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$2 Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Investigation opens secret door World money is disappearing into black holes through the use of secrecy jurisdictions like the Cook Islands, says an investigative journalist working on the recent tax haven investigation. Nicky Hager is the New Zealand representative for the International Consortium of Journalists (ICIJ), an independent network of reporters in more than 60 countries who collaborate on cross-border investigations. He has played a major role as one of five co-ordinators in the ongoing investigation into tax havens, which those in the industry term ‘offshore service centres’. Hager also did much investigating, centering his re-

search on Portcullis TrustNet – which was started in the Cook Islands and still has an ofice here but headquartered in Singapore. ICIJ received more than two and a half million files on alleged tax dodgers – and other trust clients – from a source within the trustee industry. They reveal the details of clients spread across about 170 countries and territories, among them many prominent business and political igures. Among those identified in the more than 260 gigabytes of data include a Filipino dictator’s daughter, the businessmanprime minister of Georgia, an Iranian shipping magnate and

the ex-wife of a US commodities trader presidentially pardoned for tax evasion. Cook Islands News asked Hager to deine the importance of the investigation, when those in the industry are saying nothing has been revealed apart from a gross breach of client privacy. “Tax havens are a hot topic. It’s a big issue when big companies don’t pay tax, it’s a global issue. Tax havens are so secret that nobody knows details. Money is disappearing from the world’s system into black holes,” he replied. Hager said undoubtedly many people who use offshore trusts are law abiding citizens.

Diplomatic bags taken ‘seriously’ CoNvICTEd drug dealer Scott Arlander told undercover oficers he had a friend who had bought cannabis in using a diplomatic bag and would be keen to import ecstasy using the same method. A diplomatic bag is a container with certain legal protections used for carrying oficial correspondence between a diplomatic mission and its home government. The bag – or any other type of container – has diplomatic immunity from search or seizure, as codiied in article 27 of the 1961 vienna Convention on diplomatic relations. It can be unaccompanied or sent by a trusted courier, and usually has some form of lock or tamper-evident seal attached to it to make sure unauthorised people do not tamper with it. Arlander told the officer his friend – whose name has been suppressed – had a high up gov-

ernment job and wanted to be involved as Arlander had given him pills before and he had liked them. during the trial Arlander said this was just “wild talk” which he used to impress the oficer. In January 2011, Arlander told the oficer the friend with the diplomatic bag was “out” as someone else who had been doing it for years got busted for bringing in drugs. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration secretary Jim Gosselin says governments deal with diplomatic bags very seriously. “ These bags cannot be searched. It is a very, very serious matter between two governments if they are.” Gosselin said while the New Zealand government still sends through to its high commission here, the Cook Islands has not had to send any diplomatic

Tax haven controlled by tight-knit group: Hager —PAGE 7

bags recently. He has not heard of people being allowed to carry in diplomatic bags unless they are foreign affairs staff or the high commissioner. diplomatic bags create international incidents when other governments catch them being used for the wrong reasons. In 1964, a Moroccan-born Israeli double agent was drugged, bound, and placed in a diplomatic bag at the Egyptian Embassy in rome, but was rescued by the Italians. In a similar incident 20 years later a former Nigerian government minister was kidnapped and placed in a shipping crate, in an attempt to transport him from the United Kingdom back to Nigeria for trial. However, it was not marked as a diplomatic bag, which allowed British customs to open it. In January 2012, Italy detected 40 kilograms of cocaine smuggled in a diplomatic pouch from Ecuador. Ecuador insisted it had inspected the shipment for drugs at the foreign ministry before it was sent to Milan. - Calida Smylie

But before the whistleblower leaked the files nobody could question this as everything was secret. “In the Cook Islands, those in authority are saying ‘everything is declared and only law abiding citizens use trusts here’.” But the investigation has opened up the secrecy and pushed illegal or immoral acts into the open, he said. Such as the Cook Islands being used to house the fortunes of those that proited under Indonesia’s Suharto dictatorship. Suharto ruled for 30 years and his friends and family became “ultra-billionaires” during that time, said Hager. “What happened to those cro-

nies of Suharto when he started to be pushed out? They tried to move their money to tax havens like the Cook Islands, thousands of miles away.” Proits from illegal harvesting of South East Asian rainforests and illegal ishing in the Paciic are also being stored in Cook Islands trusts away from the eyes of home countries, Hager says his records show. “Is this part of what Cook Islanders want to do for the world?” He says he has “only scraped the surface” so far and the ICIJ has enough damning information to keep writing articles for another year. - Calida Smylie

investigative journalist nicky hager has been the nZ representative for the iCiJ for the last 10 years. 13041620

Harnessing the sun’s rays

students of a solar power course have been testing their skills this week as the course at the Cook islands Trades Training Centre moves into practical application. Tutor Matthew O’regan (right), who has lown in from Australia to teach the course, supervised the two-day installation of a solar panel system on the roof of the training centre yesterday. see full story on pg 8. 13041519 Ph 24979



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Wednesday, april 17, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI Ao London race under scrutiny British police are reviewing security plans for sunday’s London Marathon, the next major international marathon, because of the Boston bombing. But there is no known speciic or credible threat against the British race at the moment, a security oicial said. sports Minister hugh robertson told the BBC he was “absolutely conident we can keep the event safe and secure”. the London Marathon is hugely popular. Last year about 37,500 athletes ran, with many more watching it. Police already were preparing a major security operation for the ceremonial funeral for Margaret thatcher, an event at st Paul’s Cathedral attended by the Queen and many dignitaries.

A heinous, cowardly act Boston bombs were made from shrapnel-illed pressure cookers BoSToN – Investigators believe the bombs at the Boston Marathon were shrapnel-illed pressure cookers, hidden in backpacks and set off by timers. The disclosure came as authorities pleaded with spectators from the race to send photos and video that may shed light on who set off the blasts, killing three people and injuring at least 176. The top FBI oficial in Boston vowed to go “to the ends of the earth” to ind those responsible. But a day after the explosions, President Barack obama said authorities still did not know whether the attack was foreign

world BrIEFS THATCHER SPENDS LAST NIGHT IN HOUSE BRITAIN – The coin of the former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, has been taken to the Houses of Parliament on the eve of her funeral. Her coin was dressed with the British lag and a large bouquet of white lowers with a card reading ‘Beloved Mother – Always in our Hearts.’ Baroness Thatcher had requested her body spend the last night before her funeral in parliament, where she served for more than half a century in both the lower and upper houses. Her coin will be taken from the chapel today for the ceremonial funeral with full military honours at St Paul’s Cathedral, a send-of not seen for a politician since the funeral of the Second World War prime minister Winston Churchill in 1965.

CLAIM CHEMICAL WEAPONS USED IN SYRIA SYRIA – Britain is increasingly concerned there is evidence that chemical weapons have been used in Syria. Foreign Minister William Hague said the claims must be urgently investigated and perpetrators held to account. British intelligence sources have told the BBC that soil samples gathered from random sites in Syria, have been smuggled to Britain for testing. The evidence suggests “some use of chemical weapons”, but it is not clear by which side. Syria is believed to have stockpiles of mustard gas and sarin, a highly toxic nerve agent. A team of UN experts is in Cyprus awaiting permission to enter Syria to investigate a chemical incident last month in Khan al-Assal, Aleppo province. Hague called on the Syrian regime to cooperate fully and allow the UN team unfettered access.

NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR CIVILIAN DEATHS ISRAEL – The Israeli military has indicated that no criminal charges will be brought over the killing of 12 Palestinians, when their home was bombed in Gaza last November. The military on Sunday said the planes were justiiably targeting a known individual and the extent of damage the attack caused had not been foreseen. The attack occurred on 18 November during eight days of ighting in which around 170 Palestinians and six Israelis died. Fighting ended after a truce was brokered by Egypt and the frontier has been mostly quiet since.


or domestic, the work of a group or an individual, or what the motive might be. law enforcement officials told NBC News that the explosives were classified as low – meaning that they travelled at under 3,300 feet per second. That is not enough to create a blast wave, which can kill people from air compression and blow out faraway windows, but it is enough to propel shrapnel a great distance. obama praised the many acts of heroism after the explosions and said that the investigation would take time. “ We w i l l f i n d w h o e v e r harmed our citizens, and we will bring them to justice,” he vowed. “We also know this – the American people refuse to be terrorised.” He said the attack had been a “heinous and cowardly act”. The Boston police commissioner called the resulting crime scene the most complex that the department has ever dealt with. law enforcement officials also told NBC News that the bombs, which detonated seconds apart, were packed with ball bearings and BBs, apparently intended to increase the casualties. The blasts turned the inish line of the marathon into a hellish scene of panicked spectators, shattered glass and blood-spattered sidewalks. At last report there were 103 patients from the blasts still being treated at six Boston hospitals, including some who had injuries described as “limbthreatening.” An official at Boston Children’s Hospital said the youngest victim was a two-year-old boy with a head injury. dr. George velmahos of Massachusetts General Hospital told reporters that surgeons had removed pellets, nails and other shrapnel from the bodies of patients. They bled heavily, and some required amputations, he said. - NBC News

The scene at the inish of the Boston Marathon as the second bomb explodes. BOSTON GLOBE

‘Adorable little boy’ killed BoSToN – Mourners and wellwishers left flowers and other mementos for a loving “allAmerican” family struck by the Boston Marathon bombings, which claimed the life of their “adorable little boy.” Martin richard, 8, was standing by the finish line with his family Monday afternoon when an explosion ripped the air around them. “My dear son Martin has died from injuries sustained in the attack on Boston,” father

Bill richard said. “My wife and daughter are both recovering from serious injuries.” richard’s mother, denise, suffered a brain injury in the blast, and his six-year-old sister reportedly lost a leg. The father told a local official that his daughter would have died if not for the heroic efforts of irst-responders. “I ask that you continue to pray for my family as we remember Martin,” he said. Martin’s sister who lost a leg

in the blast had run in a kid’s race on Saturday, said neighbour Beth Nagy. She had won a medal and was “all excited,” Nagy said. Jane Sherman, the family’s next-door neighbor, described Martin as a “happy-go-lucky” little boy who was always outside playing basketball, hockey, soccer, or riding his bike. “The whole thing is just devastating to everybody,” Sherman said. “It’s just a tremendous loss.” - NBC News

The hero in the hat BoSToN – It’s already an iconic

image that captures a moment when one Boston Marathon bystander became a hero. With blood-soaked hands and wearing a cowboy hat, Carlos Arredondo helps rush a young man in a wheelchair to safety after explosions turned Monday’s race into a disaster scene. He appears to be pinching closed a severed artery protruding from the victim’s thigh, stanching the flow of blood from a torn and shattered leg. “I kept talking to him. I kept

saying, ‘Stay with me, stay with me,’” Arredondo said. Arredondo had been at the race to support a group running for fallen war veterans, one of them his son. Arredondo didn’t set out to become a heroic figure – or a tragic one, for that matter. life dealt the Costa rica native some tough cards that brought him national media attention long before Monday. In 2004, Arredondo’s son Alexander died in battle in Iraq. on being told the news the

father, in a it of grief, smashed a military vehicle with a sledgehammer, then doused himself in petrol and set himself on ire. He suffered second- and third-degree burns over 20 per cent of his body. The incident – and the 10 months he spent in the hospital recovering – spurred Arredondo to a life of public activism protesting the war in Iraq. Partly out of grief for his dead brother, Arredondo’s other son, Brian, 24, took his own life in 2011. - PNC

USA – One of the largest pink diamonds in the world is to be auctioned on Tuesday by Christie’s in New York for what experts say could be a record-breaking price. The Princie Diamond is expected to sell for more than $US45 million, beating a 2010 record diamond sale of $US44 million in London. The 34.65 carat diamond’s origin can be traced back to the ancient diamond mines of Golconda in southern India. It once belonged to the royal family of Hyderabad, rulers of one of the wealthiest provinces of Mughal India. “The most beautiful stones discovered in Golconda were always reserved for kings and rulers as they represented the highest power,” said Christie’s jewellery department head.

MADURO WON’T ALLOW OPPOSITION RALLY VENEZUELA – Venezuela’s President-elect Nicolas Maduro says he will not allow the opposition to go ahead with a rally planned for Wednesday in Caracas. Maduro blamed the opposition for violent clashes after he was proclaimed winner of Sunday’s disputed poll. The attorney general said seven people had died in the violence. But opposition leader Henrique Capriles said the government was responsible for the violence as it sought to avoid a vote recount. In addition to the seven who died, Attorney General Luisa Ortega said more than 60 people were injured and 139 arrested during violent clashes at opposition protests.

Today’s daily Bread Do not be afraid, little lock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom

Matthew 7:21-29 Read: Read: Luke 12:22-31

Text: Matthew Read:7:26 Verse 32

Medical responders and bystander Carlos Arredondo run an injured man past the inish line following the explosion at the Boston Marathon. arredondo has emerged as one of the heroes of the tragedy. AP


Wednesday, april 17, 2013 cook Islands News

Quake rocks Pakistan QUETTA – Iran has been struck

by its most powerful earthquake for more than 50 years, with tremors felt across Pakistan, India and the Middle East. The epicentre of the 7.8 magnitude quake was near the south-eastern city of Khash, close to Pakistan. The quake struck deep and in a remote region, apparently limiting casualties. Iranian state Tv said 27 people had been injured, discounting early reports of deaths. More than 30 people were killed in Pakistan. The area has since been shaken by several strong aftershocks. Ofices were evacuated in Karachi, Pakistan, in the Indian capital of delhi, and in several Gulf cities. The earthquake struck in the province of Sistan Baluchistan

at about 3.14pm local time), close to the cities of Khash, which has a population of nearly 180,000, and Saravan, where 250,000 people live. “The epicentre of the quake was located in the desert, and population centres do not surround it. There were no fatalities in the towns around the epicentre,” an Iranian crisis centre oficial, Morteza Akbarpour, was quoted as saying by the Iranian news agency Isna. Iranian state Tv initially reported that 40 people had been killed, and one Iranian oficial was quoted by reuters news agency as saying hundreds of deaths were expected. But Hatam Narouyi, governor of Iran’s Sistan and Baluchistan province, said there were “no fatalities,” the student news agency ISNA reported.

Fashion fringe

Iran’s red Crescent said it expected limited damage and a low death toll because the earthquake was so deep. The Iranian Seismological Centre estimated the depth at 95km. Iran’s Fars news agency said the depth of the quake had reduced its impact to the size of a magnitude A4.0 tremor on the surface. Iranian scientists said it was the country’s strongest earthquake for more than 50 years. Scientists say earthquakes in south-eastern Iran are triggered by the clash between the Arabia and Eurasia tectonic plates, the former of which is pushing north at a rate of several centimetres each year. In 2003, a 6.6 magnitude quake destroyed the southeastern city of Bam and killed some 26,000 people. - BBC

Novel based in North Korea NEW YorK – The Pulitzer Prize for iction has been won by author Adam Johnson for his novel based in North Korea, ‘The orphan Master’s Son’. Johnson, who teaches creative writing at Stanford University, spent time in North Korea to research his book. “I wanted to give a picture of what it was like to be an ordinary person in North Korea,” said Johnson. “It’s illegal there for citizens

to interact with foreigners, so the only way I could really get to know these people was through my imagination,” he added. For Johnson, a San Francisco author who teaches creative writing at Stanford University, the novel posed an intriguing challenge – how to tell the story from the point of view of an individual in a closed society, where the only authorised storyteller is the state. “In the Western narrative

tradition, each person is the centre of his or her own story,” Johnson says. “In North Korea, it’s exactly the opposite. There’s one story, and that story has just one central character – the dictator. There are 24 million secondary characters. “They’re told what roles to play in the national narrative, literally, from youth, whether it’s to be a soldier or a peasant, a bureaucrat or an artist.” - BBC

A model presents a novel beachwear creation by designer Blue Man during the 2014 Summer collections of the Rio Fashion Week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. AFP


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Wednesday, april 17, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNEWS nuti no TE PA ENUA

Call to act against ‘dictatorship’ Fiji’s ‘politicians of the past’ want referendum on draft constitution SIGAToKA – A former prime

minister of Fiji, Mahendra Chaudhry, has called on the country’s people to act if they don’t want to live under a dictatorship. He was among members of the United Front For a democratic Fiji, launching a petition calling for the return of the Ghai draft constitution. Politicial leaders at the meet-

ing told local villagers at Sigatoka the regime’s draft “is not worth the paper it is written on”. They described the regime’s consultation as a farce. Chaudhry says Fiji is being held to ransom by two men who treat the country like their own personal property. The United Front politicians urged the people to send a mes-

paciic BRIEFS 25 PRISON ESCAPEES STILL ON THE RUN PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Prison oicers have praised police for their swift action in recapturing 19 of the total 44 detainees who escaped from Buimo Prison in Lae, Papua New Guinea. Minister for Correctional Services, Jim Simatab said: “I would like to reassure the people of Lae and the surrounding areas that my oicers from Lae, together with the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, will be doing all they can to ensure that the remaining escapees still at large are captured and returned to Buimo. In addition my appeal also to the community of Lae city to be cautious during this time as some of these escapees are hardened criminals. Currently there are 25 detainees still at large.

18 SUSPECTS qUESTIONED OVER PACk RAPE PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Eighteen suspects have been rounded up by police in relation to a pack rape incident in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, recently. East New Britain Provincial police commander Superintendent, Anthony Wagambi said Rabaul Police had commenced special police operations to bring to justice those implicated in the pack rape. He said Rabaul police carried out a raid over the weekend and captured 15 suspects. Three other suspects later surrendered to police through their community leaders. The men are being questioned over the pack rape of a young woman by 16 to 18 men recently. The woman and her boyfriend were on their way to his village when they were held up and the woman was abducted and raped repeatedly.

PASTOR’S SON JAILED FOR 16 YEARS FIJI – A Fijian court has sent a strong public message by sentencing the son of a church pastor to 16 years’ jail for rape. The Fiji Sun reports the High Court in Labasa sentenced 24-yearold Semi Rainima for an incident in 2009. The victim, who fell pregnant after the incident was a young high school student. In handing down the sentence yesterday, Justice Paul Madigan said the public was losing patience with rapists and there was little evidence brought to mitigate the ofence, apart from a previous clear record. Two years were added to the 12-year sentence due to the resulting pregnancy and three more years were added for breach of trust, as the ofender is the son of a pastor. Rainima will have to serve 14 years before being eligible for parole.

POLICEMAN’S WIFE ACCUSED OF MURDER PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A police oicer’s wife has been arrested in connection with the killing of former Wewak police station commander Senior Inspector Charles Parinjo last year. The woman was believed to be in the commanders car when he was killed by a group of drunk men who were blocking the road. Parinjo was killed at Kandi as he was driving to his Boikin village residence. The woman has been charged with murder and remanded in custody. Provincial police commander Chief Supt Joe Poma said police faced a lot of problems during their lengthy investigation. “We now have credible witnesses coming forward and giving their statements and we are hoping to make some more arrests shortly,” Poma said.

MPS TOLD TO ‘STOP PLAYING GAMES’ NAURU – A Nauru MP says the islanders are sick of parliamentarians playing political games. Baron Waqa was speaking after the irst sitting of Parliament in more than a month had to be adjourned because it lacked a quorum. Waqa says a number of the MPs, who last month sought a Supreme Court ruling that parliament be recalled, had boycotted this week’s sitting: “You know they can’t be doing this to this nation, the people of Nauru. They are playing politics and playing games, and people are just fed up with them.” The 18 MPs are split into several factions, none large enough to command a majority.

RECONCILIATION OVER UNI STABBING FIJI – There has been a reconciliation ceremony between Solomon Islands students at the University of the South Paciic in Fiji and families of a Fijian who was injured in a stabbing incident last month. Two Solomon Islands students were involved in an argument with a group of Fijians which resulted in the wounding of the Fijian and the arrest of the two students. The government says the reconciliation has paved the way for Solomons students in Suva to move around freely without fear of retaliation.

sage to the regime by signing a petition, which calls for the Ghai draft to be brought back and put to the people via debate and a referendum. The regime is in the middle of a month-long exercise explaining its draft at sessions around the country and collecting people’s feedback. local media have carried reports saying the regime leaders have been “pleased with the positive response”. Fiji’s regime leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama says the “overwhelmingly positive response” has prompted the government to move the deadline to April 30. He says the four-day extension gives the government’s legal team more time to hold public meetings in additional

parts of the country. local media has made little reference to the meetings organised by the United Front. Chaudhry says the best test of whether the regime document is popular is to put it to a vote. “We challenge them to put it to a referendum, supervised by the international community and if the people accept it, we settle the dispute, if they don’t, they should back off.” Fiji’s Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has quickly dismissed the idea of a referendum saying there are constraints on time as well as practical and technical issues to consider. Sayed-Khaiyum says the Ghai draft constitution was removed because it would have created social chaos in the country because individuals would have

had the chance to go back in time and challenge the decrees. He says, for example, people would have been given the right to challenge the appointment of judges retrospectively and then challenge their decisions in court as illegal. Sayed-Khaiyum says under the draft constitution, decrees can be amended, changed or removed but people can’t go back in time to challenge them. The attorney general led public consultations over the draft in Nadi and Sigatoka this week. Meanwhile, the United Front for a democratic Fiji has started collecting signatures for their petition to reject the regime draft constitution, saying they will present it to either the president or the prime Minister. Speaking from Sigatoka vil-

lage, doctor Tupeni Baba said they will continue to go around the country with their group which includes himself, ro Teimumu Kepa, Mahendra Chaudhry, raman Pratap Singh, laisenia Qarase and Bill Gavoka. doctor Baba said they are aiming to get more than 300,000 signatures. doctor Baba said the United Front representatives should not be just branded as “politicians of the past”. Sayed-Khaiyum says the government is focused on getting the people’s submissions, getting a new constitution for Fiji and then preparing for the elections by September next year. He said the “politicians of the past” need to look at the necessary changes being made. - RNZI/PNC

PNG to help fund Fiji elections PorT MorESBY – As a token of its commitment to a new friendship deal, Papua New Guinea is to provide Fiji with a multi-million dollar grant to help it hold democratic elections next year. A joint communique calling for stronger relations between the two countries has been also signed by both parties. Fiji regime leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama has spent four days in Papua New Guinea on a state visit where he was welcomed at Port Moresby’s international airport with a guard of honour and a 19-gun salute. Papua New Guinea’s prime minister Peter o’Neill visited Fiji last year and has repeatedly

said he would like to see Paciic countries re-engage with Fiji. As a sign of their new close relationship the two governments have agreed to allow their nationals travel between PNG and Fiji without needing visas. Bainimarama and o’Neill also announced various assistance programmes highlighting the need to strengthen existing relations between the two countries. Australia and New Zealand have expressed concern about whether Fiji will hold elections in 2014, but Papua New Guinea’s O’Neill is conident the poll will proceed as planned in September next year. during the state visit o’Neill

announced Papua New Guinea will give Fiji more than $NZ20 million to help the country conduct the elections. “We look forward to working closely with the Fijian government on that,” o’Neill said. The two countries further strengthened their relationship by easing travel requirements and establishing an annual leaders meeting. The Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) also signed an agreement to acquire a 40 per cent stake in Papua New Guinea’s mobile telecommunications company BeMobile. Bemobile will be managed by vodafone Fiji limited. F N P F said the Bemobile

Group will immensely beneit from vodafone’s solid management capability and under the guidance of vodafone, Bemobile is expected to invest extensively in the next two years on its network equipment and personnel in both countries. FNPF said the members of the fund also stand to benefit from this investment through the high economic growth potential in PNG and the Solomon Islands along with the share in the high dividends expected from the investment. Another investment beneit is opening up for Fijians to be employed in PNG and the Solomon Islands. - PNC

Intruders kill the wrong man MT HAGEN – An Australian man has been murdered and a Filipino woman gang-raped after intruders broke into a home in Papua New Guinea’s highlands. Police say robert Purdy, 62, was shot and killed in the early morning hours by a group of men who broke into the house he was staying in on the outskirts of Mount Hagen. Superintendent Martin lakari says he was shot at pointblank range and died instantly. The intruders also gangraped a Filipino woman who was staying elsewhere in the house. She is being treated for her injuries. Highlands Police Superintendent Martin lakar says nothing was stolen from the house and police are yet to establish a

motive for the crimes Highlands police commander Teddy Tei believes Purdy was a victim of mistaken identity. He believes the intruders were targeting Australian businessman Patrick Killoran, who was on holiday in Sydney. Purdy was a friend of Killoran, who is originally from Queensland and has been running Banz Koi – a company that processes and packs organic coffee – for 20 years. The business is based near the airport at Kagamuga, outside Mount Hagen. The men broke into the house next to the business, where Purdy was staying as a guest in an upstairs unit while Killoran was away, about 2am on Monday, and shot him dead at pointblank range. They also attacked the wom-

an, who lives in the downstairs unit and works for Banz Koi. A nearby resident told The Australian newspaer he ran to the building when he heard shots. “I saw a shadow as I rounded the corner. He threw an axe at me, and luckily it hit the shotgun I was carrying. I got a shot off and missed him, but it was enough to scare him off. “Another man with a gun came down from the unit upstairs, but he also took off.” They all escaped by climbing over a stone wall, he said. Tei said Purdy had been in PNG only since April 4. He said it was highly signiicant that the men did not take the more valuable items from the building – although they did steal Purdy’s wallet and the

woman’s purse, and two small televisions. He said he was waiting to hear whether Killoran had been subject to earlier threats, perhaps over business dealings. “These crimes were committed by animalistic lunatics. They will have an adverse impact on tourism,” he said. “And by now, the culprits will know they killed the wrong person.” Purdy’s partner is in Thailand, visiting family. It is believed they have two children. Purdy moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast where he operated a towing and repossession business, Cobra Towing, which he sold several years ago. He is understood to have been working in construction while in PNG. - PNC

Various solutions to stray dog problem THE PACIFIC – Authorities in Solomon Islands are proposing a radical new system to rid the country’s capital of stray dogs. Under one possible plan, council workers would trap stray dogs and dump them at the city’s main landill. The mayor of Honiara, Andrew Mua, says the council is working with the Solomons government to help deal with

the city’s “unbearable” stray dog problem. “Whether trapping stray dogs or killing stray dogs, they have to come up with a strategy that would be reasonable for us to use,” Mua said. He says once they have been trapped or killed they will be taken to a dump site. The mayor says the council is anticipating a strong reaction

from animal rights groups, but says there is “no choice”. “We have to get rid of the stray dogs,” he said. “There are too many stray dogs within the city.” The Solomons share the stray dog issue with Samoa which reportedly has more stray dogs than tourists. Associate Education Minister Tole’afoa Apulu Fa’aisi has

proposed the idea of exporting stray dog meat to Asia. “rather than spending money on dogs, how about we put them in cans and export them,” he said. Finance Minister Faumuina Tiatia liuga agreed saying “there is no difference between the meat of a pig and that of a dog”. - ABC/PNC


Wednesday, april 17, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNEWS nuti no TE PA ENUA

Refugee camp report ‘a disgrace’ CANBErrA – The Australian Immigration department has slammed its own processing centre on Manus Island saying there’s an urgent need to establish a permanent facility. A department report has delivered a scathing assessment of temporary accommodation for asylum seekers on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island – saying the living arrangements are cramped and present “key risks in terms of safety and health”. In a submission to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works, the department states there is an urgent need to replace the regional processing centre with a permanent facility. The temporary centre has been set up with army-style tents and portable-style buildings for accommodation, ablutions, catering and administrative purposes. It currently houses 276 asylum seekers and can cater for a maximum of 500. The department’s submission states the centre has no reliable power supply, limited potable water and the buildings and tents have a “very short life expectancy”. It says the military-style tents are subject to “degradation from humidity and high use” and “each tent has reticulated 240v power which can be

unsafe in wet conditions”. “ Transferees have complained about the heat which is a contributing factor to behavioural issues,” the submission states. “In addition the site is in a low-lying swampy area subject to localised inundation which encourages mosquito breeding.” It says the centre has limited recreational facilities that are in a poor state, and points to that as a contributing factor of increased tension. “Transferees are subject to boredom which contributes to a focus on the progress of their refugee status determination,” the submission states. “Past experience in the Australian immigration detention network indicates that limited amenity and space quickly leads to behavioural changes which in turn can lead to substantial increases in health and security costs. “This includes an increased risk of self-harm, mental health problems, and problematic behaviour.” Even the centre’s most basic function – processing the asylum seeker claims – is compromised. “Private interview rooms at the temporary facility do not have adequate infrastructure to support processing of refugee status assessments,” the

submission states. It says the PNG government has not agreed to a permanent facility on the current site and “an alternative site is under consideration”. once a new site has been approved, the submission states, the PNG government expects a permanent centre to be built “as a priority”. The department says the new centre is being designed to accommodate 600 people, including families and other vulnerable groups, at an estimated cost of $171 million. It will provide improved amenities, including a gym, sports fields, canteen, library and separate rooms for education, computer use and religious purposes. There will also be purposebuilt accommodation for 200 staff. Construction is planned to begin in July and is expected to take about six months. The submission has prompted Greens Senator Sarah HansonYoung to again call for children and families to be transferred off Manus Island. “The Manus Island detention centre is an absolute disgrace,” she said. “It’s inhumane, it’s unsafe and it is making refugees, including children in particular, very, very sick.”

Corruption crack down PorT MorESBY – Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Peter o’Neill says he’s determined to crack down on the country’s endemic corruption, but it will take time. o’Neill’s government has increased spending on health, education and law and order this year by 50 per cent and has announced plans to spend $6 billion on improving infrastructure over the next ive years. He has told radio Australia’s Paciic Beat the government will increase the powers of the Inde-

pendent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) and accountability in public spending. “Corruption, as you know, it’s a battle that it’s not going to be resolved in one year, or one single day for that matter,” o’Neill said. “It is a state’s programme and we are now focused on prioritising the way we conduct our business in a most transparent way.” o’Neill has also promised independent expert management of his new restructured public

holding companies. Papua New Guinea has assets worth billions of dollars, including large shareholdings in Australian resource companies operating in the country. o’Neill says the assets will be restructured, with holding companies modelled on Singapore’s highly successful investment fund Temasec. He says current and former Prime Ministers will have oversight and no single person will have control of the funds. - ABC

Experts to tackle dengue outbreak HoNIArA – A team of health specialists from Australia and Fiji has arrived in Solomon Islands to tackle an outbreak of dengue fever. Since the irst case was reported four months ago, the virus has continued to spread quickly. Three people have died and there are at least 2500 suspected cases of dengue fever, mostly in the capital Honiara. However, dr Yvan Souares, who manages the Health Protection Programme at the Secretariat of the Paciic Commu-

nity, says the virus could easily spread to other regions. “Population movements between the capital city and the various provinces are of course very important in countries like the Solomon Islands,” he said. “Currently the public health systems in the Solomons are very stretched out.” The strain of dengue fever is one which hasn’t been seen in the Paciic for 30 years. dr Souares says it’s also never been reported in Solomon Islands before.

“You have to exercise some caution in interpreting these facts – because the recording in some countries like the Solomons is not fully reliable,” he said. “But it seems that a lot of the population is not immune to the virus – hence the high number of cases and the spread to a lot of provinces now.” dr Souares says it’s important to reiterate that the current virus in the Solomons is no different to any previous outbreak. - ABC

Norfolk Island to encourage cruise ship visits KINGSToN – The government

in the Australian territory of Norfolk Island hopes that beefed-up wharf facilities will encourage cruise ship visits and boost the lagging economy. Norfolk’s economy has been on the wane for several years and efforts to revitalise it through closer links to Canberra are yet to bear fruit.

The island’s Chief Minister, lisle Snell, says tourism is the mainstay but it is not sustainable. He says they are talking with Carnival Cruises in Australia to have ships call into Norfolk but they need improved port facilities. “And also the infrastructure changes that have suggested un-

der funding agreements with Australia will certainly go a long way to eliminating the dificulties in unloading cruise ship passengers. “Now if that transpires in the next 12 months, two years, we get better port facilities then we will see a return to better tourism prospects for the island.” - RNZI

The Manus island refugee processing centre in Papua new Guinea has been given a scathing review by the australian government department which runs the facility. Refugee Action Coalition The Immigration department has also confirmed that a fourth refugee involved in a hunger strike at Melbourne’s Broadmeadows centre was this week taken to hospital. A group of about two dozen mainly Tamil refugees has been refusing food for more than a week. They have been granted refugee status but are being detained because they have been denied a security clearance by ASIo. The president of the Australian Human rights Commission,

Professor Gillian Triggs, says refugees should be able to appeal such assessments. “Non-citizens – and these are non-citizens, albeit refugees – do not have a right to appeal to the usual processes that are available through the administrative appeals tribunal, and that means that they’re completely cut out from any reasonable capacity to have judicial review,” she said. Meanwhile, some of the Sri lankan asylum seekers who arrived by boat at the Western Australian town of Geraldton

last week appear destined to be lown back home. A total of 66 asylum seekers were on the boat which made it all the way to the harbour town without being detected by border protection authorities. It was the irst time an asylum seeker boat had made it to the mainland in ive years. Immigration Minister Brendan o’Connor says there will be an announcement “very shortly” about sending some of the arrivals back to Sri lanka. - ABC


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lETTErS reta

The result of overishing dear Editor, I have been staying with my mother for the last 10 weeks in orewa, just north of Auckland. Mum lives close to the beach so it is easy to go ishing. In the evenings I can go out in my canoe, in water 6 to 7 metres deep, 200-300 metres off the beach, and get ive or six snapper in an hour. The kahawai are also plentiful, driving the bait ish right up into the surf in the daytime. And you don’t have to think about ciguatera poisoning. This wasn’t the case when I left NZ to come to raro in 1975. At that time the snapper were being plundered by foreign boats coming close inshore, and it was hard to catch a feed. However, in the last 10 years in particular, NZ fisheries management has improved. one of the biggest inluences has been recreational fishers continually pressuring NZ fisheries against granting too many licences to foreign boats, particularly for species such as snapper and kahawai which are traditionally caught by recreational fishers. In 2004 NZ isheries issued new licences

QualityCoffee served by the

CookIslands Baristaofthe Year 2013

to take kahawai, including using seining, despite protests by recreational ishers, Maori, and the game ishing industry. This eventually led to the NZ Gameishing Association, plus a group called ‘legasea’, applying to a judge to review the issue of the licences. The case resulted in victory for the NZ Gameishing Assoc., but more importantly also in a new willingness by NZ fisheries to listen when ishers speak. Just before returning to raro I went to the one day leigh Family Fishing Competition, just north of Auckland. The biggest snapper was 10.6 kg, not bad for a ish that rarely goes beyond 15kg. The total catch, consisting mainly of snapper and kahawai, was 1.6 tonnes, up from 1 tonne last year. And 80 per cent of the prizes were won by women. The NZ game fishing industry also enjoyed a bumper season this summer with increased numbers of marlin. So you can see the beneits when ordinary Kiwis are prepared to stick up for their right to catch ish. On my irst morning back in raro I opened up the CI News and saw Kata’s cartoon as well

as the dismal report on the an- ishermen were given an annual nual Easter game fishing com- quota of about 4000 tonne inpetition in rarotonga. Most of cluding farmed tuna. one of the fish were just babies, most the ishermen talked about how below the size for weigh in. The they looked at this and realised their town was never total weight of fish going to get rich by was also much less The issue selling their fish to a than previous years. for the Cook cannery, which would The two biggest tuna Islands is were around 20kg, or whether we are have earned them an estimated $8 million 15 per cent of the size going to look per year. Instead they of a good sized adult at the mistakes decided to process the yellowin tuna. Everyone knows this is the other countries tuna for the fresh ish made with export market, and result of overfishing their isheries, they now sell their by foreign boats, and and learn from quota of tuna for our game ishing club more than $200 milhas excellent records them, or are lion. The ish are now of catches showing the we going to dramatic decline. repeat the same so valuable, the fishermen now net the juduring the week mistakes they veniles and farm them I also watched a promade 20-30 in ocean cages, selling gramme on ABC about years ago, them as adults. the tuna industry in a impoverish If we followed the small town about the our country Port lincoln model, same size as rarotonand our future with the Cook Islands ga, called Port lincoln, generations. tuna catch now levelon the south coast of ling off at 8000 tonne Australia. This town, now a city, became super wealthy per annum, (or twice that of Port on tuna. It started up with one lincoln), the Cook Islands could boat called Tacoma in the 1950s potentially earn $400 million, with pole and line ishing, sup- instead of $2.8 million, for this plying a cannery. The tuna re- tonnage of tuna. However, insource is now depleted, but local stead of working with the private

sector to develop this industry, MMr are giving it away to foreign companies for a pittance. For some perverse reason the minister is very proud the tonnage he gives away is growing each year. What he should be doing is reducing the tonnage and working out how to increase the amount of money staying in the Cook Islands. If there was ever an example of why government should stay away from business, this is it! MMr is also continuing to work on purse seining. MMr reports say that a single purse seiner can catch as much in a year as all the foreign long line leet combined, so this is getting serious with catch projections of 20,000 tonne per year. The issue for the Cook Islands is whether we are going to look at the mistakes other countries made with their fisheries, and learn from them, or are we going to repeat the same mistakes they made 20-30 years ago, impoverish our country and our future generations. Tuna is a basic foodstuff for Cook Islanders, yet it is Cook Islanders of all ages, rank, education, occupation, and political allegiance, who are happily al-

lowing our rapidly deteriorating tuna resource to be plundered by foreign boats for a fraction of its potential value to our country. Think about it, what will you tell your grandchildren when you feed them Chinese tinned ish? reuben Tylor vaimaanga MMr secretary Ben Ponia responds: MMr is committed to both sustainable management and deriving greater returns from the offshore fishery. The foreign case studies used by Mr Tylor are irrelevant to the Cook Islands situation, irstly the NZ snapper are a local stock and the authorities have total jurisdiction over the ishing rights, unlike our shared tuna resource; secondly the farming of Bluein tuna was an outstanding achievement of Australian entrepreneurship and technology, and cannot be easily transposed to a small island nation. lastly the MMr has already cautioned against interpreting the catches from a single ishing tournament on rarotonga as the sole barometer of the health of our offshore ishery and the unfortunate reality is that there is no ‘excellent’ data out there to prove any one theory.

Punishment outweighs the crime dear Editor, Probably like a great majority of the folks in this country who are not ultra-conservative, religious zealots or don't have a stone-age mentality, I am both appalled and outraged that an individual who was recently found guilty of selling a few grams of marijuana has been forced to rot in jail for four

months before the judge hands down his sentence in August. Hello? Can someone please remind the country that it was only three tinnies of marijuana and not three tonnes that he was found guilty of selling!? Can someone also remind the country that over a span of almost 20 years this individual has con-

tributed significantly to this country in a number of ways including, business, representing the country at the national level in sport, assisting locals to empower themselves as business people, contributing to important social activities, etcetera. Surely the physical, mental and financial anguish and shame that this unfortunate individual has had to endure over the past year or so is punishment enough? Goodness, what has become of this society whereby the authorities 'slam dunk' any poor soul for selling a few leaves of 'happy' grass but turn a blind eye or administer a mere slap on the wrist for crimes that are deemed far worse. The treatment this person

has received thus from a justice system that seems paranoid about the usage of ‘natural high’ herbs brings back memories of tragic novels/ilms based on true events whereby the punishment dished out by those in authority, far outweighed the severity of the crimes. The country's current laws in relation to the usage of low level narcotics such as marijuana are draconian to say the least -- time for the lawmakers of this country to urgently work on amending the country's laws so they are reflective of the changing times and consistent with the laws of countries that take a more liberal view on drug usage. reality check please (Name and address supplied)

Return to paradise? dear Editor, It would be nice to have a ilm on my beautiful, unspoilt, unhurried, unsophiscated little island of Aitutaki. A ilm titled ‘Return to Paradise’ will be nice. I know in my heart, my people of Aitutaki will welcome wholeheartedly the participation and the small income earned from such a venture. It is feasible and is viable to the economy of our nation, come on mai kotou. I promise you that I and my

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

family will agree wholeheartedly to have this movie ilmed on my little islet (motu) of Tekopua. The ilm ‘The Silent One’ was done there many years back. It would be nice and itting for all seven traditional voyaging canoes of Polynesia to converge on my small island of Aitutaki for the duration of the ilming ‘return to Paradise’. What do you think? God bless my beautiful people of the Cook Islands. Taamaru Taamaru Tupapa

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localNEWS nuti no roto i te IPUKArEA

Tax haven controlled by tight-knit group: Hager I NvESTIGATIvE journalist Nicky Hager believes the Cook Islands are being taken advantage of by foreigners and multinationals. He is part of the International Consortium of Journalists (ICIJ) investigation into the way tax havens around the world are being used to funnel and conceal money amassed from illegal or immoral means. Yesterday CI News talked to Hager from his levin home. He says while the popular conception is that tax havens allow people to dodge tax, it goes beyond that.

The secrecy surrounding the industry allows profits from crooked areas like pornography and internet gambling to be hidden from home country governments, he says. “Police try to follow it up but the companies are hidden.” one of the companies Hager focused his part of the investigation on was Portcullis TrustNet, which was started in the Cook Islands and still has an ofice here but headquarters in Singapore. Hager has read through correspondence of people working from the Cook Islands’ Trust-

Net ofice who were upset they were helping pornographers. While many people who use offshore trusts are doing so legally, the records he holds also show “dodgy dealings” going on, he says. one of Indonesia’s richest men, Prajogo Pangestu, set up a company with TrustNet called GPl Holdings ltd, registered in the British virgin Islands. TrustNet then set the company’s director and secretary up to be in the Cook Islands. But these are not people. Cook Islands legislation allows a ‘nominee director’, which

adds to the secrecy, says Hager. The director is called direct Corp ltd and the secretary is called SE Corp ltd. We don’t always know why these trusts are set up. That’s the purpose.” Hager suggests the proceeds of illegal logging of South East Asian rainforests are being looded through the Cooks, along with profits of illegal ishing in the Paciic. The industry here strenuously denies they have any involvement with illegal activity, saying the tight regulations that have been in place the last

10 years prevent this. The Cook Islands are “being used” by a small group of people controlling the industry, says Hager. “If Australian and New Zealand lawyers and inancial specialists had not approached the government 30 years ago to set up trust companies here, the creation of a tax haven never would have happened. “It’s not part of the values and culture of the Cook Islands. It happens in New Zealand too. Foreign governments and multinationals come in and take over, and I don’t like that either.

over time, this investigation will open up and allow Cook Islanders to make up their own minds whether they want this industry in their country.” Hager says the investigation has not even scraped the surface yet, but he hopes the extra information that has been leaked will open doors and minds. “ordinary Cook Islanders don’t know anything about what’s happening. The more it’s talked about, the more Cook Islanders can be informed and make up their own minds.” - Calida Smylie

‘Rosy picture’ not full story secrecy jurisdiction debate were played out on radio yesterday morning. New Zealand investigative journalist Nicky Hager was interviewed on Matariki FM by host William Franheim, along with the head of the Financial Services development Authority Jenner davis. Hager is the New Zealand representative for the International Consortium of Journalists (ICIJ) and has played a major role in the ongoing investigation into tax havens, which those in the industry, like davis, term ‘offshore service centres’. Internal trust company information including client records were leaked to the ICIJ from

someone working inside. Hager said it was a “classic leak” where the person believed something was wrong. He said the problem with tax havens is the secrecy that surrounds them. “If you are an ordinary person, you have to have your own name on your banks accounts and identification. But people with accounts in tax havens don’t have to have their own names on accounts. They can hide who they are and they can be tempted to do immoral things.” But davis said the idea of secrecy in today’s world is not the case and while Cook Islands looks to protect privacy there are still regulatory bodies which oversee accounts.

davis obviously did her own investigative research too. She put to Hager: “I’m sure that with your own trust that you set up in New Zealand, that your not insinuating that you’re violating the laws, you’re simply working through the legislation you have available to you in New Zealand.” Cook Islands is a tax neutral environment where people overseas are not subject to tax here but are still obligated to pay tax in their own countries. “It very dangerous to keep on putting out there that people who set up trusts are doing something wrong,” she said. Hager said he was not insinuating any such thing. “let’s be completely clear, the problem

is not those who are using their trusts legally and fill out their tax forms. They are not the problem, it is those who are not.” davis said the industry has entirely different regulatory environment now from 20 years ago and gets strong global peer reviews. But Hager has sifted through thousands of the millions of iles ICIJ received, dated from 1980s to 2010 and said the problem is a current one. “I understand you’re paid to promote the industry,” he told davis. “But I’ve been reading the documents from the last 10 years or more when that ight was going on about how to change the laws in the Cook Islands.” Amongst those documents was leaked internal correspond-

dear Editor, My husband and I returned to the Cook Islands in 2001. I am a 73 years young Cook Islands Maori and still very active in my trade. In 2011 I returned to New Zealand to apply for the portable pension which I’m happy to report I now collect here in the Cook Islands. From about July/ August 2012 I started to take a pessimistic interest in what this government does and doesn’t do. I am not impressed with this government. Towards the end of last year was when I irst noticed the Colagate issue in your newspaper but the inance secretary brushed it aside with his pathetic response to those articles. Winston Peters raised his concerns on Colagate at the beginning of this year and I read Ian Wishart’s ‘Coke Islands’ with disbelief. Fifteen million in lost revenue for the country? I cannot believe that this government is so weak and gutless in dealing with this loss -- a loss and cost it has inflicted upon me and the rest of te iti tangata rikiriki to pay. E akaroa kore, e te

tangi kore tikai to teia kavamani ite iti tangata. E kavamani nuinui, e kavamani manako kore, e kavamani viivii, e te pikika’a. E kavamani, te ta nei i tona ua’o rai iti tangata. The next issue is about the so called offshore inance facilities available in the Cook Islands for foreigners. I don’t profess to understand the mechanics of this service, but I do understand what the international media has reported about the Cook Islands depriving other countries of their taxes through these facilities. Editor, I don’t believe a word Jenner davis and richard Neves tells you about the offshore and internal inancial sector of our country. I tell you Editor, our country reeks of a worse state than my septic tank and all the other septic tanks on rarotonga put together and this is why I say so; past and present governments’ have continued to buckle under pressure from wealthy foreigners who use and abuse my country to satisfy and quench their greed at the expense of others,

like me. Even some wealthy people in the Cook Islands hide their money overseas without paying their tax obligations. I’m sick of carrying and paying their taxes for them. Editor, I hate it. Yes I am hurt, angry and pissed off. I heard the Minister of Finance say in parliament earlier this year that he is not too concerned with the high numbers of Cook Islanders leaving the country. He even said if he was a single man he would probably leave himself. Kua akakoromaki au i toku manako no runga i tana i tuatua inara kare e rauka iaku ite akakoromaki aka’ou no te mea ko tena tuatua na te neneva. Where does he think he’s going to get the country’s taxes from? Editor, there appears to be a couple of small groups of government workers who have been targeting pensioners who receive the New Zealand pension like me doing the rounds at the Punanga Nui Market. I don’t know who they are but I call them the Gestapo. I am now waiting for the SS (Secret Serv-

ice) to turn up and slam me with a tax assessment on all fronts. I have learnt from a number of fellow pensioners who collect the New Zealand pension that revenue Management have and will create a debt on some of the pensioners who have not paid tax by back-dating their tax responsibilities to 2011. The inance secretary’s comparison in Friday’s (April 12) CI News is ine, but we already knew that, why didn’t he tell us the real crux of the matter -- he is back-dating the effective date for those pensioners who have not paid tax on their pension for whatever reason, whether for ignorance or avoidance, to 2011. I am looking forward to a day in the near future when all current members of cabinet will resort to becoming doughnut vendors at the Punanga Nui Market or roadside and when that day comes I’ll wave to them as I drive past. Tepapaura Hunt (nee Nicholas) (Still sewing at) Panama

TWo vErY different sides of the

ence from the Cook Islands’ trustee companies group. It showed they resisted the attempt by international governing bodies like the oCd as they were scared they would lose clients. As soon as change happened in 2003 and 2004, Hager said he watched the companies group trying to change the government’s mind back to have the laws loosened so they could keep attracting the clients which wanted high levels of secrecy for

whatever reason. “So you paint everything as rosy public relations picture of everything’s alright in the Cook Islands, but when you look at the internal documents there been a huge big ight.” davis says she cannot think of any instances of the industry inluencing the government and the only legislation the industry had a hand in was the limited liabilities Act. - Calida Smylie

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Solar course gets practical STUdENTS of a solar power course have begun testing their new knowledge. The two-week course at the Cook Islands Trades Training Centre aims to up-skill electricians in the Cooks, giving them a renewable energy qualiication that will also be recognised in Australia. Week one of the course was theory-based, where students learned about the equipment and system design. Practical work began on Monday, where students started installing solar panels on the roof of the training centre. They will also install the panels on an indoor structure at a later date. Today the students will be

assessed on what they learned, in a one-on-one consultation with tutor Matthew o’regan, who is an engineer and training manager for Global Sustainable Energy Solutions in Australia. There are 14 students in the course, including four from the outer islands – one from Mitiaro, Atiu, Aitutaki and Manihiki. Kevin Scott, an electrician for Andersons Electrical, said it will be useful to add solar power to his arsenal of skills. “It’s always good to pick up stuff you don’t know. You can learn something from everyone.” Mitiaro resident Tai Topa, who has 32 years of experience in the electrical industry, said he

has learned a lot from the course so far. “It’s gone beyond what I expected. It’s really new to me. The (solar) technology is quite different – working with the natural aspects like the sun, you’ve got to understand the climate and the environment, and the angles of the sun’s rays. otherwise it’s not economical.” He said solar power was introduced to Mitiaro in the 80s, but the systems were not able to be looked after. “It failed because there wasn’t anyone trained to maintain the system. There wasn’t anyone from where I come from involved with renewable energy.” Solar power will help over-

students of the solar course working on installing a 2kW system on the roof of the Trades Training Centre. 13041518

come issues in the outer islands with power supply and its associated cost, he said. He said it is good to see four outer islands students in the course. “I’m really happy to be here, knowing there were only lim-

ited students. In the past, the outer islands would tend to be forgotten. I think now the gap is closing.” Topa signed up for the solar course to add solar power to his skill base, in part because Miti-

aro has been selected as a pilot project for renewable energy for the southern group. “I don’t like to lose any opportunity. That’s how I know what I know.” - Briar Douglas

Tutor Matthew O’regan (right) oversees the installation of the solar panels. 13041519
























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on my mind

Searching for stories of hope in tragedy BY NoW the world knows tragedy exploded in Boston this week.

News services are sharing cringe-worthy images of bloody carnage, limbs in the smoky street, and faces bearing sheer terror following the detonation of two bombs near the inish line of the Boston Marathon, a time-honoured institution and the runner’s Holy Grail. Some 27,000 runners had been training for months in the leadup to the event. They fought through blisters and sore knees and exhaustion to shave minutes off their personal bests. And then April rolled around, and they packed their runners and lew to the city of Boston in Massachusetts, many of them with entourages of supporters. Three hours after an Ethiopian runner won the 26.2 mile (42.2 km) race, the bombs went off. The runners nearing the inish line had been toughing it out for hours. Their energy must have been depleting and their muscles growing heavy. They were almost there. Any athlete can relate to that feeling, the exhaustion that requires mental fortitude and self-talk to push past. That’s where these runners were at when they entered into an explosion of smoke and lames and shrapnel and body parts. I spoke to a woman who was there, who remembers hearing the explosions and thinking they were cannons. But then a light pole next to her exploded and people started dropping to their knees, breaking down, screaming, frantically searching for people they knew. “I can’t speak for everybody but a common fear was, ‘This is bad enough but it’s gonna get worse. What’s next?’ one explosion you might be able to explain, two puts you on red alert, three and four makes you wanna crawl into a hole,” she said to me. right now, America feels like crawling into a hole. Boston is the subject of all coffeehouse and dinnertime conversations, and it’s looding TV and social media. I was going to write about the offshore banking industry this week, in light of the International Consortium of Journalists story that broke this month and rippled through rarotonga. I was doing internet research, I’d checked out a book on offshore inance at the library, and I’d made a list of people whose brains I was keen to pick, but then someone went and planted bombs in Boston. An eight-year-old boy was killed. Eight years old. He was standing

A woman prays at the scene of the explosion in Boston. PHOTO JOHN TLUMACKI, THE BOSTON GLOBE. 13041616 near the inish line with his family, and he was killed. His mother suffered a brain injury and his six-year-old sister lost a leg. These are tragic stories, written by senseless evil. Still, in times of tragedy, we have to look for hope. It’s all we’ve got. The stories of hope are starting to emerge – the stories of the spectators who rushed not away from the explosion but toward it, the stories of the emergency responders who risked their lives to whisk victims to safety, the stories of strangers offering inancial and moral support to victims and their families. “Many were leeing, but many were running to the wounded,” the Boston Globe reported on Tuesday. “They ripped down the metal barriers separating the runners from spectators. Unsure of whether there would be another explosion, these strangers risked their lives to help other strangers, performing CPr, comforting those in shock, and carrying the wounded to the nearby medical tent.” There is a quote that’s gone viral, attributed to Fred rogers, who died in 2003 but for years hosted a children’s television show in America. “look for the helpers,” he said, at the time referring to tragic events unfolding in the news. “You’ll always ind people helping.”

The context of his quote is as follows: “…I think if news programmes could make a conscious effort of showing rescue teams, of showing medical people, anybody who is coming into a place where there’s a tragedy, to be sure that they include that – because if you look for the helpers, you’ll know that there’s hope,” he said. los Angeles comedian and writer Patton oswalt wrote this on his Facebook in the wake of the Boston bombing: “This is a giant planet and we’re lucky to live on it but there are prices and penalties incurred for the daily miracle of existence. one of them is, every once in a while, the wiring of a tiny sliver of the species gets snarled and they’re pointed towards darkness. “But the vast majority stands against that darkness and, like white blood cells attacking a virus, they dilute and weaken and eventually wash away the evildoers and, more importantly, the damage they wreak. “This is beyond religion or creed or nation. We would not be here if humanity were inherently evil. We’d have eaten ourselves alive long ago. So when you spot violence, or bigotry, or intolerance or fear or just garden-variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think, ‘The good outnumber you, and we always will.’”


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localNEWS nuti no roto i te IPUKArEA

Doctor referrals to stop A MAN who advertised alterna-

tive medical care while working as a caregiver has said he will stop making such recommendations during working hours. Autea Nelio, who has been employed as a carer by Te vaerua Caregivers since November last year, suggested the services of richard Wachter from the Better Health research Centre to people he was caring for. Nelio said previously that he did so if he thought the person could benefit from Wachter’s treatment. Pat Farr, project manager of Te vaerua Caregivers, said she became aware of the referrals when a smoke signal was published about it in Cook Islands News last week. She said in a letter to Cook Islands News that carers are not to recommend the services of private doctors or other ‘alternative health

practitioners’. “I called (Nelio) immediately and I discussed it with him, and said ‘You know you can’t make recommendations of any doctor, even a registered doctor’. And he said he won’t,” she said. Carers help with tasks such as chores, showering and changing clothing, depending on the needs of the person, said Farr. “In some cases (carers help) to keep them motivated, or take some chores away so they have energy to do what they want to do,” she said. “We don’t have anything to do with the medical side, unless they have medication and we check they’re taking it. The most we’d do is, if we think they’re deteriorating, we would ask them when their next check-up is at the hospital – because they’re all registered with doctors at the hospital.”

Farr said Nelio made the recommendations because he did not think it would be a problem. “I think it’s just over-enthusiasm, and the genuine belief that this richard Wachter can help. He loves the work – he’s really passionate about his job. His heart’s in the right place.” She said she has only ever received good reports about Nelio’s work as a carer. “Clients know that at any point they can say they’d like someone else (to be their carer). But that’s never happened.” Farr has amended the conditions of service for all carers to include that they should not recommend alternative care. “We weren’t aware it was an issue, so it wasn’t in his conditions of service - and now it is.” She said Nelio, who was recommended by another carer who knew he was doing simi-

lar work on a volunteer basis, has agreed not to recommend alternative care during working hours. If he continued to do so it would be a breach of his contract that would result in dismissal, she said. “We can’t do anything about it outside of working hours. But while he’s working under us, we’d like to safeguard the professional nature of the service.” Farr said the main criteria she looks for when employing a carer is passion for the work, as they are trained on the job. She said carers go through one week of intensive training, which covers confidentiality, respect for clients, autonomy of clients, as well as physical training such as moving people, irst aid, and wound dressing. Carers are also trained in palliative care and grief counselling.

Project manager of Te Vaerua Caregivers, Pat Farr. 13041513 There are five carers employed by the organisation, who work with around 40 cli-

ents. The service has been operating since August last year. - Briar Douglas

School student held in police cells A JUSTICE of the peace has criti-

cised police actions in holding a school student overnight in police cells without calling his parents after he was charged with drink driving. I n s e n t e n c i n g 1 6 -y e a rold Tereora College student

Helsholm Teiti for excess breath alcohol last Thursday, Justice of the Peace John Kenning said the police actions on that night were concerning. But he said the proper way to deal with any concern is a complaint to the Police depart-

ment, rather than bringing it up in court. Police caught the defendant on december 31 driving at Avana with 430 mg of alcohol per litre of breath. The limit is 400. But while police facts say he

was driving, the defendant’s fiscated beer back but not his lawyer Mathilda Tairea said licence. “It almost sounds like the pohe was parked. She said he was seated with a pillion passenger lice should be charged with supon the back. Police asked him ply,” said Kenning, who pointed if he had been drinking, which out the defendant was too young he denied, as he was scared, she to drink in the irst place. When his parents found out said. Teiti has never been arhe had been in custody they rested before. were distraught, said The defendant was Tairea. It was a week taken to the police staKenning after the incident but tion and breath tested. said he was Teiti did not tell them Apparently the police surprised because police said officer asked who his the police mother was, and then removed the they would, although did not. said he knew her. defendant’s The police were But the defendant licence as hasty in laying the was not given a chance to call her and was put they have no charge and should authority to have investigated furin the holding cell for – the court ther, said Tairea. the night. is the only She gave the court He was asked if he wanted to call a lawyer, one that can. a r e f e r e n c e l e t t e r from the defendant’s but at the time “was terriied and all he could think science teacher, who spoke of was, ‘how can I pay a lawyer’, highly of him, saying he was hard working and does well and so did not,” said Tairea. The young man had his li- in school. Another character cence taken from him – which reference was provided by the Murienua Christian Youth has not been returned. on his release the next morn- Group, which he belongs to. Tairea said since the day of ing, police gave him his con-

his arrest her client has not drunk alcohol or driven a motorcycle and is remorseful. She recommended a discharge without conviction. Kenning said he was surprised the police removed the defendant’s licence as they have no authority to – the court is the only one that can. He was also concerned the police did not contact the young man’s parents. “There are issues in regards to police practice in this matter that don’t appear to be very well handled. However, the defendant has pleaded guilty to driving with excess breath alcohol and that is what this court must hear.” Kenning thought the charge would have been better dealt with by the Youth Court, which hears cases of children under 16 and may also hear cases of those under 17. But as the case was before him he heard it. Teiti was convicted and discharged. He must pay court costs of $30. - CS

Drugs and drink driving in court THE HIGH Court on April 11

Exham George – pleaded not

was presided over by Justice of the Peace John Kenning, who passed the following judgments: Selafi Tile Tovio – denied assaulting a female. The case was adjourned until May 9 to set a defended hearing date. John Pepe – breached his bail conditions by drinking alcohol and appeared on a charge of contempt of court, which he admits. He was put on bail while facing a charge of assaulting a female and a child, but has not entered a plea to that. These charges are next scheduled for April 18, so the contempt charge was also adjourned until then. Jonathan Mokoha – pleaded not guilty to a burglary charge. Police have still not disclosed the facts to the defendant’s lawyer, and were ordered to do so. The case was adjourned until May 9.

guilty to possessing cannabis. The charge was adjourned to May 9 and police asked to disclose facts. Puteiti Apaina – is charged with careless driving causing injury. No plea been entered. His lawyer Wilkie rasmussen was away so the charge was adjourned until April 18. Ivor Nicholas – has pleaded not guilty to careless driving. The case was adjourned for May 9 for a defended hearing date to be set. Five witnesses are likely to be heard during the hearing. Georgina Short – admitted drink driving, after being involved in a crash around 8.15 pm on March 30. After the vehicle collision was reported to police, they got to the scene and found the defendant had been driving under the

influence of alcohol. Police say she had been heading towards Avarua town from Tupapa direction, then suddenly veered off the road and into another car, which was damaged on its right side. A breathalyser test showed she had 940 mg of alcohol per litre of breath. The limit is 400. According to police, the 27-year-old sales assistant was on her way to the shop after drinking four glasses of bourbon and coke at home. Her lawyer Charles Petero said Short was normally a responsible person and is disappointed with herself. It is her irst time before the courts. Short must pay reparation of $1271, a ine of $450 and court costs of $30. She is disqualiied from driving for 12 months. - Calida Smylie


Wednesday, april 17, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303


DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is


1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.





The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning invites local consultants to register their interest to prepare an Integrated Water Resources Management Policy that will provide for long term strategic direction of managing Rarotonga’s natural water resources. For further information email or call 22648. Closing date for expresssion of interest is Friday 19 April 2013.

AITUTAKI hAPPY FEET RAFFLE DRAWN SATURDAY 13 APRIL 2013 1. Geore George tkt#1657 2. Marito Maoate tkt#1808 3. Ngere Papera tkt#1139 4. Shannon tkt#1939 5. T.Tini tkt#1597 The Aitutaki Happy Feet Golden Oldies Rugby Club would like to thank our national carrier Air Rarotonga, the ishermen of Aitutaki, the people of Rarotonga and Aitutaki for supporting the rale and lastly a huge Meitaki Atupaka to the Mongoose for all their help and support.

COMMERCIAL SPACE TO RENT Small workshop, plus basic living accommodation (85 m2) available for rent in Atupa, $600 per month. Ph Desiree 20836.

Yamaha PA System at $10,000 or nearest ofer. Phone Rangi 78405.

70440 /31470 /2009

Manuel-Fortes Reunion Meeting At Vakatini Palace Time - 6.30pm Thursday 18 April 2013. Please bring a plate and your rale ticket. 70660 /31583 /2651

Notice is hereby given that Mrs Frances Topa- Fariu on behalf of the Cook Islands Red Cross Society has iled an application with the liquor Licensing Authority for a special Liquor Licence to provide for the sale of the liquor at the National Auditorium, Avarua on Wednesday 8 May 2013 from 6pm to 11pm for a fundraiser. Any person who objects to the said application should do so in writing addressed to the secretary, Liquor Licensing Authority, PO Box 61, Rarotonga by 29 April 2013. 70643 / /2005

TUATUA AKAKITe Uipaanga Thursday 18 April 2013. Venue: Tikioki Clinic Teia tuatua akakite nate au Ui Mataiapo o Tikioki tapere. 70667 / /1931

Te pati akaaka ia atu nei te au atu enua i runga ite enua Vaimaanga 5B kia tae mai tatou ki te uipaanga enua. Ra: Thursday 18 April 2013 Ora: 6pm ki ko ite Te Akapuanga Meeting House, Ngaokoa, Titikaveka. Meitaki Maata. Ritia Hosking. 70654 /312236 /1931

70634 /31123 /1931

SeRVICeS Do you have a drinking problem? Call 55606. 70355 / /2567

Tangi & John Services 1. Mowing residences or propertys. 2. Slashing or ploughing for your plantation. 3. Fencing residence or property. 4. Concrete works: footpath, driveways, garage etc. 5. Water-blasting works etc. Contact John Bishop 77170 or 51999.

70559 / /1645

Kavera, spacious 3 bedroom home, gated, 2 bath, oice area, wet-bar, verandahs, garage, partial A/C, partial furnished, long term. Walking distance to beach. Ideal for professional family. Genuine inquiries 25580. 70540 /31433 /1931

FLATMATeS WANTeD A single person or couple wanted to share a modern furnished 2-bedroom house with another professional couple in Arorangi. Great outdoor living, close to main road, excellent security. NZD120 per week. Call 55686 to view the house & meet existing tenants. 70556 / /1969

70362 /31479 /1708

Renovation small pools. Tiling great rates, free quotes. Phone 25253,50040. 70572 /31453 /1931

FOR ReNT Newly painted, partly furnished 1-2 bedroom lats with carport in Muri. Phone 24922/72545.

70555 /31437 /1931

Timberland Ltd Specials this Week PVC Gutter Round Proile $43 lgth Shadowclad Rustic 12mm x 2.4 x 1.2 $75 sht 8x2 Dr 6m No.1’s Grade $59ea Interior Doors 1980 x 860mm $85ea Fibrolite 4.5mm x 2.4 x 1.2 $24.50 sht Fence Battens 1.8m x 150 x 25 $7.50 ea Gibboard Fyreline 10mm x 1.2 x 2.4 $23.90 18mm Qtr Rnd Mouldings $12.50 lgth Come have a look! Or phone 26408 for free deliveries! 70622 /31488 /1639

Delicious cakes for all occasions. Reasonable prices. Phone Fern 29015, 77555. 68469 / /2655


Vacancy – Electrician




MinistrY OF FinanCE and ECOnOMiC ManagEMEnt the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) is advertising two (2) positions within the treasury division of the Ministry. 1. Finance/Numismatic Oicer - Process accounting transactions, produce reports and reconcile accounts for MFEM and co-ordinate numismatic and currency transactions for government. the role is sized at band i (between $25,712 and $34,786), remuneration will be based on experience and qualiication. 2. Finance Project Analyst – To perform analysis and research on particular subject matters as deemed by the Financial secretary or the treasury Operations Manager including secretariat role for various committees. the role is sized at band F (between $16,860 and $22,811), remuneration will be based on experience and qualiication. if you are interested in playing an integral role in managing the inances of the Cook Islands, and you hold a tertiary or any other form of qualiication in accounting, inance or related ields, you are encouraged to apply. For the full job description, download from ck – closed by Friday 26 April 2013 and applications should be addressed to: Funds Manager MFEM PO Box 120m, rarotonga Cook islands.


Manihiki harbours Upgrade Contract No C13/03.1 & C13/03.2 the Ministry of infrastructure and Planning (MOiP) invites Professional and Civil Construction contractors to register their interest (rOi) in a tender for a“ measure and value type contract ”for the “turnkey”, design and construct for the two harbours situated at Manihiki island in the Cook islands. tender documents can be requested or uplifted from; solomona solomona Project Oicer MOiP, rarotonga, Cook islands tel (682) 20321, Fax (682) 24321 Email Proposed time frames: • ROI close – 26 April 2031 • Evaluate ROI 29 – 30 April 2013 • Issue Tender Documents to successful applicants 1 May 2013 • Tender close 7 June 2013 • Evaluate tender 10 – 21 June 2013 • Notiication to preferred tenderer 24 June 2013 • Contract negotiations – from the week 24 June 2013. 70602

this position requires a person who has the relevant qualiications and demonstrated experience in the electrical trade. Consideration will be given to applicants with partial qualiications whom are undertaking studies towards qualiication completion.The successful applicant will be required to carry out duties associated with the maintenance of taU’s distribution system. applicants can uplift a copy of the job description from the oice of Te Aponga Uira, or by contacting Bettina akania on (682) 20054 or email bakania@electricity. applications close 3pm, Monday 22 april 2013.

70652 /31582 /1903

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 55606

Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


70656 /31580 /1931

Pool Doctor * Water testing * Chlorine * P.H down * Bufer Discounted rates FREE DELIVERY Phone Tony 56599.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

AITUTAKI GAME FIShING CLUB Tenders for Refurbishment Project the Cook islands tourism Corporation and the aitutaki game Fishing Club incorporated advises that tenders are invited from suitably qualiied tenderers for the following contract for work on the refurbishment of the aitutaki game Fishing Club headquarters in arutanga, aitutaki. Turnkey Contract No. C01/2012 – Aitutaki Game Fishing Club Refurbishment Project, Arutanga harbour, Aitutaki for the supply, installation of materials and construction of the existing Fishing Club Building. the contract requires the contractor to provide insurances at speciied levels. Suitably qualiied and experienced tenderers should apply to the aitutaki game Fishing Club or Cook islands tourism for tender documents, including a brief statement of their experience and qualiications. During the tender period any queries regarding the tender document shall be made to: Mr Michael Henry, Chairman, Building Committee, Aitutaki Game Fishing Club in Aitutaki or to Mrs Nane Papa, Executive Assistant, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation in Rarotonga. the tender shall close at 2pm on 26 April 2013 (Cook Islands Time) at the aitutaki game Fishing Club headquarters in arutanga, aitutaki. 70537


OCEania saiLing FEdEratiOn

Regional Coaches Course A Level 3 course for coaches is ofered to all interested sailing Cook islands club & class members, sailors and persons interested to develop their coach skills. this regional course targets sailors in all classes attending OSAF events, the Paciic Games, the ISAF Santander 2014 World champs and the 2016 Olympic games. Coaches with or without coach qualiications who would like to gain an ISAF accreditation to Level 3 certiied coach and sailors seeking to commence a coach career will all be considered. OsaF is developing sailing and coach skills in all Oceania nations and is delivering this level 3 coach course suited to all our classes of boats sailed in Paciic countries. The upskilling of Oceania coach’s is designed to support our sailors and their pathways to the Paciic Games, Oceania Championships, the santander 2014 isaF World Champs and the 2016 Olympic games and beyond. the Course is organised by isaF & santander 2014 Organising Committee & OsaF. it is hosted by OsaF & sailing Cook islands in aitutaki, Cook islands between the 18 and 24 May 2013. Coaches from aussie, Fiji, noumea, nZ, Png, samoa, tahiti and Wallis will be at the sailing academy developing new skills in coaching Optimist, Laser 4.7, Laser radial, Laser Open, hobiecat 16, Boardsailing, Kiteboarding, match & teams racing and ocean vaka sailing. sailing events & competitions are integrated into a classroom style coaching course with practical programmes out on the sailing venues on the lagoon. sailing Cook islands & aitutaki sailing academy is hosting this course, and a $20 per person per day fee covers all coaching material, coach boat, bus & boat transport to venues, hostel bed & food at the sailing academy. if you are interested in this coach course and keen to be active in sailing in the Cook islands please contact Andre Raoult OSAF President on 55393, Junior Charlie on 52554 at rarotonga sailing Club, taua Elisa 52068 at aitutaki sailing academy or any member of sailing Cook islands. anne tierney President sailing Cook islands. /


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Need a laptop for accounting work so must be a good one. Phone 54882.

Suziki Van for sale Lot’s of character, rust, goes well most of the time. Current WOF and rego, $1100 ono. Phone 58833.


Urgently needed 20 foot container, must be water proof. Contact 52111. 777

VeHICLeS FOR SALe Toyota 4WD Double Cab. Good engine, runs well. Call Ita 54396 or 20530 after 4.30pm.

70612 /31481 /1931

Nissan Navarra double cab, $11,500 ono. Phone 56955 or 55619. 70501 /31415 /1931


Silver Ford Taurus car, 1 owner from new $8000. Ph 26661/54218.

Live in house keeper or part time worker. House cleaner, Gardening around the house, Washing & cooking. Contact 54192.

70668 / /2141

70598 /31474 /1931

70619 / /1986


Cook’s Fudge Factory Needs a Fudge Cook and Sales Assistant. Can you provide - Best customer service? - Bright and Presentable? Training provided. Full time position. Email: or call 55570 for an interview 70669 / /2274

TAILOR- with proven skills and creative lair. Send CV and any supporting documents to: TAILOR MADE P.O Box 2165 Rarotonga.


SITUATIONS VACANT Super Brown 24 hour Store and Takeaway Shop Assistant- Full Time and Part time You must be honest, reliable, hardworking and able to work on rotational shifts. Experience in sales, customer service and basic computer skills required with an excellent people skills( customer service). Cook and Kitchen Hand positions: You must be honest, reliable and hardworking with some experience in takeaway cooking, food preparation and kitchen hand duties to ill these positions full time and part time. If you are interested, send in your CV and application letter to Manager, PO Box 421, ph 20140 or deliver to store. 70617 / /2183

Autism Cook islands

70453 /31383 /1931

PH 24065/55976


principal and Teaching staf Applications are invited from qualiied, experienced and motivated teachers and support staf for the following positions: 1. Principal - Nikao Maori Primary School 2. Teacher (Primary) - Takitumu School 3. Teacher Aide (Special Needs) - Avatea School Applications close on Friday 26 April 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry in Nikao or at Completed forms with CV and references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97, Rarotonga Cook Islands, Email vacancy@ 70609 / /1795

For the sake of your family


GET hELP Call AA - 55606




We have a great opportunity for waiters and waitresses to work in a busy and well established environment. We have full/part time positions available, and must be able to start immediately and work weekends. Feel free to come and ill in an application form, or contact 55469 for more details. 70526 / /1759

CORNER STORE GENERAL MANAGER The Corner Store would like to employ a General Manager to take charge of all afairs of this busy shop in Nikao. Persons having Accounting, Stock & Inventory management experience can apply in person at the shop or call Nora on 22957 for an appointment. Expressions of interest will close on April 26. 70579 / /2543


applications are invited for the above position to: 1. assist in policy development providing for sustainable management of marine resources and a vibrant marine sector 2. advising on legal matters including legislation, isheries prosecutions, negotiations and contracts 3. develop partnerships with communities, industry, and regional and international organisations 4. manage the Policy and Legal services division this is a senior position, reporting directly to the secretary with challenging roles and responsibilities. Applicants should have tertiary qualiications in legal, public administration, resource management or relevant ields. Please contact Uirangi Bishop for a job description, (, telephone 28730. address application and CV to: the secretary, Ministry of Marine resources, P.O Box 85, tutakimoa. Closing date is 4:00 pm. Friday 3rd May, 2013.

Vacancy – Qualiied Mechanic this position requires a person who has the relevant qualiications and demonstrated experience in working with engines. the successful applicant will be required to undertake all duties associated with the maintenance and repair of taU’s diesel engines and auxiliary equipment.

Vacancy - Operator this position requires a person who is able to perform duties associated with the daily monitoring, recording and operation of taU’s generation systems. shift work is a requirement of the role. applicants can uplift a copy of the job description from the oice of Te Aponga Uira, or by contacting Bettina Akania on (682) 20054 or email applications close 3pm, Monday 22 april 2013.



a grEat PLaCE tO WOrK

Employment Opportunities Front Desk Guest Services Agent x 2 Porter/Security x 2 Gardeners x2

Join one of the Cook Islands most recognizable and successful resort brands. We are looking for energetic, reliable and honest people (male or female) to work in our Front Oice, Porter Security & Gardening departments. You must be a team player, able to work weekends and not afraid of hard work. training will be provided to the right people with the right attitude. Come in and ill out an application form Or phone ani resort Manager on 20427 or mobile 53731. 70658

EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES – FOOD NZQA Accredited training – Earn while you learn! We ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with!


EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES!! NZQA Accredited training –Earn while you learn! We ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with.


Grocery Supervisor – New Position!

• This position is responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of the retail store ensuring stock is rotated and displayed to the required standard and correctly ticketed.


Fresh Produce/Bakery Supervisor- New Position!

• This position is responsible for the sales and proit performance of all Fresh Produce and Bakery and involves ordering of local and overseas purchases and ensuring the highest standards of preparation, presentation and customer service.

Deli Supervisor – New Position!

• This position is responsible for the sales and proit performance of the deli department and involves developing menus, ordering of overseas product and ensuring the highest standards of food preparation and customer service.

Dairy/Frozen Foods Supervisor - New Position! • This position is responsible for the sales and proit performance of dairy and frozen foods and involves ordering overseas product and ensuring the highest standard of presentation and customer service.

human Resources Assistant – New Position! • This busy, varied position involves answering phones, assisting with recruitment enquiries and providing administration assistance. To join the team you will need to be conident, have good organisation and communication skills and a great telephone manner.

PhARMACY Te Tika - Sales Assistant/Cashier – New Position! • Exciting opportunity to sell a world class skin care range that is made with Bioactive Cook island Oils working with an international marketing team to drive promotions and help boost sales. suit an enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge.

SALES & DISTRIBUTION Picker/Drivers Assistant - C Class drivers license an advantage! • Involves assisting with the assembly, dispatch & delivery of all orders around the island for wholesale customers. You will need to be it and accurate with your orders.


to be a hands on supervisor, have previous experience in a similar role, capable of training and developing a small team, be organised and have good communication skills. talk to us today about starting a career in retail. For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23191, Email

Meat Packer/Butcher – Good knife skills or previous retail meat experience! • Working in our butchery department, this involves preparing meat for sale and serving customers over the counter. You will need to be organized, able to work with a small team and willing to look after customers. talk to us today about starting a career in retail! For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23191, Email



To be successful in any of these roles you will need:

due to continuing growth and high occupancies, the rarotongan Beach resort & spa, sanctuary rarotonga on the beach and aitutaki Lagoon resort & spa have a wide range of employment opportunities seeking enthusiastic, motivated staf serious about a long term career, in all areas of all three resort’s operations, in rarotonga and aitutaki, on a full or part time basis, including school leavers such as; - Purchasing Oicers - Accounts Oicers/Qualiied Senior Accountants - Activities & Kids Club Oicers - restaurant & Bar servers - Chefs & Kitchen hands - Porters - Security Oicers - room attendants - gardeners - Front Oice/Spa/Tour Desk Receptionist - duty Managers - Qualiied Tradesmen including Plumbers, Mechanics, Electricians, Carpenters, refrigeration Engineers, Painters, tilers etc. You will have excellent communication skills, be able to relate well to guests and staf alike and be able to work shift work. Previous experience is preferred however full international standard training will be provided to the right candidates. For more information on the position and the resort visit our website or apply to tearoa Paia on; Email skype address Phone (682) 25-822 ext 8014 or 25-800 Fax (682) 25-797. 70631


Wednesday, april 17, 2013 cook Islands News

Upgrade boosts eficiency THE UPGrAdEd Avatiu Port

will boost efficiency of port operations, said the financial secretary. The Avatiu project, managed by Beca International Consultants, involved replacing the domestic and international wharves, and deepening the harbour. The port’s main wharf was also climate-proofed to make it less vulnerable to the

effects of extreme weather, and the harbour entrance was widened to enable larger vessels to berth at the renovated wharf. richard Neves, financial secretary for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, said port operations are already more effective following the upgrade. “The project has not only extended the life of Avatiu

Prime Minister Henry Puna and deputy director general of ADB’s Paciic department, Ayumi Konishi, celebrate the opening of the upgraded port. 13041619



Port, but has already boosted the safety and eficiency of port operations in Cook Islands.” The $27 million project was funded via a loan to the Cook Islands government by the Asian development Bank (AdB). It is not the first time AdB has provided support to the Cook Islands - since 1976, AdB has approved 17 loan projects amounting to $NZ70.4 million, including 32 technical assistance projects of almost $NZ13.4 million. “AdB has maintained a long and active presence in Cook Islands supporting priority infrastructure investments, such as this Avatiu Port project, that aim to boost private sector-led and environmentally sustainable economic growth,” said Ayumi Konishi, deputy director general of AdB’s Pacific department. Avatiu is the country’s principal international port, which handles 90 per cent of Cook Islands’ imports by sea. - Briar Douglas/Release



PRINCZE OFFICE OF ThE PRIME MINISTER Climate Change Co-ordinator Re-advertisement We are seeking an energetic Climate Change Co-ordinator. He/ She must be good at communicating with stakeholders, maintaining and building networks/ partnerships, co-operating and collaborating with other agencies nationally, regionally and internationally to ensure climate change related activities are co-ordinated across the country. Appropriate tertiary qualiication required. Contact Tina Samson for job description at services@pmoice. or download at http:// Applications must consist of a current CV and a covering letter addressing the ‘Appointee Speciication’ as per the job description. Those applicants that have applied need not reapply as your application will be retained for consideration. Please send applications to Tina. Closing date is Monday 22 April 2013 70649 / /1842

RECYCLE Classiieds • Phone 22999


FOUND Notices are FREE To encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.



Love from Mum & dad, Nena & Papa Here & in Aitutaki and a special one from all families here & far.

MinistrY OF inFrastrUCtUrE & PLanning

CIVIL ENGINEER The Ministry wishes to engage the services of a qualiied Civil Engineer to assist with design and implementation of numerous infrastructure development projects and will be part of the Ministry’s Project team in design and Planning that oversees the successful delivery of the respective projects. Key responsibilities include: • Preparing project documents for tender and contract purposes • Supervise execution of the construction works • Ensure approved work plans are progressed according to agreed timelines • Co-ordinate with other stakeholders with matters relating to the respective project • Liaise with other Project Team members to ensure a holistic approach to the successful delivery of the respective project. Expressions of interest or applications can be emailed to the acting secretary, on mac@ applications can be sent to Ministry of infrastructure & Planning, PO Box 102, or hand delivered to our Arorangi oice or by email on Enquiries regarding the position and requests for a detailed job description can be made on 20321. -------------------------------------------------------------


dEPartMEnt OF ParLiaMEnt sErViCEs



te inangaro ia nei tetai tangata angaanga ki roto i te aua o te are ariki i atupare, arorangi. E rua tuanga angaangaanga. tuanga mua - ka anoanoia tetai tangata maroiroi no te tāmā i te tita i roto i te aua pera no te turu i te akatereanga i te au peu me rave ia ki roto i te aua. Ka angaanga kapiti aia ki te Kaumaiti o te Ui ariki. Ko te rua ka anoano ia aia kia tiaki i te Opati ma te tauturu i te akateretereanga i a roto i te ngutuare. Ka riro katoa tona marama i te tauturu i te atu i tetai au porokaramu angaanga a te Ui ariki. Me tei ia koe teia au tareni, tata mai i tetai pepa no toou turanga e te marama no runga i teia au angaanga. Me kare ra, taniuniu mai i te Karaka no tetai tuatau kia uri manako tatou. tereponi 26500, me kore tata mai na roto i te roro-uira Ka topiri teia tikaanga a te ra 24, aperira 2013.

the Ministry has a vacancy for a gis technician in the Land & asset Management Unit of the Policy, Planning and asset Management division. Key duties will be to provide support for country-wide gis mapping in sustainable Land Management, Land resources, infrastructure asset Management and other mapping functions as assigned by the Manager of the respective Unit. Excellent gis and iCt qualiications and experience required for this position. -----------------------------------------------------------------

hEAVY PLANT OPERATOR an operator of heavy machinery is required for infrastructure works, water supply and general project support. Work involves road surface preparations, sealing, pot holing and general road maintenance works. the job involves operating the sealing truck, bobcat, tractor and broom, rollers, grader, road sealing truck, compressors and associated rigs. applicants must produce heavy machinery licence for the position. -----------------------------------------------------------------


RECEPTIONIST / CLEANER FOR ThE hOUSE OF ARIKI a vacancy exists at the “Ui-ariki e te aronga Mana” property in arorangi as receptionist and Cleaner. a strong local traditional knowledge and customs is important. the successful applicant will need to help with the maintenance and running of the oice. Duties include receptionist and cleaning - inside and outside of the oice and the yard. Job description is available or can be emailed upon request. For other queries please direct to the Clerk on telephone 26500 or email applications close on the 24 april 2013. /

the road sealing division requires a Multi-skilled Operator for road surface preparations, sealing of pot holes and general road maintenance. the operator will also be required to operate the sealing truck, bobcat, tractor and broom, grader and light trucks when required. applicants must produce the licences necessary for the position. applications for all the above applications to the Ministry of infrastructure and Planning on 20321. Please apply to Ministry of infrastructure and Planning on 20321. applications for the positions are to be received by close of business on Friday 19 April 2013.


Wednesday, april 17, 2013 cook Islands News

Keen swimmers enjoy competition rAroToNGA’S smallest schools fielded some of the strongest swimmers at yesterday’s first day of the rarotonga School Swimming Champs at Muri lagoon. Calm waters greeted the eager swimmers for day one of competition reserved for grade four to six swimming students. The eager water babes donned their goggles ready to show off their now expert swimming skills which they learned during the inal term of school last year and over this irst term of school. Students began the competition with star ish and running races to warm up the limbs before taking to the water in makeshift lanes for heats in the freestyle and backstroke swim disciplines. The pumped up youngsters churned up the water as they splashed and stroked their way to the inish line. Cook Islands Aquatics Federation president romani Katoa, who along with his team organised the championships, was pleased to see that the smaller schools of rarotonga were pro-

viding the stand out swimmers through the day. To that end, one cheeky parent reckons small schools like rutaki and Papaaroa College were doing well because their schools were right on some of the island’s best swimming spots. But there’s no doubt that the swim lessons delivered by CIAF development oficer Kopa and CIAF president romani Katoa and their team of volunteers and sponsors have created the wonderful result of water wise, strong and conident young island swimmers. day two of the champs will be staged today for swimmers from grade one, two and three. Way more fun will be in store for the mini swimmers today. over 400 students were expected to take part in the two day champs – making it the biggest swimming festival in the Cook Islands. Swim champs today kick off at 10am and all parents and the general public are welcome to cheer on the children from the beach at Nukupure Sports Park. - Matariki Wilson

Winners are grinners as the winner of this race shows.

rarotonga school swimmers lined up for a fantastic day at the rarotonga swimming Champs on Muri lagoon.

Volunteers catch the winners of each swim race and kept an eye on all the kids.


rutaki students wade in the shallows before their races.




Tessa Worthington of Apii Te Uki Ou leads the start of her backstroke inals swim.


Visiting college team wins match THE rAroToNGA heat didn’t

Te Uki Ou School swimmers get in the swim zone.


seem to be an issue for the visiting St Joseph regional College rugby team from Australia who won their first tour match on Monday afternoon. The visiting team faced a combined Nukutere and Titikaveka College under 15 team and secured a handy 26-5 lead at the half time break. A structured game plan with more rugby nous in the contact area proved to be the difference

between the two teams at the Titikaveka ield. Being their first time together as a team the Nukutere/ Titikaveka College improved as the game went on but the big irst half lead by the visitors was a bit much to catch up with as the visitors ran away with the match 36-20. Best players for the St Joseph regional College were constructive lankers and brothers Kye and Finn Marshall and their

live-wire halfback Jamie Williams who scored two brilliant solo tries for the visitors. Best for the Nukutere/Titikaveka Colleges were utility player Tanire Heather, who started at fullback and inished up at blindside flanker, and Number 8 Steven Warren. The visitors will have their second and possibly toughest tour match today at the BCI Stadium in Nikao against Tereora College at 1.30pm.

Many of the Tereora players were present at the first game on Monday evening and they would have learned a lot watching the way that the smaller SJrC dominated the contact area and how well they operated as a team – both backs and forwards. Entrance to the game is free so this will be the perfect time and place to take your lunch break and enjoy great school boy rugby. - MW


Wednesday, april 17, 2013 cook Islands News

International Flights

FLIGhT FROM ARRIVES WednesdAy April 17 NZ748/749 AKL 1.55AM NZ746/745 AKL 2.40PM thursdAy April 18 NZ46/45 AKL 5.15PM GZ035/034 PPT 2.50PM FridAy April 19 VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM NZ748/749 AKL 1.55AM NZ46/61 AKL 3.20PM




2.55AM 3.40PM


6.30PM 3.50PM


1.45AM 2.55AM 4.30PM

Air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR WednesdAy APRIl 17 0800 AITUTAKI 0850












1530 AITUTAKI 1620 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1100 ATIU 1145

1640 1000 1205


1730 1040 1250















1310 ATIU


1520 RARo 1610


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or call us at Cook Islands News







Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle

Answer to Tuesday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: a trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers lies slow moving just north of southern Cooks. Meanwhile, a moist east to northeasterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Occasional showers and few thunderstorms over Palmerston, aitutaki and nearby islands. Brief showers elsewhere. Moderate southeasterly winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: showers over most places. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: some showers. For the Northern Cooks: Cloudy periods with some showers. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers.

humidity 17



By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight


By Dik Browne











Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.


Rarotonga Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Wednesday

Wed high 1.58AM 0.81M 2.15PM 0.84M




2m S

0.37M 8.35PM 0.35M


Thu high 2.38AM 0.78M 3.00PM 0.81M



8.42AM 0.40M 9.20PM 0.38M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

Se 06ktS new Moon MAY 10 12.29AM

First Quarter APR 18 12.32PM

Full Moon APR 25 7.58PM

sunshine hours


Third Quarter MAY 2 11.15AM

ArApo - tAmAteA wed 17 Tanu (Planting)

TauTai (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota Tautai te opunga marama. e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Fish when the moon is Time to plant pineapple setting. and maniota right through to the 13th night (from akaoti amiama).

Wed sun rise 6.52AM sun set 6.25PM


Moon rise 12.53PM Moon set


Thu sun rise 6.52AM sun set 6.24PM


Moon rise


Moon set 12.21AM

2m S Front Key:




2m S


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Wednesday, April 17, 2013 Aitutaki

29° Se 05ktS


26° Se 06ktS


28° Se 06ktS



28° Se 06ktS

29° e 06ktS


28° Se 06ktS


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Swim champs and rugby news



—PAGE 14

Swim champs!

rutaki Primary school swimmers were some of the strongest on day one of the rarotonga swimming Champs at Muri yesterday. Grade 4, 5 and 6 students showed of their fantastic swim skills and today, grade 1, 2 and 3 students will have their turn to shine in Muri lagoon. Full report and photos on page 14. 13041617

School soccer iesta today THE CITC Coca-Cola Primary

School one day Soccer Tournament is scheduled to kick off today at the Cook Islands Football Association (CIFA) complex in Matavera for Grades 4, 5 and 6 students. rarotonga primary school teams prepared to battle it out for the 2013 honour will be Papaaroa, Te Uki ou, Avarua, Takitumu, Avatea, Imanuela Akatemia, St Joseph, rutaki, Arorangi and Nikao. All primary schools have put together a boys, girls and mixed teams to represent them on the pitch while showcasing their ball skills against each other. The visits to all primary schools by the CIFA technical staff have seen the natural talents from the youngsters, and no doubt that will be on display for

parents and supporters today. “This is a great opportunity for our young football players to compete against each other playing the beautiful game,” says CIFA development oficer Tahiri Elikana. “It is expected to be a fun fair atmosphere from our young ones and I believe with the support of our parents and those who will be supporting their schools will see this one day comp and exciting event to be at this week,” he says. Winning schools of last year’s tournament – Takitumu in the boys B grade, three time champions Avarua in the B girls division, also three time winners St Joseph in the B mixed division and Avarua in the C mixed division will return to defend their title.

Takitumu and Avarua B boys in a penalty shootout last year with a vocal crowd cheering them on. 13041615 However, due to strong competition from the other participating schools tomorrow’s contest may see new competition winners. More than 300 players, teachers and spectators are expected

to turn up to the CIFA complex to watch an action packed and fun soccer games amongst junior players who will be determined to win the cup that is up for the taking. The first game is scheduled

to kick off at 8.45am and with the inal games inishing at 2pm. The presentation of trophies will be held straight after the inal games. There will be food stalls available on the day with cold drinks

and sausage sizzles so parents and supporters can refresh themselves while enjoying all the football games. Good luck to all participating schools for your games today. - CIFA Media

Badminton wraps up THE TAKITUMU Badminton Association completed its business house badminton competition on Monday night with great results seen all round. The competition was held over 12 weeks with five teams of six players taking part at the Papaaroa College Hall courts. It was a fun, social but ierce competition with all teams playing on the same level. The overall winners was team Jenny’s Beach House followed by Pop goes the Weasel, rima

Toa, The Beach Place then Maki Monkeys. Everyone enjoyed playing the business house competition and look forward to an up and coming town verses country match between the members of the Takitumu Club playing the members that frequent the Princess Anne Hall badminton nights. The Takitumu Badminton Association would like to thank the sponsors of the business house competition Scott Karaiti, Pastor

Eliu, Sam Napa, Palace Takeaways, Kool Kebabs, Perfumes of rarotonga and Matutu Brewery. Badminton nights are every Monday from 6pm to 8pm at the Papaaroa Hall, so if you would like a game please stop on by, young and old, everyone is more than welcome. Badminton racquets for general use are available so you just need to bring your enthusiasm, and if you get hooked, then we also have racquets you can buy. - tBC

Members of the Takitumu Badminton Club celebrate the success of the recent business house competition. 13041601

Wednesday 17 April  

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