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$2 tuesday, June 4, 2013

MP vows to ight for Grey Power OppOsitiOn Leader Wilkie Rasmussen said he will introduce a bill in parliament to exempt seniors from paying tax on nZ paid pensions if the government isn’t forthcoming in addressing the issue. the opposition leader made the announcement during a lunch event with the Grey power movement at the opposition’s ofices on Friday. “i wanted to share my views and show them what we are going to do about the issue,” said Rasmussen. seventeen people from Grey power were in attendance at the event, along with other members of the local media. speeches were made in Maori

by Grey power president tairi te Rangi Rangatira tupe short, Rasmussen, and other members of the group. the group has been vocally opposed to government efforts to tax their nZ paid pensions. “i’m very angry,” said one member. “i’ll go to prison if i have to. i mean it from the bottom of my heart.” Rasmussen, who opposes applying taxes on the pensions, said pensioners contribute to the government treasury through consumption taxes such as the value-added tax (VAt), and was critical of the government’s approach to the issue. “At the moment, pensioners pay for medical bills, food, etcet-

era. the government just wants revenue. Contributing by way of VAT is suficient.” “the government are not looking for any other option,” he said. “so they are concentrating on taxing.” the opposition leader said he intends to raise the matter in the current session of parliament which begins this afternoon and garner support from other members. should the government not co-operate with his efforts, he will then proceed by introducing a private members bill. “the private members bill will see an amendment to the income tax act that will incorporate an exemption for the - ES pensioners,” he said.

Grey Power president Tairi Te rangi rangatira Tupe short addresses the group during a meeting at the opposition leader’s oice on Friday. 13053161

Parliament resumes Two receive Queen’s Honours to pass the budget GOVeRnMent’s annual budg-

et, health and insurance will all be on the order paper and up for debate when parliament resumes sitting today. parliament is set to open at 1pm today for the 10th meeting of the 47th session. On Friday, parliamentary clerk tupuna Rakanui provided tentative details for current session. the main area of business will be the tabling of the budget, which will begin with a speech on Wednesday afternoon by finance minister Mark Brown. Rakanui said budget debate can last as long as ten days. “the standing order provides the appropriation bill be debated in the Committee of supply for at least ten days,” he said. “i am hoping we’ll receive the inancial statements, at least by Monday (yesterday).” the other option is for parliament to sit in the evenings, but that will only occur with a direction from the government, he said. in addition to budget discussions, Rakanui said the agenda also includes discussion of a health bill and the captive insurance bill. the health bill, which has been approved by cabinet, was undergoing translation from english to Maori last week.

Details of the bill will be made public once it is tabled in the house, but opposition member of parliament for teenui-Mapumai norman George has jumped the gun on the debate, calling the bill ‘sickening’. He says the bill will lead to a more aggressive user pays system and will affect free health care provisions for pensioners. the clerk also anticipates discussion for additional legislation, including a public holiday amendment bill and a couple of inance related bills. Referring to 2011’s earmarking of the Ui-ariki ana Aronga Mana public holiday which Rakanui “acknowledges the contribution of traditional leaders to the development of the country in many ways”, the amendment intends to have the commemoration made on the irst Friday of July, rather than July 6. Rakanui said the date change will make the holiday more inclusive, as this year it falls on a saturday and as a result seventh Day Adventists will be unable to fully participate. the companies amendment bill, a question from norman George on Colagate, and a number of parliament papers also remain outstanding from the previous sitting and could - ES be up for debate.

JAn e Kaina (left) of Manihiki and te Maeu O te Rangi teikamata Mii tungane Upokotai O’Bryan of nukuroa beamed with humble pride after receiving their Queen’s Honours at a special ceremony at Government House yesterday. Kaina received the Member of the Civil Division of the most excellent order of the British

empire (MBe) for her services to public service and the community. O’Bryan was bestowed with the most excellent Order of the British empire Civil Division (OBe) for her services to public service and the community. the special occasion on Monday at Government House was attended by proud family and friends

of both women who have dedicated their lives to building better communities for their family and people. two other Queen’s Honours recipients will receive their medals next month on their respective islands. tereae Akai of Atiu and taamo Charlie of Aitutaki will both receive British empire Medals


(BeM) when Queen’s Representative Sir Frederick Goodwin heads to the two outer islands next month. Go to page 8 and 9 for profiles of te Maeu O te Rangi teikamata Mii tungane Upokotai O’Bryan and Jane Kaina and more photos from the Queen’s Honours awards ceremony. - Matariki Wilson

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWs nuti no teiA nei AO Stash of cash in hotel room A 10-yeAr-old boy who found $US10,000 in a drawer in a hotel room turned the money over to police. The boy found the money in a room at the Kansas City airport Hilton where he and his father were staying. The Kansas City Star reports the boy likes to look for things. After they checked into the room with his dad, he began opening all the drawers. It wasn’t long before he found the neatly stacked pile of bills. His father reported the ind to the police to teach his son a lesson in honesty. Police said so far no one has come forward to claim the money.

Riots in Turkey escalate Police ire tear gas to disperse crowds in Istanbul and Ankara istAnBUL – turkish pM Recep

tayyip erdogan says continuing anti-government protests do not mean a “turkish spring”. He said the protests were organised by extremists and accused the opposition of provoking “his citizens”. the protests initially targeted plans to build on a treasured istanbul park but have spread into nationwide unrest. A protester died after being hit by a taxi, doctors say – the first fatality since the unrest began.

world BRIEFS 10 children killed by suicide bomber AFGHANISTAN – A suicide bomber killed at least 13 people, 10 of them children, in an attack on a military convoy in eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistan border on Monday. Two coalition soldiers and an Afghan policeman also died. The bomber, who was on a motorcycle, struck at a market in Samkani district at 11am as the pupils were leaving school after morning lessons. About 20 others were wounded. The BBc reports a troop convoy was passing the market when the bomb went of. In a separate incident on Monday, seven people were killed by a roadside bomb in the eastern province of Laghman.

tsunami money spent on seas turtles JAPAN – The government in Japan has admitted $US1 billion earmarked to help people hit by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 was spent in areas unafected by the disaster. A report on Monday said the projects ranged from counting sea turtles on semi-tropical beaches, to the promotion of cheese and wine events far away from the disaster zone. The Asahi Shimbun newspaper, surveyed councils around the country to ind out what happened to the 200 billion yen that Tokyo set aside in 2011 for job creation after the disaster. In a town in the southern prefecture of Kagoshima, about 1300km from the devastated city of Ishinomaki, three million yen was spent on the protection and observation of sea turtles.

prince hires disneyland for three days PArIS – A Saudi prince last month spent 15 million euros for three days of fun at Disneyland near Paris to celebrate his degree. Prince Fahd al-Saud booked entire areas of the park between May 22 to 24 for his 60 guests. The festivities included tailor-made events involving “rare Disney characters”, Euro Disney told AFP on Monday. Special security was put in place for the prince, who is one of the park’s top customers. The theme park attracted 16 million visitors last year, but Euro Disney has not made any proits since it was set up 20 years ago. In the six months to March, the group had a net loss of 89.1 million euros compared with a loss of 11.8 million euros in the same period last year.

storm chasers amonG Victims USA – Three ‘storm chasers’ were among 13 people killed by tornadoes that rampaged through central Oklahoma in the United States on Friday, underscoring the high risk of tracking the twisters. Tim Samaras, 55, founder of tornado research company Twistex, was killed in the Oklahoma city suburb of El reno along with his son Paul Samaras, 24, and Twistex meteorologist carl Young, aged 45. As usual, the storm chasers closely tracked the storm to measure its power, gather research and take video to feed the television and internet appetite for dramatic images. In a ield known for risk-takers, friends say Tim Samaras was a cautious professional whose driving passion was research.

On Monday evening, thousands of demonstrators again gathered in taksim square, the focus of the recent protests. Many protesters shouted “tayyip, resign!” while waving red lags and banners and blowing whistles. Police also ired tear gas again to disperse protesters near erdogan’s office in the Besiktas district of istanbul. erdogan said: “there are those attending these events organised by extremists. this is not about Gezi park anymore. these are organised events with afiliations both within Turkey and abroad. earlier on Monday, protesters clashed with police in the capital, Ankara. tear gas and water cannon were ired at hundreds of demonstrators in the city as around 1000 protesters converged on central Kizilay square. in another development, a public sector trade union confederation, Kesk, says it will begin a two-day strike starting on tuesday in support. the left-wing confederation accused the government of being anti-democratic and carrying out “state terror”. Meanwhile, turkish president Abdullah Gul urged calm and defended protesters’ rights to hold peaceful demonstrations. “if there are different opinions, different situations, different points of view and dissent, there is nothing more natural that being able to voice those differences,” he said. “the messages delivered with good intentions have been received.” protesters say the turkish government is becoming increasingly authoritarian. Oficials say more than 1700 people have been arrested in demonstrations in 67 towns and cities, though many have since been released. - BBC

Riot police ire tear gas to disperse crowds in Istanbul and Ankara as PM Tayyip Erdogan blames unrest on “extremist elements”. AFP

Fatal ire at poultry plant MisHAZi – A large ire at a poultry farm and processing plant in northeastern China has killed at least 119 people. the fire on Monday in Jilin province’s Mishazi township appeared to have been sparked by three early morning explosions in the farm’s electrical system. the blaze charred the entire facility and trapped workers inside sheds. Fireighters had extinguished the blaze by early afternoon but were continuing rescue work, reports said.

photos from the scene posted on Chinese news websites showed thick smoke billowing from the cement and corrugated iron sheds. Company oficials said liquid ammonia had leaked and caused the explosions. the rescue efforts were hampered by narrow exits and the “complicated interior structure” of the prefabricated building, ireighters said. More than 300 workers were at the plant when the ire broke out, but the number trapped inside was unclear.

About 100 workers escaped from the plant despite the gate being locked, survivors said. the provincial government in Jilin said 54 people had been injured and taken to hospital. Local residents were evacuated within a one-kilometre radius of the plant because of the risk of ammonia leakage, reports said. the farm’s owner is a major producer of processed chicken and employs about 1200 people. Built in 2009, the plant reported revenue of $37.5 million in 2010. - AFP

Floods swamp central Europe eUROpe – emergency operations are under way in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic to cope with river levels which have reached record heights in some places. Landslides and looding have led to the deaths of at least seven people. More than eight others are missing. the German army has been drafted in to help reinforce lood

defences in the south and east of the country. in the Czech Republic, a nationwide state of emergency is in force. Around 3000 people have been forced to leave their homes across the west of the country. the authorities in the capital, prague, are on high alert amid fears that the River Vltava could swamp its historic centre.

On Monday morning, the river was lowing at 2,800 cubic metres per second – 10 times its normal volume. Main roads in many areas of central europe have been closed and rail services cut. thousands of homes are without power. in Austria, the meteorological service said two months of rain had fallen in just two days. - BBC

extreme weather creates havoc

60th year of reiGn celebrated at races BrITAIN – The Queen marked the 60th anniversary of her coronation in private after a day at the races. She and Prince Philip spent Saturday at the Epsom Derby, the event that began her diamond jubilee party a year ago. The 87-year-old took the throne on 6 February, 1952, upon the death of King George VI and was crowned on 2 June 1953 in Westminster Abbey. The anniversary is being staged with far less fanfare than the diamond jubilee celebrations last year. The Queen will be joined by the royal family and 2000 guests at the abbey today for a service celebrating the anniversary. She and Prince Philip marked the actual anniversary day on Sunday in a low-key fashion at Windsor castle.

today’s Daily Bread Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity”.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: 1 Timothy 4:10-16

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 12

Rescue workers make their way along a over looded street in Passau, southern Germany, as large areas of central Europe are inundated with lood water due to torrential and ongoing rainfall. AFP


Tuesday, June 4, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWs nuti no teiA nei AO

Childhood the victim of war Children face bleak future amid poverty and continued violence KABUL – War-weary Afghan

children, already deprived of normal childhoods, are facing a bleak future with the constant threat of violence from taliban bomb attacks and extreme poverty. twelve-year-old najeeb, said although he wanted to enjoy his childhood he is forced to work by washing cars. “Due to the poverty, i join hundreds of children workers in Kabul. i come here every day to wash cars. i have to help my father to feed our nine-member family,” said najeeb who, like many Afghans, goes by only one name. “i have no option but to work and earn money. i am responsible for paying the rent of our house,” Abdul Wahid, another young Afghan who sells vegetables, said. Although there are no oficial statistics, it is believed that some nine million Afghans live under the poverty level and rely on only one Us dollar daily income. the country has some 12 million children of school age – about 8. 3 million go to school with 39 per cent of them girls, according to oficials of the Afghan education Ministry. the ongoing taliban-led in-

surgency has led to the closure of some 530 schools, mostly in the southern and eastern region where taliban fighters are active. According to the officials, trauma and the fear of being attacked, particularly girls, has prevented more than 500,000 children from going to school. even at his young age, najeeb is worried about security in Kabul. “i am afraid of suicide bombings and taliban attacks. When they launch attacks, many children also got killed or wounded,” he said. najeeb said that last month, nine civilians, including a woman, were killed when the taliban targeted the defence ministry gate just 10 minutes walk from where they live. the taliban, who ruled the country before they were ousted by a Us-led invasion in late 2001, have resumed their armed insurgency, staging ambush and suicide attacks, killing combatants and civilians, including innocent children. ten children, with ages ranging from 3 to 12, were killed in a nAtO airstrike in eastern Kunar province on April 7 while five children have also been killed in

Afghan children carry coal for a brick factory on the outskirts of Jalalabad. Some nine million Afghans or 36 per cent of the population are living in “absolute poverty” while another 37 per cent live barely above the poverty line, according to a UN report. AFP similar attack in the same province in February this year. Following the bloody incident in Kunar, the Un Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UnAMA) expressed its serious concern over the deaths and injuries. “UnAMA urgently renews its call on all parties engaged in military operations to be mind-

ful always of their obligations to protect civilians and to prevent civilian casualties. the Afghan National Security Forces and the international military forces should take all measures aimed at preventing harm to civilians during military operations, including those which involve the use of aerial force.” For 2012 alone, a total of 488

Afghan boys and girls have been killed and 814 others wounded in conlict-related incidents, according to UnAMA report. the report blamed the taliban and other insurgents for most of the deaths and injuries to children. Afghanistan has lost more than two million people to the wars of the past 30 years. Huge sections of the popula-

tion have been turned into refugees, and the country is becoming what one international law enforcement oficial described to the new York times as “the world’s irst true narco state”. According to the World Bank, 36 per cent of Afghans are at or below the poverty line, and 20 per cent of Afghan children never reach the age of ive. - AFP

Beauty focus not helpful LOnDOn – A British Mp says parents should stop telling their children that they are beautiful. in an interview with the Daily telegraph, Liberal Democrat Jo swinson says parents should focus instead on praising children for their intelligence, such as when they complete tasks or are inquisitive. swinson, 33, who doesn’t have any children herself, said mothers should also be careful not to impart their own body image issues onto their children.

“Maybe parents themselves have significant issues with body image,” she said, referring to a television documentary. “the parents were telling the story of how they’d seen their bums in the mirror, and saying, ‘does my bum look too big? i need to get rid of this tummy’, and children copy, they learn.” “i know as an aunt, you fall into the trap of turning to your niece and saying, ‘you look beautiful’ – because of course all children do look beautiful – but

if the message they get is that is what’s important and that is what gets praise, then that’s not necessarily the most positive message you want them to hear,” she said. Her comments come as the government launches its ‘Body Confidence Campaign’ which found that one in four children aged 10 to 15 are unhappy with their appearance and that 72 per cent of girls feel that too much attention is paid to how female celebrities look.

“it’s not like saying that appearance doesn’t matter at all,” said swinson. “if you’re going for an interview, you will dress smartly and look the part, that is absolutely fine, but it’s just the level to which this becomes the ultimate focus of everything, where you have people who won’t go to school unless they’ve put their make-up on, or won’t leave the house unless they’ve spent two hours getting ready.” - News Limited

Who forgot the handbrake? Jennifer Lopez’s stage outit on Britain’s Got Talent last week has been criticised as ‘not family friendly’.

JLo outit too sexy LOnDOn – Jennifer Lopez has

defended the outit she wore on last tuesday night’s episode of ‘Britain’s Got talent’. Lopez was left unfazed after British television viewers slammed her sexually-charged performance for not being “family friendly.” Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, says it received around 100 complaints about her choice of clothing. Wearing a skintight black leather bodysuit and thigh-high boots as she performed her new single “Live it Up,” JLO angered some viewers with her sexually suggestive dance moves. she said: “i wore the same outit on the Billboard Awards

in red and it didn’t seem to cause any controversy there, so i felt pretty safe.” Lopez slid down a pole onto the stage and then shocked viewers as she knelt on the loor and performed a revealing pelvic thrusting dance routine. the star insists the bodysuit was the right choice for the show and is happy despite the complaints. “it was a bodysuit,” she told the BBC. “A lot of performers wear those these days. it’s stage clothes. i’m not going to walk down the street like that.” Judges on the show praised her performance, including simon Cowell, who said: “seriously, JLo. that’s how you do it. seriously world class.” - PNC

Divers start to salvage a bus which sank in Lake Geneva of the coast of Vevey, western Switzerland. The empty tourist bus was parked on the market square in Vevey, but rolled away by itself and ended up in Lake Geneva. No one was injured. AFP


Tuesday, June 4, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWs nuti no te pA enUA

‘Rogue’ policemen arrested

PNG oicers arrested in a move to clamp down on police violence pORt MOResBY – A second policeman in papua new Guinea has been arrested over allegations oficers slashed the Achilles tendons of up to 74 people ten days ago in port Moresby as the police hierarchy moves to control illegal police behaviour. Both of those arrested are probationary constables and are being held in custody.

police say more arrests are pending as the commissioner, tom Kulunga, shows he is clamping down on police violence. the commissioner has announced a number of arrests in several incidents involving “rogue” police oficers. A officer has been arrested and charged with armed rob-

paciic BRIEFS still missinG after fiJi boat capsiZes FIJI – Fiji police are still searching for a 49-year-old man who went missing in the Lomaiviti waters last Thursday. Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said search teams are still combing the Lomai waters for the man who has been identiied by friends as an education oicer. He was traveling with ive others from Moturiki to Levuka when the iberglass boat they were traveling in capsized. His companions swam to shore. Mariners are again urged to keep a look out and call police should they have any information.

mine discussions put off indefinitely PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A former MP in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville says a planned forum in the Panguna region to discuss the possible re-opening of the mine, has been put of until there have been more consultations on the issue at village level. Theresa Jaintong, who heads the Arawa Landowners Association and is deputy chair of the Panguna MineAfected Landowners Association, says the Forum has been put aside indeinitely. Her comments come after others involved with landowning groups in the region raised concerns that there is still a need for reconcilation and compensation before opening of the mine is discussed.

first cocoa eXport from solomons SOLOMON ISLANDS – The irst export of Solomon Islands cocoa to New Zealand has been shipped out of Honiara. Solomon commodities Exports shipped six tonnes of beans to its newly established processing centre in the North Island city of Tauranga last week. The SIBc reports the centre will initially manufacture and distribute cocoa block, liquor and nibs products to chocolate manufacturers and catering industry consumers in New Zealand. Solomon commodities Exports managing director, clive carroll, says the Tauranga facility will now give Solomon Islands cocoa speciic origin identity.

samoan lanGuaGe could be lost SAMOA – Samoa’s Head of State, Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese Ei, used his address at last weekend’s 51st anniversary of independence celebrations to draw attention to the plight of the Samoan language. He lamented that the Samoan language, like the languages of other small Paciic island countries, faces threat of loss. The Head of State said because of increasing demands for English language television, radio, movies and literature, the English language threatens to usurp Samoan, in a way similar to which the sea today threatens to usurp Tuvalu.

hiGh speed internet Just Weeks aWay TONGA – Tonga will have access to high-speed internet within a few weeks as a result of a new cable being laid between the kingdom and Fiji. This week, a ibre-optic cable is being connected to the Fijian company Fintel’s southern cross cable, which runs between Australia, Fiji and Hawaii. Fintel’s manager of commercial sales and marketing, George Samisoni, says Tonga will have a signiicantly faster, more afordable internet service than it currently has with its satellite connection. George Samisoni says once Tonga is connected, the company will start work to connect Vanuatu to the Southern cross cable.

neW miss World fiJi croWned

Miss World Fiji 2013.

FIJI – Nadi beauty caireen Erbleben was last night crowned Miss World Fiji 2013 at the Pearl South Paciic Resort in Deuba. Erbleben who turned 21 this week was picked ahead of nine other inalists. She also walked away with Peoples choice and Beach Beauty titles. Ashna Mani was named the irst runner up while Tara Thomas was picked as the second runner up. Tarishma Divyaa won the Best Photogenic award. Erbleben will represent Fiji in the 63rd Miss World inals which will be held in Bali,in September.

bery and murder after the shooting of a male two weeks ago in Kimbe, West new Britain. the victim was allegedly hit by a stray bullet during an incident between police and Correctional service officers two weeks ago. He had been ighting for his life for the past two weeks in the port Moresby hospital. He died on Friday morning. An officer has been charged with armed robbery and murder and attempted murder after a woman and her child were killed in an incident in port Moresby last month. An officer who allegedly attacked a woman with a fan belt

in Koroba in Hela province has been suspended and charged. investigations are continuing into allegations that police at Gerehu police station forced two men to strip naked and carry out indecent acts. Meanwhile, police investigations into the killing of one and injuring of another Lae student during a school brawl last month show the wounds both suffered were caused by a long, sharp instrument and not from police bullets ired as warning shots as irst thought. so far no arrests have been made. in a new incident, a group of rogue police officers were

caught red-handed by their boss while illegally collecting money from motorists at a roadblock on the Highlands Highway. Highlands Assistant police Commissioner teddy tei was returning home from a police conference in Lae when he saw the oficers at a roadblock collecting 100 kina from every passing vehicle. The surprised police oficers ran off in full uniform when confronted by tei at about 1am in the morning. ACp tei said he had a mind to shoot them as they led from the scene. “i confronted them and when they saw me, all of them jumped

over the cliff in full uniform and escaped,” he said. “i would have fired shots at them with a view to kill. But about 30 to 40 vehicles were at the roadblock so i did not,” tei said. He said while the police force was striving to reduce crime in the country, its own officers “camoulage themselves in police uniforms and commit the very crimes police were trying their best to contain”. tei said “small, stupid, narrow-minded criminals” dressed in police uniforms and stealing from the general public were a disgrace to the constabulary. - RNZI/The National

Stolen stash funding freedom pORt MOResBY – it is almost a month since convicted bank robber and wilful murder suspect William Kapris casually walked out of port Moresby’s Bomana Jail and he is still evading police and warders. police sources told the postCourier that he is believed to be using a substantial amount of stolen monies that he had stashed away before his capture and is using these funds to fund his escape, hideout and intelligence on police and Cis

personal movement who are trailing him. “But it will only be a matter of time when those harbouring and aiding him are tired or are not fully satisfied with their payments and they will betray him to authorities,” a police source said. police and correctional service authorities have been repeatedly saying they would capture Kapris for the last four weeks – but pnG’s most notorious bank robber and prison escapee con-

tinues to evade them. A police source who declined to be identiied said Kapris had used the same mode of operation in his previous escapes by using females and a substantial amount of money to bribe Correctional Services oficers with cash and then promising them more once he is on the run. “He is a cunning man who can really convince people to compromise the oaths that they’ve made but all this won’t last long because he is also a liar

and when he doesn’t come good, his own trusted criminal friends will betray him,” he said. Kapris and two other life-year prisoners and murder suspects, Raphael Walimini and Michael Warangu, walked out of the Bomana prison early last month after holding up Correctional services guards who were allegedly unarmed at the time. One of the escapees, Michael Warangu, was shot dead the next day. - Post-Courier

Tongan divers presumed dead NUKU’ALOFA – Hopes are fading of finding three tongan isherman who have been missing for almost a week off the island of Vava’u. the men were part of a group of six who were diving for ish and lobster off the Hauafusi Reef. police say only three of the men resurfaced from the dive. The chief police oficer at the

Vava’u police station, Falaki seni, says initial search efforts have been hampered by poor weather and police say if the three ishermen were not found yesterday, they would be presumed dead. “it’s the last day today,” he said. “there are no boats going to the place, but only a plane will go from nuku’alofa to Vava’u today, they’ll come through the

reef and search around.” the search coincides with a regional workshop being held in suva which is looking at ways of improving search and rescue operations in the Paciic. Workshop organiser Bruce tweed from the secretariat of the pacific Community one of the key topics being discussed is the amount of time it takes to report someone missing.

“it’s educating those that use the water that look, that when you identify that somebody is late, you need to notify as soon as possible,” he said. “Many times we find that where we hear stories that you know it’s been 7, 8, 10 hours – if not days – that someone went missing before anybody calls emergency services.” - ABC

Paciic islanders earn honours AUCKLAnD – A leading igure

in the development of pacific literature has received the highest award in new Zealand’s honours system. the distinguished writer and academic, Albert Wendt, has been made a member of the Order of new Zealand in new Zealand’s Queens Birthday Honours. the emeritus professor,

novelist, painter and poet has been an inluential igure in the development of new Zealand and Paciic literature and is regarded internationally as one of the world’s leading indigenous novelists and academics. His award for services to new Zealand also acknowledges his contribution on various boards to Paciic people and New Zealand art.

Wendt received the samoa Order of Merit in 1994 and his works have won numerous awards and been translated into several languages. Wendt says news that he has become a Member of the Order of new Zealand will delight his extended family and friends around the Paciic. A leading member of new Zealand’s tongan community

has also featured in the Queen’s Birthday honours. sione Liava’a has been awarded the Queen’s service Medal for services to the tongan community in Auckland. Liava’a has been on several boards and advisory groups in the ields of education, health, family welfare and prisons. - RNZI

Fiji as bait in sting not appreciated sUVA – The Fiji government

has criticised the British government and British media for patronising attitudes towards Fiji, after a British media sting which resulted in the resignation of British Mp patrick Mercer as government whip. the investigation focused on Mercer’s alleged lobbying on behalf of Fiji. A BBC panorama documentary on thursday will show the 56-year-old former army colonel agreeing to be paid £4000 by undercover reporters claim-

ing to work for Fijian business interests. A reporter posed as a lobbyist for Fiji business interests to see if the Mp could be hired for cash. British media reports the undercover reporter posing as a lobbyist pretending to act on behalf of a bogus client, Friends of Fiji, to build support for Fiji’s readmission to the Commonwealth. the Conservative party Mp was filmed by the BBC, allegedly agreeing to the deal for a

monthly fee. “i do not charge a great deal of money for these things. i would normally come out at ive hundred pounds per half day, to a thousand pounds a day,” he was ilmed saying. Mercer says the fee was for work outside parliament but records show he had earlier submitted questions and a motion on Fiji in the British parliament. suva is angry at the way it has been portrayed and says the British Foreign Ofice Minister Hugo swire showed “astonish-

ing ignorance” over Fiji in his answers in parliament. As questions are raised about why Fiji was used as the bait in the sting, the Fiji regime says the British government and the media’s uninformed attitudes are still coloured by” patronising attitudes of the past”. The Fiji regime has taken the opportunity to boast of its progress towards elections and its record on fighting corruption, saying it had the toughest anti-corruption record in the Paciic. - RNZI/PNC


Tuesday, June 4, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWs nuti no te pA enUA

Labor in dire straits

‘We’re in big trouble’, labor MPs admit ahead of Aussie elections CAnBeRRA – Australian Labor

Mps admit they fear the worst as a round of opinion polls show the Gillard government heading for a landslide defeat at the september 14 election. “We’re in more trouble than indiana Jones,” backbencher Graham perrett told ABC radio. the latest newspoll, published in the Australian, has the coalition stretching its lead to 16 points. if the 58-42 per cent poll result was repeated at the september election, Labor’s representation in parliament would be nearly halved to 37 seats, ABC election analyst Antony Green predicts. perrett’s seat of Moreton, in suburban Brisbane, would be one of the irst Labor seats to go on election night. A Herald-sun poll shows Labor facing massive swings against them in Victoria. Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus would lose his seat of isaacs on a 15.4 per cent swing against Labor, the poll predicts. independent senator nick Xenophon said Labor’s position was dire. “these polls seem to be not so much within the margin of error as the margin of disaster,” he told reporters in Canberra. “the Labor Mps i speak to are pretty despondent at the moment, and i think they’re just hoping it’ll tighten before election day.” Labor senator Doug Cam-

eron said the party’s leadership team repeatedly had told Mps a J-curve would follow major policy announcements, with public sentiment dropping before growing to support the government. “that J-curve hasn’t come, so we have to be realistic,” he told reporters. “there’s been policies not sold as well as they should have been. there’s policies that have not been defended as well as they should have.” senator Cameron said it was of great concern to hear colleagues talking as though the election had been lost already. “We need to always go into the election with the view that we’re going to win,” he said. independent Mp tony Windsor says Labor has taken a bit of a hit after last week’s furore over electoral funding. “the government was always going to take a bigger hit on that sort of thing,” he told reporters in Canberra. Windsor said support for independents remained significantly higher than at the 2010 election, relecting the electorate’s view of the major parties. the primary vote for “others” was 12 per cent in the latest newspoll, nearly double the 6.6 per cent recorded at the election. “there has been disillusionment and there has been for some time with the major parties,” Windsor said. Liberal Mp Jamie Briggs in-

‘these polls seem to be not so much within the margin of error as the margin of disaster.’ sisted the coalition would start as underdogs despite its big lead over Labor. His colleague simon Birmingham denied the coalition was becoming complacent about an election victory. “Far from it. We know that no election can be taken for granted,” he told reporters, adding the Liberal party had only succeeded in winning an election from opposition three times. “We know people want a change, but we also know we need to earn their votes and earn their trust, and in the next 101 days that’s all we’ll be doing.” Labor frontbencher Yvette D’Ath insisted prime Minister Julia Gillard had the full support of caucus, saying Mps had made the right decision to reject the return of Kevin Rudd. “that issue has been put to bed,” she said. Australian Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt said his party was conident it could retain control of the senate. “the people need to understand there is a very real prospect that tony Abbott could have total control of the parliament,” he said. “the way in which they can take out some insurance is by voting Greens.” - ABC

Queen of the chess board

aotearoa neWs John key surprised at issue oVer candidate’s tattoo NEW Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key says he is surprised by Air New Zealand’s refusal to hire a woman with a traditional Maori tattoo. Key was commenting on the case of claire Nathan, who said the airline would not hire her after discovering she had a ta moko on her forearm. He said: “I guess it’s a matter for them. I don’t know why they chose to do that but tattoos are pretty common these days.” Key, who is the Tourism Minister, said he didn’t believe the traditional motif would put of tourists. “It would be a problem if it did because a lot of the Maori events they go to, there’s lots of tattoos.” Labour Leader David Shearer said he saw the tattoo in a television report: “I couldn’t see anything wrong with it.” Shearer said a lot of people had tattoos now, including singer Gin Wigmore who had been used in Air NZ advertising. “I actually thought the tattoo was rather lovely.” Maori MPs also criticised the airline’s policy. National MP Tau Henare said that Air New Zealand was “cutting of its nose to spite its face”. “It’s a beautiful piece of art that she has on her forearm and I don’t think that any tourist would go scurrying for shelter if they saw her moko.” Labour MP Shane Jones said that tattoos were the “new norm” for young people, noting that his daughter had a tattooed chin. - NZH

cartoons an eXample of institutional racism THE Maori council says two newspaper cartoons about hungry students make fun at the expense of children and are an example of institutional racism. The sketches suggest the government’s boosted breakfast in schools scheme is great news for parents, who will spend their cash on cigarettes and gambling instead of food. Maori council co-chair Maanu Paul says he’s speaking up because his organisation has a statutory role to protect all Maori. He says institutions that wield power against defenceless children and the poor have no place in New Zealand society. Paul says being poor is not funny and having no food is not funny. He says the cartoons clearly show a media institution exercising its power to force people to think like it does. Paul says he will be making complaints to the Press council and the race relations commissioner about the cartoons that appeared in The Press and the Marlborough Express. The cartoonist, Al Nisbet, is defending his work, saying he “rips into everyone”. - RNZI

health serVice urGes struGGlinG Whanau to turn to iWi AN Auckland-based Maori health service is urging whanau struggling to feed their children to reach out to their iwi communities. The Government last week announced it is expanding a scheme to deliver breakfast in schools. Leonie Matoe of Te Hotu Manawa Maori says the increase in the programme is a start but is not enough to address child poverty. She says there are many reasons why some whanau are struggling, they including low incomes and the cost of housing. The nutrition and physical activity manager says whanau sometimes do not want to ask for help. But Matoe urges whanau to reach out to iwi organisations such as hauora and gardening communities. She says whanau can learn to grow their own kai and become more independent. Matoe says it also promotes socialisation and can help families and their children not to become isolated. - RNZI

Website an effort to saVe last marae-based culture ONE of the creators of a website proiling hundreds of marae across the country hopes it will help Maori reconnect with their roots. The database contains information and photos of nearly 750 marae. Otago University’s Paora Tapsell says the aim of the site is to help Maori gain a greater understanding of their identity. He hopes it will link Maori youth, who are often disconnected and living in cities, with their past. Professor Tapsell says marae are in crisis, with about a third in a state of disarray and another third struggling to survive. He says the website is a 21st century response to the problem. Professor Tapsell says New Zealand is the only country left with a marae-based culture. He says other Paciic nations had them, but that culture was destroyed when they were colonised. - RNZI

national standards blamed for maori strateGy failure ScHOOL leaders are blaming the Ministry of Education and the national standards in reading, writing and maths for the failure of the Maori education strategy. A report by the Auditor-General says the ministry mishandled the introduction of the strategy, Ka Hikitia, in 2008 and it has not realised its potential to transform the system. It says the strategy is good but the ministry introduced it slowly and unsteadily, with poor planning and inefective communication. The Principals Federation says the ministry made the mistake of assuming that schools would know how to put the strategy into practice. President Philip Harding says primary and intermediate schools focused instead on the national standards – launched at the same time – and it was hard for schools to give Ka Hikitia the attention it deserved. Harding says Ka Hikitia is a good strategy and the federation supports the ministry’s eforts to relaunch it for another iveyear term. The ministry says it will do a better job this time. - RNZI

suicide plan recoGnises cultural differences THE Mental Health Foundation is welcoming an $8 million programme to strengthen Maori and Pasiika communities against suicide. The programme is part of a four-year, $25 million national plan to cut the number of suicides, which are running at about 500 a year. Foundation chief Executive, Judi clements, says the suicide rate for young Maori is disproportionate to their share of the population, and it’s important that cultural factors are recognised in tackling that problem. “Suicide prevention for Maori is not the same as suicide prevention for non-Maori and the same is true for Paciic communities and chinese-speaking communities. There are particular issues about how people perceive suicide, what strengths cultural identity has as a protection and as a prevention,” she says. Dr clements says the programme is a chance to identify what actually works in suicide prevention. - Waatea News

maori leader in Western australia plans to build marae Teenager Hilda Vukikomoala is one of the rising stars of Fiji’s chess competition. ABC sUVA – Fiji’s Chess Federation

has issued an urgent appeal for more female players in the leadup to the 2014 Chess Olympiad in norway. the Chess Olympiad is held every two years and was created in the wake of a failed attempt to include chess as an Olympic sport. At the 2012 event in istanbul, more than 1700 players from 152 nations competed. teenager Hilda Vukikomoala, one of the rising stars of Fiji’s chess competition, has said the Fiji women’s team needs at least four players to take part in norway. “Many people in Fiji know how to play chess, but those who

are actually competing, there is not so many,” she said. “Many of my friends know how to play – they’re not very committed, or ‘good’ players – but they do know how to move the pieces around.” “there’s way more men than women but i’m sure we’ll get someone.” Fiji’s Chess Federation says although most of the players in the country are over 30, it is hoping to capitalise on young competitors like Vukikomoala to open new opportunities for the game. in May, the 17-year-old became the irst local player to attain the Women’s FIDE Master title, a title based on perform-

ance in competitions. Vukikomoala has represented Fiji in numerous international events, including the last Chess Olympiad in istanbul, and the Oceania Zonal in nadi last month. she says although it can sometimes be hard to find strong opponents in Fiji, technology has opened up new avenues to improve her game. “i play online chess, but mainly against the computer,” she said. “sometimes it’s difficult to play against others, because my internet connection at home isn’t that good, so it freezes up but when i can i do play against others online.” - ABC

A NGATI Porou church leader living in Australia is planning to build a marae for the growing Maori community in Western Australia. Kaua Te rangi Tuhura, known to most people as reverend Kuzie, moved with his family from the small East coast settlement of Hiruharama in 2011 to Bunbury just south of Perth. Since shifting there he has become a highly respected Maori elder and was ordained as a priest in the Anglican church of Australia. reverend Kuzie says he is talking to members of the local Maori community about buying some land near his home, and is conident he will get the blessing of the Bunbury city council. He says he recently used his home as a marae to host a tangihanga (funeral), and has identiied a need to establish a proper meeting place to accommodate hui and carry out traditional Maori ceremonies. Research indings released by a Maori migration expert, Paul Hamer, show Western Australia has had a big population boom of Maori people who are drawn to the state to seek jobs in the mining industry. In the last ive years the Maori population has increased by 85 per cent, mostly in southern Perth and mining towns. - RNZI

tuhoe hapu GiVen access to rare taonGa and photos A Tuhoe hapu will on Thursday has been given access to taonga that have been in the hands of a local shopkeeper for over half a century. The hapu says shopkeeper Alfred rimmer, who owned a business in ruatahuna in the late 1950s and early 1960s, somehow accumulated a range of taonga including photos of past invasions and guns. Maungapohatu spokesperson Kirituia Tumarae says rimmer has agreed to give back the taonga, or give the hapu access to the taonga, after years of being asked. Tumarae says these taonga provide a rare account of some of the tribe’s history and means a lot to her people. She says even as a researcher she has never come across those particular photographs which show the police invasion of Maungapohatu in 1916 when they came to arrest the Tuhoe prophet rua Kenana. Tumarae says she doesn’t want to take the pictures of guns, because there is no place for them, but is interested in all the paperwork. She says rimmer will be explaining how he acquired those taonga and the history behind some of the artefacts. - RNZI


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localneWs nuti no roto i te ipUKAReA

Health conference next month

“JUst because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy” is the key message for this years annual health conference, that will take place next month. Health professionals from across the Paciic will be making their way to the Cook islands to attend the conference, which will be held over ive days - in Rarotonga on July 10-12 and Aitutaki July 15-16. the theme for 2013 is Live smart - eliminate non Communicable Diseases (nC D) Risk Factors, which have been identified as causing over 75 per cent of deaths in the Cook islands. subthemes for the conference will include food safety security, obesity, cancers, men’s health, women’s health, mental health, and research. the conference theme is a follow on from last year’s conference, which also focused on the impact of nCDs on the country and the pacific as a whole. At last years conference Minister of Health nandi Glassie said “the conference this year is very important because we

will be discussing non-communicable diseases, principally cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory illness and diabetes. the increasing burden of nCD on our health system is already visible and will continue to grow if we do not take action today.” Other areas of health discussed at the previous conference included prostate cancer, childhood obesity, eye problems, wound care management, northern group outreach and language retention. Also included was a presentation on the pacific islands Families studies that is being undertaken as a joint venture by Auckland University of technology and health stakeholders in the Cook islands, with researcher Dr Gerhard sundborn due to present again this year. For more information on the health conference contact Helen sinclair h.sinclair@, or Howard tangimetua h.tangimetua@ - Rachel Smith

The Cook Islands’ star health practitioners at the 2012 health conference, pictured with World Health Organisation representative Baoping Yang (second from right). From left, they are Dr Kiki Maoate, Dr Robert Woonton, Dr Joe Williams, minister of health Nandi Glassie and Dr Francis Agnew. 12071126

Chinese funding for development Dear editor, We know we have to grow our economy to deliver wages, cost of living and cost of inance on par with our fellow new Zealanders to stop our people migrating to new Zealand and allow those who have migrated to come home, and the sooner the better! We know tourism on Rarotonga has expanded by some 20 per cent since the crash of 2008 and provided a platform on which to grow our economy and the opportunity to expand tourism to the outer islands to revive their economies, so they may contribute to the economy instead of feeding off Rarotonga’s economy.

We know government is prevented by a borrowing regime guideline of 35 per cent GDp (gross domestic product) and mind-set of staying out of tourism from developing the opportunity and the inance sector has no affordable money, so the private sector has to step up, source affordable funding and develop the opportunity. in researching and developing a comprehensive development plan (CDp) to grow the economy out of recession and break the shackle of aid dependency a group of patriotic Cook islanders uncovered a communique on the One China policy signed by the government of the peoples’ Republic of China

Dear editor, i have been trying to contact sky pacific a few times to make inquiries about their repeated programmes without response. After all i pay a monthly fee. Can you do something about it instead of watching the same sports programmes more than three times a week? there are a number of sky

subscribers who are not happy either. please do something about it to make things worthwhile watching. teariki simiona tamaiva Mataiapo CineMA Ltd managing director Grant Walker responds: i have replied to this gentleman before, in print and by phone, and frankly do not feel this is

(pRCG) and government of the private sector of the people of would have been completed and Cook islands (CiG) in 1997, in the Cook islands if it under- we would have five-star tourwhich clause 4 stood the inability ism now! stated; 2.On completion and de…We have arrived at of our public sector “the Govern(CiG) and finance velopment risk being extina crossroad, where ment of the peo- the choices are listen sector to save us. guished, development funding ple’s Republic of if pRCG chooses rolls over into a normal term to foreign advisors China supports to help that of loan secured by a irst mortgage and continue the people of the course raises the over the developed property and down the road of Cook islands in question of how serviced by operational cash austerity measures their efforts to funds advanced to flow, just like any other busiand declining achieve, in full, the private sector is ness loan! population towards their objectives this of course raises the quessecured. the iscal cliff or in the areas of soin these days of tion of what then is CiG’s role in head east like cial, economic and inancial recession a funding arrangement between cultural developall known criteria pRCG and our private sector if everyone else on ment”. on funding are out it doesn’t contribute by way of the planet ... they believe the the window but guarantee. the truth is CiG cancommunique speaks for itself the fundamental principle of not avoid being involved as it and that being a peoples’ gov- security following the money is signatory to the One China ernment pRCG will fund the remain, meaning if pRCG funds policy and in fact, the patriots our private sector the security and authors of CDp project sees follows the money to develop- CiG as the gate keeper, funds ments undertaken by the pri- manager and conduit for private vate sector and normal commer- sector loans transacted. perhaps, editor, just as donor cial security will apply, not CiG’s partners source soft funding guarantee. For instance: 1. Development funding will from pRCG or World Bank and be guaranteed by the builder, on-loan it to CiG at some 7-8 per who must be able to undertake cent interest, CiG should likea guaranteed maximum price wise source funds from pRCG (GMp) contract and whose guar- at say 2.5 per cent interest and antee is bankable, meaning pri- on-loan it to our private sector at the proper forum for such con- vate sector developers are able to say 5 per cent interest, and pockversations. All aspects of sky assign the development risk to et the other 2.5 per cent for its pacific programming are han- builders of substance. needless trouble, not forgetting to follow dled by Fiji Television, and his to say, editor, had previous gov- the money and reassign security complaint will be passed on to ernments sought the security to the private sector! them. CineMA Ltd will very of GMp contract the sheraton Fair to say, Editor, we have shortly be done with testing of Letters to the Editor the new satellite signal and a readers are welcome to write in with their views and opinions, but letters may be edited for reasons of space or clarity. Real names will be kept conidential if requested but anonymous press release regarding sky paletters will not be accepted for publication. ciic service in the Cook Islands Write to: The Editor, Cook Islands News, PO Box 15, Rarotonga. or fax to (682 ) 25303. Email: will issued very soon.

Tired of Sky Paciic repeats

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Letters arrived at a crossroad, where the choices are listen to foreign advisors and continue down the road of austerity measures and declining population towards the iscal cliff or head east like everyone else on the planet and ask pRCG for help to grow our economy out of recession. noted, editor, that some media commentators have expressed distrust of Chinese investors, which is woeful, as all investors are driven by return on investment and if Chinese investors are bad then so are foreign investors who have invested and settled here. As for pRCG, editor, it is clear enough under the One China policy that pRCG is a friend of the Cook islands people and probably the only friend who can help us grow our economy and survive a global recession not of our making. And may i ask how many friendly governments have it written in their constitution (Amendment 7) that it is a crime to bribe oficials of another country? if you can’t trust pRCG who can you trust, editor? Let’s hope our government do us proud and ask pRCG to help our private sector. needless to say, editor, if pRCG say yes, we survive, if not, we may as well pack our bags and join the queue of refugees heading to new Zealand and Australia. tepaki

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localneWs nuti no roto i te ipUKAReA

Minister Heather’s powers curbed? tHe OppOsitiOn party is calling for an explanation from prime Minister Henry puna and his government in regards to the conduct of Ministry of infrastructure and planning (MOip) minister teariki Heather. “Has he [Heather] been censored by his own government and if he has why? Rumours are rife that the ministers powers has been curbed in the wake of a report commissioned by the public service Commissioner Russell thomas and somewhat called for by the nZ High Commission,” says Opposition leader Wilkie Rasmussen. the report relates to the investigation into the performance of the former MOip secretary Donye numa. numa’s sacking was announced in April, following the completion of the report, compiled by contractor and former psC navy epati. thomas had stated that her suspension last December and subsequent sacking related to “performance failures in Ms numa’s management of [aid]

capital projects”. Rasmussen says the investigation also related to the tendering of contracts and subcontracts and now minister Heather’s performance may also be in question. “the prime minster should come clean to the public about this to avoid such rumours and speculations.” the Opposition leader has alleged in the past that there have been jobs that favoured minister Heather’s company t& M Heather, although the minister claims he no longer has direct control of the company. “the understanding now is that the ministry of inance has been given the task of handling all of that (job tendering), leaving the minister and his ministry floundering and literally out of authority and jobs. i believe this has also been relected in the budget where there are significant cuts for the ministry of infrastructure and major construction projects have been taken out of its hands,” says Rasmussen.

He believes jobs normally associated with the ministry of infrastructure have now been assumed by a special unit in the Prime Minister’s Ofice. “i ask the question whether the government is hiding this matter because of potential serious legal implications. the public has the right to know. the oppostion also want to know whether a minister who may have been found to have committed serious breaches of the tender process, should be sacked and investigated properly by the proper legal authorities. “As leader of the Opposition i demand the truth and for the report to be released.” Ci news requested a copy of the PSC report on February 5, and was told by thomas that the report was for his purposes alone to determine numa’s employment status. . Rasmussen says he has heard that Heather’s recent proposals for road works in Mangaia and harbour works in other islands have also been rejected by cabinet. - Release/HG

Minister of Infrastructure and Planning and Minister of Cultural Development Teariki Heather speaking at the world heritage workshop held in March. 13031120

Teachers’ pay to be ‘realistic’ teACHeRs will be the major

beneiciaries of the extra money being allocated to the education ministry in the 2013-14 budget to be tabled tomorrow. in a pre-budget announcement last week, inance minister Mark Brown said an extra $3.9 million over three years is heading towards the ministry. “it’s all going on personnel,” said education secretary sharyn Paio on Friday. “Our focus for this budget was to get teacher salaries up to realistic igures.” the minimum salary for teachers will go up to $29,664, but paio added pay will directly be inluenced by performance. “there are expectations and i really want to enforce that,” she said. As of October 2012, all teachers must possess degrees or be in the process of working towards one. “We have professional standards all teachers must meet,” she said. the increase will also go towards addressing disparities in salaries between early childhood, primary, and secondary teachers.

“every aspect of education is as important as the next,” she said. paio was especially grateful for the money, as she sees better pay as a way of retaining teachers. “teachers are the most valuable resource,” she said. “We’re losing teachers overseas to positions outside of education.” Regarding the salary increase, paio had kind words for the education minister. “i’m especially grateful to minister (teina) Bishop who has supported the initiative to have teachers salaries reviewed,” she said. Minister Brown is scheduled to make his budget speech tomorrow before budget papers are presented to parliament later that day. With the salary raise, paio said she can now look towards the next priorities for the ministry. improving numeracy, literacy (Maori and english), and improving student wellbeing are all outlined as priorities in the Cook islands Ministry of education statement of intent for 2013-14. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Education secretary Sharyn Paio says pay raises will be inluenced by performance when teacher salaries get a boost in the upcoming 2013-14 budget. 13053162

Czars better for business, environment “BRiAn Baudinet has some very valid points on cleaning up our national act, including cutting back the public sector,” a smoke signaller writes in response to his page 8 commentary in saturday’s paper ‘the road to repopulation’. “two candidates stand out and the solution might be the same for each. the Business trade investment Board, the paper tiger [something that appears threatening but is actually harmless] that took months to chase a foreign squatter discount store off the island, has built up quite an empire. the legislated core job was to vet foreign enterprises; where on earth did the trade days and the travel here and there come from? the whole lot can go, save for a BtiB czar [one having great power or authority] and one secretary. Keep the BtiB board itself – one hard working czar can vet the interested foreigners and monitor the existing approved foreign enterprises. One little ofice, two desks, two computers, an economical little sedan and more would get done of the core job than is getting done now. the next empire to challenge is the national environment service. Again, back to the core job, vetting environmental impact assessments (what are there,

about three or four a year?) and chasing polluters. How many ines/ convictions has there been after all these years: is zero the answer? Again, an environmental czar and a secretary, and keep the board, although in my opinion the present CeO is no candidate for the environmental czar.”

easy Way out

A sMOKe signaller writes: “What a pathetic comment from inance

secretary Richard neves (31 May) that the withholding tax is an ‘easy tax for government to collect as essentially it is captured by the banks and passed on’. Wouldn’t it be nice if the government’s chief bean-counter had a bit more vision and was prepared to work hard instead of looking for an easy way out?”

tWo years in september

A sMOKe signaller responds to Friday’s lead article ‘Withholding tax scrapped’: “Regarding inance minister Mark Brown scrapping

his piggy bank tax in 2014, when he irst started stealing our savings he said it would be for two years. that means it should be scrapped from september 2013, not 2014. Has he forgotten? Does he hope everyone else has forgotten? Or perhaps he’s so bad at counting that he doesn’t know the difference. Maybe that’s why the country’s economy is in such poor shape.”

Keep the smokies rolling in! smoke signals and interesting island photos will be accepted by email (, or text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22-999.


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Nukuroa Ariki receives Queen’s award IN FRONT of a large group of family, te Maeu O te Rangi teikamata Ariki Mii tungane Upokoati O’Bryan stood humbly to receive her Queen’s Honour medal from Queen’s Representative Sir Frederick Goodwin at Government House on Monday. As the 84-year-old Ariki stood to receive her award -- the most excellent Order of the British empire (OBe) – her achievements and services to her people of Mitiaro and the wider Cook islands community were read out. With her late husband stuart, O’Bryan had one daughter, Mii Kauvai, and five feeding children. Aunty Mii as she is affectionately known by both residents and visitors to the island of Mitiaro, is the daughter of te Maeu O te Rangi Ariki (ngati teaka tauira O iti Ki tonga O nukuroa enua) and tangata pokoati (ngati paruarangi). te Maeu O te Rangi teikamata Ariki has held her chiely title since February 1985 and is one of the longest serving members of the House of Ariki. she was bestowed with the chiefly title when her mother passed away at the age of 99 – a month away from her 100th birthday. From 1985 until today – she has served as a member of the island council. Growing up in Mitiaro, aunty Mii attended the LMs school in 1934 and at 14 years old, she moved to Rarotonga where she attended st Joseph’s pri-

mary school and resided at the teikamata homestead in tauae. she is a dedicated member of the Cook islands Christian Church and in 1944 when she was 16-years old – she became a Christian member of the Avarua CiCC during the time that papa Robati sema was the orometua. After serving as a member for 68-years, she was honour with a certiicate in long service. she is also a member of the nukuroa Vainetini ekalesia and became patroness in 1983. Along with her husband stuart, the couple lived in Manihiki for seven years where her husband was the Government Representative on the island. the couple were then transferred to Mauke where they lived for over four years. O’Bryan helped her husband and the island of Mitiaro prepare protocol services in hosting and looking after guests from government, including the visit by the Governor General Fergusson. O’Bryan has always been involved in supporting women’s work with crafts and tivaivai sewing. te Maeu O te Rangi teikamata Ariki credits her principles and leadership qualities on a sound upbringing and the social fundamentals of being a native of Mitiaro. From 2000 to 2010 – Te Maeu O te Rangi teikamata Ariki was chairlady of the Children’s Court and between 2002 and 2006 –she was appointed as Government Representative for the island of

Queen’s Representative Sir Frederick Goodwin reads out a letter from the Queen to Te Maeu O Te Rangi Teikamata Ariki Mii Tungane Upokoati O’Bryan. 13060309 Mitiaro. in 2008, she became a member of the nukuroa environment Authority Board. By merit she received the woman of the year for the is-

land of Mitiaro in 1994 and was honoured by the Cook islands national Council of Women for her long service and dedication to the development of women on Mitiaro.

in 2001, te Maeu O te Rangi teikamata Ariki won the Mitiaro Woman in tourism award and remains active in representing government workers on Mitiaro as well as hosting dignitaries to

the island. she still runs the nukuroa Guest House on the island believes hard work means being able to feed your family. - Matariki Wilson

Te Maeu O Te Rangi Teikamata Ariki Mii Tungane Upokoati O’Bryan with family and extended members of the Mitiaro community who had gathered together to celebrate her Queen’s Honour award. 13060310

SWITCH ON with Te Aponga Uira


Absolutely, yes. If wiring is inadequate, voltage is reduced and appliances and electric motors slow down, wasting electricity and possibly causing gradual damage to appliances. If you mistrust your wiring have it checked out by an electrician.

Te Maeu O Te Rangi Teikamata Ariki Mii Tungane Upokoati O’Bryan with her supportive and proud family at Government House yesterday. 13060311


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Kaina honoured for service to Manihiki

FOR HER long service to the public service as well as serving

her people of Manihiki – Jane Kimi Kaina was awarded the Member of the Civil Division of the Most excellent Order of the British empire medal (MBe) at yesterday’s Queen’s Honour ceremony. Kaina was born on Rarotonga in 1958 and in 1987, married her husband Bernadino Boaza Kaina, also of Manihiki, on the northern group island. Together they had ive children who have given the couple four grandchildren to date. in her early years – Kaina attended Avarua primary school and tereora College. in 1976 after tereora College, she was employed at the philatelic Bureau in Rarotonga. At the end of that year she travelled to Manihiki to look after her grandparents where she gained employment as a clerk and typist at the administration ofice in Manihiki where she worked for over 20 years. she then served as the deputy registrar for the Justice Department on the island and often travelled to Rakahanga to carry out work on the island. During the economic reforms in the mid-1990s – Kaina resigned from public service and established a successful tourist accommodation property on the island. After the destruction of Cyclone Martin in 1997, she was employed part-time at the Cook islands Development Bank until the merger from 2000 to 2009 which resulted in the Bank of the Cook islands. Kaina became a Justice of the peace for Manihiki in 2006. As well as raising her own family, running a business and looking out for the welfare of her wider community – Kaina was an active member of the Catholic community. she holds the title of president of the Catholic Women’s league in tukao, Manihiki – a post she has held since 1980. she is an active Red Cross member and was the secretary of the tukao Vainetini group from 2000 to 2007 and served as treasurer for the Manihiki Women’s Council from 1995 to 1997. Kaina was also treasurer for saint Anne’s parish in tukao. she played a key role in the organising and co-ordination of the visit to Manihiki by Dame sylvia Cartwright in 2003 as well at the purapura Games in Manihiki in 2006. Her hobbies outside of helping her people are cooking, pareu painting and running her stall at the punanga nui Markets. - Matariki Wilson

Jane Kimi Kaina with her immediately family who watched on proudly as their matriarch received the Member of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire medal (MBE) at yesterday’s Queen’s Honours ceremony. 13060314

Jane Kimi Kaina with her family and friends from Manihiki including Prime Minister Henry Puna and his good wife Akaiti.


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Tuesday, June 4, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te ipUKAReA

Film Raro’s child star teiO MARiRi wants to be an

FBI agent when he grows up – but for now, being a movie star will do. the 10-year- old Avarua school student played the lead role in the Film Raro movie ‘Dog save the Queen’, which screened to an audience of thousands at the auditorium on May 25 and 26. the 15-minute long movie is the story of a boy named nuka (Mariri) and his dog Cyclone. When the Queen of england begins the search for a canine heir to the royal corgi bloodline in the Cooks, nuka learns about the sacriices that need to be made to keep a family together. Mariri, 10, has lived in Rarotonga for three years after moving from Mauke where he spent his irst seven years. While living on Mauke, he spoke Cook islands Maori – which is his favourite subject at school – so english is still a little foreign. “there were lots of words

(in the script) i didn’t know. it was hard saying the words – i’d never said some of them before in my life.” though he describes the experience as “really fun”, there were times when he got frustrated with all the words he had to learn – but the ‘Dog save the Queen’ crew knew how to cheer him up. “sometimes when i got angry they took me for rides around the island. Or they’d give me a burger.” Food was his favourite part of being a movie star, he said – something the crew from sydney used to their advantage. “He figured out pretty quickly that he was very important to the ilm,” said director Marcus Hamill. “so he started asking for food between takes.” Hamill said Mariri was a natural in front of the camera. “We were really lucky to ind an actor who took the character and ran with it. He made it his own.”

Mariri described his canine co-star as “cheeky” and a bit of a trouble-maker. “He’d run away, and he kept biting me,” he said. in lieu of his favourite animal – monkeys – Mariri has two dogs of his own named Buddy and Chester. While being involved with the Film Raro challenge involved privileges such as a week off school, Mariri’s grandmother taputu – who he lives with and calls ‘mum’ – keeps his feet firmly on the ground with his after-school chores, such as feeding the four pigs and picking up rubbish. The ilm crew from Sydney included Hamill and his brother Josh – the grip and lighting gaffer – co-writer Joel Russell, editor toby Denneen, director of photography Lachie Milne, first assistant director Greg Cobain, sound recordist John smetana and camera assistant Jordon Maddocks. - Briar Douglas

Teio Mariri with his dogs Chester (left) and Buddy (right). 13060302

Teio Mariri loves his dog Buddy – though he’d most like a pet monkey. 13060304

Teio lives in Avarua with his grandmother Taputu Mariri (left). 13060305


Tuesday, June 4, 2013 cook Islands News

Education courses prove popular tHe MinistRY of education’s continuing education courses are proving very popular. A number of courses have taken place so far this year, with many of these illed to capacity. Due to popularity the screen printing workshop, taken by Rennie peyroux, has been extended to a second intake said tertiary and Vocational education training (VeRt) programme co-ordinator for the Ministry Michelle Williams. this is also the case for Victor Bond’s creative communication course, with the second intake taking place in August. the photography and print media workshop with Mahiriki tangaroa, which has a full role of 20 participants, is due to start on June 10 at the University of the

south pacific (Usp). the workshop will run over seven sessions with an exhibition planned for the work produced. Also recently completed by 11 students was the foundational studies in drawing and painting course, taken by internationally recognised artist Ani O’neill. the courses have been used as a platform to increase creative work in each particular area, with a publication underway to showcase the work from the creative writing course, and an informal tattoo association formed from the ‘tattoo – health and knowledge’ course. Other courses offered by the Ministry with a less creative focus have been the course on Moringa Oleifera, taken by Hugh Graham in Mangaia, and the upcoming

diving workshop in Manihiki later in the month. the diving course, taken by qualiied trainer Nimeti Nimeti, is an introductory course to upskill divers in safety practices. thirteen participants have enrolled in the course which will run from June 17. sharyn paio, secretary of education has previously said that the Ministry’s focus in education is to build the skills, knowledge, attitude and values of Cook islanders, to put their capabilities to best use in all areas of their lives. For more information visit to view an online prospectus, pick up a copy from the Ministry of education, or contact Michelle Williams on 29357 or mwilliams@education. - RS

Miria George (centre) shared her experience as a writer with the participants at the creative writing workshop, run in April as part of the Ministry of Education’s community education programme. 13041262

Security threats addressed at meet tHRee Cook islands representatives attended a meeting about safety in the Paciic in Fiji last month. United nations and treaties Division director for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Myra patai, Civil society Organisation’s tutai toru and superintendent Akatauira Matapo from Cook islands police attended the ‘security sec-

tor Governance in the pacific’ meeting from May 22 to 24. the meeting examined the need to develop national policies to guide agencies such as police, customs, immigration and defence in the development of co-ordinated responses to address potential security threats. Key discussions included the need for pacific countries to establish mechanisms for ac-

countability and to ensure security sector institutions are effective in protecting human rights and democratic processes. Deputy secretary general Andie Fong Toy of the Forum secretariat said security is important in creating stable foundations for economic growth and sustainable development. “While we may never be able to plan for every threat or

challenge that our nations may face, it is important that we develop the policy, legislative, operational and institutional capacity to minimise or avoid possible impacts,” said toy. “Creating institutions that are suitably lexible to meet these challenges but irm in their adherence to accountability, the respect for human rights and the rule of law is a sensible way

to begin.” the United nations Resident Co-ordinator, Knut Ostby, said that “the Paciic understanding of security had shifted from a state-centred approach to a people-centred or human security approach with a broader peace, security and development focus”. the three-day meeting in Suva was organised by the Fo-

rum secretariat and the UnDp pacific Centre through their joint security sector Governance initiative, with support from the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control for Armed Forces (DCAF), and with financial contribution from the Australian Federal Police’s pacific policing Development programme Regional. - Release/BD

Delegates attend mining conferences tWO COOK isLAnDs delegates

attended two mining-related conferences last month in sydney. Caroline tiria from the seabed Minerals (sBM) Authority and teresa Manarangi-trott, Chair of the sBM Advisory Board went to the fully-funded conferences. the first was the Mining for Development conference on May 20-21, which was funded by Australia.

“it focused on social impact and economic issues that are quite relevant to the Cook islands going forward,” said seabed Minerals commissioner paul Lynch. the second conference, attended only by tiria, was the extractive industries transparency international conference on May 23-24. tiria’s attendance at this conference, which focused on financial accountability in the

mining industry, was funded by the United nations Development programme (UnDp). “A growing principle and trend in mining it to make sure all money going in and out is transparent and accountable,” said Lynch. He said these principles are already being adopted in the Cook islands, which has a rich supply of minerals on its seabed. Money from the mining of sea-

bed minerals in the Cooks will be put into a ‘sovereign wealth fund’. this is a state-owned investment fund that will be managed by the Ministry of Finance and economic Development, rather than having the money go into the government’s general fund. Lynch said the idea is that only a small percentage of the fund will be used by the government each year, while the rest will be

saved for the future. “We’ve got to convert the mineral wealth into inancial wealth for the benefit of the Cook islands. We’ve got to preserve the fund for the future.” the two conferences are part of the Cook islands seabed Minerals sector engaging in capacity building and promotional opportunities, said Lynch. He said while mining can tend to be a male-dominated industry

at a global level, this is not the case for the sBM Authority and its advisory board and this is relected by Tiria and Manarangitrott attending the two conferences. “We’re represented by as many women as men… i’ve noticed (in the Cook islands) our women really lead – our women are not suppressed. We don’t lack contribution from our women,” he said. - BD

Charge for plastic bags tomorrow CitC shoppers will be charged for plastic bags tomorrow to support Lagoon Day. For one day, shoppers will be charged 20 cents for plastic shopping bags from CitC Supermarket, Foodland, Oasis and CitC Liquor, and the proceeds will be put towards this

year’s Lagoon Day. to avoid the 20-cent charge, shoppers can bring along their reusable shopping bags. Lagoon Day is an annual event. Last year’s theme was recycling, while this year’s focus is ‘Where do we go from here?’

this year’s Lagoon Day will be held on July 18 and 19 at the punanga nui Market. the first Lagoon Day was held in 2008 and focused on Vaka takitumu, as this was the district hit a few years earlier by an irritant syndrome that caused school closures, various

skin and respiratory ailments. At that first Lagoon Day the results of two years of water testing carried out by the Ministry of Marine Resources with the

support of Cook islands Marine Resources institutional strengherning (CiMRis) – a new Zealand Aid programme funded organisation – were

presented along with displays showing what was impacting the lagoon and what could help to lessen that impact. - Briar Douglas

On Tuesday evening join us for our FABULOUS

Island Night with SuperbFeast

Dining 7 - 8.30pm Show starts 8.30pm featuring delicious local food Apii Te Uki Ou School collecting information lealets about the health of Muri lagoon at Lagoon Day in 2011. 11060111

30pm rts 8. a t s by how pm S tainment 0 3 . 8 enter g7Dinin nd Night Isla ate

E till l

ent rtainm


AR with T


Live e

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013 cook Islands News

Bright future for rugby league 23-18 to win the game and age grade champions trophy. However, both sides proved that the future for rugby league on the island is bright indeed. in the reserve grade grand finals – the Arorangi Bears, who have dominated the division for 10-years faced the Avatiu eels with a huge band of vocal supporters behind them. the match was a real bruiser with players on both sides putting their bodies on the line for club pride but it was the eels that wanted the win more and their efforts paid off when the hooter sounded and they went into a frenzied celebration over their historic 2219 win over the powerhouse reserve grade which carried on long into the weekend. - Matariki Wilson

WH i Le the premier league grand finals between the tupapa panthers and Avatiu eels was the game of the day for most supporters – exciting age grade grand finals were just as exciting at the BCi stadium. On Friday the Tupapa Panthers under 16 team dominated their titikaveka Bulldogs opponents to win the match 36-19 and take out the age grade champions trophy. the ever exciting under 13 was taken out by the baby Avatiu eels who edged out Arorangi for their champions title. in the under 19 division – the Arorangi Bears brought home the trophy for their club after a physical battle with the evenly matched Avatiu eels. But it was the hungrier Bears that edged out the eels

An under 19 Arorangi Bears player bangs his way through his Avatiu Eels opponents to help his side win the age grade grand inal 23-18. 13060335


Co ld




st C ock

Shipwreck Hut



WHA T’S oN The PHONE 22166

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Sunset BBQ w/ GARTH YOUNG - PIANO 6PM Sunset Cocktails w/ LINCOLN MAIL 5.30PM – 7.30PM Sat Seafood BBQ w/ JAKE NUMANGA - UKULELE 6PM



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NUMANGA SaturdayS 6pm with JAKE - on da Kamaka Ukulele


Tani and Rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm







A baby Eels storms his way through his Arorangi opponents to help his team lift the age grade title. 13060330

oPeN MoNdAY To SUNdAY Tues Seafood Night – Entertainment Tani and Rose Thu Pub Night – Entertainment Tara Kauvai Sun BBQ – Entertainment Local String Band

LeBonvivant Our food our passion 6pm till late C




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Simiona Wichman of the Arorangi Bears inds himself isolated and surrounded by Avatiu Eels players in the reserve grade grand inal won by the Eels 22-19 and smashing the Bears 10 year dominance in the grade. 13060341


Tuesday, June 4, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303




71688 / /1931

Tepuka 106C tenants, Nikao A reminder to those who haven’t yet done so, please pay your annual rent for this year at Takamoa as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of your lease being cancelled. Thank you to those who have already paid. If you have any queries please contact Pae Tuteru on 26546. CICC Head Oice Takamoa. 71508 /32410 /1722

Titikaveka Oire Titikaveka Tama Oire Project AGM. 4 June 2013 Kent Hall, 7pm. Meitaki Maata Executives.


Assembled landowners meeting - Te Auere 14B, Matavera, Takitumu. We humbly request landowners presence at courthouse on Wednesday 5 June 2013 at 3pm. caroline can be contacted on 22811 or 75558. Uipaanga kopu tangata Te pati akaaka iatu nei te kopu tangata Te Auere 14B, Matavera, Takitumu kia rotai mai ki te Are Akavaanga a te ruitoru ra 5 o Tiunu, ora 3 ite avatea (3pm). Taniuniu atu ia caroline 22811 or 75558. 71667 / /2489

71596 /32477 /1931

Cook Islands Medical and Dental Association Annual General Meeting @ Ariki cafe, Wednesday 5 June 2013 @ 3pm sharp.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.





New Shipment of Quality Furniture just arrived at The Furniture centre, backroad Tutakimoa. Phone 21285.

Lost black and grey cat with his name “Wimpy” on his collar in Arorangi area. Phone 21619 ext 1 or 76725 or 23566.

Deckhand wanted for local charter boat, must be experience. Phone 55239.

71671 / /1986

71589 /32473 /1931

Timberland Ltd Specials this Week 25% of 6x2 RS and Dr 6m lengths 6x2 T& G x 4.8m - retain Wall or Truck Decks only $39.50 ceiling Battens 70 x 30 x 6m just $22. 25% of Regular Grade Pine Decking 6m Softboard/Pinboard Sheets only $58. Bamboo Veneer Ply 3mm just $65. 7mm cD Ply only $46. Tanalised Poles 180mm x 3m only $99.50 Aere Mai! See us or Give us a call on phone 26408.

Mobile Cafe Operator Mobile cofee business looking for a reliable operator. Monday to Saturday, 7am to 2pm. Must have a driver license. Please ring 57650 or email lovelyn_gatchalian@yahoo. com

71585 / /1639

71626 / /2096


Notice is hereby given that the First Annual General Meeting for the Future for Youth Programme will take place at the Sinai Hall. Thursday 6 June at 5pm. Agenda 1. Opening prayer, welcome 2. Brief background and introduction of Future for Youth Programme 3. Election of oice bearers 4. Financial update 5. closing prayer An invitation is extended to all interested members of the public to come and support this very important initiative. If you have any queries please call Gloria rarere-Tinirau on 22201 ext 25. Gloria rarere-Tinirau Acting Secretary.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



UIPAANGA TAPERE E KUrA ki te tangata katoatoa te noo nei ki roto e ki vaoake i te koro o to tatou Tapere ko Avatiu. E kapikianga akaaka rava teia kia kotou te au Mana Taonga, te au Pu Ngutuare, te au Metua, te au Mapu Tane, Mapu Vaine, te au Putuputuanga tuketuke mei; Nga Akonoanga evangelia, Putuputuanga Mapu, Tarekareka Tipoti e te vai atura, te Unga ma te Potiki. Kua tae te tuatau, kia takiruru mai tatou katoatoa, ki te paepae o to tatou Are Uipaanga, no te uriuri e te akatinamouanga i te au angaanga tei tamanakoia, kia papa to tatou Tapere no te akararangi akaouanga, i to tatou nga Metua vaine o te Tapere, koia te Are Uipaanga Ebenezera e te Are Paunu o ta tatou anau tamariki meariki. Kua akatinamouia oki te Varaire ra 12 o te marama Tiurai, mataiti 2013 (Friday 12 July 2013) e ko te ra te reira no teia angaanga maata no to tatou Tapere. Ka raveia teia uipaanga Tapere ki te paepae o to tatou Are Uipaanga, a te ruirua ra 4 o Tiunu, mataiti 2013, akamata i te apa no te ora rima i te aiai (Tuesday 4 June, at 5.30pm). Kia vai ua mairai te aroa motukore o te Atua Mana Katoatoa ki rungao e ki roto ia tatou ravarai. Teia kapikianga na te Pu Tapere, turuia a nga Pare Uritaua no nga Aronga Mana i roto i to tatou Tapere.

The Eye Place Hidies courtyard Phone 22121 custom glasses from $60 Annie provides free exam & glasses for children all year.

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FOR RENT Small one bedroom furnished house, quiet, good condition, long-term, couple or single, Arorangi. Phone 74568

71620 /32486 /1931

Looking for a nanny to look after 2 children. contact Mere 54409. 71621 /32519 /1931

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Furnished, self contained unit. Downtown Avarua. Phone 57954.


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VEHICLES FOR SALE Mazda presso Eunoscar 2 door, good condition $5800. Phone 27140 or 57694. 71623 /32488 /1931

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Yamaha Crypton Ultra reliable, $600 o.n.o Phone 54498.

Foreign Enterprises-Annual Returns Due To All Foreign enterprises registered with the Business Trade Investment Board (BTIB)-your Annual returns are to be iled by the 30 of June 2013. These may be submitted to our oice or via email to ria Arthur ria.


FOR SALE Brand new single mattress, 8 inches thick, $220. 2nd hand 29 inch TV, $350. Phone 55542 ask for Puna. 71618 / /2233

Taro manaura at $100, 25kg bag. Live ducks. Phone mobile 74049.

OverSeaS advertiSing We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classified advertisements and pre-billing. Contact our advertising department phone 22999 email:

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Wheel Hubcap, silver plastic clip-on, 39cm diameter, no brand. Found in Avarua. Phone/ txt 77441.

Cook Islands PH 24065/55976


Relationship Manager Small Business PUBLIC NOTICES


Government departments, Agencies and the General Public are hereby advised that the environment Service has received the following application for a Project Permit as required under Section 36 of the environment Act 2003. Application: 1. PAUL PEARSON Project: Nautilus resort Land: Aremango Pt Section 7A1A2, Muri Tapere, Ngatangiia district, rarotonga In accordance with subsection 5 a) and c) of Section 36 of the environment Act 2003, any person, Government Agencies or organisation who wish to make a written submission for or against the granting of a Project Permit by the environment Service for this applications, may do so within 30 days commencing on the 20 day of May 2013. Written submissions may be in Cook Islands Maori or english be submitted to the National environment Service no later than the 19 day of June 2013. EIA Reports for the above applications may be viewed at the following venues, • • •

National Environment Service Oice Takamoa Library and Museum National Library

or on the National Environment Service Website: director environment Service.

As one of the global leaders in banking and inancial services, ANZ recognise that our greatest asset is our people. That is why we are creating a unique climate of inspiration, leadership, values and opportunities. By delivering continuous challenges, recognition, and personal and professional growth opportunities, it’s part of a commitment to helping our people be where they want to be. ANZ Cook Islands is inviting highly motivated, qualiied and interested applicants to join its lending Team as the “relationship Manager Small Business”. reporting to the Head of relationship Banking, this role is responsible for meeting the needs of our small business clients. We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic self starters who have the following experience and qualities: • Strong credit assessment and inancial analysis skills • Ability to identify and build new business relationships • Proven superior customer service skills • Sales skills and understanding the sales culture in the Financial Services Sector • Ability to think laterally and the lexibility to work in an environment of change • General PC literacy and keyboard skills • excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills • leadership and management skills • efective negotiation, marketing and business development skills • Self motivated and strong analytical, problem solving and organisation skills • Financial disciplines and business management skills • Balance sheet knowledge and the ability to interpret all forms of inancial data including cash low/forecasts • Previous lending experience will be an advantage If you have what it takes to deliver outstanding performance as relationship Manager Small Business, Please submit your written applications including a detailed resume by 10 June 2013 to: “Vacancy – relationship Manager Small Business” Human resources department ANZ Cook Islands Avarua rarotonga or for further information please contact Julie Wilson on phone 21750 ext 244 or email


Tuesday, June 4, 2013 cook Islands News

PorT AuTHorITy

Accountant The Port Authority invites applications for a suitably qualiied and experienced person in the above senior position. Applicant should be dynamic and motivated to be able to efectively and eiciently oversee and manage all Port Authority’s inancial and accounting functions. Candidate with knowledge or experience in the International Financial reporting Standards (IFrS) will be highly considered. Please send your application with CV detailing your experiences and list of three referees to The General Manager, Ports Authority, Po Box 84, at Avatiu Wharf, rarotonga or email applications to Applicant must hold current motor vehicle driver’s license classes ‘A/B’. Copy of the Job description can be obtained from the Port Authority oice at Avatiu. Please contact louisa rani on telephone 21921. Application closing date is extended to 4pm Wednesday 12 June 2013 CI time. /



Accommodation Manager An exciting opportunity has arisen at Vara’s Beach Accommodation located at Muri Beach, rarotonga. Applications are invited for the position of Accommodation Manager. We need someone full of energy with excellent customer skills and have experience in managing reception and oice duties. You should be a hands-on person and have a proactive, can-do attitude. Ability to independently manage a small team is crucial. computer literacy is important to the role. This is a full time position, from Monday- Saturday. Please apply by submitting a cV and also a short cover letter outlining why you are suitable for this role, to the Operations Manager, PO Box 86, Muri Beach, rarotonga or e-mail to: or call Nikhil on phone 53982 for more information.

Island Craft Ltd Shop Assistant Full time sales assistant required to start immediately. Must be conident, self motivated, good presentation, honest, able to multitask, computer literate, committed to have a long career with the company, own transport and able to speak cook Island Maori would be an advantage. To apply please forward your CV to or drop it of to Tatiana at our Oice.

71676 / /1800


Ph 22336

Animal Clinic





Luvufromallya familiesaroundda globeespeciallyya mum and dad

71517 / /1884

IN MEMORIAM ACCOUNTS PERSON castaway resort is looking for an Accounts and Oice duties person for either a part or full time position. QuickBooks experience is preferred. We are prepared to pay a top hourly salary for a suitably qualiied person. Hours of work: Monday to Friday. Please email your cV to pash@ or call Paul on 74393. 71567 / /1873

In loving memory of our dear father

Moeroa enoka Hosking Chung Ching

Its been a year today since you left us, their is not a single day that goes by we never forget about you, Our tears are still following every time we think of you, you left us suddenly without saying goodbye. We miss your smiling face around your grand-children. Rest is peace daddy, we will always remember you forever in our hearts. We love & miss you from Mum, Your grand-children, Great grand-children, Children and all the families.


Cook ISlANdS PeArl AuTHorITy (CIPA)

Chief executive Oicer - CIPa



FOUND Notices are FREE to encourage honesty and good citizenship.


WANTED TO BUY We will BUY your old or broken gold jewellery. FISHErS BLAcK PEArL JEWELLErY.

The Ministry of Education is inviting applications for the following positions 1. rutaki School - Teacher Aide (2 positions) 2. Ministry of Education - Maintenance Oicer For more information visit our website: Applications close on Wednesday 12 June 2013. Applications and cV should be delivered to the Ministry of Education in Nikao or sent to: Director HrM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 rarotonga cook Islands Email ck 71527 /32493 /1795

Restaurant Cleaner Hours from 6am - 12pm Wanted morning shift only. For further information call 55469 or come and ill in a application form. 71552 / /1759

For the sake of your family

GET HELP Call AA - 55606


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2nd hand motor bike, in excellent condition. Phone 74677. 71683 / /2171

WANTED TO RENT Reasonably priced 3- 4 brm rental house, pref furnished, any area considered. Phone 78102/24567. 71569 /32484 /1931

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Paciic energy SWP limited (Pe SWP), a subsidiary of Paciic Islands energy (PIe) in Singapore, with businesses in French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, American Samoa, Cooks Islands and Tuvalu, is seeking to employ a suitably qualiied and experienced individual to the positions of Airport re-fueller based at rarotonga Airport in Cook Islands. PESWP IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER JOB PURPOSE The position is responsible to carry out maintenance inspection, daily aviation quality check, testing, safely refueling of aircraft and HSee activities at rarotonga fuel depot. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITES • Quality control of Aviation products. • re-fuelling of all types of Aircraft. • Carry out preventative and corrective maintenance on ixed and mobile equipment. • ensure that Paciic energy SWP ltd HSSe policies and procedures are adhered to. • Work in a safe and eicient manner and contribute to team performance. Able to Work on shift bases QUALIFICATIONS, COMPETENCE & EXPERIENCE: It is desirable that the applicant has: • Formal qualiication in engineering (trade certiicate in Mechanical engineering or related ields. • Good IT and communication skills. • Team work orientation and performance based attitude. • obtain heavy goods license. • knowledge and experience of the petroleum industry particularly in the aviation ield is desirable. Interested candidates can post their application to: The Human resources Manager Paciic energy South West Paciic limited P o Box 118 Suva or email Subject: Airport refueller.


Vacancy Airport Re-fueller

Need a little

CIPA is a Crown Agency responsible for promoting and encouraging the development of a sustainable and commercially viable pearl industry in the Cook Islands. In recent years, its main task has been focused on rejuvenating the industry by developing and carrying out strategies aimed at reversing the decline in production and increasing exports. CIPA is seeking a capable and experienced Chief executive oicer (Ceo) with a proven record who can manage CIPA’s organisation and operations efectively and deliver its stated outputs and outcomes in an eicient manner. The Ceo will be responsible to a Board of directors and will provide sound advice, relevant management information, and develop strategies for CIPA’s operational success as well as the pearl industry’s long term sustainability. The Ceo will develop and build strong relationships with industry stakeholders, monitor the industry, market and trends, and undertake development and marketing activities which will rejuvenate the industry. This is a varied and challenging role which will require a person with outstanding leadership qualities, as well as interpersonal and communication skills. Applicants must meet the following criteria: • Minimum of ive years experience in a senior management role • Tertiary degree or qualiication in a business management or relevant technical area • Proven record of successful commercial and/or organisational background • demonstrated capacity for strategic thinking, planning and problem solving • Strong leadership, interpersonal & communications skills • High level of business development and marketing skills • High degree of commercial & business acumen, strong understanding of inancial management and budgetary controls • excellent organisational skills, multi-tasking capability and literacy in oice and relevant ICT software • Have a sound knowledge of the pearl industry (local and international context) Written applications with a CV are to be forwarded to: Chairperson, CIPA (ref - Ceo) C/- Brown Harvey & Associates P.C. Po Box 429, rarotonga or emailed to: A job description is available from the CIPA oice or by emailing Applications will close 4pm on Thursday 6 June 2013.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013 cook Islands News

Flight Times | Voyage details FROM ARRIVES

International Flights

tuesday june 4 NZ748/749 AKL 1.25AM NZ746/745 AKL 4.25PM VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM wednesday june 5 NZ746/745 AKL 2.40PM thursday june 6 NZ46/45 AKL 5.15PM GZ035/034 PPT 2.50PM









0850 1120 1620

0910 1140 1640

rArO rArO rArO

1000 1230 1730




OLOMANA 15 - ETD AuCK 07/06, ETA RARO 13/06, ETA AITuTAKI 15/06

tuesday june 4 AKL AKL AKL

2.25AM 5.25PM 1.45AM




6.30PM 3.50PM

0800 1030 1530

Air Rarotonga



TIARE MOANA 10 - ETD AuCK 17/06, ETA RARO 23/06, ETA AITuTAKI 26/06


OLOMANA 16 - ETD AuCK 28/06, ETA RARO 4/07, ETA AITuTAKI 6/07

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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Saturday’s answer Answer to Saturday’s puzzle

Answer to Saturday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible


A STRONG WIND WARNING REMAINS IN FORCE FOR ALL SOUTHERN COOK WATERS. Situation: An intense high pressure system far south of Southern Cooks directs strong winds over the group. A trough of low pressure lies slow moving around Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: over Waters: easterly winds 20 to 25 knots gusting to 35 knots. Winds easing. rough seas. Moderate southerly swells. over land: Moderate easterly winds. Cloudy with brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. Moderate southerly swells. For Rarotonga: Cloudy with brief showers. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Showers and thunderstorms over most places. Moderate east to northeast winds. rough seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers.

TUE high 6.16AM












Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.





1.1m S

12.42PM 0.34M


2.1m E


WED high 7.15AM 0.83M 7.47PM 0.76M


Low 12.54AM 0.38M




Sun, Moon & Arapo

SE 17KTS new Moon JUN 8 3.57PM

First Quarter JUN 16 5.24AM

Full Moon Jun 23 11.33PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter Jun 30 4.54AM


araPo - rongonui TUE 4 Tanu (Planting)



sun rise


Po no te o’onu. Akarava to tautai Koura te ika. Night for the lagoon. Netting and ishing for crayish and ish.


sun set 6.04PM

Moon rise 3.52AM Moon set 3.31PM

WED sun rise

1.1m S

TauTai (Fishing)

Tanu i te taro, tarua & kai raurau. Plant taro, tarua & leaf veges.

Humidity Morning

Rarotonga Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Tuesday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight


By Dik Browne



sun set 6.04PM

Moon rise 4.44AM Moon set 4.12PM

Front Key:




2.1m E


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, June 4, 2013 Aitutaki

27° SE 16KTS


25° E 15KTS


26° SE 19KTS


26° SE 19KTS


29° E 19KTS


26° SE 19KTS


Tuesday, June 4, 2013 cook Islands News

more league grand inals action —paGe 12



Panthers roar!

Tupapa Panthers players, supporters and future stars celebrated their premier grade’s 16-14 win against the Avatiu Eels on Saturday. 13060328

Panthers crowned league champions A COntROVeRsiAL try in the

dying seconds of saturday’s club league grand inals saw the tupapa panthers win the game 16-14 and raise the championships trophy. it certainly wasn’t how the Avatiu eels planned their night out at the grand inals and despite disputing the try and causing some confusion among supporters in both camps – the eels graciously accepted defeat and congratulated their opponents. the disputed try took some of the gloss off the celebrations immediately after the hooter, but panthers supporters toasted their side long in to the weekend. the game itself was a bone crunching affair with big tackles from both side. However. veteran eels terry piri was the only man to put points on the board in the irst half as the experienced player took advantage of the wind to slot in two early penalty goals and a cheeky drop kick to give the eels a slim 5-0 lead at the half time break. With confidence on their side the eels charged again in the second half with the sides creative director Bobby Hansen scoring a brilliant try to give

the eels some breathing space – on the scoreboard at least, to stretch their lead to 11-0. the eels dominated in most facets of the game especially ball possession and territory however, the panthers import Fijian flyers were dangerous every time they got ball in hand and proved their worth in the panthers side. tupapa then scored their first try to really rev up their support and get themselves back in the game but were still trailing the eels 11-6. Another penalty shot by terry piri pushed out the eels score by two to 13-6 with his younger brother in the panthers, Conrad piri, also proving his talent with the boot by kicking in a penalty shot for his team to bring the scores to 13-8. A s e c o n d pa n t h e r s t r y brought them within a point of the eels score and the missed conversion kept them a point behind the eels 13-12 and brining supporters in both camps to their feet to cheer on their team as the clock wound down. With ball in hand, the eels charged the panthers again and once again terry piri potted in another cheeky drop goal that sent both eels players and supporters into frenzied celebra-

tions, but it was premature celebrations as the game still had minutes left in it. On attack, the panthers made the most of their strong import Fijian winger and the Eels confusion that the game might have been over. Within metres of their try line – the panthers spread the ball out wide to their waiting winger who broke through to down the controversial try of the evening to seal the deal for the panthers. some deemed the last pass before the try was a forward pass, however, the referee’s call is inal. It also proved that good investment pays off - which saw the 2013 league championship awarded to the tupapa panthers. - Matariki Wilson

bright future for rugby league—paGe 12

Tupapa Panthers captain Teinakore Herrmann with the 2013 club league championship title that he received on behalf of his team after beating the Avatiu Eels 16-14. 13060325 Tupapa’s strong import Fijian player carries his Eels tacklers in what was a ine display of speed and strength by the winger.

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