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$2 Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Road safety still a concern POlICe say parents and the

wider community also have a role to play to avoid a repeat of the tragic high speed crash that killed three young men on Sunday. Detective inspector Areumu Ingaua who is heading the investigation into the crash, says

‘Govt too secretive’ OPPOSITIOn leader Wilkie Rasmussen had strong words for the Cook Islands Party government’s handling of its internal affairs on Tuesday. Speciically, the Demo Party leader said he was deeply critical of the government’s conduct regarding the upcoming announcement of a replacement for outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Tom Marsters. “The government has been secretive,” said Rasmussen. “They need to make a decision soon.” “The longer they leave it, the more people start to read into it and think of it as instability.” Rasmussen mentioned Finance Minister Mark Brown, Infrastructure Minister Teariki Heather, and Marine Resources Minister Teina Bishop as the possible replacements for Marsters. As well as making an announcement for a new Deputy PM, Prime Minister Henry Puna is also expected to shufle cabinet and promote a new member to his inner circle. To date, Associate Agriculture Minister and Matavera MP Kiriau Turepu has been named by an opposition member of parliament and a source with close links to Kiriau as the soon to be appointed minister. Rasmussen said the government’s delay in announcing the changes will perpetuate the spreading of rumours among the public. “They should make an announcement soon to avoid speculation upon speculation,” he said. “This is about appointing from your own ranks, so it should be easy.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

it shouldn’t just be left to the police to deliver the messages that are needed. “If you are concerned about the welfare of your family members, as parents, you have a part to play on this,” he says. He urged parents to do their part to educate their children and family members along with the police. “We do not want to go through this again,” he commented. Ingaua says that speeding, drink driving and the general consequences of non-compliance of licences has always been a concern for police. “It has always been our concern prior to this accident. We

have always put out public warnings and in the past have had accidents caused by speeding. And there are some people who are listening, but some despite continuous warnings, are not taking it seriously,” Detective Ingaua says. He also had a message for those that knew of others that were drinking and driving. “If you see someone who is going to be driving under the inluence, you have every right to stop them, to intervene or ring the police.” He said as harsh as it is, and with respect to the families of the deceased from Sunday’s accident, lives were lost as the result

of a poor decision. As Police Commissioner Maara Tetava stated, “Our attitudes must change before we lose many more of our loved ones to road crashes.” He noted that the deaths that had occurred were preventable, and as a community, everybody needed to work together to prevent another unnecessary tragedy. “We can’t do it alone, we need the support of everyone,” he says. An aunt of one of the deceased who commented about the accident on Facebook had her own message to educate youth in particular.

“My word to our young mapu out there is, if a person driving is drunk please don't get into the vehicle or onto that person’s bike, if you drink and drive think about the pain and suffering you will cause to your family and friends and others as well,” she commented. In the communication she says the accident had claimed the lives of three 19 year olds (close friends), including a nephew of hers who were all back seat passengers of the red Subaru Forrester station wagon that crashed into a tree and that was allegedly being driven by a drunk driver. She says the victims of the

crash Danny Tepai, Moeau Rau and William Paerau, all 19 of Arorangi, were heading back to Arorangi when the crash happened. The aunt said a front seat passenger had walked away with injuries, but that the driver was in a critical condition in hospital with cuts to his neck and a near severed arm. A witness to the crash had reportedly moments earlier seen the vehicle that crashed overtake a bus before veering onto the wrong side of the road narrowly missing a house and hitting a tree. - Ross McCullough

New Kiwis honoured

New Kiwis Anders Sellander, Marcelle and Deon Rossouw with New Zealand High Commisioner John Carter after the trio were granted New Zealand citizenship in a special ceremony at Ngatipa on Tuesday. Carter said he was honoured to award the trio with their New Zealand citizen’s certiicate and that it was a life changing decision the three new Kiwis had made. Three honoured with NZ citizenship, page 8. 13070916 Ph 24979



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Wednesday, July 10, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no TeIA neI AO Booze tests for gondoliers VeNice’s gondoliers may face drink and drugs tests after reports of boatmen indulging in “inappropriate” behaviour. Their antics have prompted the president of the gondoliers’ association to propose the checks. The issue was brought to a head by a recent incident in which a gondolier’s assistant was ilmed stripping and plunging into a canal. The young Venetian appeared to be taking part in an initiation ritual. Footage of his dunking was posted on YouTube. Random testing would apply to all who operate a craft in the watery city.

Toll rising, 40 missing Desperate search for missing citizens in canada train blast lAC-MegAnTIC – Investigators

have begun gaining access to parts of a Quebec town levelled when a runaway crude oil train exploded on Saturday. The death toll in lac-Megantic has risen to 13, with as many as 40 people still missing. Meanwhile, authorities warned it could be days before search teams could access the entire disaster zone. At least 30 buildings were destroyed by the ireball, including a grocery store and the town

world BRIeFS chiNese miNister gets ‘death seNteNce’ cHINA – The chinese court has given former railways minister Liu Zhijun a suspended death sentence for corruption and abuse of power. Liu had been accused of accepting bribes totalling more than 64 million yuan or NZ$13.35 million over 25 years. Prosecutors say he awarded government rail contracts in return for bribes. He is the most high-proile oicial to be tried and found guilty of corruption since Xi Jinping became china’s leader earlier this year. Xi has called for a crackdown on corruption, vowing to tackle it from the powerful “tigers” at the top to the “lies” at the bottom of the communist Party. Liu was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve, deprived of his political rights for life and jailed for 10 years.

PaKistaN’s iNcOmPeteNce reVeaLed PAKISTAN – Incompetence and negligence allowed Osama Bin Laden to live in Pakistan undetected for almost a decade, a leaked government report suggests. A version of the report leaked to al-Jazeera says the killing of Bin Laden by US forces was a “criminal act of murder” ordered by the US president. It also reveals details of the al-Qaeda leader’s whereabouts and day-to-day life after leeing Afghanistan in 2001. Bin Laden was killed by US forces in north-west Pakistan in May 2011. US suspicions about Bin Laden’s location had previously been dismissed by Pakistan. However, his discovery in a compound in Abbottabad and subsequent killing in a US Navy Seal operation put a strain on US-Pakistan relations.

cONcOrdia caPtaiN’s triaL staLLed ITALY – The trial of the captain of the costa concordia cruise ship, which ran aground of Italy last year, has opened and been adjourned. captain Francesco Schettino, 52, faces charges of multiple manslaughter and abandoning ship. Thirty-two people died when the ship hit a rock of the Tuscan island of Giglio in January 2012 and then tipped onto its side. Tuesday’s hearing was adjourned because of a nationwide lawyers’ strike. capt Schettino has been accused of steering the luxury liner too fast and too close to the shore, and of leaving the ship before all of the 4,229 passengers were taken of. He was allegedly performing a risky night-time sail-past salute to people on the tiny island of Giglio.

raiN sWamPs caNada’s Largest citY cANAdA – A heavy rainstorm in Toronto has left some 300,000 people without power and looded parts of Canada’s largest city. More than 90mm of water – more than a month’s average – was dumped on the city. The rain looded some major roads and subway stations, causing traic chaos. Hundreds of passengers were stranded for several hours on a looded commuter train and had to be evacuated on police boats. There were no immediate reports of any injuries. Water levels on a rush-hour metropolitan train rose so high that passengers led to the upper decks of the coaches.

of 6000’s public library. The crash could be Canada’s worst rail disaster in 50 years. The devastation was so great Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the town looked like “a warzone” as he toured the area. Hazardous conditions, including dozens of tanker wagons strewn about the site, continue to hamper search efforts. Police spokesman Benoit Richard said at least 12 crime scene investigators were working alongside a major crimes unit and specialised forensics lab personnel. He said the toll of the dead and missing – previously reported as 40 – had risen as more residents called authorities with reports. “Hopefully we’ll get through the whole scene in the next couple of days,” he said. A spokeswoman for Quebec’s coroner’s ofice, Genevieve Guilbault, pleaded with the families of the missing to provide DnA samples to investigators by bringing in toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs, razors, hats or other items. Many of those missing were believed to have been drinking at a popular downtown bar when the explosions occurred. none of the dead have been identified. At least five of the bodies recovered so far have been sent to Montreal for identiication. Officials have warned that some of the dead may never be recovered, given the intensity of the ire. Fireighters worked over the weekend to put out remaining ires. Crews are also working to contain 100,000 litres of crude oil that have spilled into nearby waterways. Floating barriers are being used to block the oil from heading downstream. - BBC

Inspectors were inally cleared to enter the charred site more than two days after the rail disaster that killed at least 13 people. Forty people are missing and the death toll is expected to rise. PNC

Holding out for elections CAIRO – egypt’s interim leader

has outlined his timetable for new elections, amid continuing unrest in the country. Adly Mansour’s decree envisages changes to the Islamist-drafted constitution and a referendum, which would pave the way for elections early next year. This comes as at least 51 people were killed in the capital Cairo. Mansour issued the decree

late on Monday. It says that a panel to amend the constitution – which was suspended last week – would be formed within 15 days. The changes would then be put to a referendum to be organised within four months. This would lead to parliamentary elections which could be held early in 2014. Finally, presidential elections would be called once the new parliament convenes.

The Muslim Brotherhood has so far made no public comment on the proposed timetable. Mansour’s move comes amid continuing mass protests. In the meantime, the focus will remain on trying to prevent another explosion of violence and to agree on an interim prime minister to form a transitional government to stabilise the country and prepare for elections. - BBC

Pattern of spinal injuries SAn FRAnCISCO – Many survivors of Saturday’s plane crash in San Francisco have a surprising pattern of spine injuries that a doctor says shows how violently they were shaken despite wearing seat belts. So far, two people are unable to move their legs – doctors don’t yet know if the damage is permanent – and several others have needed surgery to stabilize their spines so they can move,

said Dr geoffrey Manley, neurosurgery chief at San Francisco general Hospital who is overseeing their care. As of Monday evening, hospital officials said 31 patients remain hospitalized, seven of them in critical condition. Among the worst injuries are crushed vertebrae that compress the spinal cord, and ligaments so stretched and torn that they can’t hold neck and back joints

in place, Manley said in an interview Monday. That 305 of the 307 passengers and crew of the Asiana jet survived the crash is remarkable, and a testimony to improvements in airline safety in recent years. More than 180 people went to hospitals with injuries, but only a small number were critically injured. - CBS

Bull rush


BOLIVIA – Brazil has unveiled plans to hire 10,000 doctors to work in poorly served areas as part of wider reforms. The shake-up will include employing foreign doctors for the irst time from September, as well as changes to the university medicine curriculum. Students graduating from 2015 must serve two years in the public sector. The changes come about a month after millions took to the streets in mass demonstrations against poor public services, corruption and other issues. The health ministry said the “More doctors” scheme was modelled on health services in countries such as Britain and Sweden. President Dilma Roussef also announced investments of more than $3 million in upgrading existing and building new surgeries.

Today’s Daily Bread Only, do not rebel against the lord; and do not fear the people of the land, for they are no more than bread for us; their protection is removed from them, and the lord is with us; do not fear them.

Matthew 7:21-29 Read: Read: Numbers 13:25-14:9

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: 14:9

The bull and bullighting fans celebrate the festival of ‘Bous a la Mar’. The highlight of this week long festival is running with the bulls down the main street in Denia, Spain, where the runners, and often the bulls, end diving into the harbour. AFP


Wednesday, July 10, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no TeIA neI AO

Freed captives thank public

Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina de Jesus speak on YouTube two months after being released from a decade of captivity. The girls spoke publicly for the irst time since their ordeal in a video thanking supporters and loved ones. The video was ilmed last week in the oices of the law irm managing a trust fund established for the three women, who took turns in separate appearances before the camera to express gratitude for donations to the fund and for being given a chance to rebuild their lives. AFP CleVelAnD – Three women

held captive in a Cleveland home for a decade have issued a YouTube video in which they thanked the public for the encouragement and financial support that is allowing them to restart their lives. Amanda Berry, gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight broke their public silence in the threeminute video posting. They said the support and prayers of family, friends and the public is allowing them re-

build their lives after what Berry called “this entire ordeal.” The women had gone missing separately between 2002 and 2004, when they were 14, 16, and 20 years old. Cleveland resident Ariel Castro has pleaded not guilty to a 329-count indictment alleging he kidnapped them off the streets and held them captive in his two-story home. The 52-year-old former bus driver fathered a six-year-old daughter with Berry and is ac-

cused of starving and punching Knight, causing her to miscarry. He was arrested May 6, shortly after Berry broke through a door at the home and yelled to neighbours for help. Knight said in the video that she is building a “brand new life.” “I may have been through hell and back, but I am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face and my head held high,” she said, reading from a prepared statement.

“I will not let the situation deine who I am. I will deine the situation. I don’t want to be consumed by hatred.” Berry said: “I’m getting stronger each day, and having my privacy has helped immensely. I ask that everyone continue to respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life.” The third woman, Ms DeJesus, 23, spoke simply to thank people for their support. She was accompanied by her par-

ents, who did the same. DeJesus’ parents, Felix DeJesus and nancy Ruiz, thanked the public for donations to a fund set up to help the women. In addition, Ruiz encouraged parents with missing loved ones to reach out for assistance. “Count on your neighbours,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to ask for the help because help is available.” Kathy Joseph, an attorney for Knight, said in a statement that the three women wanted to “say

thank you to people from Cleveland and across the world, now that two months have passed.” She said they’re being recognised in public, “so they decided to put voices and faces to their heartfelt messages.” James Wooley, attorney for Berry and DeJesus, also issued a statement saying Knight and his clients thank people for the privacy they’ve been given and do not want to discuss their case with the news media or anyone else. - Associated Press

Crash pilots may provide answers SAn FRAnCISCO – The pilots of the airliner that crash landed at a San Francisco airport on Saturday are being questioned about the final moments before the impact. national Transportation Safety Board (nTSB) chief Deborah Hersman told Cnn the interviews would help understand “what they were experiencing”. Two people were killed and

180 injured when the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 clipped a seawall. Authorities say one of the dead may have been run over by a ire truck. The dead have been identiied as Chinese teenagers Ye Mengyuan and Wang linjia. Hersman has said airport surveillance video did not conclusively show whether an emergency vehicle had run over one

of the students, and a county coroner has said he would need at least two weeks to rule on the death. The two teenagers had been sitting in the rear of the plane, where many of the most seriously injured passengers were seated, but their bodies were found on the tarmac. nTSB officials have said it was too early to speculate on the precise causes of the ac-

Mouse inventor dies SAn FRAnCISCO –The inven-

tor of the computer mouse, Doug engelbart, has died aged 88. engelbart developed the tool in the 1960s as a wooden shell covering two metal wheels, patenting it long before the mouse’s widespread use. He also worked on early incarnations of email, word processing and video teleconferences at a California research institute. The state’s Computer History Museum was notiied of his death by his daughter, Christina, in an email. Her father had been in poor health and died peacefully on Tuesday night in his sleep, she said. Doug engelbart was born on January 30, 1925 in Portland,

LeFT: Doug engelbart, the man who invented the computer mouse, has died aged 88.

Oregon, to a radio repairman father and a housewife mother. He studied electrical engineering at Oregon State University and served as a radar technician during World War II. He then worked at nasa’s predecessor, naca, as an electrical engineer, but soon left to pursue a doctorate at University of California, Berkeley. His interest in how computers could be used to aid human cognition eventually led him to Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and then his own laboratory, the Augmentation Research Center. His laboratory helped develop ARPAnet, the government research network that led to the internet. engelbart’s ideas were way ahead of their time in an era when computers took up entire rooms and data was fed into the hulking machines on punch cards. - BBC

cident, but they have revealed the plane was approaching the runway too slowly and the pilots had tried to abort the landing less than two seconds before the plane struck the seawall and smashed into the ground. South Korean transport minister Choi Jeong-ho told reporters that two of the four Asiana pilots aboard the flight, lee Kang-kuk and lee Jeong-min, were questioned on Monday, and the two others would be interviewed on Tuesday. The pilot interviews will supplement data already obtained from the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder, authorities say. “The pilots can provide us outstanding observations from their experiences on the light

deck,” Hersman said. “They can tell us what was happening, what they know, what procedures they’re following.” Korean oficials were expected to join the interviews. At least 30 surviving passengers remain in San Francisco hospitals, many with serious spinal injuries. On Sunday, the Korean airline revealed that the pilot at the controls during the final approach was landing a Boeing 777 at San Francisco for the irst time. They said lee Kang-kuk had only 43 lying hours in a Boeing 777, and was assisted by another more experienced pilot as he landed. lee had logged thousands of hours on other types of aircraft.

Asiana Airlines President Yoon Young-doo arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday to visit victims in hospital and apologise for the crash. He was mobbed by dozens of reporters at the San Francisco airport. Yoon spoke briely in Korean and was then escorted back into the terminal by police. He is also scheduled to meet with nTSB investigators and tour the accident site. South Korean President Park geun-hye has sent a condolence letter to China President Xi Jinping and the families of the two deceased young women, calling the crash “regrettable”. The Boeing 777 has a good safety record, and this is thought to be the irst fatal crash. - BBC

Oicials say it is too early to speculate on the cause of the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crash.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te PA enUA

Two dead after fans ight Fatal violence at sports match sees Air Nuigini cancel lights WABAg – Two men are dead following an outbreak of violence between rugby league fans in the town of Wabag, in the enga province of Papua new guinea. Scenes of chaos erupted before the end of the match between the enga Mioks and lae Snax Tigers.

Three Snax Tigers vans were burnt and several people were slashed with bush knives, with one reportedly in critical condition in hospital. Tigers supporters, mostly from Wapenamanda where coach Stanley Tepend hails from, have blocked the High-

paciic BRIEFS isLaNders tO Be mOVed tO maiNLaNd SOLOMON ISLANdS – The government of Solomon Islands’ Malaita province says families who have to move from outlying atolls afected by climate change will be given their own land. The deputy premier, Alick Mae’aba says the homes of people on the lat islands of Pelau, Luaniua and Sikaiana are being looded by high tides and seas, which are also contaminating their water supplies and taro crops. He says the provincial government is looking to move those afected to two sites, one near the provincial capital Auki and the other near Aio, in south Malaita. Mae’aba says they will be given land near the sea because that is where they have always lived. He says the government will pay for the relocation but he does not know yet how much it will cost.

O’NeiLL caLLs OPPONeNts ‘PsYchOPaths’ PAPUA NEW GUINEA– Papua New Guinea’s prime minister says those who claim planned constitutional changes are aimed at keeping him in power are misits and psychopaths. On Monday Peter O’Neill blasted opponents of proposed plans to reduce the minimum number of mandated parliamentary sitting days and restructure how votes of no conidence take place. But O’Neill says this is not a one-man or one-party draconian political power play, nor are the government’s legislative initiatives geared towards keeping him in oice as prime minister indeinitely. He says such notions and speculation are harboured by economic, political and social misits and psychopaths.

POLice tO get tOUgh With drUNKs NAURU – Nauru’s police chief, Richard Britten, says the country’s Motor Traic Act is under review to give police more powers to act against drunk drivers. He says already this year there have been four deaths on the island’s few roads – the same as for all of last year. Britten says the deaths were avoidable and in most cases alcohol was involved. He says a harder stance on intoxicated drivers is the only way to deal with people who are not interested in looking after themselves or other road users.

eLePhaNts maY sPeNd time iN NiUe NIUE – Auckland Zoo, which wants to bring in elephants from Sri Lanka, says they could be quarantined on Niue. The head of marketing for the zoo, Ben Hutton, says nothing has been inalised, both in terms of securing the elephants or just where they might be quarantined. But he says a requirement of the importation of Asian elephants is that they spend three months in quarantine in a third country and Niue is one of the places being considered. Niue has successfully served as a quarantine station in the past for animals imported into New Zealand.

dONOrs shOULd NOt dictate terms VANUATU – Paciic Islands government ministers meeting in Fiji have told donors not to dictate terms when ofering funds. The deputy Prime Minister of Tonga, Samiu Vaipulu, has told climate change and disaster risk experts and donor partners that they should not assume they know more than governments do about their people. Vanuatu’s Minister for Planning and climate change Adaptation, Thomas Laken agreed, and told donors to let Vanuatu decide what it needed. “Sometimes regional organisations or donor partners come and tell us what to do. If we ask you this, all you have to do is tell us is ’yes or no’. That’s it. That’s how we’ve got to work together with regional organisations. We know our own people better than regional and donor partners.”

gUam’s gamBLiNg BiLL LaPses iNtO LaW GUAM – Guam’s governor, Eddie Calvo, has failed to make a decision on a controversial bill that will ban gambling on the island, instead allowing the legislation to lapse into law without his signature. The legislation, known as Bill 19, will tax gambling on Guam in order to subsidise the Guam Memorial Hospital and other public agencies. But the bill states that as soon as the inancially troubled hospital has its vendor debt erased, all gambling will become illegal. The Paciic Daily News reports the governor as saying he decided against vetoing the bill because it beneits the hospital, but he won’t sign it into law because it was defective and some of its provisions never had a public hearing. Some gaming company owners say they are planning a federal lawsuit to challenge the law as they say it’s unfair.

lands Highway to enga effectively cutting off Wabag town and the Porgera gold mine. Air niugini has cancelled lights into Wapenamanda and the Png Rugby league have cancelled home games in enga for the Mioks until an investigation is completed. Wabag provincial police commander Philip Waliya said a man is in police custody following the fatal slashing of another at the game. A mobile squad has been called in to monitor the situation. enga governor Peter Ipatas, who was at the game, said the incident was isolated and was instigated by drunk supporters. He welcomed the suspension of home games but urged that the investigation be carried out swiftly to establish who was at fault.

‘The suspect pulled out a bush knife and chopped the security guard to death.’ In a statement, Air niugini said the suspension of flights would remain until further notice. The airline said the situation was beyond its control. “We will not jeopardise the safety of our passengers, crew and the aircraft,” a spokesperson said. Police commander Waliya said the first man killed had been identiied as a student attending Kompiam High School and who had been temporarily providing security during the

intercity cup match at the Aipus rugby ground. He said the man suspected of his murder was under the inluence of alcohol and entered the main gate when security guards stopped him. Waliya said the suspect pulled out a bush knife and chopped the security guard to death. He said a ight broke among relatives and supporters and an old man from Wapenamanda who was providing driving and cooking services for the Snax Tigers was also killed. Relatives of the deceased retaliated by setting up a roadblock in and out of Wabag. Waliya said he had sent the police station commander and a mobile unit to assess and contain the situation. Tigers coach Stanley Tepend is the only member of the lae franchise who is still in enga

attending to the death and hauskrai while team manager Tim Rodgers and the rest of the team are back in Lae after lying out of Mt Hagen. The match in Wabag between ePg enga Mioks and lae Snax Tigers was 30-6 in favor of the Mioks when the violence erupted and the game had to be called off. Tepend, when contacted, echoed the stance by Png national Rugby league general manager Hubert Warupis that what happened outside of the playing ield was beyond their control. Speaking yesterday by phone at the hauskrai of the deceased at Waps village in enga, Tepend raised concern about the safety of Digicel Cup rugby league players and pointed out the lax security. - The National

League games cancelled PORT MOReSBY – Digicel Cup

rugby league matches in Papua new guinea’s enga province have been cancelled indeinitely. Png national Rugby league general manager Hubert Warupi said this was a direct result of the violence-marred clash between the enga Mioks and the Snax lae Tigers at Aipus oval in Wabag. Warupi said the PngnRl was shocked and saddened by the violence which claimed two lives. “We are saddened about the incident but can confirm that this was not fuelled by players or the match directly but rather by spectators with tribal or political affiliations coming to a head,” Warupi said.

“This was not fuelled by players or the match directly but rather by spectators with tribal afiliations coming to a head.’ He said that in line with the competition organiser’s zero tolerance policy on violence all matches in Wabag have been cancelled until further notice. He added that the home and away finals format will be reviewed. Players and officials from

both sides escaped unscathed by the fighting between rival fans that Tigers coach Stanley Tepend described as the worst he had ever seen. “We are very concerned on the nature of how events transpired in particular the security aspects. lives and assets have reportedly been lost and damaged,” Warupi said. He stressed that the situation was beyond the control of PngnRl. Tepend said a lack of security at the venue did not help the situation. He questioned why security personnel allowed in spectators who were armed with knives and axes in the first place and why the police did not engage

directly with the violent crowd during the melee. enga governor Peter Ipatas said, although regrettable and tragic, the incident was an isolated act and was not a relection of rugby league in the province. He said the provincial administration and rugby league oficials in the province had worked hard to host visiting teams in the Digicel Cup and Sunday’s violence was unfortunate and he accepted the PngnRl decision to end matches in Wabag. He called for an investigation into the incident and for the perpetrators to be brought to justice. He said lives were lost and property damaged and passed his thoughts to those affected. - The National

Refugee decisions soon nAURU – The secretary of justice in nauru says he expects to make decisions on the refugee status of some of the first asylum seekers to arrive on the island within weeks. Australia has made no secret of its intention to slow the process, but it’s being handled by nauruan officials with assistance from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). The ABC’s Don Wiseman asked lionel Aingimea, how many of the now 521 asylum seekers on the islands have had their claims assessed. “Quite a few have had their refugee status looked at. We haven’t gone through all of them because the numbers keep increasing. “We do have a number of nauruan refugee status determination oficers that are working with Australian immigration oficials who also have expertise in regard to determining the status of refugees. And the interviews are ongoing. “The interviews have been completed, the research that is

necessary to determine the bona ides has been done also. Not all of them, but certainly the irst arrivals. And they should be coming to my desk in the coming weeks so that we can start determining those that need to be declared as genuine refugees. Aingimea disagrees that there doesn’t seem to be much of a sense of urgency. “There is an urgency about this. We understand that we need to get cracking on this and the nauru government is working very hard to meet its obligations under our laws. “The inal decision will rest on the office of the Secretary of Justice and Border Control. It basically rests with me. And we’re expecting decisions to be coming out next week or early in the following week. Wiseman asked how much input does DIAC have into that? He said Australian immigration does help with a status determination officer, but most of the work is by the nauruan oficers. Wiseman asked: “If they achieve refugee status, and the

expectation from the refugee activist groups is that most of them will, what will happen then? Have they got countries prepared to take them?” Aingimea said: “Well, there are ongoing discussions in regard to having countries to accept those who have been declared to be genuine refugees, but that’s at a higher level. That needs to be done at a ministerial level, and those discussions are also ongoing.” Wiseman was interrupted when he said: “There has been talk right from the start that the inmates in the camp ...” “That’s a very bad word. That’s a bad word to use. We don’t consider them to be inmates,” the secretary of justice interjected. “The court of nauru did not ind them as inmates, also. There was a habeas corpus decision. That’s a wrong word to use.” Wiseman: “Well, they’re incarcerated. They’re not freely roaming.” Aingimea: “They are not incarcerated, they’re asylum seek-

ers, they’re having the status determined to see whether they’re genuine refugees or not, and to call them anything else I think is just wrong.” Wiseman: “They’re not freely roaming the island.” Aingimea: “At the moment there are visa conditions they have to abide by, and like everybody else on nauru there are laws we have to abide by and if one breaches the laws you’ll be put in jail, but at the moment they’re not in jail.” Wiseman: “But they’re held in a form of custody, aren’t they?” Aingimea: “Well, we don’t think they are. That’s a matter of opinion.” Wiseman: “Well, yes, it is. In terms of them having full free access to the island, will that happen the moment they’re given refugee status?” Aingimea: “The government is working with the Australian oficials to have in place an open centre once refugee status determination has been done and they have been determined to be refugees.” - ABC


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Mercy light for twin boy AlOTAU – Quick response by

a mining company assisted a young mother in the Trobriand Islands of Milne Bay, Papua new guinea, to safely deliver one of her twin babies. Daisy esron, 20, from Boitalu village in losuia, gave birth to one of her twin babies at midday at her village but she could not deliver the second baby because it was lying in a dificult postion. The only health centre at the village could not carry out a caesarean operation as the centre was not equipped for surgery. And to make matters worse, it was a 12-hour ride across Milne Bay by banana boat to the nearest surgical facilities into Alotau town. The chances of the mother seeing her second twin born alive seemed very slim. But a quick exchange of

emails between Dr Toki Inina at Tabubil Hospital and Ok Tedi Mining ltd’s human resources manager Harold Duigu made it possible for the distressed mother to be lown urgently to Alotau. “The mother was pregnant with twins and she delivered the irst twin about noon in the village and then came to the health centre because she could not deliver the second,” Inina said. “The second twin was still alive but needed a caesarean section be delivered.” The mother was lown across Milne Bay and was able to give birth safely to her second twin at Alotau hospital. It was confirmed yesterday that the second twin, a boy, weighing 2.304kg, was in a stable condition and breathing on his own in the special care nursery. - The National

Jail boss sacked PORT MOReSBY – Papua new guinea’s Bomana Jail commander Joe Jako has been stood down following reports that he had allowed a convicted murderer to leave the prison without proper approval. Correctional Service Commissioner Martin Balthazar has announced the appointment of an acting commander of the country’s largest prison in the meantime. “The changes as per instruction from the commissioner’s ofice as effective yesterday and is in line after the reports that convicted murderer Dr Theo Yasause, former head of Png’s Climate Change ofice, who is serving a 30-year jail sentence at Bomana was let out of the facility sometime this year,” he said. Balthazar said the leave of absence form allowing prisoners out of prison facilities must be approved by the commissioner and only for genuine reasons such as medical attention. “I have not sighted the form in which leave of absence was granted to Yasause for his release from the institution and

neither did approve his release with that form; therefore, it is sensible to allow changes of command so that the institution is in good command and control,” he said. “The sidelining of the jail commander is an administrative change within the Correctional Service and is a clear directive from my ofice.” Prime Minister Peter O’neill said he was disturbed by the prison release reports, saying “law and order issues remain one of the greatest impediments to doing business in Png and such reports didn’t help the cause”. He added, “this is the kind of behaviour that is bringing the country down”. Dr Theo Yasause, part of the highly-connected east Sepik political elite, was in 2011 convicted with the wilful murder of Png rugby league star Aquila emil. Yasause shot emil at close range outside a popular Port Moresby night club in February 2011, following a road rage incident. - The National

Asian resentment BU KA – There is rumbling

discontent building up over Chinese businessmen in Bougainville’s capital, Buka town – and some fear it may come to a head. The armed hold-up of a local Chinese store, along with other incidents involving theft from other Chinese retailers, are being seen as a sign that locals are fed up with the Asians who own most retail outlets in Buka. The Chinese have been marrying Bougainvilleans and setting up small trading stores. A business representative said local businessmen had asked to go into partnerships with the Chinese but the Chinese say they are not able to. “We have evidence they are refusing to go into partnerships,” he said.

All this is breeding resentment amongst local Bougainvilleans. Recently, Asians married to locals were warned to go away from Arawa, Central Bougainville, by locals when they attempted to set up stores in the town. Anti-Asian sentiment in Png is nothing new. In 2009 and 2010, Port Moresby and the Highlands saw large-scale riots against Chinese business people, with significant destruction of property and looting. Buka police have warned people against targeting Asians and taking the law into their own hands. They stressed that those with grievances against the Chinese must contact police and “not resort to illegal activities”. - Post-Courier


The University of the South Paciic Cook Islands is ofering the following courses in distance mode in Semester 2, 2013. • If you wish to commence studies with the University for the irst time, please complete an application for admission before 5 July, 2013. • If you are continuing your studies, please complete re-enrolment before 19 July, 2013. • Semester 2 will commence Monday 22 July, 2013. Admissions and re-enrolment can be completed at our oice – call in and complete the relevant forms, or the forms can be sent to you by email (phone 29415 or email or enrolment can be competed online at PreLimiNarY cOUrses (eQUiVaLeNt tO degree LeVeL FOrm 6) cOURse COURSE TITLE cOURse COURSE TITLE cODe cODe AFP02 BIP03 CHP03 eCP01 GEP02 LLP13 LLP14

Preliminary Accounting ii Preliminary Biology B Preliminary chemistry B Preliminary economics Preliminary Geography B Pre-Tertiary english Preliminary english A Mathematics for Social MAP11 Preliminary science MAP12 Preliminary Mathematics A MAP13 Preliminary Mathematics B PHP03 Preliminary Physics B Politics: New Forces in PLP01 Preliminary the Paciic cultural Anthropology in SOP01 Preliminary the Paciic TeP02 Preliminary Technology FOUNdatiON (eQUiVaLeNt tO FOrm 7) cOURse COURSE TITLE cODe AFF02 Basic Accounting B Biology B: The BIF03 Foundation Maintenance of Life CHF03 Foundation chemistry B CSF12 Foundation computer science eCF03 Foundation Macroeconomics GEF02 Paciic Islands Geography II iSF21 Computer Literacy LLF11 communication and study skills LLF14 Foundation english A LLF21 Communications and Language MAF12 Foundation Mathematics B Mathematics for Foundation MAF21 Basic social sciences PHF03 Foundation Physics B PLF01 Issues in Paciic Politics SOF02 Introduction to Paciic Societies TeF03 introduction to Technology B

degree LeVeL cOURse COURSE TITLE cODe to Accounting & AF101 introduction Financial Management I to Accounting & AF102 introduction Financial Management II AF108 Introduction to Law for Commerce to Accounting AF121 introduction information systems AF210 Financial Accounting AF308 Taxation Law AG124 Fundamentals of soil science Mechanisation (old AG134 Agricultural code AG234) and Plantation crops AG165 Field Production AG212 Farm Management Principles AG213 statistics for Agriculture AG266 Horticultural crops Production AG373 Ruminant Livestock Production & Reactions of Organic CH102 Principles chemistry CH204 inorganic chemistry structures & Algorithms CS112 Data (online) CS211 computer Organisation introduction to DG100 Leadership,Governance and Human Rights of Good Leadership and DG101 Principles Governance EC102 Principles of Microeconomics EC201 Intermediate Macroeconomics EC203 economic statistics EC302 Public Finance EC304 Development economics EC311

Labour Economics

ED100 Observing classrooms and Managing Young ED103 Understanding children’s Behaviour ED116 sc Fr Primary sch Teachrs: sp ED152 Human Development-Lifespan App ED153 school & society ED154 Principles Of Assess Perform. ED192 educational Planning competence and emotional ED204 social Health in Young children individuals with Vision ED209 educating impairments ED217 Literacy Processes ED258 Adult Learning ED292 ed Planning & Development ED302 Play and early childhood education Gifted & Talented ED309 educating. children ED316 science & social studies iii ED318 Language And Mathematics I I I educating individuals with Physical, ED323 Multiple & Health Impairments ES106/ earth science SC106 FM101 Financial Mathematics GE101 introduction to Physical Geography GE202 Ag,Food & Nutrition: Dev World GE304 Resource Conservation & Mgmt HY101 Paciic Islands Prehistory Paciic History – Contact and HY205 Response HY302 Special Topic – History of Fiji IS121 Information Systems 1 (online) LL104 islands i IS224 Advanced Database Systems (online) Building the Library/Information LS102 centre collection Management Library/Infomation LS205 centres LW112 Legislation [online] LW113 Courts & Dispute Resolutn I I [online] LW202 Law of Contract II [online] LW204 Torts II [online] Criminal Law and Procedure II LW206 [online] LW301 Property Law II [online] LW303 succession LW304 Legal Drafting [online] LW305 Current Dev In Paciic Law [online] Administrative Law [Online] LW309 [formerly LW208] LW330 Public International Law [online] LW331 Human Rights [ONLINE] LW352 Regional Environmental Law [online] LW356 Marine Law [online] LW372 Commercial Law [online] LW374 Revenue & Taxation Law Mathematics for Social Science MA101 [online] MA111 Calculus I & Linear Algebra I [online] MA161 Discrete Mathematics I [online] MG101 Introduction to Management introduction to Human Resources MG106 Management MG202 Operations Management MG204 Management of Industrial Relations MG309 Strategic Management Introduction to Marine Science for MS111 the Paciic Islands MS204 Tropical seafood Fisheries economics and MS203 Management

degree LeVeL cOURse COURSE TITLE cODe MS205 Law of the Sea Natural Resources Governance & MS207 Extension Techniques MS213 Physical Oceanography Ocean Resources Management in the MS301 South Paciic Oicial Statistics and National OS101 statistical systems OS102 National Acc. & Allied stat.i Oicial Statistics and National OS201 Statistical Systems 11 introduction to Analytical PD200 Demography (old code SE200) PH101 Quantum and electrical Physics PL101 Politics And Government PL203 Contemporary Politics in Melanesia PP202 Police & Society in the Paciic Police Leadership & Command PP301 Management PP302 ethical Dimensions in Policing PS101 introduction to Psychology PS102 Developmental Psychology Ps/ Study of Exceptional Individuals I ED208 PS307 social Psychology Devpmnt Of counselling & PS312 counselling skills Globalisation & Contemporary Paciic SO110 societies Families, Sexuality and Change: The SO207 Paciic and Beyond SO303 Advanced sociological Theory ST131 introduction to statistics SW101 society Policy: An introduction SW200 Fieldwork Practice i SW300 Fieldwork Practice i i TE113 Food,society & Development TE213 Nutrient Requirements & Metabo TS107 Tourism in the South Paciic Food & Beverage service and cost TS109 control TS208 Operational issues for Hospitality Rooms Division & Front Oice TS210 Management TS213 international Tourism Integrated Industry Learning for TS216 Tourism and Hospitality Strategic Services Management in TS302 Hospitality TS309 Tourism Business Operations UU100 Commcatns & Informtn Literacy english for Academic Purposes (old UU114 code LL114) UU200 ethics & Governance UU204 Paciic Worlds

rccce cOUrses cOURse COURSE TITLE cODe UEP001 Exploring Early Childhood Education UEP002 Growing up in a Paciic Family Skills in Manaqinq an Early Childhood UEP003 centre

POstgradUate LeVeL cOURse COURSE TITLE cODe ED451 culture and education Educational Measurement ED454 Advanced and evaluation ED456 studies in science education ED459 Advanced educational Research ED466 Studies in Mathematics Education ED468 Gender and education educational Policy, Planning and ED492 Development

University of the South Paciic Towards Excellence in Learning and Knowledge Creation


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leTTeRS reta

Lagoon Day still needed Dear editor, A friend commented recently: “But you shouldn’t still be doing lagoon Day.” Is that so? Will there ever be a day when we won’t need to be educated for the health and wellbeing of our lagoon, ourselves, our future? In the georgian era many thousands of people died because they didn’t know about basic hygiene. Today medical practitioners automatically sterilise hands before going into surgery and we would be mortiied if they didn’t. So what caused this change? In very simple terms, and joining the dots over decades – a few made observations that were largely ignored until a crisis stirred people into action, the problem was deined, solutions were sought, then came public awareness and education. Still today, over 150 years since the ‘germ’ was identified, we’re still telling people to wash their hands. This same pattern can be observed with regard to our lagoon issues. In the early 1970s scientists rang the occasional warning bell. In 2000 a crisis point was reached in Manihiki lagoon, and the pearl industry was all but destroyed by disease. In 2004 another crisis point was reached as airborne irritants blew in from

the Takitumu lagoon causing severe respiratory, skin and other problems. Schools were shut down for days at a time, even months, and some moved away for good. The crisis was named the Takitumu Irritant Syndrome and a strategy developed to identify the problem and other related problems. Part of that strategy was the implementation of regular monitoring of stream and lagoon water quality. Solutions were sought and continue to be. In 2008, lagoon Day was born as a public awareness and education platform. In the past six years as our knowledge base develops we continue to delve deeper and wider, now considering our lagoon health in light of not only the land within it, but the ocean that surrounds it. The eventual establishment of the Cook Islands Marine Park will require a combination of community consultation and marine bioregional planning to determine multiple-use and special-purpose zones. This is where lagoon Day comes to play as we lay a banquet of information that will allow us each to make informed choices for our lagoon health and also contribute to the development of our very own marine park.

If we can get the marine park zoning right, we will have an effective tool as we seek a sustainable balance between marine resource use and conserving marine biodiversity.

be talking about


would take a miracle, I realise, but we live in hope. In another 150 years or so from now, if humans still exist, I can imagine people being mortiied at some of our present practises.

And it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ll still be educating for the health and wellbeing of our lagoon, ourselves, our future. June Hosking lagoon Day organiser

Lagoon Day co-ordinator June Hosking (second from right) with her mum, sister, and baby edna Torea-Allan – now Lagoon Day’s graphic designer – admiring dinner caught in the lagoon at Titikavika. 13070810

Alcohol is the killer

Dear editor, In regards to your article ‘Alcohol factor in fatal crash’ of July 9, it is the right time to remind the purists, the fanatics, the lobbyists for wearing crash helmets, that it is not whether or not you wear a crash helmet that kills on our roads. It is alcohol that kills and, as you can see it kills whether you

What will you

Who knows – in their lifetime those who are now babies may even get to witness increasing ish stocks instead of the declining stocks we are now facing. Wouldn’t that be amazing! It

are travelling on a motorbike or car. It is the government, through the licensing authority, one has to blame for being far too easy on giving out permits to sell the drug alcohol, to any Tom, Dick, and Harry (sorry the punt Mr Ivaiti) to open a bar, to run a sporting event or any other event for that matter. All Tom, Dick and H have to do is apply for

a license, and bingo, one can sell alcohol to anybody who pays for it and brings the licence holder a handsome proit. My question is, where is the supervision? The current system is far too lenient as you can see from the recent spate of drug-dealers and consumers as well as alcohol consumers amongst students at Tereora College.

Such a thing was never heard of during the times when Mr Harry Ivaiti was running Tereora College with a very strict and fair hand. But then…these were the good old times when discipline was still ruling the college and the students. Yearning for the good old days (name and address supplied)

Where the conversation begins.

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localneWS nuti no roto i te IPUKAReA

Driver in crash recovering THe MAn recovering in Rarotonga hospital after Sunday’s horriic fatal crash on the main road in nikao has been conirmed as the driver of the car. Five men were in a Subaru Forrester station wagon travelling at high speed from Avarua through nikao early Sunday morning, when it left the road and collided with a tree. The three back seat passengers Moeau Rau, William Paerau and Danny Boy Tepai,

all 19 from Arorangi, died from injuries sustained in the crash. Police have acknowledged that alcohol may have been a factor in the fatal crash - the single worst road accident in the Cook Islands with the number of fatalities involved. Police Commissioner Maara Tetava issued a statement on Monday asking members of the public when drinking, to ind a sober driver to transport them to

where they need to go. He also made a plea to the public to change their attitudes before more loved ones are lost to road crashes. “These are preventable deaths and we as a community must work together to stop it,” he said. On Monday police also said the driver was in a critical condition, and had been transferred to another room at Rarotonga hospital and was improving. The

fifth man they say was treated at hospital and later discharged. While police have now confirmed the driver is the man recovering in hospital, media liaison oficer, Inspector Arama Tera says at this stage, it is not known whether charges will be laid against the man. He says the CIB was checking a lot of information and were right now still following up information that had come

to hand. He would not say what this information was and noted it had to come from the Detective Inspector leading the crash investigation, Areumu Ingaua or Police Commissioner Maara Tetava who were both unavailable yesterday. An aunt of one of the men and friends to the other two men who died, had commented on Facebook that the red Subaru allegedly being driven by a drunk driver,

was seen by a witness just prior to the crash overtaking a bus before veering onto the wrong side of the road narrowly missing a house and colliding with a tree. The aunty says a front seat passenger, the ifth man had walked away with injuries, but that the driver was in a critical condition in hospital with cuts to his neck and a near severed arm. - Ross McCullough

Grey Power movement will ight on Dear editor, We, the Cook Islands grey Power movement have been dormant of late. But we are certainly not out - after our appeal to the CIP government not to treble our super tax fell on deaf ears. We have been active in having regular meetings and gathering all the names of our members here in Rarotonga, as

well as from the outer islands. There are over 200 of us collecting the nZ super. We have a constitution to be veriied and registered. A petition is being drawn up which will be circulated around Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia and Mauke. If there’s anyone else in the other outer islands who is willing to be part of our

organisation, they can contact me on my phone number 27761. These outer islands are in constant contact with Rarotonga. We are planning to march to parliament when it sits again sometime in August. editor, from the 78 names so far collected in Rarotonga we found out that the youngest pensioner so far is 68 years

High risk vehicles Dear editor, First of all, my deepest condolences to those families that have recently just lost loved ones. I write this letter to you to express my concern about certain motor vehicles that are being driven on the island. The vehicle that was involved in the accident recently was a Subaru Forester. These vehicles are turbo-charged 4 wheel drive rally cars pretty much. They have huge amounts of power that anyone under the age of 25 would not be able to handle unless they have had prior experi-

ence. In nZ it is nearly impossible for anyone under the age of 25 to insure or finance any turbo charged vehicle as they are classed as high risk. There must be some onus on vehicle dealers or insurance companies when these vehicles are being sold to the public. Maybe the government needs to re-look vehicle import levies to perhaps discourage the import of such vehicles. Something has to be done or this won’t be the last time we will lose our young ones. I just hope something is done soon. I am sure certain

people on the island can work with government, dealers and insurance companies to class what is a high risk vehicle just like Australia and nZ do. I know it is easy to blame the vehicle driven and whatever other contributing factors there may be. But prevention is better than cure and the sooner these types of vehicles are looked at the better. There is a place for these vehicles in the right hands and under the right conditions. Very concerned Cook Islander (name and address supplied)

old, the oldest 96 – majority, over 80 per cent altogether are in their mid-70s and early 80s. We are in our twilight years reduced to shuffling around on stiff aching knees etcetera - no fun trying to gnaw at a chicken thigh when there’s no front teeth there. The fond memories of ‘them good old days’ sparked by a rousing Apiti number from Radio Matariki is dulled by the reality and everything else that goes with old age. Our weary withered bodies, editor, straddled with the weight of a three year accumulated tax placed round our innocent necks, by the CIP

government will only hasten us to our graves. Henry Puna and his cohorts were bent on getting their books legally correct by taxing the sick, the weak, and the dying. They were so consumed in their rush that they lost touch with who we really are. We supposedly love and deeply respect our elderly, forever reminded by exodus 20:12 “Honour they Mother and thy Father”. This biblical message was so deeply entrenched in the hearts of the ive former Prime Ministers of the Cook Islands, Sir Papa Tom, Sir geoffrey Henry, Sir Terepai Maoate (god bless them), Rob-

Letters ert Woonton and Jim Marurai that they refused to have nZ pensioners taxed -- this period of grace extended over 15 years. Henry Puna is the exception, though we are disappointed, we aren’t surprised by his stance.Henry Puna said they were all wrong. now he’s going to get things right. now he’s turned back on us! Dennis Tunui Vice-president Cook Islands grey Power Turangi

Thanks Foodland! Dear editor, I would like to publicly thank Foodland for their ‘pensioner’s specials’ wherein a number of items are offered at a reduced rate to pensioners. Many businesses in other countries offer old folks a break on their purchases but I believe Foodland is the first and only

company in the Cook Islands to do so. Those of us old timers trying to make ends meet appreciate Foodland’s initiative. Bob Healey Panama CITC general manager gaye Whitta comments: Foodland has run pensioner specials on the

fortnight that the pension is paid out. This was an initiative CITC introduced when we purchased PDl. We understand that many of our elderly people rely heavily on their pension money from the government and we try to provide specials for the pensioners that can help make this money go a little further.

Checkpoints and seatbelts needed “THIS IS regarding the accident that happened at nikao in the weekend,” a smoke signaller texts: “It’s sad to hear the boys lost their lives at such a young age. But what really angers me is where were the checkpoints and the police oficers? How many crashes and deaths do we need until the government does something? And as well as the police, for goodness sake make it permanent for everyone to now wear seatbelts. We have to start somewhere and do something.”

PraYers aNd Praise A SMOKe signaller texts to 188: “Our prayers and condolences to the three families for your losses over the weekend. god bless and be with you all at this time. We must give praise and prayers to all our emergency services crews, from all departments who had to deal with this irsthand. We give thanks for your efforts in upholding your duties. May this be a WAKe UP CAll for our young nation.”

trUst detaiLs “WHAT A load of crap CI news about your legal advice around the

offshore banking industry,” a smoke signaller texts in response to yesterday’s ‘Article details offshore dealings’ on page 7. “As [inancial services commissioner Paul] Heckles says, the info is already in the public domain, which was sourced from overseas. Your paper publishes photos every day that come from the same public realm. Stop the excuses and get reporting.” SS: The newspaper has taken legal advice from a solicitor experienced in the international offshore inance industry and they have advised that publishing details about trusts here would be in breach of the International Companies Act.

‘time WiLL cOme’ A SMOKe signaller writes: “Some of those protecting tax havens I

believe must have brains clogged with corrupt ideas and will not admit to the wrong practices of the scandal. But why should they if they are paid well to protect it? I know there’s one thing for sure: you can reap it now but the time will come when god punishes. Poor Cook Islands people – they have to suffer and pay the tax of others who put this country in debt from many years of our governments being blind and brainwashed by the wealthy people.”

correction InCORReCTlY reported in Sat-

urday’s CI news, provisions of the employment Relations Act include “a minimum of 5 work-

ing days paid by employer”. The initial story reported 10 days of sick leave provided for employees, which is incorrect.


The inclusion of 5 sick days is an added employee benefit included in the Act, which fully came into affect on July 1. Under

“ Where the conversation begins.”

the previous piece of legislation, titled “Cook Islands Industrial & labour Ordinance” from 1964, there were no provisions for sick leave. A minimum of 10 days of annual leave are also included in the new legislation. A range of other benefits including maternity beneits in the private sector and holiday pay are also included in the employee Relations Act.

KeeP the smokies rolling in! Smoke Signals and interesting island photos will be accepted by email (smokesignals@cookislandsnews. com), or text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22-999.


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Three honoured with NZ citizenship THRee residents of the Cook

Islands swore an oath on Queen elizabeth II in a citizenship ceremony presided over by new Zealand High Commissioner John Carter yesterday. Family was the key word for Deon Rossouw, “it’s a really special feeling to finally be given citizenship to a country we al-

ready consider to be home” he said. His wife Marcelle Rossouw and their 12 month old son luca Tamatoa were part of the proceedings. Andy Sellander wanted to give his passion for new Zealand a permanency. The day marked a special

occasion for all three of them who collectively believed that becoming citizens of new Zealand was just an extension of the feeling of belonging they got from both the nations. The hosts of the day included the deputy high commissioner, Joana Kempkers who had been through the process herself. She

proudly announced that she had been part of the journey with everyone present. Carter told the citizenship recipients that they are not leaving their country behind but are taking on another country that they can call home. new Zealand he said, should be in the hearts of all those people receiv-

ing their citizenship, particularly the All Blacks lag. Minister of new Zealand Internal Affairs Chris Tremain, congratulated the recipients on completing their journey of making new Zealand their home. While he was not present in person, the message was still heartfelt and well received.

everyone present was reminded of the fact that a special family feeling exists between the nation of Cook Islands and new Zealand and the people and culture of both the nations play a hugely important role in the lives of those people who choose to live here. - Sahiban Kanwal

The three new New Zealand citizens were proudly supported by family and friends at an intimate ceremony at the New Zealand High Commission residence at Ngatipa on Tuesday.

New Zealand High Commissioner John Carter congratulates new Kiwi Marcelle Rossouw.



Anders ‘Andy’ Sellander was clearly overwhelmed when he received his New Zealand citizen certiicate from New Zealand High Commissioner John Carter on Tuesday. 13070907

Deon Rossouw takes the oath of airmation and allegiance during the New Zealand citizenship ceremony at Ngatipa on Tuesday. 13070905


Wednesday, July 10, 2013 cook Islands News

New lives for Kiwi family DeOn Rossouw and Marcelle Rossouw oficially began their lives as new Zealand citizens yesterday. During the naturalisation ceremony deputy high commissioner Joanna Kempkers said a more deserving couple could not be found, “I have never seen a couple more passionate about getting their new Zealand citizenship.” The Rossouws began their lives as citizens of South Africa, but after having applied for permanent residency in new Zealand, they never looked back. In 2009, Marcelle Rossouw applied for a job at Audit new Zealand and it was her permit that brought them to new Zealand. They spent their time in Christchurch and having spent two years and two months there, they left ive days before the big earthquake hit Christchurch and brought the city to its knees. Deon considers himself and his family very lucky. While they were in new Zealand they fell in love with the people and the culture and Deon still wonders as to why they didn’t apply for citizenship sooner. “In new Zealand, I feel like I belong, almost like I was born there,” he says. The Roussouws arrived in Cook Islands three years ago and they are in love with the laid back island lifestyle. Marcelle arrived here to work

at the Audit ofice on a two year contract but she now works as a financial controller at Cook Islands Tourism and Deon has been working as a furniture

maker for the past two years. They have been blessed with a son, whom they named luca Tamatoa, because he was born in Rarotonga and his name

and they never want to go back to their country of origin. ‘It has been a real honour for us to become Kiwis,” he said. After seeing the passionate

recital of the vows and the new Zealand national anthem, it is very obvious that the couple and their son, are meant to be citizens of new Zealand. - SK

Deon and Marcelle Rossouw (centre) were supported at the intimate New Zealand citizenship ceremony by members of their Celebration on the Rock church congregation including pastor Jonathan Cargill and wife Natasha (far left), Tina Iro and Sophie and Gus Meyer. 13070911

New Kiwi keen to visit Aotearoa AFTeR saying the oath of allegiance as part of the new Zealand citizenship ceremony on Tuesday – Anders Sellander’s face lit up with a great smile. Sellander was one of three people that received their new Zealand citizenship certiicates in an intimate and special ceremony at the new Zealand High Commission residence in ngatipa. Originally from Sweden, Sellander came to Rarotonga 38-years ago – just after the opening of the Rarotonga International Airport. He says he came to Raro-

means ‘warrior’. They are so passionate about the islands and new Zealand that they have decided to give up their South African passports

tonga to start a new life where he opened up his own business – Andy’s engineering, which is still operating today from the Sellander homestead in Tauae. Sellander was supported at the special ceremony by his life partner ngatamaine Tomokino and daughter Andrea. Sellander received his Cook Islands permanent residents certiicate 28-years ago and was thrilled to receive his new Zealand citizenship yesterday. now the engineer, who turns 75 next month is keen to obtain his new Zealand passport so he can visit his daughter in new

Zealand and meet his latest grandchild. The quietly spoken Tauae resident says it’s been three years since he’s had a passport and was looking forward to receiving this anytime soon so he came fly to new Zealand. The joy of receiving his new Zealand citizenship was clearly visible on Sellander face as he shook hands with new Zealand High Commissioner John Carter and was congratulated by the small group of witnesses there to support the three new Kiwis. - Matariki Wilson

Anders Sellander with life partner Ngatamaine Tomokino and daughter Andrea after the engineer received his New Zealand citizen certiicate on Tuesday. 13070910


Wednesday, July 10, 2013 cook Islands News

RARO on my mind Spreading the word about whales

In RAROTOngA, nan Hauser is a household name. (granted, in Rarotonga, most local names are household names, but that’s beside the point.) nan, affectionately The Whale lady, has been part of this community for 15 years. She exudes passion and enthusiasm for the biggest creatures in Cook Islands waters, and she’s been vocal about her campaign to save them from threats both natural and unnatural. Her research features often in Cook Islands news and other local publications. She’s frequently smiling on TV. But I think what people in the Cook Islands don’t often realise is that nan Hauser is also a household name elsewhere in this big world. I had the privilege of seeing her in international action this past weekend at the W, a swanky hotel in los Angeles. She spoke to a room full of Hollywood movers and shakers – producers, ilmmakers, photographers, fashion industry A-listers, fellow conservationists – about the work she’s committed to doing in Rarotonga. She talked about what she does – the thrill of satellite tagging, the dificulty of inding DNA samples, the precision it takes to differentiate between whale lukes. She talked about the curious fact that while whales tend to return again and again to sites like Tonga and French Polynesia, in 15 years she’s recorded just two instances of whales revisiting the Cook Islands. “For some reason we don’t see whales coming back,” she said, “so there are new whales every year using the Cook Islands as a corridor, not staying for long.” She talked about global pressures on marine life, like the scary fact that 88 per cent of cetaceans will be affected by looming changes in water temperature. She explained to her audience where the Cook Islands are on a map, and ielded questions from them like: “Is that really the population of Palmerston, or is that a typo on your slide?” People were curious. They wanted to know about the Cook Islands, and they wanted to know how they could get there. Without trying very hard, nan is a one-woman marketing machine. She’s featured in documentaries, magazines, and newspapers around the world. She gives lectures across Oceania and in the US, where she spends several months of each year. A major American broadcasting channel is coming to Rarotonga this month to ilm an hour-long segment on Nan and her research.

Nan Hauser talks to a room full of people in a Los Angeles hotel about her work in the Cook islands. 13070901 Just this week, media agencies received an alert from Conservation International, the global non-proit for which Nan is a marine fellow. Conservation International has been heavily promoting the Cook Islands marine park, and this week its alert contained footage of nan talking about her involvement with the committee creating it. The ilm features Nan discussing her research, most of which will inform the marine park management plan. It features her telling stories about whales’ behaviour – the way whales have families the way we do, the way they protect each other – and her risky run-ins with these great mammals. “I’ve had whales lift the boat up; I’ve had them ram my boat; I’ve slid down the backs of whales,” she tells the camera. “But it’s really important to get these data.” It’s important because whalers still operate and because whales

still get caught in longlines. It’s important because climate change is a real, tangible threat. It’s important because there are people who want to help conservationists like nan save the world’s oceans and the creatures in them. last Friday, at nan’s los Angeles lecture, people were willing to open their pocketbooks. They wanted to help the Cook Islands zone their marine park in such a way that ishermen can still ish, but whales can safely migrate. They wanted to help the Cook Islands draft and enforce marine regulations that will protect whales and sharks and all marine creatures that inhabit our seas. “This is a massive effort and it will make a huge difference,” nan says of the marine park in her recent short ilm. It will make a huge difference, but only because of energy expended by people like her, by people who care.

Concern over common gout drug An OVeRUSe of a commonly

prescribed drug on the island has been found to be associated with an increase in heart complications. Diclofenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (n-SAID) commonly used for treating gout. Recent studies from Medsafe, new Zealand show that increased risks of serious cardiovascular thrombotic events, essentially formation of blood clots in the heart, heart attack and stroke are some of the dangers attached to the prescribed

drug Diclofenac. Diclofenac, used locally for the treatment of gout, a disturbance occurring in the uric-acid metabolism of the body characterised by painful inlammation of the joints especially of the feet and hands, poses a serious threat to long term, high dose users. Overuse of the drug by Cook Islanders is taking place on a regular basis as it provides instant relief from the pain caused by gouts as other medication takes time to take effect according to CITC pharmacist Shannon Saunders.

Saunders says that the main concern is that the increased doses of the drug used over a long term period results in a higher rate of non-communicable diseases (nCD), in particular heart disease and stroke. The drug Diclofenac is available in doses of 75 and 100 milligrams. According to Saunders, the pharmacy prescribes 1000 tablets of the 100 milligrams dose and 2000 tablets of the 75 milligram dose per month. The drug does not need to be prescribed. However measures

are taken by the pharmacy to make sure that the right doses are available for the pain. There are alternative remedies and drugs on offer, but because Diclofenac offers immediate relief, locals are reluctant to take any of the other drugs on offer. The easiest remedy however is to stay hydrated but it is recommended that hydration along with other drugs, used on a short term basis should be key to treating the pain caused by gout. Saunders recommends that the use of Diclofenac over a short

term period is okay for the relief of pain however drugs like Allopurinol and Paracetamol are alternative therapies and they pose a lesser risk. The fact that they take longer to take effect should not be seen as deterrence to using them. If used regularly, Allopurinol and Paracetamol help in the relief of pain gradually over a period of time. There is no law in Cook Islands restricting the amount of a Diclofenac available. It is recommended however that the lowest dose that works for you

is used. less than 150mg a day is recommended. It is available in 12.5mg (available in the shop), 25mg (pharmacist only) 50mg, 75mg, and 100mg (these should be prescription medication). Although Diclofenac is not addictive, it should not be taken every day. The cause of the pain/ problem should be resolved. According to Saunders if in doubt, talk to your pharmacist or doctor about the right plan for you to decrease your gout and the Diclofenac you are taking. - Sahiban Kanwal

Ministry on alert A nOn-ADDICTIVe easily available over-used drug commonly taken to treat gout is causing medical authorities to go on high alert. Diclofenac which falls under the class of non-steroidal anti inlammatory drugs (N-SAID) are available on prescription from the Ministry of Health’s pharmacy outlet. They are used for the relief of inlammations and acute joint pains. Studies show that n-SAID’s may cause side effects and according to Biribo Tekanene, pharmacist for the Ministry of Health, “It can interact with other prescribed medications which can result in a reduction or increase in the effect of the secondary drug that it is taken with. Some common side effects are gastric bleeding, ulceration and luid retention which may be

contraindicated in heart diseases. It can also exacerbate and trigger onset of other reactions like asthma. Their use is cautioned against diseased liver and kidneys. Because of these complications people are advised only to take it on the recommendation of a medical physician.” The Ministry of Health is mindful of these unwanted and sometimes harmful effects and it follows a stepwise approach in the management of pain before advocating and prescribing this class of drugs. Tekanene states that, “To minimize the overuse and harmful effects, these drugs are amongst the medicine list that will be regulated and scheduled under the terms of the new Health Act and pharmacy regulations which is currently under review.” - Sahiban Kanwal

CITC pharmacist Shannon Saunders says locals should be aware of the serious side efects of the drug Diclofenac. 13070816


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Six tenders for ‘master plan’ SIX InTeRnATIOnAl compa-

nies tendered for the development of a ‘water supply master plan’, which is the next step in the government’s $60 million Te Mato Vai project. The winner of the tender is due to be announced this week. The project was approved last year, but many of the details – including how much households will eventually pay for water – have yet to be inalised. The master plan is proposed to sort out many of these details. It will involve identifying problems and limitations of the current water supply network, such as those caused by deterioration and changes in population growth. The project is the largest infrastructure initiative ever undertaken by the Cook Islands and was announced at the Pacific Islands Forum hosted in

Rarotonga in August 2012. The aim of Te Mato Vai is to deliver water that is drinkable by World Health Organisation standards to the boundary of all residential and commercial properties connected to the current network on Rarotonga. This will eventually involve water being treated and charged for. Senior programme manager of the development co-ordination division of the Ministry of Finance and economic Management (MFeM) Andreas Demke said while it is not yet clear how much will be charged, households will be given a certain amount for free and then pay for use beyond this. “ Water charges will be worked out on use and will also incorporate a free allocation for each household.” The amount that will be avail-

able for free to each household will be determined as part of the master plan, along with how the water will be treated. The treated water will be charged for by a state-owned enterprise that will be established to manage the water supply. The charges will kick in towards the end of the construction period. no date has been set, but it is likely to be towards the end of 2015. The current network has little storage capacity and much of the pipe work was laid down in the 1960s and requires replacement. The government’s recent water tank subsidy aims to improve the water storage capacity on the island in anticipation of Te Mato Vai upgrade. Te Mato Vai will involve rehabilitation of 12 water intakes, creation of additional storage

capacity, construction of treatment plants and replacement of water pipes to all properties served by the current network.

Funding for Te Mato Vai is through a combination of Cook Islands government budget funding, a Chinese government

loan and grant assistance from new Zealand. - Briar Douglas

Project City – which has involved replacing water pipes in Avarua – is an early stage of the Te Mato Vai project. 13042402

Platform for freedom of information ReCenTlY the Office of the

Ombudsman was tasked by cabinet to prepare 74 government ministries for the implementation of the Oficial Information Act(OIA) as part of its records management and OIA workshop. The training was aimed at

providing information on good records management which is seen as the platform for any successful “freedom of information” regime in terms of ensuring the proper storage, maintenance and easy access for government oficials and employees. With the OIA workshop the

intention was to explain its background and its provisions. The workshops aid the ofice in providing a service to the public that is targeted toward ensuring, enhancing and edifying good governance and it does this through the investigation of complaints relating to matters

of government administration received from members of the public. Where evidence of corruption or suspected criminal activity is found the office refers such matters to the relevant law enforcement agencies and where evidence of maladministration is

Counselling for college TeReORA College principal Bali

Haque says the school has provided counselling for students after the tragic loss of one of their own in the fatal crash on Sunday. Haque described it as “not an easy situation.” Upon learning of the death of fellow student Danny Tepai in a tragic road crash, counsel-

ling for those that wanted it was made available by the school through its two guidance counsellors. Today the school will be opening later at 11am to allow its students to pay their respects to Tepai at his funeral service. Haque said Tepai’s teachers were contacted on Sunday night to make them aware of the

situation. Following yesterday morning’s staff meeting, guidance counsellors visited the classes the 19 year old would have been in to work with the students and the teachers. Haque says some of the students had elected to sit quietly in the counselling areas set up, and others opted to deal with the matter in their own way.

Crash follows police op SUnDAY’S tragic high speed

car crash that cost the lives of three young men, came after an operation by the Cook Islands Police Service which aimed to increase awareness around driving behaviour. Just the weekend before last, police carried out Operation Akamako Mai that was held with the aim of heightening awareness around drink driving as well as general driving behaviour and responsibilities. This operation resulted in four driving-related charges in

the Avarua area – three for excess breath alcohol and one for a person who was driving while disqualiied. Although not a high number of arrests, police had said the operation served a deliberate purpose - to have a police presence and the opportunity to monitor issues they are targeting including keeping a watch on repeat offenders. Senior Sergeant Solo Tuaati says the objective of Operation Akamako Mai was first and foremost to ensure “our people were safe on our roads,” but it

doubled as a visible presence by the police who were examining compliance with the Transport and Sale of liquor Acts, as well as looking at the issue of youth congregating in the early hours of the morning. Cook Islands Police Service media liaison officer, Arama Tera says with the fatal crash they will continue with targeted operations to address and raise awareness about drink driving and other driving related issues where it is felt it is needed. - Ross McCullough

iPads for the classroom USIng iPads in the classroom will be the focus of workshops by an IT expert in Rarotonga this week. Andrew Churches, an expert in the use of technology in learning from new Zealand, is visiting Rarotonga this week to facilitate workshops in schools. The workshops begin Tuesday at Rutaki School, and will continue at Avarua School and Avatea School today and Thurs-

day respectively. The aim of the workshops is to encourage teachers to use technology in a transformative way, developing learning activities that could not be achieved without the use of technology. The focus will be on using iPads to assist learning. The workshops are aimed at teachers of year 1 to 8 students and will involve practical, hands-on activities that teach-

ers will trial with students. Teachers will then be able to use these activities in their own classrooms. Churches visited the Cook Islands last year to present information on how technology can inluence education. The workshops will run from 8am to 1.30pm from Tuesday until Thursday. - Release/Briar Douglas

He says each student usually reacts differently when confronted with matters such as this but noted there were some students at the school who were very upset by all three of the fatalities from the crash in nikao. Others in the crash had also been former student’s at the national college. Haque described Tepai as a well-liked student, who was getting it together and was taking an active part in school life. “Danny was a well-liked, humble, ambitious, quiet achiever who was very focused on achieving his goals this year. He will be sorely missed.” Haque sends his sincerest condolences to the families at this time. - Ross McCullough

found, it provides recommendations that will resolve or address deiciencies. In the last 12 months the ofice has received between 33-45 complaints, 30 per cent of which have been resolved informally. The majority of the complainants are in their 40s. The complaints received are from Cook Islanders and their professions vary. The information on what these professions are cannot be

disclosed. Anyone can make a complaint, however, it is a good idea to try and resolve the problem with the relevant government department or organisation irst. When a complaint reaches the office of the ombudsman, the office will investigate, listen, and offer an unbiased view to help the complaintant make an informed decision. - Sahiban Kanwal


Mary Campbell Jesse We regret to advise that on Monday 8th July, our beloved grandmother passed away peacefully in Auckland, NZ. Mary Campbell Jesse, born in 1925, She was the loving wife of the late Teinaki Te Tini (Of Turi, Rakahanga), the daughter of Tama and Tekura Jesse of Aitutaki and eldest feeding daughter of Tare and Kapi Mareiti. She is survived by 8 of her 11 children, many grandchildren and greatgrandchildren and will be brought to rest in Chestnut Hill, Vaimaanga, Rarotonga. All enquiries to Mere or Tina on 26677 or 79288. Our heartfelt thanks to uncle Nga Jessie, cousin Nooroa Baker & wife Sue, aunty Moe Tepai and all the Mareiti families for their wonderful support and help at this time of grief.


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BTIB crackdown on food sellers

THe BUSIneSS Trade and Investment Board (BTIB) is cracking down on non-Cook Islanders selling food, after discovering several offenders. non-Cook Islanders who are looking to start their own food business cannot do so, unless they have applied for and received a permit from the BTIB. The BTIB has come across several non-Cook Islanders selling food without proper authorisation.

Foreign investment and compliance manager Teariki Vaku said a breach of the law can invoke prosecution. It can also, according to Vaku, affect the approval of the business for the owners involved. One such example is that of a foreigner in the Cook Islands who is being investigated for breaching the Development Investment Act under the BTIB. A former employee of Maire Nui Gardens directly deied sec-

tion three of the Development Investment Act which briefly states that “no foreign enterprise can carry on business in the Cook Islands on any activity unless it is registered with the board to carry on business in respect of those activities”. The employee under investigation was found selling food on the property after she had returned from a holiday. Such cases have been in the limelight since the Business

Trade and Investment Board (BTIB) came out with its notice prohibiting non-Cook Islanders from selling goods unless they have a permit, which appeared in CI news last week. In the last couple of months approximately 20 people have been formally advised about their illegal sale of goods under the Investment Act. Across the board it is mostly members of the Fijian and Filipino community that are selling

food illegally, although Kiwis and Australians have committed the odd offence according to BTIB. Cooked food such as curries sold by Fijians without a permit are an example of how such an offence is committed. Once the offence itself is committed, the person committing the offence is advised that they are prohibited to sell goods in the islands, unless they have a permit.

However, if they continue doing their business, they can be charged ines of $200 up to a maximum penalty of $5000. For non-Cook Islanders wishing to sell food on any premises, applying for a permit does not take long. The permits are usually received by the end of the month and they are a necessity for non-Cook Islanders looking to start their own business in food sales. - Sahiban Kanwal



PUBLIC NOTICE The Public is hereby advised that the High court (Land division) will sit at the courthouse, Avarua, Rarotonga on Monday 29 July 2013 @ 8.30am to hear and determine the following applications listed hereunder.

339/13 – Marie Edwards, Florence McLellan, Kenneth dawson Jnr, Attorney dawson, and Michael Nova dawson – Arerangi 6d, Taurangakura, Peaumanu and Turumoe 6, Ngatangiia – Succession to Ngapine dawson nee Mapu Ngapine – Mono ia Ngapine dawson nee Mapu Ngapine 340/13 – Jessie Koringo Philomen craig and siblings – Vaimaanga 5B, Takitumu – Succession to Leonie Parekore Areua @ Leonie Parekore craig – Mono ia Leonie Parekore Areua @ Leonie Parekore craig 341/13 – Pauline Rangi Teavae – Matiekura 110, Tuakirikiri 63, Iva 204, Areutu and Te Auvaere 189G, Avarua – Succession to Tataiata Rangi Teavae @ Tataiata Rangi @ Tataiata Rangi Te Avae – Mono ia Tataiata Rangi Teavae @ Tataiata Rangi @ Tataiata Rangi Te Avae 354/13 – Tuainekore Tangiia Tuteru - Matariva 13J, Laireva 6J3B2B, Te Makirau 13d, Ngatangiia – Succession Tangiia Tua – Mono ia Tangiia Tua 566/12 – Baniani Eiao – Matiakura and Nanipi 91P1 & 91Q1, Arorangi - Occupation Right – Turanga Are MONDAY 29TH JULY 2013 @ 11 AM 562/12 – daphne Hosking-Brown – Vaimaanga 5B, Takitumu - Occupation Right – Turanga Are 232/13 – Pokoina Te Roi – Tuarai 16N2B, Matavera - Occupation Right – Turanga Are 308/13 – Ngariki Bishop – Onemaru 83E1B2 Lot 20, Arorangi - Occupation Right – Turanga Are 320/13 – Rongo Puarii – Akaoa 65 Lot 1, Arorangi – Occupation Right – Turanga Are 321/13 – dean Toeta – Akaoa 65 Lot 9, Arorangi - Occupation Right – Turanga Are 322/13 – david Ngatae – Akaoa 65 Lot 8, Arorangi - Occupation Right – Turanga Are 323/13 – dennis Heather – Akaoa 65 Lot 6, Arorangi - Occupation Right – Turanga Are 324/13 – Tetuariki Tangatapoto – Akaoa 65 Lot 7, Arorangi - Occupation Right – Turanga Are 325/13 – Irai Wilkin – Akaoa 65 Lot 5, Arorangi - Occupation Right – Turanga Are 326/13 – Moeau Ngatae – Akaoa 65 Lot 4, Arorangi - Occupation Right – Turanga Are 327/13 – Iro Rangi – Akaoa 65 Lot 3, Arorangi - Occupation Right – Turanga Are 328/13 – Steven Kautai – Akaoa 65 Lot 2, Arorangi - Occupation Right – Turanga Are 294/13 – Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited – Inave 89N, Arorangi – Conirmation of Alienation - Kia akamanaia tetai Riiti 353/13 – South Paciic Resorts Limited – Vaitamanga 88F2A1, 88F2B1, Arorangi – Conirmation of Alienation – Kia akamanaia tetai Riiti 191/13 (Ait) – Goldie Tuapo Goldy Junior – Te Miro 113, Avanui – Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 192/13 (Ait) – Tutai Mataio – Te Rangiatea 36C, Arutanga - Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 218/13 (Ait) – Ngai Vano and Sibling – Te Ruatoki 128, Arutanga - Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 219/13 (Ait) – Ngai Vano and Siblings – Tukia 47, Arutanga - Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 290/13 – Marion Noovao – Pakakao 11P, Matavera - Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 305/13 – Noo Opati and Tuainekore Teaea – Tangi-O-Keu 89L2, Arorangi - Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 306/13 – denise Heather, Robert Heather, Kimiora Heather – Te Arakauata 90A2, Arorangi Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 307/13 – Teiro Taramai, Mareta Taramai, Rauru Taramai, Papa Jnr Iotua Taramai, Poko Taramai, Penrose Taramai, Tupuna Taramai, Ngatokoa Taramai and Noo-Opati Taramai – Anu 13d2, Matavera - Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 318/13 – Ngapoko Elizabeth Beniamina, Goldy Goldie and Kerry Teariki Murray-Beniamina – Tikioki 46A, Takitumu - Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 331/13 – Nikoia Teuruaa Nikoia – Aroko 4A, Ngatangiia - Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 336/13 – Ngeremetua Lorraine Raita Tararo – Kopuioi 103B2B2B1, Avarua – Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 337/13 – Gary George Gordon and Elizabeth Ann Gordon – Paepaepoto 190Z2, Avarua – Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 237/13 (Ait) – davina Hina-Te-Raure’a Joan Hosking-Ashford – Te Kiriovai 81, Arutanga – Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 349/13 – Sydney Penketh Enoka – Taua 102C4A, Avarua – Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 351/13 – Stanley Mills Jnr – Te Iiputa 8A1, Takitumu – Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 352/13 – Caroline Anne Daniel Vaatau Zwies – Te Aurere 14B, Lots 3, 4, & 10, Matavera – Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 355/13 – Nooroa Tupa – Pokoinu 107E, Avarua – Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata 356/13 – Nooroa Tupa – Pokoinu 107E, Avarua – Conirmation of Resolution of Assembled Owners – Kia akamanaia tetai uipaanga a te kopu tangata

TUATUA AKAKITE Te akakiteia atu nei ki te katoatoa e ka raveia te Akavaanga Teitei (Tuanga Enua) ki roto I te Are Akavaanga I Avarua, Rarotonga, a te Monite ra 29 no Tiurai 2013 I te apa no te ora varu (8.30am) no te akarongo e te kimi atu I teia au oroanga I raro nei. Number/Applicant Land/Nature of Application Numero/Tei oro Mai Te Enua/ Te Tu O Te Oroanga MONDAY 29TH JULY 2013 @ 8.30AM 02/13 – Ru-Parau davinia Syse nee Utanga – Vaiokura 191B, Mangaiti Kairoa 30 and 54 No2B, Mangaiti Kairoa 30 and 54 No.1, Vaitakaia 59, Te Matepa 61, Vairoa 64B2, Tongatua 181, Nokii 182, Auautangata 56, Pukuokura 130A No.3, Avarua – Succession to david Joe Utanga – Mono ia david Joe Utanga 233/13 – Puretu Exham Tukaroa – Akaoa 69I, Arerenga 15, Ruaroa 89F1B2, Te Arakauata 90A2, Tangi-O-Keu 89L2, Vaikanoa 89H, Touemangio 89A, Arorangi – Succession to Tuatata Pu @ Tuatata Moeroa Tukaroa @ Tuatata Tamaiva – Mono ia Tuatata Pu @ Tuatata Moeroa Tukaroa @ Tuatata Tamaiva 257/13 – John Rangi for self and others – Areutu and Te Auvaere 189G, Matiekura 110, Tuakirikiri 63, Iva 204, Avarua – Succession to Mataiva A Matangaro @ Mataiva Rangi – Mono ia Mataiva A Matangaro @ Mataiva Rangi 258/13 - John Rangi for self and others – Te Arakura 12E, Te Nu Tutai 12d, Te Onetea 12c, Matavera - Succession to Maineiti Tione – Mono ia Maineiti Tione 259/13 - John Rangi for self and others – Te Ruaorovaru 11HNo.1, Pokata 14N.No.2A, Arataa Meangiti 8A9, Te Areroa 8A5, Koromiri Island 2I, Arapoura 2F, Aremango 7A3, Nukupure 3c, Ngatangiia - Succession to Maineiti Tione – Mono ia Maineiti Tione 260/13 - John Rangi for self and others – Te Karonga Taua 18B, Taikura 6A, Vaimaanga 6d2c, Te Puku 6F, Porutu 45N2, Te Karonga Taua 18B Lots 2A & B, Kaingavai 49c1A, Teuinga Te Ata 45D & E, Vaimaanga 6D2D, Vaimaanga 6D2B, Potini 45G, Takitumu - Succession to Maineiti Tione – Mono ia Maineiti Tione 295/13 – Albert Taaviri Kaitara Nicholas Taripo – Moemoetekura 98, Nauparatoa 60B2B, Ngakamakura 101B2B, Matareka 103ANo.2B Lot 1-10, Te Ruamanga 108B, Kopuioi 103B2B2B1, Paepaepoto 190Z2, Avarua – Succession to Albert Nicholas Taripo @ Albert Peto Nicholas @ Albert Nicholas – Mono ia Albert Nicholas Taripo @ Albert Peto Nicholas @ Albert Nicholas 296/13 – Turaarii Ngatupuna for self and others – Tupou A Mou 74, Avarua – Succession to Tua Natini – Mono ia Tua Natini 297/13 – Turaarii Ngatupuna for self and others – Te Auvaere 189H, House site 154, Tangarakoa 192B, Te Vaiamuri 191K, Putu I Tapae 188G, Areutu and Te Auvaere 189G, Vaitu 175, Vaitara 189E, Punataia 189B, Tapeau 191I, Tamaine Tutai 179, Karekare 127W2B2B, Murivai 127R1, Vaikai 187H2B, House site 165, Tamaine Tutai 179, Matipara 177B, Avarua – Succession to Vainepa Raa @ Vainepa Raa Tuaratini @ Vainepa Tuaratini – Mono ia Vainepa Raa @ Vainepa Raa Tuaratini @ Vainepa Tuaratini 298/13 – Mariana Ngaputa – Pakimato 203, Tapaurumanu 191J, Te Iipitoi 178, Paetaa 162, Aumaru 180A3A, Te Ruamanga 108A, Arerangi 102A2, Te Tamanu 100B, Angaipuaka 80, Uruau 77A, Tongatai 75B2, Araiava 37, Arepakii 36, Kaikaveka 103E2B sub 6A, 6B, 6c, Pakimato 203, Kaikaveka 103E2B sub 4A, 4B, 4c, Vaipae 77A, Avarua – Succession to Linda Kaienua – Mono ia Linda Kaienua 301/13 – christian Moerai Tauira for self and sisters and brother – Vairongoua 17R, Turou 17L, Matavera – Succession to clara Taaviri @ clara Nicholas – Mono ia clara Taaviri @ clara Nicholas 302/13 - christian Moerai Tauira for self and sisters and brother – Vaingaro-nui (Tuakirikiri) 10d,5,6,7 & 8, Matangia and Kaituitui 6U2B, Kapiro 9M, Turangaare 9N, Te Koeakauta 9E, Te Vaikura 9I, Vaiputa 9B, Teiitoa and Kaatuteei 6S, Motutapu 5A, Matoteare and Areporia 6E, Ngatangiia - Succession to clara Taaviri @ clara Nicholas – Mono ia clara Taaviri @ clara Nicholas 303/13 – Tania Kasandra Haurua for self and siblings – Vai-I-Nanu 53, Te Vainui 58, Ngoioio 109B, Avarua – Succession to Mereani Takurua @ Maryanne Haurua – Mono ia Mereani Takurua @ Maryanne Haurua 304/13 - Tania Kasandra Haurua for self and siblings – Rahopirau and Te Papa 96, Areau 69G, Akaoa 71, Akaoa 72, Akaoa 81A, Akaoa 82, Makiukiu 92K, Tuoro 87A1B2, Titokotoko 94c1B, Areau 69B, Waitamatea 98, Atupare 92I2F, Vaitamanga 88M, Maraera 90E, Te Tuoterangi 90F2, Vaireva 90I2, Mauru 90L2A, Paepaeraukuru 94L, Arorangi – Succession to Mereani Takurua @ Maryanne Haurua – Mono ia Mereani Takurua @ Maryanne Haurua 312/13 – Teura Glassie for applicants – Tuara 190F2, Avarua – Succession to Maata Ngataua @ Maata Ngataua Aumareva @ Maata Urirau Nicholls – Mono ia Maata Ngataua @ Maata Ngataua Aumareva @ Maata Urirau Nicholls 314/13 – Upokoina Temata – Puarau 51, Papaaroa 36B3, Turoa 29, Te Au O Motu 48F, Aureikirei 48 B & c, Avaavaroa 10B sub 4, 6, 7, 9, 12-15, Tikioki 46A, Vaimaanga 5B, Takitumu – Succession to Tepuangauta Rangi Tipapa @ Te Pua Rangi Tipapa @ Te Pua Rangi @ Pua Rangi – Mono ia Tepuangauta Rangi Tipapa @ Te Pua Rangi Tipapa @ Te Pua Rangi @ Pua Rangi 315/13 – Upokoina Temata – Turina 2d, Koromiri Islands 2H, Ngatangiia - Succession to Tepuangauta Rangi Tipapa @ Te Pua Rangi Tipapa @ Te Pua Rangi @ Pua Rangi – Mono ia Tepuangauta Rangi Tipapa @ Te Pua Rangi Tipapa @ Te Pua Rangi @ Pua Rangi 332/13 – Taki Lazaro for self and others – Vaimaanga 5B, Tikioki 46A, Takitumu – Succession to Upokoina Tuaine Lazaro – Mono ia Upokoina Tuaine Lazaro 333/13 – Karen Gay Bevan nee Collett on behalf of my siblings – Kainganui and Te Utu 92B, Orooroamoa 93L, Tirakoa 83F, Arorangi – Succession to Vaine A Ruita @ Photina collett nee Samuel – Mono ia Vaine A Ruita @ Photina collett nee Samuel 334/13 - Karen Gay Bevan nee Collett on behalf of my siblings – Arekoe 13N, Mitiaro 13P, Tireki 13Q, Kaoivi 14L, Ruruta 14X, Aretoa 13B, Vaenga 12H, Maoa 12B, Tunanui 15B, Araiki 16A4A, Matavera – Succession to Vaine A Ruita @ Photina collett nee Samuel – Mono ia Vaine A Ruita @ Photina collett nee Samuel

Any person who disputes any of the above applications should ile a Notice Disputing Claims to the Registrar of the High Court and a copy to be served onto the applicant seven (7) days before Monday the 29th of July 2013. Ko tetai uatu tangata tei inangaro I te patoi I tetai au oroanga I runga nei kia tuku mai I te reta ki te Retita o te Akavaanga Teitei e tetai kopi na te tangata nana te oroanga e itu (7) ra I mua ake I te Monite ra 29 no Tiurai 2013. Claudine Henry-Anguna REGISTRAR


Wednesday, July 10, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303




72414 / /1828

TUATUA AKAKITE Te pati iatu nei ki te uanga Tuiarongo e ta John Pirangi, te noo ki runga I te enua Tuoro Section 87A5/Blackrock. Kia tae mai kotou ki tetai uipaanga, Ruaau Meeting house 6.30 I te aiai i te Paraparau ra 11 o Tiurai. Tumu manako-Tipuanga I toku potonga. Meitaki Maata. Tuakana Toeta. 72427 /33005 /2415

IMMIGRATION CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICE The Ministry of Foreign Afairs & Immigration wishes to advise the public that they will open a new Immigration customer Service Oice. The Oice will receive Immigration applications and payments of Immigration fees. The Oice is located beside the Oice of the Public Service commissioner on the ground loor of the New Zealand High commission building. The Oice will be open to the public from Monday 15 July 2013, 9am-3pm. For further enquires please call the oice on phone 29317.

For sale - Motor Vehicle Tender Tenders are sought for the sale of a 2001 Nissan Primera (White) car on an as is, where is basis. For inspection phone Pauline Matai on 20798 or Email to arrange to view. Highest or any ofer not necessarily accepted. A written tender in a sealed envelope marked ‘FSc Nissan Primera Tender”, may be hand delivered or sent to: FSc, PO Box 594, Avarua. Tenders close at 4pm on 10 July 2013. 72390 / /1696

72417 / /2066

COOK ISLANDS CONSULATE GENERAL OFFICE AUcKLANd, NEW ZEALANd RELOcATION The Ministry of Foreign Afairs & Immigration wishes to advise the public that the cook Islands Consulate General Oice in Auckland has now relocated from 127 Symonds Street to Unit 5, Level 1, 6 Osterley Way, Manukau. The oice phone number is now (64) 9 261-0015. Fax number: (64) 9 263-8033.

BCI Vehicle Tender - as is, where is! BcI invites interested parties to tender for the following vehicle 1. Nissan double cab truck rego 5818. For viewing/inspection, please contact Tai Exham on 29341 ext 817 or Liz Tatuava on Ext 821 Tenders close 3pm, Friday 12 July 2013. All tenders must be in writing and addressed to: Managing director - ‘’BcI Vehicle Tender’’, BcI House, Avarua. BcI reserves the right to not accept all or any tenders.



Pool Doctor * Water testing * chlorine * P.H down * Bufer discounted rates FREE dELIVERY Phone Tony 56599.

Nikao, smart 3 bedroom home, part furnished, gazebo, handy to school + beach, 320/week, includes lawns. Phone 51162.

Land Meeting Inviting the land owners on the land UKAREREITI Sec 6A, Avana to a meeting to be held at the Avana meeting house on Thursday 11 July at 6pm. 72409 /32935 /1931

SERVICES Reliable Services Washing machine, fridge & chest freezer repairs (ALL BRANdS). Ring Tom NOW 70747/22808. 72380 /32921 /1931


72356 /32863 /1931

Tupapa, Quality studio rooms for rent, furnished, cable TV, A/C, of street parking, cleaning available if needed. Long term preferred. Phone 53077 for further information. 72264 / /1758

Fully furnished house 3 bedroom house, long term, Matavera. Prefer couple. Phone 21152 or 50728. 72324 /32828 /1931

The Cook Islands Red Cross Society is ofering a Certiied Comprehensive First Aid Training course. A 2 year irst aid certiicate will be awarded at the completion of the course. date: Tuesday 16th July Wednesday 17th July 2013. Venue: cook Islands Red cross Headquarters Time 8.30am For any enquiries contact: 22598 Email: ck Meitaki maata.

3 bedroom house fully furnished, Tupapa 5 minutes to town. Available 9 July to 29 July. Mob 71758/23122. 72395 /32928 /1931

2 bedroom house, furnished, Aroa. Preferred long term. Phone 24900 or 55302. 72413 / /2415

VEHICLES FOR SALE Near New Suzuki Pickup In excellent, condition $18,500 ono. Phone 21510. 72399 /32931 /1931

Experienced Sous chef required in our busy Resort, shift work and weekends involved. You must be a good team worker. Excellent beneits. Phone 53077. 72345 / /1758

staf solicitor We are a law irm looking for a staf solicitor to join our busy team. Our practice covers all areas with an emphasis on land law, commercial transactions, banking and inance. We are looking for someone who is energetic, highly motivated, conident with unquestionable integrity and technical competence. Ideally you will have at least 2 years post admission experience. Level of remuneration will be based upon experience. Please contact Maara Toleafoa on 21619 or send your cv to 71961 /31805 /1780


72362 / /2204

Personal Training Fat Burn Strength & power Stamina & endurance Body build or toning Kick-Boxing Initial programme (6 weeks) call clem 75647.


72393 /32926 /1931

Danny’s massage Evening treatment available in Matavera. Sports massage $40 Full Body $50 Phone 28690.

The Business Trade and Investment Board advices that the selling of food through outlets or directly to the public is an activity reserved only for cook islanders. Non cook islanders are prohibited from carrying on business by selling food unless if approved by the Board. For enquiries call BTIB Compliance Oicer on 24296 or email Ria Arthur /

72376 /313146 /2120

72220 /32780 /1655

72418 / /2066

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

72338 / /1708

The general public is hereby advised that there will be a full road closure on the following roads on the following days: Friday the 12 July 2013 - The road in front of the Avatiu meeting house. closure will commence from 1pm - 8pm for the opening of the Avatiu Meeting house. (Road users travelling towards Avatiu and Nikao are urged to drive through the Ruatonga back road or main road) Saturday 13 July 2013 -The main road in Turangi immediately adjacent to The late Sir Terepai Maoate’s grave. The closure will be for the unveiling of the late Sir Maoate’s Headstone. closure time - 10am-1pm. Road users travelling towards Matavera direction from Titikaveka are urged to detour at the Avana bridge towards the back road and exit at the old Mainline Brown crossing or continue on the back road towards Matavera. Road users travelling towards Ngatangiia from Avarua are urged to detour at the Mainline Brown crossing towards the back road and exit through the Ngati Maoate Road. The general public are asked not to use these roads during closure times. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. cook Islands Police.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



Do you have a drinking problem? call 55606.


72342 / /2567

VEHICLES FOR SALE Nouvo blue as is $900. Phone Yannick 24460. 72420 /32960 /1931

FOR SALE Coconuts & Lemons & Palms. Phone 24922 or 72545.

Director Planning and Development Division


72415 / /1903


OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER PA eNUA GOVeRNANce UNiT The Muri Beach Club Hotel is seeking enthusiastic and reliable candidates to ill the following positions to assist in the growth of this prestigious Hotel


• senior Bookkeeper • Restaurant Wait• Front Oice Reing Staf ceptionist • Restaurant super• Night Auditor visor [midnight to 8am] • senior sous chef • security Guards • chef de Partie [midnight to 8am] • commis chef • Housekeepers • Breakfast chef • Groundskeeper / • Pastry chef Gardener • Kitchen Hand • Maintenance Staf Interested candidates are invited to send their application, complete with a copy of your current CV to: Erika Bult, Operations Manager Or alternatively, come directly to the Hotel, ill in an application form and supply a photocopy of your cV.

The Pa Enua Governance Unit of the Oice of the Prime Minister invites applications for the position of Executive Oicer for the Island of Pukapuka. The Executive Oicer is the Administrative Head of the island Government on the island. An electronic copy of the Job Description and Application Form can be emailed to you upon request to or to Otherwise, you can download the Job Description and Application Form from Those interested, please apply in writing by 1pm 31 July 2013 to; The Chief of Staf Oice of the Prime Minister Private Mail Bag Avarua, COOK ISLANDS For enquiries contact Otheniel Tangianau on 25398 or John Tangi on 25498 or on the emails above.



Applications are invited from qualiied, experienced and highly motivated individuals to ill the above senior position made vacant due to an internal promotion. The Director will be responsible for: • Supporting the development of mid-term and annual business planning • Reporting at a national, regional and international level • Oversight of the implementation of the Monitoring and evaluation Framework • Support for policy development and review • School’s education review and compliance • School annual reporting and staf attestation The successful applicant should be able to think strategically and across the whole sector, liaise with a very broad range of stakeholders, and have the ability to prioritise and manage their time well to deliver high quality outputs that work towards the outcomes of the Education Master Plan. A working knowledge of the cook islands education sector is desired. Applications close on Tuesday 16 July 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry in Nikao or at completed forms with cV and references should be addressed to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook islands Email: 72267


Wednesday, July 10, 2013 cook Islands News


TELECOM COOK ISLANDS LTD Telecom cook islands aims to be the best Telecommunications company amongst its Paciic neighbours. We know that achieving this means we need to have the best people working for us. If you would like to join us and have the experience and skills required for any of these roles then we would like to hear from you.

Vacancies Available Manager - HuMan resOurces We need a senior Human Resources professional to continue the implementation and ongoing development of our human resources framework. As a member of our Executive Team, this position requires someone with broad human resource management experience with particular skills in building employee engagement, performance and remuneration management and developing staf. You will also need to demonstrate excellent customer service skills, the ability to develop and maintain human resource information systems and a willingness to take a “hands on” approach. A positions description is available from Marisa Summers at: Please apply in writing (including a cover letter and CV) to: The CEO Telecom Cook Islands Ltd PO Box 106 Parekura Rarotonga or email to by 26th July 2013.



Senior chef required for work on Aitutaki on a roster basis. Must be well experienced in Asian cooking and presentation. Particularly with Japanese & Korean including Sushi Nigiri, Maki Mono, Sashimi, Robatayaki, Teppanyaki and ShabuShabu. Email giving brief cV and to get further details of the position.

Urgently looking for a Hindi speaking nanny. Please call Rupesh or Sharda on 50749 or 24390.

72221 /32781 /1621

Workers wanted. Full Time and Part time - cashier/ Merchandiser, cook/Kitchen Hand and Full Time Nanny. Reliable, Trustworthy and Experience in above ields a must. For further details contact Rose 55141.

72236 /32783 /1931

head Chef Wanted Full time position for new cafe in Muri Experienced chef with cV, references essential Tel: 26487 Julie or Sue

72405 / /1697

Part time staf wanted for busy cafe. Phone clare 21283.

72242 / /2183

72350 /32843 /1955

Fishing Company Ocean Fresh cook Islands requires the following staf: Skippers, engineers, deckhands. Tel 23415 email: landholdings@

Waiting staf required for evening and morning shifts. Including weekends. contact Rima on 23004.

72244 / /1747

72371 / /2505

Key Responsibilities include: • Managing all aspects of daily operations within the Network Services Department; • Ensuring the ongoing implementation of the Network Management and Maintenance Plans for both Rarotonga and the Outer islands, resulting in improved service delivery and customer satisfaction; • Capacity planning and expansion of underground access networks both copper and ibre; • Recruitment, training and performance measuring of staf and ability to bring about changes towards accomplishment of KPI’s; • Preparing timely, accurate reports supporting robust decision making. The successful applicant must have excellent oral and written communication skills, plus proven leadership and management capabilities. Please apply in writing (including a cover letter and CV) to: Chief Operations Oicer, Telecom Cook Islands Ltd, P.O Box 106, Rarotonga, Cook Islands or email by 26th July 2013.


2 Cashiers. Urgently required for rostered work at Manea Foods. Prior experience not essential but will be an advantage. contactable references essential. For interview and application forms phone 29806 ask for Mum. 72260 / /1617

Qualiied electrician & Refrigeration Engineer Needed. 6 Years plus Experience Required. For More info call #55991 or email

Team Managers Positions Sailing cook Islands wishes to appoint team manager(s) for its calendar of regional and international sailing events. A Team Manager will be responsible for the planning, organising and management of ScI teams of sailors representing the cook Islands. Terms of reference and conditions of appointment are available from the Secretary General, Sailing Cook Islands by txt, email, phone 55159 john@

You will have previous accounting experience and/or have a related tertiary qualiication and your professionalism is without question. The keys to your success are your strong excel skills, great communication skills and your well organised and methodical approach to task management. You will be motivated and proactive with strong attention to detail.

INVENTORY CONTROLLER Telecom is seeking an Inventory Controller with a strong work ethic, exceptional attention to detail, and a passion for providing the highest level of customer service. Your responsibilities will include: • Ordering, receiving and issuing stock in line with Telecom’s inventory management procedures; • Working with Customs to clear goods and pay the appropriate customs duties; • Tracking orders through Telecom’s on-line procurement system and liaising with our external procurement team; • Processing stock movements in the system; • Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the stock management system; • Working closely with internal stakeholders through the entire purchase-to-pay process. To be considered for this position, you must have: • Competent PC skills particularly in Word, Excel and Outlook, and be a quick learner of new packages; • Meticulous attention to detail; • The ability to multi-task, manage your time efectively and work unsupervised; • A passion for providing outstanding service to internal customers; • Outstanding communication skills (verbal and written); • Previous experience in inventory management preferred but not essential. if you feel you have the skills and background to be successful in either of these Finance Roles, we can’t wait to hear from you. Please apply in writing (including a cover letter and CV) to: Apii Heather, by 26th July 2013.

For more information about any of these positions, visit > About Us > careers.

Rarotongas premium entertainment facility has part-time positions available (bold from here) every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (to here) for immediate start: Kitchen Hand -approximately 30 hours per week (bold kitchen hand) Bar Persons -6pm till 11pm approx - Make great cocktails? (bold bar persons) Wait Staf -6pm till 11pm approx - Got great personality and love meeting people? (bold wait staf) Les Palmiers cafe - day shifts available for wait/bar staf from 11am till 3pm Mondays to Saturdays. (bold les palmiers cafe) Work in this fast paced environment with a great team! Phone 24006 or come and ill an application form at main oice Muri Beach, or email culture@ 72422 / /2512

72382 / /2234

IKO INSTRUCTOR WANTED FOR KITE SEASON IN AITUTAKI, August - October. Phone 56558. 72387 /32084 /1931

72261 /32857 /2634

WANTED TO BUY We will BUY your old or broken gold jewellery. FISHERS BLAcK PEARL JEWELLERY. 71119 / /1889

Reporting to an experienced Finance Manager, your key objective will be to provide accurate, timely and detailed inancial and management reports. You will be responsible for: • Timely and accurate month-end processing; • Assisting in the preparation of monthly, half-yearly and annual inancial accounts; • Monthly business performance reporting ; • Analysis to aid management decision making; • Balance sheet reconciliations; • Fixed assets. Working in an open plan environment where you are encouraged to contribute your ideas, you will enjoy working with a variety of stakeholders and need to work efectively to a deadline.

Front of House staf required Wait staf required for part-time evening work including weekends. For new cafe in Muri - excellent rates of pay. References essential. Training will be given but experienced staf preferred. Phone 26487 Julie or Sue between 9am - 2pm.

72328 / /1697

Manager - neTWOrK services Telecom is looking for an energetic and experienced person to take up the role of Manager Network services.


WANTED TO RENT Te Marae Ora is seeking the services of a full time Ambulance Oicer. The successful candidate will need to be it and active and possess excellent people skills. Ideally the applicant should have experience in a health related environment complimented with irst aid and CPR skills. The applicant will be required to work shifts on a rotational basis. For a copy of the job description and application form please contact Human Resources Manager on 29664 or email Applications close 15 July 2013. 72271 / /1720

Kitchen staf required For part-time evening work Including weekends for new cafe in Muri References essential. Excellent rates of pay. Training will be given but experienced staf preferred. Phone 26487 Julie or Sue between 9am - 2pm. 72404 / /1697

WANTED TO RENT Wanted house to rent in Vaimaanga or surrounding area by New Zealand couple. Please contact Sheryl or dave on phone 25965 or 53965. 72428 /32961 /1931

Wanted to rent 2 or 3 bedroom house Titikaveka, Ngatangiia or Matavera, willing to pay up to $200 per wk. Excellent tenants. Please contact us on ph 76544. 72384 /32933 /1931

5 bedroom house in town call 54585. 72375 / /1780

1 bedroom house/apt, fully furnished. close to Tupapa or town. Own bathroom a necessity. don’t mind sharing. Long term. Phone 75885. 72391 / /2171

Oice space required. Ideally need at least 6 separate oices and open plan area. contact Maara on 21619 or 72148 /32838 /1780


BIRTHDAY Full Time Oice & Sales Assistant. • Must have experience with Quickbooks Accounts. • Answer Phone calls & Serve customers. • Must be Trustworthy & Reliable with Sober Habits. • Work hours Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. • Have a Drivers License. • Be available to start end of JULY. For More enquiries email or contact Tia on Mob 58477. 72272 /32857 /2634

Autism Cook islands PH 24065/55976

Happy 21st Birthday to

John Dick Marsters Love from all the family in Australia, New Zealand and Raro.

A special one

from Mum, dad, mama, papa, your brothers & sisters and not forgetting your Nanny and all the family back home. Love you heaps


Wednesday, July 10, 2013 cook Islands News

International Flights

FLIGhT FROM ARRIVES wednesdAy july 10 NZ46/45 AKL 5.15PM NZ748/749 AKL 1.25AM ThursdAy july 11 NZ748/749 AKL 1.25AM NZ46/45 AKL 5.15PM GZ035/034 PPT 2.50PM FridAy july 12 VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM NZ748/749 AKL 1.55AM NZ46/61 AKL 3.20PM




6.30PM 2.25AM


2.25AM 6.30PM 3.50PM

Air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details

1.45AM 2.55AM 4.30PM


RARO TO ARR wednesdAy july 10 0800 AITUTAKI 0850












1530 AITUTAKI 1620 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1100 ATIU 1145

1640 1000 1205


1730 1040 1250














1310 ATIU

1520 RARO 1610


Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

By Dik Browne

By Lee Falk & Sy Barry




Rarotonga Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Wednesday

Wed High 11.08AM 0.87M 11.38PM 0.83M



5.07AM 0.32M

Thu High 11.45AM 0.87M



0.5m e

0.7m S

5.27PM 0.28M



Low 5.42AM 0.31M 6.01PM 0.28M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

e 15kts New Moon aug 6 9.51PM

First Quarter JUL 16 3.19AM

Full Moon Jul 22 6.16PM

sunshine hours

Third Quarter Jul 29 5.44PM


ArApo - AmiAmA wed 10 TANu (Planting) Tanu i te meika Plant bananas.

0.7m S

TAuTAi (Fishing) Po ika. Kua marama roa. Fishing nights. Moon is long, far away.

humidity Thu


Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle




text us on


HÄGAR the Horrible




Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle

Situation: A high pressure system to the far southeast directs an easterly wind low over southern cook. A trough remains slow moving within the vicinity of Northern cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Moderate easterly winds. Fine apart from few showers. Moderate seas. Further outlook: some showers. For Rarotonga: Mostly Fine. Further outlook: some showers. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional showers and possible thunderstorm. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Few showers.




Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


or call us at Cook Islands news


Weather Forecast to Midnight


Front Key:




1.5m e


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Wednesday, July 10, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Wed Sun Rise 7.17AM Sun Set 6.12PM


Moon Rise 8.50AM Moon Set 8.38PM

Thu Sun Rise 7.17AM Sun Set 6.13PM


Moon Rise 9.28AM Moon Set 9.28PM


26° e 14kts


24° Ne 13kts


25° e15kts



25° e 15kts

28° Ne 09kts


25° e 15kts


Wednesday, July 10, 2013 cook Islands News

go cookies!



Cooks beat Solomon Is

THe COOK Islands national rugby union team have won their second game at the Oceania Cup tournament in Papua new guinea by beating the Solomon Islands national team 39-12. The win holds the Cooks in good stead ahead of their final and toughest game against hosts Papua new guinea. On paper – the Cooks look the favourites to take out the tournament. The local team beat Tahiti 38-5 in their irst up match last Friday and their 39-12 is their second win. The Solomon Islands came close to toppling Papua new guinea who edged out the Solomon’s 29-22. Tahiti almost dealt out a tour-

nament upset when they too came close to beating Papua new guinea but went down 39-32. From those results the Cooks look good heading in to the inal match against Papua new guinea but no doubt the local national side know to stay humble as anything can happen on game day. The winner of the Oceania Cup, which is one of a number of events funded by the International Rugby Board (IRB) through Rugby World Cup commercial revenues, will play Fiji in 2014 for the Oceania 1 direct qualiication spot at Rugby World Cup 2015. Oceania 1 has been drawn with Australia, england, Wales and the winner of the global playoff in one of the most competitive pools

at RWC 2015. The Cook Islands national rugby union team includes – 1-Jacob Marsters, 2-Mathew Mullary, 3-Stan Wright (captain), 4-Iro Teariki, 5-Viliami Raea, 6-Brook Cowan, 7-Francis Smith, 8-Tamati Hawea, 9-Andrew Putairi, 10-greg Mullany, 11-Ioane Ioane, 12-James Raea, 13-louis Makuare, 14-Junior napara, 15-nathan Robinson, 16-Alex Matapo, 17-Anam Mana, 18-nick Connal, 19-Rima elikana, 20-Mark Ioane, 21-James Iopu-Johnston, 22-Sam Vaevae, 23-Royce Teinakore. The side will play their inal game against Papua new guinea on Friday night Cook Islands time. - MW

cookies represent RISIng Cook Islands rugby league stars Tepai

Moeroa (left) and ezra Howe are being touted as players to look out for in the near future. The pair are playing in the Australian Rugby league Schoolboy Tournament (formerly the Arrive Alive Cup) and are quickly making a name for themselves as players to keep an eye on. Both young men have made their respective state secondary school side. Moeroa is playing for the new South Wales combined high school side and is with the Parramatta eels nRl club. The young man was named junior Parramatta eels junior player of the year in 2011 at just 16 and plays at centre. Howe has made the ACT State side and is with the Canberra Raiders. The ARl Schoolboy Tournament is an Australian secondary school rugby league competition which involves high school teams from across the country although most of the teams come from new South Wales. The teams compete in a series of group and knockout stages before two teams are left to ight it out in the grand inals which are held at the Sydney Football Stadium. - Matariki Wilson

National rugby union captain Stan Wright is leading an impressive team at the Oceania Cup tournament in PNG where the side have won their irst two games and are favourites heading in to their third and inal game against host PNG. 13070919

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