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$2 Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mining limits declared No SeAbed mining will occur within 24 nautical miles of any island in the country, promises the minister in charge of mineral resources. Natural resource and Minerals Minister Tom Marsters has signed a declaration under the Seabed Minerals Act that no seabed mining activity will occur for 24 nautical miles, or about 50 km, around any island in the Cook Islands. Marsters hopes this will allay some of the fears Cook Islanders have about potential environmental impact on the country from mining. “Some critics will continue hiding under the shadow of the ‘environmental concern’ to try to slow us down for reasons of envy or even to shut us down,” he said at a function at the Seabed Min-

eral Authority (SMA) ofices on Friday to commemorate the act coming into force on March 1. “I can assure you that in our new seabed minerals sector, we will be adopting the strictest international environmental standards.” SMA is preparing an international tender for exploration blocks, which will take place in pre-determined areas in the Cook Islands exclusive economic zone (eeZ). This will be in the east of the eeZ, far south of Penrhyn and far north of Aitutaki on the Manihiki Plateau, said Marsters. “This is a real blessing of having such a huge eeZ – we can keep SbM activities and their potential effects far from our beautiful island communities.” He said it is now well-known

worldwide the Cook Islands eeZ contains a “unique abundance” of manganese nodules. “These are highly valuable, as they contain many important minerals, which are highly valued and on demand on the international minerals markets. They contain minerals which support many parts of our normal daily lives, both here and overseas.” Marsters said SMA contracted a reputable english professor, david Cronan, to carry out the latest resource assessment. This report will be released to the public in the next few weeks. “This report reveals an even more exciting abundance of minerals in our manganese nodule resource – much, much more than we had previously been advised.” Mining taxes and royalties

could bring in up to $100 million per year the seabed minerals sector becomes fully functional, he said. “And according to all timetables, this could be as early as

2021. That is only eight years away.” The Cook Islands cannot keep relying on overseas aid and mining this resource is the way to escape the aid cycle, said Marsters.

“This is a giant leap towards our economic independence… this is our resource. This is our time to stand on our own economic feet.” - Calida Smylie

Preserving cultural heritage

Trial on hold

THe jury trial of a woman ac-

cused of stealing pearls from her employer was scheduled to begin yesterday – but it was postponed yet again. Tipora Maihia is accused of stealing 47 pearl pendants to the value of $5000 between November 1, 2010, and March 12, 2011, from her employer Farm direct Pearls to sell at her own market stall. The 24-year-old, represented by Norman George, denies guilt of theft as a servant. This is the second time the trial had had to be postponed.

In September last year, a jury of 12 was chosen and heard lengthy evidence from Leslie okotai, who owns Farm direct Pearls with husband Temu. but Chief justice Tom Weston called off the High Court trial because of time constraints. The trial had been scheduled to run over three days but Weston estimated the actual running time would be double that. Prosecution had ten witnesses scheduled and defence also had a number to get through depending on how the trial

proceeded. but only one witness had given evidence by the end of the irst day. The trial was scheduled to be heard by justice Hugh Williams from Monday to Wednesday this week. but it did not get started as not all Crown witnesses were available this week to give evidence. The trial was adjourned to a date yet to be set by the court registrar. This is not likely to be during the current judge’s sitting, which ends on March 22. - Calida Smylie

Two power cuts on Sunday A FAuLTy generator caused two

brief power outages on Sunday. The outages occurred between Takuvaine and Turangi when one of nine generators at Te Aponga uira failed temporarily. “The east-coast line is the irst to be affected when power is shed, with priority given to lines leading to the airport, hospital and town area including radio and TCI,” said Te Aponga

Uira chief executive oficer Apii Timoti. The outages occurred on the same day as tests were being done on another generator. However, these tests were not related to the power cuts. The first outage occurred at 5.02am on Sunday, and lasted for three minutes before a backup generator restored power to the area. Maintenance work was done

on the generator, but it cut out again Sunday afternoon at 1.28pm, leaving residents on the eastern side of rarotonga without power for six minutes before backup generators kicked in. The faulty generator was then taken out of operation. Timoti said the company is waiting for spare parts to arrive from overseas before the generator is returned to Te Aponga Uira’s leet of nine. - BD

AvAruA Primary School students put on an excellent exhibition of Cook Islands dancing at the opening of the four-day World Heritage Workshop on Monday. The workshop has been organised to familiarise local

stakeholders on the purpose of the World Heritage Convention and its aims in helping safeguard and preserve cultural and natural heritage. The workshop includes presentations by World Heritage experts as well as presentations on potential sites in the Cook Is-


lands to be included on the tentative list for consideration of receiving World Heritage status. Site visits to some of the island’s more well-known sites and Marae is on the cards for participants today. - MW

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no TeIA NeI Ao Dead pigs sour water supply Thousands of dead pigs have been found loating in a river lowing through Shanghai. So far over 2200 pig carcasses have been counted. Farmers were believed to have dumped them in the river after they died of disease. Chinese government workers are using long-handled rakes to pull the bloated and stinking animal carcasses out of the water and onto small boats. The afected portion of the river accounts for more than 20 per cent of the raw water supply to the city’s 23 million people. While the government has denied that serious water contamination may have already occurred, locals are demanding an in-depth investigation.

Sabre rattling on peninsula US and South Korea start joint drills as the North threatens war SeouL – South Korea and the

united States have launched joint drills involving thousands of troops, defying North Korea’s threat to repudiate the 60-yearold Korean War armistice. The start of the two-week “Key resolve” exercise follows a week of escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, with North Korea threatening nuclear war over uN sanctions adopted after its third atomic test last month. Pyongyang has condemned the annual joint manoeuvres as a provocative invasion rehearsal and announced it was scrapping the 1953 armistice and voiding

world brIeFS US SOLIDERS KILLED IN ‘BETRAYAL’ ATTACK AfghANIstAN – two Us soldiers in Afghanistan have been shot dead in a so-called insider attack, Us and Afghan sources say. ten other Us soldiers were wounded. A number of Afghan troops also died in the shooting at a remote military base in Wardak province, not far from Kabul. the Us military called the attack a “betrayal”. the killer, a member of the Afghan security forces, was shot dead at the scene. Last year more than 60 NAto troops were killed by Afghan security personnel or insurgents posing as them. the gunman opened ire as US special forces and Afghan commandos held an early morning meeting. the attacker was also killed and the Us-led special operations task force said the area had been secured.

STAGE SET FOR BITTER CAMPAIGN VENEZUELA – Venezuelan opposition leader henrique capriles has conirmed that he will stand in presidential elections on April 14. In a televised address, capriles accused the governing PsUV party of manipulating the recent death of hugo chavez. chavez died on March 5 after a two-year battle against cancer. capriles will stand against acting President Nicolas Maduro, whom Mr chavez named as his favoured successor. the acting president went on state television minutes after the opposition leader’s appearance, accusing him of being a “fascist”. Political observers say the stage is now set for a bitter presidential campaign.

HER MAJESTY CANCELS ENGAGEMENTS ENGLAND – The Queen has cancelled an oicial engagement due to illness following her recent hospitalisation with symptoms of gastroenteritis but oicals said there was no serious concern about her health. Last Monday, the 86-year-old monarch left hospital after three days of treatment for a stomach bug, having been forced to cancel a planned visit to Italy. Buckingham Palace said she would not attend the commonwealth observance at Westminster Abbey on Monday as she continued to recover following her recent illness. the spokesman said the Queen was otherwise in good health and was still expected to attend some of her oicial engagements planned later this week.


non-aggression treaties signed with the South. In a dispatch late Monday from its official news agency KCNA, North Korea restated its view that the armistice, “which has existed for form’s sake, would be completely invalid from March 11”. The uS-South Korean war games are “bringing the dark clouds of a nuclear war to hang over the Korean peninsula”, KCNA said, while vowing North Korea’s armed forces were ready for an “all-out action”. A South Korean unification Ministry spokesman conirmed North Korea appeared to carry through on its promise to cut a telephone hotline between Pyongyang and Seoul. “The North did not answer our call this morning,” she said. The hotline was installed in 1971 and North Korea has severed it on ive occasions in the past, most recently in 2010. “Key resolve” is an annual, largely computer-simulated exercise, but still involves the mobilisation of more than 10,000 South Korean and 3500 uS military personnel. About 28,500 uS troops are stationed in South Korea. The South Korean defence Ministry says North Korea is expected to carry out its own large-scale military drill along its eastern front this week, involving the army, navy and air force. Ministry oficials said North Korean artillery bases on islands close to the disputed maritime border have already placed their cannon in iring positions. North Korea’s foreign ministry has already warned that a second Korean war is “unavoidable” and threatened “preemptive nuclear attacks” on the united States and South Korea. However, North Korea is not seen as having the ability to deliver a nuclear warhead to the uS mainland. - AFP

New South Korean military oicers take their oaths during a commissioning ceremony as North Korea responds to new un sanctions with fresh threats of nuclear strikes. AFP

Sharks make CITES list bANGKoK – Governments have

agreed to restrict international trade in five shark species, in a bid to save them from being wiped out due to demand for their ins. The 178-member Convention on International Trade in endangered Species (CITeS) has voted at a meeting in bangkok to control exports of the oceanic whitetip, the porbeagle and three types of hammerhead shark. The agreed trade controls have stopped short of a full trade ban. The move will require countries to regulate trade by issuing export permits to ensure sustainability in the wild, or face

possible sanctions from members of CITeS, a global treaty that protects about 35,000 species. The CITeS members have also agreed on a similar proposal for the manta ray. Asian nations led by japan and China where shark in soup is considered a delicacy were unsuccessful in their attempts to block the proposals, which were pushed by countries including brazil, Colombia and the united States. The decision to add the species to C ITeS Appendix 2, which restricts cross-border trade, must still be formally approved by the conference’s plenary session later this week.

Members will then have 18 months to introduce the trade controls. The ive shark species would join the great white shark, the whale shark and the basking shark, which already enjoy international trade controls. The uN Food and Agriculture organisation (FAo) says humans kill about 100 million sharks each year, mostly for their ins, and conservationists are warning dozens of species are under threat. The FAo says 90 per cent of the world’s sharks have disappeared over the past 100 years, mostly because of overfishing in countries such as Indonesia. - ABC

Swarm of quakes shake California PALM deSerT – A series of

moderate earthquakes the largest a magnitude 4.7 struck a large area of Southern California Monday morning, oficials said. The biggest quake rattled large parts of Southern California, but was felt most strongly in the inland desert area and

parts of Imperial and San diego counties. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The temblors were centred about 40km from Palm Springs and 100km from San diego. “It was a pretty good shake up here,” said Captain daniel Heiser of the riverside County

Fire department. “It kind of shook and then I thought, ‘God, is that an earthquake?’ It kind of shook and then it rolled a little bit and then it shook again,”a resident said. The Los Angeles Fire department said it was assessing the situation but reported no immediate damage. - LA Times

Still demanding freedom 54 years on

INDIA – the main man accused in the fatal gang-rape of a student on a bus in New Delhi last December has been found dead in his prison cell, an apparent suicide. Police say Ram singh described as the main suspect committed suicide in tihar jail. But singh’s parents said there was no way their son could have committed suicide and that he had told them his life was in danger, while his lawyer said the death should be treated as murder. singh, the driver of the bus, was one of ive men being held in the case. They all deny the charges. A sixth suspect is being tried by a juvenile court. the brutal attack on the student in December outraged India and triggered a debate about the treatment of women.

MISFIRED ROCKET KILLED BABY BOY gAZA stRIP– the son of a BBc journalist and two relatives killed in last November’s war in Gaza may have been hit by a misired Palestinian rocket, a UN agency says. The UN Oice of the High commissioner for human Rights said its conclusions were based on a visit to the site a month after the attack. At the time, human rights groups blamed the deaths on an Israeli air strike. the Israeli military says it never denied carrying out the strike because it was not clear what had happened. the UN says 33 other Palestinian children died in Israeli attacks during the conlict. A photo of BBC video editor Jehad Mashhrawi cradling the corpse of his baby son omar became one of the iconic images of November’s short war.

Today’s daily bread blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Matthew read:read: Matthew 5:1-127:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 8

Protesters shout slogans as they take part in the Tibetan Freedom March outside the Chinese embassy in London on this week to mark the 54th anniversary of the Tibetan national uprising. AFP


Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no TeIA NeI Ao Documentary probes Pistorius shooting PreTorIA– reeva Steenkamp met an ex-boyfriend shortly before she was killed by lover oscar Pistorius who kept phoning her as they chatted. A b bC documentary last night claimed that oscar Pistorius’ murdered girlfriend who met with her former boyfriend in the days before her death. Following news that he is “on the verge of suicide” after being charged with reeva Steenkamp’s murder, a documentary titled ‘oscar Pistorius. ‘What really Happened?’ is set to accuse the olympian of twice calling to interrupt an “innocent” conversation between Steenkamp and her exboyfriend Warren Lahoud. The pair are said to have met for a coffee in “innocent circumstances” just days before Steenkamp was killed, but were interrupted twice in the space of 40 minutes by phone calls from Pistorius. Lahoud reportedly said “I said ‘is everything okay? I mean he’s phoned twice already, every twenty minutes’. I asked her that question. She said ‘there’s nothing wrong”. Lahoud claims he had previously met Pistorius on two occasions, adding “There was never anything negative out of it at all.

It was ine, no problem at all.” The news comes as a friend of Pistorius claimed he is “on the verge of suicide” as he is forced to sell off his belongings to ight accusations of premeditated murder. Pistorius, 26, is accused of murdering his girlfriend reeva Steenkamp after she was shot dead at his home last month. He claims he shot her through a bathroom door thinking she was an intruder. Mike Azzie, a close friend who Pistorius refers to as uncle Mike, said the sportsman was a “broken man” after he was tasked with selling his racehorses to raise money to pay for spiralling legal fees. Azzie said Pistorius regularly talks about Steenkamp as he awaits his next court appearance on june 4. “He just always seems to mention reeva and to ask us to pray for her. I would say that he is a broken man and I would go as far to say that he would be on the verge of suicide. It really worries me.” According to the documentary makers, Mentorn Media, police in johannesburg said they have requested all records of phone calls and messages between Pistorius and Steenkamp

on the day she was killed. As the story continues to play out and evolve, the circumstances of Steenkamp’s death are starting to shed light on the environment in which it happened – and the very real woman behind the alluring smile and the skimpy bikini. News website Salon says in life, Steenkamp wanted to be more than another sexy model. She aspired to a career in law and she wanted to enlighten her countrymen about violence. In death, she’s been for the past few weeks a fetish object, a body used to generate ratings and page views. but ultimately, there’s a chance she can be remembered as something more. She wanted to stand for something. She wanted to shine a light on the crimes of her country. And tellingly, she said that “people chose to be ignorant because the subject made them uncomfortable.” “It makes people uncomfortable, and it doesn’t sell as many newspapers. It’s a lot harder to look at a culture of violence than it is to look at a beautiful girl in a bathing suit,” Mary elizabeth Williams, a staff writer for Salon and author commented. “When you look at reeva Steenkamp, which one do you see? - PNC

Human chain saves boy NAPIer – A “human chain”

saved a boy from drowning in the ocean in New Zealand. The 12-year-old boy was playing with a friend along the water’s edge when he was swept out to sea by a steep shorebeak. beachgoers formed a human chain to pull him back to shore. The boy, josh McQuiod, was dragged almost 150 metres along the beach on Marine Parade in Napier. He fought for eight minutes against the pounding surf before the rescue was successful. The beach near the city centre in Napier is renowned for its steep shingle banks where the water can be over a person’s head just a metre or so from the shoreline. In large surf, waves can drag unwary beachgoers from knee-

deep water into a deep recirculating washing machine-like cauldron. McQuiod recalled, “The waves smashed me so much, there were ive really big ones, they lipped me around quite a few times.” Constable Paul bailey was the irst one into the water to rescue the boy, but he found it dificult to hold on to McQuiod. Another police officer was able to organise the human chain from the shoreline into the water where the constable and the 12-year-old boy were ighting. At irst, Bailey questioned his decision to dive after the boy. He recalled: “A few times under the waves I was thinking, ‘Have I done the right thing charging in here?’ Is it going to

be two bodies they’re looking for.” but the human chain worked. When he was pulled up on the beach, McQuiod was unresponsive. His rescuers once again stepped in and saved him. They revived him and he was taken to a local hospital. one onlooker captured a dramatic video of the incident, which showed more than a dozen people holding hands from the beach into the rough ocean waters. McQuiod was incredibly grateful for his rescue, which could have easily gone awry. He said of his rescuers: “I’d love to thank them so much for what they did. They saved my life. If it wasn’t for them I’d be dead.” - AP/PNC

Soda drink ban blocked N eW yo r K – A court has

blocked a ban on the sale of large sugary drinks from restaurants in New york City, a day before the law was to take effect. judge Milton Tingling ruled that the measure was “arbitrary and capricious”, after industry groups sued the city. The law would have forbid the sale of drinks larger than 16 ounces (473ml) in food-service establishments. Mayor Michael bloomberg said the judge was “totally in error” and has vowed to appeal against Monday’s ruling. He has touted the ban as a way to reduce obesity. research suggests that 58 per cent of adults in New york are obese or overweight. In his ruling, judge Tingling wrote that loopholes in the law “effectively defeat the stated purpose”.

The American beverage Association, which is leading the ight against the ban, welcomed the decision. “The court ruling provides a sigh of relief to New yorkers and thousands of small businesses in New york City that would have been harmed by this arbitrary and unpopular ban,” it said. The law would apply to places serving food, ranging from pizzerias to sports stadiums and cinemas, though not at supermarkets or stores. The measure was approved in September by the city board of Health to come into force on March 12, with ines of $200 not to be levied until june. The judge ruled that the bloomberg-appointed board had strayed into legislative territory that should belong to the elected City Council.

reeva steenkamp wanted to be more than a sexy bikini model. The south african beauty shot by Olympian Oscar Pistorius aspired to a career in law with a mission to ight against violence. AFP

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a new york judge has stopped a ban on large sugary drinks. Mayor bloomberg responded to the ruling by telling reporters: “We think the judge is totally in error in the way he interpreted the law and we are very confident that we will win on appeal.” - BBC

Friday 13th March 2013

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te PA eNuA

Parents want justice for beaten son SuvA–The parents of a man

whose beating at the hands of Fijian security personnel was captured on video and posted online want those responsible identiied and punished. Iowane benedito’s mother, viriseini Sanawa, has told radio Australia’s Paciic Beat she has not been able to see her son since the incident. Mrs Sanawa and her husband say watching the video was a shocking experience for them. “I start crying when I see the video,”Mrs Sanawa said. “I think that my son was the one

that was beaten on that day. I want the offenders to be put in jail.” The graphic nine minutelong footage posted on youTube shows a handcuffed benedito being savagely beaten with batons and metal bars. In an interview with Pacific beat’s bruce Hill, Iowane benedito’s father, retired Fiji military oficer Vueti Sanawa, says he did not see anyone treated that badly when he was in military service. SANAWA: When I see the video, it’s been shocking and I

paciic BRIEFS O’NEILL DEFENDS FAIRNESS OF ELECTIONS PAPUA NEW gUINEA – Papua New guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has defended the conduct of the 2012 elections, after a transparency International report described the poll as seriously lawed and unfair. Drawing on accounts from 282 observers it ielded in the elections, TI’s report found that in 21 per cent of polling places observers described the election process as either unfair or very unfair. The process at 45 per cent of polling places was found to be mostly fair. however, o’Neill says that overall the conduct of the election was signiicantly better than the previous two general elections. the Prime Minister says that with Australian support, and the presence of international observers, as well as a free press, and a robust political party process, the election produced a fair and democratic result.

SMUGGLED WHISKEY SPARKS PROBE SAMOA – An investigation is underway in Samoa to ind out who is involved in smuggling in a consignment of over 900 cartons of whiskey earmarked for local retailers. Customs oicials discovered the illegally imported whiskey had been brought in without duties and taxes of 200,000 samoan tala or more than Us$88,000 being paid. seven retailers have been found so far to have been selling the two particular whiskey brands found in the consignment that had false documentation. Police are now involved in trying to ind the importer. The investigation is also looking at the staf of the customs oice, as to whether they had any involvement.

DISPUTE AT AIRPORT SITE RESOLVED soLoMoN IsLANDs – Work on a New Zealand-funded upgrade of the Munda airport in solomon Islands’ Western Province is set to resume. the solomon times reports that at a heated weekend meeting the Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo convinced conlicting groups of landowners to resolve a dispute that has halted work on the project in past weeks. the dispute centres on a site that supplies gravel for the multi-million dollar project, and had resulted in the closure of a quarry. the New Zealand high commissioner earlier warned of the withdrawal of government funding if agreements were not reached over the dispute. the solomon Islands government has agreed to provide inancial assistance to the Munda community.

TWO LARGE QUAKES SHAKE NORTH COAST PAPUA NEW gUINEA – the Northern coast of Papua New guinea has been struck by two major earthquakes yesterday. No damage has been reported so far and there is no threat of a tsunami. The US Geological Survey says the irst quake, a magnitude 5.5, struck 135 kilometres southwest of Kokopo, the East New Britain provincial capital, in the night. A 6.7 magnitude one later struck 150 kilometres east of Lae at a depth of 87 kilometres. Dulcie Logo, from the Kokopo Village Resort, says the earthquake was very short and sharp. “It didn’t do any damage, it just shook the place and everybody was awakened by the shake.”

APRIL ELECTION DATE SET FOR NAURU NAURI – Nauru’s parliament has been dissolved and an election date of April 6 announced despite the chief Justice upholding a challenge which declared the adjournment by the speaker Ludwig scotty as unconstitutional. however, the group of eight MPs who last week instigated the challenged are understood to be considering further legal action. the challengers are looking a further supreme court action. sources predict that if that action is upheld both the dissolution of parliament and the announcement of an election date could be declared null and void.

OPPOSITION PLEASED WITH UN REJECTION fIJI – french Polynesia’s opposition says it is pleased that the UN has refused to put the decolonisation bid made by the territory’s president on the general Assembly’s agenda. teva Rohfritsch says the party is grateful to the french president, francois hollande, for using his diplomatic channels to thwart oscar temaru’s bid. Temaru’s party, however, says the modiied resolution will be on the agenda in the last week of this month. the french high commission has meanwhile rejected a complaint by a senior opposition member and former president, gaston tong sang, who claimed that temaru’s trips to the UN in New York were illegal.

saw what they did. HILL: did you recognise your son? SANAWA: yeah. HILL: Why do you think they were doing that? SANAWA: I don’t know. HILL: What do you think should be done about this? SANAWA: I want them to be put in jail. HILL: The Prime Minister Commodore bainimarama says he’s going to stand by his men? SANAWA: by his men, yeah, that’s what he said. HILL: What do you think about that? SANAWA: No idea. H I LL: When you saw the video did you have any reaction? SANAWA: I saw that video, I started crying when I saw that video. I think that my son, saw my son who was beaten that day. HILL: Have people in the village talked to you about what happened to your son? How did they feel about it? SANAWA: They feel very bad for what they saw on the video. When I saw that video on that day I started crying, till Satur-

day. I went to see my son but they never let me see him. HILL: Have you seen him since he was beaten? SANAWA: Not yet. HILL: Are they going to let you see him. SANAWA: No idea. HILL: What do you think should happen to the men who were beating your son? SANAWA: They have to be taken to court so that they can be taken to jail. HILL: do you think that is what will happen? SANAWA: No idea. The united Nations High Commissioner for Human rights is urging the interim government to ensure any serious human rights violations are swiftly and effectively investigated by an impartial and competent authority, with the indings made public. Spokesperson rupert Colville said in a statement: “While the circumstances surrounding the video have not yet been ascertained, the acts being carried out in it are clearly illegal, and we condemn them in the strongest

terms.” A Fiji pro-democracy group, Luvei Think Tank, said, “Whilst we appreciate the public statement given by the united Nation High Commissioner for Human rights, one of the question we ask is, why this long? “There have been ongoing beatings and human rights abuse of Fiji citizens ever since bainimarama and Aiyaz SaiyedKhaiyum took over leadership by force post 2006 Coup.” The New Zealand Labour Party and the Green Party are also keeping the pressure on the regime with Labour this week preparing to pass a motion in New Zealand’s parliament condemning the Suva regime. The Green Party’s human rights spokesman, jan Logie, said, “It is shameful that the united Nations is still using Fijian peacekeepers while human rights abuses are carried out by the Fijian military and police.” Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank bainimarama has told Fiji media he will “stick by” the police officers and anyone else that might be named in an

investigation into the violence depicted in the video. bainimarama says they cannot be discarded just because they’ve done their duty in looking after the security of the nation and making sure people sleep peacefully at night. Commodore bainimarama has also dismissed concerns expressed by non-government organisation about the video, saying they “are paid by the international community to jump up and down every time we do something”. In Fiji, anti-regime website Coup4.5 says the video has encouraged a nationwide call for citizens to use their cellphones to video senior government officers, army officers, police officers acting illegally or being abusive. However, sources are warning people taking part in the ‘Say Nothing, video everything’ campaign to watch out for the police force’s cyber unit. In New Zealand, the Wellington community is planning to protest outside the Fiji embassy on Friday. - ABC/PNC

Constitution Assembly ‘a trap’ SuvA–A former Fiji deputy

prime minister dr Tupeni baba, says a lot of people are reluctant to sit on the Constituent Assembly to discuss the country’s draft constitution. regime leader Commodore Frank bainimarama says a draft constitution completed by the Attorney General’s office has been ready for the past couple of weeks, replacing the draft written by Professor yash Ghai from the Constitution Commission, which was dumped two months ago. dr baba says some parties applied to sit on the assembly, assuming they would be discussing Professor Ghai’s draft. but now, he says, nobody will see the draft until the Constitu-

ent Assembly is chosen. He says whoever is selected will be walking into a trap. “A lot of people are reluctant to go. They want to know the extent to which the Ghai draft has been amended before they accept an invitation to go there. “because once they accept an invitation to go in, and when they’re in there and find out that the kind of changes that have been made to the Ghai draft are so extensive, they will ind it dificult to stay there – they’ll probably walk out.” bainimarama says the Constituent Assembly, which was due to sit more than two months ago, will be appointed when all issues relating to the registration of proposed parties

are addressed. dr baba says he is also shocked at the sudden resignation of the registrar of political parties and believes she resigned to save her reputation. The registrar Mere vuniwaqa resigned last Friday the day her ofice was expected to announce which parties, if any, had been successfully re-registered under the regime’s political parties decree. dr baba says he believes vuniwaqa found it dificult to accept certain things mooted by the regime, in particular by the attorney-general. “There would be all sorts of expectations from the regime, particularly from the attorneygeneral. And in that situation

she’d ind a lot of pressure from the regime. “And I think there will come a point when it’d be very, very hard for her to stand up as a lawyer if she wants to protect her professional reputation as a lawyer and as a good lawyer at that. I don’t think she’d be able to stand the crap that would be given to her.” dr baba says there will be enormous implications from Mere vuniwaqa’s resignation. He says he hopes whoever succeeds her can stand up to leaders who may require the ofice to act against the proposed political parties. vuniwaqa has not been available for comment on the reasons for her resignation. - PNC

Injured asylum seeker lown out NAu ru–Two more asylum seekers in the Nauru regional immigration processing centre have received medical care after attempting self-harm. It’s understood the men hurt themselves after an oficial briefing on the delayed start to im-

migration processing. one self-injured asylum seeker received care on Nauru, but the other case was serious enough to be lown to Australia. He is the sixth asylum seeker sent to the mainland in the past two weeks.

refugee advocates say the 363 asylum seekers on Nauru had just been given an update on the expected start for immigration processing. The centre opened in August last year as part of the Australian Government’s plan to deal

with irregular boat arrivals, but processing has been delayed. Media believe processing should finally begin in about two weeks, but the lack of a deinitive start date over the past few months has agitated detainees. - ABC

Anniversary of lag raising celebrated PorT vILA –vanuatu has celebrated the thirty year-anniversary of hoisting the vanuatu lag on the remote Matthew and Hunter Islands in 1983. The two uninhabited volcanic islands are considered by vanuatu as part of Tafea Province in the country’s south and under traditional relationships, the indigenous Kanak people

of New Caledonia have links to the islands. However, the islands have also been claimed by France which has taken the matter to the uN Convention on the Law of the Sea in New york. France officially annexed both islands in 1929 and conducted a symbolic occupation in 1975.

At a large ceremony at the weekend in Port vila, vanuatu’s president, Iolu johnson Abbil, awarded medals to members of the irst Vanuatu expedition which, following the gaining of independence in 1980, raised the country’s lag on Matthew and Hunter. The expedition was initially prevented from landing at Mat-

thew island by a French warship in 1983 in an incident which set the tone for a dispute between the countries over the two islands which has never been fully resolved. France has an automatic weather station on one of the islands and the French Navy regularly visits both of them. - RNZI

Red alert as cyclone brushes past New Caledonia NouMeA–GALeS, heavy rain and high seas are expected to begin affecting New Caledonia from yesterday as tropical cyclone Sandra hit the territory.

The system was about 345kilometres northeast of Koumac on the west coast of the main island and moving slowly southsoutheast.

The category three cyclone is bringing sustained winds of 157 kilometres an hour close to the centre. A red alert is in force for the

northern island of belep and the far north of the main island, meaning people need to stay inside and schools are to stay closed. - RNZI


Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te PA eNuA

Sea mining needs robust laws NuKu’ALoFA–Pacific islands need strong laws to protect their deep sea minerals. That was the challenge from the Tonga’s deputy Prime Minister, Samiu vaipulu when he addressed a Paciic-ACP States regional Workshop on deep Sea Minerals Law and Contract Negotiations that opened in Nuku’alofa on Monday. Representatives of 15 Paciic States are attending the weeklong workshop. Mike Petterson the director of SoPAC, the Applied Geoscience and Technology division of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, said the workshop will focus on the legislative and regulatory aspects of deep sea minerals. He said the workshop is aimed at sharing information on a number of developments

that SoPAC is working on, including developing legislation for the extraction of deep sea minerals. “What we want achieve is largely capacity building, as like any other economic activity, Paciic states are a little bit compromised by multinational and well-resourced companies coming in,” he said. “We need to know how to negotiate and drive a hard deal. “We have to prepare ourselves as best we can by developing our negotiating skills, along with a network of people that we trust and know. “And we need to work with industries and countries that we feel that will be responsible and want a long-term working relationship, and for our communities to benefit while the environment is protected as

best we can.” Petterson said some Pacific island countries already had legislation in place regarding deep sea minerals. but it was a new thing for the Paciic islanders to consider who has the rights to the minerals, who gains from it and how can islanders put in place transparent systems, while looking at the environmental issues, he said. He said for decades the main issue had been the lack of knowledge as to where minerals are, what type of minerals are out there, are there many deposits to discover in the ocean? “but we are now at a point where there are few areas in the Pacific that have been identiied to be attractive and that’s a breakthrough. “Now it is becoming an eco-

nomic reality and to make sure that countries maximize the benefits, which is never easy and requires hard work so we want representatives to walk away armed with more knowledge and be aware of the range of issues we have to cope with,” he said. Hannah Lily, the Legal Adviser for the Paciic Ocean Deep Sea Minerals Project said on March 5, the project stresses the importance for countries to put in place robust law and regulatory mechanisms for the national management of deep sea minerals before negotiations take place. “We strongly recommend that countries have these mechanisms in place before any individual project negotiations start. “dedicated seabed minerals

legislation will assist the country to meet under international law, such as protection of the main environment. “It will provide clarity, stability to that country’s operating environment and what it expects from mineral companies.” She said seabed mineral resources represent an exciting new economic prospect for Paciic islands, but, in order to make the most of this opportunity, governments will need to ind responsible exploration and mining companies, and work to set terms that provide suficient protection and inancial return to the country. The workshop held on behalf of the SPC-european union Paciic Deep Sea Minerals Project is the second of five regional technical workshops. It is being attended by gov-

ernment oficials, non-government organisations, environmental groups and others. The irst Regional Workshop on Geological, Technological, biological and environmental Aspects of deep Sea Minerals was held in August 2012 in Fiji. Tonga has three deep dea mineral exploration companies established – the bluewater Metals South Paciic Ltd of Australia, Nautilus Minerals Tonga Ltd and KordI, the Korean ocean research and development Institute. Tonga also has in place a Minerals Act which started in 1949 to establish the ownership and provide for the control of minerals found within Tonga. It is understood that a deep Sea Mining bill was drafted last year. - Matangi Tonga

PM won’t stand criticism of casino APIA–Samoa’s Prime Minister

did not mince words when he answered claims by the opposition leader about land on which a Chinese-based company proposes to build a casino. “It is not his land,” Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi said. “And the government does not talk to people who have no right to these lands.” Palusalue Fa’apo II had earlier said that the government failed to consult the village irst and questioned where the small village of Mulivai Safata would ind the proposed 500 acres for the project. Speaking on a radio talkback show Tuilaepa accused Palusalue of “disturbing the peace”. “The only thing I know is that he is trying to cause a conflict so that a casino cannot be built there at Mulivai,” said Tuilaepa. “Any member of parliament

who has bad thoughts like that has only one reason why – he does not want to develop this part of the constituency.” Tuilaepa reassured the public that plans for the casino at Mulivai Safata are making good progress. “Su’atele has just left my office,” the Prime Minister said. “He is the Paramount Chief of that part of the village. They have already met and there is nothing to worry about as they have already given us a yes.” Tuilaepa was referring to Leota Suatele Manusegi, a former Member of Parliament. “This is a development venture particularly for Mulivai, Safata and its villagers will beneit from it as will Samoa as a whole,” said Tuilaepa. The Prime Minister also cautioned Palusalue. “don’t just sit there and en-

courage conflicts because the end result is simple, there are three other places earmarked by government for this venture,” he said. “If this area falls through, the government will move to the next place.” As for people who are still against the establishment of casinos in Samoa, Tuilaepa said he was not worried. “I do not call those people the majority,” he said. “They are a minority and they are not important to the government. They are about one per cent of our population. What exactly are they against?” The Samoa National Council of Churches has said the casinos will bring social problems to the country. Tuilaepa said members of the public should look at the positives.

a composite image of samoa’s Prime Minister Tuilaepa and Opposition Leader Palusalue illustrates the conlict between the two politicians over plans to build a casino in a small village. SAMOA OBSERVER “The government is not spending any money on these places. The companies themselves are paying for everything,

so you see how weak their thinking is? “The reason we agreed to have these places is to earn money for

the government so that we can fund our sports and other good developments.” - Samoa Observer

Citizens censure ‘rude’ prime minister Newspaper asks public if they think their leader is arrogant APIA–Is Samoa’s elected leader just plain rude or do members of the public generally misunderstand his approach? That’s the question the Samoa Newspaper posed in a street poll published in the Sunday version of the paper at the weekend. The question was prompted following a verbal attack on the Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi by his arch-opponent, the leader of opposition, Palusalue Fa’apo II, last week. At the time, Palusalue was clearly unimpressed. He said the Prime Minister has become far too arrogant that he needed a lesson on manners. “The way he talks down and ridicule people is unbecoming of someone who is in his position. Whether he is the Prime Minister or not, he should remember that he is talking to other human beings,” the opposition leader grumbled. If anything, Prime Minister

Tuilaepa over the years has developed a reputation as someone who is very direct. We’ve come to accept him as someone who says exactly what he thinks, says Samoa observer editor, Mata’afa Keni Lesa. “And yes at times, that has come across as quite rude and arrogant. Palusalue therefore had a point. but what do the citizens of Samoa think?” The question was answered in a poll asked in the newspaper’s regular Street Talk column. “He is rude,” said Fuimaono Filemoni, of Salani. “He should remember that we are all humans and he should not make abusive comment.” Matautia Ioane, of Sale’imoa, said the Prime Minister should be careful. “My family watches television every night and he should know our children are also watching. As a leader he should be polite. He is sometimes abusive.”

‘He shows off because he has the power to say anything. He is the one who should set a good example for everyone, and not the one who starts the ight.’ roger Sioelu of vaitele-tai, gave a chastising assessment “He has crossed the line many times. As a leader, he should give positive feedback and be polite. He shows off because he has the power to say anything. He is the one who should set a good example for everyone, and not the one who starts the ight.” A resident of Magiagi, Taupau Sepelini Petelo, agreed “He is deinitely rude. He has made a lot of abusive comments to everyone. “our village has high chiefs,

and the way he talks to them is like he is talking to his children. He doesn’t take what he says seriously.” “He thinks that his comments are funny and will earn him more votes for the next election, but he is just losing our trust.” judging from those few reactions, Prime Minister Tuilaepa might like to reconsider his approach in addressing members of the public. All that many people cannot be wrong, editor Lesa comments. “Now, if we’re honest, we’ve all heard and seen the way the prime minister addresses a number of issues and surely, there must be a better way. “does he have to be rude all the time? does he have to belittle anyone and everyone every time? “Why can’t he just address an issue without calling someone ‘silly,’ ‘stupid’ or an ‘idiot?’ “The point is that you can only walk on people so many times. There will come a time when those people will tire of

you. There will come a time when they will say enough is enough.” And that’s what we’re seeing here, Lesa says pointing to the overall tenor of the street poll. “Sure Tuilaepa has done a lot for Samoa. despite his weaknesses here and there, you cannot fault his commitment and dedication to the development of this country. “you see, when we learn to look past the negatives, you’ll ind that this government – under the leadership of Tuilaepa – has done a lot we can be proud of. “besides, when we look at some countries near and far, we’ll come to appreciate the leadership of Prime Minister Tuilaepa. “He may be harsh, rude and arrogant at times but he is human. Not an animal like the leader of another country featured in the story on the front page of your newspaper today.” Lesa was referring to coverage of Fiji’s Commodore bainimarama, to the videoed beatings

of two men by regime security personnel. “Now, in Fiji today, this story is sending shockwaves across the world. Several years after Frank bainimarama seized power using the barrel of a gun, the suffering of the Fijians continue. judging from what we are seeing – with the treatment of the media and ordinary citizens – there is absolutely no freedom in Fiji. “And it should make us appreciate what we have here in Samoa. “It should make us treasure and value the freedom that we have. It should also make us grateful for our leaders – Prime Minister Tuilaepa included. “The worry is that it could be easily taken away from us if we’re not careful. The word to think about is responsibility. Let’s take responsibility to ensure the freedom we enjoy today will last forever so that generations to come will continue to enjoy it long after we’re all gone.” - Samoa Observer


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LeTTerS reta

‘Aquaponics may be the solution’ dear editor, In response to ‘Handout please’ (Learning how to apply for aid, Saturday March 9) what did the economic students to our site ‘learn’? They learnt how to turn a failed business venture into an opportunity; our experiences on how we have taken a more holistic approach to sustainable development; the importance of inclusiveness, community and partnerships to help grow a business, which in turn grows the economy. our vision is to transform Te raurau o te Kaingavai – the Green Living Water Garden into an ecofriendly sustainable garden, nursery and aquaponics epicentre of learning to generate awareness on sustainable green technologies and practices. We wanted to create a living space for people of all ages, in both the community and visitors to experience and participate in local food based production, through gardening and aquaponics and to study the ecosystem by being a part of it and in harmony with nature and the environment. To date we have had visits from the three secondary schools as part of

their horticulture, tourism and economic studies and it is a great learning experience to be able to share knowledge. We have had visits from participants attending regional conferences and local women’s groups, as well as overseas visitors. We did not apply for aid. We did not receive a massive $250,000 cash handout. We requested technical assistance from the Ministry of Marine resources to assist us in re-establishing the site as an aqua-farm, aquaculture or aquaponics site, utilising the existing resources, equipment and materials that we owned on the property that could also be used as a learning and research centre. The Cook Islands Aquaponics pilot project is not just a national initiative but one that will beneit the region. It was designed as a showcase for the 43rd Paciic Islands Forum, funded by NZAId and designed by Paciic Trade and Investment and dr Wilson Lennard. The aquaponics facility is a pilot project that has been designed to demonstrate technical, eco-friendly alternatives to farming ish and a range of vegetables and fruit in one system, that can

be scaled and replicated not only in the southern and northern groups of the Cook Islands but in small island states throughout the Paciic and the Caribbean in terms of food security, nutrition food production and import substitution. Millions of dollars are being spent each year not only in the Cook Islands but other small island states on importing fruit and vegetables. Aquaponics may be the solution to addressing this issue. our site was chosen because

it had the resources required to establish an aquaponics system in the Cook Islands. We are privileged to be pioneers in the development of aquaponics not only for the Cook Islands but for the Paciic. It is a pilot and we are still working on how to improve the system and experimenting with plants which will make a substantial contribution to address the issue of import substitution. We are also planning to follow up on experiments carried out in Hawaii with growing taro. With

this knowledge people will be able to operate an aquaponics system in their backyards. An aquaponics regional consultation will be held later this year, at our site, with experts and practitioners to share experiences and lessons learnt in the development of aquaponics for the Paciic. This facility will be used as a training centre for other Pacific Island countries who are considering establishing aquaponics systems. What we have created “ indeed a remarkable achievement

for the inexperienced operators, without industry history or experience”. What we do have is a vision, passion and a will to succeed. We have created something special and unique in Te raurau o te Kaingavai. It is a special place as a result of the spirit in which community, family and friends have supported us to achieve our vision which is truly amazing -- including the public, private sector and development partner’s support. Lynnsay rongokea Francis Titikaveka

Te raurau o te Kaingavai was the setting for a celebration of international Women’s day on Friday, where students from Titikaveka College visited to learn about horticultural, agricultural and loricultural practices. 13030837

‘No allowances for playing golf’ dear editor, We have all read confirmation that the PM Henry Puna took one week off for golf. I have only a couple of questions to ask him: PM, who is paying for your meals, incidentals and transport during this week of merry goling? If you have already been paid by the Civil List for the whole duration of your trip, are you going to refund

that money that you received for this week of golf? Secondly, can the Clerk of Parliament also conirm whether or not the PM has been paid these incidentals? I know for a fact that it is standard practice for ministers and the PM to receive full allowances for a trip overseas and this is usually paid to them before they travel. However, the failure in the past has been the

monitoring and accounting for those allowances that have been given for the purpose of that trip (oficial only). There are no allowances for playing golf, or singing etcetera, under the Civil List. Taxpayer (Name and address supplied) The prime minister’s media advisor Trevor Pitt replies: The PM received his legal entitle-

ment under the Civil List to lead the government delegation to the second joint Ministerial Forum in Queenstown. He did not draw on any Civil List entitlements for the un-

dertaking to keep his obligation toward the Air NZ Golf tourney. The PM is subject to the accountability of the normal allowances, as provided by legislation.

‘Limit food’ in luggage A SMoKe SIGNALLer writes: “There’s lots of talk about the tourist numbers and how they spend money while on holiday. Here’s a suggestion to stimulate some retail sales in the country: limit the amount of food – such as vacuum-packed meat – that an inbound traveller can bring into the country to say 4 kilos. Cook Islanders and permanent residents could be limited to 10kg – that is still a lot of KFC!”

SMOKERS ‘FIDGETY’ SMoKerS on Mangaia will be desperately checking to see if the cargo

hold of each arriving inter-island light carries any cartons of their favourite brand – or if they’re desperate, any brand will probably do. A smoke signaller emailed from our most southern island: “Mangaia is totally out of cigarettes, and the smokers are idgety, lol.” We hear that on rarotonga there have been some shortages too and since last week fans of rollies have had to resort to tailor-mades to get their nicotine ix until new pouches of the rum-lavoured roll-your-own tobacco is back in stock.

COOKS’ SPOTLIGHT A SMoKe SIGNALLer says the Colagate issue has brought “unlatter-

ing and unnecessary” attention to the Cook Islands. “Colagate is what the Cook Islands has now become known as amongst corporate New Zealand, with little or no thought for our charming sunset or beautiful waters. So, thank you for also helping to burn valuable tourism board dollars and time spent on painting this place and its people as a paradise. I sat behind two gentlemen – not from the Cook Islands – on an Air New Zealand light on their way over here, discussing Colagate and its ridiculousness at depth for the entire light. We were duped, how did this happen? All of these came up – it’s embarrassing.”

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localNeWS nuti no roto i te IPuKAreA

Public meeting on future for youth THe CoMMuNITy is being

asked to show their support for an initiative which aims to turn the lives of rarotonga’s youth around by showing up to a public meeting on Thursday evening with ideas. The ‘Future for youth’ project is a joint collaboration between many different groups around the island concerned about problems youth are having with crime, employment and future development. New Zealand High Commissioner john Carter is in the process of setting up a committee to help oversee all the Future for youth projects. He sees himself as a “catalyst” but says ultimately others are better placed to run the projects and take ownership. “Future for youth needs to be owned by the Cook Islands. We can’t let it all fall through the gaps.” one of the big problems facing unemployed youth is being tempted into crime, and this is a problem that affects local and tourist victims. “We don’t need this stuff,” says Carter. Much has been talked about over the last year, but to comprehensively deal with the problem a greater step is needed.

“ The whole thing has morphed into a welfare issue. There is only so much we can do as an ambulance along the way. We need to pull together,” says Carter. The High Commissioner became involved with helping troubled youth after hearing about Teava Iro’s agricultural programme in Titikaveka which was set up about 12 months ago. Although the programme – where young men learn the skills to start their own agriculture business – was going well the funding dried up. Carter decided to organise fundraising and publicity. As soon as he and Iro started talking to the community, they realised how many other ideas there were out there to help youth and how many other programmes were getting started. “There’s so much happening but it’s not synchronised…We’re trying to mix and match with all the opportunities out there,” says Carter. So far the Future for youth project has become a joint collaboration between the House of Ariki, Koutu Nui, religious Advisory Council, CI Christian Church Council, CI Commu-

nZ high commissioner John Carter, pastor Tutai Pere and Titikaveka grower Teava iro are three men who arepassionate about helping rarotonga’s youth. 13030844 nity Safety Advisory Council, CI red Cross, CI rotary, Titikaveka Growers Association, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of

education, and others. Carter says the separate programmes have begun to develop but nothing can be done without

community support. He hopes to see a large turn-out on Thursday 7pm at the Pukapuka Hostel in Tupapa.

“It’s for the community to come together, push ideas around and start planning.” - Calida Smylie

Witness accused of lying in day 1 of trial THe FIrST day of the trial of a man accused of receiving stolen goods started yesterday morning in the High Court. The trial of Frederick delacerna is being presided over by justices of the Peace john Kenning, Gina Williams and Tauei Solomon. Crown’s case, led by Martha Henry, is based on the premise delacerna knew the camera he got from Ngere Akaroa in 2011 was stolen. defence lawyer Norman George refutes this. Two Crown witnesses were called to give evidence yesterday. The irst was the victim, Cecile Martin, from whose house the valuable camera was stolen from. She told the court an Ipod and charger, an olympus camera, $60, some headphones, an Adi-

das cap, some Converse shoes – and the Canon camera in question during this trial – were taken from her house in october 2011. The Canon camera had been hired from her daughter’s Auckland school, epsom Girls’ Grammar, to let her complete her year 12 photography course. Martin said it has a value is $1100 to $1200 and has since been returned to the school after police recovered it. Crown showed the witness photographic evidence of the recovered camera and she identified it as the camera stolen. She said the words ‘epsom’ and ‘eGGS’ were still visible on the camera although the number the school had scratched as identification had been scratched off and the name ‘Fred’ had been

scratched on it instead. Martin said she believes this is the name of Frederick delacerna. The next Crown witness was 20-year-old Ngere Akaroa – the man who broke into Martin’s house. According to the evidence he gave, he met the defendant at the Matavera village Trading (MvT) store and asked him whether he wanted to buy a camera. Akaroa said the defendant replied “yes” and although Akaroa told him it was stolen the defendant said this was alright. The two knew each other vaguely they had met three times but the witness did not know the defendant’s name. He referred to delacerna as “the Filipino man”. The witness was also shown photos of the epsom Girls’ cam-

era. He said this was the camera he gave delacerna. According to Akaroa, the two arranged to meet later at a marae in Matavera as the witness did not have the camera on him, and the camera handed over. Henry asked Akaroa how he came to offer a stolen camera to delacerna. “A few of my mates had been telling me he had been taking cameras. So when I saw him at the shop I asked him and straight away he said yes.” George then questioned the witness. He called his credibility into question, saying the witness had been in court many times. Akaroa said he had been held in the police cells before and had been charged with burglary ive times, the irst appearance being

in 2012. He is currently serving a two-year probation term. George asked whether the police had coached the man’s answers before he appeared in court today. Akaroa replied “no”. The witness had trouble remembering what date he committed the burglary on Martin’s house, but thought it was in 2012. George said it was odd the man could not remember what year he broke into the house, “but when it comes to accusing this man your memory is very clear”. The man was also lying about telling the defendant the camera was stolen, said George. delacerna will testify later in the trial that Akaroa told him he owned the camera. George said when the pair met at the marae in Matavera as ar-

ranged, the defendant wanted to take the camera away and examine it and there was no arrangement to buy. No money exchanged hands although Akaroa said he wanted $50 for the camera, the defendant did not have the money on him. George asked whether the defendant told the witness he would take the camera to have a look at it. “He told me he would take the camera, that’s all,” replied Akaroa. “you are making things up to exaggerate against my client,” said George. but the witness said he was telling the truth. The trial will continue at 1pm today for more witnesses to give evidence. - Calida Smylie

Project City in Tupapa MoTorISTS are being warned

to expect road diversions from Tupapa towards the town centre as the next stage of Project City water pipe upgrades is underway. Landholdings Ltd project manager, ben Parakoti said a crew of more than 20 men will start today near Chillis Sports bar, replacing the water pipes on the inland side of the main road. Work is expected to take three to four weeks as it progresses through to Aquarius Hotel in Panama. “Where we will be working, traffic will be reduced to one lane and diversions may be in place off the back road,” Parakoti said. “residents will also be asked to park their vehicles on the

other side of the road as they won’t be able to get out once we start work.” He said there will also be cross connections dug across the road to link the domestic and commercial buildings. After the pipes have been laid, road restoration work will follow. “Once the project is inished there will be an improvement of water quality, there should also be an improvement of water low and pressure with less leakages.” Parakoti asked for the public to be patient and observe all warning signs to slow down. under the project all mains, sub-mains and branch mains were to be replaced the including Panama in Nikao, Avarua town area, Tupapa and Takuvaine valley, beginning from

the street outside the Court House, New Zealand High Commission, MFeM and the Post Ofice. The project is due for completion in june this year. The Project City $2.5 million water upgrade is funded by the Asian development bank. - Dana Kinita

Landholdings Ltd project manager Ben Parakoti says laying of the water pipelines will start today near Chillis sports Bar in Tupapa and heading towards the town centre.



Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

World Heritage workshop opens

Participants at yesterday’s opening of the World heritage workshop at the ministry of cultural development. IN deCLArING the World Her-

itage workshop open yesterday morning – Minister for Cultural development Teariki Heather emphasised that the Cook Islands people have a history of preserving its culture and heritage. “our people have a history

of preserving our culture and heritage, valuing and utilising it as a significant part of our identity and nationhood,” said Heather. He also pointed to the national sustainable plan’s vision to, “enjoy the highest quality of life consistent with the aspirations

of our people in harmony with our culture and environment.” “This is why we have ratiied the 1972 World Heritage Convention – its intentions are in line with the vision of our people,” adds Heather. He also noted that cultural and natural heritage are becom-


ing increasingly threatened not only by natural decay but also by changing social and economic conditions. “I’m pleased that this training workshop is to train and up-skill our people in the ield of safeguarding our heritage sites. I’ll be especially interested

to see the tentative list of our heritage site as a result of this workshop.” The world heritage workshop will run right up to Thursday with presentations on potential sites in the Cook Islands to be included on the country’s heritage list as well as visits to some

of the sites identiied as needing world heritage status. A tentative list of sites to be looked at for world heritage status will be drafted on the inal day of the workshop on Thursday after discussions at the national museum in Tupapa. - Matariki Wilson

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

Protecting irreplaceable heritage THe WorLd Heritage Convention provides a unique framework to protect and manage irreplaceable common heritage of humankind says World Heritage Small Island developing States (SIdS) programme co-ordinator Sachiko Haraguchi. Haraguchi explained the signiicance of world heritage sites during her opening remarks on the irst day of the World Heritage workshop at the Ministry of Cultural development. The aim of the World Heritage Convention, adopted by uNeSCo’s general conference in Paris in 1972, is to safeguard heritage of ‘oustanding universal value’ for future generations. “For the last 40 years, countries from all over the world have been working in a spirit of international co-operation towards the identification, protection and presentation of cultural and natural heritage properties of outstanding universal value,” says Haraguchi. “In doing so, the peoples of each nation, the decision makers at international, national and local levels, and more particularly local communities, have become more aware of the tremendous wealth and diversity of our world heritage.” She says that at a time when the impact of globalisation on the world’s cultural diversity and the effect of climate change are being increasingly felt,

uNeSCo attaches particular importance to the need to protect cultural and bio-diversity and safeguard the world tangible and intangible cultural heritage. “In order to generate respect towards all civilisations and therefore peace, we have no choice but to understand interculturality in all its dimensions, particularly in view of the shared Paciic traditional knowledge.” She emphasised that the World Heritage List is a means of acknowledging sites that are of such an importance in terms of outstanding universal value. To date, 190 states parties have ratified the World Heritage Convention which makes it the most universal international legal instrument in the ield of heritage conversation. As of july 2012, there have been 962 cultural and natural World Heritage properties. of these, nine World Heritage properties are situated in the Paciic region, including three cultural, four natural and two mixed properties. based on the needs expressed by Paciic states, a regional programme for the Pacific, called ‘World Heritage Pacific 2009’ was developed and approved by the World Heritage Committee in 2003, with the objectives of improving representation of the region on the World Heritage List and to build capacity in implementing the Convention

World heritage small island developing states (sids) programme co-ordinator sachiko haraguchi presented unesCO’s World’s heritage book to minister of cultural development Teariki heather. 13031123 and conservation of heritage properties. Haraguchi says that as a result of the programme, there is an increase in the number of World Heritage properties and sites that have been added to the

national tentative list for World Heritage inscription and on-going capacity-building activities and regional workshops. In closing her address Haraguchi says she hopes that the workshop would be fruitful

for the Cook Islands in becoming more familiar with World Heritage. She also presented uNeSCo’s World’s Heritage book to minister of cultural development Teariki Heather.

The workshop will wrap up on Thursday where participants of the workshop will draft a tentative list of sites in the Cook Islands to be considered on the World Heritage List. - Matariki Wilson

Minister of Cultural development Teariki heather expressed his appreciation to UNESCO for its eforts in assisting the Cook islands with preserving and safeguarding the heritage sites of the people of the Cook islands. 13031121 avarua Primary school students demonstrated their strong Cook islands culture at the opening of the World heritage workshop on Monday. 13031128

Minister of Cultural development Teariki heather shares some of his cultural knowledge with World heritage small island developing states (sids) programme coordinator sachiko haraguchi. 13031126


Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te IPuKAreA

Paciic has less heritage sites THe PACIFIC region is underrepresented on the World Heritage List, said the co-ordinator of the World Heritage Small Island developing States programme. Sachiko Haraguchi is helping to run a World Heritage Workshop on rarotonga which began yesterday and ends on Thursday. She said there are less world heritage sites in the Paciic than other areas such as the Caribbean, and one of the aims of the workshop is to have local participants make a ‘tentative list’ of possible heritage sites in the Cook Islands. World heritage sites are those listed by The united Nations Educational, Scientiic and Cultural organization (uNeSCo) as being of special cultural or natural signiicance. vice director of the World Heritage Institute, ron van oers, said getting a site onto the World Heritage List is a “complex and dificult process”. He said critics have said the World Heritage Committee has been too focussed on countries with more resources, and while the committee has not changed its criteria, it is working to help areas with fewer resources–such as small island nations like the Cook Islands–to get sites on the

list. “The committee is not facilitating quicker access to the World Heritage List; the emphasis is on strengthening co-operation,” he said. “The committee has responded by not lowering standards, because it’s supposed to be the best of the best. Instead it’s chosen to strengthen local capacities for those countries that need it.” He said not all countries have world heritage sites, and there is debate about whether they should. “There are some groups saying it should be possible to ind world heritage sites in all countries. others say: ‘It’s outstanding universal value and it’s simply not a given for all countries.’ It very much relates to how we perceive heritage to be.” Secretary for Culture Sonny Williams, who gave an opening address at the workshop yesterday, said the work required to get on the list is something the Cook Islands should be doing regardless of the outcome. “We should not be doing this for world heritage only, we should be doing it for ourselves.” during the four-day World Heritage Workshop, partici-

pants will be deciding which sites could possibly be on the list. but even if a site is nominated, it normally takes around five years for the process to be complete, and may take longer. but, van oers said it is better to take the time to do it right. “The best sites and the best preservation takes place where a long-term vision is present. The site doesn’t necessarily beneit from a fast-track process. Sites that have been rushed through ultimately hit problems within three years.” He said such problems could include stakeholders not being included in the application process, resulting in disputes further down the track. To get on the world heritage list, a site is evaluated according to its cultural and natural significance. A country has to show the site has ‘outstanding universal value’, and demonstrate its importance to future generations. The site’s place on the list will then be decided on by future generations, said van oers. “values change over time. What we hold dear now may not be so in 10 years time. It is up to the next generation to debate that again.”

If a site makes it onto the World Heritage List, van oers said the main beneit is international recognition, which could give a site greater access to aid. “It is a stamp of approval. Those organisations that have

funding tend to prioritise world heritage sites. If there’s an oil spill at the Galapagos Islands, the country and government doesn’t have to explain the importance of the site (in order to get help).”

He said while uNeSCo will provide some support to sites on the list, the protection and management of world heritage sites remains the sole responsibility of the country itself. - Briar Douglas

Getting a site onto the World Heritage List is a “complex and diicult process” says vice director of the World heritage institute, ron van Oers. 13031136

Tereora adopts anau system FoLLoWING the introduction

of the new ‘anau’ system at Tereora College this year – a group of sixteen students were invested as student leaders in a special ceremony at the College last Friday. The new anau initiative is based on a system known as

‘vertical forms’ where up to four students from each year (nine to 13) are allocated an anau teacher who will be directly responsible for up to16 students in each anau group. Anau teachers have replace deans at the national college

and the ‘prefect’ concept has now been done away with and the new ‘student leader’ concept introduced. There are four anau groups at the college and they are based on the traditional ‘house’ system–the college houses are Te

Kou, Ikurangi, Te Manga and Maungaroa. on Friday three student leaders and one head student leader were invested to lead each of the four houses. Students will remain in their anau group for all events includ-

ing cultural and sporting events and for the duration of their time at the national college. The first anau student leaders are for Te Kou: Tauwi Tiere (head), rangi Piri, elizabeth bryson, Liilani Fua; Ikurangi: Charlie Charlie (head), victoria

elika, Lisiane Messine, Tiaina urirau; Te Manga: Moeroa Nootai (head), ridge Ponini, Nooroa Heather, Karalaini Matenga; Maungaroa: Michael Tangimetua (head), Tokoa van dongen, Tarita Willis and Mary Manea. - Matariki Wilson

newly invested Tereora college student leaders are looking forward to the new challenge of the anau system at the college, that has replaced the form class and prefects concept.



Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

Country plan for women launched A PLAN To better empower

the country’s women was aptly launched on International Women’s day on Friday. The Cook Islands Country Plan was developed to help implement approximately $3.9 million of funding pledged by the Australian government to the Cook Islands over the next 10 years. The AusAI d grant comes through the Pacific Women Shaping Pacific development Initiative. The irst two activities will get $780,000 over the initial two years and focus on increasing economic opportunities and reducing domestic violence against Cook Islands women. Internal Affairs secretary Bredina Drollet spoke irst at the launch at Te Atukura grounds on Friday afternoon. She said while women growing up today have not had to struggle against as much inequality as their foremothers, inequality does remain. “It is not okay to still have violence, lower pay and littler economic security than men.” There is a significant gender difference in earnings and more women than men are in the lowest earning bracket. Female-headed households – which make up 24 per cent of Cook Islands households – suffer greater risk of low income and social isolation, particularly those headed by elderly women. She said the movement towards an equal society is gain-

ing momentum in the Cook Islands, with credit due to the gender development division at Internal Affairs and the National Women’s Council. Internal Affairs associate minister john Henry said the Cook Islands is committed to better empowering women by integrating the movement into

all sectors of society. “Pioneers paved the way...the gender gap has narrowed signiicantly in the Cook Islands.” but he said more work needs to be done, especially to reduce violence against women, the health of women, and making access to productive resources more equal.

“There are challenges for us today... but we, everybody, need to end violence against women.” Henry said the country plan was based on plans to create gender equality and contains legal frameworks, advice for community help, and how to set up services for domestic abuse victims.

The country plan also sets out risk management solutions in case the country loses track. These include setting up a national steering committee and taskforce which will make sure gender equality is mainstreamed into all government programmes. There are also solutions to make sure outer

islands women and girls are not forgotten, and there is not a backlash from men against women benefitting from the programme activities. Ineffective inancial management will be mitigated through regular audits and efficient AusAId report monitoring. - Calida Smylie

Cook islands women at the launch of the Cook islands Country Plan – which focuses on empowering women. 13031141

Internal Afairs associate minister John Henry said the Cook Islands is committed to empowering women. 13031139

On Tuesday evening join us for our FABULOUS

Island Night with SuperbFeast

Dining 7 - 8.30pm Show starts 8.30pm featuring delicious local food Internal Afairs secretary Bredina Drollet said while women now don’t face as much inequality as their foremothers, it is still prevalent. 13031140

.30pm 8 s t r a st Show ment by m p 0 - 8.3 entertain 7 g n t i Din Nigh d n a l Is ZE till



ntert Live e

BOY ARA & T h t i w


Edgewater Resort - reservations essential phone now 25435

Complimentary Transfers provided from anywhere on the island. Saturday Island Night features Orama


Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te IPuKAreA

Japanese prize winners enjoy Cooks TWo LuCKy japanese nurses have won a trip to the Cook Islands after entering a magazine competition on the spur of the moment. Aki Nagayama entered the travel competition on a whim despite not usually reading japanese fashion and lifestyle magazine Glamorous. She beat 1730 others to win return lights from Tokyo to rarotonga, via Auckland, two nights in a premium beachfront suite at Pacific resort rarotonga, return flights to Aitutaki, and three nights in a premium beachfront bungalow at Paciic Resort Aitutaki. She decided to take her good friend Mayumi Kitagawa on the holiday, and the two arrived in rarotonga on Friday. The visit is short – they fly back to japan today – but the two are fitting as much in despite not knowing much about the Cooks before coming. Turama Paciic Japanese coordinator Nana Hirata looked after them for two days while they were in rarotonga and took them to vaima’s Polynesian bar

and restaurant and then to the Tomorrow People gig on Friday night. Nagayama and Kitagawa enjoyed both experiences. They visited Punanga Nui market and explored the island on Saturday, then lew to Aitutaki where they will stay until today. The competition was offered by Glamorous after japanese travel writer Chieko Koseki and photographer Tomohito Ishimaru visited the Cooks in February last year. Air New Zealand japan, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation, Turama Paciic and Paciic Resort Hotel Group worked together to offer the prize to be featured alongside the feature Koseki and Ishimaru produced. A review of the prize winner’s trip will be published on the magazine’s webpage and is likely to entice more japanese visitors to the Cooks – the editor of Glamorous reports they had a large spike of website subscribers after they advertised the competition. - Calida Smylie

Mayumi Kitagawa and Aki Nagayama won the trip of a lifetime to the Cook Islands. They are pictured with Turama Paciic Japanese co-ordinator Nana Hirata (right). 13031117

Pukapuka awaits new water tanks


Dr amelia Hokule’a Borofsky, who grew up in Pukapuka and Hawaii, has returned to the atoll to live, listen, learn and write. She holds her doctorate in community and cross-cultural psychology and has taught at college and university level. She is a regular contributor to Ci News and the atlantic online health channel.

Cook Islands Teachers’ Institute (CITI) & Association of Women Teachers (AWT) Annual General Meeting Tuesday 12 March 2013 3:30pm Avatea School Hall

THe rAINy season has begun

in Pukapuka. The rain means excellent catchment for everyone’s home with their new New Zealand Aid Programme funded water tanks and tin rooing. The community water tanks, however, have been leaking. each village built these water tanks out

e kapikianga teia ki te au taeake puapii o runga nei ia rarotonga kia tae mai ki ta tatou uipaanga. aere mai, apai mai i te au manako manea ei akamatutu i ta tatou putuputuanga no teia au tuatau ki mua. Ka kite Ms Nga Charlie CiTi General Secretary.

of concrete in 1982. In all, eleven community water tanks exist on the island and serve each village for community events and as back-up water storage. Most of the community tanks no longer have ilters to keep out the rubbish. “The coconut fronds come

right into the tank,” said Kaui dariu chairman of Ngake village. one of the community water tanks in Ngake has become a public swimming pool for the children. Ngake’s other community water tank next to the meeting house needed ixing before some in the village go to Motu Ko. This community tank had leaks, no screen and no ilter. Lead carpenter for the village Levi Walewawa said, “We had to borrow cement from the island council for this village work and it’s still not enough. We will have to wait until the next boat comes

to get the rest of the cement and inish the job.” All the available men of Ngake participated in the work and shared in a feed of ish and rice at the end of the day. The New Zealand Aid Programme brought community water tanks to Pukapuka for the CICC church and for Motu Ko and Motu Kotawa, installed by the New Zealand army a few years ago. eleven community water tanks have yet to be installed. Pukapuka patiently awaits the rest of its community water tanks.


MiNiSTry oF iNTerNal aFFairS

Social Impact Fund (SIF) Project Funding The SiF provides combined Cook islands and New Zealand support to Cook islands Civil Society Sector to meet the needs of those most vulnerable in the community and is focused on 6 priority areas: Gender equality, Children & youth, Disabilities, the elderly, Domestic Violence and Mental health. The SiF Board now invite proposals for Project Funding in the following eligible project areas •Community education • Training projects • Workshops • awareness raising activities • income generation • organisational Strengthening Please note infrastructure projects and international travel are not encouraged, but will be considered on a case by case basis. For further enquiries please contact the SiF Manager on telephone 29378 or email Ministry of internal afairs. The deadline for submission of your project funding application is Wednesday 20 March 2013. No applications will be accepted after this date. 69221

The men of Ngake Village working together to ix the leaking community water tank by their meeting house. 13030729


Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai PhONE

Fax 25303





Cook Islands National Disability Council Annual general Meeting Date: Thursday 21 March 2013 Time: 4.30pm Venue: creative centre, tupapa AgENDA: Adoption of Minutes Matters arising from the minutes President’s Annual Report Annual Reports from Island Disability committees treasurer’s Annual Report Election of Oice Bearers to ill vacancies cINDc proposed 2 year Workplan Any other business Phone 20122.

Tiare Moana V6 Sailing Now Accepting cargo for the Northern group Islands Dry goods & general cargo - cargo Cut of is 15 March 2013. frozen goods - Accepting cargo from 11 March 2013 with Cutof 15 March. Please ensure your cargo is in by the 15 March as no cargo will be accepted after this date. Phone 27185 for further information.

69892 /30593 /1931

Project City 2 New Water Pipeline the public is advised that excavation and laying of the second pipeline will commence in the next few days from tupapa to Aquarius hotel, Panama. this pipeline will run down the inland sided of the main road. there will also be cross connections dug across the road to link domestic and commercial buildings. When this is complete, the road will be prepared and trenching sealed. During this phase of the work traic will be diverted to the back road. the public is asked to be patient and observed all warning signs to slow down. LANDhoLDINgs LtD. 69915 / /1747

PUBLIC MEETING: NIKAo fIshINg AssocIAtIoN INc. (NfAI) Date: Thursday 21 March Time: 6.15pm Venue: Nikao hall Agenda Election of Oice Bearers formalise (NfAI) constitution general NfAI overview Discuss Membership criteria other Matters further enquiries contact Pureau B. Manuela 22957/55954. 69911 / /2543

Bowls Cook Islands Annual general Meeting to be held on Tuesday 26 March 2013, 5pm at Rarotonga Bowling club. Note also that Arorangi Bowling club will have their AgM on 20 March 2013 at the home of Iro Rangi & Rarotonga Bowling club will have their AgM on 6 April 2013. Time to be conirmed. Meitaki Maata Anna Kairua secretary general. 69893 / /1855

We wish to advise cafe Ariki will be closed for the month of March.

69232 / /1723

Tiare Moana V6 Sailing Due to unforeseen delays to our sailing schedule, cargo acceptance to the Northern group Islands has been extended. Cargo Cut of is 27 March 2013 for Dry goods & general cargo frozen goods - only Accepting Cargo from 22 March 2013 with Cut of 27 March. Please ensure your cargo is in by the 27 as No cargo will be accepted after this date. Phone 27185 for further information. We apologise for the inconvenience that this delay may have caused. 69843 / /1723

SeRvICeS Action Man Mowing Services All jobs big or small, free quote. Give Clint a call on 52074. 69894 / /2561

WOMENS hUPA CLASSES Island dance itness Where titikaveka, Kent hall When Every tuesday and Wednesday 5.30pm $2


Ocean Blue ford falcon XR V8 car $10,000. Black VTR 1000cc Road bike $6000. call or text 72020. 69900 / /1931

SITUATIONS vACANT Cafe Operator Mobile cofee business looking for a reliable operator. sole charge position. full training given. Ph 57650.

Paciic spring Ltd Production / Sales Position (Fulltime) Manufactures of such brands as Vaima Water, Vaiora soft drink, Vaima Ice. the successful applicant must be reliable, self-motivated and a team player. Manufacturing experience will be an advantage. some heavy lifting will be required. current cook Islands driver’s license is essential. Application forms are available from our premises in Ruatonga. Application closes 15 March. 69836 / /2107


69835 / /1639

Suckling Pigs for sale $100 to $150 each. Phone 28902.

PARTS PERSON this position is ideal for a well organised person who enjoys a challenge. It requires some computer knowledge for the implementation of parts enquiries via email and internet and for producing quotations and invoices on Quick Books. Your attention to detail and customer care is vitally important. Previous experience would be preferred but not essential, as on the job training can be given to the right person with the right attitude. for more information, please call Michelle on Phone 29882. 69824 / /1943

69902 /30847 /1931

New bedroom furniture chests of drawers. Phone Sid 22411.

2nd hand carpentry tools. Paslode, skilsaw drill etc. Preferably Makita or hitachi brand names. Phone sara 74124.

5 door Subaru Impreza, Excellent condition, one owner, selling at $9500 ono. Phone or text 56120.

ACCOUNTS ADMINISTRATOR As an Accounts Assistant, you will work one on one with the financial Administration Manager. Your duties would include, but not be limited to Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable. A sound knowledge of Quickbooks and Excel would be preferred. We are looking for someone who enjoys producing quick and accurate work in a busy varied environment. You must have great communication skills and a can do attitude. Please submit your written application with a brief cV and daytime contact number to the general Manager, Pickering Motors Ltd, PO Box 18, Rarotonga or to vehicles@pickmotors. for any queries, please contact caroline on Phone 29882. Applications close 15 March 2013.

69909 /30898 /1931

69825 /30828 /1931

69823 / /1943

69742 /30831 /1931

FOR ReNT Nikao large 2 bedroom furnished unit, grounds maintained, available 17 March, $220pw. Phone 55527. 69782 /30977 /2398

3 bedroom fully furnished house in tupapa, 5 mins to town, available from 9 March to 31 July. Phone 23122, moblie 71758.

69904 /30848 /1931

5000ltr Metal tank $5000 ono to view at Pandanus Petrol & oil Enquiries ph 55257. 69841 / /2482

veHICLeS FOR SALe 4 door Kia Mentor, still running, selling at $5000 oNo. Phone 24400 or 55316. 69916 / /1931

69863 /30976 /1931

3 bedroom house, furnished. Rutaki, Arorangi. Phone 24800 or 24900. 69914 / /2415


1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words. casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.


Car Detailer We are looking for an energetic person to join our team of groomers. this position requires an eye for detail, the ability to maintain basic vehicle service records and to carry out basic vehicle maintenance. You must be available to work in the weekends, have a clean current driver’s license for both a motorbike & car, be honest, reliable and of sober habits. for more details, please call Phillip. Ph 22833. 69820 / /1943

69832 / /2096

69869 /27468 /2679

Arorangi Timberland Ltd This week’s super specials: Scafolding Set 3.5m, 2 pcs (levels), Aluminium, 230kg load $2285 softboard (Pinboard) sheets $58 6m tanapoles 200mm - $225 shadowclad - Rustic style 12mm - $ 78 Bamboo ‘matting ply’ 2mm veneers - $69 Plyloor T&G 19mm CCA Treated - $94 Bathroom Board sheets - waterproof wet area cladding - $75 Free Deliveries! Come on in, or Ring us on 26408!

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is

The Business Trade and Investment Board is now looking for a motivated, enthusiastic and conident person to join our foreign Investment, monitoring and compliance team as a ‘Monitoring and compliance oicer. the ideal candidate must have good knowledge and understanding of the cook Islands business economic environment, trade policy and marketing principles along with It & website skills. If you are outgoing and have a project orientated attitude with a ‘can do’ approach to work, then we’d like to hear from you. Experience and qualiications in Business, Marketing or Economics is an advantage. Written applications with a current curriculum vitae may be submitted to our oice to Sarah samuel (finance and Administration manager) or email Applications close 4pm Friday 22 March 2013 69910 / /2306

Management Temping Newly retired self-employed couple NZ/swiss are looking to manage an accommodation business for a given period while you take a well deserved break. Recruitments from 1-3 months periods considered. Available from Nov 2013 through to April 2014 incl. We are both in good health with a long history in the cook Islands going back to the 70’s. tony and Veronika’s agenda is to skip the winters in Europe. terms and conditions are negotiable. to book an appointment to meet tony and Veronika personally phone 57460. They both look forward to hearing from you. 69908 / /1980


To our litlle Trouble Bum


Caseaus Nelio

Happy 2nd birthday little man Muchlovefromallyourcuzzies,Aunties, Uncles,Mamas,Papasandaspecialone from your big Sis Nevaeh, Mum & Dad

Tokoa Junior Arioka

Happy Birthday Brada Love u heaps.. From Lil Sis Moari & Tevae SITUATIONS vACANT


Work load is increasing and looking for a plumber as well as a trainee plumber. If interested in a new career for 2013 there is also an Apprenticeship opportunity likely this year Drain laying experience a bonus. Bring your details into Pts Plumbing in Arorangi and we will discuss. Call 55199 for more details.


69806 / /1806

3 bed house KareKare Sect 127W2B2B 1130 sq m – 52 yr lease 4 bed home w pool Kainganui Pt Sec 92C2a 956 sq m – 29 yr lease

Trainee Comptroller Enquiries phone 20501. 69767 / /2124

TUATUA TUMATeTeNGA Te tumatetenga nei matou te kopu tangata I te akakite atu e, kua takake atu to matou taeake ko tangata Kimiora ta’ae, koia tei matau ia i te kapiki e ko Kimi Moeau, na te ara-ti-roa o te mate, i te po Maanakai ra 9 March 2013, ki te are maki i Rarotonga nei. Ka rave ia atu tona tanumanga a te Ruirua ra 12 March 2013 ki te ngai tanumanga o te akonoanga Katorika i Panama, Nikao i te ora 2pm i te avatea. teia tuatua akakite na Eddie Wichman e te Kopu tangata. Phone 25282.

2 bed home lot4 akoa Pt Sect 66B 501 sq m – 28 yr lease 2 X 2 bed homes Taua Pt Sect 102C2 600 sqm 38 yr lease address to Cire Tender Po Box 3157 avarua Before 4 april 2013 ................................ PH or TXT Carey 55678.

69907 / /1931

animal Clinic



Ph 22336


The Ministry of Internal Afairs invites application for the position of Programme & Research Oicer in the Gender and Development Division. A full job description can be collected from Eva Mapu, Phone 29370, email Applications close at 4pm on Friday 15 March 2013. 69652 /30789 /2039 Situations Vacant

Aroa Beachside Inn

NOW FOR SALE 12 units on the Best Beach, plus restaurant and Bar. sold as a going concern. For more information .....................................................................

PH or TXT Carey 55678 / Peter 55289



Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te IPuKAreA

Pride of the nation on display THe CooK Islands village was

again a highlight at this year’s Pasifika Festival in New Zealand. village co-ordinator and Ministry of Health patient transfer officer, bernard Tairea said it was exciting to see the village at full capacity with the pride of the nation on display. Tens of thousand of people locked to Western Springs Park, Auckland last weekend to take part in the 21st anniversary of the festival. “The weather was great and our new location [near the lake] gave it that added ambiance in which to cater for the many visitors who came to be a part of this

great event,” Tairea said. A traditional ceremony was held to open the event involving the Pacific nations with flags presented to the countries’ nominated flag bearers and their elder. “We were blessed with our own orator, Tepoave Araitia taking on the role of taunga korero for the Cook Islands village and our flag bearer, Terina Tetini Hakaoro (Zerina Hugz) being our youth ambassador and having the honour to raise our lag on the day.” Tairea said even a ‘dust devil’ whirlwind which tore through the festival grounds didn’t spoil the day of celebration of the

country’s culture. Performers on stage included the Kabin bread boys, a TAv fashion show, the Cook Islands Symphony of drums, the ukelele Symphony and various dance groups from both New Zealand and the islands. With well-known brands on display selling Cook Islands wares. “I am humbled that this year may have been the best yet for our community and I owe thanks to [festival producer] Stan Wolfgramm and his entire team at Auckland Tourism events and economic development for the hard work they put in to making this dream a reality.” - Dana Kinita

Celine Tommy and her daughter Tareta looking after the TAV Paciic Stall at the Cook Islands Village. 13031107 GERARDUS VERSPEEK Shaking it up on stage was MBrace Paciic Dance. 13031112 GERARDUS VERSPEEK

Village co-ordinator Bernard Tairea with village ViP Pa ariki. 13031104 GERARDUS VERSPEEK

Visiting the village, new Zealander of Cook islands descent and national list MP alfred ngaro (right) with his wife Fale Mokauina Fuemana-ngaro. 13031111 GERARDUS VERSPEEK

Cook Islands youth ambassador and lag bearer Terina Tetini-Hakaoro taking part in the festival’s opening ceremony. 13031144 BERNARD TAIREA

Mamas enjoying the festive atmosphere during the two-day event. 13031101 GUY NEEDHAM


Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News




Nz748/749 Nz746/745 VA163/162


1.30AM 2.55PM 1.05AM


5.30PM 3.50PM 1.30AM


12.30AM 1.55PM 11.55PM

Thursday march 14 Nz46/45 Gz035/034 Nz748/749


4.15PM 2.50PM 12.30AM

RARO TO ARR TueSDAy march 12 0800 AItUtAKI 0850 1030 AItUtAKI 1120 1530 AItUtAKI 1620

Air Rarotonga

International Flights

Flight Times | Voyage details DEP



0910 1140 1640


1000 1230 1730




OLOMANA 011 - ETD AUCK 16/03, ETA RARO 23/03, ETA AITUTAKI 25/03 OLOMANA 012 - ETD AUCK 06/04, ETA RARO 13/04, ETA AITUTAKI 15/04



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Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Monday’s puzzle

Answer to Monday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible

By Dik Browne



By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


Weather Forecast to Midnight Situation: a moist easterly wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. a moist east to northeast wind low prevails over Northern Cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers.

TUE high 10.14aM




0.99M 10.40PM 0.98M 0.30M









Sun, Moon & Arapo new Moon APR 10 9.36 PM

First Quarter MAR 19 5.27PM

Full Moon MAR 27 9.28AM

Tanu (Planting)

Third Quarter APR 3 4.37AM


1.5m SW

TauTai (Fishing) Po ika. Kua marama roa. Fishing nights. Moon is long, far away???



Sunshine hours

arapo - oaTa TUE 12 Tanu i te meika Plant bananas.


0.8m NE


E 10kTs

For the Northern Cooks: Cloudy periods with some showers. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers.


1.5m SW


WEd high 10.56aM 1.01M 11.21PM 0.97M

For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers.


Rarotonga Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Tuesday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga



Front Key:




1.4m SW


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Tuesday, March 12, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.



sun rise

6.42aM sun set


Moon rise 7.34aM Moon set 7.38PM

WEd sun rise 6.43aM sun set 6.58PM


Moon rise 8.28aM Moon set 8.18PM


28° E 08kTs


28° E 13kTs


27° E 11kTs



27° E 11kTs

29° E 18kTs


27° E 11kTs


Tuesday, March 12, 2013 cook Islands News

Primary school soccer tournament




Village Festival for Tupapa juST Play Football will be teaming up with Cook Islands rugby, ANZ Tamariki Sports and Cook Islands Cricket to provide an afternoon of fun games to keep boys and girls aged 6 to12 from around Tupapa-Maraerenga active. The teamed up sporting activities will take place at victoria Park in Tupapa on Wednesday March 13 from 2.30pm for about an hour where the four sports codes will provide a variety of activities for the keen youngsters to have a go. The initiative was instigated by the social development programme ‘just Play Football Project’ manager Michelle Paiti and Public Health’s Karen Tairea following the promotion of the non-communicable diseases (NCd) awareness programme to keep Cook Islanders active and eating healthy. The ‘village Festival’ will run once a month around rarotonga with the support of Public Health and other sporting codes to promote the awareness of the non-communicable diseases in each of the villages and to keep our future Cook Islanders active. Karen Tairea of Public Health will hold a NCd awareness workshop after the games at the

Tupapa Meeting House from 6 to 7pm to make the public aware and informed about the noncommunicable diseases within our small community. “It is great to see that sport, and in particular football through just Play, will play a role in promoting physical activity to assist in the awareness of noncommunicable diseases here on our island,” says Paiti. “With the assistance of Cook Islands rugby, Cook Islands Cricket and ANZ Tamariki Sports, your youngsters will enjoy a variety of sporting activities and hopefully the message of active and healthy living will stay in the minds of our little ones through sports,” she says. The youngsters within and around Tupapa-Maraerenga and nearby town area are asked to head on down to victoria Park for a mixed variety of fun and games. Paiti would like to thank Cook Islands rugby union Ceo ben Koteka, Cook Islands Cricket Ceo Alister Stevic, and Ake Hosea of ANZ Tamariki Sports for coming on board to support the awareness of the non-communicable diseases and to provide sporting activities for our youngsters. - CIFA Media

The ‘Just Play football’ programme is assisting Public health with the awareness of non-communicable diseases with a monthly village festival. 13031138

Sign up for corporate oe vaka THe ever popular annual v12 oe vaka corporate race is set for April 6 where teams from the local business community are guaranteed a fabulous day of fun. The event is a great opportunity for your company, group or organisation to experience the thrill of oe vaka on the tranquil Muri lagoon. The oe vaka races will be sprints over 250metres and anyone can do the fun-filled races with just a tad bit of com-

petitiveness. The event is one of the fundraising initiatives by the Cook Islands Canoeing Associations with funds raised from April’s event to go towards supporting schools during the 2013 vaka Iti oe vaka Championships scheduled to be held on April 12. The current oe vaka corporate champions are the hot boys and girls from Koka Lagoon Cruises who will no doubt be back on the water this year to defend their title–that is of course if

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you think your team has got what it takes to out paddle the Koka crew. A steerer will be provided by the canoeing association and there must be a minimum of 5 women in the crew and only three registered paddlers per crew. Training sessions are available for those teams wanting to polish up their strokes and for registration forms, more information and to book your training session–call Tina Mitchell on 21080. - MW

Got what it takes to beat 2012 corporate oe vaka champs from Koka Lagoon Cruise? Join this year’s event on april 6. 12052040


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