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$2 Thursday, May 23, 2013

MP champions healthy choices TITIkAvekA MP Selina Napa has her sights set on the growing issue of public health in the Paciic. As recently reported in the New Zealand Herald heart disease, diabetes and obesity have become the norm and Napa wants to do something about it. “I’ve always been passionate

about this particular area,” says Napa. “I made a vow that I’d like to champion the healthy active lifestyle,” she says. It’s a big task, but the rookie parliamentarian may just have the credentials, especially when one looks at her illustrious netball career, which spanned over

HOM appointment process underway The process of illing in the top jobs at four government ofices is inally getting underway after being delayed due to ongoing budget negotiations. “The delay is mainly due to my involvement in the budget process,” said Public Service Commissioner Russell Thomas. “This is now almost completed. I can now focus on the head of ministries (HOMs) selection process.” On Wednesday, Thomas said he has just started the shortlisting and putting panels in place. “I am hoping to complete the whole process with my report to cabinet by mid-June. Cabinet will determine and an announcement will be made thereafter,” said Thomas. Incumbent secretaries at the Ministries of Marine Resources (MMR), Foreign Affairs and Immigration (MFAI), Infrastructure and Planning (MOIP), and the chief executive of the Ofice of the Public Service Commissioner (OPSC) have come to the end of their two year contracts. The OPSC is now looking to

ill these roles, but incumbents also have the option to re-apply. Successful applicants are ultimately appointed by the prime minister and cabinet based on the selection panel’s recommendations. “All I can say at this stage is that I’ve received a good number of application for all positions except the Ministry of Marine Resources,” said Thomas. Currently sitting in the advertised roles are Mac Mokoroa at MOIP, Ben Ponia at MMR, Jim Gosselin at MFAI, and chief executive Priscilla Maruariki at the OPSM. A government official with the Prime Minister’s ofice said he expects the budget process to by inalised Wednesday. The deadline for interested applicants was May 9. Advertised terms of employment for all four positions are scheduled to start July 1 and run until end of June 2015, however it’s unclear whether the delayed process will affect these terms. - Emmanuel Samoglou

three decades. Napa, a mother of three children, hopes to spread her knowledge about eating healthy -- something she learned about while playing sports. One aspect she points out is the Cook Island’s food supply. She’s supportive of the government’s efforts to make pawpaw the ‘icon produce’ of the Cook Islands, but also wants government efforts to span beyond just a single crop. Corn, beetroot, cabbage, beans, tomatoes, and melons grow well here in the Cooks, Napa says. She thinks the same efforts towards paw-paw can be applied toward other fruits and

vegetables, and can also supply the domestic market 365 days a year, thus avoiding excessive reliance on imports. “That is our problem,” says Napa. “We cannot supply the market year-round.” Last month at the Pacific Parliamentary Forum in Wellington, which Napa attended, a Samoan MP laid blame for unhealthy diets and exports of fatty meats on New Zealand authorities, but she doesn’t feel that is fair, saying Cook Islanders are free to make better decisions. “I’d like to think it’s about time we said no to the quality of stuff that gets here,” she said.

One area she mentioned where New Zealand officials could be taken to task is centred around an aspect of trade policy. She said NZ potatoes often arrive rotten and covered in sand and dirt. “They would never accept our taro like that,” she said. Napa also likes the idea of agricultural co-operatives that can pool locally-grown products together and sell collaboratively. Promoting opportunities in agriculture, and putting proper programmes in schools are also areas where the government can help to promote the healthy active lifestyle, she says. - Emmanuel Samoglou

Titikaveka mP selina napa.

Teurukura Ariki invested

Fuel prices drop A PRICe order for fuel imported by Triad Petroleum has resulted in a decrease in the cost of fuel from its retailers. The cost of petrol at the pump dropped eight cents on Rarotonga as of Saturday to $2.53 per litre, while the retail price of diesel has dropped by 12 cents to $2.28 per litre. Prices have also dropped in the outer islands accordingly, with the cost of petrol down to

$2.80 per litre for the southern group, and $2.86 per litre for the northern group. Diesel now retails at $2.59 per litre in the southern group and $2.65 in islands in the northern group. The price of fuel is based on import prices, which are reviewed by the Price Tribunal in conjunction with suppliers Triad Paciic Petroleum and Toa Petroleum. - Briar Douglas


THeRe WAS an island-wide celebration on Aitutaki yesterday for the investiture of Makirau Haurua with the Teurukura Ariki title. Teurukura Ariki is one of four

paramount chiefs on the island of Aitutaki from the village of Reureu. After his own investiture – Teurukura Ariki’s first task as chief was to invest five tribe

members with Mataiapo titles. The whole island turned out for the investiture and this photo was captured by Aitutaki businessman Mike Henry. A detailed report on the in-

vestitures and more photos by Henry will be published in tommorow’s issue of Cook Islands News. - Matariki Wilson

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worldNeWs nuti no TeIA NeI Ao Chicken cake on his birthday A FAMOUS north Australian resident turned 110 this week – but there was no letter from the Queen. Instead, Cassius the crocodile had to make do with a cake made of chickens. And it took him 20 seconds to devour the 20kg meat cake topped with candles. The 5.48m giant reptile normally eats about one kilogram of chicken and ish a day. Cassius is the world’s biggest crocodile. In captivity, at least. His exact age isn’t really known but keepers at Marineland Melanesia estimated his age at about 110 and decided it was time to celebrate anyway.

Babies die in tornado Mayer vows to push through law requiring shelters in new houses MOORe – Two babies are among

the 24 fatalities from the tornado that tore through suburbs of Oklahoma City, oficials say, as residents begin the daunting task of rebuilding their lives in the wake of the catastrophe. Ten children – including a pair of infants four and seven months old – perished in Monday’s ierce twister that steamrolled entire neighbourhoods and two schools in the suburb of Moore. The mayor of the tornadodevastated town of Moore in

world BRIeFS FBI SHOOT BOSTON BOMBER’S FRIEND USA – An FBI agent has shot dead a Florida man being questioned about last month’s Boston Marathon bombings in the United States. The shooting took place early on Wednesday as the man of chechen origin was being questioned about his connection to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of two chechen brothers suspected of carrying out the bombings which killed three people and injured 264 on April 15. The FBI said the man initiated a “violent confrontation” and a special agent responded with “deadly force.” The man was killed and the special agent was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.” A friend of the dead man identiied him to local media as 27-year-old Ibragim Todashev, who had previously lived in Boston and knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

NORTH KOREA SENDS ENVOY TO CHINA cHINA – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has sent a special envoy to Beijing amid cooling relations between the neighbouring nations. Choe Ryong-hae, a top military oicial, lew to the chinese capital on Wednesday. The visit comes amid an apparent toughening of Beijing’s stance in the wake of Pyongyang’s third nuclear test. The visit follows weeks of high tension on the Korean peninsula. china is North Korea’s biggest trading partner and closest ally. It has traditionally sought to maintain stability in North Korea, avoiding any crisis that could trigger the fall of the regime and propel a low of refugees across the border.

MANY wOMEN IN jAIl FOR ‘MORAl CRIMES’ AFGHANISTAN – campaign group Human Rights Watch says the number of women and girls in Afghanistan imprisoned for “moral crimes” has risen dramatically in the past 18 months. The group says many are jailed for running away from home, often from forced marriages or domestic violence. Others are behind bars as a result of alleged adultery, often involving rape. The government should “get tough on abusers of women and stop blaming women who are crime victims”, the group said. It said 600 women and girls were now imprisoned for “moral crimes”, the highest since the US-led overthrow of the Taliban 12 years ago. About 110 of those were girls under 18.

ElEPHANTS HUNTED wITH wAR wEAPONS AFRIcA – The United Nations says armed groups in central Africa are using powerful weapons, some of which may be left over from the civil war in Libya, to kill elephants for their ivory. In a report to the UN Security council, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says elephant poaching is a growing security concern, particularly in cameroon, the central African Republic, chad and Gabon. Ban says the illegal trade in ivory may be an important source of funding for armed groups, including warlord fugitive Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army. “The concern is that poachers are using more and more sophisticated and powerful weapons, some of which, it is believed, might be originating from the fallout in Libya,” his report said.

Oklahoma has vowed to push for a new law on shelters, after a huge twister there killed at least 24 of its residents. Glenn Lewis said he would propose an ordinance requiring a reinforced shelter to be built in every new home. volunteers are now engaged in a recovery mission and are delivering supplies and helping people ind accommodation. The White House says that President Barack Obama will travel to Moore on Sunday. The Oklahoma medical examiner’s ofice said 23 of the 24 victims had now been identified and that 10 of them were children. Oficials are still searching for six adults who have not yet been accounted for. Between 12,000 and 13,000 homes were destroyed or damaged, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett said. Moore’s Mayor Lewis said he would propose the shelter ordinance in the next few days. The law would require a storm shelter or safe room in all single- and multi-family homes and could be in place in a few months. An underground safe room can cost several thousand dollars. More than 100 schools in Oklahoma had been provided with state-funded safe rooms. But Plaza Towers elementary – where seven of the children killed in the tornado died – and one other school hit by the storm, Briarwood elementary, did not. The tornado ripped the roof off Plaza Towers elementary and knocked down walls as students and teachers cowered in hallways and bathrooms. The tornado, which the National Weather Service has now listed as an eF-5 – the most powerful type on the Fujita scale – destroyed entire blocks of Moore, a city suburb of 56,000 people on the edge metropolitan Oklahoma City. - BBC

A father and his daughter stand in disbelief as they try to ind anything worth salvaging from their tornado wrecked home. AFP

Soldier hacked to death

LONDON – A British soldier was hacked to death in south east London metres away from his barracks by two machetewielding men ranting “we swear by almighty Allah we will never stop ighting you”. In extraordinary broad daylight scenes in Woolwich, the men allegedly tried to hack the man’s head off while having the crime filmed then waited 20 minutes for police to turn up before charging at them with meat cleavers, knives and a hand gun. Both men, shouting “Allah Akbar” or “God is great” in Arabic, were shot by police snipers, including a female oficer, and are now in hospital under guard, both in a serious

but stable conditions. The government last night convened the “Cobra” committee, including emergency services leaders, to co-ordinate a response to the unprecedented incident which is being described as a terrorist attack. Prime Minister David Cameron, who was in Paris meeting his counterpart and had to rush back to London last night, described the crime as “sickening” and an appalling murder as he summoned his emergency Cobra ministers. He said it was a “terrorist incident”. “We have suffered these attacks before, we have always beaten them back,” Cameron said. “We will not be cowed, we

will never buckle.” Witnesses have given terrifying accounts of what they saw on the main street in the suburb at 2.20pm, describing two black men as they chopped at the victim, believed to be a young soldier, “like a piece of meat”. “They were hacking at this poor guy, literally,” said one witness, identiied only as James as he fought back tears. “They were hacking at him, chopping him, cutting him. These two guys were crazed.” The men, James described as animals, then apparently stood around the body and demanded shocked witnesses take photographs of them. - BBC

Captive women recovering C L e v e LA N D – T h e t h r e e

women rescued from a house in Cleveland want everyone to know they are doing fine and appreciate offers of help. The message was relayed in a letter released on Tuesday by their attorneys. The letter said Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle knight are happy and safe. A charity fund to help the women

has raised more than $650,000 from more than 6800 donors. “These three brave women have asked us to give this message to everyone who has expressed concern and support,’’ said the attorneys, who are representing the women for free. “Amanda, Gina and Michelle want you to know they are doing well. They are happy and safe and continue to heal, a process

that requires time and privacy. “To have complete strangers offer loving support in the form of money, goods and services, reaching out to help like a family member, is appreciated in ways that are impossible to put into words.’’ Ariel Castro, 52, has been charged with three counts of rape and four counts of kidnapping the women. - AAP

Catching a plane

ASSEMBlY ACTS ON TOIlET PAPER DROUgHT VENEZUELA – Venezuela’s National Assembly has backed plans to import 39 million rolls of toilet paper, in an efort to relieve a chronic shortage. Politicians voted to approve a $79 million credit for the country’s ministry of commerce, which will also be used to buy toothpaste and soap. The products are currently in short supply in Venezuelan shops. The oil-rich nation relies on imports, but currency controls have restricted its ability to pay for foreign goods. President Nicolas Maduro, who won a narrow majority in April’s presidential elections, maintains that the country’s periodic shortages of basic goods are the result of a conspiracy by the opposition and rich sectors of society.

Today’s Daily Bread For in him we live and move and have our being. As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring’.

read:read: 1 Johnmatthew 2:24-29 7:21-29

Text:Text: matthew acts 7:26 17:28 3:12

A team from London’s Metropolitan Police Force pulls an Airbus A320 during the fourth annual “Plane Pull” at JFK airport in New York. Teams of police oicers from London and New York, as well as state police troopers and airline employees race to move the Airbus A320 jet 30 metres in the fastest time during the annual competition to raise funds for a children’s cancer charity. AFP


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A picture in green SINGLE BURNER WITH CASE




57.00 Single

$18 Double $36 Triple $57



Was $899 now $499

Was $75 now $45


$2.50 per metre








ToKYo – A Japanese cancer spe-

cialist has started the world’s first clinical trial of a nonsurgical, short-term radiation therapy for breast cancer. The National Institute of Radiological Sciences has begun the trial using “heavy ion radiotherapy” which emits a pinpoint beam that can be accurately directed at malignant cells, said kumiko karasawa, radiation oncologist and breast cancer specialist. The study was launched amid renewed global interest in breast cancer and its treatment after Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie revealed she had undergone a preventative double mastectomy. Heavy ion radiotherapy has proved effective in combating other forms of cancer that have not spread, Dr karasawa said. “We are able to conduct this trial because we have greater understanding of what types of breast cancer can beneit from

this pinpoint treatment,” Dr karasawa said. Development of a medical apparatus that keeps soft breast tissue immobile for this treatment has also helped, she added. Japan is a leader in the technology used in the treatment, and is home to three of the world’s six medical centres that have the gigantic 10-billion-yen ($US97 million) facilities, Dr karasawa said. The therapy has proved its worth on other forms of cancer, including prostate and lung, kyodo News said, but has never before been used on breast cancer. Conventional radiotherapy uses X-rays and gamma rays that are most potent at the surface of the body, but weaken as they travel deeper into the tissue. Heavy ion particle beams maintain their strength to a much greater depth. In the trial, Dr karasawa will treat a total of 20 patients aged

at least 60 and with small tumours that have not spread. The patients will go through an hour of therapy per day for four days, much shorter than conventional radiation therapy that may last for months, Dr karasawa said. The trial will follow the patients for ive years to assess the outcome, she said. “Ultimately, this could provide an option for patients who do not want surgery and who cannot go through radiation therapy requiring regular visits to clinics for months,” she said. Japan, which has a high-quality medical system, has a good track record with breast cancer, giving patients a 90 per cent ive-year survival rate. Localised and less invasive medical treatments are increasingly important as ageing Japan tries to reduce the physical burden for patients, the national institute said in a statement. - AFP






now $21




Was from



now $140





now $1650


New cancer treatment


now from $122.50


Chinese actress Zhang Yuqi poses for the paparazzi as she arrives for the screening of the ilm ‘The Great Gatsby’ at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. The Cannes movie star and celebrity extravaganza will climax on May 26 with awards selected by a jury headed this year by Hollywood legend steven spielberg. AFP


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Thursday, May 23, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWs nuti no Te pA eNUA

Mine collapse death toll now 28 Workers continue protest as last bodies recovered from Papua mine GRASBeRG MINe – Rescuers

have recovered the last seven bodies from a collapsed mine tunnel in Indonesia’s Papua province, taking the accident’s inal toll to 28. The fatal mining accident in the mountains of Tembagapura in Irian Jaya – the most easterly of Indonesia’s provinces – has

attracted scant coverage from the world’s media, despite the death toll being higher than this week’s Oklahoma tornado tragedy. A statement from the Indonesian subsidiary of Freeport-McMoRan says all victims have now been recovered and identiied. The rescue team “recovered

paciic BRIeFS REgIME lEADER wON’T ‘TOlERATE TROUBlE’ FIJI – Fiji regime leader commodore Frank Bainimarama says the regime is not monitoring political activity but it is keeping an eye on anything that might provoke unrest. He says the most important thing right now is to keep the peace, maintain stability and protect Fiji’s economy and jobs. Bainimarama says Fiji’s security forces as in any country are keeping a watch and certain things will not be tolerated. He told Radio Tarana politicians can say whatever they like as long as they don’t provoke unrest. “I’ve promised to be tough with anyone who causes trouble and I will be. That’s my solemn duty as prime minister to guarantee and protect the security of ordinary people and I take it very seriously.” Bainimarama says trouble in the past, as in Suva in 2000 when shops were set alight, will never happen again.

and identified the last of the remains of the buried workers early this morning ( Wednesday local time)”, the statement said. Thirty-eight workers were initially trapped on May 14 when part of an underground safety training tunnel caved in at Freeport’s Grasberg mine, one of the world’s biggest gold and copper mines. Ten people were recovered alive soon afterwards but early rescue efforts of those still trapped were hampered by the narrow tunnel and unstable conditions, with rocks continuing to fall from the roof. Freeport has declared a day of mourning and said memorial services would be held in its Jakarta ofice and at the mine site in West Papua. “This is a heart-wrenching thing for Freeport,” Richard Adkerson, the company’s president and chief executive, said. “We will not rest until we are assured that we understand the reasons for this tragic event,” he said. Adkerson flew to the Papua site on the weekend to meet

‘This is a heartwrenching thing for Freeport. We will not rest until we are assured that we understand the reasons for this tragic event.’ families of the deceased. He said an outside investiga tion team made up of Indonesian and international experts was being assembled to investigate the accident. Freeport has as yet given no indication why the tunnel caved in. Operations have been halted at the mine for a week partly to help with rescue efforts and also as a mark of respect for those affected by the accident. The head of Freeport’s local subsidiary, Rozik Soetjipto, said it was not clear when they would resume. Freeport has stockpiles of gold and copper at the mine

that it is using to meet existing orders during the disruption to production. Soetjipto said safety was being reviewed at all of Freeport’s operations in Indonesia. energy Minister Jero Wacik said the government will carry out its own probe into the Grasberg accident and that mines across the country will undergo safety checks. Workers at the site who have been protesting at the mine for the past week demanding safer conditions were still blocking a road on Wednesday with trucks and heavy machinery. The tunnel was part of an underground training facility, not one of the mining areas. Those trapped inside at the time were attending a safety training course. A three-month strike in 2011 crippled production at Grasberg, and around the same time there was a spate of deadly shootings at the mine. Indonesia’s president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said he had ordered two cabinet ministers to personally investigate the

accident, but requests for them to visit the scene were rejected by the company because rescue efforts were still underway. “I will continue to order ministers to ind out what has to be done to ensure safety in the future,” President Yudhoyono said. More than 20,000 workers are employed at the mine which has repeatedly been targeted by arson attacks, roadside bombs and blockades since production began in the 1970s. To support the mine and its workforce Freeport has built an airport, a port at Amamapare, 119km of access road, a tramway, hospital, housing, schools and other facilities. The workings comprise an open pit mine, an underground mine and four concentrators. The open pit mine forms a 1.6 kilometre-wide crater at the surface. With the open pit forecast to be exhausted in 2015, arrangements are well underway for the planned transition to a fully underground production. - AFP/PNC

STRIKE PROTEST BlOCKS ACCESS TO PORT NEW cALEdONIA – The New caledonian union group protesting against the high cost of living has blocked access to the port of Noumea. The port is the latest target of what it calls a general strike launched last Wednesday. The protest began with a huge march to seat of the government which on Friday announced it planned to drop tarifs on food stufs from non-European Union countries. On Tuesday, the strike prompted about 2500 people in the north of the main island to take to the streets, calling for lower prices. The protest action was called after the unions accused the government of failing to implement reforms agreed on following unprecedented territory-wide demonstrations two years ago.

FIjI TO EXPORT PHARMACEUTICAlS FIJI – Fiji has signed an agreement to supply pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to eight other Paciic countries. FBC News reports the Fiji Pharmaceutical service has made the deal with countries including Nauru, Tuvalu and Kiribati. Nauru’s High commissioner to Fiji, Jarden Kephas, says the country has traditionally turned to Australia to help source medicine, but Fiji was able to do the same job for a lot less money. Earlier this month, the FPS announced a proit of $US237,000 in its bulk purchase scheme.

NORFOlK RElAXES IMMIgRATION RUlES NORFOLK ISLANd –Norfolk Island has freed up its entry and residency rules for Australians and New Zealanders. changes to the immigration rules were assented to on Wednesday which mean Australian and New Zealand citizens no longer have to apply for a permit to visit and there are easier rules around residency. The Australian territory has a degree of self-government including separate immigration controls from the mainland. The island’s administrator Neil Pope says there is no longer the onerous task of submitting inancials or waiting a set number of years in order to become a resident. But he says they must join the healthcare scheme and be of good character. The change comes as part of a deal with Australia to improve the island’s fragile economy.

PASTORS ACCCUSED OF STEAlINg FUNDS TONGA – One of the leaders of the Free Wesleyan church in Tonga says pastors allegedly found to have been misappropriating thousands of dollars in church funds will be held to account. The eight, one pastor from Eu’a, one from Vava’u and the others from Nuku’alofa remain with their parishes but on suspended duties. Auditors reported a total of more than half a million paanga, or $US344,000, is missing from church accounts. The director of clergy says when this was discovered, he approached each of the pastors individually, but all denied taking the money.

INQUIRY INTO PRISON SEX AllEgATIONS PAPUA NEW GUINEA – There is to be an investigation regarding the implications relating to the Papua New Guinea corrections oicer who was suspended for producing an internal report of sexual impropriety in the correctional Services. Minister for correctional Services Jim Simatab said that injustice was done to the oicer when he was suspended after he completed an internal report on alleged sexual impropriety in Port Moresby’s Bomana jail. Simatab said the oicer was highly regarded by the commissioner when he was appointed as an internal investigator to probe the allegations of Bomana prison sex indecency as well as illegal behaviour in prison facilities last year. The minister said he would personally direct an investigation into the oicer’s suspension.

The open pit Grasberg mine in West Papua was originally a 4100m-high mountain which has been mined down to 3000 metres.

Two Nauruan men missing at sea NAURU – There are growing fears for the safety of two young Nauruan ishermen who went missing at sea more than a week ago. Seventeen-year-old Stephen Deduna and 20-year-old Dakron Ratabwiy were last seen when they went out ishsing in a 4.5 metre aluminium boat on Tuesday May 14. The pair had made arrangements to meet another group of ishermen that morning, but they failed to make the rendezvous and there have been no conirmed sightings since. Nauru’s Police Commissioner Richard Britten said all boats around Nauru and all aircraft lying in and out of the country have been asked to watch for the

‘Around the Paciic this happens quite regularly and ishermen are located after two or three weeks, sometimes even seven weeks after they’ve been lost.’ small boat. He says currents in the area would have taken a drifting boat westward, toward Palau and the Caroline Islands. Commissioner Britten says

the oficial search was called off on the evening of Friday, May 17, because by that time the men would have drifted too far from Nauru for authorities to be able to ind them. On the irst day of the search authorities found a cooler box lid identified as belonging to the missing boat, but Commissioner Britten says that does not indicate the boat had necessarily sunk. “It was certainly rough on that particular day – so it’s quite possible the lid may have blown out of the boat and into the water rather than the two ishermen coming to grief and the boat sinking. “At this stage I would presume that if the boat had sunk

we would have found more than just that esky lid,” he said. Commissioner Britten says Nauru appealed to Australia and New Zealand for help conducting an aerial search for the men, but he says he was told that no planes were available. However, he says the Australian Maritime Safety Authority did send an alert to all ships in the area, alerting them to the ishing boat’s disappearance. The commissioner says he still hopes the men will be found alive. “Around the Paciic this happens quite regularly and fishermen are located after two or three weeks, sometimes even seven weeks after they’ve been lost,” he said. - ABC


Thursday, May 23, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWs nuti no Te pA eNUA

Babies as young as 15 months obese Study inds no genetic cause for obesity within Paciic populations AMeRICAN SAMOA – A US study has found some American Samoan babies as young as 15 months are being classiied as obese. The Brown University study of 800 babies born in American Samoa between 2001 and 2008 found 23.3 per cent of boys and 16.7 per cent of girls were obese by 15 months of age. The study of the babies carried in the womb to around 3742 weeks also found a further 16.1 per cent of boys and 14 per cent of girls were overweight.

Dr Nicola Hawley, a postdoctoral research fellow in the Alpert Medical School at Brown University, said an important factor in preventing obesity in infants is ensuring a healthy diet for both the mother and baby. “A high priority for us is to really start educating women about what their pregnancy diet should look like, and about being a healthy weight pre-pregnancy if possible, because that gives the baby the best chance of a good outcome,” she said.

“Most of the growth that a baby experiences in life is really related to the energy that they are consuming rather than the calories that they’re burning because babies don’t exercise particularly.” The study sees a link between formula milk and obesity in boys, with 38.6 per cent of formula-fed boys found to be obese at 15 months, compared to 23.4 per cent of breast-fed boys being obese. “Breastfeeding is protective against obesity developing very early on in life,” she said. However, the link is not substantiated among girls. “For some reason, we don’t

see the link in girls and so the research that we’re currently doing in American Samoa is trying to unpick that relationship a little bit and understand why we don’t see it in girls as much as boys,” Dr Hawley said. The study says the westernisation of Paciic island cultures has contributed to a sharp increase in obesity in American Samoa, as communities are leading a more sedentary, calorierich lifestyle rather than relying on fishing and agriculture for subsistence. There is currently no evidence that suggests genetics are playing a signiicant role in the obesity issue.

Samoa ready to move on up APIA – Samoa is ready to upgrade from its “Lesser Developed Country” (LDC) status, despite Samoa’s economic woes, according to shadow Finance minister Afualo Dr Wood Salele. Graduation to Developing Nation status is long overdue, he says, “One of the good things for me, as an economist, all of these so called beneits that have been issued under the LDC status, will no longer be there.” “It does not necessarily mean that we will be neglected. Samoa can now move up to the developing states,” he said. His only concern about the transition is whether Samoa is in a position to pay back almost $1 billion in external debt.

“There is so much debt now it would be really, really hard for us to service that,” he said. According to CDP, the UN’s Committee for Development Policy, the LDC category was created to recognise the need to alleviate problems of underdevelopment. Last year, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi said that Samoa was proud to be graduating from LDC status. But concerns remain, “The case for small islands developing states applies to all regardless of economic status as they would still be small, isolated and highly vulnerable.” With other small island developing states also set to graduate

from LDC status, “I think that there is a very strong case for the world to formally recognise this group as a separate development category.” CDP oficials agree with the Tuilaepa comments saying countries graduating from the list are understandably concerned about the possible loss of beneits. “Smooth transition mechanisms aim to alleviate the concerns of graduating countries and avoid disruptions and reversal in the progress achieved by these countries,” reads a report from committee oficials. “Graduation does not mean that the need for international support vanishes, but that the

nature of the support provided should relect the developmental progress,” the report reads. Afualo sees a more optimistic role for Samoa after the status upgrade. He says it is now time for Samoa to start giving back. “All these years of being an LDC we have been the recipient of money from our donor friends New Zealand, Australia, Japan, the USA and China,” he says. “We have been at the receiving end all these years.” As a strong Christian, he believes that once Samoa begins to give back it will be blessed. “The teachings of Christ say – give and it shall be given and the blessing will be upon those who give.” - Samoa Observer

Defence to focus on Asia-Paciic US and Australia plan to renew military focus on ‘Indo-Paciic arc’ WASHINGTON – Australia’s

defence minister says the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan next year will mean a greater focus for Australia on the Paciic and in Asia. Smith is in Washington, where he has held talks with the new US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel. He’s told Australia Network’s Newsline the talks focused on issues including the drawdown of troops from Afghanistan which he says will give Australia a renewed regional focus. “Our immediate are of responsibility and operation is the South Paciic and Timor Leste, and also South east Asia,” the

Australian defence minister said. “With the drawdown from Afghanistan we’ve got the chance now to enhance the exercise, the training and our collaboration with the South Paciic and South east Asia, and that will be very important to us as we go forward.” Smith’s visit comes in the wake of the 2013 Defence White Paper, which spells out strategic priorities focusing on the IndoPaciic region. He says the United States is also examining its engagement with the ‘Indo-Paciic arc’. “The arc that stretches from the United States Paciic coast-

line – as one wag has put to me, from Hollywood to Bollywood,” he said. “It reflects the fact that not only do we see two great powers – the United States and China, but that down the track we’ll see three great powers – the United States, China and India.” “It just relects the fact that economic weight, strategic weight, military weight is moving to our part of the world.” Smith’s US visit follows recent talks with Paciic military leaders in Tonga, which some analysts have speculated may have been aimed at addressing China’s growing influence in the region. He says the role of Chinese inluence in bringing about those talks is overstated. “It’s the first time that de-

fence ministers in the South Paciic – Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Papua New Guinea – we also invited Chile which is a Paciic country, and also France because of its interest in the Paciic itself – and met formally for the irst time,” he said. “I think it really relects that having spent more than 10 years with overseas operations in Afghanistan and peace stabilisation missions in the Solomons Islands and Timor Leste, it was a chance to go back to home base. “Some people interpret all of what we do as aimed at China –it’s not. “China is free to pursue its interest in the Paciic, just as its free to pursue its interests in the Indo-Paciic more generally.” - ABC

Self-determination poll planned PAPeeTe – French Polynesia’s

newly elected President, Gaston Flosse, says he wants to hold a referendum on selfdetermination after the UN decided at the weekend to reinscribe the territory on the decolonisation list. The decision by the General Assembly has stunned his party, which triumphed in this month’s territorial election. Gaston Flosse says he is planning such a referendum to be held according to a time line to be decided by the French Presi-

dent, Francois Hollande. Paris denounced the re-inscription as blatant interference and a failure to understand the democratic choice of French Polynesia. Flosse also insists that he will ight any bid to restrict voting rights to long-term residents as suggested by his political rival Oscar Temaru and as Paris agreed to in the case of New Caledonia. Temaru says in 1947 France had taken French Polynesia off the list without consultation.

And he says before Hollande became president, the two had signed a convention, recognising the right to self-determination of the people of Maohi Nui. Temaru, now the leader of French Polynesia’s opposition Union For Democracy, has denied claims the issue was one of the reasons behind his party’s defeat in this month’s territorial election. Temaru says the return of French Polynesia to the UN’s decolonisation list is not purely symbolic and he plans to partici-

pate in the Special Committee on Decolonisation conference to be held in Quito, equador on May 30. Temaru wants to have a referendum on decolonisation in 2018 run by the UN. He also suggests a public education program on the importance of self-determination for the nation. “Our role for the moment would be to educate our people about the meaning of a country that is self-determined.” - RNZI

“Right now, we are not able to say that there is anything genetically speciic to Polynesian individuals that make them more susceptible to obesity than any other population,” Dr Hawley said. She says that with even babies who were undernourished at birth experiencing rapid weight gain as infants, action is needed

to help curb American Samoa’s obesity epidemic. “Research really tells us that those babies who are overweight as infants are more likely to be overweight as children, and then as adults. Nipping this in the bud as early as possible in life should be a key aim for anybody’s who’s working in public health around obesity.” - ABC

Athletes excel

SUvA – For the irst time in Fiji’s

athletics history, five athletes have qualiied on merit to compete at the IAAF World Youth Championship. Making the cut are runners Aaron Powell (100m/200m), Jacob Waqanivalu (100m/200m), Batinisavu Uluiyata (200m/400m), Saula Nadrakoro (400m) and Danni Alakija (200m/400m). Although the usual quota is for one athlete from each country to attend the games, this year Fiji became the only nation in the Paciic region to have multiple athletes qualify on merit. President of Fiji Athletics Albert Miller said many of the nation’s up-and-coming athletes are emerging from Fiji’s secondary school system.

“We have an abundance of talent coming out of the school system. More than 90 per cent of our athletes that went to the 2011 Paciic Games in New Caledonia were all secondary school kids,” Miller said. There are also improved facilities and a more professional coaching system in place in the secondary schools. “We’ve had a great increase in the number of certiied coaches within the school system,” he said. “Now, with the brand new, renovated facilities, we have a national stadium, and finally these kids are starting to really show their talent.” The IAAF championship event is being held in Donetsk, Ukraine in July. - ABC

Accused of fraud porT MOReSBY – A controversial Papua New Guinean businessman has been charged with more fraud offences after returning from an extended stay in Australia. eremas Wartoto appeared in a Port Moresby court on Tuesday charged with two offences – conspiracy to defraud and false pretence – regarding the use of a government grant of more than $4.6 million to set up an airline. The magistrate said Wartoto was accused of conspiring with former planning minister Paul Tiensten to misuse the funds. Wartoto had been living in Australia since 2011 after he was charged with misappropriating a $3 million PNG government grant to rebuild a high school.

He returned to PNG after it was revealed earlier this month that he had been living in Cairns on a 457 visa, which Australia’s foreign minister Bob Carr has since cancelled. Outside the court Wartoto denied he had been hiding in Australia. “No way. I pay taxes in Australia,” he said. Courts in both PNG and Australia have ordered the seizure of Wartoto’s Australian bank accounts while investigations continue. Several properties in Queensland have also been seized. Wartoto has been released on bail and Tuesday’s court hearing has been adjourned to July. - ABC

No police conferences APIA – New police procedures

for handling media queries are frustrating Samoa’s media. Last week the Samoa Observer emailed a series of questions as per the new procedure to the Ministry of Police. The questions concerned recent developments regarding a container of smuggled alcohol. Questions were sent on May 15 to an email address provided by the Police Commissioner’s secretary. Four days later, at press time, there was still no reply from the Commissioner’s ofice, the newspaper says. Previously, police held weekly press conferences and answered media questions on a regular basis. However this approach ended after a warning from the ofice of the Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi. Regional media monitor the

Pacific Freedom Forum has questioned the actions of the Samoan prime minister. “Pacific Freedom Forum regrets hearing news of the cancellation, and the apparent lack of due process in seeing the press conference dropped”, said PFF Chair Titi Gabi. “Police should be seen to make their own decisions, and not open to influence from governments of the day when it comes to a free low of information,” she says. Observer editor Mata’afa keni Lesa earlier said, “The idea that the police will now only communicate with the media through press releases is a step backwards in terms of transparency and open communication. “So who is the genius who told the Prime Minister about advising the Ministry of Police to issue press releases?” - Samoa Observer


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localNeWs nuti no roto i te IpUKAreA

The tide is coming in again for Labour FOXSHOTS

Derek Fox reports from Aotearoa A regular opinion column by Maori journalist and broadcaster Derek Fox. THe RACe is on to find a new

Member of Parliament for the Ikaroa-Rawhiti seat left vacant by the death of Parekura Horomia, the big man from Tolaga Bay who’d held it since 1999. Three parties will contest the seat – Labour and the Mana and

Maori Parties - but really only one has any chance of winning it, Labour. They’ll get quite a big sympathy vote for Parekura, but just as it was in 1999, the tide is coming in again for Labour. For ive years they’ve been in the wilderness after an unprecedented nine years in government. In Aotearoa we tend to vote governments out. We get hoha with them and they tend to get a bit stale too. And while commentators seem to be mesmerized by the polls and the gap between National and Labour, they’re wrong; the real match up is between the numbers for National and their allies – ACT, the Maori Party and Peter Dunne – and the parties in opposition; Labour, the Greens, New Zealand First and Hone Harawira. There are only one or two seats in it. Peter Dunne has demonstrated that he’ll hop into bed with anyone politically speaking, and the Maori Party could do the same. Winston Peters – as usual – is keeping his powder dry – but there’s more fun to be had on the Treasury benches than across the way, and besides in govern-

ment you get your hands on the cheque book; so maybe for the irst time since we elected to have the MMP electoral system, we might end up with a genuinely, properly negotiated coalition government. Normally a by-election can give you a clue about what might happen in the coming general election but it won’t in this case, National gave up contesting the Maori seats some time ago, so has NZ First; and that’s another reason why the Labour candidate – whoever she is – will be a shoe in. Non-Labour supporters have mostly left the Maori roll because the parties they favour no longer contest Maori seats, and there is little joy in watching a Labour candidate being elected time after time in their rohe. Parekura Horomia was a loyal soldier for Labour – too loyal maybe, especially with the Foreshore and Seabed legislation; but his tangi was a remarkable event. It was a political tangi, not just because of the politicians who turned up aplenty to pay their respects to one of their number who died in ofice, but there was iwi politics too. The Te

Aitanga-a-Hauiti people, from Tolaga Bay who claim they are a separate iwi, pointedly asserted their independence from Ngati Porou; and then there were the iwi who came by the busload to pay their inter-tribal respects, but also their respects to this man who as minister had trav-

elled so widely amongst them. They included the Maori king and his Tainui people, and the Paramount Chief of Ngati Tuwharetoa – Sir Tumu Te Heu Heu and his people, along with large contingents from Ngati kahungunu, Ngapuhi, Te Arawa and others. There was also a very

rare – at least in recent times – event which occurred when the Tuhoe people said - ‘kua ea’ it’s over – referring to a long standing historical grievance they’d had with Ngati Porou, and they used Parekura’s tangi to bury the hatchet, bringing an end to another era.

The late Parekura Horomia held the Ikaroa-Rawhiti seat since 1999.


Solidarity in communities is essential Dear editor, I would like to use this opportunity to commend the Cook Islands National HIv, STI and TB Committee (NHSTC) for hosting the 30th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial over the weekend, last Saturday. The memorial was hosted globally, and it felt good seeing many turn out for the early morning walk with candles. This year’s theme is solidarity,

and in solidarity the participants walked the early morning darkness to remember those who had passed away because of AIDS and those currently living with and affected by the virus. I understand there are a lot of critics who question such events relating to HIv and AIDS, with statements such as “there are no Cook Islanders living with the virus, so why celebrate or host such events?” or “there are more

better and pressing issues that need to be highlighted in the community rather than HIv and AIDS”. It is surprising to have such comments coming from our senior igures in the community. To be frank, there are Cook Islanders living with HIv overseas in New Zealand and Australia and we must accept the fact. Simple ignorance to such issues will only pave the way for

stigma and discrimination. It has already happened in the past with a locally reported case who was a foreigner, and the matter put the Cook Islands government to task. Cook Islanders are all vulnerable, and we must accept that fact and disassociate HIv as a foreign virus. Cook Islanders have been fortunate to have Maire Bopp who was the irst Paciic Islander

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or daily Monday to Saturday

to go public about her HIv status, thus establishing the then Pacific Island AIDS Foundation (PIAF) here in Rarotonga. Therefore, we should continue the positive work that PIAF and Maire Bopp established. Solidarity in communities is essential to reduce stigma and promote the involvement of people living with HIv in order to ensure a more effective HIv response. Only together as

Letters communities can we advocate for universal access to human rights and quality treatment, prevention, care and support services. Amber Sanders Paciic Media Communication for Development Consultancy

Managing Editor John Woods Financial Controller Liz Woods Deputy Editor Helen Greig Chief Reporter/Photojournalist Matariki Wilson Reporters Calida Smylie Rachel Reeves Online & Social Networking Editor Briar Douglas Advertising Accounts & Advertising Tangi Tauira Oice Manager Tere Joseph Reception Kura Tauira Oice staf Apii Tua Production Manager Tony Fe’ao Graphic Design & Layout Mahai Daniel Adam Tutuvanu Web Developer Daniel Rolls CIN.PRINT Sales & Marketing Maitland Christiansen Printers Dan Johnston Dennis Campos


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localNeWs nuti no roto i te IpUKAreA

Justice staff ‘overworked and underpaid’ THe MINISTRY of Justice has

released an annual report detailing the operations of the Court of Appeal and High Court that highlights the lack of resources in the country’s judicial system. “The court staff are generally over-worked and underresourced. As identiied in the business plan, staff are generally underpaid relative to other government servants,” the report said. The annual report also acknowledges complaints to the justice system regarding staff not replying to emails and other methods of correspondence, and the excessive burden placed on staff from the land jurisdiction of the court. “In part this relects the poor quality of land records and the need to undertake manual searching in many instances,” the report said. On Wednesday, acting registrar Marie Haupini reiterated

statements from the report. “We try to ask for more staff from the government,” she said. When asked if the government has responded to their appeal for more resources, Haupini said she hasn’t seen any acknowledgment of those requests. In a foreword to the report written by Prime Minister Henry Puna, he says “Despite the challenges of an ever-changing society, and the numerous constraints we face as a small island nation, the Ministry of Justice has continued to maintain access to justice as one of its main core functions.” “The government will continue to provide the necessary resources and support to ensure that the right of any individual to access justice is not adversely affected, or denied.” Justice ministry registrar Claudine Henry-Anguna said the report is meant to provide

detail for “key indicators and various other key performance data and results” for the period July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012. In a 2012 meeting, Chief Justices of participating countries of the Paciic Judicial Development Programme (PJDP) agreed to publish an annual report. The publication is part of that new initiative, which promotes a mandate of promoting justice, the rule of law, and good governance. Henry-Anguna said the Cook Islands is one of fourteen nations in the paciic region currently participating in the PJDP programme. The report, which is available to the public, also contains information from the designated period with details on the complaints process, case statistics, and personnel details on Judges of the Court of Appeal, Judges of the High Court, Judges of the Land Division of the High

Court, and Justices of the Peace (JPs). Two complaints about JPs were investigated by the Chief Justice and dealt with administratively, with one complaint concerning a JP dealt with by the HOM in conjunction with the Chief Justice. No complaints were filed concerning Judges, the report said. Staff dedicated to court mat-

ters included one registrar, two deputy registrars, four court oficers, two court administrators and two stenographers. Henry-Anguna said the PJDP is designed to promote a more effective justice system, and future reports from the ministry are expected to be more thorough. “The PJDP is meant to provide the mechanism for pro-

grammes promoting justice, the rule of law and good governance,” she said. “This is a baseline report and it is envisaged that future reports will contain more in-depth information of court business.” The PJDP is implemented by the Federal Court of Australia with funding support from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. - EM

Number of hearings for the year to june 2012: • Appeals - Usually two scheduled one-week sittings. Due to a shortage of appeals, the Court of Appeal sat only once and heard ive appeals. • High Court - Five scheduled sittings of the High Court of two weeks duration each presided over by Judges. There was an additional sitting of the High Court for Operation Eagle, with one week pre-trial hearing. • Land Court - Two sittings of three weeks duration each of the Land Division of the High Court. • JP Convened High Court Hearings - 48 weekly JP criminal call conducted on Thursdays, 17 single JP criminal defended court, 12 monthly civil call conducted on Fridays, 11 monthly triple JP criminal court conducted on Wednesdays, four-triple JP criminal defended court, 11 monthly Children’s Court conducted on Fridays, 18 Land Court (Of the 18, 13 were conducted in Rarotonga and ive in Aitutaki.) • High Court Appeals - 12 appeals were iled and 12 were determined.

Justice ministry shown here in better times during 2009’s Tiare Festival, are described as ‘overworked’ and ‘underpaid’. 13052217

Concern over Kia Orana calling cards A LOCAL man complained to Telecom after losing 40 minutes of calling card credit when the phone cut out – and while his call was eventually refunded, he is concerned other customers are having the same problem. Ngarima George, who now lives in Australia but has returned home for a holiday, used a kia Orana card from his landline to phone his wife at their home in Melbourne two weeks ago. The phone cut out after 20 minutes of conversation. With the one-hour card no longer valid, George called Telecom to enquire about the extra

40 minutes he had purchased. “The operator said my credit is inished. She said she can’t do anything and the problem is in Australia.” Telecom Cook Islands sales and marketing manager Damien Beddoes said Telecom cannot track how much of the call has taken place before the phone cuts out, so cannot refund part of a call to customers who experience this problem, and will not refund the entire call unless Telecom is at fault. He said Telecom offers an hour of talk time for calls to Australia, and that at this rate

the call – which is usually $1.22 per minute at daytime rates – becomes free after less than 10 minutes. George said after he persisted and told the Telecom operator he would go to the media, the operator eventually said “Papa, your credit of 40 minutes is still on”. “I said ‘Is that just because I said I’d go to the media?’ and they hung up,” said George. George is happy with the refunded time – which he said was 30 minutes rather than 40 – but is concerned other people are having the same problem.

“How many other Cook Islanders buy the card and are talking to their families and the phone just cuts off?” said George. George said he was refunded 30 minutes of calling time, but Beddoes said this is not possible and that Telecom can only refund the entire call through issuing a new card or providing credit to the caller’s account. Beddoes said he is aware of some similar complaints about the calling cards, but Telecom cannot generally refund calls that are cut off. He said there are many reasons a call can be cut

off that are outside of Telecom’s control that mostly affect calls to mobile phones, such as the receiver’s phone battery running out, or of the person accidentally ends the call or moves to an area with low signal coverage. “Calls from landlines to landlines overseas are more resilient and generally only cut out if there is a network outage.” Beddoes said Telecom investigates the cause of calls dropping out if a customer reports this, and said the customer will be refunded if Telecom is at fault. He did not know why

George’s particular call was refunded despite there being no network outage in the Cook Islands, but said Telecom will only refund the call if the problem was with the Telecom Cook Islands network. “We do refund if the Telecom Cook Islands network is at fault. In the case of mobile calls, we are advising customers that due to the many ways that the person they are calling can cut off their call, we will refund only the calls that are due to the Telecom Cook Islands network being at fault.” - Briar Douglas

Smoky tip hiding in plain sight A SMOke SIGNALLeR writes: “The environment Service, while worrying about red soil, drives by every day, just like we all do, past the permanent – and in my view – illegal tip across from edgewater Resort, next to that big pile of soil. I have noticed that every day trucks of rubbish of all kinds, including plastics of all kinds, are tipped there and burned, and the smoke usually goes across the road and into the resort. ‘Come to the Cook Islands for a good start on lung cancer’ – is that the theme? Would the director of the environment Service tell us just how many people the taxpayers are funding while such obvious violation of the law goes on?” SS: To protect people from the harmful effects of breathing toxic smoke, the Public Health Act makes it illegal to intentionally burn plastic waste and rubber – including tyres – without authorisation.

MAIN ROAD ‘SHUDDER BARS’ AN IRATe car passenger texted to 188 while

bouncing along Maire Nui Drive in Avarua on

Tuesday afternoon: “The three trench crossings on the main road are appalling. Three days in a row and no illing has been put in the trenches. Richard Neves [government’s inancial secretary] should tax someone for all the damage costs and cursing!”


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‘Islands’ ilm pushes boundaries

THe FILM Raro International Film Festival is on the horizon, and one ilm-maker has pushed the boundaries with a movie that has no dialogue or music. British ilm-maker Tajinder Hayer irst had the idea for the ilm – which he called ‘Islands’ – three years ago while studying ilm in england, when one of his tutors said to try writing something without dialogue. The story he came up with is a “story about love, and a quest for independence”, he said. The main character is a young woman named vaine who lives on an island and is in an oppressive relationship. She falls in love with a man on another island, and Hayer said the story is about the decisions she makes. He said creating a ilm without dialogue has its pros and cons. “It’s less of a challenge in that you don’t have to worry about the talking, but it’s more of a challenge in terms of, how do you tell the story with just pictures and sounds.” The movie is around 15 minutes long and has no words or music, but does contain “rhythmic sound” such as the sound of waves, he said. “It’s using the environment as rhythmic accompaniment.” The filming took place on Motu Oneroa in Muri – which Hayer said was a great setting for the movie, even if the crew left the set with a lot of mosquito bites. Hayer said he has learned a lot about the Cook Islands during the Film Raro experience, including the significance of

wearing a lower behind the left or right ear – something that features in the ilm. “I didn’t know before I came here that a flower behind the right ear means you’re single and behind the left ear means you’re married – it was useful information for the ilm.” Hayer is the co-writer and director of the ilm, and is part of a team of four who are collectively known as ‘The Four Beards’ due to their facial hair. The other members of the crew are cinematographer Scott Dulson, editor and irst assistant director Mark Bull, and Daryl Peat who put together the sound for the ilm. The four met while studying ilm at Shefield Hallam in england. Hayer has written for BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Peshkar Productions and Menagerie Theatre Company. He has taught on the Creative Writing degree at the University of Bradfordsince 2004. Film Raro is a cultural exchange organised by Auckland company Drum Productions Ltd, where six crews from around the world travel to Rarotonga and work with locals to make six short movies. The ilms will screen at the Film Raro International ilm Festival on Saturday May 25 from 6pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $4 for adults and $2 for children. A screening for ‘Islands’ will also take place in Auckland on May 30 at AUT University. - Briar Douglas

Three members of ‘The Four Beards’ ilm crew. Left to right: Scott Dulson, Tajinder Hayer and Mark Bull. 13052208/09

Picton Castle in search of new shipmates THe PICTON Castle may be a

classic-style sailing ship – but the current gender balance of its crew is progressive. Half of the Cook Island’s flagged sailing ship’s crew of 12 is female, including purser kate Addison who has picked up the nickname ‘Bob’ during her time on a previous ship. The name was born while Addison was sailing from Bristol on a medieval-style ship called the Matthew. Back in medieval times, no women were allowed to work on ships – so the crew gave female workers male nicknames. Nadja Nitschke, originally from Germany, is second mate

on the ship, while others such as Canadian volunteer Hayle Goertzen are working towards paid positions in the future. Goertzen has almost 2000 hours of experience on sailing ships, and will be leaving the Picton Castle in August to travel home and study for a shipping qualification – called a ‘Bridgewatch’ in Canada – that will upgrade her from volunteer status. The Picton Castle can carry up to 52 people, and 12 crew members is an unusually small number. Crew members leave the ship at various stages of her voyages, while new trainees are welcomed aboard.

The crew is currently in search of new shipmates for two voyages in June and July where she will deliver cargo to islands in the northern group before returning to Rarotonga. Interested people can contact Hanalei at Paciic Schooners on 24536 or email - Briar Douglas

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Canadian volunteer Hayle Goertzen (left) and Kate ‘Bob’ Addison – who hails from England – are part of the current Picton Castle crew. 13051901


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Moonboots collected for hospital some extra support, in the form of a collection of moonboots, knee braces, wrist guards and slings. The equipment was collected by eileen vaerua Metuatini, a receptionist at White Cross in Auckland who has family in Aitutaki. kate Worn from export company Samex collected the equipment from Whitecross, and it has been delivered to Rarotonga Hospital with help from CITC pharmacist Shannon Saunders. Hospital Comforts is a nongovernment organisation that has been running in the Cook Islands for more than 60 years. The initiative helps supply equipment to people who are sick or injured, the elderly, and people with disabilities, and provides ‘baby packs’ for new mothers. Annie Fisher from Hospital Comforts said the new gear will help injured people with their recovery. “It’s nice to be able to make things easier for people – you don’t know how vulnerable you are until you hurt yourself.” Saunders said the equipment can help injured people move around, and can be easier than having a cast because they can be easily removed if needed, such as for showering. Fisher said Hospital Comforts

relies on fundraising and donations, and needs those who use their equipment – which also includes crutches, wheelchairs and walkers – to return them when they no longer need them. Saunders said the initiative is also good for the environment, in line with CITC’s Go Green in Twenty13 campaign.

“People won’t reuse them, so we’re collecting them. Why not re-use them – can you imagine them going to landill? What a waste.” The irst moonboots were donated last year by export agency Samex Ltd representative Rob Donley and wife kate donated two moon boots, several wrist

feature in the hottest new music video today. Local musician kahiki Tehaamatai will be shooting part of his new music video for his popular song ‘Other side’ today at the reclaimed land behind the Punanga Nui Markets. To be shot by his brother Alessandro Brossollet, all people are asked to do is turn up as you are – in your school uni-

The equipment has been given to Rarotonga Hospital’s chief medical oficer Dr voi Solomone and chief nursing oficer Ngakiri Teaea, who will distribute them according to the needs that arise in Rarotonga or the outer islands. Hospital comforts ask for a refundable bond and a small

hiring fee for their equipment, and ask that people return the items after use. Those who have moonboots, slings, braces or similar equipment that they are no longer using are encouraged to contact Fisher on 23356 or Saunders on 29292. - Briar Douglas

Moonboots, braces and slings have been collected to give to those who need them when the hospital cannot provide such expensive equipment. Left to right: Annie Fisher, Ngakiri Teaea, Dr Voi Solomone and Shannon Saunders. 13052102

Video shoot on DON’T miss the opportunity to

supports and a back brace when they visited the Cooks last year. These, together with a moon shoe and cast cover for showering donated by Barbara Lawson of Lawson’s winery, were given by Saunders to Fisher to lend to people in the community where the hospital cannot supply such expensive assistance.

form, work clothes or your best club clothes. The crew is also asking everyone planning to rock up to the music video shoot to wear a pair of sunglasses and bring a kikau broom – you will ind out why when you turn up. kahiki, was born in Tahiti and raised in Rarotonga and has been based back on the island since 2003. Locals will be familiar with

kahiki’s music which he performs as a solo as well as with the reggae band ‘The Rhythms of the Moko’. kahiki and crew would like as many people as possible to congregate at the vacant land opposite the Punanga Nui Market from 3.30pm today and the shoot should wrap up around 6 o’clock. See you there! - Matariki Wilson



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Local musician Kahiki Tehaamatai wants you and your friends to join him at the reclaimed land behind the Punanga Nui Market to help shoot his new music video for his popular song ‘Other side’. 13052204



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MEN’S HEALTH AWARENESS (HEART DISEASES) HEART DISEASE CONSISTS OF A VARIETY OF DISEASES AFFECTING THE HEART. IT IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF EARLY DEATH FOR COOK ISLANDERS ESPECIALLY MEN. HEART FAILURE Heart failure, also called congestive heart failure is a condition that can result from any structural and functional cardiac disorder that impairs the ability of the heart to ill with or pump a suicient amount of blood throughout the body. CORONARY HEART DISEASE Coronary heart disease refers to the failure of the coronary circulation to supply adequate circulation to cardiac muscle and surroundingtissue.Anginapectoris(chestpain)andmyocardial infarction(heartattack)aresymptomsof,andconditionscaused by coronary heart disease CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE Is any of a number of speciic diseases that afect the heart itselfandorthebloodvesselsystem,especiallytheveinsandthe arteries leading to and from the heart. Research suggests that menwithcardiovasculardiseaseusuallysuferfromformsthat afect the heart muscle itself compared to women. Known or associatedcausesofcardiovasculardiseasesincludeDiabetes mellitus, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. HYPERTENSIVE HEART DISEASE Is caused by high blood pressure INFLAMMATORY HEART DISEASE Involvesinlammationoftheheartmuscleand/orthetissuesurrounding it. VALVULAR HEART DISEASE Isadiseaseprocessthatafectsoneormorevalvesoftheheart. They include tricuspid and aortic valves in the right side of the heart and the mitral and aortic valves in the left side.

Making changes to men’s smoking habit, alcohol consumption,dietandexercisewillpreventheartdiseases.Those who have any of the above conditions needtoattendtheirclinicappointmentsandlistento the doctor’s and other health promotion advice.


PHARMACY •฀The฀pill฀is฀oficially฀known฀as฀either฀the฀combined฀oral฀contraceptive฀ pill฀or฀the฀progesterone฀only฀contraceptive฀pill฀ •฀It฀contains฀synthetic฀female฀hormones฀to฀prevent฀conception฀ •฀The฀pill฀works฀by฀stopping฀the฀ovaries฀from฀producing฀eggs฀ •฀There฀is฀a฀success฀rate฀of฀about฀97%฀on฀the฀pill฀–฀if฀used฀correctly •฀The฀most฀important฀pills฀not฀to฀miss฀are฀those฀just฀before฀and฀after฀ the฀7-day฀break฀ •฀Some฀medications฀and฀illnesses฀reduce฀the฀pill’s฀effectiveness฀ The฀pill฀contains฀hormones฀that฀work฀by฀putting฀your฀ovaries฀to฀sleep.฀ It฀tricks฀your฀ovaries฀into฀thinking฀that฀you฀are฀pregnant฀and฀so฀your฀ body฀stops฀producing฀eggs.฀฀If฀there฀are฀no฀eggs฀released,฀you฀cannot฀ get฀pregnant. It฀takes฀about฀7฀days฀of฀taking฀the฀hormone฀pills฀before฀your฀ovaries฀ will฀sleep.฀And฀once฀you฀stop฀taking฀the฀pill฀(or฀take฀the฀inactive฀sugar฀ pill)฀it฀takes฀about฀7฀days฀for฀the฀ovaries฀to฀“wake-up”฀and฀start฀producing฀eggs฀again.฀Most฀pill฀packages฀are฀set฀out฀this฀way฀so฀when฀ you฀take฀the฀7฀inactive฀tablets฀(a฀different฀colour฀tablet)฀it฀will฀bring฀on฀ menstruation฀(bleeding). It฀is฀important฀that฀you฀take฀your฀pill฀everyday฀at฀the฀same฀time฀each฀ day.฀฀The฀most฀important฀pills฀in฀the฀packet฀not฀to฀miss,฀are฀the฀active฀ hormone฀pills฀just฀before฀and฀after฀the฀inactive฀pills.฀If฀you฀miss฀a฀pill฀ your฀ovaries฀may฀“wake฀up”฀and฀you฀could฀fall฀pregnant.฀Therefore฀it฀ is฀important฀to฀follow฀the฀7-day฀rule.


There฀are฀side฀effects฀and฀risks฀associated฀with฀taking฀the฀pill.฀Therefore฀ it฀is฀important฀to฀talk฀to฀your฀pharmacist,฀doctor฀or฀nurse฀about฀whether฀ the฀pill฀is฀right฀for฀you.

What is the 7-day rule? When฀you฀irst฀start฀taking฀the฀pill฀it฀takes฀about฀7฀days฀for฀the฀pill฀hormone฀to฀put฀the฀ovaries฀to฀‘sleep’.฀So฀if฀a฀pill฀has฀been฀missed,฀or฀not฀ been฀absorbed฀properly,฀your฀ovaries฀will฀“wake฀up”.฀You฀should฀keep฀ taking฀the฀pill฀as฀usual฀for฀7฀days฀without฀trusting฀it฀(this฀means฀either฀to฀ not฀ have฀ sex฀ until฀ you฀ have฀ taken฀ 7฀ active฀ hormone฀ pills฀ in฀ a฀ row฀ or฀ use฀another฀form฀of฀protection฀such฀as฀condoms฀for฀this฀time).฀To฀put฀the฀ ovaries฀back฀to฀sleep. If฀you฀missed฀your฀pill฀or฀had฀vomiting฀or฀diarrhoea,฀or฀took฀the฀other฀ medications฀and฀have฀had฀sex,฀and฀you฀have฀FORGOTTEN฀TO฀USE฀ THE฀7฀DAY฀RULE,฀you฀will฀need฀to฀take฀EMERGENCY฀CONTRACEPTION฀PILL฀(ECP฀or฀“morning฀after฀pill”),฀within฀72฀hours฀of฀having฀had฀ the฀unprotected฀sex.฀The฀sooner฀you฀take฀it฀the฀more฀likely฀it฀is฀to฀work.฀ The฀ECP฀is฀available฀with฀a฀short฀consultation,฀to฀make฀sure฀it฀will฀work฀ for฀you,฀with฀a฀trained฀health฀professional฀at฀CITC฀pharmacy฀or฀the฀ Ministry฀of฀Health.฀


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Thursday, May 23, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWs nuti no roto i te IpUKAreA

Free lu shots for resort staff

FLU vACCINeS sold out earlier this month – but Pacific Resort staff got in quick with pre-ordered shots. CITC Pharmacy put out a call for pre-orders of the injection in April. Around 400 people put in an order, and the business had 520 vaccines

freighted over – but the surplus quickly ran out. CITC had asked for pre-orders to limit waste and keep costs down by only freighting one load of vaccines. Staff at Pacific Resort and Te Manava Luxury villas & Spa were offered the influenza in-

jections for free, and 26 people took up the offer. The shots were administered by CITC pharmacist Shannon Saunders, who visited the resort on May 15. “This is much easier than all their staff trying to get into the pharmacy in their own time,”

com, Westpac, Southpac, Rite Price, and Cook Island Trust. Saunders said there has been a high demand for the vaccine this year. “It is great to see these businesses take up the opportunity to protect their staff and in some cases their families too.”

she said. This is the third year Pacific Resort has purchased the immunisations for staff. Other businesses that preordered vaccinations include CITC, Air NZ, Air Raro, Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruises, the Ministry of Health, Tele-

The reason people are more likely to catch the flu in winter is not because of the cooler weather itself but because the lower temperatures send everyone indoors, making it easy to pass on the virus, said Saunders. - Briar Douglas

Paciic Resort ofered free lu shots to its staf. 13052215 CITC pharmacist Shannon Saunders (right) administered the inluenza vaccine to Paciic Resort staf. 13052214

S U P E R D E A L S!

Dengue cases highlighted A vARIeTY of health issues were identiied in the latest health reports released for the month of April from Community Health Services, including three cases of dengue-like illness. Public Health had three dengue fever cases reported, with all of these confirmed as positive. All of the cases had a travel history to areas where dengue is currently prevalent, with two of them having recently travelled to the Solomon Islands and one to New Caledonia. Solomon Islands has had over 4200 cases of dengue fever reported, with the outbreak caused by dengue serotype-3. The outbreak is ongoing, especially in Honiara in which 88 per cent of cases have occurred. There have been six deaths since the beginning of the outbreak, with the most recent being a 21 year old woman.

An outbreak is also ongoing in New Caledonia, of dengue serotype-1. There have been 8946 cases reported since September last year, with over 2000 cases reported each month from January to April. In the Cook Island an environmental risk assessment and control measures were conducted by Public Health to stop the further spread. The public is also advised to follow standard methods for reducing mosquito breeding sites, such as emptying any water containers from buckets and lower pots, covering up stored tyres and cleaning rain gutters. They also advise any person travelling to the Solomon Islands or New Caledonia to take precautionary measures. 24 cases of diarrhoea were reported last month, with the continuing advice being to consistently observe good personal

and food hygiene. Safe drinking water and sanitation is also noted as vital to reduce the number of cases occurring. Ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP) cases were also reported, with seven cases taking place. Public Health advises avoiding consuming reef fish that have a greater likelihood of ciguatoxicity in areas known to be associated with CFP, as the ish themselves cannot be identiied as being toxic by their appearance. Recently this has included black surgeon (maito) from the Titikaveka area and Aitutaki, red snapper (ku) from the Arorangi area, and trevally (titiara) from Mauke. The syndromic surveillance report is compiled monthly by the event Surveillance and Response (eSR) Unit, with the assistance of the acute emergency doctors. - RS

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the home stretch. The work – which includes trenching and laying trunk mains, sub mains and branch mains for the new town water network – reached Takuvaine valley Road last week. Power cables are being laid at the same time by Te Aponga Uira. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning engineering team say contractors will have reached the kia Orana tank, which is 1000 metres further up the road, by the end of the week.

The ultimate aim is to reach Te kou water intake by the middle of June. Pressure testing of all parts of the new system is on-going, with the Ministry’s engineering team advising that all of Tupapa village, including up to the Ara Metua, has passed the test and is ready to be hooked up to the new system in the next fortnight or so. Tidy-up work is being carried out with repair to the crossings on the main road – two at Avatiu port and the other at the Punan-

ga Nui market. Other work includes itting valve boxes to all the bulk-water meter chambers; and to survey the pipelines for oficial land records. The Ministry advises that traffic up the Takuvaine valley Road will experience road blocks and apologise for any inconvenience while this work is being carried out. Project City 2 is scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2013, after which Project City 3 to reseal the town roads will commence. - Release

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localNeWs nuti no roto i te IpUKAreA

Te Kukupa returns from mission officer and acting director for community health said the mission is the irst comprehensive health survey to be completed on such a large scale since 1975. Nine health officials were part of the mission, including five nurses, one doctor, and three dentists. Henry said the boat’s crew also took photographs and assessed various renewable energy projects on the islands, and will submit their findings to authorities. - Emmanuel Samoglou

polIce patrol boat Te kukupa has returned to Rarotonga after completing a groundbreaking mission to examine the oral health of residents in the north group islands. “Beautiful seas all the way,” said mission captain Tuariki Henry, while casually noting the crew dealt with 2.5 metre swells in the inal three days due to a low pressure system. The police patrol boat left Rarotonga harbour on May 10 for the islands of Palmerston, Penhryn, and Nassau. Danny Areai, chief dental


Picton Castle will shortly be making preparations for her new voyages to the Northern Group. On the 12 June 2013, the Barque will set sail for her irst full domestic voyage. Departing Rarotonga for Palmerston, Nassau and Pukapuka before returning to Rarotonga on the 3 July. Then, after week at Avatiu harbour she will depart on for her second voyage on the 10 July to Penrhyn, Manihiki, Rakahanga: returning to Rarotonga on the 4 August. Picton Castle & Paciic Schooners are pleased to welcome passengers & trainees joining these voyages. For any interest in voyaging or shipping cargo, please contact Hanalei on Phone 24536 or email hanalei@

Maritime police staf give police patrol boat Te Kukupa a scrub after returning to port on Tuesday. 13052141

USP the university of choice COOk ISLANDS delegates attended the 76th University of the South Pacific Council meeting in Tonga from May 15-17.



PH 22 166


LeBonVivant C










PH 20 002


PH 26 860

thU MAY 23


Tani and Rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm



Sunset BBQ w/ GarTh younG - PIANO 6PM sunset Cocktails w/ LINCOLN MAIL 5.30PM – 7.30PM Sat Seafood BBQ w/ JAKE NuMANGA - uKuLELE 6PM

Our food our passion 6pm till late Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619



11am to 2.30pm

5.30pm to 10pm 7 days

Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway

Mon-Tue: $12.95 specials Thursday: Indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) All you can eat Sunday: Tandoori night Other nights: A-la-carte

$10.00 Dine in special

THU23 PREMIER 6.00 & 8.30PM ALL WEEKEND 6PM & 8.30PM


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Minister of education Teina Bishop and secretary of education, Sharyn Paio attended the meeting along with Paciic ministers and permanent secretaries of education representing the 12 USP member countries as well as co-opted, student and senate representatives, and senior USP staff. Of particular highlight for the Cook Islands was the approval granted for an additional graduation to be held in Cook Islands this year on October 11. This graduation is in addition to those planned for the region this year and will enable those of our students who have worked so hard to complete their qualiications to gain the formal recognition they deserve. The meeting commenced with an enlightening and informative one day workshop on the legal rights and responsibilities of USP itself and, in particular, council members. The vice-chancellor’s report outlined the success of the 20102012 strategic plan in meeting its objectives. He emphasised the 10 per cent increase achieved by USP in student numbers on the previous 12 months, providing evidence that for many in the region, USP remains the university of choice. USP’s inancial stability has strengthened considerably during the period of the previous strategic plan with considerable growth in its capital asset base. The significant growth noted in development assistance provides an indication of the confidence development partners have in the direction the university is taking. There has been, and will continue to be, further expenditure on regional campuses and the recent upgrade to the Cook Islands Campus was noted. It was also pleasing to see

the enhanced focus on Paciic research which USP will continue to support and encourage. Concern was expressed at the significant problems students are having accessing course materials and support using the USPN eT services. The vice-chancellor acknowledged the difficulties being faced by member countries and blamed the current problems on insufficient bandwidth. However, he reiterated the university’s commitment to solving current problems and believes that as more countries move to fibre, this will speed up internet speed for our smaller countries who still rely on satellite technology. The 2013-2018 USP strategic plan, which has been released throughout the region, is highly ambitious and lifts the vision for the university. To achieve its goals, USP will require strong leadership and steerage. Human resources management still remains the university’s most serious risk and it is hoped that the newly introduced performance management system and improved HR support for staff, which align with the goals of the strategic plan, will provide the required solution to mitigate this risk. The issue of security for students at emalus (vanuatu), Laucala (Suva) and Alafua (Samoa) campuses was again discussed and it was pleasing to hear of the increased security now provided in the form of security cameras at Laucala, and improved fencing and security stafing at the other campuses. A new position in the Senior Management Team of USP will be solely responsible for regional campuses. The introduction of a new Post Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies was approved as was the Disability Inclusiveness Policy which is based on

international best practice and aligns with the outcomes from the Forum Disability Ministers’ Meeting. The report presented by the student representatives highlighted the concerns of students at the quality of teaching at campuses throughout the region. USP is currently working on the development of a “quality of teaching” survey to be assured that the quality of delivery for all courses is of a high standard. The student report also stressed that the 5 per cent increase in fees this year has resulted in many students encountering inancial dificulties, thus negatively impacting on their studies. Students also requested that all course materials be provided in both soft and hard copies due to the current internet connectivity problems being experienced. Outcomes from this meeting included the reappointment of the current vice-chancellor, Professor Rajesh Chandra, for a further period of four years. The king of Tonga will also be inducted as the new chancellor of USP on 27 July at the Tongan USP graduation ceremony. A new 96 bed single room hostel will be built at Laucala Campus to provide additional accommodation at the Suva campus, however, it is noted that accommodation at both Alafua and emalus are full and more accommodation is also required on these campuses. The Federated States of Micronesia have written to the University expressing their desire to become a member of USP. The 77th USP Council Meeting will be held in November in Suva, Fiji and will be preceded by a one-day training workshop for council facilitated by L H Martin on university governance. - Release


Thursday, May 23, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303





Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage Phone 22188 or 26189. Email beach@moanasands.

Concrete Systems Ltd is looking to employ 1 x Machine Operator/drivers. Must be competent operating at least two of the following: 5 tonne digger Skid steer Loader Batching Plant Loader concrete Ready Mix Truck Ring 20375 for interview.


CI Rugby League U13 Team calling all rugby league players born in the Year 2000 or after. We will be playing a Samoan U13 team on Wed 29/5/13. If you would like to play, you must come to training at 10am on Sat 25/5/13 at Tupapa ield. coaches: Kevin Iro and daniel Tuara. For further info contact Kevin Iro on 54323.

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Wash A Way Laundry Arorangi Winter Blanket washing available now! Same day service Phone 29274. 71305 / /1806

For your tiling Big or small. call Noo mobile 50352. 71352 /32285 /1931

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Can the gentlemen who purchased the chill display cabinet from Rickshaw call Tim on 54124. 777

Do you play Bridge? Looking for people to play social bridge. call Andy on 25995 or text 79904. 71391 /32306 /1931

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Ms Alexis Wolfgramm on behalf of Film Raro cook Islands has iled an application with the Liquor Licensing Authority for a Special Liquor Licence to provide Service of Liquor to VIP guests at the BcI Stadium, Nikao on Saturday 25 May 2013 from 6pm to 9pm for a Film Screening Event. Any person who object to the said application should do so in writing addressed to the Secretary, Liquor Licensing Authority, PO Box 61, Rarotonga by 24 May 2013. 71331 / /2069

71139 / /2295

Freemasons. Interested in forming a lodge? call Bro Andy 25995 or text 79904.

Club Raro has an immediate vacancy for a front oice receptionist at our busy Resort. Experience preferred, but will train the right person. If you are a team player, that can accept responsibility call now for full details. Phone 22415. 71239 / /1758

71412 /32328 /1931

Annual General Meeting Titikaveka Rugby Union Kent Hall, 7pm, Thursday 23 May 2013. Election of oicers and general reports. All welcome to get the club rolling for 2013 season. General Secretary. 71379 /32304 /1931

LOST On Mother’s Day, back road, Matavera, wallet, drivers licence, Kiwi & BcI ATM card. Reward ofered. Ring 77215. 71372 /32301 /1931

Lost camera Silver with black neck leash @ High commision reception last Thursday. Call 53888 or 77900.

2 bedroom house, furnished, Aroa. Long term/short term. Phone 24900 or 55302. 71390 /32336 /2415

FOR HIRe scafold for hire $50 per day. Mob 55887.

Muri Beach Club Hotel & SilverSands Restaurant & Bar Has an immediate evening shift for a Restaurant Server available. Hours from 3pm-10pm Phone: 23000 or bring in your cV. Or ask for daena or Liana. 71404 / /2162

FOR SALe Brand new toilet, $250. casibo x2, $220. Fishing net, $200. drop saw, $240. Many more. Phone 78083. 71363 /32286 /1931

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ACCOUNTS ADMINISTRATOR As an Accounts Administrator, you will work one on one with the Financial Administration Manager. Your duties would include, but not be limited to Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable. A sound knowledge of Quickbooks and Excel would be preferred. We are looking for someone who enjoys producing quick and accurate work in a busy varied environment. You must have great communication skills and a can do attitude. Please submit your written application with a brief cV and daytime contact number to the General Manager, Pickering Motors Ltd, PO Box 18, Rarotonga or to For any queries, please contact Michelle or caroline on Phone 29882. 71350 / /1943


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TeNDeRS A tender is hereby invited for the motor vehicle listed below: 1x 2011 Zongzhen ZS125GY-10 Registration No: AAP306 Inspection can be arranged by contacting Andrew Reremoana on 22060, during the hours of 9am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. The highest tender will not necessarily be accepted. Tender will be close on Monday 23 May 2013 at 2pm. 71261 / /1902

Autism Cook Islands PH 24065/55976

Red Cross Youth Garage Sale Time: 7am - 12pm this Saturday @ the Red Cross Oice in Tupapa Opposite club Raro. 71413 / /2204

Garage sale 24 May. Start 9am onwards at Punanganui. Hut 24 or call 24316/72874.


We are looking for both a Full Time computer Literate Assistant as well as a Part Time Sales Assistant to join the Teams at The T-Shirt Factory & Raro Mart for an immediate start. If interested, phone Ty on 20513. 71416 / /1702


Ph 22336

Animal Clinic

FOUND In front of BCI Bank, key ring U2 Pop Mart tours 97, key#214. Ph 27823.


Apii Te Uki Ou invites applications from experienced teachers with relevant qualiications for a New Entrant/Year 1-2 Teacher position at our small independent school. We are a vibrant, friendly community of 165 students and staf, committed to high educational standards and inclusive education. New graduates with appropriate qualiications will also be considered. The salary for this role is aligned to the cook Islands Salary guidelines. Applications close Friday 7 June 2013. Please email cV & references to 71367 /32318 /1952

71414 / /2471

Free introductory talk on Transcendental Meditation Friday 24 May, 6pm at Turangi Meeting House. For clarity of mind, good health, harmonious relationship, more success and happiness in life. In conjuction with Sunrise Beach Bungalow. Call 20417.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

71392 /32306 /1931


The Dive Shop has a position available for a retail sales person, must be conident, self motivated and have basic knowledge but keen interest in diving, snorkelling and surf products. Extensive training will be given to the right person. Please express interest by contacting us on PO BOX 418 or contact us on 26675.

A part time Bar position is available in one of our busy Restaurants for our famous Over Water Night Shows every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Experience preferred with good communication and great team work skills. Fill in an application form at main ofice Muri Beach Phone 24006 or email 71375 /32338 /2512

Wedding Planner & Sales Coordinator We require someone with a bright personality who possesses exceptional organisational, administration & written/oral communication skills, is computer literate, is very well presented, reliable, honest and can arrange events for up to 100 guests. Experience in hotels, particularly Front Oice or Guest Relations is preferred. Knowledge of hotel reservation systems is advantageous. This is a full time position and may require working some weekends and evenings. Forward application & cV to Jane at :

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


airport Customs Oicer Vacancy MINISTRY OF FINANcE ANd EcONOMIc MANAGEMENT. customs has a vacancy for a full time Airport Customs Oicer. The successful applicant will work light duties only and must have: - communication skills, including good written and numerical ability - A clean Police record - Ability to do shift work - Ability to work under pressure - Ability to maintain a working relationship with other Law Enforcement Agencies. Applications close 24 May 2013. Please submit your letter of application and your c.V via email to: pokoina.matara@cookislands. or sent to: Pokoina Matara Senior Customs Oicer PO Box 120 Rarotonga.


PARTS PERSON This position is ideal for a well organised person who enjoys a challenge. It requires some computer knowledge for the implementation of parts enquiries via email and internet and for producing quotations and invoices on Quick Books. Your attention to detail and customer care is vitally important. Previous experience would be preferred but not essential, as on the job training can be given to the right person with the right attitude. For more information, please call Winton on Phone 23888 or Michelle on Phone 29882. 71351 / /1943

Mike Rennie Builders Ltd is looking to employ a leading hand/carpenter. For a permanent position. Must be capable of organising and supervising a small team. Ring 20375 for interview. 71334 /32283 /2295

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OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR We are looking for a mature person with great organisation skills and leadership qualities to manage our team of car detailers, supervise the movement of our leet between depots, retain service records for the leet and ensure that vehicles are well maintained at all times. You must be available to work in the weekends, have a clean current driver’s license for both a motorbike and a car. customer care is an integral part of our business and especially in upholding the Avis international standards. We are looking for a team leader with excellent communication skills and a can do attitude. Please call Winton on Phone 55006 or Michelle on Phone 55175 to register your interest. 71349 / /1648

Vacancy - archives Oicer The Ministry of cultural development is looking for a motivated and dedicated team member to apply for the Archives Oicer role in the Archives division. For the full job description please contact George Paniani on 24493, 72551 or email applications close on Friday 24 May 2013 @ 12 noon and should be addressed to: Archives Manager Ministry of culture, PO Box 8 Rarotonga, cook Islands. 71167 / /1891

WANTeD TO BUy Motor cycle wanted anything considered. Good prices Phone Aggie 56641. 71393 /32307 /1931

Paint ball gun required. Phone 55199. 71356 / /1806


71378 / /2293

RARO TOURS LTD OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR We are seeking a person to ill the above position. You must: - Have good communication skills - Have good computer skills and have knowledge of EXcEL and Word. - Be Punctual, honest and reliable - Be a team player - Have a current drivers licence for both bike and car This is a Part Time position with a max of 30 hours a week - from 8am - 2pm Monday to Friday. To apply please call Jane Wichman on 25300 between 9am 10am. 71386 / /1832

Joyce Peyroux Garment Experienced screenprinter wanted. Phone Joyce or Poko 20201/58888.

WANTED- All Around Beautician/Hairdresser for Salon de Hermies. Must be experienced 3-5 years and reliable. call 22278.

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RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is


ACCOUNTANT The Port Authority invites applications for a suitably qualiied and experienced person in the above senior position. Applicant should be dynamic and motivated to be able to efectively and eiciently oversee and manage all Port Authority’s inancial and accounting functions. Please send your application with CV detailing your experiences and list of three referees to The General Manager, Ports Authority, PO Box 84, at Avatiu Wharf, Rarotonga or email applications to Applicant must hold current motor vehicle driver’s license classes ‘A/B’. Copy of the Job Description can be obtained from the Port Authority Oice at Avatiu. Please contact Louisa Rani on telephone 21921. Applications close 4pm, Wednesday 29 May 2013, CI time.


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P 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

W 4 4 3 2 1 1 1

P 4 4 4 4 4 4

W 3 2 2 2 1 0





2 2 2 0 2 1 1

0 0 1 4 3 4 4

27 24 13 10 11 14 7

5 5 9 21 21 26 22

GD 22 19 4 -11 -10 -12 -15

D 1 2 1 0 0 0

L 0 0 1 2 3 4

F 16 14 9 5 4 2

A 4 2 3 4 15 22

GD 12 12 6 1 -11 -20

PTS 14 14 11 6 5 4 4 PTS 10 8 7 6 3 0

Tama Hawks, Lorettes lead ive-a-side comp AFTeR six rounds of ive-a-sidefootball – Tama Hawks and Lorettes led the round cup competition in the men and women’s division respectively. In the men’s competition, Tama Hawks are equal on fourteen points with Outlaws, with only the goal difference separat-

ing the two teams. In third place on eleven points are the youngsters in team DJs and Jaguar in fourth place. In the women’s competition there are only four points separating the top four teams with Lorettes consisting mainly of Arorangi players taking

the lead on ten points followed by Queenz on eight points. - CIFA Media Today’s draw – 5.20pm (men) Field 1-Jaguar vs Outlaws, Field 2-virgin Ave vs Avatiu, Field 3-Tama Hawks vs Steelers.

OFF 25%- 50a% r in stock

Ladies we

22 - 25 MAY

Phone 23202 or Tav Paciic (Beachcomber) 26203

Tama Hawks and Outlaws are equal on points. 13052203























OPENING HOURS Mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on ST JOSEPH RD, AVARUA. Ph 22259.



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International Flights

FLIGHT FROM Thursday may 23 Nz46/45 AKL Gz035/034 PPT Friday may 24 vA163/162 AKL Nz748/749 AKL Nz46/61 AKL




5.15PM 2.50PM


6.30PM 3.50PM

12.50AM 1.55AM 3.20PM


1.45AM 2.55AM 4.30PM

Air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR Thursday may 23 0800 AITUTAKI 0850













1530 1800 1100


1620 1850 1145

1640 1910 1205


1730 2000 1250






OlOMANA 15 - ETD AUCK 07/06, ETA RARO 13/06, ETA AITUTAKI 15/06

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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Wednesday’s puzzle

Answer to Wednesday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga

Situation: An easterly wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. A trough of low pressure lies slow moving over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional showers and few thunderstorms. Moderate to fresh easterly winds. Further outlook: Brief showers.

Humidity 23 FRI


By Lee Falk & Sy Barry










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Rarotonga Thursday, May 23, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday




By Dik Browne




THU high 7.36Am 0.91m 8.16Pm 0.85m




high 8.30Am 0.96m 9.11Pm 0.88m



1.1M SW

1.17Am 0.34m 2.06Pm 0.26m


2.15Am 0.30m 3.00Pm 0.21m


Sun, Moon & Arapo

SE 10ktS new moon JUN 8 3.57PM

First Quarter JUN 16 5.24PM

Full moon May 25 4.25AM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter MAY 31 6.59PM


ArAPO -mAitu thu 23 Tanu (Planting)

Kake te moi. Kupenga i Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu te aiai. Fish for moi. Net ki te 13 o te po. Time ish in evening. to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.

THU sun rise 7.06Am sun set 6.06Pm

23 FRI


moon rise 4.17Pm moon set 5.32Am sun rise

1.1M SW

TauTai (Fishing)


sun set 6.06Pm

moon rise 5.09Pm moon set 6.37Am

Front Key:




0.9M SW


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, May 23, 2013 Aitutaki

28° SE 11ktS


26° SE 10ktS


27° SE 10ktS



27° SE 10ktS

31° E 12ktS


27° SE 10ktS


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–Netball at Tupapa & TSA –league semi inal at BCI


sporT Blake urges codes to choose their best —All TODAY

pIcK The best and most dynamic team to represent the country. This is the message Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee secretary general Rosie Blake wants to get across to national sports federations preparing to qualify for the 2014 Commonwealth Games to be hosted by Scotland in Glasgow. The national sports body has received a commitment grant of $100,000 from the Glasgow games organising committee to be used for team preparations for the major sporting events which includes preparations for Commonwealth Games qualifying events. Already ive codes have been targeted to receive funding from the grant including athletics, netball, rugby sevens, weightlifting and boxing. Lawn bowls and cycling are another two codes that have indicated their desire to be part of Team Cook Islands to represent the country at next year’s games. As national federations prepare for their respective qualifying events – Blake is keen to push the message that codes must

make every effort in assembling the best and most dynamic team to represent the country. The national sports body secretary general highlights are recent concern that perhaps some codes are not doing this. She highlights last weekend’s historic netball game at the Telecom Sports Arena where dynamic Avatiu wing attack Rosa kauvai, who plays netball for the Queensland Firebirds under 21 squad, played an outstanding game helping Avatiu register their irst ever win over Titikaveka in over 10 years. The it and dynamic wing attack played a key role in lifting the standard of play by her fellow team mates and generated much talk among the netball community that the youngster, who is also a former national touch rugby player, should be in the national netball team. The national netball team is in its inal preparations for the Paciic Netball Series to be held in Samoa and seconds as a qualiier event for the Commonwealth Games. Upon enquiring if kauvai was

in the squad or had been considered to be part of the squad – Blake was taken aback that there seemed to be a lack of interest from the netball management team. While Blake is not up to speed

on all the details surrounding the young woman’s netball career in Australia – she says it does raise the question whether codes are doing everything they can to track down the best available Cook Islands athletes

for their national squad and checking their availability for inclusion in Team Cook Islands. She points out that the grant from Glasgow is for codes to help prepare their teams and that includes searching the is-

land and the globe for the best Cook Islands athletes. “You must select and take the best athletes to the games. Once you become a national team – it means you belong to the country.” - MW

Kanny Vaile leads Team Cook Islands during the opening of the Delhi Commonwealth Games in India, 2011. As national federations prepare to qualify for the next games in Glasgow, Scotland next year – the call is for all codes to pick the best and most dynamic team to represent the country. 13052216

Sailing coaches on course SAILING coaches are honing their skills on the stunning Aitutaki lagoon. Coaches from Australia, Samoa, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti and New Caledonia have joined their Cook Islands counterparts for the ISAF Race Coaches Course being delivered by lecturers Tim Cross from the Uk, Dr Carmen vas and Jordi Lamarca of Spain. A sailing academy has been set up near the Aitutaki port and includes Sailing Cook Islands fleet of Lasers and Hobie Cat crafts.

Cook Islands coaches include (Aitutaki) Mii vaerua, Ted Tavai, Gene Bartlett, Ingrid Stewart, (Manihiki) Taua elisa and Helema Williams, (Rarotonga) Marama Denny, Tara Charlie, John Trego, Francis kirkham, William Powell, Anne Tierney and Junior Charlie. The coaches are not only deepening their understanding of the sport but also their friendships. Many of the coaches are preparing athletes for the Pacific Mini Games to be hosted in Wallis and Futuna later in the year.

The legendary hospitality of Aitutaki and members of the Aitutaki Sailing family is very much being enjoyed and appreciated by the sailors and coaches. “This has got to be the most beautiful venue in the world. And we feel honoured to be here! To be sharing my passion for sailing with our Oceania fellow coaches! Thank you to all the organisers, Aitutaki Sailing Club family and Reureu friends for making us feel so welcomed,” says Raema von Reiche of Samoa. - Matariki Wilson

Netball on Tupapa court THe TUPAPA Netball Club will use their newly re-painted hard courts today for the first time since netball games relocated to the Telecom Sports Arena. The club will host their sisters from Tupapa for three games this afternoon in the under 8, under 10 and under 12 age grade divisions. The games will get underway at 4.45pm in the under 8 division followed by the under 10 game at 5.15pm and the under 12 clash at 5.45pm. This will be a neat afternoon out for the rising netball stars while netters from Takuvaine, Avatiu, Arorangi and Titikaveka will play their games at the Telecom Sports Arena today. Takuvaine and Avatiu will go head to head in the under 15 division at 4.45pm followed by the two clubs junior open clash at

5.35pm, reserve grade game at 6.35pm and the premier match at 7.50pm. On court two – Arorangi will meet Titikaveka in the under 15 grade at 4.45pm, junior open division at 5.35pm and the reserve grade at 6.35pm. The Takuvaine and Avatiu under 10 and under 12 grade match is scheduled for Friday while the under 8, under 10 and under 12 grade matches between Arorangi and Titikaveka will be played out on Saturday morning. Premier grade matches between Ngatangiia and Tupapa as well as Arorangi and Titikaveka were played out last night. Game schedules have been brought forward in to the week to accommodate for the Film Raro film festival screening on Saturday evening at the BCI Sta- MW dium.

Thursday at the TSA – 4.45pm on court one-under 15 Takuvaine vs Avatiu, 4.45pm on court two-under 15 Arorangi vs Titikaveka, 5.35pm on court one-junior open Takuvaine vs Avatiu, 5.35pm on court two-junior open Arorangi vs Titikaveka, 6.35pm on court one-reserve Takuvaine vs Avatiu, 6.35pm on court two-reserve Arorangi vs Titikaveka, 7.50pm on court one-premier Takuvaine vs Avatiu.

oceania sailing coaches deepen their understanding of the sport at a course on the stunning aitutaki lagoon. 13052205

Thursday at the Tupapa netball courts – 4.45pm-under 8 Ngatangiia

Junior grade league semi-inals today

vs Tupapa, 5.15pm-under 10 Ngatangiia vs Tupapa, 5.45pm-under 12 Ngatangiia vs Tupapa. Friday at the TSA – 4.45pm on court one-under 10 Takuvaine vs Avatiu, 5.20pm on court one-under 12 Takuvaine vs Avatiu. Saturday at the TSA – 11.00am on court one-under 8 Arorangi vs Titikaveka, 11.30am on court oneunder 10 Arorangi vs Titikaveka, 12.00pm on court one-12 Arorangi vs Titikaveka.

Three semi-final games will be played tonight at the BCI Stadium. The three age grade matches kick off the do-or-die league matches and today’s games will feature the under 14 match between the Sea eagles and Bears at 4pm, the under 16 Sea eagles and Bulldogs game at 5pm and the under 19 Bears and Panthers match at 6pm.

The last of the semi-final games will be played tomorrow night at the BCI Stadium to accommodate for the Film Raro International Film Festival on Saturday afternoon at the BCI Stadium. - MW Thursday at the BCI Stadium – 4.00pm-Under 14 Sea eagles vs Bears, Ref-J.Hosking assisted by J.Murray / P.Ngaroi, 5.00pmUnder 16 Sea eagles vs Bulldogs, Ref-S.Teiotu assisted by J.Murray

/ P.Ngaroi, 6.00pm-Under 19 Bears vs Panthers, Ref-N.Tou assisted by P.Mitchell / B.Bishop, (Bench Official-A.emile). Friday at the BCI Stadium – 4.00pm-U12 Sea eagles vs Bulldogs, 4.00pm-U12 Panthers vs Bears, 5.00pm-Reserves eels vs eagles, Ref-M. Une assisted by P.Mitchell / T.Manea, 6.30pm-Premiers eels vs eagles, Ref-S.Willis assisted by T.Manea/ A.emile, (Sub Official-P.Mitchell).

Thursday 23 May  

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