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$2 Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Arrest threat to journalist The arrival of investigative journalist Nicky hager and his upcoming talk on the Cook islands as a tax haven has upset the inancial services industry, to the point of making veiled threats to arrest him. There appears to be paranoia around hager’s discussion topic – ‘10 reasons why Cook islands should stop being a tax haven’. “Just about everyone i’ve spoken to in the offshore sector is not comfortable with hager being here,” says Mataraki FM broadcaster William Framhein. Framhein says trust company lawyer Brian Mason made comments about hager breaking the law by divulging information to the media, and could be arrested if someone made an official complaint. However, he says he wasn’t sure if Mason was speak-

Emergency services to be tested today AN eMergeNCY scenario is being played out on Putua rd at the back of the airport in Panama between 9.30am and midday. The transport emergency response exercise, involving the ire service, police and the health department, was being held to gauge how Origin energy and emergency services would get on in a genuine emergency says Origin energy country manager Claude Simpson. “it is being held so that we can gauge how best we are prepared – how we co-ordinate with one another in an emergency and how we are best to deal with it.” The scenario will involve one of the energy company’s tankers in a road accident with another vehicle, with a gas leak to be played out too. Simpson says Putua rd, in Panama at the back of the airport, will be cordoned off during the exercise and that motorists are advised not to travel that way at that time. Simpson says it was a company requirement for Origin to stage two ‘live’ exercises during the year, and from here on out, this kind of emergency response exercise may happen in the same - RM location annually.

Nicky Hager rules feathers, page 7. 13062343 ing in jest. “I’m not sure if Mason was being lippant about Hager breaking the law,” he says. “I don’t know how serious he was, but i believe i’m not the only one he said that to.” Mason, when approached yes-

terday, would neither confirm nor deny making the comments and refrained from discussing the topic. in response to hager’s upcoming talk, CI News received a letter from of the Cook islands Financial Services Development authority chief executive Jenner Davis, taking Hager’s commentary and presence in rarotonga to task. “The documents from which hager has been deriving attention for himself were not leaked. They were stolen,” says Davis. “Like most of Hager’s views, they are established without the need for research. (The publication of stolen information should not be confused with research.)” “hager has ignored or denied factual information about our industry that is not in keeping with his obvious quest to drag out publicity for himself at the

expense of others.” “Consider why hager has now come to the Cook islands to lecture its people on what they should do. if he is interested in the wellbeing of these islands, why has he withheld the illegally obtained information for nearly two years and not handed any of it over to our police for proper investigation?” asks Davis. her full letter is on page 6 today. Hager, in response to his criticism, says the reaction is indicative of the industry’s obscurity and avoidance of scrutiny. “What it seems to show is that the offshore industry is not used to being challenged,” he says. “The reason is because they live in a zone of secrecy.” hager says he asked people on the street about the offshore trust industry, and most said they have no knowledge of it.

“They’re almost completely invisible,” he said. “This means that they can claim that they do strict tests and have respectable clients, but nobody can check that.” hager also referred to certain parts of government legislation, which he says prevent outside scrutiny of the industry: “ ... it shall be an offense for a person to disclose to any other person information relating to the establishment, constitution, business undertaking, or affairs of an international company or a foreign company” reads the constitution. “The privacy section of the international company act is the antithesis of what we believe in as a democracy,” says Hager. “higher principles of freedom of information, freedom of speech, and transparency are at stake.” During the last session of parliament, the work of certain

journalists including the international Consortium of investigative Journalists (ICIJ), were criticised by finance minister Mark Brown and opposition leader Wilkie rasmussen. “These comments by investigative journalists carry no weight at all,” said Brown, during debate on the recently passed captive insurance bill. rasmussen said stories on offshore inance were published with negative undertones and portrayed the industry incorrectly. Yesterday, commissioner Paul Heckles of the inancial supervisory commission said regardless of the subject matter, Hager still has a right to comment. “It’s a democracy, he should be allowed to speak,” he said. - Emmanuel Samoglou

‘Bluff to frighten me out of speaking’ – page 7.

Food for thought

Arorangi School students Nia Brothers, year three, and Kimberly Phillips, year four, had fun exercising their entrepreneurial skills for the school’s ‘enterprise week’ last week. The pair sold hotdogs, popcorn and homemade lemonade with the help of their peers. Each year level took part in the event, selling goods at food stalls during morning and lunchtime breaks, and raised a total of $2100. Students also made posters in their English, Maori and art classes to advertise their food stalls, with other year levels selling food such as cakes and ice-cream, curry, and an assortment of fruit. 13061902 Ph 24979

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no Teia Nei aO Sniper at war with traffic A truck driver in Germany has confessed to being the mysterious “Autobahn sniper” who over ive years ired more than 700 shots at passing vehicles on highways. the shootings, which left one woman driver badly injured with a neck wound but claimed no deaths, had baled police since they began in 2008. A police task force used a combination of new technologies including hidden roadside cameras to narrow down suspects. they eventually identified the 57-year-old man who confessed his “anger and frustration about traic”. He told police investigators he saw German highways as “a war zone”.

Climate action plan Obama’s package to check global warming called ‘too little too late’ WASHINgTON DC – US Presi-

dent Barack Obama has laid out a package of measures aimed at curbing climate change, including limits on emissions from power plants. he also unveiled plans for an expansion of renewable energy projects, improved lood resilience and calls for an international climate deal. But administration oficials have previously rejected any prospect of a “carbon tax”. Tuesday’s speech gave shape to the president’s intentions –

world BrIeFS UK CRACKING DOWN ON ‘LEGAL HIGHS’ BRITAIN – The UK has signed a new agreement to tackle the problem of so-called legal highs, Home Oice Minister Jeremy Browne says. Browne said the authorities often faced challenges with newly developed drugs that were legal in many countries but still posed “serious risks” to public health and safety. The G8 Statement of Intent on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) commits the UK to tackling the problem of legal highs. Another measure in the UK are the temporary class drug orders, which allow new laws to be introduced to ban certain substances while scientists ind out more about the dangers they pose. Browne said: “The government is taking a leading role globally in tackling so-called legal highs.

MURDER VICTIM’S BROTHER OUT ON BAIL BRITAIN – The brother of a British engineer shot dead with his wife and mother-in-law in the French Alps has been bailed after being arrested and questioned by police. Zaid Hilli was arrested on Monday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder after oicers uncovered evidence to suggest he doctored documents to ensure he inherited their estate. Hilli, 54, has previously denied any feud with his sibling over an inheritance or involvement in the killings. A police spokesman said: “The 54-year-old man who was arrested yesterday on suspicion of conspiracy to murder has tonight been released on bail until July 31 pending further enquiries.”

TIME MAGAzINE BANNED OVER ARTICLE MYANMAR – Myanmar has banned a controversial Time magazine cover story on Buddhist-Muslim religious violence “to prevent further conlict”, according to a government spokesman, after days of angry reaction to the article. The ban of the piece, which carried a front page photograph of a prominent radical Buddhist monk accused of fuelling anti-Muslim violence with the headline ‘The Face of Buddhist Terror’, comes despite the apparent easing of censorship rules in a reforming nation whose former military regime closely controlled the media. It was unclear how the front cover and accompanying article will be censored in print and online.

MILLION DOLLAR SWISS AIRLINE HEIST USA – The FBI says US$1.2 million in cash is missing from a Swiss International Air Lines jet after it landed at JFK airport. An agency spokesman said the money was in US$100 bills. The FBI is investigating whether the cash disappeared from the cargo hold in Zurich, Switzerland, where the light originated, or after it landed. The airport’s operator, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said it cannot comment. The airline said in an email that it could not conirm or comment due to the ongoing investigation. But it said it had “no indication that any valuables were removed from a Swiss International Air Lines aircraft” at JFK.

voiced in his inaugural address in January – to act on climate change in his second term. President Obama told the audience at georgetown University in Washington DC: “As a president, as a father and as an American, I am here to say we need to act.” he said he refused to condemn future generations to a “planet that can’t ix itself” and pledged to “lead the world in a co-ordinated assault on a changing climate”. a statement released by the White house said: “While no single step can reverse the effects of climate change, we have a moral obligation to future generations to leave them a planet that is not polluted and damaged.” The statement further argued that climate change posed an immediate threat, with the 12 hottest years on record all occurring in the past 15 years. Most of the strategy involves using President Obama’s executive authority without congressional approval. But other parts of the plan look likely to face political opposition and legal challenges. The US House of representatives is dominated by republicans, and the chamber’s Speaker, John Boehner, has called the plans “absolutely crazy”. Speaking last week, he told reporters: “Why would you want to increase the cost of energy and kill more american jobs at a time when the american people are still asking the question, where are the jobs?” The president has reafirmed his 2009 commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 17 per cent below 2005 levels by the end of the decade. But critics say these reductions fall short of the action needed to avoid the worst effects of climate change and are less aggressive than european

President Obama has laid out a package of climate change control measures which will include limits on emissions from power plants despite certain opposition from political opponents. AFP Union targets. The centrepiece of the plan is a memorandum to launch the first-ever limits on carbon emissions from new and existing power plants. These are the single biggest source of carbon pollution, accounting for a third of US greenhouse gas emissions and 40 per cent of its carbon output. But it remains unclear how strict these limits will be. Last year, the environmental Protection Agency proposed regulating emissions from new power plants, but that plan was delayed. Seven US governors have already written to President Obama, calling on him to abandon this proposal, which they say would “effectively shutter” coal-fired power plants and prevent the construction of new ones. Don Stewart, a spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, said imposing carbon rules on power plants amounted to a national energy tax. “Will the president explain the massive costs to american jobs? Will the president explain

how low-income americans would pay for their new, higher utility bills?” he asked. President Obama is also calling for an end to US support for public financing of new coal-fired plants abroad, officials said. But his plan would exempt plants in the poorest nations if the cleanest technology available in those countries is being used. he also plans an expansion of solar and wind energy projects on public lands, with the aim of generating enough electricity to power the equivalent of six million homes by 2020. he also set higher goals for renewables installed at federal housing projects. In addition, he announced US$8 billion in federal loan guarantees to spur investment in green technologies. Observers had expected the president to sidestep the issue of the $7 billion, 2,700km, Keystone XL pipeline, meant to bring heavy crude oil from the tar sands of alberta in Canada to the reineries of Texas. But President Obama did broach the subject, saying that

the pipeline would only be allowed to go ahead if it was in the nation’s interest. “The net effects of the pipeline’s impact on the climate will be absolutely critical to deciding whether this project goes forward,” he said. The project is currently being reviewed by the US state department, with a decision not likely to come before the autumn. Backed by industry and labour unions, but staunchly opposed by green campaigners, it has turned into one of the biggest environmental challenges of the president’s time in ofice. Obama’s plan also outlines stricter eficiency standards on electrical appliances and buildings. Saleemul Huq, senior fellow at the international institute for environment and Development, said it was “too little too late”. “While it is good to see a leader of the world’s richest country and biggest cumulative polluter inally promise to take actions,” he said, “after over a decade of refusal to do so, the problem has become much bigger while the US was ignoring it.” - BBC

Pilgrims' progress

JESUS ALLOWED TO STAY AT SKI RESORT USA – A statue of Jesus that has for six decades been a curiosity to skiers as they cruise down a popular run at a Montana ski resort will not be evicted from federal land, a US judge has ruled. US District Judge Dana Christensen said the Flathead National Forest can re-issue a 10-year permit for the statue installed on the ski hill by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men’s organisation. The judge disagreed with a group of atheists and agnostics that argued the Forest Service was unconstitutionally sanctioning the statue. Christensen said that the statue does not convey to a reasonable informed observer that the government, rather than a private party, endorses Christianity over any other faith or the absence of faith.

Today’s Daily Bread But I think it is necessary to send back to you epaphroditus, my brother, co-worker and fellow soldier, who is also your messenger, whom you sent to take care of my needs.

Matthew 7:21-29 read:read: Philippians 2:25-30

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 25

rescuers assist stranded pilgrims after being lown to safety on board an indian Air force Mi-17 Transport helicopter at dharasu in uttarakhand state. Eight people have been killed when a similar helicopter involved in lood relief eforts crashed near a pilgrimage site. About 97,000 people have been rescued since devastating loods hit the state. AFP


Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no Teia Nei aO

Rescue helicopter crashes DeHrADUN – eight people

have been killed in northern india when a rescue helicopter involved in lood relief efforts crashed near a pilgrimage site. The Indian Air Force says ive crew members and three civilians died when the helicopter hit the side of a mountain and fell into a river. it was on a rescue mission near gaurikund in the state of Uttarakhand. The army is leading the evacuation of thousands of stranded people, including pilgrims visiting holy sites. More than 800 have died in the looding so far. Officials fear the death toll could rise as more bodies are recovered from remote areas. About 97,000 people have been rescued since devastating loods hit the state on June 15. early monsoon rains in india are believed to be the heaviest in 80 years. Swollen rivers have swept away entire villages in Uttarakhand, where there were many travellers in what is peak tourist season. a spokesman for the air force in the state says the reasons for Tuesday’s crash of the russian-

made Mi-17 are being investigated. at least 45 air force helicopters are being used in the rescue effort, which has been hampered by bad weather. authorities were also forced to delay planned mass funerals for many of those killed and oficials said the air force was unable to ly helicopters to the temple town of Badrinath to rescue 5000 pilgrims still stuck there. But officials have said that they need to get to the affected areas urgently as time is running out for survivors. “i just need two to three days of good weather and i can get everyone out,” Air Commodore rajesh Issar, who heads Operation rahat (relief), said. Police say lots of bodies are piled up around the temple in Kedarnath and many of them have begun decomposing. Many of them remain unidentiied so they are being photographed and DNA samples are being taken and preserved for the families of those still missing, our correspondent adds. Distraught relatives clutching photographs of missing family members have been waiting for days outside Dehradun

Eyes on the ball!

Slovakia’s Anna Schmiedlova focuses on the ball for a return against Australia’s Samantha Stosur during their women’s irst round match on day two of the 2013 wimbledon Championships tennis tournament this week. Stosur won 6-1, 6-3. AFP

Stranded indian pilgrims clamour to board a helicopter near Kedarnath in the state of uttarakhand. To add to the ongoing tragedy, one of the indian Air force’s Mi-17 transport helicopters has crashed during a rescue operation killing all eight people on board. AFP airport hoping for news. So extensive is the damage that, even a week after the loods and landslides, there is still no clarity on the true number of

people missing or dead. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described the situation as “distressing” and announced a 10 billion rupee

(US$170million) aid package for Uttarakhand. every summer, hundreds of thousands of devout hindus make a pilgrimage known as the

Char Dham Yatra to four temple towns in Uttarakhand. The pilgrims usually return before monsoon rains begin in July. - BBC

Putin: ‘Snowden is a free man’

MOSCOW – russian President Vladimir Putin said fugitive american intelligence contractor edward Snowden is still in a transit zone at a Moscow airport. In his irst comments about the chase for Snowden that has captivated world attention, Putin described the ex-intelligence contractor as a “free man” whose arrival in russia was “completely unexpected” for the russian authorities. The dramatic announcement ended two days of guessing over the whereabouts of the fugitive Snowden, who leaked revelations of US massive surveillance programs to the media and is now wanted by the US authorities. “It is true that Mr Snowden came to Moscow,” Putin said at a news conference while on a visit to Finland. “For us, this was completely unexpected.” “he arrived as a transit passenger and he does not need a visa or other documents. he can buy a ticket and go wherever he pleases. he did not cross the state border, as a transit passenger he is still in the transit hall,” Putin added. Snowden had been expected to board a flight for Cuba on Monday, reportedly on his way to seek asylum in ecuador. But he never did and Putin appeared to conirm that the fugitive was still uncertain over his onward travel plans. “Mr Snowden is a free man, the sooner he selects his final destination point, the better for us and for himself,” said Putin. The United States had earlier urged russia to use all means to expel Snowden, who reportedly arrived at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport on a flight from

Hong Kong on Sunday. However Putin insisted that russia only extradites foreign nationals to countries with which it has a formal extradition treaty. “We have no such agreement with the United States,” he said, calling US allegations that russia is breaking the law “nonsense and rubbish.” The White house National Security spokeswoman Caitlin hayden later said that: “While we do not have an extradition treaty with russia, there is nonetheless a clear legal basis to expel Mr Snowden.’’ Putin said he would personally prefer not to deal with cases such as those of Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian assange, who is holed up in ecuador’s embassy in london to avoid charges of sexual assault in Sweden. “it’s the same as shearing a piglet – there’s a lot of squealing and not much wool,” he said. Wikileaks responded by thanking Putin on its Twitter account: “We appreciate President Putin’s supportive comments on Assange and Snowden,” it said. The group also suggested that the US by cancelling Snowden’s passport and bullying intermediary countries may keep Snowden permanently in russia.’ Speaking in Jeddah, US Secretary of State John Kerry called for russia to be “calm” and hand over Snowden, saying Washington was not looking for “confrontation.” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denied earlier that Moscow was in any way “involved” with the travel plans of the 30-yearold former National Security Agency (NSA) technician.

The dispute risks sharpening tensions between Washington and Moscow as well as Beijing at the very moment they are struggling to overcome differences to end the conlict in Syria. Transit rules on the website of Sheremetyevo airport stipulate that “foreign citizens can remain in the airport up to 24 hours without a russian visa” and must have a ticket to their next destination.

Snowden had been expected to travel on with the state carrier Aerolot on Monday to Havana, but never appeared on the light, sending dozens of journalists on a pointless 10-hour plane ride. There have been no sightings of Snowden in the airport, located north-west of Moscow, despite many reporters and news ilm crews stationed there. - AFP


Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te Pa eNUa

Tsunami dangers simulated computer predicts tonga’s capital will be destroyed by tsunami waves NUKU’ALOFA – Scientists have released dramatic computer simulation photos which show that Tonga’s capital would be mostly destroyed in a tsunami. Nuku’alofa is home to about 34,000 people, most of whom would be forced to lee a large

tsunami event to avoid being swept away. The New Caledonia-based Secretariat of the Paciic Community has developed a computer model to help the Tongan government see what the impact of a tsunami would be on

paciic BrIeFS PAPUA ISSUE ON INTERNATIONAL AGENDA WEST PAPUA – The West Papua National Coalition for Liberation says the decision by the Melanesian Spearhead Group to retain its application for MSG membership is a major boost to eforts to bring the West Papua issue into the United Nations. At the Noumea summit, MSG leaders oicially addressed the sensitive issue of human rights violations in Indonesia’s Papua region for the irst time. The MSG agreed to send a delegation to Indonesia this year to discuss West Papua, paving the way for a subsequent decision on the membership bid. The WPNCL’s Andy Ayamiseba says movement on the issue at MSG level is signiicant. “It is a clear indication that the case of West Papua is out of Indonesia’s hands. It is no longer a domestic issue or internal matter but it’s now become a regional issue, an international issue.”

FIJI AND CHILE DISCUSS CO-OPERATION FIJI – The Chilean government is keen to assist Fiji in poverty alleviation and disaster relief eforts. In a discussion in Suva with Fiji’s Minister for Foreign Afairs Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, the Ambassador of Chile, Isauro Torres, expressed his government’s support. Discussions also included areas of bilateral co-operation in the tourism and the public health sectors. Kubuabola also extended an invitation to the Chilean government to attend the Paciic Island Development Forum meeting scheduled in August. Fiji’s Mission in Wellington will work closely with Torres on further engagements with the Republic of Chile. Torres also acknowledged Fiji’s Chairmanship of the G-77 plus China group at the United Nations.

BOOK CELEBRATES NUCLEAR TEST FIGHTER MARSHALL ISLANDS – A Marshallese woman who died ighting for justice for the survivors of United States nuclear weapons tests on her country’s islands is the subject of a new book, written by her husband. Darlene Keju was born on the island of Ebeye but grew up on Wotje during the post-war era of nuclear testing. She was one of thousands of Marshall Islanders exposed to deadly radioactive fallout but it wasn’t until she went to Hawai’i for university that she learned the truth about the testing and how widespread it was. Gif Johnson, the editor of the Marshall Islands Journal, was married to Darlene until her death 17 years ago at the age of 45. Johnson says the continued operation of Keju’s organisation Youth to Youth In Health is testament to her vision.

ISLAND GROUP GOES TOTALLY ORGANIC TONGA – There are hopes in Tonga that the Ha’apai island group will soon be declared 100 per cent organic. The islands are already signiicant producers of virgin coconut oil but the Tonga National Youth Congress says the impact of full organic status could boost ish processing and craft manufacture and stimulate eco-tourism. The Congress’s director, Vanessa Lolohea, says there are already 11 certiied organic growers on Ha’apai, and the bulk of the others have registered their desire for certiication. “The reason why we pushed the Ha’apai Islands was because most of the growers on one particular island had all registered. So it is easier for us to certify one whole island group.”

CLAMP DOWN PREVENTING POLICE WORK PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A senior Papua New Guinea policeman says a clamp down on police brutality is preventing oicers from carrying out their duties. The National reports the Madang provincial police commander Sylvester Kalaut says there is no protection for his men when they face brutality charges. He was speaking during a protest march by the legal fraternity in Madang over increasing lawlessness sparked by the attack on local judge Justice David Cannings. Kalaut says police sacriice for others but then they are brought to court for breaching human rights laws and that prevents them from performing their duties to fully satisfy community expectations.

CALL FOR DUAL INDEPENDENCE POLL FRENCH POLYNESIA – French Polynesia’s opposition pro-independence leader has called on New Caledonia’s pro-independence movement to consider holding a self-determination referendum in both territories at the same time. The proposal was made by Oscar Temaru during last week’s address to the Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting in Noumea. He says he wonders if New Caledonia’s Kanaks can wait and aim for such a joint plebiscite, which he says should still be held before the end of the term of the French president, Francois Hollande.

the main island of Tongatapu, where the capital is. The new tsunami inundation model shows that a magnitude 8.7 earthquake in the Tonga Trench would create a wave that would hit the eastern coast of Tongatapu within 20 minutes, inundating most of Nuku’alofa. Leveni ‘Aho, director of Tonga’s National Disaster Management Ofice, says Nuku’alofa has the biggest urban population in the Paciic living in a low-lying area. “We can talk about Japan’s earthquakes, but if we can present something that shows what is going to happen to us here at home, the message is much more effective,” he said aho said the models give the government a clearer picture

“We’re taking the worst-case scenario because we’ve got the Tonga Trench to our east, which is only about 200km east of us.’ of how to prepare the city for a major earthquake and tsunami. “The risk has always been there, but I think with this new information available now, it’ll be easier for us to demonstrate what might happen. “We’re taking the worst-case scenario because we’ve got the Tonga Trench to our east, which

is only about 200km east of us, and these are the areas where scientists always predict seismic activity. And, if anything, it will probably generate a tsunami from that particular location. Aho said the National Disaster Management Office is currently working with other partners on developing public awareness. “We are showing them how to get to high grounds and we try to ind evacuation centres and evacuation routes to these areas. “Nuku’alofa is a very lat, lowlying area and where the density of our population is sitting, and we’ve got something in the order of 40,000 people in this particular area. “When we evacuate out to other areas in the south it’s quite

congested, the roads and that. “But we have identiied about four areas within Nuku’alofa which are about 10- to 12-metres high as a possible area for people to move to. “and also the early warning system, because I think the biggest issue here is we don’t have much time. “The Tonga Trench only 200km away. We will be receiving the wave if it’s coming from this particular location in 7 to 20 minutes, so time is very critical. it’s very important that we can get the early warning out. “Also, another important thing is to educate people. Once they can feel a major earthquake they can always be ready to selfevacuate.” - RNZI/PNC

Big waves swamp atolls MAJUrO – The Marshall Islands

weather service says the capital Majuro could face several days of battering swells after the southern part of the atoll was inundated on Tuesday. Large swells, combined with an unusually high tide brought on by this week’s ‘supermoon’ have damaged many homes on the southern side of the atoll. locals says the waves passed straight over the atoll in some places and into the lagoon on the other side. high tides coupled with storm surges flooded Majuro airport’s runway, forcing a United Airlines light to overly the Marshall Islands capital on Tuesday as islanders geared up for more of the same for the next two days. Some islanders have been

forced to evacuate their homes until the tides subsided. roads were temporarily blocked, and island residents and government agencies spent most of the day clearing rocks, coral, garbage and other debris from roads and backyards. reggie White, head meteorologist at the Majuro Weather Service, says waves reached around two-and-a-half metres. “We’ve put out a special alert for people to get their valuable items off the ground,” he said Majuro and four other atolls, including Kwajalein ,where the US Army’s reagan Test Site is located, were put on alert for continuing possible looding. “This morning was the highest tide for this particular moon phase,” he said. White says this week’s super-

moon also played a part. “Normally you wouldn’t worry about a supermoon,” he said. “There’s got to be an event that coincides with it and this was the high surf.” White says the conditions could persist until Thursday and it is one of the more destructive tides he has seen on the atoll. The weather service has issued a warning to residents on the southern side of the island to be ready to protect their homes. Majuro resident Provan Crump says the wave broke down one wall of his house in the early hours of Tuesday morning. “i’m right on the ocean and it broke down my wall and we had water coming into the house at about ive o’clock,” he said.

“i reckon one wave put about a tonne of water inside the house when it broke down the wall.” Crump says he’s seen extensive damage and debris elsewhere on the island. “There’s a lot of rubbish washed half way through the island and in some places you could see the wave action had gone right across the island and into the lagoon,” he said. he says residents are all watching the swell in readiness for the next high tides. “We’ll be battening down the hatches and hoping for the best, that nothing else gets too badly damaged on the island,” he said. “The tides are a little bit lower, the swell might be a little bit smaller but it’s still big enough that it will be coming up over the island again.” - ABC

Fiji abuses being overlooked W e L L I N gTO N – N Z First

leader Winston Peters says the New Zealand government was in danger of compromising with Fiji’s military regime and overlooking the fact that it was installed via the “power of the gun”. he said the government was sweeping under the carpet the abuses that had occurred since military commander voreqe Bainimarama seized power in 2006. “The current government is in danger of compromising the stance we have taken all the way to the Commonwealth about tolerating this sort of behaviour from an administration that has been put there by the power of

the gun,” he said. Peters was foreign affairs minister at the time of the coup and he said he had seen nothing to suggest Bainimarama would restore democracy. “i have not seen any compelling evidence that this is going to happen,” he said. Peters is this week launching a book by a New Zealand diplomat who died last year leaving behind a sharply undiplomatic report of how Bainimarama threatened “to get him”. Michael green, who in 2009 as New Zealand high Commissioner to Fiji became the first New Zealand diplomat to be declared persona non grata when Bainimarama ordered him out

of the country, described the regime as one characterised by intimidation and thuggery. Peters described the book as testimony written shortly before green’s death. “given the importance to the people of Fiji and the Paciic, he probably felt it was necessary,” Peters said. asked if australia and New Zealand blacklisting Fiji was simply pushing it toward China, Peters said the Tasman neighbours could always be held hostage to that kind of threat. “In the end the Paciic people will have to make up their mind where there real long-term interests lie,” he said. “Do they lie with democracy

and economic and social change – or by dictatorship and denial of human rights?” green, who died last year of cancer, writes of the secret advice he was giving Wellington during the 2006 democracyending military coup. his toughly-worded criticism of Bainimarama’s “volatile personality” is likely to anger Suva again. He said Fiji was “characterised by intimidation and thuggery, arbitrary and vindictive dismissals, abandonment of principles and personal betrayals, oficial misinformation and media censorship, and the deliberate perversion of state institutions”. - Fairfax NZ News

Fijians on ‘perilous’ mission to Golan Heights SUVA – A Middle east expert

says Fijian peacekeepers deployed to the golan Heights between Israel and Syria will encounter a “perilous” situation. About 170 Fijian troops will join the UN’s peacekeeping mission in the area, which has become far more volatile during Syria’s Civil War. The Fijians will replace peace-

keepers from three countries that have withdrawn because of ierce ighting near the border. PrOFeSSOr Barry rubin, director of the global research in International Affairs institute, said the Fijians face potential threats from both sides of the Syrian conlict. “as Western help for the rebels build, it gives incentives

for the regime side to look at peacekeepers as enemies and to see them as basically people who want to help overthrow the regime,” rubin said. he says the rebels in turn will wonder what are these non-Muslims doing here? Why do they want to stop the revolution?” rubin says the Fijians will

encounter problems with alQaeda who make up 15 per cent of the rebels. “They’re lawless and disorganised and kidnapping can be attractive,” he said. “They’re going to meet guys with guns and they don’t know if they’re going to shoot at them. They’re going to have to do a very delicate mission.” - ABC


Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te Pa eNUa

Seabed mining – riches or regrets? the following article was written by tokelau’s Minister of Energy, Faipule Foua toloa, in his capacity as a commissioner of the Global Oceans commission. It should not be taken as representing the means of the government of Tokelau. Headlined ‘Seabed Mining – Riches Or Regrets?’ his comments were published on the Aut’s Pacific Scoop website this week. PACIFIC islands are set to become the global frontier for a new industry—the mining of minerals from the seabed. The industry carries plenty of potential for controversy, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone familiar with mining on land, in our region and elsewhere. how much of the proceeds will flow to the people of the Pacific? How will the industry affect communities? how many local people will be employed, and on what grade of job, with what working conditions? What will be the impact on nature? Who will really be in control? Paciic islands governments have been discussing and debating these questions for several years, and we have some proposed answers in the form of the Secretariat of the Paciic Community’s regional legislative and regulatory Framework. even so, the concerns I raised above are very real. They are, for example, causing signiicant delay to the Solwara 1 project in Papua New guinea. This indicates that mining companies as well as governments need to take the peoples’ issues seriously. If they do not, operations will be disrupted and perhaps even cancelled. last month in New Caledonia, I had the opportunity to discuss these issues with representatives of other Paciic states and territories at the Oceania21 environment meeting. i outlined what i see as the issues and challenges facing Paciic islands as we address this new frontier. and i was struck by the level of concern, both for local communities and for the environment. But i was also struck by the potential of the industry to help our islands, if it is done properly. Prices for copper, silver and palladium rose ivefold between 2004 and 2011 – if the right deals are struck with companies mining these minerals from our seabed, some of these high prices can beneit our people. The so-called “rare earth” elements such as neodymium, dysprosium and samarium are especially important in the “green economy”, in technologies such as wind turbines and electric cars, which can help industrial countries to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. So I would endorse the views expressed at various times over the last year by a number of senior igures in our region, including Tonga’s Deputy Prime

Minister Samiu Vaipulu; SOPAC Director Dr Mike Pettersen; and SPC Director-general Dr Jimmie rodgers. We need to prepare for the era of seabed mining – we need a tough set of rules on social and environmental criteria, preferably turned into national laws. As Dr Pettersen expressed it a couple of months back: “We need to know how to negotiate and drive a hard deal. We have to prepare ourselves as best we can by developing our negotiating skills, along with a network of people that we trust and know – and for our communities to beneit while the environment

‘The era of seabed mining is coming – we need to be ready for its is a once-in-forever opportunity to build wealth for our islands and our children.’ is protected as best we can.” i would also argue that as far as we can, we should harmonise standards across the region to prevent companies “picking off” countries that are less able or less willing to enforce strict rules. But there are other things that we can and should be doing that entail looking beyond our own region. One takes us into the international parts of the seabed, beneath the high seas, that are regulated by the international Seabed Authority (ISA). When companies mine minerals from the international seabed, the ISA’s constitution says that some of the profits have to low to the developing world, to aid economic and social progress. But the rules on beneit sharing have not yet been agreed. The irst ISA mining concessions are likely to come in the next decade, and to be in the Paciic. So we have a strong interest in how the rules are written and in ensuring that environmental standards are upheld. Paciic governments can and should be involved in that process and be active and vocal participants in ISA’s deliberations. another issue that has been highlighted through my role as a Commissioner on the global Ocean Commission, a new independent initiative on governance and management of the high seas, is the extraction of biological resources from the ocean. Following the agreement made at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) meeting in 2010, companies cannot simply take biological resources, make products out of them and keep the profit – they have to acknowledge and

reward the place of origin. But there is one huge part of the world where this beneit sharing does not apply – the international waters of the high seas, which make up nearly half of the earth’s surface. last month saw the launch in Paris of a new “Appeal for the High Seas”, backed by the French government. Among other things, it argues that high seas biological resources should come under ISA rules and be subject to the same beneit sharing regime as seabed minerals. Maybe that is something the Paciic should endorse, maybe not – but it is certainly a debate in which we should be engaged. i would make one point very strongly – we are not powerless before commercial interests, as we once were. For example, we are progressively regaining control of our isheries. establishing marine protected areas, kicking out illegal vessels and setting science-based quotas are three of the measures we are taking forward in our own waters. In the Nauru Agreement, we are ahead of the rest of the world in establishing a mechanism designed to ensure that foreign fleets act responsibly in areas that are technically beyond our national jurisdiction. If we can do this with ish, we can do it with seabed minerals. But there is one key difference – whereas ish are a renewable resource if we manage them properly, minerals are not. it is a once-in-forever opportunity to build wealth for our islands and our children. if we are to make that wealth last beyond a single generation, we must look further aield for best practice. We can look to Norway, for example. Decades ago, it made a far-sighted decision to place a proportion of revenue from exploiting its North Sea oil and gas ields into a special fund. It is commonly known as the Oil Fund and is now worth US$700 billion. it is the largest pension fund in europe, despite Norway having a population less than 10 per cent of France’s or the UK’s. When money from the fund is invested, it has to follow ethical guidelines – companies that contribute to torture anywhere in the world, for example, are banned. The capital sum, boosted by some of the return on investment, is retained for the beneit of future generations of Norwegians. This might not be precisely the right model for us, but its existence shows that there are ways to turn a non-renewable resource into something that yields consistent, sustainable beneits for future generations. This is something for which we should all be striving, and I would urge Paciic peoples and Pacific governments to begin discussions soon. The era of seabed mining is coming – we need to be ready for its arrival. - Paciic Scoop


The University of the South Paciic Cook Islands is ofering the following courses in distance mode in Semester 2, 2013. • If you wish to commence studies with the University for the irst time, please complete an application for admission before 5 July, 2013. • If you are continuing your studies, please complete re-enrolment before 19 July, 2013. • Semester 2 will commence Monday 22 July, 2013. Admissions and re-enrolment can be completed at our oice – call in and complete the relevant forms, or the forms can be sent to you by email (phone 29415 or email or enrolment can be competed online at index.php?id=12540 PRELIMINARY COURSES (EQUIVALENT TO FORM 6) cOurSE COURSE TITLE cODE AfP02 Preliminary Accounting ii BiP03

Preliminary Biology B

DEGREE LEVEL cOurSE COURSE TITLE cODE ED302 Play and Early childhood Education

ED309 Educating. Gifted & talented children

CHP03 Preliminary Chemistry B

ED355 curriculum in Practice

ECP01 Preliminary Economics

FM101 Financial Mathematics

GEP02 Preliminary Geography B

GE101 Introduction to Physical Geography


Pre-Tertiary English

GE202 Ag,Food & Nutrition: Dev World


Preliminary English A

HY101 Paciic Islands Prehistory

MAP11 Preliminary Mathematics for Social Science

HY205 Paciic History – Contact and Response

MAP12 Preliminary Mathematics A

HY302 Special Topic – History of Fiji

MAP13 Preliminary Mathematics B


PHP03 Preliminary Physics B



Preliminary Politics: New forces in the Paciic


Preliminary Cultural Anthropology in the Paciic

TEP02 Preliminary Technology



foundation Biology B: The Maintenance of Life

CHf03 foundation Chemistry B CSf12

foundation Computer Science

ECf03 foundation Macroeconomics GEf02 Paciic islands Geography ii iSf21

Computer Literacy


Communication and Study Skills


foundation English A


Communications and Language

MAf12 foundation Mathematics B MAf21 Basic Mathematics for foundation Social Sciences PHf03 foundation Physics B PLf01

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introduction to Paciic Societies


introduction to Technology B


Information Systems 1 (online)

Advanced Database Systems (online) Building the Library/Information centre collection LS204 Library/Information Services LS102

LS205 Management Library/Information centres the Information Environment today [formerly LS310 LS210] LW112 Legislation [online course] LW202 Law of contract II [online course] LW204 torts II [online course] LW206 criminal Law and Procedure II [online course] LW301 Property Law II [online course] LW303 Succession Administrative Law [online course] [formerly LW309 LW208] LW330 Public International Law [online course] LW372 commercial Law [online course] MA101 Mathematics for Social Science [online course] MG101 Introduction to Management MG106 Introduction to Human Resources Management MG202 Operations Management MG204 Management of Industrial relations MG309 Strategic Management Introduction to Marine Science for the Paciic MS111 Islands MS203 Fisheries Economics and Management


[Library] user Services – Circulation and Library Activities

MS204 tropical Seafood


[Library] user Services – information Services

MS205 Law of the Sea Natural resources Governance & Extension MS207 techniques MS213 Physical Oceanography Ocean resources Management in the South MS301 Paciic OS102 National Acc. & Allied Stat.I Introduction to Analytical Demography (old PD200 code SE200) PH101 Quantum and Electrical Physics

DEGREE LEVEL cOurSE COURSE TITLE cODE Introduction to Accounting & Financial Af101 Management I Introduction to Accounting & Financial AF102 Management II AF108 Introduction to Law for commerce


Introduction to Accounting Information Systems

AF210 Financial Accounting

PL203 contemporary Politics in Melanesia

AF308 taxation Law

PP202 Police & Society in the Paciic

AG124 Fundamentals of Soil Science

PP301 Police Leadership & command Management

AG134 Agricultural Mechanisation (old code AG234)

PP302 Ethical Dimensions in Policing

AG165 Field and Plantation crops Production


AG212 Farm Management Principles

PS102 Developmental Psychology

AG213 Statistics for Agriculture AG373 ruminant Livestock Production CH102 Principles & reactions of Organic chemistry CH204 Inorganic chemistry cS112

Data Structures & Algorithms (online course)


computer Organisation

Ec102 Principles of Microeconomics

Introduction to Psychology

PS/ED208 Study of Exceptional Individuals I PS307 Social Psychology PS312

Development of counselling & counselling Skills

SO110 Globalisation & Contemporary Paciic Societies Families, Sexuality and Change: The Paciic and SO207 Beyond St131 Introduction to Statistics SW101 Society Policy: An Introduction Tourism in the South Paciic

Ec201 Intermediate Macroeconomics


Ec302 Public Finance

tS109 Food & Beverage Service and cost control

Ec304 Development Economics

tS208 Operational Issues for Hospitality



Labour Economics

Rooms Division & Front Oice Management

ED100 Observing classrooms understanding and Managing Young children’s ED103 Behaviour ED152 Human Development-Lifespan App


International tourism Integrated Industry Learning for tourism and tS216 Hospitality tS302 Strategic Services Management in Hospitality

ED153 School & Society

tS309 tourism Business Operations

ED154 Principles Of Assess Perform.

uu114 English for Academic Purposes (old code LL114)

ED192 Educational Planning Social Competence and Emotional Health in Young children ED209 Educating Individuals with Vision Impairments

uu200 Ethics & Governance


uu204 Paciic Worlds


ED258 Adult Learning

cOurSE cOurSE tItLE cODE uEP001 Exploring Early Childhood Education

ED282 Integrated Arts II

uEP002 Growing up in a Paciic family

ED292 Ed Planning & Development

uEP003 Skills in Managing an Early Childhood Centre

ED217 Literacy Processes

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

leTTerS reta

Views on tax haven ‘patronising’ Dear editor: With regard to Monday’s article about Nicky hager’s lecture at USP, I note that he is said to be “presenting his findings from leaked tax haven documents” and will be offering his unsolicited advice about an industry in which he has no expert knowledge. The documents from which hager has been deriving attention for himself were not leaked. They were stolen. Hager cannot deine tax haven but intends to speak about why a country not his own should not be one when it isn’t one anyway. he does not pay any tax here yet he deems himself in a position to demand our government changes its policy when New Zealand itself offers the same tax position to international trusts set up in New Zealand. hager has ignored or denied factual information about our industry that is not in keeping with his obvious quest

to drag out publicity for himself at the expense of others. in spectacularly patronising fashion, Hager has all but said the natives have been influenced by the foreigners and government needs a crusader like himself to enlighten them on the way this country is being used for nefarious purposes. like most of Hager’s views, they are established without the need for research. (The publication of stolen information should not be confused with research.) Three major themes have emerged from the international media surrounding the stolen information: 1. Secrecy versus privacy: in a 2013 regulatory world, secrecy does not exist. even Switzerland has changed its laws in this area. Financial transactions and ownership information of entities, etc, are all known to the relevant authorities (both in the Cook

Islands and abroad), including our own banks and more importantly, the Financial Supervisory Commission and the Financial Intelligence Unit. The FSC and FIU regularly inspect the iles of our banks and trust companies to ensure they are compliant. Privacy on the other hand is a right still afforded to everyone. Journalists like hager who keep sensationalising the information have given no thought or consideration to the families whose safety is now at risk due to publicising their private estate planning affairs. at the same time, the journalists openly state they cannot prove any criminal activity has taken place by those whose details they are exposing. 2. Tax avoidance = Tax Evasion: Tax avoidance refers to the legal minimisation of tax, while tax evasion is illegal. The recent media articles have merged the two

concepts to give the impression that anyone seeking to minimise their tax (which we all do to some extent, legally) is a criminal. hence the articles constantly refer to “tax dodging” which has no legal meaning. The Cook islands promotes asset protection, among other things, which is tax neutral. 3. Setting up an entity outside your home country is presumed to be a crime: The crux of hager’s and the international Consortium of investigative Journalists’ (iCiJ) stories is insinuating that anyone doing something internationally must be doing so for secrecy (see 1) and evading paying tax (see 2). Such a small world view from those claiming to be expert in the inancial industries of the world! it’s ok for hager to establish multiple New Zealand trusts from which he derives inancial and other beneits, but it would not be ok for a

non-New Zealander to set up a New Zealand trust, even though New Zealand has a huge international trust industry? according to Hager, you would be doing so for nefarious reasons. Think of your own family. Cook islanders are spread far and wide; we are global families. There are legitimate reasons for setting up entities in countries outside your “home country”. anyone with questions about the international inancial services industry in the Cook islands is encouraged to contact FSDA. By his own admission, Hager does not understand the industry, yet he continues to seek out attention for himself based on stolen documents. it does not matter what Hager thinks, but it is important that the people of the Cook islands not be influenced by falsely obtained, outdated and incorrect information. The international inancial

services industry is an important contributor to our economy. it is an industry providing many jobs for Cook islanders. The country is highly regarded by international oversight agencies for our regulatory framework and there is a growing network of tax information exchange agreements with various countries. Many right here in the Cook islands enjoy international reputations as experts in this area. Use them instead of people like hager. Consider why hager has now come to the Cook islands to lecture its people on what they should do. if he is interested in the wellbeing of these islands, why has he withheld the illegally obtained information for nearly two years and not handed any of it over to our police for proper investigation? Jenner Davis CeO, Financial Services Development Authority

Is a permit NESessary? Here’s what people think letters to the editor. express yourself. Email:

signaller writes. “in my opinion anyone who now ignores the environment Act and just goes ahead and builds whatever they want, anywhere they want and anytime they want, knows they will not be prosecuted but that the National environment Service will ‘work with them’ after it’s all built and operational.” SS: On Monday last week NeS manager Vavia Tangatataia was quoted in the front page CI News article ‘Toa project still on hold’ as saying of the TOa project opposite the airport: “They went ahead and (began construction) without a permit. But we don’t want to prosecute them; we want to work closely with them. To me, that’s the best way.” Toa has now gained approval for the project after providing NeS with acknowledgements of approval from the occupants of neighbouring properties.

Ofice,” a smoke signaller writes. “They denied that those big seas would even get to raro. Late Sunday afternoon, those waves were pounding the South coast. Why are they even on a payroll as they hardly ever get anything right, except the tides...and that's really hard!” SS: On the front page of Saturday’s CI News the Cook Islands Met Service didn’t deny there would be big seas – it said waves of up to three metres were forecasted but that coastal damage was unlikely (the forecast issued at 2pm on Friday which appeared on page 23 was for moderate southerly swells). In Saturday’s front page article SPreP, the Secretariat of the Paciic regional environment Programme, said heavy swells following the midweek storm in New Zealand could cause coastal damage in the Cook Islands, Fiji, Tonga, and Niue.



“ThaNK you Toa Petroleum for setting the precedent,” a smoke

“SOMeONe needs to ind out why we pay those people at the Met

A SMOKe signaller writes in to add their thoughts to the issue of

the chicken farm odour that at times affects some areas of at Muri: “Scotts’ egg farm is a factory farm. Factories tend to pollute. An old fashioned egg farm, with birds free-ranging in rotated paddocks does not pollute, indeed it enriches the soil and the environment. We say we are a Christian nation. In my opinion no Christian, who believes that humans were placed on earth as the stewards of creation, would ever buy a single egg from any factory farms that abuse god's creatures and environment. Want the stink to go away? Buy the cage-free eggs at the supermarket. Scotts will either convert to free-range or face the prospect of losing business.”


A SMOKe signaller writes: “Continuing on the Blackrock red soil

issued – i don’t remember seeing an environment impact assessment (eIA) being advertised for that particular site, or purpose. Can you tell us when this was published and can we get a copy?” SS: The newspaper has asked the National environment Service for more information on this. On the NeS website at environment. there is a page showing current eias for public viewing and comment for a period of a month before being decided upon by the environment authority. as of yesterday afternoon the only eIA online is for the Nautilus resort, a 35 premium style villa and restaurant project that will be “the newest luxury 4.5 start resort and the only ‘eco-retreat’ in the Cook Islands”, planned to be developed on the approximately four acre Muri property Aremango Section 7A1A2 (currently leased by Ta’akoka Island Villas).

KeeP the smokies rolling in! Smoke Signals and interesting island photos will be accepted by email (smokesignals@, or text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22-999.

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localNeWS nuti no roto i te iPUKarea

‘Bluff to frighten me out of speaking’ WheN i was getting ready to leave on holiday to the beautiful Cook islands last week i received a surprising warning. various Cook islands people contacted me to say that offshore industry people were threatening to have me arrested me when i arrived in rarotonga. The threats said my writing about the tax haven companies had broken a Cook islands law called the international Companies act. They said i would be served with a summons and have to appear in court. it was silly and seemed like a bluff to frighten me out of speaking at the University of the South Pacific (USP) tonight. But it also raises serious questions about what it means to live in a tax haven, because under Cook Islands law i really could be arrested. i have travelled around the world researching subjects like wars and intelligence but i’ve never had a threat like this. i have accepted press restrictions

Nicky Hager wrote this opinion piece exclusively for Cook islands News. 13062343 in countries like Fiji and China, but i would never have expected restrictions and threats from a friendly and open democratic country like the Cook islands. The reason i could be threatened is the offshore industry has written itself special tax haven laws to protect the secrets of its foreign clients. The international Compa-

nies act says it is an offence for any person to tell someone else about details of “international companies” (tax haven companies set up by the offshore companies). Under this law i could be ined $5000 and put in prison for 12 months for each of the dodgy clients i have revealed in my writing about the tax haven. The Constitution of the Cook islands guarantees fundamental human rights and freedoms, including freedom of speech and expression. Cook islands media are allowed to report all about politics and business. They often get secret tip offs and leaked information. it is all a normal part of a democracy. So why does the offshore industry have special secrecy laws that avoid it having normal scrutiny as well? Or, to put it differently, why does the Cook islands have a law that sounds like something from a military government or dictatorship? And, if the tax haven companies only have re-

spectable, law-abiding clients as they claim, why do they need such strict secrecy? In most countries, anyone can look on a company register and see names and details of every company registered in that country. it’s the same with trusts. After all, why would respectable and law-abiding people have to keep it secret that they own a company or trust? The main difference with a tax haven like the Cook islands is that it provides secrecy, which naturally attracts the kinds of clients who want secrecy: some legitimate, some dodgy and some very bad and criminal. This is what i’ll be speaking about at 7pm tonight at the USP. I spent 18 months studying tax havens after someone in the offshore industry leaked over a million documents from TrustNet and another offshore company to a Washington journalist organisation. i now know lots about secret tax haven cli-

Fifty-four-year-old Nicky hager is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated investigative journalists. he is visiting the Cook Islands his week to pursue his inquiries into tax haven activities. Tonight he will give a controversial address on why the Cook Islands should stop being a tax haven. his topic has ruled feathers in the ofshore inance industry. In this opinion piece he gives some background to his lecture and the issues he is dealing with. One of hager’s pet subjects is tax evasion. For the past 18 months he has collaborated with a collective of international journalists who have accessed leaked documents relating to the afairs of a number of Cook Islands trust clients. CI News will not be publishing any of the information about local trust companies and their clients. We have received legal advice to the efect that trusts are protected by privacy provisions of the international companies act and cannot be named in the media. - John Woods ents and lots about the work the offshore companies do for those clients — all based on the companies’ own documents. embarrassingly for the Cook Islands offshore industry, most of the information we were given comes from after 2004, when the industry claimed it

had cleaned up its act. The inside documents also reveal government offshore watchdogs acting more like lapdogs. For this and other reasons, my speech is called “10 reasons why Cook islands should stop being a tax haven.” - Nicky Hager

Court reminded of dress code THe HIgH Court was presided

over by Justice of the Peace Tui Short on June 20, who passed the following judgements: Wilfred Dauvois - at the request of the prosecution, was remanded back into custody after having his case adjourned to June 27. Dauvois is charged with common assault, two counts of theft and injuring with intent. No plea to these charges has yet been entered. Charles Petero who appeared for Dauvois in the absence of his usual counsel Norman george, requested the adjournment. After granting this, JP Short issued a reminder that the court had a code of dress and that not only this defendant but others needed to adhere to it.

A person with name suppression - charged with sexual intercourse with a girl 12 years and under and under 16 has been granted interim name suppression and also had previous bail conditions withdrawn in order to attend the high Court in rarotonga. Crown counsel, Taine Manavaroa, said the case had been referred to the Crown law ofice as it was “a serious matter”. He sought an application for the earlier bail conditions to be struck out so the accused could attend court. Under the initial bail conditions set, the defendant was not to leave aitutaki island he told the court. Iete Emanuel Pukerua - For the second time, Pukerua did not show up to court for sentencing for the threatening to kill or do grievous bodily harm charge he is accused of. Defence counsel, Wilkie rasmussen, told the court he did not know what the situation was with Pukerua. “He knows he has to be here but has not appeared again.” rasmussen and the police agreed to an adjournment for this coming Thursday and a request was put in by rasmussen for the police to follow up that

Pukerua does show. If he doesn’t, rasmussen said that could amount to contempt of court and felt the prosecution might then execute a warrant for his arrest. No plea in the case has been entered. John Young - appeared for the first time on a burglary charge but no plea was entered. Defence counsel, Wilkie rasmussen, said that he did not have any information from the police on Young’s matter at all, and sought an adjournment date until full disclosure was received. The adjournment was sought for two weeks instead of one as the matter was a complex one with the charges laid “quite serious” he said. Crystal Arona - is charged with theft as a servant on two counts. She appeared in court on Thursday, but had her case adjourned until July 4, at the request of police so that she can seek legal counsel. Police prosecutor, Avele Simona, said the charges related to theft of money and a dress. Jonathan Mokoha - was supposed to appear before the courts on June 27 but was mistakenly called last Thursday instead. he has now had his case adjourned until July 11. Papaturua Maretapu - is to reappear again on July 11 in relation to an excess breath alcohol charge after his defence counsel, Wilkie rasmussen, sought a further adjournment to “get the full story and disclosure from the police”. rasmussen said after new discussions with Maretapu, there was some circumstances raised - that Maretapu had not raised before, that highlighted some questions in relation to the charge. The adjournment was granted by JP Short. Kaiea Fred Ariu - entered guilty pleas to three charges. Those being excess breath alcohol (eBA), contempt of court and driving whilst disqualiied.

an adjournment was requested for ariu until Wednesday, June 26 so that a probation report could be prepared that police had no objections to. Previous bail conditions for ariu that stipulate he is not to enter licensed premises and is not to consume any liquor were applied. Pukana Piniata - is charged with assault [obstructing a constable] but did not show up to court on Thursday. Defence counsel, Wilkie rasmussen, said this was probably because Piniata was on the call over list when he should not have been, as he was scheduled for a defended hearing on Wednesday. “Which is why the court should give him the beneit-ofthe-doubt,” rasmussen said. Instead, Piniata’s case was adjourned for call over on July 25. Temotu Arioka- has pleaded guilty to theft. a probationary report was ordered for the sentencing which was set down for July 11. Matapo Rangi Vainerere - is yet to enter a plea to two charges; one for unlawfully being found on property, and another for theft that was only laid on the morning of court. represented by Kura WiKaitaia from Crown Law, it was noted by her, that disclosure from the police for the additional charge was needed at which point, the defendant would be able to enter a plea. at the request of the defence counsel, JP Short adjourned the case until June 27 so that the charges could be studied accordingly. Bail conditions were to continue and the defendant was to reside with his grandmother in Tupapa. Peterson Teinakore - who is charged with sexual intercourse with a girl 12 years and under and under 16 years, has had his case adjourned until July 15 so that it can be dealt with by the honourable Justice Williams, in rarotonga on that date.

A person with name suppression - Charged with theft as a servant has been granted name suppression and the matter referred to the children’s court. When JP Short enquired as to why the matter had been referred to the High Court, defence counsel,

Charles Petero, said it was something the police needed to work through. John Samatua - has had his wilful damage case adjourned until July 11, that Charles Petero requested in the absence of Samatua’s usual counsel Norman

george, who was said to be on aitu on government business. Temuera Nathan Maata - charged with careless driving had his case adjourned until July 11 with bail conditions to continue due to Norman george’s absence. - Ross McCullough

‘We have not forgotten how dificult life was’ Dear editor, i am still hoping to receive a response from Mac Mokoroa or from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning (MOIP) in regards to the water shortage in the avatiu and Nikao area. 1) What is being done so we do not have to go without water for up to nine weeks again? 2) For those who do not receive any water from the mains in these areas, will MOIP be illing their tanks for free instead of increasing the water cartage costs? Yes we are all happy at the moment as we have water to wash with. But we have not forgotten how dificult life was and want to know what MOIP is doing to prevent this. Putting water meters on people’s properties is not a solution. That is starting backwards! how can a business that is less than 1km away pull water off the mains that they then resell when residential properties nearby get nothing to even wipe their benches down, lush the toilet, wash their clothes or shower? But you want us to pay to fill our tanks up. That is wrong. i look forward to a response. Mark my words Mac Mokoroa responds: Please advise your letter writer to come and see Patrick Tangapiri who would be able to assist him or her. Until staff are sure where,

what and why he/she is not receiving water, then the staff cannot assist. Otherwise they are wasting their time complaining when they should have invested their time in resolving their own water shortage issues. i know a couple of households up avatiu valley who are actually tapping water straight from the stream and two other households that are using boring water and some other households who have water tanks.

Letters This Ministry has an open door policy to receive (concerns). The Ministry can’t help you if you are going to remain as a phantom. Last week we had Sam Crocombe, who is one of the worst critics for the avatiu Water shortage, come into Minister Teariki Heather’s ofice to voice his concerns. i am sure that if you talk to him (now), he can’t wait for progress to be made.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

Toa project approved The NaTiONal environment Service (NeS) has approved Toa Petroleum’s new swipe-card facility after most of the construction was completed without a permit. after Toa received approval from Internal Affairs, which must approve and monitor the project because it deals with dangerous goods, construction began on May 28. However, NeS manager Vavia Tangatataia said an environmental impact assessment (eia) was also required for the project. After NeS inspected the site on May 29, Toa received a stop-work notice on May 31. Toa continued with the project – a swipe card facility that will allow Toa’s wholesale customers to purchase fuel at any time of the day or night. The construction of this facility is almost complete. While NeS discussed the matter with Crown Law, Tangatataia said he wanted to work with Toa to get the project approved in-

stead of prosecuting them. in addition to the information already provided by Toa, NeS asked for an acknowledgement of approval from Toa’s neighbours, which Tangatataia said is an important part of the eia project. Toa agreed and submitted these approvals to NeS, including from the Airport Authority, Café Jireh, Celebration on the rock Church, rarotonga rentals, the returned Services Association, and residents in homes behind the Toa site. The project, which was already in the final stages of construction, was subsequently approved. The swipe-card facility is likely to be complete this week, with workers currently busy with the inishing touches. The project was monitored by internal affairs during its construction to check that it was built according to the original plans and met safety criteria. - Briar Douglas

workers are currently putting the inal touches on Toa’s new swipe-card facility, which had gone ahead without approval from NES. 13062506

Construction of Toa’s swipe-card facility has gone ahead steadily since May 28, after receiving approval from internal Afairs. 13062509

yesterday was a busy day for workers at Toa Petroleum’s swipe-card facility, which only recently received approval from NES. 13062510

Workshop addresses climate change challenges THe FIrST of a two-day workshop to help stakeholders in the isheries and aquaculture industry was held yesterday. The workshop is being conducted by the Ministry of Marine resources (MMr), the Secretariat of the Paciic Community (SPC), along with the support of AusAID. roughly 20 people were in attendance, including ministry staff, additional staff from concerned government departments such as public health and the Ofice of the Prime Minister, nongovernment organisations, and oficials from the private sector. The workshop is the fruit of the labour of more than 90 scientists from more than 36 organisations, said Dr Johann Bell from SPC. Together, the collective published a book in 2011 titled ‘Vulnerability of tropical isheries and aquaculture to climate change’. a variety of topics covered in that book will be discussed during the two-day workshop. Participants will learn “about the effects of global warming and ocean acidification on the ecosystems and stocks supporting fisheries and aquaculture, and the consequences for economic

development, food security and livelihoods”, read an MMr press release. Workshop attendees are also hearing about how certain isheries and aquaculture resources are expected to be losers as the climate changes, and that others will be winners. “The ability of pearl oysters to produce high quality pearls could potentially be affected by the changing climate,” said Bell. “In particular, ocean acidiication may affect how pearl oysters lay down nacre.” “We would like all stakeholders to identify adaptations that minimise the risks posed by climate change, and maximise the opportunities,” added MMr secretary Ben Ponia. MMr says continued degradation of coral reefs due to increases in coral bleaching and ocean acidiication are expected to lower ishery productivity by 20 per cent by 2050. “This will reduce the amount of coastal ish available for food security,” said Ponia. “We will have to strengthen the plans already underway to transfer ishing activities from reefs to tuna by promoting the use of nearshore fish aggregating devices (FADs).”

FADs mimic objects floating freely in the sea, such as a log, which tend to act as a gathering area for species of ish such as tuna. Bell agrees and says that FADs are a win-win adaptation. “FADs are helping to supply more fish where ciguatera fish poisoning occurs, and investments in FADs are likely to be favoured by climate change,” he said. “Tuna are expected to occur more frequently in the waters of the Cook islands as sea surface temperatures rise.” “investments in aquaponics to boost local supplies of ish are also likely to be favoured by the projected changes in rainfall,” said Bell. MMr says workshop results will be used to help guide the management and development of isheries and aquaculture. They will also be submitted to the Ofice of the Prime Minister for inclusion in the joint national action plan for climate change adaptation and disaster risk management. In terms of adaptation, Bell said the region is “ahead of the game”. “No other region has produced such a comprehensive vulnerability awareness.” - ES

Principal isheries scientist dr Johann Bell with the secretariat of the Paciic community is in town to facilitate a workshop on climate change for the isheries and aquaculture industry. 13062517


Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

Te Kukupa still to discover illegal ishing POLICe patrol boat Te Kukupa has just returned from a joint monitoring operation in the northern Cook Islands, where all the vessels boarded were found to be complying with their maritime regulations. The objective of Operation Tuimoana, that was carried out in conjunction with the Samoan police patrol boat Nafanua, was to “try and board as many commercial ishing vessels as possible”, says Te Kukupa commanding oficer Te Paki Baxter. The operation was checking for such infringements as: shark inning, appropriate ishing gear being used for the right species being targeted and if any tampering was going on with visual monitoring systems or VMS’s. In all, seven fishing vessels were boarded (all long-liners) says Baxter, with all their documents found to be in order. Captains of those vessels were also questioned about where they were heading, how long they would be in the areas and what they were ishing for. However, Baxter says a few of the vessels had licenses that in the next month or two would expire, and they will need to address this. he says when the patrol boards a boat, a fishing licence must be displayed. if one is not produced, Baxter says a vessel can lose their right to obtain a future licence. “it can be harsh or maybe a warning,” he says. The Ministry of Marine resources checks the

history of police patrol boardings, with the worst offenders even susceptible to going on a black list. This prevents them from being able to ish or obtain fuel in any nation in the Paciic. Te Kukupa departed for Penrhyn on June 12 and used the island as a refuelling stop in readiness for a search and rescue mission, which was near to where the operational monitoring was to take place. Plans changed though when the ishing leets migrated to the west of the northern Cooks that meant both patrol boats had to move to just south west of Suwarrow. Baxter says in the past seven years since they have been patrolling the waters in the exclusive economic zone (eeZ), there had been no illegal fishing discovered by Te Kukapa. Nevertheless, there had been detections by Australian, New Zealand and French Polynesia surveillance aircraft. Meanwhile, maritime law enforcement training will begin next week for the special tactical team (STT), consisting of oficers from Cook Islands Police Services headquarters. an instructor from the australian Navy will be taking them for self-defence and firearms training specifically for boarding vessels. Cook islands fishery officers with the MMr will also take part in the training but will not be permitted to carry irearms. - Ross McCullough

Te Kukupa commanding oicer Te Paki Baxter points to the area near Suwarrow where the compliance boarding took place.



Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

RARO on my mind

Finding hope between Islands TheY say a picture is worth a thousand words. Being a writer, that’s not my most favourite cliché, but after watching Tajinder Singh Hayer’s Islands i concede it’s sometimes true. The words Islands speaks are silent, written on the faces of the ilm’s actors and in the pitch of its background music, but they are powerful and they are poignant. Hayer says the ilm’s moral is open to interpretation, but explains that his team’s 16-minute production is generally about self-determination and an individual’s power to change the trajectory of his or her life. To me, Islands is about hope and the idea that for those among us mired in tough circumstances, moving on is an option. The ilm is a love story, to be sure, but one that raises darker questions about abuse and domestic violence, which are relevant and prevalent in many Paciic societies. In brief summary, Islands introduces us to a young girl who’s stuck in an unhealthy relationship with her partner. We watch her tend dutifully and begrudgingly to his every need. We see her fear and we feel her profound sadness. We watch as she pines for freedom and a fresh start, slinking away to lock eyes from a distance with the boy across the shore. We watch her partner Putu hit her when he discovers where she’s been going. and then we watch as Vaine makes the dificult, life-altering decision to leave. The film ends when vaine presents to Tamatoa, her lover from another island, a bloodied coconut as evidence of her violent escape. “(Vaine is) trapped and, in the course of the ilm, comes to realise her state and does something about it,” Hayer told me from his U.K. base, where he teaches creative writing and writes for theatre, ilm, and radio. “However, I also see (Islands) as a story about Vaine growing as a person, and growth can be a dificult as well as a rewarding process. It’s not easy for her to leave Putu; not just because he is violent, but because he is the only world she has known and there’s still a residual affection there.” We watch as Vaine tenderly touches Putu’s face before she makes her escape, and in that moment we understand how hard it is for her to leave even though she’s clearly unhappy and ill-treated. This is the problem with judging women (or men) in abusive relationships who don’t leave and who subject themselves to a viciously repetitious cycle of violence. They might fear being alone. They might have family-related or inancial obligations to consider. They might not know anything different.

Hayer continues: “I didn’t want Putu to be just an ogre, and I think it’s a tribute to John Trego’s performance that there are moments in there where we do see things beyond anger and jealousy – moments of sadness and pity. “So, while Vaine’s escape is ultimately a positive step for her, it also has a painful, violent side to it – Putu is killed. In giving the bloodied coconut to Tamatoa, she’s given him her heart but is also admitting what she’s done.” Of course, not every escape is necessarily bloody. The coconut and Putu’s death are symbols of the struggle involved in such a drastic life decision. Still, I think the ilm suggests that while leaving is not always easy, it’s often worth it. Hayer told me that while the ilm addresses the problem of domestic violence, its application is broader than that. “I was aware of domestic violence in Pacific communities; I think I was also influenced by examples of patriarchal violence in British asian communities,” he said. “However, I was also aware that I wasn’t making a piece of social realism or a documentary. So, this was a more archetypal look at how someone with a monopoly of violence can dominate someone else. “I’m ine with it being seen through the lens of gender and domestic violence, but it could also be about state oppression, cultural subjugation and other barriers to self-assertion.” To Hayer, for example, the theme of self-determination struck a personal chord. “I also think that, as I was moving away from my parental home at the time, there was an element of that seeping into the story; Vaine’s tale could be read as a symbolic rendering of a child cutting the umbilical cord and the dificulty of that act,” he said. In the case of a child separating from a parent, just as in the case of a partner severing ties with an abuser, departure is dificult. But I think the beauty of islands lies in its suggestion that while escape isn’t necessarily painless, it is at least possible. Hayer, who calls the process of creating Islands “one of the most professionally and personally rewarding experiences in my career”, hopes Film raro will become an annual event, resulting in “a back-catalogue of great ilms, a stellar list of Cook Islands and overseas alumni, and a thriving ilm festival (and industry) that the people of the islands can be proud of”. In the meantime, though, I think he can count his own as one of the great films in that backcatalogue.

Heiarii ioapa and ruhau Tamaunu on the set of islands. 13062515

Mark Bull, Tajinder Hayer, and Scott dulson of the islands team. 13012113

Girl’s Brigade anniversary milestones g I r LS' Brigade companies

around the world celebrated the 120th anniversary of the girls' Brigade movement since its establishment in Sandymount,

Ireland in 1893. This year the Cook islands also mark the 40th anniversary of girls' Brigade in the Cook Islands since its irst formation by

Pioneer Papa Vainerere Tangatapoto in Atiu, on March 4 1973. This year the rarotonga companies were hosted to a festival full of celebrations

by the Arorangi girls Brigade Company on Friday June 7 to end a week long programme of activities ranging from the collection of food delivered to Takamoa Theological College, visitations to the rarotonga

Hospital, Arorangi Prison, Creative Centre and lunch with the Are Pa Metua. The Omoka girls’ Brigade company on Penrhyn also took part in this year’s festivities with a weekend camp, a

route march through Omoka, a combined church parade ending with a concert to celebrate both anniversaries, through traditional and contemporary song, dance and dramas. - MW/Release

“10 reasOns Why COOk Islands shOuld stOp beIng a tax haven” a talk by nicky hager Investigative Journalist at USP Cook Islands Wednesday 26 June at 7.00pm Nicky Hager is an author based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has been described as “New Zealand’s leading investigative journalist” and has written books about the Afghanistan war, secret intelligence, New Zealand politics and the unethical side of public relations. For the past 18 months he has been part of a small team of investigative journalists around the world studying a sizeable leak of tax haven documents, including from the company trustNet that started and still works in the cook Islands. All welcome – light refreshments afterwards. 71908

Members of the Omoka Girls Brigade Company after their combined church parade. PHOTO JEANNINE DANIEL 13062112


Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

More stand up paddling to come M O r e stand up paddling equipment is bound for the islands after the successful running of the inaugural Stand Up raro stand up paddling event on Saturday. Stand Up rarotonga drew an enthusiastic crowd of junior outrigger paddlers who proved to be just as skilled on the stand up paddle boards. event organiser luke Thompson with the support of volunteers and local businesses ran a series of sprint races on Muri lagoon. Thompson says it was great to receive support from the Cook islands Canoeing association’s Vaea Melvin who got her

junior outrigger paddlers out to the beach to give the fastestgrowing sport a go. “Stand up paddling is the fastest growing sport since snowboarding and with the Cook islands having spacious lagoons this is an excellent opportunity to breed some great stand up paddlers,” says Thompson. “i would like to send a huge thank you to Captain Tama, Cook Islands TV, CI News and especially Vaea Melvin for helping co-ordinating all those awesome junior paddlers who supported the event.” Thompson says he will be working with CiCa president

Fletcher Melvin with the aim of getting equipment on the island for paddlers’ training,” says Thompson. he adds that if stand up paddling continues to prove popular with the juniors, he hopes to be able to showcase a couple of workshops throughout the year to provide training on paddling techniques and training methods. “if you would like to support Stand Up events and help to get us back here, please like our StandupSeries Facebook page.” “We look forward to some more paddling in the Cook islands.” - MW

Manu Melvin showed impressive determination on the stand up paddle board managing to negotiate the short course without falling over. 13062329

Junior paddlers found they were pretty skilled at stand up paddling when they took part in the Stand up rarotonga event on Saturday in Muri. 13062323

BUILDING CENTRE Monday-Thursday8am-4pm•Friday8am-4.30pmsaturday8am-12.30pm






rarotonga youth turned out in numbers for the Stand up rarotonga stand up paddling event at Muri beach on Saturday. 13062334

Do or die at netball

slIp ON






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KITChEN KITsET 2400MM (ONE ONlY) #3436


OPeN senior one and two netball teams get the

12-year-old Teariki Tuavera proved to be a pro on the stand up paddle boards. 13062337

ball rolling on the season’s semi-inal round tonight at the Telecom Sports Arena. On court one at 5.30pm the open two Tupapa and avatiu side will go head to head. Tupapa won their first encounter against Avatiu in the irst round of games and in the second round, the game between these two clubs ended in a draw and tonight’s encounter is sure to be thriller. At the same time on court two, Titikaveka and arorangi will meet in the second open two semiinals in what should be another iery match. At 6.20pm on court one, Takuvaine and arorangi will meet in the open one division while avatiu and Titikaveka will do battle in the same division on court two. remaining semi-inal netball games will be played out on Saturday will all winners heading to the grand inals and the losers hanging up their bibs. - Matariki Wilson
















drop in today and talk to our friendly staff about

ThE $1500 WATER TANK sUBsIDY pACKAgE AND BE IN TO WIN $2000 CAsh DRAWN 4Th JAN 2014 YoUR oNE sToP shoP Ph 27012 Fax 27013


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classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303





kite kopu tangata, Patiariki, Ngariki i runga i te enua AREAU 35 Aitutaki. E patianga kia tae mai tatou a te Ruitoru ra 26 June 2013 ora 6 aiai kiko ite Ngakoa Hall i Titikaveka. Uipaanga meitaki maata Ngaoa Ranginui.

kia Orana e te hiti tangata Manihiki katoatoa. E patihanga teia kia tae mai tatou no ta tatou fangai hanga I o tatou aronga Manihiki tei haka ngateitei hia ki na tapo o te Ariki Vahine. Ko Taepae Tuteru, Papa Nooroa Kairengi, Daniel Apii, Mimi Jane Kaina. Fuifui mai kia humaria e kia mataora ta tatou angaanga. Paraparau ra 27 June ite for a 5 ite ahiahi I to tatou hostel. Te Atua te Aroha Na te Mema Paramani e te au Komiti o te Manihiki.

72091 /31830 /1931

e patianga kapikianga uipaanga I runga i tei nga enua ko Te Areroa 127A3 e Punakiore 16L Matavera A te Thursday 27 June 2013 ora 6 aiai. Tupapa Meeting House Meitaki Maata. 72118 /31842 /1931

Autism Cook Islands ph 24065/55976

72077 /31823 /1931

For the sake of your family

get help Call AA - 55606

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


the Oice of the Prime Minister wishes to advise the public that Friday 5 July 2013 will be observed as a public holiday in respect of the “Ra o te Ui Ariki”, as stipulated under the Public Holidays (Ra o te Ui Ariki) Amended Act 2013, which states; “Ra o te Ui Ariki means the irst Friday of July in each calendar year” 71483 /31891 /1842


Invitation to bid Date: 26 June 2013 Loan: 2472-cOO and 2473-cOO: Avatiu Port Development Project Contract No. and Title: CIPA-9: CANTEEN AND FORKLIFT SHELTER Deadline for Submission of Bids 1. The GOVERNMENT OF THE COOK ISLANDS has received a Loan from the Asian Development Bank towards the cost of the AVATIU PORT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT. Part of this loan will be used for payments under the contract named above. 2. The COOK ISLANDS PORTS AUTHORITY (“the Employer”) invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the construction and completion of: CIPA-9: CANTEEN AND FORKLIFT SHELTER (“the Works”). 3. National competitive Bidding is being conducted in accordance with ADB’s Single-Stage, One envelope Bidding Procedure and is open to all eligible Bidders. 4. Only eligible bidders with the following key qualiications should participate in this bidding: • Access to, or availability of, inancial resources to meet the cash low requirement of the project. As a minimum the tenderer must show that his resources, in terms of at least his latest year’s working capital and lines of credit, will be adequate to cover his tender Price and current work commitments. • Evidence of past experience covering the scale and types of works required under this Project. • the tenderer must demonstrate that it has ownership of or secured access to the following key equipment listed below:


Equipment Type and Characteristics crane

Uipaanga Mataiti (AGM) Ruitoru ra 26 Tiunu, 4.30pm to 6pm. Old PIAF oice, Tupapa main road. Ripoti a te Perititeni, ripoti o te akapapaanga moni, ikianga i te au akaaere ou. Ko tei inangaro i te aere mai kite uipaanga, ka ariki rekareka ia te katoatoa. Taniuniu atu te tereponi 21144. 72018 /31864 /2119



PUBLIC NOTICES Annual General Meeting Wednesday 26 June, 4.30pm6pm. Old PIAF oice, Tupapa Main Road. President’s Report, Financial Reports and Election of Oice Bearers. Members and intending members welcome. Enquiries phone 21144.

Min. Number Required 1





cherry picker or manhoist


Further Eligibility and Qualiication Criteria are outlined in the Tender Documents. 5. Interested Bidders may obtain further information from the cook Islands Ports Authority from 26 June 2013 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday at the address indicated below. 6. to purchase a hard copy of the Engineering Drawing documents (in English), Bidders should apply to the address below and pay a non-refundable fee of NZ$20.00 made payable to the cook Islands Ports Authority. Alternatively, Bidders may obtain a copy of the bidding documents free of charge by providing a lash drive to Cook Islands Ports Authority for the bidding documents to be downloaded to. 7. there will be no Pre-Bid meeting. Bidders may arrange with the Employer to visit the site. 8. Bids must be delivered to the address below at or before 2:00 PM on the 24 July 2013. All Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Securing Declaration. (refer ItB 19.) Late bids shall be rejected. Bids will be opened in the presence of the Bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at the address below at 2.30 PM on the 24 July 2013 9. the cook Islands Ports Authority will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by Bidders in connection with the preparation or delivery of bids. ADDRESS DETAILS Mr Bim tou General Manager cook Islands Ports Authority Ara tapu, Avatiu rarotonga tel No.: +682 21921 Fax No.: +682 21191 E-mail:

The Cook Islands Red Cross Society is ofering a Certiied Comprehensive First Aid Training Course. A 2 year irst aid certiicate will be awarded at the completion of the course. Date: Tuesday 2 July - Wednesday 3 July 2013. Venue: Cook Islands Red Cross Headquarters. Time 8.30am. For any enquiries contact 22598. Email Meitaki maata. 71930 /31765 /2204

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


Oice of the energy commissioner - Green Light Project Our contractors have circled the island and noted there are households with no one home and therefore have not received their Bulbs. This advert is to advise we will be circling the island again to speciically target these households. To do this we will be starting in the Ruatonga Meeting House to Tupapa & Ruatonga Meeting house to Nikao area - the dividing line between the two is the Ruatonga road. If you are one of the Households who qualify for a replacement CFL Bulb(s) and have not received yours yet please call Ms Caroline Wichman on 25494 ext 833 at the Oice of the Energy Commissioner to leave the following information: 1. Meter Box Number 2. Name and Phone Number 3. Area, and exact location of house 4. How many Incandescent Bulbs require replacing 5. Times (between 8am & 4pm) when someone will be home over the coming week beginning Thursday 13 June 2013. Please note this notice is for those households only (for now) in the Tupapa to Ruatonga to Nikao area. 71852 /31754 /1842

FOUND Prescription sunglasses, backroad near prison. Call/Text 57736. 72102 /72102 /1931

PUBLIC NOTICES Cook Islands Party 100 Club rale To all ticket holders of the cook Islands Party 100 Club Rale, we wish to advise that this rafle was not drawn on Friday 21 June 2013 due to unsold rale tickets. The committee have requested approval from the Police Department for this draw to be drawn on Thursday 4 July 2013. We regret the inconvinience caused to our supporters. CIP Executives. 72144 / /1822

SHIPPING NOTICES Shipping Notice We are receiving cargo for Manihiki, Rakahanga, Penrhyn. Cargo closes Friday 28 June 2013. For further inquiries call 24905 or 24912. 72124 /31865 /1857

Maungaroa v121 We are receiving cargo from Mangaia and Ngaputoru. Sailing for Mangaia on the 24 June 2013 on return from Mangaia. She will leave Atiu, Mauke, Mitiaro. 72125 /31865 /1857

RESULTS bowls Cook Islands 49’ers Club Results 3rd Draw 24/06/13 1. 096 Rua 2. 331 Zep 3. 229 Virginia Please collect prizes from your sellers. Next draw 1/7/2013. 72139 / /1855

WANTED TO BUy Want to buy Avocados. Phone 77839. 71962 /31761 /1931

We will buy your old or broken gold jewellery. FISHERS BLACK PEARL JEWELLERY. 71118 /32630 /1889



2013/2014 tertIary study sChOlarshIp aWards the Government of the cook Islands is seeking “Expressions of interest” for Scholarship awards from suitably qualiied Cook Islands men and women for study at a Paciic Regional Institute (excluding Australia) or NZ academic institution. * NZ Paciic Scholarship – undergraduate study in NZ only * NZ Regional scholarship – study in the PACIFIC Region (i.e. USP) * Commonwealth Open Scholarships – PhD or Masters Level in NZ only. For this award, you will be required to attach a Letter of Ofer for admission by the institute into your area of study, provide 3 Letters of references and an outline of your research topic. the tertiary scholarships are open to cook Islands persons from all sectors of the community, public and private living here in the cook Islands. Applicant selection will be based upon meeting the scholarship eligibility criteria, primarily that of academic merit and that proposed course of study meet Government’s HRD priorities of the Cook Islands.

2013/2014 nZaId shOrt terM traInIng aWards Employers wishing to develop staf skills through short-term training attachments in New Zealand are invited to apply for assistance under the NZAID Bilateral Aid training Programme. this may include new studies towards courses at tertiary institutes (e.g universities and Polytechnics) provided that completion is within a period of less than 12 months. Further details and application forms are available at the Ministry of Education in Nikao. Please note, degree studies, postgraduate studies, conferences and workshops will not be considered under this scheme. The above training and study awards will be prioritised to the following HRD priorities for 2013/2014: Agriculture, Marine, Waste Management, renewable Energy, Education (Secondary Teaching), Health, ICT and Finance, although other areas can be considered. Application forms and further information are available from the Ministry of Education, Nikao or contact Anna Roi, ph 29357 ext 213 or Ngarangi Tangaroa-Teio – ext 210 or email Application Forms must be received no later than 12pm, Thursday 27 June 2013. 71769


Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

Tenders are sought for the sale of a 2001 Nissan Primera (White) Car on an as is, where is basis. For inspection phone Pauline Matai on 20798 or Email to arrange to view etc 72076 / /1696

TENDERS by Order of the Court, tenders are invited for the sale of a variety of Black Pearls of various size and shape set on 9 & 18 carat pendants. To view, please visit the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) oice between the hours of 9am-3pm (MonFri). Tender closes Friday 5 July 2013 at 4pm. The highest tender will not necessarily be accepted. Tender forms are available at the MOJ oice. Tenders are to be submitted to the Registrar of the High Court, PO Box 111, Avarua, Rarotonga. 71821 /31856 /1796

FOR RENT 3 bedroom house for rent, $250 per week, long term, Arorangi. Contact 74466. 72142 /31857 /1931

“as is where is basis” 1 x Mitsubishi Challenger Jeep Tender closes 3pm Friday 28 June 2013. For viewing/inspection contact Myland Lane on 29341 ext 808 or Daru Graham on 29341 ext 813 for appointment.


71889 /32726 /1655

2 & 1 bedroom unit, Arorangi. Close to shop. 2 bedroom house, Matavera. Phone 79874/21444.

72086 / /2435

72140 /31850 /1931

2 bedroom house, furnished, Aroa. Long term/short term. Phone 24900 or 55302.

72134 / /2533

hitachi Chainsaw 32.3CC 14’’ Bar, $500. Trader Don 22919.

72150 / /1808

72039 / /2404

Room to rent, $70 per week & one week bond, share house with 3 others, 5 bedroom furnished. Phone 78151.

kaI MOana seaFOOd Fish Slices on Sale Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, only $10.00 per kg Call now on 27188 to place an order or visit our shop at the market for a full range.

72132 /31873 /1994


Tina Iro’s Famous 10 inch square Apple Pies, $35. All proceeds going towards Vaka Maeva paddling club Pies will be ready for pick up on Saturday 29 June. Phone Tina Iro 79368 or Donna 58833 for orders.

72081 /31828 /1931

72131 /31881 /1841

72136 /33003 /2058

72045 / /2419

3 bedroom modern house, fully furnished, good water, walk to town $350 week. Long term. Ph 26039.

MurI beaCh Four houses on two titles - running beach front to Main Road Studio unit, 1 bedroom unit, and 2 X 3 bedroom houses (One luxury) There are several ways to structure this sale, so lets talk. Details to genuine buyers. Phone John 55097/26664

3 bedroom fully furnished house, 5 min walk 2 town, $200/wk Phone 54882 or 23601.

Cook Islands Canoeing Association canoes Tender Notice Tenders are invited for the bulk supply of Canoes for the 2013 year. The standards and speciications for the Canoes can be uplifted by arrangement from the Secretary, Cook Islands Canoeing Association email oevaka@ Phone 51249. Tender submissions shall close @ 4pm, Wednesday 3 July 2013. Tenders shall be in a sealed envelope addressed to: CICA Canoes Tender 2013 Secretary, cook Islands canoeing Association, PO Box 775 Rarotonga, cook Islands Tenders must be marked “Conidential” and be delivered by deposit into the Tender Box at the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation oices, Maire Nui Drive, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.



Penrhyn mother of pearl shells for sale 40kg bags. Phone Papa Wilkie 54239

Located cooks corner sold as going concern Partial

71939 /31769 /1795

Delicious cakes for all occasions. Reasonable prices. Phone Fern 29015, 77555. 71720 /32694 /2655

71719 /31796 /1708


71913 / /2567

rObs CharCOal ChICken

support staf The Ministry of Education is inviting applications for the following positions: 1. Special Needs Teacher Aide Avarua School 2. ECE Teacher Aide - Niua School 3. Teacher Aide - Tereora College (Rakei Toa) Applications close on Friday 28 June 2013. For more information visit our website: www. Applications and CV should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Email ck Pool Doctor * Water testing * chlorine * P.H down * Bufer Discounted rates FREE DELIVERY Phone Tony 56599.

Do you have a drinking problem? Call 55606.



Has your drinking got out of control? Call 55606

72099 /31873 /1994


PH or TXT Peter 55289


72087 / /2147

1 newish small haier glassfront fridge (used for three months) now excess to our needs, $450. Phone 26468 or 26609.

holden ss 5.7 v8 Low mileage Excellent condition 30k ono. Phone 55688. 72106 /31836 /2517

SITUATIONS VACANT Concrete Systems Ltd is wanting the services of an experienced auto Electrician. This can be on a part-time, permanent or Contract basis. Ring 21375 for interview. 72000 /31780 /2295


ph 22336

SITUATIONS VACANT staf solicitor We are a law irm looking for a staf solicitor to join our busy team. Our practice covers all areas with an emphasis on land law, commercial transactions, banking and inance. We are looking for someone who is energetic, highly motivated, conident with unquestionable integrity and technical competence. Ideally you will have at least 2 years post admission experience. Level of remuneration will be based upon experience. Please contact Maara Toleafoa on 21619 or send your cv to 71961 /31805 /1780

Rob’s Charcoal Chicken is looking for a cashier to work the busy lunch shift Monday-Friday. Past experience a plus. Phone 52334. 72110 /31839 /1931


VEHICLES FOR SALE Nissan March 1000cc GR8 on petrol, $13k ono Nissan Serena van, $8.5k ono Phone 54882 or 23601.

Vendor inance available. ...............................................

Typhoon 125cc $1200 ono Tiger Smart 100cc $800 ono Phone 56360.


Animal Clinic


The COOk Islands ChaMber OF COMMerCe tOgether WIth the yOung enterprIse trust warmly invite you to attend the



where three teams of Year 13 students from the Young Enterprise Scheme at tereora college will present their Plans to build a business in order to develop a cook Islands product for sale. Crown Beach Conference Room Thursday 27 June 2013, Rarotonga Cook Islands 5pm – 6.30 pm Please RSVP to: The Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce Phone: 20925


senior extension Oicer the Ministry of Agriculture invites expressions of interest from suitably qualiied, mature, and experienced persons to ill the above position. The successful applicant should have a good understanding of general agriculture, soil science, pest surveillance, and agricultural extension. the successful applicant is expected to be willing to upskill his knowledge in agricultural science and be luent in both english and maori, and must have a pleasant attitude and understanding relating to the sharing and transfer of knowledge and technical information to farmers. Written applications including a cV should be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture, PO Box 96, rarotonga or e-mail: A Job Description is available on request and applications close 3 July 2013. /

72090 / /1966

Taro Manaura @ $100, 25kg bag. Free delivery. Phone 74049.


We ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with!

72108 /31838 /1931

Fridge/Freezer for sale, $500. Phone 29987 or 24755 after 5pm.


72122 /31860 /1931

Issue of achievement reports

72152 / /2415


All Students will be issued with their Achievement reports on Wednesday June 26. these reports will include detailed information about progress in all subjects, and advice from teachers.

Caregiver/parent teacher /student interviews

prIvate seCtOr trade WOrkshOp 29 AND 30 JULY 2013 NADI, Fiji the chamber is calling for an expression of interest from those in the Private Sector who are involved in exports or imports, to attend the above workshop. the purpose of this workshop is to increase the awareness and understanding of business in Paciic Island countries on the beneits of trade policies and trade agreements. Please provide a written submission no later than Monday 1st July 2013, to: cook Islands chamber of commerce E-mail: Or alternatively call Lynne at the Chamber oice 20925

exCItIng Career OppOrunItIes!!

nZQa accredited training –earn while you learn!

caregivers are invited to meet subject teachers on Thursday June 27 between 2 pm and 5 pm. We strongly encourage you to bring your son/daughter with you for this short interview and also his/her report. No appointments are necessary. If you wish to have an extended interview with a particular teacher please call your anau teacher who will help arrange this at a diferent time.

Orongaanga Ripoti ka oronga iatu te ripoti apa mataiti o ta tatou anau tamariki ate Ruitoru ra 26 no Tiunu. te pati iatu nei te au metua kia aere mai koe e taau tamaiti/tamaine ate Paraparau ra 27 no Tiunu no te uriurianga manako ki te au puapii. Apai mai te ripoti o taau tama. Me ka inangaro koe ite aravei akaou I tetai uatu puapii kia akatanotano korua I tetai tuatau ke kia aravei akaou korua, taniuniu mai ite puapii kia rauka teia ite akanonoia. Otira ua Bali Haque. Puapii Maata

Chef/ deli supervisor – do you have a lair for food? • Overseeing the production of salads and Deli hot meals, ensuring freshness and quality of prepared food and Deli small goods. Suit someone with good food preparation and supervisory experience with a passion for food

sales & dIstrIbutIOn Picker/Drivers Assistant – C Class drivers license an advantage! • Involves assisting with the assembly, dispatch & delivery of all orders around the Island for wholesale customers. You will need to be it and accurate with your orders.

FOODLAND Checkout Operator – accuracy will win the day! • Completing all point of sale transactions, balancing and reconciling cash. You will need a big smile and great customer service skills! talk to us today about starting a career in retail! For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or kai on phone 23-191, 54-181 or Email: kLouis@citc.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News


Lead Tutor Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute The Ministry of Education seeks outstanding people with the required experience and qualiications to be part of leading the development of training in the Cook Islands and to ill an important leadership position in the new Tertiary Training Institute. Under the leadership of the Director the following position will direct the operations of the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute. Lead Tutor Trades: responsible for the management and delivery of trades related courses and liaison with trade related industries and employers. Signiicant experience and qualiications in related industry and in industry training. This is a rare opportunity to join an organisation in its start up phase and be part of shaping its early development. Applications close on Friday 28 June 2013. Application packs, with job description are available from the Ministry in Nikao or at completed forms with cover letter, CV and references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga Cook Islands Email vacancy@


72023 /31866 /1938

Live In Caregiver Required for old papa. Must be able to work 6 days per week, drives a car. For details call 56563. 71869 /32701 /1931

Looking for live in nanny to look after two children. Phone 29913.


In memory of

Mrs Tekura-tau-kia-pa Marqueritte Tungane Tutai Matai simiona.

Aketuki Teremoana TOU. 17th August 1956 - 25th June 2008 IT ADMINISTRATOR/COORDINATOR The Edgewater Resort & Spa is looking for an enthusiastic and energetic person to either manage or coordinate our IT department. Applicants must have ample experience in this area and be competent in working with our reservations system (Room Master), food and beverage POS system, email, internet and ofer training to other staf in areas of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point etc. Remuneration will depend on experience of applicant. Come and ill in an application form or call 55469 for more information. 72096 /33001 /1759

Full time position available for a Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist. Experience in Flower Essences an advantage, ph Teresa 73917. 71969 / /1931

Wanted Caregiver/housekeeper for elderly gentleman live in. Phone 73465. 72100 /31833 /1931

71937 /31768 /1795

Muri Cafe & Muri Restaurant Barista - make a mean latte? Wait Staf - got a wicked smile? Kitchen Hand - clean and fast? Prefer experience but will train if you have a good attitude Part time and full time positions, day or night shifts Immediate start, good rates & work environment. Phone us now Tim 54124 or Dave 55651 or Erin 55963.


reservatIOnIst Small tourist resort looking for part-time (morning) RESERVATIONIST CLERK. Short hours, excellent pay, fun local team. Call Tom or Luckey on phone 27030 (mornings). 72104 /31880 /2040


purotu no Araura Enua, e metua vaine meitaki, ki, ite aroa e te inangaro, e tauturu Orometuavaineakangaroi,emetua vaine evangelia, kua moe ki te moe anga roa, i te ora tai (1.00am) popongi sabati ra 23/06/2013.

Itsbeen5yearssincewelastsawyou.Yourbeautifulsmile wenolongersee,yourbeautifulvoicewenolongerhear. Wewouldgiveanythingtoseeyou,talkwithyouortojust

hug you again.

We know you’re always watching over us each and everyday. We love and miss you so much. gone but never forgotten. Forever in our hearts. Your husband Tangata, daughter Vanya, son-in-law sonny and your grandchildren Jakuin, sovana & sonny xoxoxo


princess of Araura Enua. A very loving and caring mother of all. A retired assistant Ministers wife of the late Ngariki Maanga Matai simiona of Tautu CICC Ekalesia Aitutaki.A real mother of the church. she passed away at 1.00am sunday morning at Aitutaki hospital aitutaki 23/06/2013. she was born 19 February 1928. she was 85years old.



FOREIGN AFFAIRS OFFICER If you are committed to the advancement of the national interests of the cook Islands at the international level, and are interested in regional and international developments and how this afects the Cook Islands then this could well be the job for you. the FAO will be responsible to the Director of the International Division. We are looking for a university graduate (economics, political science, international relations, or law would be advantageous) wishing to build a career in foreign afairs and with a range of attributes, including the following: • Knowledge, awareness and appreciation of the political and economic environment, both in the cook Islands and internationally; • Excellent time management and organisational skills; • Excellent written and oral communication skills. Please contact Nga kamana on telephone 29-347 or email for the full job description, requirements and application details. Applications close 3pm Monday 1 July 2013. 72044


WANTED TO RENT Oice space required. Ideally need at least 6 separate oices and open plan area. Contact Maara on 21619 or 72148 / /1780

Classiieds • Phone 22999


72026 /31800 /1931


CustOMer servICe OFFICer PART-TIME POSITION this is an exciting opportunity to begin a career in the insurance industry with tOWEr Insurance. tOWEr has provided domestic and commercial insurance in the cook Islands for over 30 years. this role is a job share position and the hours will be by negotiation. You will need to have good organisational skills and a genuine interest in helping customers. the successful applicants will be fully trained in all aspects of the insurance industry, including insurance policy administration, claims, sales and customer service. Written applications including a curriculum Vitae and references must be received no later than 30 June 2013. If you are interested in a career with tOWEr Insurance and would like further information please contact: Jay Areora Manager telephone 22713 Email 71986

retaIl travel COnsultant We have an exciting opportunity in our Retail oice. The person we are looking for must be someone who is a quick learner and has great work ethic. Outlined below are our requirements. Responsibilities: • Day to day reception, consultation, sales and accounting of retail travel product within the cook Islands & Short Haul International destinations. • ‘Public website’ enquiries. • ‘On island’ outer island sales and processing. • Booking other travel related services such as transfers, accommodation, sightseeing and entertainment. Skills & Attributes: • Excellent communication skills, both verbal & written. • Computer skills including, E mails, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. • Previous C.R.S. experience with Amadeus would be an advantage. • A high level of Numeracy is expected. • Good sound geographical knowledge. • A high level of personal and professional presentation is required. If you feel you have the above attributes and are looking for a new challenge please apply in writing with a copy of your c.V. to: Applications close Wednesday 3 July 2013 /

her body has been lown over to Rarotonga yesterday morning (sunday) at 11.45am. she is now resting at the morgue until her children and families arrive from New Zealand and Australia. her body will then be returned back to her home in Tautu Aitutaki for her inal family service and inal rest. psAlM 116 : 15... says... precious in the sight of the lORD is the death of his saints. sAlAMO 116 : 15... E mea apinga maata i mua i te aroaro o Iehova te mate o tona ra aronga tapu. AERE RA E TENANA TAVINI VAINE MEITAKI E TE MAROIROI I ROTO I TE ATU IA IEsU MEsIA, AERE RA KI TE REKAREKA ANgA O TOOU pU, I RUNgA I TE RANgI TEITEI.. amen. Further notice will be advised for her conirmation of her return back to her island AITUTAKI. Contact Teva simiona 31216 or 73311 or Elaine simiona 78409 A family service will be held at the Aitutaki hostel Avarua at 6pm Wednesday 26th June. her body will be lown back to her home island Aitutaki on Thursday morning 27th June at 8am and her family /funeral service will be held at her home Tautu Aitutaki.


Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health has the following vacancies: 1. Finance oicer (accounts payable); this position reports to the Finance Manager, Funding and Planning Directorate. 2. principal lecturer, lecturer, librarian; cook Islands Nursing School, Rarotonga Hospital. These positions report to the Chief Nursing oicer. Written applications including a cV with referees should be addressed to Human Resources Manager, PO Box 109, Ministry of Health, Rarotonga or email m.anguna@ Job descriptions and application form is available on request. applications close 28 June 2013. 71965

SALES CONSULTANT We are looking for a new Sales Person to become a member of the Good Guys team. You Must: Be outgoing and conident with customers Have a positive attitude towards work Be a team player Have a Car and Motorcycle license Have a desire to learn computer knowledge will be advantageous as will your merchandising skills. If you would like to be a part of the Good Guys team, then submit your cV to: Allister Webb – Sales Manager cook Islands Motor centre Ltd PO Box 74 – Rarotonga Or Email: Applications close Thursday 4 July. /

FOUND Notices are FREE To encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

Overseas advertising We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classiied advertisements and pre-billing. Contact our advertising department phone 22999 email:


Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

International Flights

FlIght FROM arrIves wedneSday june 26 NZ746/745 AKL 2.40PM ThurSday june 27 NZ46/45 AKL 5.15PM GZ035/034 PPT 2.50PM Friday june 28 VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM NZ748/749 AKL 1.55AM NZ46/61 AKL 3.20PM






6.30PM 3.50PM


1.45AM 2.55AM 4.30PM

Air Rarotonga

Flight times | voyage details RARO TO ARR wedneSday june 26 0800 AITUTAKI 0850












1530 AITUTAKI 1620 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1100 ATIU 1145

1640 1000 1205


1730 1040 1250
















1310 ATIU


1520 RARO 1610


GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook islands News







Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle

Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle

hÄgAR the horrible


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: An easterly wind low prevails over Southern cooks. An easterly wind low prevails over Northern cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Some showers about Aitutaki, ine apart from brief showers elsewhere. Moderate southeast winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Some showers and thunderstorms over and north of Manihiki. Fine apart from brief showers elsewhere. Moderate east to northeast winds, fresh at times. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Some showers.






Rarotonga Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Wednesday

WEd High 11.49AM 1.01M 0.18M





1.7m S

1.4m E N

thu High 12.28AM 0.97M 12.43PM 0.98M


Low 06.32AM 0.18M 07.07PM 0.19M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

06ktS New Moon JUL 8 7.15AM

first Quarter JUL 16 3.19AM

full Moon Jul 22 6.16PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter Jun 30 4.54AM


araPo - roTo Te rakau wEd 26 TANu (Planting) Tanu i te kai katoa. Good time for all planting.

humidity 26

By lee Falk & sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight


By Dik Browne




2.1m S

TAuTAi (Fishing) Po ika kore. Maata roa te turama. Not good ishing nights. Too much light.

Front Key:




1.9m S


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Wednesday, June 26, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

WEd Sun rise 7.17AM Sun Set 6.07PM


Moon rise 9.06PM Moon Set 10.05AM

thu Sun rise 7.17AM Sun Set 6.08PM


Moon rise 10.07PM Moon Set 10.05AM


27° SE 10ktS


25° SE 08ktS


26° SE 08ktS


26° SE 08ktS


28° NE 12ktS


23° SE 08ktS


Wednesday, June 26, 2013 cook Islands News

Stand up paddle fun, netball semifinals



—PAGE 11

Olympic Day celebration today geT IN to the Olympic spirit today with activities to be held opposite the Banana Court starting at 11.30 this morning. The Cook islands athletes Commission is inviting the public to join them in celebrating Olympic Day today. To celebrate Olympic Day, its values and the theme of ‘move, learn and discover’, the Athletes Commission encourages all members of the public, sports groups and other organisations to join in this fun activity, inishing off with a free health check carried out by Public Health along with information on

sexually transmitted infections (STI) from Family Welfare. There will be a number of activities including a mini Olympic circuit to encourage locals to be active. The codes showcasing their sports today will be athletics, netball, soccer, cricket and rugby sevens. Today’s Olympic circuit will see people run or walk a short 30 metre course (athletics), shoot a hoop (netball), shoot a goal (soccer), bowl a ball (cricket) and pass a ball (rugby sevens). at 4.30pm sailing and kitesuring will head out on to the

ocean at avatiu harbour and showcase their water sport between avatiu and avarua harbour. At 5pm the Fun run will start at the Punanga Nui Markets in Avatiu, with courses more than 1km, 3km and 5km on offer for walkers and runners. Support the Olympic Day activity and give the Olympic mini circuit a go, get your warrant of itness health check done, support the sailors and kitesurfers then lace up your shoes for a brisk walk or sprint during the Olympic Day Fun run. - Matariki Wilson

Sports day winner to be announced Tereora College students are still waiting to see which house took out Friday’s netball and rugby sports day. a fantastic day of rugby and netball was had by all with loads of competitive games on the ield and court. all games were played in good spirit and the anau (house group) rivalry was ierce but all warm and friendly.

Students dressed up in their anau group colours and had a ball spending the day out of the classroom. By the end of the Friday sports day, there was plenty of anticipation to see which of the four anau teams had taken out the competition. No winner was announced. a number of ‘appeals’ were received after the sports day in

regards to the enforcement of the age rule relating to the various grades. Through the school newsletter, principal Bali Hague said they will look at all appeals carefully and make a ruling. Despite the side-line issue, Tereora College students certainly had a blast and we share some of the fun from the day. - Matariki Wilson

rugby games were ierce among Tereora College students last friday. 13062125

Kitesuring will be one of the sports showcased today to celebrate Olympic day with an Olympic mini circuit and health check to be held from 11.30am across the road from the Banana Court. The day will wrap up with the Olympic day fun run from the Punanga Nui Markets starting at 5pm. PHOTO AlEXANDRU BARANESCU 13061208

Tereora College girls got right in to their netball during the school’s sports day last friday. 13062114

Wednesday 26 June  
Wednesday 26 June  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Wednesday, June 26, 2013