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$2 thursday, April 11, 2013

Offshore inance revenue revealed

A breAK -down of what the offshore finance industry has earned in previous years for the Cook Islands economy has been released. every year each trust company gathers its igures which are then compiled and audited for accuracy by KPMG, which identiies the inancial contribution made by the offshore industry to the country’s economy. Financial services Development Authority (FsDA) chief executive Jenner Davis says the igures for 2012 are not yet available as one of the trust companies has just finished its financial year. the company will be completing its igures and an industry survey for the FsDA over the next few weeks. She provided the 2011 igures to CI News. these are for the six licensed trustee companies only and do not take into account the banks, licensed insurers, or local attorneys and accountants who provide services to the trustee companies. In 2011, the industry had gross revenue of $10.6 million. In addition, fees of Us$1.2

million were paid to the registrar at the Financial supervisory Commission. this includes registration and renewal fees for entities as well as miscellaneous other documents required for clients. Gross wages paid by the industry were $3.7 million, VAt paid was about $1 million and PAYe tax paid was $875,000. General payments of $560,000 were made which includes income taxes, withholding taxes, and trustee companies’ registration fees. the total local purchases and expenses of the trust companies was $2.7 million. telecom payments were $160k. there are approximately 70 local employees, with 80 per cent being Cook Islanders. Davis says the majority of trustee company employees are women, and each trust company has qualiied lawyers and accountants on staff. the financial sector is the country’s second largest economic contributor. Finance Minister Mark brown said in parliament last year the sector contributes

Turou oro mai!

8 per cent to the country’s gross domestic product. the tourism sector leads, contributing around 80 per cent of the GDP in recent years. Much of the world’s private inancial wealth is held in offshore trusts. A study by James s. Henry, former chief economist at McKinsey & Company, estimates that wealthy individuals have $21 trillion to $32 trillion in private inancial wealth tucked away in offshore inancial centres like the Cooks – roughly equivalent to the size of the Us and Japanese economies combined. While the world economy has stumbled, the offshore domain has continued to grow. Henry is a board member of the tax Justice Network, an international research and advocacy group that is critical of offshore havens. His research shows that assets managed by the world’s 50 largest private banks – which often use offshore trusts to serve high net worth customers – grew from $5.4 trillion in 2005 to more than $12 trillion in 2010. - Calida Smylie

Climate change inance regional roundtable on ClIMAte change financing is essential for Pacific nations to deal with the changing weather, but the process in accessing funds is tricky for small nations like the Cooks. During the 45th Asian Development bank annual meeting last year, governors of ADb’s Pacific developing member countries (DMCs) underscored the need for improved access to climate change inancing. A working committee of Paciic DMC inance ministers was established. Vanuatu’s finance minister will lead the committee and the Cook Islands is providing secretariat support. the resulting Climate Change

Financing for the Paciic Region roundtable is being held at the edgewater spa & resort today and tomorrow. the roundtable aims to review bilateral and multilateral sources of climate change finance. Attendees will look at the lessons and experiences of Paciic DMCs in getting available climate inancing. They will also examine grant co-inancing opportunities and explore the likelihood of establishing a Paciictailored regional mechanism to get resources. roundtable outcomes will help inform the finance ministers of the next steps to take with their recommendations. this will ensure climate

change inancing is made more accessible to the Paciic region and better aligns with priority needs in development planning and implementation. Finance Minister Mark brown says access to climate change financing is crucial to all countries in the Paciic, but steps needed to access these multilateral funds are daunting for smaller nations such as the Cooks. He says he is enthusiastic about setting an easier pathway for smaller nations and looks forward to pursuing the agenda further in Delhi at the governors meeting and at the Pacific Forum economic Ministers Meeting in tonga in July. - Release


AoteroA’s vaka te Aurere crew received an emotional welcome ‘home’ yesterday when the voyagers of Waka tapu came ashore. the voyagers of Waka tapu are visiting briely before they complete the final leg of their epic journey of the Polynesian triangle. te Aurere made its maiden voyage – a 1623 nautical mile round-trip - to rarotonga in 1992

for the Festival of the Paciic Arts. During its past visits, te Aurere has served as a reminder of the special bond between the two Maori peoples. the vaka, along with its sister Ngahiraka Mai tawhiti, were welcomed by traditional leaders and dignitaries at te Ava tuitui Ka Moana (Avarua Harbour). the 10,000 nautical mile journey to rapanui (easter Island)

and back has been 20 years in the making, and has been touted by the New Zealand government as a fantastic accomplishment -- not only allowing the crews to retrace the steps of their ancestors back to eastern Polynesia, but to help retain traditional navigational and environmental knowledge for future generations.

More coverage on the traditional welcome from page 8 Ph 24979

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Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWs nuti no teIA NeI Ao Please don't eat my camel Mali is to send the French president a replacement camel after the irst, given to him as a gift, was eaten. Francois Hollande had left the creature with a family in Timbuktu for safekeeping, after it was presented to him by residents during a visit in February. French oicials had originally planned to transport the animal to a zoo in France, but because of the complex logistics it was decided instead to entrust the beast to a local family. But it was promptly slaughtered and used in a tagine. “As soon as we heard of this, we quickly replaced it with a bigger and better-looking camel,” an unnamed Malian oicial said.

Missile test imminent Pyongyang prepared for missile test that could come ‘any day’ seoU l – south Korea said

there was a “very high” probability that North Korea, after weeks of threats of war, would test-launch a medium-range missile at any time as a show of strength. the Combined Forces Command in seoul has raised its “Watchcon 3” status, a normal defence condition, by one level in order to step up monitoring. A senior Defence Ministry oficial also said that North Korea has completed preparations for a missile test that could come “any day”. The oficial said the North’s

world brIeFs FRANCE WITHDRAWS TROOPS FROM MALI MALI – France has begun to withdraw troops from Mali where they have been battling Islamist militants, the French defence ministry has said. Around 100 of the 4000 sent to the West African nation in January have been withdrawn to cyprus, it said. France intervened after saying the al-Qaeda-linked militants who had taken over northern Mali threatened to march on the capital, Bamako A regional African force is in Mali to help its army provide security. The French-led operation drove Islamist groups out of northern cities and towns, but some ighters have retreated to desert hideouts in the vast northern region.

LOuvRE CLOSED OvER PICkPOCkET PROTEST PArIs – One of the world’s most visited museums, the Louvre in Paris, did not open on Wednesday because of a protest by staf over pickpockets. Staf at the museum said thieves, some of them children, were targeting both employees and tourists. Two hundred workers took part in a strike organised by the sUD union. A spokesperson said staf were coming to work “afraid”. “They ind themselves confronted with organised groups of pickpockets who are increasingly aggressive and who include children.” The Louvre claims to be the most visited art museum in the world with almost 10 million visitors in 2012. “There have always been pickpockets at the Louvre and in tourist locations in Paris, but for the last year-and-a-half the gangs have become increasingly violent,” said museum supervisor sophie Aguirre.

THOuSANDS MARCH TO SuPPORT TALkS cOLUMBIA – Tens of thousands of people in colombia have taken part in marches to support the continuing peace talks between the left-wing Farc rebels and government negotiators. President Juan Manuel santos called on colombians to seize the opportunity. “All conditions are set. We need to unite all Colombians and put an end to the conlict,” said Mr Santos at a march in the capital, Bogota. The talks, aimed at ending ive decades of violence, are taking place in cuba. The negotiations are opposed by supporters of former President Alvaro Uribe and big landowners. They say the Farc rebels are just playing for time and have no intention of giving up their armed struggle.

military is capable of conducting multiple missile launches involving scud and mediumrange rodong missiles, as well as a missile transported to the east coast recently. the warning came as North Korea prepared to mark the April 15 birthday of its founder Kim Il-sung. Admiral samuel locklear, commander of Us forces in the Paciic region, said the US military also believed the North had moved an unspeciied number of Musudan missiles to its east coast. An obama administration official told the reuters news agency “our working assumption is that there are two missiles that they may be prepared to launch”. ban Ki-moon, UN secretary general, who once served as south Korean foreign minister, said he is “deeply concerned and troubled” at the level of tension in the peninsula. “If any small incident caused by miscalculation or misjudgement, it may create an uncontrollable situation,” ban said. Yun byung-se, the south Korean foreign minister, told a parliamentary hearing in seoul that he was working through diplomatic channels in an attempt to rein in Pyongyang. China is North Korea’s only major ally, although it backed recent UN resolutions against Pyongyang, and Moscow was a supporter of North Korea as the soviet Union. Pyongyang has frequently tested short-range scud missiles, but the longer-range Musudan and Nodong missiles are an unknown quantity. the Musudan missiles are reckoned to have a range of roughly 3000-3500km. the North has earlier said it would target American bases in the Paciic. - Al Jazeera

A ile photo released by North Korea’s oicial Korean Central News Agency shows a live shell iring drill being conducted by North Korea at an unconirmed location. AFP

Structure found in sea GAlIlee – Archaelologists have

discovered a mysterious, ancient monumental stone structure in the waters of the sea of Galilee. the giant structure is coneshaped, made of “unhewn basalt cobbles and boulders,” and weighs around 54,400 tonnes, researchers wrote in the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology. the mysterious rock pile is 10 metres high and 70 metres in diameter – about twice the diameter of stonehenge. researchers believe the structure is a giant cairn, or rock pile

that is often used to mark burials. “the shape and composition of the submerged structure does not resemble any natural feature. We therefore conclude that it is a man-made and might be termed a cairn,” researchers wrote. they speculated it was either built under water to attract ish, or was built on dry land that has since been covered by rising sea levels. The structure was irst spotted during a sonar scan of the sea of Galilee, prompting re-

searchers to don scuba gear for a closer look. the structure is made up of large boulders around 1-metre long. there appear to be no walls, divisions or construction pattern. the “effort invested in such an enterprise is indicative of a complex, well-organised society, with planning skills and economic ability,” researchers wrote in their paper. one of the researchers said the structure could be 4000 years old, similar to other ancient structures found nearby. - AFP

Horsemeat scandal continues AMsterDAM – some 50,000

tonnes of meat supplied by two Dutch trading companies and sold as beef across europe since January 2011 may have contained horsemeat. the meat is being recalled where possible, the Dutch authorities, adding there was no evidence that the meat was a

threat to human health. In total, 132 companies in the Netherlands and some 370 more around europe are affected by the discovery. the suspect meat was supplied by two companies owned by one man who has already previously been investigated by food safety oficials.

the latest find was made as part of eU-wide tests to trace horse DNA in processed beef foods and to detect a veterinary drug used on horses. the recall covers meat dating back to 1 January 2011 up until 15 February this year, the Dutch food authority said on Wednesday. - BBC

Presidential pooches

$1 BILLION DONATION OF ART TO MUSEUM UsA – New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has received a $1 billion donation of cubist art from cosmetics executive Leonard Lauder. The heir to the Estee Lauder fortune has pledged 78 works – considered one of the foremost collections of cubism in the world. It includes pieces from Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Juan Gris and Fernand Leger, amassed over 37 years. Museum director Thomas Campbell said the gift was “truly transformational”. Leonard Lauder amassed the art collection over four decades. In a statement. The Met said it had previously lacked early 20th century art, but with Lauder’s donation it would be at the forefront of world collections.

THOSE ExTRA zEROES MAkE A DIFFERENCE cANADA – A Toronto woman celebrating what she thought was a $40,000 dollar has misread the numbers. Maria carreiro, 51, said she only found out she had in fact won $40 million after her daughter looked online and discovered the lottery’s true size. Among her plans for the winnings were a Hawaii honeymoon after 30 years of marriage and a larger house. carreiro bought the LottoMax ticket for a Friday drawing and checked her ticket at the store on saturday morning and was over the moon to think she had won $40,000. she only realised her multi-million dollar mistake after she returned home to tell her family of her good luck.

today’s Daily bread the lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: 1 samuel 17:32-37

Text: Matthew read:7:26 Verse 37

Russian President Vladimir Putin plays with his dogs at his residence outside Moscow. Bulgarian shepherd dog ‘Bufy’ was presented to Putin by his Bulgarian counterpart Boyko Borisov while Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda ofered Putin the puppy ‘Yume’ as a gift during the G20 in Mexico. AFP


Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News

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an indian vendor displays bunches of live frogs for sale at a market in dimapur. Frogs are a delicacy among the ethnic tribes of India’s north-eastern states and many locals earn their livelihood by catching frogs and selling them at their local markets. AFP

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How much do you need? loNDoN – Margaret thatcher is famously said to have slept for only four hours a night. How easy is it to do a high-powered job on that amount of sleep? Part of the former british prime minister’s fearsome reputation came from how little she slept. she could get by on four hours a night, it has often been said. People use it as a symbol of her endurance. sleep comes to be seen as part of a leader’s character. When Napoleon bonaparte was asked how many hours sleep people need, he is said to have replied: “six for a man, seven for a woman, eight for a fool.” Winston Churchill survived on four hours a night during the war. but what is less often noted is that he had regular afternoon naps in his pyjamas. but is the four-hour measure something ordinary people should aspire to? In the world of business it is certainly something people strive for. High-proile chief executives from Marissa Mayer at Yahoo! to Pepsi’s Indra Nooyi get by on four hours a night, while Donald trump claims to survive on three. Geraint Anderson, author of ‘City boy’, who worked as an analyst and stockbroker for 12 years, recognises the phenomenon. “there was a real macho competition about sleep. one of the ways of getting respect was bragging about how little you got.” to admit needing sleep was a sign of weakness: “After the Christmas party you’d make sure you stayed the latest and came in a little earlier than normal the next morning.” As well as business, there have been military leaders who eschewed the eight hours and opted for the spartan thatcher credo. Us general David Petraeus ate one meal a day and slept only four hours a night, it was

reported. there’s no correct amount of sleep, says Professor Kevin Morgan, of loughborough University’s sleep research centre. the only rule is to sleep long enough to feel refreshed when you wake up. For about one per cent of people this will be as little as four hours a night, says Morgan. You can’t just suddenly become someone who sleeps this little, he argues. For Margaret thatcher it was likely to have been a pattern common to her life before becoming prime minister. It is a big advantage for visionary or creative people to be part of this so-called sleep elite. And for a statesman attending all-night summits it might be a huge advantage. “the people around you are lagging. When people get tired the quality of their decisionmaking is compromised.” Professor James Horne, also at loughborough’s sleep research centre, says that mood is critical. soldiers high on adrenalin can function on little sleep, “It all depends if one gets a buzz

out of what one’s doing. If you’re despondent, you tend to sleep more; if you’re excited you need less.” the average adult sleeps seven hours a night but many sleep considerably less than this, especially people over 50. Matthew Parris, who was a fellow Conservative MP of thatcher’s during the 1970s and 1980s, says despite her toughness, thatcher was often tired out, he remembers. “When we were jammed into the lobby I would be looking at her from six inches away. I would often see the eyes of an exhausted woman.” recently there has been a move away from ostentatious sleeplessness. George W bush was in bed by 10, unlike his predecessor bill Clinton, who worked late and got by on four or ive hours. For artists, sleep deprivation carries a whiff of creative drive and raucous hedonism. Keith richards, the rolling stones guitarist, once stayed awake for nine days – when he inally fell asleep, he fell down so quickly that he fell on his face and broke his nose. - BBC


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Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWs nuti no te PA eNUA

Former PM denies corruption claims Qarase says leader’s allegations are purely pre-election jockeying sUVA – Former Fijian prime

minister laisenia Qarase has denied he was involved in alienating native land for a resort development before his government was thrown out by the 2006 coup.

the claim was made by coup leader and interim prime minister Frank bainimarama this week. Qarase was released from jail recently after serving seven months of a one-year sentence

paciic BRIEFS McCuLLY TO LEAD MCG TEAM TO FIjI NEW ZEALAND – New Zealand’s Foreign Minister, Murray McCully is heading to Fiji today to chair a Paciic Islands Forum Ministerial contact Group meeting. The group is led by Mr Mccully and includes representatives from Australia, Papua New Guinea, samoa, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. It is tasked by regional leaders to continue dialogue and engagement with Fiji, while it is suspended from the Paciic Islands Forum. McCully says the visit is important ahead of the Paciic Islands Forum leader meeting in the Marshall Islands in september. He says the group will encourage Fiji to accept internationally recognised democratic norms.

BIG CANNABIS BUST ON OUTER ISLAND VANUATU– More than 50 people have been arrested in Vanuatu for cultivating and supplying cannabis. The people, from the village of Melip on Malekula island, where 13 people were arrested last week on the same charges. The isolated village was irst raided by police in 2007, when the village was found to have set up a co-operative for the cultivation and trade of the banned drug. Police suspected the village again this year after they noticed an increased use of the drug in Port Vila, Lakatoro and Luganville. The villagers claimed in 2007 that they didn’t know it was cannabis, and a New caledonian man gave them what they thought were holly seeds and told them it would make money. The 50 suspects are due to appear in court in Port Vila later this week.

RESIDENTS GO ABOUT ‘LIFE AS NORMAL’ GUAM – Guam security oicials are meeting with leaders as the territory tries to prepare in the face of threats from North Korea. A Joint Information centre has been activated this week, including Guam Homeland Security, ire and police services, health services, and the Governor’s oice and military. Guam Homeland security’s Dee cruz says people are continuing to go about their normal lives. “They’re still going to work, they’re still sending their kids to school. We just want to make sure that those individuals that don’t have social media, that they’re reading a lot of stuf in newspapers, they’re watching the news and it’s being repeated. so there’s a little bit of fear, but they’re really assured when they do call our oice and we give them the answers that they need.”

ESCAPED PRISONERS LEFT ‘MENTAL SCARS’ FIJI – Fiji’s regime leader Frank Bainimarama says people should not lose sight of the fear that is created when there is a prison break-out. Bainimarama was responding to a request for an update on investigations into the video which allegedly showed the beating of an escapee two months ago. speaking to radio Tarana in New Zealand, commodore Bainimara said the safety of law abiding citizens should be paramount. “The average law abiding Fijian is fed-up of playing victims to criminals. They are fed up with burglaries, home evasions, women being raped, men being bashed. “As you know we had a group of criminals who escaped from Naboro. They headed straight to suva and started terrorising the city. “And the victims of these criminal attacks have left physical and mental scars on the people that will stay with them through-out their life.”

WITCH DOCTOR HAD ‘CURE’ FOR ACNE FIJI – A self-proclaimed witch doctor charged with the rape of a 25-year-old woman on November 28, 2010 in suva told the court this week that his solution to the victim’s problem was sex. The 39-year-old, who denies rape, said he was approached by the complainant and her aunt to rid her of her acne problem. He said he informed them about his ‘sex solution’ to get rid of the spirit that he claimed the woman was possessed with and was causing her skin problems. He told the court that witchcraft was practiced in his family for many years and he would advise those who went to him for healing to engage in sexual intercourse with their partners. Even though it was his idea for the sexual intercourse to take place, he said he never felt good about sleeping with the complainant since her partner was away overseas.

What will YOu be talking about today? “ Where the conversation begins.”

on abuse of ofice charges. He’s told radio Australia’s Paciic Beat programme that Commodore bainimarama’s claim is purely pre-election jockeying. “I did not alienate native land,” he said. “the transaction, as I explained, was an exchange of two pieces of land, one native land and one freehold land, of about equal size and equal value, “It was done between the two parties voluntarily. the government did not interfere. It was

done through their own free will and it was in agreement between two parties just like any other honourable agreement.” Qarase says the government’s role was to facilitate the transaction under the provisions of the land transfer Act. the former prime minister has been accused of alienating the land on which the Momi bay resort Development is being built. the resort remains incomplete more than seven years

after construction irst began. Qarase says the 2006 coup brought the project to a halt. “When the coup took place, everyone involved took off for obvious reasons,” he said. “the developers went away and the people who were interested in buying properties there also disappeared and the whole property is in a bit of a mess, “I think the government is trying to resurrect the resort and for the sake of this country I hope it succeeds.”

Qarase says he hasn’t ruled out running in the upcoming election. “I’ve already stated that I just want to go to my village within the next two weeks,” he said. “I want a bit of rest and when I come back I might be in a position to determine my future in terms of politics.” He declined to comment on whether that might involve putting himself forward as a candidate in the 2014 elections. - ABC

Has Aziz violated a regime decree? sUVA – the Fiji trades Union

Congress has accused a senior military oficer of violating regime decrees by advocating his political views. this comes after the military chief of staff brigadier General Mohammed Aziz told the Fiji sun that the military would give Commodore Frank bainimarama its support to continue as

leader after the election promised for next year. the Congress says Decree Number Four bans political activity that may compromise or be seen to compromise the political neutrality of that person’s ofice. It says the Director of Public Prosecutions or anyone in authority is yet to investigate and

charge the oficer for violating the decree. the Congress also says no one in Fiji is fooled by what it calls the constant campaigning that the Prime Minister is conducting at the taxpayers’ costs while at the same time ensuring that no other political party exists. last week, Commodore bainimarama said his new political

party would be launched early next year and be made up of members of the current government. People in Fiji are subject to hefty ines or imprisonment if they purport to be speaking as a political party unless it has been registered. bainimarama has not yet registered any party. - RNZI

Motive for ‘sorcery killing’ questioned bUKA – the acting president of the Autonomous bougainville Government, Patrick Nisira, is questioning the real motive behind a recent sorcery related killing. last week a women leader Helen rumbali was brutally killed in south bougainville and her village attacked. the perpetrators had accused rumbali of sorcery but some protestors involved in a march on Monday, were told the attackers were driven by jealousy

of the rumbali family. reports said former primary school teacher rumbali was beheaded on thursday evening. rumbali’s elderly sister Nikono was said to be ighting for her life after also being tortured. she is believed to have been hidden in a nearby medical centre after she and her sister were interrogated and tortured by their captors for more than 24 hours after being abducted from their village. A police spokesman says

rumbali and three others were kidnapped by relatives of a former school teacher who died recently. Nisira, who is also the minister of police, has suspicions about motives for the so-called sorcery killing. “the family, they’re all educated, the family’s well-off – I think there must be another motive. “the lady and the man who are actually accused of practicing sorcery are still alive that’s

why we begin to question it. Why are the main people accused still alive and why was Mrs rumbali killed.” Patrick Nisira says when police arrived at the village where a number of houses had been torched, they were confronted by offenders who had more guns than they did. He is lobbying both his government and the national government for better police resources. - RNZI/PNC

Law could see kava banned in New Zealand WellINGtoN – Politicians in New Zealand are concerned that a proposed law change which aims to stamp out harmful synthetic drugs, could encompass the traditional kava drink. All eight political parties backed the Psychoactive sub-

stances bill, though opposition MPs want more clariication of the scope of the bill at the select committee stage. the labour Party’s associate health spokesperson, Iain lees-Galloway, says it’s unclear yet whether the law would ban or limit the sale of kava, which

contains psychoactive substances. He says it’s important they get the threshold right at the select committee. “I don’t think anybody wants to see kava taken off the shelf I don’t think that it is considered to be a substance which

is causing harm in our communities and we respect people’s traditional rights to use kava in ceremonies and however else they want to use it.” Iain lees-Galloway is encouraging Polynesian communities to make submissions on the bill. - RNZI

Tourist slayer pleading insanity HAGAtNA – A trial setting is

underway for the man accused of killing three Japanese tourists on Guam in February. Chad De soto, 21, has appeared before Judge Anita sukola for a continued trial setting after his attorney requested the trial be postponed. on March 20, eric D. Miller, executive director of the Public Defender service Corp and De soto’s attorney requested more time to go over the case with his client.

According to Pacific Daily News files, Miller said there were more than 400 pages of discovery documents to review with his client before they could move forward with the case. the discovery documents lay out the circumstances and details of the alleged crimes. the documents include police reports and audio recordings of the grand jury proceedings that indicted De soto. De soto is accused of driving his car into a crowd of pedestri-

ans on the night of February 12. He then allegedly sped off, ultimately slamming into an AbC store near the outrigger Guam resort. Court documents also accuse him of leaping out of his car wielding a knife and then attacking the surrounding crowd. two Japanese tourists died later that night from stab wounds and a third tourist died in the following days from injuries sustained when De soto

allegedly hit him with his vehicle. He has been indicted on three counts of aggravated murder and 12 counts of attempted aggravated murder. If convicted, De soto faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole. He pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity at his arraignment. the results of a psychiatric evaluation were sealed by the court. - Paciic Daily News

Babies sick as women give birth on loor HoNIArA – A midwife at the

solomon Islands’ main hospital says pregnant women are being forced to give birth on the loor because of a severe bed shortage. the National referral Hospital in Honiara has recorded a 20 per cent jump in births in March – up from 394 the previ-

ous month to 474. this month looks to be even higher, with 165 babies delivered at the hospital so far. Wendy Hiele, a midwife at the National referal Hospital in Honiara, says pregnant women run the risk of being sick. “We don’t have enough beds

in here,” she said. “Most of our mothers when they deliver, we just put them on the loor. “babies are getting sick with neonatal sepsis and other diseases because the loor is dirty and the environment is not so good, and everybody is crowded in one room.”

Hiele also says some women are being discharged quickly after giving birth in the overstretched hospital. she says the large number of pregnancies may have resulted from last year’s Festival of Pacific Arts, which was held in Honiara. - ABC


Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWs nuti no te PA eNUA

Fat passengers and dog meat on the menu Welcome to Samoa – where fat people pay more and dog meat is a treat – writes Samoa Observer editor Mata’afa Keni Lesa: APIA – let’s see if we’ve got this right. At a time when samoa is hosting several tourism representatives from around the world as part of the samoa tourism exchange – with the idea that they return home to promote samoa as a destination – we make headlines around the world for two very unique developments. First, if you’re fat, samoa is not the place for you. Why? Well, if you’re thinking of lying to Savai’i or American samoa using samoa Air, they’ll not only put you through the embarrassing procedure of weighing you– as if anybody likes being weighed – they will then charge you for every kilo you have. by the time you get on the plane, you’ll feel so bad about your weight you’d wish there was a hole nearby that would swallow you alive.

And before you could scream discrimination, they’ll politely tell you that at samoa Air, a “kilo is a kilo is a kilo.” Not a bad thing to do if you want to go out of business very quickly. And in a country where a large number of people are overweight, if the message is not already obvious, simply put, if you want to pay less, lose some weight. Now tell that to all those priests, reverends and members of parliament we see on television every night. Imagine the prime minister lining up at the check in counter at Faleolo? step up on the scale sir! What about those overweight government Ceos and matai from the villages who eat too much size two? It would be quite a sight! but then again, they might be too embarrassed to use samoa Air. they might want to keep their dignity intact by avoiding the airline altogether so that they’ll opt for the ferry instead. At $80 per head return, the business class on lady Naomi III has suddenly become a very attractive option. Not only that

‘Who in their right mind would want to eat a can of malnourished, and diseaseinfested dog meat from samoa?’ you’ll be given the red carpet treatment, you’ll even get fed! Yes, glorious food. so the message – from the samoa Air initiative at least - for all those fat tourists who are thinking of coming to samoa is very simple – get lost. As for all you obese samoans, tough luck! Mind you, there is always Polynesian Airlines and no doubt, taua Fatu tielu and his team will be happy to do business with you – regardless of your weight. Now if you think the fat fare initiative is weird, you haven’t heard the worst yet. our politicians have come up with another reason why some of them should never have been

Guam’s Koreans feel safe

H AGAt NA – local Korean residents agree Guam, and their family members living in south Korea, are safe from North Korean attacks, in spite of threatening statements made recently by representatives of the Democratic People’s republic of Korea, better known as North Korea. Jong Kim, president of reliable builders in tamuningon Guam, said he thinks the North Korean military and government are bluffing about their ability to attack. “I don’t think they have the capability to do that. they’re blufing and threatening,” Kim said. Pastor John Yohan oh of the Castle Zion church in barrigada Heights said it’s impossible for North Korean missiles to come to Guam. “they don’t have enough mechanical technique, the target is too small, they have too many chances for mistakes,” oh said. Kenny eun, manager of san Jose Market in Maite, said his family in seoul isn’t worried. “other countries are worried, but south Korea is very safe,” eun said, adding the country has powerful allies to protect them. oh said the North Korean government makes small threats to south Korea as though it were

‘I hope they don’t attack because they’ll be completely destroyed, but they may try a suicidal challenge.’ a habit. He agreed that south Koreans aren’t worried. oh said North Koreans still remember the Us bombing of Pyongyang during the Korean War 60 years ago. “because of that, they are very angry. they remember that for 60 years. After that, they make threats for 60 years,” oh said. “We don’t worry about the threat. Americans are the ones worried about it.” Kim said there are some south Koreans worried about their adversary to the north. However, they’re conident they have the support of international allies. “I think south Koreans have to stay strong and don’t have to worry much. We’ll show North Korea our strength,” Kim said. And it’s not the United states that needs to be worried, Kim said. It’s North Korea. “North Korea has to be really careful, not us, to don’t make

any mistake. If there’s a mistake, they don’t have any power to absorb it,” Kim added. Amanda shin, a resident of south Korea, said the citizens of her country are living their lives as normal. even though they worry North Korea might successfully attack south Korea, they still believe they’re safe. Foreigners are much more fearful than residents. this fear is affecting the economy of south Korea, she said. “I’m working in the hotel front desk in downtown. We’re having some cancellations for that reason,” shin said. Kim said even though it may be premature at this point to believe North Korea is capable of an attack on Us soil, Guam needs to be prepared against a North Korean threat in the future. “they are improving technology and weapons,” Kim said. “It’s time to prepare to protect against provocation in the future.” Kim said North Korea would be destroyed if the country attempted an attack. but he’s still concerned the North Koreans would attack anyway. “I hope they don’t attack because they’ll be completely destroyed, but they may try a suicidal challenge,” Kim said. - Paciic Daily News

Rather be dead than shamed APIA – the head of samoa sui-

cide prevention organisation, Fa’ataua le ola, says despite a drop in the number of young people killing themselves, the traditional ethos that death is better than shame persists. Fa’ataua le ola has been instrumental in reducing samoa’s suicide rate, which was the highest in the Pacific and the third highest in the world when its 24-hour centre

opened in 2000. the head of the NGo, Papali’i Caroline Paul-Ah Chong, says a deadly aversion to bringing shame on one’s family has always been a big part of samoan culture. but she says increasing exposure to the outside world and to education is making it harder for today’s young people. “Unfortunately when they go back into the family setting,

most especially into the village setting, they’re up against this pressure from their parents to do as they’re told and like I said they should be seen to be doing what they’re told and not have a voice.” Paul-Ah Chong says Fa’atau le ola is concentrating on educating young people not to put the same pressure on their own children. - RNZI

voted into power. After years of waiting and hoping for the government to come up with a sound solution to our canine problem, they’ve coughed up another classic. Wait, wait, wait for it – dog meat exports. Instead of a reasonable way to control the dog population, some ministers during a recent parliament session have suggested that we should just kill all those malnourished, uncared for and flea-infested dogs and ship them to Asia. believe it or not, they weren’t kidding. “rather than spending money on dogs, how about we use their meat to get money?” associate minister, Tole’afoa Fa’aisi said. “Put them in cans and export them.” And that’s not all. “looking after other farm animals is also expensive, so maybe we can grind dog meat to feed farm animals?” tole’afoa said. the idea is almost smart if it wasn’t so cruel, ridiculous and inhumane. besides, who in their right mind would want to eat a can of malnourished, and disease-infested dog meat from samoa? What samoan would be proud of that? but that’s not the real issue here. the worry is that the government – judging from what’s

been said in parliament so far – has basically admitted it cannot tackle a very simple problem. For years, it’s been promising a solution to reduce the number of stray dogs, which have been making a mockery of efforts by the government to develop the tourism sector since so many tourists only have horror stories to tell about samoa, no thanks to these animals. the Canine Control bill 2013, which will require all dogs to be licenced is a good start. but we’ve got to be realistic. In many families, there are about ten dogs and they continue to multiply. If those families are already wallowing in poverty, barely making enough to feed their multiple children, what makes you think they will pay to register their dogs, even if the registration fee is $10? What we need is a irm solution, one that will deal with the problem and stop it as soon as possible. Which means that if families cannot afford to look after dogs, they shouldn’t have them in the irst place. to make things simple, why don’t we just start with maybe one dog per family? And this is where the government should come in. It’s not going to be easy but a good start will be to empower government oficials – whether its the police or whoever – to go

from village to village to remove dogs that families cannot look after. And given that the idea of a dog pound has already been tried and failed, we might just have to bite the bullet and put some of these animals out of their misery. Its tough but desperate situations call for desperate measures. Having said that, we maintain that the most important part of solving the entire problem is education. Families have to be convinced that they should love their dogs and be kind to them just as they are kind to their children. We should teach our children that they can only keep one or two animals at the time because this is the number they can feed with food scraps, and care for properly. schools, village councils, women’s committees and churches should also help by educating children on the need to love and care for their animals as if they are their best friends. this way they grow up knowing that having one healthy dog is a lot better that keeping ten famished ones. that’s a much better solution than the thought of turning up at a local restaurant for lunch only to see ‘malnourished samoan dog steak’ on the menu as the special of the day. - Samoa Observer

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Call for lu vaccine orders Cooler weather is around the

corner, and people wanting a lu vaccine will need to order it in advance this year. Due to budget limitations the Ministry of Health is not bringing in any lu vaccines, but the injections will be available from CItC Pharmacy. However, with recent increases in freight costs, CItC will only be placing one order for the vaccines this year, and are asking interested people to place pre-orders to ensure they have enough. CItC pharmacist shannon saunders said there will be a cost for the vaccine, but the more that are ordered the cheaper they will be because freight and refrigeration costs do not vary much with the size of the order. CItC is hoping to offer the vaccines at $30 – the same price they were last year. regardless of the price, there will be a $5 discount for all pre-ordered vaccines. saunders said it’s a common misconception that the change in weather and the drop in temperature cause the lu. Rather, the weather change drives peo-

QualityCoffee served by the

CookIslands Baristaofthe Year 2013

ple to spend more time indoors, in closer proximity to others. she said the vaccine is especially important in a close-knit community like the Cooks, as kissing and hugging can spread the inluenza virus. the injection helps your body to recognise what the “lu” virus looks like, said saunders. this means that if you come in contact with the virus your body can easily identify it and therefore know to attack it. she said a misconception about the vaccine is that it can make you sick. “that’s actually impossible – if people get sick after getting the vaccine, it’s either a coincidence, or they got a different strain that they weren’t vaccinated for.” saunders said the vaccine is especially important for people who have a low immunity and tend to get sick every winter, are pregnant, have a chronic illness such as asthma or are elderly. People wanting to pre-order their flu vaccines can contact CItC Pharmacy on 29292. - Briar Douglas

Here’s what people think letters to the editor. express yourself. Email:

A home vaccination in Mitiaro in 2010 - lu vaccines will need to be pre-ordered this year. 10090318

A lack of respect Dear editor, I would like to support Kate Hawkins’ letter (Fools in Paradise, April 10) about the rubbish left at the Nukupure sports ield. I too have spent time collecting used nappies (yuck), plastic bottles, broken glass etcetera from the beachfront normally under the row of ironwood trees a nasty job indeed. basically it is laziness and a lack of respect for the environ-

Letters ment and the country. Normally you ind this sort of behaviour is done by a few morons who should be made to clean the mess up if caught. We all need the island to look pristine so get some pride people, we can all do better. Nick reeves Muri

Refund old tank owners A sMoKe sIGNAller writes: “the government will now honour its election pledge to supply every household on rarotonga with a water tank. but wait, the tune has changed; only those who have not installed their own water tanks will be supplied free water tanks. those who bought and installed their own will miss out. How stupid is this policy? Just because households, for some reason or another installed their own water tanks, they now have to miss out on the government subsidy. This shows how ineficient government operates. Households that purchased their own water tanks did so for various reasons such as for water storage for the dry season, a loan requirement, not relying on the main water mains and a reserve when water pressure is low. Government should treat everyone the same, regardless if homeowners who were more eficient than others bought water tanks. Those that bought water tanks should be able to take their invoices and receipts to government and claim a refund. Government should not discriminate but apply this policy fairly across the board. two thousand households at $1500 per tank equals $3 million dollars. then next year the outer islands can be supplied with free water tanks and again, those who bought their own tanks should be able to claim a refund. Whoever is advising government needs his/her head checked; maybe they are living in a water tank?”

DEMO LEADERSHIP “DID YoU KNoW readers are already bored with leader of the

opposition, Wilkie rasmussen?” a smoke signaller writes. “He is nit-picking, petty, boring and judgmental. I wonder whether he realises what he’s doing is counterproductive to himself and the party? I have heard suggestions that secretly the Demos are looking for another leader, maybe, ‘smiley’ Heather? At least smiley never crossed his voters by standing as a CIP member before rejoining the Demo. I feel that skeletons in the wardrobe are creeping back to haunt!” Smoke Signals Heard a funny real-life story or something out of the ordinary? smoke signals will be accepted by e-mail (, text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22999. You don’t have to pay any money and we don’t have to print your name. Please note that material that goes beyond the bounds of decent taste or is defamatory is not likely to be used. Don’t forget to give us your name and contact number in case we need to check details. All correspondence is conidential. Go on, smoke it!

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Chinese visit for minerals ‘positive’ tHe HeAD of a Chinese deep sea minerals delegation says he is optimistic about future investment in the Cook Islands. China ocean Mineral resources r&D Association (CoM rA) secretary-general Jiancai Jin and director Changbin Wu arrived in the country on tuesday to discuss the country’s potentially vast and valuable seabed mineral resource with the government. With them were beijing General research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy president Kaixi Jiang, Changsha research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy professor Ning Yang and interpreter Guifeng Wu. they met with cabinet on Wednesday morning and the seabed Minerals Authority (sMA) in the afternoon. No agreements have been entered into on the trip – the party is here to assess the sector ahead of the Chinese government and private companies possibly putting in tenders for exploration work. secretary-general Jin says the party came as they knew the Cook Islands had “quite large” mineral deposits in its exclusive economic Zone (eeZ). they wanted to get more informational on the potential economic prospects of these deposits, and to learn about the exploration policies of the country. He reported the meetings went well and there has been “eficient communication” be-

tween them and their Cook Islands counterparts. “this morning until now we have had positive discussions regarding the future. We are happy to learn there is a positive policy here to try to attract investments.” Jin says he is optimistic about future investment in the Cooks. “CoMrA will try to use our experience and credibility to look at future deep sea mining. then we will communicate with relevant companies and government. We hope in future some companies would be interested in future co-operation.” but he said they would still need some time to study the details provided by sMA and assess the potential of economic investment. later this year sMA will put out international tenders of exploration blocks, so is trying to cultivate interest. they have been promoting the Cook’s mineral abundance and regulatory regime overseas, mainly at conferences but also with followup connections with individual countries – such as Japan, Korea, Norway, Germany, UsA and UK. A delegation from Norway visited in 2007 and private company odyssey visited last year. The COMRA group lies out tonight to Fiji, where they will meet with leaders and also the Secretariat of the Paciic Community Applied Geoscience and technology Division. - Calida Smylie

A delegation from China has come to learn more about the Cook Islands mineral resource. COMRA secretary general Jiancai Jin is centre. 13041088

The Chinese delegation met with Cabinet so they could see for themselves how stable the government was. 13041021

Marine project to help with climate change A ProJ eCt to improve the marine environment for pearl farmers and artisanal ishers in the northern group has been launched. Government agencies involved recently came together to discuss implementation of the project, called ‘environmental monitoring to enhance community livelihoods and build resilience to climate change in low-lying atolls of the Cook Islands’. the project aims to improve the environment for pearl farmers, artisanal and small scale commercial fisheries in the northern atolls. this will be done largely through monitoring the ma-

rine environment on Palmerston, Manihiki, rakahanga, Puakapuka and Penrhyn. It will be managed by the Ministry of Marine resources (MMr) with back up support from the office of the Prime Minister’s (o P M) Climate Change Cook Islands division and the Development Coordination division of the Ministry of Finance and economic Management. “Given the that our northern Pa enua are highly dependent on activities such as peal farming and inshore isheries, monitoring changes within the marine environment is essential as it provides information to pearl farmers and to ishers to

help protect their livelihoods,” says MMr secretary ben Ponia. o P M ch i e f o f s t a f f l i z Wright-Koteka agrees. “our northern group atolls are particularly exposed to the impacts of climate change. this project will help strengthen climate change resilience not just from an environment standpoint but also from the social and economic angles.” the project will run for two years and is supported through the european Union Global Climate Change Alliance: Paciic Small Island States. This is facilitated through the secretariat of the Paciic Community. - Release







Andmanymoreinstorespecialstosee. MMR secretary Ben Ponia, OPM chief of staf Liz Wright-Koteka, Development Co-ordination division’s George Turia and MMR’s Dorothy Solomona. 13041090

The Energy Centre

Parekura Ph 21136


Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Traditional welcome for Waka Tapu voyagers bIlloWING smoke and the sound of drum beats guided Waka tapu voyagers on vaka te Aurere and Ngahiraka Mai tawhiti into te Ava tuitui Ka Moana (Avarua harbour) on Wednesday morning. Ngahiraka was the irst of the two vaka to arrive ashore and with no modern motor – it had to be towed in the passage. Principal vaka of the Waka tapu Voyage – te Aurere sailed in on her own steam watched on by a small crowd of locals and visitors who managed to get to the harbour for the earlier than expected arrival of the voyagers. trader Jacks bar became the immigration ofice as each voyager was cleared to enter the country. Once the customs oficers had conducted their check of the vaka – the traditional formalities of the welcome ceremony began. standing on the harbour – New Zealand Maori expatriate Ngawai Walden called the manuiri forward with a strong New Zealand Maori karanga. the voyagers waded through the water to the boat ramp where they came ashore to the chanting welcome the vaa tuatua (spokesman) for Karika Ariki – Anau toa rangatira. At the top of the ramp, another fire billowed smoke for the kiritianga maro tai cleansing and blessing ceremony. The ire and smoke not only

helped guide the vaka to shore but also symbolises the washing of the salt garments by the sailors before stepping ashore. once seated – a representative from each paramount chief from takitumu, Puaikura and Vaka te Au o tonga took it in turn to welcome the voyagers to tumutevarovaro (rarotonga). the voyagers were all warmly welcomed ‘home’ and praised for their courageousness in taking to the Moana Nui o Kiva to preserve the art of traditional navigation. After a chant that echoed the names of the chiefs, mountains and rivers of te Au o tonga – Cook Islands Voyaging society president Ian Karika shared a little history on the arrival of visitors to the island in the days of our ancestors, He explained that long before making landfall – the visiting voyagers to the islands would chant the names of their ancestors to establish a link and connection with the people on land. once the links were made the voyagers were called to shore but if no links or connections were made – the visitor’s survival was in jeopardy. “In this case – we know already our ties with the vaka and the voyagers and so we welcome you to tumutevarovaro,” said Karika. eruera Nia welcomed the manuiri on behalf of the

Waka Tapu voyage leader and traditional master navigator Jack Thatcher during his mihi. 13041076

Voyagers from vaka Te aurere and ngahiraka Mai Tawhiti embrace on the shores of avarua harbour. 13041066

Aotearoa society and in his address on behalf of the New Zealand government – high commissioner John Carter said that such cultural significant events such as the arrival of the two double hulled canoes was a reminder to people like him

how vital history and culture is to the people of the Paciic. leader of the Waka tapu expedition Jack thatcher praised the late sir tom Davis for his work in inspiring the revival of vaka building, traditional sailing and navigation.

He also paid tribute to vaka builder Hekenukumai (Hector) busby who built vaka te Aurere in the 1990s and Ngahiraka afterwards and named her after his later wife. At the end of the formalities on Avarua harbour – the voy-

agers and dignitaries retreated to Ngaru rutu, the paepae of Makea Karika Ariki, for refereshments before the voyagers returned to their vaka to prepare for their long voyage home to Aotearoa on saturday. - Matariki Wilson

Vaka Te Aurere crew ready themselves to anchor their vaka in Te Ava Tuitui Ka Moana on Wednesday.


Nukutere College students conduct a turou for manuiri from vaka Te Aurere and Ngahiraka Mai Tawhiti.

Male voyagers from the two Waka Tapu canoes perform a spine-tingling haka.




Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Nau mai nga Waka Tapu!

Waka Tapu canoes Te Aurere (left) and Ngahiraka mai Tawhiti docked on the shores of Te Ava Tuitui Ka Moana (Avarua harbour) on Wednesday morning. The double hulled canoes are due to depart our shores for aotearoa on saturday. 13041053


CHOLESTEROL HighcholesterolisacommonproblemseenamongCookIslanders.Consequences of high cholesterol are heart disease and strokes – the two major causesofdeathintheCookIslands.Thegoodnewsiswecandosomething about it. Lets start today! What is cholesterol? Cholesterolisafattysubstancefoundinourbody.Cholesterolandotherfats are called lipids. There are diferent types of lipids in our body. Each has a diferent function: HighDensityLipoproteincholesterol(HDL)isoftencalledthe‘good’cholesterolbecauseithelpsremovecholesterolfromthearterywallsreducingyour risk of heart disease. Low-DensityLipoproteincholesterol(LDL)isoftencalledthe‘bad’cholesterol because it deposits cholesterol into the artery walls increasing your risk of heart disease. Triglycerides are the most common form of fat in our body.They are a storageformofenergyforthebody.Hightriglyceridelevelsarelinkedwithheart disease and stroke. What does cholesterol do? Cholesterolisimportantasithelpsourbodiesfunctionproperly.Ifthereistoo much cholesterol in your blood, it will build up in your artery walls, causing narrowingofthearteries.Thisincreasesyourriskofdevelopingheartdisease or having a stroke. Where does it come from? Ourlivermakescholesterolfromsaturatedfatsinourdiet.Mostsaturatedfats comefromtheanimalproductsweeat,suchasbutter,processedmeatse.g sausages,tinmeat,bacon,redmeats,chickenskin,wholemilk,cheese,pies, pastries and cakes, eg. Hot chips, hash browns. It is also found in coconut cream. Transfattyacids(transfats)alsocontributetohighcholesterolandarefound in pies, pastries, biscuits and cakes. Highcholesterolcanalsoruninthefamily.Whateverthecauseitisimportant tolowerourlevelsthroughhealthyeatingandbeingactive–toloweryourrisk of heart disease and stroke. How can I lower my blood cholesterol level? 1. Eat healthy a. Eating more servings of fruit and vegetables, legumes e.g dried peas (e.g.chickpeas)andbeans(e.g.redkidneybeans),soyproducts,oatcereals, whole grains and high-i bre cereals.Try having 1-2 vegetarian meals a week. b.Checkingfoodlabelsandchoosingthosethatarelowinsaturatedfats (less than 2g per 100g) c. Choosing low fat products – e.g low fat milk, low fat yoghurt d. Avoid butter, deep-fried and fatty foods and only occasionally choose sweet bakery products e. Not eating meat fat, chicken skin or processed meats or processed chicken and eat small amounts of coconut cream and coconut f. Eat more ish – fresh or canned, aim for 2-3 ish meals a week g.Eatinglessfatandfoodshighinfat,especiallysaturated(animalfat)e.g cornedbeef,takeaways,butter,icecream,mayonnaise,doughnuts,sweet andchocolatebiscuits,pies,luncheonmeat,pokotoromiti,coconutcream, sausages, cream. If using oil choose healthy oils such as canola, olive and soy bean and use sparingly 2. Lose weight if you are overweight 3.Domoderatephysicalactivityforatleast30minutesonmostdaysordaily 4. Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol 5. Quit smoking

Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News


PHARMACY Myth Busting: You cannot get a cold from being cold! With winter upon us, the cold weather drives people inside. This means that you are more likely to be closer to someone who is sick, and therefore you are more susceptible to ‘catching’ their cold. Your best defence this winter is to boost your immunity. A ‘cold’ is caused by a virus. It affects the upper respiratory tract causing sore throats and a runny nose. There is no cure for the common cold, however you can take products to alleviate the symptoms (make you feel better) such as throat lozenges, decongestant tablets or nasal sprays and vitamins such as Vitamin C, Echinacea, Horseradish and Garlic to decrease the duration (length) of it. There are combination products available that will help dry up your nose and offer you pain relief for your throat. “Day&Night” options will also assist you to sleep allowing your body to recover. Influenza commonly called the ‘flu’ is a viral infection. The ‘flu’ is worse than the common cold, and the symptoms such as fever, body aches, extreme tiredness, and dry cough are more intense. Flu symptoms typically come on suddenly and include fever, aches, chills, and tiredness. These can be controlled with pain relief such as paracetamol (Panadol) or ibuprofen (Nurofen).


IMPORTANT: someone who has an uncontrollable fever, sudden lethargy (extreme tiredness), lifelessness or inability to wake should be reported to a doctor immediately. It is important to realise the value of vaccines, in the early 1900’s influenza wiped out more people than the Second World War. Now a vaccine is available. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the influenza vaccine discuss these with your doctor, nurse, pharmacist or health professional you trust. Regardless of whether you have a cold or the flu, neither will be fixed by taking antibiotics. SYMPTOMS Fever/Chills Aches and pains

INFLUENZA Common Common and severe; prominent headache

COLD Uncommon Mild; headaches rare




Common and severe

Less common, mild to moderate Mild

Sudden onset




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Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Voyagers follow in ancestor’s wake trADItIoNAl sailors on vaka te Aurere and Ngahiraka Mai tawhiti arrived in rarotonga on yesterday– the inal stop before they return home to Aotearoa. the Waka tapu voyage has been an epic expedition for the sailors which began with a 10,000 nautical mile voyage from Aotearoa to rapa Nui (easter Island). the voyagers, who are following in the wake of their ancestors and closing the Polynesian triangle are guided on their journey by the stars, currents, sun and moon. the principal waka on this

voyage is te Aurere, carved by Hekenukumai (Hector) busby in the early 1990s. supporting the historic voyage is busby’s second waka hourua, Ngahiraka Mai tawhiti, named after his late wife. the journey, which began in March 2012 has taken the voyagers to tubuai (Austral Islands), Mangareva (Gambier Islands) before arriving at rapa Nui (easter Island) in December. the voyagers then sailed on to tahiti and Moorea where they departed for the Cook Islands. - MW

Vaka voyagers from the two visiting canoes embrace on shore before being oicially welcomed to Rarotonga. 13041062

Principal vaka of the Waka Tapu voyage vaka Te Aurere enters Te Ava Tuitui Ka Moana on Wednesday morning to the sounds of island drum beats. 13041034


Destination Development Initiatives Expressions of Interest (EOI) destination development initiatives are designed to enhance the Cook Islands Tourism product with a primary focus on event development and tourism related infrastructure. destination development will also encourage tourism related educational, hospitality, environmental and cultural initiatives. The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation destination development Committee seeks expressions of interest from interested parties to submit proposals to: • develop a suite of suitable events (individual or a series) designed to improve the economic impact of tourism and enhance visitor experiences. Event development will focus on marketable events that stimulate visitor arrivals to the Cook Islands particularly during the november to May period and enhance visitor experiences including cultural, sporting and other relevant events. • develop tourism related infrastructure. This is designed for visitor convenience and to connect areas of environmental and cultural signiicance which will improve the economic impact of tourism and enhance visitor experiences. Tourism related Infrastructure will focus on hiking and walking trails, access to Beaches/Caves/Forests/ Lakes etc (viewing platforms, paths and steps, signage etc), historical sites, and public toilets and amenities (shelters, rest areas, tables and chairs, BBQ facilities etc). • develop tourism related education and training. Education and Training Providers will be tasked with delivery of the courses and achieving targeted pass rates and or numbers of graduates for both rarotonga and the sister islands. Tourism Education and Training investment will take place in the following areas; Secondary level – nCEA Tourism courses; Vocational level – WTTO standard Tourism and Hospitality Courses; Other Tertiary levels – Tourism courses at certiicate, diploma or degree level etc.

Cook Islands traditional master navigator Tua Pittman makes sure all paper works are in order before beginning the oicial welcome for the vaka voyagers. 13041054 Te Aurere – Since its inception in 1990, Te Aurere, which was built at the same time as Cook Islands vaka Te Au O Tonga, has become an international symbol for cultural revitalisation and connectivity for peoples throughout the Paciic Ocean. Te Aurere has sailed over 30,000 nautical miles, visiting Hawaii, French Polynesia, to the Cook Islands for the 1992 Festival of Arts, New Caledonia and Norfolk Island, as well as making countless circumnavigations of the North Island of New Zealand. Ngahiraka Mai Tawhiti – In 2000 Hector began the build of a second waka hourua, Ngahiraka Mai Tawhiti, named after his late wife, with a view to ‘closing the Polynesian Triangle’ by sailing to Rapanui (Easter Island) which has now been accomplished.

Proposals will be assessed where applicable on the strength of a business and project delivery / management plan. Emphasis is placed on a projects return on investment (rOI) calculated by increased visitor arrivals, improved length of stay and increased related spend, and enhanced and expanded visitor experiences. Proposals will be further assessed by their appeal, engagement of the community, partner resourcing, delivery team expertise and experience, and future sustainability. It is also imperative that these proposals tie in with existing Cook Islands Tourism marketing strategies. A detailed EOI guide for each project area and a submission and assessment template is available to download via the Cook Islands Tourism website. All EOI submissions close 20 June 2013. The destination development Strategy and related initiatives are supported by nZAId. For more information contact noeline Mateariki, destination development Coordinator, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation via


Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303


PUBLIC NOTICeS TO: ThE LANDOWNERS OF ENUAVAI SECTION 90I1, LOT 15, ARORANGI The Mortgagee of a Deed of Lease of the above land situated in Arorangi, rarotonga in the area of 923m2 has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the Deed of Lease by way of assignment. The sale is subject, among other things, to the landowners waiving their right of irst refusal in respect of the sale and (in the event of them waiving that right), the consent of the majority of landowners residing in rarotonga to the sale by way of assignment. should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interest you have one month from Wednesday, 10 April 2013 to notify us in writing. Details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchasers are available to landowners whose names appear on the register of Titles, on request to: charles Little at Little & Matysik P.c., cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, rarotonga, Tel: 21619, Fax 21615 or email: charles@ 70551 / /1780

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning invites local consultants to register their interest to prepare an Integrated Water resources Management Policy that will provide for long term strategic direction of managing rarotonga’s natural water resources. For further information email ck or call 22648.

Notice is hereby given to the public that Paciic Energy sWP Ltd will commence the construction of its proposed 150NB pipeline at Avatiu Wharf on Tuesday 2 April 2013. The proposed excavation works are to take place from the existing PEsWPL pit situated along Ara Tapu main road, opposite cITc (behind the Palace Takeaway and Maritime Oice buildings) to the Avatiu Wharf. Please be advised that traic and movement within the vicinity of the proposed work area will be restricted for the duration of the works, and minor disturbances to services may be expected, but will be kept to a minimum. Vehicle access and egress, to and from, the Avatiu Wharf may be diverted temporarily to cater for works on the road-crossing sections, however, assistance will be provided by onsite personnel. For the safety of the general public, it is advised that no unauthorised access is allowed into any demarcated or barricaded work area, unless prior approval has been sought from PEsWPL. We envisage that the works will be complete by 31 April 2013. Your co-operation is highly appreciated. Paciic Energy SWP Ltd. 70340 / /2590

70440 / /2009



Classiieds • Phone 22999



Te Aponga uira (TAu) is inviting suitably qualiied companies or joint venture companies to submit a bid to complete site installation of its new Cooling Towers plant and equipment at Avatiu Valley Power Station, on rarotonga. To initiate progress towards the completion of this assignment, TAu has developed a request for Proposals documents and Terms of reference (TOr) for the associated tasks and now invites interested companies to submit their proposal for this assignment. Tender documents can be requested and or uplifted from the following contact details: TAu Project Manager Te Aponga uira, rarotonga, Cook Islands Fax (682) 21944 Tel (682) 20054 Extn 835 Email The proposed timeframes for the bidding process are set out below: Deadline for submission of questions: 12 noon Thursday 11 April 2013 Deadline for submission of Proposals: 12 noon Friday 12 April 2013 Notiication to preferred Contractor: From the week 22 April 2013 Contract and budget negotiations: From the week 22 April 2013.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.





UIPAANGA OIRE Ki te oire Tangata o Teimurimotia Titikaveka. E kapiki anga teia na te Peipei Utu, Te Aronga Mana o Teimurimotia kia pou mai te oire tangata ki tetai uipaanga oire a te paraparau ra 11 o Aperira I te ora 7 ite aiai ki to tatou Kent Hall. Te pati iatu nei te au putuputuanga tuketuke I roto iakoe e Teimurimotia, te akonoanga tuketuke, te anau tarekareka tipoti, te au akaaere o te au tapere, te tua o te kimi puapinga, Tumu Manako Te Atuitui anga tatou ito tatou Konitara Enua Teimurimotia I raro ake ite tamaru a te Aronga Mana. Akamaroiroi mai ki te uipaanga, akaari mai I toou manako me e inangaro toou ito tatou Oire Teimurimotia kia tere ki mua. Teia tuatua akakite na te Aronga Mana o Teimurimotia Teimurimotia Apopo.

NOTICE Notice is hereby given to the Landowners of Akapuao section 41, Takitumu that the Lessee named in a certain Deed of Lease dated 5 November 1991 (the Lease) has entered into an Agreement for sale and Purchase of the said interest. Under the said Lease before the Lessee can assign the said interest he must irst obtain the consent of the Lessors. Further the Lessors have the right of irst refusal to the said Assignment. Any owner who wishes to exercise his/her right of irst refusal may call Pairu at Browne Harvey & Associates P.c. on 24-567 for further details.

E kapiki anga teia ki nga Tapere Tupapa e Maraerenga, Ka angai tatou I ta tatou anau tueporo league no Araura mai a teia Varaire ra 12 o Aperira me oti te tarekareka anga tue poro ki ta tatou anau I tei reira ra. Ka raveia ta tatou arikiriki anga ia ratou ki roto i te Tupapa centre no te kinokino i te turanga o te mataara i ko i to tatou Are Uipaanga. Ka akamata ta tatou angaanga i te ora 7, no reira kia pou mai ta tatou kai I te ora 6 ite aiai. Tari mai i te ki o te moana, to te enua e te vai atura ei katikati na ta tatou anau. Aere mai tatou e nga Tapere kia maruarua ta tatou angaanga Nga Pu Tapere, Aronga Mana , Mema Paramani e te au Akaaere o te rugby League.

3 bedroom house, furnished, rutaki, Arorangi. Long term/ short term. Phone 24900 or 55302.

70496 /31413 /1931

TO: ThE LANDOWNERS OF MAIOkARERE PT SECTION 89k2, ARORANGI The Mortgagee of a Deed of Lease of the above land situated in Arorangi, rarotonga in the area of 4,716m2 has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the Deed of Lease by way of assignment. The sale is subject to the landowners waiving their right of irst refusal in respect of the sale by way of assignment. should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interest you have one month from Wednesday, 10 April 2013 to notify us in writing. Details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchaser are available to landowners whose names appear on the register of Titles, on request to: charles Little at Little & Matysik P.c., cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, rarotonga, Tel: 21619, Fax 21615 or email: charles@


Ph 22336

Animal Clinic

70550 / /1780

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL For:TAU Cooling Towers Site Installation Works

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

70476 / /1778

70533 / /1868

TO: ThE LANDOWNERS OF ENUAVAI sEcTION 90I1, LOT 17, ArOrANGI The Mortgagee of a Deed of Lease of the above land situated in Arorangi, rarotonga in the area of 1,380m2 has entered into an agreement for the sale of the remainder of the term of the Deed of Lease by way of assignment. The sale is subject, among other things, to the landowners waiving their right of irst refusal in respect of the sale and (in the event of them waiving that right), the consent of the majority of landowners residing in rarotonga to the sale by way of assignment. should you wish to exercise the right of irst refusal as a landowner and purchase the leasehold interest you have one month from Wednesday, 10 April 2013 to notify us in writing. Details of the proposed sale, including the price, and of the purchaser are available to landowners whose names appear on the register of Titles, on request to: charles Little at Little & Matysik P.c., cook Islands Lawyers, Avarua, rarotonga, Tel: 21619, Fax 21615 or email: charles@ 70552 / /1780

aitutaki game ishing club Wish to advise all members that the A.G.M will take place at on saturday the 20 of April at the ishing club all members please attend President clive Baxter 70538 / /1621


Uipaanga na te kopu o Makea Teremoana, Makea Takau e pera katoa te Ui rangatira o Makea Nui. Te pati iatu nei kotou katoatoa kia tae mai ki te ngutuare o Meremaraea Tinirau Macquarie i Nikao a te Maanakai ra 13 Aperira 2013 i te ora 6pm i te aiai. Tumu manako koia oki ko te taoanga o Makea Nui. Teia kapikianga na Meremaraea Tinirau Macquarie. 70549 / /2414

housie, housie, housie. Kare e rave ia ta tatou housie a teia Varaire ra 12 o Aperira I ko te Tupapa centre kareka ra ka tamataora atu te pupu imene Tauraki superstars I reira I taua po rai. 70534 / /1868

LOST LOST-REWARD Bag left by mistake at social centre containing an ipad, portable stereo and passport. Substantial reward ofered for safe return. Please phone or text 56855 or 72055


70509 /31421 /1931

2 Bedroom furnished house, Nikao down Fisher’s Drive. Prefer long term. Phone 76774. 70520 /31424 /1931

2 bedroom fully furnished house in Betela, Arorangi. Hop skip and a jump to the beach and a hop hop skip and a jump to the shop, awesome neighbours. call 51495. 70561 / /2442

FOR SALe Yamaha PA System at $10,000. or nearest ofer. Phone Rangi 78405. 70555 /31437 /1931

Caravan, can be use for a sleep out/ turn into a business, $5500ono. contact 58992. 70557 / /1619

For Sale (second hand) Toilets system Mirror Vanity (basin) All for $50 Pls call 55469 for details. 70479 / /1759

Bedroom 22411.



70554 /31436 /1931

veHICLeS FOR SALe Toyota hilux 4WD Double cab. Good engine, runs well. Phone 54396 or 20530 after 4.30pm. Nissan Navarra double cab, $11,500 ono. Phone 56955 or 55619. 70501 /31415 /1931

Well maintained subaru impreza for sale - Ph 73171 Price $9000 Neg! 70512 / /2162

70558 / /1619

SeRvICeS NZ qualiied builder with extensive references from prominent cI owners of major renovation and new build projects. For a free consultation and quote on your new development or upgrade give me a call. Phone 73824. 70553 /31435 /1931

Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -secure & Private -short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage Phone 22188 or 26189. Email

Suzuki Van, good cond, owner leaving and must sell. call 51495. 70562 / /2442

SITUATIONS vACANT Position available for a cabinetmaker/ Joiner or a person familiar with woodworking machinery, good pay and long term employment. Prestige Furnishings Ltd Phone 20567 ask for Kurt or Nooroa. 70477 / /1921

TAILOR- with proven skills and creative lair, Send CV and any supporting documents to: TAILOr MADE P.O Box 2165,rarotonga. 70453 /31383 /1931

2 bedroom house for rent, furnished, long term. Phone 79874 or 21444.

Sales orientated person required for reservations/general front oice position. Must be computer savvy with customer service experience plus basic book keeping knowledge. send cV to sunhaven@

70433 /31314 /2419

70448 / /1982


The Cook Islands national Council of Women invites expressions of interest from television production companies in the Cook Islands interested in working with CInCW to produce a TV series and episodes in the Cook Islands in the irst instance. Please send your resume of television, documentary and production experience and a general list of equipment and software you work with to: Taputukura Mariri Co-ordinator/PACMAS/CInCW Initiative By email – Or drop your interest at the CInCW oice in Takuvaine (orange house on the town side of Mama ngai’s shop). Your response will assist us in inalizing a production team to ilm and produce a Cook Islands TV series supported by PACMAS. Expressions close 15 April 2013, 12 noon.

2 bedroom cottage @ $150, ring 55272.

70492 / /1986

69898 /28083 /1744


70498 / /2415

Partly furnished 2 bedroom lat, Muri. Phone 24922. 70489 /31444 /1903


1005 sq m section with 2x two storey homes 41 year lease. Live in one, rent the other. All genuine ofers considered. ................................ 2575 sq m section with 3 homes 48 year lease-Tenants already established Great business opportunity All genuine ofers will be considered ................................ Ph/TXT Carey 55678 to arrange inspection. email:


Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWs nuti no roto i te IPUKAreA

Last casting call for Film Raro Film Raro short ilms are tomorrow evening and the crews are especially looking for more males. Around 100 people have auditioned already over the last week but executive producer stan Wolfgramm would like to see more. “It’s the opportunity of a life time to star in a local ilm with the calibre of international ilmmakers who are coming over to mentor our people. “It’s a new experience for almost all who have auditioned and life for some is about challenge. As they say, some people live life, others watch it pass them by.” Around 40 trainee ilm producers are taking the 12 week Film raro course and will assist the six teams of four who have been selected to take part in the ilm challenge. The teams will produce ilms from 8 to 15 minutes in length which will be screened at the inaugural Film raro International Film Festival on May 25. It is hoped the films made will show in festivals around the world, which will promote Cook Islands and its culture and attract more visitors.

the Film raro crews are gifting the films to the Ministry of education as media study tools. “We want media resources for our kids that are actually set in the Cook Islands instead of the Caribbean or some where else. These ilms will be a part of Cook Island history and so will all those who take part,” says Wolfgramm. The acting and ilming process is about experience gained rather than money, and none of the actors will be paid. “everyone working on Film raro are volunteers,” says Wolfgramm. “No-one is getting paid, including our mentors from overseas or myself and my crew. We are all here because we believe in the value of telling great stories and the opportunities that can come from it for the Cook Islands and its people.” those chosen from auditions will join the Film raro team as they work together to make the films. Wolfgramm says Film raro is now progressing rapidly through the planning stages. “We are now going into locking down locations and bringing casts together. this is great for those on the course because

we are getting into the reality of filmmaking – it’s exciting for them to see it happening now.” they have also begun meetings with the Film raro teams online via skype as preparations for ilming continue.




A person to learn the art of making exceptional sanwiches & rolls. Mon-Fri 10.30am2.30pm. Must be reliable, punctual, honest & have an ability to talk to the public. Good hourly pay rate. Fresh & Tasty, Arorangi ph 76104/24532.

Wanted live in Teacher Aide/ Nanny required. Must have Teacher Aide qualiication. submit your cV to java@oyster. or PO Box 92, Avarua, rarotonga. Applications close on the 18 April 2013.

tHe lAst auditions to be in the

Airport Flight Supervisor We are seeking a dynamic person to ill the above position. You will be required to -Meet scheduled International lights and Supervise our Meet & Greet service -Process and follow up of Flight Arrival Documentation -Have good communication skills -Have good computer skills -Be Punctual,honest and reliable -Be able to take and give direction and be able to problem solve and make decisions. -Be a team player -Be Understanding and Enjoy meeting people. -Have a current drivers licence for both bike and car and be willing to obtain a passenger service licence. -Provide character and previous work references This position requires shift work for lights and oice hours Monday-Friday 8am - 2pm. Please email jane@rarotours. to apply. 70544 / /1832

We have a great opportunity for waiters and waitresses to work in a busy and well established environment. We have full/part time positions available, and must be able to start immediately and work weekends. Feel free to come and ill in an application form, or contact 55469 for more details. 70526 / /1759

70480 / /1759

Accounts Administrator Manuia Beach resort is looking for a full time Accounts Administrator. The position involves daily control of the full accounting function. Including bank reconciliations, creditors, and all other accounting functions. Quickbooks and roommaster experience preferred. Position available for immediate start. Please reply in strict conidence to Richard Vinsen, email or phone 0064 2102717891. 70443 / /1798

We are looking for a keen, re liable and accurate person to run our reservation and leet scheduling. Good basic computer skills are essential. contact cook Islands Tours 20639 oice hours and 54083 a/h. 70546 /31445 /1931

in the Film raro course to feel empowered to be part of shaping the Cook Islands stories the ilms will tell. “they have been part of the process of adding traditional dance, songs and names into the scripts, and now we are do-

ing the same with locations and props.” the casting is being held Friday from 5-7 pm at the tereora College performing arts room, above the playing ields. Everyone who comes gets a free ticket to the ilm festival. - CS

A young hopeful auditions for a part in the short ilms being made by international ilm crews here over the next two months. 13041007

70431 / /2518

70545 /31434 /1931

security Oicer/porter This is a great opportunity for the right person who is consistent with their work, honest, reliable, hardworking and available for shift work and weekends. Must be able to communicate and write in English. An experienced person (male or female) with security background is preferred, feel free to come down and ill in an application form at the Front Oice or contact 55469 for further details.

Part of this includes going over each of the six ilm scripts and providing feedback to the script writers on how well the stories relect the Cook Islands and its people. Wolfgramm says it is important for those taking part

Technical Director The cook Islands Football Association is inviting applicants for the above position. The person required will oversee the overall Technical and Development Programmes for the cook Islands Football Association which will include organising coaching courses on rarotonga and the Outer Islands, oversee Elite Football Programmes for diferent age groups for boys and girls, implement new technical initiatives throughout the cook Islands, assist with the preparation of National teams for OFc tournaments, co-ordinate club and Outer Islands Director of coaches. send your application and cV to Mii Piri, cook Islands Football Association, P.O. Box 29, rarotonga, or by email or fax 28981. Applications close at 4pm Thursday 11 April 2013.


70508 /31416 /1931

FLATMATeS WANTeD Trader Jacks Restaurant & Bar is looking for Waitresses & Bartenders & a Pizza Hand. Must be able to work sat/sundays. Experience preferred, training will be given. Immediate start. Please contact rosa on 74315 or 26464 for an interview.

A single person or couple wanted to share a modern furnished 2-bedroom house with another professional couple in Arorangi. Great outdoor living, close to main road, excellent security. NZD120 per week. call 55686 to view the house & meet existing tenants.

TuPAPA CENTRE Presents Live Band by


70556 / /1969

70523 / /1703

Apii Te Uki Ou invites applications from experienced teachers with relevant qualiications for a classroom Teacher position. Applications close Friday 12 April. Please email cV & references to 70217 / /1952

Part-time weekends: reliable, punctual & honest person required for weekend airport shifts in cafe environment. Ph Karlene 78100.

This Friday & Saturday 12th & 13th of April Theme - SuPERSTARS Cover Charge only $5.00 Happy Hour from 6pm - 9pm Small drinks & spirit only $3.00 Large bottles only $5.00

FOuND Notices are FREE to encourage honesty and good citizenship.

70535 / /1868

A Cook Islands News public service.

For the sake of your family

GET hELP Call AA - 55606

70482 / /2508

Qualiied hair stylist wanted, Please send your cV to rupizz@


70344 /312090 /1931



IkO instructor wanted for kite season in Aitutaki, June to December. Phone 58984.

Night Audit The right job for the right person who is always consistent with their work, honest, reliable, hardworking and available for late evening shift. Must have understanding of written and verbal English. An experienced person (male or female) must be able to audit, balance and consolidate department accounts; prepare various hotel operating reports. Greet all guest arrivals. For further details contact 55469

70381 /31226 /1931

70481 / /1759

70267 /31259 /2041


Looking for a skipper/deckhand for local ishing charter vessel. Must be experienced and have good mechnical and computer knowledge. Phone 55239.

70427 / /1834

summerield systems ltd Are looking to hire a senior systems Engineer with minimum 7 years experience. Microsoft, Tertiary and ITIL Certiication required. Please email cV to jobs@summerfieldsystems. com. Applications close 5pm on 15 April 2013.


LovefromNenaTuakanawhose celebrating her bday with you,NenaNoere,PapaMata, PapaTupou,Auntiesanduncles

And a very special one from your Mummy and Daddy May God bless you with many morebirthdaystocomedarling


thu apr 11

Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News



PH 22 166


LeBonVivant C





All hands on deck!




PH 20 002


PH 26 860 PH 27 349




Tani and Rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm


Sunset BBQ w/ GarTh younG - PIANO 6PM Sunset Cocktails w/ RuDY AQuINO 5.30PM – 7.30PM Sat Seafood BBQ w/ JAKe NuMANGA - uKuLeLe 6PM

Our food our passion 6pm till late Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619 a





6.00PM 8.30PM


BIG SCREEN, DOLBY SOUND, UNBEATABLE BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999




Waka Tapu voyage leader Jack Thatcher secures vaka Ngahiraka mai Tawhiti’s lines to boulders on the Avarua harbour shore. 13041050

“ Where the conversation begins.”























OPENING HOURS Mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-2pm Check us out on ST JOSEPH RD, AVARUA. Ph 22259.



Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News

International Flights

FLIGhT FROM ARRIVES ThurSDay aPril 11 Nz46/45 AKL 5.15PM Gz035/034 PPT 2.50PM FriDay aPril 12 VA163/162 AKL 12.50AM Nz748/749 AKL 1.55AM Nz46/45 AKL 3.20PM




6.30PM 3.50PM


1.45AM 2.55AM 4.30PM

Air Rarotonga

Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR ThurSDay aPril 11 0800 AITUTAKI 0850













1530 1800 1100


1620 1850 1145

1640 1910 1205

rArO rArO rArO

1730 2000 1250




OLOMANA 012 - ETD AUCk 06/04, ETA RARO 13/04, ETA AITUTAkI 15/04 OLOMANA 013 - ETD AUCk 27/04, ETA RARO 01/05, ETA AITUTAkI 06/05


TIARE MOANA 008 - ETD AUCk 06/05, ETA RARO 13/05, ETA AITUTAkI 15/05

GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook Islands News







Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Wednesday’s puzzle

Answer to Wednesday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: A trough lies over Southern Cooks. Meanwhile, easterly wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. An easterly wind low prevails over northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers.

By Lee Falk & Sy Barry





Rarotonga Thursday, April 11, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday

Tides Thu high 10.29AM 0.96M 10.59PM 0.90M


Low 4.27AM 0.31M 4.50PM 0.25M


high 11.07AM 0.96M 11.36PM 0.89M


1M e

1M S


Low 5.04AM 0.30M 5.29PM 0.25M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

NE 08kts new Moon MAY 10 12.29AM

First Quarter APR 18 12.32PM

Full Moon APR 25 7.58PM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter MAY 2 11.15AM


araPO - OaTa thu 11 Tanu (Planting) Tanu i te meika Plant bananas

TauTai (Fishing) Po ika. Kua marama roa. Fishing nights. Moon is long, far away???

humidity Thu

By Dik Browne




1M S Front Key:




0.9M S


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, April 11, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Thu sun rise 6.50AM sun set 6.30PM




Moon rise 8.03AM Moon set 7.34PM sun rise

6.50AM sun set 6.29PM

Moon rise 8.55AM Moon set 8.18PM


29° E 10kts


28° E 08kts


28° E 07kts



28° E 07kts

30° E 12kts


28° E 07kts


Thursday, april 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Weekend sports ixtures




5-a-side soccer kicks off soon

tHe ANNUAl Rarotonga ive-a-

side soccer competition will kick off this month and is scheduled to run for six to eight weeks depending on the number of registrations. As it is the norm every year, the Cook Islands Football Association (CIFA) will open registrations for men’s and women’s teams. In two weeks’ time, players on rarotonga will come together

for another fun but competitive five-a- side soccer games that will take place at the CIFA complex in Matavera. this competition will no doubt be used by players as preparations and to sharpen their football skills for the football season. Club teams and business house teams are encouraged to enter a team. there will be great cash prizes

up for grabs. teams for this year’s five-aside competition are limited so be in quick and register a team now. registration fee for a team is $100 with registrations closing on thursday April 18 at 4pm. For registration purposes please contact Mii Piri email at or call her on 28980. - CIFA Media

Action from the ive-a-side competition last year.


Santander course for sailing sAIlING Cook Islands (sCI) is set to

host the inal Santander 2014 Emerging Nations Programme in Aitutaki from May 18 to 24. the olympic solidarity funded level 3 regional technical course for coaches and sailors has been approved by the oceanic National olympic Committee and Cook Islands sports and National olympic Committee (CIsNoC) with full allocation of funding from the International olympic Committee (IoC). Following a number of high proile courses throughout 2012 in Algeria, Indonesia, spain, south Africa, Peru, Dominican republic and Qatar, the IoC has been able to see the global benefits of the santander 2014 sailing World Championships eNP and has contributed much needed olympic solidarity funding to the host National olympic Committees as a result. each MNA that attends this regional course will be able to beneit from future subsidies for attendance to the high performance training facilities at the santander 2014 venue, ahead of the World sailing Championship in 2014. secretary general of the oceanic sailing Federation John tierney said of this successful application, “With

this positive response from our NoC and the IoC to our joint application as oceanic sailing Federation/sCI through CISNOC we have conidence in future support of the programmes in oceania.” “this latest development is helping to complete the circle of success we have already enjoyed through the IsAF Development initiatives. All of us here in oceania will take up this challenge now with new enthusiasm.” IsAF training and Development Manager Dan Jaspers said, “the team behind the s14 eNP, including teresa lara, Gerardo seeliger, Alejandro Abascal and Carmen Vaz Pardal as well as all of the IsAF nominated experts and s14 support staff that have so far facilitated seven courses, delivering international standard training for over 100 sailors and coaches representing 31 countries. With the oceanic regional training attracting an additional group of MNAs we stand a good chance in retaining a large percentage of these members and support them in their attempts to send teams to santander, spain next year. our target was 100 nations attending the s14 event and I believe that we can still achieve this.” - ISAF

Sailing Cook Islands (SCI) is set to host the inal Santander 2014 emerging Nations Programme in Aitutaki from May 18 to 24. 13041092

Thursday 11 April  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday 11 April  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Thursday, April 11, 2013