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$2 tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two dead after ship collision A CooK islands-flagged cargo ship sank after colliding with a container vessel off southern Greece and Cook islands must investigate under international law. two Syrian sailors were killed in the accident, and another eight are missing after the Cook islands-flagged pirireis cargo ship collided with the Antigua and Bermuda-lagged container vessel Consouth at about 6 am. local time. it is not yet clear why the collision happened as weather conditions and visibility were good at the time. the dead and missing sailors were part of a 17-member crew on the pirireis, which was sailing with a cargo of fertilizer from Algeria to ukraine. the ship sank just seven minutes after the collision. the Consouth was sailing

without cargo from turkey to malta. the 16-person crew comprising 10 poles, five russians and one Filipino, were unharmed. national shipping registry company maritime Cook islands has to conduct a casualty investigation, says its chief executive Glenn Armstrong. the transport ministry began proceedings today, as did the Greek government. under the international maritime organisation’s Casualty investigation Code, states can co-operate in investigations. the Cook islands has asked the Greek government if they can join their investigation and Armstrong hopes the answer will be yes. maritime Cook islands will have to bear the cost of the investigation and any further costs. Greek coastguard vessels, sup-

ported by a navy aircraft and a helicopter, are combing the area for the missing sailors. Five ships sailing in the region have also joined the search and rescue operation. the survivors will be interviewed once they get back to port, says Armstrong. the pirireis has been Cook Islands lagged since 2010 and paid $20,000 to $30,000 to the shipping registry in its irst year, says Armstrong. He says there are around 35 Turkish-owned vessels lagged to the Cooks, who were encouraged to do so by a “very active” deputy registrar to the company in turkey. Foreign vessels choose to be Cook Islands lagged because of the high international shipping standards employed here, says - CS Armstrong.

Cook Islands-lagged vessel Pirireis has been involved in a collision which killed two people. 13042923

Pearl thief accused stands trial tHe Jury trial of a woman ac-

cused of stealing 14 pearl pendants from her employer Paciic Direct pearls to sell at her own market stall started yesterday morning. tipora maihia has pleaded not guilty to theft as a servant. She is accused of stealing the pearl pendants between november 8, 2010 – when she started working for Farm Direct pearls (FDp) – and march 12, 2011.

on Saturday march 12, 2011 Leslie okotai, the complainant, saw a pearl pendant at a punanga nui market stall and identiied it as property of her business FDp. She noticed a particular gold price tag with a code number and price written in her handwriting and matched this with inventory records, said Crown lawyer martha Henry. okotai could also refer to individual pearl settings, ordered

from speciic pearl suppliers in new Zealand. She told her husband about the pendants she’d identiied at the stall, and he too identified them. Later that day they found out the market stall was owned by the accused, who on that day was working at the okotai’s market shop. police seized a number of pendants from the stall on that same

Golden Shadow to Aitutaki tHe LivinG oceans Foundation is continuing its global coral reef research in Aitutaki this week after their boat – Golden Shadow – left rarotonga on Saturday. the purpose of the expedition is to answer a number of questions that will ultimately help to conserve coral reefs. “We are interested in the resilience of coral reefs. We want to know the status of coral reefs globally and if some reefs are dying, what is causing them to die?” says expedition chief scientist Dr Andrew Bruckner. Scientists on the expedition

each have their own role to play in the data collection. the proportions of live coral and dead coral are being recorded, as well as coral and ish diversity. the team will be joined on Wednesday by Cook islands marine biologist, Dr teina rongo, and three scientists from the ministry of marine resources (mmr). three members of the Cook islands marine park Steering Committee (CimpSC) will also join the expedition. these are House of Ariki president tou travel, marine park

advocate Kevin iro and videographer eruera nia. te ipukarea Society (tiS) member Jacqui evans has been on the Golden Shadow since it left rarotonga on Saturday. evans is hoping to update the records of the presence and distribution of humphead wrasse, known locally as maratea. on Wednesday night, the boat will be leaving for palmerston where further coral reef research will be undertaken, and the mmr scientists will conduct surveys on sea cucumber, known locally as rori.– - TIS/CIMPSC

day, which the okotai’s identiied as theirs. The couple ired Maihia that afternoon. After being told more pearls possibly belonging to FDp were in the market stall, police executed a search warrant on may 14, 2011 and seized another lot of pearl pendants, which the okotai’s identified as belonging to FDp. over the four days, a number of Crown witnesses will be called to give evidence. these include the woman who was manning maihia’s market stall, two pearl settings suppliers from new Zealand, and four police oficers.

the Crown must prove the elements of the charge beyond reasonable doubt for the jury of 12 to ind Maihia guilty. Defence counsel norman George said his defence is that maihia did not steal the pendants – someone else did. in his cross-examination of Crown witnesses, he intends to draw attention to people who the defence believes did steal the pendants. He will also question the way police went about with seizing the pendants from the stall and how they handled the pearls in their custody. “more than 14 pendants

seized and you will want to know what happened to those,” said George. “they’ve got it all wrong and they have got the wrong person sitting here.” maihia’s trial has been postponed twice. it was called off in September last year after it started running over the three days scheduled and was again called off in march as not all Crown witnesses were available to give evidence. the trial is scheduled to run until thursday and is presided over by Justice Dame Judith potter. - Calida Smylie

Details suppressed A prominent married couple

appeared in the Cook islands High Court yesterday. their names, charges and facts surrounding these charges were suppressed by Justice of the peace John Kenning. the couple pleaded not guilty and elected trial by jury through their lawyer tim Arnold. Arnold asked for the suppres-

sion of details as he said damage could be done to the couple’s reputations long before it came to trial. He said they have the right to defend the charges without any pre-judgement of the jury through “salacious” reporting and gossip in the community. prosecutor Cheryl King said Crown recognises the right of


the media to report from an open court but “at this stage” would not oppose the suppression. the couple were bailed and their passports coniscated. they will next appear before Justice Judith potter next thursday for discussion on criminal procedures. the suppressions will have to be re-applied for. - Calida Smylie Ph 24979


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Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no teiA nei Ao Police do the dogs' work POLICE had to improvise during a standof to coax two suspects out of a house by literally barking like dogs. New Haven Police Department said the two men had led oicers on a car chase through the city before they were tracked down to a suburban house. There, a standof ensued with the masked men inside the building refusing to come out. As a dozen oicers surrounded the house, police hostage negotiators threatened to unleash the canine units, but the dogs weren’t available. So they had oicers pretend to bark like dogs and it worked. The two men – who had stolen a car – walked outside and were arrested on the spot.

Assassination attempt Syria’s Prime Minister al-Halqui survives Damascus bomb attack DAmASCuS – Syria’s prime minister has survived a car bomb attack in the capital, Damascus. the blast in the capital’s western mazzeh district targeted Wael al-Halqi’s convoy, state tv said, causing a number of casualties. the Syrian observatory for Human rights, a uK-based activist group, said one of Halqi’s bodyguards was among several others killed. it is unclear whether the blast was a suicide bombing or a planted device. State tv said the blast happened at a busy intersection,

world BrieFS PROTESTORS CALL FOR DEATH PENALTY INDIA – Protesters in Bangladesh chanted “hang him” as the owner of a factory building that collapsed last week killing nearly 400 people, was led into court in Dhaka dressed in a helmet and bullet-proof jacket. Mohammed Sohel Rana is one of eight people arrested over the collapse. “Put the killer on the gallows, he is not worth of any mercy or lenient penalty,” one onlooker outside the court shouted. Oicials say they are unlikely to ind more survivors in the rubble of the building which collapsed last Wednesday, burying hundreds of garment workers. Oicials said the eightstorey complex had been built on swampy ground without the correct permits.

SECRET CASH ACkNOwLEDgED bY kARzAi AFGHANISTAN – President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan has admitted his oice received secret payments from the United States, but says the amounts were small and used legitimately. He was responding to a report by the New York Times that the CIA sent suitcases stufed with cash to the president’s oice on a regular basis. The paper said tens of millions of dollars “came in secret” and cash was given on a vaster scale than previously thought. Karzai said the money was for projects such as helping the sick. The New York Times report said: “Wads of American dollars packed into suitcases, backpacks and plastic shopping bags have been dropped of every month or so at the oices of Afghanistan’s president.”

FOuR YEARS jAiL FOR DubAi DRug CHARgES DUBAI – A court in Dubai has sentenced three British men to prison for four years each after they were found guilty of drugs ofences. Suneet Jeerh, 25, Grant Cameron, 25, and Karl Williams, 26, all of London, were found guilty on Monday of possessing synthetic cannabis. Other charges of supply, which can carry longer terms, were dropped. The men, who denied all the charges, will be deported after serving their sentences. They claim they were tortured into making statements and to sign documents in Arabic, a language none of them understands, which were used as evidence. The three tourists were arrested while on holiday in the Gulf state in July.

near a public garden and a school. the upmarket neighbourhood is home to government buildings, the residences of several political igures and a military airport. “i was walking in the street when suddenly there was a very powerful explosion and i saw a car burning and people running,” a witness told AFp. An unnamed Syrian official said the explosion was caused by a bomb placed underneath a parked car in the area. An earlier report said it had been a suicide attack. the Syrian observatory for Human rights quoted medical sources as saying ive civilians in the area were also killed. the activist group quoted medical sources as saying Halqi’s driver and another bodyguard were seriously injured. Footage from the scene showed the charred remains of several vehicles, and a badly damaged bus. Debris and glass were strewn around a wide area, where onlookers had gathered. Syrian forces and rebels have been fighting around Damascus for months but with neither side gaining the upper hand. the attack is the latest bombing inside government-controlled areas of the capital. in December a suicide bombing struck the interior ministry. State media said top officials had escaped unhurt, but it later emerged that the interior minister himself had been badly injured. So far there has been no claim of responsibility for monday’s attack. Similar bombings in the past have been linked to the jihadist al-nusra Front, one of the most prominent rebel groups ighting the regime. Halqi, a senior member of the ruling Baath party, became prime minister last year after riad Hijab defected to Jordan. - BBC

People gather at the scene of an explosion in the Syrian capital Damascus which targeted Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi’s (inset) convoy. AFP

Deadly island ambush mAniLA – Gunmen have ambushed a campaign vehicle of a southern philippine town mayor, killing at least 10 people, including his daughter and relatives, while they were returning from an election rally. the attack that took place late on thursday when gunmen opened ire on a truck carrying mayor Abdulmalik man-

amparan and his supporters on southern mindanao island. About 15 unidentified gunmen carried out the attack, police said. investigators suspect the gunmen belong to a rival clan. the ambush on a remote mountain road near nunungan town, unleashed as the mayor and his supporters travelled

home from a campaign event, was the latest episode of political violence in the philippines which will hold local elections on may 13. Local military commander Colonel ricardo Jalad said several victims were relatives of the nunungan mayor, who was also wounded in the attack along with seven supporters. - PNC

Police occupy slum towns rio De JAneiro – police in Bra-

zil have occupied three shanty towns around rio de Janeiro’s famous Christ the redeemer statue, ahead of a visit by pope Francis. there were no clashes reported as more than 400 oficers entered the favelas before dawn on monday. the pope is expected for the roman Catholic celebration of World youth Day, from July 23. the occupation is part of a government policy of combating drug crime ahead of the

upcoming World Cup and olympics. All three slum districts were built on the hillsides around the Corcovado mountain, topped by the statue of Christ, one of the city’s best loved tourist attractions. After marching in, the security forces searched the favelas for drugs and weapons, inding ammunition, radio transmitters and marijuana. no one was arrested, the authorities said. rio’s security chief, Jose

mariano Beltrame, said the occupation sealed a “security belt” around the tijuca mountain range, host to one of the world’s biggest urban forests. the drive to push out drug dealers from poorer communities in rio started in 2008, inspired by a similar programme in Colombia. more than 30 slum districts have introduced the so called upps, or pacifying police units, staffed by more than 100 oficers, who police the communities around it. - BBC

Maria still loves that winning feeling

PiRATES CAPTuRE CONTAiNER SHiP NIGeRIA – Pirates have kidnapped ive crew members from a cargo ship of Nigeria, the vessel’s management company said on Monday, part of a growing trend of attacks that are pushing up maritime insurance costs in the Gulf of Guinea. A Russian and a Polish citizen were among those taken hostage when the Antigua and Barbuda-lagged MV City of Xiamen container ship was attacked late on April 25 about 160km of Nigeria’s coast. The International Maritime Bureau said 14 heavily armed pirates attacked the container ship, breaching its citadel – a strong room designed to protect the crew from attack.

PRESiDENT SCRATCHED bY big CAT BOTSWANA – President Ian Khama of Botswana has received two stitches in his face after being clawed by a cheetah, a government spokesman has reported. The incident occurred last week at a Botswana Defence Force facility where soldiers enlisted in the battle against poaching learn about the animals they help to protect. The cheetah, which was being fed in an enclosure near to where Khama was standing close to, became excited and somehow managed to swipe a claw across the president’s face. Khama, 60, was not admitted to hospital, but did receive treatment. He was seen last week with a plaster on his face.

today’s Daily Bread therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires.

Matthew Read: Read: Romans 6:1-11 7:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:26 Read: Verse 12

Russia’s Maria Sharapova is exhilarated after defeating China’s Li Na in the inal match of the WTA Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart, southwestern Germany, at the weekend. Sharapova won 6-4, 6-3. AFP


Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no teiA nei Ao

Bee killing pesticide banned BruSSeLS – the european

Commission will enact a twoyear ban on a class of pesticides thought to be harming global bee populations. neonicotinoids are among the world’s most effective and widely used insecticides, and there is significant disagreement as to how much they are contributing to the crisis that has devastated global wild and domesticated bee populations. the european Commission says the pesticides should be restricted to crops not attractive to bees and other pollinators. But many farmers and crop experts argue that there is insuficient data. Fifteen countries voted in favour of a total ban – not enough to form a qualiied majority. But according to eu rules the Commission will now have the authority to impose a two-year restriction on neonicotinoids – and those who voted against the decision cannot opt out. the Commission says it wants the moratorium to begin no later than December 1 this year. the uK did not support a ban – it argues that the science behind the proposal is inconclusive. it was among eight countries that voted against, while four abstained. Wild species such as honey

bees are said by researchers to be responsible for pollinating around one-third of the world’s crop production. the un Food and Agriculture organisation notes that 71 of the 100 crops that provide 90 per cent of human food are pollinated by bees. estimates of the value to those crops run to as much as $200 billion annually. there is heated debate about what has triggered the widespread decline in bee populations. Besides chemicals, many experts point to the parasitic varroa mite, viruses that attack bees and neglect of hives. After monday’s vote the eu Health Commissioner, tonio Borg, said “the Commission will go ahead with its text in the coming weeks”. “i pledge to do my utmost to ensure that our bees, which are so vital to our ecosystem and contribute over 22 billion euros annually to european agriculture, are protected.” Greenpeace eu agriculture policy director marco Contiero said the vote “makes it crystal clear that there is overwhelming scientific, political and public support for a ban. “those countries opposing a ban have failed.” Some restrictions are already in place for neonicotinoids in

France, Germany, italy and Slovenia. the three neonicotinoids are clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiametoxam. A report published by the european Food Safety Agency (eFSA) in January concluded that the pesticides posed a “high acute risk” to pollinators, including honeybees. However, it added that in some cases it was “unable to inalise the assessments due to shortcomings in the available data”. neonicotinoid pesticides are new nicotine-like chemicals and act on the nervous systems of insects, with a lower threat to mammals and the environment than many older sprays there was ferocious lobbying both for and against in the runup to monday’s vote,. nearly three million signatures were collected in support of a ban. Campaign organiser Andrew pendleton of the environmental group Friends of the earth said “leading retailers have already taken action by removing these pesticides from their shelves and supply chains – the uK government must act too”. Chemical companies and pesticide manufacturers have been lobbying just as hard – they argue that the science is inconclu-

Stunt takes man’s life

SiLiGuri – An indian Guinness World record holder who attempted to cross a river suspended from a zip wire, or lying fox, attached to his ponytail has died during the stunt. Sailendra nath roy, 48, was performing the feat in West Bengal when he apparently suffered a heart attack half way across the river. Hundreds of spectators watched his last moments in horror. in march 2011, mr roy was named a Guinness World record holder for travelling the farthest distance on a zip wire attached to his long hair. roy was trying to cross the teesta river alongside a bridgenear Siliguri town suspended from a zip wire 180-metres long

at a height of 20 metres. A large number of people had gathered on the bridge to watch the feat. Witnesses said that roy appeared to make no progress after covering about 90 metres. “He was desperately trying to move forward. He was trying to scream out some instruction. But no one could follow what he was saying. After struggling for 30 minutes he became still,” said Balai Sutradhar, a photographer, who was covering the stunt. police said he was hanging for nearly 45 minutes before he was brought down. Doctors at the hospital said he had suffered a “massive heart attack”. Roy, an oficer with West Bengal police home guard, had ar-

rived at the riverside on Sunday morning and set up the zip wire from the bridge with help from friends. He was wearing a life jacket, but there were no doctors or emergency services on the spot. police said that roy had not got permission to do the stunt. A friend, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: “His wife used to urge him to quit doing these dangerous stunts. roy convinced her that crossing the teesta river would be his last.” in 2008, roy pulled the Darjeeling toy train with his ponytail. in 2007, his ponytail tied to a rope, he lew from one building to another in front of television cameras to claim another obscure stunt record. - BBC

Stressful new disorder pAriS – A new strain of travel sickness has been identiied. A dozen or so Japanese tourists a year have to be repatriated from the French capital, after falling prey to what’s become known as “paris Syndrome”. that is what some polite Japanese tourists suffer when they discover that parisians can be rude or the city does not meet their expectations. the experience can apparently be so stressful for some that they actually suffer psychiatric breakdowns. Around a million Japanese travel to France every year. many of the visitors come with a deeply romantic vision of paris – the cobbled streets, as seen in the ilm ‘Amelie’, the

beauty of French women or the high culture, the high fashion and the art at the Louvre. the reality of what the actually confront in paris can come as a shock. An encounter with a rude taxi driver, or a parisian waiter who shouts at customers who cannot speak luent French, might be laughed off by those from other Western cultures. But for the Japanese – used to a more polite and helpful society in which voices are rarely raised in anger – the experience of their dream city turning into a nightmare can simply be too much. this year alone, the Japanese embassy in paris has had to repatriate four people with a doc-

tor or nurse on board the plane to help them get over the shock. they were suffering from “paris Syndrome”. it was a Japanese psychiatrist working in France, professor Hiroaki Ota, who irst identiied the syndrome some 20 years ago. on average, up to 12 Japanese tourists a year fall victim to it, mainly women in their 30s with high expectations of what may be their irst trip abroad. the Japanese embassy has a 24-hour hotline for those suffering from severe culture shock, and can help ind hospital treatment for anyone in need. However, the only permanent cure for “paris Syndrome” is to go back to Japan – and never to return to paris. - BBC

Beekeepers demonstrate at the EU headquarters’ doors in Brussels to confront lawmakers as they decided to vote on whether to ban bee-killing pesticides. AFP sive, and that a ban would harm food production. the uK government seems to agree with the industry lobby. it objected to the proposed ban in its current form. the chief scientiic adviser, Sir Mark Walport, has said restrictions on the use of pesticides should not be introduced lightly, and the idea of a ban should be dropped. the eu moratorium will not apply to crops non-attractive to bees, or to winter cereals. it will prohibit the sale and use of seeds treated with neonicotinoid pesticides. And there will be a ban on the sale of neonicotinoids to ama-

teur crop growers. there have been a number of studies showing that the chemicals, made by Bayer and Syngenta, do have negative impacts on bees. Bayer CropScience called the commission’s plan “a setback for technology, innovation and sustainability,” and warned of “crop yield losses, reduced food quality and loss of competitiveness for european agriculture.” the two-year ban will allow commission officials to re-examine the scientiic studies that were submitted for approval of the pesticides in the irst place and “to take into account rel-

evant scientific and technical developments.” “this gives bees a bit of breathing space to recover,” said paul de Zylva, an environmental campaigner in London with Friends of the earth. “the time should be used to come up with a comprehensive plan to address the bee crisis,” he said, with civil organisations, governments, farmers and companies working together. the european ban “doesn’t solve all the problems, though, we never said it did,” de Zylva added. “you’ve got to look at all the problems facing bees, it’s not just pesticides.” - PNC

Altercation on Everest KAtHmAnDu – police in nepal are investigating an alleged ight between two famous European climbers and their nepalese mountain guides on mount everest. Switzerland’s ueli Steck and Simone moro from italy were at 7470 metres when the brawl occurred. the pair allegedly ignored orders to hold their climb and triggered an icefall which hit the Sherpas laying ixed ropes. The climbers deny this. Both sides have since reached a peace deal, reports say. Steck told the BBC that their three-man team was nearing Camp three on Saturday, when the “conlict” broke out. He said they had been keeping a respectful distance so as not to disturb the work of the Sherpas laying ropes. the climbers continued to Camp three but later descended to Camp Two to “inish the discussion” and were met by more

than 100 angry Sherpas, who began to beat them and throw rocks, Steck said. He said the Sherpas threatened to kill the climbers if they did not leave the camp. one of the Sherpas threw a pocket knife at moro but “luckily it just hit the belt of his backpack”, Steck said, adding that they escaped with no serious injuries. Steck said the conlict was the symptom of a long-term problem of “cultures”, but did not elaborate. Ang tshering Sherpa, the former president of the nepal mountaineers Association, told the BBC that climbing leaders of various teams at base camp helped broker a peace deal on Sunday. exact details are not very clear, but the two sides clearly had a misunderstanding, Sherpa Ang said. in a statement, moro said that “getting hit by chunks of

ice is a very natural occurrence” on an ice face. “As it stands, no Sherpa has come forward to show any injury.” “the climbers believe that the lead Sherpa felt that his pride had been damaged as the climbers were moving unroped and much faster,” the statement added. When they returned to their tents, moro said a mob of guides had grouped together to attack them. “the guides became instantly aggressive and not only punched and kicked the climbers, but threw many rocks as well,” said moro. more than 3000 people have scaled mount everest since it was irst conquered by Edmund Hillary and tenzing norgay in 1953. Straddling nepal and China, the world’s highest mountain has an altitude of 8848 metres. - BBC

YouTube video puts dad in court KerALA – Charges have been

iled against an Indian man who allowed his nine-year-old son to drive his Ferrari the man’s wife filmed the boy driving the sports car on his ninth birthday two weeks ago, with his seven-year-old brother in the passenger seat. the vid-

eo went viral on youtube and caused outrage across india, causing police to ile charges. india’s economic boom has created a class of super-rich, whose excesses are frequently in the news. police said the boy’s father, who has a thriving tobacco and

real estate business, owns a stable of 18 cars worth an estimated $uS4 million. mohammed nisham was charged with endangering the life of a child and allowing a minor to drive, said police spokesman, inspector mv verghese. - AAP


Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no te pA enuA

Call for Paciic-wide shark ban Noumea’s total ban prompts call for a Paciic-wide shark sanctuary noumeA – A maritime conservation group is calling on all pacific countries to ban shark ishing, several days after New Caledonia announced it’s outlawing the practice. According to the un Food and Agriculture organisation (FAo), humans kill about 100 million sharks each year, mostly for their ins, which are used for luxury soups in China.

Shark-in soup was once a luxury enjoyed just by China’s elite, but as the country’s 1.3 billion people have grown wealthier and incorporated it into their festivities, shark populations have been increasingly decimated. Conservationists warn that dozens of species are under threat with 90 per cent of the world’s sharks having disap-

paciic BRIEFS SAMOAN MP FACES ROAD bLOCk CHARgES SAMOA – In Samoa, the trial of a member of parliament has begun. On the irst day of his trial, evidence was presented that Toeolesulusulu cedric Schuster did nothing to achieve peace the day Satapuala residents blocked a road to Faleolo International Airport last year. He faces 15 charges in connection with the road block including breaching the peace, misleading and resisting the police and unlawful assembly. Seventeen co-defendants, all of Satapuala, are co-defendants in the MP’s trial. The villagers were angry over the government’s allocation of land at Satapuala for the construction of a hospital and set up two stone wall fences which blocked the road.

PROTEST AGAINST VIOLENCE FOR MAY 15 PAPUA NEW GUINEA – An American preacher has organised a national day of mourning on May 15 to highlight violence against women in Papua New Guinea. Stephen Michael Leach says recent cases of sorcery-related murder and rapes have caused widespread outrage in PNG. The newspaper, The National, reports that Leach is trying to stage a mass sit-in at Parliament on the day to express the grief at the situation for women in PNG. Last week, protestors in Madang presented two petitions to the national and provincial governments calling for stern measures to be taken against perpetrators of violence.

SEARCH ON FOR MAN OVERbOARD MIDWAY ATOLL – British and United States coastguard oicials have organised a search for a British man who fell of a yacht in the north Paciic. An aircraft carrier belonging to the US Navy has diverted from its course home. The USS Peleliu sent a helicopter to the area, hundreds of kilometres west of Midway Atoll, where it located the 11.5-metre yacht and airlifted one British person of who reportedly had little sailing experience. A military transport plane is helping with the search for the vessel’s other crewmember, apparently the skipper of the yacht. Oicials say the 35-year-old man who went overboard is wearing a yellow lifejacket with a light and was conscious when he fell of the boat.

PNg TO LOOk AT iMPOSiNg DEATH PENALTY PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Papua New Guinea’s government is considering backing the death penalty in a bid to deter crimes against women and sorcery-related killings. The Attorney-General Kerenga Kua says public debate is now in favour of the death penalty after a series of killings. In February, a 20-year-old mother of one Kepari Leniata was stripped naked, tortured and burned alive on the outskirts of Mt Hagen while a crowd watched. Over the weekend, another 20-year mother was found killed with an arm severed and on Bougainville, a former teacher was beheaded. A mother and son were killed last week accused of sorcery. PNG’s catholic church has spoken out against the death penalty, saying it is not a deterrent to violent crime.

NEw SugAR CANE VARiETY iNTRODuCED FIJI – The Sugar Research Institute of Fiji says a new sugarcane variety to be introduced later this year will improve production. Two new varieties will be released this year, after the Institute conducted more than a decade of tests to ind new breeds to be produced alongside the dominant Mana variety. A research oicer, Prem Naidu says the irst new variety, LF-94694, has an early- to mid-maturity which is convenient for farmers and has a high sugar content which will produce good tonnage.It also has a higher ibre content which will eventually beneit farmers who use sugarcane ibre to generate electricity for their mills.

CiRCuMCiSiON MAN ESCAPES CHARgES SAMOA – A 68 year-old man in Samoa has walked free after a court dropped 27 charges iled against him. Fale Esekia was accused of performing circumcisions without any medical background or qualiications. The incident happened last year in a rural village, which resulted in several young boys being hospitalised as a result of the circumcisions. The police say esekia was able to walk free because the boys, who are witnesses in the trial, were unable to attend because of school. The court ruled that the charges to be withdrawn by leave, which means the police are still able to re-ile charges at a time the witnesses will be able to make it to court.

peared in the past 100 years. new Caledonia’s decision to ban shark ishing follows similar moves in French polynesia, palau, Cook islands and American Samoa. new Caledonia has made the decision to ban the ishing, capture, detention or commercialisation of all species of sharks in its exclusive economic zone – an area roughly the size of South Africa, authorities in the French territory said. new Caledonia has also b a n n e d s o - c a l l e d “s h a r kfeeding”, a popular adrenalinfuelled tourist activity that consists in giving food to the animals to observe them from a close vantage point. new Caledonia’s decision joins a growing trend of protecting shark species worldwide, despite opposition from countries such as Japan and China that support shark ishing. Last month, a decision to restrict exports of the oceanic whitetip shark, the porbeagle, three types of hammerhead and the manta ray won inal approval by the 178-member Convention on international trade in endangered Species (CiteS). the species now join the great white shark, the whale shark

and the basking shark, which already enjoy international trade controls. The call for a Paciic-wide ban on shark ishing comes from the Coral reef Alliance – a California-based organisation which works with local communities to protect reefs and shark populations. the organisation’s Fiji representative, Arthur Sokimi, says government’s can play an important role in saving shark species. “We have one of the last viable tuna stocks in the world and most of the ishing is done in the Paciic now,” he said. “So the more protection for sharks we can have around the Paciic, the best it will be for the populations.” Sokimi says the ban implemented by new Caledonia puts pressure on other governments to act. “The distant water ishing nations are actually the ones that are taking the big chunk out of these shark stocks,” he said. “if we can also implement something along those lines, we’d eventually manage to cut off a huge chunk of the shark population that are being ished right now.”

the Coral reef Alliance is working closely with Fiji’s interim government to implement more stringent shark protection measures, Sokim says. Conservationist organisation the pew trust has congratulated new Caledonia for creating a shark sanctuary. “We applaud new Caledonia’s decision to create a shark sanctuary by banning fishing for all shark species in the country’s entire exclusive economic zone,” Josh reichert, executive vice president of the pew Charitable trusts said in a statement. “At 1,245,000 square kilometre, an area roughly the size of South Africa, the ocean around new Caledonia is still healthy and intact, and home to spectacular marine life, including approximately 50 species of sharks. “in the past few months alone, French polynesia, the Cook islands, American Samoa, and the micronesian state of Kosrae have ended shark ishing in their waters. “though great progress is being made, sharks are still threatened throughout much of the world’s oceans. “the finding of a recent scientific study that approxi-

mately 100 million sharks are killed each year in commercial isheries represents an urgent call to governments around the world to take action before it’s too late. “Scientists warn that the rate of fishing for sharks, many of which grow slowly and reproduce late in life, is unsustainable and could lead to the extinction of many species. “the role of sharks is critical to the health of marine systems. there is an immediate need to protect them before they slip below levels from which they may never recover. “it’s now up to countries to build on this recent success and ensure a promising future for sharks.” the organisation has also acknowledged the Cook islands for its 2012 decision to ban trade in shark products and end commercial shark ishing in more than 1.9 million square kilometres of its waters. the Cook islands declaration followed a similar announcement by neighbouring French polynesia, creating the world’s largest contiguous shark sanctuary of more than 6.7 million square kilometres. - ABC/PNC

Consultation deadline ends SuvA – A deadline expired on

monday for the public in Fiji to make submissions to the regime’s draft constitution. the regime has extended the deadline twice since it decided last month to drop plans for a Constituent Assembly to debate the document. the regime is yet to say when the new constitution will be ready after saying last month it would be inalised by April 12. the new document will replace the 1997 constitution, which the regime dumped four years ago when the appeal court declared Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s interim government was illegal. An earlier draft, prepared by a Constitution Commission after it considered about 7000 submission, was dumped in January, triggering widespread condemnation.

the first Fiji election in eight years is due next year but to date, no party has been approved to contest the poll. proposed national Federation party (nFp) is awaiting conirmation from the Registrar of political parties on their application to form a political party. “We are now looking forward to concluding this exercise and conirmation of registration so that we can immediately turn our attention to the real problems affecting our nation,” proposed nFp leader raman pratap Singh said. proposed nFp said it has for a third time responded to further queries from the registrar regarding their application. Singh said the queries involved allegations of discrepancies which were either frivolous or non-existent. He said this has been a mean-

ingless exercise because the queries could have been easily rectiied by the Registrar’s ofice. registrar mohammed Saneem earlier said all applications will be treated fairly and all proposed parties will be notiied. Former Green party politician Bernadette rounds Ganilau is yet to apply to register a party for the 2014 general elections. “We are monitoring the big parties for now and have not decided on making an application to form a party yet,” Ganilau told FijiLive. “A lot of them have submitted their applications, however, we will not be doing anything soon except to just stand on the sideline and observe,” she said. Ganilau has previously served as former minister for Labour, minister for tourism, industrial relations, productivity and en-

vironment. the Fiji teachers union is discussing provisions of the draft constitution at its annual conference in Suva. Speaking to FijiLive, Ftu general secretary Agni Deo Singh said the introduction of the political parties decree have refrained some of its members from actively participating in politics and they are concerned that some of their rights would be removed once a new constitution comes in place. “We have made submissions towards the Ghai draft constitution and our submissions should be taken on board,” Singh said. “We will be discussing issues pertaining of fair remuneration given to teachers, the excessive work load and the recent reduction in our wages,” he said. - RNZI/Fijilive

Voyeurism added to crimes list ApiA – A number of new offences have been added to the Samoa Crimes Act, which is going into effect this week. the Crimes Act 2013 introduces harsher penalties for most sexual offences as well as amending and introducing laws to relect the increasing use of

the internet and mobile phones. the Samoa Attorney General, Aumua ming Leung Wai, says there had been some provisions pertaining to cyber-crime in the telecommunications act, but they were very limited and didn’t cover areas such as spam and other cyber-crime offences.

“We have created a new offence, voyeurism, it’s basically an offence if you were to record a person, or persons, without their permission while engaging in sexual activities. So that’s been introduced. “We’ve also used the opportunity to amend our indecent pub-

lications ordinance to prohibit the passing of indecent material using mobile phones.” the Samoa Attorney General says they tried to be very comprehensive in preparing this legislation and update laws to relect what is happening now. - RNZI

More PIs needed in parliament WeLLinGton – Some pacific

leaders want electoral changes to provide designated seats for Paciic people in New Zealand’s parliament and on some city councils. the call has come at three consultations with the government-appointed Constitutional

Advisory panel. panel member Bernice mene says better representation, especially in local government, has been a common thread in all three consultations. Consultation convenor reverend Uesiili Unasa says large Paciic populations in Auckland

and Wellington are under-represented in central and local government. He says poor statistics in education, health and housing show Paciic people need a greater influence over laws and policies that affect them. Auckland councillor Anae

Arthur Anae disagrees, saying pacific people are well-represented on Auckland Council and in parliament. the constitutional advisory panel expects to meet again with the Paciic groups in Auckland before submissions close in July. - PNC


Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no te pA enuA

Manus Island labelled a ‘disaster’ Four Corners uncovers alarming conditions at PNG refugee camp Br iSBAn e – A doctor who

worked at the immigration centre on manus island says he informed authorities that the facility was inappropriate for children well before they were sent there, but nothing was done about it. ABC’s Four Corners programme gained significant access to the centre and spoke with a number of staff. Among them was Dr John vallentine, who worked at the centre between november and December last year. He says the facility is “too remote” and under-resourced to safely house children and that the health clinic has “very little in the way of paediatric equipment”. Despite this, 30 children are now housed on the island, which is a few hundred kilometres north of the papua new Guinea mainland, near the equator. Dr vallentine says he told his employer, international Health and medical Services (iHmS), of his concerns ive months ago. “the whole time i was there it was just a disaster, medically,” he told Four Corners. “Almost from the day i arrived it was obvious to me that it was not a clinic that would work in its current state. “From early on i was sending lists – both through my health services manager up there and directly to the medical staff of IHMS in Sydney – saying, ‘look,

we desperately need this stuff’. “Stuff being oxygen, antibiotics, bladder catheters, suckers, tracheotomy equipment, anaesthetic agents, sedatives, morphine, ketamine – and these things didn’t arrive. “For the irst time in my life i felt ashamed to be an Australian, up there seeing this squandering of money. “it’s just a remote, silly place to be putting people.” iHmS is paid $2.5 million a month by the Australian government to provide health services to the offshore centres in nauru and manus island. it is responsible for health checks on asylum seekers selected by the Department of immigration for offshore transfer. Dr vallentine says his concerns “turned to alarm” when the children, including an anaphylactic boy and a girl with a history of needing blood transfusions, arrived at the centre. “the thing about children from a medical point of view is that they get sick very quickly,” he said. “you don’t have nearly the same luxury of time to sort things out and the problem, or one of the problems at manus island is its remoteness. “Worst of all, this established 24-hour delay, between calling for a medical evacuation by air and the plane arriving and getting the sick person out, is just too long for kids. So i was wor-

‘For the irst time in my life i felt ashamed to be an Australian. it’s just a remote, silly place to be putting people.’ ried about children being there at all i must say.” the Salvation Army has a $75 million contract with the Australian Government to work with asylum seekers on manus island. major paul moulds was so disturbed by what he had seen that he decided to speak to Four Corners. “i’ve had some hard days and i’ve seen some pretty difficult things in that role, but i don’t think i’ve ever had a harder job as what this called for as we work with asylum seekers on manus and nauru,” he said. “i can say quite honestly the people i work with from government and from the host countries, i don’t think they want to injure asylum seekers. “But Australia has to weigh up the consequences of what it’s doing. it has to think deeply, and i hope there is a really reasoned and logical and intelligent debate about this policy.” Australian Human rights Commission president Gillian triggs has not been to either manus island or nauru. She says the solicitor-general told her she has no jurisdiction

An Australian current afairs report has slammed conditions at the asylum seeker processing camp on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island. ABC outside Australia. “this is a curious phenomenon,” trigg told Four Corners. “What is absolutely crystal clear as a matter of international law is that Australia is responsible for the lives and wellbeing and legal rights of these people “And as human rights law is at the core of my job, i would have thought it appropriate that i be invited to go there to make some kind of visit to the people concerned.” Another former manus employee describes the camp as “stressful”, with only a fence between families with children and nearly 200 single men. morale among the men, who have spent ive months in tents,

is low and centre workers describe frequent suicide attempts and self-harm incidents. While some processing has begun in nauru, there is currently no proposal as to how and when asylum seekers’ claims might be assessed on manus island. Workers with irst-hand experience of both nauru and manus island have told Four Corners that much of the distress among those detained in the centres is the unfairness of the system. Although almost 700 asylum seekers have been transferred offshore, thousands of others who arrived over the same period were sent to Australia and

have been released with bridging visas. A spokesperson for the immigration Department said the facilities were adequate, describing them as “comparable with Australian standards”. But in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry last month, the department said conditions were cramped and problematic. it said there was no reliable power supply, limited drinking water, and the conditions for inmates increased the risk of mental health problems. immigration minister Brendan o’Connor is yet to comment on the claims raised in the programme. - ABC

Call for Paciic rugby league competition nuKu’ALoFA – tongan rugby

league coach Charles tonga wants an annual competition, held in new Zealand and played between the Kiwis and pacific island nations, during the State of origin weeks. tonga’s 36-4 win over Samoa in last weekend’s one-off Anzac test was a memorable night for international league and showed there is a need and demand for the Paciic nations to play more ixtures, according to new Zealand’s Sunday news. the game’s attendance easily outshone the nrL’s long-running City versus Country match. it was tonga’s first test in

three years and – after the World Cup at the end of the year – all that’s on the official schedule for the next four years are one-off tests against Samoa. For league to grow worldwide, there needs to be more international fixtures – and judging by how the Samoan and tongan communities in Auckland got behind their teams at the 2011 World Cup – there would certainly be a desire to see their national league teams play in Auckland, the Sunday news says. “We have signed a four-year agreement for tonga versus Samoa to be an annual ixture in

Australia and that’s great for the game,” tonga says. “But it would be wonderful if we could take it to new Zealand too, to have tonga and Samoa playing new Zealand and have bigger crowds. “you can imagine what it would be like to play these games at eden park. it would be fantastic. “this is a great concept,” he adds. “you could also look to include Fiji too, because they’ve got a great team and will have petero Civoniceva and possibly Jarryd Hayne. it would be great to do something at State of origin time, it would build

the game in Auckland and the Paciic islands.” tonga said he received congratulatory messages from around the world after last weekend’s victory and he had also had more nrL players say they now wanted to be involved in the team. “the win has attracted a number of other players who want to come back to play for tonga,” he said. “But i won’t be forgetting that the team we had last week did everything we asked of them. “At the end of the year, other guys might come back. you’re

looking at guys like michael Jennings, tony Williams, and at the Warriors there are a couple of other names. “But i have advised all of the players that i’m looking for consistency – week in, week out. “Also, we want to build a culture of being loyal to the boys who have already put their hands up.” tonga revealed that Warriors centre Konrad Hurrell and utility back ngani Laumape both told him they wanted to play for him last weekend, but, surprisingly, the club blocked that happening. “Konrad and his manager

have assured me that he wants to play for tonga,” he said. “Also, ngani Laumape wanted to play, but the club ruled them out, which was sad, and in the end we had other young talent that stood up and took that opportunity.” tonga will have a camp in the pacific island for a week after the nrL season, then spend a few days in Dubai en route to the World Cup, where they have pool games against Scotland, italy and Cook islands before a potential quarterfinal clash against the Kiwis. - Fairfax NZ News

Few Paciic islanders in sports management AuCKLAnD – in new Zealand,

there are claims that an “old boys’ network” still controls the nation’s sporting codes – and that there is a cultural and race bias that prevents former maori and pacific island sports stars rising to management roles. pasifika and maori players might wear the Silver Fern in healthy numbers but they’re not achieving national honours by serving on governing bodies, a recent massey university research project has found. pacific islanders and maori make up nearly half the players in the All Blacks and Silver Ferns

but their representation across all sports in governance roles is just six per cent, phD candidate ryan Holland says. For his thesis he surveyed 90 national sporting organisations and asked them about their board membership. He also interviewed two groups. The irst was made up of chief executives and chairs of national sport organisations to get the “outsider” view. the second consisted of Maori and Pasiika board members to get the “insider” view. The irst group saw the issue as a lack of experience but didn’t

recognise the cultural reasons of why this might be the case, Holland said. “Most Maori and Pasiika get their irst taste of sport leadership through being players and feel most comfortable when they are active at the grassroots level because of the close connections with their local community.” on the other side of the ledger Maori and Paciic peoples didn’t have many role models or mentors to encourage them. “We celebrate maori and paciika achievement on the ield a lot, but we don’t see that focus

on who’s been a great board member or a great Ceo. “there’s a lot that do contribute at a regional and club level but it’s just about inding the right pathways, inding the right people to mentor them through to the national level.” Holland, who is himself of niuean descent, said the research wasn’t about blaming sports boards for the shortage. “it’s a complex issue and while i didn’t come across any out-and-out racism – race and culture were at the heart of the problem. “there’s a perception that

people of Maori and Paciic descent are naturally physically gifted, but lack discipline. “they can be seen as unsuitable, or not a good it, so there’s deinitely still an old boys’ network operating.” Sports organisation boards and committees should relect the communities they serve, he said. He recommended that Sport nZ drive the charge for more representation He has suggested internships within sports organisations, building programmes that connect maori and pasifika sport

governance with community development and educating boards on the value of diversity and cultural awareness. Maori and Pasiika candidates needed to step up to the plate as well, he said. Holland’s thesis reported that there are 90 national new Zealand sports organisations with a total of 613 board members. of this total only four are of pacific island descent and just 33 are maori. on the gender side of the equation, 463 are men (76 per cent) and 150 are women (24 per cent). - NZH


Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

LetterS reta

Modern operating facility needed Dear editor, Wilkie rasmussen is to be commended for raising his real and perceived concerns of the Cook islands health service (opposition critical of health services, April 24). i wish to respond to a couple of issues. According to World Health Organisation igures for 2009, the $8 million annual health spending in the Cook islands as a percentage of the gross domestic product (GDp) was 4.3 per cent which is less than that of each of our Paciic neighbours’ and at least half less than that of irst world countries. Most countries strive for a igure of 10 per cent or beyond, with the uS the highest at 17.6 per cent. there have been several Commissions of inquiry into the health service (one of which i chaired nearly 30 years ago) identifying deficiencies and possible solutions.

I irst raised the need for modern operating facilities at rarotonga hospital with Dr robert Woonton who felt government had suficient funds to proceed. However, he did not gain the support of his cabinet colleagues. During peri vaevae pare’s time as minister of Health, i again discussed the issue with him but as previously, the same players within cabinet did not support it. He was however able to provide discretionary funds (without reference to cabinet) in order to repair a longstanding leak in the roof and ceiling of the operating theatre to avoid the need for an umbrella when it rained. open windows were sealed to prevent dust (and lies) from the adjacent car park and road from being blown into the operating theatre. A washing machine for the cleaning of soiled linen was purchased. Staff was previously

expected to wash them by hand. had desperately needed. Sadly, He asked for, and i provided and for reasons not spelled out him, a one page report on the to me, my subsequent efforts to sorry state of Aitutaki Hospital provide hundreds of thousands which i believe led to the much of dollars’ worth of donated surneeded makeover. i found him to gical and medical equipment to the Cook islands Health be an effective and caring ...the service failed to eventuminister, responsive to ‘surgical ate. only last month, my the needs of patients and waiting offer of several thousands staff. Also during pare’s tenure i and colleagues list’ is the of dollars of surgical and from new Zealand deyardstick anaesthetic equipment livered, installed and for health was not accepted. About 7 years ago, i was encourprovided for the training delivery. aged by rasmussen and of local health staff in the use of donated equipment then prime minister Jim marurai (priced at over $300,000) for the to make a presentation to cabiperformance of keyhole surgery net on the need for a new surgical at rarotonga hospital. this was operating facility at rarotonga offered at no cost to the Cook is- hospital. Before presenting what i believed was a thoroughly relands government. my friendship with the then searched and robust case, i lobpresident of the new Zealand or- bied for and received the supthopaedic Association resulted port of two senior new Zealand in the donation of an x-ray im- cabinet ministers. As rasmussen age intensiier which Dr Noovao stated, funding was forthcom-

Comments ‘erroneous and reckless’ Dear editor, i write in response to Wilkie rasmussen’s comment, “it appears trainee doctors from the Fiji medical school have been kept longer than normal here to make up for the shortage.” (op-

QualityCoffee served by the

CookIslands Baristaofthe Year 2013

position critical of health services, April 24). rasmussen’s comment is erroneous and reckless. As the former president of the Ci Fiji Community, all Fijian doctors who have come to work in the Cook islands for the past nine years were fully fledged doctors who have had experience in many other countries in the world and most of them held post graduate qualiications. None of these ‘persons’ were a trainee doctor. rasmussen needs to note the following: (1) trainee doctors need to work under supervision before they are allowed to practice in Fiji -- accordingly doctors that come to work in the Cook islands are doctors with experience. (2) there are some Fiji passport holders who have special-

ized in the ield of tropical medicine (over 20 years) and paediatrics (over 9 years) who have managed hospitals and health centres that have patient turnovers in the hundreds a day and have seen and properly diagnosed thousands of patients compared to the small number of patients they have collectively seen in the Cook islands in the past years. (3) the third Fijian doctor is not a trainee doctor but a qualiied doctor who is married to a Cook islander, therefore is entitled to practice as a doctor and live in the Cook islands. (4) i am aware that at the moment there is a Fijian female doctor with postgraduate qualifications and years of experience (but is a stay of home mum) who has accompanied her

doctor husband who has been contracted by the ministry of health. (5) there are at least five Cook islands doctors who were trained in Fiji who are very qualified, experienced and prominent doctors. the above is the little information that is known to me about very qualified and competent Fijian doctors who have come to the Cook islands to work, as there have been no qualified Cook islander to be employed! So rasmussen needs to target and harass the minister nandi Glassie instead of using these hardworking doctors as scapegoats for these political attacks. Lavi rokoika Jiangsu China

ing (through nZ aid) if the Cook islands government requested it.Given the information that the operating facility at rarotonga hospital did not meet minimal standards for the prevention of surgery related infection, the then and subsequent cabinets failed to fully act on my recommendations as well as the offer of funding from new Zealand. the issue was again raised (and reported in this paper) by navy epati following his unfortunate experience with post-operative wound infection. my proposal was estimated to cost between $4-6 million or half the annual health budget. i was lead to believe that it was supported by the majority of cabinet. During an interview with Cook islands television some 20 years ago, I was asked for a ‘quick ix’ for the struggling Cook islands Health system. my tongue-incheek answer was the passage of legislation to prevent politicians, especially cabinet ministers (and their families) from seeking medical or surgical care in nZ rather than being treated at rarotonga hospital like the rest of the popu-

lation. it must have struck a raw nerve because the then cabinet instructed Crown Law to view the recording of the interview, and ind grounds for taking legal action against me. i mention this because of the continuing perception within the community that we have a two tier health system of the privileged obtaining medical care in new Zealand and the rest making do with what is offered locally. there does not appear to be enthusiasm from government to seriously address the shortcomings of health delivery in the Cook islands. in most countries surgical care and in particular, the ‘surgical waiting list’ is the yardstick for health delivery. providing a surgical facility which meets at least minimal acceptable standards would be a good start. it would appear insufficient funding is not the only reason for the under-performing Cook islands health service. one is reminded of the saying “only in the Cook islands...” George ngaei invercargill new Zealand

Answers please Dear editor, Would you be so kind as to seek answers from the Commissioner of police to the following questions: 1. Leaving nothing out, how much money was spent on operation eagle? 2. Assuming that the persons incarcerated after being convicted under operation eagle are released after having served 75 per cent of their sentences, how much money will have been spent to keep them in jail? 3. How is the investigation going into which adult supplied

the cannabis to the tereora College children? 4. When will the parent who allowed an 11 year old child to sit on the tailgate of a ute and fall off onto the road be appearing in court? 5. Have the police radar guns been stolen, or are they broken, or are they just sitting on the shelf? Simple Questions (name and address supplied) Editor: police Commissioner maara tetava has indicated he intends to respond to the questions raised by the letter writer.

Pot calling the kettle black? Dear editor, A good place to learn about the history of traditional leaders and the ‘kopu tangata’, their roles and customs is during the land court sittings. it is also a good place to observe the behaviour of people; traditional leaders and especially family, towards one another. in the land court last week, i observed, a paramount Chief, pa Ariki giving evidence in a mataiapo title dispute hearing. i was shocked by pa Ariki’s response to questions and her attitude towards a family who she claimed had been ‘adopted out’. i was surprised by her comments as it is my understand-

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

ing that her own mother pa te rito was adopted by her grand aunt, so it was kind of like the pot calling the kettle black. our traditional leaders are meant to be role models for the next generation of Cook islanders and therefore should lead by example and refrain from name calling. times have certainly changed. How can a traditional leader, especially one who claims to be a paramount Chief, command respect, when they fail to respect and unite the very people they are meant to lead? Coming from vaka takitumu i felt shame at pa Ariki’s behaviour and demeanour. respect and unite (name and address supplied)

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Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te ipuKAreA

NZ rowing champ to visit Raro A KiWi sporting champion will be visiting rarotonga next week. new Zealand’s olympic champion rower and ive-time world champion in the single sculls, Alexander mahé owens Drysdale, better known as mahé Drysdale, has been invited by the Cook islands red Cross (CirC) to be the keynote speaker at its island night Charity Fundraiser on may 8. Drysdale is a household name in new Zealand, and has proven to be a world class athlete as a ive-time world champion and olympic Champion in the single sculls event. the event will also feature Cook islands’ prime minister, Henry puna, and an address by the head of the Paciic Regional Ofice for the International Federation of red Cross focussing on the role of red Cross in emergency response in the Paciic and internationally. Students of the Hospitality and tourism training Centre will be serving dinner at the event, and the te tiare Association and award-winning dancer uirangi Bishop will entertain guests. the purpose of the fundraiser is to support the organisation in work such as disaster manage-

ment, emergency response, disaster risk reduction, youth peer education, blood donor recruitment, Hiv and Sti counselling, first aid training, community based health programme, dis-

semination of international humanitarian law and technical assistance to government for the development of international disaster response law. Air new Zealand provided

Drysdale with a return ticket to the Cook islands, and he will also receive four night’s accommodation at edgewater resort and Spa and a three-day car voucher from polynesian

rentals. Ci rC also acknowledged the support of the Gold mine shop through the sponsorship of vouchers. tickets for the event at the

national Auditorium are $140 for couples and $75 for singles. interested people can call 22598 or 25653, or visit the red Cross building opposite Club raro. - Release/BD

Mahé Drysdale after being awarded Gold medal in the single sculler event. PHOTO: NZ OLYMPICS. 13042922

Funding available for grass-roots projects tHiS year’s round of applications has opened for the india Grant Fund, which offers funding for projects in the area of social and economic development. the total amount available is unconirmed, but is likely to be between $150,000 and $200,000. it is likely there will be a cap on the funding given to individual projects this year, though this is not yet set in stone. manager of the fund, peter taivairanga, said

the reason for a cap would be to enable more projects to receive funding. “if we did get one big project applying, there could be only one project that got approved. We know there are a lot of small projects out there. if we cap the amount they can apply for, we can disperse the funds more widely.” Last year, just under $200,000 was given to ifteen grass-roots

organisations in the Cook islands, with projects being allocated between $1490 and $80,863. So far for 2013, six applications have been received, though many more are expected before the closing date on may 10. taivairanga said some groups do not apply because it can take a long time to receive the funding. “the turn-around time of the india Fund is very long – it affects their planning for their projects.

they might need the money within six months.” He said it is unknown when the funds will be received by organisations. “it depends on india – we can process the applications in two or three months, and then we just have to wait.” Small community projects are most likely to get the funding, he said. This is not the irst time India

has helped the Cook islands community. Between 2006 and 2008 the indian government provided grant funds of uS$100,000 for each paciic Island country. In 2009 the fund increased to uS$125,000 annually. targeted at socio-economic development projects, the fund is open to both government and non-government groups but preferred projects are those which beneit local communities

directly. Applications for this year’s round of funding can be downloaded from, or picked up from the ministry of Finance and economic management’s Development Co-ordination Division – located on the top floor of the Foreign Affairs and immigration Building. interested people can email peter., or phone 29521. - BD

Sanctity of marriage: Yeah right A SmoKe SiGnALLer writes: “on the front page of the Ci news last

Friday is the heading ‘PM says no to gay marriage’. It was reported that prime minister Henry puna says the Cook islands are a Christian nation and he also upholds Christian values. He goes on to say he respects the sanctity of marriage as provided for under Christian beliefs and faith. What sanctity of marriage is he talking about? How many men who uphold the sanctity of marriage, cheat on their wives, ending in divorce? He goes on to say: “the Cook islands will not stray from its core values as a Christian nation, including its tradition of upholding the union of a man and a woman in the sight of God.” the old rhetoric “the sanctity of marriage” doesn’t hold water when we have people in this country who have their fair share of extramarital affairs, sexual improprieties, inidelity, dishonesty and deceit, the main reason for the demise of many marriages. Actually divorce, abuse, dishonesty and deceit do a lot more to hurt the sanctity of marriage than allowing gays to marry ever would.”

CHRiSTiAN NATiON? A SmoKe SiGnALLer writes: “regarding the prime minister’s com-

ment in Friday’s paper about the Cook islands being a “Christian nation”, please see the following extracted from the Cook islands constitution (yes, there really is one). See especially section (d). nowhere in the constitution does it state that the Cook islands is a “Christian nation” and nowhere does it state that people of the same sex cannot be married. Fundamental human rights and freedoms: (1) it is hereby recognised and declared that in the Cook islands there exist, and shall continue to exist, without discrimination by reason of race, national origin, colour, religion, opinion, belief, or sex, the following fundamental human rights and freedoms: (a) the right of the individual to life, liberty, and security of the person, and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with law; (b)

the right of the individual to equality before the law and to the protection of the law; (c) the right of the individual to own property and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with law: provided that nothing in this paragraph or in Article 40 of this Constitution shall be construed as limiting the power of parliament to prohibit or restrict by Act the alienation of Native land (as deined in section 2(1) of the Cook islands Act 1915 of the parliament of new Zealand); (d) Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; (e) Freedom of speech and expression; (f) Freedom of peaceful assembly and association.” SS: A law against same-sex marriage does exist -- government passed an amendment to the Cook islands 1973 marriage Act in 2007 to prohibit marriage between people of the same sex, including those who have had a sex change.

her ministry is in good health and that we have suitably trained and qualiied doctors in place. That would explain why a Cook Islander who presented at the hospital with a complaint of diminished hearing was diagnosed as having excess wax in the ears and left minutes later with a handful of antibiotics. Couldn't the ministry save a small fortune by having no doctors at all and instead have a vending machine under the front porch where the ambulances park that dispenses panadol and Cloxacillin?”



A SmoKe SiGnALLer writes: “Before the public could close its

in reSponSe to Friday’s letter to the editor ‘In anticipation’ a

collective mouth from the astonishment of the offshore industry pronouncement that not a dollar of dirty money passes through or resides in the Cook islands, the secretary of Health assures us that

smoke signaller writes to tXt188: “maybe mr Cook of Cook’s island Bus passenger transport should stop complaining about the roads all the time; in my opinion it’s his big buses doing a lot of the damage!”

Here’s what people think Letters to the editor Email:



tRUCK tRay Not oN tHe edGe to aVoId tHeM faLLING oVeR


—Ministry of Health


Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News


Solar cuts power bill at Creative Centre ALternAtive energy provider

‘Solar Bob’ Bob Riley has installed solar panels at the Creative Centre, to help keep their power bill down. the panels were funded by rotary Cook islands, which works in partnership with the Creative Centre. riley had already installed solar panels at the esther Honey Foundation, and he said they are saving the organisation about $2450 in power each year. “every little bit counts, and that’s money they can spend on the animals and other projects instead.” the Creative Centre will receive similar beneits, he said. “the best part about it is the community will beneit,” said riley. “the cost of power always goes up. Solar is a good investment.” manager of the Creative Centre, Bob Kimiangatau, said he is grateful to rotary and Solar Bob for the panels.

“that’s one of our biggest costs here, is power. As an organisation that relies on funding, we can use all the help we can get.” the Creative Centre provides a daily service for ‘differently abled’ persons, helping them master life skills and make them more independent. “our programmes are designed to teach skills that move them into independence,” Kimiangatau said. Solar Bob was one of the irst businesses to begin installing solar panels in the Cook islands more than five years ago, following years of experience in new Zealand. riley provides a full solar installation service package, including a visit to your property or building site to best determine how solar energy will work for you. Solar Bob recommends installing solar panels as “a good idea for everyone,” resulting in

a “very low” power bill for residential properties. His work can be seen across the Cook islands,

in businesses such as tumunu restaurant and Bar and Waterline Beach Bar and restaurant

in rarotonga, and also in Aitutaki, Atiu and mangaia. Bob can be contacted on

27899 or 55063, or email him at - Briar Douglas



Bringmesunshineeveryday Bob Riley Solar reflective Phone 27899 paint now arrived Mobile 55063 Email:

Solar Bob (left) and the Creative Centre’s key support community worker Alain Estall installed the new solar panels. 13042903` PlUMBing EXPERT



KIKauRoofaLteRnatIve ‘50 Year expected Lifespan’

Palmex Pacific is excited to offer the only “Real” fully recyclable and environmentally friendly synthetic alternative for traditional Polynesian thatching. Natural palm leaves have been used as decorative thatching in the south pacific for centuries. This popular decorative roofing creates a unique south seas look but can be expensive to maintain and replace over an extended period. Palmex products provide the same authentic look with significant savings over the medium to long term. Palmex is not just decorative but in fact a proper wind and waterproof roofing solution. Palmex products come with a 20 year warranty and a 50 year expected life span. Palmex leaves are very easy to install based on a do-it yourself system and can be retro-fitted over old roofs or recent framework. Palmex Pacific has supplied over 10,000 square metres of thatch since 2004 to many very satisfied and happy customers in the Cook Islands and across the South Pacific. FOR MORE INFO, VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

or CONTACT US DIRECT (ask for Marcus): Phone: 54427 or 20427 Email:


Specialised in

BeSt In the BuSIneSS Plumbing, drainlaying & gas fitting • NZ registered plumbers & draiNlayers • septic taNks • sewage treatmeNt systems domestic & commercial • machiNery: chaiN digger & excavator• septic taNk pumpout truck

after hours callout services 7 days a week

Ph: 25218, 55218 Fax:25216 Email: waTER SERvicES EXPERT

DRaInage LtD

FREE QUOTE - Septic Tanks Contact Riki - Sewage Treatment System 58723 - Domestic & Commercial drainage or 23582 - Landscaping Properties - Retaining Walls - Concrete work – footpaths, driveways ElEcTRical EXPERT


electRical SaLeS, SeRVICe & INStaLLatIoN • Pressure Pumps • Submersible Pumps • Sewage Pumps • Water Filter Systems

• Swimming Pools, Pumps and Filters •Irrigation Systems

LoCated IN tUPaPa PHoNe US oN 22042

- House wiring - Solar installation - commercial and industrial For all your electrical requirements

Phone John 72516 or 20088 NZ Registered electrician


Call 22999 to reserve your space or email


Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

Marine scientists clear crown of thorns SiX staff from the Living oceans Foundation removed 215 crown of thorns starfish from Aitutaki’s reef in one dive last weekend. the starfish (known locally as taramea) feed on coral and when present in large numbers can devastate coral reefs. “each animal consumes about one coral colony per day and can eat all the corals within about a 10 square meter patch in a year,” says the expedition’s chief scientist Dr Andrew Bruckner. “multiply this by potentially thousands of animals in an outbreak, they can consume most of the coral around the entire island within a couple of years.” The starish are well known to the Cook islands with outbreaks in the early 1970s resulting in

community clean-ups in the islands. Currently one section on the eastern side of Aitutaki near Akaiami at about 35 feet deep was infested with them. “they’ve left a lot of dead coral behind as they’ve been advancing up the reef towards shallow water,” explains Bruckner. the distribution of the starfish is explained by their lifecycle. “When the starfish spawn, their larvae swim down to about 60-80 metres depth and there they feed on algae and grow,” says Bruckner. “After about 3-4 years the juvenile starfish emerge from the depths, switch their diets to coral and feed voraciously as they move up the reef slope

towards shallow water.” Bruckner is meeting with the Aitutaki island Council who have asked to discuss the issue. in the meantime, the team aboard the Golden Shadow are doing their best to help rid the Aitutaki reef of this pest. two divers collected a string of around 50 starish, which required three men to pull onto the dive boat. The starish will be destroyed by soaking in freshwater. - TIS/CIMPSC

A marine scientist collecting the pest crown of thorns starish in Aitutaki on the weekend.

Te Kainga receives India grant for van A neW transport vehicle for te

Kainga has been made possible thanks to a $50,000 grant from the indian government. te Kainga mental Health and Wellbeing Centre is very pleased to be receiving the grant, which has allowed them to purchase a services vehicle that will be used to transport clients to and from the centre. An order and a deposit for a 15-seater van has been made at motor Centre, says volunteer thomas ngauru, with the expectation that it will arrive in a

few months time. Despite the three month wait until the van is shipped over from Japan, ngauru says the centre is happy to wait and are “just glad it’s on its way.” ngauru, one of four volunteers and two nurses who work at the centre, says that up until now they have had to use their private vehicles for transport which involved multiple trips around the island each week. te Kainga currently has 25 to 35 people attending its programmes two days a week.

the new vehicle will save the centre in both time and money, and will allow for more people to attend their programmes for longer time periods. they are hopeful that with the arrival of the van they will also be able to extend their days from two to four a week. te Kainga is one of fifteen grass roots organisations in the Cook islands who have received funding from india, to a total of just under $200,000. - Rachel Smith


SWITCH ON with Te Aponga Uira

“SHUT THE FRIDGE DOOR” Every time you open your fridge door, cold air falls out onto the floor of the kitchen. The fridge’s motor and compressor pump then switch on to cool down the new air. The longer the motor and pump run unnecessarily, the more electricity that is used and wasted. Knowing this, it should be easy to understand why it is better to close the fridge door immediately after removing items!

the Dining table The Dining Table is a regular weekly feature, giving you options on where to eat, drink and be entertained.

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So do we!


Courtyard Cafe

Manuia Beach

Castaway Beach Silver Sands

Restaurant & Bar

Dining Table

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Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te ipuKAreA

Reef project helps vanishing coral A SmALL group was privy to the workings of a state-of-the-art research vessel that is in the Cooks to do research on coral reefs as part of a global study. Last Wednesday evening a group of around 10 people were given a tour and lecture onboard, including Foreign Affairs secretary Jim Gosselin, Chamber of Commerce president theresa manarangi-trott, marine biologist Dr teina rongo and marine resources minister teina Bishop. the Living oceans Foundation is a non-proit organisation created by Saudi Arabian prince Khaled bin Sultan, who wants to help protect marine ecosystems. He provided the 220 foot Golden Shadow for the research to be done from. the ship – which has a maximum speed of 15 knots but usually runs at 12 – was impressive. the group squeezed through narrow white corridors to look at how the crew and scientists live and work for months on end. the ship has a dive compression chamber – which the ship’s doctor goes inside as well. one of the two ship’s doctors said the main injuries they encounter are from people falling over on deck in rough weather. there are also injuries from marine animals and ear injuries from diving. in the lab room the group saw how the scientists collect

samples to test under power- direct human stressors are miniful microscopes and can freeze mal, the expedition’s scientific specimens down to minus 80 research plan will differ from previous coral reef studies in that degrees Celsius. A number of chefs in a restau- it will provide the information rant-sized kitchen whip up four- needed to bridge on-the-ground course meals every day and the conservation actions while closship coverts its own fresh water ing critical scientiic knowledge on board from sea water using gaps. main goals of the generators. expedition are to the group heard The iveproduce high resoluhow the scientists year project tion habitat maps of are making geotheris bringing coral reef ecosystems mic and bathemetric together worldand identify primary maps of the Cook renowned coral drivers of coral reef islands, which will reef scientists community strucbe given to the govfrom more than ture, composition ernment, just as all 20 nations to and health. the research done Scientists will look on reefs around the explore, map world will be given and characterize at reef health and resilience, and why to each host country. the health some reefs survive the Global reef and resilience under tough condiexpedition began of remote tions while others die. in April 2011 in the reefs around Both climate Caribbean Sea. the globe. change and human the five-year stress on reefs will be project is bringing together world-renowned coral looked at. the team hope their research reef scientists from more than 20 nations to explore, map and will help remote and unique corcharacterise the health and re- al reefs that should be included silience of remote reefs around in a global network of marine protected areas. they will recthe globe. results will be compared ommend critical conservation against assessments of near targets for certain species that shore reefs that are affected by regulate reef health. As well as the Caribbean, the local and regional human stresGolden Shadow has been to the sors. Because very few surveys have Galapagos islands and most rebeen done on remote reefs where cently French polynesia, where

Dr Andrew Bruckner is the chief scientist on board the Golden Shadow and gave an informative presentation on the coral reef project being done. 13042601 the scientists believe they found 12 new species of marine life and three new species of coral. they spent a week in the waters around rarotonga and are now in Aitutaki. Fiji, tonga and new Caledonia will take them through to the end of the year, and the Solomon islands, Coral Sea, marshall islands and Bikini Atoll see them through the next. in 2016 they end up in the red Sea and then back to where they started. “Coral reefs around the world are dying,” the project’s chief sci-

entist Dr Andrew Bruckner told the ship’s guests. “We just don’t know on a local scale how bad it is.” He said while reefs can shift from coral dominated to algae dominated quickly and stay that way, one indication of how a damaged reef will rebound is to look at how heavily it is ished for its resources locally. Bruckner said rarotonga’s reefs appeared to be in a better shape than those in the Caribbean. He said it is a good thing rarotonga’s slopes are still vegetated as fertilizer runs off cul-

tivated slopes to damage coral reefs, made up of colonies of tiny animals. the scientists hope the knowledge gained from the Global reef expedition will be used to reveal major problems confronting these fragile ecosystems and will guide decisions needed to develop global conservation measures to combat the most serious threats impacting them. “man has done a lot to harm reefs. We know that,” says Bruckner. “one thing to do is put in a marine controlled area.” - Calida Smylie

The Cook Islands group was given a tour of the ship, including an impressive kitchen. 13042602

A Golden Shadow crew member showed the group round the engine control room and said getting the ship into Avarua Harbour in strong winds was ‘tight’. 13042603

Dr Andrew Bruckner shows the group the compression chamber for divers that get the bends and need life saving treatment. 13042605

The Golden Shadow is in the Cook Islands as part of a global coral research project funded by ocean-loving Saudi Arabian prince Khaled bin Sultan. 13042689


Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te ipuKAreA

Mining industry slowing: recruiter tHere are fewer opportunities for workers in the Australian mining industry than in previous years, according to the senior regional director of a recruitment agency in Australia. Simon Winield of Hays Recruitment said the supply of workers in Australia greatly outweighs the number of jobs available. “the mining industry has been quieting down for many months now. the market is somewhat flatter than it has been in a number of years.” Winield’s comments come after a Cook islands-based group calling themselves Awaiki reo recruiters called for expressions of interest in jobs in the Australian mining industry. the organisers – sisters pouarii tanner and her sister maria tanner, and their uncle Kane Amoa who works in the mining industry in perth – received interest from hundreds of potential applicants, and have since said they are currently processing the information they received. pouarii tanner said previously that opportunities in the Australian mining industry are “limitless”. However, Winfield said the industry has been quiet of late, and he doesn’t see it improving any time soon. “their timing’s not very

good. there’s a lot of caution in the industry at the moment. if i was setting up a recruitment agency in the Cook islands, i’d be very careful about what i promised.” Winfield said it is currently dificult to ind a mining job in Australia because there is a large surplus of potential workers. “there are very few opportunities for unskilled, unqualiied people in the mining industry.” He said there are pockets in the industry where demand is still high for qualiied workers. “if you’re skilled in mining engineering or maintenance planning, there are jobs available there. on the blue-collar side, there’s demand for skills in heavy diesel itting and those with a voltage fitting background, for example,” he said. “there are jobs available in the hospitality sector, but salary levels there are very different and there are also lots of applicants.” pouarii tanner has said previously that she is aware experience is an important factor, and that Awaiki reo recruiters wanted to gauge people’s level of experience and interest before formally establishing themselves as a recruitment company. “there are lots of Cook islanders going over there. But there’s no-one over here to explain what

kind of work they’re going to do. people think they’re going to go into a mine with a pic-axe, but it’s not like that – there are lots of jobs they might do.” She said the group want to look at linking Cook islanders with jobs in Australia through Amoa’s contacts in the mining industry. “there was no point of contact here… the best way we can do it is to ind out as much as we can about you and try to place you in a job that suits your qualiications.” Winfield said the mining industry does pay well, but job availability is in the process of slowing down. “you hear stories of people making a lot of money. But it’s not that straight-forward,” he said. “Commodities prices generally have softened quite considerably. As a result, mining companies are being more cautious about new hires and trying to save money.” the downward trend of the industry is in line with global trends of fewer jobs and more cost-cutting. “you’ve got people doing two people’s jobs because it’s cheaper. unfortunately, the mining industry isn’t immune to what’s happening in the rest of the world.” - Briar Douglas

Serial offender arrested CooK islands police located and

arrested serial offender putere Dean on Friday morning following a tip from a member of the public. police issued public notice on Friday to inform the community that the 26-year-old, wanted

for links to a number of burglaries, was on the run from police. Dean was arrested at a house in tupapa after receiving an anonymous tip from a member of the public. Dean was later charged with possession of a bong used for

Pouarii Tanner helped organise meetings about jobs in the Australian mining industry in early April, which was looded with interested people. 13041263

smoking cannabis as well as charges relating to receiving stolen properties. investigation in to offences of burglary which Dean is believed to be connected to are still on going. - Matariki Wilson

A memoir of life in Raro HeLen Henry’s new book tells

the story of her life in rarotonga and is now on sale at the Bounty Bookshop. ‘Kotuku of the South Seas - Living and Loving in rarotonga - A memoir’ focuses on the time since the Cook islands

became self-governing in 1965, when Helen and her late husband Hugh – second son of former premier Albert Henry – returned to the Cook islands to participate in its development. Helen is not a mangaian resi-

dent, as mistakenly portrayed in Saturday’s paper. the Helen Henry who lives on mangaia is a distant relative of the author, and Ci news apologises for any confusion which has arisen from this mistake. - Calida Smylie

Hundreds of people expressed interest in working in the mining industry at a series of meetings in Tupapa in early April. 13041265

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Helen Henry at the launch of her new book about living in Rarotonga. 13042930

Complimentary Transfers provided from anywhere on the island. Saturday Island Night features Orama


Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

Top dancers prepare for competition top CooK islands dancers will take to the Are Karioi stage this thursday for the national dancer of the year competition. While the senior dancers will be polishing up their acts this week – the community is still talking about the sensational performances seen last thursday night when 14 junior and 12 intermediate dancers shone under the spotlight at the national auditorium. Dancers represented their schools, vaka and the outer islands with each excellent performance receiving huge cheers an appreciative crowd at the national auditorium. Ambushia mateariki, who represented mauke, was crowned the junior female dancer of the year. She also won the best fast beat dance, best slow beat dance and best costume. Second place went to elizabeth terepita representing vaka puaikura while tuvaine taio took out third place. Crowd favourite ruby Bragger was won the most promising dancer award for her outstanding Cook islands dancing. in the boys division – piritau nga Jnr was judged the best and also won the best slow

beat division. Second place went the tearetoa tupuna who also won the best fast beat dance while michael Akava Jnr placed third and won the best costume award. ngatokorua mateariki walked away with the most promising dancer of the year award. in the intermediate section –Heleina Strickland won the intermediate female dancer of the year award as well as the slow beat dance award. Second place went to Ariana Keily and eteta tuteru won third. in the intermediate boys section – tamaiva mateariki was the best and won the best fast beat and best costume awards as well. Second place went to edward nga who also won the best slow beat award while roimata moetaua placed third and Kanoa taru was the most promising dancer on the night. tickets for the senior dancer of the year competition this thursday will be available at the national auditorium doors on the night and it will be a show not to be missed. - MW

Trainees Daniel was a vision on the junior dancer of the year competition stage.

Tuvaine Taio placed third in the junior female dancer of the year division.



Ngatokorua Mateariki showed he was a natural born dancer and won the most promising dancer award. 13042636

Michael Akava Jnr placed third in the junior male dance competition.


2013 junior female dancer of the year Ambushia Mateariki.



Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

Ambushia Mateariki during her fast beat performance.

Tuvaine Taio during the pulsating fast beat dance.



Caleb Pokia represented the Tapere Takuvaine on the dance stage. 13042650

Tehanikopae Pokia danced for her mother’s love.


Tearetoa Tupuna placed second overall in the junior male dance competition. 13042670

Crowd favourite Ruby Bragger inishes with a huge cheer from the crowd. 13042672

Anjoninah Marsters danced her heart out for Enua Mangaia. 13042659

Poroa Henry of Mangaia took his dance seriously.



Tuesday, april 30, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303





AOTEAROA SOCIETY INCORPORATED ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING To be held on Tuesday 30 April 2013. The Aotearoa centre, Maraerenga at 5.30pm. AGeNDA 1. Welcome and Opening Prayer 2. Attendance & Apologies 3. Conirmation of previous AGM Minutes 2012 4. Business arising from Minutes 5. Reports from President & Treasurer 6. Election of Oicers 7. Results of voting 8. General Business 9. Closing Prayer Nominations for oice bearers and proxy votes will be accepted up to 4pm on Monday 29 April via or in person to the Secretary tel 55527. A cup of tea will follow the conclusion of the AGM. For more information please contact Ngawai Walden on 54478 or 23717.

1 bedroom studio unit, fully furnished. Long term rental $150 per week. Akaoa, Arorangi. Phone 55187 or 20777.

70624 /32206 /2398

Democratic Party Central Committee Meeting To all members of the Democratic Party central committee, you are reminded to attend our monthly meeting to be held on Tuesday 30 April 2013 at the Opposition Oice at 6.30pm. Agenda: Update on Party issues, Report from Puna’s and other matters. All are welcome. Secretary General 70903 /31519 /1808

70891 /31516 /2415

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Front Oice This is a great opportunity for the right person to work in a frontline position in a resort with a well established work environment with the spirit of hospitality. Must have the following: Strong customer service skills Honest, punctual and reliable Hardworking and dedicated worker Quick learner Outgoing personality Roomaster an advantage If you have the following criteria, can you please contact me for further information, feel free to submit your CV. Contact Lynn on 55469 for further details. 70768 / /1759

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Beauty Salon for sale Asking price $21,000 or BEST OFFeR. For enquiries call 52864/71621.

Barista for busy cafe. At least 2yrs Barista experience, course qualiied and experience in cafe style food preparation. Must be willing to work 5 days, incl weekends. Phone 29144/55503.

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TUATUA AKAKITe Uipaanga Kopu Tangata e patianga teia ki te kopu tangata i runga i te enua Akaoa S65, kia tae mai ki tetai uipaanga, te ka raveia a te Ruitoru ra 1 o Me, ki ko i te Are Uipanaga o te Akaoa, i Arorangi i te ora 6.30 i te aiai. Tumu manako: Akatanotanoanga i to tatou mataara. Meitaki maata Tuakana Toeta.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

Refrigeration/Air Con Engineer We have a position available for the right person, must have relevant experience, a proven track record in the service and installation of an assortment of air conditioning applications and be able to work alternative weekends. For further details please contact 55469 or come and ill in an application form from the front oice, a CV is required. 70661 /32220 /1759

A Titikaveka batsman keeps his eye on the ball and prepares to smash it across the park. Oice of the prime Minister DIRECTOR The Oice of the Prime Minister (OPM) has a vacancy for a Director within our central Policy and Planning Oice (CPPO). The director will be responsible for providing operational leadership and quality policy and planning guidance to support national planning at all level; facilitating regional and international development programmes and accomplish our national reporting commitments and developing, managing and providing oversight for the work programmes of this division. Submit a written application with your CV, addressed to Mrs elizabeth Wright-Koteka, chief of Staf, by 1pm Friday 17 May 2013. Email ck, or deliver to the oice. Call 29300 ext 801 for the JD, or download from www.pmoice. 70907 /31521 /1842

Night Audit The right job for the right person who is always consistent with their work, honest, reliable, hardworking and available for late evening shift. Must have understanding of written and verbal english. An experienced person (male or female) must be able to audit, balance and consolidate department accounts; prepare various hotel operating reports. Greet all guest arrivals. For further details contact 55469 for further details. Joyce Peyroux Garment experience screenprinter wanted. Phone Joyce or Poko 20201/58888. 70904 / /1917

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Vehicle Groomers Are you self-motivated and hard working with a keen eye for detail? To succeed in this role, you’ll need to have: A friendly and outgoing personality A can-do attitude excellent communication Skills At least 2 years proven work experience A ‘team player’ work ethic It is also important to have a clean current driver’s license with experience in driving a range of manual & automatic vehicles and motorbikes. You must also be available to work in the weekends. If you think you have the skills and experience to join our team, apply now by contacting Phillip at Avis cook Islands. Phone 22833. 70844 / /1648

70767 / /1759



seeking one qualiied experienced worker to work full time as a tile layer, cobble stone layer, blaster and builder. Phone 26699 Henry. 70741 /32095 /1931

Autism Cook Islands PH 24065/55976

Deckhand wanted for charter boat. Must be reliable, have mechanical skills. Ph 55239. 70892 /31512 /1931

Prime solutions Ltd Trade assistant wanted Full drivers license required Sober habits Reliable Hardworking and honest Experience in electrical & refrigeration a plus Call Astor 55991 or Tia 58477 for more info and an interview. 70895 /31515 /2634

Raro Fried Chicken Ltd 2000 Is looking for an honest, hardworking and trustworthy Shopkeeper. Please contact 20327 or email us your CV at teokotai@ 70814 / /1897

Classiieds • Phone 22999



APPReCIATIONS I would like to thank the following people for their support, contribution, encouragement, and love during my preparation for the Dancer of the year 2013. Manihiki Island Council, Mama Jane Kora, Mama tohoa tamata and to all my Manihiki family. emile Rima and family, aunty Lesley tupa, aunty nio oti. to all my Mamas and Papas, my mum, sisters, aunties, uncles and cousins to the Ministry of Culture for this opportunity and Congratulations to all the Junior and Intermediate dancers, you are all fantastic. to the tupapa families (Panthers), avatiu families (eels) all the supporters and friends. I am so grateful for your kind support. thank you all very much. god bless you all!

Meitaki Korereka!

Love from Eteta Tuteru.

IN MeMORIAM In Loving Memory of my Beloved husband

John ngatokotoru tuiravakai the moment that you died John My heart was torn in two. one side illed with heartache, the other died with you. I often lie awake at night, When the world is fast asleep, and take a walk down memory lane, With tears upon my cheeks. Remembering you John, is easy, I do it everyday, But missing you is heartache that never goes away. I hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain. Sadly missed by your loving wife Jean

InlovingmemoryofourDearDad,granddad god saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be Soheputhisarmsaroundyou andwhispered‘’ComewithMe’’ godbrokeourhearttoprovetous he only takes the best ItslonesomeherewithoutyouDad We miss you more each day

PapaJohn John Papa

from your children gloria and Ian, Kevin & mata, george & Jan, Marie & Maeva, William & Sarina, andre & Melina. Your 20 grandchildren & 4 great grandchildren


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Flight Times | Voyage details FROM ARRIVES

International Flights

tuesday april 30 Nz748/749 AKL VA163/162 AKL wednesday may 1 Nz746/745 AKL Nz748/749 AKL thursday may 2 Nz46/45 AKL Gz035/034 PPT









0850 1120 1620

0910 1140 1640


1000 1230 1730





tuesday april 30 1.25AM 12.50AM


2.25AM 1.45AM

2.40PM 1.55AM


3.40PM 2.55AM

5.15PM 2.50PM


6.30PM 3.50PM

0800 1030 1530

Air Rarotonga






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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Monday’s puzzle

Answer to Monday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: A trough of low pressure remains slow moving in the vicinity of Southern Cooks. Meanwhile, an easterly wind low prevails over the area. A weak trough of low pressure lies slow moving over the northern cooks. Meanwhile, a moist east to northeast wind low prevails over the area. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Cloudy periods with some showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southeast swells. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Cloudy periods with some showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Cloudy periods with some showers. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southeast swells. Further outlook: Some showers.

By Dik Browne



By Lee Falk & Sy Barry





Rarotonga Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Tuesday

Tides TUE High 12.55AM 0.95M 1.06PM 0.99M



6.54AM 0.22M 7.35PM

2.1m SW



WEd High 1.57AM 0.65M 2.06PM 0.65M




0.14M 8.27PM -0.09M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

SE 07kTS New Moon MAY 10 12.29AM

First Quarter MAY 18 4.35AM

Full Moon May 25 4.25AM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter MAY 2 11.15AM


arapo - roto korekore TUE 30 Tanu (Planting)

2.1m SW

TauTai (Fishing) Po ika kore. Not good ishing night.

Tanu i te meika & kumara. Plant bananas & kumara

Front Key:

Humidity TUE






1.8m SW


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, April 30, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.



Sun Rise 6.56AM Sun Set

Moon Rise 11.29PM Moon Set 11.55AM

WEd Sun Rise 6.57AM Sun Set



Moon Rise



Moon Set 12.45PM


27° SE 06kTS


26° S 10kTS


26° SE 05kTS


26° SE 05kTS


29° E 05kTS


26° SE 05kTS


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junior cricket action at Raemaru today at 9am


Sport Nikoia national optimist sailing champ tH e biggest ever optimist

sailing fleet combined with a good variety of weather to challenge youth sailors made for a competitive and fun regatta for rarotonga and Aitutaki sailors in last week’s national optimist championships. Junior sailors took to muri lagoon for the three day regatta where they experienced 12 to 13 knot winds on the irst day of sailing on Wednesday. Low to no winds on Anzac Day afternoon called for perfect balance and hard sailing before reasonable winds retuned for the inal day of racing on Friday. The racing leet were thrilled to take to the water to race in 8 to 9 knot winds. the junior sailors responded well to Kiwi elite optimist coach Finn Drummond who conferred with the sailors over the right rigs suitable for the prevailing winds. “there’s no doubt that his (Drummond) inluence has been timely with the kids responding really well to him,” says Anne tierney of the rarotonga Sailing Club. “He has a gentle and persuasive delivery and it’s clear that they count him as a friend, and as a very good coach!” After the three day regatta it was young makua nikoia that

was crowned the national optimist sailing champion, a young lady described as being a very intelligent sailor by tierney. in fact, tierney says that it was a ‘battle of the giants’ for the top three placings with nikoia soldiering on despite a couple of errors in her earlier races to take out the tournament ahead of teakaou Framhein who won a gold medals at the Auckland optimist Championships in the green leet last year. third place went to eric George of Aitutaki followed by tyler Davis, Dean tetuateroi, martin obeda, ngarangi mapu, toutika ioane, Finn pearson, Helene Johnson, elizabeth paulo, michael tatira, Christmas vaerua, John tepaki and Jennae Davis. otis Burrell took out the green fleet with Driver William coming second followed by Freddy markwell, oro Kamoe, Saoirse tierney, Jade tierney, etu Davey, Leroy Aoina, tyrone munukoa, Sugar ray William, Finn Barrett and Silas trego. In the green leet for beginner sailors – tairi Johnson was the top sailor taking out the division followed by Lily tierney, Shaquille munokoa, tshana tatira and Wiremu Barlett. Saturday saw the junior sailors

compete in the national optimist teams sailing championships with girl power doing the damage on the water. Another irst for the Rarotonga club was entering an all-girls team in the close quarter teams racing event with optimist champion makua nikoa teaming up

with Helene Johnson and ngarangi mapu to take out the race and make their parents and coach Junior Charlie very proud. tierney is thrilled with the quantum leaps the young sailors have made adding that its only through regular regattas that the young sailors improve their

skills. She adds that the sailors have certainly learned that to win championships you have to sail well and strong from the start as it can be hard to claw your way back. tierney would also like to thank the rarotonga Sailing Club, race officials and volun-

teers that help make the regatta a smooth one that was fun and competitive for rising sailing stars. this week a laser workshop will be run on the island of Aitutaki for the youth olympic and Paciic Games sailing team. - Matariki Wilson

The all-girls team racing champions from the Rarotonga Sailing Club (from left) Helene Johnson, Makua Nikoia, also the national optimist sailing champion, and Ngarangi Mapu with proud coach Junior Charlie. 13042908

Action packed junior cricket at Raemaru BiG hits and superb catches

were the order of day one of the AnZ junior under 19 cricket tournament at raemaru park yesterday. more of the same action is expected at the ield today when the four under 19 boys team take to the pitch for day two. the four teams taking part in the three day tournament include the national development team (nDt), made up of players from across the island; tupapa, made up by pukapuka boys living in the village; a combined turangi and ngatangiia side, and a talented team from titikaveka. the Wale boys from tupapa

and the turangi-ngatangiia side registered the irst wins in the tournament yesterday. playing against titikaveka, the tupapa side bowled titikaveka all out for 66 runs and managed to rack up 69 runs when they took to the bat for the loss of 6 wickets to win the match. the national development team opted to bat irst against turangi-ngatangiia and amassed an impressive 72 runs all out. With bat in hand the turangingatangiia lads looked confident and quickly racked up the runs to win the match with 76 runs for the loss of four wickets.

the teams will play each other over two rounds and the team that wins all or most of their games will be declared the winner of the tournament. in the case that two teams are tied on points – the team with the highest net run rate will be crowned the victors. With two pitches set up at raemaru park for the 15-over games – there’s action galore and all are welcome at the park to watch the action and cheer the lads on. Games bowl off at 9am with four games played each day including the inal day tomorrow. - Matariki Wilson

Tairi Johnson sails his way to win the green leet division of the Cook Islands national optimist championships last week. 13042906

Young of-spinner Ronald Mino of the NDT team puts his all into his delivery.

Pastor Zekaria of the Titikaveka team is one of the rising stars of cricket in the Cooks and a key player for his team. 13042913


Tuesday 30 April  

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