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10 billion tonnes of nodules A com pr eh ensive report

into cook islands mineral resource has been inished, and its author predicts great things for the country. professor David cronan is emeritus professor of marine geochemistry at the imperial College of London, and was commissioned by cook islands seabed minerals Authority (smA) to do a resource assessment into the country’s nodules. it took cronan six months of research and writing to produce the report, which he did from London but presented to smA last week. It is still to be oficially released by the commissioner but cronan has provided an executive summary of the report. it calculates there are 10 billion tonnes of nodules occurring in the cook islands exclusive economic zone (eeZ). This is a total in-ground resource and only a fraction of this will be mined. it says nodule abundances vary greatly between areas in the

eeZ. The greatest abundances occur in the south penrhyn Basin and the Aitutaki Passage, where nodules can reach as much as 50 or more kilogrammes per square metre in places. In comparison with previous estimates of metal quantities given in Cook Islands nodules, the present estimates increase cobalt by around 30 per cent, nickel by around 45 per cent and copper by about 25 per cent. in the past the cook islands has been considered as cobaltrich, but the report says manganese, titanium, rare earth elements and yttrium are also an abundant resource. Cook Islands are now second only to the clarion-clipperton Zone in the north Paciic in terms of potential for manganese nodule mining – and the cooks’ nodules are different from theirs anyway. “Where we go from here is now up to the Seabed Minerals Authority,” says Cronan to CI

News. SMA hopes the report will help investors make more informed decisions. manganese nodule mining in the cooks has been talked about since the 1970s – which was when Cronan irst came to the cooks for research. he has been back “on and off” over the last 40 years. During the eighties and nineties, global commodities markets were depressed so there was very little interest. The new report was commissioned by the SMA as interest is starting to pick up again because of the world demand for ‘green’ technology, which uses rare earth elements, titanium and manganese. cronan came to his findings by taking all the published and unpublished data he had access to, plotting it on maps and then working out the amounts of metals present in the nodules and distribution of these metals in the eeZ. This is the most comprehensive report done so far and

Professor david Cronan’s new report says the Cook Islands exclusive economic zone holds over 10 billion tonnes of nodules.


means the Cooks can now claim it has a multi-element resource. “This report will provide for new interest in the Cook Islands,” says Cronan. While making recommenda-

tions on how the resource is used was outside the scope of Cronan’s brief, he believes it is something that holds “tremendous potential” for the Cook Islands. “it is a huge resource and it’s

not something that’s going to last a short while – it is going to be around for a long, long time. i hope the revenue is used in a way that it benefits the Cook Islands.” - CS

WATSAN creates new website

WATer Waste and sanitation (WATSAN) has a new website to help people get information about their projects. The site, which was created by New Zealand-based developer Club Soda, has been in the works since the end of 2012, but is now ready to use. communications adviser catrina McDiarmid said the new site aims to easily give people the information they need. “The website will have all the day-to-day info that previously people had a hard time getting. If they didn’t know when their rubbish collection day was, they’d have to spend a lot of time on the phone,” she said. “We know people are quite confused about what they should be recycling, how to sort it and when it’s collected. With the website we hope to deliver the information that people need to change their behaviours.” It is hoped the website will help raise awareness of WATsAn’s initiatives such as correct waste disposal, said McDiarmid .

“We’re trying to get people thinking about minimising the waste they create. There are a lot of things going to landill that we don’t think should be going to landill. The landill’s actually illing up really fast.” The site is about 95 per cent bilingual, with most information available in english and cook islands maori. “The only part we’re not translating is news releases, because we don’t have the resources to do that. it’s important to make the information as accessible as possible,” said McDiarmid . The site also has progress bars for key WATsAn projects to show how close they are to being complete, as well as an indication of water intake levels to let people know when to conserve water more carefully. WATSAN, which is a unit of the ministry of infrastructure and Planning, has also created a new Facebook page to complement the website. “We’re really trying to integrate with social media. A lot of

the young people here are on Facebook – we encourage people to keep in touch with us that way,” said mcDiarmid . She said they were mindful of internet constraints when making the site. “internet speeds here are slower, so we’ve kept the website quite simple so it won’t take ages to load.” mcDiarmid said having information available on the internet is increasingly important. “i hope it’ll encourage other government departments and businesses to upgrade their websites. It’s the irst place people go to get information now.” The website was paid for as part of the $3 million Waste management Initiative, a three-year partnership between the Cook Islands government and the New Zealand and Australian aid programmes that aims to improve the management of waste on rarotonga and Aitutaki Interested people can view the new website at ck. - BD

Communications adviser Catrina Mcdiarmid browses the new WatSan website. 13032713`

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Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWs nuti no TeiA nei Ao Storing snow for 2014 games Organisers of the 2014 Winter Olympics in russia are to store snow in case this winter’s warm temperatures in sochi are repeated next year. some 450,000 cubic metres of snow will be covered with a “special thermo seal” to stop it melting during the summer. ski resort director sergei Bachin said “This was a very odd winter. “it’s highly unlikely we’ll see the same kind of weather next year but we’re storing huge amounts of snow just in case. “i want to assure all the competitors that there won’t be any shortage of snow next February even if we encounter even warmer temperatures next year,” Bachin told media.

‘Gatekeepers’ rule camps Displaced somalians tell of rape and abuse in Mogadishu’s camps moGADishU – internally displaced people in somalia are suffering intolerable sexual violence and other forms of abuse, reports the human rights Watch campaign group. The abuse takes place at the hands of armed groups, including government forces. In the report, women who led famine and conlict describe being gang-raped in camps in the capital, Mogadishu. managers of the camps – often allied to militias – also siphon off food and other aid, the report says. hrW says that even though the new Somali government,

world BRIEFS 94-YEAR-OLD MANDELA IN HOSPITAL SOUTH AFRIcA– Nelson Mandela is “responding positively” to treatment after being re-admitted to hospital with a lung infection. The frail 94-year-old former president of South Africa was hospitalised just before midnight on Wednesday, the presidency said. In a short statement, President Jacob Zuma’s oice said on Thursday that he remained under treatment and observation in hospital, which has not been named. The Nobel peace laureate, regarded as the father of the “rainbow nation”, was conscious when admitted. Mandela was diagnosed with early-stage tuberculosis in 1988 during his nearly three decades in prison under the white minority apartheid regime and has long had problems with his lungs.

cYbER ATTAck MAY bE ExAggERATED cybeR SPAce – It is being widely reported that global internet services are sufering in the fallout from a row between a spamighting group and a hosting irm, in the biggest cyber attack in history. Supposedly the row is causing a global internet slowdown and experts are concerned the attacks could soon escalate and start to afect banking and email systems. However, some specialist sites used the Internet Traic Report to support their claims that the efect had been neither global nor particularly severe. It is thought the only places really afected were the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, where the original dispute occured. It has even been suggested that the scope and risk had been exaggerated by some companies who would proit from the general public being worried about a cyber attack.

kIWI cRIckETER IN INDUcED cOMA NeW ZeALAND – New Zealand police say they have so far been unable to establish a motive for the assault on cricketer Jesse Ryder outside a bar in christchurch. Ryder is in a medically induced coma after being attacked twice in quick succession as he left the bar. He is believed to have sufered serious head injuries after the assaults and is now in intensive care. At least 10 or more people are thought to have witnessed the incident, a police spokesman said. Ryder has a history of disciplinary lapses and alcohol-related incidents. Although he had been drinking before the assault on Thursday morning, police said alcohol was not a factor.

which came to power in September last year, has made some impressive statements, it has done very little to change the situation on the ground. “Our indings suggested that the people are often basically kept captive in the camps,” said David Mepham, the UK director of human rights Watch. “They are not really able to leave. The gatekeepers who control the camps are themselves very abusive. The report, ‘Hostages of the Gatekeepers’, focuses on those who have led to the Mogadishu camps since 2011. running camps has become so lucrative, the group says, that managers –known as gatekeepers – refuse to let the inhabitants leave. Some of the worst abuse involves sexual violence against displaced women and girls which goes under-reported because women fear stigma and reprisal. The report contains harrowing quotes from women who say they have been raped, including 23-year-old Quman. she says she was nine months pregnant when she was gang raped by three men in government army uniform. Another woman, Saiyo, had to have her leg amputated after she was raped and shot. hrW also cites discrimination against those who come from certain clans or ethnic groups. A new government backed by the UN came to power in Somalia last September, tasked with ending more than 20 years of conlict in the country. - BBC

Human Rights Watch has reported Somalia’s internally displaced citizens are sufering inhuman abuse at the hands of the managers and guards at the many camps in Mogadishu. AFP

Pope washes prisoner’s feet ro m e – Pope Francis has washed and kissed the feet of young prisoners in a youth detention centre near rome as part of the maundy Thursday service. The christian ritual takes place on the Thursday before easter to commemorate christ’s Last supper. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists are in rome to attend ceremonies during the holy week ahead of Easter. In a homily, the Pope earlier urged priests to do less “soulsearching” and engage more with parishioners. “it is not in soul-searching that we encounter the Lord,” he told hundreds of cardinals, priests and bishops in st peter’s Basilica. “We need to go out to the outskirts where there is suffering, bloodshed, blindness that longs

for sight and prisoners in thrall to many evil masters.” Worshippers should “leave mass looking as if they had heard good news”, he added. During Thursday’s intimate service, the Pope washed and kissed the feet of 12 young detainees to replicate the Bible’s account of Jesus christ’s gesture of humility towards his 12 apostles on the night before he was cruciied. The 12 inmates included two girls, one Italian Catholic and one of Serbian Muslim origin, local prison ombudsman Angiolo marroni said ahead of the ceremony. The new leader of the world’s 1.2 billion roman catholics has brought a new sense of simplicity to the vatican. He has broken with tradition for the foot-washing ceremony, which is normally performed

on lay people in one of rome’s basilicas. easter is the most important festival in the calendar of the catholic church. On Good Friday evening the Pope carried a wooden cross and prayed at a ceremony at rome’s ancient amphitheatre, the Colosseum, commemorating Jesus’ cruciixion. This evening Pope Francis will celebrate the main Easter vigil mass in st peter’s Basilica. And on easter sunday morning, the new Pope will deliver his irst “Urbi et Orbi” message to the city of rome and to the world. During his inaugural general audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis called for an immediate political solution to the conlict in the central African republic after last weekend’s coup in that country. - BBC

Pope shuns palatial quarters

UN cOMbAT FORcE TO TARgET REbELS cONGO – The UN Security council has approved the creation of a special combat force to carry out “targeted ofensive operations” against armed groups in eastern Democratic Republic of congo. It is the irst time the UN has given an ofensive mandate to its troops. The 2500-strong brigade will be asked to “neutralise and disarm” rebels. Troops from Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa are expected to form the bulk of the new brigade. The region’s mineral riches have been plundered by numerous groups and countries during the long conlict.

bONE FROM DODO bIRD TO bE AUcTIONED eNGLAND – The mayor of Rio de Janeiro has said the stadium due to host the athletics events at the 2016 Olympics will not be demolished, despite structural problems that have led to its closure. Mayor eduardo Paes said he closed the Joao Havelange stadium on Tuesday because of a risk of the roof collapsing. The report presented to the mayor said the stadium was at risk of collapse from wind speeds of 60kmh. Further studies were needed to ind out what had caused the problem, Havelange said. The stadium was built six years ago and hosted events at the 2007 Pan American Games.

Today’s Daily Bread “Do not be afraid. You have done all this evil, yet do not turn away from the Lord, but serve the Lord with all your heart.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: 1 Samuel 12:19-25

text: Matthew text:7:26 Verse 20

Sorry, the pope doesn’t live here anymore. Pope Francis has shunned the traditional palatial papal apartment on the top loor of the Vatican for modest communal quarters nearby. AFP rom e – Argentinian pope Francis has decided to shun a grand papal apartment on the top loor of the Vatican’s Apostolic palace in favour of a modest two-room residence. His spokesman said he was “trying out this type of simple living” in a communal building with other priests.

in doing so he has broken a tradition which is more than a century old. The decision reinforces the newly-elected Pope’s austere reputation. As archbishop of Buenos Aires he refused to move into the Bishop’s palace. preferring more modest accommodation, he also often

cooked his own meals. since the reign of pope pius X at the beginning of the 20th century every pope has occupied the palatial penthouse apartment with more than a dozen rooms, staff quarters, a terrace and extensive views over the city of rome. But since his election pope

Francis has been living in a simple two-room suite in the Domus santa marta – a hotelstyle residence built by pope John paul ii next to st peter’s Basilica. And he intends to go on living there for the foreseeable future, according to a vatican spokesman. - BBC


Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News



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Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWs nuti no Te pA enUA

United Front rejects constitution Draft inconsistent with concept of a free and democratic society sUvA – Fiji’s former political

parties have united as a group in opposition to the governing regime’s draft constitution. The United Front for a Democratic Fiji says the regime’s draft constitution is inconsistent with the concept of a free and democratic society. The United Front is headed by representatives from three now disbanded political parties – Ratu Jone Kubuabola, Mahen-

dra Chaudhry, Mick Beddoes, and Attar singh. They say the draft cannot be promoted by the regime as the “people’s document”, simply because it isn’t so. The group says the constitution, as it expected, is designed to perpetuate a dictatorship by entrenching the many restrictions imposed on the people of Fiji since the 2006 coup. it says there are numerous

paciic BRIEFS FOLLOW cONSTITUTION OR ‘gO TO PRISON’ FIJI – If they don’t follow the constitution then they will go to prison. Those are the words of Fiji Prime Minister commodore bainimarama after the Fiji council of Trade Unions General Secretary Attar Singh said that they reject the government’s draft constitution and the process for its implementation. bainimarama said the union does not have to like the constitution, they just have to follow it. He said if that is not done then they will go to prison for not following the constitution. Attar Singh said by dumping the Ghai draft and introducing its own draft, the government has made it clear that it wishes to continue its illegitimate rule.

cONSTITUTION WILL ‘END cOUP cULTURE’ FIJI– Fiji’s prime minister is conident that the draft constitution, if implemented, will put an end to the coup culture in Fiji. Speaking on a radio talk back show, commodore bainimarama said racism was one of the main causes for coups in the past but this has been suiciently addressed in the draft constitution. “For a long time Fiji has been bogged down with racism and the race issues and that is how the coups came about. Once we get rid of that – bring about equality to all people in Fiji – for once call everyone Fijians – that will remove the coup culture that we have talked about and that is what I have been harping on about for the last six to seven years.”

VILLAgERS ALLEgE POLLUTION FROM MINE SOLOMON ISLANDS – The Solomon Islands parliament has been told rivers and streams below the Gold Ridge Mining operations on central Guadalcanal are polluted and unsafe for human consumption. The MP for North Guadalcanal, Martin Sopage, told parliament villagers along the Metapona River can no longer use the water for drinking, bathing, washing their clothes and ishing. Sopage says pollution in the river also means the villagers can no longer make their food gardens along the banks. He says villagers believe the pollution is caused by water lowing from the mine’s tailing dam into the river. Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has responded by forming an independent assessment team to look at the environmental efects of the mining operation.

SAMOA TO gET TOUgH ON STRAY DOgS SAMOA – Samoa’s Parliament has passed legislation requiring dogs to be licensed and allowing for the prosecution of owners who do not comply. The measure aims to improve security and overcome a stray dog problem. When the legislation was discussed this week in parliament the opposition questioned the high cost of the licences and asked the government to reconsider. The former minister of police, Toleafoa Apulu Faaisi, suggested that dog meat could be sold to countries where it is a delicacy or it could be used as feed by farmers. The Samoa Animal Protection Society is currently working with the beautiication committee of the Tourism Authority and the Police in a programme to eradicate stray dogs.

TERRITORY LOOkS AT ENERgY FROM OcEAN AMeRIcAN SAMOA – American Samoa’s new energy director believes ocean technology is one way for the territory to achieve its target of producing all its energy from renewable sources within four years. Tim Jones says American Samoa already has a photovoltaic system in place that can deliver 1.8 megawatts of power, but Jones says this is not enough. “As clouds come over the power immediately drops of and we can lose up to 10 percent of our power generation really fast. This means that the utility has to continue to burn diesel fuel just to standby for a cloud, and this is not really an eicient way to operate a solar PV system so we are looking at diferent types of renewables not subject to interruptions.”

cALL TO PUT ‘gOD bEFORE MONEY’ SAMOA – The leader of Samoa’s oppposition party, has urged the government to put God before money. He made the point as he accused the government of not doing enough to stop people from working on Sundays. Palusalue Fa’apo II reminded that the Sabbath should be respected. Palusalue’s criticisms stem from clause 38 of the Labour and employment Relations bill 2012 being discussed by parliament. If passed, the bill will repeal the Labour and employment Act 1972, which states an employer must not compel an employee to work on Sundays.

provisions that could forever enslave the people, as any parliament set up under the proposed constitution will have severe limits on its supremacy. The group says, starting next week, it will hold public meetings to provide a forum for the people to discuss the draft and its shortcomings. The first meeting is next Wednesday in Suva, to be followed by one in Nadi on Friday. The former leaders of Fiji’s major political parties say they are not trying to provoke the government by holding such meetings. spokesman and former opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, says his group totally rejects the regime’s draft constitution and calls on all right thinking people to do the same.

Beddoes says a quick review of the regime’s 2013 constitution conirms that after six years of absolute control they are still unable to govern the country in a free, open and transparent manner. “They instead plan to continue with their suppression of the people by severely restricting the people’s right to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, labour relations, freedom of movement, political rights and even rights to privacy.” Beddoes says most people in Fiji will have no opportunity to register their views on the draft before the close off next Friday. he says rights guaranteed under the previous constitution and the Yash Ghai draft have been removed.

“in addition there is absolutely no mention of land. Now this is a major concern for our indigenous people. “There are a number of important legislations for protection of indigenous land that are missing. There are also a lot of references in terms for women that are totally absent.” one of the group’s spokesmen, prominent trade union leader Attar Singh, says the interim government’s draft constitution has draconian provisions which should be strongly opposed. “every right that’s given under the government draft has brought more limitations and more restrictions than the right itself,” he said. “For example –there isn’t a country in the free world where

there right to life is conditional. So, I think that’s a very, very outrageous vision.” singh says the people involved in the United Front are acting as individuals, as their parties are not currently registered in Fiji under the political party decree. “They are restricted under the political party decree not to conduct themselves as politicians or leaders of political parties,” he said. “But there is no restriction on them as individuals – and so far as we are concerned the freedom to hold meetings is still there.” The Fiji Island Council of Trade Unions is also rejecting the regime’s draft constitution and calling instead for the return of the Ghai Draft. - RNZI/ABC

A world view of Fiji politics The following is an editorial report from the current edition of the international news magazine, The economist, titled ‘Opportunity blown. not all will go the strongman’s way’. IF guns were all that were needed to manage countries well, more of the world would be run by military oficers. soldiers tend to be poor at handling their nation’s affairs, and so it has proved in the paciic island state of Fiji. There the strongman, Commodore Voreqe “Frank” Bainimarama, who seized power in a 2006 coup, announced on March 21 that he was scrapping his plans for the constituent assembly that was supposed to deliberate his scheduled new constitution. Three months before that, Bainimarama ditched a constitution drawn up by his own appointed commission, asking his attorney-general to come up with a new one more to his liking. This second attempt was

published on the very day that the idea of an assembly was scrapped. Troubled Fiji has experienced three coups since independence in 1970, but last year it seemed to be enjoying a political renaissance. In July a Fiji Constitutional Commission (FCC) was appointed, and a constitutional scholar, Yash Ghai, with experience of working on the Kenyan and Nepalese constitutions, became its head. The FCC attracted over 7000 submissions, including from those political parties most firmly opposed to the coupspawned government. S u ch wa s t h e e u p h o r i a around the process that the armed forces, in their own submission, said that the FCC had triggered “a sense of belonging culminating in a national pride” and a “togetherness which we must continue to foster”. Popular enthusiasm owed much to the FCC swiftly demonstrating its own independence. Soon after their appointment, Ghai and his fellow commissioners criticised restrictions

that the government had imposed on the media. They said that for the prime minister to control the size and composition of the constituent assembly amounted to a breach of “essential principles of democracy”. Yet the FCC embraced the government’s broad integrationist goals and accepted its list of “non-negotiable” provisions, including immunities for military officers involved in Fiji’s 1987, 2000 and 2006 coups. This was not enough for Bainimarama, however, who accused the FCC of consorting with the opposition. The commission’s report was completed in December but promptly suppressed by the security forces (though copies circulated freely on the internet). The government’s rewritten and thinned-down constitution dramatically reduces the powers of the president, and makes the prime minister commander-inchief of the armed forces. The army, in turn, is given a strong supervisory role in the future affairs of the nation. Why the abandonment of

plans for an appointed constituent assembly? Timing is one reason. The assembly had been scheduled to begin in January, but three months were lost in the constitution’s redrafting. more importantly, such a gathering would have again empowered a popular body to deliberate on the affairs of the nation. By irmly reasserting his control, Bainimarama may perhaps have avoided the risk of troublesome upstarts seizing control over the transition. But he has also blown his chance to preside over the creation of a new political order that is durable and legitimate. A day after he released his draft constitution, Bainimarama, a sports enthusiast, casually revealed during an inspection of the national stadium that he intends to run in the next election. The announcement had long been expected. The dificulty is that, as Fiji’s military leader will soon ind out, campaigning for election will also empower the very voices he has sought repeatedly to silence. - The Economist

A new face for Paciic affairs cAnBerrA – The new Australian parliamentary secretary for pacific island Affairs says he jumped at the chance to take on the role. Senator Matt Thistlethwaite was appointed to the role earlier this week after a failed leadership coup saw the demise of previous Paciic parliamentary secretary, Richard Marles. 40-year-old Thistlethwaite says his first overseas trip will take him to Papua New Guinea, where he hopes to continue the work of his predecessor. “i think the fact that this government has appointed someone to the executive for Paciic islands Affairs underlines the importance that the government places on engagement with what are essentially our neighbours,” he said. “richard marles has done a wonderful job, and I think he’s elevated pacific island affairs

to a level that its never been at before in government in Australia, and that’s a good thing and a positive thing.” Thistlethwaite has also been appointed to take on the multicultural Affairs portfolio, and says he thinks both roles will complement one another. “In my role in Australia I will be working with those multicultural communities, including the Paciic island backgrounds. “When i am not in Australia I will be out travelling around the Pacific, ensuring that we are engaging in this path to development that many of these wonderful nations are on at the moment.” Thistlewaite says his experience as a surf lifesaver will help him in his new role. “i have been involved in surf lifesaving for about 28 years and being involved in a community group, you naturally have a ex-

New Australian Parliamentary Secretary for Paciic Island Afairs, Matt thistlethwaite. posure to sydney and Australia’s multicultural communities,” Senator Thistlethwaite said. “So I was fortunate to work

with a number of people from a Paciic island background and they are very warm and generous people.” - ABC


Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

RaRocaRs Protection assured making the desiRable affoRdable

hAGATnA – Guam’s governor

says he has been assured that the territory and other United states territories are protected from nuclear attacks. North Korea has repeated threats this week to target United states military bases in hawaii, Guam, and the mainland. North Korea’s High Command said it was placing its long range artillery and strategic rocket forces on high alert. Military tensions on the Korean peninsula are at their highest in years, with Pyongyang expressing anger at the use of Us bombers and submarines in ongoing joint military drills with South Korea. Guam is one of the closest Us bases to the peninsula. Pentagon spokesperson, George Little, says Washington is ready to respond to any contingency. he says the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or DPRK, is damaging its own interests by behaving this way. “The DPRK will achieve nothing by these threats or provocations, which will only further isolate North Korea, and undermine international efforts to ensure peace and stability in north-east Asia.” A senator in Guam, Brant McCreadie, says local people need

information from the government on how best to protect themselves in case of an attack by North Korea. senator mccreadie says people are concerned and he says the government should be proactive and disseminate information such as where to go in case of an attack and how schools should react. “if there is a plan i’m just saying now would be a time to disseminate the information and the plan – and if there’s not a plan,then now would be the time to convene an advisory council to address this issue of readiness.” Guam’s governor, Eddie Calvo, says threats out of North Korea aren’t anything new, but they are worrying. “Obviously, whenever you have a madman making statements, and I hate to say madman, but obviously he has made some very strong statements, especially that he commands a dictatorial authority over a nation such as North Korea, it does bring some concern. But with those concerns, you have to tamper those concerns down with the history of North Korea.” Calvo says he is conident in the ability of the Us and its allies to protect Guam. “But with that concern also is

the comfort of knowing that we are under the defence umbrella of the most powerful nation in the world, it is allied with very powerful nations such as Japan and South Korea, that each have their defensive armament systems.” calvo says he has asked Guam’s officials to review and update contingency plans. He says those plans will be made available to the public in due course. The head of the strategic and defence studies centre at the Australian National University, Brendan Taylor, says as the US reduces its military presence in Japan and South Korea, Guam is becoming more important. “The United states has looked to shift a number of those troops to Guam, and that has certainly heightened the strategic signiicance of Guam in recent years. “certainly residents on Guam will have reason over the coming years to be worried about a variety of potential threats, but the gravest of those, I still would very much doubt will come from North Korea.” Taylor says North Korea’s missile programme is improving, and if it continues on its current trajectory could strike the US successfully within several years. - RNZI

Avatiu Wharf • Tel 22060 • Mob 54560 •



DEPOSIT: $10,000

Land lease inquiry team reject criticism of report porT moresBY – The three

senior lawyers on the Papua New Guinea Commission of inquiry into the special agriculture business leases, or SABLs, are standing by their work after stinging criticism from the government. earlier this month the commission handed its interim report to prime minister peter O’Neill who said it showed incompetent bureaucrats had been giving developers a “free ride”. The prime minister has since expressed disappointment over what he says is the failure by the commission to present a final report after an inquiry taking more than one-and-a-half years. The attorney general, Kerenga Kua, has described the performance of the three commissioners – former chief magistrate John numapo and senior lawyers Alois Jerewai and nicholas mirou – as “substandard” and not worth the $US6.8 million he says was spent on the commission. The granting of SABLs was halted in late 2011 when the commission of inquiry began its investigations amid growing concerns about a large-scale land grab. SABLs occupy more than ive million hectares of Papua New Guinea’s customary land, or almost ten per cent of pnG’s total land mass. The attorney general says the issue concerns millions of people with significant economic implications. However he says that to have only produced an interim report

after 18 months, covering just three of the commission’s 16 terms of reference, which deal with legal and administrative issues, is “not good enough”. “The commissioners, in my view, ought to have given it a lot more professional diligence than what they have done. “Quite frankly, unless they can publish the report within the next two months for the prime minister, it borders on gross negligence and gross professional misconduct.” However, Commissioner Jerewai says he and his fellow commissioners take exception to the criticism –disputing Kua’s claim about the cost of the inquiry and defending their efforts investigating “under dificult conditions and with fragmented funding”. “As far as we’re concerned, there was no justiication whatsoever for his criticism to be levelled in the manner he did, particularly before the tabling of the interim report and him having pre-empted and gone through the contents of the report and criticised us not only in relation to the report but also to the extent of undermining our professional integrities.” The prominent PNG writer and blogger Martyn Namorong, who has researched the SABL system, says comments about the commission from the government don’t come as a surprise. “I think it’s common knowledge that at a leadership level, there are politicians with vested interests in this issue – so it’s hardly surprising, the attack

on the commission. “This is probably the first shot being fired against the commission of inquiry to basically discredit it and to distract people and draw their attention away from the real issue – and that is that customary land rights must be restored back to the rightful owners.” Jerewai says the commission reported that the lease system was generally being abused. “The government oficials – the extent of abuse involving government oficials related to the processing aspects. “Those will come out in the report if we’re allowed to proceed with it. “But there were also abuses by the landowners themselves – abuses involving landowners who, purely through aggressive stances and ignorance of their fellow tribesmen, get them to be involved without knowing fully the implications of giving up their customary rights during the period of the lease. “And of course the developers, so-called developers, the investors. There are quite a number of abusers.” he says the balance of the report, which will comprise indings for each of the 77 leases across 14 provinces, will be finalised next month. “my challenge to the attorney general was that the findings are there, who is fearful of these indings? It appears no one wants to table the report.” Jerewai says the government should let the public judge the report. - RNZI




DEPOSIT: $10,000



DEPOSIT: $10,000



Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

LeTTers reta

Taking a curious puff Dear Editor, The summary expulsion of teenage students from our socalled top college for the heinous crime of being curious about something that they see hundreds of times over in the

movies that play in our theatre and on our Tvs is a black mark on the cook islands. Every teacher at Tereora, every parent of every student there, please, all of you who never out of curiosity puffed

a irst cigarette or sipped a irst beer, raise your hand. Those of you who smoke tobacco enriched with extra nicotine by the cigarette drug industry, one of the most addictive drugs on earth, raise your hand while

you can before you become a drug-death statistic from lung cancer. We teach our children to be curious, and when they do we punish them as if they had been growing and selling the hum-

ble cannabis plant instead of taking a curious puff. If this writer had the time and resources there would be opened a private college and these young people so cruelly tossed out of school would be

welcome. Their first assignment would be to write an essay on the topic ‘living with the hypocrisy of my parent’s generation’. remember being young! (name and address supplied)

How do they keep track? Dear Editor, sent someone up to the lofty heights of immigration to get the permanent resident stamp in my new passport -- took old passport to show the stamp but that was not good enough. A form needs to be illed in. I haven’t had that problem in last four passports. Anyway, question one to be illed in is to supply the original granting of pr letter and it is tagged with the word ‘mandatory’. My PR was granted over 30 years ago and i no longer have the letter. so my application for a stamp fails on that irst point. One would have thought that the stamp in the previous pass-

port is proof suficient of meeting requirements. But hang on, shouldn’t immigration have a copy of each pr letter? After all how do they keep track of the number of pr people in the country? Then you read on further on the form and ind that a fee of $25 applies. Cripes, about half a minute to put the stamp in the passport and half a minute to have a big wig sign it and then $25 for a minute’s work. What a rip off. Anyway, the upshot of it all is that I will have to cart my old passport with me to ensure that i can get back in the country on a one way ticket, and do away with the stamp in the new

passport. This red tape sticks in the craw. Trevor simmons Tikioki Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Jim Gosselin responds: original permanent resident (PR) certiicates, signed by the Minister of Immigration, are granted to successful applicants and, to date, no copies of those certiicates have been kept by Immigration. permanent residents can choose either to travel with their PR certiicates, or apply to our ofice to endorse a PR stamp in their passports. Since 2008, Immigration has been resourced to make scanned

and print copies of pr and other certiicates for records purposes using the latest technology. in the case of those permanent residents who were awarded PR before then and wish to have a PR stamp in their passport, we are requesting them to provide their certificates so that we can scan and hold a copy in our records for future reference. As we move forward, the request to have the PR stamp included in future passports will be a process of simply illing out the application form for the stamp, paying the fee and providing Immigration with the new passport to be stamped. Immigration is aware that for

some Permanent Residents, especially those granted pr some years ago, it may not be possible to locate the actual certificate. In that case, we request those wishing to have a PR stamp included in their passport to provide Immigration with a letter stating that they are unable to locate their certificate and such evidence as they may have available demonstrating that they have had pr for some time (e.g., old passports which contain the pr stamp). immigration will then check its records and, once satisied that the applicant has been granted PR, completed the application

form and paid the required fee, insert the stamp in the passport and maintain a copy for future reference. It will then be easy in future years for that person to have the pr stamp inserted in new passports. immigration realises the inconvenience caused to the general public from its current location. Work is underway to shift immigration’s client services function to ground level, for greater ease of access for our customers. it is hoped to make that move before July 2013 and the public is kindly requested to bear with Immigration for the time being.

‘The buck stops with CIRU’

Dear Editor, i am disgusted at the president of CIRU Chris McKinley for putting our locally-based players down in the media, implying they are not interested in representing their country at the international level. The buck stops with you CIRU. You

guys have set a bad precedent in the past when our locallybased players committed to squad training and you guys and ramsey Tomokino colluded to pick just one or at the most four players for national duties who eventually spend most of their time warming the

bench. stop using our locallybased players as guinea pigs and start having faith in them! In 2011 we picked a predominately local side to play for the Adelaide leg of the irB 7s circuit. In my opinion, this was one of the better teams to ever represent the cook islands.

Reason being was instead of getting thrashed all over the park to teams like Zimbabwe and Russia, they just lost at the death to teams that were more established in the irB circuit such as Kenya and NZ. These were locally-based players who were on debut in Cook Islands

colours. So what does CIRU do after this tournament? it dumps them and reverts back to selecting overseas-based players. Just imagine with a little bit of patience for development would have done to see what our locally-based play-

ers could have achieved if they were given an opportunity to better their combination and conidence with more regular ixtures at international level. imagine that! sack the coach and go local! cookie hard! (name and address supplied)

General Reporters We are looking for a middle grade reporter and a journalism course graduate to start immediately. These are general reporting jobs for male or female applicants, and will be a two-year contract. Preference will be given to applicants of Polynesian descent and/or with a proven interest in Paciic people, culture, issues and current afairs. The successful applicants will work in a news team of six sharing daily news and reporting assignments. remuneration is negotiable based on the experience and background of the applicant. send expressions of interest with resume to Managing editor John Woods. COOK isLanDs neWs Po Box 15, rarotonga email Phone (+682) 22999

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

Managing Editor John Woods Financial Controller Liz Woods Deputy Editor Helen Greig Chief Reporter/Photojournalist Matariki Wilson Reporters Calida Smylie Rachel Reeves Online & Social Networking Editor Briar Douglas Advertising Accounts & Advertising Tangi Tauira Oice Manager Tere Joseph Reception Kura Tauira Oice Staf Apii Tua Production Manager Tony Fe’ao Graphic Design & Layout Mahai Daniel Adam Tutuvanu Web Developer Daniel Rolls CIN.PRINT Sales & Marketing Maitland Christiansen Printers Dan Johnston Dennis Campos


Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te ipUKAreA

Film Raro to mentor locals

inTernATionAL film crews start to descend on rarotonga in a couple of weeks – but the focus will still be on the locals. Film Raro executive producer Stan Wolfgramm, a Cook Islander on his mother’s side, decided to set up an annual ilm festival in rarotonga for a number of reasons. one is to develop the cooks as New Zealand’s tropical ilm location partner. The experienced director, producer and actor has signed memorandums of understanding with New Zealand government agency Film New Zealand. It will promote Cook Islands to the international ilm industry as a tropical destination in partnership with New Zealand – as long as the cook islands can prove it has the capacity. Film Raro was set up partly to be a catalyst for this. “it’s a test model by bringing teams here. I hope it will turn into a global

brand for the destination,” says Wolfgramm. The film festival teams will test the country’s capacity for shoots and dificulties in coming here – like tax and immigration policies. “Film Raro will establish whether there is a ilmfriendly environment here.” six teams of four have been selected to take part, from London, Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. The teams were selected from hundreds of applicants and have all had films be selected for ilm festivals around the world. The irst team to arrive in Rarotonga is also the team with the biggest international proile. The Stone Brothers, who have directed ilms such as ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, ‘The Negotiator’ and ‘The Conspirator’, arrive from Hollywood on April 14. They come to make their short film ‘Offshore Pirate’,

based on a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The team will act as mentors to the 40 local trainee producers, as all the teams will. This was another reason Wolfgramm sees Film Raro benefitting the local community – Cook Islanders will get the chance to learn from some of the industry’s best. The youngest team, from Hawaii, is all in their twenties and selected in part to inspire cook Islands youth. “It shows you don’t have to be in Hollywood to make movies,” says Wolfgramm. That saying, the team has already had some success at ilm festivals. New Zealand-based Cook Islander Karin Williams is also on one of the teams. The teams are all here by may 16 and are staying at the Edgewater Hotel, with the Film Raro headquarters based at the Aitutaki hostel. The ilm crews are coming as

Budget discussions start mosT cabinet ministers are in the country this week – as it is time to start seriously discussing the 2013-2014 Budget. Budget negotiations are beginning within ministries to see how much each will get allocated for the next inancial year. The Budget support Group – a committee which critiques budget submissions – is meeting with ministers and the heads

of ministries to go through business plans of each ministry. The group puts in long hours analysing ministry requests and balancing them against the national sustainable Development Plan, recent tax igures, and government’s outlined priorities. They then present cabinet with a report of recommendations. The prime minister’s portfolios are the focus from Tuesday

to Friday. The next Budget is due to be tabled in June. Finance Minister Mark Brown is travelling to Samoa this week to discuss European Union’s funding for the cook islands. he is attending the eU’s European Development Fund seminar which will focus on pulling together national and regional eU funded projects. - Calida Smylie


Prime Minister, Attorney General, energy, Justice, Head of State, NeS, Parliamentary Services, eMcI, Public Service commission, Ombudsman

Saturday, March 30 to Saturday, April 6: cOOK ISLANDS

Tom Marsters

Transport, Foreign Afairs and Immigration, Minerals and Natural Resources

Saturday, March 30 to Saturday, April 6: COOK ISLANDS

Teina bishop

education, Marine Resources, Tourism, Pearl Authority

Saturday, March 30 to Saturday, April 6: cOOK ISLANDS

Mark brown

Finance and economic Management, bTIb, Internal Afairs, Commerce, FIU, Telecommunications, Financial Supervisory commission, Superannuation, PeRcA, Financial Services Development Authority

Teariki Heather Nandi glassie

Saturday, March 30 to Wednesday, April 3: cOOK ISLANDS Thursday, April 4 to Saturday, April 6: SAMOA

Infrastructure and Planning, cultural Development, House of Ariki, Police

Saturday, March 30 to Saturday, April 6: cOOK ISLANDS

Health, Agriculture

Saturday, March 30 to Saturday, April 6: cOOK ISLANDS

volunteers and mentors, with the expectation that they will produce a ilm good enough to be accepted at international ilm festivals and added to their port-

folios. This will also promote Rarotonga as a ilming location. The film festival screening will be at the BCI Stadium on may 25 using a projector and

large screen. The whole island is invited to watch the short ilms, all between eight and 15 minutes in length. - Calida Smylie

Producers alfred Levitt, robert Stone, Bill Holderman, Webster Stone and Brian Falk attend the new york Premiere of ‘the Conspirator’ last year. the Stone Brothers arrive april 14 to compete in Film raro. 13013101

Questioning ishy funds The opposiTion is questioning why Aitutaki Fishing Club has received $300,000 worth of assistance from government. Questions have been put to the opposition ofice to seek explanations from cook islands Tourism Corporation, the Tourism minister and Finance minister over the funding for renovations and completion of the club’s premises near the Aitutaki wharf. This is said to fall under the tourism-related infrastructure destination plans and expressions of interest were sought last year. The opposition believes the Aitutaki Game Fishing club is the same as the Aitutaki Fishing Club and had applied for funding. The club has been used before by Tourism to host events and is seen as a hub for waterrelated tourism recreational related activities such as kitesuring, kayaking. The opposition understands the tender for construction work and other related jobs closes today. opposition leader Wilkie rasmussen is “gravely concerned” at the secrecy surrounding this allocation of funds. “As an mp present during all of the budget sittings last year when over $6 million was appropriated for tourism, there

was no breakdown explanation of this project made available to parliament. Nor was it availed during the supplementary Budget sitting not so long ago. “i can only assume that this was a project approved by the Tourism Board, but were there any checks and balances carried out for the sake of transparency and accountability that could potentially rule some board members out with conflict of interests from the approval of this project?” Rasmussen wants to know whether any board members declared conflicts. The usual practice is that if a board member has a conlict they abstain from the meeting that discusses this particular matter. “Are there people involved in the government and on government boards that stand

to benefit from this and from sub-contracts? Will people like Mike Henry, for instance, stand to beneit – as I understand he is the chairman of the construction Committee?” Rasmussen also wants to know whether Tourism Minister Teina Bishop, an MP from Aitutaki, was involved. “There are so many questions to ask such as whether other operators of sea and water activities in Aitutaki will be allowed to use the ishing club when it is essentially an incorporated society with approved membership.” rasmussen thinks there is public concern as Tourism has previously been reprimanded by Public Expenditure Review committee for previously failing to abide by tender rules. - Release


easter at

Celebration on the rock Sunday 31 March 10:30am DANCE • DRAMA • KIDS ITEMS

everybody WeLCoMe



- Rachel Smith

“Do you think the penalty for the students caught smoking marijuana at Tereora College was appropriate?”

Anthony Pepe

Tania Pere

Matarii Hasse

Christine Buckley Savahna Ngatae

Ake Longtime

Arthur Arioka

“Yes they should have been expelled because drugs are illegal, plus they are too young.”

“i guess it’s the schools choice but it really starts at home with the parents.”

“Yes they should be expelled. The kids should know better.”

“i really do feel sorry for the children. maybe it’s a lesson they need to learn now. I don’t know if expelling them is the answer.”

“Yes it is to teach them a lesson. i didn’t send my kids to school to learn things like that.”

“Yes I think that’s OK – “They shouldn’t be takkick them out of school.” ing marijuana to school but another punishment would be better.”

“Yes i do – it’s a pretty bad thing for the students to do.”

Junior Teuru


Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te ipUKAreA

Fireman retires after 36 years of service IF HIS health was in good nick –

newly retired fireman Thomas McDonald Tepai would still be front and centre at the rescue Fire Service headquarters at Rarotonga airport ready for work. Unfortunately his failing health and heart surgery have forced him to retire. His 36-years of service was honoured and praised in a special ceremony on Wednesday where Tepai commented he didn’t want to inish work. “i really miss this place and i miss the boys,” said an emotional Tepai. He was gifted two framed images to commemorate his time as a ireman – one image was of ire trucks saluting an incoming plane and the other was the last staff photo taken which included Tepai. In his address, chief of fire Nga Jessie reminisced about how he and Tepai were recruited as ‘crash ireman’ at the same time – November 22, 1976 under the then New Zealand Ministry of Transport. Over the 36-years Tepai served the crash ire service, he attained several qualiications including attaining the rank of Rescue Fire Oficer and Senior Fire Oficer. However with his failing health seeing him needing medical treatment – it became apparent that he would not be in the best health to continue in his job. “It was a sad moment when he and i talked over the phone

Retired ireman Thomas McDonald Tepai receives a framed image of ire trucks conducting a ‘water spray’ over an incoming light at Rarotonga Airport from chief of ire Nga Jessie. 13032724 about the outcome of his surgery,” recalls Jessie. “Thomas said, ‘chief, I really don’t want to leave yet but I’m forced to because of my health.’” Tepai’s term of employment officially ended on november 23, 2012. His long service was honoured and recognised on Wednesday where he also played a role in presenting certificates and epaulettes to the iremen that had undergone a number of training programmes since 2006. He was also praised for his

service by Titikaveka member of parliament Selina Napa who attended the special ceremony. Tepai’s eyes shone when new recruits conducted a drill on the airport tarmac to demonstrate what they have learnt in their first four weeks of training to become local ire ighters. no doubt the exercise took Tepai back to when he irst entered the crash ire service. he shared more of his stories with fellow iremen over a kai kai of umu food. - Matariki Wilson

Paul Matapo receives his epaulettes from retired ireman Thomas McDonald Tepaki.


Tennessee Mataio lies in to action during a ire drill at the Rarotonga Airport on Wednesday. 13032734

New crash ire recruits spring in to action. 13032737


Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

One step closer to high-speed internet TeLecom is setting up satellite equipment to deliver faster broadband to rival that supplied by under-sea cables. Two transmitters have been installed on Rarotonga, with more to come. The cook islands is the first place in the world to install the equipment, which will eventually help provide high-speed internet everywhere in the country. Telecom cook islands chief executive Jules maher said the new technology will deliver internet speeds about three times as fast as those of current plans. Technicians from Telecom and New Zealand-based company Kordia have been working at Telecom’s Aroa site to install the transmitters, which will improve internet speed and by linking to satellites that are only 8,000km above the earth – a quarter of the distance of Telecom’s current satellites. The shorter distance means the satellite signal can reach the earth more quickly. The technology will also be set up on the outer islands in time for the launch of the new service O3b, which is due in

september. O3b, which Telecom signed up to in June 2010, aims to provide internet to the “other three billion” people worldwide who can’t connect to fibre optic cable. o3b will launch four satellites at the end of May, and another four in september. eventually there are expected to be around 18-24 satellites orbiting the earth. Telecom investigated the use of cables in 2010, but decided against it due to the high cost. maher said installing fibre optic cables would have cost tens of millions of dollars to set up, whereas the current project cost less than $1 million to get started. he said Telecom customers want faster and cheaper broadband, and this alternative to fibre optic cables is an efficient solution. “it’s far more economic and we can get it delivered quicker,” he said. Team leader of the project, Kordia field engineer Steve Barnett, said technicians have been installing the equipment over the past few weeks,

with a few more weeks to go. “The key is the alignment of the panels to the (satellite) dish – the right alignment means you get the maximum signal from the satelite.” The technicians have been working on the alignment between around 7.30pm and 10.30pm each night, he said. “The sun has an effect on the dish shape, so we can’t do it during the day, and it’s too damp later (in the night).” he said that once installed the equipment will undergo about 10 days of testing to ensure it is running smoothly. Minister of Finance Mark Brown said the government supports Telecom’s project. “What the government wants is high-speed connectivity at an affordable cost. Telecom took a bold step in signing up for this, and they’ve managed to do it in a very short time frame.” Maher said Telecom will keep its existing network as a back-up for the new system. “We’re retaining our existing capacity in case there are any glitches, but we don’t expect there to be.” - Briar Douglas

Telecom Cook Islands chief executive Jules Maher (right) and Finance Minister Mark Brown (back row, second from right) with technicians from Telecom and Kordia, including team leader Steve Barnett (back row, second from left). 13032843/44

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Kordia technician rod Bowler explains how the new equipment works. 13032842

TCI customers want more value for money TeLecom intends to drop its rates on some plans after customers told them they want better value for money. According to the recent Telecom cook islands customer satisfaction survey, customers want “more value for money” so Telecom is increasing calling minutes, data and texting on its mobile Anytime post-paid plans. These are effective from

April 1 and improvements will range from 20 to 200 per cent increases. Telecom sales and marketing manager Damien Beddoes said customers in the recent survey outlined to the company they particularly wanted more texting, so Telecom responded. people on prepaid can convert to an Anytime plans and keep the same number.

The customer survey has been available to the public since January this year. The survey helps identify how Telecom can further improve the four main services of mobile, landline, internet and postal. Telecom thanks all customers who provided feedback to help improve products and services. - Release

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Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News


Traditional fare rediscovered A GroUp of cook islands chefs

have had their eyes opened to their national cuisine after being mentored by a world-class chef. Renowned New Zealand chef robert oliver has been in the Cooks the last week to ilm his television series Real Pasiik. The series goes to seven Paciic countries. In each, Oliver chooses a group of local resort chefs and they rediscover the country’s cuisine – culminating in a inal feast. James Raukete, Tepae Papai, Rangi Johnson, Napa Napa and Maara Samuels were the chosen chefs for the cook islands. Oliver stressed it is not New Zealand chefs coming in and “taking over”. Instead, it was pushed from the cook islands side. he felt he learnt from the local chefs and families he visited. Over the last week Oliver and his chefs visited taro farms and went spear ishing in Aitutaki. They sought traditional cook islands recipes and the stories behind these foods. They have gone into the homes of cook islanders – joining one of Temu okotai’s progressive dining tours – and focused on the cuisine that has been soul food for generations. From each story a dish was

inspired – local cuisine with a fresh spin – which Oliver and the local chefs incorporated into a menu for the inale feast in a beachfront marquee at pacific resort rarotonga for cook islands guests. This feast began with korori mata, or black pearl oyster ceviche, with green mango lemon and basil. The main course included mahimahi cooked in banana leaf with Rito coconut lime oil, puakanio ta’a kari with green pawpaw, kuru papa, or smacked breadfruit with coconut milk, and a Rarotonga ‘backyard salad’ with watercress, moringa, chestnut, uto, avocado and green mango with passionfruit dressing. Koteka coconut liquer cake inished off the meal. All ingredients were locally grown – a big part of oliver’s philosophy. New Zealand-born Oliver was raised in Fiji and Samoa. he has developed restaurants in Sydney, New York, Miami and Las Vegas – where he opened the world’s largest restaurant, rumjungle. It was when he was working as a chef consultant for caribbean resorts that he developed a ‘farm to table’ philosophy around designing menus for tourists around local produce and cuisine. But one of the

PHOTO: Paciic Resort 13032828

One of the dishes at the inal feast for Cook Islands guests that was prepared with tradition in mind, but given a fresh spin. things Oliver discovered was that local chefs did not think their cuisine was good enough to be on the menus. he had to inspire the local chefs to embrace their roots. he returned home in 2008 to write his first book, Me’a Kai: The Food and Flavours of the South Paciic. The book’s focus was on connecting Paciic agri-

culture to the region’s tourism sector – and suprised the food world by winning ‘Best Cookbook in the World 2010’ at the Gourmand World cookbook Awards in Paris, considered the top prize for cookbooks. His new ilm series, managed by New Zealand film production agency Zoomslide, is a continuation of this.

Oliver had help with research and menu planning from cook islands chefs Association president Sam Timoko, who worked on the project over the last six months. Timoko, who is also a tutor at the cook islands hospitality and Tourism Training Centre, says the ive chosen local chefs have learnt a lot about their

own traditional foods, preparation and cooking techniques. he points out the food focused on was not “resort buffet version” of Cook Islands food but re-imagined and fresh. “robert took them on the journey and mentored them throughout the week. The chefs had the realisation that their food is a cuisine. it really made

W 1950mm




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Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

The Real Paciika crew with their local ground support had a packed week of shooting in the Cooks. 13032837

Cook Islands Chefs Association president Sam Timoko (far right) enlightens those at the progressive dining ilm shoot last Saturday on an element of a traditional Cook Islands dish. 13032834 them look at what they were doing, and they have found Cook islands food is to be reckoned with.” Timoko says resort chefs have been catering for years to tourists’ perceived tastes – hamburgers and the like – without realising that over 70 per cent of

visitors want to eat the local cuisine. “We have spent hundreds of years thinking our food is not good enough for the tourist market. Now the chefs have discovered that traditional food can be the hero too.” The chefs went away excited from the week of mentoring,

says Timoko. “A lot of emotions were sparked. Everyone was walking away thinking ‘wow, our food is pretty good too’.” Timoko thinks there will be a major shift in resort and restaurant menus here in the next three to ive years to a local fo-

New Zealand-born chef Robert Oliver is making a television series on the cuisine of the Paciic. 13032836 cus and this will change the way the international market views cook islands food. This is something cook islands Tourism corporation destination development director Metua Vaiimene agrees with. “cook islands is a hidden treasure trove of cuisine – there

are many unique dishes to particular islands. visitors enjoy this and we need to be telling that story about the cook islands more. “For a local to be attached to someone of international calibre is a great opportunity. it helps them look at things differently

in terms of re-evaluating local food and that’s what this project is designed to get started.” Real Pasifika will be shown in the cook islands later this year. Both oliver and Timoko will continue to support the local chefs. - Calida Smylie

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New Zealand chef Robert Oliver working with local upcoming chefs to prepare the ‘inale feast’, a culmination of the week of learning about Cook Islands food. PHOTO: Paciic Resort 13032827


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Fanta Pineapple 600ml buy 2 for


Bluebird Potato Chips 150g




Gusto Bacon 340g

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Wattie’s Fruit Salad 420g


NZ Apples

Maggi Chicken Noodles 5pk

Livi Toilet Roll 1000’s







easter eggs




Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

Bella Kalolo back in Raro

soUL funk diva Bella Kalolo returns to rarotonga to share her soulful sounds over easter weekend. Kalolo made a huge impact with her incredible voice when she performed as part of Diva’s in Paradise back in 2011, so much so that motone productions are bringing her back -- for one performance only. ‘Bella Kalolo Unplugged’ will be held at Coco Putt on easter monday from 3.30 to 6.30pm. The concert will be an intimate event, with Kalolo performing with her husband and guitarist band member Alistair isdale. “motone productions is over the moon to have Bella back and to produce this type of show which will see Bella interact with the audience and showcase not only her stellar voice but her brilliant sense of humour,” says Glenda Tuaine of motone production. Kalolo is of Samoan, Tongan and maori (ngati porou)

descent, with her performance described as a velvety voice exploding into a soulful, passionate vocal spectacle. having just completed a season in the Auckland Arts Festival, she will then return to New Zealand to commence touring with international star Paul Simon, and New Zealand star Aaradhna. Kalolo has worked extensively as a vocalist for the last eleven years performing and/or recording with a variety of performers including Don McGlashan, Dave Dobbyn, Hollie Smith, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Tina Cross, Jackie Clarke, Susan Lynch, the NZSO, Carl Doy and Nathan haines. she has had a busy time of late, supporting Fat Freddy’s Drop on The road to opononi Tour and international hip hop star Mos Def, and, has been nominated for Best Paciic Female inalist at the Paciic Music Awards 2010-2012, and performed at Glastonbury festival.

Bella Kalolo will be performing at Cocoputt on easter Monday, with band member and husband alistair Isdale. 13032703 Noted as one of New Zealand’s most exciting artists, Kalolo has also worked in TV on ‘Dancing With The stars’ for the last three seasons, played a female lead role in Tv

2’s kids series ‘Jandals Away’, performed at the rugby World cup and starred in the 2013 season of ‘The Little shop of horrors.’ “For those of you that missed

for $15, are door sales only, with doors opening at 2.30pm. For more information www. or www.facebook/ motoneproductions. - Motone Productions/RS

Bella Kalolo last time don’t this time. We are excited about utilising coco putt as our venue - the audience is in for a great show,” says Maurice Newport of motone productions. Tickets

Blossom moves to town FASHION retail store Blossom

has a new location and a new look, after a move from its store in Muri to new premises in the Banana court. “Such an improvement,” is how owner Renee McBride describes the move, saying the store now has much more foot trafic, with both locals and tourists taking the opportunity to pop in and check out their latest stock in women’s fashion.

The premises has been repainted and reitted, with McBride saying that they are making the most of the increased space. The store now stocks new brands i.d.s. and mui fashion, which add a lower cost range to the other Australian brands that they are well known for. Blossom has a large number of summer wear in stock, from light summer dresses and tops, to the comfort of the Basic Betty range,

with McBride sourcing most of the fashion online. Also in store are a number of jewellery and accessory items, the Akaea body care range, and original wood block prints by Ana Stewart. Drop in to Blossom to check out the new shop and new stock, at the Banana Court next to id.CK. The store is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, and on Saturday from 9am to 1pm. - RS

The WeekEnd crossword EASTER

renee McBride is enjoying the extra space and the view from Blossom’s new location at the Banana Court in avarua. 13032209

ACROSS 1. King of Kings (5,6) 5. Deed (3) 8. Amble (6) 10. Native of Monrovia (8) 11. Ugandan dictator, _ Amin (3) 13. See 21Across (9) 14. Ruse (4) 16. Chocolate treat (6,4) 19. Worships (8) 21a & 13a. Birth name of Pope Francis, Jorge _ _ (5,9) 23. _ the Terrible (4) 25. Affected by drugs (6) 26.See 12 Down (7) 27. Religious speech (7)

DOWN 2. Outgoing (11) 3. Vocation (7) 4. Athletic activity (5) 6. Slapstick comedy trio (3,5,7) 7. Petition to God (6) 9. Due (5) anSwerS On page 17

On Saturday evening join us for our FABULOUS

Island Night with

Superb Feast

Dining 7 - 8.30pm Show starts 8.30pm

y ment b

featuring delicious local food

tertain ight en N d n Isla

12d & 26a.. yWaM, _ with a _ (5,_,_,7) 15. aust sheepskin footwear, _ boots (3) 17. Native of Italian capital (5) 18. Dash (4) 19. Distinct style or character (5)

20. Round of fire given as salute (5) 22. Exhibition of cowboy skills (5) 24. Donkey (3)

* Maori-english: english-Maori

a m a or

Tuesday Island Night features Ta’akoka e l lat

OYZE til

&B ith TARA inment w


Live ente

Edgewater Resort

- reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentar y Transfers provided from anywhere on the island.


Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

kidspAGe VIRTUES the gifts within

Moderation Ravarava ua

“i call that true piety…where one is moderate in eating and resting, and in sport; measured in wish and act.” Bhagavadgita 6:14 Moderation is creating balance in your life. it is having enough – not too much or not too little. Moderation is stopping before going overboard. it is using self-discipline to keep from overdoing. Moderation is what keeps up from being blown about in the winds of our desires. i am practicing moderation when i … • Know what I need and get enough – no more, no less • Take care of my health by getting enough of what i need • Use self-discipline to stop myself from overdoing • Balance work and play in my life • Set boundaries for myself • Am content with enough. i am moderate. i am thankful and content to get what i need. Work and play are balanced in my life. i don’t overdo or under-do but ind what’s just right for me.

‘A blue whale’s heart is the size of a car’ Avatea School share more of their creative work with us this week on the Kids Page, including poems, a thank you letter to Captain Tama from the new entrants and Year one students, and more reports from the schools ield trip to the whale and Wildlife Research Centre. Sharks are ish On Thursday 7th March we visited the Whale and Wildlife centre. it is located on the back road of Atupa. The Whale and Wildlife centre is for people to look at. It has sea creatures, pictures of dolphins and whales. I learnt: That sharks are ish. We kill whales for their skin and bones. We kill more sharks than they kill us. Sharks think we are seals swimming in the water. When whales leap in the air it’s called breaching. The size of a whale heart is the size of a car. I saw some fish, they were beautiful. In the other ish tank it was cloudy because the power went off. Next I saw a eel. If you put your hand on the top of the tank it thinks you’re food. Then i went to see the stoneish. I never knew the stonefish looked like that. it looked like a coral and red. next sheryl told us to come to the entry where the whale pictures and bones were. It was amazing what they can make out of them. After that we went to the shark area. Sheryl told us that we

kill sharks more than they kill us. I was amazed. Next we went to watch a video about sharks and whales. The part I like the most was the video. Tahlia Tearoa, Year Six

D-reams of becoming the most famous person ever. r-eady to be a cool actress. I-will have my own house and business. A-nd be my own boss Andria Brown, Year Seven

To Uncle Tama meitaki maata for letting us come out on to your boat for free. You are very kind. Captain Trouble, who shared many things, was brave for diving down to feed the ish without goggles. The boat ride was smooth and we loved it. Meitaki maata to the captain of the other boats too. Our day out was a memorable one. From Room 13 New Entrants and Year One class

Whale’s heart Last Thursday we visited the Whale and Wildlife research centre. it is situated on the back road of Atupa. The centre is a museum for fossils, bones and they also have live sea creatures in there. one of the things i looked at was a baby blue whales guts. They are so small. it looks so squished. Another one of the things i looked at was the whale’s heart. I was amazed to ind that a blue whales heart is the size of a car. When I left the whale centre I went back to school on the Raro tours bus which was air conditioned. Meari Goddard, Year Six

sharks will try and rush up and bite it. But if you put in sweat the sharks will try to swim away. One more things is that sharks are mistaken when they bite a person and think it was a bird or a seal. It was an awesome ield trip!! Joshua Williams, Year Six

Shark bite We visited the Whale and Wildlife research centre. it is located on the back road of Atupa. The whale centre is like a museum. It has whale and shark bones and real living sea creatures in the live creature room. i think the best part that happened was when I looked at the coconut crabs and the stone ish. The coconut crabs were as big as a basketball and looked so scary. The stone ish was better because it was even scarier and the colours were so beautiful. A couple of things I learnt were about sharks. That they are ish and not mammals. I was shocked to hear about sharks, that if you put blood into the water the

Shark teeth On Thursday 7th of March we visited the Whale and Wildlife centre. it is located on the back road Atupa. The Whale and Wildlife centre is really exciting. It was my irst time to visit the whale centre and my irst time to see an eel and stoneish and the coconut crabs. The shark teeth looked amazing. I loved the whale bones and the whale jaw. They were interesting and looked unusual. The whale’s heart is the size of a car. some whales have teeth and some have no teeth. I went to see the turtle shells. Most of them were big. It was an exciting ield trip. Tamatoa Graham, Year Six

Sea creatures On Thursday we visited the Whale and Wildlife centre. it is located on the back road of Atupa. The Whale and Wildlife Centre is where sea creatures are. I went in the whale centre and looked around. There were some photos of the whales, dolphins and sharks. It was so beautiful inside. it had beautiful sea creatures inside glass tanks. I was so amazed and scared when I saw the stone ish. After looking around we went in the film place. Then sheryl put on a video of sharks, whales and some dolphins in the cook Islands, and all over the world. some sharks have been killed by chinese people. They use it for soups or for other things. i’ve learnt so much at the Whale and Wildlife centre. I was so happy to go to the Whale and Wildlife Centre, it was so cool. Mahana Aeranga, Year Six

Acrostic Poem A –lways wanting to be the best soccer and volleyball player. n –aturally a good librarian.

new entrant and Grade one students thank Captain tama for their trip on his boat. 13032810


Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te ipUKAreA

Search on for champion barista orGAnisers of the cook islands Barista championships are taking registrations now. There are 10 spots available

for competitors, with registration open until April 5. There have been five entries so far, with places offered on a first-

Cook Islands Chefs Association president Sam Timoko (left) and barista neil dearlove are looking for a champion barista. 13030833

come-irst-serve basis. The winner-takes-all prize includes $400 cash, and a trophy that the successful barrister can display in their café or bar for a year. The salon culinaire competition, which is run by the Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre, will have three judges – Neil Dearlove who is the technical judge, and two ‘sensory judges’ who are yet to be conirmed. In a 30-minute window, competitors will check and set up their equipment, and prepare and present beverages, including double espresso, Cafe Latte in a glass, and an original nonalcoholic coffee based drink. Baristas will also be judged on ‘commercial viability’, where they will be given ive minutes to prepare a selection of three drinks for a ‘customer’ in order to mimic the café environment. Finally, they will have ive minutes to clean up. The baristas will be ranked on hygiene, communication, speed, timing, customer service and the quality of the inal product. As an added challenge, the coffee grinders will be set to zero before each competitor begins, so the baristas will need to adjust the equipment to get the right consistency. An espresso machine and a grinder will be available, but

competitors will be required to bring their own equipment such as cups, saucers, spoons, and jugs to froth milk. coffee beans and milk will be provided by sponsor The cook islands Coffee Company, with any other ingredients being supplied by the competitors. Other competitions will be held on the day, including the search for the ultimate cocktail master. Competitors will make two glasses of a signature cocktail that is ‘original and innovative’. They will be judged on their use of local products or produce, as well as the end result, said Cook islands chefs Association president sam Timoko. “We’re looking for people who go above and beyond, and who show lair in presentation.” The prize for the competition

is a trophy that the winner can display in their bar for a year. “It’s a mark of prestige,” said Timoko. “it enhances and helps businesses big time.” The competition will be sponsored by Bond Liquor Store, which will provide standard spirits and mixers. competitors must provide their own equipment and any special ingredients. Timoko said anyone of legal drinking age can register for the cocktail competition. “There is no limit to how many people can enter. There are a lot of great cocktail makers out there.” The range of competitions, including cake and omelette competitions, has attracted entrants of all ages in previous years, with the youngest competitor in 2012 being eight years old.

“For students, they’re judged against their own peer group,” said Timoko, who has been visiting schools such as Titikaveka college to promote the competitions and do cooking demonstrations. The event includes ‘static classes’, where competitors make their entry at home and present it for judging. This includes a new category aimed at Mamas and Papas, where they can compete for the title of the best rukau, mayonnaise or ika mata. This section of the competitions will be judged by local Mamas who are not registered for the event. The competition, which is in its third year, will take place on Saturday, April 6 between 11am and 5pm at the hospitality and Tourism Training centre. - Briar Douglas

Rush shares memories sTUDenTs and staff from Titikaveka and papaaroa college enjoyed a morning of laughter when Eric Rush spoke at Papaaroa college on Thursday. “it’s great to be back in the cook islands and the vaka of Takitumu and the village of Titikaveka,” said Rush, having also spoken to many of the students on a similar school visit last year. Rush, a Rugby Sevens legend and the coach who led the Teimurimotia stallions to victory at the 2012 Sevens in Heaven, shared memories of growing up in New Zealand. he shared many a tale of

growing up in rural New Zealand, with no power and no flushing toilet, and had the crowd laughing when he told of leaving his long drop toilet with black hands from using newspaper as toilet paper. He likened his home town to that of Rarotonga in many ways saying “what you have here is priceless so never forget that.” rush said he has travelled to many “weird and wonderful” places all over the world with his rugby career, and combined this with his tertiary study in his early years. his travels have taken him from tea with the Queen at Buckingham palace to

the jail cell where Nelson Mandela spent many years of his life in south Africa. one thing he learnt at school was to listen, Rush told the students. He also said how that it is important to set goals, that you don’t need to tell anyone, but you need to have a goal to get where you want to go in life. rush’s visit to papaaroa college was part of the ‘Breakfast with the Stars’ programme run by CISNOC, with members of the executive including president Hugh Graham, Vice President Ina Marsters, Rosie Blake, George hosking and Lydia sijp in attendance. - RS

eric rush, with rosie Blake and Hugh Graham from CISnoC, at Papaaora College this week. 13032821

Easter Holiday Notice Cook islands news will not be published on—

- Easter Monday 1 April

Our oices will be closed on Monday.

Advertising Deadline for Tuesday april 2 was 1pm Thursday but late and special notices can be emailed or faxed up to 1pm on Monday.

Cook Islands News management and staf wish all readers and advertisers a safe and happy Easter weekend. Phone 22999 Fax 25303 Email: adverts@ Text news tips to 188 or email


Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303


70234 /31140 /1855

The Ministry of Internal afairs wish to advise that in accordance with the provisions of Section 8 of the Dangerous Goods Act 1984 all current Licensees are required to reapply. Licensees are reminded to contact the Ministry on telephone number 29370 ext 225 and request for the Form of Application for License to Store Dangerous Goods or email to or rei. Please return completed forms to this Oice in Tupapa. 70115 /31088 /2039

Library & Museum closed for easter. Re-open Tuesday.




Day care Infants-School kid’s 1/2 day $10, full day $20 located not far from Avatea school. Phone 77461.

Sunday Treats 7am - 11am Backroad, Tupapa. Rukau taakari - $8 Ika mata - $5 Desserts, cheesecake, Peach & pineapple, chocolate cake Apple pie Text your order to Mary 73380. HAPPy eASTeR!!

Suzuki Jeep Silver 4 w/d, air-con, central locking, very smart condition. 4 new tyres and second set of mags available. Very cheap to run, ideal second car or car for work $7000 Mob: 55-051

70204 /31052 /1931

the Oice of the prime Minister wishes to advise the public that Friday 29 March 2013 & Monday 1 April 2013 will be observed as a public holiday in respect of Good Friday and easter Monday, as stipulated under the Public Holidays Act 1999. Happy easter! 69819 /31095 /1842

HAPPY EASTER! from members of the New Hope church who celebrate an empty grave, a risen Saviour, and his promise to us of life after life. 70223 /31200 /1733

To the general public Re: closure of driver’s license oice during Easter period Please be advised that the drivers license oice will close on good Friday 29 March and on easter Monday 1 April. Drivers license oice will open on Saturday 30 March. Oice will resume normal hours as of Tuesday 2 April 2013 Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Ministry of Police.

A BLESSED JESUS EASTER WEEKEND What a Lost World this is without the Resurrection Hope in christ Jesus! Sunday March 31st - easter Sunday 07.30am - children’s program with Minister Rebekah Daniel on radio Matariki 10am - None too young nor too old for Sunday School - ‘The Lord has risen indeed’ - Luke 24:31 11am - Special easter Message by bishop Tutai Pere, bA, LTh. - fellowship luncheon - Alive for Jesus nationwide radio ministry with Minister Peta Karena 1pm - church News update by brother Tangaroa Uea on radio Matariki 2.30pm - bishop Pere’s bible Study and fellowship with brother inmates 4.30pm - Nothing but the Truth TV Ministry - What if Jesus had not risen? by bishop Pere 7.30pm - Holy communion and Footwashing Service Aere mai te katoatoa rava! everyone most welcome! contact: bishop Pere 23778/55177 Dial-A-Prayer 26777 email 70303 / /1632

SERVICES ‘HAPPY HUPA HOUR’ Dance itness classes every Monday, Wednesday @5pm start @Papaaroa Hall, Titikaveka. 70296 /27468 /2679

70242 / /1828

Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage Phone 22188 or 26189. email

CHURCH NOTICES HE IS RISEN! ‘’In three days,’’ Jesus says, ‘’I will raise this body.’’ And he did! A message by brian chitty at the New Hope church on easter Sunday, 10.30am. All Welcome.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.



ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THe ANNUAL GeNeRAL MeeTING OF THe RAROTONGA bOWLING cLUb WILL be HeLD ON SATURDAy 06H APRIL 2013, AT 12.30PM IN THe cLUb PReMISeS, TUTAKIMOA AGeNDA: a)Receive and Adopt the Minutes of Annual General meeting 25/02/12 b)President’s Report c)Treasurer’s Report d)Auditors Report e)Election Of Oice Bearers f)Subscriptions g)General business h)closure. We advise that the following positions are to be re - elected in accordance with Article 9 sub clause 9.3 of the Rbc constitution: Vice President x1 a)Secretary b)Vice Club Captain c)committee Member Nomination Forms are available at the club and can be obtained from the bar. All nominations will close on Saturday 5 April 2013. Taitapu Mitchell - Secretary Acting Secretary Rarotonga bowling club.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



69896 /28083 /1744

Has your drinking got out of control? call 55606. 69813 / /2567

Delicious cakes for all occasions. Reasonable prices. Phone Fern 29015, 77555.

70323 / /1619

70299 /31185 /2651

Tiare Taina. Dora 77681. 70226 /31057 /1931

68443 /31062 /2655

Blooming Phalaenopsis Orchids $25 per pot. Ring 23548, also open on Sunday.

Pool Doctor * Water testing * chlorine * P.H down * Bufer Discounted rates FREE DELIVERY Phone Tony 56599.

70044 /30959 /1931

Typhoon 250cc cruiser, excellent condition, blue. Selling at $1400 ono. call Steve 70220 or 24141.

69826 /31125 /1708

Nissan ‘Presage’ 6 passenger van, low kms, excellent condition. call Tom/Mary phone 27030 mornings. 70112 /31201 /2040

70307 /27468 /2679

FOR RENT 3 bedroom house in Nikao. Available now to 6 December 2013. Please ring 50504. 70064 /30994 /1931

Oice space available on main road, Nikao. Located above Pharmacy Health & beauty. enquiries call cavelle on 55028. 70275 /31108 /1931

Fully furnished, 2 bedroom ensuites, Arorangi. Fully furnished, 3 bedroom, Nikao. Phone 52339 or 52873.

Caravan for sale, as is, can be use for a sleep out or turn it into a business. $5500ono contact 58992

Kia Sorento 2005 model. excellent condition, $20,000 ono. Phone 55617. 70301 / /1931

70300 /31186 /1931

70266 / /1619

Kia Rio ex-rental, as is for $3000 ono. If interested please call Popo on 20261. 70221 /31055 /1720

AuTisM Cook islands PH 24065/55976

70305 /31193 /1931

Kavera, spacious 3 bedroom home, gated, 2 bath, oice area, wet-bar, verandahs, garage, partial A/c, partial furnished, long term. Walking distance to beach. Ideal for professional family. Genuine enquiries 25580. 70162 /30974 /1931

2 bedroom, Matavera, large decks, sea views, $225 per week, includes power. Phone 22271/72901.

GARAGE SALE Selling adult clothing, kitchen appliances, House Hold furniture’s, Plates of food, Local veggies and many more at a good bargain. everything must go. Follow the drive to the back road next to Friendlymart Store, Arorangi. Starts 8am-1pm, Look for sign or Phone 54186.

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 55606


Aro’a Beachside Inn NOW FOR SALE


12 units on the Best Beach, plus restaurant and Bar. sold as a going concern. For more information .....................................................................

1x large male pig, 1x large female pig. Ring mob 51538.

70245 /31068 /2429

PH or TXT Carey 55678

70269 /31119 /1936

Gold Fish for sale, $5 & $10. Phone 76779 after 4pm.


70289 /31121 /1931


70222 /31200 /1733


• Phone 22999 •

PACIFIC BUSINESS MENTORS PROGRAMME The Paciic Business Mentors Programme has been operating in the Cook islands for over 2 years now and more than 90 businesses have beneited from this programme by helping them grow their business skills in order to grow their own business.

70310 / /1966

AITUTAKI ACCREDITATION MEETING puBLIc MeetIng On MOnday 8 aprIL 2013, @ 10aM @ the BOatShed, aItutaKI


What is a Business Mentor?

Presentation by Accreditation Committee representatives: Stephen Lyon and Greg Stanaway.


Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council extends an invitation to the Businesses/Accommodators/ interested parties on Aitutaki to attend an industry consultation in regards to the re launch of the existing Cook islands Tourism industry accreditation scheme.

The airport authority invites tenders for the following equipment, as is, where is. 1 x Baldwin JLG Diesel Powered Scissor Lift -12.1mtr. equipment can be viewed at the airport. Tenders are to be addressed: “Tender 3 2013” airport authority P.O. Box 90 avarua rarotonga Tenders close on Monday 15th april 2013 at 4.00 pm Highest or the lowest tender, not necessarily accepted. For enquires contact mobile 55892

Further information and rsVP to the accreditation Coordinator Taa Pera ph 53391 or e-mail accreditation@



This will be an opportunity for businesses likely to seek accreditation under the new programme to seek information and comment on the proposed standards and have input into the process. it is also an opportunity for the Tourism industry Council to enter into discussions with yourselves regarding the scheme and to answer any queries you may have.

a Business Mentor shares their knowledge, experience and skill and guides you as you apply this to your business. Their advice is independent & impartial, ofering peace of mind, increased conidence, a fresh prospective, inspiration or simply a sounding board to bounce ideas of to growing your business. They ofer on-going assistance to implement improvements and support, which is often not available after attending a business course or workshop. This programme is Free as it is fully funded by the nZ aid Programme in order to create employment and assist economic development in the Paciic. Business Mentors will again be visiting rarotonga and aitutaki during the week of

6 - 10 May 2013 if you would like to enroll in this programme, please contact: Cook islands Chamber of Commerce Phone 20925 email 70246


Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

Elisa named sportsman of the year MANIHIKI sailor Taua elisa has picked top honours at the annual sports awards where he was named sportsman of the year for the second year running. 2012 proved to be the biggest of elisa’s career to date. He and fellow sailor Helema Williams pursued their ‘olympic Dream’ right through to the final opportunity of qualification chasing the places in competition that they would need to achieve their goal – representation of the cook islands at the London olympics. To reproduce these sea and weather conditions in the Cook Islands was impossible so that the need to compete overseas and particularly in Weymouth, the site of the olympic sailing competition, were essential. Another nine months of total commitment to the goal meant relocating to Europe, and in between very challenging training sessions on water and in the gym to prepare for the inal qualifying competition – the olympic Qualifying Regatta – Kiel Week in Germany. While elisa did not achieve his goal this time around, Sailing cook islands recommended Elisa for the award based on his staunch attitude and total commitment to achieving his goal. He worked through his personal disappointment to support helema Williams through the last tough month towards the Olympic Regatta, as her training partner both on and off the water. elisa also picked up the 2012 fair play award as well as the 2012 purapura Zone sportsman of the year award. Fellow sailor Helema Wil-

liams picked up the 2012 Purapura Zone sportswoman of the year award. sprinter patricia Taea picked up the prestigious 2012 sportswoman of the year award. Taea is the top female sprinter in the cook islands and holds the record for 100 metres (12.44) and she also holds the cook islands new record in the 60 metres indoor dash (8.06) that was held in Turkey in January 2012. she ran in the 100 meters in Cairns with a personal best time of 12.47 and won a gold medal in javelin and a silver medal in long jump. From these performances Taea was named and conirmed to represent the cook islands in the 100 meters in the olympics London. Taea also picked up the sports achievement award. Fellow athlete Alex Beddoes snapped up the 2012 junior sportsman award for his rise in the athletics world while the islands most recognised all round athlete Teiti Tupuna was crowned 2012 junior sportswoman of the year. 2012 team of the year went to the Titikaveka pearls premier grade netball team for their outstanding clean sweep on the courts that year to retain their championship title – a title the team has held for over a decade. The awards evening was held at the Edgewater Resort in Arorangi where the guest speaker of the night was Eric Rush. - Matariki Wilson Full list of award winners: 2012 Sportsman of the year – peter Taua elisa henry (sailing), 2012 Sportswoman of the Year – Patricia Taea (Athletics),


Communications Co-ordinator Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) is a non-proit, membershipbased environment organisation. Tis core functions are biodiversity conservation, ecologically sustainable development, waste management, greening the economy, and environmental education of youth. Tis has been given the directive to manage a Marine Park project on behalf of the Cook islands Marine Park steering Committee and are in need of a Communications Coordinator to develop and implement the CiMP Communications strategy. applicants must have: - A relevant tertiary qualiication, or exceptional relevant experience - excellent verbal and written communication skills - Proven research ability - established regional/global media networks - reporting skills and database management - excellent relationship management skills - extensive public relations and media engagement experience - experience facilitating press conferences, meetings and workshops - advanced social media knowledge - experience maintaining websites - Demonstrate awareness of Cook islands culture and customs For a full position description and application details write to or visit www.teipukareasociety. com interested applicants should address selection criteria in their covering letter and attach their CV. applications close 3 april 2013. 70050

2012 Junior Sportsman of the Year – Alex Beddoes (Athletics), 2012 Junior Sportswomen of the Year – Teiti Tupuna (Athletics), 2012 Sports Team of the Year – Titikaveka Pearl Netball, 2012 Albert & Elizabeth Henry Memorial Sports Achievement Award – patricia Taea (Athletics), 2012 Hugh Henry Fair Play

Award – peter Taua elisa henry (Sailing), 2012 IOC Personality Award – George George Williamson, 2012 Mamia Tunui Savage Memorial Trophy for Women in Sports – Tara charlie (Sailing), 2012 Sports Technical Official of the Year – sharon Marsters (Athletics), 2012 Sports Administrator of the

Year – Alister Stevic (Cricket), 2012 Sports Coach of the Year – John Teiti (Athletics), 2012 Best Administrated Outer Island Sports Association – Aitutaki Cricket, 2012 Rautea Rangatira Outer Islands Sports Achievement – Lucky Topetai (pukapuka Cricket), 2012 Manea Zone Sportsman of the Year –

Patrick Tuara (Athletics), 2012 Manea Zone Sportswoman of the Year – Temaui Tura (mauke Sports), 2012 Purapura Zone Sportsman of the Year – peter Taua Elisa Henry (Sailing), 2012 Purapura Zone Sportswoman of the Year – helema Tupou Tapakauteru Williams (sailing).

Taua Elisa, pictured here in action at the Paciic Games in New Caledonia in 2011 has taken out the 2012 Sportsman of the Year award for the second year in a row. 11090963


2012 junior sportsman of the year (centre in blue) Alex Beddoes.


OFFiCe OF THe PriMe MinisTer: PA EnUA GOvErnAncE UnIT

executive Oicers – Island Governments

The Pa Enua Governance Unit of the Oice of the Prime Minister invites applications for the positions of Executive Oicers (Administrative Head) for the Island government of the following islands. aitutaki Manihiki Mangaia rakahanga atiu Penrhyn Mauke Pukapuka/nassau Mitiaro Palmerston a hard copy of the job description can be uplifted from the Oice of the Prime Minister, Teatukura, Avarua, or an electronic copy of the Job Description and application Form can be emailed to you upon request to or to Otherwise, you can download the Job Description and Application Form from Those interested please apply in writing by 1pm, Monday 22 april 2013 to; The chief of Staf Oice of the Prime Minister Private Mail Bag avarua, COOK isLanDs. re: Position name and island For enquiries contact Otheniel Tangianau on 25398 or John Tangi on 25498 or emails above.

2012 junior sportswoman of the year teiti tupuna.



Marine Park Project Manager Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) is a non-proit, membershipbased environment organisation. Tis core functions are biodiversity conservation, ecologically sustainable development, waste management, greening the economy, and environmental education of youth. Tis has been given the directive to manage a marine park project on behalf of the Cook islands Marine Park steering Committee and are in need of a Marine Park Manager to co-ordinate marine park activities within this project. applicants must have: - A tertiary qualiication in the ield of marine conservation and biodiversity management preferably at a postgraduate level, or exceptional relevant experience. - Experience managing staf and consultants. - Project management experience. - excellent time management and reporting skills. - Demonstrated fundraising ability. - Advanced conlict resolution skills. - excellent relationship management skills. - Demonstrate awareness of Cook islands culture. For a full position description and application details write to or visit www. interested applicants should address selection criteria in their covering letter and attach their CV. applications close 3 april 2013. Tis executive recruitment subcommittee.

Classiieds • Phone 22999



Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

GARAGE SALE Clear Out Sale Come & grab a bargain! Household items, infant wear, menswear, ladies wear, footwear, linen & more. Saturday 8am-1pm. Take inland road @ YWAM, Vaimaanga. Ph 51615. 70298 /31183 /1931

Saturday 30 March, 8am - 12.30pm. Adult/children’s clothing, kitchenware, books, bric-a-brac etc. Look for sign, near Turoa bakery, Titikaveka. 70312 /31181 /1931


Director of Labour and Employment Relations The Ministry of Internal Afairs is seeking a highly motivated and qualiied person to lead the Labour and employment Relations Division. This is an extremely challenging and rewarding role in a dynamic environment that has a diverse range of responsibilities including: - The management of staf - The successful administration and implementation of the new employment Relations Act 2012 - Managing the regulation of Dangerous Goods - The administration of the Workers compensation Scheme - The administration of the employers Liability Insurance To be successful the applicant must have a tertiary degree in either: employment Relations, economics, Public Policy or Law and 5 years professional experience. expected Salary is $40,000. If you are interested in leading a team of capable professionals in this exciting and fast changing area, a full job description and information pack is available upon request. Please contact eva Mapu, phone 29370 or email Applications must be addressed to the Secretary of the Ministry. The deadline for applications is Monday 8 April 2012 at 3pm. 70191 /31089 /2039

Summerield Systems Ltd Are looking to hire a Senior Systems engineer with minimum 7 years experience. Microsoft, Tertiary and ITIL Certiication required. Please email CV to jobs@summerfieldsystems. com. Applications close 5pm on 15 April 2013. 70267 / /2041

Ora Fiduciary (Cook Islands) Limited is a registered trustee company in the cook Islands. We seek an oice junior to assist with various tasks including errands, data entry, iling and general book keeping. The position would suit a recent school leaver. Please submit your CV by e-mail to or call 27047 for more information. Applications close at 4pm on 5 of April 2013. 70198 /31106 /2518

Honest, reliable and hard worker required for general work. current driver’s license essential. Work varied. contact 75137 after 5pm for more information. 70070 /30004 /1931

AnsWers to crossword on page 15





Babysitting service opening soon. Seeking a full time nanny. Monday - Friday & 1/2 day Saturday. Phone 55593. Secondary Teachers Tereora College Applications are invited from qualiied and motivated teachers for the following two positions: Secondary Teachers Tereora college Applications are invited from qualiied and motivated teachers for the following two positions: HOD Art to lead a well resourced 2 persons department. Starting date: as soon as possible HOD Hospitality/ Food: The college is developing vocational programmes with tertiary linkages and seeks a teacher keen to expand these programmes. Starting date: Term 2 (6 May 2013) or by negotiation. Applications close on 1 April 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry or at www. and completed forms with CV and references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of education PO box 97, Rarotonga cook Islands email ck 69940 /31170 /1795

Highland Paradise is looking to employ a full-time Accounts Manager. Must have experience in inancial reporting, bank reconciliation, credit control and be able to handle the daily banking and accounts. Must be proicient in Quickbooks and Microsoft programs. Please email your CV to 70209 / /1977

70144 /31035 /1931

Sunhaven Beach Bungalows requires sales orientated person for reservations and general front oice position. You need to be computer savvy with customer service experience plus basic book keeping knowledge. Must be reliable, friendly, well presented with a positive can do attitude. Local person preferred but will consider other suitable applicants. Send CV to sunhaven@beachbungalows. 70180 / /1982

Apii Te Uki Ou invites applications from experienced teachers with relevant qualiications for a classroom Teacher position. Applications close Friday 12 April. Please email CV & references to ck 70216 / /1952

Manager Perfumes of Rarotonga Cook’s Corner Seeking a Manager for Perfumes of Rarotonga retail store in cook’s corner. The successful candidate should have strong retail background and customer service skills. This position involves all aspects of running a successful retail outlet, including merchandising and stock control. Full time position with attractive compensation package. Please email your CV at tats@ or call 74923 for an interview. Please do not apply by text message.

Would like to thank the following rarotongan businesses that so generously donated to our auction fundraiser to help send the team to the NZ Secondary Schools, regatta to complete for the Maadi Cup 2013. Thank you from the Bulldogs executive & Players” for your support towards our Island Night Fundraiser for our Aitutaki Trip Thank you Maata to the following People PeRFOMeRS ON THe NIGHT 1)Rau Maire Dance group ( Piritau and the team) 2)Muri Strings 3)Henry Taripo/Tim Nubono 4)Terito & friends 5)Oki ( ire dancer) 6)charlie Hosking & drumming boys 7)Tavake & Reserve grade 8) Premier grade Also special thank you maata Mc - George Hosking Moana sands resort Wigmores super market John engu Louanna Rea Unty Maggie & papa Moe Puru- dog Steve & Tina Matapo Titikaveka community bulldogs marketing executive team ( Maxine,Pua,Ty,Keu) From all the bulldog executives & committees . 70285 /31166 /1726

FOUND Notices are FREE

70232 / /2274


Mike Rennie Builders & concrete Systems Ltd requires labourers & carpenters for immediate start. Please phone 21375 for interview.

Looking long-term afordable place to rent or lat, for returning local. clean and reliable, please email ttmalu@hotmail.

70141 /31172 /2371

70120 /31026 /1931


doubLe troubLe

burnside high School rowing Christchurch, New Zealand



happy belated birthday 26 March Lots of love papa Suma,baby Suma, Nena, Mummy Kaitapu, Aunty Naomi, and special one from Uncle Mitchell(NZ)


chefs and wait Staf as we move into busier times we require the services of motivated people with some experience wanting to join a progressive team in the Food and Beverage Department. There are opportunities to work in our Café (opening soon) and our a la carte restaurant. Day shifts, night shifts with some weekend work. People who can only work part time are also encouraged to apply. so if you have reliable transport, a great service attitude and a proven strong work ethic we want to here from you. Call richard Tait the Food and Beverage Manager on ph 72029 or 20427.Or come into the front desk and ill in an application form.

To encourage honesty and good citizenship. A Cook Islands News public service.

• • • • • •

edgewater resort & Spa Muri beachcomber Castaway resort air rarotonga dive Centre Cafe Salsa

• Captain tama’s Lagoon Cruises • raro Safari tours • Cook Island tours • te vara Nui • Koka Lagoon Cruises

Meitaki Maata for all your support

burnside high School rowing team



e rauka nei iaku, te anau, to matou metua vaine e nga kopu tangata o “ MARGARET SIMPSON TAIA” i te oronga atu i ta matou akameitakianga ranuinui kia kotou e te au taeake, te kopu tangata katoatoa ko kotou tei atoro mai i to matou tumatetenga, pera katoa i te oronga ua mai i ta kotou tauturu na roto i te kai e te rima oronga. Aere katoa nei ta matou akameitakianga ki te akonoanga SDA Avarua no ta kotou tuanga manea, to matou metua Uncle Norman & Aunty Nane George, Hon. Minita Nandie Glassie e toou tokorua, te au taote te neti i Atiu, Rarotonga e tae rava ki Auckland Nu Tireni. Ropngomatane Ariki, Ngamaru Ariki, Paruarangi Ariki, iti tangata Enuamanu i Nu Tireni, Rarotonga pera i Atiu, Mama Moeroa e te anau tamaine, pera katoa te kopu tangata i Nu Tireni, tei noo atu e tei aru mai, Aunty Mau Munokoa, Air Rarotonga, Inangaro Tupuna, Ina Tearaitoa. Te au akonoanga tukeke i runga iakoe e Enuamanu, koia te SDA church, Apostolic, Catholic, AOG, CICC no te au karere manea ta kotou i tuku mai. Mr & Mrs Taoro Brown e te toa Super Brown Ltd e toou aronga angaanga, no ta kotou aka tauturu e pera katoa i ta kotou i rave mai i te akaepaepaanga i to tatou tumatetenga i te tere atu anga na te ara, te vaa araara o te kopu tangata Apii Porio, te anau apii a Enuamanu pera katoa te au kuki tei rave maroiroi i ta kotou tuanga. Akameitakianga takake ki te Orometua Russell Puna o te akonoanga SDA Avarua, no te tuanga manea taau i rave mei Rarotonga e tae atu ki Enuamanu. Me kua topa ke tetai i te koiti atu, ariki mai i ta matou akameitakianga ranuinui ia kotou katoatoa. Te Atua te aroa no tatou.katoatoa From : Pomiro Taia e te anau, Mama Rima Simpson e nga kopu tangata


If you are skilled in the art of customer service, join the team at BCI as the:

MANAGER – CUSTOMER SERVICE & MARKETING Reporting to the Managing Director, you will be part of BCIs Management team responsible for ensuring we understand and respond to our clients needs by offering the best possible mix of banking solutions and benefits, take charge of targeted campaigns and promote successful community relationships. You will ensure your team delivers a responsive and first class service to our clients, primarily at the Rarotonga branch, whilst managing an efficient cash holding, general service and marketing support to all parts of the BCI network all the while upholding the rules and regulations of our business and legal environment. In your covering letter tell us why your customer service deserves the tick of Excellence! Then enclose your CV with References to: Vaine Nooana-Arioka, PO Box 113 Rarotonga Or email By 3pm Thursday 11th April 2013. A copy of the Job Description can also be obtained via the above email.

bCI house, Maire Nui drive, po box 113, rarotonga, Cook Islands tel: (682) 29341 fax: (682) 29343 email: Website:


Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

heLpINg the SChooL Sea Eagles host Easter match The nGATAnGiiA sea eagles

thepareNt you can help the school…

and Titikaveka Bulldogs will provide this easter saturday’s league action at nukupure park. With most of this rounds games played through the week – this will be the sporting entertainment of the weekend. The last time these two teams met in round one – the sea eagles edged out the Bulldogs defending champions 18-16. The sea eagles currently sit one point ahead of the Bulldogs in third place on the table with 10 points to the Bulldogs 9, and no doubt both sides are look-

ing at today’s game as a crucial match. The Sea Eagles will be conident after their close encounter with the top of the table Eels last week while the Bulldogs return to the field today after a week off from rugby league. Get to nukupure park and get your league ix on. - Matariki Wilson This weeks draw: Saturday 30 at Victoria Park – 12.00pm-Under 12 panthers vs Bulldogs, Ref-club officials, 1.00pm-Under 14 panthers vs Eels, Ref-P.Ngaroi assisted by Club Officials, 2.00pm-Under 16 Panthers vs Sea Eagles, Ref-

B.Bishop assisted by A.emile/p. Ngaroi, 3.00pm-Under 19 Panthers vs Bears, Ref-A.Emile assisted by B.Bishop/p.ngaroi Saturday 30 at Nukupure Park – 12.00pm-Under 12 sea eagles vs Bears, Ref-S.Sheppard assisted by Club Oficials, 1.00pm-Under 14 Sea Eagles vs Bears, Ref-K. Kopu assisted by Club Oficials, 2.00pm-Under 19 Bulldogs vs Eels, Ref-T.Tuakana assisted by K.Kopu/S.Teiotu, 3.30pm-Reserves Sea Eagles vs Bears, Refs.Willis assisted by J.Whitta/s. Teiotu, 5.00pm-Premiers Sea Eagles Bulldogs, Ref-T.Manea assisted by T.Tuakana/S.Willis, (Sub Oficial-J.Whitta).

by: • • • • •

Making decisions for school improvement on the pta or School Committee. providing your specialized skill: dancing, local history, traditional knowledge, language, singing, plumbing, carpentry or building. helping to keep the school clean and tidy ofer support on sports days, math's competitions, speech competitions etc. assisting with school work on development – fundraising

With classroom by: • • • • • •

helping to monitor your child’s homework Supervision of child whilst on ield trip or visiting landmarks etc. Listening to reading by individual or groups help with teaching the local language teach traditional songs and dances or telling stories teach local art and craft

the Bulldogs will head to nukupure Park today to take on the Sea eagles who beat them in their last encounter in the irst round 18-16. 13021721




















Minted Lamb, Smoked Fish, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken & Vegie




$5.80pkt NGAIA MA



EASTER WEEKEND OPENING HOURS Good฀Friday฀(closed)฀•฀saturday฀–฀8am-2pm •฀easter฀monday฀(closed)




Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

Flight Times | Voyage details FROM ARRIVES

International Flights

Saturday March 30 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM nZ60/47 syD 5.30AM nZ18 aKL 10.30PM Sunday March 31 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM Nz46/45 AKL 4.15PM




1.05AM 6.45AM 11.59PM


1.05AM 5.30PM

RARO TO ARR Saturday March 30 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 1100 ATIU 1145 Sunday March 31

air Rarotonga


1230 1730



Situation: a trough of low pressure lies slow moving just to the southwest of Southern cooks.An easterly wind low prevails over northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Cloudy periods with some showers. showers becoming frequent later tomorrow. Moderate northerly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Occasional showers. For Rarotonga: Cloudy periods with some showers. showers becoming frequent later tomorrow. Further outlook: Occasional showers. For the Northern Cooks: Fine. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers.

Humidity Sun


0910 1140 1640 1910 1205


1000 1230 1730 2000 1250

1340 1840


1420 1930









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.





text us on

or call us at Cook Islands News

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Thursday’s puzzle

Answer to Thursday’s puzzle


By Dik Browne


By Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Rarotonga Saturday, March 30, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Saturday

SaT High 11.46AM 1.05M Low

OLOMANA 013 - ETD AUCK 27/04, ETA RARO 01/05, ETA AITUTAKI 06/05

GOT A STORY? Instructions






Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga





Weather Forecast to Midnight




HÄGAR the Horrible


1320 1820




1.3 S

5.38AM 0.24M 6.14PM 0.20M

0.7 nW n

Sun High 12.21AM 0.98M 12.31PM 1.04M



6.21AM 0.24M 6.59PM 0.21M


Sun, Moon & arapo

NE 10kts new Moon APR 10 9.36 PM

First Quarter APR 18 12.32PM

Full Moon APR 25 7.58AM

sunshine hours

third Quarter APR 3 4.37AM


ArApo - TAmATeA sat 30 tanu (Planting)





Sun rise

tautai te opunga marama. Fish when the moon is setting.

6.48AM 6.48AM

Front Key:




1.3 S


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Saturday, March 30, 2013 Sun Set 6.42PM

Moon rise 9.38PM Moon Set 10.11AM Sun rise

1.3 S

tautaI (Fishing)

tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night (from Akaoti Amiama).

Sun Set


Moon rise 10.36PM Moon Set 11.13AM


28° NW 11kts


27° WNW 15kts


27° NW 10kts



27° NW 10kts

30° EsE 06kts


27° NW 10kts


Saturday, March 30, 2013 cook Islands News

Sports awards winners



—PAgE 14

Have faith in local players: Nicholas The LocAL sports community is

a-buzz with chatter about what needs to be done to improve the standard of rugby sevens at the international level. The talks stem from the poor performance by the recent national sevens squad on the biggest sevens stage – the hong Kong Sevens. The lacklustre performance has also raised the ever lingering issue of locally-based players versus overseas-based players. While some commentators are just pointing ingers – local sportsman Clive Nicholas wants to point out that once upon a time and not so long ago, the Cooks were among the top ive rugby sevens nations. 32-year-old Nicholas, who has been a sportsman his whole life, including numerous national representation for the country, says he has absolutely nothing against cook islands sportsmen and women based overseas but believes there needs to be a rethink about how national teams such as the sevens squad are assembled and prepared for national representation. As a comparison – he highlights the rugby league national squad that won the silver medal at the 2007 Paciic Games in Samoa and a second silver medal at the 2009 Paciic Mini Games here in rarotonga. “ Those two teams were coached by local coaches supported by overseas assistant coaches,” recalls Nicholas. The coaching team for the two silver medal winning teams were; Albert Nicholas, Kevin Iro; and Ina Konito based in Australia. While 2010 will be highlighted as the most successful year for cook islands rugby sevens where the squad that year won the bowl under coach Ramsey Tomokino – nicholas points out that things have gone downhill since then and that in fact – 2000 and 2001 were the best years for rugby sevens. These were the years that the

Cooks were in the top ive rugby Kong Sevens. he says that the issue is not sevens playing countries. “Those days the teams were with lack of commitment by lomade up mostly of locally-based cal players. “Because he (Tomokino) players with just a couple of overdowngrades us locally-based seas players.” senior players in the early players – no one wants to turn years that represented the up to training. it’s not a lack of country at international games commitment – we just know including Mac Mokoroa, Terry he’s going to belittle us and pick Piri, Billy Bush, Vira Williams, other people over us.” He recalls that he along with Lui nicholas and vaivase samania to name a few – were the idols three other boys trained for of junior sportsmen including four months for the 2011 sevens squad – of those four playnicholas himself. “We looked up to these guys, ers, only one was selected and we followed in their footsteps – two others, who only turned up who do our boys today look up to the last training session in to the squad. to now?” Then he points out the lack In 2009, Nicholas was among a small group of local players of game time and game condithat trained and were selected for tioning for the players before the national sevens side under being thrown in to the deep end – international current coach ram“We have to representation. sey Tomokino. “They put a team nicholas believes change the together for one to t h a t To m o k i n o system, get rid two weeks then chuck ‘downgrades’ and of the coach them straight in to the ‘belittles’ locallyor we can put big time – maybe if based players. up with this they picked local boys “He will just pick embarrassment to train for that time, anyone available and for the next at least they’ve played anyone he likes – fafew years...” against and with each vouritism.” other and know each He does however commend the efforts by trainers other – they’ll be better.” nicholas also believes that Puai Wichman and Keith Roberts who helped with strengthening there are capable local coaches and conditioning local based to mould and develop the sevens squad. players that year. “There’s vase (vaivase samanicholas also believes that the standard of cook islands rugby nia) – he’s got enough experisevens at the international level ence so give him the coaching has dropped since the national job. Nicholas also knows of what squad has been under Tomokino. “Once the Cooks led New he calls ‘world class’ Cook IsZealand in one sevens game lands rugby players based overand even though New Zealand seas that never get a look in for and Wales – current champions national representation. nicholas says that a number and former champions, put 30 to 40 points on us – that’s noth- of overseas players have tried to ing compared to the 30 and 40 get in contact with the associapoints that countries like rus- tion but they never get a look in. “They are not being seen and sia and Zimbabwe put on us in some selectors just pick players Hong Kong!” He adds that when George they like.” These include Aaron enoka George use to coach rugby sevens - the cooks regularly beat teams playing top level rugby for counlike England, Wales and the USA ties Manukau, John Kaukura and even won games at the Hong who had trials for the Crusaders,

victor ioane playing for north harbour and canterbury Bulldogs reserves and canberra and Jason Tou who donned the junior Warriors jersey. For Nicholas – there will be no improvements in rugby sevens if the current system under Tomokino remains. “We have to change the sys-

tem, get rid of the coach or we can put up with this embarrassment for the next few years and start fresh!” nicholas also believes the way forward is to use the local international sevens in heaven as a platform for showcasing all talent – both local and overseasbased players.

“Use the local players and make it that the overseas-based players have to come here for our sevens to test them against us, with us and against the super stars that do come. We have a lot of world class players but because of this coach and his assistant – they are not being seen.” - Matariki Wilson

national sportsman Clive nicholas in action for the silver medal winning league team at the 2009 Paciic Mini Games in Rarotonga. 13032846

Ramsey Tomokino (right) when he was irst appointed as head coach in 2008 with local coach Vaivase Samania. 13032845

2013 Isuzu dMax 4Wd SINgLe Cab 2.5-litre turbo diesel, air Conditioning factory fitted rear bed Liner, Separate front Seats, audio System

drIve aWay prICe

$34,990 p:29882



Saturday 30 March  

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