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$2 Saturday, June 15, 2013

CIP president talks MP conduct COOK iSlANDS party president

Rau Nga spoke out yesterday about the conduct of Tupapa Mp George Maggie during the recent session of parliament. On June 4 in the opening day of parliament, Maggie, a Cook islands party member of parliament, spoke critically about the lack of progress in the clean up of Arai-te-tonga river in Tupapa,

using strong language against his own party. Days later, the pM retracted many of those statements and flat-out denied speculation he may be looking to switch political allegiances. party president Nga said Maggie was wrong to use the loor to lambast the government. “Open your mouth when you

have an answer, but don’t open your mouth because you can’t ix it,” he said. Nga added that the relationship between Maggie and party has suffered as a result, but reconciliation has begun. “That trust has been broken,” he said. “And it’s not easy to put back.” “Our aim is to look at the fu-

Whooping cough diagnosed A pATieNT who sought treatment in New Zealand for suspected whooping cough, has been confirmed as having the infectious disease. No notification of the diagnosis has yet been confirmed locally, or by the New Zealand health authorities. The woman saw a doctor and had a chest xray in Rarotonga before heading to NZ for treatment. earlier this week, the patient had a nasal swab test taken in New Zealand had has since confirmed it was positive for pertussis. “i am not sure if public health in New Zealand are planning on notifying the Ministry of Health in the Cook islands but i assume they are,” she said. When public Health was contacted on Monday about the suspected case, they had had no oficial notiication of the infectious disease having been diagnosed. Doctors report weekly to a person at the eSR (events surveillance response) Unit within the Ministry of Health. Director of community health services, Dr Rangi Fariu, earlier this week said that usually if there are infectious diseases discovered, doctors would

report them immediately. Secretary of Health, liz iro, reported that Rarotonga Hospital had not had anyone diagnosed with whooping cough (pertussis), in the past week. That type of diagnosis would have been reported to public Health by Hospital Health Services through the events Surveillance Response Unit (eSR) she says, where follow ups and contact tracings can be made as speciic events require. Yesterday, director of hospital health services, Dr Henry Tikaka maintained the situation had not changed. He emphasized that they did not have a diagnosis of whooping cough in their system. in fact, he said the diagnosis locally was that it was just a common cold. He did not want to comment on the individual case further, citing privacy considerations of the patient without having their express consent to do so. Whooping cough is one of the preventable diseases that the Ministry of Health covers in its immunisation schedule. it is characterised by severe coughing spells, which can sometimes end in a “whooping”

$190,000 for the upcoming 2013-14 iscal year to assist private sector employers in meeting maternity leave obligations. The first ever national paid maternity leave scheme was introduced by government in 2012, with the enactment of the employment Relations Act. The Act, which came into force January 1, states that all

working women who give birth while employed in the country are entitled to no less than six weeks of maternity leave. Women are also entitled to return to their former positions or equivalent upon the conclusion of leave. Current legislation provides $200 a week in maternity benefits, which is the $5 hourly minimum wage at 40 hours per

ber demands a cabinet position.” Despite the tarnished relationship, Nga had mostly words of praise for the Tupapa member. “He’s very active,” he said. “He’s very vocal about issues he believes in.” The Mp is well known in his constituency as ‘action man’ – and Tupapa-Maraerenga is the largest electorate in the country.

Maggie is a visible member of the community and can frequently be seen picking up rubbish along the roads of Tupapa, said Nga, who describes him overall as a man who gets out there to get the job done. “That’s Maggie,” he says. “That’s what his politics are all about.” - Emmanuel Samoglou

New principal welcomed

sound when a person breathes in. The patient who is currently in isolation in a New Zealand hotel with two members of her family explained that she started out with quite mild cold symptoms on May 25, but her cough was “quite bad” early on. The reason for her seeking treatment in New Zealand was as a result of having breathing dificulties. These problems have not improved at all and she is having dificulty sleeping at night. Whooping cough mainly affects infants younger than six months old, before they are adequately protected by immunisations, and children 11 to 18 years old, whose immunity starts to fade. After speaking with health oficials in New Zealand, the patient warns that many adults do not have immunity to whooping cough, even if they have been immunised as immunity to it has worn off. For adults and teenagers, whooping cough may have milder or a typical symptom such as a prolonged cough (rather than coughing spells) or coughing without a whoop. - Ross McCullough

Maternity leave budget support GOveRNMeNT has allocated

ture of the Cook islands party.” The party president also responded to allegations that Maggie demanded to be appointed a member of cabinet, an allegation repeated in opposition leader Wilkie Rasmussen’s weekly Ci News column Tropical Chronicles. “Mr. Maggie always demands,” said Nga. “every mem-

week. According to 2013-14 budget documents, approximately160 women in the private sector will be eligible for maternity leave payments in this inancial year. The payment is administered by providing a lump sum to employers, who then provide the money to eligible recipients in accordance with usual payment practices. - ES

new principal, Simon Mcdonald, and teacher denise Mcdonald were welcomed to apii te uki ou on Friday, along with 10-year-old son Sebastian, 13-year-old daughter Sigourney and their dog Max. PHOTO MATARIKI WILSON 13061439 Apii Te Uki Ou welcomed its new principal and new teacher yesterday. The whole school came together to meet the new principal Simon McDonald, his wife Denise who will be teaching Year Four and Five students, and their two children Sigourney and Sebastian. It was also a chance to oficially welcome teacher Michelle pillay,

who arrived at the school two weeks ago. “it was lovely – they really made me feel welcome,” McDonald said, who will begin work at the school next week. The family arrived from New Zealand a week ago, with McDonald inishing his role as principal at Waihi Central just days prior. They have spent the week settling in, with McDonald

saying that he can’t wait to get started at the school. “i really want to learn from the school,” McDonald said, adding that he has much experience that he is keen to share. Retiring principal Kathy Nooroa will be filling a vacant position in the junior classes, with the school currently going through the process of appointing a new teacher. - RS Ph 24979

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Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no TeiA Nei AO Attack of the killer bees A HIVE of 40,000 Africanized honey bees, known as “killer bees,” have killed a Texas man and hurt a woman who came to his aid. The man was driving a tractor when attacked. He ran to a house and tried to use a garden hose ward of the swarm. A woman came out to help and was also stung – the man died at the scene. A beekeeper who was called in to destroy bees said the man disturbed a pile of wood that housed a massive hive. The beekeeper estimated it contained about 40,000 bees.

Population explosion UN reports India will soon be the world’s most populous country GeNevA – india looks set to

overtake China as the world’s most populous country from 2028, according to a United Nations report. At that point, both nations will number 1.45 billion people each. Subsequently india’s population will continue to grow until the middle of the century, while China’s slowly declines. The UN also estimates that

world BRieFS UNDERSTANDING OVER PARK PLAN TURKEY – The Turkish Government says it has reached a series of understandings with protesters after talks hosted by the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that lasted several hours. The protesters, who have been occupying Istanbul’s Gezi Park for two weeks, and have at times faced a heavy-handed police response, have not yet agreed to leave the park. After the talks it was revealed that plans for the redevelopment of the park will remain suspended until a court rules on the legality of the project. Then, once that court makes its ruling the future of the park may be put to a referendum of people in Istanbul. The government hopes that these understandings will be enough to make the protesters leave for good.

SORCERY-RELATED KILLINGS IN INDIA INDIA – A group of villagers in eastern India killed an elderly woman and her daughter-in-law after accusing the pair of practising witchcraft, police say. Police in the eastern state of Jharkhand say a group of mainly female assailants beat the pair to death, after earlier deciding that they were responsible, through their alleged witchcraft, for the recent deaths of several children from illness. The incident highlights the persistence of witchcraft and occult beliefs in some impoverished and tribal-dominated areas of India, leading to crimes primarily against women accused of taking part in black magic.

SACKED FOR ASKING STUPID QUESTION AUSTRALIA – A radio presenter has been sacked in Australia for asking Prime Minister Julia Gillard in a live interview if her partner was gay. Howard Sattler suggested to Gillard that her partner of seven years, Tim Mathieson, had to be homosexual because he was a hairdresser. Gillard didn’t see the joke and characterised his comments as an “absurd generalisation”. The DJ was suspended and then sacked by Fairfax Radio, which apologised for the “disrespectful” questioning. “Fairfax Radio management has reviewed the interview and considers that the questions posed by Sattler were disrespectful and irrelevant to the political debate,” it said. The incident on Thursday comes as Australia prepares for a general election on September 14 – one which the Gillard government looks set to lose to the Tony Abbott-led opposition.

CHILD KIDNAP PLOT IN bALI THWARTED BALI – Indonesian police have arrested an East Timorese woman for allegedly kidnapping a french toddler on the tourist island of Bali. Kuta police said on Friday the 33-year-old woman was accused of abducting the two-year-old boy from his hotel room on Wednesday night while his father was sleeping. The woman allegedly told authorities she wanted to care for the child. But police are investigating other motives, including possible human traicking. The boy was found unharmed with the woman and her East Timorese boyfriend, who was also being questioned. Police say the woman had earlier returned to the hotel room with the boy’s father after a meeting in a bar.

the current global population of 7.2 billion will reach 9.6 billion by 2050. That is a faster rate of growth than previously estimated. The population growth will be mainly in developing countries, particularly in Africa, the UN says. The world’s 49 least developed countries are projected to double in size from around 900 million people in 2013 to 1.8 billion in 2050, whereas the population of developed regions will remain largely unchanged. The UN said the reason for the increase in its projection is largely new information on fertility levels in certain high birth rate countries. large developing countries, such as China, india and Brazil, have seen a rapid fall in the average number of children per woman, but in other nations, such as Nigeria, Niger, ethiopia and Uganda, fertility levels remain high. Nigeria’s population is expected to exceed that of the US by the middle of the century, and could start to rival China’s by 2100. China’s population is expected to start decreasing after 2030. “A l t h o u g h p o p u l a t i o n growth has slowed for the world as a whole, this report reminds us that some developing countries, especially in Africa, are still growing rapidly,” commented Wu Hongbo, the UN’s UnderSecretary-General for economic and Social Affairs. The United Nations publishes an assessment of past, current and future population trends every two years, in a recurrent series known as the World population prospects. Researchers have used data for 233 countries and areas to produce Friday’s report. - BBC

africa and asia are the continents that will see the fastest urban population growth in the next 40 years, a un report says India will equal China by 2028 and continue to grow. AFP

Military aid for rebels DAMASCUS – Syria has dismissed as “a caravan of lies” claims that it used chemical weapons, after the US announced it would give the rebels “direct military aid”. president Obama made the decision after his administration concluded Syrian forces under Bashar al-Assad were using chemical weapons, a spokesman said. But Syria’s foreign ministry said the US had used “fabricated information” on chemical weapons to justify the move. The US intelligence community believes the Assad regime

used chemical weapons, including the nerve agent sarin, on a small scale against the opposition on several occasions in the past year Until now, the US has limited its help to rebel forces by providing rations and medical supplies. Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser to Obama, said the president had made the decision to increase assistance, including “military support”, to the rebels’ Supreme Military Council (SMC) and Syrian Opposition Coalition. Administration oficials have

been quoted by US media as saying “military support” is most likely to include sending small arms and ammunition. The New York Times quoted US oficials as saying the US will also provide anti-tank weapons. The CiA is expected to co-ordinate delivery of the military equipment and train the rebel soldiers in how to use it, reports said. Observers say it seems clear Obama has inally been persuaded that the battleield cannot be allowed to tilt strongly in the regime’s favour, as is currently happening - BBC

Not happy with charges lOS ANGeleS – An American ilm production company is suing a music publisher over the copyright to the most popularly sung song in the english language, ‘Happy Birthday to You’. in March, Warner/Chappel charged the filmmakers $NZ1800 to use the song in a documentary.

The film company, Good Morning To You productions, says the song, which is also known simply as ‘Happy Birthday’, belongs to the public and people should be free to use it. its class-action suit asks a New York court to order the music publisher to return the millions of dollars of licence fees

it has collected for the song over the years. The melody of ‘Happy Birthday to You’ comes from the song ‘Good Morning to All’, which was written and composed by American sisters, patty and Mildred Hill of louisvillle, Kentucky, in 1893. - RNZI

Happy holidays?

PRINCE WILLIAM HAS INDIAN HERITAGE BRITAIN – Prince William will become Britain’s irst king to have proven Indian roots, after saliva samples revealed direct lineage to the commonwealth’s most populous nation. DNA from the second-in-line to the throne’s sample was linked to that of a woman now known to have been at least half-Indian, according to researchers at the University of Edinburgh. It had previously been assumed that Eliza Kewark, Prince Philip’s great-great-great-greatgreat grandmother, was Armenian. But DNA passed down the female line has revealed she was at least half-Indian, the Times reported. University of Edinburgh genetics expert Jim Wilson, who carried out the tests, said the proof of Prince William’s Indian roots was “unassailable”.

Today’s Daily Bread So is my word that goes out from my mouth: it will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what i desire and achieve the purpose for which i sent it.

read: read: IsaiahMatthew 55:6-13 7:21-29

text: Matthew text:7:26 Verse 11

a Palestinian boy takes part in a military-style summer camp being held by the Islamic Jihad movement during the summer school vacation at a camp in the Gaza Strip where youngsters receive military as well as religious training. AFP


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News


Stateless and unwanted

making the desiRable affoRdable

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Where does she belong? european MPs have condemned the violence against Myanmar’s rohingya Muslims, calling on the government to do more to protect them. AFP BRUSSelS – The european parliament has passed a motion saying it condemns the grave violations of human rights against the Muslim minority in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. european Mps jointly condemned the violence against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims, calling on the government to do more to protect them. The motion says it “deplores the failure of the Myanmar government to protect the Rohingyas against organised violence.” The Rohingya diaspora has welcomed the motion, but has also called for an international investigation into what they call a “genocide”. president of the Arakan Ro-

hingya National Organisation, Nurul islam, said the motion is an encouraging move. “We’re very thankful to the european parliament for adopting this resolution,” he said. However, islam says he doesn’t think it necessarily means there will be an improvement in the Rohingya’s situation. “The Burmese government is very much uncompromising, sometimes, in the case of the Rohingya people,” he said. He says an international investigation is necessary. “There are lots of reports by the credible international organisations, like Human Rights Watch, and there’s evidence of

mass graves in Rakhine state,” he said. “The segregation that’s going on there, apartheid policy has been imposed. “We need international intervention, with a UN Commission of enquiry.” islam says the citizenship and ethnic rights of the Rohngya people must be ensured in Myanmar. “We are not a floating people or iniltrators from foreign countries, we have our roots deeply rooted,” he said. “The democratic and the parliamentary and political process in the country should be all-inclusive, and the Rohingya must be a part of it.” - ABC


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Executioner’s change of heart $19,795 MADRiD – A former state executioner in virginia put to death 62 people, but he says after being falsely convicted himself he has had a change of heart. The 60-year-old AfricanAmerican, Jerry Givens, worked as a correctional officer in the southern US state between 1974 and 1999 until he was charged with money laundering and perjury and was forced to resign and eventually jailed. “in 17 of those 25 years i executed 62 people. i executed 37 by electrocution and 25 by lethal injection,” he said, his voice trembling with emotion, on the sidelines of the four-day World Congress against the Death penalty which got underway in Madrid on Wednesday. “it was like a rollercoaster, up and down, because as a correctional oficer I prepared in-

mates to return into society as a productive citizen and as an executioner you take lives,” added Givens, who worked irst at virginia State penitentiary and then Greenville Correctional Centre. As the state executioner he would shave the head of convicts facing the death penalty and then strap them into virginia’s electric chair or inject them with a lethal mix of drugs. “We put a cap over your head and send in 3000 volts to your body, that is gross,” said Givens. Givens said he would meet with convicts 15 days before they were to face the death penalty. “i talked to them to make sure that they were ready,” he said. Givens said that at the time that he worked as an execution-

er he felt “that person does not deserve to live.” “i didn’t take full responsibility of this guy being there, i shifted back to the judge, the jury, the family members and himself. i didn’t take the whole burden on myself.” His view of the death penalty changed in 1999 when authorities accused him of buying a car with a friend with funds that he knew came from drug dealing and charged him with money laundering and perjury. Givens, who maintains his innocence, was convicted and spent four years in jail. “Then i asked myself – were some of these 62 people treated unfairly like me? Were any of the people i executed innocent? i don’t know that, but there is a possibility. ” he said. - AAP


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Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te pA eNUA

‘No intimidation’ at ILO summit Security at labour conference in Geneva coniscate video camera GeNevA – Fiji’s military government says accusations of intimidation during an ilO conference have “been shown to be false”. The regime says it has received an apology over the “false accusations” from the interna-

tional labour Organisation (ilO) conference in Switzerland. The interim government had been accused of trying to intimidate a senior Fijian trade union official during an ilO conference this week. As Fiji Trades Union Con-

paciic BRIEFS GRASbERG MINE STRIKE CALLED OFF WEST PAPUA – Trade union workers at the Freeport McMoRan Grasberg copper and gold mine in Indonesia’s Papua province have called of their planned strike. On Monday, trade unions sent a letter to Freeport management demanding ive oicials be suspended after a training tunnel collapsed on May 14, killing 28 people. Freeport Indonesia spokeswoman Daisy Primayanti says Friday’s planned strike by the workers was cancelled, and workers are returning back to work with their usual schedules. Union oicials could not immediately be reached for comment. Freeport declared force majeure on Wednesday to free itself from contractual obligations to deliver copper to its clients.

DEVELOPER SAYS START DEADLINE MET FIJI – The developer behind Fiji’s irst ever casino says construction of the multi-million dollar project on Denarau Island near Nadi has started. The regime granted the casino licence to the American company One Hundred Sands Limited in December 2011 and construction was expected to start last year. The Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, had to extend the construction deadline for a second time this week and warned the developers could lose their licence if they failed to meet it. The chairperson Larry claunch says while there have been unexpected road blocks it will be worth the wait. He says in addition to the casino, a convention centre with seating for 1500 people will provide the largest space in Fiji for business conventions and trade shows, which will bring a whole new tourist market.

TONGAN EDITOR WON’T bE INTIMIDATED TONGA – The editor of a Tongan newspaper says he is not intimidated after damages were awarded against him for defaming the Prime Minister. Lord Tuivakano and six cabinet ministers brought the claim against the Kele’a newspaper after a letter to the editor published in October 2012 accused some parliamentarians of being above the law. The editor of Kele’a, Mateni Tapueluelu, says he is sure the High court will overturn the decision on appeal, saying the action against the paper was an attempt to distract the courts and the public from the issue of criminal accusations the MPs are facing. He says the letter referred to the accusations that were made in Parliament.

CONCERN OVER REGIME SALARY CLAIMS FIJI – Fiji’s Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, has again refused to disclose his income after the leaders of three political parties called on the regime leaders to explain what they describe as their “outrageous” salaries. Under the regime’s Political Parties decree, politicians aspiring to be elected to oice have had to declare their inances, including those of their spouses and children, although the regime is yet to clarify if that includes adult children. Sayed-Khaiyum has told Fijivillage that it is a major concern that unveriied information is being used by the parties. Earlier this year, he said he would make his income public in July.

FLAT TYRE ALLOWED VICTIM TO ESCAPE SOLOMON ISLANDS – Solomon Islands police are reported to have arrested seven people in the capital Honiara for kidnapping a chinese businessman on a public bus and demanding he pay them an undisclosed ransom. The Solomon Star reports that the victim was heading for the town centre when he was blocked from getting of the bus and driven around a range of locations while his captors made him contact his business to organise ransom handover details. The report states the man escaped from the bus when it developed a lat tyre and had to stop for repairs. It says he was picked up by a public vehicle when he was seen running along the road.

MORE DROUGHT AID FOR MARSHALLS MARSHALL ISLANDS – Australia is increasing emergency drought assistance to the Marshall Islands, in the face of a dire food and water shortage. Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary for Paciic Island Afairs, Senator Matt Thistlethwaite, said the Australian Government has responded to a second request for assistance from the Marshallese Government. “We’ve provided an extra $385,000 worth of funding for urgent air lifts of emergency food and water and repairs to some of the desalination plants on those atolls,” he said. “There’s a real anxiety amongst the population about their ability to remain sustainable and continue their longlasting relationship with their homeland.” The only water available for drinking, cooking and hygiene is being made by reverse osmosis water purifying machines lown into the northern atolls by aid groups.

gress general secretary Felix Anthony was giving an address, a Fiji government delegation was seen attempting to ilm him. Filming is banned at the ilO event and it was feared the recording was being made by the regime so sedition charges could be levelled at the delegate at a later stage. An offended Fijian government has released a statement “thanking” the ilO for an apology it says it has since received regarding the video camera accusations. The statement said the accusations “were shown to be false” as no such recording was made. The video camera was voluntarily submitted to ilO staff to verify this, it said. “After the completion of the hearing, the Fijian delegation

‘The chair of the committee stopped proceedings and the security people were sent down to coniscate the camera from the representatives of the Fijian government.’ met with ilO Standards Department’s Dr Cleopatra DoumbiaHenry who upon viewing the video herself made a formal apology for the confusion,” the regime statement said. “The Fijian government ap-

preciates the way in which the ilO handled this situation,” Fiji Attorney-General Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum said in the statement. “As far as Fiji is concerned, this is a non-issue.” earlier Australian Council of Trade Unions president, Ged Kearney, told the ABC’s Paciic Beat news programme she had witnessed the incident. “The chair of the committee stopped proceedings and the security people were sent down to confiscate the camera from the representatives of the Fijian government,” she said “This of course was completely against protocol and the conventions of the conference where people are supposed to be free of intimidation. “i can’t say for sure why they were filming his speech,

or what they were doing, but given what we do know about the Fiji regime, i think one can only believe that it would be to used against him or indeed to intimidate him. “Yes, it was the oficial Fijian delegation from the current government of Fiji. And yes they had their camera confiscated. They were more or less caught red-handed ilming the leader of the trade union movement making a speech to the committee. “it was quite a disturbing thing to see at the ilO, i have to say,” Kearney said. Union leader Anthony was speaking about trade union rights in Fiji during a session that was discussing possible action against the interim government. - ABC

Inquiry into workers rights GeNevA – Fiji is on the agenda at a meeting of the international labour Organisation in Geneva. earlier this year the military government refused permission for a visit to Fiji by a delegation from the ilO. Both employer and union groups are reportedly angry at the delegations treatment by Fiji but more so over attempts to stile the rights of trade unionists in Fiji. One proposal is the major step of referring Fiji to a Commission of inquiry. Sharan Burrow, the head of the international Confederation of Trade Unions, believes that the situation in Fiji is “untenable”. “it has a military dictatorship, they’ve basically issued decrees, decree after decree in fact, that closed democratic spaces and trade union freedoms.

“And of course, beyond the issue for working people, we’ve seen the issue of the freedom of the press so none of this can be discussed, absolutely closed off, and we’ve seen a constitutional farce. “So there is a case hearing right now in the ilO where employers and workers are standing side by side indicating that it must change, that the Fiji government must actually respect fundamental rights and principles.” She says there will be a further hearing in the governing body following the conference of the ilO this Friday. “And we’ll certainly be petitioning for a Commission of inquiry. “it is absolutely unbelievable that the government would refuse to have a mission from the ilO.

“in fact, today they’ve made the farcical suggestion that they might let them in December but of course it would be on changed conditions. “They’re telling an international body that they might be able to come and that they would have to submit to the conditions of a military dictator, that’s simply not acceptable.” Burrow agreed that the allegations levelled at Fiji are widely known – but she disputed a suggestion that an ilO inquiry would “have no teeth”. “Will it instantly resolve the situation? No. But most governments will negotiate to actually not be on the list, to resolve their problems through negotiation. “Clearly that’s not the case with the Fiji military government. And so the international community will hear the issues, they’ll make their decisions, it

goes on the record. it takes a while. “We’re celebrating rebuilding fundamental rights and freedoms in Burma and the ilO was instrumental in seeing that the pressure was maintained until you saw democratic rights and freedoms back in that country. “And of course we’ll continue to do the same in regards to Fiji. “For Fiji to actually shut down fundamental rights for working people, to not allow the freedoms that are enshrined in international law and then to deny access for a high level mission to investigate to look at negotiating solutions – this is a very serious breach of international performance and behaviour in regards with respect for the standards that are international law.” - ABC/PNC

Fijians may patrol Golan Heights SUvA – About 160 troops and medical staff of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) could soon boost embattled United Nations peacekeepers in the Golan Heights, international and local reports say. it comes with Austria now withdrawing its peacekeepers, and Filipino and indian peacekeepers injured during ighting between Syrian and rebel forces on the Heights. Fiji has promised some replacement troops but these have not yet arrived, the AFp news agency reported from the United Nations in New York. The lebanese news blog Ya libnan reported Fiji has said it will replace a Croatian contin-

gent that has already pulled out because of escalating violence. The RFMF has extensive experience in the area, originally through the United Nations interim Force in lebanon. Currently Fijian troops are serving in the Sinai (monitoring the israel-egypt peace accord) and iraq (as the United Nations guard contingent). United Nations leaders held emergency talks to replace the 377 Austrian troops who make up more than a third of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), news agencies reported. This observer force has since 1974 monitored a ceasefire and a demilitarized zone on

the heights between israel and Syria. A Russian offer to replace the Austrians was declined because the Russians were not allowed under the israeli-Syrian peace agreement, the United Nations said. R F M F land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga told Radio Fiji News discussions about the mission are ongoing with the United Nations. He said a paper on the mission has been prepared for cabinet’s consideration. Colonel Tikoitoga says 162 troops and 11 medical staff have been training and their departure will depend on the cabinet decision. - Fiji Sun

Fiji un peacekeeper. AFP

Chronic blood shortage in Paciic THe pACiFiC – Australian Red Cross has launched a new campaign in six pacific nations to encourage more people to become regular blood donors. The organisation is using World Blood Donor Day to urge people in the Paciic to donate blood to address a “chronic

shortage” of supply. Australian Red Cross spokesman, Neil Waters, has told Radio Australia’s Paciic Beat shortage of blood is an “acute problem” in the Paciic. “in the pacific there’s not a strong culture of voluntary culture of blood donation,” he said.

However, Waters says the Cook islands is one exception, with a culture of 100 percent voluntary blood donation since 2009. “They’ve been the poster child of the Paciic,” he said. “They made a decision in about 2005 to become totally

reliant on volunteer blood donors and they achieved that over about ive years. “The number of blood donors and the number of blood donations they collect has steadily increased each year.” - ABC


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te pA eNUA

Fiji not happy being bait in trap SUvA – The Fijian regime has attacked the BBC following an investigative programme in the UK where the broadcaster showed footage of Conservative member of parliament, patrick Mercer, accepting money from a ictitious consultancy irm. BBC journalist Daniel Foggo admits that they “used Fiji”, but refuses to apologise, arguing that the BBC has “not put anything into the public domain that’s not already there.” M p pa t r i ck M e r c e r a nnounced before the programme aired that he was resigning from his position in the Conservative party and that he would not stand for re-election. B BC’S panorama painted a bleak picture of Fiji, stating that the military junta in the country is responsible for a lack of tourists noted while the BBC reporter was visiting. “The army’s been in charge here since toppling the democratic government in 2006. Army chief, Frank Bainimarama, became prime Minister, and as a result Fiji was suspended from the Commonwealth,” reporter Daniel Foggo stated in the documentary. “The effect that Bainimarama’s had on Fiji has been mainly negative. He’s totally destroyed all semblance of democracy. What we see is a total dictatorship in Fiji,” General Secretary of the Fiji Sugar and General Workers’ Union, Felix Anthony, said in the programme. Reporter Foggo told the ABC’s Paciic Beat programme that Fiji was chosen for this particular episode of panorama, titled ‘Cash For Questions Undercover’, because of its questionable human rights record. Because of this record, British Mps wanting to make a deal with a lobbyist representing Fiji would consequently look worse, than if the lobbyist were representing a country with a cleaner human rights record.

Documentary sting brings down British MP and angers regime boss

Former British MP Patrick Mercer (right) may well have a headache after being tricked by a BBC documentary programme into taking money to lobby for Fiji, while regime leader Frank Bainimarama is ticked of with his country being used as the bait in the trap. AFP The object of the programme was to “see how far lobbyists with money to spend can infiltrate parliament trying to get Mps and peers to bend the rules.” The outcome of the programme was one Mp ousted from his party and one pacific country deeply offended. Fiji prime Minister Frank Bainimarama was interviewed by Auckland Hindi station Radio Tarana earlier this week and made it clear that he did not appreciate the BBC programme. “We got dragged in through no fault of our own. Now i’m happy that the British media expose this Mp. But i’m not happy about having Fiji’s reputation dragged through the mud,” Bainimarama told the radio station.

The Fijian prime minister was provoked by what he refers to as a “British government minister” who got up in the House of Commons in london and spoke negatively about the his country. “He kept going on about the lack of democracy and human rights and so on and so on. For pete’s sake, we’re having an election next year.

“We have half a million people registered to vote. We have all the big political parties taking part. That is democracy. The minister is totally ignorant about the real situation in Fiji as i said. The whole thing was very disappointing and unfair,” Bainimarama said. The fake consultancy firm that BBC reporter Daniel Foggo set up in the panorama docu-

mentary sought to lobby Mps to get Fiji back into the Commonwealth, something which was denied Fiji following the 2006 coup. The reporter, who successfully portrayed himself as a lobbyist, argued when meeting Mp patrick Mercer that both the sugar and tourism industries have been hit by Fiji’s suspension from the Commonwealth.

The fake irm therefore wanted to pay Mercer to be its consultant, so he could front Fiji’s reintroduction to the Commonwealth. Mercer agreed and suggested an arrangement whereby he would charge 2000 pounds ($NZ 3908) for working two full days as a consultant for the irm a month. He characterised that as a low price for consultancy. Foggo and the BBC remain unrepentant about how they have used Fiji in their programme. He distances himself from Bainimarama’s comments. “We didn’t say we were representing the Fijian government. We said we were representing a conglomeration of business interests in Fiji which we never named, so Fiji’s name was even more incidental because of that,” Foggo said – underlining that the BBC has only used things that are in the public domain and that they therefore will not apologise to Fiji for the programme. “if he – prime Minister Bainimarama – doesn’t like that being repeated, well, i’m sorry about that, but perhaps elections could have been more forthcoming than now. That might have helped,” Foggo said. He doubts the programme will have a lasting negative impact on Fiji, but stresses that he thinks prime Minister Bainimarama should be more concerned with the country’s human rights record. - Paciic Scoop

Lizard love exploited

Neighbours meet JAKARTA – papua New Guinea’s prime Minister peter O’Neill says trade, border issues and an extradition treaty will be on the agenda for this weekend’s trip to indonesia. O’Neill says the trip will mark a historic deepening of bilateral relations between the neighbouring countries. He says trade will be a key focus, with a comprehensive partnership agreement covering economic links. “We want to further develop the economic opportunities along the border area, and further strengthen the management of the border issues between the two countries.” Border issues include people from indonesia’s West papua province seeking shelter in pNG, and ongoing reports of human rights abuses against pro-independence activists in West papua. O’Neill says pNG’s policy is that West papua is an integral part of indonesia, but he looks forward to discussing the border issues.

“We are encouraged by the invitation by the indonesian government, through the president, for the irst time in its history asking papua New Guinea to help in some of those issues in West papua,” he said. “We have taken up that invitation and we are going to positively discuss many of those issues with the president and government oficials. O’Neill says pNG’s cabinet has agreed on an extradition treaty with indonesia that will be discussed during the trip. The discussion comes in the wake of the case indonesian citizen, Joko Chandra, who led to pNG and was made a citizen, despite it being illegal to hold dual citizenship. O’Neill says he and indonesia’s president have not discussed that speciic case, which will be up to the courts to rule on. O’Neill said many ministers will be on hand to sign agreements and more than 100 business people will also join the delegation. - ABC

Willing to pay the price of love? With the American Iguana mating season underway in Fiji, biosecurity oicials have introduced a programme where locals will be paid a bounty for helping to eradicate the introduced pest. PNC SUvA – With the mating season

underway, a bounty programme to capture love-blinded American iguanas has been launched in Fiji. The reptiles, which can grow up to two metres and weigh nine kilograms, aren’t native to the region and cause damage to indigenous ecosystems. islanders will receive a reward equivalent to ive US dollars for every adult iguana handed in over the next four months. The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji and Nature Fiji-Mareqeti

viti are hoping the programme will help towards the eradication of the introduced pest. Director of Nature FijiMareqeti viti, Dr Richard Watling, said iguanas are posing a major problem in Fiji. “This iguana has arrived and become established on one small island in Fiji,” he said. “This is the irst island in the Paciic where t is expanding very rapidly. “This is the iguanas bridgehead to some of the most vulnerable and isolated environments

in Oceania.” Dr Watling says the bounty programme is a trial and may not necessarily be the solution. “Bounty programmes in general don’t have a very good reputation for being sustainable,” he said. “This is going to be one which is purely in place for the next four months over the breeding season when these animals are most conspicuous.” Dr Watling says the iguana’s breeding season will make them easier to spot as they move

around more when looking for a mate and laying eggs. He says there are limited resources available in Fiji for tackling the issue. “if this species was gaining a foothold in Australia or New Zealand there would be very major resources immediately but we just don’t have those sorts of resources here,” he said. “We would like to see to what degree the villagers and the landowners can get involved and benefit from doing some control work.” - ABC


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te ipUKAReA

Charges would save water “AS lONG as water is free, there will AlWAYS be a shortage of water” a smoke signaller writes. “How many people have taps and toilets that never shut off completely and are always dripping? How many growers run a hose into their plantation and turn the tap on until the water runs out? How many women wash their hair in the shower for 10 or 15 minutes and never turn the water off? Why should anyone care? it's not costing them anything so they can use and waste as much water as they please.”

uploaded to my YouTube channel. My channel is popular with a few subscribers. it will be interesting to watch the comments on this driver’s behaviour.” SS: The video, uploaded to YouTube less than 30 minutes after ilming, is titled ‘Careless driver throws trash out the window’. The dash-cam video quality is poor, and was ilmed along the main road at Kiikii as the vehicles headed towards Avarua. The accompanying text ends with: “Welcome to Youtube.”



A SMOKe SiGNAlleR writes: “The lpG [propane] cylinder out-

ReSpONDiNG TO the ‘Warning! Stop thief’ advert and security

lets around the island clearly have, in my opinion, cylinders on offer that are not anywhere near full. Do we have a government department that enforces weights and measures? Are the petrol pumps and grocery check-out scales accurate? Or are we at the mercy of the merchants?”

camera picture on page 12 of yesterday’s Ci News a smoke signal-


WiTH parliament adjourned,

A CAlleR phoned in this smoke signal: Around 8am on Wednes-

day they phoned the Met Ofice to ask if there was a possibility of heavy rain as their home’s water tank was empty and they needed to decide whether to purchase a couple of truckloads of water. After hearing that only light showers were expected, they went ahead and ordered 5000 litres of water which was duly delivered to their house on Wednesday. On Thursday morning – after a night of wonderful, heavy rain that continued through the day – they received their bill of $160 for the water cartage and all they could think of was that the water they had just purchased was now overlowing from their tank! SS: Despite the torrential downpour the Met Ofice cautions that relatively dry conditions experienced over the previous months are expected to continue late into the year.

DASH CAM A SMOKe SiGNAlleR writes: “On the way back from picking

up my daughter at school she notices the car in front of us throw trash out of their window, about 2:15 pm on Thursday. What a shame they have to trash this island and treat it like a dump. Driver looked me in the eyes as i passed him when they pulled over down the road. i run a dash-cam in my truck – it captures a view out the windshield as i drive. A video of this event has been

ler texts to 188: “Shame on the two that got busted by the camera. Who do you think you are?”

KEEP the smokies rolling in! Smoke Signals and interesting island photos will be accepted by email (smokesignals@cookislandsnews. com), or text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22-999.

Prime Minister off to US

the upcoming week will see members of cabinet off to travel to various destinations around the globe, with some remaining in the country to look after government affairs. The entire cabinet was present in Rarotonga for the past two weeks for parliament, which saw the passing of the 2013-14 budget and several other bills. This weekend, prime Minister Henry puna departs for Washington DC to attend paciic Day 2013 festivities, at the New Zealand embassy. Paciic Day 2013, to be held on Monday June 17, is described as “an annual celebration of island ideas, food, and culture.” puna is expected to deliver a keynote address, titled “Paciic island policy challenges”, which will be followed by a panel discussion. later in the week, the prime Minister travels to France on an invite from New Caledonia president Harold Martin to

present the outcomes of the recent Oceans 21 meeting. Deputy prime Minister Tom Marsters departed on Thursday for Brussels, Belgium to attend the 32nd session of the ACp (African, Caribbean, and Paciic) parliamentary session.

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

He returns on June 19. Minister of infrastructure and planning Teariki Heather will be present in Rarotonga for the week, with possible travel to some outer islands such as Mitiaro and Mauke to check up on infrastructure projects.

it will be business as usual for education and Marine Resources minister Teina Bishop, Finance Minister Mark Brown and Health Minister Nandie Glassie, who will be present in Rarotonga for the entire week. - Emmanuel Samoglou

WEEKLY TRAVEL DIARY FOR CABINET MINISTERS MINISTER PORTFOLIOS TRAvEL Prime Minister, Attorney General, Energy, Justice, Head of State, NES, Parliamentary Services, EMcI, Public Service commission, Ombudsman

Saturday, June 15 to Saturday, June 22: UNITED STATES, FRANcE

Tom Marsters

Transport, Foreign Afairs and Immigration, Minerals and Natural Resources

Saturday, June 15 to Saturday, June 22: BELGIUM

Teina bishop

Education, Marine Resources, Tourism, Pearl Authority

Saturday, June 15 to Saturday, June 22: COOK ISLANDS

Mark brown

Finance and Economic Management, BTIB, Internal Afairs, Commerce, FIU, Telecommunications, Financial Supervisory commission, Superannuation, PERcA, Financial Services Development Authority

Saturday, June 15 to Saturday, June 22: COOK ISLANDS

Infrastructure and Planning, cultural Development, House of Ariki, Police

Saturday, June 15 to Saturday, June 22: COOK ISLANDS

Health, Agriculture

Saturday, June 15 to Saturday, June 22: COOK ISLANDS

Henry Puna

Teariki Heather Nandi Glassie

Managing Editor John Woods Financial Controller Liz Woods Deputy Editor Helen Greig Chief Reporter/Photojournalist Matariki Wilson Reporters Emmanuel Samoglou Ross McCullough Rachel Reeves Online & Social Networking Editor Briar Douglas Advertising Advertising Assistant Taja Vaetoru Oice Manager Tere Joseph Accounts Manager Tangi Tauira Reception Kura Tauira Oice Staf Apii Tua Production Manager Tony Fe’ao Graphic Design & Layout Mahai Daniel Adam Tutuvanu Web Developer Daniel Rolls CIN.PRINT Sales & Marketing Maitland Christiansen Printers Dan Johnston Dennis Campos


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Challenges for isheries CHAlleNGeS facing the Cook islands fishery industry were revealed earlier this week in parliament. Titakaveka member of parliament Sal Napa on Wednesday sought clarification on some fisheries data provided in a inance ministry brochure recently distributed in the nation’s daily newspaper. On the back page of the brochure under the heading ‘Marine Resources’, data displaying catch history was displayed, with igures on the total landed value of the catch. “in 2012, 80 fishing vessels

operated in the Cook islands eeZ with a total catch of 23,953 tonnes with a landed value of $64.9 million,” it reads. in parliament, Napa asked if the igure quoted in the brochure is what was added to the government treasury in 2012. “is this true?” asked Napa. Fisheries minister and cabinet member Teina Bishop responded by saying the figure represents catch history and landed value, which is not what the country actually receives. “What we actually receive is in the budget document,” he said.

Fisheries revenue for the 2012-13 fiscal year, which include US treaties, licenses, and catch revenue, was just over $2.9 million. The opposition alluded to the possibility that the government purposely published the higher number to mislead the public. “it’s very minimal,” said Bishop of the government’s share of the $64.9 million landed valued, and the challenge is to make sure the nation receives a greater share. Bishop said the aim of publishing landed value is to show the public the industry’s po-

tential, and the key to boosting actual revenue is through development and creating valueadded business. Bishop also commented on the Cook islands brand ‘Golden Tuna’.

“The sample has arrived,” said Bishop displaying cans of golden tuna, both single and family size servings. To help further development in the industry, Bishop said ministry staff will soon be travelling

to Napier and Hastings, NZ for discussions with oficials from the Maori isheries of New Zealand to gain more knowledge in deriving greater value from marine resources. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Cabinet member teina Bishop sampling golden tuna, an initiative he says will help the nation’s ishery capture a greater share of the landed catch value.

Member Sal Napa questioned ishery industry statistics provided in an MFEM brochure. Napa recently travelled to Wellington, where she spoke publicly about her concerns with the issuance of too many ishing licenses. 13042633


Parliament staff to attend meet

WiTH the adjournment of parliament, two employees of the House will have the opportunity to travel to Australia for some valuable training. Speaker of the House Niki Rattle and deputy clerk Helen Maunga will be attending the 44th presiding Officers and Clerks Conference (pOCC) in Canberra, Australia from July 1 to 5. For Maunga, who was appointed to the role of deputy clerk in March, this will be her second opportunity of international training after attending a conference previously in Wellington. At pOCC, Maunga said she expects to increase her general understanding of the legislative process, the running of parliament, questions and motions,

and role of clerks, and relationships with parliamentarians. “i am honoured and humbled to attend this pOCC especially to be there in support of speaker Niki Rattle, who is one of the panel speakers during the conference,” she said. “Also to participate with other presiding oficers and clerks from neighbouring jurisdictions.” Rattle is scheduled to present a paper on the challenges of being a non-member speaking in parliament. The deputy clerk said some highlights of the conference will include presentations and observations on the challenges of modern parliamentary administration, member code of, and social media use in parliament. “My expectation for the conference is to build self-conidence

and to increase levels of competencies in parliamentary administration, especially the traditional Westminster parliamentary practice and procedures,” she said. The recent sitting of parliament and passing of ive government bills was Maunga’s irst opportunity to see government in action in her new role. “i must admit that my first time as clerk at the table during the seven days stint of the recent parliamentary sitting this month has been very challenging and of course rewarding,” she said. “i am going to the conference to learn over and above what i’ve learned to date and to better equip myself for the next parliamentary sitting in late August 2013,” she said. - Emmanuel Samoglou

newly appointed deputy clerk of parliament Helen Maunga. 13060512


- Rachel Smith

Who do you think will be appointed as the new Deputy Prime Minister, with Tom Marsters soon to be taking up the role of the Queens Representative?

John Vano

Sam Artesano

Ana Rasmussen

Tangi Tama

Brittany Clementis Enua Bishop

Eteta Atuatika

i think Teariki Heather would be good.

i’m not well informed enough to make a decision.

Mark Brown – he’s my favourite.

i don’t know who it will be.

i’m not in his constituency but George Maggie is the only one getting things done.

i think Teariki Heather because he helps a lot of our local people.

The toss will be between Teariki Heather and Teina Bishop.

Maki Rose Maurangi Whoever God wants it to be – whoever has a heart for the people.


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te ipUKAReA

Aitutaki resident moving in protest RiCHARD THOMSON is moving back to New Zealand at the end of the year in protest of the government’s approach to having NZ pensioners pay back taxes. The 81-year-old former agricultural research worker and technician, who lives in Aitutaki with his partner, was recently in Rarotonga to pay the 2012 income tax bill. “We’re all up in arms about the back taxes,” but that isn’t the problem, he says. For Thomson, an ex-heart patient, he said it’s the approach the government took in enforcing its tax policy. The long term resident of the Cooks says he never received any communications from the inance ministry. “The only news we got was through the media,” he said. “it was very sneaky.” “it’s not what they’ve done,

it’s the matter in how they’ve done it,” he said. “They should have written to each and every one of us and explained what was happening and what needed to be done.” Thomson says he lives on small means, and paying taxes on his pension will make things dificult inancially. Thomson, who says he will still periodically visit the Cooks, was asked whether he would consider moving back permanently. “i don’t want to under the circumstances because of the manner in which they’ve treated us,” he said. As a result of the move, he has “emotionally” separated from his partner. On Friday, inance secretary Richard Neves provided clariication on the government’s tax policies. “As i understand it, some

people have always included the pension in their income tax return and others have not,” said Neves. “We have advised people that they should include this income in their tax returns.” Neves reiterated previous comments that the decision to tax pensions is not a new tax. “it is simply a compliance effort in light of new information that has been received by MFeM,” he said. The inance secretary offered advice to people like Thomson who have decided to leave the Cook islands. “people returning to New Zealand need to be aware that they will then need to pay the appropriate rate of tax on their pension in New Zealand, and i recommend strongly they speak to inland Revenue New Zealand to conirm their liability,” he said. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Permit review after 20 years richard thomson is moving back to new Zealand. He’s upset at how the government has enforced tax policy, which will see those on nZ pensions having to pay back taxes. 13061415

Ministry of Infrastructure & Planning Water Update MinistRy holds eMeRgency wateR Meeting Various measures have been recommended by the Water Works division of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning in a meeting convened by the Acting Secretary of Infrastructure after discussions with Minister Teariki Heather. The discussions and subsequent meeting were held on Tuesday 11 June 2013. As a result of the brainstorming session, the water engineers advised the following strategies to assist with the situation. Immediate Action Manipulate Water Pressure There is an action whereby water engineers can manipulate the flow by reducing pressure in high pressure area and increasing pressure in a targeted low pressure area. Also known as monitoring the valves, such action helps share the water supply fairly. Such a strategy is used in extreme situations and was implemented Tuesday 11 June for the first time ever in 2013. Extra Roster for Water Cartage Draw a roster for an extra shift to deliver water on request. At present water delivery is up until 11pm, and an extra shift from 11pm-3am is recommended (until the water situation is alleviated by good rainfalls). Resorts to tap into Own Reserves To request that resorts and hotels make use of their reserve tanks to lessen the demand on the water mains and therefore allow more households to have access to the water. Conservation by the public For the public to conserve the water supply that is available. Medium Term Action •฀ Engineers to try and access springwater sources for water cartage purposes. •฀ Engineers advise that kirikiri would be needed to make access easier for the

water cartage trucks. •฀ Engineers are to identify the location of possible source of bore-water for water cartage Actions in Co-operation with other Agencies Water Tank Subsidy Encourage the public who are affected to apply for the water tank subsidy to secure a backup source of water - which scheme is under the purview of MFEM via their Development Coordination Division. Water Tank Reserve at TSA Tap into the water tank reserves at the Telecom Sports Arena which has a capacity of 1.5million litres. Engineers say all that is needed is for them to connect a pump to the reserve and the water can be accessed. However, permission to tap into the reserve tank would have to come from Cook islands Investment Corporation, but if so, would allow the engineers to tap into a valuable water source in Nikao. Acting Secretary, Mac Mokoroa appeals to the public to take such measures as necessary to conserve water and also for understanding that the Ministry is doing the best that it can to help the public during the period of very low rainfall.

Footnote: Althoughitwilltaketime,wewouldlikeitnotedthat theGovernmenthasalreadyembarkedontheProject City town water network upgrade and is about to launch the Te Mato Vai programme. Thisprogrammewillbe forthe$20million upgrade of ring mains by the Republic of China, the $17million upgrade of the water intakes funded by theGovernmentsofNewZealandandAustraliaand $14million of ancillary work funded by the Cook Islands Government.

Ministry of Infrastructure & Planning

PHONE 20321 FAX 24321

THe MiNiSTRY of infrastruc-

ture and planning (MOip) is rolling out new fees in July, including those for building permits. Building controller louis Teiti said the review is well overdue because building permit fees have not been reviewed for 20 years. The cost of a permit for fences and free-standing walls will increase from $50 to a minimum of $100 on Rarotonga. Fees on

the outer islands will rise from $10 to $20, except on Aitutaki where the current fee of $50 will still stand. permits for retaining walls will increase in price from $100 to a minimum of $500. Teiti said the jump in price is because retaining walls involve more factors to consider in the permit process. prior to the review of fees, the Ministry also carried out a review of the building code for the

Cook islands earlier this year, conducted by consultant for Secretariat of the Paciic Community’s Applied Geoscience and Technology division (SOpAC) John Tangiilima, who has also reviewed the building code of Niue. The recommendation to review all charges came from the Budget Support Group established under the auspices of MFeM. - Briar Douglas

Father of two spared prison A FATHeR of two from Nikao has avoided being sent back to prison despite his continuing to breach conditions of his probation. in court Thursday, Amosa porohiti Koiatu, a labourer and father who previously had bail conditions imposed on him after appearing on a charge of wilful damage, fronted up for sentencing on another charge of breaching conditions of probation. He was to escape going to prison this time. For his latest breach, police prosecutor, Avele Simona outlined that on Tuesday, May 21 at around 5pm the accused had to be removed from a private residence. it was noticed at that time, he was under the inluence of alcohol and arguing with his girlfriend. He was reminded by the police of his probation conditions and Koiatu was

asked to accompany them back to the police station. it was there he openly admitted to drinking and was then placed under arrest says Simona. Defence counsel, Charles petero told the court Koiatu had appeared in court on the same breach of conditions of probation “many times”. it was for that reason he served time in prison for four months and was only released in April this year. Petero said this was the irst breach by Koiatu since he had come out of prison and that he should on this occasion, be given the “benefit of the doubt” and have a three-strike rule applied. “prison, would send this defendant back quite considerably,” petero said. With the part-time labouring work he had, the family’s income was going towards pay-

ing rent, food and reparation for his previous ines. petero noted that Koiatu had pleaded guilty in the irst instance and for that he had apologised and was taking responsibility for his actions. He also recognises that he is an alcoholic and had already spoken to someone who runs a clinic on the island. Koiatu will attend his first meeting next week. in sentencing Koiatu, J p Tangi Taoro said, “Generally, it does seem that you have accepted what has happened and it is clear you want to move forward in a positive way, especially for your children. For that matter, i don’t think sending you to prison is going to help – i am going to give you a chance,” she said. “i sincerely hope that you will stay on that track.” - Ross McCullough


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Hell Fire lights up gallery THe BCA Gallery was trans-

formed with an eclectic collection of polynesian-inspired pieces at the opening of a new exhibition on Tuesday. Auckland artist Sam Thomas is the gallery’s current artist in residence, who has been in the Cooks since November working on the exhibition he named ‘Hell Fire’ – referring to t raditional pieces in the Cook islands that were burned because they were deemed nonChristian.

“i noticed a lack of pre-colonial art on the island. Mike explained a lot of the stuff was burned in the ‘hell ire’,” said Thomas. Thomas’ work merges tradition with futuristic features – such as a banana ‘chandelier’, where plastic bananas cluster around coloured leD lights that flash from red to pink to blue, green and yellow. “i wanted to remodel it into something that its today and fits our current times,” said

Thomas. The star of the exhibition, and the artist’s favourite piece, is a sleek black vaka – made at the suggestion of master carver Mike Tavioni – that took Thomas around six weeks to make. He said the vaka is “more or less in the traditional style”, but it is embellished with lights – including glowing red lights at one end of the vaka that greeted those entering the gallery, poking through a wall of palmex supplied by Marcus Niszow

from Paciic Resort. Tavioni, who Thomas met after he arrived on Rarotonga, enjoyed the exhibition. “it’s stimulating. it’s something new, something different.” BCA owner Ben Bergman said he was pleased to have Thomas as the gallery’s artist in residence. “i was really looking for something that encouraged me,” he said. Thomas graduated from

Auckland University’s elam School of Fine Arts two years ago, and is visiting the Cooks with his partner pouarii Tanner, a Cook islander who he met at an art show in Auckland. Back home in New Zealand, Thomas is a painter and sculpter who previously ran an art gallery on High Street called the Snake pitt – which closed prior to his trip to Rarotonga. He said the closing of the gallery came at a good time. “(Running the gallery) meant i couldn’t spend much time on my own art – it was good to no

longer have that commitment.” Thomas’ work is inluenced by his previous travels to india and Mexico. “While travelling i learned techniques that i use in my art now. And while in the Cook islands i’ve learned techniques that i’m sure i’ll use in the future.” Today is the last day of Thomas’ exhibition, making way for the next artist in residence Hye Rim lee, a digital media artist who will visit the Cook islands in July. - Briar Douglas


WeekendSpecials AVAILABLE 15 - 16 JUNE

Simmons Chicken Leg Quarters 10kg

Gusto Bacon 340g

thomas’ exhibition included a ‘chandelier’ of bananas around coloured Led lights. 13061240




Tip Top Ice Cream Vanilla/French Vanilla only 2L


NZ Eggs Dozen’s




Watties Tomato Sauce 575g


Eta Spuds Potato Chips 150g

Mike tavioni and artist Sam thomas discuss one of the exhibition’s star pieces – a black vaka carved at tavioni’s workshop. 13061245




Sudso washing powder 200g


Livi Toilet Roll 1000’s



$1.49 EACH


Henry ah-Foo taripo performed at the exhibition opening. He is pictured here with the artist’s partner Pouarii tanner. 13061237



Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

LBV Muri brings homestead back THe ReSTORATiON of an old homestead in Muri, and the creation of lBv Muri, has been more than just a business decision for owner Tim Tierney. For months the Tierney family has been working to restore the property, working alongside Willie and Mii Kauvai who own the land, to bring the old homestead back to life. Tierney says that the property has always had an important place in the community, and was a home that holds

very fond memories for many. The building has been vacant for around 40 years, although used as a backdrop for many wedding photos and as an unoficial kid’s club house during this time. “i want to bring back the meeting part of the place and make it part of the community,” Tierney said. The business is a family affair, with Tierney saying that he and his wife Marie have a great team working for them.

The couple both play an active role in the business, with Tierney a very experienced chef and Marie responsible for the delicious baked goods they prepare. lBv Muri has been a natural progression of the business, with Deli Foods relocated to the property in March. The kitchen and bakery will be moving into the central room of the building next week, with a new coffee machine and food display cabinet on its way.

a new roof has been put on the old homestead, with the intention to let the new one rust back to the original colour. 14061446

A dining room featuring a table for ten will be in one of the other rooms, with Tierney envisaging its use for meetings or a private place for dinner. The remaining room will be illed with comfortable couches which Tierney’s mother Anne has been recovering. Tierney says that the café has been busy since its relocation, with a large verandah area providing more space to sit in and eat than at their previous location.

“it’s a restoration process,” Tierney said of the work on the property. They have been careful to retain as many of the original features as possible, and intend on leaving the new shiny corrugated iron roof to rust back to its original colouring. The interior walls have been replastered and painted and new light fittings added, but the exterior walls have been untouched. Tierney says that some of the original Canadian redwood timber has also been

used, both in roof beams and the interior doors still in excellent condition. lBv Muri is open seven days, with today being the irst Saturday opening. They provide an excellent range of baked treats, great coffee and full breakfast, and will be opening for bistro style lunch and dinner in the coming weeks, with the menu based along the lines of lBv Avarua. - Rachel Smith

the deli Foods bakery was relocated to its new premises at LBV Muri with the help of a crane, back in March. 14061444


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Promoting industries with photos A GROUp of enthusiastic photographers have been improving their skills, at the photography and print media workshop that began on Monday. A mixed group of Cook island residents, many from within the tourism industry or with their own businesses, enrolled in the workshops that ran over the week. The intention of the course was to teach skills that can be used within the Cook islands, with the participants to produce images that could be used in an advertising campaign. The irst few sessions, held at the University of the South paciic campus, involved discussing what they aimed to achieve through the workshop and also what makes a good image. The class planned their shoot for a double page spread for Cook islands Tourism, working together to come up with a concept brief or message, which will be the focus of the images they have produced. “The whole idea is for the photographs you take to work the message,” said tutor Mahiriki Tangaroa. The class worked in four groups to prepare a promotion for culture, tourism, the pearl industry and the environment, with individual photo sessions taking place outside of the workshop itself. “The class has been going really well, so far, and it’s really great to have some very keen

students on the course! In fact one of the groups headed off last night (after class) to start their photo shoot,” said Tangaroa earlier this week. For the students themselves such as Sue Baker, it was an opportunity to learn more about photography. Baker describes herself as a keen amateur photographer, with her interest in taking the course to learn how to take photos that can be used to advertise her husband’s business. it was a busy week for the all the photographers, with classes running for three hours every evening, and the students also expected to be out in the ield taking photographs. The completed work will be shown in an exhibition to be held soon. - Rachel Smith

this image was shot by Shelly rangi during the sessions out in the ield. 13061420

Workshop attendant Shelly rangi produced this image while learning more about photography. 13061419

Images relating to the pearl industry were used to learn about the promotion of local industries during the photography and print media workshop this week – this image is by Liz Iro. 13061418


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

CI News welcomes new faces

TWO FReSH faces have joined the team at Cook islands News. New Zealander Ross McCullough started in the newsroom on Monday, while Cook

islander Taja vaetoru joined the paper’s advertising team at the end of May. McCullough is the paper’s newest reporter. The 34 year old

has years of journalism experience under his belt, including editing the community paper in his home town of Dargaville for around two years.

When he saw the Ci News job advertisement he was ready for a new adventure, and he is looking forward to learning more about the Cook islands culture during his time here. Among other things, McCullough will be taking on court reporting and interviewing New Zealand High Commissioner John Carter – who shares his Northland background – as Carter prepares to leave his post

in July. McCullough has a keen interest in sports, including tennis, golf, cricket and ishing. vaetoru is the paper’s new advertising assistant, and arrived on the island in May. The 18-year-old lived on Manihiki until she was 10 years old, when she moved to New Zealand with family members. She moved back the Cooks because she thought it was time

for a change, and having her older sister living in Rarotonga made the transition easier. vaetoru scored her new advertising position just a few weeks after arriving on the island, and hopes to gain solid experience in the advertising ield. Outside of work she enjoys socialising and dabbling in photography. - Briar Douglas

General reporter ross McCullough and advertising assistant taja Vaetoru are excited to be working in paradise at Cook Islands news. 13061451

Just Arrived Brand New 1.5-litre Petrol 4WD SX Auto

Drive away price



Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News


E kai reka na toku Papa this week on the Kid’s Page, Grade three students at takitumu School have written poems about local food they enjoy eating. the school’s term topic is healthy eating and healthy community, with the junior school focusing on learning about healthy food to eat. this has included ield trips to local growing areas, creating poems and artwork

Meika, meika, meika e meika reka e te vene Meika paruparu Meika rengarenga e te matie Junior Sila

Mereni, mereni, mereni e kai i te mereni e reka e te vene te mereni e mereni muramura e te rengarenga Marona Teatai-Ariki



Motini, motini, motini Motini, motini, motini Motini, motini, motini e aa toou kara Rima Kareroa

Tu Tukatau “He who inds the right path does so for himself, and he who goes astray does so to his own loss; and no one who carries a burden bears another’s load.” Al-Qur’an 17:15

Dragon fruit, dragon fruit, dragon fruit You are good for me You are tasty for me And you are lovely and sweet for me Te-ina Rere Collin Rattle

Taro tarua e manea te taro tarua Ka kai au i te taro tarua e reka tikai te taro tarua e kai meitaki no toku kopapa Brave Ngamata

Apara Apara, apara, apara Apara muramura e te matie Apara vene e te reka Apara inangaroia e Mama Apara meitaki no toku kopapa Kimberly Uini

Grade three students at takitumu School show just how fun it is to learn about healthy eating. 13061304

Tomati Tomati, tomati, tomato Tomati muramura e te matie e tomato reka e te vai e kai reka na toku papa Kent Baxter



Kumara, kumara, kumara e kumara muramura, e kumara teatea e kumara vene e kumara reka e kumara mamaata e te rikiriki Teau Maui

Chicken, chicken, chicken You are so tasty and nice for my families You make me hungry every day Whereever i go, i see you everywhere Kalani Rangi

Being responsible means that others can depend on you. It is doing something well and to the best of your ability. Being responsible is being willing to be accountable for what you do or do not do. It means accepting credit when things go right (humbly of course), and accepting correction when things go wrong. When you are responsible, you keep your agreements. Being responsible is the ability to respond ably. I am practicing responsibility when I … • Ta k e m y a g r e e m e n t s seriously • Respond ably by doing things to the best of my ability • Focus on my own part, not someone else’s • Am willing to accept credit and correction • Admit my mistakes • Am ready and willing to clear up misunderstandings.

Ika ika, ika, ika Kaukau te ika No te moana mai te ika e ika mamaata e kia reka no te kopapa Ryan Daniel

the gifts within


Dragon fruit Meika


Students from takitumu School drew their favourite healthy food as part of the school’s term topic of ‘healthy eating and healthy community’.

I am responsible. I give my best to all that I do and keep my agreements. I welcome both praise and correction for my actions. 13061302


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te ipUKAReA

Portrait an unexpected experience THe expeRieNCe of being in-

volved in the Cook islands people project has had a very strong impact on Thomas Koteka. Koteka was approached by artist Judith Kunzle back in March, to be one of the 200 portraits that are to make up her project. He says he initially felt very

‘ho hum’ about taking part, with the process of sitting still challenging for him. This all changed when Koteka saw the portrait which Kunzle had drawn of him, an experience he describes as “somebody has taken something visual and made it physical”. “The drawing has taken the

essence of me, my soul,” said Koteka, adding that he likens having his portrait drawn as to how people irst felt on seeing themselves photographed for the irst time. It was a very personal experience for Koteka, who says that the image connected himself and Judith, and felt very different from having

The WeekEnd Crossword HRH


his photo taken. “A photo is a mirror where as with the portrait with Judith - it’s a connection.” “Afterwards i felt really cool and privileged to be part of the project,” Koteka said. He feels that the project will have important historical implications in 20 to 30 years time. Kunzle says the project is progressing well, with 162 portraits now uploaded on her website. She will be continuing work to complete the project, which will be exhibited at BCA at the end of September. Kunzle can be contacted through her website at www., where the completed portraits can also be viewed. - Rachel Smith

thomas Koteka.


1. newly appointed CI Queens rep (3,8) 5. Large (3) 8. Publc ight (6) 10. Partnership (8) 11. Colonel (abbrev) (3) 13. People who pay levies to the Crown (9) 14. Flower (4) 16. extravagant (10) 19. tiniest (8) 21. Islam divorce (5) 23. Continental unit of currency (4) 25. High respect (6) 26. Stately dignity (7) 27. Betrayal of country (7)

DOWN 2. entire body of responsible officers (11) 3. Sovereignty (7) 4. Pertaining o a king (5) 6. english national anthem, (3,4,3,5) 7. Foothold (6)

anSwerS On page 16

9. Summarise (5) 12. Sacred hymn (5) 15. Japanese sash (3) 17. nitroglycerin (abbrev) (5) 18. Lowest female voice (4)

19. Male reproductive cell (5) 20. Build (5) 22. Feudal superiors (5) 24. British rule in India (3)

* Maori-English: English-Maori


2013/2014 TERTIARY STUDY SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS The Government of the Cook Islands is seeking “Expressions of interest” for Scholarship awards from suitably qualiied Cook Islands men and women for study at a Paciic Regional Institute (excluding Australia) or NZ academic institution. * NZ Paciic Scholarship – undergraduate study in NZ only * NZ Regional scholarship – study in the PACIFIC Region (i.e. USP) * Commonwealth Open Scholarships – PhD or Masters Level in NZ only. For this award, you will be required to attach a Letter of Ofer for admission by the institute into your area of study, provide 3 Letters of References and an outline of your Research Topic. The tertiary scholarships are open to Cook Island persons from all sectors of the community, public and private living here in the Cook Islands. Applicant selection will be based upon meeting the scholarship eligibility criteria, primarily that of academic merit and that proposed course of study meet Government’s HRD priorities of the Cook Islands.

2013/2014 NZAID SHORT TERM TRAINING AWARDS Employers wishing to develop staf skills through short-term training attachments in New Zealand are invited to apply for assistance under the NZAID Bilateral Aid training Programme. This may include new studies towards courses at tertiary institutes (e.g Universities and Polytechnics) provided that completion is within a period of less than 12 months. Further details and application forms are available at the Ministry of Education in Nikao. Please note, degree studies, postgraduate studies, conferences and workshops will not be considered under this scheme. The above training and study awards will be prioritised to the following HRD priorities for 2013/2014: Agriculture, Marine, Waste Management, Renewable Energy, Education (Secondary Teaching), Health, ICT and Finance, although other areas can be considered. Application forms and further information are available from the Ministry of Education, Nikao or contact Anna Roi, ph 29357 ext 213 or Ngarangi Tangaroa-Teio – ext 210 or email Application Forms must be received no later than 12pm, Thursday 27 June 2013. 71769

thomas Koteka describes the experience of having his portrait drawn by artist Judith Kunzle as “somebody has taken something visual and made it physical”. 13061306

On Saturday evening join us for our FABULOUS

Island Night with

Superb Feast

Dining 7 - 8.30pm Show starts 8.30pm


terta ight en N d n Isla

featuring delicious local food


a m a Or

YZE til


with TA tainment

Tuesday Island Night features Ta’akoka e t l la


Live ente

Edgewater Resort

- reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentar y Transfers provided from anywhere on the island.


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303





Did you agree to the loan the government took from the Chinese to upgrade your water supply? Did you also agree that you, ordinary Joe citizen, would end up paying for this loan? Did you know you are going to pay for it, whether you like it or not, through the water meter that will be installed on your private land without your permission? Do you remember attending any public consultations for the water supply upgrade taking place on the island now? Did you attend any public consultations where you agreed to pay for water? If you did not agree to any of the above, the irst step in the protest is: DO NOT LET THEM ON TO YOUR LAND. Entering a person’s property without permission is trespass. This notice is a bonaide advertisement placed by a private individual whose identity is withheld.

Tupapa Maraerenga Democratic party rale has been postponed to be drawn Saturday 22 June at 2pm at the Ofice of the Opposition due to the clash for the draw of the vakatini Teanuanua Terekura 1000 club rale drawn Saturday 15 June 2013. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Rale Committee.

71870 /32739 /1966

Annual General Meeting Wednesday 26 June 4.30pm-6pm Old PIAF oice Tupapa Main Road President’s Report, Financial Reports and Election of Oice Bearers. Members and Intending Members welcome. Enquiries phone 21144 71758 / /2119

Need your Lawns to be cut and hedges to be trimmed? Small, medium, or big we can cut it for you. Our Masters World cup team is fundraising in aid of our October tour from the 5 - 13 October 2013 in Christchurch NZ. We would appreciate any assistance from our people, if you have any lawns to cut and hedges to be trimmed, please contact Simiona Teiotu on 57746. 71838 /32617 /1931


Oice of the energy Commissioner - Green Light Project Our contractors have circled the island and note there are households with no one home and therefore have not received their Bulbs. This advert is to advise we will be circling the island again to speciically target these households. To do this we will be starting in the Ruatonga Meeting House to Tupapa & Ruatonga Meeting house to Nikao area - the dividing line between the two is the Ruatonga road. If you are one of the Households who qualify for a replacement cFL Bulb(s) and have not received yours yet please call Ms caroline Wichman on 25494 ext 833 at the Oice of the Energy commissioner to leave the following information: 1. Meter Box Number 2. Name and Phone Number 3. Area, and exact location of house 4. How many Incandescent Bulbs require replacing 5. Times (between 8am & 4pm) when someone will be home over the coming week beginning Thursday 13 June 2013 Please note this notice is for those households only (for now) in the Tupapa to Ruatonga to Nikao area. 71852 / /1842

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. vAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is 1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.


Sunday 16 June 2013 We were created to glorify God!! 7.30am - children’s programme with Minister Rebekah Daniel on radio Matariki 10am - No one too young or too old for Sunday School 11am - Worship - Elder Teia Potoru - fellowship luncheon - Alive for Jesus radio ministry with Minister Peta Karena 1pm - church updating news with Brother Tangaroa Uea. 2.30pm - Fellowship and Bible session with inmates - Minister Rebekah. 4.30pm - Nothing but the Truth Tv Ministry 7pm - Evening service Aere mai te katoatoa rava! Everyone most welcome! contact Ministers Tangata Allen and Nga Kamana - 20645/71007 or 29347/20947/58315. Emails tallen@irstwindows. Dial-A-Prayer 26777. 71942 / /1632

TUATUA AKAKITE Takitumu te Vaka Taunga E kapikianga uipaanga na to Takitumu katoatoa, Te Puara a Takitumu Te au Arataki o te au Putuputuanga Te iti tangata e te katoatoa rava o Takititumu Patianga akaaka kia tatou katoatoa kia tae mai ki tetai Uipaanga puapinga na tatou no te akapapuanga i te au akanoonooanga no te Ra o te Au Ariki. Te ka raveia a te Monite ra 17 o Tiunu 2013, i te ora 6.00pm ki roto i te Are Uipaanga o Avana Nui. Pa Ariki e Kainuku Ariki. 71934 /32729 /2669

TUATUA AKAKITE E uipaanga ta tatou e te au mema child Welfare e te au mama katoatoa mei Tikioki ki vaimaanga a te Monite ra 17 no Tiunu I te ora 5 I te aiai ki roto I te Are Apii Sabati, Titikaveka Tumu Manako: 1.Titikaveka clinic 2.Baby Show 3.80th Birthday 4.Tetai au manako keke Meitaki Maata Mrs N Moeroa - President 71865 /32700 /1891

LOST Lost Female Puppy from Super Brown Store White with light brown spots, answers to Herwitt Please contact Rose on 55141 if you have seen or taken our puppy. No questions asked we just want her back.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. vAT. Quotations on request.


General Paediatric Program: 24 – 26 June 2013 The Ministry of Health will be conducting a General Paediatrician Programme with visiting specialist Dr Danny Stewart from 24 to 26 June 2013 at Rarotonga Hospital (ages 0 to 16 years). If you are concerned or notice any abnormal changes with your child please contact the hospital receptionist 22664 for screening appointment from the 17-21 June 2013. All cases will need to be screened by our local paediatrician Dr Dawn Pasina as to whether your child will need to be seen for further assessment. 71887

71919 / /2183



Pearl Grading Training Course “As is where is basis” 1 x Mitsubishi challenger Jeep Tender closes 3pm Friday 28 June 2013. For viewing/inspection contact Myland Lane on 29341 ext 808 or Daru Graham on 29341 ext 813 for appointment. 71889 /32726 /1655

A tender is hereby invited for the motor bike listed below: 1 x 2011 Zongzhen ZS125-50 Registration No: AAP551 Inspection can be arranged by contacting Andrew Reremoana on 22060, during the hours of 9am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. The highest tender will not necessarily be accepted. Tender will be closed on Friday 21 June 2013 at 2pm.

The Cook Islands Pearl authority will be conducting a pearl grading training programme and applications are invited from interested and dedicated individuals who wish to participate in an intensive training course leading towards a qualiication as an accredited pearl grader. The training will commence on 24 June and will involve three days of tuition and practical lessons, and two days of testing, after which those who pass will be accredited. We would prefer persons who will be available to provide pearl grading services or to be employed as pearl graders. Places are limited so please register your interest early. To apply please contact Sheena at the Cook Islands Pearl Authority. Ph 29055 or email 71820

71886 / /1902


For the sake of your family

GET HELP Call AA - 55606





Water Safety Meeting

Public Notice

In response to the people who have experienced diiculties in the waters of the Cook Islands, a Group of concerned individuals has been meeting every month to discuss water safety and lifesaving. The Group’s activities include the production of information pamphlets; construction of water safety signs; and search and rescue activities. With the aim of registering as the Water Safety and Surf Lifesaving Council Association the Group has drafted a Constitution for your comments. A meeting will be held: aim: to discuss water safety, ind out about the Group, and review the Draft Constitution When: Thursday 20 June 2013 Time: 5pm Place: Sinai Hall, Tupapa

The Ministry of Agriculture has conirmed that the Oriental fruit ly is now present across Rarotonga and Aitutaki. This is an extremely serious pest that can severely damage all fruits and vegetables such as Bananas, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Capsicums and Pineapples. An eradication programme of this pest is being conducted on Rarotonga. This programme is expected to be started on Aitutaki in the next few weeks. The Ministry has put a ban on the movement of all fruits and vegetables to all islands. Fruits and vegetables are allowed only to the island of Aitutaki for the next few weeks. However, no fruits and vegetables are allowed from Aitutaki to any other island since the pest is very serious on the island including the motus. The Ministry of Agriculture is urging the general public to adhere to this very important notice regarding the movement of fruits and vegetables to prevent this pest from reaching the other islands. For further information call 28711.

Copies of the Draft Constitution can be provided for review before the 20 June meeting. Please bring your comments to the meeting. Water Safety Concerns all of us. Come along and share your views. Contact: Patricia Tuara Demmke NZHC, phone 22201 extn 30. Email:

Classiieds • Phone 22999


This security camera image shows crime in action in downtown Maraerenga. These teenage girls were snapped in action interferingwithamotorcyclebelongingtonight staf working at Cook Islands News on Monday night. A complaint has been lodged with police along with this evidence of blatant wrong-doing. The culprits were attempting to remove mirrors from the cycle when a staf member disturbed them and they ran from the scene. Business and property owners in the area are advised to keep an eye out for this pair of troublemakers. Their families are urged to act responsibly in dealing with these two!


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News



Pool Doctor * Water testing * chlorine * P.H down * Bufer Discounted rates FREE DELIvERY Phone Tony 56599.

Desk-modern reception or shop brushed aluminium and light wood grain with desk extension and screen. view at the Eye Place, Hidies courtyard, cooks corner.


6 seater wooden table, new, $500. Phone 56599.

71719 / /1708

Application close 4pm, Wednesday 19 June 2013.

Vacancy Airport Re-fueller Paciic Energy SWP Limited (PE SWP), a subsidiary of Paciic Islands Energy (PIE) in Singapore, with businesses in French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, American Samoa, Cook Islands and Tuvalu, is seeking to employ a suitably qualiied and experienced individual to the position of Airport Re-fueller based at Rarotonga Airport in Cook Islands. PESWP IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER JOB PURPOSE The position is responsible to carry out maintenance inspection, daily aviation quality check, testing, safely refueling of aircraft and HSEE activities at Rarotonga fuel depot. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • Quality control of Aviation products. • Re-fuelling of all types of Aircraft. • Carry out preventative and corrective maintenance on ixed and mobile equipment. • Ensure that Paciic Energy SWP Ltd HSSE policies and procedures are adhered to. • Work in a safe and eicient manner and contribute to team performance. • Able to Work on shift basis QUALIFICATIONS, COMPETENCE & EXPERIENCE: It is desirable that the applicant has: • Formal qualiication in engineering (trade certiicate in Mechanical Engineering or related ields). • Good IT and communication skills. • Team work orientation and performance based attitude. • Obtain heavy goods License. • Knowledge and experience of the petroleum industry particularly in the aviation ield is desirable. Interested candidates can post their application to: The Human Resources Manager Paciic Energy South West Paciic Limited Po Box 118 Suva Or email Subject: Airport Refueller. 71418

oveRseas adveRtising We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classified advertisements and pre-billing. Contact our advertising department phone 22999 email:

71765 / /2009

SERVICES Delicious cakes for all occasions. Reasonable prices. Phone Fern 29015, 77555.

FOR RENT 1 bedroom house with WATER TANK in Inave, large kitchen so make lounge child’s bedroom, $150pw. Phone 76939 to move in! 71900 /32708 /1931

1 bedroom, fully furnished cottage, single person or couple. Downtown Takuvaine. Phone Ena on 24515 or 55076. 71846 /32698 /1931

Long Term rental accommodation. Enjoy living in a quality, safe modern apartment complex. Two apartments still available: 1 x two bedroom apartment with plunge pool & 1 x three bedroom family apartment. Both available 1 September 2013. email 71755 /32718 /1636

3 bedroom house, Rangiura, Nikao, $320 per week negotiable. Phone Stan Nikoro +64272917343, 71767 /32682 /1931

3 bedroom house for rent. Arorangi, Phone 74466. 71867 /32549 /1931

2 bedroom & 1 bedroom unit, Arorangi, close to shop & mainroad. Phone 79874 or 21444. 71868 /32745 /2419

Modern 4 double bedroom, 3 bathroom furnished house, long term. Phone Don 26039.

71914 / /2567

71863 /32735 /1780

Ph 22336

71826 / /1708


71798 /31744 /2502

Mazda Presso 2 door car. Good condition, $5800 ono. Phone 27140 or mobile 57694. 71874 /32702 /1931

Nissan March excellent condition $13.5k o.n.o. Nissan Serena van $8.5k o.n.o Ph 54882 71882 / /1994

Yamaha YZ 2002, 250cc, $4500 ono. Yamaha WR 1996, 250cc, $3000 ono. Phone 70454.

FOR SALE Taro, all varieties manaura, veo, etc @ $100/25kg bag. Will deliver. Phone 55441. 71898 /32719 /2442


1996 Black & Silver Mitsubishi Challenger (Jeep) As is - 5 seater with spacious interior, petrol, automatic, 4WD, WOF and rego. Selling at $9,500 ono. call Nga 79321 to view and test drive. 71940 /32748 /1931

GARAGE SALE Friday 14 & Saturday 15 June from 9am - 2pm, next door to your Friendly Shop, MataveraMatepi’s Residence. Adult & kids clothing & Shoes + extra. check it out. 71899 /32707 /1931

Main Rd Matavera, across from Island Living (before Matavera School) from 8am. Adults / Kids clothing and other knick knacks 71936 /32749 /1931


Driver/General hand required, applicants need to be employable, with a good attitude, turn up on time, be able to work Monday to Saturday and be smartly presented. Heavy lifting involved. Phone Jrn on 27460 to arrange an interview. 71866 /32731 /2202

A GREAT PLACE TO WORK… Join one of the Cook Islands most recognisable and successful resort brands, Paciic Resort. From the desks of our award-winning resorts to preparing culinary delights for our discerning clientele, there may be a resort job for you. We’re always on the lookout for talented leaders, resort operations staf, students and graduates interested in a career in the hospitality industry. Currently we have the following opportunities across our group: Paciic Resort Rarotonga – 4 Star Premium Resort • Chefs - experienced • Housekeeping / Room Cleaning Attendants • Guest Service Concierge • Restaurant Wait Staf • Beach Hut / Activities Attendants Paciic Resort Aitutaki – 5 Star Luxury Resort • Head Chef – experienced with lair • Restaurant & Bar Manager – minimum 5 years experience • Senior Housekeeper / Laundry & Seamstress To apply email: or visit one of our resorts in Rarotonga or Aitutaki and complete an employment application form. Ph: 20 427 for further info. /

Junior IT Technicians Want a career in IT? Are you familiar with MS Oice, MS operating systems and have a clean driver’s license? Then this is an opportunity to kick start a career in IT. Applications are invited from motivated individuals to apply for one of four positions in the Ministry. Applications close on Friday 21 June 2013. A position description including salary is available from the Ministry or at www. A cover letter, an updated cv and references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Or Email vacancy@education. 71734 / /1795

71902 /32709 /1931

71912 /32723 /1931

Has your drinking got out of control? call 55606.


2 single kayaks, hardly used, $550 each. Phone 56599.

Year 2000 Nissan Wingroad station wagon, mint condition, $10,000. Ring 20299 or 50246.

71514 /32597 /2656

1 bedroom furnished bungalow in Matavera available now. Use of swimming pool, mountain views. $200pw. Ph 21629.

71720 /32694 /2655

71827 / /1708

• Phone 22999 •

The Ministry of Transport seeks to ill the positions of director of Maritime, Senior Maritime Oicer and Meteorological Observer. key factors in the selection process will be experience, professionalism, personality and cultural sensitivity. you must possess a high degree of integrity, be impartial in carrying out tasks, be tactful and possess good communication skills. All applications for these positions must be accompanied by a CV and letter outlining reasons for the application. Direct any enquiries to Tepora Solomona on 28810 or email: Address applications to: The Secretary Ministry of Transport Po Box 61, Avarua RARoToNGA

The Eye Place Hidies courtyard Phone 22121 custom glasses from $60 Annie provides free exam & glasses for children all year.


JOB TITLES: 1. Director of Maritime 2. Senior Maritime Oicer 3. Meteorological Observer

Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning TENDER VAIMARU WATER SUPPLY UPGRADE PROJECT - AITUTAKI CONTRACT No. C13/01 The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning seeks tender proposals from contractors for the supply of materials for the water supply upgrade at vaimaru in Aitutaki, cook Islands. A copy of the Tender Document including speciications can be collected during work hours from the MOIP oice in Arorangi. A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be required before the tender document is issued. Tenders close at 3pm on Friday 28 June 2013, and must be submitted to the MOIP Ofice in Arorangi and in accordance with the requirements of the Tender Document. Tenders must be submitted in two sets hard copies inside a sealed envelope labelled “CONFIDENTIAL” and addressed to: The Acting Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning Arorangi, Rarotonga cook Islands and subsequent markings below to include the following: Tenderers name, contact person, and contact details; “vaimaru Water Supply Upgrade Project; contract No. c13/01” and closing time and date being 3pm Friday 28 June 2013. Enquiries to: Tenga Mana Project Engineer Email Phone +682 20321.

animal Clinic



71650 /32596 /2656

Need a little


ANSWeRS to crossword on page 14

Lead Tutor Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute The Ministry of Education seeks outstanding people with the required experience and qualiications to be part of leading the development of training in the Cook Islands and to ill an important leadership position in the new Tertiary Training Institute. Under the leadership of the Director the following position will direct the operations of the cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute. Lead Tutor Trades: responsible for the management and delivery of trades related courses and liaison with trade related industries and employers. Signiicant experience and qualiications in related industry and in industry training. This is a rare opportunity to join an organisation in its start up phase and be part of shaping its early development. Applications close on Tuesday 28 June 2013. Application packs, with job description are available from the Ministry in Nikao or at ck completed forms with cover letter, cv and references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Email: vacancy@education. 71937 / /1795

Support Staf The Ministry of Education is inviting applications for the following positions: 1. Special Needs Teacher Aide Avarua School 2. EcE Teacher Aide - Niua School 3. Teacher Aide - Tereora college (Rakei Toa) Applications close on Friday 28 June 2013. For more information visit our website: www. Applications and cv should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Email: vacancy@education. 71939 / /1795



Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

SITUATIONS VACANT Mature, reliable & trustworthy person/s with a very high level of customer service required for our busy 24 hour Store and Takeaway. Duties include cashier (experience in basic computing or pos system) sales, merchandising, cook and kitchen hand for Takeaway position. Applicants must be able to work on rostered shifts. For further details contact Rose on 55141 or 20140. 71907 / /2183

Shop Manager 3-5 yrs work experience in retail business to oversee the full operation of the shop including but not limited to shop-keeping, merchandising, cashiering, bookkeeping and stock inventory. Important qualities: neat, reliable, trustworthy, polite, honest, non-smoker and non-drinker. Please email your cv to and application closes 27 June 2013. 71829 /32728 /1933


We will BUY your old or broken gold jewellery. FISHERS BLAcK PEARL JEWELLERY. 71118 /32630 /1889

Cook Islands Sports & National Olympic Committee Chief executive Oicer The CISNOC is seeking to employ a full time Chief Executive Oicer to administer the Strategic, Financial and Management direction of the organisation. Based in Rarotonga, the appointee will report through to the Executive Board and will be responsible for the direction of a small team of full time employees. For a full listing of the Job Description, please contact the CISNOC Ofice, or email, Siniva Marsters on To apply in strict conidence, email a cover letter and your resume to president@cisnoc. Applications close Wednesday, 26 June 2013, at 12 noon. 71896 /32737 /2082

Live In Caregiver Required for old papa. Must be able to work 6 days per week, drives a car. For details call 56563. 71869 /32701 /1931

ACCOUNTANT PART–TIME. We need an accountant to do auditing of accounts on a parttime basis. Scope of work by mutual agreement. Phone Sunny 21060. 71925 / /1741

Joyce Peyroux Garment Experienced screenprinter wanted. Phone Joyce or Poko 20201/58888. 71802 /31739 /1917


Looking to buy samples of CI tapa - small pieces, lowers, all bark varieties, anything considered. Only requirement is, that it HAS to be made here in the cook Islands. Better still if you can name the tree & islands it came from (but not necessary). For DNA comparative research. Please contact ph 26468 or 26609 after hrs. 71841 /32738 /1966

WANTED TO RENT 1-2 bedroom house, long term, mature PR couple, Blackrock to vaimaanga area. Phone Mick 55191.

Westpac systems weekend upgrade WeSTpAC Bank will be undergoing an upgrade of its eBanking electronic services affecting a large percentage of its customers this Sunday between 1am and 5am. A number of services will be affected including eFTpOS terminals, its automatic teller machines (ATMs), BCi ATMs, internet payment gateway, and internet and mobile banking. Westpac business manager

Massey Mateariki says the upgrade is just part of its normal ongoing business and would help to prevent possible internet security breaches. He pointed out that such interruptions will become common with further upgrades planned. Future upgrades will affect the same services. Sunday, at the times the work will take place was chosen which is when trafic on the platform

was very low Mateariki says. The bank is asking businesses and users of card transactions during the upgrade to revert to using manual zip zap machines with authorisations able to be obtained via the authorisation numbers: visa/Mastercard 22091 and Amex 20404. if assistance is required during the upgrade, a merchant helpline/after hours number can be phoned 22244. - RM

71905 /32711 /1931

1 or 2 bedroom house or unit, from Nikao to Arorangi. Please call 53900. 71880 /32725 /1997

Spa Supervisor We require someone with a bright personality who possesses good organizational skills, able to work autonomously, is well presented, reliable, honest, hard-working, dedicated, trustworthy and able to learn and develop new treatments. Experience in resort spa operations is essential and able to perform the following treatments - manicure, pedicure, massage, relexology, hot stone massage, body scrubs & wraps, facials, water shiatsu. May require working weekends and evenings. contact Jane on phone 22779. 71858 / /2293


WANTED Work wanted Builder/painter Handy man, can do most Jobs Give us a call. Phone 78151 777

FOUND Notices are FREE To encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

Memorial tribute to

Sir Apenera (1916 - 2011) Lady Maui Short (1919 -2005) A precious two from us have gone. Voices we love are still. A place is vacant in our hearts which no one else can ill. After our lonely heartaches and our silent tears, We will always have beautiful memories of the two we loved so dear. Servants of God, well done! Rest from thy love employ. The battle is fought, the victory won. Enter thy Master’s joy. From all their children here and abroad


Advertising & Sales Representative Cook Islands News is currently looking for a full-time advertising and sales representative to work with the daily newspaper and our dynamic media team. This is an exciting and strategic role for someone with sales experience and enthusiasm for print media and communications. This ofers a great opportunity to show your creative passion for design and copywriting of adverts. Primary tasks are to look after the newspaper’s main advertisers, develop and sell initiatives for advertisements and retail promotion, maintenance and development of client relationships, along with necessary administration duties that go with selling and marketing. This ofers an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to selfmanage and develop business through both existing and new clients and relationships. The successful applicant will be expected to work with our existing sales personnel and liaise with businesses both in the Cook Islands and overseas. This will include assisting with development of advertising on the Cook Islands News website. Applicants should be a good team player, outgoing, well spoken, well presented, conident and computer literate with strong organisational and time management skills and have a positive attitude. Remuneration will be by negotiation. For a full job description, contact Applications with resume and references to: or phone (+682) 22999.


Tupapa Maraerenga Rugby League Club

PANTHERS Appreciation Notice


ia orana tatou katoatoa. On behalf of the Tupapa Maraerenga Rugby League Club, we would like to thank our heavenly father for another great season of Rugby League this year. Special thank you to all the players who chose to play for Tupapa Maraerenga this year, from within our villages and also from all around Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Overseas, a big meitaki maata to you all. To all our sponsors, supporters, families and friends, parents, partners and to the people of Tupapa Maraerenga, we are grateful and without your support we wouldn’t have achieved our goals this year, meitaki atupaka to you all. Special thank you also to all our coaches and managers, you have done extremely well this year, meitaki maata.This season is over, we look forward to the next. We wish everyone a happy and cheerful times ahead of us until we meet again in 2014 on Victoria Park. Kia Orana e kia Manuia.

OUR SPONSORS Samex Ltd - (NZ) Vonnias MP George Angene Tupapa Centre Avarua Bakery Marsters Welders Landholdings Tepu-UriConsulting Turtles & Onu Sports DHL CITC Liquor Centre Ngatipa Dairy Convenience Store Island Craft Raro Records Aporo Kirikava Frankie Browne (Zumba Queen)

Kimi Samuel - (Aus) Allan Tuara & Family - (Aus) Lucky Vavia Tangatataia - (NZ) Apii William Fraser Nooroa Bubs Numanga Ayanna Samuel Papa Teariki Simiona Mr & Mrs Tony Tou Mr & Mrs Lee Harmon Danny Mataroa & Family Pae Kirikava & Family Ria & Rose Emile & Family Pastor John Tangi & Family Love, Sabel & Family Ru & the Boys Hugh & Daru Graham Kervin & Maria Aroita

Shine Piri Leah & Mau George - (Aitutaki) Marama Anguna Tangaina Patia Anthony Turua Teremoana Rakei Ngametua & Noeleni Tuakana Terry Rangi Pakutoa Paitai Tutai Taurarii Heather Aitu Priscilla Maruariki Aseri & Kimi Teruibewa Tere Strickland & Family Isaia Willie & Family Papa Turoa Danny

OUR 2013 AWARD WINNERS Under 12 Most Improved player Tavana Roberts Most Dedicated Player Ngaturi Maroti Best Player Marcus Pierre Under 14 Best Forward player Sam Atiau Best Backline player Tearetoa Tupuna Most Improved player

Tepano Nubono Most Dedicated Player Abraham Tauta Best Player Sam Atiau Under 16 Most Improved player Taumauri Henry Best Forward Player Jayson Vavia Best Backline Player Taiarau Taputoa Best Player Aitu Newbigging

Under 19 Most Dedicated Player Piri Maao Most Improved player Teariki Tauta Best Backline player Tangata Nikau Best Forward player Marouna Ioane Iron Man Rutril Enoka Best Player Rangi Piri Seniors Hitman Trophy

Noel Emile Best Forward player Turori Matutu Most Dedicated player Junior Kirikava Most Improved player Olaf Rasmussen Best Player Teina Savage Most Tries Lai Rogorogoivalu Overall Best Player of the Year: Teina Savage


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

PNG sojourn for Cook Islands


FOBusin RSAess LE

WAiKiTe front-rower and Cook islander Jacob Marsters will travel to papua New Guinea to try and make history for his home nation. The Rarotonga-born rugby player has been selected for a 26man squad travelling to pNG next month to play in the Oceania Cup. The Oceania Cup will be contested by the Cook islands, pNG, Solomon islands and Tahiti, with the winning nation progressing to a 2015 Rugby World Cup qualiier against Fiji. “This was the second trial i had with the team, i made the 2009 team as well,” Marsters said. “i’m really pleased with the result.” He said his cousin Joseph Marsters, who plays for Rotoiti, had also made the team. Marsters said it was a dream of his to play at the Rugby World Cup. “it’s the Cook island dream to make the world cup, like every nation we have our nation’s hopes and dreams on our shoulders and to make it would be a dream come true.” He said their biggest match would be up against pNG, who beat them in 2009. Marsters said he was not sure how much game time he would get but hoped he would start at least one game during the three-match Oceania Cup. “i’m just glad to be in the team. With the amount of games i think i can make the starting line up during one or two of the games.”



Avatiu Wharf • Rarotonga




What will RADIO be talking about today?

Our stories. First with the news.


The Cook islands team will spend three days in camp in Auckland before leaving for pNG on July 3 for 10 days. T h e t e a m c o a ch , B a r r y George, is head coach of Manukau Rovers. Most players in the Cook island side play their club rugby in New Zealand. The Cooks first game will be against Tahiti on July 6 followed by their match against the Solomon islands on July 9 and the squads inal game will be against hosts pNG on July 13. The Cook islands squad to compete for the Oceania Cup

includes – Chay Raui (ponsonby-fullback), Nathan Robinson (South Canterbury Heartlandfullback), ioane ioane (Hastings-wing), Junior Napara (Manukau-wing), James iopuJohnston (parramatta-wing/ half , James Raea (Auckland Unicentre), louis Makuare (Brisbane-centre), leon elia (South Brisbane-1st/2nd), Greg Mullany (east Brisbane-2nd), Sam vaevae (pakuranga-1st), Charles Teraitua (Manukau-halfback), Andrew putairi (papatoetoe -halfback), Francis Smith (Tasman iTM-No.8/hooker, Rima elikana (Auckland-No. 8/ lock), Kyle Cowan (Brisbane-

lanker), Nick Connell (Karaka CT-flanker), Brooke Cowan (Brisbane-lanker), Iro Teariki (Manukau-lock), viliami Raea (Hawks Newcastle-lock), Mark ioane (Hastings-No. 8/lock), Alex Matapo (Auckland-prop), Anam Mana (Manukau-prop), Mathew Mullany (Wellingtonhooker), Joseph Marsters (Rotoiti BOp- hooker), Stan Wright (Stade France-prop), Jacob Marsters (Rotoiti BOp-prop). The team will be under the guidance of head coach Barry George, assistant coach Greg Aldous, manager Cam Kilgour and medic Cameron Simiss. - Matariki Wilson

Waikite prop and Cook Islander Jacob Marsters has been selected to represent the nation at next month’s oceania Cup in PnG. 13061421




NEW $10.90kg



















OPENING HOURS Mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on ST JOSEPH RD, AVARUA. Ph 22259.



Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Flight Times | Voyage details FROM ARRIVES

International Flights

SAtuRDAy juNE 15 VA163/162 AkL 12.50AM Nz748/749 AKL 1.25AM NZ60/47 SyD 7.05AM NZ18 AkL 10.35PM SUNdaY juNE 16 VA163/162 AkL 12.50AM Nz748/749 AKL 1.25AM Nz46/45 AKL 5.15PM




1.45AM 2.25AM 8.15AM 11.59PM


1.45AM 2.25AM 6.30PM

RARO TO ARR SAtuRDAy juNE 15 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 1100 ATIU 1145 SUNdaY juNE 16

air Rarotonga


1230 1730



1320 1820




0910 1140 1640 1910 1205


1000 1230 1730 2000 1250

1340 1840


1420 1930



text us on

or call us at Cook islands News

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Friday’s puzzle




By Lee Falk & Sy Barry










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Rarotonga Saturday, June 15, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Saturday

sat High 1.48AM 0.83M 2.06PM 0.82M



1.9M SW

7.54AM 0.34M 8.18PM 0.32M


sun High 2.26AM 0.84M 2.52PM 0.80M


Low 8.39AM 0.35M 9.00PM 0.33M

Sun, Moon & arapo

28° SE 12kTS

new Moon JUL 8 7.15AM

First Quarter JUN 16 5.24AM

Full Moon Jun 23 11.33PM

Sunshine hours

third Quarter Jun 30 4.54AM


ArAPo - vAri SaT 15 tanu (Planting)

tautaI (Fishing)

tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.

Humidity sat

By Dik Browne



Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Brief showers Moderate southeast winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Fine. For Rarotonga:Brief showers Further outlook: Fine. For the Northern Cooks: Some showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers.




HÄGAR the Horrible

Situation: A weak trough of low pressure lies slow moving over Southern Cooks. A moist easterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks.







Answer to Friday’s puzzle

Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga




Weather Forecast to Midnight



15 sun


Sun rise

Ika tauira. Po meitaki i te tautai i te maiata. Schools of small ish. Good to ish at dawn.


Sun Set 6.05PM

Moon rise 12.04PM Moon Set


Sun rise


Sun Set 6.05PM

Moon rise


Moon Set 12.24AM

1.8M SW

1.9M SW Front Key:





Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Saturday, June 15, 2013 Aitutaki

27° SSE 16kTS


27° S 10kTS


25° SE 14kTS



25° SE 14kTS

29° E 15kTS


25° SE 14kTS


Saturday, June 15, 2013 cook Islands News

World Cup dream for Jacob Marsters



—PAGE 18

Fast and exhilarating National pride! inter-college netball THe TeleCOM Sports Arena came to life on Friday with local college netball teams taking to the courts for what were fast and furious inter-college netball games. The TSA was a buzz as students from Tereora College, Titikaveka College, Nukutere College and papaaroa College played their hearts out for school

pride cheered on by national college students from next door. With the tournament being a mixed competition including boys and girls in college teams – games were dynamic with spectacular aerial athleticism showcased by the boys which had supporting students in the TSA stands on their feet with raucous applause and loud cheers.

this young netter was all smiles as he receives the ball for his tereora College team, before potting another basket for his side. 13061436 Sometimes the boys pulled off outstanding intercepts and other times caused chaos with bodies and bibs lying all over the show. The event, the second intercollege netball tournament, was

an excellent showcase of pure netball enjoyment with Netball Cook islands development oficer Luciana Matenga pleased with the successful tournament. She was also pleased with the marked improvement of skills

displayed by the young netters as well as their understanding of the games and its rules. The year 9 and 10 tournament was hotly contested and in the year 9 division – the grand inals was played between Titikaveka and Tereora with the students from the national college edging out their country opponents by a one point to win 8-9. it was another tight and iercely contested battle in the year 10 grand finals between Tereora and Nukutere with the national college again taking out the inal by one point 12-11. Most valuable player (Mvp) and most promising player (Mpp) awards were also handed out the budding netters. Mvp players were (year 9 girls) Tereinga vainepoto of Tereora College, (year 9 boys) Christian Tiaiti of Tereora College, (year 10 girls) Anania piri of Tereora College and (year 10 boys) Teava Wichman of Nukutere College. M pp players were (year 9 girls) Christina Manuel of Titikaveka College, (year 9 boys) Benjamin Ruaporo of Titikaveka College, (year 10 girls) Angela Wildin of Nukutere College and (year 10 boys) Teava iro of Titikaveka College. Congratulations to all the teams for their fantastic efforts with the next netball tournament being the inaugural Cook islands national age grade championships to include outer island teams in August. - Matariki Wilson

Final netball round at TSA FOR SOMe of the younger net-

ters, this will be their inal day on the Telecom Sports Arena as they bring their 2013 season to a close. The under 8 babes will take to the court for the inal time today before many head to the beach for their wrap up functions. The under 8 development games have been the delight of the netball community. Get along to the TSA and

cheer the babes on before the big girls in the age grade and reserve and premier grades take to the courts. - MW

Saturday’s draw – 11:00am on court one-8U Tupapa vs Avatiu, 11:00am on court two-8U Arorangi vs Titikaveka, Ngatangiia vs Titikaveka 11:30am on court one-10U Tupapa vs Titikaveka, 11:30am on court two-10U Arorangi vs Avatiu, 12:00pm on court one-10U Ngatangiia vs Takuvaine, 12:00pm on court two-12U Arorangi vs Avatiu,

12:35pm on court one-12U Tupapa vs Titikaveka, 12:35pm on court two-12U Ngatangiia vs Takuvaine, 1:25pm on court one-15U Tupapa vs Titikaveka, 1:25pm on court two15U Arorangi vs Avatiu, 2:15pm on court one-junior open Tupapa vs Titikaveka, 2:15pm on court two-Junior open Arorangi vs Avatiu, 3:20pm on court one-Reserve Tupapa vs Titikaveka, 3:20pm on court tworeserve Arorangi vs Avatiu, 4.35pm on court one-premier Tupapa vs Titikaveka, 4:35pm on court twopremier Arorangi vs Avatiu


COOK iSlANDS international

league player Keith lulia, who plays for Bradford Bulls in the european Super league proudly wears the Cook islands national rugby league 2013 World Cup strip. The Cook islands squad for the World Cup will be selected in early October at the end of the NRl season in Australia where many of the national squad

members will be plucked from. local league fans can support the world cup campaign by purchasing the association’s international range of matchday and training gear on sale at punanga Nui markets on Saturdays. Made by sportswear outfit Tsunami, the public will be able to wear the exact same jerseys the players will wear at the

World Cup. While their expenses will be covered during the event, external costs such as warm-up games or training camps still need to be funded. The Cooks qualified for the World Cup by beating Fiji and Samoa in the Paciic Cup. It will be their third appearance at the world cup. - Matariki Wilson

Saturday 15 June  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Saturday, June 15, 2013

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