanny. Please call Rupesh or Sharda on 50749 or 24390.

1005 sq m section with 2x two storey homes 41 year lease. Live in one, rent the other. Vaenga Pt Sec 12H Matavera All genuine ofers considered. ................................ 2575 sq m section with 3 homes 48 year lease-Tenants already established Vaenga Pt Sec 12H Matavera Great business opportunity All genuine ofers will be considered …………………………………….. Three bedroom home on back-road 2735 sq m with house + 1 studio cottage. Kainganui +Te Utu Sect 92E 50 years left on lease. seeking expressions of interest ................................ Ph/TXT Carey 55678 to arrange inspection. ...............................................

CHEF AND WAITING STAFF Happy and hard working staf to join our team at the Vaima. Well above average hourly rates ofered. Telephone 70059 for Interview. /

Director Planning and Development Division


Applications are invited from qualiied, experienced and highly motivated individuals to ill the above senior position made vacant due to an internal promotion. The Director will be responsible for:

72236 /32783 /1931



The Muri Beach Club Hotel is seeking enthusiastic and reliable candidates to fill the following positions to assist in the growth of this prestigious Hotel

• Senior Bookkeeper • Restaurant Wait• Front Oice Reing Staf ceptionist • Restaurant super• night auditor visor [midnight to 8am] • senior sous Chef • security Guards • Chef de Partie [midnight to 8am] • Commis Chef • Housekeepers • Breakfast Chef Interested candidates toChef sendtheirappli• Groundskeeper / areinvited • Pastry cation, completewithacopy yourHand currentCVto: Gardener • of Kitchen Erika Bult, Operations Manager • Maintenance Staf Or alternatively, come directly to the Hotel, fill in an application form and supplyaphotocopyof your CV. /

executive Oicer PUKAPUKA ISLAND GOVERNMENT The Pa Enua Governance Unit of the Oice of the Prime Minister invites applications for the position of Executive Oicer for the Island of Pukapuka. The Executive Oicer is the Administrative Head of the Island Government on the island. An electronic copy of the Job Description and application Form can be emailed to you upon request to or to Otherwise, you can download the Job Description and Application Form from Those interested, please apply in writing by 1pm 31 July 2013 to; The Chief of Staf Oice of the Prime Minister Private Mail Bag Avarua, COOK ISLANDS For enquiries contact Otheniel Tangianau on 25398 or John Tangi on 25498 or on the emails above. /

• Supporting the development of mid-term and annual business planning • Reporting at a national, regional and international level • Oversight of the implementation of the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework • Support for policy development and review • School’s education review and compliance • School annual reporting and staf attestation The successful applicant should be able to think strategically and across the whole sector, liaise with a very broad range of stakeholders, and have the ability to prioritise and manage their time well to deliver high quality outputs that work towards the outcomes of the Education Master Plan. a working knowledge of the Cook Islands Education sector is desired. applications close on Tuesday 16 July 2013. application packs are available from the Ministry in Nikao or at Completed forms with CV and references should be addressed to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga Cook Islands Email:



Friday, July 12, 2013 cook Islands News

Screen printing workshops a success reCeNTLy completed screen

printing workshops were enjoyed by all says tutor rennie Peyroux. eleven participants spent two weeks learning basic screen printing skills and producing prints on fabric using their own designs. “it was great,” Peyroux said. “i thoroughly enjoyed it.” Pey-

roux says they had good comments from everyone who attended the course, which was made up of a mixed group of ages. On the inal day participants printed their designs on reusable cloth bags, which were provided by Louisa Karika from the National environment Service. Karika said the cloth bags were

Petua Meti turns her design into a screen printed image. 13071106

left over from an exhibition that ran last year at The Arts Studio, which featured art work from artists across the island including Peyroux. “i thoroughly enjoyed it,” Karika said of the course, adding that it showed her how much hard work is involved in screen printing. She says the experience of the teachers and the good class size resulted in a great course. The participants

would like to have the opportunity to continue to work on their skills and are hoping that another course will be held next year. Peyroux has a lifetime of experience in screen printing, designing and printing images for the business he runs with Ana rasmussen and her daughter. This was the irst workshop he has led, saying that the experience was tremendous and

everybody had fun. Peyroux worked alongside rasmussen, who facilitated the course, setting up all the equipment required to produce high quality prints at Pa Ariki’s Palace in Takitumu. “The participants all really loved it,” rasmussen said. She is in the process of organising an exhibition of the work, which will include the printed bags, their original

design, and one other piece of work. The exhibition is likely to be held at the Cook islands National museum, at the completion of the photographic workshop. The screen printing course is one of many run through the ministry of education, with another full intake of the workshops set to take place in October. - Rachel Smith

Anna Faye Newbigging puts the inal details onto her screen printed cloth bag. 13071103



gOAT MEAT 10kg












whITE VANNAMEI 31/40 1kg


100/200 Ikg











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12.50AM 1.55AM 3.20PM


1.45AM 2.55AM 4.30PM

12.50AM 1.25AM 7.05AM 10.35PM


1.45AM 2.25AM 8.15AM 11.59PM

RARO TO ARR FridAy july 12 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 0900 AITUTAKI 0950 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1330 MAUKE 1420

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

FLIGHT FROM FridAy july 12 VA163/162 AKL NZ748/749 AKL NZ46/61 AKL SAturdAy july 13 VA163/162 AKL NZ748/749 AKL NZ60/47 syD NZ18 AKL




0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1440 1710





1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1115 RARO 1200 1040 1530 1600 MIT 1650 1800





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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer toThursday’s puzzle

Answer toThursday’s puzzle

hÄgAR the horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: An easterly wind low prevails over Southern Cook. A trough of low pressure lies north of Manihiki. Meanwhile, a easterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Moderate to fresh easterly winds. Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate to rough seas. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional showers and thunderstorms about and north of Manihiki. Fine apart from brief showers elsewhere. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers.

Humidity FRI












Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

By dik Browne



By Lee Falk & Sy Barry



Rarotonga Friday, July 12, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Friday

Tides FRI



High 12.12AM 0.85M 12.22PM 0.87M Low

0.9m NE

1.3m SW

6.17AM 0.30M 6.36PM 0.28M


SAT High 12.46AM 0.87M 1.00PM 0.86M


Low 6.53AM 0.30M 7.12PM 0.29M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

E 12kts New Moon auG 6 9.51PM

First Quarter JUL 16 3.19AM

Full Moon Jul 22 6.16PM

sunshine hours

third Quarter Jul 29 5.44PM


ArApo - AkAoti AmiAmA fri 12 taNu (Planting)





Sun rise

Marie te marama. Kua teitei Po ika. Moon is slow, up high. Fish nights.

7.17AM 7.17AM

Front Key:





1.1m SW


Swell direction and size

Outer Islands Weather Outlook Friday, July 12, 2013 Sun Set


Moon rise 10.05AM Moon Set 10.20PM Sun rise

1.3m SW

tautai (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.

Sun Set


Moon rise 10.43AM Moon Set 11.12PM


27° E 15kts


25° E 14kts


26° E16kts


26° E 16kts


29° E 12kts


26° E 16kts


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SPOrT Cowboys and Bulls open up round ive rOUND four of the club rugby season kicks off today with an under 16 age grade game in Arorangi and a senior B grade match in Titikaveka. At Arorangi, the Cowboys under 16 team will host their Titikaveka Bulls counterparts with the match kicking off at 4.30pm while the Bulls senior B team will host their Cowboys counterparts at Titikaveka ield. remaining games between the two clubs will be played out on Saturday in Arorangi where the premier grade match at 4pm is the CiTC game of the week. meanwhile the Tupapa Panthers will skip across to the Swamp to take on the Avatiu eels this weekend while the Takuvaine reds head out to muri to rumble with the Ngatangiia-matavera Dragons.

There will also be a golden oldies game in honour of golden oldies rugby enthusiast and late politician Sir Terepai maoate. - Matariki Wilson

Friday 12 at Arorangi (Cowboys vs Bulls) – 4.30pm Under 16, ref-Johnny Hosking assisted by robert Graham/Titi George.

Friday 12 at Titikaveka (Cowboys vs Bulls) – 4.30pm Senior B refSimiona Teiotu assisted by Club Oficial.

Saturday 13 at Arorangi (Cowboys vs Bulls) – 1.30pm Under 12, Ref-Club Oficials, 2.30pm G/Oldies, ref-Club Officials, 3pm Under 19, ref-Junior Takairangi assisted by Ben Koteka /Dan munro, 4pm Senior A, ref-Fraser Nooroa assisted by robert Graham /Junior Takairangi, (referee Assessor-

CI NEWS Rippa Rugby —JULY 24

robert Graham)

Saturday 13 at Avatiu field (Eels vs Panthers) – 12pm Under 12, ref-Club Official, 1pm Under 14, ref-William Taripo assisted by Lui Nicholas/Club Official, 1.50pm Under 19, ref-Phillip Strickland assisted by Bishop Bishop, 3.05pm Under 16, ref-Dave Leeming assisted by Bishop Bishop/Lui Nicholas, 4pm Senior A, ref-Tua Ngaputa assisted by Phillip Strickland/ metu Une, (referee Assessorrob Cote).

Saturday 13 at Ngatangiia field (Dragons vs Reds) – 2pm Under 12, ref-Club Official, 3pm G/ Oldies (Papa Sir Terepai memorial Trophy), Ref-Club Oficials, 4pm Senior A ref-Simiona Teiotu assisted by Simon Drewery/ Tutai Taurarii, (referee Assessor-Tom Willis).

Sir Terepai tribute match THe LATe Sir Terepai maoate holds his

own as one of the golden oldies rugby players at a mini tournament in 2008. A memorial match for the long-time president of the local golden oldies association will be played on Saturday at 3pm at Nukupure Park in muri. All golden oldies rugby players from right across the island are encouraged to get along to Nukupure Park and pay tribute for Sir Terepai who was vocal about his love of rugby. Avatiu-Nikao mongoose chairman George George recalled that on a particular Cook islands golden oldies rugby trip overseas, the inclusion of Sir Terepai, who was also prime minister at the time, lifted the feeling of importance among the travelling golden oldies team. During the 2007 mini golden oldies festival – visiting golden oldies players were impressed that the then deputy prime minister donned a jersey and got in the thick of games. Grab your boots and get along to the tribute game on Saturday and play a round for Sir Terepai and share your rugby story. - Matariki Wilson

The Arorangi Cowboys (right) will play the Titikaveka Bulls in this Saturday’s match of the week while the Ngatangiia-Matavera dragons (left) will take on the reds from takuvaine. 13062319

young albert Nicholas Jnr (aJ) of avatiu holds his own as he attempts to down a takuvaine player during the two clubs under 12 game last week. 13071124

Friday 12 July  

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