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$2 Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Arlander to appeal bail decision oPeRATIon eagle convicted

Scott Arlander’s lawyer will not be appealing the decision of the jury – but he will be appealing the judge’s decision not to release the man on bail. on Saturday, Arlander was found guilty of three counts of selling cannabis. Justice Colin doherty set a sentencing date for August 16,

and said he saw no point in releasing Arlander on bail since he was facing a prison sentence anyway. defence lawyer norman george intends to lodge an appeal this week against that decision, on the grounds that four months spent in custody until the date of sentencing is ‘far too long’.

He will not appeal the three convictions, which he says are “fair and just”. Arlander admitted under cross-examination that he sold cannabis three times to two undercover oficers working on the investigation. george says the amount of cannabis sold was “very, very small”. Arlander sold them 3.8

grams, receiving $200. “The threat of the judge to imprison Scotty is very worrying, as I know there are precedents set from other operation eagle defendants where they received probation. “I will certainly do my very best to convince Justice doherty not to imprison him.” Thirty-three charges were

originally laid against Arlander, but 20 were withdrawn at the start and during the trial. george believes many of those charges should not have been laid in the irst place. “The charges the jury found him guilty of were the only charges with physical evidence. The rest were talk. Hot air.” The jury heard evidence

against Arlander all last week. on Saturday, they took six hours to decide he was guilty of selling cannabis but not guilty of cultivating, importing and offering to supply cannabis, importing class A drug LSd, conspiring to import ecstasy, and possessing a bong used to smoke cannabis. - Calida Smylie

Recruiters’ credibility questioned THe PReSIdenT of the Cook

Islands Workers Association has urged people to question recruitment companies offering jobs in Australian mines. It has been reported that almost 400 people have registered an interest and submitted their names to a recruitment company following public meetings last week. A trio calling themselves Avaiki Reo Recruiters, who say they are not yet a recruitment agency, held two meetings last week at the Tupapa meeting house, seeking expressions of interest from locals in taking up work in Australian mines. President of the Cook Islands Workers Association, Anthony

Turua said people should investigate recruitment companies before signing up. “The money (in the mining industry) is good, but we need to be conscious of the credibility of these recruiters.” one of the organisers of Avaiki Reo Recruiters, Pouarii Tanner, said previously that she, her sister Maria Tanner, and their uncle Kane Amoa – who works in the mining industry in Perth – held the meetings to gather information before they look at whether there are jobs for those who expressed interest. However, when questioned at Thursday’s meeting about what is being offered by the group, Amoa replied: “What is being

offered is a job opportunity in the mines.” Pouarii Tanner said on Friday that the group want to look at linking Cook Islanders with jobs in Australia through Amoa’s contacts in the mining industry. But she said they will not be responsible for the working conditions, or issues such as job security or medical care, because that is up to the employer. But Turua said recruitment

agencies need to inform workers about the situation they are going into. “Their responsibility is to educate, rather than come on the island and just recruit. There needs to be some education and preparation.” He said anyone signing up to a recruitment agency should ask questions of the agency. “What are the expenses, what are the fees, do you have employ-

ment security? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered,” he said. When asked about accommodation at Thursday’s meeting, Kane Amoa – who said he has unofficially recruited workers for the mines on a regular basis over the past 20 years – said he has had workers live with him in the past. Following the meeting, Pouarii Tanner said the group did not want to give speciic in-

formation, such as about accommodation or pay, because those details are up to the employer and will be different for different jobs. Turua said the Cook Islands Workers Association welcomes opportunities for workers, but people should be cautious when signing up to any agency. “My advice is to ask questions and do a credibility check on these recruiters,” he said. - BD

O3b transmitters installed

Rugby player killed in crash THe young man who died tragically in a motorcycle accident in the weekend has been named by police after they notiied his next of kin overseas. Police have conirmed the man who passed away was Kakaio Robati, in his early twenties. He was a member of the Takuvaine rugby club and it is understood he was at a rugby club gathering in the hours beforehand. The accident occurred on the Atupa back road just before 2 am Sunday and involved two motorbikes both carrying pillion passengers. The three other young men involved were taken to hospital after the crash. Two have been discharged and one remains. It is unknown the extent of his injuries. Criminal Investigation Branch chief detective inspector Areumu Ingaua said alcohol and

speed were factors in the crash, and the investigation is still ongoing. Robati’s next of kin are Samoan and were notified by police yesterday. He lived with his Cook Islands family in Rarotonga. His immediate family are understood to be arriving this weekend. The Samoan community here are rallying around the man’s friends and family. This is the irst death on Rarotonga’s roads this year. Another crash happened near Club Raro Resort in Tupapa. Police were called by a passerby just after 10pm on Saturday night. A young man was taken to hospital after being found unconscious on the side of the road. A female pillion passenger was also taken to hospital with cuts and grazes. - Calida Smylie


neW equIPMenT designed to deliver faster broadband to the Cook Islands will be fully installed this week.

Two transmitters have been installed on Rarotonga as part of Telecom’s contract with service provider o3b. o3B’s manager

of customer fulilment and service delivery Abdoulaye Sagnane, pictured here flew in from the netherlands to oversee testing


of the transmitters, with TCI the irst in the world to install the equipment. - BD

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Tuesday, april 16, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no TeIA neI Ao Gran survives dragon attack AN 83-year-old Indonesian woman told how she faced a ight for survival when a Komodo dragon pounced and sunk its teeth into her. She was sitting outside her house when the two-metre reptile sprang at her. “All of a sudden, a Komodo bit my right hand,” she said from her bed in hospital. “There was nobody else around and I knew that I faced a ight for survival.” The elderly lady managed to repel the attack: “I kicked the Komodo on one its front legs with all my strength, it was only one kick but it made the Komodo let go of my hand, then I screamed for help.” Her wrist was seriously wounded and she needed a total of 35 stitches.

Thousands celebrate North Korea marks founder’s birth, no signs of tension easing PyongyAng – north Korea has

marked the 101 anniversary of the birth of founding father Kim Il-Sung as tensions continue over the country’s nuclear programme. Leader Kim Jong-un visited the mausoleum of his grandfather and his father Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang, the oficial KCNA news agency reports. early on Monday Kim Jongun was at the Kumsusan mausoleum to pay “high tribute and humblest reverence” to the country’s former leaders, KCnA reports. The streets of Pyongyang were adorned with flags and

world BRIeFS bali plane crash prObe underway BALI – The pilot and co-pilot of a Lion Air plane that crashed at Bali’s airport have passed initial drug tests, an oicial says, as investigators probe the causes of the accident that left dozens injured, but no fatalities. The Indonesian passenger jet carrying 108 people missed the runway as it came into land on the resort island on Saturday, slamming into the water at high speed and splitting in two. Investigators are due to haul the half-submerged wreckage on to a beach to examine the jet’s interior and recover the cockpit voice recorder. It is not yet clear what caused the accident, although analysts have speculated that it could have been caused by a weather phenomenon such as “wind shear”, a change in wind direction and speed between diferent altitudes.

20 car bOMbs eXplOde acrOss iraQ IRAQ – Up to 33 people have been killed and more than 100 others wounded in a series of explosions in cities across Iraq. Most of the bombs were in the capital, Baghdad, but others were reported in Tuz Khurmatu and Kirkuk in the north and Nasariyah in the south. The bombings occurred during the morning rush hour on Monday. AFP reported the explosions were caused by 20 cars packed with explosives and three roadside bombs. Three of the car bombs went of minutes apart in Tuz Khurmatu. Provincial elections are to be held this Saturday, the irst since 2010.

elephanT aTTacKs car in KruGer parK SOUTH AFRIcA – An elephant has overturned a vehicle carrying two tourists, injuring one of them, in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The tourists are of “Chinese origin”, according to a statement from Kruger National Park. An elephant in the park attacked the vehicle on a road at 6.30am local time and a medical team in a helicopter was rushed to help the injured male driver. He was taken to a hospital for further treatment. It is unclear why the elephant became aggressive, said the park spokesman William Mabasa. He is appealing to the public to be alert in Kruger park and try not to get too close if they see an elephant approaching on the road. The vast Kruger park lies in South Africa’s northeast, next to Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

sOn Of Trudeau sTeps up TO The MarK

banners for the holiday, a redletter day for one of the world’s most powerful cults of personality. Kim Il-Sung died in 1994, and was succeeded by Kim Jong-un’s father Kim Jong-Il, until his death in 2011. despite the apparent celebrations, South Korea remains on high alert. In recent weeks the north has threatened to attack South Korea, Japan and uS bases in the region. South Korean defence Minister Kim Kwan-Jin told a parliamentary committee on Monday that Pyongyang still appeared poised to ire off a missile, adding that Seoul was fully prepared for an attack. The uS has ruled out holding any more “artiicial talks” with the north. “We cannot continue this charade and we cannot have a policy of rhetoric about denuclearisation. There have to be real steps here,” Secretary of State John Kerry said after talks with leaders in Japan following a tour of east Asia. Kerry said the north’s main diplomatic ally, China, had made a very strong statement criticising Pyongyang for its recent behaviour. He said he hoped Beijing was now recognising the regional instability created by the actions of Kim Jong-un. A heightened state of vigilance has been in place for the past five days in South Korea and the defence ministry has said it believes the test iring of an intermediate range missile could still be imminent, Kerry has called on north Korea’s leaders to take “meaningful steps” towards “denuclearisation”. He had earlier urged them to “come to the table in a responsible way” to end regional tensions, warning Pyongyang risked further isolation if its threats continued. - BBC

Gatherings to celebrate the 101 anniversary of north Korea’s late leader Kim il-sung have been held in Pyongyang as the nation’s military continues threatening warlike rhetoric. AFP

Maduro wins in Venezuela CARACAS – The Venezuelan

government has said Chavez supporter nicolas Maduro will be formally proclaimed winner of the presidency by the election board at a ceremony and rally in Caracas, despite opposition demands for a total recount. Henrique Capriles, the opposition candidate, has refused to accept the result, saying there were thousands of irregularities during polling. “Today’s loser is you,” he said on Monday, referring to Maduro, adding: “We won’t

recognise a result until every vote has been counted”. The national electoral Council said late on Sunday that Maduro won 50.66 per cent of the vote compared to 49.07 per cent for Capriles – a difference of less than 300,000 ballots – allowing Maduro to carry forward the policies of the late Hugo Chavez. “There should be no doubts about the election results,” Maduro said addressing a crowd from the Miralores presidential palace.

“The institutions are functioning. If 7,500,000 Venezuelans said that nicolas Maduro should be the president of the republic until 2019, this must be respected – the democracy and the power of the majority.” Maduro, however, said he would welcome an audit. “If they want do an audit they are welcome to do it. They can do whatever audit they want to do. We trust in the Venezuelan electoral system. We welcome an audit.” - PNC

China economy slows down BeIJIng – China’s economic

growth has slowed to 7.7 per cent in the irst quarter of 2013, new data has revealed. The igures released on Monday showed that China’s economic growth had fallen below expectations, fuelling concerns that a recent recovery is faltering due to a subdued overseas demand. The latest numbers for the period January-March from China’s national Bureau of Sta-

tistics (nBS) compares with a median eight per cent forecast in a poll of economists by AFP news agency and marks a slowdown from 7.9 per cent seen in the previous quarter. observers have expressed hopes that China’s economy, the world’s second biggest, will be a driver of a global recovery and the pick-up at the end of last year had reinforced those hopes. But analysts said Monday’s data and a slew of other down-

beat igures recently pointed to a weak outlook and questioned whether China’s fiscal policymakers would be able to address it. In a statement the nBS cited “the complicated and volatile economic environment at home and abroad”, adding that China’s ruling Communist Party and government were committed to “making progress while ensuring stability”. - Agencies

stadium troubles

cANADA – The eldest son of the late canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau has won the leadership of the Liberal party. After a campaign lasting seven months, Justin Trudeau, 41, won 80 per cent of the votes in the irst ballot on Saturday. The Liberals were the dominant force in canadian politics when his father was prime minister in the 1960’s and 70’s, but the party slipped to third place in the last election and now hold only 35 seats. Analysts say his victory signiicantly boosts the party’s prospects ahead of the next election in 2015. Pierre Trudeau died in 2000.

new ‘GanGnaM sTyle’ VideO GOes crazy SOUTH KOREA – ‘Gangnam Style’ star Psy’s new music video had been watched more than 70 million times (at last look) on YouTube, a day after he unveiled his much-anticipated new dance in Seoul, the website shows. The South Korean pop star on Saturday performed for the irst time the new hip-swinging dance aimed at replicating the global success of ‘Gangnam Style’ and its famed horse-riding moves in his latest single called ‘Gentleman’. The video, released a day after the song hit online stores worldwide, registered 10.7 million hits in the 15 hours after its debut at a packed concert in the South Korean capital as curious fans locked to the video-sharing site.

Today’s daily Bread Many are the woes of the wicked, but the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him.

7:21-29 read: read: PsalmMatthew 32

Text: Matthew 7:26 read: Verse 10

Two football supporters were shot dead by rival fans in Brazil at the weekend after a match at the arena Castelao World Cup stadium in Fortaleza, Brazil. it is the latest in a series of issues that have led to questions about the nation’s ability to stage the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. as well as delays to the rebuilding of the Maracana stadium (pictured) in time for the 2016 Olympics , a second venue, the six-year-old Joao Havelange Stadium, has been closed indeinitely due to safety issues. AFP


Tuesday, april 16, 2013 cook Islands News

Terror attack in Boston BoSTon – Several people were

killed and scores more injured in two explosions at the inish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday. The fiery twin blasts took place 12 seconds and about 100 metres apart at about 2.50pm, on Boston’s central Boylston Street, causing horriic injuries to spectators, shattering windows and sending dense plumes of smoke rising over the street. TV footage showed an orange ball of flame and a plume of smoke erupting near the inish line about two hours after the marathon front runners had completed the annual event. Bloodied stragglers and marathon spectators were treated on the roadside which was strewn with the twisted debris from damaged banners and crowd control barriers. WCVB in Boston is reporting that an eight-year-old boy was among those killed in the attack. The total number of deaths was unconfirmed at the time of going to press with reports ranging from three to 12 fatalities. Local hospitals report over 130 patients are being treated for injuries, including many who are in critical and serious conditions. eyewitnesses have given descriptions of many victims los-

ing limbs from the blast. State police officer Roupen Bastajian had just inished the race when he heard the irst explosion. “I started running toward the blast and there were people all over the ground,” he said. “We started grabbing tourniquets and started tying legs. At least 25 to 30 people have at least one leg missing, or an ankle missing, or two legs missing.” Bloodied victims were initially rushed to a medical tent set up to care for fatigued runners. emergency services descended on the scene, which was quickly locked down and is now a crime investigation scene. Marathon stragglers still heading for the inish line were rerouted away from the smoking site of the blasts. More than 23,000 runners started the race and 17,600 had already crossed the inish line. nearly 4,500 other runners did not finish and were diverted from the course. The authorities have quickly moved to investigate the incident which the media has labelled a “terrorist attack”. A White House oficial said: “Any event with multiple explosive devices – as this appears to be – is clearly an act of terror.” In a TV address, President Barack obama said those re-

Blasts at marathon leaves several dead, more than 130 injured

The scene at the inish line after multiple explosions rocked the Boston Marathon in a co-ordinated terror attack. PNC sponsible would feel the “full weight of justice”. “We don’t yet have all the answers,” he said. “We still do not know who did this or why.” Federal officials told nBC

news that Boston police were guarding a “possible suspect” who had been wounded in the blasts, but they cautioned that there was no information at the federal level to consider that

person a suspect. other people were being questioned, law enforcement oficials said. The annual Boston Marathon attracts a large ield of runners and hundreds of thousands of

spectators. British police are reviewing security plans for Sunday’s London Marathon, the next major international marathon, following events in Boston. - PNC










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Tuesday, april 16, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te PA enuA

PM vows to transform nation O’Neill promises to tackle graft and deliver services to the people PoRT MoReSBy – Papua new

guinea’s Prime Minister, Peter o’neill, has told Australian business leaders he is determined to transform his country’s economy. Speaking at the Australia Png Business Forum in Port Moresby, o’neill said his government aims to tackle corruption and law and order to deliver better services to his people.

He says he is in the process of implementing the biggest budget in Png’s history, including a 50 per cent boost in spending on health and education. o’neill has acknowledged the waste and fraud in government programmes in the past. “our record in actual delivery on these governmentfunded programmes since in-

paciic BRIEFS One ThOusand bridGes need repair FIJI – About 1000 bridges around Fiji need to be repaired, says Fiji Roads Authority chief executive oicer Neil Cook. Of this number, 300 can still be used for some time while 100 need urgent repairs. “The good news is we are planning to get it all ixed and the government has committed to doing so,” Cook said. “The whole of Fiji has problems with roads in poor condition and that is the reason that the Fiji Roads Authority has been established.” Cook said bringing the road network around the country up to standard was a gradual process and they needed to spread their eforts across the country. “The task in front of FRA to rebuild our road network is huge but our consultants and contractors have taken up the challenge and we are making progress.”

Ghai drafT ‘did nOT capTure Views’ FIJI – The Fiji regime says the draft constitution, written by the Yash Ghai-led Constitution Commission, did not “capture the views of the majority of people in Fiji”. The Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, says most people in Fiji are concerned about socio-economic issues. He was responding to questioners at government-run sessions in Fiji’s west, who wanted to know why the earlier document was dumped. Sayed-Khaiyum said the Ghai draft also opened the door for people to challenge decrees and create chaos and it undermined immunity provisions. SayedKhaiyum says the regime’s document incorporates the best of the Ghai draft and the 1997 constitution and some new elements.

saMOan wOMen OuTliVinG Their Men SAMOA – Samoan women are living a lot longer than Samoan men according to a study conducted by Samoa’s Ministry of Health. It shows that many women are reaching 80 while the majority of men struggle to reach 60. A consultant specialist at Public Health, Dr Take Naseri, says many health campaigns target women and children while men are being ignored. Dr Naseri says most men are dying in their mid sixties while others are struggling to even reach 60. Dr Naseri says men tend to expose themselves to more health risks, they tend to be heavier drinkers and smoke more than women. And he says men do heavy work and even when they have injuries they still go to work in order to provide for their families.

deleGaTe TOnes dOwn auTOnOMy call RAPA NUI – Indigenous Rapa Nui are being urged to work together with chile rather than pursue independence in order to overcome the island’s environmental and economic challenges. Mai Teao is a member of the Easter Island Town council and part of a delegation that visited New Zealand last week to look at how Maori have negotiated with the government over marine conservation. Teao says other Rapa Nui are more radical than him, but he doesn’t believe it would beneit his island to become independent of Chile. “Today we are children of Chile but we also need to make our own decisions. I think that Rapa Nui need to move forward as brothers, as companions, walking hand in hand.”.

chOcOlaTe MaKer wanTs MOre cOcOa SOLOMON ISLANDS – One of the world’s largest chocolate producers, Kraft-Cadbury, is seeking 10,000 tonnes of cocoa from Solomon Islands. In March, company oicials met with cocoa producers, stakeholders and the government to outline its plans for the region. A spokesperson for Kraft-Cadbury, Alastair Furnival, says the chocolate maker doesn’t have enough cocoa to meet its production needs and is looking around the world for new sources, including the Paciic. However, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Solomon Islands only managed to export 5000 tonnes of cocoa last year. But with new genetic material coming on the Solomons could double output by 2020.

suppOrTers rally as elecTiOns near PAPEETE – French Polynesia’s A Tia Porinetia Party has attracted about 3000 people to its inaugural congress in Papeete. The gathering was held a week out from the irst round of elections to choose a new 57-member assembly. The party’s leader, Teva Rohfritsch, has been campaigning with a pledge to deal with the economic decline of recent years. Meanwhile, another proautonomy party, Porinetia Ora, has also held a campaign rally in Papeete, attracting an estimated 3000 people. The irst round of voting will be on April 21, with a run-of around two weeks later for those lists securing at least 12.5 per cent of the vote.

dependence is simply not good enough,” he said. “There has been far too much wastage, far too much red-tape and ineficiency at all levels of government, and far too much fraud and blatant misuse of these funds.” o’neill says he is determined to deliver $6 billion worth of infrastructure in the next ive years. Australia’s new Parliamentary Secretary for Paciic Island Affairs, Matt Thistlethwaite, says Australia has more investment in Png than it does in China. “The relationship between Australian business, Png business and our governments is at an unprecedented level – $16 billion worth of investment by Australians in the Png economy. “So I’m really struck by the level of optimism in the Png society and economy at the mo-

ment. “I think there’s a wonderful opportunity to enhance co-operation for Australians to work with Png and its government to ensure that the money does go down to a level where all Papua New Guineans can beneit.” AnZ Bank’s chief economist Warren Hogan, who was among the 300 Australian business leaders at forum, says Png has huge potential. Hogan says Png could potentially attract investments worth $194 billion by 2030. o’neill said he is determined to establish an independent commission against corruption this year. He said the commission would have the necessary resources to not only detect corruption but also to see successful prosecutions. “As a young developing nation with unbounded oppor-

tunity, we do face some critical challenges and none in reality is greater than corruption and theft and fraud when it comes to public funds and property,” he said. “I want to specifically deal with corruption. deterrence is the best way to stop, or at least minimise corrupt activities. And if the prospect of being caught is greater, the incidence will decline,” o’neill said. He said the real problem against corruption was that successful prosecutions were few so the campaign to address it had been low. “We have to change that and we will do so by a powerful, independent authority that will detect corruption and abuse and prosecute those responsible,” he said. “you have my commitment that this issue has been my priority. But we need to get it right

from the outset. “And that is why the development of the legislation needed to establish the authority has taken a little time.” Meanwhile o’neill said he is happy with the progress of decentralising the delivery of goods and services to districts and local level governments. He the government has begun the long and demanding task of ensuring better service delivery by devolving decision making and implementation to the lower levels of government because they were closest to the rural communities. “I don’t think we have focused enough on that in the past on what is really good for the people, what is really the best and most effective way to meet community needs, and the growing expectations of our people.” - ABC/The National

No action in hostage situation BuKA – Police in Papua new guineas say a sorcery-related hostage situation is continuing in a remote area of Papua new guinea’s autonomous province of Bougainville. over a week ago, two women, Helen Rumbali, her sister nikono, and nikono’s two teenage daughters, were kidnapped by an armed mob and taken to Lopele village in Bana district. The women were accused of using sorcery and tortured for several days, before the mob beheaded Helen Rumbali and seriously injured nikono. Police were able to negotiate to get the injured woman and her two daughters to the nearby Sinkodo Health Clinic for medical treatment. Since then the health clinic has been under siege by armed villagers demanding compensation for the alleged sorcery practised by the women. However, reports from Bougainville say the Rumbali family is well-off and motives for the sorcery allegations, and

now compensation demands, are suspect. Bougainville police inspector Herman Birengka says the women are still being held hostage at the clinic and maintains local police have been unable to talk to the kidnappers. “At the moment I don’t think police are allowed to go in. We leave it to the police from local districts to go in and talk to these people,” he said. The inaction and apparent inability of authorities to go to the aid of the captive women is astounding observers. The north Bougainville Human Rights Committee (nBHRC) has been demanding action for several days. If nikono Rumbali and her daughters are still alive, nBHRC has called on police, local peace oficers and local civil society organisations to facilitate her immediate relocation to a safe house and provide access to urgent medical treatment, legal assistance and counselling. The nBHRC says that the

Autonomous Bougainville government (ABg) must do better to protect its own people and ensure adherence to the law. The nBHRC calls on the ABg to act urgently to save the life of nikono and her daughters and allow the law to take its course. “Spreading false rumours of witchcraft, as well as the torture or killing of anyone accused of witchcraft, is against our Bougainville culture, against the teaching of the Bible and against the law. If you have suspicions of sorcery, report it. don’t take the law into your own hands,” one nBHRC member said. The nBHRC says the ABg must educate and train its police, village magistrates, peace oficers to intervene as soon as rumours begin and to prosecute those who spread them. “When someone is sick or has died we need to find out why from a doctor – not from a witchdoctor,” said another nBHRC member. Amnesty International has

started an online petition demanding the Bougainville Police to use all available resources to save the women’s lives. “A woman and her two daughters have been captured at Lopele, Bana district Southern Bougainville. She has been accused of sorcery. We are extremely concerned for the safety of these three women,” Amnesty says. Last week Papua new guinea’s Prime Minister Peter o’neill said his government would repeal the country’s controversial Sorcery Act. Researchers say the Sorcery Act legitimises such murders by making sorcery a legally recognised phenomenon and its practice a criminal offence. o’neill said his government would repeal the law to “stop this nonsense” about witchcraft and other “really barbaric” sorcery practices. He said the act could be scrapped in the next sitting of parliament, or later in the year. - PNC

Prison escapees walked over fence LAe – one prisoner has been shot dead and 12 others are reportedly fighting for their lives following a mass breakout from Buimo jail outside Lae in Morobe province, Papua new guinea, this week. According to unconfirmed reports, more than 38 prisoners made a dash for freedom when they were gathering for church service in the jail’s main compound. The escapees included 10 con-

victed prisoners and 28 people on remand facing court action. Prison warders responded quickly and captured 13 of the escapees, including one who is believed to have been shot dead by warders – and 12 who are seriously injured and are now being treated at Angau Memorial Hospital. The mass break out comes just a month after 48 prisoners escaped from neighbouring Madang’s Beon jail.

Buimo commander Superintendant Judy Tala said: “The prisoners just climbed over rundown and rusted old fences and escaped on foot taking refuge in nearby settlements. “The guards immediately alerted both duty and off duty oficers to combine and pursue the escapees.” She said some people in nearby settlements at West Taraka and east along Bumbu River obstructed prison officers and

so police reinforcements were called in. Lae metropolitan commander Iven Lakatani warned the escapee’s to surrender voluntarily because they were a threat to public. “I am appealing to parents and relatives of the escapees, including anyone who try to harbour or shelter them, to cooperate and ensure they voluntarily surrender,” Lakatani said. - PNC/sources

‘Pretty decent shake’ but no tsunami alert BuKA – A strong 6.7-magnitude

earthquake has struck off Papua new guinea, according to the uS geological Survey – a tsunami warning was not issued. The quake hit 98km west of Panguna, on Bougainville Island, at a depth of seven kilometres, the survey said. “A destructive tsunami was

not generated based on earthquake and historical tsunami data,” the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre, said. quakes of such magnitude are common in Png which sits on the so-called Pacific “Ring of Fire”, a hot spot for seismic activity due to friction between tectonic plates.

geoscience Australia measured the quake at a depth of 35km and said people on Bougainville would have felt it. “It was a fair way out to sea but people would have got a pretty decent shake on the island,” geoscience seismologist dave Jepsen told AFP. “We are not expecting much

damage. These sorts of quakes are frequent occurrences in the region so people tend to be used to them and houses built to withstand them.” In 1998, a giant tsunami triggered by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake killed more than 2,000 people near Aitape, on Png’s northwest coast. - AFP


Tuesday, april 16, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te PA enuA

Warrior’s ashes to return to island SuVA – The ashes of a veteran

Fijian soldier who helped bring democracy to Sierra Leone are expected to be brought back to his birthplace on the island of Rotuma sometime soon. Kauata Vamarasi Marafono – fondly known as Fred – a 72-year-old former British Special Air Services soldier died peacefully in his sleep at his home in england on March 27. He was cremated at a private family ceremony after a memorial service at the Hereford Cathedral last Saturday. Being one of the irst Fijians to join the elite SAS regiment, Marafono’s work in war-torn countries won him the Member of the Most excellent order of the British empire (MBe). His nephew and name sake told The Fiji Times that Marafono’sashes would be brought back to Fiji. Kauata Marafono said his

uncle’s ashes were expected to be brought to Fiji and taken to Pepjei on Rotuma. “But no date has been confirmed yet on when the ashes will be brought to Fiji and I will have to check with my cousins in the united Kingdom,” he said. on the news of his death last month, tributes came from all corners of the world honouring Marafono as one of the irst Fijians to join the British SAS. Later as a private security oficer he became involved in Sierra Leone, deploying his considerable combat experience to influence the so-called “Blood diamond War” there. Marafono, who is survived by three children, began his life in 1940 on the small Paciic island of Rotuma. One of ive children, he trained as a veterinarian before he was recruited to join the British Army. His father was a farmer who had served in the

‘I’m not going to boast and brag about killing people. But I never lost a night’s sleep about it.’ Fred Marafono during his time in sierra Leone. PNC British Army in Burma during the Second World War. In 1964 he became one of the first in a great tradition of Fijians serving with the British SAS, starting a 21-year career that would take him to battlefields in Borneo, Aden, oman, northern Ireland and the Falklands. The Rotuman soldier worked with fellow Fijians Sekonaia Takavesi, Jim Vakatali and Ili-

Jail for ‘witchdoctor’ SuVA – A Fijian vegetable vendor who claimed to be a witchdoctor and used his inluence to rape a 25-year-old woman who sought treatment from him for acne has been jailed for 13 years. He was sentenced in the High Court in Suva by judge Justice Paul Madigan who ordered that he serve 11 years before being eligible to apply for parole. Justice Madigan said the offender showed no remorse for his deeds whatsoever when giving evidence and appeared to the court to enjoy telling of his

invocation of spirits and his manipulation of the victim. on november 24, 2010, the complainant and her aunt approached the offender, seeking his services as a witchdoctor for an acne problem. He told them the acne could only be cured if the complainant slept with him. on november 28 around 1am, he raped the complainant several times in her home when he visited them for what he said was the irst session of treatment.

Justice Madigan said the greatest aggravating feature was the offender’s use of subterfuge and deceit in his ploy to have sex with the complainant. He said further aggravation came from the lack of remorse of the offender as evidenced throughout the trial. Justice Madigan sentenced him to 15 years imprisonment but because of mitigation factors represented by his family circumstances and his clean record, he reduced the sentence by two years. - Fiji Times

soni Ligairi and the late Talaiasi Labalaba while in the SAS. Labalaba, who died in the battle of Mirbat in 1972, was best man at his wedding. Awarded the MBe in 1983, Marafono, on his retirement from the army, was personally recruited by SAS founder david Sterling to join his private security irm KAS – regarded by the soldier as a huge honour. His career in private security led him to Africa and to the heart of the bloody conlict in Sierra Leone during the 1980s. Wearing a lion’s tooth around his neck – presented to him by Kamajors warriors for his bravery – Marafono led and trained elements of the Sierra Leone

investigating the violent murder of a well-known Papua new guinea sporting identity. Popular boxer and coach, John Bolemak, was “murdered in cold blood”, according to local media. Bolemak, 39, of BougainvilleManus heritage, got into an argument with a relative outside Kokopau market last Friday. Members of the public stopped the argument and as Bolemak walked away, the man stabbed him from behind with a WW2 bayonet. The knife went all the way through the boxer’s body, coming out through his stomach., the Post-Courier newspaper reports. A fit and strong man, Bole-

mak pulled the knife out of his own body and was accompanied by friends to Buka hospital where he was sewn up. But he later started bleeding internally and doctors operated unsuccessfully in an attempt to save him. Locals are said to be shocked at the death of the popular sportsman who operated an agriculture store in Buka town with his wife Barbra. He was also about to open a new sportswear store soon. Bolemak ran a small boxing gym at the back of his house in Kokopo where he trained local youths. Png Boxing spokesman Lohial nuau, was shocked when Post-Courier informed him of Bolemak’s death.

“I can’t believe the news. My condolences to the family – he was such a good guy. nuau said Bolemak had represented Png internationally at the Arafura games and the oceanic Boxing level – winning a bronze medal. Bolemak had been planning a boxing bout in Port Moresby in the near future and had been training hard, was in great physical and mental condition and looking forward to getting into the ring again. The murderer was beaten up by witnesses but managed to escape. Police have been made aware of his identity and are expected to bring him in soon. Bolemak is survived by his wife Barbra and son Brendan, aged 10. - Post-Courier

An unsafe place for women PoRT MoReSBy – Papua new

guinea police have warned women to be extra careful about their safety following several rape cases in the capital, Port Moresby. Police said a woman was picked up at a nightclub in Port Moresby and allegedly raped by four men last Thursday at Taurama valley. national Capital district acting metropolitan commander Perou n’dranou said rape has become prevalent in the capi-

tal and was a serious criminal case and had to be reported to the police. Another woman was allegedly raped by a group of men at the Kone Tigers oval on the same day between 2pm and 3pm. People near the scene reported the attack to police. n’dranou said another girl, 14, was allegedly raped by a man, aged 25, last Wednesday at the 8-Mile block in the capital city as well. “People should not resort to

paying compensation in rape cases,” he said. n’dranou appealed to girls and women to take extra precautions in Port Moresby. He urged parents to discourage their daughters from venturing into isolated areas or walking alone at night. “girls and women should not consume alcohol with strangers,” n’dranou said. He appealed to the public to protect and respect girls and women in the city. - The National

best, and always for a good cause. He was a legend in the SAS.” dr Ross earlier told BBC news that Fred “certainly was a lionhearted warrior.” “In the SAS he had a reputation for volunteering for as many missions as he could and as often as possible,” he said. “He was in a league by himself and he introduced skills into the service that they adopted. “It’s remarkable the affection and respect all those who served with him had for him.” dr Ross said Fred was still working in Central America at the age of 70. “Although he was at home when he died, in a sense he never really retired. Fred died at the age of 72. He spent, I reckon, virtually his entire adult life practicing his superb military skills,” dr Ross said. Marafono lived in Hereford with his son, who, like his father, has excelled within the British armed forces. He had three sons from his first marriage and a daughter from his second. - PNC

first fiji, then the world

Boxer KOed by bayonet BuKA – Bougainville police are

army in a conlict he would later write about in his book ‘From SAS to Blood diamond Wars’. The conflict would become personal to Marafono – he formed a strong bond with Chief Samuel Hinga norman and felt a responsibility to save the countless villagers being killed by rebel forces. When his contract ran out, he stayed on as a helicopter gunman – and for months his threeman team flew low above the African jungle, the only means of supplying materials and manpower to frontline forces. “I’m not going to boast and brag about killing people,” Marafono once said. “But I never lost a night’s sleep about it. We were not doing it because of money; we were doing it because it was a mission. If we didn’t do it, people would die – and die terribly.” dr Hamish Ross, who cowrote ‘From SAS to the Blood diamond Wars’, told the Fiji Times: “Fred Marafono was a man of integrity and of great inner resources. He gave of his

Miss india Fiji sheryl Kumar ready for the gobal stage. FIJI TIMES

SuVA – Miss India Fiji, Sheryl Kumar, is preparing herself to take on one of the largest global beauty events – the Miss India Worldwide Pageant. The university of the South Pacific student said she felt nervous but excited about her experience. “I’m hopeful for the pageant. I’ve prepared for it well and I really hope to be able to represent Fiji,” Kumar said. Kumar will be representing Fiji at the pageant which is scheduled to be held in Malaysia between April 20 and 28. “I feel that so long as I carry myself with confidence, keep my stamina and try my best, there’s nothing to be scared about,” she said. The 20-year-old said much of her thanks went out to her family. “I’ve had tremendous sup-

port from my family, friends and directors throughout the entire process. “I’ve also gained much support and guidance from my dance teachers who have continued to help me through item rehearsals,” she added. Kumar departs for Malaysia on April 18. The pageant is eight days long, highlighted by photo shoots, tours through Kuala Lumpur and networking dinners, among other events. When asked about a message she wished to leave for other young women, Kumar spoke of the importance of confidence and determination. “If you think you’ve got it, honestly just go for it. It’s not all about beauty – it’s about touching the hearts of others and showing the world what you have to offer. - Fiji Times

Risk of dengue spreading THe PACIFIC – The Secretariat of the Paciic Community’s Health Protection manager says there is a very high risk the dengue fever that is affecting Solomon Islands will spread around the Paciic. Three people have died in Solomon Islands due to dengue, with more than 2500 cases reported. A state of emergency is in

place at the national referral hospital due to the outbreak. The SPC’s yvan Souares says the strain of dengue is not unusual, but the population is particularly vulnerable because it hasn’t been seen in Solomon Islands for a while. “There are four dengue viruses and they circulate at various times and they take turns if your prefer. So this one hasn’t

been seen in most of the islands for 15 years but it is not unusual. The four dengue viruses have been the same for hundreds of thousands of years.” Souares says the fever will most likely spread to other countries in the Pacific, and governments and citizens should be safeguarding against the mosquito borne disease. - RNZI

Islanders seek assurances KIngSTon – The chief minister

of norfolk Island, Lisle Snell, says the community wants assurances from Canberra there will be more clarity in changes to the way the island is to operate. The norfolk Island economy has dived in recent times and two years ago its government and the Australian federal government developed a road map

to try and correct it. It included norfolk entering the Australian taxation system and public sector reform in exchange for more inancial assistance. Some of these changes are not yet in place while the island is seeking additional money. The federal Minister of Territories, Catherine King, is on norfolk this week and Snell

says the islanders want to hear from her what opportunities they have to discuss details of the proposed changes. “To give the island some certainty in the progression forward. What we need to plan. Some of the timelines that have been introduced as part of the funding agreements – we need those to be better clariied” - RNZI


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LeTTeRS reta

‘Can anyone see the danger?’ dear editor, In response to Charles Carlson’s clariication of the rules for international rugby league players in Saturday’s (April 13) paper -- could someone please explain to Charles the local overseas players are not seeking to represent the Cook Islands or at the Paciic games, therefore the criteria he refers to are completely irrelevant. This rule will deprive a person of their right to participate in sport simply because of their nationality – this is known as

discrimination, which means “to treat someone differently” – in this case, you’re treated ‘differently’ if you are a non-Cook Islander. A basic human right is non-discrimination, so why are we discriminating against nonCook Islanders who want to play league in this country? Can anyone see the danger in imposing such a ruling? one whole year, come on, its madness! does this one year stand down period apply in Samoa, Fiji or nZ? no it does not, any Cook Islander can move to these countries and

can play any sport without these restrictions, so why shouldn’t the same apply here? does this stand down period apply to any other sport in this country – I don’t think so, so where is the rationality behind it? It just doesn’t make sense, this is a local competition, small time, no big professional salaries, just village versus village – let’s get real. By allowing non-Cook Islanders to play it also plugs the gap where ‘locals’ that have chosen not to play for their village due to work commitments

or for money and have gone to play for other villages. What next, you have to live in the village you play for? The league fans that I know certainly don’t give a stuff about how many overseas players we might have in a team, as long as they give 100 per cent, which they do, and it’s awesome. With a lot of our young people going overseas and being replaced by foreign worker, this is just a sign of the times - don’t penalise non Cook Islanders or the spirit of rugby league, let’s get on and play!

Let the Fijians, Samoans, Tongans, South African, english… whoever, let them all play, it adds lavour, fun and spice to a great code, it makes them part of our community and embraces the basic principle of inclusiveness, not exclusiveness. Imagine the Kiwis that come down to work and are told they have to live here for 12 months before they can get a game. Sorry, you don’t get the same rights as Cook Islanders but we’ll happily take your aid funding, again - discrimination. I hope the Bulldogs will stand

up against this stupid rule and I sincerely hope the Cook Islands Rugby League Association will have the good sense to get their heads out of the sand and have a good think about how this ruling will affect the sport in the future and our name on the international stage. It is unfair, it is discrimination and it affects the whole community who just want to watch a good game of rugby league. Play league or what? yeah right! disgruntled League fan (name and address supplied)

CIRL ruling opens can of worms dear editor, The Cook Islands Rugby Leagues (CIRL) executives’ decision to strip the Bulldogs of all their points because of its ‘immigrant workers’ now classiied as ‘overseas players’ opens a can of worms in the International arena of human rights. Although the ruling is specified within the CIRL rules for 2013 in the Cook Islands, it is

QualityCoffee served by the

CookIslands Baristaofthe Year 2013

in definite breach of an international ruling, that being the declaration of Human Rights of which the Cook Islands has signed onto at a governmental level. In a nutshell the declaration of Human Rights over-rides any ruling that does not align with it. As for the international ruling for selection into the national Rugby League team where the player is required to be a resident of that country for three years, CIRL is in breach of international ruling here too. The players presently selected to represent the national Cook Islands Rugby League team have never resided in the Cook Islands for the speciied three year period. The CIRL just opened itself to further criticism by being in breach of its own international rules. The Bulldogs have a good case to take to the international courts especially when their immigrant workers simply want to engage with the local commu-

nity and enjoy the game of rugby league. Such rulings stipulated by the CIRL are great for selecting international players. However, such rulings should not be encouraged at a village level. Internationally an ‘overseas player’ or ‘import’ is defined as an individual who is normally not from that territory or country and is speciically brought into the team to play that particular sport code. Keep it simple CIRL! The recent game against the Avatiu eels was most certainly exciting to watch on the Bulldogs home ield this weekend. With all immigrant players running onto the ield, it displayed the stance of the Bulldogs executives towards the discriminatory decision given out by the CIRL executives. The game between the Bulldogs and the Eels deinitely had an element of hesitancy at the start of the game, as the Bulldogs had to wait for quite a while before the Avatiu eels decided to take on

the Bulldogs, knowing that all their immigrant players would take to the ield. The game against the Avatiu Eels on the Bulldogs home ield was a grand inal game in its own right. In the end the team with the drop kick took out the game, which is what the eels managed to outwit the Bulldogs and win 29 to 28 points. Fantastic play by both teams! yes there are certainly lessons to be learnt not just by the clubs who lodged the complaints but also to the CIRL executives. Be careful what you complain about. As for the ruling to strip the Bulldogs of all their points, this is harsh and severe, given the CIRL executives waited until the second round of games to make its ruling. The ruling should have been better apportioned given the CIRL executives took so long to decide. I can see the god of Moses saying to the CIRL god, Tangaroa (the national logo of the CIRL)

“Let my people go”. The god of Moses is a jealous god and he doesn’t take too kindly to such gods that are held in such high esteem within any organization. Could it be time to change the

Bulldogs proliic try scorer Longo Leouta.

Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday


‘A negative picture’ dear editor, More than one article to slander a good person who happened to sell a few ‘tinnies’ is really going overboard. I think we can all agree that rape, assault and theft is far worse than what Mr Arlander did, yet his name and picture is all over the Cook Islands news. of all the pictures chosen to use, it’s one of him holding a glass at Rehab, which paints a negative image of him and obviously from Facebook. Why couldn't one from his wedding be used instead? His guilty charges would've only been one if the undercover cop had not induced him to sell. The same officer was all over town getting drunk and asking every Tom, dick and Harry where he could get weed so this was an opportunistic venture to catch people out. Secretary, Scott’s Support Team (name and address supplied) CI news responds: ‘Slander’ means a malicious, false and

Cook Islands News Building

‘logo’ to one that brings peace and harmony to all, instead of judgment, chaos and nonsense? Think carefully CRL. Ten Commandments (name and address supplied)

defamatory statement or report. The coverage CI news provided was direct from the courtroom – which any member of the public can attend – and no malicious or defamatory statements were made. There is a possibility there were some false statements made by either Crown or defence witnesses, but a counter argument was always provided and reported. There was high public interest in the case, which is why the case received its due coverage. operation eagle has been touted as largest Cook Islands police investigation into drug importation and distribution in history. Any trial where 12 jurors gave up six days of their time warrants being covered more than a light once-over. When there is a jury trial for rape, assault and theft – or any other crime – CI news will be covering it. It is also ludicrous to suggest CI news use a picture of Arlander from his wedding – his family were never on trial.

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localneWS nuti no roto i te IPuKAReA

MP says mining jobs attractive PeoPLe thinking of working in

the Australian mining industry need more information before being recruited, said Tupapa MP george Maggie. Maggie planned to hold a meeting last night to explain more about mining recruitment to around 400 interested people who came along to two ‘information gathering’ sessions on Thursday and Friday, organised by a trio calling themselves Avaiki Reo Recruiters. Sisters Pouarii Tanner and Maria Tanner, and their uncle Kane Amoa – who has since flown back to Perth, where he works in the mining industry – advertised for expressions of interest, and had people ill out a form that included information such as their qualiications and whether they have criminal convictions, and – as some mines require workers to be in a certain range of the Body Mass Index (BMI) – lined up and had their height and

weight measured. Pouarii Tanner said previously that the form was simply to gather information about potential workers, and that the group are not yet a recruitment agency. But Maggie said he believes many who illed out the form thought they were signing up for a job. “There has been no conirmation yet - we don’t know if they’re going to go (to Australia). But I don’t think people know that. They think they filled out the form, and they are going. It’s not like that.” Maggie said he wanted to have a third meeting because many people indicated that they wanted more information. He said he supports the trio’s project because Cook Islanders can earn much more money in Australia. “To me it’s a good thing because our people need money. The apple on that side (in Australia) is very sweet.”

Maggie, who has two sons working in the Australian mining industry, said it is important workers who go overseas to earn more money go with a goal in mind. “I told the people, if you’ve got an aim then go. (Australian employees) have got more money to give workers. (But) go for a target – don’t just go for fun. go to pay off your loan, go to pay off your house.” He said it is important to focus on saving money, and to have a inancial plan. “I tell my sons, twenty dollars can be gone in two seconds. I tell them, remember how long you worked for that $20 in the sun. you have to go there and save money, and use it wisely.” Maggie, who knows Amoa personally from when they both lived in the Cooks, said his sons did not use a recruitment agency to find their jobs in Australia – but he sees value in establishing

George Maggie at the meetings for expressions of interest in the mining industry. 13041508 one in the Cook Islands. “They need more advice from people in the mine. (Kane Amoa) has been in the mine. There are rules over there – he knows the rules.”

Maggie said the number of people leaving the Cook Islands is not new, and will continue until there are local jobs that offer higher pay. But he said he doesn’t see all

400 people from the meetings leaving for Australia. “They’ll pick the fit ones; they’ll pick the young ones. They won’t pick them all,” he said. - Briar Douglas

No Cook Islanders reported in blast n o Coo K I S LA n d e R S are known to be injured in the bombings that exploded near a marathon finishing line in Boston yesterday, but Foreign Affairs are monitoring the situation. Two bombs exploded near the inish of the prestigious Boston Marathon yesterday, killing at least three people and injur-

ing over 130 others, at time of going to print. Foreign Affairs and Immigration secretary Jim gosselin says they have not received any reports that Cook Islanders were running the race. His staff is monitoring the situation closely and so far no-one has heard of any Cook Islanders injured or missing.

But gosselin says as there are many expatriate Cook Islanders and as runners enter the race individually rather than representing the nation, it is hard to tell at this stage whether any are involved. About 27,000 runners from 90 countries were participating in the event. Boston Police said the two explosions occurred about 50

to 100 metres apart “simultaneously” shortly before 3 pm local time. So far, no one has claimed responsibility for blasts. The victims’ injuries were

described as burns, gashes and missing limbs and at least 15 are critical, report local hospitals. one of those dead is an eightyear-old boy. If you are worried that a per-

son you know was in the area, go to speciically set up search engine http: // personinder/2013-boston-explosions. - Calida Smylie

Hager to discuss ‘tax havens’ THe deBATe about whether

the Cook Islands has been a tax haven will continue today when Matariki FM interviews Kiwi investigative journalist nicky Hager. Hager worked in a multicountry team of journalists to analyse the largest cache of leaked material relating to the world of offshore tax havens over the past 15 months. Matariki FM presenter William Framhein will talk to Hager, and Financial Services

development Authority chief executive Jenner davis from 10am. Finance minister Mark Brown has also been invited to be part of the discussion. CI news has contacted Hager, who is keen to comment about the offshore tax haven scandal and the Cook Islands’ involvement in the saga. Hager, also an author, is based in Wellington and writes mostly for the Sunday Star Times.

In 2003 he was invited to be the new Zealand representative on the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). Framhein says they will be discussing the Cook Islands references in Hager’s article in the Sunday Star Times last week. Listeners can hear the interview on 96.7 FM Matavera to BlackRock, 91.9 FM BlackRock to Tikioki and 99.9 FM Tikioki to Matavera. - HG

Over 130 people were injured in a bomb blast at the end of the Boston Marathon. it is unknown whether any Cook islanders were there. 13041511

Pension deductions ‘avoid shock’ An 80 yeAR old pensioner writes: “The far more credible new

Zealand pay as you earn (PAye) pension tax system, which automatically deducts tax on advice of Work and Income new Zealand, is simple and acceptable to most pensioners there. Westpac Rarotonga, which receives all new Zealand registered portable pensions, could be approached by the Ministry of Finance and economic Management for all such pensions to be taxed automatically on all money over $10,000 before distribution to other banks and outer islands agencies. Instead of shocking resident and returned elderly people, many of whom suffer deteriorating health, higher costs for basic living and travel for medical purposes.”

shOuld pOT be leGal? A SMoKe SIgnALLeR writes: “Consider the man who, on a Friday,

collects his pay packet, buys two cartons of beer, stops off at a bar, drinks himself silly until the last of the mortgage and food money is gone, gets in a ist ight with a rugby fan over who cheated last Saturday, drives home dead drunk, stops at his neighbour’s house and abuses the 12 year old daughter before stumbling to his own house where he bashes the wife unconscious, slaps and terrorises his children when they try and defend their mother, then settles in until dawn with the two cartons of beer with the regular Friday night drinking mates. on being brought before the court the odds are that his wife will plead for his release, his boss will testify that such behavior is really not normal for the ine fella. Odds are he

will lose his driver’s licence and not be allowed to touch alcohol for 12 months, during which time he continues to drink, bash, drive, abuse, get continuing warnings from the court and never spend so much as an hour behind bars for his use of a legal drug. now consider the man who, on a Friday, collects his pay packet, stops at the bank and pays the mortgage, at the supermarket and gets the weeks groceries, at the video shop and gets a couple of movies, takes that all home, cooks dinner, settles the family in with the movies, goes to a bar, smokes one joint, debates with his mates the A-grade action due to take place on Saturday, stops on the way home to get a treat for the kids, tucks them into bed, tells his wife that he smoked a bit and that made him relective and made him realise he had not told her recently how much he loved her after which he takes her to bed and makes her feel the princess that she is to him. This second man has every chance of spending a lot of time locked up behind bars because his drug of choice is deemed illegal. People will look back on all of this as a bit silly, and it is in fact very, very silly, but in the meantime we have young Cook Islanders wasting away in our jail simply because our lawmakers seem to be asleep at the wheel.”

‘sTicK TO bOXinG’ “I TAKe My hat off to the Avatiu eels and the Titikaveka Bulldogs

for their weekend battle,” a smoke signaller writes. “Both teams played their hearts out with grand inal style footy [Eels 29, Bulldogs 28]. The only letdown was the poor sportsmanship and disgraceful

behaviour of a player who wants to represent our country in boxing. He should stick to boxing and save his cheap shots and Tarzan antics for the ring – a real tough guy picking on the smallest guy on the ield. It will be interesting to see what the oficial punishment will be. do we want this guy representing our country?”

slOw dOwn, speed Kills “I WAS WoKen on Saturday night by a loud, disturbing vehicle

that was speeding,” a smoke signaller writes. “To the driver who owns the white vehicle – I got your plate number ‘A’ & ‘T’ – if you are looking at speeding around Takuvaine back road, take into consideration that you are not the only one on the road. you should know how many people drive around that side since you live nearby. Be careful. Police, please keep your eyes open on the back-road – this is where all the action happens.”

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More ships expected in port THe uPgRAded Avatiu Port will bring more ships into the harbour, said Prime Minister Henry Puna. A ceremony was held on Friday to mark the completion of the $27 million Avatiu Port upgrade, which Puna said would beneit the Cook Islands economy. “We expect to see an increase in trade and new port users, such as more cruise ship visits and longline ishing vessel activity. This will help boost trade and tourism and create more opportunities for our people.” He said the harbour is an important gateway for the Cook Islands, which receives about 90 per cent of imports by sea. The Avatiu project, managed

by Beca International Consultants, involved replacing the domestic and international wharves, and deepening the harbour. The project was funded via a loan to the Cook Islands government by the Asian development Bank (AdB). Chairman of the Board of the Cook Islands Ports Authority, Michael Henry, said the location of the harbour posed dificulties for the project. “There have been and continue to be many constraints in developing a harbour in this location, with its north-facing entrance meaning it is more exposed to trade winds and swells than is preferred and its location directly in the light path means certain restrictions are in place

that are not ideal. “But given these physical constraints I believe the people of the Cook Islands can be well pleased with the facility they now have.” He said the project created jobs for more than 60 local employees. “They received valuable onthe-job training and opportunities that would otherwise not have been available to them,” said Henry. He said the upgraded port will operate more efficiently, with less risk of environmental damage due to features such as taking oil and gas lines underground, and creating dedicated areas for container cleaning. - Briar Douglas

Prime Minister henry Puna (left) and Minister of Finance Mark Brown discuss the harbour upgrade. 13041407


Guests at the opening ceremony survey the upgraded harbour. 13041406

The harbour upgrade was celebrated with a traditional ceremony. 13041409















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localneWS nuti no roto i te IPuKAReA

Equipment installed for O3b neW equIPMenT designed to deliver faster broadband to the Cook Islands will be fully installed this week. Two transmitters have been installed on Rarotonga, with more to come. Installation and testing of the new transmitters is expected to be completed early this week. The Cook Islands is the irst place in the world to install the equipment, which will eventually help provide high-speed internet everywhere in the Cooks through service provider o3b. o3b, which Telecom signed up to in June 2010, aims to provide internet to the “other three billion” people worldwide who can’t connect to ibre optic cable. Technicians from Telecom and new Zealand-based company Kordia have been working at Telecom’s Aroa site since March 18 to install the transmitters, which will improve internet speed and by linking to satellites that are only 8,000km above the earth – a quarter of the distance of Telecom’s current satellites. The shorter distance means the satellite signal can reach the

earth more quickly. o3b will be launching four satellites on June 24, followed by another four in September. o3b manager of customer fulilment and service delivery, Abdoulaye Sagnane has lown in from the netherlands to oversee the tests. “I came to look at it and make sure everything has come to hand.” Sagane said the installation of the terminal has been very successful and technicians are inalising the last details. There are several stages of testing. Technicians are currently testing the mechanical assembly of the equipment before the satellites are in orbit. There will be another testing phase in July, lasting three or four weeks, following the launch of the irst four satellites. “We’re going to push the system and see how it responds. (during that time) service delivery isn’t going to be as optimal – it’s going to be a bit limited compared to what we’ll be offering in the future,” said Sagnane. Sagnane said the initial

launch was originally planned for late May, but has been delayed because rocket-launching company Arianespace, based in French guyana, had more urgent projects to complete in May.

each rocket can only carry four satellites at a time, so they must be launched in batches. He said once all eight satellites are in orbit, Telecom customers will notice big improve-

ments in internet speed. “We know it’s going to change a lot about people’s experience. People in remote areas will have access to high-speed internet.” The equipment will be linked

to a ‘gateway teleport’ – a place where the signals from different connection providers come together – in Hawaii. o3b also has gateways in Peru, greece, and Australia. - BD

O3b’s abdoulaye sagnane came to the Cooks to oversee testing of Telecom’s new transmitters.


RAMSI contribution recognised neW ZeALAnd high commissioner John Carter presented Craig Ashton with two medals last week to recognise Ashton’s four year contribution to RAMSI. The medals presented to Ashton at a small ceremony at the RSA on Thursday were the new Zealand general Service Medal, nZgSM (Solomon Islands) and the new Zealand operational Service Medal (nZoSM). Ashton earned these awards while serving with the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) from January 19, 2009 to January 17, 2013. on this secondment from the Inland Revenue department, Ashton was working in Honiara as a senior investigator, Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Inland Revenue division, Solomon Islands. Ashton is now on Rarotonga, working for the Cook Islands Ministry of Finance and economic Management. Carter acknowledged Ashton’s contribution, noting that “In countries where there has been civil unrest it is not enough to simply put down the unrest.

To deal with the root causes of the problem you have to rebuild the governance of the country, and that’s where contributions from civilians like Mr Ashton are so important”. deputy special co-ordinator of RAMSI, Wayne Higgins described Craig Ashton’s service to the mission and the government and people of the Solomon Islands as “invaluable and a credit to both new Zealand and his profession.” Also present to witness the presentation were Ashton’s wife, Lianne, who lived in Honiara with Ashton, secretary of Foreign Affairs and Immigration dr James gosselin, deputy high commissioner Joanna Kempkers, Royal nZ navy Lt Cdr Tony grubb and CPo Tony Francis, representatives from the Cook Islands Police, president of the RSA Henry Wichman, and members of the RSA and new Zealand High Commission. The new Zealand High Commission expresses thanks to the RSA for hosting the ceremony at their premises in Panama. - Release

nZ high commissioner John Carter presenting Craig ashton with his medals at a special ceremony last week. 13041501

Caregiver refers patients to clinic A LoCAL man who advertised the services of an alternative medicine practitioner in elderly homes refused to name the person he was referring to, calling him only ‘dr Richard’. But Richard Wachter from the Better Health Research Centre has conirmed Nelio has referred patients to him in the past. A smoke signaller wrote to Cook Islands news last week: “A male person from Pue is visiting elderly homes in Tikioki. He’s

advertising a doctor’s visit at a fee of $30 and $80 to be paid to him.” Cook Islands news received a message to TXT188 from another member of the public following the smoke signal, which said: “Very true, former security officer collects elderly pension too. Apparently works for government, as a care giver. gave my grand uncle herbal pills, is he diagnosing the elderly too?” At irst the man they are referring to, Autea nelio, who also

ixes washing machines, would neither conirm nor deny whether he had taken money from people for doctor’s visits, but eventually said he had not done so. Wachter said nelio had referred patients to him, but did not facilitate the payment. He said the only time he can recall nelio delivering him money was when Wachter recommended olive leaf extract as a treatment for an elderly woman in Matavera. He said he made the recommen-

dation through nelio rather than charging her for a full consultation, and nelio brought him the money – $27 – for the olive leaf extract, because the woman was unable to come to the Better Health Research Centre. “normally he doesn’t get involved with money,” said Wachter. “He’s just someone I helped who took an interest in what I do, and if he sees someone who is sickly, he recommends me. By the same token,

if someone came to me and said they need their washing machine repaired, I would refer him. He’s a nice guy – he helps a lot of people. He’s a very communityminded person.” Nelio at irst did not want to say why he was at the elderly homes, but then said he is employed as a carer by a person he referred to as his superior. He eventually said his superior is Pat Farr, who works for disability service provider Te Vaerua.

Farr said in a letter to Cook Islands news that carers are not to recommend the services of private doctors or other ‘alternative health practitioners’. Wachter said he was not aware of nelio’s work as a carer. “If they’re paying him to do one thing, maybe there’s a conlict of interest. As far as I knew he only gets paid to ix washing machines, and there’s no conflict of interest there that I’m aware of.” - BD


Tuesday, april 16, 2013 cook Islands News

Waka Tapu homeward bound As the Waka Tapu voyagers aboard double hulled canoes Te Aurere and Ngahiraka Mai Tawhiti prepared to depart Rarotonga yesterday afternoon – voyage leader and traditional master navigator Jack Thatcher took time out to update their Waka Tapu Facebook followers on their journey from Moorea to Rarotonga. We also share more images from the vaka arrival last Wednesday. Kia orana, If you all have been waiting for an update my apologies as this one is being written on the night before departure from the island paradise Rarotonga. When we left Moorea two weeks ago, we had a very cruisy voyage of 10 days arriving last Tuesday night (April 9) at about 11pmish and having to wait for sunrise. nga Hiraka led the way in the morning sailing up to the entrance into Avarua looking for the beach we would anchor up. My waka soul brother Tua Pittman told me the night before "the beach is by Trader Jacks" a particularly fond memory came into my mind of slight over indulgence with lots of loud music but nothing of a beach – trust me bro he says you will it! As we came in on a tow line because our motor was out of

action, and luckily with our sails up as the towline knot unraveled at the same time as my calm resolve. I saw the beach that Tua was standing in the middle of and from where I was standing it looked the size of a 20 cent coin. Well we parked nga Hiraka on 10 cents worth of sand with ropes everywhere doing a pretty fair imitation of ‘the wheke’ (octopus) –Te Aurere took her 10 cents worth and the calm resolve returned. With hugs and greetings going on between the securing of our two beautiful ladies the anchorage proved to be just what the brother promised. our powhiri (welcome) was lovely with the spokesman for Makea Karika Ariki our host calling the "turou, turou, oro mai!’ and leading us to our seats where we were privileged to be welcomed by representatives of the paramount chiefs of Takitumu, Puaikura and Te Au o Tonga, welcoming us to Tumutevarovaro-Rarotonga. new Zealand High Commissioner John Carter also spoke as did other Rangatira. our stay has been short but eventful, having lunch with Te Ariki Makea Karika, dinner one night with the Aotearoa Society, giving interviews with a travelling correspondent for the BBC as well as with Mana Magazine editor derek Fox, an invitation to dinner and a show at Arorangi with Highland Paradise, where the writer realised he was missing another marital milestone, his 28th wedding

anniversary (don’t worry he has made up for the lapse with lots of FB lovey dovey's and skypings and a promise to not miss next years). We leave midday (Monday) being our official departure time, probably means we will get away by 2.30-3.00pm Cook Islands time. our sail plan – 1100 nautical miles or so to Ra Whakarunga, that’s slightly WSW, then 750nm or so, to nga Reo Whakarunga, that’s SSW. Time wise at 100 nautical miles per day or better we will be home in like 18 to 19 days. This leg will be similar to our irst leg just in reverse mirror image mode. We will still be in the tropics until we turn down so the irst 1100 nautical miles should be in reasonable conditions. When we turn down however, it will start to get colder and colder, don’t worry though as all the crew have experience now and will be ready for any challenges that come their way. Look for us on that northern horizon from the 3rd or 4th if early or the 10th or 11th. our crew members are from the Far north, Tauranga Moana, Tainui, Whakatane, Torere, uawa, Whanganui, Wellington and Te Pito o te enua - Rapanui and apopo we ind out if one of our Tahitian crew can come to Aotearoa with us. Wow I have run out of things to say except – ma te Atua e manaaki, e tiaki. Tena koutou, kia ora, kia orana, meitaki, Arivariva.

ngahiraka Mai Tawhiti crew anchor at the pebble beach in front of Trader Jacks.


Waka Tapu voyagers perform a ierce haka on the shores of Avarua harbour on their arrival last Wednesday.


Te aurere waka crew eyes the shores for familiar faces welcoming them to rarotonga.


On Tuesday evening join us for our FABULOUS

Island Night with SuperbFeast

Dining 7 - 8.30pm Show starts 8.30pm featuring delicious local food Waka ngahiraka Mai Tawhiti docks at avarua harbour on her arrival to rarotonga last Wednesday morning. 13041023

30pm rts 8. a t s by how pm S tainment 0 3 . 8 enter g7Dinin nd Night Isla ate

E till l

ent rtainm


AR with T


Live e

Edgewater Resort - reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentary Transfers provided from anywhere on the island. Saturday Island Night features Orama


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classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303




NOTICE TO ALL DANCE LEADERS cook Islands Tourism invites all Dance Team Leaders on Rarotonga to attend a meeting at the Tourism Head Oice Boardroom on Tuesday 16 April at 12 noon. Meeting Agenda: Your International Travel Plans for the next 5 years to coincide with the cook Islands Tourism corporation International Market campaigns. Please have your travel plans available for this meeting. We look forward to welcoming you all. For further information, contact Papatua Papatua on Phone 29 435, Mobile 50346 or by email Meitaki Maata. 70632 / /1709

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.




aitutaki game ishing club Wish to advise all members that the AGM will take place at 1pm on Saturday 20 April at the ishing club all members please attend. President clive Baxter.

AOTEAROA SOCIETY INCORPORATED ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING To be held on Tuesday 30 April 2013. The Aotearoa centre, Maraerenga at 5.30pm. AGENDA 1.Welcome and Opening Prayer 2.Attendance & Apologies 3.Conirmation of previous AGM Minutes 2012 4.Business arising from Minutes 5.Reports from President & Treasurer 6.Election of Oicers 7.Results of voting 8.General Business 9.Closing Prayer Nominations for oice bearers and proxy votes will be accepted up to 4pm on Monday 29 April via aotearoasociety@ or in person to the Secretary tel 55527. A cup of tea will follow the conclusion of the AGM. For more information please contact Ngawai Walden on 54478 or 23717.

Kavera, spacious 3 bedroom home, gated, 2 bath, oice area, wet-bar, verandahs, garage, partial A/c, partial furnished, long term. Walking distance to beach. Ideal for professional family. Genuine inquiries 25580.

70538 /31460 /1621

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning invites local consultants to register their interest to prepare an Integrated Water Resources Management Policy that will provide for long term strategic direction of managing Rarotonga’s natural water resources. For further information email ck or call 22648. closing date for expresssion of interest is Friday 19 April 2013. 70440 /31470 /2009

STOLeN Toshiba laptop from truck in front of Jacks, Saturday night. $500 reward at Telecom if returned there. No questions asked. Call 70031. 70636 /30184 /2454


70624 / /2398


Business for Sale

Takuvaine Netball Club 400 Club Rale Ticket 2nd Draw 1. # 116 Vaiana Tei $400 2. # 72 Aunty Bobby $250 3. #161 Baby Sam Ahiao $150 4. # 170 Didi Nicholas $100 5. # 155 Arikinui Maiata $100 congratulations to all winners and many thanks to everyone for your continuous support. Please contact Rima for your prizes. Meitaki Maata Executives.

A general dry & frozen groceries, liquor, pharmacy, jewels, clothing, cooked food eatery and hardware store located on Aitutaki.


Contact Jef of REMAX PINNACLE on 006492153597 or email

70635 /30339 /2118


EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES – FOOD NZQA Accredited training – Earn while you learn! We ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with!

FOODLAND Grocery Supervisor – New Position!

• This position is responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of the retail store ensuring stock is rotated and displayed to the required standard and correctly ticketed.

superMarKeT Fresh Produce/Bakery Supervisor- New Position!

• This position is responsible for the sales and proit performance of all Fresh Produce and Bakery and involves ordering of local and overseas purchases and ensuring the highest standards of preparation, presentation and customer service.

Deli Supervisor – New Position!

• This position is responsible for the sales and proit performance of the Deli Department and involves developing menus, ordering of overseas product and ensuring the highest standards of food preparation and customer service.

Dairy/Frozen Foods Supervisor - New Position! • This position is responsible for the sales and proit performance of dairy and frozen foods and involves ordering overseas product and ensuring the highest standard of presentation and customer service.

To be successful in any of these roles you will need:

To be a hands on supervisor, have previous experience in a similar role, capable of training and developing a small team, be organised and have good communication skills. Talk to us today about starting a career in Retail. For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23191, Email 777

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

Vakatini Teanuanua Terekura Trust 1000 rale results Draw One Saturday, 13 April 2013. 1st prize $4000 #1329 Jojo 2nd prize $1000 #1338 Dan the Man 3rd prize $500 #1228 Kaukare 4th prize $250 #1245 Anton 5th prize $250 #1076 Maggie 6th prize $100 #1087 Marcus 7th prize $100 #822 Toutiki Ioane 8th prize $100 #1378 Collen 9th prize $100 #984 Piritau 10th prize $100 #1138 Kopu congratulations to the winners and best of luck to everyone for the draw Two which will be drawn at the Punanga Nui 12 noon Saturday, 27 April. Please contact Eddie on 52884 to collect your prizes. Meitaki maata. 70641 /31132 /1974

AITUTAKI hAPPY FEET RAFFLE DRAWN SATURDAY 13 APRIL 2013 1. Geore George tkt#1657 2. Marito Maoate tkt#1808 3. Ngere Papera tkt#1139 4. Shannon tkt#1939 5. T.Tini tkt#1597 The Aitutaki Happy Feet Golden Oldies Rugby Club would like to thank the ishermen of Aitutaki, the people of Rarotonga and Aitutaki for supporting the rale and lastly a huge Meitaki Atupaka to the Mongoose for all their help and support. 70634 /31123 /1931

FOR ReNT 2 Bedroom furnished house, Nikao down Fisher’s Drive. Prefer long term. Phone 76774. 70520 /31424 /1931

Fully furnished 3 bedroom house, Matavera. Prefer couple, long term. Phone 50728. 70567 /31447 /1931

70540 /31433 /1931

FOR SALe Timberland Ltd Specials this Week: PVC Gutter Round Proile $43 lgth Shadowclad Rustic 12mm x 2.4 x 1.2 $75 sht 8x2 Dr 6m No.1’s Grade $59ea Interior Doors 1980 x 860mm $85ea Fibrolite 4.5mm x 2.4 x 1.2 $24.50 sht Fence Battens 1.8m x 150 x 25 $7.50 ea Gibboard Fyreline 10mm x 1.2 x 2.4 $23.90 18mm Qtr Rnd Mouldings $12.50 lgth Come have a look! Or phone 26408 for free deliveries! 70622 /31488 /1639

Yamaha PA System at $10,000 or nearest ofer. Phone Rangi 78405. 70555 /31437 /1931

Shimano TLD 50 2 speed reel $500, 250-300lbs nylon 1000m $100, Tuna swivels $5, 200mm loats $40, hand casters $20, lead weights 4, 6, & 8oz, circle hooks Trader Don 22919. 70620 / /2058

Asus Eee PC 1005 HA 10 inch Netbook computer. 2Gb RAM (memory) / Intel N280 CPU / 250Gb Hard drive / Built in webcam Wi-Fi & Ethernet / Three USB slots / SD card slot / Good battery. Original charger / Windows 7 Starter / Immaculate condition. $700. 70620 / /2058

Need a laptop for accounting work so must be a good one. Phone 54882.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


Director Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute The Ministry of Education is establishing the cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute to provide tertiary education and training in the cook Islands. The Director will be responsible for the overall leadership, and performance of the institute and its relationship with employers, students and the community. The Director will report to the Secretary of Education The Ministry seeks an outstanding person who is: • An experienced leader of ter tiary learning • A skilled manager of people and resources • An expert in educational innovation • Knowledgeable about qualiications and quality assurance in education • Able to understand the skill needs of employers and learners and lead the development of training to match those needs • Experienced in training for industry • Knowledgeable about on-line learning • Suitably qualiied with an appropriate tertiary qualiication Applications close on Friday 3 May 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry in Nikao or at completed forms with CV and references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Email ck 70639 / /1795

70501 /31415 /1931

SITUATIONS VACANT Super Brown 24 hour Store and Takeaway Shop Assistant- Full Time and Part time. You must be honest, reliable, hardworking and able to work on rotational shifts. Experience in sales, customer service and basic computer skills required with an excellent people skills( customer service). Cook and Kitchen Hand positions: You must be honest, reliable and hardworking with some experience in takeaway cooking, food preparation and kitchen hand duties to ill these positions full time and part time. If you are interested, send in your CV and application letter to Manager, PO Box 421, ph 20140 or deliver to store. 70617 / /2183

IKO instructor wanted for kite season in Aitutaki, June to December. Phone 58984. 70381 /31226 /1931

Live in house keeper or part time worker. House cleaner, Gardening around the house, Washing & cooking. Contact 54192. 70598 /31474 /1931

We have a great opportunity for waiters and waitresses to work in a busy and well established environment. We have full/part time positions available, and must be able to start immediately and work weekends. Feel free to come and ill in an application form, or contact 55469 for more details. 70526 / /1759

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 55606


Registrations of Interest: Concrete Pylons for sale. Suitable for foot bridges or similar. For all enquiries or to view Phone: 24441. 70501 /31415 /1931

VeHICLeS FOR SALe Nissan Navarra double cab, $11,500 ono. Phone 56955 or 55619. 70501 /31415 /1931

Toyota 4WD Double cab. Good engine, runs well. Call Ita 54396 or 20530 after 4.30pm. 70619 / /1986

SITUATIONS VACANT LexAct Limited. 2013 LEGAL ASSISTANT Directors international Firm seek a legal research Assistant. 1 year position, approx 4/5 days per week. Salary commensurate with experience. Minimum Master degree in Law, very good computer skills. Proven ability to multi-task and handle multiple projects , especially legal research, with excellent follow up skills. Proiciency in French, English, another language such as Spanish or German an advantage. Full Job description available on request. Please contact: 70621 / /1626

TAILOR- with proven skills and creative lair, Send CV and any supporting documents to: TAILOR MADE P.O Box 2165 Rarotonga. 70453 /31383 /1931

Happy 7th Birthday NICKKIE from your two little sisters – TEPORI & NOENOE Happy 7th Birthday NICKKIE


10th Birthday

Kayva Tauira Have a awesome day

Love from your family, and a special one from Daddy in Aus


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localneWS nuti no roto i te IPuKAReA

Cooking awards for students FIVe students from Arorangi

School received prizes for their entries to the Salon Culinaire competition held March 6. The ive students, all in Form 1, were the only students from the school who registered for the event – and all won prizes, including movie passes to empire Theatre thanks to Harry napa. They also received medals and certiicates to acknowledge their achievement. Joshua nookura received irst prize for his ika mata dish, Johnny daniel won second place for his rukau entry, and Benjamen Tearii came third for his celebration cake. Rangina Akava and Teuira Tapena entered the mayonnaise competition, and won first and second place respectively. The event, now in its third year, includes competitions for cooking, table setting, coffee and cocktail making, and housekeeping. The range of competitions included ‘static classes’, where competitors made their entry at home and presented it for judging, as well as competitions where industry members make their entries from scratch. Cook Islands Chefs Association president Sam Timoko said he was pleased to see a high level of participation from primary schools at this year’s event. Arorangi School principal Teina Tearii-Patai said the event was a learning opportunity for the students and a chance to get involved in the community. - Briar Douglas

arorangi school students (back row from left) Benjamin Tearii, Joshua nookura, Teuira Tapena, rangina akava, and (front) Johnny daniel, who won prizes for their submissions to saturday’s salon Culinaire competition. 13040948



hTTC “Achieving Excellence”



Train the next generation of Chefs in the Cook Islands

Applications are invited from suitably qualiied individuals to manage all aspects of the Rarotonga Water Tank Subsidy Programme (RWTSP). This is a 2 year contract role with the possibility of a year extension. The RWTSP is designed to increase Rarotonga’s water storage capacity by ensuring all domestic dwellings and nonproit NGO’s have a water tank installed by 2015. Ideally this position would suit someone who has; • A diploma in Project Management or similar qualiications • A minimum 5 years in a professional role • Excellent communication skills • An ability to work in a multi sector environment To apply for this position, or to view the Terms of Reference, please go to the government website or send your C.V. and covering letter to George Turia, at Ph 29521 Applications close at 4pm on Monday 22 April 2013. /

FOUND Notices are FREE To encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.


EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES!! NZQA Accredited training –Earn while you learn! We ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with.

Tutor in Culinary Arts


The Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre (HTTC) wishes to recruit a tutor to teach the London City and Guilds Certiicate & Diploma in Culinary Arts. We seek someone who is: • a qualiied chef • with several years’ experience in professional cooking • has a sound understanding of the City and Guilds qualiication • a teaching qualiication • or extensive teaching experience.

human Resources Assistant – New Position! • This busy, varied position involves answering phones, assisting with recruitment enquiries and providing administration assistance. To join the team you will need to be conident, have good organisation and communication skills and a great telephone manner.

The City and Guilds programme at HTTC has gained recognition for the high success rate of its students and its international success at the Torque D’or competition. This position will play an important role in helping HTTC build on those achievements. Applications close on Tuesday 16 April 2013. The full job description is available from the Ministry or at www. Covering letter, CV with references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga Cook Islands Email 70467

Classiieds • Phone 22999


PhARMACY Te Tika - Sales Assistant/Cashier – New Position! • Exciting opportunity to sell a world class skin care range that is made with Bioactive Cook Island Oils working with an international marketing team to drive promotions and help boost sales. Suit an enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge.


Picker/Drivers Assistant - C Class drivers license an advantage! • Involves assisting with the assembly, dispatch & delivery of all orders around the Island for wholesale customers. You will need to be it and accurate with your orders.


Meat Packer/Butcher – Good knife skills or previous retail meat experience! • Working in our butchery department, this involves preparing meat for sale and serving customers over the counter. You will need to be organised, able to work with a small team and willing to look after customers. Talk to us today about starting a career in Retail! For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23191, Email 69132


Tuesday, april 16, 2013 cook Islands News

Netball fever action at TSA Judging by the intensity and passion netball games were played in the irst week of the new season – netball fans can expect games to improve and provide loads of classy action. The under 8 teams set the scene on Saturday for a full day of action. Saturday was the oicial opening of the 2013 netball season although games started mid-week with the open one and two divisions with games also played on Friday between the Titikaveka and Avatiu premier and reserve grade. Today we share more of the on court netball action - MW from week one of the season.

Under 8 netters at the ready for the irst pass of their game. 13041436

young nadtazkia Puna keeps her cool as she pots a goal for the avatiu reserve grade against Titikaveka.


young ngatangiia netters cheer on their team mates before taking to the courts.


A Tupapa junior player ires the ball over her Takuvaine defenders to a team mate.


Physical action was seen in the goal circles during the Titikaveka and avatiu premier grade game. 13041428

SWITCH ON with Te Aponga Uira

CFLS MAKE SENSE Switching to CFL lights is sensible. Compact fluorescent lights use one-third the energy of incandescent lights and may last 6 to 10 times longer. Use less energy. Save money. That’s good. Right?

The Titikaveka under 8 netball girls show of their poses before showing of their great netball skills. 13041435


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Nz748/749 VA163/162


2.25AM 1.45AM




6.30PM 3.50PM


1.25AM 12.50PM

weDNeSDAy APRIl 17 Nz748/749



THuRSDAy APRIl 18 Nz46/45 Gz035/034


5.15PM 2.50PM

RARO TO ARR TueSDAy APRIl 16 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details DEP



0910 1140 1640


1000 1230 1730







GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands news





Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Monday’s puzzle

Answer to Monday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible

Situation: A trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers lies slow moving just east of Southern Cooks. Meanwhile, a moist northeasterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Occasional showers and possible thunderstorms over Aitutaki and nearby islands. Brief showers elsewhere. Moderate southeasterly winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Occasional showers over most places. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Some showers. For the Northern Cooks: Some showers about Pukapuka and Suwarrow. Occasional showers and few thunderstorms over and about Penrhyn and Manihiki. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate seas. Poor visibility in areas of heavy showers and thunderstorms. Further outlook: Brief showers.

Humidity TUE




By Lee Falk & Sy Barry










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

TUE high 1.21AM










Rarotonga Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Tuesday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By Dik Browne



Weather Forecast to Midnight



2.2m S


WEd high 1.58AM 0.81M 2.15PM 0.84M








Sun, Moon & Arapo

SE 06kTS new Moon MAY 10 12.29AM

First Quarter APR 18 12.32PM

Full Moon APR 25 7.58PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter MAY 2 11.15AM


ArApo - AkAoti korekore TUE 16 Tanu (Planting)

2.2m S

TauTai (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota Kua kae te mu. Po ika. e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Catch mu. Fish night. Time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night (from akaoti amiama).



sun rise


sun set

Front Key:


Moon rise 12.09PM Moon set 11.30PM Moon rise 12.53PM Moon set




Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WEd sun rise 6.52AM sun set 6.25PM



2.2m S



27° SE 05kTS


26° SE 06kTS


26° SE 06kTS


26° SE 06kTS


29° E 06kTS


26° SE 06kTS


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netball fever!


—paGe 14


CITC Coca-Cola sponsors One Day football comp THe CooK Islands Football Association (CIFA) has received some welcome support with CITC/Coca-Cola re-conirming as the main sponsor for the 2013 Rarotonga Primary School one day soccer tournament. The one day soccer tourney will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, April 17 at the CIFA complex in Matavera where ten primary schools from Rarotonga will gather to play fun football and for top honours. Last year’s event proved to be popular and successful not only for the organisation but for the students and participating primary schools. Children have been uttering their excitement during school visits by the CIFA technical staff and they are thrilled to be play-

ing against their peers during the one day competition. Primary schools are in preparation mode as seen with Rutaki Primary School last Friday holding a one day five-a-side tournament in their junior and senior students -- a way of selecting their best players to ield for their school. With the assistance of CITC/ Coca-Cola this year, the competition will be called the ‘Coca-Cola Primary School one day Soccer Tournament’. Schools vying for top honours are Papaaroa, Te uki ou, Avarua, Takitumu, Avatea, Imanuela Akatemia, St Joseph, Rutaki, Arorangi and nikao. CIFA secretary, Mii Piri welcomes the assistance from CITC/ Coca-Cola for this tournament

and their continuous support in the development of soccer in our junior and youth is very much appreciated. “The sponsorship will drive the development of soccer in our youngsters and will assist this event which is held once a year,” says Piri. “We are pleased to welcome the sponsorship and support of CITC/Coca-Cola and we look forward to working together with them in making this tournament a success,” she says. The Primary School soccer tournament has been running for many years now and has proven to be popular among the children who participate in the one day tourney and no doubt fun football will be played on the - CIFA Media day.

Te uki Ou students enjoy Coca-Cola products during the 2012 one day tournament and are set to take part in tomorrow’s tournament. 13041503

Rippa rugby coaching Junior cricket tournament in Mangaia and Mauke CASH and loads of exciting

CHILdRen on Mangaia and Mauke received expert advice and development in the noncontact rugby game known as rippa rugby. Former new Zealand rugby player Chad Tuoro flew out to the two outer island to deliver the development programme

that was more for school teachers and parents. He delivered a ‘coach the coaches’ programme to help coaches on the two outer islands better understand the game and train their students for future tournaments. Tuoro, based in new Zealand, will return to Rarotonga next

month to deliver the same programme to Rarotonga schools and to children on the outer islands of Atiu and Aitutaki. The inter primary school rippa rugby tournament is set for the end of July where students will get to put their skills to the test on the rippa rugby ield. - Mw

Chad Tuoro shares his rippa rugby expertise with students on the island of Mangaia.

prizes are in store for junior cricketers next week when Cook Islands Cricket in association with major sponsor AnZ Bank run a three-day under 19 junior cricket tournament. The tournament, to run on Monday, April 29 to May 1, is all part of developing future cricketers in the Cook Islands. Cricket association administrators have been out to Rarotonga schools to encourage more teams to take part.

So far three teams have conirmed their participation from Rarotonga clubs with a total of six teams being sought for the tournament. The 11-a-side tournament is for both boys and girls and games will be played in a 15 over format. As the tournament will be running in the second week of the school holidays – games will start from 9am and run right up to 4pm. Two cricket pitches will be

set up at Raemaru Park where there’s sure to be loads of big hitting and fast bowling action. every person that takes part in the tournament will receive a cricket training ball and are sure to walk away with some of the awesome prizes on offer for the tournament. If you are keen to be part of this – get you classmates together and form a team or call Ronnie Forbes on 72981 or Apii Mamanu on 51522 and they will help you get a team together. - Mw


Tourney for junior lawn bowls TodAy will be the inal chance

for Rarotonga students taking part in the national junior bowls tournament to polish up their skills.

Junior bowlers to shine in tourney. 13041507

Final training for competitors in the tournament scheduled from April 23 to 26 will be run from 4pm at the Rarotonga Bowling Club greens in Parekura. Competition organiser Arama Tera anticipates that there will be 24 junior competitors – 12 boys and 12 girls. While all the players will be from Rarotonga, students will be representing up to 12 clubs from across Rarotonga and the outer islands. The competition will only be in the singles format and as the annual competition grows – more divisions will be included. The junior tournament is the first major tournament of the year at the Rarotonga Bowling Club and will be followed by the national opens tournament in July and the masters tournament in october. Tera says that the junior tour-

nament is a pathway to fasttracking youth bowlers for future tournaments including the Mini Games, Paciic Games and Commonwealth games – international tournaments that Cook Islands senior bowlers have been successful in. Cash and product prizes will be up for grabs for junior bowlers which will be sourced with the fees the students have to pay to enter the tournament. The fee for each player is $150 -- there are some talented bowlers who are unable to pay the fee and Tera is asking the business and sports community to help these talented students by sponsoring their fees. Members of the community who are able to help out in some way to fund the students fee can contact Tera on 54179 and your support – no matter how small will be gratefully accepted. - Matariki wilson

rarotonga under 19 boys and girls have the opportunity to showcase their cricket skills and win some great prizes at the junior cricket tournament to be staged in the second week of the school holidays. 13041502

Tuesday 16 April  
Tuesday 16 April  

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