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Te reo o te KUKI AIRANI

$2 Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Future for youth discussed Organisers of a community

meeting at the Pukapuka hostel on Thursday night are pleased with the turnout. about 70 people showed up, both Maori and papaa, but all had a common purpose for giving up their evening–to improve the community they live in. The crowd, which included the prime minister, heard from a number of people involved in Future for Youth initiatives. Cook islands Police senior sergeant rebecca Hosking-ellis presented rarotonga’s crime statistics for this year. There were 18 incidents of unlawful taking reported to police in January and nine in February –ellis said these decreased as police were apprehending known young offenders. There were 11 burglaries, eight motor vehicle conversions and ive thefts in January and 15 burglaries, nine motor vehicle conversions and seven thefts in February.

For more statistics, the public can go to the Central Police station the first Tuesday of every month for a presentation on monthly crime. ellis also spoke on behalf of Blue Light programme organiser Danny Vakaroa, who was off the island. The drug, alcohol and violence-free programme encourages relationships between parents, children, police and community. Those involved want to raise self-esteem in young people. a current focus is the job market–pairing those who are experienced with CV writing and job interview advice with those who are not. Blue Light organisers hope big Cook islands businesses will sponsor the new venture in order for employees and employers to connect better. secretary of education sharyn Paio said she has been in education for 35 years and while the

children aren’t any different, the environment and parenting has changed. “Parents are punishing their kids for their faults as parents. Youth don’t become disengaged once they hit a certain age. Parents–you should know where your kids are 24/7.” Youth at risk are those who disengage from school and are old enough to leave and get jobs, she said. The education Ministry wants to focus on skill development for self-suficiency. Tereora College principal Bali Haque said there is a global trend of children dropping out of school and becoming at risk through the break-up of community structures. it is important for the education system to track where children are once they leave school, so more research can be done into what they have achieved, he said. While those students who know they want to go to university are focused, others need a

vocational pathway to become excited about. “if we can’t get them interested in learning, they’re going to end up on the streets.” Haque also thinks social skills must be worked on “so we can catch them before it’s too late”. Tereora councillor Thomas Wynn pointed out the majority of children are “fantastic” and a pleasure to teach. “But a growing number of kids are falling by the wayside.” He said community intervention is the answer to picking these young people up again. “everyone can play a small part to solve the problem.” This sentiment was backed up by nZ High Commissioner John Carter. “The thing i learnt in my life–politicians can do their part, the police can do their part, but we need community involvement if it’s going to actually work.” Other speakers included Community safety advisory Council

Tereora College councillor Thomas Wynn said community involvement will help kids falling by the wayside. 13031814 chair Bishop Tutai Pere and Titikaveka grower Teava iro. a newly set up Future for Youth committee will meet and

discuss the outcomes of this community meeting, and decide what the next step will be. - Calida Smylie

Woman jailed for drink driving a WOMan who crashed her motorbike on Christmas eve in what the judge termed extremely foolish behaviour was sent to prison on Friday. at 9pm on December 24 a motor vehicle crash at arorangi was reported to police. Tungane raeina had been drinking with friends and then decided to drive home. she lost control of her motorbike and collided into two parked motorcycles near a

bridge. The victims, whose bikes were damaged, were sitting on the bridge rails and flipped backwards to avoid being hit. Their legs got minor injuries in the impact. raeina told police she could not remember crashing but had drank about eight cans of Woodstock before driving. she had 261 mg of alcohol per litre of blood. The legal limit is 80mg. Prosecution recommended

raeina, who works at CiTC supermarket, serve 12 months’ probation with six months on community service plus bike repair and medical costs. Defence lawyer Wilkie rasmussen also recommended probation, community service, and reparation. Rasmussen said it was dificult to make pleas in mitigation given the circumstances, apart from mentioning her good personal character and early

guilty plea. He said raeina is remorseful and her injury will infinitely remind her of her mistake. The defendant’s face was injured and now bears scars. rasmussen said the quotes for bike damage seem excessive and the usual government practice is to get three quotes. Justice Hugh Williams said driving while over three times the legal limit was “extremely foolish behaviour”.

H e n o t e d t h a t h a l f wa y through raeina’s drinking session her partner had remonstrated with her to stop drinking and come home but she ignored him and kept drinking. The outcome could have been much worse should she have hit the two men sitting on the bridge, said Williams. “Fortunately they were quick witted enough to throw themselves over the bridge and onto the verge and received only mi-

nor cuts and bruises.” raeina was sentenced to one month in prison and on her release must serve 12 months’ probation. she was disqualified from driving for 24 months and must pay $150 medical costs plus court costs. she must also pay $2074 to one victim and $1075 to the other for the damage to their motorbikes. - Calida Smylie

Police ordered to return seized cash an application to get money

and documents seized in a police raid returned was successful in the High Court yesterday. gene Hunter applied to the courts to have $9240 plus aU$100 taken by police from his home and business on October 17 last year. Police suspected the money to

be proceeds from drugs sales and took it as evidence. Bank statements, balance and cheque books relating to Hunter and his partner’s clothing business in ngatangiia were also taken. On september 27 last year a cannabis cultivation charge was laid against Hunter. Police found more than 60

cannabis plants growing in containers behind his house. On January 24 this year he was also charged with possessing cannabis for supply. Hunter has pleaded not guilty to both charges–a date has not yet been set for his trial by jury but it is likely to be later this year. There were not enough grounds for Crown to keep the


money on the cultivation charge because it is outside the threemonth time limit, although there are grounds on the cannabis possession charge. But they consented to the application on good faith, said Crown lawyer Cheryl King. The police have photographs of the money and documents and Hunter’s lawyer norman

george said his client would have no problem with these being used at trial. in his submission, george referred to money going missing from the police station. in august, it came to light that property in police custody over the value of $20,000 had been stolen by officers from the national police headquarters. The

crime is still unsolved. an iPhone and hard-drive were also seized but as these were not in the original application and it was not known whether prosecution would still need this evidence, return of these items was adjourned to a later date. Justice Hugh Williams granted the application for cash and documents - CS to be returned. Ph 24979




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Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWs nuti no Teia nei aO Nazi salute earns life ban GREEK soccer player Giorgos Katidis has been banned from his national team for life after giving a Nazi salute while celebrating a goal. Greece’s soccer federation said in a statement that the AEK Athens midielder’s gesture “is a deep insult to all victims of Nazi brutality.” The 20-year-old Katidis gave a Nazi salute after scoring the winning goal on Saturday in AEK’s 2-1 victory over Veria in the Greek league. Katidis has pleaded ignorance of the meaning of his gesture – right arm extended and hand straightened – and did not relate it to the Nazis. He claimed on his Twitter account that he detests fascism.

Pope given the hard word Argentine president asks for papal support in Falkland Island dispute BUenOs aires – argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner says she has asked for the new pope’s intervention in the Falklands dispute between her country and Britain. Visiting the Vatican, Fernandez de Kirchner said she had asked the pope to promote dialogue between the two sides. argentine Pope Francis was elected last week and will be formally installed as pontiff at a Mass on Tuesday. in the past he has said the Falkland islands, a UK overseas territory, belong to argentina. Before Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected, the

world BrieFs PRISONERS ESCAPE UP ROPE TO HELICOPTER caNada – Two inmates have made a daring escape from a prison in canada by climbing up a rope into a hovering helicopter. Oicials at the St. Jerome prison, near Montreal, said the inmates triggered a massive manhunt. Police later arrested one of the prisoners and two other men. The second escapee was detained several hours later. Both were reportedly injured during the escape from the prison. The helicopter was also found, and the pilot is now being questioned. The helicopter – which was found some 85km away from the prison – was reportedly hijacked from a tour company. The St. Jerome facility was a scene of a small riot last month. Police had to use pepper spray to quell inmates.

TOURIST DEPORTED OVER BUDDHA TATTOO SRI LANKA – A British tourist is “shocked and upset” after being deported from Sri Lanka for displaying a Buddha tattoo on his arm, he says. Antony Ratclife, 42, from Nottingham, was turned back at colombo’s main airport on Friday for allegedly showing a lack of respect for Buddhism. The authorities are tough on perceived insults to Buddhism – the religion of the island’s majority ethnic Sinhalese. But Mr Ratclife says the “inofensive” body art was meant as a tribute. Despite having a valid two-day tourist visa, Ratclife said he was frogmarched to a detention area after immigration oicials spotted the Buddha’s head tattoo poking out from the sleeve of his T-shirt.

NADAL STORMING BACK FROM INJURY USA –Tennis star Rafael Nadal has continued his stunning return to action with victory over Juan Martin del Potro in the inal of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. The Spaniard, playing his irst hard-court tournament in a year following a knee injury, won 4-6 6-3 6-4. He adds Indian Wells to the clay-court titles he won in Brazil and Mexico since his comeback in February. He heads back to Europe having surpassed all expectations, ending the irst stage of his comeback with victory in one of the biggest hard-court tournaments in tennis, which featured all the world’s leading players. “It’s probably one of the most emotional victories of my career,” said Nadal.

CHAVEZ’S BODY AT MILITARY MUSEUM VENEzUELA – The body of Hugo Chavez has been laid to rest at a military museum in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. Chavez, who led Venezuela for 14 years, died of cancer last week. Thousands of people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the hearse as it carried his coin from the military academy where it laid in state for 10 days. Many of his supporters were wearing red, the colour of Chavez’s political movement. Religious and political ceremonies were held at the military museum, attended by Chavez’s chosen successor Nicolas Maduro. The country’s Information Minister, Ernesto Villegas, said the government had dropped plans to embalm chavez for permanent display.

76-year-old was archbishop of Buenos aires. relations between him, the current president, and her late husband and predecessor as president, nestor Kirchner, were tense. “i asked for his intervention to avoid problems that could emerge from the militarisation of great Britain in the south atlantic,” Fernandez told reporters after a twenty minute meeting and lunch with the Pope. “We want a dialogue and that’s why we asked the pope to intervene so that the dialogue is successful.” There has been no word yet as to how the pope responded to the appeal. in a referendum held a week ago, people in the Falkland islands voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining a UK overseas territory. at a mass last year, Cardinal Bergoglio told argentine veterans of the Falklands War: “We come to pray for all who have fallen, sons of the Homeland who went out to defend their mother, the Homeland, and to reclaim what is theirs.” British Prime Minister David Cameron said last week that he “respectfully” disagreed with the view expressed in the past by Pope Francis that the Falkland islands had been “usurped” by the UK. Fernandez de Kirchner is the irst head of state the new pope has met. The two also kissed, and she remarked afterwards: “never in my life has a pope kissed me!’’ she earlier gave a muted welcome to Bergoglio’s election. The two have clashed in the past, especially over social reforms promoted by her and her late husband. she once referred to him as the “head of the opposition”. Last year, the cardinal said argentina was being harmed by demagoguery, totalitarianism, corruption and efforts to secure unlimited power. - BBC

Pope Francis welcomes Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to the Vatican where he was asked to intervene in the ongoing Falkland islands dispute between argentina and Britain. AFP

Resistant lu virus fears

MeLBOUrne – australian experts are concerned about the threat of a new type of drugresistant pandemic flu that is circulating in the population. The swine flu strain has learned how to dodge the antiviral Tamilu and, though rare, is emerging outside of hospitals. The team who have studied it say the virus is “fitter” than other drug-resistant strains and the world should be on alert for outbreaks. UK experts say they have seen

a handful of similar cases. The UK’s Health Protection agency said it would be closely monitoring the situation. The australian investigators presented their findings at a meeting on major infectious diseases. Lead investigator Dr aeron Hurt, from the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for reference and research on influenza in Melbourne, said: “The greatest concern is that these resistant

viruses could spread globally, similar to that seen in 2008 when the former seasonal H1n1 virus developed oseltamivir resistance and spread worldwide in less than 12 months.” The new strain that they have been examining is emerging among people who have never been treated with Tamilu, suggesting it is very good at spreading from person to person. Dr Hurt says animal studies by his team conirm this. - BBC

Now it’s 13,000 dead pigs s Hang Hai – The number

of dead pigs found in a river running through China’s commercial hub shanghai has now reached more than 13,000, as mystery deepens over the dead hogs’ precise origin. shanghai had pulled 9,460 pigs out of the Huangpu river, which supplies 22 per cent of the city’s drinking water, since the infestation began earlier this month, the shanghai Daily reported. The official Xinhua

news agency said on Monday another 3,601 dead animals had been recovered. shanghai has blamed farmers in Jiaxing in neighbouring Zhejiang province for dumping pigs which died of disease into the river upstream. The Jiaxing government has said the area is not the sole source of the carcasses, adding it had found only one producer that could be held responsible. shanghai said it had checked

farms in its southwestern district of songjiang, where the pigs were first detected, but found they were not to blame. The scandal has spotlighted China’s troubles with food safety, adding the country’s most popular meat to a growing list of food items rocked by controversy. The thousands of dead pigs have drawn attention to China’s poorly regulated farm production. - AAP

Elephant trackers

SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE’S TALLEST BUILDING AUSTRALIA – The state government in Victoria has given the go-ahead for what will be the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. The 108-storey hotel and apartment building is planned for Melbourne’s Southbank area. At 388 metres it will outsoar the country’s current tallest building, the 323-metre Q1 residential tower on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Architect Nonda Katsalidis said the new building will look spectacular. “The hotel at the top is designed as a starburst,” he says. “We took the inspiration from the stars on the Australian lag.”

Today’s Daily Bread Therefore put on the full armour of god, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

Matthew 7:21-29 read:read: ephesians 6:13-21

Text: Matthew Text:7:26 Verse 13

A ground crew take data and it a tracking collar to a wild elephant after it was darted by Kenya Wildlife Services in Amboseli national Park. The exercise has cost us$100,000 and will monitor six elephants for 20 months in order to ascertain migratory routes and other data. There are currently 60 collared elephants in Kenya of a total national elephant population of around 37,000. AFP


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

Frozen gas must be left in the ground LOnDOn – Japan’s ‘frozen gas’

is worthless if we really want to take climate change seriously. This is the opinion of english investigative writer, george Monbiot, known for his environmental activism. Like all nations extending the fossil fuel frontier, Japan is adding to the mountain of fossil fuels the nations of earth cannot responsibly burn, he says. “There’s only one way of knowing whether or not governments are serious about climate change – have they decided to leave most of their fossil fuel reserves in the ground? “We have already discovered far more carbon than we can afford to burn if we are not to commit the world to very dangerous levels of heating. “Only if most of it – fourfifths according to a detailed estimate – is left where it sits is there a good chance of preventing more than 2°C of global warming,” Monbiot, a zoology graduate, writes in a regular environmental blog on the UK guardian newspaper website. “Forgive me if you’ve heard me say this many times before. But it is the only point that is really worth making. “it doesn’t matter how many wind turbines you build, or energy-saving light bulbs you install, or more economical cars you manufacture – unless most of our fossil fuel reserves are declared off-limits they will, sooner or later, be extracted and burned. “The question of whether it is sooner or whether it is later makes little difference. We have already identiied more underground carbon than we can afford to burn between now and the year 3000. “Far from agreeing to leave existing fossil fuel reserves in the ground, governments and

‘if governments intended to curb greenhouse gas emissions, there would be no point in developing this new source of fuel.’ corporations are spending hundreds of billions prospecting for new reserves, and inding ways to extract ever more exotic forms of buried carbon. every time they succeed, press reports gush like a Texan oil well in the 1920s,” Monbiot writes. “This mindless enthusiasm has now greeted the Japanese government’s announcement that it has successfully extracted natural gas from methane hydrates – otherwise known as clathrates – buried under the bed of the sea.” Clathrates are composed of a frozen matrix of water and gas with a texture is rather like a sorbet. They are super-concentrated. a cubic metre of clathrate contains 164 times as much methane as a cubic metre of methane gas. The great majority (99 per cent) are found beneath the sea bed, according to the Us geological survey. even the most conservative estimates conclude that about 1,000 times more methane is trapped in hydrates than is consumed annually worldwide to meet energy needs, the survey says. Only a small proportion of this resource is exploitable. even so, that small proportion could greatly augment the volume of fossil fuel reserves we cannot afford to burn. Monbiot argues: “if govern-

ments intended to curb greenhouse gas emissions, there would be no point in developing this new source of fuel. “Their attempts to exploit it reinforce the perception that they have no intention of preventing climate breakdown.” The Us geological survey warns that clathrates could contribute signiicantly to climate change. Yet it also boasts that the “irst goal” of its clathrates project “is to contribute to research that may lead to the development of gas hydrates as a potential energy source. “They know what they’re doing, and they don’t care,” Monbiot writes. apparently, the world has felt

the impact of a methane-sorbet melt before. During the palaeocene eocene thermal maximum, 55 million years ago, temperatures rose by around 6°C. This happened much more slowly than man-made climate change is happening today – it took 20,000 years – but it was fast enough radically to alter the world’s ecosystems, catalyzing both mass extinctions and new speciation. There is evidence to suggest that much of this warming was driven by the release of gas from methane hydrates. This may have been the result of positive feedback – as the seas warmed, the clathrates began to destabilise and melt, causing further

LOnDOn – Obese cardiac patients are less likely to die early than their normal weight counterparts, say researchers. This is despite them reporting worse health and being less likely to follow lifestyle advice, a study of more than 4,400 patients reported. One explanation is that doctors treat the disease more aggressively, the University College London team said. The British Heart Foundation also said that where people stored fat, not just general obesity, was important. It is not the irst time researchers have pointed out this paradox, that being overweight or obese – a risk factor for heart disease in itself – can actually lead to a better prognosis. One theory has been that maybe such patients were itter, despite their size – taking more exercise for example. To see if this was the case, researchers from University College London looked at data

‘We do know that the thing that absolutely works is exercise – that dramatically reduces risk even though you don’t necessarily lose weight.’ from patients who took part in the Health survey for england or scottish Health survey. They found that, as with other studies, patients with cardiovascular disease who were obese or overweight were less likely to die over the next seven years than people of a normal weight who had the condition. in all 31 per cent of patients were obese – that is with a body mass index of 30 or more – they reported in Preventive Medicine. Those patients tended to be

gas from methane hydrates buried beneath the deep sea. if it happens within this century, it will be the result not of global warming but of the process the Japanese government has now pioneered – extracting gas in order to burn it. Monbiot says: “Like all the nations which continue to extend the fossil fuel frontier (such as Britain, where companies intend to start producing gas through fracking) Japan is adding to the mountain of fossil fuels we cannot responsibly burn. “The brave new technology it has developed, now lauded in the media, would be worthless in a world that took climate change seriously. - The Guardian

Melon masterpiece

Here’s your next party trick. An Indian chef demonstrates his skills in the sculpture of a watermelon lower during a fruit and vegetable carving competition in new delhi this week. AFP

Obesity paradox revealed Overweight people less likely to die from heart attacks studies show

warming. “Could this happen again, as a result of man-made climate change?” Monbiot asks. “not in our lifetimes. While the much smaller volume of methane hydrate locked up in the permafrost beneath shallow arctic seas could be vulnerable – and could add signiicantly to global warming – it will take a very long time for extra heating to affect sediments beneath the deep ocean loor, and longer still for the greenhouse gases this releases to reach the atmosphere.” in the deep oceans methane gas is oxidized to carbon dioxide, which takes several hundred years to reach the surface. But this is not to say that there will be no catastrophic release of

younger but reported worse health and had more heart risk factors such as raised cholesterol and blood pressure, but were less likely to smoke. The researchers found that those who took part in physical activity at least once a week and did not smoke had a lower risk of death whatever their weight. But obese patients who did not stick to these healthy lifestyle recommendations still had a lower risk of death than normal weight patients who smoked or were inactive. study leader Dr Mark Hamer said they were trying to explain why obese heart patients seemed to do better by looking at lifestyle factors, but they found that it was not the case that obese patients were healthier. “We don’t yet understand this paradox and we would clearly not advise patients to put on weight. “One of the more sensible explanations may be that when obese patients present to their doctor, they are given more aggressive treatment because they are seen as very high risk,” he explained.

“We do know, for example with cardiac rehabilitation, that the thing that absolutely works is exercise – that dramatically reduces risk even though you don’t necessarily lose weight.” Other work by the same researchers has shown that a certain proportion of obese patients have very normal health and are not at increased risk of heart disease. “BMi is quite a poor marker of what’s going on,” Dr Hamer added. June Davison, a senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, said: “it seems contradictory that one of the risk factors for heart disease may improve survival rates. “The reason for this link remains unclear, but it’s possible that those with a higher BMi go to their doctor sooner and may be treated more aggressively. “also, this study only measured BM i. When looking at health risk it’s not only BMi that matters, but where fat is stored. “Carrying excess fat around the middle can produce toxic substances which can increase your health risk.” - BBC Health


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWs nuti no Te Pa enUa

Military man raps Frank’s knuckles Fiji chastised over beatings, but Somare states support for regime sUVa – One of the Paciic’s most senior military igures has condemned Fiji’s interim prime minister for standing by those responsible for the beating of two people captured on video. Major general Jerry singirok, former commander of Papua new guinea’s Defence Force, has told media Commodore Frank Bainimarama does not understand the damage the video has caused to the reputa-

tion of Fiji’s disciplined forces. “What the soldiers in Fiji have done is demonstrated the fact that they are above the law, that they will not abide by the constitution, if there’s any, and they’re a law unto themselves,” he said. “in that regard, it erodes real conidence in the government, in the military and in the whole system.” rights groups have con-

paciic BRIEFS STUDENTS ESCAPE SCHOOL BUS INFERNO FIJI – Sixty Fijian students cheated death when the school bus they were in caught ire last week. Leaving their school bags behind, the students jumped out of the bus when the driver noticed ire coming from the engine. In the process, many students sufered minor injuries and also had their school bags burnt in the inferno which destroyed the bus. “Luckily the students jumped out of the bus. If they didn’t, there could have been a major disaster,” police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri said. Inspector Sokomuri said the bus was completely destroyed, adding that police had started the investigations.

ASYLUM SEEKER PROCESSING TO START NAURU – A team from Australia is due in Nauru today to start processing asylum seekers tomorrow. Men from Iran, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Afghanistan are among the 400 asylum seekers at australia’s regional processing centre on the island waiting to have their claims for refugee status heard. The Nauru government says initial interviews have already taken place. The Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor said asylum seekers on Nauru would be provided with protection and welfare arrangements consistent with australian and Nauruan responsibilities under international law, including the refugees’ convention.

GRANDMA BUSTED WITH HERBAL GIFT FIJI – a Fijian grandmother’s love for her grandson has landed her in trouble with the law. The 67-year-old woman is in police custody for allegedly trying to pass a package of what is believed to be marijuana to her grandson at Suva Prison on Saturday when she was caught. Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said the woman had gone to visit her grandson when she was searched and marijuana was found with the roll of dried leaves. The case is one of the latest drug busts that have been reported in the country by police in recent days. and it has also revealed that age is no barrier as far as drug-related ofences being recorded in the country are concerned, Inspector Sokomuri said.

DEATH PENALTY FOR WHITE COLLAR CRIME PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Papua New Guinea’s justice minister, Kerenga Kua, says white-collar criminals should face the death penalty. Kua has told the Constitutional and Law Reform commission that tougher actions must be taken to address the theft of billions of kina. He says the theft of public funds is on the rise and white-collared criminals are fearless in stealing. According to the newspaper, The National, Kua says the stolen funds should be used for basic infrastructure and service delivery in rural areas. He also says crimes such as hijacking, piracy and kidnapping should also carry the death penalty.

demned the video of two men being savagely beaten by Fiji security personnel after it was posted on the internet several weeks ago. Commodore Bainimarama said regardless of the results of an investigation into the incident, he would stand by his men because they work hard to keep Fijians safe. general singirok says if soldiers or other security personnel were involved, it shows a shocking lack of discipline. “i deplore, i condemn the actions by the soldiers,” he

said. “They have acted beyond the call of duty.” in the meantime, Papua new Guinea’s irst and longest-serving Prime Minister, sir Michael somare, says Papua new guinea’s stance on Fiji remains the same – they support Fiji’s leadership. sir Michael is of the view that the international community should not interfere in Fiji’s affairs. “i have always maintained that Fiji has its own choice to make. no one from outside, like us, can inluence Fiji on the type decision they make and the

type of things they want to do in their country,” said sir Michael, who is in the country for the 25th anniversary celebration of the Melanesian spearhead group (Msg). “They are an independent state, they became independent before us. We have always followed Fiji.” He said it was important that Paciic island nations were united. sir Michael said Fiji needed to be an integral part of the Paciic. “Fiji has been a leading leader,”he said. “When there were changes

and when Prime Minister Bainimarama became the leader, we accepted his leadership, when everybody was saying that Fiji was going the wrong way. “as i have said earlier, the country has to decide its own fate as to what it does. “When Commodore Bainimarama came to power, he decided how the country should be run for Fiji and for Fijians. “We accepted that, despite the international community criticising us. But, i said no, because i said we have to follow the leadership.” - ABC/Islands Business

Villagers don’t want elections sUVa – some Fijians have joined

a call for the Fiji regime not to hold elections in 2014, reports the Fiji sun newspaper. Villagers of Lamiti and Malawai on gau and Lomaiviti islands, all want the interim government to continue reforming the country, the newspaper says. The villagers presented their plea to the regime leader, Commodore Bainimarama, at Lamiti Village on saturday during the commissioning of a footbridge. Commodore Bainimarama was on gau island after touring Vanua Levu last week. a spokesperson for the people of Lamati on gau island, west of suva, Penisoni Tawake, said elections should not be held because the government was conducting a lot of developments for Fijians.

“Why do we need elections when this government had been helping us through a lot of developments,” Tawake said. “We support this government.” Bainimarama and his contingent were on the island inspecting development works, and also to open government-funded projects like the footbridge and a coconut bio-fuel plant. He was accompanied by government and military oficers. army Chief of staff Operations, Lieutenant-Colonel amani suliano, who was part of the tour, said the general consensus on the island was support for government because of improvement of livelihoods. “The support was shown by the number of people where the prime minister visited and the number of people coming

forward to thank him and the government. “During discussion sessions with the prime minister, they all voice their gratitude for government’s help given to them where their lives have been assisted,” Lieutenant-Colonel suliano said. He said the new footbridge linked Malawai and Lamiti to other villages on the island. “The old footbridge funded by Japan was washed away a few years back. Villagers had been using a coconut tree trunk as replacement but during heavy rain and bad weather people cannot cross the creek because it is dangerous. “The new footbridge build by soldiers and opened by the prime minister on saturday has been elevated and made travel-

ling easier for villagers and also students going to school. “government will send more help to the island like an outboard engine to power a ibreglass punt to transport students at gau secondary school, more ten litre water tanks to help solve water problems and desks and tables for Malawai District school. “This week, a group of soldiers and surveyors will visit gau to commence work on a water source which had been identiied which could supply villages.” There will also be discussions on how to help islanders with access to medical facilities. Lamiti District school has also been assisted by the government with new computers, suliano said. - PNC/Fiji Sun

Still in emergency shelters LaTa – People are still living under temporary shelter out access to water or toilets in the capital of solomon islands’ Temotu province – almost six weeks after the region was hit by an earthquake and tsunami. The Premier, Father Charles Brown Beu, says more than 100 people who lost their homes are under tents or tarpaulins next to the Lata soccer field, many of them from other islands in the province.

He says he needs to know what the plan is for these people. “Where would people go and so on. The sea is too far from here. One of my major concerns now is, there are no toilets in those camps. and stronger ones still go down to the seaside which is about 30 minutes’ walk from the huts to the sea.” Father Beu says one option is for people to move back to their seaside land but they need reas-

surance from a geological expert that they will be safe. Father Beu says criticism attributed to him of one of the lead aid agencies providing post earthquake and tsunami relief in the region was misleading. The solomon sunday star reported Father Charles Brown Beu as saying he has yet to receive a report from World Vision and he is unhappy with the way the organisation is conducting its operation on the ground.

Father Charles says the only fault he has found with World Vision is its failure to report to him on the work it is doing and the funding it has received since it began its operation after the early February disaster. He says as the premier he needs to know exactly what all the agencies are doing. “if i do not have the correct information then it’s dificult for me have anything to say,” he said. - RNZI

Stabbing by visiting students probed


sUVa – solomon islands Police

FIJI – Members of the Fijian judiciary have been urged not to get involved in politics. At the opening of a workshop in Suva, Chief Justice Anthony Gates said recent criticism of Fiji’s judicial system by the International Bar Association were political. “We must keep away from politics as far as we can. We are, if you like, stuck with some legislation which is not what we like but we are not the legislators and never will be. We must keep away from legislating, we must be cautious in our judgments if they have an efect of intruding on the role of parliament or the legislators.” Judges and magistrates are taking part in a three-day workshop titled ‘Managing Conlicts and Resolving Disputes Efectively through Mediation’.

Force Commissioner John Lansley has shown great concern regarding a stabbing incident involving two solomon island students who were studying in Fiji. solomon star has reported that Police Commissioner Lansley said he had written to his Fijian counterpart about the reported detention of two solo-


Pressure as dengue outbreak worsens

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Papua New Guinea’s Constitutional and Law Reform Commission has recommended that the country’s Sorcery Act be repealed. The recommendation stems from the commission’s just completed review of the 1971 Act. EM TV reports the commission’s secretary Eric Kwa as saying the act is no longer relevant and should be repealed because of the diiculty in providing evidence in sorcery-related cases. Kwa says the Village court act will deal with an alleged sorcerer under traditional customs, while the killing of an alleged sorcerer will be considered a criminal act. Violent and public murders of accused sorcerers has recently brought the Sorcery Act into question.

HOniara – Four extra clinics have been set up in the solomon islands capital Honiara to ease pressure on the hospital as health workers continue to deal with an outbreak of dengue fever that began several weeks ago. a state of emergency is in place

mon islands students who were studying in Fiji. Lansley was still awaiting a reply from his Fijian counterpart, saying the incident was really an issue for the Fijian police to handle. He said the incident was quite sad because it might undermine the privilege of other solomon islands students studying in Fiji.

at the national referral hospital to enable staff to defer all nonemergency patients in favour of those with the aedes mosquitoborne disease. The Ministry of Health’s permanent secretary says dengue fever has now killed two people and there are more than 900 sus-

“it was also sad to see students behaving like this,” Commissioner Lansley said. “as students, they are our ambassadors and should behave well while in another country.” solomon star reported that Commissioner Lansley stated that his intention of writing to his Fijian counterpart was to ensure such incidents did not happen again.

pected to have the illness, which typically causes very high fever and severe headache. Dr Lester ross says 74 people have been admitted to hospital and the disease has been conirmed in more than 200 people. “We actually opened four clinics in Honiara City Council. One

Fiji Police Force spokesman inspector atunaisa sokomuri said the two solomon islands students studying at the University of the south Pacific reportedly stabbed a Fijian man during a ight last week. inspector sokomuri said the police had received the report and they were still investigating the incident. - Fiji Times

of the clinics is where we stabilise the patients. “We also opened up a good samitaritan hospital which is operated by the Catholic church in guadalcanal Plains.” Dr Lester ross says doctors are on a roster for visiting the clinics. - RNZI


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWs nuti no Te Pa enUa

Probing the mysteries of the deep Mar iana T r e n C H–The

deepest place in the ocean is teeming with microscopic life that could play a key part in the carbon cycle and in regulating the planet’s climate, a study suggests. an international team of scientists found that the very bottom of the Mariana Trench, which lies almost 11kilometres down in the Paciic Ocean, had high levels of microbial activity. The research is published in the journal nature geoscience. The underwater canyon was once thought to be too hostile an environment for life to exist. But this study adds to a growing body of evidence that a range of creatures can cope with the near-freezing tempera-

‘The trenches may play a more important role in the global marine carbon cycle than was previously thought.’ tures, immense pressures and complete darkness. The Mariana Trench is 2200 metres deeper than Mount everest is tall and five times the length of the grand Canyon. Dr robert Turnewitsch, one of the authors of the paper from the scottish association

for Marine science, said: “The deepest parts of the deep sea are certainly not dead zones.” in 2010, the scientists sent an unmanned submersible down into the vast underwater canyon, where it collected samples of the murky sediment that cakes the sea loor. an analysis of the levels of oxygen in the sample revealed the presence of a large number of microbes. Dr Turnewitsch explained: “These microbes, they respire as we do. and this oxygen consumption is an indirect measurement of the activity of the community.” surprisingly, these primitive, single-celled organisms were twice as active at the bottom of

the trench than they were at a nearby six kilometre-deep site. They were feasting on a plentiful supply of dead plants and creatures that had drifted down from the sea surface, the decomposing matter becoming trapped within the steep walls of the trench. “The amount of food down there and also the relative freshness of the material is surprisingly high – it seems to be surprisingly nutritious,” said Dr Turnewitsch. The level of material found at the bottom of the trench was so high that it suggests the Mariana Trench – which is in an area of the ocean known as the Hadal zone – could play a key part in the carbon cycle and therefore in

regulating the planet’s climate. Dr richard Turnewitsch said: “The fact that large amounts of organic matter that contain the carbon accumulate and are focused in these trenches also means they play an important role in the removal of carbon from the ocean and the overlying atmosphere. “The Hadal trenches may play a more important role in the global marine carbon cycle than was previously thought.” Further, insight into the Mariana Trench has recently been provided by Hollywood director James Cameron. Cameron became the irst human to reach the bottom of the trench in 50 years. Cameron’s sub had the tech-

nology onboard to allow the explorer to gather scientiic data, marine specimens and pictures of the world’s deepest oceanic trench. speaking after his solo plunge, he said that the loor of the trench was visually an alien and barren terrain. He recently released some of the irst scientiic results of his dive at the 2012 american geophysical Union Fall meeting. Working with scientists from the scripps institute, the Cameron team found giant amoeba and shrimp-like creatures called amphipods. Footage of his dive will be released as a 3D national geographic documentary. - BBC

Startup colony planned off California coast siLiCOn VaLLeY – even in the world’s capital of far-fetched ideas, this one is more outlandish than most. Two silicon Valley entrepreneurs, frustrated by the shortage of visas that keep some of the world’s brightest science and engineering minds from building companies on dry land, have hatched a plan to build a startup colony in the blue waters of the Paciic. Max Marty and Dario Mutabdzija say they plan to park a

cruise ship 12 nautical miles off the coast of northern California in international waters. Foreign-born entrepreneurs would live and work on the ship, building startups within commuting distance of silicon Valley. They wouldn’t need the work visas that are so hard to come by. They would just need business tourism visas that would let them ferry back and forth to silicon Valley once or twice a week. The unusual project, called

Blueseed, illustrates the fantastical lengths to which some in silicon Valley are willing to go in their bid to bring more highly skilled foreign workers and entrepreneurs to its shores. The high-tech industry has been lobbying lawmakers without success to increase the cap of 65,000 temporary work visas permitted each year. strict limits on high-tech visas keep foreigners–many of whom were educated in the United states, sometimes at tax-

payer expense – on waiting lists for years. That brain drain threatens the continued growth of the high-tech industry and the Us economy, said Vivek Wadhwa, author of “The immigrant exodus: Why america is Losing the global race to Capture entrepreneurial Talent.” “We are choking off the supply of immigrants and the lifeblood of silicon Valley,” Wadhwa said. But the 2012 elections, in

which Latino voters played an influential role, have sparked new hope for sweeping immigration reform. and–for the first time–silicon Valley leaders think they have a real shot at getting more high-tech visas for foreign talent. executives have met with President Barack Obama and lawmakers. They are planning a nationwide social media campaign, or “virtual march,” to encourage people to use the inter-

net–email, Facebook, Twitter – to tell lawmakers they want immigration reform – a grassroots tactic that last year helped silicon Valley rally opposition to proposed legislation to combat piracy and established the hightech industry as a political force. silicon Valley has also begun to quietly lobby lawmakers in the republican-controlled House. Until then, the Paciic cruise ship colony is still high on the agenda. -

Architects fantasise on ocean prison concepts THe PaCiFiC – a spanish de-

sign team has won irst prize in a global architectural competition with their proposal for an ocean platform prison in the Paciic Ocean. The brief for the competition was to design a prison floating approximately 20 kilometres to 30km from an asian, australian or american coast, and for the architects to use an oil platform as a reference structure. Described by the judges as an ‘exceptionally well composed and sophisticated project’, the winning Paciic Ocean Platform Prison design by Taller de Casquería from spain contains several towers or ‘ingers’ to give the look of an ‘uplifted’ island. The complex would be constructed using concrete to give the building an inward mono-

lithic feeling in line with the organisers brief that a prison is a place in which people are physically conined and usually deprived of personal freedoms. The second prize went to Lithuanian architects for their stainless steel and glass ‘Buoy Prison’ structure. natural wave energy was used as a source of electricity by using a buoy system which uses the rise and fall of ocean swells to drive hydraulic pumps. Three argentinean architects were awarded third prize in the competition for their ‘atoll Prison’ project. referencing the prison’s oceanic setting, the ring-shaped design was inspired by circular coral reefs, with spaces being provided within the design for the farming of ish and algae for

food and the generation of the electricity through wave power. The building was designed to be as sustainable as possible with the inclusion of ‘green’ rooftops which would allow supplies to be grown for staff and inmates. The Pacific Ocean Platform Prison designs were promoted by aC-Ca (architectural Competition Concours d’architecture) – an international organisation which focuses on initiating progressive competitions, with other recent competitions including the rio de Janeiro symbolic World Cup structure. - wordarchitecturenews

riGhT: The winning entry in a global architectural design competition to build a prison platform in the Paciic Ocean.

Blind sailor to cross Paciic iWaKi – in a feat that will make

him the irst blind sailor to do so, Mitsuhiro iwamoto is teaming up with Jiro shinbo, a freelance newscaster battling cancer, to sail a yacht across the Paciic Ocean. The Japanese duo announced their plans in a press conference on March 13 and their adventure will start on June 16. in a symbolic gesture, the two will begin their journey at the Onahama Port in the city of iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, which was one of the hardest hit places during the tsunami from the great east Japan earthquake of 2011. iwamoto has been yachting in 2001, and says he enjoys it be-

cause it is easy enough that a visually-impaired person can do it. Based in san Diego with his wife, the 46-year-old became totally blind when he was in high school but, was already born with weak eyesight. He studied in the United states but graduated from the University of Tsukuba. aside from sailing, iwamoto also runs in marathons, with former Padres pitcher aki Otsuka being his most notable sighted guide. The pair ran together in the san Diego Half Marathon last Monday to raise funds to donate a sailboat for high school students in Fukushima.

The 56-year-old journalist shinbo has also been yachting since he joined a yacht club while still a student at Waseda University. in 2012, he was diagnosed with duodenal ulcer cancer and even though he already had surgery to remove it, doctors suspect it has spread to his lungs. He doesn’t think his illness will be an impediment to their epic trip, saying that he’s looking forward to being iwamoto’s “guide dog”. The pair are estimating that it will take them 55 days to sail from iwaki, Japan to san Diego, California. - Japan Daily News


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

LeTTers reta

Tourism not all doom and gloom Dear editor, i was interested in the comments that amelia Borofsky made regarding the potential negative impact of tourism to the Cook islands and highlighted how tourism has impacted Hawaii in a negative way. i agree with some of the comments, especially about how tourism may have impacted the culture and environment of Hawaii, but also disagree with the point about the economy of Hawaii and the reliance on tourism. The reality is, tourism has benefited and saved Hawaii in a major way. i live in Hawaii and have been here since 2011 but i also studied in Hawaii in the 90s and have visited regularly. The reality is, it was tourism that saved Hawaii’s economy when the global inancial crisis hit the US economy. Yes there were periods of economy uncertainty especially during the 2009 to 2011 period but if you review the

visitor numbers for the last four years, the numbers didn’t really drop but have steadily increased and there continues to be a large number of Us domestic visitors coming to Hawaii. right now, Hawaii is projected to get around 8 million tourists or visitors this year. For the month of January 2013 alone, around 660,000 visitors came to Hawaii and out of that igure, 438,276 is from the Us Domestic market and 225,339 is from the international market (from Japan 117,721, Canada 67,332). The total visitor expenditure for the month of January alone is $1.43 billion, so in total tourism brings around $14 billion a year into the Hawaii economy. i don’t think we can deny the fact that Hawaii’s economy beneits signiicantly from tourism and a direct beneficiary is Hawaiian airlines. This week, Hawaiian airlines started their three weekly direct flights to

Auckland, it already lies direct the last 4 years and tourism is to sydney, Brisbane Tahiti and one of the key players that have samoa, all over asia and the Us supported that growth. There haven’t been any major infraWest and east Coast. Tourism is a major player structure projects in Hawaii so in the Hawaii economy along money from tourism and the military have kept with the military Because of the economy alive. and it was these two We have agriplayers have kept Hawaii’s isolation culture in Hawaii Hawaii’s economy like the Cook similar to the Cook growing during the islands, we have crisis years. There to rely on tourism islands but it’s in place to support was a downturn in to keep our tourism and the lothe construction economy alive cal retail industry industry in Hawaii when the global because we simply and does not have do not have the the capacity to exfinancial crisis hit population to port and compete the Us but that was drive and sustain with the bigger because the bubble economy growth global players in in the housing marthat industry. inket inally exploded over time. vesting in marine in 2009. Housing prices have remained relatively resources is another option that high in Hawaii compared to Hawaii could consider but it’s national averages and interest very expensive and not sustainrates are now between 3 to 4 per- able, local industry capacity is cent. Hawaii’s economy is stead- lacking and there’s only enough ily growing and it has been for demand to provide and sustain

tourism and the retail industry. i do agree with amelia that Hawaii must diversify its economy and consider options but the options that were suggested are mostly driven and sustained by tourism. Because of Hawaii’s isolation like the Cook islands, we have to rely on tourism to keep our economy alive because we simply do not have the population to drive and sustain economy growth over time. Primary industries like agriculture and marine resources are dominated by large global players and they conduct their business in multiple markets and have the capacity to inluence the market and keep smaller players out. so for geographically isolated places the Hawaii and the Cook islands, if we are to explore options for economy growth we must take into consideration our population and land size, our labour capacity, size of our market, our infrastructure ca-

pacity, our inancial and investment capacity, and the condition of our environment and resources. To create a strong and viable economy with those factors in place can be dificult because of obvious limitations. The two key factors that have economic potential is the environment and the resources and the options to develop those with the limitations in place are tourism and partnerships with players in the resource industry. We have to be strategic with the resources we have and maximize the opportunities and benefits without compromising our values, traditions, identity and environment. We also have to survive and provide for ourselves at the same time so there are things that make sense but it also has to make economic sense. Thank you amelia for your comments. William numanga Honolulu, Hawaii

An alternative water supply system Dear editor, is there an alternative to the $60m rarotonga water project? The answer to this question is a definite yes! in the Cook islands Party manifesto of the last election it has a proposal to improve the water supply on rarotonga by encouraging and optimising the use of water tanks for households. since the election, a small water tank project during the last dry period and another small allocation in the $60m project appear to be token gestures to this policy. in reality, a well developed water tank system for all rarotonga households can provide the least expensive system

that can immediately provide clean water for all, requires no complicated and expensive land issues to deal with, allows most of our streams to be rehabilitated and requires minimal bureaucracy and operating costs to be met by the community or government. in short, this alternative has too many advantages for rarotonga and the country to be easily brushed aside. a water tank system is of course reliant on rain water caught off household roofs. The rainfall for rarotonga is well spread throughout the year and very adequate in volume. The few spells of dry weather

can be planned for. However, rain water. A 5000 litre water households will conserve their tank if brought to rarotonga own water tank’s supplies much in bulk should cost less than a thousand dollars. more successfully For four thousand than public water Do you know how dollars, a family supplies. much it is going to should be able to The simplicity cost you personally buy 2-3 5000 liof a comprehenand future tre water tanks sive water tank sysgenerations in with at least a tem for all housewater rates or taxes, thousand dollars hold on rarotonga the degradation leftover to help should cost around of the rarotonga with guttering $8-10m. With apriver environment and pipes. Once proximately 2000 and your rights installed this households on as a landowner? should be the end rarotonga this of government’s means a subsidy of $4-5000 per household to involvement with household buy a very adequate and clean water supply. new homes water supply by catching roof should receive the same incen-

tive to enhance their own water tank supply. With households taken care of, the commercial users especially, hotels and growers on rarotonga need to be catered for. One stream water gallery for each Vaka should provide for these users who should pay for their water. Once these users are asked to pay for their water this will be an incentive for them to capture their own roof water and then use the gallery water to supplement their needs. The gallery supply should be basic and left to the users to improve the quality. it should take $7-10 million to get these three sources up to the basic standard required with proper reticulation in place. Domestic users who wish to hook up to this source for particular purposes should also pay. There is also potential for these water galleries to be developed in conjunction with rarotonga’s proposed renewable energy system with mini lakes for energy storage as well as emergency water supplies. already we see water pipes been laid around avarua. is this the start of the $60m water project? if so, how much do you and your family know about the project? Do you know how much it is going to cost you personally and future generations in water rates or taxes, the degradation of the rarotonga river environment and your

rights as a landowner? government needs to come clean on this project and all its ramiications as well as explaining why alternatives such as the water tank system are not viable.That’s what a responsible government will do! as the largest single project since the sheraton debacle i am sure no one wants to see the rarotonga water project suffer the same fate. at present, rarotonga is supposed to be committed to a new water system that will shackle future generations with a debt of $30 million plus a hefty annual operating cost of a few million dollars. The environmental costs plus the complicated and real issues of land rights and costs have yet to be sorted out. The huge maintenance costs of the system also has the potential to progressively fall on fewer people as the advantages of a household water tank system attracts more converts especially those building on the hillsides around the island. government needs to tell the rarotonga community the full implication of this $60 million water project and let the community indicate whether they want this project or look at a much more affordable and practical alternative like the water tank system. a responsible government will feel duty bound to do this! Temu Okotai rarotonga

Letters to the Editor

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te iPUKarea

Support needed for playground COMMUniTY support is needed to maintain the playground at the Punanga nui Markets in avatiu. A child aged around 5-years old sustained a serious bump on his head after the swing he was on at the playground snapped sending him crashing into a steel frame. The accident was seen by george george and his wife on an evening walk last week prompting him to ask who maintains the playground. Funded by the rotary Club of rarotonga and built over 18-years-ago the maintenance of the community playground is believed to be the responsibility of the newly formed Punanga nui Committee chaired by the associate minister for agriculture Kiriau Turepu. Market manager elmah McBirney says as far as she knows the playground is under their care, however, she points out that there are no funds to upgrade or maintain the playground which is well used by the community – especially on the popular saturday market day. McBirney says she wished that people would bring up issues with the market and including the playground to her directly rather than go through the media. However, she says she was aware that one of the swings in the playground was broken and she asked one of her maintenance staff to ix it. It was a cheap ix it job that broke, hurling the small child against the swing’s frame last week. “i didn’t realise our maintenance people had done such a cheap fix-it job on there, and

i’ll go get the professionals to ix it,” says McBirney. For george, the sight of the young boy crashing into the swing frame was ‘horrifying’. after making sure the young boy was okay, george, who is also the chairman of the local Mongoose golden oldies club, looked around the playground and became upset with the run down state of what is a very well used play area for kids. He says he’s already spoken to rotary president Bob Boyd and both men agree that their organisations are always prepared to volunteer their muscle to revamp the area as they did in 2010 with the help of a number of other generous volunteers. “We are prepared to come out again and help maintain the place, but the onus is on those people charged with looking after this place,” says george. McBirney was grateful to hear the news that there were community groups willing to help with maintaining the playground but as the Punanga nui Committee don’t have weekly meetings – she is unsure when they will take up the offer of help, however, she did add that she was headed straight out to get professionals to fix the swing in question, with a sturdy bolt rather than the thin wire that was used to mend the swing in the irst place. - Matariki Wilson

Geroge George points out the shocking repair job on one of the swings at the Punanga nui market playground that broke sending a child in the swing crashing into the frame.


Storm drain an afterthought? “PerHaPs someone in charge of the reclamation work in avarua can explain why, moments after the job was 'done', a good portion was dug up again so that a quite massive storm drain could be installed? Can it be as simple as the designers just did not have the slightest idea what they were doing and no one noticed they had forgotten to deal with the storm drain? Bigger questions: what is this costing and who is paying?”

GO LOCAL a sMOKe signaLLer going by the name rugby Union Fan writes:

“We have more than 100 players who all year play sevens in the rarotonga sevens competition and they only select one player from home. Look at samoa and Fiji with their homegrown and home based players. C’mon CirU, don’t look down at your own locally based players.”

NEW ROAD a sMOKe signaLLer writes: “if the sloshing of my gin and

tonic as i drive along is any indication, the flash new main road pavement between the airport and the nikao Maori school is starting to wave, wrinkle, dip, splay, move and generally show signs that one might expect of a 20 year old surface, not a brand new one. Did we get any kind of guarantee from the contractors?”

LEAVE TITI’ARA TREV resPOnDing to yesterday’s p9 article ‘Catch and release for Trevor’ a smoke signaller writes: “Trevor the trevally travelled from avatiu Harbour to avana. We have known her journey since – she belongs to no one but our waters. We feed her like everyone else. Did they really need to catch her like that or was this just a show off for publicity? Leave her alone, she is fine where she is.”

LIGHT BULB MOMENT a sMOKe signaLLer writes: “Before importing thousands of en-

ergy saving light bulbs to replace all the incandescent bulbs in the Cook Islands, did anyone bother to ind out how many incandescent bulbs are still in use? There hasn't been any in our house for years.”

‘FORGOTTEN TRIBE’ OF MAKEA a sMOKe signaLLer writes: “i have been reading in the paper about

those claiming to be the only kopu ariki of ngati Makea, which is the rangi Makea, Upokotokoa, Mere, and sadaraka, and all these are descendants of Makea Tinirau. How sad can this be: what about the descendants of Takau Upoko o ngariki, Te Upoko o ngarima, rima ariki o Makea, Teauira Matea and rupe – are they from the horses? Don't forget they were all children of Makea Pini. That explains why this title cannot be sorted out and will not be sorted out until the rest of the tribe that is forgotten, is part of it. They are all kopu ariki in their own right, the same equal right as yours, no difference. May the forgotten tribe please unite together and take action.”

shade. The site has also gone a long way to ease the frustrations of motorists forced to go the long way around the works as there’s no other reaction to the young man beaming from under his tree but to return the smile and a thumbs up for his ingenious umbrella.

GOVT’S GARAGE SALE THeY saY that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and

buyers had the chance to test this idiom on saturday when the government auctioned off excess stuff. Financial secretary richard neves said saturday’s general government auction was an attempt to try and consolidate equipment – not vehicles at this stage – which is excess to needs. a smoke signaller who was shown a list of the items beforehand quipped: “The government has found a way to make extra money!” Or a way to get rid of some broken stuff taking up space in the ofice! A couple of funny entries on the auction list were a pedestal fan entered by MFeM with the added description “No propeller” – wow, there was probably some ierce bidding on that item! And from BTIB: “Fujiilm FinePix F60FD Digital Camera. Comments: charger, case, wire and box upstairs. Camera missing.”

USING HIS COCONUT nOW THis is what you call using your coconut! This young man

stationed on the main road in Taputapuatea directing trafic around the water upgrade works shows that he’s got his head screwed on right. To deal with the extreme heat he’s chopped down a large branch and fixed it to his detour sign to create his own cooling



Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

Help on the way for trade gOVernMenT oficials met yes-

terday to discuss ways to assist the Cook islands’ private sector in trading overseas. The national ‘aid for Trade’ workshop was co-ordinated by the Ministry of Forgein affaris and immigration to help the government achieve its objectives in the area, said secretary Jim gosselin. “One of the fundamental objectives for government is to

promote economic growth. One way they can do that is through trade agreements. “We have to open up opportunities for our private sector to export their goods and possibly services.” He said the Cook islands’ private sector is small and will therefore need assistance to trade internationally. Team leader for Matrix Consultants, Dr Claudius Preville,

headed the workshop of around 30 participants, and said the aim is to improve trade with other markets in a way that benefits the Cook islands. “The main objective of this agreement is to enable Pacific states to beneit from improved market access, and also promote sustainable development. it’s not about opening up markets at the expense of your own market being diminishes. We have

to see where the weaknesses are to prepare yourselves to trade effectively,” he said. “if trade agreements work effectively, poverty should be reduced and eventually be eradicated.” The workshop aims to work towards a draft proposal for each area of trade, such as pearls or agriculture, which outlines what assistance is required. “They might need technical assistance, equipment, or trade

promotion – we want to get their ideas about what they’d like to do and what they’d like to receive.” said gosselin. “it’s not just about helping them meet the standards, but about market advice.” The proposals from each area will be combined into an overall ‘regional proposal’ for how to improve trade. gosselin said international parties are interested in trading with the Cook islands.

“in China they always say they’re looking at increasing exports from the Cook islands to China, and the same with the european Union. They’re interested in opening up their markets.” The Cook islands is currently working with other Pacific island nations to negotiate trade and economic agreements with australia, new Zealand, and the european Union. - Briar Douglas

Team leader for Matrix Consultants, dr Claudius Preville. 13031821

The Dining Table The Dining Table is a regular weekly feature, giving you options on where to eat, drink and be entertained.

@ Opposite the Airport










A La carte or Cook Islands ONLY

$ Beautiful Island Buffet with all our local dishes!

Restaurant & Bar


Starts 5.30pm @ the BEACH BAR!

Wednesday Mexican


Saturday Curry



from 4pm-6 pm

Phone 21546 Email


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

40 years for Matavera Girls’ Brigade THe MaTaVera girls’ Brigade has turned 40.

The oldest brigade on the island celebrated its milestone last week with a march along the main road of Matavera to the Cook islands Christian Church. They were joined by members of the Boys’ Brigade. Oficer Jane Tou has been with the organisation for 17 years and said it was rewarding being part of a historic group. “The brigade helps young girls prepare for the future,” Tou said. “Our motto is to ‘seek, serve and follow Christ’ and we always try and live that and keep the girls on the right track.” The group has about 30 members who range from ages three to 19. Tou said the Christian organisation meets every Monday. They also take part in community work, camps and can also achieve the illustrious awards of the Duke of edinburgh and the Queen’s award. Tou said the group was founded by Papa Motu Kora and the late Maru Taramai. The Cook islands national brigade commissioner, Moekopu Vogel is their longest serving member having been with the brigade since its fruition. she and Papa Motu spoke at the sunday school session to commemorate the birthday which was attended by members and their families. a larger parade is planned on June 10 to mark the international birthday of when the girls’ Brigade movement was irst formed. - Dana Kinita

The Matavera Girls’ Brigade celebrated their 40th anniversary last week. 13031422

Final days for Supermodel comp aiTUTaKi sisters Marito (24) and

Moana (17) Maoate are set to take the catwalk this weekend in the supermodel new Zealand pageant. The pair made the cut for the top 25 models to take part in the pageant event and have been strutting their stuff during photo shoots including a day out at auckland theme park rainbows end. The stunning sisters are the daughters of Paula and Terepai Maoate of aitutaki. Both are students at Waikato University where Moana is in her irst year and Marito, already a part-time model, is completing her inal year of a Bachelor of Management with a double major of Human resources and Marketing. You can follow the ladies’ progress on the supermodel new Zealand 2013 Facebook page. The winner of the overall new Zealand pageant will travel to Thailand to compete in the Miss World supermodel Pageant 2013 event. - Matariki Wilson

17-year-old aitutaki beauty Moana Maoate (second from right) poses with fellow supermodel new Zealand pageant hopefuls.


SWITCH ON with Te Aponga Uira

FREE CFLS AVAILABLE Making the switch to CFL light bulbs this month has never been easier. Or cheaper. Beginning this week electrical contractors will visit homes around Rarotonga to ask if you want to install compact fluorescent energy saving light bulbs (CFLs). Say yes and they will swap the old incandescent light bulbs you have for CFLs. For free.

aitutaki sisters Marito and Moana Maoate relax in between photo shoots at rainbows end.

Why? Because we want to help you save energy by changing to CFLs which use 50 to 80 percent less energy than other light bulbs and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. 13031805


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te iPUKarea

Man jailed for ‘madcap’ driving a FiJian national who wrote off the car his wife had rented and injured his friends in a drink driving accident was sent to jail on Friday. ratu Virivirisai (31) pleaded guilty to drunken driving causing injury and was sentenced by Justice Hugh Williams to three months in prison then probation for 12 months on his release. He had already been sentenced in January on an excess blood alcohol charge arising

from the same incident, but as the second charge attracted a higher maximum penalty it had to be heard by a judge. at about 6.40am on november 29 the defendant crashed at Tikioki. He had been drinking all night with friends but decided to drive home in the morning. He lost control of his car while going round a bend at high speed and crashed into an ironwood tree stump. The defendant and his two friends

were taken to hospital and the car was damaged beyond repair. One passenger received cuts, the other a broken leg. Virivirisai had 188mg of alcohol per litre of blood – the limit is 80mg. He does not have a Cook islands driver’s licence. Crown lawyer sheryl King said the conduct was very serious. “not only was he drinking and had not slept that night, but he was driving at high speed. Fortunately no-one was seriously injured or died.”

she recommended a short imprisonment plus $16,000 reparation for the damaged car and $170 blood test costs. Defence lawyer Wilkie rasmussen said the defendant is remorseful and has already arranged a repayment scheme of $1000 per month with Polynesian rentals. Virivirisai is visiting his wife who is employed here. rasmussen said he cannot wait here much longer as he is on a visitor visa. “He faces quite a severe

future, a bleak future.” He said this is the defendant’s first offence both in Fiji and Cook islands and so recommended a non-custodial sentence. Justice Williams noted Virivirisai’s wife is paying the bill and this affects her standard of living and the amount of money she can send back to Fiji. “That’s the liability your foolishness has saddled her with.” He said it was a “madcap”

decision to drive without sleep and under the inluence of alcohol. “Your actions were a gross danger to the public, it was just a matter of luck that noone outside the car was hurt or killed.” as well as prison and probation, Virivirisai was disqualiied from holding a driving licence for 12 months and must pay $16,000 back to the rental car company, a $170 medical bill and $30 court costs. - CS

Cooks MPs push gender agenda COOK isLanDs ’ women parliamentarians joined their Pacific counterparts last month to build a new path in addressing gender equality. speaker of the House niki rattle, Titikaveka MP selina napa and nikao-Panama MP ngamau Munukoa went to sydney along with women from 18 other parliaments for the conference, held February 9 and 10. The country’s newest female M P Tetangi Matapo missed

out as it was just before her inauguration. The three Cook islands representatives said they learnt much from the experience. The forum heard from Pacific women parliamentarians about their experience of being elected in their country. napa told Ci news that while Cook islands women face some gender boundaries she was surprised at the struggles that other female politicians have to face throughout the Pacific.

Professor Pippa norris from Harvard University was a guest speaker and outlined a sixstep action plan to make sure women are better represented in asia-Pacific parliaments. good practice examples, group work and discussions showed a need for three areas of work. These are supporting individual women parliamentarians, supporting parliaments – including male parliamentarians – to address gender equality issues, and

supporting parliamentary staff. Participants agreed responsibility to implement priorities needed to be shared between parliaments, parliamentarians, governments, community-based organisations and members of the public. Work needed to be supported by international parliamentary organisations and international donors to be effective. Mentoring between women parliamentarians is important

for development, and an online networking platform will be the next step. Better bonds between ‘twinning’ programmes will be developed with gender a focus – the Cook islands’ partner parliament is Western australia. More regional and in-country workshops for equality will also be organised to make sure parliamentarians are accountable to gender balance. another recommended step is to create a cross-party parlia-

mentary body – which must include men – which will raise gender issues in legislation. The forum followed the gender equality Declaration, agreed at the Pacific Leaders’ Forum in august last year in rarotonga. it was co-ordinated by the australian parliament and financially supported by ausa i D, under the Pacific Women shaping Pacific Development initiative. - Calida Smylie

Women – and a smattering of men supporters – from 19 Paciic parliaments came together last month to discuss how to better get a gender balance in parliament. 13030743

New facilities for Mangaia ishing THe JaPanese ambassador for the Cook islands has passed on his congratulations to the Mangaia Fishing association for the handover of its improved facilities. The upgrade was made possible through the $153,921 grant last year under Japan’s grant assistance for grass-roots Human security Projects (ggP). The completed project saw the association’s deck extended, and will provide the necessary equipment for training in isheries and ish processing technology. solar panels have also been installed to give a stable and economic supply of electricity to the building. The Cook islands’ first appointed Japanese ambassador, Yasuaki nogawa, wished the

people of Mangaia success in the future. “This achievement will produce ripple effects in promoting isheries which represent a major source of income in Mangaia, and encouraging young people to remain on their home island and work in isheries,” he said. “i hope the completed facility will make a signiicant contribution to improving food security in the Cook islands by increasing fishing productivity and creating job opportunities.” nogawa was in rarotonga earlier this month presenting his credentials to Queen’s representative sir Frederick goodwin, and gave a grant to the outer-island hospitals under the ggP scheme. “i hope that the project would

not only contribute to the development of isheries in Mangaia and strengthen food security, but that it will also create an additional symbol of the friendship and co-operation between Japan and the Cook islands.” a handover ceremony was set to take place in Mangaia last week with the minister of marine resources Teina Bishop in attendance. - Embassy of Japan

The Japanese ambassador for the Cook islands, yasuaki nogawa (right, with Queen’s representative sir Frederick Goodwin), wishes Mangaia the best in the future with their improved ishing facility.



Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

Police increase drug awareness COOK isLanDs Police and Cus-

toms received drug testing kits last week as part of the drug awareness workshops held on rarotonga and aitutaki. Local police oficers, boarder control officers from Customs as well as airline and health staff were involved in the workshop which had an emphasis on methamphetamine and its trends and precursors in the Paciic. The workshop, which was a joint effort between local authorities, new Zealand High Commission and new Zealand Police and Customs, was facilitated by superintendent ross arden of the new Zealand police based in samoa, senior forensic scientist of the institute of environmental science and research Limited Doctor robyn somerville and andrew Walker of new Zealand customs.

superintendent ross arden says that he is not suggesting that there is methamphetamine in the Cook islands, but because it is in the Paciic, the workshop was all about raising awareness of the drug sometimes known as ‘P’. The workshop touched on ways drugs are concealed and their impact on new Zealand culture from the new Zealand Police perspective. Local officials were also schooled in what the drug looks like and the dangers in dealing with it if officials were to encounter it. Local boarder control officers and other stakeholders were also shown the tools to help identify and deal with the drug as well as to combat it. The workshop was also held in Aitutaki for oficials there. - Matariki Wilson

senior forensic scientist of the institute of environmental science and research Limited dr robyn somerville, superintendent ross Arden of the NZ Police based in Samoa, chief customs oicer Ngapoko Ngatamaine, deputy NZ High Commisioner Joanna Kempkers, police inspector Tere Patia and andrew Walker of nZ Customs at last week’s drug awareness workshop. 13031518

Buyers must on-sell Coin Save stock THe BUsiness Trade and investment Board are hoping stock at a temporary shop in arorangi will sell quickly so the business can pack up and leave the Cook islands. samoan-based franchise Coin save was denied a licence to operate in the Cooks last December but has now been granted permission to sell to businesses only. shop staff must check and hold onto people’s business cards for BTiB to make sure they are genuine businesses that can onsell the goods. The Business Trade and investment Board (BTiB) initially

denied the discounted goods store a licence as it operated in an area of business that was reserved for local business only. a temporary licence has now been issued for three months so the stock doesn’t have to be shipped off the island. in December, business owner Teaking Weng shipped three 40-foot containers full of goods over to rarotonga, pre-empting permission to operate. Weng’s friend Lily Zhu has been based in the Cook islands for the past 18 months working as a translator. she is not staff at the shop but is helping to fa-

cilitate the business with BTiB while Weng is in China. Both she and BTiB chief executive Terry rangi are hoping the stock will move quickly. some items that won’t move are the eight motorbikes Weng brought over without checking what licence is needed to sell. BTiB has not granted them the special licence. Two staff has been brought over from the samoan Coin save chain and a position for local staff has been advertised. The shop will be open weekdays from 8am until late. - Calida Smylie

Coin save helper Lily Zhu, BTiB chief executive Terry rangi and foreign investment and compliance advisor Teariki Vakalalabure in the new store. 13031819

SIF still open aPPLiCaTiOns for a $200,000

civil services fund close tomorrow, and organisers are expecting plenty of last-minute entries. The Department of internal affairs is taking applications for a part of the social impact Fund (siF) called Project Funding. This is for short-term, oneoff initiatives that cost between $5000 and $50,000, and offers funding for 12 months. applications for another part of the fund, called Programme Funding, finished earlier this year. This offers long-term funding between $50,000 and $165,000 to organisations that provide a service to vulnerable

groups. angeline Tuara, who manages the fund for the Department of internal affairs, said there have been 60 enquiries about Project Funding. Thirteen application forms have been handed in so far, including two from the outer islands – though some of those applications still require extra information. Tuara expects more applications to come her way by the deadline. she said organisations are encouraged to approach her for help with the application if required. “i’m here to explain it to them. i’m wanting them to let

me know where they are stuck. it’s definitely not an easy application to complete. The earlier they talk to me about it, the more we’re able to bring them in line with the criteria.” services that apply need to fall into one of six areas: youth, the elderly, gender equality, disabilities, mental health, and domestic violence. Tuara said the decision about who receives the fund is based on a number of areas, including the quality of the application, whether the organisation has a proven record in providing the service, cost eficiency, and whether their goals are achievable. - BD


stock at Coin save can only be bought by business owners wanting to on-sell in their own stores.

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Island Night with SuperbFeast

Dining 7 - 8.30pm Show starts 8.30pm featuring delicious local food

.30pm 8 s t r a st Show ment by m p 0 - 8.3 entertain 7 g n t i Din Nigh d n a l Is ZE till



nte Live e

BOY ARA & T h t i w


Edgewater Resort - reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentary Transfers provided from anywhere on the island. Saturday Island Night features Orama


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWs nuti no roto i te iPUKarea

Tutaka starts next month THe FirsT round of tutaka

health checks for the year will begin early next month, with property owners being urged to ensure their sections are clean and tidy. Tutaka is set to begin on Tuesday april 2, and will run over four days, with every residential and business property on the island to be inspected. as it was last year, property owners across the various vil-

lages will not know the exact date of the inspection. Dr rangiau Fariu, director of community health services, says this has been done so sections are tidy for more than just the day of the inspection. Mosquito breeding sites are one of the main items that the team of ive health protection oficers will be looking for. Property owners are advised to look around their home and


parent/Anau teacher/student interviews: Thursday March 21 Progress Reports for all students will be issued this Wednesday 20 March. Parent /Anau teacher/student interviews will be taking place this Thursday 21 March between 1pm and 5pm. This year the interviews will be conducted just with your child’s Anau teacher (not the subject teachers) and will take 10-15 minutes each. Interviews with subject teachers will take place next term. In accordance with our Learning Charter it is expected that your child will attend the interview with you as we will be discussing not only academic progress but also goals for the year. Meitaki Maata Bali Haque

work place for any possible mosquito breeding grounds and remove them. This includes emptying water from buckets, cans, lower pots and other items, covering up stored tyres, cleaning house gutters, and ensuring pigs and coconut husks are kept away from the house. Overgrown properties and sections will also be on their inspection checklist. “We will also look out for illegally-built septic systems,” says Fariu, saying new septic systems need a permit and also a inal inspection. If any septic or drainage systems are found to be in without a inal inspection, property owners will be required to dig it up again so this can be done. He noted there are still one or two homes with long drop toilets, which have yet to have new septic systems installed. Owners of properties that do not meet the tutaka require-

ments will be issued with a seven day notice, after which time the property will be inspected again. if the issues have not been resolved a inal notice will be given, which will be followed up in court if required. senior health protection oficer Oirua Joseph says taking a property owner to court has never happened yet. He commented that last year tutaka was well done by most, and any problems were resolved with both parties happy. The former recycling site in Turangi is another place Fariu says they will be checking on. Public Health is currently waiting for Crown Law to advise them on the next step for clearing the site. There continues to be issues with illegal dumping of rubbish at the site, with Fariu saying the delay in cleaning up the site is due to no one wanting to take ownership of the responsibility. - Rachel Smith

Public Health nurse Ruina Van Eijk looks for areas that could harbour mosquito larvae during tutaka last year. 12050336






RUGBY LEAGUE CLUB WE WOULD LIKE TO EXTEND A VERY HEARTFELT THANK YOU MAATA toallourSponsorsandsupporterswhoralliedaroundour GolfAmbroseFundraiser,heldonFriday15thofMarch. We appreciate your contribution to support our club.

Meitaki Maata to our Major Key Sponsors : The Bond Store Prime Foods CaptainTamaLagoonCruises Polynesian, Car & Bike Hire

Meitaki Maata to our Support Sponsors : Donald Munro Okirua and Vaine Teokoitu Cosma and Lorna Tautu Ngatama Aniterea William Henry Heather Fraser Nooroa Vaipo and Janice Mataora Sandra Tamangaro Apolo and Liarni Purua The Crew Papa G Arorangi U10 Netball girls PareandAndreaRongokeaCB Brothers Geof Tama Taua and Heath Heather Maria Tuoro Tex Mart John Jessie Friendly Mart Emile Kairua T&M Heather

Public health inspector apii nimerota writing out a notice during tutaka health inspections last year. 12050335


IN MeMORIAM In loving memory of

Tunganekore MareitiTare,

A BIG ‘MEITAKI MAATA’ also to the Rarotonga Golf Club

Management Haimona and Staf. Averyspecialmeitakimaatatoourmcextraordinaire Clee Marsters. To the teams who made it possible to hold this Fundraiser. Thank you for your participation and support : 1. Palm Grove 2. Da Family 3. Kukuana Bearz 4. Ugi 5. Killerwatts Blondes 6. Cocoputt 7. Betela Retreat 8. Miles Ark Raiders 9.Tarzan and Janezz 10. Akama Clan 11. Crazy Horses

23. Grizzly 12. T Pear 24. Hawaiian Chicks 13. Edgewater 25. Manuia Beach 14. JJ Hackers 26. Ora Trust 15. Alis Angels 27. Prime Panels 16. Skins 17. Killerwatts Afros 28. Lili o te O 29. Tripodz 18. Corner Store 1 30. Skyrockets 19. Corner Store 2 20.PolynesianBikeHire31.PresidentDiamond 21. Care Bears 22. Red Hot Chicki Dics

Club President Simona Nicholas Aumetua, the Executives, our players,familiesandourcommunityofArorangi.GodBlessYouall.

Seamstress/Tailor We have a position available to sew the resort curtains Can you pls enquire for further details on 55469

Housekeeping Due to a growing demand within our resort, The Edgewater Resort & Spa, Rarotonga’s largest and busiest resort are currently seeking full time housekeepers and public areas cleaners, reporting to our Housekeeping Manager. All applicants must have, excellent communication skills, honest and reliable. If you are a team player and are looking for an enjoyable role please come and ill in an application form from the front oice or contact 55469. 777

who left us peacefully 1 yearagotoday. You allowed yourlovedones the time to pay their last respects, and now we will cherishyourmemory close to our hearts forever. Your love is kind. Lovefromyourhusband,children,grandchildren, great-grandchildDaytonandfamiliesfromNew Zealand, Australia and the Cook Islands. TheunveilingwillbeheldonSaturday20April2013@ 11amatKavera.ContactBobMareitiphone22699.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303



pUBLIC NOTICeS Takitumu Primary School AGM 2013 Kia Orana to all our parents, guardians and caregivers. Our AGM for 2013 will be held on Wednesday 20 March at school at 5pm. We invite you all to attend. agenda Minutes from 2012 meeting chairperson’s report Principal’s report Financial report Election of new committee for 2013-2014 Other matters Prayer Light refreshments. Te pati akaaka iatu nei kotou e te au metua e pera te au metua tiaki o te au tamariki e aere mai nei ki te apii Takitumu kia tae mai ki te uipaanga mataiti te ka raveia a te Ruitoru ite ra 20 o Mati nei ki ko ite apii ite ora 5 ite aiai. Ka rekareka matou ito kotou au manako turuturu no te akameitaki atu ite tupuanga o ta tatou apii no te au ra ki mua. Meitaki Maata Maine Pate Principal.


1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

SeRVICeS THE SALON De Lorenzo Professional Salon Product 20% of Shampoo, conditioner, treatments, gel, mousse etc Phone 22811. 69985 / /2489

The Office of the Public Service commissioner wish to advise that the 2013 Identity and Survival audit forms for the Nz Government Superannuates have arrived at their office in Takuvaine. all letters for Rarotonga will be held at the office for collection. Letters for the Outer Islands will be sent to each Island Secretary for distribution. Please return your completed forms to the Office of the PSC urgently as the forms are to be back in Nz by 16 April 2013. any queries please phone 29421. 69979 / /2091

Action Man Mowing Services All jobs big or small, free quote. Give Clint a call on 52074. 69894 / /2561

FOR ReNT 3 bedroom house in Nikao. Available now to 6 December 2013. Please ring +68250504. 70064 /30994 /1931

1 to 2 bedroom furnished lat Tupapa. Interested phone 23427/50551. 69981 /30926 /1931

FOR SALe Secondhand Toilet System Vanity (basin) Mirror $50 please call 55469. 69998 / /1759


70010 /30935 /1931

We wish to advise cafe ariki will be closed for the month of March.

69893 / /1855

PUBLIC MEETING NIKAO FISHING ASSOCIATION INC. (NFAI) Date: Thursday 21 March Time: 6.15pm Venue: Nikao Hall agenda Election of Oice Bearers Formalise (NFAI) Constitution General NFAI Overview Discuss Membership Criteria Other Matters Further enquiries contact Pureau B. Manuela 22957/55954. 69911 /30931 /2543

Prostate Foundation Cook Islands The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 21 March 2013 Venue - Sinai Hall, Avarua Time - 5pm agenda Prayer Welcome by Vice President annual report Treasurers report Election of Oice holders Vote of thanks Presentation by Helth Department personnels and others closing prayer Members of the public are most welcomed. 70076 /31005 /1931

Makea Kopu Ariki Meeting a meeting is to be held at ParaO-Tane this Tuesday 19 March at 4:30pm. The descendants of Rangimakea Upokotokoa Sadaraka Mere are requested to attend. Agenda: Makea Title Na Potikitaua Anau Manarangi 70055 / /2083


RAROCARS We are looking for persons to ill in the following: ACCOUNTS OFFICER - to handle daily accounts with little supervision. Must have hands on knowledge of QuickBooks and Microsoft Oice programmes. HIRE PURCHASE (HP) OFFICER - a mature person to deal with customers in a professional manner. The applicant must have a persistent attitude towards accomplishing the daily tasks and be able to work with little supervision. Hands on knowledge of QuickBooks and other oice programmes will be an advantage. RENTAL OFFICER - a person to handle all aspects of Vehicles rentals including customer liaison, keeping records up to date, making sure vehicles are serviced correctly etc. Package will be subject to qualiications. Email resume/qualiications to or phone Ray at 22060.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words. casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.



An exciting opportunity to work at Coin Save Shop in Arorangi. This role requires someone who is in sales, eicient, self motivated and has excellent customer service skills with great personality. If you are the right person please submit your written application with a brief cV and send it to the shop. For more information, welcome to the shop!

Concrete Systems Ltd is looking to employ a concrete Batching Manager. Previous experience preferred. Must have current heavy duty vehicle license. Experience with heavy plant and equipment an advantage. Phone 21375 for an interview.

70002 /30439 /1931

Wanting an experience lorists. Please Phone 20205 for more information. Thank you very much. 69994 /30924 /1773

Personal assistant with account experience, self motivated and willing to learn. call 54544.

MFEM Notices Tax Review Vaka Meetings Public meetings to hear the community’s views on the tax system and your ideas for any improvements that can be made are to be held at the following venues Sinai Hall Monday 18 March, Titikaveka Kent Hall Tuesday 19 March, Calvary Hall Wednesday 20 March. Meetings will begin at 7pm. at the meetings the public are encouraged to express their views on how we can improve our tax system. Ka kite ki ko!

Ocean Blue Ford Falcon XR V8 car $10,000. Call or text 72020. 70078 /31006 /1931

69990 / /2371

Storeman/General Hands Looking for honest, reliable, can do attitude, team players. Work is varied. a current drivers/Forklift License would be an advantage. an application form is available from our oice at Avatiu Harbour. 69989 / /1723

Trainee Comptroller Enquiries phone 20501. 69767 / /2124

70059 / /2096

AppReCIATIONS BIRTHDAy To our birthday brats..haha Happy 19th birthday

Brianna &

Happy 3rd birthday

69937 / /1902

69742 /30831 /1931

Bowls Cook Islands Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday 26 March 2013, 5pm at Rarotonga Bowling Club. Note also that arorangi Bowling Club will have their AGM on 20 March 2013 at the home of Iro Rangi & Rarotonga Bowling Club will have their AGM on 6 April 2013. Time to be conirmed. Meitaki Maata Anna Kairua Secretary General.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is


Honest, reliable and hard worker required for general work. current driver’s license essential. Work varied. contact 75137 after 5pm for more information.

May you 2 both have an awsome day Lots love from all your families

70070 /30004 /1931


SITUATIONS VACANT Sales Person required - for trendy, air conditioned, Fashion Boutique, newly opened in central Avarua. Must be well-presented, stylish and articulate, with an out-going personality. Apply in person to CityStyle in Mana Court, Ph 25233, or email C.V. to CityStyleRaro@gmail. com 69993 / /1628

earn while you learn at cITc ofering NZQa Accredited training.

70028 / /1843




Huawei black mobile smart phone, password protected. Reward phone 22271 & 72901. 70074 / /2429

SHIppING NOTICeS Tiare Moana V6 Sailing due to unforeseen delays to our sailing schedule, cargo acceptance to the Northern Group Islands has been extended. Cargo cut off is 27 March 2013 for dry goods & general cargo. Frozen goods - only accepting cargo from 22 March 2013 with cut off 27 March. Please ensure your cargo is in by the 27 as no cargo will be accepted after this date. Phone 27185 for further information. We apologise for the inconvenience that this delay may have caused. 69843 / /1723

Tenders invited ! Multi use two level tourist lodge in Muri. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, lounges, decks and verandas, water storage, swimming pool, double section, expansive tropical gardens and trees. Reasonable condition, vacant possession. All tenders considered, closing 25 March.


Contact Peter 55289 or Carey 55678 to inspect Ambala lodge by appointment.


Aro’a Beachside Inn NOW FOR SALE 12 units on the Best Beach, plus Restaurant and Bar. Sold as a going concern. For more information .....................................................................

PH or TXT Carey 55678

Human Resources Assistant – New Position! • This busy, varied position involves answering phones, assisting with recruitment enquiries and providing administration assistance. To join the team you will need to be conident, have good organisation and communication skills and a great telephone manner.

SALES & DISTRIBUTION Telemarketer – Great telephone manner a must! • Taking customer orders over the phone, keeping customers fully informed of new stock, promotions, specials etc. You will need to be organised, have good communication and listening skills, and a great telephone manner. Picker Assistant – C Class drivers license an advantage! • Involves assisting with the assembly, dispatch & delivery of all orders around the Island for wholesale customers. You will need to be it, energetic and accurate with your orders.

SUPERMARKET Checkout Operator – accuracy will win the day! • Completing all point of sale transactions, balancing and reconciling cash. You will need a big smile and great customer service skills!

OPERATIONS Warehouse/Delivery Assistant – C Class drivers license an advantage! • Assisting with the assembly, dispatch and delivery of internal transfers, devanning containers and assisting with rolling stocktakes. You will need to be it and healthy with the ability to work well within a small team. Freezer Assistant – Work with the cool team! • Working in the freezer units you shall be receiving stock, picking frozen orders for deliveries and assisting with rolling stock takes. You will need to be it and healthy and be able to work well with a small team. Talk to us today about starting a career in Retail! For further details and a full job description contact Eileen or Kai on phone 23-191, 54-181 or Email: /


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

Sevens team arrives in Hong Kong THe COOK isLanDs rugby sev-

ens team has arrived in Hong Kong where they are soaking up the magnitude of the tournament. soon after arriving in Hong Kong, the players went straight out to the training ield to run out their travel legs. “The team trained well for 90 minutes, going over basic game patterns and speciic moves to refresh after a great camp the week before,” reports team manager Chad Tuoro. Like most teams, training inishes with a pool recovery and then onto lunch where all the teams eat together. There was no rest for the wicked and after about two and

half hours rest the team were back out on the training field going over set piece roles and moves to cement before the big weekend. The team finished the day with a prayer and the boys had the evening to relax and live in the moment as reality starts to sink in for many that this weekend will be the biggest tournament of their careers. The Cook islands squad includes – captain ashley Drake (Horowhenua/Kapiti), Koiatu Koiatu (Perth), Teina savage (rarotonga/Tupapa), Dexter Moroney (Brisbane), Justin Marsters (Melbourne), Charles Teraitua (auckland), Francis Takiari (auckland), Francis smith

(rarotonga/now based in Blenheim), Harry Berryman (sydney), issac Treml (sydney), James raea (auckland) and Junior Kiria (auckland). The management team includes head coach ramsey Tomokino, manager Chad Tuoro, physio Dillan Lal and trainer James Miller. The Cook islands has been drawn in Pool g for the tournament running from March 22 to 24 along with Mexico, russia and Zimbabwe. The Cook islands will play russia on the first day of the tournament then Zimbabwe and Mexico on the second day. - Matariki Wilson

The Cook Islands sevens team arrive safe and well in Hong Kong for this weekend’s sevens tournament. 13031801

Pukapuka soccer comp wraps up THe sOCCer tournament in

Pukapuka finished last week after two weeks of non-stop adrenaline, prayer and passion. everyone played with all their energy and the tournament winners danced and laughed it up. nine men's and seven women's teams competed with the inal winners for the rounds in the women's division being – 1st BCi 2, 2nd Windburger 2 and 3rd ipuui. in the men's division rounds – the Lovely Boys were top of the table followed by team infra 1 and BCi 1 coming third. After the rounds inished, the knock-outs began. The championship games

came down to final goal kicks and the overall champion knock-outs for 2013 the winners were Windburger 2 in the

women’s division followed by Windburger 1 and ipuui in third. infra 1 took out the men’s

overall championship followed by Ukuuwi in second and Windburger 1 in third. - Amelia Borofsky

Team infra 1 keep cool and humble with their soccer trophy after winning the tournament on Pukapuka. 13031704

The local sevens boys come together in prayer before working on their game plan for the Hong Kong Sevens tournament this weekend. 13031803

Continuing Education Course Schedule updates Cut of date extended to 29 March

Is now FULL ‘Limited spaces available’

For information and enrolments, contact Michelle Williams ph-29357 or email -


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News




Nz748/749 Nz746/745 VA163/162


1.30AM 2.55PM 1.05AM


5.30PM 3.50PM 1.30AM


12.30AM 1.55PM 11.55PM

THuRSDAy march 20 Nz46/45 Gz035/034 Nz748/749


4.15PM 2.50PM 12.30AM

RARO TO ARR tuesday march 19 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details DEP



0910 1140 1640


1000 1230 1730




OLOMANA 011 - ETD AUCK 16/03, ETA RARO 23/03, ETA AITUTAKI 25/03 OLOMANA 012 - ETD AUCK 06/04, ETA RARO 13/04, ETA AITUTAKI 15/04



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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Monday’s puzzle

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HÄGAR the Horrible

Situation: A trough of low pressure remains slow moving within the vicinity of Southern Cooks. An easterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Cloudy periods with some showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Cloudy periods with some showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers.

Humidity WEd










Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.

TUE high 2.24Am


2.45pm 0.86m






Rarotonga Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Tuesday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga


By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight


By Dik Browne





0.5m SW


1.2m NE


WEd high 3.08Am 0.78m 3.33pm 0.83m





9.59pm 0.42m


Sun, Moon & Arapo

E 15KTS new Moon APR 10 9.36 Pm

First Quarter MAR 19 5.27Pm

Full Moon MAR 27 9.28Am

Sunshine hours

Third Quarter APR 3 4.37Am


arapo -akaoti tamatea TUE 19 Tanu (Planting)



sun rise

6.45Am sun set


Moon rise 1.33pm Moon set 12.00Am

WEd sun rise 6.45Am sun set 6.51pm


0.5m SW

TauTai (Fishing)

Tanu i te painapa, maniota Tautai te opunga marama. e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. Fish when the moon is Time to plant pineapple setting. and maniota right through to the 13th night (from akaoti amiama).

Moon rise 2.18pm Moon set 12.50Am

Front Key:




1.2m NE


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, March 19, 2013 Aitutaki

29° E 13KTS


28° E 17KTS


27° E 15KTS



27° E 15KTS

29° NE 07KTS


27° E 15KTS


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 cook Islands News

Hong Kong 7s & Pukapuka soccer



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‘Battle of pairs’ for time trial LOCaL club paddlers will team up this week for the V6 mixed race after their individual efforts and battles in last Wednesday’s irst V1 and OC1 time trial races. rising paddler andre Tutaka-george was the star of the show but, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the youngster who edged out his master and top male paddler reuben Dearlove. in fact, the race that featured 21 paddlers was described as a ‘battle of pairs’ affair. Tutaka-george and Dearlove lead the battle of the pairs in what were hot and lat conditions with little wind. The course is approximately 8 kilometres from ‘the boiler’ to Club raro point for the first turn before the leg back to avatiu harbour for the last turn and sprint back to Avarua harbour for the inish. spectators at avarua harbour were treated to spectacular inishes as each battling pair of paddlers entered the harbour for the inal sprint inish. Up the front, Tutaka-george edged his teacher Dearlove inishing the race in 35.50.62 and 35.58.12 respectively. Tupuna amo and Josh Burrell had their own battle with amo edging out Burrell in a time of 38.15.54 before Burrell crossed the inish line in a time of 38.37.40. esben Torget beat his fellow ngakau Toa Vaka paddler Paul Pearson while

Cook islands Canoeing association president Fletcher Melvin would have been pleased with his efforts that got him across the inish line ahead of John Beasley. Meanwhile Marc Cowan, was the irst OC1 paddler home in a time of 42.45.40 followed by Conrad Hunter and rob grant. emiline Taulu, Teina Taulu, Joyce Fortes and annie Fisher represented the vaine in the race and all paddlers got home under the one hour mark. For more paddling action – get along to the V6 mixed race this Wednesday at avarua harbour. - Matariki Wilson Time trial one results – andre TutakaGeroge (TT-V1) 35.50.62, Reuben Dearlove (TT-V1) 35.58.12, Tupuna Amo (NTV-V1) 38.15.54, Josh Burrell (TT-V1) 38.37.40, Esben Torget (NTV-V1) 39.08.65, Paul Pearson (NTV-V1) 39.21.54, Fletcher Melvin (NTV-V1) 40.21.94, John Beasley (nTV-V1) 40.26.97, alistaire Webb (nTV-V1) 41.27.08, Daniel Teheipuarii (NTV-V1) 41.52.37, Tungane Manuel (nTV-V1) 42.27.69, Marc Cowan (TTOC1) 42.45.40, Conrad Hunter (TT-OC1) 43.04.25, Rob Grant (TT-OC1) 43.17.40, Marouna Mita (TT-V1) 43.50.38, Johnny Raita (TT-V1) 45.14.91, Emeline Taulu (TT-OC1) 48.14.50, Teina Taulu (TT-OC1) 48.45.04, Joyce Fortes (nTV-V1) 48.48.94, annie Fisher (TT-V1) 51.53.88.

andre Tutaka-George powers his V1 home with his teacher and top male paddler reuben dearlove pushing him all the way. PHOTO mATT BEASLEY 13031503

Sea Eagles soar to second THe ngaTangiia sea eagles

34-8 thumping of the Tupapa Panthers has shot them up to second place on the league premier grade points table. The avatiu eels winning streak sees them at the top of the table with 15 points while the Sea Eagles are ive points behind them on 10.

The sea eagles will be happy with their current spot and are no doubt on the hunt for the top silverware this year to return the club to its once formidable form which saw them dominate the domestic league competition in the early 90s when they won the championships every year from 1994 to 1998.

But there will be no resting for the sea eagles as they will face the top of the table eels this weekend in what should be a thrilling match. The sea eagles are also being hunted as defending champions the Titikaveka Bulldogs along with the aitutaki sharks are snapping at their tail feathers

just a point behind the sea eagles on nine points each. The Panthers are in ifth place with six points while the Bears are in sixth place with four points while the Warriors are yet to win a game and earn points on the table. in the reserve grade however, the sea eagles are miles ahead

of the pack and leading the way with 12 points while the Bears are in second on nine points. The eels, Bulldogs and Panthers are all square on six points each.

The week ahead sees the sharks play the Warriors at the BCi stadium while the Bears will host the Panthers at raemaru Park. - Matariki Wilson


sea eagles reserve grade’s dynamic Tairi ‘Captain awesome’ Miria lies towards the try line against the eels. 13031016


p 5 5 6 5 5 5 5 p 5 4 5 5 5 p 5 5 5 5 4 p 5 6 6 5 p 6 6 6 6

W 5 3 3 3 2 1 0 W 4 3 2 2 2 W 3 3 3 2 1 W 4 4 1 0 W 6 3 2 2

L 0 1 3 2 3 3 5 L 1 1 3 3 3 L 2 2 2 3 3 L 0 1 4 4 L 0 3 4 4

D 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 D 0 0 0 0 0 D 0 0 0 0 0 D 1 1 1 1 D 0 0 1 0

F 102 100 88 77 32 92 42 F 90 140 122 118 66 F 130 126 114 118 34 F 100 78 72 26 F 144 28 32 8

A 56 92 74 122 50 91 98 A 66 96 112 106 116 A 86 134 134 94 74 A 52 62 106 56 A 22 100 66 24

DIF 104 34 14 -45 -42 1 -76 DIF 24 44 10 12 -50 DIF 44 -8 -20 24 -40 DIF 48 16 -34 -30 DIF 122 -72 -34 -16

TOT 15 10 9 9 6 4 0 TOT 12 9 6 6 6 TOT 9 9 9 6 3 TOT 13 13 4 1 TOT 18 9 6 6

Tuesday 19 March  
Tuesday 19 March  

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