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$2 Monday, June 17, 2013

Co-ordinated training for Paciic police cook islands Police commis-

sioner Maara tetava has returned home triumphant from what he says was a valuable trip to Brisbane, Australia, in which police training throughout the Paciic Region was given a boost. in his capacity as chairman of two of the four working groups, a part of the two-week confer-

ence that finished on June 6, some useful headway for police training throughout the Paciic was consolidated. the commissioner says from the conference in Brisbane, there is now a mandate from the Pacific island chiefs of Police (PicP), made up of 21 police chiefs throughout the Paciic, to look

Toa project still on hold A construction project at

toa Petroleum is still waiting approval from the national Environment service (nEs) after the work went ahead without a permit. nEs manager Vavia tangatataia said he has spoken to crown Law about the issue, but would prefer to resolve the issue with toa rather than go to court. “they went ahead and (began construction) without a permit. But we don’t want to prosecute them; we want to work closely with them. to me, that’s the best way.” the project is a swipe card facility that will allow toa’s wholesale customers to purchase fuel at any time. currently, these customers can only purchase the fuel during toa’s working hours but as the new facility will be unmanned, they will be able to fill up at their convenience. construction of a concrete slab as a base for the facility began on May 28. After nEs inspected the site on May 29, toa received a stop-work notice on May 31. tangatataia said nEs is still waiting on information from toa before the project can be approved. “We need more information – it’s not up to our standards.” He said nEs has been monitoring toa’s site and has not seen construction there in recent days, but he has been unable to confirm with the company whether the work has stopped. “Even if they’ve stopped the work, i want to work together with them to get it approved.”

Director of toa Petroleum Brett Porter said toa began construction after waiting months for the go-ahead. tangatataia said the approval process took longer than usual because it involved dangerous goods and therefore also needed approval from internal Affairs. internal Affairs secretary Bredina Drollet said approval from internal Affairs and approval from nEs are separate processes, and while toa did get the okay from internal Affairs mid-May, the company did need to wait for nEs to also approve the project. she said internal Affairs has received toa’s construction plans and the project is likely to meet the standards required. “We are satisied their plans are at least likely to meet requirements for dangerous goods. We need to also make sure as they construct that they’re constructing according to the plans.” she said internal Affairs has conducted site inspections since construction began, and there were some issues with the construction that toa has been made aware of. she said inspections during construction are to ensure public safety as well as make the process run smoothly for toa, because there are aspects of construction that internal Affairs would need to check that may not be visible once construction is complete. “it can be quite costly for the business to then have to prove that to us.” - Briar Douglas

Last Minute Deals!

at different training initiatives, rather than just taking whatever training opportunities were on offer. in particular, police agencies around the Paciic will now be taking a fresh, co-ordinated approach to training and skills development, following the Pacific Police training Advisory Group (PPtAG) meeting that tetava chairs. “it is all about sharing information on crime around the Pacific region which can only be good for the law enforcement objectives we, (representatives of Paciic policing) have set out,” tetava says. He noted that with progress

that had been made following the conference, there would be access to broader training experiences and resources than is available in any single country. As a result, regional training tools would be able to be developed such as the training courses Database and providing PPtAG members countries with the training equipment. A relatively new organisation to Paciic policing, the role of the group is to improve law enforcement capacity through education and training. it aims to enhance training programmes in the Paciic region with a shift towards a more sustainable and

self-reliant approach to capacity development, along with effective engagement with partner agencies and stakeholders. the group known as PPtAG which is made up of heads of training departments from Paciic police organisations, is primarily funded by the Australian Federal Police’s Paciic Police Developmental programme. one of the aims of the group is to establish a baseline of regional train-the-trainer workshops to bring Paciic police organisations together for curriculum development, training design and effective delivery of the training, states a police media release.

these initiatives are said to not only address basic training needs, but also to allow for local adaptation to meet individual country legislation compliance. one of the cook islands Police service’s core values is to build skills and be the best it can be enforcing the law. For the conference there were four workshop groups that come under the PicP umbrella those being: the semi-transnational Crime Network, the Paciic Police training Advisory Group, the Forensics Working Group and the Woman Advisory network. - Ross McCullough

Seeing red


nAtionAL Environment service (nEs) manager Vavia tangatataia personally inspected t&M Heather’s sand mining project at Blackrock on Friday, and gave it the all-clear. nEs had received complaints from the public over red soil being

used to ill in a large hole at the site – with concerns that minerals in the soil would pollute the lagoon – and brought the project to a halt in May. the project has now resumed, with nEs approving the use of rock called ‘igneous breccias’ which

is also red in colour. tangatataia said the red rock is not a problem for the lagoon because it is hard enough that it must be extracted from the mountains using dynamite, and it does not dissolve on contact with water – and therefore shouldn’t pose a problem

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for the lagoon. t&M Heather’s project manager Jojo Heather had wanted to use red soil to ill the hole because it is cheap and readily available, but he said the red soil has now been removed from the site. read more about the project on page 7. Ph 24979

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Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News

worldnEWs nuti no tEiA nEi Ao The high cost of parking Two side by side parking spots in the US city of Boston have been auctioned for $560,000 almost double the average price of a home in the region. They were sold by the Internal Revenue Service, which had seized them from their original owner over a tax debt. A woman, who lives in a multimillion dollar home nearby with three existing parking spots, was the buyer. She told the Boston Globe the spaces would be useful for guests and workers. The record price for a single parking spot in Boston is $300,000.

Victory over extremism Iran president Hassan Rowhani pledges to engage with world tEHrAn – iran’s new President Hassan rowhani has hailed his presidential election win as a victory over “extremism” as jubilant supporters took to the streets, pinning their hopes on an easing of Western sanctions. Major powers quickly offered to engage with the moderate cleric and former nuclear negotiator, who has promised a more constructive approach to talks. But israel called for no let-up

world BriEFs POLICE CLEAR PROTESTERS FROM SQUARE TURKEY – Protesters have clashed with Turkish police in Istanbul, after riot squads used tear gas and water cannon to eject demonstrators from Gezi Park. The protesters quickly led the park, but later erected barricades across nearby streets and lit bonires. Witnesses said it was one of the worst nights of unrest since the park was occupied 18 days ago. Police blocked of the Bosphorus Bridge to stop demonstrators reaching Taksim Square, where the park is located. clashes continued into Sunday morning in the streets around the square, eyewitnesses say. On the square itself, bulldozers went to work, clearing away the protesters’ abandoned barricades. Riot police moved in hours after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned protesters who had set up camp in Gezi Park to leave.

NORTH KOREA PROPOSES TALKS WITH US NORTH KOREA – North Korea’s top governing body has proposed high-level nuclear and security talks with the United States in an appeal sent just days after calling of talks with rival South Korea. The powerful National Defence commission headed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un issued a statement proposing “senior-level” talks to ease tensions and discuss a peace treaty formally ending the Korean War. In a notable shift in propaganda in Pyongyang, posters and billboards calling on North Koreans to “wipe away the American imperialist aggressors” have been taken down in recent weeks. There was no immediate response from Washington.

ANNIVERSARY OF FIRST WOMAN IN SPACE RUSSIA – Russia has celebrated the 50th anniversary of the light of the irst woman in space - a Soviet national hero who went by the call name “Seagull” and captured the imaginations of girls around the world. Valentina Tereshkova, now a lawmaker for Russia’s ruling party, blasted of in a Vostok-6 spaceship 50 years ago on Sunday, two years after Yuri Gagarin’s historic irst manned light in 1961. The 76-year-old remains the only woman to have ever made a solo light in space. State television celebrated by running documentaries about Tereshkova’s life while the former cosmonaut herself spent the day commemorating a new space museum in her native region of Yaroslavl.

in the sanctions crippling the iranian economy. iran’s reformist press hailed rowhani as the “sheikh of hope” and said his victory promised a return to optimism after the eight-year grip of conservatives under outgoing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. tens of thousands of celebrators thronged the streets of tehran, toting pictures of 64-yearold rowhani and chanting proreform slogans as news of his victory spread. in his first statement, he called on world powers to treat iran with respect and recognise its rights, an apparent allusion to its controversial nuclear programme. “this is a victory of intelligence, of moderation, of progress over extremism,” rowhani said. “A new opportunity has been created by this great epic, and the nations who tout democracy and open dialogue should speak to the iranian people with respect and recognise the rights of the islamic republic.” then they will “hear an appropriate response”, added Mr rowhani, who has championed a more constructive engagement with world powers. He won outright against ive conservative candidates with 18.6 million votes out of the 36.7 million people who voted from an electorate of 50.5 million, the interior ministry said. supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has the inal say in all strategic matters in iran, including nuclear policy, congratulated Mr rowhani. “i urge everyone to help the president-elect and his colleagues in the government, as he is the president of the whole nation,” khamenei said. World powers expressed readiness to take up rowhani’s offer of engagement. - AFP

Successful Iranian moderate presidential candidate Hassan Rowhani lashes the sign of victory as he leaves a polling station in Tehran. AFP

‘Keep up the pressure’ tEL AViV – israeli Prime Minister Benjamin netanyahu says the world should keep up pressure on iran to rein in its nuclear programme and avoid thinking the election of a moderate president will bring change. “the international community should not fall into wishful thinking and be tempted to ease pressure on iran to stop its nuclear programme,” he said. “iran will be judged on its actions,” he said a day after Hassan rowhani, a moderate cleric and former top nuclear negotiator, was declared the winner of

iran’s presidential election. “if it insists on continuing to develop its nuclear programme, the answer needs to be clear – stopping its nuclear program by any means,” netanyahu said. “in the past 20 years the only thing that brought about a temporary freeze in iran’s nuclear programme was the fear of aggressive action against it.” intelligence Minister Yuval steinitz said although rowhani won the support of reformists, it was still supreme leader Ayatollah Ali khamenei who called the shots.

“the working assumption should be that khamenei, who has been heading this nuclear programme for 24 years, will continue to head it and therefore without continued pressure on iran there is no chance of seeing signiicant change in nuclear policy,” said steinitz. israel, the region’s sole if undeclared nuclear power, along with the West accuses iran of using its atomic energy programme as a cover for developing an atomic bomb. tehran vehemently denies those claims. - AAP

Blessing for the bikers VAticAn citY – Pope Francis on sunday blessed thousands of Harley Davidsons and their riders as the American motorcycle manufacturer celebrated its 110th anniversary with a loud parade and plenty of leather. thundering Harley motorcycle engines nearly drowned out the recitation of the our Father

prayer in Latin that accompanied Francis as he greeted the crowd before mass. in st Peter’s square, bikers in their trademark leather Harley vests sat alongside nuns and tens of thousands of faithful catholics taking part in an unrelated, two-day pro-life rally, the centrepiece of which was

Pope Francis’ mass. Francis addressed them both after mass, giving a blessing to the “numerous participants” of the Harley rally. tens of thousands of Harley owners from around the world descended on rome for the anniversary. - AAP

MANDELA’S HEALTH IMPROVING SOUTH AFRIcA – Nelson Mandela is showing a “sustained” improvement after more than a week in hospital battling a lung infection although his condition remains serious, South African President Jacob Zuma said on Sunday. “As you are aware, president Nelson Mandela is still in hospital in Pretoria. We are grateful that he continues to get better,” Zuma said at a public rally. “Over the last two days, although he remains serious, his doctors have stated that his improvement has been sustained. He continues to engage with family.” The frail 94-year-old antiapartheid hero was admitted to a private Pretoria clinic in the early hours of June 8 because of a recurring lung infection.

Karate skills on display

‘THE RUSSIAN PRESIDENT STOLE MY RING’ RUSSIA – A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied claims that he stole a Super Bowl ring. The New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has claimed that the Russian leader stole his ring during an encounter in 2005. According to the New York Post Kraft discussed the ring theft at an awards gala. “I took out the ring and showed it to Putin, and he put it on. I put my hand out and he put his in his pocket, and three KGB guys got around him and walked out.” Kraft says he later tried to get the ring back, but White House oicials urged him to consider the ring a gift, with the 4.94-carat bauble representing the “best interest of USSoviet relations.”

today’s Daily Bread command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.

Matthew read: read: 1 Timothy 6:6-197:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 17

South Korean soldiers perform martial arts during an anti-terrorism display as part of preparations for the 4th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games at a gymnasium in Incheon, west of Seoul. AFP

Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News



Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalnEWs nuti no tE PA EnuA

Students and police in standoff Primary school children run riot at provincial PNG police station WABAG – A Papua new Guinea township went under siege for at least two hours last week following a stand-off between police and primary school students. the violence broke out in Wabag town, Enga Province,

leaving a number of students hospitalised and the town’s police station damaged. the town came to a standstil before order was restored by a visiting PnG Defence Force (PnGDF) unit. Wabag General Hospital con-

paciic BRIEFS GOVERNOR BUSY PROMOTING TOURISM AMERIcAN SAMOA – American Samoa governor is busy promoting tourism with Japan and Korea. Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga and Japan’s consul General in Hawai’i, Toyoei Shigeeda, have been holding meetings. The Governor’s Oice reports that Governor Lolo raised American Samoa’s interest in having direct lights between Japan and the territory to open up new economic possibilities in tourism. Lolo promoted the territory as a new destination for Japanese tourists ofering a new experience not available in other tourist meccas. The same concept is being explored with the Korean consulate in Hawai’i. The governor’s oice says lights from Korea to American Samoa could not only bolster the tourism industry in the territory but could open up new trade prospects as well.

FLOOD WARNING SYSTEMS CRITICAL FIJI – A climate expert says a regional collaboration of NGOs is working on improving lood warning systems in Fiji. Neville Koop, who is the meterology and climate adviser for the Secretariat of the Paciic Regional Environment Programme, says it’s important to provide the Nadi metservice with information tools so they can warn the public earlier when a lood is imminent. He says the project includes tree-planting to minimise the amount of topsoil that gets into the river during a lood, which ends up being a major cause of blockages. He says Nadi’s last major lood in March 2012 hit at night when people were asleep, and having earlier warnings is critical.

CHALLENGE IS TO REDUCE FOSSIL FUELS THE PAcIFIc – The three smallest economies in the Paciic are being targeted to lead the rest of the region in reducing the dependence on fossil fuel. The Low carbon Energy Islands project is encouraging Nauru, Niue and Tuvalu, which depend heavily on fossil fuels, to move towards using renewable energy resources available in their countries. The project is being run by the International Union for conservation of Nature. It’s regional energy programme co-ordinator, Anare Matakiviti, says one of the beneits of this project is to look at how households can play a role in generating their own electricity. Matakiviti says it is hoped that as households move away from their dependence on carbon, it will generate local business for energy products.

NZ ARMY PROVIDES WATER TO SCHOOLS SAMOA – New Zealand Army personnel have helped to provide freshwater resources to schools on Samoa’s Upolu Island. They’re being led by their American counterparts in giving humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. In December, cyclone Evan caused major looding in Samoa, wrecking buildings and destroying crops before moving on to batter Fiji. The Defence Force says water catchment systems installed by its crews will beneit more than 3000 staf and students. It says a number of its medics have also treated thousands of people and performed dental examinations. The Defence Force says some personnel have since gone to Tonga to do further aid work.

LIFE IN jAIL FOR REPEAT OFFENDERS GUAM – A bill is being debated in the Guam legislature that would set a mandatory non-parole sentence of life in prison for anyone convicted of committing a violent or aggravated felony for a second time. Bill 107, covers 14 serious ofences, including aggravated assault, sexual assault and murder. The bill’s sponsor Senator Brant Mccready says the bill has the support of the people and it is up to criminals to want to rehabilitate themselves. This bill is aimed at the inmate who rather than rehabilitate he reofends. And at some point that inmate is going to have to look in the mirror and take accountability for what he does. We do not create the inmate, the inmate creates himself.”

SAMOA AGAINST SOUTH AFRICA IN FINAL SAMOA – Samoa has book a four-nation rugby tournament inal clash with South Africa after the Paciic islanders powered to a 39-10 win over Italy in the four-team tournament in South Africa at the weekend. It was Samoa’s third successive test win against Six Nations opposition. Having won in Wales in November and beaten Scotland in Durban last week, the Samoans proved too strong for the Italians in a scrappy game in which they out-scored their opponents ive tries to one. The power of the Paciic islanders ground down Italian opposition in a match that started slowly with Samoa leading 10-3 at halftime but exploded with four more tries in the second half. South Africa play Samoa next Saturday in the climax of the three-week event.

firmed that a number of students have received treatment while two are in a “very critical” condition. students from Wabag Primary school had marched to the Wabag police station following an earlier assault of a student by a policeman. “in their colours of blue versus yellow, brave uniformed students depicting the strength of the biblical “David” stood irm against the “Goliath” police guns that were opening up rounds into the air,” a Postcourier reporter described the situation. “Business houses and residents alike shut down or ran for cover in fear as police tried in vain to curtail a charging mob that moved towards them. “Police were clearly outnumbered as more and more people joined the students in a stone throwing spree that over powered police; and the empty police station and properties such as vehicles were

“Business houses and residents alike shut down or ran for cover in fear as police tried in vain to curtail a charging mob that moved towards them.’ badly destroyed.” only a handful of policemen were on duty at the police station and could do little to contain the situation, provincial administrator Dr samson Amean told the national. “Gunshots were ired into the air to disperse the crowd, which also included members of the public.” “two students were rushed to the hospital after they were hit by a police vehicle,” Amean said.

He said this was when the public and students retaliated and stoned the police station and other buildings,. “Fortunately, two PnGDF vehicles were nearby and heard of the commotion and rushed towards the police station to help me quell the situation. “they were looking for fuel to refill while on their way to Porgera,” he said. Amean said it all started from a classroom incident where a boy had allegedly assaulted a fellow female student. “the girl went home and returned with her dad – who is a police oficer – and her mother, both of whom went about beating up the male student. “other students saw what was happening and tried to intervene, but were warned off by the policeman.” Amean denied reports that headmaster Mark sakol and another teacher were assaulted by the policeman leading to the students’ rampage.

Following the incident, the school children have petitioned the provincial administration, calling for: the policeman in full uniform to be charged and suspended to face court trial for assault; the policeman who drove the vehicle that hit and injured the two students, who have been hospitalised, to be investigated and charged; and to establish why policemen had opted to ire gunshots into the air in front of children. Amean and the police hierarchy in the province had already met with the school administration where it was announced that detectives had already begun an investigation. Before the suspension of classes yesterday, the headmaster and his teachers also announced that they would meet with parents of guardians of students today to discuss the situation. - PNC

Wife tortured and left to die Mt HAGEn – A 19-year-old

mother was tortured and left to die in bush – allegedly by her husband and his relatives – at a village near Mt Hagen, in Papua new Guinea’s Western Highlands. Mother-of-one, Delma Dupi, was allegedly tortured after the husband accused her of having an affair with another man. she was badly burnt with hot iron rods and left in the bushes to die several metres away from her own house.

the victim has a threemonth-old baby girl who is with the father’s relatives in the Jiwaka Province. the husband has gone into hiding. the young mother is battling for her life at the Mt Hagen General Hospital’s intensive care unit after she was eventually rescued by police. Mt Hagen criminal investigation oficer Jeffery Negma said ten policemen consisting of ive Task Force oficers and ive Criminal Investigation oficers

went into komun village in two police vehicles and rescued the woman on Wednesday morning – three days after she was tortured and left unattended. negma said Delma received burns to most of her private parts and was unable to walk. “Personally, i have never come across a case like this where a lady has been tortured to such an extent.” He said police have yet to make arrests because there was no evidence or eyewitnesses.

He added that they were waiting for the woman to regain consciousness and to be in a stable condition before the police can interview her for further investigations and possible arrests. Oficer Negma said the community was not aware of Dupi’s torture as it took place away from the village. He said the community was willing to co-operate with the police to make sure that justice was served. - Post-Courier

Rape victim beheaded her father Mt HAGEn – An 18-year-old

girl reportedly beheaded her father last week after he raped her inside their family home in the Dei District of Papua new Guinea’s Western Highlands Province. community leaders have all agreed that the girl will not be handed over to police because the father “deserved to die”. Pastor Lucas kumi reported the incident to media in Mt Hagen the day after the killing. they said the girl took a bush knife and chopped her father’s

head completely off from his body after he repeatedly raped her on tuesday night. According to the pastor the father –who was in his mid-40s and has three other children – raped his daughter when they were alone in the house after the mother and two of the other children went to visit relatives for the night. Pastor kumi said the father went to his daughter’s room in the night and reportedly raped her repeatedly. “the father wanted to rape

his daughter again in the morning and that was when the young girl picked up the bush knife and chopped her father’s head off,” he said. “the people and leaders in our area went and saw the headless body of the father after the girl reported the incident to the leaders and told her story of why she had killed her father.” the pastor said they have all agreed that the 18 year-old-girl is free to stay in the community because her father deserved to die.

“This incident is the irst of its kind in our community where a father was involved in raping his own daughter,” a contingent of community leaders told the Post-courier newspaper. “the daughter did what she did because of the trauma and the evil actions of her father, so that is why we have all agreed that she remains in the community.” Pastor kumi said the community have also agreed not to conduct any formal burial service for the father. - Post-Courier

Defamation case part of long saga nuku’ALoFA – A tongan academic in new Zealand says the latest defamation action in tonga against the kele’a newspaper is all part of an ongoing feud between politicians. Lord tuivakano and six cabinet ministers won a claim against the newspaper after a

letter to the editor published in october 2012 mentioned accusations other Parliamentarians had made against them. the Justice Minister clive Edwards was one of the plaintiffs and also appeared as their legal representative. Dr Malakai koloamatangi,

the Pasiika Director at Massey university in Auckland, says that was a conflict of interest, and this is another chapter in a long feud between Edwards and People’s representative ’Akilisi Pohiva, who is seen as being one with the newspaper. “it is odd that the Minister for

Justice is the lawyer in front of a local judge who is appointed by the ministry. that has to be cleared up. But you know there has always been this long-standing feud between Edwards and Pohiva in the kele’a so it’s part of that long-running saga.” - RNZI

New party says constitution a ‘living document’ suVA – Fiji’s newest political party says the constitution is a living document and could be changed after next year’s election. nirmal singh of the People’s Democratic Party says he can’t comment much on the docu-

ment as it has not been inalised, but says he is encouraged by its democratic principles and focus on human rights. singh says his new party has attracted many in Fiji especially 18-45 year olds. He says the party attracts

people with its policies such as having a free media, a strong judiciary and a strong democracy, but says he won’t specify any concrete policy yet. singh says the future parliament could change the constitution if they see it.

“the constitution is a living document, it is not engraved in stone and the elected representatives of the people should have the right to represent their people and change the constitution as they deem appropriate for the people of Fiji.” - RNZI


Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalnEWs nuti no tE PA EnuA

Child workers rescued suVA – Fiji’s military govern-

ment successfully withdrew 24 children from the clutches of child labour in the irst ive months of this year. this was revealed at the recent World Day Against child Labor celebrations at the civic centre in suva. the Ministry of Labour, industrial relations and Employment has referred all these children to school with the assistance from the Ministry of social Welfare and Ministry of Education. Acting permanent secretary samuela namosimalua said the attention to the phenomenon of children working has prob-

ably never been greater than it is today. “children employed during school hours either in domestic work or any other duty deprive them of education and it infringes on their basic rights,” namosimalua said. “Many people agree that some type of work done by children do not harm their lives and are considered as part of the moral development of the child. “However, there are certain situations which our children should never be employed in where these types of situation destroy the future and the development of our children.” He said the celebration signi-

ies serious concerns and commitments to ensure that all stakeholders join hands in the ight against child labour. “in any situation at home where a child is deprived of education due to a family commitment, such as crop harvesting, looking after younger siblings, selling produce, attending to traditional and religious commitments to name a few, is child labour. “these are examples of child labour in domestic work and is real in Fiji. these domestic activities deprive a child from attaining education,” namosimalua stressed. - Fiji Live

Fiji to pray for peacekeepers suVA – A former united nations peacekeeper has called on citizens to pray for the Fiji military and medical personnel who will be joining the un Disengagement observer Force (unDoF) in one of the world’s most volatile war zones. Fijian peacekeepers could be the irst to feel the brunt of any spill-over from the civil war in syria if the situation between the israeli and syria governments near the border at the Golan Heights is not resolved. ratu Peni Volavola , president of the returned soldiers and Ex-servicemen’s Association of Fiji, served with the Fiji battalion in Lebanon from 1983 to 1984.

“ in peacekeeping, you don’t really know who the enemy is. You are mixing around with civilians with the uniform that identifies you as a un peacekeeper but you can’t quite identify who the enemy is. And the enemy is who you are trying to control in terms of their movement.” Fiji paid the price with the lives of 34 soldiers between 1978 and 2002. “the only thing we can do for them is to remember them in our prayers, them and their families.” the united nations Department of Peacekeeping operations’ military adviser at the Ofice of Military Affairs, Lieu-

tenant-General Babacar Gaye, has confirmed that about 170 personnel from Fiji will replace troops from three countries that have withdrawn from the Golan Heights because of ierce ighting at the border they guard. He conirmed a three-member team from Fiji visited unDoF from May 14 to May 21 in preparation for the deployment of the contingent. “We expect them to be in the Golan by the end of June,” LtGen Gaye said. He made the comment as the us decided to arm syrian rebels ighting government forces of syrian President Bashar alAssad. - Fiji Times

Chile to look at Maori success WELLinGton – the chilean

Government is to hold talks with new Zealand Education Minister Hekia Parata about Maori models of achievement. Parata is flying to chile on thursday to attend the 13th Education seminar organised by Libertad y Desarrollo (LYD) – a chilean organisation for research and private education in the capital of santiago. the chilean ambassador to new Zealand, isauro torres, says although the Minister’s visit will focus on public education in new Zealand, among other topics, the chilean government is keen to hear about Maori education success stories.

He says his government is delighted to be hosting Parata, who will be giving a presentation and sharing ideas with her chilean counterpart, and will also be recognised as a Maori representative in chile . torres also says this is a timely opportunity for Hekia Parata to talk about how tangata whenua are involved in developing education strategies such as kura kaupapa (total Maori language immersion schools) as a model for the indigenous Mapuche people in chile. Parata says she is looking forward to discussing ways to expand initiatives, and demonstrating new Zealand’s commit-

ment in education co-operation between the two countries. new Zealand is the only country to be selected by the chilean government to date for the ‘Penguins Without Borders’ programme, which sees highachieving chilean students travel to new Zealand to study. Parata says this speaks volumes for the high regard in which new Zealand’s education system is held in chile. the seminar will be attended by more than 1000 teachers from public schools, principals, country school managers and other key sector stakeholders. - RNZI

Businesses move to Australia WELLinGton – thousands

of Australian jobs are being shipped across the tasman to new Zealand as firms chase lower wages and less restrictive labour laws. off-shoring – or ‘near-shoring’ – positions to new Zealand has intensiied as irms realise they can get the same quality output for at least 30 per cent lower cost. Last month AnZ announced plans for 70 jobs to be transferred across the tasman. Auckland-based telnet has so far lured four Australian companies in a range of industries from media to cosmetics and aviation to join its ranks. The ASX-listed ilm-streaming business Quicklix is among them. “We have an opportunity to

help them achieve that,” telnet managing director John chetwynd said. With an unemployment rate at an 18-year high of nearly eight per cent, new Zealand is welcoming Australian businesses with open arms. Melbourne-based callActive has secured three loors of commercial real estate in central Wellington for what will become a 1000-seat call centre. “the company tax rates are lower, salaries are a little bit lower, superannuation is only three per cent, utility costs are a little bit cheaper,” callActive’s Justin tippett said. contact centres Australia opened its first new Zealand call centre earlier this year. in April, unity4 also announced plans to transfer jobs

to new Zealand. New Zealand’s inance minister Bill English says call centres are not the only Australian industry setting up shop in the country. “What we are inding is that the effect of off-shoring is not just in call centre jobs, but in high tech jobs and in it jobs,” he said. Fairfax media began offshoring last year with 40 production jobs, earlier this year it announced another batch of editorial jobs as well as most of its call centre work would shift to new Zealand. some businesses making the move argue the new Zealand lifestyle is a key selling point for those workers given the opportunity to relocate. - ABC

aotearoa nEWs COMMERCIAL LONGFIN EELING RISKS MAORI FOOD SOURCE AN environmental scientist warns tangata whenua are going to loose longin eels – a customary food – because of commercial ishing. The government is expecting a report on the population of the ish in November that will help the state make a decision on whether to suspend commercial ishing of the species. An Environmental Sciences lecturer at Massey University, Dr Mike Joy, says harvesting should stop immediately. He asks why the Maori customary share need be reduced so a select number of commercial ishers are able to export the eels, which is a taonga or treasure to them. Dr Joy is disappointed New Zealanders will not have access to eels because the government is willing to allow the species to be exported. - RNZI

OVERCROWDING DRIVING NEGATIVE MAORI HEALTH STATISTICS THE authors of a study into rising levels of infectious disease say the cure is a massive dose of public housing. Professor Michael Baker from Otago University’s Wellington School of Medicine says over the past 20 years there has been an unexpected rise in hospitalisation caused by infectious diseases, particularly among children and Maori and Pasiika people. Professor Baker says the study, which was done as part of the He Kainga Oranga Housing and Health Research Programme, looked at diseases such as pneumonia, meningococcal disease and tuberculosis. He says it shows there is a very real and urgent need to lower overcrowding as a irst step to reducing serious diseases among New Zealand’s most vulnerable populations. Household crowding is estimated to cause more than 1300 hospital admissions a year for the nine disease categories studied, along with some deaths. Most of the diseases in the study have especially high rates in children. - Waatea News

HEMP COULD ‘BREATHE LIFE’ INTO EAST COAST ECONOMY THE Aotearoa Legalise cannabis Party’s Ikaroa Rawhiti candidate is touting hemp farming as a way to breathe life into the rural Maori economy. Michael Appleby says accidents in the forestry industry have become a concern in the electorate, with falling pine trees a greater risk to workers than cannabis. He says if forestry owners switched to hemp forests, they could harvest the trees annually with 25 times the production value of a pine harvest. Appleby says hemp provides the warmest, driest, cheapest and most environmentally sustainable materials for home construction, and hemp foods are also set for a massive market expansion. There would also be job opportunities in textiles, construction, foods, insulation and biofuels. - Waatea News

MAORI KING TEMPORARILY STANDS DOWN OVER ILL HEALTH MAORI King Tuheitia has announced he is stepping down from formal duties in the immediate future due to ill health. At a hui on Friday at Turangawaewae Marae, King Tuheitia appointed his eldest son, Whatumoana Te Aa Paki, to take over formal duties until his health improved. He also announced the establishment of the King’s council, formally known as Te Kaunihera A Te Kiingi, to assist and guide his son in the role. Those on the council include Kingitanga spokesperson and former MP Tukoroirangi Morgan and Northland businessman Sir John Goulter. King Tuheitia succeeded his mother, Dame Te Atairangi Kaahu, in 2006 and is seventh in the line of Potatau Te Wherowhero to head the Kingitanga movement. - RNZI

CROWN SAYS SORRY TO IWI OVER GEOTHERMAL RESOURCE THE crown has apologised for failing to live up to its Treaty obligations to the Rotorua iwi Ngati Rangiteaorere. On Friday the tribe signed its Deed of Settlement with the Government. In the agreement the crown acknowledges that descendants consider the Tikitere geothermal resource to be a taonga, or treasure, and was used for medicinal, spiritual and bathing purposes. In 1953 the Crown grabbed the rights to the geothermal resource, without the tribe’s consent, but the geothermal ield will not be handed back. Ngati Rangiteaorere is to receive $750,000 in inancial redress. That sum’s in addition to a previous payment of the same amount of money, and the return of Te Ngae Mission Farm in 1993 – which was a partial settlement. The crown has issued an unreserved apology for undermining the mana and rangatiratanga of the iwi. - Waatea News

NEW UNIT TO SAFEGUARD TREATY SETTLEMENT PROMISES THE New Zealand government says it’s taking steps to ensure its Treaty settlement promises with iwi are not broken. It’s in the process of developing a new team, called the Post Settlement commitments Unit. The Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Chris Finlayson, says the Crown wants to honour its word. He says he’s very keen to establish a post-settlement liaison with iwi, so that there are checks on whether the crown is living up to the commitments it has made. Finlayson says if the new unit is efective, settlements will be durable. The initial role of the Post Settlement Commitments Unit is to assess what help government departments might need in implementing Treaty settlements. It’s being lead by Jane Fletcher, who was previously deputy director of the Oice of Treaty Settlements. - RNZI

BROADBAND GROUP CALLS FOR MORE MAORI DIGITAL CONTENT MAORI broadband spokesman Antony Royal says not enough te reo Maori content is being designed for the internet and other digital media like smartphones. An app completely in te reo Maori was launched on Wednesday, by Victoria University’s Education Faculty. Kura is one of six apps available for iPhones and some smartphones for teaching Maori language. The chair of Nga Pu Waea (National Maori Broadband Working Group), Royal, says it’s good to see Maori utilise modern technology – and it’s not done enough. He says children today have grown up in the digital age, and society isn’t going fast enough to cater for them. Royal says that’s because the older generation don’t know how to use the technology but that is slowly changing. He says getting more Maori into IcT and telecommunication jobs would be a good solution. The Maori Language commission says people need to embrace and utilise modern technology as a tool to revitalise te reo Maori. The 2006 census data shows 157,000 New Zealanders can converse in te reo Maori. - RNZI

ELECTORAL COMMISSION TO TARGET NEW VOTERS THE Electoral Commission says a new campaign will be launched next month aimed at bringing in new general and Maori electorate voters. On Wednesday, Minister of Maori Afairs Pita Sharples criticised the commission’s Maori Electoral option process, saying it was limited and not focused on new voters. However, the commission’s chief electoral oicer Robert Peden says that campaign is speciically about providing information to tangata whenua to decide whether to be on the Maori roll or general roll. He says the commission will begin its enrolment update campaign from July to encourage people not enrolled on either electoral rolls to join before local body elections in October. Peden says its staf are on the ground in the Ikaroa-Rawhiti region providing information to new voters. A by-election for the region will be held at the end of this month. The Maori Party MP, Te Ururoa Flavell, has entered a private member’s bill into the ballot to automatically register Maori on the Maori roll. Flavell says more needs to be done to increase tangata whenua participation in politics. The MP for Waiariki admits it would still be a challenge to get people out to the polling stations. - Waatea News

URUPA IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA BEING CONSIDERED MAORI in Western Australia are considering establishing a dedicated urupa (cemetery) because of the logistics of getting their dead home for burial. A Ngati Porou church leader living near Perth, Reverend Kuzie Tuhura, says he knows of Maori families struggling with the $10,000 cost of sending loved ones back to New Zealand for burial. Tuhura says a local undertaker told him two Maori bodies were kept in the morgue for months because the relatives did not have the money to repatriate them. He says the Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of Western Australia has approached him about establishing a urupa. - RNZI


Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News

Time to print our own money? Dear Editor, our local banks have systemic failure and can’t help us with affordable money. And they’ve asked parliament to amend our Judicature Act to criminalise us if we don’t pay our debts to them, which is cruddy as we don’t have the bankruptcy option our fellow new Zealanders have to wipe out debt. they are aided by our Law society, who apparently sponsored their amendment. With these two juggernauts against us, we can’t be sure parliament can protect us, so i think Editor it’s time we printed our own money and save ourselves! When Dr robert Woonton was Prime Minister he asked me how the failed sheraton development at Vaimaanga could be completed. i told him multi-nationals with ability to invest the sort of money required to complete that development would not be interested, as our economy was too small and high risk for large capital investments, hence our government having to under-

take the development itself. i also told him the way forward was to introduce unit titles, so that passive investors able to invest say $500,000 in parts of the development can invest, which of course led to parliament enacting the unit titles Act 2005. As for the incomplete Vaimaanga development, my partner and i had some $30 million presales lined up and $60 million development funding approved by a European bank and ready to proceed, but unfortunately developed economies crashed in late 2008 and choked the project, with both our equity bank and prime lender collapsing on top of us. With global recession now entrenched the half-a-milliondollar passive investors are all but gone, so we now have to look at passive lifestyle investors able to invest say $25,000 in parts of a unit title to invest in our economy, more speciically to invest in the next generation unit title, known in the development world as proportionate

ownership title. While investors driven by return on investment are now scarce, investors in lifestyle are aplenty, so let’s cross our proportionate ownership title with lifestyle entitlement such as timeshare and call it Proportionate ownership Lifestyle Entitlement (PoLE). With visitor numbers still increasing, fair to say our tourism industry is robust. And with repeat visitors already high and increasing by the day we obviously have a desirable lifestyle destination, which is understandable as the cook islands is a known safe haven far removed from the terrorism and uprisings occurring around the globe. so let’s sell PoLE linked to hotels and self-catering tourism facilities and take advantage of our robust tourism industry. tourism accommodators know if they can achieve 75 per cent occupancy that’s as good as it get, meaning they have a 25 per cent vacancy factor. As tourism is the mainstay of our economy let’s not undermine it, so let’s

sell vacancy only in the form of PoLE. there are 52 weeks in a year, so if we sell 12 weeks only for occupancy by PoLE investors that equates to 23 per cent occupancy and within our vacancy factor, leaving 77 per cent occupancy or 40 weeks for occupancy by normal guests. timeshare investors usually invest in a week-long part-paid annual holiday, so let’s make our PoLE a week-long prepaid annual holiday for a term of say 30 years. now let’s do the sums: • Assuming POLE is sold at say 35% rack rate, fair to say lifestyle investors will line up to buy them. With an average rack rate of say $300 per unit per day that will level PoLE rate at $105 per day, times seven days is $735 per week, times 30 years is $22,050 per PoLE and times 12 PoLE is $264,600 per unit. this is three times the cost of building an average unit and enough to retire debt and build more to grow the economy on interest free money. • There are 1112 hotel and self-catering units on rarotonga

at my last count and at 12 PoLE per unit there are 13,344 PoLE for sale. At $22,050 per PoLE the sale of vacancy at hotels and self-catering units on rarotonga, excluding guest houses, budget accommodation and holiday rentals on rarotonga and outer island tourism facilities, will yield $294,235,200. And this will yield $32,692,800 VAt and $14,711,760 cost of sale to stimulate the economy! it goes without saying that accommodators can sit on their vacancy or sell it, and since there is no holding cost on vacancy i suggest that a time payment sale process of say $1000 per month is pursued, which is buyer friendly and affordable for just about anyone and brings in $13,344,000 per month. i am able to confirm Editor that the Business trade and investment Board (BtiB) as controller of investments, Finance intelligence unit as inspector of incoming revenue and Department of Justice as processor of titles were consulted on this

PoLE invention of ours and i believe it is fair to say they support it. However, there is an inherent law in the POLE concept in that accommodators will become ilthy rich and commoners who need help most will gain nothing from it, so may i suggest that revenue generated by PoLE sales is regulated and pooled to supply affordable money to our banks, to on loan to our people at say ive per cent interest. It goes without saying that retirement of the debt of those who sell POLE will be the irst priority. i think Editor that in light of our cashless economy it is time to put in place regulations and sell PoLE, and start printing our own money. our cDP project has a postdevelopment PoLE sales process attached to it, which will yield some $220 million, but our economic survival cannot wait for that! tim tepaki


Charging for water ‘won’t work here’ A sMokE signaller writes in response to saturday’s smokie ‘charges would save water’: “to the signaller who said it's a good idea to pay for water because it prevents wastage from leaky taps, burst pipes, etc – yes, it's a good idea in a irst world country where they have a higher standard of living and can afford it. Here in the cooks, in my experience if you call the Ministry of Works they will not come straight away. Here, they may not show up for days, or they'll refuse to ix a burst pipe ‘on your land’ because it’s your responsibility – never mind that it's actually a mains pipe running across your land – or sometimes they will do a band aid repair job using strips of recycled rubber tyre and then leave you a gaping big hole, about six feet deep, to ill in afterwards (with a leaking pipe instead of a gushing one). i know because this actually happened to me. Just because we're going to pay, do you think attitudes at the Ministry of Works will change? so who pays for the period between you discovering you have a leaky tap, or burst pipe, to the time it is actually ixed,

which could be a matter of days? And, God help you if it's Friday, in which case ‘You'll have to wait until Monday’.”

HELP TO FIND STOLEN MEDS A visitor’s stolen kidney medication was said to have been found by police under bushes a couple of houses away from their accommodation place at titikaveka. the case was raised during question time at parliament last week by Atiu MP norman George after the visitor was allegedly refused healthcare services when they initially phoned the hospital after the theft of their medicine. A concerned cook islander who heard about the theft turned to the internet to ask others to keep a lookout in case the thief tossed the medicine away. “it's just heartbreaking to see them so upset. i just met the husband, he is walking up and down looking for that box, so hey guys, if anyone sees a box on the side of the road, pick it up and bring it… maybe the thieves have some heart and can anonymously

drop that box somewhere…it's a different thing to steal an iPad, but different to steal important medication so let's hope these guys are human and maybe will drop it off.” A pharmacist posted online for the guests to come in and see if they had the medication needed, while another person vented their anger at the theft: “What utter pigs to do this, to steal from someone with a medical condition! thumbs up to you for trying to help them out.” Later a person posted: “Police have been very helpful and found the stolen items two houses away from property and under bushes – day of arrival, daylight robbery.”

kEEP the smokies rolling in! smoke signals and interesting island photos will be accepted by email (, or text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22-999.

Serious charge in negotiation onE oF the charges laid against John Pepe who was called to court last thursday may yet be withdrawn if his lawyer, Wilkie rasmussen, can work it out with the police. rasmussen said Pepe had appeared before the court previously, and on that occasion he was very lucky the court was quite lenient on him. this time round, he would need some time to sit down with his client to discuss the new charges – one of which is alleged to be an assault on a child. Pepe has been charged with assault on

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

a female and assault with intent to injure. rasmussen was quick to point out though, that his understanding of the more serious charge of assault with intent to injure was as a result of the child’s mother panicking. Alcohol was also involved on the part of Pepe. “We will work through it with the police aiming for a withdrawal,” rasmussen told the court. Pepe was released on bail and will re-appear on June 27. - Ross McCullough

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Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News

Sand mining project going ahead tH E nAtionAL EnVi ronMEnt Service is satisied T&M

Heather’s sand mining project is no longer in breach of environmental standards, despite recent concerns over red soil. After discovering red soil at the site in May, nEs asked t&M Heather to remove it because the project is near the water and minerals from the soil could leak into the lagoon. Heather submitted a sample of another material – rock called ‘igneous breccias’ which is also red in colour – and this material was approved for use at the Blackrock site by members of nEs’s compliance team. ci news accompanied Heather and nEs manager Vavia tangatataia to the sand mining site. Piles of the approved red rock were scattered around the site. Both nEs and Heather agree this material is not a danger to the lagoon. unlike red soil, which is easy to dig up and becomes clay-like with rain, the approved substance is hard enough that it must be extracted from the mountains using dynamite and it does not dissolve on contact with water. ci news pointed out several patches of what appeared to be red soil on the sandy ground, which had become clay-like with recent rain and was peeking out from under a thin layer of white sand. tangatataia agreed these patches did look like red soil but said he did not think there was

enough of it to cause a problem. He said it was most likely left over from when t&M removed the red soil they were using to ill in the hole. nEs inspectors had said on thursday that a mixture of red soil and the approved material was being used at the site, but tangatataia said while it is good the inspectors were thorough, he does not think the project poses a threat to the environment. While he said nEs did not observe t&M Heather removing the red soil, he believed it had been removed and there was no cause for concern. Heather said the red soil had been removed and only the approved material is now being brought to the site. this was tangatataia’s first visit to the site, and he said it is not close enough to the lagoon to cause an issue. red soil is normally a concern up to 30 metres from the water line, and tangatataia estimated the distance to be at least 40 metres. Heather said he would prefer to use red soil to ill the hole because it is cheaper and easier to get than the approved material. While he does not believe using red soil at the site would harm the environment, he said t&M Heather is now only using the approved material because he wants the project to go ahead. “We want to get on and do this. We’ve got a hole to ill, we’ve got concrete to mix, we’ve got other projects to do.” - Briar Douglas

NES manager Vavia Tangatataia at T&M Heather’s quarry, with the rock approved for illing the hole at Blackrock. 13061453

On behalf of the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Cook Islands Red Cross Governance & Management we would like to thank our Voluntary NonRemunerated Blood Donors who donated during July 2012– June 2013. We would also like to acknowledge those who have volunteered to donate blood and those that will be donating in the future.

NES approved this red rock, which is extracted from the mountains using dynamite, for use at the Blackrock site. 13061456

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NES manager Vavia Tangatataia inspecting the sand mining site at Blackrock. 13061458

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Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News

Meeting for Koutu Nui strEnGtHEninG the leadership roles of the Aronga Mana (traditional leaders) of the cook islands is the overall theme of this week’s three-day koutu nui conference starting tomorrow at the Pukapuka Hostel. As well as following and discussing issues on the theme of ‘Akamatutu anga i te turanga arataki o te Aronga Mana o te kuki Airani’, there will also be a number of topics discussed. these include bank loans and bad debt, tax review, Marin Park update, youth issues, island/vaka traditions and practises and issues surrounding

these traditional practises. President of the koutu nui turi Mataiapo Maria Henderson says the topics to be discussed are issues the people of the cook islands are facing and there is a need for traditional leaders to understand these issues to better help and support their people. turi Mataiapo reiterates that the conference is all about giving traditional leaders more knowledge on modern day issues so that they can help the grass-roots people. she adds that while people are welcomed to sit and listen during the three-day confer-

ence, there is already a pre-prepared programme with guest speakers and experts to deliver presentations. the conference opens at 9am on tuesday at the Pukapuka Hostel in tupapa-Maraerenga and ends at 4pm. the meeting continues on Wednesday. on thursday koutu nui matters will dominate the day – with discussions on the group’s constitution and election of new executives. the koutu nui is a gathering of the ui Mataiapo and ui rangatira (sub-chiefs) of the cook islands. - Matariki Wilson

Strengthening the leadership roles of the Aroranga Mana is the theme of the three day Koutu Nui conference starting tomorrow. 13061626

The Koutu Nui, made up of sub-chiefs, will gather for an information gathering three-day conference where they hope to be better informed to better lead their communities. 13061627


Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News

Screen printing a work of art scrEEn printing workshops due to begin today, have proved to be so popular with the community that a second intake has been added – and it is already full. rennie Peyroux, will be leading the Ministry of Educationrun workshops and sharing his 30 years of experience in screen printing. “i like the atmosphere at a workshop – it’s a great atmosphere and when my chance came to run one i thought why not,” Peyroux said, adding that he inds it an excellent opportunity to meet people and share ideas. Peyroux says he was encouraged to take the workshop by Ana rasmussen. “He was born with a talent,” rasmussen said of Peyroux. “so many people asked for his skills.” rasmussen is facilitating the course with Peyroux, with months of preparation required including importing necessary supplies from new Zealand. Each participant will receive a frame and a squeegee (used to apply the dye) as part of the course, so that on its completion they will be able to continue reining their new skills. the screen printing process itself is very technical, with completed designs transferred to the printing screen via a photographic process using uV light, all of which will be set up for the workshops. “Wear your taro patch clothes,” is Peyroux’s advice for the course, saying that screen printing can be a very messy process, and one which requires a lot of patience. “initially

it’s a lot of work – it can be frustrating.” those attending have also been asked to come with a design or artwork that they would like to print, with a simple design the best to start with, and an old sheet to print onto. Peyroux acknowledges that to become a really good printer takes more than a couple of workshops and those that are interested in creating works to sell will need to put in the practice. “the most important part is cleaning the screen properly,” Peyroux said, with a well cared for screen lasting a lifetime. Peyroux is largely a self-taught artist, with his work including not only screen printing but also drawing, painting and sculpture. He has had years of practicing the meticulous art of screen printing, working from the shade of his veranda at home to design and print garments as part of a business he has with rasmussen and her daughter Bianca Whittaker. the screen printing workshops are the last for the year that have been organised through the cook islands Art council, with vaka building, creative writing and tattooing having already been completed. “the courses have been really successful,” said rasmussen, adding that they are hoping to continue the workshops next year. the screen printing course will run Monday to Wednesday over two weeks, from 4.30 to 9pm at Pa Ariki’s Palace in takitumu. - Rachel Smith

rennie Peyroux will be showing participants just how screen printing should be done, at the screen printing workshops starting today.



Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News

Artist merges past with future deemed non-christian. thomas’ work merges tradition with futuristic features – such as a banana ‘chandelier’, where plastic bananas cluster around coloured LED lights that flash from red to pink to blue, green and yellow. “i wanted to remodel it into something that its today and its our current times,” said thomas. the star of the exhibition,

A PoLYnEsiAn-inspired exhibition by an Auckland artist is open for viewing at the BcA Gallery until June 29. sam thomas is the gallery’s current artist in residence, who has been in the cooks since november working on the exhibition he named ‘Hell Fire’ – referring to traditional pieces in the cook islands that were burned because they were

and the artist’s favourite piece, is a sleek black vaka – made at the suggestion of master carver Mike tavioni – that took thomas around six weeks to make. He said the vaka is “more or less in the traditional style”, but it is embellished with lights – including glowing red lights at one end of the vaka that greeted those entering the gallery, poking through a wall of palmex

supplied by Marcus niszow from Paciic Resort. thomas graduated from Auckland university’s Elam school of Fine Arts two years ago, and is visiting the cooks with his partner Pouarii tanner, a cook islander who he met at an art

show in Auckland. Back home in new Zealand, thomas is a painter and sculpter who previously ran an art gallery on High street called the snake Pitt – which closed prior to his trip to rarotonga. thomas’ work is influenced

by his previous travels to india and Mexico. “While travelling i learned techniques that i use in my art now. And while in the cook islands i’ve learned techniques that i’m sure i’ll use in the future.” - BD


Musician Tim Nubono (right) performed on the night with singer Henry Taripo. 13061249

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Artist Sam Thomas, pictured here with one of his ‘banana chandeliers’. 13061239

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Attendants at the exhibition opening inspecting one of Thomas’ ‘banana chandeliers’. 13061242


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Improving weather prediction in the Paciic A cLiMAtE scientist from the

new Zealand institute of Water and Atmospheric research (niWA) presented information on how weather is predicted in the Paciic on Friday. the presentation by Dr Andrew Lorrey, which took place at the university of the south Pacific (usP), focused on what is called the ‘island climate update’ (icu) – a multi-national project involving a monthly summary of the climate in the south Pacific islands that gives an outlook for the coming months. “this is really a one-of-a-kind process. it’s like the united nations of weather forecasting. no Paciic Island is going it alone – we come together and agree on what we want to say to everyone,” said Lorrey. “it tells us of any situations that are developing, such as where there’s going to be above or below-average rainfall… We’re trying to draw as much information as possible, to make an informed decision. it’s the difference between having a jury decide on someone’s fate and having a judge.” one focus of the work is the South Paciic Convergence Zone

(sPcZ) – a transient cloud band that, when monitored over a period of time, exhibits patterns that give niWA staff information about what to expect, such as how much rainfall there will be. niWA averages the position of the sPcZ cloud band, and looks at its position relative to where it usually is. the position of the sPcZ can indicate whether the cook islands can expect more tropical cyclones than usual, as well as how much rainfall there is likely to be. “conditions can change quite quickly. the cook islands are highly sensitive to the risks associated with sPcZ changes,” said Lorrey. Lorrey hopes the forecasts will be able to inform people’s longterm decisions. rather than only conserving water when rainfall has been low for some time, for example, the forecast could let people know that although there is currently plenty of water in their water tank, they should use it wisely because rainfall is likely to be low in the future. “From decade to decade and year to year, you can get some very strong changes in rainfall.”

NIWA climate scientist Andrew Lorrey. 13061603 Lorrey said tropical cyclones are a major contributor to poverty, and the earlier people know one is likely, the better they can prepare. “tropical cyclones mean damaging winds, damaging rainfall damage to agriculture and damage to infrastructure. it can have

a signiicant impact on people’s lives.” niWA is in the process of making the predictions more accessible, including being active on social media and looking into translating reports. “it’s highly technical. We’re trying to get it to a stage where

people without that technical knowledge can take it up and use it to make decisions. “Getting the information out there is the most important thing. staying informed is really important.” Lorrey said looking at weather patterns over a long period of

time helps niWA to better predict the future. “it’s really helping us to understand. it has effects that are far-reaching. Without the data we’re collecting, we wouldn’t have as rich an understanding as we do.” - Briar Douglas

Yoga awareness & the absolute admiration of what’s possible By yoga teacher Diya Welland WitH busy lives illed to overload of commitments, work, family and more, we seldom if ever take time to just be, calm the mind and enjoy the moment. the path of self-healing, selfawareness and mindfulness is so diverse, it can be hard to ind our way. Many people attracted to yoga for muscular strengthening and lengthening, find the more spiritual aspects come well after the postures have been learned. Yet peace of mind through mindfulness, stillness and meditation are exactly what draws others to begin yoga. We all want a healthier body and a happier disposition. the challenge we face is going beyond our ego, doing the work to ensure we evolve and make that ‘want’ a reality. it’s just so easy to put off beginning that health regime for tomorrow and believe the ego mind with its stories about lots of time. the ego also tends to make meaning where there is none and so has a large hold on many of us. it loves drama and often catapults us into reactions before we are aware we have reacted not to what actually happened, but what the mind imagined happened. More drama means a more unaware mind, and that equals less time and so less energy for healing. our mind needs to make sense of things and does so by illing in the gaps of our perceptions from past experiences and imagination present. unfortunately, it is all too easy to believe what the mind tells us even if we know it’s not true as it has a way of sounding so ‘right’ and speaking with such authority. Yoga practice is a path for us to become aware of this ego

mind, to be present to what is and evolve beyond the ego. We are more than the static creatures subject to DnA programs that newtonian physics would have us believe. through meditation and breathing, through diet change and yoga postures, we begin to focus on what is true and real – letting the egos games fall away into a place of nonattachment. our energy then begins to low as it’s no longer so tied up with head games, dramas and meaning making. in a nutshell, yoga is about raising ones consciousness to increase health on all levels; body, mind, emotions and spirit. it is not about following any particular type of religion, rather it adds value to any religious or spiritual practice. it is not about bowing down to idols or gods, nor does it cater to shutting oneself off from the world and ignoring responsibilities. Yoga includes chanting, singing, or silent retreat as proven

ways to clear the mind of trauma and debris yet they are not all of yoga. the yogic practice can just as easily be a fitness regime as a healing one from Post-traumatic stress Disorder, stroke, trauma, accident and more. With yoga, many people ind once they begin classes, it is all about personal conscious choice. With more awareness we learn to treat ourselves with care, consideration and compassion, and so in turn we treat others the same. We begin to make responsible choices about what we buy to both feed and clothe our body, and what thoughts we choose to think, inding that the cleaner and clearer we are inside our skin, so too our external life becomes. Yoga: it’s more than just a good stretch. Any questions, considerations or contemplations please email, text or phone. Better yet, just turn up to class. Phone 50839 or email

USP EXAM SCHEDULE FOR JUNE 2013 USP Students are advised that the end of Semester 1 exams have been scheduled as indicated below. Please arrive at your exam venue at least 20 minutes before the start time for the exam. This will allow you to be seated and allow us time to check and follow up absences. The dates given below are the Cook Islands dates and times set to synchronize with exam times around the region. For further information please contact Sheron or Nane on 29415 or email Exam Date

Start Time


Monday 10 June





































100% coursework – no exam

Yoga instructor Diya Welland. 13041106


100% coursework – no exam


100% coursework – no exam


100% coursework – no exam


* Please note these are Cook Island Dates and Time * Please also note changes in exam dates for MG201, MG206 and AF100 * This examination timetable advice is inal and supersedes all other communication on exam times and dates 71627


Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303





Takitumu te Vaka Taunga E kapikianga uipaanga na to Takitumu katoatoa, Te Puara a Takitumu. Te au Arataki o te au Putuputuanga Te iti tangata e te katoatoa rava o Takititumu. Patianga akaaka kia tatou katoatoa kia tae mai ki tetai Uipaanga puapinga na tatou no te akapapuanga i te au akanoonooanga no te Ra o te Au Ariki. Te ka raveia a te Monite ra 17 o Tiunu 2013, i te ora 6pm ki roto i te Are Uipaanga o Avana Nui. Pa Ariki e Kainuku Ariki.

Ports Authority Act 1994-95; Harbour dues At a meeting of the Board of the Ports Authority held on 10 June 2013. Ports Authority has adopted by-laws ixing harbour dues for Aitutaki. Those by laws, styled ‘’PORTS AUTHORITY AITUTAKI PRIcE ScHEDULE BY LAWS 2013’’ will come into efect immediately and provide for an amended schedule of harbour dues which is deemed to come into force on 1 July 2013. Printed copies of the Bylaw may be obtained at the ofices of the Authority in Rarotonga.

71934 /32729 /2669

Autism Cook islands PH 24065/55976

71917 / /1694



Tuatua Akakite Kua kitea ia ma i teia nei ete tuanga tanu e kote manumanu oriental Fruit Fly, tei runga te reira ite nga enua ko Rarotonga e Aitutaki. Ko teia te manumanu patia ua rakau kino roa atu i teia nei ao e ka takinokino atu aia ite au ua rakau mei te meika, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, ete ara painapa. I teia tuatau, te ta’anga’anga nei te tuanga tanu i tetai porokaramu note takore i teia manumanu. I teia nga epetoma ki mua, ka akamata atu teia prorokaramu kite enua ko Aitutaki. I teia tuatau nei, kare tetai uatu tangata e tika ia kia apai i tetai uatu ua rakau fruits me kore vegetables mei Rarotonga ki tetai uatu enua mari ua ki Aitutaki. Ko teia akatika’anga apai ua rakau ki Aitutaki mari no tetai nga epetoma ua. Kare tetai uatu ua rakau e tika ia kia apaina ia mai no Aitutaki ite mea e kino te turanga o teia manumanu i runga i teia tuanga enua e per ate au motu. Te pati atu nei te pae tanu kia akamutu tatou te iti tangata ite apai ua rakau ki tetai uatu enua kia kore roa teia manumanu e tae ki tetai oto tatou au enua. Taniuniu mai ite pae tanu no tetai au akamaramaanga 28711.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.




VEHICLES FOR SALE Yamaha YZ 2002, 250cc, $4500 ono. Yamaha WR 1996, 250cc, $3000 ono. Phone 70454. 71902 /32709 /1931

SITUATIONS VACANT oice of the energy Commissioner - Green Light Project Our contractors have circled the island and note there are households with no one home and therefore have not received their Bulbs. This advert is to advise we will be circling the island again to speciically target these households. To do this we will be starting in the Ruatonga Meeting House to Tupapa & Ruatonga Meeting house to Nikao area - the dividing line between the two is the Ruatonga road. If you are one of the Households who qualify for a replacement CFL Bulb(s) and have not received yours yet please call Ms Caroline Wichman on 25494 ext 833 at the Oice of the Energy commissioner to leave the following information: 1. Meter Box Number 2. Name and Phone Number 3. Area, and exact location of house 4. How many Incandescent Bulbs require replacing 5.Times (between 8am & 4pm) when someone will be home over the coming week beginning Thursday 13 June 2013. Please note this notice is for those households only (for now) in the Tupapa to Ruatonga to Nikao area. 71852 / /1842

Avatiu Nikao Mongoose Golden Oldies Inc. Special General Meeting A special General meeting is called for Thursday 4 July 2013 at Roses Garden at 6pm, to discuss and ratify changes to our constitution as requested at the AGM earlier this year. The meeting should not take long, but we do wish to have as many members present to agree or otherwise to the changes suggested for our constitution. All inancial members - Please attend this meeting. From Exec Committee. 71954 / /2511

Vakatini Teanuanua Terekura Trust 1000 Rale Results Draw 5 Saturday, 15 June 2013 Prizes Ticket No. 1st $4,000 826 2nd $1,000 1004 3rd $500 603 4th $250 1066 5th $250 871 6th $100 1076 7th $100 942 8th$ 100 1437 9th $100 505 10th $100 1175

Name Bye Bye Bell Apai Paitai Alex Sachai Areai Sel & Shane Joe Tommy Ngatere Ann McMahon Malsteens Tunoa Kaina

congratulations to the winners and best of luck to everyone for the Final Draw 6 to be drawn on Saturday, 29 June. There are 140 tickets available for sale for the inal draw. “Be In to Win $10,000”. Thank you to the 5 Kopus, friends and supporters for your continuing support of the rale. Please contact Eddie on 52884 to collect your prizes. 777


Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning TENDER VAIMARU WATER SUPPLY UPGRADE PROJECT - AITUTAKI CONTRACT No. C13/01 The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning seeks tender proposals from contractors for the supply of materials for the water supply upgrade at Vaimaru in Aitutaki, cook Islands. A copy of the Tender Document including speciications can be collected during work hours from the MOIP oice in Arorangi. A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be required before the tender document is issued. Tenders close at 3pm on Friday 28 June 2013, and must be submitted to the MOIP Ofice in Arorangi and in accordance with the requirements of the Tender Document. Tenders must be submitted in two sets hard copies inside a sealed envelope labeled “cONFIDENTIAL” and addressed to: The Acting Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning Arorangi Rarotonga cook Islands and subsequent markings below to include the following: Tenderers name, contact person, and contact details; “Vaimaru Water Supply Upgrade Project; contract No. c13/01; and closing time and date being 3pm Friday 28 June 2013. Enquiries to: Tenga Mana Project Engineer Email Phone +682 20321.

Lead Tutor Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute The Ministry of Education seeks outstanding people with the required experience and qualiications to be part of leading the development of training in the Cook Islands and to ill an important leadership position in the new Tertiary Training Institute. Under the leadership of the Director the following position will direct the operations of the cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute. Lead Tutor Trades: responsible for the management and delivery of trades related courses and liaison with trade related industries and employers. Signiicant experience and qualiications in related industry and in industry training. This is a rare opportunity to join an organisation in its start up phase and be part of shaping its early development. Applications close on Tuesday 28 June 2013. Application packs, with job description are available from the Ministry in Nikao or at ck ; completed forms with cover letter, cV and references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97, Rarotonga cook Islands Email ck 71937 / /1795

71765 / /2009

SERVICES PUBLIC NOTICE “As is where is basis” 1 x Mitsubishi Challenger Jeep Tender closes 3pm Friday 28 June 2013. For viewing/inspection contact Myland Lane on 29341 ext 808 or Daru Graham on 29341 ext 813 for appointment.

ENVIRONMENT SERVICE PUBLIC NOTICE Government Departments, Agencies and the General Public are hereby advised that the Environment Service has received the following application for a Project Permit as required under Section 36 of the Environment Act 2003. Application: 1. PAUL PEARSON Project: Nautilus Resort Land: Aremango Pt Section 7A1A2, Muri Tapere, Ngatangiia District, Rarotonga In accordance with subsection 5 a) and c) of Section 36 of the Environment Act 2003, any person, Government Agencies or organisation who wish to make a written submission for or against the granting of a Project Permit by the Environment Service for this applications, may do so within 30 days commencing on the 20 day of May 2013. written submissions may be in Cook Islands Maori or English be submitted to the National Environment Service no later than the 19 day of June 2013. EIA Reports for the above applications may be viewed at the following venues, • • •

National Environment Service Oice Takamoa Library and Museum National Library

or on the National Environment Service Website:

71889 /32726 /1655

MATAVERA KUMITI OIRE INVITATION TO TENDER MATAVERA cOMMUNITY BEAUTIFIcATION PROGRAMME The Matavera Kumiti Oire is a registered Incorporated Society and is administered by a Management committee. The Committee invites expressions of interest for the monthly cleaning of the village from civil Society Groups residing in the village of Matavera. copies of the tender documents are available from Nga Jessie on telephone 55893. The tender documents must be enclosed in a sealed envelope labelled “MATAVERA TENDER” to be received through placing in the tender box provided at the Matavera Village Trading Store by Friday 21 June 2013 at 4pm. 71910 /32712 /1931

Classiieds • Phone 22999


Director Environment Service.

Danny’s massage This week’s special All massages. 1 hour $40 Phone 28690 Matavera

1996 Black & Silver Mitsubishi Challenger (Jeep) As is - 5 seater with spacious interior, petrol, automatic, 4WD, WOF and rego. Selling at $9500 ono. Call Nga 79321 to view and test drive.

Immigration Compliance Oficer Vacancy The Ministry of Foreign Afairs & Immigration is seeking to recruit a Compliance Oicer to work within the Immigration Division. The Compliance Oicer is a regulatory position responsible for promoting compliance with the Immigration laws and policies of the cook Islands. A university degree in law; management; policing or law enforcement-related discipline would be advantageous. The successful applicant must have at least two years experience in a compliance role or related law enforcement discipline and have the ability to work unsupervised and efectively with a wide range of people across vastly diferent cultures and backgrounds. For full job description please contact Nga Kamana on Ph 29347 or email Please send applications to: The Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Afairs & Immigration. P O Box 105 Avarua. Or the email above. Applications close 4pm, 21 June 2013.

71940 /32748 /1931

71825 / /2066

71952 /31727 /2120

FOR RENT Modern 4 double bedroom, 3 bathroom furnished house, long term. Phone Don 26039. 71912 /32723 /1931

2 bedroom & 1 bedroom unit, Arorangi, close to shop & mainroad. Phone 79874 or 21444. 71868 /32745 /2419

Kavera, spacious 3 bedroom home, gated, 2 bath, oice area, wet-bar, verandahs, garage, partial A/c, partial furnished, long term. Walking distance to beach. Ideal for professional family. Genuine inquiries 25580. 71911 /32714 /1931

FOR SALE Taro, all varieties manaura, veo, etc @ $100/25kg bag. Will deliver. Phone 55441. 71898 /32719 /2442



Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News


Cook Islands Sports & National Olympic Committee Chief executive oicer The cISNOc is seeking to employ a full time Chief Executive Oicer to administer the Strategic, Financial and Management direction of the organisation. Based in Rarotonga, the appointee will report through to the Executive Board and will be responsible for the direction of a small team of full time employees. For a full listing of the Job Description, please contact the CISNOC Oice, or email, Siniva Marsters on smarsters@cisnoc. To apply in strict conidence, email a cover letter and your resume to Applications close Wednesday, 26 June 2013, at 12 noon. 71896 /32737 /2082

Junior IT Technicians Want a career in IT? Are you familiar with MS Oice, MS operating systems and have a clean driver’s license? Then this is an opportunity to kick start a career in IT. Applications are invited from motivated individuals to apply for one of four positions in the Ministry. Applications close on Friday 21 June 2013. A position description including salary is available from the Ministry or at www. A cover letter, an updated cV and references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Or Email vacancy@education.

SITUATIONS VACANT Shop Manager 3-5 yrs work experience in retail business to oversee the full operation of the shop including but not limited to shop-keeping, merchandising, cashiering, bookkeeping and stock inventory. Important qualities: neat, reliable, trustworthy, polite, honest, non-smoker and non-drinker. Please email your cV to and application closes 27 June 2013. 71829 /32728 /1933

Joyce Peyroux Garment Experienced screenprinter wanted. Phone Joyce or Poko 20201/58888. 71802 /31739 /1917

ACCOUNTANT PART/TIME. We need an accountant to do auditing of accounts on a part/ time basis. Scope of work by mutual agreement. Phone Sunny 21060. 71925 / /1741

Support Staf The Ministry of Education is inviting applications for the following positions: 1. Special Needs Teacher Aide - Avarua School 2. EcE Teacher Aide - Niua School 3. Teacher Aide - Tereora college (Rakei Toa) Applications close on Friday 28 June 2013. For more information visit our website: www. Applications and cV should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Email ck

GEnErAL paediatrics is the

next speciality to beneit from the visiting health specialists programme. Dr Danny stewart, a general paediatrician from starship children’s Health in new Zealand will be visiting rarotonga Hospital in the coming weeks. stewart will be working alongside rarotonga Hospital’s resident general paediatrician, Dr Dawn Pasina. Pasina says it is always good to get your children to have a health check, and is advising parents who have any concerns about the health of their children to make an appointment to see her. Pasina will be screening patients for two days from today, of which some will be referred onto the clinics with herself and stewart the following week. A number of children have already been placed on the clinic list by Pasina. she says that a wide range of illnesses are likely to be included, such as severe asthma or prolonged fevers. stewart will be spending only three days in the country, with Pasina saying that the clinics are likely to be very busy. stewart makes yearly visits to rarotonga to assist with general paediatric care, sharing his experience of the many cases of

A general paediatric clinic will be held at Rarotonga Hospital shortly, with parents who have concerns about their children’s health advised to ring the hospital for an appointment. 13041901 paediatric illness that he sees at starship. this will include the follow up of children who have had surgery in new Zealand and also research stewart is undertaking on childhood obesity.


“the programme supports our service and strengthens our paediatric services,” said Pasina. the visit allows Pasina to liaise with stewart over challenging cases, with an additional

beneit of improving relationships between the cook islands and new Zealand. contact rarotonga Hospital on 22664 to make an appointment for the clinic. - Rachel Smith


71939 / /1795

WANTED TO BUy We will BUY your old or broken gold jewellery. FISHERS BLACK PEARL JEWELLERY. 71118 /32630 /1889


71734 / /1795

Live In Caregiver Required for old papa. Must be able to work 6 days per week, drives a car. For details call 56563.

Hospital paediatric programme

2 bedroom house unit for 3 months, prefer between Arorangi and Muri. Phone 58536. 777

71869 /32701 /1931


Vacancy Airport Re-fueller


TA Legal Analysis to draft a Bill for Disaster Risk management and Climate Change Resilience The Oice of the Prime Minister invites expressions of interest from suitably qualiied and experienced persons to undertake the above assignment. The successful applicant would have a Law Degree at post graduate level with drafting experience and at least 7 years of working experience in the Paciic Islands. Cook Islands experience is an advantage with evidence of successful drafting experience. Expression of interest closes on Monday 24 June 2013 4pm. The Terms of Reference outlines the scope of the assignment and can be obtained from Celine Dyer on (682) 25 494 ext 814 or email /


JOB TITLES: 1. Director of Maritime 2. Senior Maritime oicer 3. Meteorological Observer The Ministry of Transport seeks to ill the positions of director of Maritime, Senior Maritime oicer and Meteorological Observer. Key factors in the selection process will be experience, professionalism, personality and cultural sensitivity. You must possess a high degree of integrity, be impartial in carrying out tasks, be tactful and possess good communication skills. All applications for these positions must be accompanied by a CV and letter outlining reasons for the application. Direct any enquiries to Tepora Solomona on 28810 or email: Address applications to: The Secretary Ministry of Transport Po Box 61, Avarua RARoToNGA Application close 4pm, wednesday 19 June 2013.


Technical Assistance to Draft Electrical Appliance Labelling and Standards Regulation Applications are invited to draft the irst Cook Islands Electrical Appliance Labelling and Standards Regulation. The successful applicant would have as a minimum: • A Law Degree. • 5 years of demonstrated experience in drafting Legislation & Regulations. • Experience in drafting Electrical Appliance Labeling and Standards Regulations would be an advantage. • Fluent in both oral and written English. The Terms of Reference contains further competencies which can be downloaded from Please address applications to Mr Tangi Tereapii, PALS Legal TA, Director, Renewable Energy Development Division, Oice of the Prime Minister. Applications close Friday 21 June at 3pm. 71701

Paciic Energy SWP Limited (PE SWP), a subsidiary of Paciic Islands Energy (PIE) in Singapore, with businesses in French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, American Samoa, Cooks Islands and Tuvalu, is seeking to employ a suitably qualiied and experienced individual to the position of Airport Re-fueller based at Rarotonga Airport in Cook Islands. PESWP IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER JOB PURPOSE The position is responsible to carry out maintenance inspection, daily aviation quality check, testing, safely refueling of aircraft and HSEE activities at Rarotonga fuel depot. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITES • Quality control of Aviation products. • Re-fuelling of all types of Aircraft. • Carry out preventative and corrective maintenance on ixed and mobile equipment. • Ensure that Paciic Energy SWP Ltd HSSE policies and procedures are adhered to. • Work in a safe and eicient manner and contribute to team performance. Able to work on shift basis QUALIFICATIONS, COMPETENCE & EXPERIENCE: It is desirable that the applicant has: • Formal qualiication in engineering (trade certiicate in Mechanical Engineering or related ields). • Good IT and communication skills. • Team work orientation and performance based attitude. • Obtain heavy goods License. • Knowledge and experience of the petroleum industry particularly in the aviation ield is desirable. Interested candidates can post their application to: The Human Resources Manager Paciic Energy South West Paciic Limited Po Box 118 Suva Or email Subject: Airport Refueller. 71418


Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News

Athletes rising up the ranks sixtEEn rarotonga tae kwon Do students went through a vigorous grading process on saturday where they put on display their martial arts skills in order to attain higher tae kwon Do ranks. cook islands tae kwon Do Federation instructor and thirddegree black belt Ben Maaka explains that tae kwon Do grading is similar to an exam where students exhibit their skills in order to receive higher ranks.

in the martial arts discipline code, there are a total of eight ranks with coloured belts signalling each student’s rank. Maaka explains that there are four coloured belts with ‘stripes’ in between as students rise up the tae kwon Do ranks. the local students were graded by Master Paul McPhail who has an eight-degree black belt ranking. Local tae kwon Do students go through grading every six

months. the next ranking event will be in november where the senior instructors and black belt holders will go through their assessments in order to maintain their black belt status and to reach the next degree. Most of the local tae kwon Do athletes wear the beginner white belt with the older students now wearing red, as they continue to improve their discipline in tae kwon Do and attain - MW higher rankings.

Janna Pureau (left) and Stephanie Tua still had their game faces on after their grading session on 9-year-old Kaienua Pera shows of some of his Tae Kwon Do moves after grading on Saturday. 13061605 Saturday. 13061606

Cook Islands Tae Kwon Do Federation students (from left) Christian Tiaiti (14), Janna Pureau (13), Kaienua Pera (9), Stephanie Tua (16) and Joshua Enoka (13) were all smiles after their grading session on Saturday at the Avatea School Hall. 13061604


Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News



International Flights

MOnday june 17 VA163/162 AKL NZ19 LAx NZ746/745 AKL tuesday june 18 NZ748/749 AKL NZ746/745 AKL VA163/162 AKL




12.50AM 6.05AM 2.40PM


1.45AM 7.15AM 3.40PM

1.25AM 4.25PM 12.50AM


2.25AM 5.25PM 1.45AM

Air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details







0850 1120 1620 1850 0950 0940 1145 1420 1650

0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1205 1440 1710


1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1040 1250 1530 1800






Shipping 1115

RARO 1200

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or call us at cook islands news








Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Saturday’s puzzle

Answer to Saturday’s puzzle

Saturday’s answer

HÄGAR the Horrible


Situation: A weak trough of low pressure lies slow moving over Southern Cooks. A moist easterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Brief showers Moderate southeast winds. Moderate seas.Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Fine. For Rarotonga:Brief showers Further outlook: Fine. For the Northern Cooks: Some showers. Moderate easterly winds.Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers.

Humidity Tue


Forecast Map 2pm Monday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight


By Dik Browne


Mon High 3.09AM 0.84M 3.45PM 0.79M



2.2m SW

9.32AM 0.36M 9.46PM 0.35M


Tue High 4.00AM 0.85M 4.42PM 0.78M


Low 10.31AM 0.35M 10.39PM 0.35M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

sE 15kts new Moon JUL 8 7.15AM

First Quarter JUL 16 3.19AM

Full Moon Jun 23 11.33PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter Jun 30 4.54AM


arapO - Maaru mon 17 Tanu (Planting)










Ika tauira. Po meitaki i te tautai i te maiata. Schools of small ish. Good to ish at dawn.


Moon rise 12.42PM Moon set 1.18AM 7.15AM

Front Key:




2m SW



Swell direction and size

outer Islands Weather outlook Monday, June 17, 2013

Mon sun rise 7.15AM sun set 6.05PM sun rise

2.2m SW

TauTaI (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night (from Akaoti Amiama).


Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Rarotonga Monday, June 17, 2013

sun set 6.06PM

Moon rise 1.23PM Moon set 2.14AM


27° E 18kts


27° sE 13kts


26° sE 16kts


26° sE 16kts


29° E 16kts


26° sE 16kts


Monday, June 17, 2013 cook Islands News

Tae Kwon Do grading



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Netball heads to knock-out round

its knock-out time in 2013

domestic netball season, with clubs playing out the inal game of the last round competition on sunday. While the rest of the clubs teams discuss their knock-out stage strategies, the babes of the competition wrapped up their season on saturday. the non-competitive under 8 division has been a real highlight this netball season with the little ones playing out their last games of the season at the telecom sports Arena. It was also the irst opportunity the large Avatiu under 8 contingent got to don their brand new uniforms before being spoiled with treats afterwards for a fantastic season. With over 100 under 8 players taking to the courts every week, its clear the future of netball will be successful in their hands. Meanwhile, in the premier grade, Avatiu, titikaveka and ngatangiia all registered wins in the last round of games. ngatangiia battled a tenacious takuvaine side and won 55-49, while titikaveka registered a convincing 85-36 win over the young tupapa side – who weren’t able to replicate their winning form from the week before against Arorangi. Avatiu were too slick in the shooting and defense circle for Arorangi with a strong 72-32 win against the flames from Arorangi. Despite the loss, Arorangi played with plenty of guts with

Latisha Maui shinning under the goal while Arorangi stalwart tepori rongokea was a star at goalkeeper, securing numerous intercepts for her side. the format for the knock-out competition will see first and second place teams go straight to the semi-inals on June 26 and 29 and will be on a bye this week. this week’s knock-out competition will then see team’s ranked third and ifth playoff, with the winner to meet the second-place team in their respective division in next week’s semiinals. the second knock-out games will see teams place fourth and sixth go head to head with the winner of the games to meet the top ranked team in their respective grades in next week’s semiinals. it’s the business end of the competition so expect iery performances on court as teams give it their last effort to get into the grand inals of their respective - MW grades. Full results – Arorangi vs Avatiu (Arorangi results irst) – Premier-32 vs 72, reserve-29 vs 68, senior open 1-32 vs 31, senior open 2- 38 vs 24, Junior open-7 vs 77, 15 under-22 vs 36, 12 under-16 vs 20, 10 under-3 vs 8, tupapa vs titikaveka (tupapa results irst) – Premier-36 vs 85, Reserve-41 vs 66, senior open 1-32 vs 47, senior open 2-36 vs 23, Junior open-20 vs 31, 15 under-24 vs 22, 12 under-23 vs 12, 10 under-21 vs7 ngatangiia vs takuvaine (ngatangiia results irst) – Premier-55 vs 49, senior open 1-33 vs 34, senior open 2-13 vs 37, 10 under-13 vs 8.

Tupapa and Titikaveka under 12 players chase down the loose ball. 13061620

We love Netball!

The Avatiu baby Eels under 8 netball team celebrated their inal round of netball games this season in their brand spanking new uniforms on Saturday at the Telecom Sports Arena. 13061611

Ngatangiia and Titikaveka under 8 netters put on a fantastic display of age grade netball.


Postponed inal round of soccer games today DuE to the heavy rain last

Avatiu under 8 players on attack against Tupapa.


Thursday all ive-a-side soccer matches were postponed and will be played today at the ciFA complex in Matavera. in the women’s division, Green Hornets take on corporate while Lorettes plays tic taks, and Queenz take on the determined Matavera team. these matches will kick off at 4.45pm. Avatiu will challenge outlaws in the men’s division, while steelers play Virgin Ave, and DJs take on Jaguar. the men’s matches will kick off at 5.20pm.

A presentation of trophies for the winners in the women’s and men’s divisions will take place after each division has played. - CIFA Media Today’s draw – (women) Field

1-Queenz vs Matavera, Field 2-Lorettes vs tic taks, Field 3-corporate vs Green Hornets, (men) Field 1-DJs vs Jaguar, Field 2-Virgin Ave vs steelers, Field 3-Avatiu vs outlaws.

Gilligan’s Hash run turAnGi is the venue for Hash

House Harriers this evening. Venue is beachside on the cricket field beside the Hospitality centre (te uki ou school) – the hash sign and flags will

guide you. Hare will be Gilligan. the run commences at 5:30pm and all runners and walkers are welcome.

Monday 17 June  
Monday 17 June  

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