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$2 Thursday, March 28, 2013

Telling Cook Islands stories FoRTy loCal budding film-

makers are being taught the skills needed to tell the stories of Cook Islanders. The third week of a ilmmaking course is underway, run by Film Raro executive producer stan Wolfgramm. The course runs three nights a week to the end of the Film Raro ilm festival at the end of May. The practical course is being run in tandem with the inaugural Film Raro to teach locals the production skills to become part of the ilm industry which Cook Islander Wolfgramm hopes will grow in Rarotonga. six teams of four have been selected to take part in the fes-

tival – from london, los angeles, new york, Hawaii, australia and new Zealand. The teams were selected from hundreds of applicants and have all had films shown at film festivals around the world. They will work with local casts with help from the trainee ilm producers. “The students are doing it as a real exercise with professional ilm makers.” The ilm production students are currently doing pre-production examination of scripts and discussing them in class. next they will help find locations and cast for the short ilms, all between eight and 15 minutes in length.

Wolfgramm said there is a potential for local stories to get lost in today’s “global media environment” and he wants to teach locals the skills to tell their own stories. “If we don’t hear or see ourselves in that environment then our culture and identity is diluted. To have a voice in that forum [ilm] then we’ve got to have the skills.” on the production course, the trainee producers go through the scripts as a group and have permission to change them to reflect the Cook Islands “flavour” with things like dialogue, protocol and songs. as executive producer, Wolfgramm gives

feedback to the writers. Producers do “everything and anything” to make a ilm what it is, says Wolfgramm. This includes overseeing location and cast, buttering sandwiches and carrying equipment. “Producers must take on the responsibility and drive to make ilms. This course should inspire them with passion.” The course lets the participants do as much as professional ilm crews would within three weeks. The final two weeks will be spent on-site with the teams as they ilm. Wolfgramm is currently setting up casting briefs and will

look around for suitable actors. after casts are chosen – there are around three main actors in each ilm plus extras – acting classes will be run. Filming is due to start on May 13 and will take up to ive days and another five to edit. The ilm festival screening will be at the BCI stadium on May 25 using a projector and large screen. The whole island is invited. Wolfgramm also hopes to run a media programme with school children to teach them the value of story-telling. He is currently discussing dates with the Ministry of Education. - Calida Smylie

Film raro executive director stan Wolfgramm is running an intensive course to teach 40 locals ilm production skills in order to sustain a potential ilm industry in rarotonga. 13010324

Woman wrote off company car a younG woman who wrote off

her work car after taking it without permission from a company party was sentenced in court last week. shariana Irena Vano unlawfully took her work car, owned by Turama Paciic Travel Group, from a party at the house of her

division boss on december 20. Her immediate supervisor, who was authorised to drive the car, had gone to sleep. Vano asked the supervisor’s husband, but when she didn’t get an answer, she took it anyway. Vano ended up in a collision after driving it from arorangi

to Matavera. The car ended upside down in a stream and was written off, although the young woman was not seriously injured. Crown prosecutor Tuaine Manavaroa denounced the conduct and wanted a sentence set to deter others. a short prison

term and reparation of $12,000 was sought. He said the incident was alcohol-fuelled and she was not authorised to drive the vehicle. “The prisoner was a very real danger to other road users that night.” defence lawyer Wilkie Ras-

Fire drill! new rescue Fire service recruits Tennessee Mataio (left) and Robert Akaruru display their ire ighting skills during a special ceremony at the rescue Fire service headquarters at Rarotonga Airport. officers also gathered at the headquarters to honour Thomas MacDonald Tepai who has retired after 36-years of service. The full story from the ceremony along with more photos will be published in Saturday’s edition of Cook Islands News. - MW


mussen said this was an “unfortunate case”. There was “some memory lapse” on the defendant’s part although there was no documentation of the amount of alcohol in her blood, he said. Vano had driven the car before as it was a company car to run errands, so there was some assumption on her behalf she could take it. The girl has lost her “dream job” because of this incident, said Rasmussen. she is now unemployed. Rasmussen said prison would be too harsh a punishment for this “error of judgment” and thought probation and community service better. Justice Hugh Williams noted Vano had been on a pub crawl before the party and “in what was probably a befuddled state you took this car” to look for friends who had not returned from the pub crawl.

“next thing anyone knew, including you, the car was on its roof in a ditch, written off… you would have been a danger to anyone else on the roads that night.” He said if police had caught her it was most likely she would have also been charged for drink driving. This is not Vano’s irst time in court – in 2009 she appeared for a theft as a servant charge, but was discharged without conviction. The judge decided he would not send Vano to jail, but put her on probation for two years. during that time, she must not purchase or consume alcohol. “If you have a problem with alcohol, that should stop,” said Williams. she must also pay $12,000 in installments to Turama and attend counselling as Probation services direct. - Calida Smylie

Happy Easter! Cook Islands news will not be published on Good Friday and Easter Monday. This saturday’s edition will be published as usual, although the classiied advertising deadline for saturday’s paper is 1pm today. ad-

vertising for Tuesday’s edition will also close at 1pm today. our ofices will be closed on Friday and Monday. We wish all readers and advertisers a safe happy holiday weekend.


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Thursday, March 28, 2013 cook Islands News

worldnEWs nuti no TEIa nEI ao Too much TV? No such thing! Spending hours watching TV or playing computer games each day does not harm young children’s social development. A UK medical research team who studied more than 11,000 primary school pupils says it is wrong to link bad behaviour to TV viewing and video gaming. But they still say “limit screen time”. This cautionary advice is because spending lots of time in front of the TV every day might reduce how much time a child spends doing other important activities such as playing with friends and doing homework. Contrarily, US research suggests watching TV in early childhood can cause attention problems at the age of seven.

Internet under threat Worldwide slowdown as dispute prompts retaliatory cyber attack london – The internet around

the world has been slowed down in what security experts are describing as the biggest cyberattack of its kind in history. A row between a spam-ighting group and a hosting firm has sparked retaliation attacks affecting the wider internet. It is having an impact on popular online services and experts worry it could escalate to affect banking and email systems. Five national cyber-policeforces are investigating the attacks. spamhaus, a group based in both london and Geneva, is a non-proit organisation which

world BRIEFs QANTAS PARTNERS WITH EMIRATES AUSTRALIA – Qantas Airways has won a inal approval from Australia’s competition watchdog for its partnership with Emirates. The alliance is seen as key to Qantas’ attempts to turn around its loss-making international operations. The Australian carrier’s international division has been hurt by slowing demand from key markets, growing competition and higher fuel costs. The alliance with Emirates, agreed last year, will see the two collaborate on pricing, sales and light scheduling. “Qantas is an Australian icon and the future of its international business is much brighter with this partnership,” said Alan Joyce, chief executive of Qantas.

BERLIN WALL REMNANTS TAKEN DOWN GERMANY – A German property developing irm has removed parts of a historic stretch of the Berlin Wall amid heavy police presence, despite a week of protests. Builders removed four segments of the so-called East Side Gallery stretch on Wednesday morning to open access to a building site for blocks of lats. Some 250 police oicers were deployed as the sections were dismantled. The re-development project has sparked outrage among citizen groups, who say the site is a symbol of freedom. Workers tried to dismantle the segments on March 1 but were forced to halt their plans when angry demonstrators blocked their path. Another small part of the stretch has already been removed.

DNA TESTS REVEAL CANCER RISK MARKERS ENGLAND – More than 80 genetic markers that can increase the risk of developing breast, prostate or ovarian cancer have been found in the largest study of its kind. The DNA of 200,000 people – half of them with cancer and half without – was compared, revealing an individual’s inherited risk of the diseases. British scientists, who led the research, believe it could lead to a DNA screening test within ive years. They also hope it will boost knowledge of how the cancers develop. Study author Prof Doug Easton said “We’re on the verge of being able to use our knowledge of these genetic variations to develop test that could complement breast cancer screening and take us a step closer to having an efective prostate cancer screening programme.”

RIO’S OLYMPICS STADIUM SHUT DOWN BRAZIL – A stadium in Brazil that was due to host athletics at the 2016 Olympics has been closed indeinitely because of structural problems with its roof. The Joao Havelange stadium in Rio de Janeiro was built only six years ago. It was also being used as the main football venue in Rio, while the city’s Maracana stadium is being renovated for next year’s World Cup. It is an embarrassment for Brazil as it prepares for its two huge sporting events. The authorities have also acknowledged delays in work on the Maracana and a funding problem at another stadium, which is set to host the opening match at the World Cup.

NATION REELING FROM LOCUST ATTACK MADAGASCAR – A severe plague of locusts has infested about half of Madagascar, threatening crops and raising concerns about food shortages, a UN agency says. The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization said billions of the plant-devouring insects could cause hunger for 60 per cent of the population. About $US22 million was urgently needed to ight the plagued. It is the worst plague to hit the island since the 1950s, the FAO said. Locust control expert Annie Monard says the plague posed a major threat to the Indian Ocean island. “The last one was in the 1950s and it had a duration of 17 years so if nothing is done this plague can last for ive to 10 years, depending on the conditions,” she said.

Today’s daily Bread not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

Matthew 7:21-29 Read: read: Philippians 2:4-11

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 4

aims to help email providers filter out spam and other unwanted content. To do this, the group maintains a number of blocklists – a database of servers known to be being used for malicious purposes. Recently, spamhaus blocked servers maintained by Cyberbunker, a dutch web host which states it will host anything with the exception of child pornography or terrorism-related material. sven olaf kamphuis, who claims to be a spokesman for Cyberbunker, said, in a message, that spamhaus was abusing its position, and should not be allowed to decide “what goes and does not go on the internet”.

spamhaus has alleged that Cyberbunker, in co-operation with “criminal gangs” from Eastern Europe and Russia, is behind the attack. steve linford, chief executive for spamhaus, said the scale of the attack was unprecedented. “We’ve been under this cyberattack for well over a week. “But we’re up – they haven’t been able to knock us down. our engineers are doing an immense job in keeping it up – this sort of attack would take down pretty much anything else.” linford said that the attack was being investigated by five different national cyber-policeforces around the world. He claimed he was unable to disclose more details because the forces were concerned that they too may suffer attacks on their own infrastructure. The attackers have used a tac-

tic known as distributed denial of Service (DDoS), which loods the intended target with large amounts of trafic in an attempt to render it unreachable. linford said “These attacks are peaking at 300 gigabytes per second. normally when there are attacks against major banks, we’re talking about 50gbs.” The knock-on effect is hurting internet services globally, said Professor alan Woodward, a cybersecurity expert. “If you imagine it as a motorway, attacks try and put enough trafic on there to clog up the on and off ramps,” he said. “With this attack, there’s so much trafic it’s clogging up the motorway itself.” Arbor Networks, a irm which specialises in protecting against ddos attacks, also said it was the biggest such attack they had seen.

“The largest ddos attack that we have witnessed prior to this was in 2010, which was 100 gbs. obviously the jump from 100 to 300 is pretty massive,” said dan Holden, the company’s director of security research. “There’s certainly possibility for some collateral damage to other services along the way, depending on what that infrastructure looks like.” spamhaus said it was able to cope as it has highly distributed infrastructure in a number of countries. The group is supported by many of the world’s largest internet companies who rely on it to ilter unwanted material. linford said that several companies, such as Google, had made their resources available to help “absorb all of this trafic”. - BBC

Korea tension intensiies

PyonGyanG – north korea

says it has ordered artillery and rocket units into “combat posture” to prepare to target us bases in Hawaii, Guam and the us mainland. The announcement, carried by kCna news agency, follows days of strong rhetoric from Pyongyang. The Pentagon condemned the threats, saying the us was ready to respond to “any contingency”. Tensions remain high on the korean peninsula in the wake of north korea’s third nuclear test on 12 February. The test led to new un sanctions which Pyongyang strongly opposes. Joint us-south korea annual military drills have further angered the communist nation. In recent weeks its habitually iery rhetoric has escalated. It has threatened the us with “pre-emptive nuclear attacks”, as well as strikes on us military bases in Japan. “From this moment, the supreme Command of the korean People’s army will be putting in combat duty posture no 1 all field artillery units including long-range artillery units and strategic rocket units that will target all enemy objects in us invasionary bases on its mainland, Hawaii and Guam,” the kCna statement said. north korea is not thought to have the technology to strike the us mainland with either a nuclear weapon or a ballistic missile, but it is capable of targeting us military bases in the region with its mid-range missiles. north korea’s announcement comes as the country carries out large-scale military exercises. In response, the us said that it was concerned by any north korean threats. “We take everything they say and everything they do very seriously,” Pentagon spokesman George little said. south korean President Park Geun-hye called on north korea to “change course” by abandoning nuclear weapons. Park said north korea continued to threaten the south’s

national security. “For the north, the only path to survival lies in stopping provocations and threats, abandoning its nuclear weaponry and missiles, and becoming a responsible member of the international community,” she said. In a latest move, north korea says it is cutting a military hotline with south korea. The hotline is used to facili-

tate the travel of south korean workers to a joint industrial complex in kaesong. north korea has already cut both a Red Cross hotline and another used to communicate with the un Command at Panmunjom in the demilitarised Zone that divides the two koreas. “under the situation where a war may break out any moment, there is no need to keep

up north-south military communications,” a senior north korean military official was quoted by kCna news agency. until now, operations at the joint complex have been normal despite the rise in tensions. south korea’s Ministry of Uniication conirmed that the north was no longer answering calls to the hotline. - BBC

A higher love

A baby girafe is kissed by its mother at an enclosure at the zoo in Dortmund, western Germany. AFP


Thursday, March 28, 2013 cook Islands News

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Thursday, March 28, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalnEWs nuti no TE Pa Enua

Reports paint grim inancial picture Tonga faces slow development and crippling debt repayments nuku’aloFa – The International Monetary Fund says Tonga is battling a low development trap, which is aggravated by its smallness and remoteness. a parallel report from the asian development Bank paints a similar grim outlook. The IMF, which has just sent a team to Tonga to review the nation’s economy, says it has the potential to break out of its low development trend by uti-

lising its vast marine resources, tourism potential and its welleducated, English speaking population. But it says deregulation reforms are needed to attract private investment. It says the economy is only likely to grow about 0.08 per cent this year after an average of three per cent over the past three years, which had been due to infrastructure projects that

paciic BRIEFS POLICE PROBE NEW SORCERY MURDER PAPUA NEW GUINEA – The police in Papua New Guinea’s Madang province are investigating another reported sorcery related killing. It comes a few weeks after the murder of six people accused of sorcery in Nahu-Rawa in the Rai Coast district but the acting provincial commander Inspector Jacob Bando says a diferent group is responsible for the latest death. Inspector Bando says they were contacted by a village chief in Astrolabe Bay in Rai Coast about a brutal murder. However he says police haven’t been able to visit the village yet to verify the report because of looded river crossings.

FEARS HIV SUFFERERS WILL BE FORGOTTEN THE PACIFIC – It’s feared that prevention measures and advocacy for those living with HIV in the Paciic could disappear as a result of the Paciic Islands Aids Foundation closing. The foundation is shutting down due to lack of funds as it has been unable to attract new donor support after the New Zealand government withdrew its core funding in 2011. The founder of the Paciic Islands Aids Foundation, Maire Bopp, says the immediate impact of the closure is that a group of HIV positive people and their families will be left without a strong regional voice. “That then will lead to an absence of advocacy and visibility of HIV and its issues. At a human level, the loss of advocacy could imply that HIV prevention will slow down and potentially disappear and the issue around HIV treatment will regress,” Bopp says.

NEW NO CONFIDENCE VOTE A POSSIBILITY VANUATU – Vanuatu’s new opposition says it is justiied in bringing a motion of no conidence in the new government despite its resounding loss in a parliamentary vote just last Saturday. On Saturday Moana Carcasses Kalosil became prime minister and installed a new government following the resignation two days earlier of Sato Kilman. The opposition MP Kal Moli says they have the backing of 23 of the 52 MPs and expect commitments from 4 others now with the Carcasses administration. He says some MPs are unhappy with the way portfolios have been distributed, and Mr Moli says the new government has created ministries that are not budgeted for.

SOLAR POWER MAINTENANCE A PROBLEM TOKELAU– Tokelau is working hard on measures to ensure it will be able to maintain its solar generated power system for the future. Power Smart Solar Energy constructed and put in the panels to deliver 90 per cent of Tokelau’s electricity needs to its three atolls in October last year. But the New Zealand based company is only committed to monitoring and maintaining it for the irst year. Tokelau’s Apia based general manager, Joe Suveinakama, says it is a concern as they do hope to be able to maintain it themselves. “ We’re dealing with panels, we’re dealing with batteries, we’re dealing with capacity building, we’re dealing also with energy eiciency issues. Maintenance has been an issue since day one.”

VANDALS SABOTAGE PHONE LINES SAMOA – The Police in Samoa are investigating an apparent act of vandalism that left over one thousand people in Apia without any phone or internet connections on Saturday. When the phone lines went dead on Saturday morning, phone company crews found cables had been deliberately severed under a bridge. Over one thousand people were afected by the outage and Bluesky Samoa is appealing for anyone who saw anything suspicious on Friday night to report it to the police.

PROCESSING IMPROVES MOOD ON NAURU NAURU – The Nauru government says there’s been an upswing in mood at Australia’s asylum seeker camp on the island after oicials started processing claims last week. A team from Australia began work a week ago to assess the 400 men’s claims for refugee status. The asylum seekers have staged hunger strikes and lip stitching protests at the camp over Canberra’s ofshore processing policy. A Nauru government spokesman, Rod Henshaw, says the mood has changed signiicantly in the last week. “There’s been a marked downturn in self-harm, voluntary starvations. This has provided a psychological boost because at least they can see something is happening and it’s happening in a timely fashion.”

have now ended. The IMF says there are significant external risks to the economy from Europe and the united states which are Tonga’s largest sources of remittances. It says high external indebtedness remains an important vulnerability and it backs the Tonga government’s “no new loan” policy. Future projections for Tonga’s current debt crisis are not looking good, with an ever-rising tide of debt repayments visible over the next three years, leading to concerns that the government will be unable to maintain basic services. according to a recent report by the asian development Bank’s Paciic Economic Monitor, Tonga’s debt repayments are

expected to increase by 34.5 per cent in the 2014 financial year and to increase further by 38.5 per cent in 2015, and continue to increase by 13 per cent in 2016. The report stressed the seriousness of the situation, stating, “Without further budget support, the government will be unable to maintain current levels of basic services. “The large wage bill, which makes up around 51 per cent of the national budget, limits lexibility to relocate expenditure.” The report was advisory, and frank about the role of government stating, “The Tonga government needs to maintain its implementation of structural reforms. These are central to the joint policy reform matrix for budget support agreed to with

development partners. “Reforms to Tonga’s inancial sector and business regulatory environment – including the parliamentary submission of receivership and bankruptcy legislation in 2013 and 2014 that will allow smoother recovery of non-performing loans – reduce the risk of lending in the future. “If implemented, these reforms would have a lasting positive impact and stem the decline in private sector lending.” The adB report stated that growth slowed considerably in 2012 and that remittances totalled just $67 million, a severe drop from previous yearly remittances, which were as high as $107 million in the 2008 financial year. The projection for 2013 was a

“slow growth outlook”, the report said, “GdP growth is projected at 0.5 percent in 2013 and 0.3 percent in 2014. The completion of public investment projects, weak business activity, and slow recovery in remittances and private sector credit are expected to continue to drive low growth. “Inlation is expected to moderate to 2.7 percent in 2013 and to stabilise at that level through 2014. The report also described planned iscal consolidation efforts aimed at reducing public debt “given Tonga’s high risk of debt distress , the consolidation needs to be appropriately paced to avoid further contraction in an already weakened economy”. - RNZI/Matangi Tonga

Fiji can learn from Indonesia suVa – Indonesia’s experience

with moving from dictatorship towards democracy might have useful lessons for Fiji. That’s according to dr ketut Erawan, director of the Indonesian Institute for Peace and democracy at udayana university in Bali. He visited Fiji recently and spoke to government oficials, academics and students at the University of the South Paciic journalism course. dr Erawan said that while the two nations’ histories are quite different, there are things they can learn from each other about the best way to transition back

to democracy. “The historical development of Indonesia and Fiji in some way is comparable because we expect that democracy will be shown as the basic foundation of our nations and for moving the countries forward.” He says one thing the two nation’s share is the need to create a “sense of nation”, because they both are made up of so many different ethnic groups and cultures. “But we’re able to agree that we are Indonesian, and that should from my point of view, also become an aspiration for the people of Fiji.”

The second similarity is during the transition to democracy , there is the need to design the constitutional rules on which democratic processes are based. He says Indonesia can share with Fiji its experience that the democratic process is not a short game – but a continuous evolution. “It is long, it’s up and down, sometimes we are so hopeful, sometimes we are in a situation where there are many challenges.” He says the media are one of the core actors in the process because media has several functions.

one is that media is able to deliver facts and reveal truth. He says media can become a mechanism for making sure that other alternative voices are heard and also instrumental in transforming society so it can view itself in a different way where democracy is the basis. “I believe now is the right time for Fiji to move forward. If we discussed about the past, about atrocities, about so many mistrusts, we will never move forward. “so put that separately and create institutions to ground the processes and move forward together.” - Paciic Beat

Kiwi drought may affect islands WEllInGTon – new Zealand’s worsening drought could expose the Paciic region to food price inflation according to a report from the australia and new Zealand Banking Group limited. The anZ bank’s latest forecast suggests Fiji and samoa are the most likely to be affected by the new Zealand drought, the

country’s worst in 30 years. new Zealand-based agriculture economist with the anZ, Con Williams, said that depending on the sector and product the drought could influence production for the next two years. “If you’re talking about the livestock sector, they’re running down some of their capital stock

at the moment because of the drought,” Williams said. “That’s going to influence production for the next two years.” Williams says the horticulture sector would recover more quickly if the drought breaks and conditions improve. The anZ’s report says the economies in Paciic countries

could be affected. The bank says Fiji in particular is growing at a slower pace to similarly rated countries. “Higher inlation, particularly food inlation, will weigh on other consumption in the Fijian economy,” Williams said “That won’t be good for their overall growth proile.” - ABC

Hiking penalties for illegal ishing FakaoFo – Tokelau plans to

implement tougher penatlies for illegal ishing. Tokelau earns over $5 million per year from ishing activities in Tokelau’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). This is more than ive times what it was earning just three years ago, and is the result of a successful working partnership with new Zealand to improve the management of its EEZ. However, the government of Tokelau is concerned that the successful management of its

most economically valuable natural resource could be undermined by illegal ishing. The protection of what is in essence its only sustainable revenue source is critical to the future of Tokelau. Tokelau has recently has working in partnership with new Zealand to increase the penalties for illegal fishing in it’s EEZ. The current penalties were set over 35 years ago and no longer provide an effective deterrent to illegal ishing.

new Zealand and Tokelau are working together to ensure that concerns over the nation’s illegal ishing penalties structure are satisfactorily addressed. It is hoped that a new more stringent penalty regime will be in place before the end of 2013. To better manage the risks of illegal ishing in its EEZ, Tokelau is also working collaboratively with other Paciic island countries. under the niue Treaty and the TeVaka Toa arrangement Tokelau works with other Pa-

ciic island countries on isheries law enforcement activities. Tokelau shares a state of the art satellite-based Vessel Monitoring system with other nations and with the new Zealand defence Forces in aerial and surface surveillance activities. Tokelau’s vessel monitoring and surveillance activities are co-ordinated out of the department of Economic development, natural Resources and Environments’isheries division ofice on Fakaofo Atoll. - Press Release

Kiribati’s television station closes down TaRaWa – Television kiribati, the government-owned television station, has closed down. President anote Tong said that apart from the TV channels serious inancial problems, the station lacked expertise and knowledge in television programming and production.

Tong said he was aware of many queries from the public regarding the circumstances surrounding the sudden closure of TV kiribati. He said TV kiribati had reached a point where it could no longer meet all its operating expenses.

Tong said the government was reviewing the station’s financial status and would also consider whether there was danger to the public as a result of its closure. local media report the outcome of these considerations will determine the govern-

ment’s inal decision on the future of Television kiribati. TV kiribati is the only television in kiribati that broadcasts local and foreign programmes to viewers in south Tarawa and Betio. It was set up in 2004 under the Telecommunications act 2004. - PMW


Thursday, March 28, 2013 cook Islands News

World model for renewable energy auCkland – The united nations top climate change oficial says the drive for renewable energy in the Paciic could serve as an inspirational model for the rest of the world to emulate. The Executive secretary of the un Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, was in auckland attending the Paciic Energy Summit. nZ’s Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, has challenged Pacific countries with a series of targets, including a renewable energy level of 50 per cent. secretary Figueres says the targets are tough, but not unrealistic. “They are ambitious, but they are doable,” she says. “all of the Pacific nations have a very heavy dependency on the importation of diesel – in particular for their electricity generation – and that has a huge toll on their budgets. “so they have realised that they can actually improve their export-import balance, they can improve their budgetary situation, by resorting to national domestic energy sources from renewable energy that actually give them cheaper, dependable, cleaner energy sources and they already have concrete examples. “Tokelau is already 100 per cent renewable. Tonga well on its way with well over 2.5 megawatts of different types of renewables. The Marshall Islands with all of its outer island homes already renewable. “so they’re already on their way and many more of them learning from the current examples and applying them at home.”

Figueres agrees it’s not so much the targets that are ambitious, but the inancing of the projects to reach those targets. “It’s not targets that are the challenge, it’s not even the technologies that are challenges, because the technology is here. “It’s how do you put all of that together, how do you create the enabling environment, the policy framework, the institutional support in each of the islands that will allow for this transformation. “How do you put together the inancing, which will never come from one source, but rather has to be a blend of different instruments, a blend of sources, and how do you put the partnerships together, and that’s exactly the summit was about. “Representatives of the inancial institutions that are active in the Paciic area, government representatives that are responsible for their national policy and members of the private sector – are all talking to each other to igure out what is the particular combination of their efforts that will be an effective response for each Paciic island. “Because there’s no one equation, no one recipe that is going to be a it for all of them.” Figueres agrees that the Pacific countries can serve as an inspiration for larger developing nations. “I do think they can serve as an inspiration, they can serve as a model, they can help to create the new norm. “and just as the solution for one island is not necessarily the solution for another island, the same is true if you go from this level of economy to larger econ-

omies, where, of course, the solution of an island is not going to be applicable to the solution in a larger economy. “Having said all of that, there are lessons learned that can be taken from the different successful examples and applied in different combinations to also help other countries to move toward renewables. “one very interesting, also timely example is last week, the united arab Emirates, which is of course a very heavily fossil fuel exporting country inaugurated 100 megawatts of concentrated solar power. “so proving that even those countries that are not just dependent on fossil fuels, but are actually the main exporters of fossil fuels are also moving in the direction of renewable energy, because it makes sense to them.” Figueres says she realises the transformation of the energy systems on small Paciic islands towards renewables in itself is not going to be the answer to global climate change. “It’s very, very clear that’s while they can inspire, while they can provide lessons and models, that is not going to be the total solution. “The solution is the larger global transformation toward renewable energy, but that does not exclude presence of some hydro-carbons. “We will always have the presence of some hydro-carbons. What is very clear is that the growth of new energy to meet world needs, which will duplicate over the next few years, has to come from renewables.” - Paciic Beat

Land lease report rejected PoRT MoREsBy – Papua new Guinea’s Prime Minister has backed away from a commitment to release an interim report into controversial leases covering millions of hectares. a Commission of Inquiry has been investigating more than 70 special agricultural Business leases, or saBls, covering more than ive million hectares. Critics say the leases are a back-door access to clear-fell forests and many have been granted without the permission of traditional owners. Earlier this month the commission handed its interim report to Prime Minister Peter o’neill who said it showed incompetent bureaucrats had been giving developers a “free ride”. o’neill initially said he would table it in parliament but now has decided to wait for the commission’s inal report before releasing anything publicly. o’neill has expressed disappointment over the failure by the commission to present a inal report after an inquiry taking more than one-and-a-half years and costing 15 million kina ($nZ8.3 million). “What I received from the

commission is only an interim report. The interim report deals with only three of the 10 terms of reference,” o’neil said. “There are no recommendations or clear indings. This is very disappointing. “In light of this we have decided that the interim report will not be tabled at this time. Instead the government will wait for the final report and its indings and recommendations.” He said the final report should be inished within two months. o’neill said studies have revealed that more than 5.2 million hectares of customary land had been acquired for commercial use and the amount of customary land had decreased from 97 to 86 per cent. “In most cases, land has been logged and no other economic or agricultural development has occurred,” he said. o’neill said that sa B ls existed since 1979, enabling customary landowners to surrender their land and enter into leasing arrangements with the state, basically “unlocking” customary land for development. “By the 1990s, foreign busi-

nesses began acquiring large tracts of land through saBls and landowners were not receiving any real beneits.”. o’neill said the purpose of the inquiry was to inquire into each saBl issued and make recommendations. The terms of the reference were very precise and lengthy. o’neill said there is currently a moratorium on all saBls and the moratorium will continue until the inal report is received. In the meantime, the government is already hard at work to develop new procedures and policy for issuing saBls. “some of the problems are well known. We cannot wait any longer. We expect to announce a new policy on saBls soon.” o’neill said despite the slow action of the commission, his government remains committed to bringing down the inal report on saBls and exposing abuses that have occurred – promising the people of PnG that the people responsible will be exposed. He said parliament has rejected the interim report and demanded that the inal report be presented in two months time. - Post-Courier/PNC

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Thursday, March 28, 2013 cook Islands News

lETTERs reta

Reset the Manihiki pearl industry dear Editor, Peter Williams’ letter of March 25 ‘a plea for Manihiki lagoon’ called for spring clean of the lagoon to help pearl farmers something does need to be done urgently and I would like to offer some perspectives for your readers to consider. atolls are flushed either by the tides or ocean swells. studies by the university of Queensland have shown that Manihiki’s lagoon sits about 30cm above the ocean and it is therefore predominately flushed by wave action. The ocean swells come from the south eastern corner, generated

by the easterly trade winds. The waves set up a pumping action in the lagoon with the overlow spill-out out in the area past Tauhunu village. Physical alterations could improve flows. Removing the inner barrier of ancient coral outcrops in south east would speed up the incoming water and possibly generate a twofold increase in the rate of lagoon lushing. Blasting or enlarging the passages is not a solution. This would only cause the lagoon to drain down and the exposed reef life would die. More drastically, the lagoon lushing would switch from a

wave to a tidal driven model. But tides would only replenish areas around the passages causing the rest of the lagoon to become stagnant. Perhaps it is unfair to even alter the natural ecology when the fault rests with our human activity. This is where the Manihiki pearl industry also comes into the picture. In 2012 the MMR mapped over 1,100 farm lines with a total of 160 kilometres length. There is an artificial wall of farm lines crisscrossing through the middle of the water column. Many lines are heavily fouled and abandoned and removing these would

help improve the current low. Compounding this situation is climate change, especially as extreme events are now becoming more frequent. This can cause the winds around Manihiki to break down, which affects the wave swells, lagoon flushing and so forth. When these conditions persist the lagoon stratiies into dead zones where oysters can die. This happened in 2000, during sweltering, windless (El nino) weather where the overheated surface waters, depleted of oxygen combined with already stressed oysters lead to a massive pearl disease. The opposite (la nina) condi-

tions occurred in 2011 with cold, windless weather causing stratiication and oxygen to become depleted in deep waters. All shellish in this zone including pearl oysters perished. despite our understanding of the situation, it is a bit frustrating for MMR to admit that it has not been able to stop the steady decline of the state of Manihiki lagoon and the demise of the industry. Exports in 2011 totalled $360,000 compared to $18 million in 2000. The declining profit margin beginning twelve years ago has sent the industry in a downward spiral. The overall

situation now calls for an urgent stimulus package and an injection of inance to reset the industry back to its best environmental practices and to preserve Manihiki’s farms. Pearl farmers need some new money; cash to replace old farm lines with new lines set at the appropriate depth and spacing, to pay labourers to maintain the farm; and for seeding technicians who will provide better returns on each farmed oyster. If this is a subsidy then so be it. Hopefully readers will have some sympathy from those who hear Peter’s shout for help. Ben Ponia secretary, Marine Resources

Running water in Nikao please dear Editor, I am writing to express my disappointment in the way the system works for water supply in Tereora, nikao. This has been a problem that we have faced for years and it seems to be getting worse. I am not sure how they are monitoring the water tanks but when the main pump is turned off, either automatically or manually we have been left with no water for a day or worse ive days! now it’s not that there is no water in the tanks, because believe me the tanks are always full and sometimes overflowing. so it confuses me as to why the pumps are turned off? It really pisses me off when our household has an early morning start for work and ind there is no water! This is not a good way to start off ones day. and to make matters worse, there are three emergency/after hours cell phone numbers in the phonebook to call and no one answers. again I am confused as to what the water works definition is for "emergency". anyways, I called the water works enquiry number, again

no answer. I inally got through on the MoIP "general inquiries" number and was told that no one can help me because everyone is helping to move furniture to the new premises. surely it will only take 10 minutes of an employee from the water works time to answer a call and then drive to the pumps and lick a switch? Really, how hard can it be? The courteous thing would be if we are informed beforehand that the water will be turned off. This way we can prepare ourselves with buckets of water for bathing, using the toilet etc. any person with common sense would know that it would be better to have the pumps turned off at a time during the night when everyone is in bed and have it back on during the hours people are getting ready for work and/or are at home. Frustrating also to have no running water during the weekend! now if no one can help me at the phone numbers given in the phone book I am hoping this letter will get a reply as to why we have to suffer because of the

employee/s of the water works division of MoIP "who cares" attitude. and if their excuse is that there is a shortage of water supply in our area, then this is a challenge to the government. Why not use some of the Paciic energy funding to go towards

a solar desalination project? We have a vast ocean that surrounds all our islands. We'll never have the problem again of running short on water... Tereora resident (name and address supplied) Ministry of Infrastructure and

Planning acting secretary Mac Mokoroa responds: I apologise for the disappointing response provided by MoIP in this case. The pumps referred to are monitored daily with staff going to the tank to turn the pump on and off each day. There is an

ongoing issue of water supply in Tereora, which the ministry is working to address. There is also a concern that some of these water supply issues may be caused by the way plumbing is set up for some homes in the area.

Raui poaching a problem dear Editor, We would like to express our sadness about the poaching that’s going on in Rarotonga lagoon. It is particularly annoying that some people regard these clams as their right to take with all the hard work that some people have put into grow these clams to that size approximately 3-4 years old. Those clams actually came from MMR’s hatchery here on

aitutaki. We have a programme that allocates clams to tour operators aitutaki and Rarotonga to beautify their snorkelling areas for our visitors to admire plus it plays a big part in the ecology of the lagoon, as a ilter feeder it removes a lot of toxins and algae that maybe present in our lagoons. on aitutaki we have a nursery where we get 10 to 20 visitors a day visiting and all the visitors

compliment these tours as the highlight of their activities. This poaching problem is also here on aitutaki, where our raui are always poached especially when there are a lot of visitors to the island. Worst times are during Christmas holidays and long weekends like Easter weekend a lot of our returning locals think that it is their privilege to pillage the raui that’s been in place all this time. Even after all

the sacriice that the resident locals have put in to preserve these raui. The cost for MMR to rear these clams from larva stage to lagoon stage is enormous, these juveniles are in the hatchery for over a year before they can be transferred to the lagoon, and for some to just to go in and take all of the hard work and cost, is almost criminal. aitutaki Marine Research Centre

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Thursday, March 28, 2013 cook Islands News

Opposition’s take on tax review as lEadER of the opposition I want to categorically say that I and the democratic Party members of parliament support the tax review. It is long overdue. our tax regime is essentially based on collecting money from every citizen earning an income on a percentage basis. We have the basic income tax set at 25 per cent in the irst instance where a person earns $10,000 to $30,000 gross. a person that earns above $30,000 will be taxed at 25 per cent and secondary income is taxed at 20 per cent. The other prominent tax imposition is of course the Value added Tax which is 12.5 per cent of the value of the goods on purchases. on top of that this government has introduced withholding tax, a tax on savings and investments by any saver. These include term deposits by for instance school organisations, church groups etcetera. But these all start on

the basis that the irst $10,000 is non-taxable. When the government, through the Minister of Finance, announced public meetings to reveal its intention to conduct a tax review I was in fact thinking that this was an opportunity to address the ‘penalty’ provisions of our tax regime. I believe this has to be the most crippling aspect of taxation because it can in fact exceed the amount of the principal amount owed and continues to increase on a monthly basis. This to me is a very draconian feature, whereas people are being penalised for failure to pay their tax. Penalty is a charge rather than a calculated owed amount. It appears to me that the taxman has been given extraordinary powers to impose a ‘ine’ regardless of legitimate excuses. In fact, if proceedings are initiated for the court to determine issues of taxation,

there is no stay of penalties. It can still roll on while the matter is being adjudicated. But I know the collector of revenue has the power to halt penalties if an arrangement is struck between the defaulter and the collector. While I sympathise with the view that everyone should pay tax, I also believe in flexibility and diversity in tax regimes. I believe this is where the tax reviewers at the moment have shot themselves in the foot and invited anger from people down the street, in particular those at the Punanga nui market. The approach is wrong and heavy handed. It looks like a fishing expedition with a bit of scaremongering. Those that earn below $10,000 are terriied that they are now going to be taxed. Well we don’t know that for sure, and I sympathise with staff at IRd who bravely fronted on television to explain and diffuse

the situation. Good luck to them but if Minister Brown intends to change tax laws thorough Parliament, the opposition will resist any changes to taxing income under that threshold. I’m also rather perplexed by the poorly explained taxation on other income. In particular, the tax on portable pension or super which some people receive from new Zealand, then they get taxed here. I have the ile of someone whose NZ pension gives him $600 a fortnight ($15,000) a year and it has been calculated by IRd that he is to pay MFEM about $1400 for 2011 and 2012. He is not a happy man. as a policy the demo’s will ensure this does not happen because we believe in encouraging people to return home and spend their money here and yet we will tax them for having such money? The government

needs to appreciate the fact that what people spend (including that amount that could be taxed) goes back into the treasury by way of VaT. The democratic Party believes in providing incentives to people to spend it, not aggravating them and wrestling the money away from them. We encourage free spirit and competition and encourage spending. you know, it is better to put more money in the pockets of Cook Islanders for them to be a happy buyer, instead of literally manhandling them to collect it. Could this be overzealousness of the part of government? or could this be desperation for cash? In conclusion the tax review should be a constructive exercise and not one that creates acrimony. a fellow demo member said to me why do you care, it’s to the government’s demise – let them dig their own grave. True,



A new opinion piece by Opposition Leader

Wilkie Rasmussen but as a gentleman I think this is a collaborative matter but they never really told us much as to how they would approach the whole review.

An ‘annual requirement’ “IT Was great to read that the two lawyers on the front of saturday’s paper, during their admission to the bar, “promised to conduct themselves honestly”,” a smoke signaller writes. “This should be an annual requirement of all lawyers in the Cooks as in my opinion some may have forgotten this bit. also interesting to see the non Cook Islander specialises in land law – of what country?”

FOLLOW THEIR LEAD a RuGBy sEVEns fan writes: “If samoa, Fiji and Tonga select their

homegrown, local-based players in their sevens teams and produce good results, I am sure Cook Islands Rugby can do the same thing.

There’s a lot of rugby sevens development programmes in the Cook Islands, but when they select the squad they choose players from new Zealand.”

ABUSIVE BEACH BUM a sMokE sIGnallER writes: “An unnamed, qualiied beach bum

was overheard calling one of our own ngatangiia players from the premier game during last weekend’s game against the avatiu Eels a “useless pig”. How sad is that for our own supporters to verbally abuse players that put their body on the line for their village. How sad!”


a solution to solve the problem youth smoking marijuana at school or on the street, please send them to samoa or Fiji – they have all the medicine.”

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Thursday, March 28, 2013 cook Islands News

New iPads for Aitutaki school

TWEnTy iPads and two projectors have been donated to a local primary school by a German tourist. The iPads will be given to Grade six pupils at araura Primary in aitutaki, as part of principal Gene Bartlett’s vision to have free access to technology in the school – a project he calls ‘digital sands’. Tourist anoop nahar, owner of Germany-based consulting and IT service company Comebis, was a guest at Paciic Resort

aitutaki early this year and was made aware of araura Primary’s digital aspirations through the general manager at the time, Julian Moore. nahar donated 20 iPads and 2 projectors to the school, essentially enabling the entire Grade six class to learn digitally. Bartlett said the new technology will also be used across the school to teach English and numeracy, among other subjects. “[iPads] are quite diverse in their usage, they can be used for

remedial purposes and extension work as well,” he says. When he accepted his job as principal in 2011, Bartlett brought with him an idea to create an environment where pupils had free access to technology to combat the isolation of their island. Having previously taught at schools in new Zealand where technology was prevalent and freely available, Bartlett was determined to bring the same opportunity to the pupils of his

new school. “I suppose I wanted to give an example to the people of the Cook Islands that isolation doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be pushing for the same level of education [as in other countries]. There should be no barriers to education,” says Bartlett “some people think isolation is a bad thing. It’s not – if you’ve got [internet access], you’ve got the world at your ingertips.” Though Bartlett brought some PCs with him when he arrived on the island, the digital sands

project remained largely an idea for the next few years until nahar donated the new technology. The iPads and projectors were sourced by local business Summerield Systems, who also made a donation of their own to the primary school – a samsung digital camera, sd memory card and VGa adapter. “We love playing a part in improving the technical resources of our schools on Rarotonga and the outer islands. We look forward to continuing to provide our support in the future,”

said managing director Graeme Whitield. The project was also helped along by air Rarotonga, who allowed Bartlett and two pupils from the school to travel free of charge to Rarotonga to pick up the donated goods. Bartlett said the project is about giving the pupils of ararua Primary access to technology as a learning tool. “If you knew these kids, you’d do anything for these kids. I’d do anything for these kids.” - Briar Douglas

Netbooks for Tongareva THE Island of Penrhyn greeted the Minister of Education, Teina Bishop, secretary of Education, sharyn Paio and Education staff when they arrived in Penrhyn on Monday morning. The main purpose of the visit was to deliver netbooks to the teachers of omoka and Tetautua schools, as part of The new Zealand aid Programme‘netbooks for Teachers’, co-ordinated by the ministry. at a ceremony conducted by the Penrhyn Island administration, the net-

books were handed over to the delighted teachers. a student representative also received the irst of ive Chinese funded netbooks for Tetautua school and 10 netbooks for omoka school during the ceremony. These netbooks are for student use and are expected to arrive in Penrhyn soon. after the ceremony ministry staff got on with the task of setting up a wireless network for both schools, to allow teacher and student access to the in-

ternet, as well as working with teachers on the use of the new netbooks. a professional development plan focusing on technology will be put in place for both schools to allow staff to continue developing their skills within their learning and teaching programmes after the ministry delegation has left. The delegation has spent the past week visiting northern group islands to hand out the new netbooks. - MOE

Araura Primary principal Gene Bartlett and two pupils, with some of their new iPads. 13032741

TAURANGA VANANGA The Ministry of Cultural Development

TE MIRE URA 2013 NATIONAL DANCER OF THE YEAR COMPETITION Omoka staf and students pose with the new netbooks. 13032621

Govt gives Samoa $10K TE MANA O TE URA E TE PEU KUKI AIRANI The Ministry of Cultural Development and the 2013 National Dancer of the Year Sponsors: Air New Zealand, Air Rarotonga, The Computer Man, The Motor Centre, Staircase Restaurant, Island Craft Ltd, Edgewater Resort, Top Shape Hair Salon, Top Shape Gym, Raroshack Ltd, Heritage Holdings, The Joseph Family and the Taina White Family Trophies, Cook Islands Steel Ltd are pleased to announce the Dancer of the Year Competition for the following Sections, Dates, Venues . Thursday April 18th - Staircase Restaurant and Bar •฀The฀Golden฀Oldies,฀Expatriates฀and฀Visitors฀Sections฀฀-฀฀Entry฀forms฀Closes฀฀Monday฀฀April฀15th฀ Thursday April 25th – National Auditorium •The฀฀JUNIOR฀฀AND฀THE฀฀INTERMEDIATE฀SECTIONS฀FINALS฀-฀฀Entry฀Forms฀Closes฀฀Thursday฀April฀4th฀@฀ 4pm Thursday May 2nd - National Auditorium •฀The฀SENIOR/OPEN฀FINALS฀WITH฀OUR฀OUTER฀ISLANDS฀DANCERS฀–฀Entry฀Forms฀Closes฀Thursday฀April฀฀ 4th฀@฀4pm You฀can฀obtain฀your฀entry฀form฀and฀the฀Information฀Package฀from฀the฀National฀Auditorium฀on฀phone฀20175฀or฀฀ We฀can฀email฀it฀to฀you฀by฀enquiring฀to฀email:฀฀฀(฀Robert฀Ioaba฀or฀Joseph฀Rae) Meitaki฀Maata Ministry฀of฀Cultural฀Development฀Events

THE GoVERnMEnT presented their promised donation of $10,000 to the samoan community to help the victims of Cyclone Evan. yesterday morning deputy Prime Minister handed over the cheque on behalf of the government, which was gratefully accepted by samoan community leader Mousie skews.

There are no conditions on what the money must go towards and the samoan community here will distribute the funds as they see it. The government donation was pledged in december and was added to around $8000 raised by the community through a radiothon. Cyclone Evan affected samoa

around december 12 to 15 last year and caused $161 million worth of damage. Fourteen people lost their lives. The category four tropical cyclone, with wind speeds up to 230 km/h, is considered to be the worst to hit samoa since Cyclone Val in 1991. - Calida Smylie

Samoan community vice president Ipu Tutangata, radio announcer Nga Teao-Papatua, community president Mousie Skews, Marjorie Crocombe and Tamaraii Tutangata at the radiothon in December. The Samoan community accepted a government donation yesterday. 12123018


Thursday, March 28, 2013 cook Islands News

Reggae act plays at Rehab tonight InTERnaTIonal reggae artist Spawnbreezie is performing in Rarotonga for the irst time tonight. The singer, real name anapogi Fau, is performing at Rehab nightclub & Bar. doors open at 8 pm and supporting acts – including recently returned local singer kahiki – starts at 9 pm. Born in salt lake City, utah, Fau is of samoan ethnicity but grew up in Missouri, where he is still based. Fau grew up listening to his father rehearsing in the garage and at performances. He learned to play drums at four years old and piano at ive – and music has been part of his life ever since. Fau dropped out of school at 17 to become a full time musician – he also plays guitar and bass. He began with family band ‘Le Atalua Breeze Band’ and took on the stage name, spawn. He left three years later and took the word Breeze from his former band to create his current stage name.

Fau has recorded three albums, Independent soldiers, Welcome to Zion and dear Billy. The 25-year-old’s trademark sound, which incorporates island reggae, hip-hop and roots reggae, resonates with the Rarotonga audience. Radio station 88FM has been playing his songs in the lead-up to the gig. The artist has toured extensively throughout new Zealand, australia and Samoa in the past – he inished up a reportedly successful nZ tour yesterday and arrives in Rarotonga this afternoon. Spawnbreezie’s first scheduled Rarotonga gig was postponed late last year after travel arrangements fell through. local fans are snapping up the tickets in anticipation of a good gig tonight – Rehab owner scott arlander says around 200 tickets have already sold. Tickets are still available from Rehab and 88FM at $30 each and door sales will also be available. - Calida Smylie

Reggae artist Spawnbreezie is playing for the irst time in Rarotonga at Rehab tonight. 13032717

Better connections for visitors VIsIToRs to the Cooks can now

connect better to home as a prepaid card is now available preloaded with text, calling and data credit. Telecom Cook Islands has created a sI M card package for tourists visiting the Cook Islands. The Telecom Traveller is a prepaid sIM card preloaded with text, calling and data credit. The company says there

is no contract, no minimum spend and no hidden charges. The package includes a local mobile number and sIM card to place in the traveller’s own mobile and can be used around the Cook Islands. Telecom developed the card as tourism visitor numbers at the end of last year showed a 12 per cent increase over 2011, with the largest markets be-

ing new Zealand and australia. This indicates a need for specific telecommunication services to a growing market and an alternative to global roaming. Tourism Corporation online marketing manager Christian Mani said the product matches the needs of visitors while on holiday to keep in touch with family and friends – or boast

about their holiday through major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The card costs $49 and lasts 30 days. It is preloaded with 20 minutes of calling, including international calls to any destination, 100 text messages, including international texts and 100MB of data. - Release

W 1950mm





ater tanks are a valuable asset to a home owner but you should make sure the water tank you are buying is Internationally certified and conforms to the relevant standards. CITC Building Centre has done considerable research on water tanks and has formed a strong relationship with Galloway International, the manufacturer of AquaTanks. Galloway International is internationally recognised as one of the world leaders in concept and design of water tanks. The AquaTanks brand has earned the reputation of high quality polyethylene water storage tanks and is New Zealand’s number one selling water tank. Every AquaTank water tank is manufactured to the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4766:2006 and produced from top quality virgin grade material. AquaTanks are moulded in one piece and are designed to ensure that unnecessary stresses are adequately contained within the unique ribbed side walls of the tank. The ribs cause the weight of the water to be directed to the bottom of the tank resting on the ground and 1100 litre away from the sides. Additional strength is provided to the tank through the combination of moulded 2000 litre and ribbed construction. The design of the tank its fittings and accessories take into account long term durability in the Cook Islands’ environment. AquaTanks weigh approx 20% more 3000 litre than competitors tanks. 6000 litre The product used to make AquaTanks is an extremely tough and durable lightweight thermoplastic material. The colour and ultra-violet stabilizers CITC Building Centre now has AquaTank 1100 litre, combine to give long term resistance and stability to harsh sun. No 2000 litre, 3000 litre and 6000 litre tanks in stock. chemical reactions take place in the manufacturing process These tanks have a 15 year’ manufacturer’s warranty. and subsequently there is no tainting of water and polyethylene. The light green colour (mist green) check points when purchasing a water tank: also contributes to the longevity as the 1. Tank certification and conforms to AS/NZS 4766:2006 standards. lighter the colour the more ultra2. Warranty and conditions. violet resistant the product 3. Colour light mist green for added ultra-violet resistance. becomes. 4. Ribbed side walls for extra strength. 5. Tank weight (resin quality and quantity).

$750 $850 $1,100 $1,450

Come and talk to the friendly staff at CITC Building Centre about the $1500 government subsidy package now available.


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24 MARCH – This year marks the

second year of the two-year Stop TB in my lifetime World TB Day campaign. All around the world campaigners, advocates and goodwill ambassadors join together on this day to commemorate advocate on behalf of a disease that is affected around the world. At a time when we are all calling for zero tuberculosis (Maki Maro) deaths, we need to make a stronger statement that having people dying from TB is an outrage. We all have personal hopes and dreams about a world free of TB. Many feel it is not right that this terrible scourge (menace) has not gotten enough visibility and has not been taken on as a cause by champions whose voices have broad reach and who can easily make themselves heard. The World TB Day campaign, endeavours to remind our people to THINK TB, we must be kept alerted to the fact that TB still exists and is still devastating populations all around the world. We can all be effective TB champions - we can advocate at every single opportunity, we can sing, shout, speak, write, record, support, share and act about TB. We can donate for TB! Every single voice or action matters! Your action counts – educate yourselves about tuberculosis and tell another about it. The call on this day is to prevent more deaths from TB, improve access to TB diagnosis, treatment and care for all people who need it or advance the development of new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines. For more information about TB please contact Public Health on 29110


inter is apparently approaching us but you wouldn’t know it! It is still steamy hot whether you are at work or out getting hot and sweaty exercising. This warm, humid weather in the Cook Islands offers the optimal conditions for fungal growth. Skin-related fungal infections occur mainly in warm, moist areas, for example under skin-folds, between the breasts, around the groin, in the vagina and between the toes. Initially the skin can look red and rash-like, but can also be scaly, cracked and peeling, and become inflamed and very itchy. The affected area can become uncomfortable especially when it’s hot. If the skin splits a bacterial infection can also occur. Athlete’s foot is easy to catch from walking around public changing rooms and other areas where there are puddles of water through which many people walk in bare feet. The fungi can live in the puddles - thriving in the warm and moist conditions, on surfaces that infected people have touched and shed their skin. If you have itchiness and flaky skin between your toes or notice a red scaly spot on your skin, you are likely to have a fungal infection. You need to talk to your doctor or pharmacist who can advise about the best care and treatment options. To prevent getting fungal infections in the future, or passing them


on to others: •฀Keep฀the฀areas฀of฀skin฀prone฀to฀infection฀dry.฀฀This฀is฀important฀ especially after sweaty sports and showering. Wash sweaty areas and towel-dry well. •฀Avoid฀wearing฀tight฀or฀synthetic฀clothing฀for฀long฀periods฀of฀time฀as฀ it can lead to moisture build-up on the skin and does not allow air to circulate. •฀Wear฀jandals฀in฀public฀showers฀and฀changing฀rooms. •฀Don’t฀share฀clothing,฀shoes฀and฀towels. •฀Let฀sweaty฀shoes฀dry฀out฀thoroughly฀before฀re-wearing฀them.฀ •฀Change฀socks฀and฀underclothes฀daily.฀ •฀Inspect฀your฀pets฀for฀fungal฀infections฀and฀treat฀them฀if฀necessary.฀ If you do end-up with a fungal infection it can be easily treated with an antifungal cream, powder, lotion or spray. Treatment needs to be used for at least two weeks to clear the infection, and for a further week or two after that even if you cannot see it anymore, to prevent it returning. Only in severe cases are tablets required, you will need to see a doctor to have these prescribed.

PharMacy We care —goInggrEEnIn20ThIrTEEn

PharMacy “Westockthebrandsyouknowandgiveyouadviceyoucantrust” Pre order your fLu VaccInE $30 each do noT MIss ouT! discounts for order of 20 or more Email

SMACK THAT! Solveasy Antifungal Cream 30g

Buy a Smackers Body Wash get a Lip Smackers Lip Balm Free saVE

saVE $5 Once daily treatment for fungal conditions Usually $19.90




PharMacy— rEsuLTs. no ExcusEs. The ONLY retail pharmacy on Rarotonga with a fully qualified and NZ registered pharmacist.


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churchTalk te akonoanGa

The great comeback “He is not here: for he is risen…kare aia I konei, kua tu akaou ra” Bible text: Matthew 28; 5 – 6 “and the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was cruciied. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the lord lay”. I am just touched and moved by this simple message that this 14 year old young man dylan Ma’afu preached in Church just this last Tuesday evening which I just feel compelled and prompted to share it out to all as our Churchtalk for this Good Friday and Easter Weekend. Enjoy his message and be drawn more to the one whom dylan refers to as the Greatest Ever Comeback on earth. My theme refers to victory or success. The word ‘comeback’ is deined as being at the bottom or in a stage of crisis and turmoil, and then rising back up to the top. an excellent way to put the word ‘comeback’ is through the phrase, “We fall down... but we get up”. an example of a ‘great comeback’ is the final of the Hong kong sevens a couple of days ago between Fiji and Wales. at the end of the 1st half, Wales was leading 19 points to nil and it looked like they had the game in the bag. However Fiji came out and played extremely well in the second half and while holding Wales try-less, scored tries of their own to win the game 26 to 19 becom-

ing Hong kong 7s champions as king and fulfilling indeed 2 years in a row. What a great “The great comeback”. The death and resurrection comeback! Here though, I am talking of our lord Jesus Christ is reabout the greatest comeback membered by us today and as yet in history; a comeback that we near that time, we must be is more amazing and awesome thankful and praise our lord than any other; this is a great Jesus Christ for his great power comeback from death itself. and authority over our lives. our scripture speaks of our The power of our lord Jesus lord and saviour Jesus Christ Christ is seen in us time and who came to save us from our time again by our own comesins; was beaten, whipped and backs in life. Miraculous healnailed to the cross suffering ing of the sick especially of those who have been pain and death. But I am talking written off with terafter three days he about the minal illnesses and/ rose from the tomb or even after going for and death. This is the greatest ‘great comeback’ re- comeback yet treatment overseas; yet by the power of ferred to in my theme. in history; this great God are able People of God, Jesus a comeback to live fully functionis a powerful God. no that is more al lives in His praise. other person or beamazing and as he has said in his ing in the history of awesome word in John 11:25; mankind was able to than any “I am the resurrecdo what he did. afother; this tion and the life; he ter Jesus died on the is a great that believeth in me, cross, the devil, not comeback though he were dead, knowing the divine yet shall he live.” purpose, probably felt from death and 1Corinthians happy and victorious itself. 15:55, 57; “oh death, but little did he know the countdown had begun. where is thy sting? o grave, day one; the night watch and where is thy victory? But mourning, day two; the feeling thanks be to God, which giveth of loss and sorrow, day three; us the victory through our lord imagine what His disciples Jesus Christ.” We serve a God who can move were now thinking, but then Jesus rose again making His mountains! We need to give comeback causing the devil’s him our all and do everything count stopped right then and for his glory! If he can part the red sea, stop the sun, destroy a there. after Jesus rose from the city, heal the sick and blind and dead, he instructed his disci- even raise people from the dead ples on what they should do but most of all overcome death when he left and then went itself, he can surely deal with up into the heavens to reign any of our petty problems and


trivial pursuits in life. 1John 4:4 says, “ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world”. so I am sure our Great and Mighty God can help us make a comeback from whatever situation and circumstance we find ourselves in. For if the sparrow’s fall meets His tender view, for sure our trials and challenges weigh on His heart; if he was moved with compassion by the crowd’s lack of a shepherd. I am certain the weary and lost soul has His undivided attention; He loved us so much He came down himself and staged this great comeback for the salvation of mankind, i.e. you and me! With this in place, what else are we to do but to take Him at His word as acts 2:38 says “Repent and be baptised everyone of you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost”. Then you can have your own great comeback as you get saved in Jesus and stay saved in Him but you must ensure you do not leave this earth without Jesus!! Have a blessed Jesus Easter Weekend. Endorsed by Bishop Tutai Pere on behalf of dylan Ma’afu apostolic Church of the Cook Islands


EaStER at

celebration on THE rock Sunday 31 March 10:30am DANCE • DRAMA • KIDS ITEMS

EVEryBody WELcoME across ThE road froM ThE aIrPorT, nIkao

Assemblies of God Churches Avarua฀Assembly฀of฀God฀Church.฀(Takuvaine Valley Road) Sunday฀Service฀Programme฀for฀this฀week

Pastoral฀team฀-฀Poko฀Matapo,฀Mann฀Tuarae. ฀Phone฀24668฀for฀enquiries.฀฀Main฀service฀at฀10.30am฀every฀Sunday.

Titikaveka฀Lighthouse฀Community฀Church. On฀back฀road฀behind฀CICC฀Church.฀Main฀Service฀at฀10.30am฀every฀ Sunday. Pastor฀Tevai฀Matapo.

Ngatangiia฀Assembly฀of฀God฀Church. Main฀service฀at฀10.30am฀every฀Sunday. Pastoral฀team:฀Tina฀Kauvai. Pastor฀Metuatini฀Tangaroa.฀Contact฀27668

Arorangi฀Assembly฀of฀God฀Church. Service฀at฀9.00am฀every฀Sunday. Pastor฀Beres฀Rasmussen.฀฀Phone฀58223.

apostolic church Weekly Programme sunday to friday rarotonga apostolic church Pastor Tutai Pere - 23778/55177 dial-a-Prayer 26777 church services on sundays at 10am and 7pm radio and Television M inistr y at 11am and 4.30pm. Mid-week ser vices on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm. 13032715

aitutaki apostolic church - Pastor noo Mataiti - 31269. atiu apostolic church - Pastor nikau Tangaroa - 33778. Mangaia apostolic church Pastor ngametua Papatua - 34065. WE PrEach god In JEsus and JEsus In god

Challenge 2013 WaSTe nO JeSUS OPPORTUnITY eIaa, aURaKa e KaIMOUMOU I Te aU TIKaanga TaU KIa IeSU Malachi/Malaki 1:10

all services cater for both Maori and English speaking brethren. contact: Pastor Pere on email:

JEsus Is TruE god


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classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303




PUBLIC NOTICeS hAPPY EASTER! from members of the New Hope Church who celebrate an empty grave, a risen Saviour, and his promise to us of life after life.

The Oice of the Prime Minister wishes to advise the public that Friday 29 March 2013 & Monday 1 April 2013 will be observed as a public holiday in respect of Good Friday and Easter Monday, as stipulated under the Public Holidays Act 1999. Happy Easter! 69819 /31095 /1842

70279 / /2009

Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.



YWAM Cook Islands AGM, Sunday 31 March, 7pm at YWAM base, Vaimaanga. More details 20193.

COOK ISLANDS GAME FIShING CLUB CAFE SALSA - EASTER COMPETITION A two day ishing competition, generously sponsored by Cafe Salsa will be held on Saturday 30 March and Monday 1 April from 0300 with inal weigh in at 1700 hours on each day. The competition is open to inancial club members. A boat registration fee of $20 must be paid at the bar before 2330 on Thursday 28 March. Prize giving will be held on Monday at 1800 prize winners must be present. A band will play on both Saturday and Monday with a sausage sizzle on sale from 1700 on Monday. Prizes will be awarded for the heaviest ish in each category - tuna, mahimahi, wahoo, marlin etc, along with an aggregate weight section. The minimum weight any ish for the heaviest ish section is 10kg and for the aggregate weight section 3.5kg.

70244 / /1931


70223 / /1733

The public is hereby advised the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning has relocated and fully operating from the old Energy’s oice, next to the roadworks, efective today Thursday 28 March 2013. Contact details remains the same and we do apologise for any inconveniences. Mac Mokoroa Acting Secretary.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

Bunch of keys with a Red Pouch, Green Tag, Letter Box key attached. Between Rakahanga Hostel to BCI bank. If found PLEASE contact 56166. 70233 /31060 /1931

Classiieds • Phone 22999



70179 / /1956


Caravan for sale, at is, can be used for a sleep out or turn it into a business. $5500ono contact 58992 70266 / /1619

Black and orange sub woofer for sale. Phone 51879. 70219 /31054 /1931

To the general public Re: closure of driver’s license oice during Easter period Please be advised that the drivers license oice will close on good Friday 29 March and on Easter Monday 1 April. Drivers license oice will open on Saturday 30 March. Oice will resume normal hours as of Tuesday 2 April 2013 Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Ministry of Police.

Eye Program The Ministry of Health would like to advise the next eye Screening program by Visiting Specialists from new Zealand will be held - April 2nd to 24th 2013 at rarotonga Hospital and the following outer islands: • rarotonga April 2 – 24 • Aitutaki April 4 – 5 • Atiu April 8 – 10 • Mangaia April 10 – 12 • Mauke April 12 – 15 • Mitiaro April 15 – 17 Therefore, if you are experiencing or have any of the following eye diseases or symptoms to please phone 22664 for appointment from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. • Poor or partial loss of • Dry eye vision • Squint • Blurry vision • Frequent changes in • Double vision eyeglass strength • Severe eye pain • Proper prescription for • Light or colour sensitive eyeglasses • Diabetes mellitus For any further enquiries relating to the programme, please contact Dr Teariki Faireka and registered nurse Hiawhata Kapuvai on telephone 22664 Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm. Meitaki maata TUATUA AKAKiTe no Te KAToAToA rAVA. TeiA Te poroKArAMU no Te AKArAKArA AngA i Te MATA, i roTo iA AperirA rA rUA e TAe UATU KiTe rA rUA ngAUrU MA A. Te anoano nei te Marae ora o te tua rapakau Maki, i te akakite atu kite iti Tangata e, ka tae mai te au taote no te rapakau mata no nu Tireni mai i roto ia Aperira. Teia te Akanooanga. Ka akamata teia porokaramu no te akarakara e te rapakau anga ite maki mata i roto ite ra rua, e tae uatu kite ra rua ngauru ma a o Aperira 2013, ki te Are Maki i rarotonga nei, e pera katoa ki te au pa enua. Teia te au akateretere anga. • Rarotonga Ra, 2 – 24 o Aperira • Aitutaki Ra, 4 – 5 o Aperira • Atiu Ra, 8 – 10 o Aperira • Mangaia Ra, 10 – 12 o Aperira • Mauke Ra, 12 – 15 o Aperira • Mitiaro Ra 15 – 17 o Aperira. Te pati iatu nei, me, te kite nei koe i tetai tu paruparu ete kinokino i toou mata, e taniuniu mai ite tereponi 22664 mei te Monite mai ki te Varaire, ora varu i te popongi ki te ora a i te aiai, kia tapao ia tetai taime tau noou ki te Taote. Teia tetai au akamarama anga. Me te kite nei koe i tetai o teia au akairo i runga i toou mata. • Kare e marama roa ana te mata, me kore te poiri atura. • Aveave te mata kare e marama meitaki ana. • Me akara koe I toou tokorua, kua takirua te tanagta ( double vision ) • Mamae kino te mata • Kinokino te mata me marama ia e te mori, me kore ra me marama ia e te ra. • Toto vene toou • Maro ka, me kore, kare e vai mata e tae akaou ana. • Uriuri ua te mata • Maata roa taau taui anga i toou titia mata no te mea kare e tano ana kia koe te vaito, me kore te ririnui o te titia. Me, e, uianga taau no teia porokaramu, e taniuniu atu koe i te taote ia Teariki Faireka e te neti ia Hiawhata Kapuvai i runga i te tereponi 22664, mei te Monite mai ki te Varaire, ora iva i te popongi ki te ora toru i te aiai. Meitaki Maata. 69854

On behalf of the Aitutaki Island Council and the Ministry of Marine Resources, we would like to inform the General public travelling from Aitutaki that under the Aitutaki By-Law 1990, you cannot take out of Aitutaki the following species: 1.Paua (Tridacna gigas) 2.Kai 3.Ariri (Trochus) And under the Aitutaki Manuae Boneish Regulation 2010, you cannot take out more than 10 boneish (Kiokio) per family out of Aitutaki. Aitutaki has four RAUIs in place: 1.Ootu 2.One foot 3.Long Reef 4.Maina Lagoon Reserve Please note that all visitors are not to ish in these areas, if you are not sure where these RAUIs (reserves) are, please contact the Mayor, any of the Aitutaki Council Members or the Oice of the Marine Resources in Aitutaki. Violating any of the above can lead to a $200 on the spot ine.

CHURCH NOTICeS hE IS RISEN! ‘’In three days,’’ Jesus says, ‘’I will raise this body.’’ And he did! A message by Brian Chitty at the New Hope Church on Easter Sunday, 10.30am. All Welcome.

Day care Infants-School kid’s 1/2 day $10, full day $20 located not far from Avatea school. Phone 77461.


Toyota Duets for sale @ $9990. Excellent Condition. View at Pickering Motors Ltd. More details call Phil on phone 22833.

Action Man Mowing Services All jobs big or small, free quote. Give Clint a call on 52074.

Nissan ‘Presage’ 6 passenger van, low kms, excellent condition. Call Tom/Mary phone 27030 mornings.

69894 / /2561

70112 / /2040

Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage Phone 22188 or 26189. Email

Kia Rio ex-rental, as is for $3000 ono. If interested please call Popo on 20261. 70221 /31055 /1720


69896 /28083 /1744

Kids Tennis Coaching 4 week programme, Saturday 30 March. Ages 4 - 7 years. 9am to 10am. For enquiries phone 75614 or 22033. 70274 /31092 /2506

FOR ReNT 2 bedroom, Matavera, large decks, sea views, $225 per week, includes power. Phone 22271/72901. 70245 /31068 /2429


Phone 23787, 78103 Or 51188 70229 / /2463

FOR SALe 1x large male pig, 1x large female pig. Ring mob 51538. Large Male Pig. Good for umukai. Phone 50738 or Txt. 70212 /30603 /1931

110cc Daelim motorbike, runs well, $350 ono as is. Brand new Logitech stereo speakers & sub woofer, $100. Phone 76623. 70272 /31086 /1931

Tiare Taina. Dora 77681. 70226 /31057 /1931

70222 / /1733

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 55606

70268 /31109 /2058


70269 /31119 /1936

70281 / /1971

hitachi 230mm angle grinder c/w diamond blade $395. Trader Don 22919.

70177 / /1648

70242 / /1828

70204 /31052 /1931

MiniSTry oF HeAlTH


DVDs delivered, sell, rent, buy or swap. Huge selections available. Call or txt 58487. 70194 /31049 /1931


OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR We are looking for a mature person with great organisation skills and leadership qualities to manage our team of car detailers, supervise the movement of our leet between depots, retain service records for the leet and ensure that vehicles are well maintained at all times. You must be available to work in the weekends, have a clean current driver’s license for both a motorbike and a car. Customer care is an integral part of our business and especially in upholding the Avis international standards. We are looking for a team leader with excellent communication skills and a can do attitude. Please call Winton on Ph 55006 or Michelle on Ph 55175 to register your interest. 70143 / /1648

Mike Rennie Builders & concrete Systems Ltd requires labourers & carpenters for immediate start. Please phone 21375 for interview. 70141 / /2371

Sunhaven Beach Bungalows requires sales orientated person for reservations and general front oice position. You need to be computer savvy with customer service experience plus basic book keeping knowledge. Must be reliable, friendly, well presented with a positive can do attitude. Local person preferred but will consider other suitable applicants. Send CV to 70180 / /1982

Aro’a Beachside Inn NOW FOR SALE 12 units on the Best Beach, plus restaurant and Bar. Sold as a going concern. For more information .....................................................................

pH or TXT Carey 55678

Live-in Nanny/housekeeper this is split shift (6-9 am and 2-7 pm) Must speak Spanish. Phone 54544. 70058 / /2096

Wanting experienced lorists. Please Phone 20205 for more information. Thank you very much. 69994 /30924 /1773


Thursday, March 28, 2013 cook Islands News


Director of Labour and Employment Relations The Ministry of Internal Afairs is seeking a highly motivated and qualiied person to lead the Labour and Employment Relations Division. This is an extremely challenging and rewarding role in a dynamic environment that has a diverse range of responsibilities including: - The management of staf - The successful administration and implementation of the new Employment Relations Act 2012 - Managing the regulation of Dangerous Goods - The administration of the Workers Compensation Scheme - The administration of the Employers Liability Insurance To be successful the applicant must have a tertiary degree in either: Employment Relations, Economics, Public Policy or Law and 5 years professional experience. Expected Salary is $40,000. If you are interested in leading a team of capable professionals in this exciting and fast changing area, a full job description and information pack is available upon request. Please contact Eva Mapu, phone 29370 or email Applications must be addressed to the Secretary of the Ministry. The deadline for applications is Monday 8 April 2012 at 3pm. 70191 /31089 /2039

We are looking for a Full time Sales Assistant to join the Team at The T-Shirt Factory for an immediate start. If interested, phone Ty on 20513. 70192 / /1702

Apii Te Uki Ou invites applications from experienced teachers with relevant qualiications for a Classroom Teacher position. Applications close Friday 12 April.Please email CV & references to


Storeman/General hands Looking for honest, reliable, can do attitude, team players. Work is varied. A Current Drivers/Forklift License would be an advantage. An application form is available from our oice at Avatiu Harbour. 69989 /31061 /1723

Babysitting service opening soon. Seeking a full time nanny. Monday - Friday & 1/2 day Saturday. Phone 55593.

SITUATIONS vACANT Concrete Systems Ltd is looking to employ a Concrete Batching Manager. Previous experience preferred. Must have current heavy duty vehicle license. Experience with heavy plant and equipment an advantage. Phone 21375 for an interview. 69990 / /2371

WANTeD TO ReNT Looking long-term afordable place to rent or lat, for returning local. Clean and reliable, please email 70120 /31026 /1931

70144 /31035 /1931


New netball administrator Inano MCMuRCHy (pictured)

is the new netball Cook Islands administration officer and she is ready to offer her service in strengthening the code and the programmes it delivers for the continuous growth of netball in the country. With extensive experience in administration, McMurchy, who is part of the sporting kamana family, will mainly deal with the netball Cook Islands board and report progress of netball locally to the Paciic Netball Partnership. This will include regular updates on programmes and initiatives by netball development officers


luciana Matenga and Tupe Tumutoa. McMurchy is also keen to offer support and help with the further development of netball in the outer islands and at the school

age level. Meanwhile for all your netball enquiries you can contact the netball ofice on 22840 where McMurchy can point you in the right direction. - MW

League round two starts ive years

THREE rugby league games will


SOUThPAC TRUST LIMITED Accountant Southpac Trust limited is looking to employ an accountant with CA or ACA (or equivalent) qualiications. They should have had at least three years experience in auditing, chartered accountancy or management accounting. The role will be as Accountant to Southpac and will include management accounting, working on accounting & systems projects and client accounting. it is a varied and interesting role. To apply for this position please email your CV to Applications close 30 March 2013.

be played out today – the first week of games in the second round of the 2013 rugby league season. The Takuvaine Warriors and arorangi Bears premier grade had their clash yesterday at avatiu ield and the premier grade clash today will be between the Tupapa Panthers and avatiu Eels at Victoria Park. This game will kick off at 5pm and will be an interesting match as the confident Eels team will want to continue their winning ways and strengthen their combinations while the Panthers will want to forget about their heavy 44-10 defeat last week at the claws of the Bears. The wounded Panthers will no doubt be dangerous and if they come up against a cocky Eels side – sparks are sure to ly.

also playing today will be the Bulldogs taking on their under 16 and reserve grade Eels counterparts at 4pm and 5pm respectively at the Titikaveka ield. Victoria and nukupure Park will host games on saturday with the match not to be missed being that between the ngatangiia sea Eagles and Titikaveka Bulldogs. - Matariki Wilson

This weeks’ draw: Thursday 28 at Titikaveka ield – 4.00pm-under 16 Bulldogs vs Eels, Ref-B.Bishop assisted by k.kopu/J.Murray, 5.00pmReserves Bulldogs vs Eels, RefP.Mitchell assisted by k.kopu/ J.Murray. Thursday 28 at Victoria Park – 5.00pm-Premiers Panthers vs Eels, Ref-M.une assisted by T.Manea/S.Teiotu , (Sub OficialP.ngaroi). Saturday 30 at Victoria Park –

12.00pm-under 12 Panthers vs Bulldogs, Ref-club officials, 1.00pm-under 14 Panthers vs Eels, Ref-P.ngaroi assisted by Club officials, 2.00pm-under 16 Panthers vs sea Eagles, RefB.Bishop assisted by a.Emile/P. ngaroi, 3.00pm-under 19 Panthers vs Bears, Ref-a.Emile assisted by B.Bishop/P.ngaroi Saturday 30 at Nukupure Park – 12.00pm-under 12 sea Eagles vs Bears, Ref-s.sheppard assisted by Club Oficials, 1.00pm-under 14 sea Eagles vs Bears, Ref-k. Kopu assisted by Club Oficials, 2.00pm-under 19 Bulldogs vs Eels, Ref-T.Tuakana assisted by k.kopu/s.Teiotu, 3.30pm-Reserves sea Eagles vs Bears, Refs.Willis assisted by J.Whitta/s. Teiotu, 5.00pm-Premiers sea Eagles Bulldogs, Ref-T.Manea assisted by T.Tuakana/s.Willis, (Sub Oficial-J.Whitta).



70216 / /1952

Manager Perfumes of Rarotonga Cook’s Corner Seeking a Manager for Perfumes of Rarotonga retail store in Cook’s Corner. The successful candidate should have strong retail background and customer service skills. This position involves all aspects of running a successful retail outlet, including merchandising and stock control. Full time position with attractive compensation package. Please email your CV at tats@ or call 74923 for an interview. Please do not apply by text message. 70232 / /2274

honest, reliable and hard worker required for general work. Current driver’s license essential. Work varied. Contact 75137 after 5pm for more information. 70070 /30004 /1931

summerield systems Ltd Are looking to hire a Senior Systems Engineer with minimum 7 years experience. Microsoft, Tertiary and ITIL Certiication required. Please email CV to Applications close 5pm on 15 April 2013. 70267 / /2041

oFFiCe oF THe priMe MiniSTer: pA enUA goVernAnCe UniT

Executive Oicers – Island Governments

The Pa Enua Governance Unit of the Oice of the prime Minister invites applications for the positions of Executive Oicers (Administrative Head) for the Island government of the following islands. Aitutaki Manihiki Mangaia rakahanga Atiu penrhyn Mauke pukapuka/nassau Mitiaro palmerston A hard copy of the job description can be uplifted from the Oice of the Prime Minister, Teatukura, Avarua, or an electronic copy of the Job description and Application Form can be emailed to you upon request to or to otherwise, you can download the Job description and Application Form from Those interested please apply in writing by 1pm, Monday 22 April 2013 to; The Chief of Staf Oice of the Prime Minister private Mail Bag Avarua CooK iSlAndS. re: position name and island For enquiries contact Otheniel Tangianau on 25398 or John Tangi on 25498 or emails above.

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thu mar 28

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International Flights

FLIGhT FROM ARRIVES ThuRSDAy march 28 NZ748/749 AKL 12.30AM NZ46/45 AKL 4.15PM GZ035/034 PPT 2.50PM FRIDAy march 29 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM NZ46/45 AKL 1.55PM




1.30AM 5.30PM 3.50PM


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Flight Times | Voyage details RARO TO ARR ThuRSDAy march 28 0800 AITUTAKI 0850













1530 1800 1100


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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Wednesday’s puzzle

Answer to Wednesday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga Situation: An easterly wind low prevails over Southern Cooks Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Fine apart from brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Fine. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Fine

By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


28 FRI


Rarotonga Thursday, March 28, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Thursday

Tides Thu high 10.20AM 1.00M 10.54PM 0.97M




high 11.02AM 1.03M 11.37PM 0.98M


0.9M e

0.5M S

4.15AM 0.30M 4.46PM 0.24M


Low 4.57AM 0.26M 5.30PM 0.21M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

NE 10kts new Moon APR 10 9.36 PM

First Quarter APR 18 12.32PM

Full Moon MAR 27 9.28AM

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter APR 3 4.37AM


araPo - rakau tai thu 28 Tanu (Planting)

0.5M S

TauTai (Fishing)

Tanu i te kai katoa. Good Po ika kore. Maata roa time for all planting. te turama. not good ishing nights. Too much light.

humidity Thu

By Dik Browne




Front Key:




1M e


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Thursday, March 28, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Thu sun rise 6.47AM sun set 6.44PM

28 FRI


Moon rise 7.54PM Moon set 8.07AM sun rise


sun set 6.43PM

Moon rise 8.44PM Moon set 9.09AM


28° E 15kts


27° E 16kts


27° E 15kts



27° E 15kts

29° E 10kts


27° E 15kts


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League & netball news



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FR on a mission for health T H E F I T n Es s Revolution

gym in nikao unveiled its new name and $20,000 worth of gym equipment as part of its commitment to getting Cook Islanders moving for healthier lifestyles. Puai Wichman of the Fitness Revolution gym, formerly Fitness Cook Islands, took time out on Wednesday morning to acknowledge the sponsors and supporters of the itness centre. Fitness Revolution has become a strong health brand in the community since Wichman and his team of dedicated trainers became associated with it four years ago. It was indeed a thrill for the team to announce the name change to the gym and unveil new equipment that will help them continue their mission in building health bodies in the Cook Islands. new gym equipment included weight bars, exercise balls, punching bags, three new treadmills and two new spin cycles.

Wi ch m a n s a y s t h e n e w treadmills in particular are an exciting addition to the gyms equipment as he believes the machines will help those people in the community most at risk of obesity related illnesses to take their irst steps towards a healthier life. “There are people in our community that are too shy to walk or run in public and now they can come to the gym and get their exercise,” says Wichman. He is also conscious that Rarotonga’s roads are not necessarily safe for athletes, and the new treadmills offer a safe workout for athletes, especially elite athletes training for competitions. The gym now offers 24 hour access. “We have people that like to come to the gym when there is no one here and some shift workers would prefer to workout at 1am instead of 1pm so the gym is now open 24 hours.” securing the new equipment to continue its mission to grow-

ing a healthier community has been made possible with the generous support of local sponsors, in particular Bergman and sons, Raromart and T-shirt Factory, air new Zealand, BCI Bank, Jeffery M Verdon law Group, and The Bond store. sponsors were given the honour of cutting the rauti ribbons on some of the new equipment before a special blessing ceremony for the equipment, the gym, trainers and people that will use the equipment was conducted by Celebration on the Rock pastor Jonathan Cargill. The gym is having an open day today from 8am to 2pm and the general public are invited along to check it out. so don’t be shy – call Claudine Robati at the Fitness Revolution gym and find out how you can become a member of the gym and take advantage of the new equipment and build yourself the body of your dreams. - MW

Sports’ best honoured tonight JusT WHo will take out the top

sports honours will be revealed tonight when the sports community gathers at the Edgewater Resort for the 2012 sports awards. Tonight’s guest speaker is regular Rarotonga visitor and new Zealand sevens legend Eric Rush who coached the Titikaveka stallions sevens team to victory at

the 2012 International sevens in Heaven tournament. as well as honouring sportsmen and women of today for their grand efforts on and off the ield – athletes that paved the way for today’s stars will also be recognised. Mamia Tunui savage, Peter Marsters, Toro George and Tu-

tai Toru will be inducted in to the Cook Islands Hall of sports Fame tonight. Meanwhile – if you don’t have a ticket to tonight’s awards, contact the CISNOC ofice on 22459 so you can be in the best seat to see who of our sports star nominees receive the top honours. - Matariki Wilson

Sponsors and supporters of the newly named Fitness Revolution gym join in celebrating and blessing the gym’s new equipment worth $20,000 to help the FR team’s vision in building a healthy and it community. 13032705

Rugby sevens: where to next? THE Cook Islands rugby sevens team and the local union body say there is no excuse for their performance on the Hong kong sevens field where the side one just one of their three games. The team along with the Cook Islands Rugby union has once again come under ire for the lack of ‘local’ players in the squad. The team was made up of one Rarotonga based player being Teina savage along with four australian and seven new Zealand based players. For CIRu president Chris Mckinley – the continuous criti-

cism of overseas-based Cook Islanders making national sports teams over locally-based players is degrading of Cook Islanders not living at home. “The more I go to new Zealand and spend time with the Cook Islands community there, the more upset I become about these degrading comments against our Cook Islands players overseas,” says Mckinley who has issued a challenge to the community to deine a ‘local’ player. The call-out to Rarotonga players to trial and train for the national sevens team was made six months ago and only two

players turned up – Teina savage and Turori Matutu, who was unable to be selected in the team due to new work commitments. “of course we would obviously want to see more Rarotonga based players in our national teams but if there is no commitment and dedication from home based players we have to look overseas,” says Mckinley. He also stresses that on any day the rugby management team will pick the best players for the team no matter where they live. “It doesn’t matter if they live in new Zealand or australia or the south Pole – if kk (koiatu

koiatu) lived in the south Pole we’d still pick him because he is a terriic player.” The somewhat lacklustre performance of the team at the Hong kong sevens means that the Cooks have missed out on the next sevens ixture in London. However, there’s still loads of work to be done on and off ield with a number of upcoming rugby events including the oceania Cup tournament in Papua new Guinea in June/July – the irst stage of the 2015 Rugby World Cup qualiiers. The winner of the oceania

Cup winner is expected to play ‘home and away’ matches against Fiji in 2014 to secure a place at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Meanwhile, Mckinley would like to extend a big meitaki maata to Cook Islands Rugby new Zealand and all the new Zealand supporters who gave one hundred per cent support for the team raising funds through t-shirt sales and hosting a fabulous dinner for the team. Cook Islands Rugby union would also like to thank major

sponsor Matson for their generous support. Mckinley would also like to remind rugby fans and supporters that the union has an open door policy and that anyone that has any issues to visit him personally at his ofice at Turtles Tees and of course anyone that can offer help and suggestions are most welcome too. The challenge is always there for home-based players to get their ‘a in to G’ and get training so that they can represent their country on the rugby ield. - Matariki Wilson

Trafic light party for Eagles THE nGaTanGIIa-Matavera

sea Eagles will be holding a ‘trafic light’ party at their clubhouse at nukupure Park where they guarantee loads of fun and games. The night’s antics are all in aid of raising funds for the clubs premier league team to travel to aitutaki to take on the aitutaki sharks.

The party is scheduled for saturday night with a small cover charge of $5 getting you in to the clubhouse where there will be string band entertainment plus dJ sounds right into the night. There promises to be loads of awesome games, spot prizes for best dressed, bar specials and just a general fun time.

Get dressed in the ‘traffic lights’ colours of green indicating maybe that you are ‘single and available’, red meaning ‘hands off I’m taken’ and perhaps sure to be the most popular colour of yellow to indicate ‘whatever you please!’ or if you are a die-hard sea Eagles fan – your club colours will be just ine! - MW

The best Cook Islands players, no matter where they live, will always be selected for national duties. 13032710

Thursday 28 March  

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