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Te reo o te KUKI AIRANI

$2 Saturday, March 23, 2013

Paciic united on energy A dinner hosted by King Tupou

Vi on Friday evening brought a regal end to the two-day Paciic Leaders energy Summit in nuku’alofa. The gesture by the Tongan monarch followed a unified expression by leaders to advance renewable energy development in the region, along with a concerted effort to share ideas and experiences. As Pacific Forum chair, Prime Minister Henry Puna spoke at the close of the Summit on behalf of his Paciic colleagues and said there was a need to secure high level backing.

“The absolute requirement for success is political will to drive renewable energy.” The Cook islands has political support to achieve its renewable energy goals, which“makes the job easier,” he said. Puna’s spoke in response to the ceremonial closing remarks by the Tongan prime minister, Lord Tui’vakano. The Tongan leader outlined the results of that morning’s leaders’ retreat, in which the Pacific countries adopted and endorsed a number of principles. Among the supported approach

Chance to win $500 deSign a logo to be used to market the Cook islands overseas and you could win $500. The Business Trade and investment Board (BTiB) are calling for entries to its logo competition – and are offering a cash prize of $500 to the winner. The successful logo must cover four categories. The irst is ‘product of the Cook islands’, to be stuck on items where all products and ingredients originate from the Cook islands. BTi B chief executive Terry rangi says rito Cook islands is an example of this. The second category is ‘made in the Cook islands’. At least 50 per cent of the ingredients or raw materials must be produced in the country. rangi names clothing brand TAV as an example. The third is ‘produce of the Cook islands’ – covering exports like paw paw and chilli. The final category is ‘Cook islands-owned’ – for products that are manufactured overseas to be sold by Cook islands companies, such as pareu made in indonesia. rangi says BTiB is primarily targeting exports to raise awareness of Cook islands products overseas.

“We’re trying to capture all four areas into one logo, and there is potential to extend this.” The main thing that will make the winner stand out from the rest is a simple logo which is easily identiiable with the Cook islands. “Most people will think of the tangaroa, the 15 stars or the tiare maori – but there are all sorts of options out there,” says rangi. Once the logo is ready to go, BTiB will decide which businesses would meet the criteria to put it on their products. People can submit as many designs as they like, but rangi asks they first come into the BTiB headquarters for a registration form which lists the rules of the competition. The logo design must conform to a certain format, size, dimension and a triangular shape – much like the ‘made in nZ’ logo with the kiwi. BTi B wants to be able to send the logo off to the printers straight away and start using it. But better get in quick – the deadline is March 27. BTiB will announce the winner around April 5. - Calida Smylie

was a consensus for shared ideas and experiences to design national roadmaps and renewable energy projects. The ability to access funding and quality data was also discussed. Pacific leaders expressed encouragement for Tonga’s energy road map. The efforts undertaken by the kingdom to gather the necessary expertise and ideas to build a credible way forward is broadly supported by the donor community. A key facet of the funding support to drive their plans forward is the grouping of multiple donor

partners under the co-ordination of a single agency. The Summit outcomes will be an integral part of the Pacific voice in Auckland next week, during the Paciic Energy Summit cosponsored by new Zealand and the european Union. Puna was accompanied to Tonga by energy commissioner roger de Bray and renewable energy division director Tangi Tereapii. - Release/CS

PM Henry Puna visited the $8m Maama Mai Solar Farm in tonga.


Lawyers admitted to bar

THe COOK ISLandS has two new lawyers allowed to practice in the national courts. Alexandrya Herman and Matthew Scowcroft were admitted to the bar of the Cook islands High Court yesterday by Justice Hugh Williams. The two took an oath and swore on the bible to bear allegiance to her majesty Queen elizabeth ii Queen of england as the head of state of the Cook

islands. They promised to conduct themselves honestly in their future as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court. Justice Williams welcomed the lawyers to the bar and congratulated them on their chosen path. While both already practice law in rarotonga, being admitted means they can advocate on behalf of their clients in court.

Herman, who was Tereora College dux in 2005, graduated in 2011 from the University of Auckland with an economics and honours law degree. She was admitted last year to the new Zealand bar. Herman wrote her thesis on deep sea minerals legislation and now works for the Cook islands Seabed Minerals Authority as legal advisor. This week she returned from Tonga




$20EarLyBIrd (TILsaTurday23rd) $30PrE-saLEs(froMMonday25Th)

Friendly Mart, Manea Foods, Kia Orana Store, Super Brown, Oasis, Corner Store, Runway, Te Nira, HaRTaL Store and Rite Price Store.


Located Between CITV & Bowling Club , Opening hrs Weekdays 8am - 4.30pm, Sat 9am - 12pm




Ph 24979

Thursday 2(EasTEr 8MaWEEkEnd) rch

“SuNday HOT BRead”

where she gave a presentation on behalf of the Cook islands on the cautious legislative stance the country is taking to explore deep sea mineral resources. Scowcroft specialises in land law and works for Little & Matysik law firm. Originally from the United Kingdom, he has also been admitted to the bar of england and Wales. - Calida Smulie

TIckETsaVaILaBLEfroMrEhaBand88fM caLL 50796 for MorE Info.











Creative Centre Tupapa 5.30pm for 6pm Wednesday Ph 55097


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no TeiA nei AO Knife in back gave him grief A CANADIAN man was just scratching what he thought was an old itch when it turned out to be a knife blade that had been buried in his back for almost three years. Billy McNeely said it all goes back to an April 2010 birthday party in McNeely’s hometown of Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories. McNeely got into a ight over an arm-wrestling contest and was stabbed ive times. Later that night a doctor stitched him up but never took any X-rays. The wound never stopped nagging him and grew more painful as the years went by. A doctor this week dug out the end of a knife blade measuring about seven centimetres.

Assad vows to ‘cleanse’ Syria Blast in Damascus mosque kills at least 49, including top Sunni cleric dAMASCUS – Syrian President

Bashar al-Assad has vowed to “cleanse” his country of extremism, a day after a blast in a central damascus mosque killed scores of people, including a key pro-regime Sunni cleric. State news agency SAnA said that 49 people died along with Mohamed Saeed al-Bouti, the most prominent cleric to back Assad’s regime in his fight against opponents. in a statement issued by the presidency, Assad condemned the attack and mourned Bouti’s death, vowing to eradicate “extremism and ignorance” in Syria.

world BrieFS APOLOGY AND AN END TO LONG STAND OFF ISRAEL – Israel has apologised to Turkey for killing Turkish citizens in a 2010 naval raid on a Gaza-bound lotilla. And in a surprise breakthrough announced by United States President Barack Obama, the countries have agreed to normalise relations. The apology came in a telephone call between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Turkish counterpart Recip Tayyip Erdogan, which was facilitated by Obama just as he ended his visit to Israel. Erdogan’s oice said he had accepted the apology, “in the name of the Turkish people”. Nine people were killed on board the Turkish aid ship, Mavi Marmara, when it was boarded by Israeli commandos while trying to transport aid supplies to Gaza in May 2010 in spite of an Israeli naval blockade.

80-year-old prepares to climb everest JAPAN – A thrill-seeking Japanese octogenarian says his third ascent on Mount Everest will be the “ultimate anti-ageing” remedy, despite recurring heart troubles. Yuichiro Miura is preparing to begin his third ascent of the 8848-metre peak in Nepal and recapture a record he previously held for being the oldest person to scale the world’s highest mountain. The 80-year-old heads to Kathmandu next week and is scheduled to begin his climb in May, aiming to repeat a feat he irst achieved at the sprightly age of 70. “When I was 75, I did it again and realised nothing is impossible,” He said. His record was broken in 2007 when fellow Japanese Katsusuke Yanagisawa scaled the summit when he was 71.

Gillard sUrvives leadersHip WraNGle AUSTRALIA – Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has survived a vote on her leadership and has been re-elected as the leader of the Labor Party. She had called the election after senior MP Simon crean demanded the leadership be put to a vote to end the disunity he said was killing the party. But Gillard says the vote shows the parliamentary party is behind her and she declared the leadership wrangle “completely at an end”. Gillard was the only person nominated and the leadership spill izzled out after former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, who Gillard deposed in 2010, declared he would not run. He indicated that to do so would dishonour his previous promises not to stand.

The attack was condemned by the opposition, who raised the possibility that the regime was behind the deadly blast at the iman Mosque on Thursday night. State media said the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber who blew himself up after entering the mosque, where Bouti was addressing religious students. “i swear to the Syrian people that your blood, and that of your grandson and all the martyrs of the homeland, will not be spilled in vain because we will be faithful to your ideas by destroying their extremism and ignorance until we have cleansed the country,” Assad said on Friday. Pro-government television aired gruesome footage from inside the mosque, where dozens of corpses and body parts, including limbs and hands, were strewn on the carpeted loor in pools of blood. The government has declared a day of mourning and staterun Syrian TV halted its regular programmes on Friday to

President Bashar al-assad has vowed to ‘cleanse’ Syria after a mosque attack that killed one of his most vocal religious supporters. The latest attack came as heavy ighting rages across Syria. AFP air readings from the Muslim holy book, the Quran, as well as speeches of the late cleric. Al-Bouti was the most senior religious igure to be killed in Syria’s civil war and his slaying was a major blow to Assad. The preacher had been a vocal supporter of the regime since the early days of Assad’s

father and predecessor, the late President Hafez Assad, providing a Sunni cover and legitimacy to their rule. Sunnis are the majority sect in Syria while Assad is from the minority Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shia islam. The latest attack came as heavy fighting raged across

Syria. The relentless violence has killed more than 70,000 people, according to Un figures, and caused more than one million to flee their homes as refugees. The latest attack came as heavy fighting raged across Syria. - Agencies

Cyprus on brink of meltdown niCOSiA – The coming hours will decide the fate of the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus as it struggles to meet the terms of an international inancial bailout. Parliament will debate plans to raise the 5.8 billion euros needed to qualify for the 10 billion euro bailout, having rejected an earlier deal.

Without it, the cash supply to the euro member’s struggling banks may be cut. german Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that Cyprus’ eurozone partners are running out of patience with its efforts to secure the bailout. Cypriot bankers have urged parliament to accept a levy on bank deposits, but with smaller

depositors exempted. Cypriot Finance Minister Michael Sarris said a levy “of some sorts” remains “on the table” despite widespread fury among both ordinary savers and large-scale foreign investors, many of them russian. The Cypriot government urged the country’s M Ps to “take the big decisions” to pre-

vent a inancial meltdown. Talks in Moscow on possible new inancial aid from Russia, a key investor in Cyprus, have failed. With no end in sight to the crisis, businesses in Cyprus have been insisting on payment in cash, rejecting card and cheque transactions. - BBC

running out of arrows

cardiNal iN ‘relatioNsHip’ for years ScOTLAND – Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the disgraced former head of the Roman catholic church in Scotland, accused of groping priests, was allegedly involved in a relationship with one complainant for several years. The accuser left the priesthood but now works as a priest in Europe, “in a post the cardinal helped him secure.” O’Brien was accused last month by four priests of inappropriate behaviour, dating back to 1980. According to reports, his accusers have been frustrated by the cardinal’s hypocritical rhetoric about gay marriage, including describing homosexuality as a “moral degradation”.

emerGeNcy declared iN riot torN toWN BURMA – A state of emergency has been imposed in the Burmese town of Meiktila following three days of communal violence between Buddhists and Muslims. A statement announcing the decision on behalf of President Thein Sein was broadcast on state television. He said that the move would enable the military to help restore order in the riot-hit town, south of Mandalay. At least 20 people are reported to have been killed since the violence began, but exact igures are unclear. Residents have complained that police have struggled to control groups of people on the streets armed with knives and sticks.

Today’s daily Bread Give praise to the Lord, call on his name, make known among the nations what he has done.

Matthew 7:21-29 read: read: 1 Chronicles 16:7-10

text: Matthew 7:26 text: Verse 8

Evicted members of the Aldeia Maracana say the Rio de Janeiro site near the Maracana football stadium is of historic signiicance to their tribe but a spokesman said they couldn’t ight tear gas and rubber bullets with bows and arrows. AFP riO de JAneirO – A group of

indigenous Brazilians have been evicted from the building they had been occupying in rio de Janeiro for more than six years. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to dislodge the indigenous people from the former museum. The building is next to the famous Maracana football sta-

dium. The Maracana will stage the final match of next year’s Football World Cup, and the authorities want to turn it into an Olympic Museum. The indigenous community, known as Aldeia Maracana (Maracana Tribe), said it wanted to use the building to showcase its way of life to tourists during the World Cup and 2016 Olympic

games. More than 20 families had been living in the building, which used to house the city’s indigenous museum. rio de Janeiro state had been granted an eviction order and wants to convert the building into an Olympic museum before the city hosts the games.. The building, which is in ur-

gent need of repair, was donated to the government in 1847 to serve as a centre for the study of indigenous traditions. When it closed more than 30 years ago, members of indigenous communities across Brazil started to use it as a place to live. Members of the Aldeia Maracana say the site is of historic signiicance to their tribe. - AP


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

RaRocaRs Pope wants dialogue making the desiRable affoRdable

between all religions

Avatiu Wharf • Tel 22060 • Mob 54560 •




DEPOSIT: $10,000

Pope Francis greets a foreign diplomat during an audience with the diplomatic corps at the Vatican. The new pontif has called for the Roman Catholic Church to “intensify” its dialogue with Islam, echoing hopes in the Muslim world for better ties with the Vatican during his reign. AFP rOMe – Pope Francis has called for the Catholic Church to “intensify” its dialogue with islam and with non-believers, condemning the “spiritual poverty” of the developed world. “it is important to intensify dialogue among the various religions and i am thinking particularly of dialogue with islam,” new pontiff Francis said in an address to foreign ambassadors at the Vatican. “it is also important to inten-

sify outreach to non-believers so that the differences which divide and hurt us may never prevail, but rather the desire to build true links of friendship,” he said. The Argentine pope said he wanted to “build bridges connecting all people” and said this was particularly signiicant for him personally because of his own italian immigrant roots. “This dialogue between places and cultures a great distance

apart matters greatly to me,” he said. The Pope also returned to a favoured theme of his predecessor Benedict XVi, who battled against rising secularism in europe in his pontiicate. “it is the spiritual poverty of our time, which aflicts the socalled rich countries particularly seriously,” the 76-year-old said, adding that this “endangers the co-existence of peoples”. - AFP





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Vows to step up struggle PYOngYAng – north Korea

has angrily rejected a United nations inquiry into its human rights record and vowed to step up its all-out struggle against the United States. The U n’s Human rights Council passed a resolution on Thursday to establish for the irst time a commission to probe “the systematic, widespread and grave violations of human rights” in north Korea. The resolution condemned a long line of abuses, “in particular the use of torture and labour camps against political prisoners and repatriated citizens”, and also urged Pyongyang to release all political prisoners. The resolution is “a politi-

cal chicanery which does not deserve even a passing note”, a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement. “We will as always totally reject and disregard the recent ‘human rights resolution’ against the d P r K (north Korea) , a product of political confrontation and conspiracy,” he said. The spokesman also accused Washington of “kicking up an anti-dPrK human rights campaign involving its allies in a ridiculous bid to hurt” Pyongyang. “The ever-escalating hostile acts of the US to bring down the ideology and system chosen by the Korean people will only

intensify their all-out action against the US,” he said. The north rejects widespread international criticism of its rights record. But in a recent report, Un special rapporteur on north Korea, Marzuki darusman accused Pyongyang of a string of violations that could constitute crimes against humanity. He also highlighted concerns about a network of political prison camps believed to hold some 200,000 inmates, including those who were born in captivity. rights groups have called for Un help to shut down the north’s gulag system. - AFP



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Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te PA enUA

‘Yes, I will run for election’

Fiji’s Bainimarama says for the irst time he will contest 2014 polls SUVA – Fiji’s interim Prime Min-

ister Commodore Frank Bainimarama has conirmed for the irst time he will stand in elections scheduled for the country next year. The regime leader revealed his political intentions unceremoniously when question by media at a new sports stadium inspection engagement. Commodore Bainimarama say he will win the poll, which

will be held under a new constitution drafted by his military regime. “i am confident that i will win, if not i wouldn’t be standing,” he said. “i will have to form a party but i have not decided on who will stand with me.” Bainimarama has previously been coy about his intentions in the elections, the first since he ousted then prime minister Laisenia Qarase in 2006.

paciic BRIEFS Will cHalleNGe reGime’s latest move FIJI – A member of the proposed SODELPA party in Fiji says it will challenge the government on its constitution process. Dr Tupeni Baba says the recent about face on the constituent Assembly is not acceptable and believes it is a tactic by the regime to extend the power of the military. He says the people of Fiji were deluded to believe they were already in a transition stage to democracy. “They are not. They’re clearly in a dictatorship.”

vaNUatU ordered to elect NeW leader VANUATU – The Vanuatu Parliamentwas ordered by the High court to reconvene yesterday to elect a new prime minister. This follows the resignation of Sato Kilman on Thursday before a vote of no conidence could be held. The Speaker of Parliament, George Wells, then adjourned Parliament until Friday next week and put a caretaker administration in place. The opposition contended this contravened standing orders and that a vote for a new leader should have happened immediately. The court agreed and directed MPs to meet immediately to elect a new prime minister. The opposition has claimed the backing of up to 30 of the 52 MPs and its candidate for prime minister is Moana carcasses Kalosil, the leader of the Greens’ party.

miNiNG boom caUses NUrse sHortaGe PAPUA NEW GUINEA – The head of Port Moresby General Hospital in Papua New Guinea says the country is inding it hard to ill longstanding vacancies because of competition with the mining sector. Port Moresby General Hospital alone is still seeking 300 more nurses to ill its vacancies, despite advertising the positions last year. Its Chief Executive Oicer, Sam Vegogo, says the country’s hospitals are short of health workers because many are seeking better jobs elsewhere. “There’s a mining boom at the moment, oil and gas. And so you know whatever we have, there’s a big competition in the country with the private sector and the public hospitals with the few nurses that we have. And it creates a big gap.”

proviNcial leader slams GoverNmeNt SOLOMON ISLANDS– The premier of Solomon Islands’ Temotu province has lashed out at the government for turning a deaf ear to the provincial government when dealing with the region’s development priorities. Father Charles Brown Beu told the Temotu Assembly during its irst sitting since the deadly February earthquake and tsunami that his administration is hampered by inancial and skilled staing shortages. The premier said the situation is compounded by the Solomon Islands government’s reluctance to take him and his administration seriously and to positively consider the many development requests he has made in writing and in person.

8000 teacHers oN striKe over arrears SOLOMON ISLANDS – Teachers across Solomon Islands have gone on strike again. The National Teachers Association says more than 8,000 teachers are on an indeinite strike until the government honours a commitment to pay outstanding salary rises and arrears. Teachers went on strike earlier this year but returned to work after the government promised to make the payments in three installments over four weeks. The President of the Teachers’ Association, Samson Faisi, says the government has broken its promise. “The only proper and most right thing that the government should do is to pay the teachers. That’s all. Go ahead on the re-levelling, pay the arrears, then they go back to class.”

searcH beGiNs for miss World fiJi FIJI – The second round of Miss World Fiji casting heads to the capital, Suva, this weekend. A successful casting call in Nadi last week unearthed a host of impressive and intelligent candidates and expectations are high for Suva this week, according to Andhy Blake, national director for Miss World Fiji. “So for Suva, being the capital city and hub of fashion and beauty, I am expecting to see a challenge to the Nadi girls,” Blake said. “The Nadi inalists have raised the bar in our irst round of casting and I believe Suva will also have what it takes.”

‘Of course i’m conident. Why do you think i’m standing? i don’t stand to lose at anything.’ He conirmed to news website Fijivillage that he will contest the next general election at an inspection of the running tracks at the new AnZ sports stadium in Suva. PM: Yes, i will be running for election. Fijivillage: Will you form a party? PM: Well, i have to form a party if i have to run for election. Fijivillage: When will you announce the party? PM: Well i don’t know. i’m probably the only one that will stand in that party. i haven’t igured that one out. But, time will tell. We still have about more than a year to the elections so that’s the time to form a party. Fijivillage: September 2014? PM: September 2014 yes! Fijivillage: You’re conident you will win now you said you’ll stand? PM: Of course I’m conident. Why do you think i’m standing? i don’t stand to lose at anything. His surprise announcement that he does intend to run for power has served to upstage earlier news that he had scrapped any organised debate on the nation’s draft constitution which has also been released this week. Bainimarama announced a new draft constitution is ready but added that they had canned the concept of a

Constituent Assembly charged with reviewing the document. He has also announced a twoweek public discussion deadline for the new draft constitution. Fiji is scheduled to hold its general elections in 2014. Fiji’s proposed Labour Party has claimed the country’s newly-released draft constitution merely entrenches the current regime and has had no real input from Fijian people. Bainimarama said the draft would be presented directly to the people. “My fellow Fijians, you will be the new Constituent Assembly,” he said. A former Fiji prime minister says the government continues to break the promises it’s made in the constitution process. Mahendra Chaudhry, general secretary of the proposed Fiji Labour Party, said he rejects the government’s changes to the constitution process and says the manner in which it’s being promulgated is wrong. He says the regime has broken all its promises made in the constitutional process and believes it will further delay the registration of proposed political parties. He said Fijians can only make suggestions about the constitution directly to the interim government through text message, phone and Facebook. “it’s not a constitution of the people, it’s an imposition of the Bainimarama regime,” he said. “There’s been no public consultation as far as we understand it.” “All he has said is that views are invited on the draft constitution. There is no question about this constitution being debated.”

He said the draft constitution also retains the regime’s draconian decrees. Chaudhry said rules regarding the appointment of state oficials and the removal of union collective bargaining rights are among the draconian decrees retained by the draft constitution. in January Fiji’s militarybacked regime scrapped a irst draft constitution written after national consultations, saying it was not suitable. it called for a revised draft which was prepared by the regime’s own legal department. “in assessing the draft, please understand that it has been put together by incorporating the positive aspects of the ghai draft and with the view to withstand the test of time,” Bainimarama has insisted. Former Fiji Human rights Commissioner Shaista Shameen says a two week public discussion deadline for the country’s new draft constitution is too short. She said with people about to leave for easter holidays, the constitution may not get the public attention it deserves. “That’s just not going to happen because people spend time with their families over easter, they go away over easter and they’re not likely to be concentrating on the constitution, which is a very serious subject for the future of Fiji,” she said. A member of Fiji’s former Constitutional Commission doubts the underlying honesty of the regime’s new consultation process. Peni Moore was one of the five members of the commission that presented the ghai draft last year which was rejected by the regime.

Moore says the strength of the previous document was that it included the will of the people. “We got eight thousand comments, it took ages, it was a massive work to try and, you know, get all that information – so i question the ability really, or the true intention, of doing a public awareness programme.” Moore says the government showed it was not interested in the public’s view when it scrapped the previous draft – so questions why the prime minister is now calling for public discussion on the draft it’s own legal team has prepared. The president of the proposed national Federation Party said he is happy a draft constitution has been released but unhappy about the canning of the Constituent Assembly. raman Singh said he is disappointed a constituent assembly has been abolished because there will be no chance of debating the draft, and he doubts the public’s opinions will result in any changes. However, he said he is optimistic. “it is, i think, sufficient to start off the process of democracy. it provides for elections and government formed after elections, after heeding the people’s wishes. “So i think it’s a start of processes there. And once a new parliament comes in, they can look at all the provisions.” Singh said he does not believe the changes to the constitutional process will have any bearing on the re-registration of political parties and is conident the proposed nFP will succeed in its application. - PNC/sources

Marriage over for Ok Tedi POrT MOreSBY – The partner-

ship between the government and Ok Tedi Mining Ltd is over, Papua new guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’neill has said. He said the government would take over the running of the mine when Ok Tedi Mining’s licence expires at the end of this year and turn it into a model operation for the beneit of the people. OTML has been seeking to extend the mine’s life and wanted to continue operating it from 2015 to 2025.

O’neill told parliament during question time that the government would not renew the licences of the mine developer and would not be part of any agreement for an extension to the life of the mine. “The marriage is not working,” he said. “The government will break its partnership or marriage with OTML,” he said. He said the state would own and operate the mine through Png Sustainable development Program Ltd (PnGSdP). He said he had written to

OTML informing it that the government could not support or allow the company to extend the life of the mine. “When the lease expires, this government, as a partner and director, will not allow or grant an extension. The marriage is not working. Like all marriages, we have to break it if it does not work. BHP has to move on. “i will not apologise to anyone, not even to BHP,” the prime minister said. The government would oper-

ate the mine for the people of Western Province and address the ongoing problems in the province such as poor health facilities, education and other development needs, he said. O’neill said the government, a trustee through PngSdP, would take over the operation of the mine and make it a model for others in Png. “We will restructure the board with our own people managing it, not by strange people who live beyond and do not know our needs.” - PNC

Cult leader in mass prison break MAdAng – A massive manhunt is underway in Papua new guinea after 49 prisoners escaped from jail – one of them a feared former cult leader known as Black Jesus. Png Correctional Service’s, richard Mandui, says the break out from Beon Jail in the country’s Madang province occurred during a lapse in security while guards were changing shifts. Mandui says one of the guards on duty in a tower in the maximum security area didn’t wait for the next guard to take

over his post. He says the escapees used an unidentiied tool to cut through a fence. Police have warned some of the escapees are very dangerous. Among the escapees is Stephen Tari, also known as Black Jesus, a convicted cultist and rapist. Tari, 40, a failed Bible class student, called himself Black Jesus as he travelled through the highland jungles in 2006, gathering thousands of disciples who moved with him, fol-

lowing his instructions to increase his ‘lock’. But he was also accused of raping three young girls, murdering them and then drinking their blood and eating their lesh. Villagers eventually captured him in March 2007, beat him into unconsciousness, tied him up and handed him over to police. in 2010 he was convicted of four counts of rape but was not charged with murder due to lack of evidence, despite protests by

the relatives of three dead girls. now the enigmatic figure, who wore long white robes as he stood on a rock in a jungle clearing and preached his own gospel to his disciples, has sparked fears that he plans to look for new followers with his escape. Acting Provincial Police Commander for the Madang province, inspector Jacob Bando, says the police are working around the clock with Png Correctional Services to apprehend the suspects. - PNC/ABC


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te PA enUA

Recipe for regime to stay in power SUVA – A specialist in Pacific island politics, Professor Jon Fraenkel, says the Fiji regime’s draft constitution looks like a recipe to enable the present regime to stay in power. Professor Jon Fraenkel of new Zealand’s Victoria University says there is a lack of safeguards in the document over the transition of power in the run up to the election promised for September 2014. The earlier draft of the Yash ghai-led Constitution Commission provided for a transitional council in the run-up to the election. Professor Fraenkel says this was a way of ensuring an election could be held in a meaningful, free and fair way but there is none of that in the regime’s draft. “The prime minister and the

cabinet remain in ofice right up until the day of the election. The president also remains in ofice. “When you look at it, it looks much more like a recipe for a tokenistic election that will ensure the continuity of the Bainimarama government.” Professor Jon Fraenkel says the draft is short-sighted and quite personalised for a constitution. He says the two week period for people to give their feedback is also tokenistic. Proposed Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry says he rejects the government’s changes in the constitution process and says the manner in which it’s being promulgated is wrong. He says the regime has broken all its promises made in the constitutional process and believes it will further delay the

registration of proposed political parties. “We’ve said all along that Bainimarama cannot be trusted. He’s cheated the people of Fiji and the international community repeatedly, made promises and then reneged on them - that is the important thing. “And now he wants to impose his own will on the people, by simply saying this is the constitution. “You want to write in about it, write in, but this is what you will have up come April.” A constitutional lawyer and former head of Fiji’s Human rights Commission, Shaista Shameem, says the Fiji regime needs to come clean on which political parties have been successful in getting re-registered. regime leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama has blamed

Renewed TB initiative

SYdneY – A new multi-national

research centre has been set up to stop the spread of tuberculosis in Australia, and reduce its impact on the Asia-Pacific region. The Centre of research excellence in TB Control (TB-Cre), has opened at the Centenary institute in Sydney. The $2.5 million initiative brings together researchers in six countries to improve TB control, with the goal of eliminating the disease in Australia and beyond by 2050. The respiratory disease once killed more Australians than cancer. Australia now has one of the world’s lowest rates of tuberculosis. dr Bernadette Saunders, a chief investigator at TB-Cre, has told Radio australia’s Paciic Beat the disease remains highly prevalent throughout Asia and

the Paciic. “T B is a major problem throughout the Asia-Pacific region – in China, in Vietnam where we’ve been working for some time now, in Papua new guinea, in indonesia,” she said. in Papua new guinea, more than 14,500 new cases of tuberculosis are diagnosed every year, and in most cases no treatment is available. Some of the worst cases are treated in Australia. dr Saunders says health authorities “need to work together as a region” to ensure people have access to medication and continuous treatment. “it’s interruptions in medication and not being able to take the drugs continuously for the six months course that can lead to the development of drug resistance,” she said. “And drug resistance TB is

much harder to treat.” She says treatment of multidrug-resistant TB usually takes about two years of medication to treat, and the side effects can be “quite signiicant.” “So we really make sure that people can get medication, and that they take their medication for the entire six months when they have primarily tuberculosis so they don’t develop drug resistance. “Certainly we hope that this initiative will provide expertise in the development of new medications, new therapies, new policy to implement to try and reduce tuberculosis among our asia-Paciic neighbours.” Tuberculosis, which most commonly affects the lungs, is transmitted via the air and caused by strains of mycobacteria. - ABC

New call to heed warnings THe PACi FiC – The World

Bank is urging the international community to heed the plight of Paciic island countries and take action on climate change. The bank’s vice president for Sustainable development, Rachel Kyte, says Paciic nations will suffer higher sea level rise than other parts of the world. She says the impact of climate change will threaten the very existence of some countries in the Paciic. Kyte also warns Australia will see some of the most extreme droughts, with summer temperatures of over 40 degrees becoming commonplace. She says a lack of action on climate change is undermining

efforts by the World Bank to address global poverty. “imagine we’ve laid the table, ready for the economic and social solutions to ending poverty and building prosperity,” she said. “And we’re about to rip the table cloth from underneath all of the plates and sauces, because climate change is going to not only halt the progress we’re making but actually, in some cases, perhaps roll it back.” Kyte says the World Bank’s new president Jim Kim has put climate change high on the organisation’s agenda. She says putting a global price on carbon, including removing harmful fossil fuel, would be an

important irst step in tackling climate change. “And really working on the way in which we build cities, because 75 per cent of humanity will live in cities and 80 per cent of global emissions will come from them, and then learning how to farm differently. “Agriculture or climatesmart agriculture by changing the technologies and the approaches that we use in farming actually offers us the opportunity to take carbon out of the atmosphere, while providing livelihoods and increasing agricultural productivity. “So cities, agriculture, carbon and subsidies are a good place to start.” - ABC

Marles leaves Paciic post CAnBerrA – richard Marles

says his role in the Pacific has been the ‘great honour’ of his professional life, after resigning from the Australian government’s front bench on Thursday. Marles is resigning after an aborted leadership challenge, saying he wanted Kevin rudd

as prime minister. “Firstly, let me say this to you and to the people in the Paciic, I love the Paciic and I have loved doing this job,” he said. “it has been the great honour of my professional life.” Marles has become a wellknown face in the Paciic as australia’s Parliamentary Secretary

for Paciic Island affairs, working with the region at times of political upheaval in Fiji and Papua new guinea. He says the Pacific faces enormous challenges and it’s important Australia play its role “sensitively and with interest and dedication”. - ABC

alleged fraud practices among political parties for canning plans for a Constituent Assembly which would have debated the draft constitution. There has been no news yet on which parties have succeeded in getting registered. People have been urged to give their views on the draft directly to the government

over the next two weeks but dr Shameem says their responses will heavily depend on knowledge about who might be representing them in the future parliament. “For example if there’s only one political party that’s been registered or allowed to be registered, because the deadline’s passed, what is that

political party? “People need to know that in order to craft their responses in an appropriate way. Because you might just end up with a one party state.” dr Shameem says the document has clearly been drafted in a rush and the period for feedback is unnecessarily short. - RNZI

Major summit for Samoa APiA – Samoa is set to host the

United nations international Conference on Small island developing States next year. As a United nations meeting, all of the 193 member countries and its observer countries and organisations are anticipated to attend. it will bring around 3,000 people to Samoa. Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi is excited about the opportunity to host the meeting. “Samoa is honoured to host this important event on behalf of the Paciic Small Island developing States in the same year that it will be graduating from the category of Least developed Countries,” he said. “This is the irst time a global conference of this scale would be held in Samoa and probably in our region. “The government is commit-

ted to working with the United nations and its development partners to ensure that the Conference delivers action-oriented outcomes that advance the needs of Small island developing States.” The Prime Minister said the meeting presents a number of opportunities for Samoa. “Samoa looks forward to welcoming delegates and visitors to the Conference and to extending to them the Samoan hospitality our country and people are renowned for,” he said. The theme of the conference chosen by the Samoan government is “Sustainable development of Small island developing States through genuine and lasting partnerships.” The government hopes Samoa will become the launching ground for a variety of effective and durable partnerships be-

tween Small island developing States and their development partners. Samoa is the first Pacific country to host an international conference of this magnitude. Preparations are now underway for the organisation of the conference. As part of this process, a high level United nations planning mission will visit Samoa from 1-6 April 2013 to meet with government on arrangements for the conference. The mission will be led by Hongbo Wu, Under Secretarygeneral of the United nations for the department of economic and Social Affairs. He is also the Secretary-general of the Conference and will be accompanied by directors of departments directly involved with convening and planning the conference. - Samoa Observer


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

LeTTerS reta

No longer suffering in silence dear editor, i’m sitting here, in ivirua village, Mangaia, peeling potatoes for chips for our takeaway for the market tomorrow, and feeling sorry for myself. i’m asking myself, how long has this been going on? How long will it continue? Why do our people put up with it? i’m talking about transportation–the most important link for development in any industry, in any given era, for any nation. Without shipping, where would rarotonga be today? And if rarotonga were to suffer, how do you think that would affect the Pa enua outside of rarotonga? i arrived on Mangaia in 2009, taking up the post as secretary for the island administration, and my observations saw a minimum of three air Rarotonga lights per week and a cargo vessel once a month to service our needs. That was four years ago, and even that was not suficient to service our demands for this humble population of just less than 600. Today, our flights have been reduced to two a week, the large cargo vessel might swing by once every two months, and only by chance, we might receive Taio Shipping’s ishing boat to bring cargo every 2-3 weeks. Keeping this in mind, how does one imagine development to ever eventuate for us in the Pa enua? How many millions of dollars have former governments and donors expended supposedly developing the Pa enua? How many visits have delegations of cabinet ministers, government oficials, donor partners, and consultants made to the Pa enua to identify issues to improve our way of living? When will somebody realise that a simple solu-

tion would be to invest in trans- Mangaia always ills cargo space portation (both infrastructure up. So my question here then is, and the mechanisms), which will what is our government doing see doors bursting open with op- about these issues that have afportunity for the private sector to fected us for so many years? Why are they so wrapped up in turnodevelop on our humble islands? Here are some examples, gov- ver for rarotonga? How much would a small or ernment promotes the revitalisation of agriculture on the Pa enua medium sized boat or barge cost and asks the people to prepare a to buy for the purposes of servicwish list to help them develop ing our islands--$200-300K? government assisted the prithis industry. They go away and vate sector many years while the buzz is on, We seem to ago in the sale and some groups form and handover of the rarosome start to plant be drifting tongan resort, it might crops until they realise off, losing not have been the most something extremely ourselves in important – who will intearnational ideal arrangement to some, but look at the take my product to consultants outcome today – the the market? How efadvising us resort is an icon for the icient will this means we shouldn’t Cook islands that we of transportation be? be investing can be proud of. And then they give in our private So what has hapup, and go back to sector, that’s pened to our thinking their usual subsistwhy there today? Where is our ence farming. Anothsocial responsibility? er example is we ask are banks … We seem to be drifting Tourism Ci to help but we forget off, losing ourselves in promote our island, the most international consultthe general feedback important ants advising us we is, ‘gee, ah you rething of all– shouldn’t be investing ally need to develop our people! in our private sector, your island first, like that’s why there are start some tours, buy some rental vehicles and open a banks …but we forget the most restaurant etc before we can sell important thing of all–our peoyour destination’. So poor little ple! Back to my potatoes, i’m doing community person, unemployed can’t get a loan, needs to save this because luckily for me, a rarup whatever pennies they can otonga business, Prime Foods, make on sales of ish or mamio, actually does care about trying to to invest in ventures that have get our orders across. We received no strategic plan linked to it, or a ishing boat last week but due guarantee of input from the tour- to limited space, two consignees received only a portion of their ism sector. We need a plane to bring cargo frozen goods. Prime Foods haror passengers across, we need the assed and begged the shippers to boats to come regularly to bring get 9 cartons of chicken on board supplies but our queries are al- for one customer, and 3 sacks of ways responded to with, ‘if you potatoes for our takeaway. i’m writing this in the hope ill up the space, then we will ly or sail.’ But when they do come, that other rarotonga based en-

tities will some day develop the heart to serve with passion and not just proit. Lastly, before I came to this island, my partner used to use the common phrase ‘silent suffering’ in reference to the Pa enua communities, seeing as his job back then entailed design and implementation of special projects to help develop the people of the Pa enua. i used to shrug those words off because i too was a typical ‘rarotonga stereotype’ too busy to care about anything else than what was happening on island. On Saturday, we donated our last packet of cream and a carton of chicken to the Fishing Club opening, thinking that we would be getting another boat this week before Friday market came. Prime Foods emails us to say that the boat will sail to Atiu first, followed by Mauke and then again to us, so no chips, no chicken, no supplies until next week. We tried airfreight, no plane on Wednesday, luckily we Daily Monday to Saturday

continue on this journey until improvement is received for us, in order for development to take its course. i have to do it, for the sake of my children, and their children to come. Who else will? Helen Marion Henry ivirua Mangaia

Helen Henry peels potatoes to make chips for her market business in Mangaia. 13032212

More than meets the eye dear editor, With this Coin Save operation now being granted a special licence to conduct business, how is it that MFeM allowed the containers through without once checking if the company concerned was allowed to do business in the irst place? i wonder if Mark Brown can explain how MFeM, and subsequently BTiB have allowed this to happen? do the Chinese or authorities have a hand in this one would have to ask? This is just pure speculation regarding the Chinese involve-

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or

have some remaining potatoes, and a few cartons of chicken that were gifted to us which arrived on Saturday’s plane (a special light only for minister and delegation). i now understand what the term ‘silent suffering’ means, except i can’t remain silent. i will

ment, but there seems to be more to this than meets the eye. What with ishing licences being virtually given away, a store staffed by Chinese or Samoan workers bought over here – no advertising until yesterday’s paper. Someone really needs to fully explain why this has happened

and if they can safeguard the possibility of it happening again. no business like show business (name and address supplied) Editor’s note: BTiB minister Mark Brown and BTiB chief executive Terry rangi comment and response to the letter writer’s concerns, see story pg 8.

The ‘forgotten tribe’ dear editor, i write in support of the Smoke Signal about those claiming to be the only kopu ariki of ngati Makea which are the issues of rangi Makea, Upokotokoa, Sadaraka and Mere (Cinews March 19). To correct the smoke signaller, these are the descendants of Makea Apera. Makea Tinirau (the father of Takai and Teremoana) is the son of rangi Makea, descendant of Makea Apera. during the early introduction of the gospel there was another party that was recognised as the kopu ariki of ngati Makea. They were Makea davida, Makea Tevaerua, Makea daniela and Makea Apera. They all held the Makea nui Ariki title during their lifetime. After Makea Apera passed away the title reverted to Makea Takau the only daughter of Makea davida. Makea Tevaerua’s issue died out, so when Makea Takau passed away, the title should have gone to the issue of Makea daniela but daniela’s grandson Pori turned Orometua, so the title went to rangi Makea, the son of Makea Apera. The descendants of Makea

davida and Makea Tevaerua died out, that left Makea daniela and Makea Apera with living descendants. When rangi Makea held the Makea nui Ariki title it stayed within the family line until today, it never reverted back to the senior line, which is the Makea daniela line. When rangi Makea and his son Makea Tinirau held the Makea nui Ariki title, it was then they established the kopu ariki that we ind today. After Makea Teremoana passed away in 1995, Mere Maraea Macquarie, Inanui Love and nooroa Matua were all invested with the Makea nui Ariki title respectively but sadly none of them were accepted by the High Court. now let us look at the smoke signaller’s ‘forgotten tribe’, he is absolutely right. My understanding of the kopu ariki is all the issues or descendants of a common ancestor. i would say Te Pa Atua Kino is the father of ngati Makea and all his descendants should be included in the selection and election of a new Makea nui Ariki. ngatokorua Ata Piakura Uanga a Makea daniela

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Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te iPUKAreA

New water tank subsidy THe gOVernMenT has announced a new $1500 subsidy for households on rarotonga to install a domestic water tank. The programme will cost $3 million over three years, with those who do not already have a water tank installed being eligible for the subsidy. economic development coordinator dan O’Brien said the money will be irst directed to households that are the highest priority, which are those who do not already have tanks and those in areas where low water pressure is more of a problem. “The ones without water

tanks are probably those who can’t afford a water tank. Hopefully this is a way of closing the gap.” To qualify for the subsidy, the water tanks must be at least 6000 litres for plastic tanks and 5000 litres for concrete tanks, and must be connected to a pump and the mains water supply. The money will be paid to the supplier of the tank once it is installed. Minister of Finance Mark Brown said the cost of a 6000 litre plastic tank retails at $1400, with the cost of a pump retailing at between $300 and $400. He said having a subsidy

was preferable to having the government cover all costs involved with water tank installation. “We thought it’d be a good idea to involve our business communities,” he said. Minister of infrastructure and Planning Teariki Heather said having water tanks at each household will be economically beneicial. “The great thing about rainwater is that it is free – and for the most part plentiful. greater household collection will mean the loading on the main reticulated system is less, and costs that need to be passed on to us-

ers are less. it is a win-win for everyone.” The project complements Te Mato Vai – a partnership between the Cook islands, China and new Zealand that aims to upgrade the reticulated water system. “At the moment there are periods of no rainfall where households get low water pressure. There are households who have no storage,” said Brown. “The water tank initiative will increase water storage capacity of rarotonga by 10 million litres. [This] will contribute to the overall outcome of

providing reliable water supply to all homes and businesses connected to the network.” The project, which was announced on World Water day yesterday, will be funded by the Cook islands government. The tanks will be installed over the three-year period of the project. “We know we’re not going to be able to install all the tanks this year. it’ll take time,” said Brown. The water tank programme follows a $400 subsidy in 2009, which Brown said was popular. “That subsidy was oversubscribed, which shows the

demand for the households is there.” There are at least four current water tank suppliers on rarotonga, and Brown said all suppliers will have to comply with regulations to qualify for the subsidy. “There’s an approved list of equipment that meets international standards.” Brown said water will remain free until it is up to international standards. “There’ll be no charging for water until people can turn on their tap and get drinkable water coming out.” - Briar Douglas

THe 17-year-old who sparked a police hunt at the start of the month after escaping from courthouse holding cells was back in court Thursday to face the extra charge. Ponatu Ua appeared in the High Court on February 28 for

two burglary charges. He had been held in custody two days prior and despite his lawyer’s plea for bail, was remanded back behind bars for a further week. However, on the day before he could be transported to the prison he escaped from the police

holding cells by breaking down the doors. Police apprehended the fugitive later in the day at his Takuvaine home, and returned him to custody. Ua is facing two more charges of receiving stolen goods and contempt of court charges dating back to the mid-

dle of last year, and bail was originally denied as he was deemed at risk of re-offending. There was also a concern that he may interfere with witnesses. But in the High Court yesterday, Justice of the Peace John Kenning questioned why the defendant first

came to court on August 23 and pleas have still not been entered on the charges. Full disclosure of facts has not been given by police to Ua’s lawyer Charles Petero yet. “This is ridiculous,” said Kenning. “This guy will either be on bail or in jail for the rest of his life

if we carry on like this.” He ordered police to disclose the facts and told lawyers to be ready to enter pleas when Ua next appears in court on March 28. The defendant was remanded back into custody until then. - Calida Smylie

Fugitive goes back to court

Man jailed for underage sex An AiTUTAKi man has been sent to jail for having sex with his underage niece. Tai Tekopua – who does not have name suppression although his victim does – was charged with having sexual intercourse with a girl aged between 12 and 16. He pleaded guilty to the charge last month in the Aituatki High Court and was sentenced yesterday by Justice Hugh Williams. The court heard that on February 17 Tekupua started drinking with his cricket team. He carried on drinking at parties throughout the night and decided to go home as the church bells were ringing, around 5am. Prosecution said Tekupua wanted sexual intercourse so walked to the family house of the 14-year-old victim, who is

also his neice. While inside the house he saw the victim’s father and his wife asleep. He went to the victim’s bedroom and started massaging her thigh. The girl woke up and asked him to leave but he refused and asked her for oral sex. He then had sexual intercourse with the victim – Crown submitted he forced himself onto her – and afterwards asked her if she would tell her parents. She said she would not. Crown lawyer Martha Henry said prosecution views this as serious offending. The aggravating factors include “an obvious and gross breach of trust”. The victim was related to the perpetrator, he had previously lived with her family, he was 25 and the victim 14. The offending occurred in the privacy of the vic-

tim’s home and she was asleep while her parents were there. The incident has had a huge impact on the victim who is “essentially traumatised”, said Henry. immediately after it happened she refused to go to school or leave the house as she was ashamed of what happened. “Through the support of her parents she has regained some conidence,” said Henry. “She is a young girl who has her whole future in front of her, and ordeals of this kind have huge consequences.” Crown submitted sentencing needed to be set at a level to hold Tekopua accountable for his actions and deter others – two years in prison was thought appropriate. defence lawyer Wilkie rasmussen started off by saying he is

not in court to defend the defendant but to offer mitigation in law. He said the defendant had a troubled upbringing, with no stable home base and a poor education, from the time his birth parents took him back from another caregiver aged 10. “That started a life of constant abuse.” After the victim told her father, he gave the defendant a “severe beating” with a cricket bat. Someone else reported this to the police, unaware of the circumstances. rasmussen said it was wrong for the father to take the law into his own hands. in mitigation, he said it was

the defendant’s first time in court and he entered an early guilty plea. But he also called it the “lowest type of crime” and there was a need for deterrence in order to protect society. rasmussen said it was likely the man would have trouble with other prisoners and the public in the future because of this “slight on his name”. He suggested some sort of rehabilitation would need to be done with this prisoner. Justice Williams said it was lucky Tekopua was not facing an indecent assault charge “as you couldn’t possibly argue that her

consent to the oral sex was a genuine consent”. Tekopua’s actions had great harm done to the girl’s family and the Aitutaki community and other young men must be deterred from committing the same crime, he said. “You came into her house and her bedroom and breached her entitlement to privacy. A young girl like this is vulnerable and the law is designed to protect her from young men like you – her uncle.” Tekopua was sentenced to two years and three months in prison. - Calida Smylie

oN tHe street

- Rachel Smith

“What has your member of parliament been doing for you and your village recently?”

Mamatua Margaret VahuaMatheson (ruauu electorate) “He is doing a good job. They did a good job tidying up the cemetery last year. i’m happy with the government today because they are doing a lot of work for our country.”

Colleen Aperau

Saireni Poila

Aneru Tautu

Ben Parakoti

(ruauu electorate) “He’s involved in everything – he’s a people’s man. At the moment he is helping one of the families who lost their home in the ire, and he helps people in the community.”

(Titikaveka electorate) “She is trying her best to put the community together and to work as one.”

(Matavera electorate) “i really don’t know – i’ve been living in Atiu.”

(Tupapa electorate) “He’s achieving things quietly on the side but it’s hard to achieve things if you’re not a (cabinet) minister.”

Ngametua Pekepo (ruauu electorate) “He’s a good man – he’s been doing heaps of things for the community.”

Robert Wichman Roimata Tafale (Akaoa electorate) “He’s a nice man. He has been doing things for the village but they beneit himself as well.”

(Tupapa electorate) “My local MP is cleaning up our village. He helps the little people, like people who aren’t working. He donated a sewing machine to the mama’s in Pue.”


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te iPUKAreA

No inluence on Coin Save case a SPECIaL licence has been

granted to allow Samoan-based franchise Coin Save to temporarily operate – and both the public and the minister-in-charge are concerned at how the stock was allowed into the Cooks in the irst place. The Business Trade and investment Board (BTiB) denied Coin Save a licence to operate in the Cook islands last november but last week granted them permission to sell to businesses only. This is so the discount goods store can get rid of the three 40-foot containers of stock

owner Teaking Weng brought over. Letter writer ‘no business like show business’, published in today’s paper, asked how Ministry of Finance and economic Management (MFeM) and BTiB allowed the containers through without once checking if the company concerned was allowed to do business in the irst place. The correspondent asks BTiB Minister Mark Brown to explain what happened and to give guarantee it will not happen again. But Brown is worried himself.

“i asked exactly the same questions regarding Coin Save when this was irst brought to my attention some months ago. “i was advised some time ago by the chairman [grant Priest] of BTiB that they have allowed the foreign company to sell their container of stock to a local retailer or return the container to its origin. no set up of retail business by foreign companies can be allowed under the terms of the investment code. “i have also registered my surprise to MFeM over the apparent oddity that Customs can

clear a container from the wharf without that importer being registered to do business in the Cooks islands.” Brown has asked for this practice be reviewed and, if necessary, make recommendations to ensure this type of thing does not happen again. Finance secretary richard neves clariies Customs role in admitting the containers. “it is Customs responsibility at the border to ensure firstly, that no prohibited goods enter the country – for example, drugs – and secondly, to ensure that

any duty or import VAT which is chargeable on the goods imported is collected. “it is not Customs role to regulate who and who can’t do business in the Cook islands.” The letter writer also speculated there was some Chinese inluence on BTIB. BTiB chief executive Terry rangi refutes this. “There was no outside involvement or pressure on the Board to make this decision. Our process for foreign enterprise registration meets best practice and statutory requirements un-

der our legislation and if anyone would like a copy of this process they are welcome to contact our ofice for the information.” rangi says the process of the licence application decline and subsequent decision to give Coin Save a short period of time to sell their goods at wholesale prices to retailers and store owners has been public and highlighted in Cook islands news in recent months. “They are not permitted to sell to the public. Coin Save will then leave the Cook islands.” - Calida Smylie

Superannuates expected to pay tax geTTing wayward superannuates to pay their tax is being focused on by the revenue management division. This year’s tax compliance programme will be reviewing those receiving the new Zealand superannuation to make sure they are including this income on their tax returns. “As part of the revenue Management division’s (rMd) compliance efforts it is aiming to inform the public in advance of our compliance activities,” says Finance secretary richard neves.

notiication of the superannuation focus is posted on the Ministry of Finance and economic Management (MFeM) website, along with the other focus on market vendors. The ministry takes the view that people do want to comply with tax obligations. Letting them know of the focus in advance is part of a new proactive stand. “[its] ensuring that people meet their obligations from the start rather than waiting till later when a big tax obligation has accumulated and becomes a

problem for everyone concerned including rMd,” says neves. Superannuates have always had to pay tax on their income. “People in receipt of the superannuation paid by the new Zealand government – and to be absolutely clear i am referring to the state pension – are subject to tax on that income in the Cook islands.” if the person was receiving this payment in new Zealand it would be taxed before the recipient received it – a bit like the pay as you earn system (PAYe) for employees in the

since the previous administration. Over the last two years, the Ministry of education has visited the north with curriculum advisors, review oficers and IT personnel to provide professional

development and support and to review school programmes and management. Acting secretary Tere Utanga says while transportation to the north is expensive, the ministry tries to connect with charters whenever possible. - CS

clariication THe STATeMenT ‘This is the ministry’s irst time to the north since the previous government was in power,’ in Ci news March 21 was incorrect. it is instead education secretary Sharyn Paio who has not visited the north

PART-TIME MA or PHDs IN COOK ISLANDS GOVERNANCE OR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS USP is operating an innovative program ofering regional research scholarships to graduates seeking to study PART-TIME towards a Masters or PhD in COOK ISLANDS, while still working in full time employment.

Cook islands. “The current arrangements for those people in receipt of the payment in the Cook islands is that the gross amount

PROFESSOR VIRGINIA TILLEy, holds a B.a from antioch college and an M.a and Ph.d in Political science from the university of Wisconsin-Madison (1997). In her previous position as associate Professor of Political science and International relations at hobart and William smith colleges in the united states, she taught courses on comparative politics, international relations, Middle East Politics, Latin american politics, the politics of development, racial and ethnic politics, and theories of ethnic conlict and nation-building in the international system. she is author of The one-state solution: a Breakthrough for Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian deadlock. (Manchester university Press, 2005).

PriMe MiniSTer Henry Puna

was lown to new Zealand from Tonga by the royal new Zealand Air Force. As energy minister, Puna was in nuku’alofa last week for the Paciic Leaders Energy Summit. discussions were held and also a ‘leader’s retreat’ which featured a question and answer session with the donor community – among them the World Bank, Asian development Bank, international renewable energy Agency and United nations development Programme. Puna visited the Maama Mai Solar Farm (1.8MW) – an $8 million project funded by new Zealand. Leaders also attended a dinner with the Tongan king. The Cook islands delegation, which also includes energy commissioner roger de Bray and renewable energy division head Tangi Tereapii, were lown

What to do next?

Towards Excellence in Learning and Knowledge Creation

to Auckland aboard the rnZAF Boeing 757. The air force flew all delegates over and got into the Whenuapai base midday yesterday. Puna is next presenting the keynote address at the Pacific energy Summit in Auckland, from March 24 to 26. He will be back in the country on March 28. Puna and his delegation are being sponsored to attend the energy summits by the Tongan government, the european Commission, and the new Zealand government. On Monday, deputy Prime Minister Tom Marsters arrives back from Brussels, capital of Belgium. As Foreign Affairs minister, he attended the irst of the 2013 biannual Asia-Caribbean-Paciic meetings with the european Union. The meeting focused on trade and commod-

ity protocols and included a congress for development cooperation. On March 20 the 31st Session of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly was held. education Minister Teina Bishop arrives back in rarotonga from his trip to the northern group on Tuesday afternoon. He headed a Ministry of education delegation which distributed laptops to schools under the new Zealand Aid Programme initiative ‘netbooks for Teachers’. Students were also given the first of Chinese-funded netbooks. On Monday, infrastructure Minister Teariki Heather will travel to Mitiaro to check out work on their airport runway, among other infrastructure projects. He goes just for the day. Ministers nandi glassie and Mark Brown remain in rarotonga for the week. - CS

WEEKLY TRAVEL DIARY FOR CABINET MINISTERS MINISTER PORTFOLIOS TRAVEL Saturday, March 23 to Thursday, March 28: NEW ZEALAND Thursday, March 28 to Saturday, March 30: cOOK ISLANDS

Henry puna

Prime Minister, Attorney General, Energy, Justice, Head of State, NES, Parliamentary Services, EMcI, Public Service commission, Ombudsman

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Come along to a open discussion session Tuesday 26 March at 4.30pm– and/ or ring 29415 to book an appointment with Professor Tilley for Thursday 28 March.

“The recipient of the payment in the Cook islands is then expected to pay the appropriate amount of tax to the Crown.” - CS

PM travels by airforce plane

Interested? THEN come and meet with PROFESSOR VIRGINIA TILLEy, Professor of Governance at USP. Professor Tilley is visiting the Cook Islands to meet with potential post-graduate students in governance and/ or international affairs.

of the superannuation payment – that is, the full payment – is not taxed by new Zealand and then paid to the recipient in the Cook islands,” says neves.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

City Style in Avarua A new clothing and accessory store has opened in Avarua, and a salon and spa is soon to follow. City Style opened last Monday, offering everything from casual clothes to special-occasion items. A spa beside the clothing store is due to open in

the next few weeks, and will offer haircuts and styling, as well as salon treatments such as facials and manicures. Manager Andrea Cruz, who came to the Cooks 10 years ago from the Philippines, said the store caters for a range of budg-

the latest store to open in avarua has a wide range of clothing. 13032238

ets. items in the store are sourced from Asia, as well as America. “With the irst batch we got from the Philippines, it was a challenge to get all the sizes we wanted,” said Cruz. “But America can cater for all sizes.”


you are still using the old incandescent light bulbs, we’d like you to make the switch to energy efficient CFL lights. With CFL lights, you use one third the energy and they last you 6 to 10 times longer. By replacing your old bulbs, you can cut down your energy use and save money. And it’s also good for the environment because CFLs will help reduce our carbon emissions.

adjust it to it if they need to.” Cruz said the shoes in the shop are light and durable – those with rubber soles have the sole built into the shoe rather than just covering the outside. “We try to bring in what the island needs. in the Cook is-

lands, we walk. The shoes need to be able to stand up to that.” City Style, which is owned by andersons Ltd, is currently looking for a shop assistant to work in the store, and has received a number of expressions - BD of interest.

City Style manager andrea Cruz. 13032241

We’ll change your lights


The store also stocks wedding gowns, and can help brides to have their dress made in the Philippines. “if they have a picture of a dress they like, we can get a similar one made and courier it over to the bride. Then a tailor can

Here’s how we can help you. A new programme to replace the old incandescent light bulbs in your home with CFL lights has now started. Electrical contractors will be visiting homes around Rarotonga and replacing the bulbs – all for free! But remember, this offer lasts only until our stock of CFL lights runs out.

This paid message is a Green Light Programme initiative supported by Te Aponga Uira and the Office of the Energy Commissioner. It aims to encourage energy consumers to use energy efficient CFL light bulbs in Cook Islands homes.

Taking small practical steps...

to meeting your goals My name is Daniel Webb and I currently work as the Senior Automotive Technician at the Cook Islands Motor Centre. Completing a National Certificate in Automotive Engineering at the Cook Island Trade Training Centre was great because it has helped me a lot in the work that I do. It has taken me closer to my short term goals at work, getting paid more and supporting my long term goal which is to run my own workshop one day. I was fortunate to get scholarship assistance from the Trade School – NZAID. My biggest challenge as a student was when I had to balance study time with work and family. I am glad though that I did the course because it has helped me to better manage

my time. My confidence has grown with on-going work experience and the new knowledge of the Automotive Industry. I am also sharing new things learnt with my colleagues at work. This is an awesome experience. My advice to those considering taking up studying is – Focus on your goals and take simple practical steps in achieving them. All the best.


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News


Manihiki memories for pearl pioneer THe PiOneer of the Cook is- “She went from top star of the lands black pearl industry was stage to a pearl farmer’s wife.” recently back in the country The couple have been married after many years away, but his nearly 56 years. After two years of research, memories of time spent here are so fresh he can still taste the the couple managed to negotiate an exclusive licence for balmy Manihiki sea air. eighty-three-year-old Peter 30 years for Manihiki lagoon. Cumming is originally from “There’s a lot of money at stake Perth in Western Australia, son so i wasn’t going to do it without of a farmer who was a veteran of that guarantee,” says Peter. He needed a partner and oftwo world wars. it was the navy that gave Pe- fered the Cook islands governter a feel for his future career in ment of the time – the late Alpearl farming. He joined the bert Henry’s – the opportunity royal Australian navy in 1944, but they said it was too risky an aged 13, and served an extensive investment. instead, the Cummings partnered with greggs 23 years. He served in the Korean war Ltd, which was running nowin 1953, where he “nearly sank defunct island Foods. The Cummings formed an American submarine in a training exercise”, worked with Manihiki Pearls Ltd in 1974. the Malaysian navy in Kuala Forty years later and it still exLumpur to establish Malaysia ists as a company, with Peter the as a country, then went back to managing director – although Australia to work as deputy di- they’re not pearl growers in Manihiki anymore. rector of naval services. Cook islands Pearl Authority His inal job was captain of a naval research vessel. “That job chief executive george ellis says gave me a wonderful feel for the the Cummings are recognised as the pioneers of the country’s underwater world.” Peter then went to work as as- black pearl industry. He says sistant marine director for the while some people suggest it pioneer of cultured pearls in was the late Tekake Williams Australia, Keith dureau, who who pioneered it, he instead at the time had up to 400 em- was the one to later pioneer the mother of pearl farming techployees. nique strung up in The ive years Peter worked for him “These [customs] lines. ellis says the taught him how the guys were C u mmings trial industry worked. it intrigued. work into the feawas during that time They’d never sibility of farming that Peter started seen anything pearls in Manihiki to think carefully like it. But i said showed the country about the potento them: ‘you’d there was something tial to culture black better get used achievable in develpearls – a type that to it – we’re in oping the country’s Australia did not production.” pearl industry. have. “A lot of Manihiki As a result of his dreaming, Peter and his “very people worked for the Cumbrave wife” Alwyn uprooted mings and saw how it worked. their young family of two boys it instilled confidence to say from a inancially secure life in ‘look, this is something we too northern Australia and moved can do’, and inspired them to get into it.” to Manihiki. There are currently 63 liAlwyn, originally from the deep south of new Zealand in censed pearl farmers in Maniinvercargill, was a top trained hiki, although only 22 are active singer in her time and “the irst as unfortunately the Manihiki lady of Australian television”, pearl industry has struggled says Peter. in 1956 she sang the since late 2000, when the irst irst televised song in australia disease outbreak hit the lagoon and international prices began and new Zealand. “So she also has her claim to to decline. Peter is saddened by this, as fame,” chuckles Peter proudly.

Max and Alwyn Cumming started pearl farming in Manihiki in early 1970’s and are recognised as being the Cook Islands and perhaps the world pioneers of cultured black pearls. 13032251 the family’s link with the Cook islands remains strong. The reason Peter and Alwyn came back to visit the Cooks – after nearly three decades away – was for son Max’s wedding to Aitutakian ra Tangaroa. “it has made us so happy to come back to the Cooks,” says Alwyn. “it’s been a very nostalgic trip. After 28 years and we’ve never been back.” The couple were thrown a surprise party on their last night in rarotonga, where they caught up with old friends they had never forgotten but thought they would not see again. Friends like ioane Kaitara, their Manihikian “mentor” who made their venture into farming possible. Alwyn remembers Papa ioane’s supreme fishing techniques with admiration. “ioane would come into the house and say, ‘what kind of ish would you like today?’ Then he would go out to the lagoon and bring it to us. it was incredible.” Their good friend must still have the knack – as apparently

the Cumming family with friends at tihau napara’s house in Manihiki in the 1970’s. 13032132 he was still talking about his special crayfish catching techniques at the surprise party. The company employed 20 Manihikians at any time and Peter was keen to stress that without the whole team’s hard work there would have been no success.

“We remember them with affection and they were all true blue. They worked hard and lasted the distance…we all worked hard – six days a week, and lat out. “All those workmen up there, they know who they are…i thank them for all their hard

work. i am grateful.” Local girls made baskets for the oysters to live in. Alwyn laughs fondly when she remembers the girls used to sing “one dollar meadow” as they worked, which was their interpretation of an italian song played at the time.


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Easter Eggs




Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

The Manihiki Pearls Ltd first pearl harvest amazed the Cumming family, politicians and Diver and “mentor” Ioane Kaitara at the Cumming family pearl farm in the 1970’s. 13032131 customs oicers alike. 13032133

The Cumming family with Georgina and James Keenan, who used to run Islands Foods Ltd - partners in the Cummings’ company Manihiki Pearls Ltd. 13031420 As pioneers living a world away from the established pearl industry, the team often had to come up with creative solutions. “A lot of stuff had to be done on the cheap. We couldn’t bring in glass loats or the cost would have been exorbitant,” says Peter. instead, he ordered in fivegallon cream packs from a new Zealand factory which could be blown up as loats to anchor the pearl farm 40 feet below, safe against cyclones and thieves. “We managed very well,” says Alwyn. One extravagance the family did allow themselves was a fridge. Peter said this helped attract visitors, including passing ship captains – who would pop in, get a haircut from Alwyn and a cold beer from their fridge. The ships would drop in essential supplies – such as those sent by then-librarian Carmen Temata, who posted up an order

of books tailored to the family’s tastes, every ship for their 10 year stay. “She never repeated a title but once. in 10 years, that’s an incredible feat,” says Peter with amazement. “We remember her very, very fondly...she kept me sane.” They were delighted to hear Carmen Temata is now a senior justice of the peace at the Cook islands High Court. in 1976 they had their first harvest of round black pearls. These were the first cultured pearls in the Cook islands – and quite possibly the world. “So i took two containers of them over to rarotonga and took them to the Cabinet room to show Albert Henry,” remembers Peter. “And [Sir] Jeffery Henry was there, the treasurer, and when i opened the containers up you could see the dollar signs in his eyes.” “And Albert said, ‘command-

er, you’ve done it! i’ll take that joint venture now.’ And i said, ‘Albert, you’re two years too late!” Peter took the irst harvest to Auckland in two bottles in his overnight bag. He showed the Customs oficer who “couldn’t believe his eyes” and called around 30 other oficers to see – causing other passengers to think Peter was being arrested. “These guys were intrigued. They’d never seen anything like it. But i said to them: ‘you’d better get used to it – we’re in production,” laughed Peter. But it wasn’t always glory days. A major setback happened when Peter caught hepatitis. His boys got it too, “but they shrugged it off as they were young”. Peter says he has contracted “all sorts of tropical diseases” during his time in the navy but this was the worst. “it really hit

The Cummings were the irst to establish pearl farming in the Cooks. 13032130

the Cumming family pearl farm land operations during the 1970’s. 13032129 me.” He was evacuated to rarotonga Hospital to recover– leaving Alwyn for over three months by herself in Manihiki trying to run the farm and look after the boys, who did all their schooling by correspondence to Wellington. The couple found this “awfully hard”, and it took its toll on the farm. “it was a terrible thing to happen as when you are starting up a pearl farm because it’s very hands on,” says Peter. “We made a fundamental mistake, which i won’t elaborate on here, but as a result of this fundamental mistake we lost a year’s harvest. A year’s worth of income. And that was the death knoll. it was very sad.” The Cummings sold their pearl farm to a diving trust formed by the Manihiki island Council in 1984, and moved to russell in new Zealand’s north.

They and Alwyn’s sister Helen riddell set up a business called the entrance Craft Studio, which they successfully ran for over 20 years selling, among other things, black pearl products. The Cummings took drums of half pearl shells with them from the Cooks, which Peter taught himself to carve into jewellery. Peter says they told customers about Manihiki’s beauty every day and it still remains strong in their hearts. Sadly, the Cummings’ visit back to the Cooks may be the last. Peter isn’t in the best health, although you would not know it from his demeanour. “Asbestosis,” says Peter shaking his head with a frown. “Forty-ive years after i returned from the navy and it got me. i though it was free.” navy veterans have a higher risk of getting the chronic inlammatory lung condition due

to the prevalent use of asbestos in ships and shipyards. But the same tough-mindedness and wry humour which allowed Peter to relocate his family to a remote Pacific island to set up a untested venture has helped him overcome many challenges in his life – including smoking cigarettes despite being cast as the rugged ‘Marlboro Man’ for four years. “i’m the only man who’s ever given up smoking while being the Marlboro Man. Because they gave us free cigarettes, you know, to keep the advertising up. i tell people the horse died from secondary smoking but it hasn’t affected me.” Peter is proud of his varied life and rightly so. Because a Cook islands legacy, gleaming black and purple like the colours of a spectacular bruise, has been left behind him. - Calida Smylie

2013 Isuzu dMax 2Wd douBLE caB 2.5-litre Turbo diesel, air conditioning factory fitted rear Bed Liner, separate front seats, audio system

drIVE aWay PrIcE

$36,990 p:29882




Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

New solar energy course A neW course on setting up so-

Cook Islands Trades Training Centre manager Boyd Ellison. 13031924

lar power equipment is open to applicants until Monday. The Cook islands Trades Training Centre will bring in up to two tutors from Australian company global Sustainable energy Solutions to teach the two-week course. Cook islands Trades Training Centre manager Boyd ellison said solar energy is more developed in Australia than in new Zealand. “new Zealand is getting things going with solar power and renewable energy. They’ve got a qualiications framework up – now they’re looking for a provider.” global Sustainable energy Solutions developed the qualification, which will be recog-

nised in Australia. it is hoped the course will get nZQA approval so as to also be recognised in new Zealand. ellison said it is essential to have trained people to install solar powered equipment. “it’s taking away the cowboys that say they can do it, and ensuring the minimum requirements are met.” He said incorrect installation is dangerous and can cause ires due to the high voltage generated by solar panels. “We’ve got to have some training in the area. You’ve got to make sure it’s done correctly so you don’t cause a hazard.” Having people who are trained in the area will have ongoing beneits, he said. “This way we have people on board that can install solar energy systems, know how to do it correctly, and maintain them as well. There’s nothing worse than installing expensive equipment and having it break down due to poor maintenance.” during the irst week of the course, participants will learn how to design a Photovoltaic System – which uses solar panels

to convert sunlight into electricity – and the supporting theory behind its installation. The second week is more practical, and looks at installation as well as the downfalls of installing solar panels incorrectly. The Trades Training Centre is currently taking applications for the course, which is aimed at up-skilling registered electricians. The times of the course are unconirmed as there is a need for lexibility, said Ellison. “They’re registered electricians, so it can be hard for them to ind the time. We want to try to work it so they still have some time to get jobs done.” The Cook islands Trades Training Centre offers a range of nZQA-approved courses on topics such as electrical engineering, building construction, automotive engineering and plumbing. The course will run from April 8 to 19, with enrolments closing Monday. Those wanting to ind out more about training courses can contact edith nicholas on 21471. - Briar Douglas

Cartoon case rescheduled THe CASe between lawyer and

politician norman george and Cook islands news has been rescheduled for later this year. Last year, George iled a civil action in relation to three ‘Kata’ cartoons by cartoonist Tim Buchanan. The Teenui-Mapumai MP had his previous attempt to prosecute Buchanan, managing editor John Woods and Cook Islands news Ltd on charges of criminal libel thrown out by Justice grice in december 2010. Charges george attempted to lay against the same respondents were also struck out by Justice Savage because of a procedural omission. george said he paid outstanding court costs to the defendants in relation to these two cases of $7,250 into the Court last week.

george filed an amended statement of claim on the previous action on October 16 in the Civil Court. in total he is seeking $2.1 million in damages from the defendants, for publishing satiric cartoons which george alleges damaged his reputation. The case was scheduled to be heard by Justice Williams in the High Court earlier this week. But last Friday afternoon, a telephone conference call was held between Justice Williams, george’s lawyers Michael reed QC and John Samuel of Auckland, and the respondents’ counsel, dH McLellan and anthony Manarangi. All parties agreed to adjourn. A three day hearing is expected midway this year. - Calida Smylie

picton castle open day


THE CLaSSIC square rigged sailing ship Picton Castle, pictured here at Avatiu harbour, will be having an open day for the general public today. Any member of the public interested in touring the Cooks-

registered vessel is encouraged to head to the Avatiu harbour between 10am this morning and 4pm to explore the vessel and meet with her crew and captain. - Matariki Wilson


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

Mangere College top for Cook Islands at Polyfest THe 38th annual ASB Polyfest

came to a close last weekend after four days of festivities that celebrated Maori and Paciic Island culture, with Mangere College taking out the overall irst place for the Cook islands title. The Waka Pacific Cook islands stage was illed with music, dance and voices as students

competed in speech and cultural competitions, including imene tuki/reo metua, tua peu tupuna, kapa rima and ura pa’u. Sir edmund Hillary Collegiate and Mangere College shared many of the top placings across the categories, with Sir edmund Hillary Collegiate placing second overall and Tan-

garoa College third. Over nine thousand students from 59 schools across the Auckland region took part in the festival, with this year’s theme being ‘The gifts of Papatuanuku are a koha to the people. Cherish and care for them - Ko te ki o te enua, e mea aroa ia mai ki te tangata.’

Mangere College warriors on stage at Polyfest. PHOTO BERNARD TAIREA 13032103

"These are the days when i know i love our city unreservedly,” said patron Len Brown when he opened the festival. “Polyfest is an amazing story of growth and a wonderful display of the essence of our city, which is the largest Paciic city and the largest Maori city in the world.” The results for each category

were rangitira Tane/Vaine; 1st Sir edmund Hillary Collegiate, 2nd Mangere College, 3rd Southern Cross Campus: imene Tuki/reo Metua; 1st Sir edmund Hillary Collegiate, 2nd Mangere College, 3rd Alfriston College: Ute; 1st Mangere College, 2nd Sir edmund Hillary Collegiate, 3rd Tangaroa Col-

lege: Tua Peu Tupuna; 1st Sir edmund Hillary Collegiate, 2nd Mangere College, 3rd Tangaroa College: Kapa rima; 1st Mangere College, 2nd Sir edmund Hillary Collegiate, 3rd Southern Cross Campus: Ura Pa’u; 1st Mangere College, 2nd Tangaroa College, 3rd Southern Cross Campus. - RS

Mangere College, who were awarded overall irst place for the Cook Islands title, perform their kapa rima at Polyfest last week. PHOTO BERNARD TAIREA 13032102

crackInG EasTEr WEEkEnd sPEcIaLs

run of housE – only $270 Garden/Gardensuperior&LagoonViewrooms The crowd join in the performances at the Cook Islands stage at Polyfest. PHOTO BERNARD TAIREA 13032107

2 nIGhTs accommodation, Tropical Island Breakfast, sunday Easter Lunch for 2 & sunday BBQ dinner for two. for an extra $90, why not stay until Monday and start the week refreshed. Valid for 2 adults or 2 adults & 2 children under 12 sharing. Club Edge Members 10% discount applies! Not a member? Register Now and enjoy exclusive beneits!

Overall second place winner in the Cook Islands title Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate take to the stage. 13032104

Bookings Essential. Phone 25 435 or email


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

kidsPAge VIRTUES the gifts within


Tu inangaro/Tu aroa “Thou shalt not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself….” Leviticus 19:18 Love is caring for someone, wanting to be near them, and wanting to share with them. Love is the power of attraction. It is a special feeling that ills your heart. Loving people is treating them with special care and kindness because they mean so much to you. You can show love in a smile, a pleasant way of speaking, a thoughtful act, or a hug. Love is treating other people just as you would like them to treat you – with care and respect. I am practicing love when I … • Treat others as I would want them to treat me • Say kind and loving things • Share my things and myself • Show afection • Express love for the Creator by caring for others • Think loving thoughts I am a loving person. I show my love with thoughtful acts, kind words and affection. I treat others as I want to be treated. I love God and all that God created, including myself.

‘The stoneish and the coconut crab’ On the Kid’s Page this week we feature work from students across many year levels at Avatea School. From thank you letters by Year One students, to reports from their recent trip to the Whale and Wildlife Research Centre for Year Five and Six students, the school shares their creativity with us. Our Trip to the Whale Centre Last week on Thursday room 5 and 6 classes went to the Whale centre because our study for this term is on marine life. When we got there we had lunch. Then nan Hauser and Sheryl took us around and we saw a lot of interesting things. i learned that people kill whales because they want the oil. even Japanese kill whales for the meat. My favourite part of the place was the stoneish. We watched the stoneish eat the little ishes. i enjoyed our field trip. i think that was the best ield trip we ever had. By Jordayn Matutu, Year Five

Whale Centre Trip Last week on Thursday I had a good time. i really liked what nan Hauser told us about what the whale’s name was, how long and if it was female or a male. When we went to the places where all the whale bones were they were so big and heavy. i liked it when she told us about a dead whale and how it died. We saw that one whale had

rubbish in its stomach. it was not nice. i saw a stonefish and more. We saw one whale with some scratches on its back. Then she told us that a turtle had a lot of cigarettes in its stomach. it was sad. Thank you for your hard work. By Kiana Pureau, Year Five

Under a rock On Thursday the 7th of March we visited the Whale and Wildlife Centre. it is located on the back road of Atupa. The Whale and Wildlife Centre is where all the sea creatures are. i went to look inside the Whale and Wildlife Centre. i saw a stonefish and i was shocked to see what it looked like. The stoneish was very still. i couldn’t see its eyes. it looked freaky to me. After the stonefish i went to look at the coconut crab. i couldn’t see it because it was under a rock. it was a big one. But when i went to the other cage i saw it and got scared. After the coconut crab i went to see the ishes. They were really small. They were swimming around the corals. i was trying to see which corals lost its colours. When Sheryl came she showed me the three corals that lost its colours. She told me that the three colours were bright purple, bright orange and bright green. i felt sorry for the corals. When I inish looking at the fishes i went to see the whale bones. People made different things out of whale bones. They

made dice, dominoes, knives, spears and other things. i really enjoyed seeing those. By naomi Teotaiariki, Year Six

Captain Trouble dear Captain Tama, Thank you and Captain Trouble for taking us on your boat. i enjoyed the boat guide and looking for crabs and swimming. From Jeremiah Kaimarama

Coconut crab On Thursday 7th of March room 9 went to visit the Whale and Wildlife Centre. it was located on the back road of Atupa. The things we really enjoyed were the stoneish and the coconut crab.

The stonefish was the best because it opened its mouth to catch its food. We also did not know that it was a stonefish because it looked like a coral. We also saw a coconut crab under its rock, but it was a big one that we all saw. There was also a baby coconut crab under its rock too. The last thing that we did was watch a documentary about a shark and a whale. now i learned that sharks are not endangered. i really enjoyed being in the Whale and Wildlife Centre. By Sharez Makikiriti, Year Six

Stoneish Last Thursday we visited the Whale and Wildlife Centre. it is located on the back of Atupa.

I saw a stoneish but it wasn’t moving. The other things i saw was a big coconut crab and a long eel. i enjoyed listening to Sheryl talking about sharks and whales. She told us that one drop of blood the sharks come straight to you but if you drop sweat it would run away from you. Sharks are scared of humans. I know sharks are ish. i learnt a lot of things at the whale centre. By robert ioaba, Year Six

Captain Tama dear Captain Tama, Thank you and your team for taking us on your boat. i enjoyed watching different ishes and the turtle. i had fun swimming too. From naomi Tereora

Year Six students at Avatea School work together to create a mural featuring marine life, the topic they are studying for the term. 13032207


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

enTerTAinMenT peu TAMATAOrA

Beach Day Out acts announced ACTS FOr good Friday’s Beach

day Out concert have been announced.

Master of ceremonies Henry Ah-Foo Taripo will co-ordinate performances for the eight-

hour event, and will be joined on stage throughout the event by Hidie’s Bar dJ and vocalist

Marama Terekia. Kicking off the event will be local string band Kokosoul,

who are regular performers at the Banana Court garden Bar. Other local artists include Louisa Purea, who was crowned Maine Tiare in 2012, Credence ‘Cre’ Pita who performed at last year’s diva’s in Paradise show, and winner of radio Australia’s Paciic Break competition Jaik Berg. resident Waterline Bar and grill duet Franklihappi will be performing in the afternoon along with acoustic guitar, banjo and harp trio Café Country rock. evening acts include classic rock trio The Presidents, a cameo performance by Kahiki, and reggae, r&B and blues band Boogie & the Knights. Organiser Mark Franklin said that in addition to the set programme for the day, there

is likely to be unplanned performances. “experience has shown that there will be a spontaneous response by the professional musicians performing, and there are bound to be a few special surprises.” The gates open at midday and live performances commence at 1.00.p.m at Safari Tours Beach Site in nikao. People are encouraged to bring a chilli bin and mat for the eight hours of entertainment by the beach. Tickets are $10, and the event is free for children under 12. Those interested in purchasing tickets can contact Sandra at Boogies Burgers on 25640, Claire at The Café on 21283, or Kath at Manuia Beach Hotel on 50340. - BD



e the children of the late

Teupokoina Joseph Taripo

acts for Beach day out include Jaik Berg (left) and Credence ‘Cre’ Pita. 13032244

Spawnbreezie tickets on sale InTERnaTIOnaL reggae star Spawnbreezie is set to rock rarotonga this coming easter weekend and despite his irst rarotonga gig being postponed late last year – local fans are snapping up tickets for the March 28 gig at rehab nightclub. He has toured extensively throughout new Zealand, Australia and Samoa but the Missouri-based artist will be

17 and committed himself to becoming a full time musician. He began with family band ‘Le atalua Breeze Band’ and took on the stage name, Spawn. He left three years later and took the word Breeze from his former band to create his current stage name. Fau has recorded three albums, independent Soldiers, Welcome to Zion and dear Billy.

making his way to rarotonga for the irst time next week. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Spawnbreezie – real name Anapogi Fau, moved to Missouri when he was a week old. The Samoan-born artist has been making music since he was four-years-old, when he first started playing the drums before learning piano and guitar. Fau dropped out of school at

The 25-year-old’s trademark sound, which incorporates island reggae, hip-hop and roots reggae, has proved to be a hit in rarotonga. if you are lucky, today is the last chance you can buy a $20 ticket to the concert as from Monday – tickets will be $30 each. Tickets are available from rehab and 88FM so don’t just think about it – go grab one or call 50796 for more information. - Matariki Wilson

would like to thank our families and friends who shared with us the loss of our dear father. Saint Joseph Catholic Parish Avarua, for our Dads last church service in his favourite worship house. To the Taripo and Turua clan, thank you for your support throughout this time. To our cousins Maria and John Teaurima, Tupuna and Taputu, thank you very much for your endless support to the family. To our mother who made it to Rarotonga in support of your children, meitaki maata. Last but not the least, to our Dads brothers Uncle Mata Andrew Turua and Jacob Pamatatau who were there with us since the day our Dad passed away. Your presence has made us proud of who we are and how much you really cared for our Dad and his children. Thank you very much and we love you all. From all his children

the Weekend crossword ISLAND TIME Spawnbreezie is set to rock rarotonga this weekend so grab your tickets today. 13032235

On Saturday evening join us for our FABULOUS

Island Night with

Superb Feast

Dining 7 - 8.30pm Show starts 8.30pm


terta ight en N d n Isla

featuring delicious local food


a m a r o

YZE til


with TA tainment

Tuesday Island Night features Ta’akoka e t l la


Live ente

Edgewater Resort

- reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentar y Transfers provided from anywhere on the island.

ACROSS 1. ardent devotee (11) 5. Federated States of Micronesia (3) 8. Coalition of special interest groups (6) 10. Its capital is Pago Pago, _ Samoa (8) 11. Male human (3) 13. athlete (9) 14. Window sash (4) 16. type of fish (10) 19. Its capital is South Tarawa (8) 21. restricted to a particular place (5) 23. nZ flightless bird (4) 25. Island state of USA (6) 26A & 3D. Its capital is Honiara (7,7) 27. Inhabitants of Nuku’alofa (7)

DOWN 2. tipani* (11) 3. See 26 across (7) 4. Jeans material (5) 6. Northen Pacific island group (8,7) 7. CI rugby team, Aitutaki _ (6) anSwerS On page 16

9. Island in south east Asia, _-Leste (5) 12. Gateway (5) 15. Charged atom (3) 17. Southern european island (5) 18. Its capital is Suva (4) 19. Cook Islanders (5)

20. Popular Filipino dish (5) 22. World’s most populous country (5) 24. Womens Basketball League (3)

* Maori-English: English-Maori


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303



DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is


1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.





Ngati Tanire (Stanley heather) Family Meeting Time: 6pm Date: 26 Tuesday March 2013 Venue: Akaoa Meeting house Agenda: Land Issues and other matters Your attendance is appreciated. Matoi Rangatira

Deli-licious Cafe, Muri reopened, new owners, SundayFriday, 8am-3.30pm.

Democratic Party Central Committee Meeting All Puna committee members are hereby requested to attend our “monthly meeting” to be held at our Oice in Ruatonga on Tuesday 26th March 2013 at 6.30pm. Agenda: Update on Party issues and Other matters, Akamaroiroi mai te katoatoa. Secretary General.

RUPE SECTION 92h. ARORANGI NOTIcE OF MEETING OF ASSEMBLED OWNERS UNDER PART II OF THE LAND (FAcILITATION OF DEALINGS) ACT 1970 Take notice that a meeting of the assembled owners of the above block will be held in the court Room at Avarua . Rarotonga at lOam on the 27 March 2013 for the purpose of considering amendments to the Deed of Lease doted OB’’’May 1990 between the landowners and Ivan & Nooroa Arkle. All landowners are urged to ofend. Any landowner who would like a copy of the amendments should contact Tepairu Teataiariki. Browne Harvey & Associates P.C. Ph: 24567.

70152 /31021 /1931

The Cook Islands Seabed Minerals Authority (SBMA) invites interested members of the Public to attend a talk by Professor David cronan on “Recent Developments in Marine Minerals”. To be held at the University of the South Paciic on Monday 25 March 2013 at 6pm. All enquiries to SBMA Ph 29193 or 72487.

C.I Golden Oldies AGM Rose Garden- Tepuka Store April 3, 2013 at 5pm President. Toks Haurua.

70083 / /2681

70118 / /1966

70137 /31032 /1931

The Museum at Takamoa (opposite the USP) will be closed from March 25 until April 10 for renovations which are being funded by the government of India. The library will remain open during this period.

70108 / /2275

Bowls Cook Islands Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday 26 March 2013, 5pm at Rarotonga Bowling Club. Note also that Arorangi Bowling club will have their AGM on 20 March 2013 at the home of Iro Rangi & Rarotonga Bowling club will have their AGM on 6 April 2013. Time to be conirmed. Meitaki Maata Anna Kairua Secretary General.

70149 / /1808

AnSWerS to crossword on page 15

69893 / /1855

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 55606



70150 / /1778


Notice is hereby given that the 2013 Annual General Meeting will be held on Date: Monday 25 March 2013 Time: 5pm Venue: National Tennis centre courts, Nikao Agenda: 1.Approval of Minutes of last AGM 2.Adoption of TCI Committee Reports 3.Approval of Accounts for 2012 4.Election of Oicers 5.Appointment of Auditor 6.Notice of Motion/s (if any) 7.Other Business All members and intending members are urged to attend. For further enquiries, please contact Lynne Samuel, Secretary, Phone 27134 or 74072. 70107 / /2483


Major Stocktake Notice

Eye Program The Ministry of Health would like to advise the next Eye Screening Program by Visiting Specialists from New Zealand will be held - April 2nd to 24th 2013 at Rarotonga Hospital and the following outer islands: • Rarotonga April 2 – 24 • Aitutaki April 4 – 5 • Atiu April 8 – 10 • Mangaia April 10 – 12 • Mauke April 12 – 15 • Mitiaro April 15 – 17 Therefore, if you are experiencing or have any of the following eye diseases or symptoms to please phone 22664 for appointment from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. • Poor or partial loss of • Dry eye vision • Squint • Blurry vision • Frequent changes in • Double vision eyeglass strength • Severe eye pain • Proper prescription for • Light or colour sensitive eyeglasses • Diabetes mellitus For any further enquiries relating to the programme, please contact Dr Teariki Faireka and registered Nurse Hiawhata Kapuvai on telephone 22664 Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm. Meitaki maata TUATUA AKAKITE No TE KAToAToA rAVA. TEIA TE POROKARAMU NO TE AKARAKARA ANGA I TE MATA, I ROTO IA APERIRA RA RUA E TAE UATU KITE RA RUA NGAURU MA A. Te anoano nei te Marae Ora o te tua Rapakau Maki, I te akakite atu kite iti Tangata e, ka tae mai te au taote no te rapakau mata no Nu Tireni mai I roto ia Aperira. Teia te Akanooanga. Ka akamata teia porokaramu no te akarakara e te rapakau anga ite maki mata i roto ite ra rua, e tae uatu kite ra rua ngauru ma a o Aperira 2013, ki te Are Maki i Rarotonga nei, e pera katoa ki te au Pa Enua. Teia te au akateretere anga. • rarotonga ra, 2 – 24 o Aperira • Aitutaki ra, 4 – 5 o Aperira • Atiu ra, 8 – 10 o Aperira • Mangaia ra, 10 – 12 o Aperira • Mauke ra, 12 – 15 o Aperira • Mitiaro ra 15 – 17 o Aperira. Te pati iatu nei, me, te kite nei koe I tetai tu paruparu ete kinokino I toou mata, e taniuniu mai ite tereponi 22664 mei te Monite mai ki te Varaire, ora varu i te popongi ki te ora a i te aiai, kia tapao ia tetai taime tau noou ki te Taote. Teia tetai au akamarama anga. Me te kite nei koe I tetai o teia au akairo i runga i toou mata. • Kare e marama roa ana te mata, me kore te poiri atura. • Aveave te mata kare e marama meitaki ana. • Me akara koe I toou tokorua, kua takirua te tanagta ( double vision ) • Mamae kino te mata • Kinokino te mata me marama ia e te mori, me kore ra me marama ia e te ra. • Toto vene toou • Maro ka, me kore, kare e vai mata e tae akaou ana. • Uriuri ua te mata • Maata roa taau taui anga i toou titia mata no te mea kare e tano ana kia koe te vaito, me kore te ririnui o te titia. Me, e, uianga taau no teia porokaramu, e taniuniu atu koe I te taote ia Teariki Faireka e te neti ia Hiawhata Kapuvai i runga i te tereponi 22664, mei te Monite mai ki te Varaire, ora iva i te popongi ki te ora toru i te aiai. Meitaki Maata. 69854

CITC will be undertaking a major stocktake of all its Divisions on Saturday 23 March 2013 therefore the following trading hours will be in efect: CITC Building Centre Closed all day CITC Avarua Close at 12pm (Including CITC Pharmacy)

CITC Liquor Close at 5pm CITC Supermarket Close at 2pm CITC Foodland Close at 2pm CITC Oasis Energy Close at 8pm Sunday 24 March 2013. Re-Open at 1am Monday 25th March 2013. All Divisions will resume normal trading hours on Monday 25th March 2013, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our valued customers.


The Girl Guides Association Cook Islands ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Time: 5pm, Tuesday 26 March 2013, Rakahanga Hostel. The National council would like to invite all members of the Girl Guide organisation to attend our AGM. Agenda -Opening Prayer -Adoption of the Annual Reports & Financial Statement -Election of Oice Bearers -Other Matters -closing Prayer Any enquiries, contact the National Secretary, Mrs Mariake Pirake 57345/22400. 70091 /31016 /1931

AITUTAKI GAME FIShING CLUB Tenders for Refurbishment Project The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation and the Aitutaki Game Fishing Club Incorporated advises that tenders are invited from suitably qualiied tenderers for the following contract for work on the refurbishment of the Aitutaki Game Fishing Club headquarters in Arutanga, Aitutaki. Turnkey Contract No. C01/2012 – Aitutaki Game Fishing Club Refurbishment Project, Arutanga harbour, Aitutaki for the supply, installation of materials and construction of the existing Fishing Club Building. The contract requires the contractor to provide insurances at speciied levels. Suitably qualiied and experienced tenderers should apply to the Aitutaki Game Fishing Club or Cook Islands Tourism for tender documents, including a brief statement of their experience and qualiications. During the tender period any queries regarding the tender document shall be made to: Mr Michael Henry, Chairman, Building Committee, Aitutaki Game Fishing Club in Aitutaki or to Mrs Nane Papa, Executive Assistant, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation in Rarotonga. The tender shall close at 2pm on 28 March 2013 (Cook Islands Time) at the Aitutaki Game Fishing Club headquarters in Arutanga, Aitutaki. 777

The Ministry of Internal Affairs wish to advise that in accordance with the provisions of Section 8 of the Dangerous Goods Act 1984 all current Licensees are required to reapply. Licensees are reminded to contact the Ministry on telephone number 29370 Ext 225 and request for the Form of Application for License to Store Dangerous Goods or email to or rei. Please return completed forms to this Oice in Tupapa. 70115 / /2039

LAND FOR SALE SECTION FOR SALE. 2 x 1/4 acre section for sale . Situated main road Turoa, Titikaveka. Section on lat land, kept cleaned and ready for development . Genuine enquiries only , please email or ph 55422. 69987 / /1726


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News



UIPAANGA TAPERE Ka raveia tetai UIPAANGA TAPERE na tatou katoatoa e noo nei ki roto iakoe te TAPERE AVATIU a te Ruirua ra 26 o teia marama Mati, mataiti 2013, ki ko rai I to tatou Are Uipaanga. Ka akamata ta tatou uipaanga I te ora rima tikai I te aiai (5.00pm). Te manako maata o teia uipaanga Tapere, koia oki no to tatou Metua vaine, te Are Uipaanga e pera te Are Paunu/Clinic o te au mama e ta tatou anau Tamariki meariki. Te pati akaaka iatu nei te katoatoa rava e noo nei I roto I to tatou Tapere, kia tae mai ki teia uipaanga puapinga, kia kite tatou katoatoa I te turanga no to tatou Metua Vaine e pera to tatou Are Paunu me kore te clinic o ta tatou au mama e ta ratou anau Tamariki meariki. Kia Orana I te Aroa takake o to tatou Metua Atua I te Ao. Teia kapikianga, na te Pu Tapere, turuia e nga Pare Uritaua.

2x Rooms For Rent $70 and $100 per week. Each room suitable for one person. Share furnished 2 bedroom house. Phone 78151.

70129 /31029 /1931


Sunday 24 March 2013. Jesus is the Great I Am - which is, and which was and which is to come, the Almighty! (Rev. 1:8). 7.30am - Minister Rebekah Daniel’s children’s program on radio Matariki. 10am - No one too young nor too old for Sunday School ‘The Lord’s Supper’ - Luke 2:26b. 11am - Worship - Preacher: Suffragan Bishop Nikau Tangaroa - fellowship luncheon - Alive for Jesus nationwide radio ministry with Minister Ngatamaine Kamana 1pm - Updating church news with Brother Tangaroa Uea on radio Matariki 2.30pm - Bishop Pere’s Bible lesson and fellowship with brother inmates 4.30pm - The Mystery of Godliness explained on TV ministry Bishop Pere. 7pm - Evening Service with Preachers: Minister Miimetua Tupa & Alex Pere. Aere mai te katoatoa rava! Everyone most welcome! Contact: Bishop Pere 23778/55177 Dial-A-Prayer 26777 Email: 70157 / /1632

‘’ChRIST, the CROSS, and the CRIMINAL’’ An Easter Message by Brian chitty at the New Hope church on Sunday at 10.30am. All Welcome.

70114 /31024 /1931

FOR SALE Blooming Phalaenopsis Orchids $25 per pot Ring 23548, also open on Sunday. 70044 /30959 /1931

Moving Sale- BBQ tables, portable closets/shelves, 3000L water tanks, storage boxes, MX5 sports car, gas heater, s/s shelving. Phone 55222. 70167 /31038 /1931

Tiare Taina. hut 11, Punanga Nui Market. Phone Dora 77681. 70147 /30894 /2541

Taro pai’ Manaura 20 kg bag at $100. Ph 24402 or 75082. 70155 / /2446

Ford Fairlane car parts, motors, tyres, mags, starter motors, others. Phone 78151 or 21575. 70117 /31024 /1931

1x brand new kitchen unit. 1x aluminium pane glass door. 2x aluminium pane glass windows. 4x windows wooden frame. Plastic chairs, sink, wash basin, small vanity and many more. Contact mobile 58561. 70142 / /2546


SUBARU IMPREZA $6000. Phone 56120/25501.

Nissan ‘Presage’ 6 passenger van, low kms, excellent condition. Call Tom/ Mary phone 27030 mornings. 70112 / /2040

KX 125 $4000 ono. Honda Wave $1500 ono. Phone 50141. Yamaha motocross bikes. YZ 250 $5500 ono. WR 250 $3500 ono. Phone 70454.

70064 /30994 /1931

70148 / /1902

Babysitting Service opening soon. Seeking a Full time nanny. Mon-Fri & 1/2 day Saturday. Phone 55 593.

honest, reliable and hard worker required for general work. Current driver’s license essential. Work varied. Contact 75137 after 5pm for more information.

70144 /31035 /1931

70070 /30004 /1931


colin “conan” Munokoa It’s been three years already since you’ve been away and even though we believe you are in much better place It does not mean the pain of losing you has been easy to deal with We miss you every day and I especially wish you were around to see certain changes our grand nieces and nephews speak your name as if they have met you you would have loved driving them around on your green pick-up With God’s grace and love - Time does help heal the pain as you’ve been away three years – we also remember our little sister who has now been gone thirty years whom I’m sure you have in your arms. forever in our hearts and cherished memories. We Love you – from Mum & Dad, Mii & Tea, Martha & Aka, Macan and all your nieces & nephews and all grand- nieces & nephews with a very special one from Colin bubs

BatesepaGiseleMunokoa youweresuddenlytakennot longafteryoursixthbirthday andthatwasthirtyyearsago funnythingwithtime–though it does help heal the pain Thememoriesofyoustillfresh 2013 ry a ru b as if it was yesterday e f 24 fromafuncampoutinthebighouse’scarporttofootsteps to school that was never completed Timestandsverystillwhenalifesoyounggetstaken…. and re-starts with only cherished memories youhavealwaysandwillcontinuetobeourheartsforever. We love and miss you, from Mum & Dad, Mii & Tea, Martha & Aka, Macan and all your nieces & nephews and all the grand- nieces & nephews. A special one from your Mama Teretina


Southpac Trust Limited is looking to employ an accountant with CA or ACA (or equivalent) qualiications. They should have had at least three years experience in auditing, chartered accountancy or management accounting. The role will be as Accountant to Southpac and will include management accounting, working on accounting & systems projects and client accounting. It is a varied and interesting role. To apply for this position please email your CV to Applications close 30 March 2013. 69839

Marine Park Project Manager

69882 /30465 /1839

3 bedroom house in Nikao. Available now to 6 December 2013. Please ring 50504.

GENERAL MANAGER Rarocars is looking to employ a suitably qualiied General Manager. This is a career position and speciic experience in the vehicle business is preferred but not essential. The ability to manage staf fairly but irmly and also the ability to deal with customers at all levels will be required as part of the job. Also a determined efort to meet budgeted sales igures will be expected thru the use of efective advertising on TV, newspaper and radio. Email CV to or phone Ray 22060.


70128 /312530 /1931

70109 /31022 /1931

69989 / /1723

70127 /31028 /1931

2 bedroom house, fully furnished, Nikao. Phone 76774.

2 bedroom house, furnished, Tupapa, $250 per week. Phone 29712.

Concrete Systems Ltd is looking to employ a concrete Batching Manager. Previous experience preferred. Must have current heavy duty vehicle license. Experience with heavy plant and equipment an advantage. Phone 21375 for an interview.

Storeman/General hands Looking for honest, reliable, can do attitude, team players. Work is varied. A Current Drivers/Forklift License would be an advantage. An application form is available from our oice at Avatiu Harbour.

Yamaha Cygnus $900. Good condition, runs great. New parts. Current WOF and rego. 74568

Cook Islands National Rugby 7’s Team - Women’s Position(s) vacant - Head coach only. cook Islands Rugby Union are seeking a suitably qualiied person for the above position. They will be responsible for preparing our National Womens 7’s team for the Oceania 7’s Tournament to be held in Fiji in August 2013. Applications should be in writing stating relevant background and addressed to: The President cIRU PO Box 898 Rarotonga Or via email cirugby@rugby. Applications close Saturday 23 March 2013 @ 4pm.


69994 /30924 /1773


70134 / /2061

70090 /31012 /1931

69813 / /2567

68443 / /2655

Wanting an experienced lorist. Please Phone 20205 for more information. Thank you very much.

Tukis Retail sales assistants required. Reliable, honest. Phone Tasha 25537.



Delicious cakes for all occasions. Reasonable prices. Phone Fern 29015, 77555.

70143 / /1648


69825 /30828 /1931

has your drinking got out of control? Call 55606.

69896 /28083 /1744

OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR We are looking for a mature person with great organisation skills and leadership qualities to manage our team of car detailers, supervise the movement of our leet between depots, retain service records for the leet and ensure that vehicles are well maintained at all times. You must be available to work in the weekends, have a clean current driver’s license for both a motorbike and a car. customer care is an integral part of our business and especially in upholding the Avis international standards. We are looking for a team leader with excellent communication skills and a can do attitude. Please call Winton on Ph 55006 or Michelle on Ph 55175 to register your interest.

69990 / /2371

70116 / /1733

Self Storage Raro U Store it!! -Secure & Private -Short or Long term -For oice, Shop or Home Storage Phone 22188 or 26189. Email


Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) is a non-proit, membershipbased environment organisation. TIS core functions are biodiversity conservation, ecologically sustainable development, waste management, greening the economy, and environmental education of youth. TIS has been given the directive to manage a marine park project on behalf of the Cook Islands Marine Park Steering Committee and are in need of a Marine Park Manager to co-ordinate marine park activities within this project. Applicants must have: - A tertiary qualiication in the ield of marine conservation and biodiversity management preferably at a postgraduate level, or exceptional relevant experience. - Experience managing staf and consultants. - Project management experience. - Excellent time management and reporting skills. - Demonstrated fundraising ability. - Advanced conlict resolution skills. - Excellent relationship management skills. - Demonstrate awareness of Cook Islands culture. For a full position description and application details write to, or visit www. . Interested applicants should address selection criteria in their covering letter and attach their CV. Applications close 3 April 2013. TIS Executive recruitment subcommittee.

Communications Co-ordinator Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) is a non-proit, membershipbased environment organisation. TIS core functions are biodiversity conservation, ecologically sustainable development, waste management, greening the economy, and environmental education of youth. TIS has been given the directive to manage a Marine Park project on behalf of the Cook Islands Marine Park Steering Committee and are in need of a Communications Coordinator to develop and implement the CIMP Communications Strategy. Applicants must have: - A relevant tertiary qualiication, or exceptional relevant experience - Excellent verbal and written communication skills - Proven research ability - Established regional/global media networks - Reporting skills and database management - Excellent relationship management skills - Extensive public relations and media engagement experience - Experience facilitating press conferences, meetings and workshops - Advanced social media knowledge - Experience maintaining websites - Demonstrate awareness of Cook Islands culture and customs For a full position description and application details write to, or visit www. . Interested applicants should address selection criteria in their covering letter and attach their CV. Applications close 03 April 2013.

oveRseas adveRtising We can place your message in newspapers around the world. We will get quotes for classified advertisements and pre-billing. Contact our advertising department phone 22999 email:


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News


TAURANGA VANANGA The Ministry of Cultural Development

TE MIRE ‘ATU 2012 AKAMEITAKIANGA – APPRECIATION NOTICE Kia orana, n behalf of the Minister of Cultural Development, the Hon Teariki Heather, Secretary Mr Sonny Williams, the Organising Committee and all the Staff of the Ministry of Cultural Development, I extend our sincere appreciation and a big MEITAKI MAATA for your support to Te Mire At’u 2013. Congratulations to our talented Composers that entered their compositions, and not forgetting your singers that delivered the message through the use of our meaningful Maori words and phrases, combined and supported with music for all to appreciate. Like past Composers of Te Mire At’u, you have once again proven through your compositions that the richness of our Reo Maori is still very much alive today. To the Judges of the Mire At’u 2013 thank you once again for the not so easy task of been selected to be judging the top 9 compositions of the 2013 Composers Competition. To the Main, Support, Special Awards and Trophy Sponsors of the 2013 Mire At’u, Meitaki maata for your never ending support of this prestigious event, and with your continuous support every year gives our composers the faith to showcase their composing talents through songs, including the appreciation from our own Cook Islands people overseas. The Master of Ceremony, and the Script readers , The Technical Crew, Security Staff, and most of all the Public and everyone else for your involvement and participation in the success of this year’s Te Mire Atu 2013 National Composers Competition. TE TARENI AT’U IMENE KUKI AIRANI, KIA TEITEI UATU RAI. MEITAKI MAATA E KIA MANUIA Robert Ioaba Manager: National Auditorium and Events.


If you are skilled in the art of customer service, join the team at BCI as the:

MANAGER – CUSTOMER SERVICE & MARKETING Reporting to the Managing Director, you will be part of BCIs Management team responsible for ensuring we understand and respond to our clients needs by offering the best possible mix of banking solutions and benefits, take charge of targeted campaigns and promote successful community relationships. You will ensure your team delivers a responsive and first class service to our clients, primarily at the Rarotonga branch, whilst managing an efficient cash holding, general service and marketing support to all parts of the BCI network all the while upholding the rules and regulations of our business and legal environment. In your covering letter tell us why your customer service deserves the tick of Excellence! Then enclose your CV with References to: Vaine Nooana-Arioka, PO Box 113 Rarotonga Or email By 3pm Thursday 11th April 2013. A copy of the Job Description can also be obtained via the above email.

BcI house, Maire nui drive, Po Box 113, rarotonga, cook Islands Tel: (682) 29341 fax: (682) 29343 Email: Website:

What will YOU be talking about today? “ Where the conversation begins.”
















OPENING HOURS Mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-2pm

Check us out on ST JOSEPH RD, AVARUA. Ph 22259.







Minted Lamb, Smoked Fish, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken & Vegie



Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

Flight Times | Voyage details FROM ARRIVES

International Flights

SAturdAy mArch 23 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM NZ60/47 SyD 5.30AM NZ18 AKL 10.30PM suNdAy mArch 24 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM NZ46/45 AKL 4.15PM




1.05AM 6.45AM 11.59PM


1.05AM 5.30PM

RARO TO ARR SAturdAy mArch 23 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 1100 ATIU 1145 suNdAy mArch 24

air Rarotonga


1230 1730



1320 1820




0910 1140 1640 1910 1205


1000 1230 1730 2000 1250

1340 1840


1420 1930



OLOMANA 012 - ETD AUCK 06/04, ETA RARO 13/04, ETA AITUTAKI 15/04


text us on

or call us at Cook islands news


Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Friday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible

Humidity SaT




By Dik Browne


By Lee Falk & Sy Barry










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

Rarotonga Saturday, March 23, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Saturday


Situation: An easterly wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. A trough of low pressure lies within the vicinity of Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Fine. For Rarotonga: Fine. Further outlook: Fine. For the Northern Cooks: Occasional showers and few thunderstorms about and west of Pukapuka and Suwarrow. Elsewhere, ine apart from brief showers. Tomorrow: Some showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers.







Answer to Friday’s puzzle

Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga

OLOMANA 011 - ETD AUCK 16/03, ETA RARO 23/03, ETA AITUTAKI 25/03



Weather Forecast to Midnight


SaT High 6.17AM 0.74M 6.48PM 0.80M


0.6M SW

Low 12.04AM 0.46M 12.29PM 0.48M

0.5M n


Sun High 7.20AM 0.78M 7.50PM 0.82M



1.08AM 0.45M 1.34PM 0.45M


Sun, Moon & arapo

E 06kts new Moon APR 10 9.36 PM

First Quarter APR 18 12.32PM

Full Moon MAR 27 9.28AM

Sunshine hours

third Quarter APR 3 4.37AM


ArAPo - uA sat 23 TAUTAI (Fishing)

tanu (Planting) Tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night.





Sun rise

Po ika i te maiata. Maroro tu. Fish at dawn. Good for lying ish.

6.46AM 6.46AM

Front Key:




0.6M e


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Saturday, March 23, 2013 Sun Set 6.49PM

Moon rise 4.23PM Moon Set 3.25AM Sun rise

0.6M SW

Sun Set 6.48PM

Moon rise 5.02PM Moon Set 4.19AM


28° E 06kts


27° E 05kts


26° E 07kts


26° E 07kts


28° sE 05kts


26° E 07kts


Saturday, March 23, 2013 cook Islands News

full Hong Kong sevens coverage




Netball training squad named A Wider squad of 28 netball

players have been selected to train on and prepare for upcoming international ixtures. The pool of talented Cook islands netball players from Australia, new Zealand and rarotonga is where national selectors will pick the inal national squad from and those that don’t make the national team this time round – will be kept on the list and in training for future events. The first up event for the Cook Islands will be the Paciic netball Series in Samoa in June. The event seconds at the netball qualifier for the Commonwealth games in glasgow next year. Head coach Mii Maui, assistant coach Margharet Matenga and high performance chairperson Lyn Hagai were all impressed with the high calibre of players that turned out to the trials in new Zealand and rarotonga. According to netball Cook islands chief executive officer Louis Enoka – the training squad are expected to come together on rarotonga in midapril for the inal trial where a squad of 15 will be selected to attend the Paciic netball Series

in Samoa. The long list of 28 players will also enable netball Cook islands to have a pool of players to further develop and select from for future events. The 28 strong netball training squad includes – Ashley iro (rarotonga-nZ/University student), Mireille Winchester (rarotonga), June george (rarotonga), grace raea (rarotonga), Curly Taripo (rarotonga), Alexandria ‘Sebon’ nicholas (rarotonga), Luciana Matenga (Rarotonga), nana Manuela (rarotonga), Jamie gotty (rarotonga), Antonina Browne (rarotonga), Alanna Smith (rarotonga-nZ University student), Teiva Maui (rarotonga-darwin), natalia Short (rarotonga-epsom), eri Short (rarotonga-epsom), rima Moekaa (rarotonga), Marii Kaukura (rarotonga), rochelle Topui (rarotonga), Cathy Wade (rarotonga), Jessica Hough (new Zealand), Tatiana Hirovanaa (new Zealand), Alisha Teariki (new Zealand), eleanor Crombie (Australia-Brisbane), Claresta Andrew (AustraliaBrisbane), ernestina BonsoMaro (new Zealand), Margaret nena (new Zealand), Patti Tehuna (new Zealand), Lenae Tiaiti (new Zealand), Tetania Oaariki

(new Zealand). netball Cook islands is also pleased to announce that national sportswoman Julianne

Westrupp has been selected as the team manager for the national squad. All squad players named are

asked to be present at a meeting at the netball Cook islands ofice in nikao at 7pm on Monday, March 25.

For further enquiries contact the netball Cook Islands ofice on 22840 or 54243. - Matariki Wilson

Talented netballer Ashley Iro has been named in a wider squad of 28 netball players to train for future international ixtures.


Women’s tri time

2 main games today

MAnA VAine will be on display today at the 8th annual island Car & Bike Hire Women’s Triathlon at the Tikioki tri-site. A 400m swim, 16km cycle and 4km run course is on offer in today’s ever-popular event with more and more women tackling this course either individually or in a team of 2 or 3. it started out in 2006 with 18 individuals and 6 teams, with the best year so far, being 2010 with 25 individuals and 18 teams. All teams are reminded to assemble at the Tikioki triathlon site by 1pm for final prepara-

THe TWO premier grade league

tions before the race gets underway at 2pm. CiTAi reminds athletes that helmets are compulsory, and for other safety reasons, no headphones are allowed on the cycle or run, and it is advised that swimwear not be loose cotton shirts as this can hinder a swimmer. Kayaks will also be present on the swim course. Another great thing about this event is that the men do all the work and all are encouraged to get along to the tri site and cheer on the ladies taking on the triathlon challenge. - CITA

MVR BILL PAY anZ & Westpac customers registered for Internet Banking, can pay for your Motor Vehicle annual License via


matches today are both worthy of main game status as the Tupapa Panthers head west to take on the Arorangi Bears while Avatiu eels will head to nukupure Park to take on the ngatangiia Sea eagles. A mixture of age grade matches from the six clubs on rarotonga will feature at both venues with the under 12 age grade games kicking things off at 12pm at both nukupure and raemaru Park. get out and support your club. - Matariki Wilson Saturday at Raemaru Park, Bears

today is all about toa vaine for the women’s triathlon.


vs Panthers –12.00pm-Under 12 Bears vs Panthers, ref-K.iro assisted by Club Oicials, 1pm-Under 16 Eels

vs Panthers, ref-J.Hosking assisted by Club Oicials, 2pm-Under 19 Bears vs Warriors, ref-T.Tuakana assisted by J.Hosking/K.Kopu, 3.30pm-reserves Bears vs eels, ref-n.Tou assisted by K.Kopu/J.Whitta, 5pm-Premiers Bears vs Panthers, ref-T.Manea assisted by T.Tuakana/J.Whitta, (Sub Oficial-n. Tou). Saturday at Nukupure Park, Sea eagles vs eels –12.00pm-Under 12 Sea eagles vs Bulldogs, ref-club coaches assisted by club oficials, 1pm-Under 14 Sea eagles vs Bulldogs, ref-P.Mitchell assisted by S.Teiotu/J.Murray, 2pmUnder 14 eels vs Bears, ref-J.Murray assisted by Club Officials, 3pm-Under 19 Bulldogs vs Panthers, ref-M. Une assisted by B.Bishop/T.Benioni, 4.30pm-Premiers Sea eagles vs eels, ref-A.emile assisted by P.ngaroi/S. Teiotu, (Sub Oficial-B.Bishop).


from 11-14 March, 18 - 21 March & 25 - 27 March, BcI rarotonga will extend its closing time to 6pm to transact Motor Vehicle annual licence renewals onLy.

GET YOUR VEHICLE REGISTERED TODAY! BCI House, Maire Nui Drive, PO Box 113, Rarotonga, Cook Islands Tel: (682) 29341 Fax: (682) 29343 Email: Website:

Saturday 23 March  

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