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$2 Monday, April 15, 2013

Arlander guilty on 3 counts THE OpErATION Eagle jury

spent almost six hours deliberating on Saturday before inding Scott Arlander guilty of three counts of selling cannabis. But they could not reach a unanimous decision on whether he was guilty or not of eight other charges against him. Accord-

ingly he was deemed not guilty of cultivating, importing and offering to supply cannabis, importing class A drug LSD, conspiring to import ecstasy, and possessing a bong used to smoke cannabis. Of the three crimes the jury found Arlander guilty of, he will

be sentenced on August 16. Justice Colin Doherty warned him to expect imprisonment, following the precedent of others who have committed similar crimes. “The jury has said that you are a drug dealer, Mr Arlander.” Since he inevitably faces a prison sentence, Doherty saw no

Quotas to be imposed on future tuna catches TuNA caught from longline fishing last year amounted to 11,000 tonnes worth $40 million – the highest recorded ish catches to date for the Cooks. According to Ministry of Marine resources secretary, Ben ponia, “this is actually a milestone for the country, we can now assert our rights to the regional tuna ishery, effectively we have established our ‘catch history’ and ensured that in the future the Cook Islands will be entitled to a share of any ishing rights that may be allocated out on an EEZ basis.” The ministry has decided that it will now put a cap on the total allowable catches in Cook Islands waters and move to a quota based system. The Ministry of Marine resources reports that half of last year’s total tuna catch was recorded by a small locally-based longline leet of ships that operates out of rarotonga. The main longline fisheries which the MMr manages are the regulated albacore isheries

and the bigeye tuna exploratory programme which are separated in the table below according to catch species (albacore, bigeye, yellowin, swordish) and landed value. There was a total of 64 licensed fishing vessels which ished in 2012. If the catches are distributed according to the lag which the ishing vessels are registered the greatest proportion of catches are attributed to the Chinese leet, followed by Vanuatu leet (which many of the Taiwanese vessels are lagged) and then the Cook Islands leet has the third largest catch. The catches are raw data and after reporting gaps are completed the ministry expects that the actual catches could be as much as 20 to 30 per cent higher. The catches also do not include the purse seine catches which mainly targets skipjack tuna. Of the total catches only 400 tonnes of fish was offloaded

in rarotonga with about 80 tonnes sold locally. The majority of catches are ofloaded into pago pago or transhipped at sea to markets such as Japan and Thailand. Future fishing quotas imposed by MMr will be implemented irst in the bigeye tuna ishery where the ministry has decided to stop the exploratory ishing and designate the ishery by regulations. MMr intends to establish a total allowable catch (TAC) for bigeye tuna and an individual catch quota will be assigned to each ishing license. Additional fees will apply if the vessel wishes to exceed its quota, provided it is within the limits of the TAC. “We believe that the Cook Islands will be one the irst Pacific Island countries to adopt a zone based total allowable catch, and an individual quota for its licenses, this will be a signiicant step forward in terms of managing the ishery in a sustainable manner,” says ponia. - Release

Man dies in accident A MAN died at the weekend af-

ter a fatal motorbike accident early Sunday morning. The accident occurred in Atupa just before 2am Sunday and involved two motorbikes both carrying pillion passengers. All four men were taken to rarotonga hospital for treatment of severe injuries where one of the men involved passed away. The motorbike accident was one of three that occurred at

the weekend. police arrested two men and one woman for drink driving and all have been bailed to appear in court on April 18. police are also urging tourism accommodation owners to improve their security measures after three separate victims at an accommodation property in Vaimaanga were burgled with cash and alcohol stolen from their rooms. Another accommodation

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property in Avarua had items stolen also including a hard drive, cell phones and alcohol. police will be visiting accommodators through the week to look at their compound and offer advice on improving their property to prevent or decrease the chance of burglaries including trimming hedges and overgrown bushes where perpetrators can hide, installing security lights and employing security guards. - MW

reason to release him on bail. He will remain in prison until his sentencing. Crown’s case, led by Sarah McKenzie, was that Arlander was heavily involved in “a cocktail of drugs” – growing, selling and importing cannabis, consuming and importing LSD, and conspiring to import ecstasy. But the defence, led by Norman George, planted suficient

doubt in the jurors minds as to Arlander’s guilt. Defence painted Arlander as boastful and arrogant, but who never carried through with his “big talk”. The parties have the right to appeal the decision. Arlander was caught during the Cook Islands biggest-ever drug investigation, termed Operation Eagle, which spanned

from October 2010 to May 2011. Crown say he was the principal offender the investigation was set up to catch. Others caught in the sting were sentenced last year – including a former police woman and the deputy prime minister’s son – and more defendants face - CS trial in August.

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Arorangi students promote culture

Arorangi School students are celebrating their cultural and music, following performances at Highland paradise.The school was invited to do cultural performances for cruise ship passengers at Highland paradise recently. Since then the school has launched its cultural and music week. This saw the start of classes where students learn cultural dancing and to play musical instruments. The weekly classes will continue throughout the year. pictured here are students with Tekaukau Ngati (back left) who offered to teach students to play the ukulele – 12 of the instruments were donated to the school by Clee Masters last year

principal Teina Tearii-patai said the Highland paradise performances were pulled together quickly. “We were called in, and I said we are already prepared, because we are Cook Islanders. We are always ready for cultural performances.” He said the performances benefit both tourists and the students. “We want to expose the culture to people outside the Cook Islands, to promote our music and dancing performances – and to make sure the kids show an interest in the culture. “At the end of the day the kids have achieved. They were able to perform, they were able to demonstrate the cultural per-

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formance, and they were able to talk to the tourists – we made relationships. Its education, its building confidence – a lot of learning takes place. We are looking at the learning opportunities for the kids outside the classroom.” Arorangi School, which currently has 122 students, received $300 in funding from Highland paradise as a result of the performances, which went towards painting the school’s new computer room. The school has been invited to perform again in the future, and Tearii-patai said the school would be pleased to be involved. “I’d love to support that. It’s part of learning.” - Briar Douglas Ph 24979

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Monday, april 15, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI AO Beliebers not the true kind MORE than half of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers are fake, according to an analysis of who is following him. Earlier this year Bieber’s ‘Beliebers’ overtook Lady Gaga’s ‘Little Monsters’ and he was crowned the King of Twitter, However, social media analytics experts say 45 per cent of Bieber’s 37 million-odd followers are fake. Bieber’s actual following reckoned at around 17.8 million and just shy of Gaga’s 19 million. It has not been a good 2013 for Bieber who was dumped by girlfriend Selena Gomez, had his pet monkey quarantined, lashed out at paparazzi and was booed onstage in London after arriving two hours late.

Preparing for trouble London to be in a tight security lockdown for Thatcher’s funeral LONDON – A ring of steel is being erected in London in preparation for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral this week, the city’s biggest security operation since the 2012 Olympics. Thousands of metal barriers were being erected along the route for her military funeral cortege from The Strand to St paul’s Cathedral to hold back crowds of people who want to support her and those who want to protest. Operation True Blue, made up of oficials from the police, Buckingham palace and 10 Downing Street, met for last

world BrIEFS BOMB ATTACKS CAUSE MAYHEM IN SOMALIA SOMALIA – At least 19 people were killed in a series of bombings in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. A bomb exploded outside the courts building as gunmen stormed the compound on Sunday. Security forces then arrived and battled the ighters inside. Later, a bomb exploded near an African Union and Turkish Red crescent convoy on the way to the airport. Al Shabaab said it carried out the attacks. The group, which has links with al-Qaeda, has been blamed for a series of attacks in Mogadishu in the last two years. It was driven out of the capital in August 2011. After two hours of ighting, the Somali government said that nine gunmen were involved in the assault and all had been killed. Six of them detonated suicide vests.

JAPAN REASSURED OF US COMMITMENT JAPAN – US Secretary of State, John Kerry, arrived in Japan on Sunday on the last leg of a regional tour dominated by tensions on the Korean peninsula. Kerry lew into Tokyo from Beijing where he and his chinese counterpart promised to work together to try and persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear ambitions. The US Secretary of State will be looking to reassure Japan of continuing US support during the crisis. Japan is within range of these rockets and has been taking precautions, including setting up batteries of US-made Patriot anti-missile systems around the capital and sending two warships to the Sea of Japan, with orders to shoot down any missiles ired towards the Japanese islands.

CHINA’S BIRD FLU MAY BE SPREADING cHINA – China’s H7N9 bird lu virus spread to a new province on Sunday, with state media reporting two human cases in central Henan just west of the area where the disease has been centred. Until Saturday, when one case was reported in the capital of Beijing, all other instances had occurred in the eastern city of Shanghai and nearby Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces hundreds of kilometres away. Altogether 51 people have been infected and 11 have died of the disease since chinese authorities announced two weeks ago they had found H7N9 in humans for the irst time. The World Health Organisation said last week there was as yet no evidence of human-to-human transmission of H7N9.


minute discussions on the expected mass demonstrations expected to blight what is supposed to be a solemn tribute to the British ruler who died last Monday aged 87. The $14 million security operation, the biggest since last year’s London Olympics, will involve hundreds of police oficers standing along the entire route which will go into lockdown at least four hours before the procession on Wednesday. All leave has been cancelled and extra troops have been brought in for local constabularies outside London. They will be supported by mounted police unit, the police air helicopters and tactical riot squads. The metal barriers are seen as only a deterrent and not likely to stop determined protest groups which police say could be hijacked by one of four recognised anarchist and anti-austerity groups hell bent on using the event, to be shown live across the world, to cause trouble. A total of 16 people are in police custody after hundreds of demonstrators gathered at a London landmark to protest against Thatcher’s legacy and mark her death with a party. union members from across the UK, who had ierce battles with Thatcher in the 1980s, rubbed shoulders with those demonstrating against today’s welfare cuts. Despite the depth of feeling and a large police presence, there was no serious trouble. Operation True Blue has also discussed the potential for more serious attack from terrorists and Irish republican militants. A whole police unit has been monitoring social-media for hints of trouble and so far have noted groups involved in running battles with police in 2009 during austerity protests have again been rallying supporters for a day of action. - AP

An eigy of late British former prime minister Margaret Thatcher is carried during an anti-Thatcher party celebrating her death in Trafalgar Square in central London. AFP

North Korea hosts marathon pYONGYANG – Despite North

Korea’s warnings of war it literally trotted out athletes from around the world for a marathon through the streets of its capital As it prepares to celebrate its most important holiday of the year, the birthday of national founder Kim Il Sung later today, the mixed message – threats of a “thermonuclear war” while showcasing foreign athletes and even encouraging tourism – was particularly striking on Sunday. pyongyang crowds lined the

streets to watch athletes from 16 nations compete in the 26th Mangyongdae prize Marathon in the morning and then illed a performance hall for a gala concert featuring ethnic Korean performers brought in from China, russia and Japan as part of a slew of a events culminating in Kim’s birthday – called the “Day of the Sun.” After racing through the capital, the foreign athletes and hundreds of North Korean runners were cheered into Kim Il Sung Stadium by tens of thousands of

North Korean spectators. North Korea’s oficial media said the marathon was larger than previous years and that enthusiasm was “high among local marathoners and their coaches as never before.” Showing off foreign athletes and performers as part of the birthday celebrations has a propaganda value that is part of pyongyang’s motivation for highlighting the events to its public, even as it rattles its sabers to the outside world. - AP

Aircraft crashes into the sea DENpASAr – An airliner crashed

in the sea off the Indonesian island of Bali after missing Denpasar airport runway, but all those on board survived. Hospitals treated 22 people after the crash, which involved an Indonesian Lion Air plane carrying 101 passengers and seven crew. The Boeing 737 was on a domestic light from Bandung in West Java. In an odd twist, jailed drug

smuggler Schapelle Corby’s boyfriend helped pull dozens of passengers from the stricken aircraft. Ben panangian, who is also a renowned stand-up paddle boarder in Indonesia, was irst on the scene when the new Boeing 737-800 overshot the runway at Denpasar’s Ngurah rai International Airport and crashed into the sea. The 31-year-old and three of his friends had been out surf-

ing when they heard what they thought was thunder. panangian and his friends paddled over to the plane which had broken into two upon impact. They told of hearing people screaming and tried to help the most injured passengers in any way they could. Terrified passengers made their way ashore through the shallow water in life jackets as police in rubber dinghies rowed out to rescue them. - PNC

Overshot the runway

AUSTRALIA – Five men have been charged after two tonnes of illicit tobacco was seized from a cargo facility in Sydney on Monday. Customs and Border Protection said 2250kg of tobacco was found at the Sydney cargo Examination Facility on Monday, concealed within bamboo blinds in a shipping container sent from Indonesia. Since then, ive men have been arrested. They are accused of trying to evade nearly a million dollars in duties. Recent amendments to the customs Act have increased the maximum penalty for smuggling illicit tobacco products to up to 10 years prison or a ine equalling ive times the duty evaded, or both.

groom-to-be dies during stag party AUSTRALIA – A night of pre-wedding celebrations ended with the death of a young groom-to-be after a fall in a Sydney city pub. The groom was with mates celebrating his stag party at a hotel at The Rocks on Saturday night when it’s believed he tried to slide down a staircase handrail between the second and third loors. It’s thought he lost his balance and fell backwards to the ground. AAP reports emergency services found him unconscious at the bottom of the stairwell with severe head injuries. He died shortly after arriving at St Vincent’s Hospital.

Today’s Daily Bread You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

read: read: IsaiahMatthew 26:1-9 7:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:26 read: Verse 3

A Lion Air Boeing 737 lies broken in the ocean after it overshot the runway on landing at Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. All 101 passengers and seven crew survived the crash. AFP


Monday, april 15, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNEWS nuti no TEIA NEI AO

The surf legacy of ‘Apocalypse Now’ BALEr – When a scene from ‘Apocalypse Now’ was shot on an obscure beach in the philippines in the late 1970s, little did the ilm-makers know they were giving birth to the country’s suring culture. “Charlie don’t surf,” says the reckless and irrepressible Colonel Kilgore, in one of the most memorable lines of the Vietnam War ilm ‘Apocalypse Now’. Charlie is the American soldiers’ derogatory nickname for their enemy, the Vietcong, and the surf-mad colonel is trying to persuade his troops to ride the waves, despite the bombs falling all around them. ‘Apocalypse Now’, released in 1979, depicts the madness and mayhem of conlict, and is widely regarded as one of the most powerful war ilms ever made. But it also has another legacy – something that the director, Francis Ford Coppola, could not possibly have intended. ‘Apocalypse Now’ was not actually ilmed in Vietnam, but in the little ishing town of Baler in the northern philippines. As the cameras rolled, local Filipinos like Edwin Nomoro watched from the sidelines. Nomoro was just 10 years old at the time, and he came down to the beach every day to see it transformed into a battle scene,

complete with an entirely fake Vietnamese village and helicopters swooping overhead. But what excited him most was the sight of the actors surfing the local waves – something he’d never seen before. “When the ilming inished, some of the crew left their surfboards behind, and my friend and I picked up the boards and taught ourselves how to surf,” he says. “We’ve been surfing ever since.” At first, Nomoro and his friends found it difficult because there was no-one around to teach them. “But we studied it, and learned, and now, well no-one can explain what it feels like. Only a surfer knows the feeling,” he says, smiling. Once they got the hang of it, the boys started teaching others, and as word spread, tourists began coming to the little town to learn to ride the waves at Charlie’s point, as it became known. Nomoro was able to turn his passion into a way of making a living, and more than 30 years on, he still earns money from the industry he helped to create. “I have several rooms to rent. I also have some surfboards for hire,” he says. “It’s really improved my life. It helps me feed my family.”

Baler is now very different from the sleepy fishing town where Martin Sheen, robert Duvall and Marlon Brando stayed decades ago. Several big hotels line the seafront, and more are being constructed. According to the local tourism office, at least 50,000 people visited there in 2012. Most visitors are Filipinos – Manila residents who just want a weekend of suring – but an increasing number are foreigners. One of the earliest arrivals was Donny Cope, who turned up in Baler in 1997 with “a surfboard, a backpack and a sense of adventure”. He has stayed at the beach on and off ever since, and now runs a small guest house. “Last year we had surfers from the Czech republic, Switzerland and a bunch from France,” he says. Baler’s success as a surfing centre has rippled out to other parts of the philippines, such as Surigao, La union and pagudpud. “Baler is the birthplace of philippine surfing,” says Mac ritual, a local tour guide. “Other places saw a lot of good things happening here in Baler, and they also wanted to be popular because of suring.” ritual often takes his tour

The 1970s Vietnam war epic ‘Apocalypse Now’ was actually ilmed at a beach in the Philippines which became the birthplace of Philippino suring after the ilm crew left behind the surboards used in the making of the ilm. groups to see the main sites featured in ‘Apocalypse Now’. The most famous is a headland where a major attack on the Vietcong was staged. It was nicknamed Charlie’s point in the film, and now even local Filipinos use this name. Going there now, it’s quite dificult to recognise anything from the ilm.

The fake Vietnamese village was blown up at the time, and the trees which were burnt down as part of a simulated napalm attack have all regrown. But there’s no chance of the beach nearby going back to the way it once was. All the way along it, people are suring – beginners screaming excitedly as the waves crash

over them, and seasoned professionals perfecting their technique on the breakers. This town has come a long way since the days of ‘Apocalypse Now’. perhaps the best way to sum up its changing fortunes is a little surf shop on the seafront. Its name? Charlie Does. - BBC

Mentally ill patients kept in chains JAKArTA – All around a com-

pound at the Galuh Foundation there are men and women lying on wooden platforms –many of them have been chained to their beds. Tucked away in a suburb of Jakarta, Galuh is a home for Indonesia’s mentally ill. It’s not easy to find – hidden down a dirt road, behind a bunch of shacks and a horse shed. When you enter, it’s like walking back into the dark ages, leaving modern Indonesia behind. The people who work at Galuh say at any given time about 10 per cent of the 280 residents here are shackled. In a corner a young man sits quietly, with an almost yogic expression of calm on his face. Wearing only a pair of shorts, he says nothing, does nothing, just sits. He has been shackled in Galuh for two weeks. Jaja Sudrajat, one of the workers at Galuh, said the man had

only been put in chains temporarily. “We use these chains just to be careful,” he told me as he showed me around the foundation. “We don’t use any medication or anything like that, so when he’s calmed down then we will let him out. He was also put in chains in his house and he’s been to the psychiatric hospital, but he’s always escaped – so his family brought him here.” But workers at Galuh insist they do not practice shackling – known locally as pasung. The practice has been banned in Indonesia since 1979, and the Indonesian government launched a campaign in 2011 to eliminate it once and for all. “We don’t practice pasung,” said Sudradjat. “If we did, then these people wouldn’t be able to move altogether. “But we let them out of these chains every few days or so. Once they stop being dangerous to

themselves and others we let them out. “Then we put them back into the chains. It all depends on their mood.” The stench in Galuh is overwhelming, a mixture of human urine and faeces. As lunch is served, one of the workers sprays away the human waste with a hose, and inevitably people are hit by the splashes of the dirty water. In the middle of the compound, there is a giant cage with huge metal grilles. The cage is locked. Inside, there are about 30 or 40 people many of them also chained, and without any clothes on. It is a depressing, disturbing place. But it is also a place that is supported by the Indonesian government. Galuh gets $10,000 in funding every year from the social welfare ministry, but the people who work here say that money covers fewer than half of the pa-

Planning for ‘digital afterlife’ CYBErSpACE – Google is to al-

low users of its products to decide what happens to their data after they die or become inactive online, the irst major company to deal with the sensitive issue. The feature applies to email, social network Google plus and other accounts that store personal data and also photographic records. users can choose to delete their data after a set period of time, or pass it on to specific people. Internet users around the world have expressed concern

about what happens to their data after their demise. “We hope that this new feature will enable you to plan your digital afterlife – in a way that protects your privacy and security – and make life easier for your loved ones after you’re gone,” Google said in a blogpost. California-based Google also owns YouTube, photo-sharing service picasa and Blogger. Google said users can opt to have their data deleted after three, six, nine or 12 months of inactivity. Alternatively, certain contacts

can be sent data from some or all of their services. However, the company said it would text a provided number or email a secondary email address to warn users before any action is taken. people are increasingly placing content on social networks and data storage facilities hosted in cyberspace, or the “cloud”. Other companies have also attempted to tackle the questions that raises after a person’s death. Facebook, as an example, allows users to “memorialise” an account. - BBC

tients here. The foundation was started in 1994 by a man named Gendu Mulatip, who believed in a combination of prayer, herbal treatments and chaining people temporarily to cure them. He died in 2011 but now his son Suhanda runs the place. He boasts of his success rate – but can’t say speciically how many people he has cured. “There are a lot of people with a variety of illnesses here,” Suhanda said. “We treat them with herbal concoctions made of leaves and then we mix it with coconut water. It makes them calm. Doctors use sleeping pills, we use this – we don’t depend on medication. “And praise God, we’ve seen people healed from this, and we are happy with the results. But we can’t say what our success rate is here, because people come and go.” Galuh has been criticised by Indonesia’s medical community for not using modern methods to treat its patients. Nina Mardiana, Galuh’s secretary, acknowledges there are problems with the foundation but says it needs more help from the government. “I hope it will be better here in the future,” she said. “None of our workers have any medical training. We just diagnose people based on what we think is wrong with them. “We have told the government that we need some basic medical training, so that we can identify the diseases that people here have.” The BBC approached Indonesia’s health ministry to ind out why the government is fund-

ing an institution that still uses shackling when it has committed to eliminating it. “Well in the first place, it is not the health ministry that funds Galuh – that’s the social welfare ministry’s job,” said Diah Setia utami, director of mental health at the health ministry. “Of course we deeply regret these conditions. 2014 is our deadline for getting rid of shackling in Indonesia – but when I talk to these foundations they think shackling is the best method for their patients. “And families still send their mentally ill relatives there. So it is a dificult problem to ix.” For many Indonesians, seeing a family member aflicted with a mental disease is frightening and confusing –as it is for people around the world. But there is relatively far less information about mental illnesses in Indonesia than there may be in other, more developed countries. Many uneducated Indonesians who live in rural areas believe that these ailments are a result of being the victim of a curse, or black magic. But there are some hospitals in Indonesia that are trying to treat the country’s mentally ill properly. The ministry of health says there are about 800 trained psychiatrists in the country, and 34 dedicated mental health institutions in Indonesia. Dr Asmarahadi says its not just that there aren’t enough hospitals or doctors– it’s also the stigma attached to mentally ill patients that makes it so challenging to treat the disease. “Trained psychiatrists like

me are losing out to the witch doctors and spiritual teachers. “We need to get the message out to people that mentally ill patients can be treated with medication, and can live normal lives. “people think that with medication they will turn into shells of themselves, and not be able to have sexual relations with their partners. That’s not true. “ Dr Asmaharadi admits that the problem isn’t one Indonesia can solve overnight. “It’s very challenging,” he said. “Most of the people that come here have generalised anxiety problems, or schizophrenia. “We can cure them with medication. But by the time they come here for many of them it’s too late. “Our culture is to blame – people come to the mental hospital as the last resort after they have spent all their money on witchdoctors, shamans and faith-based healing centres.” Faith alone cannot help the likes of the people at Galuh. Stripped of their dignity, they’re locked up and caged like animals Experts say between one and ive per cent of Indonesia’s 240 million population is struggling with a mental illness, and that’s just the recorded cases. There could be many more out there, but because of a lack of data there’s just no way of telling. Indonesia says stamping out shackling is a priority – but admits it will miss its 2014 target. That’s little comfort for the country’s mentally ill, whose ranks are growing year by year. - BBC/ Karishma Vaswani


Monday, april 15, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNEWS nuti no TE pA ENuA

Front petitions for return to democracy Consultations deadline shifted, PIF concerned at latest actions SUVA – The Fiji regime has extended its deadline for submissions on its draft constitution yet again. As its consultation efforts continue, an opposition group is launching a petition for an immediate return to democracy. regime leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama says peo-

ple have “warmly accepted” the draft which replaces the dumped document drawn up by the Constitution Commission. He says people want some aspects clariied but there’s been an “overwhelmingly positive response”. The regime plans more public meetings and radio talkback

paciic BRIEFS MASS ESCAPE FROM PNG PRISON PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Twenty one prison escapees are on the run in Papua New Guinea, prompting police to warn residents to take caution. Police say 41 prisoners dashed for freedom from Buimo prison in Lae and one was shot dead during the police chase. Nineteen other prisoners were apprehended with the assistance of the corrections staf. PNG Village reports the escapees include remandees and criminals and are deemed a dangerous threat to communities in the Province. Police are now appealing to the public to come forward with more information about the 21 who are now on the run.

ISLANDERS wANT TO OwN RESERVES RAPU NUI – A Rapa Nui elder says if reserves are established around her island her people must own them. Pew Environment Group’s Kermadec Initiative hosted a group from Rapa Nui or Easter Island, French Polynesia and chile looking to New Zealand for expertise on how to protect their ocean resources. The trip has been described as an opportunity for the indigenous delegates to see how iwi have been able to negotiate with the government. But Jacqueline Rapu Tuki says indigenous people should get the beneit of marine reserves. “Here in New Zealand the government owns the reserve. What we’d like to see on Rapa Nui is that the Rapa Nui own the reserve.” Rapu Tuki says a marine reserve would be very important for Rapa Nui’s identity but also for the rest of the world.

FAMILY SAFETY LAwS APPLAUDED SAMOA – A women’s group is applauding the passing into law of Samoa’s Family Safety bill, saying it complements other work being done to protect victims of family violence and sexual abuse. The bill, passed by parliament last month, gives more power to police, health oicials and educators to help afected families, especially women and children. Papali’i Dr Viopapa Annandale of the PanPaciic and Southeast Asia Women’s Association says a number of studies indicate the level of violence in Samoa is still too high. She says the legislation is long overdue, yet a step in the right direction. “The Family Safety Bill has just been passed and so will be implemented presumably immediately, where it will provide protection orders for women and criminalise some of the violence abusive activities that were going on. So we are gradually getting better and stronger legal protections for women and girls.”

REGIME BOSS IN PNG FOR STATE VISIT PAPUA NEW GUINEA– Fiji’s regime leader Voreqe Bainimarama arrived in Papua New Guinea yesterday to begin a four-day state visit to the country. PNG received him with a guard of honour and he was hosted at a state dinner by his counterpart Prime Minister Peter O’Neil. Bainimarama will be the chief guest at a PNG-Fiji Business Council breakfast today and hold bilateral talk with O’Neil. Tomorrow he will open the Fiji trade mission to PNG before sharing a “light moment with Sir Michael Somare over a cup of tea in the afternoon”, FBC reports. On Thursday, Bainimarama jets out of PNG for other oicial engagements overseas.

PARTIES DENY ALLEGATIONS OF FRAUD FIJI – The Proposed National Federation Party in Fiji has denied allegations of anomalies in their registration. Party executive Raman Pratap Singh says they are preparing a response as requested by the Registrar of Political Parties. Singh has not commented much but has denied all allegations of fraud leveled against his party and says they will ile their response to the registrar by Friday. Meanwhile, the proposed Social Democratic Liberal Party says they will also be iling in their response before the deadline on Friday. Both proposed parties have been asked to explain alleged claims of fraudulent impersonation regarding the registration of its members.

ExTENDED wET SEASON CAUSES FLOODING PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Heavy rain and lash looding will be experienced mainly in the inland areas as Papua New Guinea faces an extended wet season, according to the national weather oice. Oice director Sam Maiha said the possibility of an extended rainy season up to June was because of a delay in the natural rainfall cycle in the country. He said the wet season would be more intense than usual because the ocean or seas were warmer by 0.5 degrees over the normal sea temperature. “The 0.5 degrees can seem small but in terms of the amount of moisture, it will be signiicant,” He warned people living along river banks or in inland areas to take precautions about possible looding.

shows and wants all submissions now in by the end of this month. But an extra four days for feedback is unlikely to appease the draft’s critics, rNZI reports. At another of its public meetings on the draft this week, the united Front for a Democratic Fiji is to launch its “people’s petition”, calling on people to sign up for an immediate return to democracy. It plans to present the petition to the united Nations, the European union and Fiji’s president and its Military Council. In an attempt to add credibility to the extended constitutional debate, Bainimarama has urged the leaders of the still unregistered political parties to make submissions on the draft instead of criticising

the document. Bainimarama has told a radio talkback show it is time for politicians to show leadership and be part of the constitutional process. Ministers from the pacific Islands Forum (PIF) have told Fiji’s interim government they are “concerned” by its recent actions. During talks in Suva, the ministers also stressed the need for elections, scheduled for next year, to be free and fair. The group said much work had been done but noted that Fiji had failed to stick to an agreed “roadmap to democracy”. It was the pIF’s first talks with the Fijian regime in Suva since it rejected the Yash Ghai draft constitution and rushed

through its own version. Fiji’s Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the revised draft was the focus of Friday’s pIF meeting. “We did say to them or explained to them the reasons for the deviation from the guide draft and the Constituent Assembly and what we are doing now,” he said. “Some critics are saying that the media here is unfair or biased, and we said we don’t tell the media what to write or what to print. “And sometimes it’s not what people write or print, it’s sometimes what they don’t write or print also that’s an issue.” The pIF suspended Fiji in 2009 after prime Minister Frank Bainimarama failed to honour a vow to hold elections that year.

New Zealand had helped fund Fiji’s Constitutional Commission and has offered technical expertise to prepare for the country’s transition from military rule with elections in 2014. N e w Z e a l a n d’s Fo r e i g n Minister, Murray McCully, said the pI F ministers held “very professional constructive discussions” with members of the Fijian Government. “Look, this is a long road, the elections are a long way away, well over a year,” he said. “There is a lot of water to travel under the bridge and we look forward to maintaining our engagement and will be watching the events over the coming days.” Commodore Bainimarama has announced he plans to run in the 2014 elections. - PNC

Indonesian agreement to end pOrT VILA – Vanuatu’s new

prime minister has promised to terminate a defence co-operation agreement with Indonesia and support independence for papua province. The move is one of 68 measures contained in an ambitious 100-day plan for prime minister Moana Carcasses’ new government. The termination of the defence co-operation agreement with Indonesia is item 32 on a 68-point list of what he hopes

to achieve in his irst 100 days in power. Carcasses has also promised support for the Free West papua movement’s bid to become full members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group. T h e p r e v i o u s Va n u a t u government had developed warmer relations with Indonesia and under the soon-to-becancelled defence agreement Indonesia had provided some material support and logistical assistance to the paramilitary

Vanuatu mobile force. Carcasses also wants to hold a special session of parliament to change the constitution to give Vanuatu’s Council of Chiefs a veto power over any laws dealing with customary land. Other items on his 100-day plan include creating a special ministry for climate change and allowing legal action to be taken against political leaders for recovery of misappropriated funds. A complete audit of the Hong

Kong-based Vanuatu residency scheme, under which wealthy Chinese investors could become virtual citizens of Vanuatu, is also proposed. Carcasses replaced Sato Kilman as prime minister, who resigned from ofice in May. He is the first naturalised citizen to become prime minister since Vanuatu gained independence 32 years ago and is the leader of Vanuatu’s Greens party. - ABC

Woman takes on top police post HONIArA – The Solomon Islands police force is being led by a woman for the irst time. Juanita Matanga takes the reins as Acting police Commissioner while Commissioner John Lansley is on leave. She has told radio Australia’s pacific Beat she hopes her appointment will give hope to other women. “I think it’s something that everyone should look upon as opening an avenue for women in the royal Solomon Islands police Force, to look upon as a challenging area that they can

be pursued,” Matanga said. “I think having that opportunity opening up for us women is much easier now, so that if anyone aspired to take on that job, they can work hard to attain that.” Commissioner Matanga is a 23-year veteran of the force. She says the force has gone through changes in that time, and is currently undergoing more shifts as the regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) winds down. “In any developing country you see a lot of changes in so-

ciety, if you’re looking at what we’ve done in the past, it’s quite different in terms of how we see it in today’s policing,” she said. “The concept and principles of policing still remain the same – it’s the techniques of how you apply policing that has changed.” Matanga will be acting in the position until Lansley, whose future role with the force remains uncertain, returns from leave on April 16. - ABC

Acting Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga. ABC

Solomons teachers back at school HONIArA – Solomon Islands

teachers went back to school yesterday after the settlement of a pay dispute that has seen them on strike for two weeks. In negotiations with the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association (SINTA), the Ministry of Education has agreed to meet the striking teachers’ demand for outstanding back pay. Walter Desuitai, SINTA’s general secretary, said many of the

issues that led to the strike action have been resolved. “I would not want to say that we have achieved everything, that we have won the battle here, because we will wait and see the implementation part of it,” he said. “But principally the government has done the right thing in recognising the struggle that SINTA had taken up on behalf of teachers until now.”

Desuitai says the agreement will raise teachers’ pay “one level” in accordance with the teacher’s handbook, which was at the centre of the dispute. He also acknowledged the issue of “ghost teachers”, who are said to be drawing more than one salary from the government payroll. “With the task force that is also part of the agreement they’re going to closely moni-

tor and look into the details of that problem,” he said. Solomon Islands prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has ordered an urgent inquiry into hundreds of “ghost teachers” on the government payroll. The Ministry of Education believes there are more than 500 teachers on the payroll who do not exist, using more than one name and separate bank accounts. -ABC

Speaker warns MPs may lose seats ApIA – The Speaker of Samoa’s parliament says the conduct of three members of parliament who have been implicated in recent court cases will be investigated by the Legislative Assembly. La’auli Leuatea polata’ivao is quoted by the Samoa Observer

saying that the outcome of the investigation could cost some Mps their seats. The group to be investigated include Muagututagata peter Ah Him, who the Supreme Court found to have misappropriated funds that belong to the Samoa red Cross Society.

The speaker says he has requested a copy of the ruling from the registrar of the courts so he can decide the next step regarding Ah Him. The speaker says the M p Peseta Vaifou Tevaga, who appeared in court earlier this year for negligent driving causing

death, will be investigated. And the Mp Toeolesulusulu Cedric Schuster, who has been charged in connection with a roadblock set up at Satapuala in a demonstration over government’s takeover of land across from Faleolo Airport, will face the assembly. - RNZI


Monday, april 15, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNEWS nuti no TE pA ENuA

Call for disarmament

Fate of injured women hostages not known BuKA – At the time of going to

press there was no update on papua New Guinea or world media news sites regarding the fate of three injured women being held hostage in a sorcery-related incident in Bougainville. Local police have said they don’t have the manpower or irepower to take action to free the women. But it’s not only the police that are standing by doing nothing. When the ABC News contacted Stephen Kamma, the Minister for Bougainville Affairs, he declined to comment, saying he didn’t want to get involved. Kate Schuetze, Amnesty International’s Paciic researcher said: “If all the police can do is stand by and watch while women are executed, that’s a very sad situation for the country indeed. “I understand that there are limitations with resources, but it’s not an adequate excuse for government to say that they can’t protect someone’s life and meet their responsibilities that they’ve signed up to just because they don’t have the capacity.” Human rights activists in the autonomous papua New Guinea province have called for a renewed effort to remove all guns from the community. This comes after last week’s brutal killing of women’s rights advocate, Helen rumbali and the torturing of members of her extended family.

The perpetrators had accused the rumbali women of sorcery but the chair of the North Bougainville Human rights Committee, Helen Hakena, says a protest march was told the attackers were driven by jealousy of the rumbali family. “The family is well known, they’ve got positions in government and this woman is a women’s leader – and they’ve got good homes.” Despite being unable to rescue rumbali’s sister and two nieces from a village medical centre, police have promised to catch the killers while Hakena says the marchers want a total disarmament of the province. “Because when we see guns, there are so many guns, like guns have come out into the open again after the incident last week, so we are calling on the government to send police to investigate and at the same time to remove all the guns that are still in circulation here in Bougainville.” rNZI reports that a gun free Bougainville is necessary before the province can conduct a referendum on possible independence, as allowed for under the peace Agreement. The pacific Women’s Network Against Violence Against Women has announced it stands in solidarity with the North Bougainville Human rights Committee in condemning and demanding an end to sorceryrelated killings of innocent

women in papua New Guinea. “This barbaric act is yet another example of the unrelenting violence that women and girls are subjected to in papua New Guinea,” Shamima Ali, Coordinator of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre and Chairperson of the Paciic Women’s Network Against Violence Against Women, said. “In this instance, our sister who was advocating for human rights and the empowerment of women in Bougainville has been mercilessly executed on the pretext that she was engaging in witchcraft. “Helen rumbali was a person who dedicated her life to the betterment and development of Bougainville. “ Women who stand up against misogyny and violence to try and help other women are being accused of sorcery in order to try to intimidate and silence them.” “Helen rumbali’s murder is the latest atrocity in this war on women” said Ali. “The government of papua New Guinea must immediately condemn these killings and take all measures for the immediate disarmament of all civilians, including ex-combatants.” “We call on the government to develop progressive legislation and policies to ensure the protection of women and girls and the prevention of violence perpetrated against them,” Ali said. - PNC

Aussie Scott wins the Masters

aotearoa NEWS CHAIRMAN MAO’S FEATHER CLOAK COMING HOME A MAORI cloak given to china’s leader Mao Zedong in 1957 is to be temporarily returned to New Zealand. The announcement was made by Maori Afairs Minister Pita Sharples who is with Prime Minister John Key on a trade mission in china. The feather cloak (kakahu huruhuru) was given to chairman Mao by New Zealand ilm-maker Ramai Te Miha Hayward on behalf of the ifth Maori King, Koroki, as a gift of goodwill to the chinese leaders. Hayward was part of a small delegation of the New Zealand china Friendship Society, which also included the poet Ron Mason. In 2004, New Zealand ambassador John McKinnon searched for the cloak and found it stored in the National Museum of China in Beijing with other foreign gifts. The cloak will be displayed in Wellington at the national museum, Te Papa Tongarewa, from June 13 to October 20. It was handed over at an event at the National Museum of china hosted by Vice-Premier Liu Yandong, who spoke about how special the cloak was as it was gifted at a time when there was much suspicion about china. - RNZI

INDIGENOUS CHANNEL PRAISES MAORI TV SUPPORT ABORIGINAL broadcasters in Australia are praising Maori Television for the support it’s given and sharing its knowledge and TV shows to help ill their programme content. The National Indigenous Television service (NITV) was launched in 2007 but six months ago joined the SBS network, to enable it to broadcast to the whole of Australia. NITV manager, Tanya Denning, who belongs to the Birri nation from central and northern Queensland, says Maori TV has backed the channel right from the start, and collaborating with them and other indigenous broadcasters has given them a sense of unity. She says it helps that Australia and Aotearoa are so close. Denning says the staf at Maori TV have been very encouraging and both channels have a good relationship; not only on a professional level but also on a wider level as a group of international indigenous broadcasters. - RNZI

DESCENDANTS UNITE FOR RESTORATION OF POLLUTED LAKE SIcK of waiting for action, descendants of Muaupoko and Pareraukawa have taken the issue of pollution of Lake Horowhenua in the Wairarapa and set up a working party to push the restoration of the lake and stream to begin in earnest this year. They were to hold a public meeting in Levin on Sunday to seek support from the public for eforts to return Lake Horowhenua and the stream to a pristine state. Working party convenor Professor Whatarangi Winiata has drawn together local iwi with common interests in the lake and stream. “Our people have been located beside the lake and the Hokio stream for almost 200 years,” he said. “The irst 150 years those water bodies sustained our people. Sixty years ago the council made a decision which has had disastrous consequences for our hapu, for local iwi and now for the community as a whole. That decision to discharge sewage into the lake in 1953 continues to have signiicant negative consequences today.” Local environmentalist Peter Huria said the lake is a sacred body of water for him and was for his tupuna for hundreds of years. He is distressed to see the lake in its current state and supports the move to take action. - NZH

NGATI POROU TO CREATE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY EAST Coast iwi Ngati Porou is to set up its own building irm with the aim of creating afordable housing for descendants. Ngati Porou Runanga chairperson Apirana Mahuika says the tribe has the raw materials needed for construction. He says they have a forestry company, and a lot of the trees will soon be ready for harvesting – with the bulk ready to fell in two years time. It is also helping seven rangatahi train as carpenters at Eastern Institute of Technology by providing them with scholarships. Mahuika says it’s not all about putting up structures; it’s about ensuring the people of Ngati Porou are not just the hewers of wood and the carriers of water. He says tribal lawyers are looking at how the building company will be set up. The iwi already has a number of subsidiaries including Ngati Porou Seafoods Group. - RNZI

MACBETH SPEAKS MAORI IN SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL MACBETH speaks Elizabethan English and te reo Maori in Waimea College’s presentation of the Shakespeare play. Student Luke Burke, 17, took to the stage as Macbeth in the Tasman regional heats of the University of Otago’s Shakespeare Festival on Saturday luent in the language of the Bard and the language of the Maori. Drama teacher Doug Brooks said Iriaka Epiha-Ferris at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Tuia te Matangi helped translate the te reo sections of the play. Brooks said learning Shakespeare in both Elizabethan English and te reo Maori was a challenge for his students. Burke said one of his motivations for returning to Waimea College this year, repeating year 13, was being able to combine te reo Maori and Shakespeare on stage. “It’s pretty cool. It’s just something I have never done before. We’re pretty much the only group in the competition that’s going to be doing that,” he said. - PNC

milk deal opens way for $25 million expansion A DEAL between Maori-controlled dairy processing company, Miraka, and chinese company Shanghai Pengxin, means work can now start on a $25 million plant to make UHT long life milk. Miraka chair, Kingi Smiler, who signed the memorandum of understanding in china last week, says the company expects to eventually get about half the milk produced on the former crafar farms, which are managed for Shanghai Pengxin by Landcorp. The deal should also give Miraka an outlet for its products through Shanghai Pengxin’s chinese supermarkets. Miraka’s existing whole milk factory at Mokai near Taupo is running at capacity and has a waiting list of potential suppliers. Maori Trustee Jamie Tuuta, who also is a shareholder in Miraka said that Maori should be looking at china as the place to expand their businesses. The Miraka project, eight years in the planning, was the result of Maori trusts with signiicant land assets and farming operations combining forces to get a better return on capital. - waatea news

CANNABIS DEALERS SHOw ‘ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS’ METIRIA Turei’s claim that Maori growing marijuana are developing entrepreneurial and horticultural skills has been slammed as “mind-blowingly ridiculous” by Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne. The Green Party co-leader made the comment on Maori TV’s Native Afairs programme this week, but she has been cut down by Dunne, who branded the claim as “ridiculous” and “irresponsible in the extreme”. In the show, Turei said growing the illegal drug helps develop “real skills” among Maori, particularly in disadvantaged areas. “There’s some real skills there actually, some real entrepreneurial skills, some real horticulture skills, as much as people might think that’s a bit funny,” she said. In a piece on the show entitled ‘Illegal Tender’, reporter Renee Kahukura Iosefa explored the widespread use and cultivation of marijuana in the Maori community, and the reasons behind that. She said many resort to growing marijuana because of a lack of employment opportunities and a need to support their families. This was a view Turei shared, saying Maori who are struggling economically should not be punished for using their initiative to get by. “It has become an income supplement for whanau, particularly in rural areas, who have very little income and very few job prospects, particularly in the back blocks,” she told the programme. - TV One News


Adam Scott of Australia is the 77th Masters golf tournament champion after beating Argentina’s Angel Cabrera in a play-of in pouring rain at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, yesterday. Scott becomes the irst Australian to win the prestigious goling title. AFP

MAORI academic, Rawiri Taonui says the outburst against a powhiri given to a right wing Danish politician is a reminder of the roots of racism in New Zealand. Marie Krarup has subsequently expressed regret for the response to her column where she described the welcome given to her at the navy marae in Devonport, as grotesque and uncivilised. Dr Taonui says one of the justiications for colonisation was that Europeans believed they were culturally, intellectually and spiritually superior to Maori. That evolved into denying the wrongs perpetrated against Maori and blindness to the efects of institutional racism. “The racism that was used to justify colonisation is now changing to a racism that exhibits a fear that Pakeha will somehow lose something if Maori become stronger or if Maori become more co-equal,” he says. Dr Taonui says similar racism against other groups, especially recent migrants with Muslim or Asian heritage, comes from a similar fear for the loss of what is seen as a superior white culture. - PNC


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LETTErS reta

They have larger reefs than ours Dear Editor, First I would like to applaud all letters to the editor by individuals who sign their name thus relegating unsigned letter writers secondary status. I want to thank the editor for framing the letter from ‘urua’ (A draconian solution to depopulation) in Saturday’s newspaper with an article about recruiting Cook Islanders to work in Australia, and another letter about foreigners playing for the Titikaveka rugby team - which just reinforces my point that we have a emigration/immigration

problem. urua mentions the impact of immigration on wages, suggesting that imported labour suppresses wages. While that may be true to a point, we have had a wage disparity problem since the inception of our country as we can never compete with Australia/New Zealand given their economic base is a thousand times larger than ours. Our wages will be a fraction of New Zealand/Australia regardless of immigrants as evidenced by the wage disparities from the early 1900s to the mid-1990s be-

fore there was any immigrant labour. urua’s letter ends with “ka oki rai te u’u ki te akau roa (the parrot ish always returns to the long reef). First of all, the reefs in New Zealand and Australia are much larger than ours both physically and economically so that is not a good omen. Second, his/her maxim suggests his/her solution is to sit back and do nothing and Cook Islanders will come swimming home like u’u. Well we have been employing this ‘do nothing’ strategy for decades and the results are

12,000 Cook Islanders at home and approximately 100,000+ overseas and growing. Not to mention growing immigration. Clearly, and unbeknownst to urua, the horrible results of this ‘do nothing’ strategy that he/she purports just strengthens my point that the current situation/strategy doesn’t work. It is typical that an anonymous letter writer is quick to criticize and yet offers no fresh ideas or solutions. I have several other rebuttals to urua’s points made in their letter but I do not want

to expound on them all whilst it might obfuscate the original intent of my letter which is to stimulate ideas regarding emigration/immigration. For instance, it was bemusing he/she mentions the Immigration review Committee report that was done a decade ago and then discounts it due to political will. What good is a report done a decade ago if it hasn’t been released, discussed, debated, and implemented? Furthermore, Tonga/Samoa/ Fiji do not have New Zealand/ Australia passports yet there

are several hundred thousands of them there (or is it 500,000 – 1 million?) Clearly, if there is a will, there is a way! Like anything in life. urua, conquer your anonymous fears and give me a call as I welcome thoughtful discussion. Lastly, surprise: I hold a New Zealand passport so I am a Kiwi like you. Again, I restate the motto “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. What’s our plan? Doing nothing is not a plan. Teanaroa paka Worthington rarotonga

Upgraded Avatiu port value for money? Dear Editor, I would like to make comment on the new Avatiu wharf. The Cook Islands ports Authority hired a New Zealand engineering company (BECA) to design and supervise the construction works on the wharf. This was obviously to ensure

that the Cook Islands people received value for money and the finished work was to New Zealand standards. If you walk along the new concrete slab on the western side of the wharf from the domestic terminal and through to the international, it's hard not

to notice the number of concrete cracks on the new concrete slabs. I am not just talking about a few, I am talking about literally hundreds of metres. The Cook Islands people have spent millions of borrowed dollars, and it appears we received either sub-standard workman-

ship or a sub-standard design. Either way, surely this must relect poorly on the port designers/project managers? What I would like to know is who is accountable, and what is being done about it? Not All It's Cracked up To Be (Name and address supplied)

‘So what’s their beef?’

Dear Editor, According to the 2011 census figures, the average annual gross income of all Cook Islands residents was $15,028. This is less than the gross annual amount that those on NZ super receive. However, the former, generally working to support families, are expected to pay tax on their earnings in excess of the $10,000 threshold. It is therefore only fair that superannuates pay their share too – they’d have to pay tax on

their beneit if living in NZ. So what’s their beef? However, I’ll concede that since our government seems to have just woken up to the fact that the NZ pension should have been taxable all along and that many recipients honestly thought they were exempt from this impost, the demand for payment should not be back-dated to 2011. That’s a tough call. It could also be argued that the $10,000 threshold is far too

low and should be increased to match the ever-rising cost of living to at least $15,000. The extra money retained by the wage workers and superannuates would then be spent back in the local economy for the benefit of the community instead of in the form of taxes for government to waste. Whatever, the debate highlights the difference between the local and N Z pensions -- $200/$212.50 versus $546 (after tax) per fortnight – and

underscores the plight of those on the local pittance who, by virtue of their previous taxpaying years in NZ, should also be entitled to NZ super but have been denied by successive intransigent NZ governments and bureaucrats. Meanwhile, sour grapes maybe, but I’m sure the Lost Tribe’s hearts are not bleeding for the recipients of the NZ beneit... Les priest Matavera

ports Authority general manager Bim Tou responds: The writer needs to be aware that reinforced concrete always cracks. The pattern may range from loosely spaced microcracks, that are not clear to the naked eye, to cracks of the type that can be observed in the port pavement. This cracking has been monitored since they began to appear and tested to ensure that, as anticipated, they do not extend to the central reinforcing layer. This cracking takes many months to stabilize as the concrete goes through the aging process and it is now complete for the newest concrete at the port. The options that are available for dealing with the cracks are installing large amounts of “crack control” reinforcing, at a cost

of many thousands of dollars, or sealing the cracks once long term shrinkage is complete, at a much lower cost. This work will be undertaken in the next few months. Your writer is correct, that this redevelopment has provided value for money. I also invite the writer to contact myself directly with technical issues and I will put him/her in contact with our designers for a thorough explanation. The Cook Islands ports Authority is very pleased to have engaged the services of New Zealand Engineering Company Beca International Consultants Limited (BECA) who won the contract against four other international companies to design and supervise the construction works on the newly completed Avatiu port redevelopment.

Free services

Dear Editor, In response to the smoke signal ‘Home visits’ (April 10), Te Vaerua caregivers wish to make their position and services clear. We offer a fully funded service to provide free caregiver services, respite care, advice and support to the elderly and their families. We would like to emphasise that we do not go ‘door to door’ seeking clients, but will only visit if invited by family, friends or a referral is received through the Ministry of Health or stakeholders working in the elderly persons sector. The process to receive delivery of caregiver services starts with an initial visit made by our project manager who will discuss what support is needed and a needs assessment is completed for each client. A trained caregiver employed by Te Vaerua will then be invited to meet with

the elderly person and family members. Te Vaerua caregivers are not to recommend the services of private doctors or other ‘alternative health practitioners’, and no money is to be offered or ever accepted by Te Vaerua caregivers. All our client records are coded and confidential to protect the privacy of every client in our care, we do not give out any information to third parties. All Te Vaerua caregivers are required to carry identification cards with photo ID when visiting clients. If you are requiring caregiver support, have any concerns about the service or are approached by anyone offering caregiving services or medical advice please contact project manager pat Farr on 20195/50948. pat Farr project manager Te Vaerua

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localNEWS nuti no roto i te IpuKArEA

Jury takes 6 hours to reach decision “TrEAT each charge as if it was a little trial within the trial,” Justice Colin Doherty told the jurors in his summing up of Scott Arlander’s week-long trial. The jury took almost six hours to come to their decision, having considered each of the eleven charges against Arlander separately. There were three charges of selling cannabis, which arose out of Arlander selling two undercover officers the drug. Doherty said he did not think the jury would have any problem in deciding the defendant was guilty of these charges, as he admitted to doing so under cross examination and admitted he knew it was illegal in the Cook Islands. They found him guilty of these three crimes, for which he will be sentenced on August 16. Doherty warned him to expect imprisonment. The other eight charges were not so simple. The jury could not reach unanimous agreement one way or the other, and because of that doubt Arlander was found not guilty on those. On the charge of cultivating cannabis, Crown relied on a conversation the defendant had with the undercover officer in rehab Nightclub & Bar on October 29, 2010 where he said he’d had a few outdoor plantations in rarotonga that worked out well. The hormone growing powder and water crystals found at his house during a police search added to this evidence. The defence to this was that it

was all “big talk” gleaned from information others had told him about growing weed over the years, and that the growing agents were for legitimate gardening. That same conversation led to the charge of importing cannabis. He told the oficer he got a shipment of cannabis in every two weeks. In a later conversation he told the oficer his friend with a high up government job – who has name suppression – brought it in using his diplomatic bag, which cannot be searched. “That was just wild talk,” said Arlander during the trial. “I was just talking big, talking a big game.” The charge of importing class A drug LSD, or acid, also stemmed from the conversation on October 29. Arlander told the officer he was getting LSD in a rare drop form from a chemist friend in Australia “who had gone to the dark side”. He told him the drug was so good it made him see colours and helped keep him up all night working. A week later, he told the other undercover officer he had got some LSD “trips” for himself. Defence again said it was Arlander’s “big mouth” just repeating what other people had told him about the drug. On the charge of conspiring to import ecstasy or ‘E’, Crown said there was no doubt there was an agreement between Arlander and the undercover agents, which formed between

November 5, 2010 and April 7, doing all that and making him think you were the man?” asked 2011. These included discussing McKenzie. “He seemed like the man to finances and organising a dry me and I just wanted to meet run of pills. In November 2010, Arlander him on equal footing,” Arlander met up at palace Burger to dis- replied. Text records to the friend cuss the matter further with the with the diplomatic bag show oficer. Arlander arrangHe told him the Arlander often ing to meet up courier he was gowith him to talk ing to use to bring had texts from about a ‘project’. the E in was his people asking In January 2011, friend with the dipfor the ‘news’ or Arlander told the lomatic bag, whose ‘daily newspaper’. officer the friend name has been supWhile Crown said with the diplomatpressed. this referred to ic bag was “out” as He told the ofcannabis, Arlander someone else who ficer he had given said it meant the had been doing it that man some pills before and he liked Cook Islands News, for years got bustthem and that was and he had a friend ed for bringing in that liked to get drugs. But he told why he was keen to him another friend be involved. They it from him after who had been discussed this man’s he had bought bringing cannabis cut of the proits. and read it. “for ages” would They agreed to do a test run of 20 pills and agreed use the same method to bring that if that went well, they in the ecstasy a couple of months would import 150. Arlander down the track. Defence said this was all “bratold him he would sell them here in lots of 10 for $600 to a vado” and exaggerations and he small group of other “trusted did not have anything in place. The charge of possessing a guys”, who would sell it on. They made up a code ‘the boys bong arose after police found are on their way’ to let Arlander a bong, a modified drink botknow when the shipment was tle used to smoke cannabis, at the defendant’s house on May arriving. During cross-examination 4, 2011. Crown relied on the evidence from Crown lawyer Sarah McKenzie, Arlander said it was all a story he came up with at the time, and he was just playing along to impress the undercover agent. “But what was the point of

Judge guides jurors THE JurOrS deciding drug ac-

cused Scott Arlander’s fate spent a tough six hours in solitary confinement trying to reach a conclusion on whether he was guilty or not of eleven charges against him. The chosen 12 had spent ive long days of hearing every minute detail of the Operation Eagle sting relating to Arlander. Justice Colin Doherty guided them on Saturday morning. He told them not to let sympathy or prejudice impinge upon their objective decision making. “You may have very strong views on drugs, but you are not to let that colour looking at the facts.” He gave them a ‘question trail’ to help direct their decision making process. Each question started with ‘are you sure’, as Arlander’s guilt must be proved beyond reasonable doubt. The onus of proving the charge rests on the Crown, rather than defence having to prove he is innocent. Doherty told them to make their decision they must consider all the evidence given throughout the trial as well as

what the witnesses said. While going through ArThey had to weigh up wheth- lander’s evidence the jury has er the witness was credible or three options, said Doherty. reliable. “You might conclude his evi“reliability is harder – a per- dence is truthful and reliable son may be completely honest, and an answer to the Crown’s but often mistaken. But you case. Then you can ind him not don’t have to accept everything guilty on that charge. a witness says.” “Or, you might not accept use robust old-fashioned what he said as the total truth. common sense, Doherty said. But it might reasonably be true – “Look and listen and ask your- so you must give him the beneit self whether your can rely on of the doubt.” what the witness The third option said.” was they do not be“people The jury had to lieve him at all – but thought he test what one witthis does not mean ness said against they automatically was a good another and ind him guilty. They man – but he must go back though looked at it with the other evidence. admitted to other evidence, beDoherty said cause Crown must you he sold some play has been prove his guilt. made by defence As to weight given cannabis,” that the underto evidence by charsaid Doherty. acter witnesses, this cover oficers used ‘entrapment’. is mainly related to But entrapment is a legal term whether the jury can believe and Doherty had admitted eve- what Arlander says. Having rything to be heard in court. He a good character previously is told them not to have sympathy not a defence to a crime, said for the defendant just because Doherty. undercover oficers gathered the “people thought he was a evidence. good man – but he admitted to you he sold cannabis.” The jury was given transcripts of the trial to help check what witnesses said. They were told if they needed the judge’s help at any point during their deliberations, to write him a note and pass it out through the registrar. First with the news. - Calida Smylie

What will rADIO be talking about today?

Our stories.


of police officer who found it and also the admittance of the defendant that he smokes cannabis two to three times a week. Defence said apart from the location, there is nothing to prove it was Arlander’s. Lawyer Norman George said there is no certainty it was Arlander’s as he and his wife had many visitors to their house. The Crown based its evidence on the inal charge of offering to supply cannabis on text messages between the defendant and what Crown said were his clients. Certain words in the texts were drugs jargon, says Crown. An expert police drugs witness gave evidence and his opinion about words used to hide drug deals. Defence said the words used throughout the 14,000 text messages looked at, such as ‘fish’, ‘news’, ‘greens’ and ‘sounds’, have their everyday meaning. Arlander often had texts from people asking for the ‘news’ or ‘daily newspaper’. While Crown said this referred to cannabis, Arlander said it meant the Cook Islands News, and he had a friend that liked to get it from him after he had bought and read it. During his wife Jane Mitchell’s cross-examination, Mc-

Scott Arlander was remanded into custody until his sentencing in August. 13041276 Kenzie asked whether they got the newspaper. She replied yes, and that they kept a pile of old newspapers which was used for cat litter. Another common reference was to ish, which Arlander said referred to parrot ish which he would on-sell to friends. Mitchell was asked whether they ever had ish at their house. She replied yes, and that it was cooked for their family’s consumption. The jury had to decide beyond reasonable doubt that what Crown put to them was true, before deciding whether Arlander was guilty or not. - Calida Smylie


Monday, april 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Port upgrade a ‘boost to the economy’ A CErEMONY was held on Friday to mark the completion of the $27 million Avatiu port upgrade. The Avatiu project, undertaken by contractors Beca International Consultants, in-

volved upgrading the domestic and international wharves, and deepening the harbour. Mike Henry, chairman of the Board of the Cook Islands ports Authority, said there was money left over to install addi-

tional facilities that were not originally planned. These include replacing three old cargo sheds, and installing extra lighting and a footbridge over the Avatiu stream to provide a direct passage to the punanga

The harbour upgrade was celebrated with a traditional ceremony. 13041409-11

Nui market. The project was funded via a $27 million loan to the Cook Islands government by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). ADB deputy director general, Ayumi Konishi, said the har-

bour is important to the Cook Islands economy. “Avatiu handles 90 per cent of Cook Islands’ imports by sea, and the country is heavily reliant on such imports to support its tourism, which accounts for

over 50 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product. “Tourism earnings are expected to increase further as smaller cruise ships are now able to berth at Avatiu,” he said. - Briar Douglas

Minister of Finance Mark Brown (left) and deputy director general of the Asian Development Bank, Ayumi Konishi. 13041408


Monday, april 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Rocky the stoneish (right) protects his new female companion.

Love for Rocky?


rOCKY the stonefish at the Whale and Wildlife Centre in Atupa is perkier these days thanks to the addition of female company in his tank. Centre manager Sheryl John says that rocky seems to be quite happy with his new companion who arrived at the centre last Friday. “Since we put her in the tank – rocky has really come to life,” says John. John was advised that if the new stoneish was a male – there could be trouble, but judging by the protective nature of rocky for his new female companion its love in paradise.

rocky was relocated to the centre three months ago and his new companion was relocated from the lagoon at Moana Sands on the south side of the island. The pair are fed fresh water tilapia fish each every day and when rarotonga school children visit – they are spoilt by the kids eager to see the stoneish feed. “Stoneish are fantastic but I suppose I haven’t felt their pain from their sting.” John says the pair, like all stoneish, are gentle and placid creatures. The ish are described as one of the most venomous in the world, dangerous and often fa-

tal to humans. When pressure is put on the ish, like someone accidentally walking on it in the lagoon, the spines of the stonefish are exposed and toxin involuntarily released. As they are bottom dwelling ish – a good practise for all when walking in the lagoon for a dip is to shufle and disturb the sand underfoot which will force a stoneish to move along or hide. The loved up stoneish are on display in their tanks at the centre in Atupa along with a huge collection of marine exhibitions – live and fossilised. - Matariki Wilson

Sheryl John inspects the two stoneish at the Whale and Wildlife Centre in Atupa .


rd ! y a d h t Ir B r u o s It


ls so฀we฀are฀celeBrating฀with CrazyspeCIathis฀week฀only฀ ฀specials฀change฀daily฀so฀don’t฀miss฀oUt:






















mondays฀to฀thursdays฀8am฀-฀5.30pm fridays฀8am-6pm฀saturdays฀8am-2pm check฀us฀out฀on฀st฀Joseph฀rd,฀avarUa.฀ph฀22259.



Monday, april 15, 2013 cook Islands News

localNEWS nuti no roto i te IpuKArEA

returned to his birthplace A MAN who was born in the Cook Islands in the 1950s has returned to his birthplace for the irst time – and was pleasantly surprised at what he found. Rob McVeagh was born in rarotonga Hospital in 1951 and while he does not remember anything about his early childhood in the Cooks, his older sister Trish has fond memories of growing up in Aitutaki. She was was given the name pau by the islanders, which the family understood to be the name of the irst woman or Eve, as she was the irst papaa baby on Aitutaki. It’s been 60 years since McVeagh has been back and he cannot believe he has waited so long. He came with a party of 25

for a 60th birthday celebration on his wife’s family side. “It’s bloody amazing here. It’s got a lovely climate, and the people are so friendly and helpful – they’re just lovely aren’t they?” A local shopkeeper suggested he talk to CI News to tell his story of returning to the place of his birth. The man lives in Wellington and is a surveyor for Opus International, and comments with surprise at how urban rarotonga is and the lack of ‘road rage’ here. “Everyone just smiles.” He was busy being a tourist on his week-long trip, going on glass bottom boat trips and to the markets, and already intends to come back. The keen sailor wants to sail

here next time and get up to Aitutaki too, which he decided against on this trip because of the cost. McVeagh always kept the Cooks in his heart, fuelled by the stories his parents – who have passed away – used to tell him of their time here. His father Bernard ‘Mac’ McVeagh became Aitutaki Airport manager in 1947 and stayed for six years, servicing the lying boats which came to the island by towing a barge through the reef to refuel them. His mother pat acted as a travel agent for the flying boat passengers. “My father always had great memories and stories of the fun-loving and laidback people

Rob McVeagh was born in the Cook Islands and returned for the irst time after 60 years. 13040512 here. He had worked all around the Paciic and loved the Cook Islands the best.” - Calida Smylie

Bernard ‘Mac’ McVeagh became Aitutaki Airport manager in 1947 and stayed for six years. 13041143

Pat McVeagh acted as a travel agent for the lying boat passengers. She is pictured centre with her Aitutaki colleagues. 13041146 The McVeagh family Pat, Trish and Bernard. Rob, who was not born at that stage, recently visited the Cooks after 60 years away. 13041151

Rob McVeagh’s sister Trish was known as Pau by the islanders, as she was the irst papaa baby on Aitutaki. 13041149

Images taken from the McVeagh family photo album show their happy six years in Aitutaki. 13041148

An aerial view of Aitutaki in the early 1950s. 13041145


Monday, april 15, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.





Te pati akaaka ia atu nei te au atu enua i runga ite enua VAIMAANGA 5B. Kia tae mai ki te uipanga enua. Ra 15(Monday April 2013) ora 5 ite aiai ki ko ite Vaimaanga meeting house. Thank you maata Taki Lazaro.

TO:ThE LANDOWNERS OF MAIOKARERE PT SECTION 89K2, ARORANGI The Mortgagee of a Deed of Lease of the above land situated in Arorangi, Rarotonga in the area of 4,716m2 has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the Deed of Lease by way of assignment. The sale is subject to the landowners waiving their right of irst refusal in respect of the sale by way of assignment. Should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interest you have one month from Wednesday, 10 April 2013 to notify us in writing. Details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchaser are available to landowners whose names appear on the Register of Titles, on request to: charles Little at Little & Matysik P.c., cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, Rarotonga, Tel 21619, Fax 21615 or email charles@

Kia Orana e te hiti tangata Manihiki. E patihanga teia ki te katoatoa kia tae mai tatou ki te huipahanga i te: Paraparau ra 18 i te fora 6 i te ahiahi ki to tatou Hostel. Te manako rahi, no te au manakonako hanga o te Maire Maeva Nui. Fuifui mai kia hakatutu tatou e kia rauka tetahi au manako humamaria. Te katoatoa tei piri mai ana ki te au angaanga o te 2012, haere mai e te katoatoa ka hinangaro i te piri mai. There will be a meeting for the Manihiki community in Rarotonga at the Manihiki Hostel: Thursday 18 April @ 6pm for the purpose of the upcoming Maire Maeve Nui activities. This is an open invite also to those who were involved in the activities of 2012 and anyone else who wishes to come to the meeting. Te Atua te Aroha no tatou katoatoa Na te Komiti o te hiti tangata Manihiki.

Te pati akaaka ia atu nei te au atu enua i runga ite enua VAIMAANGA 5B. Kia tae mai ki te uipanga enua. Ra 15(Monday April 2013) ora 5 ite aiai ki ko ite Vaimaanga meeting house. Thank you maata Taki Lazaro.

70550 / /1780


70582 /31459 /1931

PUBLIC NOTICES TO: ThE LANDOWNERS OF ENUAVAI SECTION 90I1, LOT 17, ARORANGI The Mortgagee of a Deed of Lease of the above land situated in Arorangi, Rarotonga in the area of 1,380m2 has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the Deed of Lease by way of assignment. The sale is subject, among other things, to the landowners waiving their right of irst refusal in respect of the sale and (in the event of them waiving that right), the consent of the majority of landowners residing in Rarotonga to the sale by way of assignment. Should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interest you have one month from Wednesday, 10 April 2013 to notify us in writing. Details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchaser are available to landowners whose names appear on the Register of Titles, on request to: charles Little at Little & Matysik P.c., cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, Rarotonga, Tel 21619, Fax 21615 or email charles@lawyers. 70552 / /1780

TO: ThE LANDOWNERS OF ENUAVAI SECTION 90I1, LOT 15, ARORANGI The Mortgagee of a Deed of Lease of the above land situated in Arorangi, Rarotonga in the area of 923m2 has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the Deed of Lease by way of assignment. The sale is subject, among other things, to the landowners waiving their right of irst refusal in respect of the sale and (in the event of them waiving that right), the consent of the majority of landowners residing in Rarotonga to the sale by way of assignment. Should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interest you have one month from Wednesday, 10 April 2013 to notify us in writing. Details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchasers are available to landowners whose names appear on the Register of Titles, on request to: charles Little at Little & Matysik P.c., cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, Rarotonga, Tel 21619, Fax 21615 or email charles@lawyers. 70551 / /1780

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning invites local consultants to register their interest to prepare an Integrated Water Resources Management Policy that will provide for long term strategic direction of managing Rarotonga’s natural water resources. For further information email or call 22648. closing date for expresssion of interest is Friday 19 April 2013. 70440 /31470 /2009

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



70582 /31459 /1931

SERVICES Salon de hermies in Banana Court- Hair and beauty services for men and woman including massage and NEW!! Gel Polish Manicures. Hermie’s back - call 22278. 70514 / /2164

Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage Phone 22188 or 26189. Email 69898 /28083 /1744

Renovation small pools. Tiling great rates, free quotes. Phone 25253,50040. 70572 /31453 /1931

T’s Waste Disposal De-sludge, quick service. Good rates phone 50188. 70590 /31466 /2480



Business for sale

Large, Spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms close to schools and shops. Large decks Nikao. Phone 25537 or 22260.

a general dry & frozen groceries, liquor, pharmacy, jewels, clothing, cooked food eatery and hardware store located on aitutaki.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.



Manihiki harbours Upgrade Contract No C13/03.1 & C13/03.2 The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning (MOIP) invites Professional and Civil Construction contractors to register their interest (ROI) in a tender for a“ measure and value type contract ”for the “turnkey”, design and construct for the two harbours situated at Manihiki Island in the Cook Islands. Tender documents can be requested or uplifted from; Solomona Solomona Project Oicer MOIP, Rarotonga, Cook Islands Tel (682) 20321, Fax (682) 24321 Email Proposed time frames: • ROI close – 26 April 2031 • Evaluate ROI 29 – 30 April 2013 • Issue Tender Documents to successful applicants 1 May 2013 • Tender close 7 June 2013 • Evaluate tender 10 – 21 June 2013 • Notiication to preferred tenderer 24 June 2013 • Contract negotiations – from the week 24 June 2013. 70602

70586 / /2061



Contact Jef of reMaX pINNaCle on 006492153597 or email

PUBLIC NOTICES Request for Proposal

Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) Te Mato Vai – Rarotonga water upgrade (TMV001/13) NaTIONaL ENVIRONMENT SERVICE

PUBLIC NOTICE Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports Government Departments, agencies and the General Public are hereby advised that the Environment Service has received the following application for a Project Permit as required under Section 36 of the Environment act 2003. application: 1. VAIANA AND ENA DANCE Project: Restaurant Bistro and Bar. Land: Puapuautu Part Section 105C, Nikao Tapere, avarua District – RaROTONGa. In accordance with subsection 5 a) and c) of Section 36 of the Environment act 2003, any person, Government agencies or Organisation who wish to make a written submission for or against the granting of a Project Permit by the Environment Service for this applications, may do so within 30 days commencing on the 8 day of april 2013. Written submissions may be in Cook Islands Maori or English be submitted to the National Environment Service no later than the 7 day of May 2013. EIA Reports for the above applications may be viewed at the following venues, • national Environment Service oice • Takamoa library and Museum • national library or on the National Environment Service Website Director Environment Service. 70451

The Government of the Cook Islands is embarking on a multimillion dollar upgrade of the water supply system on Rarotonga, with the goal of “delivering potable water, reliably, to all properties connected to the existing water supply network, by 2015”. The CI Government has formed “Te Mato Vai” – the Cook Islands Water Partnership with the governments of the People’s Republic of China and New Zealand to fund the upgrade. The Water Supply upgrade will involve rehabilitation of water intakes, creation of additional storage capacity, construction of treatment plants and replacement of all trunk mains, ring mains and local distribution to the boundaries of all properties served by the current network. The project will involve a number of requests for proposals for diferent elements of the upgrade. The Cook Islands Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) invites responses to this request for proposals (RFP) in relation to two projects, namely: (1) developing a Water Supply Master Plan for Rarotonga; and (2) Establishing a Project Management Unit (PMU). Proposers may submit proposals for either or both the Master Plan and PMU projects. A hard copy of the tender document including speciications can be collected during work hours from the MFEM/DCD oice in Avarua or can be downloaded from the following website: For hard copies of the RFP, a non-refundable fee of $100 per copy is to be paid prior to the receiving of the RFP, this fee does not apply to electronic copies of the RFP. Tenders close at 3pm on 24 May 2013, and must be submitted to the MFEM oice in Avarua. Tenders must be submitted in hard copy inside a sealed envelope addressed to: Financial Secretary Ministry of Finance and Economic Management PO Box 120 Rarotonga and clearly marked with “Te Mato Vai – Rarotonga water upgrade (TMV001/13)” and the Proposer’s name. Enquiries to: Peter White Contract Lead MWH NZ Ltd Email Phone +64 (0)3 474 3994 F +64 (0)3 477 0616


Monday, april 15, 2013 cook Islands News





Aitutaki holiday home Accommodating up to 4 people at $75 per night. contact 71726 or

Fully furnished 3 bedroom house, Matavera. Prefer couple, long term. Phone 50728.

A single person or couple wanted to share a modern furnished 2-bedroom house with another professional couple in Arorangi. Great outdoor living, close to main road, excellent security. NZD120 per week. call 55686 to view the house & meet existing tenants.

Security oicer/porter This is a great opportunity for the right person who is consistent with their work, honest, reliable, hardworking and available for shift work and weekends. Must be able to communicate and write in English. An experienced person (male or female) with security background is preferred, feel free to come down and ill in an application form at the Front Oice or contact 55469 for further details.


70567 /31447 /1931

70610 /31478 /1931

AITUTAKI GAME FIShING CLUB Tenders for Refurbishment Project The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation and the aitutaki Game Fishing Club Incorporated advises that tenders are invited from suitably qualiied tenderers for the following contract for work on the refurbishment of the aitutaki Game Fishing Club headquarters in arutanga, aitutaki. Turnkey Contract No. C01/2012 – Aitutaki Game Fishing Club Refurbishment Project, Arutanga harbour, Aitutaki for the supply, installation of materials and construction of the existing Fishing Club Building. The contract requires the contractor to provide insurances at speciied levels. Suitably qualiied and experienced tenderers should apply to the aitutaki Game Fishing Club or Cook Islands Tourism for tender documents, including a brief statement of their experience and qualiications. During the tender period any queries regarding the tender document shall be made to: Mr Michael Henry, Chairman, Building Committee, Aitutaki Game Fishing Club in Aitutaki or to Mrs Nane Papa, Executive Assistant, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation in Rarotonga. The tender shall close at 2pm on 30 April 2013 (Cook Islands Time) at the aitutaki Game Fishing Club headquarters in arutanga, aitutaki. 70537


Has the following vacancies

PRODUCT MANAGER We are seeking to appoint a person to the role of Product and Systems Manager The role involves preparing rates manuals, creating specialist packages, news and information for both suppliers and wholesalers, advising of industry initiatives, building relationships with suppliers and supervising the team that manages our “Reserve” booking and administrative system. The role will also involve preparing presentations and maintaining DVD and photographic libraries. The role requires someone with skills in computer areas such as Microsoft Publisher and Photoshop and also someone who can work within our community and with our suppliers to develop the services and packages. They will be expected to set and reach targets and develop this area of our business. They will also be expected to train and assist our staf in product awareness and sales

MANAGER DMCK We seek to appoint a new person to develop and expand the events area of our operations, focussing on events management, conferences, Incentive Groups and general Group development plus the marketing of all these areas. The person we seek must be self-motivated and must have the experience to create, cost, strategize and market via the web and our network of wholesalers ofshore. They will be expected to set and reach targets and develop this area of our business. The role requires someone with skills in this particular area of the industry and who can work within our community to develop the services and events. The people we seek for both roles must be self-motivated and must have the experience to create, cost, strategize and market. Some experience with Reservations systems would be required. Salaries for each role will be ofered in line with experience and skills. If you have the skills and background and believe you can make a serious contribution to either of these positions, then please apply via email – attaching your CV and references etc. Written applications requested only from suitably skilled people. applications close Wednesday 15 april 2013. Managing Director Island Hopper Vacations Ltd P.O.Box 240, Rarotonga Email

Tidy partly furnished 2 bedroom lat, located in Aroko, Muri. Phone 24922.

2 Bedroom furnished house, Nikao down Fisher’s Drive. Prefer long term. Phone 76774.

70606 /31444 /1903

70520 /31424 /1931

70556 / /1969



Yamaha PA System at $10,000 or nearest ofer. Phone Rangi 78405.

70480 / /1759

70555 /31437 /1931

Lightweight motor scooter, Sunny 50, bright yellow, new, $1900, phone 26668. 70584 / /1946

hTTC “Achieving Excellence” Train the next generation of Chefs in the Cook Islands

For Sale (second hand) Toilets System Mirror Vanity (basin) All for $50 Pls call 55469 for details. 70479 / /1759

Tutor in Culinary Arts The Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre (HTTC) wishes to recruit a tutor to teach the London City and Guilds Certiicate & Diploma in Culinary Arts. We seek someone who is: • a qualiied chef • with several years’ experience in professional cooking • has a sound understanding of the City and Guilds qualiication • a teaching qualiication • or extensive teaching experience. The City and Guilds programme at HTTC has gained recognition for the high success rate of its students and its international success at the Torque D’or competition. This position will play an important role in helping HTTC build on those achievements. applications close on Tuesday 16 april 2013. The full job description is available from the Ministry or at www. Covering letter, CV with references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga Cook Islands Email 70467

VEHICLES FOR SALE Nissan Navarra double cab, $11,500 ono. Phone 56955 or 55619. 70501 /31415 /1931

Suziki Van for sale Lot’s of character, rust, goes well most of the time. current wof and rego. $1100 ono. Phone 58833. 70612 /31481 /1931

Night Audit The right job for the right person who is always consistent with their work, honest, reliable, hardworking and available for late evening shift. Must have understanding of written and verbal English. An experienced person (male or female) must be able to audit, balance and consolidate department accounts; prepare various hotel operating reports. Greet all guest arrivals. For further details contact 55469. 70481 / /1759

Suzuki Van, good cond, owner leaving and must sell. call 51495. 70562 / /2442

Toyota 4WD Double Cab. Good engine, runs well. Call Ita 54396 or 20530 after 4.30pm. 70479

Classiieds • Phone 22999


IKO instructor wanted for kite season in Aitutaki, June to December. Phone 58984. 70381 /31226 /1931

CORNER STORE GENERAL MANAGER The corner Store would like to employ a General Manager to take charge of all afairs of this busy shop in Nikao. Persons having Accounting, Stock & Inventory management experience can apply in person at the shop or call Nora on 22957 for an appointment. Expressions of interest will close on April 26. 70579 / /2543


EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES!! NZQA Accredited training –Earn while you learn! We ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with.

EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES – FOOD NZQA Accredited training – Earn while you learn! We ofer great career opportunities, great staf beneits and a great team to work with!


hUMAN RESOURCES human Resources Assistant – New Position! • This busy, varied position involves answering phones, assisting with recruitment enquiries and providing administration assistance. To join the team you will need to be conident, have good organisation and communication skills and a great telephone manner.

PhARMACY Te Tika - Sales Assistant/Cashier – New Position! • Exciting opportunity to sell a world class skin care range that is made with Bioactive Cook Island Oils working with an international marketing team to drive promotions and help boost sales. Suit an enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge.

SALES & DISTRIBUTION Picker/Drivers Assistant - C Class drivers license an advantage! • Involves assisting with the assembly, dispatch & delivery of all orders around the Island for wholesale customers. You will need to be it and accurate with your orders.


Grocery Supervisor – New Position!

• This position is responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of the retail store ensuring stock is rotated and displayed to the required standard and correctly ticketed.

SUPERMARKET Fresh Produce/Bakery Supervisor- New Position!

• This position is responsible for the sales and proit performance of all Fresh Produce and Bakery and involves ordering of local and overseas purchases and ensuring the highest standards of preparation, presentation and customer service.

Deli Supervisor – New Position!

• This position is responsible for the sales and proit performance of the Deli Department and involves developing menus, ordering of overseas product and ensuring the highest standards of food preparation and customer service.

Dairy/Frozen Foods Supervisor - New Position! • This position is responsible for the sales and proit performance of dairy and frozen foods and involves ordering overseas product and ensuring the highest standard of presentation and customer service.

Meat Packer/Butcher – Good knife skills or previous retail meat experience! • Working in our butchery department, this involves preparing meat for sale and serving customers over the counter. You will need to be organized, able to work with a small team and willing to look after customers. Talk to us today about starting a career in Retail! For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23191 Email

To be a hands on supervisor, have previous experience in a similar role, capable of training and developing a small team, be organised and have good communication skills. Talk to us today about starting a career in Retail. For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23191, Email



To be successful in any of these roles you will need:


Monday, april 15, 2013 cook Islands News


Airport Flight Supervisor We are seeking a dynamic person to ill the above position. You will be required to -Meet scheduled International lights and Supervise our Meet & Greet Service -Process and follow up of Flight Arrival Documentation -Have good communication skills -Have good computer skills -Be Punctual,honest and reliable -Be able to take and give direction and be able to problem solve and make decisions. -Be a team player -Be Understanding and Enjoy meeting people. -Have a current drivers licence for both bike and car and be willing to obtain a passenger service licence. -Provide character and previous work references. This position requires shift work for lights and oice hours Monday-Friday 8am - 2pm. Please email jane@rarotours. to apply. 70544 / /1832

Kids camp at YWAM



heres hoping your day will be an enjoyable one loveandkissesfromallurfamily,friendshereandfarspecialone from Mama, Chris, Gennaro, , Inano.

Happy 20th Birthday to our prince of ire

70609 / /1795

We have a great opportunity for waiters and waitresses to work in a busy and well established environment. We have full/part time positions available, and must be able to start immediately and work weekends. Feel free to come and ill in an application form, or contact 55469 for more details.

Born 15 April 1993.


ishing you were here to celebrate your special day with your loved ones, missing you always as the days

go by. All we have left from you is memories we treasure – photos to take us back to the good times with you. Forever loved. From your bros and sisters in NZ and Aussie and your two mothers Lucky and Ina, along with your two fathers Koro and Aria.

70453 /31383 /1931

FOUND Notices are FrEE To encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

To date only a few bookings have been received, but Drotini is advising parents to get in quick as there are limited spaces available, particularly for the sleepover option. registrations close on April 15. For more information contact Luisa or Darla at, or call on 20193 or 20931. YWAM also has a new website up and running at www. - Rachel Smith

THE FIrST rugby tour of the season has arrived in the form of an under 15 rugby squad from St Joseph regional College in Australia. The team arrived on the island at the weekend and will have their first game today at

Titikaveka ield against a Nukutere and Titikaveka College combined team. The game is scheduled to kick off at 4.15pm and should be a great display of age grade rugby. The visiting team will play their second tour game on

Wednesday at 1.30pm at the BCI Stadium where they will face the Tereora College under 15 team. parents and rugby supporters are welcome and encouraged to get along to the two venues and support the age grade rugby games. - MW

Upper Tupapa hash “Love you always” We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classified advertisements and pre-billing. Contact our advertising department phone 22999 email:

HASH House Harriers heads to

the hills for their run this evening. Hares are Tarmac, Grounded, Hostessa & Turbulence. The run is from their residence

in upper Tupapa - turn into Arai Te Tonga rd opposite Manea Foods, O'oa and follow to the Back Rd where hash lags and the sign will direct you.

We deliver.

The run commences at 5.30pm and all runners and walkers are welcome. Masters sausages will be available after the run.

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Vacancy – Qualiied Mechanic


This position requires a person who has the relevant qualiications and demonstrated experience in working with engines. The successful applicant will be required to undertake all duties associated with the maintenance and repair of TaU’s diesel engines and auxiliary equipment.

Vacancy - Operator This position requires a person who is able to perform duties associated with the daily monitoring, recording and operation of TaU’s generation systems. Shift work is a requirement of the role. applicants can uplift a copy of the job description from the oice of Te Aponga Uira, or by contacting Bettina Akania on (682) 20054 or email applications close 3pm, Monday 22 april 2013. 70515

70526 / /1759

TAILOR- with proven skills and creative lair, Send CV and any supporting documents to: TAILOR MADE P.O Box 2165 Rarotonga.

will be running the camp. The camp is open for children aged 5 to 12 years, says Kate Moala from YWAM, with children from 9 to 12 years also able to stay for the sleepover component of the camp. The camp will be held over three days, from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 April, at the YWAM base in Vaimaanga, with the cost for the full three days of $15 for day stayers and $45 for those who will be sleeping over.

Robati Tuarai College tour rugby

OverseAs AdvertisinG principal and Teaching Staf Applications are invited from qualiied, experienced and motivated teachers and support staf for the following positions: 1. Principal - Nikao Maori Primary School 2. Teacher (Primary) - Takitumu School 3. Teacher Aide (Special Needs) - Avatea School Applications close on Friday 26 April 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry in Nikao or at completed forms with cV and references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Email ck

WITH the school holidays set to roll around again, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) are offering a number of activities to keep the kids happy. YWAM have Truth Seekers kids camps available most school holidays, with this years set to be even more fun as it includes sleepovers for the older children. ‘Go Green!’ is the theme for the camp, with the topic of the Creation, says Luisa Drotini who

Vacancy – Electrician This position requires a person who has the relevant qualiications and demonstrated experience in the electrical trade. Consideration will be given to applicants with partial qualiications whom are undertaking studies towards qualiication completion. The successful applicant will be required to carry out duties associated with the maintenance of TaU’s Distribution system. applicants can uplift a copy of the job description from the oice of Te Aponga Uira, or by contacting Bettina akania on (682) 20054 or email bakania@electricity. applications close 3pm, Monday 22 april 2013. 70604

Manager, Development Co-ordination Division This senior role of Development Co-ordination Division Manager heads the Development Co-ordination Division (DCD) within the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management. The Manager will be responsible for providing operational leadership in national co-ordination of aid related activities across the Cook Islands. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced manager to be involved in programmes of national importance, driving improved outcomes for the progression of the Cook Islands. The Manager will be responsible for efective co-ordination support to key national authorities, development partners and implementing agencies. This is achieved through strengthened secretariat services, sound inancial management, robust information management systems, quality policy advice and efective monitoring and reporting on all ODa activities and funding mechanisms. To be successful in this role, you will have: • A minimum of ten years relevant senior public sector management experience including a combination of the following: • Policy development, implementation and monitoring • Development and aid efectiveness related mandates • Strategic programme development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. • Substantial management and planning skills and experience, with demonstrated ability to develop and manage partnerships with donors, government counterparts, the private sector and civil society • Previous experience in identifying and mobilising resources in International development context • Proven team leadership skills with a performance and results focus • Strong analytical skills with demonstrated ability to analyse, interpret and make sound judgements Development Co-ordination is a dynamic, changing environment with a focus on outcomes and delivery. We ofer lexibility and a team atmosphere where your professional development is taken seriously. To apply for this position, or to view a position description, please go to the government website using this link: or send your CV and covering letter to: applicants must address in their application the skills, knowledge and competencies as listed in the Position Description. applications for this position close 4pm, Tuesday 16 april 2013. 70379


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Weekend sports action galore NETTErS hit the courts again on

Saturday with the grassroots under 8 grade proving a huge hit with the gathering crowd at the Telecom Sports Arena. A lolly scramble got the players warmed up and their sugar levels soaring before they took to the court for a fabulous opening of the 2013 netball season. With four teams in this year under 8 division – you can bet competition is going to be ierce. remaining netball games were closely fought although scrappy at times as is understandable for the start of the season. Meanwhile, things are heating up and heading to boiling point in the rugby league competitions as teams now jostle for a top four position to have a chance at the championships. Today was share action from the netball courts and league ield at the weekend. - MW

A lolly scramble got the under 8 netballers from four clubs warmed up for their irst game of the season at the TSA on Saturday morning.


ph 22 166


ph 23004



on the Vibes & Ukele


a la Carte dINING froM 6pM




lIve eNtertaINMeNt!

ph 20 002

ph 26 860

@ aroaBeaChsIdeINNaroraNGI



Tani and Rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm


Sunset BBQ w/ GARTh YouNG - PIANo 6PM Sunset Cocktails w/ RuDY AQuINo 5.30PM – 7.30PM Sat Seafood BBQ w/ JAKe NuMANGA - uKuLeLe 6PM


opeN MoNday to suNday Tues Seafood Night – Entertainment Tani and Rose Thu Pub Night – Entertainment Tara Kauvai Sun BBQ – Entertainment Local String Band

leBonvivant Our food our passion 6pm till late C






tHUrsdAYs 5:30 - 7:30pm

opeN daIly for Breakfast 8-10aM aNd luNCh 12-2pM


An Aitutaki Sharks player busts through the Panthers to dot down.

suNset CoCktaIls restauraNt



PHONE 22166


@ aro’a BeaChsIde INN


shipwreck hut



apr 15

wha t’s oN the

Avatiu eels defenders pounce on elusive Bulldogs runner Sai Nagi.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619


avarua towN


11am to 2.30pm

5.30pm to 10pm 7 days

Mon to Sat $7.00 Lunch pack takeaway

Mon-Tue: $12.95 specials Thursday: Indo Chinese Specials Friday: Bufet Nite ($19pp) All you can eat Sunday: Tandoori night Other nights: A-la-carte

$10.00 Dine in special

ph 22 279

sCreeNING all week 6.00pM 8.30pM PH 189 FOR UPDATES ON THE MOVIE HOT LINE



every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999 or

Ngatangiia’s top shooter Joy Rani.


Avatiu’s top shooter Kubethrena Taripo.



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Flight Times | Voyage details FLIGhT





12.50AM 6.05AM


1.45AM 7.15AM

1.25AM 12.50AM


2.25AM 1.45AM

International Flights

VA163/162 NZ19


Air Rarotonga

MONDAy APRIl 15 TueSDAy APRIl 16 NZ748/749 VA163/162



RARO TO ARR MONDAy APRIl 15 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 0900 AITUTAKI 0950 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1100 ATIU 1145 1330 MAUKE 1420 1600 MITIARO 1650

Situation: a trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers lies slow moving over Southern Cooks. Meanwhile, a moist northeasterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Occasional showers and possible thunderstorms north of Raratonga. Fine apart from brief showers elsewhere. Moderate south to southeasterly winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Occasional showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Showers developing tomorrow night. Further outlook: Occasional showers. For the Northern Cooks: Some showers over Suwarrow and Pukapuka. Fine apart from brief showers elsewhere. Some showers over most places. Moderate northeasterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers.




1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1040 1250 1530 1800



Shipping 1115

RARO 1200


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or call us at Cook Islands News

Instructions Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Saturday’s puzzle

Answer to Saturday’s puzzle


By Dik Browne


By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


Forecast Map 2pm Monday

Rarotonga Monday, April 15, 2013

Mon high 12.46AM 0.85M 12.56PM 0.90M



6.46AM 0.32M

1.3m S

7.17PM 0.29M


Tue high 1.21AM 0.83M 1.33PM 0.87M



7.20AM 0.35M 7.55PM 0.32M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

SE 05ktS New Moon MAY 10 12.29AM

First Quarter APR 18 12.32PM

Full Moon APR 25 7.58PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter MAY 2 11.15AM


ArAPo - korekore tAi mon 15 Tanu (Planting)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota Marie te marama. Kua e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. teitei Po ika. Moon is slow, Time to plant pineapple up high. Fish nights. and maniota right through to the 13th night (from Akaoti Amiama).


Mon Sun Rise 6.51AM Sun Set 6.27PM




Moon Rise 11.24AM Moon Set 10.40PM







Sun Rise

1.3m S

TauTaI (Fishing)


Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.




Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1205 1440 1710


Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.





HÄGAR the Horrible





Weather Forecast to Midnight



Sun Set 6.26PM

Moon Rise 12.09PM Moon Set 11.30PM

Front Key:




1.3m S



Swell direction and size

outer Islands Weather outlook Monday, April 15, 2013 Aitutaki

26° SE 06ktS


25° S 05ktS


25° SE 06ktS



25° SE 06ktS

29° E 06ktS


25° SE 06ktS


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Rugby news & Hash —PAGE 13 League & netball action —PAGE 14



Feisty Eels fend off Bulldogs Eels 29 vs Bulldogs 28 Sea Eagles 24 vs Bears 6 Panthers 42 vs 18 THE pANTHErS clawed the Sharks on Friday while the Sea Eagles strangled the Bears 24-6 and the Eels rubbed salt into the Bulldogs wounds. It was another intense week of rugby league on the rock with a large crowd gathering at Victoria park to catch the action of the irst premier grade league match of the week between the visiting Sharks and the comeback kings the panthers. The Sharks looked sharp and hungry at the start of the game but it was the panthers that put their foot down to run away with the game 42-18. At Nukupure park a good win by the Sea Eagles reserve grade against the Eels set the foundation for their premier grade team who didn’t mess around on home ground. The Sea Eagles staked their mark as a top four team by outscoring the Bears 24-6 while tension built at Titikaveka ield between the Bulldogs and Eels. The Bulldogs saga of breaching rules and having all their competition point stripped was certainly the talk of league circles at the weekend but that didn’t seem to bother the hosts on game day.

It was a united looking Bulldogs side that stepped out on the ield and a no-nonsense Eels pack that took to the ield with a few new-old faces in Joe Boaza and Isako John. The Eels were straight down to the business of scoring tries with a burrowing drive through Bulldogs defenders by big Bilsy Gukisuva resulting in the side’s early irst try. This was backed up shortly after by a big diving try to raina Wichman in the corner to see the Eels lead 12-0. Titikaveka then showed their own class with a beautiful try by the side’s most dangerous player Longo Leouta to get the Bulldogs on the board and trail the Eels 12-4. The game began to build in intensity as players began to put their bodies on the line. Nippy Bulldogs player James Tofilau surged to two tries for the Bulldogs to take the lead 1612 away from the Eels heading into the half time break. An early penalty for the Bulldogs saw them stretch their lead further to 18-12. Gukisuva, who had been running hard all weekend – stepped up again to run in two more tries


Isako John was a force to be reckoned with when he stepped out in an Avatiu eels jersey to smash his way through the Bulldogs on Saturday. for the Eels – the irst tying the scores at 18-all and the second giving the Eels the lead again 22-18. A brilliant try in the corner to hardworking Eels Matt pierre further increased the Eels lead

to 28-18 before the Bulldogs ran in a try of their own to close the gap on the scoreboard to 28-22. Enter the tall lanky elusive runner that is Sai Nagi who stretched his legs over the try

line to dot down and draw the game 28-all with just minutes left in the game. As the clock ticked down and with ball in hand – the veteran himself Terry piri pulled off one of his specials– a drop goal to se-

cure the win on the hooter for the Eels 29-28. This week the Bears will take on the Eels, the Bulldogs meet the Warriors and the Sea Eagles will play the Sharks. - Matariki Wilson

Netters shine in season opener NETBALL fever hit the Telecom

Sports Arena on Saturday morning where a short and fun opening ceremony was held to oficially start the 2013 netball season. After formalities – grassroots netball heated up when four under 8 netball teams took to the courts receiving the biggest cheers and support from the gathering crowd of spectators and players. Each hard fought goal was received with a standing ovation from the crowd as the Avatiu babes took on Titikaveka while the tenacious Tupapa side faced a classy Ngatangiia team. Avatiu established an early lead in their game before Titikaveka stepped up to take over the lead. But with pure determination the Avatiu babes were back in scoring mode and shooting one last basket on the hooter to draw the game 5-all. Meanwhile, in the Ngatangiia and Tupapa under 8 game – the Ngatangiia girls were just too well-drilled and with sharpshooters in the circle – the Ngatangiia stars ran away with the win 13-1 against Tupapa who despite the loss never gave up trying. Meanwhile, in other games – the Avatiu and Titikaveka

premier grade match played on Friday night was so physical it left spectators wondering if they had gone to a rugby league game. The action was intense and Avatiu were looking hot to take out their first game against Titikaveka and, at one point, led by 8 points. However, it wasn’t to be as the defending champion showed their class to win by one point 41-40. A young Tupapa premier grade side showed plenty of potential but were edged out by Takuvaine 48-46 while another closely fought premier grade match was seen between Arorangi and Ngatangiia -- with Ngatangiia edging ahead to win 35-33. Games continue this Wednes- MW day at the TSA. Titikaveka vs Avatiu (Titikaveka scores irst) – premier 41-40, reserve 38-39, Junior Open 8-41, 15 under 12-18, 12 under 7-13, 10 under 3-7, 8 under 5-5

Takuvaine vs Tupapa (Takuvaine scores irst) – premier 48-46, reserve Takuvaine win by default , Junior Open 11-27, 15 under 8-13, 12 under 2-27, 10 under 1-12, under 8 Ngatangiia 13 vs Tupapa 1, Aror-

angi vs Ngatangiia (Arorangi scores irst) – premier 33-35, reserve Arorangi win by default, 12 under 7-10, 10 under 5-4.

A baby Avatiu eels under 8 player skilfully intercepts a Titikaveka pass during the two teams fantastic game on Saturday morning. 1304145

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