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ilmmaker Rajkumar Gupta’s first two films such as thrillers “Aamir” and “No One Killed Jessica” resulted in making critics stand up and take notice. For his third one, Gupta decided to switch genres and make a comedy.

Ghanchakkar”, starring Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi, is a way-out comedy involving a bank robbery, memory loss at the same time a loud Punjabi housewife. The director has attempted to highlight the ridiculousness of certain real human situations in this hard-headed urban comedy-thriller.


anjay Athray (Emraan) is a master safecracker who intend to retire from crime and therefore he takes a decision to team up with two criminals to commit one last robbery to make fast money. Sanjay is given the task of hiding the loot so that it could be divided into three shares. When two months later the accomplices return to collect their share of loot, Sanjay refuses to even recognize them. During the intervening time, Neetu Athray (Vidya), who is a kinky as well insane housewife brings into existence a peculiar situation for all three.


mraan Hashmi, as the lazy husband who loves his TV more than his biwi is perfect. He gets every mood and emotion of his character right! From his helpless frustration at his inability to determined information to his guarded tendency of doubting everyone, Hashmi is flawless at the same time distinct in expression


ccompanying the most unfashionable clothes, a offensively noisy Vidya Balan is first rate in her work. Her confidence exude slowly through the slides.


he supporting actors Namit Das and Rajesh Sharma have expression of praise brilliantly as a duo. Bringing in the correct trace of notorious element they would be maintain to keep you laughing while they bash up our hero! Going with a good sense of comic timing, the film works off mainly from their considerable amount of performances!



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