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$2 monday, march 11, 2013

PM cancels trip to New Caledonia The prime minister has cancelled his visit to New Caledonia this week after the country began preparations for Tropical Cyclone Sandra. his office advised that with the advent of a cyclone bearing down on New Caledonia, it ‘would have made consultations with authorities impossible if not inappropriate’. prime minister henry puna was endeavouring to return to rarotonga today from Austral-

ia. The pm’s mission was being undertaken as part of his oficial duties as Paciic Leaders Forum chair. prime minister henry puna was to head the pacific islands Forum Mission delegation, assisted by the Forum Secretariat in Suva and one oficial from his ofice. The purpose of the mission was to help member countries monitor progress in self-determination efforts in the French

overseas territory. Last week Puna said he was pleased to lead a Forum team to New Caledonia and contribute to the efforts to assist the territory. he was to get updates for leaders on how New Caledonia was progressing on its path to greater autonomy. The mission was being conducted in the context of the Noumea Accord. As an associate member of the Forum, New Caledonia is a

valued partner and a signiicant economic player in the region, said puna. “i am keen to help New Caledonia and the Forum leaders consider how best to serve the interests of the region, given that there is a stated desire by New Caledonia to become a full member of the Forum.” The mission comes after an invitation late last year from New Caledonia president harold Martin for a Forum Ministerial

Committee visit early 2013. This committee, originally mandated in 1990, last visited New Caledonia in 2005. puna was to conduct this latest round of consultations in New Caledonia with the support of other Forum leaders. Meetings were being arranged and co-ordinated by the Forum Secretariat and authorities in Noumea, with a programme set for march 13 to15. The report of the Forum Ministerial Committee’s visit was to

be tabled for the consideration of Forum leaders during this year’s Paciic Islands Forum, to be hosted by the republic of marshall islands. puna was in Australia, having lown there from New Zealand on Thursday for a family gathering. he spent the last week attending an Air New Zealand golf tournament in rotorua and the week before at a joint ministerial meet with the NZ government in Queenstown. - Release/CS

Court hearings begin today JuSTiCe Sir hugh Williams is

presiding over the Cook islands high Court for the next two week, hearing cases that range from employees being accused to stealing from their employers, to employers being sued by their employees. The New Zealand high Court retired judge, who was knighted in 2010, arrived in rarotonga yesterday. his irst case is the jury trial of Tipora maihia, who defending a charge of theft as a servant. The trial is scheduled to last three days. On Thursday, Williams is due to hear a bail application for ricky Carlson, who is facing cannabis charges. That morning, Williams will also decide when the case of former director of immigration

Kave Ringi against Foreign Affairs secretary Jim Gosselin and others should be heard. ringi is suing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and immigration for unfair dismissal. Lawyer Brian mason is acting for ringi and Crown Law acting for the defendants. On Friday, the judge is scheduled to hear criminal cases. These include cannabis possession, cannabis cultivation, unlawful entry and drink driving causing injury. The following week, Williams will hear civil claims, applications to have documents released and divorce petitions. he will set a hearing schedule for Teenui-mapumai mp Norman George’s declaratory judgement as to what party he stands for once and for all.

George will spend a lot of time in court over the next couple of weeks, not least he is a lawyer.

On Wednesday march 20 Williams will hear George’s claim for damages of $750,000 against Cook islands News and its car-

toonist Tim Buchanan. And the next day George will be taken to court by lawyers Little and matysik in regards to

money he still owes them. The judge returns to New Zealand on March 23. - Calida Smylie

Returning home

Passenger causes crash WhILe the majority of the general public was well behaved over the weekend – police received a number of excessive noise complaints, attended to a motorbike crash and made three arrests for excess breath alcohol. An intoxicated pillion passenger on a motorbike caused his driver to lose control of the motorbike and crash in matavera early Sunday morning. Both the driver and passenger received minor injuries and were taken to rarotonga hospital for treatment before being discharged. police arrest three men during a routine police spot check

for excess breath alcohol on the road in Avarua and Nikao. One of the offenders was a disqualiied driver. All three men will appear in court this Thursday. police warned noisy party goers of their behavior after three separate neighbours laid complaints with the police. police are also looking to charge a man for a domestic violence where the man assaulted his female partner. The Tauae Store in Takuvaine was broken in to and cash stolen while a Crypton motorbike was taken from the manihiki hostel. - Matariki Wilson

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Memory Vainerere sang Michael akava’s song ‘Te kainga mutukore’ at Te Mire atu on Friday – one of several gospel songs created for the composer’s competition. akava describes the composition as a message that there is an eternal home prepared by God to which people must return. akava was one of nine composers who showcased their talent and inspiration at the annual event hosted by the Ministry of Cultural development. Full story and photos page 8 & 9

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Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no TeiA Nei AO Crystal found in shipwreck A crystAl found in a shipwreck could be a sunstone – a mythical navigational aid said to have been used by Viking mariners. the team from France say the transparent crystal may have been used to locate the sun even on cloudy days. Vikings were able to navigate across large tracts of the sea – well before the invention of the magnetic compass. the team from the University of rennes in France found the crystal while examining the wreck of a British ship sunk in the English channel in 1592. An oblong crystal the size of a cigarette packet was next to a pair of dividers – suggesting it was part of the navigational equipment.

Spiritual gathering ends Hindu festival drew record 120 million to camp beside Ganges ALLAhABAD – A record 120

million pilgrims have washed away their sins with plunges in an indian holy river during the world’s biggest religious festival. The two-month-long Kumbh mela hindu festival celebrated every 12 years at the conjunction of two sacred rivers on the outskirts of the northern indian city of Allahabad drew massive crowds of devotees, ascetics and foreign tourists. “Over 60 million people attended the festival in 2001 and this time we believe 120 million people have participated,” fes-

world BRIeFS NORTH KOREA TAKES AGGRESSIVE STANCE NORTH KOREA – North Korea has announced that it is cancelling a hotline and a nonaggression pact with South Korea while reiterated past threats in anger over a UN Security council vote to impose more sanctions on the country for its third nuclear test. A statement the North issued on Friday said the country would retaliate with “crushing strikes” if enemies intruded into its territory. It also said that North Korea was voiding past interKorean nuclear disarmament statements. North Korea previously said it was cancelling a hotline with the US and the armistice that closed the Korean War in 1953. Thursday’s Security council resolution will tighten inancial restrictions on North Korea and crack down on attempts to ship and receive banned cargo.

APARTMENT FIRE CLAIMS EIGHT LIVES GERMANY – An early-morning ire at an apartment building in southwestern Germany has left eight people dead, seven of them children, police say. Police said the victims were of Turkish origin. The building is part of a former leather factory that was converted into a row of three-storey apartment blocks. A police spokesman said that 13 people were registered as living in the two apartments worst afected by the ire, though it wasn’t clear how many were there when the ire broke out. Police said a German-Turkish cultural association has an oice on the building’s ground loor. They said there was no indication that the ire might have been set deliberately or have been a racist attack.

FOREIGN HOSTAGES CONFIRMED DEAD NIGERIA – Seven foreign hostages abducted in Nigeria last month by an Islamist group are believed to be dead. The Italian and Greek foreign ministries said the hostages kidnapped from a construction irm’s compound could have been killed. Al Qaeda-ailiated group Ansaru said on Saturday it had killed the foreign hostages seized on February 7 in the northern state of Bauchi because of attempts by Nigerian and British forces to free them. It published photos purporting to show the bodies of a Briton, an Italian, a Greek and four Lebanese workers snatched from the Lebanese irm Setraco. Britain’s foreign secretary, William Hague, said it was an act of cold-blooded murder that he condemned in the strongest terms.

tival chief mani prasad mishra said. The festival involves crowd management on a jaw-dropping scale and despite all the precautions was hit by tragedy last month when a stampede at a train station in Allahabad killed 36 pilgrims who were returning from the festival. Assorted dreadlocked, naked holy men, priests and self-proclaimed saints from all over the country assembled for the spectacle that offers a rare glimpse of the dizzying range of indian spiritualism. Despite the hardships of waking early, plunging into the polluted river water and the relentless crush of the crowds, pilgrims from all over the world described feeling spiritually uplifted and amazed by the scale of the event. “There is a sense of relief because the festival finally is coming to an end. most of the pilgrims have returned back home,” Mishra added. The job of dismantling the infrastructure that sprawled over 2,000 hectares to house the pilgrims had already begun. The Kumbh mela has its origins in hindu mythology, which describes how a few drops of the nectar of immortality fell on the four places that host the festival – Allahabad, Nasik, ujjain and haridwar. The “Mother Ganges” is worshipped as a god and is seen as the giver and taker of life. in many cases, pilgrims used up all their money to come to the Kumbh mela, hoping their prayers could come true. “people from all walks of life participate in the festival but there is one thing common among all of them – they have a desire to lead a pure life,” said Chandra Bala, a temple priest in Allahabad city. “The power of the Kumbh mela is the power of humanity.” - AFP

a hindu holy man bathes with others during the two-month long Kumbh Mela which come to an end this weekend allahabad after attracting record crowds of over 120 million people. AFP

Anti-nuclear protest TOKYO – Thousands of protesters marched in Toyko on Saturday calling on the government to shun nuclear power, a day before the second anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that triggered the world’s worst atomic disaster in 25 years. Japan is still coming to terms with the disaster that ravaged its northeastern region two years ago – the earthquake and tsunami killed more than 15,000 people. Several thousand people are still unaccounted for. “it’s becoming more and more important for us to protest. i do this for my children, we can’t leave the mess of nuclear power behind to them,” said a 32-year old mother of two

marching in front of the ministry of economy, Trade and industry, chanting “Stop nuclear! Protect our children!”. “people and the media are starting to forget Fukushima and what happened there,” she said. The nuclear meltdown at Tokyo electric power’s (Tepco) Fukushima Dai-ichi plant forced 160,000 people from their homes and many of them will never return. it sparked an unprecedented protest movement against nuclear power. Tepco faces a decades-long effort to decontaminate and decommission the wrecked nuclear plant after the worst atomic disaster since Cherno-

byl in 1986. All of Japan’s 50 reactors were gradually shut down after the Fukushima disaster and all but two of them remain idle. But the sweeping December victory of prime minister Shinzo Abe and his Liberal Democratic party, which long backed nuclear power and fostered ties between politicians, bureaucrats and utilities, is a worry for nuclear power’s opponents. A recent survey showed about 70 per cent of Japanese want to phase out nuclear power eventually. An equal number backs Abe, who wants to restart offline reactors if they meet new safety standards. - AFP

Storms force Sea Shepherd home MeLBOURNe – Severe storms

have forced Sea Shepherd activists back to port claiming the Japanese whaling season is over. Just last week there were significant clashes between the activists and whalers in the Southern Ocean. Sea Shepherd founder paul Watson says deteriorating

weather conditions are making it impossible for the Japanese to kill any whales. “They’ll be out of there very soon, so it’s pretty much over for the year and its been a very successful campaign,” he said. media have been unable to confirm the reports with the institute of Cetacean research.

paul Watson says he does not know what to expect from authorities on arrival in melbourne next week, given he is on interpol’s most wanted list. “Will Australia respect that or not I don’t know?” Watson said. Sea Shepherd estimates less than 75 whales have been killed this season. - ABC

Tsunami victims remembered

ISLANDERS VOTE ON WHO THEY BELONG TO FALKLAND ISLANDS – The people of the Falkland Islands are now voting in a referendum on whether to remain a British overseas territory. Argentina continues to insist that it has sovereignty over the islands, which it calls the Malvinas, but voters are widely expected to support retaining their current status. Falkland Islanders will have their voices heard in the referendum, with 1672 people eligible to vote out of the islands’ total population of about 2900. Argentine forces invaded the Falkland Islands on April 2, 1982,sparking two months of war in which 55 British and about 650 Argentine servicemen were killed, along with three Falklands civilians, before Argentine forces surrendered.

Suu Kyi re-elected oppoSition leader MYANMAR – Myanmar’s opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), has reappointed Aung San Suu Kyi as its leader at the end of its irst ever congress. She had earlier appealed for unity, addressing party delegates in Yangon. After the party won elections in 1990, its activities were severely restricted by Myanmar’s military rulers. But it won seats in parliament last year following reforms by the new civilian government and is looking towards elections in 2015. With a real chance of the party taking oice in two years’ time, Aung San Suu Kyi has called for younger members to be allowed to “strengthen the party with new blood”.

Today’s Daily Bread Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his beneits.

read:read: PsalmMatthew 103:1-107:21-29

Text: Matthew 7:26 Text: Verse 2

sisters pray at the tomb of their family members who were killed in the March 11, 2011 tsunami in rikuzentakata city on the second anniversary of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disasters that killed 15,880 people and left 2,694 unaccounted for. AFP


Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

worldNeWS nuti no TeiA Nei AO Welsh-born Swedish Princess Lilian dies at 97 STOCKhOLM –The Welsh-born

Princess Lilian of Sweden– whose decades-long love story with the king’s uncle was one of the better kept secrets of the royal household – has died aged 97. A brief statement on the royal Palace’s website said Lilian died on Sunday in her home in Stockholm. it didn’t give a cause of death, but Lilian had been in poor health for several years. Lilian met Sweden’s Prince Bertil in 1943, but the prince’s obligations to the throne and Lilian’s status as a divorced commoner prevented them from making their love public, and it would take more than 30 years before they could marry. The couple’s sacrifices and lifelong dedication to one another gripped the hearts of Swedes. Their story has been described as one of the most touching royal romances of our time. “if i were to sum up my life, everything has been about my love,” the witty, petite princess said of her husband when she turned 80 in 1995. “he’s a great man, and I love him.” Born Lilian Davies in Swan-

sea, Wales, on August 30, 1915, the charming blue-eyed beauty moved to London as a 16-yearold to embark on a career as a model and an actress, showcasing hats and gloves in commercials and taking on small roles in movies. She met British actor ivan Craig, whom she married in 1940. After World War ii broke out, Craig was drafted into the British army while Lilian stayed behind in London, working at a factory making radio sets for the British merchant leet and serving at a hospital for wounded soldiers. At the time, prince Bertil was stationed at the Swedish embassy in the British capital as a naval attache. The couple irst laid eyes on each other in the fancy nightclub Les Ambassadeurs shortly before Lilian’s 28th birthday in 1943. Lilian was still married at the time, but the situation resolved itself since Craig, too, had met someone else during his years abroad in the army, and the couple divorced on amicable terms. upon Bertil’s return to Swe-

den, however, his relationship with a commoner became a delicate issue. Bertil became a possible heir to the throne when his eldest brother died in a plane crash, leaving behind an infant son the current King Carl XVi Gustaf. Two other brothers had dropped out of the line of succession by marrying commoners. Bertil’s father, King Gustaf Vi Adolf, ordered him to abstain from marrying Lilian, since that would jeopardise the survival of the Bernadotte dynasty. instead, the couple let their romance flourish in an unofficial manner, living together in a common-law marriage for decades. in 1976, some 33 years after they irst met, the new king inally gave them the approval they had been waiting for. The bride had by then turned 61 and the groom 64. The couple never had any children. prince Bertil died in 1997 after unspeciied lung problems. - BBC

Women turn to crime SYDNeY – Women are the “ugly new faces of crime” with disturbing new figures showing there are more females in the dock and behind bars than ever before. Since 2011, the increase in the number of women being jailed in Australia has risen 21 times faster than that of men, according to national igures. While male offender rates have remained stable over the past decade, the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and research’s most recent data shows a 15 per cent rise for the “fairer sex”. Over the past month in NSW alone, two women were charged with separate murders, while another, aged 39, was charged for the theft of $4900 from a 70-year-old charity worker at Broadway shopping centre. in that time, women have also been accused of assaults with broken bottles, a stabbing, an armed robbery, an abduction at knifepoint and drugs and illegal irearms offences, including possessing a handmade rile and a magnum handgun. Director of emergency at St Vincent’s hospital, professor Gordian Fulde, said aggression in women had steadily increased in the past 10 years.

“Now the ladies are very aggressive, they’re not holding back,” he said. researchers agree, saying violent behaviour by women is rising and shows no signs of slowing down. Dr Michael Kennedy, lecturer in policing at the university of Western Sydney, said as society was changing and women were becoming more independent, that was being reflected in crime. “Women are just as entrepreneurial as men and if they are good at business, it stands to reason they are going to be just as good at other areas like crime,” he said. “in the criminal milieu of days gone by, the woman would stay at home and look after the house, although she would probably know what was going on. Now women have their own business on the side.” The most recent bureau indings show the number and proportion of females and juvenile females offending has increased signiicantly and there has been an elevation in the severity of offences they have committed. These findings suggest that female and juvenile females are committing more violent

offences than they did 10 years ago. Professor Fulde said just as worrying was that society is becoming blasé about the increased violence, and alcohol was playing a major role. “Females used to be more cautious and not get too drunk, but now the ladies are very aggressive, they’re not holding back,” he said. “We hate it. To have a girl come in with a bad cut to her cheek or a laceration and blood everywhere, it’s just not right.” police sources said women were increasingly becoming accomplices with their “partners”, many of whom were criminal gang members. They added that the females often started off carrying the money, then gravitated to carrying the drugs and weapons so that if their partner, who invariably had a criminal record, was stopped by police, he was in the clear. The number of women behind bars has increased by 8.4 per cent over the 12 months to last year and an incredible 48 per cent since 2002, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics igures. -

Breath tests for cancer

LONDON – A quick and sim-

ple breath test can diagnose stomach cancer, study indings reveal. Scientists from israel and China found the test was 90 per cent accurate at detecting and distinguishing cancers from other stomach complaints in 130 patients. The British Journal of Cancer says the test could revolutionise and speed up the way this cancer is diagnosed. Currently doctors diagnose stomach cancer by taking a biopsy of the stomach lining us-

ing a probe and a lexible camera passed via mouth and down the gullet. The new test looks for chemical profiles in exhaled breath that are unique to patients with stomach cancer. Cancer appears to give off a signature smell of volatile organic compounds that can be detected using the right technical medical kit – and perhaps even dogs. The science behind the test itself is not new –many researchers have been working on the possibility of breath tests for a

number of cancers, including lung. Kate Law, director of clinical research at Cancer research uK, said: “The results of this latest study are promising – although large scale trials will now be needed to confirm these findings. “most stomach cancers are diagnosed at stages that are too advanced for surgery. Any test that could help diagnose stomach cancers earlier would make a difference to patients’ longterm survival,” she said. - BBC

Princess Lilian of sweden, whose decades-long love story with the king’s uncle was one of the better kept secrets of the swedish royal household. AFP

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Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te pA eNuA

Videoed oficers named and shamed Websites identify personnel in Fiji prisoner beating video SuVA – While Fiji regime leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama has announced publicly that he will “stick by his men” involved in the much-publicised videoed beatings of two prisoners by regime security personnel– anti-regime websites are progressively “naming and shaming” several of the men seen in the video. Sources say Bainimarama has given a directive that there

will be no investigation into the torture video, supporting his earlier statement that he is “sticking by his men”. They’re not in uniform but a government statement has acknowledged that the video recording was of security personnel and recaptured prison escapees. They were part of the task force team who captured iowane Benedito, who escaped

paciic BRIeFS NEW SPECIES FOuND IN PNG WILDERNESS PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Scientists says they have discovered one of the wonders of the natural world in Papua New Guinea. The scientists spent four weeks surveying the Hindenburg Wall – a 50-kilometre stretch of spectacular limestone escarpments in the far west. They say they could have found 80 new species of plants and animals. Project co-ordinator Nathan Whitmore says it could be one of the most bio-diverse spots on the planet. Among the images captured on hidden cameras is what could be the world’s smallest wallaby. Several species of rats were also collected. One of them is larger than a small dog.

BOY KILLED WHEN BuS FAILED TO STOP FIJI – A bus driver and the conductor of the bus, that an 18-year old student jumped out from and died are still in police custody in Fiji. The Land Transport Authority chief executive oicer Naisa Tuinaceva said it was the type of accident that could have been avoided. “The bell is intended to get the attention of the driver and the conductor, “ he said. “This is a matter of common sense, customer service and use of human approach. The matter occurred due to miscommunication,” he added. Jone Vucago reportedly died from injuries sustained when he jumped from the moving bus after it had failed to stop at his destination.

FRONT LEADER TO VISIT NEW CALEDONIA NEW cALEDONIA – The leader of France’s National Front, Marine Le Pen, is due in New caledonia this week amid her party’s concern for the territory’s future. The party says political leaders in France need to pay attention as 2014 approaches, when New Caledonia enters the inal phase of the 1998 Noumea Accord on greater autonomy. The National Front says it is opposed to the Accord, which provides for a gradual and irreversible transfer of power and a possible referendum on independence after 2014. Since the 2009 election, the National Front party has had no seat in the territorial and provincial assemblies.

NEW DRAINS NOT COPING WITH RAINFALL FIJI – The Ministry of Land in Tonga says the new drainage system in the capital was not built to cope with the magnitude of rain that has fallen in the past two weeks. Flooding from heavy rains has forced some schools and businesses to close and has caused concern over the number of potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The director of the ministry’s urban planning unit, Tukua Tonga says the team behind the multi-million dollar new system built two years ago, had not anticipated the volume of rain, so the system lacks the capacity to process it. “The design calculation wasn’t in place for continuous rainfall that we’re in second week now. That kind of calculation nobody really foresaw for engineering purposes. And hence we’re redesigning everything else in terms of climate prooing to ensure that we address these issues.”

MP uRGES TONG TO TAKE HIM TO COuRT KIRIBATI – A Kiribati opposition MP has challenged the president, Anote Tong, to take him to court over alleged defamatory comments. Tebuai Uaai says he has written two letters to the President repeating his comments and asking him to challenge his statement in court. Tebuai accused the president of theft. Tong asked Tebuai to request the removal of his parliamentary privilege so he could challenge the accusation in court, which he did. The Oice of the President says it has received letters from the MP, but can’t comment until the president returns to Kiribati this week.

WOMEN ATTACKED BY HOME INVADER FIJI – A teenage girl is in a serious condition at the Lautoka Hospital after being struck on the head with a chopper. The 15-year-old girl and her 35-year-old mother were attacked inside their home near Nadi by a man who entered their home through a kitchen window. “The 30-year-old suspect removed four louvre blades from the kitchen window and entered the house,” police inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said. “When the girl heard some noise, she went to the kitchen to check and confronted the suspect, who picked up a chopper and struck her on the head. After hearing the commotion, the girl’s mother went to the kitchen to check and she was also struck on the head by the suspect.”

from Korovou prison and who is seen in the back of a truck being bashed with wooden poles and a truncheon during his drawn out recapture. The website says one of the men who is seen stomping on Benedito is one of Bainimarama’s most trusted bodyguards and drivers. Three others have been identiied former Fiji Rugby Sevens representatives. Several others have been named. Sources say the utility truck seen in the video, with the licence plate number FL541, is a police task force vehicle previously used by the director of CID, which was then given to the drugs squad and then the Strike Back Team set up by Fiji’s commissioner of police, ioane Naivalurua. The Strike Back team was set up last year to ind ive Naboro prison escapees, several of

whom ended up in hospital with severe injuries from their eventual recapture. Benedito escaped from Korovou in a separate escape followed that of the ive prisoners from Naboro. Naivalurua last year promised a report on the recapture of the Naboro prisoners, including epeli Qaraniqio, whose leg had to be amputated. police later suggested epeli Qaraniqio lost his right leg because he had diabetes. Nothing has ever come of that promise of a report. Last week the Fiji Police Force says it had started a thorough investigation in relation to the video of the beatings which was anonymously posted on YouTube. police spokesman inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said in a press conference that the force was “disturbed” to see the video of what appeared to be the abuse

of two men understood to be recaptured prisoners. Sokomuri also stated “that the Fijian security agencies have worked tirelessly over the past few years to give protection and security to ordinary Fijians who suffered through constant home invasions, robberies and violent and wanton crimes”. “These crimes were perpetrated by a group of criminals with impunity and who had absolutely no regard for the lives of ordinary Fijians, respect for basic human dignity and the law. That said, what is on the video requires investigation.” he said the force was “determined to expeditiously resolve this issue and investigations had already commenced”. regime leader Bainimarama has stressed that the people of the country should acknowledge the hard work of the security personnel.

Last week he said investigations would be held but as the head of the government and the person responsible for the security of the nation, he stood by the security personnel. “At the end of the day, i will stick by my men, by the police officers or anyone else that might be named in this investigation. “We cannot discard them just because they’ve done their duty in looking after the security of this nation and making sure we sleep peacefully at night.” says the word in the regime camp is that the upper ranks have been told by Commissioner Naivalurua to “just do what you do and act normal – these people got what they deserved”. international calls for an independent investigation by external organisations have been repeatedly rejected. - PNC

Regime sitting on new draft SuVA – The Fijian government has already prepared a draft constitution that will be presented to the Constituent Assembly. The draft constitution has been prepared by the government team from the Attorney General’s Office after it was decided that the Constitution Commission draft has to be changed.

Commodore Bainimarama said the draft constitution is now with him. “The draft has been ready from the last couple of weeks and it’s with me. And as i’ve said we’re waiting for the constituent assembly to put it together.” however, Commodore Bainimarama stressed that the members of the Constituent Assem-

bly will only be appointed when all the issues in relation to the registration of proposed parties are completed. “The constituent assembly will not sit, until we’ve finalised the registration of political parties, as you know, we’ve been highlighting in the media lately, we are having a bit of a problem with the registration

of political parties. “ Some fraud has been highlighted in the registration of these political parties but until political parties have been registered, we cannot go ahead and name the constituent assembly or put together the constituent assembly because it will not be inclusive.” - Fijivillage

Offers to assist in Fiji election SuVA – The Fiji regime is now receiving responses from the international community for assistance in the 2014 General election. Attorney- General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the government was focused on getting the necessary requirements in place for the elections.

“We have received initial response to the letters of offer for partnership regarding elections. people have sent initial responses that they are referring back to their capitals, others are formulating how they would provide support,” Sayed-Khaiyum said. A letter of offer was sent to the international community

and the diplomatic corps, inviting them to assist Fiji to hold an election next year. he said they were looking forward to concrete submissions. “At the moment our focus is to ensure that we have all the necessary resources to hold elections. “There are things such as bal-

lot boxes, building capacity of the elections ofice and of course voter materials regarding voting. “There is also quite a lot of work to be done regarding the drafting of regulations pertaining to the conduct of elections,” Sayed-Khaiyum said. - Fiji Sun

Four rescued, one still missing SiGATOKA – A New Zealand

Airforce Orion helped rescue four Fijians who spent the weekend battling for survival after their vessel capsized off the coast of Fiji, but one man remains missing. The ive men were travelling with a boat load of groceries when their 8.5-metre skiff capsized in rough waters on Friday night. A Royal NZ Air Force spokes-

man said they were called in to help search for the men early Saturday morning. An earlier search on Friday by locals had to be abandoned due to the bad weather. The crew of the Orion arrived about 7.00am on Saturday and within 30 minutes spotted two men, wearing life jackets, about a one kilometre from the empty, submerged vessel. They guided a nearby ishing

boat to the men in the water, before spotting two more men loating nearby, he said. The survivors were severely dehydrated and rushed to Sigatoka hospital. Resort owner Wayne Latter, who co-ordinated the search and rescue effort, said the men were lucky to be found alive. “The aircraft ired lares to attract our boat to the area where the missing men were found try-

ing to stay aloat and ighting a strong current.” The men were travelling from Korolevu to Vatulele with a boat load of groceries when the boat they were travelling in capsized in rough waters, he said. West police spokeswoman Naina ragigia said the search continued for the ifth man. The Orion has returned to New Zealand. - Fiji Times/Fairfax

Cyclone sets sights of New Caledonia hONiArA – Severe Tropical Cyclone Sandra has been upgraded to a Category 4 system as it moves nearer to New Caledonia. A tropical cyclone warning is still in force for much of the Solomon islands. The Solomon metservice says the cyclone is now category four was about 300 nautical miles southeast of rennell island to the south of the Solomons. it says people can expect gale force winds to develop over rennell and Bellona, Southern

Guadalcanal, makira and Temotu province with seas rough to very rough and moderate to heavy swells. The metservice says there is potential of coastal looding in low lying islands. And New Caledonia has been put on pre-alert as the system approaches the territory’s northern islands. According to the metservice, the system’s centre was expected to be west of the northern island of Belep by last night.

it has already sustained winds of 140 kilometres an hour, with gusts in excess of 200 kilometres an hour. Sandra is forecast to move slowly in a south-easterly direction, parallel to the main island’s of New Caledonia’s west coast. This track will bring the threat for damaging wind gusts and flooding rainfall to New Caledonia. Flooding still appear to the most widespread threat as some

parts of the nearby Solomon islands and Vanuatu have already received more than a foot of rainfall from the storm. Three days of similar heavy rainfall plus damaging winds could be devastating for much of New Caledonia. Beyond Wednesday further weakening is expected and Sandra will become extra tropical before combining with another low pressure to bring the threat for looding rainfall to New Zealand late in the week. - PNC


Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalNeWS nuti no Te pA eNuA

Pimps selling young girls for sex SuVA – Girls as young as 16 years old are being sold for sex in Fiji by pimps to earn quick cash of up to $500 a day. This has been revealed to The Fiji Times by the head of Fiji Police Force’s human Traficking unit, inspector Aminiasi Cula. inspector Cula said the force was following strong leads into the traficking of young girls in the country by pimps.

he said a large number of girls were being traded mainly in Suva by pimps who earn large sums of money through the illegal business. “in this type of industry, children or mostly girls, are being used for sexual exploitation where they are taken from one place to another for clients to take them, go out with them and do sexual exploitation and pay

later for what they have done,” he said. “It is an issue of match ixing. The clients call the pimps to arrange for the victim to go or the pimps come in and choose which victim they want to take.” he revealed that the clients pay the girls after having sex with them. “The ages of the girls involved range from 16 to 20 years and it

is happening in Suva and around Fiji.” Cula said the cases being followed by police were genuine and there was a need for people to know that such things were happening. “investigation wise, we are trying very hard to gather all the evidence of those who did the recruitment, transportation and those who did the exploitation.”

he said the unit had information that foreigners were also involved in the illegal trade. “We have got names and we are working on them.” Cula said the involvement of children in the sex trade was a result of broken families. he said most of the time children from broken families end up on the streets . “most of these children are

from broken families. it is important for parents to teach them. parents should find out the amount of hours their children spend in school,” he said. Cula said Fiji had prosecuted two international human traficking cases and a local one was before court. “We have information and are working on some local and international cases as well.” - PNC

Samoan’s casinos seen as ‘experimental’ ApiA – Samoa’s prime minister

Tuilaepa Sa’ilele malielegaoi has told the international media that the Government’s proposed casinos are an “experiment.” “if the casino does not produce the desired result then we would just fold them up,” he told TVNZ. Tuilaepa was asked to com-

ment on concerns about the negative impact of the casinos, voiced by members of the community, including the churches. reverend maauga motu, Secretary of the National Council of Churches says the casinos will bring social problems to the country. But the prime minister disa-

grees with the church view. he said the casinos would create much-needed employment for residents of villages, which have been chosen for the projects. At the moment, these villages include mulifanua and mulivai Safata. Further, the Prime Minister

Reef rich in new species MADANG – An American scientiic team says development in papua New Guinea’s madang province could threaten a treasure trove of new species previously unknown to science. The finds include sea slugs, feather stars and amphipods, a shrimp-like animal. professor Jim Thomas from Nova Southeastern university’s National Coral reef institute said the wealth of species in the search area near madang is greater than along the entire length of Australia’s Great Barrier reef. “madang is the most diverse reef you’ve probably never heard of,” he said. “it’s actually an accretion of reefs that have developed anywhere from 30 to 50 million

years ago. “in comparison, the Great Barrier reef probably stabilised from 6,000 to 8,000 years ago, so it’s fairly young in terms of recruiting species.” Thomas says the factors which led to the strong diversity in the region were also responsible for its high mineral wealth. he says with a number of mining operations and tuna canneries planned for the area, there are concerns about the impact they might have on the species there. “That part of papua New Guinea is used to very strong physical impacts, but not chemical impacts. “So i think what our interest was to provide a baseline and say ‘it’s still as good as it ever was’,

and probably more diverse, and if anything changes from here on out we can probably attribute it to some human-induced impact.” Thomas says the lagoon remains difficult to access, with the area controlled by several different groups of traditional landowners. he says the locals who helped out with the expedition were surprised by the indings. “You’d see these young men would come in and look at the microscope and then stand back, because they didn’t understand what they were seeing,” he said. “They didn’t know that this kind of life was there on the reef, so they’re very concerned and they’re not sure what to do.” - ABC

Not many jobs in Tonga NUKU’ALOFA – A new report by

the Asian Development Bank says Tonga is facing increasing pressure to create jobs for outof-work youth, with only 26 per cent of the population over 15 having paid employment. The report also shows that technician, professional, skilled agricultural and fisheries and craft and trade worker jobs are disappearing. Asian Development Bank Country economist for Tonga, Laisiasa Tora, said that emigration and the resulting remit-

tances are vital to economic growth in the country. “Continued migration is quite important,” he said. “It’s been quite beneicial for Tonga for some time now and it’ll continue to be.” But he said the government has been looking at new sources of growth. “The Governor of the Central Bank pointed out that Tonga really needs to start thinking about a landscape where Tonga’s not overly reliant on remittances,” he said.

“The government’s been doing quite a lot of work to identify new sources of growth in addition to trying to improve the performance from these sectors like agriculture and isheries.” Tora said with the slowdown in overseas economies such as the united States, demand for unskilled labour has dropped. “The report, one of it’s recommendations is that semi-skilled or well-qualified Tongans migrate rather than unskilled Tongans.” - ABC

Manslaughter dismissed LAUTOKA – The Lautoka Magistrates Court has dismissed ch a r g e s o f m a n s l a u g h t e r against a 10-year-old boy. The 10-year-old was charged in relation to a shooting incident in which a six-year-old boy had lost his life. magistrate mosese Naivalu stated that the charges against the juvenile were “not formal” and the court could not exercise the State counsel’s suggestion for the referral of the juvenile for a psychiatric assessment. he said there were no formal

charges ultimately iled before the court since the state had not satisfied a requirement of the Criminal Procedure Decree. “There is even an admission by the State that the juvenile still thinks that the deceased child is alive. With this belief by him, doesn’t this then dovetail into Section 27 (1) in not knowing that what he allegedly did was wrong?” he stated that since the charges against the juvenile were not formal, he would not consider the state’s “invitation” for refer-

ral for psychiatric assessment. “in essence therefore, and taking into consideration all of the above arguments, the court is left with no option but to ind and hold, which it now does, that the whole proceedings in its current form, manner and nature are a nullity and of no legal effect. “Therefore, all property seized of the juvenile must be released forthwith and any bail conditions terminated forthwith.” - Fiji Sun

said the casinos would give tourists one more reason to choose Samoa as a destination. he said there is a need to create more activities for tourists to attract them and the casino is part of that. Tuilaepa said he is also excited about the possibility of direct flights from China to Samoa, which are being proposed by the exhibition Tourism Group (eTG) as part of their license conditions. eTG representatives are expected in Samoa to sign the licensing papers soon. The Samoa Observer says the controversial move to give out two casino licences has split the country, with fears financial proit will bring increased crime. But the Samoan government believes casinos could turn its

economy around and the Gambling Control Authority says the beneits are numerous in terms of employment for local people. The Chengdu exhibition and Tourism Group was awarded one casino licence while the other went to local company, Aggie Grey’s reef resort. The Chengdu group intends to build a 500-room resort on 500-acres of land, complete with golf course and a number of shops, and intends to bring in Chinese tourists on charter lights. The company is to get tax breaks and entry requirements for Chinese tourists are likely to be relaxed. “i imagine that the Samoan government and the Chinese government will come to some kind of reciprocal arrangement,” casino consultant Rob-

bie Kearney said. TVNZ said it understands the group will pay the government a licence fee of uS$150,000 as well as 15 per cent of its net gaming revenue once it is in opertion. Legally only foreign passport holders staying in hotels can gamble. The government has stressed that locals will not be allowed to gamble in the casinos – but locals doubt that will work. One Samoan told TVNZ news: “There will be ways the locals will find to get into the casino and that is where the problem will arise.” h o w e v e r, Ke a r n e y s a i d they will be doing spot checks around the casino and the government has gained local support by promising to put some of the casino revenue into sport. - Samoa Observer/PNC


Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

localNeWS nuti no roto i te ipuKAreA

CITC committed to ‘Go Green’

CiTC, one of the largest employers in the Cooks, believe it is the responsibility of all businesses in the Cook islands to support projects that encourage a sustainable environment. in order for our economy to survive we all need to import product, and thus it is important that we try to minimise the impact these imports have on our environment. it is important that we reduce the amount of waste products that are dropped into our land-ill, and that we keep our island and lagoon healthy. Visitors come to rarotonga because of the clean green image we promote and we therefore need to protect this. Last year it was pleasing to see the government legislate against the importation of nonbiodegradable shopping bags. This year, CiTC in partnership with a number of suppliers will be bringing in over 30,000 reusable shopping bags to retail at affordable prices as well as to give away with promotions to encourage customers to further reduce the use of plastic bags. Last year CITC ceased importing washing powders that

contained phosphate, and increased its ranges of environmentally friendly cleaning products. New products are constantly being sourced to give customers a choice to make a difference. New in store this month is the range of ecostore products that range from baby care products, cleaning products, laundry products to skin care products. This year we will grow our ranges of biodegradable packaging which we hope market vendors and other caterers will use. CiTC will also be working with the energy Commission to supply eco bulbs to all households in rarotonga. C iTC in partnership with philips Lighting has imported a bulb disposal machine to dispose of all the light bulbs that contain mercury so that the mercury will not end up in our land ill or contaminate our water table. The government with the assistance of ADB will be replacing all florescent tubes with energy saving lorescent tubes. CiTC will be working in partnership with the government

CITC administration staf in green to support the ‘go green’ message. to dispose of the old bulbs with the new bulb eater that we have just imported. CiTC along with Ci motor Centre will be working with ADB to encourage everyone to upgrade their fridges and freez-

ers to more energy eficient machines. This will reduce the cost of power production for the island and reduce the importation of diesel into the country. We want to help educate as many people on the island on

‘Taking a real hammering’ Dear editor, Can someone in government please take the necessary action for the roads which were dug up around Avarua about three weeks ago for a water project to be repaired as soon as possible? With my car taking a real hammering on these torn up roads, how long do these roads need to remain unsealed before the road gang can come in to reseal?

my heart goes out to those poor souls in Tupapa who must endure the dangerous dust particles whipped up 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Definitely a no-brainer that health-wise the dust is a danger to the more vulnerable such as the elderly and infants. Aside from the health costs, the financial costs to both motorists in terms of damage to

wheels, springs, suspensions, joints, shock absorbers, seals, etcetera and businesses must be astronomical and far outweigh the cost of resealing. Driving on these dusty, broken up roads makes me feel like i’m in a movie scene in some banana republic like Somalia chasing after bandits. Surely the folks on rarotonga deserve better? i support Wilkie's comments

Letters that for the good of this country a snap general election needs to be held soon. The voters of this country have had a gutsful of a government that has failed to deliver on anything. ex-Cip (Name and address supplied)


ways they can make a difference, whether it is by saving power, reducing waste by recycling properly or using products that are not harmful on our environment. CiTC has already run a one hour seminar for all staff to share information on what differences they can make as well as the monetary savings they can make.

every monday and Thursday, all CiTC staff will be wearing Green T-Shirts with the GoGreen logo on it. This is one way to re-enforce to our staff and our customers that we plan on continuing to make a difference not just this year, but in the many years to follow. - CITC

Power outage woes Dear editor, i wrote to Ci News last week expressing frustration at the problems created by the power outage (on march 4) which should have been avoided. many believe that Te Aponga should come clean and apologise with a pr credit to users. So far no comment from Te Aponga on that one, but i guess we can expect the usual aggressive "pay up or else" ads on TV again this month. A lot of people were frustrated at what appeared to be Telecom's failure to provide phone services during the power outage. But general manager Jules maher has phoned me per-

sonally to explain (and very nicely) that in fact Telecom did provide usual services and that the failure to connect with subscribers was probably due to household "remotes" powered by electricity or the pABX control systems at business premises also powered by electricity. i was impressed by Jules' prompt follow up and am satisied with his explanation. how about responses now from Te Aponga and the national radio station? having said all was a great day on the beach for the many sent home from work. peter heays rarotonga

Even slower the other way Dear editor, in regards to ‘snail mail’ from rarotonga--it's even slower going the other way! it is not unusual for letters from the uK and uSA to take 6 months to get to raro, and when they do arrive they are tattered and dirty as if they've been kicked around the loor.

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga Avarua Rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to Saturday

is mail stockpiled until there is a full bag, especially if it is lown by weight? even mail from Australia can take 3 months. Once it reaches our shores, the post ofice and mail depots do a fantastic job. Pat Farr rarotonga

Managing Editor John Woods Financial Controller Liz Woods Deputy Editor Helen Greig Chief Reporter/Photojournalist Matariki Wilson Reporters Calida Smylie Rachel Reeves Online & Social Networking Editor Briar Douglas Advertising Accounts & Advertising Tangi Tauira oice Manager Tere Joseph Reception Kura Tauira oice Staf Apii Tua Production Manager Tony Fe’ao Graphic Design & Layout Mahai Daniel Adam Tutuvanu Web Developer Daniel Rolls CIN.PRINT Sales & Marketing Maitland Christiansen Printers Dan Johnston Dennis Campos


Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Bank struggles with surcharges BANKS ind it dificult to stop

stores adding surcharges to eftpos transactions, said Westpac Cook islands general manager Brett hooker. Businesses are charged by banks to make eftpos transactions, and some merchants add a fee–or surcharge–to pass this cost on to the customer. But these additional charges are against the terms and conditions of their agreement with the bank. hooker said surcharges are “an area of industry concern in the Paciic”. Banks face challenges with enforcing their policy against surcharges, he said. “Banks are generally not inclined to withdraw their merchant terminals from customers without making reasonable efforts to change the merchant’s behaviour… if one bank was to withdraw its terminals from a merchant, then the merchant would simply use a competitor’s terminal or revert to only accepting cash or cheques.” hooker said to stop surcharges being imposed, banks would need to work together, because otherwise offenders would like-

ly switch to another bank. “The only way to effectively deal with merchant surcharging is with an agreement between banks within a region or country that any action against a merchant will be enforced by all banks.” hooker said all merchants who use eftpos sign a contract stating they will not impose surcharges. “Surcharging is banned under the contractual arrangement between Westpac and our merchants, and surcharging is also prohibited under the different Visa, masterCard and American express card scheme rules in what is commonly referred to as the ‘no surcharge rule’.” The rules of the contract state that businesses cannot charge a fee for payments by eftpos that would not have been charged if the customer had paid with cash or any other form of payment. it also states that businesses cannot display a sign saying they will charge a fee for the use of a card. hooker said that all transactions have a cost associated with them, not just card payments.

“There are costs associated with accepting all forms of payment methods. When accepting cash, expenses include cash handling, increased holding or storage requirements, physical security of premises and transportation costs. For card transactions, there are costs associated with the provision of payment system infrastructure to enable the settlement of the transaction.” he said surcharging on one form of payment is “not an economically eficient tool” for recovering the cost of eftpos facilities, and that surveys show it is also not popular with customers. There are numerous beneits to offering card transactions that make it worth the cost, he said. These include more secure payments and lower physical security costs, faster payment times, more convenience for customers who prefer to pay by card, and the potential for more sales because people don’t tend to carry large amounts of cash with them. “The cost of card transactions, like any other payment method, should be absorbed into the

overall cost of the business and not subsidise other payment methods or be used as an additional source of income,” said hooker. he said surcharging was also bad for banks, as people are less likely to use their electronic services such as eftpos if there are additional charges. “Surcharging is in direct con-

trast to the financial inclusion progress that has been made in recent years, and discourages the take-up of electronic banking services.” hooker said Westpac will try to get businesses to stop imposing surcharges before they take away eftpos facilities. “unfortunately there’s always a risk that unauthorised

surcharging might occur, despite the fact Westpac does its upmost to prevent it from taking place. “Westpac in the Cook islands will enforce the withdrawal of merchant’s terminals, but not before making every effort to change the merchant’s behaviour.” - Briar Douglas

some Cook Islands businesses are adding extra charges to eftpos transactions. 13030867

Te Vaerua opens new clinic Te VAeruA Community rehabilitation Services is opening a new clinic in Avarua today. The service, which provides therapy and rehabilitation for anyone with a disability, has previously only been a mobile operation. The clinic, which was gifted to Te Vaerua by owner rose Benns and the Benns family, will offer

a base for Te Vaerua’s services, which are free except for accidents that result from the patient consuming alcohol. plans for the clinic have been in progress for four years, but money was scarce. The organisation has recently received funding to open the clinic – the source of which will be revealed at the opening

ceremony. Fundraising and donations have also helped Te Vaerua staff complete the building. Te Vaerua’s Dernice Rongo said the clinic has been designed to assist with rehabilitation, with features such as low bench tops. “it’s for anyone with a disability, whether from injury,

illness, age, or any other cause, who is trying to become more independent,” she said. The building will be used as an administration centre for the organisation as well as a rehabilitation clinic for physiotherapy and occupational therapy, a storage place for equipment such as wheelchairs and walking frames, and a place to

hold workshops. it will also serve as an accommodation unit for visiting therapists. in addition, the organisation aims to build a therapeutic pool for hydrotherapy. Te Vaerua has advertised for new paid positions including administration and equipment maintenance roles, as well as for

a physiotherapist. rongo said they had received many expressions of interest. The opening ceremony will take place at 10.30am today at the Te Vaerua Community rehabilitation Service Clinic, which is located in Arorangi next to island Car & Bike hire. - Briar Douglas

Fledgling industry to employ youth The FLeDGING seabed minerals industry will attract and keep young Cook islanders in the country, said the minister in charge of the resource. Natural resource and minerals minister Tom marsters spoke at a ceremony on Friday to commemorate the Seabed minerals Act 2009 coming into force. he encouraged Cook islanders to get behind the plans to harvest the country’s possibly abundant seabed minerals. “To our people, the people who call this country their home, i ask you to please come out and show this young ledging baby industry your support. The time

is right. The harvest is ready.” marsters said it is future Cook islanders who will reap the beneits of the resource, and that is why the industry wants to train and employ the young. “We are proud to be promoting young, talented Cook islanders into taking leading roles in this young industry.” One such young Cook islander is 24-year-old Alexandrya herman, the daughter of Cook islands doctor Aumea herman. herman is an honours law graduate from the university of Auckland, who did her thesis in seabed minerals. She is one of four staff at

the Seabed minerals Authority (SmA) office and is helping prepare the forms, procedures, laws and regulations which need to be in place to help to regulate the sector. herman has also set up a SmA website, with help from mitchell Tutangata at the Ofice of the prime minister. This was also launched on Friday. The young woman has been launched into the deep end – she will make her irst international presentation at a seabed minerals conference in Tonga next week – but marsters and Seabed commissioner Paul Lynch thinks she can cope.

“We want to let her cut her teeth,” Lynch told CI News. The conference focuses on deep sea minerals law and contract negotiations.

marsters also acknowledged another young Cook islands graduate, petero Okotai, who is doing policy and iscal work for the authority. “We will continue

to use him and other young graduates with appropriate skills as we move our national seabed minerals sector forward.” - Calida Smylie

Companies warned to pay returns The FIRST warning to companies has been issued to pay annual return fees – or risk being struck off the register. Annual returns – which don’t have anything to do with tax returns – must be iled by the due date each year or the company or incorporated society risks being removed from the register under the provisions of the 1970 Companies Act. The Companies Office has published its irst reminder of three companies that must pay their annual return fees to the

ministry of Justice for the period between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. The next warning will be a notice delivered to businesses in April. The final notice is issued just before the end of June – which is when the fees are due. The fee is based on the amount of capital the company earned over the year, with a minimum of $20. An annual return has to be filed to check and update the details of a company each year. Those companies and soci-

eties which file their returns more than one month late must pay a penalty fee of $30. They are otherwise legally dissolved by the ministry of Justice and must seek representation to reregister through the high court. Struck-off companies must also pay a fee to be re-incorporated. Along with the fee, company owners must ill out a form listing details such as directors, shareholders and shares, present members and people ceasing to be members. - CS

Minerals Minister Tom Marsters says the seabed minerals industry will help keep talented Cook Islanders like young lawyer alexandrya herman (also pictured) in the country. 13030825


Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Song ‘serves to empower the youth’ LOCAL composer Kathy George,

with the support of her brother Andrew George’s powerful voice, took out the annual composers competition for the second year in a row. George snapped up the main award of the night with her new compilation ‘Te uki kamaatu – e tu!’ written with passion for the young people of the Cook islands. in explaining the motivation behind her winning compilation – George says that it’s no secret that the future of the country lies in young people. “This song serves to empower the youth of today to stand rooted in who they are and where they come from,” says George. “Often times we dwell on the undesirable behaviours of our youth – today i implore you to instead embrace our youth, celebrate their achievements, immerse in their successes and inspire them to absorb our language, culture and above all identity so they may stand and be proud of who they are and where they come from.” She adds that through her song ‘‘Te uki kamaatu – e tu!’, she urges young Cook islanders to carve out their future today and embrace the Lord in their lives and be role models for generations to come. George’s compilation was one of nine new songs performed at the annual composer’s competition with the compilation ‘pa marie’ written by Vaine Clarke and sung by henry Ah-Foo Taripo taking out second place. The song ‘pa marie’ portrayed the growing up of a young Tu-

mutevarovaro girl, a young princess, among her people in rangiatea in the Vaka Takitumu. Tuaine unuia’s compilation ‘Taku pua inano’ which he sang himself won third place in the competition. The song was written through the eyes of reverend Tuaine Ngametua and the love he has for his beloved daughter Ngakeu Ata Te-marae O Te evangelia – the same name of the land the the Orometua’s home is situated on the island of mitiaro. Other composers and songs featured on the night include harry papai’s song ‘Aito ui tupuna’, sung by John peyroux, was inspired by his time as a ranger on the the island of Suwarrow. paara pitomaki did a wonderful job of delivering his brother mataiti pitomaki’s song ‘Tara Atua pitomaki’ – a song based on their love for their mother who the song is named after. Catholic priest Father Freddy Kaina’s song ‘No ea mai te ora’, which he wrote in 2001 when contemplating entering studies to become a priest, was powerfully delivered by singer Charlie rani. Ngatupuna Tei sang her own song ‘Delila’ – a song dedicated to her daughter while memory Vainerere sang with full voice the song entitled ‘Te kainga mutukore’ by michael Akava. representing Tongareva enua, composer mita Soa Tini wrote his song for the late marae mataora titled ‘Taku marae’ and her family. - Matariki Wilson

Local singer andrew receives the trophy for singing the winning compilation ‘Te uki kamaatu – e tu!’ written by his sister Kathy George. PHOTO MAHIRIKI TANGAROA/MINISTRY OF CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT 13031009

andrew George sings with passion the song ‘Te uki kamaatu – e tu!’ written by winning composer Kathy George. PHOTO MAHIRIKI TANGAROA/MINISTRY OF CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT 13031010


Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

ngatupuna Tei sings her own compilation ‘delila’ written for her daughter.


Matareka soa Tini sings ‘Taku Marae’ by Mita soa Tini. PHOTO MAHIRIKI TANGAROA/MINISTRY OF CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT 13031011

John Peyroux sings ‘aito ui tupuna’ by composer harry Papai who sang the backup vocals. 13030846

Paara Pitomaki Junior sings his heart out for the love of his mother through the song ‘Tara atua Pitomaki’ written by his brother Mataiti Pitomaki. 13030848


henry ah-Foo Taripo sings ‘Pa Marie’ by composer Vaine Clarke.



Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

USP numbers up 135% uNiVerSiTY of South Paciic’s Cook islands campus enrolments are up 135 per cent from last year to date, partly due to a focus on outer island students. uSp has 278 enrolments for Semester 1. uSp Cook islands campus director Rod Dixon says many of these students–37 per cent–are from the outer islands, in line with the university’s increasing focus on outer islands development. There are 174 students from rarotonga and 46 from Aitutaki. Twenty-seven students from mangaia are studying agriculture, economics, post-graduate education, management, early childhood education and information systems. There are 11 from mauke studying education and computing and information systems. Six are from Atiu, ive from manihiki and four from mitiaro.

There are also three from penrhyn studying accounting and early childhood education. Dixon says a significant number of enrolments are ministry of education staff and teachers who are completing formal qualiications as part of the education master plan. This includes teachers at early childhood eductaion, primary and secondary level. An additional 102 students have just completed summer schools, including 15 students from mitiaro and mauke who took a foundation english paper with lecturer Kerry-Anne Bourke. Summer school included ive Rarotongan students who took a first year electrical engineering paper online and four who completed a postgraduate information systems course as part of their masters programme. There were also three hotel

management students from Aitutaki and four from rarotonga. In February, the university completed the first of four papers towards the AuT university graduate certificate in project management with 22 students, including four from the outer The university intends to hold an August graduation this year for an estimated 70 students – around 40 of these are postgraduates, including 20 teachers receiving their masters in education. To encourage more enrolments and graduations, this year uSp is doing a joint project with Tereora College to meet with non-completing Year 13 school leavers. Staff aim to help them complete these much-needed school qualiications and get their future education and training pathways underway. - Calida Smylie

Manarii etches (pictured here with cabinet minister Mark Brown) received his post graduate diploma in information systems in January at a special celebration for usP graduates. 13012513

Rare CI spear fetches over $80K A rAre Cook islands spear has

sold for more than $80,000. Standing at just over 3 metres tall, the akatara is described as a rarotongan pole club and was the highlight at a South Seas art auction in San Francisco last month. An American museum won the bidding war at uS$68,000.

The item was advertised as carved from the heart of the toa (ironwood) tree and was typically created for chiefs or members of high status in the community. “This exceptionally fine stone-carved pole club displays a rarely seen double-scalloped ‘blade’ design, a collar with eight

“eye” motifs and three chevron grooves on both sides of the butt; beautifully and smoothly finished with a dark-brown/black glossy patina,” auction house Bonhams said. Bonhams auctioned a similar akarata, originally from Atiu, last February which fetched

$176,000 at auction – selling for more than any other Oceanic artefact on offer. Africa, Oceania and Americas art expert Steven hooper, said akatara have long been attributed to rarotonga, but evidence for this assumption is hard to ind.

“Formal analysis and an eyewitness account suggest that these were originally made on Atiu, though they may have found their way to rarotonga and elsewhere.” Bonhams said nowhere in the world did the making of weapons reach higher aesthetic re-

inement than in the islands of polynesia before the coming of Christianity. “On the Cook islands, and in polynesia in general, of the different forms of clubs used, the akatara is universally accepted as on of, if not the most elegant.” - CI News

courtNeWS akava’anga

Drink driver told ‘take the bus’

The hiGh Court on march 7 was presided over by Justice of the peace pae Tuteru who passed judgments on the following drink driving offences: McKenzie Taingarua – was involved in a motor vehicle crash at Kavera on Saturday around 8.15 pm after drinking then driving. Police identiied 17-year-old Taingarua as the driver of the motorbike involved and found he had 180 mg of alcohol per litre of blood. The limit is 80 mg. This is his first appearance before the courts. Taingarua was sentenced to

12 months’ probationary supervision with the irst six months doing community service. During this time he is not allowed to buy or drink alcohol or enter licenced premises. he also lost his drivers licence for 12 months. Taingarua must pay reparation of $360 for a panel beating bill after damaging the other vehicle involved and $150 to the police for the blood test. Court costs of $30 were also ordered. Beniamina Tamariki – was in a motor vehicle crash last year and was sentenced on Thursday. According to the police sum-

mary of facts, at about 9.30 pm on November 1 the defendant was involved in a collision just past moana Sands. Tamariki, who has never appeared in court before, had almost 204 mg of alcohol per litre of blood. he told police he had been celebrating at a family member’s house and was driving home with his wife. he cannot remember circumstances surrounding the crash. Tamariki told the court he was shocked at the amount of alcohol in his blood and said he

only drank a couple of beers. he said he does not want to lose his licence as he is a planter, and rarely drinks. The defendant was fined $350 and lost his licence for 12 months. he must pay court costs of $30. Rangi Rangi – was caught with excess breath alcohol on march 2 at around 12.40 am at panama. it was his irst experience in court and he pleaded guilty. A breath test showed rangi had 1160 mg of alcohol per litre of breath. The limit is 400 mg. he was fined $350 and dis-

qualified from driving for 12 months. “i know you have a job, but please keep your eyes away from the motor vehicle. You must take the bus or walk,” said Jp Tuteru. rangi must also pay $30 court costs. Karitua Woetai – pleaded guilty to having excess breath alcohol at about 2.30 am on march 2 at Avarua. The defendant was stopped by police and found to have 750 mg of alcohol per litre of breath. he told police he had been drinking at a bar in town.

Woetai, who has not appeared in court before, lost his drivers licence for 12 months. he was fined $350 and must pay $30 court costs. Eric Ponia – is charged with careless driving causing injury. No plea has been entered as his lawyer Brian mason is out of the country. The case was adjourned until march 14. Teui Ahiao – is charged with excess breath alcohol. he was given one more chance to ind a defence lawyer and was ordered to appear back in court march 14. - CS

JP tough on probation breaches A mAN who breached his probation conditions repeatedly was sent to prison despite an emotional plea to the court that this would see his family turned out on the streets. Amosa Koiatu breached his probation conditions three times this month by drinking alcohol, being in licensed premises and failing to attend community service. he pleaded guilty in the high Court yesterday in front of Justice of the peace pae Tuteru. The man had been sentenced last year to 24 months’ probation with the irst half doing community service. This was his third appearance

in court for breaching his probation conditions. Last time he was warned he would face prison if it happened again. probation Services has warned the defendant a number of times for inconsistently reporting to them, said probation officer Selina O’Brien. “i was tempted and i was weak,” said Koiatu. he apologised to the court, saying he had slipped up but it would not happen again. Koiatu, who has a partner and three children, was sentenced to one month in prison for all charges. “But who will look after my

kids,” asked Koiatu. he said his partner works and he looks after the children, although he told the court he had just found work as well. Jp Tuteru remained firm. “One, two, three and you never learnt your lesson.” Koiatu pleaded with him to reconsider. “i believe you are making a mistake – you’ll have my family kicked out on the street.” Tuteru asked him what he thought the best option was, but Koiatu said he did not know. The Jp then said prison would give him time to think about his mistakes and how he could

achieve a good life instead. This was not the only man sentenced in the court that day for breaching probation conditions. Iorama Ngataua breached his conditions after failing to report to probation Services a number of times this year. On August 31 last year, the defendant was sentenced to 12 months’ probationary supervision, which includes checking in once a week to the probation ofice. Ngataua had been given the “privilege” of being allowed to check in on Saturdays instead of mondays, said O’Brien.

Due to his inconsistency in checking in on Saturdays, Ngataua must check in on mondays as originally ordered. O’Brien also recommended he serve the rest of his probation on community service. Ngataua said the reason he has not checked in on Saturdays is because he starts work early as a building labourer and the probation ofice is not open. he said he has just started his building apprenticeship and is undertaking alcohol counselling. “please give me a bit of credit for trying to turn my life around.” The defendant said he works

six days a week to pay off a $15,000 debt and it would make it harder for him if he has to do community service every Saturday. “i like what you said and i’ve heard you loud and clear,” said Tuteru. But he still sentenced Ngataua to community service on Saturdays for the remainder of his probation term. “We can’t let you off this charge of yours. You were lucky to have this privilege,” said Tuteru. “if there is any other problem, see probation and talk it over with them. Think positively for your future.” - Calida Smylie


Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Saab returns to Raro

Air rArOTONGA’S 34 passenger Saab 340 returns to Cook islands skies this week after a major airframe overhaul carried out in Nelson, New Zealand. The check involved around 6500 man hours and took seven weeks to complete and falls due every two and a half years. The aircraft was flown from Auckland last Friday by Air Rarotonga Captains munro hockin and James herman, making a brief stop enroute at Tonga for fuel. During the Saab’s absence the Airline has maintained interisland schedules with its fleet of three 15 passenger embraer Bandeirantes. - Release

Crew and engineering staf prepare for an early morning departure from Auckland. 13031006

New sign for Tautu The PeOPLe of Tautu village on Aitutaki celebrated the blessing of new barbecue tables and a brand new Tautu Wharf sign. All this was possible through the hard work of member of parliament mona ioane for scouting funding agencies and the new hardworking Taukavai Fishing Club for carrying out the project. Taukavai president Teariki reva George along with his hardworking committee worked tirelessly to provide the man power and expertise

to keep the project working for the past three weeks. The project was funded by the international Olympic Committee (iOC) with guidance from CISNOC representative Lydia Sijp. The table materials were purchased from Spiders Company in Aitutaki and CiTC rarotonga hardware store. The sign board was professionally created by hori Signs. During the ceremony, Ian Karika of the Cook islands Voyaging Society along with Aitutaki

Sailing president ioane henry was present to witness a great occasion for the people of Tautu. Karika spoke on behalf of the men who put a lot of time and effort into restoring their ‘vaka reti’ after the sport went dormant for the past 15 years. All restoration was possible through iOC and CiSNOC. everyone was treated to a huge kaikai at the end of the function by the people of Tautu on their new look wharf. - Aitutaki News

The aircraft at skyCare, auckland International airport. 13031007

Araura blesses prefects ARAURA COLLeGe prefects

restored vaka reti at Tautu Wharf at the ready for racing.


an aitutaki papa expertly races a vaka reti at Tautu Wharf.


were praised and blessed during their investiture on Friday march 1 in their school hall. The annual event was very colourful and the sweet fragrance of the flower ei flowed throughout the hall during the ceremony. School principal Tarona Daniela welcomed all guests and all who were present. many invited guests attended the massive occasion including his worship mayor John Baxter who was privileged to present the badges to all the female prefects while his deputy Tekura Bishop presented the boys badges. A motivational speech by paciic Resort Aitutaki front ofice manager Talei Barber kept the students quiet and interested during her whole speech. The students cheered as every prefect was announced and the pride and joy of each parent shone as they presented the ei to their children. The announcement of the head boy and girl and their deputies were left to the end despite no one in the hall knowing who would be nominated. A huge cheer erupted every time each leader and deputy was announced. Jamayne Nooroa ioane was chosen as head boy and Charlotte Lockington Pera his female

counterpart. Teremoana Aurupa Jr was elected deputy head boy and Alone Joseph as the deputy head girl. Father Falsteno of the Ai-

tutaki Catholic parish blessed the prefects and wished them a great year of responsibilities. Good luck to all Araura College prefects for 2013. - Araura Media

head Boy Jamayne Ioane and head Girl Charlotte Lockington Pera. 13030862


Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

Boxing raises the roof A LARGe crowd of boxing fans were treated to a great fight night on Friday where a number of club bouts and kickboxing exhibitions were held before the main ight of the night between local boxer mathew Titoa and Suni peki Clarke. Both boxers gave everything they had at each other, but it was Titoa that was declared winner after a split decision.

While their fight was the main bout of the evening – the exhibition of kickboxing by young athletes that train at the Waltingo club in Titikaveka was a welcomed featured. So too was the bouts between former national boxers and up and coming ighters. Today we feature photos from Friday’s ight night. - MW

Teaza from the Waltingo club keeps his guard up.


Future kickboxing stars start their exhibition with a round of warm ups in the ring.



Ministry oF HEAltH

Eye Program the Ministry of Health would like to advise the next Eye screening Program by Visiting specialists from new Zealand will be held - April 2 to 24 2013 at rarotonga Hospital and the following outer islands: • rarotonga April 2 – 24 • Aitutaki April 4 – 5 • Atiu April 8 – 10 • Mangaia April 10 – 12 • Mauke April 12 – 15 • Mitiaro April 15 – 17 therefore, if you are experiencing or have any of the following eye diseases or symptoms to please phone 22664 for appointment from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. • Poor or partial loss of • Dry eye vision • Squint • Blurry vision • Frequent changes in • Double vision eyeglass strength • Severe eye pain • Proper prescription for • Light or colour sensitive eyeglasses • Diabetes mellitus For any further enquiries relating to the programme, please contact Dr Teariki Faireka and registered nurse Hiawhata Kapuvai on telephone 22664 Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm. Meitaki maata tUAtUA AKAKitE no tE KAtoAtoA rAVA. tEiA tE PoroKArAMU no tE AKArAKArA AnGA i tE MAtA, i roto iA APErirA rA rUA E tAE UAtU KitE rA rUA nGAUrU MA A. te anoano nei te Marae ora o te tua rapakau Maki, i te akakite atu kite iti tangata e, ka tae mai te au taote no te rapakau mata no nu tireni mai i roto ia Aperira. teia te Akanooanga. Ka akamata teia porokaramu no te akarakara e te rapakau anga ite maki mata i roto ite ra rua, e tae uatu kite ra rua ngauru ma a o Aperira 2013, ki te Are Maki i rarotonga nei, e pera katoa ki te au Pa Enua. teia te au akateretere anga. • Rarotonga Ra, 2 – 24 Aperira • Aitutaki Ra, 4 – 5 Aperira • Atiu Ra, 8 – 10 Aperira • Mangaia Ra, 10 – 12 Aperira • Mauke Ra, 12 – 15 Aperira • Mitiaro Ra 15 – 17 Aperira. te pati iatu nei, me, te kite nei koe i tetai tu paruparu ete kinokino i toou mata, e taniuniu mai ite tereponi 22664 mei te Monite mai ki te Varaire, ora varu i te popongi ki te ora a i te aiai, kia tapao ia tetai taime tau noou ki te taote. teia tetai au akamarama anga. Me te kite nei koe i tetai o teia au akairo i runga i toou mata. • Kare e marama roa ana te mata, me kore te poiri atura. • Aveave te mata kare e marama meitaki ana. • Me akara koe I toou tokorua, kua takirua te tanagta ( double vision ) • Mamae kino te mata • Kinokino te mata me marama ia e te mori, me kore ra me marama ia e te ra. • Toto vene toou • Maro ka, me kore, kare e vai mata e tae akaou ana. • Uriuri ua te mata • Maata roa taau taui anga i toou titia mata no te mea kare e tano ana kia koe te vaito, me kore te ririnui o te titia. Me, e, uianga taau no teia porokaramu, e taniuniu atu koe i te taote ia teariki Faireka e te neti ia Hiawhata Kapuvai i runga i te tereponi 22664, mei te Monite mai ki te Varaire, ora iva i te popongi ki te ora toru i te aiai. Meitaki Maata. /

Two young up and coming kickboxers put their skills on display during Friday’s ight night.


Long-time boxer and avatiu boxing club trainer Pat Manu eyes up his russian kickboxing opponent before sending another calculated shot his way. 13031036


Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News

classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai PhONE

Fax 25303

PUBLIC NOTICeS FUTURE FOR YOUTh A Public Meeting will be held to discuss the proposed “Future for Youth Programme”. The “Future of Youth Programme” is a result of a joint collaboration between the House of Ariki, Koutu Nui, Religious Advisory council, cIs christian church council, cIs community Safety Advisory council, cIs Red cross, Rotary, Titikaveka Growers Association, Ministry of Internal Afairs and Ministry of Education to combat the current rise in youth crime on Rarotonga. A warm invitation is extended to all interested members of the public to come and join in this important discussion. Date: Thursday March 14 Time: 7pm Venue: Pukapuka Hostel, Avarua For enquiries please contact HE Hon. John Carter QSO on telephone 22201. 69811 / /2069


69783 / /2082

Annual General Meeting Notice Date : Sunday 31 March 2013 Time: 6pm Venue: CISNOC Oice premises, Nikao Agenda 1 Opening prays 2 Apologies 3 Receive and adopt the minutes from the previous Annual General Meeting. 4 Receive and adopt president’s report 5 Receive and adopt treasures annual statement of accounts 6 Receive and adopt amendments from the Athletics cook Island constitution rules and articles. 7 Report from outer islands 8 Elections of oices bearers 2013 to 2014 9 Annual membership fees 10 Other matters 11 closing pray.

COOK ISLANDS VOYAGING SOCIETY GENERAL MEETING calling all members of the cIVS to attend an important meeting on Monday 11 March at the Paradise Inn. We would like to discuss our voyaging schedule, our commercial programme, crewing and fundraising opportunities. We would like your input, advice and enthusiasm for this year’s activities. See you at 4.30pm on the deck at Paradise and stay around after the meeting for a little socialising! Ian Karika President. 69888 / /2478

TUATUA AKAKITe Autara Akakite Kite uanga a Tini e Petirini Pareanga. Te pati akaaka iatu nei tatou e te kopu tangata Kia tae mai ki ta tatou uipaanga te ka raveia a te paraparau ra 14 o Mati 2013 kite Aitutaki Hostel i te ora ono 6 ite aiai. Manako maata no ta tatou rotai anga a teia mataiti ki mua 2014 e tetai au manako ke atu. Executives.




T’s Waste Disposal De-sludge, quick service. Good rates phone 50188.

Kavera, spacious 3 bedroom home, gated, 2 bath, oice area, wet-bar, verandahs, garage, partial A/c, partial furnished, long term. Walking distance to beach. Ideal for professional family. Genuine enquiries 25580.

Arorangi Timberland Ltd This week’s super specials: Scafolding Set 3.5m, 2 pcs (levels), Aluminium, 230kg load - $2285 Softboard (Pinboard) Sheets - $58 6m Tanapoles 200mm - $225 Shadowclad - Rustic Style 12mm - $ 78 Bamboo ‘matting ply’ 2mm veneers - $69 Plyloor T&G 19mm CCA Treated - $94 Bathroom Board sheets - waterproof wet area cladding - $75 Free Deliveries! Come on in, or Ring us on 26408!


COOK ISLANDS TRADES TRAINING CENTRE - Centre Solar Power Training GSES Design and Installation of Photovoltaic Grid connect System. The cook Islands Trades Training Centre is pleased to ofer the above training at its workshop in Arorangi from the 8 to the 19 of April. Training provider GSES (Global Sustainable Energy Solutions ) has over 25 years experience in the solar energy ield and have been responsible for developing training programmes for leading Australian training institutes. The minimum requirement to participate in this training is the cook Islands Electrical Wiring Certiicate NZ electrical registration or equivalent. Limited places available - Enrol Now! closing date for enrolments is the 25 March. course fee $100. For further information please contact either Boyd Ellison or Edith Nicholas on 21471 or 54166. or email 69864 /30979 /1795

SHIPPING NOTICeS Tiare Moana V6 Sailing Now Accepting cargo for the Northern Group Islands Dry Goods & General cargo - cargo Cutof is 15 March 2013 Frozen Goods - Accepting cargo from 11 March 2013 with Cutof 15 March. Please ensure your cargo is in by the 15 March as no cargo will be accepted after this date. Phone 27185 for further information. 69232 / /1723

FOR ReNT Nikao, large 2 bedroom furnished unit, grounds maintained, available 17 March, $220pw. Phone 55527. 69782 /30977 /2398

Shop or oice space for rent, $250 per week. Opposite the Airport. Phone Tina 79368 for more details. Fully furnished 3 bedroom home back road nikao near schools, hospital, beach $300pw Phone 56743. 69834 /30964 /2631

2 bedroom house for rent, Matavera. Phone 21444 or 79874. 69847 /30968 /2419

2 bedroom house furnished, Tupapa. Long or short term. Phone 29712. 69849 /30969 /1931

• Phone 22999 •


Cook Islands Teachers’ Institute (CITI) & Association of Women Teachers (AWT) Annual General Meeting Tuesday 12 March 2013 3:30pm Avatea School Hall E kapikianga teia ki te au taeake puapii o runga nei ia rarotonga kia tae mai ki ta tatou uipaanga. Aere mai, apai mai i te au manako manea ei akamatutu i ta tatou putuputuanga no teia au tuatau ki mua. Ka kite Ms nga charlie citi General secretary. 69766

69863 /30976 /1931

FOR SALe Clothes dryer-’Maytag’ commercial gas, in as new condition, a top quality machine, plus a 100lb gas bottle, $1500 irm price. Phone 20222.


69837 /30963 /1931

5000ltr Metal tank $5000 ono To view at Pandanus Petrol & Oil Enquiries ph 55257. 69841 / /2482


Ph 22336



Tenders invited ! Multi use two level tourist lodge in Muri.

@ Maire Nui Gardens

5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, lounges, decks and verandas, water storage, swimming pool, double section, expansive tropical gardens and trees. reasonable condition, vacant possession. All tenders considered, closing 25 March


Over 400 palms for sale. Excellent prices! Both in bags and in the ground ready for transplanting. This is the best collection of excellent quality palms of all varieties on the island. Perfect for landscaping projects, both large and small. Resorts, Government departments, new home owners take note...this is a great opportunity to instantly beautify your grounds. Sold in quantities to suit all buyers.Inspection by appointment only. Phone now 55795


Contact Peter 55289 or Carey 55678 to inspect Ambala lodge by appointment.

TeNDeRS oFFicE oF tHE PriME MinistEr oFFicE oF tHE EnErGy coMMissionEr


AITUTAKI GAME FIShING CLUB Tenders for Refurbishment Project the cook islands tourism corporation and the Aitutaki Game Fishing club incorporated advises that tenders are invited from suitably qualiied tenderers for the following contract for work on the refurbishment of the Aitutaki Game Fishing club headquarters in Arutanga, Aitutaki. Turnkey Contract No. C01/2012 – Aitutaki Game Fishing Club Refurbishment Project, Arutanga harbour, Aitutaki for the supply, installation of materials and construction of the existing Fishing Club Building. the contract requires the contractor to provide insurances at speciied levels. Suitably qualiied and experienced tenderers should apply to the Aitutaki Game Fishing club or cook islands tourism for tender documents, including a brief statement of their experience and qualiications. During the tender period any queries regarding the tender document shall be made to: Mr Michael Henry, Chairman, Building Committee, Aitutaki Game Fishing Club in Aitutaki or to Mrs Nane Papa, Executive Assistant, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation in Rarotonga. the tender shall close at 2pm on 22 March 2013 (Cook Islands Time) at the Aitutaki Game Fishing club headquarters in Arutanga, Aitutaki.

69851 /30970 /1931

3 bedroom fully furnished house in Tupapa, 5 mins to town, available from 9 March to 31 July. Phone 23122, moblie 71758.


69876 /27474 /2442


69768 /30854 /1931

69294 / /2046

69885 / /1642

More Taunga Family Meeting. Please come along to our meeting at More Taunga’s residence in Ngatangiia on Tuesday 12 March 2013 at 7pm. Phone 52979 for enquiries.

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.

69810 / /2480

2013 CISNOC Annual General Meeting Pursuant to Article 13.1.12 of the cISNOc constitution, I wish to give notice of the cook Islands Sports & National Olympic committee (cISNOc) Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 27 March 2013, 6pm, Nikao Premises. Note that, this year’s AGM, will be an election year; -President -Treasurer -3 x Vice Presidents Please note the due date for nominations, by Tuesday 12 March 2013, 4pm. Notice from the Secretary General of cISNOc, Roseline Blake BEM.

RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VAT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



animal Clinic



The Oice of the Prime Minister (OPM) in conjunction with the Oice of the Energy Commissioner (OEC), invites sealed tender submissions from suitably qualiied contractors for the supply and delivery of all requested goods including the construction of the Pukapuka and nassau islands photovoltaic and lowvoltage distribution systems co-funded by the Japanese and new Zealand governments. Hardcopies of the tender document will be available from the Renewable Energy Development Division’s oice of the OPM at a non-refundable fee of NZ$100 per set. Electronic copies will however be made available free of charge. only hardcopies of the tender submissions will be accepted and these must reach the tender box located at the REDD’s oice no later than 1pm on Monday 11 March 2013. All tender submissions must be addressed to: Chief of Staf Oice of Prime Minister Private Bag Avarua rarotonga COOK ISLANDS All tender enquiries must be directed to the PEc Fund Co-ordinator Ngateina Rani, on telephone (682) 25494, mobile (682) 54433 or email 68852


Monday, March 11, 2013 cook Islands News



An exciting opportunity to work full time at Te Vara Nui’s front oice in Muri Beach in Sales and Reservations has presented itself. This role requires someone who is efecient, self motivated and has excellent customer service skills with great personality. Must be computer literate with a strong background in the tourism sector preferred. The role generally covers admin, sales and reservations, basic accounts and customer inquiries at a professional level. Please submit your cV to or phone 24006 or 55579 for an interview.

Planning and Policy oicer The Ministry of Education seeks qualiied, experienced and motivated applicants for the position of Planning and Policy Oicer and is responsible to the Director of the Planning and Development Division for all policy related matters including research, development of information papers, consultation with stakeholders and assisting with the drafting and editing of reports as required. Must be able to work independently, meet timelines and have a good understanding of the education sector and related international conventions. Applications close on Tuesday 19 March 2013. Application packs including full position description are available from the Ministry Oice in Nikao and on the website at Send completed application forms with cV and references to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 Rarotonga cook Islands Ph (682) 29357, fax (682) 28357 or email vacancy@education.

ACCOUNTS ADMINISTRATOR As an Accounts Assistant, you will work one on one with the Financial Administration Manager. Your duties would include, but not be limited to Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable. A sound knowledge of Quickbooks and Excel would be preferred. We are looking for someone who enjoys producing quick and accurate work in a busy varied environment. You must have great communication skills and a can do attitude. Please submit your written application with a brief cV and daytime contact number to the General Manager, Pickering Motors Ltd, P O Box 18, Rarotonga or to For any queries, please contact caroline on Phone 29882. Applications close 15 March 2013.


69709 / /1795

5 door Subaru Impreza, Excellent condition, One owner, Selling at $9500 ono. Phone or text 56120. 69825 /30828 /1931


69823 / /1943

TOuCh ruGBY games are intensifying as teams improve on their combinations during the two day a week women’s and social mixed competition. Last week the Bounty hunters set the highest score so far of the tournament running in 13 tries against newcomers to the game the hottie Yachties who managed to sneak in a try of their own. Speedster Teiti Tupuna was again a standout player for the hunters with ive touchdowns on Wednesday. The Body Blast Girls continue their good form but couldn’t reach the double digits against the fast improving young FBI squad taking out the match 4-1. A tight tussle was seen between team Live Smart and the

PH 24065/55976

nikao ield is the place to catch all the touch rugby action in the current women’s and social mixed tournament. 13030515




old -C ails ckt

SUNSET BAR-B-Q Western Menu


PH 22 166


PH 23004








PH 20 002

PH 26 860

YOUNG TUesdAYs 6pm with GARTH Reservations Required - on the Piano OPEN


Tani and rose or Tara Kauvai 5-8pm a la carte dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 5.30-8.30pm BBQ dinner from 6pm Lincoln Mail 6.00-8.00pm a la carte dinner from 6pm



sunset BBQ w/ GarTh younG - PIAno 6Pm sunset Cocktails w/ rudy aQuIno 5.30Pm – 7.30Pm sat seafood BBQ w/ JaKe nuManGa - UkUlele 6Pm OPEN MONDAY TO SUNDAY

Tues Seafood Night – entertainment Tani and Rose Thu Pub Night – entertainment Tara Kauvai Sun BBQ – entertainment Local String Band

Teaching and Support Staf Applications are invited from qualiied and motivated teachers and support staf for the following positions: Senior Primary School Teacher: Avarua School Teacher Aide - EcE: Nikao School Teacher Aides - Special Needs (2 positions): Arorangi and Avatea Schools Grounds/maintenance person (2 positions): Arorangi and Avarua Schools Applications close on Tuesday 19 March 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry or at and completed forms with cV and references should be sent to: Director - HRM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97, Rarotonga cook Islands Email 69708 / /1795

Trainee Comptroller Enquiries phone 20501. 69767 / /2124

LeBonVivant Our food our passion 6pm till late C




Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Reservations recommended Ph: 27619





Today’s draw –5.00pm on field one Live Smart v Bounty hunters (w), on ield two hottie Yachites vs FBI (w), 5.30pm on ield one Nukzpower vs Body Blast (w), 6.00pm on ield one Live Smart vs Kuki Mariners (mx), on ield two Mongoose vs Nukzpower (mx), 6.30pm on ield one West Stallions vs Airraro Outcasts (mx).


PHONE 22166

Blast Girls and Nukzpower while in the social mixed division – Live Smart will take on the Kuki mariners while the mongoose, who have just returned from Aitutaki where they played their happy Feet counterparts, will face Nukzpower and the West Stallions will face the Air raro Outcasts. Games start at 5pm and all are welcome to get along to Nikao ield and catch all the touch rugby action. - MW

Cook Islands



Nukzpower with the Live Smart crew edging out their opponents 5-3. in the social mixed division – Live Smart outsmarted their opponents the mongoose to win 7-4 despite many new young and old combinations by the golden oldies club. The Kuki mariners scored one more try to beat the West Stallions 4-3 while Nukzpower did the same against Air raro Outcasts to win 3-2. Games continue today at the Nikao field with the Bounty hunters to face the Live Smart crew in the women’s division while the hottie Yachties face the young FBI team in what should be an interesting showdown. The other women’s game today will be between the Body



Shipwreck Hut


Touch teams up the ante

69832 / /2096



Cafe Operator Mobile cofee business looking for a reliable operator. Sole charge position. Full training given. Ph 57650.



every Monday & Thursday - call Advertising on 22999 or

Car Detailer We are looking for an energetic person to join our team of groomers. This position requires an eye for detail, the ability to maintain basic vehicle service records and to carry out basic vehicle maintenance. You must be available to work in the weekends, have a clean current driver’s license for both a motorbike & car, be honest, reliable and of sober habits. For more details, please call Phillip. Ph 22833. 69820 / /1943

SITUATIONS vACANT PARTS PERSON This position is ideal for a well organised person who enjoys a challenge. It requires some computer knowledge for the implementation of parts enquiries via email and internet and for producing quotations and invoices on Quick Books. Your attention to detail and customer care is vitally important. Previous experience would be preferred but not essential, as on the job training can be given to the right person with the right attitude. For more information, please call Michelle on Phone 29882. 69824 / /1943

SITUATIONS vACANT A Management position is available for a motivated person who is willing to learn all aspects of the business. The successful applicant must be: -A Good team Leader and able to oversee staf and the day to day running of all Treasure chest Stores. -computer literate with knowledge of Quick Books & POS System. -Stock control including stock takes, ordering and distributing stock. -Drivers License is essential. Please send cV to treasure@ 69720 / /1755

Looking for energetic , hardworking individuals with the right attitude to join our team at LBV Avarua & Muri. Part time & full time positions available: Wait Staf Day & Night time shifts. Hospo & Barista experience preferred but not necessary. Will train the right individuals. Chef Flexible shift work available in our kitchens. Prefer experience in a la carte and/or production kitchen. Looking for enthusiastic people who love to cook! Phone 27619 for an interview. 69860 / /2358

Work load is increasing and looking for a plumber as well as a trainee plumber. If interested in a new career for 2013 there is also an Apprenticeship opportunity likely this year Drain laying experience a bonus. Bring your details into PTS Plumbing in Arorangi and we will discuss. call 55199 for more details. 69806 / /1806

Cook Islands National Rugby 7’s Team - Women’s Position(s) vacant - Head coach only cook Islands Rugby Union are seeking a suitably qualiied person for the above position. They will be responsible for preparing our National Womens 7’s team for the Oceania 7’s Tournament to be held in Fiji in August 2013. Applications should be in writing stating relevant background and addressed to: The President cIRU PO Box 898 Rarotonga Or via email: cirugby@rugby. Applications close: Saturday 16 March 2013 @ 4pm. 69882 /30465 /1839


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0910 1140 1640 1910 1010 1000 1205 1440 1710


1000 1230 1730 2000 1055 1040 1250 1530 1800

Situation: A moist northeasterly wind low prevails over southern cooks. Meanwhile, a moist northeast wind low prevails over northern cooks. Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: cloudy with some showers. Moderate northerly winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: cloudy with some showers. For Rarotonga: cloudy periods with some showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: cloudy periods with some showers over Pukapuka and suwarrow. Fine apart from brief showers elsewhere. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate seas. Moderate northeast swells abaiting. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers.




OLOMANA 011 - ETD AuCK 16/03, ETA RARO 23/03, ETA AITuTAKI 25/03 OLOMANA 012 - ETD AuCK 06/04, ETA RARO 13/04, ETA AITuTAKI 15/04

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Instructions Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Saturday’s puzzle

Answer to Saturday’s puzzle

By Dik Browne


By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


Rarotonga Monday, March 11, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Monday


Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga

Mon high 09.27AM 0.96M 09.54PM 0.97M


1.1m SW

Low 03.23AM 0.33M 03.42PM 0.30M

1.6m ne


Tue high 10.14AM 0.99M 10.40PM 0.98M


Low 04.10AM 0.30M 04.30PM 0.27M


Sun, Moon & Arapo

nE 12kts new Moon MAR 11 7.51 Pm

First Quarter MAR 19 5.27Pm

Full Moon MAR 27 9.28Am

sunshine hours


Third Quarter APR 3 4.37Am

arapo - iro mon 11 Tanu (Planting) Tanu i te meika Plant bananas.

1.6m ne

TauTaI (Fishing) Po ika. Tautai i te nia ava. Fishing night. Fish at harbour mouth.

Front Key:




1.0m S


Swell direction and size


outer Islands Weather outlook Monday, March 11, 2013

Humidity Mon



Mon sun rise 6.42AM sun set 7.00PM




Moon rise 6.38AM Moon set 6.58PM





sun rise 6.42AM sun set 6.59PM





Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.





HÄGAR the Horrible

Weather Forecast to Midnight


Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.


Moon rise 7.34AM Moon set 7.38PM


28° nE 12kts


26° nE 10kts


27° nE 10kts



27° nE 10kts

30° E 12kts


27° nE 10kts


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Touch rugby

—PAGE 14

—PAGE 14

Sharks inned at Swamp Eels 52 vs sharks 12 Bulldogs 40 vs Bears 28 Panthers 22 vs Warriors 20 The AVATiu eels were just too

slick for their visiting brothers from Araura at the Swamp on Friday where they served up a 52-12 caning to the Aitutaki Sharks. The game was touted to be a tough battle with both unbeaten sides sharing the top spot on the table with 9 points apiece but in the end the eels were just too electrifying and smothered their opponents in all facets of play. From the very irst whistle it was clear the eels were out to hunt Sharks and hunt with aggression they did. The Sharks on the other hand were too casual and with the eels creative director Bobby hansen having the irst say with a try – the Sharks were stunned as the eels ran in 10 tries to their two. After hansen dotted down, big mark Charlie got in on the action with a busting try of his own before Aitutaki inally came to life with a great try via their lying Fijian winger to get on the board 12-6 in favour of the eels. it would be the only bit of action from the Sharks for the majority of the games as the well-oiled eels put on a fabulous display of organised footy. The eels prolific defender

Andy Kapi decided to have a run with the ball and just like the clubs slippery slogan – Kapi slipped through the Sharks untouched to dot down after good yardage was gained by storming George Fatefehi. hardworking eel Ben maaka then got in on the action with a cheeky sneaky try from dummy half to push the eels score to 22-6. The eels continued their try scoring form with Charlie banging through for his second try and before eels supporters had the chance to finish cheering his touchdown – Bobby hansen worked up a piece of magic to ind himself across the chalk for his second try, putting the eels in a comfortable 34-6 lead. A dropped Sharks ball was pounced on by Ailoa Samania who gassed it to the try line before hansen made it a hat trick with yet another creative play to give the eels a 46-6 lead at the half time break. The Sharks tightened their defence in the second half keeping the eels away from the try line but after grinding it out all game – the eels George Fatefehi was rewarded for his hard work with a try of his own. The remainder of the game a to and fro affair as the Sharks, who to their credit didn’t let up on the

eels although they all seemed to be a step behind, pulled out one last try scoring attempt. With ball in hand – Sharks veteran messine manapori gave the large crowd of Aitutaki supporters something to cheer about to notch their score to 12 just before the inal hooter. perhaps it was complacency or cockiness after their early season winning streak but it was deinitely the high missed tackle

rate and missing impact player s that let the Aitutaki Sharks down. Alex roa, Teu paerau and captain Taio rio worked tirelessly for their team and should be commended for grinding away at the Swamp. No doubt the Sharks have learned many lessons from the match and for sure the one big lesson the eels would have taken away from the match is never

to let last week’s winning affect this weeks game. meanwhile, in other games at the weekend – the Bulldogs are inding their form after a thrashing of the Warriors last week they dealt out another thumping and this time it was out west on the Arorangi Bears. Despite their best efforts the Bears went down 28-40 while the panthers were given a scare at Victoria park and were nearly

clubbed by the Takuvaine Warriors who certainly kept up with the panthers. however it was the panthers who edged ahead on their home ground to win 22-20. This week the Sharks will meet the Bulldogs while the eels will host the Warriors and the Sea eagles return from their week off to face the panthers. The Bears have the week off - MW on a bye.

Bilsy Gukisuva was on ire for the eels on Friday against the Sharks and while he didn’t score a try he certainly had a hand in those that were by his fellow team mates. 13031047

Titoa wins on ight night A DeCeNT sized crowd at the Avatea School hall on Friday night were treated to a great night of boxing and kickboxing exhibition matches in support of national boxer mathew Titoa. Before the main bout between Titoa and visiting Kiwi opponent Suni peki Clarke – the Titikaveka Waltingo club put on a fabulous exhibition of the boxing and kickboxing development happening at the club. mini kickboxers donned their safety gear and with support from their trainers put their skills on display much to the appreciation of the crowd. parents were encouraged to get their kids into the sport that focuses on discipline and of course itness. A number of bouts between local boxers kept the crowd entertained the match they were waiting for between Titoa and Clarke didn’t disappoint. Standing in a 5 foot 9 and weighing in at 93kg, Titoa appeared to be the underdog compared to his more experienced

Kiwi opponent standing at 6 foot 6 weighed in at 102kg. The two gloved up for three rounds of three minutes. With a longer reach, Clarke had the advantage on Titoa who despite being shorter was certainly faster and his flying attacks and upper cuts on his taller opponents sent the crowd wild in the hall. The two boxers traded blow after blow and with every punch was energy sapping for both athlete who were visibly fatigued in the hot hall by the third round. A bloody-nosed Clarke was a clear sign Titoa’s punches landed, but he too copped a few good shots from Clarke. Despite being visibly fatigued and struggling on his feet – Titoa gave it his all in the dying seconds of the inal round with the cheering crowd lifting the roof of the hall in support of the local boxer. in the end there was a split decision by the judges and Titoa declared the winner of the bout

which was received with a fist pump in the air by Titoa. however, to many that watched the bout – both boxers matched each other and both

would have deserved a win. During the course of the night it was announced that the Cook islands Amateur Boxing Association were keen to hold

monthly fight nights for local boxers in support of their development with each club to host the nights. Titoa and his family who

Mathew Titoa eyes up his taller Kiwi opponent suni Peki Clarke during their bout on Friday.


pushed to have the ight night are grateful for the support from the public and look forward to the continued support of boxing in the community. - MW

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