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CV NEWS MAY 2011 Cineversum introduces the new BlackWing mk2011 3D video-projectors worldwide The BlackWings are state-of-the-art home cinema full-HD 1080P digital projectors and integrate the latest technologies available on the market such as three LCoS panels at a native resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, HDMI 1.4 connections and of course active 3D projection. The BlackWing One, Two and Three mk2011 replace the previous BlackWing mk2010 models that have been acclaimed and awarded all around the globe, improving 2D performance and picture quality and adding 3D functionality. The ultra quiet, projector is housed inside a futuristic deep metallic-black ABS plastic chassis designed by the famed French designer Antoine BĂŠon. The design celebrates the concept of speed and precision with an unforgettable futuristic shape reminiscent of the Stealth Fighter; hence, the name BlackWing. 3D projection was obviously the most awaited feature of the new BlackWing Series. The Cineversum engineers have worked very hard to make 3D done right, while not sacrificing the performance with regular 2D content.

Therefore the Cineversum 3D active-shutter glasses benefit from the latest ergonomic innovations and technologies. It adopts fast-response liquid crystal lenses to create the best image quality without ghosting wherever you sit, Higher brightness, more natural colors and great durability. Weighing only 58 gr (2 oz), its ergonomic design offers optimal comfort for everyone. The supplied 3D emitter allows easy integration in a few minutes time. All in all, the BlackWing mk2011 projectors and the Cineversum 3D Kit are definitely the best compromise on the marketplace for picture quality, brightness/colors and comfort.

Home Cinema Par Excellence

Custom in-field calibration and automation is made available for qualified installing specialists via the BlackWing Two and Three’s RS232 communication port. The Crystal Motion ® algorithm is a frame interpolation method which brings an immersive experience to sport, concerts, TV shows. Picture becomes dramatically realistic and three-dimensional, without motion blur or artifacts. BlackWing One comes with 7 preset Picture Modes that the installer or the user can modify according to their taste. On BlackWing Two and Three, an eighth Picture Mode, TH-PRO, has been added and optimized for movie watching in a dedicated dark cinema room. An Expert Calibration Menu (via RS232) and CMS functions (Color Management System for color calibration) are accessible for the advanced installers of BlackWing Two/Three. Engineered by Cineversum in Paris, France, every single projector is also carefully tested and handcalibrated individually by the company’s highly experienced video engineers to their European CRT like tuning standards. The color temperatures and the white field uniformity are optimized to provide very natural picture quality.

By means of superior components, the new BlackWing Series create new standards in terms of contrast ratio (up to 100,000:1 on BlackWing Three), black levels and picture quality. Thanks to the new True Cinema Black process of the BlackWing Two and Three, dark scenes still remain very detailed and balanced, despite the amazing level of contrast. In addition to being a top notch performer, the BlackWing Series are extremely easy to install. The 2x (1.4-2.8:1 throw ratio) makes it compatible with virtually any kind of room. The vertical and horizontal lens shift capability can address any challenging configuration. Zoom, focus and shift are motorized, making installation easier and faster. With the keystone correction, it is child’s play to adjust the projector for the most razor-sharp picture. For projection on cinemascope screens the BlackWing projectors can also be easily retrofitted with their proprietary Cine-Twist kit. Thanks to a bespoke motorized anamorphic system, the user will be able to switch from the classic 16:9 aspect ratio to a breathtaking Cinemascope format. The exclusive Cineversum Theatre Mode made this possible. All three BlackWing mk2011 models are available to order now. More photos of the Blackwing mk2011 and of some great installations can be seen on the new Cineversum flickr gallery.

Home Cinema Par Excellence

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