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Te reo o te KUKI AIRANI

$2 Saturday, march 9, 2013

Power disruptions unlikely A GenerATOr at Te Aponga Uira will be tested over the weekend, but disruptions to power are unlikely, says energy commissioner roger de Bray. The generator was due to be tested on Thursday and Friday between 8.30am and 5pm. But de Bray said the bulk of the testing would be done today and Sunday due to con-

morning and decided to move the testing to outside of working hours. however, de Bray said that while there is a chance the tests will cause power to shut down without warning, it’s probable the power supply will continue without disturbance. “it’s unlikely there will be any disruption, but we’re con-

cerns from the public as well as members of the Te Aponga Uira board. “my understanding is there have been a small number of queries, but not everyone rings us up and tells us their response, so you’ve got to be sensitive to what people are feeling,” he said. The board met yesterday

servative and we advise people there might be outages.” The generator is one of nine at Te Aponga Uira. it has been out of action and two engineers from new Zealand have flown to the Cook islands to work on it – but load tests, where the generator is tested at full capacity, are required before the generator is returned

to the fleet. Load tests are part of the normal maintenance routine for generators. “They’ve overhauled one generator and they need to do tests,” said de Bray. he said “the timing is bad” after monday’s power cut, but the testing has nothing to do with monday’s events.

“it’s a totally separate issue. The testing was going to be done anyway.” he said there are no particular areas that are more likely to experience problems with their power supply over the weekend, and the tests are not expected to cause disruption. - Briar Douglas

Opposition call ‘bizzare stunt’: PM T h e p r i m e minister has

termed the opposition’s calls for a snap election a (bizarre stunt) which smacks of desperation. “This is another bizarre opposition stunt indicative of a ‘hot and cold tap’ leadership struggling to find a following – a frantic attempt to de-stabilise what has been a remarkable two years of progressive achievements by the present government,” said prime minister henry puna from Australia yesterday.

government and the way the Cook islands is being governed, citing discontent amongst public servants and heads of ministries. “There is micromanaging of ministries and there appears to be a lot of tension between government and hOms. A number of hOms have spoken to me expressing concern and frustration that they have been prevented from delivering their statutory duties as ministry heads,” he said on Wednesday.

“Did [opposition leader Wilkie rasmussen] not get a copy of the list we published back in December? We can send him an update, which will be longer by now of course.” puna commented in re sponse to rasmussen calling for an election to be held sometime in the next six months. The scheduled elections are not due until towards the end of next year. rasmussen claims there are fundamental problems within

But puna says there are no concerns or any ruptures within the public service. “There have been isolated incidents of an employment dispute between a hOm and an employee, a disagreement between a hOm and the public Service Commission, and one case under mismanagement investigation. “These have had no impact on national governance and no impact upon the cabinet’s strengths and abilities as a solid

Solar revolution The FirST ‘smart street’ in mu-

rienua will receive its irst solar panel today. The irst of many solar panels on the ‘street’ will be installed on the Kavera meeting house, with the aim to give them a zero-dollar power bill. The solar panel is courtesy of the murienua power Association, a not-for-proit initiative founded almost two years ago by businessman James Beer. The installation will be accompanied by a barbeque to fundraise for the cause, and the community is encouraged to come along. “We’re looking forward to it,” said Beer. “it’s about small steps for us. We’ll sell a few barbeque plates and make a few dollars. We estimate that every barbeque we have buys 100 watts of solar energy – that’s 100 watts for every hour the solar panel is in the sun.” Beer said the idea behind the initiative is to reduce the cost of living. The goal is to have cheap,

team of workers, who are fulilling their election mandate.” rasmussen also said there are problems with iscal management of the Cook islands, with uncertainty over money supply. puna says this is not true. “There is no concern over national budgetary matters or public sector cashflow. Government is sustaining a robust financial system of accountability over management and expenditure, and is meeting all

its commitments, policy guidelines and benchmarks for iscal responsibility.” While the opposition leader challenged the prime minister to call an early election and stop sending out mixed messages, puna says it is rasmussen who is being unclear. “The only evidence of mixed messages today is the jumbled thinking of the opposition, which is sinking to desperate tactics of de-stabilisation.” - Calida Smylie

Women weaving

renewable energy that is shared between houses in the community, where if one house generates more energy than it needs, the extra energy is redistributed elsewhere. “it’s about intelligent systems that communicate with each other and share energy,” said Beer. “We’re heading towards a distributed model of energy that’s citizen owned, able to generate cheap, clean energy.” Solar energy now costs less than $1 per watt, said Beer, who previously stood for the Democratic party in the murienua constituency. “it’s a one-off purchase that then starts to make you energy.” Beer said solar energy is part of a “revolution in change”, where renewable energy will rapidly become the norm. The working bee and barbeque begins at 9am after a blessing by the Orometua. - Briar Douglas

titikaveka MP Selina napa, new Zealand deputy high commissioner Joanna Kempkers and the nZ High Commissioner’s wife Leoni Carter had a go at weaving decorations using palm leaves at the Green Living water Garden (te raurau o te Kaingavai) women’s day demonstrations yesterday. Story and photos page 11

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Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News

worldneWS nuti no TeiA nei AO Love meeting ends in horror RESIDENTS of a tourist town in Zimbabwe are on alert after a rogue lion mauled to death two people in separate attacks. In the latest incident a man and woman were enjoying each others’ company in bushes when the lion attacked. Local media say the man managed to escape and ran of into the night while the woman was killed by the lion. Many motorists ignored the man as he ran along a road naked, calling for help. The remains of a second corpse, believed to be another victim, were found by rangers hunting for the lion. People are now being warned against frequenting bush areas near the town at night.

China calls for restraint Appeals for calm as North Korea reacts aggressively to sanctions BeiJinG – China has called on

north Korea to show restraint after pyongyang’s aggressive response to new sanctions imposed by the Un Security Council. north Korea has announced it is voiding non-aggression pacts with South Korea and severing its hotline with Seoul, hours after threatening the US with a pre-emptive nuclear strike. The statement came just hours after the Un Security Council unanimously voted to impose tough sanctions against the rogue nation, mainly aimed at further isolating and inan-

world BrieFS MILLIONS PAY LAST RESPECTS TO CHAVEZ caracas – More than 30 heads of state from around the world are gathering in the Venezuelan capital caracas for the funeral of President Hugo chavez. The Venezuelan leader died on Tuesday at age 58 after a two-year battle with cancer. Many in the huge crowd wore the red of the ruling socialist Party. Huge crowds assembled early on Friday for the ceremony outside the military academy where his body has been lying in state. More than two million people have iled past his coin, and his body is to be embalmed and put on permanent display, the BBC reports.

DATE SET FOR START OF PAPAL ELECTION VaTIcaN cITY – catholic cardinals will start their conclave to elect a successor to Pope Benedict on the afternoon of Tuesday March 12. The vote follows Pope Benedict XIV’s surprise abdication last month after nearly eight years in oice. A total of 115 cardinals will take part in the elaborate ritual, which continues until one of them receives a two-thirds majority. There is no clear favourite to take the helm of the Church, which faces an array of problems, from sexual abuse scandals to internal strife at the heart of the Vatican administration. Vatican staf have been preparing the Sistine Chapel, where the conclave will take place, installing the two stoves that will produce white smoke from burnt ballot papers when a new pope is elected.

BIN LADEN’S SON-IN-LAW FACING TRIAL Usa – Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law is under arrest and facing trial in New York. US oicials said Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, 47, was captured within the last week in Jordan. He had a role in planning the september 11 attacks on New York and Washington in 2001. Bin Laden was killed in a raid on his home in Pakistan by a team of American commandos in May 2011. The ABC reports Abu Ghaith was brought to the United states in the last few days. He is due to appear in a federal court on Friday on charges of conspiracy to kill Us nationals.

BRAIN IMPLANT FOR ANOREXIA SUFFERERS caNaDa – a device which could help people overcome the eating disorder anorexia nervosa is being tested in canada. People with this condition have a distorted image of their own bodies and resort to drastically restricting what they eat – sometimes fatally. Neurosurgeon Dr Nir Lipsman Toronto Western Hospital said implanting an electrical device similar to a pacemaker deep into the patient’s brain may help. Similar deep brain stimulation has previously been used for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients. According to research published in The Lancet medical journal, a neurosurgical implant has been safely used in six patients with severe and enduring anorexia.

cially destabilising the regime. China’s foreign ministry has since called for everyone involved to stay calm. “China calls on relevant parties to exercise calm and restraint, and avoid actions that might further escalate tensions,” foreign ministry spokeswoman hua Chunying told reporters in Beijing. Beijing is pyongyang’s sole major ally and by far its biggest trading partner, including being its primary energy supplier. But it voted in favour of Thursday’s tougher sanctions, which were designed as a punishment for north Korea’s nuclear test last month. “We believe the resolution is a balanced one,” hua said. “China is objective and fair on this matter and has played a constructive role throughout the discussion at the Security Council.” north Korea has plenty of military firepower even if its threat this week of a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the United States is a hollow one, with South Korea most at risk from the isolated regime’s artillery and rockets. But Jung-hoon Lee, professor of international relations at Seoul’s Yonsei University and advisor to the South Korean national Assembly on pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions, told Asia paciic the atomic threat is not the rogue state’s only weapon. “We also know that north Korea has been stockpiling chemical and possibly quite alot of biological weapons as well,” he said. pyongyang’s standing army far outnumbers Seoul’s by 1.2 million to 640,000. “it has the means to wage war, but will it have the sustainability to go through with it and actually win the war? most like not, unless it gets help from China or others,” he said. - AFP

north Korean leader Kim Jong-un eyeballs military installations across the border with South Korea as threats of a resumption of the 1953-ended Korean war escalate. AFP

Planet is hotter than ever eArTh – earth is on track to becoming the hottest it has been at any time in the past 11.3 millennia, a period spanning the history of human civilisation, a new study says. Based on fossil samples and other data collected from 73 sites around the world, scientists have been able to reconstruct the history of the planet’s temperature from the end of the last ice Age around 11,000 years ago to the present. They have determined the past 10 years have been hotter than 80 per cent of the past 11,300 years. But virtually all the climate

models evaluated by the intergovernmental panel on Climate Change predict earth’s atmosphere will be hotter in the coming decades than at any time since the end of the ice Age, no matter what greenhouse gas emission scenario is used, the study found. “We already knew that on a global scale, earth is warmer today than it was over much of the past 2,000 years,” said Shaun marcott, the lead author of the study. “now we know that it is warmer than most of the past 11,300 years. This is of particular interest because the

holocene spans the entire period of human civilisation.” The data shows that temperatures cooled by 0.8 degrees Celsius over the past 5,000 years, but have been rising again in the past 100 years, particularly in the northern hemisphere where land masses and population centres are larger. The climate models project that average global temperatures will rise by 1.1 to 6.3 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, depending on the level of C02 emissions resulting from human activities, the researchers found. - AFP

Pistorius appeals bail conditions preTOriA – Oscar pistorius is appealing against his bail conditions, local television reports. Lawyers for the sprint star, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, will ask a court for a ban on foreign travel to be lifted. he also wants the removal of a condition relating to mandatory drug and alcohol tests and to be able to return to his home.

In papers iled on Friday, lawyers argue that pistorius is not a light risk. pistorius has also reportedly asked for the “blanket ban” on talking to residents of his gated community to be lifted and for him to be able to return to the house were reeva Steenkamp was shot. The papers are reported to say “there is no desire by the appel-

lant to use any prohibited substance or alcohol” but that the condition is not fair. They ask that he be allowed to travel internationally, with police permission. Charged with the premeditated murder of his 29-year-old girlfriend, double-amputee admits shooting her through a bathroom door but says he mistook her for an intruder. - AP

Fastest woman on eight wheels

INDIAN WOMEN LEARNING SELF DEFENCE INDIA – This year’s International Women’s Day had a special signiicance in New Delhi, where many Indian women are taking matters into their own hands. International Women’s Day had the theme, “Time for action to end violence against women”. The message is particularly poignant in Delhi, where the brutal rape and murder of a woman on a bus drew attention to the deep deiciencies alicting India’s system of law and order. Since the December attack, the Indian Government has made some changes to legislation to try to curb the ever-growing number of sexual assaults in the city. But many women say the reforms have not gone far enough, and have started self-defence classes to protect themselves against violence on the streets.

Today’s Daily Bread remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the wilderness these forty years, to humble and test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands.

Matthew87:21-29 read:read: deuteronomy

text: Matthew 7:26 text: Verse 2

Guatemalan rollerskater dalia Soberanis is cheered on by her teammates as she competes in the 10th Central american Games on the streets of San Jose. the Games are taking place from March 3 to 17 in Costa rica. AFP


Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News


They love a man in uniform

making the desiRable affoRdable

Avatiu Wharf • Tel 22060 • Mob 54560 •

Reduced Deposit MoToRBIKEs/scooTERs valid til M arc h 2 2


A soldier from the Qatari army dressed in camoulage takes part in joint military exercises with the French armed forces in doha this week. AFP

Tough week for teen idol LOnDOn – pop star Justin Bie-

ber has been released from hospital and given the green light to resume his tour after suffering breathing problems on stage. The 19-year-old singer took a 20-minute break during Thursday’s show at the O2 Arena in London as his manager told the crowd he was “light of breath”. he later had a check-up in hospital but was expected to perform again last night. his eventful week continued earlier when he was ilmed clashing with a photographer. The altercation took place as Bieber exited a park Lane premises into a waiting car. After a photographer yelled continued abuse as he was rushed to a waiting vehicle, Bieber was seen jumping back out of the car and angrily confronting the foul-mouthed older man before being dragged back by his minders. The young singer moves on to portugal and Spain next week and has 63 live dates remaining on his world tour, which lasts until August. After Thursday’s show, the singer wrote on Twitter that he was “getting better”. he continued, “Thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. Best fans in the world. Figuring out what happened. Thanks for the love.” he also sent a picture of him-

self, via instagram, lying in what appeared to be a hospital bed with the caption, “Gettin’ better”. his spokeswoman melissa Victor said, “he fainted and took a 20-minute reprieve and was given oxygen.” in a video posted by a fan on YouTube, Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun was seen on stage explaining why the show had come to a temporary halt. he told fans, “Justin got very light of breath, the whole show he’s been complaining. he’s backstage with the emergency medical technicians and the doctor. “They’re telling him they want him to go and see somebody and ind out what’s going on with his lungs, he’s just told me that in five minutes, if it’s okay with you guys, he’s going to come out and inish the show. “So he might not be jumping around as much and everything else, you guys need to be patient with us, we’re not trying to be disrespectful, we’re not trying to get you guys home late, we’re truly trying to put on a show for the people who love him.” Bieber did return to complete the show before being examined by medical staff. The singer has had a whirlwind fortnight in the UK, being photographed in several nightclubs, in between his con-

WAS $700 NOW $350

Justin Bieber live in concert in London this week. AFP certs in manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, nottingham and London. he was criticised for keeping fans waiting after coming on stage late for monday’s performance in London. - BBC



Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te pA enUA

Bainimarama stands by his men Regime leader says men involved in beatings were doing their duty SUVA – Fiji’s regime leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama says he will stand by officers implicated in an online video showing security personnel beating two men. “At the end of the day, i will stick by my men, by the police officers or anyone else that might be named in this investigation,” he told news website Fijivillage. “We cannot discard them just

because they’ve done their duty in looking after the security of this nation and making sure we sleep peacefully at night.” Condemnation of the beating has escalated daily since the video appeared on YouTube on Tuesday with Amnesty international and others calling for an independent investigation into the beatings, which it says is “part of a long list of allegations of torture and beatings in Fiji”.

paciic BRIEFS THREE FIJIANS CONFIRMED WITH TALIBAN FIJI – Fijians recruited by the Taliban are being paid 15,000 rupees ($491) a month while training in secrecy along the PakistanAfghanistan border. A Pakistan oicial, Mansur Khan Mehsud, has told The Fiji Times that the Taliban admitted it had recruited three Fijians. He said the three unidentiied men would undergo vigorous training for several months. “The names of the three have not been released and will be kept secret. Only the top commanders and leaders will know.” He said the main reason for the Taliban recruiting Fijians was to spread their hardline Islamic ideology to all corners of the world. Fiji police force spokesman atunaisa sokomuri says they have instigated a thorough investigation that was being assisted and the threat was not being taken lightly.

15 YEARS JAIL FOR RAPE OF TOURIST FIJI – A man who raped a tourist and severed the victim’s husband’s hand has been sentenced to 15 years in prison by High Court Judge, Justice Paul Madigan. Pauliasi Yasa committed the ofence on February 6 at a resort in Beqa last year. He robbed the young couple and later raped the australian tourist and severed the husband’s hand who was trying to protect his wife. Justice Madigan said the aggravating factors in the case are that the husband is facing an uncertain employment in future while the victim fears men of Paciic Island appearance. Yasa was charged with rape, aggravated robbery and causing grievous harm. He will only be eligible for parole after serving 13 years in prison.

PARTIES REGISTRAR RESIGNS SUDDENLY FIJI – The registrar of political parties in Fiji has resigned with immediate efect, citing personal reasons. Mere Vuniwaqa’s resignation on Friday comes on the day her oice was due to announce which parties, if any, had succeeded to be re-registered under the terms of a new decree. Attorney General Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum says Vuniwaqa has performed her duties in an exemplary manner and the government wishes her well in her future endeavours. The National Federation Party and the Fiji Labour Party applied for re-registration but there has been no word from the government or the political party registrar’s oice if they have been reconstituted.

BANNING OF WOMEN’S MARCH CONDEMNED FIJI – A Paciic media watchdog has condemned the Fiji government’s last-minute decision to ban Friday’s annual Reclaim the Night march. Although the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, which organises the event to mark International Women’s Day, received a permit in February, police revoked it on the eve of the march on the basis of threats to public security. The Paciic Freedom Forum’s co-chairperson Titi Gabi says in a country where a host of decrees are gagging for freedom of expression and association, the decision to ban the event says much of the regime’s stance on the issue. she says the reclaim the Night march is one of the outstanding initiatives allowing men and families to take action against sexual and all forms of violence.

MINI GAMES IMPORTANT TO PACIFIC WALLIS AND FORTUNA – The Paciic Games Council says the Mini Games continue to play an important role on the region’s sporting calendar. Council oicials visited Wallis and Futuna this week to check on preparations for the upcoming edition of the Games in september. Executive Director andrew Minogue says the smaller programme of just eight sports will give smaller countries a chance to host a sporting event and improve some facilities. He says the Mini-Games also continue to be an important springboard for athletes.

ASYLUM SEEKERS FACE VARIOUS CHARGES PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A group of 18 asylum seekers are expected to face a Papua New Guinea court on Monday on charges of assault and ighting at Australia’s Manus Island detention centre. Police say 17 of the detainees have been charged with ighting during two incidents at the centre on christmas Eve and on January 31. Another detainee was charged with assault. Earlier, police said the asylum seekers had been arrested and charged over a series of incidents that included an escape attempt and a suicide attempt.

however, Commodore Bainimarama said he was not concerned about demands from non-government organisations. “nGOs are paid by the international community to jump up and down every time we do something,” he said. “That’s their job, they’re paid to do that by the people that fund them. “i really don’t think we should worry too much about what the nGOs say in instances such as this.” The father of the Fiji man whose brutal beating by security oficers was the main focus of the violence is begging the prime minister and the president to ensure the men responsible are taken to justice. The Fiji Times reports Vueti Sanawa, a retired military oficer, as saying the torture of his son, iowane Benedito, is worse than anything he witnessed in his 29 years as a soldier. his wife, Viriseini Sanawa, is reported as saying she knew her son had done wrong and she would have accepted if he had been locked up – but not brutalised. “Oh my son! Oh Lord! my heart is in pain,” she said after a neighbour called her to watch what they believed was her son

‘We cannot discard them just because they’ve done their duty in looking after the security of this nation and making sure we sleep peacefully at night.’ being brutalised by the group on the tray of a truck. mr Sanawa said they were grateful to whoever leaked the video and begged prime minister Bainimarama and the president, ratu epeli nailatikau, to look into the matter and ensure the men who beat his son are taken to justice. he said in all his life as a soldier in the middle east, he had never come across any torture such as that he witnessed of his son. He says he will not ind peace until justice is done to those who are involved. The police have confirmed that the people seen beating and abusing the two tied-up men in the nine-minute long video

released on Tuesday are Fijian security personnel. The police say they will issue no further statement until an investigation is complete and its indings are released, as well as making no comment, the regime says it will be taking its lead from the police. The police have rejected international calls for an independent investigation. A statement from the force released by the ministry of information said it was normal practice for any government around the world to conduct its own investigations into such matters. in his interview with Fijivillage, Bainimarama said, “no one has been identiied but people keep referring to it as prisoners who escaped from naboro last year. “if you can remember that story, they broke into the bank and terrorised the people of Fiji for two whole weeks. in that two weeks i remember i was very worried about the security of the people of Fiji. “The police are going to conduct their own investigation. These people should not forget what these guys did when they broke out of prison in those two weeks.”

earlier, Fiji’s former opposition leader said he was sceptical about the interim government’s internal investigation into the violence depicted in the video. mick Beddoes said the interim government will, in effect, be investigating its own employees and he has little confidence it will see those responsible punished. “As for whether or not their internal investigation has any credibility i have my grave doubts,” he said. “Based on their actions to date, it is obvious the persons involved work for the regime in one position or another.” The coup-installed military government has repeatedly rejected international calls for an independent investigation by external organisations. “i’m afraid, as it stands, of course they’re going to conduct their own investigation and most people don’t believe, or don’t expect, anything to come of it,” Beddoes said. he says people in Fiji are “afraid and shocked” at what they have seen and want a transparent enquiry into the matter. “people can’t come to terms with the fact that this kind of thing is occurring here in Fiji,” he said. - ABC/PNC

Solomons brace for cyclone hOniArA – Solomon island-

ers are being warned to be extra vigilant about lood-related problems as tropical cyclone Sandra advances on the country Chief forecaster Freddy Fera has called on the public to take precautionary measures as the tropical depression poses threats to lives and property. rain and wind have lashed honiara since last night and a tropical cyclone warning is

in force for rennell, Bellona, Southern Guadalcanal and makira islands. A tropical cyclone watch advice is current for the remaining provinces and the meteorological service says the system is southwest of the country and moving east at seven kilometres an hour and intensifying. George Baragamu at the national emergency operations centre says people should

not go out fishing, motorists should drive carefully and people should ensure they have emergency kits. “We are also advising people living close to areas that are prone to landslides to take extra care, they should be vigilant at all times. This is also the same for people living in low lying areas or areas close to big river systems and river banks.” After gaining momen-

tum for more than a week off Queensland’s coast, Australia is breathing a sigh of relief as the system moves east into the Paciic. “Current indications are that the system will remain well out to sea until at least the middle of next week,” the Australian Bureau of meteorology said. “Tropical Cyclone Sandra currently poses no threat to the Australian coast.” - PNC

Good luck ends as yacht looted COFFS hArBOUr – Luck has

run out for a couple rescued from their yacht during a storm near Tonga, as the boat, which washed up on the coast of Australia relatively unscathed, has been looted. in november last year Tania Davies of Auckland and Steve Jones were saved by the cargo ship Chengtu after Windigo, an 11-metre yacht, rolled in 10-metre swells about 700km southwest of Tonga.

The abandoned fibreglass craft drifted about 2000 nautical miles for several months and eventually washed ashore undamaged near Coffs harbour in central new South Wales with most of the couple’s personal gear and sailing equipment, worth about A$60,000, still on board. But that’s when their fortunes changed for the worse. Within a day of landing on the beach the craft was looted.

it was not insured. The ABC reports wet weather clothing, the ship’s anchor and chain, marine-grade solar panels, cooking equipment and other items were stolen. Worse still, it may cost Davies and Jones A$100,000 in contractor’s fees to remove the yacht from the beach. And they could be hit with import duty by customs as the craft is considered a luxury item. The couple are asking for help

to raise funds for the salvage operation. “We’ve got no money, absolutely nothing,” Davies told the ABC. “We’re in a Catch-22 situation. people have stolen everything from our home and now they’re telling us they want us to pay to destroy our house.” An amnesty for the return of the goods has been announced by police. - ABC

Drama-illed three-year stint ends pOrT mOreSBY – Australia’s

high Commissioner to papua new Guinea, ian Kemish, is leaving the country after a drama-illed three-year stint in the role. Kemish has told radio Australia’s Paciic Beat Papua New Guinea faces serious challenges but he’s optimistic about the country’s future. “i think that we must always be hopeful about papua new Guinea,” he said.

“papua new Guinea has a lot of pluses on its side, the signiicant growth of the economy and the prospects are pretty good there as well.” The pidgin-speaking diplomat’s posting coincided with some of the most tumultuous events in pnG’s short history as an independent nation. Among them were the constitutional crisis sparked by the leadership dispute between peter O’neill and Sir michael

Somare, an attempted military mutiny at last year’s national elections. however, Kemish says calls for “megaphone” diplomacy in papua new Guinea are misplaced,” the departing high commissioner said. “if you read influence as shouting from the rooftops, speaking publicly, exercising your muscle in those conventional terms, if you think that that’s going to get you inluence

then you’re badly mistaken. “The way to inluence things here is through respectful conversation, respectful dialogue.” Kemish will be replaced by Deborah Stokes, the irst female to be appointed as the high Commissioner to pnG. Stokes has previously served as Australia’s ambassador to Austria and as permanent representative to the United nations in Vienna. - ABC


Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News

regionalneWS nuti no Te pA enUA

Ship sinking prompts seafood ban pOrT ViLA – At least 35,000 litres of marine fuel have been dissipated into the coastal ecosystem on Lowanatam in north Tanna from the troubled vessel, malcos. Vanuatu’s Fisheries Department biologist, Javen ham, who was part of a team of experts from the Fisheries, environment, and the ports and Harbour Department that lew

down to Tanna to investigate the impacts of the incident said the communities around the area have been forbidden to eat any ish or sea food from the area for the next two months. Although poor visibility prevented the team from diving to conduct underwater analysis of the impact, the Vanuatu Daily post says it was informed that the presence of fuel in the water

was noticed from the irst until the third day after the landing craft sunk. ham said on the fourth day when the team arrived there was no sign of fuel visible as the change of wind direction might have driven fuel further out to sea which may mean it could end up in another part of the island or a nearby island. A fish and an octopus were

found dead in the area but ham said a lab test had to be conducted to ind out the cause of death. “Some sea organisms will be able to adjust to the level of toxicity but only for a short period of time before they can be affected,” he said. “Another concern is the area is a turtle nesting site and locals have confirmed that there are existing nests in the area.

“even the ship crews said on the irst night after the ship sunk, a turtle came ashore just opposite to lay her eggs.” For the sake of the small turtles that will be produced from the eggs and the ecosystem of the area it is recommended that the vessel should be salvaged as soon as possible. “The area is a marine protected area but ish do migrate so an

area of two kilometres north of the sink site and two kilometres south has been declared unsafe for seafood,” ham added. Daily post understands that a marine consultant company, that successfully salvaged the landing craft when it wrecked last year on another part of the island, has been approached again to salvage the vessel. - Vanuatu Daily Post

Killing shows task force out of control ALOTAU – A provincial governor in papua new Guinea has accused police of needlessly killing a student in the country’s south on Sunday while supposedly there as part of a law and order mission. The Governor of milne Bay province, Titus philemon, says a special taskforce deployed to tackle law and order problems

in Alotau was responsible for the killing. Witnesses say police mistook college student Dickson parou for a criminal and shot him at close range. One of parou’s relatives, Glenda Towowoda, claims police opened fire when he and another student approached members of the special task

force who were patrolling on Sunday night. Towowoda says police did not attempt to question parou or his friend to establish whether they were the suspects the police were allegedly seeking, nor did they ire any warning shots. She described the horriic injuries parou received after being shot in the head.

Snapshots of horror pOrT mOreSBY – A photo-

graphic series by a russian photographer has exposed the realities of violence against women in papua new Guinea. Vlad Sokhin told radio Australia’s Paciic Beat programme he was appalled by the extent of the problem and decided to document what’s happening in papua new Guinea through pictures. “i’m russian, and papua new Guinea for us, it’s really the end of the world so i really wanted to go there,” Sokhin said. “i did research and i was shocked that almost half of the female population of port moresby is abused by men.” pnG has a high rate of domestic and street violence, with 98 per-cent of women in some highland areas reporting some form of abuse. When Sokhin looked for vis-

ual evidence of the problem, he at irst found none. “i thought, maybe i’ll be the guy to do it, so i just went there and started the project,” he said. Sokhin interviewed more than 50 victims of abuse and says most of the women were enthusiastic about the project. “mostly all of them wanted me to take their pictures and share their story with the world,” he said. his graphic images show women scared by bush knives, many with arms and legs missing. The exhibition was held during the Un sponsored papua new Guinea human rights Film Festival in port moresby last year, and Sokhin says he felt a strong sense that people, at a community level, wanted to expose the true extent of violence against women in the country

and help reverse the trend. “They told me, now we see in one room all this visual evidence and we understand the horrible things happening in our country.” Sokhin’s photos have been used in educational pro grammes, in newspapers, by the Un and Amnesty international, and he says he’s happy they’re provoking a change in attitudes in papua new Guinea. “if people start to talk about it, they’re not hiding it anymore.” The recent case of a woman who was tortured and burnt alive in pnG as a suspected witch has made headlines and provoked outrage worldwide. it has highlighted the issue of violence against women in pnG, which statistics suggest is all too common. - ABC

Bombs leaking toxic acid pALAU – A team of munitions

disposal experts from Japan is in palau to remove unexploded bombs lying dormant since World War Two. The team intends to remove many hundreds of tonnes of depth charges, underwater in a shipwreck for seven decades. matsuko ikeda from the Japan mine Action Service says they will begin the clearance work by may at the latest.

“They are getting deteriorated,” ikeda said. “Some of them are leaking toxic acids right now, so it’s very urgent to take off those bombs.” After seven decades underwater the weapons are corroding, posing a risk to the environment and the local population. ikeda told radio Australia’s pacific Beat the picric acid found leaking from the bombs has caused headaches and dizzi-

ness in humans. The clean-up team itself includes skilled ex-members of the Japan maritime Self-Defence Force, who will be wearing special diving suits to prevent them from being affected by any toxic substances. The operation is expected to take a year and a half, but ikeda says they are surveying other sites that also need attention. - ABC

Passport sales an ‘embarrassment’ TArAWA – The president of

Kiribati, Anote Tong, says he is embarrassed that his country’s passports were sold to suspected arms dealers from north Korea. in December human rights activist Ken Kato told the ABC that the pacific island nation had given passports to north Korean directors of a company which the United nations says is a front for illegal arms shipping. Kiribati president Anote Tong says passports were sold to the Chinese in the 1990s as a

“means of generating revenue” for his country. Tong told radio Australia’s Paciic Beat he put a stop to the passport programme soon after he was elected. “When i came into office in 2003 we cancelled that programme because it was something that was not very popular,” he said. “We did not believe it was the right thing to be done. “But i think that angle with the involvement of north Ko-

reans and particularly with potential terrorist connection was never something we intended to happen nor did we expect it would happen.” “i can assure you that we had corrected that situation in 2004 when we stopped issuing these passports.” The indian island nation of the Seychelles was also alleged to have provided passports to the directors of the hong Kongbased firm, new east international Trading Limited. - ABC

“The bullet went through the right eyebrow and came out above the left ear. “There was very big damage done to the head and skull and it was an instant death according to the doctors,” she said. parou’s family says he was attending the Kwato Community College and had left home to become a boarding student only days before his death. The other student who was injured in the attack has been treated for gunshot wounds and has now been discharged from hospital. pnG police say they are very concerned by the alleged shooting by its members. A spokesman says it is a real cause for concern when the force is trying to modernise itself to be committed, caring and professional.

“We are deinitely investigating the death of the student and the matter will be dealt with accordingly,” he said. Last year in parliament, Governor philemon requested the pnG government to deploy police personnel to help stop an escalating law and order problems in Alotau. he says criminal activities escalated as a result of an inlux of people from other parts of the country migrating to milne Bay province. Governor philemon says the task force’s main role was to help the local police and law enforcement authorities to stop the surge in crime. But he says they have now driven fear into the people of Alotau. “my people here in the province are peace loving people,

now when we request for police to come in to instil peace and normalcy in our province and we get such treatment like this, where else do we go from here?” he said. The victim’s relative, Towowoda, also feels the task force is causing the people of Alotau to live in fear, “Crime rates were high here. But what the police are doing now is they are causing more law and order problems for us. “They’re already harassing people and doing all sorts of damage and the place is becoming scary for us. She says villagers feel unable to move around freely. “Our elders are restricting us from moving around for fear of the task force doing more damage or harassment,” she said. - ABC

the hospitality andtourismtraining Centre(httC)isoferinginthefollowing accredited courses: CIty & guILdS CertIfICate aNd dIpLoMa IN food aNd beverage (International) Level 3, 4 When: 25th March 2013 duration: full time one year course CLoSINg dates for application is friday 15th March 2013 CuStoMer ServICe unit Standards 57 When: 18th March 2013 duration: 3 days CLoSINg dates for application is friday 13th March 2013

Limited space available, pick up application form from httC or Contact pam Solomona for more details on phone 22628 or email:


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LeTTerS reta

Learning how to apply for aid? Dear editor, Following on from the letter on monday march 4 ‘remarkable achievement’ about the Aquaponics in Titikaveka, it is indeed a remarkable achievement for the inexperienced operators

of that venture to have conned a quarter of a million dollars (Ci news 25 August 2012) out of nZ Aid. Without industry history or experience, nZ Aid threw $250,000 at a project that to date has produced nothing close

to the quantity that a number of existing hydroponic operators are achieving. is nZ Aid trying to put other producers out of business? no matter what the business, we could all do with massive cash

hand outs. if i had a shop, how fair is it for the shop down the road to receive aid? We now read that economic students are going there to ‘learn’. Learn what?, how to apply for aid, the national pastime?

it should remember that businesses should not be considered successful by the number of articles that appear in the paper, but rather by the contribution to local families by way of wages, by way of value added to the

economy and of course by the results of the operation. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. hand out please (name and address supplied)

NZ pension issue shelved again Dear editor, Since there has been no feedback yet from government on the outcome of talks in Queenstown reguarding the portability of nZ superannuation, the following email i received from mr [murray] mcCully’s office two days ago should provide enlightenment (and disappointment) for those golden oldies hoping for glad tidings: ‘7 march, 2013, Dear Les, Thank you for your emails on the 23 and 26 February 2013 regarding the issue of eligibility for nZ superannuation in the Cook islands. i have passed on your comments. As you know, murray follows the issue of eligibility for nZ Superannuation in the Cook islands closely and understands

the importance that new Zealanders in the Cook islands place on increasing the portability of nZ Superannuation and the beneits that doing so could bring, both for individuals in and for the economy of the Cook islands. The portability of nZ Superannuation is regulated by the nZ Superannuation and retirement income Act 2001 and the War pensions Act 1954. Any policy change would also require a change of legislation and approval by parliament. murray remains committed to a change in policy although, as you note, the tight iscal environment of the past few years has made it very dificult for the Government to approve proposals such as this.

You can rest assured however that it remains on the agenda. Kind regards, Chantelle Subritzky, Ofice of the Hon Murray mcCully.’ i would comment that while we appreciate that mr mcCully is committed to a change in policy and agrees that our cause is a just one, lack of money should not be used as an excuse for delaying the issue – justice should not be forestalled on the basis of cost, but meted out on the basis of moral principles. The nZ government can still find aid money for the Cooks (and other countries) which, if not carefully monitored, may end up being wasted or not necessarily used for the purpose originally intended, whereas money given directly

to deserving pensioners here as individual recipients would beneit the social and economic wellbeing of the community without local government involvement. What better way to disperse aid funds to a just and

worthy cause? We have been told, ad nauseam, over the past 20 years, that a change in the relevant nZ legislation would be required. So what? Legislation is frequently reviewed and amended, so we

ask nZ to stop procrastinating - just change the rules and give us a fair go! Les priest matavera

Cook Islands researcher Dear editor, Following the article in Thursday’s newspaper ‘Celebrating Ci women’ where your reporter rachel Smith described me as a‘visiting researcher’, i have a question. But irst, some background: I have lived in rarotonga for 20 years. i have now finished bringing up Cook islands'children. i am a director of a local business that currently employs a score of local men and

women. i have bought land here and built my own house. i have a private psychotherapy practice that advertises every year in the Yellow pages and every week in Ci news (on the front page, no less). Finally, and very importantly, i have Cook islands' pr. At what point, in your estimation, will i stop being a ‘visitor’ to the Cook islands? erica Anderson rarotonga

Editor: Ci news apologises to Anderson for the inaccurate description of her as a ‘visiting’ researcher. The newspaper acknowledges Anderson’s concern, given that she is a resident and citizen of the Cook islands. The mistake was made by Ci news and not nCW who provided background information for the article.

Our form of govt ‘is wrong’ reSpOnDinG to yesterday’s opinion piece ‘The government is

imploding’ by Opposition leader Wilkie rasmussen, a smoke signaller writes: “Wilkie is right, the present government seems to be in disarray, traveling around the world, fantasising about billions of dollars in income from selling little rocks from the bottom of the sea when it can't even hire a dogcatcher for rarotonga. Yes, Wilkie, but the problem is has it ever been any different under any government since our so-called independence from new Zealand how many decades ago? The fact is that the Westminster system

doesn't it the Cook Islands and never will. The unabashed stupidity of holding a by-election for 52 people on mangaia pretty much says it all. The tables will turn Wilkie, your lot will get in sooner or later, you'll be sweet and smiley for six months and then like every lot before you, the people will wake up one morning to see the honeymoon is over. Instead of being the irst South Paciic country to go 100 per cent sustainable energy, why don't we become the irst to come up with a form of government that isn't a near total waste of resources?”

RETIREES’ ISLAND BOOST SpenDinG by retired, long-staying visitors has the potential to give a much needed boost to outer island economies says Atiu mp norman George. Speaking on matariki Fm on Thursday morning he said he welcomed the moves, mentioned by Finance minister mark Brown, which would allow retired new Zealanders to stay up to a year at a time and with the opportunity to seek extensions to this. George said we can’t stop our young people leaving and we have to counter-balance this loss with ‘grey power’ – bringing retired couples into the country. The Atiu mp’s calculations showed that if up to one hundred retired couples resided in Atiu for a year the island would beneit to the tune of $2 million and this in turn would lead to a building boom and upgrades to the infrastructure, such as better roads and hospitals.

NO HOLDS BARRED mATAriKi Fm’s breakfast show host William Framhein introduces him as Atiu warrior numero tai (number one) and Atiu mp norman George doesn’t hold back in his weekly radio chat, such as this past Thursday morning. On the lack of fuel in Te Aponga’s tanks causing monday’s power cut: “if i was in charge the boss would have been sacked.” On a 17 year-old escaping twice from police custody in as many days: “Handcuffs for 24 hours would ix the problem.” On the reported estimation that monday’s power outage caused a loss to the economy of $30,000 to $40,000: “That meathead should not have said that. Sorry, that gentleman should not have said that.” George suggested that amount of loss could have been sustained by just one or two businesses alone and that the loss to the economy was closer to $500,000 to a million dollars. On the prime minister’s week off to play golf in new Zealand: “it’s shocking – in three months he’s been away three weeks. One week playing golf – is he the new Tiger Woods or something? One day of golf would have been ine and then he should have been back here. he’s a poor excuse for a prime minister. All the pm and the Cook islands party ministers want is to let the good times roll; happy the body, silly the mind. It’s an abuse of ofice.”

Keep the smokies rolling in! Smoke Signals and interesting island photos will be accepted by email (smokesignals@cookislandsnews. com), or text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22-999.

Cook Islands News Building Maraerenga avarua rarotonga PO Box 15 Rarotonga Tel (682) 22999 Fax 25303 Email: or Daily Monday to saturday

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Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te ipUKAreA

NZ to respond to concerns neW ZeALAnD is willing to address the concerns of the Cook islands after a successful ministerial meeting in Queenstown last week, says the government. prime minister henry puna, Finance minister mark Brown and marine resources and Tourism minister Teina Bishop met with new Zealand Foreign Affairs minister murray mcCully on February 28 for the second joint ministerial forum (JmF) between the two countries. The JmF provides an opportunity for high-level policy discussions between senior members of the two governments on issues of bilateral interest and concern.

high on the agenda for the JmF were the eligibility criteria for people living in the Cook islands to receive superannuation and veteran’s pensions here, and visa arrangements to promote Chinese tourists to the Cook islands. puna reiterated the importance placed by government on easing nZ residential criteria which would enable more Cook islanders, including permanent residents, to collect nZ superannuation and veteran’s pensions in the Cook islands. This is an issue that has been discussed between the two governments for several years.

it became clear through the discussions the matter had received increasingly high-level attention over recent months and senior nZ ministers were actively seeking ways to address these longstanding concerns. “On the basis of our discussions in Queenstown, more than ever before we are cautiously optimistic that our concerns will be satisfactorily addressed by the nZ government in the not too distant future,” said Brown. Cook islands explained it was keen to promote increased visits by Chinese tourists to the country but there had been problems encountered by Chinese visitors

wanting visas to transit nZ. During the JmF discussions, nZ saw the potential importance to the Cook islands of promoting Chinese tourism and decided to help. Oficials from both countries will meet shortly to work out details to overcome visa-related problems that have been encountered to date. “We are pleased with nZ’s cooperation in this area and this will assist to open up an important tourism market for us,” said Bishop. puna highlighted strides taken by the Cook islands to conduct its own foreign affairs over the

last several decades. he said government was giving serious consideration to seeking membership of the United nations, the Commonwealth and the imF/World Bank. Cook islands and nZ have a free association relationship so puna wanted to discuss the matter with the nZ government. puna said he would soon write to prime minister John Key proposing the two governments meet to discuss the matter further. “The JmF provides an ideal opportunity for senior ministers to discuss important matters of bilateral importance to both of

our governments, and we would like to see such high-level discussions continue,” said Brown. The three ministers were guests of the nZ government. They were supported in the discussions by Foreign Affairs secretary Dr Jim Gosselin, Finance secretary richard neves and Foreign Affairs United nations and Treaties division director myra patai. From Wellington they had support from Cook islands high Commissioner Tiki matapo and deputy high commissioner Tepaeru hermann. - MFAI

The NZ government, with Foreign Afairs Minister Murray McCully second man from left, held discussion with three CI government ministers in Queenstown last week. 13030737

Finance Minister Mark Brown, Prime Minister Henry Puna and Marine resources and tourism Minister teina Bishop brought up Cook Islands concerns with nZ. 13030736

PM starts third week away ALL CABi neT members are in the Cooks this week apart from the prime minister, who is about to start his third week away from the country. Last week prime minister henry puna was in new Zealand to attend the annual Air new Zealand golf tournament in rotorua and the week before he headed a government delegation to Queenstown for a joint ministerial forum with nZ. On Thursday, he flew from Auckland to Australia to attend a family celebration. His ofice says taxpayer money was not used for this light. On monday he flies from Australia to new Caledonia as

part of his pacific Leaders Forum chair oficial duties. Puna will lead a Forum delegation to see how the French overseas territory is progressing in its self-determination efforts. The mission comes after an invitation late last year from new Caledonia president harold martin and is funded by the Forum Secretariat in Suva. The prime minister returns to the Cooks next weekend. Transport and Seabed minerals minister Tom marsters is back in rarotonga after a trip to Singapore last week, funded by the Singapore government transport ministry. Yesterday he held a ceremony to belatedly commemorate the

Seabed minerals Act 2009 coming into force on march 1. minister for marine resource Teina Bishop will travel to mangaia on Thursday to hand over Japanese aid funding to the island’s ishing association. At this point it is unknown how much money and what it is to be used for. Agriculture minister nandi Glassie lew to Atiu on Thursday for a constituency visit, and returns monday. Finance minister mark Brown and police minister Teariki heather will stay in rarotonga for the week. Their ofices say they have no special engagements. - CS


Prime Minister, Attorney General, Energy, Justice, Head of State, NES, Parliamentary Services, EMCI, Public Service Commission, Ombudsman

Saturday, March 9 to Monday, March 11: aUsTraLIa Monday, March 11 to Saturday, March 16: NEW caLEDONIa

Tom Marsters

Transport, Foreign Afairs and Immigration, Minerals and Natural resources

Saturday, March 9 to Saturday, March 16: COOK ISLANDS

Teina Bishop

Education, Marine Resources, Tourism, Pearl Authority

Saturday, March 9 to Saturday, March 16: COOK ISLANDS

Mark Brown

Finance and Economic Management, BTIB, Internal Afairs, Commerce, FIU, Telecommunications, Financial Supervisory Commission, Superannuation, PERCA, Financial services Development authority

Saturday, March 9 to Saturday, March 16: COOK ISLANDS

Teariki Heather

Infrastructure and Planning, Cultural Development, House of Ariki, Police

Saturday, March 9 to Saturday, March 16: COOK ISLANDS

Health, Agriculture

Saturday, March 9 to Saturday, March 16: COOK ISLANDS

Nandi Glassie


- Rachel Smith

“The Opposition is pushing for an early election – what is your view on the government’s performance?”

Hani Mareta-Ria

May Beer

Diana Mataiti

“no they are not doing a good job at the moment so we should have an early election.”

“i think we do need an early election as we haven’t seen them doing much and they spend a lot of time travelling.”

“We don’t need an early “At least they are doing election – they are all the something, although not same.” that much. They are doing the water upgrade.”

Tangata Vaeau

Iriti Maoate

Ngarima Areai

Tamatua Iakopo

“We should have an early election – my mp in Tupapa is doing a good job though.”

“i really don’t know be“The government is doing well but they need cause i don’t know what they’re doing – they’re to do something new like making roads better hardly ever here.” and safer, to keep people happy.”

Joseph Riggot “no we don’t need an early election. The government is doing a good job.”


Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News

localneWS nuti no roto i te ipUKAreA

Police women create vision The FUTUre of the Cook is-

lands police women is looking bright after formalising what their vision, values and goals are. The country’s police service women advisory network executive and working group met yesterday with Australian Federal police pacific advisor

Lautoa Faletau to work on their first strategic plan. Faletau is also part of the pacific police Development programme. “The Cook islands police service has very strong women and the advisory network is very supportive,” she said. “it’s exciting to consolidate all their effort; i’m just helping

them consolidate the work that they have already been doing.” Faletau said the terms of reference is needed as it clearly outlines their purpose and allows everyone to be on the same page. The advisory network executive chairwoman rebecca hosking-ellis said the workshop has been “excellent” in discovering

which direction they were wanting to go. She said they opened the meeting with a prayer to recognise international Women’s Day. “The women have come together and have come up with some fantastic ideas, you can see they are so keen to make it work,” she said.

“it’s also been enlightening to them to understand more of what the network is all about.” A terms of reference document was drafted yesterday and will be presented to police commissioner maara Tetava for approval. “Our goal is to bring everyone together not only women but

also our male counterparts at work,” hosking-ellis said. “Our women will be more empowered in the future. We have some very dedicated determined women, not just the sworn oficers but our unsworn oficers as well.” - Dana Kinita

Paciic Island Police advisor Lautoa Faletau (centre) with the CI Police Women Advisory executive and working group and Paciic Islands Chief of Police project oicer senior sergeant Maeva Kirikava. 13030842

Nine appointed to advisory board nine COmmUniTY representatives have been appointed as seabed minerals advisors, including two late nominees. The new Seabed minerals Authority (SmA) advisory board members were presented with their oficial certiicates of appointment at a ceremony at the SMA ofices yesterday. The appointments were made under the Seabed minerals Act, which came into force on march 1 and requires a board to act as an avenue between government and the community. Chair of the advisory board

is Gerald mcCormack of the natural heritage project and secretary is Seabed minerals commissioner paul Lynch. pastor Tutai pere represents Aitutaki, manihiki, penrhyn, ngaputoru as well as the religious Advisory Council, michael henry represents Aitutaki and Teresa manarangi-Trott represents rarotonga and the Chamber of Commerce. Tupe Short Tairi Te rangi rangatira represents the Koutu nui and makiuti Tongia represents rarotonga as a teacher and senior academic.

Pastor tutai Pere has been selected for the Seabed Minerals authority advisory board along with eight others. 13030823

natural resource and minerals minister Tom marsters also received two late nominations which he accepted. These are house of Ariki president and mitiaro representative Travel Tou Ariki, and Willie John who represents the northern group as he hails from penrhyn. John was nominated by Opposition leader Wilkie rasmussen. “Our new advisory board members, in whose hands the future of this new but exciting venture will rest, will help the government take the right steps so we can correctly determine

the future of this huge economic potential,” said marsters. The board has already faced criticism from some sources since the first seven names were announced earlier this week. Three correspondents writing to Cook islands news questioned what qualiies these people to be chosen over others. One smoke signaller suggested in Friday’s paper that the best thing would have been to put out expressions of interest into the community and short-list candidates. Lynch says this is unheard of.

“Boards are never selected like that. The people were selected following the act and based on nominations given to the minister.” The board members were selected based on their respective standings in the community and their ability to express views and opinions, he says. The smoke signaller also criticised mcCormack for being papa’a. mcCormack, who has lived in the Cooks for over 20 years, was selected as chair because he is a well-known environmentalist,

the new seabed advisory board with natural resource and Minerals Minister tom Marsters. 13030819

said Lynch. “We’re very proud of the committee and believe they will do a good job.” The board members, who must meet at least four times a year and are on the board for three years, will undergo training before any big decisions are required of them. They will give recommendations to SmA on how to best manage Cook islands’ possibly vast mineral resource. They will recommend on the grant, renewal, suspension and cancellation of seabed mineral agreements. - CS


Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News

Being a woman of the village DR Amelia Hokule’a Borofsky, who grew up in Pukapuka and Hawaii, has returned to the atoll to live, listen, learn and write. She holds her doctorate in community and cross-cultural psychology and has taught at college and university level. She is a regular contributor to CI News and the Atlantic online health channel. iT’S A privilege to have been

named a wawine or a woman of Loto Village, the same village my parents belonged to in pukapuka back in the late seventies. i have moved from being a visitor spoiled last year with three-foot tuna and kaveau to this year becoming a wawine. Being a woman of the village is a full-time job. It means cooking plates for ifty to one hundred people for the numerous imukai. it means waking up with the six in the morning rooster to go to the ui to weed,

plant taro and plod through the mud. it means belonging to a rotating pule that caretakes the motu. Our pule, apele kula or red apples has its own uniform and we gather uto together and play cards while watching over the ecological reserve. it means going to village meetings twice a month and participating in singing practice as well as singing at funerals and other events. it means dance practice and dance performances for village events as well as preparations

for Te maire nui. it means weaving mats, fans and hats together. When the tele party from Australia came to visit, each woman of ngake and Loto had to make three fans each. each woman of Yato village had to make ten fans since the tele party primarily came from Yato village. This week, all the women have been weaving mats. Luckily, my lack of weaving abilities means i sit on the side and play cards. “i love everything about being part of Loto village,” says Teumua malo. And i agree. i love the sense of belonging and the singing, dancing, eating and even washing the dishes all together. in some ways i have been looking for my village ever since i left pukapuka as a child. “You never lost your village,” a

Yato Village counting tuna after the ishing competition. 13030705

friend reminds me. And it’s true, Loto village is still the village of my parents and of my pukapukan family. every new Year, adolescents pass from childhood to adulthood becoming an akatane or an akawawine of their village. This year Loto Village had two akatane and one akawawine. One of them complained about the transition saying, “i still want to be a child or a tamaliki.” it is a big transition from enjoying the freedom of childhood to the obligations of village adulthood. now in my thirties, i have long bypassed the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Loto Village briely debated if i fell under akawawine but concluded that i fall under the returning wawine category. i am proud to be a wawine of Loto.

Some complain that all the village obligations doesn’t allow time for taking care of one’s own family and individual homes. missing village events can mean a ine of two dollars. Luckily, one doesn’t have to attend every event and “if you feel like it,” remains a popular wale saying. Also, i can get away with attending less village events than the other women. if i actually attended every church service, every imukai and every singing practice on top of looking after our individual home and taro patch, i would have no time to swim in the mornings, nap in the heat of the day, help out at the school or write. most people don’t think of pukapuka as a busy place and yet it is very busy. nassau also has a busy village life and they play vol-

leyball against each other every afternoon. The losing team has to then ish for the whole island. in pukapuka, i woke up the other day to hear the sound of Loto’s pate. i went down to the beach and the ngake men had returned from fishing at motu Ko. They had lots of extra ish and so they shared it out evenly for each villager from Loto. All the food sharing and village events makes pukapuka the original polynesian commune. As pio Lavalua, chairman of the Kau Wo Wolo said, “pukpuka invented the real communism.” The pukapukan village system of Loto, ngake and Yato still remains strong in rarotonga, new Zealand and Australia. And in Wale, it remains super, super strong.

Matapii teopenga and Matakeu of Loto Village in the taro patch. 13030708

Puka Tapu set to go electronic The COOK iSLAnDS maori Bible is entering a new digital era. For the first time the puka Tapu is being manually typed out in a bid to have it made available electronically. The project has been a passion of reverend robert robatimani for nearly three years. he has taken three months sabbatical leave from his Otara pacific islands presbyterian Church in south Auckland to lead the project. “This will open a door to a bigger audience, it will also ena-

ble Cook island speakers to read the text and will allow the text to be printed bigger for those that are short-sighted,” he said. reverend robati-mani said they are also working on a concordance to accompany the digital Bible. more than 70 people scattered around the globe are assisting. “We have volunteers in Australia, new Zealand and rarotonga who are manually typing the text from the hard copy Bible,” he said.

“Since 1872 when the Cook islands Bible was completed, this has never been done before.” he said there is a high demand to have the word of God become more technologically advanced. “The biblical text is not a spoken language and you are revisiting words not commonly used today – it’s a collection of historical words,” he said. reverend robati-mani is a new Zealand born-Cook islander and is the son of the late

Working on the electronic Cook Islands Bible project is Papa Ra Rairi, Reverend Robert RobatiMani and tangi Vaiimene toa. 13030861

Aporo and Kauta Dean of Arorangi. “This is my second language, although I speak it luently and for me the challenge has been to be mindful of the language. it’s also been exciting to discover the relationship between Cook islands maori and the original

hebrew text.” Sixty per cent of the Bible has been typed out and the editing team are currently reviewing the book of psalms. The project is under the United Bible Society who will take the completed manuscript and code it for the computer.

The reverend is welcoming anybody who may want to volunteer. Anybody interested can see him at the Takimoa Theological College in Avarua each weekday from 8.30-4pm or call 26546. - Dana Kinita


Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News


Couple return to Cooks for wedding SAiLinG a luxury sailing boat

around the world is a way of life for max Cumming, and part of a journey that has lead him back to the Cook islands where he lived for many years as a child. Cumming returned to the Cook islands last week to marry ra Tangaroa, in a ceremony held at the Waterline Beach Bar and restaurant. For the couple it was a return to a country that is very important to them – Tangaroa lived in rarotonga until she was eight years old and has family in Aitutaki and mauke, and Cumming spent six years living in manihiki. Cumming moved to manihiki with his family in the 1970’s, and spent six happy years living there while his father peter Cumming set up the irst black pearl farm. As a 13 year old boy when he arrived, Cumming remembers the time well. he has memories of close family friend ioane Kaitara who was his “mentor in all things Cook islands,” teaching him to hunt turtles, birds and fish. he attended correspondence school but remembers more of his time spent freely exploring the island and the lagoon, and waiting up to a year for exam results to arrive. his time in manihiki is one

he describes as a very traditional subsistence style of living – one without electricity for their irst three years and where the only contact with the outside world was by ship or by morse code telegrams. Cumming now captains the sailing boat Athena, a 295 foot, three masted schooner, and also the most expensive private sailing boat in the world. Owned by Jim Clark, an American entrepreneur who founded two of the most successful and inluential technology companies in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Cumming’s job is to sail the boat to destinations across the world. in the past year this has taken him to the Caribbean, new York, and the mediterranean, to name just a few. Tangaroa travels to meet him at destinations across the world every few months, saying she is lucky with her work in an art gallery in russell that she is able to do so. it was on one trip to new York that she bought the Jimmy Choo shoes which she wore to her beach wedding – shoes which necessitated the building of a special platform by her brother so that she could walk on the beach. They describe their special ceremony as a Cook islands wedding on the beach, which

included Cumming’s arrival on a pa’ata, something he feels very honoured by. Together the couple share three children, son mana who is currently attending a military

academy in Canberra, daughter Samantha who is studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Dina who lives with them in russell. Cumming and Tangaroa are returning to their home in rus-

sell for their second marriage celebration that will take place on St patrick’s Day, with Cumming off to work three days later. As for the future, they have

plans to return to live in rarotonga permanently, saying they feel privileged to have the best of both worlds between them. - Rachel Smith

ra tangaroa and Max Cumming, with daughter dina, relax in rarotonga after returning to the Cook Islands for tangaroa and Cumming wedding celebration. 13030801


Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News

Bringing women together on Women’s Day i n CeLeBrATiOn of inter-

national Women’s Day, local women demonstrated agriculture, horticulture, and loriculture practices at Te raurau o te Kaingavai, or the Green Living Water Garden, yesterday. Turua peter worked on a tivaivai, similar to a cotton quilt, which had a pattern of chrysanthemum lowers with crochetlike stitching. She also brought along a finished tivaivai with a lily pattern, which took her three months to make. “if you’re really working at it, you can inish one in three to four months,” she said. peter learned the skills she uses to make tivaivai from her mother. “She taught me when i was small. We had to do crochet for tablecloths.” retired police sergeant Jane Tuavera demonstrated how to use palm leaves to weave decorations, which she learned how to make from watching friends. Titikaveka mp Selina napa and the high commissioner’s wife Leoni Carter were among those who had a go at weaving the decorations. “i just had a quick lesson,” said Carter. “it’s not that complicated, once you know how.” Carter said the directors of the garden, Lynnsay rongokea and

Barbara Thomson, had done a “wonderful job” setting up the event. “it’s a lovely setting. i just came along to get a cup of tea and enjoy the lovely food.” rangi Johnson, who creates jewellery from pearls she farms on manihiki, showed people how to make uto pancakes that were fried on a barbeque. “Uto from the northern group is different – it’s a lot sweeter,” she said. A cousin of the directors, Cassey eggelton, said she admired their vision. “i take my hat off to these ladies for making the beautiful food and bringing the women together.” Kanoe Aquino said she came along to watch the demonstrations. “it’s fun watching other people learn, and watch the mamas share their knowledge with people who don’t know how to do these things. “The mamas are like vaults of information, and it’s great that they’re proud of their knowledge. They used to hold their secrets tight. But now they’re learning, if you hold your secrets tight and don’t pass them on, they’ll die. it’s great to see them passing their knowledge on to others,” she said. - BD

Keri edgar (right) learns new weaving techniques for International women’s day. 13030838

Manihiki resident rangi Johnson, who comes to rarotonga twice a year to sell her creations, uses deformed keishi pearls from her pearl farm to create jewellery and decorations, alongside the black pearls, which adds value to the keishi pearls she farms. 13030836

turua Peter (left) created this tivaivai in three months. 13030839


YumYum Noodles Chicken 5pk Simmons Chicken Leg Quarters 10kg


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Tegel Chicken Thigh 2kg






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Coke/Sprite 1.25ltr Buy 2 for

Wattie’s Pear Quarters 820g






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Tegel Whole Bird #12

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Talley’s Mixed Vege 1kg





Wattie’s Tomato Sauce 575g



Griffin’s Cookie Bear Stripes 200g



Livi Toilet Roll 1000’s



“2 MINuteS drIve froM the aIrport” E – TOP UP AVAILABLE. SPECIALS AVAILABLE 9 - 10 MARCH


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localneWS nuti no roto i te ipUKAreA

Tea house dishes up fresh recipes A neW tea house opened today

in Titikaveka, featuring food grown in an aquaponics garden on the same land. Aquaponics is a more sustainable form of agriculture. plants are fed using water from a ish tank, where ish waste fertilises the plants. it uses two per cent of the water that traditional agriculture does, because the water is recycled and re-used in the system. The new tea house has been built at Te raurau o te Kaingavai, or the Green Living Water Garden. Director of the gardens Lynnsay rongokea said the tea house caters for vegetarians and those who want to eat healthily. “The idea behind the teahouse is it’s a place where people can come and it’s like eating at someone’s home. So, we make the kind of food we would eat

at home,” she said. rongokea used plants grown at the gardens, such as parsley, coriander, spring onions, and lettuce, to create recipes that she tested on family members. her cousin Cassey eggelton was one of the group who tested the recipes. She isn’t vegetarian, but said she loved the food. “The hit was the coconut lime cake. Lynnsay brought it out and said ‘i don’t know if it’s quite right’, but we all tasted it and said ‘Leave it exactly how it is’.” Kanoe Aquino, who came along to the event to show her support for the cause, said she’d tried some of the salads and desserts. “They’re made with love,” she said. “They’ve done a great job with the food, and the setting, and with everything. it shows a true deep love for what they’re doing.”

Co-founder of the gardens Barbara Thomson said the aquaponics garden is the first of its kind on the island, but it is hoped it will become common

practice in the future. “it’s a pilot programme so that people can [eventually] have it in their homes. But we have to get it working irst.”

She said the garden is running well, but they have discovered the three-metre-high roof should really be four metres tall. “it’s a bit low, it makes it too

hot for the plants,” she said. Te raurau Water Garden Tea house is expected to be open from 10am to 3pm, Sunday to Friday. - BD

Lynnsay rongokea (left) discusses the food she made for the tea house at the opening ceremony on Friday. 13030835

‘Island hop ‘til you drop’ at Pasiika iT WiLL be a time of music, dance, art and food in Auckland this weekend, at Pasiika Festival 2013 in Western Springs. The Cook islands village is set to be one of the highlights of the festival, offering vibrant entertainment and a range of craft, jewellery and food delights. The village has a new location this year, in a beautiful setting by the lake, with Bernard Tairea, Village Co-ordinator, saying he hopes the space will be big enough to hold all the expected visitors. There are a number of familiar faces holding stalls at the festival, including Tarani Crafts and pearls, prestige pearl Design, flowers by Tina matapo, KmD ukulele, Vaiana George with black pearls and Te ra bags, mareko and Te Vara nui. Tairea says that it has been a chaotic time over the past week, with many Cook island stall-holders arriving in the country even yesterday, and the village at full capacity. For Tairea it is the eleventh year of working at the Pasiika Festival, work that he does on a voluntary basis. “i am proud of our culture, proud of our people,” he says, adding that he enjoys the work even though the pace is hectic. The entertainment at the festival, which is organised by heimana music, is one of the main attractions, he says, and this combined with the support of

the Cook islands community from new Zealand, Australia and the Cook islands is what makes the day a success. performances on the Cook islands village stage were opened with Taunga Korero, followed by the Kabin Bread Boys. A fashion show by Tav, performances by the Cook islands Symphony of Drums and the Ukelele Symphony kept the crowd entertained over the two days. “This is the 21st anniversary of the festival,” says melina Tuiravakai, Trade and marketing manager at the Business Trade investment Board (BTiB). She says there have been some changes in the festival this year, with it now running over Saturday and Sunday. The Cook islands village will be one of only a handful of villages that will be open on the Sunday, which will feature faith based activities and sounds. For the irst time a multi-denominational church service will also be held on the prosperity stage on Sunday morning, under the theme of ‘many nations, one god’. The festival has also provided all stall holders with marquees this year, meaning that it has a more uniform look. BTiB is not attending the festival this year, but has provided support to Tairea as the organiser, and also to stallholders with supporting letters for customs clearance. - Rachel Smith

Dr Mac returns AUCKLAnD chiropractor Dr mac

rastkar is coming back to the Cook Islands for his irst 2013 visit. Rastkar was last in rarotonga in August last year, and will be taking appointments for a clinic in matavera from Saturday march 30 to Friday April 5. rastkar encourages people to book for either themselves or family members who might beneit from his services, and for patients to bring along any previous X-rays, mri or ultrasound reports. Those interested can book online before rastkar’s arrival by clicking the ‘book now’ button at initial consultations are $60 for 30 minutes, including discussing the patient’s health history, an examination and any necessary treatment. Follow-up consultations are $45 for a 15-minute appointment. - Briar Douglas

dr Mac rastkar. 10102228

the Cook Islands village is well known for it’s delicious food and vibrant entertainment. 13030815

Wooden artifact found There hAS still been no home found for a wooden artifact that was left on the streets of rarotonga last week. peter French, Sales and marketing manager for CiTC Liquor, says he found the wooden artefact sitting in the carpark of prime Foods last Wednesday, and has since been looking for its rightful owner. The wooden object is 45cm in length and is hand carved, with French saying he has been told that it may be a spear head. “i don’t want to keep it,” says French, who feels that it may have important sentimental value to its owner. if it is not claimed by monday he intends to pass it on the national Library and museum. French can be contacted on 55732 for further information. - Rachel Smith

Peter French is looking for the owner of the wooden artifact that he found in Prime Foods carpark last week. 13030806


Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News


‘We thank God for keeping us safe’ On the Kid’s Page this week we feature work from Year Six students at St Josephs School. The class has been looking at the topic of cyclones this term, producing written work on their experience with cyclones and natural disasters, and also giving oral presentations to their class mates. Natural Disasters in New Zealand in nApier we’re lucky enough

to have not come across any natural disasters recently. The only one that i’ve heard of was back in 1931. The 1931 earthquake is what caused napier to have Art Deco. every February napier celebrates the 1931 earthquake by dressing up in clothes from back in 1931. The 1931 earthquake basically ruined the whole of napier. Christchurch unlike napier has just had all huge earthquakes in 2012 that ruined the whole of Christchurch and buildings collapsed on people which caused them to die. There were only a couple of buildings still standing. They had a huge decision whether to take the Cathedral down or keep it standing. in the end they decided to take it down. By rosie

the library and got some info about the cyclones that hit the Cook islands. i was amazed when we saw how many cyclones hit the Cook islands in 2005. i heard that cyclone Garry didn’t do any damage, just a bad storm. So i was so relieved that cyclone Garry didn’t do much damage to the island. Thank goodness! By Tschan

Cyclone Garry One ThinG i truly believe, but

some people don’t, is that it is good to prepare for a cyclone

even if it is not going to hit us, because it might change direction. Some people thought it was a waist of time preparing for cyclone Garry. even though it didn’t hit rarotonga, the winds and rain still did and it being my irst cyclone, I was quite excited about cyclone Garry. When i heard that cyclone Garry missed us i was a little disappointed and also relieved because i didn’t want our house to get wrecked. We tried to stay calm but nathaniel was running around the house like mad! By Leroy

Cyclone Garry One ThinG i truly believe

but some other people don’t is the cyclone doesn’t hit. But my parents and i prepared our things. When we found out that a cyclone was going to hit rarotonga, we rushed home. mum prepared the clothes and blankets for warmth, Dad prepared the rope to tie our house, and cut the big branches in our backyard. i locked all the doors and windows and took our pet cat inside the house. Then i helped my dad to nail the wood to our windows. When we

heard the cyclone was on its way, we went inside our house so we can be safe. While waiting, we prayed that God will protect and guide us. During the cyclone i was so scared. At first, the windows were a little weak. But i wasn’t scared, because it was a useless cyclone. When it ended, we untied our ropes and unlocked our windows and our doors. Finally then we thank God for keeping us safe. By Julyn

VIRTUeS the gifts within

Reliability Tu Irinakiia Like a beautiful lower, full of colour but without scent are the fair but fruitless words of him who does not act accordingly. Like a beautiful lower, full of colour and full of scent, are the pure and fruitful words of one who acts accordingly.” Dhammapada 52 Reliability means that others can depend on you. It is doing something that you have agreed to do in a predictable way, without forgetting or having to be reminded. You really care about doing what you said you would do. When you are practicing reliability, others can count on you to do your very best to keep your commitments. I am practicing reliability when I… • Agree to do things that help others • Make promises I can keep • Treat my agreements seriously • Plan ahead • Do my best • Finish on time • Find another way if obstacles occur.

Cyclone Garry DUrinG the cyclone Garry,

i was overseas. So when i got back, i came to school, and we were learning about how bad a cyclone can be. my new friends were telling me about what they have learn’t so far. We went to

I am reliable. I keep my promises. Others can count on me. Nothing can stop me from giving my best.

tschan Hagai, rosie Burns and Leroy aoina present their work on cyclones and natural disasters to their fellow Grade Six students. 13030803


Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News

enTerTAinmenT peu TAmATAOrA

NZ’s No.1 reggae band play on Raro neW ZeALAnD’S number one

reggae band, Tomorrow people, will be performing in Avarua this weekend. The band arrived on rarotonga yesterday, and will be playing at Staircase restaurant and Bar tonight after a sell-out show on Friday night. Lead key player Tana Tupai said the band have a lot to it in on their visit to the Cooks, but

have been having fun as well. “We’ve had a tight schedule but we’ve had the chance to relax and have a good time and go for a few dips in the water.” He said it’s the irst time the band has been to the Cook islands as a group, after coming almost two years ago. The Wellington-based band signed with record label illegal musik more than a year ago. The

record label, which was formed in late 2007 by edgar Bennett and Cook islander mark Arona, also represents artists such as J Willams and Brooke Duff. Local deejay G Dub from 88Fm said Tomorrow people have “a unique sound”. “They’ve got a really nice summertime-reggae sound,” he said. Tupai said the members of the

band bonded over a shared love of reggae music. “reggae represents the nature of Kiwis – we’re relaxed, we’re laid back. it’s special to us being here, because we know it’s the kind of music a lot of Cook islanders like too.” GDub said having female vocalist, Johanna Tepania, gives the band a “unique sound”. “They’ve got a female singer,

which you don’t often ind with reggae band,” he said. The band is also ilming their next video during their time on rarotonga. The video is for their song ‘You give me something’, and will be compiled from footage of their four days in the Cook islands. it will star locals Luther Berg, 23, and moana Taio, 18 – who

has modelled for idCK and Loui Vuitton. “i’ve done modelling, but never acting,” said Taio. “This acting thing is all new to me.” The pair will play a young couple who are in love. Arona said the concept of the video was not fully decided on. “We’re shooting the video on the ly – we haven’t fully decided how it will work yet.” - BD

Seven-piece band tomorrow People perform again tonight at the Staircase restaurant and Bar. 13030866

Pasiika and tour for Triggerish perFOrminG at pasifika Festival 2013 is just one of the gigs that Cook islands band Triggerfish have planned for the next month. The duo of Kura happ and maurice newport, began their new Zealand tour performing at the piha rSA last Thursday, following by another performance at Luscious Café in Te Atatu. Cook islander Florence Syme-Buchanan attended the

gig saying that the café was packed, with quite a few Cook islanders from out west showing support. “it was a great gig and gave us all a good ‘home’ buzz to hear Triggerfish,” she said. “Kura’s version of the all time favourite ‘i raro i Te Tumunu’ gave my daughter Fe’ena goosebumps – it was very moving.” Triggerfish took to the stage at pasifika Festival for the sec-

ond year running performing on the prosperity stage on Saturday morning and the Cook islands stage on Sunday. The duo will head south after the festival, to the Southern Cross and Lido Café in Wellington, then on to performances in the South island at picton and Christchurch. For more information go to or www. facebook/motoneproductions. - Rachel Smith

The WeekEnd Crossword ODDS AND SODS

The duo of Kura Happ and Maurice Newport, who make up Triggerish, performed at Luscious Café as part of their new Zealand tour. PHOTO FE’ENA SYME BUCHANAN 13030805

ACROSS 1. Ceo of FSda, _ _ (6,5) 5. Cook Islands Cricket (3) 8. yell in fright (6) 10a,19d & 14a. Corporate sporting challenge, _ _ _ (8,5,4) 11. Zero (3) 13. Strange thing (9) 14. See 10 across (4) 16. Pertaining to education (10) 19. Irreligious people (8) 21. Mechanical person (5) 23. In an elevated position (4) 25. Mounted gun (6) 26. Makes beloved (7) 27. assimilates mentally (7) DOWN 2. Summarises (11) 3. Souns of thunder (7) 4. representative images (5) 6. Groups or orders (15) 7. Sitting for painting (6) 9. Boredom (5) 12. Synthetic fabric (5) anSwerS On page 16

On Saturday evening join us for our FABULOUS

Island Night with

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Dining 7 - 8.30pm Show starts 8.30pm


terta ight en N d n Isla

15. Choose (3) 17. Protective kitchen clothing (5) 18. amaze (4) 19. See 10 across (5)

20. Baby eel (5) 22. extra (5) 24. not even (3)

* Maori-English: English-Maori


featuring delicious local food

a m a or

Tuesday Island Night features Ta’akoka e t l la

OYZE til

&B ith TARA inment w


Live ente

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Complimentar y Transfers provided from anywhere on the island.


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classiieds pupu kite ngai okotai EMAIL


Fax 25303




Trials NcI will be holding Trials to select the cook Islands National Netball Team for 2013 as follows. rarotonga -Testing will be held on saturday 9 March, at 10am. Criteria for Testing: Beep test - minimum level 9 -Trials will be held on Tuesday 12 March, 5.30pm-7.30pm -Venue, TSA -registration Forms must be completed and submitted by 2pm, Friday 8 March to NCI Ofice. Form available on website & NCI Oice. Trials will also be held in auckland on Saturday 16 March. Contact NCI oice on Ph 22840 for further information. 69773 / /2113

Discontinuation of School Bus Route The two 7 am Anticlockwise school bus departures, is now reduced down to one departure daily. One bus will now depart Cook’s Corner, Anticlockwise direction, via the main road Panama and around the island. all students and any other person that would normally catch one of these buses, please note that there is only one bus now in the anticlockwise direction and you will need to catch this one. all other morning school bus departures remain the same, as does our normal schedules. We apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused due to this discontinuation of school bus service. This Notice is from Cook’s Island Bus Passenger Transport Ltd For further enquires please phone 25512. 69833 / /1981

COOK ISLANDS TRADES TRAINING CENTRE - Centre Solar Power Training GSES Design and Installation of Photovoltaic Grid Connect System The cook Islands Trades Training Centre is pleased to ofer the above training at its workshop in arorangi from the 8th to the 19 of April. Training provider GSES (Global Sustainable Energy Solutions ) has over 25 years experience in the solar energy ield and have been responsible for developing training programmes for leading australian training institutes. The minimum requirement to participate in this training is the cook Islands Electrical Wiring Certiicate NZ electrical registration or equivalent. Limited places available - Enrol Now! closing date for enrolments is the 25 March. course fee $100. For further information please contact either Boyd Ellison or Edith Nicholas on 21471 or 54166. or email 69864 /30979 /1795

COOK ISLANDS VOYAGING SOCIETY GENERAL MEETING calling all members of the cIVs to attend an important meeting on Monday 11 March at the Paradise Inn. We would like to discuss our voyaging schedule, our commercial programme, crewing and fundraising opportunities. We would like your input, advice and enthusiasm for this year’s activities. See you at 4.30pm on the deck at Paradise and stay around after the meeting for a little socialising! Ian Karika President. 777

REEF SUB Tours are back on. Book in your semi-submersible tours. Phone 55901/ 28238. 69881 / /2560

1pm sharp. Material deadline for display adverts 24 hours prior.





Autara Akakite Kite uanga a Tini e Petirini Pareanga. Te pati akaaka iatu nei tatou e te kopu tangata Kia tae mai ki ta tatou uipaanga te ka raveia a te paraparau ra 14 o Mati 2013 kite aitutaki Hostel i te ora ono 6 ite aia. Manako maata no ta tatou rotai anga a teia Mataiti ki mua 2014 e tetai au manako ke atu. Executives.

Tiare Moana V6 Sailing Due to unforeseen delays to our sailing schedule, cargo acceptance to the Northern Group Islands has been extended. Cargo Cut of is 22 March 2013 for Dry Goods & General Cargo Frozen Goods - only Accepting cargo from 18 March 2013 with Cutof 22 March. Please ensure your cargo is in by the 22 as No cargo will be accepted after this date. PH 27185 for further information We apologise for the inconvenience that this delay may have caused.

Tiare Moana V6 Sailing Now accepting cargo for the Northern Group Islands Dry Goods & General Cargo Cargo Cut-of is 15 March 2013 Frozen Goods - Accepting Cargo from 11 March 2013 with Cutof 15 March. Please ensure your cargo is in by the 15 March as no cargo will be accepted after this date. Phone 27185 for further information.

69566 /30866 /1956

More Taunga Family Meeting. Please come along to our meeting at More Taunga’s residence in Ngatangiia on Tuesday 12 March 2013 at 7pm. Phone 52979 for enquiries. 69851 /30970 /1931

FUTURE FOR YOUTH a Public Meeting will be held to discuss the proposed “Future for Youth Programme”. The “Future of Youth Programme” is a result of a joint collaboration between the House of Ariki, Koutu Nui, Religious Advisory Council, Cis Christian Church Council, Cis community safety advisory Council,l Cis Red Cross, Rotary, Titikaveka Growers Association, Ministry f Internal Afairs and Ministry of Education to combat the current rise in youth crime on rarotonga. a warm invitation is extended to all interested members of the public to come and join in this important discussion. Date: Thursday March 14 Time: 7pm Venue: Pukapuka Hostel, Avarua For enquiries please contact HE Hon. John Carter QSO on telephone 22-201. 69811 / /2069

TUATUA AKAKITe Te akakite ia atu nei ki te au kopu tangata e au taeake to ratou tei tanumia ia ki roto ite enua ite tua ki tai ite are Pure Vaimaanga e ka raveia tetai uipaanga a te ruitoru ra 20 o Mati 2013 ite ora ta’i (1pm) tikai. Manako Maata no te akatikaanga i teia nga’i. Te pati ia atu nei te au taeake kia tae mai ki teia uipaanga puapinga. Meitaki Maata. Maui Mataiapo. Vaimaanga.



69843 / /1723

Sunday 10 March 2013 The Name above every name is Jesus Christ - Philippians 2:9 7.30am - Children’s program with Minister rebekah Daniel on radio Matariki 10am - No one too young nor too old for sunday school! 11am - Worship - Elder Papauri Pere - fellowship luncheon for all - alive for Jesus nationwide radio ministry with Elder Michael Papatua 1pm - church updating news with Brother Tangaroa Uea 2.30pm - Bishop Pere’s Bible study and fellowship with inmates 4.30pm - Nothing but the Truth TV ministry with Bishop Pere ‘Jehovah or Jesus’ 7.30pm - Hospitality & Bible study service by Elder Michael Papatua aere mai te katoatoa rava! Everyone most welcome! Contact Bishop Pere 23778/55177 Dial-A-Prayer 26777 Email tpere@

And has entered into a license agreement allowing Orbis Investment Management Limited, also of Orbis House, 25 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda to use the mark in connection with the organization and operation of mutual investment funds; investment and portfolio management; purchase and sale of stocks and shares; investment advisory services; insurance, reinsurance and insurance brokerage; investment trust services. Our abovementioned client has instructed us and wish us to bring to the notice of the trade and public that they attach singular importance to their abovementioned Trade Mark and that legal action will be taken against any person or persons who act in infringement of the rights of our clients. Any inquiry relative thereto may be referred to ourselves being their agents: Hilborne, Hawkin & Co. 2875 Michelle Drive, Suite 170 Irvine, California 92606 United States of America Telephone: (714) 283-1155 Facsimile: (714) 283-1555 Email:

SeRVICeS Delicious cakes for all occasions. reasonable prices. Phone Fern 29015, 77555.


Cook Islands Teachers’ Institute (CITI) & Association of Women Teachers (AWT) Annual General Meeting Tuesday 12 March 2013 3:30pm Avatea School Hall E kapikianga teia ki te au taeake puapii o runga nei ia Rarotonga kia tae mai ki ta tatou uipaanga. Aere mai, apai mai i te au manako manea ei akamatutu i ta tatou putuputuanga no teia au tuatau ki mua. Ka kite Ms Nga Charlie CITI General Secretary. 69766

69873 / /1632


Cook Islands PH 24065/55976





69232 / /1723

68443 / /2655


Notice is hereby given that our client, Orbis Holdings Limited of Orbis House, 25 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda is the owner and sole proprietor of the following trademark:

casual ads must be prepaid. cancellation fee $6.40 incl. VAT. Quotations on request.

The Annual General Meeting of the Cook Islands Game Fishing club will be held on saturday 9 March at 1400 at the Tupapa clubrooms.Members are urged to attend. P. Etches Secretary CIGF.

69760 /30850 /1931


RATES Minimum $5.80 incl. VaT for 1-15 words.

DEADLINES Deadline for next day’s classiieds is



Social Impact Fund (SIF) Project Funding The SIF provides combined Cook Islands and new Zealand support to Cook Islands Civil Society Sector to meet the needs of those most vulnerable in the community and is focused on 6 priority areas: Gender equality, Children & Youth, Disabilities, the Elderly, Domestic Violence and Mental health. The SIF Board now invite proposals for Project Funding in the following eligible project areas •Community education • Training projects • Workshops • Awareness raising activities • Income generation • Organisational Strengthening Please note infrastructure projects and international travel are not encouraged, but will be considered on a case by case basis. For further enquiries please contact the SIF Manager on telephone 29378 or email Ministry of Internal Afairs. The deadline for submission of your project funding application is Wednesday 20 March 2013. No applications will be accepted after this date. 69221

Due to public concern over the recent island wide outage last Monday, Te Aponga Uira Management has deferred the engine load test to the weekend outside business hours. The public is therefore advised that the Power Station Engineers will be conducting engine performance load testing on an overhauled engine on Saturday the 9th March 2013 between the hours of 1 pm to 6 pm and also on Sunday the 10 March 2013 between the hours of 8 am to 6 pm. Customers are advised that the power supply may unpredictably shutdown anytime during this period therefore causing power outages in some part of the island. Te Aponga Uira Management apologizes for any inconvenience that may be caused during this period. Te Aponga Uira Management

TUATUA AKAKITE No te manamanata o te iti tangata no runga I te mateanga Uira I te Monite I topa ake nei kua akatanotano te Akateretere o te Aponga Uira e kia raveia teia akarakaraanga matatio I te turanga o te matini I teia openga epetoma I vao ake I te ora angaanga Pitiniti. Te akakiteia atu nei I reira ki te katoatoa e ka rave atu te aronga angaanga o te Are Uira I tetai akarakaraanga matatio ki runga I te turanga ririnui o tetai matini uira tei oti I te akaouia e rua ra a te Maanakai ra 9 no Mati 2013 mei te ora 1 I te avatea aiai ki te ora 6 I te aiai e pera katoa I te Tapati ra 10 no Mati 2013 mei te ora 8 I te popongi ki te ora 6 I te aiai. Te akakite ia atu nei I reira ki te katoatoa e taangaanga nei I te uira e kia teateamamao I te reira tuatau penei uake e ka mate te uira I tetai au tuanga oire. Te tataraara atu nei te Akateretere o Te Aponga Uira no tetai uatu tukaui te ka tupu mai I te reira tuatau. Te Aponga Uira Management 69787


Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News





T’s Waste Disposal De-sludge, quick service. Good rates phone 50188.

Nikao, large 2 bedroom furnished unit, grounds maintained, available 17 March, $220pw. Phone 55527.

Palm trees, 3-4mtrs tall. Phone 58400.

Garage Sale - Clothes, Shoes, Kitchen Appliances, Books, Household knick knacks, and so much more. Back Road, Arorangi, Inave. Sam and Talei Samuel’s residence from 7am Saturday 9, Ph 20296

69810 / /2480

Pool Doctor * Water testing * chlorine * P.H down * Bufer Discounted rates FrEE DELIVErY Phone Tony 56599.

69782 / /2398

69826 / /1708

Has your drinking got out of control? Call 55606. 69813 / /2567

WOMENS HUPA CLASSES Island dance itness Where Titikaveka, Kent Hall When Every Tuesday and Wednesday 5.30pm $2. 777

FOR ReNT Shop or oice space for rent, $250 per week. Opposite the airport. Phone Tina 79368 for more details. 69294 / /2046

Available for long term rent, Furnished one bedroom, selfcontained unit in Tupapa, O’oa. Close to 24hour convenient store and handy to town for work or shopping. Bedroom is it with an air conditioning unit. Weekly rent of $150. If interested, call or text 52644. 69878 /27482 /1931

Room to rent suitable one person. share furnished 2 bedroom house, $70 per week. Phone 78151. 69868 /27472 /1931

3 bedroom fully furnished house in Tupapa, 5 mins to town, available from 9 March to 31 July. Phone 23122, moblie 71758. 69863 /30976 /1931

2 bedroom house furnished, Tupapa. Long or short term. Phone 29712.

Fully furnished 3 bedroom home back road nikao near schools, hospital, beach $300pw Phone 56743.

69849 /30969 /1931

69834 /30964 /2631

69847 /30968 /2419

2 bedroom house for rent, Matavera. Phone 21444 or 79874.



69809 /30893 /1931

Tiare Taina and Tiare Maori. Hut 11, Punanga Nui Market. Phone Dora 77681. 69815 /30894 /2541

Clothes dryer-’Maytag’ commercial gas, in as new condition, a top quality machine, plus a 100lb gas bottle, $1500 irm price. Phone 20222. 69837 /30963 /1931

5000ltr Metal tank $5000 ono To view at Pandanus Petrol & Oil Enquiries ph 55257.


69838 /30965 /1931

Massive garage sale Today at 7am Every thing going cheap include pot plants and key board. Matavera main road. Phone 28691 777


69841 / /2482

5 Drawer bedroom unit-(new). U paint or stain for $385. Phone 22411. 69865 /30978 /1931

Coconuts, New Tv Dvd cabinet, bathroom vanity. Good condition. Phone 24922 or 53757. 69872 /27469 /1931

Weddin Gown- Absolutely stunning! One strap of the shoulder, with trail only worn once- new brand, new $350. Phone Kristina 28699 or 78699. 69880 /27481 /1931

Sunday Treat 7am - 11am Backroad, Tupapa. rukau taakari - $8 Ika mata - $5 Desserts Cheesecake, Peach & pineapple, Chocolate, Apple pie Text your order to Mary 73380.

PARTS PERSON This position is ideal for a well organised person who enjoys a challenge. It requires some computer knowledge for the implementation of parts enquiries via email and internet and for producing quotations and invoices on Quick Books. Your attention to detail and customer care is vitally important. Previous experience would be preferred but not essential, as on the job training can be given to the right person with the right attitude. For more information, please call Michelle on Phone 29882. 69824 / /1943

planning and policy Oicer The Ministry of Education seeks qualiied, experienced and motivated applicants for the position of Planning and Policy Oficer and is responsible to the Director of the Planning and Development Division for all policy related matters including research, development of information papers, consultation with stakeholders and assisting with the drafting and editing of reports as required. Must be able to work independently, meet timelines and have a good understanding of the education sector and related international conventions. applications close on Tuesday 19 March 2013. Application packs including full position description are available from the Ministry Oice in Nikao and on the website at send completed application forms with cV and references to Director - HrM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 rarotonga cook Islands Ph (682) 29357, fax (682) 28357 or email vacancy@education.

Garage Sale- Everything must go. Washing machine, stove, beds, furniture, lots of clothes, shoes, etc. Phone 28690.

A Management position is available for a motivated person who is willing to learn all aspects of the business. The successful applicant must be: -A Good team Leader and able to oversee staf and the day to day running of all Treasure chest stores. -computer literate with knowledge of Quick Books & POS System. -stock control including stock takes, ordering and distributing stock. -Drivers License is essential. Please send cV to

69845 /30967 /1931

69720 / /1755

@ Maire Nui Gardens Over 400 palms for sale. Excellent prices! Both in bags and in the ground ready for transplanting. This is the best collection of excellent quality palms of all varieties on the island. Perfect for landscaping projects, both large and small. Resorts, Government departments, new home owners take note...this is a great opportunity to instantly beautify your grounds. Sold in quantities to suit all buyers.Inspection by appointment only. Phone now 55795

5 door Subaru Impreza, Excellent condition, One owner, Selling at $9500 ono. Phone or text 56120. 69825 /30828 /1931





The Oice of the Prime Minister (OPM) in conjunction with the Oice of the energy Commissioner (OeC), invites sealed Tender Submissions from suitably qualiied contractors for the supply and delivery of all requested goods including the construction of the Pukapuka and Nassau Islands photovoltaic and lowvoltage distribution systems co-funded by the Japanese and New Zealand governments. Hardcopies of the tender document will be available from the Renewable Energy Development Division’s oice of the OPM at a non-refundable fee of nZ$100 per set. Electronic copies will however be made available free of charge. Only hardcopies of the Tender Submissions will be accepted and these must reach the tender box located at the reDD’s oice no later than 1pm on Monday 11 March 2013. All Tender Submissions must be addressed to: Chief of Staf Oice of Prime Minister Private Bag Avarua Rarotonga COOK ISLANDS All tender enquiries must be directed to the PeC Fund Co-ordinator Ngateina Rani, on telephone (682) 25494, mobile (682) 54433 or email 68852

69823 / /1943

Looking for energetic , hardworking individuals with the right attitude to join our team at LBV Avarua & Muri. Part time & full time positions available, Wait Staf Day & Night time shifts. Hospo & Barista experience preferred but not necessary. Will train the right individuals. chef Flexible shift work available in our kitchens. Prefer experience in a la carte and/or production kitchen. Looking for enthusiastic people who love to cook! Phone 27619 for an interview. 69860 / /2358

69708 / /1795

69709 / /1795

Reefside Rarotonga looking for a reliable and honest worker. 30 hours + are available. With more time as your skills progress. Contact Simon on 56589.


ACCOUNTS ADMINISTRATOR As an Accounts Assistant, you will work one on one with the Financial administration Manager. Your duties would include, but not be limited to accounts Payable & accounts receivable. A sound knowledge of Quickbooks and Excel would be preferred. We are looking for someone who enjoys producing quick and accurate work in a busy varied environment. You must have great communication skills and a can do attitude. Please submit your written application with a brief cV and daytime contact number to the General Manager, Pickering Motors Ltd, P O Box 18, Rarotonga or to vehicles@pickmotors. For any queries, please contact caroline on Phone 29882. Applications close 15 March 2013.

teaching and Support Staf applications are invited from qualiied and motivated teachers and support staf for the following positions: senior Primary school Teacher: avarua school Teacher aide - EcE: Nikao school Teacher aides - special Needs (2 positions) Arorangi and avatea schools Grounds/maintenance person (2 positions) Arorangi and Avarua schools applications close on Tuesday 19 March 2013. Application packs are available from the Ministry or at and completed forms with cV and references should be sent to Director - HrM Division Ministry of Education PO Box 97 rarotonga cook Islands Email ck

69879 / /2651



69761 / /2508

AnSWerS to crossword on page 14

FOUND Notices are FREE To encourage honesty and good citizenship.

AITUTAKI GAME FISHING CLUB Tenders for Refurbishment Project The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation and the Aitutaki game Fishing Club Incorporated advises that tenders are invited from suitably qualiied tenderers for the following contract for work on the refurbishment of the Aitutaki game Fishing Club headquarters in Arutanga, Aitutaki. Turnkey Contract No. C01/2012 – Aitutaki Game Fishing Club Refurbishment Project, Arutanga Harbour, Aitutaki for the supply, installation of materials and construction of the existing Fishing Club Building. The contract requires the contractor to provide insurances at speciied levels. Suitably qualiied and experienced tenderers should apply to the Aitutaki game Fishing Club or Cook Islands Tourism for tender documents, including a brief statement of their experience and qualiications. During the tender period any queries regarding the tender document shall be made to: Mr Michael Henry, Chairman, Building Committee, Aitutaki Game Fishing Club in Aitutaki or to Mrs Nane Papa, Executive Assistant, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation in Rarotonga. The tender shall close at 2pm on 22 March 2013 (Cook Islands Time) at the Aitutaki game Fishing Club headquarters in Arutanga, Aitutaki. 777

A Cook Islands News public service.


TENDER Tenders are invited for a 2008 Black Yamaha Spark. (as is, where is basis). Cash buyers only. The highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted. For genuine interests, we request you include a $50.00 (Cash/Bank Cheque) deposit. To be refunded should your tender be unsuccessful. Tenders will close 4pm, 15 March 2013 To view or for further information please contact Harriet Raui on Phone 22014 or by email on Written tenders may be mailed or delivered to:Collections Manager Westpac banking Corporation Main Road, Avarua PO Box 42 Rarotonga, Cook Islands. 69771


Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News

69820 / /1943


Ph 22336

animal Clinic

69792 / /1617

The Ministry of Internal Afairs invites application for the position of Programme & research Oicer in the Gender and Development Division. a full job description can be collected from Eva Mapu, Phone 29370, email admin@ Applications close at 4pm on Friday 15 March, 2013.


Te Vaerua provides rehabilitation services in the cook Islands, primarily ofering a supported discharge hospital service, community based/ home based therapy and carer training/support. a clinic space is currently under renovation, and when completed, services will include musculoskeletal outpatients and neurological rehab services on site. The service has an MDT, goal oriented, client/family focussed philosophy; other therapies provided on a consultative basis. The successful therapist will also have a 0.5 FTE role at the Rarotonga Hospital, supporting the permanent physiotherapist to provide services in all areas. You must be lexible, adaptable and challenged by delivering services in a variety of environments to a wide range of people and conditions. Ideally we would like someone to start in april 2013. Please email your cV to us at More details on Te Vaerua can be found at

Cook Islands National Rugby 7’s Team - Women’s Position(s) vacant - Head Coach only cook Islands rugby Union are seeking a suitably qualiied person for the above position. They will be responsible for preparing our National Womens 7’s team for the Oceania 7’s Tournament to be held in Fiji in august 2013. applications should be in writing stating relevant background and addressed to, The President cIrU PO Box 898 rarotonga Or via email, cirugby@rugby. Applications close, Saturday 16 March 2013 @ 4pm.

68246 /27437 /2581

69882 / /1839

We deliver.

Get your daily news delivered to your home or business


Manea Foods - Positions Vacant. cashier - 2 positions are available. This is a shift work position and will suit persons who don’t mind early starts and early inishes or a late start and a late inish. Shift times are 6am to 2pm and 2pm to 9pm. Self motivation a must, on the job training provided. application forms are available from Manea Foods in Nikao. Contact Jade 29 804. 69791 / /1617

Cafe Operator Mobile cofee business looking for a reliable operator. sole charge position. Full training given. Ph 57650. 69832 / /2096

Trainee Comptroller Enquiries phone 20501. 69767 / /2124

• Phone 22999 •

Car Detailer We are looking for an energetic person to join our team of groomers. This position requires an eye for detail, the ability to maintain basic vehicle service records and to carry out basic vehicle maintenance. You must be available to work in the weekends, have a clean current driver’s license for both a motorbike & car, be honest, reliable and of sober habits. For more details, please call Phillip. Ph 22833



Systems and Point-of Sale Administrator. This is a position that requires advanced skills in - Information Technology. Experience in managing and maintaining workstations, network infrastructure, managing printers and databases (SQLserver). Stock takes, store transfers and reconciliation skills are essential. application forms are available from Manea Foods in Nikao, alternatively please email cV to systemsadmin@maneafoods. com Please call Stephanie on 29806 for further information.


Need a little



every morning, (almost) anywhere on the island, rain or shine Phone our oice on 22999 for delivery rates and conditions

69652 /30789 /2039


theadora Lorina Kirikava 9 march 2013

happy 1st

birthday to our angel

thea, from papa ra, Mama ake, papa ruru and your brother tekorona.



py birthday p a

SOUTHPAC TRUST LIMITED Accountant Southpac Trust Limited is looking to employ an accountant with CA or ACA (or equivalent) qualiications. They should have had at least three years experience in auditing, chartered accountancy or management accounting. The role will be as Accountant to Southpac and will include management accounting, working on accounting & systems projects and client accounting. It is a varied and interesting role. To apply for this position please email your CV to Applications close 29 March 2013. /




Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News

Oceania volleyball members meet LACK OF technical support and access to basic equipment for the development of volleyball across Oceania was one of the main issues raised at the Oceania Volleyball president’s meeting in Tokyo this week. Cook islands Volleyball Association president hugh Graham travelled to Japan for the meeting where he not only added his voice to the Oceania region’s drive for more support from their international body – he also took the time out to thank the Japan Volleyball Association for the support they’ve shown the local body. “i was acknowledging the support and donation from Japan Volleyball

would be active in delivering this,” says Graham. in addition FiVB executive members will be visiting rarotonga in July/ August this year for meetings and to provide direct assistance to development for Cook islands Volleyball. Graham says there will be a particular focus on the development of beach volleyball. “Cook islands Volleyball is very appreciative for the donation of the volleyballs (from Japan) which will be distributed throughout the Cook islands and clubs, youth groups and community groups on rarotonga.” - Matariki Wilson

Association of volleyballs for Cook islands Volleyball,” says Graham from Japan. Graham had fruitful discussions with both Japan’s volleyball association president Taizaburo nakano at the president of the international volleyball body Dr Ary Graca as well as fellow members of the Asia Volleyball Confederation and executives of the Japanese association. Graham says that the one day meeting in Tokyo was to discuss the development of volleyball in the Paciic. “The FiVB president gave his assurance that there would be development in our region and that Japan Volleyball

Cook Islands Volleyball association president Hugh Graham meets with Japan Volleyball association president taizaburo nakano during a one day meeting in Japan. 13030742

happy80thbirthday Trees planted for women in sport YOUnG coconut shoots (uto) were plant-

ed at the new Cook islands Sports and National Olympic Committee ofice in nikao to commemorate international Women’s Day. The special tree planting ceremony was organised by the Women in Sport Commission in honour of local female athletes, sports administrators and female leaders in the sports community. One of the Cook Islands irst Olympians, sprinter erin Tierney who attended the 1988 Seoul Olympics, was honoured to plant one of the coconut shoots on behalf of Cook islands athletes. Also in attendance at the intimate ceremony was mama Orometua Aratangi representing the Cook islands Christian Church, nikao member of parliament and former minister of sport ngamau munokoa, and CiSnOC life members Anne Tierney. - Matariki Wilson

to our most amazing mama

vainehura orairai te Marama Mii tupuna ei ariki teava I te tautau a titi CharLIe

May you have many more wonderful blessings and happy days. thank you for all your loving and care. We love you very much. Love always, your darling husband,

papa taamo.

your wonderful children: Charlie & Louisa, William & vaine, taamo & Jane, Nga, tairi, vaine, Sally & Junior, and Louisa & andy, and all your grand children, great grand children

CISnoC life member anne tierney plants a coconut shoot as part of the women in Sport Commission’s tree planting ceremony in honour of International women’s day. 13030831


CraZyprICe !


$9.90kg Chuck Wagon



CraZyprICe !



$138.00ctn LAMB SHOULDER CHOPS 10kg


CraZyprICe !

CraZyprICe !

$95.00ctn SEAFOOD MARINARA 1kg


OPENING HOURS Mondays to Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-2pm

Check us out on ST JOSEPH RD, AVARUA. Ph 22259.


CraZyprICe !

$44.00pkt NZ POTATOES 20kg

$40.00sack or $2.30kg



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Flight Times | Voyage details FROM ARRIVES

International Flights

sATuRdAy mArch 9 DJ163/162 AKL 11.55PM nZ60/47 SYD 5.30AM nZ18 AKL 10.30PM suNdAy mArch 10 DJ163/162 AKL 11.55PM NZ46/45 AKL 4.15PM




1.05AM 6.45AM 11.59PM


1.05AM 5.30PM

RARO TO ARR sATuRdAy mArch 9 0800 AITUTAKI 0850 1030 AITUTAKI 1120 1530 AITUTAKI 1620 1800 AITUTAKI 1850 1100 aTIU 1145 suNdAy mArch 10

air Rarotonga


1230 1730



1320 1820




0910 1140 1640 1910 1205

rarO rarO rarO rarO rarO

1000 1230 1730 2000 1250

1340 1840

rarO rarO

1420 1930



OLOMANA 012 - ETD AUCK 06/04, ETA RARO 13/04, ETA AITUTAKI 15/04


GOT A STORY? text us on

or call us at Cook islands news



Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank squares so that no digit is repeated in each row, each column or each 3 x 3 square.

Answer to Friday’s puzzle

HÄGAR the Horrible

By Dik Browne



By Lee Falk & Sy Barry


Forecast to midnight for the Southern Cooks: Fine apart from brief showers. Moderate easterly winds. Moderate seas. Moderate southerly swells. Further outlook: Brief showers. For Rarotonga: Fine apart from brief showers. Further outlook: Brief showers. For the Northern Cooks: Brief showers. Moderate east to northeast winds. Moderate seas. Further outlook: Brief showers.

SaT High 7.32AM 0.87M 8.02PM 0.92M



1.22AM 0.39M 1.39PM




0.4M ne


Low 2.28AM 0.36M 2.45PM 0.34M


Sun, Moon & arapo

E 10kts new Moon MAR 11 7.51 PM

First Quarter MAR 19 5.27PM

Full Moon MAR 27 9.28AM

Sunshine hours

third Quarter APR 3 4.37AM


ArAPo - motu sat 9 tanu (Planting)

1.4M SW

tautaI (Fishing) Motu te po. Po ika e te koura. dark night for ish & crayish.

Humidity 9

1.4M SW


Sun High 8.34AM 0.91M 9.02PM 0.95M

auraka e tanu i te niu. don’t plant coconuts.


Rarotonga Saturday, March 9, 2013

Forecast Map 2pm Saturday


Situation: An easterly wind low prevails over Southern Cooks. An east to northeast wind low prevails over Northern Cooks



Answer to Friday’s puzzle

Issued at 2pm at Rarotonga

OLOMANA 011 - ETD AUCK 16/03, ETA RARO 23/03, ETA AITUTAKI 25/03



Weather Forecast to Midnight


Front Key:




1.4M SW


Swell direction and size


Outer Islands Weather Outlook Saturday, March 9, 2013









Forecast thanks to Cook Islands Meteorological Service.





Sun rise


Sun Set


Moon rise 4.43AM Moon Set 5.35PM Sun rise


Sun Set 7.00PM

Moon rise 5.42AM Moon Set 6.17PM


29° E 09kts


27° E 10kts


28° E 10kts



28° E 10kts

32° E 12kts


28° E 10kts


Saturday, March 9, 2013 cook Islands News

Women in Sports & volleyball news



—PAGE 18

Sign up for Sevens in Heaven ThiS YeAr’S annual international Sevens in heaven tournament is shaping up to be another fantastic event with expressions of interest received new Zealand, Australian and Fijian based teams. This year’s tournament will be held from Thursday October 31 to november 2 and will once again be presented by CiTC. The tournament is expected to include 16 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams. “We are very excited with the interest received to date from teams in new Zealand, Australia and Fiji and know we will see

another great ‘Sevens in heaven’ event in 2013!” says event coordinator Lara Sadaraka. While interest is rolling in from international sevens team, local clubs and groups planning on being part of the ever-popular event are reminded that you must register your team by monday April 1. To register for the tournament send an email to 7sinheaven@destinationcookislands. com or contact Lara Sadaraka at lara@destinationcookislands. com and get ready for Sevens in heaven. - Matariki Wilson

Tag team take out Paciic Cup A TeAm of young and energetic

new Zealand based Cook islands athletes (pictured) have taken out the Tag-20 Paciic Cup this week in Auckland. Captained by Corey Seil (forth from left) the team beat new Zealand, Australia and Samoa amongst other countries. The Cook islands team will travel to the Gold Coast in October for the World Cup. immediately after their cov-

eted win, Seil lew to Wellington to play in the national indoor netball championship. Yesterday Seils’ team beat Wellington by 32 points and the 16-year-old Cook islands boy is being watched by his biggest fan, grandmother Tutu Seil, take his team to victory. Tutu Seil hails from muri, ngatangiia. - FSB


Expect another exciting Sevens in Heaven tournament later this year with teams from New Zealand, Australia and Fiji expressing their desire to be part of the annual tournament. 13030864

Warriors visit Panthers

ViCTOriA park in Tupapa and raemaru park in Arorangi are the venues to catch all the rugby league action today. Both venues have a range of age grade matches between various clubs starting at 11am at Victoria park and at 12.30pm at raemaru park. At Tupapa – the main game will be between the panthers premier grade and the visiting Takuvaine Warriors. The Warriors may sit at the bottom of the table but can be giant killers on a good day and if Tupapa underestimate the boys from the valley they could just ind themselves at the end of the Warriors spear. The likelihood of the panthers doing that though is pretty slim as the classy side have already shown great form so far this season. meanwhile at Arorangi – the exciting young Bears will face defending champions the Titikave-

ka Bulldogs in what should be an exciting match. The Bulldogs have had a slow start to the season while the Bears have come oh-so-close in a number of their games and will want to dominate the Bulldogs today to get their train on the right track as round two of the season approaches. Get along to your clubs as your support could just be the push your team will need to win to-

- MW day. Saturday 9 at Victoria Park

– 11.00pm-Under 12 panthers vs Bulldogs, ref-club officials, 12.00pm-Under 14 panthers vs eels, ref-p.ngaroi assisted by club oficials, 1.00pm-Under 16 Panthers vs Sea eagles, ref-S.Willis assisted by J.hosking/p.ngaroi, 2.00pmUnder 19 panthers vs Warriors, refT.Tuakana assisted by p.ngaroi/J. murray, 3.30pm-reserves eels vs Sea eagles, ref-S. Teiotu assisted by J.hosking/ J.murray, 5.00pm-

premiers panthers vs Warriors, ref-m.Une assisted by S. Teiotu/T. Tuakana, (sub oficial-T Dyer).

Saturday 9 at Raemaru Park – 12.30pm-Under 12 Bears vs Sea eagles, ref-r.mato assisted by club oficial, 1.30pm-Under 14 Bears vs Sea eagles, ref-K.Kopu assisted by club oficial, 2.30pm-Reserves Bears vs panthe, ref-T.manea assisted by n.Tou/K.Kopu, 4.00pm-premiers Bears vs Bulldogs, ref-A.emile assisted by T.manea/K.Kopu

the elusive Spoon Marsters will lead his young Bears side against defending champions the titikaveka Bulldogs today in what will be a very interesting match at raemaru Park. 13030310

2003 daihatsu hijet truck - 660cc petrol - 42,700 kms

Was $13,990.00


$12,990 p:29882



Saturday 9 March  

News, Sports and Opinion from the Cook Islands News for Saturday, March 9, 2013

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