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Movie Review

Caste : Allari Naresh, Vaibhav,

Shyam, Raju Sundaram...

Music : Bappi Lahiri Director : Anil Sunkara Producer : Sunkara Ramabrahmam


llari Naresh, Kick shyam, Raju Sundaram and Vaibhav are close friends who wanted to celebrate at Goa on the occasion of the marriage fixed for shyam. These four friends in the high spirits take drugs without knowing about it. They drink and dance in a celebrating mood and more than that they go under the influence of the drug. It follows series of happenings to give twists to the story like bride groom’s disappearance in the morning. It will better be seen on the screen in 3D how they got into trouble, how they went with them, how they came out of those problems and what about the marriage which was the main reason of celebration.

Except for watching the 3D marvel there is nothing important or different in the movie to watch 17


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