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Te reo o te KUKI AIRANI

$2 Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Govt explores isheries quotas Cook Islands delegates have

returned from Napier where they were hosted by the Ngati kahungunu Iwi to investigate opportunities to strengthen ties with the Maori. The Cook Islands delegation included Prime Minister Henry Puna, Minister of Marine Resources Teina Bishop, Mauke MP Tai Tura, Marine Resources secretary Ben Ponia, and advisor Navy Epati.

Powhiri were held at the Waipatu Marae, Hastings and Rongomaraeroa Marae in Porangahau. Workshop presenters from the kahungunu Asset Holding Company (kAHC), Pacific Cooperation Foundation, Ministry of Primary Industries and Hawkes Bay Seafood, explained how Maori rights were being translated into commercial development leading to economic

and social beneits. The kahungunu Asset Holding Company (kAHC) was set up by the iwi to manage its treaty fishery settlements and future investments. Delegates also witnessed the hand-over of 3680 ha Tautane Station to the iwi which had been owned by the Herrick family for 111 years. The purchase of Tautane by kAHC is the iwi’s first step in buying back tribal land.

A key topic was the New Zealand isheries quota system. There was considerable discussion on how the Maori rights, enshrined under the Waitangi Treaty, were being accorded under settlement and the quota system. The Cook Islands explained how catch history and science was being used by the country to assert its regional rights to determine zone based catches

and allocate quota. But it was emphasised that government would not give up its perpetual rights to the ishery and would continue to have control over who holds the ishing quota. Mauke was highlighted by the Cook Islands as an island with immense agriculture potential, and developing the land would help stem depopulation and food imports. The handover of Tautane station also highlighted how eq-

uity from isheries could be used to develop land and opportunities for future generations. Both parties agreed that there was a need to return the people to the land and the sea and to continue investigating opportunities for Cook Islands and New Zealand Maori partnerships. Many references were made to Paikea, the famous whale rider from the iwi whose ancestors came from Mauke. - Release

Police operation ‘serves purpose’ FIvE arrests were made at the

weekend as a result of a threepronged police operation called Akamako Mai. Cook Islands Police Superintendant, Aka Matapo, says the monthly targeted operation takes place at selected areas on the island. The operation this weekend focused on road safety, the sale

of liquor and youth crime. Senior sergeant Solo Tuaati says the operation - which also aimed to generate a police presence in speciic areas of the community – has served its purpose. There were five arrests over the weekend in the Avarua area, that Tuaati says came about as a result of the operation carried out on Friday and Saturday.

Three arrests for excess breath alcohol, one for a person driving whilst disqualiied and another for a breach of curfew. Although not a high number of arrests, Tuaati says the operation has served a deliberate purpose - which was to have a police presence and the opportunity to monitor issues they are targeting including keeping a watch

on repeat offenders. Tuaati says the objective of operation Akamako Mai was first and foremost to ensure “our people were safe on our roads,” but it doubled as a visible presence by the police to examine compliance with the Transport and Sale of Liquor Acts, as well as looking at the issue of youth congregating in

the early hours of the morning. “There has been a lot of concern about youth who have been known to be congregating in different locations on the northwestern side of the island in the Aorangi and Nikao areas,” said Tuaati. The issue was also emphasised by Matapo on Friday, who says it is starting to become a concern to

National colours!

Pukapuka women (from left) alenga, Marua, Parerima and Taulia pose in their tere party dresses after church on sunday. The four women are part of a group of eight from Pukapuka joining 34 fellow vaine tini from Rarotonga, Mitiaro, Aitutaki and Penrhyn to head to Tahiti for the annual 2013 gathering of Paciic Churches’ Women and youth.Vaine tini head to Tahiti, page 8. 13062408

the police. “There is the potential that something could happen to them (the youth), tourists, everybody really. Someone could be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Matapo warned. He reminded the public the youth could be someone’s children and says parents/guardians need to take responsibility by asking their children questions “because the risk is there,” he says. Concerns about youth and in particular, a growing number of burglaries across the island has been raised by members of the public. Tuaati, also used the weekend’s operation to remind people that driving whilst disqualiied, or with excess breath alcohol was not worth the risk. The minimum sentence for the offence was a monetary fine but a maximum penalty was 12 months imprisonment and a 12 month disqualiication of driver’s license. He says if then convicted, it could cost someone’s job, and as a result, families could suffer. “It is not worth the risk. our people should really think about that before taking the gamble.” He says a lot of things can come about from an operation like the one on the weekend such as showing a police presence and monitoring repeat offenders. “And we will continue to enforce the law accordingly,” Tuaati says. The majority of the public was very co-operative of the police operation says Tuaati. - Ross McCullough


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI Ao Protest swim gets ticket out A mAn who disrupted last year’s University Boat Race by swimming in front of the crews has been refused leave to remain in the UK. The Australian was also jailed for six months after being found guilty of causing a public nuisance. Oldield said that his actions were a protest against elitism and inequality. A Home Office spokesman said: “We refused this individual leave to remain because we do not believe his presence in this country is conducive to the public good.” Oldfield, who has a British wife, Deepa naik, who is expecting a child, said he had appealed against the decision.

Base camp executions Foreign mountain climbers killed by dedicated branch of the Taliban PESHAWAR – The Taliban have

said that the 10 climbers shot dead in northern Pakistan were killed by a branch of the militant group set up to target foreigners. They were forced to kneel and shot in the head, oficials said, as more details emerged about Saturday’s deadly assault at Nanga Parbat base camp. Pakistan’s cabinet met to discuss the attack and its impact on the country’s already troubled tourist industry. other climbers in the area of

world BRIEFS NO FUSS POPe SNUbS VaticaN cONcert ITALY – A no-show by Pope Francis at a concert where he was to have been the guest of honour, has reportedly sent another clear signal that he is going to do things his way and does not like the Vatican high life. The gala classical concert on Saturday was scheduled before his election in March. But the white papal armchair set up in the presumption that he would be there remained empty. Before the concert was due to start, an archbishop told the crowd of cardinals and Italian dignitaries that an “urgent commitment that cannot be postponed” would prevent Francis from attending. Since his election on 13 March, Pope Francis, formerly cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina, has not spent a single night in the papal apartments.

traYVON MartiN caSe beFOre JUrY USA – A Florida court has heard hard-hitting opening statements in the trial of a neighbourhood watchman who shot dead an unarmed black teenager. Prosecutors told a jury of six women that George Zimmerman, 29, shot Trayvon Martin “because he wanted to”. But defence lawyers said the accused acted out of self-defence after he was attacked by the 17-year-old in Sanford, an Orlando suburb, in February 2012. The case fuelled debate about race, as police took 44 days to make an arrest. Prosecutors allege that Zimmerman, who is accused of second-degree murder, presumed Martin was up to no good because he was black. The trial is expected to last between two and four weeks

Qatar Sheikh tO haNd POwer tO SON QATAR – The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, is to hand over power to his son, the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. A palace statement said that Qataris would be invited to swear allegiance to the new emir on Tuesday and Wednesday. Rumours had been circulating for days that Sheikh Tamim, 33, was preparing to succeed his 61-year-old father. Analysts say the British-educated Sheikh Tamim, who is deputy commander-in-chief of the armed forces, is unlikely to deviate far from his father’s policies. In foreign policy, the emirate is expected to maintain its alliance with the West while at the same time pursuing an activist stance in Syria and other Arab countries.

PlaNe FOUNd FiVe YearS aFter craSh

the world’s ninth highest peak have been evacuated. The Pakistani Taliban said that the new faction – named in local media reports as Junoodul Hifsa – was set up to take revenge for drone attacks in Pakistan. The nationalities of the foreign victims have now been identiied as American, Chinese, Ukrainian, Slovakian, Lithuanian and Nepali. one Pakistani also died. At least 15 gunmen, dressed in the uniform of local security forces, carried out the attack at the mountain’s base camp at a height of 4200m. Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest mountain in the world. The attackers forced two local guides to take them to the base camp, an 18 hour trek. once they reached their destination, they rounded up the foreign climbers and staff, took passports and money, destroyed mobile phones, blindfolded them and forced them to kneel before they were executed. The gunmen tied up the local Pakistani staff and told them not to attempt to raise the alarm until morning, a local official said. The attackers are believed to have left in the early hours of Sunday. It is thought that they had about six hours to make their escape. Part of the Himalayan Range, Nanga Parbat, which is 8, 126m (26,660ft) above sea level, is popular with trekkers and mountaineers, especially during June and July. The Gilgit-Baltistan region, where it is located, is famous for its natural beauty. Firtehr climbing expeditions to Nanga Parbat have been halted. Sources have told the BBC that climbing will soon be suspended on other mountains, including k2, the world’s second highest peak. - BBC

nanga Parbat: 10 mountain climbers have been executed by a branch of the Taliban reportedly established to target foreigners travelling in Pakistan. British 2012 ExpEdition

Berlusconi found guilty RoME – Italy’s former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to seven years in jail and banned from public ofice for having sex with an underage prostitute. But Berlusconi remains a free man while he appeals against the Milan court ruling. Both the 76-year-old media tycoon and the Moroccan woman concerned, karima El Mahroug, deny they had sex. “I intend to resist this persecution because I am absolutely

innocent,” Berlusconi said after the verdict. He is already embroiled in several other court cases. In october 2012 he was given a four-year sentence for tax fraud, which is also under appeal. This latest verdict ends a twoyear trial which has frequently made the headlines, with its allegations of topless women and erotic party games. Berlusconi was convicted of paying for sex with El Mahroug, known as “Ruby the Heart Steal-

er”, in 2010, even though she was 17 at the time. He was also found guilty of abusing the powers of his office, by arranging to have El Mahroug released from police custody when she was detained in a separate petty theft case. She was one of a group of women invited to Berlusconi’s private residence for alleged sex parties which Berlusconi insists were actually dinners where female guests performed “burlesque” dancing. -BBC

Brother held over alps murders CHESSSINGToN – A 54-year-

old man has been arrested in Surrey in connection with the murder of his brother and three other people in the French Alps. Saad al-Hilli and his wife Iqbal, from Claygate, Surrey, her mother Suhaila al-Allaf and French cyclist Sylvain Mollier were shot last September. The al-Hilli’s daughters survived the shooting. The family were on holiday

by Lake Annecy when they were attacked. Zaid al-Hilli, Saad’s brother, was arrested despite previously denying there was any feud between him and his brother. “They did talk to him in March but he was interviewed on that occasions only as a witness. Monday’s pre-arranged arrest is presumably an opportunity to put some of the unanswered questions, under

caution,” the BBC’s Christian Fraser, in Paris, reports Annecy prosecutor Eric Maillaud told news agency AFP: “We felt there were enough reasons to take him into custody. “We need to ask him questions about his schedule, his relationship with his brother and the family inheritance.” About 100 British and French police oficers are investigating the deaths. - AFP

an artistic tail

VENEZUELA – A Venezuelan plane which went missing in 2008 with 14 people on board has been found 900 metres underwater of a Venezuelan island resort of Los Roques. The pilot had reported engine problems shortly before losing contact with air traic control in January of 2008. Five Venezuelans, eight Italians and a Swiss citizen were on board. The disappearance of the Transaven plane, and that of a small aircraft carrying Vittorio Missoni, director of Italian fashion house Missoni, has given Los Roques a reputation for mysterious vanishings. More than a dozen aircraft have either crashed, disappeared or declared emergencies while lying through the area, prompting some locals to call it the “new Bermuda triangle”.

West AfricA seeks Anti-pirAcy force IVORY cOAST – West African leaders have called for the deployment of an international naval force to curb the growing threat of piracy of the Gulf of Guinea. Piracy in the region needed to be tackled with “irmness”, Ivory Coast’s President Alassane Ouattara said, at a meeting of regional leaders. There are now more pirate attacks of West Africa than of Somalia, maritime groups said last week. cameroon’s President Paul Biya said it was vital to respond to the threat, to protect shipping routes and the economic interests of the region. Patrols by foreign warships have reduced attacks by Somali pirates.

Today’s Daily Bread Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Matthew read:read: romans 8:31-397:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:26 11:28 Text: Matt

Performers pretend to conduct scientiic investigations on a beached whale in central London. The life-sized art installation, created and manned by a collective of Belgian artists, was part of an exhibition to draw attention to London’s whaling history. AFp


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI Ao

US whistleblower on the run Hunt for Snowden: United States vents anger at Russia and China WASHINGToN DC – The US

has angrily criticised Russia and China after fugitive Edward Snowden left Hong kong for Moscow. The attempt by Snowden to escape the clutches of US authorities descended into farce when the 30-year-old surveillance whistleblower outpaced the world’s biggest intelligence apparatus in a round-the-world chase that was still under way on Monday. Washington could barely disguise its fury at the manner in which Snowden was hustled out of Hong kong, despite the US having revoked his passport and demanded his detention. The White House made it clear that China-US relations had been placed under great strain. President Barack obama said the US was pursuing “all the appropriate legal channels” in pursuit of him. US Secretary of State John kerry has said it would be “disappointing” if Russia and China had helped him evade an attempt to extradite him. Snowden, who has applied for asylum in Ecuador, is believed to still be in Russia having lown there on Sunday. The US has revoked his passport, and he is thought to have spent the night in an airside hotel at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. on Monday, a seat was booked in his name on a light to Cuba, but he is not thought

to have boarded. The 30-year-old IT expert is wanted by the US for revealing to the media details of a secret government surveillance programme, which he obtained while working as a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA). He is charged with theft of government property, unauthorised communication of national defence information and wilful communication of classified communications intelligence. White House spokesman Jim Carney has said he did not believe Hong kong’s reasons for letting him leave the territory. kerry said it would be “deeply troubling” if it became clear that China had “wilfully” allowed him to ly out of Hong Kong. “There would be without any question some effect and impact on the relationship and consequences,” he said. He also called on Russia to “live by the standards of the law because that’s in the interests of everybody”. Later, Carney said: “It is our understanding that he is still in Russia.” In strongly-worded comments at a news conference, he said Washington was “just not buying” Hong kong’s assertion that the US extradition papers were not in order so they had no reason to detain Snowden. “This was a deliberate choice by the government to release

a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant, and that decision unquestionably has a negative impact on the US-China relationship,” he said. China’s decision not to provisionally arrest Snowden in Hong Kong “unquestionably has a negative impact on the US-China relationship”, he said. He added that senior US officials were briefing President Barack obama regularly about all the developments, and called on Russia to use all options to expel the former US spy agency contractor. Meanwhile, Russia’s Interfax state news agency quoted an informed source as saying Moscow was considering a US extradition request, but that Snowden had not officially crossed the Russian border so could not be detained. Snowden was in hiding in Hong kong when his leaks were irst published. During a visit to vietnam on Monday, Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino, read out a letter Snowden had sent to request asylum, in which he said he was “at risk of being persecuted by the US and its agents”. Patino confirmed that his country was processing an asylum request from Snowden. Quito was in contact with Moscow who could “make the decision it feels is most convenient in accordance with its laws and politics and in accordance with the international laws and norms that could be applied to this case”, he said. When asked whether he knew of Snowden’s current location

Intrepid aviator put to breed with locals

CoMox – A plucky pigeon that flew across the Pacific ocean from Japan will be bred by a bird lover in Canada hoping its progeny will be top long distance racers. The pigeon was discovered tired and thin at a Canadian Air Force base on vancouver Island in westernmost Canada. The exhausted pigeon was taken to an animal rescue centre where it was treated for a common bird parasite and nursed back to health. “We believe it took off from land in Japan and got confused or got caught up in a storm and got lost before eventually hopskotching its way to Canada, stopping and sleeping on oceangoing freighters along the way,’’ the Mountainaire Avian Rescue

Society’s, Reg Westcott, said. A pigeon’s top range is typically 650 kilometres. This one travelled 8000 kilometres. The bird’s Japanese owner was contacted at a telephone number printed on a tag on the bird’s leg, but he did not wish to pay to have the pigeon lown back aboard a commercial jetliner, Westcott said. The local Pigeon Racing Society offered to take in the wayward bird and set it up to mate with some female birds. “I’m sure his offspring would be very good long range racers,” Westcott commented. Canadian authorities, however, initially weren’t sure what could be done with the pigeon. “They asked us whether he had travel documents, and we

said, ‘no, he flew here on his own,’ and so they labelled it a migratory bird. “That allowed us to hand it over to the local pigeon racing society which offered to give it a new home without a bunch of customs’ paperwork.” In his 17 years caring for injured wildlife, Westcott said he has only come across one other pigeon that made the incredible two- or three-week voyage across the Paciic Ocean. That one landed on a Canadian Coast Guard ship at the height of the avian influenza pandemic that saw millions of birds slaughtered to prevent the spread of the disease, and was eventually sent back to Japan at the owner’s expense, he said. - AFP

Nadal out of Wimbledon LoNDoN – Acclaimed as the greatest claycourt tennis player in history only 15 days ago, Rafael Nadal has plunged to the worst loss of a glittering grand slam career with a first-round Wimbledon defeat to Belgian Steve Darcis. A dual All England Club champion, Nadal was routed 7-6 (7-4) 7-6 (10-8) 6-4 by Bel-

gian world No. 135 Steve Darcis, who scraped into the draw and has never seriously threatened at the highest level. Contesting his 35th grand slam, hobbling Nadal was beaten in the irst round of a major for the first time by the man known as “The Shark”. Living up to his nickname, Darcis preyed ruthlessly on

wounded Nadal, who was clearly struggling with knee soreness after another triumphant, but draining, European claycourt slog. Nadal, winner of 12 majors, was cut down by Darcis in a stunning upset which has opened up the draw for title contenders Roger Federer and Andy Murray. - AFP

Human rights advocates in Hong Kong protest at the US government’s eforts to have the former national security agency iT contractor extradited to face espionage charges. AFp he declined to answer. “We will consider the position of the US government and we will take a decision in due course,” he said, saying Ecuador put the protection of human rights “above any other interest”. The US and Ecuador have a joint extradition treaty, but it is not applicable to “crimes or offences of a political character”. Snowden is being supported by the whistleblowing website Wikileaks, which said on Sunday that he was heading to Ecuador accompanied by some of

its diplomats and legal advisers. on Monday, Wikilleak’s founder Julian Assange said Snowden was “healthy and safe”, and travelling to Ecuador “via a safe path through Russia and other states”. Ecuador is already giving political asylum at its London embassy to Assange, who is wanted for questioning in Sweden over allegations of sexual assault, which he denies. He said Snowden had left Hong kong on a refugee document of passage issued by Ecuador, and was not carrying any

NSA secrets with him. Snowden’s leaks have led to revelations that the US is systematically seizing vast amounts of phone and web data under an NSA programme known as Prism. US oficials have defended the practice of gathering telephone and internet data from private users around the world. They say Prism cannot be used to intentionally target any Americans or anyone in the US, and that it is supervised by judges. - BBC/PNC

angelina defends women war victims NEW YoRk – Actor Angelina

Jolie has criticised UN Security Council powers for their lack of action over wartime rapes, invoking Syria and other conlicts in a surprise speech to the body. Ambassadors from Russia, China, the US, France and Britain – bitterly divided over the Syria war – listened as Jolie said they should “show the determination’’ to defend the hundreds of thousands of victims of sexual attacks in conlict. “The world has yet to take up war zone rape as a serious priority,’’ the actress said at a meeting organised by Britain as president of the council for June. Jolie, getting into top gear lobbying again after undergoing a double mastectomy operation, appeared before the council after visiting refugee camps for Syrians in Jordan last week. Her presence was only announced just before the meeting. She told the UN that she met a woman in Jordan who had been raped in Syria but was afraid to give her name because she feared she would be killed for speaking out. Jolie also told how on another trip she had met the mother of a five-year-old girl raped outside a police station in Goma in strife-torn eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Both were “victims of a culture of impunity’’ because there have been only a “handful’’ of prosecutions. “That is the sad, upsetting and indeed shameful reality. “I understand that there are many difficult things for the Security Council to agree on,

angelina Jolie has urged the un to press for an end to rape as a weapon of war, in a surprise appearance in her role as special Envoy, UN High Commissioner for Refugees. AFp but sexual violence in conflict should not be one of them,’’ Jolie said. “The UN Security Council must step in and provide leadership and assistance,’’ she said. “These crimes happen not because they are inherent to war but because the global commu-

nity allows it.’’ The council adopted a resolution which condemned the use of sexual violence in conflict. Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague said he would be organising a new meeting on the topic at the UN General Assembly in September. - AFP


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNEWS nuti no TE PA ENUA

Media given jail warning Speaker says journalists could be charged over ‘inaccurate’ reports APIA – Samoa’s parliamentary speaker has warned media that journalists responsible for inaccurate reports could be jailed for up to six months. Parliamentary speaker La’auli Leuatea Polata’ivao’s comments were prompted by reports sur-

rounding an angry exchange between the prime minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, and deputy Tautua Samoa Party leader, A’eau Peniamina Leavai. The exchange was reported in a story titled ‘Drunken Claim Infuriates MP’.

paciic BRIEFS SaMOa reSerVeS FiVe SeatS FOr wOMeN SAMOA – Samoa’s Parliament has decided to unanimously endorse an amendment to the constitution which will allow ive parliamentary seats to be reserved for women. The amendment was discussed in the house before the third and inal reading today, where all 44 MPs present announced their support for the amendment. The change will either mean maintaining the current 49 seats after a general election, or adding up to ive additional seats for women. A group which pushed for seats for women in the Samoa parliament says while it welcomes the constitutional change, it had been hoping the government would take a diferent approach with 10 per cent of the seats to be determined by women voting on a separate electoral roll.

crOwN tO aPPeal drOPPed chargeS TONGA – An appeal has begun in Tonga’s Supreme court to review a magistrate’s decision to discharge three policemen previously charged with the manslaughter of a New Zealand policeman. The Counties Manukau oicer, Kali Fungavaka, died while in police custody in 2012, and the trio were among ive oicers and one civilian charged over his death. In April, a court magistrate discharged constables Fatai Faletau, Manu Tu’ivai and Tevita Vakalahi, saying there was insuicient evidence to proceed. But the Crown’s lawyer, Sione Sisifa, says they remain conident in their appeal. Meanwhile the other two policemen and a civilian charged with manslaughter over Fungavaka’s death, have also appeared in court, and their hearing has been adjourned until August 5.

PetitiON agaiNSt chiNeSe FiSh FactOrY VANUATU – In Vanuatu, more than 1000 people living in Luganville town on Santo have signed a petition against a chinese ish processing factory. The Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority, VIPA, approved Tuteng Group’s application to operate a ish processing factory in north of the town. VIPA says the approval followed a preliminary Environment Impact Assessment conducted at the beginning of last year. But local ishermen, who make money out of deep sea ishing, are worried about what type of ish the processing plant will be targetting. Luganville mayor, Maurice Emboe says his council is aware of the petition but says that his council is yet to examine the project before councillors can take a inal decision.

MiNiSter reJectS cOrrUPtiON charge SOLOMON ISLANdS – The inance minister of Solomon Islands says he was just doing his job when he awarded funding to a lodge owned by his wife. The Leadership code commission charged Rick Hou for misconduct by putting himself in the position where he could have a conlict of interest. The LCC says Hou approved the payment of $US39,000 of his constituency’s funds to a lodge owned by his wife. Hou says the application was withdrawn after public backlash and no money has been paid, but it was one of six successful applicants. He says in awarding the funds, he was simply doing his job as Minister.

FUNdS Needed tO PriNt tSUNaMi bOOk TONGA – The Tongan Broadcasting commission is looking for donors to help it print 9000 copies of a book about the impact of the 2009 earthquake and tsunami on the people of Nuiatoputapu. The book, ‘Niuatoputapu Tsunami’, documents the experiences of survivors of the tsunami, which killed nine people in Tonga’s northernmost islands. The general manager of the TBc, Nanise Fiita, says it already has 150 copies of the book in Tongan and English, but wants to distribute copies to all of the Kingdom’s schools, as well as some in the wider Paciic as a “learning material for Tonga’s present generation and those to come”.

Still NO SigN OF beatiNgS iNQUirY FIJI – Fiji police say they cannot reveal whether anyone has been identiied in a video of a prisoner beating ilmed last year but released on the internet in March. The chief of Operations, Rusiate Tudravu, has told Fijivillage that investigations into the brutality video are ongoing. The government has refused all comment on the probe. At least four of the ive men, who escaped from Naboro prison, were hospitalised, including one who had to have his leg amputated after being captured in a joint operation by police and soldiers. Fiji’s Prime Minister, commodore Frank Bainimarama, has not condemned the violence, but instead defended the work of security personnel to protect citizens from hardened criminals.

The newspaper quoted A’eau calling the prime minister “stupid.” “You shouldn’t just open your mouth – aua le so’oga fa’amaga lou guku,” A’eau said. “You sound stupid, you sound like a stupid old man.” The newspaper said A’eau became angry after Prime Minister Tuilaepa claimed the veteran MP was “drunk”. The editor of Samoa observer, Mata’afa Lesa, has told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat he is outraged by the warning. “Some of the words exchanged were extremely rude if you understand the Samoan language,” Lesa said. “I think the word they’re really objecting to, the word used in Samoan, is ‘Fa’amaga’. “ ‘Fa’amaga’ is literally having someone else come and grab your mouth open.” Lesa says his newspaper’s report is accurate. “We’ve got the recording of it,” he said “The words in the story were said in parliament.” However, Speaker Polata’ivao

‘We reported what was said and we reported the fact that they’re threatening to ban journalists and jail them.’ has now issued a ruling for the media to only use “officially” approved transcripts from the parliamentary Hansard report. “Inside this parliament, the Speaker gives an order and they (media) can’t just come in and issue every statement that is not oficial transcripts of parliament or in Hansard,” Polata’ivao said. The Samoa observer says media requests for copies of order papers, bills, or records from Hansard have previously been turned down. Polata’ivao has referred to Section 25 of the Legislative Assembly Powers and Privileges ordinance 1960 which declares

charges are possible carrying a maximum sentence of six months or a $100 ine, or both. Lesa says the law is outdated. “Here we have the speaker of the house using a law that doesn’t exist anymore and so it’s a bit of a joke really,” he said. “We reported what was said and we reported the fact that they’re threatening to ban journalists and jail them. “To jail a journalist for six months for something like that is outrageous.” In a statement Polata’ivao said: “The media is entrusted a great freedom to attend Parliamentary Sittings and to report from within the Chamber. “In return for such a privilege, the onus is on the media to report responsibly and accurately. “The ruling highlights this responsibility which must be exercised by all purveyors of information from now on. “It is well know that freedom of the press is a staple of open and free societies and is an essential check on power within

any democracy. “However, they in turn they a responsibility to the nation to disseminate information that is not only balanced but accurate. “Inaccurate reporting can lead to an overall disease amongst the general populace and encourage public distrust of their nation’s leaders. “It is hoped that this warning will serve as a reminder to all media persons as to their responsibility to not only inform the public of newsworthy matters but to do so with integrity and legitimacy.” A regional media freedom group says Samoa’s reputation of good governance is at risk because of the speaker’s reaction and treatment of the media. The Pacific Freedom Forum co-chair, Monica Miller, says freedom of speech is a fundamental right and the speaker’s comments betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the necessary separation of powers between parliament, government, courts and the press. - ABC/PNC

Damning traficking report PoRT MoRESBY – A report released by the US State Department says Papua New Guinean government officials are facilitating human traficking through bribery and trading victims for political favours. The US State Department’s ‘Traficking in Persons 2013’ report strongly criticises PNG and keeps it at the lowest ranking of “tier three” in an annuallyreleased index. The report describes PNG as a place where local and foreign victims are trafficked for sex work, child labour, or manual labour at mining or logging camps. It says Asian crime rings, foreign logging companies and foreign business people have brought foreign women into PNG on fraudulently-issued tourist or business visas. “Subsequent to their arrival, many of the women, from countries including Malaysia, Thailand, China, and the Philippines, are turned over to traffickers who transport them to logging and mining camps, isheries, and entertainment sites,” the report said. “They then exploit them in forced prostitution and domestic servitude.” The US State Department has reported that PNG oficials are directly involved in the trade for several years. “Government officials continued to facilitate trafficking by accepting bribes to allow illegal migrants to enter the country or to ignore victims forced

into prostitution or labour, and by trading female trafficking victims in return for political favours or votes,” the report said. The concern appears to be separate from US criticisms of girls and women being used by tribal groups to settle conlicts, or as barter for guns and political advantage. Requests for more information about PNG government officials’ involvement in human trafficking have been made to the US State Department, but have not yet been received. The annual ‘Trafficking in Persons’ report is compiled from questionnaires submitted by government and non-government groups. In the past 18 months a new trend has emerged in PNG, with underage girls being employed in night clubs as hostesses, dancers, and bartenders. They are known colloquially as “Mosko girls”. “The vulnerability to human traficking of Mosko girls – young girls who are employed in bars to provide companionship to male patrons and sell an alcoholic drink called mosko – emerged as a new trend around major cities in PNG in 2012,” the report said. World vision’s PNG national director, Dr Curt von Boguslawski, told Radio Australia’s Paciic Beat programme the issue could come down to lack of youth employment. “Urban drift, the high cost of living in centres like Port Moresby and the lack of employment

of youth is causing the need for these kind of activities,” Dr von Boguslawski said. The treatment of girls and women outside of PNG’s big cities was among the criticisms in the US State Department report. “There are reports of internal traficking involving children, including girls from tribal areas as young as ive, being subjected to commercial sexual exploitation or forced labour by members of their immediate family or tribe,” the report said. “Tribal leaders sometimes trade with each other the exploitative labour and service of girls and women for guns and political advantage.” The sale of daughters into forced marriages to settle debts leaves girls and young women vulnerable to exploitation, the report says, while polygamy afirms attitudes that women are owned by men. Papua New Guinean and Chinese men have also been traficked for labour at commercial mines and logging camps, according to the report. “Employers exacerbate workers’ indebtedness by paying substandard wages and charging artiicially inlated prices at the company store,” it said. “In such circumstances, an employee’s only option is to buy food and other necessities on usurious terms of credit.” There was no detail as to the scale of the problem or the companies involved in this debt bondage. Another form of male exploi-

tation involved boys, as young as 12, being used as “market taxis” in urban areas, carrying extremely heavy loads for low pay. PNG does not have a human traficking law, although specific offences covering traficking in children, sexual exploitation and forced labour could be used to prosecute trafickers. A draft law on human traficking was endorsed by PNG’s National Executive Council in 2011, but has not yet been passed. The US State Department has urged PNG to enact its draft human traficking law, strengthen law enforcement and do more to identify and help victims. The tier three ranking in the annual index puts PNG in the company of nations such as Algeria, DR Congo, Central African Republic, China, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Guinea Bissau, kuwait, Libya, Mauritania, Yemen, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. The ranking opens PNG up for targeted US aid sanctions, although these can be waived by the US government. But the report notes one positive development, revealing that PNG has trained 78 law enforcement and non-law enforcement government oficers and 82 NGo representatives on human traficking issues. This task was carried out by PNG’s Department of Justice and Attorney General with the assistance of foreign funding. - ABC

Fiji takes out Paciic Nations rugby trophy TokYo – Fiji was crowned Pa-

cific Nations Cup champions on Sunday, sealed with a 34-21 victory over Tonga. It’s the first time the Fijian team has won the Paciic com-

petition, finishing with three wins, one defeat and a total of 16 points on the inal day of the ive-team tournament. Canada was second with 13 points and Tonga third with 10.

Rugby expert Nick Jordan said the win will do a lot to improve the Fiji team’s conidence. “It’s a terrific achievement from Fiji, of course in their centenary year,” he said.

“Three teams could have won the tournament going into this match. But instead, Fiji ran away with it. It certainly will do a lot for the confidence of Fiji rugby,” he said. - RNZI


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNEWS nuti no TE PA ENUA

Airlines shying away from in trade HoNG koNG – The days of

shark in exporters lying their controversial commodity to markets in Asia may be numbered. Fiji’s national carrier Air Pacific announced on Monday it will no longer carry shark ins that come from unsustainable or unveriied sources. This follows recent moves by a number of airlines to ban or restrict the freighting of shark ins. Air Paciic said it had carried out a month-long review of its freight policies and decided to only accept shark products from sustainable sources which did not involve threatened species. “This is consistent with our overriding commitment to environmental protection and conservation efforts in Fiji,” acting chief executive Aubrey Swift said in a statement. The move comes after environmentalists had criticised the airline for lying shark ins to Hong kong, where it is used in shark-fin soup, which is regarded as a delicacy. Swift said the airline would closely monitor shipments of shark products from the Paciic nation, effective immediately. “We will now work with conservation partners and the ishing industry to prepare and implement policies and processes that will ensure that future shipments are sustainably sourced,” he said. Shark-fin soup was once a luxury enjoyed just by China’s elite, but as the country has grown wealthier demand has boomed, placing pressure on shark populations. The UN Food and Agriculture organisation (FAo) esti-

‘The airlines know it’s good to be seen as doing the right thing as passengers become more environmentally aware.’ mates humans kill about 100 million sharks each year, placing dozens of species under threat. Last week South korea’s two largest airlines, korean Air and Asiana, said they had both decided to ban shark in from their cargo lights. Hong kong airline Cathay Paciic stopped shipping shark ins as cargo last September. ko r e a n A i r s a i d i t h a d stopped transporting shark ins since March this year. The moves by the various airlines to restrict or ban carrying the controversial cargo can be seen to support steps by environmental lobbies to protect sharks from the lucrative shark fin trade, where fins can earn as much as $800 per kilogram. Hong kong is the transit point for about half of the global shark in trade, which largely goes to the Chinese market, said Alex Hofford, executive director at Myocean, a marine conservation group. “The airlines know it’s good to be seen as doing the right thing as passengers become more environmentally aware,” Hofford said. “Economically speaking, it doesn’t affect them one bit as the trade is so tiny compared to

all the other things they carry – electronics, phones or other cargoes.” About 10 per cent of global shark-fin trade is freighted through air with the rest moving by sea, Hofford said. Hong kong imports shark fins from all over the world – including Africa, Europe, South Pacific, Indonesia, Japan and the Middle East, he said. Fishermen obtain the fins by slicing them off sharks and tghrowing the bodies back into the ocean, a process called “inning”, Korean Air said in a June 20 statement. Air Pacific’s decision comes after a similar move by Air New Zealand last month and Cathay’s September announcement to only carry shark products from sustainable sources. Environmental groups, including Shark Rescue and Myocean, last month sent a letter to Fiji’s Air Paciic, urging it to stop the carriage of shark ins and related products from the South Paciic on lights to Hong kong. They plan to also lobby Qantas Airways Ltd and the Air France-kLM Group to urge them to stop carrying the ins, Hofford said. Air New Zealand suspended the carriage of shark fins on May 21, while a review of this issue was underway, spokesman Andrew Aitken said last week. Cathay Paciic in September announced a restrictive policy that it will only accept independently veriied sustainable shark and shark-related products. While the carrier is still working on the full implementation of its new policy, it had already

Pilots school planned APIA – Plans are underway to

establish a pilot training school within this year in Samoa. Local airline Samoa Air is behind the idea. Chief Executive Oficer Chris Langton says they’ve committed to start the school. “We’re looking at establishing basic lying training within this year,” Langton said. one of the aims of the first flight training school soon to be set up in Samoa is to make it easier for would-be pilots from Pacific island countries to get qualiied. Langton says the new school at Faleolo International Airport will accept its irst intake of 24 students at the start of next year for a 12-to-20 month course of training. “The plan is to ally the training with the applicable university courses,” he said. “It’s for anyone, but you would have to say that it’s an ideal location for any Samoan students and for any of the Paciic countries especially.” Chris Langton says historically the Paciic has produced a lot of pilots, many of whom do their training in Australia, New Zealand or the United States. He says graduates of the Samoa school will have a Com-

mercial Pilot Licence as well as a multi-engine endorsement and instrument rating. “There’s a couple of options here. our resident rules in Samoa are essentially the same as New Zealand, and we align our current licencing and our operation standards to New Zealand. “So it makes sense to actually link in with some body like Massey University or other tertiary institution in New Zealand to provide courses. “That’s more than likely the way we’ll go in terms of providing, say, a facilitation between somebody who wants to study to tertiary level where they can take that licence out into the workforce, and somebody who’s just going through the process of getting their individual pilots licence to a point. “I think the overall cost should make it more affordable to Paciic islanders. “Flying training is an expensive professional pursuit. You’re normally talking of anything between $NZ60,000 and over $NZ100,000 as the process. “So for a student, it’s just like any tertiary training. You need to have the money there to be able to do the training. “Now, New Zealand and Australia and the United States, all

have systems in place generally for an aviation student, like a tertiary undergraduate, to get access to funding so that they can complete their courses. “So this is something that we’re going to look at from a Pacific point of view to see what we can get in the way of assistance from either internal government or external governments to help with the funding process. “Because an 18-year-old person who wants to undertake lying as a career is going to be faced with the prospect of having to ind this money.” It is to be based at Faleolo International Airport at an old hangar where Samoa Air is establishing an engineering base. “In the old days there were training rooms there for aviation courses,” Langton says. The school is for anyone, he says. “There are no entry requirements. Someone who didn’t pass their final year at school can study although they will be slower than others. “It’s been a long time coming. Some people thought about it in the past but it’s great to have one, it’s a great time to establish it and it’s exciting stuff.” - PNC

Workers prepare shark ins for sale in Hong Kong. A number of airlines previously freighting the controversial delicacy are introducing policies to either ban or restrict the trade. AFp reduced the volume of shark fins carried to three tonnes in the six months ended March from about 300 annually before the announcement. “We will only ship from sustainable sources and will continue to do so,” its chief executive John Slosar said last week in Hong kong. Transport restrictions could make a soup, typically made with 76 grams of shark fins, pricier than the $US170 it cur-

rently sells for at the Fook Lam Moon Group restaurant in Hong kong. Shark fin consumption in Hong kong is going down as young people have increased awareness of protecting endangered species, Hofford said. But the older generation of Asians continues to consume shark ins, he said. Cissy Ho, a 27-year-old who is getting married next month in Hong kong, said she had to

agree to her family members’ decision to include shark fin soup in the menu for her wedding banquet. “I would choose bird’s nest dish over shark in soup, but I failed to convince the elders,” said Ho, who works at a Hong kong-based company. “They still think shark fin soup is a must-have item to show their generosity towards guests.” - Bloomberg

Samoa’s ‘loss’ celebrated APIA – Manu Samoa might have

been defeated 56-23 by South Africa in the inal of the four nations rugby tournament at the weekend – but that didn’t stop Samoa from seeing the positive. Fans still took to the streets to celebrate – even though the celebration was much quieter because it was a Sunday,the Samoa observer reports. At the Savalalo Fish Market, Sione Lua, said the team “are still champions in my eyes.” “In terms of resources and playing abilities, we have no right to play the Springboks,” he said. “But we’ve punched far above our weight and I’m proud to be a Samoan today. The scoreline was disappointing but that’s only a minor part of the overall performance. “I thought our players carried

themselves well. They stood up against a much tougher Springboks team, especially in the second half and credit to the team.” Sina Sinei, a farmer from Safata, couldn’t agree more. “It’s weird when you get excited about a heavy defeat but for me, the players have done enough against Scotland and Italy to give us hope,” she said. “I think we can only improve if we take the lessons learnt and use them to be better next time.” one of the lessons, according to Luanei Alo of Savai’i, is to improve discipline. “The big difference between the two teams, I thought, was discipline,” he said. “I love Alesana Tuilagi but he seems to have a habit of being ill-disciplined in the big games which is an area we need to have

a look at.” on the social media, the verdict was unanimously in support of the men in blue. “While I am sad, this heart still bleeds blue,” Sita Leota posted on Facebook. “And if we were to play again tomorrow, you betcha we’d all be back to cheer on our boys.” Leaupepe Talai Lene acknowledged the Springboks team. “Thank you South Africa for giving us the opportunity to measure against the best,” he wrote. “We will wait for the world cup to see if we have a chance to play New Zealand or Australia as they maybe our neighbours but we are oceans apart when it comes to playing a test for the development of the game.” - Samoa Observer

March over prison deaths AUCkLAND – A protest march

was held in Auckland on Monday following the deaths of two New Zealand Pacific islanders in Samoa’s notorious Tafa’igata Prison. The marchers are calling for better protection for people with mental health disabilities. Both Hans Dalton and Perry Tuilaepa, who were hospitalised in Apia for mental health issues at different times, were taken to the prison where they died. Neither had committed a crime. Dalton died on Boxing Day last year. His body was found bruised and battered upside down in a drum of water in a cell. Police originally claimed it was suicide but have since

charged another prisoner over his death and sacked two policemen. Tuilaepa died in November 2011 and police also claimed he had taken his own life. But his brother Pae Tuilaepa said Perry had bruises and cuts all over his face. And at an inquest into his death a fellow inmate reported Perry had been assaulted. The inquest has been adjourned until next month so a New Zealand pathologist can give evidence. Both families say it’s disgraceful how the two men were treated and believe there is a Samoan police cover-up. Dalton’s mother Christine Wilson led Monday’s protest

march and intends to sue the Samoan government for failing to protect her mentally ill son. She presented a statement to the Samoan government and emotions ran high as Consul General Faolotoi Reupena Pogispoke said the prison oficers on duty have been dealt with by the police tribunal. Dalton’s family are questioning why the police were initially adamant that he committed suicide and now Samoa’s prime minister is also demanding answers. “I have asked for reports to come to me so that we can determine the extent of the issue in respect to the human rights,” Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi said. - Samoa Observer


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Water bill effect to consider Dear Editor, Concerning the recent debate on the water issue I thought I would offer my two cents to see if these few points will contribute to the discussion and raise awareness about issues pertaining to the idea of metering water. I’m not sure of any other forum to share such ideas and thoughts. It’s important to consider the reasons why such a comment was made to begin with. The lack of water in neighbourhoods has serious effects on families, businesses and the environment, and it is with great cost that water is distributed when the island is in drought conditions. The com-

ment about a metered system was raised while considering what approaches could be taken to conserve water on Rarotonga or to have a more sustainable source. There are positive and negative effects to metering water which need to be considered. one of the biggest positive effects will probably be the conservation of water which will relate to people being more responsible for this resource instead of wasting it, if such a thing has to be a forced measure of legislation relating to money rather than conscience on part of the government or the people. A cost in-

volved would surely make people more thoughtful on the matter. The cost would also support the infrastructure that would need to be put in place to make such a project even feasible, although this would probably come from foreign aid at irst. With more water being conserved we might begin to see the rivers that once lowed into the lagoon flow on a more regular basis. I don’t think the impacts of this stemming of the low of the rivers have been fully understood for the health of the whole island ecosystem, including the swamp lands, from lowering the water table, and the reef, but it is

a troubling matter which is facing many countries around the world. The negative effects of a “fully” metered system, however, at least in my mind, far outweigh the positive effects; if only economically, maybe not environmentally. The income of families on the island, which is already stretched, will struggle to pay for the added water bill. Local food that requires water will also get more expensive to produce and will slowly increase the price at the consumer’s end. This would cause people to eat less local food and import more food from abroad.

I don’t even want to imagine what drilling for water would do to the environment. There are affects that our actions have on the environment that we don’t understand. our disregard for the whole ecosystem in favour of our own human welfare, economic mostly, has had many consequences. The negative and positive effects are in no wise limited to what I have stated here. With all this said, we need to get rid of the blatant disregard of water usage/waste /consumption. one way of doing this may be by setting up a quota for individual people and families

while offering subsidies for local farmers. once passing the speciied amount of water per person then the metered billing system would come into action billing for any excess over the quota. Tourism would also have to be considered into this equation. The goal of such discussion is to get the result of a sustainable source of water for all while maintaining, if not improving, the beauty and environment of Rarotonga. This is a matter of conscience as much as it is of economy. Constructive criticism welcome. These are my two cents. Gregg Young

The POLE concept explained Dear Editor, Following my letter in last Monday’s CI News (Time to print our own money) on printing our own money by selling vacancy in the form of proportionate ownership lifestyle entitlement (PoLE) people are asking what regulations are needed to enable PoLE sales to proceed. In short, Editor, no regulations are needed to enable the sale of PoLE, just the quality and quantity of POLE to be sold and deployment of revenue generated for the wider good. If I may explain in broad development principles rather than dwell on the finer points of law! Firstly, proportionate ownership title is ownership of a proportion of a unit title and the next generation unit title and is therefore covered by the Unit Titles Act 2005 provisions. Rarotonga and Atiu have unit titles and do not require regulation for PoLE. Secondly, unit title is

a subdivision and similar to land subdivision provided by other property laws, the fundamental difference being land remains undivided and for the common use of unit title owners (common area) whereas land is subdivided and owned outright by land subdivision owners. Needless to say a unit developed on land subdivision is inextricably linked to the land and a unit title is not. All islands save for Pukapuka, Mitiaro and Mangaia have adopted other property laws. Thirdly, although Pukapuka, Mitiaro and Mangaia have retained common ownership of ancestral land it does not preclude the development of a unit title on top of the land as provided by the Unit Titles Act 2005, as after all land is common area. In summary then, Editor, a unit can be developed and given title on common area land under the Unit Titles Act 2005, land subdivision under other property

laws and common area ancestral area lands, as in unit title and anland. It then follows Editor that cestral lands, without the restricunits developed can be further tion of ROW access as required by land subdivision. This is imporsubdivided into PoLE! And by the way Editor, unit tant Editor, as there will come a title offers advantages over land time when we need to develop subdivision from a Cook Islands our airspace to satisfy our accommodation needs, as they perspective, as follows: do in cities around the 1. Banks funding a And sellers world! unit title cannot take have the As for the lifestyle security over the land choice, sit component of PoLE, the as they can over land on their timeshare component to subdivision, unless of vacancy be more precise, it is simcourse they fund the or proit ilar to the holiday packtotal development, in from it! age we now sell at hotels which case they take and a permitted activity security over the head in law, the fundable difference lease. 2. Whereas land subdivision being PoLE is a prepaid holiday requires provision of a right of in the longer term future and way (RoW) access to units de- relected in rates applied, much veloped and a waste of precious like futures trading if you will. land, RoW is not necessary for And sellers have the choice, sit land designated as common on their vacancy or proit from it! As earlier stated Editor, it is area, as in unit title and ancesin the area of quality and quantral lands. 3. Unit titles can be developed tity of PoLE and deployment of in the air space above common revenue generated that we need

regulation. Obviously if the quality of accommodation is not good and the number of PoLE sold is too many it will impact on wider tourism, so perhaps the Tourism Corporation should be consulted and the quality and quantity of PoLE sold should be regulated by it? on revenue generated, as stated in my previous letter the sellers of POLE will become ilthy rich and commoners will gain little from it, unless of course revenue generated is put to use for the wider good of all. In this regard I believe revenue generated should be pooled and lent to our people at say 5 per cent interest so that our private sector can go about

‘Turning a blind eye!’ Dear Editor, Shame on this government for turning a blind eye to Scott’s Farms getting away with the horrible stench permeating from their farm and polluting half of the Muri neighbourhood. Three long years of waiting - and still no action from this hopeless government. As recently highlighted in your newspaper, visitors whose holiday was spoilt big time as a result of the terrible smell wafting into their Muri beach accommodation are correct in saying that Scott's Farms would “never” be allowed to get away with such pollution behaviour elsewhere. So why has this government failed to take action to stop the dreadful smell from Scott's Farms? Make no mistake, the nauseating stench that drifts over much of Muri from Scott's Farms on a regular basis is a major detriment

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or daily Monday to Saturday

their business of growing our economy and ordinary Cook Islanders can reinance their loans and service them. I know others before me have suggested that government borrow soft loans and on-loan to the private sector to grow the economy but if government is hesitant, probably for good reason in that we are aid dependent, perhaps Editor, selling vacancy and printing our own money is the only alternative? I trust Editor that this response will shed light on the PoLE concept for those who have asked me for explanation and my best wishes to them! Tim Tepaki

to the country's tourism industry. Lately, the stench from the farm has been so overpowering that a number of individuals living in close proximity have moved elsewhere to reside. That being the case, why has this government not taken action to prevent Scott's Farms from polluting much of Muri, which is supposed to be the “gem” of Rarotonga? A CIP supporter for many years, I have been turned off by this government which has shown more interest in extravagant and endless travel rather than addressing the plight of the country's people. The senior politicians of this CIP government need to stop travelling all the time and show genuine interest in the welfare of this country and its people. Stop the Stench (Name and address supplied)

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

Doubts for Muri stink theory SEvERAL local human and animal health oficials aren’t entirely convinced with a farmer’s explanation for a foul odour emanating from his poultry operation. In an extensive letter to the editor on Monday farmer John Scott addressed media coverage of the smell emanating in the Muri beach area. In the letter, he said Rarotonga’s water supply was contaminated with high amounts of coliform bacteria such as E.coli, which in turn was giving his birds diarrhoea. “Dry manure does not smell. Wet manure does,” wrote Scott. “If contaminated water can produce the runs in humans, is it reasonable to conclude it does the same in poultry?” he asks in his letter. Scott said his own testing of Rarotonga’s water supply indicated E.coli readings of 21 and 22 parts per 100ml, well above what he says is the World Health organisation standard of zero. Yesterday, health protection manager Tata vaeau with the ministry of health confirmed those readings as roughly equal to the ministry’s recent measurements, taken at various intakes around the island. vaeau didn’t reject Scott’s theory on the odour problem, but

asked if the farmer is convinced water issues are the source of the problem, then why doesn’t he take action? “If he wants his chickens to be healthier, then why doesn’t he treat the water himself?” asked vaeau. In a 2005 report prepared by the Environmental Agency (EA) of the government of the United kingdom, “the breakdown of droppings and litter” are cited as the main cause of foul odours. Scott’s letter mentioned a 2009 ministry of health report which outlined two recommendations. The first involved reducing the opportunity for wet conditions, which Scott has addressed through a $15,000 installation of a new water drinking system for his hens. Spraying the manure using a product called “EM Concentrate” was the second recommendation. Although Scott complied with the spraying recommendation, the EA report minimises the potential impact of manure additives. “In most cases these have not been proven sufficiently well for any to be recommended, although there are a number of anecdotal success stories,” the report reads. “These additives vary in effectiveness and are generally

not a long-term solution.” other local officials with an ability to comment on the matter weren’t entirely convinced with Scott’s blame on water quality for the odour problem. “He has a point,” said livestock oficer Tiria Rere with the agriculture ministry. “But I don’t think he can go as far as to blame the water system.” veterinarian Michelle Gray with the Esther Honey Foundation said she wouldn’t suspect Scott’s reports of diarrhoea to be caused by the quality of Rarotonga’s water supply. “It wouldn’t be the irst thing that my mind would jump to,” said Gray. “I haven’t heard about large scale diarrhoea unless the water quality is severely contaminated.” Gray said she doesn’t have substantial experience working with chickens, but the cats and dogs at the animal clinic have shown no adverse conditions from drinking Raro’s water. “We just give them local water and we’ve never seen a problem.” Gray said she would suspect widespread diarrhoea to be caused by dietary problems, parasites, infections or viruses. “It could also be something completely different,” she said. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Local poultry farmer John Scott says the smell coming from his farm is caused by wet manure, resulting from bad water quality which gives his hens diarrhoea. 08101007

described the need for the new position, specifically pointing out the ongoing expansion of the Cook Islands’ engagement with the globe. She said the country has been deepening its ties with other nations and is increasing its involvement with non-governmental organisations such as the World Health organisation (WHo),

who are helping the Cooks with policy development. “We’re increasing our relationships,” said Patai. “We’re getting technical assistance and training support, for example, Japan provides us with training for diesel operators and health workers.” The country currently has diplomatic relations with over

Foreign affairs oficer wanted THE MINISTRY of foreign affairs

is looking for worldly individual to help advance the national interests of the Cook Islands and boost the global profile of the country. The ideal candidate will be a university graduate in economics, law, political science, or international relations, along with excellent time-management and

organisation skills. “knowledge, awareness and appreciation of the political and economic environment, both in the Cook Islands and internationally,” rounds out the desired qualiications, according to the job advertisement. Last week, acting and incoming secretary Myra Potai, who will be replacing Jim Gosselin,

30 countries, she said. Potai, a 20-year foreign ministry veteran, said the chosen candidate will liaise with foreign counterparts in administering programmes and support other ministry activities and initiatives. The new position has opened up as foreign affairs oficer Sandra Tisam is poised to head over to the ministry’s Wellington

ofice, which has experienced a substantial increase in workload. Tisam’s move is still awaiting inal approval from the minister. Interested applicants need to get their applications in to the ministry by 3pm on July 1. Patai’s former role of director of the United Nations and treaties division will soon be adver- ES tised.

Repeat court order not followed A CoURT order for a man accused of common assault to obtain a psychiatric report before entering a plea, had not been followed last week. The report has to be obtained by the defendant Glenn Hoff before the court can determine whether he will be “clear of mind” when entering a plea.

Last Thursday his counsel Charles Petero, said Hoff had appeared in court two weeks earlier, and before that as well, and had been ordered by the court on several occasions now to undergo a psychiatric report. Police prosecutor Avele Simona explained that earlier in the day, Hoff was picked up by

police from a residence in Nikao but discovered he still had not followed up with the psychiatric report from director of community health Dr Fariu. Simona requested the matter be adjourned and to instruct the defendant again, to follow up on the psychiatric report and to obtain legal counsel.

Police theft case causes damage PoLICE have given an indication that the conduct of one of their former officer’s has been damaging to the trust the public have of them. Interim name suppression for Davinia Webb, who was sworn in as an oficer in 2007, was lifted in court on Thursday. She is accused of stealing more than $20,000 worth of property belonging to Chris and Akisi Mussell from police custody. Webb, who less than a year ago was sentenced to 12 months of community service and 12 months’ probation, has pleaded not guilty to all three counts of theft as a servant. Following the lifting of the

name suppression, repeated efforts to have Police Commissioner, Maara Tetava, publicly comment on the case of interest to the public has proved futile. Tetava had previously indicated a statement would be issued following an arrest in the case. However, Superintendent Aka Matapo, partly addressed the situation on Friday by commenting in an attempt to co-operate and offer public transparency. He made it clear though that by speaking out ¬ he did not want to prejudice the outcome of the case. “It is has been a hard situation for us all to deal with but there

is some relief that someone is charged and the matter is now before the court,” he says. Matapo said eventually there would be a victim impact statement read out in court and he was sure that there would be the opportunity then, to comment on the impact the latest charge for inappropriate conduct has had on Cook Islands police since the matter irst came to light. He claimed there had not been a situation like it before and was sure that Police Commissioner Maara Tetava would make some comments on it (the case before the courts), when the time is right. - RM

JP Tui Short said he understood the earlier court decision was to help Hoff with his mental itness so that he would be able to enter a plea in court to the common assault charge.

“The best we can do in this case is to adjourn the case until July 4 and again allow the defendant to ind legal counsel and get the appropriate psychiatric report done. He was directed to consult

the registrar of the court the same day and to get legal aid. His legal adviser was also to assist Hoff to get the required medical report done and to have it ready by July 4. - RM

sWitCh on with te aponga uira

keeP hot Leftovers out. Putting hot or warm food inside your refrigerator will make it work harder and use more energy. and it will also increase the chances of unpleasant bacteria growth in the food. it is best to wait until hot food has cooled to room temperature before refrigerating.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

Vaine tini head to Tahiti

THIRTY-FoUR women have would have come if given the spent the last two years prepar- opportunity,” said Latham. In addition to fundraising, the ing for their big trip to Tahiti to attend the annual 2013 gath- two year preparations included ering of the Pacific Churches’ the design and weaving of original hats by Latham. “I am a weavWomen and Youth. The irst group will leave next er,” she said “and I love coming up Monday and the second group with new designs. I weaved most of them and also had other womthe following week. “We had a break in our church en in Penrhyn weave them and schedule,” said Mama Tira Patia then we brought the hats down the lead organiser in Rarotonga, here for the women to buy.” The “and we decided this was our stunning pandanus hats include chance to all go.” Mama Tira pearl shells and finely woven Patia has been to Tahiti before on-island local materials. Mama to attend the conference but for Tuki of Tuki’s Store helped demost of the mamas it will be their sign the dresses. of the dresses, first time. For Taulia Mataola Mama Tiraa Anguna of the of Pukapuka, the youngest of Avarua parish said “green is our national colour and the group at aged 16, we wanted to add a this will be her first The women dash of yellow.” And time on an airplane. “I am excited to just have spent as an afterthought Mama Anguna addgo check it out, travel a lot of ed, “Cook Islanders around and have a look around” she time saving always want to look good.” Attending Avsaid. Then she added money and arua CICC church on laughing, “I miss the taro patch.” fundraising Sunday, the women looked dashing in The women have for their their green with a spent a lot of time dash of yellow dresssaving money and fares. es and green and fundraising for their white hats. fares. The Avarua While all together in Rarotonwomen sold lunch plates while the Pukapuka women sold ipu ga, the women have spent the koti (taro baked in coconut) and last two weeks practicing their doughnuts. Manongi Latham, Cook Islands singing. They plan the only woman from Penrhyn to present seven songs, includto attend said “a lot more people ing one himine tuki. To sounds from the northern group want- of laughter at the Avarua CICC ed to come but couldn’t because church on Sunday, the women of the expense of transport for sang their himine tuki with us.” Eight women from Puka- half the women signing the low puka will attend though trans- men’s parts. The women emphasised their port challenges which means the two week trip will take excitement to travel and meet them two months. Along with other Paciic women. “We will Rarotonga, Mitaro and Aitutaki come back with new ideas to imwill also be represented. While prove the gospel and support most of the Pukapukan women our women,” said Patia. Pare have travelled to New Zealand Walewaoa, the lead organizer and Australia before, this will be for Pukapuka said “this is our their irst time visiting another irst time and we just can’t wait Pacific Island nation. “Given to get on that plane. We look how much Cook Islanders love forward to getting all together.” - Amelia Borofsky to travel, many more women

Taulia Mataola (far left) is the youngest in the tere party heading to Tahiti and is pictured here with Pukapuka vaine tini also on the same tere party. 13062404

The northern group vaine tini model their tere-tere dresses after church on sunday.

Some of the Cook Islands vaine tini heading to Tahiti for the annual gathering of the Paciic Churches Women and Youth after church on Sunday. 13062409


Mama Tuki Wright will be one of the women heading to the annual 2013 gathering of the Paciic Churches Women and Youth in Tahiti. 13062406


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

localNEWS nuti no roto i te IPUkAREA

Local talent on travel show

AUSTRALIAN television travel show, The Travel Bug, which attracts a viewing audience of more than 10,000 viewers in Australia every Saturday, is in the country to showcase the Cook Islands like never before. Here on a 10 day ilming assignment for a one hour special on the Cook Islands, the episode will feature the island of Mangaia for the irst time on Australian television. Tourism Corporation, protocol and media co-ordinator, Papatua Papatua, says having the crew here will provide Australians with an all-round look at what the Cook Islands offers compared with probably more familiar destinations like Fiji and vanuatu. He says the main focus for the travel show while here, would be to interview locally talented people and showcase them in best promoting what the Cook Islands offers. “I think they will be blown away with what we are doing here,” Papatua says. While on Mangaia, programme presenter, Morgan Burrett, will take in a market day, visit a master carver before exploring the islands caving and

ishing. Papatua says the presenter would also be getting out into the community to talk to selected artists and will visit a school while the children are preparing costumes for the Te Maeva Nui constitution celebrations in August. The children would also be doing rehearsals for the different villages as practice for the celebrations. The television episode will be covering deep sea fishing and diving adventures on Aitutaki, where Burrett will also try a kitesurfing lesson. Rarotonga is to get some exposure too, the presenter exploring the island on foot, by 4WD and on Marumaru Atua, the Cook Islands voyaging canoe. He will also be sampling the food scene and what Rarotonga’s nightlife offers. Papatua says arrangements for the visit was organised by the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation office in Sydney, Australia who co-ordinated with The Travel Bug. The television show’s visit was being sponsored by the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation and Air New Zealand.

The travel show, which Papatua says is one of the most popular travel shows in Australia, would encourage visitors from

Australia to look at the Cook Islands as a destination. Producer of the Australian show, David Byrne, says they are

excited to be introducing their audience to the Cook Islands. The Travel Bug has been on Australian television since 2010

and is heading into its fourth series. The show is also broadcasted into several other countries. - Release/Ross McCullough

Local talent is the focus for an Australian television travel show while in the Cook Islands. photo: Ci toUrisM 13062415

Photography exhibition to open A TWo-week photography and print media exhibition will open tomorrow at the Cook Islands National Museum in Maraerenga. The exhibition preview will be held from 6pm tomorrow. The exhibition is the result of a week-long photography and print media course held last week. on display will be twenty A2

size promotional spreads representing culture, tourism, environment and pearl industry says course tutor Mahiriki Tangaroa. “The four workshop groups took a series of photographs according to their chosen theme or industry, and created a “concept statement” to accompany the photographic images,” says Tangaroa. Further to this, each of the groups were actively in-

volved in the design and layout of their promotional spread, Tangaroa explains. “overall, I think there has been an exceptionally good turnout of photographs for the exhibition, owing of course to the talent and skills of the participants!” The participants and exhibitors are: katherine Holmes, Shelley Rangi, Sara o’keefe, Eli

Dyer, Liu Williams, Charleen Heather, Tokerau (Toks), Petua Meti, Sue Baker, Liz Iro, Joseph

Brider, Matthew Rima and Mata Nooroa. The exhibition will be open

for public viewing from Thursday June 27 to Friday July 12. - Helen Greig

One proud mum submitted this photograph of boys from a culture group that will be part of the two-week exhibition at the national Museum. Just one of the photographs that will be displayed at the exhibition opening this week. 13062416

“10 reasOns why COOk Islands shOuld sTOp beIng a Tax haven” a talk by nicky hager Investigative Journalist at USP Cook Islands Wednesday 26 June at 7pm


nicky Hager is an author based in Wellington, new Zealand. He has been described as “new Zealand’s leading investigative journalist” and has written books about the Afghanistan war, secret intelligence, new Zealand politics and the unethical side of public relations. For the past 18 months he has been part of a small team of investigative journalists around the world studying a sizeable leak of tax haven documents, including from the company Trustnet that started and still works in the Cook Islands. All welcome – light refreshments afterwards. 71908


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

localNEWS nuti no roto i te IPUkAREA

Rakahanga keeps in touch senior students at rakuraku school on the northern group island of rakahanga are learning to be news reporters. Bazza ross is school principal and sole teacher of the 26 students from early childhood education to year 13 students. ross, formerly a teacher at enuamanu school on atiu, is encouraging his senior students to write news stories from their communities as well as stories on national issues. toDay we share a story by year 12 student tuakana Banaba on the recent visit to the island by telecom Cook islands technicians: oN JUNE 12, Rakahanga had the privilege to welcome six Telecom technicians and engineers. Their purpose was to fix the cellphone service and analyse what needed to be done so that Rakahanga can be connected to the rest of the atoll and islands around the Cook Islands. Their brief visit in Rakahanga made it exciting and delightful for the community. A public meeting was held at the courthouse on June 13. They discussed how cellphones will be beneficial for educational reasons for the students at Rakuraku School. They

rakahanga students with the Telecom sales and marketing man damien Beddoes who presented new cellphone products to the community on the northern group island. 13062401 also suggested using the school for public internet access which they predicted for the future, when the technicians and engineers of Telecom visit again in November. They recommended to all people to upgrade their cell phones

for technological reasons. An official launch was held at the courthouse on Friday June 14. Many new Telecom products were on display and for purchase. The most attractive phone that caught the people’s atten-

tion was the Samsung Galaxy, even free credit top up was offered to the community. “You don’t get that every day,” someone commented. During their toil, the power was on 24/7. They have improved the cell-

phone service and have worked up to their high standards. on June 17 the Telecom group departed Rakahanga. Since then service coverage has continually improved. “Just because we are isolated in distance, doesn’t mean we

can’t keep in touch with the technological world. Why walk on a busy footpath crowed with trafic, full of people texting and calling when you can peacefully walk barefoot on the beach keeping in touch with the rest of the world.”

French language teaching to return IF FRENCH honorary consul Nathalie Rossette-Cazel hopes are realised, Rarotonga will soon be the recipient of a dedicated French language teacher. “It’s a big hope,” she said. “The inal details are still to be inalised.” The return of dedicated French language instruction will be the latest initiative of the Alliance Francaise de Rarotonga (AF). “There has always been an interest in French due to the links with Polynesia,” she said. To relect the strong Tahitian and French Polynesian presence

in the Cook Islands, the AF was started in 1992 by former Honorary French Consul for the Cook Islands Diane Mckegg. The AF acts as a social club, said Rossette-Cazel, with games, movie nights, and an extensive library of French books. The AF is currently looking for a permanent home, but for now, members’ homes are being used as temporary meeting places. “The purpose is to share our culture with the community,” she said. Rossette-Cazel spoke of the organisation’s success between the years of 2000 and 2005 under

then-teacher, Noelene Burden. Burden was instructing over 500 students, she said. After 2005, the initiative was hit with budgetary cuts from the French embassy in Wellington, which slowed down the teaching of French signiicantly. Five years later, funding was restored allowing the AF to recruit a teacher but only for short periods of time. “our concern was long-term,” said Rossette-Cazel. “There was some talk at the high levels about providing assistance to the community for the French language.”

It was at that point plans were drafted for a two-year project to bring in a French teacher, with funding from the French embassy along with the governments of the Cook Islands and New Caledonia. Under the plan, classes for

primary students and members of the community will begin in early october. “We are providing the teacher free of charge to the Cook Islands government,” she said. More immediately, the AF will be holding a special lunch-

time function at Le Bon vivant cafe in Muri on July 14 to celebrate French National Day, also known as Bastille Day. Expect an afternoon of all things French, including music, food, and lavish decorations. - Emmanuel Samoglou

French honorary consul nathalie Rossette-Cazel says plans to bring in a French language teacher to rarotonga are nearly complete.

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Dining 7 - 8.30pm show starts 8.30pm featuring delicious local food

0pm rts 8.3 a t s how t by 0pm s rtainmen 3 . 8 g7 nte Dinin d night e islan lllate yze ti o B & ra ithta entw m n i nterta Livee

edgewater resort - reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentarytransfersprovidedfromanywhereontheisland. saturdayislandnightfeaturesorama 13062414


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.





Avatiu Rugby Union AGM Today 25 June, 5.30pm at the Avatiu club House Agenda: 1.Election of 2013 executives. 2.Coirming coaches. President.

Annual General Meeting Wednesday 26 June, 4.30pm6pm. Old PIAF oice, Tupapa Main Road. President’s Report, Financial Reports and Election of Oice Bearers. Members and intending members welcome. Enquiries phone 21144. Uipaanga Mataiti (AGM) Ruitoru ra 26 Tiunu, 4.30pm to 6pm. Old PIAF oice, Tupapa main road. Ripoti a te Perititeni, ripoti o te akapapaanga moni, ikianga i te au akaaere ou. Ko tei inangaro i te aere mai kite uipaanga, ka ariki rekareka ia te katoatoa. Taniuniu atu te tereponi 21144.

Turangi Meeting house Committee The Turangi Meeting House committee would like to say thank you and Meitaki Maata to various businesses and families who have supoprted our fundraising, through donations of food and money. We would also like to say thank you to those who stopped by to buy plates of BBQ food. Thank you all for your tremendous support.

Fresh squeezed lemon Juice for sale. Phone 55071.

72121 /31837 /2195

Manuel-Fortes Reunion Meeting At Vakatini Palace Time - 6.30pm Thursday 27 June 2013. Please bring a plate and your rale ticket. 72103 /32420 /2651

kia Orana e te hiti tangata Manihiki katoatoa. E patihanga teia kia tae mai tatou no ta tatou fangai hanga I o tatou aronga Manihiki tei haka ngateitei hia ki na tapo o te Ariki Vahine. Ko Taepae Tuteru, Papa Nooroa Kairengi, daniel Apii, Mimi Jane Kaina. Fuifui mai kia humaria e kia mataora ta tatou angaanga. Paraparau ra 27 ite for a 5 ite ahiahi I to tatou hostel. Te Atua te Aroha Na te Mema Paramani e te au Komiti o te Manihiki.

waFFle shaCk Unique and Proitable mobile cafe with room for growth. Phone 29144 or 55503. 71945 /32750 /2380

71972 /32735 /1780

72077 /31823 /1931

Tupapa Maraerenga Democratic party rale To all purchases and supporters of the Tupapa Maraerenga Democratic Party Rale, you are respectfully advised that our Rale was not drawn last Saturday 22 June 2013 due to a large number of outstanding unsold rale tickets. We have requested approval from the Police department and our Rafle will now be drawn on Saturday 20 July at the Opposition Oice at 2pm. Our humble apologies for any inconvenience caused. Meitaki Maata Rale Committee. 72115 / /1808


72123 /31841 /1931

TUATUA AKAKITE E patianga kapikianga uipaanga I runga i tei nga enua ko Te Areroa 127A3 e Punakiore 16L Matavera. A te Thursday 27 June 2013 ora 6 aiai. Tupapa Meeting House Meitaki Maata. 777

Prescription sunglasses, backroad near prison. call/Text 57736. 72102 /72102 /1931

72124 / /1857

Maungaroa v121 We are receiving cargo from Mangaia and Ngaputoru. Sailing for Mangaia on the 24/6/2013 on return from Mangaia. She will leave Atiu, Mauke, Mitiaro. 72125 / /1857

FOR RENT 3 bedroom modern house, fully furnished, good water, walk to town $350 week. Long term. Ph 26039.

72114 /31835 /1931

72048 /31813 /1931

FOR SALE Typhoon 125cc $1200 ono Tiger Smart 100cc $800 ono Phone 56360. 72087 / /2147

Mountain bike Mongoose Auto 18 speed, $350. Phone 24919. 72112 /31835 /1931

Shower mixers, $25 each. Phone 24919. 72111 /31835 /1931

Taro Manaura @ $100, 25kg bag. Free delivery. Phone 74049. Mags & new tyres, suit Holden, stud pattern, 225/65 x 16. Phone 24919. 72113 /31835 /1931

New Executive House in Nikao. 2 bedrooms. Furnished. Available 28 June. Enquires 57447

IT ADMINISTRATOR / CO-ORDINATOR The Edgewater Resort & Spa is looking for an enthusiastic and energetic person to either manage or co-ordinate our IT department. Applicants must have ample experience in this area and be competent in working with our reservations system (Room Master), food and beverage POS system, email, internet and ofer training to other staf in areas of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point etc. Remuneration will depend on experience of applicant. come and ill in an application form or call 55469 for more information

reCyCLe FOUND Notices are FREE To encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

72096 / /1759


2006 holden rodeo double cab $26,500. V6 Engine, Hard Top, Air con, Elect Wind, 130,000kms. Excellent condition. Ph: 22024/ 50240 72080 / /2640

nissan March 1000cc GR8 on petrol $13k o.n.o Nissan Serena van $8.5k o.n.o Ph 54882 or 23601 72099 / /1994

2 bedroom lat, furnished, Ruatonga. Phone 23756. holden ss 5.7 v8 Low mileage Excellent condition 30k ono. Phone 55688.


AIRPORT GROUNDS MAINTENANCE TENDER Tenders are invited for various grounds keeping and maintenance work at Rarotonga international airport. Details of the tender and tender documents are available from Akanoa William. Phone: 25890 EXT. 223, mob: 55821, email awilliam@ Tenders are to be addressed Airport Authority Tender 3 Airport Authority P.O.Box 90 Cook Islands Tender closes on 5 July 2013 /


72106 /31836 /2517

72082 /31827 /1931

3 bdrm f/f house 5 min walk 2 town $200/wk Ph 54882 or 23601. 777


New rims, hubs, stubs, tow coupling. All galvanised, $450 complete set. Phone 24919.

72116 /31843 /1931

72081 /31828 /1931

71958 /31673 /1931

SITUATIONS VACANT Dive Rarotonga dive instructor position available, must be renewed, PAdI Instructor, boat skipper experience and non smoker. Phone 21873.

SHIPPING NOTICES Shipping Notice We are receiving cargo for Manihiki, Rakahanga, Penrhyn. cargo closes Friday 28/6/2013. For further inquiries call 24905 or 24912.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


72108 /31838 /1931


72018 / /2119

TO The landOwners OF avaavarOa seCTIOn 11b, TakITuMu The Mortgagee of a deed of Lease of the above land situated in Takitumu, Rarotonga in the area of 1,300m2 has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the deed of Lease by way of assignment. The sale is subject, among other things, to the landowners residing in Rarotonga waiving their irst right of refusal in respect of the sale and (in the event of them waiving that right), the consent of the majority of landowners residing in Rarotonga to the sale by way of assignment. Should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interest you have one month from Tuesday, 18 June 2013 to notify us in writing. details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchasers are available to landowners whose names appear on the Register of Titles, on request to: charles Little at Little & Matysik P.c., cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, Rarotonga, Tel 21619, Fax 21615 or email: charles@

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



For the sake of your family

geT help Call AA - 55606


reTaIl Travel COnsulTanT

This is an exciting opportunity to begin a career in the insurance industry with TOWER Insurance. TOWER has provided domestic and commercial insurance in the Cook Islands for over 30 years. This role is a job share position and the hours will be by negotiation. You will need to have good organisational skills and a genuine interest in helping customers. The successful applicants will be fully trained in all aspects of the insurance industry, including insurance policy administration, claims, sales and customer service. Written applications including a Curriculum Vitae and references must be received no later than 30 June 2013. If you are interested in a career with TOWER Insurance and would like further information please contact: Jay Areora manager Telephone 22713 Email

We have an exciting opportunity in our Retail oice. The person we are looking for must be someone who is a quick learner and has a great work ethic. Outlined below are our requirements. Responsibilities: • Responsible for the day to day reception, consultation, sales and accounting of retail travel product within the Cook Islands & to Short Haul International destinations. • Responsible for ‘Public website’ enquiries. • Responsible for ‘on island’ outer island sales and processing. • Responsible for booking other travel related services such as transfers, accommodation, sightseeing and entertainment. Skills & Attributes: • Excellent communication skills, both verbal & written. • Computer skills including, E mails, Microsoft Word, microsoft Excel and microsoft Powerpoint. • Previous C.R.S. experience with Amadeus would be an advantage. • A high level of Numeracy is expected. • Good sound geographical knowledge. • A high level of personal and professional presentation is required. If you feel you have the above attributes and are looking for a new challenge please apply in writing with a copy of your C.V. to:




FOREIGN AFFAIRS OFFICER If you are committed to the advancement of the national interests of the Cook Islands at the international level, and are interested in regional and international developments and how this afects the Cook Islands then this could well be the job for you. The FAO will be responsible to the Director of the International Division. We are looking for a university graduate (economics, political science, international relations, or law would be advantageous) wishing to build a career in foreign afairs and with a range of attributes, including the following: • Knowledge, awareness and appreciation of the political and economic environment, both in the Cook Islands and internationally; • Excellent time management and organisational skills; • Excellent written and oral communication skills. Please contact nga Kamana on telephone 29347 or email for the full job description, requirements and application details. Applications close 3pm Monday 1 July 2013. 72044



Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

SITUATIONS VACANT Live In Caregiver Required for old papa. Must be able to work 6 days per week, drives a car. For details call 56563.

SITUATIONS VACANT wanted Caregiver/housekeeper for elderly gentleman live in. Phone 73465. 72100 /31833 /1931

Looking for live in nanny to look after two children. Phone 29913.

Rob’s Charcoal Chicken is looking for a cashier to work the busy lunch shift Monday-Friday. Past experience a plus. Phone 52334.

72026 /31800 /1931

72110 /31839 /1931

71869 /32701 /1931

Concrete Systems Ltd is wanting the services of an experienced auto Electrician. This can be on a part-time, permanent or contract basis. Ring 21375 for interview. 72000 /31780 /2295

WANTED TO BUy Want to buy Avocados. Phone 77839. 71962 /31761 /1931



localNEWS nuti no roto i te IPUkAREA

Dinner gives Esther Honey a hand A PoT luck BBQ dinner fundraiser to provide cash injection for the Esther Honey Foundation was held on Saturday night at the NZ High Commission residence with the help of the Rarotonga Hash Harriers, Hussies and Hoffspring. The evening, the idea of Leoni Carter, wife of NZ High Commissioner to the Cook Islands, John Carter, aimed to raise some much-needed extra cash for the work of Esther Honey and some provisions

for them and the animals. The Esther Honey Foundation is a United States nonproit organisation and a Cook Islands registered (charitable) foreign enterprise. It aims to deliver a permanent and compassionate solution to the over-population of South Pacific island dogs and cats with affordable, high quality veterinary services. It has an emphasis on spaying/neutering and humane education. The foundation’s services are

provided at no charge but rely on donations for funding from the wider community. Around 60 guests attended the evening and had a great time with a total of $450 raised. Hash House Harriers supplied a big glass jar containing bottle tops costing guests $1 a guess as to how many it could hold. John koteka, who was not present on the night, won the competition with a guess of 850 bottle caps. The correct number was in

fact 853. koteka’s prize for having the closest guess was free beer at a Hash House Harriers run. on the night, guests also brought along cans of dog and cat food, old towels and newspapers, as well as treats for the volunteers and supporters of EHF. These people were also shouted a good meal, wine and good company Leonie Carter says. - Release/Ross McCullough

Te marae Ora ministry of Health has the following vacancies: 1. Finance oicer (accounts payable); this position reports to the Finance manager, Funding and Planning Directorate. 2. principal lecturer, lecturer, librarian; Cook Islands nursing School, Rarotonga Hospital. These positions report to the Chief Nursing oicer. Written applications including a CV with referees should be addressed to Human Resources manager, PO Box 109, ministry of Health, Rarotonga or email m.anguna@ Job descriptions and application form is available on request. applications close 28 June 2013. 71965

For a good cause: NZ High Commissioner to the Cook Islands, John Carter (far right), and guests share a laugh on a night that gave useful assistance to the esther honey Foundation. 13062413



Mrs tekura-tau-kia-pa Marqueritte tungane tutai Matai simiona.



senior extension Oicer

Classiieds • Phone 22999


Overseas advertising We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classiied advertisements and pre-billing. Contact our advertising department phone 22999 email:

The ministry of Agriculture invites expressions of interest from suitably qualiied, mature, and experienced persons to ill the above position. The successful applicant should have a good understanding of general agriculture, soil science, pest surveillance, and agricultural extension. The successful applicant is expected to be willing to upskill his knowledge in agricultural science and be luent in both english and maori, and must have a pleasant attitude and understanding relating to the sharing and transfer of knowledge and technical information to farmers. Written applications including a CV should be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture, PO Box 96, Rarotonga or e-mail: A Job Description is available on request and applications close 3 July 2013. /

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purotu no araura enua, e metua vaine meitaki, ki, ite aroa e te inangaro, e tauturu orometua vaine akangaroi, e metua vaine evangelia, kua moe ki te moe anga roa, i te ora tai (1.00am) popongi sabati ra 23/06/2013.


princess of araura enua. a very loving and caring mother of all. a retired assistant Ministers wife of the late ngariki Maanga Matai simiona of tautu CiCC ekalesia aitutaki. a real mother of the church. she passed away at 1.00am sunday morning at aitutaki hospital aitutaki 23/06/2013. she was born 19 february 1928. she was 85 years old. her body has been lown over to rarotonga yesterday morning (sunday) at 11.45am. she is now resting at the morgue until her children and families arrive from new zealand and australia. her body will then be returned back to her home in tautu aitutaki for her inal family service and inal rest. PsaLM 116 : 15... says... Precious in the sight of the LorD is the death of his saints. saLaMo 116 : 15... e mea apinga maata i mua i te aroaro o iehova te mate o tona ra aronga tapu. aere ra e tenana tavini vaine Meitaki e te Maroiroi i roto i te atu ia iesu Mesia, aere ra ki te rekareka anga o toou Pu, i runga i te rangi teitei. amen. further notice will be advised for her conirmation of her return back to her island aitutaki.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

Flight Times | voyage details FROM arrIves

International Flights

tuesday june 25 Nz748/749 AKL Nz746/745 AKL











0850 1120 1620

0910 1140 1640


1000 1230 1730





tuesday june 25 1.25AM 4.25PM


2.25AM 5.25PM







6.30PM 3.50PM

wednesday june 26 Nz746/745 AKL 2.40PM thursday june 27 Nz46/45 AKL 5.15PM Gz035/034 PPT 2.50PM

0800 1030 1530

Air Rarotonga






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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

answer to Monday’s puzzle

answer to Monday’s puzzle

hÄgar the horrible

Situation: An intense low pressure system to the far south of the group generates and directs heavy southwest swells over Southern Cook waters. An easterly wind low prevails over northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Damaging heavy swells may lead to sea looding of low lying coastal areas. Some showers about Aitutaki, ine elsewhere. Moderate southeast winds. moderate seas. Heavy southerly swells. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. moderate east to northeast winds, fresh at times. moderate seas. moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers.

TUE high 10.55AM 1.02M 11.35PM 0.96M







WEd high 11.49AM 1.01M





1.7m S






1.4m E



Sun, Moon & Arapo

08kTS new Moon JUL 8 7.15AM

First Quarter JUL 16 3.19AM

Full Moon Jul 22 6.16PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter Jun 30 4.54AM


araPo - rakau tai TUE 25 Tanu (Planting) Tanu i te kai katoa. Good time for all planting.

Humidity WEd

Rarotonga Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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Weather Forecast to Midnight


By Dik Browne


the PhantoM



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TauTai (Fishing) Po ika kore. Maata roa te turama. not good ishing nights. Too much light.

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Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, June 25, 2013









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sun set


Moon rise 8.02PM Moon set 9.17AM

WEd sun rise 7.17AM sun set 6.07PM


Moon rise 9.06PM Moon set 10.05AM


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24° SE 08kTS


24° SE 07kTS



24° SE 07kTS

28° NE 06kTS


24° SE 07kTS


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 cook Islands News

Netball semi-finals start wednesday



Rugby lover shares skills STACEY Anderson’s love of rug-

by is clear to see and this week the rugby mad young woman will be sharing rugby skills and tips with the Titikaveka Bulls under 19 team. Rugby is in the blood for Anderson. The 22-year-old is the daughter of former All Black lock Albert Anderson who played 25 games for the All Blacks including captaining the side in four games. He was also part of the All Blacks squad that played and won in the first Rugby World Cup in 1987 jointly hosted by New Zealand and Australia. Anderson has been kicking around a rugby ball since she was 5-years-old and began playing club rugby at 14. While on holiday in Rarotonga as a 17-year-old a few years ago – Anderson and her brother Thomas found themselves kicking a ball around at the Titikaveka ield where they became friends with club players. Anderson even managed to pull on the blue and white jersey of Titikaveka and play a women’s rugby game for the village and was soon adopted by the club. After the family returned home to Christchurch that year – they sent a parcel of rugby

jerseys from their Southbridge club or as Anderson calls the area ‘Dan Carter country’. Titikaveka sports enthusiast and long-time village sport supporter James Poreo remembers the generous jersey donation made by the Anderson family which was used by junior players of the day. The same junior players that have now progressed to the under 19 team that Anderson will help out at training this week. “It’s an honour seeing Stacey and the family back here,” says Poreo. He recalls the youngster joining in with the local Titikaveka rugby training and after their visit receiving the jerseys by post. “We were so surprised to receive these jerseys and grateful for them,” adds Poreo. To show the club’s gratitude, the thankful sports enthusiast put together a profile on the young woman and family that proudly hangs in the kent Hall to serve as a reminder of the family’s generous donation to the club. These days Anderson plays for Canterbury in the women’s NPC – the equivalent team of the Canterbury Crusaders in the Super 15 competition. The rugby mad woman is

Titikaveka sports enthusiast James Poreo was thrilled to see rugby mad visitor stacey anderson back on the island some seven years since her family irst visited the island and donated jersey’s to the Titikaveka rugby club. This week the aspiring Black Fern will be sharing rugby skills and tips with the Titikaveka under 19 rugby team before returning to Christchurch. 13062403 still aspiring to earn a women’s version of the All Blacks jersey and represent the country in the sport she loves although she’s been part of the Black Ferns wider training squad for a while. Anderson believes that Cook Islands women will make great

rugby players and she’s encouraging women to take up the sport that presents loads of opportunity for women. “There are lots of opportunities for women’s rugby and it’s just a great sport to play – local women should go for it!”

says Anderson. Anderson adds that she is proud to be part of the Titikaveka rugby club. “She will be part of our club for life,” adds Poreo. on this trip to Rarotonga, Anderson’s step brother Thomas

Bachelor who was on the family holiday 7-years ago when they donated the jerseys to Titikaveka club, had to stay back in New Zealand as one of the top seven contestants on the kiwi talent show ‘The x-Factor’. - Matariki Wilson

Workshop aims to empower coaches EMPoWERING junior rugby

coaches with skills, drills and resources is all part of this afternoon’s rugby workshop at Avatea School in Nikao. The workshop is geared for local junior rugby coaches, school teachers, youth leaders and even parents interested in taking up rugby coaching. Cook Islands Rugby Union

and get along to the Punanga Nui Markets for the olympic Day Fun Run tomorrow – not on July 6 as reported in Saturday’s paper. The event on Wednesday is for the community at large to get behind Team Cook Islands athletes and share in the spirit of the olympic movement. The run/walk on Wednesday is being organised by the Cook Islands Athletes’ Commission who are also keen to reach out to local athletes as their representatives on the Cook Islands Sports and National olympics Committee.

a number of key areas like the role of a coach. Some of the participants might be teachers and parents and clarifying the role of a coach will help them become more conident as coaches,” says Tuoro. “Planning a training session is another key area we will go over and of course some skills and drills coaches can implement during their planned

training sessions.” If you are keen to get involved with your club rugby, coach a school rippa team or be able to give more advice to your rugby mad kids – then make sure you take advantage of tonight’s rippa rugby workshop at Avatea School running from 3 to 6pm today. For more details contact Ben koteka on 54469. - MW

and implement that with their under 14 or under 16 rugby team,” says koteka. The workshop will be run by Cook Islander Chad Tuoro of Twin Training Rugby Academy who spent yesterday up skilling local rugby development oficers as they prepare to go out in to the schools to prepare primary school kids for the biggest an-

The event is free for all and everyone that takes part will receive a participant’s certificate as well as complementary fruits and water after their run or walk. The walking courses around the Avatiu, Avarua and Takuvaine area range from the short 1km and 3km course to the longer 5km walk. There will be a few more fun sports oriented activities through the week – so watch this space. In the meantime, dust off those running shoes and join the olympic Day Fun Run starting (5pm) and ending at the Punanga Nui Markets. - MW

Chad Tuoro of Twin Training Rugby Academy will be delivering a rippa rugby workshop this afternoon to empower all junior rugby coaches with skills, drills and resources to be more efective rugby coaches. 13062402

Fun run on Wednesday GET YoUR running shoes on

nual rugby festival – the CI News Rippa Rugby tournament scheduled for July 24. Tuoro says during the three hour workshop, he will cover a number of key areas including the role of a coach, planning a training session and sharing some skills and drills with participants. “The workshop will cover

chief executive officer Ben koteka explains that while the workshop, to run from 3pm to 6pm today, is a rippa rugby speciic session, the skills and drills coaches take away from today’s workshop can be applied to any junior rugby grade. “This is a workshop for rippa rugby coaching but participants can learn new skills and drills

Tuesday 25 June  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Tuesday, June 25, 2013