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$2 Friday, march 15, 2013

PM to energy summits THE PrimE minister is going

to Tonga and New Zealand next week for renewable energy summits. Prime minister Henry Puna, who is minister in charge of renewable energy, is leading a delegation to Nuku’alofa next Tuesday for the Paciic Leaders Energy summit. The two-day meet will focus

on regional developments in renewable energy and exploring opportunities for further cooperation and investment. Puna is keen to promote a collaborative approach throughout the Paciic so the national framework can become stronger with key partnerships, says his ofice. The Tonga meeting is set for march 21 to 22 and is being

staged back-to-back with the Paciic Energy Summit in Auckland, from march 24 to 26. Puna is delivering a keynote address during the New Zealand summit opening. The meeting will be attended by leaders and representatives from various agencies, such as the international renewable Energy Agency, World Bank,

European investment Bank, united Nations Development Programme, and Asian Development Bank. A private sector showcase featuring advances in energy technologies will be held in conjunction with this summit. The prime minister’s delegation is supported by Energy commissioner roger de Bray, re-

newable Energy division head Tangi Tereapii, and Puna’s communications advisor Trevor Pitt. Foreign Affairs’ head of international affairs Dallas Young will be part of the Auckland team to support Puna’s bilateral meetings with other partners and agencies. Puna and his delegation are being sponsored to attend the

energy summits by the Tongan government, the European Commission, and the New Zealand government. The prime minister’s wife Akaiti Puna is also going. The prime minister’s office says all Paciic delegations may be transported in an air force light out of Auckland to Tonga. - Release/CS

Former director’s case heard

sACkED former director of im-

migration kave ringi has had his day in court, but the judge has reserved his decision until a later date. ringi lodged a complaint of unfair dismissal against ministry of Foreign Affairs and immigration secretary Jim Gosselin and attorney-general Henry Puna. ringi, represented by lawyer Brian mason, wants the decision taken by Gosselin in December to be quashed and costs awarded.

His case was heard by Justice High Williams yesterday morning in the High Court. ringi received a written notice of termination from Gosselin on December 21 last year. The dismissal gave one month’s notice but required ringi to vacate his ofice immediately. Crown lawyers kim saunders and martha Henry said in the statement of defence that this was true, but added ringi was originally served with a notice

of termination with four weeks notice on september 10. After ringi complained to the public service commissioner the next day, he was informed the termination notice would not be enforced until the investigation was complete and he remained in employment with full pay. The inal termination notice on December 21 was served after the investigation was complete. in the dismissal letter, Gosselin said ringi repeatedly refused

to accept his authority or work with him as the head of ministry. He said ringi was repeatedly insubordinate and undermined his authority in public and in front of other staff. “For example, emails where you criticise me that are copied to other staff members.” Gosselin also said ringi failed to submit back to ofice reports as required by ministry policy. on January 21, ringi was paid out holiday pay, four weeks sal-

ary in lieu of notice and special allowance due, said Crown. in mason’s amended statement of claim, he said prior to receiving the dismissal, ringi was not invited or given the opportunity to discuss any of the alleged grounds surrounding his termination of employment. Crown denied this. mason’s arguments included that Gosselin did not have authority at the time to terminate ringi’s employment – which

Crown denied. He also said the dismissal was in breach of the Public service Act 2009 and the Employment relations Act 2012. Crown’s arguments included that the Employment relations Act has not yet come into force, and that there was no written contract of employment signed between the parties. Justice Williams reserved his decision to be released at a later date. - CS

Tourism a ‘double-edged sword’ Tourism is a “double-edged sword”, said vice director of the World Heritage institute ron van oers at the second day of the four-day World Heritage Workshop on Tuesday. He said while tourism has many beneits, there is a danger that world heritage sites will be overrun by visitors. “uNEsCo (The united Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural organization) promotes tourism because it’s a powerful tool for bringing people together. it’s a very powerful industry. But we do not want tourism and visitors to destroy the sites they overrun. “some sites become so popular they are literally being swamped by visitors. We do not want to kill the goose with the golden eggs,” he said. The World Heritage workshop ended yesterday, with the drafting of a ‘tentative list’ of

possible world heritage sites in the Cook islands. World heritage sites have worldwide recognition that can translate into more visitors – but the process of getting on the list is complex and normally takes five years or more. Van oers said it is important to educate communities and visitors to world heritage sites. “in some parts of the world tourism is still seen as a major cash cow. We try to emphasise that visitors need to be educated to say, ‘Please remember this is a traditional community’. Education works both ways: Educate the community about what to expect, but also educate the visitors.” While the goal of tourism is to attract visitors, van oers said it should be done in a way that also beneits local communities. “Then we avoid the situation where tourists have all the

facilities they need, and right next door local communities are living in abject poverty.” Dr Anita smith, a senior lecturer at La Trobe university in melbourne, Australia, said being on the World Heritage List can sometimes generate tourism, but does not always mean a high number of visitors to a site. “in the solomon islands, people have been very disappointed that the expectations they had of the industry of cultural tourism have not really taken place. it’s too remote.” The most important thing about world heritage sites for the local community is to have their place recognised and protected for their children, said smith. she said the community needs to consider the costs and beneits of having a site on the World Heritage List, and how

they want their story to be told. it is crucial to maintain the meaning and authenticity of the site, said van oers. “it’s all about local distinctiveness. in many parts of the world we have fantastic herit-

age sites and local governments intervene--these interventions can be very damaging to the site.” He said good communication is the key to maximising the beneits of tourism, and avoid-

ing the pitfalls. “As long as there is a good dialogue with all stakeholders and the local communities involved, you can mitigate above the negative impacts,” he said. - Briar Douglas

Participants at the last day of the World Heritage Workshop yesterday. 13031430 Ph 24979


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Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Never to old to graduate A 106-YEAR-OLD US woman who completed classes but didn’t graduate in a dispute over a book has inally received her high school diploma. Mount Vernon schools superintendent presented Reba Williams with the diploma on Wednesday at her apartment in Columbus, Ohio. She even got to wear a traditional graduation cap brought by the retired English teacher who urged the school board to award the diploma. Williams has said she completed high school 90 years ago but was denied her diploma because she refused to read a inal book assigned by a teacher. She said she had read the book once and didn’t want to read it again.

Austerity under scrutiny Jobs and growth dominate EU summit under way in Brussels BrussELs – European union

leaders have opened a summit targeted by thousands of antiausterity protesters, talking about how to loosen government spending to bring down record unemployment, especially among youths. The eurozone as a whole has been in recession for more than a year and unemployment is now just under 12 per cent. France and some other countries want more flexibility in the budget targets set by the Eu Commission, as austerity has provoked widespread protests. The two-day talks which started on Thursday afternoon

world BriEFs QUEEN CALLS OFF MORE ENGAGEMENTS ENGLAND – The Queen has cancelled more oicial engagements as she continues to recover from a severe stomach bug. Buckingham Place says the Queen continues to make a good recovery after being treated in hospital for gastroenteritis and she hopes to take on oicial engagements again next week. It has been bitterly cold in Britain as the 86-year-old monarch attempts to return to a full public schedule. She made her irst oicial public appearance in more than a week earlier this week but Buckingham Palace says there will be no more engagements until next week. On Monday she was forced to pull out of the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.

XI JINPING VOTED IN AS CHINA’S PRESIDENT CHINA – Leaders in Beijing have conirmed Xi Jinping as president, completing China’s 10-yearly transition of power. Xi, appointed to the Communist Party’s top post in November, replaces Hu Jintao, who is stepping down. Some 3000 deputies to the National People’s Congress, the annual parliament session took part in the vote at the Great Hall of the People. The new premier – widely expected to be Li Keqiang – is scheduled to be named on Friday, replacing Wen Jiabao. While votes are held for the posts, they are largely ceremonial and the results very rarely a surprise.

FIRST LADY MAKES COVER OF VOGUE USA – US First Lady Michelle Obama’s showing up all over these days – chatting with talk show hosts, awarding an Oscar, and soon, gracing the cover of fashion bible Vogue. Obama will front the April edition, which hits newsstands March 26, in a shot by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. She is leaning on a desk in a sleeveless blue dress, her smile framed by her much-discussed new hairstyle. This is her second time appearing on the cover of the high fashion glossy – she is the irst First Lady to have that honour. The image accompanies an interview with Michelle and her husband where they focused more on their daughters, Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11.

MANDELA INSPIRES NEW VIDEO GAME SOUTH AFRICA – Gaming fans will soon be able to navigate Nelson Mandela’s South African apartheid prison on Robben Island in a new computer game, developers have announced. The game, designed to be an educational tool, will be modelled on life on the island where South Africa’s anti-apartheid campaigners were jailed and will be released next year as part of a multimedia project dubbed Mandela 27. The title is a reference to the number of years the anti-apartheid icon spent in jail before his release in 1990. Players will see scenes of typical prison life, such as labourers breaking rocks, said developer Werner Ravyse.

will feature a gathering of eurozone-only leaders overnight and eurozone inance ministers later on Friday, tackling a multibillion-euro bailout for Cyprus – the ifth for an EU state since Greece first needed rescuing three years ago. Heads of state and government were also looking at relations with key partners, notably russia, while France and Britain may raise the issue of a syrian arms embargo they want lifted to help insurgents ighting the regime of President Bashar alAssad. There is a big debate in the Eu about whether austerity is making the prospects for recovery worse. some economists argue that in current circumstances austerity can actually make government borrowing rise, partly because of the impact that declining production has on tax revenue and welfare spending. As some 15,000 demonstrators were gathered outside French President Francois Hollande, whose pro-growth push over recent months has gained added weight thanks to a big anti-austerity vote in italian elections last month, said the “only priority” leaders had to face today was finding fresh ways to boost growth. Fellow socialist leader and Belgian Prime minister Elio Di rupo said that “with 26 million unemployed, it is only natural that we ask the Eu to develop policies which tend towards more growth”. But Germany’s Chancellor Angela merkel remains determined to keep Europe focused on budget discipline, to prevent any resurgence of market jitters about eurozone stability. Former eurozone head and Luxembourg Prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker said the task now was “to explain our policies better”. “i can’t rule out us running the risk of a social revolution or rebellion,” he said. - PNC

French President Francois Hollande talks with European Parliament President Martin Schulz prior to a roundtable meeting at the Eu Headquarters in Brussels. AFP

Big job to do on one lung VATiCAN CiTY – The new pope

has challenges ahead ranging from sex abuse scandals to reinvigorating the lock. And he will have to do it all with just one lung. The Argentine pontiff lost the greater part of one lung to a teenage infection. Doctors said that losing one lung doesn’t necessarily compromise Pope Francis’s health or reduce his lifespan, though it means no strenuous exercise since he no longer has the air capacity of people with two lungs. “He probably wouldn’t be able to run marathons, but i don’t think that would be on his

schedule,” said Dr Peter openshaw, director of the Centre for respiratory infection at imperial College London. “Having one lung should be enough as long as there is no other disease in that lung.” Experts said it would be rare nowadays to remove a lung. Antibiotics would be used to treat most lung infections including tuberculosis, though part of the organ might be removed to treat advanced lung cancer. Back when Francis had his lung removed, the available antibiotics weren’t as powerful. “in the past, doctors used to all kinds of strange things to try to

treat lung infections,” said Dr Jennifer Quint, a respiratory expert at London’s school of Hygiene and Tropical medicine. she said physicians even used to stick ping pong balls into peoples’ lungs in an attempt to starve the lung of oxygen, to kill the bacteria. Dr Quint said the fact that Francis appears so fit and healthy at 76 bodes well for his future. “if he were going to have any major complications, he would have had them by now,” she said. she said Francis’ main challenge will be to keep his remaining lung healthy. - AP

Topless protesters on tour ki EV – ukrainian feminist

movement group Femen are taking their topless protests around the world, having already stripped off in Western Europe to highlight a range of issues from democratic violations to sexual exploitation. While enjoying little support at home, Femen’s protesters have become a symbol of ukraine abroad having taken

their tops off in moscow, Paris, Zurich, Brussels, and even in st Peter’s square in Vatican City. And now they plan to go even further aield. “This year we hope to cover North Africa and south America,” said one of Femen’s leaders, Anna Gutsol. The group, which was founded in 2008, came up with the idea of its topless protests dur-

ing a demonstration in 2009 when they decorated their backs with slogans and bared them at photographers. The pictures were a hit, leading the women to come up with an even more outrageous way to get their views across. since they turned to face the cameras, the international media has given them lavish coverage. - AAP

Pope at the beach

POPE ELECT CALLS FOR SPIRITUAL RENEWAL ITALY – Pope Francis has warned the Catholic Church would become “a compassionate NGO” without spiritual renewal. In a Sistine Chapel Mass with cardinals on his irst day as Church leader, the pontif said, “If we do not confess to Christ, what would we be? We would end up a compassionate NGO. What would happen would be like when children make sand castles and then it all falls down.” Francis is the irst Latin American and the irst Jesuit Pope. The 76-year-old has already been swift to stamp his style on the papacy. In his irst hours in the job on Thursday he shunned a special car and security detail provided to take him to the Vatican, travelling instead on a bus with the other cardinals. He will be installed oicially in an inauguration mass on March 19.

Today’s Daily Bread You say, ‘i am rich, i have acquired wealth and do not need a thing’. But you do not realise that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

Matthew 7:21-29 read:read: revelation 3:14-22

text: Matthew text:7:26 Verse 17

an indian sand artist works on a sand sculpture of Pope Francis on a beach near the eastern indian city of Bhubaneswar. india is home to the Church’s second largest community in asia after the Philippines. aFP


Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News

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Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Sharks saved by narrow majority Conference makes historic decision to control trade in sharks and rays BANGkok – Pro-shark ishing nations have narrowly failed to overturn a landmark protection deal struck at the Cites conservation conference in Bangkok. Cites has officially accepted committee recommendations to list ive species of highly traded sharks under the Cites Appendices, along with those for the listing of both manta rays and one species of sawish Japan and China tried to

block trade regulations on three critically endangered shark species by re-opening the debate in the inal session. But delegates refused the request by a wafer-thin majority and the decision was upheld. The protection initiative is seen as a landmark win for animal conservation world wide. Campaigners say it is a truly historic day for the shark species in particular, in which science

paciic BRIEFS

triumphed over politics. Earlier at the conference, the decision to increase protection for oceanic whitetips, porbeagle and hammerhead sharks had only scraped past the two-thirds majorities required by a handful of votes. Campaigners had been extremely worried that China and Japan, the main opponents of the measures, would be able to muster the one-third support needed to re-open the debate and block the ban. in a tense session here in the conference centre, they failed by just over one per cent. uk Environment minister David Heath, who had just arrived in Bangkok, said that this

was a great day for the Convention. “i’m absolutely delighted. i think this is a major step forward today. What we saw was member states across the board say ‘we are not going to be diverted from our path’,” he said. The proposals will not ban the ishing of these sharks but it will mean that for the irst time, the international trade in them will be regulated. similar attempts at previous meetings of Cites had ended in failure. What seems to have made the difference here in Bangkok was the unity of Latin American nations, who all stood behind the proposals. Hesiquio Benitez from the

mexican delegation said the decision was good for sharks and for those communities that make their living from the sea. “it’s important to know that this is not prohibiting trade for domestic markets, it is not against the isheries communities. it is to have more control, to have better assessments in the populations,” he said. Campaigners who had worked for decades to get these species listed in Appendix ii of Cites said it was a landmark day. The Appendix lists species which may become threatened with extinction unless trade is closely controlled. “This is an historic day for marine conservation,” said

Glenn Sant from Trafic International. “shark populations are in freefall, but have been thrown a lifeline today – Cites has finally listened to the scientists,” he said. “With relief we note that the committee decisions were not overturned, we now turn our focus to the essential phase of their implementation,” said sonja Fordham, president of shark Advocates international. “We urge all parties to recognise the urgency of the shark and ray plight and to begin this work to ensure the sustainability of international trade in newly listed species, as a matter of priority.” - PNC

DECREE CHALLENGE REJECTED BY COURT FIJI – The Fiji Labour Party’s legal challenge of the Registration of Political Parties Decree has been dismissed in the High Court. The lawyer of the proposed Labour Party, Anand Singh, claimed the decree was in breach of international conventions. But the Fiji Village website reports the case was dismissed by Justice Anjala Wati, who said under the Administration of Justice Decree there can be no legal challenge of a decree. The court has ordered the proposed political party to pay US$800 to the Attorney General’s Oice in costs. Under the terms of the political parties decree, existing parties had to apply for re-registration by mid-February. So far, the regime has not said if any party has been successful.

LEASES ISSUED BY CORRUPTION AND FRAUD PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Papua New Guinea’s prime minister has blasted his public service over the granting of controversial leases covering more than 10 per cent of the country. In recent years more than 70 Special Agricultural and Business Leases, or SABLs, have been granted covering more than ive million hectares. Critics say the leases are a back-door way to clear-fell forests and many have been granted without the permission of traditional owners. Greenpeace campaigner in PNG, Sam Moko, says they welcome the prime minister’s comments. “SABLs, over the years, were mainly issued through corruption and fraud,” he said.

IMPROVED TESTING INCREASES CASES NEW CALEDONIA – New Caledonia’s Ministry of Health says 150 people are being diagnosed with dengue fever every day. The head of Public Health, Dr Jean Paul Grangeon, says improved testing means everyone presenting dengue symptoms has a blood test to conirm the illness. He says the analysis has the beneits of both better vector control of mosquitos in outbreak areas and earlier treatment for patients with complications. He says 4,600 people have contracted dengue since the season began in October last year. “Why there are so many cases being notiied is because we’re going to each person who’s got symptoms, we’re doing analysis and blood tests and that’s why we are having so many cases.”

AUSTRALIA GETS UP WITH THE PLAY AUSTRALIA – The Australian Senate is calling on the Fiji government to publicly condemn the use of torture. The Senate passed a motion, condemning the apparent torture and inhumane and degrading treatment of detainees in Fiji. This comes after a nine-minute video was posted online last week, showing the abuse and beating of two tied-up men by what the Fiji government calls Fijian security personnel. On Tuesday, a similar motion was passed by the New Zealand parliament. Fiji’s Foreign Minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola called the action of the New Zealand parliament “absurd”. The beating in Fiji has also been condemned by the United Nations and Amnesty International.

NO EXCUSE FOR BRUTAL BEHAVIOUR FIJI – The UN Special Rapporteur on torture says there is no excuse for the brutal treatment of tied-up detainees as seen in last week’s video of a prolonged beating in Fiji. Professor Juan Mendez says some governments argue that the conduct of detainees sometimes necessitates the use of force against them. He says international law clearly prohibits this. “Nothing justiies the treatment. Not even the worst ofender should be treated in any way that causes pain and sufering equivalent to torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. The prohibition is absolute, so there is no excuse for it and much less any excuse by the previous conduct of the victim.”

PLAN TO IMPROVE TSUNAMI PREPAREDNESS NEW CALEDONIA – Disaster risk managers of the French Paciic territories say they are hoping to improve public alert systems of potential tsunami threat. Scientists from the navy, the Secretariat of the Paciic Community and local oicials held a meeting in New Caledonia this week to discuss how they can be better prepared for the risks posed by tsunamis. The SPC says participants exchanged and shared scientiic knowledge on tsunami risks, including lessons learnt from the spread of the tsunami from the Japanese earthquake in March 2011.

Humans kill about 100 million sharks each year, mostly for their ins. But a shark protection agreement has been haled as a historic landmark at the Cites conservation conference in Bangkok this week. AFP

PNA reafirms adherence limit THE PACiFiC – in response

to kiribati last year flouting rules set by the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, the eightmember fisheries bloc has issued a strong statement at its annual meeting reconirming a commitment to enforce ishing limits this year. The PNA’s vessel day scheme has led to a more than doubling

of the price paid by distant water fishing nations for access to the ocean zones of the PNA nations where the majority of skipjack tuna is caught in the Paciic. The scheme is based on a limited number of ishing days that are divided among PNA members. When a country reaches its

limit, it is required to trade for additional fishing days from other members but last year kiribati went over its limits, preventing trading among the members. The Chairperson of the PNA Dr Chris Ramofaia, says a resolution was signed last week by all members including kiribati, reaffirming the strict applica-

tion of the scheme. “it is very, very important really because the VDs is the management tool that all the parties agreed to to use to manage the Paciic isheries, as far as the PNA is concerned that’s the most important arrangement in terms of management of our resources.” - RNZI

Tim not expected to impact Paciic BrisBANE – The Brisbane Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre has just named a new system in the northwest Coral sea. Forecaster Tony Auden says the low weather system was classified as category one Cyclone Tim yesterday morning and is

currently 440 kilometres northeast of Cairns. He says Cyclone Tim is moving southeast at 26 kilometres per hour and is forecast to keep moving in that direction for the next two or three days. it is likely to weaken over

the weekend as it heads back towards the Queensland coast. Auden says the cyclone may develop into a category two system in the next 12 hours but it is not expected to impact much on nearby Paciic Islands. “it’s unlikely that we should

see any signiicant cyclone impacts anywhere else around the southern Paciic Ocean. “Vanuatu, New Caledonia and solomon islands are unlikely to see any signiicant impact from Tim, apart from maybe some westerly swells.” - RNZI

Sandra roughs up Lord Howe Island LorD HoWE isLAND – Emer-

gency services on Lord Howe island are surveying the damage caused by the tail end of Tropical Cyclone sandra. The system came within 220 kilometres of the small island, which is located 600 kilometres due east of the New south Wales town of Port macquarie. The cyclone was off the island’s east coast and was listed

as a category 2 system, but it has since been downgraded to category 1 and continues to weaken as it heads south. Wind gusts reached 150 kilometres per hour on the island at the height of the storm, and destructive winds and heavy ocean swells are expected to continue. The chief executive of the Lord Howe island Board says locals were well prepared and

have faced severe storms before. stephen Wills says the damage caused by Tropical Cyclone sandra is not as severe as was expected. “some very, very wild weather conditions and very large seas generated by the storm. We received just over 50 millimetres of rain, so no problems with looding which was one of our major concerns,” he said.

“Quite a wild evening, but we haven’t received any reports of major damage to any buildings and most importantly there have been no reports of injuries to anyone on the island.” The New south Wales state Emergency service is sending a recovery team on the weekend to help the islanders clean up. - ABC


Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Little respite in endless drought With next to no rain since October, Kiwi farmers face inancial disaster HAmiLToN – New Zealand dairy farmer John rose has sent more than 100 of his cows to the slaughterhouse over recent weeks as a severe drought continues to brown pastures in New Zealand’s normally green North island. rose said it was necessary to thin his herd so that his remaining 550 cows have enough to eat as the grass in his ields withers. “We try and make sure they’ve got water and shade during the day and do the best we can for them,” he said. “it’s very hard to remember when the last rainfall was.” The drought is costing New Zealand farmers millions of dollars each day and is beginning to take a toll on the country’s economy. Parts of the North island are

drier than they’ve been in 70 years and some scientists say the unusual weather could be a harbinger of climate change. There has been little significant rainfall in the northern and eastern parts of the country since october. But some are finding the dry, sun soaked days a boon. Wine makers say the conditions are perfect for them. And city dwellers are revelling in the sunny weather in a southern Hemisphere summer that never seems to end. Dairy farmers estimate the drought has so far cost them about NZ$1 billion in lost export earnings with the damage rising daily as they reduce their herds, which in turn results in lower milk production.

Farming, and dairy cows in particular, drives the economy in the island nation of 4.5 million and the drought is expected to shave about a percentage point off economic growth. New Zealand’s last signiicant drought was five years ago and also cost farmers billions of dollars. Bruce Wills, president of farming association Federated Farmers, said North island slaughterhouses are processing about 40 per cent more cows and sheep this year as farmers reduce their stock. The increased numbers and lighter weight of the animals has resulted in plummeting prices, he said. North island farmers are also sending stock to the south island, which hasn’t been so affected. Wills said farmers have sent 1.5 million lambs and other stock on ferries to the south island to graze or be slaughtered there.

“one of the challenges with a drought is that the impact can go on for a number of years,” he said. “We’ll have a lower lambing percentage next year because there hasn’t been enough feed this year,” he said of the impact on animal fertility. James renwick, a climate scientist at Victoria university of Wellington, said New Zealanders should expect more summers like the current one due to global warming. He said the dry subtropical weather that helps forms deserts in places like Africa and Australia is expanding toward the world’s poles. He said the risk of drought in New Zealand will keep increasing and water resources will become more stretched. He said that in certain places, dairy cows, with their reliance on abundant water, may not be as viable in years to come but that other

more drought-resistant crops and species could replace them. “We may need to change our approach to farming,” renwick said. “Whatever the climate is, there’s always something you can do.” Like, perhaps, growing grapes. “The weather for us is stunningly good,” said Philip Gregan, the chief executive of New Zealand Wine, an association representing grape growers and winemakers. “We’re getting warm, dry, cooler nights. it’s the perfect recipe for fully ripe fruit with fabulous lavours.” Gregan said the annual grape harvest is just getting under way and that winemakers across the country are expecting an excellent vintage. Winemaking accounts for about NZ$1.2 billion in exports while farming accounts for about NZ$25 billion. meanwhile, rain is finally

forecast this weekend for many drought-stricken areas. metservice is predicting what it describes as a good chance for decent rainfall over most parts of the country by sunday afternoon. Five regions of the North island have been officially declared in states of drought, while a decision is pending on another ive. metservice says the remains of Tropical Cyclone sandra will combine with a low pressure system in the Tasman sea, but it is not yet clear how much rain this will create. it says the heaviest rain will fall on the West Coast of the south island, with more modest amounts likely over the North island. metservice meteorologist Dan Corbett says the expected rainfall will not be enough to make up the large deicits in many places but will be a good step in the right direction. - PNC

Online media has power to mobilise PorT morEsBY – The winner

of a Papua New Guinea media anti-corruption award says online media has the potential to inform and mobilise people in his country. Blogger martyn Namorong won the overall prize at the 2012 Excellence in AntiCorruption reporting media Awards late last year in PNG. The award was presented in recognition of the blogger’s efforts to expose alleged injustices suffered by indigenous people affected by a mining project. in presenting the award, the united Nations resident coordinator and uNDP resident representative, David mcLachlan-karr, said Namorong revealed corrupt practice at the community level, and raised awareness of the impacts of corruption over an extended period of time.

The ramu nickel-cobalt mine, 75km west of the provincial capital of madang, has been the focus of much controversy since the project’s inception in 1999 by the Australian, PNG-based, Highlands Paciic Ltd. The mine is the centre of a bitter decade-long battle between the company and indigenous landowners who claim the project will cause catastrophic environmental damage to the Bismarck sea, where waste from the mine is being disposed. mcLachlan-karr encouraged the blogger to continue writing about the plight of the people of Papua New Guinea. Namorong said in an interview with radio Australia that because online social media in Papua New Guinea was quite new, there was still a lack of understanding about how it could

Volcano emits ash rABAuL – Ash eruptions from

mount Tavurvur in Papua New Guinea East New Britain province resumed this week, a report from the rabaul Volcano observatory said. After several days of zero emissions, volcanic activity had resumed, an observatory spokesperson said. “An explosion caused dark projections of material which quickly became a forceful dark grey to black billowing column,” the spokesperson said. “The column rose to 300 metres before being blown to the south-east by the prevailing wind. “The forcefulness and colour lessened over a 40 minutes period, until a white billowing ash cloud was emitted 100 metres upwards”. it said the wind-borne ash clouds were rising to a kilometre as it moved downwind. “seismicity has been low since the ashing ceased last

Friday. There have been several earthquakes felt all from regional earthquakes not related to the volcano. “This short period of inactivity with yesterday’s eruption is part of the current behaviour of the volcano. “The ongoing long-term inflationary trend and the current open vent system are noted. “No high frequency earthquakes were recorded. These factors suggest that ash emissions are likely to continue but at a low level. The observatory said the assessment will be continually reviewed. mt Tavurvur is the most well-known volcano, or subvent of the rabaul caldera, and has erupted as recently as January 2009. in 1937, Tavurvur and another nearby volcano, Vulcan, erupted, killing 507 people. - The National/PNC

be so inluential. “Those of us who are willing to speak out, particularly online, have the spotlight on them such that people respond more quickly,” he said. He recently visited Australia on a two-week study tour to meet with investigative journalists and community groups involved in fighting corruption. Namorong, who publishes ‘Namarong report’ at, also won the media award for his investigative series into the hearings of a Commission of inquiry into special Agriculture Business Leases, known as sABLs, in the East sepik Province of PNG. He said that no mainstream media was covering the inquiry. “i was the only person reporting on the investigation,” Namarong said. The Papua New Guinea government ordered an inquiry to investigate an alleged ‘land grab’ which had seen over ive million hectares of land swallowed up in 99 year leases. it is claimed that customary landholders had not given their informed consent and many leases were just a cover for clear-fell logging. An interim report from the inquiry has just been presented to the government and has caused an uproar with the prime minister blasting the public service . in a statement Peter o’Neil said some agencies had failed to administer the law and “developers have enjoyed a free run”. He saids he’ll table the report in the next sitting of parliament and also announce measures to improve the integrity of the public service. in 2009 Namarong dropped out of medical school and ended up on the streets of Port moresby as a street vendor before turning his mind to blogging. “my blog is an outlet for me

to express myself. i take sides on issues because i believe that there is a right side and a wrong side. “To be sitting on the fence would also mean that i am condoning evil,” Namarong says on his website’s home page. “i don’t regard myself as a voice for the so called ‘silent majority’ even though much of what i write, resonates with the

people of Papua New Guinea. “i believe it is important that everyone should raise their voice against inequality and injustice instead of expecting one person to do it on their behalf. i do not wish to disempower people in that sense. “Blogging is for me a form of protest against a system that treats people like thrash.” The united Nations David

mcLachlan-karr told local media after the awards that Namarong demonstrated excellent investigative journalism and research skills in his reports. The Excellence in AntiCorruption reporting media Awards encourage individual journalists in PNG to report, expose and combat corruption. - PNC


Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Bank lifting its game on services Dear Editor, in reply to the letter ‘Lift your game’ (march 12) from ‘Frustrated Vehicle owner’ i am sorry that the vehicle owner reached such a point of frustration and thus felt the need to vent via a letter to the editor. Please know that all customers of BCi and any person that avails of or requires access to our various services, who wish to express service dissatisfaction, may do so

with me directly either in person, by phone or by email. i do apologize if ‘Frustrated Vehicle owner’ tried to do so when at BCi. Also be assured management, staff and the board of directors of BCi do to the best of our abilities, make every effort to introduce enduring improvements to this and our entire service delivery. ‘Frustrated Vehicle owner’ makes valid comments. renewal of motor Vehicle Licenses is year

after year due by 31st march. BCi opens registration to all vehicle owners as early as possible in February each year, in particular, making direct contact with vehicle leet owners to commence the process. The reference to payment ‘via your own bank’ is available to ANZ and Westpac customers who have internet banking and may do so via the Bill Pay option requiring only time in BCi to collect the vehicle

sticker and receipt at our reception. With regards to an online system, we are introducing a phased approach to this end goal, by first bringing online, in real-time, all our branches throughout the Cook islands and the Cook islands Police for whom BCi issues annual license stickers and maintains the entire vehicle registry database. online payments by internationally accepted debit and credit cards is

the ultimate goal we are pursuing with our system developers, all the time mindful of security and privacy requirements. Another alternative we offer is extended opening hours up to 6pm on rarotonga on some days to allow more and varied times for vehicle owners to undertake their renewals. or please email to correspond directly with our team to discuss alternate speciic arrangements

on your vehicle. i have extended an invitation to ‘Frustrated Vehicle owner’ to contact me directly to discuss their speciic experience. Vaine Nooana-Arioka managing director, BCi Editor: Nooana-Arioka encourages anyone who wishes to express dissatisfaction or provide feedback on any of BCi’s services to contact her on 29341, or by email at

‘Tourism is not the answer’ Dear Editor, i read with great dismay in Ci News that the NZ Aid Programme will focus its donor aid on tourism and tourism-sup-

ported infrastructure projects in the Cook islands. Having grown up in the Cook islands and in Hawaii, i can say that tourism is not the answer.

bambooJack’snow open for lunch on Fridays from: 11.30pm - 2.30pm Dinner from 4pm -9pm Forbookingsortakeaway’s

phone 28830.

in Hawaii, Waikiki beach, once the holiday place of Hawaiian kings and queens, has no Hawaiians except for one or two teaching tourists how to surf. in Hawaii, the hula most often gets performed for tourist’s benefit and less for important local celebrations. in Hawaii, development is everywhere—in the Japanese skyscrapers, in the chain restaurants, in the megaplex movie theaters. in Hawaii, the coconut trees no longer have coconuts on them because they could fall on tourist’s heads. in Hawaii, the Hawaiian language had been lost until recently when activists tried to revive a dying language. in Hawaii, it is hard to go fishing and come home with any ish. And even with all this tourism, the younger educated generation

still leaves to look for “better” opportunities in the mainland united states. When the economy in the united states crashed, tourism in Hawaii crashed. Hawaii has developed so few other industries that it has become overly reliant on the tourism industry (and the military and Gmo, but that is another discussion). in addition, much of what tourists originally came to see has been lost. “i thought the beaches would be empty like a postcard,” said one visiting friend. This same friend could not believe the price of milk, or of local pineapple. Like Tahiti, with tourists comes price inflation. A tourist economy is a volatile, expensive and weak economy that can trample on the heart of a place.

if you scratch the surface, a rich multicultural Hawaii still exists but it takes work to ind. The Cook islands has something special, especially in the outer islands. it does not want to succumb to becoming another Hawaii or Tahiti. Hawaii must diversify its economy. options in Hawaii include ecotourism, holistic health and wellness industries, hospice, subsistence-lifestyle, agriculture, marine science, ethno-botany and more industries that capitalize on the local resources and knowledge. The younger generation needs jobs, but meaningful ones. The younger generation needs an affordable life, but a meaningful non-plastic postcard one. since the global economy crashed, Hawaii keeps trying to figure

out how to sustain itself in new, innovative ways. i don’t know what the answer is in the Cook islands. i only know that the Cook islands should learn from Hawaii’s mistakes and not focus on tourism, selling ishing licenses and depleting the natural resources. This will not bring Cook islanders abroad back and it will destroy what tourists came to originally experience. if the NZ Aid Programme has depopulation as a primary concern, which is a huge concern, it would do well to ask Cook islanders abroad “what do you need to come back home?” i don’t know the answers, but i suspect they do. Amelia Borofsky Pukapuka

‘An amazing character’ Dear Editor, Yet again and very unconciously, NZ's High Commis-

sioner John Carter has taken the public limelight by showing our tax-funded politicians how to

perform their job of providing assistance in the community where it is needed most. Carter is an amazing character who is able to get things done without wanting to take the spotlight. No doubt that our current bunch of politicians could learn heaps

from this humble person. similar to Tupapa mP George maggie, Carter is like a Duracell battery. He just keeps going and going... Get Carter (Name and address supplied)

Old plants, new puffs FoLLoWiNG on from Tuesday’s smokie about smokers on man-

gaia being idgety due to the island being totally out of cigarettes, another smoke signaller on the island writes: “Fortunately for some mangaians tobacco still grows in mangaia, a hangover from the olden days. For some desperate people who could not wait for Friday’s plane to bring relief supplies, it was as simple as a bike ride to Atuakoro, where the quarry now is, to collect a few leaves. Problem solved!”

GETTING IN EARLY AFTEr reading Wednesday’s front page article ‘switch off for Earth

Hour’ next week, a smoke signaller quipped: “We probably won’t have to switch off at all – Te Aponga seems to be doing that for us in recent days!”

kEEP the smokies rolling in! smoke signals and interesting island photos will be accepted by email (smokesignals@cookislandsnews. com), or text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22-999.

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

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Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Domestic vs foreign affairs A JourNALisT asked me the

other day–do you think this focus by the Prime minister on regional and global affairs is a priority to our country? my simple answer was that it is not a top priority and Pm Henry Puna is spending too much time on it. By paying almost all of his attention to matters of the region, the PM sacriices domestic issues and problems. one has to give way for the other unless the Pm has Herculean powers and stamina. in any given government administration the portfolio of foreign affairs is a prized one because it involves lots of travel, sightseeing, cocktail parties, leisure activities, mingling with powerful and beautiful people, luxury hotels and associated services. one is treated like a king. in other words, the perks are great. An essential aspect of it is diplomacy and alliances with

countries that could prove beneicial to our country. So small talk, profound statements, commitments to support the cause of other countries is part and parcel of in particular the minister’s job. Putting aside the minister of Foreign Affairs the Hon Tom marsters, who is a very subdued minister of the portfolio; the Pm has clearly pronounced himself as the international flag-bearer of the Cook islands. i have no doubt that he would have experienced all of the perks and loved it. i believe his personality is conducive to that sort of thing. This is where the danger is; he appears to be deeply entrenched in it, and therefore overlooks what are much more important domestic policies, issues and problems. it is becoming more frequent now that every-time he is overseas a domestic issue will rise

to prominence and he would essentially intervene from overseas by either overriding the responsible minister or issuing a statement of sorts to the media. in other words domestic issues are getting more and more pressing by the day. i expect that to naturally happen but resolving them while in another country’s golf course or on the balcony of the Hilton Hotel from New York is hopeful to say the least. i remember a favourite time for a former Prime minister to replace cabinet ministers was when they were overseas. i also remember a former leader of the Cook islands Party and minister of finance was in rome when a member of his party was appointed as a cabinet minister. Efforts were not spared to halt the appointment from rome, but to no avail. my point here is it is impossible to govern from overseas despite the con-

venience of modern technology. our Pm is currently the chair of the Paciic Forum. After being away for two weeks, part of that to play golf, he rushed back home apparently spooked when i called on him to call a snap election. He did not read my comments to gauge the implausibility of my suggestion but he reacted from overseas with comments that it was a bizarre call, but it was effective enough to have him gallop home promptly. No sooner had his feet touched the ground, he is again off to Tonga – a task he could possibly delegate to the Forum Vice-Chair or other apt Paciic leaders. remember he was in Africa not long ago – was in Dubai (several times), Norway and so on. i believe the Pm has been deeply bitten by the travel bug and i recall when he was the Head of the Trade, Labour and Transport Department, he won

the honour hands down of the most travelled public servant. Here’s my gripe. I am a irm believer in strengthening my home base irst. That’s my philosophy at home and with my family and my constituency. i am applying that same principle to the Democratic Party. The Pm would be served well and I unselishly give him this advice to stay home and roll up his sleeves and look at what needs to be done in rarotonga and the outer islands because there are some disturbing things happening. i know and will have it conirmed that several of his ministers are “dabbling” in unsavoury activities that could potentially end their political careers. Heads of ministries are agitating for better respect of their authority, the private sector are being left to pit against one another in unhealthy competition, other MPs are loundering at the Pm’s insistence on


A new opinion piece by Opposition Leader

Wilkie Rasmussen his own personal political constituency projects and agenda and people are still leaving the country in droves. surely the focus for the Pm must change.

Cook Islanders evicted from state homes A Cook isLANDs family in New Zealand have been given orders to evacuate their state home. miimetua Tarapu, 66, has lived in Glen innes with her husband for 14 years. But Housing New Zealand has given the couple 90 days to move out of their home to allow for redevelopment. They are more than 70 state

housing residents that received the news this week. Tarapu told TV N Z o N E News that they’ve been dreading this notice since plans for 156 properties, to be turned into new state houses or sold for redevelopment, were revealed last year. "i think i am lost, the only thing we want is not to move out, to stay where we are,” she

said. Housing New Zealand will relocate them within the community if they wish, but the Tarapus call their large property home, and said leaving it is going to break their hearts. Tarapu said they’ve done everything to try and change the government’s mind and several protests and sit-ins have been held in objection to

how the issue has been handled. she said her 76-year-old husband needed dialysis four times a day but Housing NZ had tried to move the couple into a two-storey unit in Panmure which was not suitable. "We had a march in town. i

went on it and i told my husband about it," she told the New Zealand Herald. "That night he had a minor heart attack. i said to myself, 'i shouldn't have told him this.' But he needed to know." Chief executive for Housing NZ Glen sowry said there was

a “tremendous demand” for state housing in Auckland. “By using those large sites efficiently so we create more state homes, that is ultimately what we are going to achieve here,” he said. - TVNZ/NZ Herald

Temporary licence for Coin Save sAm oAN-BAs E D franchise

Coin save – which was denied a licence to operate in the Cooks last December – has been granted permission to sell to businesses only. The Business Trade and investment Board (BTiB) initially denied discounted goods store Coin save a licence as it operated in an area of business that was reserved for local business only. A number of local business owners, such as Vonnia’s and CiTC, lodged complaints with BTiB prior to the licence application being heard last year. They were concerned Coin save owners had not complied with the rules before setting up shop. in December, business owner Teaking Weng shipped three 40-foot containers full of goods

over to rarotonga, pre-empting permission to operate. BTiB has now granted the business temporary licence to operate for just over three months until early June to allow them to on-sell the goods in the containers to bona fide businesses only. The public will not be allowed to buy goods and those wishing to purchase must provide proof of their retail business. Chief executive Terry rangi says BTiB will be monitoring the situation carefully to make sure the public are not buying stock and will review the arrangement after each month. “We will be keeping an eye on it. ideally we’d like to see retailers buy in bulk so the stock goes quickly.”

rangi says they did not have to grant the temporary licence but it will help Coin save offset its expenditure and also allow retailers to get already-imported goods on the cheap. Coin save will have to comply with all Cook islands laws while here, including registering for value added tax (VAT) and paying all applicable taxes. The business has been paying storage fees to the Ports Authority since December and has paid import tariffs, says rangi. Local staff will be employed for the temporary period. The business is currently advertising with Ci News for staff. The Coin save shop is in the old rite Price location in Arorangi, opposite Crown Beach resort. - CS

the shopping complex in arorangi where the Coin Save store can now sell discounted goods to businesses, but not the public. 12121115

13031326 FairFaX

Glen Innes residents have vowed to ight eviction notices ordering them from their state homes.


Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News

Tupapa works top priority AFTEr consultations between-

the ministry of infrastructure and Planning and contractor, Landholdings Ltd, it has been decided that the schedule of Project City water works in Tupapa is a top priority. The public are asked to continue to be patient as the Tupapa works are very extensive with ring-mains already laid on the seaward side which has led to unavoidable damage to the road.

The potholes will be repaired but the proper reinstatement cannot begin until the submains are laid down on the inland side of the road in Tupapa. in addition, the cross-connections from one side to the other need to be installed such work is commencing right now. once all the sub-mains and cross connections are done, reinstatement on the seaward side of the Tupapa road can get

underway where the road will be restored to a reasonable condition. The public are asked to be patient as the contractors carry out their monumental work plan which is to completely replace the entire water supply network in all four sectors of the Project City area – Panama, Avarua central business district including the areas on the Ara metua, Tupapa to Tepuretu rd, and all of

the Takuvaine Valley. For those wondering why the waterworks were laid in the middle of the Tupapa road rather on the edge of the road –the data generated by the ground

penetrating radar revealed that there was such a tangle of service lines in Tupapa, that if the work had been carried out according to the original plan – telephone and power lines were likely to

Project City road works in tupapa on tuesday afternoon.

Project City contractors hard at work in Avatiu opposite the Ports Authority oice on Monday afternoon. 13031315 a




biGScreen DOlbySOunD








6.00pM 8.30pM

buSter MOVieS


be affected. The option of encroaching on private property would have been problematic, so the only viable option was to lay the pipes under the road. - MOIP


RAC head rotates between churches

BisHoP Paul Donaghue of the Catholic Church is the Cook islands religious Advisory Council (rAC) chairman for 2013, taking over from Bishop Tutai Pere, who was chair last year. The chair position is rotated year after year among the six church denomination heads. These are Cook islands Christian Church president reverend Tuaine Ngametua, Catholic head Bishop Donaghue, seventh Day Adventist president pastor Eliu Eliu, Latter Day saints president Danny Williams, Assembly of God head superintendent pastor Bobby matapo and Apostolic head Bishop Pere. Pere is also chairman of the Cook islands National Police Advisory Council and also sits on the Cook islands seabed mineral Advisory Board. He says the rAC meet almost every month, to discuss vital religious issues that have been brought to their attention. “Government may refer some religious matters to us to review, seek our views or from our church's perspective. There may

even be public reaction over some unbiblical, controversial or unchristian statements or programmes made through the news media, TV, radio, community and so forth.” The council sits and talks about how best they can address or offer the best solution. “We are the spiritual fathers with spiritual eyes and spiritual responsibilities to watch over the lock God committed to our charge, not only within our denominational church lock but the country as a whole. “We do visit and run programmes to help those of our children in prison, visit those sick in the hospital, care for the destitute and vulnerable in our villages.” Pere says his Apostolic church has been running a hospitality ministry every second week of the month for the last 15 years, where they distribute food items into the homes of the elderly, widows, destitute, needy and less fortunate. They visit 51 homes every month. other churches also do their own charity or hospita-

ble ministries. “We raise in our meetings any matter that may cause moral and spiritual downfall or is detrimental to our Cook islands society as a whole. Youth unemployment - youth involved in crimes is a big concern right now, hence the many meetings being held all over the island calling on parents, government, church and community leaders to rise up and claim ownership over these young renegades, they are our own Cook islands children - what can you, i, we do to help?” Pere says he is happy the rAC has been set up, as along with the House of Ariki and koutu Nui, these are the “strong fortresses” of the country. “in ancient NZ maoridom, they built pas to protect their whanaus from foreign invasions. in our very fast, high tech, rapidly changing sophisticated technological society, two very basic and fundamental Christian principles and values stand sure – the fear of God and respect for your fellow man.” - Calida Smylie


Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News

CI World Heritage list drafted Cook isLANDs community leaders drafted a ‘tentative list’ of possible world heritage sites yesterday. The list was a goal of the World Heritage Workshop that began on monday. more than 22 sites in the Cook islands were discussed by the group, with 10 being put forward as a draft list. World heritage sites are those listed by The united Nations Educational, Scientiic and Cultural organization (uNEsCo) as being of special cultural or natural signiicance. The process of applying to be on the World Heritage List is complex, and usually takes at least ive years. As such, the drafted tentative list is still subject to discussion, with the potential for other sites to be added for consideration. in particular, secretary for culture sonny Williams said the outer islands will contribute their own items for the list in the future. rarotonga’s Taputapuatea marae was one site that was added to the draft of the Cook islands’ tentative list. senator for French Polynesia, Honourable richard Ariihau Tuheiava had previously urged the Cook islands to join French Polynesia in its nomination for world heritage listing of their Taputapuatea marae, which has been on their own tentative list since 2010. They were seeking a ‘transnational nomination’, which is one that includes more

than one country. Vice director of the World Heritage institute, ron van oers said there was a “unanimous consensus” that the Taputapuatea marae should be included on the Cook islands’ tentative list. Tuheiava said he thanked the Cook islands for their support with the nomination. “It’s dificult not to be moved. To be honest, we didn’t expect that much from our workshop. it gives us a lot of hope and a lot of encouragement for what we started a couple of years ago. i can’t help but think of our ancestors.” Guy Tauatiti, a community leader in French Polynesia, said having the Taputapuatea marae on the list was an acknowledgement of shared cultural ties between the Cook islands and French Polynesia. “i want to thank you all for what you have done. i will go back home with the spirit that we are together in the same canoe. We have the same history, and i am proud when i see that you are sharing the same thing that we are sharing over there.” sites are nominated under the categories of ‘natural’, where the site is an outstanding example of a natural phenomenon such as stages of the earth’s history or on-going ecological and biological processes; or cultural, such as sites that are an outstanding example of human settlement, buildings, or traditions.

“Cultural landscapes are the close interaction between humans and their environment over a long period of time that is not destructive, but that creates a new type of landscape. it is the combined works of nature and man,” said oers. sites of the drafted list in the ‘natural’ category included suwarrow and Atiu.

sites in the ‘cultural’ category included the Taputapuatea marae, orongo marae, Avana, maungaroa, Tongareva, Pukapuka, Takamoa, and Te Ara Nui. oers said the next step is to look at each site in more detail and consider the work that would need to be done to get them ready for nomination. “We need to work out what

needs to be done in order for the sites to be in a good state of conservation at the time of nomination.” Countries usually only nominate one or two sites for the World Heritage List due to the strict criteria and amount of work involved, so the tentative list will need to be narrowed down in future.

oers said all stakeholders need to be involved in any nomination. “We need community participation in the world heritage nominations. The community are not only the custodians, they are the generators of the world heritage sites, so that without them there is no way forward.” - Briar Douglas

Participants of the World Heritage Workshop discuss possible world heritage sites. 13031429

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Connecting with God in a crisis 11:3 says, “When the foundaThe truth is, God can handle tions are being destroyed what your emotions. He made you. can the righteous do?” When He gave you those emotions. everything is in crisis and This is exactly what Job did. chaos what can good people The irst thing he does when he do? The Bible gives us two lost everything is he told God words: “Focus and Worship” how he felt. The Bible says in God. 1Chronicles 16:11 says, Job 7:11, “i can’t be quiet. i’m “Go to the Lord for help and angry. i’m bitter and i have to worship Him.”. Psalms 34:9b speak.” Job is totally honest says, “Worship opens doors to with God. He tells God exactly all His goodness.” how he feels. it is in our darkest hour that He questioned, he comwe need most to focus on God. plained and he made bold acWhen we feel crushed, when cusations. And God handled we feel out of control, that is it and still loved Job. so when when we need most to focus on, you face a tragedy, and you will to worship God. many times in life, the correct You’re going to go through response is to be honest to many tragedies and sufferings God and tell Him exactly how in life. You’re going to lose you feel. David said in Psalms loved ones. You’re going to 116.10, “i kept on believing have things go wrong in your even when i said, ‘i’m comlife. my question is, how do pletely crushed.’” That’s the you connect with God in a cri- first step in connecting with sis? When your heart is break- God in a crisis. Tell Him how ing, the Bible tells us to wor- you feel. ship Him. 2. You praise God in spite it’s the best thing you can of the circumstances. When do. Job, in his time, things go wrong if you found was the wealthiest in your life, you’re yourself in the man in the world. going to find the same situation on one day he lost foundations shaken everything. He lost under you. But you as Job was, his business, he lost praise God in spite of where the very his career, he lost his the circumstances. foundation family, he lost all his You don’t wait for of your life possessions, he even an explanation, be– material lost his health. cause there are some possessions, Everything Job things in this world sources of had was taken away that are not going to income, from him in one sinbe explained, until gle day. Neverthe- transportation, you stand before family less, the first thing God. until then, members Job did was fall on just praise God in Kid’s Church 412 his face to the ground spite of the circumand personal Sunday 10.30am Friday nights from 7.30 and worship God. stances. health – were from 3-12years old High school & young adults How do you wor- suddenly taken This is what Job ship God in a trag- from you, what did, when he lost edy? How do you everything he had would you do? keep your eyes on Jein one day. He said, sus, when they’re full of tears? “i was born with nothing and How do you connect with God i will die with nothing. The in a crisis? From the life of Job, Lord gave and now the Lord has we learn the four things to do. taken away. may His name be 1. When you face a crisis the praised. first thing that you do is tell in spite of everything that (Takuvaine Valley Road) God how you feel. unload all has happened Job did not sin Sunday Service Programme for this week your feelings, pour out every by blaming God.” (Job 1:21Pastoral team - Poko Matapo, Mann Tuarae. emotion that you’ve got. Let 22). He praised in spite of evePhone 24668 for enquiries. Main service at 10.30am every Sunday. God hear it. Lamentations rything. The book of Job is all 2:19 says, “Cry out in the night. about one question in life: Will Pour out your heart like water a person continue to worship On back road behind CICC Church. Main Service at 10.30am every in prayer to the Lord.” God if he loses everything? Let Sunday. You can pour out your heart me make that personal. Pastor Tevai Matapo. to God and tell Him all the Would you continue to folemotions that are bottled up low God, to trust God, to love inside of you. in your moment God, if everything went wrong Main service at 10.30am every Sunday. of crisis, pour out your anger, in your life and nothing makes Pastoral team: Tina Kauvai. pour out your grief, pour out any sense? This is the ultimate Pastor Metuatini Tangaroa. Contact 27668 your shock and disbelief, pour test of faith, because not all out your anxiety or fear. That your prayers in life are going Service at 9.00am every Sunday. is the irst thing that you do in to be answered the way you Pastor Beres Rasmussen. Phone 58223. a crisis, tell God exactly how want them to be answered, and you feel. according to the schedule that you want. Why can we praise and worship God in spite of the apostolic church weekly programme circumstances? Because the Sunday to Friday, 13 January - 18 January circumstances of life, do not change the truth about God. rarotonga apostolic church pastor tutai pere - 23778/55177 Job praised God for six differChallenge 2012 Dial-a-prayer 26777 ent things, the same six things WaSTe nO JeSUS you can praise God for: church Services on Sundays at 10am and 7pm OPPORTUnITY First: that, He is a good and radio and television M inistr y at 11am and loving God. ( read Job 10:12; eIaa, aURaKa e 4.30pm. Mid-week ser vices on tuesdays and romans 8.38-39). No matter KaIMOUMOU I Te aU thursdays at 7pm. what happens God’s going to TIKaanga TaU KIa IeSU aitutaki apostolic church - pastor noo Mataiti love me. second: that, He is Malachi/Malaki 1:10 - 31269. atiu apostolic church - pastor nikau all-powerful. Third: that, He tangaroa - 33778. Mangaia apostolic church notices every detail of my life. pastor ngametua papatua - 34065. all services cater for both Maori and english speaking brethFourth: that, He’s in control. ren. contact: pastor pere on email: we preach GOD in JeSuS anD JeSuS in GOD JeSuS iS true GOD God is moving history the di-

Part 1 The economic climate we live in today is creating anxiety, worry, uncertainty and in some cases fear in the lives of many people. The world around us seems to be running out of control and try as much as we can, life continues to be a struggle. For some people, life is moving from one crisis to the next with no hope of overcoming. And for many who find themselves in a crisis, God would be the furthest thing from their minds. There’s a tendency in this situation to perceive God as unloving, uncaring, indifferent and, for some, they see God as impractical and irrelevant. is God really aloof from all of what is happening around us? Psalms 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble.” That seems contrary to how people respond to God in moments of crisis. They will try everything else but God to be relieved. They actually dis-

connect themselves from God, instead of connecting with God, the one who is able to help no matter what the crisis is about. in the Book of Job in the old Testament, the Bible tells the story of a man whose life was suddenly thrown into a crisis. in one day, Job lost his oxen and donkeys, his sheep and shepherds were struck by lightning, his camels were stolen by raiders and a tornado struck the home in which his children were feasting and all of them were killed. Not long after, Job was struck with itches and boils on his body. (read the Book of Job chapters 1-2). if you found yourself in the same situation as Job was, where the very foundation of your life – material possessions, sources of income, transportation, family members and personal health – were suddenly taken from you, what would you do? Thousands of years ago David asked that question when he was a fugitive. Psalms


on the Rock apOwerFul,excitinGchurch Join us this weekend for our Sunday morning service 10:30am.

all welcOMe

Assemblies of God Churches

rection that He wants it to go. Fifth: that, He has a plan for our lives. Job says, “He will fulill what He has planned for me.” sixth: that, He promises to protect us. Now, why does God allow evil? The truth is, evil has basically been in the world since Adam thumbed his nose at God and said, “i’m going to do what i want to do.” God has given us a free will, a free choice and that means people often choose to do the wrong thing. God will never take away anyone’s right to make choices in life. He doesn’t want puppets. But God wants people to love Him voluntarily, because

they have a choice. Love isn’t genuine, unless you’ve got a choice. make a choice to praise God in spite of your circumstances, and ask Him in prayer for help. And that’s the third thing you do when you connect with God in a crisis. unfortunately, we have run out of space. We will continue this next time. in the meantime, enjoy your weekend, and i dare you to talk to God about how you feel about your life. Pastor Tevai matapo Assemblies of God Churches

Heavenly voices

Avarua Assembly of God Church.

Titikaveka Lighthouse Community Church.

Ngatangiia Assembly of God Church.

Arorangi Assembly of God Church.


Gospel music based on strong Christian values was a key feature of the recent te Mire atu. Memory Vainerere sang Michael akava’s song ‘te Kainga Mutukore’ in full voice during the composer’s competition held on March 8. the song is about the Eternal Home prepared by God for his people to which they must return.


Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303





Titikaveka Growers Association (TGA) Annual General Meeting Date: Monday 18 March 2013 Time: 7pm Venue: TGA Oice, Titikaveka Teava Iro Chairman.

COOK ISLANDS TRADES TRAINING CENTRE Solar Power Training GSES Design and Installation of Photovoltaic Grid Connect System. The Cook Islands Trades Training Centre is pleased to ofer the above training at its workshop in Arorangi from the 8 to 19 of April. Training provider GSES (Global Sustainable Energy Solutions) has over 25 years experience in the solar energy ield and have been responsible for developing training programmes for leading Australian training institutes. The minimum requirement to participate in this training is the Cook Islands Electrical Wiring Certiicate NZ electrical registration or equivalent. Limited places available - Enrol Now! Closing date for enrolments is the 25 March. Course fee $100. For further information please contact either Boyd Ellison or Edith Nicholas on 21471 or 54166. or email

69930 / /2477

69864 /30979 /1795

Ministry of Finance and Economic Management “Government Auction” The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) will be conducting a Public Auction on the 16 Saturday 2013, at 12.30pm at the new shippingshed on Avatiu wharf. A list of excess items across government will be sold such as computer equipment, ofice equipment and building material that will be auctioned will be made available in the CI news on Friday 15 2013 or via the MFEM website on Thursday 14 2013. For enquiries on this matter please email procurement@ Only cash on the day and items can be viewed all day on Friday. 69980 / /1843

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.



PUBLIC MEETING NIKAO FISHING ASSOCIATION INC. (NFAI) Date: Thursday 21 March Time: 6.15pm Venue: Nikao Hall Agenda Election of Oice Bearers Formalise (NFAI) Constitution General NFAI Overview Discuss Membership Criteria Other Matters Further enquiries contact Pureau B. Manuela 22957/55954.

NOTICE of INTEREST Kia Orana to our Community members We the Matavera Red Cross Branch will be hosting a meeting detailed as per below. Please join us and share your thoughts in relation to the Branch’s future. Date: Friday 15 March 2013 Venue: Matavera Tuarai Clinic Time: 5.30pm Kind Regards, Executive and Committee Members of Matavera Red Cross Branch.

69911 /30931 /2543

Bowls Cook Islands Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday 26 March 2013, 5pm at Rarotonga Bowling Club. Note also that Arorangi Bowling Club will have their AGM on 20 March 2013 at the home of Iro Rangi & Rarotonga Bowling Club will have their AGM on 6 April 2013. Time to be conirmed. Meitaki Maata Anna Kairua Secretary General. 69893 / /1855

We wish to advise Cafe Ariki will be closed for the month of March. 69742 /30831 /1931

FOR HIRe TAMARUMARU TENT hIRE Phone 23787, 78103 Or 51188 69646 / /2463


project city 2

new water

pipeline t

he public is advised that excavation and laying of the second pipeline will commence in the next few days from tupapa to aquarius hotel, panama. this pipeline will run down the inland side of the main road. there will also be cross connections dug across the road to link domestic and commercial buildings. when this is complete, the road will be prepared and trenching sealed. During this phase of the work traic will be diverted to the back road. the public is asked to be patient and observe all warning signs to slow down. lanDhOlDinGS ltD

69983 / /1931

TUATUA AKAKITe Tuatua Akakite ki te oire Tangata o Teimurimotia Titikaveka Angaianga o te Aitutaki Sharks E kapikianga teia kia tatou katoatoa te au metua, te anau tarekareka tipoti I roto iakoe e Teimurimotia Titikaveka , ka angai tatou I ta tatou anau tamariki tueporo league no Aitutaki mai koia kote sharks ki roto I to tatou Kent hall a teia Varaire ra 15 o Mati me oti mai te tarekareka tueporo. E patianga teia kia pou mai ta tatou kai I te 6pm. Akamaroiroi mai tatou katoatoa kia mataora, kia maruarua ta tatou angaianga. Teia tuatua akakite na te Aronga mana o Teimurimotia, te Club Captain e tona ruru executive o te Titikaveka bulldogs.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

Casual ads must be prepaid. Cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN PUBLIC SECTOR MANAGEMENT Wanting to further your education and gain a formal tertiary qualiication through USP? The Paciic Islands Centre for Public Administration (PICPA) in partnership with the Oice of the Public Service Commissioner is providing an opportunity for 25 eligible public servants to undertake courses towards a Graduate Certiicate in Public Sector Management leading towards a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management. For successful applicants, PICPA will sponsor the costs of tuition and for the courses to be delivered in-country through USP from April or May 2013. OPSC is co-ordinating applications which will close on Friday 22 March 2013. All applications should be addressed to Application forms can be obtained from or by contacting our oice on 29421.


69977 / /2557



Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News




ThE SALON De Lorenzo Professional Salon Product 20% of Shampoo, conditioner, treatments, gel, mousse etc PH 22811

Large 2 bedroom house, fully furnished in Papaaroa. Quiet inland location, grounds maintained, $200 per week. Contact 58118.

2 bedroom house for rent, Matavera. Phone 21444 or 79874.

69985 / /2489

COMPUTER TRAINING Make your office more efficient and effective by sharpening up your computer skills. We offer training in; Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Internet, Security and more. WEBSITES Need a website? We can build it for you and teach you how to do your own changes. Contact Kyle Matheson Email Phone 71443. 69917 / /2250

70007 /30936 /1931

Kavera, spacious 3 bedroom home, gated, 2 bath, oice area, wet-bar, verandahs, garage, partial A/C, partial furnished, long term. Walking distance to beach. Ideal for professional family. Genuine enquiries 25580. 69768 /30854 /1931

UNIT FOR RENT 2 single bedroom units for rent@$180 per week Situated in Avavaroa, Titikaveka. Close to wigmores supermarket and the beach. Ph 55422/21284 for more information. 69986 / /1726

3 bedroom house, furnished. Rutaki, Arorangi. Phone 24800 or 24900. 69914 / /2415





Room to rent Suitable one person. Share furnished 2 bedroom house, $70 per week. Phone 78151.

TV, chairs, bar fridge, massage bed. Adult & childrens clothes, shoes. Household items & so much more at Tetiare Beauty & Spa. Main road, Nikao opposite Are Pa Metua. Starts 7am Saturday 16 March.

69991 /29629 /1931

70000 /30933 /1931

69847 /30968 /2419

FOR SALe Arorangi Timberland Ltd This week’s super specials: Scafolding Set 3.5m, 2 pcs (levels), Aluminium, 230kg load - $2285 Softboard (Pinboard) Sheets $58 6m Tanapoles 200mm - $225 Shadowclad - Rustic Style 12mm - $78 Bamboo ‘matting ply’ 2mm veneers - $69 Plyloor T&G 19mm CCA Treated - $94 Bathroom Board sheets - waterproof wet area cladding - $75 Free Deliveries! Come on in, or Ring us on 26408! 69835 / /1639

Toilet System (secondhand) Vanity (basin) Mirror $50 pls call 55469. 69998 / /1759

@ Maire Nui Gardens

5000ltr Metal tank $5000 ono To view at Pandanus Petrol & Oil Enquiries ph 55257.

Over 400 palms for sale. Excellent prices! Both in bags and in the ground ready for transplanting. This is the best collection of excellent quality palms of all varieties on the island. Perfect for landscaping projects, both large and small. Resorts, Government departments, new home owners take note...this is a great opportunity to instantly beautify your grounds. Sold in quantities to suit all buyers.Inspection by appointment only. Phone now 55795

18ft boat, outboard motor, ish bin and trailer. Cost $18,000. 16ft lying ish and trailer all new $18,000. 15ft lying ish boat, all new. Cost $14,000. For enquiries phone 20560.



69841 / /2482

70009 /30917 /1931

Twice used. Masport 5.5 HP Chipper Shredder $2000 Phone 22637 or 57986.

Motor Cycle Honda XR CC250, Very good condition. Phone 78178. 69946 /30910 /2631

70012 / /1931

69927 /30901 /1931

Brand new iphone5 selling for $1000. Call 54020.


69912 /30920 /1931

COTS, 2 x wooden cots with mattresses, $200 each, please call Louise 56316. 69936 /30914 /1931

hubs-Stubs-Rims-Coupling for trailers- all new $400. Phone 24919 or 74919. 69945 /30908 /1931

New TV & DVD cabinet, coconuts, bathroom vanity. Good condition. Phone 24922.

Everything must go. AdultChildren’s clothing, household items, bike, jeep. Behind Tereora College. Sat 8-2pm. Ph 79420.

Ocean Blue Ford Falcon XR V8 car $10,000. Black VTR 1000cc Road bike $6000. Call or text 72020. 69900 /30849 /1931

Garage sale at Amana Upu resident tomorrow Saturday. Everything must go children clothing, adult clothing, some kitchen stufs, lounge suite and it comes with two lazy boys for $550 and pot plants. Come and see some bargain. From 8am onwards. Come up Takuvaine road and follow the sign. Call Maara 52225. 69962 /30790 /1931


4 door Nissan California Stationwagon car, $3900. 2010 Honda Daelim $2000. Phone 26623. 69929 /30904 /1931

69947 /30912 /1931

White bedside cabinet $50 each Ranchslider drapes $60 Phone 20417. 69949 /30913 /1931

Deep freeze, F&P, 510, $900. Phone 51143. 69964 / /2643

Tiare Taina, $10 per bag. Phone Pauline 51143. 69965 / /2643

6x pigs @ $120 each. Phone 25008 or 76114. 69974 /30921 /1931


GARAGe SALe Saturday 8am-1pm In between Matavera Catholic Church and Matavera Village Traders. Kids toys, bikes, books, tools, sports equipment, kitchen and household knick knacks, blankets, towels, etc. 69973 /30922 /2171

GARAGE SALE & SELLING PLATES OF COOKED FOOD ETc Saturday 16 March 2013 Start 8am - 12pm Titikaveka Sunday School Hall Come and support our children Mobile 51263 or 76172.

The Ministry of Internal Afairs invites application for the position of Programme & Research Oicer in the Gender and Development Division. A full job description can be collected from Eva Mapu, Phone 29370, email Applications close at 4pm on Friday 15 March 2013. 69652 /30789 /2039

70011 /30937 /1931


Aroa Beachside Inn NOW FOR SALE 12 units on the Best Beach, plus Restaurant and Bar. Sold as a going concern. For more information .....................................................................

PH or TXT Carey 55678 /


AITUTAKI GAME FIShING CLUB Tenders for Refurbishment Project The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation and the Aitutaki Game Fishing Club Incorporated advises that tenders are invited from suitably qualiied tenderers for the following contract for work on the refurbishment of the Aitutaki Game Fishing Club headquarters in Arutanga, Aitutaki. Turnkey Contract No. C01/2012 – Aitutaki Game Fishing Club Refurbishment Project, Arutanga harbour, Aitutaki for the supply, installation of materials and construction of the existing Fishing Club Building. The contract requires the contractor to provide insurances at speciied levels. Suitably qualiied and experienced tenderers should apply to the Aitutaki Game Fishing Club or Cook Islands Tourism for tender documents, including a brief statement of their experience and qualiications. During the tender period any queries regarding the tender document shall be made to: Mr Michael Henry, Chairman, Building Committee, Aitutaki Game Fishing Club in Aitutaki or to Mrs Nane Papa, Executive Assistant, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation in Rarotonga. The tender shall close at 2pm on 28 March 2013 (Cook Islands Time) at the Aitutaki Game Fishing Club headquarters in Arutanga, Aitutaki. 777

Retail Manager Raromart now requires an experienced manager to take charge of our busy and rapidly expanding shop. The successful applicant should have a proven history of possessing the following skills. 1.Good staf management skills adopting a irm but fair policy. A person who can lead by example 2.A lair for retail display 3.A well organised person who can prioritise tasks correctly 4.The ability to deal with customers at all levels 5.A lair for sales and marketing 6.The ability to arrange good and efective ads on TV, Radio and newspaper 7.A good all round knowledge and interest in the products sold by Raromart 8.Ability to deal with business owners regarding our stock and their requirements This is a career position and we are looking for someone who can successfully implement the expansion projects that we have planned for Raromart over the next 24 months. Email 69978 / /1741

Moana Gems Retail Sales Assistants required. Full time and part-time position available. Great customer services skills, computer literate, sales experience necessary. Current car drivers licence required & able to work Saturday mornings. Immediate start. Ph 22312 to arrange an interview. 70008 / /2139

Seeking full time Nanny to mind children for working couple from Mon to Fri and possibly weekends. Genuine enquiries call 55572. 70014 /30938 /1931

Trainee Comptroller Enquiries phone 20501. 69767 / /2124


Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News



Muri Beach Club hotel Full time housekeepers Waitresses/waiters Ph: 23000 & ask for Liana or Erika Or e-mail: Immediate start

The Ministry is seeking applications for a Health Specialist Visits/CPD Co-ordinator. An application form with a CV should be addressed to HR Manager, PO Box 109 or email, A job description and application form is available on request. Applications close 20 March 2013. 69680 /30788 /1720

70017 / /2162

Work load is increasing and we’re looking for a plumber as well as a trainee plumber. If interested in a new career for 2013 there is also an Apprenticeship opportunity likely this year drain laying experience a bonus. Bring your details into PTS Plumbing in Arorangi and we will discuss. Call 55199 for more details. 69806 / /1806

Wanting an experience lorist. Please Phone 20205 for more information. Thank you very much. 69994 /30924 /1773

Planning and Policy Oicer The Ministry of Education seeks qualiied, experienced and motivated applicants for the position of Planning and Policy Oficer and is responsible to the Director of the Planning and Development Division for all policy related matters including research, development of information papers, consultation with stakeholders and assisting with the drafting and editing of reports as required. Must be able to work independently, meet timelines and have a good understanding of the education sector and related international conventions. Applications close on Tuesday 19 March 2013. Application packs including full position description are available from the Ministry Oice in Nikao and on the website at Send completed application forms with CV and references to Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Ph (682) 29357, fax (682) 28357 or email vacancy@education. 69709 / /1795

Teaching and Support Staf Applications are invited from qualiied and motivated teachers and support staf for the following positions: Senior Primary School Teacher: Avarua School Teacher Aide - ECE: Nikao School Teacher Aides - Special Needs (2 positions) Arorangi and Avatea Schools Grounds/maintenance person (2 positions) Arorangi and Avarua Schools Applications close on Tuesday 19 March 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry or at and completed forms with CV and references should be sent to Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Email 69708 / /1795

SeRvICeS. Ever started drinking and not been able to stop? Call 55606. 69814 / /2567

RAROCARS We are looking for persons to ill in the following: ACCOUNTS OFFICER - to handle daily accounts with little supervision. Must have hands on knowledge of QuickBooks and Microsoft Oice programs. HIRE PURCHASE (HP) OFFICER - a mature person to deal with customers in a professional manner. The applicant must have a persistent attitude towards accomplishing the daily tasks and be able to work with little supervision. Hands on knowledge of QuickBooks and other oice programs will be an advantage. RENTAL OFFICER - a person to handle all aspects of Vehicles rentals including customer liaison, keeping records up to date, making sure vehicles are serviced correctly etc. Package will be subject to qualiications. Email resume/qualiications to or phone Ray at 22060.


Secondary Teachers Tereora College Applications are invited from qualiied and motivated teachers for the following two positions: Secondary Teachers Tereora College Applications are invited from qualiied and motivated teachers for the following two positions: HoD Art to lead a well resourced 2 persons department. Starting date: as soon as possible HoD Hospitality/ Food: The College is developing vocational programmes with tertiary linkages and seeks a teacher keen to expand these programmes. Starting date: Term 2 (6 May 2013) or by negotiation. Applications close on 1 April 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry or at and completed forms with CV and references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Email: vacancy@education. 69940 / /1795

2nd hand carpentry tools. Paslode, skilsaw drill etc. Preferably Makita or Hitachi brand names. Phone Sara 74124.

Concrete Systems Ltd is looking to employ a Concrete Batching Manager. Previous experience preferred. Must have current heavy duty vehicle license. Experience with heavy plant and equipment an advantage. Phone 21375 for an interview.

69909 /30898 /1931

69990 / /2371

69937 / /1902



SITUATIONS vACANT A Management position is available for a motivated person who is willing to learn all aspects of the business. The successful applicant must be: -A good team Leader and able to oversee staf and the day to day running of all Treasure Chest Stores. -Computer literate with knowledge of Quick Books & POS System. -Stock control including stock takes, ordering and distributing stock. -Drivers license is essential. Please send CV to treasure@



Sales Person required - for trendy, air conditioned, Fashion Boutique, newly opened in central Avarua. Must be well-presented, stylish and articulate, with an out-going personality. Apply in person to CityStyle in Mana Court, Ph 25233, or email C.V. to CityStyleRaro@gmail. com

The children & grand children of the late Tuakana Teamoke Numa would like to thank all the familes & friends for their help & support during the loss of our Mother. Meitaki maata.

69993 / /1628

SECTION FOR SALE 2 x 1/4 acre section for sale . Situated main road Turoa, Titikaveka. Section on lat land, kept cleaned and ready for development . Genuine enquiries only , please email or ph 55422.

Storeman/General hands Looking for honest, reliable, can do attitude, team players. Work is varied. A Current Drivers/Forklift License would be an advantage An application form is available from our oice at Avatiu Harbour.

69967 /30919 /1931


69987 / /1726

Autism Cook islands PH 24065/55976

69989 / /1723

69720 / /1755


happy 50th b’day papa

John harold baxter

hope you have a wonderful day. we promise we wont be pains 2day. love from your mokopunas and a special one from & all the families




Business Manager – Cook Islands

Seamstress/Tailor We have a position available to sew the resort curtains Can you pls enquire for further details on 55469

housekeeping Due to a growing demand within our resort, The Edgewater Resort & Spa, Rarotonga’s largest and busiest resort are currently seeking a full time housekeepers and public areas cleaners, reporting to our Housekeeping Manager. All applicants must have, excellent communication skills, honest and reliable. If you are a team player and are looking for an enjoyable role please come and ill in an application form from the front oice or contact 55469 777

NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT SERVICE Position: National E-Waste Co-ordinator A position exists for a PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR who will take on the responsibility of co-ordinating the National E-Waste Management Project on behalf of NES. A term of reference outlining the job description and responsibilities is available from the National Environment Service oice. For enquiries please contact Mr Vavia Tangatataia on 21256 or email Please submit written expressions of interest, CV by 4pm FRIDAY 22 March 2013 marked conidential to: Director Re: E-Waste Project National Environment Service. 69943

As the Business Manager Cook Islands, you will support and work closely with the General Manager Westpac Cook Islands to ensure the administration of the Westpac business is streamlined and eicient. Your role is responsible for a variety of tactical business activities including Executive Assistance, Oice Co-ordination, Operational HR, Operational Marketing, and Community Relationships. Excellence delivered in this role results in superior operational efectiveness; where our team members are spending more time with and for our customers. You will champion and deliver improvements in the running of our GM Oice, and cultivate an environment where focus on administrative excellence is irst class. You will have a high professional presence and be regarded as a role model for this standard. You have core personal principles that see you behave as a dynamic, focused and disciplined professional. Your ‘can do’ attitude allows you to be humble yet operate with a sense of accuracy and urgency in all that you do. Knowledge and Experience: • Evidence of being a strongly organised and structured person, with a ‘can do’ attitude to all activities and challenges • Strong Oice Administration experience • Experience having delivered HR activities that relate to the cycle of employee activities through a performance year • Proven skills in written and verbal communication • Exemplary technology skills using applications related to the Administration Function of a business • Proven track record in contributing to business performance through operational eiciency • Ideally you will be tertiary qualiied with a relevant Business Management Degree Tell us why you think you are the right person for this job by submitting your written application along with your CV, by 20 March 2013, to: Brett Hooker | General Manager, Westpac Cook Islands, Email or deliver to Westpac Branch, Avarua.


Friday, March 15, 2013 cook Islands News

APPReCIATIONS MEITAKI MAATA FROM THE MATAPO FAMILY n behalf of our family, we wanted to thank everyone for the kindness, generosity, love and support that you have given. to the titikaveka community, gifts from various church groups, our awesome friends and family, our work colleagues at the audit oice and OpM, the titikaveka lighthouse church, even people we have never met before and people that we don’t know so well, thank you so much. there were many, thoughtful and practical contributions, cash, clothes, toys for the kids - we have nicer towels than before! thank you so much to all those who gave to the fundraisers for mum and dad, every cent counts and we look forward to rebuilding them a new home. we wanted to especially thank anthony brown and the brown family for so kindly providing us with a place to stay. we will never forget everyone’s kindness and love. and most of all we give thanks to the lord, for the many blessings in our lives. “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34


rob & hoana Matapo


League youngsters set the scene WH i LE most of the rugby

league spotlight is on the premier grade, there is just as much intense action during the age grade matches. The under 12 division kicks off games at Titikaveka this afternoon when the baby Bulldogs take on the baby Bears at 4.15pm as the curtain raiser for the main league match of the day between defending champions the Titikaveka Bulldogs and the visiting Aitutaki sharks. The baby sea Eagles and Panthers kick off games at Nukupure Park on saturday while the under 14 Panthers and Bears get the action rolling at the swamp on saturday.

The under 19 division is certainly one of the exciting grades with tomorrow’s stars showing their raw talents on the ield. At the other end of the spectrum – the masters’ league players will showcase the Cook islands as a perfect destination for the next masters’ league world cup with two games today to show overseas officials just what the island and players have to offer. The masters’ games kick off at Nukupure Park at 4.30pm with the second game scheduled for 5.15pm. Get along to Nukupure Park and Titikaveka field today for your rugby league ix. - MW

Friday 15 at Nukupure Park (masters) –4.45pm- Tupapa/Takuvaine vs Ngatangiia seagulls, 5.30pm-Arorangi Grizzlie Bears vs Avatiu Conga Eels. Friday 15 at Titikaveka – 4.15pmunder 12 Bulldogs vs Bears, refs. Emile/k.iro assisted by Club Oficials, 5.00pm-Premiers Bulldogs vs sharks, ref-T. manea assisted by s. Willis /A. Emile, (sub Oficial-T. Benioni). Saturday 16 at Nukupure Park – 12.45pm-under 12 sea Eagles vs Panthers, ref-s. Emile/A. Emile, 1.30pm-under 14 sea Eagles vs Eels, ref-J. murray assisted by Club Oficials, 2.30pm-Under 16 sea Eagles vs Eels, ref-T. manea assisted by s.Willis / s.Teiotu,

3.30pm-under 19 Bulldogs vs Warriors, ref-s. Teiotu assisted by J.murray / A. Emile, 5.00pmPremiers sea Eagles vs Panthers, ref-s. Willis assisted by T.Manea/ A.Emile, (Sub Oficials.Teiotu). Saturday 16 at Avatiu Swamp – 1.00pm-under 14 Panthers vs Bears, ref-P.Ngaroi assisted by Club officials, 2.00pm-under 19 Eels vs Panthers, ref-T.Tuakana assisted by P.Ngaroi / B. Bishop, 3.30pm-reserve Eels vs Panthers, ref-N. Tou, assisted by T.Benioni/ P.mitchell, 5.00pmPremiers Eels vs Warriors, refm. une assisted by T.Tuakana/ B.Bishop, (Sub Oficial-P. Mitchell).


e sadly regret to announce the passing away of my dear beloved wife, daughter, mum, sister, aunty, nena, sister-in-law

Margaret Simpson taia at auckland hospital NZ on Sunday morning (NZ time). Her body will be brought back from Auckland on Thursday afternoon light at 4.15pm. There will be a short service at the cargo hangar. From there her body will be taken to Takuvaine at her brother Takena & Terii Simpson’s residence for the night. At 7am Friday Morning she will be on her inal journey back home to Atiu. All funeral arrangements will be held on the same day 15 March 2013.

2 timothy 4:7, 8 i have fought the good ight i have inished the race, i have kept the faith now there is in store for me the ground of righteousness, which the lord the righteous judge, will award to me on that day & not only to me but also to all who have longed for his appearing.

This notice is from her husband Pomiro Taia, Mama Rima Simpson, brother Takina Simpson & sister Marjorie Toru. For further enquiries contact Terii Simpson phone 25007 or Cedric Toru phone 21268 or 54268.

the baby Eels speedster gaps it towards the try line against tupapa last Saturday.


Continuing Education Course Schedule updates

For information and enrolments, contact Michelle Williams ph-29357 or email -


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Flight Times | Voyage details TO



1.05AM 3.05PM


1.05AM 6.45AM 11.59PM

RARO TO ARR FridAy mArch 15 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 0900 AITUTAKI 0950 0900 MANGAIA 0940 1330 MAUKE 1420

air Rarotonga

International Flights

FLIGhT FROM ARRIVES FridAy mArch 15 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM Nz46/61 AKL 1.55PM SATuRDAy mArch 16 VA163/162 AKL 11.55PM Nz60/47 SYD 5.30AM Nz18 AKL 10.30PM



0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1440 1710






1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1115 RARO 1200 1040 1530 1600 MIT 1650 1800

OLOMANA 011 - ETD AUCK 16/03, ETA RARO 23/03, ETA AITUTAKI 25/03 OLOMANA 012 - ETD AUCK 06/04, ETA RARO 13/04, ETA AITUTAKI 15/04



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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer toThursday’s puzzle

Answer to Thursday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible

By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga



High 12.00AM 0.95M 12.15PM 0.99M











Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.


SaT High 12.35AM 0.93M 12.50PM 0.97M



6.41AM 0.31M 7.08PM 0.29M


Sun, Moon & arapo

NE 08kts New Moon APR 10 9.36 PM

First Quarter MAR 19 5.27PM

Full Moon MAR 27 9.28AM

Sunshine hours

third Quarter APR 3 4.37AM


ArApo - AkAoti AmiAmA fri 15 taNu (Planting)


1.5m S

Low 6.07AM 0.30M 6.31PM 0.27M





Sun rise

Marie te marama. Kua teitei Po ika. Moon is slow, up high. Fish nights.

6.43AM 6.44AM

Front Key:





1.3m S


Swell direction and size

Outer Islands Weather Outlook Friday, March 15, 2013 Sun Set


Moon rise 10.14AM Moon Set 9.42PM Sun rise

1.5m S

tautai (Fishing)

tanu i te painapa, maniota e tae ua atu ki te 13 o te po. time to plant pineapple and maniota right through to the 13th night


Rarotonga Friday, March 15, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Friday


Situation: A north to northeast wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. A moist easterly wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate northerly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Moderate Northeast swells. Further outlook: Brief showers.


By Dik Browne




Sun Set


Moon rise 11.06AM Moon Set 10.26PM


30° NE 08kts


28° NE 10kts


29° NE 07kts


29° NE 07kts


33° E 10kts


29° NE 07kts


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This weeks league action



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Eighth year for Women’s Tri GET Your entries in for the 8th

annual island Car & Bike Hire Women’s Triathlon on saturday march 23. The 400 metre swim, 16 kilometre cycle and 4km run course is becoming ever-popular with more and more women tackling this course either individually or in a team of 2 to 3. it started out in 2006 with 18 individuals and 6 teams, with the best year so far, being 2010 with 25 individuals and 18 teams. However, this record could be beaten if the record amount of participants in the recent Corporate Teams Triathlon Challenge held on march 2 is anything to go by. it seems the fun of the event, the great atmosphere, personal achievement and fabulous prizes are the biggest lures of the annual Women’s Triathlon which are just too hard to ignore. Another great thing about this triathlon is that the men do all the work! so plan to be down at the

Tikioki Triathlon site at 1.15pm for a 2pm start, to get your race numbers and secure your spot for afterwards. CiTAi asks that entries are to be received by Friday march 22 to enable ease of registration on the day. CiTAi reminds athletes that helmets are compulsory, and for other safety reasons, no headphones are allowed on the cycle or run, and it is advised that swimwear not be loose cotton shirts, as this can hinder a swimmer. kayaks will also be present on the swim course. We want to have fun, but also keep everyone safe! so, get your goggles, bike and shoes out, or get that work or sports team together, and enter for the exciting and well-celebrated 8th annual island Car & Bike Hire Women’s Triathlon! Entry is $10 per person (team or individual) and entry forms can be obtained from and sent to - CITAI

Fun and fabulous prizes are guaranteed at the 8th annual women’s triathlon on Saturday March 23.


Mongoose visit Happy Feet in Aitutaki THE moNGoosE golden oldies club league masters’ players are still glowing with their Aitutaki tans after a weekend getaway to the outer island to rumble with the Aitutaki Happy Feet league masters’ team. George George ‘the General’ says it was the third trip the rarotonga club has taken to aitutaki with the irst trip to introduce league

masters to players on the island. it has now become an annual pilgrimage and one that is illed with lots of laughs and comraderie. a group of 17 players from rarotonga made the trip to aitutaki and the annual event has a few quirky rules. “there are a few conditions though and the main one is we go over and they don’t come here at

Likely coup for masters THE mAsTErs’ league teams

played their rugby league at the Avatiu field last Friday as the curtain raiser for the Avatiu Eels and Aitutaki sharks premier match. Willie kauvai and Tiger Taripo were devastating in the Country team with kauvai’s trade mark of ‘sucking in’ defenders then off-loading at the last minute for Tiger to burst through the gaps, a standout feature of the game. Despite captain matapuku’s best efforts to re-hash the defences of his team, mac mokoroa was still able to sprint away for four tries. The large crowd that gathered for the main game cheered the masters during their game until referee Dawn blew the final whistle. mac mokoroa and Tony mac were named mVPs (most valuable players) of the match. Yesterday, Phil Campbell the president of the Auckland

rugby league masters arrived in rarotonga to appraise the Cook islands masters association’s bid to host the masters League tournament in 2015. it will be a huge coup for the Cook islands if successful, as these tournaments normally attract thousands of participants according to the president of the Cook islands master’s association, Lucky matapuku. Apart from the airlines, the event should also benefit most of the tourism sector here in the Cook islands as well as the individual rugby league clubs. it is therefore important for all clubs on the island to participate in the masters’ rugby league games today at the Ngatangiia ield to let Campbell and others know that the sport is alive and strong in paradise. Papas over 35 years old are asked to get to Nukupure Park before 4.45 pm and show-off their old rugby league skills. - Slow and Steady

all,” roars George with laughter. “they stay there and we keep going back!” the event was a special one also for Minister of Sport Mark brown who thought the Mongoose had travelled to aitutaki just to celebrate his 50th birthday and wedding anniversary - or at least he was made to feel that way by his masters’ mates. after a boisterous game of league – the players gathered together for more laughs over cold ones. Junior Maoate was selected as

the most valuable player for the happy Feet while George was picked for the visiting Mongoose team. “Junior Maoate probably should have come over and played for the Sharks against the eels last week – he probably would have made a big diference,” points out George. George decided to hand over his MVp prizes to aitutaki player papa pine who at over 70-years-old ran rings around some of his younger opponents and even his own team mates.

even after an active game, papa pine continued being active, dancing all night after the game. it wasn’t just fun and games for the boys and in the spirit of giving back – the group donated cartons of chicken to the aitutaki hospital and made a sizeable contribution on Sunday at church. the team have always given back to the community on aitutaki who no doubt enjoyed the return of their mates. the only disappointment of the trip, which came from the happy

rere Mataiti of the aitutaki Happy Feet team runs freely around Mongoose defenders.

the Mongoose boys at the ready for a round of masters league in aitutaki.



Feet camp, was that Mama Mongoose ake hosea-winterflood wasn’t part of the travelling team but they can be sure to see her bright smile next year. - Matariki Wilson

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